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Brave Maximus
2004-11-14, 08:39 AM
OOC: Sorry, I couldn't resist the title

Skyfall entered a few commands on his chair and the Anti-grav thrusters cut out. While the Shuttle's velocity would have kept them flying strait, a quick nudge from the nose thrusters tilted them towards the ground.

"Get ready, we're going in hot and fast!" Skyfall called.

Nemesis began to laugh like a kid going over his first roller coaster and Ark attempted to hide under his console. In the hold, Sixwing pulled out his missile launcher and smiled, his optics flaring deep purple.

The Omega's engines flared to full life, buring white hot and scortching the very air behind it. It took the shuttle 2 seconds to reach full velocity, screaming to the Earth like a black meteor, air rippling around it. With in a few seconds the ground filled the viewscreen and in the troop bay, the light by the door changed to a yellow glow.

At the last second, as the ground threatened to crash into them, Skyfall activated the anti-grav thrusters and the bow-under thrusters and stern over-thrusters and leveled the ship out with such force that the frame squeeled a little.

"Damn I love doing that! Roadbuster, Dropshot, Artfire, Stepper GO!" Called Skyfall:

The light by the door glowed green and the troop bay doors opened to reveil a dusky sky on the otherside of the world.

From the back of the hold, Sixwing called out:

"Don't get yourself slagged Roadbuster. That's my job. Besides, we still need to talk first........"

2004-11-14, 10:06 PM
Roadbuster: -looks over at Sixwing- "You? Kill me? Doubtful. You'll fare no better than the tin freaks I'm about to kill down there." -leaps out the door-

Amarant Odinson
2004-11-14, 11:28 PM
Dropshot, Artfire and Stepper all jumped out after Roadbuster As they landed Dropshot started shouting orders. "Alright bots. You know what to do. Hit'em hard, Hit'em fast. Artfire, you're with me. Stepper, you and Roadbuster know what do. Let's Wreck and Rule."

Artfire started running with Dropshot to find some decent cover while Stepper went off after Roadbuster. Dropshot found a good postion where he could start picking off the Decepticon's automated defence systems. "Artfire, go and find a different position to provide a crossfire and make sure to give cover to those two if they need it." He then radioed the Omega Shuttle. "Skyfall, This is Dropshot, we're off and running. Radio us back when you're ready to call it a day. Dropshot out."

Artfire settled down in a semi secluded area, pulled out Nightstick and started scanning for targets.

Hyper Prime
2004-11-14, 11:59 PM
Countdown activated a radar sweep of the area by plugging his own scanning systems into the ship's. He then made a good few sweeps of the place, looking for any incoming Decepticon flyers.

"Activating scanners now. No sign of the enemy yet Skyfall." Countdown assessed. But he just knew that they would show up sooner or later. They always seem to come out of the metal works when you least expect it.

(OCC: I like the name!:D )

Brave Maximus
2004-11-15, 07:59 PM
Skyfall watched as the four Autobots exited the shuttle, then shut the door and circled around behind them, waiting for the signal to advance.

The Bases defences were online but innactive - they had not registared the intruders yet, as they were just outside of the Bases sensor range. The base itself was ringed with 8 double-barrelled Plasma cannons on 70' towers, but no walls or even a fence - the Decepticon symbols kept out the human populace.

2004-11-16, 07:42 PM
Astra watched the raiding party leave the shuttle from a monitor at the back of the ship, there didn't seem to be any guards, but she readied her medical equipment just in case.

Aero Blade
2004-11-17, 12:51 AM
Aero Blade watched from the ship, waiting for the time in which he and the minicons were to go about salvaging all of the useful equipment in the outpost. Normally sabatoge wasn't anything he'd like doing, but with everything that had happened so far, and now seeing the Decepticon insignia again, he couldn't wait to get started.

"Just let us know when we're clear to go," Aero said to Skyfall.

Amarant Odinson
2004-11-18, 02:05 AM
" Dropshot, I'm ready." Artfire said as he started aiming for the closest tower.

"Good, start taking out those plasma cannons." Dropshot replied as he started firing. Some of the other cannons came online and started firing on Artfire and Dropshot's positions He then radioed his other partner. " Stepper, Transform and draw those cannon's fire . You and Roadbuster need to keep them busy while Artfire and I take them out."

" I'm on it, boss." Stepper then transformed and raced out to the other towers, drawing the cannon attention to him and dodging the plasma blasts by mere feet. One shot almost hit his rear left tire. "WHOA! Dropshot, if my paint gets scratched, you're paying for it."

"You're crying to the wrong bot." Dropshot answered back. "Artfire, how are you doing?"

"I got 2 down but the last one is completely gone. We won't be able to use it."

"Let Skyfall worry about that." And with that he aimed his shoulder cannon and fired on his 3rd cannon. "We should only have 3 more left so let's finish this up. Skyfall is waiting on us."

Brave Maximus
2004-11-18, 08:43 AM
Skyfall grimaced and shook his head. He spoke out loud, to himself more than to anyone:

"Damn it, this isn't how the plan was supposed to go! We need those plasma cannons in working order! But they gave us the opening we needed:"

Then over the comm:

"All hand, brace yourself, we're going in - Sixwing and Jazz, You're up first!"

Skyfall punched in a few commands and the Omega's engines roared to life at full throttle - the sand beneath it liqufied and turned to glass as the Autobot Shuttle roared through the air. Moving inbetween the two groups of Autobot asslaints, the shuttle pushed into the base, right beside the C&C Centre.

Starlight fired the breaking thrusters just moments before they hit one of the buildings and the shuttle came to a rough stop and landed. The troop door opened right beside the wall of the Command Centre and Sixwing stepped out. Instinctivly Skyfall shut the door behind him:

Sixwing stood, laughing maniacly as he fired all three missiles at the wall: Which proceeded to explode, sending dirt and debris for hundreds of feet in every direction - only one support was left and no wall when Skyfall opened the door again. Sixwing, covered in a thick layer of dust glared at Jazz:

"Your way is open, don't be late......"

Skyfall was just climbing down from the command deck, followed by the minicons and Countdown:

"Right, lets get to work: Countdown, you're with me, we're starting on the roof, pulling down those solar pannels. Aero Blade, Starlight and the boys are going inside to pull apart the energon generator. Astra and Sixwing, help out where you can - moving or helping take things apart." Then to Sixwing "Remember, we need it in working order!"

The Micromaster then exited the shuttle and flew to the roof, and began to disassemble the first pannel.

Starlight exited, followed by Nemesis and Ark, with her arm pannel open. The three minicons looked at it and nodded to a wall:

"The Equipment is behind this wall, but there's a lot of hallway between Me\Us and it. It will take some time to transport!"

Sixwing smiled and walked up to the wall and sank his hands into it. With one great heave, he pulled it from the foundation and threw it to the other side of the shuttle, revieling the machinery creating Energon. With a deeply mocking voice:

"I'm here to serve....."

On the Roof, Skyfall opened his comm again:

"Dropshot, Artfire and Stepper I'm not reading any Decepticon signatures - Bring it in and on your way, can you grab what ever Cannons are left?

Roadbuster With the cannons off line like this - do you think you can locate and liberate the control moduel - it may be useful. Keep your eyes on the sky - I'm expecting trouble....."

Hyper Prime
2004-11-18, 12:39 PM
Countdown heard Skyfall, replying, "So we just make our way up there with all the auto guns a blazing eh? I knew this would be a suicide mission." He then made his way behind Skyfall, praying to sweet Primus that he wouldn't screw this mission up. He then made his way to the wall and punched into it. Then he pulled and ripped it off aside, like a bit of sheet metal. 'Gentlebots, the store is open."

2004-11-19, 01:35 AM
Roadbuster: -vehicle mode, roars in through the gap, transforms to robot mode, strides over to the control panel, shuts down the autoguns, starts trying to remove the control module-

Aero Blade
2004-11-19, 04:57 AM
Beneith his faceplate, Aero Blade grimaced at Sixwing's subtlety in giving them an easy entrance. Shaking it off, he proceded through the newly made door, getting to work on making sure all the components of the generator was shut down before they dismatled it. At least it seemed like Sixwing could handle a heavy load, so they wouldn't have to worry about making the pieces too particularly small, so that'd save time.

"Alright Starlight, let's get to work on dismantling this thing before we wear out our welcome. I'll start with the conductor relays and move on from there," Aero announced to the minicons, quickly making his way over to start the removal process for the generator.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-19, 08:16 AM
The three minicons follow Aero Blade's lead, taking the control circuits off line then dismantiling them.

Sixwing stood back and watched, a little in awe at how fast the four of them were taking the place apart. Now if only there was something for him to hurt.....

His thoughts were stopped when Skyfall called down:

"Sixwing, One solar pannell, ready to go."

Sixwing took the 20' X 10' Solar collector and loaded it into the cargo bay of the Omega, watching it vanish into Subspace.

Amarant Odinson
2004-11-19, 04:12 PM
As soon as the cannons were shut off, Artfire and Stepper started taking them down and bringing them back to the ship. Dropshot looked at each one of the cannons before loading them onto the ship. 4 of them were in good enough condition to use as soon as they got back, 3 cannons would require minor repairs and the one that Artfire had nuked was more severly damaged but on further expection, Dropshot figured it was still fixable.

"Good job boys, Now go on into that facility and see what else we can use. I'll load these up and be with you in a minute."

Artfire answered back. "You got it boss. C'mon Stepper, we need get there before all the good stuff is gone."

Hyper Prime
2004-11-19, 10:59 PM
Countdown scanned for some of the parts the ark still needed and snapped his fingers as a sign of results. "Bingo!" He then moved forward with his hands and ripped a large componet out of the wall. "Hey Sixwing, didn't you always want a new energy waste regulator unit? Here, catch it." He then threw the object at Sixwing.

2004-11-20, 05:46 PM
Immediately after Sixwing, Jazz dove from the Omega and transformed in midair, tearing up the dirt with his squealing tires as he hit the ground. His growling engine carried him rapidly across the void, and he rolled through another transformation upong reaching the facility. With his rifle in hand, Jazz pressed the side of his head against the outer wall and listened...




The lieutenant snarled with an audible sigh, turning from his Earth-web browsing, and looked up to the internal lookout post, where his single subordinate watched the screens surrounding him.

"What is it, Crossfire?"

The observer took one more glance at the screens before responding.

"Our defenses are down! We're-- I think we're under attack!"

Countermand's optics widened. He hadn't been ready. He stood from his chair slowly and awkwardly, looking to the door, then back to Crossfire.

"A-All right. Call Metrotitan for backup, then get your gun andAAGH!"

Countermand used his last ounces of energon before shock stasis overtook him to turn and face his attacker, who delivered a swift kick to follow up the stun shot. Countermand continued to spin, his velocity translating from rotational to vertical, and hit the floor hard.

Crossfire only had time to look shocked. Jazz pointed his blaster toward the lookout, but faked him out with a light and sound display. Crossfire grunted in frustration and stumbled over the side of his perch, falling to the floor below. Satisfied that the targets were sufficiently dazed, Jazz ran to the lift and ordered it to bring him downstairs, to the comm room...

2004-11-20, 08:58 PM
"I see, guess I lost track of time being stuck in the Constructicons' workshop" Astra replied, selecting the best med-tools, then putting them in a Cybertronian medkit-box and slinging it over her shoulder "Maybe we can catch up on recent events properly if I get some time off from with the group who recuited my skills, Jazz is here, and they're led by someone called Skyfall"

2004-11-22, 01:59 AM
Roadbuster: -finishes removing the control console, subspaces it, activates commlink- "I've got the control module for the autoguns, Skyfall. Now going to do a little seek and destroy." -deactivates commlink, pulls linear blaster cannon and laser rifle, turns, starts striding towards the control areas-

Brave Maximus
2004-11-22, 04:12 AM
Sixwing sneered at Countdown as he took the module from him and then took another solar pannel from Skyfall and took them to the cargo bay to be stored in subspace:

"Careful, there's more than enough space in here for you........."

Skyfall kept his eye on Sixwing, making sure he wasn't going to try anything on Countdown, but the Micromaster combiner was content to verbally bantor with everyone..... so far. His comm beeped as Roadbuster gave his report:

"Good work Roadbuster - Don't wander too far, we might need to take off in a hurry - but I think Jazz accompished his mission, as I've detected no comm traffic."

Starlight, on the other hand, had her hands full - Nemesis and Ark were doing their job well, almost too well, as they were trying to out-do each other in the fastest to take things apart - they almost took some parts down to their base commonents a few times - all in all though, The four of them (Including Aero Blade) were almost finished taking the system apart.

Aero Blade
2004-11-22, 05:52 AM
Aero Blade only took moderate notices of the competition happening between the two minicons, simply trying to take the equipment appart as quickly and carefully as possible. It was true the outpost here had been praticly unguarded, but he was still anerved that a platoon of Decepticons could show up at any time to take them by suprize. Best to just get things done as quickly as possible.

"We're nearly done in here, Skyfall. Maybe a couple of more minutes, and we'll be good to go," Aero reported without skipping a beat on the dismantling job.

2004-11-22, 06:41 AM
Ramjet approached the base, his sensors registering Autobot life signs.

Oh, this is gonna be sweet!

He dove, strafing the encampment at random, totally unconcerned about damaging the Decepticon-owned equipment that the Autobots were pilfering.

Provided I get backup soon, anyway...

2004-11-23, 03:08 AM
(OOC: Fun fun fun fun fun fun etc.)

The Predacons left Metrotitan with great sped. They didn't want to miss out on a fight that could be so damn fun. They arived ath the base just after Ramjet.

They didn't care who they were going to piss off, they just made a quick glance at who was an Autobot and who wasn't picked their targets and transformed.

"Predacon's, FIRE!!"

Brave Maximus
2004-11-23, 09:00 AM
Ramjet's Strafing run ruined the Solar pannel that Skyfall had been working on, and he dropped it with out a second thought. He looked up to see the Seeker moving around for a second pass and opened up his comm:

"Aero Blade:
A few minutes is all we have, get the equipment stoed - I think the Decepticons just figured out we were here."

Noting that Artfire, Stepper and Dropshot had loaded the weapons after Roadbuster loaded the controler, he commed them:

"Roadbuster, Artfire, Stepper, Dropshot:
What ever it is you're doing, drop it and get to the Omega. Decepticons are incoming, and I think we may have to deal with Predaking!

"Jazz, This is Skyfall:
Hurry up, we have party crashers - I want out here in 5 minutes, no excuses.

Prepair for casualties, but continue loading, we don't have that much left to load.

"Countdown, Starlight, Nemesis and Ark:
Keep working - I want as much loaded as we can!"

Sixwing loaded the last piece that the Minicons had taken apart and then looked up, almost through the wall. He smiled and walked through it, heading for the Predicons......

"Sixwing, This is Skyfall:
I need you to....... Never mind - Just support Roadbuster and the rest."

Omega..... Missile launchers open - prep a heat seeking volly

Linked to the Omega Shuttle, Skyfall locked on to Ramjet and fired off 2 cluster missiles, that homed in on his heat signature and closed in.

Sixwing sensed it - Predicons, but not the ones he was used to. These were older..... But the start of it. He walked right through the wall and towards the five orange and black animals coming towards him. Their fire exploded all around him, but still the Micromaster Combiner was untouched (They weren't aiming at him). He pulled his missile launcher from sub-space and aimed at the lead Lion - Firing a volly of 3 H.E.A.P. missiles at him - laughing all the while.

Starlight looked up at Aero Blade:

"Battle is coming, I\We do not have much time - I\We are almost done!"

Hyper Prime
2004-11-23, 12:57 PM
Countdown replied, "Understood Skyfall. Come on guys, lets get the lead out!" He quickly reached in the wall and pulled out more supplies. A particle accelerator, a circuit breaker, and other simliar items. He then ran out to the cargo bay, placing his findings inside and watching them disapeer into sub space.

2004-11-24, 04:38 AM
"Hey, buddy, I just got patched up! No way are ya gonna blast more holes in me!"

Ramjet rolled and the cluster bombs flew past him before exploding and singing the backs of his wings. Flipping around in mid-air, he drew a bead on the Omega Shuttle, unleashing cluster bombs of his own against the large vessel, then peppering the air around it with laser blasts.

Like shootin' at the broad side of...Broadside, I guess...

Brave Maximus
2004-11-24, 06:33 AM
Skyfall dodged the laser fire and felt the cluster bombs pepper the Omega Shuttle.

Damn, if he figures out that the shuttle is stuck on the ground until we're done - We're finished! I need to distract this guy.....

He lept into the air and transformed into his F-22 mode. Letting his sensors lock onto Ramjet, he flew strait at him - firing his blasters the whole time. At the last moment, he veered off and hit his afterburners - hoping the Decepticon would follow him

2004-11-24, 01:52 PM
Razorclaw was lookign aroudn at the different Autobot's when he saw three missles firing towards him. He smiled and transformed to Lion mode quickly. He moved fast, because if he didn't he would be toast. HE saw the missles coming, he quickly changed back to robot mode, jumped and used his Energy sowrd and rifle to fire at the ground launching himself up as the missles flew underneath him. He opened up a secure comlink to this Predacon's.

"Divebomb! Headstrong! Destory those damn missles before they frag me. They look like H.E.A.P., model 3.12, ... quite impressive really. Now move your metal asses!"


Tantrum, Headstrong and Rampage were firing around, when they saw Artfire, Stepper, Dropshot and Roadbuster make their way out. Headstrong left and stopped firing when he heard Razorclaw's message.

Tantrum: "Heh, more fun for us." Both Tantrum and Rampage made their way behind a wall that offered shelter as they continued to fire on the Autobot's.


"Roger Razorclaw"

Divebomb heard the message, but he decided to help Ramjet and fire off 3 missles into Omega Shuttle before he went.

Amarant Odinson
2004-11-24, 04:16 PM
Dropshot was already taking at the Omega shuttle and there wasn't much he could do. He could see Tantrum and Rampage firing on his position from the other side but they were too close for him to use his shoulder cannon. As he turn around to survey the situation, that's when he saw Divebomb fire off three missles at the shuttle. Dropshot didn't say a word. He just raised his cannon, aimed, fired on one of the oncoming missles and destroyed it. The other two were coming in too fast however, so he ran into the shutlle itself. He figured the armor plating on this ship was enough to provide decent cover.

He then radioed Artfire and Stepper. "Artfire, stay with Roadbuster and provide Stepper with cover fire. Stepper, get to the shuttle as fast as you can. We need to set up a some decent cover fire to give the others a chance to get back to the Omega Shuttle. Now let's move."

Brave Maximus
2004-11-24, 08:09 PM
Sixwing watched at his missiles exploded at point blank range. He subspaced the launcher and looked at Razorclaw:

"Fine, we'll do this the fun way........."

He then reached out and attempted to grab the mechanical lion by the mane...

2004-11-24, 08:49 PM
Ramjet felt Skyfall’s lasers hit his fuselage.

“Eh. That kinda stung a little...”

After launching another set of cluster bombs at the shuttle, the conehead pulled up and followed Skyfall.

“So you wanna play with the big boys? OK, but we play rough!”

To punctuate his words, he fired several laser bursts towards the Micromaster.

2004-11-24, 08:50 PM
"Roger that" Astra quickly replied over her comm, then knelt on the floor of the shuttle and began unpacking the tools she'd selected.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-24, 09:00 PM
Skyfall knew that he would need to keep pouring on the damage from his blasters to do anything more than irritate this guy. But that was not his intention - all he needed to do was buy the crew a few more minutes - and he was small enough and fast enough to make it with much damage.

He dodged the laser blasts, with small margins - blasts singeing one of his wings. He flew up and hit the breaks - when Ramjet flew underneath him, he transformed and attempted to grab on to the top of the Seeker:

"Hi Ugly!"

2004-11-25, 02:26 AM
Roadbuster: -subspaces laser rifle, pulls grenade launcher, aims grenade launcher, linear blaster cannon, and shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon at Tantrum's hiding place, opens fire, sending bomblets, plasma grenades, and ion bolts at the Predacon's position-

2004-11-25, 04:11 AM
Had he been in robot mode, Ramjet would have grinned as he felt Skyfall land on him. Since that wasn't an option, the seeker had to come up with another course of action.

The Decepticon jet inverted and reversed his thrust, decelerating harshly. Ramjet had never been one for science, but he knew enough physics to know that there was no way the Micromaster could keep a grip on him.

"Bye, runt."

Ramjet fired his lasers blindly forward, fully expecting his uninvited Autobot passenger to fly right into his field of fire.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-25, 07:57 AM
Skyfall felt the Decepticon Seeker decelerate as he tried to grab on - there was no way to keep his grip on the metal of the Decepticon's fusilage. He flipped over his head and over the Decepticon's nose cone. Instinctively, he hit his thrusters and dove down under the Decepticon, missing the laser blasts.

The problem was - he was too close to the ground with no way to pull up. He transformed into jet mode and belly skidded into the ground. He transformed on his back when he stopped and looked up at Ramjet:

"Well, that didn't work - Maybe this will"

Omega, fire another volley!!!!

From the Omega Shuttle another 4 cluster missiles launched and headed towards the slowed down Ramjet.

As they approched, each split into four (16 total) and locked on to the Seeker........

2004-11-26, 01:22 AM
Razorclaw saw Sixwing coming. He opened up a silent comlink to his predacons. He sat their firing constantly as he Sixwing charged. At the last minute he transformed to Lion mode and jumped out of the way. Divebomb flew over the top of him, picked him up and followed Headstrong to Tantrum and Rampage.

Divebomb dropped him off near another wall and gave his two Predacons cover fire as they dodged fire from Roadbuster the other 'bots. Headstrong made his way over.

"Alright ... " Razorclaw had to catch his breath. "Our main problem is that damn sixwing."

Tantrum: "Predaking?"

Razorclaw: "No ... not yet. Divebomb and Rampage will give air support wiht Ramjet, use your swords ladies, this ain't gonna be no Icecream social. Tantrum, Headstrong, your with me. We take out that damn Sixwing. When look like the energon hits the fan, meet back over their *points* and form Predaking. Got it? MOVE OUT!!"

Rampage flew up into the air in robot mode and joined Divebomb while he was in hawk mode. thye watched as Razorclaw, Headstrong and Tantrum went back over to Sixwing.

2004-11-26, 06:02 AM
Ramjet was more than a little amused by the little Autobot's crash, but he didn't have much time to gloat as the shuttle fired on him again. Rolling so that his cockpit faced the sky again, he pointed his nose towards the oncoming missiles...and fired a pair of his own to meet them. The whole barrage disappeared in a cloud of flame, which Ramjet flew straight through.

Coming out the other side, Ramjet was now charred black over most of his airframe, but his flight performance didn't seem to be impared too badly. However, he hurt like hell; a lesser Decepticon would have fallen from the sky shrieking in agony, but Ramjet just chuckled.

Shuttle boy wants ta get in on the action, eh? Well, he's gonna find out why I'm named Ramjet, then...

Dropping out of the air, the now mostly-black jet pointed his nose straight for the Omega Shuttle, kicked his throttle up to full, and accelerated into a full-on ramming maneuver.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-26, 06:36 AM
Skyfall watched as Ramjet headed towards the Omega Shuttle - He knew that it was based of an old Omega Sentinal and that it was pretty heavly armoured - but he doubted it would be able to fly or fight after the Decepticon hit it.

He kicked in his thrusters and rose into the air, feeling his rear tail fins bend and twist in a way that would stop him from transforming. He extended his arms and tried to hit Ramjet and push him up from the shuttle. At the same time he screamed into his comm:

"Roadbuster, Artfire, Stepper, Dropshot We need cover fire out here NOW!!!![/B]"

Sixwing laughed as the vaunted Predicons of this time ran in fear from him. He unslung his missile launcher again, and held it in one hand, and in the other hand he held his Ion Rifle.

As the three Preds came at him, he aimed and fired his seeker missiles and Ion Bolts at them, laughing maniacly the whole time....

2004-11-26, 07:04 AM
Ramjet snarled as Skyfall collided with his right wing, altering his trajectory. Instead of hitting the shuttle amidships and tearing a hole the size of a small house through it, the seeker's nosecone scraped across the hull, ripping off a swath of armour plates and surface features. Serious damage, to be sure, but not even remotely debilitating.

For his part, Ramjet spiralled for a few seconds before transforming and landing on the ground. Any other Decepticon would have been badly damaged by such a collision, but Ramjet's airframe had been designed to survive much worse. After taking a few moments to reorient himself, he'd be back in the air.

And on the up-side, he wasn't covered in black soot from the missile explosions anymore.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-26, 07:35 AM
Skyfall's systems were screaming at him. Ramjet managed to not only do some serious damage to the hull and armour plating, but he took out the portside missile launchers and sensor systems. The pain coursing through Skyfall was unlike anything he had felt before. His back was damaged and the collision with the dense Decepticon had caused some problems internally. This guy was bloody tough, and Skyfall hadn't been prepaired for this much of an assault: He opened his comm to the Autobot's gathered:

"Grab what you can - we are leaving - NOW! Jazz You have 1 minute to get back to the Omega - No jokes - Don't make me send Sixwing to get you! Everyone else - get in there now!"

Skyfall's optics began to go fuzzy and dim: But somewhere deep inside a voice called:

There are those still to protect. We cannot stop - We will resist and defend with everything that we are. Now We get up and fight

Skyfall's optics flashed and the little micromaster stood - sand and mech fluid dripped off of him and he looked at Ramjet:

"You will not harm my friends as long as my spark still beats!"

He raised his arms and fired at the Seeker, pouring everything he had into his blasters - all the while taking steps towards the Decepticon......

2004-11-26, 07:51 AM
Skyfall's blaster shots knocked bits of armour away from the conehead's chest. Fluids leaked out, mixing with the small amounts of remaining soot on his chassis and turning into a vile black goo. The pain was excruciating. Ramjet just grinned, slowly climbing to his feet.

"Then I guess I'll just havta do somethin' about that, won't I?"

Not even bothering with weapons, the seeker charged. He reached out for Skyfall, trying to grab hold of the Micromaster and crush the life out of him.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-26, 10:59 AM
Skyfall barely even noticed himself getting picked up, he just continued to fire at the seeker. He did feel his main chasis getting crushed, but there was barely anything he could do about it. With anger and pain rising - he started to pummel at Ramjet's face, striking with both fists as hard as he could, his wrist blasters firing the whole time.

But with each strike, his vision began to dim and his energon reserves dip dangerously low.

He felt something inside of him, something he tried to control, but with the anger, pain and fear of death, it welled up inside him and he began to fade a little. He strove to fight on - to keep punching and hurting the seeker - but he was fading: literally

2004-11-27, 01:03 AM
Roadbuster: -runs outside, looks up, sees Ramjet- "Didn't anybody tell you this is the no smoking section, Creep!!!!!" -aims grenade launcher, linear blaster cannon, and shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon at the Conehead, opens fire, flinging plasma grenades, ion bolts, and explosive bomblets at the somewhat sooty Decepticon-

2004-11-27, 04:47 AM
Ramjet grinned as he scooped up Skyfall; the Micro hadn't even tried to dodge. He squeezed, trying to crush the small enemy, laughing at the return fire despite the pain it caused.

Then his world went white as Roadbuster's fire slammed into the surrounding area. Thankfully most of it hit the ground, but enough hit the conehead that his armour began to slowly, agonizingly crumble.

"Hey runt," he told Skyfall, "tell your buddy to buzz off!"

With that, he pitched the Micromaster hard at Roadbuster's chest, transformed, and took to the air somewhat shakily.

2004-11-27, 05:21 AM
Roadbuster: -holsters grenade launcher, catches Skyfall one handed, the catch spining him around halfway, tracking Ramjet with his linear blaster cannon and his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon- "Aw, the big, bad Conehead doesn't want to play with somebody in his own league?" -chuckles- "Too bad, creep!" -fires at Ramjet, flinging ion bolts and bomblets at the battered Seeker-

Aero Blade
2004-11-27, 05:40 AM
Helping Starlight and the other minicons finish moving all of the useful equipment into their ship, Aero then turned on his com and radioed in. "Skyfall, we're all done here on this end. Ready to move out," Aero Blade reported, still staying alert for any cons that might take notice of him or the minicons.

2004-11-27, 05:46 AM
Ramjet lit his thrusters as Roadbuster opened fire on him, then slammed his rudder to one side. He broke into a flat spin, then straightened out and flew head-on into the Autobot's fire. The ion blasts and bomblets slammed into his impervious nosecone.

"You think your in my league, slagheap? Think again!"

Ramjet fired a spread of cluster bombs down on the Wrecker, then switched out the launchers for his laser cannons and started blasting away.

Brave Maximus
2004-11-27, 07:01 AM
Skyfall hit the ground as Ramjet let go of him - already feeling the pull of something almost familiar. Getting to his hands and knee's the micromaster recieved Aero Blade's transmission and shouted at Roadbuster:

"We're done here! No need to waste time - get them all back to the ship and back to base......"

Skyfall couldn't resist anymore. In a heartbeat, the micromaster began to fade out, and another heartbeat more - he wasn't there.

Sixwing also recieved the message and began to pull back as he continued to fire at the Predicons, giving cover fire to any other Autobots.......

Starlight rushed to the bridge of the Omega Shuttle, tailed by Ark and Nemesis. The three minicons took up their place at the controls, but the systems of the Omega were shut down - nothing was responding!

Somewhere else Skyfall hovered - he had been here before. He could feel himself head for the edge of it - to where realites blurred. But he was too weak to cross it and something from where he was called to him.

His physical form re-appeared at the control chair of the Omega Shuttle - and the systems flared to life. On their own, the engines started to come online, the cargo bay doors closed and the anti-grav units started to lift the shuttle into the air......

Hyper Prime
2004-11-27, 04:06 PM
Countdown heard what Skyfall said, so he nearly dropped everything he was carrying, and quickly ran to the shuttle, throwing all of his findings into the cargo bay before the doors closed. But then, the shuttle started to lift off.

"Hey, wait for me!" He then jumped as far as he could and grabbed onto a side of the ship. He then slowly attempted to make his to the door, so someone would let him.

2004-11-27, 04:33 PM
(OOC: Mmph... Sorry to be holding things up, gang, but I really expected I'd have some time to post over the holiday weekend. Brave, feel free to move Jazz if you need to. I probably won't have time to post until Monday evening.)

2004-11-27, 04:35 PM
Astra came running in from the back, frowning as she knelt in front of the control chair, then the female medic opened the med-kit she had prepared, getting out a med-scanner and running it up and down Skyfall's body.

2004-11-28, 04:26 AM
Roadbuster: -steps in front of Skyfall, shielding the Micromaster from the incoming firestorm(and missing the phase out of said Micromaster), activating his commlink and staggering as cluster bombs explode against his upper works and laser bolts dig molten furrows in his armor- "All right, everybody! Back to the ship" -deactivates commlink, pulls rapid fire assualt rifle, aims at Ramjet's jet intakes with assualt rifle, linear blaster cannon, and shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon- "I'm OUT of your league, CREEP!" -opens fire, flinging armor piercing explosive rounds, ion bolts, and bomblets at Ramjet's intakes-

2004-11-28, 07:32 AM
Ramjet chuckled, then transformed and fell quickly towards the ground. Most of Roadbuster's fire arced above him, though some of it managed to carve shallow furrows in his wings and fusilage.

"You aren't very good at this anti-air thing, are ya?"

The conehead landed roughly, rolled forward and sprayed laser bolts back at the Wrecker.

"Maybe this'll make it a bit easier for ya, then!"

Brave Maximus
2004-11-29, 04:09 AM
Nemesis, never one for sublty, locked on to Ramjet, and opened the remaining starboard side missile launchers, and fired a full volly of 12 missiles (6 from each) that almost imidatly split into four each and locked on to the seeker - supporting Roadbuster, for a total of 48 mini-missiles.

Starlight opened her comm to Roadbuster:

"I\We cannot stop the Omega from leaving - I\We Suggest you get on while you can...."

The elevator dinged at the main floor and allowed Jazz to exit - mission completed. Noticing the Shuttle leaving, the second in command transformed and entered the shuttle.

Dropshot, Artfire and Stepper all took up positions at the entrance to the troop compartment - giving cover for Roadbuster to entre

Sixwing - giving up with the Predicons - turned his attention, and fire power, to the seeker:

"Go Roadbuster - his death is mine, and I can meet up with the Shuttle in the air. Leave now, before I throw you in myself!"

2004-11-29, 06:58 AM
Roadbuster: -optic band narrows as lasers burn more furrows in his armor- "Ouch." -returns fire, flinging armor piercing explosive ammo and ion bolts at Ramjet, some small part of him sighing inwardly at the all too familiar grinding noise coming from the shrapnel cannon, indicating a jam, starts trying to unjam it-

2004-11-29, 06:59 AM
Ramjet may have been a little thick-headed; in fact, he would willingly admit that. But he wasn't stupid. So when caught between two powerful-looking 'Bots and an armed shuttle, and with his backup proving totally useless...there was only one choice. The conehead transformed and flew away, taking several hits from the shuttle's missiles as he flew.

"You guys wanna leave? Fine by me!"

The Decepticon flew up to a safe distance and circled, waiting for the Autobots to clear out.

2004-11-29, 07:20 AM
Roadbuster: -scowls, turns and boards the shuttle-

Brave Maximus
2004-11-29, 09:36 AM
With everyone on board, Starlight gave up trying to keep the shuttle from launching. She nodded to Countdown and brought the Omega Shuttle around - pointing it towards the Ark:

"Can you find Me\Us a safe way home? I\We will start a damage report."

The female minicon then turned to Astra:

"How is Skyfall?"

Sixwing stood on the ground and looked around - finally firing a few missiles into the open walls of the Decepticon station - bringing large sections of it down, smiling to himself:

"Well, I guess no one wants to play anymore............."

The Micromaster Combiner split into his component pieces - with Chain Gun (The slowest) in the Jet cockpit. Missile Run lead the team of drones towards the Omega Shuttle.

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2004-11-29, 10:28 PM
Astra glanced over at Starlight before replying " He's severely low on Energon while his frame is crushed slightly, and he has internal damage, I'll work on him on the way back, then he needs a CR Chamber, and he'll be fine"

2004-11-30, 04:04 AM
(OOC: I'm really, REALLY sorry guys, I'm having computer problems at the moment and I tired to get on as much as possible. Sorry again.)

The Predacons all went back to their meeting place and continued to fire volleys of missles, but they stopped when they realised they had taken too much time. they all ran out of their hiding hole only to see taht they Bot's were leaving. Razorclaw didn't care, he saw the ship at far away pac,e but decided to fire anyway, a little present before they left.

2004-11-30, 05:09 AM
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