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2004-08-31, 05:37 AM
Cont'd from "Broken Peace"
As the search for energon and resources continues, the Autobots strive to keep the Decepticons from plundering the Earth's power for their own. The Autobot troops are on the mend from several skirmishes with the Decepticons. Also desperate to gain resources and supplies, the Decepticons have begun resorting to many varied types and areas of attacks... each one seemingly becoming nastier and more violent than the last.

The Autobots have two bases running currently. Optimus Prime is leader, Ultra Magnus is acting second - primarily at Metroplex, while Prowl is chief advisor and city security director at Fortress Maximus.
Chief security director for both cities will be Red Alert.
Metroplex city security director is Ironhide.

Metroplex main points of action:

**Ultra Magnus has called a meeting of every available Autobot.

**In medbay, Roadbuster and Tracks have watched Springer revive from an offline state. The triple-changer had been killed accidentally by Optimus Prime back during the Chaos Matrix thread. Coming around, he impaled Sixwing and then stalked off.

Fortress Maximus main points of action:
**In medbay, Minerva and First Aid are working on several patients, including Siren, Hound and Smokescreen.

**Optimus and Prowl are/were taking recharge time while Streetwise looks after security.

2004-08-31, 06:30 PM
NOTE: The adventures of Red Alert, Dirge & co as they head to the Nemesis will be continued in a seperate thread here (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=25866) .

2004-09-01, 12:26 AM
Sixswitch frowned.
"Fine, if you guys want to ignore me, that's just fine," he snarled, before heading to a terminal, and inputting the data himself.

No one turned around as he left the room.


"Blades to Sixswitch, you're back now?"
"Sure am," the Sixchanger replied.
"OK, I'll note it for Streetwise in security. Blades out."


"Sixswitch to Optimus Prime. There's some data in the main computer regarding upgrades to Trypticon that you should examine as soon as possible. Dai Atlas is continuing his mission. I returned here."

OOC: I'm aware that there are no active player characters in Fort Max's command deck. So Sixswitch's speech wasn't meant to mock any players here

God Jinrai
2004-09-01, 12:56 AM
Optimus made use again of his com system inside the stasis pod, not ready just yet to fully awaken...

"Understood, sixswitch... I'll look into it as soon as I'm finished with recharge..."

Hyper Prime
2004-09-01, 02:16 AM
Medbay Metroplex

Fixit gave the thumbs up, "Alright Countdown, you're okay to get back on your feet."

Countdown stretched his limbs around and checked his systems over. "Nice job there Fixit, as always."

"Okay then, anyone else need me to perform a miracle?" Fixit boasted.

Countdown then heard the call from Skyfall. He bolted out of the medbay, transformed and headed for the Omega Shuttle.

Redhot however quickly transformed and sped out for the command center hearing Ultra Magnus' call.


Stakeout and Seawatch heard the call from Ultra Magnus. Stakeout replied to the others, "Let the scum wait for questioning. Magnus need us right now!"

He and Seawatch transformed and sped out towards the command center.

2004-09-01, 01:04 PM
Scattershot jetted back to Dia Atlas with there new "Cargo." Strafe followed close behind. Soon they mad there way back and walked up to Dai with there hostage. "Look what we found laying around."

Lightspeed looked at there hostage while his optics dialated. "She looks familuar."

Nosecone places a hand on his brothers shoulder. "Of couse she does thats the autobot that disurted us and is Blurrs sister." He jumps back in surprise. "Holy Cow.!" Where did oyu guys find her?"

2004-09-01, 05:59 PM
Talon was flying through the inside of Metroplex. His purple bat alt mode sticking out like a sore thumb as he headed towards the command deck, or so he thought. "According to the map I downloaded I need to take a left here" heads left into a corridor. "Then a right, and then just keep going forw.. oh he.." turns right and slams into a dead end, dropping to the floor a moment later. "THAT was not supposed to be there" Talon muttered as he transformed into his normal gargoyle form and got to his feet. [I]'Time to check that map again..... AHA... Metroplex map files Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Hmm, Beta matches this wall section. Let's just hope there's not more surprises' he thought as he jumped into the air, transformed back into bat mode and flew off, not going full out just in case the map was wrong again.

2004-09-01, 06:23 PM
Dai Atlas's Position

Chromia shook her head as the Decepticons face became apparent.

"More importantly, how did you find her?"

Well, this just keeps getting better and better......

She signed again and looked back over her shoulder and tilted her head up.

"Blurr, c'mere. I want you to see this." I do, right?

Blurr came over to where Chromia had summoned him. "SurethingChromia!Whatdoyouneed?I'msurethatI........."

His optics widend in shock as he saw the Decepticon.

For the first time in his life, Blurr was speechless as he looked at thier captive.

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-01, 09:00 PM
near Dai Atlas

Crossblades made his why towards Chromia and tried to whisper to her. “Um excuse me but is that a mech I should know? Not that I’m trying to be rude or anything, I hope you know but I hate not knowing what’s going on you know? I just find it annoying you know what I mean? Oh and well you seem to know the mech so could you fill me in?”

God Jinrai
2004-09-01, 10:13 PM
emerging at last from the stasis capsule, prime streched his joints, leting the myomer and other components that created his musculature loosen from being cramped and immobile over the recharge cycle... it was the he started over toward the repair bay's operating table... From a close distance, he could see minerva was still doing repairs on hound... despite his better judgement, he came up beside her, and spoke softly, so as not to startle her...

"Any progress, minerva?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-09-01, 10:21 PM
"Sounds like you've been having a real party ... "

Springer stumbled slightly forwards, correcting his step pattern.

"What about the others?" Springer wasn't party to pretty much anything that happened after the blast from Prime & the Matrix on Cybertron, he'd barely been conscious since that moment.

"What happened to the rest of the Wreckers?"

2004-09-01, 11:34 PM
Dai Atlas's Position

Fighting down an urge to stuff Crossblades into a closet somewhere, she turned to him to answer his question.

"Her name is Runner. And she used to be an Autobot. Until she turned traitor on us." She narrowed her optics at the captive while drawing her weapon again.

Drawing a bead on her, and inclined her head to Dai.

"Dai, what are your orders with this one?

2004-09-02, 04:37 PM
Medbay, Fortress Maximus

Ratchet began cleaning some of his instruments so he could almost see his reflection in them.

He turned his head to the others in the room.

"Any of you 'bots need a hand?"

2004-09-02, 08:05 PM
Med Bay, Fort Max

First Aid leaned over the table, activating one of his laser scalpels, and carefully soldered a diode back into place on Hound's brain unit. He was aware of Prime's arrival, but since the question was directed at Minerva he said nothing.

It's going pretty well though, all in all. he thought as he deactivated his scalpel, and picked up another tool.


Meanwhile, Sixswitch was stalking through the corridors of Fortress Maximus in tiger mode. Not that he intended to, but for some reason, when he was in tiger form, he found himself stalking a lot. He shook his head at the absurdity of it, but it was true nonetheless. When he assumed tiger mode, he did seem to take on some of the qualities of the Earth animal he resembled.

He'd made sure to check up on it, when he had had some free time back on Cybertron, and it was true. He found himself stalking rather than walking, he'd often try to slink into shadows to remain unseen, and he'd even caught himself growling, back on Cybertron when he'd been fighting Sixshot.

Maybe I should see a psychiatrist... Or rather, I would if the Autobots had such things, he pondered.

One thing was sure, he felt it strangely comfortable, especially since coming back online, to be in his animal form. It felt more... natural, somehow. Nonetheless, he realised that he wasn't being too productive at the moment, but idleness is OK sometimes...

I wonder how Quick Switch is doing?

He frowned at the thought. He'd not thought of his friend since he'd been back online. That was strange, but now was as good a time as any.

"Computer," he ordered Fort Max's internal automated computer system. "Where is Quick Switch?"

"Quick Switch is in corridor 42-A."

Sixswitch nodded his head, and lopped off down the corridor, heading for 42-A.

2004-09-03, 05:40 PM
Jazz caught sight of the others on approach to the Omega shuttle and rocked the accelerator. He wasn't the type to worry about hitting his comrades - not because he didn't care, but because he was so sure he wouldn't. As he came along the line of New Wreckers, he slammed his wheels to the right and hit the hand brake, spinning himself sideways before launching through an aerial transformation and landing at Skyfall's side. He grinned at the Micromaster with a nod.

"Fashionably late, aaaas usual," he smirked.

Quick Switch
2004-09-03, 07:19 PM
"Sixswitch, is that you?" Quick replied, having stopped his search for the time being.

2004-09-03, 11:50 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -pauses, looks over at Prime- "It's going well. Won't be too much longer. Hook's meatball surgery was pretty easy to remove." -sighs- "The hard part is putting everything back."

Meeting room, Metroplex:

Ironhide, Nightbeat, and Chromedome: -walk in-

Chromedome: -looking around- "Think anybody else is coming?"

Nightbeat: -shrugs-


Roadbuster: -looks sadly at Springer- "You're the only one that 'came back', as it were. As far as I know, anyway."

Tracks: -still struggling in Roadbuster's grip- "And I think you've lost your mind! Let me go!"

Roadbuster: -looks back at Tracks- "Not yet. You're the only other one who knows what's going on. If that freak gets his hands on you, it could blow the whole thing."

2004-09-03, 11:54 PM
“Autobase, this is Whirl. I’ve sighted a small group of Decepticons. They’re attacking humans and I’m going to need backup to stop them. Prime, Magnus, Prowl, one of you acknowledge.”

Command Deck, Metroplex

After leaving Jetfire in one of Medbay’s regeneration chambers, Hoist headed towards the bridge. Stepping into the command center, he approached Ultra Magnus.

He surreptitiously scanned the city commander with his multi-sensor as he asked, “What did you need, chief?”

God Jinrai
2004-09-04, 12:34 AM
the communique was tranfered to prime's personal comm, and his demeanor suddenly grew grim.

" Acknowledged, Whirl. Give me an exact count... I'm going to deal with this one personally."

Prime nodded to Minerva. "Do the best you can, Minerva... I know that'll be more than enough. Same for you, First Aid. With Ratchet over in Metroplex, you two are the Maximus' best medics... " Prime stopped himself... " I'm...sorry, that didn't quite come out right...but... I think you know what I mean." He nodded to the two of them, and started out of med-bay, heading for the battleship's main hangar. Opening his comm, he spoke up...

" Sixswitch, If you're still in the area, I'm heading out to deal with a little decepticon pest problem... I could use a hand."

Changing frequency, he spoke again... " Magnus, this is Prime. I need a few good 'bots to break up a little decepticon party... Prowl and Fortress are more than capable of managing things until my return... Care to join the party?"

Prime shifted comm channels again, and this time set a direct line to ironhide... " Ironhide, if you're not too busy... I could use a hand with a little "errand"... seems some decepticons are out and about terrorizing innocents again... and I need a few good 'bots to make the trip with me to send them packing. "

Prime arrived in the main bay, and approached the Arc-Royal class shuttle. Not very heavily armed, it relied on pure speed, and wasn't a combat-class ship... but right now, speed was more of the essence than firepower. Sitting down in the pilot's chair, he started to cycle through the pre-flight. It had indeed been awhile since he'd piloted, but just like riding a bike... as the humans said... it was something you couldn't forget how to do.

(OOC: as I said, I need two bots more, if sixswitch and magnus go along, for a total of five... anyone interested, either pm me or let bombshell know. I'm not going to be waiting long either. tmorrow evening is the latest.)

2004-09-04, 05:00 AM
"65% charging"
Prowl was still and silent within the stasis chamber as his drained systems absorbed the available energy. He was dimly aware of a brief alert, and that it was answered. No urgent attachment followed, so he stayed in the semi-conscious state so as to recharge faster.

In Fortress Maximus' security center, a timed alert flashes on a screen to remind monitors to check patrols and rotate cameras.


Smokescreen sat up on the med bay table and looked to Siren. "Thanks Siren. I owe you a big one."[/b]

2004-09-04, 05:16 AM
OOC: I was beginning to wonder if I was being ignored again...

Command Center: Metroplex

"I'll be right there," Magnus replied to Prime, then handed a datapad to Hoist.

"This is a special project I want you to get started on as soon as possible," he told the mechanic. "It's something that I hope will help to maximize efficency around here. Let me know when you've got it up and running."

He turned to head out of the command center, gesturing to any Autobots who were waiting on his command to follow him.

2004-09-04, 05:27 AM
Whirl's voice crackled over the comm.

"Prime, I read four of them. Positive IDs on Ramjet and Cyclonus. The other two I'm not familiar with." His voice dropped an octive with anger. "I'll try and keep them distracted, but when you get here there's gonna be a lot of humans in need of rescuing."

Command Deck, Metroplex

"Sure thing, boss." Hoist snatched up the datapad from Magnus, then read the instructions contained therein. When he was sure he understood them perfectly, he got to work.

2004-09-04, 10:25 AM
"Sure is, Quick," Sixswitch replied, transforming into robot mode and striding forwards to shake the other bot's hand.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" he said with a wry grin on his face.
"What's been going on? Anything I need to know that's not in the reports?"

Hyper Prime
2004-09-04, 03:20 PM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Stakeout and Seawatch had arrived at the command deck when the were suprised to find, "Redhot!"

Redhot turned around quickly to see his leader and friend. Stakeout asked, "Where have you been all this time? We've been looking everywhere for you!"

Redhot stuttered, "Uh... um... I went to... the mess hall?"

"Thats where you were? You lazy.... never mind. Lets just hear what Magnus wants." Seawatch replied.

Omega Shuttle

Countdown had arrived at the Omega Shuttle, wondering, what does Skyfall want with me? I thought after we had recovered Hound's chips, all of this stuff would be over. What needs to be done now? And where is everybody?

2004-09-04, 11:30 PM
Command deck, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -into commlink- "Ah read ya, Prahme. Be there in a few." -deactivates commlink, looks over at Nightbeat-

Nightbeat: -holds up hands- "Oh, no. I'm sitting this one out. I still ache in places that I didn't know I had. Besides, I'm kind of curious as to what Magnus is planning."

Chromedome: -chuckles- "Oh, come on, Nightbeat. What's more fun than fighting?"

Nightbeat: "Solving a mystery. Getting an overhaul. Having a tax audit....." -looks over at Ironhide- "Why not take Chromedome with you? He's probably bored."

Chromedome: "Am I ever. Brainstorm's too much of a techie."

Ironhide: -nods- "C'mon, Chromedome. Let's go roust a few 'Cons." -strides out, Chromedome following-

Nightbeat: -limping slightly, following Magnus, activates commlink- "Siren, Hosehead, you read me?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Siren: -sits up wearily- "No problem, Smokescreen. Although next time, if you feel you have to tick off a member of the Mayhem Attack Squad....... Could you tick off Stranglehold? Or Octopunch? Bludgeon killed me once-" -commlink chimes- "What's up, Nightbeat?"

Nightbeat: -over commlink- Up for a staff meeting? I hear they've got danish and donuts."

Siren: "Is it going to be quiet?"

Nightbeat: "Magnus is in charge of it."

Siren: -sighs- "Well, at least I'll get a nap. I'll bring Hosehead along." -deactivates commlink, slides off table- "This could be interesting. Be seeing you, Smokescreen." -walks out of medbay, grabbing Hosehead along the way-

Brave Maximus
2004-09-04, 11:42 PM
OOC: Sorry about the absense - works been killer with a new production and I've been trying to figure out what to do with Dai's team

Dai Atlas Transformed into robot mode and looked down onto Runner. His mind tried to quickly decide what to do. This was a Decepticon and worse, and Autobot traitor. His Gut told him to eliminate her and move on with the mission. But she was also Blurrs sister, and he could understand his desire to not terminate her.

Looking down at the femme, Dai Atlas gave his decision in a voice that left no doubt in any bot's mind that he was serious:

"Runner Let me make this clear, if you in any way, shape or form jepordize the safety of my men, my mission or the Autobot cause, I will stop you from functioning imediatly."

Dai Atlas then reached behind his back and pulled out his BF rifle. It was large, even for him, and while he could wield it with one hand, the giant Autobot used two to level it at Runners head.

"Now, little traitor, you have 2 options: 1) Mouth off and be a Decpticon, for which I will send you to the Matrix right now. This is my choice for your options, but I think your brother might disagree. Or 2) You give me information on the Decepticon plans. The Quality of your awnsers will dictate the length of your life. Any questions?"

The large Autobot's orange eyes flared at Runner, waiting for her choice.

OOC: Sorry, almost done work, I'll post with Skyfall tonight when I get home.

2004-09-05, 01:18 AM
Dai Atlas Position

Blurr was stunned to see Runner again. She had dissapeared so many years ago, that he had thougt that she had been terminated. He was happy to see her at first, but then remembered her defection. He pulled Chromia aside.


He was trembling all over, which was sort of normal for him, but Chromia could tell just how agitated he was.

"Okay, Blurr. I'll ask Dai to remove you from any duties that would involve you having to choose between Runner and your orders from me. Or from Dai Atlas"

She marched over to where Dai was holding his rifle on Runner.

"Excuse me, Dai? I have a favor to ask, if you don't mind, Sir. I want to relieve Blurr from having to interact with Runner, untill we get back to base. I'm sure you understand"

2004-09-05, 10:00 AM
'I swear, the next time I have some free time, I'm figuring out WHICH of these darned maps is the correct one!' Talon thought to himself as he his struck his 5th dead end since entering the building. He backtracked a bit and flew around a corner, making out some sort of room at the end of the new corridor he was in. 'If anyone is in there, I'll ask them where the command deck is'.

The first thing Talon noticed was that several bots of varying shapes and sizes were present in the room. He spotted a trio of smaller bots having a conversation. He wasn't sure who they were, never came across them in the personel files, but they seemed to be Minicons, had about the size for em anyway. So he decided to ask them where the command deck was.

Talon flew towards the 3 bots, transforming from bat mode to his gargoyle like robot mode and touched down near them. He folded his bat wings around him like a cloak, concealing most of his form aside from his head. The minicon symbol was plainly visible on both wings.

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation, my fellow Minicons, but would you happen to know where the command center is?" Talon asked the 3 Micromasters.(Redhot, Seawatch and Stakeout)

2004-09-05, 10:16 AM
Sixswitch glanced up as he heard Prime's call for help.
"Now this is more like it," he told Quick Switch. "Duty calls, I think. I'm sure Prime could use your help in this too."

He turned away, and began running down the corridor, but quickly transformed into scout car mode, accelerating up to almost full speed, despite the risks of crashing.

"Sixswitch to Prime, I'm available. Where to meet?"


First Aid had simply nodded at Prime's compliment, the good natured bot taking it as it had been intended. He soldered a tiny panel shut, and smiled at Minerva.
"I'm finished on my end," he told her, deactivating his laser scalpels, and retracting them back into his wrists. He flexed his hands as they reappeared.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-05, 02:28 PM
Command Center: Metroplex

Now being a micromaster, Stakeout and Seawatch get those kind of remarks all the time, but Redhot...

"MINI-CONS!?" Redhot was about to leap forward onto Talon when his parteners grabbed his legs and brought him to the ground.

"Cool it Redhot! He didn't mean..." Seawatch protested.

"Shut up Seawatch! I'm sick and tired of everyone always putting us down! Were micromasters, we're small and just as strong as anybody else! And I never want to take that kind of slag from anyone!" Redhot hollered.

Stakeout said to Talon, "You'll forgive Redhot, he's a little sensitive when bots judge him of his size. And to answer your question, you're standing in the command center. You probably got the call from Ultra Magnus to meet here right?"

God Jinrai
2004-09-05, 03:40 PM
Prime clicked the shuttle's comm to six's frequency, and replied..

"Maximus Hangar bay 1, Shuttle Arc Royal... and hurry. We can't wait any longer. If those jets are allowed to run free much longer, we'll be too busy getting the humans to safety to deal with the decepticons themselves!"

Shifting to Magnus and Ironhide's frequencies, he spoke again...

"Gentlemen, a little speed if you would... the shuttle's set to launch... and we can't afford any loss in time... not with cyclonus and ramjet being among the confirmed... Whril won't be able to last long against the four of them... regardless of his piloting capabilities."

2004-09-05, 04:33 PM
"Ah, no need to apologize for your friend. I had no idea there were Autobots of this size around. I didn't see any Autobot symbols at first, so I assumed you were Minicons like myself. You call yourself Micromasters? And I did indeed come at the request of this Ultra Magnus, although I'm not an Autobot" Talon said to Stakeout.

"The term 'Minicon' wasn't ment as an insult, I assure you. It's the name of the faction I belong to" he adressed Redhot as he folded his right wing open far enough to let his right arm out so he could point at the Minicon symbol on his left wing.

"But where are my manners? I haven't even introduced myself. My name is Talon. And yours are?" he said and asked as he offered a hand to Redhot if he needed one.

(ooc: Talon's 6 feet tall, shouldn't be much taller or shorter then a Micro I think)

Hyper Prime
2004-09-05, 04:47 PM
Command Center: Metroplex

"Nice to meet you. I'm Stakeout, the blue guy holding the red guy is Seawatch, and the red guy who is threatening to beat you is Redhot. We are the Micromaster Rescue Patrol." Stakeout replied.

Redhot finally was able to buck Seawatch off. He then turned to Talon and sneered, "Yeah, we know about Minicons alright? And we are defintely not them! In case you haven't heard, we used to be regular Autobots, but upgraded ourselves to these fuel efficent bodies. But that doesn't mean we're weaker than we used to be, so unless you want stay at that size, I'd suggest you to.... mmph!"

Seawatch had clamped his hand over Redhot's mouth before he could speak any further. "Sorry. We get this bad rap for being so small and junk. Truly, we retain all of the abilities we had before our upgrade. Thats why Redhot takes it so seriously."

"Yeah!" Redhot broke free agian, "I'm not some punk robot who just rolled of the assembly line! I mean a while ago, I was kicking Decepticon butt with Countdown in Jap... oops."

"Oh really?" Stakeout grabbed Redhot by his neck and dragged him away, "Lets discuss this somewhere else."

"Slag." Redhot replied.

Seawatch cheerfully said, "See ya Talon!" as he ran off with his partners.

2004-09-05, 05:38 PM
"I would like to add one advantage of being overlooked due to size that you might not have considered Redhot! They never expect you to be a threat, until it's too late for them!" he called after the Micro's as they moved off. 'As the Quintessons found out during the rebellion' he thought as he transformed into bat form, flew up to a corner of the ceiling, and digs the claws of his feet into the ceiling as he, once again, hangs from it much like an earth bat.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-05, 06:55 PM
Dai Atlas nodded to Chromia:

"Understood. Send Blurr on a scouting mission. Tell him not to get to close to the Decepticon base, but to gather intel, pictures and just see what he can see."

Turning, he looked at the other Autobots gathered:

"Kup, Chromia and Crossblades, I want an imidiate patrol in a circle around this position, no more than 20 meters out. Nosecone, Lightspeed and Afterburner, set up another deffensive ring 200-500 meters out. Avoid taking on the Decepticons by yourselves, call for back-up before engaging. Scattershot and Strafe, keep your eyes on the sky. If the two of you spot inbound flyers, take them out, but keep your numbers higher than yours. Call in Crossblades if you need to. Lets get this going now, the Decepticons aren't going to ignore us forever."

Once his orders were given, he turned back to Runner and crouched down a little, the 2 foot wide barrel only inches from the bot's head:

"Hear that? Even your brother wants nothing to do with you. Now give me a reason to keep you alive or I'll terminate you right here."

OOC: From here on in, Dai Atlas and Crew are going to switch to the Decepticon thread, so we can have some interaction

Skyfall smiled behind his faceplate at the flare in which Jazz did everything. If anything, it kept things interesting. At his comments though, the micromaster turned and looked up:

"Actually, your the first to arrive. Aero Blade seems to have stoped to look at the flowers, though after forcing him to stay in Medbay, I can't blame him for not hurrying. Countdown just arrived, and it seems Redhot has gone back to where ever he came from. Artfire, Stepper and Dropshot are following just behind you, and I can just make out Roadbuster. I don't know who the Green Autobot he's with is though, and I'm not even going to try to figure out why he's dragging Tracks around like that. The only member who I can't seem to find is Sixwing, and that's making me a little nervous."

Sixwing finished recharging and repairing. But instead of heading out of Metroplex to the meeting, he headed up the giant Autobot to the top of his communications tower. There Sixwing crouched down so he could not be seen, and pulled out his Ion Rifle. He set the power level low and opened up a targeting recticule on his Optics HUD. Far below him, he could see Springer and Roadbuster exiting the city. He aimed at shot right at Springers chest, then waited, raising the rifle sightly, until the shot would hit the tripple changer in the head. Laughing to himself, he lowered the rifle, aiming for Springers knee joint. Allowing for wind, and the targets movement he aimed and fired a shot. It was not powerful enough to do any damage, just short out the joint for a few seconds. The light blue energy bolt streaked across the light blue sky and Sixwing split and transformed. Missile Run took up the pilots seat in the combiner jet, while the other members transformed and flew off to the meeting at the Omega Shuttle.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-05, 07:36 PM
Omega Shuttle

Countdown walked over towards Skyfall and Jazz, "Yeah, its nice to see you too. Now, what is up Skyfall? What exactly do you want us for again? Is Prime starting to like this idea of yours start sending us on more of these Wrecker missions?"

Command Center Metroplex

Stakeout angerly approache Redhot, "Let me get this straight. You took off on us, saying you were going to the mess hall, and in reality, sneak a ride on the Omega Shuttle with Countdown so you could get wound up in some sort of crazy mission to recover Hound's memory chips?"

"Uh, yeah. That's pretty much it." Redhot replied smugly.

"We were worried about you." Seawatch protested, "I was looking all over the base for you."

"The next time you go AWOL, you'll pay for it." Stakeout said.

"Oh I'm so scared," Redhot contorted, "What? Are you going to hang me?"

"No, I mean it. You'll be paying for all our meals at the mess hall if you do it again."


2004-09-05, 07:37 PM
Sixswitch had switched direction as soon as he heard Prime's transmission, barrelling through a bunch of surprised repair drones, who only narrowly jumped out of the way.

Soon, he skidded to a stop outside the hangar bay, before striding in in robot mode.

"Sixswitch, locked, cocked and ready to rock," he told Prime with a grin.

2004-09-05, 11:21 PM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max:

Ironhide and Chromedome: -come running into the bay...... well, Chromedome running, carrying Ironhide-

Ironhide: -yelling- "AH SAID, PUT ME DOWN!!!!!!"

Chromedome: -sets Ironhide down- "Prime said to hurry."

Ironhide: -scowling- "Ah know he said ta hurry, but-"

Chromedome: "And..... well....." -shrugs- "You're not that fast."

Ironhide: -growling-

Chromedome: "Well, it's true.... It's probably because you're so heavy." -shakes head sadly, slight mocking tone to his voice- "You never would have made it through the training on Master Star."

Ironhide: -scowling- "'Course Ah wouldn't. Ah'm too tall."

Chromedome: -chuckles-

Ironhide: -still scowling, walks into shuttle, takes seat next to Prime, Chromedome following him in and taking a seat in the back- "We're here, Prahme. Brought some backup."

Corridors, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -following Magnus, Siren and Hosehead trialing along behind him-

Siren: "He given any hint yet what his plan is?"

Nightbeat: "No. He probably just want to make sure Metroplex is manned."

God Jinrai
2004-09-05, 11:52 PM

Prime nodded to the three warriors joining him...

"All that's left now is Magnus... but if he's not here in five minutes... we HAVE to go without him... we can't afford any more of a delay. Chromedome, take sensor control, Sixswitch, weapons... Ironhide, you're with me in the co-pilot seat. I'm setting the countdown... he's got five minutes... when it hits zero, we're out of here. No ifs, ands or buts."

Prime's optics narrowed... "Come on, Magnus... even YOU aren't THAT slow.." he muttered to himself...

(OOC: Bombers, I realize you're prolly busy, but we gots ta get moving. if it's not possible for ya to get mags to the shuttle before tnight's over, pm me, and let me know.)

2004-09-05, 11:56 PM
Sixswitch nodded.
"I've never fired a shuttle's guns before, but you learn as you go, right?"

He quickly walked over to the weapons console, and sat down, beginning to peruse the controls.

"Ah, automatic target aquisition. Laser cannons, sub-nuclear warheads. I could get the hang of this."

The sixchanger glanced around the shuttle as the other bots moved to follow Prime's orders.

Aero Blade
2004-09-06, 04:48 AM
((OOC: I was waiting for someone else to post so I could do my actions all at once, but since it's taking a while I might as well go on ahead =P))

Aero Blade soon arrived at the specified area where they were to meet, heading towards Skyfall. He didn't really feel like transforming, so he had opted to walk instead, which took him longer to reach the destination. As soon as he was within calling distance without having to yell, he spoke out towards Skyfall. "Are we missing anyone?"

Lord Zarak
2004-09-06, 02:13 PM
Chainclaw had left the command centre of Metroplex to grab a drink. To him, it didnt seem like he was gone that long, but when he returned, a sight he didnt expect to see greated his optics

"Micromasters? How did you get in here!" he cried, getting nervous
"Maybe I should call security!"

Hyper Prime
2004-09-06, 03:33 PM
Command Center Metroplex

Redhot had sort of calm down until Chainclaw said it, "THAT'S IT! I'm not taking this any more! Let me at him!"

Stakeout and Seawatch stood in front of Redhot blocking his path of destruction. "Don't worry about it man, Ultra Magnus called us and every other available Autobot in the base to here. Something big is up."

2004-09-07, 05:02 AM

Chromedome: -sits at the sensor station, brings the sensors online-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -still working on Hound's brain, makes a few, final adjustments, sighs- "There. Hound, your brain is as good as new."

God Jinrai
2004-09-07, 11:43 AM
the counter clicked to three zeros, and prime's frustration mounted... opening his comm, he radioed maximus command...

"Fortress, Prime here. Shutte Arc Royal, ready for launch. Taking off on your mark."

"You are clear for launch, commander. Good hunting."

Prime clipped the comm, bringing the ship up on the anti-grav cushion, turning it to face the open launch bay doors. Applying a generous amount of throttle, Prime sent the ship rocketing out through the doors, streaking skyward...

with a slight chuckle, he spoke up... "This is your captain speaking, please ensure your seatbelts are buckled, and your seats and tray tables are in the upright position... "

(OOC: We'll allow a few more posts, to simulate transit, but tonight we shift threads. And Bombers: Sorry, but you were given more than enough time.)

2004-09-07, 02:28 PM
Shuttle Bay

Magnus and his group entered the shuttle bay just in time to see Prime's shuttle take off. Frustrated, Magnus headed for the nearest communications panel and signaled the shuttle.

"Prime, I don't know what it is that you think you're doing, but you're going to come back here and pick me and my team up. Unless you want me to take a different ship and follow you.

OOC: The Micromasters, Nightbeat, Siren and Talon should be with me. Also, Jinrai, the next time you need me to take action about something, try sending me a PM to let me know instead of expecting me to look through the thread and do it on my own. It is, after all, the polite thing to do.

Random Sweep
2004-09-07, 04:31 PM
Fortress Maximus shuttle bay

As Primes shuttle exited the hanger Sky Lynx sped past
" Well!" He exclaimed " Someone seems to be in a rush."

As he pulled in he saw Ultra Magnus and his crew standing by the entrance.

" At least someone is here to witness my arrival, however i was expecting a more joyfull welcome."

God Jinrai
2004-09-07, 05:52 PM
Prime flicked the comm switch, and spoke up...

"Save it, Magnus. I needed five autobots for this run... I didn't need an army. I have no time for any attitude you may have. Prime Out."

Optimus cut the channel, his optics going cold...

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-09-07, 06:07 PM
Springer instinctively stopped, he knew something was wrong, it wasn't the news that his elite team of Autobots had met their untimely demise at the hands of the Quintessons (to the best of Roadbuster's knowledge) but something else, something that hadn't happened to him in a long time.

Standing bolt still he heard it closing, fast, he withdrew his weapon, dived forwards and rolled as the shot pierced the floor where he stood.

"Looks like someone's not too happy with us walking around out here, any place we can kick back and relax?"

2004-09-08, 03:22 AM
OOC: OK, we're going to have to try something different...

Hanger Bay

Magnus turned to look at Sky Lynx, and shot him a nasty glare. "If you want a joyful welcome, go to California. But as long as you're here, make yourself useful and prepare yourself for a trip. I might need to use you."

He turned on his heel and headed off to the Command Center, furious that Optimus had decided to leave without him. And he had to hold up his meeting with the others because Prime decided that he needed him, only to toss him aside at the last minute.

Ah, well. At least he would be more useful here than with Optimus "does everything his own way" Prime.

He walked into the Command Center to see several Autobots waiting for him.

"Welcome, gentlemen," he told them.

2004-09-08, 04:48 AM
Roadbuster: -knowing full well who fired the shot, scowling- "I get the feeling that it's more than just being unfriendly. We'll go to my quarters. I need to bring you up to speed on your dance partner from medbay." -starts off towards his quarters, still dragging a resigned Tracks behind him-

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-09-08, 12:35 PM
"Roadbuster, haven't you got anything better to do that carry around strays?" Springer looked back at his brother-in-arms who still had ahold of Tracks.

"I'm sure he appreciates your company and all that, but for now I need to be on my own ... point me in the right direction and go about your business soldier."

Random Sweep
2004-09-08, 03:47 PM
"Prepare?" Sky lynx said to himself " One of my abilities is always prepared."

2004-09-08, 07:56 PM
Sixswitch was pushed back slightly into his seat as the ship shot forwards, but of course, it didn't damage any of the crew.

"OK, let's see..." he muttered as he worked the controls. "Seems we're at optimum power levels. Weapons online, shield system is functioning, but the tractor beam appears offline."

The sixchanger reaches out and whacks the console a hefty blow with his hand. The indicators on the display flickered from red to green.

"Ah, much better," he said with a grin.

God Jinrai
2004-09-08, 10:26 PM
The Arc Royal streaked across the sky at mach 1.5... Prime's optics narrowed, as he checked telemetry. " Listen up. We've got less than ten minutes at this speed until we hit the cityscape... and I plan to go in at mach 2, at least. Be ready."

(Continued in Decepticons: Edge of the Abyss: Night on the Town)

2004-09-09, 02:13 AM
Roadbuster: -optic band narrows- "Fine, Springer. Just be careful. Keep this up, and you'll pass Prime in the 'How many times can one mech die?' competition." -lets go of Tracks, stalks off towards Skyfall's rally point, looking for Sixwing-

2004-09-09, 05:54 AM
With the connections in his mind having been repaired, Hound's systems began to reactivate.

His optics glowed dimly as his processors began to work. But, just as a computer must recover after being shutdown forcefully, his memories from the last moments prior to the reprogramming had been locked into the replaced chips and his processors were reading them to bring him back online. He had gone offline while incapacitated, and the flood of new information caused him to move in slow, jolted motions as he became conscious.

Hound's optics widened and his mouth opened in a silent scream, while his hands came up to hold his head. He pulled his legs and back into an arch to get ready to kick out, and then as the end of the recalled data hit, Hound let an arm fall over his face and let his body relax.

Images spun through his mind as he began to time through and pull files- still in jolted order from a log-jam of data, but one image that the scout had seen had stuck with him. Still unable to vocalize, he cast an image of the Constructicons' work bay. Organized piles of parts and non-functional transformer bodies savaged for scrap and pieces lay in the corners. On one, was a female Autobot, enough that Hound had made note of one of the figures.

Trailbreaker nervously took a step back from the hologram with Chip and then called out with surprise.
"Hey- that's Firestar. Crosshairs- that's Firestar!"

Hyper Prime
2004-09-09, 11:35 AM
Command Center Metroplex

The three members of the Rescue Patrol turned to see Magnus.

"Alright! It's mission time!" Redhot pounded hi fists into each other.

Seawatch smiled, "This will be great, the whole team working on one mission. It seems like ages since we last did."

"And it maybe. Fixit isn't here." Stakeout sighed.

Suddenly, a small ambulance came right between Ultra Magnus' legs. "Excuse me!" He then transformed into his robot mode in front of the other guys. "Hey there boys!"

"Fixit! Alright! Now this is perfect!" Seawatch exclaimed.

"Yeah, the Rescue Patrol reunited again!" Redhot added.

Stakeout nodded, "Right guys. Now let's see what were needed for." All four then turned to attention, facing Ultra Magnus.

2004-09-09, 06:19 PM
First Aid whirled around as the Autobots in the room stared at the projection. He didn't know who the bot in the Constructicons' repair bay was, but he recognised the Autobot symbol.

"We have to rescue her," he stated, matter of factly as he turned back to Hound

"Rest," he told the scout. "You're still weak, you need to regain your strength.

2004-09-09, 07:00 PM
From the ceiling, Talon was watching the proceedings below. He saw the 3 Micromasters he had met a little earlier get excited and standing to attention when a red and blue bot showed up, shortly followed by a small ambulance.

He let go of the ceiling, leaving small dents where his claws had kept him anchored to the ceiling as he had hung upside down while he waited. Dropping towards the floor, he spread out his wings, gliding out of the dive till he was near the 'Rescue Patrol' as he had heard the Micromasters call themselves.

He transformed just before he landed on the floor, ending up down on a knee before he straightens himself, folding his wings around him as he usually does. Turning to Ultra Magnus he said: "You must be Ultra Magnus. Minicon Talon reporting for duty. I know your dispatch was for any unassigned and available Autobot, but I had nothing else to do. If you want Sir, I'll just leave"

2004-09-09, 10:54 PM
o.o.c.- I'm just coming back from my trip and I'm going to attempt to write my way back into the story! My characters are Seaspray, Cosmos, Huffer, Warpath, and Pipes....

Cosmos, Warpath, Pipes, Huffer and Seaspray all report to Ultra Magnus, being available for duty.

2004-09-09, 11:57 PM
Command Center: Metroplex

"No," Magnus said to Talon. "Stay. I'm going to need every available person if I'm going to accomplish what I need to do before Prime gets back."

2004-09-10, 02:06 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -recoils at the sight of the Constructicons lair- "I was right. The Constructicons are monsters. That's got to be the sickest thing I've ever seen."

2004-09-10, 03:05 AM
Jazz grinned audial-to-audial, leaning back against the ship and folding his arms over his chest.

"Hey, I didn't say everybody else ain't late. They just don't look so goood doin' it."

His optics followed Skyfall's gestures toward the others, and he nodded at them with his chin.

"The green guy's Springer, the Wreckers' old boss. He's one tough 'bot all righ--"

Jazz cut himself off at the sight of the shot piercing the sky from atop Metroplex and narrowly missing Springer, but he didn't move. By the time he could process, he could tell from the motions of the others that everything was cool. A shrug, and he returned to fashionably waiting.

"Anyhow, there's Roady-B. The gang's almost all back together."


Fortress Maximus: Medbay

On a lone medtable in a dark corner of an empty room hidden away from the main operation room of the infirmary, a figure finally stirs. Twin azur flashes lead to a soft groan and gradual motion.

"What... happened? Oh..."

The giant white frame slowly crunched up into a proper sitting position, a few dusty fuel tubes popping out of their syphons. Large hands moved slowly to close the open hatches and pores on his armor as his feet touched the metal floor for the first time in orns.

"I remember being repaired... then nothing. Urg-- They mustn't have had time to finish, and my auto-repair functions... yes."

With a momentary unsureness of an infant taking its first steps, Skyfire pushed himself from the bed. He stumbled a bit as he got moving, but the automatic motor recall quickly came back to him. He ran a self-diagnosis to assure his systems were all functional as he meandered toward the nearby door.

"Fuel seems to be at maximum... All motor relays operating at optimal... No circuit damage. Good."

The giant Autobot staggered through the door, ducking slightly to squeeze under the frame. He maneuvered carefully down the hall outside, bracing himself now and again until he made it to the next room: the refueling center. He moved first to the lockers opposite the main facilities (where refueling Autobots kept their things) and opened one of the only two closed. Inside, his rifle. He pulled it out and began toward the other door in the room, only taking a short glance at the row of CR chambers along the opposite wall. All were open and vacant except one.


Skyfire examined the chamber closely, noting that the hue of the interior seemed strange. Moreover, the digital display - it was dead! His optics quickly found the energon supply cable to be cut and frayed. Almost before the shock could hit him, he dashed clumsily to the chamber and ripped the door open, bending down to shoulder the occupant: Bluestreak.

"Woah, little guy! Are you okay?"

2004-09-10, 04:04 AM
In a heavy coma-like stasis, Bluestreak's optics flickered for a second and he seemed to moan silently.

Lost somewhere in his own mind....
Bluestreak slowly walked down a street in the city of Praxus, running his hand along the buildings.
He was home, and it was still standing....
Sighing happily, he sat down on the edge of the walkway and watched other Autobots drive past in their vehicle modes.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-10, 04:47 AM
Missile Run landed the Combiner Jet just beside the Omega Shuttle and started walking towards the gathering. On his way to the meeting, flanked by his drones, he glanced at a scorched patch on the ground near Metroplex and smiled a wicked smile.

Nodding to Jazz, Skyfall ignited his leg thrusters for the first time since his.... incedent with the EMP Grenade. He rose into the air, a little wobbly and looked at the gathered 'Bots:

"Well, we're all here and repaired. Our last mission was a success. We didn't lose any troops, we regained the memory chips, stopped the Decepticons plans and Slagged every last 'Con that was there.

"Next up, We are heading to the Ark, as we originally had planned. We need a perminant base on Earth. Some where that we can stop them at every turn on this planet. Once at the Ark, we will determine what we need to make the base 100% operational and defensable. And what we need, we will..... borrow....... from the Decepticons.

"Now, every 'Bot that wants to help, and slag the Decepticons, lets get going."

2004-09-10, 05:06 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs' mind had been wandering, but Trailbreaker's words snapped him back to the real world. He frowned. "Fire...who? Don't recognise her, myself."

2004-09-10, 05:19 PM
Jazz pushed himself from the hull of the shuttle as Skyfall's brief speech came to a close. He loudly clapped his hands together once and waved the other Autobots over.

"All right, Auto-bots!" he shouted. "Let's hit the road! Everybody make sure your bags are packed and get aboard!"

Doing the officious job of being the semi-leader of the squad, Jazz led the others in example by being the first up the Omega's ramp.


Fortress Maximus: Recharge Chamber

Skyfire reached carefully but quickly into the CR chamber and grabbed Bluestreak under the shoulders, grunting as he hoisted the smaller Autobot's brunt.

"Come on, wake up!"

With more room to work, Skyfire lifted Bluestreak's legs with one arm to carry him better. He staggered slowly toward the door opposite that through which he'd arrived, leading himself to the main medbay. He stumbled through the door as it whisked open and looked pleadingly at the group of Autobots watching Hound's video.


2004-09-10, 05:31 PM
First Aid whirled around at the cry for help, and hurried over to Skyfire.
"What's the... Oh," he finished as he saw the big Air Guardian struggling with Bluestreak.

Putting words aside, he quickly took hold of Bluestreak, and helped Skyfire struggle to a bed.

"What happened to him?" he asked, as he activated a terminal and began running repair diagnostics.

2004-09-10, 05:49 PM
Skyfire helped First Aid with the load as well as he could, trying carefully to set Bluestreak gently on the medtable. He seemed a bit embarrassed at not being very fluent at carrying another Autobot easily, but his motors were still getting warmed up.

"I don't know," he replied, looking Bluestreak over compassionately. "I just came out of stasis myself. On my way through the recharge room, I saw him in a non-functional chamber. Something must have happened to the energon supply after he got in..."

Skyfire looked at First Aid in the hope of reading some answers from his face. None prevailed.

"I wish I knew enough about surgery to help him. He'll be okay, won't he?"

2004-09-10, 07:14 PM
Fort Max: Medbay

As the unconcious gunner was placed on a medtable, his dimmed optics flashed again.

Faint whispers, seeming to come from another world caught Bluestreak's attention, and he paused, looking around.
Seeing no-one, he shrugged, got up, then walked down the street and entered a tower.
Heading up to the fifth floor, he opened the door to the set of quarters he lived in, then walked in.
Lying down on the recharge table, he sighed, staring up at the ceiling.

Outside in the medbay, the comatose Autobot seemed to shudder with a silent sigh.

2004-09-10, 08:19 PM
First Aid nodded.
"His cerebro functions are still operational. It appears you reached him just in time though. An abrupt stop to the recharge process can cause some nasty feedback."

The medic frowned as he read the diagnostics.

"His brain seems to be active. That's unusual. I'm not detecting any residual sign of system shock, so I think once I give him the once over to make sure that the energon infusion process is functioning, I can recharge him manually."

First Aid quickly busied himself in his checks, but soon stood up, and smiled.

"He's fine. I'll begin the recharge now."

He pulled a thin pipe from its housing next to the bed, and inserted it into a port in Bluestreak's chest cavity. Then he flicked a switch, starting the energon flow.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-10, 09:27 PM
Omega Shuttle:

Countdown step forward, "You know you can count on me Skyfall. I'm always there for you."

Command Center Metroplex:

The rescue patrol all step forward in front of Magnus. Stakeout signaled off, "Rescue patrol members Fixit, Redhot, Seawatch, Stakeout reporting for duty sir! What do you require of us?"

2004-09-11, 06:58 AM
Trailbreaker stared at the hologram for a moment before it flickered out and then glanced to Crosshairs. "She was Inferno's teammate at one time, and closest friend- like Chromia and Ironhide."

Or like Astra.

The black Autobot wasn't able to think very long, for a loud disturbance caught his attention. He set Chip down gently and walked speedily over to Skyfire and plastered on a grin to ease the tension.

"Hey- it's Return of the Living Dead. Noone dies around here- and you know Bluestreak- he's always lying down on the job!

How ya feelin' Sky?"
Hearing the call for help, Hound started to sit up. By the time he managed though, First Aid already seemed to have things well in order. Slowly, he eased back and relaxed. His circuits began to function in sync and he felt his systems pick up speed. He closed his optics again to focus on putting his timelines back in order.

I'm back, and I can remember most of the missing pieces now. Soundwave. The Constructicons. They damaged me. How will I be able to tell what are true memories and what are not? And how can I trust myself?

Smokescreen waited quietly nearby. Fully recharged now, he had decided he would be of more use by waiting and helping where he was.

Inferno wandered the halls of Fortress Maximus, studying and double-checking the cameras and alarm systems. He was bored, and the itch to get active was starting to increase rapidly. He bagan to shadow-box as he moved down the hallway.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-11, 04:31 PM
As the Omega Shuttle's engines whined to life, Skyfall boarded, after Jazz and Countdown. He made his way to the command deck and smiled at Ark, Nemesis and Starlight, already at their stations preping for launch.

Missile Run lept into the air, followed by the rest of his Micromasters, the combiner jet levetated as well, and with in moments, they had all combined into Sixwing. The combiner landed and headed into the shuttle, holding his Ion Rifle in his hands and rubbing it slightly, laughing a little under his breath.

Watching the whole thing, Artfire just shook his head and his Targetmaster partner itched to transform:

"This is going to be an interesting trip....."

Dropshot almost smiled when he walked by:

"Quite your complaining, would you rather be bored?"

Artfire looked at Stepper, and they both shurgged a little before following Dropshot onto the shuttle.

With almost everyone loaded, Skyfall smiled: Only two more to go.....

Aero Blade
2004-09-11, 09:56 PM
Aero Blade boarded the Omega Shuttle after most everyone else had gotten on. He still seemed stressed out over the time spent in the medbay, and he stayed quiet. He found a seat ti sit down in, just mulling over his thoughts for the moment.

* * * * *

Stratus watched from his perch until he was absolutely sure the medics were done with Hound, then flew over to where the Autobot was laying down.

"You doing alright?" Stratus asked, standing nearby to Hound's head so that he wouldn't have to strain to look at the minicon. He was still holding the disc Hound had given him earlier, still insuring that nothing happened to it.

2004-09-11, 11:53 PM
"No" Bluestreak called as the mental cityscape of Praxus slowly started to fade.

The grey and black Autobot's finger twitched, then gripped the edge of the recharge table as his optics lit up and he slowly came back online.

After a few moments....

"What happened?" the gunner asked quietly, looking around the med-bay.

2004-09-12, 02:04 AM
Skyfire grinned softly at First Aid's diagnosis, as well as Trailbreaker's good-natured chiding. He opened his mouth to respond, but the first sign of Bluestreak's motion snared his attention. He bent over the table anxiously as Bluestreak went through the process of returning to consciousness, and he sighed at the words he spoke.

"I guess you picked the wrong CR chamber," Skyfire told him with a smile. "How are you feeling?"

2004-09-12, 02:51 AM
"I did? Remind me never to do that again, the after-effects aren't pleasant" Bluestreak replied, looking up at the larger flyer with a quick, but light grin and added in a quieter tone "I was back home, on Cybertron...., in Praxus - my home-city and it was still standing...."

2004-09-12, 02:51 AM
Command Center: Metroplex

"I'll need you to watch over our human guest once Wreck-Gar and Cliffjumper bring him here," Magnus replied to Stakeout.

2004-09-12, 03:38 AM
Roadbuster: -boards the Omega Shuttle, walks past Sixwing- "You missed, Crabby. It's the last mistake you'll ever make."

Magnus' location, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: "So what's the plan, Magnus?"

2004-09-12, 03:48 AM
Command Center: Metroplex

"We're getting ready for war," Magnus replied to Nightbeat.

2004-09-12, 06:04 AM
Hound moved his arm slightly to uncover his face and gave Stratus a faint smile. Feeling his vocal systems activate, he chuckled softly and nodded before responding in the minicon's own language.

"Yes Stratus, thank you, and thank you also for taking care of that holochip. I think I have what the humans call- a 'headache', but my repair systems are taking care of it now."

Hound opened his free hand for the chip, but did not move his arm towards the little minicon.

"Okay- who snuck in the Folgers?"
Trailbreaker snerked with a grin at Bluestreak as the gunner activated. Trailbreaker was going to try his best to distract Bluestreak from remembering about the Decepticon attack.

With a smooth grab, Trailbreaker lifted a shining tool off of First Aid's medical tray and pushed a button on it, igniting a laser beam used primarily for welding.

"HA! Hot stuff First Aid! No wonder you guys can keep up the hours you do! Who needs Folgers when ya got sparks?!"

Nearing a full recharge within a darkened chamber, Prowl's optics began to glow dimly as his systems picked up.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-12, 07:03 AM
Slight blue lightning crackled around the Omega Shuttle's cockpit. For a fuel-pump beat, Skyfall worried that it would short out the systems - that the Minicons had over worked the ancient shuttle's design. The next instant, the blue lightning coaliced into a blue orb and then dissappeared. But in his head a stone cold voice spoke:

Troops: Boarded. Mission: Ready to commence....

Shaking his head a little, Skyfall smiled behind his face plate - it had been a little while since he had heard that voice. Perhaps he was getting bored that there was no action.

He then opened the internal comm:

"We're all in Jazz, taking off. This should be a short trip."

With a thought and a few flicks of switches on his command chair, the Omega Shuttle lifted off, as the troop bay doors shut. It rose a thousand feet into the air, spinning on it's access, pointing directly at the Ark. It's main Engines ignited and it's passenger were forced back in their seat as Skyfall's New Wreckers headed towards their new home.

Once the gravity subsided, Sixwing leaned in towards Roadbuster and smiled, all the while his Ion Rifle pointed. His tomb dead voice barely a whisper:

"I don't know what you think you know. But, keep pushing me Roadbuster and I will send you to the Pit. I know all about you. We are closer than you think. Dark Sparks, designed for one purpose and twisted by it. I will never know peace - never return to the begining. I fear the begining you know. But that is the only fear I have in this world. You, on the other hand, fear many things. Peace, for example. You cannot know it - for there is nothing in it for you. I cannot know peace, and you fear it with every atom of your Spark. What a loathsome pair we make. Perhaps one day we can dance togeather and end your suffering........"

A movement from the corner of it's optics caught Sixwing's attention, he tried to lean back, but found Dropshot looking at the two Autobots. His shoulder mounted Rail Cannon was pointed directly at Sixwing's chest, and his Energon Lance was aimed at Roadbusters head:

"Now, we're going to have a nice, pleasent trip - aren't we? No repeats of medbay? Work togeather and play nice!"

Lord Zarak
2004-09-12, 02:59 PM
Chainclaw didnt notice Magnus in the control centre.
"is there anything I can do?" he asked.

Grapple walked into the Med Bay, looked around and asked

"Anyone in here?"


Catilla had finished recharging from the mission in Egypt. He exited his quarters, and made his way to the exterior of Metroplex.

2004-09-12, 03:35 PM
Command Center: Metroplex

"Yeah," Magnus replied to Chainclaw, pointing at the sensor station. "Keep an eye on that. I want to know if any Decepticon signature gets within ten thousand miles of us."

Hyper Prime
2004-09-12, 03:45 PM
Command Center Metroplex:

This order Stakeout didn't like, and neither did Redhot, "What? Babysitting some human crook? That's not what we came here to do!"

"You talk Red, but you weren't even here when we did the first time!" Seawatch interjected.

"Okay, so I might have snuck off to do other things, but it was worth it let me tell!"

Omega Shuttle

Countdown took his postion and strapped himself in as the Omega left the hangar. As he already had experience in aerospace, he could easily maintain his balance during lift off.

He sat down in his seat and sighed happily, "I love lift off."

2004-09-12, 07:49 PM
Omega Shuttle:

Roadbuster: -looks over at Dropshot- "Oh, don't worry. We'll be on our best behaviour." -looks back at Sixwing, optic band slightly narrowed- "Neither one of us is planning on going on a Rampage, are we, Crabby?"

Command Deck, Metroplex:

Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -look at each other-

Nightbeat: "Uh, Magnus...... aren't we already at war?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -sags, leans against the medtable- "What..... about a..... cappuchino or three?" -sags further-

2004-09-12, 08:41 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs was totally confused now. “Fol-what?’

I need a recharge. Badly.

Pinpointer cautiously approached Hound. “So...feeling any better now?”

2004-09-12, 10:14 PM
Command Center: Metroplex

Magnus glared at Stakeout, and turned to look at Nightbeat.

"Yes, but now we're finally going to do something about it."

2004-09-12, 10:24 PM
Jazz received the call from Skyfall just in time to skid into his seat and strap in for lift off. He shot Countdown a grin and a sideways nod at hearing his chipper mood.

"Ain't it nice to just sit back and know we're not bein' shot at?" he mused.


Fort Max: Medbay

Skyfire gave Bluestreak a peculiar look to match the peculiar comment, but he caught on quickly and nodded once to himself.

"The humans call them dreams. You're in Fortress Maxi--"

Skyfire was cut off by Trailbreaker's antics. He simply smiled and watched, allowing Bluestreak the chance to forget what was on his mind.


30 miles north of Autobot City

"Can you believe this heat?"

Pete Lukane, a 30-something with a thick belly and a thick mustache, removed his Arch County Volunteer Firefighter Company helmet and wiped his brow with the back of his glove. The four other men around him continued shoveling brush from the ground to the bed of a pickup truck parked among the trees while Pete looked around to appreciate the forest scenery and the beautious sunshine.

"Yeah, but at leas' the dry season's almos' over," Fire Chief Rich Richards replied. He grunted quietly with each shovel lift; he was far too old for this much work, as his white hair showed.

"And thank Jesus for that," Pete added. "That last fire over in Kenfield was a real monster. I hope we never see something like that a...gain..."

Pete and the other men looked up slowly with wide eyes as a dark shadow fell over the evergreen trees. The sun was blocked by a close silhouette. A plane? Maybe, but what plane has two heads?

"Grotusque!" Doublecross cried over the forest from his aerial vantage. "I know you're in there! Get your aft in gear and get out here!"

2004-09-12, 11:45 PM
Fort Max: Medbay

"I see, so I'm still on Earth" Bluestreak replied and glanced up at Skyfire as the large flyer started to say something, then smirked at Trailbreaker's playful comments as the black Autobot's antics caught his attention "Same ol' 'Breaker, I see"

2004-09-13, 04:34 AM
Trailbreaker flashed the laser once more and then smirked at Bluestreak and Skyfire.

"Same old- same old. Pretty soon I'll be a classic model and higggghly sought after- much like the cappuchino Minerva seems to be after. But right now, there's enough "whipped" and "creamed" in here to go around a few dozen times. So- best thing to do is stir it up some!

Time to rise and shine Bluestreak- but not so much you outdo Tracks. You know how he treasures the high gloss.

But Skyfire- you're looking real sharp now, pal. Much improved- I do like that look much better on you."


Hound sighed uncertainly and blinked once before turning his head sideways to look at Pinpointer. He watched the small nebulon briefly without showing much emotion as he thought over his response, and then his facial features softened into a warmer expression.

"Partially Pinpointer. Only partly. It's good to be - and know- I'm back where I belong though. And for that, I'm in your debt my friend."

Prowl stepped out of the recharge chamber and headed in to the main medical work area, taking a quick glance around. He stopped at the far end of the room and quietly stood to observe the different individuals.

[i]Excellent- and most efficient. The medics have just about completed all repairs. Now to reassess our security risks."
Smokescreen eased over within hearing distance of Pinpointer, Stratus and Hound, then stood silently- listening.

2004-09-13, 05:01 AM
Bluestreak watched Trailbreaker closely as the black Autobot continued speaking.

Then the corner of his mouth twitched upwards at the comment about Tracks.

The next thing the gunner knew he was laughing as he sat up and swung his legs around so he was sitting on the edge of the recharge table.

Aero Blade
2004-09-13, 05:36 AM
Stratus was listening to the exchange between Hound and Pinpointer when a movement caught his attention. It was the Autobot he'd seen with Aero before, Smokescreen. Just after that, he couldn't really say that Aero had relaxed, but he certainly wasn't as tense as he had been.

It didn't seem as though Smokescreen was going to really come over in their direction, but he was interested in the Autobot to some degree none the less, so he continued to watch and see if Smokescreen did anything else.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-13, 06:08 AM
Skyfall banked the Omega Shuttle around in a wide arc. Were their any port holes in the Shuttle's hull, the Autobots inside could see the country side. But, through the front windows, the view was breath taking. Only one thought filled the young micromasters head, the same one that filled his mind the first moment he arrived in this reality:


The Shuttle swung around one more time, then floated down, hovering in front of the entrance. He activated the internal projector - a holographic representation of the final resting place of the Great Autobot ship appeared in the hold. Skyfall's voice came over the intercomm:

"There she is. She's in pretty rough shape now, but we can get her back to her glory.

"Sixwing and Countdown, check out the living quarters, see if they're as bad as the rest of the ship. Starlight, Ark, Nemesis and Aeroblade figure out what we need to get an internal sensor system and external sensor suite online. Jazz, Roadbuster and Dropshot, your job is to figure out what we need to make the Ark secure from enemy attacks, and how we can defend against it. On top of that, I need a wish list and suggestion on where we can borrow it from. Stepper and Artfire, You're with me, we're going to medbay, setting up the CR chambers and any other medical equipment I brought with us. Keep in contact at all times and keep the comm channels open. There's no Decepticons in the area - but we're a long way from Autobase, it doesn't hurt to be safe."

As Skyfall called out asignments, Starlight and Ark were using the tractor beams of the Omega Shuttle to lower all the equipment out of the Storage bay\Subspace pocket, including Countdown's base, 4 large containers of regular miricle spray, 4 large containers of Heavy Duty Armour miricle spray, 3 CR chambers and a varity of other equimpent. Once that was done, the shuttle landed and the ramps opened up. Skyfall climbed down from the command compartment, and nodded to the troops on his way through. He exited the shuttle and stared at the hind end and thrusters of the Ark.

"Lets get to work!" was all he said and he headed into their new base.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-13, 11:46 AM

Countdown nodded, "Understood. Alright then, let's go Sixwing." The micromaster commander transformed into his moon runner mode and began to move forward into the ark. His dish moved around, scanning the surrounding area creating a sort of virtual <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=map&v=56">map</a> of the base in his databanks.

Command Center Metroplex:

Stakeout quivered a little so then he said, "No problem Magnus, we'll do as you say. We'll just wait for now until Wreck-gar and Hot Rod get here."

Redhot, Seawatch, and Fixit looked at Stakeout and then at Magnus, wondering what was wrong with their team leader.

2004-09-13, 08:33 PM
First Aid laughed at Trailbreaker's antics. Now that Bluestreak was repaired, the medic could afford to relax, and to be honest, he was relieved at saving his fellow Autobot. A bit of laughter did much to ease the tension.

With a grin, he sealed Bluestreak's chestplate shut, and patted him on the shoulder.

"You're good to go," he said, "But I want you back here if something like this happens again."

His laser scalpel retracted into his arm, and his hand reemerged.

"OK, anyone else need seeing to?" he asked, glancing in Skyfire's direction.

2004-09-13, 11:17 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -looks woozily up at the others- "But I don' wanna pet th' doggie, mommy......." -topples over backwards, crashes to the floor, unconscious-

The Ark:

Roadbuster: -starts looking around, seeing what would be needed-

2004-09-13, 11:30 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

"Alright, gotcha, doc" Bluestreak replied, and nodding at First Aid's request.

Hopping off the med-table, the silver and black gunner was just about to head for the door when he jumped, taken off-guard as Minerva suddenly fell backwards.

2004-09-14, 03:49 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Pinpointer shook his head. "Nah, you don't owe me anything, Hound. If anything, I owe you an appology. I should have stopped Crosshairs from charging you with a grenade."

2004-09-14, 06:40 AM
Trailbreaker grinned and laughed as Bluestreak got his official release, but the grin faded into a shocked expression as Minerva suddenly toppled over.

Smokescreen became distracted when he heard the medic's muttering and knew Minerva was past exhaustion. He dodged sideways in an attempt to catch her as she fell, but only succeeded in lessening the blow of the fall. Straightening himself, he reached down and gently picked Minerva up, then turned towards the table that Bluestreak was getting released from.

"Room for one more?"
Hound waved a hand slightly in a brush fashion and gave Pinpointer a half-smile. "Crosshairs did exactly what he should have done. I would've expected no less. And I'm only a small bit surprised he just didn't finalize the issue, given the danger. He's a top notch guard, an excellent Autobot, and a good friend."

A commotion just off to the side cut his train of thought off, and he looked towards a reflection in a cabinet window to get a better view of what was happening.

Prowl watched the ongoings slightly and then fixed on Stratus. The little minicon was holding something, but he wasn't sure what it was. He had just begun to head over for a better look when Minerva collapsed.

Everyone's about repaired now, but the medics are exhausted. They need some down time. Need to go to get the security roster then and pull a rotation.

Prowl glanced at Stratus again and then at Smokescreen who was picking up Minerva. Without a word, he headed for the door.

2004-09-14, 07:15 AM
First Aid smiled tersely at Smokescreen.
"There always is."

As Minerva was placed on the bed, he picked up a scanner and worked it up and down her body.

"Hmm, I can see nothing wrong with her Transformer component. Perhaps it's her human part that's malfunctioning."

He glanced over at where Pinpointer was talking to Hound.

"Pinpointer, do you have a moment?" he asked the Nebulan.
"I need to remove Minerva from her transector, but I've never worked with Binary-Bond technology before. Do you know how I could do this?"

2004-09-14, 03:08 PM
Talon's fists clenched as Magnus mentioned ending a war. I hope he means the Quintesson problem, but I have to be sure..

He adressed Ultra Magnus. "Pardon my question, Sir. But would that be the Quintessons we are going to...take care of?" he asked the commander.

Aero Blade
2004-09-14, 06:22 PM
"Well, you seem well enough to keep any on this yourself now," Stratus said, giving back the disc that Hound had given to him earlier. "Hopefully you'll be back at 100% soon. I know Aero would be glad to hear that you're alright now. I wonder if he's done in the other medbay yet..."

* * * * * *

Having recieved his orders from Skyfall, Aero went with Startlight and the others, investigating the Ark's condition as far as the computers and equipment inside. After an assesment had been made, he radioed in.

"Skyfall, most the the equipment in here is still in tact or easily repaired, but we do have one major problem. It looks like someone broke in and ripped off the main control consol for the internal and external sensors. We can repair the other equipment with what we got here already, but it won't do us any good unless we have a computer to hook it up to."

Hyper Prime
2004-09-14, 11:08 PM

As Countdown made his way into the Crew Quaters, he transformed to take a look at the place. Whatever had trashed the ship, it had pretty much spared the Quarters.

He shouted out, "Hey Skyfall, the crew quarters appear to be somewhat in tact. Over 90% of it is still un damaged. Just a little patch work should fix it up."

2004-09-15, 03:55 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Pinpointer nodded thankfully to Hound. "I'm glad you won't hold it against him."

He turned to First Aid. "Very, very carefully," he said cautiously. He stroked his chin, trying to jog his memory. It had been quite a while since he last discussed binary-bonding procedures, after all. "You have to properly power down all the connections before you seperate them, or Minerva will be stuck in head mode until they're reattached."

2004-09-15, 04:37 AM
Command Center: Metroplex

"Eventually," Magnus replied, as he activated the commlick. "Cliffjumper, Wreck-Gar, where are you two?"

Brave Maximus
2004-09-15, 06:43 AM
Sixwing traveled with Countdown through the hallways of the Ark. The haunted and hallowed halls that had been home to so many warriors of legend and housed so many battles for the future. In a place like this, it could almost put his spark at peace....

If I didn't have to babysit this little creatin.......

The micromaster combiner looked with contempt down on his companion:

He is a brave warrior, but his fears are normal. He doesn't want to fail, let people down and the like. No fun to play there.....

So he continued to "guard" Countdown, stroking his Ion Rifle, peering from room to room.

Skyfall took ahold of one of the hover carts, pushing medical suplies that were almost bigger than he was a head of him. He looked back Artfire and Stepper:

"You guys grab the CR chambers and follow me."

The two snipers looked at eachother and shrugged:

"Why do we have to do all the grunt work?" exclaimed Artfire, lifting one of the chambers up onto a skid.

"Because we're grunts...." Grunted Stepper as he followed suit.

"Yeah, but Dropshot gets to go off and have fun scouting for wepon emplacements and the like."

"That's because he's the boss." Sighed Stepper. He'd heard Artfire wind up like this before, and knew he was in for a long day.

"Then why do we have to listen to....." Before Artfire could finish his through, Stepper broke in:

"Look, just load the chambers so we can get out of here before anyone notices that those canisters of Goop need to be brought in too......"

Stepper sighed as he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder. He didn't even have to turn around, He just waited for Dropshot:

"Good work you guys. When you're finished helping the Commander, Skyfall, you can cart those canisters into the Ark and begin replating the deck."

Dropshot didn't even wait for a response, he just walk away, catching up with Roadbuster and Jazz as they prepaired to scout the Ark and it's resting place.

Artfire and Stepper just sighed, lifted the Chambers and headed into medbay.

Starlight sat on the emptied out shell of Teletran one and listened to Aero Blades Report to Skyfall and nodded her head. She piped up to added:

"Not even the parts around for Me\Us to make a new core - ship requires too much resourses."

She then looked to Aero Blade, about to discuss what could be done when Ark popped up out of the hole in the console, wires wrapped around him. He started chattering away in Minicon to Starlight, when he suddly dissappeared down into the hole again, replaced by Nemesis. The little minicon continued where Ark left off, but a few moments later, Ark tried to move in beside him, even though the hole was no where big enough to allow both minicons. All the while they chattered on. Even someone who could speak the language would only be able to get something about an "energon Grid" and "Whole Ship".

Skyfall was hooking up a medical scanner when Aero Blades message came over the comm. He was about to respond when Countdown gave his report. He sighed and turned on his comm:

"Thanks guys. Try and do as much repairs and you can for now, make a list of what you need and when we go to the Decepticon base, we'll have a full shopping list.

So, the good news is: We have a place to sleep and in a few cycles a fully stocked Medbay. Bad news is we don't have enough computing power to make any of it work. Any Suggestions?"

2004-09-15, 07:23 AM
First Aid nodded his thanks to Pinpointer, before getting to work.

He opened Minerva's transector's chest plate, and quickly found her power supply. He opened the cover, and quickly flicked a few switches, first switching the head unit over to be self-sustaining, and then powering the main body down.

He was fortunate that transector bodies were designed much like transformer bodies - without the core conciousness modules of course. He knew exactly what he was doing.

He then reached for the neck of the transector, and pressed a button beneath a panel there, activating the manual release mechanism.

Minerva's head transformed into robotic exo-suit mode, leaving her lying above the body.

"OK, I need someone to take her to her quarters for rest," he spoke to the room.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-09-15, 08:07 AM
Springer made his way through the halls of Metroplex towards Roadbuster's quarters. He made his way into the room and stared for a moment at the scattered weaponry about the room.

"Boys and their toys..." Springer spoke aloud.

He made his way over to a computer terminal and slumped himself down into a chair he started typing away, several search strings, desperately trying to find anything to do with active members of his team.


Many of the Wreckers had come and gone, but only two of the core group had survived all the skirmishes, Springer continued his search and found that Sixswitch was back online too, the others that had been around the group were un-important, Springer thought to himself.

Best to spare those not capable of mixing it up, when it comes down to it, I need soldiers, not thinkers...

Springer stood back from the desk and noticed his rifle on one of the wall racks, Roadbuster showing an unusually sentimental side.

This'll come in handy...

Springer exited the room and made his way through Metroplex

Hyper Prime
2004-09-15, 11:30 AM

Countdown looked up from his search in a little shock. "What? You mean were going to get working parts and were going straight into Decepticon territory to do it? Sounds more like a suicide mission than a resupply mission. But then again, after nearly getting blasted by Quintesseons in space when coming here, I guess resupplying at one the Decepticons' fortresses is better than at a Quint controlled Cybertron." He began to write down a list of all the materials they would need to patch things up.

He turned around to see how Sixwing was doing, and saw him stroking his gun very repeatedly, "Hey Sixwing, put down the blaster already. Were in the ark now, the Autobot's ship. Its not like whatever trashed the place is still here."

2004-09-15, 04:43 PM
Jazz slid down a handrail of the Omega's main boarding ramp, levelling his hands with the ground in a surfing motion as he swished to a graceful landing on the desert rock. His optics floated slowly over the broken remains of the Ark. It was the first time he'd been there in years, well before the final Decepticon assault here. He looked around - blast marks and oil stains were still visible on the ground. It would be enough to upset most Transformers, and Jazz almost looked sullen.

"The ol' homestead sure ain't what she used to be! Who's got a broom?"


He took a few steps to close the gap between himself and the remnants of the Autobots' once-greatest space cruiser, and he took detailed mental notes as he eyed up every inch of the structure.


Fort Max: Medbay

Skyfire began to respond to First Aid's furtive question, but he was again cut off by commotion - this time of Minerva's collapse. He watched the others rush to help her, as there was little he could do, and spotted Prowl's exit over the others' heads. Skyfire hurried to maneuver his bulk around the ends of the medtables between himself and the door, taking large but cautious steps on his way after his superior.

"Prowl!" he called from the doorway, taking a few long steps to catch up with him. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Brave Maximus
2004-09-15, 06:23 PM
Sixwing looked down at Countdown, and his usual contemptious grin graces his face plate. His voice was no softer though:

"You would not believe the ghosts that haunt hallways like this. And Ghosts have a habbit of coming back to haunt the living....."

Sixwing continued on through the crew Quarter section, looking back and forth along the walls.

Skyfall laughed a little at Countdown's response:

"I think suicide missions are par for the course. But that's not what I have in mind. When I first arrived on Earth.... again, I spotted something that may do just fine and not have us walking up to Trypticon or Metrotitan and asking for supplies. I just want to know what you guys want to make sure it will do."

Dropshot walked up to Jazz as he entered the Ark, leaned back and looked up. Though he was shorter than Jazz by a head and shoulders, the rifle barrel off his left shoulder gave him added hight. Still, he had to look up to Jazz.

"She would have been beautiful to see fly. The Ark was well before my time, or after it, depending on how you look at it."
Then looking around the main entry:

"This must have been where the main fighting was. Lots of repair needed, but nothing we can't fix. Big question is that big gaping hole where anyone and everyone can entre. What about security blasters at the entrance?"

2004-09-15, 09:32 PM
The Ark:

Roadbuster: -standing in the cavern outside of the Ark, looking at a familiar control console, idly flicks some stones off of the central console of the Axalon's exposed control room, activates commlink- "Aero Blade, if you need a central computer to hook the sensors up to, there's something out here." -taps the console, nods as the holo display in the center of it comes up, showing a dim, crackling image of the base it's been incorporated into- "It's still functioning."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -moans, eyelids flutter as she tries to wake up- "Wha....."

Command Center, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: "So what exactly are we going to do, Magnus?"

2004-09-15, 10:14 PM
"I'll take her" Bluestreak piped up, stepping forward, then glanced down as Minerva tried to wake up "If she still needs it, that is"

2004-09-15, 11:19 PM
OOC: I've waited, and I've waited, and I've waited, and I'm not waiting anymore. I'm yanking Cliffy from Xille until such time as he makes his presence known again.

Command Center: Metroplex

As Magnus was about to reply from Nightbeat, the door opened, and Wreck-Gar and Cliffjumper walked in, escorting a very excitable Nikko.

"It's not our fault we got here so late," Wreck-Gar told the City Commander. "This guy gave us a Ford POS to drive in, and we couldn't even get to push the red button."

Magnus smiled. "Anyways, now that we're all assembled, we can get down to business. Nightbeat, I want you to interrogate Nikko. No offense to you, Wreck-Gar, but watching Judge Judy and Dick Tracy doesn't exactly give you a legal degree. Catilla, keep on the scanners, and inform me if either a Decepticon raiding party or Dai Atlas' group returns. Stakeout, take the Rescue Patrol and Talon and get Metroplex's defenses up and running. I want them operational within three hours, no exceptions. Wreck-Gar, take the Junkions, Cliffjumper, Siren and Hoshead and head out on patrol. You got your orders. Move out."

Hyper Prime
2004-09-15, 11:38 PM
Command Center Metroplex:

Stakeout smiled and nodded, "Roger Magnus! We'll get right on that. Okay boys, you heard the mech! Lets get rolling!" Stakeout then transformed into police car mode, speeding through the way to the deck.

Redhot, Seawatch, and Fixit transformed into vehicle mode, all moving right behind him.

"At least its better than baby sitting." Redhot said under his breath.

Seawatch retorted, "Oh come on Redhot, it wouldn't be all that bad if we did that. I'm mean, I bet we could do it less distracted than a few Junkions."

"As long as there is fixing involved, I'll stick with it." Fixit said cheerfully.

2004-09-16, 06:03 AM
Hound closed his hand over the small chip and closed his optics as Pinpointer turned his attention to Minerva. The scout let his mind slip into a resting mode to finish recovering, but was still somewhat aware of the ongoings in the room.

Smokescreen edged back out of the way and went to sit next to a counter by Spike, who was trying to stay out of the way. The two began talking quietly, out of earshot from the others in the room.


Inferno finished checking the cameras and in a fairly good mood, made his way to a television lounge to watch some programs. He flipped through the dials and fixed on a news channel, watching with interest.


Prowl turned quickly as he heard his name. He flashed a friendly smile to Skyfire as he saw the big scientist coming over.

"Of course Skyfire. I'm glad to see you are in a more functional condition. You did an excellent job on your mission."

He motioned to the doorway.
"Care to walk with me? We can talk on the way to security unless you wish to remain here and talk."

Trailbreaker grabbed an energy drink and put it down in front of First Aid. "You look like you can use a little charge there First Aid. Can't have you taking 40 winks too... or even a dozen."

Brave Maximus
2004-09-16, 06:04 AM
Sixwing overheard Roadbusters message to Aero Blade and paused for a second. His optics narrowed and flashed purple. They began to grow brighter and brighter until purple lightning crackled at their edges. The Autobot sybol on his chest began to glow bright golden, like the sun. For an instant, the micromaster combiners colours rippled, replaced by a brilliant glowing white. Once the effect was over, Sixwing lifted into the air, and flew off, leaving Countdown in the hallway to stare.

It took only a few moments, for Sixwing had ages to remember these hallways and exits. He left the Ark by it's seldome used front doors, and rounded the almost cool lava pools, spotting a small round command centre and holographic display connected to the Ark. There, near it, was Roadbuster, touching the controls like he knew what he was doing.

Full force Sixwing flew into Roadbuster, his face rested mearly inches from Roadbuster's:

"What you said. All those comments and slide remarks. They were not just jabs. YOU KNOW SOMETHING!! Who the slag are you!?! What rotten festering being rests behind those optics? Tell me or I will rip your Primus forsaken spark from your body and find out for myself.........

"Spark... one Spark..... Prisoner...... The one who knew........ By the Pit and Inferno........ YOU!!!!"

2004-09-16, 09:07 AM
Talon quickly transformed to his bat form and headed after the Rescue Patrol. He didn't have too much trouble keeping up with them. "I hope you guys know how to fix defenses. Last time I was asked to... fix ... any defenses I sabotaged them instead. It's a long story" Talon said to the Rescue Patrol as he follows them.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-16, 11:36 AM

Countdown was incredibly stunned at what happened to Sixwing. He dropped what he was doing and ran after the micromaster gestalt, sounding a message through out the base. "Attention everyone! Something has happened to Sixwing, he's gone hay wire or somehting! Everyone keep on full alert, he could be potentially dangerous!"

He then stopped at the small command center, Sixwing jumping Roadbuster. "Sixwing, stop it! As micromaster commander, I order you to stop what you're doing now! I don't want to have to stop you myself." He then regretfully fired a blast of small missiles from his wrist cannons.

Command Center Metroplex:

Stakeout chuckled, "No problem Talon, Fixit will head the project. He knows more about the inner workings of all Autobots than anyone else I know."

"Ah come on chief, don't go twisting my transistors." Fixit replied.

All four then stopped at the control panel of Metroplex's defense systems. Fixit transformed and started to take a look at system to see what was wrong.

2004-09-16, 09:56 PM
Ark Cavern:

Roadbuster: -grabs Sixwing, optic band narrows, seeing Countdown coming up behind Sixwing, chuckles- "Dinobot says hello, Rampage. He's even got you a welcome back gift." -shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon pivots and lowers, aiming at the side of Sixwing's head, fires a blast of explosive bomblets as Countdown fires his missiles-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -goes back under, out cold-

Cargo Bay, Metroplex:

There are only so many games of chess you can play with yourself, especially when chess isn't your strong suit. The same with solitare, though in this case, the hinderence of a lack of hands, not to mention the lack of appropriately sized playing cards, are the major obsticles. In that situation, one is merely left with time to think.

Lots of time to think. On the up side, the attack that damaged the city not long after the re-arrival on Earth hadn't been terminal, as his own injuries were still being reparied by his internal systems, but there was still too much time to think. To dwell on his purpose in life. To be honest, it wasn't a wonderous purpose. In fact, if he was needed, it likely meant that everybody else was dead, dying, or horribly wounded.

And people wondered why he was so impassive all of the time.

He had a sense of humor, albeit limited. He just never really had a chance to use it.

He had hobbies and interests. Sadly most of them centered on figuring how to turn the impending unstoppable tide that was surely coming. Therefore, too much time to think was probably bad.

So he'd tried a new hobby. Reading the writings of human military commanders. Sun-Tsu was particularly enlightening, if occasionally confusing.

But, the mighty guardian mused to himself, sitting in here waiting for the inevitable attack was pointless. Better to be outside, ready to unleash his firepower as they approached.

Omega Supreme: -hoisted by the cargo bay waldoes, moved out and set upright, transforms to robot mode- "OMEGA: READY." -walks away, positions himself at the entrance to the Autobot encampment, transforms back to base mode, tank patrolling-

Command Center, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -walks over to Nikko, kneels down to look the human in the eye- "So you're the nut they can't crack, hmm?"

2004-09-16, 10:54 PM
Jazz chuckled softly with Dropshot's suggestion. He continued to perform a preliminary scan on the status of the inner hull and the essential equipment, comparing what he saw to his memory of how the base operated before it was abandoned after Trypticon's assault twelve years earlier.

"Man, it ain't hardly worth the energy. We tried everything to keep the Decepticockroaches out: cannons, mines, magnetic traps, and about a thousand kinds of electromagnetic scanners! Then you'd go open a cupboard and a whole buncha the creeps would fall out--"

Jazz stopped his speech and his steps at receiving Countdown's transmission. He delivered Dropshot a quizzical look.

"Aw heck, he's prob'ly tanglin' with 'Buster again. Guess we'd better keep him from killin' the jerk..."

Jazz transformed and rolled deeper into the Ark, trying to follow Roadbuster's trail.


Fort Max

Skyfire grinned to his superior and stepped into the hall more fully.

"Sure thing, Prowl."

The giant Autobot began down the hall, taking his lead from Prowl as they walked.

"I just came out of stasis. I don't remember how I got there... But I want to help. Is there anything you need me to do?"

2004-09-17, 12:36 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs rubbed his optics wearily, then looked at Trailbreaker. “If you guys don’t need me anymore, I’ll go find a recharge bay to collapse into.” He smiled weakly. “It feels like I haven’t had a rest since before the two of us pulled those guys out of the lake.”

2004-09-17, 06:32 AM
Medbay - Fort Max

First Aid took the offered drink from Trailbreaker and smiled.
"Thanks. I could use this."

As he supped his drink, he looked over at Bluestreak.
"Well, I think you're well enough for that assignment. Yes, please do, that'd be grand."


Security Office - Fort Max

Streetwise had noticed Omega Supreme's reactivation on the external cameras of Fortress Maximus. Of course, he'd have to be blind not to notice, but regardless, he sent a message to Hot Spot informing him of this.


Communications Centre - Fort Max

"Gotcha Streetwise, thanks," Hot Spot said as he signed off the communication.
"Seems like Omega Supreme is back online," he told the others.
"That's great," Blades said. "He'll be a great help in kicking Decepticon tail.
"Do we need to contact him?" asked Groove.
"No, I don't think so. He seems to have picked a good spot to park himself.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-17, 06:38 AM
Dropshot looked at Jazz, and heaved a sigh "Who's going to kill who? Sixwing seems a little.... unstable - Though more than Roadbuster....."

He headed off down the hallway, following Jazz and checking his Energon Lance.

Skyfall hooked up the medical scanner to the op table with a long sigh. He opened his comm channel to Jazz:

"What are those two doing now? Keep me posted - don't try to get inbetween them though - it might not be the best for your health."

Skyfall switched comm channels and contacted Aero Blade:

"Aero Blade, once things have settled down with Roadbuster and Sixwing - can you meet up with Roadbuster out side the Ark and see what this computer core is like?"

Sixwing flipped backwards, with bits of facial and back armour flying off, glittering in the soft red glow. Activating his flight systems, he gained control of the flip, kicking one of his legs around, igniting the thrusters on his foot and turning it into a moon kick (SFII - Guile). Not waiting to see if it connected, he continued around and landed on his feet. Hunched over, energon crackling from his face and back he stared hatred back at Roadbuster.

"Dinobot: You held my spark as a slave - used it to give you perverted life. I WILL NOT LET YOU HAVE IT AGAIN! You and this little slag pile can fire all you want - I WILL NEVER BE ENSLAVED AGAIN!!"

Pivoting on his right foot, Sixwing put all his force behind his right fist, attempting to send the uppercut into Roadbuster's head.

2004-09-17, 07:42 AM
30 miles north of Autobot City

Grotusque (in creature mode) lazily watched the men from his "hiding spot" in the thick, dark forest as they shovelled the earth into the bed of their pickup truck. Watching them work made him glad he wasn't one of them. Who'd want to spend a day like this shovelling dirt? What were they going to do with dirt, anyway?

"Humans aren't the smartest things on the planet, are they..."

He glanced to the men's left. A small lizard lay on a rock exposed to the gorgeous sunshine. It appeared to be comfortably half asleep, from what he could tell.

"Now, that." He thought, "That's smart."

At that moment, a familiar double-headed shadow cast itself over the rock and the lizard instinctively scuttled for safety. The men stopped their chatter and froze as the shadow passed over them...

"Grotusque! I know you're in there! Get your aft in gear and get out here!"

Grotusque glanced up, shook his head and grinned slightly.

"Found me... Ah well. Time for some fun."

Grotusque gathered his legs under him and stood suddenly in the brush, spreading his wings as wide as he could. Branches from the nearby trees snapped off and went flying as he let out a bellowing roar and bounded towards the terrified men in the clearing. just before reaching them he took another gigantic leap over their heads and was airbourne.

"Well, how did you find me this time?" He bellowed to Doublecross as he laboured to reach top flight speed to catch up.

2004-09-17, 08:46 AM
Medbay - Fort Max

"On it, doc" Bluestreak nodded, then moved forward to gently pick Minerva up in both arms and quickly left the med-bay, heading for the femme's quarters.

OOC: Minerva is a femme, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-09-17, 10:08 AM
Repugnus had stood and watched Grotusque walk away from the Autobot City, watched him wander off to "smell the flowers." Repugnus would've followed the only person that would talk to him, but he didn't fancy it, truth be told right then and there, he didn't want to do anything, speak to anyone or see anyone.

And that's exactly what had happened since Grotusque walked away. Nothing.

No-one was overly fond of the Monsterbot, not so much because of the way he looked as so much as his distaste for just about everything.

Hrmph, if I know that lazy bot, he'll have been sitting around, doing a whole heap of nothing whilst I've been here, ignored, doing a whole heap...

"...OF SLAGGING NOTHING!!" Repugnus' emotions occasionally overcame him.

He knew fullwell that after Grotusque had left that DoubleCross had gone out to look for him, and would probably find him, and they'd all come back as if nothing had happened. Such was Repugnus' outlook on life -- nothing good ever really happened and he was gonna make damn sure EVERYONE knew about it.

They're sure taking their time coming back...I'm almost bored


Just before the door to Roadbuster's quarters slid shut Springer heard an update on the information he'd been reading and immediately feared the worst. He quickly turned and ran back to the room literally bursting through the door to check on the status reports.

"Whirl...status...situation critical"

"DAMNIT!" Springer yelled at the top of his voice and opened a comm link immediately.

"Whirl, this is Springer, report your location and current situation"

2004-09-17, 11:45 AM
OOC: Yup, but she's also human, so she's small.

Her Transformer body is not sentient.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-17, 11:45 AM

Countdown didn't know what the slag was going on? Roadbuster and Sixwing were acting like two complete different people. He tried to reason first with Sixwing, "Sixwing stop! There isn't any "Dinobot" here! Its me and Roadbuster! Were your friends, your partners! And more than that, I'm micromaster commmander, and I order you to cease and discess what you are doing now!"

He then turned to Roadbuster, "Roadbuster, I don't know what's going on, but Rampage isn't here either. That tiger is off with the Decepticons right now. You and Sixwing are with the rest of us, here in the ark. Now stop this fighting immediately! You both need immediate repairs to fix whatever is wrong with your systems!"

Command Center Metroplex:

Fixit sighed, "Looks like your standard blowout attack."

"What?" Redhot asked.

"Metroplex's defense grid has had several blow outs, that's why he can't use any of his defenses. Were going to need to work on him from the inside of the console. Red, open her up."

Redhot nodded, as he grabbed a panel off of Metroplex's console, and yanked it off as if it were a leaf.

Fixit then yelled, "Metroplex, this is Fixit. Me and the other micros are going to fix your defenses. What I want you to do is try them out when I say so. If they're not working, we'll just keep trying till we do." He then turned to Talon, "Talon, as a bat, I'm going to need you to help me find my way around Metroplex's circuitry. Think you can do that?"

(OCC: Am I going to get some feedback from Metroplex? I mean, is anyone playing him or is he an NPC?)

2004-09-17, 03:17 PM
Talon, still in his bat form, landed near Fixit. "Vampire bat to be precise. I suppose I could use my sonar for that, but not sure how accurate it'd be. I'll give it a go" he said as he leaned in for a closer look. "And why are you talking to the building?" he asked Fixit.

Aero Blade
2004-09-17, 06:58 PM
((ooc: Sorry for the delay of posting lately and for any others that might occur. Between Ivan and they way the campus server naturally is, it's hard to keep a deceint connection. And with Gene on the way as well, oh boy....))

Aero Blade chuckled a bit, watching the minicons antics. Even as well versed in the language as he was, it was still hard to pick up on everything with both of them talking at once. "Alright, I'll go check out the energon grid," he told Starlight, standing up.

Before he'd gotten far, though, Roadbuster's message came in, and then shortly after that there was the signs of a fight. Aero looked towards the minicons for a moment, trying to decide what to do, but then Skyfall's voice came up on the com again.

"Alright, Skyfall, I hear ya. I'd rather not get involved in anything else that might land me in the medbay again," Aero answered, looking back towards the minicons again. "I wonder what's happened this time..."

2004-09-17, 11:22 PM
Ark Cavern:

Roadbuster: -staggers back as the kick connects, dodging the punch by sheer dint of stagger- "I was willing to leave this alone, Rampage, despite the urgings of the ghost in my system. But you just had to attack Springer, didn't you. The last sight you'll see is me crushing your spark casing with my bare hands!" pulls linear blaster cannon and grenade launcher- "Countdown, get out of here! I'll explain what's going on when it over!" -locks targeting reticles on Sixwing's center torso, fires, flinging ion bolts, plasma grenades, and explosive bomblets at the posessed combiner-

Bluestreak's hands:

Minerva: -stirs slightly-

Entrance, Autobot encampment:

Omega Supreme: -scanning, ever vigilant-

Air above Autobot encampment:

Tracks: -banking yet again, arcing over the Autobot camp- "I can't believe this. That overarmed maniac dared to smudge my finish! And now he leaves me out at the end? Like fun he is. I want to see if he's really nuts!" -alters course, flys towards the Ark-

2004-09-18, 12:06 AM
Whirl's reply was a hoarse whisper:

“Springer, I’m...in an airport that the ‘Cons tried to blow up. They...they did a number on me. But Six is with me, I’ll be fine. The ‘Cons are high-tailing it, anyway. Good to hear you functional again, chief.”

Hyper Prime
2004-09-18, 01:52 AM
Ark Cavern:

Countdown replied, "Oh no Roadbuster!"

He then fired two blasts at the explosive bomblets. The resulting explosion causing lots of smoke to gather, the micromaster shielded his optics.

As the smoke cleared he said, "I won't have two of my friends trying to kill each other! If I have to, I'll just have to stop you myself!"

Countdown then leapt up onto Roadbuster, grabbing onto the Autobot's head and trying to keep his missile launcher from moving anywhere else with his legs.

Command Center Metroplex:

Redhot asked, "Are you really that dense Talon? Don't you know why Autobot city is called Metroplex?"

Fixit replied, "What Redhot means is, I'm talking to Metroplex because he is alive. Metroplex is a transformer, one of the biggest there is."

Brave Maximus
2004-09-18, 06:45 AM
The explosion infront of him sent Sixwing skidding backwards. Still hunching over, he stared pure hatred at Roadbuster.

"Countdown, you know not what you talk about. Wait until Megatron cuts your Spark into little tiny pieces - while you are helpless to defend yourself. Feel pure energon cutting into your very being. THEN! Being held captive, or part of you, inside this slagging pile of Saurion cloned Pit slime. The only relief comming when the light side of your Spark drives a spear of raw energon into your spark, distroying your physical form. But that is not the end, oh no. You must wait, being the subconcious voice in a cloned body controled by a dead monster.

"Once you know that, then you can tell me what is real and what is not. Roadbuster or Dinobot, who ever you are. You WILL not take my Spark again. But I will return the favor. But, unlike your green friend, I will not use a sword, I will rip your Spark apart atom by atom with my bare hands and feast on it's drippings!!!!"

Sixwing launched at Roadbuster, attempting to back hand Countdown away, while trying to drive his fist into Roadbusters chest. His Autobot symbol began to glow though, a pale golden like the early morning dawn.

Starlight looked at Aero Blade as he came back from his short walk down the hall. She stood up and looked at him and spoke slowly:

"I\We did not mean the ships energon grid - it is still servicable with minor repairs. But combining Skyfall's Energon formula with a grid on the ship - it could form a .........."

The minicon trailed off, at a loss for the word in standard.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-18, 12:58 PM
Ark Cavern:

Sixwing batted Countdown away as he lept on top of Roadbuster. He could feel his body hit the ground hard. Countdown then yelled, "Knock it off!"

He opened his comm link, "Skyfall, you guys, everybody get over here now! Roadbuster and Sixwing are about to totally kill each other! I'm serious, they act as if they weren't themselves, as if they were other transformers! You got get here now!"

(OCC: Sorry, I guess maybe that was pretty dumb to do.)

2004-09-18, 02:53 PM
Medbay - Fort Max

First Aid sat on the edge of one of the medbay beds. For now, at least, his work was done. Not that he was tired of course. He'd only had to fix three bots. All in a day's work. He glanced around sickbay, smiling at the fact that everyone seemed to be operational.

Comms Centre - Fort Max

"So, do you think we can win this war?" Groove asked.
"Of course we can!" Blades chirped up. All we need is a chance to go kick Decepticon tail.
"Well, that's not really the question, is it?" Hot Spot replied in a measured voice. "I'm wondering if we can win this war at the same time as saving the humans from getting decimated by the enemy."

2004-09-18, 07:48 PM
Ark Cavern:

Roadbuster: "I'm Roadbuster, no doubt of that, Crabby." -lurches backwards as Sixwing's fist slams into his chest- "I pulled Dinobot out of that console a while ago, a copy of the mind and personality of the original, apparently. He told me all about you. And taking over the body of an Autobot, stealing a body..... Touch of hypocricy there, Crabby?" -shoulder cannon locks onto Sixwing's head as he aims linear blaster cannon and grenade launcher at Sixwing's glowing Autobot emblem, firing ion bolts and plasma grenades at the glowing emblem, and explosive bomblets at Sixwing's malevolent face-

2004-09-18, 08:03 PM
Talon was slightly surprised to discover Metroplex was sentient. He felt guilty for digging his own claws into his body. He adressed Metroplex. "I am sorry if I hurt you in any way when I dug my claws into a few of your ceilings. I assure you I won't be doing it ever again"

Turning to the Rescue Patrol he answered: "Indeed, I did not know there were Transformers this big. In the earliest days of the 3 factions, they never had such size. The only things that were so large and still mobile were those Guardian things the Quintessons built, never building the Consumer, Military or Maintenance lines to such specifications" spitting out the word Quintessons as he spoke.

"Even in the days after the rebellion, during the golden age and the war between Autobots and Decepticons, up till the very moment of the Minicon Exodus, there had been none. None that I had ever seen anyway" Talon's voice shifted to happy, to sorrow and a slight anguish as he mentioned each event. To him, the events had been as real as the Rescue Patrol he was with now, for he had seen it all happen. Even played a part in the rebellion itself.

2004-09-19, 02:58 AM
Minerva's Quarters

Bluestreak entered the set of quarters given to the femme, then gently placed Minerva on ther recharge bed in her room and backed away.

Leaning against the doorframe, he decided to keep an optic on her until she woke up.

2004-09-19, 04:01 AM
Minerva's Quarters, Fort Max:

Minerva: -laying on the recharge bed, eyes snap open, reaches out, hand forming a fist and knocking on the hard surface of the recharge bed- "Wait a minute. Nobody's got a matress this firm." -sits up, stretches, pulls her helmet off, looks around- "How'd I get here? And why am I in a recharge bed?"

2004-09-19, 04:11 AM
OOC: :( :wall: - *has one of her low self-esteem attack and crawls off, ashamed*

Brave Maximus
2004-09-19, 07:45 AM
The shells impacted Sixwing's face, peeling away layers of armour and revealing the metalic skeletal structure underneath - what it didn't change was the glowing hatred in the purple eyes of the micromaster combiner. Nor did the shots that dented and cracked the chest plate diminish the glowing golden Autobot symbol:

"This body was dead, the Sparks long absent. And do you know why? YOU!!! The Autobots let one of their own die. He came from somewhere else to warn you of danger - to try and change the future - but you let him die. As he entered this reality - power depleated, systems almost ceasing to function - he felt your sensors reach out and find him. YET you did NOTHING. He fell. He hit the ground and DIED. All because you Autobots were too busy to rescue one of their own from a 50 mile plumet. You dare speak of hypocracy?!? You attack a friendly unit with out justification, you let your own units die and you try and talk of high morals!

"At least Megatron made no pretensions of his actions - he was Evil and reveled in it. When I look at you, I feel the death of these Autobots each and every time!"

With the last outburst Sixwing's colour burst out into a blinding white - his Autobot symbols shing a blinding gold more brilliant that a thousand suns. The Berserk Autobot launched himself at Roadbuster, arms extended attempting to grab him by the shoulders - Purple Spark energy lashing out from his chest, attempting to connect to Roadbuster:


Ark Medbay:

"Skyfall to Countdown: Are you ok? Stay away from them, I'll be right there!"

I don't have time for this!

The young Autobot commander transformed and flew towards the battle.

Lord Zarak
2004-09-19, 03:10 PM
ooc- Bombers, it was Chainclaw in the command center.


Chainclaw had no problems with gluring his eyes to the screen. He would give Magnus plenty of warning either way.


Grapple still waited in Metroplex's Med Bay. He was surprised no-one was around.


Out of an exit, a stripeless big cat left Metroplex....

Hyper Prime
2004-09-19, 04:16 PM
Ark Cavern:

As Countdown heard what Sixwing was saying, soon things started to fall into place. The reason why Sixwing was in lock down, why he wasn't acting like himself, why he attacked Roadbuster, it made very little sense but he knew now, Sixwing's body had been possesed by someone or something.

What hurt even more is the possibility that Sixwing may actually be gone, and if he was, it would be Countdown's fault. He is after all the micromaster commander, in charge of leading the micromaster subfaction. Should he not feel gulity as he did not take responsiblity in knowing that he hadn't been there for Sixwing when he was needed?

Then, Countdown snapped back as he heard Skyfall, 'But.... but... alright Skyfall... understood."

Countdown then was about to make his way out when he saw Sixwing, or whoever was in his body, leap forward towards Roadbuster with some sort of purple energy leaking out of his body. Hesitating at first, Countdown rushed to the side and leapt up, attempting to take the blow for the former Wrecker.

"NO!" He cried, waiting for what would happen next.

Command Center Metroplex:

The three Micromasters looked each other, (the excepticon being Fixit) then turning to Talon, Stakeout said, "Well, we wouldn't know about that because, we weren't created till 'bout a few million years later."

Seawatch replied, "Yeah. In order to conserve energy, a lot of Cybertron's populace undergone the Micromaster upgrade. It allowed us to have these fuel efficent bodies and retain all of the same abilities we had as regular size, sometimes those abilities enhanced in some cases."

Fixit then said to Talon, "Okay, I'm all set." Fixit had a number of tools in holsters that were wrapped around his body. He then made his way into the console, giving the signal to Talon to move in.

2004-09-19, 11:16 PM
Ark Cavern:

Roadbuster: -narrows optic band to a slit as Sixwing grabs his shoulders, growls- "I was there when Sixwing arrived, Rampage! Ironhide and Prime were the first to get to him, right after they got there! Right after he arrived! There was still steam coming off of his body!" -shrapnel cannon still aimed at Sixwing's head, brings linear blaster cannon up as he tries to pull [b]Countdown out from between them, aim's cannon at Sixwing's head, barrel inches away from the combiner's face- "And I'm not like Prime. I'm a Wrecker, and I fight dirty!" -fires, flinging ion bolts and explosive bomblets at Sixwing's face and head, hoping to detach it-

2004-09-20, 12:03 AM
One of Doublecross' heads turned back to Grotusque as he fluttered around and began back to the south.

"I could ssssmell you!" he gesticulated. "Miles away!

"Anyway," the other head continued in a more reserved tone, "I always know your hang-outs. What were you doing down there--

"Fessstering on a rock?"

The two heads alternated watching Doublecross' flight path and talking with Grotusque as they flapped back to the cities.


The Ark

Jazz skidded around the stalagmite corners of the ancient Autobot headquarters, bounding over errant rocks and dirtmounds at high speed. A light in a deep corner where he knew there should be no exit was magnified at intervals with the sound of nearby laser fire.

"Dropshot, over here, man!"

Jazz shot through the opening and transformed on the fly, standing in the cavern with his blaster in hand. He simply watched the combatants from his distance for a moment to get a feel for the situation.

"I don't s'pose you guys would be willing to settle this over a game of Ballobot?"

Brave Maximus
2004-09-20, 02:14 AM
OOC: Guess it's ok for Countdown to see this

Sixwing growled at Roadbuster, each shot peeled back more and more of his metal flesh. But the blinding light repaired it almost as fast. Purple energy lashed out, raking Roadbuster and Countdown. The energy seemed to take root, seeking their spark and holding onto it, and Sixwing uttered a single phrase:

"And now you will know the truth....."

They had run as far and as fast as they could. Energon was almost depleated by the trip and by their Berserk mode. But they had made it. They needed to find Star Convoy or Guard City and that little blue ball presented their only hope. They radioed on the secure frequencies, so the enemy wouldn't find them. They needed help as gravity took hold of them. The burning pain, only held at bay by their powered up form, threatened to tear them apart. Still no answer.......

Finally Sixwing's sensors registared that friendly forces had found them. But something was wrong.... The sensor were too primitive. As they impacted by a lake, as life drained from them - they realized their mistake - this was the wrong time.....

Missile Run hovered of their Sparkless body for one instant longer, regret etching the very fabric of his former home.........

This body will do well........

Pulled from the Matrix and forced into the largest Protoform that could be found. They tried to manipulate the very being of his spark. For what he did not know. But they were forcing it in ways that twisted and tormented him long before he even knew he existed.....

He was born in pain, probes and cutters lancing into his very being. He was now a child of darkness, as they had made him. The moment he exited the stasis chamber, they were on him. Smaller, weaker - they wanted to put him back. They fired again and again at him. He would not be put back...... He would die before they tortured him again........
But he would not die. No matter how many times they fired, or what damage they did, he would repair and send them on to the Abyss. And he found that he liked it. Once the guards were killed, the system they used for research was no effort to crack. They all needed to pay. First those in the place of his birth, then those who wanted to learn what could be done with a spark. He would scour the universe and make them all pay. One by one they fell, and he liked it.......

Pain, I know it well

The view was distorted, crackling blue and curved, as if looking through a globe. A wickedly evil purple face glared down at him, with a knife made of pure energon - and he was enslaved.......

Now I have this body that you would not save. I will stop them from making another like me. I will stop the tormentor from ever coming to life. And that will be the sweetest revenge - For all his tampering with time - I will do what he could not...... The Decepticons MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

The purple energy faltered and faded away, and Sixwing stepped back. His white light fading. He slumped to one knee staring at the two Autobots in front of him, his voice barely a whisper that rang through the whole volcano:

"Now you know the truth - weep at it......"

Sixwing fell to the ground, back to his normal colours, limp.

Dropshot rounded the corner, coming up beside Jazz, but not bothering to stop:

"What the Slagging..... I told you they couldn't play well togeather. Lets get down there....."

His barrel droped down over his left shoulder, as his railgun loaded, and aimed at Roadbuster. From the Scope on his right arm, an energon lance flared into life as he closed the distance between Jazz and himself and Roadbuster, Countdown and the fallen Sixwing.

Skyfall flew out of the Ark and rounded the side just in time to see Sixwing fall back from Roadbuster, and lay limp on the ground. He hit his afterburners, arriving the same time as Jazz and Dropshot:

"What the HELL is going on!?!"

Hyper Prime
2004-09-20, 02:37 AM
Ark Cavern:

Countdown felt the combined force of Roadbuster pushing him out of Sixwing's way, and of Sixwing's blast to both of them. It felt as his inner workings were all on fire, he could also see what he thought were whoever was possesing Sixwing's thoughts, its joy, its fear, its anger.

As the energy faded away, Countdown dropped to the ground on his face first. As he picked himself up, he could feel smoke emitting from inside his body. He then saw Sixwing lying on the ground. He stuggled to try and get to him, checking his vital function systems. He turned back to Roadbuster, Skyfall, Dropshot, and Jazz who were in the area.

"Guys, Sixwing... he needs help. We've got... to do something." He pleaded.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-20, 07:48 AM
A weak but readable message came across the All-Autobot emercency channel:

"This is DAI ATLAS to any friendly unit. We are coming down HARD. Flight systems are out. Sensors are out. I'm flying on half an engine. I have 3 Critically injured Autobots in my hold, soon to be more. Better yet I have 2 Decepticons on my tail, One of which is Scorponok. All Availible Autobots to ...... The old resting place of the Ark. I repeat, All Availible Autobots to the Ark. Have all medics ready to go when we land........"

Lord Zarak
2004-09-20, 10:22 AM
Chainclaw radioed UM when Dai Atlas's message came through

"Ultra Magnus this is Chainclaw. We have recieved a distress call from Dai Atlas. He's in bad shape and being tailed by two Cons', one of which is Scorponok. Do you want to hear the message?"

2004-09-20, 10:43 AM
The security advisor looked up at the big scientist with a look of concern as they continued down the hall. Prowl tried to assess the amount of damage to Skyfire's memory based on similar damages that had occured with other individuals. After a moment he gave the gentle autobot an affirming smile.

"Always the volunteer, hmm Skyfire? There's much that can be done that your assistance would prove invalueable with. Your memory of previous events should be reconnected with some further repair time, do not be concerned about that.
Those severe damages were sustained in a mission to recover Smokescreen, which Ultra Magnus, Siren and yourself were successful in completing. You got the team there and back under some dire circumstances, and for that, you should be commended. But I'm afraid our time is shortening and recognitions will need to wait. I believe that the Decepticons will be recovering at a similar pace to ourselves, and we must make preparations to secure our safety. I have some ideas which your expertise would be most effective in laying out. Once we arrive at security, I will better be able to show you what I have in mind."

Nikko looked at the strange transformer in front of him with a look of terror. "I not nut. Nikko tell demon all he know!"

2004-09-20, 09:56 PM
Skyfire smiled down at the strategist as they walked together to security.

"Thanks, Prowl. Smokescreen... Hm. My memory circuits must still be realligning."


The Ark: Cavern

Jazz' jaw dropped for a moment at watching Sixwing's collapse. Just a moment.

"Dropshot, check out Countdown!"

With a hurdle over the Micromaster, Jazz dashed toward the combiner as quickly as his legs would carry him and kneeslid to a halt just next to Sixwing. He lifted the Micromasters' head with one hand while the other hoped to halt Roadbuster. He began a cursory optical scan, but he knew there was little he could do.

"What the heck happened?"

2004-09-20, 11:04 PM
"I brought you to your quarters, under the request of the medics" Bluestreak replied, watching the femme wake up "As for the recharge bed, it's standard requirements for all quarters"

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-21, 12:14 AM
On Dai Atlas

Dai Atlas’ announcement woke Crossblades with start as his mind registered the damage of his cracked arm. “OW! Were, oh right on my why out from a Decp base. Hey big boss if your having trouble I could use my both helicopter, and dragster to get all of the critically injured, and one others out of here. Not that I want to abandon you, but those two femmes and the red guy” He said throwing a glance at Hot Rod. “don’t look like they could take a rough landing. But hey you’re the boss I’ll stand by orders!”

Brave Maximus
2004-09-21, 12:34 AM
Dropshot covered the distance to the fallen Micromaster in a few short strides. He kept his Energon Lance pointed at Roadbuster but retracted his Rail Gun over his shoulder again. He knelt at Countdown's side, offering his large hand for him to steady himself:

"How bad is the damage?" Dropshot asked in a low voice.

Artfire groaned as he straitened his back. He had been crouching behind a CR chamber this whole time, connecting it to Medbay's energon and Diagnostic system. He looked over at Stepper who had just finished pushing back the second of the three Units. Saddly, the last one was apparently made to house a Combiner whole!.

Looking at it, Artfire sighed: "Are you sure they don't need our help?"

Stepper turned and shrugged: "If Dropshot wanted us there, he's have called. Now, lets shove this thing into place....."

The target masters then heaved against the giant CR Chamber, slowly pushing it against the wall, the weapon partners leaning into it as well.

Once it was in place, Stepper opened his comm to Skyfall:

"Skyfall, this is Stepper:
CR Chambers are in place and with the energon hook up to Countdown's base, they are actually online!"

Skyfall Transformed and hovered in mid air, looking in disbelief at the scene in front of him. When Steppers message came in he nodded and gave a grim response:

"Thanks Stepper, We may just need them...."

He then turned his attention to the assembled group infront of him:

"What the hell just happened here?!?" The micromaster demanded

Before any of the Autobot's were able to respond, Dai Atlas' mayday came over the comm:

"This is DAI ATLAS to any friendly unit. We are coming down HARD. Flight systems are out. Sensors are out. I'm flying on half an engine. I have 3 Critically injured Autobots in my hold, soon to be more. Better yet I have 2 Decepticons on my tail, One of which is Scorponok. All Availible Autobots to ...... The old resting place of the Ark. I repeat, All Availible Autobots to the Ark. Have all medics ready to go when we land........"

And was followed by an earthquaking sonic boom.

Skyfall sighed and mentally activated the Omega Shuttle having it lift off, waiting for him.

He then turned and gave his orders:

"We don't have time to figure this out right now: Jazz, take Sixwing to medbay and the CR chamber - lock the door, then meet us outside. Dropshot, take Countdown, put him in one too. Then you and your team get a good vantage point - I'm not sure what you can do against a city, but we can try. Roadbuster I'm trusting you enough to watch my back - lets go."

As Skyfall transformed and headed out the hole in the Volcano, Dropshot lifted Countdown up and started towards medbay

Hyper Prime
2004-09-21, 12:50 AM
Ark Cavern:

Countdown tried to plead to Skyfall and Dropshot as he picked him up, "No, don't worry about me... I'm fine... how's Sixwing... he isn't dead is he?" He could still feel the gulit if what whoever was possesing his body said about Sixwing. He also felt its attack when the purple energy surged through his body, setting a mild numbing feeling to his circuits.

2004-09-21, 02:04 AM
(cont from Decepticon thread.... )

The Autobot’s optics brightened slightly and he let out a small moan. His optics scanned the interior of the shuttle without actually seeing it. Then he faded back into unconsciousness

Chromia still knelt beside the still form of HotRod. She listened to Dai telling them that they were going to crash, and crash hard.

Great, can things get any worse?

She looked back down at Hot Rod, who was continuing to leak his fluids all over.

She shook her head again.

There has to be something I can do!

"Hey Dai? I don't suppose you have airbags, do you?"

2004-09-21, 02:16 AM
Ark Cavern:

Roadbuster: -optic band still narrowed-


Dinobot: -hisses- "I do NOT trust him!"

Roadbuster: "He hates Decepticons. He can't be all bad."

Dinobot: "He attacked your commander-"

Roadbuster: "Springer did attack him first." -nods- "But given his source, he can't be trusted." -sighs- "Life was a lot easier before you showed up."

Dinobot: "I have heard that sentiment before."


Roadbuster: -holsters grenade launcher and linear blaster cannon, fixes Skyfall with an emerald glare- "At least we agree on something." -transforms, heads out for Dai's coordinates-

Tracks: -swoops into the cavern, transforms, lands on his feet next to the battered Sixwing, see Roadbuster drive away- "Funny, from Roadbuster's description, I figured 'Rampage' here would have done more damage to him. Must not be as tough as he thought."

Command Deck, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -sighs- "Look, bubba, do I look like a demon?"

Entrance, Autobot encampment:

Omega Supreme: -picks up Dai's message, activates commlink to Dai-Atlas- "Message: Recieved. Intercept: Plotted. Launching: Now." -subspaces tank and tracks, brings main engines online, launches, heading for Dai-Atlas' position-

Minerva's Quarters, Fort Max:

Minerva: -stretches again, cracks neck- "Thanks, Bluestreak. I'm glad you did. Although the floor's about as comfortable as this recharging bed." -tosses helmet into the air, catches it- "I'm going to take a hot shower, get something to eat, and take a nap." -leaps off the table, lands on the floor, stumbles, lands on her knees- "A long nap." -looks around, frowning- "Uh........ where's my transector?"

Random Sweep
2004-09-21, 02:42 AM
Sky Lynx was getting fidgety when Dai Atlas's message came through.

" Ultra Magnus, I shall return shortly, I am off to save a fellow autobot." he said into his comm

With thats he took off and was soon at full speed towards
Dai Atlas's Position

Brave Maximus
2004-09-21, 08:15 AM
Dai Atlas almost laughted under the comment from Chromia:

"No, sorry, no Air bags. Ususally I don't need any. Wish Sonic Bomber and Roadfire were here - Big Powered would certianly help at the moment. But as it is, we're going to hit hard. That Combiner jumping on us didn't help, though I know his intentions were good.

"Besides ground sensors I'm flying almost blind here. I'm going to aim just beside the mountain and hope....."

Dai Atlas then attempted to guide his massive, battered and hole ridden form to a softer landing......

Skyfall's voice was hard as he responded to Roadbuster:

"When this is all over I want to know EXACTLY what happened there. Not like you to slag one of our own - no matter how creepy he...... BY THE PIT!!!"

Why is there a combiner jumping off of Dai Atlas? No time to worry about that now:

Omega Shuttle, Intercept. Mission: Tractor Dai Atlas to safety."

The Autobot shuttle sped into the air, arcing around the Arks resting place and moved in behind Dai Atlas. It latched on with it's tractor beam, but the ship was just moving to fast and it was just too big. While it managed to slow the decent, nothing was going to stop the shuttle from hitting the mountain:

Dai Atlas' voice came over the comm one last time:


Even with the tractor beam from the Omega Shuttle, Dai Atlas hit just below the mountain hard. A wake of dirt sprayed into the air over a hundred meters, trees and folliage splayed like toys. His nose dug into the ground and after a few heart rending moments, the Cybertronian Commander skidded to a halt. All power reserves drained, he slid into stasis lock.

Skyfall reached out with the Omega's sensors, looking for Scorponok and the other Decepticon. He found them, but not in emediate persuit. Perhaps they figured they had finished off their prey.

"Skyfall to Skylynx and Omega Supreme. I can sense Scorponok and the Other, but they're not advancing: Relaying their co-ordinates to you now. But I think you'll be better served getting critical Autobots back to Autobase - we don't have alot of resouces yet......"

2004-09-21, 12:06 PM
Brace for impact!!

Slag it!

At the very last second Chromia threw herself over the prone form of Hot Rod, but was thrown across the room as Dai hit the ground....


She slammed into the wall and was knocked unconcious. As she fell to the floor in a heap, a piece of the bulkhead fell over on her, crushing her right side.........


Blurr only had time to take one last quick look opver at the two femmes on the table when he was also flung across the room. Smacking hard into the bulkhead, the last sound he heard was part of his frame cracking under the stress.

2004-09-21, 12:15 PM
Windrazor laughed as he saw Dai Atlas go down.
"Very well, Scorponok. We return to base."

The shuttle flew in a wide arc, before heading on a course back towards Metrotitan. As it crossed the perimeter, an automated signal flashed on the cockpit's HUD, guiding him in for a landing.

The shuttle touched down outside the entrance to the city, and Windrazor disembarked, before heading inside to find Gigatron.

2004-09-21, 02:05 PM
Talon follows Fixit, making sure neither his claws or wings touch anything they shouldn't.

Random Sweep
2004-09-21, 04:50 PM
Sky Lynx Transformed into bird mode dropping his transport module next to Dai Atlas

" Is there anyone operational in there?" he shouted

then he opened a comm line to Metroplex and Fort Max
" Attention medical staff, this is Sky Lynx, I need all available Surgeons and as many hands as you can bring to my co-ordinates, we have multiple wounded. Sky Lynx out."

Brave Maximus
2004-09-21, 06:32 PM
Skyfall flew up and around, mentally signaling to the Omega Shuttle. As if by habbit he shouted "Head On!" though he had no idea what brought on the desire. The Omega Shuttle began to shift forms changing into Robot mode, while Skyfall changed as well, forming his third mode - a head.

Just before the two combined, Skyfall had a though:
It's amazing how easy it is to get used to this - I barely feel the presence anymore

But once the neural connections were made and Skyfall Omega's optics flashed blue - he became darker and completely focused on the job at hand.

Skyfall Omega moved to Dai Atlas' main hatch and with a mutter of appology he opened them up forcefully and staired in Horror at the scene inside.

The first one he could get to was Blurr. Gently picking up him up, Skyfall Omega set him down a bit aside from Dai Atlas and then radio'd:

"Jazz, I need you here for triage. Aero Blade, Keep an eye on Countdown's vital's in the CR chamber - as soon as he's out of Danger, get him out, we need the chambers!"

He then turned to Skylynx:

"I don't know how good a medic you are. But some of these guys are pretty rough - I may need you to fly them to Autobase - they have better equipment to deal with this. I don't know what we are going to do about Dai Atlas......"

Skyfall Omega then turned and headed into Dai once more. Starting to lift the bulkhead off of Chroimia and Hot Rod

Aero Blade
2004-09-21, 07:00 PM
"I read you," Aero Blade replied on the com to Skyfall, heading off to find the CR Chambers for his new task. "Mind letting me in on what's going on out there? I thought it was a brawl, but now it sounds like there was a major battle...." he added. Arriving at the area of the CR Chambers, Aero looked around, trying to locate Countdown.

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-21, 07:35 PM
On Dai Atlas

Mere seconds before the crash Crossblades also tried to hold down the critically wounded with his body, and had only marginally better results, well his shell managed to hold one of the femmes, he never saw which one, but his inner robot want flying slamming into a wall head on! All he felt before going blank was the crushing sensation on his head, he never mercifully felt the hunk of metal that rammed right into his left optic, nor did he feel he tearing of his damaged shoulder as it nearly pulled off by the gees.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-21, 10:29 PM
(OOC: Uh, Countdown isn't incredibly hurt guys. And he is right now being carried by Dropshot I believe.)

Ark Cavern:

Countdown tried to plead with Dropshot as he overcame some of the energy surging through his body, "I'm... alright guys. Where's Sixwing... he isn't dead is he? I don't want any more suffering... no more gulit."

Command Center Metroplex:

Fixit made his way through the computer console with Talon behind him. He then stopped and knealt down. "Alright, I've found the first blow out. Tell the guys back there to hand me a circuit linker."

2004-09-22, 02:25 AM
Crash Site:

Roadbuster: -transforms back to robot mode when he gets to crash site- "It's a long story, Skyfall. Trust me on that."

Omega Supreme: -lands on a pillar of fire, hatch on side opening and a ramp lowering- "Cargo Bay: Ready. Load: Wounded."

Minerva's Quarters, Fort Max:

Minerva: -starting to remove her headmaster armor when Sky Lynx's message comes through, groans-

Tech Bay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -gets Sky Lynx's message, activates commlink- "I read you. On my way." -runs out of bay, heading for the crash site-

2004-09-22, 03:21 AM
Jazz slid his right hand from the back of Sixwing's head to his upper back, then shuffled his other hand under the combiner's legs. He strained, baring his vocoder-shields as he hoisted with his back.

"Errrrup ya go, buddy!"

After a moment of wobbling, Jazz centered his hold on Sixwing and jogged off as quickly as he could without sacrificing stability. His journey took him through the hole into the Ark and down a short straightaway to the door to the dilapidated old infirmary. Jazz leaned back slowly, balancing in an augmented crane stance for a moment before kicking the rusted old door open. He shimmied into medbay and found the nearest hopefully-functional CR chamber into which to drop Sixwing.

"Don't go nowhere now."

Jazz slammed the CR chamber shut and activated the security code, then dashed back for the door. He grasped the edge with both hands and forced it shut (sufficient enough a lock for someone that hurt) before transforming and racing off for the main entrance.

2004-09-22, 03:45 AM
Crash Site

Hot Rod's optics flickered on once more. He focussed on Skyfall Omega for a moment, then let out a soft groan.

2004-09-22, 04:44 AM
Grotusque faked a look of surprise as Doublecross finished speaking.

"If I didn't know better I'd say you were upset with me." He said easily as the cities came into view. He pushed ahead a little and passed under Doublecross to get lined up for a neat landing in an open spot.

"Ah well, doesn't matter. " He said as he landed. "We really don't have to go back to duty right away, we aren't exactly crucial... Let's go find Repugnus and find something interesting to d-"

Just then, something came over Grotusque's internal comm.

"This is DAI ATLAS to any friendly unit...."

He sighed.

"That doesn't apply to us, does it?" He asked Doublecross hopefully.

2004-09-22, 04:52 AM
Minerva's Quarters, Fort Max

"Think it's still in med-bay" Bluestreak replied, standing up "Want me to go and get it?" then his head shot up at the sound of the S.O.S "Oh no"

Brave Maximus
2004-09-22, 06:26 AM
Dropshot set down Countdown in medbay. Nodding to Artfire and Stepper, who took went over to him and stood just beside him.

"See for yourself. Sixwing's in a CR Chamber. If Artfire and Stepper managed to get their jobs done right, it will start repairing him. I don't know how much medical knowledge you have, but stay in here - we'll need someone to keep an eye on our friend and help the wounded when they come in."

With that the sniper team took off for the main entrance of the Ark.

Skyfall Omega pulled Hot Rod out of the wreckage and scanned him breifly:

"Subject Critical. Skylynx - Hot Rod's in the worst condition and I don't have the facilities to fix him here. We'll load up the critical on you and send you back. I think I'll need Omega Supreme to help out with Dai Atlas."

With that, Skyfall Omega laid Hot Rod in the cargo bay of Skylynx, then headed back into Dai Atlas, Scanning for next damaged member.

Jazz, Artfire, Stepper and Dropshot all rolled up and Skyfall heaved a sigh of releif:

"Jazz, get this Red and Orange Femme onto Skylynx, she seems to have suffered some sort of torture.... Dropshot, see if you can haul out Blurr. Artfire, Stepper load up the Pretender and his shell. I'll grab Kup. That should fill up Skylynx. There's two more Femme's in here, but we can load them up into our CR chambers on the Ark - Scans say they're not too bad....."

The Autobot's then moved to their jobs, loading the wounded into SkyLynx

Random Sweep
2004-09-22, 04:56 PM
Crash site

Sky Lynx nodded to Skyfall Omega "Yes that does seem prudent, let me know when everyone is onboard."

Then he transformed into shuttle mode and connected once again with his transport componant.

2004-09-23, 12:35 AM
Crash Site:

Brainstorm: -fighter mode, swoops down, transector transforming to robot mode as Brainstrom transforms to the head module, connecting to the transector, lands, starts checking the injured-

Omega Supreme: -transforms to robot mode, optics searching the peremeter- "Haste: Suggested. Area: Not Secure."

Minerva's quarters:

Minerva: "Might as well take me back to the medbay, Bluestreak. I have a feeling I won't get any sleep for a while yet." -walks over to a food dispenser unit, taps in a code, and with a bloop, a tray pops out witha half gallon sized thermal mug- "If all this cappuchino doesn't wake me up, nothing will." -takes a long drink, looks up at Bluestreak with a wink- "Triple the caffiene. How else do you think I made it through my internship? We ready?"

2004-09-23, 04:40 AM
OOC: hopes she gets this right, I'm now presuming Minerva's a humanoid

Minerva's quarters

"Alright, if you really wanna go back" the silver and black gunner replied, waiting until Minerva got her drink, then lowered one hand so she can hop into his palm "Ready as I'll ever be"

2004-09-23, 07:45 AM
"This is DAI ATLAS to any friendly unit. We are coming down HARD. Flight systems are out. Sensors are out. I'm flying on half an engine. I have 3 Critically injured Autobots in my hold, soon to be more. Better yet I have 2 Decepticons on my tail, One of which is Scorponok. All Availible Autobots to ...... The old resting place of the Ark. I repeat, All Availible Autobots to the Ark. Have all medics ready to go when we land........"

Hot Spot listened attentively to the message, before turning to Groove.

"Open a channel to Prowl."
"Done," Groove affirmed.

Hot Spot turned to his monitor, and spoke.
"Prowl, this is Hot Spot in the communications centre. We just got a message from Dai Atlas. He's damaged, and is carrying wounded. Being pursued by Decepticons. Last known coordinates were over Mt St Hillary. What are your orders?" he asked, speaking firmly and quickly to the tactician

Brave Maximus
2004-09-23, 08:19 AM
The last of the crew was loaded on to Skylynx and his main hatch closed, Blurr, Firestar, Hot Rod, Kup and Crossblades were ready to go. Skyfall Omega looked at the Shuttle Autobot:

"You're loaded with the worst off. Please hurry - we don't want to lose anyone."

Skyfall Omega then opened his comm channel to a secure link to Autobot communications:

"Skyfall Omega to Autobase:
Situation: Skylynx is loaded with the critically wounded and heading back to Autobase for medical attention. There are 2 more Autobots with in Dai Atlas who we can take care of here. There is only a faint sign of the Decepticons who were chasing Dai Atlas - but this may be part of a new offensive on their part - no one on board was in the condition to tell us the situation. Good news: My team and Omega Supreme are MORE than enough to take care of a strike force sent to our location. Bad news: Dai Atlas is also in pretty bad shape and in stasis lock. In shuttle mode, he's far to big for us to transport to Autobase for repairs.
Suggestions: Greatfully accepted.
Skyfall Omega Out."

The team commander then looked at Brainstorm:

"You're a medic right? Do you think there's anything you can do for Dai Atlas? We have 2 free CR chambers for the Femme's inside of him, but beyond that - our large one is .... Occupied at the moment."

Continuing to glance around he noticed the three minicons coming out of the Ark:

"Starlight, glad to see you. Do you think you and the boys can do anything for Dai? You'll have some good help from Brainstorm."

The three minicons put their heads togeather and chirpped to eachother. Finally Starlight looked at the giant Headmaster, waving her hand a little to say 'Maybe'. They moved over to the Cybertronian Supreme Commander and started to look him over.

Skyfall then went to the task of prepairing for a battle:

"Dropshot, I want your team at the top of the mountain - you can get the best shots from up there. Roadbuster....... you're..... in charge out here until I get back with Jazz.Computron, see if you can help Brainstorm and the minicons."

Then looking up at Omega Supreme:
"Omega - Do you think you can stick around until the threat is gone? Thanks."

Not waiting, Skyfall Omega went into the wreckage of Dai Atlas and pulled out a Black and Red Femme and handed her to Jazz. Picking up the Blue and White femme, he turned to his second in command:

"Jazz, give me a hand with these two, and perhaps on the way to medbay, you can inform me as to what happened with Roadbuster and Sixwing."
He then started back into the Ark.......

Dropshot looked at his two team mates:

"Stepper, half way up the mountain - I want co-ordinates as soon as a target presents its self. Artfire with me."

The sniper took off into the air, followed by Artfire, and then Stepper with their Target Master partners. Setting up on the mountain, Dropshot transformed and landed in Artfire's hands, waiting for a target.

2004-09-23, 08:54 AM
Talon nodded to Fixit before he went back to the rest of the Rescue Patrol. "Say guys, you happen to have a Circuit Linker? Fixit says he needs one"

Hyper Prime
2004-09-23, 11:24 AM
Ark Medbay:

Countdown nodded, "Okay, thanks Dropshot."

As the sniper team left, he moved towards Sixwing's CR chamber. He looked at him and prayed to Primus what he had heard wasn't true.

Metroplex Command Center:

Stakeout nodded and said, "Hey guys, look in that big case Fixit brought. Look for a circuit linker."

Seawatch opened up the case and Redhot sorted around for it. Soon, he came out with it. Handing to Stakeout, who gave it to Talon.

"How'd you know that was a circuit linker?" Seawatch asked.

"I should know, Fixit has used it on me all the time." Redhot said.

Random Sweep
2004-09-23, 03:59 PM
Crash site

once his cargo door was closed Sky Lynx took to the skies

" Attention Metroplex medical staff, I am inbound with multiple injured. please meet me in landing bay 1." he radioed

2004-09-23, 09:33 PM
Doublecross shifted his weight back and flapped his wings more quickly, flipping himself slowly into a landing position. After his feet hit the cool grass of the clearing, he replayed the message from Dai Atlas.

"Not unlessss you want to fly all the way to the Ark," his left head snarled to Grotusque.

"Not that we have much elsssse to do," the right noted.

"But I'm sure our abilities could be put to better ussse, don't you think?" the left retorted without taking its eyes off Grotusque. The right head, meanwhile, turned to the city and led the homestretch hike.


Outside The Ark

Jazz held his arms out to receive Astra's parts, and he looked down at her with a forelorn visage. Jazz was never one to follow the no-femmes/no-protoforms rule, and he didn't recognize this one, but he knew her pain. He started back into the Ark at a hurried pace, both to keep up with Skyfall Omega and to get Astra repaired quickly.

"Man, I dunno what happened. Roady-o's awright, but 'Wing needs energy or somethin'. Better ask Countdown what he saw once he's checked out... I tell ya, those two just can't get along."

2004-09-24, 05:13 AM
Prowl dropped his attention to his radio as he listened to the information being relayed. He glanced up after an instantaneous choice... the answer was standing right in front of him. He spoke outloud so that Skyfire could hear clearly and react.

"Confirmed Hot Spot. I am dispatching Skyfire immediately. Go to the north outlook. He will swing past the tower to pick you and Inferno up. The three of you are to go to provide some cover fire if necessary for the others to return under. Engagement is to be terminated as soon as it is confirmed all other Autobots are clear of that area."

The Decepticons would be foolish to follow into our airspace, but this could be a diversionary tactic. With Skyfire's speed, Inferno's power and Hot Spot's command skills- they should make quick work of any following trouble.

Inferno was right in the middle of watching and humming along with the theme song to "Cops" when his call signal bleeped. He sprang to his feet and grinned as he flipped off the tv and headed for the door. "All right! Bad boys- whatcha gonna do?"


Hound finally felt balanced again. He sat up slowly and swung his feet over the side of the medtable, waiting for just a moment and slipping the small chip into his hologun before stepping off and glancing around.

On the side of medbay, Smokescreen offered a hand to Spike, and then lifted the human up after he accepted.
Trailbreaker looked towards Crosshairs and quietly whispered. "Think we're done?"

2004-09-24, 10:35 AM
Hot Spot grinned. Finally, some action.
"OK, you two stay here and monitor communications. Any problems, get on the horn to Prowl right away. Oh and let First Aid and Streetwise know where I've gone."

"Sure thing boss," Blades replied, turning to his comm panel. "I'll raise First Aid, you tell Streetwise."
"Right away," Groove replied as the two got to work.

Hot Spot headed out the door, practically running, and transformed into firetruck mode as he hit the corridor. Peeling away from the communications centre, he headed straight for the north tower.

Soon enough, he arrived and transformed into robot mode once more. Opening an outer door, he stepped out onto a plateau, high on Fortress Maximus's north face, with enough room for Skyfire to land safely. Inferno hadn't arrived yet, so he paces the tower impatiently, waiting for both his partner, and his ride to arrive.

2004-09-24, 12:41 PM
Talon grinned slightly as he took the Circuit Linker and heard Redhot's remark. He headed back towards Fixit and hands him the Circuit Linker.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-24, 09:24 PM
Command Center Metroplex:

Fixit took the circuit linker and began to fuse Metroplex's blow circuits. "Just a few more cycles and I'll have Metroplex's defenses back online in no time."

"I hope so, Magnus seems pretty anxious to get them back online." Stakeout said.

"Yeah, what's the dudes deal lately? He is so up tight." Redhot quipped.

2004-09-25, 04:26 AM
Inferno charged up the hall and onto the north tower platform, putting on the brakes just in time to narrowly miss running into Hot Spot.

He shot Hot Spot an eager grin as he skidded sideways and recovered his balance, readying for the jump he was expecting to make to Skyfire.

"Hey hey- Hot Spot! All set to go?!"

2004-09-25, 04:31 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Crosshairs nodded to Trailbreaker, weariness showing in his optics. "Yeah, I think so. I can't imagine Hound's a security risk anymore."

Random Sweep
2004-09-25, 05:32 AM
ooc: who is acually in Sky Lynx's transport?

Sky Lynx was on approach to Metroplex

" Request landing at cargo bay 1 " he signaled

2004-09-25, 10:19 AM
The Protectobot leader stopped pacing as Inferno charged out of the door he'd come through himself minutes before, and waves at the other's greeting, before walking over and smiling.

"Sure am," he agreed eagerly, cracking his knuckles. "It's good to be doing something at last. Well, it will be if our ride ever gets here," he said impatiently, but with a good humoured smile.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-25, 04:48 PM
Skyfall Omega nodded to Jazz, as they walked along the halls of the Ark. Memories flashed in his head, of training, learning how to fly and then scarring his instructors with his antics. He remembered millitary theory classes and Cybertroninan history and where he had actually met Cybertronian Supreme Commander Dai Atlas. He also remembered a more recent time when he met his first legend in the 'flesh' so to speak:

"I wonder how Hound is doing, now that we got his memory chips back.......

As for Roadbuster and Sixwing, they don't seem to get along well at all. Do you have any clues? Roadbuster seems very reluctant to talk about it and well..... you've met Sixwing. Have you overheard anything that might explain the situation?"

They rounded a corner in the hallway and came to the entrance of Medbay. Walking in, the Not-so-Micro Master spotted Countdown standing infront of the locked CR chamber. The chamber itself looked odd. Newly installed into a wrecked medbay. Inside the largest one, Sixwing lay, fresh wounds on his chest back and face, though not nearly as bad as Roadbuster could have dished out.

Setting the blue and white femme down in one of the chambers, he closed the lid and activated the repair cycle. He tured to Jazz:

"With all three chambers running at once, Countdown's base will be sucked for power. The sensor systems won't reach all that far, we need to keep every one's optics open. We also need an Energon supply..... In my time, the Ark ran on Geo-thermal energon production and Solar. I wonder if we can do the same...."

Turning to take in Countdown and Jazz in his gaze:

"Now, what is going on with those two?"

Inside the CR chamber, probes and arms began to repair the frame of Sixwing. Once they had finished with his outer layer, a plug from the back began to slowly give him energon. His systems began to suck it in greedly, pulling it in as fast as the beleaguered system would allow.

Sixwing was coming back to life.......

Starlight was looking at the internal damage of Dai Atlas, which wasn't too hard considering the gashes and holes in his armour. They had been asked to stablize him, so they could get him back to Autobase. They had been medics in what seemed like a previous life. Traveling the cosmos and helping those in need. But the Autobot's systems in this time were very different from the one's in her reality - so they found themselves slowing down to a crawl - so not to hurt........

All three of them laughed at that thought - not to hurt. The greatest perversion Megatron had done was to take these three healers and turned them into a force for distruction - albeit a failed one.

She directed Ark and Nemesis to begin repairing the primary energon circuts and redirecting the power to Spark Stabilization and life-function systems. She looked at Aero Blade :
"They\We will begin rerouting power to lifesupport systems. But those systems are damaged from impact. You and I\We will need to fix those systems in order to insure his survival."

She then moved to the main entrance, ripped open by Skyfall Omega, and accessed Dai Atlas' systems. She began to repair what she could, leaving space for Aero Blade to work.

Dropshot was moved back and forth, both his sensors and Artfire's were extended to the maximum. And they were showing nothing. The Sinper leader was prepairing for what was coming next:


Right on time........... thought Dropshot.

".... Do we need to stay up here?" Artfire said.

If a giant, 40' rifle could slump it's shoulders and sigh, Dropshot would have, instead he growled at Artfire:

"An order is an order. We also would see the enemy long before anyone on the ground. So just keep scanning."

"If you want Artfire," Stepper's voice came over the team's unique frequency "I can take over your job, and you can start hauling those canisters of goop..."

Almost instantly Artfire's voice chimmed in:

"Well, the view is nice from up here....."

"That's what I thought...." said Dropshot

OOC: the bot's on Skylynx should be: Blurr, Kup, Hot Rod, Crossblades and Firestar - they need to be repaired soon

2004-09-25, 07:33 PM
"Perhaps he's just nervous. Making preparations like this, which I think are for putting an end to the Quintesson....problem, would get anyone nervous. Except maybe Forte, that guy just loves to fight" Talon joined in the Rescue Patrol's conversation.

2004-09-25, 07:40 PM
Before Prowl had a chance to look back, Skyfire was gone.


Fortress Maximus: near North Outlook

Skyfire's giant frame came around the side of the communications tower in a sharp bank and quickly leveled out, setting course for the outlook tower. His front hatch whirred open as he called out to Hot Spot and Inferno.

"I hope you guys are ready for a jump - we're in a hurry!"


The Ark: Medbay

Jazz set Astra's dormant parts carefully but speedily into the cavity of the remaining CR chamber, closing the canopy and making sure the process had begun properly before leaving it. He stepped back and folded his arms across his chest.

"They had a little tiff back at the city. Guess Roadbuster didn't want Six near Springer, or somethin' like that. They sure know how to lose their cool..."

Jazz looked down at Countdown with a casual nod.

"'Dyou see anything in their boxing match?"

2004-09-25, 07:53 PM
OOC: I'll give Astra a little time to get properly repaired, she was still in one piece, just in stasis.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-25, 08:41 PM
Ark Medbay:

Countdown looked behind him at Jazz and Skyfall, then turned back. "It wasn't that Jazz, it was something more... much more than we could ever comprehend."

"I'm not sure how, but... Sixwing died. And when he did, someone got in him, possesed his body, started to live hidden among us. Roadbuster knew, he could sense it, I don't know how, but he did."

"Sixwing and I were patrolling, when suddenly he must've caught Roadbuster messing around with somehting in the cavern, something that he didn't want him to find. He pursued Roadbuster, and attempted to elimnate him. In defense, Roadbuster tried to do the same. I tried to stop them, and as a result, I now know what happened. Not fully, some. All I know is, Sixwing is gone, and I'm responsible."

Command Center Metroplex:

Stakeout replied to Talon, "Yeah, but the Quintesseons have made us all feel tense, and yet we stay calm. Besides, this kind of tense doesn't seem to be from an enemy, more like from someone inside the group. Someone seems to be getting on Magnus' nerves."

"Yeah, we should know, we do it to each other all the time." Redhot explained.

Seawatch added, "Usually it's Redhot, for one reason or another."

"Yup, that's why he's Redhot." Fixit replied as he finished the half of the total blown out boards, "Red angry and hot-headed, a winning negative combination."

(OCC: Hope what Countdown said is ok B.M., I mean, Rampage did send that memory stuff into him too right?)

2004-09-26, 02:36 AM
The Ark Medbay

Chromia began to slowly come to in the CR chamber....

Wha.....? Where.....? The crash.......I remember now.......

She relaxes and allows the CR chamber to start repairs on her crushed right side.

Where are Blurr and the others? Are they alright? I wonder.........

Inside the chamber, she falls back into unconciousness.

2004-09-26, 10:47 AM
"I've got no problem with that," Hot Spot said with a grin in his voice. He glanced at Inferno, then sprinted forwards towards the end of the platform. Feet pounding on the hard metal surface, he kicked off, and leapt towards Skyfire's open hatch. His powerful legs served him well as he flew through the gap, rolling over as he came to rest in Skyfire's cargo bay.

He then turned around, and ran back to the hatch, to give Inferno a hand, just in case it was needed.

2004-09-26, 05:26 PM
Crash Site:

Omega Supreme: -standing vigiliant, looking for potential threats-

Brainstorm: -checking over Dai Atlas-

Roadbuster: -linear blaster cannon in one hand, rapid fire assualt rifle in the other, shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon at rest position-

Minerva's Quarters, Fort Max:

Minerva: -takes another swig of cappuchino, climbs into Bluestreak's hands- "I'm a doctor. I have to go. Would've been nice to get some real food, though......"

2004-09-26, 06:15 PM
Minerva's Quarters, Fort Max

"Alright. Maybe see if Spike can help get, I believe it's called a sandwich, for you" the gunner replied, raising his cupped hands and left, carrying her towards med-bay.


The Ark: Medbay

Astra's optics flashed as the repairs needed to bring her out of stasis were completed.

Images of familiar faces flashed through her mind and she latched onto one, a black Autobot with a blue visor, the corner of his mouth twitching upwards in a lazy grin.

"Trailbreaker" the femme cried, her entire body jerking as she came back online, then glanced around at her surroundings.

Realizing she was in a C.R chamber, the scarlet and black femme leant over and knocked on the entry hatch, hoping she was in the company of friends.

2004-09-27, 08:45 PM
Jazz curled his mouth quizzically at hearing Countdown's recollection of the duel. He shook his head and gave the Micromaster a cool reassuring grin.

"Aw, I'm sure it ain't your fault. Sounds t' me like Six has been havin' problems none of us could han--"

Jazz turned instinctively to the CR chamber at hearing a knock on the canopy. He dashed across the room and activated the chamber's interrupt service routine, then pulled the canopy open to slowly reveal Astra.

"You awright in there?"


Metroplex: Command Center

(OOC: I'm taking Magnus for a while.)

Ultra Magnus paced the floor of the command center slowly, his hands clasped at his back. He peered through the surrounding windows at nearly even intervals, as though he was waiting for something. His expression revealed it wasn't a positive anticipation.

"Anything yet, Chainclaw?"

Hyper Prime
2004-09-27, 09:02 PM
Ark Medbay:

Countdown was now very fustrated, "It is my fault Jazz! Sixwing is a micromaster combiner! I'm the micromaster commander! Do the math; I should've been there for Sixwing when he needed me, but I wasn't! Now he's gone and is never coming back! Who else is going to suffer because I wasn't there to fufill my duty?!"

Command Center Metroplex:

Fixit exited the panels and smiled. "Okay, thats every blow out I could find. Let's give Metroplex a test run."

Stakeout nodded, then he, Seawatch, and Redhot quickly stacked each other on top of each other. Fixit then climbed up on top of them managed to make it to top of the console and pressed several of the buttons. He then turned behind and said, "Hey Magnus, I've got the defense systems up as good as I can. I'm going to see if I can get Metro's weapons guidance system a test run, okay?"

Random Sweep
2004-09-28, 03:52 AM
Sky Lynx landed gently in Cargo bay 1

"Ultr Magnus , This is Sky lynx, I need every able body in cargo bay 1 to help move the wounded to med bay."

Brave Maximus
2004-09-28, 07:14 AM
Dropshot did one final sensor scan and then opened his comm channel:

"Dropshot to Skyfall:
We've got nothing. There isn't a Decepticon for 100 miles. What say we stop waiting on them and prep to take the battle to them."

Skyfall Omega shook his head at Countdown:

"Countdown, I was there. We got there as soon as we could. We picked him up on sensors, as he was entering Earth atmosphere. We tried to get to him as soon as possible. When we got here, he was alive, as much as we knew. You can't blame yourself over his situation.

Now, as for this thing inside of him. So far, the only Autobot he's attacked is Roadbuster, and Roadbuster has given him more than enough reason to want to swap blows.

We'll figure out what to do with both of them. But right now, you need to pull it togeather. I need you in one piece, physically and mentally."

Jazz opened the door to the CR Chamber and allowed the combined Autobots to look in at the Red and Black Femme. Skyfall tried to smile and look unimposing - hard to do when you're a 55 foot tall black and silver Headmaster.

"I'm Skyfall Omega, this is Jazz and Countdown. What's your name, and how are you feeling?"

Sixwing continued to syphon the energon and repair himself. Moving faster than the repair systems could handle, his face began to remold itself, back to it's whole image. Still, it's spark rested.

Dropshot's message came over the comm and Skyfall Omega looked at Jazz:

"In my time, the Ark had a War Room - basically where we ran drills and learned command procedures. Was it around in your time?"

Opening his comm he radio'd Roadbuster:

"Skyfall Omega to Roadbuster:
RV at my position and we'll go over battle plans.

Skyfall Omega to Aero Blade, Brainstormand Starlight:
How are the repairs to Dai Atlas going?"

2004-09-28, 09:38 AM
Talon grinned slightly at the sight of the totempole the Rescue Patrol had formed.

"I could have flown you to the console, all you had to do was ask. But I must admit, this is an... unorthodox, but effective, method as well" he remarked.

Hyper Prime
2004-09-28, 11:35 AM
Command Center Metroplex:

Stakeout said, "Sorry about that Talon, were just use to operating like this. Never had a fifth team member that was our size."

"Yeah, but he could still probably do that though. All this weight is really is to starting to wear down on me!" Redhot complained.

Fixit replied, "Alright then, you made your point. Talon, take me up."

Ark Medbay:

Countdown listened to Skyfall Omega, and understood him somewhat, but it didn't change the fact of the matter; he had learned of Sixwing's demise, and nothing could change that.

As he heard the trapped Autobot in the CR chamber, he turned aroudn to face her. Although he didn't say anything, he smiled little bit.

Aero Blade
2004-09-28, 03:16 PM
"Repairs are going alright so far," Aero Blade responded to Skyfall on the com when I got a moment. "Pretty routine, and we should be finished with the life support systems soon. Afterwards, we'll move onto other things."

Aero worked diligantly on the repairs to Dai Atlas, but he was a bit distracted. It had been a long time since Stratus had appeared, and he was begining to wonder where the minicon was. He was probably exploring somewhere, hopefully not too far off, but Aero could never say for sure with that minicon.

2004-09-28, 04:56 PM
The Ark Medbay

"I'm fine! You're Jazz, going by your description" the femme replied, focusing on the first friendly face she had seen for a while.

"I'm ok, I think, the Constructicons hadn't gotten around to turning me into spare parts when I went into stasis to conserve my low energy levels. Guess they still hadn't" Astra replied, glaning up at Skyfall, then smiling back at Countdown "Name's Astra, recognised and and registered field-medic"

Brave Maximus
2004-09-28, 09:13 PM
Skyfall Omega nodded a little at Aero Blade's comments:

"Thanks Aero Blade. Just get his life support up to specs and then we can have him transported to Autobase. Once you're done there, you and the Minicon's check out that computer centre just outside the front of the Ark. Then let me know what you think.
Skyfall Omega Out."

Turning back to Astra, a slight glow came to his optics:

"A field medic? We're currently in need of a medic - as Autobase couldn't afford to lose the medical staff they had. We are equiping the Ark with all new equipment and CR chambers - but out in the field, Aero Blade's been doing the best he can, but it's not his area of expertise.

"Would you be interested in working with us?"

2004-09-28, 09:28 PM
The Ark Medbay

"Sure. Sign me up, if ya really need me" Astra replied, looking Skyfall up and down as best she could, due to their differing heights "But I need to contact someone first. let him know I'm 'live and kicking"

Brave Maximus
2004-09-28, 09:36 PM
Skyfall Omega nodded to her.

"Thanks we do need a medic. Comm traffic is pretty stable here, if you're looking to contact Autobase. Any where else, and I'm not sure. I'd offer the Omega Shuttle for comms, but I'm kind of attached at the moment. Countdown's base could probably provide more adiquite comm security. After you contact.... who ever. Could you look over our two other patients? One's a Femme from the Dai Atlas crash, the other is our resident.... source of consternation."

Turning towards Countdown:

"Countdown, do you think you could show Astra around, bring her up to speed and then help out with Fixing Sixwing? Thanks"

Finally turning to Jazz:

"Lets find a place to plan the next assault, Roadbuster will meet up with us."

He then turned and exited the Arks medbay, heading down to where the War Room used to be..... or will be

Hyper Prime
2004-09-28, 09:40 PM
Ark Medbay:

Countdown was about to turn around to continue his evaluation of the base alone, when he heard Skyfall ask him his favor. He then considered the follwoing, "Alright. But I can only handle a tour. I need to finsih my evaluation of supplies before we depart."

He looked to Astra and said, "Come on. We've got some walking to cover."

2004-09-28, 10:21 PM
The Ark Medbay

"You're welcome, and sure thing, boss, get right on it as soon as I contact 'breaker" Astra replied, nodding at Skyfall before he left, then turned to Countdown "That's ok with me, if I'm going to set up shop here, a tour would be nice"

2004-09-29, 02:20 PM
With a nod, Talon spread his wings and took off. He moved close enough for [Fixit] to grab his hand. "Don't worry, I've done this before" he said as he held both his arms out, within easy reach of the Micromaster.

2004-09-29, 04:11 PM
Jazz gave Skyfall Omega a one-shoulder shrug with a grin and dove through a transformation, chugging out of the medbay at Skyfall's side.

"Right on, chief. The ol' bridge was where we did most of the brainwork back in the day. Le's hope it's still there."


Fort Max: above North Outlook

(OOC: Sorry to hurry things, Scout, but we really should get going. I'll just assume Inferno made the gap. Feel free to throw down a retrospective jump scene later if you'd like.)

With his passengers aboard, Skyfire slid shut the main hatch and pulled up sharply to get out of Metroplex air space. He banked hard to set a northwestern course for the Ark.

"Hang on to your inductors!"


Metroplex: Command Center

Magnus sighed to Sky Lynx' transmission and looked around the center slowly. He just couldn't afford to send his troops out now... but what choice did he have, with Autobots perhaps dying in Sky Lynx' hold? One hand set itself heavily on the railing lining the top echelon of the pit while the other pointed respectively to his troops.

"Hosehead, Siren, Cliffjumper, get down to cargo bay one and help Sky Lynx get his passengers to medbay. You too, Chainclaw. I'll keep an optic on things here."

Hyper Prime
2004-09-30, 01:27 AM
Ark Hallways:

As Countdown lead Astra through the halls, he gave every bit of historical siginificance he knew of the Ark and its original crew,

"... then on earth date: November 3, 1984, the Decepticons' plans to bring Cybertron in earth's orbit to cause major natural disaters to create great magnitudes of energy caused Mt. Saint Hilary to become active again, the resulting rising magma nearly destroying about 55.47% of the rear thrusters, and 31.26% to the overall armor of the ship, but it was easily fixed within 12 mega cycles. Confused any?" he asked.

Command Center Metroplex:

Fixit grabbed hold of Talon's hand, letting the others to drop down to the ground in a hurry. Fixit then made his way closer to the console and let as he landed on the edge. "Okay, commencing weapons check up..." Fixit pressed several buttons, waiting for Metro's response.

2004-09-30, 10:13 PM
Ark Hallways

"No" Astra replied, looking around the Ark as if awestuck it was still here, then glanced at Countdown "I should have mentioned I read about on all that when I first came here in 2000, five years before the attack on Autobot City"

God Jinrai
2004-09-30, 10:32 PM
Shuttlecraft Arc Royal streaked over the landscape at mach 2.5... comming up fast on the maximus, prime dropped the vessle to sub-sonic flight.

Opening a channel to the security towers in both maximus and metroplex, Prime spoke up...

" Shuttlecraft Arc Royal returning to Maximus landing bay 3. Optimus Prime, Clearance code 02980. Confirm."

Prime turned his head from the viewscreen, and looked back at whirl and chromedome...

" How's he doing, Chromedome?"

2004-10-01, 02:28 AM
Shuttle Arc Royal:

Chromedome: -checking the readouts- "He's stabilized. We'll get him to the medbay."

Ironhide: "So why'd th' 'Cons hit th' airport? They weren't goin' after energon, that much Ah could tell."

Bluestreak's hands:

Minerva: "I hope Spike brought food." -takes another long drink from the mug- "Caffiene might be good for energy, but it doesn't last too long."

Hangar Deck, Metroplex:

Siren and Hosehead: -run in-

Siren: "All right, Sky Lynx, open up. We're here to take the injured to medbay."

Hosehead: -frowns- "Uh...... Siren..... How many can we carry?"

Siren: "Er...... we'll burn that bridge when we come to it."

Hosehead: -sighs-

Ark Cavern:

Tracks: -looking around, starts watching the holodisplay in the center of the Axalon's bridge-


Roadbuster: -strides in-

God Jinrai
2004-10-01, 03:03 AM
As prime set the shuttle into a hover while the landing sequence was verified, he spoke to ironhide...

" I'm thinking that they were just itching for a fight, Ironhide. as you said, there was no energon to be taken... and they had no qualms with destroying anything in their path... All I can think of is that. And it sickens me."

Prime went silent

2004-10-01, 10:57 AM
Shuttlecraft Arc Royale

Sixswitch unhooked his seat straps and got to his feet.
"They were bored. They wanted something to do. Sometimes, doing anything beats being bored... And when you're a Decepticon, that usually involves killing something."

Sixswitch strode to another panel, and tapped it, causing the doors to slide open and a ramp to slide down.

"As soon as we land, you're good to go Prime he reported.

Communications Rooms - Fort Max

"Arc Royale, clearance confirmed. Welcome home."

"Shuttlecraft Arc Royale has landed," Blades reported.
"Inform Prowl," Groove advised.
"Will do," Blades answered, swivelling around to tap at another part of his console.

"Communications room to Prowl, Prime and the Arc Royale have returned, and have been cleared for landing in Hangar Bay 3."

Aboard Skyfire

I assume Skyfire's mission commander?

"So, what's the plan when we get there?" Hot Spot asked eagerly, cracking his knuckles, and shouting over the roar of Skyfire's powerful engines.

Random Sweep
2004-10-01, 12:08 PM
Sky Lynx opened his transport doors to allow access to Siren andHosehead

God Jinrai
2004-10-01, 03:28 PM
"Roger that, Hotspot... but have First Aid or another of our available medics on hand in the bay... we've got a badly injured autobot on hand... he's stablized, but I want no chances taken."

Prime gently guided the shuttle down into the hangar bay, landing it with just a light thud as the landing gear clanked onto the ground.

"Alright, let's get Whirl outside. First Aid or Minerva will likely be along any time now."

2004-10-01, 03:40 PM
ooc: sorry for the absence :) Should be good to go now.

Inferno had cleared the jump using Hot Spot for a balance on landing. He grinned broadly as they shot away- eagerly anticipating any action they might run into.

Prowl clicked over to his radio. "Excellent. Blades, run a scan of the Ark Royale's exterior as it enters. Let's make certain Optimus and his crew are the only transformers we have coming in. When that is completed, call up an active roster display to ensure that... 'our bases are covered'. I will be there shortly."

2004-10-01, 11:00 PM
Corridors - Fort Max

"I guess we'll have find him and ask" Bluestreak replied as he moved out of Minerva's quarters and into the hallways, heading towards the med-bay.

Hyper Prime
2004-10-02, 12:02 AM
Ark Hallways:

"Oh," Countdown sighed, "well, allow me then to breif you on our chart of the damages done to the base. After we've completed our assesments, we'll then begin our course towards a Decepticon fortress as a sort of "steal" resupply mission."

2004-10-02, 12:12 AM
"Will do Prime," Blades replied over the comm.
"Blades to First Aid, the Arc Royale's back, with injured. Prime's landed in Hangar 3."
"On my way," First Aid replied from down in sickbay.

Meanwhile, Groove had activated the internal sensors, and was running a sensor scan on the Arc Royale. He shook his head to Blades, indicating that he'd found nothing.

"Blades to Prowl, nothing out of the ordinary detected on the exterior of the shuttle.


Medbay, Fort Max

First Aid was on his way to the door as soon as he heard the word 'injured'. As he reached the corridor, he transformed into ambulance mode and shot down the passage, siren blaring.

As he raced into the hangar, he transformed again, and walked quickly and calmly toward the shuttle.

"First Aid reporting. Who's injured and what's his status?" He asked as the shuttle hit the ground."

2004-10-02, 01:11 AM
Since Dai atlas practally landed on the combiner, computron separated in to his 5 components. Each member was severly damaged and offline. A small price to pay to save there boddies. They were in peices scattered around teh crashsite. Hopefully there comrades can peice them together.

2004-10-02, 01:57 AM
Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -spins chair 180 degrees, stands, scowling- "Th' Decepticons're gonna pay fer this."

Chromedome: -looks over at Ironhide- "I'm with you on that."

Command Deck, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -still kneeling, peering down at Nikko- "I mean, I don't think I look that demonic........" -tilts head from side to side- "If it's the 'horns', don't worry. They're antenna. Now that the informal chit-chat is over with...... Who are you, and who sent you?"

2004-10-02, 04:52 AM
I told demons already.
Nikko frowned at Nightbeat in frustration and instantaneously let out a stream of his native Carbombyan language, proceeding to get up- making wild arm motions in the air towards the ceiling and stomp twice before taking a deep breath and sulking silently against a wall.

Cliffjumper motioned at Nightbeat and began relaying the information Nikko had told him earlier. "He said he doesn't know who sent him. Someone came to his university and was recruiting students to get rid of us. He gave us the location of where he got the jamming boxes from though."

Spike sat quietly on a counter and watched Hound walk out of medbay. Smokescreen walked over to stand next to him.
"It's good to be back Spike, and good to see you."

"You too Smokescreen. Glad you're okay. You had everyone worried."

Smokescreen nodded.
"I had a close call. Seems the Decepticon leaders are changing their strategies, but autobots are pretty good at dealing with changes too. We've all had a lot tossed at us of course, and we take it one day at a time. Having friends to come back to and look out for makes coping necessary and changing easier."

Spike returned the nod as he thought over the implications. Finally he replied with a smile,
"You're right Smokescreen. It's great to have the Autobots back. You're great friends."

Brave Maximus
2004-10-02, 06:19 AM
Skyfall Omega nodded to Jazz, but continued along the hallway, trying to find the area that the War Room would be in. As Roadbuster drove up and transformed, they had reached a section of the Ark that was realitivly unscathed, and looked as if it hadn't been used in millenia.

Pushing aside the doors, Skyfall Omega looked into a huge shuttle bay. Something that looked as if it would have once accomidated a single galatic transport shuttle - one with the old starlight drive and not Transwarp technology.

He looked into the room and staired:
So... That's where they found the room to add the War Room.... But for now it can serve another purpose

Skyfall detached from the Omega shuttle and transformed into Robot mode, while the shuttle landed on the launching platform, thick with an Age worth of dust.

He hit his thrusters and lifted into the air sitting on the door sill of the shuttle so that they could all see optic to optic:

"Gentlemen. The Ark is in rough shape. The frame is still solid and with the computer core that Roadbuster found, we can bring all the systems back online. We're short on fibre optic data cables, a good ammount of the Energon conducter lines have been removed, not to mention computer terminals, sensor equipment, deffensive weaponry and a host of other things.

"Beyond that - we have no energon sourse. We cannot keep going back to Autobase and raiding their supplies - they need them and we need to work independtly. We also cannot expect Prime to give us the other supplies we need."

Looking at them, he let it sink in. After a few moments, he leaned forward and began again, this time a holographic image came through the door of the Omega Shuttle:

It was a Decepticon outpost, and it seemed to be built intierly out of solar pannels, with the control centre burried at it's heart.

"This is a Decepticon Energon generating station. It was built when they first returned to Earth. But, for what ever reason, it has been almost forgotten. This means it should be lightly guarded. The plan is simple - go in, take it apart, head out of the area and take it with us. It has some weapons emplacements and automated defenses. All of which we need."

He turned to Roadbuster:

"What I need you to do is take out those weapons in such a way that we can still use them. Use Dropshot and his team to help you out there.

Jazz: Your job is to defend the mission. Use Sixwing, Countdown and we'll see if the other Femme can provide some assistance. Keep out from the base, and let us know when the Decepticons come. With any luck, Dai Atlas and his team caused enough trouble that we can get most of the system down before they even notice.

I will stay with the Omega Shuttle and provide close support and missile attacks as nessisary. Aero Blade, Starlight, Ark and Nemesis will dismantle the facility, leaving only the foundations. This will be as fast as they can go. Astra, the newest memeber of our.... team will provide feld first aid as the situation dictates, lets pray she isn't needed."

Takeing them both in with his deep blue optics:

"Have I missed anything? Any questions or input?"

Then thinking for a second:

"We need a name for this group.... Something we can at least know ourselves as, and something Autobase can use if they need to get a hold of us..... Ah well, just a childish thought."

Ark stood up and looked at the bright blue spark pulsing in front of him, smiling with the work he had done. On the other side of the spark chamber, Nemesis whiped his hands and looked at the ball in front of him. He reached up with one hand and extended a finger - moving it towards the Spark. Ark Slapped his hand and Nemesis responded by launching himself at the other Minicon, punching his arm repeatedly.

Starlight just looked at the too and shook her head, then looked at Aero Blade:

"I\We are finished all we can do, with your help. You are a good mechanic....."

Then turning to Brainstorm:

"He is as stable as I\We can make him. Perhaps you can acompany him to make sure he stays that way?"

A disturbing crunch came from inside Dai Atlas and Starlight just sighed:

"Perhaps one can contact Skyfall and let him know this Autobot is ready to be transported?" And then ran into Dai Atlas, attempting to break the two up.

Sixwing's exo-structure was finished repairing itself and his systems began to slowly power up, a faint glow came golden from his Autobot symbol and dark purple from his optics.......

OOC: Sorry about using the shuttle bay in the Ark, but I needed a place to put the Omega shuttle, instead of just leaving it parked on the lawn ;)

2004-10-03, 01:06 AM
Ark "War Room":

Roadbuster: -looking at the schematic, thinking-

Crash Site:

Brainstorm: -shrugs- "Sure. How are we going to transport him?"

Omega Supreme: -looks down- "Technobots: Damaged."

Brainstorm: -looks up- "Huh?"

Omega Supreme: -points at the damaged Technobots scattered around the crash site, mostly buried by debris- "Technobots: Damaged."

Brainstorm: -looks at where Omega is pointing, optics widen- "Woah. Aero Blade, we've got more injured!" -heads over to Scattershot, starts checking him over-

Command Deck, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -sighs- "Would've been nice to know that before I started." -smirks at Cliffjumper- "On the up side, I know where to start from." -straightens, walks over to Nikko, looming over the human- "Okay, now I want to know what this human looked like, and the location you got the jammers from."

2004-10-03, 01:41 AM
Scattershot was badly damaged and barely fuinctional. His audio was very scratchy.

"he..........lp." The rest of the techies whent in to stasis to avoid complete shut down.

The techie leader was in several large peices and hundreds of small ones. The crash did a very good job of scraping them all. Therest of them looked like boken down junk bots in large dibre all over the crash site

2004-10-03, 02:34 AM
Ark Medbay

Inside the CR chamber, Chromia's repairs were finished. As she came back online, her optics glowed with a blue light.

She became aware that she was still in the CR chamber and frowned.

"Hey, anyone out there? Open this thing up."

Just great. How long have I been in here?


Aero Blade
2004-10-04, 04:06 PM
Having finished all the work he an the minicons could do on the base, Aero Blade quickly went over to try to help Brainstorm with the injured Technobots.

"Is this day nothing but one big battle?" He wondered alloud, helping to clear away some of the debris. He wasn't much of a medic, but once the debris was cleared away, he joined Brainstorm in looking over the injuries.

Lord Zarak
2004-10-04, 09:19 PM
Chainclaw left and hurried on down to help with Sky Lynx.

2004-10-04, 09:43 PM
The five techies were being gathered up, they had nothing to say since they are in stasis now.

God Jinrai
2004-10-05, 01:42 AM
"Whirl..." Prime knelt down beside the injured autobot... "He took the worst of it. Chromedome and sixswitch need taken care of as well. " Prime transformed into rig mode, and connected with the open trailer. " First Aid, if you'd be so kind as to hop on the trailer... I'll drive to med bay. while he's still patched into its systems, he'll have a constant flow of energon, and at least be stable. Ironhide, Chromedome, Sixswitch... follow me back to med-bay. once we're there, you're ALL undergoing at LEAST a routine diagnostic. Understood?"

Prime slowly started out of the hangar, into the core of the battle cruiser...

Brave Maximus
2004-10-05, 03:49 PM
Starlight had both minicons by their shoulders, holding them apart and walking them into the Ark. Nemesis had dented armour plating around the optics, while Ark had some denting around his body plating. Nothing serious.....

She walked the boys into the still very wrecked Medbay and sat them down in chair seperated by almost half the bay. She started to rummage around through the medical supplies that Skyfall had brought, looking for something to fix the dents, all the while knowing that both Ark and Nemesis were making faces at eachother behind her back.

Very unexpectantly, the CR chamber beside her made a noise, as if something was rapping on it from the inside. Remembering that Sixwing had been placed in one, she very carfully backed away, looking to Ark and Nemesis for back-up. Ark had his energon shield up, while Nemesis was charging his Plasma Cannon.

Again, there was a knocking followed by a voice. It didn't sound like Sixwing.........

Slowly the female Minicon walked over to the CR chamber and then flew up to the control pannel. Who ever was inside was completely repair. Hesitantly Starlight pushed the button to open the CR chamber.

You could hear the sighs of relief as the Nitrogen gas gave way and revield a Blue and White Female Autobot.

All the minicons could do was stare.....

2004-10-05, 04:50 PM
First Aid nodded, and was already in the trailer by the time Prime moved off. He immediately activated his laser scalpels, and got to work on Whirl, stabilising his condition and routing as much power to vital functions as he could.

Meanwhile, Sixswitch had transformed into scout car mode. He had forgotten about his busted engines and injuries from close combat. The urgency of the situation with Whirl had made him oblivious to his own wounds. It was only now, when everyone was safe that he realised how much pain they were causing him. A visit to medbay would probably be a good idea.

2004-10-05, 07:39 PM

"Well, it's about time you let me out. Where are the others? Are they okay?"

She noticed that one of the bots had a plasma cannon aimed at her and another had his shield charged up.

"Uh, is it something I said?"

She addressed the female minicon who was in front of her.

"Who are you? Are Dai and the others being repaired here as well?"

Brave Maximus
2004-10-06, 12:47 AM
Starlight raised her hands to the others. Nemesis' Plasma Cannon powered down, but he was still hunched over - his usual posture when meeting a new transformer. Ark, on the other hand, barely moved. The stoic little minicon looked on the verge of jumping in front of an attack he was sure was imminant, no matter what Chromia said.

Only Starlight seemed openly friendly, her minicon face tried to smile in a reassuring manor - dispite having no mouth or real nose.

"I\We are the Space Defence Team. You are currently in the Ark, an Autobot base of some sort. You were placed in their to be repaired. I\We did what repairs we could to Dai Atlas, who is to be transported back to Autobase\Fortress Maximus shortly. The rest of the Autobots inside were already transported there by a White Autobot shuttle named Skylynx....

I\We are not sure of what else to tell you. Perhaps Skyfall can provide more information...."

2004-10-06, 02:12 AM
"Thanks for the information. A few of them were injured badly. I'm heading back over to Ft Max to make sure they're okay."

She transformed into her alt-mode and left the Ark.

2004-10-06, 03:52 AM
Prime's Trailer

Whirl's optic lit weakly and struggled to focus on First Aid.

2004-10-06, 04:00 PM
The techies were all in there sepeart part pile ready to be fixed. There spark was stable as they were in stasis.

2004-10-06, 07:12 PM
OOC: Ack, I'm sorry, Hyper Prime, I overlooked/missed your reply post, >.<

Ark Hallways

"Sure" Astra nodded "You mind briefing me on the way to the med-bay, I need to see what I've got to work with if you're planning a raid, and I still need to let Trailbreaker know I'm back in action"