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2004-08-31, 06:56 PM

Under orders from Ratbat, the Predacons and Terrorcons have set off to hijack a supertanker filled with crude oil. As a distraction, the Seacons and Pretender Monsters stage a feint at an American naval base.


The humans were as-yet unaware of the approaching Seacons and Pretenders. The guards at their posts were relaxed, secure in the knowledge that no enemy could get within firing range of the base without setting off alarms.

Or rather, no human enemy could.

Hun-grrr snarled at Razorclaw. After all, the Terrorcon leader was the one who had been put in charge of the mission. But, unfortunately, Razorclaw's orders made sense.

"Drrr. Do as he says, Terrorcons."

They continued to wait for Snap Trap's signal.

2004-09-01, 12:21 AM
Razorclaw lead his team away from the Terrorcon's to the surface of the ocean.

Tantrum: "You got some nerve Razorclaw, I half expected Hun-grr to rip you a new one."

Razorclaw: --- Looks up to the Terrorcons leader --- "If he thinks he can stand the might of the Predacons, let him come, but for the mean time, we need Energon, and we need it soon, and the only way we can do that is if work together with the Terrorcons, Seacons and these Pretenders. We have to ... if we ever want to remember what happened to us."

2004-09-01, 03:53 AM
Deep in the ocean waters. A few miles from the military base. Little did the humans realise how close danger was too them mired in the murky depths of the waters.

Piranacon readied his weapons to start his strike from the seas and then arrive at the base.

2004-09-01, 04:52 AM
Rippersnapper watched the Predacons with interest, sensing that there was some unknown weakness in their psyches but unable to figure out what it was.

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Random Sweep
2004-09-01, 04:11 PM
Icepick and his team arrived at their appointed position.

" OK everyone this is it, as soon as Piranacon makes his move open fire on everything but the com station." Icepick commanded " once they get off a call for help, Birdbrain, I want you to move in and block any furthur transmissions. "

Now they awaited the signal.

2004-09-01, 11:06 PM
Echo base stood in relative calm.

The base being a new hub for the world military was ment to be a sign of joint unity in the Middle East.

Soon that was about to change.

SPC 1st class Stewart stood at his post a sadly accurate uneasyness on his mind.

Piranacon lumbered in the water and stood ready.

"Range 3000 meters, targets defensive systems and defenders. Weapons online." The gaint rumbled underwater.

He then brought his combined Seacon firepower online arose to his full height and opened fire on the base.

The strike hit the base and sirens blared.

"I knew I should have stayed home today!" The SPC yelled getting being to the center of the base.

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2004-09-02, 04:31 AM
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Sirens blared. Red emergency lights flashed. Feet stomped against hard floor panels.

Awakened by the racket, Commander Jonathan Voyles rolled out of bed and crawled into his uniform. As he headed out the door and into the hall, the pain in his left knee flared up. It usually did when he ran.

Voyles had spent most of his career as a bridge officer on various aricraft carriers. He'd been on-station as a watch commander on the USS Tylehurst for less than a week when Decepticons had strafed his ship's bridge tower, killing most of the command crew. Voyles had obviously survived, but he'd recieved a terrible shrapnel wound in his left leg.

After six months of rehab, he'd been told that his leg would never recover to full health, and the Navy refused to put him back in a combat posting. He'd spent the next few years bouncing around from one groundside assignment to the next, until finally, he got sent here.

Jogging purposefully into the command centre, Voyles turned to his officers. However, he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw the image on the main viewscreen; a huge underwater blip, so huge that an observer could make out a humanoid form on the sonar display.

A Decepticon...

Without even asking, he knew that the monster was obliterating his base's defences.

"Send out an SOS," he said quietly. "And return fire. All guns."

The crew scurried about, carrying out his orders.

2004-09-02, 05:13 AM
Razorclaw saw the Tanker come out of the horizon, guarded by 3 ships.

Razorclaw: Damn them ... those damn Seacons can't do anything right.

Divebomb: Wait Razorclaw ... look.

The Predacons along with the Terrorcon's saw the 3 battle crusiers leave the Tanker to its impending doom.

Tantrum: Well, I'll be damned. Razorclaw, I'm recieving an SOS from the humans. Sir, the battle crusiers are leaving. But if we go now will still be in firing range. Wait a while, then we can proceed.

2004-09-02, 12:23 PM
Piranacon's missile locks and radar lit up.

"Slag the gaint stopped his barrage and moved out of the way of the incoming firestorm a few missiles and rounds still hit their mark causing the gaint to groan.

"Pretenders start attacking those guns!" He yelled diving as he could avoid their attacks better submerged than above water and still return fire.

Random Sweep
2004-09-02, 03:57 PM
"Right, thats our cue, open fire on their weapon batteries and tanks, Birdbrain move in and jam their com and radar." as one the five stationary Pretenders opened fire on the base's weapons and Birdbrain closed to ECM range

2004-09-02, 11:53 PM
Razorclaw: "Now is the time to strike. The Battle crusiers are now half way between the base and the tanker. Argghhh. all we have to do now is await Hun-grr's signal for the attack."

2004-09-03, 08:53 PM
Piranacon was now having fun now that the pretenders where doing their job.

His radar popped up showing the battleships crusing to within his weapons range.

He happily turned and fired a series of torpedos at the 3 battle ships.

2004-09-03, 11:51 PM
More Decepticons? Strange ones, too.

Commander Voyles frowned at the oncoming Pretender Monsters. His frown deepened as his radar and communications went off-line.

Looks like that Decepticon is jamming...

“All guns, concentrate your fire on that birdlike creature!”

As Piranacon’s assault began to chew through the hulls of the destroyers, they unleashed a volley of their own at the Seacon combiner.

Hun-grrr glanced at Razorclaw. “Grrr. Move in. Now.”

He and his Terrorcons dove towards the freighter, easily dodging the clumsy defensive fire. Hun-grrr, Rippersnapper and Blot landed on the ship’s hull and began targeting her guns. Sinnertwin shifted to beast mode and stalked belowdecks, hoping to drive the human crew upwards where they could be contained. Cutthroat glided in a circular pattern around the ship, drawing fire.

2004-09-04, 12:47 AM
The destoryers where indeed powerful weapons. On the other hand this was the Decepticon's primary sea war machine.

Piranacon let out a ferral howl and swung at one ship with his massive sword.

Random Sweep
2004-09-04, 12:52 AM
Birdbrain saw the humans open fire on his position.

Foolish human... think they can hurt me

even braced for impact the shots that connected knocked Birdbrain out of the sky.

" By the inferno that hurt!" he cried " Icepick I am down you are going to have to take out that com tower now, or they will be able to transmit again."

Icepicks eyes narrowed at his subordinates failure.

"Team open fire on the comm tower." he order and began firing on the tower.

2004-09-04, 04:11 AM
The team of Predacons followed the Terrorcon's. Divebomb helped Cutthroat in the Ariel Assault, it would of been worth while if thye were some resistance. But beggars can't be choosers. Rampage and Razorcalw moved in and smashed the communcations centre, while ripping out the huamns first. Tantrum began to go to the oil storage, while Tantrum went to Hun-grr.

Razorclaw: Predacons, be on your guard. Something is amiss here. This may have been too easy. Expect some human resistance with-in the ship. Apart from that, you have your jobs to do.

2004-09-04, 06:50 AM
The destroyer was sliced in half as Piranacon's sword cut through it. The other ships redoubled their forward firepower, trying to bring down the behemoth.

Crewmen abandoned the ruined destroyer.

Voyles smashed his fist into the arm of his command chair as the status display for the base's communications array turned red, then black.

"Continue firing! All enemy targets!"

A close observer would see that the commander was practically quivering with rage and desperate hatred directed at the Pretender Monsters.

Sinnertwin shot flames out of his mouths, forcing the humans to flee ever closer towards the top deck of the tanker. His armour was dented and pitted by human small-arms fire, but not seriously enough to impair his functions.

Several humans charged onto the upper deck of the tanker, firing their machine guns at the assembled Decepticons.

Hun-grrr simply ignored them, trusting that the Predacons would be up to the task. Instead he shifted to beast mode, walked over to the communications center that the Preds had ruined, and began chewing on the debris.

Random Sweep
2004-09-04, 08:27 AM
As weapons fire poured on their position Icepick took shelter behind a hillock and messaged Piranacon
" We are taking heavy fire, what is the status off the warships. take them out asap so that we can level this base."

Bristleback took a few hits, though his shell held for now, covering Slog and Wildfly as they retrieved their fallen comrade Birdbrain

2004-09-04, 03:32 PM
Piranacon growled as the Pretenders whined to him. Missiles and depth charges exploding around him the remains of the ship he sliced did help to shield him from some of the destroyers efforts.

"To davey jones locker then!" The gaint growled and submerged then drove his foot into the water hopeing to capzise the two remaning ships.

2004-09-04, 04:28 PM
Razorclaw saw Hun-grr eating away at the remainder of the communications bunker. He told Rampage to go with Tantrum to help with the oil and the human resistance when he felt a large amount of small stinging sensations.

Razorclaw "Humans!" --- Razorclaw drew his sword and turned around to see 7 humans holding automatic machine guns all firing at the Predacon leader. "Stupid Creatures".

With this he set his sword blaster to a mere tickle but still enough to stun a human and blasted away.

"Sinnertwin more humans for the picking. Hun-grr, we best be moving along. I want to get this over and done with. Set sail for the Decepticon island base."

2004-09-04, 11:59 PM
Piranacon then overheard the problems the Pretenders were having.

"Piranacon disengage." The gaint yelled and the six robots dove underwater to plan.

"Tentikil, Overbite take out the remaining ships!" Snaptrap yelled. "Nautilar, Skylor, Seawing and myself to the shore. Once you are done with the ships we will merge on the surface and finish the humans defenses!" Snaptrap barked heading towards the surfice the other 3 Seacons following behind him.


"Well let's do this!" Tentikil snarled as he traveled to the surface and underneath a ship and wrapped his tenticles around hit hoping to crush the ship while Overbite fired his weapons into the underside of the ship Tentkil was hoping to crush.


"Keep the humans busy pretenders, we are on our way to help." Snaptrap yelled to Icepick.

"My othermen can finish the other two ships off."

Random Sweep
2004-09-05, 12:06 AM
Icepick groaned when he got the message.
" No you don't understand, we are holding back untill you finish of those ships, if we level the base now then they will flee back to the Preds and Terrorcons." he growled at Snaptrap " If you think it is all under control there then i will level the base."

2004-09-05, 01:03 AM
Snaptrap smiled.

"I Assure you the ships are not going far. Two of their ships are still functional, barely. Tentikil is currently wrapped around one and Overbite is attacking both of them with his Jawbreaker cannons. Slag both ships will probably sink soon enough. Also, why are you leveling the base finish their com-tower and hit their generators to cut the power to their weapons systems. I thought we were suppose to leave the base intact otherwise." He yelled back.

2004-09-05, 05:39 AM
The second destroyer began to list sideways as Tentakill's weight pulled it towards the water. It fired desperately at the robotic squid as it's hull began to develop hairline cracks. The other ship began to back away, firing missiles at Overbite as it went.

The base's guns sang out, throwing bullets and missiles at the Pretender Monsters and approaching Seacons.

Having cleared the lower decks of fleshlings, Sinnertwin stalked back out onto the hull and began to circle the captive humans.

Hun-grrr watched as Razorclaw knocked a group of humans to the ground with an energy blast.

Working the debris around in his mouths, the Terrorcon leader fashioned himself a pair of crude missiles. He spat them towards the two still-funcitoning defence batteries, then chuckled as some terrified flesh creatures fled and dove into the water.

He chewed on scraps for a few more seconds before swallowing, transforming, and addressing Razorclaw. "Nnnn. Of course."

He turned towards the humans that Sinnertwin had driven up from the ship's bowels.

"Which of you is the captain?"

A middle-aged man stepped forward. "I...I am."

"Drrr. Steer this ship for Carbombya. Full speed. Now!"

"I...Yes. I will."

He raised a radio to his lips and barked an order. Moments later, the ship began to turn.

Random Sweep
2004-09-05, 06:13 AM
" Fine then if the ships are history and the base is to be left then I am pulling back and joining up with the other squads." Icepick answered Snaptrap

2004-09-05, 12:51 PM
Razorclaw: ---" Open Commlink, Predacons, were heading to the Carbombya base, time to do your jobs. Headstrong, make sure Hun-grr can communicate with all four teams. Set out a message post for them soon. Divebomb will give support if needed. Tantrum prepare the fuel arrangements." --- Looks over at Hun-grr then signals Ramapge to come closer. "Close commlink. Rampage ... " --- Razorclaws voice goes to a mere whisper --- "Keep an eye out on things, I'll be up here with Hun-Grr, but still ... stay frosty".

Rampage nods and flys off to the other side of the tanker.

2004-09-05, 07:12 PM
Snaptrap yelled into his com-link.

"No merge and tear the base apart." As the Seacons approached the shore showering the base with all of there firepower.


Tentikil made one final draw of his tenticles feeling the ships snap and break under the force he let go knowing the ship was finished.

"Comeon over bite let's finish this!" He yelled transforming into his weapon mode as Overbite swam over quickly to avoid the missile fire.

"OWw they are getting close!" He grumbled snatching Tentikil as Tentikil fired in his double barreled electro cannon mode to finish off the last ship.

2004-09-06, 03:59 AM
The ship Tentakil had crushed began to take on water, slowly sinking. What few guns were still functional lashed out at the metallic squid.

The final ship was badly damaged by Tentakil's blast, but stayed above water. It launched more missiles at Overbite.

The base's defensive fire grew more and more sporadic as the Decepticons pounded it.

Sinnertwin continued to stalk around the humans, sending short sprays of fire at anyone who seemed likely to resist.

Hun-grrr watched the Predacons go about their business, waiting for Tantrum to inform him on the status of the captured fuel.

2004-09-06, 01:47 PM
Tantrum had taken upon the liberty to check the properties of the fuel.

"Hmmm ... this tastes good. Hmm ... better report to Hun-grr, he'll wanna know whats going on."

Tantrum flew up to the deck to speak with the mission commander.

Tantrum: "Sir, Hun-grr sir. The fuel arrangments have been taken care of. Fuel capicaty of the ship is at 98% with no pentration in the hull. It is made out of pure raw oil and should provde amples amounts of energon cubes. I am currently estimating in the thousands. I will need one of your Terrorcons to assist with the fuel pump as it has to be converted for Energon cube use. I will await further orders down bellow."

Tantrum flys down below and opens a secret commlink to Razorclaw.

"Sir, we've hit a gold mine, drink up while you can."

2004-09-07, 04:19 AM
Hun-grrr made an agreeable noise in reply to Tantrum, then motioned for Rippersnapper to join him. When the smaller Terrorcon was close enough, he said, "Grrr. Go help the Predacon with the fuel systems."

"Of course, sir. Right away." Rippersnapper scampered down the stairs, through some corridors, and into the fuel storage access area.

"What do you need?" he asked Tantrum.

2004-09-07, 12:05 PM
"I don't like when my pray tries to fire on me after falling!" Tentikil growled as one torpedo hit him knocking him aside, reactionally he used his ink and swam below the ship, moving to help Overbite attack the other ship.


Snaptrap was rather happy as he stepped onto the base and opened fire with a barrage of missiles and laser fire as the other 3 Seacons arrived on base and began firing as well.

2004-09-08, 12:41 AM
Tantrum nodded at the small Terrorcon.

"This ship is ready to true the crude oil into refined into oil usuable by the humans. We need to turn it into Energon. Fro that it needs to be heated. Also we need a convertor, and energon cubes, which are hopefully on the base, but we need to rig up an adpadter so we can put in ot straight away. Also for this to run smooth we have to make sure that nothing, and a mean nothing damages the hull. For now, start producing energon cubes, we could convert it now but we'd burn most of the energy. Looks like we have to operate from with-in the ship or just outside it. Now ... lets get started."

2004-09-08, 04:51 AM
The damaged destroyer continued to sink, her weapons falling silent. Smote by Overbite and Tentakil, the final ship began to sink as well.

The base's guns targeted the other Seacons, but the 'Cons' fire began to carve sections of armour off of buildings.

Rippersnapper nodded. "Sure thing, Tantrum."

He started to fiddle with some equipment. "We'll have Metrodrones to do most of the work back at Carbombya, but it can't hurt to get started now. Maybe Ratbat will give us efficiency medals or something."

The last comment was so blatantly sarcastic that even Blot would have picked up on it.

2004-09-08, 12:13 PM
Tentikil laughed "Our work here is done. "

"Yeah let's go help out our mates." Overbite snarled as the two quickly headed to the base.

Random Sweep
2004-09-08, 03:44 PM
Monstructor decided that killing his enemies from afar was not satisying enough and moved in to demolish the command buildings with his fists

2004-09-10, 03:32 AM
An hour later

Tantrum: "Good work Rippersnapper. That should do it for now. Go ask Hun-grr how long till we arrive at the Base."


Divebomb: "Razorclaw, my long tange sensors tell me that the Seacons and Pretenders are successful in dealing with the human base."

Razorclaw: "Good, as soon as we have the ship at the base, we'll turn into Predaking and dis-engage. I want you to send a message to Icepick and Snaptrap that we shall have ... a quick energon refill before we sent out the cubes."


Headstrong and Rampage meet up at a secret place in the tanker away from Terrorcon Audio sensors.

Headstrong: "How bout a quick drink down with Tantrum, we deserve it after all?"

Rampage: "Yeah ... I'm up for that." -- Smrirks -- "It's not like Ratbat isn't going to miss it."

2004-09-10, 04:02 AM
"Sure thing, Tantrum," Rippersnapper quipped. He started back towards the upper decks.

Buildings collapsed as Monstructor's fists crushed them into the ground.

2004-09-10, 04:14 AM
"Well we can't let Monstructor have all the fun can we?" Snaptrap yelled over the din of destruction being made by the Pretender gestalt force.

"Damn right we can't!" Seawing yelled back as Overbite and Tentikil got on land.

"Seacons merge into Piranacon!" Snaptrap yelled as the six transformers merged into the oceanic giant.

"Now humans prepare for your death." The gaint stomped slowly on land due to his huge size but then opened fire on the base and swung his sword at what remained.

2004-09-10, 05:39 AM
Tantrum: --- watches the small Terrorcon leave. "Rampage, Headstrong, coast is clear. Come quick, drinks are up."

2004-09-11, 03:44 AM
Buildings crumbled to dust as Piranacon stomped through the base. Commander Voyles watched in horror as the titan smashed the facility, knowing his own death was imminent.

Then the Seacon giant's sword cut into the command bunker, and Voyles knew no more.

Rippersnapper dashed up beside Hun-grrr, who had gone back to chewing on battle debris. "Sir, the Predacons want to know how long until we reach Carbombya."

Hun-grrr growled under his breath as he continued to chew.

"What did you say, sir?"

"Tu urrrz," Hun-grrr gurgled.


Tu urrrz!" The Terrorcon leader spat one of his makeshift missiles at Rippersnapper. "Now leave me be! I'm eating!"

Climbing back to his feet, Rippersnapper activated his comlink.

"Tantrum, our ETA is two hours. I think."

2004-09-12, 04:38 AM
Piranacon stood knee deep in rubble and debris of the once military base.

He got onto his com-link.

"Predacons and Terrorcons, the base in is ruin. Have you secured the target?" He asked.

2004-09-12, 05:11 AM
Hun-grrr answered Piranacon with incomprehensable babble caused by his full mouths.

Disgusted, Sinnertwin activated his communicator. "What Hun-grrr means to say is 'Yes'. The tanker is enroute for Carbombya as we speak."

2004-09-12, 11:53 AM
The giant gestalt moved towards the ocean.

"Good Piranacon will assist with bringing the ship back by defending the water routes. Monstructor you are welcome to return to base, or smash here until you get bored." He yelled as he dove into the water and began to travel towards the direction of the tanker.

Random Sweep
2004-09-12, 12:56 PM
Monstructor nodded, his lust for destuction sated for now, then separated into his componants.

" Everyone return to Metrotitan." Icepick instucted his team.

2004-09-12, 08:35 PM
Sinnertwin replied to Piranacon, “Sure thing.”

He turned to Hun-grrr. “Seacons are on their way.”

Hun-grrr replied between chews. “Guuud.”

Sinnertwin went back to watching the terrified humans that hadn’t yet tried to escape the ship.

2004-09-13, 10:28 AM
Headstrong, Rampage and Tantrum sat around drinking Energon when Razorclaw came into the room with Divebomb behind him.

Razorclaw: "What the hell are you doing?" --- Looking at Tantrum --- "The first rule of drinkinh Energon .... is too make sure your whole team is present." --- Smirks --- "Rampage, get me and Divebomb a drink, we'll get back on duty in a minute".

The Predacons sat around drinking Energon for over and hour.

2004-09-13, 10:36 PM
Piranacon arrived at the tanker.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" he asked.

2004-09-14, 03:41 AM
Divebomb: "Razorclaw, I'm picking up another life form near the tanker. The Seacons have arrived."

Razorclaw: "Right, Predacons follow me, even you Tantrum."

The Predacons all fly up through the ship getting to the deck ready to welcome the Seacons.

Razorclaw: "Predacons ... TRANSFORM!!"

Razorclaw emitted a large roar, Divebomb a loud shreiking noise, Headstrong and Tantrum emitted large grunting noises and Rampage made large growling noises.

Razorclaw: Hun-grr ... stop eating that debris ... I can see the base from here.

2004-09-14, 03:41 AM
Sinnertwin shrugged. "Not much to do around here, Piranacon. I suppose you could go belowdecks and refuel if you want." He smiled. "Might interrupt the Preds, though. They're probably gorging themselves or something. Haven't seem them in an hour."

He saw the Predacons emerge.

"Ah. Never mind."

He looked over at Hun-grrr, then shook his head as he saw that his leader was still chewing on debris.

Lousy slagheap...

For his part, Hun-grrr ignored Razorclaw.

2004-09-17, 03:58 AM
Razorclaw transformed into Robot mode and went over to the Sinnertwin.

Razorclaw: "We best be moving out ... also" --- looks at Hun-grr --- "If he doesn't stop eating his face off he won't have one on a minute. Tell him to move his ass, he's got a job to do."

Divebomb: Sir, ETA to the base is 3 mintues. We better prepare to combine.

2004-09-17, 11:02 PM
*OOC I Would figure as they are on their way back. Oh and posted in the Con thread too*

Piranacon decided to radio Ratbat and tell him of mission success.

"We have gathered the tanker and will be returning to base within a few minutes what is the situation?" He asked knowing that the Terrorcons and Predacons where topside on the ship.

2004-09-18, 04:03 AM
Sinnertwin shrugged to Razorclaw. "He doesn't have one now; he's got two."

Turning to Hun-grrr, he yelled, "Hey boss! Almost home!"

Hun-grrr shifted to robot mode and nodded briefly. He fixed Razorclaw with a glare.

Ratbat replied with a hiss to Piranacon, "The situation is very bad! Soundwave has betrayed us and Autobots are rampaging through Metrotitan! Beach the vessel along the Carbombya coast, then take up position to destroy the Autobots as they leave. This puts the tanker at risk, but it is an acceptable risk. It would be...unwise for the Autobots to blow it up and dump thousands of litres of oil into the ocean."

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