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AWF Press Office
2004-09-13, 08:43 PM
The credits roll and we open the show inside the office of AWF owner and commissioner, Brendan Reilly.

Mr Reilly sits at his desk, shouting into a telephone.

“Look – we’re days away from Overdrive. This show better go out this time. No, it’s not my fault. You find me who’s to blame – what do I pay you for? What? I don’t pay you? Good! You don’t deserve paying. Look, forget whose fault it is – you just get that contract signed. You get that contract signed and that’s the golden seal on all three returns for the ArchiveBowl. It’s gonna be huge! Name value! Star power! That’s what we need! Ratings ratings ratings! It’s all about the Benjamins. What? No, I don’t care that your cousin’s called Benjamin – we need a flying start to this, we’ve got a lot of viewers to win back. You get that contract signed and I might even arrange for you to get paid. It’s gonna be huge!”

Reilly slams the phone down and looks up, seeing the camera.

Reilly: “Ah, hello gentle viewer. Welcome back to our regular Archive Wrestling Federation scheduling. I apologise whole-heartedly for the delay in proceedings. Rest assured, people have been fired. Because we’re committed to you, the viewer, rather than profit margins, we’re going to bring you the promised Overdrive pay per view, complete with the ArchiveBowl, just as promised. That’s coming to you as our next show – but that’s not all, because I’ve personally obtained the signatures of three huge former AWF participants, and they’ll be making their returns at the show. No, I’m not in a position to disclose their names yet, but I’m sure you’ll all be delighted. Also, last time we were here, Morpheus was triumphant in a number one contenders match, meaning that he gets a title shot against Sixswitch at the show. Tonight he gets a big test, though – Thundercracker. Plus, I’ve got great news for you all – The Game? The HeartBrend Kid? They’re not here! It’s gonna be the best show ever. But now, on with the reason you’re here. You’ve waited long enough… on with Mayhem!”

AWF Television Championship:
Strafe (c) vs. CloudStrifer

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall… and it is for the AWF Television Championship…”

As ‘Here To Stay’ by Korn fills the arena, the crowd are unsure whether to encourage or eviscerate the cocky Illinois native wearing the Television Championship. Strafe struts down to the ring, pausing to display his abs, pectorals, biceps and triceps to the crowd from the entrance ramp. His posing is abruptly halted by the attempted insertion of a ham-sized fist into his right ear as CloudStrifer storms the arena.

The bell rings as Strafe crumbles onto the steel of the ramp. Cloud stomps on him a couple of times before dragging him upright by the throat and planting him firmly on the steel with a snap suplex.

JFA: “Oh… that had to hurt…”
JHA: “Why do you care? It’s only Strafe?”
JFA: “I just had to point out…”
JHA: “You didn’t have to point out anything… if you really need to point out that having your kidneys slammed onto a steel ramp is painful, then you must really think some people out there tuning into ATN to watch this are stupid.”
JFA: “Are you saying they aren’t?”
JHA: “Well… if Xille’s watching this, that lowered the average IQ of the audience… and Louisiana does get ATN…”
JFA: “Oh shut up…”

In between JHA and JFA bickering, CloudStrifer can be seen dropping elbows on Strafe. After eight in quick succession, Strifer is distracted by a fan telling him how superb he is. As he goes to drop an elbow for the ninth time, Strafe quickly rolls off the ramp; leaving Cloud’s elbow to connect with nothing but steel. As Cloud attempts to clutch his elbow, Strafe grabs his wrist and slams the arm on the edge of the steel ramp. Cloud clutches at the limb and lashes out at Strafe with a left backhand to gain some breathing room.

JFA: “And now we know where Strafe is gonna focus his assault…”
JHA: “Amarant’s gonna be pissed that Strafe used his playbook…”

Strafe and Amarant fire off left-handed punches at each other. With his strength advantage, Cloud clearly has the upper hand. Or at least he does until Strafe kicks him in the right forearm. Strafe follows up with a Russian leg sweep; modified slightly to inflict a little bit more pain on the right shoulder of Strifer.

JFA: “Strafe showing some considerable technical abilities here…”
JHA: “It won’t last long with that glory hound…”

Strafe is seen attempting to apply a short arm scissors to Cloud’s right arm. Showing some considerable agility and coordination, Strifer clasps his hands together to alleviate the pressure, before rolling through into a position where he is able to apply a waistlock and deliver a modified German suplex to the TV champion. He shakes his arm to try and get some feeling back as he pulls Strafe upright again.

JFA: “Cloud snapping back on the neck of the TV champion… the Norseman has a bit of an advantage at this juncture…”
JHA: “Yeah… this’ll last…”

Cloud hits Strafe with a vertical suplex, rolls through for a second, but is unable to hit a third after Strafe reverses the move in mid-air to facilitate an arm drag takeover on the Norwegian. Cloud quickly rolls to his feet and charges Strafe with a clothesline attempt. Strafe ducks, and catches Cloud’s arm in a falling reverse shoulderbreaker. Cloud rolls away from Strafe, and the two finally manage to get into the ring.

JFA: “Strafe focusing on that right arm of Strifer… another arm drag from the Illinois original…”
JHA: “Since when is Strafe ‘original’?”

Strafe runs back at Cloud and is met with a modified belly-to-belly suplex for his trouble. The Norsemen clutches his arm again before returning to press the attack. Cloud starts hitting the fallen TV Champion in the head before pulling him upright for another vertical suplex, which is punctuated with a couple of stomps to the chest of Strafe.

JFA: “Strifer firmly back in control now… grabbing Strafe by the legs… and there’s a catapult into the turnbuckles… and a two-count…”

Strifer pulls Strafe upright. He sets up the Chicago native for an attempt at a fisherman suplex, but is disappointed as Strafe struggles out to hit a single arm DDT; focusing all of the impact on Cloud’s right shoulder. The Illinois avenger works over the arm with a few stiff elbow drops, before a rake to the eyes stops his progress. As Strafe gets to his feet, he is met with a boot to the face from Cloud. The move garners another two-count for the Norwegian.

JFA: “Cloud getting more frustrated… goes to lift Strafe… and is given an unwelcome reception…”
JHA: “Man… Strafe really put his head into Cloud’s…”
JFA: “That’ll be quite enough out of you…”

Strafe takes Cloud down with an inverted painkiller, and twists Cloud’s arm around into a hammerlock position. Shifting his weight, he drives a knee down into the appendage before applying more pressure. Cloud again shows a flash of technical brilliance as shifts his weight to cause a pinning predicament- in the form of a modified bridge- and force Strafe to break the hold. With both men quickly upright again, Strafe charges first. Cloud sidesteps the TV champion, and whips him into the turnbuckles with his good arm. Cloud charges- with a shoulder tackle as his clear intent- to be caught in a modified sunset flip…

JFA: “1… 2… 3! Strafe got him! Strafe beat Cloud Strifer!”
JHA: “Why do you sound surprised by that turn of events?”

As the bell rings and Strafe quickly grabs his Television championship from the timekeeper, the ring announcer unleashes the outcome on the audience; just to make sure that there is no doubt of the victor.

JRA: “Your winner… and STILL AWF Television Champion… STRAFE!”

A promo airs for AWF: Overdrive – this weekend, live only on TFA Network! Featuring the ArchiveBowl; plus AWF Champion Sixswitch defending the title against Morpheus!

Hardcore Championship:
Auros (c) v. Xille

JHA: “Well its time for one of my favorite parts of the show. The hardcore match. Nothing but pure destruction. Anything and everything gets used as a weapon and you just know someone is getting hurt. What fun, at least to watch.”
JFA: “Figures that you would like a match like that. But anyways for all you fans out there its time for the hardcore championship match so let’s go to JRA for the official introductions.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Hardcore Championship. Introducing the challenger, from Lancaster, OH…….XILLE!”

Bleed out all empathy...
I have to believe them (lies)
In order to attain fulfillment
I have to succumb to (lies)
All my inner fears that tear at me
I will never believe them (lies)
I'm sick of the weakness that controls me
Now that I have fallen, I will not repent

“High Wire Escape Artist - The X-mix” begins to play as the tag team champ walks through the curtains and poses for the crowd. The crowd gets to their feet and cheer as Xille continues to the ring.

JFA: “This should be a good match. Not only is Xille a co-Tag team champ but he is also a former hardcore champ, so he should know exactly what it takes to win this match.”
JHA: “Yeah right. I can’t wait to see him get beat down by Auros. He’s gonna get a whoopin like there is no tomorrow.”
JFA: “I guess we’ll just have to wait and watch. But he should do well and he’s in the ring now posing for the crowd with his tag title.”
JHA: “Yeah, a title which he should never have won.”

Xille hands his tag title to the ref as his music fades and is replaced by the familiar sounds of “F**king in the Bushes” by Oasis and the hardcore champ himself walks through the curtains and the crowds reaction turns sour as they begin to boo him relentlessly.

JHA: “Not a great ovation here for Auros. Why can’t these people accept the fact that he is a champ and that they should cheer him.”
JFA: “Because he’s Auros.”
JHA: “What was that?”
JFA: “Oh nothing. Let’s get back to the ring.”

Auros climbs through the ropes and into the ring then taunts the crowd for a few seconds before handing his belt off to the referee. The bell sounds and Auros and Xille tie-up in the center of the ring. Quickly Auros gains the upperhand and whips Xille into the ropes. Xille bounces back and gets knocked to the mat by a shoulder block from the champ. Xille gets to his feet and again Auros knocks him hard to the mat with a shoulder block. This time however Xille slowly gets to his feet keeping his eyes on Auros as Auros taunts the tag champ.

JHA: “That’s right Xille you know he’s gonna beat you down.”

The two tie-up again and again Auros whips Xille into the ropes. Auros goes for a clothesline but this time Xille avoids the attack, bounces off the ropes and drops Auros with a clothesline of his own and quickly follows that up with a dropkick to the downed champ. Xille scurries out of the ring and begins to looking under the ring. After a few seconds he pulls out a garbage can and climbs back into the ring.

JFA: “Xille back in the ring now and setting that trash can in the corner.”
JHA: “That twerp is gonna try to whip Auros into that. What a goof.”

Xille drags Auros to his feet and goes for the whip but at the last second Auros stops himself and quickly jumps out of the ring and taunts Xille. Xille slides out of the ring and the two exchange punches on the outside before Auros gains the upperhand and slams Xille's head into the announcers table.

JHA: “What a move. You see that’s why Auros is going to win. He’s always thinking and Xille just can’t keep up.”
JFA: “It’s still early in the match. Xille can come back from this.”
JHA: “It’s over just accept it.”

Auros slams Xille’s head into the table again then whips him back first into the steel steps. He taunts the crowd and yells some obscenities at the crowd then grabs a few items from under the ring and throws them into the ring. Auros tosses Xille back into the ring and then climbs in and picks up a steel chair and sets it up in the center of the ring.

JFA: “Auros with the chair set up and now dragging Xille to his feet. What is he going to do now?”
JHA: “He’s gonna hurt him, that’s what he’s gonna do.”

Auros picks Xille up for a suplex but instead of falling backwards he tosses him forwards trying to hit the chair, but just as he does this Xille pushes off of him and grabs Auros’s head and slams Auros head first into the chair.

JFA: “What a reversal. He just slammed Auros through that chair. So much for Xille not standing a chance.”
JHA: “Whatever. One mistake isn’t that bad.”
JFA: “Except for the fact that it might cost him the title.”
JHA: “You know something. You are getting way too excited from this.”
JFA: “What?”

Xille and Auros are both left lying in the ring. As the crowd gets to their feet Xille slowly starts to stir. The ref checks on both men while Xille makes it to his feet. With Auros still lying face down on the mat Xille poses for the crowd and starts to climb the turnbuckle. He gets to the top and leaps. He connects with a leg drop.

JFA: “Xille in complete control now and looks like he’s calling for the Last Mile. We might get to see a double champ leaving here tonight.”
JHA: “It can’t happen. I refuse to believe that he’s that good.”
JFA: “Well after this match you might just have too and quit pouting just because he beat your precious NWA.”
JHA: “Never, and you might want to be careful. They don’t seem to have any problems beating on people like you.”
JFA: “Was that a threat?”
JHA: “No, just a warning.”

Xille stands back and waits for Auros to get up. Auros slowly climbs to his feet and turns just in time to see Xille charging at him. Xille reaches for Auros’s head but Auros ducks and pushes Xille right past him and into the trash can that Xille set up in the corner. Xille crashes hard into the can and stumbles out of the corner right into a boot to the gut. Auros taunts the crowd and drives Xille’s head hard to the mat with a devastating Atomic Piledriver.

JHA: “That’s right. I can’t believe that. What a smart move by Auros. Using Xille’s own trash can against him. I told you he would out smart him.”
JFA: “Yeah, yeah. Blind luck if you ask me. The ref with the count now. 1…2…3!”
JHA: “HAHAHAHA. I told you he wouldn’t win and I still don’t have to believe that he’s got talent. What a good ending to that.”
JFA: “Whatever. Will you get over it.”

“F**king in the Bushes” begins again as the ref hand Auros his title.

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the match and still your AWF Hardcore Champion……AUROS!”

Auros taunts the crowd some more and is met with a chorus of boos and then exits the ring and heads to the back.

The lights in the arena suddenly dim. Puritania suddenly thunders through the arena.

JFA: “Oh geeze not this…”
JHA: “Shut up you. Or I will call Big Daddy Rav over here to put you through this table.”
JFA: “Sure but I am not in a wheel chair I wouldn’t be a fair fight.”
JHA: “Oh you shut up.”

The GPA walk towards the ring. Ravage with the GPA in tow a bit different for a change. Ravage climbs the ropes and holds them for Viewfind, Tempest and Divebomb. Prowl? is not to be seen.

As they get in the ring Viewfind grabs a mic from the announcer that quickly scrambles.

VF: “Well, well, well. Look who’s in the ring. The four kings of pain. The GPA reign. But now to pass the mike to the guy too big for any bike. The man that beat HBK and the Game like a Savage. Big Daddy Ravage!” Viewfind pumps out a rap for the crowd.

Those in the know about the GPA cheering wildly to Viewfind’s rhymes.

JFA: “It’s just like a Jerry Springer Showing.”
JHA: “You would know all about those wouldn’t you.”

Big Daddy Ravage takes the microphone from Viewfind.

“Thank you for the blistering rap. So when does your freestyle album come out. I hear some hack is doing one as well. But we all know the original now don’t we?” Ravage makes a joke for the crowd as the rest of the GPA point to Viewfind.

“Now onto more pressing matters. How are HBK and the Game? Now I am sure that a nurse somewhere is being groped by those two boneheads but hey that’s the closest thing to a woman either of those two can get without having a nickel handy.”

JFA: “Oh what a cheap shot! I bet he would not say so much if HBK and the Game were here!”
JHA: “Yeah he would only I don’t know if the censers would allow it on TV.”

Ravage talks again.

“Now I am sure all of you realize the Archivebowl is coming up. Now if there is something the GPA and I know all about its bowls, if you know what I mean. And let’s all face it. I took out two of the biggest fish here in the AWF. Now you all know I am gunning for a win and the AWF title.” He stops and looks at the GPA.

“Now brothers, I know when it gets to the end and the five of us as we can’t forget Prowl are in the ring. But when it’s gets down to us in the end we all know it will be the best man period. Someone from the GPA. That’s all that matters. But I will tell you right now after I break some more jobbers’ backs like that micro man Xille. I will walk out of there a winner and if I don’t it will damn well be someone from the GPA and you all know it for a fact. So come Archivebowl it really should be renamed GPABowl. Now Big Daddy Ravage is outta here!”

JFA: “Thank God that’s over!”
JHA: “Umm I would be quiet.”

Ravage was exiting the ring when he overhears JFA’s remarks. He stands next to the announcers table and cracks the earphones off of JFA.

“You know what little man I should give you a preview of what’s going to Archivebowl first hand!” He screams grabbing him by the throat and powering him into position for the Hangover.

Tempest runs over and restrains him.

“Whoa, whoa, big fella. Save it for the Archivebowl.” He tells the big man.

Ravage sits JFA down and pats him on the head.

“Well today is your lucky day short stuff. Next time you might not be so lucky so show you respect to your masters!” Ravage barks at the announcer as the rest of the GPA laughs and exit the ring area to Puritania.

Commercial Break

AWF Press Office
2004-09-13, 08:44 PM
Judge Death v. Virus

JFA: “And an exciting bout ahead of us here, as we have two of the AWF rookies going one-on-one in the squared circle.”
JHA: “Ugh. The viewers are still at commercial, right?”
JFA: “Nope, we’re live.”
JHA: “That’s disgraceful.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the follwowing contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Deadworld he is……..JUDGE DEATH!”

Withered hands, withered bodies, begging for salvation
Deserted by the hands of gods of their own creation
Nations cry, underneath decaying skies above
You are guilty, the punishment is death for all who live...
The punishment is death for all who live...

“Out of the Silent Planet” by Iron Maiden begins to play as the pyros ignite and Death makes his way out of the back and down to the ring. The crowd lets out a small cheer as Death steps into the ring and poses for the crowd. The music changes into “Sickness” by Disturbed and Virus makes his way out of the back and begins to walk down to the ring.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent, making his way to the ring…….VIRUS!”

Virus climbs into the ring as the crowd sit silent and both men await the bell.

JFA: “Both men in the ring now and the ref signaling for the bell.”
JHA: “Finally the match has begun. It’s about damn time.”
JFA: “The two tie-up in the center of the ring and Death whips Virus into the ropes and connects with a stiff shoulder block that sends Virus to the mat.”
JHA: “Good old basics.”

Virus gets up as Death bounces himself off the ropes and drops him with another shoulder block. Death picks him up and whips him into the corner and charges in with a clothesline that drops Virus to the ground. Death begins to walk around the ring posing for the crowd.

JFA: “Death playing to the crowd here after that clothesline. What? Virus just jumped back up and Death turning around and Virus just leveled Death with a boot to the face and Virus quickly following up with a leg drop.”
JHA: “Death has got to learn that you can’t take your eyes off your opponent this early in a match.”

Virus drags Death to his feet and delivers a series of trapped head butts then slams Death back to the mat with a fisherman’s suplex. He looks around the audience for a second then locks in a boston crab.

JHA: “Virus with a boston crab and it looks like he might just have him here.”
JFA: “You’re right he’s got him in the center of the ring and I don’t think Death can make it to the ropes.”
JHA: “He’s struggling here and I am amazed he is slowly making his way to the ropes but I don’t know if he can make it before he is going to have to tap.”
JFA: “Death pulls himself a little closer and he’s almost there. Only a few inches away now.”
JHA: “Oh that’s too bad Virus just pulled him back to the center of the ring and I think it’s only a matter of time now.”
JFA: “The ref’s right in there checking him but Death refuses to give up. He’s pressing himself up and oh my god he just kicked Virus right off using nothing but his legs.”
JHA: “Damn I can’t believe Death just did that. I didn’t think he had it in him.”
JFA: “Virus looking dazed here. I don’t think he can believe that Death just kicked out of the boston crab.”

Virus slowly makes it to his feet looking around the audience in disbelief. He slowly walks over to Death, who is still on the mat holding his back, then drags him to his feet. The moment Death gets to his feet he shoves Virus back a few feet and then unloads a devastating haymaker that connects squarely with his jaw and drops him to the mat. Death stumbles back and falls into the turnbuckle for support.

JHA: “Holy Hell. Did you see that punch? I think it just knocked Virus out cold.”
JFA: “I think you might be right. Virus hasn’t moved yet.”

The ref walks over to Death and warns him about using a closed fist and Death barely notices the ref as he gets back to a standing base and makes his way to his fallen opponent. He drags him to his feet and drops him to the mat with a stalling suplex. He gets back to his feet and looks around the crowd and signals for his finisher.

JFA: “Death looks like he’s going to end it here as he calls for his finisher.”
JHA: “I think your right. He drags Virus to his feet and he just lifted him over his head.”

Death holds Virus above his head for a few seconds then drops him and drives him hard into the mat with a ¾ turn neckbreaker.

JFA: “And there it is. He just leveled Virus with the move he calls Take the Plunge and he makes the cover. 1….2….3!”
JHA: “And there it is, Judge Death takes the victory in our opening bout.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the match…..JUDGE DEATH!”

JFA: “A good victory for Death as he fought out of the boston crab and hit one of the most devastating punches I have seen in quite awhile.”
JHA: “It was quite impressive.”
JFA: “Its time for our first commercial break so we will be right back.”


We see Divebomb standing in the locker room as he just finished dialing a number on his cell phone.

DB: “Hey P? how’s it going?… Good, good. Where are you we are supposed to have a match in about two minutes… What do you mean you are in Los Angeles? What are you doing there? … You’re what? What record? Dude you knew we had a match tonight. How can you just blow it off like this? You already talked to Reilly… and had the match changed? Well who the hell am I facing? You don’t know. You mean to tell me you just said I got better things to do than have a match and got them to change our match to me having a singles fight and you don’t even know who I am facing? Dude the NWA have got to make a come back and putting me in a singles fight ain’t going to get that done… Fine, fine. Well I guess I have to go because I have a match soon. Yeah see you at Overdrive.”

Divebomb hangs up the phone.

DB: “What the hell is going on with him lately?”

Divebomb finishes doing up his boots and walks out of the room.

JFA: “And we’re back and what the heck was that? We just saw Divebomb on the phone and he was talking to P? I think.”
JHA: “He was but the NWA were supposed to face Sparky and Tommy in a tag match tonight but from the sounds of it P? got that changed.”
JFA: “I am sorry folks we don’t really know what the next match is going to be so I guess we have to go down to JRA to find out.”

Sparky w/ Tommy v. Divebomb

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. Our next match was changed at the last moment and is now a singles match. Introducing first, coming to you from Glasgow, Scotland and being accompanied by Tommy……SPARKY!”

“Kill Bill” theme song kicks in and Sparky and Tommy rush out of the back and on to the stage then pose for the crowd, getting a little response from them, then they continue to the ring and pose a little more once they step in.

JHA: “Do you think that this is going to be the match?”
JFA: “I think it is.”

Sparky’s music fades and suddenly “Re-Align” by Godsmack kicks in and Divebomb slowly walks out of the back and to the top of the stage. He turns to look back but no one comes out and his head drops and shakes. He turns back to face the ring and looks up to see Sparky and Tommy standing in the ring waiting for him to come down. His gaze turns from sadness to hatred as he begins to walk down to the ring.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent, coming to you from Burnaby, BC, Canada. A member of the GPA…….DIVEBOMB!”

The fans get to their feet and boo relentlessly and begin to throw trash at the GPA member when suddenly the pyros explode. Divebomb climbs into the ring while Sparky and Tommy have a little meeting in the corner. The moment Tommy turns to exit the ring Divebomb rushes in and levels Sparky with a clothesline then knocks Tommy to the floor with a huge haymaker. He quickly drags Sparky to his feet and whips him into the opposite corner then charges in a connects with a stinger splash. Sparky falls out of the corner and Divebomb rolls him over and begins beating the hell out of him as Tommy gets up and climbs back in the ring. Divebomb sees him and gets up just in time to catch Tommy with a devastating powerslam as the rookie rushed in to help his partner.

JHA: “What an explosion of offense here by Divebomb. I don’t think I have ever seen him this furious.”
JFA: “I have to agree with you there. I mean he’s normally quite serious but I have never seen him this aggressive. He’s taunting the crowd now as they continue to give him a less than polite response.”

Divebomb throws Tommy out of the ring and then drags Sparky to his feet. He drives a couple of punches into the face of Sparky then slams him hard to the mat with a DDT. Divebomb gets to his feet and sees Tommy stirring on the outside. He looks around the audience then jumps out of the ring and grabs Tommy and whips him into the steel steps.

JFA: “Divebomb is attacking Tommy on the outside now. I wonder if he realizes that this is not a handicap match.”
JHA: “At this point I don’t think it really matters do you.”
JFA: “Divebomb throwing the stuff off the Spanish announcers table. He’s not going to do what I think he’s going too is he?”
JHA: “Oh yeah.”

Divebomb drags Tommy to his feet and powerbombs him through the table. Divebomb yells at the crowd and laughs at the fallen rookie. But as he’s doing this Sparky gets to his feet in the ring and charges at the ropes. Just as Divebomb turns around to face the ring Sparky flys over the ropes and comes crashing down hard on Divebomb with a flying body press. Sparky picks up Divebomb and throws him hard into the ring post as the fans start to cheer. Sparky then drags Divebomb to his feet and throws him into the ring and quickly follows him in.

JFA: “Divebomb turned his back for one second and now Sparky is in control.”
JHA: “It won’t last. Divebomb isn’t going to lose to him.”

We see paramedics rush to the aid of Tommy as Sparky starts to climb the turnbuckle. He gets to the top and waits as Divebomb starts to get up. Divebomb makes it to his hands and knees when suddenly Sparky comes flying off the ropes and drills Divebomb’s head into the mat with a leg drop. He quickly gets to his feet and poses for the crowd while signaling for the sparks out. The crowd gets to their feet and begins to cheer as Sparky begins to stalk the fallen GPA member.

JFA: “I think this might be it for the former tag champ.”
JHA: “Hell No! Divebomb will not lose. Not to this punk and not to any punk like him.”
JFA: “Quit kissing up and just face it Divebomb is out.”
JHA: “Never.”

Divebomb slowly gets to his feet looking very dazed from the top rope leg drop and turns to face Sparky. The moment he turns around Sparky drills him with a boot to the gut and sets him for the sparks out.

JFA: “This is it. All that aggression and offense means nothing now.”
JHA: “I don’t think so. Look.”

The moment Sparky begins to jump Divebomb lifts up and sends Sparky over his head and hard down to the mat. Divebomb still a little dazed taunts the audience and calls for The End. The crowd boos while Sparky gets back to his feet and turns. Divebomb quickly picks him up on his shoulders and taunts the crowd one more time before throwing out Sparky’s legs and dropping his neck hard on to his shoulder.

JHA: “I told you he wouldn’t lose.”
JFA: “It looks like I was wrong.”

Divebomb steps on Sparky’s chest and the ref makes the count. 1…2…3!

JHA: “And Divebomb wins the match. I told you he could do it.”
JFA: “I have to admit he did good tonight but it doesn’t look like the audience likes him all that much.”
JHA: “They just hate him because he is that much better than them.”
JFA: “Well I don’t know if its that but they really don’t like him.”

“Re-Align” kicks back in and Divebomb climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and taunts the crowd as the cameras cut to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

We see a shot of endless water, before zooming out to take in pale sand and palm trees.

Panning across, we see a man sat in a wheelchair. He wears cut-off jeans, a sleeveless AWF t-shirt and a pair of mirrored sunglasses. His shoulder-length red hair has been faded quite heavily by the sun, whilst he sports a luxurious tan. Stood behind him, gently wheeling the chair, is a stunning brunette Caribbean beauty, wearing a red bikini with a white towel wrapped around her waist.

The camera cuts up close to the man in the chair. As some of the more observant viewers may have guessed, it's two-time former AWF Champion Sean O'Con.

HBK: "Wow. It's getting hot out here. But please, keep your clothes on - nobody needs to see that. Hi, everybody. As you'll have gathered, I can't be there right now - I've decided to do the sensible thing with my downtime and take a lovely break in the sun. I'm told it'll help speed along my recovery. Because everybody needs speed. Just make sure you know who you're getting it from.

"Believe me - Tobago is lovely this time of year. Beautiful beaches, the palm trees, tropical waters, the sun beating down. But these days, despite the high temps, the sun is only the second hottest thing in the area. Why? Because it's got to contend with the Brendinio Heat.

"It's been quite some time since I stepped into an AWF ring. The last time I did, some really bad loser almost snapped my neck. But don't worry, Brendocoholics, I'm well on the road to a full recovery. Amy here has been putting me through some seriously intense physical therapy, and she can assure you all that I've got full feeling in all the most important parts of my anatomy."

Amy steps back and slowly saunters out of shot.

HBK: "It's been a hard time, I won't lie. But enough about me and Amy. It's been difficult - sitting back watching Casper walking around with gold. Watching Siznitch walk around with my AWF Championship. But worst of all is the fact that my place on the roster seems to have been taken by some two-bit schmuck called Ravage. Oh, don't worry - I can cope, but it's the fans I feel sorry for. Imagine it - you save up all your money and buy tickets to go see U2. You're psyched. You're expecting to see the greatest thing imaginable. You're out there, waiting for Bono... but instead, you get the Har Mar Superstar. That's how it is for all the fans who get Ravage instead of me."

O'Con adjusts himself slightly in the chair, staring off into the distance, admiring the view.

HBK: "Oh, but this isn't just a progress report, kids. I've got a real treat for all of you viewers. An exclusive interview. You've all seen On the Couch, with Auntie Slag. Well, now it's time for On the Beach, with Sean O'Con. If you'll just follow me..."

The HeartBrend Kid wheels himself across the sand, to where we see a life-size cardboard cut-out of Ravage.

HBK: "Big Daddy Rav. Hi, and welcome to the show. Nice of you to make it. First off, how are you finding the conditions out here? Much nicer than Vermont, no?"

Naturally, the cut-out doesn't respond.

"Feeling a bit shy, huh? Don't worry. I'll steer you through it. After all, it won't be the first time that I've had to carry your performance. What's that? Oh, don't worry, you're coming across as articulate as ever. And it must be said, never more charismatic."

HBK stares at the cut-out for a moment longer, before shrugging and wheeling past, arriving at a sunbed, where Amy is sat rubbing lotion into her arms.

HBK: "Like I said, sitting back, watching, waiting, recovering - it's been hard."

Amy: "It's not the only thing."

Sean O'Con smiles.

HBK: "And there's a hard time ahead of you as well, Ravage. The last time I was out this long was when Erik dumped me out of the AWF. And I don't think you need reminding what I did to him when I got back. But what you need to remember is that, despite everything I put the Game through, he was a friend of mine. I respect him. You, on the other hand, are scum. I don't respect you. So think about that for a moment. Think what I did to a guy that I genuinely like, and think what he did to deserve it. Now think about how much worse what you did to me was.

"This isn't about gold - I've won everything already. This isn't about money, or main event - been there, done that. I don't care about winning - I've already beaten you fair and square. This isn't about respect - You'll never have mine, and you barely qualify as a person, so I'm not worried about gaining yours. No, this is about me putting you through exactly what you've put me through. But, as always with the Walking Wonder, I'm going to put on a repeat performance that's a hundred times better than the premier. The sequel between you and me is going to be the Highlight of Your Life, Rav. And if you're very lucky, you might even be able to remember it."

Amy gets up and grabs a can of gasoline from under the sun bed.

"I won't be in this chair forever - you don't need me to tell you that. Which is just as well, because the moment I'm out of it, the first you'll know about it is when you wake up in the hospital and find that you're being loaded into one yourself."

Amy starts pouring the gasoline over the cut-out of Ravage.

"You can surround yourself with as many Vanilla Ice wannabes as you want, Rav. You can strut around, gloating about how you put HBK out of commission. But the one thing you can't do is take on the Heat and not expect to end up burnt."

On that, O'Con flips out a book of matches, lights one up and throws it at the feet of the cardboard cut out.

The camera holds on the image of Ravage going up in flames, before slowly fading to black.

Bombshell vs. D-Extreme

First we gonna rock!
Then we gonna roll
Then we let it POP

JFA: Here's D-Extreme who's up for a match against Bombshell.
JHA: Poor guy.
JFA: Bombshell still hasn't explained us his actions a week ago on Mayhem when he attacked Grand Convoy.
JHA: What is there to explain? Convoy was a talentless hack who had no place in the AWF, let alone in a match for the number one contenderspot. Bombshell, as a representative of the more talented people, just did all of us a favor and eliminated him from the equation.
JFA: Why are all the wrestlers you favor the talented ones and those you don't like talentless hacks?
JHA: I know how to choose my favourites. You, on the other hand. Don't tell me, you're rooting for D-Extreme in this one?
JFA: Well, since you asked...
JHA: Ha! I knew it. You like people who are just like you, losers!

As the announcers bicker D-Extreme makes his way to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. After having a few words with the referee he starts warming up throwing punches and jumping.

JFA: The X definitely intends to give it to us tonight! He's motivated, he's psyched up and he's ready for Bombshell.
JHA: Correction. He thinks he's ready for Bombshell. When Bombers gets here he'll pummel D-Extreme to the ground and I can once again tell you that I told you so.
JFA: Sure, Bombshell is the odds on favourite here but D-Extreme is no push-over. He's shown us time and time again that he has the potential to beat anyone in this game.
JHA: Potential is like cash. You'll get far if you know how to use it. If you don't you'll end up throwing it all away.

With Powerman 5000's "Drop the Bombshell" the crowd starts booing as the Mad Bomber Bombshell makes his entrance, with Arcee in tow. Although Arcee immediately starts mocking the booing crowd Bombshell just walks towards the ring, eyes focused on D-Extreme. Bombshell steps over the top rope and immediately goes for D-Extreme. The referee however keeps the two man apart and orders them to go to their respective corners. Grudgingly Bombshell accepts and goes to the corner to hear the final words of advice from Arcee. D-Extreme is standing in the opposite corner looking at Bombshell with determination. The referee signals for the bell and as soon as the bell is rung Bombshell attacks D-Extreme. D-Extreme ducks Bombshell's attempt and scores with a few quick jabs to the side of Bombshell before backing down. Bombshell again tries to grab D-Extreme but again D-Extreme gets out of the way and hits Bombshell with an elbow and a kick to the ribcage.

JFA: D-Extreme wisely keeping his distance from Bombshell. Bombshell is the bigger and stronger of the two so it would good strategy to hit from afar and try to avoid those powerful blows of Bombshell.
JHA: D-Ex is just making Bombshell angry. He may think he's looking at a possible victory here but when Bombshell connects with the first blow D-Extreme will be looking for his teeth.
JFA: D-Extreme with a series of kicks and blows to Bombshell, and the big man is backing down. Runs to the ropes and a flying reverse elbow sends Bombshell reeling to the ropes. D-Extreme tries again, Bombshell is up and hits a Big Boot!!
JHA: What did I tell you?! Where's the teeth now, F-Extreme?!
JFA: The thunderous big boot by Bombshell dropped D-Extreme like a sack of potatoes. D-Ex tries to get up but a stiff clothesline by Bombshell makes sure he stays down. D-Extreme started this match well but quite soon Bombshell retaliated and he's controlling the pace, which I reckon will be a bit slower. And as I predicted, Bombshell picks D-Extreme up and slowly and methodically starts hammering him with those frying pan-like right hands. Irish whip to the corner and a clothesline!
JHA: Bombshell is just picking D-Extreme apart now. Picks him up, and a suplex!
JFA: Bombshell ascends to the second rope and just jumps on D-Extreme's face. Cover! One, two... and D-Extreme kicks out.

Bombshell slaps D-Extreme to the face a few times before picking him up. He hits him with an elbow and then kicks him to the gut. D-Extreme doubles over and Bombshell hits a side suplex. Before D-Extreme can get up Bombshell locks in a rear chin lock. The referee is immediately there checking up on D-Extreme and making sure Bombshell isn't choking him. The hold is clean and the referee starts asking D-Extreme if he wants to give up. D-Extreme refuses to quit, however, and starts to battle back. He gets to his feet and hits Bombshell to the stomach with an elbow. Bombshell retaliates by tightening the grip and choking D-Extreme. The referee sees this and orders Bombshell to release the hold. Bombshell ignores the referee and keeps up the hold, choking D-Extreme even more. The referee begins the five count and on four Bombshell finally releases the hold leaving D-Extreme lying on the mat gasping for air. The referee abolishes Bombshell who doesn't seem to care. As D-Extreme is trying to get back up Bombshell pushes the ref out of his way and drops D-Extreme with a stern kick to the side of D-Extreme's head.

JFA: Bombshell again on the assault, picks D-Extreme up, whip to the ropes and a powerslam! Cover, one, two, and again D-Extreme kicks out! And Bombshell is just blatantly choking him!
JHA: Good! Squeeze the life out of that miserable punk! What is that referee doing!?
JFA: His job, which apparently is a foreign concept to you. Bombshell forced to let D-Extreme go before the referees five count. Bombshell gives D-Extreme a couple of kicks for good measure before picking him up again. Whip to the corner, another clothesline...no! D-Extreme ducks and Bombshell goes full speed against the turnbuckle! Bombshell dazed, D-Extreme grabs him from behind and a desperation X-Ocution by D-Extreme!! Both men are down!
JHA: D-Extreme might've managed to hit that reverse X-Ocution but he can't capitalize. He's too weak.
JFA: Referee's counting both men here, up to two and no sign of movement from either man. Five now, D-Extreme starting to stir. And Bombshell is also trying to get up. This is the turning point, whoever gets to his feet first has the upper hand. And that is something D-Extreme needs. Bombshell is on his feet, D-Extreme still on his knees. Bombshell from the ropes but D-Extreme counters with a drop toe hold! D-Extreme holding his head, trying to shake the cobwebs. Bombshell getting back up, D-Extreme goes to the ropes, and clips Bombshell's legs from under him!

With newfound vigor D-Extreme goes to the assault, hammering Bombshell with rights and lefts. Bombshell however powers out and throws D-Extreme to the corner. Bombshell goes to him trying to continue but D-Extreme pokes him on the eye, forcing Bombshell back. Quickly D-Extreme hits Bombshell to the back of the head and hits him with a bulldog, completing the Hot Dawg! Before Bombshell can get back up D-Extreme runs to the ropes and drops the leg on Bombshell's neck and then locks in the Camel Clutch, weakening the neck of Bombshell. Despite being in obvious pain Bombshell manages to slide closer to the ropes and finally put his feet on them, forcing D-Extreme to release the hold.

JFA: Bombshell getting up, D-Extreme from the ropes, and a swinging neckbreaker! D-Extreme is focusing on the neck area of Bombshell and that might be key to D-Extreme's victory here.
JHA: You're just as disillusioned as D-Extreme. D-Extreme can do all he wants to Bombshells neck but it's not going to help him.
JFA: He's been doing a pretty good job lately. D-Extreme picking up Bombshell, scoop slam, and D-Extreme goes to the second rope. Elbow drop! D-Extreme makes the cover!
JHA: One, two... and Bombshell got the shoulder up! Thank god!
JFA: Losing confidence, perhaps?

D-Extreme wastes no time in arguing the decision but stomps on Bombshells neck repeatedly before picking him up to his feet. D-Extreme signals for the Xtreme Factor and puts Bombshell in the powerbomb position. But Bombshell is too heavy for D-Extreme to get up in his weaken state and Bombshell is able to counter with a back body drop. Bombshell catches his breath for a second which gives D-Extreme a chance to attack. D-Extreme goes to the ropes for extra leverage, but as the referee is checking up on Bombshell, Arcee grabs D-Extremes ankle stopping him in mid run. D-Extreme turns around intending to confront Arcee but Bombshell is already up and hits D-Extreme with a full nelson slam. Bombshell picks D-Extreme up, whips him to the ropes and hits a stiff clothesline dropping D-Extreme. He goes for the cover but gets only a two count.

JFA: Bombshell back in control, picking D-Extreme and placing him on the top turnbuckle. Bombshell goes up too, what is he planning?!
JHA: I smell a super backdrop coming. And if he connects, this one is over, that I can tell you!
JFA: D-Extreme tries to fight out of it, elbows to the head, Bombshell is reeling, and D-Extreme succeeds! One final elbow to the head and Bombshell is down, and he's not getting up. D-Extreme turns around, sees the prone Bombshell. He goes to the air and hits with a big splash!! This might be it! Cover, one! Two!
JHA: Bombshell kicked out!!
JFA: Bombshell indeed kicked out and D-Extreme can't believe it. He tries to argue with the referee but to no avail. He was close to a victory here but Bombshells resilience denied him. D-Extreme has Bombshell by the hair, irish whip, back body drop telegraphed and Bombshell hits with a running DDT! Bombshell gets his arm over D-Extreme for the cover! One, two... and no! It wasn't enough!
JHA: D-Extreme is still fighting but I doubt he can keep up with Bombshell any longer.
JFA: You might be right, Bombshell picks D-Extreme, lifts him up, Atom Bomb powerbomb coming up!
JHA: And it connects!!
JFA: Bombshell hit the Atom Bomb and this is over. Cover by Bombshell. One! Two! Three! This one is over! D-Extreme fought a good fight but in the end it was Bombshell with a very convincing victory.

With the sounds of Powerman 5000 Bombshell leaves the ring and with Arcee walks up the ramp still ignoring the boos and jeers of the crowd. On the top of the ramp he turns around, looks at D-Extreme who's still lying in the ring and with a smirk raises his hand infuriating the crowd even more.

Wolfang vs Vin Ghostal

JFA: This next match should be interesting, J.
JHA: Interesting how? Like watching Scout interesting, or listening to Cloudstrifer ramble on interesting?
JFA: What? No, it’s Ghostal versus ‘Fang.
JHA: So “listening to Cloudstrifer ramble on” interesting, then.

I got a ticket to nowhere
I got no respect for the law
I got no use ‘cause it’s all abuse
It’s the cutting edge of the saw

RJA: Making his way to the ring… from St. Helens, Meryside, England… being accompanied by his tag team partner, Black Zarak… the Meryside Marauder… Wolfang!

Ain’t got no time for the future
Ain’t got no time for the past
I’m running up a down escalator
I’m going nowhere fast

JFA: Wolfang is probably out here to prove himself tonight. Not only does he want his tag title back, he’s got an old score against Ghostal that he wants to settle.
JHA: What? Did V.3. take his granny away from him? I know how Casper likes the old ladies.
JFA: Do you remember what happened the last time these two met one-on-one? Ghostal picked up the win because of TC, a couple chair shots, and more than one Whirlwind.
JHA: And I’m sure he’ll try the same tonight.
JFA: I don’t know. I’m pretty sure Ghostal has changed his ways.

“The Hurricane Years” fades out as Wolfang gets down from a turnbuckle. He turns and faces the entryway with Zarak on the outside of the ring.

There are certain things in life that you can stop
There are certain things in life that can’t be stopped

RJA: And his opponent… being accompanied by his tag team partner, Xille… he is one half of the AWF tag team champions… V.3… Vin… Ghostal!

Vin Ghostal appears at the top of the ramp, making sure that Xille walks a few paces behind him. He goes into the ring and jumps onto a turnbuckle, but tells the X to leave the ring when the cruiserweight tries to join him. Confused, Xille leaves the ring and the bell sounds.

JFA: And this match is on! Vin Ghostal and Wolfang staring each other down in the middle of the ring… no one is wanting to make the wrong first move here. You know, J, you have to wonder what kind of role Xille is going to play during this match.
JHA: What was that? I’m a little disoriented. There are so many faces out here that my brain can’t really keep up.
JFA: You know… that doesn’t surprise me. But my point, J, is that Xille is friends with all of these men, so you can’t really say for sure who he’s going to help in this match, if anyone.
JHA: Well, if he plans on keeping his title, he’d better help his partner, Ghostal, beause you know as well as I do that the NWA will steal those titles back in a second if there’s any kind of disagreement between those two.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Ghostal and Wolfang have finally locked up for the first time. A quick shift of his weight and a leg sweep helps V.3 send Wolfang to the mat, but Wolfy quickly rolls and his back on his feet, ready for more.

JFA: Wolfang is definitely showing here that he isn’t a rookie anymore.
JHA: You’re absolutely right. Those punches he’s sending Ghostal’s way definitely reek of old age.
JFA: Wolfang isn’t old at all. In fact, I’m awfully sure he’s younger than you are.
JHA: I’m young at heart and in the sack. That’s all the matters. All I was saying was that compared to Divebomb or P?’s energy-filled punches, Wolfang fights like an old man.
JFA: Well, then you’re looking at one of the toughest old man ever to grace an AWF ring, then! A stiff right from Wolfang sends Ghostal to the mat!

Ghostal gets up and holds his face, which is filled with shock. He quickly charges at ‘Fang and misses a short clothesline, then turns to immediately get locked into a T-Bone suplex. The suplex connects, and Ghostal gets up, rubbing his back. Wolfang walks up, intent on another suplex, but a hard back elbow from Ghostal sends him reeling. Ghostal follows it up with a few shots to Wolfang’s head, and he finishes off the assault with a DDT.

JFA: A major DDT from Ghostal, who makes the cover… and only gets one? Who kicks out at one?
JHA: I always knew Wolfang couldn’t count.

Ghostal immediately lays his boots onto Wolfangs back as the Meryside Marauder tries get up. ‘Fang manages to catch Ghostal’s foot, however, and immediately flips him over using a modified dragon screw. Ghostal rolls as Wolfang did earlier and is almost immediately back on his feet. The crowd cheers the stand-off the two workers have found themselves in.

JFA: It’s always nice to see a crowd that really appreciates an even match…
JHA: …or the fact that one of these two might end up injuring the other here tonight.
JFA: It’s always straight to the negative with you, isn’t it? Anyway, the two men have locked up in the middle of the ring again… Ghostal’s knee looks like it’s about to give way… and it almost does! Ghostal is forced back into the corner by Wolfang, thanks in part to his failing knee, which Wolfy managed to twist pretty badly with that modified dragon screw.

Wolfang hits Ghostal with a few knife-edge chops, causing the tag team champion to shake. Xille jumps back and holds his chest, obviously feeling empathetic toward his tag team partner. Ghostal manages to stop the third chop, and lands a few more rights on Wolfang before hitting him with a textbook snap suplex. V.3 immediately locks in an arm bar with a scissors hold around Wolfang’s neck in an attempt to get the big man to tap out.

JHA: You know, there’s simply too much innuendo here. I’m just going to sit this part out.
JFA: Wolfang trying desparately to reach the ropes with his free hand… Ghostal stretching as hard as he can… and Wolfang reaches the rope! Ghostal breaks the hold and this time sets his boots onto Wolfy’s left knee. That’s been a problem spot for ‘Fang in the past, and I’m sure this time won’t be much different.

Wolfang pulls himself up, his left arm moving a little slower than his right. He tries to swing at Ghostal, but gets nothing but air and another kick to the knee for his efforts. Wolfang stumbles, and Ghostal follows up with a few shots to the back. ‘Fang manages to back up, push Ghostal into the ropes, and run forward in one swift movement. Momentum on his side, Wolfang bounces off the opposite ropes and lands a powerful clothesline onto Vin Ghostal.

JFA: Wolfang almost beheading Ghostal with that shot… and he’s going for the Figure Four! Wolfang is trying to lock in his submission finisher, and Ghostal is scurrying for the ropes! He reaches them, and ‘Fang is forced to break the hold.
JHA: You know, we were so close to ending this thing, too. I’m half expecting the NWA to show up here and just smash everyone. I really shouldn’t get my hopes up, though. I always get let down.

Ghostal manages to kick Wolfang away, and both men slowly get back to their feet, obviously showing the wear that the match has brought upon them. Ghostal manages to get the upper hand this time around, and he quickly whips Wolfang into the turnbuckle. A quick shot to Wolfy’s gut allows V.3 the chance to perch the Meryside Marauder on the top turnbuckle.

JFA: Ghostal is opening up his playbook here… obviously going for a very high risk maneuver… Superplex! Ghostal soars through the air with Wolfang in hand, delivering an amazing Superplex onto his opponent! V.3 goes for the cover… 1… 2… thr-shoulder up! Wolfang, in an amazing display of strength, manages to kick out just before 3!
JHA: Again, my hopes are dashed. Curse you, wrestling gods!

Ghostal, obviously annoyed, tries for the cover again, netting even less of a 2 this time around. He decides to leave the ring for a moment, and goes straight for the timekeeper’s area. Xille runs up to see if he’s ok only to be quickly shoved aside. Ghostal grabs his title and returns to the ring. Zarak jumps up on the apron, telling the ref to remove the title from the match, but he only manages to distract the ref even more from Ghostal’s actions.

JFA: Now come on, what is this? Ghostal is setting himself up for quite the cheap shot against Wolfang. I thought the man had changed, J, but this is exactly what your GPA buddies would do.
JHA: Oh, you’re wrong there. They’d never hurt their gold. They’d use a bat, or a chair, or a table, even, but never their gold.
JFA: The point is, Ghostal’s as cheap as he ever was. But wait! Xille is on the ring apron! He’s holding Ghostal back! Xille is yelling at him, telling him to put the title down, but Ghostal refuses! He turns to shove Xille away, but the X hangs on! Ghostal is clotheslined on the ropes, and he stumbles backward because of it! Ghostal drops the title, grabs his throat, and spins around from the momentum of hitting the ropes… right into the Crimson Twilight! Wolfang was ready for him! Zarak jumps off of the apron, and ‘Fang makes the cover! 1… 2… 3! Wolfang has picked up the win!

“The Hurricane Years” hits again, and Wolfang rolls out of the ring. He walks backward up the ramp with Zarak raising his hand in victory. Wolfang rubs his stomach on the way up, mouthing the words “They’re gonna be ours” as he leaves.

JFA: Xille is on the outside, looking about as stunned as Ghostal does right now. I don’t think either man was expecting this finish!

Xille rolls into the ring and helps lift Ghostal up. Ghostal stares at his tag team partner for a second, shoves him down, and yells a few choice words as he picks up his title and goes to leave. Xille, looking very confused and frustrated, gets up, grabs his title, and runs after Ghostal, who is already halfway up the ramp.

JFA: “And now we’re gonna cut back to our broadcast colleague, Keith Kincaid, who I understand has an interview with the AWF Champion, ahead of our main event.”
JHA: “Sixswitch followed by a Morpheus match… why does the universe hate me so?”


Keith Kincaid: Sixswitch, you're scheduled to defend your AWF heavyweight title against Morpheus this weekend at Overdrive. Do you feel any way nervous about going one on one with him?

Sixswitch: Nervous? Ha! The Double S is absolutely excited about this. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've defended this title against a worthy opponent? Too long! It's been too long since I've been able to show everyone just why I'm the champion. Just why the biggest piece of gold here in the AWF is on the waist of the Welsh Wonder. No, I'm not nervous, although I'm sure Morpheus is because he knows he's getting in the ring with the champ.

KK: So you don't think you'll have any problems even though you're facing the most unorthodox wrestler in the AWF?

Sixswitch: You don't have to be so PC here, we both know what you mean. Unorthodox is only another way of saying what Morpheus really is, a freak. And I'm not afraid of freaks, and I definetly don't intend to lose my title to a one. Sure, his style may be weird, for lack of a better word, but I'm not worried about that. I didn't win this title just to lose it to someone just because his wrestling style is 'weird', no no. I am the champion, and I damn well will be the champion next week. And there's not a damn thing that Phantom of the Opera can do about it.

And another thing, what's with these questions? "Nervous?" "Problems?" You sound like you don't have much confidence in your champion.

KK: Well, I just...

Sixswitch: Forget it, this interview is officially over. Try again next week if you can come up with a little less degrading questions.

Another promo for AWF Overdrive plays, focussing on the ArchiveBowl

TC Vs Morpheus

JHA: Main Event time. And what’ve we got? A former AWF champ … up against the number one contender.
JFA: Well, he’s got some hope.
JHA: What? Morpheus? This guys a nut.
JFA: Yeah … but would you get in the ring with him?
JHA: Good point.

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata pours out of the speakers.

RA: Making his way to the ring, hailing from … err … The Minds of innocent Children --- MORPHEUS

JFA: And he’s looking extremely smug about this match.
JHA: Maybe the psycho thinks if he can beat a former champ, he can beat the current.

At that same point, Morpheus turns his head and gives J a sadistic smile.

JFA: I think he heard you.
JHA: Shhheeeeiiiitttt.

Trigger by In Flames blasts the audience as Thundercracker makes his way down the ramp.

JFA: Well, one hell of a match here folks.
JHA: TC, making his way to the ring … and how bout that.
JFA: Just as TC gets to the ring, Morpheus jumps the ropes and tries to attack TC, but TC breaks into a run and slides under the ropes.
JHA: That was good … and TC just smiling as Morpheus broods on the outside.
JFA: TC now with the advantage, he’s got the ring and height.

Thundercracker only looks down upon Morpheus and laughs. Thundercracker starts playing to the crowd as Morpheus tries another approach.

JHA: And would you look at that, TC is now sitting down on the turn knuckles.
JFA: Yeah, but Morpheus is coming in, he’s too quick, TC goes fro a long distance leg drop from a sitting position but not even he is that quick.
JHA: Yeah well, who gives? This match is not going to last too long, Morpheus will wet himself just thinking about beating a former champ.

Morpheus sets up a test of strength, but when TC accepts, Morpheus goes for the low blow.

JFA: Come on Ref, you saw that.
JHA: Yeah but he’s giving him a warning.
JFA: He should be disqualified.
JHA: what are you going to do about it?

Morpheus grabs Thundercracker in a chin lock and drags him to the mat.

JFA: Well, that was a smart move, taking it slow and calm, trying to break down your opponent.
JHA: Yeah, but the crazy fool is up to something. He’s going for Anesthesis, stands him up, and grabs his arms. BAM. Down like a tree. 1, 2 and no!
JFA: Thundercracker kicks out; it’s going take more then that to beat a former champ.
JHA: Yeah but Morpheus believes we had it won. He’s trying too pull out his own hair! He’s going to the outside, he’s grabbing a chair. He’s getting back in the ring. The ref is trying to stop him.
JFA: Yeah but TC is up again, he’s caught sight of Morpheus; he takes a swing, TC ducks. He grabs the chair. LIGHTIME ENLIGHTENMENT!! Incredible. The ref doesn’t DQ him; he goes for the pin, 1, 2 and 3 this match is over.

Trigger by In Flames blasts as TC raises his arms in victory.

JFA: And Thundercracker is our winner here… Morpheus is back to his knees… not at all happy with the referee. He’s been dealt what must be an incredibly demoralising defeat ahead of his AWF Title shot this weekend.
JHA: My heart. It’s bleeding.
JFA: Morpheus picking up the chair, looking at it curiously… oh my god! Morpheus just drilled the referee with the chair!
JHA: Oh, god. The loon’s off on one!
JFA: TC still celebrating in the ring… and Morpheus nails him in the back with the chair, too! Doesn’t go down, though… DDT!! Morpheus just drilled TC with the Anesthesis!
JHA: What’s the psycho doing now?!
JFA: Morpheus making the cover… referee’s out, though… grabs the official’s hand and makes the count himself! One… two… three.
JHA: He knows that doesn’t count, right? He knows the match is over? He knows he lost?
JFA: I don’t think he cares, J. Morpheus… celebrating now. Hand raised high in victory… in his own mind, he’s won. But he’ll need to win in more than his own mind if he wants to become AWF Champion.
JHA: In his own mind?! He doesn’t HAVE a mind!
JFA: But will he have the title next Mayhem? Who can say? We can – this weekend at Overdrive! We’ll see you there, folks!

2004-09-13, 08:56 PM
Damn, the fans must be getting desperate. How long must they go without seeing the most exciting superstar in the AWF in action? How long must the agony be prolonged.

Well fear not. The Welsh Wonder is back in action at Overdrive, and his opponent? None other than that masked freak Morpheus. Why does he wear a mask? To hide his ugly mug? Oh no, that's not true. That Silly Cow was quite the laydees man.

So why else? Underconfidence? Well that sure aint gonna be improved by stepping into the ring with the Double S. Morpheus. You see this belt? You may think it's your salvation, or some such crap, but Morpheus, come Overdrive, you're just going to have to stay unsalivated, because the time is right once again to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt why the Welsh Wonder is the AWF Champion.

2004-09-13, 10:28 PM
WOW! HBK is still alive. Damn how sad for those of us with a functioning brain.

Thats something you must not have Brendo. You should pack it up stay away from the big man.

But thats right, you never ever were that smart were you?

You can talk the talk to a cardboard cut out and I will say lighting it on fire was pretty cool. But in the ring your just like everyone else: weak, useless and afraid.

But don't worry at the Archivebowl I won't kill you. I never was much for that. On the other hand making you a vegtable would be an improvement over your current state.

So your right, it will be a highlight of my time here. And it will be the end of yours.

2004-09-13, 11:05 PM
<Judge Death is backstage, with a walkman plugged into his lugholes, nodding in time to the bassline. The thin one picks up a small flip-pad notebook from a nearby tabla, and flicks through the pages. Each one is marked with a B&W photo of an AWF superstar, along with their name, height and other such stats. He stops when he comes to Virus' page.>

"Poor little creature...he almosst thhought he could vvanquishh one ssuch ass me. Imbeccile."

<Death scrawls a large 'X' right through Virus' picture with a red marker pen, before flipping the book closed again and laying it aside.>

"Yet anothher ssinner hass ffelt thhe cold touch off jussticce...my goal loomss closser day by day."

<Death leans back in his chair, skips forward a few tracks on the walkman, and folds his arms across his chest, muttering under his breath as he seems to drop into a deep sleep...>

2004-09-14, 12:03 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
WOW! HBK is still alive. Damn how sad for those of us with a functioning brain.

Exactly how you'd know this, I can't even begin to guess.

And I still never got to beat Ghostal fair and square. That means we each hold one sullied victory over the other. Dammit!

Xille? I just want you to know... what you did took guts. If it'd been Zarak against Ghostal in that ring, I don't know if I would've done the same thing. Unless Z asked me too, of course. I respect you alot more than I respect that cheatin' SOB who happens to be the other half of the tag team champions.

At least P? & Divebomb admit they cheat. Ghostal tries to shroud it with his fancy new clothes and 'improved' attitude; but deep down, he's still the same cheating, sexual deviant, money-grabbing, lowlife, son of a shaven mountain gorilla and Barry Manilow, double-dealing, whing and wheeling piece of garbage that he always was. And that's the facts.

2004-09-14, 01:04 AM
>In a scene reminiscent of Washington Irving's famous tale of the lethargic dutchman, Ignavus is seen hunched against a tree in an ambiguous woodsy area, asleep. He is dirty, sprawled, and has a long white bead. A cobweb runs from the side of his head to the tree. One of his eyes flutters open for a moment. After a brief respite, the slacker eventually pulls up his head and speaks<

No Daddy Octopus, don't let them metabolize the cotton candy stuffed compartment!

>Another pause, in which the disoriented slacker takes a moment to steady himself, then clears his throat<

Well Zuess on a Donkey, its been a long time! Didja all miss me? C'Mon... dont deny it! I'll sing the milkshake song if you do.

>At this point Igz pauses to pull away the now apparently fake beard, and scratch his chin: which reveals his real amount of facial hair, a few scraggly little hairs<

Well I've been busy with a lot of things lately..

>pauses to look around him<

and by a lot of things I mean sleep. Lots and Lots of sleep. But that's over now... sort of. I'm ready, and I'm back. It's time to shake off the cobwebs

>at which point he litterally shakes off the cobweb<

and get to work!


I mean.. not work, per se... but you know... "work"

>another pause<

Ok, shut up. D-Ex, bro. I dig you, and Im sorry about what happened. I'm apparently Bombshell's ah... "little helper" now, but that doesn't mean I dont respect you, and it sure as hell doesn't mean I dont like you. Just consider it a lesson in... learning where the power lies.

X, you were close. It's a damn shame you didn't pull that win out, I was cheering for you. Double straps woulda been nice.

JD? Well hell, I gotta say Im not suprised. If you'd have lost I woulda been dissapointed. When I beat you, I want everyone to know how good you are. I want you to go on beating everyone that steps up. And like Prince Hal in Shakespeare's Henry IV, you'll be my Hotspur. When I beat you, my victory will be all the more sweet for all your vicotories.

I honestly don't know who to root for in the title match. Morpheus took me across the ring and back, and then again, and then again, and then again. And once or twice more, for good measure. 'Course I'm the one that gave him that title shot... so the way I see it he kinda owes me. Sixswitch... I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. So that, my friends and anyone else, is gonna be a helluva match.

I'm looking forward to Overdrive (especially if it's actually gonna be this weekend!) and I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the Archivebowl. Be ready for me, I'll be ready for you.

And until then...

>Igz proceeds to once again collapse against the tree, and lets out such a loud snoring noise that it frightens away a few small animals.<

2004-09-14, 01:45 AM
Man... my head hurts.

Auros... good job. We've had hella-cool matches in the past, and this one did not disappoint. I'll gladly take you on in a hardcore match any time, title or not, just for fun.

Now, onto more serious matters... Ghostal, baby... that's not how I roll. You should know that by now. I don't think anyone needs to cheat to win, especially you. I know you're better than that. That's why I stopped you. I'm sorry it ended up in a loss, but I think a clean loss is better than a dirty win. It won't happen again... so long as you keep your matches clean, of course. I just hope we're cool.

Now, Divebomb... yes, you hurt someone today. You GPA are good at that. And yes, it wasn't me. We didn't get our match tonight, but I'm sure we'll meet soon... at the Archivebowl, of course. Like Igz said, two straps would be nice. So I get to toss you out, and I get an AWF Championship title shot for my efforts... life is good for the X right now.

Sixswitch, you know I love you, baby, but a title shot is a title shot, right? And who wouldn't love to figure out who's the absolute best high flyer in the business? The Tecnophobic against the Lobotomy? Now that would be a sight to see. So Sixswitch, watch out. It won't kill me if I lose... but if I win? I'll be gunning for you all month. I won't hesitate to show you... and everyone else in that locker room why... YOU CAN'T DENY! The power... of X.

Remember that, everyone. Remember... that.


2004-09-14, 01:48 AM
*The camera comes on and we see Divebomb pacing around his locker room and KK enters*

KK: "Um Divebomb, I was wondering if I could get a few words with you?"

*Divebomb stops pacing and focuses his gaze on KK*

DB: "Sure, piss off."

KK: "Come on, I am just trying to do my job."

DB: "Fine. Ask what you want but be fore warned. If I don't like what I hear, you will feel The End."

KK: "Ok, I'll tread lightly. First off I guess I should say congradulations on the win tonight."

*Divebomb steps towards KK and grabs the mic*

DB: "Match? You call that a match? I whiped the mat with those two. I sent Tool through a table and just about snapped stool's neck with The End. You have got to be kidding me."

KK: "Ok, I'm sorry. Earlier we saw you on the phone talking to Prowl?. I was just wondering if you knew when we might see him back here and what has he been doing?"

DB: "You are starting to get on my nerves. All I know is that he wasn't here because he's making a record or something and didn't bother to tell me he wasn't going to be here. So I have no idea."

KK: "Ok I'll leave that one for now. Earlier the GPA came out and said that the Archivebowl was theirs. What do you think the chances are of a GPA member winning this thing?"

DB: "You know what, the GPA and the Archivebowl are the last thing on my mind right now and to tell you the truth, it doesn't even matter to me. I'm going to go into whatever match I'm in and I am going to clean house. It doesn't matter who I am partnered with and it doesn't matter who I am going to face. This year I am going to worry about me and no body else. If I win, I win and if not, who cares."

KK: "Ok. Now for one I know you ain't going to like. If Prowl? doesn't come back, what are planning on doing?"

DB: "Now you've have crossed the line and you had better start running."

*KK looks at Divebomb's face and quickly runs out of the room. Divebomb slams the door and continues pacing as the camera fades*

2004-09-14, 01:51 AM

The AWF is back online.

IC: HOLLA! :smokin:

2004-09-14, 03:18 AM
we see a room, with a single window, tearing the darkness apart. We see Tempest appear from the darkness, cracking his neck and flexing his muscles.

Tempest: The big, the big shot, the one to make or break.


Images are seen of Tempest in numerous tag team matches, defeating all who face him. We see more shots of Tempest throwing people over the top rope

"I've gone up against the best ... "

Galvatron91, Stonecold Skywarp, The Heart Brend Kid, The Lock, Vin Ghostal, Redstreak

"And watched them fall like the rest ..."

They are all shown in a puddle of their own blood.

"At Overdrive, I'll get my shot at Sixswitch, and he'll fall like the rest."

We see Tempest with raised arms standing next to his GPA members.


2004-09-14, 07:11 AM
Way Hey. Seems everyone's wanting a piece of the Double S. Why? I hear you cry. Is it for the AWF Championship strapped around his waist? Is it because eeeeverybody wants a shot at the best? Or is it that the Double S has managed to piss so many people off with his scathing wit and humerous banter? It really doesn't matter. The Double S is looking for some good competition. And I guess we'll have to see how good everyone is when finally, finally they get their shots at the Welsh Wonder.

Now, there is another matter that concerns the Welsh Wonder. I've taken a peek at the roster lately, and noticed that we've had a surge of new lady wrestlers. You gotta wonder just why this is. Have they been attracted by our superior product? Or is it simply because of who's... On top, right now? Doesn't really matter, because as far as the Double S is concerned, the more ladies the better. So let me be the first to welcome you gals to the AWF. You're all more than welcome to do so, but for everyone else...

You want some?
Come get some!

2004-09-14, 07:59 AM
I know I, for one, am attracted to the big double SS. And I dont even like men: so that's really sayin somethin.

Sadly though, the reason they're here is because of me. In all my glory, I've thusly lured them here. I mean... can you blame them?

>Igz starts to do a poor imitation of dancing...<

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

And they're like... it's better than yours!

Damn right! It's better than yours!

I could teach you, but I'd have to charge

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!

That's right. Try not to dream about that image.

Silly Cow
2004-09-14, 09:21 AM
I did not wish for this match against TC and I damn well did not wish to get a chair kicked to my face! I may have lost but that matters little now. Because, just like tonight, I will not fall. YOU WILL!

This sunday, at Overdrive, I will not fall. Sixswitch will! You may have proven why you are the AWF champion, you may want to prove that again this sunday. But you are forgetting one thing: I don't have to prove a goddamn thing! I don't need to show everyone that I am good enough! I don't need to have the fans cheering for me! I don't need to know I'm the best there is! All I need... is the title.

And after that, all those other things, they will come to be.

2004-09-14, 10:04 PM
The Darkned Room

OP stands in the middle of the room. A red light crosses his gruesome face as he angrily tears away at pieces of furniture within this, hardly furnished, room. He stops for a moment and clings himself to the bars within his room.

"I can hear the voice but I don't want to listen... ignorance will equal destruction... Thy Worst Nightmare will not be ignored!"

He begins pulling the bars, trying to get them open but to no avail.

"Set me free, set thy nightmare free!"

OOC: Well a no show for the return show. No change there:p

2004-09-15, 02:20 AM
*Cloud in his room, shaking his arm like it was cold or numb*

Damn him, focusing on my arm like that. Interesting though, how he did it. Wait, what the?

*Cloud pauses for a moment looking in the camera, then regains his posture*

Well Well my fans are back are they? Well I lost a match agian, and it seems like this in not a big deal eh? Well your right, soon however things will change, I can smell it in the air.

NMat, hasn't shown his face and never will. If your out-there buddy you have something of mine, something that I rightfully won and you stole it. I want it back, and I promise you this weather at Overdrive or at someother event I will get it back, if that means breaking Reily's back, then so be it. I will have what is rightfully owed by the Norse Gods, and I will serve as thier medium for justice. The don't look kindly to stealers NMat, and pray that they give you loads of mercy when I done with you.

But that is for when he shows his face agian. For the events at present I want a rematch, and I want it on Overdrive. You hear it Strafe, I wil have the belt, and I will stop at nothing to get it. You hear me? If you hide, then I hunt you down like a dog. Be a man and fight. At least someone here in this patheic sea of uselessness will have some form of honor and manliness.

Strafe Cloud's calling for you, and he won't be refused.

Oh, OP here is a peice of advice for you, You nightmare ended the minute I pinned you. So here is the deal, you back away with the nightmare 'oh I am so scary' routine and I will kick you a new one sometime in the near future. Agreed?

Chosen of The Gods, Bringer of the Pain, All Ye who trend agianst him fear his wrath!

2004-09-15, 03:59 PM
Ack, ssoddit, I fforgot to ffeed thhe monkey...

Ignoramuss? I am not going to try and ffool you; my knowledge off englishh literature iss ssevverely lacking. (OOC: That goes for me, too) But I ssee where you are heading, and you havve a vvalid point. One day, indeed you may deffeat me. I am not thhe kind to dissmisss thhat notion.

Fffact iss, thhough, I abssolutely havve to deffeat you. Granted, your aimss off honour and resspect are ffair enoughh, and are quite undersstandable. Howevver, thhey come ssecond to thhe upbringing off Law and Order. Fffor thhiss reasson, I cannot let you esscape my wrathh indeffinitely. Thhiss ssaid, thhough, I havve to admit to a growing ffondnesss off you; your occassionally juvvenile behavviour, and thhe ffact thhat you sseem to agree withh me a ffair bit more thhan anyone elsse here, can only be desscribed ass...adorable.

Now, ya want cusstard creamss or chocolate digesstivvess?

2004-09-15, 09:36 PM
OP: Now you see Cloud, that just isn't going to work for me.

Point A: You pick too many fights you can't handle
Point B: We've been fighting a long time... too long.
Point C: You always have to react to any little thing I say. I'm getting pretty bored of you and your whining and griping. I'm too bored of you to fight you but hell if its a fight you want and I mean a fight then you'll have one one way or the other.

And the whole Nightmare thing... its not a routine... its just fact although as I've said you probably wouldn't put it to the test because you're too much of a weaking in the mind to even consider it.

2004-09-15, 11:39 PM
OP, I put it to the test 2 times and it come up as nothing. You know what, yeah I am getting sick of your routine that your oh so powerful and oh so nightmareish. I will put it to the test and end it once and for all. You will wish that you stayed dead.

Forget Strafe and forget his patheic belt. I got a new target and his name is OP.

You will remember how I kicked out of your patheic finisher and ended it right there for you in the four-way match where that disgusting NMat cheated me out of it. You will remeber how I buried you alive and ended the Reapers once and for all.

You will keep remembering those when I pound your brains out and I kick your ass. Oh your a brave man no doubt, better than Nmat and most of the others but you don't compare to me and never will.

At Overdrive the new type of match will be highlighted, a match that will end your patheic life once and for all and prove that I am better than you. You know what that match is OP?

Its an Iron-man match with whoever have 3 pins wins, with no weapons and no run-ins which I doubt you would have but its for my protection. I will not only defeat you once, but 3 times till you get it in your head that I am better, I will be better and I am always better than you.

Do you accept or take the cowards way out and not show your ugly face here ever agian like Nmat?

2004-09-16, 12:04 AM
Originally posted by Shockmeister
Now, ya want cusstard creamss or chocolate digesstivvess?

I'd prefer a hot steaming pile of... your mom!

Ohhhh! That was completely original and not predictable at all. I'm glad I'm so clever. I fill myself with mirth.

And awww... you love me. I love you too. I'd propose... but I've already proposed to lets see... like a hobajillion other people. And you smell bad.

Dont get me wrong though - I'll still knock you around from here to next Sunday. I dont know exactly what that means, but it sounds intimidating! Yar! I'll stand up and defend that which makes America great: Sin! The sin of gluttony, of moral degeneracy, of sloth! I won't let you purify me, 'cause that's like trying to clean a can of gasoline by lighting it on fire: once it's done there's nothing left. I am sin, and sin is me.

2004-09-16, 12:14 AM
You are quite welcome to my mothher. But you will havve to ffind your own shhovvel to bring her back up again. I broke mine.

And I havve conssidered a propossal, too...but, well, thhe othher thhree ssucccesssfful oness turned kinda ssour down thhe line, sso I am ssomewhat reluctant. We can sstill be ffriendss, thhough, right?

And...well...iff you are ssin...thhen I will be thhe end off you. And thhen...you will be, like, gone...and sstufff...

<Death leans to the side and surreptitiously checks some script notes, scratching his chin.>

Yesss...and...wait, hold on, thhat iss not a good thhing. Who wrote thhiss garbage?! Oh...I did, jusst a ffew minutess ago. Dag-nabbit, why do people nevver remind me off thhingss like thhat beffore I ssay it out loud? Thhere shhould be ssomethhing in your head to control thhe thhingss you ssay...

Nutss, I am lossing thhe ssubject...Ignoramuss, your will matterss little. I will eradicate your vvile deedss ffrom your ssoul, ffor, iff you do not mind me sstealing your phhrasse, I am thhe Law, and thhe Law iss you...I mean me, dammit!

2004-09-16, 10:43 PM
OP: You should have learned by now I was never a coward in the slightest. You see I think thats something you need to learn. I won't... I can't stop because you see you know that I can beat you and I'll tell you something you're afraid and you know it.

Now lets think you're giving up a little fight for some gold to face me. Oh I feel so special.

You and me... The Reapers... never worked. You know why Cloud? You didn't have the soul for it. And as for kicking out of my finishers maybe so but when its all said and done when the match is over you will be in a pool of your own blood and I'm going to love it!

A Three Fall Ironman Match huh? You want to try and beat me three times over eh?

You've got your match Cloud

Sir Auros
2004-09-17, 10:13 PM
Originally posted by xille
Auros... good job. We've had hella-cool matches in the past, and this one did not disappoint. I'll gladly take you on in a hardcore match any time, title or not, just for fun.

Eye guess eet's fun eef jou're a matchoshist.

Mee, eye'm steel peekin' sumbody's bone outta my teef.

2004-09-17, 10:20 PM
It's time to play the game....IT'S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!

The crowd leaps to its feet at the unexpected arrival of the AWF IC Champion, The Game Erik Summers...as Motorhead blares throughout the arena, the Game saunters to the ring, IC belt across his right shoulder, his hair slightly longer, with a spikey, messed up look about it. Full of confidence he steps into the ring and basks in the roar of the crowd, chanting his name.

Game: Finally, the Game HAS COME BACK to Mayhem...

The crowd roars along in approval.

Game: You know for the past three months, the Game has been overseas, in Japan...traveling all throughout Europe...defending this IC belt against all comers and everywhere the Game goes, he gets asked two questions...firstly is this... ahem...

Summers clears his throat and does the impression of a female fan

Game: Um....Mr. Summers...I was just wondering...do you like...pie?

The ladies in the crowd cheer in approval as the Game flashes them his trademarked smile.

Game: and the other thing that the fans want to know is when the People's Champion is going to return to the AWF, lay the smack down on AAAALL those candy asses, and once again become the AWF Champion.

Crowd cheers

Game: Well the Game says this...Overdrive...Archivebowl...the Game is going to walk that aisle with whatever jabbronie he is partnered with, lay the smackdown on whatever jabbronie team he has to face, then proceed to the Archivebowl, run through that, then proceed to take back the title and become the first ever Four Time AWF Champion!

Glass Shatters

Stone Cold Skywarp: Oh really? You know...you come out here and you talk your trash and you flap your little gums and you make your little songs and the fans love it...and SCSW sits in the back while you call him a jabbronie...EH EH!

The Game raises his eyebrow

SCSW: You want to run your mouth and make an ass of yourself, great...Stone Cold has no problem with that...

Game: Whoa whoa whoa...Let the Game get this straight, you come out here...interupt the Game on the Game's show so that you can belly ache about me calling you a jabbronie? Well pardon the Game if the fact that your monkey ass isn't getting anywhere near my title burns you up so much!

SCSW: That's funny...see...I just happen to know that in order for you to get that title you want so much...you're going to have to go through me...cause if you are going to even make it to the Archivebowl...it is going to be because of me...and that's the bottom line...cause...

Game: WHOA...hold it right there beer boy. You want to run your mouth, great...but let's make one thing perfectly clear...the Game needs nobody...AND THE GAME MEANS NOBODY...to win the AWF title...so as you are so fond of saying...the bottom line is that come Overdrive the Game is going to walk out the number one contender...and you Stone Cold...well you can sit back and like it...

As the Game's music begins to play...the two legends stand with icy looks shot towards one another.

2004-09-18, 03:19 AM
*Cloud in his room looking over some documents, when he sees the camera he puts it away and looks directly at it*

Well, OP you just signed your death warent. I hope you know what your getting into, and I hope you come with more talent and more pride than you do know.

*Cloud gets up, and stands behind his chair with his hands folded, back to the camera*

You know, why I do this, don't you? When I buried you way back when it hurt me to do it to you because we started togeather and your like an ally to me. But it was your fault for messing up my match and costing it. But I am not angry about that.

You couldn't learn and when you came back I tought you would learn your lesson but no fate decided that we are to clash agian and this time like agian I came out the victor.

But now *Cloud Turns* This will test the fates, this will tell the people that out of the two of us who is the best, this will tell the whole world that the Reapers are truly gone and that one of us has come out on top. This will tell the world that the 2 wins are not flukes.

So do your best OP, and wish that if ones of us wins, it shall be quick and easy.

2004-09-18, 04:17 AM
OOC: Since my exams is over...I dont need to get into the usual annual haiuts from the AWF :) yay! I'm here to stay! Glad to see AWF return with a big bang baby!


D-EX: I dont know what in the blue hell your talking about Igavus. But whatever it is, I dont give a damn anymore. I lost tonight, but I made a promise that the real D-Extreme will come out. And tonight that energy came out, I got the losing end of the match, but it wont matter to me anymore. Bombshell I have to give it to you, cause you were the winner of that match tonight. You had the most desire of the two of us to get that victory and you got it as seen by the results.

You see as I told before I would quit the AWF if I lost. But it seems like Mr. Vacarro would not let me go until my contract is up. So that means I will get an opportunity for the next year and a half! On the next PPV, its yet again ANOTHER Archivebowl. Make sure that D-Extreme will join it yet again. It wont matter who will my partner be this time cause unlike last year, I'll be coming out of that arena as the no. 1 contender. AWF, prepare to meet a more energized and more agressive D-Extreme on Sunday. The carnage will ensure into the ring at Override. I will get into that ring and I will beat, I will wreack havok and I WILL DESTROY! Now the question is...WHO IS GONNA STOP THE PATH OF RAGE?!

2004-09-18, 09:38 AM
Hold that thought right there Game. You and Stone Cold can get into your little slagging matches about who's the best, and who made this company, and who gets the left side of the bed each night.

But you're forgetting one thing. The current AWF Champion. If you think I'm just gonna lay over and die so that one of you can come in and steal my new-found spotlight, you've got another thing coming. The Double S has beaten you both before, and he sure as hell isn't afraid to do it again.

So Game, Stone Cold. Keep having your lovers tiff if it keeps you happy. But keep it off TV, coz the fans sure don't want to see it, and I certainly don't. And don't forget that the Double S is here to stay, and there's nothing you can do about that.

Lord Zarak
2004-09-19, 02:56 PM
So, the AWF is back on track, Blood and Thunder are here to stay, and Ghostal reinforces the view that he really isn't worth the time of day.

Just give up the title Ghostal. Let some real wrestlers, who the crowd love and respect, fight over them. They don't wanna see your hands tain the gold.

Sir Auros
2004-09-20, 11:51 AM
¡Ay Dios! Ees eet jus me, or ees thees culero Sixbitch an anoying windbag? Hes always running hees mouf and [deleted] hees own [deleted]. Sumwon smash hees hed inna cinderblock or sumfin por favor.

2004-09-20, 07:49 PM
OP: Pain is never easy 'nor is it quick. It will happen either way it always has. Your little wins always will mean nothing and this match is simply to satisfy that blasted ego of yours.
But its not just that Cloud, you're angry because whichever way its been planned, you've never finished me off. Buried me alive, meh, the dead rise. Kick out or reverse a couple of finishers, peh, it only proves you've got smarts kid. Up until now I've been... easy on you but rest assured that this deadman, this nightmare can never truly die.

So while you sleep, remember me, and when you die, remember me for I shall be your nightmare and your worst fear for as long as you will live!

2004-09-21, 02:20 PM
Pistol Grip Pump fires up as Tempest makes his way to thee ramp looking at the two seasoned wrestlers in the ring.

Tempest: "Now listen here, while you-" Tempest is interrupted by the crowd booing, also to the delight of SCSW and The Game. "Now, you two are looking to gain the AWF Championship for the 4th time, but I'm going for my first. I'm a better athlete then both of you. And I've proven it. I've beaten you both, hands down yet-" Tempest starts to pace around the stage "It's only now, that I now have a chance to get my shot against that cocky Champion Sixswitch. Now, you've both said that you need to go through each other to win the Archivebowl. Well your wrong, you’re going to have to go through me".