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2004-08-31, 06:28 PM

In an attempt to keep the Decepticons from using their old undersea headquarters as a base again, Red Alert, Dirge, Arcee, Sureshot and Bumblebee head off to the Nemesis in order to either bug it or destroy it.


Red Alert shifted around inside Dirge's cramped cargo bay. He didn't like the enclosed space, but he didn't have much choice in the matter.

"If you're ready, Dirge, take off."

The security officer pulled his particle beam rifle out of subspace and began to check the firing mechanisms.

Quick Switch
2004-09-03, 07:18 PM
Dirge transformed and flew off without another word.

2004-09-03, 11:55 PM
Red Alert gazed at the rest of his team, a bit of anxiety visible in his optics.

“Everyone, prepare your equipment. We have no idea what we’ll find when we get there."

Random Sweep
2004-09-04, 12:47 AM
Sureshot checked over his and Spoilsports power levels.
" All good to go Red alert ." he answered

2004-09-04, 12:50 AM
Arcee pulled her gun from subspace and checked it. "Ready as I'll ever be," she said, trying to keep a tinge of nervousness out of her voice.

2004-09-04, 08:26 AM
Bumblebee's blue optics looked dim inside the cold cargo bay.

I sure hope this isn't going to be the highlight of the trip

He checked his small gun and sat down.

"Ready!", he said trying to sound enthusiastic.

2004-09-05, 04:55 AM
"Excellent." Red Alert's voice conveyed a positive note that was entirely false. "Stay alert. Dirge, inform us when we're on approach."

Random Sweep
2004-09-13, 06:40 PM
Sureshot looked to Spoilsport

" Next time we should convert a 'con who can fly faster." he complained

2004-09-14, 03:05 AM
Red Alert tapped his fingers on the barrel of his rifle.

The Targetmaster has a point...

2004-09-14, 08:25 AM
"Better a bad flight than a good walk," Arcee said, even though in truth, she was feeling as much on edge as the others.

2004-09-16, 11:08 PM
"Yeah but is it going to be worth it. Will the Nemesis actually be there by the time we get there. Maybe sometime in the next millenia?" Bumblebee added trying to add a little humor to a tense situation.

Quick Switch
2004-09-19, 10:12 PM
Dirge flew silently towards a remote stretch of ocean.

After a moment, a bridge extended out of the water depths.

"The Decepticon Flagship," the jet said simply. "Prepare yourselves."

The bridge slat opened, and he flew inside.

2004-09-20, 03:33 AM
Red Alert carefully noted the exact location of the extending bridge as Dirge flew into it, in case he needed the information for future reference. He frowned at the mechanical whirring that sounded as the bridge began to retract into the sea. Then, after running one last check on his equipment, he ordered, "Autobots, move out!"

Opening the hatch of Dirge's cargo bay, Red jumped out, shoulder-rolled on landing, and came to rest on one knee. He brought his particle beam rifle up and scanned for hostiles.

"Not the Decepticon flagship anymore," he whispered to himself. "This is Autobot territory now."

Random Sweep
2004-09-20, 03:43 AM
Sureshot followed Red Alert through the cargo door, Covering the mission leader.

Quietly he said "OK Red whats the plan?"

2004-09-20, 04:55 AM
Arcee followed the others out, moving ducked and cautiously, with her gun at the ready.

2004-09-20, 07:39 PM
Bumblebee cautiously jumped out and landed on his feet, although he slightly wobbled a bit, then he looked around for anything suspicious.

2004-09-21, 04:28 AM
Red Alert's impressive sensor arrays could detect no threat in the decending bridge tube.

"Sureshot, Arcee, cover the door." He gestured towards the tube's only entryway. "We have no idea what we'll be greeted with when it opens. Bumblebee, keep your optics open. You'll be able to spot incoming threats before the rest of us."

Random Sweep
2004-09-21, 04:44 PM
" Copy that Red." Sureshot replied

2004-09-21, 05:53 PM
Bumblebee nodded.

"Yes sir" he added, before continuing his check of the area.

Quick Switch
2004-09-21, 11:52 PM
Dirge overheard Red Alert's comment, and laughed-unpleasant, to the say the least.

There are some things which should remain to corrode. That one would like to CLAIM this ship? Territory, battle...secondary. The one constant in existence is that of fear, and this ship festers with it. Claim it, indeed!

He transformed to robot mode, and watched them, bleakly amused.

2004-09-22, 03:20 AM
"Yes, sir," Arcee replied to Red Alert.

She shuddered slightly (almost invisibly), involuntarily at Dirge's laugh, which was as creepy as the Conehead himself.

2004-09-22, 03:43 AM
Red Alert's audio sensors registered Dirge's laugh. Fortunately for everyone involved, the same sensors also registered a change in the timbre of the tube's whirring before the security officer could comment.

The doors to the tube slid open with a squeal characteristic of metal that hadn't been lubricated in far too long. When nothing immediately fired into the chamber, Red turned to Dirge.

"Can we step out into the corridor safely, or will we have to fight our way past autodefenses?" The security officer's voice was almost hopeful, as if he'd prefer a straight fight to sneaking through the shadows.

2004-10-01, 04:14 AM
OOC: Sorry, Quick...but we've gotta get moving)

Red frowned, not having the patience to wait for the seeker while he dredged through his memory files.

"Sureshot, with me. We'll secure the corridor. Expect autodefences. Arcee, Bumblebee, Dirge, follow when we signal it's clear."

Readying his particle beam rifle, he stepped out into the corridor. Streams of laser fire began to track towards him almost immediately, and he tryed to locate the source of the attacks.

Random Sweep
2004-10-01, 12:06 PM
Sureshot fired several blasts down the corridor, hoping to take out the defense lasers

2004-10-02, 03:36 AM
Red Alert swept his fire across one of the autoguns, and it erupted into a ball of fire. He spun, trying to locate another target...only to find that there were none. The other four turrets were smoking, reduced to ruin by Sureshot's effortless skill.

It pays to have a sharpshooter around, I suppose.

"Good work." He nodded to the Targetmaster, then stuck his head back into the lift tube. "Autobots, move out!"

Luckily we only have one direction to chose from so far. I can't imagine Dirge will be much help...it isn't hard to imagine that this place will bring back unwanted memories for him.

2004-10-03, 11:39 AM
Bumblebee cautiously walked along the corridor, his optics examining everything he saw with them.

"Whats our first stop?" he asked Red Alert.

2004-10-04, 03:48 AM
Arcee slipped into the corridor, cautiously and alert.

Random Sweep
2004-10-04, 06:29 AM
Sureshot followed right behind Red Alert , ready to cover the security officer

2004-10-05, 03:53 AM
"We're going to try and deactivate the security system first," Red told his team, as his optics tracked vigilantly across the corridor. "That means either the bridge, or the security office. And since I fully intend for us to come out of the mission alive, we're not going to the bridge with the defences active. Which means we're going to the security office."

He smiled grimly. "Unfortunately, I don't have the slightest clue where that is. So keep your optics open for an active computer console. We might be able to..."

His voice trailed off as a far-off sound registered in his audio sensors. He gripped his rifle more tightly, then continued.

"We might be able to call up a map or schematic of the ship."

Since our native guide has suddenly become less than helpful.

2004-10-09, 11:27 AM
Bumblebee looked for a console of any kind.

"Well if the defences are still working, there's bound to be an active console somewhere here."

2004-10-24, 07:18 PM
Noticing a sputtering console nearby, Red Alert gestured towards it. “Arcee, Bumblebee, check out that terminal. See if you can find a map.”

The security officer stopped and scanned the corridor. “Sureshot and I will stay alert for and defences.”

2004-10-24, 07:37 PM
Arcee went over to the console and starting pressing different keys on it.

2004-10-24, 09:13 PM
Bumblebee nodded and joined Arcee at the console.

"It shouldn't be too hard to get the map up if this still functions."

Bumblebee wiped some of the dust from the console screen and began pressing some of the keys that he thought could bring up a map.

2004-10-25, 03:56 AM
Red Alert glowered in Arcee and Bumblebee's general direction, more on general principle than because he was upset over anything.

"Well? Does it work?"

Random Sweep
2004-10-25, 04:41 AM
Sureshot scanned the area for movement or powerspikes

2004-10-25, 05:37 PM
Bumblebee pressed the final button he could think of.

Why isn't this working?

In frustration Bumblebee kicked the console and a map of the ship appeared on the screen.

"It worked!"

2004-10-28, 04:07 AM
Red Alert walked up to the console and peered over Bumblebee's shoulder.

"You have something?"

2004-10-29, 05:56 PM
Bumblebee nodded.

"It seems to be a complete map of the ship... I think" He hesitated for a second and then continued. "It's really quite straightforward it directs all the different locations. The bridge appears to be a few sections up from our present location. However the security office seems to be just down a corridor and to the right."

He clicked on the position of the security office and the monitor displayed the inside of the security office.

"It also appears to have some sort of mechanical lift inside. If needed, and if it works we could use it to get to the bridge."

He stared at the screen and back to Red Alert.

"However sir, i'm not sure whats down any of the corridors or in the rooms themselves. We could be walking right into anything."

2004-10-30, 03:41 AM
Red Alert grinned tightly at Bumblebee.

"Well, then. Download the map, then lead the way to the security office."

2004-11-01, 09:56 PM
Bumblebee did as Red Alert had told him. He downloaded the map then jumped from his seat.

"This way"

He made his way down the corridor and when he got to the end, he turned to the right where the door to the security office stood

2004-11-02, 05:34 AM
As Bumblebee stopped in front of the door, Red Alert strode forward. He tried to push the door open, but couldn't.

"Locked," he muttered softly. "Of course it's locked. They wouldn't have left it open when they packed up, would they?"

He stepped away. "Bumblebee, get back. Sureshot, blast the damned thing."

Random Sweep
2004-11-02, 06:12 AM
" Sure thing Red " Sureshot replied and fire on the lock

2004-11-02, 07:34 PM
Bumblebee jumped backward and stayed out of the way as Red Alert had ordered.

2004-11-04, 05:26 AM
"Cease fire."

Red Alert pushed the blasted door open and began looking around the room. He'd never had a chance to inspect the security office of an enemy before, and he found the sight facinating. Not because of any differences, but because it looked exactly the same as the one he had at home.

Except for the equipment, of course. There always had to be some complication.

"Bumblebee, try and find the panel we want."

Random Sweep
2004-11-05, 06:57 AM
Sureshot stepped back and covered his companions as they advanced into the room

2004-11-07, 07:11 PM
Bumblebee's optics looked for any sign of a panel. It took him a few seconds to find but when he did he walked quickly over to it and wiped some dust from it.

"Ok, I think this might be the panel we're looking for. It looks like these control the security systems but I'm not too sure."

He turned his head to face Red Alert. "You'll probably know better than I sir."

2004-11-08, 04:49 AM
Red Alert quickly strode up to the console Bumblebee had indicated.

"It certainly looks right," he said. "Of course, I'm hardly an authority on Decepticon computer interfaces."

Pushing aside the anxiety in the back of his mind, Red began scrolling through options on the console.

"Cover me, guys," he told the rest of the team. "There is a good chance I might set off a security alert poking around on this thing."

Random Sweep
2004-11-08, 03:30 PM
" Sure thing Red " Sureshot answered, paying even more attention to his surroundings

2004-11-09, 04:37 AM
After a few minutes of tapping away at the computer console, Red Alert sighed with relief.

"Well, if their console layout is anything like ours...then the security grid is down. If not, then I've tripped every silent alarm on the ship."

He turned to Bumblebee. "Now, where's the bridge from here?"

2004-11-09, 05:02 PM
Bumblebee looked around the room.

"Well, there should be a lift within the room but its most likely hidden"

He remembered the map and found the spot.

"There's a switch here too, it must control the lift to the bridge."

God Jinrai
2004-11-10, 01:06 AM
at the 100 mile marker, starscream transmitted an access code to the dormant core computer lying within the nemesis... it would take the rest of the distance for it to come online, and then the elevator shaft would emerge from the depths...

"Snaptrap, have your pilot cut the throttle back.. the elevator should be rising by now, and we don't need the shuttle to be splattered all over the far wall of the blasted thing..."

Screamer sighed as the massive cylinder burst from the watery depths... the lone entry point opened for him and he transformed into robot mode... but not before ejecting Reflector's camera form from the cockpit, sending it sliding across the floor.

2004-11-10, 04:10 AM
Red Alert tapped the indicated switch, and a section of wall slid open. As promised, a hidden turbolift awaited.

"No control panel, so it must have a pre-programmed destination. Wonderful. Well, it'll either take us to the bridge or the execution chamber, I suppose."

Red gestured for his Autobots to follow. "Provided we're still alive when these doors open, our first priority is to secure the internal sensors."

2004-11-10, 04:17 AM
"You got it!" Seawing said pulling back on the throttle.

"That went better than I thought it would." Seawing laughed as the shuttle set down.

The Seacons watched as Reflector was sent across the floor and all of then found it a bit hard to keep from laughing.

"Alright you lugs, we got a job to do let's go." Snaptrap said readying his weapons as the group prepared to exist the shuttle.

2004-11-11, 12:57 AM
Reflector only had time to unleash a short chorus yelp before they were sent rolling, and the camera crashed into the elevator shaft's wall. They transformed, Spectro landing on his rear and rubbing his head while Spyglass somersaulted to one knee. They helped each other up, giving Starscream an unpleasant glare.

"Perhaps you'd like to venture in first," Viewfinder growled. "I'm sure the fresh energon vapor floating around in here isn't enough to scare the mighty Starscream."

"Yeah..." Spyglass agreed mutedly. "Somebody's been here recently."

Spectro simply looked to the Seacons in succession. He knew he wasn't going down first.

2004-11-11, 01:25 PM
Nuatalotor looked at Snaptrap and whispered.

"We would always push the whiney one down." He said with a keen smile.

"We could but we will see what Starscream wants done." he said as the group got out of the ship.

God Jinrai
2004-11-11, 05:30 PM
"appologies, you three.. but you must admit... you had it comming to you." he chuckled slightly.

"Actually... we'll ALL go at the same time... " he spoke... the door for the acess hatch sealed shut, and the massive elevator descended into the depths of the ocean... and with the sound of locking mechanisms came to a halt...

"Ground floor... " he chuckled.. " Housewares, Appliances... and... " he cut himself off... "... something else. Snaptrap... take point, you five... " screamer pointed to the remaining seacons... "Take up positions in formation around Viewfinder, Spectro, Spyglass and myself... and keep it tight... and quiet " he finished in a hushed tone. " let's not tip our guests off that we're onto them... not yet. "

2004-11-12, 01:32 AM
Snaptrap nodded and pointed to the others and they all got into a hexagonal postition around the group weapons ready.

2004-11-15, 04:17 AM
(OOC: *prods fellow Autobots*)

Something triggered Red Alert's hypersensative audio modules, something far away and distinctively metallic.

That, he thought, can only be one thing. The main lift.

"Move it, Autobots! We've got company!"

He gestured for them to enter the bridge elevator quickly.

2004-11-15, 05:19 AM
Snaptrap decided to issue some orders.

"If we get into a firefight merge into Piranacon. We have enough room to move here and let's face it we can slag some Autowhiners too." He said with a smile and looked over to Starscream for approval.

Random Sweep
2004-11-15, 03:28 PM
Sureshot quicky formulated a plan for combat

" Red , We should try to find a narrow low corridor to cut down the numbers and size they can throw at us ."

God Jinrai
2004-11-15, 03:39 PM
Starscream's face showed no sign of amusement at snaptrap's comment.

" You'll also run the risk of a stray shot blowing through one or more of the decks of the ship, you fool. Viewfinder, Spectro, Spyglass, arm yourselves... we take them head-on... but they're still a ways off... we may know the ship inside and out... and also know the best location for a trap... but... they couldn't have gotten in here without decepticon acess codes... " his eyes narrowed... "Dirge must be with them. but he'll be no problem... " Screamer's face turned to a grin again... and so he started down the hallway, with the formation moving with him...

2004-11-15, 05:00 PM
Snaptrap nodded but decided not to argue his point.

"Whatever lets just kick these fools back to their doorsteps."

2004-11-15, 07:05 PM
Bumblebee jumped into the bridge elevator and looked at Red Alert with some shock.

Decepticons... not now...

"Sir it might be possible to lock them out of some systems from the main bridge. It could keep them "occupied" for a short while".

2004-11-15, 08:52 PM
Red Alert mulled over his troops’ proposals, then frowned.

“The last thing we want is a firefight on unfamiliar ground, Sureshot. Not unless it’s our only choice. They know the territory better than us.” He gave Bumblebee a nod. “At the very least, we should be able to access the comm system on the bridge. We could get Prime to send Sky Lynx, then find an outer hatch and swim to the surface to meet him.”

He gestured for Sureshot to join them in the bridge elevator.

God Jinrai
2004-11-18, 12:42 AM
Screamer's optics narrowed somewhat... " they won't come at us... even with dirge here, they don't know the ship... But they WILL try to seal us out... and try to escape via other means... we can't afford that. Viewfinder, Spectro, Spyglass... break off from the group, and head to the secondary command center... bring all systems online, and activate the internal defenses... Snaptrap... we move now... and swiftly. I won't play this game of chess with these fools anymore... it's time to end this."

Screamer started forward at a strong pace, breaking the perimiter the seacons had formed... arriving at the lift tube to the main command center. Hitting the call button for the lift, he stood waiting.. but to one side, in case the autobots decided to send a little surprise down...

2004-11-18, 01:31 AM
Spyglass snarled at Starscream's back, using much of his strength to stop his legs from rushing the treacherous leech. His flustered expression only amplified his frustration, and his left hand slowly began to raise his rifle.

Spectro placed a hand on the barrel and pushed it back down, mouthing painfully slowly, "Not yet."

Spyglass snarled at his brother, heaving hazily. Behind them, Viewfinder sighed audibly and mentally counted from ten to one, knowing that Spyglass would receive the effect.

"Now will you come on already?" Viewfinder called as he reached the opening blast door in the wall.

Spectro nodded sideways toward the staircase the blast door revealed, and Spyglass stomped off toward it with Spectro in arm's-length tow.

Atop the staircase, Viewfinder stopped himself at another blast door. He touched his index finger to the sensor on the wall, causing the door to lurch thunderously only a few inches before jamming. Viewfinder furrowed and tapped the command twice more, but the door yielded no result.

"Aw, come on..."

Spyglass and Spectro caught up at the top of the stairs to find Viewfinder struggling to pry the door open.

"Drn't just stand therrre!" Viewfinder grunted. "Hrelp me whith this thing!"

Spyglass handed his rifle callously to Spectro then knelt down to begin loading his missile launcher.

"Outta the way, tough guy."

Viewfinder gave up his assault on the door and rushed to a side, optics wide as the Spyglass stood with the launcher on his shoulder and took aim.

"No no no no no--"

Viewfinder's pleas were interrupted by a blast over shoulder, accompanied by a partially intended cover dive to the floor. He looked up to the smoking door, then to Spyglass' aggression-relieved smirk. The expression faded quickly as the sirens began ringing and the ship's modified safety system sprinkled seawater into the ship.

"The fire alarm! Shut it off!" Viewfinder screamed at Spectro, who was already on his way through the makeshift hole into the emergency bridge.

The ringing ended quickly, and Viewfinder dropped his head onto the cool, damp floor with a sigh.

2004-11-18, 04:52 AM
Snaptrap nodded.

"Let's do this." He added and the six Seacons followed Starscreams lead.

2004-11-18, 05:59 AM
Red Alert's audio sensors pricked up as the fire alarm activated, then quickly faded. He shook his head, then roughly grabbed Sureshot. Pulling the other Autobot into the lift, he slammed the door. The car began to move.

"Next stop, bridge."

God Jinrai
2004-11-18, 01:00 PM
Starscream sighed in frustration as the sprinkler system kicked in momentarily... only to fade out again. "great..." he muttered " now I'm gonna have to undergo that blasted rust treatment again after this salt exposure..." He slammed his fist against the door, which gave no way to it... slightly smirking, screamer turned to face the seacons again...

"Snaptrap...I just changed my mind about piranaking... we need this door opened... unless Viewfinder can get control of the lift from the secondary command center..."

bringing up his internal com, he spoke... "Viewfinder, any luck getting control of the lift to the main command center?"

2004-11-18, 02:06 PM
Snaptrap nodded.

"You heard him boys! Seacons merge into Piranacon!" He yelled as the group transformed into the gaint sea-warrior.

"You need a door opened?" He growled.

Random Sweep
2004-11-18, 02:57 PM
On edge, Sureshot nearly opened fire when Red alert grabbed him.
" What was that about? " he asked

2004-11-19, 06:05 AM
Red Alert shrugged.

"Speed is of the essence, Sureshot." He smiled slightly. "Besides, I'm supposed to be the jumpy one, not you."

After a few more moments, the lift doors opened. Red stepped out, surveying the scene.

"Interesting, interesting..." He nodded to himself a few times. "Search the room, Autobots. Blast any lift tubes you find, look for an emergency hatch, and find the comm system."

He matched actions to his words by blasting particle beam fire into the nearest empty lift tube, damaging the internal workings enough that the lift car wouldn't be able to ascend.

Primus knows how many of these there are. But with luck, we should be able to get them all before the 'Cons get here.

God Jinrai
2004-11-19, 04:08 PM
"Bah... no sense waiting any longer.. Piranahking, open that door... and once you do, check on the lift's position... if it's up... we'll need to blow a hole in the platform"

"You three had your chance, reflector.." he muttered to himself "now we do things MY way."

Random Sweep
2004-11-19, 08:25 PM
Sureshot welded a lift in place with a concentrated beam from Spoilsport

2004-11-20, 04:50 AM
Piranacon nodded and grabbed the doorway and heaved.

The metal groaned and shifted then finally the door opened up.

He then raised Nautlitor in his weapon mode up to fire on the platform.

2004-11-20, 05:54 AM
Red Alert heard the racket caused by Piranacon (how couldn't he?) and narrowed his optics. Blasting several more lifts as he ran by, he located the com system. He opened a general braodcast channel to Fortress Maximus.

"Red Alert to Sky Lynx! Come in Sky Lynx! I need you and any aerial or nautical forces you can gather to meet my team at the location I'm sending you now. Time is of the essence. Our mission is a failure and Decepticons are present on the target vessel! Repeat, Decepticons present. Expect resistance. Red Alert out!"

Random Sweep
2004-11-22, 02:37 AM
Sky lynx made his approach on the nemesis's location

" Red alert I am nearing your location."

Brave Maximus
2004-11-22, 04:04 AM
"This is Dai Atlas,
Red Alert, I'm heading to your location for back up as fast as I can."

2004-11-22, 06:45 AM
Red nodded curtly.

"Sky Lynx, Dai Atlas, acknowledged. Hopefully we'll get to the surface quickly. Red Alert out."

He turned to his troops. "We've got to find a way out of here. An airlock, a hatch, an unreinforced window. Any ideas?"

Random Sweep
2004-11-22, 03:11 PM
Sureshot looked at the nearest outer bulkhead quickly

"Well Red , If you can hold the door for any hostiles, I should be able to weaken a section of this bulkhead enough to break though it." He said " Provideds our escape route and ruins any equipment the 'cons might find here."

2004-11-23, 05:41 AM
Red Alert listened to Sureshot, then nodded.

"Do it."

The security officer flipped his shoulder launcher down into ready mode, scanning the room for any threats that should appear.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-23, 09:05 AM
Dai Atlas skimmed the surface, a wake of water raising high into the air behind him. He came upon the co-ordinates and hovered, waiting - his sensors on maximum, waiting for any sign.

But it was the waiting that was wearing on him:

"Red Alert - I am in position above you. But..... I will not be of much help unless you can get to the surface - none of my modes are suited for under water.........."


Random Sweep
2004-11-23, 03:18 PM
Sureshot started the carefull process of weakening the outer hull


Sky Lynx looks over at Dai Atlas

" My, they did get you fixed up quickly, didn't they" he said

Brave Maximus
2004-11-23, 11:14 PM
Dai Atlas looked at the other Autobot:

"One of the bonuses of having a base as an alt mode - Could still use a few cycles in a CR chamber - but, it seems you never have time for it......"

2004-11-24, 05:13 AM
Red winced as Sureshot's cutting began to effect the integrity of the hull, and the bulkhead gave off a low moan. He raised his wrist comlink.

"By the sounds of things, it won't take too long for us to get there, Dai. Barring Decepticon activities, of course." He frowned. "I don't hear any bragging. Has Sky Lynx gotten here yet?"

Brave Maximus
2004-11-24, 06:35 AM
"Roger that Red Alert, Sky Lynx is here too. I'm not reading any Decepticon movement out here at the moment - if you hurry, we can head for Autobase with out too much trouble....."

Random Sweep
2004-11-24, 03:24 PM
Sureshot finished his work

" Ok Red , A swift kick would now be enough to bring that section down." he said


Sky lynx circled over head

" If you could pick up our friends, I will use my superior skills to occupy any foes." He told Dai Atlas

God Jinrai
2004-11-24, 04:18 PM
By this point, starscream was in the shaft along with piranacon...

the platform had been burned through, and it was time to tend to their guests... but it was then starscream heard the sound...

"No... NO! If they breach the hull, the command center will be FINISHED! And I don't even want to consider how long it will take to replace this entire setup ..." he groaned.

"We take them out! NOW!" Starscream rocketed upward and through the hole, and out through the open doorway.

" CEASE THIS FOOLISHNESS!" he shouted, opening up with null rays aimed at sureshot

Brave Maximus
2004-11-24, 08:11 PM
Dai Atlas smiled in his shuttle form:

"Lets worry about getting them safely out and not about who is the better flyer."

2004-11-24, 08:49 PM
Red Alert grimaced, his oversensitive audio units irritated by that unique, shrill voice. He spun to face the Decepticon.

“The only fool here, Starscream,” Red’s shoulder launcher locked onto the seeker commander and he aimed his particle beam rifle at the area Sureshot had been working on, “is you!”

The security officer fired, the rocket streaking towards Starscream while energy blasts chewed at the damaged hull section, peeling one edge of it away from the wall. Seawater began to stream into the room.

2004-11-25, 02:02 AM
Piranacon howled with rage and quickly stomped over to the damaged section of the hull. He tried to swat the attacking Autobots away while placing his massive hand over the hole.

Random Sweep
2004-11-29, 04:54 PM
One of Starscream's nullrays struck Sureshot in the left arm, paralysing it, he the returned fire on the seeker

2004-12-01, 07:38 PM
At three adjacent control stations, the Reflector triplets tapped away rapidly in the expedient process of rearming what may have remained of the ship's internal defenses. Their efforts met with failure at each step, either due to old mechanical flaws or to unexpected malfunctions. Their work was interrupted abruptly by the main alarm's sounding, and each turned to the viewscreen to find a map of the ship with a red blip over the command center wall labelled "HULL BREACH".

"What is this..." Viewfinder muttered as he typed voraciously.

The main viewscreen switched to a camera angle from the top corner of the primary command center, displaying the skirmish going on. Viewfinder spied the water leaking between Piranacon's fingers with a scowl.

"They're trying to escape," he observed.

"Auto-repair sentries are unresponsive," Spectro reported. "We can't plug the hole."

Viewfinder pondered. "We surely wouldn't arrive in time to stop the Autobots," he mused. "It looks like this is your show, Starscream..."

God Jinrai
2004-12-02, 01:42 AM
the blast caught starscream above the shoulder, where his funnel missiles used to be in his cybertronian form... he staggered, but the injury only served to enrage him...

" If you think you're going to get out of here alive and in one piece.. you're SORELY MISTAKEN!" he screamed. switching over to his standard weapons, he opened up, as he dove to one side, using his thrusters for momentum... blasting away at red and those immedieately around him...

2004-12-02, 04:15 AM
Piranacon growled as he realised he was not going to stop the incoming water.

On the other hand he was a fish back in water as the room started to fill with water so he decided to attack the Autobots.

2004-12-02, 06:06 AM
Red Alert held his right arm up, using the car door attached there as a shield. Starscream's fire started to chew holes in the makeshift barrier, but it held long enough for Red to dive out of the seeker's line of fire. He retaliated with a spray of particle beams.

"I beg to differ!"

The security officer grinned tightly as water began to leak through the hole he and Sureshot had made. The pressure of the water on the hull was already causing cracks to radiate out from the original breach; soon enough, the whole section of wall would shatter.

God Jinrai
2004-12-02, 01:39 PM
as frustrated as starscream was with the situation, he knewy his options were limited... "Piranacon! Disengage, and take them! That water is going to leak in anyway, and it seems repairs are going to be all but impossible now... "

screamer had just begun to change direction via his thrusters when he was clipped in the wing by red's particle beam...

Null energy rained on the security chief, but what followed would be what his enemies and friends alike REALLY needed to worry about: a pair of cluster bombs.

Random Sweep
2004-12-02, 04:01 PM
" We gotta split guys! " Sureshot yelled grabbing Bumblebee and Arcee , then diving behind cover

2004-12-03, 02:20 AM
Arcee threw herself flat on the ground next to Sureshot.

2004-12-03, 06:25 AM
Red Alert rolled behind a console to shelter himself from Starscream's attack...but ended up catching a null ray in his left leg nonetheless. As he shook the numb limb to try and restore sensation, he pulled another rocket out of subspace and loaded it in his launcher...then froze in place as he heard Starscream launch some sort of projectile weapons.

The weapons, at such close range, absolutely shredded the console Red was behind; he certainly hoped none of his team had been caught in the blast.

Spinning (awkwardly, with one leg dragging behind him) the security officer fired his rocket...at the hull breach. The side of the ship tore open and a veritable tidal wave of water streamed into the bridge.

Red grabbed onto the nearest support pilar he could find and held on for dear life.

2004-12-03, 04:09 PM
The six Seacons disengaged but tranformed into their sea-faring modes as they did.

"Ahh water my favorite!" Tentikil mused as the water rused in.

"Slag that right now, slag them!" Snaptrap yelled and opened fire on the Autobots.

"Yes sir!" The other five seacons yelled and returned fire.

God Jinrai
2004-12-03, 04:43 PM
starscream was almost immedieately smashed with the tidal wave and was sent careening... right for the open elevator shaft...

his boosters wouldn't ignite so long as they were still submerged, and by this point, he was up to his knees in water... and it was rising fast... he had only one choice...
over his internal radio, he spoke to snaptrap alone...

" Listen closely, snaptrap. we need to get those fools out of here. It may sound absurd, but if we keep this up, this command center is going to be all but scrap! And I don't think we want Viewfind accusing EITHER of us of failing the mission. Keep on them. Engage at close range, but do your best to get them out of that blasted hole. once that happens, break the attack.... I may know how we can seal that breach."

2004-12-03, 05:58 PM
Arcee was flushed away by the tidal wave, tumbling through the water until she was stopped by some solid object. "Ouch!" When she was halfway sure where was up and down again, she managed to fire one - two shots at Snaptrap.

2004-12-03, 11:36 PM
The water was almost up to Red Alert’s waist, rising quickly. The sound of rushing liquid pounded in his auditory sensors, overwhelming all other sensations. He had to force himself to concentrate on the task at hand. He raised his wrist to his mouth and shouted into his comlink.

“Dai, get ready for pickup. Sky Lynx, you think you could swat the Seacons for us if they follow?”

Deactivating the comm, he glanced towards his team. “Fall back towards the breach!”

He tried to obey his own command, moving as quickly as his numb leg and the water would allow. He fired particle beams in the general direction of the Decepticons, knowing that soon he wouldn’t be able to use the weapon; energy beams were notoriously inaccurate underwater. That in mind, he decided to keep his last rockets in reserve in case he needed them desperately later.

2004-12-04, 12:28 AM
Trying to follow Red Alert's command, Arcee struggled through the water.

Random Sweep
2004-12-04, 01:06 AM
Sky lynx dove inti the water imediatly

"I will be a little slower but still more than a match for that metallic seafood salad " he boasted


Sureshot fired a few covering shots at the 'cons then dragged Bumblebee behind him through the breach

2004-12-04, 05:02 AM
Snaptrap acknowledged Starscream.

"You got it!" With that the Seacons closed in on the Autobots avoiding weapon fire in the water and happy to be fighting in their environment.

"Ok guys let's force these bots to cut and run open fire but keep it concentrated to around here." He ordered firing a few blasts from his jawbreaker cannon.

With that Seawing, Skylor, Tentikil, Nautlier and Overbite all closed in weapons blazing.

2004-12-04, 01:08 PM
Bumblebee, small as he was, struggled with everything that was happening. He tried picking up a weapon and firing a few shots at some of the Seacons.

2004-12-07, 05:34 AM
Red Alert slogged his way towards the breach with some difficulty; the water was now up to the middle of his chest. Subspacing his rifle, Red gestured for his troops to hurry, then jumped through the hole. He kicked with his good leg and paddled with the car doors on his arms, propelling himself towards the surface.

As ever, he remained vigilant.

2004-12-07, 05:47 AM
Arcee made her way through the water as fast as she could, but it was not easy. Her slender body was built for running on dry land, not for swimming.

2004-12-07, 05:48 AM
For the Autobots this was the worse way to fight the Seacons. Unlike most transformers they can fight and hold their own in water. As the amount of water in the area increased so did the Seacons ablility to fight.

"Slag them all!" Snaptrap yelled and the group continued to fire while avoiding enemy shots.

Random Sweep
2004-12-07, 04:47 PM
Sky Lynx and Sureshot fired covering shots at the Seacons hoping to buy time for the others to make the surface

God Jinrai
2004-12-07, 10:46 PM
by this point, the command center was half filled with water, and it was still rising... now free to move being under the water, screamer opened his comm...

" Snaptrap, break engagement and get back here... we've got to seal this breach before this flood breaks through the elevator doors at the lower levels! "

Screamer's plan was to make use of the lift platforms to at least secure the bulkhead temporarily... if nothing else, it would serve to halt the flood.

2004-12-07, 11:02 PM
Snaptrap heard Starsceams orders.

"Can do! Leave the Autobots to rust!" He yelled and the six Seacons returned to Starscream.

God Jinrai
2004-12-08, 02:36 AM
As the Seacons re-entered the nemesis' bridge through the breach, screamer spoke up.

"Alright, listen up! We need to get the remaining elevator platforms from the shafts, get them OFF the lifts, and up here... we can use them to temporarily patch the hull..."

Random Sweep
2004-12-08, 03:08 AM
Seeing the Seacons halt their pursuit, Sky lynx and Sureshot head towards the surface, gathering the other as they go

2004-12-08, 03:31 AM
OOC I hope this is not too much.... if so tell me and I will edit. NP Thought all the bots were out :)

Snaptrap smiled.

"Ok lugnuts! Merge into Piranacon!" He yelled as the group merged with that Piranacon moved over to the elevator shaft and waited for Starscreams ok to start to tear up the Nemesis.

2004-12-08, 06:43 AM
(OOC: That's prob'ly not a good idea yet, Rav. I don't think Arcee's out yet.)

Red Alert continued to swim for the surface.

2004-12-08, 06:08 PM
Bumblebee began swimming as fast as he could towards the surface.

2004-12-08, 08:27 PM
Arcee finally pushed herself through the breach and started to struggle towards the surface.

2004-12-10, 06:03 AM
Red Alert's head broke the surface. He started to scan the area, looking for Dai Atlas.

God Jinrai
2004-12-10, 04:27 PM
Screamer gave a nod to piranacon to begin moving the lifts into place. the command center now was nearly shot, but at least they could try to contain the situation

2004-12-10, 05:43 PM
Piranacon gave a might heave and the elevtor shaft began to groan and shake as he tore the floor out of the shaft. He lumbered over to the hole and held it in front of it stopping the water flow. He then started to weld the door into place using Nautilator.

Random Sweep
2004-12-12, 09:57 AM
Sureshot reached the surface and headed towards Dai Atlas

2004-12-12, 02:53 PM
Bumblebee rised to the surface and began searching for Dai Atlas.

Random Sweep
2004-12-17, 10:16 PM
Sureshot climed aboard Dai Atlas as Sky Lynx Circled the area

2004-12-18, 05:27 AM
Red Alert pulled himself aboard Dai Atlas, then gave Sureshot a questioning look.

"You OK?"

(OOC: If Brave isn't back by the time the team's all aboard, I'll move Dai)

2004-12-18, 05:44 AM
Arcee dragged herself aboard Dai Atlas.

"Remind me to spend the rest of my life in a desert!"

She stretched out a hand to Bumblebee to help him get on board.

2004-12-18, 11:44 PM
Bumblebee took Arcee's hand and climbed aboard.

"Thanks Arcee. I think that's the last time I go aboard a Decepticon ship with Decepticons in it. It's a death sentence"

Brave Maximus
2004-12-20, 03:28 PM
Dai Atlas hovered just above the waters surface - trying to keep his wake to a minimum. His weapons were all forward facing, so he felt a little vulnerable floating there:

"Red Alert, Let me know when your team is aboard so we can get out of here....."

2004-12-21, 02:16 AM
Red Alert looked backwards towards Arcee, who was dragging Bumblebee aboard.

“There weren’t supposed to be any ‘Cons there, you know.” His optics narrowed. “Curious.”

After verifying that Sureshot, Arcee and Bumblebee were all aboard, Red whispered, “Dai, blast out of here.”

Brave Maximus
2004-12-22, 06:19 AM
Dai Atlas Acknowledged Red Alert:

"Hold on, we're leaving the area hot and fast.

Sky Lynx Cover the retreat and Meet up back at autobase

Dai Atlas out."

With that, the Cybertronian commander ignited his thrusters, causing the ocean to boil and steam behind him - headed for North America

2004-12-22, 08:43 PM
Red closed his fist tightly around a structural support and held on as Dai Atlas took off.

(OOC: Back to 'Bot thread, I think)

Random Sweep
2004-12-22, 08:48 PM
ooc: almost

" Affermative Dai Atlas , any Decepticon foolish to follow us will be no match for my skills " Sky Lynx boasted, following Dai

Brave Maximus
2004-12-23, 02:53 AM
OOC: I'll post the same thing in the Bot thread

"Don't take on more than you can handle. The mission is acomplished and there will be enough time to eliminate any Decepticons that remain on this planet." Was Dai Atlas' responser to Sky Lynx.

Opening his internal comm:

"Altitude is currently 12,000 ft and rising, at max burn, ETA at Autobase will be 1 hour, assuming I can keep out of the earthen Sub-Orbital Traffic Lanes....."

God Jinrai
2004-12-29, 12:58 AM
hours had passed since the autobots had departed... piranacon had finished repairs to the hull, but now came the tricky part... dumping the water without getting MORE brought into the ship...

Starscream found himself opening all of the elevator shafts, and allowing the water to drain into them... once finished, he set the local climate control to a vaccum to remove air... but instead of air, it would be the water drained from the tubes. the only question was if the climate control system could handle it....

"Reflector... This is Starcream" he started "As you may or may not have seen, the autobots are gone... and this situation in the control nexus was unavoidable. If I were you, I'd inform Gigatron of a mission complete... and NOT mention any of the flooding details. I'll deal with that myself when he arrives."

2004-12-29, 06:51 AM
Piranacon nodded to Starscream.

"We should alert our allies of the mission "success" anyway." He then looked down at Starscream.

"Should I stay combined or disengage?" he asked.

God Jinrai
2004-12-30, 11:52 PM
"Disengage..." he sighed. " we'll need to begin salvaging this command center for anything we can... it'll be of no use even with any funcional equipment until the entire place is cleaned out, re-wired and refitted..."

Screamer gave the place a once-over, and sighed in disghust.

"This is gonna be REAL fun..."

2004-12-31, 01:39 AM
Piranacon disengaged and the six robots looked around. Snaptrap spoke up.

"Well the problem here is that we really aren't engineers we are underwater fighters yes but refitting and rebuilding this place is not one of our better skills. Now blowing up on the other hand..." He tried to make a bit of humor out of the situation.

2005-01-10, 03:52 PM
Snaptrap looked around.

"Maybe we should get on the com and get the Constructicons here. I am sure they could get this place in working order in no time flat." He commented eyeing the damage.

God Jinrai
2005-01-10, 09:03 PM
"Agreed, Snaptrap... we need SOMEONE here... and since viewfinder and those other two seem to have fallen asleep at the wheel, well... Put a call out to lord gigatron.. and see if he'll send out SOME sort of tech team to get this place back in order... I'm heading back into the ship.. I've... things to attend to."

Screamer turned from the seacons, heading back to the elevator shaft... dropping down to the lower door, he emerged, heading for the crew quarters.

2005-01-11, 01:37 AM
Snaptrap nodded and got onto his com-link.

"Lord Gigatron, this is Snaptrap currently in the Nemesis. We need assistance to get the ship back in order after the Autobots tried to flood it. Requesting the Constructicons assistance and anyone else you can spare with an engineering background. Snaptrap out.

Random Sweep
2005-01-22, 12:25 AM
Scalple guided the shuttle towards the nemesis.

opening a comm channel he made his landing request.

" Starscream , this is Scalple Requesting landing priority."

God Jinrai
2005-01-22, 04:15 PM
Screamer snarled to himself.

" Good luck with THAT, Scalpel. The elevator MAY still work, but it MAY take awhile... command central was just nearly scrapped... I'll see what I can do... "

Rather than heading to his quarters as he'd intended, he peeled off down a secondary hallway... arriving at the secondary command center...

"Viewfinder, send up the landing elevator!"

Screamer got not no audible response save a snarl... however, the sounds of metal whining were audible... the elevator slowly began its ascent from the depths.

2005-01-22, 09:49 PM
Viewfinder worked quickly, hardly giving Starscream's request a thought as he processed it. Spectro telepathed the image of Scalpel on the security monitor to Viewfinder; he responded by activating the lift.

"ID checks out. Scalpel, your entry is on its way."

Spyglass slammed his keyboard in frustration.

"Antiquated slag! The emergency pumps are almost online, Starscream - you still need flushed down there?"

God Jinrai
2005-01-23, 02:09 AM
" We may... I re-routed the environmental systems' air vents to shunt the sea-water out through the waste disposal ports... I'm not sure it'll last for long, and we can't handle loss of Environmental control... so go for it.. fire up the pumps, and let's hope for the best. " to himself, Starscream pondered... " I wonder if Gigatron recieved snaptrap's little message..."

2005-01-23, 02:25 AM
Snaptrap looked over at Starscream.

"Well they sent us one engineer....." He grunted.

"Maybe you should try Shockwave?" He asked.

Random Sweep
2005-01-23, 07:45 AM
"Well make sure it is quick." Scalple replied " I dont have a millenia to wait out here."

God Jinrai
2005-01-23, 04:01 PM
"Just get up to the main command center, Scalpel... it's going to need gutted. I'll join you after aa recharge cycle. Snaptrap, take the seacons, and sweep the ship. Make sure that no "surprises" were left behind. Viewfinder, Spectro and Spyglass, monitor them and act as an additional set of optics... if they miss something we need to know where and quickly remedy the situation."

Starscream turned from the group....

"We won't be wasting time with shockwave. Gigatron obviously got the message... otherwise we would still be here by ourselves. Scalpel, what was the last thing you heard before you left Metrotitan? What was he planning? I'd at least like to have something close to a clue on what's going on topside until we get the Nemesis fully functioning again."

2005-01-24, 12:37 AM
Snaptrap nodded.

"Alright you lugs. Outside!" He yelled as the group went to one of the few working airlocks.

The six Seacons entered made sure the lock sealed correctly then went out into the water.

Seawing and Nuatiltor began to run scans on the area.

"Let us know what you guys find, we will take care of it. Viewfind and co tell us if you see anything as well." Snaptrap yelled looking around.

Random Sweep
2005-01-24, 01:48 AM
"well, I do not know much of what was going on, as I was not included in and battle discussions." Scalple said as he made his way onto the nemesis.

"However I can tell you that almost every warrior stationed at the fortresses has gathered at Scorpinok to be breied on what looks to be an assault on the Autobot bases."

2005-01-27, 03:38 AM
Reflector glanced at each other with expressions ranging from apathetic sarcasm to befuddled contempt at Starscream's provisional plan. Viewfinder shook his head once and returned to the controls.

"Spectro is watching the monitors. No threats yet detected. Operational pumps are active. Water is expelling at four-point-three-one astroliters per bree--"

Spectro abruptly waved his free hand in panic, his optics intent on the monitors.

"Guys, guys! Bogey inbound on the starboard fin! Brace for--"

A terrible shudder rocked the ship, the hull moaning and bellowing from all directions. The motion subsided, and Spyglass leaned in on Spectro's array, which revealed a forty-foot creature with a dozen tentacles latched to the ship's unburied wing.

"No new breaches detected," Viewfinder reported. "But that thing looks like it might want to fix that. External defenses still unoperational."

Spyglass leaned against the wall on one arm, his head turning over shoulder to Starscream.

"Your orders, dauntless captain?"

2005-01-27, 02:18 PM
Snaptrap saw the beast.

"Ohh this could be fun." He said to the group as the looked at the rather large octopus or squid.

"Can we blast it!" Overbite yelled eager to kill something.

"No but I do have an idea." Snaptrap said getting onto his com-link to Starscream.

"Starscream, permission to merge into Piranacon and pull the beast off the ship. Or we can see if shooting it makes it want to leave?" He asked and the group floated in the water watching the silent beast.

Random Sweep
2005-01-27, 03:29 PM
Scalple exited his shuttle and made his way to the command centre.

Apon scanning the area Scalple quickly took stock of what would be needed to begin work, then headed towards his old lab.

lets hope no one tried to break in while I was offline he thought, almost chuckling at the though of what would have happened if they had

God Jinrai
2005-01-28, 03:17 PM
"Snaptrap... I leave it to your discretion... just get RID of that thing. " to himself, starscream pondered... "Hn. we never had encounters with sea life like that BEFORE... something's not right here... but perhaps it's just the lack of power for such a long time. once we're fully up and running... I'll have to see about having a way to electrify the hull..."

Audibly he continued.. "Viewfinder, you're in command for the present... I have...some business to attend to deeper within the ship. several items of significant importance were still on-board when we abandoned this place... and if they're gone, we're all going to be in very deep scrap."

Screamer headed down from the command center, heading for the primary elevator shaft.

"Good, at least IT'S still functioning... " stepping inside, he set the lift for deck 5... the main cargo hold. the lift arrived moments later, and out in the middle of it all was a massive shape, covered by a huge tarp.


2005-01-29, 02:40 AM
Snaptrap replied to Starscream.

"Will do." He said as the looked at the group and didn't even need to mention the next step as the group merged into Piranacon.

The undersea gaint swam toward the beast and grabbed a hold of it hoping to pull it off without damaging the Nemesis anymore that it already had been.

Random Sweep
2005-01-31, 04:28 PM
After obtaining his tools, Scalple Headed back to the comman center and started repairs firstly on the ships defensive systems.

" Snaptrap " Scalple messaged " Hurry up and stop playing with the Architeuthis."

After connecting a few more wires he continued.

" I need your team to act as my hands in the lower sections "

2005-02-01, 02:24 PM
Piranacon growled. He could easily just rip the sea creature off the ship, or blow it to particles. But also take a large chunk of the ship with it. He placed Natuilator on his back and grabbed the beast with both hands and pulled.

Random Sweep
2005-02-01, 02:52 PM
Working for a while longer, Scalple finally got power to the defensive shielding and a few other sub-systems

2005-02-04, 03:15 AM
Spectro shook his head at the monitor, watching in contempt as Piranacon struggled to be gentle with the unerring sea demon. Spyglass watched over his shoulder, his hand still planted on the wall. He glanced over at the returned engineer as he went about his work.

"Any chance you can get an aft cannon online so we can scare that thing off?"

Viewfinder continued his work of soft-activating the defenses that would still respond, with only limited success.

2005-02-04, 03:26 AM
Piranacon was getting rather annoyed with this flesh creature he was told to remove. But yet not damage the ship.

He growled something unintellgable and raised Natulator and pushed the gun right into the beast and fired hoping to ge the beast off the ship and out of sight.

Random Sweep
2005-02-04, 11:07 PM
Intent on his work, Scalple ignored the chatter going on in the room.

" All Weapon systems active " he announced

Good thing I helped design this crate

2005-02-09, 03:50 PM
Spectro watched in amusement as Piranacon's blast caused a flurry of tentacles on the fin. The salt-based corrosion blast did little to hurt the soft-skinned beast, but it obviously wasn't willing to take another blast. It shot into the distance with remarkable speed, disappearing into the ocean depths.

"Well done, Piranacon. Back to work."

Viewfinder tapped one last key triumphantly and sat back, pleased with his work.

"We're just about clean, Starscream. Some of the perimeter scanners and cannons are still offline. I suspect it's a remote hardware problem. Suggest sending the Seacons to see what they can put back together."

2005-02-09, 05:59 PM
Piranacon let loose a howl of battlefield rage, hoping to keep any other would be sea creatures from being dumb enough to try a similar tactic.

Snaptrap then made the Seasons disengage.

"Well that was fun." Overbite said swimming in the water.

"Oh yeah." Snaptrap replied then got onto his com-link.

"Well while we are out here what else can we do for you?" He asked.

Random Sweep
2005-02-14, 03:30 PM
Scalple had just finished work rigging a pump to clear engineering of water when Snaptrap's communication came in.

Snaptrap , have you and your team search the hull for breaches ."

God Jinrai
2005-02-14, 04:54 PM
"And just who put YOU in a position to give orders, Scalpel?" Starscream growled over the comm. "This is MY mission. Snaptrap, split the group up... have the... less mentally apt search for any potential breaches... the others I need to coordinate a search with Viewfinder... we need to figure out where exactly we need repairs to get sensors any weapons online."

Random Sweep
2005-02-14, 05:09 PM
" Who am I, Starscream " Scalple replied " I am the one charged with getting this vessel operational, Thats who " scalple seened into the comm.

" If you have issues with the situation then you can fix the ship yourself while I give a report on the situation to your superiors "

2005-02-15, 05:43 AM
The Seacon were laughing off of the sensors.

"Great to see our leaders fighting as always." Snaptrap laughed.

"Anyway, Skylor and Nautilator you guys see what you can find for holes in this thing. The rest of us lets do what Screamer said." He barked as the groups split up into 2 groups.

2005-02-15, 03:45 PM
Spyglass rolled his optics and groaned at Starscream's transmission. Spectro leaned over to Scalpel with a smirk.

"Want I should lock him down there?" he muttered.

Viewfinder tapped busily at the console before him.

"I'm sending you coordinates of the posts we can't reach, Snaptrap. Let me know what you find."

Random Sweep
2005-02-15, 03:47 PM
" Better not " Scalple repied to Spyglass " I might be able to use some of his componants to fix this heap . "

2005-02-16, 03:07 AM
Snaptrap and his group got to the areas mentioned to them.

"Well, looks like we got some banged up weapon and communication systems. What do you want us to do?" He asked.

2005-02-17, 05:51 AM
Ratbat's grating voice boomed over the ship's comm.

"Starscream, this is Fuel Auditor Ratbat aboard Metrotitan. Report repair status."

God Jinrai
2005-02-17, 04:31 PM
Starscream groaned at the sound of the pest's voice, but opened his onboard comm, and began the report.

"We found several autobots onboard, Ratbat.. Dirge was with them, and most likely was the reason they were able to gain access.... Aside from tangling with some sort of kraken-sized squid, and the main command center getting flooded because of the autobots... we're making progress. the bulkheads have been re-sealed, the command center's been pumped dry, and the Reflector trio along with Scalpel are commencing with repairs to the sensors and the remaining weaponry that isn't responding. "

starscream clicked off the comm for a moment, snarling under his breath. he knew what was comming next-ratbat's berratement for the flooding of the ship's command center, and how autobots were allowed on-board. If he ever got his hands on that runt again, Starscream had vowed he'd finish what he'd started back in the dark ages of cybertron

2005-02-17, 09:17 PM
"These Autobots were on-board when you arrived? Most unexpected. You will of course add Dirge to the computer's personnel regestry as a hostile, and reset any command codes he might have had access to."

Ratbat hissed.

"I'm disappointed that you allowed the Autobots to damage the vessel...very inefficient and wasteful. Will you be able to complete repairs on schedule, or will I have to allot more resources to you?"

God Jinrai
2005-02-18, 04:15 PM
"As things stand, Ratbat, Viewfinder, Spectro, Spyglass and Scalpel seem to have things well in hand. the Seacons are aiding with the external repairs, so unless that.... squid-thing that just attacked us is dumb enough to come back here... we should be fine."

in his mind, starscream was already imagining ripping the very wings from ratbat.. but then changed his mind to permanently shutting him up... if only by blowing out his vocoder

2005-02-18, 06:53 PM
Viewfinder tapped at the keys efficiently, flipping between various external monitors while preparing files for transfer to Snaptrap.

"I'm uploading to you protocol on how to diagnose, isolate, and repair various potential hardware problems the units may have. Just make sure not to break them more..."

2005-02-18, 08:18 PM
"Very well. Proceed with the repairs." The intonation of Ratbat's voice changed ever-so-slightly. "One last thing. The mode-scan/reformatting chamber; its repair is to be made a priority, and you will inform me immediately when it is functional. Understood?"

God Jinrai
2005-02-18, 09:22 PM
" Meh. I don't even see the blasted thing HERE anymore.." screamer quipped, lying of course... he knew what ratbat was planning... and he had every intention of ensuring that even if he DID succeed... it would come at a price.

"Ah... there it is. Fine. But considering this seems a personal agenda on your part, Ratbat, I think you owe me a little incentive." screamer bit the last part off with some degree of distaste.

Random Sweep
2005-02-18, 10:32 PM
Scalple, Paying no mind to the banter between the Seeker and the Casseticon. finished up his work and turned to Viewfinder
" All bridge controls are operational, I am going down to engineering to see what I can do down there. "

2005-02-18, 11:50 PM
Ratbat hissed. The former air commander wanted to bargain, did he? Fine. Ratbat was a master of that particular art...

"When I make my report to Gigatron, there are two potential versions. One will highlight the gross incompetance you and your crew have shown on this mission. The other will praise you for efficiently and competantly handling a series of unexpected problems. If you do as I say, the flattering report will be filed. You'll earn back some of the respect you lost in Japan, and probably even regain a command rank."

The cassetticon's voice grew cold.

"If, on the other hand, you disobey me -- or if you foolishly try to kill me -- you will suffer greatly. An extremely negative report on your performance has already been prepared. It will find its way to Gigatron unless I personally delete it within the next Earth day. So will a recording of this conversation."

An undercurrent of amusement rose up in Ratbat's voice.

"So. You can either help me and recieve a promotion, or fail me and be ruined. I trust you will make the right choice."

God Jinrai
2005-02-19, 02:45 AM
" Listen closely to what I'm about to say, Ratbat. You. Do. Not. MATTER. I've come back from FAR worse than a soiled report. I've DIED and RETURNED, Ratbat. Keep that in mind. and perhaps I'll bother to oblige you. "

Screamer clicked off the comm and threw the cover off of one of the nearby devices. There stood a CR-type chamber. The difference, however was that this chamber was not the medical type chamber. This chamber in fact was the reformatting chamber ratbat had been going on and on about.

"He wants his old body back? Fine. But two can play." Starscream brought the chamber back online, going through the diagnostics.

"Good. it all checks out... now... let's see if it's still in this database." he muttered. Activating the system's library mode, he cycled through the various robot-vehicle transformation modes as well as body configurations. And then he saw it. The prototype design he'd been working on back during the early days of the great war: A variation on his old body, capable of enhanced close combat abilities. He quickly downloaded it to his personal files, erasing it from the system. Ratbat was one bot he knew would snoop and scrape if there were ANY suspicion of treachery... and that design was certainly one.

Opening his comm again, he radioed out again...

"Alright, Ratbat... the chamber checks out... I'm going to assume you were looking for your OLD body's configuration... you're fortunate, the rotten thing was still in the capsule's database."

2005-02-19, 04:18 AM
Snaptrap and his men started working on the respective repairs.

"Well unless anything comes up we will be in about a breem!" Snaptrap looked at the rest of his group.

"Get to work boys!" He snarled and the other three Decepticons went to work and he started working on a com-system.

2005-02-19, 04:46 AM
Ratbat's laughter sissed over the comm line.

"Returned from the dead? Yes, I suppose you have. It would be a shame if we had to test that skill again any time soon, Starscream."

He listened to the Seeker's report.

"Old body? More or less. I had Scrapper make a few...modifications to the design, though. Updating, streamlining, increasing efficiency."

He hissed.

"Now, then. I will depart as soon as Scorponok returns from North America. We won, by the way; Autobase lies in ruins. I imagine Lord Gigatron's popularity is higher than ever. Any attempts at...relieving him of duty would be foolish at this juncture, don't you think?

"Ratbat out."

2005-02-20, 03:13 AM
In light of a handful of things that need immediate addressing, the rpg storylines are being shut down until tomorrow. :) Kick back, relax, use the RPG Discussion to talk about any ideas you have for the future if ya start going through withdrawls.

Reopened - Warcry

2005-02-21, 01:58 PM
The Seacons continued their repair work.

Snaptrap got onto his com-link.

"Skylor and Nautlilator keep an eye out for big and squidy." He barked to the two of them. He figured if it did come back they could at least protect the base from that.

Random Sweep
2005-02-21, 03:03 PM
Arriving in engineering, Scalple began work on the atmospheric thrusters.

2005-02-22, 12:53 AM
Viewfinder nodded to Scalple as he left and returned to working on the decaying or tampered software of the ancient ship's various intricate subsystems.

Random Sweep
2005-02-24, 03:29 PM
Scalple finished repairing the atmosperic thrusters and opened a comm channel.

" Starscream All urgent repairs are completed. "

God Jinrai
2005-02-24, 03:53 PM
"Understood, Scalpel... I'll head to the power core myself and see if there's anything to be done there. Starscream out."

Screamer clicked off the comm, departing from the hold, heading for the power core...

Random Sweep
2005-02-24, 04:16 PM
Scalple collected his tools and headed off to meet Starscream at the power core.

2005-03-01, 12:19 AM
The Seacons continued plugging away at fixing the various problems the found.

2005-03-04, 12:02 AM
"Man, what I wouldn't do for some action..."

Viewfinder kept his optics locked on the monitor, his fingers unerring and noisy as an armada of rodents as they scuttled expertly around the keyboards before him.

"You should appreciate the break," he replied. "This kind of independence doesn't come often anymore."

Spyglass shook his head and paced away from the console, his shoulders hunched in irritation.

"Yeah, but it's been so long sin--"

Spyglass and Viewfinder both stopped their motions abruptly, frozen in time for an instant. At the array on the side of the room, Spectro turned his head while keeping his optics locked on the screen in perplexedness.

"You guys have gotta see this..."

A command, and Spectro brought up on the main screen a video feed of humans attacking an unfamiliar Autobot, followed by a televised speech by Optimus Prime.

"Oh, this is rich!" Spyglass exclaimed.

Viewfinder shooshed him at once, his optics locked on the screen. The three of them watched on the edge of their proverbial seats... until Grimlock appeared and ruined the event.

The room filled with laughter.

2005-03-08, 02:07 AM
Snaptrap finished welding a radar array back together as the other Seacons completed work on the weapon systems and the like they regrouped.

"Ok someone out there, we got everything back together what can we do now?" He asked waiting for a reply.

Random Sweep
2005-03-08, 02:38 AM
" Good, Snaptrap there are no more major repairs to be done. " Scalpel responded " So bring your team in and start clearing the debris "

Closing an access panel Scalpel continued " I have a feeling that our superiors shall be arriving soon "

2005-03-08, 03:02 AM
Snaptrap nodded.

"Ok, on our way in." He said as the group entered back into the Nemesis.

"Ok you lugs you hear him, back to work!" He yelled as the other five Seacons scattered and started to move scrap out of the way.

God Jinrai
2005-03-14, 12:40 AM
"Blasted power core's nearly inoperable... and those dimwits will likely blame ME for this... well then. "

Starscream stared at the massive power core, then keyed in a sequence on the console. a large section of the core slid up, granting access to the inner area.

" Like I thought... too many empty cells here. " He mused, looking around. the units that held the extremely radioactive isotopes that provided the reactions to power the entire vessel were all empy... save one. "Hnnn... it's going to burn itself out at this rate... we'll need a the least two tons of plutonium... with that much, I may be able to engineer a substitute for the cells we used to use. but we don't have much time either." he muttered.

Opening his comm, he radioed Viewfinder.

"Viewfinder. We've got a problem."

2005-03-14, 02:11 AM
Small, hidden grins lingered on Reflector's faces as they got back to work. The spectacle really was amusing to them. It was too bad it hadn't been a Decepticon who'd embarrassed himself so; they'd really wanted to use the footage against someone. Regardless, work was work, and Viewfinder received the message while he tapped away at the main console, putting the finishing touches on the database encryption codes. He clicked on his comlink absently like a busy phone board operator.

"Go ahead, Starscream."

God Jinrai
2005-03-14, 04:00 AM
" The ship's core isn't going to be operable any time soon... the radioactive elements we used to create the reactions to power the reactor are all but shot... I'll need at LEAST two tons of raw, undrained plutonium to even have HALF a chance at getting this blasted thing back online. "

2005-03-14, 07:35 PM
Viewfinder scoffed quietly at Starscream's request. Two tons? He waited for his contempt to subside before clicking on his comlink again.

"Confirmed. I'll put in an order with the Acquisition Department."

Viewfinder did access the universal bulletin, but he only left a note that the power core needed to be inspected. He had much reason not to trust Starscream with such quantity of such material...

2005-03-16, 06:38 AM
Nothing but blue, as far as the optic could see. Blue water, blue sky. Not a ripple, not a cloud, not a sliver of shoreline...nothing that signified where sky began and water ended. The blue was endless, serene, beautiful.

A white dart cut through the perfect blue, leaving behind it a white contrail that spoiled the blue. Sonic booms slammed into the water, sending a cascade of ripples out in all directions. The peaceful mid-day shattering around them, the sea life that dwelt near the surface of the ocean fled from the disturbance.

A transmission beamed from the white dart, down towards the underwater monstrocity that had driven away the low-dwelling sea life decades ago.

"Ramjet to Nemesis control. Send up an elevator for us, would ya?"

2005-03-19, 04:45 PM
A light buzzed on the primary array, and the dozens of miniature screens merged into one, focusing on the cause of the disturbance. Spectro watched professionally and gave a short string of commands to verify the signal. It checked out; he ejected the console microphone and moved his face toward it.

"Nemesis Control to Ramjet. You are clear to land."

Spectro spun in his chair, turning himself toward the control console on the adjacent wall, and worked efficiently.

In the depths outside, the giant elevator shaft grumbled and wheezed. With a shudder, it erupted from its housing, telescoping rapidly toward the surface. The water burst around it, and the monstrous cylinder stopped some hundreds of feet above sea level. Its maw-like runway lowered from its side with a lurch, welcoming Ramjet home.

2005-03-20, 04:39 AM
"Thanks..." Ramjet struggled to pin down which of the Reflector trio he was speaking to, "...Spectro."

Ramjet flew through the open portal, transforming and landing on the elevator platform. His cockpit canopy popped open, allowing Ratbat to transform and flutter beside him.

The conehead sighed, his optics taking in the ramshackle, rusted interior of the elevator. As the portal groaned shut and the lift began to slide back down towards the ship, he shook his head.

"The ol' girl ain't what she used to be..."

"Nothing ever is," Ratbat replied. "Entropy is always our foe, even more so than the Autobots."

"Gettin' poetic in your old age, Ratty?"

"Poetry is a waste of fuel. I merely say what needs to be said." The fuel auditor hissed. "And don't call me 'Ratty'."

"Sure thing, boss bat."

"Nnnn." Ratbat shook his head.

I can't believe Astrotrain took this cretin into his confidence...

The lift doors slid open, admitting the pair into the Nemesis proper. Ratbat glared disapprovingly at the shot-to-pieces sentry guns that Starscream's Autobot visitors had obviously defeated, then turned towards the left.

"Uh, the bridge is the other way, Bats."

"We have other business first, Conehead." Ratbat winged his way down the hall. "With me."

Ramjet shrugged theatrically, but followed.

God Jinrai
2005-03-20, 10:00 PM
Starscream's optics narrowed when he heard the elevator rising to the surface.

"Wonderful. the rodent's here."

at that point, screamer had departed from the power core, heading back toward the hold where the re-formatting chamber was...

Screamer would be waiting for the wretch... if for no other reason than to make him sweat when the time came to enter the chamber.

2005-03-21, 05:10 AM
Ratbat fluttered down the corridor, his optics scanning for any obsticles along the path to the reformatting chamber.

He saw one, heading towards the chamber from the opposite direction.


"You have some business here?"

Ramjet turned the corner right behind the cassetticon.

"Hey, Screamer. How ya been?"

2005-03-21, 01:36 PM
The Seacons finished moving the last piece of debris. Together the group of six hoisted up a large piece of rubble and tossed it out of an airlock.

Snaptrap then got onto his com-link.

"We got all of the scrap out of here. We are going to go take a break and refuel." He said to Starscream.

Then the group headed off to find some spare energon.

God Jinrai
2005-03-21, 05:36 PM
his internal comm kicked on as ratbat and ramjet entered.

"Understood, Snaptrap..."

Starscream shifted his attention back to the dimunitive casseticon as well as the white conehead.

" Yes, ratbat. I DO have business here. I'm sure reflector has put in the request, however I'm also reasonably sure that what you'll find in your resource request que isn't what I asked for. Before you even float into that pod, you need to be made aware of two things. First, that pod hasn't been used since prior to the launching of the ark. Second, with the ship's core all but down, there's no guarantee there's even going to be enough energy to fully purge and reformat any transformer body... much less in your case, expand and reformat. "

Screamer's optics simply narrowed as he glanced at ramjet, but returned to normal as his gaze returned to ratbat.

" A simple warning, ratbat. your life, your choice. regardless, I'm STILL going to need those two tons of plutonium to get the reactor back online."

2005-03-22, 05:02 AM
Ramjet huffed, irritated at being ignored by Starscream and blissfully unaware of the subtext passing between his superiors.

Ratbat hissed.

"Your...concern is noted, Starscream. But if you're tempted to arrange an 'accident' yourself, remember what I told you before."

He fluttered higher, then started past the seeker towards the door.

"Once I'm done here, I'll see to it you get the resources you require."

God Jinrai
2005-03-23, 04:02 PM
"Whatever floats your boat..." screamer shot back, stalking off from the capsule.

In an inaudible tone, he muttered... ..."besides. I've got bigger fish to fry."

It wasn't long before starscream again found himself in his quarters. his computer clicked online, and he tossed the data-disk in one fluid motion into the input drive.

"Now... let's see where I left on with.... ahhhhhh. There we are. now... for a few more minor modifications.." he began.

The forearm cannons were now integrated into the hulls of the pyramid type wings, and additional body mounted ranged weaponry was added...

"Now. for the difficult part.... " he muttered, starting to work on the mechanism designs that would release the twenty foot long energon infused close combat blades.

2005-03-24, 05:47 AM
Ratbat shrugged his wings as Starscream stalked off, then fluttered through the doors of the reformatting chamber. He turned as he passed through them, then glared over his shoulder at Ramjet.

"Stay here. If anyone approaches, comm me."

The conehead sketched an overblown and obviously sarcastic salute, which Ratbat chose to ignore. He flew deeper into the room, letting the doors seal behind him.

The cassetticon plugged his Scrapper-prepared datacard into a socket on the reformatting chamber's wall, then smiled to himself as the lights grew dim. Beams from the chamber's ceiling started to scan over him, taking stock of Ratbat's systems. Finally, a larger beam struck him dead-centre. He didn't fight it's sedative effect, knowing full well that he wouldn't want to be awake when the chamber started to rip his body apart and re-shape it.

The cassetticon slid into temporary shutdown mode, still hissing with pleasure.

2005-03-25, 11:22 PM
"Interesting developments..."

Spectro watched those monitors registering activity with a devilish interest. He absently tapped a few keys to get these transpirings on crystal; a record may come in handy sometime...

Random Sweep
2005-03-27, 06:55 AM
Scalpel made his way up to where Ramjet was standing guard near the reformat chamber.

" Greetings, is your superior in that chamber? "

2005-03-27, 06:56 AM
Reformat Chamber

The strobing lights around him faded and Ratbat slowly felt his conciousness returning. His optics activated, and he looked around. Everything looked slightly different...


The fuel auditor pushed himself up to his feet, feeling a small thrill at the fact that he could do that again. He glanced down, taking in the reformatting chamber's handiwork. His body was more or less perfectly in line with specs.

He activated a systems status check, just to be sure.

Plasma jets: active.
Mecha-fangs: active.
Sensor arrays: active.
Armour strength: 100% nominal.
Fuel efficiency: 105% nominal.
Bladed weapon structural integrity: 100%.


As his operating systems adjusted to the reclaimed old form, Ratbat strode through the chamber door. Ramjet openly stared at him, but the former cassetticon only becconed the conehead with a single, clawlike finger.

"With me."

Ramjet shrugged, then glanced at Scalple.

"Not anymore. Need somethin'?"

(OOC: For those of you who are interested, the abilities and weaknesses of Ratbat's new form are detailed in his profile thread entry; he's wearing his War Within body, now)

Random Sweep
2005-03-28, 07:10 AM
" I am simply here to make my report on the repairs " Scalpel replied " Once Ratbat has finished reformatting himself I will give it. "

2005-03-28, 08:05 AM

Ramjet shrugged. "Well, seein' as how he's walkin' around, I guess he's done."

"Indeed," Ratbat droned. He turned to Scalpel, delighted at the fact that he didn't have to look up at the interrogator-turned-technician anymore. "You may report. Walk with me."

That said, he strode off towards the bridge. The clanking sound his feet made as they hit the deck plates was perhaps the most glorious sound he'd ever heard.

Random Sweep
2005-03-28, 08:15 AM
Scalpel fell in behind the newly formatted Ratbat as he walked towards the bridge.

" All possible repairs that not require complete replacements such as the interior defense systerms, have been completed. " Scalpel reported.

" However, that fool Stascream is correct, we need one point nice six three tons of processed plutonium to restore the power core to full operating levels. "

2005-03-29, 01:51 AM
"This is the spot!" Stonecruncher yelled through the mild ocean air after consulting his vidmap.

Hammer nodded and clicked on his comlink. He couldn't see anything, but he trusted Stonecruncher...

"Nemesis, this is the Constructor Squad requesting permission to dock."

A few moments later, and a low rumbling gave way to the eruption of the docking tower. Just as the Micromasters swept to land, a black jet rocketed overhead.

Ah, service with a smile, Gigatron thought. Poor security, though.

Gigatron transformed in the air above the water, skidding to a stop on one knee inside the tower. The Micromasters boarded a bit more conservatively, and the elevator whisked them down to the depths.

God Jinrai
2005-03-29, 03:01 AM
Starscream was alerted by the device he'd planted within the cargo bay that the reformatting chamber had completed its cycle... and ratbat had been reformatted. What aggitated him more, however was that the Nemesis elevator had just risen to the surface... and was on its way back down...

"Blast it... it's HIM. I won't be able to test the new body with HIM around... Ratbat owed me, and it would have been easy enough to blackmail him into keeping his mouth shut... but Gigatron is an entirely different story... but if I wait any longer, the chamber may be moved to another section of the ship... and...made to have tighter security... This...does not bode well..."

he growled under his breath. He'd finished all the final touches... but without being able to personally test the systems... the transformation, the close combat weaponry... and if he was unable to do THAT... all would be for nothing.

2005-03-29, 04:39 AM

"Indeed?" Ratbat nodded, his optics narrowing. "Then when the rest of our forces arrive here, I'll task a unit to retrieve the necessary supplies."

He stopped at an elevator, tabbing the call button.

"Is there anything else, Scalpel?"

Nearby, above the Ocean

A garishly coloured helicopter approached, it's blades spinning silently. It came to a stop, hovering a good distance from where the main lift emerged from the water. One short, coded transmission later, though, the Nemesis's smaller auxiliary tube broke the water and opened before him.

As he rode the lift down, Spinister allowed himself a moment of amusement; the ship's bridge crew would no doubt be surprised to see the auxilary lift opperating apparantly on it's own.

Random Sweep
2005-03-29, 03:37 PM
" That is all that I have to report " Scalpel repied to Ratbat

God Jinrai
2005-03-29, 08:26 PM
After pondering his predicament for awhile longer, Screamer came to his decision. It was now or never. Taking the datapad, he departed his quarters, making his way down toward the cargo hold... He would need to avoid any path that would be obviously traveled by ratbat or any of the others that were on-board at this point... choosing to take the long route, starscream arrived at the main cargo bay's rear entrance... poking his head inside, he could see no-one inside the bay... and there stood the capsule... empty, and free for him to access...

"It's now or never..." he muttered, igniting his jets, and quickly flying from his hiding place near the entrance to the bay over to the capsule... inputting the datapad, sealing up the system so it couldn't be tampered with... not even by a tech, the doors opened. and despite his large wingspan, starscream stepped inside... doors sealing shut behind him.

"Final systems check: Re-formatting about to commence. initiating temporary stasis lock in 3....2...." starscream's audio went off before the counter hit 1... his optics and pain receptors going a moment later... when he would awaken... he would likely be forced to test his new form in live combat... something he did not relish... but he could think of no better way to save himself the berattings of his commander, much less the insidious ratbat... than to fight.

2005-03-30, 12:05 AM
A clank preceded a roaring whir and spooked the elsewhere-minded Viewfinder. Such happenings were usually not so shocking, but he knew not the source of this one.

"What the..."

As Viewfinder turned his head to the elevator shaft in the wall, a much more vigilant Spyglass stopped next to him with his rifle drawn and cocked.

Across the room, Spectro was far too busy with his work to be bothered. A lot was happening - too much at once. As a particularly interesting and possibly dangerous one caught his attention, he spun and leaned down to the console microphone.


"Lord Gigatron, Starscream has accessed the reformatting chamber!"

The Decepticon commander stopped in his gait through the reception airlock, his optics narrowing. Confused and a little nervous, the Constructor Squad scurried away toward the barracks compound.


Giving his fists but a moment to clench, Gigatron transformed to car mode and raced off for the hold.

God Jinrai
2005-03-30, 01:05 AM
"Systems check: spark core: stable. Vital signs: returning to normal. all systems operational, and ready at peak efficiency. Formatting will be completed in ten seconds. Ten...Nine... Eight..."

with each second the chamber counted down, part of starscream's consciousness came online. audio, visual, but only when the clock struck zero was he truly whole again.

" At last... it's finally done. Now to... "

"Proximity alert: object approaching at high velocity. Subject Identified: Decepticon Emeperor Gigatron. "

" Well.. seems I'll have to test the weapons sooner than I thought." he muttered.

" I had hoped to avoid this... I'm not going to get my position as air commander back by having to fight for my life against HIM of all people.... but it seems I'm being left with no choice. But I DO have one thing on my side..." Screamer's face twisted into that evil smirk he'd been known to display.

"He'll never know what's going to hit him... until it's too late. "

And so starscream stood, in silence inside the reformatting capsule.. waiting. once the C.O. was close enough.... he'd make his presence felt.

2005-03-30, 02:40 AM
Gigatron's tires screeched as he rocked around the corner and through the broad door leading into the hold. He stomped the accelerator only long enough to cover most of the distance between himself and the broad doors that encapsulated the reformatting chamber. He transformed to robot mode still some yards away from the doors and glared about slowly. He was unconvinced that his prey had not already escaped and found a hiding spot...

"Starscream!" Gigatron bellowed. "Show your cowardly self!"

God Jinrai
2005-03-30, 02:50 AM
" A coward, am I?" the voice rasped. the doors to the chamber hissed open and a fog poured out... a dark sillouette could be made out if one looked closely at the chamber.

" I think you have me mistaken for Ratbat, Lorg Gigatron. You see... whereas that fool simply wished for a pair of feet to stand upon... I've become much more..."

The former air commander emerged, somewhat resembling what the seekers had looked like during the years of the great war on cybertron. his paint scheme hadn't changed... despite the addition of the large shoulder sections that replaced his former back mounted wings... gone was the cylindrical cockpit that formed his torso, replaced by a edged, sleek form... black replaced orange...

" I would presume you're here to berrate me... possibly even kill me. By all means. "

he bowed to the decepticon leader, effectively inviting his attack.

2005-03-30, 03:00 AM
Gigatron peered contemptuously toward the voice as Starscream emerged. His face folded down into a disgusted, hateful sneer, and his optics narrowed to squeeze out the light they projected. His left fist bunched up at his side while the clawed fingers of his right hand curled with an upturned palm.

"Ratbat stands well enough to requisition such materials. You, however, have paid for this--"

Gigatron shook his head and gesticulated at Starscream's frame with a downward stroke of his open hand.

"--this vanity with insubordination and subterfuge! Have you learned nothing?!"

Gigatron stepped forward and threw a heavy backhand toward the Seeker's head.

"Do you wish to die?!"

God Jinrai
2005-03-30, 03:07 AM
Gigatron's hand was caught by by the back of starscream's own fist.

" This body you see before you was the result of two millenia of planning... careful work ... and paitience. TWO MILLENIA, Gigatron. And do you truly think I'm not aware of what you intend? By that very same token... HAD I requested the chance to reformat, what would have happened, hm? I would have been DENIED. Denied just as the decepticons have been DENIED of true victory.. denied of our very HOME, Gigatron. "

Starscream forced the backhand away, his own optics narrowing.

" You're quite wrong, gigatron... I've learned MUCH... since galvatron's departure... and your ascent. More than you realize. The first being a simple lesson... "

Bringing his body low into a slide, he lashed out to take gigatron off his feet.

"Never... EVER underestimate ANYONE."

2005-03-30, 03:19 AM
Gigatron had expected nothing short of violence from Starscream the moment he'd heard about his infidelity. So the attack was no surprise - Gigatron responded instantly by diving himself, throwing his body through a handless cartwheel over Starscream's back. Upon landing, he delivered a fierce side kick at the jet's back with a snarl.

"You dare strike at me? You're only giving me more reason to end your pathetic, wasteful, insignificant existence! And don't think you can defeat me!"

God Jinrai
2005-03-30, 03:24 AM
The strike hit home... the momentum was enough to sned starscrema flying forward, but not before he spun with that momentum, opening fire with the new weaponry that had been added with his reformatting... two cannons on his torso swung up, firing energy at the decepticon leader.. two more bursts came from the cannons mounted on the wings...

"That's it... show me why it is again that Galvatron left YOU with the matrix." Screamer almost laughed out. it was a taunt.. but something in it.. the tone of voice perhaps... was wrong. Almost a sound of respect for the very decision he questioned.

2005-03-30, 03:38 AM
Gigatron landed his foot on the metal floor with a heavy thud, like a sumo setting to duel. He growled deep and menacing as he saw Starscream did not intend to give up, and he raised his arm to shield himself from the largely ineffectual barrage.

"I'll show you nothing but suffering, you miserable ingrate!"

With a battlecry, Gigatron jumped into the air, fanning his wings to sustain his low glide. His body spun naturally, and he extended his left foot into a kick at Starscream's torso.

God Jinrai
2005-03-30, 03:44 AM
" Lesson number two... be prepared for ANYTHING."

sidestepping the oncomming strike, he simply leapt away, chuckling.

" Come now, my lord. perhaps you'd care to simply dismember me where I stand?"

had he eyebrows, screamer's right eyebrow would have been arched up, begging the question that he'd just asked to be swiftly answered.

" Surely you don't think I could last against you in TRUE close combat, do you?"

2005-03-30, 03:52 AM
Gigatron was thinking only a moment sooner than Starscream; as he descended to the floor, he pulled his swords from their mounts on his back. He landed low in a crouch and remained still for but a moment. Abruptly, he spun on one foot, the other extending in a sweep. One sword followed at Starscream's waist-level - as Gigatron spotted the opponent before him, he snapped his other sword in the opposite direction to pince his midsection.

"You cannot fathom how quickly you'd have perished if so was my whim! No, you shall suffer much worse!"

God Jinrai
2005-03-30, 03:58 AM
With a smirk on his face, Starscream brought the last part of his systems test to bear... as the twin blades went to close at his torso, he hopped back two steps, bringing his arms up in an arc... the energon infused blades swung out flawlessly... and with the swift movement of his right arm, he brought the right blade down th swat away the scissor that was only a moment ago at his body, about to tear him to shreds.

2005-03-30, 06:15 AM
Corridors, Nemesis

Ratbat nodded. "Very well, then. You're dismissed, Scal...ple...."

His voice trailed off as a new sound entered his perception.

The sound of battle.

Ratbat's finely tuned audio sensors knew it well, though they hadn't been exposed to it directly in quite some time.

And it has no place in a Decepticon outpost.

"With me, both of you!"

The fuel auditor spun on his heels, running back down the hall in the direction he had come from and trying to ignore the pleasure he got from being able to cover so much ground on foot again. As he moved, he primed his plasma jets.

Ramjet followed behind, lasers at the ready.


The turbolift doors opened. Spinister waited for a three-count, then casually strode out of the shadowed lift car and into the bridge proper.

He nodded towards Viewfinder and Spyglass, showing no fear for the weapons pointed in his direction. Behind his optics, however, his mind was analyzing the quickest way to murder the Reflector trio. He doubted it would come to that; they would almost certainly recognise a command-ranked Decepticon when they saw one, even if said Decepticon was currently without an actual command at the moment.

However, it never hurt to be prepared.

2005-03-30, 03:34 PM
Viewfinder was quick to straighten up and salute as quickly as he spotted Spinister. Spyglass humphed, lowered his weapon slowly, and turned to return to his station.



As Gigatron's sweeping leg caught the air between himself and Starscream, he planted it into the floor and sprang up to full height. He allowed his right blade to be flicked back into an upward ready position, the left coming out to his side to thrust. However, just as he began the maneuver, his body froze, his optics locked on Starscream.

"Is that what this is about, then? Playing with your wretched new toy? Hmph. Let's really cause you some anguish, then..."

Gigatron spun his withdrawn sword casually, then returned both to their mounts on his back. With a smirk, he held up a hand and snapped his fingers loudly.

"Demoted! The medicroids deserve more authority than you. Displease me again and you'll be executed."

With heavy stomping steps, Gigatron began slowly toward the door leading to the rest of the base. The venom oozed from his low growl.

"Now clean my ship, insect."

Random Sweep
2005-03-30, 04:48 PM
Scalpel sighed to himself And what exactly do you expect me to do

Without a word however, the Interrogator followed Ratbat

God Jinrai
2005-03-30, 10:30 PM
" You'll excuse me if I chose the most dangerous decepticon existing at present to test this new body against..."

but upon hearing the words, his face twisted in anger.

" I'd sooner desert. I placed a request for resources for the core even before you arrived... I'm quite sure I won't recieve them. Like it or not, Gigatron... I'm not the same Starscream that you and every other decepticon sees as a traitor. You want this ship repaired... then GIVE ME WHAT I NEED. Because I sure as slag will not be getting this base operational any time soon ON MY OWN."

Starscream's own words were soaked in a venom all their own... an icy tone that demanded respect...

" You can toss me out of the chain of command for all I care, Gigatron. I've gotten sick of boot licking and backstabbing. But I suggest you remember something. I've something that you nor any other decepticon or autobot has... I've transcended time and space...during my time as a disembodied spark, I was able to traverse transwarp space... and saw the past... and future.... possibilities... I've seen what could be... and if you want ANY CHANCE at stopping it from happening... YOU NEED ME.

2005-03-31, 12:38 AM
Gigatron found Starscream's self-important prattle easy enough to shrug off. He'd expected little less, and the spar had cooled his rage considerably. As he passed shoulders with Starscream, he turned his head to glare most sinister at the other.

"I'm not asking you to make my base operational," Gigatron snarled. "You had that chance. I'm ordering you to clean it. Now."

With but a moment's pause to consider whether he should simply behead the miserable traitor then and be done with it, Gigatron continued on his ominous path into the corridor from which he had come.

2005-03-31, 04:46 AM

Ratbat jogged into the scene of the confrontation, his optics casually taking in the sight as Starscream ranted and Gigatron dismissed him out of hand. As he did so, he noted Starscream's new appearence.

I must remember to lock the door next time I'm in there...

The fuel auditor considered offering to have the traitorous seeker dragged off to the brig, but decided better of it. Gigatron would know best, he told himself with a dose of sarcasm.

Ramjet stopped, openly gawking.


Spinister returned Viewfinder's salute.

"As you were."

The Targetmaster immediately strode over to an unoccupied console and began to familiarize himself with the ship's database.

God Jinrai
2005-03-31, 04:28 PM
his anger subsiding, starscream simply let out an audible sigh. It was at that point he caught sight of Ramjet.... and Ratbat.

But rather than give Ratbat any form of satisfaction, he simply started toward the opposing door.

internally he spoke with the computer in his chambers... " Locate.... " he stopped, then continued with bitter resentment..."Locate the sanitation hub..." A moment later, as he stepped out of the door, he recieved his response... stalking off deeper into the ship to re-activate the drones that were designed to clean and maintain the ship's physical appearance...

2005-04-01, 05:31 AM

Ratbat held back a laugh as Starscream stalked off. The fuel auditor gave a dismissive wave to Scaple and Ramjet, then fell into step beside Gigatron.

"Wouldn't it be more efficient to have him eliminated, my leige?" he said with a note of genuine confusion in his voice.

2005-04-01, 06:02 PM
Viewfinder nodded slightly to Spinister and returned to his work. If the leaders were on his way as Spectro suspected, he wanted to have the ship running tight before they arrived.



Gigatron continued his march along the corridors. He quickly forgot Starscream for the aesthetics of the interior: it certainly was almost nostalgic to at last experience this ancient fortress. As well, he paid little note to Ratbat's new form, though he did appreciate it for its apparent efficiency and lack of overt fanciness.

"He shall be an example. The underlings must know that there are fates worse than death... And with Starscream humbled, the legend he is to the rebels and the traitors, they shall know to be wary. Show him no regard - have him killed at the first inkling of insurrection."

2005-04-02, 05:45 AM

Spinister logged Viewfinder's nod, but gave no outward sign of having seen it. Perusing the ship's internal layouts, the Targetmaster quickly entered his claim to one of the few staterooms onboard that had the facilities needed to host his organic counterparts.


Ratbat appreciated Gigatron's attitude. Efficient and businesslike, not wasting time on tiresome questions about his new form like most lesser Decepticons would have.

"But of course," the fuel auditor nodded. "Shall I detach an operative to watch over him, or just announce his status generally and let nature take it's course?"

The latter option appealed to him more, of course. Starscream's death would be assured, and would likely be carried out by one of the many low-ranking Decepticons that he had stabbed in the back over the years. All that, without the command chain having to burn a millilitre of Energon in the process.

Efficiency at it's best, he thought.

Random Sweep
2005-04-02, 03:56 PM
Scalpel notted Ratbat's Dissmissal and headed off to see what he could salvage in his laboratory.

2005-04-02, 10:39 PM
"He is not worth a caretaker," Gigatron decreed. "Let his rank be known, and have the monitor sentry - Reflector, I'd presume? - arrange a log of his whereabouts."

Gigatron stopped at the fork in the hall. He would be making a right, toward the remote depths of the brig. He suspected Ratbat would do otherwise.

"Inform Scalpel that he may talk with Soundwave at his leisure, and have an internal security unit prepared to deploy. The traitor's minions were not to be seen when I displaced him. They may make an attempt to free him."

With so little as the slightest nod, Gigatron turned and resumed his course down the dark hallway toward the brig.

2005-04-03, 06:01 AM

Ratbat nodded.

"As you wish, my lord."

He turned in the opposite direction from Gigatron, heading towards the turbolift, then the bridge.

"I'll see to it immediately, of course, but I doubt Soundwave's associates could have breached the Nemesis." His optics narrowed, the closest the fuel auditor could come to a frown with his expressionless face. "Perhaps I should speak to Scorponok about that..."

By then, he was far enough away from Gigatron that he was more or less talking to himself.

God Jinrai
2005-04-05, 03:20 AM
several hours had passed, and the maintenance and custodial droids were online by this point, beginning to scrub down the ship's interior... starscream coordinated the effort, carrying a large scrubbing device... a cross between a broom and mop, that secreted a wax/scrubbing fluid.

" If nothing else, this is keeping me busy..." he muttered.

2005-04-05, 08:31 PM
In a long, dark complex hugging the mountain wall along the ocean floor, behind yards of reinforced Cybertronian alloys and dozens of defensive emplacements, somewhere in the array of near endless halls and tunnels...

"You'll rot," Gigatron spat as he dropped Soundwave into an empty cell. "Until I choose otherwise."

Gigatron stepped back through the frame of the cell.

"Access: Gigatron. Prisoner: Soundwave. Security: Level 8."

For a moment, nothing. The system struggled to calibrate itself to respond to the recently-uploaded new security protocols. Suddenly, the light in the cell blackened, and fourteen electron bars scorced between the ceiling and floor of the doorway. The walls glowed very gently as they electrified in multiple layers. A loud whir could be heard above as the giant solenoid in the ceiling charged up in case it would need to fire a restraint magnetic field. Four chain guns erupted from the floor and ceiling flanking the cell and aligned themselves at four distinct angles.

Satisfied, Gigatron turned away from the captive and began the long trek back to the ship proper.

2005-04-06, 04:10 AM

Ratbat stalked into the room, taking in the Decepticons that were crewing the command stations. He nodded vaguely at the members of Reflector, having already expected them to be there. His optics narrowed slightly as he caught sight of Spinister, who he hadn't known was onboard.

"Spectro, I want you to put together a data package for our arriving troops. Include maps, basic security protocols, and the various other things that newcomers will need to know about the Nemesis. Append the latest duty roster to it, and be sure to make special note that Starscream has been transfered to sanitation duty."

He made an amused sound, which would likely alert the Reflectorbot that the last instruction was the most important.

"When you're done, send it to the crew quarters' computer stations."

And that should efficiently ensure the elimination of our trecherous seeker friend, once and for all.

He nodded, then moved away from the Reflector-bot. The fuel auditor activated his comlink.

"Scalpel, you're free to...speak with Soundwave at your leasure. By now, he should be in the brig."

Random Sweep
2005-04-06, 04:21 AM
Scalpel was sorting through the jumble of destroyed systems in his lab when Ratbat's call came through.

" Acknowledged Ratbat, have we recieved his re-activation codes from one of his minions yet? "

2005-04-06, 08:41 PM
Spectro nodded to Ratbat's request and returned to his console. He telepathically beamed the request over to Viewfinder; he was busy with his monitoring and reception work. Viewfinder made the transition from his coding work to the preparation without any visible sign. He sent a telepathic signal to Spyglass, who grumbled and fell into step alongside Ratbat.

"The ship's basic systems are operating at 74% efficiency, sir. All damage caused by the environment and... other factors has been repaired. The new security encryptions are completely uploaded. Defensive weapons and detection equipment are online. Unfortunately, the ship's energy reserves stand at only 4%, sir, but the energon refinery is prepared to receive input."

Spyglass patted himself on the back for mentioning the last bit. He wouldn't be put on energon duty today...