View Full Version : When the time comes...

The Wild One
2004-09-16, 02:52 PM
(The lights go out, making people go quiet. On the screen a scene of a quiet full moon. "It's Time To Get Wild," blairs that followed the music of Prayer by Disturbed.)

Coming out to the stage, raising the fist for a cheap pop, The Wild One. You know, its about time I get my spot in this fed. I tell you this, whoever my tag team partner is, someone will know when it's time to get wild! And when that person goes to the hospital for the severe concusion that I will be dishing out, note this; my time as a champion will be next!

Wether I end it with that Time To Get Wild!, the Wild Driver, or the Call of the Wild. Someone will go to the hospital, and only be know as the MY next step to the top!

(Raises fist for another cheap pop, and leaves the stage)