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2004-08-31, 06:06 AM
As they grow more desperate for Energon, the Decepticons find they must resort to more brutal actions in order to succeed. The rank-and-file Decepticons, hungry for combat, are more concerned with butchering their Autobot foes than accomplishing mission objectives, which has lead to several skirmishes that were costly for both sides. However, the most ferocious assaults are yet to come...

The Decepticons are currently divided into three cities: Metrotitan, Scorponok and Trypticon.

Decepticon Commander Galvatron has recently departed Metrotitan, leaving his second-in-command Gigatron in charge of his forces.

Metrotitan’s city commander, Astrotrain, has recently submitted his resignation in order to concentrate on longer-term goals, leaving the city temporarily without an administrator.

Aboard Trypticon, Leozak is in command.

Scorponok is under the command of Shockwave.

Ratbat is in charge of all fuel-gathering operations.

Points of Action:
-Soundwave is attempting to seize control of Metrotitan using a computer virus; Ratbat clumsily co-ordinates an attempt to foil him

-Under orders from Ratbat, several merge groups set off for the Persian Gulf in an attempt to hijack an oil tanker

-Trypticon prepares to leave Earth in order to deliver a probe to Quintesson-occupied Cybertron

-Led by Ramjet, several Decepticons with too much idle time on their hands have set off for America to provoke a fight with the Autobots

2004-08-31, 12:05 PM
Hatemonger looked over at Leozak.

"How long should it take us to arrive at our destination?" He asked watching the view of space in hyperdrive.


The Seacons continued their movement to the Americian base.


Cryotek decided to watch some Americian Football on tv.

"Now that looks like a sport I could get my hands into and make some side cash." He smiled.

2004-08-31, 01:36 PM
The rest of the Predacons come up to meet Hun-grr and the rest of his Terrorcons.

Razorclaw: "We all know what has to be done. Divebomb and Cutthoart will take care of the air. Sinnertwin will take care of the Humans, while Me and Rampage take care of the Communications. Tantrum will take care of the fuel arrangments. Blot and Rippersnapper will take care of and Human Resistance. Headstrong will help you Hun-grr if you need anything." --- Looks around --- "Now, we wait for the signal ... move like you have a purpose".

2004-08-31, 04:25 PM
StarBlade chuckled some more.

"I like my 'Bots rather well done.... Or in itty bitty pieces....."

2004-08-31, 05:40 PM
Over the atlantic

Cyclonus bellowed deeply.

"Indeed it is Starblade. However there is nothing better than watching an Autobot... burn!"

2004-08-31, 06:59 PM

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2004-09-02, 04:49 PM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Megaplex looked at the metrodrones working away efficiently.

If only some Decepticons were more like these Drones we may have already destroyed the Autobots...

Sunstorm lay backward and looked up at the lightened room.
He lay there smiling, slightly giggling from time to time but overall quite conserved.

"Once this has been completed I shall be wishing a... payback upon the Autobots. Something quite entertaining hehe..."

2004-09-03, 05:36 PM
Gigatron's smooth black racer form rocketed up the main ramp into the Decepticon city as he sent an automated replication of his transmission to Blitzwing.


Metrotitan: Hangar

Spyglass fumbled frantically with the energy-hold latch on the Crimson, then ricocheted down the hall back to the bridge to prepare it for launch.

"C'mon, c'mon!"

Clank. Clank.


Clank. Clank.

"Good enough, go go go!"

Spyglass hurdled the pilot's seat and tore back to the main hatch, sliding down the handrails and coming to attention as quickly as he could.


Spyglass' respiration stopped as Galvatron's menacing frame appeared in the wide doorway at the end of the hangar. The Reflectorbot raised a shaky hand to deliver a salute. The Decepticon leader sauntered forward.

"Excellent choice, Gigatron," he murmured. "She and I have had some fun over the vorns."

Spyglass simply watched from the corner of his opticband, not willing to move. Galvatron stopped next to him and placed his hands on his hips.

"Yoy're my prep tech?"

Spyglass released a timid, "S-Sir."

Galvatron snorted. "Just one? Well, how is she?"

Spyglass returned his saluting hand to his side. "All systems check and online. Fueled to the max with two extra loads in the hold. All weapons systems functional and loaded."

Galvatron eyed the ship and nodded slowly. "Good. You seem to be the master technician. Have some samples of your technical creations ready for my return, and we'll see if you deserve a reassignment... and perhaps a promotion."

The titanic Decepticon leader began up the ramp without another word to Spyglass, the heavy door of the ship closing behind him. Spyglass turned his head slowly and stared into the shadow of Galvatron's path, horrified that the Decepticon leader thought he could do something. Anyhow, no time for that - as the engines kicked into life, Spyglass dashed for the door at back toward his post.

2004-09-03, 11:54 PM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Ransack chuckled at Sunstorm’s comment. “If you need some help with that, Sunny, I’d be glad to come along.”

At that moment, the Medbay doors flew open and Ratbat fluttered in.

“Those of you who are combat ready, with me! We have traitors to deal with!”

2004-09-04, 03:55 AM
Thrust jumped up, shaking off the metrodrone who was giving him a final check-up after completing his repairs. "Traitors? What's the matter?"

2004-09-04, 06:58 AM
Medbay, Metrotitan

"Soundwave is the problem," Ratbat hissed. He injected false surprise and disapproval into his voice, allowing it to mix with a very real rage. He only hoped the equally-real fear wasn't evident. He glanced at Thrust. "He and my cassette 'brothers' are plotting to steal the city!"

Ransack jumped to his feet, massaging his newly-repaired shoulder. "What are we waiting for? Lets get 'em!" He looked at Megaplex, the Powermasters, and all of the other 'Cons in the room expectantly.

2004-09-04, 08:17 AM
Medbay, Metrotitan

A Metrodrone began fluttering away from Megaplex, indicating his repairs were finished.

He stood up at walked over to Ratbat

"You are of similar programming to your "casette brothers"". Coldly, rasty, somewhat sarcastical but always to the point. Megaplex didn't bother much with idle "chit chat". "How do we know you are not working with Soundwave as his other cassettes are thus sending us to an ultimate demise."

Sunstorm happily crushed a Metrodrone that was just about to scuttle off. He sick face managed a smile at them before he turned to the others, jumping from the metallic bed he lay on.
He looked at Ransack. He dissaproved of the "Sunny" comment. It seemed disrespectful but now was not the time to argue over such things, he knew that.

"Autobot... Decepticon... its fun either way."

He then turned his attention to Ratbat.

"Then lets take the batteries of the music man and hope he doesn't have a standalone power supply. How do you want us to proceed... Batsy"

2004-09-05, 04:45 AM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Ratbat hissed.

"It would be inefficient to lead comrades to death, Megaplex. If I needed you out of the way I would have ordered the Metrodrones to administer an ion charge to your laser cores during repairs."

He looked back at Sunstorm. "We will proceed by arresting Soundwave, then rounding up his cohorts. If the enemy won't surrender, we kill them. And don't call me 'Batsy'."

2004-09-05, 09:33 AM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Megaplex nodded.

"I meant no disrespect in any way Ratbat. There are on occasion some questions that I must settle for the misson to be accepted by my programming. Capturing one of our own, a Decepticon does not coinceed well with that programming"

Sunstorm smiled.

Blah Blah Blah

He found Megaplex boring although his fighting skills compensated that. He then turned back to Ratbat with a devilish grin on his face.

"Well that seems perfectly fine to me... wings"

2004-09-06, 12:48 AM
Dai Atlas's Position

(cont from the Autobot thread)

"Yes sir" She replied to Dai.

Turning to Blurr, she confirmed his orders.

Blurr was a little flighty, but he always followed orders and could always be counted on. That was one of the reasons that Chromia had requested him on her previous team.


He transformed into his alt-mode and sped off......

"Kup, Chromia and Crossblades, I want an imidiate patrol in a circle around this position, no more than 20 meters out

She turned to the other two bots. 20 meters was a little close for her liking, but it would give them a better vantage point if they needed to move in quickly. Since Kup was the only one she was familiar with, and knew his abilities, she nodded to him first.

"Okay, Kup, I know you know what to do, so why dont you take the first point, there," she pointed to a ridge about halfway across the distance, "And you Crossblades, I'd like for you to set up right about over there," she pointed to another point at about the 2 o'clock postition, "And I'll set up back there, "she pointed to a small formation behind her."

"Keep your chatter to a minimum, and keep your heads down. Use internal comms if you need to contact anyone. Alright? Lets go."

She transformed into her alt-mode and sped out to take her position.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-06, 12:58 AM
Dai Atlas had to stop himself from smiling, as Chromia carried out his orders quickly and efficiently. It wouldn't do to have his Decepticon captive see him smile, esp when he wanted information.

2004-09-06, 04:12 AM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Ratbat glared at Sunstorm for a moment, then shifted his attention back to Megaplex. "That's understandable. Under most circumstances, fighting with your fellow Decepticons is to be avoided."

He looked around the room. "So who's coming? Time is fuel, you know."

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-06, 04:25 AM
“Right oh boss!” Crossblades said as he saluted to Chromia and his shell transform into its helicopter mode and started towards the point shown to him. “And don’t worry boss I’ll be as quit as a human in a church, or Temple ext. Why I can’t recall the last time I over talked and I have a good memory Gradated in the top 35% in all my class except for flying class in those I has in the top 15%! So nothing to worry about boss!”

2004-09-06, 04:44 AM
"I'm with you," Thrust said, stepping next to Ratbat. He didn't like the idea of fighting with fellow Decepticons, either, but troublemakers had to be dealt with, and coming to think of it, he'd never liked Soundwave all that much to begin with.

2004-09-06, 04:49 AM
Chromia slaped her forehead with her hand.

And I thought Blurr was bad.........

She opened an internal comm to Crossblades .




She continued to survey the area.............

2004-09-06, 06:38 AM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Megaplex nodded signifying he would go on the mission.

Sunstorm was a bit more vocal. "If you think I can make him succumb to my..." Sunstorm raised his lasers and smiled into Ratbat's face, his eyes glowing with a certain humor byt yet enjoyment.

"...charms. Heh heh. Then count me in!"

Lord Zarak
2004-09-06, 02:02 PM
Shockwave returned to his office to reply to Prime's...reply.

"Mess's do indeed have a way of just popping up. I hope you understand how important to us as a race of sentient beings that we have a home planet. After all, can we really be free if our home is occupied?"

2004-09-08, 05:09 AM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Ratbat fluttered in the doorway for a moment, then spat out, "Then move out! Quickly!"

Ransack followed, silently stroking one of his rotor blades.

2004-09-08, 01:43 PM
OOC: well i had to deal with 2 hurricanes and the third is on its way. So my posts might be spread out. Dont worry I'll still be here.

IC: Runner looked up at the big autobot, both sides of her spark telling her to do different things. Her light side told her to cooperate the dark side told her to activate her abilites and kill them all. She knew that she did not have a chance at option B so she decided to go along with the interregation. She did not know much since she just arrived out of deep space. It took her 5years to fly back to cybertron and she was not about to give all her hard work up.

Strafe and Scattershot hovered in the air in there robot form looking arond for possible hostils. It seemed like the enemy had other planes, there was not a decepticreep for miles. Nose cone and the others followed there orders given and set up a defensive ring.

Runner looked up at her keeper. "I can tell you what I know but it is not much since I just got here. They are going back to Cybertron. You should be happy, Dai. They are getting out from under your circits."

2004-09-08, 03:33 PM
After Ratbat and Ransack, Thrust was the first out the door.

2004-09-08, 06:18 PM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Megaplex slowly walked out the door. He began checking his systems, making sure he was fully functional yet again.

Sunstorm just jumped out basically and then landed below softly. "Well wings... whats the musicman's location?"

2004-09-08, 07:07 PM
<fyi - the cassettes awaiting Soundwave's orders are: Ravage, Rumble and Freny. I control soundwave and Frenzy.>

Frenzy braced his pile-drivers ready for action as he listened intently to Soundwave's metallic and grating voice slowly counting down to zero. He initiaited a brief scan of his vital systems.


He loved being a demolition expert - he loved destroying thigns - it was so easy to destroy...DESTORY!


Frenzy allowed the pile drivers to slide slightly within their casing sockets, levelling up ready for the hit"


He stared at the ground briefly sizing up the exact spots where his pile drivers would strike the metallic surface."


He flicked his head back up, ready to read the results of the vitals scan...


All was good. He braced his back and pushed his arms out as far as they would stretch..."


2004-09-09, 07:41 PM
Blitzwing's optics flashed as he received the communication he had been waiting for. Instantly his demeanor changed to a darker, ominous one.

He turned and began walking away with one phrase.
"The leader's returned."

2004-09-09, 07:52 PM
The red and orange femme sat slumped against a wall of the work-shop silently, her gaze travelling around the room.

The last thing she remembered was taking a one-bot shuttle to Earth and crashing, getting badly damaged as a result.

Someone, she wasn't sure who as she had been in stasis when it happened, had shut off the motor controls to her limbs, rendering her paralysed.

From her sitting position the search-&-rescue femme could see another Autobot femme, a scarlet and black one, lying face-down on the floor, motionless, in stasis.

2004-09-10, 12:38 AM
Outside Metrotitan
(ooc, we're outside Metrotitan, right?)

Chromia sat hunched down at her vantage point, watching for anything unusual. She looked across the area and was glad she couldn't see her fellow Autobots.

Well, if I can't see then, then neither can the 'Cons........

As she started to look over her shoulder to where Dai Atlas was holding Runner, she felt a low rumble start in her feet and work it's way up her legs.

What the...........?

2004-09-10, 02:35 AM
It's really funny how much a being takes for granted.

Gigatron's optics roved up slowly to the high plasteel ceiling capping the giant cylindrical room that was the Metrotitan Central Transit Complex, catching fragments of hot sunlight between the many spokes that were distant high-tier walkways. He'd used this facility almost every day since arriving in his adopted universe, and still it was so rare for him to simply stop and marvel at the gigantic complexity of this simple staple of city transit.

Despite the volume of errant noise surrounding in the well encompassing acoustics, heavy footfalls do tend to shatter these little meditative moments.

"Ah, Blitzwing," Gigatron recalled as his gaze came down to the approaching form. "Be so kind as to give me a report on the decoding mission in Japan while we walk."

Gigatron turned and headed for an available VIP lift, hovering quietly in the center of the complex. He stepped in and ordered it to whisk him to the command deck while expecting Blitzwing to follow.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-10, 04:34 AM
Dai Atlas looked down at Runner with an expressionless face:

"Good, you've bought yourself a few more moments of life. Now, Tell me, who is in charge of..........."

The ground began to heave under the giant Autobot's feet. Only his internal stabalizers working on maximum managed to keep him upright and with his rifle pointed at Runner. He quickly opened his Sub-Comm channel to all Autobots on a secure Frequency:

"Alright, I need a report, what in the Pit was that?

2004-09-10, 04:35 AM
Confidently, Blitzwing stepped forward and began to follow Gigatron.

"Yes, my leader."
The triple-changer paused momentarily in speech as he decided on where to begin. The cool atmosphere around Gigatron did not bode well for delivering unpleasing news. He decided to lead with a strong, respectful, but also submissive attitude.

"The decoding procedure itself was going well, mighty Gigatron. The humans exceeded my expectations on their output and results. Most of Sideswipe's memory chips had not been damaged. Those that had been damaged, the humans seemed to be able to repair. Small hands and small brains, but they functioned adequately for our needs."

Blitzwing paused again, debating on whether to tell Gigatron he had sent decoded chips back via a human jet, and that the rest had been taken by the Autobots. He thought the better of it and decided he'd attempt to bring Gigatron's wrath of the failure down on someone else instead.

"I had prepared to send you a sample, however, a very unfortunate attack occured. Starscream showed up, but he allowed Autobots to follow him. They attacked, and because of Starscream's foolishness, the memory chips were lost to the Autobots and the lab was destroyed.

But not all was lost sir. I spared a couple of the humans and ordered them to begin rebuilding the laboratory. And, my leader, I managed to save a disk recorded with the first handful of decoded memory chips."

2004-09-10, 04:35 AM
Corridors, Metrotitan

Ratbat couldn't feel the groundwaves that Frenzy created; after all, he was flying. But he did see the city's walls begin to vibrate. He also saw the way Metrotitan's lights began to flicker, and the wat the Metrodrones begin milling around in confusion.

It begins...

"Hurry, Decepticons!" Ratbat allowed a bit of his panic to show. "We have no time to lose! To Soundwave's quarters!"

He ramped his thrusters up to full throttle and tore off down the hallway. Ransack ran off behind him.

2004-09-10, 06:39 AM
Frenzy unleashed the tremors as the countdown hit zero, dropping every ounce of energon into each hit.


The floor began to vibrate and the walls were shaking violently...


At the count to zero, Soundwave primed the virus which was hidden deep inside Metrotitan and unleashed it upone the city...it would only be seconds before chaos enveloped the city.

With the beginning of Frenzy and Rumble's pile driving attack, Soundwave assessed the safety of this room - it was structurally unsafe! He must retire to a different locale. Rising from his chair, he proceeded to the exit and silently slipped out...

2004-09-10, 05:08 PM
Spectro peered around the corner at his brother as his chronometer clicked closer and closer to zero.

"Where is he?" he whispered.

Viewfinder spied around coolly, still unable to locate Spyglass. They knew he was on his way - but how close, they weren't sure. Time was up.

"We can't wait. We have to do it without him."

Spectro snarled and scuttled back to his station, grabbing the handle of the alarm and waiting for the right moment.

"Guys!" Spyglass called in his run from down the hall.

Zero. Spectro and Viewfinder cranked the handles of their alarm musters, setting off the city's klaxons and halting most internal mechanical processes. Spyglass reached for the handle of his alarm (that to stop Metrotitan's energon flow), but he was taken off his feet by the sudden pounding vibrations of Frenzy's cityquake. The mission suddenly took a backseat to a more important objective - not being torn apart!


Metrotitan: Command Lift Epsilon, some moments earlier

Gigatron listened patiently to Blitzwing's report as he watched the scenery pass downward through the glass on his lift pod. His face retained a neutral, unerring expression until the report's end.

"Starscream... Bah. If you ever get into the command business," he began with a glance over shoulder to Blitzwing, "don't give last chances."

Just as the top of the lift passed the command deck and began to accelerate downward, bright lights and shrieking alarms filled the pod. The repulsor field lifting the cart shut down, allowing its momentum to pull it a few yars above the deck before gravity took over and it began a slow spin. Gigatron only had time to reach out and clutch the glass, then the cart crashed down on the edge of the receiving deck, over four thousand feet above the floor far below. The floor's vibration shattered the glass, allowing Gigatron to dig his claws into the metal floor and drag himself out of the pod.

"Wh-what is th-the m-mean-ning of th-this-s?"

2004-09-10, 07:02 PM
Firestar suddenly felt vibrations coming from the wall she was leaning against and the floor, then her optics flashed with alarm.

Whatever was happening, she couldn't defend herself....

2004-09-10, 07:16 PM
As he fled from his chamber, Soundwave heard and felt the chaos that was eminating in waves through Metrotitan. Frenzy and Rumble were very effecient in their given assignments and it appeared that reflector had followed orders correctly too. He had prepared this escape route carefully, taking a little sued gloomy route where there was no danger of meeting with fellow decepticons. 10 minutes after leaving his chambers, he reached a dusty section of wall and opened a concealed door and entered.

The room was pitch black inside, letting Soundwaves optics glow demonically in the darkness. He retreated to the far corner and sat in a waiting metal chair. As he sat, he mulled the problem of who to replace Ratbat with - the metallic bat would need to be dealt with severly for his insubordination. Soundwave patched a link through to the only possible replacement...

"Laserbeak...I have an assignment for you..."


From high in the rafters of Astrotrain's office, Laserbeak received the call from his master which had been await for quite some time now. He listened as he heard the problems concerning Ratbat's mutinous behaviour. Laserbeak was to be his replacement in the plan. Laserbeak informed Soundwave that Decepticons were combing the city for him...


Frenzy pounded the ground with all his might. His feet contained a magnetic contact which preventing him from toppling during the vibration.

Due to his poor initial assessment of the area he had choosen to operate, he failed to see the cracks developing in the ceiling and pillar beside his position.


"...confirmed Laserbeak. Maintain position and radio silence until instructed otherwise...Soundwave out."

Aware of the danger of broadcasting, even on a concealed channel, Soundwave broadcast a final blanket message to his mutinous group and informed them to maintain radio silence.

As a final precaution, he ejected 2 cassettes from his chest unit: Slugfest and Overkill transformed mid-flight and landed in their robotic dinosaur forms on the floor of the room.

"Slugfest. Exit this room and conceal yourself in the corridor outside. Prevent access to this room - lead any pursuit away if necessary." The stegosauraus walked from the room, closing the door on his departure. He was not fast, nor intelligent, but he was vicious, nasty and obeyed base instructions.

"Overkill! Wait in the corner of this room, behind the door. I need my back covered if any fght comes to this room."

The room was shaking violently from Frenzy pile-driving operation....

2004-09-11, 02:33 AM
Outside Metrotitan

Chromia fell to her knees and grasped an outcrop to stabilize herself.

She opened a secure comm to Dai Atlas.

"Some kind of siesmic disturbance. My sensors tell me it's actually coming from inside the Decepticon base. Dunno what thier up to. If this is some kind of attack, it seems to be backfiring on them."

She fell flat on her back as the ground continued to shake.

"I think I'll just stay put for a moment until this subsides."

2004-09-11, 05:37 AM
"Second chances are haza..."
Blitzwing was not so quick as Gigatron in grabbing for a hold, and he unexpectedly fell with the platform.

The sudden drop did not alarm him in the least however. He focused on transforming into his jet mode and ignited his thrusters. In short bursts, he manuevered back upwards and underneath the ledge where Gigatron clung.

Hnnn. Under attack?

Quickly, the big Decepticon called to his leader. "I await your orders!"

2004-09-11, 06:32 AM
Runner looked at Dai, "There are ywo of your own insie the base. If you dont go now they will die." She looked for an emotion in the autobot. She may have been a decepticon but she still had a small sence of honor, Even if it was twisted. "So what is it going to be Autobot."

Brave Maximus
2004-09-11, 07:38 AM
With effort, Dai Atlas kept his face under control. Deep inside, though, his systems were twisting in a knot. Two Autobots held inside Metrotitan. Held prisioner, with no hope of rescue because no one knew they were there.

The anger boiled up in him. He gripped the handle of his rifle so hard, it began to creek and moan, threatening to shatter under the pressure. Energy began to crackle at it's muzzle - great swirls of red, black and orange energy forming a ball at it's very tip. With it still pointed at Runner, Dai Atlas pulled the trigger.

The energy shot out, scortching the very air itself. Burning through everything it touched, leaving a 6 foot hole of crystalized sand in it's wake.

The whole was a bare 6 inches from Runners head, and Dai Atlas turned his back to the Femme Decepticon. His voice called back though, as ominus as black thunder clouds:

"Your life for the two you saved. If I every lay optics on you again, I will send you to the Pit with no remorse. Now go, before I change my mind."

With that, the Autobot commander started into a light jog, the best speed he could hope for with the earth quaking as it was. As he ran by, he lifted Chromia up with one hand, setting her on her feet and continuing on. While he pulled out his shield from it's storage space on his back, he opened the secure comm to the other Autobots:

"Dai Atlas to team:

Mission change: There are 2 Autobots held prisioner in Metrotitan. With all the comotion, we should be able to slip in and get them out with only minor resistance.
Technobots and Blurr, you are to provide external distraction. You can form Computron at your descretion, but know that when you do, any combiners in the area will target you. Blurr, keep moving so they can't hit you. Your primary targets should be Metrotitan's weaponry, so he cannot fire at us when we leave.
Kup, Chromia and Crossblades, you're with me. We'll be heading in near his med bay, then head down to the detention levels.


2004-09-11, 09:57 AM
Corridors, Metrotitan

Megaplex quickly transformed into his gun mode and Sunstorm caught it. He then ignited his own thrusters, lifted himself into the air and zoomed through the corridors folling Ratbat.

2004-09-12, 01:39 AM
Chromia was yanked to her feet as Dai raced by.

"Thanks Dai, but you're letting her go?" she asked, pointing back to Runner, "Are you sure about that?"

She ran beside him as he jogged along. "And hang on? Two Autobots?" she looked up into his face, " Who are they?"

As she contined to run, the shaking ground threatened to knock her off her feet again.

She pulled both of her pulse blasters, and looked behind her to make sure Kup and Crossblades were also following.

C'mon you two........keep up!

2004-09-12, 02:10 AM
Gigatron snarled, digging his claws into the floor to drag himself to a safe distance from the ledge of the transit station. At reaching a comfortable point, he clinged to the floor and flipped his body through a transformation to his bat mode.

"My orders?" he shouted back to Blitzwing. "Destroy whoever is responsible for this debacle!"

With those furious words, he launched himself into the air and flapped down the avenue toward the command center.

"Decepticons!" he called via the common short-range frequency. "I demand to know what is happening in Metrotitan!"

2004-09-12, 06:00 AM
Somewhere near Metrotitan

Carnivac know that as long as his circuitry had been online he had been called a lot of things. By his friends, enemies, and the odd Neutrals he ran across on his hunting trips on Cybertron. Some of which he agreed to being, probably deserved, or at least could roll his optics at. Even when he left the metal forest he had been created on to come to this alien world, he could find things that were short of similar to his life on Cybertron.

Sure the Humens forests came in two kinds, one a smaller, more stone or wood version of a Cybertron forest and the other kind, filled with organic life. Another thing that stayed the same was the meanings of the words that he was called, even if he hadn't understood the local language when he first arrived on Earth.

"Listen you slagging Stunticon wannabe," Carnivac said " If your going to insult me, at least get it right...look at the length of my legs, the shape of my head, even at what big teeth I have. Some sniper you are."

The female Decepticon named Nightracer glared over at him. " In case it slipped your datatracks, we have bigger problems then what species of organic life your Pretender shell resembles."

" They left us first." Carnivac said, "Just like the Insecticons."

" Since when was that an exceptable excuse?" Nightracer snapped back.

Inside Metrotitan

Motormaster peered out into the corridor from where he stood in the doorway of his room. He had been in his room, cleaning his gun, when the earthquake hit. The sudden movement had caused Motormaster to accidently blow a hole in the wall that stood between his room and Breakdown's room. Motormaster had moved fro the chair he'd been sitting in, to the doorway.

Now they'll be able to watch me in my room if they didn't already, thought Breakdown as he ignored the quake in favor of staring nervously at the new hole in the wall.

Wildrider was having a blast, this was almost as much fun as racing through Metrotitan's corridors.

Deadend did nothing as he continued to polish his armour, they were all doomed anyway.

Dragstrip was the first Stunticon to leave his room, but Motormaster was the first to sum up what they were both thinking.

" What the slag is goin' on around here?" Motormaster said.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-12, 06:36 AM
Dai Atlas continued on over the dunes, with Chromia following behind, hoping that Kup and Crossblades were close behind. He didn't even bother with his comm device, instead shouted over his shoulder at Chromia:

"No, I don't know that it was a good idea. In fact, I'm waiting for the shot in the back now. And she didn't say who the Autobots were, but right now it doesn't matter. We have the opportunity to get them out, with out much resistance. No, it's not tactically sain to go running in there, but the Decepticons will not remain disorganized for long."

As they rounded a hill, Dai Atlas spotted Hot Rod:

"Good, I wondered where you were." He said, continuing his run, as the smaller Autobot cavilier fell in beside him.

"Kup I have a new mission for you. Hot Rod, you and Kup are to infultrate Metrotitan's operations centre, or Core and Disable him. I know you're both familiar with Metroplex's internal structure - MetroTitan is exactly the same. Slag what ever you can and make sure he can't cause the Autobots trouble any time soon."

They passed the final ring of Autobots and spotted Metrotitan. Dai Atlas didn't even pause, but continued down the hill, weapon systems charged and a battle cry on his lips:

"For the glory of the Cybertron Armies!!!"

Random Sweep
2004-09-12, 09:05 AM

Scalple felt the tremors from Metrotitan.
" What in the glory of the inferno is going on over there!"

Rushing to the command center he saw that though they probably were not to do with the tremors, there were Autobots approaching Metrotitan.

" Scorpinok if you are conscious I recommend that you take action at this time." He said

2004-09-12, 11:56 AM
Cryotek sat in his lab before a tremor woke him from this Nascar he saw on TV.

"Around and around whats the point?" He grumbed sitting up and running to a computer.

He entered in some commands to see the command prompts in the system.

"The Inferno?!" He yelled as he got onto his com-link to Gigatron.

"Gigatron, there appears to be a virus in Metrotitans system. I am not totally sure who did it but I am sure you can find out. The infection is moving pretty fast but I think I can try to slow it down." Cryotek smiled as he began to type fast and furious on the keyboard.

"Some punk thinks they can hack into my new home. Slag them." He said hoping for a challenge.

Lord Zarak
2004-09-12, 03:03 PM
Shockwave too had noticed the vibrations coming from Metrotitan. He forgot about Prime not retuning his message.

He opened a comm channel to Rat Bat: "Rat Bat, this is Shockwave. What is the nature of your problem in Metrotitan?"

2004-09-12, 03:33 PM
"That's what I wanted to hear," Hot Rod said, looking at Kup. "Come on, old timer. We got some stuff to blow up."

"Yeah," came a voice from behind him. Hot Rod turned just in time to dodge a blast from the Battlechargers, who were coming at him.

"We got some stuff to blow up, all right."

2004-09-12, 08:38 PM
Corridors, Metrotitan

Ratbat hissed a reply to Shockwave. “Treason is the problem! If Soundwave attempts to seek shelter in your city, he must be arrested.”

He switched frequencies and contacted Gigatron. “My lord, Soundwave has betrayed us! I’ve organized an arrest party, but he managed to make his move before I could find him.”

The cassetticon pointedly did not mention his own involvement in the treasonous plot; if asked, he would place all such blame on the now-dead Sparkstalker. If Gigatron found out that his new Fuel Auditor was involved in treason, the consequences would be dire indeed.

He continued to lead his troops towards Soundwave’s quarters, unaware that the communications officer had fled.

Command Deck, Scorponok

“Noted,” Scorponok rumbled to Scalple. “The Autobots will be crushed.”


Shockwave’s Office, Scorponok

“Commander,” the city’s distinct voice cut into Shockwave’s conversation, “Autobots are approaching Metrotitan. Shall I move to intercept?”

The citycon was already powering up his transformation cog as he spoke.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-12, 09:22 PM
Dai Atlas' Sensors registared Scorponoks power up, and worry creased the giant Autobot's face. Things were moving too fast, and his Autobots were not reacting in time. His voice boomed out in real life as well as over the comm channels.

"Autobots! We have another Citybot poised to take us out.
Kup, Hot Rod, Chromia and Crossblades, ignore any Decepticon forces on your way in, or only give them a few shots, but Transform and head to Metrotitan. Once inside, you'll be safe from Scorponok, I'll cover you and follow you in.

"Technobots and Blurr Stick close to Metrotitan and disable his weaponry. If you stay close enough, Scorponok cannot fire, with out hitting Metrotitan. If he does not care for the saftey of the Other city, join us inside."

With that, Dai Atlas charged his rifle and fired at one of the Battlechargers harrassing Hot Rod. Not transforming, he attempted to cover the advancing Autobots

2004-09-12, 10:00 PM
Gigatron flapped down the halls as rapidly as he could, making haste for the OQQ (officers' quarters quadrant). A low creak grew into a loud moan that could be heard throughout the city.

"Wh-what happening to m-me?" Metrotitan bellowed.

"Find Soundwave and we will end your pain!" Gigatron shouted.

Metrotitan continued to groan. "C-Can't. SensorrrRAAAGH!"

Gigatron grumbled and clicked his radio back on.

"Isolate the virus and eliminate it, Cryotek! Ratbat, continue your search and destroy or apprehend the traitor when you find him! All Decepticons, search Metrotitan for Soundwave and -- Rumble and Frenzy! Yes, they must be causing the turbulence! Find and obliterate the traitors!"

Gigatron rounded a corner and stopped himself abruptly as he spotted three Decepticons clattering together on the floor. They struggled to transform, but the vibrations here were too strong. Viewfinder's optics caught Gigatron and he reached out pleadingly.

"S-S-S-Soundwave d-d-did this! H-H-H-He b-bet-trayed us-s-s! H-H-Help us-s-s-s, l-l-lord G-G-Gig-gat-tron-n-n!"

Gigatron glared down at the pathetic sight, but he knew that he needed them. They were valuable to his plans.

"Earn your life!" Gigatron yelled over the rumbling as he swooped down to grab them with his claws. "Destroy Soundwave!"

Viewfinder clutched Gigatron's claws while Spectro and Spyglass grabbed his legs. As they were hoisted from the ground, the three transformed into their camera mode, only Viewfinder's hands protruding to maintain their hold. Gigatron fluttered off, still heading for Soundwave's chamber...

Meanwhile, Metrotitan grunted loudly at intervals, trying to locate the source of his pain. With all sensory detection pointed inward, he remained unaware to the approaching Autobot team.

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-12, 10:27 PM
(ooc: sorry for the delay computer problems)

In Metrotitan

Roadblock felt the vibrations just as he was putting down the last of the few personal objects he had been able to spear the room for in his sub-space compartment. “What the pit!” he called out than he saw some of his passions falling over. “Oh slag! It took me forever to get them in the right positions!” Running out into the hallway still in his humanoid shell and his vehicle shell not far behind him. He lifted one of his plasma blasters, and his vehicle shell’s photon-shatter cannons glowed ominously. He than opened a public communication channel through Metrotitan and shouted angrily into it, his normally good manners temporally forgotten. “Could someone tell me what the slag is going on! I thought the whole point of having a heavily armed, and armored city is that it’s suppose to be safe!”


With Dai Atlas

Crossblades jumped out of his shell and transformed into his supersonic dragster mode and then combined with his shell’s helicopter mode forming a supersonic helicopter. Kicking up the speed Crossblades quickly caught up with Dai Atlas. “No need to worry about me bosses! Like I said I was in the top of my classes when it came to flying, especially high speed flying! Why the stories I could tell, but if I did I might talk to much and get on mechs nerves and nobody wants that, you know!” As he talked his front mounted magneto ray and his tail section/ thermal cannon, and his 35-mm machineguns all twitched expectantly.

2004-09-12, 10:59 PM
Inside Metrotitan

After listening to Gigatron's order and Roadblock's comunication, Motormaster sighed before answering on the public commutication channel.

" Accordin' ta Gigatron, th' quakes are Soundwave an' his Knock-off's fault." Motormaster said "He's orderin' us ta find an' oblitrate 'em."

Motormaster turned to look at Dragstrip and Wildrider. " Get th' rest o' th' clowns out here, we've got our orders."

The two smaller Stunticons nodded, and silently complained as they did what they were ordered to. Before long the Stunticons were roaming Metrotitan's corridors looking for Soundwave or his Cassetticons.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-12, 11:27 PM
Dai Atlas fired a few shots at the on comming Decepticons, then turned to Crossblades flying at his shoulder:

"Good! I Believe you, now fly your pretender butt over to Metrotitan and secure the entry way with Chromia and the others. I've got your back - NOW GO!!!!"

2004-09-13, 12:17 AM
(ooc-when did Hot Rod show up??)

Chromia looked up at Crossblades flying above her.

Just what I needed for once....

She called out to him.

"Crossblades, fly lower and pick me up! We've gotta get to Metrotitan ASAP! "

She fired her blaster at a Decepticon who was coming straight at her. He took the shot directly to his head and slumped to the ground. She took a running start, jumped on his body and catapaulted herself into the sky to grab onto Crossblades.....


Blurr sped around Metrotitan, taking shots at any Decepticon he happened to pass, and also aiming at crucial blaster ports......

2004-09-13, 01:35 AM
Somewhere near Metrotitan

There was no pleasing some 'Cons, thought Carnivac as Nightracer silently walked beside him. Nightracer had went quiet shortly after her last sentance, and hadn't said a word since. Carnivac had the feeling she was trying to come up with something to tell the Higher-ups that wouldn't result in her getting slagged. Sure their "forced" vacation hadn't really been their idea. Plus, it looked like the other Decepticons were able to destroy whatever they left the planet to destroy just fine without them. Unfortunetly, Nightracer was right about....Carnivac lost his train of thought as the faint sound of gufire reached his ears.

Carnivac's smile grow longer, where ever there was gunfire there was a fight and where ever there was a fight there was fun. Without looking to see if Nightracer was following him, Carnivac started heading towards the place where the gunfire was coming from.

Nightracer watched him go for a while, before taking out her rifle from subspace and following.

2004-09-13, 01:51 AM
Cryotek had to admit he was impressed.

Being an underworld lord like he was he did his share of computer crime and the like but this was a pretty darn well make virus.

Funny, normally I would be making a virus not trying to wipe it out. he thought to himself.

Thankfully to a degree most Transformers are made to survive the worst case event. Cyrotek found a log of Metrotitan's mind unit in an safe area and made a back up copy.

A computer whirred and a disk popped out.

"Lord Gigatron. I can save Metrotitan but I am going too need to purge his mind. Needless to say I am going to have to format him in all honesty. I have made a back up of his mind and his systems for a back up within him that was not touched by the virus. I can attempt to find another way to be out the virus. But before I do much else."

Cryotek found the algorthem that controlled Metrotitan's pain centers.

"I am turning off the big lugs pain sensors in hopes of making him stop shaking and put him out of some of his misery."

Random Sweep
2004-09-13, 04:10 AM
Scorpinok Command deck

Scalple Was quite relieved that the cities were still sentient. He hated warfare and was no leader and he most definatly was not a fighter.

Looking at the sesory however a smile came to his face.
That big Autobot is giving off some strange readings

"Scorpinok If you could capture that big Autobot I would appreciate it."

2004-09-13, 04:23 AM
Corridors, Metrotitan

Ratbat nodded. "As you command, Gigatron!"

The cassetticon set his optics on a nearby doorway.

Soundwave's quarters.

"Ransack, open the door!"

The young scout nodded gravely. "Sure thing." He hurled a rotor towards the door, carving a huge hole through it.

"Thrust, Sunstorm, search the room!"

He won't be there, of course. It would be inefficient for him to have stayed. But maybe they'll find a useful clue nonetheless.

Command Deck, Scorponok

The city focused his sensors on the largest Autobot.

"Very well. The Autobot will be designated a top priority." The city's voice carried an undercurrent of amusement. "He might be a bit crushed when you recieve him, though."

2004-09-13, 04:49 AM
OOC: When Brave forgot that he was with the group. Also, I'm taking Kup until further notice.


Hot Rod and Kup sped past the Decepticons, heading for Metrotitain's hatch.

"Clear the way for us, Bots," Kup shouted. "We're going in!"

2004-09-13, 12:58 PM
Scattershot and the rest of the gang were assulting Metrotitan with an all out assult. Strafe and Scattershot attacked from the air blasting at Metrotitan, aiming for it guns and drawing away the fire from Hot Rod and Kup.

Runner flew back to MetroTitan at full speed. She Broke throught the Techies assult and came up behind Kup/hotrod. Before entering the closing doors of the city.

God Jinrai
2004-09-13, 01:02 PM
standing outside on the top of metrotitan's comm-tower, starscream brooded. at least until he found himself nearly thrown from the tower by the shaking of the city itself!

Recovering from the tumble, he ignited his boosters, to maintain his height.

"How easy this would be to exploit... how simple it would be to simply hunt Gigatron down and send him to his knees. But I suppose I should deal with the traitor of the moment. No doubt this was in fact an attempt at treachery... and if it's not ME doing this... then it must be...." Screamer's optics narrowed. "Soundwave. "

Opening his comm to his superior, he spoke up. "Lord gigatron. Might you need some assistance in bringing our communications officer to justice?"

it didn't sound in his voice, but a sinister smirk was visible on screamer's face.

Aero Blade
2004-09-13, 01:38 PM
((ooc: Sorry for the major dissapearance from this thread. Got lost and couldn't figure out how to get back in, but I think I'm on track now. Here's my attempt to reintegrate into the thread))

Tracer with some disorientation slowly became aware of his surroundings as the CR chamber he'd been resting in switched over to an emergency status and forced him awake. Once he was fully awake, he realized the rubbling that was passing though the base and had to grip the side of the CR chamber as he emerged to keep his balance.

He looked around irritated for a moment, but obviously whatever was causing it was somewhere else. "What the slag is going on?" He growled outloud in fustration.

Random Sweep
2004-09-13, 04:29 PM
Scorpinok Command Deck

"That is acceptable, I should be able to re-assemble his power system afterwards." Scalple mused

2004-09-13, 05:50 PM
((I talked to M.Fangirl and she said that this was ok. Please dont find them yet, this is a really messed up idea i had.))

Runner sped through MetroTitan. "So that autobot thinks he can mess with me. Ill show him what real evil is." She went through the base after turning in to her car mood. Runner passed buy countless couridors and tunnles before making her way in to the bowells of the base. Here she quickly turned back in to her robot form and looked in the workshop. "So you too must be the ones the autobots are looking for." She kneeled down and turned on only your voices and hearing.

2004-09-13, 06:03 PM
The scarlet and black femme didn't response, still being in stasis.

Firestar, finding she could speak again, looked Runner up and down, then spat "Get slagged, Decepticreep"

2004-09-13, 06:10 PM
"What colorful language. Dismantalling you will be a pleasure that is all mine." She laughed softly as she pciked up a screwdriver and a wrench. Runner the stated to take you appart with out putting you in to stasis. First she unhinges your legs at the hip and knees. She places them on the floor before starting with your arms. She does not use any tools except a table clamp and lots of pulling. After Firestar's arms are off she puts all the nuts, bolts and broken resisters ina neat pile for the autobots to find. She then leaves a note. "Your next Dia Atlas. Noone insults a warrioress."

"hmmm i think i did a great job dont you think, pathetic autobot." Runner may have been an autobot one time but her becomeing one again any time soon is farfetched.

Random Sweep
2004-09-13, 06:57 PM
Scorpinok Comman Deck

Scalple Continued to watch the Autobots approaching and entering Metrotitan.

Opening a comm chanel to the other city he queried
" Scalple to Metrotitan or City Overseer, There is an unknown number of Autobots entering your perimeter, Why have you not mobilized?"



Icepick felt the tremors as his team neared the Decepticon bases

"Icepick to Ratbat , My team is en route, mission was successful. What is going on in there? Feels like a big quake."

2004-09-13, 08:27 PM
Sunstorm walked in casually looking around him all the time. He then began tossing things over, trying to find anything useful.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-13, 08:58 PM
Dai Atlas watched as Runner drove past him at full speed. He didn't even attempt to fire at the femme. All the other Autobots who were supposed to get into Metrotitan had already entred. Thankfully, while Scorponok had charged up, he still hadn't moved. The Autobot warrior was thankfull that the Citycon's wouldn't tear through eachother to get at them - at least, not yet.....

When the femme Decepticon attempted to close the city door, Atlas dropped his cannon and shield and put his hands in the way of the 2 sliding doors. The servos in his arms groaned at the force the Giant Autobot was exerting against the doors and the forces trying to shut them. Then, unexpectantly, the metal crumpled a little and the doors warped off their tracks. With a little more effort, Dai Atlas shoved the doors open, bent over and picked up his rifle and shield and headed into Metrotitan.

Once inside, he spotted 2 Autobots waiting for him. He quiclky looked around and his heads up display illuminated with 2 red Autobot symbols that did not have names attached to them - both in one cell of the Detiontion centre and neither of them looking that good.

"Chromia, Crossblades, I've got a lock on the 2 Autobots. Neither are in good health, what ever the slag the Decepticons are doing to them, they're continuing even during this..... coupe. I'll take point, you two watch the side corridors, as that's where we'll find the most trouble. Chromia, keep an optics out behind us too, don't want some Decepticreep sneeking up on us. Though right now the resistance seems to be mini......."

Dai Atlas bearly managed to get his shield up in time as a laser bolt singed his right antenna, but would have slagged half his face. At the end of the hallway, a metrodrone stood, holding a laser pointed at the Giant Autobot. Dai Atlas then raised his rifle, charging it on the way up and firing at the drone. When the bolt hit, it reduced the drone to molten metal:

"And keep your eyes out for those pit Spawn! They're the same colour as the base which makes them hard to see. Also, keep your optics open for 2 slag piles named Metrodash and Metrobomb - they can cause alot of problems if they get near us."

With that, Dai Atlas began down the hall at a medium stride.

2004-09-13, 09:17 PM
Runner finished with her tourchor(sp) She activated her stealth mode and took out twards the top landing pad of metrotitan. She traveled at the fasted possible safe speed as she ran ofer several of her own drones. She raced past several autobots on her way to escape. Hopefully none of them saw her.

Stafe landed on top of metrotitan and walked back slowly bumping in starscreem. "Oh Scattershot I was fondering were you were." He reached back, put it did not feel like scattershot at all.

"Strafe watch out that's!", Lightspeed yelled out

He turned gulped as he turned around to come face to face with starscreem

2004-09-13, 09:35 PM
Pluto Orbit, Sol System

The bat-winged craft hung in orbit like a bird of prey. Aboard, a tall, well built robot was sitting stoicly at a console, inputting a sequence of commands.

"The payment will be deposited immediately?"
"Of course," replied the voice at the end of the comm line.
"Good. I trust that the services received were adequate?"
"More than adequate. In fact, I seek your service once more."
"I'm afraid that will not be possible. I have other business to attend to."
"Ah, you refer to the Quintesson invasion of your home world."
"Yes, I do. Shockwave may have turned his back on me two million years ago, but I am still Decepticon."
"You will be an asset to the cause."
"That sounds like a compliment."
"As near as you'll get from me."
"Very well. Good luck in finding a replacement. You'll need it."

The Decepticon warrior closed the comm channel with a chuckle, and sat back in his chair.

Two million years. Two million years since he'd been exiled from Cybertron. Since his failed coup attempt. In that time, he'd travelled the galaxy, hiring out his services as a mercenary. He'd built up a reputation as deadly as the one he'd built on Cybertron. Ruthlessly, he'd plied his trade, eliminating threats to his supremacy as he went.

In the shadowy circles of the galaxy, his name was spoken with fear, or respect, or a curious mix of the two.

But for now at least, those days were over. As he had said, he was still Decepticon, and the Decepticons needed skilled warriors, now more than ever.

With a press of a button, he broke orbit, and the shuttle headed for Earth.

2004-09-13, 10:20 PM
Soundwave patched a link through to Laserbeak to issue him with further instructions.

"Laserbeak. In order to restore Metrotitan's systems and reconstitute his system, an operator will need to reboot his system - this is the time when the command infrastructure will be at it's weakest - be ready. You will reliquish command. Ravage is standing by to assist you. Soundwave out."

2004-09-13, 10:49 PM
Soon, the shuttle had traversed the outer planets of the solar system, and had arrived at Earth. Windrazor pressed a few buttons on the console in front of him, and the craft shot into the atmosphere.

The leading edges of the wings glowed a fiery red from the heat of reentry, and angry red sparks trailed from the rear of the craft. Nevertheless, this shuttle was an advanced piece of kit, and it would easily survive this reentry.

"Computer, begin scanning for Decepticon signals."

The computer beeped once as the onboard scanners began their task.

"Five clusters of Decepticon signals located."
"Identify the largest concentration."
"Working. Largest cluster concentration detected on the continent known as Asia."
"Display coordinates."

Soon, Windrazor had inputted the coordinates into the conn, and the shuttle was streaking through the air towards Carbombya. Soon, the shapes of the three hulking Decepticon cities loomed into view.

"Windrazor to Decepticon Command please identify the location of your leader. I need to speak with him."

2004-09-14, 12:12 AM
Outside Metrotitan

Carnivac moved as quickly and silently as he could, hoping to get to the fight before it was over. Nightracer followed behind at her own pace, keeping an optic out for a good sniping spot or target.

As the two Decepticons came closer to Metrotitan, they slowed down and took more time looking for enemies.

"The prey could be inside." Carnivac whispered to Nightracer. Nightracer said nothing, just moved near Metrotitan's entrance while useing the Citycon's walls as a cover.

When Nightracer came to the entrance, she looked inside, keeping her rifle pointed in front of her and using the wreckage of the doors as cover. As she expected, Metrotitan most likely had an Autobot infestation.

Carnivac came up behind her and looked at the broken doors, whoever had done this had to be strong...a challenge. Carnivac smile grow wider as he moved around Nightracer and snuck into the city, tracking down his now chosen prey. Nightracer scanned the area looking for something to shoot.

2004-09-14, 02:05 AM
"No problem Dai. I'll watch your back. Just get our friends before the 'Cons do."

She pushed Crossblades against the wall, and put her back to the wall opposite him. She kneeled down on one knee, and aimed her pulse blaster down the hall behind them.

"Crossblades, you cover the other end. Watch out for those drones. Remember, shoot first, then ask questions. And then shoot some more."

Two more drones came down the hall at a run, firing at them. Chromia took them out with two well aimed shots. She glanced back to make sure Dai was covered.......

2004-09-14, 02:52 AM
Inside Metrotitan

The human dictionary described hunting as a pursue for food or sport or uncover by searching, to Carnivac the word had another meaning. It was more then one half his function, it was more then his art at times, and it was more then his spark. Quite simply the hunt was what he lived for.

The wolf pretender was enjoying every minute of it as he hunted after his chosen prey in Metrotitan's hallways, at times stepping over the dead shells of Metrodrones and nameless Decepticons and moving as quickly and quietly as he could.

After what seemed like hours to him, Carnivac closed in on a noisy hallway, he pulled his anti-thermal cannon out of his subspace compartment. As the cannon attached to his pretender shell armour, Carnivac peeked into the hallway and noticed the obsticales in his way. How dare they interupt his hunt. Carnivac fired his optic beams, not really caring if the two bots were out of range or not, before ducking back. Some how he was going to have to find a way through, Carnivac wouldn't allow his prey to escape.

2004-09-14, 03:16 AM
Cryotek smiled.

"Before I decide to reboot this system I am going to ghost this transfer throughout the base to Gigatron's computer. Needless to say whoever decided to do this can't be too stupid. But one way or another Metrotitan will be ours."

Cryotek looked at his code, by shutting off Metrotitan he should purge the virus from his system. He ran his hand across a few buttons as the doors and vents to the lab shut and locked down.

"Just in case I get any visitors." He said and hit the button.

*OOC I figure the person who is controlling Metrotitan would be best for what happens when he reboots?*

2004-09-14, 03:29 AM
Hot Rod and Kup sped through Metrotitain's hatchway unapposed, but now there was a new problem, since as they did so, it slammed shut behind him.

"Great," Hot Rod moaned. "Now we're trapped here."

"Let's worry about getting out later," Kup reminded him. "And more about getting to where we need to go."

The two of them took off down the corridor at breakneck speed.

2004-09-14, 04:14 AM
Outside Soundwave's Quarters

Ratbat watched as Sunstorm began to rummage throught the empty room.

Then he recieved Scalple's transmission.

Autobots, here? How very...inefficient.

"Scalple, our systems have been compromised by Soundwave's treason. Metrotitan was unable to inform us. Your communication was very...fortunate. Mobilizing now. Ratbat out."

"Icepick, take up station outside Metrotitan. Soundwave has betrayed us and we're under Autobot attack. Whether the two are related is unknown...but it is an very inefficient combination. Anyone who flees or threatens the city is to be executed with extreme prejudice. If anyone other than Gigatron, Astrotrain, Shockwave or myself issue you new orders, clear it with me first."

He switched his comlink to an all-frequencies transmission.

"Darkwing, Dreadwind, Tracer, Roadblock and the Stunticons, find these Autobot intruders and write them off permanantly! Any other active Decepticons, aid in the hunt for Soundwave and his minions."

2004-09-14, 05:56 AM
Would someone make up their slagging minds, Motormaster thought as he openned the comlink to the other Stunticons. " We'll take th' frell's word for now...look for both Autobots and th' burnout."
In another part of Metrotitan, Dragstrip and Breakdown were doing their version of searching...namely annoying the slag out of each other while looking for something to shoot, when they got Ratbat's orders and Motormaster's comlink.

"Finally something worthy of my attention." Dragstrip said, as Breakdown looked around frantically.

" They came to look at me, I just know it." Breakdown said nervously.

Dragstrip laughed, then said " Who would want to look at you." Breakdown glared over at him.
Deadend tried to ignore what could only be called Wildrider's insane giggling and wondered not for the first time, what Vector Sigma was on when it gave the Stunticon's life.
Carnivac narrowed his optics, there was no way he was going to give up on his hunt...still the other Decepticons might prove usefull.

Openning up a comlink, Carnivac said " This is Carnivac, for Anyone who's interested, it seems that two of the invading Autobots can be found guarding the hallways leading to the Detention center and workshop...and one is heading toward the center."

One way or another, Carnivac was going to have fun.
Nightracer tried not to frown under her face mask, knowing that she qualifide as "any other active Decepticon". Still she felt that such a task should have been given to those who know Metrotitan better then she did, she was a sniper...not a tour guide.

As Nightracer moved into Metrotitan, moving from one covered spot to another and keeping an optic out for targets, she wondered if there was a virus that Megatron's old Elite warriors had cought during their stay on Earth that made them turn treacherous.

Aero Blade
2004-09-14, 12:53 PM
Tracer registered the comlink, turning on his own to send a response. "Sounds like fun, Carnivac. I'll be there momentarily," he transmitted as he headed off in that direction.

Random Sweep
2004-09-14, 05:09 PM
Icepick Recieved Ratbat's Message

" Copy that. " he replied then turned to his team

" Everyone spread out along the perimeter. fire on anyone fleeing the city. "

2004-09-14, 10:59 PM
As Chromia peered down the hall, a Decepticon took aim with an light blast. She pressed herself against the wall to dodge it.

"Hurry up Dai! We're sitting chips out here!"

She fired again down the hall, glancing over to make sure Crossblades wasn't hit.

"You okay over there?"

Who do they have hostage? why haven't they made any demands yet?

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-15, 01:51 AM
(OO C again sorry computers still moving a little slower than normal)

With Chromia

By now Crossblades had slipped back into his shell and transformed into his humanoid mode and was wielding his thermal cannon and one of his 35-mm machine guns with pride. “Don’t worry boss am fine.” He was clearly straining to keep his voice to a whisper. “In fact am currently 100% fine, now lets see if I can change that Con’s fineness rating.” With that he fired to bursts of high velocity shells from his 35-mm machine gun in the general vicinity of the origin of the light blast. “Bet they don’t like that uh boss?”


Outside Roadblock’s room

“Fine with me sir.” Roadblock said to Ratbat, clearly much calmer than before. “Taking down a few bots is just what the mechanic ordered for stress release!” he laughed to himself , he than combined with his vehicle shell and took off down the halls. “One more thing sir, if I may” He said opining a channel to Ratbat. “could you give me all enemy units exact locations sir?”

2004-09-15, 02:15 AM
Carnivac ducked farther back as the Autobut's shot pasted his pretender shell's nose. A few more inches and it would have been more then lightly singed, Carnivac thought darkly. Then there was the fact that the Autobots would be waiting for him to make a move now, the machine gun like shots that followed where proaf enough of that.

That was a thought that made Carnivac shrug, the Autobots had to have been expecting something or the strong prey wouldn't have left the lesser members of his pack to guard...but, how to answer, what wouldn't they expect.

The simple answer would have been using a decoy or throw a bomb, the next idea that came to Carnivac's mind had its risks. At least it will let Carnivac know how quick they are to react. With that in mind, Carnivac stepped into the hallway and fired both his eye beams and cannon at the Autobots, yet ready to high-tail it back to cover if he needed to.

2004-09-15, 04:29 AM
Outside Soundwave's Quarters

Ratbat frowned. "I'm afraid not, Roadblock. The city's sensor systems are down. The enemy seem to be stretched between the main entrance, the detention center and the workshop. What for, I don't know."

He fluttered into the room and asked Sunstorm, "Anything interesting?"

2004-09-15, 04:33 AM
OOC: I'm amazed that two Autobots can walked onto Metrotitain without either anyone offering resistance or noticing at all...

Hot Rod and Kup crept silently trough Metrotitain's corridors, hoping to attract as little attention as possible.

"I don't like the look of this, Kup," Hot Rod muttered. "They could be preparing to spring a trap on us at any moment."

"Reminds me of the time I led an entire platoon on the swamp bogs or Demionk. We waded through the sludge for hours, waiting for the enemy to strike us..."

He suddenly clammed up as they neared the door to Metrotitain's computer room.

"How are we gonna get the door open?" Hot Rod asked.
Runabout and Runamuck ran up to Roadblock

"So where are the Autobots, eh?" Runamuck asked.

2004-09-15, 06:36 AM
OOC: Haven't a clue why no one's bothered them yet; but you want resistance, you got it....

Some things in life change, while others stay the same. The sky of Earth will always return to a shade of blue, healthy grass will always be green, and the thing your looking for will almost always be in the last place you look for it.

So much for security, thought Deadend as he looked out a door way at the two Autobots right outside the last place they should be. Deadend sighed and reminded himself that it didn't matter, since they were all going to die anyway.

Wildrider on the other hand, was smiling a smile that could only be called deranged, answered the Autobot's question.

"Simple, ya won't." Wildrider said, as both Stunticons aimed their guns at Kup and Hotrod. As one they fired.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-15, 07:38 AM
Dai Atlas rounded the final corner, tracking the Autobot energy signatures to a final room. The door slide open and the giant white and black Autobot commader stood at the door and looked in. All around the room were insturments of construction and torture - and he got the feeling that it was probably the latter that got the most use.

He spotted a black and red femme bot laying prone on the ground. He raised his voice so she could be heard over the vibrations Rumble and Frenzy were causing:

"I'm Dai Atlas. I'm here to rescue you!" When she didn't move, he stepped in and shouted again:

"Optimus Prime sent me - I'm here to rescue you!"

A noise off to the side cause Atlas to spine from the non-moving femme. What he saw nearly fried his circuts. Laying on a table was the torso of an Orange and red Femme. Her arms and legs had been removed, but worst of all, she was still functioning. Fighting hard to resist the urge to blow a large hole through Metrotitan, instead turning on his comm:

"Chromia, Crossblades Fall back to my position. We have 2 seriously wounded Female Autobots. I can't carry them in their state and fight, and I can't transform in Metrotitan. I need your Alt mode Chromia."

He turned and looked at the Femme who was barely concious:

"How bad are your internal systems? Can you talk? WHO DID THIS TO YOU!!!!"

God Jinrai
2004-09-15, 01:31 PM
getting no reply from his leader, screamer's face twisted into a visible snarl...

"Well then. it seems I'll have to deal with this matter myself!"

leaping through the open access hatch he had used to get up to the tower, screamer dropped back into the comm. tower, maintaining a hover just over the ground to avoid being thrown about by the quaking giant. Moving to the communications panel, he set the system to do a modulating scan on all decepticon frequencies. anything encrypted would be traced to its location of transmission. and while screamer wouldn't be standing around waiting for it... someone would.

"Viewfinder, If you can hear this transmission... I need you and your brothers in the communications tower. I've set the tower's systems to trace any encrypted transmissions... and if I know our traitor, that's the only way he'll transmit. I need someone here to monitor things... as I am better suited to be hunting him down rather than standing about, waiting. Respond."

Under his breath starscream cursed... " Slag it... and of course skywarp's never around when I need him."

2004-09-15, 03:00 PM
((who is playing starscream?))
Runner was standing on top of Metrotitan She looked out at the attack and laughed. "All this for two autobots they must be crazy." She pulled out her old autobot symbol. "They do this for them but they leave me behind." She put it back in her storage area and transformed into her jet mode. After engaging her liftoff boosters she hovered for a second and lookeed out over the battle field. She was not much of a fighter but it was time to retaliate, the hatred in her spark almost burned a hole in her armor. Not a hatred lke the other decepticons. She did not want to rule, but wanted to punish. Her hatred grew more and more as she thought about it.

Strafe's eyes widened as he raised his blaster and fired uncontrollablly, his eyes were shut in total nervousness.

Lightspeeed and nose cone were attacking the front of the city bot wondering why no one is retaliating them.

Scattershot was using her nosecannon to fire at random spots on the metrotitan jsut to annoy the 'cons inside.

2004-09-15, 04:30 PM
Reflector gasped silently, unsure what to do in response to Starscream's transmission. They knew that Gigatron would have received as well, being in such close proximity--


--as he made rather apparent.

"You are in no place to be commanding my troops after your latest folly, you incompetent twit! Find Soundwave and I may let you live through this. Reflector is in no position to assist you. Gigatron out."

Still fluttering through the corridors of the fortress in bat mode, Gigatron switched back to the common Decepticon frequency.

"Cryotek, do what you must to eliminate the virus, but I'll have your head if you destroy Metrotitan! Ratbat, I demand a status report. Windrazor, this is Decepticon Commander Gigatron within Metrotitan City. Prove your loyalty to me by securing the city from Autobot incursion!"

Gigatron rounded a corner at the end of the hall and stopped in mid-air. Among the falling debris and rising dust in the violently vibrating length, Frenzy stood pounding voraciously at the floor. Gigatron bared his fangs and flapped down the hall at full-speed, testing the fortitude of Viewfinder's hands.

"Cutter beam!" Gigatron cried, firing a succession of blasts from his forehead at the Cassetticon.

2004-09-15, 05:38 PM
Cryotek smiled at Gigatron's response.

"Gigatron I am ghosting you a copy of Metrotitans main memory systems in the event he has to stay reformatted to keep us all from being slagged having a copy on your computer, in your head, in my system and in my memory systems will be most useful." He yelled on a private frequency to Gigatron.

"Now to go kick the tar out of a certain cassette player!" He growled hitting the button on his PC to purge the virus. He opened up one door and watched as it closed and sealed behind him.

"Ok you useless little punks! Who wants some?" He yelled rather annoyed hsi work was upset by Soundwave and his cohorts.

God Jinrai
2004-09-15, 06:37 PM
screamer clipped gigatron's transmission off...

"Fine." he snarled. "If he's going to be like this..." it was at that point the city ceased quaking. Landing on his feet, he headed for the elevator. its doors swooshed open, and he stepped inside.

Setting it to head to the bottom floor, he pondered...

"Well now. If I were a big, blue cassette player that was in the middle of a coup' de ta, where would I be hiding?" he spoke to himself.

His optics narrowed, as he easily ruled out the options of his own quarters, and the communications center, where he just was.

" He's not foolish enough to try and take the command center... or for that matter the power core...." he trailed off.

"Or is he???" the doors swooshed open, and screamer dove out, transforming into jet mode... streaking down the long corridor, he transformed again, comming to the T-intersection... springing off the wall, he ran down the right corridor.. and it was then he spied rat-bat.


with a snarl on his face, screamer reached out at the fluttering cassetticon.

" You're going to do me a little favor, you self-serving little runt."

2004-09-15, 06:49 PM
Cryotek was running down the halls.

Slag this, is too slow! he thought and transformed into dragon mode.

Now how to find that piece of slagged consumer goods? he thought to himself his mind racing.

BINGO! he set his own mind to monitor the various frequncies running through out Metrotitan, it tooks a bit of doing but nothing his brillant mind could not handle. Suddenly he could hear quite a bit of the goings on in Metrotitan.

Autobots, slag them I have a mental cassette player to beat down he then got onto his mind link with his targetmaster Chro.

Chro, do us a favor, find Soundwave that annoying Sony reject and send Gigatron his coordinates, I am going to record whatever he says so we can slag his trash systems later!

Chro flew by squaked and took off into a air duct his systems scanning the area.

Now what is this Cryotek could see Starscream holding Ratbat.

He had to stop rather hard to keep from smashing into the both of them.

"Screamer, you really better have a good reason to be holding the only non-retard tape that tratior Soundwave has or I am going to turn you into the world's largest popsicle." Cryotek growled.

God Jinrai
2004-09-15, 06:55 PM
Screamer turned sideways, leveling a null ray with cryotek's head.

" Stay out of it, Cryotek. Just because he may not be actively furthering soundwave's plot doesn't mean he's not linked to it. And if he really isn't, then he won't mind doing me the favor I'm about to ask of him."

his optics narrowed at cryotek, but he returned his attention to ratbat.

"Now. Here is what you need to do if you really value your spark, you winged pile of scrap. Get soundwave to transmit to you. that's ALL. The rest will be simple. Do that, and you'll have my apprecieation... not to mention you'll be free to do whatever else you need to do."

2004-09-15, 06:57 PM
"Wow and here I was thinking you were a complete piece of junk." Cryotek smiled.

"I am able to monitor the various frequencies going on around here. Needless to say I can here what Hot Rod is saying to Kup about Arcee but I won't go into that. If he transmits here I can give you a lock on his position within about 10 yards." Cryotek waited to see what happened.

2004-09-15, 08:28 PM
"Ask, and you shall receive, Gigatron," Windrazor replied, bringing the shuttle into a steep dive towards Lightspeed and Nosecone and charging the forward lasers. A black shadow descended on the Autobots below, as the shuttle neared the Earth. With a smile on his face, and a curse on his lips, he opened fire, sending powerful blasts of laser fire down towards the two Technobots.

2004-09-15, 09:49 PM
Megaplex watched the situation between Ratbat, Starscream and Cryotek unfold but he said nothing for there was nothing he could say without most likely getting a shot blasted through him.

Sunstorm didn't answer Ratbat's previous question, he just continued searching until he heard other voices outside.

Now whats happening here? he thought to himself. He then turned around to face the outside, his brightly glowing optics peering behind the darkness of the room.

2004-09-15, 10:21 PM
Fighting stasis lock, Firestar smiled weakly as a black and white giant bearing the Autobot symbol entered, then called for back-up.

"Run....ner" the search and rescue femme replied before slipping into stasis.

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-15, 10:30 PM
In Metrotitan

“According to Ratbat their starched from the main entrance to the workshop we need to stop them and fast!” Roadblock said as he came to a quick halt to think. “And Carnivac said he some guarding the hallway to both the workshop and the detention cell, hmm. Tell me are we holding any Autobots because if so I’d be a lot of Energon that will find some Bots in the center.”


With Chromia

Seeing the Deception jump out at them Crossblades did what came naturally, he opened fire with both his Thermal cannon and machinegun, with out thinking, or aiming. “Oww!” he cried with a startle as he felt a weapons blast from the con hit him square in his right shoulder, causing his shell to crack and the surrounding area to become black having been partly brunt from the blast’s heat wincing he just barely able to stop from dropping his machinegun. That’s when he got the call from Dai Atlas “Be right there boss!” his voice still seemed upbeat though a small amount of pain fell through. After quickly hoping out of his shell and than combining with it to from his supersonic helicopter mode he blasted his magneto-ray fallowed closely with both of his machineguns, hoping that the first blast would hit and by magnetizing his opponent make it easier for his metal shells to hit him. He than landed and opened his cockpit doors. “All abroad boss! I think our little friend is going to be at the least busy for a while! And like they say, though I have no idea who they are, there’s no time like the present!”

2004-09-15, 10:46 PM
(ooc-love the Star Wars 'Luke' reference there Dai!)

"Loud and clear Dai!"

She turned and ran down the hallway behind Crossblades, firing behind her as she went. As she entered the room she saw the two Autobots in question. Skidding to a halt she gasped as she recognozied one of the femmes.

"Firestar!! Dai, is she.....alive?"

She rushed over to her side as the femme slipped into stasis lock. Looking up at Dai Atlas, she gave him a concerned look.

"Firestar used to be on my team on Cybertron. We've got to get her back to base now!"

She transformed into her alt-mode and opened her doors.

"Load them up! And Primus help any 'Cons who try to stop me!!"

2004-09-15, 11:23 PM
Hot Rod and Kup dove out of the way of Dead End and Wildrider's fire, taking in the occasional potshot back.

"This is Hot Rod to anybody," the young Autobot shouted into his commlink. "We kinda need some help here."

2004-09-15, 11:54 PM
Outside Soundwave’s Quarters

Ratbat shifted to cassette mode, fell from Starscream’s grasp, then returned to bat mode. He fluttered back up to optic level, then fixed the seeker with a glare.

“Assaulting a senior officer like that would earn you a death sentence on any other day, Starscream.” He hissed. “However, your suggestion is sensible and our missions seem to coincide. Very efficient, that. This incident would be best forgotten, I think.”

"Soundwave may not reply to me after I betrayed him, but we shall see. Megaplex, Ransack, be prepared for combat. Thrust and Sunstorm will remain here to keep Soundwave from returning home.”

He switched his comlink over to Gigatron’s frequency. “My lord, Soundwave seems to have fled his quarters. They’re being searched as we speak. Regardless, Starscream and I will track the traitor down in a matter of moments. Ratbat out.”

Then he switched to the communications officer’s frequency. “Soundwave, we need to talk. Do you copy?”

God Jinrai
2004-09-16, 12:21 AM
With ratbat again hovering before him, screamer spoke internally...

" As if I'd ever be caught dead taking orders from a CASSETTE" he thought.

Turning his attention to cryotek, he nodded. "Lets' just hope this works. I KNEW he wouldn't be dumb enough to stay here in his own quarters." Turning his attention back to Ratbat, he waited.

to himself, he again spoke... "If we could get ahold of those brats, rumble and frenzy... and then ravage and laserbeak... we'd have the perfect means to force soundwave out. without his cassettes, he's far less dangerous, not to mention he loses his other eyes and ears... he'd be vulnerable."

2004-09-16, 12:35 AM
Carnivac was able to dodge the first blast; but some of the machine gun shells that followed, hit the left side of his pretender shell. Carnivac growled as he left optic vision blurred, then died, he didn't need it to know part of his face was cracked, probably sparking, plus the parts of his shoulder and forepaw where the pretender's battle armour didn't cover was just as bad. Carnivac fired his anti-thermal cannon.


Deadend stayed in the doorway, using the wall as cover as he continued to shoot at the Autobots. Wildrider had moved out of the doorway, where he had been using Deadend and the wall as cover.

"You do realise that the rest of your fellow terran-taint lovers probably have problems of their own right about now." Deadend said, as calmly as if he was discussing the weather. " At least three of them have been reported on the other side of the base."

"Where'ja learn ta shoot anyways?" Wildrider added, as he dodged a shot "Screamer could do better."

2004-09-16, 12:40 AM
Kup looked at Hot Rod, and Hot Rod understood. He took off down the corridor, dodging fire from the Stunticons.

"Thanks for letting us know exactly where we can get help, boys," Kup told Dead End. "Now Hot Rod'll bring 'em here and we'll all slag the bunch of ya."

2004-09-16, 12:58 AM
Deadend almost smiled faintly beneath his mask. " Your welcome burnout; but I would not count on it, after all he has to get there first, then they have to come back." Deadend said " There will undouptably be more problems in his way, besides we will all be food for rust one day"

2004-09-16, 01:07 AM
"They're not buying it," Kup thought. "Gotta give them a reason to head after him."

"If you're so confident, how come you're still here? Shouldn't you head out after him to try and stop him and earn some glory for yourself?"

2004-09-16, 01:24 AM
Cryotech nodded to Ratbat and Starscream.

"Let's do this then. I was getting a great idea on how to scam these stupid humans to earn us some side money." Cryotek grumbled.

"Soundwave has been smart so far he has not made any transmissions yet. But even if he does encrypt them I can translate them in no time flat." Cryotek smiled.

2004-09-16, 01:40 AM
" What would the point of that be?" Deadend said " I don't care for glory, it won't save me from my death when the time comes. As for Wildrider, we have an agreem..."

" Fun's what I care for an' I can have that here." Wildrider interupted Deadend " 'Sides th' only Stunticon who gives a retro rat 'bout glory is Dragstrip an' he's not here."

Besides a certain bootleg we all loath would be more upset if he found out that we left an alive Autobot outside Metrotitan's computer room, Deadend thought, and compared to what he would do to us, getting slagged might be the less painfull of the two.

2004-09-16, 02:42 AM
"That's good," came a voice from behind the two Stunticons. Kup cursed. That was pure Hot Rod, getting into trouble whenever it suited him. "Cause that means he'll still be around in about five minutes time."

"Now, I got my guns pointed at both of your heads, and I'm perfectly willing to frag the two of you right here, right now. But I'm willing to let the two of you go. That is, if you turn around and walk away."

2004-09-16, 03:11 AM
Deadend mentally cursed himself for not paying attention to his radar, locking optics with Wildrider for a moment, before saying " Let me think....no."

With that Deadend fired at Kup while ducked back into the room, as Wildrider twirled around as he went down on one joint and fired at Hotrod.

"Was thinkin' there was ta much talkin', not enough fightin' anyways." Wildrider said darkly.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-16, 05:50 AM
Pure anger erupted from Dai Atlas as the name escaped Firestar's mouth:

"She will Suffer for this!"

Biting off more curses as Chromia came up and transformed his scans showed that she was in stasis lock, but it wasn't terminal. The medics at Metroplex or Fortress Maximus would have her back online with out much effort. Same for the other femme, though she was in worse shape - as she'd been in stasis lock for longer.

"She'll be fine Chromia, as soon as we get her medical attention. The same cannot be said for Runner the next time I lay optics on that Pit spawned child of Unicron. Lets move out."

Dai Atlas loaded Firestar and all her appendages into Chromia, followed by the unconcious femme - taking great care not to jostle them too much - treating them the way he would a small child. Once they were loaded and secured, he turned to Crossblades:

"Chromia can't fight, and the Autobots with in her at the moment won't survive too much damage. I need you to guard the rear because all three of their lives depend on it. I don't care how much you talk, or what anyone else has said about you. None of it matters. Time to prove yourself as an Autobot hero. Time to make yourself a legend.

Taking a step back, he looked at the two Autobots:

"We move fast, slag anything that gets in the way and RV with Hot Rod and Kup at the command centre. From there we'll secure a path out of Metrotitan and meet up with Blurr and the Technobots. Dispatch any Decepticons along the way with extreme prejudice. No quarter asked, none given. If we fall, we end up like the two we just found.... or worse."

Dai Atlas raised his shield and stepped into the hall, looking around, he quickly fired two shots at a metrodrone going by. It never even looked around before the first shot took it in the chest. The second reduced it's head to a pile of molten metal. Dai Atlas checked his sensors and set off at a quick jog towards Kup and Hot Rod.

OOC: ;) Liked that Kup1 - just trying to have fun. And come on - a female laying prone in a detention centre? Couldn't resist

2004-09-16, 10:54 PM
Nightracer creeped through the corridors, using her telescopic vision mode to search for the cassetticons. While she could spot where Metrotitan could use a little cleaning, she didn't see what she was looking for.

Nightracer was about to move to another part of the citycon, when she came upon a hallway that was trying to do an impression of a room. That wasn't what cought her attention, nore did the fact there was a door at the end of it and another part looked like it lead into another room. What cought her attention was tiny, almost faint, markings on the floor, it was if something had been pushed or tried to not to be pushed on it.

It was probably a some kind of minor fight, Nightracer thought as she walked into the hallway, and briefly looked into side room. After finding out that it looked like a waiting room and spotting no cassettes there, she went to see what was behind the door.

The door lead into a room that could only have been someone's office, glancing around she didn't see anything out of the ordinary until she looked up. Smiling under her facemask; Nightracer aimed her rifle, she was planning on just injuring Laserbeak. Afterall, there was a rumor that Soundwave cared for his cassettes, which ment there was a way for them to be used against him, and if he didn't...

2004-09-16, 11:04 PM
Megaplex began checking his cannon and he then nodded at Ratbat signifying he was ready.

Sunstorm arrogantly backed away into the room. His voice fading as he did.

"Yes thats right wings, just keep the light in the dark"

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-16, 11:46 PM
The hallway to the detention center and Workshop

Crossblades’ mind burst with a sudden chill as yet another of the hidden con’s blast hit him. The blast seem to drain the heat right out of him and the sudden drop in tempter caused the part of his shell on his right side, just below his cockpit to crack, and next to that his non shell dragster portion also crack, even reveling some of his circuitry. “Thanks for the vote of confidence boss!” Crossblades called back to Dai Atlas “I’ll do my beast to live up to your expectations, though I don’t talk that mach do I? I don’t think I’d talk that much I mean that would annoy mechs and I’d think I’d notice that, oh well.” He than thinks to himself. “Well if it’s up to just me maybe I can still have a numerical advantage! With that he decombineds from his supersonic helicopter mode into both his shell’s and his own humanoid modes. “Come and get us, um me con!

2004-09-17, 12:26 AM
" I usually make it a point of not talking to those who get inbetween me and my prey, Autobot." Carnivac said, his voice sounding rougher then it usually did " But by "us", do you mean yourself alone, or your friends in the detention center." Carnivac did not wait for an answer, but fired his cannon again.

2004-09-17, 02:38 AM
Chromia saw the Decepticon fire at Crossblades....

"Get down you young.....ah.......never mind!"

As Dai had loaded the injured femmed on board, she revved her engines, threw her brights on, and opened two small panels on her sides. She deployed two small pulse cannons from her sides, squeeled her tires and fired at the 'Con.

Thwap! Thwap! Thwap!

She tore down the hall, hoping to run the Decepticon down.

As she passed Crossblades, she called to him.

"C'mon! Cover my rear! And let's get out of here!"

She opened a comm to Blurr..

"Blurr! Meet us at the entrance, we have wounded......"

She tried to contact Kup and Hot Rod as well.........

"Kup! Hot Rod! C'mon you two, lets roll out of here!"

2004-09-17, 03:53 AM
His one good optic blinded by the light; Carnivac was lucky that one of the blasts missed Carnivac, but the other tore into his right shoulder. Growling in pain; Carnivac couldn't see how much damage the blast did to it, but the fact he couldn't move it very well ment that it was bad.

As his vision adjested to the light, Carnivac noticed the blurry outline of a car barring down on him. Carnivac barly had enough time to subspaced his cannon before he was hit. The hit caused him to be flipped up over the hood .

Carnivac was not looking forward to seeing what he would look like like afterwards; but if he came down on the Autobot, even his impact would cause a little damage. It was the principle as what happens when a human car hit a deer or some other big animal, and Carnivac had seen it more then once on his 'forced vacation'.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-17, 06:14 AM
OOC: As per Bombers - I have control of Hot Rod, until he's back. BTW - I'll continue his control of Kup - until his controler comes back - just post and you can have him back.

Dai Atlas continued down the hall, leading the way through the twisting and turning corridors of Metrotitan. He knew, quite litteraly, that there was a wolf on their heels, but he trusted Chromia or Crossblades to call should they need help.

As they ran, he spotted Decepticon units off side corridors - None matched the colour or shape of Runner - otherwise, if they left his team alone, he would let them live. Instead of going down to the extremities of Metrotitan - they were heading up, to the command core.

Dai Atlas skidded to a stop beside Hot Rod and aimed his rifle at Deadend and fired. The shot went a little wide with the skid - the wall to the right of Deadend vaporized with a large hole.

The Autobot commander looked at the red and yellow transformer:

"What are the obsticles keeping us from getting into the command centre?"

Hot Rod looked up, still firing occasionally at the two Stunticons:

"Just these two Autobot wannabe's at the moment...."

Dai Atlas almost smiled: "Good - lets get in there - keep your eyes out for Chromia and Crossblades."

2004-09-17, 06:43 AM
Windrazor smiled as he tapped the controls of the shuttle. This particular model was one of the finest the galaxy had to offer. It had an AI of sorts, which allowed the programming of extremely complicated flight manouvers.

He programmed one of these now, and the shuttle kept firing on the two Technobotss below.

Meanwhile, he left his seat, and keyed open the shuttle's entry hatch. Diving through, he transformed into jet mode, and dove down towards Metrotitan, adding his firepower to the shuttle's.

However, he had no intention of continuing the fight. The shuttle's firepower should be more than enough to take down two Autobots.

He powered down towards the entrance of Metrotitan, and shot inside, still in jet form. Throttling back slightly, he activated his radar, the powerful sensors scanning for any sign of Autobot activity. Sure enough, he spotted some. Two in the detention cells, three near the command centre.

"Windrazor to Gigatron I'm detecting three Autobot signatures moving towards the command centre. Moving to intercept.

With that, he quickly searched out the best path to the command centre. Down the corridor was a lift shaft, guarded by Metrodrones. A missile streaked from his launchers, and blew the lift doors apart. Shooting forward, past the surprised drones, he curved up and into the lift shaft, heading for the very top of the city. As he reached the top, he transformed into robot mode, and blasted another set of doors with his laser pistol.

He found himself in a long corridor, laser fire flashing down the other end. Aiming carefully, he let loose a hail of fire at Hot Rod, Kup and Dai Atlas.

2004-09-17, 08:45 AM
Deadend cursed as he openned a comlink to the other Stunticons and let them know of the situation that was going on up near the command center. Deadend closed it before he had to hear Dragstrip's answer, there were somethings he knew he rather not know.

Wildrider narrowed his optics at Hotrod, that dim-spark really had to work on his insults. Autobot wannabe was a bit...Wildrider couldn't think of the right word, and Deadend was to busy to ask for one of his fancy words. Not to mention the fact that even the lowest Con had heard the gossip about Megs telling Vector Sigma to 'make them hate all the Autobots stand for', or that most the Aerialbots were the ones who had wanted to join the other side once. Still... an insult was an insult, so Wildrider kept firing at Hotrod.

From where they were in Metrotitan, the other three Stunticons started to head towards the command center.

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-17, 05:22 PM
The hallway to the detention center and Workshop

This time most of the blast missed Crossblades but it did leave a trial of frost on the side of his inner robot. “Way to close for comfort!” he thought as Chromia suddenly passed him and asked for cover. “Coming right up boss!” Than he saw her ram the Con at full speed. “Though how much you really need it seems to be debatable!” With that he had his inner robot transform into its Dragster mode and came up right behind her, well his Shell remained in humanoid mode and ran after them, having it stop briefly to take another shot with its thermal cannon at the con.


With Runamuck and Runabout

Roadblock grew wary of waiting for the two to answer and started to take off again. “I’ll just try the area around the detention center , you two coming?”

2004-09-17, 11:04 PM
Piranacon decided to radio Ratbat and tell him of mission success.

"We have gathered the tanker and will be returning to base within a few minutes what is the situation?" He asked knowing that the Terrorcons and Predacons where topside on the ship.

2004-09-18, 02:37 AM
Thrust stayed with Sunstorm, having helped to search Soundwave's quarters. Could he cut out his babble about 'the light' just once? We've got a real problem here, the Conehead thought.

2004-09-18, 04:05 AM
Outside Soundwave's Quarters

Ratbat replied with a hiss to Piranacon, "The situation is very bad! Soundwave has betrayed us and Autobots are rampaging through Metrotitan! Beach the vessel along the Carbombya coast, then take up position to destroy the Autobots as they leave."

He frowned. "This puts the tanker at risk, but it is an acceptable risk. It would be...unwise for the Autobots to blow it up and dump thousands of litres of oil into the ocean."

He looked quizically at Sunstorm. "You can activate the room's lighting, if you want."

Corridors, Metrotitan

(OOC: As you may remember, Hot Rod was mine a few months ago. With Bombers gone, he's reverting to my control. Yes, Brave is aware of this.)

Several of Windrazor's blasts caught Hot Rod in the chest, carving black scores across the flame that decorated it. One of Wildrider's shots took him in the right shoulder, spinning him around 90 degrees.

"It's getting pretty hot in here, Dai..."

He fired several blasts from his left wrist guns at Windrazor while summoning his small, flame-decorated shield out of subspace onto his right forearm. He brought it up to block incoming fire.

2004-09-18, 04:31 AM
Piranacon grabbed the tanker as they reached the shore and placed it on the beach pushing it until it stopped.

"Predacons and Terrorcons. You heard Ratbat, lets go slag some Autosmum." The gaint smiled plodding on the ground to the base.


Cryotek waited.

"Good our combiner teams should scare the Autobots out of here. Now what is Soundwave doing. Chro still has not found that tape player with a supiority complex." He grumbled to Ratbat and anyone else that was listening.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-18, 06:34 AM
Slag Thought Dai Atlas This is going down hill quickly. But we got the Autobots, We got the information nessissary to mount a full out attack on the Decepticons later. Time to get my troops home safely.

On his internal HUD, Dai Atlas called up an interenal scematic of Metrotitan........

Only 2 decks to the outside...... A full power blast can get there.

He then turned on his comm to an All Autobot frequency:

"Kup, Hot Rod, cover me for a minute I need to charge some energy.

Crossblades and Chromia, make a break for the nearest exit, hook up with Blurr and the Technobots.

Technobots Form Computron and hold a position until I arrive, we are getting out of here!"

Dai Atlas then planted his shield on the ground, providing some additional cover for Hot Rod and himself - he then took cover behind in and began charging his rifle. Black, Red and Orange energy began swirling at the tip, the whole area began to vibrate with the energy build up.

2004-09-18, 07:15 AM
Trying to ignore the wound in his side; that he got from one of the Autobot's shots, Deadend focused his attention what the biggest enemy was doing. Deadend didn't know what to make of the big autobot's actions, but one thing he did know was that he was probably more doomed then usual.

Deadend was sure what ever the Autobot was planning, he'd probably let the old timer know about it before hand. Deadend moved and fired at Kup one more time, then looked over at Wildrider.

" Will you quit kneeling in the hallway and find some cover," Deadend said " Act like your sane for once in your life."

Wildrider glared over at Deadend, while still shooting at Hotrod, and said " Don't joke 'bout that, I refuse ta accept sanity." Still, Wildrider discided to take Deadend's advice and slowly started to move.

2004-09-18, 08:06 AM
Outside Metrotitan

Scorponok, deciding that Shockwave must have had more important things on his mind, activated his transformation cog. The huge city shifted, folded and twisted for what seemed like an eternity before the process came to a halt. Now in his titanic scorpion mode, the citycon began to scuttle about on his eight legs. He began to circle his harried 'brother' city, looking for Autobots to crush.

His promise to Scalple notwithstanding, Scorponok was looking forward to shredding some Autobots to scrap between his claws.

Upper Deck, Tanker

Hun-grrr stroked his chin reflectively, then nodded. "Grrr. Death to the Autobots! Terrorcons, move out!"

Cutthroat shifted to creature mode, jumped into the air, and glided towards Metrotitan. The other Terrorcons jumped from the hull of the ship, landed in a sand dune, and took off at a brisk run for the city.

Corridors, Metrotitan

Hot Rod's attention was drawn by the light show put on by Dai's rifle, but his mind snapped back to the present as Wildrider's shots slammed into his shield. He fired several more blasts from his wrist guns into the hall, aiming in the general direction of the Stunticons.

2004-09-18, 09:56 AM
Some of Hot Rod's blasts hit home, sending Windrazor ducking for cover behind a bulkhead, small blisters bubbling on the surface of his carapace. Thankfully, they were glancing blows only.

Glancing out from cover, he saw Dai Atlas's shield in the corridor.

"Fine," he snarled. "I'll play your game."

He flicked a switch on his combi-weapon, activating the missile launcher. Leaning out from cover once more, he fired a missile straight at the shield, looking to shatter it into pieces.

2004-09-18, 12:05 PM
The Predacons all stopped and stared while ontop of the tanker.

Razorclaw: "Indeed, it has began, just like he said it would."

Divebomb: "What? You didn't actually believe him do you?"

Headstrong: "Of course he does, we all believed him. Why do you think we went to that planet. We found him, we brought him back to Earth. And now he's in there. And now the base is under attack. I'm sure what ever happened to us has happened to him."

Tantrum: "Then we must find Ratbat, and find him, before its too late."

Rampage: "If he can still offer us what he promised it will be good."

The Predacons all transformed and formed Predaking and went on the war path.

2004-09-18, 02:12 PM
Piranacon could see the battle on the horizon and opened fire on the Autobots he could see scrambling around.

"Run you fleas!" He growled angerly stomping his way to the battle, the newly merged Predaking running by him due to his slower speed. That didn't matter much to Piranacon though as he had the firepower to make up for his speed.

He then scanned again as he saw an energy aura.

"Terrorcons merge and hit the target that is powering up! Our allies are in danger." Piranacon yelled to the group as they ran by him.

He then focused his tremedous firepower on Dai Atlas

2004-09-18, 02:25 PM
The cracks which had been slowly spreading all over the ceiling above Frenzy's head had reached the point of dangerous collapse. The Supporting pillar rising from the metal floor just behind him was wobbling and shaking violently.

The volley of shots hit Frenzy and threw him completely off balance. The force slamed him back first into the supporting pillar, snapping whatever was left holding up the ceiling and a great chunk of ceiling and pillar landed slap on top of him, burying him under a pile of twisted rubble and scrap...


Soundwave knew that this was the crucial point, the point on which the succes or fail of the plan hinged. Metrotitan's system was temporarily down and the window of opportunity was at hand. Soundwave was receiving message from Ratbat and he knew that the metallic bat was trying to ascertain his position. He had to send a message to Laserbeak to implement the final stage of the overthrow, but in doing so, he would be forced to reveal his position to Ratbat's scanner. He had come this far and the probability of succes given all the known variables was high. Following a short pause, he broadcasted the signal to Laserbeak...

(I gave control of Ravage to someone a while ago - are they still controlling him, or can I take control of him again?)

2004-09-18, 03:09 PM
Chro squaked and a blip came up on Cryoteks sensors.

"This be CNN." Cryotek smiled in dragon form rather menecingly.
"The Cryotek New Network...." He laughed.

"Ratbat, Screamer, Gigatron. Soundwave just sent a signal to Laserbeak. I Am giving you guys his location now. Plus with that signal I can track him anywhere he goes now along with Chro keeping an eye on him as well." Cryotek cracked his claws.

"Now lets pay tape deck a visit shall we?" He asked the group.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-18, 04:32 PM
(OOC: Alright Autobots, Time to go!)

A couple of direct hit sent cracks all through Dai Atlas' Shield, one more direct hit and it was toast. And the arrival of Pirrannahcon was not a good sign. Dai Atlas stood up, almost the same height as the Decepticon Combiner and Fired his rifle up at an angle. The tremendous energy release melted through the ceiling and the deck plating above, and through the next layer too, so that the open sky could be seen. The energy back lash curled off Dai Atlas, shattering his shield and warping the air around him. The first few shots from Pirrannacon arced around this effect, but once it was finished, the began to pelt the giant Autobot commander. Worse, his rifle was completely drained. Subspacing it, he felt the shots glancing off his armour, leaving ugly black pock-marks. Once found a soft spot though - a lightly armoured section on his mid-section, just above his hips. He grunted in pain as energon slowly began to leek out.

"Kup, Hot Rod, Time to go!"

He grabbed the two Autobot hero's and engaged his boosters. Exiting the first level and then the second to the outside. They were just beside Metrotitan's communications tower, on the landing platform. He transformed into Shuttle mode:

"Get in, we need to leave, NOW!"

2004-09-18, 05:01 PM
As Dai Atlas blasted a hole in Metrotitan and rose up and out of Metrotitan, Windrazor charged forward, firing his laser as he went.

As he reached the hole, he transformed into jet mode, and shot upwards into the air, determined that the Autobots weren't going to get the better of him.

As he emerged from Metrotitan, he opened his boosters and ascended high into the sky, before coming about and diving towards the hated Autobots. Quickly, he had targetted Dai Atlas, and as he bore nearer, his wing mounted missile launchers opened fire, sending two fire tipped projectiles streaking towards the Autobot shuttle below.

2004-09-18, 07:13 PM
Outside Metrotitan

Hot Rod fired a few parting shots at Windrazor before jumping into Dai Atlas and pulling Kup with him.

“What about the others, Dai? We can’t leave them!”

Scorponok scuttled towards Dai Atlas’ position, firing blasts from his twin pulse blasters at the Autobot shuttle. He hoped to close the gap between them quickly so he could fry the large Autobot with an electrical blast from his tail.

The Terrorcons continued to charge towards Metrotitan, hoping for a chance to crush Autobots.

Cutthroat, a bit ahead of the others due to the speed of his glide, saw the enemy first. “Hey Hun-grrr,” his voice carried a note of twisted pleasure, “guess who’s here.”

Hun-grrr growled back at him, hopeful. “Nnnn. The Technobots?”


“Grrr. Excellent. Terrorcons, unite and destroy!”

The Terrorcons did just that, combining into the horror known as Abominus. The gestalt continued to stalk towards Metrotitan, shouting as loudly as his vocal circuits could transmit.

“RAAARH! Abominus crush Technobots! RAAARH!”

Outside Soundwave’s Quarters

“Yes,” Ratbat hissed to Cryotek, “lets. Lead the way. Starscream, Megaplex, Ransack and I will follow. Thrust, Sunstorm, stay alert. We may call you in for backup.”

God Jinrai
2004-09-18, 07:30 PM
Screamer's optics narrowed. "The fool. Now... we TAKE him."

" With no favor given from you, don't expect anything from me in the future." Screamer snarled as he started down the hallway in a long run.

"Now, soundwave..." he muttered... "Now you're going to find out what REAL treachery is ALL about..."

2004-09-18, 07:40 PM
Deadend and Wildrider looked at each other, shrugged, then openned a comlink to the other Stunticons. They wondered how they were going to explain what just happened.


Motormaster sighed as he listened to Deadend and Wildrider's report. It did not resemble a report, but it was more like Deadend told what happened, and Wildrider added in his complains. Simply, it was the usual way the other Stunticons gave reports, Motormaster was use to it by now.

When Deadend and Wildrider had finished, Motormaster said over the comlink. " Th' others will take care of those Autobots," Motormaster said, hating that someone else had got to the Autobots before he had. " Stay 'round there for a while, 'case their dim-spark enough ta come back, then go look for those tapes again. Dragstrip, Breakdown, go an' see if those Autobots who're lookin' over in th' brig area has left yet. If not, give 'em a warm welcome."


Deadend looked down at his side wound, he discided that he would look for the Cassetticons in the direction of the medbay. It wasn't as bad as Deadend had thought it was, but it was leaking and had a little sparkling going on. Just because some Decepticons chose not to practice minor repairs until they got a bigger problem, didn't mean he had to. Deadend knew he was going to die someday, but he didn't have to help it along.


Inside Astrotrain's old office, Nightracer fired her rifle at Laserbeak.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-18, 09:55 PM
Dai Atlas's armour took hit, though for the moment it was just surface damage. Once Kup and Hot Rod were aboard, he hit his afterburners hard, scorching the surface of Metrotitan's launch pad. Quickly doing a barrel roll and banking to the right, he managed to avoid one blast from Scorponok's electo tail. Though it singed his wing:

"I WILL NOT LEAVE A SOLDIER BEHIND!!!!! Now hold on, this isn't going to be pretty!."

Dai Atlas Banked hard again, and swooped under Metrotitan to avoid Scroponok's blasts and hopefully to throw off Windrazor's attack.

He opened his comm:

Chromia, Blurr and Crossblades - We are going to get one chance at this, I'll pull in low on the ground, Open the bay doors, you drive in. Crossblades, you're last in, pick up anyone who misses!.

"Technobots - Scattershot, carry your ground troops, Strafe, cover us - We are getting the slag out of Dodge!"

2004-09-18, 11:20 PM
Cryotek ran to a doorway in Metrotitan.

"According to this Soundwave is here." He fired his ice beams into the doorway freezing it.

"I've seen those war movies with the first one in getting blasted. Lets blow this door down and be careful." He told the group.

2004-09-19, 12:45 AM
From the shadows outside Soundwave's current hiding place, slugfest leapt.

He landed with a horrible metallic grating sound on the floor beside Cryotek and prepared himself to pounce on the intruder...

2004-09-19, 01:00 AM
"You don't have to tell me twice, Dai!"

She squeeled down the hallway to the entrance, and sped out into the open, knocking down another two Decepticons.

She spun around a bit as she took two small hits to her right side. It only caused minor damage, but she took the opportunety to spin around 180 degrees to watch for Crossblades to exit behind her.

"C'mon kid, lets go. Don't play games now!"

As she waited for him, her thought turned to Astra and Firestar.

If I ever get my hands on Runner.......I'm sorry Blurr, I'll kill her with my bare hands!!

Her side gave a small twinge as she saw Blurr race up beside her.


"Right above us Blurr. He's coming in low, so get on board as soon as he opens his doors!"

2004-09-19, 01:12 AM
Cryotek looked down at Slugfest.

"The tape deck has too many tapes." He growled swooping back in his dragon form.

"Why don't you just chill out, dino." He smiled and fired his ice blasters at the cassettebot.

*OOC I have all the tapes but I forgot what one is he, the stego or the tryano?*

2004-09-19, 02:05 AM
OOC: Slugfest is the stego, Overkill is the Trynno.

Carnivac hit the floor hard, a bit disipointed that he hadn't caused more damage to the Autobot who ran him over. Carnivac was lucky that the other Autobot's parting shots missed him, but soon regretted it when he moved. There was no doubt about it, this hunt was over for him...at least for now. He would remember those Autobots, and when the time was right, Carnivac would pay them back for today.

As what was left of his pretender shell openned, Carnivac slowly transformed into robot mode. It helped a little, but not as much as Carnivac would have liked. Carnivac picked up his damaged shell and started to head slowly for the medbay. Leaving a new dent in the floor and a trail of fluids behind.

2004-09-19, 02:33 AM
Windrazor would have laughed, had he not been in jet mode, and if the business of killing Autobots was a laughing matter. The idea that a cumbersome shuttle could outmanouver one of the fastest ever Decepticon jets was almost comical.

Throttling back, Windrazor dropped down into a position on the tail of Dai Atlas, and stood off, while his missile launchers reloaded.

A hail of fire from Scorponok tore through the air, and Windrazor had to jink across the sky to avoid the laser fire. Quickly, he regained his target, and opened fire.

2004-09-19, 03:43 AM
Predaking clamboured his way to the base to see it as a huge mess.

Predaking: "Autobots ... shall ... pay!"

Within in instant Predaking zooms up into the air.

"Hmm ... new attack plan in databanks. Engage".

The giant started to spin in mid-air holding out both arms. He began to charge his sword, and the his energy cannon. With-in an instant he released the energy of the sword into the air, leaving a cloud of energy. Thne he released the energy in his cannon, hitting the energon and creating a fier cloud in the sky, which fell upon the autobots and decepticons. It does no damage however, as it is a distraction tatic.

"Now we move to the base."

The giant flew down entering the base, hoping to find some 'bots.

God Jinrai
2004-09-19, 03:58 AM
Screamer leveled his null rays, as he came up beside cryotek....raining null laser fire on the cassette.

"Where there's one of them... the other musn't be far behind! Keep your guard up!"

2004-09-19, 04:26 AM
Corridors, Metrotitan

Ratbat was only slightly surprised when Slugfest jumped into the fray.

Soundwave must be nearby...and most likely Overkill, too.

"Megaplex, Ransack, blast through the door and deal with our traitor."

Shoot this, shoot that...I'm a scout plane, not a tank!

Nevertheless, Ransack obeyed his orders, drawing his laser pistol and firing blasts into the frozen door.

Outside Metrotitan

Hot Rod was thrown around by Dai's maneuvers and the incoming fire. He held onto the hatch's frame for dear life.

Scorponok continued to spray fire from his battery of twin pulse blasters, unconcerned about potential friendly fire mishaps. Drawing nearer to the Autobots, he began amassing electrical charge in his tail for a decisive strike.

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-19, 04:48 AM

Roadblock’s sensors picked up all the commotion coming from outside and immediately headed out the nearest exit. Seeing Dai Atlas obviously planning his escape he jumped out from both his vehicle and humanoid shells, and transformed into his rust-bomb equipped futuristic tank mode, and had his humanoid shell transform into its windcruiser mode. Than he and both his shells plowed towards the massive Autobot, his vehicle shell firing its photon-shatter cannons, well his humanoid shell flew up to meet the Autobot with both of its plasma cannons firing, and his inner robot lobed rust-bomb at him.


With Chromia

Having his pretender shell catch up to him, Crossblades quickly combines with it into his supersonic helicopter mode. “Hey no worries boss! I can take care of my self you know!” He called to Chromia “Now you better do as the big boss said and get on first, since I can fly I can get on in the air if need be and if worst comes to worst I can simply follow behind if need be! And As I told you before boss I was in the top of my class when it came to flying!”

Random Sweep
2004-09-19, 05:29 AM
Icepick saw the giant Autobot exit metrotitan

This one is too big for us indiviually

" Pretenders unite!" He yelled

As the Pretender monsters united an aura of evil surrounded the new form.

Monstructor looked up at the Autobot and judged the distance. then he engaged his boosters and lept, seeking to gain a ahnd hold on Dai-Atlas

Brave Maximus
2004-09-19, 07:18 AM
Dai Atlas fired his nose cannons at Monstructor and then circled around Metrotitan one last time. Windrazor's missile attack came in hot and fast. Barely managing to fire off some chaff, Dai Atlas still shook and dropped hard. His right engine sputtered, with the disruption of air into it. Pumping extra energon into the engine, it flared back into life - but not with out a side effect. Because of the transfer of power - His weapons were now empty.

He droped down hard to the deck, flying a foot at most off the ground. Opening his main hatch Dai Shouted over the comm:

"Chromia, Blurr NOW!!!!!!!"

2004-09-19, 10:29 AM
Slugfest danced around and dodged the hail of blaster bolts for all he was worth, but he not intelligent enough to keep this sort of activitiy going - he would be hit soon enough.

Slugfest ran as Screamer, jumped on his chest and vaulted right over him and continued to run as fast as his legs would carry him.

"Slugfest not staying for slaging" he shouted as he sped into the shadows.


Soundwave heard the shots outside his hiding place. It was to be expected that other Decpeticons would have traced his transmission to Ratbat.

Overkill pressed himself into the dark corner in the room, ready for the strike that would be closing in.


In the airvents above Astrotrain's office Ravage punched through the metal grill and dropped silently to the floor. He glanced ceiling-ward to see Laserbeak swooping down beside him. Laserbeak dropped to the desk in the room and patched through a link to both the communications officer and the tannoy system within Metrotitan.

"Soundwave..." he hissed. "we are ready!"


Soundwave received the message from Laserbeak and began to speak through the communications link he had with the condor, which in turn was relayed through the city's tannoy system.

"DECEPTICONS!" he spoke. "Metrotitan is currently under my control. The current leadership is unstable and weak and under this system the Decepticon cause has become comprimised. I intend to impose a new leadership over the Decepticon army, one that will lead us through to victory. If you are with me, then join us!..."

2004-09-19, 11:54 AM
Windrazor laughed as he tracked Dai Atlas. As he activated his radar system, an overlay of the ground appeared on his HUD, and on it, Dai Atlas with his cargo bay doors open. His tracking systems were specially designed for air-to-ground action, and now, this time, he wouldn't miss.

He heard the familiar beep of his launchers reloading and becoming active, and as soon as they were, he fired at the practically grounded form of Dai Atlas.

2004-09-19, 12:15 PM
Predaking lumbered around looking for Ratbat.

Predaking: "Hmmm ... Ratbat, hard to find."

Predaking decided to split into his individual components.

Razorclaw: "Damn that filthy bat!"

Tantrum: "Easy ... we still have to find him first. Remember he might know where he is located now."

The Predacons pause as they hear commotion down the corridor, slowly they draw their guns and swords and move up the corridor to find Ratbat floating there.

Razorclaw: "Arrgghh ... what are your orders?"

Random Sweep
2004-09-19, 12:53 PM
The blast caught Monstructor in the shoulder gouging a section of armour out, however this only enrages the evil gesalt even more.

Monstructor took aim with his solar rifle and fired off a massive blast at Dai Atlas

2004-09-19, 01:29 PM
Slugfest ran a brief diagnostics scan of his system. He hurt from the blaster fire. The scan revealed that there were several areas of sever damage to his hind quarters - he glanced around to see smoke pouring from his back end.

"Slugfest pain!" he retorted to himself.

2004-09-19, 01:53 PM
Cryotek looked as the doors opened and Slugfest limped away.

"Hold up. Before you guys go in and get jumped by the robo-cassette-army let me do something." Cyrotek aimed on of his liquid nitrogen filled torpodos at the door.

"You know Sony doesn't like me. If anyone wants to join a bore like you I would be amazed." He growled and fired the missile into the room.


Piranacon saw Monstructor and a large number of other cons running to wipe Dai off the planet.

"Piranacon help smash large target!" He screamed and opened fire with another massive barrage at the gaint ship.

Lord Zarak
2004-09-19, 02:46 PM
"Affirmative" replied Shockwave as Soundwave's message permeated the airwaves.

"Scorponok concentrate fire upon Metrotitans weaponry. We must nuetralise the threat he poses to us. Rat Bat I suggest we work together to remove Soundwave from a position of influence. Can you use your link as a cassette to reason with him?"

2004-09-19, 05:37 PM
As Dai hovered off the ground, Chromia and Blurr sped inside.

Blurr transformed and went over to the door opening and called out to Crossblades.


Inside Dai, Chromia transformed back into her bot mode.

"Blurr! Help me with these two."

She picked up Firestar and placed her on a table, glancing back to make sure that Blurr was taking care of Astra.

Blurr frowned as he picked up Astra and her parts and put her on the table next to Firestar.


Chromia looked over at him and saw the anguish in his expression.

"It was a Decepticon, Blurr. You know how they are."

I can't tell him it was Runner. It's would break his spark......

"Dai! Is everyone else on board yet?"

Making sure that Blurr was watching the two femmes, she limped slightly over to a chair and sat down.

2004-09-19, 07:23 PM
Outside Metrotitan

Scorponok made an irritated noise at Shockwave’s order, but he knew it made sense. While continuing to fire his array of twin pulse blasters at Dai Atlas, he discharged his tail-mounted electrical cannon at Metrotitan’s guns. The electricity was too spread out to do any physical damage, but it managed to short the guns' firing circuits temporarily.

Once again, he began to charge his electrical cannon.

“Metrotitan’s guns will be of no use to Soundwave now,” he told Shockwave.

Hot Rod winced as he saw the mangled femme that Chromia dragged aboard.

Those Decepticreeps! How could they?

Leaning out Dai Atlas’ open hatch, Hot Rod drew a bead on Windrazor. However, before he could fire an incoming blast from Scorponok caught him in the torso. Huge chunks of his chest were burned away and vital fluids sprayed out of the wound. The force of the blast slammed Hot Rod against the far bulkhead of Dai’s passenger compartment.

Corridors, Metrotitan

Ratbat laughed out loud at Soundwave’s broadcasted call to arms, then replied to Shockwave. “That may not be necessary; the traitor will be in custody momentarily.”

He turned to the Predacons. “Razorclaw, Rampage, help Cryotek capture Soundwave. Divebomb, Tantrum, Headstrong, guard the corridor.”

As soon as Cryotek’s missile had flown through the doorway, Ransack ducked into the room. He held his laser pistol out in a training-holo pose and looked around the room for enemies.

God Jinrai
2004-09-19, 07:32 PM
Screamer held out his arm, keeping the two predacons from entering.

"No, Ratbat. This one.. is MINE. Cryotek. I'm going in there. If soundwave can manage to get past me... destroy both of us. I'm not going to give gigatron the satisfaction of seeing me grovel at his feet any longer."

Starting up to the doorway, screamer armed his null ray cannons, and took one step inside. there may not have been an overtly large amount of light, bug there was enough to see three feet in front of him.... the attack would come. he knew it. Overkill was the only cassette left to contend with... and if there was one thing Screamer knew how to do, it was exploit weaknesses.


2004-09-19, 08:38 PM
the explosion of the door to the room cut Soundwave off in his rallying call to overthrow the current leadership. He needed just a little longer to get his message through.

He spotted Decepticon figures moving through through the dust, guns at the ready...

Overkill reared up and lunged savagely at Screamers back as he entered the room.

God Jinrai
2004-09-19, 09:51 PM
starscream was sent flailing to the ground... he wasn't going to be able to simply roll over because of his wings... but rather than lie there and let overkill try to kill him...

" Well. you've got some nerve, you half-witted dinosaur."

screamer didn't feel any weight on his back, so he'd guessed Overkill's assault was simply intended to put him on the ground... bringing himself into a squat, he turned to face the direction his assailant had came from.

2004-09-19, 11:13 PM
In Astrotrain's Office

Nightracer's optics narrowed when her shoot missed, yet she was glad that Laserbeak hadn't seemed to notice. Nightracer watched as Laserbeak flew down to the desk and as Ravage joined his "brother" cassetticon.

Nightracer silently laughed when Soundwave's message hit the airwaves. Soundwave may be useful, but she would be surprized if anyone would follow him as a leader. Nightracer aimed her rifle at Ravage and fired.

2004-09-20, 12:10 AM
Gigatron fluttered backward as rapidly as he could at noting the impending collapse of the ceiling. He watched Frenzy's burial with disinterest, only a few shards of twisted metal falling on his head. A falling beam capped the chaos; silence ensued in the wake of the vibrations. Gigatron transformed to his robot mode, dropping Reflector to do the same.


Gigatron glared at the mound for a moment.

"Dig him out and make sure he's subdued. I have a traitor to destroy."

Gigatron spun on his heel and transformed to his formula mode, racing off through the halls of the Command Deck. Reflector hurried to the pile of Metrotitan's shattered innards and began digging to get at Frenzy.

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-20, 12:27 AM
Near Dai Atlas

Putting himself in high gear Crossblades speed into Dai Atlas and decombined into both his inner robot’s and shell’s humanoid modes. As he slumped to the ground his wounds begin to leak Energon, as the crack in his right arm increased in size reveling more inner circuitry. “See I told you I’d make it boss, now if you’d excusive me I think I’ll take a brief nap, wake me when we get home.” With that he powered down for the trip back.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-20, 12:42 AM
With the Technobots fleeing the area as well, Dai Atlas closed the main hatch as the last of his troops entred. Energy blasts were raining down on the Powered Master and only his Zodic enhanced armour was keeping them alive.

This Windrazor is fast, but can he go orbital?

"Autobot's! Hold on, I'm going to used all the power I have!"

Dai Atlas curves up in a quick arc, throwing all spare energon into his engines. They turned a brilliant blue\white and all his sensors dimmed. The internal lights in his troop compartment went out and the g-forces threatened to squish the Autobots against the back wall. The ground scorched below the giant Autobot and Dai Atlas rockted up, after a few moments he turned the arc a little bit - pointed towards North America.

2004-09-20, 01:25 AM
Chromia watched in horror as Hot Rod was blasted across the room.

"Hot Rod!"

As she ran across to catch him, Dai took that moment to rocket out of the atmosphere.

As she was finally able to stand backup, she noticed that Crossblades was also wounded. She was leaking a bit of energon herself from two minor wounds, but she was still able to walk.

She looked back and summoned Kup.

"Kup! Get Crossblades, I'll take care of Hot Rod. Dai! We have wounded. Get a move on back to base!"

She knelt beside his still form, and shook her head. She looked hurridly around the cabin, looking for anything to slow the flow of fluids.

"Blurr! I need your help, c'mere."

She put both of her hands across the gaping wound on his chest, trying to slow the leak. "Find me a med kit. See if Dai has one stored for emergencies. And I need you to keep an eye on Firestar and Astra, okay?"

"Dai! Send a message to base. Tell them to prepare for our wounded. Make sure they have one of the medbays prepped ASAP. And check your rear. Make sure we're not being followed."

She looked back down at Hot Rod.

C'mon kid! Don't die on me............

Random Sweep
2004-09-20, 02:16 AM
Scorpinok command deck

Scalple watched as Dai atlas made his escape. Lamenting the loss of such a perfect object of study, he sullenly made a call to Ratbat .

"Ratbat this is Scalple. The Autobots have fled the area. " He stated. "What is the situation with Soundwave?"

Brave Maximus
2004-09-20, 02:18 AM
"Chromia, there is a med kit at the back of the cargo compartment. I'll radio as soon as I have the power to do so. Hold on though - there's still Decepticon's following us. I can't spare the power from the engines to give you any more."

Dai Atlas continued his mad assent towards the heavens and hopefully salvation......

2004-09-20, 03:53 AM
Razorclaw did not like the idea of bringing down soundwave, but he had too follow Ratbat's orders. He didn't care about Starscream's pride.

Razorclaw: "Rampage, your with me, Headstrong, Tantrum and Divebomb stay tight, we'll back in a minute."

Razorclaw and Rampage went into the room with guns out and swords charged. They went into the room with and saw Overkill standing on Starscreams back. Rampage held up hisgun ready to fire while Razorclaw held up his sword.

Razorclaw: "Listen little one, I'll give you a chance to surrender, if you don't I'll cut you up like paper. Surrender now or DIE!"

2004-09-20, 04:02 AM
Outside Metrotitan

(OOC: I'm afraid the Technobots really can't stay here, so...they'll be considered 'Enroute back to Autobase' until Cyborg gets back)

Abominus couldn't get within arm's reach of the Technobots before they fled, heading towards North America at a rate far faster than the Terrorcon combiner could follow. Abominus could do no more than shake his massive fist and howl in rage.

Scorponok thundered, "The Autobots shall not escape!"

Once more, his parts began to shift into a different configuration. After several seconds, he stood in robot mode, towering over even Abominus.

The citycon's main thrust engines engaged, lifting him off the ground on the same arc that Dai Atlas had followed. His dual pulse blaster array continued to spray cannonfire at the Autobot shuttle, and he let loose with a flurry of blasts from his fusion-powered anti-gravity rifle.

Within Dai Atlas

Hot Rod didn't answer Chromia; he was too busy watching his life flash before his eyes. His optics grew dim as he fell into unconsciousness.

Corridors, Metrotitan

Ratbat nodded to Starscream, but before he could confirm the Seeker's orders the Predacons had entered the room. He shrugged, then replied to Scalple. "It is quickly drawing to a close."

2004-09-20, 04:03 AM
Cryotek smiled and stood at the doorway ready to fire an ice blast or torpedo. Though if he felt really nasty ripping the spark from someone could also be fun.

"Party is over Tapedeck. Your stuck here like a petrorabbit and my guess is when Gigatron gets here your going to be stuck like one too. And...." He pressed a button on his arm.

"That should reboot Metrotitan and give the antivirus I made time to work. I am sure you have some safeguard set up but don't think I didn't give copies of my program to others as well." He raised his mouth into the room, steam coming from the ice being exposed to the warm air.

"Now chuckles I think you lost." He stood ready for any other tapes or Soundwave's last stand.

Random Sweep
2004-09-20, 04:07 AM
Scorpinok command deck

" Well seeing as Scorpinok has decided to chase the Autobots, I will have to wait, however when I return I offer my services to question the prisoner... If there is anything left of him." Scalple replied to Ratbat

2004-09-20, 05:47 AM
Metrotitan's Medbay

Carnivac entered the medbay and looked around. Deadend was talking to a metrodrone while it fixed a wound in his side. Wildrider was wandering around the room, acting like a human in a ...human store. Carnivac wondered if the medbay would still have all it's laser scalples when Wildrider left.

Deadend's repair job was over before Carnivac's barly began. " I can do the paint job." Deadend told the metrodrone.

Deadend preferred to do his own paint job when ever he could find the time for it and always kept the right colors of paint in his room along with most of his cleaning supplies. With that in mind, Deadend made sure that Wildrider put down all the scalples he had picked up and left. Wildrider's complains about having to give up his new toys could be heard down the hallway.

As metrodrones worked on Carnivac and his shell, Carnivac was already making plans for revenge on those Autobots that did this to him. Not only that, they had interupted his hunt.It would have to be something interesting, something long, and very very painful. He wasn't quite sure what it would be, but Carnivac know that the next time he saw a human in a car run over an animal, it would be the last thing the human did.

2004-09-20, 06:35 AM
"Quite right, Scorponok!" Windrazor howled, opening up with a full salvo of missiles, targetted at Dai Atlas's rather large engines.

As soon as the missiles were away, he interfaced with his shuttle's remote control system, which peeled away from firing at the Technobots, and instead arced up into the sky. Windrazor did the same, and as the hatch slid open, he transformed into robot mode, flew inside, and cooly landed in the cockpit.

"Right, let's kill," he smirked as he ran a quick systems check. The tough shuttle had taken no damage from the attack on the Autobots, and the weaponry was still fully charged. He grabbed at the pilotting controls, and plotted an intercept course with Dai Atlas, designed to follow him into orbit.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-20, 07:46 AM
Dai Atlas was easily at escape velocity when the attack came. His speed and trajectory had taken them into a low orbit, in what he hoped would be a relativly smooth trip. Just after the apex of the arc, though, things went wrong.

2 Missiles and a salvo energy bolts took out his starboard engine, taking the exaustport clean out and leaving the main housing in shambles. The energy back lash crippled half of the energon circuts to the other one, and that was the good news......

The impact rocked the giant Autobot and sent him spiraling out of control. It also took him out of the low orbit and sent him quickly down to earth..... again.

His voice came over the internal comm:

"Here's the situation: One engine gone, the other is working at less than half capacity. With our tragetory and speed, I can get us back to North America - no problem. The bad news is, I have no power for landing gear, retrothrusters, enertia Dampeners or anything else to make the landing pretty. I also don't glide well - they don't call me a Powered Master for nothing. So the landing is going to be ugly. I'll try and get us in so you survive.

"Also, there's a Decepticon shuttle and what looks like Scorponok on our tail - my sensors are shot so I couldn't tell you more. So basically, when I say, hold on to what ever you can."

He then opened his comm, put what ever power he could into the transmitter and sent out an all-Autobot distress call.

"This is DAI ATLAS to any friendly unit. We are coming down HARD. Flight systems are out. Sensors are out. I'm flying on half an engine. I have 3 Critically injured Autobots in my hold, soon to be more. Better yet I have 2 Decepticons on my tail, One of which is Scorponok. All Availible Autobots to ...... The old resting place of the Ark. I repeat, All Availible Autobots to the Ark. Have all medics ready to go when we land........"

I pray they can hear me and reach us in time. After this landing, we'll be easy pickings for those two Decepticons....

Lord Zarak
2004-09-20, 10:19 AM
Shockwave had made his way to the command deck of Scorponok.

"Why have we chased after this interloper? It was illogical to leave our base of operations as Soundwave was mounting a coup."


Overlord made his way to Metrotitan after recharging. He was slightly angered after missing the Autobots.

"What's happened here" he growled, eyes narrowed, to no-one in particular, but expecting an answer anyway.

2004-09-20, 01:30 PM
Piranacon saw overlord outside.

"Autobots attack, Soundwave tries to take over Metrotitan and other Decepticons trying to slag Soundwave." Then the combiner disengaged.

"And speaking of that come on boys we get to fry a traitor!" Snaptrap yelled as the six Seacons went in screaming through one of the holes blasted by Dai Atlas.

Lord Zarak
2004-09-20, 03:35 PM
Overlord charges past the other five Seacons and directly follows Snaptrap.

"I'm not missing out on this. Slagging traitors is a close second to slagging Autobots."
He brought out his cannon out of subspace. As he did so, light from inside Metrotitan caused it to flash.

Random Sweep
2004-09-20, 04:44 PM
Scorpinok command deck

Scalple turned and faced Shockwave .
" I agree " he aswered " However I don't think I want to argue with Scorpinok right now " after a pause he continued " Then again I don't think i would argue with him at all."

2004-09-20, 04:58 PM
Thetechno bots saw that something was wrong they were dodging blasts unable to merge cause of the firing.

"Technobots retreat to a new location.", scattershot yelled as he ran out of ammnition. All five of them transformed and took off at there maximum team speed. Scattershot flewdown and picked up Nosecone, Strafe picked up afterburner and lightspeed sped off as fast as he could after his brothers.

Dais transmisstion came over their com when they were a good distance away. "This is DAI ATLAS to any friendly unit. We are coming down HARD. Flight systems are out. Sensors are out. I'm flying on half an engine. I have 3 Critically injured Autobots in my hold, soon to be more. Better yet I have 2 Decepticons on my tail, One of which is Scorponok. All Availible Autobots to ...... The old resting place of the Ark. I repeat, All Availible Autobots to the Ark. Have all medics ready to go when we land........"

"Dai we can help you just please stay in one peice." Scattershot noticed he was missing a person so he whent and picked up lightspeed. THey then sped off aftert dai at there maximum speed. Strafe and scattershot pushed themselves to the limit as they got closer and closer to Dia Atlas.

"Dia when we tell to cut your engins do it we have a plan."

The techies released themslevs in mid air and formed computron above Dai out of now were. It seems there radar jammer that was worked on works pretty darn well! They turned in to there combiner form and landed on top of Dai.

"Dai we are going to steer you like what the humans call a surf board." Computron looked at the shuttle followin gthem and took aim with his corrosive blasters. "Eat Acid Pellets" and opened fire.

2004-09-20, 07:43 PM
Soundwave's Quarters

Sunstorm chucked while glaring around the room and pacing up and down somewhat.

"Well this is tedious..."

Corridors, Metrotitan

Megaplex, after previously firing on the door also, lowered his cannon and stood ready.

2004-09-20, 07:52 PM
Windrazor yanked hard on the controls of the shuttle, pulling it out of the line of fire of Computron's guns. Then, he opened fire on the gestalt while bringing the shuttle in a wide arc through the air, temporarily out of range of the gestalt's guns, and into formation with Scorponok.

"Windrazor to Scorponok. Prepare to attack."

2004-09-20, 10:10 PM
Overkill leapt from Screamers back and lunged violently at Rampage, claws outstretched reaching for Rampage's throat...

Soundwave watched the carnage unfolding before him, he saw too many Decepticons at the entrance to this chamber. The plan had failed. Laserbeak had been ineffectual in his work. Soundwave broadcast an internal S.O.S signal to those remaining cassetticons still on the lose. The vibrations within Metrotitan had stopped so Frenzy and Rumble were out of action. Ratbat was a traitor. Slugfest had presumably been overcome also if these Decepticons had gotten in. It was only a matter of time before Overkill was overcome by the Predacons. That left Ravage and Laserbeak. His future had some security if some of his cassetticons were functioning....

Seconds later he transformed from Decepticon to Boombox. From the speakers of boombox mode he commenced a sonic audio assault signal pitched at a level that would prove harmful to those transformers in the direction of the blast, Overkill included...


Laserbeak and Ravage received Soundwave's signal simultaneously - the plan had failed. Laserbeak stretched out a sharp pair of talons and grabbed Ravages body. The pair rose to the ventilation duct from which Ravage had just burst. Laserbeak deposited Ravage into the duct and then the pair sealed the grille shut. They started to retreat into the vent...


Slugfest received the S.O.S also.
"Slugfest danger. Safety."

God Jinrai
2004-09-20, 10:23 PM
Starscream saw soundwave's transformation... and dove to one side behind the decepticon's desk...

" GET OUT OF THE WAY!" he shouted, despite knowing the predacons wouldn't listen... hey, it was their funeral. As the wave passed him, he rose from behind the desk, sighting soundwave up....

"This is for thinking YOU could pull off a coup when I couldn't."

Screamer opened fire, both barrels with his nulls rays.

2004-09-20, 11:47 PM
Soundwave’s Hideout

The tapedeck’s sonic assault overloaded Ransack’s audio circuits, and the young scout collapsed to the ground in agony.

Ratbat hovered at the entrance to the chamber, watching the fight with a look of manic glee in his optics.

Victory is assured!

Pursuing Dai Atlas

Scorponok’s circuits whirred as he mulled over Shockwave’s statement. Finally he said, “You are correct. The Autobots the lesser threat. Returning to base.”

“Negative, Windrazor. Securing our base is our first priority.”

The giant city’s thrusters began to burn with less intensity, and he began to slowly descend into the atmosphere. Back down to Carbombya and Metrotitan.

Within Dai Atlas

Hot Rod lay insensate within the crashing shuttle, disjointed images flying through his mind.

His first sight of Earth, driving off of the Autobot shuttle and staring in awe at the world, so different from Cybertron.

Driving to the summit of Lookout Mountain with Daniel, who was hoping to catch a glimpse of the descending shuttle.

Standing at Optimus Prime’s deathbed, watching in wonderment as he revealed the Matrix of Leadership.

On Quintessa, fighting a hopeless battle against a pit full of Sharkticons.

Inside Unicron, forcing back horror and rage as Galvatron stepped forward with the Matrix hanging around his neck.

On Cybertron, surrounded by friends and comrades who now treated him as if he was some sort of messiah, declaring what would turn out to be a premature end to the war.

On Goo, watching helplessly as Springer was torn apart by a glorified garbage truck.

Inside the Matrix, hearing of the Quintesson role in the creation of the Transformer race from Optimus Prime and other ancient Autobots.

On the Autobot flagship, fighting the twisted zombie of the Autobot he had respected the most in life.

Infected with the Hate Plague, fighting with all his might but still unable to stop this impossible white ghost of Optimus from tearing out a part of his very soul.

On Nebulos, meeting the small fleshling who would be his partner for many years to come.

Futility and shame, unable to resist as the creature that called itself Javelin possessed his body.

Anger and confusion upon first sight of the bizarre mirror image of himself that went by the name Rodimus Convoy.

Grief and wrath, blasting Sharkticons with one hand and carrying the bloodied corpse of Firebolt in the other.

The Autobot’s optics brightened slightly and he let out a small moan. His optics scanned the interior of the shuttle without actually seeing it. Then he faded back into unconsciousness.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-20, 11:55 PM
Dai Atlas lurched under the weight of Computron, his one remaining engine screaming to keep them aloft. His voice boomed out over the comm:

"COMPUTRON! I'm a shuttle and not aerodynamic. Get off or I'm going to crash sooner! If you want to help, Fly underneath me and take some strain off my engine!"

OOC: Going over to the Autobot thread, as well, that's where we're heading

2004-09-21, 12:02 AM
Nightracer glared at the ventilation duct the two cassetticons had disappeared into, then at the hole in the wall her shot had made. Nightracer was pretty sure she would have had Ravage if Laserbeak hadn't grabbed the other cassetticon when he did.

Nightracer looked at the ventilation duct one more time, sighed, and openned up a comlink " Nightracer to Anyone, Ravage and Laserbeak have just entered the ventilation shafts from," Nightracer looked around the room again " Astrotrain's office and are on the move."

Nightracer closed the comlink, while wondered when Astrotrain had gotten an office, and what else had happened during her "forced vacation." South America had been so nice this time of year.

2004-09-21, 12:25 AM
Razorclaw and Rampage ahd fallen to the floor at the same time with their hands over theirs, despretaely trying to proctect themeselves. While their audio sensors Razorclaw could still speak.


Divebomb walked into the room and turned his audio sensors off.

Divebomb: "I've had enough of this" --- he grabbed his sword and charged it to full power and shot the roof. Giving off a tempory light source, letting the 3 Predacons and Starscream see where Soundwave was hiding. --- "It ends now. Decepticons ... FIRE!"

2004-09-21, 03:52 AM
Soundwave's Hideout

Ratbat listened to Nightracer's transmission.

Don't recognise this one...she may be in cahoots with Soundwave. But it would be inefficient to leave it uninvestigated.

"Seacons, are you available to hunt down Ravage and Laserbeak?"

He finally replied to Scalple. "Prepare your equipment. I doubt he'll talk, but the interrogation could prove to be...amusing nonetheless. For those who enjoy such things, anyway."

2004-09-21, 03:56 AM
The Seacons arrived to see everyone dropping.

Snaptrap yelled to his comrades.

"Everyone audio sensors on protected mode, communicate through special frequencies only. Line up and away excution of the target Soundwave." He said as the other five Seacons drew their weapons.


Cryotek was at the side of the door when the audiowaves filled the area.

"Slag, the tape deck still has some tricks on the other hand. So do I." With that Chro flew out of a duct in the room headed straight at Soundwave in order to knock him off balance.

Cryotek knew what he was doing and if Chro was injured he would have plenty of time to fix him in one of the labs.

Random Sweep
2004-09-21, 05:00 PM

Scalple received Ratbats reply and without another word walked to the cargobay where Abominus had left the escape pod.

now he just hoped that enough was left of soundwave to get a little fun out of.


Stalking though Metrotitan, Glaring at anyone who might glance his way Banzai-Tron entered the medbay carrying the carcass of his partner Razorsharp who's spark had faded on the return trip from his confrontation with Prime.

After placing his former friends remains in a stasis pod, Banzai-Tron left to find the location of Ratbat

2004-09-21, 06:07 PM
Windrazor laughed as he saw Dai Atlas go down.
"Very well, Scorponok. We return to base."

The shuttle flew in a wide arc, before heading on a course back towards Metrotitan. As it crossed the perimeter, an automated signal flashed on the cockpit's HUD, guiding him in for a landing.

The shuttle touched down outside the entrance to the city, and Windrazor disembarked, before heading inside to find Gigatron.

2004-09-21, 09:55 PM
During Divebomb's momentary illumination of the room, it gave Overkill the opportunity he needed to throw himself in front of Starscream's volley of blaster fire. He fell to the floor in a smoking and charred pile.

Soundwave always fought right to the bitter end, but it was illogical and unproductive to try to prevent the inevitable. The plan had not been the success he had calculated, but these were the possibility risks he had taken, perhaps his message had reached enough transformers to destabilise the system... He felt himself under a hail of fire. Overkill had taken the worst of the last volley - loyalty was something Soundwave demanded and would reward highly when this was over. He strengthened his sonic scream to buy more time as he mentally prepared the last resort...

2004-09-22, 12:38 AM
Just as Divebomb was going to fire he saw the small Decepticon leap into the air and take an assault.

"Now thats guts." --- Divebomb had increased the power of his audio dampeners so that the larger sound assault wouldn't phase him. But his was getting an headache in a sense. "Damn you, you damn speakerbox!".

In a rage he let off a few shots at the place where soundwave was, hoping to hit him right in the speakers.

God Jinrai
2004-09-22, 12:38 AM
"NO! You're not gonna give us that trick again!" Screamer dove at soundwave, right fist cocked back. if there were any chance of finishing things quickly, this was it. take soundwave on in close quarters, and it was easy to avoid his sonics... simply by moving to one side. and it disallowed the possibility fo him dodging fire...

2004-09-22, 01:16 AM
Snaptrap laughed as Starscream dove at Soundwave.

"You know we were just going to slag the fool." He laughed.

"Hmm hunt down two jobberbots. In a bit I want to see how this turns out." He replied to Ratbat.

2004-09-22, 03:10 AM
Soundwave, you shall hurt for this!

Gigatron streaked through the halls of the command deck, following the trail of his subordinates to lead him to the traitor. He skidded around the corner leading into a rarely-used stretch of hall (mostly housing engineering rooms) and rocketed into it, his engine's blare echoing loudly on the narrow walls. Over the ring of the klaxons, he could hear the others ahead, but only one was visible: a small green dinocon trodding in the same direction, obviously a cassette.

"Traitor!" Gigatron cried as he hit the gas and set collision course for Slugfest. "I have a message for your master!"

2004-09-22, 03:59 AM
Outside Metrotitan

Scorponok's feet settled to the ground, carving deep pits into the desert. He shifted to scorpion mode and took up a position that allowed him to guard Metrotitan's main ramp.

Abominus continued to stand on the battlefield, roaring in impotent rage at the world.

Soundwave's Hideout

Ransack's face twisted into a mask of concentration. Forcing himself to move despite the great pain pounding in his skull, the scout climbed up to his feet. Unsure where his weapon had gone, he simply walked up to Overkill and started to kick the cassette while he was down.

Ratbat nodded to Snaptrap. "Acceptable."

Under normal circumstances he would have ordered the Seacons away with some venomous line about 'inefficiency', but he was enjoying Soundwave's comeuppance too much to distract himself with an argument.

2004-09-22, 02:26 PM
The huge gestalt grabed dai atlas and fired his own boosters. With a quick motion he took a few well placed shots at the shuttle behind them. "Dai I cant hold us up too long, We need to land! Dai? can you handle a large storm? we might be able to lose them in that sandstorm."

2004-09-22, 03:12 PM
(OOC @ Cyborg: Dai's already crashed. See the Autobot thread)

Random Sweep
2004-09-22, 05:02 PM
Once Scorpinok had landed Scalple exited the Fortress and headed over to Metrotitan.



Banzai-Tron heard sonds of battle down one corridor, when he got there he found a group of decepticons gathered outside a doorway.

"Ratbat, you seem to know whats going on around here, I need someone to create a specific weapon for me."

Peering into the room Banzai-Tron shhok his head " What is taking you so long, I think you have him outnumbered."

2004-09-22, 06:11 PM
Starscream's right fist connected painfully with Soundwave and the boombox landed on the floor of the chamber. At the same time, Soundwave implimented the last step of his contingency plan - as the Decepticon's communications officer he knew the sorts of tortures he might endure. So, to prevent them doing anything to him, he would switch off his internal memory and effectively completely shut himself down. It was a difficult thing to do to oneself, but he knew how.

As he landed on the ground, he implimented the shutdown, effectively becoming nothing more than a boombox until the time was right to be re-activated...Ravage, Laserbeak and any of his surviving cassetticons would know what to do.

OOC: With so many Deceps in this room, I didn;t want to drag thigns out any more.


Slugfest knew that Gigatron was dangerous. Ignoring the pain he ran as hard as his little dino legs would carry him.

God Jinrai
2004-09-22, 11:38 PM
Screamer took ahold of the blue cassette player, lifting it to his face...

"Slag it." he muttered. " you WOULD shut yourself down, now WOULDN'T you, Soundwave..."

Turning, he stared out at the predacons, then down at the damaged form of overkill...

" We've got our traitor... for all the good it'll do us... The blasted pit spawn threw himself offline. We can't even access his memory unit... UNLESS..." a twisted smirk crept across his face... "Well... we'll have to see what Gigatron has to say about this first."

Screamer stepped over the downed Overkill, glaring at Ratbat.

"Make sure you remember who it was that brought your former master down, Ratbat. And make sure that gigatron hears it from you as well as I."

nodding in a sign of remote respect, Starscream turned the cassette player in his hand, staring down at the clear portion where his tapes would have been kept.

His optics narrowed as he remembered something.

" Razorclaw... you and your predacons love the hunt, correct? Then let's put those tendencies to good use: Ravage and Laserbeak are still missing. Find them."

2004-09-23, 03:43 AM
Soundwave's Hideout

Ratbat nodded briefly to Banzai-Tron. "We do. And we won. Now, as to your weapon...I don't believe we have any active weapons specialists, but Cryotek here is apparently talented with technology. He may be able to assist you."

He turned to Starscream. "Yes, you did a good job. Very efficient. You will recieve all due credit in my report. But now we should begin taking inventory of our losses. I assume you'll deal with the traitor in an appropriate manner; I have other business to attend to."

The cassetticon flew over to the nearest com panel, transformed, and slotted inside it.

"Attention all Decepticon forces, the traitor Soundwave has been apprehended. All those who conspired with him are either dead, captive, or fleeing. Lord Gigatron's authority over the city is unchallenged. Let that be a lesson to any who think to betray him in the future.

"All forces without specific orders to the contrary are restricted to a one mile radius around Metrotitan until further notice; anyone attempting to flee will be written off as a traitor and destroyed. Scorponok and Abominus will remain on-station to ensure that this is enforced. Ratbat out."

He switched the broadcast to a more private channel.

"Thrust, Sunstorm, stand down. If you want more work, report to my office; otherwise you can take off-duty time. Icepick, Scrapper, I have need of your teams; report to my office at once."

Ratbat switched off the comm, ejected and transformed. "Ransack, Megaplex, take Overkill to the brig before the null rays wear off. It would be inefficient to let him run free."

The cassetticon fluttered off to his office, a pulse of smug satisfaction running through his circuits.

With the sonic assault no longer a factor, Ransack stopped kicking Overkill. He picked up his pistol and subspaced it, then tried to lift the cassetticon.

Tech Bay, Metrotitan

Scrapper replied, "At once, Ratbat." He walked into the hall, leaving the rest of his team to compile damage reports.

2004-09-23, 04:19 AM
Cryotek overheard a fair amount of the conversations going on and walked over to Ratbat and spoke up.

"I can help out Banzai-Tron, but I think I would be most useful in getting information out of Soundwave. Given my odd timing in being around here." He paused trying to think of a good way of saying he was stuck in the past from the future but really couldn't.

"I could probably get any data you want out of Sony Gone Bad here." He said.


Snaptrap looked at his men, nodded and they all lowered their weapons.

"Ratbat, would you like us to rejoin the Predacons or go do perimeter defense. Plus what of the tanker we just gather?" He asked.

2004-09-23, 04:29 AM
Corridors, Metrotitan

Ratbat shook his head at Cryotek. "Scalple will handle the interrogation, unless Gigatron wants to do it himself. However, you could be useful in other ways. Help Banzai-Tron, then find Scrapper. Your skills will be most useful for his assignment."

He turned to Snap Trap. "Yes, of course. The tanker. Leave the tapes to the Predacons; we need to get that Energon processed and warehoused. Scorponok's internal systems can take care of that; drag the tanker to him and then join Abominus on patrol."

2004-09-23, 05:07 AM
Cryotek let out a muted awwww and looked over to Banzai-Tron.

"Well lets goto my lab." Even thought the labs were Metrotitans he did call them his own. "And see what I can do for you." Not even a thanks for keeping the City bot from going nuts due to Tapedeck. No respect I tell you. He thought to himself.


Snaptrap nodded.

"Sure thing, we will bring the tanker to Scorpnok and get on patrol. Also we will grab some fuel somewhere along the line as well." He said as the group started to head to pick up the tanker.

2004-09-23, 05:17 AM

In his newly repaired pretender shell, Carnivac silently cursed at Ratbat's annoncement. Carnivac hated to be restricted like that. Looks like revenge will have to wait, Carnivac thought as he left the medbay.

Carnivac knew that this restriction wouldn't last forever and even if it did, something would happen. One thing Carnivac learned well, was that life as a Decepticon was never boring.

Nightracer's room

After leaving Astrotrain's office Nightracer looked around for the tapes; then headed to the room that had been hers, before her vacation. Upon reaching it, she was pleased to discover that no one else had claimed it as their own.

Nightracer entered the codes to open the door lock into the computer, and entered when the door slide open, it closed behind her. A quick scan around the room showed that no one had stolen from it while she was gone. Everything was where she left it.

Nightracer sat down in the only chair in the room and entered her computer, accessing all the past records of what happened to the other Decepticons during her "forced vacation," at least all she was allowed to access. By the time she was done reading, Nightracer was feeling shocked, confused and a bit glad she had been on a vacation. Unicron, the Chaos matrix, alternate reality portals, the dead not staying dead, and the squidheads taking over Cybertron...was a bit much for even her fuel pump.

Then there was the matter of a certain Firecon's death, Nightracer had found something in South America that she had wanted him to take a look at. Sparkstalker's death left a problem for her. Nightracer knew she didn't have the skills to do study it herself, she didn't trust Soundwave as far as she could throw him in his alt-mode, besides he was going to be busy for hopefully a long time, and the Constructicons probably wouldn't be interested since it couldn't be tortured.

2004-09-23, 07:41 AM
The former rebel leader and mercenary strode through the halls of Metrotitan as if he had all the right in the world to be there. Ignoring the battered and twisted hulks of Metrodrones he passed on the way, he marched straight towards the command centre. He noted the hole blasted in the side of the city and smiled wryly.

The Autobot responsible and his crew had paid dearly. Some by his own hand. He stepped into the lift, and waited as it rose to the command centre, fully expecting Gigatron to be present.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to see only a smattering of obviously subservient Decepticons running around, monitoring the stations.

"Where is Gigatron?" he asked one of them curtly.
"He went to assist in apprehending Soundwave and his traitors."
"Traitors, Autobot intruders. You get all the fun around here, don't you?"

He turned away from the worker, and stepped over to a comm panel before activating it.

"ACCESS DENIED, MESSAGE IN PROGRESS!" flashed across the screen, followed by a sibilant voice echoing from the speakers.

"Attention all Decepticon forces, the traitor Soundwave has been apprehended. All those who conspired with him are either dead, captive, or fleeing. Lord Gigatron's authority over the city is unchallenged. Let that be a lesson to any who think to betray him in the future.

"All forces without specific orders to the contrary are restricted to a one mile radius around Metrotitan until further notice; anyone attempting to flee will be written off as a traitor and destroyed. Scorponok and Abominus will remain on-station to ensure that this is enforced. Ratbat out."

Windrazor smiled. Looked like getting Gigatron's attention would be easier than he thought.

"Windrazor to Gigatron. I wish to speak with you. Immediately."

2004-09-23, 09:12 AM
Razorclaw heard Starscream and his optics widened.

"Of course." --- He turned around to Ratbat --- "You'll have your cassette brothers soon" --- As Razorclaw turned away a cetain anger rose inside of him. --- "Rampage, get Headstrong and Tantrum, tell them were going hunting. Divebomb with me."

Divebomb: "I can tell something is going on, what is it?"

Razorclaw: "That bat should be scrapped into iron ... but for the time sake we must listen to him."

The other three Predacons caught up and all of them turned into Beat mode, looking for the traitors Ravage and Lazerbeak.

2004-09-23, 12:06 PM
On the way out of the building the Seacons grabbed some Energon drinks to refuel.

"All nothing like a chilled energon brew before work." Tentikil laughed with his mates.

"Damn right!" Seawing shouted back as they neared the tanker.

"Ok guys enough talk let's do this." Snaptrap yelled as the group merged into Piranacon.

Piranacon grabbed the ship but was very careful not to accidently put his hands through the hull of the ship as he picked it up and started to carry it to processing.

Random Sweep
2004-09-23, 04:09 PM
Just as Soundwave was defeated, Scalple entered Metrotitan.

Making his way towards the disturbance Scalple caught sight of Ratbat .

He looks different now, but that is definatly him.

"Greetings Ratbat I am here to interrorgate Soundwave."


Icepick recieved the order.

"Affermative Ratbat " he replied.

" Everyone stay here, I will reurn with our orders " he told his team.


Banzai-tron looked over to Cryotek "Lead on" he said.

Lord Zarak
2004-09-23, 06:47 PM
It was a short time after the end of the attempted coup that Shockwave was analysing events in his office.

It appeared that the exit of Galvatron from the current Decepticon base of operations had left a small, but not inconsiderate, vacuum of power in the hierarchy of the Decepticons.

One reason that Soundwave and his co-conspirators took such an action was that Gigatron was not as forceful in his discipline. Another, is that the plan was in place for a period of time, and the departure of Galvatron was an ideal time to enact it. Either way, the fact that something like this could happen was worrysome, even to Shockwave. An unstable leadership would foster animosity and further disruption. Not an ideal situation for expanding the Decepticon cause.

Gathering his thoughts, he left his office, and made his way to Metrotitan.


Overlord exited again, and transformed into his base mode, allowing Giga and Mega to roam free of their own accord.

2004-09-23, 09:02 PM
Cryotek transformed back into robot mode as him and Banzai-Tron arrived at the door to one of the labs. Again sure it was Metrotitan's labs but to him it was his now. He reached out and entered a passcode into a keypad and two sliding doors opened.

Various tubes with different fluids could be seen in the room along with different machines and odds and ends buzzing or humming away. Chro flew over them both and perched on a beaker.

"Ok, what can I do for you." He said bringing up a holo-screen and a keyboard.

2004-09-23, 09:17 PM
Pistons pumped, sparkplugs fired, energon combusted at an incredible pace within Gigatron's dual engines. The explosive noise of a dozen top-fuel dragsters filled the tight corridor with the enhancement of Doppler echoes. Headlights shone on Slugfest's backside brighter and brighter as the space between them closed.

"If you want to live--"

Gigatron swerved abruptly, scraping the opposite wall and rocketing past Slugfest. He knew he could get more from a live minion than a dead traitor. Besides, he had more important things to do.

"--you'll not move!"

At the end of the hall, Gigatron bounded through a somersault transformation, using his open wings to slow himself as he descended laterally on Soundwave's hiding spot. His clawed feet drew sparks from the floor as he ground to a stop and looked inside.

"Well, what have we now?"

Gigatron fanned his head flares and opened a private frequency as he stepped into the chamber.

"This is Gigatron, Windrazor. Meet me in OQQ sigma hall immediately. I'd like to hear about your mission. Gigatron out."

With a heavy metallic stomp, Gigatron stopped just within the door to eye the situation. His hands floated naturally to his hips, and a smirk crossed his face.

"Ah, Starscream. I have so desperately been wanting to speak with you. Taking credit for your peers' job well done, hm? Why, I would be far from stunned to find out that you had actually had something to do with this from Soundwave's side..."

2004-09-23, 09:26 PM
Piranacon arrived at Scorpnok with the tanker.

"Where do you want this?" He asked the base.

2004-09-23, 09:38 PM
Windrazor smiled as he turned and left the command centre, casting contemptuous glances at the people working there. Transforming into jet mode, he shot along the corridors, swooping and gliding along the wide open spaces, revelling in showing off his flying prowess.

Soon, he deaccelerated sharply as he reached the chamber, and transformed, dropping to the ground with a thud.

He strolled forwards into the chamber, and glanced around at the bots in the room. Some, like Starscream, he recognised. Others, like Gigatron, he did not. However, he correctly guessed which one was the Decepticon Leader, and nodded to him.

"Gigatron. I have returned to offer my services to the Decepticon Empire," he stated, matter of factly.

God Jinrai
2004-09-23, 10:30 PM
Screamers optics were cold... they didn't burn the bright red that usually indicated a decepticon's furious state of mind...

without so much as a word, his mouth turned to a frown, then a neutral shape... throwing the cassette player at gigatron, he stepped past the decepticon leader, and started down the hallway.

In his mind, screamer was ripping gigatron a new exhaust port, fully detailing the events... But rather than risk losing his temper on the commander, he decided ratbat would be a more apporoprieate messanger.

Stalking down the hall, he stopped, just short of the next intersection... waiting for Gigatron to either reprimand him, or try to kill him while his back was turned.

Random Sweep
2004-09-24, 02:03 AM
Cryotek's lab

"What I need is for you to assemble the weapon from this datadisk " he said handing the disk to Cryotek
"What it is, is a katana with a straight blade, however it also had a personallity storage module and retractable interface spike in the pommel." he stated " When I spike into someones interface point, it will draw their spark into the blade."

2004-09-24, 02:38 AM
Cryotek looked at the plans and smiled evilly. Having made his spark extractor that is in his tail this should be a snap.

"I can do it. The only problem is I would need some rather rare earth alloys to do it. Shockwave or Ratbat has been on Earth or knows enough about where we or more importantly you could find the alloys I would need. Ask them if need be tell them to contact me and come back to me after." He explained.

Random Sweep
2004-09-24, 02:48 AM
Cryotek's lab

Banzai-Tron nodded " Give me a list of the alloys and quantities and i shall get them for you."

2004-09-24, 03:47 AM
Razorclaw and the Predacons seperated throught out the base, pasing other Decepticons as they passed, all of them had a secret comlink open.

Rampage: "Razorclaw, I don't think we'll be able to find them, they've probably split."

Tantrum: "I doubt it, they wouldn't leave until Soundwave was safe first."

Razorclaw: "Divebomb, where do you think they are?"

Divebomb: "I think ... " --- Divebomb transformed into robot mode and turned his scanning equipment on. He looks around the corridor he is on and sees nothing except --- "Nothing, not a god damn thing, they haven't passed through here ... except, those little bastards!"


Razorclaw: "Headstrong?" --- Silence --- "All predacons get in the vents now, Divebomb, find Headstrong, and find the quickest root from his position to were Soundwave is being held, we must find them, and remember" --- He looked up at the vents and smirked "If we can't find them, smoke them out."

2004-09-24, 03:55 AM
Scorponok lowered a ramp towards Piranacon.

"In the main cargo bay," he said. "I can process it there."

Corridors, Metrotitan

Ratbat nodded to Scalple.

Ah, yes. I recognise this one. He's been gone a long time. Most inefficient, but he should be useful.

"Report to Lord Gigatron; he should be nearby. Probably with Starscream."

The auditor entered his office, then opened a comlink to the Decepticons' commander. "Lord Gigatron, I've dispatched an interrogator to question the prisoners, if you require such services. I'll give you a formal report on the Soundwave situation momentarily, but I have some bookkeeping to deal with first. Ratbat out."

At that moment, Scrapper entered the room. Ratbat gestured vaguely for the Constructicon leader to sit and wait for the moment.

Random Sweep
2004-09-24, 05:35 AM
Icepick entered Ratbats Quarters.

"Whats the orders Ratbat " he said


Scalple nodded and went to find Gigatron

2004-09-25, 04:54 AM
Ratbat's Office

The accountant eyed the two team leaders who currently occupied the room. He gave out a small hiss, conveying amusement.

"The two of you are here because I'm assigning your teams to cleanup duty," Ratbat said. "Scrapper, you and Long Haul will report to cargo bay four. It should be empty enough for your task.

"Icepick, your team will patrol the city, collect any functional Metrodrones you find, and send them to Scrapper. With Metrotitan's systems down, we don't know how they'll behave; some will likely become confused and violent. Scrapper can give them all a checkup, and those who seem healthy will be released. It would be efficient to tag the checked ones in some way so they don't get sent back. Obviously, any that fail the test will have to be destroyed.

"While you're doing this, Hook will report to Medbay and effect repairs to our wounded, while the other Constructicons perform a damage assessment on the city's primary systems. Understood?"

Random Sweep
2004-09-25, 05:35 AM
Ratbats office

Clean up duty! we just finish a successful well executed mission for this bat and he gives up clean up duty! Icepick thought

however he was too loyal to question his orders

"It will be done Ratbat " he replied

2004-09-25, 06:44 AM
Nightracer's room

Nightracer sighed, then stood up. She had thought about her problem and had came up with what might be a solution. It was a long shot, but it might just work. Nightracer had never met Cryotek face to facemask; and didn't have as clear of understanding of what his function was, as she would like.

Still, at the very least Cryotek might be able to direct Nightracer to someone who could help her with the thing she found. After all what could it hurt to ask, Nightracer thought sarcastically, as she left her room and headed towards Cryotek's lab.

2004-09-25, 07:26 PM
Gigatron caught the projectile at arm's length, fully expecting it to be a grenade or a blade weapon; he looked down to see Soundwave's dormant tapedeck form in his palm. His optics turned up and to the left, following Starscream's exit down the hall. Gigatron looked down at Soundwave again with a smirk and a quiet chuckle.

He's learning.

Gigatron clicked an affirmative response to Ratbat as he began walking down the hall. He'd nearly forgotten that Windrazor was over shoulder, only thinking to respond as the alarms finally shut down.

"Windrazor, yes. I received your transmissions during the skirmish. It sounds as though you did quite well. Let's hear of your exploits."

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-26, 01:49 AM
ooc: again sorry for the delay, just some real word stuff came up.

Roadblock’s room

“Finally everything is back in order, took me long enough, I hope that Soundwave gets what’s coming to him!” Rubbing his head he mumbled to himself “Once again a bunch of Bots got away from me, this can’t look good to the commanders.” He than opened a channel to Ratbat. “Commander Ratbat, this is Roadblock is there any thing that you or another commander might need me for?”


In Scorpinok's air space

A shuttle with a Deception insignia circles above Scorpinok. “Scoppinok command This shuttle 139 carrying Deception Deathsaurus requesting landing clearance in nearest landing bay.”

Random Sweep
2004-09-26, 01:49 AM
Scalple found Gigatron

"I am Scalple, I am here to Interrorgate Soundwave."

2004-09-26, 04:03 AM
Ratbat's Office

Scrapper nodded in a businesslike manner. "I'll get my people on it immediately."

"Very well. You two are dismissed, then." Ratbat glanced at Icepick. "Your Pretenders will be given a more fitting duty when this is complete."

Scrapper headed out of the room, towards the assigned cargo bay.

Ratbat clicked on his comm unit, frowning. "Roadblock, I want you to find the one known as Nightracer and bring her to me. I wish to know how someone who isn't on our personnel roster happened to show up in the middle of a coup attempt. If she resists...then she must be treated as a liability. Understood?"

Tech Bay, Metrotitan

Scrapper ducked his head into the room. "Long Haul, with me. Hook, get to Medbay and relieve the Metrodrones. Scavenger, take Mixmaster and Bonecrusher and survey the city's primary systems for damage. Any questions?"

Long Haul spoke up. "Will I get to build things?"

"Of course not. You're transport. Any serious questions?"

"Why am I relieving the Metrodrones?" Hook asked. "Admittedly they won't be needed if we put my endless talent on the case, but their help would make things go faster."

"We can't trust them," Scrapper replied. "With their connection to Metrotitan down, Ratbat is afraid their systems will become corrupted. Send them to me in cargo bay four for checkup." He looked around. "Any more questions? Good. Move out."

The Constructicons set out to do their duties.


Scorponok's voice boomed out at Deathsaurus.

"Negative. Land near Metrotitan, then report to Lord Gigatron or one of his chief officers. Some recent...unpleasantness has made tighter security necessary."

2004-09-26, 06:40 AM
Stunticon's rooms

If Deadend could have rolled his optics, he would have. The Stunticons had returned to their rooms when they heard the higher-up's orders, complaining along the way. None of the Stunticons liked the orders, but they liked getting shot at by a citycon less. Still, it wasn't the orders that were giving Deadend a circuit ache, it was the fact that Dragstrip and Wildrider had descided that now was a good time for another of their pointless fights.

Deadend sighed as he waited for his paint job to dry.


Carnivac entered the armory, and started to look around. Carnivac was happy with his cannon, but the earlier fight with the Autobots had almost damaged it. If I hadn't put it in subspace before that Autobot glitch hit me, Carnivac thought as he looked at various weapons, I would be looking for a replacement right about now. It never hurt to be prepared for the next fight, and Carnivac knew what he was looking for, he just had to find it.

Random Sweep
2004-09-26, 07:42 AM
Ratbats office

Icepick nodded and headed out to inform his team

2004-09-26, 10:59 AM
Windrazor smiled an ironic smile.

"Well, Gigatron. It wasn't exactly a mission. For the last two million years or so, I've been in exile from Cybertron. My activities during this time had nothing to do with the Decepticons. They were mercenary in nature. But as you might be able to tell from the shuttle currently parked outside, I've been a very successful mercenary."

He paused, avoiding a Metrodrone that was scuttling down the corridor.

"There's no need to go into details. Besides, some of my employers would doubtless prefer I keep some confidentiality about my activities.

Aside from anything else, I don't know how much I can trust you yet he thought to himself.

Suffice is to say, my activities have taken me to places throughout the galaxy. While in a bar on Altranos Prime, I heard from a Kalaxian trader that the Quintessons had overrun my home.

I returned to Cybertron immediately, and confirmed the rumours for myself. Luckily my radar system picked up the ion trails of the ships that had headed to Earth - even after all this time. So I followed them, and here I am.

Cunning Ravage
2004-09-26, 03:40 PM
Roadblock’s room

“Understood commander I’ll contact you when I have something to report, Roadblock out.” With that he combined with his vehicle shell and opened a single to Metrotitan. “Metrotitan have your sensors come back online? Because if they have could you do a scan of any rooms currently occupied but not registered to a fellow Con for me?”


Deathsaurus’ shuttle

“Understood Scorpinok I’m heading over there now.” With that the shuttle turned toward Metrotitan and begin its decant. “Metrotitan command this is Deathsaurus I’ve been instructed by Scorpinok to land near this city and report to the highest ranking official available, could you tell me who is that currently is and than alert them that I’m coming?”

2004-09-26, 11:32 PM
ooc: Sorry about the slowness of this.


Megaplex lifted Overkill with Ransack and proceeded with him to the brig area.

Sunstorm's optics glowed in the darkness.

"Yes, that'll be fine Ratbat. A nice new piece of work for good ol' Sunstorm. Heh"

He began walking for Ratbat's Office.

2004-09-27, 03:47 AM
(OOC @ Cunning Ravage: Metro can't reply...he's in no shape to hear, let alone scan for anything)

Ratbat's Office

The fuel auditor nodded as Icepick left, then noted that his office's comm unit was picking up an incoming transmission directed at the city.

"Deathsaurus, this is Ratbat. You may report to me."

Corridors, Metrotitan

Ransack hefted his side of the cassetticon and sent a wry glance at Megaplex. "At least we're getting some weightlifting in, eh?"

Medbay, Metrotitan

Hook arrived and immediately made shooing motions to the medical Metrodrones. "All of you: cargo bay four, immediately."

Most of the drones complied, but one stared at him in confusion for a moment. The drone grabbed a large laser scalpel and charged the Constructicon. Hook blasted a hole in it's head with his laser pistol, then looked around the room.

"So who's in need of my wonderous surgical skills?"

Cargo Bay Four, Metrotitan

Scrapper and Long Haul entered the room just as several Metrodrones with medical markings walked in.

"Time to get to work," Scrapper said. He gestured at Long Haul. "Step aside and watch a true master at work. I'll let you know if your help is required."

2004-09-27, 04:04 AM
Razorclaw stalked his way through the ventalation shafts looking at a heat signuture, hoing to find something ... anything.

"All Predacons, report back to Ratbat. Divebomb, how is Headstrong?"

Divebomb: "He's fine' he just got phased, doesn't remember waht happened."

Razorclaw: "Fair enough, will find them later, we have better things to do then look for Cassettes ...".

2004-09-27, 07:45 AM
Thrust started walking to Ratbat's office. Hope whatever work he'll have for me will get me away from this radioactive freak, he thought.

2004-09-27, 11:00 AM
Megaplex looked coldly at Ransack before turning his head back and lifting Overkill a little higher.

"Perhaps if you halted your talking time this task would be over much quicker Ransack"

Sunstorm heard footsteps behind him and jumped around to face Thrust.

"Ah, it would appear we're going the same way. Wings' office eh? I'll give you a little walkover shall I"

2004-09-27, 08:29 PM
Gigatron smirked with Windrazor's report, his hands clasping naturally at the small of his back while he walked.

"You sound like a mechanism who doesn't much appreciate authority," he mused. "I respect that. How would you like--"

Gigatron's speech was interrupted by Scalpel's arrival, but his motion continued unerred. As he eyed up Scalpel (he had never seen this one before), Spectro jogged up with Frenzy's battered body in hand.

"The others are still being tracked, sir," Spectro stated. "They have not yet left the city."

Gigatron shrugged and flicked Soundwave's dormant tapedeck form through the air to Scalpel.

"Reflector will accompany you to the brig. Inform me at once with any information you glean from him."

Spectro hoisted Frenzy higher in a struggling salute, then nodded to Scalpel and began for the brig. Gigatron turned a corner into the main hall of the OQQ and continued at his medium pace.

"As I was saying, Widrazor. You certainly present yourself as a competent warrior. If you can prove your worth to me, I may have a job for you. Patrol the perimeter of the city from the air and destroy anyone you find entering or leaving unauthorized. I'll contact you shortly with further instructions."

Gigatron simply gave Windrazor one more good sizing-up before turning and opening the nearest door on the left side of the hall. He strode in and folded his arms.

"Ratbat, status report."