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2004-11-22, 06:11 AM
The story so far:

With Metrotitan lying in near-ruins after a failed coup by communications officer Soundwave and his cassettes(with the exception of Ratbat), the Decepticons now intend to embark on their new venture- Assualt on Autobot City. Meanwhile, Starscream and the savage Seacons are heading for the Decepticon battlecrusier Nemesis, to back up the salvage team sent to assess the ship's condition, which has come under attack by a small band of Autobots lead by Red Alert.

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2004-11-22, 06:37 AM
Ramjet turned and gave StarBlade a grin. "Thanks, hun."

As he reached the exit, he transformed and took off for the base.

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2004-11-23, 03:01 AM
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The Predacons looked at Ratbat and they nodded, all of them left for their mission. They had already got bored wandering around the city and they always loved a good fight. Razorclaw gave a backwards glace to Tempest and caught up with the rest of his team.

As the Predacon's Tempest looked at the flying menace. He followed him for a little while. After a while he replied to his question "Who siad I was hiding?"

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2004-11-23, 04:23 AM
Cryotek waited around the command deck and popped open an energon drink to pass the time.

2004-11-23, 06:09 AM
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Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat gave Cryotek a glance.

"You will help Scrapper reactivate the city's manual control interfaces so that a small crew can efficiently run it's primary systems from here."

He gestured vaguely to the Constructicon leader, who was loitering about, optics shifting to various pieces of equipment.

2004-11-23, 10:47 AM
Nightracer entered the command center, wondering what sort of task the higher ups had planned. Carnivac entered a few minutes after her.

Random Sweep
2004-11-23, 03:22 PM
as much as it annoyed him, Banzai-tron awaited Carnivac's arrival

2004-11-24, 02:59 AM
Cryotek smiled.

"Excellent." He said and began to look around he brought up a holovid screen and lines of Metrotitan's code streaked by.

2004-11-24, 05:42 AM
Command Deck, Metrotitan

Scrapper nodded, then walked up beside Cryotek. "Once you've modified out the code, we'll have to figure out what hardware we'll need up here. These consoles were only designed to suppliment the city's internal controls, not run it directly."

Ratbat hovered before Banzai-Tron, Carnivac and Nightracer, who were joined quickly by the very bored-looking Ransack. The cassetticon started to speak.

"You four will get a small shuttle from the launch bay and fly to North America. Once there, you will put down outside of Autobase sensor range and proceed into enemy territory. Ransack and Carnivac will surviel the base, with Banzai-Tron along to write off any enemy patrols you happen along. Nightracer will get to high ground, to act as a spotter and sniper. Gather information on Fortress Maximus and Metroplex, concentrating on anti-air weapons emplacements. Also, take note of patrol strength, human presence, and the like. When you're done, retreat and return here."

His face turned to a scowl. "And if you get captured, you'd be advised to provoke the Autobots into killing you, because if they don't, Gigatron will. Any questions?"

Random Sweep
2004-11-24, 03:28 PM
Anymore threats from that one and we will see how quick he can move Banzai-Tron thought to himself

Without a word Banzai-Tron spun on his heels and headed towards the shuttle bay

2004-11-25, 02:04 AM
Cryotek nodded to Scrapper.

"I can change the algorithms and the like to fix most of the problems. However we need some new computers to handle the bigger load." He said starting to write new lines of code into the programs.

2004-11-25, 04:21 AM
'Bout time, Carnivac thought as he turned and followed after Banzai-Tron. He would have to remind himself that this was a scouting mission, not a hunt. Nightracer made sure she had the mission recorded into her data banks, then nodded to Ratbat before she followed.

2004-11-25, 04:42 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Ransack followed his erstwhile teammates to the shuttle bay, his expression now one of anticipation.

Scrapper made a sour face.

"Don't have much in available computers these days, as I'm sure you've figured out." He shrugged. "But if worse comes to worse, we can pull the processors out of the Metrodrones I had to put down."

Ratbat perched on the backrest of the command chair and surveyed to goings-on. He wasn't particularly pleased with that posture, and would rather have been able to sit in the chair like a normal Decepticon would. But of course, that would have required a huminoid form, which was the one thing that Ratbat didn't posess.

Not yet, anyway.

2004-11-25, 11:48 AM
Tempest stood back from a far when Ratbat sat down on his perched on his command chair. HE watched as he looked down at the chair and a small scowl came across his mechanoid fangs.

"I wasn't hiding their, I was guarding something."

2004-11-26, 12:54 AM
Cryotek nodded.

"Not a bad idea, just since we want to create a much bigger load out for the systems to handle. We need the systems that can actually handle it. We could try to rebuild some of the systems here for that purpose but I think we would be creating some possible overload and slow performance issues. Needless to say the last thing we want in the heat of battle would be what humans refer to as "The blue screen of death."."

He explained working away.

"Oh luckly I can easily create programs to work with Metrotitans mind. Now the only worry becomes do we want to put fail safes in case he ever snaps?"

2004-11-26, 05:48 AM
Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat hissed. "And what precisely would that be, Tempest?"

"Citycons don't 'snap', Cryotek. Their mental resources are far greater than yours or mine." Scrapper shrugged. "Well, maybe not Trypticon's, but he was a rush job."

The Constructicon leader sat at a nearby, dead console, pulled out his personal datapad and began searching records. "I'll see if we have any other computing resorces available, as well. There won't be anything overly impressive, but every bit will help."

2004-11-26, 06:27 AM
Cryotek laughed at Scrapper's quote about mental capacity.

"Thats why we are reprogramming this city huh?" He laughed. "I would say this would be a good time for us to use our human allies but if we can make due with what we have that is fine."

2004-11-26, 06:39 AM
Tempest looked at the casseticon, and wondered if he should make him beg for it, but he knew from what Razorclaw said, he'd drain you of your energon for fun.

"Actually, I was guarding the backup system that the Predacon's took away before you told them to blow the place up. On it, it has plans to a weapon. However, only three people can access the plans. Megatron, Soundwave and myself. What the plans are, well thats classified. I am aware that Megatron has been elminated, but what is the fate of Soundwave?"

2004-11-26, 08:14 AM
Ratbat's stare hardened.

"Perhaps you've noticed that the city is in less-than-perfect shape? Soundwave's doing. He is being held for interrogation, torture, and, if he proves uncooperative, eventual execution. Now, it would be most unwise for you to hold back your information from the Decepticon army's current leadership, Tempest."

Scrapper looked up from his work and scoffed. "I don't think we have human allies anymore. Didn't Banzai-Tron rob their gold reserves or something?"

2004-11-26, 02:30 PM
Cryotek laughed.

"Well, maybe we can just order parts as the humans would say "online"? I am sure we can create a fake alias or something to that effect?"

2004-11-27, 01:01 AM
StarBlade grinned right back at Ramjet. Once he and Cyclonus were gone, the assassin sighed, then turned to head to her quarters so she could rest a little. The little 'romp' had been fun, but tiring. She typically didn't get into combat situations, but that was part of her job programming. Assassins like being in the shadows, not in the open, but Megatron made certain she had full combat training, or he would have never accepted her.

Ah, well... Eventually, I'll find a leader who is more interested in keeping my hide safe then spending to further a cause.

2004-11-28, 08:07 AM
Command Deck, Metrotitan

Scrapper shrugged at Cryotek. "I'd rather just rob a microchip factory, if it comes down to that. I wouldn't be caught dead bartering with humans. That's Swindle's job. Or it would be, if he was alive, and not a traitor."

Corridors, Metrotitan

Ransack continued to head towards the shuttlebay.

2004-11-28, 04:14 PM
Cyrotek nodded.

"Shame the Combaticons went traitor we could use all the hands we can get. I know we lost another combiner group when Hatemonger recused the Seacons. Amusing trade off there save one team leave another in the ocean." He laughed.

"Anyway whats the plan use the extra drones to fashion the parts we need or raid a computer factory? Honestly I am all for the raid I think Devastator needs some excercise and other than the whole Soundwave thing it's been boring here." He asked.

2004-11-29, 08:18 AM
Outside Metrotitan

Still on guard duty, Menasor tried to keep focused on the landscape (or what was left of it) around Metrotitan. All in all, the Stunticon gestalt was disapointed/angry with the fact that there was nothing to destroy/fight and the voices were still going at it.

Go shove it up your afterburner, you fragging creation of a glitch!!! Your just jealous that I'm the best there is.

Go jump in a smelter, Dragstrip. Thought it might've been interestin' ta see how our "creator" would've taken ya callin' 'im a glitch.

Random Sweep
2004-11-29, 04:52 PM
Banzai-Tron boarded the shuttle, and waited for the others

2004-11-30, 02:27 AM
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Gigatron's contemptuous expression faded slowly to one of amusement, his mouth curling upward and his optics narrowing on Octopunch's.

"Killed... Hm. Too many. I don't suppose you've done anything about Prime yet?"

Gigatron peered down at Octopunch's tentacles. His arms were busy being coolly folded over his chest, so a nod indicated his perplexion.

"Aquatic specialist? Too bad you didn't get here a few breems ago. It would have saved me some trouble..."

Gigatron thought a moment and waved the back of his hand to the door.

"Well, if it's killing you'd like to do, so be it. Prepare for battle and see Shockwave for your orders. He should be near enough."

2004-11-30, 04:24 AM
Tempest turned his head and looked at the walls around the office. plain, bare, this 'con isn't a fighter, he's business man. no trophies of war, no anger marks from firing th the wall, nothing, but a desk and energy clipboards.

"Well, certainly Ratbat. The backup system, contains a map. A map that leads the user to a secret location with instructions to build a weapon. This weapon, is designed to take over all of Earth's telecommunications. We can take control of the human's TV, Radio, and Internet. We can repalce it with anything we want."

Tempest looked up and saw Ratbat's face, and saw he wastrying to hide his glee. He knew of the potiential this super-weapon held was incredable.

2004-11-30, 05:37 AM
Gigatron's Lair

A gravelly hiss expelled from Octopunch's throat, as close as the aquatic being could manage to a laugh.

"Prime, eh? In good time, perhaps..."

He nodded in agreement at Gigatron's assessment. He turned towards the door, the glowing tips of his trident leaving electric traces in the air as he did so.

Heading vaguely away from the commander's room, he opened a comlink.

"Shockwave, this issss Octopunch. I am to see you for orders. Where?"

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat had to restrain himself from clapping his wings in glee. He forced a neutral expression.

"And you can access this map, Tempest?"

Scrapper shook his head. "Devastator's not going anywhere any time soon, Cryotek. We'll be busy rewiring this hulk for months." He stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Menasor, on the other hand..."

"Perhaps you should talk to Gigatron, see if he can spare the Stunticons for a few hours."

Approaching Metrotitan

A rather worse-for-wear Ramjet winged his way back to the city, flakes of melted armour and soot falling to the ground in his wake.

2004-11-30, 06:34 AM
Cyrotek nodded to Scrapper.

"Good idea." he then got onto his com-link to Gigatron.

"Lord Gigatron, sorry to bug you but I need to talk business to you. When can I speak to you?" He asked and waited for a reply.

2004-12-01, 03:00 AM
Gigatron watched Octopunch out the door with cold optics, his body tense and silent as he listenened to the footsteps disappear down the hall. Dealing with Pretenders was to Gigatron much like digging up the petrified fossil of one's own ancestors. With a muted shudder, he meandered to the desk and depressed the comm button.

"Now, Cryotek. Come to my chamber with your business and we shall discuss. Gigatron out."

2004-12-01, 04:58 AM
Hangar Bay, Metrotitan

Ransack followed Banzai-Tron up the ramp, then took a seat in the shuttle's cockpit.

2004-12-01, 06:06 AM
"On my way." Cryotek said starting towards Gigatron's lair he walked across Metrotitan arrived and knocked on Gigatron's door.

2004-12-01, 07:16 PM
Windrazor smiled as he tapped his console, bringing up the display once more. Holo-images of the current Decepticon army floated above the display, revolving in place as reams of statistical data flowed past his optics. He switched the display, bringing up nine warriors, their images floating in front of him.

He opened a commlink.

Thrust, Tracer, Blitzwing, Cyclonus, Sunstorm, StarBlade, Overlord and Cryotek, report to briefing room one as soon as possible. We have a new assignment to prepare for.

2004-12-01, 07:29 PM
The rapping, rapping at his chamber door came sooner than Gigatron had expected, and that was certainly no disappointment. He pressed the admittance button on his desk and held it as he circled around, finding comfort in the embrace of his giant, gothic throne. The release, and the door opened, revealing...

"Ah, Cryotek. What's this you need of me, now?"

Aero Blade
2004-12-01, 08:54 PM
Tracer perked up upon recieving the com message, listening to the details. "About time. I was getting bored.." He muttered to himself, getting prepared and heading towards the briefing room. He hoped whatever it was involved blowing up or attacking some Autobots...

2004-12-02, 02:35 AM
Tempest looked at Ratbat knowing that he would still function if he told him what he wanted to hear.

"I do have access, its in the backup system. Password protected and all. 168-bit encryption password. I'll be able to access it easily. However, I'll need a team of my own to find the plans then build the object."

2004-12-02, 03:08 AM
StarBlade stopped in her walk, surprised by the call. She opened up a return link to the sender, noticed it was Windrazor.

"Windrazor, StarBlade here. On my way."

The assassin, heavily puzzled, turn and headed for briefing room one.

2004-12-02, 04:13 AM
Cryotek looked at Gigatron.

Wait a second is he like me? he thought but then changed his mind.

"I was going to ask if I could use the Stunticons to raid human computer manufactors for Metrotitan. On the other hand can we use them for this mission Windrazor is asking us on?" He asked while opening a com-link to Windrazor.

"Windrazor I am currently meeting with Gigatron I will be at the breifing room ASAP."

2004-12-02, 05:53 AM
Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat nodded agreeably.

"And you shall have them, Tempest...but not just yet. After we've completed Lord Gigatron's newest scheme, we'll have the resources available to take this on."

Corridors, Metrotitan

Ramjet entered the city, then made his way towards Medbay.

2004-12-02, 11:07 AM
Metrotitan's Hanger

Nightracer and Carnivac entered the shuttle. Nightracer quickly took a seat while Carnivac took a look at the seat and snorted. Carnivac's pretender shell wasn't made for sitting in chairs. Nor did he feel like taking off his shell and transforming into his robot mode.

2004-12-03, 01:33 AM
Receiving the comm message, Thrust purposedly made his way to the briefing room.

2004-12-03, 06:28 AM
The Predacon's flew into the city as robot modes and transformed into beast modes and followed Ramjet into the Medbay.

2004-12-03, 06:50 AM
Hangar Bay, Metrotitan

Ransack powered up the shuttle's engines, then glanced over to Banzai-Tron.

"Launching now, chief."

As he spoke, the shuttle glided smoothly out of the hangar, ascended, and tore off towards North America.

Medbay, Metrotitan

Hook's optics raised as he saw Ramjet walk in.

"You again? One would think you're starting to like it here..."

"Ah, cram it," the conehead replied. He turned to Scaple. "You wanna patch me up?"

Hook, meanwhile, idly watched the approaching Predacons.

Training Wing, Metrotitan

As he waited for Shockwave to respond to his message, Octopunch headed out of the command wing. As he made his way through the halls, he stopped, almost at random, outside one of the city's holographic training rooms.

The sounds of combat echoed from inside.

Morbidly curious, the Pretender checked the door. It was unlocked. He stepped through...and emerged on the middle of an oil-soaked battlefield. Hoardes of Autobots were moviing across it, passing the corpses of their comrades as they converged on a single point.

At that point stood a single Decepticon.

Autobots swarmed towards him, shooting and slashing and punching. The purple-and-grey figure didn't seem to move more than a metre in any direction, but he somehow managed to strike down every foe that reached him with a single punch, energy blast or slash with those odd blades he carried.

Impressed, Octopunch made his way towards the battle. Several of the holographic Autobots tried to bar his way, but he merely swept them aside with the sizzling tips of his trident.

As he approached the centre of the battle, he recognised the Decepticon who was in the middle of it; Bugly. Without his shell, the other Pretender wasn't as distinct as one would expect.

Even as the name crossed his mind, his fellow Pretender shot him a cryptic glance. Bugly nodded vaguely, which Octopunch took to be a sign that his presence was acceptable.

Sending a peal of lightning forth from his trident to obliterate a nearby cluster of foes, Octopunch launched himself joyfully into the fight.

Random Sweep
2004-12-03, 11:36 AM
Scalple looked at Ramjet

" On one condition, after I repair you, I want you to collect 5 specimens of the planets dominant lifeforms for me" he said " Preferably the higher intellegence ones "


Banzai-tron nodded to Ransack

" Set us down thirty miles from the Autobots location " he ordered

Lord Zarak
2004-12-03, 04:00 PM
Overlord smiled as he acknowledged the call from Windraizor. He arrived at the briefing room and entered.


Shockwave was interrupted by Octopunch's call.
"I am in my office in Scorponok. You can see me here."

2004-12-03, 06:18 PM
Med Bay

The Predacon's stalked their way into the Med Bay, except for Divebomb who flew. Razorclaw looked at his men and transformed.

"Alright, just give us a little energon and we'll be out of your hair. Plus, I could use a little bit of repair work on the left shoulder, shrapnel for a missle got lodged in their."

Divebomb: "Also, my wings could do with a bit of repair as well. Tantrum, go find Tempest, tell him to meet us at our quarters. Headstrong, Rampage, meet you there.


Ratbat's Office

Tempest looked at his wristcom. The pred's were back.

"Sir, with your permission, I wish to go and get the map from the back up system, then go to see the Predacon's. According to my detectors, they are now located with-in the city."

2004-12-03, 09:49 PM
after a near brush in with death Bombshell reactivates
what happened?? Where am i??? then shouts hello can any body hear me. Then starts to limp to find some decpticons.

2004-12-03, 10:10 PM
Gigatron steepled his fingers before his countenance, contemplating Cryotek's request thoughtfully.

"Denied," he pronounced calmly. "Windrazor shall not have use of the Stunticons, but Shockwave does. However, I appreciate your thinking - we shall deploy the Stunticons as such when they are free of detail."

Gigatron eyed Cryotek briefly. He had never known this one was among the relics...

"Anyhow, let's not keep Windrazor waiting. He has important business for you."

2004-12-03, 11:35 PM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Ramjet shrugged at Scalple. “Sure, why not? It’s not like the things are hard ta find or somethin’. Dunno what you want with fleshies, though.”

Hook nodded to Razorclaw. “Energon dispenser is over there.” He looked at the Predacon leader’s shoulder, then grabbed a tool from his equipment tray. “Hold still; this will hurt slightly.”

Shuttle, departing Carbombyan Airspace

Ransack nodded. “Sure thing. We’ll be there in a few minutes.” He programmed a landing location into the ship’s autopilot, then leaned back in his chair.

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Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat nodded indifferently.

“You’re dismissed, Tempest”

Holodeck, Metrotitan

Octopunch jammed his trident into the chest of a holographic Autobot, then responded to Shockwave.

“Expect me in five minutesss.”

He drove a fist into the nearest holo-enemy, then beckoned towards Bugly. His fellow Pretender leaped into the air, transformed, and flew over the vast field of enemies that surrounded them. Reverting to robot mode, he landed beside Octopunch.


“I’m going to see Shockwave for an assignment,” Octopunch informed him.

Bugly nodded. “You’ll speak to him on my behalf?”

“Sure. You’re bored, too?”

Bugly turned and headed back into the crowd of holo-enemies. “I am.”

“I’ll mention that.” Octopunch grinned. “Computer: exit.”

There was a wait - almost ten seconds - before the exit appeared, a sign that even the holodeck’s semi-independent systems were suffering from the main computer damage. As Octopunch walked out, he shot a look back over his shoulder. As he expected, Bugly was already surrounded by a pile of dead enemies.

Octopunch headed out of the city and was immediately uncomfortable with the arid climate he found himself in; giant aquatic creatures weren’t well suited for hot Carbombyan days, after all. His shell split and the smaller inner robot emerged. As the shell disappeared into subspace, Octopunch was already feeling more comfortable. He started to make his way towards Scorponok.

Random Sweep
2004-12-04, 12:59 AM
" Very well." Scalple said to Ramjet " Get on the table and I shall proceed"

2004-12-04, 05:06 AM
Cryotek nodded respectfully.

"Understood, well I will take my leave to see Windrazor. Farewell." He said raising from the chair transforming into his Dragon mode and exiting the chamber.

He made haste to the meeting area with Windrazor and the others he arrived and caught his claws into the roof above them and hung like a bat.

"Windrazor what's the mission?" He asked.

2004-12-04, 01:25 PM
Sunstorm and Cyclonus entered the breifing room and sat down.

"Yes, why do tell us?", the radioactive seeker asked as he sat.

2004-12-04, 05:54 PM
Also having arrived, Thrust waited to hear what Windrazor had to say.

2004-12-04, 07:05 PM
Windrazor watched as the summoned warriors made their way into the room and sat down. Without preamble, he started to speak.

"Decepticons. Gigatron has informed me that we will soon be launching an attack on the Autobot city of Metroplex. The goal is to steal parts to repair Metrotitan. This will be carried out by a small infiltration team led by Gigatron himself."

He paused, and activated a monitor.

"I have been asked to lead an air assault on Fortress Maximus, in order to provide cover so that this mission can succeed. I have chosen you to take part in this assault."

An image of Fortress Maximus appeared on the screen, revolving slowly.

"Our aerial force will be split into two waves. The first wave, led by me and consisting of Thrust, Tracer, Blitzwing and Cyclonus, will come in low and fast, in order to take out Fortress Maximus' anti-aircraft defences."

"Once this is accomplished, the second wave, led by Cryotek and consisting of Sunstorm, StarBlade and Overlord will join us, and we will aim to take out the rest of Fortress Maximus' offensive weaponry."

"After the majority of weapons have been neutralised, Wave two will split up, and be assigned as follows.

Sunstorm will join Wave one and harry the Autobots from the air.

StarBlade will go to ground, and target Autobot officers and key personel for assassination.

Overlord will join the Combiners attacking Metroplex from the outside.

Finally, Cryotek will join the strike team.

Now, the disruptive effect of the winds around the towers of Fortress Maximus, along with the tight lines of manouverability will make this a risky mission, and for some of you, it might be outside the limits of your aerial modes to perform such close manouvers.

That is why I would like you, Cryotek to design gyroscopic stabilisers to be fitted to the bodies of anyone here who needs them. This will give you the tighter turning angles you need to perform in this mission. You know your abilities. If you think you will need such modifications, report to Cryotek."

Windrazor glanced around the room at the attendant Decepticons.

"Now, are there any questions?"

2004-12-04, 09:24 PM
Corridors, Scorponok

Octopunch entered the city and took a minute to get his bearings. After consulting a wall map, he headed to the command level and knocked on Shockwave’s door.

Medbay, Metrotitan

Ramjet hopped up on the indicated table and waited for Scalple to get to work.

Holodeck, Metrotitan

Bugly moved quietly over the landscape, looking for any remaining enemies. Octopunch’s intervention had been unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome. The holo-Autobots in this simulation were becoming predictable, the city’s damaged computer systems unable to forge them into worthy foes. Nonetheless, Bugly wouldn’t leave until they were all defeated; he had set his sights on victory, and victory would be his.

He knew there were more enemies, because the program was designed to terminate when the last foe fell. It was still running, so there had to be at least one enemy remaining. Wherever he was, though, he was hiding very well.

Even as Bugly was thinking this, he heard movement. The Pretender spun, his arm-mounted photon cannons raised and ready to fire. Looming over him was a monster.

Not a literal monster, of course. But for all intents and purposes, the grey-and-red holo-Autobot that stood before him qualified as one. Nearly half-again Bugly’s height, the enemy had very obvious Dinobot-like design elements...not the least of which was the glittering red energo-sword that quickly slashed down towards the Pretender’s head.

Had this been a real foe, Bugly could have used the dark powers at his command to influence the creature’s spark, make it hesitate in its assault. But against holographic images, mind tricks were less than useless. Instead, Bugly raised his electro-stingers and blocked the slash. Before the pseudo-Dinobot could press his attack, the Pretender jumped back out of engagement range and sheathed his stingers.

Bugly vaguely toyed with the idea of summoning his Pretender shell; with its added size and strength, he could face the hologram on even footing. But he dismissed that plan almost as soon as he thought it. The point of these simulations was to test his own abilities; if a practitioner of Circuit-Su couldn’t control his own body perfectly, then his mental powers would likewise be imperfect. And if he couldn’t control his own mind perfectly, how could he hope to control others?

So: as the humans would say, ‘mind over matter’.

Raising his forearms, Bugly sent photon blasts screaming towards the hologram. It handled its energo-sword flawlessly, placing it in front of one of the energy streams even as it sidestepped out of the way of the second barrage.

Which was, of course, exactly what Bugly had expected. Keeping up the fire from his left cannon, he curled his right hand around one of his electro-stingers and hurled it at the pseudo-Dinobot’s left shoulder. The creature’s sword shot out, batting the short blade out of the air...but in doing so, he left his right side unguarded. Bugly quickly took advantage, blasting a flurry of photon beams into the hologram’s arm. The arm exploded in a torrent of sparks and shrapnel, and the creature dropped to one knee in reaction.

Taking advantage of his enemy’s simulated pain, the Pretender closed range and brought his second electro-stinger down in a slash towards the holo-Autobot’s now-empty shoulder socket. The creature rolled out of the way, but the stinger nicked it in its thigh. Its face contorted to a mask of rage...then froze as the holodeck computer simulated the effects of Bugly’s venom. As Bugly recovered his second stinger, the pseudo-Dinobot collapsed backwards, paralyzed but still conscious.

A single photon beam through the skull rectified the latter quite nicely.

The holographic battlefield dissolved around him and Bugly walked out with a satisfied expression on his face.

2004-12-05, 01:02 AM
StarBlade listened carefully to the plan. It sounded extremely dangerous, and designed to do the most damage, preferably to the enemy, but with Windrazor's description of the manuverability issues, the assassin frowned some. She knew she'd have to go to Cryotek for those gyroscopic stabilizers. Speed was her strong suit, not manuverability.

When Windrazor asked if anyone had any questions, StarBlade spoke up.

"Yeah, I have one. Got any info on who is at Fort Max so I know who to take out?"

Random Sweep
2004-12-05, 01:53 AM
Scalple started slicing open damaged panels on Ramjet

2004-12-05, 02:16 AM
Cryotek smiled.

"I think I can whip those up. In fact I might have some plans that will work nicely." With that he took off and returned to his lab.

"If you need help see me." He said flying off.

2004-12-05, 02:25 AM
Thrust made a mental note to get those gyroscopic stabilizers from Cryotek - he was excellent at sudden bursts of speed, but he could do with an improvement to his manouverability.

He gained from Windrazor's description that their mission would not be without danger, but there was no frown on his face, and his yellow optics brightened with what was part genuine enthusiasm, and partly stemming from the expertise at hiding his fear (at least for a while) that the cowardly Conehead had developed due to sheer experience.

2004-12-05, 10:11 PM
Windrazor glanced at StarBlade.

"We know that Optimus Prime has quarters aboard Fortress Maximus. Other than that, I am unsure as to who will be at the city. I believe that an observation team is at the site at present. I shall get the relevent information before we attack."

Aero Blade
2004-12-06, 03:08 AM
Tracer nodded, listening as Windrazor layed out the plan. "Sounds like fun," he commented. He made a mental note of the equipment suggestion. He was pretty confident in his own manuverability, but an extra edge was always a good idea. Once the meeting seemed to be done, Tracer got up and went off to find Cryotek to see about getting one of the stablizers.

2004-12-06, 03:29 AM
StarBlade nodded.

"If you can get that information to me as soon as you can, I would greatly appreciate it. It would make my job a lot easier. If I don't have to guess who I'm going after, I can save my sniping for a surprise, and take out more of their key figures." With that, the assassin stood.

"Now I should go see Cryotek. I'm made for speed, not manuverability." The assassin gave a type of salute, turned and headed for Cryotek's lab.

2004-12-06, 03:45 AM
Cryotek looked at some plans in his lab.

"These should do the trick nicely, replace the standard gryo's most of them have with these badboys." He said quietly doing some quick typing as a machine went to work making them.

A few minutes and I should have plenty for the masses. he laughed.

2004-12-06, 12:20 PM
"Hello this is bombshell. I am in serious condition, send help send help."Bombshell said trying to radio the decpticon city Scorponok

2004-12-06, 01:40 PM
Having no questions himself, Thrust also took his leave and went for Cryotek's lab.

2004-12-07, 05:52 AM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Ramjet lay still while Scalple worked on him, a tight grimace on his face.


The massive city forwarded Bombshell's call to both Gigatron and Shockwave without comment.

Crew Quarters, Metrotitan

Bugly arrived at his assigned room, slipped in silently, and settled into a meditative pose.

2004-12-07, 03:33 PM
(OOC: Sorry guys, I've been busy the last two days. *picks up where he left off)


Tempest wandered around the city, checking the area for anything that might come to an advantage. Tempest always liked to know the secret hiding spots of a base of operations. When the base would come under attack he would hide in a blind spot and pick off 'Bots with his Sniper Rifle.

He finally made his way down to the area where the Backup System was being stored. He waved a hand in front of the door and it opened. He still had remote assitance to the city's backup system, but the map could olny be access physically.

He walked in to see a green mass of metal digging away at something in the corner.


Divebomb got an energon knife out and started to tend to his wings as Hook jabbed his tool in Razorclaw's shoulder. He stood by and looked at the wall except that he cracked his metalic neck in true human style.

Random Sweep
2004-12-07, 04:56 PM
Scalple finished up with Ramjet and stepped back

"All done, Take more care next time."

2004-12-07, 09:51 PM
Windrazor nodded at the remaining group.
"Prepare for the mission. I shall summon you at the necessary time."

He turned on his heel, and left the room, walking briskly along the corridors.

"Windrazor to Gigatron. My troops have been briefed. Some are reporting to Cryotek for modification, while others are ready. Once modifications are complete, we can attack when ready."

2004-12-07, 11:07 PM
Thankfully for Cyrotek Decpeticons are machines. Simply put they are made of parts a great many of which are interchangable just like in Earthen vechicles. He looked as a machine made the special new Gryoss for the Decpeticons.

He then got onto a com-unit to Windrazor and Gigatron.

"I have a fair number of advanced Gryos ready to go. I can give you a quick idea of the performance increases. The quick and simple would be about a 50% better overall performance increase than standard gyros and a close to double that for more "stunt" is manuvers than the normal gyros. Is there anything else I can do to them?" He asked.

2004-12-08, 06:34 AM
Medbay, Metrotitan

Ramjet slid off the surgical table and nodded in satisfaction. "You do good work, doc. I'll see about fetching those humans for you."

Hook pulled bits of shrapnel out of Razorclaw, then set about repairing the Predacon's shoulder armour.

Bugly's Quarters

Bugly sat perfectly still, his legs crossed and his sensory equipment inactive. Instead of seeing with his optics or hearing with his audio modules, the Pretender used the power of his spark to reach out and extend his awareness outwards from himself. He could feel his Decepticon brothers and sisters moving about the city, could feel the apprehension and eagerness of impending battle in some of them.

The Decepticon focussed on centering himself, knowing that he would need every scrap of control at his command in the battle that he now knew was looming.

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat's optics searched around the room, making sure he was alone with Scrapper. Seeing that he was, he fluttered over to the Constructicon leader and handed him a datachip.

"We shall be returning to the Nemesis soon, at least some of us. I want to be able to access the system detailed on that chip. Assemble the proper protocols for me, then return the card. Speak of this to no one; it would be inefficient for others to know that this system existed."

Scrapper was thoroughly baffled, but he set to work doing as his commander had asked.

2004-12-08, 01:15 PM
Bombshell's location
Terradive-"Eagle Eye have you located Bombshell?" Eagle Eye-"Yes" lets go.

Med Bay, Scorponok
bombshell:thank you for helping me.
Terradive and Eagle Eye:your welcome. Want to join our little group.
lets go find gigitron

2004-12-08, 06:12 PM
Cyclonus and Sunstorm both made their way to Cryotek's lab.

2004-12-08, 09:50 PM
As StarBlade made her way to Cryotek's lab, she gleefully considered the boost to her image if she managed to take out a really high ranking 'Bot. She had missed killing Magnus, and that had hurt her, a lot. Most of her brothers considered her as something less than pleasant to have around, though Ramjet seemed to be getting used to the idea of having her around.

Well, I guess I can't complain... Assassins aren't usually trusted, even by allies. From the way they act, the others seem to think I'm suddenly gonna turn on them and go to the 'Bots! Our enemies hate assassins even more then my brothers do! Ugh... what a problem....

2004-12-09, 08:43 AM
Windrazor activated his comm unit, a small microphone curling around the side of his head into position by his mouth.

"That should be adequate, Cryotek. Proceed with installation onto any warrior who needs them. Report back to me when all are done. Windrazor out."

He walked on down the corridor, arriving at an access door that exited out onto the upper levels of Metrotitan. He stood high on the citybot, taking in the surrounding desert.

It's desolate... Barren... Nothing like I'm used to. I can't wait for this battle. It's been too long since I've killed an Autobot."

2004-12-09, 02:12 PM
Cryotek replied.

"Will do." and set to work. His first order of business Thrust.

Aero Blade
2004-12-09, 11:50 PM
Tracer entered Cryotek's lab and watched the scene, waiting for his turn and staying alert.

2004-12-10, 02:23 AM
Thrust carefully held still, allowing Cryotek to do the installation work.

2004-12-10, 05:47 AM
Cryotek opened up an area under Thrust's chest and removed the older Gryo. He placed into to a tray marked Thrust.

"Just in case you all decide to move back to your old parts he said." He then placed the new gryo in and closed Thrust's chest compartment.

"There, not too painful I hope. Next!" He yelled to the growing mass of cons in his lab.

2004-12-10, 06:51 AM
Metrotitan, Outside Med Bay

Divebomb followed Razorclaw out of the Medbay some time later after they had both of their repairs made to their systems, and energon refill and a sytems check by Hook.

"Alright Razor, what now?

Razorclaw: "Get back to our quarters and then wait for Tempest."

Tempest walks around the corner and walks up to Razorclaw.

Tempest: "No need to wait, I'm already here."

Razorclaw gave Tempest a quick smile and Tempest returned it.

Razorclaw: "Where have you been?"

Tempest looked at the Predacon then at Divebomb.

"Have you got time? It's a long story."

They went back to their quarters to talk.

2004-12-10, 11:49 PM
StarBlade walked in just as Cryotek yelled "Next!". She chuckled, and stepped forward.

"Might as well do me next. I'd rather get this done now, so I can wait patiently for any information on who's at Fort Max so I can try to blast them into nothingness when we get there."

2004-12-11, 01:25 AM
Cryotek smiled.

"A fembot? I'll try to be gentle." He said as he removed her old Gryo and placed in an advanced one.

"Told you it would be quick and easy!" He said as he closed the holding compartment for her old gryo.

"Next!" He yelled.

Man I am feeling like a pizza place. He thought also finding the fembot to be amusing to say the least.

2004-12-11, 01:29 AM
Sunstorm walked in.

"Try not to tickle. I need to be serious for the time being"

Cyclonus also walked in although Sunstorm was still waiting.

"Maybe I shall also be next after him."

2004-12-11, 01:43 AM
StarBlade smirked. It was fun being one of the very, very few fembots in existance.

"Not used to seeing one of my make, eh? Not surprising. I'm rare." Another smirk. "Oh, and pain doesn't bother me... having nearly been slagged by Megatron before we left home all those years ago, my pain sensors are rather dead." The assassin grinned and turned to walk away, unless Cryotek had a response.

2004-12-11, 03:19 AM
Cryotek heard Starblade's comment and smiled.

"Well I would hope other sensors still work." He smiled and laughed as he waited for his next patient.

2004-12-12, 10:46 PM
A strange laugh came from the assassin.

"All depends on which sensors need to work."

2004-12-13, 03:21 AM
A sly grin came over Cryotek.

"Have to find out sometime." he laughed.

"Anyway enough joking, next!"

2004-12-13, 06:33 AM
Shuttle, returning from Autobase

Ransack idly punched away at the helm, trying to distract himself from his messy wound.

Medbay, Metrotitan

Ramjet was heading for the door when a comm page came through.

"Ramjet, report to me immediately. I wish to hear how your mission was executed."

The conehead sighed. "Sure thing Ratbat. Be there in a sec."

Ratty's not gonna like this one bit...

Bugly's Quarters

The mystic's spark continued to stretch out, his awareness extending farther and farther. He began to get a more distinct impression; not just the vague premonitions of combat, but something distinct. Something that was eminating from a Decepticon that was even now moving past his door...

Breaking his meditation and riegning in his consciousness, Bugly got up and headed for the door. Somewhat surprised by how much time he had spent in contemplation. He exited the room, stepping into the hall...directly into Ramjet's path.

"You. Conehead. Explain yourself."

Ramjet sneered. "Go slag yourself, twerp." He tried to shove Bugly out of the way, but the Pretender caught his wrist with ease. Bugly's other hand gestured vaguely, and a tendril of invisible energy curled out towards Ramjet's spark.

"You will answer me."

Ramjet growled, but his mind was too weak to resist Bugly's finely-honed abilities. "I'm gonna report to Ratbat. He sent me out after some Wrecker-wannabes, and the slag hit the fan."

Bugly's optics narrowed. "Wreckers?"

"Wannabes," Ramjet scowled. "They seem ta call themselves Wreckers, but they've got no talent. Lead by some sorta Micro...if he recovers after the beating I gave him, anyway."

Bugly nodded, then released the epihemeral hold he had on Ramjet's spark. "I see. We'll have to do something about them, won't we?" He gestured once more. "Lead on; I'll need to have words with Ratbat too."

2004-12-15, 05:22 AM
Tempest and the Predacons sat in their quarters talking about the past, the future and the look on a bot's face before they went offline. Tempest would go on about the days he and Razorclaw would go into battle with just knives and kill every damn thing they could find.

Razorclaw: "Imagine ... that was pretty stupid stuff we did ..."

Tempest: "Yeah but it was worth it, I've got my kill count pretty high. However, 4 millions years makes a difference, back then I was fresh out of the press and the war had jsut started, I didn't care, but now .... I live for battle. However, I like to see 'em live, the bot's I mean.

Tantrum: "Your crazy!"

Headstrong: "Your a decepticon, your supposed to kill them!"

Tempest: "No, were supposed to win, at nearly any cost, A live Bot is better then a scrap heap."

Divebomb sensing what his Predacon brothers were thinking changed the subject.

"So, how long have you know Razor over here?"

Tempest launched back into a conversation once again and his prior comments were forgetton for now.

2004-12-15, 07:40 AM
Onslaught walked about aimlessly near Cryoteks Lab, thinking about what it would be like to some Autobot's head on a stick and run it along a picket fence. He also wondered where he should be.

2004-12-15, 07:55 AM
(OOC @ STARSCREAMCONE: Kid, the Combaticons are dead. You were told that the Combaticons are dead. Please don't post with Onslaught again.)

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ramjet walked onto the bridge with a sour expression on his face. Ratbat quickly saw why; Bugly was trailing behind him.

A mystic. How inefficient.

"Ramjet, make your report."

The conehead stepped forward, frowning. "I went out to investigate, where ya said to go. There were Autobots there; looked like those Wrecker-wannabes that Starscream fought in Japan. My backup was useless, so they shot me to pieces and stole the 'quipment."

Ratbat hissed. "Succinct as always, Ramjet. Dismissed."

Ramjet stalked off the bridge, and the cassetticon turned his attention to Bugly.

"And what do you want?"

Bugly moved closer to Ratbat. "We need to talk," he said, "about these Wreckers..."

2004-12-16, 09:50 AM


"Grrrr, grunt nnnnnnnnnn."

He tranformed rapidly between Tank and Robot mode whilst trying to kill a strange looking rock.

Not far from Cryoteks lab, it quickly became clear that he wasn't supposed to be there.


Having heard the call of next, Skullgrin headed for Cryoteks lab

2004-12-16, 01:01 PM
Sunstorm eagarly jumped beside Cryotek after he shouted "Next".

"Be gentle with me"

Cyclonus waited behind, he would be next after Sunstorm.

2004-12-16, 03:25 PM
Cryotek saw as Skullgrin walked into the lab.

Hmm a primative organic mix on a Transformer. He thought to himself.

"Hello there." He yelled to Skullgrin. "Sit down a metrodrone will bring you some energon and run a diagnostic you look parched."

He then looked at Cyclonus and had him lay down on another bed.

He then looked at Sunstorm and Cyclonus and opened up both of their chest cavaities removed their gryos placed them in marked boxes and placed the advanced gyros inside of their new owners respectivly.

"Thank you Henry Ford." He said as he shut both of their chest cavities.

"Ok next!" He smiled. "Man I am starting to feel like a fast food joint." He laughed.

Lord Zarak
2004-12-17, 09:09 PM
Shockwave was perusing the list of available warriors given to him by Gigatron when Octopunch arrived at his office.

"Enter" he called.


Overlord merely nodded in appreciation at Windraizors plan.

Random Sweep
2004-12-17, 10:24 PM
Banzai-tron turned to the crew

" When we get back head to medbay" he said " I will take the data to Ratbat "


Icepick noticed alot of movement around the base

Walking up to Cyclonus he asked " what is all the comotion about?"

2004-12-18, 05:42 AM
Shockwave's Office

Octopunch entered, sketched a perfunctory salute, then nodded to Shockwave.

"I was recently freed from a CR chamber. Gigatron told me to report to you for assignment." He frowned. "Can I assume there is a battle coming?"


Ransack piloted the vessel smoothly into Metrotitan's hangar.

"Medbay, you say?" He shrugged. "Sounds like a good idea to me."

The young scout settled the ship into a parking bearth, then set to work locking down the controls.

Random Sweep
2004-12-18, 09:54 AM
Banzai-Tron exited the shuttle, and headed off to find Ratbat

Lord Zarak
2004-12-18, 02:40 PM
Looking up at Octopunch, Shockwave said
"You can indeed assume that much. As you have been recently released from your CR Chamber, I need a report on your condition and current combative ability. Can you provide one now?"

2004-12-18, 09:07 PM
Shockwave's Office

Octopunch nodded again.

"I can. I am fully functional, as is my shell and all of my equipment. I am ready for battle, Shockwave."

2004-12-18, 11:40 PM
Cyclonus looked at Icepick and nodded.

"You are quite right. There is a new mission commencing and all Decepticons assigned to it are getting ready for it."

Aero Blade
2004-12-19, 02:25 AM
"And the mission cannot begin soon enough," Tracer said, interjecting into Cyclonis and Icepick's discussion while he waited for his turn. "The waiting and small talk is driving me out of my mainframe with boredom..."

2004-12-19, 09:37 AM
Carnivac didn't mind Banzai-Tron's order, so he quickly followed Ransack to the medbay before Banzai-Tron had a chance to change his mind. Carnivac wasn't fond of giving reports in front of other Decepticons and avoided it when he could.

Nightracer was slower to follow, if she remembered correctly the Constructicons where on duty in the medbay.

Outside Metrotitan

Bored now, Menasor thought to himself, little knowing that the other Stunticons were thinking the same thing...Not that any of them would admit that even when tortured.

2004-12-19, 09:53 AM
Windrazor smiled as he saw the reconnaisance team's shuttle approaching. They would have the information he needed.

"Windrazor to Banzai-Tron. I need information on the Autobot officers stationed at Fortress Maximus."

Random Sweep
2004-12-19, 11:32 AM
Banzai_tron recieved Windrazors message

" And who might you be? " he questioned

2004-12-19, 02:22 PM
Windrazor bristled at Banzai-Tron's tone of voice, but his own voice was a mask of calmness as he replied over the comm.

"You can view my file on any of Metrotitan's computers. I do not have time to indulge your inquisitiveness now. Suffice to say that I am acting on Gigatron's orders, and I need that information. Now."

What he didn't mention was the fact that his file was decidedly low on information. He had ensured that shortly after he'd gone into business as a mercenary.

Random Sweep
2004-12-20, 03:42 PM
doesn't this fool realise that metrotitans systems are down

" Fine. I will bring the report to you ." Banzai-tron said to Windrazor

Lord Zarak
2004-12-21, 07:15 PM
Shockwave nodded in acknowledgement.

"That means that the list prepared by Gigatron is almost complete.

I need you to be present at the principle briefing room inside of Scorponok. Make your way there now, where you will become acquinted with the rest of the strike force. Targets, waves and strategies will be discussed at length. You are dismissed."

2004-12-21, 09:27 PM
Having noticed the sudden movement earlier, Echoshift had followed the rest of the crowd that was now converging on the lab. He wandered in and joined the queue, just behind where Tracer, Icepick and Cyclonus stood.

2004-12-22, 03:43 PM
"See that you do, Banzai-Tron," Windrazor replied over the comm, before closing the connection. He smiled. According to Cryotek, the modifications to his troops were going as planned. Soon now, they'd be ready.

2004-12-22, 08:41 PM
Shockwave’s Office

Octopunch nodded.

“As you wish, Shockwave.”

The Pretender turned on his heel, stepped out of the office, and headed for the briefing room.

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat dropped from his perch and fluttered towards Bugly, lighting on the Pretender’s shoulder.

“Why, pray tell, are you wasting so much fuel worrying about these Wreckers?” The cassetticon hissed. “As our dimwitted conehead associate’s survival shows us, they aren’t fit to bear the name.”

“The Wreckers are a symbol,” Bugly scowled, “and as much as you might want to play down their value, Prime obviously thought enough of this new unit to give them the Wrecker designation. If we let them pull off many more successes like this one, they will become a beacon of hope to the Autobots.” His optics glowed a bit brighter. “If, on the other hand, we crush them like they were nothing...well, I’m sure I don’t have to outline the benefits of that to you.”

“Indeed. It would be demoralizing to them and contribute well to our bottom line.” Ratbat stretched his wings slightly. “But how exactly would we do that? There is no pattern to their attacks, no logic. The targets they’ve chosen so far have been lightly defended, and the losses have been significant only as propaganda.”

The mystic shrugged, accepting the accountant’s words but not overly concerned by them. “Leave that to me. I sense that Bludgeon will be back soon, and the two of us will be more than capable of orchestrating something to deal with the Autobots’ newest pack of potential heroes.”

Ratbat hissed in amusement, then hopped off of Bugly’s shoulder and flew back to the command chair. “Yes, I imagine you could.” He nodded. “You may proceed, but keep me informed.”

“Of course,” Bugly said as he walked off the bridge.

Random Sweep
2004-12-22, 08:44 PM
Banzai-tron arrived at Windrazor's location

" Here is your information. but before I give it to you I will tell you now that I am comming with you."

2004-12-23, 03:45 AM
Stasis Chamber, Metrotitan:

Back in the darkened depths of the room, there was a thump. The thump of somebody waking up. Followed by another thump, the thump of realizing that said somebody was in a Stasis CR chamber. Followed by another thump, the thump of "Let me out." This, in turn, was followed by the sound of the chamber door being ripped off of it's hinges, and flung across the bay.

Stranglehold: -stomps out, shaking his head- "Nuhhhh..... Where....." -looks around the darkened room, turns, and strides purposefully towards the other chamber door at the opposite end of the room in the Shell storage section, smiles at his name, emblazoned on the panel front, and taps the release to open the door-

Door: -doesn't open-

Stranglehold: -taps release key again-

Door: -still doesn't open-

Stranglehold: -having used up his pheominally small amount of patience on his own chamber door, smashes his fist through the Shell chamber release mechanisim, rips the inner workings out of it, and rips the door open-

Shell: -opens-

Stranglehold: -steps inside-

Shell: -seals up around him-

Stranglehold: -mustache bristling, strides out of the chamber, morning star clanking slightly as it rattles against his hip- "Much better. Now, where's Bludgeon and Octopunch........." -strides into corridor, pulling morning star from it's belt hook, starts twirling it idly-

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -on comm- "Metrotitan Command, this is the battlecruiser Trypticon. Requesting clearance for landing."

2004-12-23, 08:32 AM
Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat hissed in acknowledgement of the hail from Trypticon. "Permission granted. Land in sector four. Leozak and Hatemonger would be well advised to make their report to Lord Gigatron promptly, before he decides to seek them out."

Bugly headed out Metrotitan's main exit, tranformed and took to the sky. He circled around the encampment, awaiting the arrival of Trypticon.

Eminating from the city he had just left, the mystic felt the ripple of a somewhat familiar spark coming back to full awareness...a spark that was usually found in the presence of both the erstwhile training partner Bugly had picked up today, and the warrior he was now seeking.

Yet another piece falling into place, it would seem.

Had he been equipped for it in jet mode, he would have smiled.

Medbay, Trypticon

Spinister waited calmly as the city's drones repaired his wounds.

2004-12-24, 02:48 AM
Hatemonger overheard the landing procedure and Ratbat's response to contact Gigatron.

He paused and looked at the repair work the CR chamber did. Not too bad he thought as the new armour shined.

He then got onto his com-link.

"Gigatron, this is Hatemonger. Leozak and the rest of our force have returned. Would you like us to meet to discuss the details of the mission? We would classify the mission as a pretty much rousing success." He waited and strechted started to head towards and exit.

2004-12-24, 04:03 PM
Windrazor smiled.

"I am leading an aerial assault on Fortress Maximus. If I recall, you do not have an aerial mode, therefore you are unsuitable to join my strike force. However, the aerial assault is only part of the attack. I am sure that the Commander of the ground forces would welcome your participation. Unfortunately, I do not know who will be leading this force."

He paused after his little speech.

"Now, pass me the file."

2004-12-24, 08:21 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: "Aye, Ratbat. Orders recieved and understood."

Hellbat: -brings Trypticon in for landing in Sector Four, shuts down drives- "We've landed, Captain."

Leozak: -stands- "Secure from flight mode. Gaihawk, Killbison, report to Drillhorn. We're going to be self-sustaining soon, if all goes according to plan." -activates commlink- "Gigatron, this is Leozak. We have returned. Do you wish to debrief us aboard ship, or should we report to Metrotitan?"

Brave Maximus
2004-12-24, 08:30 PM
Gracefully keeping his balance, Double Punch smiled as they landed back on Earth and turned to Bludgeon:

"What now Master?"

2004-12-24, 10:19 PM
Bludgeon: -head snaps around, looking uncannily towards Stranglehold's location in Metrotitan- "It is time, my apprentice, to round up the squad. Follow me." -heads for the nearest exit, activating commlink to Stranglehold and Octopunch- "Come and see."

Lord Zarak
2004-12-26, 05:34 PM
As Octopunch left his office, Shockwave opened up a private comm channel to Windraizor:

"Windraizor this is Shockwave, please could you meet me at Briefing Room one in Scorponok in five breems? I wish you to be there when I brief the warriors that will partake in the land based attack on Fortress Maximus. Shockwave out"

Once that channel was closed, he opend up another comm channel, but to more than one recipient:

"This is Shockwave. Could those that comprise of Devastator, Monstructor, Menasor, Predaking and Piranacon, and the following individual warriors - Megaplex, Roadblock, Carnivac, Nightracer and Bugly make their way to Breifing room one inside Scorponok. You have been selected to take part in an exercise. Be there in five breems. Shopckwave out.

Random Sweep
2004-12-26, 11:18 PM
Banzai-tron tossed the disk to Windrazor
" take it. "
and stalked off


Icepick recieved shockwaves orders

" Everyone we have orders move out " he told his team

2004-12-27, 05:43 AM
Medbay, Trypticon

His repairs complete, Spinister collected his weapons, equipment and Nebulans, then headed for his quarters.

Briefing Room One, Scorponok

Octopunch rasied his wrist comlink and replied to Bludgeon.

"Meet me in Scorponok, boss. There's something big coming, and it wouldn't do for the Mayhems to miss out."

Outside Trypticon

Bugly ignored Shockwave's command for the moment, transforming and landing outside the city's main ramp. He extended a tendril of dark energy towards Bludgeon's spark, both in greeting and so that his old...associate would discern that there was important business to be discussed.

He entered the city and walked quickly towards where he knew Bludgeon would be.

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Scrapper looked to Ratbat, who gave him a nod. The Constructicon leader raised his comlink and called his team.

"You heard him, Constructicons. Move out!"

2004-12-27, 07:49 AM
Rampage had just gotten out of his energy re-charge chamber when he heard the message. He moved over to Razorclaws chamber and woke him up and replayed the message to him.

Razorclaw: *sluggishly* "Predacon's we have got things to do ..."

Tantrum: *Just waking up* Breakfast?"

The Predacon's transformed into their animals modes and walked out of their chambers to go see what this exercise was about.

2004-12-27, 11:50 AM
Windrazor snarled, and moved to unholster his pistol, but stopped himself halfway. Rather, he read quickly through the information on the disk, then activated his comm unit.

"Windrazor to StarBlade. I have the information you require. Transmitting now."

He activated the feed, patching the information on the disk into his comm unit to transmit.

...Optimus Prime - Autobot High Commander...
...Prowl - Autobot Security Director...
...Ironhide - Autobot Security...
...Springer - Wrecker Leader...
...Red Alert - Autobot Security...
...Dai Atlas - Autobot Zone Commander...
...Skylynx - Autobot Lieutenant Commander...

"According to reports, several of the Autobots' medics are at Fortress Maximus also. If they take the field, they would make good targets of oppurtunity. This information should enable you to prepare for the mission. Windrazor out."

He shunted the disk into subspace, before turning on his heel and walking up the corridor.

"Windrazor to Shockwave. I am on my way."

He entered a lift, and descended to ground level before leaving Metrotitan, and taking to the air for the short jaunt to Scorponok's location, noting with passing curiosity that a new city had now landed next to the other two.

He walked straight through the main doors of the Headmaster citybot, and headed for the briefing room.

2004-12-28, 12:06 AM
Bludgeon: -striding forwards, over commlink- "Understood, Octopunch. We'll meet you there." -switches frequencies- "Stranglehold, meet me outside of Trypticon." -deactivates commlink, sees Bugly- "Greetings, Bugly. What task is it that you think requires the attention of the Mayhem Attack Squad?" -keeps walking- "We can talk on the way."

2004-12-28, 04:54 AM
Briefing Room One, Scorponok

Octopunch grunted in acknowledgement, then flicked off his comlink. Calling his shell out of subspace, he closed it around himself, flourished with his trident, then took a two-handed grip on it and took up a position along the room's wall.

The Constructicons began filing in, taking seats in the front row.


Bugly smiled behind his faceplate, then began walking beside Bludgeon. "The Wreckers, such as they are, have returned. You and I are going to deal with them."

He shot an evaluative glance at Double Punch, extending an invisible tendril of energy towards the unfamiliar Decepticon's spark at the same time. What he sensed was, to say the least, interesting. He turned back to Bludgeon.

"Can I assume you want the job?"

2004-12-28, 05:49 AM
Thrust was still where Cyclonus was, thinking about the upcoming mission. He would've loved to talk about his concerns and hopes for that mission, but he didn't feel like he could talk to the Unicronian, or Sunstorm, for that matter - he'd never been close to either.

He wished that Ramjet was there for him to talk to, or even Dirge. He wondered what had become of Dirge since the last time the Decepticons had seen him.

Random Sweep
2004-12-29, 02:17 AM
The pretender monsters arrived at Shockwave's office

" Reporting sir " Icepick stated

2004-12-29, 05:42 AM
Boarding Ramp, Trypticon:

Bludgeon: -nods, shoots a sideways glance at Bugly- "How do you mean, 'such as they are'? The Autobot commando team not acting like they used to?" -reaches foot of ramp, keeps going, Stranglehold falling into step behind him-

2004-12-29, 08:48 PM
Outside Trypticon

Bugly nodded vaguely to the newly-arrived Stranglehold, but kept his focus on Bludgeon.

“You need to pay closer attention to your enemies, old friend. The Wreckers that you’re thinking about are for the most part dead. They have been for quite a while, though I sense that that won’t last forever; we will face them again one day.”

He shook his head. “No, the Wreckers that are active now are a new unit, barely worthy of the name.” He shrugged. “There is a dossier on the new unit on file in the main library computer, though you may find it a bit difficult to access these days.”

Main Entryway, Metrotitan

Ramjet exited the city, intending to obtain the flesh creatures he had promised Scalple.

2004-12-30, 03:43 AM
Entrance, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -stops, looks at Bugly- "Then what you're saying is that the Autobots have cobbled together a group and given it the name of their old elite unit?" -scowls- "Honorless curs. We shall whip them like the pale imitations they are, and send Optimus Prime their heads." -resumes walking, heading for where Octopunch is- "Tell me of them, Bugly. What you know of them. And also why the library computer is so difficult to access."

Royal Powerplant No. #3(under construction), Carbombya:

Drillhorn and Killbison: -tank mode, roll up and transform to robot mode-

Gaihawk: -transforms from fighter mode, lands next to them-

Drillhorn: -brigns right arm up, flips panel on forearm open, taps a sequence in on the keypad, starts scanning-

Gaihawk: "Well?"

Foreman: -walks up, looks up at the three Decepticons- "You should not be here! This is the property of his royal majesty, president and-"

Killbison: -looks over at Drillhorn- "Can I step on the squishie?"

Drillhorn: "No, Killbison. You don't know where that thing has been." -looks down at the foreman-

Foreman: -looking undaunted-

Drillhorn: "There's nothing stopping you from shooting him, though."

Killbison: -catches his breastplate as it detaches and transfroms to gauss cannon mode, aims it at the foreman-

Foreman: -color draining from his face- "I'll be over there......" -runs for it-

Drillhorn: -chuckles- "Nice to see that all the humans in this country aren't fanatical." -looks at the readout on his arm mounted scanner- "Good. They haven't brought the core online yet. With a few adjustments, I should be able to get this reactor modified into a fusion reactor that should be able to power Trypticon's generators."

2004-12-30, 04:08 AM
Cryotek looked around his lab as far as he could tell anyone that wanted a new Gryo had one now. He saved everyone's old gryo's in labeled boxes in a nifty shelving system he had in his lab.

He got onto his com-link.

"Shockwave, Ratbat, Gigatron and anyother con leadership, the new gyros are in place for those who wanted them. If there is anyone else send them in. Shockwave the Seacons are still with Starscream on a mission you may wish to contact Starscream to see how the mission is going." He added.

2004-12-30, 05:12 AM
Entrance, Scorponok

Bugly nodded. "The only notable members of this new team are Jazz and Roadbuster. The rest of the roster is filled out by miscelanious Micromasters and Targetmasters. As far as their skills are concerned...well, Ramjet engaged half the team singlehandedly, chased them off and sustained only easily-repaired superficial wounds."

He scowled, although naturally the expression was hidden behind his faceplate. "And the database is inaccessable because Soundwave and his minions betrayed us and managed to make Metrotitan's main computer useless."

2004-12-30, 06:18 AM
Nearing Octopunch's location, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: "Roadbuster? They put one Wrecker in the unit to give it the air of authenticity." -scowl deepens- "Death is too good for them." -seems to cock an eyebrow(if he had eyebrows, that is)- "And what is Soundwave's status now?"

2004-12-30, 06:28 AM
Approaching Briefing Room One, Scorponok

"Indeed." Bugly nodded gravely. "Soundwave is imprisoned, Bludgeon, to face charges of treason."

The Pretender entered the briefing room and walked towards Octopunch.

2004-12-30, 07:06 AM
Bludgeon and Stranglehold: -follow Bugly over to Octopunch-

Bludgeon: "What do you say, Octopunch? Ready to wreck some would-be Wreckers?"

Brave Maximus
2004-12-30, 07:22 AM
Douple Punch had sat back and watched the interaction. He had felt the pretender try and sense his spark, but the unique nature gave off interesting readings.

When it was decided their course of action he asked a question:

"I take it, these 'Wreckers' were once to be feared? Then it will be all the sweeter when we send their broken bodies ahead of us as a message to the Autobot fools. Where do we find them?"

2004-12-30, 07:37 AM
Briefing Room One, Scorponok

Octopunch whirled his trident through the air, electricity trailing from it's tips.

"Very ready."

He slammed the trident tip-first into the floor, sending sparks flying.

Bugly glowered at him, then replied to Double Punch. "They were, once."

2004-12-30, 10:51 PM
"Very well, Cryotek, Windrazor replied over the comm.
"Continue your own preperations for the mission. I shall send word when the time of the mission approaches."

The door to the briefing room swished open, and the tall Skyscorcher stepped inside. He immediately stiffened involuntarily at the site of Shockwave.

"I am here, Shockwave," he announced calmly.

Lord Zarak
2004-12-30, 11:16 PM
Shockwave noted the involuntary action.
Illogical. He still fears me after the long passage of time since our last engagement. Even his swift rise through our ranks has not completely eradicated his feelings and emotions that centre around me.

"Indeed. We await the arrival of Roadblock, Carnivac, Nightracer and Megaplex. It would not be prudent to begin without them, even though it appears some who were not summond have taken their place. Bludgeon, Stranglehold, Double Punch, explain your presence. It was not requested."

2004-12-31, 01:23 AM
OOC: I'm back from my X-mas travelling.

IC: The Stunticons entered the briefing room first, having split apart when Menasor recieved the message. a long time went by before the newly repaired Nightracer and Carnivac entered.

2004-12-31, 01:53 AM
Cryotek nodded.

"Will do Windrazor." he sat down and streched not much else to do he smiled and popped in some primative Earthen gaming system.

Maybe these humans were not totally useless. He smiled playing GTA San Andreas.

2004-12-31, 02:01 AM
Briefing Room, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -looks over at Shockwave- "We have come to reclaim our errant team member, Shockwave. It would appear the Autobots have cobbled together a group of would-be heroes and christened them Wreckers. The Mayhem Attack Squad will....." -scowl deepens- ".... show them the error of their ways."

Stranglehold: -growls- "Crush them like bu- er, slugs."

Bludgeon: "In this way, we can prevent them coming to the aid of the Autobots."

2004-12-31, 03:18 AM
StarBlade paused as she walked, getting Windrazor's messege. A wicked grin crossed her face as she recieved the list.

"Acknowledged, Windrazor. I will do what I can."

2004-12-31, 05:29 AM
Conference Room, Scorponok

Bugly shot Stranglehold an unamused glance.

Octopunch pulled his trident from the floor, then planted his left foot on top of the holes he had gouged.


Ramjet flew away from the Decepticon base, scanning for human habitations.

Lord Zarak
2004-12-31, 12:36 PM
"If I am to allow you to join this exercise, you must understand I cannot allow personal folly to jeapordise it, even if that means the recovery of our fellow warrior. There are specific objectives that must first be completed. You have until the two remaining members I have requested show up to give me your answer" replied Shockwave.

2004-12-31, 03:36 PM
Bludgeon: "With the recovery of Octopunch, Shockwave, my team is now complete. As it seems that our objectives and yours will be coinciding, then we will join you."

Lord Zarak
2004-12-31, 05:37 PM
"Since I have not divulged the nature of the exercise, it is illogical to assume that our objectives match entirely. It is also illogical, indeed foolish to say that you will be joining me. It is I, and I alone that has the final say on who is to be involved in this mission. So far you have not done anything to persuade me that your presence would benefit, indeed enhance this mission. The one thing in your favour is that one of your....Squad is present.

Teamwork will be of utmost importance, Bludgeon. It is important that, if involved, the Mayhem Attack Squad will only be deployed as and when I see fit. If you can accept that condition, then you may sit down and participate in the briefing."

Shockwaves sole optic looked at Bludgeon, awaiting an answer.

Brave Maximus
2004-12-31, 08:18 PM
Double Punch had sat back as long as he could. The New Decepticon leaned forward and snarled at the one eyed Decepticon leader:

"Your comments are foolish. My Master is going to eliminate an Autobot infestation and prevent them from re-enforcing the Autobot position - more than likely from a flanking position. I understand that you fear and envy the power my Master has, but do not let it cloud you. It would be..... unfortunate to underestimate us......"

Double Punch smiled a wicked grimmace at Shockwave, his claws involunarily flex.

2004-12-31, 10:31 PM
Bludgeon: -shoots a mildly disapproving glance at Double Punch- "It isn't good to be boastful, my apprentice. Better to prove than to threaten." -looks back at Shockwave- "I am more than willing to work with you, Shockwave. Had you factored this group of so-called 'Wreckers' into your battle plan?"

2005-01-01, 07:31 AM
Conference Room, Scorponok

Bugly resisted the urge to glare at Double Punch, instead trying to project an aura of calm into the young warrior's spark.

2005-01-02, 04:58 PM
Weirdwolf sniffs the air , " a battle i think this way comes " easing out of his favourite chair made from parts of autobots , and possibly decepticons, he's neve let on and no decepticon has yet had the courage to ask . Weirdwolf pushes the chess board to one side and heads towards the door.

Sniffing the air he heads for Conference room 1 .

Slinking in through the entrance

Weirdwolf : Off to kill Autobots go we now ?

Random Sweep
2005-01-03, 06:16 AM
Banzai-tron, being in a foul mood, walked up to Blugeon
" You are planning something and I want in on it ." he demanded

2005-01-04, 01:13 AM
Conference Room, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -head slowly turns, hollows of the skull-like face of his shell gazing at Banzai-Tron, gaze seeming to be able to swallow lesser beings whole, consume their sparks in hellfire, and cast them screaming into the Inferno- "Do you wish to join us to prove your skills, or to make a profit?"

2005-01-04, 01:52 AM
OOC: Sorry for the absence. Things have kind of been... hectic.

Megaplex entered the conference room glanced at Shockwave before he sat down.


Sunstorm began walking around and then he noticed Thrust.

"So, Rusty Thrusty, what do you think of this eh, mission we've been signed up for?"

Cyclonus did not join Sunstorm in his conversation, he merely stood thinking as he did not like Sunstorm at all. It was one thing both Decepticons agreed on.

Random Sweep
2005-01-04, 02:02 AM
Banzai-tron glared at Bludgeon , not backing down an inch from the Swordsmaster

" We may have our diferences in philosophies Bludgeon, but one thing is clear. he said " You and your Mayhem attack squad are here for one reason, to kill Autobots, and that I want to do."

2005-01-04, 03:04 AM
Conference Room, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: "The Mayhems are here to destroy the new Wrecker unit that the Autobots have put together, who will logically come to try to fight off whatever it is that Shockwave has planned." -looks over at Shockwave- "If he'd like us to come along, that is."

Random Sweep
2005-01-04, 03:30 AM
"This new Wrecker outfit is but a shadow of their former strenght. however it would still be enjoyable to destroy them " Banzai-tron said to Blugeon

2005-01-04, 09:12 AM
Nightracer, Motormaster and Carnivac silently payed attention to all the conversations going on in the room. They all had different reasons for doing so. Carnivac was listening in mostly to "see" if these new Wrekers were worth hunting, even if it was as part of a...hunting party. Motormaster paid attention only because it gave him something else to focus on, instead of the other Stunticons. Nightracer listened in because it was always a good idea to know what other Decepticons were planning on doing, even if it seemed it had nothing to do with you.

Lord Zarak
2005-01-05, 01:48 PM
"It appears thats everyone is here who should be here, and those that should not be here are here. However, the increase in numbers will work to our favour.

If you could all settle down, I shall begin the mission briefing."

Shockwave waited with infinite patience for all to comply.

2005-01-05, 02:25 PM
Deathwing enters the room and turns to Shockwave

".....deathwing, on-line and awaiting orders....."

2005-01-05, 04:10 PM
Conference Room, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -looks over and nods in greeting to Deathwing, then looks back at Shockwave, giving the monocular Decepticon his full attention, apparently-

Stranglehold: -also staring at Shockwave(more because Bludgeon's watching Shockwave than anything else), hoping that the briefing will be interesting, as he's getting bored-

2005-01-05, 04:41 PM
Deathwing looks at Bludgeon and nods, then walks over towards him and stands ready to hear Shockwave out

2005-01-05, 04:43 PM
Weirwolf gazes round room idly calculating angles andorder of attack in order to disable all the decepticons there with minimum chance of damage to Himself, just an interesting tactical problem to keep his mind ticking over.

He speaks out : ready to go and raring am I

2005-01-06, 03:07 AM
Windrazor stood off to one side of the room, arms folded across his chest. Truth be told, he had no desire to be here. He would rather be anywhere else in fact, but he knew that hearing Shockwave's battleplan would assist in refining his own performance on the battlefield.

He caught himself. 'Refine'. Since being banished from the Decepticons two million years ago, he'd developed a distinct professional pride. Before, he was soley interested in killing as many Autobots as possible. Now though, while still being a major goal, his many years as a mercenary, and a damn good one at that had taken their toll. He was also interested in fulfilling a mission well, and he was determined that this, his first mission for the Decepticons since his return, would go well.

Brave Maximus
2005-01-06, 06:44 AM
Double Punch stood where he was, just a foot behind and to the left of his master. He crossed his arms and attempted to look calm, though the constant sneer on his face gave him away

2005-01-06, 07:40 PM
The Predacon's had been tinkering with their swords when Shockwave became quiet. They knew they had to be dead quiet otherwise he'd go on about it. They began to listen.

(OOC: A little late but ... Happy New Year everyone :))

2005-01-07, 03:34 PM
Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -surrounded by an ever widening circle of spare parts, working on building the fusion reactor- "What did Fakkadi do, buy antiquated hardware the Soviets would have junked?"

Leozak: -voice muffled by the lead plate Jalgar and Gaihawk are hiding behind- "How's it going?"

Drillhorn: -scowls- "You don't need the lead barrier. there's no radiation." -looks over at the uranium containers- "Well, not yet, anyway."

Leozak: -still behind the barrier- "Are you sure?"

Drillhorn: -snarls- "YES! I'M SURE!!!!"

Leozak: -stands- "Well, that's good to-"

Drillhorn: "Besides, if the reactor goes up, the explosion will easily overwhelm that little barrier of yours. Probably blow a pretty good sized hole in Trypticon's engineering room." -looks over at one wall- "I always wanted a porthole there......."

Leozak: -makes a low, strangled noise-

Gaihawk and Jalgar: -run for it-

Drillhorn: -chuckles- "Of course, this cheap hunk of recycled bicycle clips would have to be reacting first."

Leozak: -sighs in relief-

Drillhorn: "I hate to say it, but we might have to steal another one."

Leozak: "Nnn. That bad?"

Drillhorn: "I did say might. I should be able to get everything working with what I have. It's just parts. They're cheap, and made out of substandard materials. Mixing our technology and human technology is hard enough. If they slag out the first time I run power through them......."

Leozak: "Figuratively?"

Drillhorn: -shakes head- "Literally."

2005-01-10, 02:33 AM
Blot's horrendous and horrific stench arrives way before the Terrorcons make their entrance. Another clue before their arrival that they where drawing near was the sound of clanking and clashing metal growing louder and louder as they brawled with each other all the way to the meeting.

Loud, ignorant and as brute beasts, the terrorcons barge into the meeting, suprisingly in their tamed robot modes and seized a large corner of the room as their own territory.

Although billigerent and outright mindless, only Hun-grrr, the team commander, has just enough shred of intelligence, and the sheer brute force to command the Terrorcons to pipe down.

Although the Terrorcons all seem to be anxiously awaiting orders to maim and kill, only Hun-grrr has the intelligence to understand complex battle plans and military tactics. Only Hun-grrr has the mental capacity to understand Decepticon war plans involving hundreds of troops of various functions and sub groups all working together, and how to succesfully apply the brute force of the terrorcons in the midst of them for maximum autobot deaths.

Hun-grrr chuckles as he glances around the room to see the response of Blot's stench as it fills the room. Many fellow Decepticons are visibly discomforted as the Terrorcons are use to the god aweful smell.

2005-01-10, 03:26 AM
Conference Room, Scorponok:

Stranglehold: -snorts, mutters under his breath- "Looks like the second stringers are here."

Bludgeon: -looks over at Hun-Grr, scowl deepening- "Quiet, Stranglehold. Shockwave would not have called them if he didn't have a use for them."

2005-01-10, 05:52 AM
Conference Room, Scorponok

Bugly send tendrils of dark power out, repelling the odor that was wafting towards him from Blot.

Octopunch took in the sight of the newly-arrived Terrorcons, then grinned savagely.

2005-01-10, 06:14 AM
Windrazor smiled indulgently at the Terrorcons. After all, every army needed its mindless footsoldiers. He was just glad that he didn't have to command them.

He folded his arms across his chest, and leaned against a bulkhead. At least he was getting to know the rest of the Decepticon forces, although to be honest, he could think of a million things he'd rather be doing than wasting time waiting for this meeting to get started.

2005-01-10, 11:03 AM
Weirdwolf hurriedly switches off his olfactarory sensors , His keen nose magnifying the stench by a 1000, muttering to himself.

Weidwolf: there are no decepticon odder but make they do perfect cannon fodder

Lord Zarak
2005-01-10, 02:14 PM
Once everyone had settled down, Shockwave began.

"As you all know, Metrotitan has been severly damaged. Due to the Quintesson invasion of Cybertron we are unable to procure supplies to repair him. This, therefore, leads to one logical, and inevitable conclusion. Windrazor and I have been charged by Gigatron to lead an assault on Fortress Maximus, a diversionary assualt whilst Gigatron himself leads a small force to locate and procure the relevant materials."

At this point, Shockwave paused and looked around the room.

"The aim of our assault is to provide enough of a threat to fool the Autobots into letting their guard down sufficiently. This is why two waves of assualt are planned. The airborne wave is to be led by Windrazor here. The ground assault shall be led by myself."

Turning to Windrazor, Shockwave asked

"Do you wish to give the details of your wave? It would be most logical to provide our combined forces with as much information as is possible."

2005-01-10, 03:31 PM
Hatemonger wandered Metrotitan.

Gee is Gigatron taking some rest cycles? he thought becoming bored. He then decided to walk to see what the meeting Shockwave was holding was about to keep himself abreast on Decepticon current events.


Cryotek was still having fun playing GTA San Andreas.

"Run run you stupid humans or you will be well done!" He laughed gleefully.

2005-01-10, 11:14 PM
Hun-grrr silently folds his arms as he hangs onto every audible word resonating from shockwave's cold and calculating being. Hun-grrr seems almost facinated by shockwave's single, blinking eye as it takes all of Hun-grrr's intellectual might to hold back his savage urge to pounce at shockwave's head.

Hun-grrr listens with a grin on his lip components already anticipating the violent dis-array and chaotic violence of combat as he invisions scenes of dismembered autobot bodies and their fuel leaking everywhere. The imaginary battle scene playing in his mind already makes him hungry as his stomach loudly growls. He briefly looks around to see if any one heard it before turning his attention once again to shockwave.

Hun-grrr knows that the Terrorcons are some of the least respected Decepticons, but are also some of the most feared. He has no intentions of trying to impress his fellow decepticon comrads or even gain their respect. Hun-grrr is not trying to make friends.

His fellow 'cons may make their remarks about his team, but they cannot deny their sheer destructive power and brute force in battle, which is where everything all counts anyway. He knows his Terrorcons may not be the brightest bunch, but are a deadly addition to the decepticon cause.

Hun-grrr grins evily, feeling proud of himself, until turning around to see Rippersnapper in robot mode, gnawing on sinnertwins shoulder while standing behind him, also in robot mode. Hun-grrr now feels embaressed, holding his head with his right hand and nodding.

Hun-grrr: "Why can't we just for once fit in with the rest of the decepticons?" (Hun-grrr mumbles to himself)

2005-01-10, 11:29 PM
Windrazor nodded at Shockwave. The Ops Commander made sense.

He strolled forwards to the front of the room.

"My goal is simple. I aim to distract Fortress Maximus's defences with an aerial assault that strikes hard and fast, with no warning and no chance for the city to target us. I aim to use precision fire to take out all of the city's Anti Aircraft weaponry, thereby giving us air superiority.

Once we've done this, one of my waves will split. The assassin StarBlade will target specific Autobot targets. I've already provided her with a list, obtained by Banzai-Tron."

Windrazor gave a small nod of acknowledgement to the Actionmaster.

"Cryotek shall join Gigatron's strike team in his assault on Metroplex, and Overlord shall join your ground team, and be absorbed under Shockwave's command.

He glanced around the room, his gaze resting on Shockwave.

"That should be sufficient information, I believe," he finished.

2005-01-11, 01:27 AM
Rippersnapper: "Grrrrrrrr, 'nuff talk, want smash....."

The Terrorcon mumbles under his breath as Hun-grrr nudges him, commanding complete silence from his troops.

Hun-grrr: (Thinking silently) "I think I'm going to start showing up to these meetings alone. It's best that only I attend these briefing in representation of the Terrorcons."

Cutthroat: (Thinking to himself) "What is going on here? What is this meeting about? Why are we just crowding around doing absolutely nothing? I can't understand what's being said! I hate these boring meetings! I can feel my engines rusting! I can't stand it, I got to move!!! I'm going crazy!!!!!"

Blot: "Me no understand what goin' on, but me only listen to leader hun-grrr. Him leader and him me trust! Me no listen but to leader Hun-grrr.

Sinnertwin: (Quietly pondering) "........................."

2005-01-11, 01:40 AM
Hatemonger decided to speak up during a pause in the meeting.

"I would be more than willing to lead another heavy strike force on any target requested. Or at least assist in any manner" He smiled.

"Besides the little Cybertron adventure got my oil pumping."


*OOC Same as in the Nemesis post*

Snaptrap nodded and got onto his com-link.

"Lord Gigatron, this is Snaptrap currently in the Nemesis. We need assistance to get the ship back in order after the Autobots tried to flood it. Requesting the Constructicons assistance and anyone else you can spare with an engineering background. Snaptrap out."

He paused and hoped someone got his message.

2005-01-11, 03:20 AM
Even thought he was sure that road kill (even that black earth creature with the white stripe) smelled better, Carnivac couldn't help but smile at the future battle plans. He coud hardly wait.

Nightracer was silent; mentally noting that she should make sure she had plenty of amo before she left, just in case.

Motormaster was silent as well, his optics wondering around the room, taking note of who was there and who wasn't. He still ignored what the other Stunticons where doing, but noted they had stopped talking when Shockwave and Windrazor started to tell their battle plans.

Dragstrip was more then happy to take part in the battle, with him it could not fail. Breakdown was sure that Blot's stench would help make him less noticed in the meeting. Deadend didn't care one way or the other and Wildrider just wanted to blow something up.

Random Sweep
2005-01-11, 03:45 PM
Conference Room, Scorponok

Banzai-Tron, While bored, returned Windrazors nod.

Icepick however listened intently, eager to once again furthur the decepticon goals.


Scalple's Quarters

Scalple lent back into his chair, finished reading reports on the mudball they were inhabiting.

I miss Cybertron already

leaning towards his desk again Scalple called up the data-files on the binary bonding that seemed to have become the fashion among the warriors.



His repairs finished, Triggerhappy left the battle station for some R & R time

2005-01-13, 12:53 AM
Conference Room, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -completely ignoring the stench, wondering what Shockwave's plan for the ground forces is-

Stranglehold: -unable to ignore the stench, the smell not making him sick, but reminding him of the old days in the arena-

2005-01-16, 09:43 AM
Razorclaw looked around at the other Decepticons faces and raised his hand.

"Who's gonna be in the ariel assault? And who's gonna be in the ground force?"

2005-01-16, 08:08 PM
(ooc: Egads, forgive me for being so slow to reply! I somehow managed to overlook DrEvil's post...)

"I think this mission will be easy for a proven warrior," Thrust replied. "Don't know about others." He gave Sunstorm a look that subtly displayed his dislike for the radioactive jet.

2005-01-16, 09:42 PM
Windrazor smirked.
"The composition of the aerial force should be irrelevent to your task force, but I will indulge your curiosity," he told Razorclaw, before naming the members of his aerial force.

"Now, Shockwave," he turned to the Commander. "Maybe you can outline your battle plan?"

2005-01-16, 10:07 PM
Overhearing the conversation, Echoshift couldn't help butting in. "Does that mean you see yourself as a 'proven warrior' then?" he said somewhat tauntingly to Thrust.

2005-01-16, 10:21 PM
Weirdwolf mutters to himself anxious to go into the field of the field of battle , the scent of autobot oil in his sensors as he ripped them to shreds

Weirdwolf: now time for talk it is not , strike we must , before prepared they are . Let officers brief us we must, sooner let them we do , sooner Autobots we do kill. squabble and argue we must not a bunch of Autobots like. Decepticons are we machines of action are we . Now hush will I

Brave Maximus
2005-01-16, 11:48 PM
Double Punch sat back and drummed the tips of his clawed hands against his arm - waiting for what ever to happen.....

2005-01-17, 01:44 AM
HUN-GRRR gazes upon his troops who seem to drool lustfully for combat to the point of growing hostile towards their fellow Decepticons as Hun-grrr watches them cutting distasteful glances at Decepticons across the room.

HUN-GRRR: "Grrrrraaarhhh, I hun-grrr and the Terrorcons will join the groundforce against the Autobot infested slum heap they call Metroplex!"

Rippersnapper: "Yes! Yes! At last, we fight!!!"

Terrorcons in unison: "Yeah!!!"

2005-01-17, 08:27 AM
" Wouldn't surprize me." Carnivac couldn't resist saying to Echoshift, some what amused and briefly wondering who this Decepticon was. " Of course, it could just depend on who he's comparing himself too."

Motormaster smirked when he heard what the Terrorcons were saying, they may not be the smartest (or cleanest) Decepticons here, but they had (more or less) the right idea.

Nightracer's face mask kept the other Decepticons from seeing the look of annoyance she had over some of their behavior during the meeting. And we're suppose to be professionals, she silently thought.

2005-01-17, 04:27 PM
"I've survived to this day, that's proof in itself," Thrust said, slightly irked. "Who are you, anyhow?" he asked Echoshift.

2005-01-17, 08:22 PM
The gray flier jerked a thumb at his chestplate. "Name's Echoshift," he introduced himself to Thrust, Carnivac, and any others who might happen to be listening. "I guess we must've managed not to cross paths up until now, 'cause I don't recall talking to you before."

2005-01-17, 10:58 PM
"My name is Thrust," the red Conehead replied.

2005-01-18, 06:41 AM
" Carnivac." Carnivac said, knowing that due to the fact that he was a hunter/tracker, that there was probably a lot of Decepticon jets he hadn't met yet.

2005-01-18, 05:25 PM
Deathwing steps foward

"....I will join the aerial assult...unless you have need for me elsewhere.....it doesnt matter to me as long as i get to take out as many autobots as possible......"

2005-01-18, 05:53 PM
With a hushing hydraulic hiss, the dual doors at the rear of the wide room whirred open, revealing a broad and dark silhouette. One heavy footstep announced the entrance of the de facto Decepticon leader.

"Indeed, Shockwave," Gigatron echoed of Windrazor's sentiment as he made his way to his lieutenants. "Your troops are surely eager to learn how they are to serve the glory of the Empire."

At the front of the room, Gigatron delivered each of his subcommanders a brief nod before an about-face accompanied by the spanning of his arms wide before the massed troops.

"Decepticons!" he bellowed. "When the next edition of the Imperial History Codex is revised, future generations shall read of today as one of our most glorious victories. Your courage today - in snubbing the cowardly Autobot insurgency that would suppress our efforts to reclaim our home - shall inspire future generations of Decepticons to obliterate the challenges they must stare down. Today, face fear with unyielding tenacity and repentless resolve. Face your enemy with the knowledge that you are creating the future they seek to stall. Face even death if you must with the courage that, collectively, we cannot fail! Decepticons forever!"

Gigatron threw a fist in the air, encouraging a roar of applause. He turned his head again to Shockwave and Windrazor and spoke low.

"I go now to take my position for the Metroplex incursion. I wish not to be sighted with the main assault force on your approach. Deploy when your preparations are complete."

With that, Gigatron marched again through the doors and into the corridor. He transformed into formula mode, switched on his radio, and raced for the city's primary access ramp.

"Scalpel, this is Gigatron. Starscream requires some technical help at the Nemesis. Be a lad and give him a hand. You may appropriate yourself a small shuttle from Metrotitan's hangar if necessary. Cryotek, meet me at the base of Metrotitan's main ramp. It is time. Gigatron out."

Random Sweep
2005-01-18, 06:08 PM
" Starscream can go and connect his optics to his rear thrusters for all I ... hmph Acknowledged Gigatron " Scalple growled, Unhappy to be interupted.

as almost an after thought, SScalple left a note for Ramjet.

It read :


Away on official business.
Please leave the subjects in the confinement area I have provided at the rear of the lab.


Then he stood and headed to the hangers

2005-01-18, 06:10 PM
Windrazor smiled at Gigatron's speech.
Quite the eloquent one, he thought to himself, as the Decepticon leader left the room.
"Shockwave. I shall need to join my strike team soon. Please be brief," he addressed the ground commander.

Windrazor then activated his radio and spoke quietly.
"Strike Waves 1 & 2. Assemble in front of Metrotitan's main access ramp. I shall join you shortly."

He then turned his attention back to Shockwave.

2005-01-18, 08:33 PM
Echoshift nodded-- first at Thrust and then at Carnivac --in acknowledgement, and committed the names to memory.

2005-01-18, 08:56 PM
StarBlade recieved Windrazor's messege, and grinned evilly. This would be a good day, should she manage to slag any 'Bots....

The assassin hurried to the main ramp, the evil grin still on her face.

2005-01-18, 11:23 PM
HUN-GRRR: "Excellent speech! With each resonating syllable out of Gigatron's audio module, my very energon converted pulsated pure energy through my internal combat systems! I very much anticipate the mauling of Autobot opposition! Come Terrorcons!"

SINNERTWIN: "Where we go?!! We fight now?!!"

HUN-GRR: "Hmmm, good question. Now where are the groundforces participating in this attack staging at? And do we have time to give Blot an oil change and plug up that nasty leak in his anal valve?

BLOT: "Me no need fix! Me good now!!!

HUN-GRRR: "Silence, Blot!!! We can't afford you overheating or breaking down again in battle! I want to make a remarkable impression on our fellow Decepticons in this campaign!

RIPPERSANAPPER: "Since when do we care what anyone thinks?

HUN-GRRR: "Since I've laid my visual sensory arrays on that remarkable female Decepticon known as Starblade!"

CUTTHROAT: "Bah!!! She's way out of your lead!!! Your a Terrorcon, not some pretty droid seeker or run of the mill Decepticon! We are the dirtiest, filthiest, low down anything goes hard chargers to ever wade through a pool of Autobot oil, ever!!!"

HUN-GRRR: "You know! What the hell was I thinking?!!! But you're still getting that oil change and valve fixed, Blot!

BLOT: "Grrrr, and me still no like!!!"

2005-01-18, 11:51 PM
OOC: Shockwave hasn't dismissed you from the briefing room yet.

2005-01-19, 06:29 AM
Cryotek put up his controller and turned off his video game.

Sweet, he thought to himself as he transformed and flew off to the ramp to see Gigatron a bit of a twirl in his flying.

"On my way Gigatron." He said into his com-link flying full tilt.

Random Sweep
2005-01-21, 09:28 AM
Scalple entered the hanger and boarded the neared one-man shuttle.

Taking off he headed towards the location of the Nemesis.

(ooc: heading to nemesis thread )

2005-01-22, 04:09 AM
Conference Room, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -looks over at Banzai-Tron- "Very well. You may join us." -looks over at Bugly- "For the moment, we stand at six strong."

Brave Maximus
2005-01-22, 05:02 AM
Double Punch chuckled a little to himself in the background:

These fools of Autobots do not stand a chance....

2005-01-22, 05:40 AM
Conference Room, Scorponok

Bugly nodded curtly to Bludgeon and resisted the urge to try and mind-trick Shockwave into ending the meeting.

2005-01-22, 04:54 PM
Weirdwolf sits patiently sharpening his sword running a sharpening stone back and forth with a screeching sound

Inside Weirdwolfs Head

Weirdwolf : this will give us an excellent opportunity to seek out and destroy the hordes of vapid autobot scum , for myself i cant wait to get my hands on them , it will also act to stop the other inferior decepticons from calling us yoda behind our backs

Monzo : yeah bash , smash kill annihalte, show them who is boss yeah

Out loud

An autobot trophy will i bring back , an autobot head all wrapped in a sack , sneak in will i without detection and a scrapped autobot add to my collection

2005-01-22, 09:59 PM
Gigatron stood with arms folded, silent and patient. He looked down at the (mostly timid) Decepticons as they scurried past him on their way between the cities. The presence of only one especially interested him. Thankfully, that one was punctual.

"Cryotek. Good. Our mission is one of timing as much as stealth. Let us be off - to Autobot City!"

With a broad wave toward the west, Gigatron transformed to his jet mode and rocketed into the sky, trusting Cryotek to follow expediently.

2005-01-22, 11:46 PM
Cryotek listened to Gigatron and watched as he took off.

"Agreed!" He yelled as Cryo attacked to him and ducked down, with that his legs extended and two jet engines transformed and he took off behing Gigatron full throttle.


Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"Shockwave having Trypticon return from the Cybertron mission I would like to assist in the assualt on the Autobot bases. What assistance may I offer?" He asked.

Random Sweep
2005-01-24, 01:59 AM
Banzai-Tron gives Bludgeon a slight nod of respect

2005-01-24, 04:59 AM
Spinister's Quarters, Trypticon

The Targetmaster sat quietly in the chair behind his desk, flipping between security feeds, incident reports and various other windows.

One view in particular caught his optic. In this image, a purple jet and a blue dragon shot off into the west.

Interesting. He frowned behind his faceplate. Most interesting. Their vector takes them straight for Autobase. Something to do with the meeting Shockwave called, obviously.

He nodded. Well, at any rate Lord Gigatron shouldn't be heading out with only one bodyguard. If he were to fall, with Galvatron still missing and no obvious sucessor...the empire might never recover ferom the chaos.

He stood and headed for the door, raising his comlink.

And that is unacceptable.

"Singe, Hairsplitter. Meet me at the main entry."

2005-01-24, 07:13 AM
Carnivac smiled at Weirdwolf's words. Looks like I'm not the only Decepticon with a head collection, Carnivac thought.

2005-01-27, 04:38 AM
(OOC: Sorry, Zarak, but we need to get things moving.)

Conference Room, Scorponok:

Shockwave: -monocular optic taking in the assembled troops- "Ground forces, this is your disposition."

Stranglehold: -holds up hand- "Uh...."

Shockwave: "It means assignments."

Stranglehold: "Oh." -lowers hand-

Shockwave: "The combiners will attack Fortress Maximus. Scorponok will land in the area between the cities and eliminate any Autobots who try to support Maximus. Nightracer will take up a sniping position and cause as much destruction among their command structure as possible. Hatemonger will co-ordinate the ground forces. With the exception of the Mayhem Attack Squad, the rest of you shall wreak as much destruction as you are capable of." -looks over at Bludgeon- "Bludgeon, you and your Mayhem Attack Squad will assualt this new group of Wreckers are the Ark. Prevent them from supporting the Autobots during the battle." -once again take in the crowd- "You all have your orders. Move out!"

Bludgeon: -looks over at Stranglehold, Octopunch, Bugly, Double Punch, and Banzai-Tron- "We have our orders, mayhems. Let's go pay a friendly call on these would-be Wreckers." -strides out, expecting the rest of the squad to follow, heading for the shuttle bay-

2005-01-27, 05:10 AM
Exit, Trypticon

Spinister walked down the ramp, scooped up his Nebulans and tranformed without a word. As he flew away, Singe grumbled.

"Where are we going, anyway?"

"To war," Spinister replied enigmatically.

Conference Room, Scorponok

Scrapper stood, glaring at the rest of the Constructicons.

"You heard him! Prepare yourselves for battle!"

Hook nodded, then began carefully checking his weapons systems. Bonecrusher grinned, mindlessly beating his fist against his palm. Scavenger nodded, slightly less sullen than usual; he hoped he'd find something interesting in the battle wreckage. Long Haul nodded gravely, happy to have a non-transport assignment and determined to take his role seriously. Mixmaster simply chuckled.

Octopunch flourished his trident, then followed Bludgeon from the room. Bugly followed, optics glowing with dark power.

Brave Maximus
2005-01-27, 05:21 AM
Double Punch nodded and fell in a few feet behind and to the left of his master. He staired strait ahead as he walked, a disturbing half grin on his face.....

2005-01-27, 08:34 AM
Razorclaw looked at the glowing eye of Shockwave, then turned around to his troops.

"As much Destruction as possible ... and they said that this was going to be a mission." He stopped and looked Rampage and Tatrum "Make sure you've got all the explosives you can carry boys. Divebomb, make sure you grab that Experimental Rail gun from Tempest, he's been tinkering around with it for a while now. Headstrong, your with me. We'll wait for the others. MOVE!"

The Predacons quickly got their stuff before heading outside for the mission.

OOC: Fun ... fun fun fun.

2005-01-27, 11:37 AM
Windrazor gave a curt nod.
"Very well. I shall be with my men."

With that, he turned and strode from the room, walking quickly along the corridor, while he went over his plans in his head. Not finding any obvious flaws, he reached the main gates of Metrotitan, to see only StarBlade waiting.

"At least one person is prompt," he said, ironically, then he got on his radio.
"Thrust, Tracer, Blitzwing, Cyclonus, Sunstorm, Overlord and any other available Decepticon flier. Report to the front of Metrotitan immediately."

Windrazor snarled at the delay. They would have to fly quickly now, to reach their objective.

2005-01-27, 12:43 PM
Weirdwolf nods in respect to a fellow hunter and warrior as he passes Carnivac

Standing before Hatemonger

Weirdwolf for duty waiting and ready , eager autobots to kill

2005-01-27, 01:05 PM
Shockwavew sir come in.Me and my loyal minions are prepared for the battle.what do want us to do sir.i have also made a slight ajustment to my cerbereo shells.

2005-01-27, 02:23 PM
Echoshift exchanged looks with Thrust before glancing at Sunstorm. "Better not keep him waiting," the grey flier remarked, before beginning to head off. "Shall we?"

2005-01-27, 02:28 PM
Hatemonger nodded and said on his com-link.

"Yes Shockwave, I will lead an additional force to concentrate the pressure on the Autobots during the aerial and combiner assualts on the Autobot bases." He then got onto to his com-link.

"All ground assualt Decepticons report at once, we live within the hour." He said checking his ammo supplies for his violator cannon making sure he was fully charged on energon, he then quickly whipped out his energon saber it crackled as the blade hit the air he turned it off and resheaved it. All systems were green and the Violator cannon that he was able to test on the mission to Cybertron worked well.

" Iam ready to spill some Autobot fuel myself." he smiled and then nodded approvingly to Wierdwolf.

Random Sweep
2005-01-27, 03:09 PM
Banzai-tron Silent as death followed Blugeon out of the room.


The Pretender Monsters, Bristleback in particular exitedly waited for the other teams to be ready for departure

Aero Blade
2005-01-27, 08:01 PM
Tracer made his way to the front of Metrotitan, taking up a possition near Starblade - though not too close - then turned towards Windrazor.

"So are we finally ready to get this party started?" He asked idly, looking around for other cons to start showing up.

2005-01-27, 11:52 PM
Shuttle Bay, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -stops by one of the bay manifest computers, types in a search command, nods, starts heading for one of the infiltrator class stealth shuttles- "When we land, Bugly, scout ahead. Get as close as you can to their base and observe. And if an opportunity presents itself, cause some....... havoc in their ranks." -leads the way into the cramped shuttle, sits in pilot's chair, brings engines online-

2005-01-28, 12:11 AM
Windrazor nods at Tracer.
"Your enthusiasm is refreshing. But remember, our first objective is to neutralise the Anti Aircraft defences on Fortress Maximus. Once we have secured air superiority, only then can we have some fun.

2005-01-28, 03:23 AM
RIPPERSNAPPER: "What we do?!!! We go fight now, no?!!!"

CUTTHROAT: "Yes!!! Yes!!! Right?!!!"

HUN-GRRR: "Shut up!!! Now listen up, Terrorcons! Blot, since we don't have time to plug up your wretched leaks and to tune yourself up, we're just going to briefly make sure all of your combat systems are functioning up to par! And just so you won't over heat in battle, you're gonna swallow five gallons of crisp refreshing crude oil! Hopefully, that will be a quick fix and should compensate for your inefficient waste of fluid!
The rest of you, head down to the armory and fetch our weaponry!"

SINNERTWIN: "Bah, I hate fighting with weapons!!!"

HUN-GRRR: "You know how we do, fellow Terrorcons! Pick off as many Autobots at long range with our weapons as we rapidly advance before we get close enough to transform and sink our teeth in them with extreme prejudice!"

BLOT: "Mmmmmm!!! Can hardly wait to transform! Galvatron no allow us Terrorcons to transform no more inside Decepticon base! He forbid us Terrorcons to! Only for combat we transform!"

HUN-GRRR: "You have your orders! Go!!! Go!!! Go!!!"

Brave Maximus
2005-01-28, 03:24 AM
Double Punch moved into the tiny shuttle and seated himself just behind Bludgeon. He had no piloting skills that he knew of - his primary function was to end lives. So he sat back and waited......

2005-01-28, 03:26 AM
The Predacons had re-assembled together then made their way to Hatemongers location.

Random Sweep
2005-01-28, 03:32 AM
Banzai-tron enered the shuttle and took a seat next to Double-punch and waited.


The pretender monsters headed out the door towards Hatemongers office

2005-01-28, 04:12 AM
After Hun-Grrr briefly supervised Blot's oil consumption for a half-assed, quick fix to his lubbrication and over heating problem, he and Blot quickly met up with Cutthroat, Sinnertwin and Rippersnapper who had fetched the Terrorcon weapons from the armory. As the four Terrorcons, completely clueless, looked to Hun-Grrr to lead them to where they're supposed to go, Hun-Grrr cooly looks around at all of the troops scrambling in every direction.

Hun-Grrr, not exactly sure where to lead his team, cooly tries to play it off until he spots the Predacons running past them, envious of their matching paint job and reputation of being an elite fighting force in the Decepticon army. But Hun-Grrr must put his jelousy aside for the greater Decepticon cause and remembers Shockwave's commands. ""The combiners will attack Fortress Maximus...." echoed in his memory banks. "Hmmm...Predacons combiners. we follow Predacons to the battle! Terrorcons, Let's go!" Hun-Grrr commands!

2005-01-28, 04:33 AM
Carbombyan Aerospace

Ramjet clicked him comlink over to Windrazor's frequency.

"Add me ta the 'available' list, then."

The white jet reversed course and headed back towards Metrotitan.

Shuttlebay, Scorponok

Bugly took the co-pilot's seat, then nodded to Bludgeon.

"But of course, old friend."

Within Scorponok

The citycon's voice rang out through the halls.

"All ground troops, report to your staging areas. Transformation to flight mode will begin in ten minutes."

Scrapper led the Constructicons towards Hatemonger's erstwhile office.

2005-01-28, 05:03 AM
Nightracer quickly went to the armory to pick up some more ammo before heading towards a shuttle.

Carnivac followed after Weirdwolf, he was more then ready to go to war again.

The Stunticons cheered as Motormaster mumbled " Bout slaggin' time", before heading outside the citycon to combine into Menasor.

Random Sweep
2005-01-28, 06:08 AM
While not too pleased about being called to duty again, Triggerhappy decided that at least he was going in with a force this time.

"Windrazor , Triggerhappy reporting and inbound "

he then excecuted a tight turn and headed back to base

2005-01-28, 06:23 AM
Shuttle Blade:

Stranglehold: -manages to wedge himself into the shuttle, pulling Octopunch in after him, shuts the hatch-

Bludgeon: -releases mooring clamps, brings the anti-grav online, then brings the shuttle around and flies out through the open bay doors- "Bringing stealth systems online, activating TFS..." -drops shuttle down to 50 feet over the ground, pushes the engines to full, and is soon skimming over the surface of the ocean-

Random Sweep
2005-01-28, 07:09 AM
Triggerhappy landed near Metrotitan and approached Windrazor

" Whats this about " He complained " I just got back with Trypticon "


The Pretender Monsters, Icepick in front sttd before Hatemonger and waited for everyone else.


Banzai-Tron settled in and waited for the shuttle to reach their destination.

2005-01-28, 10:24 AM
Windrazor activated his radio.
"Acknowledged Ramjet."

He then glanced at Triggerhappy, who'd landed in front of him.

"Battle, that's what this is about. We are to attack Fortress Maximus in an aerial assault. Our mission is to distract the city from the real assault, which will be taking place covertly, in Metroplex."

He then looked over at StarBlade.
"You are prepared?"

OOC: I will have no internet access till Sunday. Don't worry, I'll make some arrangements.

2005-01-28, 12:24 PM
The Terrorcons follow Hun-Grrr's lead as he slowly marches behind the Predacons, trying not to make it look too obvious that he is following them. Hun-Grrr hates all of the formalities and legalities of combat preparation and the staging for battle and becomes quickly fustrated with the pre-battle planning.

Hun-Grrr likes him and his Terrorcons to keep a low profile when amongst the Decepticons in order to prevent constant ridicule and to prevent aggrivated assaults against his fellow Decepticons by his extremely short tempered and violent Terrorcon team. Although unsophisticatedly slow, and monstrously crude, it is only on the battle field and nowhere else, do the Terrorcons shine.

Hun-Grrr: (Thinking to himself) "Just look at Razorclaw. He thinks he's so cool. Like, ooooh, I'm a Predacon, and we're Galvatron's favorite combiner team! Hmmmph....they're not so hot! I bet you we'll tally up more Autobot casualties then those tamed, domesticated Predacons! Hmmmmmm, that sounds interesting! Perhaps placing a bet over a hundred cubes of energon will bring out the worse of my Terrorcons! The Autobots would surely face a formidable force with both the Terrorcons and Predacons on the attack with one hundred energon cubes on the line!

But would Razorclaw go for it? He must! He will, if he wants to preserve the reputation and honor of the Predacons! He will accept my friendly challenge! But I must find time to present it to him before combat begins! If we can tally more kills and sheer destruction then the Predacons, we get a hundred cubes of energon and the reputation and respect we finally deserve!!!"

2005-01-28, 02:41 PM
Hatemonger was looking at the gathered skimatics of the Autobot's bases.

He saw the plan of attack Windrazor and the aerial Decepticons were going to lead. With them striking first that alone should shook the Autobots. Plus with the recon force of Gigatron and Cryotek already in the area those two alone could cause some major issues.

He puased and got onto his com-link quick.

"Shockwave, pardon my missing out of the breifing but are any of our Citybots going to be in the battle, or at least Scorpnok? I heard Overlord was going to be in combat anyone else?" He asked.

"My plan of assualt is to come in from behind the Autobot's if our Aerial assualt even reduces their Citybase's defensive ablilities by even as low as 35-50% if we come in from behind we can crush them." Hatemonger then paused and waited for a reply and looked over at the gathering Decepticons.

"Make sure you are ready for battle, fully energized and have plenty of ammo." He smiled.

2005-01-28, 02:45 PM
The Predacons all stood around checking their weapons. They all drawned their swords and Razorclaw drew his and drew it straight up into the air then brang it down switfy. He then turned around and saw Hun-Grr and smiled.

He walked over to him, placed his sword in subspace and extend a hand to the Terrorcon and nodded curtly.

2005-01-28, 07:04 PM
Hun-Grrr was suprised that the Predacon commander even acknowledged him. Also, Hun-Grrr could not help but notice the aura of strength, professionalism and respect that naturally radiated from the Predacon commander. Perhaps in his brief streak of jelousy and being over zealous to gain the respect of his fellow Decepticons, Hun-grrr mis-judged Razorclaw.

Before answering Razorclaw, Hun-Grrr briefly turned to check up on his team to see the Terrorcons examining their weapons while talking amongst themselves. Hun-Grrr then turns back to the Predacon commander and extends his right arm in a friendly jester and shakes Razorclaw's hand.

HUN-GRRR: "Ah,Razorclaw! The Predacon, commander! An elite warrior,highly honored by mighty Galvatron himself and known for your deadly combination of deadly strength, animalistic ferocity and graceful swiftness in battle! Greatings! You know, I've always admired the unity and matching color scheme of you and your fellow Predacons! You all seem to work so perfectly together, blending together so smoothly, it's like you all have one mind! The result of a perfect commander I'm sure."

Hun-Grrr greets, trying to feel Razorclaw out before he springs the hundred energon cube bet on him. Although Hun-Grrr did lay the compliments on a little thick, he briefly looks over his shoulder to see if his fellow Terrorcons are doing anything stupid enough to embarress him.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Terrorcons are practicing rushing tactics, as Rippersnapper charges simulating a run and gun manuver before hitting the deck while pretending to continue fiering as then, Blot does his run and gun manuver before hitting the deck and laying down fire as each Terrorcon performs this technique as they quickly advance on an imaginary enemy. Hun-Grrr is proud of his team mates as he then smugly turns back to Razorclaw.

2005-01-28, 08:33 PM
Outside Metrotitan

Ramjet transformed and fell from the sky, landing heavily beside Windrazor.

Hatemonger's Office, Scorponok

Scorponok, having 'overheard' Hatemonger's communication to Shockwave, filled the general's office with his booming voice. "I will be accompanying you."

Leaving the other Constructicons in the corridor, Scrapper entered the office, saluted sharply, and said, "Constructicon leader Scrapper reporting for duty, General. Do you have any special orders for the combiner teams?"

2005-01-29, 02:51 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Excellent Scorpnok. Having you along will give us a major edge." He smiled then looked at Scrapper.

"Don't waste your time with the saluting." He nodded to the Constructicon leader. "Besides it's more important we slag as many Autobots as we can." He paused and reflected on his question.

He then spoke strongly and with considerable more purpose than his normal voice.

"Make sure as I said earlier you are all ready and loaded for this battle. For once we are taking the fight right to the Autobots, thankfully after what I've seen on Cybertron we still are the best warriors I've ever seen." He stood up and brought up a holo-image of the area.

"The combiner teams will spearhead an assualt. The aerial group will hit first and hard. We will hit next even harder. I am waiting for Shockwave's response to see if we will attempt to pincher them or otherwise. Also, I know there is another ground assualt group as well being lead by Bludegon and his group. Farthermore, with Scorpnok's help as well we should use a tactic utilized by the humans called "Shock and Awe"." He then paused as he did have a question.

"He was on our mission to Cybertron has anyone seen Sixshot or the Breastforce?" He asked.

"Simply, put firepower and strength will be of upmost importance. Do you think you and the other teams are up to the task?" He asked Scrapper not so much trying to insult the robot but to get the group fired up for battle.

2005-01-29, 04:06 AM
Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -now at the center of a rapidly shrinking circle of parts, working on a fission reactor-

Gaihawk: -working on the switchover junction points from the energon tanks to the fission reactors-

Jalgar: -hiding on the other side of a bulkhead section next to an open toolbox-

Drillhorn: -holds out hand- "Torque wrench."

Jalgar: -pulls torque wrench out of tool box- "Torque wrench." -tosses it over the bulkhead section to land in Drillhorn's hand-

Drillhorn: -attaches parts with wrench- "Yo, Jalgar."

Jalgar: -straightens up- "What?"

Drillhorn: -flings torque wrench at Jalgar, bouncing it off of his forehead- "I keep telling you. It's not going to blow up."

Jalgar: -rubbing forehead- "Ow.... All right, all right........" -drags toolbox out from behind bulkhead and over to Drillhorn-

Jeffries tubes, Trypticon:

Killbison: -running a scanner over another conduit junction, talking into commlink- "Nnn. Main gun power surge blew out parts I never figured would blow. This is part of the air circulation system."

Hellbat: "Well, it was a test run. Want to trade? Leozak's got me chasing down blowouts in the shield array."

Killbison: -pulls the burned out junction, replaces it with a new one- "Nah. This one's quieter. I was going to take a nap when I'm done. Speaking of the Captain, where is he?"

Leozak: -breaking into transmission- "I'm working on the nav array. We're almost done here, you know. If Drillhorn can get the reactor up and runmning, perhaps we can join the assualt."

2005-01-29, 04:34 AM
Hatemonger's Office

"Of course we are, General." Scrapper sniffed in an almost Hook-like tone of voice. "My troops are looking forward to a battle with Omega Supreme, if we can arrange it."

He frowned, though of course his faceplate hid the expression.

"I can't recall seeing them, though I could ask around." The Constructicon's optics narrowed. "I seem to remember hearing that the Battlechargers were running around somewhere nearby, though."

2005-01-29, 11:59 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Omega Supreme. That would be a good fight, by the Inferno I am sure Fort Max might not like me much from past battles as well. Or quite a few other Autobots for that matter." He said reminicing on battles past.

"That would be most excellent, I want to get every available con thats not on another mission in this battle. I am hoping maybe Starscream and his group can surprise us and get the Nemesis up and running but from what I've heard the Autobots did a good number on it." He then paused and scratched his chin then looked at Scrapper.

"I heard we had some problems with Soundwave and the tapebots while we were gone to Cybertron. Would there be any way we would get them wired to fight and if they tried anything outside of the ordinary at all, well you get the idea. He said "or would Shockwave or Ratbat be the ones to ask there?"

He then got onto his com-link to Shockwave.

"Will you be fighting along side us? Your skills would be most handy in an assualt of this scale." He asked.


In the desert a lone tank screamed along the sanddunes approaching the Decepticon bases.

"Come on faster Quake! I know you can do it!" Tiptop screamed as the targetmaster raced along the sand.

"Oh would you can it." Heater grumbled "It's too hot out here."

"How about you both can it!" Quake groaned catching some air off of a sanddune. He quickly got onto his com-link.

"This is targetmaster Quake reporting. Where should I report too?" he asked.

2005-01-30, 11:02 PM
The door whirrs open and in strides a small purple decepticon

followed by a crimson one two voices can be heard but the first robot is silent

Fly : I say we should be with the air assault

Wheels I disagree the ground assault is where were needed plus i control the legs

Fly mutters to himself

Ruckus : reporting for duty

FlyWheels: Reportingting foror dutyuty , no were not , yes we are shut up theyre looking at us

2005-01-30, 11:31 PM
(OOC: Again, sorry Zarak. Just trying to keep things moving.)

Shockwave: "I will be monitoring from the bridge of Scorponok, Hatemonger."

Shuttle Blade:

Bludgeon: "Coming up on the United States coast. Switching over to silent running." -flicks a few toggles on the control console-

2005-01-31, 04:44 AM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Acknowledged Shockwave, though having your firepower on the field of battle would be better than on the bridge of Scorpnok." Hatemonger commented.

Anyway, I have bigger things to plan. he thought to himself as he waited to hear of more Decepticon contacts.

"Good to see you've arrived." He said to Flywheels and Ruckus.

"And it seems we have another Targetmaster on his way." He said of Quake.

2005-01-31, 04:57 AM
Hatemonger's Office

Scrapper frowned. "Soundwave and his troops are still locked up, last I heard."

(OOC: And so is this thread. New one coming.)