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2004-11-22, 05:50 AM
With their fellow Autobots having successfully been retaken, the main Autobot force on Earth continues to repair its troops and seek out sources of energy in the hopes of building enough of a store to supply a mission to retake Cybertron from the Quintessons who took over their homeworld.

The two cities, their troops and their energy, are all under heavy evaluation from both within, and more than likely... without as well.

Some Autobots have split off to different areas. Red Alert has taken a team to the Nemesis, and is currently under seige. A discord and uncomfortable feeling is brewing in the ranks, and the Autobots sense it deeply.

2004-11-23, 05:36 AM
Armoury, Fort Max

Crosshairs tapped the keys of his terminal, going over the weapons inventory for what seemed like the thousandth time. Pinipointer sat on a nearby shelf, watching his partner work, boredom creeping into him.

I need some air, the Nebulan thought. I've spent too much time inside big metal boxes these days...

"I'm going for a walk, Crosshairs," he told his partner as he headed for the door.

2004-11-23, 09:23 AM
Prowl turned away from the window quickly as the door slid open, swiftly snapping to attention and a more business-like demeanor. He decided to give his commander the "good news" first.

"The reinforced panel work and the installation of extra security cameras have been completed in Fortress Maximus, Sir. I have approximately 74.69% of an upgraded reaction program for his internal and external defenses completed as well. This will take into account the known active Decepticons' abilities and weaponry."

Prowl paused momentarily before continuing with his concerns.
"Our Energon reserves are dangerously low, Optimus. To keep Fortress Maximus running with a possibility to sustain a protective field and security defenses, I've had to divert all power to a holding class. Medbay and the Science labs have full draw, as does the command center and security office. Everything else is on an "as-requested" basis.

Our troops are at 42.86% functional power. The numbers of undamaged individuals that are capable of defense are limited severely, though repairs are underway. Reports filtering in from the two city medbays indicate 98.456% of the repairs should be finished within 14 full Earthen cycles, given that there are no more unexpected encounters.

I have sent Skyfire to retrieve the supply requisitions that I sent to the humans. I am still awaiting Crosshairs final analysis of our weaponry capabilities and supply, but initial accounts indicate that it is a gravely low amount and dire situation.

Several of our ranks are on patrol. An emergency alert came through from Red Alert's team only minutes ago, and we have members responding."

The security advisor's optics darkened as his miind raced with strategic calculations and probablilities from concerns.

"I must advise Sir, I believe this to be the calm before the storm.
Given what I've learned and based on current ongoings, I believe the Decepticons may be preparing for another attack on us in our weakened state. It would be an 89.03% liklihood of Gigatron's thought process to believe that by wiping us from this planet, he would have enough energy to have the Decepticon force retake Cybertron. The humans that are aiding us have indicated an increased energy draw from the Decepticons in Carbombya. I believe it is only a matter of time before we can expect another attack. We must use this time to the best of our advantage.

Taking into account our supplies, troop numbers and weapons, I must advise seeing to solidifying Fortress Maximus first. Metroplex is severely underprepared in nearly every aspect, save energon, should the Decepticons attack again. Metroplex's energon reserves are at 2/3 of their full power. Once the troops within him are repaired, I expect his standings for a strong defense to rise exponentially.

Fortress Maximus is capable of a strong defense, even if for a limited time. Given the relative close proximity to each other, the two bolster each others' defenses. Fort Max is not long from being completed for protective features. I expect finishing work within 10.4 Earthen cycles, at which time we should turn our attention to completing Metroplex in the same manner.

We cannot afford to lose any more ground or resources, for both strategic position and troop morale. I must also advise the regrouping of those units that have struck out solitarily. If our ranks divide now, the Decepticons will surely attack and pick us off."

God Jinrai
2004-11-23, 01:57 PM
"Ironic, Prowl... it seems great minds DO in fact think alike... " prime trailed off. " I've been expecting them to strike for some time now, and I've been worrying the entire time. in regard to our power situation... I'm open to suggestion. Certainly, if Skyfall and company get the job done, that power station will be invaluable, but that will likely be diverted to the Ark's systems... Fortress will still be vulnerable... Solar collector cells would be too vulnerable in regard to damage by weapons fire.... unless we could get those panels to be converted to also absorb any type of weapon fire..."

Random Sweep
2004-11-23, 03:19 PM
Ratchet finally finished up with Firestar

" There you go, as good as the day you were made " He said

Flicking on his communicator Ratchet sent a message to Prowl
" Prowl, I heard that we have obtained some of Sideswipe's Chips, Could you send someone down here with them please."

Finding nothing else for the moment he started to see what he could do with Brawn

2004-11-24, 08:52 PM
"Thanks, Doc" Firestar replied as she slowly sat up, flexing her fingers as a little test "I'm allowed to go now, right?"

2004-11-25, 03:56 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -finishes working on Chromedome, nods- "There you go......" -scowls- "Why was there a lightbulb in your wound?"

Chromedome: "Sixshot skewered me with a lightpost."

Hyper Prime
2004-11-25, 02:36 PM
(OCC: Um, just wondering. the guy who plays Kup, is he in stasis lock or somewhat damaged, but still functional? Fixit is suppose to be working on him and I never got a reply or anytihng. I just don't want to strain that bit too much.)

Random Sweep
2004-11-25, 03:16 PM
Ratchet smiled at Firestar
" you can go, but try and rest for a few days ." he replied

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-27, 03:34 AM
Metroplex Medbay

Painfully Crossblades got up from the table his dizziness, more than obvious as he tried to head for the CR chambers.

2004-11-27, 04:54 AM

Chromia waited for Ironhide to finish scanning. As she did, she glanced around at the surrounding terrain.

"Well, 'Hide? Find anything? Or should we just head on back in?"

2004-11-27, 05:01 AM
Medbay, Metroplex

Hot Rod's CR chamber slid open and the Autobot Cavalier strode out into the Medbay confidently. He glanced at Ratchet, impatience evident on his face.

"So what's the word, Doc? Am I free to go now?"

Outside Fort Max

Pinpointer slipped off his helmet, breathed in the fresh mountain air, and sighed. He really had been inside for too long.

The Nebulan began hiking off into the hills, not sure exactly where he was headed.

2004-11-27, 05:38 AM

A sudden sound came from the wilderness, Runner was toying with them. She new that they could not see her cause of the clocking device and not scan her cause of her jammers. "I asked to see my brother why did you come along?" There was total silence, her voice came from everywhere.

The five techies got back together and eaited for further orders.

2004-11-27, 07:50 AM
Inside Stakeout, Talon was busy sifting through the training programs he knew. I doubt my friends here would prefer the same training as me, better turn on the safeties before we start.

"Hey Stakeout, are we at the training rooms yet?" he asks the Micromaster.

2004-11-27, 04:30 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

"Thanks" Firestar replied, getting off the med-table "Who do I see about getting some quarters"

OOC: What do I send Blue to find Spike?

Random Sweep
2004-11-27, 10:01 PM
Ratchet glanced at Hotrod , noting the look on his face

"You are clear to leave Hotrod " He said " If you could help Firestar here, I would appreciate it"

2004-11-28, 08:01 AM
"What, I'm a tour guide now?" Hot Rod sighed in disgust, then waved to Firestar. "Right this way," he said with a bit more bite than he intended.

2004-11-28, 02:19 PM

Chromia started at the sound of Runners voice.

"Because he's still recovering. He was injured in the crash, Runner. And why won't you just leave him be? You're a Decepticon now. You made your choice ya know, you turned your back on him when you left."

She scanned the area again, trying to see her,

"Blurr's my friend. Just go back to the 'Cons, Runner, you're confusing him."

Unknown to her, Blurr had set out in search of Runner himself. Just as Chromia was turning to head back into the fort, he sped up beside her.

"Nonono,Chromia! Idowanttotalktoher. It'sokay,right?" he blurted out.

Transforming back into his bot mode, he shouted out to Runner,


Hyper Prime
2004-11-28, 04:00 PM
Stakeout replied to Talon, "As a matter of fact," The three then stopped in their way outside a large door, "we are. Everybody out!"

Redhot and Seawatch both transformed, while Stakeout opened his passenger door for Talon to climb out of.

2004-11-29, 12:09 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

"Alright" Firestar nodded, heading over to Hot Rod, seeming to ignore his snappish comment "Thanks"

Fort Max corridors

Now in his vehicle mode, Bluestreak trailed aimlessly through the hallways, looking for Spike or someone who knew where he was.

2004-11-29, 05:27 AM
Hot Rod sighed, then led the way out into the hall.

At least Arcee's away on a mission. If she saw this I'd never hear the end of it.

"OK, Firestar, what are you looking for in a set of quarters? Size, a good view, something else...?"

Cunning Ravage
2004-11-29, 06:25 AM
Metroplex Medbay

Finally Crossblades made it to a CR chamber, though still groggy he managed to open it and get inside. Slowly he closed the chamber and let it work its magic.

2004-11-29, 07:11 AM
She became visible and walked up to her brother, it ws certian she ment no harm. Blur was the only one that she had feelings for. She new she could out manuver or even outwit these lowly autobots. "Blur please join me on nutral grounds. I call a truce for the time we are catching up on our lives."

2004-11-29, 07:53 AM
"Well" Firestar replied, following the younger Autobot out of med-bay "Th' nearest empty set of quarters to Inferno's if he's still functional, that is, please?"

2004-11-30, 12:51 AM

Ironhide: -mutters under breath- "Blurr ain't th' only confused one 'round here......." -raises voice, looking over at Chromia- "Who is Runner, anyway?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Chromedome: -sits up, stretches- "Good as new. Thanks, Minerva."

Minerva: -sags into a chair, yawns- "No problem, Chromedome. Wake me when Bluestreak comes back..... with....." -yawns again- "..... the fzzznnnn......" -starts to snore quietly-

Brig, Metroplex:

Muzzle: "The big problem with these overgrown tinkertoys, Nikko, is that, while they might be evil, they do want us to be comfortable." -smirks, walks over to an air vent- "This is the third time I've broken out of this cell, though this same air vent. Lucky for us that all the defense systems in their vents are geared for mechanical infiltrators." -pulls vent cover off- "You coming?"

2004-11-30, 05:59 AM
(OOC: Posting in Scout's stead so that Sweep and Blaster can get unstuck)

Prowl held up a hand, politely requesting that Prime wait a moment. He raised his comlink.

"Acknowledged, Ratchet. Consider them enroute."

He switched channels, at the same time scanning his memory for the last Autobot to be in posession of the chips.

"Sunstreaker, please arrange transport of Sideswipe's memory chips from Brainstorm down to Ratchet in Medbay presently."

Hot Rod raised his hand to his face, covering a chuckle.

"Sure thing, Firestar. Follow me."

He headed deeper into the base.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-11-30, 08:42 AM
Sunstreaker looked at his wrist communicator and gave an angry look at his wrist. He threw the energon-axe he was weilding down and kicked the charging battle dround in the head flattening it and then walking away.

"Take your sweet time repairing my bro' and giving me something to do. Way to go Prowl." he grumbled walking out of the training quarters

"Brainstorm it's Sunstreaker, where the hell are you?"

2004-11-30, 09:18 AM
OOC: sorry for the absence everyone. The holiday and a new permanent houseguest with a dozen other things got hold of all my time this last week.

Prowl turned his attention back towards his leader and nodded slightly.
"It certainly is possible to facilitate a gathering system of solar energy, or hydraulic. Weapons fire is a topmost concern. I have begun calculations on the possibility of defending using an absorbtion method Optimus, but the only defense we could construct by laws of physics, would be a defense against energy weapons. Physical weapons would easily destroy any protective fields or physical barrier. My best suggestion Sir, is to begin setting up many varied types of energy collecting devices in other places around the planet. A variety of energy collectors that do not endanger the humans, transmit low amounts of energy and would be in many areas may escape notice by the Decepticons. Furthermore, they should collect only small amounts of energy, in case a site falls victim to an attack. If we have several sites, the loss of one or two would be minimal, yet the combined efforts of the collecting devices would help us tremendously."
Nikko stared at Muzzle for only an instant before he nodded and tried to clamber up behind. He didn't question the American- Nikko had his mind fixed on one thing - escape. He grinned broadly as the grating was opened.
(Spike's in medbay talking to Trailbreaker)

2004-11-30, 05:28 PM
Talon climbed out of Stakeout.

"You guys want to use your own training program or one of mine?" he asked 3 members of the Rescue Patrol.

2004-11-30, 10:36 PM
Air vents, Metroplex:

Muzzle: -leading the way through the vents-

Outside of Metroplex:

Brainstorm: -over commlink- "I'm out here, Sunstreaker. What's up?"

2004-12-01, 01:30 AM
The orange and red femme just silently walked after Hot Rod.

Bluestreak slipped back into the medical bay, looking sheepish, having been guided all the way back in here and glanced around "Spike?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-01, 02:57 AM
Originally posted by Heinrad

Outside of Metroplex:

Brainstorm: -over commlink- "I'm out here, Sunstreaker. What's up?"

"Out here? Why thank you for the totally vague and useless directions Brainstorm." Sunstreaker shook his head as he waited for something a little more concrete.

"I need those things." He replied just as vaguely.

Hyper Prime
2004-12-01, 03:06 AM
Stakeout transformed as he replied, "How about we use one of yours? Were already pretty good in rescure operations."

"Yeah, then we'll just switch to one of ours." Seawatch added in. All three then pushed open the door to the training room and walked inside.

2004-12-01, 09:19 AM
"Alright, gimme a minute to upload it into the system here, then we can get started" Talon said as he walks after the Rescue Patrol.

He spots a nearby control console and flies up to it, landing atop of it. Placing his hand on the console, he linked with the system and transfered one of the easier training session he knew into the database.

Before Talon closed the link, he started the simulation, with a 30 second delay and full safeties engaged.

As he jumped off the console, and landed near the Micromasters.

"It'll start any second now, get ready" he said as he adopted a fighting stance.

The training room shifted slowly to show a large room with a floating, 5-faced being 'sitting' on a throne of some sort.

Nearby, 4 robotic creatures stood guard. They kinda resembled a large piranha, with arms and legs and what appeared to be a mace for a tail.

The being on the throne turned towards Talon and the others. "Intruders! Destroy them!" it shouted to it's guards, who began to advance.

Hyper Prime
2004-12-01, 02:10 PM
Stakeout, Redhot, and Seawatch were all surprised at the sudden change in the field. Stakeout yelled, "Split up team! Redhot, take the left, Seawatch, the right! Talon, to the air!"

Redhot quickly made his way straight on towards one of the creatures, bearing his fists as he jabbed at the creature's face. "How do you like that?" He began to quickly jab it in its muzzle over and over again, leaving some serious dents in it.

Seawatch was doing his best to dodged the two monsters that were ganging up on him. He then retracted his arm and a grappling hook appeared. He then quickly fired it to a side panel up above that was peeling away. As it contacted, he quickly lifted into the air, then released it, pulling out his gun and firing several shots at the creatures.

Stakeout was having all the trouble he could handle with just one creature. It continued to use its mace tail, Stakeout only blocking two shots with his arms. As they were becoming more and more scraped, he then leaned back to dodge one shot, then as he came back up, he fired a shot into the creature's eye! It screamed in agony as it fell to its knees, allowing Stakeout to pass it.

Random Sweep
2004-12-01, 04:12 PM
Ratchet finished up repairing Brawn and placed him in a CR chamber

" Its all up to you now brawn."

2004-12-01, 07:23 PM
Jazz whirled through a stylish transformation, showcasing his characteristic savvy even in exfiltration maneuvers. He glanced around the cabin, taking a cursory headcount before the impending takeoff.

"Don't forget to--"

The rumble of the Omega's gargantuan engines interrupted Jazz, and he grabbed a railing to keep from falling to the back of the ship.

"F-f-fasten your s-s-safety belts!"


Skies over Washington

The cool, quiet morning air warmed up rapidly as the sun began to rise from the east. Dew formed on millions of pine needles coating the forest, while the animals sleeping in their damp nests slowly began to wake. On most mornings, silence in the forest shortly gave way to the thunderous chorus of tens of thousands of birds chirping, even this late in the season. But on this morning, the silence endured.

Something was wrong.


Penetrating the blinding orange sunrise to the east, Skyfire rocketed low over the forest, the sonic boom belying his rapidly dropping speed.

"Prepare for landing procedures," he droningly instructed his passengers.

In Skyfire's forward viewport, the endless forest suddenly gave way to an expanding sea of concrete: Spokane International Airport. The radio had buzzed several times in the minutes prior, giving Skyfire the chance to realign his approach vector in order to hit his special runway. His wheels hit the ground with a shudder that quickly subsided to a smooth roll, and in moments the starcruiser had taxied into the hangar reserved just for him.

("Mommy?" a gawking eight-year-old from Dallas asked his mother at the sight as she dragged him from the terminal window...)

The hangar doors closed behind Skyfire, the room already equipped with comprehensive spotlighting and a contingent of airport security agents, military infantrymen with rifles stationed at the doors, and oil companies drivers and line workers accompanying the half-dozen trucks parked on the side of the enormous room. An older man with white hair and thin glasses stepped forward officiously, touting his decorated attire proudly.

"Welcome," his gruff drawl echoed loudly. "I am Brigandier General Benjamin Sauers of the United States Armed Forces. I have been asked to oversee today's gasoline transfusion. You would be..."

The general glanced down at his clipboard momentarily, squinting a bit to examine it properly.

"...Skyfire, yes? I was informed you should be bringing some associates to help the process."

Skyfire's tone picked up the curiosity it carried whenever he dealt with humans. He struggled to taxi just enough to see the general, who was just a hair out of his optical range.

"I certainly have," the ship replied as his main ramp extended to the hangar floor...

2004-12-01, 08:38 PM
Hot Spot was on his feet as soon as Skyfire's wheels hit the ground, and had moved over to the entry ramp.

The ramp opened soon enough, and the Protectobot leader walked smartly down the ramp.

"Hi," he said casually. "I'm Hot Spot."

He glanced over towards the tankers. "That ours?" he asked.

God Jinrai
2004-12-02, 01:49 AM
agreed then, prowl...perhaps we should see about relocating the cities to Mt. St Hillary... the close proximity to the Ark, as well as the seismic fault would allow for easy access to heat energy... easily converted into energon. Your thoughts?"

Prime was a bit unsure that relocating the citycons would be the smart thing to do, but considering the area, it wasn't feasible to tap nature... granted, setting up a hydro-electric plant on side of the lake would be an option as well...

2004-12-02, 04:30 AM
Outside, Metroplex:

Brainstorm: "Those things....." -concludes that Sunstreaker is looking for the frequency jammer shipmen that was intercepted at the Denver airport- "They're in the tech bay in Fort Max."

Omega Shuttle:

Roadbuster: -pulling himself along up the center isle against the deck tilt and the g forces, one steady step after the other- "I'll do that as soon as I get to my seat, Jazz."

Random street, Portland, Oregon:

Tracks: -sitting there, drinking in the adulation and stares of people walking by him as he sits in vehicle mode- "This, a 'bot could get used to....."


Across the street, two men with prison tattoos see Tracks, and stop.

"That reminds me of that one we tried ta steal right before we went ta th' joint."

His slightly taller friend takes a harder look at the blue Autobot. "Better'n that, even. That's the same 'Vette that sent us to the joint. That damned Autobot!"

"You sure?"

"Ain't many 'Vette's with flame decals surroundin' one'a them Autobot emblems on the hood." Gets an evil gleam in his eye, followed by a sadistic chuckle. "What say we make life interesting for our old friend over there." Pulling out a cell phone, the ex-con dials a number. "Hey, Sol. It's me. You still got that flatbed wrecker?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-02, 04:38 AM
Sunstreaker groaned, "Do you even know what I am talking about Brainstorm? Are you always this vague and assuming? I need Sideswipe's memory chips. So unless they are there too I am not going to waste my time."


Brawn awoke in the CR chamber. The last thing he remembered as hanging onto Jetfire for dear existance as they escaped. He also remembered not being able to see that high up.

What's going on? He thought as he looked down at his arms, they were brown.. not blue.

2004-12-02, 05:30 AM
Hot Rod walked in silence for a while, still fuming over having to tend to Firestar. Finally, he arrived at a vacant set of quarters. He gestured towards a nearby door, which had 'Inferno' emblazoned on the nameplate.

"Will this be good for you?"

Whirl pushed himself off the surgical bunk and clamped a claw on First Aid's shoulder (in a semi-friendly manner).

"I asked you a question, sawgirders. Are you done?"

2004-12-02, 09:47 PM
Talon, to the air!"

Talon did just that, climbing into the air spotting a good target. He decided to even the odd for Seawatch a bit.

He went into a dive towards one of the 2 creatures Seawatch was fighting, making sure to avoid the Micromasters' shots. With the safeties engaged, any 'damage' sustained was not real, but it still HURT like it was.

In the last moments before Talon would crash into one of the creatures, he brought his hand and feet claws into position, impaling the creature as he came down.

The creature's screams were music to Talon's 'ears', reaching it's crecendo when he tore him limbs free of the creature, ripping it apart in the process. Haven't done this in a while, forgot how good it felt he thought briefly before turning his attention towards the other creature nearby.

"Need some help with the other one?" he asked Seawatch, a small grin on his face.

2004-12-03, 12:36 AM
Outside, Metroplex:

Brainstorm: "If you were looking for the memory chips, Sunstreaker, why didn't you ask? They're down in the tech bay, too. If you expect an appropriate answer, provide all the information."

Exterior, Metroplex(opposite side from Brainstorm, facing a patch of woods):

Muzzle: -pops the vent cover off, sticks his head out, looks around- "All clear, Nikko. My car's over there." -points to the patch of wood where you can barely see a glint of light off of chrome-


Nightbeat: -vehicle mode, parked in the patch of woods, sees Muzzle, activates commlink- "Hey, Siren. Looks like Muzzle's about ready to get to me."

Siren: -over commlink- "Got ya, boss. Hosehead and I will be right behind you."

Nightbeat: "You two better not be right behind me. Otherwise the human'll figure that something's going on."

Siren: "Aw, come on. Give me a little credit."

Nightbeat: "Nnn. After what happened in the Helkon gas mine, I'm not taking any chances with you two." -thinks for a moment- "If we can get some air support, that would come in handy, too."

Siren: "How about Tracks? He can fly."

Nightbeat: "So can Omega Supreme, but that doesn't mean he won't stand out." -sighs- "Although he would come in handy in less populated areas. All right. Call him. Hopefully he's not doing anything."


Tracks sat at the curb, not really paying attention to his surroundings, wondering if he should be getting back to the base, when two noises followed by a sensation startled him. The first sound was a shouted "HEY, WATCH OUT!", followed by the squeal of brakes as a large flatbed wrecker swerved to avoid a pedestrian, sending it swerving out of control right towards him. He just had time to think, "Oh, slag. This is really going to hurt." before the wrecker plowed into him, crushing his nose and partially driving up onto his hood, and sending the Autobot spiralling into unconsciousness.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-03, 12:50 AM
"And if you expect all the information try not to be such vague smart-bot. We have Perceptor, we don't need two." Sunstreaker shut off the communication and transformed driving to the tech bay.

He snagged up what he was after and quickly made his way back to Ratchet and his brother.

Hyper Prime
2004-12-03, 01:02 AM
"No thanks," Seawatch replied to Talon, as he shot his grappling hook again, straight into the creature rounding his front. It went straight into its mouth, popping out of the back of its head. Seawatch then realed it towards him and ducked as he fired a blast into the creature's overpassing chest.

Stakeout then shouted, "Quickly everyone, converge on the target!" He then headed towards the five faced being in the center. Seawatch and Redhot followed behind, but then stopped as Stakeout held up his hand, signaling for a halt. "Stay frosty team, we don't know what could happen."

2004-12-03, 08:23 AM
Relieved to be out of the cell, Nikko brushed himself off and looked around. As his attention was directed towards a chrome flash, he hesitated briefly and looked suspiciously at the car glinting from the cover.
"This no American trick, yeah? They catch you three times. Where we go so big robots cannot find us now?"
In the stillness of the night, sky blue optics suddenly blazed as millions of small signals were being interpreted and decoded within the solitary Autobot's systems. The former bewildered expression had turned to a serious business attitude.
Hound slowly rose from being seated. He shook his head slightly as thoughts cleared and began honing in on a series of signals...
"Hey hey! Bluestreak! How're ya doing?" Spike grinned as he moved around Trailbreaker to talk. He shot a wave at the tall Autobot before moving up to his feet.
"I have to suggest not, Optimus. A move of any variety for either citybot would require the expenditure of more energy than we could feasibly gather in a reasonable amount of time. Rather, we should focus our energies into using the sites to build small facilities and procure a consistent and even amount of energy draw, so as not to disrupt the balance of the thermal energies this organic planet requires for efficient ecology."
Finally having landed, Inferno was pleased to be able to exit. While standing to the side of Hot Spot as he spoke with the humans about the oil tanker, Inferno waved with a smile to a couple of human children staring out of the airport windows.

2004-12-03, 09:59 AM
Outside 'Ferno's quarters

"Thanks, it's fine" Firestar nodded, moving to enter the room, then half-turned in the doorway, glancing back at Hot Rod and added, a teasing tone in her voice "Nice paint-job by the way, pity you're a little young for me" with that, the door slid closed.

* * * * * *

Med-bay, Metroplex

"Spike, glad to see ya, and I'm doin' fine "Bluestreak replied, driving carefully over to the human "I offered to pick up some food for Minerva, she wants some KFC and an iced tea, but I kinda need a driver....and a way to pay"

2004-12-03, 11:57 AM
Talon sees that by now, the 4 guards had been neutralized, one way or another. Noting that the 3 Micro's were focusing their attention on the leader, but not taking any action to actually attack it.

"A good plan Stakeout, but not needed against that mini Quintesson" Talon replied to Stakeout as he began advancing towards the aforementioned being.

"These things don't fight, they let others do that. And once you clear away the guards..."

The Quintesson was quickly losing it's resolve as Talon approached, it tried to flee, but Talon moved faster then it could float.

"they are quite easy pickings" he said just before grabbing the Quintesson, sinking his teeth into it and slowly drained it's energy.

As it fell lifelessly to the ground, the simulation ended. Any damage, gore, grime and such that covered the 4 participants also faded.

"The real deal is going to be alot tougher, though I'll savor ever moment of it when I finally make them PAY..." Talon finished his speech and turned toward the Micromasters. "Want to try another one of mine? or shall we try one of yours?" he asked.

(Ooc: He REALLY doesn't like Quintessons)

Hyper Prime
2004-12-03, 01:44 PM
(OCC: Yes, apparently he doesn't...)

Stakeout, Redhot, and Seawatch were all a little bit speechless at Talon's performance. But they were also surprised at that they didn't reconginize the strange creatures before.

Redhot then blurted out, "That was a Quintesseon, the guys were so up-tight about? Man, I could take one of those guys out with one easy shot!"

Stakeout replied to Talon, "Well, now I'd like to tyr something more in our field." He then walked over to the other end of the training room, pressing a panel of the wall. A little computer popped out, and Stakeout inserted a small disk into it.

Then, the room began to shake again. Suddenly, a large rectangular formation was rising out of the center of the room. Suddenly, it took the form of an apartment buliding on fire! Several humans were up the at the top, screaming for their lives. And all around them, humans were running as far away from the buliding as possilbe.

Stakeout then shouted, "Redhot, time for you to do your thing! Seawatch, assume crowd control! Talon, aerial rescue!"

Redhot laughed, "Alright! This is what I was made to do!" He then transformed into fire truck mode. His ladder stretched out and fired a large burst stream of fire retardent foam. Some of the fire on the lower levels were dying down, but the inferno on the top continued to rage almost out of control!

Seawatch then ran to the people and shouted, "ALRIGHT, KNOCK IT OFF! I want everyone to evacute the area calmly! Don't worry, we'll get all of you out of here!" The humans stopped to listen, but after they were done, they started to make their way more cautiously out of the area.

Stakeout however was moving as much debris as he could from the door, then blasted everthing else away. He ran through the door way, going up the stairs as fast as he could, trying to hear if any humans were on the first level. The micromaster kicked down the door of an appartment and scanned the inside. He confirmed there was no one, so then he continued up, hoping Talon would be able to save anyone on the top floors.

2004-12-03, 11:38 PM
Corridors, Fort Max

Hot Rod gave Firestar a strange look as the door slid shut.


The young Autobot headed towards the nearest exit, hoping a long drive would help him burn off some of his agitation.

Outside Fort Max

Pinpointer walked thought the twilight forest, savouring the crisp fall air. He walked for who knows how long, thinking about Nebulos and how different this planet was. However, his reminiscences were cut short when he noticed a pair of blue lights floating in the distance. He thought they were familiar, very familiar.

“Hey, Hound. Nice night, isn’t it?”

Approaching Autobot Airspace

The Decepticon shuttle flew low enough to avoid the radar of the Autobots’ pathetic human allies, though the local police detachment would certainly be fielding a lot of calls from citizens who were awakened by sonic booms during the night.

Ransack resumed control of the ship and guided it smoothly down to a landing, a good ways outside the Autobot cities’ sensor range.

“We’re here.”

Random Sweep
2004-12-04, 01:03 AM
" Good " Banzai-Tron said
looking at each of the team he continued

" You all have your orders, failure is not an option "

then he turned and started heading towards the target zone


Ratchet had Sideswipe patched up, all that remained was to recieve the chips

2004-12-04, 04:47 AM
Muzzle: -leading the way over to his car- "They only caught me because I'm not sneaky enough around the stupid buckets of bolts, Nikko. But then, cats aren't sneaky enough around them." -opens driver's door- "Away from them, they can't stop me." -pats roof of his battered Porsche 953, gets in- "I know where we could hide, but what we need to get rid of these tin freaks is organization. Whoever you got those jammers from could be just the contact I need."

Exterior, Metroplex(just around the corner from Muzzle and Nikko's exit point):

Quig: -peering around the corner-

Lug: -standing taller than Quig, also peering around the corner-

Siren: -vehicle mode parked back from the corner next to Hosehead, hisses- "Well?"

Quig: -massaging his aching temples, whispering- "They're at Nightbeat. Muzzle got in, the human's not in yet."

Hosehead: -whispering- "But Muzzle's a human, isn't he?"

Siren: -sighs, hisses louder- "Do we have to go through this again? Ahh, what am I saying? I can't use the flash cards when were stuck in vehicle mode."

Lug: -looks back at them, growls quietly- "Would you two shut up? You're making too much noise!" -sighs- "It's like working with rookies..... Siren, any word from Tracks yet?"

Siren: -whispers- "No."


Pain. Lots and lots of pain....... That was all Tracks could feel. That and a grating voice coming over his commlink, which, when looked at, was another kind of pain altogether.

Tracks: -groaning- "Whu....." -sensors coming back online, feeling wind rushing by him, feeling a rumble under his tires..... while his tires aren't moving, feels chains rattling against his undercarriage, then damage control sensors come online- "Owwww...... Not again........."

2004-12-04, 11:08 AM
It never is, Nightracer thought as she went over her recording of the mission plan in her data banks. She would have to find higher ground or a good sniping spot as soon as she could.

Carnivac silently started to head toward the Target zone, making sure to keep his scensors alert for any movement.

2004-12-04, 09:24 PM
Ransack locked down the shuttle’s controls, then followed the rest of his team out into the night. His optics moved around quickly, never looking at anything for more than a few seconds. He walked with the others, towards the Autobot base.

As Hot Rod drove down Fort Max’s main ramp, the needle on his speedometer was already passing 100. The young Autobot zoomed away from the Autobot compound, found a four-lane highway, and floored his accelerator. He streaked by the few human vehicles on the road at this time of night, moving so quickly that the organic beings’ eyes would only register a bright reddish blur as he shot past.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-04, 09:36 PM
Sunstreaker reached the Med-bay and transformed quickly making his way to Ratchet and tossing the box of chips towards him.

"Fix him up. Now."

2004-12-04, 09:38 PM
First Aid put down his tools and smiled, patting Whirl on the arm.

"You're good to go," he told the Wrecker. "But be a bit more careful in future, you were lucky this time. You might not be so lucky next time."

Random Sweep
2004-12-05, 01:52 AM
Ratchet looked over to Sunstraker

" Put them on that bench " he said ignoring Sunstreakers rudness, what was manners compared to an Autobots life.


Reaching the target area Banzai-Tron started searching for targets

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-05, 03:14 AM
Sunstreaker watched Ratchet ignore the chips thrown at him and watches them fall to the ground with a small rattle from the chips inside. Sunstreaker scowled at the surgeon.

"Metal moron! Can't even keep attention on objects coming at you! No wonder you died!" He fumed, "Another autobot's memory chips and you let them fall. Oooooh scrap, I wanna hurt you...."

Normally Sunstreaker wouldn't be so mad, but these were his brothers memory chips, and Ratchet more or less ignored them when he tossed them to him. He had a very big urge to leave Ratchet in his post 2005 form. He walked over with the chips and gently set them on the bench still looking mad.

2004-12-05, 06:06 AM
It didn't take long for Nightracer to get into position once she found a good sniper spot. The spot was high enough to give her a good view of the Citybots, but still offered her cover that the sniper could shot from without being seen or be easily shot at herself. All Nightracer needed now was a target.

When Carnivac entered the target area, he started surviel the Autobot bases while keeping an optic out for any prey that might cross his path.

2004-12-05, 07:03 AM
(OOC: No problem, Six)

Whirl shook his head and removed his claw from First Aid's shoulder.

"No dice. I'm a Wrecker; we don't play careful."

Ransack moved closer to the Autobot base, paying careful attention to the anti-air defences around Fort Max. There appeared to be a few of them, but not nearly as many as he would have expected.

2004-12-05, 08:09 PM
Signals... Decepticon signals? But then I have a tainted signature too now. Dirge. Maybe others like him now as well, since Galvatron is gone. No alarms and next to base, nothing else in the area- this must be another memory problem.

Glancing around at the mountains and stars in one final sweep, Hound walked over towards his friend.
"Yes Pinpointer, it is... here." Hound added as he carefully eased back down into a kneeling position to be closer to the Nebulon's height level. He looked around again uneasily and then smiled slightly.
"You're a long way from base tonight. What brings you way out here?"

"Hehe - iced tea and KFC huh?" Spike grinned as he got into Bluestreak's cabin. "I could go for chicken."

Once the door was safely shut, Spike chuckled and gave the dash a couple friendly taps. "It's a good thing you guys don't have to worry about paying for food or running for odd food cravings with the femme-bots. You don't know how lucky you are."
Nikko cocked his head to one side and sighed. The fancy blue car certainly seemed to be his best way out, but his better instincts told him something was amiss. Nevertheless, he swung into the vehicle.
"I not know his name. I will show you way there for boxes."

Before closing the door though, Nikko stomped at the floor well with a fairly good thwack and a semi-suspicious look and a smile to half-cover. He wanted to see if this car talked like one he had been in before. "These cars Americans drive, sturdy- yes? All big cars."

2004-12-05, 09:08 PM
"Yeah" Bluestreak replied, starting his engine when Spike tapped on his dash-board, then leaving the med-bay and heading towards the entrance "Sounds like we are"

2004-12-05, 09:48 PM
The right door sentry, along with a number of other men and women in the secure hangar, gasped and staggered back in shock. He was a young man and had never seen a Transformer in person despite their strong presence in recent years...

"Holy Toledo!" he cried with a struggling attempt to muffle himself and a glance to the opposite guard. "I knew they were big, but that's big..."

General Sauers, having had extensive experience with Earth's guests in his military career, was far less unnerved. He nodded to Hot Spot officiously and pointed toward the trucks with his clipboard.

"Seven fifty-three foot rigs," he began with a few strides toward the fleet, "filled with the highest grade petroleum refinement American chemistry can muster. It may not be up to snuff with your needs, but it'll sure be a good start."

Sauers stopped and turned rigidly, glancing between Inferno and Hot Spot.

"My superiors would appreciate being able to return the tanks to the civilian sector when you're done with them, but they understand if you can't transport the fuel without them."

Skyfire pondered a moment, and after some audible internal gushing, piped up with a semi-hushed voice.

"I've routed my energon reserve to the main well. I can carry approximately two-thirds of that volume in my auxillary tanks - we'll need to bring two of the trucks with us, I'm afraid."

Sauers shrugged.

"Less of 'em on the road that way... All right, boys, help the Autobots where you can."

The hangar rumbled to life as the human compliment began getting the trucks into position and running fuel lines. Meanwhile, Skyfire opened his tank valves and sighed, a bit embarrassed at his inability to help.

2004-12-05, 11:09 PM
"Awww." Inferno drawled deeply with a broad smile. "We jus' 'preciate any help. Every littl' bit goes a long way." He moved over carefully between the humans to help with securing tanker attachments.


Mirage and Smokescreen chuckled lightly as they reminisced over times prior to the great Cybertronian wars. Mirage still had his rifle out and in hand, but all was quiet except for various autobots passing in and out of the entranceway, so he was at ease and quite relaxed. Smokescreen was enjoying the conversation, but unlike Mirage, his mind was racing a mile a minute. He was reading every detail in his fellow Autobots, taking in postures and facial expressions as they passed. Smokescreen was intent on assessing the true feeling of morale and support in the Autobot ranks, as well as setting one somewhat homesick Autobot at ease in the process.


Spike kicked back and turned on Bluestreak's radio as he settled in for the drive. "When we get to downtown Bluestreak, watch out for the one-ways. The city council rerouted traffic because of road construction last spring, but they still haven't finished."

2004-12-06, 05:26 AM
“I just needed to...get away for a while, Hound.” Pinpointer smiled slightly. “Being in Fort Max for so long, it brings back memories. Not good ones, either. The Maximus was built from an old Hive city, after all. Half the time, I look around and feel like I’m in enemy territory.”

The Nebulan shook his head, dismissing the idea. “So how have you been holding up?”

Hot Rod continued to drive, but he found himself heading, almost by accident, towards the old site of Autobot City. He wasn’t quite sure why; there wasn’t anything there anymore. Metroplex had been taken by the Decepticons years ago. Last he’d heard, the humans had established some sort of outpost around there, but there certainly wasn’t anything for him.

And yet, Hot Rod drove on. His speedometer needle hovered around 300.

Maybe it’d do him some good to look down from Lookout Mountain one more time.

Cunning Ravage
2004-12-06, 05:36 AM
OOC: sorry about the delay, just a lot of things happened recently and didn’t get a chance to post

Metroplex Medbay

Emerging from the CR Chamber Crossblades shock his head “That feels much better! Why I can’t even remember the last time I felt this good! If only there was a why to bottle…” He stopped in mid-sentence as he realized he didn’t know were his outer shell was. Walking out into the main med room he looked around. “Were are you shell? Oh there you are!” once he found it Crossblades slipped right inside it.

2004-12-06, 09:47 AM
Hound nodded slightly. He understood Pinponter's feelings quite well. He looked up and glanced swiftly around again once before returning his attention to the Nebulon.
"Even in the company of one's best friends, it's good to get out and have time alone," he said with a faint smile.
The scout checked his scanners briefly, and once satisfied the strange signals hadn't moved in any suspicious directions, he gave Pinpointer his full attention. Hound had always been honest and frank, and he gave Pinpointer a concise answer with a 'matter-of-fact' expression.

"I'm finding I still have lingering doubts Pinpointer. I cannot be certain now if everything I will recall will be truth or if some information may be corrupted. But one thing is as solid as concrete- I trust my abilities, and---- I have a job that I must do for my fellow Autobots, for all of my friends... and for myself.

As soon as my shift is over tonight, I'm going back to Carbombya to finish what I started."

Random Sweep
2004-12-06, 05:10 PM
Ratchet carefully opened Sideswipe's CPU covering and began delicately replacing the chips.


Banzai-Tron arrived at the target area and waited for the others to assume their positions

2004-12-07, 12:31 AM
"Thanks for the warning, Spike" Bluestreak replied as he pulled out of the Autobot base and turned to start heading towards Portland.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-07, 12:46 AM
Sunstreaker stood anxiously with his fists clenched. He wanted to bash Ratchet's head through the chrome walls of the city but he kept his cool. He'd take the medic to task after his brother was functional.

2004-12-07, 02:40 AM
Nightbeat's Interior:

Muzzle: "American? Hell, kid, this is a German car! Porsche 953, finest car Porsche ever put out, if you ask my opinion." -slams driver's door, hard enough to make the battered Porsche rock slightly- "They built this car to take a beating." -starts engine, slams Nightbeat into gear, floors accellerator, all four tires digging into the soft ground launching the Porsche forward-


Quig: "Well, they're on their way."

Siren: -gives the impression that he'd be tapping his foot impatiently were he in robot mode- "Well? Are you two just going to stand there and wait until they're out of the state?"

Lug: -turns, scowls- "Look, you loudmouthed hunk of scrap, if we get too close, the kid'll figure out what's going on! Besides, we can track Nightbeat's comm signal. We should have no problems as long as they don't send him off planet."

Hosehead: -activating commlink- "Tracks? THis is Hosehead. Do you read me?"

Al's Auto Salvage, Outskirts, Portland:

Tracks: -still strapped down to the flatbed wrecker, somewhat dazed, stuck in vehicle mode, activates commlink- "I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore, Uncle Toto......."

Hosehead: -over commlink- I could have told you that, Tracks. You're near Portland."

Tracks: -clearing slightly- "That would explain the lack of corn...."

Hosehead: "Huh?"

Tracks: -scanning around himself, seeing the piles of wrecked cars, the car crusher off in the distacne, and the forklift heading towards him- "Uh, oh. Back in a few, Hosehead." -deactivates commlink, checks damage readout, sighs- "Maybe I should see about getting my nose reinforced one of these days....." -realizing that he can't transform, starts engine-

Thug 1: -standing near the wrecker, hears Tracks' engine roar to life- "Aw, NUTS! He's a-"

Tracks: -slams into reverse, rear tires squealing as he pulls against the chains, slamming into first to roar forward, then backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards, chains holding him down in the back finally snap, slams into reverse again, front chains finally snapping, causing him to fly off the back of the wrecker and crash to the ground-

Thug 2: -guns forklift, speeding towards Tracks-

Thug 1: -pulls out an Uzi, opens fire-

Tracks: -more offended by the bullets damaging his finish than the fact that he's being shot at- "My finish! Do you know how hard it is to keep this shine?!?!?" -slams into drive, rear tires kicking up twin roostertails of dirt as he roars away, heading for the front entrance, then skidding out onto the roadway, nearly causing a semi to jack-knife as he comes flying out of the salvage yard, heading back towards Portland, reactivates commlink- "Okay, Hosehead. I'm free now. What's going on?"

Hosehead: -over commlink- "Nightbeat's got a lead on the people who placed the jammers, but we're going to need your help in following him and the kid who's leading him there. And possibly air support."

Tracks: "All right. It'll be more fun than playing tag with these decerberates."

Hosehead: Huh?"

Tracks: "Never mind. I'll home in on Nightbeat's signal."

2004-12-07, 03:08 AM
Carnivac continued to surviel the Citybots, focusing more on Metroplex since Ransack seemed to be looking at Fort Maximus.

Nightracer informed the other members of team that an Autobot had left Metroplex and that Hound seemed to be talking to a human or Neblulan outside the bases. She was more than ready to fire on either one of them, but waited to see what Banzai-Tron would do. It wouldn't due to have either of the Autobots alart their bases that Decepticons were there, and it might be better to leave them alone for now. Then again, if Banzai-Tron discided to take out one, Nightracer could take out the other.

Carnivac quickly made sure he was out of sight when he got Nightracer's message. Probably carrying one of the Autobot's pets, Carnivac thought as he watched as Bluestreak left the Citybot.

Random Sweep
2004-12-07, 03:36 AM
Banzai-tron sent a tight-beam message to the other 'cons

"Leave Hound, but keep me informed of his location"

Then he lay in wait for Bluestreak

2004-12-07, 03:50 AM
Upon recieving Banzai-Tron's message, Nightracer went back to watching the area surrounding the bases for any other enemies returning or leaving. Nightracer made sure to watch Hound with at least one optic. The last thing I need is to be fooled by one of his holograms, she thought.

2004-12-07, 06:23 AM
Near Fort Max

Ransack continued to survey the city's defences. He drew his laser pistol, wary of the prospect of discovery, but eager at the same time.

"I can underst-" Pinpointer started to nod sagely, but came up short as Hound's last sentence registered. He raised one dark green eyebrow archly.

"I think you might be forgetting what happened the last time you tried that." He shook his head. "There's no way you're going without backup."

Former Site of Autobot City

Hot Rod drove up the winding mountain road that lead to the Autobots' former home with a bit less haste than he had tackled the previous roads. That was partly due to the condition of the roads, but also due to aprehension. If he was honest with himself, he wasn't quite sure what he was doing out here at all.

Heh. Maybe I'll find out when I get there.

After a few more minutes of driving, the young Autobot found himself driving through the canyon that lead to Lookout Mountain...the very same canyon he'd driven down (and almost ran Kup over in) shortly before the Battle of 2005. It wasn't quite the same now, though. Starscream and Blitzwing, among others, had strafed it enough that a fair number of loose boulders were shook loose, for one.

But more importantly...the mountain didn't actually serve as a lookout for anything anymore. As Hot Rod drove up to the plateau he and Daniel had often watched the city from, he was struck by a tinge of nostalgia. He transformed, then chuckled.

Things must be pretty bad if I miss those days.

As he thought, he saw a small vessel flying through the air. A strange tinge of anticipation struck him, and he activated his optical enhancement circuits to zoom in on the vehicle. Thankfully, this time it wasn't a shuttle full of Decepticons. Rather, it was an EDC patrol flitter.

Probably coming to see what a Transformer is doing all the way out here, after so long.

Hot Rod put his hands on his hips and waited for the human to arrive.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-07, 07:29 AM
The music was as loud as it could possibly be, the crow's nest was rocking and the noise could be heard all over Fortress Maximus.

Beep beep

Blaster was lost in the music was it filled his audio centers, he was kicked back with a half empty energon cube sitting next to him. Even the comms officer had to recharge right?

beep beep

Blaster came to on the second beep pulling his legs down leaning forward an looking at the flashing button on the comms module.

"Uh oh"

He reached a metallic finger over flicking it on. The message immediately came out through his chest.

"Leave Hound, but keep me informed of his location"

"That ain't no Autobot and that ain't no Autobot signal."

He reched his hand down to the side of his chair pressing a few buttons.

"Prowl, we got problems and you ain't gonna like it. I am picking up a decepticon signal in the area and they got an eye on Hound, that's not the worst news though, they're after someone else. Relaying this bad tune now"

2004-12-07, 09:48 AM
Hound chuckled softly to himself and shook his head as he glanced around at the stars*. His Nebulon friend had a valid point and the scout understood the concern. Even so, duty had to come first, and internally, he was receiving a very disturbing signal from Prowl (paragraph following).

"Pinpointer, it's my job to go ahead of others to learn information that will help or protect us all. We knew little about the current status of Metrotitan and his defenses. I learned a lot the last time- the hard way. This time though, you are right. I think a distraction will be a help. I haven't set my mind yet as to what it will be- and I'll be sure to consult with Prowl before I go. Speaking of which.......... (last paragraph at bottom)"
(Meanwhile, taking place during Hound and Pinpointer's conversation in Fortress Maximus' meeting room.....)
Prowl stiffened instantly as Blaster's communication came through. He clicked the transmission over to his external radio so Optimus could hear as well.

"Blaster, encode and encrypt all security frequency transmissions immediately, but do not change any other frequencies exuding from either city. Set the silent alarms to go off manually at an officer's signal and send code TX455 through the city systems to activate the internal security systems for the control rooms. We need to know what those Decepticons are up to. Continue to monitor for more transmissions but do not trigger any further base reaction just yet."

Prowl frowned slightly as he switched to Hound's frequency. "Hound, you have enemy Decepticons moving into your vicinity. Scan and report."

Hound quickly registered the internal communication with no visible different external reaction. He smoothly and deliberately moved his head upward to glance at the stars* while using his scanners to pinpoint and interpret the signals.

Over his internal communicators, he responded to Prowl. "I now have a split 'Con group reading Prowl. I am picking up Bluestreak's energy signature leaving base to the north carrying a human-sized heat energy, with a Decepticon signal converging on him. I am reading two signals near the bases and one halfway between Max and my position. A visual scan would be required to determine if any are enemies."

The security officer immediately switched to Bluestreak's frequency. "Bluestreak, danger- there is a Decepticon heading your way, divert left and then return to base calmly."
Prowl flipped back to Hound as he sorted a strategic answer both to the lack of response and the needs of the resulting critical situation.
Enemies? Prowl blinked in dismay for a fraction of a second as the thought bordered on the incomprehensible, and then got a grim expression. He understood why his sentry had missed what was right in front of him. The signals had already been there when Hound was sent out, so they had been simply accepted as part of the base. He would rectify that immediately.

"Treat all Decepticon signals as confirmed enemies and dangerous. Dirge is secure elsewhere and is our only ally, Hound. Beware of the enemy near you and move to intercept at Bluestreak's nearest postion to provide immediate cover."
Satisfied that he was between the Nebulon and the nearest Decepticon's energy signature, Hound transformed and opened his door with a calm but urgent tone to his voice. ".......lookout time's up, Pinpointer, let's go. We can talk more on the way back."


Finally convinced they had escaped, Nikko relaxed and began enjoying the ride, pushing all the various buttons and controls inside Nightbeat. "Sweets! Porsche big car from here, Americans have much money. Maybe I make design for car for American, and then get much money too." Americans like big, fast cars, Bose radio with cd and televisions inside, yeah?"
He grinned at Muzzle and then got a startled look as his stomach rumbled. "Pfah. Long time for food. Town by box place has the king of burgers. We eat and then go. Okay?"

2004-12-07, 07:18 PM
"Gotcha, Prowl" the silver and black Datsun replied over the comm-frequency, then whispered to Spike "Food run's been cut short, we got Decepticons in the area"

Driving slowly along, realising the Decepticons may attack sooner if they realised their cover was blown, the gunner did a sharp left turn and started heading back to Metroplex.

2004-12-07, 09:17 PM

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(ooc-sorry for the absence. PC died...again)

(ooc-left message with Warcry to take over characters as I will be gone for a while...)

Random Sweep
2004-12-08, 03:46 AM
Ratchet placed the last chip into place and started Sideswipe's startup protocols

" Up to you now " he said


ooc: Sorry 'gal missed your post

Banzai-tron waited untill Bluestreak passed next to him, then lept out slashing at the Autobots side

2004-12-08, 04:28 AM
With Spike still in the front seat, Bluestreak swerved as Banzai-tron leapt at him, so the Decepticon's weapon sliced into the back of his vehicle mode, and spun his back tyres, spraying Banzai-tron's face with dirt before speeding off.

There was no way the gunner could pick a fight with one of their allies as a passenger.

Random Sweep
2004-12-08, 04:45 AM
Sending out a second Tightbeam message to Nightracer and Carnivac , Banzai-tron growled

" Take out that cowardly Autobot "

2004-12-08, 05:54 AM
Outside Fort Max

Ransack failed to take note of the commotion caused by Banzai-Tron, so absorbed was he in his work.

Pinpointer nodded. "Well, if you need help I'm willing to tag along. I could probably suck Crosshairs into it, too."

He paused, listening as the scout recieved Prowl's instructions.

Instead of getting into Hound via the open door, Pinpointer slipped his helmet back on and transformed to RPG launcher mode. Using the same magnetic clamps he used to connect to Crosshairs in vehicle mode, the Nebulan secured himself to Hound's hood.

"Just in case. Now let's roll. Figuratively, of course."

Former Site of Autobot City

The EDC flitter settled down beside Hot Rod and a single human soldier climbed out. The human was vaguely familiar to him, though he couldn't quite place him; not a surprise consdering how many soldiers he met during his short time as Autobot leader.

The human saluted. "Rodimus, sir. I'm surprised to find you here."

Hot Rod smiled, then kneeled to get closer to the human's eye level. "Not Rodimus anymore, Captain. Just Hot Rod." He frowned. "You're familiar, but I can't place where we met before."

"We only met once, sir. Over a decade ago, now. I was a raw recruit serving under Captain Fairborne then." The human held out his hand, then retracted it when he realized how silly he looked. "Captain Gregory Brooke at your service."

"Nice to meet you again, Captain." Hot Rod frowned. "What's Marissa doing these days, anyway? She ever get that promotion she was jockeying for?"

Brooke's face fell. "You didn't hear? She was captured. Two, three years ago."

The Autobot's optics glowed with rage. "What? How?"

"Carbombyans," the officer growled. "They set a trap. Killed hundreds of people just to get to her."

"Is she...is she still alive?"

"Last I heard. But the brass refuse to do anything about it. Say it'd be 'bad for relations'." The soldier scowled.

Hot Rod slammed a fist into the palm of the other hand. "Well, then. I guess someone with more guts than EDC command will have to deal with it," he grinned mischieviously, "won't we?"

Brooke shook his head. "'We'?"

"I'm gonna need transport over there, a few troops to watch my back. I can probably get a few troops to help, but-"

The captain cut him off. "Your people were already asked to help out. The answer was 'no'."

"That changes things, but not too badly. If you can get a shuttle and a platoon of good soldiers, I can get a couple of Autobots who owe Marissa favours." Hot Rod shrugged. "We can make a go of it, anyway."

Brooke frowned, seemingly struggling internally. "Give me five minutes," he said as he rushed back into his shuttle.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-08, 05:58 AM
Blaster went about doing what Prowl had asked but he stopped before he could get the internal security for the control rooms.

beep beep

"Take out that cowardly Autobot!

"Prowl! Get Bluestreak outta there! Those decepti-creeps ain't gonna let him pull out on his own!"


Windcharger was moving around outside near Fort Max when he spotted something not to far off in the distance.

"Decepticon!" He muttered before transforming and driving at full speed in an arc rounding so he was flanking the Decepticon. He transformed and pulled out a blaster and took two shots off at the decepticon.

2004-12-08, 06:12 AM
Outside Fort Max

Ransack took both shots in the left shoulder. He fell to the ground with a groan. The Decepticon compressed the data he'd gathered and transmitted it to Banzai-Tron, just in case.

That done, Ransack pushed himself up to one knee and fired laser blasts in Windcharger's general direction.

"Autobot scrap!"

2004-12-08, 06:23 AM
OOC: Hopes this is ok, <.<

"Take out that cowardly Autobot"

Bluestreak barely caught the message and his front doors flew open as he skidded sideways, slamming on his brakes, then sending Spike tumbling out onto the grass.

"Get going" the gunner said quietly as he transformed "I'll distract 'em"

2004-12-08, 08:57 AM
Prowl responded with lightning speed to Blaster,
"Blaster, send security code red 3 to both citybots. Lowest lockdown alert - it's a raid party."

And then he flipped a channel to Crosshairs.

"Crosshairs- we have a Decepticon attack on Bluestreak 1.7 miles north of base. Respond immediately to provide backup fire support. Expect 2-3 opponents."


Hound heard the echo of the hit and felt Pinpointer clamp to his roof. Without a moment of delay, he shifted to four wheel drive and accelerated as fast as his engine would allow, letting his door slam shut from the wind force in the process.


OOC: no trouble MFG :)

Spike hit the ground hard resulting in a stunned expression. The attack had come out of nowhere. The sudden hit and roll left little to wonder about, and this was no time to argue. He simply nodded at Bluestreak and made a dash for the heavy undergrowth.

2004-12-08, 09:14 AM
Armoury, Fort Max

Crosshairs scowled.

Sending the Weapons Supervisor into battle again? I didn't realize things were still that bad...

"Acknowledged, Prowl."

Crosshairs ran out of the room, grabbing a standard laser rifle on his way out since his usual weapon had wandered off. He transformed and headed for the exit.


Pinpointer started to scan for enemy targets as Hound sped forward.

2004-12-08, 09:22 AM
(ooc: was sure I replied to Hyper's new post a day or 2 back, oh well)

Talon had sofar been playing air-taxi, moving the people on the top of the building to the ground. He was currently busy working his way down through the upper levels.

His sonar made moving inside the building easier, since the smoke didn't affect that. Though the fires were leaving their marks on Talon's form. But he wouldn't stop till either all the humans were out, or he dropped. Whichever came first.

2004-12-08, 11:10 AM
" Hound is on the move and heading your way, plus other Autobots are leaving the bases." Nightracer informed the other Decepticons. "They know we're here."

When Nightracer received Banzai-Tron's order, she aimed her sniping rifle at Bluestreak and watched as a human got out of the Autobot. Nightracer fired at Bluestreak as Carnivac silently went after Spike.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-12-08, 11:23 AM
Springer's face turned from a concerned grimace to an ever-widening grin as the one-eyed wonder that is Whirl raised to his feet.

"Good to see you back on your feet again old-timer"

Hyper Prime
2004-12-08, 01:44 PM
Stakeout continued to make his way up the buliding levels. He stopped on his way to the fifth level when he scanned something. He broke his way into the closet door to the stairs. The micromaster looked inside and saw a little girl, surround by flames, crying and screaming. Stakeout quickly to her, stomping on the fire, attempting to put it out. He reached down and picked the girl up and ran the heck out of the room. He opened his wide range communicator and yelled, "Talon, what is your current position? Redhot, how are the flames doing? Seawatch, anything to report?"

Redhot reported down below outside, "No so good Stakeout, the fire is starting to spread to the upper levels, and I won't be able contain it much longer." He continued to fire foam from his nozzle on the fires, hoping he would put it out.

"Nothing out of the oridnary here Stake... hang on." Seawatch looked to where the humans were all running to and disapeered, at where the computer monitor was. It was beeping and looking like it still had another program to run. "He boss, looks like we got some kind of weird feedback from the computer. Not sure what it means though."

"We'll figure out later!" he replied as he moved through the halls, fire falling down from the ceiling. "Someone just get over here, I've got a civillian with me and the floor above me looks like its about to collapse!"

Random Sweep
2004-12-08, 05:04 PM
Thinking to slow the Autobot down, Banzai-Tron kicked out to sweep Bluestreak's legs from under him

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-08, 05:20 PM
"Prowl! I got a fourth 'con kickin' around outside Fort Max. I got him and Windcharger trading blasts. I've locked down the cities but we're gonna need to get Bluestreak outta there! We got an Aerialbot we can send out to grab him?"


Windcharger dove to the side behind a rock jutting out of the ground and sat against it.

"We'll see who's scrap"

God Jinrai
2004-12-08, 07:26 PM
Prime stood silent, his optics narrowing.

" This is sooner than expected.." he muttered.

" Prowl, I'm heading out to give Windcharger a hand. prepare to have metroplex transform into fortress mode at first opportunity... he's still vulnerable and tied down in city mode. Continue to coordinate defensive measures with Blaster, and get Ironhide on the comm... we need him updated so he can be ready to react to any threats that may come up to either city."

Prime gave a final nod to his security chief, and headed for the elevator doors...

2004-12-08, 07:41 PM
Outside, under attack

Bluestreak jumped backwards, the shot from Nightracer skimming his side, leaving a burn-mark in the paint, then he turned his head as movement from behind him caught his attention.

"S.O.S, a 'Con's going after Spike, who's out in the open" the silver and black gunner cried into a comm-channel to any nearby Autobots and tensing to launch himself bodily at Carnivac when Banzai-Tron's leg sweep knocked him off-balance, sending Bluestreak crashing to the ground on his back.

2004-12-08, 09:46 PM
Nightracer took another shoot at Bluestreak, before pausing to take a look around. So far; no one else had entered the target zone, but she had a feeling that before long more Autobots would come to join this battle.

2004-12-08, 10:03 PM
(OOC: No prob, Warp)

Whirl focused his optic on Springer. If he’d had a real face, the cyclops would have been grinning. “I could say the same about you. When did the docs have time to patch your sorry carcass back together?”

“Oh, don’t worry. We will.”

Ransack transformed. The WWII plane throttled up, then peppered the rock Windcharger was using as cover with bullets.

2004-12-08, 10:21 PM
Bluestreak jumped to his feet to time for the shot to hit his lower shoulder and winced, firing his shoulder-mounted guns at Nightracer as he backed up slightly, pointing his now primed and ready rifle at the Decepticons.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-09, 12:26 AM
"Get your tailgat in gear! There's Decepticon's to stomp!" Sunstreaker punched his brother in the chest causing his optics to light up.

"What the... hey. What did you do that for prissy-bot?!" Sideswipe sat up returning the blow to Sunstreaker.

"Heh." Sunstreaker rubbed his chest. "Just making sure that little rust nap didn't take anything out of ya! Now come on, before the rust starts to set in on me!"

"Oh we couldn't have that could we!" Sideswipe smirked as the two brothers quickly ran out of the med-bay.


Windcharger let the blasts impact behind him, watching the shattered rock spew over him. He knew the cover he chose wouldn't last for long. He had to think quick.


He quickly dove out from behind the rock and rolled so he was facing upwards firing at the under-belly of the decepticon plane. He then grabbed a peice of metal blown of from a city-bot during one of the many battles and then threw it at the center of the decepticon's rotor.

2004-12-09, 01:03 AM
Nightracer's cover took most of the missiles' explosion, but it couldn't save her from all the explosion's flying shards of metal, dirt, and rocks. After a quick assessment of the damage, and finding out that some of the shards of metal were sticking out of her armor. Nightracer fired at Bluestreak again, realising that soon she was going to have to leave her sniping spot for another covered area.

2004-12-09, 01:44 AM
Bluestreak stumbled back as the next shot hit him in the chest and suddenly transformed into his vehicle mode again, tearing after Carnivac and moving to drive around the Decepticon in circles, hoping this would allow Spike to get away.

2004-12-09, 02:28 AM
Outside, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -turns to Chromia, about to say something-

"S.O.S, a 'Con's going after Spike, who's out in the open"

Ironhide: -activates commlink- "Ah hear ya, Bluestreak. Ah'm comin'!" -starts running towards Bluestreak and Spike's location- "C'mon, Chromia, we got 'Cons ta hit!"

Random Sweep
2004-12-09, 02:47 AM
Banzai-tron aims a kick at Bluestreak , hoping to knock the 'bot off course to allow Carnivac to capture Spike

2004-12-09, 02:51 AM
Bluestreak winced as the kick left a dent in his vehicle mode's right side, but he kept driving around Carnivac in circles "I'm not letting you pass"

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-09, 04:37 AM
(OOC: I hope this doesn't cause any problems)

"Hold up a little longer Bluestreak! You got Ironhide and Chromia aswell as Sunstreaker and Sideswipe enroute. ETA on those bros is gonna be no time at all jus' stay tough and play rough, heh." Blaster grinned

"By the way Sideswipe, good to hear you are operational."


"Thanks Blaster, lets just hope you can't say the same for those decepticons going after Spike!"

"Shut up and focus on what we're going into Sideswipe."

"Harsh bro, real harsh!"

As Sunstreaker ran out Fort Max's main entrance way he quickly transformed into his vehicle mode, Sideswipe following right behind him .

"Which one do you want?" Sideswipe asked.

"The one going after Bluestreak."

"Alright Carnivac is mine!"

They both sped up.

2004-12-09, 05:22 AM
" Banzai-Tron, Carnivac, looks like Autobots repaints are planing to try and run you two over." Nightracer reported.

If Carnivac could, he would have rolled his optics at Bluestreak's antics. Since he couldn't, Carnivac's response was to fire his optic beams at Bluestreak and use his hydraulics system to jump over the place where the Autobot was circling.

"I'm afraid you don't have a say in the matter." Carnivac said as he continued to go after Spike.

2004-12-09, 05:29 AM
OOC: Eeeep, best hurry if I wanna get some good character torture in
And Infecticon, I hope I haven't looked like an idiot here, <.<


One of Carnivac's optics beams burst Bluestreak's front tyres and he went skidding, stopping right in front Banzai-Tron's and Nightracer's locations.

2004-12-09, 05:40 AM
Nightracer was more then happy to fire a few more shots at the downed Bluestreak, before setting her optics on another target. She had no doupt in her data systems that Banzai-Tron would finish off the Autobot.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-09, 05:57 AM
Sideswipe immediately went for Carnivac arching around Banzai-tron and transforming right befor he the Decepticon activating his jet pack and flying right at his knees with a high momentum chop-block.

"He may not be able to stop you but you better believe I will!"

Sunstreaker transformed and came up on a one knee position with his electron-pulse blaster out and quickly unloaded two shots at the chest of Banzai-Tron.

"Eat highly-refined firepower decepticon."

2004-12-09, 06:05 AM
Having several left in his vehicle mode by Nightracer's shots, Bluesreak backed off slightly and transformed, rifle in hand....

2004-12-09, 06:06 AM
Crosshairs zoomed down the ramp and transformed. Taking stock of the battlefield, he noticed one thing that was very troublesome; laser blasts streaking down from on high, as it were.

A sniper, eh? Two can play that game. He noticed his partner nearby, riding atop Hound. Better leave him there for now. I can handle this myself.

Dropping to one knee so that he could use the ramp as cover, the weapons officer drew his somewhat-unfamiliar laser rifle, flipped out the scoping attachment, and drew a bead on the source of the laser fire. Seeing what appeared to be some sort of femmebot (Nightracer), he squeezed the trigger and sent a laser blast her way.

Ransack panicked as the chunk of metal tore apart his rotor. The Decepticon skidded belly-first into the ground, leaving streaks of purple and green paint on the rocks. He transformed uncomfortably, then cursed himself.

Idiot! Forgot that you carry spare rotors, did you? Speaking of which...

Drawing one of the afformentioned spare rotors from subspace, Ransack loaded it onto his launcher, and shot it towards Windcharger.

Maybe those silly rotor force modifications will come in handy this time around...

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-09, 06:44 AM
Windcharger shook his head.

"They didn't give you much in the way of intelligence before this fight did they?"

Windcharger didn't waste much time using his ability to control magnetism to turn the rotor back towards Ransack

2004-12-09, 07:01 AM
Ah, slagheaps!

Ransack quickly drew his laser and fired at the oncoming rotor. However, his hands were shaking; instead of blasting it to pieces, he only managed to clip one blade. The rotor flew under his right arm, tearing a chunk out of his torso, before embedding itself into the ground. Pressing his left hand against his wound, the Decepticon snapped off a few shaky shots at Windcharger and backed away.

2004-12-09, 07:53 AM
Nightracer cursed as a shot hit her side. Someone besides Bluestreak must have seen her, making this spot no longer a good place to stay. Ducking behind what cover was still available, Nightracer started making plans to move, hopefully without being shot.

Carnivac dodged out of Sideswipe's way, but the Lambo twin did succeed in catching the Pretender's attention away from the human.
" Haven't seen you in a while, where have you been?" Carnivac said as he took his pretender shell's armour out of subspace storage. " Taking lessons from the Karate Kid?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-09, 08:08 AM
"Just taking well deserved power nap decepti-creep! Now do you wanna run away or let me knock your punk tail down while the Autobot cavalry arrives and then let you run away?" He pulled out his flaregun and fired it at Carnivac's main form, not worrying about the Pretender shell


Wincharger took one of the errant shots from the retreatinf decepticon's on the chest, but it just glanced off.

"Ow!" He rubbed the chest and then returned fire at the decepticon.

"Where you going? I'm not scrap yet!"

2004-12-09, 08:11 AM
(ooc: this is a good time for all players to take note--- Carnivac's player wrote that the character was moving silently. Even though a giant robot can't be 'silent', that statement should be taken to mean that the character should not have been seen without first gaining the player's permission. It's important to read carefully- especially in action scenes.)

Spike charged through the bushes, all too aware of the sounds of heavy metal coming after him. He plunged headlong through the scrub, not daring to stop and fueled by adrenaline. He was only vaguely aware of the branches and thorny undergrowth catching on his clothing, ripping both cotton and skin. His shoe snagged on a log, causing him to trip and skid to his knees in a clearing break.

A heavy thrum of an engine was the only warning given before a sudden crack of brush on the other side of the clearing gave way to two round, very bright and fast-moving oncoming headlights with a vertical grill.

The abrupt appearance was a welcome relief to Spike, who was very out-of-breath. He managed a wheezed, "Hound!" as he struggled back to his feet and stumbled toward the jeep.

"Hurry Spike!" Hound called as he opened his doors and his attention quickly snapped to the incoming signals, nearly directly behind Spike. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker and Carnivac... and another nearby.

"Aye Sir." Prowl replied quickly to Optimus. The security officer turned to the monitors in a flash. He sent a set of coded signals in rapid order to alert guard stations and replied simultaneously to Blaster. "Negative Blaster. All listed personnel are occupied. Optimus is on his way to provide backup, and I will join him as soon as security measures have finished being enacted."

2004-12-09, 08:44 AM
Pinpointer began to track towards Carnivac.

Ransack managed to avoid further hits, but only by dropping to the ground and rolling away. He snapped off several more shots at Windcharger.

Crosshairs saw the feminine form shifting and calmly squeezed off another shot at Nightracer.

2004-12-09, 11:31 AM
OCC: The Pretender shell and it's armour is around "the main body".
Carnivac dodged out of the way, the flare burned the side of his pretender shell. " Do you Autobots reprogram yourselfs to lose your ability to come up with original insults?" Carnivac said as he fired his optic beams at Sideswipe.

Nightracer continued looking for the sniper who was shooting at her as another shot came close to hitting her.

2004-12-09, 12:23 PM
(ooc: hyper, PM me if you have anything planned for that 'feedback')

Talon quickly responded to Stakeout's message. "I'm in the upper floors, working my way down. And of course bringing any people I find to safety"

He breaks down a door and steps into one of the appartments. In the corner he sees a child, a little boy huddling in terror. As Talon gets closer, he tries to crawl even further into the corner.

"No reason to be afraid, I'm here to rescue you" Talon said in an effort to comfort the boy.

"Get away you monster!" the child managed to shout.

"I know I look like one, but I really... LOOK OUT!" Talon said and shouted as he moved to cover the child as a piece of the ceiling above them collapsed, hitting the Minicon instead of the child.

Talon, his face still twisted in some pain from shielding the child, smiled and said "Would a monster have done this? Now let's get out of here before anything else falls on us"

He gently picks up the child and heads for the window in the appartment, tearing it apart enough to allow him to exit, he does just that, holding the child in his arms as he glides down towards the ground.

As he touches down, letting the child down as well who quickly runs off towards the other humans, he notices that something doesn't look quite right in the simulation. "Must be the heat distorting stuff" he muttered before he flew back to the upper levels and continues searching for anyone else left inside.

Random Sweep
2004-12-09, 03:59 PM
ooc: I go to work and look at what I miss :P

Banzai-Tron dodged out of the way of Sunstreakers fire, pivoted and slashed at Sunstreakers Weapon with his sword while aiming another kick at Bluestreak

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-09, 05:19 PM
Originally posted by Infecticon
OCC: The Pretender shell and it's armour is around "the main body".

OOC- Then you need to be clear about this. A pretender shell can be controlled while not on the body. As you never said you had put it around the main form I was unaware your character had put the armor on.

IC: Sideswipe took the brunt of the optic beams on his chest and was knocked onto his butt.

"Aah.. I was unaware insult originality is what mattered to Decepticon's ofcourse that explains why we won the war, thanks for the revelation... idiot."

Sideswipe smiled and then fired another two shots with his flare gun off.


Sunstreaker just stared blankly at Banzai-Tron's attacks. A swing and a kick at bots no where near him.

"Interesting.... This one is as dumb as he is ugly. Ah well easy prey."

Sunstreaker leveled his gun again and started firing at Banzai-Tron's chest area.

"Bluestreak fire at this fools lower mid-section, I wanna turn him into so much scrap if the Decepticon's want to bring him back they will need a lot of free time and a magnifying glass."

2004-12-09, 05:27 PM
(ooc: this is a good time for all players to take note--- Carnivac's player wrote that the character was moving silently. Even though a giant robot can't be 'silent', that statement should be taken to mean that the character should not have been seen without first gaining the player's permission. It's important to read carefully- especially in action scenes.)

OOC: I screwed up, didn't I? >.<

2004-12-09, 10:22 PM
" Now your insulting me in human, Terran-taint." Carnivac said as the flares burned the other side of his pretender shell. Carnivac took his anti-thermal cannon from subspace, attaching it to his pretender shell's armour. Carnivac fired the cannon at Sideswipe.

2004-12-09, 11:11 PM
ooc: Not to worry MFG- there're several folks who are writing a bit choppy at the moment, and even long-timers miss stuff here and there *whistles innocently*. The comment was for everyone who plays. We'll have a Monday night meet in the rpg chat room for everyone to discuss things like battle timing, moves, fluid responses, etc. This is just a warm-up battle after all. ;)

Spike grabbed Hound's door and swung in, heaving from being out of breath. Hound quickly swung the door shut as a bast of firey air swept past. He spun his tires backwards and began backing away from the battle that was heating up while sweeping for the safest way around to get back to base. It was then that he picked up Crosshairs' energy signature.
"Hang on tight Pinpointer, we're making a side-trip past Crosshairs' on the way back.

Hyper Prime
2004-12-09, 11:20 PM
Stakeout replied, "Alright then, meet me on the seventh floor. We need to get this girl outside." He moved as fast as he could through the levels, leaving the fifth one and heading onto the sixth.

Suddenly, Seawatch shouted in on his radio, "Boss, we've got a big problem. Sharkticons!"

"Later Seawatch, we..." Stakeout began but then paused as he continued, confusion in his tone, "WHAT?"

"You heard me boss, Sharkticons! About five of 'em are making there way towards the buliding! I guess its caused we never really terminated Talon's program!" Seawatch explained as he fired at two of the Sharkticons that we headed towards him. Three others were attacking humans, attempting to devour htem.

Redhot noticed this and stopped blasting the fire, now turning on the Sharks. His stream of foam got their attention, and they started to advance on him. He tried to transform, but one already had its claws on his front bumper. He quickly reversed, trying to shake it off. "Aaarrggh! Get offa me you freak!"

"SLAG!" Stakeout shouted. Radioing Talon, Stakeout said, "New mission Talon, get to the computer. Terminate all sequences! Now!"

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-10, 12:48 AM
"Better human tainted than decepticon tainted!" Sideswipe transformed his free arm into a pile driver and drove it into the ground and then pushed off out of the way. The small earthquake would affect the balance of everyone not ready for it in the general area.

There was a reason Sunstreaker got down crouched when he first transformed

God Jinrai
2004-12-10, 02:09 AM
The elevator had reached the bottom floor of the battle-cruiser's central tower, and prime shifted into rig mode, and moments later came roaring out of the ship's main access ramp..

over his comm, he spoke up...

" All engaged autobots, give me a status report. Anyone require assistance?"

2004-12-10, 03:32 AM
OOC: Concerning Blue - Maim, mangle, etc, but NO killing *gets a weird kick out picking on her roleplaying characters*

Out of Banzai-Tron's kicking range, Bluestreak raised his rifle to fire, but suddenly froze, remaining as still as a statue, an almost haunted look in his optics.

2004-12-10, 04:30 AM
Battle Site:

Ironhide: -comes charging up, staggers as Sideswipe's minor earthquake shakes the area, pulls gun- "Great. More 'Cons. This place's getting infested." -aims at Ransack, fires-


Siren and Hosehead: -starting to follow, at a great distance, Nightbeat, hear the weapons fire-

Siren: "Well, slag. Hosehead, head back and see if they need help."

Hosehead: "Right." -turns around, heads back-

Outskirts, Portland:

Muzzle: -watching as Nikko's button pushing turns on the windshield wipers, radio, rear window defogger, ejects the CD from the radio, and turns on the air conditioner- "Not been in many cars, huh kid."

2004-12-10, 04:35 AM
Carnivac had quickly braced himself for the earthquake when he had identified Sideswipe's piledriver for what it was, but even so the quake had thrown him a bit off balanced. " Depends on how you look at it." Carnivac said.

2004-12-10, 06:00 AM
Outside Fort Max

Ransack stumbled backwards from Ironhide's line of fire, then shouted into his comlink.

"Banzai-Tron, I'm getting the feeling we're not wanted here..."

Crosshairs squeezed off a third shot at Nightracer.

Pinpointer fired rockets at the ground to keep anyone from following Hound too closely.

"Sounds good to me."

2004-12-10, 09:46 AM
(ooc: my hunch was right I see)

"Alright Stakeout, I'm on it" Talon replied as he glides away from the building, towards the controle console. He lands on the console and starts trying to shut it down. Without much luck.

"I think this is going to take a while, the controls aren't responding at all! I'll need to power-link to the system for a bit, keep the Sharkticons off me in the mean time if you can" he said to Stakeout over the com.

Talon gripped the console tightly with his hands and feet. His optics dimmed as his system and that of the simulator became linked.

now to find the source of the problem he thought, scanning the system.

Random Sweep
2004-12-10, 12:49 PM
Banzai-tron dodges Sunstreakers fire again

" You are correct Ransack , Decepticons retreat ."

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-10, 08:22 PM
Sunstreaker looked out of the corner of his optic at Bluestreak and growled.

"You useless liability.... Prime This is Sunstreaker, come grab Bluestreak."

He switched the power of his weapon to lowest setting and then fired a shot off at Bluestreak's chest before turning the power all the way back up and fired at the now retreating Banzai-tron.

Sideswipe just laughed at Carnivac and pointed behind him at the oncoming Autobots. "You were going then?"


Windcharger grinned as Ransack began to run away. "Who is scrap again?"

2004-12-10, 08:35 PM
Sunstreaker looked out of the corner of his optic at Bluestreak and growled.

"You useless liability....
OOC: *hides, now nervous as heck*

2004-12-10, 09:58 PM
Carnivac put his cannon back into subspace storage before firing his optic beams at Sideswipe. " See ya later, lump and slab." Carnivac said as he followed Banzai-Tron's retreat order. There would be other fights, and things were about to become too suicidal to stay.

Having finally found the sniper shooting at her, Nightracer fired back at Crosshairs even as his third shot hit her in the arm. As it was, Nightracer didn't get to see if her shot hit the Autobot, before she left her cover and retreated.

2004-12-11, 12:45 AM
Ironhide: -sees Sunstreaker shoot Bluestreak- "Sunstreaker! What're ya doin'?" -activates commlink as he moves over to Bluestreak- "Chromia, grab Runner th' second you see her. Mebbe she c'n tell us whut th' Cons were doin' here." -deactivates commlink, keeping an optic on Sunstreaker- "Bluestreak, you okay?"

Hosehead: -comes rolling up, transforms, looks around- "Where'd the Decepticons go?"

Outskirts of Portland:

Tracks: -parked along the side of the road along Nightbeat's projected route, slightly thankful that the wrecker driving up onto his hood has coveredhis Autobot emblem with mud and rubber, but still distressed over the damage to his front end- "I wonder if there's a chop shop around here that does fast work......."

2004-12-11, 01:54 AM
Sunstreaker's growl seemed to snap Bluestreak out of it and he glanced at the yellow twin setting his gun's power settings, then quickly dropped to the ground and rolled as Sunstreaker's blast shot over him, and blasted a tree.

The gunner slowly sat up and scrabbled away from Ironhide, his optics locked on Sunstreaker, then he transformed and sped off, talking inanely non-stop as he went.

God Jinrai
2004-12-11, 04:19 AM
Prime honed on sunstreaker's signal, but quickly realized something was amiss.. "Ironhide...what's going on here?!?"

2004-12-11, 05:00 AM
Ironhide: -scowling at Sunstreaker- "From th' looks of things, Pretty-bot over there didn't lahke th' fact that Bluestreak froze fer a second an' decided ta shoot th' kid with a low power blast." -points in the direction that Bluestreak took off in- "Scared him good, too."

Outskirts, Portland:

Muzzle: -sees the battered vehicle form of Tracks parked along the side of the road, sees the Burger King not too far beyond- "There it is, kid. Burger King, home of the Whopper." -thinks for a moment- "Ever figure out why their burgers taste like old shoe soles?"

Tracks: -still lamenting his battered vehicle mode, almost misses Nightbeat driving by-

Five miles back:

Siren: -engine revving, like he's desperately trying to go faster than the 45 mph that he's doing- "Take your feet off my brake pedal, you stupid monkey!!!"

Quig: -both feet planted firmly on the brake pedal, pushing with all of his (sadly for him librarian-ian) might- "No! Nightbeat and Muzzle said to stay back!!!" -yelling as he strains- "SO WE STAY BACK!!!!!"

Siren: -starts yelling himself- "YOU'RE RUINING MY TRANSMISSION!!!!"

Quig: "I DON'T CARE!!!!!"

Oregon State Trooper (who's speed trap the bickering duo have just gone by and, since his windows were down, and so were Siren's, has managed to hear the conversation): -blinks a couple of times, grabs the handset of his crusier's radio- "Station, this is Steiner-45."

Station: -over radio- "Reading you, Steiner-45. What's up, Victor?"

State Trooper: "Remember all those sessions where they were warning us that the strain of the job would catch up with us one day?"

Station: "Yeah."

State Trooper: "I think it finally happened. I just saw some guy arguing with his car. Looked like a fire chief's car."

Station: "Arguing?"

State Trooper: "That's not the bad part. I think the car is winning......."

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-11, 05:17 AM
Sunstreaker brushed Ironhide off and shook his head. "The battle field is no place for someone that can't pull a trigger. You should know that better than anyone old-timer."

He watched the retreating decepticons and lowered his weapon starting to walk away.

"The blast was harmless, might have knocked him off-line for a bit but I figure better offline than dead."

Sideswipe watched Bluestreak run off and then looked to the retreating decepticons. "Girlie-bots." he muttered.


Blaster quickly ejected Raindance out.

"Keep an eye on Bluesteak Raindance. Make sure he doesn't do anything silly!"

The small jet quickly raised out through the roof and quickly flew off.

2004-12-11, 05:32 AM
Outside Fort Max

Crosshairs felt a laser blast burn across his left shoulder. He dropped fully behind the ramp, then hissed in pain and rubbed his wound.

Ransack gestured rudely towards Windcharger. Then, drawing yet another replacement rotor from subspace, he transformed and flew off towards the Decepticon shuttle.

2004-12-11, 08:50 PM
Bluestreak tore past Hound and did a sharp turn right, heading away from both Metroplex and Fort Max, heading out into the countryside, aiming for the nearest mountain and tearing up the mountain-trail, heading up for the top.

God Jinrai
2004-12-11, 11:29 PM
" Sunstreaker, you realize what you've just done constitutes a form of treason, correct?"

Prime was grim, and wasn't in the mood to hear excuses. Sunstreaker had always been a loose cannon, but this was low even for him

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-11, 11:48 PM
Sunstreaker blew Prime off and kept walking towards Fort Max.

"Then throw me in the brig and next time Bluestreak decides to freeze up in the middle of the fight you can let him sit there like a wide-open target and get him blown away. I wouldn't mind. One less liability who can cause the death of those around him by freezing up at the wrong time. I rather be in the brig than putting my hide in that type of situation."

Random Sweep
2004-12-12, 12:49 AM
Banzai-tron arrived back at the shuttle and awaited the others

God Jinrai
2004-12-12, 02:01 AM
"Don't tempt me, sunstreaker. you may not like what you end up with." Prime brushed the seeming psychotic autobot off, turning to ironhide, gesturing for him to join him outside earshot...

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-12, 02:55 AM
"Just remember Prime. It was a dumb bot that puts others at risk that got you killed. I don't ever intend to share that fate."

Sideswipe shook his head and walked up behind his brother shoving him forward. "Let it go Sunstreaker, this is the LAST thing we need!"

Windcharger came down from the ridge and surveyed the scene. "Well one problem leads to another which is followed by a bigger problem. A day in the life at the main Autobot base!"

Inside the CR chamber Brawn had gotten more awareness of where he was and quickly punched open the front of the chamber.

"Ahhh I'm back!" He grinned as he looked over his old, new body.

2004-12-12, 06:09 AM
Nightracer and Carnivac entered the shuttle. Nightracer went to a seat and started looking at her injuries, wondering if she could fix them on her own or if she should wait to have them looked over by a medic. Carnivac went over the Autobot conversation he had over heard before he retreated out of hearing range. To the Autobots; Sunstreaker's actions might be treason, but to the Decepticons it was an arguement and Bluestreak was a fool with a death wish.

2004-12-12, 08:13 AM
Ransack transformed, jumped into the shuttle and headed for the conn. Fluids were still leaking from his gaping side wound as he started the ignition sequence.

"Everyone ready to blast outta here?"

Random Sweep
2004-12-12, 09:56 AM
"Punch it!" Banzai-tron growled

Even though they had completed their mission, Banzai-tron had hoped to take out a few Autobots while they were there

2004-12-12, 10:10 PM
Ironhide: -scowling- "Ah don' think shootin' at him's gonna help him none, Sunstreaker." -moves off to join Prime-

2004-12-13, 01:23 AM
(OOC: Hyper's asked me to cover his guys for a few days while he's away.)

Stakeout acknowledged the transmission and got on the radio to the rest of the Rescue Patrol.

"Okay team, keep those Sharkticons off Talon's back until he can get into the computer."

Below, Seawatch turned his blaster on the Sharkticons encroaching on the humans, giving one of those coming after him to land a swat on his forearm and knock the gun away. Seawatch backed away slowly, taking a moment to reevaluate his position.

"You think we're not trying?" Seawatch cried back to Stakeout.

Nearby, Red Hot swerved in reverse, the Sharkticon still clinging to his bumper. In his panic, he skidded back into a building, and the Sharkticon began crawling onto him. Red Hot transformed, grappling with the Sharkticon in the attempt to throw it off.

"I do not have time for you!"

Stakeout paced nervously, a little unsure of where to go. In his anxiety, he got back on his radio.

"How's it going over there, Talon?


Spokane International

The crew of fuelers began helping the Autobots in a decidedly inefficient fashion, stumbling between giant feet with a mixture of chaotic embarrassment and muted awe. By the wall closest to Skyfire, General Sauers simply watched the Transformers go about their work with some detached interest; he'd certainly seen more exciting things in his day.

"Your assistance is greatly appreciated," Skyfire crooned. "We Autobots have always enjoyed our symbiotic relationship."

"Hmph," Sauers grumbled. "The United States hopes to see more of those benefits right soon."

"Forgive me?" Skyfire queried.

"These are tough times. The populace don't trust the government - especially the military - since the Decepticon invasion three years ago. Do you know what it's like to have your planet overrun, dominated by those... monsters?"

Skyfire began to affirm the charge, but Sauers cut him off.

"We need the Decepticons out of America. Maybe then we can pull things together enough to do something about them."

Skyfire pondered quietly for a moment.

"I will relay your request to my superiors," Skyfire replied passively. "It seems my tanks are just about full... Inferno, Hot Spot, can you load up the rest? We should be going."

2004-12-13, 06:34 AM
Decepticon Shuttle

Ransack cranked the ship's throttle up, and the shuttle tore off towards Carbombya. The forest that they had been parked in was washed in flame and began to burn.

"Consider it punched, Banzai-Tron."

(OOC: Back to the 'Con thread, guys...)

Former Site of Autobot City

As Hot Rod waited for Captain Brooke to finish talking to whoever he contected from his vehicle, he activated his own comm system.

"Blaster, this is Hot Rod. Do you think you could slip away from base for a few hours?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-12-13, 03:42 PM
"long enough ago to already have a run-in with some of the more colourful ranks that've joined the 'Autobots'"

Springer threw an arm around Whirl.

"We need to talk"

2004-12-13, 04:34 PM
"Slowly" Talon replied to Stakeout. "The programs I use tend to be rather hard to tamper with, and that includes stopping them outside the programmed end" Talon's digital avatar grinned a bit.

"And the programmed end SHOULD be the death of the Quintesson leader. Look for anything that floats and has 5 faces, and terminate as you see fit" he suggested.

Hyper Prime
2004-12-14, 11:35 PM
"Good work Talon. Unfortenely," Stakeout replied as he made his way to the third, non burning, floor, looking outside the window, "I think we've got out hands full at the moment."

Seawatch was frantically trying to blast the Sharks away, but they continued to move on his postion, mostly because he had his gun charge at a small level, to avoid zapping any humans. A Sharkticon then whirled its tail, and *smack*! Seawatch was now without a weapon. So, resulting to his only alternative, the Micromaster retracted his hand in and fired a grapling hook instead. It passed into one of the two Shark's mouths, but it instead clamp down on it. He soon found himself being pulled in by his enemy, the opposite of what he wanted.

"No, let go!" he shouted as he desperately tried to pull his hook out of the Shark.

Redhot was having the hardest time, his Shark still clung to him and was making it hard to manevur. Soon he crashed into a side of the burning buliding, the Con finally letting go in pain. Redhot then transformed, but was met with the two other Sharkticons ganging up on him. One bit into his arm and the other was attempting to chomp on his right leg.

Gritting his teeth in pain, figruatively, the small Micromaster shouted, "Get back, you big mouthed freaks!" as he lifted the one on his arm into the air and brought it crashing down on the other one.

Stakeout then looked up from the battle, and could see a strange, oval shape on the top of the buliding. He then rationlized and shouted, "Talon, I see it! The Quint is up on the roof! Take him out!"

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-15, 12:53 AM
Blaster opened up the channel and responded to Hot Rod "Sure man, just find someone to keep an eye on these 'Con frequencies incase that attack was just the first wave and I'm yours for as long as ya' need me."


Sunstreaker turned to face his brother shoving him back, once they were inside Fort Max.

"Why did you do that?"

"You were going to get yourself in trouble, don't you think shooting at him was a little harsh?" Sideswipe quickly replied.

"He could have gotten himself and others killed." Sunstreaker snapped.

"So you try and kill him?"

"It was on stun!"

"Stil... oof!" Sideswipe recoiled as he got an open palm to the face shoving him away.

"Save it for someone who cares bro." Sunstreaker quickly made his way deepere into Fort Max leaving Sunstreaker rubbing his face.

"What crawled up your tail pipe?" he muttered afterwards.


Brawn looked at a nearby moniter and smashed his hand together. "I come back just in time to miss a Decepticon attack! Couldn't they wait five more minutes to get the energon pounded outta 'em?!"

2004-12-15, 07:11 AM
Whirl's optic narrowed, showing his confusion and concern.

I guess the new recruits aren't up to Wrecker standards...

"Sure thing, chief." He let Springer's arm drape across his shoulder, then leaned his head slightly towards his leader. "What's the problem?"

Hot Rod grinned.

"I think I can find someone, Blaster. I'm at the old city site. How long will it take you to get here?"

He opened another channel. "Hey Hosehead, how'd you like to relieve Blaster in the communications center for a while?"

2004-12-15, 04:36 PM
Hosehead: -standing outside and off to the side, wondering what the heck just happened, looking back and forth between Prime and Ironhide's conversation and Sunstreaker and Sideswipe way off in the other direction, still trying to figure out where the battle is exactly, activates commlink- "Huh? Communications center? Sure, Hot Rod...... Uh.... Did I miss a battle or something? I could have sworn I heard explosions?"

Outskirts, Portland:

Tracks: -locked onto Nightbeat's comm frequency tracking beacon, starts engine- "We'd better not be going anywhere dirty. My finish has taken enough abuse for one day." -starts to pull out-

Siren: -still doing about 45 mph, Quig still standing on his brake pedal- "Stop being such a goody-two shoes! You know Nightbeat's going to need back-up!"

Quig: -looking out the windshield, both hands gripping the wheel, knowing that it's a vain hope to try to get Siren to turn, sees Tracks pulling out- "Siren! Look out!"

Siren: "Nice try! I'm not falling for-"

Tracks: "Wha- GAHH!!!"


Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-16, 03:55 AM
"Depends how fast you can get me there Hot Rod. I transform into a tapedeck, not a car!" Blaster replied with a grin.

2004-12-17, 07:53 AM
Hot Rod winced. Were he a human, he would have blushed in embarrasment.

"Oh, yeah. Forgot 'bout that, Blaster." He frowned. "Maybe you can grab Blurr or someone, get a ride down here. If not, I suppose I can swing back there and get you."

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-12-17, 09:34 AM
Springer looked around the medbay making sure that no-one was listening in, as Whirl moved in closer Springer sighed slowly then spoke a solitary word.


Springer stood up from the table, he didn't wait for Whirl to react before acknowledging Sixswitch again.

"Is there somewhere we can talk? The three of us..."

Random Sweep
2004-12-17, 10:18 PM
Ratchet got to work fixing up random parts around the medbay

2004-12-18, 12:52 AM
Sixswitch glanced back at the Wrecker leader, and nodded slowly.
"Yeah I'm sure we could find someplace. Whirl, you OK to be moving about?"

Without even waiting for the answer to the rheotorical question, he headed for the door.

2004-12-18, 05:57 AM
Whirl wasn't overly surprised by what Springer said. Though the Wreckers had obeyed Optimus' orders in the past, it was no secret that several of them considered the leader too soft for the kind of war they were fighting. But the way Springer had said it...

More than just a disagreement over tactics, I think.

Whirl followed Sixswitch to the door, snorting in derision at the other's comment.

"More OK than you'll be if you ask me that again," he said lightly. His tone, however, barely managed to cover the concern that was starting to grow in his mind.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-18, 05:49 PM
Blaster looked around and then opened up the internal and external comms on both city-bots. "Blurr, this is Blaster. Where you kickin' about?"

2004-12-19, 03:39 AM
(Kup 1 asked me to run her characters while she's away.)

Exterior, Metroplex:

Blurr: -still looking for Runner, activates commlink- "I'mouthere,Blaster,outsideofMetroplex,justlookingaround,youknow, sameoldsameold,ehhehehheh,what'sup?"

Near Burger King, Outskirts, Portland:

Tracks: -groans, systems slowly, very slowly coming back online- "Mrnm.... nnggggg.... Whu......."

Quig: -still inside of Siren's passenger compartment, wishing he'd been belted in and glad that the headmaster armor had enhanced his strength enough so he could hold on, but wasn't quite enough to keep him from knocking himself senseless on the roof of Siren's passenger compartment, and wondering why his helmet isn't on, shakes head- "Wha.... Ow! Siren, why don't you ever listen to me?"

Siren: ......

Quig: -satisfied that nothing seems to be loose in his head- "What's the matter, Siren? Mad at me? We wouldn't have hit Tracks if you'd taken the time to think."

Siren: .....

Quig: -blinks, part of him wondering if he's got a concussion as his vision's a little fuzzy, looks out of the windshield- "WAK!" -stares in shock at the crumpled ruin of Siren's front end and Tracks' right side from front end to back of passenger door- "By the Golden Rings of Nebulos, Siren..... what did you do......."

Siren: ........

Quig: "Answer me, you egotistical idiot!" -looking around, notices the right side of his helmet on the floor of the passenger seat, then looks at the roof and sees the dent- "Oh, that can't be good......."

Tracks: "Two times in one day....... What, do I have the universal 'kick me' sign today or something?" -diagnostics come online, damage indicator feeding him info- "You stupid buffoon! Look what you've done to my BODYWORK!!!!!"

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-20, 04:41 AM
Blaster grinned as he heard Blurr. "Took longer than it normally does fo' you! I need a ride to the old city site, you think you can get me there?"

2004-12-20, 11:27 AM
"Copy that Stakeout, consider it anihilated" Talon replied as he disengaged from the computer system and starts flying towards the Quintesson.

By the time it noticed Talon, it was too late. Talon was already diving towards the 5 faced target, slamming into it and knocking it down.

"Time to have some fun" Talon muttered with a diabolic grin as he starts to systematicly tear apart the still functional Quint. As the last few parts of what was once a Quint fell from Talon's claws, he contacts Stakeout. "Any improvement?" he asked.

Hyper Prime
2004-12-20, 01:05 PM
"Nice job Talon, you did it!" Stakeout replied, as he noticed the flames, the wall paper, and just about everything, seemed to die down. He then dropped the lifeless human drone onto the ground and made his way to the first floor.

Seawatch was still having trouble, trying to pull his grappling hook from out of the now deactivated shark drone. "Could I get a hand here? Heck, maybe a hand, a leg, and two energy valves would be nice."

"Same here. Get these guys off of me!" Redhot shouted as he struggled to kick the Sharkticons atop of him. He was relieved to know that now they didn't want to rip his optics out, but he just wanted them gone now.

Stakeout walked over to Redhot and began to pull Sharks off, then pulling his micromaster compainion up. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I guess." Redhot replied as he turned his head a couple of times, probably to see if it was still staying on.

God Jinrai
2004-12-20, 03:27 PM
Prime was silent as sunstreaker stalked off

" We have to do something about that attitude of his. If it keeps up, he's going to get himself killed by his own teammates... quite possibly by his own brother."

2004-12-20, 03:43 PM
Exterior, Metroplex:

Blurr: "Sure,Blaster,I'llberightthere!" -looks around- "I'llbeback,Runner,sodon'tyouleave!" -transforms, speeds off towards Blaster's location-


Ironhide: -looks over at Prime- "So, what'dya want me ta do? Keep a optic on him?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-20, 07:00 PM
Sunstreaker wasn't to sure what he hated more. The sudden love for the military mis-fit Bluestreak, or the fact the Autobots still had not made any real offensive to take Cybertron back. It was being guarded by Quintessons and Sharkticons. It would be shooting be like shooting a fish in an astro barrel. Sunstreaker regretted leaving. He should have stayed. A one man army, he'd put both sides of this war to shame. But ofcourse he would never get that opportunity now. He had not access to a shuttle and no access to the new Cybertron access codes. So he was stuck here, on a mud-ball surrounded by pacifists who were afraid to pull a trigger because their home got blown up.

Sideswipe had followed his brother, he couldn't let him take off like that and do something stupid. He stepped into the large room with two recharge positions, one for him and one for Sunstreaker. On one side was all Sideswipe's stuff; Magazines, fem-bot posters, the stuff he liked. On Sunstreaker's side there was weapons, an energon sword he took from a Decepticon he killed, replacement weapons of his own. A thing of touch-up paint and some wax with a large rag beside it. It ccontrasted the two brothers. They both liked to have fun, but their ideas of fun were different.

"Why did you blow up like that?" Sideswipe asked walking forward slowly as Sunstreaker turned to look at him.

"I didn't blow up. I am just sick of sitting here. I am sick of fighting along side people don't want to fight."

"We all know about Bluestreak's problem though, bro! It's not news! It's happened before, you never did anything that durastic!" Sideswipe was trying to reason with him.

"Well maybe I have had enough of that, Sideswipe let me ask you something." Sunstreaker turned his back to the wall leaning against it.


"Do you ever wonder if maybe, we chose the wrong side? Out of all the Autobots how many are there like us? Grimlock, The Wreckers, Brawn, The monster-bots... that's it. And even some of the Wreckers are timid about this war." Sunstreaker spoke with a quiet monotone voice wanting no one else to hear him.

"Are you nuts!?" Sideswipe shot back almost angry. "Do you think we would work as Decepticons?! I mean yeah we like to fight, but we like to have a reason to do it don't we? We're not just going to go out and start shooting people ala the Decepticons, that's not the way we are!" Sideswipe was most of all trying to figure out where this came from.

"Not every Decepticon kills with out reason, but they are, atleast, all willing to fight this war and kill the enemy. Not every Autobot is willing to do that. Maybe if, we just let Megatron keep control when he had it. We'd still be on Cybertron. Maybe if we all just accepted the Decepticon banner, we'd have enough energon from the planets we conquered we wouldn't have to leave Cybertron. We could have stayed. Think about it! There would be no great war, the Autobot city incident would never have happened and.." Sunstreaker was cut off by his brother.

"I can't believe you are saying this. You have said some things that I thought were nuts in the past, but this. This is insane. You need to get it together man. You cannot go into battle with this attitude, no one will trust you."

"No one should know." Sunstreaker shot back.

"You're threatening to defect! If you think no one is going to hear about that you brain module is dis-lodged! Which would explain so much to me right now!" Sideswipe as now visibly and verbally angry with his brother.

"By telling people you give me reason to defect, no one would trust me." Sunstreaker replied, knowing it would calm his brother down.

"By the pit." Sideswipe shook his head, he didn't want to be the reason his brother changed sides. But if he did change sides over this he atleast knew where he stood, and wouldn't have to find out mid-battle when Sunstreaker starts shooting at Autobots. "Why the hell are you doing this? Just tell me. What is going on?" Sideswipe was pleading hoping for a valid response.

Sunstreaker just shook his head, "The fact we have a Decepticon running around here, the lack retaliation for Hound. We should have moved in and slaughtered them... but no. We wait, we always wait. I don't like to wait."


Blaster hopped out of the communications chair and grabbed the side of the latter and slide down it, not using the rungs. Sparks flying out from the metal on metal. He kicks off the ladder and looks at the approaching Blurr.

"What took you so long?" He asked jokingly.

God Jinrai
2004-12-21, 02:08 AM
" I think we may need to do more than just keep AN eye on him, Ironhide... get in touch with Mirage... his stealth capacities will be of use in keeping an eye on sunstreaker. and we'll also need Sideswipe in on this as well. It's not because I want to compromise their brotherhood either... if anything, at this point, we need Sideswipe's insight on his brother. "

Prime bowed his head. "The worst part about this is that I know what it's about... he's lost his paitience. He's like a sharkticon on an energon leash, with a pile of fresh cubes not ten feet away. The master tells him to wait, and in good time, he'll be able to eat all the cubes. but rather than wait, he breaks the chain, diving at the pile, only to get one or two cubes before they all explode around him."

2004-12-21, 03:49 AM
Blurr: "Ihitalltheredlightsonthewayhere." -stops in front of Blaster- "Sowherearewegoing?"


Ironhide: -activates commlink- "Mirage, this is Ironhide. Ah got somethin' Ah need ya ta do. Come an' see me an' Ah'll fill ya in." -deactivates commlink, looks over at Prime- "Ah wish we didn't have ta do this."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Chromedome: -finishes covering Minerva with a large thermal blanket-

Minerva: -still sleeping-

Chromedome: "How can she sleep so much?" -becomes aware of a beeping from beneath the blanket- "Huh?" -uncovers Minerva's left arm, tabs section right over the headlight, panel pops open, revealing a small screen, a small camera lens, and a keypad, screen crackles with static then clears to reveal the bruised looking face of Quig- "Quig? What happened?"

Quig: "Chromedome? Blast, the commlink must have gotten scrambled, too. I'm looking for Minerva."

Chromedome: "Minerva's here, but she's sound asleep. I answered her comm."

Quig: "Asleep? Great. Can you wake her up?"

Chromedome: "Remember the last time somebody tried to wake her up when she was asleep?"

Quig: "Muzzle healed up, didn't he? We've got a situation out here! I need Minerva!"

Chromedome: "What happened?"

Quig: -sighs- "Nightbeat's trying to find out who the contact for the people who placed the jammers is, and Tracks and Siren were acting as backup."

Chromedome: "And why do you need Minerva? That doesn't sound too medically related."

Quig: "Suffice it to say that Siren acted with his usual restraint, and now both he and Tracks are wrecked."

Chromedome: "Lovely."

Minerva: -having woken up by now, yanks her arm free, looks blearily at Quig's image- "I'm burned out and starving, Quig."

Quig: "Siren's completely offline, Minerva. My helmet split down the middle in the crash."

Minerva: -still staring blearily at Quig's image, scowls- "I'll be right there." -deactivates commlink, gets out of chair- "Come on, Chromedome. I'm going to need some help." -sighs- "And something to eat, and lots and lots of coffee....." -lurches out of medbay, Chromedome in tow-

2004-12-21, 07:59 AM
At Skyfire's request, Inferno shifted into truck mode and opened his reserve storage tanks to hold some of the additional fuel. As the group finished fueling, he shifted back and assisted some of the humans with sealing holding hatches and containment sections, before turning with a smile to the officer.

"Thanks very much General. We're greatly obliged to ya. We should be on our way back now though."

Nikko grinned at Muzzle. "Automobiles that have many buttons- they are much money. My car- it has locks, radio, wind wipers, that is all."

Having the Burger King pointed out to him, Nikko's grin widened. He was hungry, and hoped the American in the funny clothes next to him was too. He yanked out a $20.00 bill and offered it to Muzzle. "Numbers 7 value meal, with King's onion's rings and Coke? You yes?"


Mirage and Smokescreen stopped talking abruptly as they heard the distant commotion. Mirage cocked his rifle instantly and both watched a set of vapor-and-dust trails rise from the woods away from the noise. One was speeding toward one side of the city and one was heading up the hill. It was then that Ironhide's message came through on Mirage's radio.
Smokescreen and Mirage looked at each other briefly and Smokescreen nodded. Mirage clicked his radio button and responded quickly.
"I'm on my way Ironhide."
He switched channels as he began to move. "Prowl, Ironhide needs my..."

Prowl's cool and emotionless voice echoed from the hall behind them before Mirage had gotten two steps, and brilliant blue optic lights reflected off shoulder-mounted missiles as the fully-armed strategist emerged from the darkness.
"I heard. Go with haste. Smokescreen, go follow that upper trail and use extreme caution. Bluestreak's out there, Sunstreaker fired on him."

Without another word, Mirage and Smokescreen both transformed and took off in different directions, while Prowl turned his attention back toward the trees and then to the sky.

*CRACK!* The brush split and folded underneath the vertical grill as Hound raced toward the city. The heavy foliage gave way, leaving branches caught in and around his bumper, axels, and frame, but they weren't given a second thought as he honed in on Crosshairs' energy signature. He swerved and rose onto two wheels to better protect his cabin and roof passengers from any stray shots as they closed the gap.
Hound called out quickly as they approached the ramp,

2004-12-21, 04:37 PM
Burger King drive-thru, Outskirts, Portland:

Muzzle: -rolls down window, chuckling- "Glad to see somebody who knows what they want."

Drive thru speaker: -crackle, crackle- "Mayz I help youz?"

Muzzle: "Yeah, I'd like a number 7 with rings and a Coke, a Black Angus bacon cheeseburger, and a large Dr. Pepper." -cell phone on dashboard rings, grabs handset, hits a button, holds it up to his hear- "Nash."

Minerva: "Nash? Isn't that a car?"

Muzzle: -sighs, moves handset down to cover the mouthpiece so Minerva won't hear- "It's my girlfriend. She sounds a little teed off." -holds phone back up to ear- "Hi, dear. What's going on?"

Minerva: "'Dear'? Is Nikko with you?"

Muzzle: "Yes, I know I've been out of touch for a couple of days. The voicemail on this phone's acting up again."

Minerva: "And you can't talk freely."

Muzzle: "No, no. I'd never go near the Autobot base, you know that. How are my dogs? You've been by to feed them, I hope."

Minerva: "That's why I called. Chromedome and I are on our way to where Tracks and Siren are. Siren managed to wrack them both up pretty good."

Muzzle: -groans- "How bad is it? Did you call the fire department to get Mrs. MacGreevy's cat out of the tree?"

Minerva: "I haven't contacted Hosehead yet. As for how bad it is, Quig says that Siren's completely offline. Looks like his helmet got destroyed in the crash. Says it's the first peace and quiet he's had in years."

Muzzle: "Lovely. All right, tell her I'll call her when I get home. Later, sweetness." -hangs up, looks over at Nikko- "Never get large dogs. They're as dumb as posts sometimes. Loyal, but dumb."

God Jinrai
2004-12-21, 05:55 PM
"I'm not exactly a fan of this either, Ironhide... but we've got no choice... If sunstreaker's intentions are even remotely near treason, we've got no choice. I'll head back to maximus command... meet me in the command center once you've got mirage with you. I'll have sideswipe there by then."

With an internal sigh of disghust, prime turned, and started up the ramp again... " You always were overimpetuous, sunstreaker... that very zeal is going to be your end one day." he muttered

Half-way to the command center, he opened his comm...

"Sideswipe, report to the maximus' command center at your first opportunity. Prime out."

Prime arrived at the command center a few moments later, and took up a spot at one fo the consoles, checking over weapons status, roster reports, and all the good stuff prowl usually would be taking care of. For once, Prime felt it necessary to do it himself

2004-12-21, 06:52 PM
"I like dogs Nash. They's big some, but smarts when need to be. University say we can no have dogs, birds, or cats. I own fish and snake, they now at school with a friend." Nikko glanced at Muzzle's hands as the food arrived at the window. No ring.
He raised an eyebrow and then laughed.
"What you do with love, not stay with family and go to chase demons off? You need money too?"

Smokescreen zipped up the mountain trail and away from the city and clatter of the skirmish. He continued to try and follow the dissipating haze of vapor trail that hung in the cool morning air. Only minutes more would bring the sunlight, and the haze would vanish soon after.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-21, 07:09 PM
"Old Autobot city site or bust Blurr!" Blaster transformed hopping inside the fastest Autobot alive.


Sideswipe had left to meet Optimus as ordered leaving Sunstreaker by himself. He had his Autobrand off looking down at it. Running his thumb over it, thinking.


Sideswipe quickly made his way towards the Fortress Maximus command center.


Windcharger was now back inside Fort Max aswell getting his own injuries checked out.


Brawn wandered the halls eagre for another decepticon attack, he had to make sure his body hadn't lost anything.

Hyper Prime
2004-12-21, 08:18 PM
(OCC: ok, I don't know who controls Kup, but he should be okay now that Fixit has spent a lot of time on him. He should be reactivated now)

Fixit patted his head and closed Kup's chest. He then held up his hands in triumph as he said, "Okay old timer, you should be back up and running now. Just should take it easy now."

He turned around the medbay asking, "Anyone else need any repairs?"

2004-12-22, 01:44 AM
Having reached the summit, Bluestreak transformed to his robot mode and sat down on the edge of the mountain-top, drawing his legs up against his chest as best his form allowed and silently stared out over the horizon.

Brave Maximus
2004-12-22, 06:38 AM
OOC: Well, Back to the Ark ;)


The Omega Shuttle circled high over Mt. St. Hillary, and started to lower it's self in through the volcano and entered the hallowed Ark, landing in the Shuttlecraft bay......

Inside, Skyfall had regained conciousness and limped back through the command deck and looked down on the crew compartment:

"Well, we've made it back. I doubt the Decepticons are going to let us get off this easily.

"Roadbuster and Dropshot - I need you two to set up the plasma cannons we have - four at the main entrance to the Ark, and the other three at the volcano mouth. Run the system through our new computer core.

"Speaking of which: Aero Blade, Starlight, Nemesis and Ark, I need you to pull that computer core that Roadbuster found and set it up in the old Tele-Tran housing, we'll run the Ark from there. As soon as you are done that, let me know, we need to set up the energon prosessing plant.

"Astra Head to the medbay and see if it's to your liking. If the Decepticons attack, I fear we may need it.....

"Jazz, I don't know what you learned down there, but get on the horn to Prime and let him know there's the possiblity of unfriendly in-bound. As soon as the computer is on line - hook up that Decepticon mainframe and see what you can pull out of it.

"The rest of us, Artfire, Stepper, Countdown, Sixwing and myself - we're running cables and patching holes. It's not that glorious, but it needs to get done. Sixwing will pour and spray the armour goop, Countdown and I will run conduits and cabling and Artfire and Stepper will lay the top goop.

"Lets get to it, I don't expect that we have a long time before the Cons come after us."

The three Minicons looked at eachother and then followed Aero Blade. Sixwing just grunted and exited the shuttle.

Skyfall ignited his thrusters and attempted to fly down the latter, but wobbled badly. He clutched his hand to his side, as a little mech-fluid leaked out.....

2004-12-22, 08:39 AM
Trailbreaker meandered his way through the halls and toward the entrance of the giant Autobot city. Seeing a familiar shadow outlined against the outer sky, he smirked getting the temptation to pounce at the security officer standing guard. In one step however, Prowl's voice stopped him cold.

"Make that next move and you will have a very long and unpleasant time to think about it, Trailbreaker."

If the prankster had had a flexible nose, he would have wrinkled it in a pout. As it was, he just shrugged with a grin.
"Wait 'till next time."
He paused for a moment and then blinked as a puzzling thought hit him.

"How'd you know it was me? You never turned-"

"Side mirrors are useful... unlike distractions."

The words were meant to refer straightforwardly to Trailbreaker's pranks, but they instead were interpreted to mean he, himself was a distraction. The words hit hard and sank deep.
The dark Autobot stood with a stunned expression for a moment and then noticed the full weaponry Prowl was carrying. Hurt feelings instantly coupled with guilt, and Trailbreaker saw now that something was amiss.
I should've known. I'm just in the way. Always. Have to try though.
Trailbreaker slumped slightly and then spoke in a much more subdued tone.
"I'm sorry Prowl. What's going on? Can I help?"

Prowl turned his head slightly to glance sideways at Trailbreaker while still watching outward.
"A raid is occuring. It is a distraction and little more at the moment. That may change. This entrance needs to be guarded securely."
The strategist was a bit dismayed at Trailbreaker's sullen and saddened expression.
Calling that joke shouldn't have resulted in the demeanor that is being betrayed under that half-thrown smile. It just isn't logical. I will never understand these whims of expression. However, he could be useful here, in this post. Duty seems to effect morale positively if it's urgent.
"Yes Trailbreaker, you can be very useful. Stay here and guard this entrance securely. Be prepared for trouble from both within and without."
"Bluestreak! Hey! Blue buddy--- Bluestreak?" Smokescreen wandered around through the trees in a haphazard fashion, having lost the trail- but knowing he was close.
I should be just about on top of him- maybe. This is where I'd expect to find him...
Mirage glided along the ground at a mid-level speed. He saw Ironhide up ahead and began to slow down as he neared the group.

2004-12-22, 08:44 PM
(OOC: it doesn't look like Kup has a player right now...he hasn't been posted with for months)

Outside Fort Max

Crosshairs stood and waved to Hound and his passengers.

“You can slow down now. That sniper ran off with the rest of them.”

Pinpointer transformed, kicked off from Hound’s hood and flew up towards Crosshairs, landing shakily on his partner’s shoulder. He mock-glared down towards the laser rifle that the weapons officer held. “What, you’re finally taking Roadbuster’s advice?”

Crosshairs frowned for a moment, then remembered a comment that the Wrecker had made while they were rooting through the armoury after the last big Decepticon attack. Right. He thought I should replace Pinpointer with weapons that didn’t talk back.

“Better late than never, I suppose.” He subspaced the rifle, then returned his partner’s teasing scowl. “At least a normal rifle wouldn’t run off just before a firefight.”

He looked back to Hound and Spike. “Either of you need to get to Medbay?”

Old City Site

Captain Brooke came out of his shuttle and gave Hot Rod a small smile. “I called in a few favours, and I’ve managed to get a few old comrades to sign on. Old comrades of Captain Fairborne, mostly. They’ll be here in half an hour.”

Hot Rod nodded. “How many? And are they bringing a shuttle? Because I won’t be able to drive across the ocean very quickly.”

Brooke chuckled. “Yeah, they got a shuttle. What about you? Did you get any of your Autobots to throw in with us?”

“They’re on their way now,” the young Autobot replied.

2004-12-22, 09:53 PM

"Alright, I'll get on that immediately" Astra replied, eying Skyfall, her optics narrowing as she noticed the wobble and the way he held a hand over his side "But you're coming with me, right now"

* * * * *


Bluestreak faintly heard Smokescreen calling his name, then sent a comm-message after a moment's pause "I'm over here" then there was a further pause from the gunner "You're not going to shoot at me too, are you?"

Brave Maximus
2004-12-23, 03:04 AM
OOC: Carried over from the Nemesis Thread

En Route to Autobase

"Don't take on more than you can handle. The mission is acomplished and there will be enough time to eliminate any Decepticons that remain on this planet." Was Dai Atlas' responser to Sky Lynx.

Opening his internal comm:

"Altitude is currently 12,000 ft and rising, at max burn, ETA at Autobase will be 1 hour, assuming I can keep out of the earthen Sub-Orbital Traffic Lanes....."


Sixwing was muttering to himself about being used as manual labour and how he'd rather taste Predicon sparks, but still strapped one of the large containers of Wheeljack's Miricle Goo (The armour plating kind) onto his back and began laying down a replacement layer in the halways of the Ark. He looked a little awkward, but doing well.

Starlight and the boys were waiting for Aero Blade, but had their heads togeather, discussing the power output they could achive with the Energon system combined with Skyfall's Zodiac technology and their own use for Energon. Most of this was done in the Minicon language with a smattering of English thrown in. As they started to head to the Old Axalon Bridge, they seemed to get more excited as their Idea fleshed out......

Skyfall looked at Astra:

"I don't have the time right now. I'm Fi...Funtional and we need every able Bot to get the Ark up to fighting state."

The young Micro Master attempted to pick up a bundle of cable and crumpled, fluid leaking from a few different parts of his torso.....

2004-12-23, 03:45 AM

Astra tensed as Skyfall collapsed and moved to scoop him up, then carred him to the med-bay, with the reply "We also need our leader in a fit fighting state, you know"

2004-12-23, 04:27 AM
Blurr: "Andawaywego!" -floors it, heading for the Old Autobot City site-

Parking Lot, Burger King, Outskirts of Portland:

Muzzle: -looking out of windshield- "I can't endanger her. If those monsters knew I was married, who knows what they'd do. So for now, she's just my girlfriend." -scowls- "Those tin-plated mud-suckers took away everything I ever loved once already, and I'm not going to let them do it again." -looks over at Nikko- "You can understand that, can't you?"


Ironhide: -looks over as Mirage approaches, and looks decidedly unhappy- "Hey, Mirage. Ah got a job fer ya."

Outskirts, Portland:

Minerva and Chromedome: -skid to a stop at the edge of the police barricade that the Portland P.D. have set up around the wreck site-

Minerva: -groans- "Siren, you moron. The object is to stay unnoticed, not draw a crowd."

Police officer: -raps on the window-

Minerva: -rolls it down- "Yes, officer?"

Police officer: "Miss, are you a doctor? There's an injured man in that Honda Fire Chief's car over there, and he won't leave the car." -scowls- "What I want to know is when they started using Honda's, especially antique Honda's as fire department equipment-"

Minerva: -somewhat beleaguredly- "Would I have my car painted like this if I wasn't a doctor?"

Police officer: "My nephew drives around in a 1959 Cadillac Ambulance that he restored to like-new. Never hurts to ask."

Minerva: -grabs a med-kit, gets out of her transector- "Good point." -moves over to Siren, raps on window- "Quig? You okay?"

Quig: -nods, blissful look on his face- "I haven't been this good in a long time, Minerva. In fact, the last time I felt this peaceful was right before I was fitted with this loudmouthed bucket of bolts."

Siren: ........

Minerva: -shakes head- "This isn't good." -gives Quig a cursory examination- "Mild concussion, some brusies, you'll be fine, Quig. But Siren's got me worried."

Tracks: "What about me?"

Minerva: "Can you drive?"

Tracks: "Well, yes-"

Minerva: "So keep following Nightbeat. I'll have Chromedome go with you."

Tracks: "But-"

Minerva: -sighs- "It's cosmetic damage, Tracks. Deal with it."

Hyper Prime
2004-12-23, 01:12 PM

Countdown replied to Sixwing's mumbling, "Come on, no moaning on the job. We've got some serious work to do." He then set down the large crate of parts for the Ark and began to look through the broken panels for what needed to be replaced.

Amarant Odinson
2004-12-23, 06:05 PM
Inside the Ark:

Dropshot took 2 of the cannons and headed for the volcano. "I'll put these two up and come back for the third once I finish. Roadbuster, you can come and help me or start on the four on the entrance. It's up to you." And with he started to take off.

He then turned to Artfire and Stepper. " You two help out where ever you can."

Stepper started to moan. "Ughhh C'mon Dropshot, How come I always get stuck doing something stupid like this?" Dropshot stopped, turned and walked right up and got into Stepper's face. Artfire could see what about to happen and went to help out Sixwing and Countdown. Snickering as he went.

And then with one of the coldest expressions Stepper had ever seen, he said "First off, these things need to done in order to make sure that the Decepticons that we just pissed off don't come here and kill us all. Second, you will do as you're told because Skyfall is running the show. You will do as he says as if Primus himself was here were giving a message from beyond and Thirdly, if I hear you moan or whine or complain about anything like this again, I will take my Energon lance and shove it so far up your waste disposal unit, that you may become the most energy efficent Autobot in existence. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes s.ss.s.sir" Stepper replied. "Good, now MOVE" And Stepper immediately took off after Artfire. Dropshot just shook his head as he saw Stepper go and muttered *Sigh* "I'm getting to old for this crap." And with that he took the 2 cannons and headed for the volcano once more.

2004-12-23, 08:35 PM
Jazz gave Skyfall a thumbs-up.

"Right on, Sky!"

He heaved the stolen computer onto one shoulder and dove onto the railing, sliding swiftly to the ground. He rubbed the back of his head ever so gently, trying not to show how badly he'd been hurt in the comm room, as he grooved back into the Ark...


Spokane International

Sauers nodded slowly but firmly to Inferno, his countenance still unphased.

"Just following orders. You fellas have a good ride back now."

As Skyfire began closing the hatch and warming his engines, Sauers turned to the human company and waved a hoop over his head.

"Hit the walls! Everybody make way!"

One of the gurads activated the counterweights, pulling the hangar doors slowly from each other. With the way made, Skyfire pulled out of the hangar and began taxiing around to the runway.

"Autobot transport, you are clear for takeoff at runway eleven."

Skyfire thanked the tower worker and headed for the place.

"Hang on tight!"

Hoping that the warning had been given early enough, Skyfire punched the throttle. Energon poured into the combustion chambers in his engines, and his great frame rocketed forward. In moments, he was on course for Colorado.

"Skyfire calling Prowl. Skyfire calling Prowl. Mission accomplished. We are on our way home."

2004-12-24, 04:13 AM
Roadbuster: -shoulders 2 of the plasma cannons, heads for the main entrance of the Ark-

2004-12-24, 07:02 PM
"Well done. Use extreme haste Skyfire, but be cautious. That much fuel means you're a flying explosive- and I believe we've had a preliminary attack. There may well be a significant follow-up. The fuel is greatly needed, but we have a greater need the three of you to arrive intact."

Prowl turned and walked out into the airfield tundra lying between the two cities and stood quietly, taking in guard locations, possible attack points and going through his active duty roster for both members and strategic abilities, energy numbers and armoury supplies.

After a short time, he closed his optics briefly, feeling the pangs of frustration and then quickly brushed them away as nonsense as he set off with a determined pace toward Metroplex.

As he approached, he grabbed for his radio.
"Hound. Report."


"I'm fine." Spike answered Crosshairs with a wave. "Hound?"

"Me too." Hound replied to both, and then quickly added, "There's trouble coming, Spike. Lots of it."

Spike glanced back over his shoulder to the woods as he got out of the jeep and headed for the ramp with a concerned grin. "Yeah, I got that impression. I'll stick to Max for a while. Minerva will just have to make due with beef jerky. You guys be careful."

The scout's radio beeped with an incoming communication. He recognized the voice and abruptly turned to business, beginning a scan of the area.
"Hound. Report."

Hound tuned his scanners and began answering.
"I'm here Prowl. All Decepticon energy signatures from the base area are retreating into the forest..."


Mirage slowed and transformed smoothly, then walked over to Ironhide. "What needs to be done?"

Nikko nodded with his mouth full of chicken. "Mmm." He swallowed and then in response, grumbled a string of his native language that sounded like many various curses ending with the recognisable word "robots". He took another massive bite of his sandwich and then looked around. After another swallow, he took a drink and pointed in a westward direction. "This road Nash. This road go to wares house where boxes was."

Brave Maximus
2004-12-24, 08:28 PM
Skyfall watched the little conversation between Dropshot and Stepper and then kept his eye on Jazz as he headed off to the comm room. The Micromaster then looked up at Astra as she carried him down the hall:

"And you wonder why I don't have the time to be damaged......" Then he sighed and allowed himself to be carried off to Medbay.

As they arrived, he lay down on the Med table they had taken from Autobase (One of the few clean areas of the Medbay):

"It seems to be just a cracked frame, nothing serious...... Perhaps we should have snaged some matinance drones to reprogram for the up keep on this place......"

Sixwing continued to lay down a thick layer of goo - esp on the ceilings and walls, watching it dry behind him as Countdown was running the cabling from room to room, with Artfire and Stepper behind them. At this rate, they would have the basics repaired in no time. Then it would be up to the techies to hook up the central computer core and the energon Processing plant. Each room would be barren, but operational (Bed, Computer terminal, refueling port).
Sixwing laughed as he thought of the Decepticons attacking a completely repaired Ark and the looks on their faces..... Alot like Quickstrikes......

Starlight and Ark were removing the contact and power suply wired from the back of the computer core on the Axalon's bridge. Looking at it, Starlight was impressed. It was advanced, Even for Minicon standards - They could set it up (The connectors were the same - Cybertronian technology) - but it would handle a lot more than just the Basic Ark systems - were it programmed right.

Nemesis was scavaging the computer terminals and screens, for use around the new "Tele-Tran".

North American Airspace

Dai Atlas turned his internal comm on:

"We are about 25 minutes from landing - are there any seriously injured that we need to let the medics know about?"

2004-12-24, 10:36 PM
Ironhide: "Ah need ya ta keep a optic on Sunstreaker, Mirage. Bluestreak froze up when the 'Cons hit us, and Sunstreaker responded by shootin' him. There's somethin' goin' on with that boy, an' Ah wanna know what it is."

Outskirts, Portland:

Muzzle: -finishes his burger, starts engine, drops Nightbeat into gear, and pulls out of the Burger King parking lot, heading down the street that Nikko indicated-


Tracks: "C'mon, Chromedome. Nightbeat's moving." -shifts into gear, pulls away, snapping the police line tape-

Portland Officer: "Uh...."

Chromedome: -waves at the officer, follows Tracks-

Minerva: "Yes, officer, they're Autobots." -raps knuckles on Siren's fender- "So is this sorry heap." -straightens- "And so am I. Now, wanna give me a hand getting this piece of modern sculpture attached to mt bumper so I can tow it back to base?"

Officer: "But..... you're human....."

Minerva: "I was the last time I checked."

Aero Blade
2004-12-25, 12:42 AM
((ooc: Sorry for delays. Comp problems and currently on dial-up. You get the idea))

Aero worked with the minicons on trying to integrate the new computer core into the old Teletran systems. "Looks like it shouldn't be too hard, most of the relays are the same, though we'll have to adapt a few of the connectors, but that won't hardly take any time at all..." Aero said to Starlight, and taking a moment to glance at Nemesis to be sure he didn't need any help.

2004-12-25, 07:40 AM
Smokescreen made a soft chuckle. "You know me better than that Bluestreak. Worst I can do is fire bad jokes or smog someone, and you've got my word I won't do either. Now where are you pal?"

Trailbreaker watched Prowl move off as he settled into guard duty at the main entrance to Fort Max.

Feels like the quiet before all the explosions in Wheeljack's lab. Wonder what's up now?

"Turn other left here, Nash." Nikko pointed to an allyway on the right as the street narrowed. "Go slow, blink headlights two times and go to storage building 'F' by wire fence."

2004-12-25, 03:45 PM
Muzzle: -takes the right turn, drives slowly down the alleyway, blinks headlights twice, and drives towards storage building F- "Clandestine. I like that."

Nightbeat: -shuts down his commlink, leaving his locator beacon activated-


Tracks: -over commlink to Chromedome- "Other left? What other left?"

Chromedome: -in the lead, pulls onto the street Nightbeat just turned off of- "I think the human meant a right turn. Remember, English isn't his first language. And the best way to figure out what he meant is to look at the tracking signal."

2004-12-25, 06:09 PM

"Hopefully it shouldn't take too long then" Astra replied, getting some med-tools, then the female medic moved to Skyfall and started his repairs.

* * * * *


"I'm over on the north side of the mountain-top" Bluestreak replied, then paused, adding "Is anyone with you, like Sunstreaker?"

2004-12-27, 06:10 AM
Outside Fort Max

Crosshairs nodded, happy to hear that Hound and Spike were fully functional. He stayed quiet while the scout reported to Prowl.

Inside Dai Atlas

Red Alert looked at his crew, then shook his head. "Just a few dents and scrapes, Dai. Nothing life-threatening."

Provided we don't get shot down on the way to base, that is...

2004-12-28, 05:42 AM
Inside Dai Atlas

Arcee had remained silent throughout the ride, her spirits dampened by the less-than-successful mission. She looked down on her arms where the drying sea water left salt-rims. Oh great, that stuff will do wonders for my paintjob..., she thought sullenly.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-28, 07:34 AM
"We there yet Blurr?" Blaster askes before flipping himself on to an fm radio station.

2004-12-28, 11:41 AM
Boomer : that stuff looks dangerous.

Quickmix : just something i've been working on , don't worry you won't be getting any consumer complaints about this (laughs) . There won't be enough left to make any complaints.

Boomer : (backing away to other side of the lab ) What's this ?

Quickmix : Just something Pipes left for me , I 'm thinking of reformatting it as a sound activated detanation system, look its already camouflaged, as some kind of organic life , i think Ricochet said it was some kind of sunflower .

Boomer: where is he ?

Quickmix : I think hes gone for a walk , you know what he's like always off exploring the woods looking for new plant species for his sculpture. Its awfully quiet where is everyone . I seem to have lost track of time .

Boomer : maybe we should have a look around .

Quickmx : just let me finish working opn this new alloy.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-29, 03:36 AM
Sideswipe transformed as he hit the command center. He slowly walked in spotting Optimus Prime. He had no doubts in what the autobot leader wanted.

"You wanted to see me?"


Sunstreaker was still in his quarters observing the Autobrand he had removed from his chest.

2004-12-29, 05:55 AM
Ironhide: "C'mon, Mirage, let's go see Prahme. He c'n fill ya in better on what he wants." -heads for Fort max's entry-

Main Entrance, Fort Max:

Minerva: -pulls up, towing Siren in vehicle mode-

Hosehead: -comes running up- "What happened?"

Minerva: -transforms to robot mode, sagging wearily against the side of the Maximus- "Siren got stubborn. Help me get him to the medbay."

Hosehead: -picks up Siren, sees the dazed Quig- "Huh?"

Minerva: "Long story." -heads inside the ship, Hosehead in tow-

Old site of Autobot City:

Blurr: "Hereweare,Blaster,justlikeyouwanted." -slides to a stop on hover jets-

2004-12-29, 12:24 PM
tucking a sample of new alloy in His drum Quickmix looks up.

Quickmix : Boomer finished now , lets go find out whats happening .

Quickmix exits his lab engaging the security system , Boomer following on behind .

Quickmix : come on me lad keep up

the pair walk along the corridor towards the main area

2004-12-29, 08:47 PM
Old City Site

Hot Rod noticed Blurr (presumably with Blaster in tow) zooming towards his location and waved at his speedy friend.

2004-12-30, 04:06 AM
Old Autobot City site:

Blurr: -sees Hot Rod- "Hey,HotRod!IbroughtBlaster!"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -sags back into the chair she vacated not too long ago, looks over as Hosehead carries Siren in- "Set him on that med table."

Hosehead: -sets Siren down, looking quizzically at Quig- "You okay, Quig?"

Quig: -chuckles- "Never better."

Minerva: -snorts- "I doubt that." -looks around, sighs- "No sign of Bluestreak. I'm starving, I'm beat, and now I'm about to try to fix something I don't completely understand." -stands, transforms, transector shifting back to vehicle mode, head transforming back to Minerva, pulls off her helmet, gets out of her transector, pops trunk, pulls out a datapad- "Do you need to be anywhere, Hosehead?"

Hosehead: "I.... Oh, yeah! I'm supposed to be in the comm dome."

Minerva: "Okay. You'd better get up there, then. I'll call Brainstorm."

Hosehead: -heads out for the comm dome-

Minerva: -gets back into transector, grabs comm handset on dash, tabs it- "Brainstorm, you read me?"

Brainstorm: -over commlink- "I read you, Minerva. What's up?"

Minerva: "Siren managed to wreck himself and Quig's neurohelmet at the same time."

Quig: -peering out of Siren's passenger compartment- "You're not going to fix him, are you?"

Brainstorm: "I'll be there in shortly. How bad is it?"

Minerva: "Bad. Siren's unresponsive. Leave it to him to come up with the one problem that you and Hi-Q never concidered."

The Ark:

Roadbuster: -finishes setting up the plasma cannons in the main entrance, heads back into the Ark, gets to his quarters, hangs the plaque he made of Squeezeplay's head and weapons in his quarters, heads back out and starts testing the connections and controller systems for the cannons traverse and aiming sequencers-

Amarant Odinson
2004-12-30, 04:27 AM
The Ark:

Dropshot put on the finishing touches to the 3rd cannon and headed back to the entrance of the Ark to see if Roadbuster needed any of his help. As he arrived, he saw him testing the cannons and he asked "Are you done with that yet? Cause if you are, I could use your help with the testing of the cannons at the volcano, if you don't mind."

Meanwhile, Artfire and Stepper caught up with Countdown. "Sorry if we're late but Stepper had to have a time out." Artfire said. Stepper grumbled something under his breath as Artfire asked. "So where did you want us to start, Countdown?"

2004-12-30, 05:29 AM
Ark Cavern Entrance:

Roadbuster: -patches things in, nods- "I'm done here."

Brave Maximus
2004-12-30, 07:09 AM
As Astra Finished her repairs on Skyfall, he pushed his chestplates togeather and sat up. He flexed a little and smiled weakly through his face plate. He ignited his thrusters and floated down to the ground looking up at the Femme Medic:

"Great job, I hope we can keep you around. Once you've got medbay to your liking, could I ask you to check up on the rest of the team? Thanks."

Skyfall walked out of the Ark's Medbay and activated his Comm:

"This is Skyfall.
I need a status report. I am currently heading towards Countdown's location to help with the laying of cabling. If anything else needs me, just shout."

Sixwing, who was on his third canister of the miricle goo on grimiced at Skyfall's message:

"Sure, got most of the Ark refitted with armour - treating me like a common work drone........."

The Minicons had almost gotten the new computer core up and running, as well as the screens up. The Ark's main control room was almost looking as good as new. Starlight nodded to Aero Blade:

"Perhaps when this is done - I\We can talk with you about a use for the extra energy. How much do you know about shield technology?"

Dai Atlas spotted Autobase and circled around:

"Landing at Fortress Maximus, hold on...."

The white and black Cybertron landed on one of the cities main roads and taxied into the hanger attached. He opened the troop hatch and waited for the Autobots to exit.

Random Sweep
2004-12-30, 07:28 AM
Sky Lynx landed gracefully next to Dai Atlas

2004-12-30, 08:01 AM
Hangar, Fort Max

Red Alert stalked down Dai's ramp and flipped open his comlink.

"Prime, this is Red Alert. I'm back. We need to talk."

Old City Site

Hot Rod grinned. "Then get up here, you two!"

2004-12-30, 12:41 PM
Sixswitch keyed shut the door of the quiet room he'd led Whirl and Springer to, and activated the lights.

He glanced at the Wrecker leader, as if trying to sense his thoughts. He thought he knew what they were... The Autobots were being too passive in their resistance to the Decepticon force on Earth, and as far as these so called 'Neo Wreckers'... They were out doing some interior design to the old Ark, which Sixswitch remembered was destroyed by Metrotitan shortly after his arrival on Earth.

"Springer... We need to get out there and do what we do best," he told his leader. Despite being the newest Springer-sanctioned Wrecker, he knew already what the team was all about.
"But I think we should get Roadbuster back in the fold. Doubtless he'll be a big help to us."


Hot Spot grinned at Inferno as they sat in Skyfire's hold. Despite the mission being relatively action free, it was good to get out and stretch his legs. And, the mission was successfull.

"Guess we did it again, eh buddy?" he asked with a smile.


First Aid slipped out of the med bay, his work there done for now, and transformed into ambulance mode, accelerating down the corridor towards the lift, which he would ride up to the Communications room to meet up with his fellow Protectobots.

Hyper Prime
2004-12-30, 12:45 PM

Countdown finished up placing new circuitry units into the ship's security systems. He turned to look up at Artfire and Stepper looking to for instructions. He thought for a moment of what they could do and then came to the conclusion,

"Well, you could probably start off by installing sensor pads in the floor. They'll prevent any Cons from getting the better of us in a surprise attack." He handed the two of them a whole mess of circular plates.

"And Sixwing, stop complaining. All you ever do is fight, never any work!" Countdown instructed, then went back to repairs. He took his crate into another room and took a look at what needed to be fixed.

2004-12-30, 04:15 PM
Quickmix moves along a corridor Boomer in tow , hearing voices coming from the medibay he opens the door.


a small figure moves through the undergrowth, slightly out of breath . As he emerges into the clear he pauses.

Ricochet : Nom de dieu , I am too late the espece de decepti- cons have gone , if only i had not been so far away when i heard the bataille .

He hurries over towards Fortress Maximus

God Jinrai
2004-12-30, 11:51 PM
"I've a feeling you already know why you're here, Sideswipe..." Prime was cut off by the comm.. "Just a moment..." and quickly brought up his internal comm..."Alright, Red... but it's going to need to wait... I'm in the middle of something rather important right now..." prime cut the comm, putting his full attention back on the red lamborghini brother...

" I hate to ask this of you.. you ARE his brother, and I know that to betray that kind of trust can be difficult and painful.. but.. I need you to keep a sharp eye on Sunstreaker. You saw what he did to Bluestreak... and I think you agree that it was uncalled for. I'd like your willing help, Sideswipe.. for your brother's sake as well as the sake of ALL of the autobots. He's starting to turn into a loose cannon... one that could fire at anyone at any time... and that's just one thing we can't afford to have on our hands."

2004-12-31, 05:12 AM
Hangar, Fort Max

Red Alert scowled. "This is important too, Prime, so please be quick about it."

He turned back to Dai's hatch and waited for his team to disembark.

Conference Room, Fort Max

Whirl pulled out a chair and sat, clamping one of his claws around his 'chin' pensively.

"Roadbuster is a must," he said, agreeing with Sixswitch. "What about those Headmasters you were babysitting during the Unicron affair? Most of them are too soft for what needs to be done, but a few might be able to fit in."

The Wrecker's voice conveyed mild irritation at the fact that he'd been replaced by such gimmicky troops, even temporarily.

Random Sweep
2004-12-31, 05:43 AM
Sureshot walked down the ramp to stand next to Red Alert

" remind me no to go to a party there again red " he said to the security officer

2004-12-31, 06:22 AM
"If you call that a 'party', what do you call 'a bad time'?" Arcee said as she walked down Dai Atlas' ramp.

Random Sweep
2004-12-31, 06:53 AM
Sureshot looked at Arcee

" Well, you remember Unicron, right? "

2004-12-31, 09:11 AM
The pink Autobot looked back at him. "Yes. And it does put things in perspective, now that you're saying it."

2004-12-31, 04:13 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -looks up from running a mediscanner over Quig- "Brain- Oh, sorry, Quickmix, I thought you were Brainstorm. What's up?"

Outside, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -running towards Fort Max, sees a figure he doesn't recognize- "Uh-oh." -activates commlink- "Hardhead. Hardhead!"

Hardhead: -over commlink- "zzzz... Hnn? What? Brainstorm? What is it?"

Brainstorm: "Unidentified Cybertronian heading into the Maximus."

Hardhead: "Right. I'll check it.... Wait. Why can't you check it out?"

Brainstorm: "I'm too far away. The tech bay's near the entracne he's coming in from."

Hardhead: "Right, then. I'll check it out."

Brainstorm: "Good. I depend on you." -deactivates commlink-

Tech Bay, Fort Max:

Hardhead: -stands, checks the charge in his shatterblasters and the ammo loadout in his shoulder cannon(H.E.A.A.), heads out of the tech bay towards the entrance that Ricochet should be entering-

2004-12-31, 05:19 PM
Quickmix : Hi there Minerva, I thought i would see what was happening, um you know what its like when i'm in the lab, i lose track of things. Do you need a hand there, i've whipped up a new alloy that might help , was it batch 3457d or 1235e i cant remember l made a note somewhere.
looks around for something distractedly

Boomer hurries forward with a computer tablet,

Quickmix turns it on and shows the specifications to Minerva.

Quickmix : any good , its 3457d as i thought. By the way have you seen Ricochet any where, i think he went out , i suggested he move the polycarbon frame for is water feature , a few microns and he stormed out, said something about going out in the woods to find specimens.

Outside Fort Max

Ricochet moves up the ramp as he does he mutters to himself ,

Ricochet: zut again i have missed those decepti creeps , if it had not been for that bumbling absent minded fool i would have been here , what does he know about art my oeuvre my master piece the fusion of nebulan and earth biology he is a tinkerer , a player a scientist he has no passion , if only i had bonded to someone who understood me an artiste a craftsman mon dieu my luck it never runs good. Lots of autobots on nebulos i could have been bonded with some one who has style panache a racing car, or something powerful a tank mais no , i get introduced to a big red robot and i think Quickmix ah quick sounds fast , i am given the anasethia and i wake up and i am bonded to a cementmixer a construction machine

2004-12-31, 08:10 PM
Location: An interstate some where in america

two similar but completely different in appearance vehicles are rolling along the highway in the lead is a muddy yellow dump truck there is a figure in the cab , just behind and down wind is a n orange dump truck which draws the eye the sun sparkling on its clean body work another single figure sits in the cab.
from the lead vehicle music emanates "it is a song called truck driving man "

A radio channel crackles between the two vehicles .

Wideload : switch that rubbish off , and dont play hello i'm a truck again, i know its a clever joke on all the humans but its starting to fry my audio receptors here.

Landfill: 10 4 good buddy

Wideload: (mutters under breath) I'm going to strangle Skids, for downloading those movies for Him , Hes not been the same since he watched all those "smokey and the bandit films" back to back .

Landfill: keep your cool , i was just trying to learn some more about earth culture, you always get tetchy when we go on these supply missions .

Wideload : how come its always us , you dont see Optimus Prime filling his trailer with dirty parts, no hes always out fighting, and were stuck here hauling oily greasy parts .

Landfill : its got to be me i can get Silencer and Flintlock to pose as humans and buy the spares off the humans.

Wideload: but why me all the time , i swear all this salt in the air , i'm starting to rust

Landfill: Its probably all that water

Wideload: what do you mean

Landfill: Reconnaisance my foot , Silencer told me you snook off to a car wash dont try and deny it

Wideload; grr the little sneak and hes normally so quiet, i much prefer Ricochet my kind of organic , got an appreciation for the finer things in life always looks smart.

Landfill mutters to himself

Wideload : I could have been a warrior , a sports car like Chase or Freeway

Landfill: this is important , the job we do , we have to drop off these parts at the medbay at Fort Max and then report for new orders. So get the pedal to the metal and hammers down wer eonly about 5 minutes away

Landfill opens a communications channel

Fort Max were incoming with those supplies you ordered

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-31, 08:26 PM
Blaster hopped out of Blurr and quickly made his way towards Hot Rod

"Don't you go anywhere Blurr! I need my choffeur for my ride home too, gonna need to get an am/fm radio installed though."

Blaster hopped up towards Hot Rod "Whatcha need Roddy?"


Sideswipe nodded listening to Optimus and then thought for a second. "Yeah.... my brother is... different. He's not making smart decisions, and they just seem to get dumber. He's questioning everything, everyone he's been fighting for."

Brave Maximus
2004-12-31, 08:39 PM
With Red Alerts team out of him, Dai Atlas transformed to robot mode and checked his weaponry.

He looked around from his vantage point and looked around at the Cities. His face grew a little grim and he turned to Red Alert:

"Who is in command of Security and Defence of this Autobot Base?"


Skyfall was walking down the halls, admiring work his team had done. While it wasn't the golden Orange of his Ark back home, the Gunmetal of the Armour plating seemed to suit this Ark. He felt in the back of his head that all internal repairs to the Omega Shuttle were complete and it was just working on the outer plating now.

Skyfall approached Countdown as he was running cabling to some of the Ark's systems:

"How are we doing?"

Sixwing dropped the last container of goo - still 3\4 full, the armour layer was done - the Ark's skin was now as tough as it ever was. But some where down, deep in his spark - Sixwing felt something was coming. He flew up and out of the Volcano's mouth and rested on the crater rim. His optics and Spark searching for the coming storm.

After finishing with the Ark Control room - Starlight and the Minicons accompanied Aero Blade in gathering the Energon Production Equipment and setting it up. Nemesis and Ark took up the solar pannels and set them on the inside of the Volcano Crater, under the cannons - so they would be protected but still get full sunlight. Meanwhile Starlight was pontering Geo-Thermal Energy as she set up the generator.

Hyper Prime
2005-01-01, 01:47 AM
Countdown looked to Skyfall cheerfully and said, "Its going great. Just about finished with the security system and am thinking about moving on to our energy regulation systems. How are things on your ened?"

Brave Maximus
2005-01-01, 02:20 AM
The Micro Master smilled at Countdown with a slightly evil look in his eye:

"Well, I'm back to 100% capacity and the Omega Shuttle is almost fully repaired, thanks for asking."

Skyfall couldn't help but laugh. Things like that had always been an in joke at the Cybertron Acadamey back on his Ark. But judging from the other Micro Master's face, it was something unique to his group.

"From what Roadbuster and Dropshot have said, our external defensive systems are ready to go, they should be testing them momentarily. Aero Blade and the Minicons seem to be doing a great job and have the computer up and running and are working on power generation. Astra is working in Medbay and Jazz is decoding the Decepticon Computer core.

"How long will it be until you are finished and satisfied? Artfire and Stepper seem to be catching up to you"

2005-01-01, 05:50 AM
Entry Port, Fort Max:

Hardhead: -steps in front of Ricochet- "All right, who are you? Identify yourself!"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "What kind of alloy is it, Quickmix? A new kind of armor, or structural metal?"

2005-01-01, 07:22 AM
Hangar, Fort Max

Red Alert listened to the banter passing between Sureshot and Arcee, but didn't enter into it. He looked up at Dai Atlas.

"In theory? Quick Switch. But he's been a bit...unstable recently, so Prowl, Ironhide and I were handling most of the security duties."

The irony of him calling someone else unstable seemed to be totally lost on Red.

Old City Site

Hot Rod smiled at the approaching Blaster, but it was a nervious smile.

"I need your help, Blaster. It's Marissa. She was captured by the Carbombyans, years ago. They've got her locked up in some jail in the desert. I can't ask Prime for help, because..."

Hot Rod's expression turned to one of anger, and his hands balled into fists.

"Prime knew. He knew they had her, and he didn't do anything about it. He didn't even tell me."

The buzz of an oncoming human shuttle attracted the cavalier's attention. He gestured towards it.

"So I'm going to Carbombya with a few human friends of Marissa's, and I'm going to rescue her myself. Thing is, I'll need some help. Finding one human in a big prison isn't going to be an easy job...but it would be a lot easier with Steeljaw leading the search."

He grinned, and this time it was more natural.

"I wouldn't say no to electro-disruptor toting backup, either. But if you have to get back to base, don't tell anyone where I'm going. Especially Prime. I can't let him stop me."

2005-01-01, 12:44 PM
Ricochet looks up at the big green robot looming over him ,

Ricochet: Moi you ask who i am , i am Ricochet the best environmental sculptor on nebulos , Grown men had a lump in my throat when they saw my divine work .

looks closely at Hardhead green robot with tracks he thinks hmmm

Ricochet: are you not the monsieur Hardhead, yes you are bound to that old war horse Duros , and you do not recognise moi who redesigned the grounds of the nebulan ruling council chambers , i had my face on the front of nebulan style magazine , i was on the front cover a great achievement non .

Ricochet looks back up at Hardhead , all his explanation does not seem to have made a difference sighs deeply

Ricochet , monsieur you may better know me as the gun of Quickmix i am one of his target master companions . The forgetful one , the big red scientist fou , the cement truck

sighs deeply

Ricochet: this is all i am now , yes i think all my work it was destroyed by the decepticons , and on earth they do not know me . It is my passion i burn to destroy those decepti cons so i can go back to my former life , i wish them all to become scraplet bait.
can you understand that Monsieur Hardhead ?

Medbay Fort Max

Boomer: Ladies and Gentlemen , I think You'll find we have products to satisfy all your needs , 100 percent effective money back guarantee . guaranteed no complaints

Quickmix : sigh bureaucracy thats what it will do to you , Boomer your not at work any more , what my little friend is trying to say is we have two alloys to suit your needs one is malleable tri titanium reinforced hardened armour plate with a poly carbonate base , did you know if you take poly carbonate and anodise it and extract its chemical properties it is a 1000 times stronger than the base material , and then we have a new structural metal , i have called ratchettanium in tribute to one of our great doctors, it is lighter stronger more adaptable than anything else ever seen , it is amazing you just need to exam the chemical chain....

Boomer : what my big friend the Proffesor is saying is we have a nice new armour and also a structural alloy for parts and spares and repairs . We make a good team he limits my bureaucraticese and i stop him boring everyone to death ...actually there was this one decepticon

Quickmix : hush there , so what do you think any use

2005-01-01, 01:27 PM
an orange power shovel moves along a dirt track two figures sit in it cab there feet up.

Holepunch : remind me why were out here again

Tracer: well i saw this thing on cable , apparently to better work as a team we need to go to a site of great spiritual significance and meditate and this is the nearest one i can think of .

Holepunch : I can't see Scoop being much for meditation

Scoop : affirmative, we can use this break also as a training mission to improve our skill and this is the only reason i permitted this side trip

Holepunch: this better not be one of your flakey ideas Tracer , I still havent recovered from the time you had that idea of leaving a token by dead decepticons to strike fear into them , a good idea but you could have picked something better .

Tracer: well um

Holepunch : Have you smuggled those rounds of tracer ammunition back into the Armoury yet before Crosshairs finds out , its essential you know to keep good records and inventory sheets , a place for everything and everything in its place .

Tracer: You know um

Scoop : it is advisable youngling a discrepancy in munitions could cost our comrades their life. If i had known of this foolishness befor e i would not have permitted it

Tracer: I'll do it next time were back there

Holepunch : what did you do with the rest of the stuff

Tracer: um you mean the ice scream scoops and all those office holepunchs

Holepunch : yes those can you imagine a Decepticon quaking in fear at the sight of those

Tracer: but it would tell them who we are ,who to fear

Holepunch : what did you do with them

Tracer : no one uses supply bay 14 in Fort max much do they

Holepunch: I told you to get rid of them well i guess no one will notice a couple of little boxes .

Tracer; well um

Holepunch raises an eybrow

Hole punch : how many

Tracer: 2000 of each

Scoop : (chuckles) I know we've seen our fair share of battles but by primus , i dont think there are that many decepticons on earth

The path emerges onto the edge of the site Scoop spots figures

moving about below

Scoop: action stations , full alert

the two nebulans transform into their weapon mode assuming there position on each side of Scoops Chassis

Scoop : we will proceed slowly , and identify the figures , and if they prove hostile we will ambush them much as Traxtor did at the fourth battle of aarchon

Holepunch : affirmitave

Tracer: sure thing

Scoop : I will initiate radio contact first on all known autobot frequencies first to prevent an unfortunate accident like when Telemarkus accidentally injured Hellride at Oryx

Tracer : you and Kup should get together

Scoop : All i do is advocate sound militart strategy young one

2005-01-01, 06:47 PM
Entry Port, Fort Max:

Hardhead: "Nebulos? What's Nebulos got to do with this? And who's Duros?"

Brainstorm: -comes running up behind Ricochet, looks down at the Targetmaster component- "Wait a minute. You're not Cybertronian. You're not from Master Star, either."

Hardhead: "He's a Nebulan. Like Quig and Lug. And some guy named Duros."

Brainstorm: "Ah." -steps back, transforms, head disconnecting from transector and switching back to robot mode as the transector transforms to fighter mode, lands in front of Ricochet- "Hardhead and I aren't from around here, and neither is Chromedome, who must be around here somewhere." -raps side of head- "We're from an alternate timeline. We're Cybertronians as well, from the colony on Master Star."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "I could probably use that, Quickmix. For repairing Siren, and repairing Tracks when he comes in."

2005-01-01, 08:28 PM
Ricochet : My bad monsieur please to make your aquaintance Monsieur Hardhead, you missed out visiting a beautiful planet, a once beautiful planet ,maybe one day it will return to its former gloire. And you Monsieur i did not catch your name ?

2005-01-01, 08:57 PM
Entry Port, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: "I'm Brainstorm. We've been to Nebulos..... well, our timeline's Nebulos, anyway. I helped a scientist named Hi-Q come up with what's been refered to here as the Headmaster, Targetmaster, and Powermaster processes. It brought the few Autobots who had gone to Nebulos to escape the war up to our combat level. Unfortunately, Hi-Q's partner, Hi-Test, gave the secrets to the Decepticons who followed us there. Something about not wanting to share the credit with some alien robot." -transforms, remerges with transector- "No figuring some people." -narrows optics in thought- "You know, Muzzle never did tell us how he got to Nebulos from a primitive spaceflight Earth......." -shrugs- "Have to remember to ask him. And I have to get to medbay to help Minerva with something. Be seeing you." -heads to medbay-

Hyper Prime
2005-01-02, 12:19 AM

Countdown replied, "We should be finished sometime within the next mega-cycle, so not too long now. And yeah, Artfire and Stepper are doing just fine. The Ark will be good as new in no time."

"Well, if you'll excuse me..." Countdown said as he went back to the wall and pulled out a computer panel, searching around the broken parts, pulling them out, and installing new ones.

Brave Maximus
2005-01-02, 01:05 AM
Skyfall nodded to Countdown, Artfire and Stepper:

"You guys are doing a fantastic job. Once you guys are done, check in with Astra to make sure you're doing fine and then catch some R&R in your quarters. I'm not sure how long it will last, but catch it when you can."

The young Micro Master then walked down the hall and flipped open his Comm:

Meet me and Jazz in the comm centre once you're done testing the Plasma Cannons."

Skyfall rounded the corner and entered the Comm room. He spotted his second-in-command sitting at the pannel, working on the "borrowed" Decepticon computer core.

"Jazz! How's it going? Any luck getting some information out of that core?

"I've called Roadbuster down here, we need to talk about what to do next and how to set up shop in here when we're at 'Home'."

Amarant Odinson
2005-01-02, 02:50 AM

"No problem, Skyfall. I can finish up this last bit if Stepper and Countdown wanted to head down to the med bay now." Artfire replied.

"Sounds good to me" said Stepper. "I could use a check up anyway." So Stepper went off to see Astra as Artfire finished up the last of the paneling.

At the same time Dropshot and Roadbuster were finishing up the final tests for the 3 cannons at the entrance at the volcano. "It looks like everything checks out. The way those cannons are set up, it should make it difficult for those Decepticons to get through. What do you think Roadbuster?"

2005-01-02, 04:04 AM
Roadbuster: -nods- "At the very least, it'll keep them occupied." -heads for the comm center-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -comes running in- "Sorry I'm late, Minerva-" -sees Quickmix- "Who are you?"

Minerva: -sighs- "Brainstorm, meet Quickmix. Quickmix, meet Brainstorm. Now get down here and bring your tools. We've got to get Siren back online."

Quig: "Don't feel you have to.... I'm fine....."

Brainstorm: -disconnects from his transector, transector transforming to fighter mode as his head transforms to robot mode, opens a compartment in the fighter's body, pulls out an electronics kit and some parts, runs over to Minerva-

2005-01-02, 10:34 AM
Quickmix : pleased to meet you

indicates Boomer

this is Boomer , he's a nebulan , my target master component and somewhere around here , theres Ricochet , you'll know him if you see him , he talks a lot and is a touch sensitive about criticism , but he is an excellent soldier in battle , if a little over enthusiastic.

Boome rmoves to one side keeping out of the way

Quickmix moves to one side and watches the procedure taking notes.

Fascinating , i don't suppose you ve published any papers .

Outside Fort Max

The two Dump trucks pull up outside Fort Max .

Landfill : where is everyone

Wideload: there should be someone on duty at least for the com watch and security.

Landfill let me try again

bzzzz supply run 17 to Fort Max com station are you reading me good buddy , were back , and loaded with supplies any one about to give us a hand with unloading over

Aero Blade
2005-01-02, 06:46 PM
Aero Blade worked closely with the minicons, getting all of the energy systems up and running as well as hooking up the weapon defense systems while he considered the proposition they'd ask him about. He didn't have toomuch experience with shields, but he did have some knowledge of them. One Con scientist back home had continually developed a rather malicious energy barrier system to try to repell and contain the autobots, and it'd become Aero's job to repeatedly dismantle the shield generators. Perhaps he could adapt alittle bit of what he learned in taking those apart to a working shield here.

"Alright guys, I think I might have a few ideas how we might get that shield constructed. I'll need quite a bit of help on it, though, so lets get the other stuff out of the way, then I'll show you what I've got," Aero said to the minicons while still continuing his current task.

God Jinrai
2005-01-02, 09:21 PM
" If we had a reason behind it, it's possible we could do something about it before he potentially goes rogue, but... somehow, I don't see that happening. "

Prime's optics dimmed, significantly, a sign of his mental state at the moment.

" All I ask is you keep myself and Ironhide informed and up to date, Sideswipe. We don't want to lose him... neither to the decepticons, or to his own misgivings about us as we stand. If you've no questions, you're free to go..."

2005-01-03, 02:57 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -looks over at Brainstorm- "What do you think?"

Brainstorm: -running dynoscanners over the broken helmet- "It's broken."

Minerva: -groans- "I want a bioelectricial engineer, I get Henny Youngman...."

Brainstorm: -shrugs- "At a guess, the sudden severing of the mental link sent him into shock. How's Quig doing?"

Minerva: "Acting like he's really happy, or really concussed. He does have a concussion, but it's the quiet that bothers me. He says he can't hear Siren at all, can't even register his thoughts."

Brainstorm: "What about his implants?"

Minerva: "Haven't checked those yet. Wanted to wait for you to get here."

Brainstorm: -walks over to Quig- "Hi, Quig."

Quig: -dazedly- "Hi....."

Brainstorm: -picks up mediscanner, starts running it over Quig- "What happened to you?"

Quig: -starts giggling- "Siren finally shut up....."

Brainstorm: -sighs, keeps scanning, frowns- "Hey, Minerva......"

Minerva: -sags back against Siren's drivers side door- "Don't tell me....."

Brainstorm: "I'm afraid so. He certainly hit Siren's roof hard enough. On the up side, it's an easy fix."

Minerva: "For you, maybe. I'm the one who'll have to cut him open-"

Brainstorm: "Nope. At a guess, the point where the helmet connects, the ports at the back and sides of the neck..... well, the plugs are still in. Snapped right out of the helmet. And it's causing a feedback loop. That, coupled with the shock trauma, is what's keeping Siren quiet."

Minerva: -sighs in relief, looks down at the broken helmet- "Why didn't I catch that..... I can see where they're broken out."

Brainstorm: "You're exhausted, for one thing...." -runs scanner over Minerva- "And your blood glucose level's down in your boots. When's the last time you ate?"

Minerva: "Does coffee count?"

Brainstorm: "What, that stuff humans drink that looks like oil? No."

Minerva: -shrugs- "Beats me."

Brave Maximus
2005-01-03, 07:08 AM
Connecting the cables that Nemesis and Ark were setting up, Starlight nodded to Aero Blade:

"Agreed, once the Ark is operational as a base, perhaps I\We can sit down and work out theorums. My\Our knowledge is purely theoretical, with the exception of Ark of course. But there is work to be done...."

Ark Communications Centre

Skyfall looked at Jazz and Roadbuster:

"Gentlemen - The Ark is about 85% repaired, Once complete it will more than serve our needs as an Earth Base. My question to you is, what do we do next? We have achived every task set before us - well beyond what I expected. So what now? I don't want to let up on the Decepticons - if we give them a second to breath, they will be able to recouperate and everything we've accompished is for naught. So, what should be our next target?"

2005-01-03, 11:22 AM
Quickmix: ah coffee , i subjected some coffee to chemical analysis a few breems ago, a fascinating substance , if you alter it subtly on a chemical level it will lose its addictiveness but be 5 times as strong , i ran up a few samples now where did i put them , i packed them in my drum somewhere,

Boomer gets out the notepad again

Boomer: ever since Holepunch drew up a filing system its been much easier round here. The professor can find stuff now

Quickmix , i also discovered a fascinating chemical a lovely electric blue in colour but all it seems to do is make organics sneeze and their eyes water even binary bonded ones, poor Boomer couldnt stay in gun mode when i tested it he was sneezing so much .

Quickmix pulls out coffee sample and offers it to Minerva , also hands her an electric blue test tube

Take this as well my dear it may be useful an ace in the hole one day so to speak . It may be more use than some of the substances i whip up , i once discovered a substance that altered the paintwork on an object turning it a greeny colour for 18 hours
before reverting it to its original colour , i thought it might be useful as some kind of camouflage but it may prove a dead end .

Entry Bay Fort Max

Ricochet : so Monsieur Hardhead where is every body ? It is very quiet non. Let me show you the plans for my latest environmental sculpture . cest magnifique non i have blended elements of earth and nebulan biology and as you can see there will be water features here here and here