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2002-02-02, 10:53 PM
(NOTE: I am combining the time rift and cybertron posts into one...hence the title time collapses! Please SPECIFY if your characters are in the PAST (TIMERIFT) or in the present (CYBERTRON)

Time: The Golden Era
Place: Ancient Cybertron

Some would call him a madman. Others, a visionary. Jhiaxus, however, thinks of himself only as a hero...doing something that others lack the fortitude to do. He smiles at Adeara and his cassette companions for today he unmakes the future...today he rewrites history, as he sees fit.

Jhiaxus: "You realize Megatron could have ended it all? The fool...he lacked the vision that I possess. Galvatron until recently was no better...my only regret is that he, in his new state isn't here to bear witness to our greatest triumph...today, Optimus Prime dies...before he is ever born. We will kill him...will will crush him...we will leave nothing...NOTHING...for the future of the Autobots to be built upon!"

Jhiaxus smiled as he saw Orion Pax walking out of warehouse.

Jhiaxus: "It is time"

Elsewhere in the past, Sixshot held the canister jhiaxus had given him.

Sixshot: "So Gigatron...how do we find the Liege Maximo anyways? Its not like he was out in the open in this time period!"

The trio of cons continued to fly as Sixshot waited for an answer.

God Jinrai
2002-02-03, 04:12 AM
Optimus and Nova could see clearly orion emerging from the warehouse... and jhiaxus creeping from his hiding place... preparing to strike... The duo acted as one now... Prime drew his weapons from subspace... Nova simply cleared his mind... his capacity of matter alteration was all the weapon he needed... the two emerged... Prime sighted up jhiaxus as he and his group approached pax... and with the true aim he was renouned for... Optimus Prime let the shot fly... Nova prepared himself for the comming battle... despite his powers... his dual shoulder cannons snapped up into position... he did as optimus had... sighting up jhiaxus... but not to attempt the saving strike... this was to ensure that jhiaxus got no closer to pax... much less his cohorts...

2002-02-03, 09:27 AM
(The battle Between Prime and Jhiaxus is IN THE PAST! So Unless you are Prime, Nova, Mirage, or have magical time travel abilities stay in the present!)

Jhiaxus took the shot in the chest and reeled over. Leaping back to his feet, he felt a shot of rage wash over him.

Jhiaxus: "HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!? That buffoon Hatemonger had one simple task...and he failed! Its a pity though Prime...you come all this way into the distant past of Cybertron only to die along side your former self!"

Jhiaxus fired a pair of rockets at the Autobot leader as he pulled his weapon out of sub-space. Things had just gotten complicated...

God Jinrai
2002-02-03, 05:13 PM
"It's not going to happen, Jhiaxus! You've got more problems to deal with than you could imagine!"

Nova emerged from his shadowy hiding place... "Indeed, decepticon. you face not one... but TWO of the greatest autobot warriors ever. "

Nova brought his shoulder cannons to bear on jhiaxus ...and opened fire...

Prime at that very moment saw megatron approach orion pax... "It's... happening... I can't stop him... lest I cease to exist! "
Out of the corner of his optic, he caught sight of the aerialbots..."EXCELLENT! I'm still in the same timestream! Now... if we can hold off jhiaxus long enough... after megatron deals his blow... they should get orion to alpha trion... and he'll be reborn... as...me..."

2002-02-03, 05:15 PM
As the blast hit Jhiaxus, Adeara spun around, drawing her sword. Thankfully, she didnt attack yet. If she had, things would have gotten bad. She looked to the attackers, to get a good target. Seeing the two, Adeara focused lightly, then sent a wave of heat energy towards the blaster that the one(PRIME) held. Once that attack was off, Adeara focused again, and sent a wave of heat energy towards the other attacker(NOVA), this time strong enough to melt titanium.

God Jinrai
2002-02-03, 06:26 PM
Prime managed to avoid one of jhiaxus' rockets... the second caught him in the edge of the shoulder as he tried to sidestep it.

Adera's heat wave reached prime's blaster... prime was forced to drop it... but soon enough it was replaced by another weapon... Nova had rearanged the atomic structure of the slag... into a..more formidable weapon... Prime lifted the cannon, locking it onto his forearm... and grinned inwardly... he'd always wondered how it felt to posess a mounted weapon instead of a hand-held weapon...

Nova could sense the wave coming... and so did the only thing he could. using his special capabilities, he forged from the air particles a wall of ice... several feet thick... the steam resulting from it would supply him with the cover that he'd need to deal with this threat... up close and personal

2002-02-03, 06:42 PM
Adeara saw the wall of ice and cursed in her own tongue. This was going to get bad, and in a hurry. She shifted her form just barely, allowing her eyes to become sensitive to movements. Once she could see, inspite of the mist that was forming, Adeara was ready to attack the first one of the Autobots that made a move.

God Jinrai
2002-02-03, 06:50 PM
Optimus could see the ice wall was already beginning to melt... as such... he turned his cannon to the source of the heat waves... and with but a thought, the cannon let loose a blast of fusion powered energy...

Nova quickly made his move... with prime leaving jhiaxus with no dance partner, nova took it upon himself to deal with the would be dictator... charging throught he mist, he could just make out jhiaxus' sillouette... he brought his fist across in a might hook to the decepticon's gut... and hoped he met his mark before the mist dissipated

2002-02-03, 07:14 PM
Gigatron pondered. Sixshot gave him an interesting question: Where would the Liege be? He was a dangerous Decepticon, certainly not one the Autobots would leave to his own doings. Gigatron recalled his historical knowledge. Indeed, Autobot bounty hunters, assassins, and spies had hunted Maximo for many vorns. If he were in any normal hiding place, he undoubtedly would have been found and caught. Then, he must have been hiding in some impenetrable fortress (unlikely, as the Autobots would have found some way in), or in a place so obvious that his predators would not have thought to look. As the idea crossed his mind, Gigatron recalled the time Jhiaxus told him of the Liege's favorite hang-out.

He always did trust me. Perhaps a bit more than he should have...

"Of course not, Sixshot. Our quarry is much more clever. We shall find him in the one place which would provide him absolute and eternal sanctity... Iacon!"

As the city came into view, Gigatron dived and transformed to robot mode. Before his lieutenants could land with him, he opened a hatch in the golden metal ground.

"Beneath, of course. Hurry inside, gentlemen."

2002-02-03, 08:32 PM
"Underground again?" Scorponok sighed and climbed into the tunnel Gigatron had just opened.

"This is better be worth it." The massive Decepticon said as he forced his large frame through the opening.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-03, 10:19 PM
Skywarp came to.....

Thundercracker had kept watch over his lifeless body since the warp in the shuttle wrecked his circuits.

Darkness.......phased into light.....a horrifying vision had been fused into Skywarp's neuro-net. The last thing he remember's seeing before shutting down...Galvatron's face, the last thing he remembers hearing....Galvatron's screams....the last thing he remembers feeling......fear.

His optics flickered.....he managed to raise his hand, then the memories returned.....


2002-02-04, 08:12 PM

Jhiaxus could barely make out the form of the oncomming transformer... but the blow struck true... he winced, spitting mech fluid , but slowly rose... to see prime nova before him...

"You. Worthless scrap! If Prime's death doesn't alter the future, your death here and now will!"

Jhiaxus went for a tackle, but nova managed to sidestep...

jhiaxus recovered, pivoting, unleashing another flurry of rockets... which were turned to air by nova...

"This is gettin nowhere! If you truly seek to stop us, then face me.. hand to hand, Prime Nova!"

2002-02-04, 08:36 PM
Adeara saw the blast coming, and moved, but it was too late. The blast hit her shoulder, and knocked her back a few feet. A roar of anger and pain rolled across the battlefield. Prime made a huge mistake in shooting her. Moving with the mist, she crept towards Prime, her sword in hand. Once close enough, or so she thought, she swung the sword across and up, hoping to get him across the chest and gut.

God Jinrai
2002-02-04, 08:48 PM
Prime could barely make out the image of the light sabre as it came in at him... he couldn't move fast enough to dodge it completely... the blade caught the front of his grille, tearing it apart quite a bit... activating his energon axe, he brought it down, knocking the bkade away from him...

"It's you, eh... well. you're the one who wants a fight... I'll just have to oblige then!"

Prime brought the energon axe in a tight arc, on course for stormweaver's torso...

2002-02-04, 09:09 PM
Adeara growled as the sword was knocked back. "Aye, and if you hadn't attacked me, I'd be helping my lord right now." As the axe arced towards her chest, she muttered something in her own tongue and then arced backwards, trying to avoid the blade. Still, it sliced her chest, but not too badly. "You're just trying to make me even madder, aren't you?" With that, she jumped backwards, shifted back to her decepticon form(still wounded, mind you. she could have healed if she wanted to), and swung the blade towards the canon.

God Jinrai
2002-02-04, 09:24 PM
the cannon cleaved clean off... but prime delivered a stern kick to her gut area...

"Listen, shapeshifter... you're the one who sided with the decepticons... as such, you left me no choice!"

Nova was preoccupied with jhiaxus, but could hear the cannon being cleaved apart... with a strain of effort, he managed to morph some of the debri from the cannon mount into a new blaster rifle... Prime immedieately returned it to subspace, continuing the battle bare handed...

2002-02-04, 09:35 PM
The kick knocked the wind out of her, forcing her knees to give out. A low growl escaped her. That move was extremely dishonorable. That made her even madder. While down, she decided that, since he was being dishonorable, she could do so with no loss her to her personal honor. With that thought, she pulled her sword down, and sweeped it towards Prime's legs.....

2002-02-04, 11:23 PM
Gigatron's face remained stolid as he closed the hatch behind him and began his trek to the Liege's base.

"If you can't take the pressure, Scorponok," he began, his eyes unmoving, "you needn't take a part of our future glory."

Gigatron did not wait for his large cohort to answer. He knew what a power-hungry brute like the former Decepticon commander was thinking. Beside that, the journey ended more quickly than Gigatron had expected. They faced a large door at the end of the tunnel. It looked old, but more, the aging looked intentional, as though it was meant to be overlooked. He stopped and turned to his soldiers.

"Get us through."

God Jinrai
2002-02-05, 02:32 AM
unable to dodge completely, the blade dug into the front of his left leg... but he managed to avoid losing the leg... leaping back, he stared coldly at her...

2002-02-05, 09:22 AM
Scorponok moved next to the door and pressed his massive claws against it.

Then the massive Decepticon digged his powerful claws into the door and pulled. The door began to give up under the enormous pressure it was going through and was teared away from its frames.

Scorponok grinned and placed the twisted door leaning against the wall next to him.

"You first Gigatron."

2002-02-05, 10:09 PM
"How very subtle," Gigatron noted as he began to pass through the hole of an entrance that his colleague provided. "But then, we didn't bring you along for stealth, did we?"

Gigatron's eyes moved away from Scorponok and toward the walls. He was not surprised to find conditions much clashing those presented by the outside. It was actually a modern and sophisticated war room, buzzing with computers, technicians, and the Liege's personal guards, whose weapon barrels Gigatron unwillingly met face-to-face. One unhapppy-looking fellow grabbed the intruders' commander by the arm and threw him into the center of the room. Quickly, another slammed a set of blast doors closed behind the Decepticons, then joined his comrades in the protective circle they had formed. Gigatron looked unphased; he nearly smiled as he looked about the guards. None spoke. His eyes then circumvented the head of one of the shorter soldiers, and found his man. Gigatron had expected him to be enormous; he was not. Nevertheless, he proceeded.

"Your Liege Maximo, I presume. I am Gigatron, a Decepticon. I come to you with greetings from Jhiaxus, as well as a gift. I hope you'll trust that we only have the best of intentions."

Gigatron then unsheathed his cargo and held it at arm's length, allowing the Liege and his guards to inspect it.

2002-02-06, 09:41 PM
As Prime jumped back, the sword just missed his right leg. In the time it took her to perform that attack, Adeara caught her breath. She jumped to her feet, one arm still down from the earlier blast, and smirked. She had a plan. If it went as she hoped, this battle might be over in the next few minutes. Taking three steps backwards, Adeara brought both hands in front of her, with some pain, and grasped the hilt of her sword. She'd done this before, Weaving a Storm on a world with no real atmosphere. Focusing her mind, she Weaved a Storm the likes of which had never been seen before. Clouds filled the sky, darkening the battlefield. Lightning flashed, arcing from cloud to cloud, and cloud to ground. Once the storm was woven, Adeara shifted back to her normal form, this time healing her wounded shoulder. The Lightning was rather dangerous for beings made entirely of metal, and she knew she was risking Jhiaxus in this as well, but this was a last resort. Now, she watched, directing the Lightning closer and closer to Prime......

God Jinrai
2002-02-06, 09:53 PM
Nova took quick notice of the sudden storm... And with a turn of the head could see adera was the cause... unable to break off from jhiaxus without possibly risking him getting shots at prime... he focused his own capacities... turning the solid metal ground under adera into liquid...

Prime, meanwhile leapt to his left as the first bolt struck toward him... in mid air, he retrieved his rifle again...

"Well... if you insist on continuing the fight... I've no choice..."

Going into a roll as he landed, he continued to his left, finally stopping in a crouching position... sighted up adera.. and let loose a single, high powered shot for her chest...

2002-02-07, 03:58 PM
On Cybertron right now


Hatemunger looked at Razorclaw and spoke.
"Stealth can only cloak himself, but that should be more than enough for what we need, he can find Perceptor's or Skid's location and get it back to you." He then looked at all of the Combaticons[b] and [b]Predacons.

"I have a plan, I realise right now a direct assult on Iacon by us would just be suicide, if our goal was to attack Iacon again, I would make sure we had all the Decepticons with us, Trypticon, the Aerialcons, Crashticons, Deathsuarus, LioKaiser, Darklark Skystalker and so on." he then started to pace. "But right now a direct assult on Iacon is unessasary use of energy for us and loss of life for the Autobots. But what I suggest is while Stealth finds our targets we launch a diversinary assult on Iacon, we do not enter Iacon until we know where the targets are. But with Stealth clocked they will think we are just trying to wipe out Iacon again and should not notice Stealth in his cloaked form." he stopped to look at Razorclaw and Onslaught.

"Does this sound like a workable plan?" he asked.

2002-02-07, 04:04 PM
"There, it's done," Vanguard slammed the panel closed.
"Most of Iacon's defensive weaponry is repaired. The Decepticons only took out the power generator, so once I fixed that, we were back in business."

Sky Garry and Brainstorm's transector were in the med bay aboard Grand Maximus, and the Cosmobots had volunteered to do some repair work around Iacon. Their adventures around the Galaxy had given them much oppurtunity to become fairly competent engineers.

"Shields are online again too," Mercury said, pressing a button. A dull whine emerged from the console.
"Excellent," replied Vanguard, "Whatever their planning, I doubt we've seen the last of the Decepticons."

2002-02-07, 06:40 PM
Razorclaw looked at Hatemunger. "Would it be possible that Stealth enters Iacon all by himself and lures either Perceptor or Skids to a trap. We would be waiting for them to arrive and when the Autobots realize that they have been tricked..."

Predacon commander's optics flashed. "It would already be too late."

Quick Switch
2002-02-07, 06:43 PM
Onslaught crossed his shoulders.

"I recommend the mission to Vector Sigma be carried out first. Tactically speaking, without Blast off the Combaticons are exponentially weaker than we are without him, the sole purpose being the inability to form Bruticus. I'm sure Razorclaw would echo the same sentiment about his Predacons and Predaking. We don't need a two front war...yet."

2002-02-07, 06:58 PM
Scorponok stared at the unfamous Liege Maximo began to inspect the cargo Gigatron gave and Scorponok was clearly unimpressed.

This is the Liege Maximo? The most ancient Decepticon? Bah. I could end his existance with a single blow. Though he might be more powerful than he looks... The large Decepticon thought as he followed the events to take their place.

2002-02-07, 07:01 PM
Right now

Hatemunger nodded.

"Onslaught we need one of the Autobots to even carry out the mission to Vector Sigma." He then looked at Razorclaw.
"I think yes we can lure one of them into a trap. I have an idea for that if Stealth my friend does not mind being an Autobot once again." Hatemunger smiled.

"I want to have Stealth change his paint color and throw on an Autobot symbol it might be tough to get him by any energy signal checkers, but I think we can devise a way for him to get through without that being a problem. He can then lore Perceptor or Skids out to you the waiting Predacons and Combaticons. But first we need to return to the Chamber so that I can have Scrapheap create a signature scrambler."

"So back to the chamber for now." He took to the sky and with Stealth in car mode below.

OOC May as well put it here, could whoever is going to control Skids or Perceptor PM me please :)

2002-02-07, 09:30 PM
As the storm progressed, and the lightning grew close to Prime, he jumed. As he jumped, the ground beneath Adeara became liquid. "CRAP!" Jumping to avoid being trapped in the liquid, she also managed to avoid the full blast Prime sent at her. Still, she was hit in the extreme left of her chest, just missing her heart, ad just barely missing the lung. Hitting the ground with a gasp, Adeara lost hold of her sword, which skittered away from her. The storm still raged out of control, lightning striking everywhere.

God Jinrai
2002-02-08, 02:56 AM
Optimus gazed upward, seeing the chaos now ensuing with no force controling the storm... quickly he approached adera... and hoisted her back to her feet, hanging an arm over him...

"I'm...going to try and get you away from this...mess... if you can... I beg you... stop the storm... the events that may be changed here... may affect the future of YOUR race just as well... for all primus knows...YOU may not even come to exist!"

2002-02-08, 03:27 AM

The comm system on board Grand Maximus beeped, and the monitor grid came online.

"Fortress Maximus to crew of Grand," Tal'Noktaraus' image appeared with the comm signal. "report in if you can. What is the status or your repairs? We're operating at 58% peak efficiency at the moment, and could use a hand with the rest of Fortress's repairs if you can spare the crew."

The two behemoth city-Cybertrons stood side-by-side within Iacon.

2002-02-08, 04:43 AM
nova's momentary lapse of focus allowed Jhiaxus to score a qucik kick to allow him to toss Adeara blaster.

Jhiaxus: "Stop playing and end the Autobot's miserable life!"

Turning back to Nova...

Jhiaxus: "You defeated me once...but that was long ago...this time your life will end...and your future with it."

God Jinrai
2002-02-08, 03:53 PM
"Only in your dreams, Jhiaxus... " Nova's shoulder cannons came online, targeting jhiaxus with pinpoint accuracy... he held them from firing... charging him, and went for a left hook to jhiaxus gut...

2002-02-08, 09:28 PM
As Prime grabbed Adeara, in her normal, 8 foot tall form, Jhiaxus tossed her a blaster, telling her to end Prime's life. She laughed a bit. "A little hard, my lord," she called to him. Looking to the Autobot leader, she laughed again. "What makes you think I'm not controlling the storm? And why should I stop? My race was made hundreds of billions of turns(equivalent to Martian year) prior to this event by Unicron. This will hold no consequences for me. In fact, I was roughly a teenager when Orion Pax became you. Therefore, this holds no consequence to me." Once that speech was finished, Adeara instantly shifted to her firebird form, blazing hot enough to melt his hand.

God Jinrai
2002-02-09, 03:19 AM
Prime dove away from her the best he could... "...you may exist... but what happens if the hidden threats of this time...become too much... even for YOUR race... and wipe you out before you even become what you are?!? Maximo MUST be out there.. he MUST BE! Jhiaxus must have had alternate agendas... knowing I'd come after him!" Prime brought his rifle to bear... and squeezed off as many rounds as he could before breaking his attack, and going for jhiaxus...

2002-02-09, 08:46 AM
Jhiaxus absorbed the punch from Nova and slumped downward. Several more shots followed it in and Jhiaxus reeled back. At that second he realized he had not had this kind of fun in over 10,000 years. Finally able to catch one of the punches, Jhiaxus flipped Nova in the direction of Adeara.

Looking up at the sky he saw Megatron landing and beginning to speak with Orion Pax.

Jhiaxus: "...i'm not going to make it..."

then he turned to see Prime now facing him.

Jhiaxus: "What...you couldn't handle my shapeshifting friend? I highly doubt you will fair any better against the elite class of Decepticon, relic!"

Sixshot looked around at the Liege Maximo's forces and waited for the oldest decepticon to make a response to Gigatron and his offer.

Sixshot: "I think we can blast our way out of here with little problem if this doesn't work."

God Jinrai
2002-02-09, 03:36 PM
Nova was sent flying thanks to jhiaxus, but managed to catch himself in the air... rolling to face stormweaver, he re-locked the shoulder cannons... "Forgive me. you were not to have been a part of this battle... " With those words, the cannons roared to life, emmitting a wide beam burst of fusion energy...

Prime gazed at jhiaxus, then finally spoke...

"No, jhiaxus. it's YOU that's READY FOR THE SCRAP HEAP! You call yourself elite... why, because you were the liege maximo's personal lapdog? In my book, that sinks you into a lower class than even megatron or galvatron!"

Getting a running start, prime charged him... but as he came into range for hand to hand combat, he quickly crouched down, and sprung skyward... spinning in midair, he unleashed a rain of energy on jhiaxus before landing behind him... several yards away

2002-02-09, 11:23 PM
Taking some heavy damage, Jhiaxus stumbled to the ground and pulled himself up turning to face Prime.

Jhiaxus: "Lapdog? As if some pathetic Autobot would know anything about seeking power. All i have done is to seek position in the Decepticons ranks, while Galvatron and Megatron fought a meaningless war for a dead planet, I had grander visions. They were fools...and served their purpose...to distract you and those who followed you, while we came up with grander schemes, while we conquered worlds and made new Cybertrons, you fought over the husk...and now I have ensured that we shall reign down upon you the same hell we have sown across countless worlds."

With that, Jhiaxus fired several shots at Prime and lunged into him knocking him over...then he began to run towards, Orion Pax, who was now leading Megatron into the energon facility.

God Jinrai
2002-02-10, 01:42 AM
Prime lay flat on his back... but still held his rifle... quickly rolling onto his stomach, he took aim.. and let fly the shot that he hoped would put jhiaxus down...

2002-02-10, 03:59 AM
Prime dove away from Adeara, spewing some tripe about how there were hidden threats in this event, that might destroy her people. She laughed. Then, Nova came flying towards her, righted himself, then leveled his shoulder-mounted guns at Jhiaxus. Knowing he was about to blast him, Adeara also knew she couldn't move fast enough to get in the way of the blast, so she did the next best thing-she screamed-a rather frightening sound, much like scream of a hawk and an eagle combined-then send a wave of pure fire at the shoulder cannons, hoping to melt them before the blast could be emitted............

2002-02-10, 04:12 PM
Maximo glanced around, looking at the three newcomers in his sanctum. He quickly glanced over the one who had stepped forward, tall, winged, a stunning mix of black and purple. Very Decepticon. Gigatron? Yes... that made sense.

Maximo smiled. And extended his hands, relieving Gigatron of his cargo.

"Welcome, Gigatron. I thank you for your gift, it will serve me well. And as such, it will also serve you well in your future." He smiled again. "And who are these that you bring with you? Decepticons also I see... the multiform is familiar to me... Sixshot is it? the other... Scorponok? The passage of time has been kind to you both. As I know it now will be to me."

He surveyed their faces. "Oh yes, I know what brings you here, fear not. Your presence here was ordained long ago... the Covenant of Primus has been a good friend to me. Though it surprises me somewhat that Jhiaxus survived long enough to implement my plan... I always thought he could do it, but was never utterly convinced. Good, I am now vindicated. But you must depart soon, our mutual friend may be in need of your assistance."

2002-02-10, 04:29 PM
Gigatron frowned respectfully and nodded. Very perceptive, this one. But then, why should he have expected less?

"Indeed, we must be off. We thank you for your cooperation. Sixshot, Scorponok, with me."

Gigatron sent one last salutational nod to the Liege Maximo. He then spun around and marched confidently through the line of soldiers, who automatically displaced from his path. Gigatron stopped before the blockage in his way.

"The door, please."

The soldiers standing at either side of the metal slabs pulled them apart, allowing Gigatron his exit.

2002-02-11, 02:20 AM
(OOC: Sorry Cryhavoc...bad day today, hope you don't mind me using your character for a spot.)

Jhaixus took the shots in the back and fell to the ground. Looking up he was able to see Megatron blasting Orion.

Jhiaxus: "Oh well..." A broad smirk went across Jhiaxus' face as he rose to face Prime and saw Gigatron return empty handed.

Jhiaxus: "Ah Prime...you may have thwarted my attempt to erradicate you in the past...but it seems that in the end you failed."

Prime fired several more shots, all hitting Jhiaxus straight on and sending him reeling back into Gigatron.

jhiaxus: "...well...it seems the little game is at an end...and i am the victor Prime...you might as well stay here, for your future dies Prime...your future dies! CRYHAVOC!!!

from inside the rift, Cryhavoc pulled out a control box and activated it. The box began to glow and the figures of Prime, Mirage, Adeara, Jhiaxus, Gigatron, Sixshot, Scorponok, and the cassettes began to contort. From within the rift, Cryhavoc also began to contort.


As the group faded, Nova bore witness to the Aerialbots arrival to deliver Orion Pax to his destiny. Nova to began to back away looking around

Nova: "I fear...this Jhiaxus may be onto something."

Closing upon itself, the group was delivered back to their present. The disturbance now checked the rift began to dissipate, all being put back where it once was...or was it?

*Story Closed...to be continued?!?*