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2004-08-31, 06:46 PM

Trypticon and those who crew him prepare to leave Earth in order to deliver a probe to Quintesson-occupied Cybertron. The Quintessons, however, are certain to put up a considerable fight...

2004-09-01, 02:22 AM
Thundercracker , who have been missing for a while have flown in and landed at Trypticon . He transformers into robot mood and told Trypticon He was here to fight for him till the moment his fuel cell dies or his circuits sizzle and he bowed down on one knee and pledged his proposal .

2004-09-01, 03:50 AM
Hatemonger saw Thundercracker's arrival.

"Bah get off your knees, if your going to be a fighter you should never be on them to begin with. Well unless your a sniper." Hatemonger said over a com-channel.

"Refuel yourself and get ready for combat. And welcome aboard." He added.

2004-09-01, 04:38 AM
Trypticon briefly considered vaporizing Thundercracker simply to silence the jet's grovelling, but he decided to let Hatemonger deal with the newcomer instead.

After all, he didn't actually like the general.

In preparation for the combat to come, the massive citycon ordered his drones to begin patrolling his corridors. Brunt, Wipe-out and Full-tilt quickly armed themselves and began walking the halls.

Command Deck

Spinister watched Hatemonger with amusement as he dealt with Thundercracker.

Another fighter would be a good addition, at any rate.

2004-09-01, 11:40 AM
Hatemonger was debating having Thundercracker sent in for a mental check up. Just becuase he seems to have a bit of a short circuit or a loose connection somewhere.

Eh, not enough time he realised.

2004-09-02, 02:14 AM
Thundercracker rose up and transformered and flew into the sky training by shooting down rocks and training airial combat for when he is sent to combat .

After a long day of training he went to Trypticon and asked him where to refuel ?

2004-09-02, 02:44 AM
Command deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -sees Thundercracker, looks over at Drillhorn- "I thought you tossed him into the bilge."

Drillhorn: "We don't have a bilge."

Jalgar: "Good point." -goes back to monitoring the comm console-

Hellbat: -tapping controls on the helm- "We have cleared Earth's atmosphere. Shutting down A/G drive, bringing impellers online."

Gaihawk: -nods- "Asteroid belt in 12,000 astroseconds."

Drillhorn: -monitoring his board- "All systems holding steady."

Leozak: "Excellent."

Bludgeon's quarters, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: -scowl deepens minutely- "You try too hard, apprentice. See the connectivity in things all around you. Call upon the Ultimate Warrior to guide you, teach you...... make you whole."

2004-09-02, 12:27 PM
Hatemonger looked over to Leozak.

"So when we get to Cybertron. I believe the Quints will have a pretty large number of space combat vessals in orbit. I think our bet plan of action would be to fire our main cannons right into them. This should cause them a fair amount of damage plus in the choas of the attack give us time to get the probe out of here unnoticed." He paused.

"What to you think?" He asked.

2004-09-02, 03:12 PM
Sounds Good , But when we do go in for the attack i could fly alone and protect Trypticon and all the others from the outside if it would help at all ?

2004-09-04, 03:25 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: "Good idea, Hatemonger. The more damage we can cause them, the better. Let them quake in fear."

Gaihawk: -looks over at Thundercracker- "Look, this is a battle fortress, not a shuttlecraft. We could probably fit your fighter mode in the barrel of the main gun, and have plenty of room to spare."

2004-09-04, 03:42 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"On the other hand, if Thundercracker is willing to be a martyr to our cause. Let him." He joked.

*OOC Could someone pm me who we have on the ship, the breastforce, Bludgon, Thundercracker and Spinster? I thought there was Sixshot and one other. Thanks!*

2004-09-05, 01:28 AM
Thundercracker stood feeling stupid knowing he was but he went on with his buisness . All the other bots laughed at him calling him stupid but he knew it was true
" Well what am i supposed to know , When we gonna attack , What Can I Do I Have enough anger so but me on a gun and watch me do what i do best "! Thundercracker said with anger and laughed as he turned and walked to the control room .

Brave Maximus
2004-09-05, 07:00 PM
A thought shattered the void in such a way that Double Punch almost lost his balance. Tensing his leg servos, he managed to keep from falling. He looked up at Bludgeon though:

"Who, or what, is the 'Ultimate Warrior'?"

2004-09-06, 01:51 AM
Bludgeon's quarters, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: "The Ultimate Warrior is the one who created Metallikato, the one who handed down the precepts to the first followers. Ever since, all those who follow this path seek to emulate Him. The greatest warrior this plane of existance has ever known."

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Gaihawk: "We have cleared the astroid belt."

Hellbat: "Engaging hyperlight drives......." -taps key sequence on the helm console- ".... now."

Gaihawk: "We have superluminal speed, factor 12." -spins in navigator's seat to face Leozak- "ETA to Cybertron, half a day."

Leozak: "Good. Then we'll be able to see what these Quints are made of." -looks over at Drillhorn- "Drillhorn, you know what to do."

Drillhorn: "Aye, Captain." -moves over to the tactical station, starts calling up all the information he can about Quint tactics and ships-

2004-09-07, 01:48 AM
" Drill Horn !!! " Thundercracker Yelled As He Watched the scanner like a hawk . " Drillhorn theres 4 objects flying towards us about 5 minutes away coming from cybertron and they dont look happy !" Thundercracker said and he got up and changed the coarse trying to go around them .

2 minutes later on there new course he took a glimpse at the moniter and they were there again straight in front of them only minutes away Thundercracker then panicked and called out for help .

2004-09-10, 03:09 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Drillhorn and Killbison: -watching Thundercracker leap to the console before the tactical display and start punching in commands, look at each other-

Killbison: -shrugs-

Drillhorn: -buries his face in his hands for a minute, looks back up at Thundercracker- "Uh..... Thundercracker..... you do realize that what you're looking at is the tactical display I set up, right? We won't be to Cybertron for a couple of hours yet."

Brave Maximus
2004-09-12, 07:05 AM
Double Punch sat back on his haunches and looked at Bludgeon:

"I have never heard of this "Ultimate Warrior". How will I learn to be like him - what do I do?"

2004-09-12, 05:35 PM
Bludgeon's Quarters, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: "Becoming like Him will take time and patience. Use no more than the neccessary amount of force, divorce yourself from emotions that will disturb your balance. You are skilled, but remember, to follow the path of the Ultimate Warrior means to constantly challenge yourself, to turn your whole being into a weapon."

Brave Maximus
2004-09-12, 09:13 PM
Double Punch looked up at Bludgeon, his purple optics glowing a little:

"I..... I think I understand... Almost. Like a knowledge, a truth, hidden just beyond the reach of what I know. I do not know it yet, but know it can be known. This is something I will learn. It is my destiney."

Then looking down at the sword infront of him:

"Speaking of weapons, master. I am not that familiar with this type...."

2004-09-14, 12:17 AM
Bludgeon's quarters, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: "Then pick up your sword. It will be much more effective if you know how to use it." -draws katana, sets himself in a basic ready stance- "Match my pose."

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -looking at a datapadd connected to the command chair, looks over at Killbison- "Status?"

Killbison: -checking his tactical display- "So far, so good, Captain. We can launch the probe a ways from the planet. It's set to ignite after we drop it off, from this control here." points to a large red button- "This should give us enough time to start a distraction. Personally, Captain, I can't wait to start pounding some of these slugs into paste."

Leozak: -chuckles- "We will show them our true power soon enough."

Drillhorn: -working on the tactical display, seeing how Quint tactics work, cocks eyebrow- "We do have one advantage over them, Captain. We seem to adapt better. I have a feeling that the only reason they took Cybertron in the first place is due to overwhelming numbers and those cybernetic monsters."

Hellbat: "What about that squad that we went up against? Each member of it was easily the size of Leokaiser."

Drillhorn: "They were likely purpose built to deal with combiner teams. As such, they function best as a group. We simply have to deal with them one at a time."

Brave Maximus
2004-09-14, 12:29 AM
Double Punch stood as instructed, and attempted to match the ready pose of Bludgeon. His clawed hands were still unused to holding an object in this way, but he was able, after a few moments to mimic his mentor

2004-09-15, 05:42 PM
Hatemonger smiled as he overheard the Breast force.

"Good thing I am made for heavy fighting." He said checking his two fusion cannons power levels and checking out his energy saber.

He then found the Violator cannon Overlord made for him on earth and a plasma shotgun he took from the armory before they left as well as some other various guns he attachted to his back.

He lost his two-minicons somewhere over the course of the war with Unicron. But what was odd is he was able to retain his the added firepower and endurance he had with his two companions as his systems had found new ways to maintain itself.

"The main cannons are at full power. I am ready to begin this strike and getting the probe to it's localtion whenever you are." He said a menecing look on his face.

2004-09-26, 06:06 PM
Bludgeon's Quarters, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: -starts leading Double Punch through a sword kata, katana blade flashing through the air, almost seeming to cut through the fabric of reality-

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Hellbat: -control panel chimes- "Nearing Cybertron orbit, Captain. Probe launch zone in 3 minutes."

2004-09-27, 11:00 PM
Hatemonger was checking various gauges and measurements as the shuttle was nearing Cybertron.

"The probe is ready." He added as the probe went through it's start up and power up procedures perfectly.

Brave Maximus
2004-09-28, 12:15 AM
Double Punch tried to follow his mentor's movements. They were similar to the claw Kata's he knew, but with the extension of a blade, he was thrown off in area's.

He roughly followed the first time. But by the fifth run through - he had it mastered. At least, that Kata.....

2004-10-13, 02:59 PM
Bludgeon's quarters, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: -switches into a faster, more brutal sword kata, not slowing or seeing if Double Punch can keep up-

Random Sweep
2004-10-25, 04:43 AM
Trypticon armoury

Tired of waiting, Triggerhappy headed out of the armoury and towards the bridge, Blowpipe in tow

2004-10-25, 02:16 PM
Hatemonger looked up from his terminal and spoke loudly but clearly with a purpose.

"The probe is ready for launch. Is everyone ready to begin this operation?" He asked.

Cunning Ravage
2004-10-27, 11:52 PM
Doubledealer’s room

"Bout time I've been ready for ages! I thought this slag heap had faster than light engines!" Doubledealer shot into his room's com system, he than truned to the sub-room to see Skar sleeping. "Hey get up you bum looks like were finlly going to make plant fall!" Stirring from his slamper the bat like machine glared angerly at Doubledealer. "Bah!"

2004-10-28, 04:05 AM
Spinister took his optics up from his console, the bridge science station, and activated his short-range comm unit.

"Wingspan. If you have no active duty assignment, report to me."

2004-11-01, 05:14 AM
Cybertron Orbit, Quintesson Spiral Ship Jurisprudence

General Ghyrik stormed onto the warship's bridge like a tidal wave slamming into a coastline. All off the Allicon crewmembers cowered in the wake of the Executioner-type Quintesson, save for one.

"My lord," Allicon #443943-E stepped forward and saluted. Light gleamed off of the captain's bars painted on his right shoulder. "Five minutes ago, our long-range sensors detected an object emerging from hyperspace. The object is...very big, sir. Our five-ship patrol is the closest. I took the liberty of issuing the order to move us into intercept position. We will be in firing range of...whatever it is in two minutes."

Ghyrik nodded. "Has my...partner been informed, Captain?"

43-E was slightly uncomfortable at that question, apparently. "No, sir. We wanted to inform you first."

The construct is uncomfortable granting authority to equal to that of a Quintesson to one of his own kind. That is as it should be.

Ghyrik nodded in satisfaction. "Alert him now, then have the Sharkticon legions readied. If this thing is what I think it is, we will have to enter battle for the glory of the Magistrate."

The General strode to his command chair while 43-E summoned the Jurisprudence's 'special guest'.

(OOC: Everyone's up for a battle, I hope :) )

2004-11-01, 01:39 PM
*OOC Hell yeah!*

"Looks like the cyberhornets nest has broken open." Hatemonger said looking at the sensors displaying numrous ships.

"The Quints are on to us. I say it's time to start the slagging." He smiled as he pressed a button activating Trypicon's defensive systems.

2004-11-02, 01:02 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: "Are we in probe launch position?"

Hellbat: "Aye, Captian."

Leozak: "Good. Killbison, bring ECM online and activate shields. Jalgar, see if you can jam their communications. Hellbat, launch the probe, then take us toward those Quints. We need to make sure that they're more focussed on us than on the probe, if they pick it up." -hits toggle on arm of command chair, bridge lighting shifts into the red spectrum, intraship comms open- "All hands, red alert. We are about to engage the enemy."

Hellbat: "Ship angled, probe launch bay opening..... Probe away!"

Killbison: "Shields and deflectors at full power, ECM online, all weapons online, locking particle beam cannons and infinite repeaters on lead ship, main gun online and ready."

Jalgar: "I'm not picking up anything on regular frequencies. They could be using a sideband all their own."

Leozak: "We'll have to make due, then." -smirks- "Save the main gun for later. Open up with infinite repeaters, particle cannons, and all missile batteries, on my mark. Hellbat, bring us into range."

Hellbat: -tabs keys on helm, brings sublight drives online, angling the massive battlecrusier towards the approaching Quint ships-

Officers Quarters, Quintession Spiral Ship Jurisprudence


It's not often that one gets built into obsolecense.

The Magistrate hadn't even bothered informing him that he was obsolete, just that he was to be assigned to vainglorious hinterspace duty.

To be brutally honest, it sucked.

Red optics glowing, the Cybertronian looked around his quarters, part of him wondering why he was truly there. Ghyrik and his minions weren't glad he was here, but he'd been sent because the Magistrate and his underlings hadn't the faintest what to do with him.

He'd been purpose built for one reason, and one reason alone. But when the time came, the reason proved false. The unified front he was supposed to be able to lead the troops through had been fragmented. Oddly, he felt no anger about this. Or hatred. Well, that wasn't quite true. He felt anger towards the one he'd been built to counter. And towards the Quints, for not having the good sense to terminate him.

Ah, well. He had the memories of his opposite, he had the skill. He had all the technological improvements his Masters had seen fit to build into him, to make him a more formidable combatant than his counterpart.

He also had anger, hatred, and resentment. His anger, their hatred and resentment. This, he could work with.

He looked over, red optics glowing in the darkness, as the door chimed. "Enter."

43-E: -revealed as the door opens, discomfort and resentment apparent in his posture and tone- "An unknown ship has just entered out space. General Ghyrik has ordered us onto an intercept course."

Fixing the Allicon with a blazing glare, the red optics shrouded in darkness narrowed, even as his mind processed the information, voice low and gravelly, full of menace. "So good of the general to inform me. I shall join him on the bridge, of course."

43-E: -backs away from the door as the optics rise and seem to float through the darkness, far higher than he was comfortable looking at for a mere construct- "If you so desire."

With a measured tread, the massive Cybertronian strode out of the darkened room, stopping in the doorway and looking down at the Allicon, red optics still blazing, their intensity not dimmed by the corridor lighting, the black and grey armor glinting in the lights, the menace oddly enhanced by the metallic teal trim. "I am Black Battle Convoy, drone, and you will not attempt to tell me what I desire!" With that, he headed for the bridge.

2004-11-02, 03:15 AM
Hatemonger smiled making relaxed even during the situation.

"I realise we are ready to fight. Now let's start sending some Quints to the Abyss." He smiled after seeing a read out on the probe and the weapons systems.

2004-11-02, 05:22 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister focussed his attention on the sensor arrays at his command. He scanned the incoming spiral ships for weaknesses. He found no major ones. He scanned again, feeding his results to Killbison's station as he worked.


One of the lesser Allicon officers called up from the crew pit, "General, sir. The enemy vessel is powering weapons! Her defensive systems are on-line. We're being scanned."

"Excellent," Ghyrik muttered. Louder, he ordered, "On screen. Shields up. Power up the particle beams, arm the plasma torpedoes, and begin to compute firing solutions. Have the Sharkticon regiments board their transports, and scan for possible areas of ingress on that vessel."

He glared at the image of the giant Transformer that appeared on the main viewer.

Trypticon, if I'm not mistaken. It doesn't quite match up with our last visual records, though. The constructs must have modified it.

43-E scurried onto the bridge and saluted the general.

"My lord," he intoned, "Black Battle Convoy arrives to observe the battle."

Ghyrik nodded distastefully, then focussed his glare on the oncoming construct. "Do my preparations please you, Convoy?"

His words were laced with contempt; Black Battle Convoy was at once his equal, superior and subordinate, depending on which member of the Quintesson High Command you spoke to. The situation was a tense one to say the least, and the confusion only detracted from the cohesion of their unit.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-02, 07:21 AM
Double Punch continued to swing his blade around, his clawed hands finally getting used to the feeling of a sword in them and griping it lightly, but firmly. It was a different feeling than attacking and thrusting with his claw blades.

As Bludgeon lead them through a continuous series of Kata's Double Punch focused in upon himself - he could feel himself streaching out. Suddenly it shattered and his blade left his hand, flying into the ceiling, as he lost his grip.

He turned to Bludgeon:

"Master! Can you feel that? Battle is coming!"

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-02, 03:24 PM
Doubledealer’s room

“Well looks like the fun started!” Doubledealer as he felt the ships engine flare to life through the floor and swung down another oil drink. “Want to head to the bridge and see what’s happing?” Skar flew over and landed on his shoulder and huffed. “Might as well, nothing else to do.”

2004-11-03, 04:32 PM
Bludgeon's quarters, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: -fluidly ends kata and sheaths katana, looks at Double Punch- "The challenge is now, my apprentice. The enemies will not be equal to our skill, but they will be many in number." -strides out of quarters- "We shall aquit ourselves as befits true warriors."

Command deck, Jurisprudence:

(OOC: I'm figuring that the ships are in a V formation, Jurisprudence taking the lead at the point, with the other 4 ships trailing behind.)

Black Battle Convoy: -fixing Ghyrik with a glare of equal intensity, then looks at the main display- "They are adequate, Ghyrik...... But remember, they don't call them Decepticons for nothing." -brings up a tactical display on a submonitor- "Order the other four ships to swing up and surround them. We give them nowhere to run. Then we destroy them."

Command deck, Trypticon:

Killbison: "Lead ship in range, Captain."

Leozak: -hand clenching into fist- "FIRE!!!!"

Killbison: -hitting controls, firing particle cannons, infinite repeaters, and swarms of missiles at the Jurisprudence-

Drillhorn: "What about the main gun? What better way to test it?"

Leozak: "Not yet. I want to see what they're going to do, first."

2004-11-04, 05:44 AM
Command Deck, Jurisprudence

The ship shook slightly as enemy fire flew into it, but she suffered no major damage. Ghyrik smiled.

Turning his attention to 43-E, he ordered, "Pass along Convoy's...suggestion to the other vessels. And tell them to fire at will. But only fire to disable, not to destroy. When the enemy ship is trapped, we will begin landing troops."

He shot Black Battle Convoy a sidelong glance, wondering if the construct would grasp the irony that could be accomplished if they could capture and control one of the Transformers' own citicons.

As the Allicon sent out the new orders, particle beams and plasma torpedoes started flying towards Trypticon. The Quintesson vessels spread out, assuming an englobement formation.

Ghyrik stroked his chin with his right claw as he awaited his opposite number's countermove.

2004-11-04, 06:19 AM
Hatemonger smiled this was what he waited for. The odds were against them then enemy abounds. Now it was time for payback.

Hatemonger manned one of the gunnery systems and opened fire on the ships that registred.

2004-11-05, 02:37 AM

Black Battle Convoy: -sighs inwardly- "Your confidence in our ability to deal with the unknown could well be our undoing, Ghyrik. It doesn't match our reports on the design of Trypticon. The last time I knew, only a few Cybertronians, Autobot or Decepticon, were capable of producing a forcefield. Trypticon was not among them. I agree capturing would be a better solution, but a phyrric victory is not what we need."

Command deck, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -nods as the Quint ships start to move- "Looks like I was right, Leozak. They're trying to flank us."

Leozak: "Good. Killbison, shield status?"

Killbison: "Shields holding, Captain."

Drillhorn: "Power levels holding, but our fuel supply isn't infinite."

Leozak: "Then we'd better step up the odds." -looks over at Killbison- "Keep pouring fire at the lead ship. Bring the main gun from standby mode, target the ship on the far left, and fire."

Killbison: "Aye, Captain." -checking targeting computer as he brings the main gun from standby to full- "Hellbat, alter course heading 10 degrees to port."

Hellbat: -altering course-

Killbison: -keeps firing at the Jurisprudence, starboard aft weapons batteries coming on line to pick up the slack as the port forward battereis swing out of line, locks main gun on the Quint ship on the far left, fires a beam of pure anti-proton at it-

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-05, 02:56 AM
Trypticon’s Bridge

“How’s to going Cons?” Doubledealer laughed as he walked onto the bridge. “So what we dealing with?” he asked as he walked Drillhorn and put his hand on his shoulder. “Little con’s need any help?” he finished laughing.

2004-11-05, 05:17 AM
Command Deck, Jurisprudence

Ghyrik watched impassively as an impressive anti-proton beam lanced out from the Transformer city. The beam slammed into one of the spiral ships, carving a chunk out of it's dorsal hull. The vessel continued to maneuver and fire, but at a reduced rate.

"Hmmm." Ghyrik glanced at Black Battle Convoy. "Perhaps you are correct. Speak to the commanders of the two nearest patrol groups, summon them to our aide. Victory should then be assured, don't you think?"

Then, shifting his attention to 43-E. "Move the ships in closer. Close enough that Trypticon will be damaged by the fallout if they fire that weapon again." He pondered for a moment. "And tell all ships to concetrate their torpedo barrages on the section that houses it."

The Allicon sent out the orders.

Random Sweep
2004-11-05, 07:02 AM
Triggerhappy entered the bridge.
"What do you want me to do Leozak " He asked

2004-11-06, 06:04 AM
Command deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -looks at Triggerhappy and Doubledealer- "Get to the main hatch and prepare to repel boarders. They'll probably try to close with us and board us. Take along as much help as you think you'll need."

Drillhorn: -looks over at Leozak as the ship shudders- "They're targeting the main gun."

Leozak: "Then let's make things interesting for them. Hellbat, will we lose much speed if we alter course slightly?"

Hellbat: "Depends on how slight you're thinking, Captain."

Drillhorn: "That ship between the one leaking atmosphere and the center of the line."

Hellbat: "Minimal course change, so we shouldn't lose much......" -optics widen- "Oh, you're not thinking what I think you're thinking....."

Gaihawk: -chuckles- "He is."

Leozak: "Hellbat, alter course towards that ship. Ramming speed. Killbison, reinforce the shields around the main gun and the foreward sections of the ship. And lock portside weapons on the crippled ship while firing starboard at the command ship."

Hellbat: "Engines to overboost. Everybody buckle up...."

Killbison: "Aye, Captain." -locks weapons on appropriate targets, fires as he reinforces the shields-

Jalgar: -snarls- "Captain! they're calling for help!"

Leozak: "Let them. If we're going to give this ship a good shakedown cruise, what better way to do it?"


Black Battle Convoy: "The patrols have been summoned...." -optics widen slightly seeing Trypticon's course alteration- "What the........

2004-11-06, 06:38 AM

Ghyrik smiled slightly. "It appears, Convoy, that they think they're going to ram the Chains of Justice. Of course, we won't allow that."

He turned to 43-E. "Order Chains of Justice to break hard to port. When Trypticon gets in range, they are to lock tractor beams on it. Either Chains will slingshot around behind them, or it will smash into them broadside. Either way, we will be able to hurt them gravely."

He glanced at the damaged ship that was taking fire. "Order Courthouse to withdraw to a safe distance until the backup arrives."

He looked back to Convoy. "Did they give an ETA?"

On screen, Chains of Justice and Courthouse began to move.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-06, 09:12 AM
Double Punch reached up and grabed his sword from the ceiling and sheithed it on his back:

"Let us show them how to die....."

Then feeling the shift in the ship and powering up of the engines he almost smiled:

"This should be interesting........"

2004-11-07, 07:01 PM

Convoy: "Reported ETA is five minutes." -narrows optics, looks over at the helm station- "Helmsman, lower us along the Z axis and aim us along their projected course, on my signal, Gunnery control, ready all weapons and fire............"

Command deck, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: "Our targets are moving." -checking the tac display- "I was right. Their thinking is remarkably two dimentional."

Leozak: "They don't fly. Hellbat, drop us along the Z axis! Killbison, transfer power from the main gun to our topside shields, lock all weapons on the underside of the closer ship and fire!" -activates internal comm- "All available hands, report to the main hatch. Odds are good they'll try boarding soon. When they board, kill them all." -deactivates internal comm-

Hellbat: -drops Trypticon along the Z axis-

Killbison: -locks all available weapons on the underside of Chains of Justice, opens fire-

Drillhorn: -optics widen- "Slag! Leozak, the command ship is matching our move!"

Leozak: "What-"


Convoy: "FIRE!!!!"

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-07, 11:25 PM
Trypticon’s bridge

“Right oh!” Doubledealer called to Leozak as he exited the bridge and headed to the main hatch. Once he was in the hallway he called up the crew list he had downloaded from the computer. “Hmm lets see who might we need, well it will be close quarters so katana-mech might come in handy, and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to give that egotistical con at lest one order!” With that Doubledealer opened a public communication frequency. “Alight this Doubledealer, this ship might be getting some visitors soon, if catch my drift so Thundercracker, Gaihawk, Bludgeon, and Double Punch meet me and Triggerhappy at the main hatch. Pronto!” closing the communication Knok jumped out of him and Doubledealer transformed into his missile truck. And Knok and Skar jumped into his cab portion. “Let’s go!” Knock shouted out as Doubledealer blasted down the hall.

2004-11-08, 01:48 AM
Corridors near main hatch, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: -over commlink- "I am already on my way there, Doubledealer."

Command deck, Trypticon:

Gaihawk: -jumps up from navigator's position- "Something to fight. It's about time."

Jalgar: "What do you think we've been doing? Throwing postcards at them?"

Gaihawk: -scowls- "Jalgar, take my station. I'm going to go kill some Quints." -storms off the bridge, heads for the main hatch-

Random Sweep
2004-11-08, 01:53 AM
Triggerhappy transformed and sped towards the main hatch

2004-11-08, 02:52 AM
Hatemonger looked around.

"When do we launch the probe?" He asked then stood up.

"The sooner the better, with my firepower I think I would be better suited outside fighting." He commented.

2004-11-08, 05:30 AM

Ghyrik nodded. "Excellent maneuver, Convoy. And note the folly that the Decepticons have fallen prey to."

He gestured to the viewscreen, where a barely-damaged Chains of Justice was streaking past the diving Trypticon.

"They forget that our vessels rotate on their central axis as they move through space." He smiled slightly. "The Decepticons think that they are pounding away at one section of the ship's shields when in fact they are spreading the damage around the entire shield grid."

He gestured expansively. "And now Chains is past their field of fire, with a clear line of sight to Trypticon's weakly-sheilded aft."

Even as he spoke, Chains of Justice began spraying particle beams and plasma torpedoes at the citycon's lightly-protected aft. Moments later, they were joined by the damaged Courthouse.

He turned to 43-E. "Prepare the shuttles for launch, and alert the unit commanders that I shall lead the invasion myself. Their sheilds will be down in moments. Continue to target their engines and offensive arrays."

His optics shifted to Convoy. "I trust you won't bungle the space battle in my absence."

Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister gripped the edge of his console tightly as the entire city rocked. Scanning his optics over his console, he was disturbed to learn that Trypticon's aft shields were near collapse.

"Commander," he reported with an even voice, "aft shields are buckling. Sensor readings from the Quintesson flagship indicate they are prepared to launch dropships." He stepped away from his console. "I shall go fend off the oncoming invaders."

The Targetmaster scooped up his nearby Nebulans. The two fleshlings converted to their weapon modes. Thusly armed, Spinister followed Doubledealer and Gaihawk out the bridge hatch.

2004-11-09, 04:56 AM
(OOC: Launched the probe a few posts ago.)

Command deck, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: "Maybe they're not as dumb as we thought...."

Leozak: -scowls, then leans forward- "Killbison, divert the extra power from the upper shields to the aft, shore them up as best you can......." -smirks- "In doing so, make the shields covering the main hatch/docking bay particularly weak. Make it a tempting target, but don't make it obvious that we're doing it on purpose."

Drillhorn: "That won't be hard to fake, Leozak. This is a shakedown cruise, remember? We've got some subsystem blowouts from all the shield power rerouting."

Leozak: "Even better." -looks at the assembled Decepticons on the bridge- "All of you, with me. We'll join the others at the main hatch." -looks up- "Trypticon, as soon as the dropships are attached to the docking bay... Hellbat, ETA on probe landing?"

Hellbat: -checks display on helm- "Probe's in position, Captain."

Leozak: -grins- "Trypticon, as soon as those dropships are docked, transform to robot mode and make like Godzilla going after the Japanese fleet. As soon as we've driven the boarders off the ship, or if reinforcements show up, transform back to crusier mode, kick the hyperlight drives up to full power, and take us back to Earth." -heads off the bridge, with Breastforce(minus the already there Gaihawk) all heading for the main hatch with him-

Hellbat: "And what do we do if we wind up with a ship full of Sharkticons?"

Leozak: "Think of them as..... cannon fodder."


Convoy: -glares at Ghyrik-

2004-11-09, 05:09 AM
Command Deck, Jurisprudence

Ghyrik returned Convoy's glare.


He stalked off the bridge, towards the launch bay.

43-E sidled up to Black Battle Convoy. "Sir, their shields are weakening around the main docking bay. Estimate breach in one minute."

Launch Bay, Jurisprudence

Ghyrik stepped into his personal dropship, a reinforced vessel crewed by a regiment of Sharkticons and their Allicon masters. As he strapped into his seat, he nodded towards the shuttle's pilot.


The dropships swarmed out of the Jurisprudence's bay, followed seconds later by the other vessels' landing craft. The small vessels added their firepower to the mix, blasting at the sheilds covering Trypticon's landing bay.


The citycon made a confused noise.

"What's 'Godzilla'? And Japanese?" He made derisive snort. "Forget your fancy plans. Trypticon transform and chew on Quints!"

2004-11-09, 05:44 AM
Hatemonger laughed at Trips lack of knowledge on human pop culture.

"That is pretty much what Godzilla would do." He said standing up reading his fusion cannons grabbing the Violator cannon he had made on Earth in one hand and his energy saber in the other he walked towards the airlock with everyone else.

"Well let's slag these scumbags. Everyone watch yourselves and each other, we are all going back in one piece the Quints on the other hand will not be so lucky." He smiled waiting.

2004-11-11, 04:00 AM
Corridor outside of Main Hatch, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: -draws katana- "They are coming."

Gaihawk: -checking the charge in his gun and the shuriken launchers in his hands- "Of course they're coming. Otherwise we'd all be wasting our time standing here."

2004-11-11, 05:10 AM
Ghyrik's Dropship, approaching Trypticon

As the city's shields were breached, Ghyrik nodded in satisfaction.

"Begin landing."

He looked around his shuttle and nodded again, satisfied with the preparation level of his troops. Like all dropships, his contained ten units of ten Sharkticons, each lead by an Allicon. Each of the five spiral ships carried ten shuttles.

Fifty Quintesson dropships settled into Trypticon's docking bay. Five thousand Sharkticons, five hundred Allicons, and one Quintesson Executor stormed into the docking bay. Forming up into ranks with their general at the head of the line, they marched towards the main hatch.

(OOC: You may now begin soiling yourselves :) )

2004-11-11, 01:22 PM
"Looks like cyber-ants to oil." Hatemonger smiled checking the charge on his cannons.

*OOC Has anyone ever counted how many sharky's kup and hotrod take out before being overrun? :cool: *

Random Sweep
2004-11-11, 02:46 PM
Triggerhappy grinned when he saw the enemy approaching.

"Time for some payback, hey Blowpipe" Triggerhappy said to his partner
" I think I just made a mess in my armour " the Nebulan replied

Brave Maximus
2004-11-12, 02:15 AM
"Let them Come. We will wipe them out - ALL OF THEM!" Cried Double Punch.

He transformed into Scorpion mode, with his sword still slung across his back and scampered forward into the upper observation area of the Docking bay and began firing his gattling gun upon the sharkticon army. Not even bothering to aim, he just swung back and forth, firing into the crowd.

(OOC: I'm thinking if the docking bay alot like what you see in star wars and Star Trek. Main area, ringed by a platform - that's where Double Punch is)

2004-11-12, 03:34 AM
Hellbat: -counting the Sharkticons and Allicons- "Holy SLAG!"

Leozak: -looks over at Drillhorn- "You think we got enough ammo for this?"

Drillhorn: -RhinoBreast already transformed to chain gun mode, aimed at the Sharkticons- "One can hope."

Jalgar: -looking at the control panel next to the main hatch- "Hey, Captain-"

Killbison and Gaihawk: -firing into the bay-

Jalgar: -finger poised over a control on the panel- "Captain-"

Leozak: "Think we'll be able to do anything with the bodies?"

Drillhorn: "Probably. Require lots of reprogramming, though."

Jalgar: -sighs- "I knew I should have invested in naval flares...." -starts tapping commands into the panel-

Bludgeon: -empty hollows of his skull lock onto Ghyrik- "I have my target. Double Punch, the leader is mine."

Jalgar: -hits key- "Environmental shield around the main hatch, activated." -hits another key- "Artificial gravity, off. Hey, Double Punch! Grab onto something! Preferably something anchored down!" -hits anotehr key- "Opening outer bay doors........... now."

2004-11-12, 04:51 AM
Landing Bay, Trypticon

Ghyrik roared in rage as air began to leak out of the bay, taking numerous Sharkticons with it.

"Use your claws, you fools!" he transmitted over his internal communicator. "Ride out the storm!"

The Allicons and Sharkticons did as their General ordered, digging their claws into the citicon's deck.

Ghyrik, meanwhile, registered the attention that Bludgeon was paying him. Raising his arms, he let loose plasma bursts from his wrist-mounted cannons, targeting the skull-faced warrior's chest.

Spinister casually strode into the hangar, apparently unfazed by the fact that the air was being sucked out of the room. Despite the massive strength of the wind that threatened to pull him out of the ship (not to mention the lack of gravity), Spinister acted as if he was faced with nothing more bothersome than a gentle summer breeze.

Slowly, carefully, he activated the internal environmental systems on his Nebulan partners. Then he connected them into a single weapon, with Singe's flamethrower supplying added power to Hairsplitter's laser cannon. Finally, he raised the combined weapon and began blasting the legs off the nearest Sharkticons. Thus disconnected form the deck, the loathesome creatures spiralled out of the room.

2004-11-12, 05:00 AM
Hatemonger just opened fire with his fusion cannons. A cold evil lust of war gained over millions of years of war took over. The soilder and the killer. Right now it was time to kill.

2004-11-12, 05:21 AM
Bludgeon: -ducks to avoid the plasma blasts, crackling ball of electricity forming in his left hand, flings it at Ghyrik-

Jalgar: "Bay atmosphere gone....." -looks at a monitor, shrugs- "Got rid of some of them. Restoring gravity, closing bay doors, equalizing atmosphere........ there." -drops enviro shield on main hatch-

Leozak: "Decepticons...... ATTACK!!!!!!! -opens fire, blasting Sharkticons apart with his LioCannon-

Drillhorn: -calmly walks into the bay, facing an onrushing wall of Sharkticons, starts hosing them down with his chaingun, thousands of particle bolts ripping apart the dimwited mechanical monsters-

Gaihawk: -blasting Sharkticons with his gun and flinging shurikens into the Allicons-

Killbison: -transforms to tank mode, roaring into the bay, crushing Sharkticons beneath his treads as his particle projection cannons blast more-

Jalgar: -transforms to dune buggy mode, picks a group of Sharkticons, then fires his homing missles at them, chuckling as the explosions tear them apart-

Hellbat: -opting for a more subtle approach, hypnotizes a group of Sharkticons, then sends them after a group of Allicons-

2004-11-12, 05:39 AM
Landing Bay, Trypticon

Sharkticons dropped like flies, taking heavy fire from the scorpion-like thing, a huge warrior, a dimunitive and apparently very talented Targetmaster, and a combiner team. Some Sharkticons even turned on their Allicon superiors for no reason Ghyrik could fathom.

The general was not happy.

He took Bludgeon's energy blast full in the chest, staggering back half a step. Locking his optics on the Pretender, the General laughed (silently, of course, since the atmosphere was all but gone). He was sure, however, that the challenge in his gesture would be obvious.

The gauntlet had been dropped. Ghyrik stalked towards his prey, certain that the construct would pick it up.

As the gravity returned, Spinister relaxed even more. He shifted the focus of his attack, now blasting the Sharkticons in the face rather than the legs. The results were no less lethal.


As soon as the bay doors closed, Trypticon obeyed his commands. His parts began to shift, signalling the conversion to beast mode.

2004-11-12, 05:46 AM
Bludgeon: -strides forward, katana ready, death stalking towards the Quintession general(and neatly bisecting an errant Allicon that stumbled in his path with an efficient sword strike)-

2004-11-12, 06:02 AM
Ghyrik nodded casually to Bludgeon acknowledging the kill he just scored. Then the general leapt forward, into striking range. His left arm swung towards Bludgeon's sword, attempting to catch the weapon within Ghyrik's forearm blades. Meanwhile, he fired his right plasma cannon at the Pretender's chest.

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-12, 06:09 AM
Trypticon Main Hatch

“Alright Skar, Knok lets have some fun!” Doubledealer shouted as Knok jumped and combined with him forming his humanoid mode, Skar also combined with his missile launcher system. Wilding his light cannon he begins to blast Sharkticons. “I hate the cannon fodder concept!” he shouted out, than he spotted Bludgeon battling it out with something clearly important. “Hello what have we here?” he asked as he took as careful aim as possible with his missile well still fending off Sharkticons and friends. “Skar have you got a lock?” he called mentally to grumpy partner. “As good as were going to get.” The small bat called back. “Excellent now if katana-mech can keep him busy just a little longer… I take back every bad thing I ever said about cons, they pervaded the greatest distractions, and act as the best living shields without even knowing it!” with that he lunched his missile at Ghyrik. “One on one ha! That fool is as full of it as that dim witted katana-mech all that matters is winning!”

2004-11-12, 06:24 AM
Ghyrik felt a minor explosion along his back, but didn't deign to look for his attacker. He knew perfectly well that the Pretender was the only one on this vessel worthy of his time.

Instead, he sent a radio command to a nearby group of six Allicons, all of whom immediately shifted to alligator mode and launched themselves towards Doubledealer.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-12, 07:24 AM
Double Punch continued to fire his gattling gun into the crowd of Sharkticons, digging his eight legs into the deck plating when the gravity ceased for a moment.

With the rate of fire he was going at, the Action Master Elite's internal Ammo drum was quickly emptied, and he began looking for targets. Spotting a group of leader-type drones, Double Punch Launched himself into the air, landing on one of them, disecting it's head with his claws. As the bodies impacted on the deck, Double Punch rolled and transformed, landing on his feet..... Right into the middle of a Squad of Sharkticons. Instinctivly Double Punch Flexed his claws and extending the inner blades - But after a few seconds retracted them and drew his sword from over his shoulder.

Double Punch drew himself up and assumed a ready stance - waiting for the Sharkticons to attack.

Random Sweep
2004-11-12, 11:04 AM
Triggerhappy opens fire with a wild spead of blaster fire at the sharkticons

2004-11-12, 03:05 PM
Hatemonger scanned the battleground as he gave his cannons a moment to cool.

He saw Bludgon going after a warrior that looked clearly different than anyone else on the battle field.

He turned and yelled to the group.

"The one Bludgon is going after, he must be a commanding officer! Wipe him out!" He yelled and set the violoator cannon up and opened fire. The gun shooting waves of sound capable of fracturing metal into the Sharkticons.

2004-11-13, 02:01 AM
Bludgeon: -pivots away, pulling his katana away from Ghyrik's arm blades and taking the blast from the plasma cannon on the shield on his left arm- "I apologize for the actions of some of my comrades. They have no concept of honor." -using the momentum from the blast taken on the shield, whips back around, katana swinging in an upward arc, trying to slice Ghyrik open from lower left to upper right torso, raises voice as he does so, the booming echo sounding more menacing than usual- "ANY WHO ATTEMPT TO INTERFERE WITH MY DUEL SHALL FACE ME AND DIE!"

Killbison: -decides to not angle for a shot at Ghyrik, if for no other reason than he's having too much fun grinding Sharkticons into the deck-

Command deck, Jurisprudence:

Convoy: -seeing Trypticon transform, nods- "Courthouse, manouver into position in front of Trypticon, at your current distance. Act like you're running. Chains of Justice, Scales of Balance, and Sword of Truth, join up with Jurisprudence, and we'll box that monster in. And keep moving around it. Keep battering on the shields! Courthouse, once we've got it's attention, swing back in and target the backpack thrusters!"

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-13, 04:27 AM
Trypticon Main Hatch

“Well aren’t we the touchy one?” Doubledealer shout back to Bludgeon as he blasted two of the on coming Allicons with his light blaster. One of the Allicons managed to grab onto his left arm, but a quick fling of the arm sent it flying. “Did I mention I hate the cannon fodder concept?” he asked rhetorically as he blasted two more of the attacking Allicons and kicked the third. “Am pretty sure you did boss.” Knok called to him. “Shut up Knok and change places with Skar lets get some height on these losers!” As the two small engines switched, Skar directly combining with Doubledealer and Knok combining with his missile launcher Doubledealer became his Flacon mode. “Hey boss!” He called over a private channel to Hatemonger. “You’re the mech in charge around here so you represent the cons paying my check, so what do I do? Listen to Captain-honor-even-if-it-kills-us, or do what makes both logical and sound tactical reasoning and help him smoke the leader's behind?”
“Shut up Knok and change places with Skar lets get some height on these losers!”

2004-11-13, 05:15 AM
Hangar Bay, Trypticon

The general scoffed as a huge energy blast from one of the Decepticons blasted a hole in the deck near him.

Very little regard for the lives of thier own, I see...

Ghyrik raised his forearms, blocking Bludgeon's sword slash with his forearm blades.

"Yes, I understand totally. Minions can be very...simple sometimes."

Using the momentum of Bludgeon's strike to propel him upwards and to the side, Ghyrik left his feet for a moment. When he landed, he drove his shoulder spikes towards the side of the construct's head.

"But my minions will kill them, so the point is moot."

Ghyrik sent out two more radio transmissions, one to his troops and one to his personal dropship.

The first signal prompted several Allicons to draw blaster pistols and began to fire on Doubledealer.

The second caused five heavyly armed and armoured Quintesson Gatekeepers to depart Ghyrik's dropship. Two of them, GE-12 and GM-23, quickly shouldered their bowmaces and fired a barrage of energy at Hatemonger.

The third, GV-02 began to stalk Spinister, trying to get within striking range of the Targetmaster.

The remaining two, GQ-29 and GK-45, began to make their way towards Double Punch and Triggerhappy respectively.

(OOC: The Gatekeepers are not cannon fodder. You actually have to fight them.)

(OOC2: Quint types resource thread: here (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=27189))


His transformation sequence complete, Trypticon ignited his foot-mounted rockets and flew towards the maneuvering Sword of Truth, all weapons save for his main gun firing at will.

2004-11-13, 05:17 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Fodder has it's uses for fun anyway. Slag the machine Bludgeon is fighting. Honor has it's purpose not here, not now." He said to Doubledealer.

With that he had his energon saber in one hand and was hacking through sharkticons and firing the Violator cannon or fusion cannon blast with his other arm.

Suddenly he arched back in pain.

"Slagging scum firing on a con while he fights another. Honor is definitly out the window now." He decided to test the quints mental. He dropped back and checked his damage readout nothing to bad thankfully as energybows are so well primitive but constantly getting hit like that would be a bad idea.

"Who wants some?" He asked the various quints in the area stealing yet another pop culture reference from Earth that he had heard.

2004-11-13, 05:44 AM
GE-12 continued to fire energy blasts from his bowmace at Hatemonger.

Meanwhile, GM-23 closed to close range and swung the mace end of his weapon at Hatemonger's chest.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-13, 06:09 AM
Double Punch swung his blade around, spearing a Sharkticon through the skull while plunging his claw into the face of another. One of the closest Sharkticon's managed to smash his club-mace into his shoulder, causing Double Punch to growl.

He whipped his sword around, sending the Sharkticon on it's end flying into a group of Sharkticons focused on one of the other Decepticons. The blade whipped through the air, cleaving the Sharkticon's mace and head with equal ease.

Then he spotted GQ-29 and a smile came to his face:

"Finally! A real challenge! Let us dance ugly!"

2004-11-13, 06:19 AM
GQ-29 raised his bowmace and fired a series of blasts at Double Punch. The Gatekeeper aimed the barrage at the Decepticon's claws, trying to dislodge the sword that they held.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-13, 06:48 AM
Double Punch raised his sword and managed to deflect the first two shots with his sword, even managing to hit a Sharkticon with one. Unfortunatly he got to over confident and the third blast struck his hand, sending the sword flying into the chest of a Sharkticon. Trying to keep an eye on the Gatekeeper, Double Punch attempts to lunge for his sword and draw it out of the Sharkticon it is embedded in.

Random Sweep
2004-11-13, 11:48 AM
Triggerhappy turned just in time to see the blast from GK-45, but was far to late to do anything about it as it caught him side on into one of his optics partially blinding him.

Relying on Blowpipe for aim, Triggerhappy fired a burst at GK-45

2004-11-13, 02:48 PM
Hatemonger quickly brought his energon saber up to try to defect the attack from GE-12 while moving to try to avoid the attacks from GM-23. Hatemonger then brought his fusion cannon up and returned a fireblast at GM-23.

"Funny that at least 2 of you are welcoming your inpending deaths fairly well." He growled at GE-12.

2004-11-14, 04:27 AM
Bludgeon: -snaps head around, spikes digging groves into his helmet(but not puncturing it), ball of crackling electricity forming in his left hand as he snaps a kick at Ghyrik's head, blade snapping out from his boot tip-


Drillhorn: -seeing the Gatekeepers emerge from the dropship- "Captain! I don't think the dropships are completely empty!"

Leozak: -having switched to his naginata, spears an Allicon and starts using it as a club on other Sharkticons- "Jalgar! Killbison!! Go check it out!"

Jalgar: -vehicle mode, sends another salvo of missiles at a group of Sharkticons, watching as they're blown to shreds, transforms, looks over at the Gatekeepers, then at Leozak- "Are you kidding?!?!?!?"

Killbison: -tank mode, armored flanks and glacis plate covered in mech fluid, spins towards Ghyrik's dropship, blasting away at Sharkticons as he charges towards it, Sharkticon fragments fountaining up behind his spinning treads in a grisly roostertail of shrapnel and lubricants- "C'mon, Jalgar!"

Jalgar: -sighs, mutters something about kill-crazed maniacs, and follows Killbison on foot, JaguarBreast in gun mode, firing at Sharkticons on his way to the dropship-

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-14, 05:11 AM
Trypticon Main Hatch

“You got boss!” Doubledealer called back to Hatemonger before closing the channel. “Um boss look out!” Knok called to him as the Allicons opened fire on them Doubledealer made a quick right bank and fired his missile at them, but two blast did hit him on his right wing. He than began a dive towards Ghyrik, talons out stretched. As he did so he opened a channel to Bludgeon. “Complain to your boss Katana-mech, though I have to say gusty move counteracting his order in the middle of battle kid.” The sarcasm nearly was dripping from his voice. “I thought honor meant FOLLOWING the chain of command.”

2004-11-14, 05:51 AM
Bludgeon: -over commlink to Doubledealer- "I have not countermanded Hatemonger's order, Mercenary. I have, however, informed all who wish to join in this duel what will happen."

2004-11-14, 08:09 AM
Ghyrik ducked Bludgeon's kick, and the other's boot spike tore the tip off of one of the general's shoulder blades.

Then he saw Doubledealer swoop down.

A mercenary! Sickening. We designed you to be warriors, not profiteers!

The general jumped back, then shoulder-rolled a few body-lengths out of the diving falcon's path.

"LEAVE, construct!" Ghyrik loosed a volley of plasma bolts towards Doubledealer's face, "You are unworthy of our time!"

He glared at Bludgeon. "Has your cult fallen so far that even mere hirelings will defy you? When the Quintessons called Cybertron home, those of your kind who so obviously followed the path of Metallikato were respected."

GQ-29 grinned beneath his faceplate as the scorpion construct's blade flew into one of the cannon fodder units. As Double Punch lunged for the sword, the Gatekeeper closed range. He then swung the heavy end of his weapon down towards where he thought the construct's midsection would be.

GM-23 caught a fusion cannon blast in the shoulder at point-blank range. Subspacing his weapon, the Gatekeeper charged Hatemonger, arms open for a tackle.

GE-12 ducked the attacks that Hatemonger had deflected back towards him, then ceased fire as his partner charged the construct. He paced somewhat closer, ready to smite the Decepticon with his bowmace should he escape.

GK-45 was hit by several blasts, but most of Triggerhappy's assault flew wide and killed worthless Sharkticons. The Gatekeeper didn't care; that's what the Sharkticons were for, after all. He triggered several more shots towards the Decepticon.

Spinister could tell that he was being hunted. Though the Gatekeeper did a good job consealing his true target, it was very difficult to hide such things from Spinister.

The Targetmaster brought the butt end of his combined weapon down on the skull of the nearest Sharkticon, crushing the creature's pitiful excuse for a brain. Before it's corpse had even hit the ground, Spinister had appropriated it's flail as his own.

GV-02, noting that his prey had taken notice, raised his bowmace and fired several blasts at him. Only one found home, cutting a black score mark across the Targetmaster's right shoulder. Spinister responded in kind, landing several laser blasts on GV-02's chest.

The Gatekeeper was seemingly unfazed. He charged Spinister, intent on crushing the Decepticon with the head of his bowmace. Spinister dodged the attack, but it still glanced off his left shoulder. In return, Spinister swung the head of his appropriated Sharkticon tail into GV-02's chest. If the blow hurt the Quintesson at all, he didn't show it.

The Targetmaster rolled a safe distance away, computing a new battle plan.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-14, 08:49 AM
Double Punch's claw grabbed onto the sword just as the blunt end of the staff landed in his midsection. To his credit, he pulled the sword free but was unable to soften the blow from the staff. It sent him flying back, through several unaware Sharkticons.

Double Punch rose to his feet and clutched his side, feeling bent in armour plating. He smiled again, and assumed a ready stance, looking at GQ-29:

"Care to try that again?"

Random Sweep
2004-11-14, 09:48 AM
Triggerhappy re-routed power from his ruined optic, restoring partial vision just in time to dodge the fire from the Gatekeeper

growling Triggerhappy fired a full burst straight at GK-45

2004-11-14, 09:21 PM
Bludgeon: -blade retracts into his boot as his foot hits the decking, crackling ball of electricity still in his left hand- "Our numbers have........ dropped since then. And times have changed." -gaze never leaving Ghyrik- "The young forget...... much to their cost."


Jalgar and Killbison: -approaching Ghyrik's dropship-

2004-11-14, 10:21 PM
Hatemonger got ready as the Gatekeeper charged him he quickly swung his energon saber hoping to cleave the charging gatekeeper and with his other arm fired a barrage with the Violator Cannon at the Gatekeeper with the bowmace.....

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-15, 04:03 AM
Trypticon Main Hatch

“Och!” Doubledealer called out as one of the plasma blots scorched the side of his face as he quickly flew back into the air after Ghyrik dodged his dive. “You know what?” he called to both of the combatant’s below. “You can both take your egos and stuff them up your exhaust ports! I’ve got orders to fry you buddy.” He said turning his gaze to Ghyrik. “Or did your little “friend” forget to mention that just because he’s part of the play-nice cult he’s not in charge! So I could careless if you think am worth your time because am here to stay, because and I quote from Hatemonger himself “Slag the machine Bludgeon is fighting. Honor has it's purpose not here, not now."

“Hey Knok you got the new missile ready from sub-space?” he asked his humanoid partner.

“All ready and aimed boss!”

Doubledealer smiled to himself. “Excellent!” he than turned dowered to face Ghyrik and unleashed his missile. ”So become slag already!”

2004-11-15, 04:45 AM
Hangar Bay, Trypticon

GM-23 grabbed Hatemonger's sword arm with both hands, then swung his tail towards the general's chest.

GE-12 took the violator cannon shot in the right hip and dropped to one knee. He reversed grip on his bowmace, threw it heavy end first at Hatemonger's back, then lunged for GM-23's discarded weapon.

GK-45 took a volley of shots in the chest, burning through armour and falling to the ground. The Gatekeeper rolled as he landed, then tried to sweep Triggerhappy's legs out from under him with the bowmace's head.

GQ-29 twirled his bowmace expertly, then favoured Double Punch with a nod. The Gatekeeper charged, swinging his bowmace down towards the Decepticon's head.

Spinister came up firing, but not with lasers. Having reversed grip on his weapon, Singe was now facing forward with Hairsplitter acting as a power booster to him. Flames shot out, reaching GV-02's face. The Gatekeeper clawed the fire out of his eyes, then raised his weapon to crush the Decepticon...who had somehow totally disappeared in the few seconds this act took. Looking around in confusion, GV-02 tried to locate the enemy.

Out of the corner of his optic, GV-02 saw movement in a nearby group of dark shadows. Moments later, he felt the ball of a Sharkticon mace crush the base of his tail. The Gatekeeper quivered with outrage spinning around...but the Decepticon had disappeared into the shadows once more.

GV-02 began to fire randomly into the shadows, attempting to cast some light on his obviously stealth-equipped foe.

Ghyrik nodded knowingly to Bludgeon. "I can understand that sentiment. But it's their loss, I su-" He broke off, jumping backwards from the missile launched by Doubledealer. Shrapnel from the weapon lodged in his armour, but did no significant damage. -"pose," he finished without missing a beat.

"You again? If your Hatemonger wants me 'slagged', he would do better to engage me himself," The general unleashed more plasma on the unscrupulous Decepticon mercenary, "rather than send ameteurs like you!"

2004-11-15, 05:27 AM
The tail caught Hatemonger in the chest. He quickly brought his saber into subspace so not to lose it. If he was human the wind would have been knocked out of him. His armour took a nasty brusing as he then grabbed the tail hoping to rip it off.

Suddenly he was knocked in the back by the bowmace, he did the rough equivlent of a face plant to the floor. Not sure if he still had the other Gatekeepers tail or not. After he landed he looked back up and raised his fusion cannons.

He decided to fire another barrage at the two gatekeepers. They may outnumber me but I have more than enough firepower for these two goons he thought as he rushed to get back up so not to be overcame.

Having over heard Ghyrik Hatemonger shouted out.

"If your so eager to die then have your minions clear a path. On second thought, don't I rather enjoy this." He smiled and continued his assualt on the two gatekeepers.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-15, 07:35 AM
Double Punch twirled his blade around, sidestepping the obvious overhead swing. As he moved, he brought the blade around to the side and up, attempting to bury it in the Gatekeepers torso.

Random Sweep
2004-11-15, 03:34 PM
Triggerhappy hit the ground hard, crumpling armour panels on his back.

knowing that he was not made for melee combat he transformed and circled the hanger then fired several plasma bursts at GK-45

2004-11-16, 01:57 AM
Bludgeon: -flings the fireball he's been holding at a group of Sharkticons, then snaps his left arm up, tracking Doubledealer with the electropulse cannon mounted on his shield, still facing Ghyrik- "He is the one who fired on you while you were engaged with an opponent, Ghyrik. If you wish to deal with him, I can wait." -skull "smile" seems to take on a more sinister look- "Because if you don't, I will."


Jalgar and Killbison: -make it to Ghyrik's dropship-

Killbison: -transforms, BisonBreast transforming to gun mode-

Jalgar: -looks at Killbison- "You want to go in first?"

2004-11-16, 04:50 AM
GM-23 spun around quickly, his tail violently ripping off in Hatemonger's hands as the general fell to the floor. Agonized, but fueled on by pain-surpression algorythms, the Gatekeeper thrust a knee towards the rising Decepticon. He used the momentum of his spin to add power to his attack.

GE-12 caught a fusion cannon blast in the torso as he flew through the air. He landed in a crumpled heap, pain exploding inside him as he hit the ground. The wounded Gatekeeper struggled to get to his feet.

GK-45 caught several of Triggerhappy's shots, and was tossed across the hangar. Thankfully, most of the plasma bolts had been absorbed by Sharkticons before reaching him, else he wouldn't have been alive. As it was, GK-45 was in pretty bad shape, his armour dented and melted in various places.

The Gatekeeper pushed himself to his feet and fired several blasts at Triggerhappy's thrusters, trying to knock the Decepticon out of the sky.

GQ-29 purposely drove forward, crashing into the Decepticon. As he felt Double Punch's sword pierce the armour of his lower torso and lacerate several non-vital systems, the Gatekeeper swung his mace at the scorpion-like construct's face.

Ghyrik favoured Bludgeon with a shrug.

"Unlike many of my colleagues, I fail to see any pleasure in killing barely skilled constructs. But if he continues to interfere, then he must die."

Hearing Hatemonger's comment, the Quintesson glared momentarily at his opposite number (in rank, anyway). Then he glanced back at Bludgeon, giving him a look that said, they expect you to obey that common brawler?

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-16, 05:14 AM
Trypticon Main Hatch

“What is it with you “honor” types anyway?” Doubledealer called down mockingly as he dodged most of the plasma balls, though two did his already hurt right wing. “I’ve been in OVER 2,3893 campaigns and every time I run into one of you guys you always think AM the inexperienced one.” “Hey Knok, Skar you guys ready?” Doubledealer quickly asked his partners mentally. “All ready boss!” Knok replied followed by a grunt of affirmative from Skar. “Well let me tell you something naïves if there’s one thing I’ve discovered it’s that honor is the language of the nice, and NICE-MECHS FINISH LAST!” he yelled out the last part at the same time he gave the command of “now!” to his partners and they switched place turning him into his humanoid mode as he fell feet first, aiming for Bludgeon. Even as he fell though he aimed his light cannon as Ghyrik and unlashed a volley of fire at him.

2004-11-16, 01:53 PM
GM-23's knee caught Hatemonger sqaure in the mouth. Enraged Hatemonger got up oil trickling from his mouth he checked to see if all of his roboteeth were still there, grunted and then proceeded to try and smash the Gatekeeper with his own spiked tail.

Random Sweep
2004-11-16, 03:04 PM
while able to dodge most of the blasts, one caught Triggerhappy, forcing him to transform and land.

Snarling he opened up with another burst at GK-45

2004-11-17, 05:08 AM
Ghyrik took several steps back as he was hit by Doubledealer's shots. Armor chipped away from his breast plate, but it was nothing serious.

Yet. But this one could damage me if I let him survive. Perhaps if I distract him, the skull-faced one will be able to dispatch him quickly.

"Twenty-three thousand? You consider that impressive, construct?" Ghyrik straightened to his full height. "I am over twenty million years old. I was in service with the Quintesson Army before the first of your kind was even built. I have slain hundreds of millions of your kind and tens of millions of other beings. I have lead my race's forces in forty thousand seperate engagements. You are but an infant!"

GM-23 was knocked to the ground, rattled. He snapped his legs out towards his enemy's, trying to knock down Hatemonger or at least push himself away from the Decepticon.

GE-12 was still strugling to find his feet.

GK-45 was hit with several blasts before he took cover amidst a group of Sharkticons. The Gatekeeper slinked through the crowd, trying to sneak up behind Triggerhappy.

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-17, 06:22 AM
Trypticon Main Hatch

“Sweet for you!” Doubledealer called back to the general, as he fell. “Guess I’ll just have to count on youthful enthusiasm, the shock of the new, and not being an outdated and useless model!” He than opened a private channel to Bludgeon. “all right decision time “Honor” mech, now you can attack me but that help your opponent in the long run since even if you think am useless here the mere number boost I bring might turn the tide of another battle. So you need to figure out what’s more important to you, your honor or your Freedom to be led by Deceptions, besides am just following orders, how can you hold that as being “dishonorable” you’re qualm it would thus seem is with Hatemonger, and that, and our issues if need be can be dealt with at a more opportune time.”

2004-11-17, 06:35 AM
GM-23 hit Hatemonger in the midsection. He was pushed backwards but stopped. A sick gleen in his eyes as he spit some more oil out of his mouth from when he was kicked in the face.

"Slag it and slag you." He growled and fired one more fusion cannon blast at the sprawled Gatekeeper hoping to finish him off to move onto the still rather sizable army of Quints in the hatch or to smash their general to the Inferno with Bludedon's code of honor. Honor is a great thing, just not when your fighting an army with about ten troops. After he looked to see the other Gatekeeper trashing on the floor and thought, does he even have feet connected to him...

Random Sweep
2004-11-17, 02:42 PM
Now unable to see GK-45, Triggerhappy started blasting wildly at Sharkticons

2004-11-18, 05:33 AM
Ghyrik simply waited for Bludgeon to deal with his underling, watching Doubledealer with amusement.

GM-23 was hit in the center of the chest with the fusion cannon blast. He toppled backwards, a smoking hole in his chest.

GE-12 finally regained his balance, picked up the discarded bowmace, and charged at Hatemonger. He swung the heavy end of the weapon in line with his foe's chest as he picked up speed.

GK-45 ducked, letting the worthless Sharkticons around him take hits as he worked his way closer to Triggerhappy.

2004-11-18, 05:38 AM
Hatemonger got into a weapon fighting stance and swung the tail of the now defunt Gatekeeper in hopes of stopping the attack from GE-12.

2004-11-18, 06:18 AM
Bludgeon: -rolling out of the way as Doubledealer comes down, scowl deepening at the mercenary's words- "When you initiated this attack, Mercenary, I had a fleeting moment of respect or you. But that little speech you just made has sealed my decision." -stands- "I am a child of the Path of Metallikato, the Path of the Ultimate Warrior! THAT, and that alone, is what leads me!" -points at the large horde of Sharkticons that Leozak, Gaihawk, Drillhorn, and Hellbat are still fending off- "You would be better served assisting them! After this battle is ended, we will settle our differences!" -looks back at Ghyrik- Ghyrik, let us continue."

Brave Maximus
2004-11-18, 08:26 AM
Double Punch Rolled his head to the side, but the Gatekeeper still managed a glancing blow, with bit's of his "helmet" breaking, flashes of light threatened to overwhelm him. But this was not to be his destiny - by sheer force of will, Double Punch remained focused. At the same time though, Double Punch took a step forward and dragged his blade across the belly of the Gatekeeper.

Once the blade was free, he brought it up and attempted drive it into the upper back of the Quintesson......

2004-11-19, 05:57 AM
Ghyrik gave Bludgeon a curt nod.

"As you wish."

He leapt at Bludgeon, wrist blades swinging down towards the Pretender's shoulders and clawed feet driving up towards his chest.

GE-12 ducked the swinging tail, brought up the barrel of his bowmace, and fired a barrage towards Hatemonger's guts, hoping to avenge the death of GM-23.

Despite the fact that his innards had been...downsized, GQ-29 managed to raise his bowmace and deflect Double Punch's attack. However, the force of the blow drove him to his knees.

GV-02 felt a slight breeze behind him. The Gatekeeper spun, bowmace at the ready...but found nothing. Looking around in confusion, the Quintesson was hit from behind by a spiked ball. He fell to his knees, but swung his bowmace backwards and heard a satisfying crunch as it found it's target. Struggling to his feet, GV-02 turned and locked his optics on Spinister, who was down on one knee. The Targetmaster was obviously wounded, his right hip badly damaged.

GV-02 raised his bowmace and swung it down, intending to finish the duel in one attack. The Decepticon dodged, though, faster than he should have been able to with his damage. The bowmace slammed into the back of his left shoulder, crushing armour and propelling the Targetmaster forward.

It was at that point that GV-02 felt two cylenders pressing against his midsection. Looking down, he saw the twin barrels of Spinister's laser weapon jammed into his gut. Moments later the Gatekeeper's inner workings exploded out his back as the point-blank laser fire blew through him.

As GV-02 collapsed to his knees, he saw the head of a Sharkticon tail mace flying towards him. And then he saw no more.

Spinister pushed himself painfully to his feet, then stood over the deceased Gatekeeper. He stared at the corpse for a moment, then nodded in satisfaction and turned his attention to a nearby group of Sharkticons.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-19, 08:26 AM
Feeling the blow deflected, Double Punch instinctivly stepped forward and moved his blade in an attempt to block the blow that never came. Seizing the opportunity, He spun around to see GQ-29 on his knees and smiled.

He raised his sword and as he brough it down, aiming for the space in the armour behind the Gatekeepers neck he hissed:

"Now it ends, all your existances......"

Random Sweep
2004-11-19, 08:27 PM
Still unable to see GK-45 , Triggerhappy continued to blast sharkticons

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-20, 03:47 AM
Trypticon Main Hatch

“You just don’t get it Bludgeon, do you? I could care less if you like or respect me.” Doubledealer shot back as he landed crouching to help absorb the impact. “You’re not my boss and you’re all ready made at me so that’s not going to change,. In this situation Hatemonger’s my boss, and supply-and-demand have gone into affect, there’s a demand for this guy’s head, and I’ve been ordered to supply it!” he said as he took a shot at Ghyrik. “Oh and by the way real insulting calling me a mercenary, it’s only my job.” Doubledealer continued with obvious sarcasm. “At lest with me the need for a good rep keeps me from changing sides, but am staring to doubt you, what with the path of the ultimate warrior being your only leader comment and all. I mean if you don’t care about Con freedom why are you a card-carrying member of the faction? And that “ultimate warrior” bull I think you just use that as a shield to hide yourself from the painful truth, you’re simply a grunt and that’s all you’ll ever be. Because let me tell you something, one grunt to another I’ve been around this big universe of ours and nothing is ultimate, so accept you r position in life, lose the ego and enjoy life a little, you’ll do everyone a favor!”

2004-11-20, 04:46 AM
Bludgeon: "And had they not offered you payment, Mercenary, I doubt very much that you would be here." -rolls out of the way of Ghyrik's leap, rises to feet, slashing at Ghyrik's side-


Leozak: -blazing away at Sharkticons, activates commlink- "Jalgar! Killbison! Status report!"

Drillhorn: -blasting Sharkticons apart left, right, and center- "Why did you send those wo again?"

Leozak: "They were available, and Killbison can go through crowds so quickly....." -into commlink- "JALGAR?!?!?!"


Jalgar: -outside the main hatch of Ghyrik's dropship, examining the exterior control panel- "I hear you, Captain. We're here at the dropship. Trying to figure out how to get in."

2004-11-20, 04:54 AM
Gm-12 hit Hatemonger in the midsection.

He wretched backwards and held his midsection the blasts damaged his armour as he made sure that he was still more or less intact.

These Sharkticons are more capable than our previous intel lead us to believe He thought somewhat annoyed.

He then stood back cocked his neck from side to side and smiled at the Gatekeeper.

"So it's a long range fight you want. Then I will give it to you." He said transforming into his Mobile artillary mode *see also tank* he then opened fire on the remaining gatekeeper while hopping to run him down.

2004-11-20, 05:18 AM
Ghyrik skillfully blocked Bludgeon's attack with his right forearm blades, then stepped backwards. He returned Doubledealer's glare.

"Would you care to change places with your skull-faced associate? I'm sure he'd be able to entertain himself killing Sharkticons while I brutalize you."

Without waiting for a reply from the upstart, the general jumped high in the air and fell towards his Pretender foe. Rolling in the air, Ghyrik's huge back blades spun towards Bludgeon's chest as his plasma blasters fired, their recoil adding to his downward airspeed.

GQ-29 tried to roll out of the way of Double Punch's attack, but the blade caught him in the neck. His head and body fell to the ground, sundered from oneanother.

GK-45 stood, raised his bowmace, took aim on Triggerhappy's back, and fired.

GM-12 felt the blasts from Hatemonger's fusion cannons knock him off his feet. The Gatekeeper landed on the ground and tried to crawl out of the path of the Decepticon's treads.

Random Sweep
2004-11-20, 05:47 AM
The blast caught triggerhappy in the back, sending him to the ground

2004-11-21, 12:52 AM
OOC just to describe Hatemongers alt mode since this is one of the few times he transformed into it. Think Shockblast's alt mode in away just with two fusion cannons that can rotate like a normal tank.

Hatemonger rolled contining to fire and hoping to crush the gatekeeper once and for all. He also fired the Violator cannon when he had housed on the top of his fusion cannon turrets ala a machine gun on an Earthlings tank to hit other Sharkticons that tried to jump him.

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-21, 08:00 PM
Trypticon Main Hatch

That’s all well and true kid.” Doubledealer countered to Bludgeon as he stood up “But I never claimed to be a card-carrying con, you do, and my motivation for being here is obvious and reliable, but you on the other hand… well you get the point.” He than turned to Ghyrik and took aim with his light cannon. “I could wait and see if you finish with katana-mech here, but patience has never been one of my stronger suites.” He finished with smirk and fried at Ghyrik.

2004-11-22, 12:23 AM
Bludgeon: -foreball appearing in his left hand, points katana at Doubledealer- "Mercenary scum. Your warrior's heart is tainted by an idiot's tounge. When I am finished here, perhaps I shall remove both for you!" -flings fireball at the rapidly dropping Ghyrik's back, brings up arm mounted electropulse cannon, starts firing at Ghyrik's back-


Gaihawk: -sees something out of the corner of his optic, turns- "Smeg. Leozak! One of the antiques is in over his head!"

Leozak: -having switched to Allicon targets and mowing them down with a ruthless efficiency- "Better go help him."

Gaihawk: "Aye, Captain!" -hits boosters, lifts into air, transforms to fighter mode, roars towards GK-45, firing missiles at the Gatekeeper, yelling at Triggerhappy- "STAY DOWN, OLD TIMER! I GOT IT COVERED!"


Jalgar: -scowling at the lock on the dropship- "This looks like some kind of techno-organic interface. What the slag do they need that for?"

Killbison: "I can get us in there."

Jalgar: -turns, question dying on his lips- "...... Oh, now come on, Killbison! We can't just blast our way in there! Who knows what that could cause?"

Killbison: -growls-

Random Sweep
2004-11-22, 02:39 AM
Triggerhappy rolled onto his back and fired at GK-45

Brave Maximus
2004-11-22, 04:16 AM
Double Punch speared the Gate Keeper's head with his sword and smiled at it, then tossed it towards a group of Sharkticons, laughing as they stood in shock, before he lunged into them, sword swinging around him.......

2004-11-22, 05:08 AM
Ghyrik was hit in the left leg by Doubledealer's blast, and armour burned away from the impact site. Ironically, the hit gave him enough of a change of direction that Bludgeon's fire flew harmlessly past him.

Grinning, the general landed on his feet several bodylengths away from the two Decepticons. He fired a barrage of plasma at Bludgeon, then shot a glare at Doubledealer.

"Impatient? Then perhaps I should give you something else to worry about..."

The general sent out another radio transmission to his troops.

Upon recieving their general's orders, hundreds of non-engaged Sharkticons and Allicons swarmed through the door into Trypticon's main corridor, fanning out and smashing any equipment they came across.

Wipe-out, Brunt and Full-Tilt, alerted by Trypticon's internal systems that the Sharkticons were causing damage, took up guard positions in the corridor outside the bridge and began cutting down the Quint slaves...but not quickly enough.

Wipe-out opened a channel to Leozak. "Uh...great one? We're up at the bridge, and we've got Sharkticons beating down the door here. Looks like they're running amok elsewhere, too. Could you send some help?"

Were Hatemonger to check, he would see that shredded bits of GM-12 now adorned his treads.

Caught between rockets and energy fire, GK-45 was blown to flak.

2004-11-22, 05:15 AM
Hatemonger was smiling, well if you could see a smile with him in tank mode.

Nothing like the oil of a crushed foe caressing my skin. he thought and rolled around.

Having seen the group of sharkticons and the like heading towards the bridge he decided to roll of and open fire on them hoping to keep them from the bridge.

2004-11-22, 04:04 PM
Leozak: -into commlink- "I read you, Wipe-Out. I'll detail a few to go deal with this." -switches frequencies- "Jalgar! You and Killbison head back into the corridors! We're got Sharkticons on a rampage!"

Jalgar: -over commlink- "Aye, Captain."

Leozak: -turns, strides over towards Bludgeon and Doubledealer, switching comm frequencies- "Gaihawk! Get into the corridors! Kill them all!"

Gaihawk: -swings around, angling towards the main hatch-

Leozak: -stops before Bludgeon and Doubledealer- "I don't care what's going on here, I don't care what's been said." -scowling, starts yelling- "What I DO care about is that I've got a horde of Sharkticons trying to redecorate the interior OF MY SHIP!!!!!!!! So stop arguing and go take care of it! That's an order!!!!"

Bludgeon: -shell splits open, inner robot steps out(shield vanishes off of the shell's left arm to reappear on Bludgeon's back), draws energo-katana from it's left forearm sheath-

Bludgeon's shell: -closes, turns runs towards the hatch, carving Sharkticons to scrap metal with it's katana as it goes-

Bludgeon: -turns to face Ghyrik- "Now, where were we?"

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-23, 02:56 AM
Trypticon Main Hatch

“Primus you’re easy to anger, lighten up Bludg old boy!” Doubledealer called after Bludgeon’s threat than he heard Leozak’s yelling. “Jeez con, no need to yell, I always granulate full customer satisfaction.” After sending a quick mental command to his partners, Knok and Skar both leave him and he transforms into his missile truck mode. The two smaller life-forms than enter his cab section as he takes off for Trypticon's main corridor, but before he left he fried one last missile at Ghyrik. “Here’s a parting gift sucker!”

2004-11-23, 05:52 AM
Ghyrik dodged Doubledealer's missle, feeling the fire of the explosion melt armour from his chassis. He turned to the (now somewhat reduced) Bludgeon.

"I believe we were here."

The general charged, plasma cannons firing, hoping to flash-blind the Decepticon with his shots, then tackle him.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-23, 09:19 AM
Continuing to swing his blade, Double Punch severed heads and bodies of countless Sharkticons and Allicons - but it was not having an effect - for one that fell, two more rose up to fight him - he had minor damage to 20% of his body, which was unacceptable.

He started to hack his way through to one of the bay entrances.....

2004-11-23, 07:27 PM
Bludgeon: -standing his ground, using energo-katana to deflect the plasma blasts at unsuspecting Allicons, sends last one back at Ghyrik, sidesteps the charge, slashing down at Ghyrik's forearms-

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-24, 04:03 AM
Trypticon Main Hatch

As Doubledealer ran over large groups of Sharkticons he called out to Hatemonger. So, Boss are all the mechs on this ship touchy, or just the ones that I meet?” As a another missile loaded form sub-space into his launcher, he fired at a large group of Sharkticons and Allicons to his right., still the smaller machines were crawling over him trying to rip at his plating. “Primus I hate cannon fodder!” he shouted at he transformed into his humanoid mode and shock the Sharkticons and Allicons off himself.

2004-11-24, 04:44 AM
Hatemonger would have laughed if he was in robot mode instead he crushed a few sharkticons under his tread while firing at others.

"Not all just Bludgon likes his one-on-one battles. More power to him. Just if he starts to lose slag his foe." He yelled ramming more sharkticons.

2004-11-24, 06:00 AM
Ghyrik felt the deflected blast burn across his thigh, then blocked Bludgeon's slash with his forearm blades. He pushed his weight into the block, driving the Decepticon's sword back towards his chest.

Spinister silently stepped up beside Double Punch, using his appropriated mace to help cut a path to the doorway.

2004-11-24, 09:31 PM
Bludgeon: -blade being forced back at him, face still impassive as the blunt, blazing side of the energo-katana's blade starts to sizzle against his upper torso armor, snaps a series of kicks at Ghyrik's left knee, attempting to shatter it, or at least disable-

Brave Maximus
2004-11-24, 09:42 PM
Finally cutting a swath through the Sharkticons, Double Punch reached the door to the main hallway. As he opened it, he uttered a rather violent curse:

"It's full of sharkticons! Is there anywhere on this slagging ship that is not infested?"

2004-11-25, 04:29 AM
Ghyrik felt his left leg slip out from under him as one of Bludgeon's kicks connected with enough force to make him lose his footing. Unfortunately for all concerned, the general was still leaning into his attack when it happened. He fell forward, knocking Bludgeon to the ground along with him.

Spinister gave a slight shrug at Double Punch's comment, then raised his laser weapon and started blasting Sharkticons to bits.

"It would appear not."

His optic band widened slightly in startled realization, and he fought down the urge to match his fellow Decepticon's curse with one that was even more vulgar. Instead, he forced himself to regain his usual mask of calm.

"The engine room. Quickly. If they manage to get into the main reactor bays, they could destroy Trypticon with a single stray shot."

The Targetmaster started to blast his way in that direction, stepping over piles of Sharkticon corpses as he moved and ignoring the pain caused by his Gatekeeper-inflicted injuries.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-25, 08:00 AM
Swinging his blade and cutting a swath through the Sharkticons, Double Punch followed Spinister to the engine room, hopeing the masses of mindless Transformers had not figured out what the Targetmaster had.......

2004-11-25, 12:25 PM
Bludgeon: -falling to the decking beneath the larger Ghyrik, deactivates energo-katana, fireball forming in his free hand, pushes fireball at Ghyrik's face as he pulls his legs up, attempting to kick Ghyrik off-

Corridors, Trypticon:

Gaihawk: -blasting Sharkticons left and right- "Killbison! Get to the bridge doors! Blow away anything that's not a Decepticon!"

Killbison: -grinding forward through the Sharkticon horde, particle projections cannons blazing away as his treads grind Sharkticons to scrap-

2004-11-26, 12:51 AM
Hatemonger laughed as he continued to roll through and blast Sharkticons.

"Well at least the hitting anything not Decepticon is the easy part!" He said rolling to the bridge.

2004-11-26, 05:38 AM
Ghyrik felt flames scorch his facial armour, then was launched flying away from his foe. Recovering quickly, he landed, shoulder-rolled, and fired twin streams of plasma at Bludgeon.

Spinister continued to fight his way towards the engine room.

2004-11-27, 12:53 AM
Bludgeon: -leaps to feet, energo-katana reigniting, deflecting the incoming plasma blasts back at Ghyrik, advancing into the fire-

Corridors, Trypticon:

Bludgoen's shell: -at the center of an ever widening circle of scrapped Sharkticons-

Killbison: -skids sideways to a halt at the bridge doors, Sharkticons crunching under his treads and between his port side armor skirt and the corridor walls, turret turns down to face the corridor Sharkticons, opens fire, particle projection cannons blazing away-

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-27, 03:29 AM
Corridors Trypticon

Doubledealer continued to blast at the enemy army with his light cannon, following Hatemonger. “Hey any one got some ideas on how to get rid of these thing quickly? There getting more than a little annoying!”

2004-11-27, 03:47 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"Could always try to open an air lock and reversing the pressure in here. The major problem being we could get sucked out into space too, normally no big but given the Quints armada out there the results could be less than healthy."

2004-11-27, 05:17 AM
Ghyrik glowered at Bludgeon's skill. The Decepticon was vastly more talented than he had any right to be.

Ceasing fire, the general jumped forward. His left arm swung around to catch Bludgeon's sword amongst it's blades, while his right arm slashed downwards towards the crown of the Decepticon's head.

2004-11-27, 05:37 AM
Bludgeon: -lets energy blade be caught in Ghyrik's forearm blades, catches downsweeping arm with his left hand, grips it with his fingers, kicks both feet up at Ghyrik's face, ending the flip kick(whether it connected or not) a couple of meters away, katana ready-

Command deck, Jurisprudence:

Black Battle Convoy: -sighing, looking at the damage to Chains of Justice and the damage indicators of Jurisprudence, wondering how he was going to explain the toothmarks in the hulls of the ships(On the up side, he mused to himself, the damage wasn't severe), looks at the approach vector, optics narrow, activates commlink- "Ghyrik, reinforcements are arriving."

2004-11-27, 06:05 AM
Ghyrik tilted his head to one side, allowing the Decepticon's kick to connect with his shoulder instead. Then he listened to Black Battle Convoy's transmission.

"I see..." He turned to Bludgeon. "I'm afraid I must be going. If you survive the next ten minutes, we'll have to finish this later."

The general then sent out two radio transmissions. The first went to his remaining troops (most of whom were now within the city's corridors), ordering them to destroy everything they could lay their hands on. The second activated the nearest drop ship's autodefenses, which started to target Bludgeon with heavy laserfire. The cannons punched holes in the deck as they tracked towards the Decepticon.

Ghyrik then sprinted towards the next-nearest dropship, signaling it to prepare for flight.

Trypticon's voice boomed from the overhead speakers nearest to Leozak. "More Quints. What do we do?"

2004-11-28, 01:46 AM
Bludgeon: -deactivates energo-katana, resheathes it, starts moving away from the incoming fire, flinging fireballs at Ghyrik as he dodges the dropship's fire-


Leozak: "Trypticon, get us out of here. We can face the fleet when we have an unlimited power supply." -looks over at Drillhorn and Hellbat- "Come on, let's go clean the pests out of the ship."

2004-11-28, 02:13 AM
Hatemonger got on a com-link to Leozak.

"According to sensor readings that I've been trying to keep an eye on through all this the probe should have landed. We have done what we needed and did some damage to the Quints as well. Can you merge into Leokaiser to clean out these sharkticons?...." he was about to continue before he saw the dropships opening fire on Bludgeon. He quickly turned and transformed back into Robot mode and tried to lay out cover fire for the robot.

"Get yourself back in here!" He yelled hoping to assist Bludgeon's run back to Trypticon.

2004-11-28, 07:57 AM
Several fireballs slammed into Ghyrik's back as he ran up the ramp of his waiting shuttle.

So much for honour, eh Bludgeon?

As soon as the general had strapped into his command chair, the shuttle lifted off. It's laser cannons tracked towards the main bay doors and fired. After several blasts, the bay doors were torn open, exposing the hangar to space (which would have been dangerous had there been much air left in the bay).

Ghyrik guided the shuttle out of Trypticon, towards the Jurisprudence.

Trypticon acknowledged his commander's order, albeit grudgingly. His parts began to shift and an alarm began to wail indicating that transformation back into battlestation mode was in progress.

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-29, 06:32 AM
Trypticon Bridge

Doubledealer ran into the bridge blasting as many cannon fodder units as he could. Once on the bridge he shook his head “those things are annoying as the pit! Primus I could use a drink.” He than smirked confidently “So, what’s the next plane of action?”

2004-11-29, 07:39 AM
Leozak: "Not a good idea, Hatemonger. The remaining Sharkticons are scattered throughout the ship's corridors. Sending Leokaiser after them would be like hunting humans with anti-matter."

Bludgeon: -watching the dropship leaving, deactivates energo-katana, walks back towards Hatemonger- "Their leader has left. All that remains is the cleanup operations."

2004-11-29, 02:05 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Let's take out the remaining Sharkticons. Without their leaders they should be easy pickings." He said to Bludgedon.

He then got on the com back to Leozak.

"I understand, since their commander left it should be easy to destroy the remaining forces anyway." He said smashing a straggler.

Cunning Ravage
2004-12-01, 06:13 AM
Trypticon Bridge

Doubledealer paced on the bridge for a few seconds and than opened a general communication line. “So is my help goin be need to finish of off the fodder, or do you have something else for me to do? Or do I get a break before plant drop?”

2004-12-01, 06:28 AM
Hatemonger got back onto his com-link.

"Finish them off, all we need is one of those wiremunchers to hit a major circuit and we are slagged." He then called back Leozak.

"What is our plan do we return to Earth since the probe launch is a sucess? Or will we do a planet fall?" He asked.

2004-12-02, 03:41 AM
Leozak: "Unfortunately, we don't have the energon to pull off a successful beachhead landing. They'd throw everything they have at us, and we'd have to divert all power to the shields to keep Trypticon from being demolished. This was a test run of the ship's systems as well as the probe launch. And I wanted to see how the Quints operate in battle." -looks over at Drillhorn- "Drillhorn! I want a list of materials you'll need to build a reactor that will keep Trypticon supplied with power, so if we have to use energon at all to fuel this station, it's only as a suppliment."

Drillhorn: -sighs- "Redesigning the reactor room. I can't wait......"

2004-12-02, 04:10 AM
"So back to Earth then. Let's see what our probe is showing us?" Hatemonger asked.

2004-12-02, 05:43 AM
Ghyrik's shuttle docked with the Jurisprudence, and the general stomped off towards the bridge.

Trypticon completed his transformation sequence, then oriented himself for Earth. His voice boomed from the loadspeakers nearest Leozak.

"Ready to leave."

Spinister blasted a group of Sharkticons who were standing guard over the engine room doors, then stepped into the chamber.

It was full of enemies.

He started smashing foes with his mace, wary of opening fire in the enclosed space.

Wipe-out glanced at Doubledealer.

"According to my great master's internal sensors, they could probably use your help in engineering."

Random Sweep
2004-12-02, 03:59 PM
Triggerhappy, Decided that his fellow decepticons had the situation under control, fired a few shots at the sharkticons then wandered off to asses his injuries

2004-12-03, 04:08 AM
Bludgeon: -rejoins his shell, stepping inside as the shell closes around him, looks over at Leozak- "There are Sharkticons in your engine room." -turns, runs out of the landing bay, heading for engineeering-

Drillhorn: "Slag!" -activates commlink- "Gaihawk, Jalgar, this is Drillhorn! Meet me in engineering. And don't use your guns. Polearms only!" -transforms to tank mode roars off towards engineering-

Leozak: -looks over at Hellbat- "We'll get to the bridge." -activates commlink- "Trypticon, best speed to Earth! Give me a preliminary damage report. I'll be on the bridge shortly."

Engineering, Trypticon:

Bludgeon, Drillhorn, Jalgar and Gaihawk: -come charging in-

Bludgeon: -draws katana, starts dicing the Sharkticons-

Drillhorn, Jalgar, and Gaihawk: -pull out bo staffs, start battering their way through Sharkticons-

Bridge, Jurispudence:

Black Battle Convoy: "Welcome back, Ghyrik. How went the battle?"

2004-12-03, 06:00 AM
Trypticon activated his main engines, quickly taking his leave of the Quintesson armada as he pushed towards lightspeed. After about a minute, a whumph echoed throughout his corridors at the hyperdrive cut in.

"Lots of damage," he told Leozak, he voice seeming to follow the commander as he walked. "Sharkticons made a mess in the halls, and they're still in engineering."

Engineering, Trypticon

Spinister gave a brief nod to the newly-arrived Decepticons, then went back to smashing Sharkticons to bits with his flail.

Bridge, Jurisprudence

"Poorly," Ghyrik snarled. "And I see that the fleet fared poorly, as well. But the attack was repulsed, so victory is ours."

2004-12-03, 06:19 AM
Hatemonger transformed and ran to engineering energon saber in hand and started to cut through the remaining Sharkticons.

2004-12-04, 05:31 AM
Command deck, Trypticon:

Leozak and Hellbat: -stride onto the bridge-

Leozak: -moves over to the weapons/shields console- "Hellbat, take the helm, reroute comm and nav functions through your console." -shuts down the forcefield grid, leaving the deflectors up as a precautionary measure, switches weapons to standby, then checks the power levels-

Hellbat: -at the helm, punching commands into the console-

Leozak: -looks over at the bridge doors- "Killbison, stay on guard. If it's not a Decepticon, don't let it on the bridge."

Killbison: -sitting across the doorway in tank mode, turret swinging back and forth, tracking across the hallway-

Hellbat: -narrows optics- "You still don't trust me, do you Leozak."

Leozak: -pauses, looks up, goes back to monitoring tactical- "Now is not the time, Hellbat." -looks up again- "But yes. I don't trust you. I know you're up to something."

Hellbat: -stands, faces Leozak, hooks thumb at chest- "I'm the one who saved the team. Me. That's what really bothers you, isn't it."

Leozak: "Are you trying to tell me that it's finally sunk in that I'm the better leader of Breastforce?"

Hellbat: -snorts- "Don't make me laugh. I'm obviously better leader material."

Leozak: -cocks eyebrow- "Really. And do you understand that the welfare of the team comes before your own?"

Hellbat: "Nnn. Every man for themselves."

Leozak: -points at Hellbat- "Until you realize that, I'm the better leader. You saved us from the Autobots, yes, because you wanted Leokaiser's power. All you see this team as is a means to an end, and you think we're all expendable." -scowls- "I got news for you. We are the only members of the Breastforce here. No planet to call to for reinforcements, no place to go to for companionship of our own kind. We are it."

Cunning Ravage
2004-12-06, 05:27 AM
OOC: sorry about the delay, just a lot of things happened recently and didn’t get a chance to post

Trypticon Engineering

Doubledealer walks calmly into engineering, and begins blasting Sharkticons with his light cannon. As he looks around the room and notes the Cons there he calls out. “So looks like the gangs all here uh!”

2004-12-06, 05:40 AM
Engineering, Trypticon

Spinister crushed another Sharkticon, then turned to Doubledealer.

"Unlike some of your other employers, the Decepticons are not a gang."

He spat the last word out like it was poisoned energon.

Cunning Ravage
2004-12-08, 05:58 AM
Trypticon Engineering

Doubledealer blasted some more Sharkticons and shock his head. “It’s just saying, Primus you Cons need to lighten up1”

2004-12-08, 03:11 PM
Hatemonger sliced a few more Sharkticons and watched them fall to the ground several of them looking like they were in quite a bit of agony as they fell.

He had a sick grin on his face and got onto his Com-Link.

"Leozack, the numbers of Sharkticons are falling. That and the vast majority of them seem to be realising they are alone on this ship. So it's pretty much finish off the survivors. Should we contant Earth about mission success and see what there is to look forward to when we return?" he asked.

2004-12-09, 01:19 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -over commlink- "Sounds like a plan, Hatemonger." -deactivates commlink, looks over at Hellbat- "Contact Metrotitan, let them know our status and ETA, and find out if we missed anything while we were gone."

Hellbat: -seated at helm console, tapping keys to bring up rerouted comm functions, sets frequency- "This is the Battlecrusier Trypticon calling Metrotitan. We have launched the probe successfully and are returning, ETA in 5 Earth hours. What is your status? If need be, we can get back faster."

Engineering, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -smashing another Sharkticon down with his polearm- "Well, if nothing else I'll have plenty of bodies to study..... what's left of them, anyway."

Gaihawk: -kills one Sharkticon by embedding three shurikens in it'd head- "This one's mostly intact."

Jalgar: -swings polearm like a baseball bat, knocking the head off another- "And here's an intact head...." -watches as it smashes into the far bulkhead- "D'OH!"

Drillhorn: -sighs, winds up catching the head from the one Bludgeon has just beheaded-

Bludgeon: -flicks the blade, sending droplets of oil and energon spraying onto a nearby bulkhead- "All you needed do is ask."

Command deck, Jurisprudence:

Black Battle Convoy: -narrows optics- "Perhaps. Perhaps not. But we have come out of this with something we didn't have before: Knowledge. We know that Trypticon no longer matches the information we had. We know how the ship is armed, that it has shields, and that it takes more punishment than it used to. We can prepare for their inevitable return." -clenches fist- "And we will wind up the ultimate victors!"

2004-12-09, 06:42 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

"Hellbat, this is Fuel Auditor Ratbat. Return with all due haste. If we are able to factor your troops into our current plan, chances of victory will increase significantly. Metrotitan out."


"Of course we will, Convoy." Ghyrik shrugged. "But as for now...set a course for Cybertron, full speed. The Imperial Magistrate will have to be informed of this attack."

2004-12-09, 03:30 PM
Command deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -cocks eyebrow- "Fuel Auditor?" -shrugs- "Hellbat, you heard the.... uh..... bat. Increase speed, bring hyperlight engines up to full power plus 10 percent."

Hellbat: -feeding data into helm console, increases speed, activates commlink- "Ratbat, this is Hellbat. Hyperlight drives at full, revised ETA in 90 Earth minutes."

Engineering, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -hears the shift in the power hum of the hyperlight engines, moves over to one of the engineering consoles- "Wha...." -activates commlink- "Leozak! What are you doing?!?"

Leozak: -over commlink- "Drillhorn, something's cooking back on Earth, and they want us to get back ASAP. The engines should take a little strain, hmm?"

Drillhorn: -sighs- "Just don't push them too hard."

2004-12-10, 05:51 AM
Hatemonger over heard the chatter on the coms.

"Ok if we are on our way back to Earth I am hitting a CR chamber. I'll let the rest of the con's here have some fun finishing off whats left."

With that he walked into a med lab and kicked a few sharkticon corpses out of his way. He pressed some buttons and laided down in a repair bay.

90 minutes of R and R. he said smiling as the unit began to repair the damage he took from fighting the gatekeepers.

2004-12-10, 06:12 AM
Engineering, Trypticon

Spinister drove his flail down through the skull of his Sharkticon foe, then looked around for more targets. He found none; what few enemies remained were engaged by his fellow Decepticons. Subspacing the mace and allowing his Targetmasters to transform, he headed for the door. He followed Hatemonger to the Medbay.

2004-12-11, 04:15 AM
Engineering, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: -finishes off the remaining Sharkticons-

Drillhorn: -mother-henning the drive units, keeping a steady optic on the power levels- "Jalgar, Gaihawk, get back up to the bridge. I've got the auto repair systems up and running. We should be able to get most of the damage repaired, or at least bypassed, by the time we get home."

Bludgeon: -finishes cleaning his katana blade, sheathes it, looks over at Drillhorn, skull "face" settling back into the familiar scowl, strides out of engineering-

Jalgar: "Moody, isn't he."

2004-12-11, 06:22 AM
Medbay, Trypticon

With the fight complete, Wipe-out had made his way towards the medbay for repairs. He was somewhat surprised that so few of his fellow Decepticons were getting patched up. Hatemonger was sealed into a CR chamber and Spinister was being tended to by the bay's repair drones, but nothing more.

Off in one corner, the Targetmaster's fleshling associates were hard at work (or one of them was, anyway; the other seemed to be very sluggish) melting the blue paint off of a captured Sharkticon tail and recolouring it black.

Wipe-out hopped up onto a bio-bed and let the drones start to repair his relatively minor wounds.

2004-12-12, 10:30 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -resumes command chair as Jalgar, Gaihawk, and Killbison enter the bridge and take their stations- "Status report?"

Gaihawk: -slides into the navigator's chair, spins to face Leozak- "All the intruders are dead, Leozak. Drillhorn's got enough to keep him occupied for a while, I think." -smiles- "A complete victory!"

Leozak: "Nnn."

Gaihawk: "You don't think so, Captain?"

Leozak: "We did well, very well. The ship performed as expected, and we've gained information on the Quintessions tactics. But we're going to need a bigger surprise in store for the next time we face them." -hits comm panel on command chair- "Drillhorn, your progress?"

Drillhorn: -over commlink- "I can design the reactor, but we'll still need materials. Maybe the humans of the country the Decepticons are based in can help us there."

Leozak: -smiles- "Good. I'm sure the good people of Carbombya will be more than willing to provide us with what we need."

2004-12-13, 03:24 AM
Hatemonger got onto a com-link as he said in the CR chamber, his damaged armour from the Gatekeepers starting to reform and repair itself.

"Leozak how is the probe working? You forget we have that little prize on Cybertron now." he asked.

2004-12-16, 01:48 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -activates commlink- - "The information's coming in loud and clear, Hatemonger."

Hellbat: "Arrival on Earth ETA 15 minutes, Leozak."

Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -finishes compiling the list of what he will need, stores it-

2004-12-16, 07:31 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Good good." And relaxed waiting for them to arrive at Earth as his systems finished repairs.

Random Sweep
2004-12-17, 10:20 PM
Triggerhappy Made his way back to the armoury

Looks like I'll be spending some time with Hook when we get back

Brave Maximus
2004-12-20, 03:19 PM
As the repair drones move away some of the Sharticon bodies for disposal, the mound of dead bodies begins to move and shift....

A long, fluid covered sword rised up, speared through three sharkticon heads and embedded in an aligatorcon's. It was followed by a purple claw that heaved itself upon the mound and pulled out Double Punch. He stood upon the pile of fallen enemies and looked around. Wiping off the blade and sheathing it - he looked around and exited to the hallway - asking The nearest Decepticon:

"What has happened? Where is the ship headed?"

2004-12-20, 03:52 PM
Bludgeon: -stops as Double Punch heaves clear from the pile of bodies- "We are headed back to Earth, my apprentice."

2004-12-22, 08:46 PM
Trypticon's corridors shuddered slightly as he came out of hyperspace. The citycon's momentum carried him towards Earth as his sensors scanned for Carbombya and the Decepticon landing site.

Brave Maximus
2004-12-23, 02:50 AM
Double Punch nodded to Bludgeon:

"Unworthy battle - the cowards sent waves of disposable underlings while hiding."

He flexed his claws as if imagining wringing his opponents necks (though he had never seen a Quintesson before).

"The swine will pay for this!"

2004-12-23, 03:26 AM
Bludgeon: "The commander of that wave of ground forces did come with them. A worthy opponent. Remember, a child of Metallikato seeks honorable battle, testing his skill against others. Quintessions are about half our height with tentacles, and more accustomed to having servants fight for them. There would be no honor in duelling them." -skull face seems to actually smile, the smile of Death- "However, there is nothing that says we can't kill them like the rats that they are."

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Hellbat: "We are secured from hyperspace, sublight engines at full. Coordinates for Carbombya locked, we will land in a couple of minutes."

Leozak: "Excellent."

(And with that. it's back to the main 'Con thread......)