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2002-01-31, 08:43 AM
(See Questions About the RPG for the basic idea behind this thread)

At the Ark, all is peaceful. Now.
The pock marked mountain still smokes from the impact of dozens and dozens of laser and missile strikes, and some of the surrounding forest is on fire. Autobots can be seen picking their way through the flaming trees, putting them out with water sprayers. ALL life on the planet is protected by the Autobots.

Inside the Ark, a team of robots is doing its best to clean up the rubble around what remains of Teletran II, while others repair the damage taken to the ship itself. In the medbay, many robots are being repaired after the fierce battle outside. Most will recover, some will not. The Dinobots are clustered around one of the beds, unbelievably trying to fix someone. It would take several weeks to get Teletran II back online, and now, with the latest attacks, some within the Autobot ranks would also be pushing for stronger defences to be built around the Ark.

The fighting outside had been fierce, but thanks to the bravery of the tapes, and the impulsiveness of Sixswitch, Metrotitan was critically damaged...

At Metrotitan, much the same was going on. The Constructicons were trying to repair the behemoth's brain, while other Decepticons worked on the Energon chamber. Fortunately for them, the rest of the behemoth had been lightly damaged, but the damage taken would take a long while to repair, before Metrotitan was ready to lead another assault. Worse, the behemoth was now low on Energon. More resources would have to be collected.

Meanwhile, a group of robots were on their way to the Ark. The Rennegades wanted to attack, but now, the diversion granted by the Decepticons own attack would not be there...

2002-01-31, 02:51 PM
Slag jumped back as Roadbuster suddenly blinked to life.

"You did it, Slag", Snal said,patting his fellow Dinobot on the shoulder.

"But I didn't do anything", Slag replied.
Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"Look, I know a lot of crazy stuff has happened over the past few days. If you don't want to help, you can go back to the ship."

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 03:18 PM
Dirge turned.

"No, that's all right. I'll help. You know me. Pre-battle jitters."


Astrotrain read over the data that filled the vidscreens.

"More Energon is required. The Energon Conversion Chamber and stockpiles have been destroyed, or nearly so..."

The Triple Changer rose.

"Metrotitan's Brain is still extremly damaged. New parts must be fashioned from human raw metals and electronics....and to top it all, hardly any Decepticon has appeared to assist. Typical."

Astrotrain looked at a computerized damage grid that ran throughout the City. He shook his head.

Astrotrain called up a duty roster of the various Decepticons located by the Metrodrones.

Metrobomb (status unknown)...Reflector (status unknown)....the Constructicons (repair duty)...Cyclonus (status unknown)...Soundwave (MIA)...Spinster (living quarters)....Scourge (living quarters)...Endlist.

Metrobomb was too weak to participate in regular attacks. The Constructicons were busy with repair work. If Reflector had still been in the Energon stockpile room when the explosions ocurred...his status was uncertain. Soundwave had not reported back. Cyclonus would be of no help even if he did show up. So that left Scourge.

Astrotrain walked to his desk and activated his intercom.

"Scourge, report to my office, the matter is urgent."

2002-01-31, 03:42 PM
Ramjet clasped Dirge on his shoulders.

"I understand, friend", he said. "We all have those. Now let's go."

He transformed to his new jet mode and headed off towards Mt. St. Hillary.

(OOC: Quick Switch, don't start a attack)

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 03:45 PM
(OOC: roger that Bombshell.)

Dirge and Thrust transformed to jet mode and flew adjacent to Ramjet on their way to Mt. St. Hillary.

2002-01-31, 04:22 PM
"Scourge, report to my office, the matter is urgent."

Scourge's head snapped up from his contemplations. The attack could hardly have gone worse. Spinister managed to get out relatively unscathed, but Needlenose had not been so lucky. That accursed Autobot had hit his Targetmasters hard. Despite the outside image of professional unemotion, Scourge did have a heart - of sorts. He cared about the welfare of the troops under his command, who, at the moment consisted of Needlenose and Spinister.

"Fracas, go to the medbay and check up on the status of Needlenose."
"Right away boss," the Nebulan said, and quickly scooted out of the room. He was bored from Scourge's endless pondering, and jumped at the chance to get out of the confines of the room.

Meanwhile, Scourge headed down the corridor in the other direction.

"That pompous idiot," he thought, "Astrotrain's had a taste at command and seems to want to exert his authority a bit. Oh well, I suppose there are worse commanders to be had."

His thoughts turned to Galvatron. Created from the same stock - that of Unicron, you might at first think that Scourge could find no fault with him. However, Scourge remained what Unicron created. A deadly, professional hunter. Galvatron, on the other hand, had turned into a raving lunatic. At least, he was the last time he saw him. Scourge hadn't seen the Decepticon Commander in a long while, what with him stuck on Earth, and Galvatron last seen on Cybertron.

With a long, un-robotlike sigh, he pressed the buzzer outside Astrotrain's door, and stepped inside as it opened.

"You wanted to see me, Astrotrain?"

2002-01-31, 04:28 PM
Sixswitch sat up from the operating table, and pushed the medic away.
"Is my wing fixed?" he asked, craning his head to take a look at his left wing, which was rendered unoperational by that Decepticon's attack.

"Yes, it is, but you should rest a while, give the welding time to set."
"Yeah, sure, fine, whatever," the six-changer said, and walked out, leaving the medic with a sour look on his face.

He wandered around the Ark, gazing at the unfamiliar faces and equipment of these people - from another time and space to his own, and wondered who could tell him what in the name of Primus was going on. He remembered vaguely, information from his history briefings about a renowned former commander, who had travelled to Earth in a ship, to look for energy. Was that this ship? Where was this commander? He began looking around for someone to question.

(OOC: If anyone wants to pick up from here, and give Sixswitch a brief history lesson, feel free to. Else, I'll get some random NPC to do it in a later post)

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 04:31 PM
Astrotrain looked up as he looked over more figures.

"Yes Scourge. Thank you for coming so quickly."

He rose. It would not be wise to condescend to the Decepticon Hunter.

"You've been the first warrior to respond promptly to anything I've said these last few cycles," the Triple Changer laughed bitterly.

"And that I appreciate. I need your help, Scourge. I know we may have our differences, but with a good second I think I will be able to command efficiently." Astrotrain pointed at the Sweep Leader.

"I can't command alone. I need a second in command who others can respect, and follow orders. I've seen you do this. The fact that you survived Galvatron's wrath is a testament."

"Will you become my second in command, Scourge? Help me lead the Decepticons back to glory? Stave off those who would try to usurp my position of authority? Crush the accursed Autobots once and for all on this desolate fleshling infested rock?"

Astrotrain placed his hands behind his back, looking Scourge dead in the eyes.

"Are you with me?"

2002-01-31, 04:49 PM
Scourge was a little taken aback, but on thinking about it, he shouldn't be. He WAS a good leader, he knew that. Better than Astrotrain in his own eyes.

The only reason that he didn't try to usurp power from Astrotrain was that he didn't desire the burden of another command. A burden that Astrotrain was yet to discover, but he would. And when he did, the Decepticons would need someone to carry on the day to day running of the Army.

He looked up from his thoughts, all of which had passed through his mind in a matter of seconds.

"I will help you," he told the triple changer, "for the greater glory of the Decepticon Empire - The new Decepticon Empire, that shall be built from the ashes of the humans and Autobots alike. His eyes flashed bright red ominously as he spoke.

(OOC: I'm trying to give Scourge a different personality than he seems to have in the cartoon, just to have a bit of a more interesting character to play).

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 07:03 PM
Thank Primus.

Astrotrain came around from his desk and clapped both hands on Scourge's shoulders.

"Thank you. I knew you would understand." He turned.

"You may or may not be aware that Blitzwing and I tried to take command of the Decepticons twenty years ago. It failed. I will not make the same mistakes this time!"

The Triple Changer looked back at the Huntsman.

"Our status here is grim. Metrotitan is in need of drastic repairs. I have already dispatched the Constructicons to see to this, but even at this rate it will take days. We also need Energon. While I have a human contact who can provide us with oil to produce Super Energon, the conversion chamber must be fixed. We will need raw materials."

Astrotrain turned to a map of Earth.

"And that is what your first task will be Scouge: bring back raw materials to repair Metrotitan's Brain and Energon Conversion Chamber. After that, we will see to the Energon crisis."

The Triple Changer sat down in his chair, steepling his fingers.

"We have no time for deceptions. Take whatever warriors who arrived with you and go. Destroy any human who opposes you. Bring back the raw materials so the drones and Constructicons can build the parts I described."

He smiled.

"If any Autobots attempt to deter you...bring me their heads. I will listen to what you may have to add. Other than that, you may go. Don't let me down, Scourge."

2002-01-31, 09:46 PM
Roadbuster: Need energon...... and a medic.

(OOC- Dowe have NPC medical drones?)

2002-01-31, 09:47 PM
Scourge frowned ever so slightly as Astrotrain clasped him. He didn't like physical contact, but said nothing.
"Of course, I shall begin planning our mission at once. As soon as my troops are operational again, we shall attack."

He turned and left the room.


"How is he?" Scourge asked the Decepticon medic attending to Needlenose.
"Not good, but he will recover. His memory circuits are all intact."
"When he wakes, let me know at once."

Scourge beckoned to Fracas and Sunbeam. "Come."
He left the room, the two Nebulans following behind.


Spinister glanced up as Scourge entered his quarters without knocking. It was nothing new, and he'd begun to get used to it. The Hunter sat on the edge of a console, the three Nebulans stood next to him.

"The city needs energon. Astrotrain has requested that we obtain some for him." Scourge didn't like to use the word 'ordered'. It made him sound inferior.
"What? Now?" Spinister asked, a bot of few words.
"No, not now. We will wait until Needlenose has recovered. I want him fighting by our side."
"I understand. When?"
"I don't know. I hope soon. We can't let the Autobots recover from our initial attack."

Spinister smiled slightly. Perhaps Scourge wasn't such an automaton after all. He kept these thoughts distinctly to himself, however.
"Good, I'm eager to get back into action as well."
"I will keep you posted," Scourge replied, turned, and left the room, the doors sliding quietly shut, with barely a hiss.

He proceeded to the Energon Chamber, to ask the Constructicons some questions about the specific details of the required materials.

2002-01-31, 10:51 PM
Hook looked up from a weld he was doing.
"I need decent alloys, titanium would be a start." he added.
"Now don't inturpt me agian."

2002-01-31, 11:41 PM
Scourge growled deep in his throat.
"You may yet regret the rash comment you just made, Constructicon."
He stalked from the room, heading back to his quarters.


A flash, white, and harsh. He was on Cybertron, skimming through the skies, free as a bird. No Autobot could catch him. None could escape his pursuit. He was too fast, and too good. He laughed in unbridled glee. Once again, the flash consumed him.

He heard distant voices.
"You are to be transferred to Nebulos..."
"You will undergo the Targetmaster process..."
"...back to Earth, under Scourge's command..."
"Decepticons Attack!"
"You can run, but you can't hide!" His own voice.

Then, multiple sensory experiences.
The familiar sense of dislocation as he transformed.
The buffetting of air over his wings as he flew through the air.
Blinding pain as he was hit.
Panic, as he felt his tail on fire.
Blackness, as he slipped into unconciousness...

"Easy Needlenose. Easy."
His optics flickered open.
"Wh... what? Who?"
"He's awake. Barely."
"How do you feel?"
"Ow! Like I've been trampled by a herd of rampaging Buffalobots."
"It's not surprising. Rest now. Once you recover fully, we have a new mission."

He looked up into Scourge's unemotional face. He smiled a wan smile, then lapsed into unconciousness once more. This time, a peaceful slumber.

2002-02-01, 12:15 AM
Firstaid strolls into the room where Hook is working away rolling his joints to loosen them up.
"Nothing like a good old oil bath, hey there Hook, how ya doing?"

He walks on up to Hook and takes a look over his shoulder. After a quick inspection of his work says, "Anything you need a hand with?" with a slight smirk on his face.

2002-02-01, 12:31 AM
Blaster opened his chest cavity and nodded to the five casettes

"Alright all repaired hop on in guys you did good" Blaster said

The five casettes tranformed and hopped into Blasters chest, his chest closing afterwards. Blaster then began to move around trying to find the other autobots.

2002-02-01, 02:19 AM
Ramjet landed near the mountain, Dreadwind closing in from behind.

"What do you think is the best possible way to deal with this?", he asked.

"Give up?", Dreadwind asked.

Ramjet glared at him.

"Sorry", he replied.
The Insecticons tossed Apeface's damaged body into the swamp.

"Now we can rule the universe",Kickback said.
A mainteance drone cam eover to Roadbuster.

"Calm down", it said, producing some energon cubes.

Quick Switch
2002-02-01, 02:20 AM
Dirge snickered at Dreadwind.

"And you all call me a pessimist?"

Thrust landed next to Dirge, laughing.

2002-02-01, 02:37 AM
"Right", said Ramjet. "Before we continue, I want to contact our ship. Ramjet to Bane, come in, please?"
Chop Shop saw the comm light blink and walked over to it.

"Yes", he asked.

"This is Ramjet" the voice replied. "How's everything?""

"Everything's fine", Chop Shop replied.

"Good", Ramjet's voice said. "See if you can treack Metrotitain, and let me know if he comes back.

2002-02-01, 02:58 AM
(OOC- Time to take the proverbial bull by the proverbial horns......)

Medbay table: -springs to life, clamps come up and immobilize Roadbuster's right leg, extend micro-cutting toolsand start repairing his leg joints, arms descend frm the ceiling and start repairing the rest of the damage-

Roadbuster: -relaxes as medtable disconnects the damaged sections from his pain receptor net, drains energon cubes- I needed that...... -to drone- Got any more?

2002-02-01, 03:26 AM
And then there was one.


The voice came from beneath the rubble. He didn't know what'd happened. Spectro had been on his way out of the room when it went off. Two-hundred percent, Metrotitan had said. Perhaps a few hundred two many! Reflector hadn't noticed the Autobots sneak up and destroy the energy. Spectro was lucky. He was at the front, farthest from the blast. Spyglass and Viewfinder hadn't revived yet... Spectro was groggy, and his arm hurt. Inner diagnostics showed nothing wrong. Must have been another of those transferred pains from one of the brothers. Asleep they were, but alive.

When I get back to Cybertron, I'm getting this blasted mental link removed, Spectro thought as he began burrowing out of the metal shards. It's more harm than good!

Light crept through a crack, and his optics viewed the repairs already in effect. He reached a hand out to the Decepticons around him.

"You act like nothing's happened here, Firstaid!" Hook scolded. "But despite the tremendous work load, I think I can do just fine myself. Why don't you head to the repair bay and get to work on some... What?"

Hook heard some rustling behind him, and looked over his shoulder. Spectro was free up to the waist, clawing his way out as he spoke.

"Oof... Hey, guys. Remind me not to hang out at ground zero anymore, will ya?" As Spectro freed himself, his eyes caught Firstaid. "Oh, hey doc. Spyglass and Viewfinder are still in there. Could you help me get them out?"

Hook smirked at Firstaid. "Sounds like a job for you, all right. Now, if you'd be so kind as to stop distracting me..."


The wind blew over him. Chaos gone, peace restored. But its price was not light; much destruction had come to the mountain's remains, and its surrounding flora and soil. The forest itself was still burning in spots. But something was missing. He couldn't place it... Something that should be there was not. Oh, what was it?

He lay on the ground. His head faced the arm extended to his left. His concussion blaster, still clutched by the right, pointed parallel to his body. Legs were stiff; he was most uncomfortable. As slowly as the memory returned to him, he pushed himself up from the ground. He had suffered some damage, apparently heavy blaster fire, across his entire body. Now standing, his eyes floated around the scene.


The memory came more quickly. Of course! An unknown Autobot did this to him! Metrotitan, that was missing!


And Soundwave's rage poured from him as his head turned to the sky, fists following the upward motion in a powerful inverted arc.


2002-02-01, 04:33 AM
Medbay table: -arms retract into ceiling and table, clamps remain in place-Preliminary repairs complete. Fuel and hydraulic systems repairied. Patient stable. Replacement of right knee and hip actuators required. Vehicle mode right rear tire , wheel bearings, brake pads and rotor needs to be replaced. Shrapnel cannon mount damaged, replacement required. Replacement of torso armor plate and left shoulder armor required. Reccommend armor upgrade over entie body.

Roadbuster: -groans-

2002-02-01, 01:24 PM
Sixswitch glanced around the ruins of Teletran II and winced. The wreckage looked bad. If only he hadn't gone running off into the gut of that huge tank thing, he might have been able to save it from this much damage. Oh well, if he hadn't, there may not have been a mountain left. He walked over to the computer, and started heaving bits of rubble aside, sending them crashing against the wall with a thud.

He pushes aside a piece of metal leaning against the computer, and opened an access panel, begining to examine the inside.
It wasn't good. Sparks flew everywhere, and some wires were already smouldering and melted out of shape. He followed the trail of wires to the hard drive, and examined it. It looked intact, but he had to remove it from the computer, in case a spark should ignite it.

Carefully, he plucked the wires away from the square box one by one, bending them away to keep them from touching any others. Soon, the last wire fell away, and he started unclamping the drive from its surrounding. Slowly, the clamps were removed and he was left holding the drive in his hands. With a relieved grin, he headed off to find someone to look after the drive for him.

(OOC: Don't know who our resident Engineer on Earth is, whoever you are, come get my box please :-) )

2002-02-01, 06:19 PM
Firstaid comes charging into the room and almost bowls Sixswitch over.
"Wooooohooo, where ya think your going with that baby?"
Firstaid gently takes the HD out of Sixswitch's hands and tucks it firmly under his own.
"I'm up to level 213 of Captive and theres no way I'm letting you wipe that. Geez, and thats no thanks to tele2 either."
Grumbles under his breath "that no-good, anti-cheating, non-moving, box of bolts. That can't even transform, huh."

With a mock salute and a doopy grin Firstaid swaggers through the door and heads off to a quite workshop to start work on the HD. Passing through a corridor he kicks some rubble to the side that had fallen earlier. The lights above were flickering and the corridor was a wee bit darker than normal. Firstaid arrives at a door that has an old earth sticker on it that says 'If you don't like the way I drive, get off the footpath'.
He grins at his little effor to brightern the place up and enters his workstation.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-01, 09:39 PM
Springer and Grimlock walked back into Mount St Hilary.

"I don't know what just happened out there, first Scrouge's attacking me, then they're retreating..."

"Me Grimlock know, we kicked butt"

"Probably...Prowl - Status Report. It looked like those jets were after something, ask Roadbuster he might know something"

Grimlock sauntered off to the rest of his group.

"What you do in battle? Me Grimlock not see you there"

Springer kept walking through The Ark when something caught his eye

"in the name of primus..."

2002-02-01, 11:44 PM
Blaster looked around mt.saint hilary not really find anything to do of entertainment pourpose, or anyone to talk to

"This is bogus dude" He mutterd transforming into tapedeck mode on a rock pumping out music.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-02, 12:22 AM
Springer heard the music coming from Blaster, despite this moment of rest it's not exactly what he needed to hear now. Although his time on earth had somewhat relaxed him to Blaster's musical "taste" he didn't need to be hearing it now, what he needed now was an explanation.
Springer opened a comm link to Blaster.

"Blaster ol' buddy, I think I might just need a hand or six here, bring Eject and Rewind, I've found....something......

2002-02-02, 02:39 AM
Firstaid peeks through a small gap in the Hard Drive and mutters to himself... "Hmmmm now if I could just get this to..."

Electrical sparks fly out and across the work bench...



Firstaid takes a deep simulated breath, and starts again to repair the Hard Drive.

2002-02-02, 02:51 AM
Medbay drones: -repairing damage to Roadbuster's armor and upgrading it after repairing damage to both his leg and wheel-

Roadbuster: -beyond bored, getting fidgety- This is takng too long.

Medbay table: It has not been a breem yet. Please relax. We will be done soon.

Roadbuster: -growls, activates commlink- Springer?

2002-02-02, 05:41 AM
Blaster wouldn't have even turned the music off if SteelJaw (yes i finnaly get the name right) hadn't told him.

"Hey Why'd ya stop spinnin' the tunes Steeljaw" Blaster said

"Because Springer juts asked you something" Eject said.

"Oh... Hey Springer whats shakin" Blaster said

2002-02-02, 12:46 PM
"Hey man! You're back!" Sunbeam grinned as Needlenose entered the room.
"Too right, and better than ever," grinned the Decepticon jet.
"It's good to have you back fighting fit and with us," added Spinister.
"Indeed," said Scourge, "now, we have a new mission."
"Oh?" Singe raised a proverbial eyebrow.
"Metrotitan needs energon. Astrotrain has a human contact to obtain it for him. We also need raw building materials to repair the colleteral damage. That is where we come in."
"We attack a human installation?" asked Spinister.
"We do. A construction warehouse in this location," Scourge jabbed a finger onto a map on the wall as he spoke.
"When do we attack?"
"Right now, lets go."

The three Targetmasters and their partners left the room.

Quick Switch
2002-02-02, 05:28 PM
In the bowels of Metrotitan, Astrotrain punched in his screen-vid the frequency of Carbombya City.

In moments, the Triple Changer was looking into the stern face of the General in Chief of the Carmbombyian Army.

"Astrotrain! I will alert His Excellency at once!" The General gave the Decepticon a brisk salute, and the feed switched to another War Room.

The gaunt, graying President for Life of the Republic of Carmbombya, Adbul Fakkadi, stared back at Astrotrain.

"Asalamilakim, Astrotrain! What may I, Adbul Fakkadi, do to assit you against the infidel Autbots?" A small smile broke the dictator's face.

"You are speaking to City Commander Astrotrain now, Mr. President. I lead the Decepticons on Earth...due to an unforseen circumstance on my part."

"Ah yes, well, I express my congratulations, then. At any rate...I will begin the storage of the excess crude oil we have been pumping since your last visit. Will you be coming yourself, to oversee the delivery?"

"No, my second in command, Scourge, and his group of Targetmasters, will see to it. He is trustworthy, but curt. Do not jest with him. Give him the oil, and all will be fine."

"Of course...I remember him. Rather stern fellow. Now, in regard to payment..."

"Ah yes. We still owe you payment, do we? Well, I'll dispatch Scourge or another one of my warriors to bring your sum."

"Fair enough. We will begin the storage process immediately."

"Very good. Our business is concluded."

Astrotrain terminated the feed.

Should he give payment to the dictator? Fakkadi had performed valuable services in the past for Octane and Trypticon, and if the Decepticons wanted to keep Earth and not simply bleed it dry (which Astrotrain didn't) good relations were needed.

Yes. He would pay. Just not at the moment. Astrotrain went back to reading Scrapper's progress reports about ongoing repairs.

2002-02-02, 06:23 PM
Slag and Snarl went up to Grimlock.

"It's been a pretty rough few days, hasn't it?", Snarl asked him.
Ramjet cautioisly approached the mountain.

"I have this feeling that someting's wrong", he said. He turned to Dirge.

"Take Thrust and go back to the ship", he said. "There's somethin wrong. I can feel it."
Shrapnel and Ransack were storing the gear back in the cargo hold.

"Hurry up", said Kickback. "We need to be gone before the other's come back."

2002-02-02, 11:00 PM
Prowl was still taking fire from some seekers that hadn't pulled back yet and Pointblank was out cold with no explanation he had just collapsed.

Prowl: "SPRINGER we are in some pretty serious trouble here! I am still being blitzed and Pointblank is down...I need extraction...YESTERDAY!"

Prowl continued to fire...but a feeling of dread washed over him as it had on that day in 2005...

Quick Switch
2002-02-03, 12:06 AM
Dirge looked quizically at Ramjet.

"OK...if you say so."

The two Seekers transformed to jet modes and flew back towards the ship....


Minutes later, Dirge and Thrust landed.

The two Seekers boarded the ship.

All was quiet...except for activity near the back of the ship. Specifically, the cargo hold.

"What's going on? Where's Apeface?" Thrust whispered.

"Dunno," Dirge whispered back.

Thrust looked down at the fore console. Electrical burn marks...and the outlines of metallic hands.


"Those're Apeface's prints. I'd recognize that Headmaster's paws anywhere. He's been taken out. We won't even find the body."

Thrust withdrew his missle launchers, pointing them toward the back.

"Don't bother. I'm not staying here to fight all seven of them, are you? Let's go."

The two Seekers left the ship, transforming to jet mode moving back toward the direction of Mt. St. Hillary.

"Ramjet, Dirge here. The Insecticons' are plotting something. Apeface is dead, they probably killed Doubledealer too, though I can't prove it. We're heading back to your position."

2002-02-03, 02:59 AM
Medbay table: -retracts clamps and arms- Repairs and upgrade complete.

Roadbuster: Finally. -gets off table,stretches, walks out of medbay, activates commlink- Springer? Prowl?

2002-02-03, 05:51 PM
"Ha ha, that was too easy!" Needlenose laughed over the radio as the three Targetmasters flew toward Metrotitan, having just raided the warehouse and captured some of the much needed supplies.
"Perhaps," Scourge said, "but we're not done yet. This is only the first of many raids. We'll need more material yet before Metrotitan is battle ready again."
"And we'll get it," Spinister said quietly.

"Scourge to Metrotitan control, we're coming in with some supplies for you."

A launch bay door fell open and the three Targetmasters flew in and landed. Fracas, Singe and Sunbeam climed out of the cockpits, and got to work unloading the supplies, stacking them in a corner of the landing bay.

"Scourge to Astrotrain, our first raid has been successful."

Meanwhile, at the Ark

Sixswitch growled, infuriated at not knowing what was going on, or who he was working with. Worse, he had nothing to do, and kicking his heels was maddening.

2002-02-03, 06:59 PM
"For the love of...", Ramjet thought. "Hold on, we'll meet you halfway."

He turned to Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"Sorry, boys", he said. "Show's over. We're heading back."

Ramjet, Darkwing and Dreadwind headed back to meet Dirge and Thrust
"Did you hear something?", Venom asked Bombshell.

"I don't know", Bombshell replied. "I'll check it out."

Bombshell went back to the bridge. Nothing seemed out of hte ordinary.

"Everything's fine up here", Bombshell radioed back.

"Good, good", said Shrapnel. "We're almos ready to go, go."

(OOC: Galvatron91, check your PM's)

2002-02-03, 07:04 PM
How long had he been down here? He didn't care. Time was relative. And a very poor relative right now. That's the sort of thinking you get into when you're four million years adrift, in virtually a new body, with very few allies.

"All this time walking. And we haven't found anybody to play with yet." He said, looking into the eyes of his 'companion.' "What say we stop looking, and let somebody find us?"

And with that, Bludgeon drove his sword deep into the nearest control panel, setting off Metrotitan's internal alarms.

"Now." He said, peering into the eyes of Sideswipe's head. "Let's see how long it takes somebody."

2002-02-03, 08:06 PM
Roadbuster: -waiting for a reply to his attempts at comunicaton, sis in a chair before a monitor, starts watching "Gettysburg"-

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-03, 09:33 PM
Springer heard Prowl's comm message and broke his conversation with Blaster momentarily.

"Sixswitch, Roadbuster you're bored? Then get your gears into overdrive, you're with me, Prowl need's some cover fire, Pointblank's down and I've got a sneaking feeling something's wrong out there....something big. We gotta get out there, NOW!"

Turning back to Blaster he continued his conversation.

"Blaster get on this, run full scans, whatever it takes, find out what this is...."

Springer ran outside where he saw 4 decepticon seekers bombarding Prowl's position. Running, he fired several shots from his forearm mounted lasers.


"It's been a pretty rough few days, hasn't it?"

Grimlock heard Snarl's comments...still weary from the battle he slumped into a chair and flicked on a monitor showing Metrotitan retreating....

"A rough day?.........this is only the beginning........"

2002-02-03, 09:45 PM
NOTE: Post edited after a PM from Skywarp.

Sixswitch was on Springer's heels in an instant, shunting his weaponry from subspace.
"Never a dull moment," he quipped, before exiting the Ark and seeing what was going on.
"Woah, not good. He transformed into his tank mode, and accelerated towards Prowl's position, weaponry already tracking around to target one of the seekers.

He opened fire, his pulse blasters clipping a wing, sending one of the seekers out of control and crashing to the ground. Two others turned their attention to him, and came in on a strafing run, but before they could open fire, he had transformed, and taken to the air.

Rushing up towards one of them, he fired a missile which caught the air warrior firmly on the underbelly, where he exploded. Meanwhile, the other had gotten on his tail, where he opened fire with wing mounted blasters at the six-changer...

2002-02-04, 02:56 AM
Roadbuster: -comes charging out, vehicle mode, targets seeker on Sixswitch's tail- Got ya! -fires linear blaster at seeker, catching it in the left engine, blowng it apart, causing the seeker to plummet to the ground in flames, then transforms-

Clipped-wing seeker: -gets to feet, sees Roadbuster- DIE, AUTOBOT! -tackls Roadbuster, starts pummelling hm with fists-

Roadbuster: backhands seeker, knocking it away, gets to feet, pulls rifle, aims it at clipped-wing seeker-

Burning seeker: -transforms, manages to aim an arm cannon at Roadbuster's back, fires-

2002-02-04, 07:12 AM
Prowl felt a wave of relief wash over him as the Wreckers showed up to help their own.

Prowl: "About slaggin' time..."

2002-02-04, 09:17 AM
Sixswitch banked hard, coming about and strafed the seeker attacking Prowl with his lasers. The seeker gasped in shock as he plumetted to the Earth.

Glancing around, he saw the last jet in robot mode about to fire on Roadbuster.

"Uh, Roadbuster look out!" he called over the comm, and give a scattering of laser fire from long range toward the last seeker.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-04, 11:03 AM
Springer turned and saw the seeker jet sneeking up behind Roadbuster, Sixswitch's cover fire made it difficult to see, but he retrieved his sword from subpace and threw it at the seeker.

A stray shot hit the sword and caused it to go into a spin as it neared the seeker, gathering momentum as it neared it's target.

Roadbuster received Sixswitch's message, then heard the sword cutting through the air behind him before it finally lodged itself clean in the side of the seeker's head. Roadbuster turned and slammed his fist into the face of the seeker, who's head combusted around the sword.

"Nice....." Springer afforeded himself a little chuckle now, Pointblank was down, and that took a lot of doing, or a lot of explaining...

Quick Switch
2002-02-04, 12:08 PM
Astrotrain depressed his Metro-intercom as Scourge's announcement came through.

"Excellent. Continue until all production quotas are met, if you please, Scourge."

Letting up on the button, the Triple Changer went back to sifting through reports.


Dirge and Thrust received Ramjet's reply.

"OK. We'll rendevous en route, for precatuionary measure," Dirge responded.

The Seekers flew on.

2002-02-04, 02:43 PM
Roadbuster: -kneels next to Pointblank, starts checking him over-
"Doesn't look like 's been hit."
-looks at Prowl-
" Any idea what happened?"

2002-02-04, 03:00 PM
Slag looked at Grimlock.

"No offense, boss", he said. "But that doesn't make me feel any better."
Ramjet, Darkwing and Dreadwind waited in a clearing for Thrust and Dirge to show up.

"But what if they try to get away?", Dreadwind asked.

"Don't worry", Ramjet said. "I had prepared for this eventuality".
Shrapnel and Kickback manned the controls of the ship, preparing to lift off.

"Activating engines...now", Kickback said, flipping a switch.

Nothing happened.

Kickback flipped the switch over and over again. Still nothing.

Ransack and Bombshell suddenly came through the hatch.

"Those dirty seekers put bad energon into the engine", Ransack said. "We're not going to be able to go anywhere."

"Damn, damn!", Sharpnel shrieked. "All right, then. Get ready for battle guys. It's them or us."

Quick Switch
2002-02-04, 04:50 PM
Dirge and Thrust located Ramjet's group in the clearing they had choosen.

Transforming and landing, the Seekers conferred.

"This is bad business," Dirge muttered. "I wish we had terminated them back on Cybertron, Ramjet. How could we all be so stupid? The Insecticons don't care about a larger Decepticon solidarity. They just care about themselves!"

"You and me both, Dirge," Thrust shook his head. "Geez, I thought what I had said made some sense to those new Insecticons. But they were manipulating us all along."

Dirge growled.

"Well, we can scrap them all now, no problem. Especially since you three-" Dirge pointed at Ramjet and the Darkwing and Dreadwind- "have this new Transmetal technology. They will not be able to stand against you."

"Yeah, and Dirge an' me aren't bad in a fight neither," Thrust crossed his arms.

2002-02-04, 05:33 PM
"There, finished at last."

Firstaid streached his arms in the air to get the crinks out. Standing and taking the HD from his work-bench Firstaid heads to Teletran II and to give Sixswitch the good news, that Firstaids game saves were saved.

"Hmmmm strange, where is everyone? Oh well"
Firstaid inserts the HD slowly into its correct slot making sure to line everything up the first time. He giggles to himself when he remembered trying to self-install the little work lights on his left arm. "what a mess, hehe"

After a bit of care and a 'gentle' tap to ease it in the HD was finally connected. Everything was looking good.

"Access Power Grid"
>Accessing <
"Run Full System Check"
>Scanning <
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OK
>No System Error Found <

Firstaid breaths a sigh of relif.

2002-02-04, 07:13 PM
Sixswitch swooped low, transformed and landed next to Pointblank, Roadbuster and Prowl. Shunting his blasters into subspace, he kneeled to examine the falled Targetmaster.

"Looks pretty bad, although I'm no expert. We should get him back to the medbay as soon as possible."

He turned and waited for Springer to arrive and decide what to do next.

2002-02-04, 08:21 PM
Blaster and Rewind were running scans over the data and info like mad, trying to figure it out.

"Man this is makin a whole lotta no sense to me" Blaster said obviously confused by it "Rewind what you getting from the data"

"I can't make anything of it, It is of another galaxy or universe... or even time period" Rewind said "But it seems some what cybertronian"

"What from cybertron you're ther is no way it can, I'd etleast be able to say waht some of it is" Blaster replied.

"I do not know either but it seems cybertronian some what I may be wrong" Rewind replied

"Man I have never seen anything from cybertron like this it can't be from there"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-04, 09:16 PM
"No offense, boss", he said. "But that doesn't make me feel any better."

Slag's words drifted past Grimlock like leaves in an autumn's wind...

"Me neither Slag....."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-04, 09:55 PM
"Looks pretty bad, although I'm no expert. We should get him back to the medbay as soon as possible."

Sixswitch's words rang true to Springer.

"You're right, let's get him back to the Ark, least there we can monitor him properly."

"Roadbuster, I want you on defence duty again, get any auto-mated weaponry back online, the decepti-goons will be back, and with Metroplex in their hands, I don't know if we'll all survive a second assault..."

"Prowl, give me a hand, we gotta get Pointblank back."

2002-02-04, 10:06 PM
Sixswitch raised an eyebrow.
"And me?"

He glanced around at the now deserted battlefield, four smoking seekers and some rubble, minor debris and smashed trees all that remained of the battle.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-04, 10:10 PM
"And me?"

"you're with us .... I have a few questions.....like, who you are...."

2002-02-04, 11:10 PM
Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

The door to Astrotrain's quarters slid open. The newly self-proclaimed city commander sat at his desk, leafing through a report most would feel mundane. Yet, he looked joyful. His eyes seemed delighted to look at these damage figures, if only because he were never allowed to before. It was a novelty, a basic privelige of command. He seemed to love it. At least, they'd say so as they walked into the room.

"Reflector reporting operational status," Spyglass stated. "Your orders?"


Soundwave sighed. He could feel his inner spindles working to recuperate Buzzsaw from his "battle" with Sixswitch. Laserbeak sat on his shoulder, watching silently and ashamed. But worse, he knew Soundwave could detect his guilt, and had probably already probed to find out why. What he didn't know was that Soundwave didn't care. He was more concerned with the friend at his feet.

"Now Ravage, if you'd be so kind as to explain to me why your plan failed. Again. And intelligibly this time, if possible."

Ravage looked away, shame-faced, then began.

"Well, it's like this. Remember when you filled my missiles with super energon and fitted them with a timer?" Soundwave nodded. "And you told me to sneak into the mountain and plant them as bombs, then blow it when you lured the Autobots out. See, the Autobots never came."

Soundwave nodded again. "Failure on my part. But then, what happened to plan B?"

Ravage sighed. "I don't entirely know. I went to blow the bombs anyway, but nothing happened. I think the super energon may have evaporated on my way to the mountain."

"We didn't bother with insulation," Soundwave agreed. "Laserbeak, how much farther is Metrotitan?"

After a pause, "A few miles yet."

Soundwave grumbled, and the trek continued.

Quick Switch
2002-02-04, 11:45 PM
Astrotrain looked up, putting the report aside for a moment as Reflector entered the room.

"Ah good to see all of you," the Triple Changer rose.

"As to your orders...if you could, monitor the Constructicons progress on repairs. Scrapper hasn't reported in a few cycles, and I need to keep updated on this sort of thing."

Astrotrain scratched his chin.

"Also, please note any drooping morale with the troops. I want to get off to a good start as City Commander, at least the time I've got commanding." Smiling, Astrotrain seated himself, looking back at Reflector.

"Thank you for coming as promptly as you were able, and with a minimum of fuss. Unless you all have anything to add...see what there is to see, as you all usually do so well." Astrotrain steepled his fingers and waited to see if Reflector did have anything to add.

2002-02-05, 12:23 AM
Roadbuster: "Aye, sir. I also downloaded some informaton from a computer near the Ark. I believe the Deceptions got the same information before I got to the computer. Information on advanced weapons and something called 'transmetal' technology. If they can use this technology..... we may find ourselves outgunned."

2002-02-05, 12:42 AM
(ooc: I'm gonna be somewhat power posting till thursday so I can get what was assighned to me done, sorry G91)

Blaster sighed going through more codes getting know where fast finding weird things that hint to cybertron having to do with this

"Man this is bland I've had more fun in operas" Blaster muttered.

"I find it quite intruging Blaster we may find brand new technology all together what I have deceyphyered shows it is very futuristic"

"All I have is a few refrences to uhh not Cybertron but Seibertron"

"Odd it's spelt diffrent" Rewind said becoming even more intruiged by it.

2002-02-05, 02:29 AM
"Right", said Ramjet. "I can't believe I allowed my own personal feelings to interfere with our plans. We didn't need them! We should have slagged them when we have the chance. No matter. A simple mistake can be easily rectified."

Ramjet thrust his arm out, seconds later joined by Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"It's either them, or us", he said.
"It's gonna take two decacycles to fix this thing", Barrage said.

"We don't have that kind of time!", Bombshell said. "Once they figure out what's up, they'll be back."

"Well, then", Kickback said, arming his sub-machine gun. "We'd better give 'em a warm reception."

2002-02-05, 02:33 AM
Snarl came up beside Grimlock.

"Don't worry", he told the Dinobot commander. "We're the Dinobots. No one can beat us."

2002-02-05, 03:06 AM
Blaster was now listening to 99.3 the fox top twenty and singing along while working. Rewind to caught up in what he was doing to notice.

"Blaster look at this, it is talking about something call maximals... I think" Rewind said

Blaster didn't hear him more into his music then the job at hand but still checking everything

"BLASTER"Rewind called out

"Huh wha" the music died and blaster looked at Rewind "Whatcha got?"

"Who ever imput all these codes I'm guessing was called maximal"
Rewind said

"Or maximals it says who ever put in these codes there was more then one and get this... one was named Optimus" Blaster said

Rewind shook his head "keep working and leave the music off for a while we ned to get this done"

Quick Switch
2002-02-05, 04:00 AM
Dirge and Thrust nodded.

"We'll wipe them out...all of them," the red Seeker growled, placing his fists with those of his comrades.

The blue Seeker had his head down, fists clenched.

Dirge raised his head, optics brimming a fire of molten crimson.
His war cry rang out among the glen as he thrust his fists to join the enjoined circle of strength.

"Death comes to those who cross us!"

2002-02-05, 04:07 AM
Roadbuster: -working on repairing the outer defense systems-

2002-02-05, 05:59 AM
Blaster sighed "I've never been so bored" he muttered getting a few more names

Rhinox Air Razor Cheetor

slowly but surely they began to decipher the words getting names clues to what they needed buit usually names or words like "the" or "and" not very helpful.

"Intresting I have found some dates... they are from the future but then one is.... from when the ark was still crashed, they time traveled" Rewind said

"WHAT?!?!?! Yer jokin" Blaster said

The work continued both weirded out

2002-02-05, 08:59 PM
Bludgeon continued his stroll down the corridors of Metrotitan, smiling happily, listening to the alarm klaxxons wailing away.

Hmm. Surely somebody should have noticed by now...

He tilted Sideswipe's head around, and gazed into the eyes. "I love the sound of carnage in the daytime."

And with that, he broke out of his Pretender shell, transformed into tank mode, and unleashed a salvo into the side wall, clearing a path through.

He quickly shifted back to robot mode and into his second skin.

"Sure beats taking the long way around." He chuckled to Sideswipe.

2002-02-05, 09:18 PM
Sixswitch nodded.
"Sure," he moved to help Prowl and Springer with Pointblank.
"As for where I came from. I'm not sure of that myself. All I have now are hazy memories of my past life, and a leader called... Convoy I think."

He frowned, trying to dig deeper.

"There was something about an enemy... Magatron? I remember travelling through space, when I saw an object... something floating there. I don't know what it was, but I went to check it out. It seemed... aware of me. Almost alive."

He ground his fist into his palm in frustration.

"The next thing I remember is being in Earth orbit. How I even know the name of this planet is a mystery. I know the names Autobot, and Decepticon, but that's about it. I'm sorry I can't tell you any more."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-05, 09:18 PM
"Don't worry we're the Dinobots. No one can beat us."

Grimlock stood up and got in Snarl's face...

"ME GRIMLOCK AM WORRIED....something out there....not good....going to affect us all...."

Grimlock shoved past Snarl and turned to face his squad.

"Before Autobots left Ark on Earth to live on Cybertron they built a shuttle in Mount St Hilary, in case of emergency. Me think this is an emergency. Me want you to find shuttle and check out it's systems, me Grimlock will go talk to Springer about Cybertron..."

2002-02-05, 11:26 PM
"Death comes to those who cross us!"

Kcikback heard the cry.

"They're coming", he said.

"Well", said Shrapnel. "We'd better give them a warm reception, reception."
"Let's go!", Ramjet said, flying into the air, Darkwing and Dreadwind following.
"Sure", Snarl said, going off to find the shuttle, Slag following.

2002-02-06, 12:03 AM
Blaster and Rewind were still in denial about any chance of this being from the future, that there decendents had integrated their system with the ark.

"Musta been another planet" Blaster commented

Rewind shook his head "maybe just keep cracking files and hope we find something else" He said

Blaster nodded.

Quick Switch
2002-02-06, 12:35 AM
Dirge and Thrust too took flight, sans transforming.

The Seekers followed their brethren to the Insection ship...

2002-02-06, 02:27 AM
Snarl and Slag had gone to where Grimlock had told them to go. They opened the hatch that was concealing it, and walked in.

"Man, that looks great", Slag whispered.

"Yeah", Snarl said. "Let's just hope it still works. If Grimlock's right, we're going to get into it pretty soon.
Ramjet led the charge, Darkwing and Dreadwind behind him, Dirge and Thrust behind them.

They were on the way back to their ship, which was being guarded by the treacherous Insecticons.

Ramjet had made many mistakes. Getting his friends in this, trusting the bugs, testing unknown technology on himself without knowing a lot about it.

But this time, there would be no mistakes.

As the ship came on his screen, Ramjet said to teh others, "All right gang, this is it. It's us or them. No turning back."

"Let's give 'em hell!"
Shrapnel and Barrage were standing watch when Chop Shop rushed over to them.

"I saw them", he said. "They're coming!"

"All right", Shrapnel said. "It's time, time. Bombshell, you and Ransack try to get that engine working, working. The rest of us will deal with the rubbish, rubbish."

"Gotcha", Bombshell said, he and Ransack running back into the ship, as the five remaining Insecticons primed their weapons and prepared for battle.

Quick Switch
2002-02-06, 02:39 AM
Thrust snarled as he spotted the new Insecticons.

"I trusted you all!" the red Seeker retrieved his missle launchers from subspace and began firing salvos at the ship.

Dirge landed a few feet away from the Insecticon leader.

"Shrapnel! We have some unfinished business, BUSINESS!"

The blue Seeker extended an index finger.

"I challenge you. Personal combat. If you have any shred of honor...you will accept. You shall fight without Kickback and Bombshell at your side. No weapons. Only our fists."

Dirge stood, oblivious to all else, face set as he saw Shrapnel across the marshy ground of Demon Swamp.

2002-02-06, 02:48 AM
Shrapnel tossed his grenade launcher to the ground and ran towards Dirge.

"You want me, me?! You got me, me!"

He tackle-speared Dirge and let off a hail of fists.
Ramjet fired at Chop Shop and Venom, then signaled Thrust.

"Don't hit the ship!", he said. "That's our only means of escape and supplies. We can't afford to lose it!"
Kickback and Barrage fired at Darkwing and Dreadwind, but it was a futile effort. In their normal bodies, they wre not so very easily beaten. In their new bodies, it was Primus near impossible!

Darking got his rocket launcher, Dreadwind got his gatling gun.

The two jets let loose a hail of fire that blinded the two Insecticons.
In the ship, Bombshell and Ransack tried to get the engines working, as they heard the sounds of battle outside.

2002-02-06, 02:57 AM
"Awww man my energy I'm runnin' low" Blaster sighed out Rewind looking up at him

"Me to but we need to get this done" Rewind replied

"Eject SteelJaw Get out here we need a little energy run" Blaster said turning his chair around ejecting the two casettes

"Yeah Blaster?" Eject said steeljaw just growling

"Me and rewind need some energy we hgavn't had any in a while and I still havn't recharged since the battle" Blaster said

Eject and steeljaw nodded going off to get what ever they could, Blaster turned back around going back to work on the computer.

"Hey rewind look at this, it's something called Transwarp I can't decypher the rest yet help me I get the sneakin suspicion it may be useful" Blaster said

Rewind nodded immdeatl going to the same files as blaster working.

(ooc: okay almost done my bit)

Quick Switch
2002-02-06, 02:59 AM
Dirge grunted as Shrapnel tackled speared him onto the marshland.

The Insecticon's punches caught the Seeker in the chest and a few on his nosecone.

Dirge head-butted the weevil, causing Shrapnel to swoon. Dirge then let loose with a haymaker, that caused the Insecticon to stagger off of him.

"All right then. It is joined," he growled.

Dirge lurched again, letting another punch fly...


Thrust received Ramjet's signal.

"Copy that," and with that the red Seeker didn't lauch any more missles.

Diving, and seeing Chop Shop and Venom distracted by Ramjet's attack, Thrust extended his arms and flew past them, hammerlocking the Deluxe Insecticons, and causing them to fall.

"Keep it up!" he bellowed to the newly-minted Transmetal jets.

2002-02-06, 03:06 AM
Shrapnel doubled over as Dirge's punch caught him in his stomach area.

Shrapnel got down on one knee, and slammed Dirge with a stiff right hand.
Venom and Chop Shop, distracted by Ramjet, didn't see [b]Thrust untill they fell down.

Looking up, tehy saw the face of the seeker.

They got up and charged him, but were flung backward by a burst of fire from Ramjet.

Ramjet transformed and landed beside Thrust.
Darkwing and Dreadwind kept up the fire on the Insecticons, who backed away, barely able to get off a shot of tehir own.
Inside the ship, Ramsack brought a few of the Energon cubes and started to siphon the energy into the engine, hoping to counteract the bad energon that was currently intergrated into it.

Quick Switch
2002-02-06, 03:12 AM
Dirge let out a cry of pain as Shrapnel's stiff right cross caught him in the face.

The Seeker rocked bacward, and toppled on his knees.

Wiping away lubricant fluid from his mouth, Dirge cracked a rictus grin.

"Pretty good jab there, weevil," he rasped.

Lunging, Dirge sprang for Shrapnel's throat, hands outstretched.


Thrust laughed as Ramjet landed beside him, and seeing Chop Shop and Venom topple over.

"Just like the old days," he chuckled.

"Should we finish 'em off now?" he looked sidelong at his comrade.

2002-02-06, 03:21 AM
"You don't know the half of it, half of it", Shrapnel smirked, backhanding Dirge as he came towards him.
Ramjet picked up Venom and Chop Shop and bashed their heads together."

"No", he said. "Bombshell and Ransack are missing. They might have run off, but they might be in there, trying to fix the engine. Come on."

He ran toward the open hatch.
Kickback and Ransack hid behind a log, as Darkwing taunted them.

"Come out little bugs. We won't hurt ya."

"Much", Dreadwind added with a laugh.

Quick Switch
2002-02-06, 03:33 AM
Dirge flew back from the momentum (already springing into the air) of Shrapnel's punch.

Landing on the ground, the Seeker shook his head.

Snarling, he rose. His CPU was starting to get a little fuzzy...he needed to watch the head shots. Moving quickly, Dirge adopted something akin to a human boxer's stance.

Dancing in, sticking and moving, the blue Seeker hit Shrapnel with a right punch body blow, causing the weevil to double over a bit. Dirge followed that up with an uppercut from his left....


Thrust followed Ramjet into the hatch.

2002-02-06, 03:38 AM
Ramjet walked up the ramp to see Bombshell and Barrage fiddiling with some energon cubes.

"Hold it right there", Ramjet said.
Kickback primed a flash grenade, and tossed it in the direction of Darkwing.

A few seconds later, a bright flash of light erupted, and Darkwing yelled, "Hey, I can't see!"

Kickback and Ransack got up out of their hiding place and fired, while the Transmetal jets fired back, although they couldn't see what they hwre hitting.
Shrapnel took Dirge's punch in the side of his head, and stumbled backwards.

"You're...you're a better scrapper than I thought, thought", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-02-06, 03:44 AM
Dirge steadied himself as he saw Shrapnel stagger.

"Of course. I am a Warrior, while you are nothing but a common thief," Dirge smirked.

He stood steadily, finally, once again adopting his fighting stance.


Thrust followed Ramjet up the gangplank.

"It's over Insecticons," Thrust growled.

2002-02-06, 04:07 AM
Reflector nodded. As Spectro and Spyglass left the office, Viewfinder made his final comments to Astrotrain.

"Nothing to add. We'll get right on it."

Another nod, and Viewfinder joined his brothers in the hall. Things had changed since last they were there. For instance, this peculiar alarm eminating from the ceiling.

"What the..."

"An intruder?" Spyglass wondered.

Spectro shook his head. "Nah, probably 'cause of the damage."

"Still," Viewfinder decided. "Somebody should check it out."

"But what about our orders?" Spectro contradicted.

Viewfinder shrugged. "There are three of us, aren't there?" He ran off for Metrotitan's perimeter, leaving Spectro for the brain sector and Spyglass for personal quarters.


Spyglass wandered his assigned quadrant stupidly. He didn't expect it to be a difficult job: listen in on a few conversations, observe facial expressions, even muscle a few guys around if necessary. Easy job.

But how could he interrogate anyone if he couldn't find them?

"Criminy, it's dead in here..."


Spectro stood in the corner of the brain room quietly. He asked the occasional question, but the Constructicons' work spoke for itself quite eloquently. He didn't need to ask, really; he just wanted to see what they'd say.

"How's it coming?" he questioned from his lean against the wall.

"Slowly," Scrapper replied. "We've run into some compatibility problems with the brain and body."

"How so?" Spectro fired back.

"It's like this," Mixmaster explained. "This isn't Metrotitan's body. It used to belong to Metroplex. It is calibrated to respond to the Autobot's brainwave frequency. We got lucky the first time we installed the program, but this time, the body is rejecting Metrotitan's conciousness."

"So the brain itself is repaired," Spectro comprehended.

The three Constructicons nodded off-unison.

"I see." Spectro made a note. "Thanks, boys."


ETA: Twenty seconds. Viewfinder jogged.

Fifteen. His rifle materialized in his hand.

Ten. He spotted the hole in the wall.

Five. And overshot it.


"Hey, you there!" he yelled at Bludgeon's turned back.

Cripes, what is that thing? Darn ugly...

"Stop! Identify yourself!"


Soundwave struck gold. The city's hull already had a hole carved, large enough to fit himself through. He listened; the klaxxons were already raging, for some reason. And he doubted the new commander would notice his arrival.


Ravage was at his feet, giving him a questioning look. His head turned to Laserbeak (who tried to hide his confused stare), then back to the jaguar at his feet.

"Yes, Ravage?"

Ravage looked about, trying to find some answer. None came. "Er... We're here."

Then at the metallic walls around him.

"...So we are."

Then at the door in front of him, and the plaque reading ASTROTRAIN, CITY COMMANDER.

"So we are..."


The door out of the way, Soundwave was free to enter and point his concussion blaster in Astrotrain's face.

"How goes the new job, old friend?"

Quick Switch
2002-02-06, 06:15 AM
Astrotrain nodded, pleased, as Reflector filed out to attend to their duties.

"Efficient. Perhaps I can make a go of this," the Triple Changer chuckled as he turned back to Scrapper's newest report via the Central Brain Chamber.

A short while later...

The door burst open, and Soundwave strode in, flanked by Ravage and Lazerbeak.

"How goes the new job, old friend?"

Astrotrain looked up...into the barrel of the Communications Officer's concussion blaster.

The Triple Changer's expression was one of slack jawed disbelief, which was hidden by the concussion barrel. As if it made any difference...Soundwave would detect his emotions instantly.

"It...goes well, Soundwave." Letting a small amount of levity into his voice, Astrotrain rose, palms up, out of his chair, and stepped out from his desk. Smiling wanly, he lowered his hands to his sides.

Surely Soundwave won't think I'd be as foolish as to attack him?

He faced the Communications Officer squarely, not flinching.

"I'm not going to apologize for what I've done, Soundwave. I'm pleased your alive; as you might expect. I assumed command only on the assumption you were dead. You are not; the issue is moot. I relinquish command; it was Gigatron who choose you as Designate Commander. I am no Starscream."

The Triple Changer moved to his desk and picked up a ream of reports, and began to glance through them.

"I'll bring you up to speed on what's been done in your relatively short abscence. I have dispatched the Constructicons to begin repairs on Metrotitan's Brain and Energon Conversion Chamber. Scourge and his Targetmasters are as we speak raiding for supplies necessary for that goal. I have spoken with Abdul Fakkadi, who will provide us with another shpiment of oil for Super Energon. Scourge will see to its transport...and Reflector is dispatched for security duty, repair updates and morale indicator. No other troops have yet checked in."

He dropped the reports on the desk, and stepped back again.

"With that said, I hope I can still be of assistance...if you will have me, of course."

2002-02-06, 10:11 AM
"Man, hauling supplies sure is boring," Sunbeam spoke as he carried some equipment aboard Scourge.
Once again, they had attacked a warehouse, and once again, they had been successful.
"Sure is, but someone's gotta do it," replied Fracas.
"Yeah, but how come that someone's always the little guy?"

"Quiet you two. Get on with the job," commanded Scourge, "I want to be in the air ASAP.
"Right," called Needlenose, who had just arrived with a big armful of more goods and supplies.
"this makes me nervous. We never know when the Autobots will show up."
"That's not likely," Spinister - who was in another part of the complex, but listening over the radio spoke up, "They should be too busy making their own repairs."
"If they had any sense, they'd be doing what we're doing."
"Agreed," Scourge replied, a mocking tone in his voice, "such noble nonsense."

"We're done," Fracas announced a few minutes later as the Nebulans disembarked from Scourge and his access hatch clanged shut.

"Good," replied Scourge, "we return to Metrotitan."

As one, the Decepticons took off, and flew back towards their city.

2002-02-06, 02:35 PM
Ransack raised his gun.

"It's never over, scrap piles!"

He fired his gun, which Ramjet avoided. He shot Bombshell.

The Insecticon flew backward against the control panel, and hit a button.

"Oh, no!" Ramjet said, running to the panel. "Oh, frag. Thrust we're in a lot of trouble. Remember that tracer Apeface planted on Metrotitain? Well, bug boy here just reversed the signal on it. Instead of tracking htem, they'll be able to track us."

"They're going to know where we are."

2002-02-06, 03:54 PM
Scourge felt smug as he entered the command room of Metrotitan.
"Contact Scrapper," he ordered the communications officer, "tell him that we have recovered the supplies that he will need.
"At once sir," the Decepticon said.

Scourge looked around once, then left, not hearing the beeping of the sensor consoles to the left of the door.

Quick Switch
2002-02-06, 04:51 PM
Thrust turned and adressed Ramjet.

"So what? If we're discovered...we just go back. No one on Earth knows we've turned 'renegade'. If worst comes to worst...we can say we were undercover with the Insecticons. From what the battle back on Mt. St. Hillary revealed...the Decepticons need more manpower."

Thrust pointed at the prone Bombshell, and at Ransack.

"And what better way to get back in their good graces them to bring them the heads of the Insecticons?"

Thrust subspaced his concussion missles and pointed them at Ransack.

"I'm going to say this once. Drop your weapons, or I'll fire. I don't care if the ship goes up, you'll be dead."

Thrust primed the launcher, narrowing his optics.

"Think real careful like, bug, or it'll be the last decision you make."

2002-02-06, 09:10 PM
Blaster and Rewind stared at the screen, SteelJaw and Eject got them the Energy required but they steel acted like de-energized mechanisms

"Time travel" Blaster muttered

"Extrordianry" Rewind replied

On the screen infront of them was this:

Transwarp Technology Schematics and Plans

They knew this was important and they knew that they were gonna need help building this

Blaster opened a comm-line with springer "Hey Uhh Springer We found something you might wanna see"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-06, 09:24 PM
"As for where I came from. I'm not sure of that myself. All I have now are hazy memories of my past life, and a leader called... Convoy I think. There was something about an enemy... Magatron? I remember travelling through space, when I saw an object... something floating there. I don't know what it was, but I went to check it out. It seemed... aware of me. Almost alive. The next thing I remember is being in Earth orbit. How I even know the name of this planet is a mystery. I know the names Autobot, and Decepticon, but that's about it. I'm sorry I can't tell you any more."

"You've already told me quite a bit, at least, as much as you know, there's been a lot of new faces round here..."

Springer paused to get a better grip of Pointblank.

"...hmm....maybe this is all interlinked somehow, new transformers appearing...other's disappearing mysteriously...."

Springer's comm channel opened and Blaster's message came through.

"Hey Uhh Springer We found something you might wanna see"

Springer acknowledged the message.

"On my way"

Springer closed the comm channel then turned to Prowl and Sixswitch.

"Sixswitch, we'll talk more later, I'm needed elsewhere, you and Prowl get Pointblank back to the med-bay asap."

Springer left Sixswitch and Prowl to carry Pointblank as he transformed to his Helicopter mode and returned to Mt St. Hilary. Returning to were he found the wreckage of the shuttle he walked up to Blaster.

"Okay, surprise me..."

2002-02-06, 10:17 PM
Soundwave continued to stare over the rifle into Atrotrain's eyes. His face was cold, emotionless, murderous. His finger held steady on the trigger as his optics narrowed...

And he laughed.

"Oh, Astrotrain," he began, placing a hand on the commander's shoulder. "Lighten up! You act like I was going to kill you! No, that's not my style... I just wanted to play a little joke on you. Mean, wasn't it?"

The laughter slowly subsided; Soundwave returned to seriousness.

"But as for having you under my command... No, I won't allow that. You see... I want you to continue commanding."

Astrotrain (along with Ravage and Laserbeak) looked confused.

"You seem to have done a lot while I was gone. Admirable. And you've done your time for the Empire. I think it's time you had your shot at running things, rather than being run. So, do you accept?"

2002-02-06, 10:21 PM
Blaster swviled in hus chair to face Springer Rewind still tring to decypher things.

"Look at this where ever this stuff was from it was the future, Also we found the technology they used for time travel"

Quick Switch
2002-02-06, 10:33 PM
Astrotrain was stunned.

As Soundwave's melodic laughter played over his receptors, his proposal rang in his ears.

"So, do you accept?"

Astrotrain looked at Soundwave's hand on his shoulder...and smiled.

"Of course. I have desired this...for a good while," he answered in a measured tone.

"With your permission then...I shall assume command." He, in turn, clapped Soundwave on his shoulder (though Astrotrain thought a moment before doing so).

"With you at my side, that is. Megatron couldn't govern without you. I know I won't make the same mistake."

Seating himself, he began to glance over his reports again.

"Well...heh, this is still quite a shock, you know. Your opinions on the current situation?"

2002-02-06, 11:33 PM
Roadbuster: -finished at last, sighs, leans against side of Mount St. Hillary- "I'm gonna be really ticked off if those smegging Decepticons don't come back........" -makes his way back to the Ark-

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-07, 01:08 AM
Grimlock crashed onto the scene as Blaster revealed his findings...

"Look at this where ever this stuff was from it was the future, Also we found the technology they used for time travel"

"Time travel...." Springer's mind was now working overtime. He looked at Rewind's findings on the monitor.

Transwarp Technology Schematics and Plans

It was all beginning to make sense in Springer's mind, a plan was formulating when...

"Springer, me Grimlock want to talk, about Cybertron. ME Grimlock not like feeling me getting, something big happening, something bad, something that could end world as we know it"

Springer was amazed, he'd often referred to the dinobots as moronic and slow-witted, though Grimlock's words had just brought everything together for him.

Grimlock continued.

"Me Grimlock and Dinobots taking shuttle we built in after end of last war to Cybertron to see what happening there."

Springer paused a moment, it was all beginning to fit. A craft from the future capable of almost instantanious re-location, the plans to make this device, and a shuttle, and a trip to make.....

Springer's mind worked overtime....then opened a comm channel on all autobot frequencys.

"Autobots, this is Springer, leader of the Wreckers. We've made a few discoverys and through one thing and another we've got a lot of work to do, re-fuel and rest as much as you can, tomorrow we work on a new technology. Transwarp. Springer out."

2002-02-07, 02:29 AM
Ramjet looked at Thrust, who was looking menacingly at Ransack.

"I guess you're right", he said. "But I don't want them finding this ship. We're going to need to hide it."

Darkwing and Dreadwind came inside, holding the unconscious bodies of the other Insecticons.

"Put them in chains and take them to a cell", he said. "We need to hide this thing before anyone shows up."
Shrapnel looked at Dirge, then at the ship.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I think it's time to go", he said, transforming to his insect mode and flying off.
Snarl heard Springer's comment.

"Looks like Big Grim's up to something", he said to Slag.

"Yeah", the Dinobot replied. "Good thing we got this thing working. Looks like we'll need it."

2002-02-07, 02:45 AM
Roadbuster: -finishes off energon cube, sits in chair in quarters, weapons ready, optic band dims,dozes off-

Dinobot: "Back again, I see."

Roadbuster: So you're not a figment of my imagination.

Dinobot: "This is the only way I can contact you."

Roadbuster: "Since you're from the computer, then you can tell me. Is this Transwarp technology viable?"

Dinobot: "It is. How else do you think a ship from he future wound up in the past?"

Roadbuster: "That much is obvious. But can we build it now?"

Dinobot: "I am a warrior.... well, I was a warrior. History was never a strong point in my training."

Roadbuster: -scowls-

Dinobot: "But I can tell you this. The information that both you and Ramjet downloaded about Transmetals requires Transwarp technology. It is how they were created, caused by the Quantum Surge."

Roadbuster: "Is there any good news in all this?"

Dinobot: "Just because they are Transmetal, does not mean they are undefeatable. According to records that were entered after I was copied into the computer, I fell in battle defeating the Predacon army single handed."

Roadbuster: "That's not a very comforting thought........"

Quick Switch
2002-02-07, 03:02 AM
Thrust nodded at Ramjet.

Moving toward Ransack, Thrust looked back at the Insecticon.

"You heard Ramjet. Let's go! Or I'll blow you to bits!"


Dirge followed Shrapnel back to the ship, simply flying into the air after him.

"You're not getting away that easily," he whispered.

2002-02-07, 03:05 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind took the Insecticons to teh back, as Ransack said, "All right, all right. Get off of me!"

Unnoticed, Bombshell sneaked outof the ship just in time to see Dirge go off after Shrapnel.

He followed him.

In the meantime, Ramjet took the controls and primed the engines, hoping that they would work long enough fo rthem to get away.

Quick Switch
2002-02-07, 03:09 AM
Thrust took a tally:

Barrage. Chop Shop. Ransack. Venom. Kickback.

The red Seeker's head snapped around, as Darkwing and Dreadwing loaded the Insecticons in the makeship brig.

"Where's Bombshell? And for that matter, where are Dirge and Shrapnel?"


Quitely, Dirge continued to stalk Shrapnel...but he felt uneasy.

Dirge turned his head in midflight? Was he being followed? No matter.

The Seeker continued to seek.

2002-02-07, 03:11 AM
Hearing Thrust's comment, Kickback spat "maybe they went to have a tea party!"
Bombshell closed in on Dirge, waiting for the right moment to strike...

Quick Switch
2002-02-07, 03:22 AM
Thrust moved swiftly toward Kickback's cell, and backhanded him through the bards, causing the grasshopper to reel against the wall.

"Shut up, sycophant," he roared.

Thrust jabbed a finger at Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"Shut them up!"

He turned to Ramjet.

"Well? Are we just going to leave Dirge? Bombshell and Shrapnel are still out there!"

2002-02-07, 03:28 AM
Chop Shop and Ransack helped Kickback as Darkwing and Dreadwind entered and beat tehm silly.

Meanwhile, Ramjet turned to Thrust.

"Dirge can take care of himself", he said. "As he would say, 'Death comes to those who try to cross me!'"

Thrust gave him a worried look.

"But if you want", he said, "You can go after him. Me and the others can take care of these guys.
Slag radioed Grimlock

"The shuttle's ok, boss", he said. "We planning on going on a trip?"

Quick Switch
2002-02-07, 03:41 AM
Thrust left without a word.

Transforming to jet mode, the Seeker soon bore in on the signal of his comrade.

"Dirge it's Thrust! What are you doing?"

Dirge radioded back.

"Stalking Shrapnel. Get up here!"


Dirge had slowed a bit. Thrust transformed to robot mode, but still flew with his brother Seeker.

"Dirge! Give this up! Bombshell is out here somewhere! If he implants either one of us, we will be killed by them both! Or we'll end up killing each other with them watching!"

Dirge stopped flying, hovering in mid-air. Thrust stopped with him.

"Look. Shrapnel and Bombshell will have to come back, at least for Kickback. And even if they aren't caught...the Autobots will find them. Come back, Dirge! We've lasted for so long. Don't push it!" he clapped Dirge on his shoulder.

The blue Seeker turned to his red counterpart.

"Very well. But if I ever see both of them again..." the threat went unanounced.

The Seekers returned to the ship.

2002-02-07, 03:53 AM
Bombshell saw the two seekers fly off, and decided it was safe to approach Shrapnel.

"That was close", he told Shrapne.

"Yes, it was, was", Shrapnel replied.

"So now what do we do?", Bombshell asked.

"I don't know, know", Shrapnel replied.

2002-02-07, 02:56 PM
Sixswitch lowered Pointblank's feet gently to the ground. While Prowl looked on quizzically.
"There's a better way to do this," Sixswitch grinned, then transformed into fighter mode, and opened his cockpit.
"Load me up," he told Prowl, "I'll have him safely in the med bay in no time."


Scourge walked through the corridors, Fracas at his side.
"That went well, didn't it?" the Nebulan spoke up.
"Very," replied Scourge to his partner, "now the Constructicons can get on with repairs, all we need now is energon."
"I suppose we'll get sent to retrieve that as well?"
"Possibly. I don't mind, it sure beats sitting around doing nothing - but I am a Hunter, not a transport. I'd rather fight Autobots."
"Me too," replied Fracas enthusiastically.

The had reached the door to Astrotrain's office, and Scourge pressed the door chime.

Quick Switch
2002-02-07, 06:13 PM
"Enter," Astrotrain said as Soundwave pondered his question.

Scourge and his Targetmasters entered in good, precise order.

"Excellent Scourge. Very pleased with your work. Now, for your next mission, you are to travel to Carbombya City. The President of that Republic, Abdul Fakkadi, is an old ally of the Decepticon cause. He should have stored a good shipment of oil to begin the conversion of Super Energon for our needs."

He nodded.

The group left, traveling outside toward Metrotitan's hangars.

2002-02-07, 06:29 PM
Roadbuster: -optic band brightens, shakes head- "This'll teach me to download anything out of an alien computer....." -pulls grenade launcher out of leg holster, dismantles it, starts cleaning it-

2002-02-07, 06:42 PM
"Bah, more hauling duties," complained Needlenose as they entered the hangar.
"You would perhaps rather do the Constructicons job?" asked Spinister.
"Oh hell no," Needlenose looked pained, "that's even more boring."
"You said it," piped up Sunbeam, "I'm just glad that we have something to do."
"Targetmasters transform," ordered Scourge.

The three transformers switched to their alt modes, and Singe, Sunbeam and Fracas climbed aboard.
"Next stop, Carbombya," laughed Needlenose as the hangar door slid open, and the three Decepticon warriors took to the skies.


Just outside the city of Carbombya lay a small, insignificant airfield. But today, it was anything but insignificant. Armed soldiers of the republic patroled the perimeter, and all the normal staff had been removed, and sent home for the day. The place was now under millitary control.

There was a commotion at the main entrance as three large oil transporters rolled up to the gates. The guards ordered the drivers out of the vehicles, and checked their papers. Soon, the three trucks were parked in a line at one end of the small runway.

"The president is here," the commander of the troops said, and a line of soldiers at the gates snapped to attention. A black limousine, with tinted windows drove carefully through the gates, and rolled to a stop in front of the guards. Two generals stepped out from the vehicle, and approached the officer in charge, who saluted crisply. Then, the president, Abdul Fakkadi himself stepped out of the car.

Just then, the drone of aircraft could be heard rapidly approaching, and a general looked up into the blue sky and pointed. Three aircraft flew in formation toward the small runway. In midair, Scourge transformed while Needlenose and Spinister landed on the tarmac.

The Targetmaster leader stepped forwards, his gun held loosely in his hand - not aggressive, yet ready for action.

"You have the shipment ready?" he asked the President as the rest of the soldiers looked on in awe at the huge size of the Decepticon before them.

Quick Switch
2002-02-07, 06:49 PM
Abdul Fakkadi, ruler of Carbombya looked up at Scourge.

"Abdul Fakkadi always meets his bargains to the letter, Decepticon," he replied. With a swift hand gesture, he pointed to the three transports.

"Take them at your leisure...and give Astrotrain my regards. Pleasure doing business with you."

Fakkadi turned on his heel, and entered his limousine. His generals entered with him...and the car made its way back to the Imperial Palace.

The Commanding Officer barked out a present arms order for the detachment of soldiers.

Rifles snapped up with ceremonial precision for Scourge and his Targetmasters.

The Officer spoke, via megaphone, to Scourge.

"Sir! The tankers at your disposal! You are cleared to take them!" The crew had, by this time, vacated the ships, and stood empty and waiting at the end of the runway.

2002-02-07, 07:58 PM
Scourge smiled.
'Clear to take them,' he repeated in his mind. He could take them, cleared or not. He allowed himself a small smirk at this.
"Very well human. Make sure we are not disturbed."
He flicked his wrist, releasing Fracas, who transformed into robot mode as he landed. Singe and Sunbeam disemarked also.
"Get those tankers over here, and hook us up," ordered Scourge, transforming to vehicle mode.

The tankers rolled over to the three Decepticons, and stopped. Quickly, the Nebulans attached thick black pipes, and turned on the flow of crude oil. The viscous liquid flowed into the Deccepticons' fuel storage tanks as the Nebulans watched.


"It's done," Scourge said finally, as all the Decepticons were fully loaded. The Nebulans swiftly disconnected the pipes from the Decepticons, and let them drop to the floor. Climbing aboard the hatches slammed shut, and the three once again took off, heading home for Metrotitan.

2002-02-07, 09:45 PM
Blaster arose after recharging looking around "all right guys time to get to work" Blaster muttered

"Rewind, Eject, Fastforward, SteelJaw, Ramhorn Rise n' shine it's time to rock and roll" Blaster said His Chest opening the five casettes spewing out and transforming.

"Springer come in we need some work"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-08, 08:55 PM
"Springer come in we need some work"

"Blaster, I hear ya loud and clear, the plans you discovered, make sure all autobots receive a copy of those and set people about their tasks. I'm gonna stay with Prowl and try to figure out a way to get Pointblank back with us"

Springer glanced sideways at Prowl running diagnostic checks.

"Get everyone to work as soon as you can, this is important and has to be completed soon"

2002-02-08, 10:04 PM
Blaster nodded "Okay guys find every autobot you can and start handing this info out, Eject you give the people you find the job of energy gathering"

Eject nodded and headed off looking for any autobots

"Rewind Fastforward you guys find a building team to get this stuff up"

The two cassettes bots going in the opposite direction of eject to find people.

"SteelJaw Ramhorn you two find some materials to build with"

The two bots nodded running out of Mt. Saint Hilaray to 'borrow' from a construction site.

2002-02-08, 11:30 PM
After ploughing through several more walls, Bludgeon was on a high.

"Listen to the sound, Autobot! It's glorious!" He stopped, listening to the sirens. "And still nobody hunts me down. Ha!"

He pulled out his sword, and threw it down the corridor, embedding it in an access panel door. The panel started smoking almost immediately. Bludgeon grinned.

2002-02-09, 01:27 AM
Roadbuster: -finishes cleaning grenade launcher, reholsters it, stands, walks out out quarters, sees Eject running down corridor-

2002-02-09, 08:59 AM
With Pointblank loaded safely, Prowl and Trailbreaker gave concerned looks to their friend as they waited for further instructions from Springer.

Meanwhile, Pointblank was elsewhere....

what...where am i? what is this place?

around Pointblank a world grew and died again. Countless civilizations rose and fell...then the former targetmaster commander realized where he was...it was Cybertron. Then he saw a site...one that would haunt any Autobot. Atop a pile of Autobot corpses was a throne, the throne made from the bodies of Optimus Prime and countless others of his friends...and a massive figure of pure evil sat atop the throne surrounded by four warriors. The figure began to laugh...

And in an instant, Pointblank awoke...and lept up.

Pointblank: "What happened? Prowl...where's Springer? We need to get a message to Optimus Prime!"

Prowl: "Springer this is Prowl, Pointblank is up and he needs to speak with you asap!"

2002-02-09, 04:14 PM
Sixswitch had jetted Pointblank off to the Medbay within the Ark. Sure, the medic had been surprised when a fighter jet sped into his sickbay, but that soon had turned to concern when Sixswitch transformed, and caught Pointblank, placing him carefully on one of the beds.

Sixswitch had left then, to give the doctor some privacy to get on with his work.

Now, as he paced the corridor outside medbay, having nothing better to do, he was lost in thoughts.

"I still don't know what the hell is going on here, but I'm obviously not in my time, or my place now. Should I try to get back? I was relatively unknown there, and totally unknown here. Besides, it seems that the Autobots on this planet could use an extra hand. It's a hard desicion, and one that I'm not ready to make yet."

2002-02-09, 07:10 PM
After a day of planning, Ramjet had landed the Bane Of Existence in a clearing on a island that the humans called "Cuba."

Ramjet turned to Dirge and Thrust.

"Well", he said. "I don't know about you, but our recent attack on Mt. St. Hillary has caused me to re-evaluate our position. It's clear now that we can't do this job on our own. We're going to need some help."
Sludge loined Slag and Snarl at the shuttle.

"Is everything ok?", he asked Snarl.

"Yeah", the Dinobot replied. "But I'm worried about Grimlock. "

"Yeah", Slag said. "He's acting kind of wierd. It's not like him to be this worried."

2002-02-09, 07:29 PM
Eject stops and looks at roadbuster

"Hey RoadBuster report to Blaster you just sighned up for the building crew of the transwarp engines." The Cassette bot said before moving around looking for somthing or someone. Eject then remembered it was his job to Gather Energy.

He ran over to a small console no one was using and started draining the energy from them. Nodding to himself he turned around and started to move back to Blaster.

Rewind and Fastforward approached the Dinobots watching Slag and Snarl

"Hey if you two arn't busy we need help building the transwarp engines so yeah come on" Fastforward said
SteelJaw and Ramhorn Returned with large quantites of metals some titanium some iron some steel and a little bit of adamantium.

"Good Boys" Blaster said taking the metak fram them setting it down turning the scematics on "AW MAN I FORGOT THE CIRCUTS"
Blaster cried looking at a deactivated computer smiling "Never mind." he said smuggly walk over to the computer beginning to dismantle it.

2002-02-09, 07:39 PM
The Dinobots looked at the two cassettes.

"Sure", Slag said. "We'll help".

The Dinbots followed the two cassettes out of the shuttle.

2002-02-09, 08:26 PM
Rewind pointed at Blaster dismantling the computers for parts

"There he is dinobots just go up and ask what needs to be done" The casette bot said before him and Fastforward turned around and walked off again.
Blaster had finished dismantling one computer getting all the parts out beginning to dismantle a new vomputer keeping the schematics up.

"All right this is a circuit board gold mine" He said.

Steeljaw and Ramhorn were trying to use the metal and make it shape right and flatten to know avail.
Eject had gathered about fifteen energon cubes from the useless computers inside the old base, using what ever they could not touching the new shuttle.
Rewind and Fastforward walked toi the old medi-center seeing sixswitch and walking over to him

"Hey Sixswitch" FastForwad said "You Busy If not It's Time to help your team in the main part of the old base building the Transwarp Engines" He finished

2002-02-09, 08:34 PM
"Transwarp what?" Sixswitch muttered to himself as he almost kicked over the two small Autobots who had got under his feet, "sounds boring, but OK. Remember though, what I know about building engines would fit on the back of an energon treat."

The big Autobot cast one glance back at the door of the medbay where Pointblank was recovering. He contacted Springer.

"Springer, let me know when something interesting comes up. I've been conscripted to haul metal for these engines."

He looked down at the two robots.
"Just don't expect me to make this a habit," he grinned before striding off."

2002-02-09, 08:46 PM
Slag, Sludge, and Snarl walked up to Blaster.

"Rewind said you wanted to talk to us", Slag asked.

2002-02-09, 09:08 PM
Blaster turned around looking at the dinobots

"Alright big boys have arrived" Blaster said pointing to the metal "I need to you to turn that metal into" he moves his finger to the schematics of the shell "that, think you can do it?"
Rewind and FastoForward shrugged

"This only is a one time thing" they said in unison before following him.

2002-02-09, 09:53 PM
Slag looked at the plans, then transformed to his Triceratops mode and started breathing fire on it.

"I think that means yes", Snarl said to Blaster.

"We'll keep you informed", Sludge said.

2002-02-09, 10:11 PM
Sixswitch arrived on the scene, and stood at the side, while the Dinobots melted the metals into shape.
"What do you need?" he asked Blaster.

2002-02-09, 11:42 PM
Roadbuster: -walks up to Blaster- "So what're we building?

2002-02-10, 01:53 AM
Blaster turned from the final computer looking at sixswitch and roadbuster

"all right a work crew" Blaster said looking at sixswitch "I need you to make the changes on the shuttle so we can put these engines in"

He points at the schematic on the screen

"Roadbuster I need you to build the circuts with the help of the casette bots" Blaster said "Get that"

Rewind and Fasforward nodded
Eject walked back to the main room hauling about thrity energon cubes with him.

2002-02-10, 02:00 AM
"Fine, fine. I can handle that."

"Dammit Blaster, I'm a warrior not an Engineer," he thought to himself.

Sixswitch climbed aboard the craft, and made his way to the rear, taking quick note of the way that the main drive consoles and fuel injectors were linked.

"Well, first we'll need some holes."

He shunted his left blaster out of subspace, and set it to a cutting setting, then got to work.

2002-02-10, 04:01 AM
Roadbuster: -looks at Rewind and Fastforward- "Shall we get started?"

2002-02-10, 03:54 PM
Bludgeon smiled as the smoke poured from the panel.

"... Identify yourself!"

He frowned. Then smiled when he realised that under normal circumstances, he couldn't frown... Pretender tech... I love it!

Bludgeon glanced down to Sideswipe. "What? Oh... somebody behind me? Well...."

He slowly turned around, and eyed up the newcomer. "Ah, security... I was wondering when you would show up. It appears that somebody has set off the alarm, now be a good droid and go turn the alarm off."

He smiled wickedly. I recognise you... you're one of Reflector... interesting... that may mean Megatron is not far from here.

2002-02-10, 04:46 PM
Viewfinder pondered. Perhaps he should... No! He couldn't let himself be bossed around by this freak. But it seemed awfully Decepticon. Viewfinder found his hands shaking slightly. He was not used to combat in the first place, but by himself...

"N-No! Identify yourself! Do it or I'll shoot!"


Same old routine.

"So how's it coming?" Spectro asked.

"We're almost done here," Hook responded. "Just a bit more welding to be done on the back wall."

Spectro made a note. "Gotcha. Thanks, boys."


Soundwave busied himself examining the report.

"Perhaps we should --"

Spectro entered.

"Repairs are nearly complete in the energon chamber," Spectro reported. "But the brain unit will take some more time." He tossed a report on Astrotrain's desk, glancing quickly at Soundwave.

"Hm..." Soundwave pondered. "In that case, I would suggest we transfer Bonecrusher and Long Haul to the brain casing. Don't you agree, commander?"

2002-02-10, 04:51 PM
Bludgeon smiled again. He wouldn't dare shoot in here. Too many sensitive panels. He glanced back at the smoking panel behind him. On second thoughts... it isn't really my problem if he disables the city. My Pretender shell would protect me from laser fire anyway...

"My name... is Optimus Prime."

2002-02-10, 08:14 PM
Rewind and Fastforward went with Roadbuster and began constructiopn of the circuits using the schematics, they would be very shape shift and may only be enough to get them to Cybertron off luck.

Blaster the head oif this little shindig was scanning all the work over He looked at the Dinobots who were hopefully almost done because once the sheels were done they could be put together then wired into the ship, which would be his job.

"Alright we're almost done here" Blaster said.

Blaster made his way over to Sixswitch to check up on how he was doing, almost done aswell. This may just work.

He made his way back to the main room over seeing everything.
"Reminds me of autobot city" He muttered

2002-02-10, 09:13 PM
Snarl cut themetal with his thermal sword, while Sludge moved it to it's design specificatons, and Slag melted it into shap.

"We're almost done, Blaster", Slag said between fire breaths. "We'll be done by tomorrow."
Carbomya. It was the land of 4,000 people and 10,000 camels. It was a land where none feared to tread. It was a land of deit, treachery, and destruction.

It was the perfect place for a home.

"Bombshell", Shrapnel said. "Welcome to our new home, home."

Bombshell looked around at the wasteland.

"What a dump", he said.

2002-02-10, 10:45 PM
Roadbuster: -finishes with his batch of circuits- "What are these supposed to do, anyway/"

2002-02-10, 11:36 PM
Blaster nodded to the dinobots "We need it done today" is all He could say really.

Rewind looked at roadbust about halfway down through his fastforward moving alot faster
"these are what makes those engines transwarp we are placing these in the whips engine drive when we're done"

2002-02-10, 11:44 PM
Sixswitch hoisted the last engine into place, even he, with his large size and powerful servos struggled with the weight. He slammed the access panel closed, and gave it a kick for good measure.
"Bah. That's the last time I do engineering work."

He climbed out of the shuttle, and headed around to where Blaster was talking with the Dinobots.

"All done," he told the cassette guardian, "If you don't need me for anything else, I'm going back to medbay to check on Pointblank.


Scourge and the Targetmasters entered the main rest chamber of Metrotitan, a sense of a job well done on their faces.

"Scourge to Astrotrain, the mission was a success. We have the fuel. All that's needed now is to convert it into energon."

The Targetmaster leader took a seat alone in the corner, and left the other two to their own devices.

2002-02-11, 02:30 AM
Springer took Pointblank's hand upon his arrival and pulled him to his feet.

Pointblank: "We have to get to Cybertron...NOW!!!"

Springer: "You mind telling me why?"

Pointblank: "On the way...we don't have time..."

Springer: "Well...we have the Axelon"

Pointblank: "Let's go! NOW!!!"

Springer ordered the Wreckers and the Dinobots onto the Axalon...the powerful craft lifted off and made its jump...moments later, the group arrived on Cybertron.

2002-02-11, 02:39 AM
Blaster ordered the the five casettes in

"ALRIGHT EJECT, REWIND, FASTFORWARD, STEELJAW, RAMHORN RETURN" He called out his chest opening the casettes transforming and hopping in

Blaster walked over to teh communicatiosn center and smiled

"We're headin home"

2002-02-11, 10:18 AM
Sixswitch stood to one side inside the shuttlecraft as the others manned the controls.

"Anyone mind telling me what in the name of Primus is going on?"

He hated the unknown, and this was more unknown than anything he'd yet encountered.

Quick Switch
2002-02-11, 12:13 PM
Dirge and Thrust thought.

"Yeah. A change of scenery would be nice..."

(OOC: I'll pursue this more later, Bombshell. Tired right now.)


Astrotrain steepled his fingers as Soundwave and Reflector discussed around him.

He nodded, glancing through the report just tossed to him.

"Agreed. Transfer Bonecrusher and Long Haul."

A beeping on his desk comm attracted his attention.

Depressing the button, he heard Scourge's report.

"Very good. Scourge, transfer the Energon to an empty storage area or hangar. I am sending emissaries to see to the conversion process. That is all." flicking the button lightly, he looked up at Spectro.

"Reflector, one of you can supervise the conversion process. Although Soundwave's prescence may be required...we are in a strategy session at the moment. See if Metrotitan contains a conversion unit since his...metamporphosis," Astrotrain mused.

"Detach as many Metrodrones as needed." He swiveled in his chair to the Decepticon Communications Officer.

"As you were saying, Soundwave?"

2002-02-11, 02:47 PM
Slag and Snarl positioned the last sheet of metal, and approachd Blaster.

"We're all done", Slag said.
Kickback shouted from the cell, "Hey, any place would be good as long as it's away from you."

"Quiet, you", Darkwing said, firing his rocket launcher at the captured group.
Shrapnel and Bombshell approached Carbomya City.

"Well, so far so good", bombshell said. "No one's come out to stop us."

Quick Switch
2002-02-11, 05:08 PM
At Carbombya Defense Command, the Acting General in Chief was alerted to two mechanical prescences...

"Sir! Two Decepticon signatures heading toward the City proper!"

"I see," the General muttered.

It wasn't anything new. The giant robots had been arriving by the swarm it seemed of late.

"Alert His Excellency of this," he replied.

Grabbing a growler phone, he spoke to the nearest Air Force Base Commander.

"Scramble a squadron of fighters to escort the Decepticons where they wish...and have the Wing Commander ask what their purpose in our nation is..." the General hung up the phone, and watched incoming satellite feed of Bombshell and Shrapnel flying.


At the nearest airfield, air raid sirens wailed as a squadron of Carbombyian Air Force fighter jets were scrambled. Soaring up into the air, they formed a perimeter around the two Insecticons.

The Wing Commander, via speaker, tried to communicate.

"Attention, Decepticons! By order of His Excellency, Abdul Fakkadi, King of Kings and President for Life of the Democratic Federated Republic of Carbombya desires your intentions while you are guests of our great nation. If you desire escort, we shall provide it to your requested location. His Excellency desires to speak to you at once...when you land."

2002-02-11, 10:53 PM
"Least it beats lugging the stuff myself," Spectro mumbled as he left Astrotrain's office.

"If I may," Soundwave began after Spectro's departure, "I'd like to go check on my men. I haven't seen them since the fight, I'd like to make sure they're all right."


Viewfinder's optics narrowed at Bludgeon. He tried desperately to cover up his nervousness.

"Oooh, so he's a wise guy! Astrotrain," Viewfinder spoke into his radio, "this is Viewfinder. I've located an intruder in the city, but he's being most uncooperative. Request backup."

Quick Switch
2002-02-11, 11:38 PM
"Of course, Soundwa-"

Viewfinder's voice cut in.

"Oooh, so he's a wise guy! Astrotrain, this is is Viewfinder. I've located an intruder in the city, but he's being most uncooperative. Request backup."

"Of course. I'm dispatching troops as we speak, Reflector." Depressing the button, the Triple Changer turned back to the Communications Officer.

"Hum. Can't have intruders wandering around at this juncture. Look, Soundwave, I know you wanted to check on your men, but I can't have interlopders running around in Metrotitan's innards. If you come across this intruder, deal with him. Or, send Scourge and his Targetmasters to see what all this is about."

2002-02-11, 11:48 PM
Shrapnel looked up at the jets, and was preparing to fire a electrical bolt at them, when Bombshell tapped his shoulder.

"Perhaps we should reconsider", he whispered. "They can be of good use to us."

"How, how?" Shrapnel asked.

"Ever hear of super energon?", Bombshell asked.

Shrapnel shaked his head no.

"Well, Octane tried to make the stuff here. He once told me how great it was. If we can get our hands on it, we'll be all powerful, and we can frag the Renegades, along with anyone else who gets in our way."

"hmm..souds like a good idea, idea", Shrapnel said.

He looked at the jets.

"Very well, well.", he said. "Take us to Fakkadi, Fakkadi."
Ramjet looked at Darkwing. He was glad he was on their side.

"Now, that sounds like a good idea, Dirge, but where can we find a place suitable for our needs?"

Quick Switch
2002-02-11, 11:57 PM
The jets flew off, leading the Insecticons in the direction of Fakkadi's palace.


Dirge turned to Ramjet.

"Well, Demon Swamp's out...there is Carbombya. The human in charge there seems inclined to our way of life. I dunno, he may be the one human ally we'll have on this mudball. Whatdya think?"

2002-02-12, 12:05 AM
Ramjet rubbed his chin.

"I guess Carbomya sounds like as good a place as any."

He walked back to the controls, and set course for Carbomya.

"Let's just hope that no one else is there."
Following the jets, The two Insecticons landed rear Fakkati's palace.

"Now all we have to do is wait, wait", Shrapnel said.

Quick Switch
2002-02-12, 12:15 AM
Dirge and Thrust sat back for the ride to Carbombya.


"Excellency! The two Decepticons are here!" The same harried servants who had brought Astrotrain's diktat some months ago once more disturbed their master.

"Yes...I see. I will attend to them. Leave me." The Carbombyian dictator was already dressed in his most resplendant dress uniform.

Walking out, with his chief advisors and current General in Chief, the gaunt leader walked out on the terrace...and stood face to feet with Bombshell and Shrapnel. Hands behind his back, cap placed squarely on his head, Abdul Fakkadi was the picture of calm.

"How may Abdul Fakkadi assist his Decepticon allies?"

2002-02-12, 02:26 AM
"We are in need of energon", Bombshell said to the small form of Abdul Fakkadi. "I have heaerd that the oil in Carbomya is capable of producing a potent form of energon. Is this true?"

2002-02-12, 03:01 AM
Soundwave nodded.

"At once, Commander Astrotrain."

In his most soldiery fashion, Soundwave about-faced and marched out of Astrotrain's office and through Metrotitan's living quadrant.

Well, this has turned out as I expected. Astrotrain feels he is still in command... Still, I'm sure I looked better behind that desk than he does.

In the long hall, Soundwave spotted Spyglass slumped in a chair. His arms fell uselessly to his sides; legs were outstretched; his head was back; his mouth gaped open. Obviously in restful shutdown. Soundwave stopped momentarily to examine the slacking spy, then continued on his path.

Here's a quarter, Reflector. Go buy yourself a work ethic.

A fairly random door, smack in the middle of the hall. That was Soundwave's target. He could hear Needlenose on the other side of the door, quibbling about new fashions brought up in the recent issue of People magazine. Soundwave listened briefly (What a twit.), then slid the door open and entered. He spotted the squadron commander in the corner.

"Ah, Scourge. I bring orders from Astrotrain: Reflector has located an intruder near hull gate twelve mark H. He needs assistance. You are to take your men and help. Understood?"

Quick Switch
2002-02-12, 03:43 AM
Fakkadi nodded.

"Yes, it is, Insecticon. How much will you require...and after I provide it, will you leave?"


Astrotrain nodded sagely as Soundwave marched out the door.

"Yes...well. Very good. Very good."

The Triple Changer went back to sifting through Scrapper's increasing lengthy (and late) repair updates.

Astrotrain rose, and crossed his hands behind his back, gazing at a vidscreen which showed the repair progress.]

He turned, and realized that Lazerbeak and Ravage were still there.

"Hmm," he muttered.

Rummaging through Gigatron's (his) desk, Astrotrain found a few Energon goodies, and put them on the floor nearest the two cassettes.

"That ought to keep you both occupied," he murmurred.

Feeling agitated, Astrotrain depressed his vidcom, on the sector the Constructicons were working...

"Scrapper, I want an update. Have you received the necessary supplies from Scourge yet?"

2002-02-12, 03:47 AM
Bombshell looked down at Fakkadi's small form.

"We will require 1 000 000 gallons", he said. "as for leaving, well, that all depends..."
"Approaching Carbomya", Ramjet said to Dirge

2002-02-12, 07:37 AM
"Yeah, but the new colour scheme that the US Army uses on their planes is way cool man," Needlenose told a not-really-listening Spinister.
"Sure, whatever you say," the bored Decepticon told him.
"No, really, it i..."
"OK, I've heard enough," growled Scourge from the corner, "You're giving me a headache."

At that moment, Soundwave walked in.

Scourge stiffled a low growl. He despised the communications robot. Sly, Cowardly, Backstabbing, Traitorous. All these words and worse were ones he had used to describe Soundwave in the past. The two arguing Decepticon targetmasters fell silent.

"Yes, Soundwave? How can I help you?" Scourge asked.
"Ah, Scourge. I bring orders from Astrotrain: Reflector has located an intruder near hull gate twelve mark H. He needs assistance. You are to take your men and help. Understood?"

Scourge's eyes glowed red at the brusque order.
"Understood," he replied simply, "you may leave now, we'll handle it from here."

He looked at the Nebulans, holding their own discussion in the corner.
"Nebulans, transform!" he ordered, which they quickly did, leaping up, transforming into gun modes, and landing in their partners' outstretched hands.

"Lets go."
The three warriors left the room.

As they neared the hull gate, they spotted the small form of one third of Reflector, and another, organic form standing before him, half in shadow from the darkened bulkheads. The spy was obviously trying to remain abreast of the situation, and failing. Scourge motioned his warriors to take position either side of him as he walked forward.

"Unknown intruder, identify yourself."

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 02:16 AM
Fakkadi continued to gaze at the beetle.

"Is that within our present capabilities?" he spoke sidelong to a vizier.

"Well, yes, Excellency but-"

"You will be provided with what you seek," the dictator replied.


Dirge nodded.

"OK. Guess we'd better get ready to make ourselves known."

2002-02-13, 02:20 AM
Shrapnel waved his grenade launcher at the guard who has backtalked Fakkadi.

"Getter get going, going", he said. "I hate to wait, wait."
Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"My thought's exactly", he said, sending out this signal.

"This is Ramjet calling Carbomya. Respond at once!"

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 02:26 AM
Fakkadi barked out a phrase in Arabic at the vizier, who scuttled inside. He looked up at Shrapnel

"The process of storing the oil in spare transport tankers will take some time. Until then...consider yourselves my guests. If you wish to stay...I do need some help in weeding out a new group of rebels that have appeared recently. I'm sure your capabilities will render their threat to my rule moot."


Carbombya Defense Command:

The War Room.

A comm signal boomed over the airwaves.

"This is Ramjet calling Carbomya. Respond at once!"

The Acting General mopped his brow.

"By the Mountain," he moaned. "More Decepticons."

The General moved to his console, keying in on the Decepticon frequency.

"Decepticon Ramjet, this is Carbombyia Defense Command. Identify your purpose."

2002-02-13, 02:34 AM
Shrapnel looked at Fakkadi.

"Yes", he said. "the diversion would prove most...enjoyable, enjoyable."
"Our purpose", Ramjet said. "Is to take rst. We are nearly energyless. We shall promise not to interefere in your affairs."

Turning to Dirge, he whispered, "That ought to be believeable."

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 02:41 AM
Fakkadi nodded.

"Yes...very good. General, if you could give the Insecticons the coordinates of the rebel bases...the operation can proceed, yes?"

The General in Chief took his cap, and smoothed his hair.

"Well, Excellency, the coordinates are purely conjectural. Civilian zones may lie in between the conflict area..."

"That does not concern Abdul Fakkadi!" the dictator replied icily.

The General blanched.

"As you wish, Excellency...I will retrieve the coordinates." The General saluted, then returned inside the Presidential Palace.

"In any event...due to your ponderous size, accomodations are somewhat limited. However, a hangar will be provided in Carbobmya City for your quarters. After the fanatics are disposed of...the oil will be yours."


Defense Command.

The Acting General muttered, then pressed his comm.

"Very well. Land in the indicated airstrip." The officer pointed to a technician, who fed the appropriate coordinates into a satellite link, which uploaded into the Decepticon ship.


Dirge smiled.

"Sure. The Carbombyian's are used to dealing with us. Smooth sailing, as the humans say."

2002-02-13, 02:47 AM
Shrapnel smirked. Bombshell looked at Fakkadi.

"No. We get the oil first, or no deal."
Ramjet nodded at Dirge.

"He, to use another human phrase, it's going to be like taking candy from a baby."

Ramjet lowered the Bane on the landing strip that the General indicated.

Ramjet walked out, Darkwing and Dreadwind carrying an energon cage containing their Insecticon captives.

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 02:54 AM
Fakkadi smiled.

"It is of no matter...the oil shall be provided. Abdul Fakkadi keeps his word."

At the moment, the vizier scuttled back out.

"Excellency, the oil is being moved to the spot where Scourge's group was...it is being loaded into the tankers."

Fakkadi shrugged.

"There you have it...the oil is on the next adjacent airstrip, not far from the palace."


Thrust laughed at Ramjet's joke.

He and Dirge exited the ship, setting foot on Carbombyian soil.

An Air Force officer met them (with an escort) with a megaphone. He gasped at the prescence of the caged Insecticons.

"Welcome to Carbombyia! Should I alert His Excellency to tell your fellow Decepticons you are here?"

Thrust looked at Ramjet.

"Other Decepticons? What's he talkin' about?"

2002-02-13, 02:59 AM
"Scourge was here?", Bombshell asked.

Shrapnel looked at him.

"The key word, Bombshell, is was, was. He's not here now, now."

Bombshell thought for a moment, then said, "All right, Fakkadi, but be warned. Crossing us is the ultimate death wish."

They headed off to the airstrip.
"Well:, Ramjet said. "Either there are other Decepticons here that were part of Metrotitain's group, or our little bug friends have manged to get here. Either way, we can't let any other Transformer know we're here."

He faced the General.

"Um...no, thanks. We'll be quite comfortable on our own."

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 03:02 AM
Fakkadi and the vizier looked on as the Insecticons headed for the oil.

"What did they mean, your Excellency? I thought all Decepticons were allies!"

"There is more to this episode than meets the eye," the dictator replied.


The Air Force Officer turned once again to the megaphone.

"Very well...make yourselves at home on behalf of President Fakkadi! Use the hangar over there for your restpace and for...storage space for your prisoners."

2002-02-13, 03:07 AM
"Thank you", Ramjet said. "Come on, guys."

Ramjet walked towards the hangar, Darkwing and Dreadwind dragging the cage along behind them.

Their activites, however, were not unnoticed.

"So", Shrapnel said. "They've managed to get here, here".

"well, don't worry", said Bombshell. "As soon as we've eliminated Fakkadi's rebels, we'll be out of here. Come on."

The two Insecticons lifted the barrels of oil that Fakkadi offered him and oved to a different hangar, as far form Ramjet and the others as he could.

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 03:14 AM
Dirge and Thrust entered the hangar, and sat, exhuasted.

"Man, its good to rest a bit," Thrust whispered.

"Yeah, and look forward to shutdown here in this Primus-forsaken desert, traitors," Dirge cracked his rictus grin toward the caged Insecticons.


At Bomshell and Shrapnel's hangar, a lowly courier (trembling mightily) carried a sheaf of paper.

He watched as the bettle and weevil hefted the barrels of oil into the hanagar. With no other recourse...he waved his hands in the air, hoping to get there attention. That didn't seem to work so...he tapped Shrpanel's foot.

"Um, pardon me, Great Ones. The coordinates of the rebel base! From the General in Chief!" the courier screamed, although it was probably nothing but a faint whisper to the Cons. His shaking increased tenfold.

2002-02-13, 03:21 AM
In the cell, Kickback and Venom glanced at one another, They had to find a way to escape. As they were being hauled into the hanger, they saw Bombshell and Shrapnel. He didn't know if the others saw them, but he did. And that was all that mattered.

"Don't worry", Kickback whispered. "We'll be getting out of here soon."

"I wouldn't bet on it", Dreadwind said, rattling the cage.

Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"I'm going to take a look around. You're in charge till I get back."
Shrapnel felt someone tapping on his foot, so he looked down, and saw a human that looked like he was about to leak some of his fluids (OOC: Wet himself)

"What do you want, want?" he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 03:26 AM
Dirge nodded and stood.

"With pleasure," he grinned.

Thrust too, rose.

"If any of you makes a move...I'll make your deactivation as slow as possible," Dirge growled.


The courier quailed.

"Nothing, Effendi! Just that I have the coordinates of the rebels His Excellency wants killed!" he screeched.

2002-02-13, 03:30 AM
Ramjet walked into the field, looking around. Carbomya was not what the humans would call a "tourist attraction" by any means, but if you were a lowlife, a fugitive, or just plain wanted to escape from the law, this was the place to be.

He looked down at a pair of humans walking across the tarmac.

"Hey", he shouted to them. "Know where I can Abdul Fakkadi?"
Kickback glared at Thrust.

"Just wait, Conehead", he spat. "Soon, you'll be the ones in this cage."

In response, Dreadwind shook the cage even harder.
Shrapnel placed his hand on the ground.

"Place it here, here", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 03:34 AM
The two citizens looked up at the massive white Seeker.

"Effendi! His Excellency resides in the great Palace yon!" one replied, prostrating himself.

"Yes, he rules by the grace of Allah," the other quickly replied, as a policeman walked by (after pausing to look at Ramjet).


"Shut up!" Thrust roared. "I will take your cranium off, you slaggin' grasshopper!"


The courier nearly split his skin running to where Shrapnel pointed.

"Allaha akbar!" he said, prostrating himself on the ground oustide the hangar after he delivered the information.

2002-02-13, 03:39 AM
Ramjet looked at the humans. He never understood the humans need to have dieties.

"Thank you", he said.

He transformed and headed off towards the palace.
"Just try me", Kickback said. "If it wasn't for these bars, I'd..."

Dreadwind shook the cage again.

"Damned bugs never learn, do they?", he asked Thrust.
Shrapnel sacanned the information.

"Hmm....nothing more than a small group of terrorists, terrorists", eh said to Bombshell. "Not much sport to be found here, here."

"We're not looking for sport", Bombshell reminded him. "We're doing this as payment for the oil, remember?"

Shrapnel gave the equivalent of a sigh.

"Yes, yes", he said.

"Right", Bombshell said. "We'll head out tomorrow."

2002-02-14, 03:12 AM
Ramjet landed outside the palace of Abdul Fakkadi.

He looked at the massive stone structure. He never could understand the fleshling's need for wealth or power.

He waited outside for Fakkadi to acknowledge his presence.
Kickback looked at his surroundings. Noo way to escape.

Dreadwind looked at Kickback. "What are you up to?"

Kickback didn't respond.

Dreadwind looked at Dirge.

"This guys up to something", he said. "I just know it."
Shrapnel signaled Abdul Fakkadi

"We're going out to eliminate your rebels, rebles", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-02-14, 03:49 AM
Adbul Fakkadi was once more disturbed by one of his servants.

"Excellency, the Insecticons report they are beginning the attack on the Rebels."

Moving toward a comm station, which fed a signal into the Insecticons hangar, Fakkadi replied to Shrapnel.

"Very good. Good hunting...allaha akbar." Terminating the feed, the dictator turned to leave...and was once again disturbed by his servant.

"Excellency! Another Decepticon to see you! Outside on the Palace grounds!"

Fakkadi scowled.

"I will see to it..." walking out on a balcanoied terrace, the dictator looked up at Ramjet.

"How may Abdul Fakkadi assist his Decepticon allies?" he began.


Dirge nodded.

"Agreed. I suggest termination...now is not the time for an Insecticon escape, eh Dreadwind?"

Thrust hit his fists together.

"Yeah, I'm sick of these guys!"

2002-02-14, 03:55 AM
Shrapnel and Bombshell transformed, and headed off to the coordinates that Fakkadi specified for the terrorist camps.
Ramjet looked at the small form of Fakkadi.

"It is not how you can assist us", he said. "It's how we can assist you."
Kickback looked at the others, then got up, and charged at the cage.

The cage tilted over, and fell to the ground, the force of the impact short-circuting the enrgon bars.

The Insecticons scurried for the door.

Quick Switch
2002-02-14, 03:04 PM
Fakkadi looked up at Ramjet, perplexed.

"Indeed? How so?"


"Slag it!" Thrust screamed as the Insecticons bolted for the door.

"No, it's their doom," Dirge cried.

Pulling out his concussion missle launcher- quickly followed by Thrust doing the same- they aimed at the scuttling group.

"Prepare to die!" Dirge boomed.

He fired both launchers.

Thrust aimed, and fired at a different group.

2002-02-14, 03:23 PM
"You need protection, no?", Ramjet said. "With almost all the world powers gone, they're some who may want to see you fall. My group is willing to help you protect against invaders."
Kickback and the other Insecticons got knocked down by the cluster missles that Dirge and Thrust fired.

Kickback got up on his hands and knee and saw the thick cloud of smoke that the explosion caused.

He looked at Barrage. "Quick", he said. "Before the smoke clears!"

The five Insecticons hid behind one of the nearby buildings.
Darkwing looked at the smoke cloud, whick dissappaited, and showed empty space.

"All right!", he said. "we vaporized them!"

Quick Switch
2002-02-14, 03:43 PM
Fakkadi steepled his chin with his fingers.

"Yes...your proposal is intriguing to Abdul Fakkadi...fanatics and rebels are everywhere. And let alone the meddling Autobots and the Earth Defense Command...yes. Your arrangement seems wise. So be it...in exchange for protection, Abdul Fakkadi will grant you a supply of oil."


Dirge looked about: somke was everywhere.

"They're not dead, you idiot," he said to Darkwing. "Since when do missles vaporize anything?"

Thrust muttered.

"Shock, yeah. We better start looking for them again."

2002-02-14, 03:52 PM
"Very welll", Ramjet said. "I will go back and inform my group."

Ramjet transformed and headed back to the hangar.
Darkwing and Dreadwind searched all over, but found no sight of the Insecticons.

"I didn't see them", Dreadwind said to Dirge.
Kickback and the others raced away from the building they were hiding behind, hoping that they wouldn't be spotted.

Quick Switch
2002-02-14, 04:04 PM
Dirge put on hand on his forehead.

"Of course. Things fall apart. The center does not hold..."

Thrust cast a quizzical glance at his comrade.


"It's from a human poet...it sums up our position right now. Well, we're going to have to tell Ramjet about this. He won't be pleased."

2002-02-14, 10:01 PM
Ramjet approached the hangar, and saw that Dirge and the others were outside. This didn't seem too well.

He landed, transformed, and walked up to Dirge

"What happened?", he asked.
Kickback and the others raced away, then stopped.

"What do we do now?", Ransack asked.

Just then, Kickback spotted Bombshell and Shrapnel flying in the opposite direction.

"We follow tehm", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-02-14, 11:08 PM
Dirge looked up as Ramjet appeared.

"Your slagging Energon cage isn't worth anything! Was that thing Transmetal based too? 'Cause those insectoid traitors broke out of it easily enough!"

Thrust crossed his arms and said nothing, glowering over at Darwking and Dreadwind.

2002-02-14, 11:19 PM
Ramjet smacked Dirge.

"Do not talk to me like I'm a mindless drone!", he yelled. He looked at Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"Go after them and find them!"

Darkwing and Dreadwind took off.

"You two come with me. We have a appointment...with our new employer."

Quick Switch
2002-02-14, 11:31 PM
Dirge was flung back a bit thanks to Ramjet's new Transmetal form.

Thrust managed to catch his comrade, steadying him.

Dirge glowered.

"My apologies...just letting off exhuast, as you know."

Dirge and Thrust followed Ramjet to Fakkadi's palace...


A short while later....

Fakkadi was once again standing on the balastrade, with a chair and desk moved outside, as well as an umbrella. His Vizier and General in Chief were on hand, standing off to the side.

A retinue of personal guards flanked the doorway.

Three shapes appeared in the distance.

"Ah, they arrive," Fakkadi smiled.

2002-02-14, 11:38 PM
Ramjet transformed and landed on the ground.

"We're here, Fakkadi", Ramjet said. "Let us discuss....our arrangement."

Quick Switch
2002-02-14, 11:42 PM
Fakkadi sat as Dirge, Thrust and Ramjet landed.

"Originally, you came to Abdul Fakkadi with an arrangement of mutual service...protection of Carbombya from rebels internally and invaders externally- before the negotiations proceed any further, does Abdul Fakkadi have your assurance that you will defend Carbombya against Autobot invasion?"

The Vizier, carrying a legal pad, was transcribing the conversation.

The General stood impassive, though it was clear he was listening intently.

2002-02-14, 11:44 PM
Ramjet looked at Dirge and Thrust

"You have the sworn testimony of Decepticon Ramjet that we will protect Carbomya from all invaders, intruders, and interlopers."

Quick Switch
2002-02-14, 11:48 PM
Dirge stepped forward, inclining his head slightly.

"And on Decepticon Dirge's solem oath."

Thrust stepped forward, shrugging his shoulders.

"Sure. Decepticon Thrust pledges."

Fakkadi frowned, and outstretched his hands in a concilliatory manner.

"Very well. It is decided. A mutual pact...a Pact of Steel and Flesh. Oil for Protection. The terms are set then. Once your living quarters are firmly decided upon...an oil pumping/storage schedule will be calculated by my advisors, and your responsibilites will begin."

2002-02-14, 11:49 PM
"Good", said Ramjet. "We look forward to mutual cooperation."

2002-02-15, 12:32 AM
Bombshell and Shrapnel were closing on the camp when they detected Decepticon signatures behind them.

"Howdy, guys!", Kickback said.

"About time you guys got here, here!", Shrapnel shouted. "How did you escape?"

"Never mind that now", Bombshell said. "we gots a job to do. With five more bodies, it'll be a cinch."

Quick Switch
2002-02-15, 12:33 AM
Fakkadi smiled.

"Good, good. We can begin preparations later...I'm sure you have some settling to do?" With that, the dictator left, flanked by his advisors.

2002-02-15, 09:37 PM
(Written by Quick Switch)

A few miles North of Carbombya, there lies the Blasted Lands. Deserts so harsh and unforgiving, no normal man would be willing to submit himself to their punishment.

That is, all but despereate men.

At the mouth of one of the Blasted Lands cluster of hovel caves, a group of ragged men, bearded and unkempt, armed to the teeth, huddled.

"Times are bad," one grimmaced.

"Yes," another began. "Fakkadi's forces have been cracking down... our contacts in the city have been executed."

"Well-" another began to speak...and then rose in shock.

The sound of...wings? No. What was the coming maelstrom?

The man let out a shriek.

"Robotic devils sent by Fakkadi! Look!"

And there they were. Seven insectoid forms...at least robtic onces.

As a clarion call went up, the men ran from the caves and at the mouths sprinted out.

The leader silenced their cries of fear.

"Brothers! If this is the end, let us meet death together! For freedom! Allah akbar!!"

The leader bodly strode out, shouldering an RPG launcher. Steadying himself...he fired at the insect horde.

His comrades, some on horseback, others from the caves, began firing machine gun rounds, rockets, or simply insults at the Insecticons. The sinister seven reached the caves...

(Written by me)
Shrapnel stood defiantly in front of the terrorist army, the bullets bouncing off his metal body like rocks, not damaging him in the slightest.

Shrapnel raised his grenade launcher and launched a few of the steel balls at the forces arrayed in front of him. The balls split into the razor sharp sikes, and rained down onto the army, killing hundreds of them.

Barrage and Kickback fired their weapons at the remaining terrorist, who scattered from the sight of the robotic insects.

"Ha!", Shrapnel said. "Like I said, said. Not much sport in this, this."

"Abdul Fakkadi, this is Kickback", The Insecticon signaled. "We've eliminated the terrorist for you. Some have survived, but they're not likely to be of any threat to you anymore. We're returning now."

The Insecticons headed back to Carbomya, leaving behind them a trail of destruction and desolation.
Ramjet settled down in the hangar that had been assigned to them as sleeping quarters.

"I hope you guys can work with me on this", he said to Dirge and Thrust. "Things are going to get interesting soon."

Quick Switch
2002-02-16, 03:10 PM
Carbombya City...

"Message for you sir!"

Abdul Fakkadi was roused from his duties by his timid manservants.

"Very well..." moving to his local comm station, the dictator heard Kickback's message.

"Excellent! The oil is well worth removing threats to Abdul Fakkadi's power..." he terminated the feed.


Dirge nodded at Ramjet.

"Yes...but our employment-and usefulness will be hundredfold from what Megatron and Galvatron used us for."

Thrust smiled.

"Yep. It's good to find work these days."

2002-02-17, 05:32 PM
"Scrapper, I want an update. Have you received the necessary supplies from Scourge yet?"

Scrapper kept his eye on Spectro while Astrotrain spoke, and while he replied.

"Reflector's bringing it in now. With this, Metrotitan's total repair estimate will drop by ten thousand astroseconds. Will report when repairs are complete. Scrapper out."


Soundwave watched silently as the Targetmasters ran from the room.

Far too easy to get someone else to perform one's work these days...


"I... I dunno! Quit askin'!" Frenzy complained from his seat on the table.

"Well, what are we gonna tell --"

Rumble looked over his shoulder as the door to the medbay slid open.


The communicator sauntered into the room, examining his two (slightly nervous) friends. He looked scornful; they looked ashamed.

"I take it your efforts to eliminate the Autobots were unsuccessful," he calmly questioned.

Frenzy nodded slowly, after a pause.

"What happened?" Soundwave continued.

The two cassettes glanced at each other, then back at Soundwave. Rumble spoke.

"Well... I got buried in some debris in the fightin', see. I was stuck there until Frenzy came and carved me out. So I asks him what happened, and he won't tell me!"

Frenzy gaped annoyedly at his twin, then pleadingly at Soundwave.

"I-It's not my fault! I can't remember what happened! Please Soundwave, you gotta believe me!"

Soundwave, not much phased by either testimony, simply shrugged and plopped down on the table next to Frenzy.


Laserbeak and Ravage looked at each other for explanation, then disgustedly back at the tiny cubes.

"Talk about a power trip," Laserbeak mumbled.

"We'll take them anyway," Ravage decided. "Give them to Rumble and Frenzy, they'll enjoy them after their fight."

Ravage and Laserbeak each lifted a hunk of energon in his mouth and vacated Astrotrain's office.

Quick Switch
2002-02-18, 02:07 AM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Very good, Scrapper," he murmurred, even though the Constructicon leader had already terminated the feed.

The Triple Changer didn't really notice Lazerbeak and Ravage's departure...only that the Energon was gone.

Astrotrain steepled his fingers and went back to sifting through a steady pile of reports.

2002-02-18, 03:09 PM
The Insecticons returned to their hangar quarters, and looked at the oil drums arrayed in one corner of the room.

Not a bad day's work for as simple a task as eliminating terrorists.

"Shrapnel, we've got to go", said Kickback. "I saw Ramjet and his flunkies around."

"Very well, well", said Shrapnel. "Start loading up the oil, oil."
Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"That's true", he said. "But we have another threat. The Insecticons are still out there, and they're a threat. A threat that we need to eliminate."

Quick Switch
2002-02-18, 06:04 PM
Dirge nodded.

"Let's get to it Ramjet."

2002-02-19, 03:22 AM
Ramjet, Darkwing and Dreadwind took off into the air.
Bombshell, Chop Shop, Ransack and Barrage were busy loading the oil barrels onto the plane that Fakkadi had provided for them, when Venom came running up to them.

"Guys, guys!", he shouted. "They're coming! Ramjet and the others! They're coming!"

"All right guys!", Bombshell said. "Hurry up. In a few minutes, this whole place is going to erupt!"

Quick Switch
2002-02-19, 03:39 AM
Dirge and Thrust took off in pursuit of the Insections, trailing Ramjet's group.

2002-02-19, 03:28 PM
Shrapnel looked at the vehicles coming towards them.

He raised his grenade launcher, and pointed at the approaching vehicles.

2002-02-20, 03:04 PM
Ramjet saw the Insecticons near n airfield. He saw several of them loading oil onto a plane.

He also saw Shrapnel pointing his grendade launcher at them.

"Attack!", he shouted to the others in his group.

The jets dived into the area and strafed the area with fire.

Shrapnel and the Insecticons fired back.

Quick Switch
2002-02-20, 05:09 PM
Dirge and Thrust transformed to jet modes and began their descent on the airfield.

"Dirge!" Thrust signaled, begin to dive, "Look!"

"Yes, I see it Thrust," Dirge replied. "Shoot the plane!"

And with that, Dirge and Thrust began to fire missles at the heavily oil laden plane...

2002-02-21, 02:35 AM
Dirge's shots made contact with the plane. With virtally no armour, and carrying a payload of volatile oil, the plane erupted in a fireball, scattering the Insecticons in many directions.

Shrapnel was tossed the farthest, and got up to look in the face of Ramjet.

"Surrender now!", he said.

Shrapnel produced a control box with a large button on it.

"Never, never!", he shouted.

He pushed the button.

The area erupted in a large ball of flame.

Quick Switch
2002-02-21, 02:47 AM
As the plane exploded, Dirge and Thrust roared past, engines blazing.

"Take that, Insecticon scum!" Thrust whooped.

Dirge, however, looked down as Ramjet confronted Shrapnel.

After a short dialogue, the area lit up into a fireball.

"Ramjet!" Dirge choked out as his comrade was apparently consumed in the fire.

"No!" Thrust circled back around with Dirge as the fireball disentigrated.

The two Seekers transformed to robot modes and walked toward the site of the explosion, which now resembled a crater...heavy smoke still obscuring most of the impact area.

"Ramjet?" Dirge whispered.

2002-02-21, 03:11 AM
Darkwing and Dradwind landed, and ran towards the crater. Tossing away debris, they came across Ramjet's body.

Darkwing picked up the body, and analyed it.

"He's still alive, but just barely", he said. "With the unknown Transmetal powers, he ain't going to live much longer."

"OK", Dreadwind said. "Start downloading his core consciousness"

Dreadwind looked into the sky and gestured Dirge and Thrust to land.

(OOC: Quick Switch, you'd think that the explosion would have alerted Abdul Fakkadi.

Quick Switch
2002-02-21, 03:16 AM
(OOC: Bombshell, didn't think of it. Anyhow.)

Dirge and Thrust landed, and looked at Ramjet.

"What do we need to do to save him?" Dirge asked.


In Carbobmya City, a schockwave echoed...

Abdul Fakkadi moved to his outside balastrade. His servants, Vizier and General in Chief behind him.

"What was that, Excellency?" the Vizier asked.

"I have no idea. General?"

The General consulted his notes, hastily collected from satelite imagery, and the Airport Commander.

"Apparently the Decepticons began battle...and the fuel plane was destroyed. The Insecticons have vanished, and the planes are examining one of their comrades."

"All that oil...wasted. Bah. I should have known."

"What should we do Excellency?" the Vizier inquired.

"Dispatch a messenger. If the Decepticon wish to speak with him, they will do so. If not...we still have an arrangment."


A messenger was dispatched by jeep to the Decepticons position.

2002-02-21, 03:34 AM
Dreadwind looked at Dirge.

"We're trying to save his memory, but we're going to need a new body for him."

Just then Fakkadi's messenger approached them.

Darkwing looked at the approaching vehicle.

"What ae we going to do about this?", he asked Thrust.

Quick Switch
2002-02-21, 03:39 AM
Dirge gripped his head in anguish.

"Where are we going to find a spare body?"

Thrust shook his head, and turned as the jeep drove up.

"His Excellency, President Fakkadi brings his regard. How can he be of assistance?"

Thrust turned to Darkwing.

"The humans will have to help. At the very least, put him in a supercomputer. Or maybe smelt some metals down to begin building a frame for him. But someone will have to build his core, transformation cog, the works. And none of us can do that."

2002-02-21, 03:45 AM
Darkwing turned to the messenger.

"Do you have any means of building a Transformer body or housing a core consciousness?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-02-21, 03:46 AM
The messenger thought.

"Many years ago, your comrade Octane instructed many of our best scientists about your race. We have housing capabilities, if you need them."

2002-02-21, 03:48 AM
Darkwing looked down at the charred body of Ramjet.

"We do. Take us to them."

Quick Switch
2002-02-21, 03:52 AM
The messenger nodded, then drove off into the outskirts of Carbombya City.

Dirge and Thrust took to the air, grim.

The jeep stopped at an imposing rectangular building.

Dirge and Thrust landed.

The messenger got out, and walked to an attached annex/hangar joined with the other large building.

"This is our advanced robotics program, funded by His Excellency. You will find adequate storage facilities here for your friend."

2002-02-22, 02:40 AM
Dreadwind hooked up the body of Ramjet to a computer that looked like it had enough storage capacity to house his memory until a new body could be built.

Darkwing looked around for anything that could be used to fasion a new body.

Quick Switch
2002-02-22, 02:55 AM
"Any robotic fame'll have to do," Dirge commented.

"Yeah, we can't be choosy right about now," Thrust nodded grimly.

"There are...several prototype exoskeletcons in storage," the human messenger spoke up. "While primitive...they may suit your purposes," he shrugged.

2002-02-22, 02:58 AM
Dreadwind opened one of the lockers and looked inside, seeing a skeletal framework of a body.

Dreadwind picked it up and walked over to Dirge.

"It ain't great, but I suppose it'll have to do", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-02-22, 03:12 AM
Dirge scratched his head.

"Agreed. Well, you've already converted Ramjet's memory banks? The process shouldn't be that hard to do...even for us."

2002-02-22, 03:34 AM
Darkwing layed the skeletal body down beside the charred form of Ramjet.

"We have to try, at least", he told Dirge.

Quick Switch
2002-02-22, 04:18 AM
"Let's get this underway," Thrust moved toward the adjacent tables."

"Yes...the sooner this is done, the better." Dirge began inspecting the various hookups that lined the tables.

2002-02-22, 02:43 PM
Darkwing took the connectors from Dreadwind and placed tehm into the cranial unit of the skeletal body. He flipped several switches and pushed a large button.

The data transfer began.

"IT should take a few hours", Darkwing said to Dirge.

2002-02-22, 09:58 PM
I posted this on the wrong thread. Since they are on earth, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. However, you guys are much closer to her location, so here it goes...

A distress signal on Earth...
There are few places as inhospitable as the Sahara desert.

This huge mass of sand and unpredictable winds, have transformed once fertile land to a place that withers all who enter it.

Even the transformers themselves are not immune to its affects as a single solitary female decepticon drags herself accross it.

She has been severely injured and walks with a distinct limb as one of her legs processors has been severely damaged.

Her wings had been torn to the point of uselessness.

and she had lost the ability to transform from the severe heat and her injuries.

It was quite obvious to anyone that she wasn't likely to last longer.

Out a desperation, she clicks on her radio.

"If anyone can hear this, I need immediate help."

2002-02-23, 05:33 PM

Ramjet stood up, and looked at Dirge.

"How oculd I be alive?", he asked. "I was destroyed."

Quick Switch
2002-02-24, 12:00 AM
Dirge sagged as Ramjet rose.

"Praise Primus, you live," he replied. "We have saved you Ramjet...though your original body has ceased to function."

Thrust clapped the new Ramjet on his mint-condition skeletal shoulder.

"Yeah...ya had us worried there for a bit, Jet ol' buddy," he laughed.


Out in the bleakness of the Sahara...a lone communications station on the outpost of Carbombyian territory was humming with activity. Over the airwaves:

"If anyone can hear this, I need immediate help."

The Commanding Officer in charge of the installation scrambled fighters from a nearby Air Force base. In due time, a squardon of Carbombyian fighters flew over the area of transmission.

"That's affirmative...downed Transformer, mid-Saharan...estimate extensive internal/external damage. Fighter Squadron Jainissary Leader out." the Air Force planes returned.

A signal was soon dispatched to Abdul Fakkadi. The dictator reacted accordingly.

"By Mohammed's beard! This area is swarming with Transformers..."

Fakkadi's Vizier approached the dicator on his throne.

"Yes, indeed. But perhaps she might be useful, Excellency. If we rescue her..."

"She will owe us a debt of gratitude," the Carbombyian General in Chief stepped beside the Vizier, arms behind his back. "Strategically...a good move."

Fakkadi scratched his chin.

"Yes...especially with the other Decepticons already here. Dispatch a messenger to their hangar. Their day off is over."


A messenger soon arrived at the hangar.

Instructions were handed to Thrust.

"Fellas, looks like we're headin' to the Desert to pick up another damaged Transformer. Could be a friendly."

"Can't Fakkadi see we're busy?" Dirge muttered, looking at Ramjet.

"We gotta go. A bargain's a bargain."

Dirge nodded.

"Ramjet...you may wish to remain here. Darkwing, Dreadwind, come with me. We have a job to do. Extract a Transformer from the Sahara Desert...and bring it here."

2002-02-24, 08:00 PM
"What do you mean my body has ceased to function?", Ramjet asked. "If my body was destroyed, then how can I be here?"

He looked at the reflective surface of teh table and found his answer.

"What kind of body is this?", he asked, turning to Thrust.

"This was the best body shell you could find?"

As thi shappened, Darkwing and Dreadwind went off with Dirge to find the mysterious Transformer.
In the vast expanse of the Carbomya desert, a hand protruded. It appeared lifeless, but was moving steadily.

Quick Switch
2002-02-25, 12:43 PM
Thrust remained behind with Ramjet...and didn't really know how to answer his question.

"Well...we were kinda scrapped on time," he stammered. "I mean, you were gonna die if we didn't do anything."

He clapped Ramjet gently on the shoulder.

"When this is over...we'll get you a new body."


Dirge, in jet mode, flew along with Darkwing and Dreadwind toward the Sahara.

"Homing in on the signal," the Seeker commented, if nothing else to break the silence.

After a bit of flying time, the three Decepticons neared the crash site.

Transforming to robot mode, Dirge hovered.

"Unidentified Transformer, identify yourself and your intentions!"

2002-02-25, 03:02 PM

Lastrites stared around her. She was surrounded, but were they friends or foes?

Using her metallic ram-headed stafff as a support, she attempts to straighted herself out, but is definately walking with a distinct limp.

"You may call me...Lastrites." she says in a almost whispered voice.

She then attempts to take a confident step towards the three.

However, without the leg actuator, she trips and falls backwards into the dune.


2002-02-25, 03:14 PM
(OOC: Lastrites, that hand in the desert thing was for one of my chars. Please edit.)

"You'd better", Ramjet said. "Even a fleshling could beat me in this body."
Darkwing and Dreadwind ran over to Lsstrites.

"I think that she'll be ok", Dreadwind said. "But we could take this opportunity to reprogram her to follow us.

2002-02-25, 03:59 PM
(OOC: Thanx)

The hand forced up teh barely recognizable body of Bombshell.

He looked around, seeing that his fellow Insecticons had deserted him.

"Looks like I'm on my own", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-02-25, 06:03 PM
Dirge landed and strode through the dune...and appraised the battered fembot.

"Lastrites, is it? I am Dirge, Decepticon Warrior. These are my associates, Darkwing and Dreadwind."

He crouched down at the fembot's side.

"That may not be necessary. She may yet be a Decepticon...though her condition is such that I cannot determine. Once she declares which faction she belongs to...we will act accordingly." The blue Seeker turned his optics on Lastrites, waiting expectantly.

2002-02-26, 02:19 AM
Darkwing looked at Dirge.

"So what should we do with the femme?", he asked. "Whether or noit she's on our side, we can't let either Autobots or other Decepticons to get her."
Ramjet looked at Thrust.

"So, this body...", he began. "Does it have anything...special about it?"

Quick Switch
2002-02-26, 02:34 AM
Dirge nodded.

"Agreed. Let's bring her to the hangar."


Thrust shrugged.

"Heck, I dunno. It's an exoskeleton...but that dosen't mean the fleshlings haven't built in...some improvements," Thrust smiled, trying to find a suitable word.

2002-02-26, 02:38 AM
Dreadwind turned to his tank mode, Darkwing placed the body of Lastrites on it, and the two Transmetal jets rumbled back to the hangar.
Walking across the sands, Bombshell saw the forms of Darkwing, Dreadwind and Dirge walking away.

Bombshell also saw a figure who was with them.

"I wonder who that was", he thought.
Ramjet looked at Thrust.

"Yeah, I guess you're right", he said. "I mean, if theres one thing that the fleshlings could be known for it's their resourcefulness."

At this point, a metal blade shot out of the backhand of his right and and extended a good ten feet.

Quick Switch
2002-02-26, 02:47 AM
Dirge transformed to jet mode, and roared back to the hangar.

"Thrust," he sent out a signal to his comrade. "We've got a fembot by the name of Lastrites. We're coming in. How's Ramjet?"


At that moment, Thrust had just received Dirge's signal...at the same moment Ramjet's blade sprang out of his joint.

"Uh...he's adjusting. Get back when you can."


Dirge accelerated, back into Carbombyian airspace.


Thrust scratched his head.

"Yeah, you're right. Scavenger may have been right, calling 'em "human germs" back on Junk years ago, but they sure can be useful."

2002-02-26, 02:52 AM
Darkwing flew in the air with Dirge, as Dreadwind rumbled on the ground, carrying Lastrites on his back[/b.]
The blade retracted into his hand.

"Yeah", said Ramjet. "Humans may be pathetic excuses for human beings, but they can accomplish wonerful technological marvels."

Quick Switch
2002-02-26, 03:13 AM
Dirge entered the hangar bay, and transformed to robot mode. Darkwing and Dreadwind soon arrived...or would, anyway.

"Ah, Ramjet. Glad you're getting used to your -temporary- new form."

"You said it," Thrust nodded. "So...is this fembot a looker?"

Dirge whapped Thrust on his cone.

"Idiot! That got us in trouble last time. What is it with you and fembots? You're almost as bad as Shockwave used to be!"

"What're you talkin' about?" Thrust rubbed his cone gingerly.

"Don't you remember? Elita 1? Chromia? Moonracer? Firestar? Shockwave was obsessed with finding them. And don't tell me it was because Megatron ordered it. Zark, half the time Megatron didn't even know what Shockwave was up to anyway."

"Yeah, so?"

Dirge shook his head.

"Shockwave was perhaps even more repressed than Soundwave. Why do you think he never 'caught' them all those years on Cybertron? It was his own personal game. The closest he'd ever get to having a 'relationship'. And Elita 1 knew it, too," Dirge wagged a digit. "She's never been found, you know...she could be dead, but I doubt it. Not as long as her beloved Optimus Prime still walks the Plane."

"Yeah, but Alpha Trion-"

"...was just an obsolete old fool. He wasn't the power behind the resistance movement. What, so he merged with Vector Sigma, and suddenly he's Primus? Elita 1 had her special 'power'...Astrotrain told me about it once. Starscream didn't know what it was...shock, even Shockwave didn't know what was!"

Thrust scratched his head.

"Yeah...you're losing me, buddy."

Dirge scowled.

"In other words, I don't trust fembots as a general rule. Fact is, we'd be better off without 'em. We don't reproduce that way, anyhow...not like the biologicals."

Thrust nudged Dirge.

"Yeah...so anyway. Between me, Ramjet, and a shrike bat, what're my chances with her?"

Dirge scowled, face twitching, but said nothing.

2002-02-26, 03:18 AM
As Ramjet looked at his arguing companions, Dreadwind and Darkwing came in, hauling the gbody of Lastrites.

"Ah, good!", he said. "Our new comrade has joined us."

He walked up to the body and tapped her head.

"Waky, waky", he said playfully.

Quick Switch
2002-02-26, 03:23 AM
Thrust came over to the examining table, nudging Dreadwind out of the way so he could get a better look.

"She's pretty banged up...I can't ever recall seeing her model before. Can you Dirge?"

The blue Seeker's momentary meloncholy was forgotten.

"No, come to remember it. But...we don't really know the 'standard' for fembots. And she certainly is not an Arcee type."

2002-02-26, 03:25 AM
Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"And what does that mean, exactly?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-02-26, 03:36 AM
Dirge gazed back at Ramjet.

"Simply that she's not common. Which means her usefulness to us will be increased. I haven't run any diagnostics, of course, so it's just a guess. The question now is whether to turn her over to Fakkadi, as he requested."

2002-02-26, 03:09 PM
"well, lets get her working again", Ramjet said. "Then worry about what we're going to do with her."

2002-02-26, 10:29 PM
Lastrites lay prone, quietly listening to those around her.

and understanding her current situation.

The one called Thrust, appears to be smitten with her.


Dirge doesn't trust Fembots, does he.

That's good to know...and could be something she can use.

Ramjet appears rather playful, which could be amusing in its own right.

However, his appearance...?

The others, well she will have to observe over time.


As the 2 continued to discuss the fallen decepticon fembot, She began to sit up, slowly, using her staff to steady herself.

"Now then, I believe Some sort of gratitude is in order."

"Now that that's done with, repair my leg. I am getting sick and tired of tripping all over the place and would be most...grateful."

O.O.C. I've gotta know. What changes did you do to Ramjet? send it to me through PM, so I can respond appropriately."

Quick Switch
2002-02-27, 12:49 AM
Dirge flicked his optics toward Lastrites, but before he could reply, Thrust rushed ahead.

"Sure thing, miss. Let me get ya up ta speed."

Taking a pair of wielding tools, the red Seeker set to work.

Thrust, why are you such an idiot?

"Yes...at any rate, you are functional. Now...which faction do you serve?" The blue Seeker pointed an index digit at Lastrites, face impassive.

Why're you so upptiy now, Dirge? Because, self...she's an outsider. And I'll be scrapped if I'm going to be betrayed again. And when I find the Insecticons...yes. This fembot better not have any ulterior motives.

2002-02-27, 12:59 AM
Originally posted by Quick Switch

Why're you so upptiy now, Dirge? Because, self...she's an outsider. And I'll be scrapped if I'm going to be betrayed again. And when I find the Insecticons...yes. This fembot better not have any ulterior motives. [/B]

Lastrites returns a smile to Thrust before facing the poker faced Dirge.

"Factions, what the hell are you talking about. I am Decepticon, that should be enough."

Quick Switch
2002-02-27, 01:38 AM
Thrust smiled slightly as he finished up on Lastrite's leg.

"OK, Lastrites. Your leg'll be a bit awkward for a bit...but you'll get used to it. By the way, name's Thrust."

The red Seeker put the wielding tools down.

Dirge shrugged.

"How was I to know that? Your sigil's so battered...I don't think anyone could have made it out. But you say you are a Decepticon? Fair enough...but I've never seen a fembot of your make before."

2002-02-27, 02:38 AM
"Thank you Thrust," the battered female decepticon replies with a larger smile, as she slowly returns to her feet, still using her staff as a crutch, but to a lesser degree.

"Well, lets just say I was made for a...special purpose"

"Now, my Dear...Dirge is it, could you please tell me where we are and what the heck is going on."

"It has been too long."

Quick Switch
2002-02-27, 02:44 AM
Dirge frowned.

"Yes, I am Dirge. Now...as to the situation: the Autobots have been defeated on this wretched planet. The status of Cybertron we know not."

Thrust nodded.

"Yeah. That and more. We're 'working' with an important human dictator, named Abdul Fakkadi for oil. And to get Ramjet here a new body. Oh and er...you're welcome."

Dirge shrugged.

"There's not much more to add. We came here hunting the Insecticons, but they have either fled this planet or perished. I hope your 'special purpose' construction will be helpful to us."

2002-02-27, 02:57 AM
"I can see how his new body would have some...limitations," Lastrites says glibly as she slowly looks over Ramjet.

"I believe I could be most useful in helping you with your task, in return for your help in rejuvenating this battered body."

As she speaks, she begans to calmly scan around her, using her remarkable vision and amplified hearing to see what else is around her.

2002-02-27, 03:03 AM
As his companions talked to the female, Ramjet turned to Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"One of those damned bugs is still around. I'm sure of it", he said. "Go find him and bring him here."

"Sure thing", Dreadwind said, he and Darkwing heading off.
Outside, Bombshell saw Darkwing and Dreadwind flying off.

"All right", he thought. "Now that they're gone, "Jet and that feeme are as good as mine!"

Transforming and shrinking to his insect form, he scurried off towards the hangar.

2002-02-27, 03:06 AM
As Darkwing and Dreadwind left the hangar, Ramjet turned around to see Lastrites staring at him.

He didn't like it when anyone stared at him.

Especially if ti was a femme.

"Whatever you're thinking, I'd suggest you'd stop", he said. "You wouldn't like to get permanently offed.