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2004-09-15, 01:28 AM
Everyone, you've been noticing that we've had a lot of new talent wandering in, and a bunch of them are my friends... well sort of.

But I feel like I'm obligated to introduce them... so lets all give them a chance to say hi and explain who they are.

I however, take no responsibility for them. Responsibility is Work's cousin... and work isn't a very nice girl. Feel free to do what you'd like to them... I'm much too lazy to give a damn.

Belle Black
2004-09-15, 12:26 PM
Why thank you Igz! I love you too! Alright, well I'm Belle Black and you'll know who I am soon enough. But for starters, I'm 22 and I'm from Dallas, Texas. I'm a loud and proud Texan and I don't take crap from nobody. If you wanna fight me, then lets go I'm not going to back down or try and get out of it. Not my style.

On another note, I love shopping! But who doesn't? I also like the beach and rough housing, so yeah! AWF, I hope you are ready, because if not, GET ready! Because once you go Black you never go back!

2004-09-15, 01:22 PM
IC: *slaps you*

Go back to where you came from ...

OOC: Welcome aboard. :)

2004-09-15, 01:53 PM
I know what everyone is thinking, "Look at that sexy beast, man i wish I could look like him." Yeah men wanna be me and women wanna be with me, but its not going to happen. You see "Superstar" Brett Rayne is above and beyond the likes of the best any fed has to offer. I have set back and watched some of you, work, and yeah some of you are pretty damn good. BUT you guys lack the looks, the charisma, and the apptitude to be like the Superstar. Everyone here is interested in One thing and one thing only, and thats Gold. Everyone except.......me. You see Brett Rayne doesnt need a 10 dollar replica belt to tell him he is the best. My personal satisfaction will come from making you look like an idiot, in and out of the ring. And just because I'm not interested in Gold doesnt mean I wont have it. Eventually down the road when I prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt I am the most suave and debonair of the AWF the belt will have it's shining moment of it's pathetic little history, and get to grace the waist of the Superstar. So the first person who wants to test the waters, step up to the plate. Dont be intimidated by my striking good looks and my physical presence of a Greek God. Step up and get knocked down!

2004-09-15, 04:03 PM
Originally posted by Tempest
IC: *slaps you*

Go back to where you came from ...


*deep breaths, and counting to 10...*

2004-09-15, 07:13 PM
Hi, I'm Ashe. I'm 23yrs old and reside in Texas. I've been spending the last couple of months working my way though a couple of other divisions and caught wind that this was the place to be. So here I am, ready, willing and able to show you all what I'm capable of. If there's anyone that's willing to test this rookie, step my way. I'll be happy to oblige you.

Belle Black
2004-09-15, 08:39 PM
"Nice to meet you too!" Belle rolls her eyes and holds her cheek. "Golly, what did I do? And, I'm not going anywhere. I'm here and I'm here to stay. You won't stop me with my goals."

2004-09-15, 08:45 PM
IC: Great, more rookies. Do me a favor and get dead, either that or just stay the hell out of my way or you will end up just like stool and tool did on mayhem.

OOC: I guess I should say welcome aboard, so.....hi.

2004-09-15, 08:47 PM
It's always good to see new blood coming in to the AWF, especially more women. In my not so humble opinion, we've been short on ladies for a good while now. And not just for one reason. The Double S appreciates wrestling of all kinds, and womens wrestling can be just as good as the blokes... Well, almost, since the Welsh Wonder isn't a woman.

But hey, here's some advice.

Advice Numero Uno. Know your place. The Double S has seen so many wannabes claiming to be the 'Saviour of the AWF', or the 'Next AWF Champion' straight off the bat. Guess how many were? To get to the top, you need skill, perserverence, and the ability to take the heat and give it.

Number Two. Decide who you're after and stick with 'em till you're done. Two many people think that the best way to get ahead is to pick fights with everyone they can. The gutters are lined with 'em.

Number Three. Have fun. The Double S does what he does because he loves it. The roar of the crowd, the thrill of the fight, the realisation that you're the most exciting, high flying, ass kicking superstar in the AWF is kinda like I'd imagine a permanent high to be. But getting here was a whole heap of fun too. After all, if you're not loving it, what's the point?

Anyway, welcome folks. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Have fun. And don't make the Double S mad.

Oh and Belle... Can I call you Belle? Anyway, don't mind Tempest. He's just bitter because he can't get a girlfriend, and Viewfind doesn't give him enough pocket money to find a hooker. You'll learn quick that he's not to be taken seriously. Ever.

Belle Black
2004-09-15, 08:58 PM
Belle smiles, flashing everyone with her white teeth. "Why thank you! Oh and I just want you and everybody else here that I'm here for the fun and for the fans. Because without the fans there would be no AWF. Also, I don't know what I'm up against, so I can't really say that I'm going to be the next women's champion. Yeah I'd like it, and I'm sure as heck going to go after it, but that doesn't mean that I'm promising that I'm going to win."

Belle sticks out her tongue and grins again. "Yes, you can call me Belle, that'd be my name. Well its actually Isabelle, but I prefer Belle. Why can't I take him seriously?"

2004-09-15, 09:12 PM
That'd be because he thinks he can beat me. Which, as anyone will tell you, is laughable. Oh yes.

Belle Black
2004-09-15, 09:42 PM

2004-09-15, 10:30 PM
OOC: Welcome aboard folks.

IC: Rayne... I don't give a toss what you look like. Frankly, most of you 'pretty boy' types can't string three moves together without breaking a sweat. And I'll tell you what, mate... if you carry on the way that you are doing, the only way anybody is going to recognise you is from dental records. HBK and the Welsh Wonder? They actually have 'credentials'. You just have an attitude problem.

And Ms. Black? You'll have to forgive our oh-so-humble AWF Champion. He doesn't consider the welfare of others sometimes when he lets his ego run the show. He's not a bad guy really... he just sometimes gets a little carried away. I'll apologise for him now, and he can apologise for himself later...

2004-09-15, 11:07 PM
ooc: Gee, NLW kiddies... I've seen a speech like Sixswitch's somewhere else before... and Brett, use paragraphs, buddy. It makes is easier for everyone to read your stuff, and you'll be "heard" a lot more often.


Holy hell, they followed me here!

Well, as you all can probably tell, the stress on the X isn't as great here in the AWF. You'll see that he's really a good guy deep down. So let's not keep any grudges, and we'll be fine, ok?

That said, welcome to the big leagues. You were trained in the minors, and now that you have a feel for everything, get ready. You all were chosen to be here. Keep up your good work.

Belle Black
2004-09-15, 11:18 PM
"Uh, alright. I don't think he did anything wrong though." Belle turns towards Xille.

"Well, well, well. You are actually going to talk to me now? You aren't going to avoid me or act like I don't exsist? I'm shocked! Lets just start over k?"

Belle extends her hand towards him and says, "Hi, I'm Belle."

2004-09-17, 03:20 PM
Maybe Wolfang's right. Maybe the Double S has gotten insensitive lately. Maybe the Double S has forgotten that he was a rookie once. But like they say... Or they would if they'd thought of it. "It's hard to keep your feet on the ground when you're flying with the stars." I've realised two years of ambition by becoming the AWF Champion, and that's what it's all about, at the end of the day. Well, that, and having fun. And I'm doing both.

Hey, maybe my ego'll go down one day. But someone needs to beat me first... So if you don't like my ego, you know what you got to do about it. And Wolfang, you know that any time you want a match, it's yours.

(OOC: Within the boundaries of the AWF writers' plans of course)

Belle Black
2004-09-17, 08:47 PM
"Nothing is wrong with being confident you know. I don't view you as an egotistical moron or anything, but I'm also very new here in the AWF. I personally like guys that are confident and boarderline cocky. And uh...how can you not keep your feet on the ground?"

The Wild One
2004-09-17, 09:03 PM
*Walks in room with the basic no emotion, poker face. Stares straight at the other new blood. Gives the friendly nod and walks off.*

OOC:I have been at the archive for a few years. But, I have just now decided to join the AWF. I am even more new than you, since I have never been in a e-fed. All I can say is have fun.