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Amarant Odinson
2004-09-15, 11:01 PM
On the screen we see flashes, scenes of The Best Damn Technical Wrestler's matches, putting people in various submission holds as we hear the sound of a heart monitor going off. Then a long beep as if someone died as we see more of Amarant's opponents tapping out. Then the music starts and we the man himself. The Rabid Wolverine, Amarant Odinson with an evil grin on his face.

That's right boys and girls. I'm coming home. The return of the Best Damn Technical Wrestler is soon at hand. And I'm coming back for one thing. You see, there's been a lot a talk lately. All of these hacks with no damn talent. All wanting a shot at being number 1. I want a shot too. But unlike most of these peons, i realize that I have to earn my shot and that exactly what i'm going to do in the Archivebowl at Overdrive.

And even if I don't win there. Then I'll do it the hard way. By making every single superstar in this company TAP OUT!! I'll even take back my T.V. and I.C. titles if I have to. I'll go out there night after night and pick them all off one by one. And makes no difference to me what you're name is or who you're with or how tough you think you are. Because I am PERFECTION compared to like of any of you.

I will become the AWF World Heavyweight Champion and will go through anyone and everyone to get it. And if you don't think i can do it? Ask Tempest .... or Ravage .... or D-Ex .... or Scout or anybody else that has faced me. Because one by one, i made them all TAP OUT. I made them all submit. I made them all cry out in pain until they all said I QUIT. And nothing or no one will change that.

And anyone has something to say about that? Then the challenge is laid out. It's the same as it's always been since I first arrived. You come down to my ring. You bring your best and you see if you got what it takes. But the result will always be the same. You will tap, the bell will ring and ref will raise my hand in victory while you go back and lick your wounds. Because the fact of the matter is I am The Rabid Wolverine, Amarant Odinson and no one... will ever..... PROVE ME WRONG!!!!

2004-09-16, 12:13 AM
The camera flashes to Brett Rayne with a smirk on his face, and he is shaking his head.

Well Atom Ant that was some pretty good moves I just saw on your promo. Looks like you have what it takes to make people tap out. But you see I do not seek gold or prestige or the honor of making someone tap. I seek embarrassing, humiliating and making my opponent feel as worthless as the Mexican Peso. You got the skill "Rabid Wolverine". But Brett Rayne has the looks, charisma, and a "lethal injection of rabies vaccation" i.e. the Superstarts left hook, to put Odinson on his back. So if the powers that be will allow it Amarant I except your challenge!

2004-09-16, 12:22 AM
Rayne, I do not particularly like you. At all. And I doubt I evver will. But you are attempting to do ssomethhing ffoolishh. Nevver talk trashh to thhe Foamy-Mouthh Cur. Sssee, thhiss iss about how it goess:

1) You (the trash-talker) ssayss ssomethhing witty, mean or downright clevver in relation to Amarant. Thiss may or may not havve anythhing to do withh hiss ssubmisssion record, or anythhing ressembling a challenge.

2) Amarant sspewss fforthh a gout off garbage, heavvily utilissing thhe phhrassess "Besst Damn Technical Wresstler" - which, FffYI, he iss not, havving losst thhat name to thhe Mat Man - or "Provve Me Wrong", which many appear to havve done, yet he will nevver admit to thhat. He will alsso thhreaten to 'make you tap' and babble about passt gloriess, thhough he much prefferss lame catchphhrassess.

3) You (thhe trash-talker) goes crosss-eyed brieffly, beffore shhaking head and walking away, clearly aware thhat you jusst wassted good promo material.

Bottom line iss: Why bothher?

2004-09-16, 12:25 AM
'Cause then maybe he can win? Who knows, it has to be a better intro match than against Morpheus >shudders<

I think he deserves to win solely based on the pink boa. That makes me happy on so many different levels I have to go analyze my heterosexuality now.

2004-09-16, 12:35 AM
Oh, do not be sso dafft, Ignoramuss. Morphheuss iss a quality athhlete, and a highly-sskilled ssupersstar. And due to hiss lack off ffocuss in regardss to titless, he iss more...avvailable thhan ssome othherss off a comparitivve levvel off ffame can be, becausse thhey are too bussy ffarting around affter ssome gilded pant-ssupporterss.

Pluss, hiss massk ruless.

2004-09-16, 12:41 AM
True, it is a cool mask.

I meant it would be better for him 'cause he wouldn't get bitten. Having a match with the guy hurts! I for one respect (read: am scared as hell of) him.

2004-09-16, 12:47 AM
You havve a vvaild point. Howevver, I really could not care lesss if Rayne getss hurt ssevverely, sso...bring on thhe ankle-munching. Or, iff it iss Morphheuss we are on about...Bring out thhe gimp!

2004-09-16, 01:33 AM
I will keep this simple as we all know you really should be called the Retarded Wolverine.

The return is near and nobody cares. You beat a woman and you had to cheat to beat me. Not that I don't respect that to a degree. But come on you beat a woman maybe thats how you do things to prove your a man but at least the only people I've broken have been men. Well if the Game and HBK qualify as such.

2004-09-16, 01:41 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
at least the only people I've broken have been men. Well if the Game and HBK qualify as such.

Wow, you are really proud of that. And that is really... really stupid.

If I were you, I'd be seriously regretting that. Do you have any idea how pissed HBK is gonna be when he gets back?

If I were you, I'd have moved to Sweden and changed my name to Don Migaurdo.

Actually, I still might.

2004-09-16, 01:45 AM
Has the man who challenge to prove him wrong returned?

Has the man who promised to tap me out returned?

Oh look, its Odinson the one who Proved Wrong, the one who was counted out thinking I was his friend and finally the one who thinks he is so good to challenge the IC belt.

Listen here and listen good as I am only going to say this once. You lost to me, and you will continually lose to me until I chose otherwise. You want the IC belt? Ain't going to happen. I have the right to challenge first and I will once he shows his face here.

You want to challenge someone agian to prove you wrong, well then I am your man. But first I have a little bug called OP to squish and after that, I will see if your good enough even to step into the ring with me.

I proved you wrong, I pinned you and I am the better warrior.

2004-09-16, 02:16 AM
You know Milkshake boy, somehow I am not surprised you would puss out the moment you drew blood on someone.

But hey you shake your ass on camera like some of the ho's at a GPA party so I guess thats not a big surprise.

Amarant Odinson
2004-09-16, 08:44 AM
This is my competion??? You've got to be kidding me. All I see around is some guy with a feathered boa. Who are you trying to be? The second coming of Jesse "The Body" Ventura? Let me guess, you want to president some day too?

We have some retard who wouldn't know english if it slaped him upside the head.

A guy who thinks he's wrestler when all he does as talk about milkshakes. What is that? Do you want to say my prayers and take my vitamins along with that?

Cloudy the Mental Paitent. You didn't beat me, slapnuts. You blindsided me and got lucky. If you think you can beat me one on one, then come on down here and bring Mr. Fuji along with you because you'll need all the help you can get.

And then there's one of the D-12 wannabes. Now I'm not sure what I'm more surprized about. The fact that Ravage forgot about how I made him tap out and then I beat him at his own match the very next night, or the fact that he was able to remove his lips from Viewfind's ass long enough to put together a full sentence.

Now I figured that there might be some tougher competion when I got back but as was sadly mistaken. If this is the best that the AWF has to offer me now, then I will have no problem showing to the world just how great I truly am. And then it will be only a matter of time before I get my World Title shot that I so rightly deserve. Then all of you peons will have no choice but to admit the truth. That I am PERFECTION, that I am The Best Damn Technical Wrestler in this business and that none of you, nor anyone else will ever.... PROVE ME WRONG

2004-09-16, 12:01 PM
Yawns, ok after I end HBK's career at the PPV. I Am sure I can fit you in between Finish the Lame and take the world title by force.

2004-09-16, 03:45 PM
Well, it iss unssurprissing thhat no-one can 'Provve You Wrong', Amarant, becausse ffrankly...no-one knowss how to do sso.

Now, iff we apply logic, thhiss 'provving' would amount to beating you, plain and ssimple. Yet, many people havve done thhiss, withhout cheating in any way, and you sstill ssay thhat no-one hass 'provven' thhiss yet. Odd? Methhinkss sso.

Thhe othher option would be to make you tap out, ass you are sso ffond off doing to othherss. Evvidently, ffeeling thhe taut musscless off anothher lycra-clad male under your ssweaty handss ass you pull at thheir biccep, or masssage thheir ffeet, or whatevver it iss thhat you do, iss...sstimulating to you. Fffairy Nufff; I havve had thhe ssame ffeeling oncce or twicce. But hold on; havve not bothh thhe Mat Man and Blasster 'made you tap out'? It ccertainly appearss sso. And you SSTILL are not ssatissffied! What do you want ffrom uss, man?!

2004-09-16, 09:11 PM
Well Amarant, you think because the Superstar wears a pink boa that he is trying to be like washed up Jesse "the body" Ventura? Well you are sadly mistaken.

How are you going to accuse anyone of marking out on someone, when you call yourself, "The Best Damn Technical Wrestler" "The Rabid Wolverine" and go on running your mouth calling people "slapnuts". Hell, I didnt know Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarret are brothers, or that their dad was some idiot named Amarant Odinson, that wrestles in the Archive Wrestling Federation!

Now Amarant, if the powers that be, graces you with a match against me, I have a request. Yeah I wanna prove you wrong, like so many others have. I want a submission match, no pin falls, win by submission ONLY. So if you want a match Amarant Jarret Benoit Odinson, its staring you right in the face!

2004-09-18, 05:11 AM
Whoa, whoa, whoa Amarant, calm down, buddy. You haven't even given the X a chance to speak yet. You claim that you have no competition for this title, yet you fail to look at all of the established superstars. Then you go and claim that you want people to prove you wrong, yet don't really talk to anyone that has. Guess what, Amarant?

I've proven you wrong.

And guess what? I'm just as much of a contender for that title as you are. I've had as decorated a rookie year as you had, and I'm only 3/4 the way through mine. I've got an impressive win/loss record, and my determination in the ring is rarely matched. And you know what really gets me, Amarant?

I've got respect from my peers.

You say that you're the best damn technical wrestler in the AWF, but I've seen you defeated by the Mat Man. You say that people won't prove you wrong, but I've done it myself. You make all kinds of claims, yet you rarely back them up. No one respects that. Now, you see, the X... he stays true to his word. He has friends, he has allies, and therefore he has respect. He has respect for the AWF Champion, who he's teamed with and won with before, he has mutual respect for the Intercontinental Champion, who he has fought hard against before, he's got respect for the Hardcore Champion, and he respects his tag team partner.

Who can you say that you respect... or even have respect from, Amarant?

Amarant, you know how to get the X's respect? Prove others wrong. Maybe we'll meet again in the ring, and you can prove me wrong. Until then, you've got no reason to deny... the power of X.

Remember that.

2004-09-19, 11:56 PM
IC: See Amaretto... you should listen to Xille. The only reason you haven't found any decent competition is [evidently] that you've had your eyes shut.

Now... I know your response is going to involve some sort of retort about my acknowledging Xille's comments on the level that I'd like to have sex with him or some miscellaneous homophobic crap of a similiar nature.

I also know that you're going to mew on and on about 'I am the Best Technical Wrestler in the world today' or about how your accomplishments. You want to compare notes?

I'm a former European and co-Tag Team Champion. I've made Unicron, The King and Auros tap out with my rather unique wrestling style and [in the case of the first and last individuals on that list] potented figure four leglock. I've bled and sweated in arenas on every continent and have more stitches than most knitted cushions.

You wanna be proved wrong? Bring it on down. And say your prayers... you will be needing them...

Amarant Odinson
2004-09-20, 06:07 PM
OCC: God damn it, I missed doing this. :D

IC:Xille, you beat me far and square. I don't have a problem with that. You were the better man that day and you should be rightfully proud of that. If you ever want to go one on one with me me again, I would consider it an honor. But don't go mistaking that for respect.

You claim to have all of this respect from your fellow competors. You and Wolfang both go on about your acomplishments and the opponents that you've beaten. I have a long list of victories as well. I am a former T.V. and I.C. champion. While defending the T.V. title, I had to beat 4 men in one night, one right after another to keep it. I beat Ravage at his game in a Fall Count Right Here Match. I showed the world why Tempest will be nothing more than a GPA towel boy when I made him tap out.

But you see. When those lights go up, when that bell rings and the ref starts the match. None of those things matter. All it is, is just you and your opponent. Battling it out to show the world who the better man is. You give it all you got, you bring your best and you show those peons out there just how good you really think you are.

You see xille, you and the rest of those morons in the back all think that you have something to offer. That you all have something special but you're wrong. At the end of the day, all that any of you are, are just victims. Names on a growing list. A list that gets bigger by the day. And that list is of all the wrestlers, all the "entertainers" that I've made TAP OUT. And if anyone else wants to add their name to that list, that you come down to my ring. We'll see if you have what it takes, if you truly are the better man. We'll see if you can PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-09-20, 06:46 PM
And yet...

*sigh* And yet...

We sstill are no clearer to undersstanding how, exxactly, any off uss are ssupposssed to 'provve your wrong,' Amarant. Or maybe thhat iss part off thhe plan here...iff no-one knowss how to provve thhiss perpetrating sscumbag wrong, thhen irrelevvant off how many timess he getss hiss backsside handed to him on a ssilvver platter, he can sstill claim thhat no-one hass provven him wrong! I havve cracked thhe code!

'Coursse, maybe I am givving him too much credit. Maybe he iss not telling uss becausse he genuinely fforgot how he iss evver ssupposssed to be provven wrong. He sscribbled it down on a handkerchieff ssomewhere, but now he hass losst it. Maybe he shhould havve written it down in thhesse BIG BLOCK CAPITALSS thhat he iss sso ffond off.

Teach uss more, Dribbling Mongrel...teach uss more about your fflawed pssyche...

2004-10-30, 04:44 PM

the Game strolls away from the monitor.

2004-10-30, 05:18 PM
*Xille helps the Game brush off some of the dust and cobwebs that must've built up during his month in front of the monitor*

Need a shave?

2004-10-30, 06:23 PM
Igz is seen with a large stitching needle, holding it close to his eye and moving it back and forth.

"I really, really, wish he had said 'need a shave on your face? The images... the horrible images... they won't leave my mind!"

At this point, Igz proceeds to stab out his eyes.

2004-10-30, 06:29 PM
Oh... whoops...

Uh... well, at least your ass will be that much easier to kick now.


2004-10-30, 06:32 PM
Yes... this makes the "All Seeing I" gimmick rather ironic, doesn't it?

Now, would someone mind calling an ambulance.......