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Silly Cow
2004-09-18, 12:34 PM
Morpheus is sitting in front of a small table in a dark room, rocking back and forth.

Morpheus: I actually believed... that was the answer. How could I have known? I... honestly believed.

Morpheus stops rocking and picks up eight small rag dolls that are on the table. The dolls are ugly, with only some paint on them resembling clothes giving some help in recognizing who the dolls are supposed to be. The "clothing" looks like what some the AWF superstars would wear.

Morpheus: Fight back, fight hard, I said. And I did it too. I thought I had to. I knew at the time. I knew that was the only thing I could do. Now? Now I'm not so sure. I'm not sure about anything!

He starts ripping the dolls apart, one after another. We also see static black and white footage of Morpheus against his former opponents.

Morpheus: I used to go out there!
Morpheus hits Unicron in the head with a steel chair.

I used to attack everyone on sight!
Morpheus throws Strafe against the guard railing.

I made them suffer!
UPF is being carried up the aisle on a stretcher

I made them bleed!
Morpheus drops the Lock with the Anesthesis

I made them scream!
Morpheus chokes Vin Ghostal with the Mandible Claw

I enjoyed their pain...
Morpheus has Ignavus in the Bad Dreams

...almost as much as I hated my own.
Morpheus levels the Game with a low blow

I never realized it wasn't enough. I never saw I was going in the wrong direction. I never did. Until now.

Morpheus picks up the last remaining doll.

Morpheus: It wasn't the carnage I spread. It wasn't the bodies I broke. It wasn't all the pain! They weren't the answer. They were just... there. I can see it now.

He takes the doll and holds it gently against his chest, like holding a baby.

Morpheus: There is no need for it anymore. I can go on without it. Except...

He starts to squeeze the doll, as if suffocating it.

Morpheus: Except this Sunday. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about all I've done for nothing. I truly am. And I'm sorry Sixswitch. You don't want this. I don't want this!

Morpheus looks at the doll, which is in shambles, insides of it dropping away. He gently puts it back on the table, trying to repair it, unsuccessfully.

Morpheus: But it's what I have to do. And sometimes, I think it's the only thing I'm good at.

...and I miss the screams.

2004-09-18, 12:43 PM
You'd be surprised what the Double S wants. Believe it or not, the Double S doesn't find comfort in beating tortured souls. Doesn't find the fun in breaking people. But the Double S does find comfort in going out night after night, day after day, doing what he loves, and winning.

Now, we know that Morpheus is bitter, twisted, weird... Unpredictable... A freak. But we also know that the Double S can be unpredictable too. So that makes the match at Overdrive doubly unpredictable. Who will win? Who will be Champion when it's all said and done.

One thing's sure. It'll be a match for the ages. A match that I fully intend on winning...

The Wild One
2004-09-18, 08:34 PM
*In a locker room, Wild One is looking a TV screen, whatching on.*

2004-09-19, 02:22 AM
*Xille walks up behind Wild One, sees the big man staring at the screen, stifles a laugh, and walks off*

2004-09-19, 02:45 AM
D-Ex: *sees Xille passing by while laughing* Hey buddy. *walks off to the opposite end to see Wild One just staring at the TV....laughs off as well.*

2004-09-19, 02:51 AM
Walks by.

Tonight on Fox: When Stupid People Watch TV.

2004-09-19, 05:42 PM
>Stands contemplating wild one watching the tv, whilst scratching chin hair<

I've decided he must be making some kind of post modern expression on how people analyze the world around us.

Or he's really flippin dumb.

2004-09-20, 12:28 AM
<Judge Death comes skipping into Wild One's locker room, sporting an utterly fan-tabulous wide-brimmed red velvet rose design hat and a matching handbag. He skips, hops and twirls around Wild One multiple times, tossing handfuls of rose petals from the handbag whilst singing in a rasping yet effeminate and high-pitched voice...>

"The phhone ringss, in thhe middle of the night
My fathher yellss 'what you gonna do withh your liffe?'
Oh, daddy dear, you know you're sstill number one,
But girlss, thhey want to havve ffu-uhn...
Oh, girlss jusst want to havve ffuuun..."

<After emptying the handbag, Death twirls once more, and artfully moonwalks out the door...>

The Wild One
2004-09-20, 01:18 PM
*Turning around, noticing the two laughing clowns, picks up a 10 lbs sledge. Now smiling, and waiting.*

*Loud enough for only himself to hear.*

Keep laughing, my time will come.