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2004-10-23, 04:56 AM
The crowd watches as Brendan Reilly walks down the ramp with 2 beautiful assistants that casually wave to the crowd. In the middle of the ring are two tables and a big turning barrel. Whispers go through the crowd as to what it’s for.

“Welcome, to Warzone!”

Pyrotechnics go up as Reilly holds up his hands.

“Now, I know it’s been up and down, but the AWF is back, and better then ever. I am here tonight with these lovely ladies” Reilly stops and draws a hand equal with the ladies, and moves it over to the barrel. “And of course this barrel. This barrels purpose is to select the teams for Overdrive. This barrel is filled of little balls, each one has a name in it, and each pair will be put in a team.”

Reilly walks over to the barrel, as one of the assistants spin it. The other opens the lid. He reaches in and pulls out two little balls and walks over to the desk.

“Our first team is, Ignavus and … and a Mystery Guest #1.” Reilly changes the expression of his face to mild surprise and shakes his head from side to side. “Facing them will be,” the assistant’s wheel the barrel over to the desks so he can sit down and take out the balls. “Thank you girls. The Team of Ignavus and Mystery Part 1 will take on Judge Death & Prowl?.”

“Our second match will be, Black Zarak and Brave Maximus versus Vin Ghostal and oh … Wolfang. Two good buddies will collide. Excellent. Our third match of the evening is D-Extreme and the TV Champion Strafe up against, the former TV Champion Amarant Odinson and the Wild One.”

Brendan Reilly then stood up and went to the other desk, and picked up a clipboard and handed it to one of the assistants.

“Write these down, thanks. Our next match is OP2005 and Ravage facing Sparky and a special Mystery Quest #2. After that we have Bombshell & The King competing against Blingzilla Viewfind and The Mat Man. Up after that is Virus and CloudStrifer Vs The small man with a big heart, also one half of the Tag Champions, Xille and Mystery Guest #4.”

Reilly looks around and gives the crowd a grimace look. “Out next match will be Auros, the Hardcore Champion and Hellrasier Vs Blaster and Tempest.” Reilly looks into the barrel and pulls out 4 more balls. His face changes from shock to a smile instantly. “Match Number eight of the Archivebowl will be Erik Summers and StoneCold Skywarp facing Arcee and Grand Convoy.” Reilly stops as he is deafened by the crowd at the last match being announced. “All right, all right. Geez. Next is Thundercracker and Divebomb take on the combination of Tommy and Special Mystery #3. And last but not least. The AWF Championship Match: Sixswitch Vs Morpheus. And the winner of this event will take on the winner of the Archivebowl, which will follow.”

Brendan Reilly watches as the 2 beautiful assistants take the barrel out of the ring.

“Tonight, we have a fabulous main event tonight. A 10 – Man battle Royal, featuring 10 of the AWF’s best, Warzone 10 man battle royal: Strafe, G91, Viewfind, Ravage, Wolfang, Morpheus, Amarant Odinson, Cloudstrifer and two mysteries. You’ll have to wait. Also we have a Hardcore Fatal Four way match. Brave Maxx Vs Auros Vs Op2005 Vs Bombshell. Also we have one on one competition. Tempest will trade blows with Black Zarak as Divebomb will take on Xille. But we can’t forget a tag match, Judge Death and the Wild One Vs Grand Convoy and Ignavus.”

Commercial Break

Judge Death and The Wild One Vs Grand Convoy and Ignavus

JFA: Well, two of the AWF’s newest wrestlers take on one of the AWF’s veteran and a …
JHA: It’s okay J, you can say it, freak.
JFA goes silent.

RA: Making their way to the ring, Haling from Deadworld, near and Glasgow and Ohio, --- THE WILD ONE AND JUDGE DEATH!!

JFA: The crowd seems to be warming up to this pair, Wild One seems to be warming up the crowd and that Death fella is looking happier then usual.
JHA: That skinny turd always mopes around; he’s putting effort in today.

RA: And Hailing from Simsbury, CT and the unknown, --- IGNAVUS AND GRAND CONVOY!

JFA: Quite a bit of up and coming talent here folks.
JHA: With the exception of Grand Convoy. We know he’s a loser.

Grand Convoy walks down the ramp and at the exact moment JHA said his name he turns around looks straight at him.

JHA: Damn it! Is it more, or every undead guy has super hearing or something? I mean COME ON!
JFA: Well, does seem weird but hey? What can you do?
JHA: *mumbles*

Grand Convoy walks over to the ring to Judge Death and respectively shakes his hand while Wild One nods and Igz smiles.

JFA: Well, there is some honour left in this sport.

*Bell rings*

JHA: And this match is underway, Convoy going for a collar and cuff tie up. Judge holds him still; both are showing quite a test of strength. Grand Convoy getting the upper had, pushing Death away.
JFA: Judge just smiles, cracks his necks and goes for it again. He goes for a test of strength this time. Even and even, Grand Convoy using his experience here. Beating Judge, pushing him down, but he’s not giving up with a face. The pain now showing on both men’s faces, Death fighting back.
JHA: And a break in the hold, both men step back. Ohh, I’ll be right back.
JFA: Why?
JHA: I’m going to get popcorn, you want some?
JFA: *sighs* Yeah, medium with extra butter.
JHA Disappears
JFA: Well he’ll be back. Judge Death gets Grand Convoy in a grapple hold, Convoy reverses, and he picks him up and a German Suplex. Judge Death is down; Grand Convoy stands up and starts beating down on Death.

Grand Convoy lands a series of lefts and rights until he helps Judge Death up and Irish whips him into the opposite corner and Judge Death taking a fall.

JFA: Looks like Grand Convoy is working on the ribs, and Wild One is getting the crowd involved, raising them up.
JHA: Hopefully he won’t get them too raised up; I’ve quite a bit of Popcorn now.

We see JHA Carrying a big bucket of pop corn, 2 drinks and a bag of candy as he hands over J’s medium popcorn.

JFA: Do you always go all out?
JHA: *looks at J, then at his stash, then at J again* … hell yes.
JFA: Anyway, Judge Death has managed to get up again, Convoy goes for a clothesline, and Death is down again. He goes for the pin, Jude kicks out at 2.
JHA: Thath right, keeth fighting, I need more time!
JFA: Eat with your mouth closed.
JHA: *Swallows* Sorry.
JFA: Convoy helps Death to his feet, damn that was quick.
JHA: Judge Death with a quick DDT their. Better hurry up.
JFA: Both men are down, Wild One is calling to Death, Igz is rallying up Convoy, both men are stirring, the ref is at 6. Convoy is up first, goes to Ignavus, Death is up sees Igz leaps and jumps, TAG to Wild One.

Wild One slowly steps in as Igz backs up to his own corner. All of a sudden Wild One runs in to the ring ropes, bounces off, runs into the opposites ropes, changed course goes the other way, bounces off the ropes again, goes to the other side, and changes course again.

JFA: What’s he doing?
JHA: Eating up the clock as I eat this candy!
JFA: That’s great. He’s smiling all the way, he’s enjoying himself.
JHA: *eats more candy*
JFA: Looks he’s stopped, he’s gone serious. He runs into his corner, jumps onto the turn buckles, jumps backwards and turns and run straight into Igz, what a move!
JHA: Yeah, his knee went right into Igz, but Igz had the same idea.
JFA: Both men falling back, Wild One holding his stomach, as Igz rests in the corner, Judge Death jumps in the match, Convoy comes in as well, this match is out of control.
JHA: Wild One goes for Convoy, both go to the ropes and over. Igz and Death trading blows, DDT to Judge Death. Ignavus is going up top.
JFA: Is he yawning? *looks at fact sheet* ahh he’s setting up for the Four AM Flyer. He’s flying …
JHA: And Judge Death gets that knee up, that’s got to hurt. Convoy just Irish Whipped Wild one but it was reversed, Wild One gets into the ring. What is he doing?
JFA: He’s through off that arm pad, he’s moving those arms about, he goes from side to side, he stops … Down comes the elbow! 1 … 2 … no!

The crowd goes wild as Ignavus kicks out of the pin. Judge Death starts to move as Convoy jumps onto of Wild One.

JHA: Convoy, picking up Wild one, setting him up for the Energon buster. Down him comes, what a noise! Goes for the pin, quick save by Judge Death.
JFA: All men are tired now. Ignavus is resting in a corner; he comes up and joins Grand Convoy. Both men size up to Judge Death. He only looks on and smiles.
JHA: What is he? Nuts? 2 on 1, and the guy smiles.

As Grand Convoy’s back is turned Wild One gets up and taps on Ignavus shoulder and gives him a Time to get wild that sends Ignavus packing.

JFA: Convoy looks and sees Wild One, but he is ambushed by Judge Death, Touch of Death, that’s got to hurt. Wild One goes up on the turn buckle, Diving Headbutt!
JHA: Wild One rolls away, Judge Death jumps onto Convoy. 1... 2 … 3!!They get the win, they get the pin!

Prayer by Disturbed rages on as Wild One and Judge Death raise their arms in the middle of the rings.

JFA: They fought hard and well, and got the pin. Good on them!
JHA: Yeah, that’s nothing. You should see what’s next. Hardcore match! And I’ve still got popcorn!

Non-title Hardcore Fatal Four Way: Brave Maximus v. Bombshell v. Auros v. OP2005

JHA: “Oh boy, this is my kind of match.”
JFA: “You would say that, any chance to see somebody get busted up and hit with steel chairs is fine by you isn’t it.”
JHA: “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”
JFA: “Whatever, let go to JRA for the announcement.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be fought under hardcore rules. Introducing first….BRAVE MAXIMUS!”

“Haunted” by Evanescence starts and Brave Max makes his way through the curtains. He pauses at the top of the ramp as the fans cheer and then continues down to the ring and takes a spot in the corner.

JRA: “Introducing next, from Glasgow, Scotland……..OP2005!”

“Welcome to my nightmare by Alice Cooper begins and the big man walks out from the back and walks straight down to the ring making no attempt to please the crowd and joins Brave Max in the ring.

JRA: “Introducing next, from Maple Ridge, BC. The Mad Bomber…….BOMBSHELL!”

“Drop the Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 starts and Bombshell drives out onto the stage on his new Harley taunts the crowd and then drives down to the ring and joins the other two.

JRA: “And finally, introducing the last man in the match, from Mexico. El Chingador…..AUROS!”

“F***in in the bushes” by Oasis starts and Auros walks out on to the ramp pushing a shopping cart full of weapons. The fans cheer as they see him push it out and he walks down to the ring and enters. He holds the belt over his head and taunts the crowd and before the ref can ring the bell he lunges over and nails OP in the side of the head with the belt knocking him over the ropes and down to the floor. The ref rings the bell and the three men in the ring turn and face each other.

JFA: And the fat is in the fire!
JHA: Auros doesn’t care if he’s title isn’t on the line, he just wants to hurt somebody!
JFA: Auros has still got that belt, Brave Maxx and Bombshell are constantly looking at each other. Brave Maxx charges, BAM down he goes. Auros looks at Bombshell, but he should have kept his attention on BM.
JHA: Creeps me out when that big lug sits up. He’s got Auros throat, he’s got him, Chokeslam!
JFA: Op back in the ring, and jumps onto Brave Maxx to stop the pin. Where is Bombshell going?

Bombshell slips under the bottom ropes and goes over to his Harley. He pulls out a lead pipe and makes his way to the ring.

JHA: What’s going on? Bombshell’s got that lead pipe. This isn’t going to be pretty.
JFA: Bombshell in the ring, he’s got the pipe, he hits Brave Maxx, but oww. Op was just about to fit BM but when he went down he clotheslined Bombshell and over balanced.
JHA: That pipe is magical in a way. Auros is now up, he sees the pipe, but he’s going to the outside?
JFA: He sees his trolley. He’s throwing in contents. Chairs, Stop signs, garbage bins, Kendo Sticks everything. He’s got a steel chair and a bin.

Auros goes into the ring and picks up a chair and hits all three wrestlers on the mat.

JHA: Geez, what he has in his Burrito this morning?
JFA: Don’t say that!
JHA: Well look at him, he’s gone crazy; he’s playing whack a mole!
JFA: Yeah but its taking more energy to hit them with it constantly. Bombshell’s starting to move.
JHA: And gets hit with the chair, wow, right in the face, He’s busted wide open.
JFA: Op gets up, makes it to the other corner, charges Auros and he ducks when Auros swings, gets him from behind, inverted neckbracker! Brave Maxx is up now; he pulls Op off Auros, saves the pinfall. Bombshell crawling to the corner. He slips under the ropes now.
JHA: He’s going under the ring.

Bombshell goes under the ring as Brave Maxx gives OP2005 a successful DDT. Auros starts to move. Auros rolls over to the edge of the ring.

JFA: Auros getting out of harms way now. Brave Maxx picks up OP2005.
JHA: Do you hear that?
JFA: Like a motor or something …
JHA: Yeah, anyway, Brave Maxx has got OP in the air, going for a choke --- WHAT THE HELL?!
JHA: HA! See OP2005’s face. A chainsaw just came through the ring, two seconds later and OP would have been dead. Brave Maxx is struggling to keep him in the air. The chainsaw moving around now in circular fashion. And now it disappears. Bombshell comes out and DOWN!
JFA: Brave Maxx just got dropped. He held OP2005 too long. Auros came from behind and pushed him into the hole in the ring! He’s going for the pin on Maxx, turned his shoulders, the ref runs in and takes the count. 1, 2 and 3!

“F***ing in the bushes” roars as Auros raises his arms in victory.


***New to the AWF Shopzone, the new ‘AWF Warzone’ shirts. Limited stock. $15.99. ***

JHA: That was the most chain-erfic hardcore match ever. What was Bombshell thinking?
JFA: Maybe to use that hole himself?
JHA: “Oh look, a stop gap!”
JFA: “Let’s go make some coffee”.
JHA: Yeah, they got to get a new matt out here folks.

The crowd noise fades into the background, the screen turns black. Seconds pass, until:

Hot Slag productions

in association with the Discovery Channel


‘War and PC: The AWF Phenomenon - Prologue’

*Fade in* Reclining in a high-backed leather chair before a raging hearth resides Auntie Slag, bedecked in pink chiffon with diamond tiara and bracelet ensemble. His meaty, hairy knuckles bear sign of a lifetime of hard knocks, and the proud ring rust of unadulterated violence. Bloodsport bling.

Auntie: “Hello Darlings. For what seems like an awkward second album, our public has endured, and now we deliver Warzone back to your screens. The AWF requisitioned me a Porsche 959 stuffed full of money and with it I have produced the definitive history of the greatest wrestling federation in the world. And I say that without hyperbole, because the WWE and TNA are stillborn mutant dung beetles by comparison. Now may I present to you the future”!

*Young superstar Ignavus enters the scene bearing gifts of chocolate and X-Box*

Auntie: “This my friends is the beginning and the end. In Ignavus I see engendered the very spirit of every man, woman or other who has graced the immortal squared circle and suckled at the teat of victory”.

Suddenly a horde of masked ninja’s explode onto the scene. Collectively they jump Ignavus and beat him soundly into the next life.

Auntie: “And this is a visual representation of the humiliation every combatant feels when he is bested before millions upon millions of avid watchers. No wait, I said HARDER YOU DOGS”!

At his command, the ninja’s slaughter Ignavus’ soul until his pitiful cries are quelled by the gurgling of his own perforated internal organs. Rich, creamy blood gushes across the floor unabated.

Auntie: “Better. Ignavus, I thank you for volunteering for this demonstration. Ninja’s, return to your individual covert missions”.

The ninja’s slip into the darkness. Ignavus coughs up a lung.

Auntie: “Become one with the taste, oh brave contender. Soon you will know naught but champagne”.

The Slag gently lifts Ignavus’ still beating corpse into a barely sitting position. With wild-eyed, passionate eyes our host looks to the sky, gripping Ignavus’ hand.

Auntie: “Look, its calling to you Iggy, oh passenger. The lust for life, the tenuous link! Oh joy let us look together upon my prepared short-film reel because, my god, it’s full of stars”!

Iggy Pop’s anthemic ‘Lust for Life’ blasts out and we are assailed with heroes of the AWF past and present. Sixswitch sunset flips Ravage, Vin Ghostal annihilates Dai Atlas, The Game sledgehammers Justin Timberlake, Wolfang whups Cyberstrike, Windcharger anally retents The Cosby’s and UPF waves the American flag with boundless patriotic zeal.

Auntie: “The AWF. Bigger than Jhiaxus”.

Ignavus: *agh, cough* “…. My spine”.

Auntie: “Fear not brave Concord. Meat shall be your fruit, blood your wine. Only your body can suffer now”.

Ignavus passes out at this information.

Auntie: “Such a brave lad. I forsee great things; Armani, Lauren, Gucci, Bacardi! But for now you must content yourselves, Warzone is here! Let spandex fever reign once more. Next week I bring you the history of the world, or more accurately, ‘2001: A Spate Odyssey’. The real part one to this immense, sprawling and what will surely be award-winning saga. Witness the beginning: the loves, the lives, the lederhosen! It all starts here in seven days time. So join me your host Auntie Slag and special guest Richard Chamberlain as we voyage into silky fabrics and Hessian undergarments of the past that reveals the future”!

The end credits roll. The set fades to black and somebody screams for a medic to assist Ignavus’ breathing.

JHA: I’ll say it once J, I’ll say it again. That man needs to be locked away.

Zarak v. Tempest

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Mandurah, WA, Australia. He’s a member of the GPA……TEMPEST!”

“Pistol Grip Pump” by Rage Against the Machines begins as Tempest slowly struts out of the back and taunts the crowd. The crowd get to their feet and taunt the GPA member as he slowly makes his way to the ring. He climbs in and taunts them some more as the music changes into “Mexicola” by Queens of the Stone Age signalling the arrival of Black Zarak.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent, from Failsworth, Manchester, England……. BLACK ZARAK!”

Zarak walks out from the back and the crowd goes crazy. He poses for the crowd and then walks down to the ring. He climbs into the ring and goes face to face with the GPA big man then poses for the crowd some more as the ref rings the bell.

JFA: “And we are off and Tempest with a quick attack from behind sending Zarak to the mat. Oh and would you look at this, he’s just stomping away on him and the ref begins to count.”
JHA: “Yeah that’s right Tempest, don’t let up. Stomp him into the ground.”
JFA: “Anyways, Tempest back in there and dragging Zarak back up to his feet. He whips him into the ropes and…..connects with a powerslam. Zarak is down here and Tempest is taunting the crowd.”
JHA: “That a boy Tempest, show them how it’s done.”
JFA: “Tempest casually walking back over to Zarak now. He drags him to his feet and whips him into the corner.”
JHA: “Hey watch this, this is going to be good.”
JFA: “Whatever.”

Tempest stomps him in the gut a few times then nails Zarak with a stiff haymaker and then watches as Zarak falls out of the corner. Tempest struts around his fallen opponent then casually drags him to his feet. He whips Zarak into the ropes and tries for a double axe handle but Zarak ducks out of the way and bounces off the ropes and nails Tempest with a huge clothesline.

JFA: “Zarak with a huge counter attack there and now seems to be energized. Zarak nails Tempest with another clothesline as he gets to his feet. Tempest up again but this time Zarak drops him hard with a spinebuster.”
JHA: “Ah damn it, why couldn’t Zarak just give up.”
JFA: “Hey Zarak didn’t get to be as good as he is by giving up all the time.”
JHA: “Blah blah blah.”

Zarak picks Tempest up and whips him into the corner and quickly follows him in but before he can connect with a clothesline Tempest side steps and slams Zaraks head into the turnbuckle. Tempest gives him a standing clothesline of his own knocking him hard to the mat then quickly locks in a sleeper hold.

JFA: “Oh and Tempest with a good counter of his own and now has the sleeper hold locked in nicely.”
JHA: “That’s right. He may be big but Tempest can be just as agile as any here in the AWF and now he’s showing us some smarts too by keeping Zarak grounded.”
JFA: “Yeah he is showing us some smarts and the sleeper hold is a very effective hold.”
JHA: “That’s all I am saying.”
JFA: “If only that was all you would say.”
JHA: “Hey.”

The ref moves in to check on Zarak as his motions slowly get slower and slower. Finally the ref sees no motion out of Zarak and moves in to check on him. He goes for the count. The ref lifts Zaraks arm and watches it drop.


He moves back in and raises the arm again.


He moves back in for one final drop.


Zarak stops his arm from hitting the mat and starts to get pumped up.

JHA: “What!? Nooooo, it was just about over. Tempest almost had it right there.”
JFA: “But I guess Zarak is showing us all now why he is as good as he is.”
JHA: “Ah give me a break.”

Zarak slowly fights his way back to his feet and drives an elbow into Tempest’s gut. And again and again. Tempest lets go of the hold and Zarak rushes off the ropes. Tempest goes for a clothesline but Zarak ducks and locks in a sleeper hold of his own. Tempest quickly struggles and slams back into the corner. Zarak releases the hold and both men fall to the mat.

JFA: “Hey what’s this? NMat has come out of the back and is making his way to the ring.”
JHA: “Right on. It’s about time someone else came out here.”

NMat casually walks down to the ring and just stops at ring side. Inside the ring Tempest shakes his head and rolls out of the ring. Zarak slowly gets to his feet.

JFA: “What is going on here? NMat has come out here Tempest is looking for something under the ring and Zarak is still a bit out of it.”
JHA: “I have a strange feeling it’s about to get really good.”

NMat jumps up onto the apron and gets Zaraks and the ref’s attention as Tempest pulls a chair out from under the ring and slides back in. Tempest winds up and Zarak turns around. NMat grabs the ref so he can’t see what’s going on but before Tempest can swing the chair Zarak boots him in the gut, grabs the chair and rips it out of Tempests hand. NMat lets go of the ref who quickly turns to see Zarak wind up and grabs the chair from him.

JFA: “NMat letting go of the ref just in time to have the ref take the chair out of Zaraks hands and now Zarak trying to tell the ref the Tempest brought it into the ring.”
JHA: “Good timing there by NMat.”

Zarak finally finishes talking to the ref and turns around into the waiting arms of Tempest. Tempest quickly picks him up and levels him with a devastating Thunder Press.

JHA: “Oh yeah, Tempest with the Thunder Press and the ref counting. 1...2…3! Oh Yeah! I told you he would win but you wouldn’t listen to me. You just had to say Zarak would win.”
JFA: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Your GPA got another precious victory. Great.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match…..TEMPEST!”

“Pistol Grip Pump” comes back on as Tempest gets his arm raised then he joins NMat on the outside walk back up the ramp laughing at the downed Zarak as the crowd boos.


*Prowl? walks through the door to the GPA locker room*

DB: “Well holy hell. I wasn’t expecting to see you until Overdrive.”

P?: “Yeah well you know how it is, I heard you had a match with that little punk that took our titles and figured I would stop by and show him how we do things GPA style.”

DB: “Sorry. Can’t let you help me on this one.”

P?: “What you say? What you mean you can’t let me help you? We be the NWA and we are like brothers man. Come on now quit playin, you know I am comin out there tonight.”

DB: “Sorry, I can’t let you. I know we are like brothers and I now this would be a great time to teach that punk to respect the NWA but I agreed to the match with the stipulation being that it would be a fair fight. One-on-one, no interference and no cheating and I intend to do just that. This punk is going down, I can beat him by myself. Trust me. He will learn to respect us and he will learn why we are the team that will take those titles off of him and that gold loving bastard.”

P?: “But bro….”

DB: “No, I’m sorry. Its just me and him. No one else. But just incase, make sure that nobody comes down to help him but don’t touch him. He’s mine.”

P?: “Bro..”

DB: “I’ll see you in a few.”

*Divebomb leaves the room*

Divebomb v. Xille

JHA: “What the heck was that? Why would Divebomb tell P? to stay out of the match?”
JFA: “Maybe he’s actually trying to have a good match and not cheat for once.”
JHA: “He always has good matches but like P? said, this would be a great time for them to get some revenge for losing the titles.”
JFA: “I guess well just have to wait and see what happens.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Lancaster, OH he is one half of the AWF tag team champions…….XILLE!”

Bleed out all empathy...
I have to believe them (lies)
In order to attain fulfillment
I have to succumb to (lies)
All my inner fears that tear at me
I will never believe them (lies)
I'm sick of the weakness that controls me
Now that I have fallen, I will not repent

“High Wire Escape Artist - The X-mix” by Boysetsfire blasts from the speakers as Xille blasts through the curtains and onto the stage and the crowd gets to their feet and cheer. He poses for the crowd for a few seconds then makes his way down to the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and poses one more time.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent. From Burnaby, BC he is one half of the NWA……DIVEBOMB!”

As the opening few seconds of “My Last Serenade” by Killswitch Engage begin to play over the PA we see Divebomb slowly walk out onto the stage, he gets to the top of the ramp and stops just looking at his opponent in the ring as the crowd boo him relentlessly. Suddenly the music picks up and Divebomb just points at Xille and you can see him mouthing the words, “Your mine!” Divebomb walks down and climbs into the ring and the ref rings the bell.

JFA: “Well Divebomb has gotten some new music and looks like he pumped up for this match here tonight.”
JHA: “Can you blame him, he’s been waiting for this match for a few months now, well I guess you can say he’s been waiting for this match since Xille joined the AWF and started ticking him off and he was the one that took the tag titles from him. He’s got a lot of motivation.”
JFA: “True but Xille has been waiting for it that long too.”
JHA: “It’s not the same.”

The two start off the match with Xille moving around the ring and Divebomb just watching him. Finally they tie up in the center of the ring and Divebomb shoves Xille violently into the corner and just waits for him to get up. Xille gets back to his feet and they tie up in the center again. This time Divebomb just forces Xille back into the corner and the ref breaks it up. But as Divebomb starts to move back he lunges in with a punch. Xille sees it coming and quickly ducks out of the way and spins Divebomb around and lays a few quick kicks into his gut then whips him into the other corner. Xille trying to take advantage of sudden damage he had done quickly follows Divebomb and slams hard into him with a jumping body splash that drops Divebomb to the mat in the corner.

JFA: “Wow Xille with a few explosive kicks and a body splash and now seems to be in complete control.”
JHA: “Come on Divebomb, you can’t let that little punk do this to you.”
JFA: “Xille now quickly dragging Divebomb out of the corner and slamming down hard on him with a leg drop. He climbs the ropes and another leg drop from the middle rope.”
JHA: “Divebomb, what the hell is going on?”
JFA: “Xille with the cover. And Divebomb kicks out at two. Xille seems to have stunned the former tag champ here.”
JHA: “Would you just shut up.”

Xille drags Divebomb to his feet and slams him to the mat with a snap suplex. He gets to his feet and poses for the now wildly cheering fans. After a few seconds he walks over to Divebomb and drives a few kicks into his side and then locks in a boston crab.

JFA: “Xille with the submission move here and he might just be able to make Divebomb give up.”
JHA: “It will never happen. Ever, he doesn’t give up.”
JFA: “Yeah but it doesn’t seem like Xille does either.”

Divebomb slowly starts crawling to the ropes. The ref starts continually asking Divebomb if he gives up and Xille fights as hard as he can to stop Divebomb but eventually Divebomb grabs the bottom rope and the ref breaks the hold. Xille poses for the crowd and begins to taunt Divebomb for not putting up a better fight then drags him to his feet. Xille tries to whip Divebomb into the ropes but Divebomb reverses it and slams Xille to the mat with a huge powerslam.

JFA: “Divebomb with a good counter and now both men are down and the ref begins the count.”

Xille starts to get up.
Divebomb starts to move.
Xille makes it to his feet and Divebomb gets to a knee.

Xille quickly rushes in and connects with a punch. Divebomb throws one back and the two begin trading punches. Lefts and rights, back and forth. Finally Divebomb forces Xille back to the ropes and whips him across the ring. Divebomb goes for a haymaker but Xille ducks and keeps running. He comes back and Divebomb goes for another and Xille ducks and keeps running. This time Xille jumps and tries to hit Divebomb with a cross body but Divebomb catches him and slams him down hard with a body slam.

JFA: “Divebomb taking control here as he just slammed Xille hard to the mat.”
JHA: “I told you he would do it.”
JFA: “The match isn’t over yet.”
JHA: “It might as well be.”

Divebomb drags Xille to his feet and levels him with a snap powerbomb then picks him up and throws him into the corner. He hits him with a series of elbow strikes then whips him into the opposite corner and follows him in with a stinger splash. Xille starts to stumble out of the corner but before he can fall Divebomb kicks him in the gut and powerbombs him back into the corner and then watches him fall to the mat. Divebomb feeling the momentum shifting back into his favor taunts the crowd and Xille as he walks around the ring.

JFA: “Divebomb looking in complete control now after a bad start.”
JHA: “Ah he was just trying to make it look interesting.”
JFA: “Oh aren’t you getting cocky now that he’s back in control.”
JHA: “Oh whatever, he’s winning and that’s all that matters.”

Xille starts getting to his feet and Divebomb just stands back and waits. After a few moments Xille makes it to his feet and turns to face his opponent. Divebomb charges and goes for a clothesline but at the last moment Xille ducks and Divebomb goes crashing into the ref knocking him down and out. Divebomb looks at the ref and shrugs then turns around. Just as he turns Xille kicks him in the gut and drops him with a tornado face buster.

JFA: “Xille just took out Divebomb with his finisher, The Last Mile.”
JHA: “Yeah but too bad for him there is no ref.”

Xille goes for the cover and the crowd starts to count. 1..2..3..4..5 Finally Xille notices the ref is down and walks over to try and revive him. Divebomb starts to come too.

JFA: “What the hell is this, a man in a hoody just jumped over the guard rail and has grabbed a chair.”

The hooded man jumps up onto the apron and swings the chair but at the last second Divebomb gets to his feet and shoves Xille out of the way and the hooded man tries to let up but before he can stop it the chair comes crashing down onto the head of Divebomb. The man shows some frustration as Xille quickly nails him with a drop kick that sends him crashing down to the floor and into the announcers table. Xille yells at him then looks at the fallen Divebomb. He seems to struggle with his with the situation for a moment then climbs the ropes and poses for the crowd and calls for the Lobotomy. He watches as the hooded man quickly gets up and runs up the ramp, and then shakes his head and jumps. Just as he is about to hit Divebomb, Divebomb rolls out of the way and Xille crashes hard to the mat.

JFA: “I can’t believe it, Divebomb rolled out of the way and now both men are down.”
JHA: “Yeah and look. The ref is finally coming too.”

The ref gets to his feet and sees both men are down again but by the time the count gets to 6 both men are up and on their feet except Divebomb has his back to Xille. Xille turns him around and kicks him in the gut and drags him to the corner and signals for the Last Mile again. He grabs Divebomb's head but just as he just jumps to spin him around Divebomb quickly grabs hold of him and throws him up onto his shoulders. He quickly taunts the crowd then drops Xille down with the Samoan neckbreaker.

JFA: “Divebomb just countered the Last Mile and levelled Xille with his finisher, The End. The ref starts counting.”
JHA: “1…2…3! HAHAHAHAHAHA, I told you he would do it.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match……DIVEBOMB!”

The fans start to boo as “My Last Serenade” starts again and Divebomb slowly makes it too his feet holding the back of his head and the ref raises his hand. Divebomb looks down at the floor outside the ring and sees the dented chair and shakes his head then heads. He looks at Xille and can be heard saying, "That belt is mine." Then heads to the back.

Warzone 10 man battle royal: Strafe, G91, Viewfind, Ravage, Wolfang, Morpheus, Amarant Odinson, Cloudstrifer, ?????, ?????.

JFA: This is going to be interesting; this will give the views an idea of the Archivebowl.

RA: Introducing the 10 men that will compete in tonight’s special event. In order, Strafe, Erik ‘The Game91’ Summers, ‘Blingzilla’ Viewfind, Big Bad Daddy Rav, Wolfang, Amarant Odinson and 2 mystery competitors.

The AWF’s all walk up single file except for Viewfind and Ravage who are discussing tactics. The Cerebral Assassin walks down the ramp in his natural flamboyant nature as Amarant walks along with head held high.

All eight men wait in the ring as the last two men are coming to the ring.

RA: And hailing from Vancouver British Columbia --- BLASTER!!

Joey: I don’t believe it!
Flec: HA! He’s running down the ramp with Hockey Stick and hand as the rest of the ring goes into a feeding frenzy. Everybody is wailing on everybody. Blasters in the ring, he’s broken the Hockey Stick in half over CloudStrifer’s head, and yes their he goes.
Flec: Where did he come from?!
Joey: Blaster came from the back en---
Flec: No not him idiot, Thundercracker.

Thundercracker slides under the bottom rope as the bell rings and CloudStrifer goes over.

Flec: Well this is going to be good.
Joey I’ll say, Viewfind and Ravage have formed a partnership and is taking everybody to town.
Flec: Ouch, that had to hurt. Super kick to the face of Ravage and stumbles into Wolfang, and now their going at it. Strafe is testing Morpheus, Amarant is taking on Blaster and now Thundercracker, The Game and Viewfind are now beating the hell out of each other. Their goes Strafe, over the tope rope. Morpheus is blind sighting Thundercracker now. Pay back for Mayhem.

The three referee’s watch as Blaster is knocked over the top ropes by Amarant.

Joey: Is he going to fall off, he’s got two hands on the ropes, Amarant thinks he’s got him. Blaster, skinning the cat, gets backs up and gets Amarant from behind. Ravage is beating down on Wolfang in the corner as Viewfind and Erik Summers still fight constantly.
Flec: Viewfind trying to get the upper hand, but the game with a kick to the side weakens him and oowwwww a knee to the face. Viewfind is down. Morpheus just got KO’d by Thundercracker, and goes for rolling thunder, what impact.
Joey: Wolfang gets out of the hole he’s in, manages to get Ravage into a collar cuff, but the big man pushes Wolfang back down. What the?
Flec: HA! Blaster just came from behind and threw Ravage over the top rope, and when he did that Amarant threw him over the top rope.
Joey: We are now down to six wrestlers now. Thundercracker trying to through Morpheus out of the ring, the game giving him a hand.

As The Cerebral Assassin helps Thundercracker Viewfind manages to get up and go after Wolfang. He grabs Wolfang and successfully administers the Philly Pimp Drop. Thundercracker and The Game manage to get Morpheus over the top ropes as Amarant comes up and attacks Galvatron91. Thundercracker goes over and to the top ropes.

Flec: Viewfind watching Wolfang carefully, he sees Thundercracker and smiles. Thundercracker going for the Five Star Frog Splash. Nails Wolfang and TC’s hurt. Viewfind doesn’t care; he’s got the former champ and thrown him over the top rope.

Glass Shatters

Joey: No ****ing way!
Flec: Where is he?
Joey: Don’t know, wait!

StoneCold Skywarp comes from the crowd with a steel chair in hand and slips under the top rope.

Flec: Down goes, Amarant, down goes Viewfind, he hits Wolfang for good measure. And now he turns and sees the Game.
Joey: Earlier the game and SCS were made partners in the Archivebowl, now it seems that he’s decided that --- woaahhhhh!
Flec: SCS just hit the game, he just knocked him out!
Joey: He’s stone cold! *snigger*
Flec: Smartest thing you’ve ever said. And now Warp is getting a few beers. He’s pouring them over Galvatron91, he goes to the turn buckles, and he toasts the audience. He’s showing off.
Joey: He’s proving a point, that he can win the Archivebowl.

Skywarp leaves the ring with beers in hand and giving the StoneCold Salute to the ring.

Flec: Viewfind is starting to stir. Wolfang is completely still. He’s taken a beating tonight. Amarant is using the ropes to pull himself up. The game is in the corner leaning up against it.
Joey: View is up first, sees Wolfang. Over the top ropes he goes. He goes for G91, baseball slide to the midsection, he’s out of it. Viewfind grabs the game and hoists him up and throws him into the ropes. The game is too weak, he goes over.
Flec: And now were down to two. Viewfind looks on as Amarant leans on the ropes. Viewfind goes for the charge. Oh My God!
Joey: Amarant ducks, pulls down the ropes and Viewfind is sent flying.

Bell rings

RA: The last man eliminated from the Battle Royal and our winner: AMARANT ODINSON!

The crowd looks on as Amarant raises his arms. Shocked.

Joey: Well, maybe if he can do it here he can do it Overdrive. Well, SCS showing his true colours towards The Game, Reilly announces the card for Overdrive, Divebomb with a win over Xille, and The Wild One makes a debut in the AWF.
Flec: I’m Reflector, this is Joey Styles and you have been watching Warzone!

2004-10-23, 08:42 AM
D-Ex: The archivebowl is back yet again I see. Its nice to see who I got this year. Strafe, make no doubt THE XTREME, D-Extreme will be one hell of a partner for you in that match. Amarant and The Wild One, you guys better not get your hopes up in making the battle royal on Overdrive cause its gonna be the team of The TV Champ and The Xtreme one getting the pinfall/submission victory over your assess and advancing to the final leg of the archivebowl. Throughout my time here in the AWF, two events stand out, Archivemania and The Archivebowl. This year, I'm ready for anything. Amarant, savor your victory tonight, cause there aint no chance in hell your gonna win against us. Wild One, your new here at the AWF and I forgot to give you my welcoming present. Dont worry, D-Ex is gonna give you one hell of an welcoming X-OCUTION.

When its all said and done, me and Strafe are gonna win the tag match, I'll advance to the battleroyal and hopefully, D-Extreme will be the winner of this Archivebowl. And to you people thinking 'why in the blue hell is this drunk b*stard think he is saying that he will win this year?', I'll tell you why.

*D-Extreme grabs his singapore cane and grabs a can of uncle snake's imported beer. He tosses it in the air and hits it with a swing of the cane. He looks at the camera*

D-Ex: Like a homerun, D-Extreme is gonna run EVERY bases at the Archivebowl. At Overdrive, get ready for the most Xtreme Xperience of your lifetime!

OOC: been a while. Glad to see Warzone posted. I cant wait to see Overdrive.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-10-23, 12:45 PM
How quickly these people forget, I don't care who you are, what you've achieved, if you think you're my friend or my enemy. One thing remains; NEVER piss off a Rattlesnake, NEVER take your eye off the game and DON'T TRUST ANYBODY!

The Wild One
2004-10-23, 01:09 PM
*Stand beside the man doing his promo, raising the fist, incititing chants of "WWWiiiilllldddddd-OOOOnnnnnneeeeee, WWWWWIIIIILLLLLDDDDD-OOOOOONNNNNEEEEE!"*

I came here to prove one point, I am the Wildest damn person in the archive! And I did just that. But first thing first. I didn't expect to be teamed up with Judge Death. But when the smoke settled, and the dust cleared, and the arms were raised. I knew one thing. The JUDGE had my back!!! Note this, the concussion that I just gave out, showing someone what it is like when *crowd chanting along* ITS...TIME....TO.....GET.......WILD!!!!!

Now, on to my next peace of buisness. Judge Death. I want you to come out here right now. Why? Because I do things right. I what I want to do, is tell you face to face, thanks for having my back. I owe you one. Now I offer you my hand. If you come out here and shake my hand, I promise, I will have you back when you need it.

*The Wild One stands and waits for his previous tag partner to come out.*

2004-10-23, 04:18 PM
You just couldn't do it, could you, Divebomb? You had to have someone else there. You had to go and ruin what could very well have been the one and only fair one on one match we'll ever have. You couldn't handle it. You had to have someone attempt to help you.

That's not the only problem, though. You even screwed up your own plan! It backfired, and, although you tried to cheat, in my infinite patience and chivalry, I gave you time to recover. This obviously backfired on me, but I still attempted to make the fight fair even after you attempted to ruin it. There's moral victory number one.

Not that it really mattered, since I already beat you halfway through the match. Ref or no, I had you down for three, and that's a moral victory in my book. So I guess I won two to one, Divebomb. It doesn't even matter that you got the three.

Now onto more pressing issues, the Archivebowl. I know what you're all thinking. Xille has to team up with a mystery partner! There's no way he's going to win! And he's going up against Strifer, the man who almost singlehandedly won a four post elimination match for the IC title a few shows back, as well as his partner, the copycat, Virus!

Well, fear not, my fellow eXiles, the X isn't out of it yet. I don't care if I'm forced into a handicap match against Strifer and Virus, I'll still take them on and win. I've stood up to Cs before, and there's nothing about the man that worries me.

So don't worry, everybody, the X will be in that bowl, and he's gonna put on one hell of a show while he's in there. Is he going to win? Maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on how many friends and how many enemies I've got inside that squared circle. I can tell you this, though. After that match absolutely no one in this federation is going to be able to deny... the power of X.

Remember that.

2004-10-23, 05:54 PM
OOC: Ok here something I want to discuss. First of all I love the AWf and in its resent transition I was waiting for some good to happen. I guess it didn't. Let me explain. First with this warzone, yes it was a fine show, but there was something wrong. The Battle Royal, first no one mentions me in the 8 that were discribed there causing me confusion wheater I am in the match or not. Second what has this match got to do with me. Why am I fighting almost all high carders when frankly I maybe Mid-Carder or ever low-carder? Frankly let me tell you something.

Its been almost a year since I joined the AWF and I expected that in the first few months I might lose all and was alright. Now it seems I am just a filler material for when thier isn't anybody to fill it up with and I am the first person out. I am fine with lossing some of the time, but I haven't even recieved any sort of push or even a small push. Fine I win over some people but then it stops. Where is the match with NMat that would have been a possible fued? Its like its gone in thin air with the belt. My fued with OP that both of us wanted since none of us got anything to do? Ignored. I am guessing either the writers hate me or have it agianst me and don't listen or they do listen and ignore me.

Look, I tried to improve my character. I tried to change him from a Brawler to a Brawler/Technical sort of what a GoldBurg/Ken Shamrok would be, yet to see any of my new moves (with the exception of finnishers which have been far and few in between) as of 04-27-2004. Its been 6 months since I changed and yet the writers or the helpers post that they need new profiles. I don't understand it. If your not using my new styles or moves and you want me to update it? For what? I have yet to see any improvement in my charcter. Frankly, I try to improve hell I do improve with my smack talk and what not, and it dawns to me. I may improve it yet I am still protrade as a bumbling idiot. What the hell?

Fine the writers may not like my style or they want me going in another direction, they don't say it or even PM it. Hell, I PMed Vin Ghostal last month since he was the new leader or whatever but that was last month. He doesn't know that He has a PM or is ignoring it?

Finally in my closing I veiw this. There has been trouble over what to do and people having no time or whatnot. Which is fine, I know they have lives. Yet agian I witness this that I am paired by someone I do not know, Virus? What the hell? It would be more amazing if he and I had a fued or a current one and it would be a twist. Yet I am guessing they needed someone to fill in agian and I bet, with very good odds, that I will lose. Either his fault or mine. It doesn't matter, the result will be the same. People pushed over me who came more recently while I am stuck in a runt. Writers PM me if you want any change, even if you want to change my freaking name. God, am I to be Hacksaw Jim Duggen in the AWF?!?!

2004-10-23, 06:57 PM
The camera fades in from black, and reveals a traditional cemmetary; gray and faded tombstones, over grown weeds, and some sobbing in the far away background.

It pans, and reveals Ignavus standing in front of a freshly dug grave. The camera zooms into the tombstone, and we see that it says "Joshua 'Ignavus' Johnston, he was lazy, then he died."

Igz turns to the camera,

"Thank you for coming to this sad occassion. I'm sure Igz would have been glad that you all could have come. It's so ironic that he died from his phobia - secret ninja attack. Out of all the things - the one thing he was most afraid of. At least he got the chance to look upon Auntie's wonderous face before he passed."

Igz, apparently responding to the confused look of the cameraman, abandons the mournful tone in his voice.

"Oh, you're wondering why I'm still alive? Well, after I died I realized that, while on the surface it would appear that 'the eternal sleep' would be my heaven, it's actually kinda boring. So I decided to come back."

The cameraman is now even more confused, to judge it based on Igz's reaction.

"That's right, I reincarnated. Anyone out there who feels obligated to worship me now, by all means - feel free. If you'd like to make any donations, the number is 1-800-GOD-DEAD."

At this the cameraman drops the camera, and walks away. Not to fear, however, for Igz picks it up himself, and continues his rant.

"Now, as for that match. I hesitate to call it a match. More like travesty. GC? I was pretty sure I still kinda had a match booked against you... as I offered to help Bombers a freakin forever ago. Also: I thought you were a face? I don't blame you though...

Wild One? Freakin A... you're proud of hitting your finisher on me? From behind apparently? You know what, you should be proud, I have the feeling that's the greatest you'll ever accomplish. We all know the reason you "won" that match, and that's...

Judge Death. I suspect you and me was the whole reason that travesty occured. Fine, so be it. We'll be facing off again at Overdrive, and then hopefully we'll get to take on Ravaged together. And after that? You and me, alone, no more tag matches or excuses. Im tired of this.

And now, I have to make a very big point. I didn't lose that match. Hell, it's still technically going on, right now. Wild One, the eternal genius, pinned the wrong competitor. Even though GC came running in, I hadn't tagged him yet. Read the match. I was stilll the legal man. I still am the legal man. I don't know who booked this thing, but holy hell! I'd expect some professionalism, at least a little! So I guess if either of you two actually wants to end this match... I'll be right here, mourning for myself. Ah... I was too pretty to die."

The Wild One
2004-10-23, 07:46 PM
First off, you dumb ass came in the ring against me. You might as well tagged yourself in. Then you turn you back on me. You seem to suffer from severe laziness. I'm not proud of kicking some lazy person's ass. I'm proud of how my tag partner handled himself. I'm proud that he is willing to back me up. Wether or not we tag again, it dosen't matter.

You don't turn you back on you opponent in the ring. Who the hell does that? I will answer for you, someone who wants to get beat. Baddly. So go drink you cafine and energy drinks. Wake yourself up, and see how bad you screwed up.

Besides, if you aren't the legal man, what the hell are you doing in the ring? Don't cry about getting you ass kicked. Get over it!!!

EDIT: OOC: I corrected the spelling error. :wall: Man I need to quit doing that.

2004-10-23, 08:12 PM
Originally posted by The Wild One
Besides, if you aren't the legal man, what the hell are you doing in the ring?

That's the problem, genious. You pinned the wrong guy. The ref made the wrong call. Even though it may say it in the books, everyone knows that you did not win that match,

Amarant Odinson
2004-10-23, 08:45 PM
Amarant Odinson is in the back after his victory in the 10 man battle royal. Keith Kencaid shows up with a camera crew in tow to get a few words.

K.K. We are here with The Rabid Wolverine, Amarant Odinson and first off, that was a impressive return for you in tonight's main event.

A.O. Well, it's good to be back Keith. It think the time off was just what I needed to focus on what I want out of life. And what I want is the AWF World Hevayweight Title.

K.K. And that's what's at stake at the Archivebowl. The winner gets a World Title shot, but you need to beat D-Ex and Strafe just to advance to the Archivebowl match. How do you feel about that?

A.O. It doesn't matter to me who I have to go through. I've beaten both men before and as long as this new kid... What's his name again?

K.K. The Wild One?

A.O. Right, well if The Wild Child or Wild Thing or whatever. If this kid does his job and stays out of my way, then there's no question that I'll move on and then I will win the Archivebowl battle royal just like I did tonight. I will take them all out one by one if I have to. I will not be denied my chance at the World Title.

I don't care who has it and I don't care who I have to go through to get it. I showed the world that The Rabid Wolverine is back and the rest of you peons in the back better start paying attention. Because none of you can stop me from my goal. No one is better than me, for I AM PERFECTION. I am THE BEST DAMN TECHNICAL WRESTLER in this business and I'll show the wrold just that when I win the Archivebowl and then I make the champion TAP OUT.

At the Archivebowl, I will realize my dream. My destiny will be fulfilled. I'll beat D-Ex and Strafe, I'll throw every single damn competetor out of that battle royal and I will beat Siwswitch or Morpheus for the AWF World Heavyweight Title. These aren't dreams, Keith. They're just fact.

At the end of the night, the world will finally realize, like or not, that no one has a chance in hell to beat me. No one... Look at me when I say this Keith, NO ONE.... WILL EVER ....PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-10-23, 11:15 PM
Withered hands, withered bodies, begging for salvation...

>Judge Death emerges from behind the curtain, staring around in confusion at the slightly positive greetings from the crowd. He ponders this fact in silence for a moment, before shaking his head and plodding onwards to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and swiping - with maybe a bit too much force, considering the resultant claw marks - a microphone from the RA. He scratches his mouldy tongue with one talon before speaking.<

"Wild One? Nicce perfformancce, but I will come back to thhat in jusst a moment..."

>Death faces the big...screen-thingy, and addresses Ignavus as if he were actually on said screen.<

"Ignoramuss? Thhoughh I havve not perssonally checked your sstatement, I admit thhat thhere iss a good chancce thhat you are quite right. I mean, thhat deccission wass made by a refferee, ferchrisssakess. Thhey get hired bassed on how ffar away ffrom thhe perffect 20/20 thheir eyessight iss. And thhat guy probably thhought Wild wass pinning me or ssomethhing...in shhort, he wass obvvioussly a moron, and I can ssee why thhiss upssetss you. But yess, we will meet again at Ovverdrivve, and oncce again, it will be a ssodding tag match, and I...am partnered withh...withhh...okay, maybe I wass not paying much attention during thhe announccement. Thhat irishh guy givvess me a necrotic migraine. Which I am ffairly ccertain iss not ssuppossed to exxisst. Oh, well...withh any luck, our little ssquabble will be ovver and done withh by ssometime in thhe nexxt ccentury, iff all goess to plan. Ass ffor thhe match sstill going on...well, iff it did not end in thhe ring...thhen we'vve probably all been counted out by now. Ssso thhat iss a draw, yesss?"

>Death turns back to Wild One.<

"Now, about what you were ssaying..."

>Death's jaw twitches rapidly. His right hand raises partly as he steps forward in a halting manner, before...<


>Death turns around, stepping backwards and holding his helmet in the thumb and forefinger of his right hand, breathing heavily. He wipes his face with the same hand before speaking again.<

"I'm...ssorry, Davve, I can't do thhat right now..."

>Death pauses and stares blankly to the side in puzzlement.<

"Where thhe heck did thhat come ffrom? Ehh, whatevver...I am not trying to offfend you, Wild One, but I cannot acccept your offfer. Like it or lump it, your being teamed withh me hass not changed your sstatuss. You are sstill a sssinner in my eyess, and thhosse of God. And I would ssevver my own head beffore I evven conssidered acccepting aid ffrom an unclean one."

>Death sighs deeply and turns to face Wild One again; he almost seems to be genuinely sorry.<

"Ass it sstandss, I will shhow you a brieff period off resspite ffrom my wrathh, ass a token off my goodwill...iff thhere iss ssuch a thhing. And I do apprecciate your efffortss, desspite my missgivvingss about being teamed withh an impure being. But I cannot allow any ffeelingss off mere cheerffulnesss to divvert me ffrom my goalss...and thhere iss no arguing withh thhat. Thuss, thhiss matter iss concluded. Adieu..."

>Death drops his microphone, which emits a squawk of static feedbak when it hits the mat, before slowly making his way back up the ramp, head hung low...<

2004-10-24, 01:57 AM
OOC: Cloud, I know your kinda wondering why your paired with Virus. But remember its the ARCHIVEBOWL. I think its a random drawing of lots. I still remember the time they paired...uhm....uhm......ok that was a bad example. Sorry, I'll shut up now :(


D-Ex: You beaten both of us Amarant? Yeah, if you call me tapping on the mat with you getting pinned a victory, then fine call it. Cause as I recall I proven you wrong, 1 time..oh wait...2 times! And now you say its destiny for you to win? Boy, like your fluke win against me, your win tonight was a fluke. Wanna prove me wrong? Hah, then go ahead Amarant. But when you meet me in that tag match, your luck is gonna run out. Simple as that my frend. After I'm done with you and Wild One, its straight to the battle royal, baby!!! You cant beat me, I'm The XTREME...dammit!

2004-10-24, 03:26 AM

Look, its not that I am paired up with the guy that I am worried about. It the fact that they have so many inactive westlers that are being carried by the writiers that make me sick.

For example, I haven't seen Virus post much or even if anything. Blaster was in the warzone royal, yet he has to post anything. NMat hasn't posted in a while and yet he still has the belt! Strafe if ever posts in here and he has the TV title belt!

I mean come on. Why place belts in these no shows while there are others that could deserve them and could be very entertaining holders. I mean Xille, D-Ex, OP2005, and other who have posted here would be better because they so smack talk and do increase or try to increase thier presona. I for example would love a belt, yet I know now is not the time even tough I would love it. NMat angle would work well if I won it, he won it by the GPA and then he wins it for the final time. Not only would I have held the belt until the next ppv, but it would make it interesting. Yet look, he is gone without the trace and the belt is now with Eric, a high carder who I can't dream of challenging because I would know the outcome, which is defeat for me. It was my character's right to challenge him first yet he got a shot at it, while it would be me to assume that an angle would start.

Strafe as the TV champion, while I had a match with him before a couple of months back, it would be great if I got a rematch, and I tried to smack talk him, yet he never responded and I began with OP. I mean Strafe has been the TV champion for what March and none have betten him? What the Hell would I say. If the TV title is for the newbies I assume, why the hell is a high mid carder holding it since march? It doesn't make sense.

As for the other 2 titles, Championship (They have 2 of them, and I am confused as hell whihc one is which) and the Tag team, they have been either been held for months without changing of hand whcih would bring fresh blood and work angles they have been placed in the hands of those who don't seem to defend them much.

However the changing of hand has set it back, yet it seems so unreasonable that the same people for months who hold them. The Euro Belt was retired, why? There are many who could work out angles for the belt and they should bring it out of retriement. There are 14 yes count 14 give or take some inactive ones that could fight for this belt. Yet it seems to go unnoticed. There should be the creation of the North America belt where double the number of people would fight for yet. Yet I have to see a change in thier stalemated why to change any of this.

The more I see the more I understand how the low carders and the mid carders are more than filler matterial for the high carders to pound apon and not be used if given a slight push. Hell not all of them need a push at the same time. Give the newbies the change of the TV title, and strip it off Strafe. Make them fight for it and they lose it after 1 month in which they either stay to bulk up or given a push to try to take thier regions belt which is the Euro or the NA belt. The high carders should stay with the big belts and only when they see improvement any mid carders should be promoted to the high card while one High card should start off at the bottom. Until that happens the High carders should fight amongst themselves over the belt.

This advice for one person perpective of why its so stale right now. Mix it up a little try to even bring back the titles that are defunt. If any major change doesn't happen, all will stay the same except the high carders change thier belts for one another and each hold it up for six months this will go nowhere and AWF will close. Saddly we will all miss it. Writers take heed.

2004-10-24, 03:54 AM
IC: Black Zarak, I hope your buddy Wolfang will learn a lesson from this, it show you that alone I have destructive power. If yo punk ass pisses me off more he'll wake up in Boston with no kidneys and now liver.


OOC: Cloud, PM me. If you want/need to talk to anyone, I'm the one from now on, kinda.

Auntie Slag
2004-10-24, 10:32 AM
OOC: I think Cloudstrifer makes some great points. The only thing I’d be weary of is saying just who is inactive. Warzone has been back barely a day or two and some of these people may be yet to realise it. Strafe, for example, could turn up here next week and step back in. Its happened before.

Still, shaking things up a bit is always cool in my book. Its what keeps things fresh after all, and super feuds are the stuff of drama and high entertainment. I’d dig an Op2005/Cloud angle, especially considering their long history. Now obviously I wouldn’t want to see, say, Judge Death take the AWF Championship belt next week coz that’s just not realistic and would make a mockery of everything, what’s more interesting is the development of the character and trials and tribulations and all that gaff. Blaster, Morpheus and more recently Xille have incredible histories by that measure.

I know you have to make your own destinies here and its what’s said in your smack talk that can determine how your character progresses and what kind of angle he takes. Just in my own opinion I think Cloud’s been pretty shafted in his time here and he deserves a rant as his character wasn’t just another Undertaker and as he said, has tried to take him in different directions to provoke something.

Ultimately, its just gotta be bloody good fun being a mad wrestler in this thing and its valid if time and time again you’re getting the shaft in spite of trying. Some sort of angle’s got to take at some point.
Again, all my own opinion. I’m just here to do filler material but god I love reading the big feuds coz that’s the beef in the sunday roast, innit? And nothing warms up a rainy, damp day that a steaming mug o' tea and reading how D-Ex pastes long time nemesis Unicron with a gin-soaked rocket launcher from the top of a 20-foot steel ladder before the nepalese judge has time to change his pants and a rioting crowd are screaming blue murder, hoisting their heroes home-made placards high.

2004-10-24, 12:29 PM
OOC: I have to agree as well. Things don't exactly happen as planned. I mean I remember the times were I was posting but I wasn't on the shows at all for a good amount of time.

The whole wins and losses thing I can kind of accept but when according to the stats you've really got the worst record here its not very inviting.

Really I've had two great fueds I've been happy with here and really thats about it. That would have been the nTo fued and the Cloudstrifer fued. They are the only matches that were really good for me because they were fun to do and see evolve.

Best not rant and rave here but just things were messed up for my character too since he's came back really. Beforehand it was a great time in the AWF for me. Thankyou.

On another note its good to see the AWF getting started up again. And I can only hope it continues well.

2004-10-24, 12:53 PM
OOC: I agree with Cloud as well, trust me, but this place has been DEAD for the last 3 months. This was just a 'thrown' together card to get thigns jumped started again. We had to put something up otherwise this would be a no go.

We 'behind the scenes' are trying our best to get this thrown together. As somone HASN't pointed out, not ONE title match in the entire card. This pure and simply a kick start to the AWF. As soon as Overdrive is up things will kick off, and changes will be made.

As with this discussion, please keep it to PM's.

Thank you.

2004-10-24, 06:26 PM
Well well well...it looks like Warzone is back in Action and so is The Whole F'n Show. And soon after the coming of Warzone...we have the archivebowl. The even which I will once again reclaim my #1 contendership position for the World Title, then soon after win my belt back. So I look at the first matchup, I'm teamed with Divebomb for one....thats cool. I'm up for working with you since we have the same main goal in mind for the first round....advance. Then I look at our opponents...Tommy and the Mystery Man. For craps sake man, I dont know who either of these guys are, and I'm doubting they will be good. So it looks like an easy advancement to the second round for big D and me

2004-10-24, 07:29 PM
OOC: I gots to go with Cloud, I mourn for the midcarders, and us low-carders too. That may have something to do with the fact that I'm a greedy greedy man... but hey, what the hell.

Titles aren't neccessary for a fued. If you need a title to get something started, maybe you should rethink your strategies. However, they do add heat to a fued, and they do create ways to start new ones. They are certainly a staple in the industry.

So, given the influx of low carders, why is Strafe, who I've never met but I assume is good, still with the TV title? And why not have a title for us newbies? I know a lot of the people who signed up recently were willing to give this place a shot, but couldn't find their niche. Seems like that would be a good way to get them started.

Why not throw myself, JD, Tommy and Sparky (if they're around, which I kinda doubt), some of the new people, anyone who was here before me who's still "new," and even >shudder< Wild One (just kidding, bro) in a ring together and see who wins? I've been doing some writing with Xille, and I'd be willing to write this one out too.

I'm just ranting, however, so whatever you guys decide to do is fine with me

Auntie Slag
2004-10-24, 08:56 PM
Nah, you’re quite right Igz. There’s been loads of people who’ve been and gone from the AWF in its 32 years of existence. Off the top of my head I can remember people like Omega Denmad, Turbo Charger, UPF, Raiden, Zenithvii, Wheelie, Omega, Sean Coughlan and Lord Chaos.
Some of them didn’t hang around long enough to even see themselves appear in a show.

I’m not crazy on too many belts myself because it limits feud opportunities. Some sort of newbie belt would create even more of a hierarchy than there already is. New guys should be able to go up against the veterans and test their mettle. Xille is a good example of this. He got straight in there and dished it out with the best of ‘em. A newbie belt could limit such bravura (if that’s even a word). I dunno, I like the belts the AWF had at the beginning; Championship, IC, Euro and Hardcore. That’s just enough segregation and everyone can mash in together and have the freedom to do their own things like forming teams, tag-teams and get involved in special events like Royal Rumble’s and so on.

Originally posted by Ignavus

So, given the influx of low carders, why is Strafe, who I've never met but I assume is good, still with the TV title?

I always thought the TV title was supposed to inject more excitement into the show. Isn’t it supposed to be that the champ defends his title week in, week out until he’s beaten? I don’t think the other belts carry such a charge, so the TV belt is unique in that it really pushes the contestants who want to go for it, or something. If anything a hell for leather newbie should enter for that belt and grow up fast and strong or die trying, as it were. A real test of AWF worth, and that’s fun, right? putting your character through his paces.

Originally posted by Ignavus

Titles aren't necessary for a feud. If you need a title to get something started, maybe you should rethink your strategies.

Couldn’t agree more.:smokin:

Tempest, I know you said you want to keep this discussion to PM’s but it is kind of interesting discussing it with the people its for. What’s the harm if the points are valid, worthwhile and stimulating?

Oh, and Strafe is/was a hard bastard. He held the Hardcore Championship belt among others, and was consistently good at hitting people. Silly Cow is the brainbox of AWF trivia as far as I know, he might have a link to a cool Strafe match. Do you Mr. Cow?

I’ve always liked that idea, I think Silly Cow’s done it before where in a post hell pull up a quote from a show from two years ago, where Shrapnel wastes somebody from the first Royal Rumble with a particularly vicious move. I dig that.

2004-10-24, 11:28 PM
First, Auntie, thank you for the kind words. It's nice to be noticed. Secondly, I've got to throw my support in for the "less is more" stance with the titles.

A title means something. You've gone in, put yourself through it all, and now you've got the gold to show it. Having too many titles make them mean less. We've got a solid amount of people here and I think having too many titles would string us out. You'd have only one or two people chasing a particular title at a time. And the worst part about that? The title would be the whole point of their feud. It wouldn't be about proving yourself, like it was with me against Ravage, it wouldn't be about Morpheus wanting to get back at Vinny G for stealing his dreams away from him, it would be about a piece of gold.

Now, I'm not against having those storylines, but they get really old (The gold gets old... HA). I say we stick with the belts that work, really try to encompass everything that we come up with in our posts, and try to get some positive change going.

And now I forget what I was talking about.

2004-10-24, 11:57 PM
*The camera comes on as we see Divebomb in his locker room pacing back and forth when in enters KK*

KK: "Hey Divebomb, can I get a word with you?"

*DB looks at him and just nods his head*

KK: "OK, tonight we saw your grudge match with Xille. This match has been talked about for a long time and now looks like it finally happened. How do you feel about the way it turned out?"

DB: "...... Well, I won. I got the three count......"

KK: "What seems to be the problem. I would have been expecting you to be celebrating in here after that."

DB: "I would have been if things didn't happen like they did."

KK: "What do you mean?"

DB: "I wanted a fair fight. I wanted a match with him where nobody tried to get involved and it almost happened. Now I don't know who tried to interfer but I have a good feeling about it. But now Xille acts like an ass and tries to blame me for it. I told everyone to stay away. I told them not to help, but once I get in that ring I can't control them. Hell I even tried to push Xille out of the way of the chair and even took the hit for him and he blames me."

KK: "Yes I saw that, he also said he got a moral victory out of it when the ref was down and he got the three count from the crowd."

DB: "I know, I heard him. He can saw whatever he wants but it wouldn't have happened if I didn't hit the ref and even if he did get the count on me, whatever."

KK: "You act like you don't care."

DB: "You know what, at the end of the night, I tried to keep it fair, I took the chair shot and I walked out the winner. But I am still not done with him. Hes got one more thing for me to take and thats my belt back."

KK: "Ok, do you think you and P? will get a shot at it soon?"

DB: "I don't know, but when we do, he better be ready."

KK: "Great. Now how about who you got paired with for the Archivebowl?"

DB: "TC. I am fine with that. I know I can trust him and just like he said we both have the same goal in mind. But once we hit the battle royal, its all fair game."

KK: "Well thank you Divebomb and have a good day."

DB: "Yeah, yeah."

*The screen gos black as KK leaves the room and Divebomb pulls out his cell phone and begins making a call.*

OOC: Cloud clean out your PM box

2004-10-25, 03:29 AM
OOC: Thanks for the complements, but I wasn't and am not doing this for my own good. I am doing this so that the writers and those still on can see what they need to change.

About my character, truth be told he did come as a Undertaker clone when the rest of the clones were comming in, but with the break of the Reapers, that died with it. The Stigma that was there before still latched on, and still does no matter if I changed that in the smack talk. The writers need to know what to do and how to do it. Before giving them a push, PM them and say what do they want. Of course everyone will be after gold, its obious everyone wants to be powerful. But I am not saying everything needs to be done. Take whatever sounds reasonable and work with it. If a person comes in the AWF and says he is for instance the British Bulldog clone, fine work with it for a few months and he or she might win one or two matches here and there. If he/she is still around, evaluate the smack talk. Say for instance this clone does OK smack talk, but needs to improve it. That is no reason to hold him back. Tell him by PM, that fine your doing OK not great but I have this small push idea and it might work. Before I give you this push, I want you to improve your smack talk by doing this this and this. The person does it while getting the push, and it makes them more happy and gives the writer a better view on how to work with him and what type of matches to work with. If the writers feels that this character would make a better heel PM that person saying that you would be great if you became a character that viewed others as being infearior to you because your Imperial British. The person might like that and therefore produces a little push. They can stay there until they improve thier smack talk more.

This will not only result in your having better lower and mid carders to work with but you might also get the filler material mentality to rest. Of course not everyone does great smack talk, and not everyone needs a month to get a push but those cream of the crop as they say need to be used. The Gruff was an example, he could be trained as another Triple H clone for the mid-carders yet he was under-used and left. Its not thier loss it both of ours loss. Loss of the character and loss of the angle that he could have provided.

As for the influx for the belts. There is great fear that it will strain and thin the AWF too much. I disagree. For example, the low carders. Some have great potenial some don't, thats a fact. Those that do however,a nd I am talking about those that stick around for a few months or even just stick around sould be after a belt. Lets call this a Newbie Belt. The Newbie belt is won by say A. A has the belt, B wants it. They have a fued in which crowd support A. A wins and keeps the belt. Because the writers see A and him doing good, they say fine you give up the Newbie belt and we will place you in the mid-card and see how you perform. So A gets out and performs well but doesn't win any shot of the belt yet and we don't want him too yet. He must prove himself here in the mid card that he is worthy of any sort of push. Have him feud with High Mid carders and see where he goes with it.

The newbie belt will not only given up after some sort of push has been agreed on, it will be kept for a minimum of 1 month. Thats 4 monday shows and 4 wenesday shows to prove himself. If he doesn't the belt goes to someone else within the 4 months and the former hold is told what he did wrong and must improve before it is held agian. This will keep the low carders happy and give them room to evole without having to be in a filler mentaility for god-knows when.

The Euro and the NA belt I discussed are not straining for the main belts. Its exculsivly used by the mid carders like the newbie belt, work good, get the belt, work better with the belt, drop the belt and go on to face high-carders. Simple and effective startergy to work with.

Xille, not picking on you just using you as an example, was catapluted to fight high-mid carders and high-carders from the moment he got here. Was that fair to the people who were below him expecting to have a push? No it wasn't. I bet some people, me inculded wondered what he had done right and why he was chosen before them. Change won't happen if the writers don't take notice, as experienced by many and that left for being ignored or being stuck where there are. Lets give an example. Me, after I beat Op and buried him alive, I tought wow what a string of luck. Lets see what they have for me next. And what happened? They dropped the ball. The made me fight people who didn't even care as they were fueding with others. Namely me vs Bombshell. Fine I beat him, but isn't he supposed to work with me in getting back at me? No because he was fueding with blaster. Which made even my simplist smack talk obsolete because he won't pay attention.

This is not how one does it. Fine if suppose I have had a match with say someone equal in rank and looking for one, that would have been better. But what I did was wonder aimlessly fighting people until Gruff came up and that was agian a fued and after, both of us were lost because either a) we were ignored or b)Cloudstrifer syndrome happened.

My point his this if there would have been a euro champion at that time and a battle royal happened to see the number 1 contender for that title and say Mirage knocked me out and I took him with me, I wouldn't go after the title right away, I would fued with him for being a idiot and knocking me out, and he would say the same and we would fight. A simple fued the crowd and readers would love. In short belts are needed to stimulate the lower and mid carders to do something and knock the fller syndrome off of thier minds because we all can't be Xilles.

Divebomb my pm box is empty. PM away.

2004-10-25, 03:43 AM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
OOC:we all can't be Xilles.

I don't know how to take that.

I feel like putting it in my sig.

2004-10-25, 03:47 AM
I'm pretty lazy. And apathetic. I'll get behind anything you guys decide.

A new title'd be good, but the way we're goin would be too. I'd just like to see the momentum get goin here again; more shows, more posting. And I'll help as much as I can in that regard.

Tempest, or whomever it is running this place at the moment, feel free to PM me. I humbly offer my lowly services.

Also, I'd like to have Auntie's babies. As soon as I figure out how.

Originally posted by CloudStrifer
we all can't be Xilles.

I'm perplexed.

You hold Xille up to a standard of achievement? Oh, if only you'd met him in real life. >Shudder< If only.

2004-10-25, 06:43 AM
The Game wipes some blood from his face as Lisa Lovelace approaches him.

LL: Game...you've just been knocked out of tonight's battle royale by your partner coming up in the Archivebowl, Stone Co...

Game: Stoned Jabbronie Skywarp...the Game is perfectly aware of what transpired out there Lisa. Now, why don't you sit back, hold the microphone and admire the Game, while the Game tells you exactly what he thinks of that beer swilling, foul mouthed piece of monkey crap. See, Stone Cold and the Game have been down this road before. The Game whupped his candy ass back at Archivemania One to become the AWF Champion...somewhere along the way, Stone Cold scored a HiaC victory over the Game and that is something the Game has not forgotten.

So here we are...after it seemed like that was all in the past, we head down this road once again. But as Bored Cold would say, the bottom line is this...nothing...AND THE GAME MEANS NOTHING...is going to stand in the Game's way from becoming the AWF Champion and bringing the belt back to the people once again...and that includes Stone Cold.

*The Game looks back down at Lisa, then turns and walks away*

The Wild One
2004-10-25, 12:31 PM
Judge, if ya don't want to shake my hand, your loss. I'm sure we will me, and it will be a titanic battle. Back to the match. Period, ole Igz shouldn't have been in the ring. With that being the case, one good turn deserves another. I mean c'mon, that is why it was called a tag match. You know, you need to to be tagged in. There is no one to blame except yourself.

2004-10-25, 02:13 PM
*OOC Great Show guys! I'll come up with something to say sooner or later....*

2004-10-25, 03:20 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus
You hold Xille up to a standard of achievement? Oh, if only you'd met him in real life. >Shudder< If only.

OOC: Please. You know I'm one of the most succesful guys in the area.


An ass, Divebomb? I'm the ass here? Who was the one that screwed up his own plan to cheat in our match? I sure as hell know it wasn't me. The X has said time and time again: he doesn't roll that way. And don't you even try that "I pushed the X out of the way" stuff with me. Even if that was what you were trying to do, I gave you time to recover, so we're even in that aspect.

What do I say, Divebomb, in light of all this cheating and whatnot? I'm still here, I've still got one half of the tag team titles, and I'm ready to go again any time that you are.

You'll walk that Last Mile again. I won't waste another chance to show you why you can't deny, Divebomb. I've come too far, thrown too many insults, had too many beatings, and made too many friends and enemies to waste another chance. The next time we step into the ring together, we had better both be going for broke.

Remember that.

2004-10-25, 08:54 PM
Originally posted by xille
OOC: Please. You know I'm one of the most succesful guys in the area.

OOC: Depends on how you define area. If you define area as that chair you're sitting in? Then sure. Besides, everyone knows I'm the money money playa of Huffy Hall. Biznog.


A section from the Diatribe of the Slacker:

Thou shalt not get involved. When one encounters ignorance, it is better to let it be: ignorance is self sustaining and will not fold to logic. Arguing with ignorance is simmilar to throwing onself against a brick wall: the wall remains and yet you are bloodied.

Wise words, wise words. Which is why, Wild One, I am not going to waste time explaining to you what a legal man in a tag match is. If you wanna go anywhere in this industry, I suggest you understand it. Once you prove to me you're worth my time, I'll deal with you, till then? I'm done with you, you aren't worth my time.

Now, as for Overdrive? I'm partnered with Mystery Partner 1. I've decided to temporarily name this ambigous figure Roberto. Roberto and I will make an excellent team. Roberto and I will knock your proverbial socks off, and your pragmatic ones as well. Roberto and I are an unstoppable force of pure tagable carnage. So.. yeah. Fear the Almighty Roberto. He is your God.

2004-10-25, 11:15 PM
Originally posted by xille
OOC: Please. You know I'm one of the most succesful guys in the area.

Hem Hem

*Points to 2003 Rookie of the Year, AWF LotM 2003, Membership card to the GPA Bathroom and Gargage and the key to the illuminati.*

All in my rookie year.

EDIT: *Adds in OOC*

I still got it baby ...

2004-10-26, 01:40 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
Hem Hem

*Points to 2003 Rookie of the Year, AWF LotM 2003, Membership card to the GPA Bathroom and Gargage and the key to the illuminati.*

All in my rookie year.

Hem Hem

*Points to "OOC:"*

Amarant Odinson
2004-10-26, 03:11 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
Hem Hem

*Points to 2003 Rookie of the Year, AWF LotM 2003, Membership card to the GPA Bathroom and Gargage and the key to the illuminati.*

All in my rookie year.

EDIT: *Adds in OOC*

I still got it baby ...


The voting was rigged, the tournament was a joke and the only reason why you have a membership card to the GPA bathroom is because you're their towel boy. :p

2004-10-26, 08:37 AM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson

The voting was rigged, the tournament was a joke and the only reason why you have a membership card to the GPA bathroom is because you're their towel boy. :p

OOC: Your just jealous. I have at least 70 Pimpin' rides waiting for me, and bathroom that can't be beaten.

And it was an offical trophy, and I won the tournament ... so there!

Raven Darkstorm
2004-10-26, 01:47 PM
Originally posted by Tempest
OOC: And it was an offical trophy, and I won the tournament ... so there!

OOC: He did win the TV title in the other fed that I won't name.
I find it ironic that he's yet to win an AWF title and won his first title (ALTMK it's his first title reign) in the other fed that I won't name.

IC: "Give me and my brother a tag-team title shot and we'll show
all of you that a StarStorm is coming and Hell's coming with it!"

2004-10-26, 02:08 PM
Piss off dip stick. If you want a shot at the gold you'll have to wait your turn just like everyone else, because those titles belong to the NWA.

2004-10-26, 02:59 PM
Sorry Raven, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm going to have to say that Divebomb is right here. He hasn't gotten his return match, and I'm sure that I might want one some day, so I'm going to see that he gets it.

Not that I have a personal need to face him in the ring again, or anything. That idea is just silly.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-10-26, 05:44 PM
Y'know somethin' Erik, you're so full of that stuff you come here spouting off about that you got it running hot and cold, it's fillin' your boots and can I suggest you wipe the corner of your mouth, cos you talk CRAP too.

Problem is that we gotta partner up here, you don't like it and I know that sure as hell I don't like it but if it brings me one step closer to where I need to be then StoneCold's gonna damn well lace up his stompin' boots, down a few Warpweisers with a few whiskey chasers and march his way down to the ring to whup a whole lotta - how'd you put it - CANDY ASS.

If that means I gotta go through you too, you can bet your ass that I'll steamroller right over you, you crap-talkin, word-rhymin, can't string a full sentence together without pretending to be macho, no-good sonnuva bitch.

2004-10-27, 01:52 AM
Originally posted by Ignavus
Now, as for Overdrive? I'm partnered with Mystery Partner 1. I've decided to temporarily name this ambigous figure Roberto. Roberto and I will make an excellent team. Roberto and I will knock your proverbial socks off, and your pragmatic ones as well. Roberto and I are an unstoppable force of pure tagable carnage. So.. yeah. Fear the Almighty Roberto. He is your God.

I don't think you all are comprehending the might that is Roberto. Roberto is the man, the god; people build golden statues of him... so he won't eat them. He eats people for breakfast. And has their teeth for a snack later.

Roberto shall rend you asunder! That's right, he's been practicing his rending, and he knows exactly where asunder is, and you will get your butt rended all the way there, and then to pizza hut. 'Cause Roberto will be hungry for breadsticky goodness. He yearns for them, as he will yearn for your soul!

And um... he's mean! GYAH!

2004-10-27, 02:58 AM
Oh, we are comprehending thhe might. Mmm-hmm. Yeah.


Okay, thhat iss a lie. Could you run it passt uss again? Jusst sso I am ssure ass to why I am ssuppossed to ffear ssomeone or ssomethhing which could be, ffor all we know...a sspanish midget?

*gasp* Thhat iss it! Mysstery Persson 1 iss...drumroll, pleasse...


I ssaid 'pleasse', did I not?

*drum roll*

Better. He will be...Mini-Me!

Or perhapss Wee Man ffrom thhat MTVvv shhow. I am not quite ccertain which one yet. But I am abssolutely ccertain thhat it will be a midget. An evvil midget. Withh a Deathh Ssstar cannon embedded withhin hiss belly-button, and, uhh...rocket ffingerss.

Meditate on thhiss, I shhall...

2004-10-27, 05:14 AM
D-Ex: As far as I can see, Judge Death, Ignavus, you two new punks think this archivebowl is a joke?! You cant win with mini-me, you cant even win with Wee 'F**in' man! Even though I happen to be Wee Man's no. 1 fan, I beg to differ that you will win with him JD. Currently he is pre occupied filming some sort of movie with mini-me. Thank your lucky stars my team aint your opponents on Overdrive. Boys, stand back on the bench as D-Extreme is gonna show you how to run the archivebowl feild. ANd if neccessary, I'll wear that football gear yet again. You know, the one I wore last year in my archivebowl promo? ;)

2004-10-27, 05:45 AM
*The Game walks out at a houseshow, wearing a DTA Stone Cold vest, swilling a beer and grabs a mic to the delight of the crowd*

Game: What?

*Crowd cheers*

Game: What? What? What? What?

*Crowd cheers louder as The Game in his SCSW outfit takes a large swig of beer, spilling most of the contents on himself, much the same way Stone Cold would*

Game: What? ahem ahem ahem...You know something? During the Archivebowl, old Stoned Cold will have to team with the People's Champion...the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today...the Game. What?

*The crowd continues to laugh and cheer the obviously overdone ab-lib*

Game: In fact, Stoned Old considers it an honor to have such a fine partner, after all, this beer swilling, foul mouthed, supposed toughest SOB in the AWF today in no way deserves to have such a partner...a partner that guarendamntees that we'll appear in the Archivebowl, where we'll mow through all the other AWF superstars and Stoned Old will have the honor of being the last one eliminated by the Game as he rieds his way to his fourth AWF Championship! And that's the bottom line...cause THE GAME SAID SO!

*The Game smiles as he exits the ring*

2004-10-27, 10:45 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
I beg to differ that you will win with him JD.
When and where did I ssay thhat I wass thhe one teaming withh him/her/it? You thhink I am thhat thhick? No, I leavve ssuch ffunctionss to monkeyss and peassantss. And Ignoramuss. But he iss thhe only one who enjoyss ssuch thhingss.

2004-10-28, 04:00 AM

Say Odinson how about we give this dance floor one mo spin.

Amarant Odinson
2004-10-28, 09:52 AM
You and I, Veiwfind? That's fine with me. You want a piece of the Rabid Wolverine so bad, then I'll see you in the Archivebowl. But this time around, I'll make you tap before I throw you out.

2004-10-28, 07:32 PM
Hold it right there, Game. Before you get all off in a flap about whether you're gonna beat Stone Cold, let's recap on who you're gonna be fighting after him if you want to get your mits on my belt. Erm, let me think... Oh yeah, that's right, me.

It's nice that you're confident, it really is. No one ever got anywhere by not being confident, but you're overlooking one minor little point. The battle for the belt isn't between you and Stone Cold. It's between the Double S, and whoever the Double S is fighting at the time. This time, it's the Double S versus The Weirdo. And who'll it be after that is... Double S versus... Whoever.

And since this is Halloween, the Double S has a halloween rhyme just for you.

As the time of darkness approaches, as the Overdrive nears,
Is that praying the Double S hears? Is the Game saying his prayers?
They call him the Celebral Assassin, they call him That Damn Good,
But who is the Game really? The real man, under the hood.

The bats are flying, the monsters flex their claws,
But all the Double S hears is the Game flapping his jaws.
He'll beat Stone Cold he claims, and indeed he really might,
We'll just have to see what happens on the night.

But don't worry game, you shouldn't cry or plead or beg.
Because the Welsh Wonder can see a piss stain, trickling down your leg.
You see, to get to the top, to really be the best one,
The thing you need to do, but never will, is beat the AWF Champion!

Happy Halloween, Game.

2004-10-29, 03:24 AM
So it looks like Amarant Odinson wants to do a tap dance at Archivebowl. Only tapping that will be occuring will be the foot to ass kind from Viewfind.

This show was great, you know who was missing? Brendioheat, I wonder where he is? Oh that right probably in a pool of his own urine and feces hoping to God I decide not to kill him at the PPV.

Lord Zarak
2004-10-31, 06:36 PM
Why is it, of all the peopl Ive faced in the ring, it is you alone who persists in beating me unfairly. Once again, to save your lame arse from another showing of incompetance you bring in Nmat to help you out.

By doing so, you've just annoyed me even more, and now Nmat is going to have to face the pain too.

You really are stupid.

Vanth Dreadstar
2004-11-11, 02:25 PM
Originally posted by xille
Sorry Raven, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm going to have to say that Divebomb is right here. He hasn't gotten his return match, and I'm sure that I might want one some day, so I'm going to see that he gets it.

Not that I have a personal need to face him in the ring again, or anything. That idea is just silly.

how about this then? me and you xille in a singles match i win you
and vin have to put the tag-team titles on the line against us, you win you 2 dont have to.

2004-11-11, 07:28 PM
Hey baby, you want to get high on the X? That's fine.

I know you're still the enigma... everyone's still waiting to see what you can do, but I'll tell you, you aren't worrying me much yet. All I've heard from you is "I want a title shot". I still don't know why you could possibly think you were better than the X... but hey, the GPA is that crazy, so why not you, too?

So, sure, baby. I'll take you on. You can fight the red hot rookie, the mid-card miracle, the AWF's sweet machine... the opium of the masses... the man everybody wants to get high on... and I'll show you why you can't deny... the power of X.

Damn, I love saying that.

Vin Ghostal
2004-11-11, 08:55 PM
First of all, Vanth, when you think you're worthy of a shot at MY Tag Team Championship, you don't go whining to Xille, asking for a handout. Be a man and come to the team captain, the owner of the institution. These are MY belts, and I decide when and where we defend them.

2004-11-12, 04:19 AM
Hold up just one second. We nned to take a second to look at what these belts actually say on them.

Hmm... that's odd... they seem to say "AWF Tag Team Champion" on them. And this one around my waist seems to have my name on it. But... that would mean I'm part of the team that won them...

Oh wait... I am.

That's right, Ghostal. There might not be an "I" in team, but there certainly is a "me". And right now, "me"... the X... says that he's co-captain of this team. I might've said at one time that you could take care of who to fight and when, but since you haven't been around, I've been taking the liberty of choosing who we might defend these against. If you've got a problem with that, oh well.

These aren't your title belts, Ghostal. They're ours. Start accepting that.

Vin Ghostal
2004-11-16, 07:35 PM
Xille, man, you best check your tone. I like you. I really do. But let's remember who's the top banana in the entire AWF, let alone in this two-man squad. Vin Ghostal is the first-ever three-time AWF World Heavyweight Champion. Vin Ghostal is the man that's main evented ArchiveManias. Vin Ghostal is the man that's ended careers. And Vin Ghostal is the man who has brought the GPA, slowly but surely, to its knees. Remember why we started this team in the first place. We started it to destroy the GPA. Somewhere along the way, we got our hands on the Tag Team Championship. But the fact of the matter remains that this is my fight, my battle, and thus, MY title. There's nothing wrong with being a sidekick.

2004-11-16, 10:04 PM
Whoa, hold on know mister goldie locks. Who ever said the GPA was on its knees? I don't see me bowing to the ever magnificent Golden one do you? You may have taken THE NWA's titles but you haven't forced anyone to their knees.

So let me give you a warning, don't bite off more than you can chew you green-skinned, cry baby, piss-ant. You may not ever face the NWA for those titles but our paths will cross again and until then I say you had better stay the hell out of the GPA's path, because once this thing gets into full swing again, not you or anybody else will be able to stop us.

And thats your warning for the day, The End!