View Full Version : OOC AWF Reminder

2004-10-19, 11:26 AM
Just a reminder too all you AWF'ers out that that it would really help out if you UPDATED your profiles. Some of them haven't been updated since last year. We are in the process of getting a card out to you but for the finished product, it would be better if your product had been updated. IE, if you have changed from Face to Heel, your general moves list, your entrance music and the such.

Your Local Tempest.

2004-10-19, 03:16 PM
I've really just got "Paul London et al" listed under "Fighting Style". Do you want a full move list? I can take care of that if you do.

Amarant Odinson
2004-10-19, 03:42 PM
The only thing that I've really changed is my entrance. Everthing is pretty much the same. if you want me to expand a bit in my moves or whatever then PM me and I'll see what i can do.

2004-10-19, 06:11 PM
And if you need a larger move list from me PM me and i'll get it sorted. I updated a small time ago with a few things though.

2004-10-19, 10:23 PM
I think mine's up to date...but I'll go check, and amend if necessary. Or if I feel like coming up with another brilliant/stupid signature move with a name stolen from an Iron Maiden CD. Tremble, dear writers, tremble! ;)