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AWF Press Office
2004-11-16, 11:17 PM
The pyros ignite and we are [THE OFFICIAL DVD RELEASE!!!!] from the Pond in Anaheim, California.

Joey: “Hello everybody and welcome to the Anaheim Pond! Welcome back to the Archive Wrestling Federation, and welcome to Overdrive 2004! I’m Joey Styles, alongside me is my broadcast colleague, The Flec, we’re gonna be bringing you all tonight’s action along with our colleagues, and what a night of action it promises to be!”
Flec: “You got that right for once in your miserable career, Styles. Thank you for going first, it always helps to get the worst of it out of the way early. Huge card everybody, we’ve got surprises lined up left, right and center. Some of the surprises are so huge that not even I know what they are. What I do know is that we’ve got a whopping nine randomly drawn tag team matches to start the evening off – that’s why I’m here, because I’m the resident expert on tag team competition.”
Joey: “You are?”
Flec: “How many titles have you won, Styles? I’m a former Tag Team Champion here. The only gold you’ve ever been near is the stuff in your teeth. And as a Tag Team Championship legend, nobody is better qualified to talk you all through the opening match.”
Joey: “You were awarded the belt because your buddy got injured. We’ve also got a huge match-up for the Archive Wrestling Federation Championship! Sixswitch faces perhaps his most unorthodox challenge to date, as he defends against Morpheus.”
Flec: “You say unorthodox, I say sack of hammers.”
Joey: “Each to their own, but what I say now is that we’d better get down to the ring!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following encounter is our first randomly drawn ArchiveBowl tag team match! The winners, by whatever means, will advance to the battle royal later in the evening.”

Flec: “Thank you, Captain Obvious.”

“Introducing first…”

The familiar beats ring out across the Pond, causing fans to leap up in open-mouthed amazement.

Ooh, whatta man, whatta man, whatta man
Whatta mighty good man
Whatta mighty mighty good man

Flec: “Oh. My. God.”

“From the hopes and dreams of women everywhere… The BIG Ragebowski!!”

Joey: “Mirage is back! I cannot believe this… and Flec is stunned. Could this be a first? Did the Flec get scooped?”
Flec: “I don’t believe this! They managed to get Ragey back! Without me knowing! That’s incredible!! And… whoa, momma. Who is that?”
Joey: “Somehow I don’t think she’s your momma, Flec. Ragebowski coming down the aisle, accompanied by… well, I don’t know quite what you’d call her…”
Flec: “I’ll call her whatever she damn well wants me to call her. I think I’m in lust…”
Joey: “I wondered what the smell was…”

Strutting confidently to the ring, Mirage turns and gestures for his accompanying valet to hold the ropes open for him. Hands on hips, she stops and motions for him to do it himself. Rage smirks and clambers through the strands alone before grabbing the microphone from the ring announcer.

Rage: “Hellllllllllooooooooooo, Anaheim. And a biiiiig Ragebowski hello to all the fans who missed me. It’s good to be back in the AWF, and it’s a pleasure for me to come back to California. Well, actually, it’s a pleasure for the Big Ragebowski to come anywhere. I figured that it’s about time for all you fans to be reminded what a real AWF superstar should be, so I’m here now to show you all. As always, anybody coming to see the Big Ragebowski isn’t going to leave until I’ve gone all the way, because I’m always best when I’m on Overdrive.”

Joey: “That pun was bad even by his standards.”
Flec: “Pun? Huh? Oh, what? I’m sorry… I was distracted.”
Joey: “Are you going to be like that the entire time she’s out here?”
Flec: “Oh, I’ll be much different if she gets them out here.”
Joey: “You’re disgusting.”
Flec: “Maybe, but she’s HOT, Styles! And RAGEY! Ragey’s back! He’s my pick. I’m backing him to go all the way.”
Joey: “He has a good record, there’s no denying that. Winner of last year’s ArchiveBowl, he could easily repeat, of course a lot depends on his partner.”
Flec: “Yeah, right. He could carry anybody to a victory. His partner would have to be useless for him to lose…”

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
And they’re like, it’s better than yours

Flec: “…”

“And his partner… from Simsbury, Connecticut… Ignavus!”

A distinctly mixed reaction greets the Big Ragebowski’s partner as he slowly slouches down to the ring, stopping periodically to wiggle to the music.

Joey: “And that’s definitely an interesting pairing. People unsure what to make of Ignavus… his alliance with Bombshell still fresh in the minds of many.”
Flec: “MY EYES!!!”
Joey: “Just look away, Flec. There, go back to staring at Ragey’s valet if it makes you feel better.”
Flec: “I can’t… I think I’m blind…”
Joey: “A blind commentator? I’m not sure if we can get away with that. Okay, then. Somebody get Keith Kincaid out here…”
Flec: “Hey, all better. Mmmm… I want to know her name.”

Mirage and his associate look on in abject horror as Ignavus continues his dance once inside the ring. He smiles and waves in recognition of the female, before sprawling out on the canvas and yawning.

The sounds of Kelis are quickly replaced by those of Iron Maiden, as the seeing community breathe a collective sigh of relief.

“And their opponents… first, from Deadworld… Judge Death!”

Flec: “And this match started out so well with Ragey.”
Joey: “Now this will be interesting… Judge Death and Ignavus have had quite the war of words of late, it’ll be interesting to see how they match up in the squared circle.”
Flec: “Only if your idea of a fun time is drinking Cinzano Bianco and playing Bridge.”
Joey: “Death stopping outside the ring. Pointing at Ignavus… planning on judging him, it would seem.”
Flec: “Who IS that girl?”
Joey: “You’re not at all preoccupied with that issue, are you?”

“And his partner – representing the GPA… P?!”

Joey: “P?! out now.”
Flec: “Yes, that’s what he said!”
Joey: “I beg your… oh, funny. Now, this is interesting – Prowl on his way out here, but no GPA members backing him up. Dissention in the ranks, maybe. I know there was a little upset recently when P? no-showed an edition of Mayhem.”
Flec: “Oh, stop stirring it up, Styles. The GPA have a big night ahead of them – they’ve all got matches of their own to concentrate on. Stop looking for trouble where there isn’t any… hoh, momma…”
Joey: “Are you going to react like that every time she walks around here?”
Flec: “You even have to ASK that question?”

ArchiveBowl Round 1:
The Big Ragebowski & Ignavus vs. Judge Death & P?

Marching down the aisle solo, the former tag team champion throws himself under the bottom rope and immediately levels the returning Ragebowski with a big clothesline.

Joey: “And we’re underway straight off! Overdrive off to a flying start – The Big Ragebowski and Ignavus taking on Judge Death and P! P battering Ragey… hurls him into the corner… and a big Irish whip across the ring! And Mirage just turned inside out! A full 180 degrees and hit the turnbuckles upside down. Landed on his feet, though – and P with a huge spinebuster drives him to the mat!”
Flec: “P’s on fiah!”
Joey: “No love lost between these two men – they’ve got a bitter rivalry that stretches back years.”
Flec: “They do?”
Joey: “Well, it obviously stretches back further than my broadcast partner’s memory, at any rate.”
Flec: “Oh, I’m sorry for having a life, Mr Statistics.”

Quickly making a lateral press, P is frustrated to only get a two count. Pulling Rage up by the hair, he drags him to the corner and tags in Judge Death.

Joey: “Death coming in, now.”
Flec: “Great. This guy should be locked up. Not only thinks he’s an alien, but thinks he’s a dead alien. What the hell is the world coming to?”
Joey: “… anyway… Death grabbing Mirage, now. Whips him across far side… goes for the clothesline, ducked by Rage… catches him as he turns around… RAGEPLEX! The Fisherman Suplex out of nowhere! 1! 2! Oh, so very close for the Big Ragebowski!”
Flec: “Close. Nearly put us out of our hello pretty lady…”
Joey: “Mirage tagging in Ignavus now - and Ignavus leaping over the top rope! Where he got the energy for that I’ve no idea. Ignavus and Death… toe to toe… and exploding on each other with fists of fury, now! Neither man letting up. Referee trying to get in between them to break it up… no joy, he could really disqualify them both here…”
Flec: “Oh please, do that!”
Joey: “Death knocked to the mat… and Ignavus takes a run-up… clothesline! Over the top and both men to the floor! They’re not stopping, though…”
Flec: “I hope they both kill each other.”
Joey: “A bitter, bitter rivalry exploding here. Mirage and P on the floor now, too. All four men on the outside. Ignavus and Death are the legal men – referee counting. P nails Ignavus from behind. Mirage now pulling Death away and just slung him into the steel ringsteps. P sets up Ignavus against the post… avalanche coming!”
Flec: “Oh, that was smart, smart play! Smart and beautiful!”
Joey: “And that woman… whoever she is, who accompanied Mirage to ringside, just pulled Ignavus out of the way at the last moment. And P colliding with the ringpost. I think he’s out cold.”
Flec: “She’s getting nekkid!!”
Joey: “Cool your jets, Flec – she just slipped her shoe off and threw it to the Big Ragebowski. Ignavus up again… holding Death in place. Referee up to seven with the count… Mirage lines it up… No! He missed! Judge Death shifted his weight and just caught Ignavus between the eyes with that stiletto heel!”
Flec: “That’s gonna sting in the morning!”
Joey: “Death with a punch to Mirage and rolls back into the ring – he and Ignavus are the legal men! Referee to nine, Igz is still reeling on the floor… ten! That’s all over!”

The Big Ragebowski looks up horrified as the referee signals for the bell and Judge Death’s music resounds again.

Flec: “Smart move, Ragey. Oh, boy. Oh, and she is pissed!”
Joey: “I think her meal ticket just expired! Judge Death celebrating in the ring. Prowl still unconscious on the outside, we may need some EMTs out here soon. And whoever this lady is, she’s giving Mirage a good telling off.”
Flec: “She’s hot when she’s angry.
Joey: “Ignavus up, too. Bleeding heavily from just above the eye. Three way shouting match going on here, Mirage defending himself, rightfully so in my view.”
Flec: “Oh my god!”
Joey: “And a huge right hand from his valet for his troubles! Ignavus behind him… and just shoves Mirage forward into her!”
Flec: “Holy ****! She just levelled The Big Ragebowski with an Olympic Slam!”
Joey: “On the outside, no less! Mirage out cold, it seems. And now she’s tending to Ignavus… oh, flirting away like nobody’s business. Look at her mop his brow…”
Flec: “That’s all she’s mopping, right?”
Joey: “… yes, Flec. Ignavus leaving with The Big Ragebowski’s valet. A less than happy return for Triple R… we’ve got our first entrants into the ArchiveBowl, though. Judge Death and Prowl. Assuming P will be okay, that is… now let’s throw you backstage to Keith Kincaid, who is with two of the competitors in our next match.”


The camera is zoomed in on the back of a trenchcoat bearing the ‘Blood & Thunder’ logo. As the camera zooms out, it reveals the wearer to be Black Zarak. It also reveals that Zarak’s usual tag team partner, Wolfang, and Keith Kincaid are in the room with him.

KK: “Good evening folks… this is Keith Kincaid live at AWF Overdrive here at the Anaheim Pond, California, with one of our top tag teams… Wolfang… Zarak… as always, gentlemen, it’s a pleasure to be here…”

Z: “Ordinarily, Kincaid, I’d agree with you. Nice tie, by the way.”

KK: “Well… we all know the reason that you and Wolfang aren’t happy…”

Z: “We all know the reason Wolfang’s unhappy. It’s called ‘genetics’. The guy makes ‘Angel’ look like a laugh riot. The reason I’m unhappy… Keith… is that tonight, I have to trust somebody else. Wolfang brought me ‘back to the light’, as it were. I’d trust him with my life. Tonight… I have to fight him. And we all know that the reason I have to fight him… is Reilly.”

KK: “But the draw is…”

Z: “Completely random. So he says, anyway. After the **** he’s tried to heap on Blood & Thunder… do you think we’re gonna take Reilly at his word?”

KK: “Wolfang?”

W: “It’s like my buddy here says. This is rigged. I don’t give a rat’s ass what Reilly told anyone… this is rigged. I have to go out there… in front of all those people… and fight my best friend? That sucks ass. I got nothing against Brave Maxx either. But having to go out there… * places his hand on Zarak’s shoulder * and fight my friend and a guy I have no personal grievances with? That stinks. That absolutely reeks…”

KK: “The way you explain it, Wolfang, you’d think you were fighting the battle alone…”

W: “I might as well. Fin Coastal? Of all the lame-ass, punk-ass bitchboys in this fed… I ended up with him. Hell… I’d be better off fighting on my own…”

Wolfang storms off, as Zarak takes a deep breath shakes his head and exits in another direction.

KK: “Well… I guess it’s back to ringside…”

ArchiveBowl Round 1:
Black Zarak & Brave Maximus vs. Tag Team Co-Champion Vin Ghostal & Wolfang

JFA: I’m so excited about this match, I’m twitching!
JHA: No, that’s the last stash that P? gave me. I may or may not have slipped into your coffee.
JFA: Wait… what?

There are certain things in life that you can stop
There are certain things in life that can’t be stopped

JHA: Son of an overgrown cumquat, not him.
JFA: You put what in my drink?

Vin Ghostal makes his way down to the ring, proudly wearing his half on the tag team title. He stops, poses, and awaits his tag team partner.

I got a ticket to nowhere
I got no respect for the law
I got no use ‘cause it’s all abuse
It’s the cutting edge of the saw

Wolfang, obviously disgusted, appears at the top of the ramp.

JFA: HA! What a partner for Ghostal! The man he lost to last week! This is glorious!

Ain’t got no time for the future
Ain’t got no time for the past
I’m running up a down escalator
I’m going nowhere fast

Wolfang gets to the ring and “The Hurricane Years” fades out.

JHA: So who’re these monkey clowns fighting?
JFA: Lets see…

When all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still alive[i]

A huge lightning bolt arcs across the arena and explodes in the middle of the ramp, revealing Brave Max.

[i]Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you loving you
I won't let you pull me down

The fans react powerfully to Max’s appearance, but it’s nothing compared to Vin Ghostal’s own reaction.

JHA: Ha! Casper just turned even MORE pale! I didn’t think that was even possible!
JFA: Well, the shock is understandable. These two have a sordid, bloody history.

“Haunted” by Evanescence fades out and “Mexicola” by Queens of the Stone Age hits.

Setting sun deals hands of gold
There's velvet eyes in Mexico
Just a fall away

JHA: What the blue hell?
JFA: It’s Black Zarak! He must be Brave Max’s partner!

And all she said was true
Speak in tongues, speak in lies
Drooling livers, born to die
It's a wonder that those guns don't point at you

JHA: Wait a second… isn’t that guy (J points at Zarak) buddies with that other
one, over there (J points at Wolfang)?
JFA: If by buddies you mean Blood and Thunder, one of the most successful tag
teams in the whole Archive’s history, then yes!
JHA: … I really, really hate you.

After a few seconds of heated discussion between Vin Ghostal and Wolfang,
Wolfang shows V3 a particular finger on his hand and steps into the ring to
face off against Brave Max.

JFA: Looks like these two are having trouble establishing dominance over each other, I think Vin Ghostal wanted to start the match.
JHA: Flippin casper thinks ‘cause he’s tag team champ that he’s all… good… and stuff.
JFA: Eloquent.

Wolfang and Brave Max lock up in the center of the ring, and the bigger man, Max, manages to get the advantage and shove ‘Fang down. He doesn’t stay there, however, as he’s quickly back on his feet and charging at Brave Max. A spinning heel kick from Wolfang sends Max to the mat. Wolfie, showing his technical prowess, quickly locks in a figure four arm lock.

JFA: Looks like Wolfang is establishing an early lead here, trying to keep Brave Maximus on the mat and working that arm of his.

Brave Max manages to shake Wolfang off, however, and the big man returns to his feet. Wolfang attempts a knife edge chop onto Max, but the monster blocks it and hits one of his own.

Crowd: Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Wolfang shudders, but doesn’t reel back from the blow. He returns the chop, and the crowd signifies this with another “woo”. Maximus doesn’t take too kindly to being hit with it, however, and quickly flattens Wolfang with a stiff clothesline. He quickly falls on top of his levelled opponent and applies a choke hold, releasing it at 4 and a half counts.

JFA: Brave Max could’ve gotten himself disqualified there. I’m not sure if he’s out for blood or the title here tonight.
JHA: You know, as long as he hurts Ghostal, I really don’t care.

Brave Max wraps his enormous hand around Wolfang again, and, in a show of true strength, lifts the smaller man into a standing position. Wolfang looks noticeably surprised by this, but this look of shock doubles when Brave Max sets him up in the air for a chokeslam!

JHA: Wow! Could you imagine if you had Brave Max as your best friend in high school, J? Think of all the swirlies he could’ve saved you from!
JFA: Thank you so much for reminding me of those. Wolfang has countered, though! A flipping armbar sends Brave Max to the mat instead! I didn’t even think that was possible!

Brave Max is now laying on his back, and Wolfang has managed to get back to his feet but is still holding his throat. He signals to the turnbuckle and sets himself up for what appears to be a moonsault. Before landing the high risk manoeuvre, however, Wolfang is distracted by Vin Ghostal’s yells. The tag team champ obviously wants Wolfang to tag him in.

JHA: Wow, the golden boy over there has gone from dead white to fire engine red in a matter of thirty seconds!
JFA: He is rather livid.
JHA: Who says livid, honestly?

Wolfang takes a moment to again show V3 a certain finger from his hand, then turns back to his opponent and pulls back for a devastating right hook. Max, however, has recovered in the interim and springs forward. A big boot from Brave Max puts his surprised opponent on the mat.

JFA: Vin Ghostal is not going to be pleased…
JHA: Huttah! Huttah!
JFA: There will come a day when I will understand you, but I think we all know that it’s quite far off.

Max the valiant wraps his arms around the prone Wolfie from behind, and pulling him up, delivers a back to belly suplex. The man then continues to grab his foe’s arm, whip him to his feet, and launch him right at Vin Ghostal! V3 manages to dodge out of the way of his projective partner, however, and Wolfang collides with the turnbuckle.

JHA: Look at Max taunt that damn ghost! It’s glorious!
JFA: Wait… are there two Maxes up there now… or am I seeing double?
JHA: Yep, that’s the stash, working its magic.

Max stands in the middle of the ring, arms folded, while he smiles and stares at V3. The gold obsessive worker does not react well to this turn of events, and he grabs Wolfang’s hair, pulling him up. Ghostal then proceeds to slap his hapless partner across the face and climb into the ring.

JFA: That can’t count as a legal tag!
JHA: Apparently the ref is allowing it!
JFA: Where do we get this help?

Ghostal, now in a rage at Max, foolishly charges his adversary, who repays his trouble with a That move, you know… with the thing.. Ghostal recovers quickly, however, and kicks Max’s legs out from under him. Both men roll up, but V3 is able to gain the momentum – hitting a running ddt on him.

JFA: I’m starting to see spots… is that a bad thing?
JHA: Yes, it is. You’ve probably over-dosed, odds are you’re dying.
JFA: If this stuff kills me, your ass is haunted. I guarantee you that.

Max struggles to get up, but V3 is faster; he places a well aimed kick right into Max’s face. Ghostal establishes obvious dominance as he hits an amazing German suplex that all but flattens Max.

JFA: Looks like V3 really wants to teach his opponent a lesson, here, J.
JHA: Ha! Look at Zarak. He’s flailing about like Cloudstrifer on dime a dog night.

Zarak is indeed desperately calling for a tag. Wolfang, having recovered, is shouting as well – but it isn’t clear at whom. Ghostal is obviously proud of his supremacy over Max, and starts slapping his sprawled opponent’s face back and forth – taking time to add his own insults.

JFA: I guess he’s letting out some stress.
JHA: I guess he’s letting out some ass-hole-ness. Too bad he won’t ever run out.

Obviously infuriated at his disrespect for his makeshift partner, Zarak decides to rush the ring, and charges V3. He isn’t able to catch the man by surprise, however, and V3 whips him right back over the ropes and out of the ring.

JFA: Oh! What a valiant attempt to save his partner!
JHA: What’re you talking about? I bet the two barely know each other. He just
wants to win that title shot.
JFA: I suppose you’re right. Man, I really hate it when that happens.
JHA: I really hate it when you’re awake. Good thing that stash is going to fix
that any second now.

After dealing with Zarak, Ghostal pivots to find that Max has taken a knee and is starting to get up. The infamous bat totting golden man smiles maliciously and backs up to the corner of the ring. By the time Max has stumbled to his feet, Ghostal has perched himself on the top rope.

JFA: This won’t end well for Max…
JHA: He’ll get away… you’ll see…

JHA’s prediction, however, turns out untrue. Ghostal leaps, and hits a perfect fame-asser right onto Brave Max’s head.

JFA: He sure got away all right… Max is out cold!
JHA: Expletive deleted.
JFA: Ghostal rolls Max onto his back, and hooks the leg... 1... 2... Black Zarak just drop kicked Ghostal off of his ailing partner!

JFA: I guess being sent over the top ropes wasn't enough to keep Zarak away.
JHA: That’ll teach Casper to eat more apples!
JFA: Seriously, do you even try anymore?

Ghostal is on his feet, and obviously not pleased. He's screaming at Zarak now, and V3 suddenly lunges, hitting a quick kick to his opponent’s gut and scooping the ailing Zarak onto his shoulders into position for a powerbomb!

JFA: I guess what goes around comes around, reap what you sow, the golden rule and all that...
JHA: How are you not comatose? That stash was big enough to make a camel dance!

Ghostal pulls back, and is about to send Zarak plummeting down... but a dropkick from behind levels out Ghostal and saves Zarak from most of the impact.

JFA: I don’t believe it! Wolfang just attacked his own partner!
JHA: Ha! Serves that dirty cheater right!
JFA: I actually think that, technically, it was Zarak that cheated...
JHA: Why haven’t you passed out?

As Ghostal rolls on the ground, clutching his back, Blood and Thunder quickly discuss their plan, then Zarak grabs Ghostal. He pulls him up and Wolfang hits him with a powerful superkick, and Zarak uses the reverse Death Valley Driver!

JFA: The Violent Storm! The Violent Storm!
JHA: Yay! They levelled that ghost!

Blood and Thunder take a moment to congratulate themselves over V3's writhing body. Zarak goes to retrieve Brave Max, still unconscious from his earlier beating, and lays him over the fallen Ghostal.

JFA: 1... 2... 3!!! I don't believe it! Brave Max and Black Zarak win!
JHA: I don't believe that stash in your coffee ha.. wait why're you drinking out that that mug? Your mug is supposed to be the red one!
JFA: I gave mine to an intern for her birthday...
JHA: Well, looks like I gave her a birthday present too.

Blood and Thunder's music hits as the men make their way out of the ring, leaving their respective partners behind, collapsed and beaten.

JFA: What a shocking end for this match! Wolfang gave up his shot at the title to save his friend and to teach Vin Ghostal a lesson!
JHA: And I admitted on live tv to drugging an intern!

ArchiveBowl Round 1:
D-Extreme & TV Champion Strafe vs. The Wild One & Amarant Odinson

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a tag-team match, and is scheduled for one fall! The victors will proceed to the Archivebowl, to be held later this evening!”

The sound of a heart monitor/electrocardiogram machine can be heard, an echoing, repetitive ‘beep’ filling the arena. After several tense seconds, the beep trails off, and a bright flare of pyro explodes under the ArchiveTron, scattering sparks in all directions as some heavy rock guitar riffs kick in and the lone figure of the Rabid Wolverine steps out onto the stage, striding purposefully with a sweat-drenched towel over his head. He ignores the crowd who, after momentarily allowing themselves to be awed by the entrance display, revert to booing and catcalls toward the approaching superstar.

JRA: “Making his way down to the ring now…from Toronto, Ontario, Canada…weighing 230 pounds…he is the Rabid Wolverine…AMARAAAANNNT OH-DIN-SOOONNNN!”

JHA: “Aw, shaddap, ya bunch of idiots! Can’t you recognise greatness?!”
JFA: “They can, but all they see is Amarant.”
JHA: “Isn’t that enough?”
JFA: “Clearly not.”

Amarant enters through the ropes and strides over to one of the far corners, climbing the turnbuckle and folding his arms across his chest and glaring around at the crowd, in particular at someone holding a sign reading, ‘The Lame Hush-Puppy.’

JFA: “Well, that’s somewhat imaginative.”
JHA: “You know what else is imaginative?”
JFA: “What?”
JHA: “You doing your job and shutting your trap.”
JFA: “Well…no, not really…But since you’re doing nothing of the sort, I suppose I have to.”

Amarant steps down as his music cuts out, to be replaced by…

Another dream that will never come true
Just to compliment your sorrow
Another life that I've taken from you
A gift to add on to your pain and suffering
Another truth you can never believe
Has crippled you completely
All the cries you're beginning to hear
Trapped in your mind, and the sound is deafening…

Spotlights focus on the stage as another superstar emerges from behind the curtain, strutting with great self-importance and raising his hand in the air as the crowd begins to cheer enthusiastically.

JRA: “And making his way down to the ring…”

JHA: “A tool.”
JFA: “Ssshhh!”

JRA: “…from Ohio…He is the Wildest Superstar in the AWF…THHHHE WILD ONE-UH!”

The Wild One steps up the steel ring stairs quickly and poses on the apron as ‘Prayer’ by Disturbed continues over the PA system.

Living just isn't hard enough
Burn me alive, inside
Living my life's not hard enough
Take everything away…

The Wild One steps into the ring and walks calmly over to Amarant’s corner, waving and saluting to the cheering audience. Amarant is only paying token attention, focusing instead on the top of the ramp. The Wild One’s music fades away, and for a few short seconds, there is silence, before a single rocket flies downward from the rafters and bursts into flame on the stage, and the lights around the ramp briefly turn out…

First we gonna…ROCK!
Then we gonna…ROLL!
Then we let it…POP

The lights abruptly flash back on and the crowd gets to its feet for the next arrival, who jogs leisurely down the ramp, shadowboxing and slapping high-fives with the crowd close to the ramp.

JRA: “And the opponents…first, from Parts Unknown…He is The Extreme…DEEE-EXX-TREME!”

Ain't never gave nothin’ to me
But everytime I turn around
Cats got they hands out wantin’ something from me
I ain't got it so you can't get it
Let’s leave it at that cuz I ain't wit it…

D-Ex slides under the bottom rope and holds his arms up high, crossed over to form an ‘X’, then walks over to the corner adjacent from where Wild One and Amarant are seemingly trying to glare a hole right through him.

JFA: “Now, this man’s got the right stuff to go far around here…”
JHA: “Meh, he’s just another tool.”
JFA: “Is ‘tool’ your new word for ‘likable human being’?”
JHA: “Nope…it’s also my word for you.”

The hurt inside is fading
This sh*t gone way too far.
All this time I've been waiting
No I can not grieve anymore.
For what's inside awaking.
I'm not, I’m not a whore
You've taken everything and oh I can not give anymore…

The crowd continues to cheer as the last competitor emerges from behind the curtain, beaming in an exceedingly arrogant manner, with the well-polished AWF TV Title Belt slung over one shoulder. He doesn’t react too much to the positive attention, simply nodding to choice members of the audience.

JRA: “And now making his way down to the ring…your AWF Television Champion…SSSSTRAFFFFE!”

JHA: “Wow…it’s a guy who both I and the stupid masses both kinda like.”
JFA: “I think my heart just stopped…that said, such praise is not unwarranted. Despite several…questionable victories, Strafe’s proven that he’s got what it takes to be a memorable champion.”
JHA: “And he taught Skywarp some humility. Gotta love that.”

I’m here to stay (bring it down)
I’m here to stay (bring it down)
I’m here to stay (bring it down)
I’m here to stay (bring it down)…

Strafe steps carefully through the top and middle ropes and yells something toward Amarant and The Wild One; at this, Wild One attempts to advance on Strafe, though Amarant instinctively holds him back. Strafe grins, satisfied, and hands his TV Title to the ref before walking back to discuss minor strategy with D-Ex.

JFA: “Wild One seeming overly eager to taste blood there…Rookie enthusiasm brings warm feelings to the heart, doesn’t it?”
JHA: “What…the hell…are you on?”

The bell rings, and both Strafe and Amarant step onto the apron in their respective corners, leaving D-Ex and Wild One in the ring to start off. Wild One offers a handshake, and D-Ex accepts, though he seems somewhat reluctant and breaks it off quickly. The two then lock up, with Wild One gaining a quick advantage and shoving D-Ex backward and off his feet. D-Ex scrambles up, though, and charges again, only to be met by a quick Back Elbow to the face, knocking him straight back down again. Wild One bounces off the ropes, and hops over D-Ex on the return, only to have the Xtreme One leap up and connect with a Spinebuster after the second bounce. D-Ex stands back up and begins to stomp away on Wild One, focusing mainly on the base of his opponent’s spine. Picking Wild One up, D-Ex drags him over to his own corner and drives Wild’s face into the top of the turnbuckle, dizzying the rookie.

JFA: “That’ll cost him a few teeth…”
JHA: “Maybe it’ll kill him, too. Pretty please…”
JFA: “You do realise how heartless you are, I suppose?”
JHA: “Ja, und I am lovingk eet.”

D-Ex offers a palm and Strafe tags in, stepping through the ropes as the Xtreme One holds Wild in place, allowing Strafe to quickly deliver a painful boot right to Wild One’s ribs, knocking the wind out of him and forcing him down to the mat. D-Ex steps out to the apron as Strafe picks Wild One up and whips him to the ropes, only to have Wild reverse it. Wild One tries for a Back Toss, but he telegraphs it fairly clearly, and Strafe catches him right on the top of the skull with a Front Dropkick on the rebound. Miraculously, Wild One keeps on his feet, though he staggers back to the ropes. Strafe, seeing an opportunity, charges, but Wild tries for another Back Toss and makes it work this time, throwing Strafe clean out of the ring and down to the hard arena floor!

JFA: “Oh my goodness!”
JHA: “Who says that anymore?”
JFA: “Well, what do you say?”
JFA: “Rrrright then.”

Wild One steps down and out of the ring, picking Strafe up by the head as the ref begins to make the ten-count. Wild then whips Strafe right into one of the security railings, and begins to throw punches right at the TV champ’s face. After several right hands, Wild One picks Strafe up again and rolls him into the ring, before sliding in himself and trying for a cover, but Strafe kicks out decisively after 2. Wild One shakes his head and gets up, posing briefly before turning around to face the rising Strafe, earning himself a small pop from the crowd.

JFA: “I think he’s going to…”
JHA: “Waste his time.”
JFA: “I don’t think that’s…”
JHA: “Waste.”

Wild One rushes forward and tries for the Time To Get Wild, but Strafe clocks it and ducks, resulting in Wild One rebounding from the ropes, only to be caught by a Reverse Neckbreaker on the return. Strafe lies still for a moment to collect his bearings, before pulling himself back up and connecting with a Flipping Leg Drop onto Wild One’s prone form before dragging Wild up again and going for another Irish Whip. It succeeds this time, but Amarant, who was waiting patiently, gets a blind tag on Wild as he rebounds from the ropes. Strafe clotheslines Wild One, only to be caught by several right hands from the now-legal Amarant.

JHA: “Great, now I actually have a reason to watch this match…”
JFA: “You weren’t before?”
JHA: “What do you think pocket TVs were invented for?”

Amarant lands a quick European Uppercut on Strafe, knocking the TV champ back against the ropes, from where Amarant kicks him in the gut and presses Strafe’s neck into the middle rope, choking him out. The crowd boos to this rather ungentlemanly action, and the ref pleads for the hold to be broken. Amarant leaves it ‘til 3 before breaking off, then whips Strafe and catches him on the rebound around the midsection and slips behind, launching Strafe with a German Suplex! Amarant doesn’t bother letting go, and stands back up for a second, which connects…and a third, then Amarant bridges into a pin!

JFA: “2 – no! D-Ex running in and breaking the pin. Obviously, if Strafe falls, he’ll cost D-Ex his possible shot at the title, too.”

Amarant drags Strafe up again and begins to throw chops at the TV champ’s chest, with the crowd yelling “Wooooooo!” after each clearly-audible impact. Strafe staggers back under the assault, holding the inflamed red tissue of his chest. Amarant then quickly hooks up and connects with a Snap Suplex, before turning around, grabbing Strafe’s legs and twisting them into a Figure-4.

JHA: “Now he feels the genius that is…AMARANT! Mwuahahaha!”
JFA: “Do you have your pinky-finger in your mouth?”
JHA: “Yeah, why?”
JFA: “No reason. Strafe’s trying desperately to turn over and reverse the hold, and it looks like D-Ex has had enough…”

D-Ex, indeed, steps into the ring again, fully intending to break the hold. This time, however, Wild One also steps in, and charges D-Ex with a Clothesline that takes both men straight over the top rope and to the floor.

JFA: “Good grief!”
JHA: “Would you quit with the archaic phrases already?”
JFA: “You know what that word means? Really?”
JHA: “Yeah, I’m scared too…”

Back in the ring, Strafe struggles and flails around, shaking his head to the ref and trying to roll onto his front, though Amarant’s having none of that. Finally, Strafe does manage to roll over, but Amarant quickly releases the hold…and moves into an Indian Deathlock!

JFA: “Good technical knowledge being displayed by Amarant there.”
JHA: “Whaddaya mean, ‘good’? He’s the best!”
JFA: >coughmatmancough<
JHA: “Speak not the name…”

Strafe begins to pull himself slowly toward the ropes as D-Ex is rammed headfirst into one of the ring posts on the outside by Wild One, who follows up with a quick DDT right onto the floor. D-Ex reels, holding his skull, and Wild One salutes the crowd before returning to his corner, earning more cheap pops.

JHA: “If D-Ex doesn’t beat that guy to a pulp, I will.”

Back in the ring, Strafe finally reaches the ropes, though Amarant holds onto the hold for a little longer than necessary before relenting. Odinson drags Strafe up and across to his corner, tagging in Wild One. Both Amarant and Wild One hook up with Strafe, each to one side of his head, and perform a brutal Double-Team Suplex on the TV champ. Wild One taunts to the crowd before pulling Strafe up again and hooking him up as if for a Gutwrench Suplex.

JFA: “I think this may be the Call Of The Wild he’s trying for…”

Indeed, Wild One does lift Strafe into the powerbomb position…however, Strafe gets his bearings, and counters beautifully into a Hurricanrana. Both men lie dazed as the ref begins to count, and both D-Ex and Amarant call for tags.

JFA: “Now, the match could swing either way. It’s all down to who tags in first…”

Strafe crawls slowly across the mat toward the waiting D-Extreme, whilst Wild One is almost within tag distance of Amarant, as the ref counts “5”…then, Amarant falls down from the apron!”

JFA: “Huh?”
JHA: “Who dares?!”

The ref glances briefly to Amarant, before turning back as Strafe leaps – and makes the tag! D-Extreme hits the ring, and Strafe…seems to be holding his shin and complaining to the ref. It looks like he’s injured.

JFA: “Could Strafe be wounded? This may have an adverse effect on his performance in the Archivebowl…”
JHA: “Assuming he gets there – ouch!”

Someone with a bright pink balaclava, the same one who pulled Amarant off the apron, is now delivering quite a beating to the Rabid Wolverine on the outside. The ref, of course, doesn’t see a thing, on account of Strafe taking all his attention. The mystery man throws Amarant against the steel ring stairs, before hooking up and connecting with a Side Effect right onto the arena floor!

JHA: “Seriously, who IS this guy?!”
JFA: “I dunno…but that pink seems familiar…”

The mystery man whips off the balaclava, a wide grin upon his smug face.

JFA: “Wait a tic…I recognise him from somewhere…”
JHA: “Try this…”
JFA: “What’s that?”
JHA: “A hard copy of the ‘AWF Post Your Profiles Here!’ topic.”
JFA: “Handy! Let’s see…ehh…” >skips to second page< “Ahh, here he is…Brett Rayne. I recall he was exchanging barbs with Amarant not long before tonight’s show.”

Meanwhile, in the ring, Wild One, now back to his feet, is staring in confusion at Amarant and Rayne. He hasn’t noticed D-Ex sneaking up right behind him…

JHA: “Heeee’s beeee-hind yoooouuu!”

The Xtreme One glances around, noting that the ref is occupied with Strafe, and then falls to one knee, tagging Wild One with a devastating Low Blow!

JFA: “For the love of God, how cheap can you get?”
JHA: “I know…brilliant, huh?”

Wild One, naturally, staggers back and forth, holding his ‘manhood’ with an expression of utmost alarm and agony decorating his face. D-Ex wastes no time and nails Wild with the X-Ocution! And, at just about the same time, Strafe calmly pushes the ref back, insisting he’s fine now.

JFA: “I knew it! I knew he’d be up to something!”

The ref turns and notices D-Ex pinning Wild One, and goes for the count, not bothering to check on Amarant’s condition. Meanwhile, Brett Rayne has slipped away into the crowd, leaving Odinson buckled up in pain on the outside.

JFA: “And there’s the 3, folks. I can’t say it was an ideal match, but it certainly was…interesting.”
JHA: “Damn straight. Some tool got his balls punched.”
JFA: “You put things in such eloquent terms, don’t you?”
JHA: “Yeah, that’s on my resume somewhere…”

JRA: “Here are your winners…DEEE-EXX-TREME and SSSTRAFFFFE!”

D-Ex and Strafe let their arms be raised briefly before heading to the back, Strafe grinning in a very shark-like manner all the way

ArchiveBowl Round 1:
Sparky & ??? vs. OP2005 & Ravage

Puritania fills the arena and is nearly drowned out by the jeers of the crowd as Big Daddy Rav and his less than thrilled partner for the evening OP2005 make their way to the ring area.

Flec: Have they found Sparky a partner yet?
Joey: Why? You want in?
Flec: Heck no, I’m just thinking if they haven’t I could get a bite to eat…I’m starving!
Joey: Please…

The Theme song from Kill Bill takes over and Sparky appears below the Archivetron, uncertain as to who will be his partner. He makes his way to the ring and pauses…waiting.

Flec: What the…

Superstar begins to play and the crowd leaps to their collective feet as the wheelchair bound Heart Brend Kid Sean O’Con is rolled to the ring by his lovely and buxom “attendant.”

Joey: What…what is Sean O’Con doing here?

O’Con looks out at the crowd, sporting a black leather jacket, blue jeans and an AWF T-Shirt. He smirks for a moment. Ravage stands shaking his head in shock and awe. The smirk on O’con’s face turns serious….he plants one foot on the ground…then the other…and in the blink of an eye he has tossed off the jacket, leapt into the ring and unleashed a flurry of punches on Ravage.

Joey: Oh MY GOD! HBK is back and he’s Sparky’s partner!
Flec: …
Joey: Well said as always. Sparky takes OP2005 to the outside with a clothesline over the top rope. HBK meanwhile is all over Ravage. Knife-edge chop…Irish whip into the ropes and a textbook drop kick by HBK, who completes the move with a kip-up!
Flec: Yeah…he’s back…showing off!
Joey: OP2005 sensing the desperation here already, has delivered a low blow to Sparky and now has grabbed a chair and is on his way in!
Flec: YES!
Joey: And now he’s on his way out…Heart Brend Kick to OP2005 sends him crashing back to the outside…leaving HBK with the chair…and Ravage…oh no…Sean…NO DON’T!
Flec: Too late…
Joey: And HBK just crushed the skull of Big Daddy Rav with that steel chair. The referee is calling for the bell. Ravage and OP2005 have won via DQ, but HBK isn’t done here…waiting…waiting…and HDD on the chair by HBK! Ravage is down! OP2005 is already making his way back…not caring what happens to Ravage at this point, he’s going on to the Archivebowl.
Flec: Ummmm…kid…I wouldn’t bother him right now.
Joey: Sparky in the ring…shouting at HBK, who’s more or less telling Sparky to calm down…Sparky getting more upset…and…
Flec: Told ya…
Joey: HEART BREND KICK! The HB Kick sends Sparky down to the mat as well. HBK left in the middle of the ring…last man standing so to speak…now sliding to the outside as the GPA rush to the ring…HBK and his…ahem…attendant make their way through the crowd as the crowd goes insane! Ravage and OP2005 have advanced…but HBK IS BACK!

ArchiveBowl Round 1:
Bombshell & King vs. The Mat Man & Viewfind

JFA: “Here we go with match number five. So without further ado lets go to JRA for the in ring announcement.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall and is our fifth random tag match. Introducing first residing in Madison, Wisconsin……….NMAT!”

A loud clock can be heard ticking and finally “Back in black” by AC/DC starts and NMat makes his way out of the back. He stops at the entrance and taunts the crowd for a few seconds then continues to the ring.

JRA: “And introducing his partner, from Philadelphia, PA………VIEWFIND!”

“Party Up” by DMX and the crowd, still booing from NMat’s entrance, boo louder as Viewfind taunts them and then walks to the ring to join his fellow GPA member. Viewfind climbs into the ring and the two men pose on the turnbuckles.

JRA: “And now introducing their opponents. First coming to you from Maple Ridge, BC. The Mad Bomber……BOMBSHELL!”

Powerman 5000’s “Drop the Bombshell” starts and Bombshell makes his way out from the back and drives his motorcycle down to the ring. He climbs into the ring and poses for the crowd.

JRA: “And introducing his partner. Coming to you from Los Angeles, CA………THE KING!”

“Head Like a Hole’ by NIN begins to blare over the PA system and King makes his way out of the back and into the ring where he poses for the crowd as the ref rings the bell.

JHA: “Would you look at this, NMat and Viewfind on the same team. It can’t get much better than this. Their a shoe-in to win this match.”
JFA: “I might have to agree with you. Bombshell and King hate each other so I can’t see them co-operating very well in this match and having their opponents being from the same faction doesn’t bode well for them.”
JHA: “Did you just agree with me?”
JFA: “Um, yes and let us never speak of this again.”

NMat and Bombshell start the match off and tie up in the center of the ring. Bombshell quickly over powers NMat and sends him flying into a neutral corner. He taunts NMat as NMat slowly get to his feet and the two tie up again. This time Bombshell forces NMat into the corner and the ref moves in to break it up. They let go but as Bombshell backs away he throws a huge punch that connects with the jaw of NMat and Bombshell begins to go to work on the former Intercontinental champ. Bombshell whips NMat into the opposite corner and follows in with a running clothesline then walks over and tags in the King. King quickly comes into the ring and drags NMat to his feet and slams him hard with a suplex and goes for the cover. NMat kicks out at the count of one and King drags him to his feet again and whips him into the ropes. King tries for a big boot but NMat ducks and rebounds off the ropes and drops King with a flying clothesline and quickly scrambles over and tags in Viewfind as King gets back up.

JFA: “Well Bombshell and King are working together better than I would have thought and have controlled the beginning of this match.”
JHA: “Yeah but Viewfind is in now and things are about to change.”

Viewfind charges in and drops King with a DDT and then knocks Bombshell off the apron and quickly goes back to work on King. He slams him to the mat with a snap suplex and follows that up with an arm bar.

JHA: “I told you things would change when Viewfind came in.”
JFA: “Yeah but here comes Bombers to break the hold.”

Bombshell jumps into the ring and stomps hard on Viewfind’s chest breaking the hold. This brings NMat into the ring and all four men start brawling in the ring. Bombshell and NMat exchange punches as both Viewfind and King trade punches with each other.

JFA: “The ref is starting to lose control here.”
JHA: “Yeah, ain’t it great.”

Bombshell finally get the upper hand on NMat and clotheslines him over the ropes just as Viewfind rams a thumb into King’s eyes. King stumbles back into Bombshell and quickly turns and levels Bombshell with a haymaker. Bombshell gets to his feet and both men start arguing about what just happened. The ref runs over to break it up but just as he gets there Bombshell throws a punch that King ducks and Bombshell nails the ref instead. King and Bombshell start to exchange punches in the ring as we can see Viewfind standing in the corner laughing at his opponents. NMat get to his feet on the outside and quickly runs over to the announcers table and grabs a chair.

JFA: “Damn it guys. Quit fighting each other and fight your opponents.”
JFA: “Quit laughing, this isn’t funny.”
JHA: “Sure it is, they are just making this too easy.”

Finally King gets the upper hand and whips Bombshell into the ropes and nails him with the Headstrong. King gets back to his feet and begins yelling at Bombshell. Viewfind walks over, spins him around and whips him into the ropes and just as he bounces off the ropes NMat stands up and nails him in the back with a steel chair. He stumbles off the ropes right into the waiting arms of Viewfind. Viewfind picks him up and drops him hard with the Philly Pimp Drop.

JFA: “What the hell. You can’t do that, he can’t do that.”
JHA: “Why not. The ref didn’t see it.”
JFA: “So, that doesn’t make it legal.”
JHA: “Who said anything about being legal.”

NMat runs over and shakes the ref awake and rolls him over to Viewfind. Viewfind stands on Kings chest as the ref makes the count. 1…2…3!

JHA: “Yeah, what did I tell you. They couldn’t lose.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match, from the GPA…….NMAT and VIEWFIND!”

JFA: “They just stole the match from King and Bombshell.”
JHA: “Hey come on now, you saw what King did to Bombshell. Do you honestly think they could have won after that.”
JFA: “That doesn’t matter, they still didn’t have to use the chair.”
JHA: “Maybe, but it was funny as hell.”


Ignavus is lounging on a bench. Next to him is the lady who accompanied The Big Ragebowski earlier in the evening. Keith Kincaid is stood by them.

KK: “Ignavus. No entry into the ArchiveBowl, unfortunately, but you do appear to have made a new friend.”
Ignavus: “Huh? Oh, yeah, right. Keith, Atticus. Atticus, Keith.”
KK: “A little more enthusiasm could be appreciated, but nonetheless, welcome to the AWF, Atticus.”

Before she can reply, Bombshell barges into the locker room.

Bombshell: “What the hell is this?! You’re meant to be on my side! Why weren’t you out there helping me?! Too busy slumming about with your new tramp? Now neither of us are in the damn ArchiveBowl!”

Ignavus: “Whoa. Chill. Calm, relax.”

Atticus stands up, angry.

Atticus: “What did you call me?”

Bombshell: “Put some damn clothes on. And get the hell out of my life! You’re a distraction to Igz. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go prep Arcee for her match. One of us can at least get in the damn battle royal.”

Bombshell storms out, leaving Ignavus perplexed, and Atticus fuming.

Back at ringside

JFA: We've got ten wrestlers already lined up for the battle royal and eight more to come.

JHA: And now we're going to find out who the next two guys will be!

JFA: We've already seen some surprises and returning wrestlers, before we're done for tonight I believe this promises to be one of the most surprising AWF PPV's for a long time. And the first participant in the next match will be here in a few seconds.

JRA: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Entering first, from the Lands of the Vikings, Cloudstrifer!

JFA: And the big Norseman is our first competitor in this match. Cloudstrifer sure has a lot to prove tonight but in these matches so much depends on who you're getting for your partner.

JHA: Cloudstrifer looks focused all right. He knows that after his underwhelming match against Sixswitch it'll be a long time before he gets another chance for the title. Unless he wins this one and the battle royal later, that is.

JFA: Cloudstrifer in the ring now, looking at the entranceway, waiting for his partner. And that's the real story behind this PPV. You folks don't know who are teaming up against what team, we the announcers know as little as you do, but the what the main part is, the wrestlers themselves don't know. There could be anyone coming from behind those curtains, your team member, your arch rival, the man you beat down last week, anyone!

JHA: And Cloudstrifer's partner will be... Virus?!

JFA: Cloudstrifer not looking all that pleased! This is his big chance and he's teaming up with the newcomer Virus. Virus slides into the ring and starts talking to Cloudstrifer. I can't hear what he's saying but according to the body language he's telling Strifer that he can and will get the job done. But that remains to be seen.

Cloudstrifer doesn't seem to buy what Virus is selling but the grim look on his face soon turns into a smile as he hears the familiar beats of Boysetsfire, signalling for the entrance of Xille.

JFA: Apparently Cloudstrifer and Virus are quite happy with the choice of their opponent. But I wouldn't be too sure of themselves if I were them, Xille has shown time and time again that he will not back down from a fight. And besides, we still haven't found out who his partner will be. Xille slides into the ring playing up for the crowd, while... hey! Wait a minute!! Cloudstrifer and Virus attacking from behind and now they're laying the boots on Xille, whose partner isn't even still here!

JHA: Nothing wrong in getting a good head start.

JFA: Good head start? This is an assault and there's nothing Xille can do about it! Whoever Xille's tag team partner is, he better show up soon or this match will be the shortest of the night!

Get Rolled With The Fever On The Dance Floor

JFA & JHA: What!?!

JFA: It's the Lock! The Lock is back!!

JHA: Oh brother...

JFA: The Lock is back and he's storming to the ring. Virus tries to hit with a clothesline, Lock ducks it and hits with a belly to belly suplex! Virus flies across the ring and rolls out. Cloudstrifer charges but the Lock sidesteps him and sends him flying over the top rope! The Lock has cleared the ring!!

JHA: I knew seeing him again after all this time was bad news.

JFA: The Lock helps Xille to his feet and they get to their corner. Cloudstrifer and Virus also up, Cloudstrifer staying on the outside, Virus enters the ring. The Lock starts for his team, the referee signals for the bell and this match is under way.

ArchiveBowl Round 1:
Cloudstrifer & Virus vs. Tag Team Co-Champion xille & The Lock

The Lock and Virus circle around each other, trying to get an advantage on their opponent. Virus tries to charge but Lock counters with a fireman's carry. Virus is soon on his feet but he meets a series of right hands by the Lock. Lock whips him to the ropes and hits an arm drag and follows it up with an arm bar. Virus tries to struggle away and after a while he succeeds and immediately hits the Lock with an arm drag of his own. The Lock is a bit taken back by his opponent's technical skills but
is soon back in his game as Virus tries to charge again. The Lock sidesteps him and Virus crashes against the turnbuckle. The Lock grabs a hold from behind and connects with a release German suplex.

JFA: The Lock showing his dominance early on. Virus tries to get up but the Lock hits him with a vertical suplex. Tag to Xille and the X, the opium of masses gets a chance of payback!

JHA: I prefer to call him just pip-squeak.

JFA: Xille bounces off the top rope and drops Virus with a dropkick. He goes to the opposite corner and cheap shots Cloudstrifer for good measure. Virus tries to attack but Xille hits a drop toe hold, goes to the ropes and connects with a bulldog!

JHA: Things aren't looking very good for Virus & Cloudstrifer!

JFA: After attacking Xille two on one Xille & the Lock have been dominating the match early on. Xille again from the ropes but an elbow by Virus stops him. Virus goes for a powerbomb, Xille counters with blows to the head, and a DDT! Xille once again to the ropes... and a cheap shot from behind by Cloudstrifer. Xille is down and a boot by Virus keeps him that way. Virus tags out and Cloudstrifer is now the legal man.

Cloudstrifer immediately continues the work laying on a series of kicks to the midsection of Xille. Cloudstrifer picks Xille up, whips him to the ropes and drops him with a shoulder block. Xille can't even begin to get up as Cloudstrifer drops an elbow. Cloudstrifer picks Xille up again, whips him to the ropes and when Xille comes staggering back Cloudstrifer hits with a powerslam. Strifer goes for the cover but Xille gets the shoulder up before the count of three. Cloudstrifer tags again to Virus who gives a stiff kick to the side of Xille as Cloudstrifer holds him down. Virus whips Xille to the ropes and connects with a dropkick. Virus goes to the ropes and while Xille is trying to get up he hits him with another dropkick to the back of Xille. Another cover attempt but the Lock is able to break the count after two. While the referee's trying to get Lock out of the ring Virus drags Xille to his corner, tags to Cloudstrifer and they both continue to give Xille a series kicks keeping the high flyer grounded.

JFA: Questionable, but undoubtedly an effective strategy by Virus and Cloudstrifer. They're cutting the ring in half separating Xille from his partner and using every trick in the book to punish him, alone or together.

JHA: Questionable? Admit it, you just hate winners because you always lose. It won't take long until they put Xille out and continue on to the battle royal.

JFA: We'll see. Cloudstrifer pummelling Xille, whip to the rope and a press slam! Cloudstrifer not going for the cover, however. He charges at Lock and drops him from the apron.

JHA: That'll keep him from interfering in the match illegally.

JFA: But that gave Xille a chance to get on his feet and a dropkick to Cloudstrifer's knee brings the big man down! Xille tries to go for a tag but the Lock is still down in the ringside. Xille has no chance to get out and a powerful clothesline by Cloudstrifer puts him down again! Cloudstrifer grabs Xille and throws him to their corner and tags in Virus.

JHA: Constant fast tags. They're fresh and Xille is one big move away from being defeated. I think this going just the way it's supposed to.

JFA: It won't be wise to be too sure of their victory. Xille is full of surprises and I wouldn't count him out before the three count is made.

JHA: So you can count him out in about two minutes.

JFA: Virus grabs Xille and hits a gut wrench slam. A cover attempt, one, two, and Xille kicks out! Virus picks him up, whips him to the ropes but Xille ducks the clothesline attempt, jumps from the ropes and connects with the head scissors! Virus is soon back up but Xille is on him with a kick to the midsection. Virus doubles over and Xille hits a running neckbreaker! Virus is down and Xille has a chance to get a tag!

JHA: Both men are down, crawling to their corners, Virus seems to be a bit closer, but there's no telling who'll get the tag first.

JFA: Just a few feet away, Virus gets the tag and Cloudstrifer is in, but Xille also succeeds and the Lock is legal! The Lock fires a series of punches on Cloudstrifer, whips him to the ropes and hits a belly to belly suplex! Virus tries to interfere but the Lock stops him with a flap jack! Cloudstrifer gets a boot in and whips the Lock to the ropes. Lock ducks the clothesline, and a back drop by the Lock! He covers! One, two, thr... no, Virus breaks the three count!

JHA: That was a close call. No! What is that Xille idiot doing?!

JFA: Xille's seen enough as he attacks Virus with a spinning heel kick! The referee tries to get Xille back to his corner as the Lock keeps his attention on Cloudstrifer. A right hand after another forces the big man back, and a vertical suplex brings him down!

The referee is slowly starting to lose control of the match up as Virus again enters the fray delivering a kick to the head of the Lock. Both men start to exchange punches as Cloudstrifer is slowly getting to his feet. As he sees the Lock he charges but the Lock sees him coming, ducks and Cloudstrifer drops his partner Virus with a stiff clothesline. Before he can react the Lock grabs the waist and hits a German suplex. Quickly, he tags to Xille who's waiting on the apron. Xille bounces from the ropes
and hits Virus with a leg drop. As Virus rolls out from the ring Xille moves his attention to Cloudstrifer who's just getting up after the German suplex. Xille tries to hit him with a cross body but Cloudstrifer catches him. Before Cloudstrifer can do anything the Lock comes from behind and clips the legs. Cloudstrifer falls down with Xille on him and as the Lock tries to go back to his corner, Virus jumps up from ringside and pulls Lock's throat on the top rope. Xille sees that and decides to get rid of Virus. He runs to the ropes, jumps over the top rope and hits Virus with a plancha.

JFA: Xille and Virus are down outside the ring and Cloudstrifer and Lock are down in the ring!

JHA: This could go anyway!

JFA: The Lock getting back up, but Cloudstrifer is already on his feet. The Lock's up and Cloudstrifer hits the Odin's Spear! Cloudstrifer breaks the Lock in half with the Odin's Spear!!

JHA: It's over!

JFA: You are right, The Lock is down and this very well might be the end! But no, Xille is back up again, a springboard dropkick to the back of Cloudstrifer's head. Cloudstrifer is not down, though and he charges at Xille! Xille ducks and Cloudstrifer goes over the top rope! The Lock is getting up and Virus is here! He attacks Lock but Lock ducks, and Dinobot Slam!! Dinobot Slam on Virus!! The referee is ready, Cloudstrifer tries to get back in but Xille stops him with a baseball slide! One, two, three! This one is over!! The Lock and Xille are the winners and they're going to the battle royal to determine the number one contender!

JHA: Wait a minute, wait a minute, who were the legal men?!

JFA: I have no idea and I think the referee didn't know either. But that makes little difference, Xille and the Lock have won this and they're celebrating in the ring as Virus is still lying on the mat and Cloudstrifer is obviously disappointed outside the ring. He wanted the chance to go for the title but that place is for Xille and the Lock!


In the locker room, The HeartBrend Kid is stood packing his bag up, smirking happily to himself. The door opens behind him and in walks Mr Reilly.

HBK: “Hey, Mr R.”
Reilly: “Shut it. You know who I just spoke to?”
HBK: “The clinic? Good news, I hope? Your tests came back clear?”
Reilly: “The GPA.”
HBK: “You have my sympathy.”
Reilly: “Shut it. They expressed concerns that you may not be able to keep your nose out of the ArchiveBowl later on. I agreed with them.”
HBK: “You know you have the dullest voice I’ve ever heard?”
Reilly: “Shut it. I happened to agree with them. Which is why I’m having you removed from the building.”

The HeartBrend Kid raises an eyebrow as two security guards step into the room.

HBK: “I’ll get you for this. And your little dog, too.”

ArchiveBowl Round 1:
Hardcore Champion Auros & Hellraiser vs. Blaster & Tempest

JFA: “Its time for our next match so let’s go to JRA for the introductions.”
JHA: “Yeah let’s do that.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, its time for our seventh random tag match of the evening. Introducing first, coming to you from Mexico, he is the Hardcore Champion……..AUROS!”

“F*cking in the bushes’ by Oasis begins and Auros makes his way through the curtains getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. He walks down to the ring and poses with his title.

JRA: “Now introducing his partner, from….who knows…..HELLRAISER!”

The lights dim and a mist starts flowing over the entrance. A church bell beings to toll and Hellraiser walks out from the back and stands at the entrance. Finally “Slow Chemical begins to play and the lights go out completely. After a few seconds they come back on and Hellraiser is crouched on the top ropes. The crowd sits in stunned silence as He jumps down into the ring and just waits.

JRA: “Now introducing their opponents, first coming to you from Mandurah, WA, Australia……TEMPEST!”

“Pistol Grip Pump” blares over the PA system and The GPA member walks out from the back and taunts the crowd. The crowd gets to their feet and boo as the GPA bulldozer makes his way to the ring. He climbs in and taunts them one more time.

The pyros explode and “Headstrong” by Trapt begins to blare over the PA system as Blaster makes his way out. The crowd starts to cheer.

JRA: “And introducing his partner, from Vancouver, BC……BLASTER!”

He makes his way to the ring and poses for the crowd.

JFA: “Now this is an odd match. Blaster and Tempest, they just don’t go together. I don’t know how well your man is going to do.”
JHA: “Hey Tempest may not like Blaster but he knows that this is a big match and I don’t think he will do anything stupid.”
JFA: “We’ll just see about that.’

The teams take their corners and Hellraiser and Blaster start the match off. They tie up in the center of the ring and Blaster forces Hellraiser into the corner and the ref breaks it up. Blaster backs off and the two tie up again in the center and this time Blaster whips the new comer into the ropes and drops him with a drop kick and quickly follows that up with a sleeper hold. Hellraiser Quickly throws Blaster off and into the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline. Blaster jumps to his feet and the two explode and start exchanging punches. They trade lefts and rights until finally Blaster get the upper hand and drops him with a body slam.

JFA: “The new guy doesn’t seem intimidated at all about the fact that he’s in the ring with a former world champ.”
JHA: “Why should he? It’s just Blaster.”
JFA: “Come on he’s a three time champ.”
JHA: “Again, so?”

Hellraiser tags in Auros how jumps at the chance to beat on Blaster. He charges in and goes for a clothesline but Blaster ducks it. But before Blaster can capitalize Auros stops, turns and drives a haymaker into the jaw of Blaster that sends him hard to the mat. Auros quickly picks up Blaster and drives him hard into the mat with a powerbomb and then drops down hard on him with a leg drop. Auros gets to his feet and taunts Blaster before dropping another leg drop onto his chest. He drags Blaster to his feet and whips him into the corner. Auros charges in going for a clothesline but Blaster ducks out of the way and Auros crashes hard into the corner.

JFA: “Blaster taking a beating from the Hardcore Champ here.”
JHA: “Yeah I just hope he tires him out. Then Tempest can come in a level them all in a few seconds and win the match.”
JFA: “What you don’t think he could do that without Blaster wearing them out first?”
JHA: “What? No, of course he could do it now but why not let Blaster wear them out. Then when it comes time for the battle royal it will be one less person for him to have to worry about.”
JFA: “We’ll just see about that, because Blaster just tagged him in.”

Tempest steps through the ropes and him and Auros go face to face. Auros bounces off the ropes and crashes hard into Tempest but neither man budges. Auros looks at him and bounces off the ropes again. Again neither man budges. Auros looks bewildered and bounces off the ropes again but this time Tempest catches him with a big boot that sends the hardcore champ to the mat and Tempest rushes at Hellraiser who quickly jumps off the apron to avoid the attack. Tempest walks back over to Auros and picks him up and slams him hard with a high angle scoop slam. Hellraiser jumps into the ring and nails Tempest in the side of the head with a standing side kick. Blaster sees this and jumps in and he and Hellraiser start to trade punches again.

JFA: “Tempest just levelled Auros and then Hellraiser kicked the hell out of Tempest. Now this is some good action.”
JHA: “Yeah, yeah. Tempest will get back up.”
JFA: “I don’t know, he might be out. That was a good kick he just got and he didn’t even see it coming.”

Blaster gets the upper hand again and whips Hellraiser into the ropes as Auros starts to get back to his feet. Hellraiser bounces back and Blaster drives a kick into his gut that hunches Hellraiser over and Blaster quickly levels him with the Stiff Beat. Blaster gets back to his feet and poses for the crowd momentarily until Auros spins him nails him with the Atomic Clothesline.

JFA: “Blaster just took out Hellraiser with the stiff beat and didn’t even have enough time to celebrate before Auros took him out and still nothing from Tempest.”
JHA: “Shut up.”
JFA: “What? Did I hit a nerve?”
JHA: “……..”

Auros covers Blaster but the ref tells him Blaster isn’t legal. He gets back to his feet arguing with the ref for a moment then sees Tempest starting to stir. He starts stalking Tempest as he gets up and finally as Tempest get to his feet Auros kicks him in the gut and calls for the Atomic Piledriver. He gets a small reaction from the crowd and set Tempest up. Just as he’s about to do the move Tempest powers out and kicks Auros in the gut and grabs him by the throat and levels him with a huge chokeslam.

JHA: “Ohhhhh, did you see that chokeslam? That was amazing.”
JFA: “It was pretty good.”

Tempest signals the end is coming and drags Auros to his feet. He picks him up and slams him into the mat with a Thunder Press. Just as he does this Blaster gets to his feet and nails Auros with the Soundsault for a little added insurance. Tempest makes the cover. 1…2….3! Blaster jumps out of the ring as “Pistol Grip Pump” starts again and before Tempest can start attacking him and the two exchange looks as JRA speaks.

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match…..BLASTER and TEMPEST!”

JHA: “Now that’s how you end a match. They made a good team even though they don’t like each other.”
JFA: “It was a good match and neither did anything stupid.”
JHA: “I told you Tempest wouldn’t, he wants the gold as much as anyone.”
JFA: “Yeah, it’s the GPA way isn’t it.”
JHA: “Now don’t you start.”

ArchiveBowl Round 1:
Intercontinental Champion Erik Summers & StoneCold Skywarp vs. Arcee & Grand Convoy

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall… and the winners will receive entry into the ArchiveBowl! Introducing the first team…”

The crowd erupt at the sound of breaking glass and the opening strains of Drowning Pool’s ‘Step Up’ signal the arrival of the Carlisle rattlesnake. StoneCold enters in his usual manner: with that odd walk that combines strutting, staggering and stomping in one rather fluid motion.

JFA: “Would you listen to this ovation? Listen to the crowd roar their approval of the Rattlesnake! Good lord… our announce table is shaking…”
JHA: “Er… sorry…”
JFA: “That’s disgusting… put that away… you’ll go blind…”
* JFA takes a Game Boy Advance from JHA. As he puts it to one side, he takes out the ‘WWE: Crush Hour’ cartridge. *
JFA: “I never want to see you doing that again…”

JRA: “First… from Carlisle, England… STONE COLD SKYWARP!”

Stone Cold greets the crowd in the traditional fashion: arms up and middle digits raised, poised on each middle turnbuckle in turn, before throwing off his ‘Carlisle Export’ vest-jacket. He throws the article to the outside and limbers up against the ropes as he awaits his partner and- more importantly- his opponents. He doesn’t have to wait long as his own music fades out, the lights go down and ‘Won’t Back Down’ heralds the arrival of the Intercontinental Champion.

JRA: “And his tag team partner… from St. Paul, Minnesota… The AWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… ‘THE GAME’ ERIK SUMMERS!”

JHA: “Oh joy… the cowboy from Hell and the jerk from St. Paul… wake me when this is over…”

The Game appears at the entrance, almost a shadow against the bright lights. The flashes pick out highlights on his silver trunks and kneepads; as well as the gold belt around his waist, naturally. As he walks down the ramp, he shakes his head at the neck and exercises his arms. He waits for a moment to enter the ring as he reaches the top of the steps; drinking in the adulation from the fans as he undoes the strap on the Intercontinental title belt.

JFA: “Well… if these two work together, they could definitely be in the ArchiveBowl…”
JHA: “That’s looking like a big ‘if’ from where I’m sitting…”

JRA: “And their opponents…”

‘I Love Rock & Roll’ by Joan Jett is not highly favoured by the fans in the Anaheim Pond. Arcee struts out to the ring in her black catsuit. The Battleaxe is quite happy to be condemned by those present. It matters nothing to her. She just continues to make her way to the ring, disregarding any attention from the crowd.

JRA: “First… from Munich, Germany… ARCEE!”

Arcee enters the ring, blowing kisses to Sky and The Game. Neither is impressed with the display. Their looks of boredom and disdain are, however, rendered invisible to the audience as the lights die down again and ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ falls dead in the air. As ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park begins to play, the impressive figure of Grand Convoy strolls to the ring. The camera flashes pick out quite clearly how annoyed Arcee is with this turn of events, as well as occasionally showing the stunned expressions of Skywarp and Erik Summers.

JFA: “Good lord… this match is one big powder keg waiting for a flame to hit it…”
JHA: “All these idiots are gonna kill each other! Woohoo!”
JFA: “That means Arcee goes as well…”
JHA: “Yeah, like that’s any great loss to humanity…”

JRA: “And her tag team partner… GRAND CONVOY!”

Grand Convoy climbs to the top of the ring steps, and drops his cape to the arena floor as a shower of pyrotechnics heralds the return of the lights. He eyes up all the individuals in the ring, paying particular care to make sure Arcee knows that there is going to be trouble, before starting the match with a boot to the midsection of The Game.

JFA: “The bell sounds… and it looks as though Grand Convoy and The Game are going to start this one… the Rattlesnake looks a little chagrined by that turn of events…”
JHA: “Yeah… only because he wants to get his mitts on Arcee…”
JFA: “I think Sky would rather avoid touching her… especially if she’s been around Bombshell and Ignavus…”

Grand Convoy hammers at the Intercontinental Champion with a series of forearm shots to the head, before dropping him to the canvas with an impressive suplex. Quickly back to his feet, Grand Convoy spins and kneels in one smooth motion to apply a single-handed chokehold to The Game to wear him down more. The referee calls for a break of the hold, and Convoy complies. As Erik pushes himself up onto his left side and reaches for a tag, Convoy drags him back. He pulls the IC champ upright again, only to hit him with a modified Tigerbomb. The resultant pin is broken up before 2 by the intervention of Skywarp’s left boot.

JFA: “Grand Convoy in control here… pulls The Game towards his corner… reaches to Arcee for the tag… and Arcee wants nothing to do with it!”
JHA: “That’s probably the smartest thing she’s ever done… except me, of course…”

Arcee drops to the floor and says ‘no way’ to the tag attempt from Grand Convoy. She reconsiders for a moment, and then reluctantly takes the tag from her mysterious adversary-turned-tag team partner. She steps into the ring, delivering a kick to the ribs of The Game as she does so. A few more kicks to the abdominal area of the three-time World Heavyweight Champion are followed by a kick to the marbles and a rapid DDT for a two-count.

JFA: “Grand Convoy and Arcee functioning as quite a cohesive unit… The Game has had no offence in this encounter thus far, and Skywarp is like a tiger waiting for feeding time awaiting the tag…”

Arcee pulls The Game upright again, and is met with a modified T-bone suplex for her trouble. As the Battleaxe climbs to her feet, the IC champion is already in position to hit her with a German suplex. He grabs Arcee around the waist but, as he falls to drop her, Arcee rolls backwards out of the move to hit a modified reverse DDT. She drops a couple of elbows to the sternum of the former G91 before making a pin attempt. The cover garners two before the left shoulder of Erik Summers distances itself from the mat. Arcee pulls Erik partway across the ring- back towards her corner- before tagging Grand Convoy back in to maintain the advantage.

JFA: “And I’m very surprised that the erstwhile Erik Summers has only had the offence at one instant during this match… and that Arcee and Grand Convoy are working so well as a team…”
JHA: “Especially after the incident with the buffet table a few weeks ago on Mayhem…”

Skywarp is pacing up and down the apron like a caged tiger in view of an antelope. He rubs his face, before shouting abuse at his tag team partner and the nigh-monolithic Grand Convoy. Grand Convoy takes a moment out from hammering The Game to stare directly at the Rattlesnake, before scooping up Erik and dropping him with a bodyslam. A well-placed elbow drop punctuates the move and precedes a cover. The count is interrupted at two when Skywarp’s boot intercepts Convoy’s ear.

As the referee tries to get Skywarp back out of the ring, Arcee enters and joins forces with Grand Convoy to hit a spike powerbomb on the prone IC champion before quickly fleeing the ring. Grand Convoy covers again, only for Summers’ left shoulder to pop up from the canvas once again. Having cut The Game off from his half of the ring, Grand Convoy is now free to punish Summers as he sees fit. The camera catches him asking the IC champion- as he slowly chokes the life out of him in a neutral corner- ‘Where were you Erik? Where were you when I needed you? Huh?’

A hip-toss out of the corner deals more damage to The Game, as Skywarp reaches towards his partner for the tag. As Convoy stoops to lift the IC champion from the mat, one quick burst of energy from the Cerebral Assassin lands the former God Jinrai on the canvas in a modified victory roll. Unfortunately, due to his positioning, the People’s Champ is unable to hook a leg and is pushed violently off his adversary before the two-count is registered. As Summers hits the ropes, Skywarp finally manages to make a blind tag to get into the match: to the very apparent chagrin of the IC champion.

JFA: “And now the Rattlesnake… teeing off on Grand Convoy… and Irish whip…”
JHA: “And his patented ‘cock-to-the-mouth’…”
JFA: “It’s called a Lou Thesz press…”
JHA: “Just keep telling yourself that…”

Skywarp rains down punches on Convoy’s temple, and comes up shaking his head and leading on the crowd. His celebration is cut short, however, when he turns around and walks into a stiff overhead belly-to-belly suplex from his opponent. Convoy gets to his feet- not slowly, but perhaps slightly awkwardly- and walks to where the Rattlesnake lies on the mat. He pulls the cowboy from Hell up from the mat, hoists him over one shoulder, and drops him to the nearest turnbuckle with an overhead press. A couple of chops score red marks on the chest of the Rattlesnake, before Grand Convoy whips him to the opposite neutral turnbuckle.

A moment’s hesitation in following the Carlisle native costs Grand Convoy, as he runs into one of Skywarp’s size 12s. Staggering backwards, Grand Convoy fails to notice a blind tag from Arcee- as, indeed, does the Rattlesnake. Stone Cold runs at the mysterious monolith with his head low- looking for a forceful tackle to take down his opponent. However, after he fells the tree-like titan, he covers the opponent: and is met with a flying leg drop to the back of the head for his efforts.

JFA: “Stone Cold a victim of a leg drop from the top rope by Arcee… Stone Cold rolls off as Grand Convoy exits the ring… and Arcee stomps on the Carlisle export…”
JHA: “Who writes your material? Carrot Top?”

Arcee pulls up the Rattlesnake, Irish whips him to the ropes, and hits him with a spinning heel kick on the rebound. The resultant cover garners yet another two-count for the unexpected alliance of herself and Grand Convoy. Erik Summers watches the match with as much unease- perhaps even slightly more- as Stone Cold continues to be battered by the opposition.

Arcee picks up the battling Briton, and drags him to her team’s corner. She tags Convoy before felling the Rattlesnake with a swinging neckbreaker. Convoy takes over with a few more stomps to the chest and a standing leg drop. As he drags the Rattlesnake away from the ropes for a cover, he is halted in his tracks by a running bulldog from Erik Summers; who quickly leaves the ring upon completion of the move. Returning to his corner, Erik reaches out once again for the tag from Skywarp as Grand Convoy sits up looking slightly annoyed.

The gargantuan grappler runs to the opposing corner, clobbering the IC champion with a massive forearm shot. As he turns to go back to the Rattlesnake, however, Erik Summers grabs Convoy by the shoulder, spins him to face the IC champion, and hotshots the former God Jinrai across the top rope. The recoil from the move hurls Convoy backwards into a schoolboy pin from Stone Cold, which garners a two-count before Convoy can roll out of the predicament.

The Rattlesnake and his opponent get to their feet within nanoseconds of each other: with Stone Cold managing to get back in motion first. Unfortunately, the motion just carries him straight into a powerslam from Grand Convoy. Both men are clearly beginning to feel the effects of this bout, as neither is particularly quick to get upright. Convoy stirs first: sitting up, and then slowly getting to a vertical base via a kneeling, almost prayer-like, position. He collects Stone Cold’s body from the canvas as he sets himself upright, and tags in Arcee.

JFA: “I really can’t believe this… the entire match has been dominated by Arcee and… are you drooling, J?”
JHA * wiping mouth *: “What? Me? No… I just… just…”
JFA: “The phrase is ‘need to take my tablets again’…”

Grand Convoy sends Stone Cold back to the centre of the ring with a gutwrench suplex before Arcee comes off the top rope to hit him with an elbow drop for another two-count. Erik Summers is looking increasingly tenser, whilst his opponents seem to gain more and more confidence as the match progresses. Arcee pulls up Skywarp from the mat, and sends him to the ropes again. This time, however, Skywarp has managed to telegraph the move and leap frogs over the Battleaxe.

As he hits the ropes near his corner, however, Erik Summers returns the blind tag from earlier. He rushes Arcee, but is caught with a drop toehold and taken down to the mat. Skywarp- clearly livid- attempts to get back into the match, but is stopped by the referee and, soon after, by the ‘Clothesline From The Pit’ courtesy of Grand Convoy: which sends him crashing to the arena floor.

Arcee and Grand Convoy stare at each other for a moment. Arcee grabs Erik Summers and, pulling him upright, whips him towards Grand Convoy. Grand Convoy simply shoves the head of The Game between his knees, and slams him to the canvas with the Energon Buster. Arcee covers the fallen IC champion for the three-count, and the bell rings just as the strains of ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ reappear and the crowd starts to boo the victors.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… here are your winners… the team of ARCEE AND GRAND CONVOY!”

Arcee thrusts her hand towards Convoy in the universally recognised gesture for a handshake. Convoy thrusts his hand towards the Battleaxe, grabbing her around the neck and chokeslamming her to the mat in a manner of seconds.

As Arcee rolls to the outside of the ring, and Convoy walks back to the locker rooms to the sound of ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park, Stone Cold shakes out the cobwebs and heads back to pick up his vest-jacket. Walking around the ring to the timekeepers’ table, the Rattlesnake notices the Intercontinental Champion getting to his feet. Stone Cold drops his jacket, and slides into the ring under the bottom rope as a camera zooms in to focus on he and Erik Summers.

SCSW: “What the hell was that?”

Erik: “What the hell was what?”

SCSW: “You know damn well what I mean… I could have taken the match back right then and there… but oh no… ‘The Game’ had to be involved in the outcome!”

Erik: “It isn’t like that and you know it…”

SCSW: “Oh? Is that right? Is that why you tagged yourself back in right when I had a shot at turning this thing around?”

Erik: “That’s bull****. You were wasted… and not in the way that you usually are. You had as much chance of turning this match around as Wolfang has of getting a date with… anybody!”

SCSW: “Shut your damned yap! I had it! Right then… right there… we could have won this! But oh no… God forbid Stone Cold Skywarp should be involved in the decision!”

Erik: “It wasn’t…”

SCSW: “You got your wish, Erik! You were involved in the decision. Unfortunately… you were on the wrong end of it, jackass!”

Erik: “Don’t talk to me like…”

Erik is abruptly cut-off when Stone Cold’s boot connects with his abdomen, allowing the Carlisle Rattlesnake to hit the Stunner on the Intercontinental Champion. Stone Cold flips The Game a double bird before saying something indecipherable and leaving with his vest-jacket.

JFA: “Would you look at this mess? Arcee unconscious on the outside of the ring… The Game unconscious on the inside… Good lord! Stay tuned folks… we’ll be back shortly…”


JFA: And now, backstage is Lisa Lovelace with the challenger for the AWF title, Morpheus.

Lisa Lovelace: Tonight, you'll have your first shot at the AWF Heavyweight title. Any thoughts?

Morpheus: It's been a long time coming. So long, I've often wondered if this day will ever come. Success, or a chance for it has never been a close friend to me. It doesn't need to be so, it can change. Sometimes I think it has to.

LL: The champion Sixswitch is quite confident about his chances tonight, what about you?

Morpheus: He has reason to be confident, a right to it. But he fails to see one thing.

For so long, I drifted, not knowing what to do. Then I saw the light. I knew what I had to do.

LL: And that was?

Morpheus: I had to be someone. I had to stop being something and start being someone. And everytime I tried to do that, everytime I tried to accomplish something, he was there! Every single time Sixswitch was there!! Meltdown, the elimination match for the future of our shows. I could've been the one to save Warzone. Everyone would've liked me then. I was the last man of our team, I had a chance to do it. But I didn't do it, Sixswitch did! Edge of Survival, the royal rumble match. Winner gets an Archivemania main event match for the championship. I could've won. I could've been there. But I didn't, Sixswitch did!! Now, he's the champion. Now, I have a chance to be the champion. No more!! No more will he deny me!! No more [sob] will he stop me from being someone!!

No more, will I be something...

ArchiveBowl Round 1:
Thundercracker & Divebomb vs. Tommy & ???

JFA: Well, our next tag match is up for the Archivebowl.
JHA: Yeah, D-Bomb and TC Vs Tommy and special mystery partner. I wonder who will show up.

Tommy’s music hits yet he comes down to the ring alone.

JFA: This doesn’t look good.
JHA: Yeah, for Tommy, for it … this is going to be great, I can’t wait!

Destroyer of Senses by Shadows Falls blast the arena as both TC and Divebomb make their way to the ring. Both of them looking unhappy.

JFA: Looks one of teams is seriously unhappy with the selection process. TC doesn’t like the GPA at all, especially after the beating he received after Syxx Feet Under last year.
JHA: Yeah, that was good. *Smirks*
JFA: Well, the ref is calling for the bell, but what about Tommy’s partner?
JHA: Who gives?

All of a sudden a set of Fireworks goes off and the ref is distracted as both Divebomb and Thundercracker start attacking Tommy.

JFA: What the hell is going? I don’t believe it!

Jet races down to the ring and pulls both TC and Divebomb off Tommy. Thundercracker manages to get a left in, but Jetfire repays him too more. Divebomb is being pushed out the ring by the ref.

JFA: We’ve got this match going here folks, and Jetfire is laying it down on Thundercracker, Tommy has managed to find his corner and is trying to stand up.
JHA: Irish whip to TC now, the former champ is in trouble. Jetfire going for the pin but TC powers out at 2.
JFA: What a way to start the match.
JHA: Keep your eyes on the match J.

Jetfire manages to get TC on the floor and goes for the Ankle Lock but TC kick him in the face.

JFA: Quick move there by TC. He goes for the tag for Divebomb, and Jetfire makes a jump tag for Tommy. The other men are here, ready to fight.
JHA: Tommy and Divebomb go for the collar and cough and Divebomb powers his way through. A quick jab to the ribs and lets him go.
JFA: Divebomb is extremely quick here; Tommy is going to have of think of something and quick.

Tommy charges Divebomb but he sidesteps him, and he makes contact with Thundercracker’s foot.

JHA: HA! TC did well then. And Jetfire is livid, he wants the ref to go for a DQ, but he didn’t see it! That was a quick move by TC. He was already in the ring, I wonder why?

The screen splits and half and a reply is shown. It shows TC stepping out from the ropes before Tommy even charged.

JFA: Well, would you look at that, TC was going to knock out Divebomb. Heh.
JHA: That’s not fair. And look, Divebomb seen the replay, and Thundercracker just shrugs. Jetfire, jumps the ropes and goes for Divebomb get he gets him in a quick DDT and turns back to Thundercracker.
JFA: He doesn’t care about the win, he wants TC, and TC wants him!
JHA: The ref’s lost control, TC jumps in the ring and now Thundercracker and Divebomb are fighting!
JFA: Jetfire and Tommy are starting to move, but TC and Divebomb both do a flying elbow off the top rope. That was a quite a bit of athletics there.
JHA: TC goes out side and grabs a chair. Come on, Tommy and Jetfire are already down, don’t get that.

TC slides back under the top ropes, he stands over Tommy and prepares to swing it down, but smiles and looks at Divebomb. Then he asks Divebomb if he wants to do it.

JFA: Well, this is wrong, wait a minute. TC just threw the chair into Divebomb’s arms and … LIFETIME ENLIGHTMENT!!
JHA: No! Wait, the ref isn’t DQ’ing him? Damn, because their on the same team.
JFA: Thundercracker drags Divebomb’s body over Jetfire’s and goes for the top rope. The ref isn’t counting the pin, He’s worried about TC.
JHA: FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! A Five star frog splash on both Jetfire and Divebomb. The ref sees the pin, 1, 2 and 3!

Destroyer of Senses by Shadows Falls blast the arena as TC raises one arm, and holds his chest with the other.

JFA: Well, TC is looking down at Divebomb with a smile, but they both advance to the Archivebowl.


Arcee wanders down the corridor, smiling happily, assured of her place in the ArchiveBowl.

She stops outside her locker room door, pausing to think for a moment. As she pushes the door open, a steel chair suddenly collides with her back, sending her reeling forward into the doorway as the door swings back. She screams in pain as her hand gets caught between the frame and the door. Dropping to the ground, the chair comes down again across the back of her skull before it’s dropped to the ground beside her unconscious form.

Atticus looks down at her, smiling at a job well done.

Atticus: “Next time your little boyfriend calls me a tramp, it’ll be much worse.”

She spits on the fallen Arcee and slowly walks away as we cut back to the arena.

Archive Wrestling Federation Championship:
Sixswitch (c) vs. Morpheus

Flec: I like her!

Joey I know you do… I can’t condone those actions, though. Least I can say is that Bombshell is going to be quite upset when that gets back to him. We’ll keep you updated on Arcee’s status, folks. She should be in the ArchiveBowl, but after that, I can’t be sure. One thing I can be sure of is that Prowl won’t be – he’s been taken to the nearest hospital with a concussion.

Flec: Hospitals have concussions?

Joey: Ye gads. Well folks…as the arena darkens…I have to say, this is what it is all about. Morpheus who has had some huge battles in the past few months against such greats as Vin Ghostal and the Game now has his shot at immortality…if he can walk out of here the AWF Champion…one would think that he may finally get some piece of mind!

Flec: Are you on crack Styles? That guy isn’t just insane…he’s an idiot! He’ll probably come to the ring in a straight jacket!

Joey: And folks…I’ve just been handed a memo…Mr. Reilly has declared this match to be a no DQ…no Countout…Falls Count Anywhere match…one has to think…one HAS to assume that this will greatly favor the challenger!

Flec: Of course it favors that idiot…maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll both get wheeled out of here on a stretcher.

Moonlight Sonata begins to play in the darkened arena and for a moment Morpheus doesn’t appear.

Flec: What…did that moron get lost?

Suddenly, a stretcher bursts forth from backstage and atop the stretcher is Morpheus, riding to the ring!

Flec: Ok…he’s so far past moron at this point…

The stretcher crashes into the side of the ring and Morpheus slides into the ring…plopping down in the corner…muttering to himself, swaying incoherently back and forth.

Flec: OK…freaked now…

Like this Like that takes over…

JRA: And now…making his way to the ring, hailing from Swansea, Wales…he is the AWF World Champion…Sixswitch!

Joey: What an ovation here for the champion, who earlier this week got into a trash talking match with the Game.

Flec: The Game who won’t get a title shot you mean?

Joey: Yeah…not now he won’t…though I’m certain he’ll get a shot soon enough.

Flec: Oh joy…
Joey: Let’s just hope that Sixswitch is focused on the task at hand…so many gunning for him right now, but he only can be concerned with Morpheus. Bell sounds and we are under way. Sixswitch opening up with several kicks to the head of the masked Morpheus, who might I add is still sitting in the corner! Sixswitch looks a bit confused, Flec.

Flec: What is there to be confused about? Kick him! Stomp him! If he’s going to sit there, finish it off and be home early! That’s what I used to do!

Joey: Yeah, you usually did manage to get finished off quite quickly…I just never realized that was your strategy!

Flec: … Oh yeah…well…your wife doesn’t think I finish quickly…at least not compared to you!

Joey: Right…and SS still landing those hard kicks…and suddenly here comes Morpheus out of the corner! He just exploded on SS, tackling him and sending the pair out of the ring! Morpheus now grabbing SS and sending him shoulder first into the steel ring support! That post doesn’t give much and SS falls to the ground clutching his shoulder!

Flec: Freak…

Joey: Morpheus now grabbing SS quickly and hitting a pulling piledriver! Right out on the floor! Now I see why the stretcher is out here!

Flec: What is that idiot doing?

Joey: He’s loading SS up…but I doubt he’s taking him any place in search of care…no…he’s wheeling SS up to the top of the ramp…and now running with the stretcher…WHAT THE HELL?!? OH MY GOD!!!

*Running at full speed, Morpheus leaps on the stretcher with Sixswitch and sends it flying off the ramp below the Archivetron and into the sound equipment below…sparks fly everywhere as equipment collapses.*

Crowd: Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t!

Joey: Are we still on?

Flec: I…I think so…

Joey: Folks…I don’t know what we just saw…but…I…

Flec: This match is over!

Joey: I think it may be…Both Morpheus and Sixswitch are in a heap on the floor, amidst the wreckage of a pile of our production equipment. I don’t know what Morpheus was thinking…

Flec: You do realize that you just put Morpheus and thinking in the same sentence, right?

Joey: Be serious, will you?

Flec: I am…look at that mess!

Joey: AWF officials out here on the scene…and…WHAT THE?!?

Flec: No f***ing way…

Joey: Morpheus is moving!

Flec: Ummm…he’s not the only one!

Joey: And the champion…showing his heart is moving as well! This is amazing! After several minutes with both men motionless, the two are starting to stir. Morpheus now staggering to his feet…and so is Double S! The two lockup…SS bleeding badly…I can’t tell if Morpheus is due to that mask…but it appears he is. And Sixswitch attacks with a spinning heel kick! Morpheus rocked backwards and collapsing to the ground.

Flec: Now a normal person might actually be injured by that, but it looks like Morpheus hit his head.

Joey: Judging from Morpheus’ slow movements I would say he is hurt, quite badly in fact. Sixswitch moving quickly and landing the Sixshooter!

Flec: Cover the idiot!

Joey: SS looks like that took a great deal out of him…and now SS clutching that shoulder that was driven into the post…must have landed awkwardly.

Flec: Yeah…like there is a nice, clean way to land on concrete Styles.

Joey: Now making the cover…1…2…and…no…kick out by Morpheus.

Flec: Doesn’t this idiot know just to stay down?

Joey: He may not have the most sense, but he’s got a lot of heart…a lot of guts…and he won’t stay down! He knows what is at stake…not just the title, but he feels a piece of sanity…a little piece of hope…a chance to finally feel free.

Flec: Free from what?
Joey: Whatever demons torture him…and Sixswitch to his feet now, bouncing off the guardrail and dropping the let across the throat of Morpheus! Now Sixswitch climbing up on the ramp…looking down at Morpheus…what is he thinking…Technophobic coming…and NOOOO!

Flec: Holy…

Joey: Technophobic delivered to Morpheus on the floor…but that move took a great deal out of the champion as well…and both men are down and in a great deal of pain! Now Sixswitch, draping his arm across Morpheus…1…2…and…thr…NOOOOOO! Morpheus got the shoulder up!

Flec: This is insane…he clearly has no brain to damage!

Joey: Again…pure instinct…pure heart…pure guts and sheer determination! SS can’t believe it…and the referee can’t either! Sixswitch glaring at the referee…asking if it’s a three count or not…referee shaking his head no, signaling two. AND MORPHEUS IS UP!

Flec: Sixswitch may want to turn around…

Joey: Morpheus moving in behind…

Flec: Ummm…on second thought, you might not!

Joey: Morpheus up…Sixswitch turning…and Anesthesis! Right on the concrete an Anesthesis! Morpheus collapses on top of Sixswitch…1…2…3! NEW CHAMPION!!!


Joey: Morpheus is the new AWF CHAMPION!

Flec: I can’t believe this!

Joey: He’s shocked the world…and look at the carnage! Neither man moving a whole lot…the ref calling for the belt…

JRA: Here is your winner…and NEW AWF CHAMPION…Morpheus!

Joey: Morpheus being handed the title…and he’s clutching it…rocking again…Sixswitch now starting to stir…looking at Morpheus…obviously disappointed, but what a battle he put on. Morpheus just on this day able to get the better of the champion, and there he is…the new AWF Champion, Morpheus!

The camera fades to the back as Morpheus continues to sit on the cold concrete, clutching his newly won AWF Title.

The ArchiveBowl

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following is the ArchiveBowl Battle Royal!”

Joey: “And I can’t believe what we’ve just seen. Morpheus is the new AWF Champion.”
Flec: “That’s about as unbelievable as one of our shows going out on time.”
Joey: “We’re now being joined by our colleagues, JFA and JHA. Generically nameless as usual.”
JHA: “Still better than you, though.”
JFA: “Play nice, you two. This is incredible. I for one never expected to see Morpheus walk out of here as Champion.”
JHA: “Whereas I’ve actually just made ten grand out of it, so I’m happy!”
Flec: “You backed Morpheus?!”
JHA: “Ha. No, I bet against Sixswitch. Big difference!”

Gradually the ring fills up with combatants.

JFA: “Here we go, then. We’ve seen a new champion crowned already, now we find out who the number one contender will be. Eighteen man battle royal. Over the top rope, pinfall and submission are all valid ways out of here. Somewhat unique in that respect.”
Flec: “My god, Styles, he’s even duller than you!”
JHA: “And he’s wrong. It was a seventeen man and one woman battle royal, but now it’s a sixteen man battle royal!”
Joey: “I take it that you’ve got confirmation on the state of Arcee, then. Bad news by the sounds of it.”
JHA: “Well, that depends on your perspective. Personally I don’t care either way. But yeah, she’s out of here, too. Broken hand and concussion.”
Joey: “Arcee joins P in sitting this match out, then. A shame, I was interested to see how she’d fare.”
Flec: “I wasn’t.”

“In this contest, competitors can be eliminated in three ways. First, by pinfall. Secondly, by submission. Or by exiting the ring over the top rope with both feet touching the arena floor. The last man remaining in the match will be the winner, and the number one contender to the Archive Wrestling Federation Championship!”

JHA: “Didn’t we already cover that?”

“To recap, the competitors are as follows: Judge Death, Brave Maximus, Black Zarak, D-Extreme, Archive Wrestling Federation Television Champion Strafe, Ravage, OP2005, The Mat Man, Viewfind, Archive Wrestling Federation Tag Team Co-Champion Xille, The Lock, Blaster, Tempest, Grand Convoy, Thundercracker and Divebomb.”

JFA: “An awful lot of talent in that ring. Three former AWF Champions is just the bottom line on it.”
Flec: “Who gives a damn, we’ve got the GPA almost fully represented in the hizzle! The View to the Find! Big Daddy Rav! Divebomb! Tempest! The Mat to the Man! This is gonna be great, homeslice.”
Joey: “Excellent point, Flec. Of course it could have been even more, but as we already established, Prowl’s ruled out despite having qualified.”
JHA: “Viewfy’s gonna walk this.”

The bell sounds and carnage immediately breaks out in the ring. Unsurprisingly, the GPA form a quick alliance; Ravage and Divebomb team up to attack Grand Convoy, whilst Tempest, Viewfind and Mat Man triple team Brave Maximus.

Joey: “Three of the GPA going straight for Brave Max. A lot of bad blood there… the big man barely saw them coming.”
JHA: “Go, Rav! Big Daddy Ravage with the hangover on Grand Convoy!”
JFA: “Rav must be nursing a bit of a hangover of his own after his earlier encounter with HBK. Have to wonder how much of his mind is on the job at hand!”
Flec: “Don’t stir it up, you hack. Grand Convoy’s gone! Ravage and Divebomb tipping him over the top.”
Joey: “Yep, that’s our first elimination. A bit of a shock, it must be said, but hardly surprising when you consider the GPA are likely to end up running this entire… oh my!”
JHA: “Oh, no. Dammit!”
JFA: “Speaking too soon, Joey! Blaster just took a huge run and clotheslined Mat Man out over the top! The GPA are a man down. Blaster back around and just ate a firm right hand from Black Zarak!”
Joey: “The match starting to take shape, here. D-Extreme and Judge Death paired up in the corner… pounding away at each other. The Lock and Xille exchanging chops in the center of the ring. Viewfind and Tempest still trying to force Brave Max out… recovering from the sudden loss of Mat Man, who let himself get too involved. Mustn’t lose sight of the match around you in this environment – it can change so quickly. Divebomb and Ravage joining their stablemates, now. Black Zarak hammering away on Blaster on the mat. Thundercracker helping him out, strange alliances being born, though that one hardly surprising considering the history between TC and Blaster. OP2005 coming across to help TC and Zarak.”
JHA: “Where’s Strafe?”
JFA: “That’s a good question? Our Television Champion seems to have vanished from our screens…”
Flec: “I’m sure he’ll turn up. Oh, looks like TC didn’t want OP’s help!”
JFA: “Thundercracker just landing a solid martial arts kick on OP2005. Sends him to the ropes… and a spinning heel kick on the rebound. Zarak pummelling Blaster on his own now… but Y3B pulling him down and the former Tag Champ goes facefirst into the second turnbuckle.”
JHA: “Brave Max is gone!”
Joey: “The GPA finally eliminate the giant. Turning their attention to The Lock and xille now. Ravage grabs Grimlock… oh my god! And just threw him one handed over the top rope! That was unbelievable!”

As the GPA divert their energies, Tempest charges across the ring to where Judge Death and D-Extreme are locked in the ropes, trying to force each other over. Quickly taking advantage of the situation, he grabs their feet and heaves them both up and over the top. Judge Death falls to the ground, eliminated, but D-Extreme manages to land on the apron. Scrambling back up to his feet, he thinks himself lucky to have survived, but Tempest grabs him by the throat and hurls him back off the apron and through the French announce table.

JFA: “Sweet Jesus! He just broke D-Extreme in half!”
JHA: “But have his feet touched the floor yet? Is he officially eliminated?”
JFA: “I think that’s a non-issue – he’s out of it.”
Joey: “I think his heels are grounded somewhere in that mess, so yes, he’s officially gone.

Blaster and Zarak slowly crawl to their feet as Thundercracker dangerously leaps up onto the top turnbuckle before quickly launching himself onto the body of OP2005.

JFA: “Five Star Frog Splash! TC covering OP… referee slides in. One. Two. Three, that’s another one gone.”
Joey: “Viewfind trading blows with Xille… Xille actually matching him hit for hit! Black Zarak across to help… grabs Viewfind in a full nelson… Xille winds it up…”

As Xille charges, Divebomb quickly charges in and levels him with a clothesline. Viewfind launches his leg backwards in an athletic low-blow to break Zarak’s grip on him.

JHA: “Don’t mess with the GPA! Where the hell is Strafe?”
Flec: “Now get rid of the schmucks!”
Joey: “Viewfind calling Tempest and Ravage across… the big men grab one each… Ravage with Xille… he’s gone. Blaster blindsiding the big man, though.”
JFA: “Tempest hauling up Zarak… Thunder Press… no! TC with a running knee-lift from behind! And they’re both out of here!”
JHA: “WHAT?!!!”
Joey: “TC sending Tempest forward, and the momentum carried both him and Zarak over the top! They’re both gone!”
JFA: “Viewfind and Divebomb haven’t seen it… smirking away…”
Flec: “Look out, homeslice!!”
JFA: “Thundercracker up behind Viewfind… schoolboy roll-up! Referee’s there! One! Two! Three! Viewfind’s eliminated! The Pond is going crazy!”
Joey: “Ravage slams Blaster’s head into the turnbuckle… Hangover coming up… OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! Ravage just dropped Blaster to the floor with the Hangover. Y3B is out of here!”
JFA: “And we’re down to three men left in the ring! Divebomb, Ravage and Thundercracker!”

Slowly the three remaining combatants turn to face each other, gradually realising what’s happened.

JFA: “One of these three men will become the number one contender to the AWF Title.”
Flec: “My money’s not on TC. GPA connection still in force.”
Joey: “I’d have to agree with that… Divebomb and Ravage circling their prey… TC not ready to back down and… wait a minute!”
Flec: “Oh, momma! This just got interesting! Strafe is back in town!”
Joey: “Strafe just rolling out from under the ring! That’s where he’s been… and he’s got… what is that?”
JFA: “It’s a wrench?”

Watching the other three circling each other, Strafe quickly jumps up onto the apron and starts unscrewing one of the turnbuckles.

JHA: “What is he doing?”
Flec: “Is he a qualified ring mechanic?”
Joey: “Strafe unfastening that turnbuckle. The entire top rope going slack now… and Divebomb with a big right hand to TC! TC fires back, but Ravage with a big sledge of a blow to TC’s back. The GPA teaming up on Ravage’s former tag team partner… Strafe working away in the background.”
JFA: “He’s done, I think. Strafe stepping back into the ring. TC fighting back now… pushing his attackers away… big shove on Divebomb…”

As Divebomb staggers back across the ring, he heads towards the turnbuckle that Strafe is stood obscuring. Spotting another foe, the NWA man charges, but the TV Champion spins out of the way, grabbing the turnbuckle and heaving the steel bolt directly into his opponent’s face.

Flec: “Holy shizzle, my nizzle.”
Joey: “Strafe just pulled the entire top rope away!”
JFA: “And slammed the support bolt into Divebomb’s nose… he’s gotta be out cold. No cover, though. Strafe just sat there, giggling.”
JHA: “Ravage and TC still going at it…. Ravage spotting the carnage, now. Divebomb battered and bloody… big DDT on Thundercracker! No cover, going straight after Strafe!”
Joey: “Ravage making a beeline for the TV Champion… Strafe up and charges…eats a big boot, though! Ravage picks him up… Hangover!”
JFA: “He’s like a man possessed… picking him up for another, now… and TC is slowly inching towards Divebomb… Second Hangover from Ravage! Covers Strafe, but TC’s covered Divebomb too!”
Joey: “Two referees into the ring… one… two… three! Both officials hitting three at the same time! And we’re left with two!”
JHA: “The reunion of the Mav’ricks! TC against Ravage…”

Ravage gets to his feet first and immediately kicks TC in the gut before his opponent can stand.

Joey: “One of these two men will face Morpheus for the AWF Title. Ravage picking up TC. Sets him up for the Hangover… no! TC counters… lands on his feet...”
JHA: “NO!”
Joey: “Thundercracker falls on Ravage for the cover! One! Two!”
Flec: “Oh, thank god.”
Joey: “Just a two count! Somehow Ravage managing to get his shoulder up. TC back to his feet now… coaxing Ravage up. The GPA man slowly clambering back…”
JFA: “TC setting up for a run up from the corner…”
JHA: “Stunning how much his repertoire drops by when you take away the top rope, huh?”
JFA: “TC with the run… and a big spinning martial arts kick to Ravage’s head! Big man won’t go down, though… front facelock, DDT attempt perhaps…”
Joey: “No – Ravage lifting him up in a bearhug… can’t quite get the balance right, though… TC still with it locked on… Ravage staggering back…”
Flec: “Oh my god!”
JFA: “Ravage just tripped up over the second rope… and both men are sprawled out on the floor!”
JHA: “What the hell’s that, then?”
Joey: “I’ve no idea what that means. The referees are signalling for the bell… both men are on the arena floor. I’ve no idea which if either touched first.”
Flec: “Hell, there’s not even a top rope for them to have gone over…”
JFA: “The bell’s definitely been rung. I’ve no idea what’s happening here, folks…”
JHA: “Do you ever?”
Joey: “I’m being told that’s it, folks… production crew want to wrap this baby up. I really don’t know what to say… We’ve seen a new AWF Champion crowned in an absolute war, but we’ve no idea who’s won the ArchiveBowl… goodnight everybody!”
Flec: “I waited all this time for that screwball result? I feel cheated!”

2004-11-17, 01:16 AM
Tempest is in the medic area where some of the meds are tending to his knee when a AWF TV crew rockup.

RJI: Tempest, Tempest can we get a quick word about tonights Archivebowl?

Tempest: A couple of words? Sure, shut the **** up. My shot to the AWF Championship was stolen tonight by TC. Al together, the GPA elmininated 8 men, I elmininated 4 of them myself. But TC decided to come up from behind, that sneaky bastard.

However, the GPA's revenge shall be swift on my part, cause I wasn't aiming for you at all. Sixswtich on the other hand, your a dead man. I was hoping to beat you for the AWF Championship, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. If you think what Morpheus did to you was bad, I'm gonna do a lot worse.

2004-11-17, 01:24 AM
The Game is shown backstage...clearly in shock.

Keith Kincaid: Game...you and Stone Cold unable to function as a unit...did you take your opponents lightly here tonight?

The Game glares with a fury in his eyes towards Kincaid.

Game: No Comment...

The Game ups and walks out...

2004-11-17, 02:27 AM
Well well, Cloudstrifer been paired with an idiot and what does he get? A Loss. A freaken loss because some bookers can't get the matches or the talent into this 2-bit fed.

I am fed up with this Virus or who ever the hell is he. Send him back as he is no warrior and certainly not a wrestlerm which is even more patheic. Oh Wow, after I haven't been on matches for a while because of Reily's bosom buddies, I get shafted and end up with this guy.

What the hell? There is no way in Hell I am going to take this lying down. I am CloudStrifer Chosen of Odin, Messenger of the Norse Gods! I don't expect to be treated like dirt around here, but with this bunch of talent, I could expect nothing less.

Now, with this patheic thing over, I have to get back at where I left off. OP, you know your listening to this, smiling because I get shafted every day of every week. But keep in mind, this whole Archivebowl was nothing but a waste of my time and my talent. But that will all change once I get my hands on you. You will be the target of my wrath, the target for everything done wrong in this fed and I certainly won't go easy on you. So show yourself and let this be the end. I buried you once, and I will do it agian. By the Gods, I will take my revenge!

After you OP, I taking this fed to the cleaners and ending this patheic excuse for a gm Reily.

OOC: Well, I didn't expect anything else, as usual I get shafted. I hope this changes or I will agian have to make a new talk....

Amarant Odinson
2004-11-17, 02:50 AM
Amarant Odinson is shown backstage and he's pissed off.

Lisa Loveless: Amarant, how do you feel about what happened tonight?

A.O: We had that match won, when out of nowhere that peon Brett Rayne come in and cost my team the victory. Well boy, you better be ready. You picked a fight with the wrong man and next time we meet, it'll be in the ring, one on one. I'm going to wrap that boa around your neck and MAKE YOU TAP. You're going to find out what happens when you piss off the Rabid Wovlerine. Now this interview is over.

And with that, Amarant grabs his gear and walks out.

2004-11-17, 03:03 AM
The scene cuts to Ignavus, who, oddly enough, is wearing an eye patch.

"Yarrr! Me Mateys! Yo ho ho, and a bottle of pepsi!"

Igz crumples in mirth at this painfully lame joke.

"You know you love this jelly! Anyway, I'm forced to wear this eye patch from the serious wound Judge Death gave me."

We can vaguely hear the cameraman comment that the blow is on Igz's forehead, that the eyepatch doesn't even cover it.

"Well.... um.... fine. I just wanted to wear an eye patch. I really hate you, Dave. Is that really a sin? Who doesn't lust for some good ole' pirate nostalgia every now and then, really?"

Igz pauses for a moment, to contemplate.

"Well, it appears that Roberto let me down. Pah, Mirage doesn't live up to the name of Roberto! I spit in the face of people who defile the name of Roberto!"

Some chin scratching.

"But you did beat me Death, not quite fair, and not quite square. But defeat nontheless. But rumor is, that we're facing in a singles match next week. We'll see what the score is, without a poser Roberto to weigh me down."

Igz seems to struggle for a moment, then continues.

"Now, I feel obligated to warn you about Atticus. You know who she is, and so do I. She and I have gotten... close... lately. And she is a fierce competitor, and fiercly protective as well. I want a fair match against you, Judge. I need one. But she's uncontrolable. You all saw what happened to Mirage, and to Arcee too. I can't control her, hell, I wouldn't want to. I don't think she can control herself."

Igz starts to walk away, but pauses for a moment.

"Oh, and Bombers? You expect me to get my lazy, lazy little ass out there and help you out? Why? I helped you once, and let me tell you, going all the way down that ramp and all the way back up was a strain enough. Hell, if memory serves I'm the reason Morpheus got that number one contender spot, which means I'm really the reason he's the champ right now. Fancy that!"

2004-11-17, 06:12 AM
OOC- Awesome and in all honest thanks, this ppv made my day.

KK catches Big Daddy Rav in the locker room.

KK- Ravage, what an exciting eventing and we still don't know the ending of the match. AWF officals are discussing now a few words?

First off to the GPA my buds, awesome showing, but in the end it's all buziness, if I get the gold it's ours. Next time I have your back just like any other time.

Now next up call this a shoot if you want.

Tonight TC you and me had another match that we are both known for a classic.

I could spend my time saying how HBK came back and blindsided me or whatnot and whatever. Or how my GPA mates lost the match.

But you know what **** that. We busted out asses out there, I am not sure what the final verdict will be, but you know what?

Whatever happens we both deserve it, I don't give a damn what the locker room thinks we bust out tails every day.

If I lose in the end so be it. I earned the showing I had tonight. Yeah HBK you tried to end my career just like I have tried to end yours. But it was not enough and beind the last man or second to last man in the Archivebowl. Boy if I get my hands on the champ first then you. Just remember you pissed me off. But if I get a shot at ending your career and I have the gold all the sweeter.

And to TC. You always had my respect thanks for the memories and maybe some more to come as you know maybe it's time to as they say get the band back together.

Now if you don't mind I've got to find out what else is going down tonight.

KK- Thanks and good luck!

2004-11-17, 02:13 PM
OOC: ......:eek: ......advancing the first round? Wow, I never saw that coming. Nice PPV. And its nice to see the AWF back in action :D


The paramedics are seen loading D-Extreme in the ambulance after the accident on the spanish announce table. Before they could put him inside completely, Keith Kincard barges in and goes for an interview

KK: We are here live with D-Extreme. Recently, he has been tossed by Tempest through the announce table. D-Extreme, I know your banged up...you were almost litterally broken in half what have you got to say for th-

D-Extreme's hand grabs Keith by the tie and pulls him close. His glare is visible through the cameras as he gets his response.

D-Ex: I got only one thing to say, Tempest, I will get you for this you sunovabitch! Two days, three days, hell a maximum of a week is all I need to heal this banged up back of mine. Now get outta my face!

D-Extreme shoves KK out of his way as he gets loaded into the amublance.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-11-17, 02:27 PM
**Backstage, parking lot**

Lisa Loveless is shown running up to a black SUV decked out with smoking skulls on both doors and the hood.

LL : StoneCold !!

SCSW : What?

LL : What, in your words, was going on out there tonight?!

SCSW : Well Lisa, you one line, poor excuse for a dirty ho' you all saw tonight what I've known for a long, LONG time. The Game's gone soft, he's a shadow of his former self, matter of fact he's living up to what so many call him. He's gone lame and it's up to this ranch-hand to put the lame out of his misery with the worst beating he's ever taken.

And THAT'S the bottom line, cos Skywarp said so!

The black SUV's engine revs as it zips out of the parking lot leaving Lisa Loveless stunned silent.

2004-11-17, 05:23 PM
>We open to a typical scene; Judge Death, the Houdini of Homicide - oh, alright, I won't use that nickname ever again. Happy now?! Anyway, he's in someone's locker room, presumably not his own, since he's not that big a star and all. A monitor propped up on a travelling case in front of him is playing this evening's tag match on repeat, whilst the judge sips from a steaming goblet of blood. Or maybe Ribena. It's difficult to tell. Oh, and he's wearing...a large, rough woolen cardigan.<

"Ah, thhe thweet tathte off vvictowy and...Beecham'th fflu medithine...Dwat it all!"

>The judge, enraged by his own predicament, tosses the goblet against the nearest wall, where it shatters in a fountain of red liquid and broken ceramic shards. The judge returns to his brooding, shivering slightly.<

"No purging hath occurred tonight...merely thucceth. And tainted thucceth, at thhat. How DARE thhat imbethile try to uthe a thoe againtht me! Hnnnth...he paid a prithe ffor it, but not heavvy enough. Hith time will come another day..."

"Ignowamuth? Perhapth you did not thee thhe evventh clearly enough. It wath your, ah, 'Roberto' who hit you. Partly, thhe blame ith mine, twue, but I wath acting in thelff-pwethervvathion. I did not encouwage thhe uthe off thuch devvithes, and I thertainly did not with ffor him to ffilthy hith handth by doing tho. Iff anyone ith to blame ffor your loth, it'th him. On thhe othher hand, a more cheewy note; ffinally...athter eonth off waiting...thhe moment ith nigh. Your time hath come, at long latht! 'Tith thhe end off an era! A rather ffunny one, too. I will be truly thad to thee it go. But we mutht movve on, and onto better thingth no leth..."

"Ath to your warning...yeth, I remember dahling Atticuth - perhapth a little too well, givven thhe thircumthtanth. Tho, I thall givve you thome lenienthy - I pwomithe, ffwom thhe bottom off my hollow chetht area, that I will not lay a hand on thhe girl duwing our duel off ffate. Fffor thhat ith no doubt what it ith - it hath been too long in coming, we bothh know thhith. Iff your warning wath ffor me to watch out ffor her...oh, twutht me, I thertainly will. Evven iff my reathonth ffor doing tho are not to your liking."

"Latht but not leatht, I havve to thay thith - it ith in my contwact thomewhere; pwepare yourthelff ffor thhe touch off thhe Law, thinner, ffor thhe cwime ith liffe, and thhe thententhe ith - ahh...ahhh...THNEEZZZE!"

>Propelled backward by the considerable force of his own nose-wind, Death tumbles head over heels and lands awkwardly...right inside a nearby industrial garbage disposal/weed-whacker unit. The machine hums to life, and the judge is sucked inside...<

Sklutch! Squelch! Fffft! Shred! Tear! Ka-Powie! Socko! Bang!

>After a good two-minute's worth of Adam West 'Batman' style sound captions, Death is jettisoned through the other end of the machine...in several thousand fragments of broken bone and torn skin, mingled with polished steel and black latex. A cloud of smoke rises from the machine, shifting into a ghostly image of the judge, who surveys the scene with an ashen expression before snapping his fingers in disappointment.<

"Aww, thit!"

2004-11-17, 05:53 PM
So, the Double S lost. Beaten by the psycho. Beaten by no DQ rules. But hey, does that mean the Double S is down? Hell no! I'm still the most exciting wrestler in the AWF today, and I'm still the Welsh Wonder, so Tempest, eat your vitamins, and say your prayers, because at Mayhem, I'm going straight back up to the top, where I belong.

And there's nothing you can do about that!

(Woo! It's about time my partner in crime got his hands on the title. I'm talking about THE first ever AWF match (not counting the Rumble). Good work Cow.)

2004-11-17, 07:25 PM
OP is getting back after the match, angrily punching a few walls on his way... He then see's Cloudstrifer on a monitor and decides to put his own point across to him.

OP: Do you honestly think I liked it Cloud. No. You think i'm smiling now. No! You used to be my partner, a friend if you would in this business. You still have my respect even if I don't like you very much.

Now you see, in this little land I call the ring a little hunt is engaged. I might be your "bulls eye" but I myself am not without pain and anger. You know what pain and anger tastes like Cloud?!

Tasteless. It's exactly how I am, just a sick bastard.

Now you can always bury the nightmares but in the end, the skeletons always come back to haunt you.

OOC: Good to see it back again. Thankyou for your writings as always. Good show.

2004-11-17, 11:57 PM
So, OP finally decides that its time to talk? Good, Because I have a lot of things to say about you and your little talk there.

Respect? You want to talk about respect? Fine then you respect me, I would expect it no other way, but if you think I will respect a hack like you, then you have another thing comming. Hell you see who I am? I am CloudStrifer Norse Warrior extordinare, Chosen of the Gods, Bringer of Pain and destruction! I don't have to repect anyone but myself. All others may respect me since I am more of a man than you.

You think you know what pain and anger is? Do you know what it is to fell the torture of your very soul, the feel that your cast away in some form of twisted hell struggling to get out? I don't think so. It neither is tasteless, but it does awaken the inner demon in you. It brings power and prestige, It makes ordinary men to extordinary things. Your pain and anger is nothing compared to mine. Your a bastard not because of that, but because you know I have taken you out many times, and it makes you fear me and you worry that I will beat you agian.

My advice is this. Don't try to hide, don't try to run. Face what you are, a hack a talentless loser who was teamed with a magnificent being like me, and because of your little human problems broke us up.

Your nightmares I have crushed, your skeletons I have turned to dust, the momment you and I walk into the ring, your new nightmares and skeletons will be crushed.

I have given what advice I can, patheic OP, and learn for my matches and beatings I gave you. No matter how twisted you think you are, I am more twisted than you will ever be............

2004-11-18, 01:27 AM
*Keith Kincaid is waiting near the parking lot having a cigarette whilst waiting for someone. He suddenly hurriedly stamps out the smpouldering tube and coughs briefly before addressing the two men who have just walked into shot.*

KK: " **Coughcough** Wolfang?... Zarak?... What the hell happened out there tonight?"

Z: "Are you blind? Or stupid? Or perhaps you just thrive on asking pointless questions? Never mind... the point is, we accomplished a few things tonight. First; Ghostal. My man here *points at Wolfang* said that, when it comes right down to it, he's got my back. He proved it. He gave up a chance at the AWF title... again... to help me."

KK: "Wolfang?"

W: "It's kinda true. I hate Ghostal almost as much as I like this guy."

KK: "But last year... in the face of stronger opposition... no offence, Zarak..."

Z: [teeth gritted] "None taken...."

KK: "You left Divebomb down and out with the Deathstalker... and actually celebrated with 'The Game' and Tempest... are you deliberately sabotaging your own career?"

W: "I'll take honour over gold, thanks..."

KK: "And Zarak... you did put up an impressive performance in the ArchiveBowl. Any thoughts?"

Z: "Yeah... but nothing that should be heard by the audience. Later, Kincaid..."

*Blood & Thunder walk into the parking lot, laughing, as Kincaid just shrugs and lights up another cigarette.*

2004-11-18, 03:22 AM
Atticus comes out of what seems to be Ignavus' locker room looking very flushed and tired. She closes the door and tries to straighten her black top which looks to be a little wrinkled

"Well... I guess this might be the proper time to formally introduce myself. The name is Atticus...and you'll be seeing a lot of me here in AWF.
Speaking of seeing a lot of me... Iggy.... my close friend and I have been getting to know each other a lot better... better than we ever have. That's something the big... *smiles* Ragebowski never really got with me. You're name is the Big Ragebowski... hello I was expecting you to deliver... but you came just a little bit to short. *puts up her pinky finger* If that isn't false advertisment, I don't know what is.
I mean did you really think that I was gonna walk you to ringside and help you out when you weren't giving me anything in return? I don't think so hun.
I see that Ig and the Judge... hi JD *smiles* are not on the same page. JD, what happen to the good ol days? Don't you remember those times when you, me, Iggy and two other guys that I won't even waste my time talking about, used to hang out together? You were able to actually be in the same room with me, check me out constantly when you thought I wasn't looking... yeah JD, I saw what you were doing. You would never know what to say when you were around me... it was so adorable.
You know what else was so cute... the way you would always defend me and be there for me during my matches. That was very commendable I must say... it was as if you were trying to prove yourself to me.
JD, did you think you could have a chance with me? Sweetie think again.
So the next time you and Ig are facing each other, you'll get another opportunity to see moi at ringside cheering Iggy on and doing anything I can to prevent you from winning. Because as you can see and I think Igz can agree with me... no matter what I always come out... on top.

2004-11-18, 06:10 AM
Why, hello, dear. Pehhapth you havve not got thhe ffull stowy about Ignowamuth and mythelff...I am not blaming you, thhough, thinthe you were not here to watch it gwow, tho to thpeak.

*sniff* You thee, iff you happen to go back all thhe way to Ignowamuth'th debut in thith company, you will ffind thhat I wath one off thhe ffirtht people he took exxtheption to. I thuppothe I wath not vvery welcoming, but thhat ith hardly in my job dethcwiption to begin with, tho I thee no reathon to be nithe to anyone, weally. And iff you were to count how many timeth we havve thwown challengeth back and fforth, thhe ovverall quantity may well be thomewhere in thhe double ffigureth...yet we havve had pwethiouth ffew matcheth againtht each other.

And you havve to thee, we both want thith; not ffor thhe thame reathonth, and maybe not to thhe thame degree, but that'th really iwwelevant. Ignowamuth feelth, iff I am not mithtaken, thhat my moduth opewandi ith contwadictowy in thome way to hith much-vvaunted Phhilothopy off thhe Thlacker; altho, one off thhe ffew thhingth thhat Igth will evver put efffort into ith twying to provve himthelff, which ith exxactly why he needth to ffollow thhrough on hith claimth. Me, on thhe other hand...I thtill havve not yet made thhe lazzy git ffathe thhe light off heavven, which ith what I hope to accomplith with evveryone here, evventually. On a more perthonal note, Igth'th continued attempth to thtab holeth in my belieffth, thhat which I hold dearetht, are exxtwemely iwwitating. I mutht cwush hith thkull to maintain my thanity.

And yeth, I do wemember what you call thhe good ol' dayth. But thhat wath thomewhere diffewent, where I had othher thingth to dithtwact me ffrom my ultimate goal...and, indeed, you were one off thothe thingth, Atticuth. I can hardly thay thhat my thidelong glantheth at you were thubtle to any exxtent, thhough; believve me, iff I did not want you to thee them, you would not havve been able to. Ath it thtandth, I did not care iff you knew how I ffelt...and though your chawactewithtic lack off warmthh in return ith thomewhat thaddening, I thuppothe it ith pwedictable. Maybe you will nevver know what you mithhed...maybe I ill kidnap you and make you a concubine ffor a cackling cow. I am thtill in thplit mindth ovver thhat...but eithher way, you will not be interffering with thhe fforthcoming conffrontation - and I will fforthe thhat matter iff nethethary.


The Wild One
2004-11-18, 05:41 PM
Brett Rayne, let me tell you something. You come out here and attack my tag partner from behind costing me and my partner the match. Don't just worry about Armarant, worry about ME! You may think you have balls coming out in my match, but when I get done with you. You will wish you never had them. I am not going to just kick you ass. I am going to send you to the hospital for a very long stay. WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN IT'S TIME TO GET WILD!!!!!!!!

2004-11-20, 10:13 PM
So, you think you're done with me? Oh no ho.

Not by a long shot, g'ole JD. Not by a flippin long shot.

You've got me energized, Death. You're thick headed insistence on "purifying me" has pushed me over the top. And when it comes to me? That says somethin'.

So you and I will face each other one on one, and when it's over? I doubt very much I will be any purer. Honestly, who wouldn't want to revel in sin, lust in lust, and be joyous in lethargy? You may pride yourself on your pristinity, but you also take pride in lacking humanity. And I say that sin is humanity.

So, Death, come and face me. Many a man has looked Death in the eye, been afraid and renounced sin. Many a man has turned to religion to save him, to try and hide his sin. No, I revel in the face of Death, and am not ashamed of what I am.

Come what may, I am Ignavus the Slacker, and proud of it.

2004-11-21, 12:14 AM
OOC: *blink* When did I say I was done with ya?

IC: ^ What thhat worthhlesss creature ssaid, ffor sstarterss. I know I am not thhrough withh you, Ignoramuss, jusst ass you know it alsso. One off thhesse ridiculouss 'count-outss' thhat thhe reffereeing ffreakss determine ass a clausse ffor vvictory will not ssatissffy me; I thhought you would havve guesssed thhat thhiss wass thhe casse.

And what thhe creaturess whom I ssee ass advverssariess and obsstacless thhink or want - ass I am ssure I havve ssaid beffore - iss off no conccern to me. Thhey can havve thheir opinionss, ssincce thheir opinionss are worthh nexxt to naught. Yourss are included, thhough ssometimess I humour mysselff by actually paying attention to what you ssay, which iss ffar more thhan I do ffor othherss.

And I thhought I had alsso made it abundantly clear thhat I am indeed coming ffor you abovve all othherss? Partly ffor your continued mockery off thhe Greater Truthh, and partly becausse...well, you are quite literally assking ffor it. Resst asssurred thhat, ffrom thhiss moment fforthh, I will do evverythhing in my power to prevvent any othher conccernss ffrom keeping me away ffrom your ssinfful being, Ignoramuss. Indeed, ssin iss humanity; it iss regretfful, but it iss alsso thhe truthh. Thhuss, humanity iss but a plague thhat musst be exxccissed withh exxtreme prejudicce.

Thhe time off redemption iss at hand ffor you, Ssslackfful One...but ffirsst, I need to go and, uh, get mysselff a new body. I ffeel sso terribly...naked in sspirit fform.

2004-11-23, 02:24 AM

KK: "Lets see if we can get a word with Divebomb."

*KK knocks on the dressing room door and Divebomb answers*

DB: "What in the hell do you want?"

*With the door open we can see inside Divebomb's dressing room and we can see a very sexy nurse standing in the back ground*

KK: "I was just wondering if I could get a word with you about tonights events?"

DB: "Alright but lets make this quick. I am kind of busy."

KK: "Ok. Well before tonight it seemed like you and TC were on the same page. It looked, to us at least, that you both had the same goal in mind and were going to act as a team, at least for the tag match. What happened?"

DB: "You know, I thought the same thing. When I heard who I was going to be allied with at Overdrive I was happy. I thought I had final been given a partner that I could get along with and that wouldn't try to stab me in the back. I mean hell, it was a million times better than when I got teamed with Wolfang. Like think about it, me and TC were part of the same stable when the GPA joined with TCA. I thought I had it made."

KK: "Yeah, so what went wrong?"

DB: "I still don't know. But supposedly the GPA gave him a good beating at syxx feet under last year. But I thought the past was the past. Oh well, we still made it past the first round and if it was a pay back he wanted I guess you could say he got it. At least my face is telling me that. i don't hold a grudge againsts him. I still have respect for him and hopefully the next time I have to team with him, if it ever happens again, he won't act the same way."

KK: "Being a good sport about it. Cool. Um so how about the battle royal. You came close to winning it. How do you feel about the way it ended?"

DB: "You know, when I started that thing I thought well I thought I had a good chance. I mean we started the thing with five GPA members in it. But then it got right down to the end and at first I thought it was just me, TC, and Rav that were left. Figured me and Rav would take out TC and then just fight for the win. But then I turn around and I see that coward Strafe who had been hiding the whole time and wham. Hit it the head with the turnbuckle. Where the hell did that come from. The next thing I remember is coming too on the outside of the ring and being told I was eliminated. What can I say? I got to the final four. I got some new battle scars and I got a damn hot nurse in my dressing room. I may not have won this one but I will have other chances."

KK: "Alright, so we haven't heard the last from you?"

DB: "Hells no! I will be back week in and week out to lay a whoopin on who ever gets in my way. I am GPA afterall. Oh yeah, cograts Rav, at least one of us got to the end."

KK: "Ok, one final thing. Any word on P?'s status?"

DB: "He hit himself damn hard. I don't know he's getting looked at and I'll find out later. I'm sure someone else will give you his status later, but now I have to say piss off and get the hell out of here cause I am just too damn busy right now."

KK: "Yeah, I can see that. I'll let you get back to it then."

DB: "Smart move, peace out. Oh hey, have a beer on me. It's been a good night."

*Divebomb tosses KK a beer then closes the door*