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2004-11-23, 06:33 AM
Two months ago…AWF Overdrive…

Joey: Again…pure instinct…pure heart…pure guts and sheer determination! SS can’t believe it…and the referee can’t either! Sixswitch glaring at the referee…asking if it’s a three count or not…referee shaking his head no, signaling two. AND MORPHEUS IS UP!

Flec: Sixswitch may want to turn around…

Joey: Morpheus moving in behind…

Flec: Ummm…on second thought, you might not!

Joey: Morpheus up…Sixswitch turning…and Anesthesis! Right on the concrete an Anesthesis! Morpheus collapses on top of Sixswitch…1…2…3! NEW CHAMPION!!!

THEN…in the Archivebowl…

JFA: “TC with the run… and a big spinning martial arts kick to Ravage’s head! Big man won’t go down, though… front facelock, DDT attempt perhaps…”
Joey: “No – Ravage lifting him up in a bearhug… can’t quite get the balance right, though… TC still with it locked on… Ravage staggering back…”
Flec: “Oh my god!”
JFA: “Ravage just tripped up over the second rope… and both men are sprawled out on the floor!”
JHA: “What the hell’s that, then?”
Joey: “I’ve no idea what that means. The referees are signaling for the bell… both men are on the arena floor. I’ve no idea which if either touched first.”
Flec: “Hell, there’s not even a top rope for them to have gone over…”
JFA: “The bell’s definitely been rung. I’ve no idea what’s happening here, folks…”
JHA: “Do you ever?”
Joey: “I’m being told that’s it, folks… production crew want to wrap this baby up. I really don’t know what to say… We’ve seen a new AWF Champion crowned in an absolute war, but we’ve no idea who’s won the ArchiveBowl… goodnight everybody!”
Flec: “I waited all this time for that screwball result? I feel cheated!

The Staples Center is suddenly brought to life by the explosion of the old AWF set and as it collapses around the stage, the New ARCHIVTRON is shown proudly. Flec and Joey Styles are now stationed on one end of the ramp and JFA & JHA are on the other.

Joey Styles: We are live, just returned for the first time in America since Overdrive. Our athletes have competed with the best in the world, thanks to MR. Reilly! And I understand that Mr. Reilly has some people to call out…

IIIIII’M BACK! And I’m better than ever, I’m BACK….

Mr. Reilly strolls to the ring down the new AWF ramp to his new AWF Ring.

JFA: One would assume that this is a pure power play on Mr. Really’s Part to further greater control over the entire company.

Mr. Reilly take a mic and enters his ring.

Reilly: You can all start out and shut your mouths! The AWF has returned to these great and might I add Democratic Blue states…

JFA: We are in California.

Reilly: No better a place for me to start this show off with a bang than with a FIRING! Too many civs, wasting the pay roll, never contributing anything to our cause. So, as the Chairman of the Board for the AWF…the majority owner, might I take a moment to inform you fans and the wrestlers that these hacks are no longer employed here in the AWF! So…here goes the best part of my job! The following members have been officially terminated from their AWF Employment: Scout, Cane Deathscream, Jinei, Computron, Quickswitch, oh and speaking of Scout, tell that Convoy puppy dog of yours that he is also fired…him and Brave Maxx…see ya! Get your checks and leave! You’re gone, you’re fired…and there will be more still to come! However, one superstar has proved his worth and I have offered him a NEW contract, should he accept he will return next week on Warzone and he is Christopher Black a.k.a. Cyberstrike!!!

JHA: Oh vomit…

Reilly adjusts his tie and smiles. I have some huge announcements to make. First off, tonight…in this very ring…Morpheus will in fact have a title defense. His opponent will be…TC and Ravage!

Joey: WHAT?!?
Flec: I…I guess he’s giving the shot to them both!

Reilly: The way dance…there must be a winner…AND…there will be…NO DQ!!!

JFA: Totally unfair to the champion!
JHA: The champion is a moron…he won’t even notice the difference!

Reilly: That isn’t all. The Champion will then have to face either Sixswitch or Tempest for the AWF Title in their first defense. Now, I know that many of the fans have been clammering and crying about there not being a War Games. However, because I love YOU! THE AWF FANS! There shall be War Games and they shall take place at AWF Regenesis, LIVE on December19 from Seattle Washington. Each team will have a Captain, the first Captain will be none other than the Degenerate of the AWF himself, the IC Champion, The GAME Erik Summers…and the other Captain, representing my own personal interests…will be Viewpoint and I would imagine his GPA Thug squad backing him up.

Here’s where the War Games gets interesting. See, for the first time…the winner’s will not only be booking the matches for their losers in the next Mayhem, BUT at Edge of Survival, they either get to NAME their opponent OR draw from the last set of numbers for the Rumble!

JFA: I’m stunned….I’m simply stunned…

*The Camera fades to commercial as Mr. Reilly’s music plays and fans are nearly silent.*

*A Commercial for the new “Masks of Pain DVD: A day in the life of Morpheus, on sale now!*


Lisa Lovelace is shown with the Game

LL: Game, you been getting called out all week by the Wild One, not to mention, Stone Cold…now just announced you are team Captain for Team AWF at Regenesis in the War Games.

Game: Team Captain? Of Team AWF?!? You’ve got to be kidding. There is only one team that will walk into the People’s ring, and run over what will end up being the Gay Pornographers Association…and it isn’t team AWF. It has to be Team DN. (huge crowd pop) After I get done with the Mild One here tonight…I’ll start working on that…

LL: And Stone Cold?

Game: Probably drunk in some redneck dive he’s grown so fond of lately…

LL: J, Back to you!

Amarant Odinson v UPF
A: “UPF in the ring now, folks. We haven’t seen him in quite a while folks, even before our…unexpected hiatus.
JHA: “Yeah, and I was so looking forward to seeing that continue for a good long time, too.
JFA: “Naturally. UPF coming out to face Amarant Odinson, who suffered a major beating at the hands of newcomer Brett Rayne, costing him and The Wild One a shot at the ArchiveBowl.
JHA: “No big loss, if you ask me.”
JFA: “No one did. And now we await the arrival of Amarant Odinson.”

“If You Dare” blares, and the Rabid Wolverine makes his way down the ramp. However, instead of the confident and charismatic Amarant Odinson fans are used to, they see instead a heavily bandaged Odinson.

JHA: “Looks like Amarant took too much damage the past few months
JFA: “Maybe so, J. It doesn’t look like he’s going to be able to compete tonight.

With help from the security guards, Amarant makes his way into the ring, UPF clearly showing some concern about the situation. Amarant asks the ring announcer for the mike, which he holds up with his one good hand.

Amarant: “Sorry to disappoint both the fans and you, UPF, but I’m afraid there isn’t going to be a match tonight. Seems I’ve gotten too badly hurt thanks to that jackass Brett Rayne.

JHA: “My heart aches.”
JFA: “Quiet, you.”

UPF: “I don’t buy that for a second, and I don’t think anyone else here does, either.”

JHA: “Ah, jeez. Not another one of those cheap pops. Who does UPF think he is, Mick Foley?”
JFA: “Nevertheless, he does have a legitimate point. Even though the beating Brett Rayne gave Amarant at Overdrive was pretty severe, I doubt it was as severe as Amarant is claiming it to be.”
JHA: “So what? How is UPF ever gonna know?”
JFA: “I think we’re about to find out, J. UPF grabbing the crutch away from Amarant…who is still standing! Looks like Amarant was faking the whole deal.”
JHA: “Not completely, J. Look. Amarant’s arm is still in that sling. Looks like he wasn’t totally lying to us.”
JFA: “I don’t think UPF cares, J. As long as the guy can stand and move around, it’s all that matters. UPF whipping Amarant into the rope…back body drop! Amarant attempting to get up…runs right into a hip toss. Amarant getting up again…backing into the corner…”
JHA: “Come on, UPF! Kick his ass!”
JFA: “UPF laying down the punches…referee in there now, trying to break them up…wait a minute. Amarant getting up now…charging at UPF…and a clothesline right to the neck with that cast arm!”
JHA: “Hey! Amarant isn’t hurt after all!”
JFA: “Way to clue in. And Amarant smacking UPF with that cast! It was all a ploy to get UPF overconfident. I can’t believe that Amarant would stoop so low to hurt somebody.”
JHA: “Hey, whatever works, I say.”
JFA: “Ref’s calling for the bell…this match is over…but Amarant doesn’t seem to want to give up. Grabbing UPF from behind…and a GERMAN SUPLEX! And another! And another! Amarant’s lost his mind!”
JHA: “No way!”
JFA: “Seriously, J! Amarant’s flied off the handle!”
JHA: “I am being serious! It’s amazing how he can lose something he never had!”
JFA: “And one final German Suplex…and UPF’s down for the count…and I don’t think he’s getting up. Amarant dragging him to the middle of the ring…planting a foot down on his chest…telling the ref to count it…the ref reluctantly doing so…and Amarant wins.
JHA: “Finally!”

As EMT’s come out to attend to the fallen UPF, Amarant grabs the fallen microphone.

Amarant: “See that, Rayne? See that pile of human garbage? That’s gonna be you when I get my hands on you!”

Tossing the mike to the ground, Amarant heads off into the back, as the EMT’s get UPF set up on a stretcher and prepare to wheel him out.

JFA: “UPF seriously injured…Amarant on a rampage…things don’t look good here, J.”
JHA: “But look on the bright side! We may never have to see UPF again! WOO HOO”

*Commercial: aWf Regenesis on PPV December 19!*

Joey Styles: Well, we’re back and right now we have some words from our Tag Champion, or maybe it is just half…I don’t know with him anymore…Vin Ghostal!
After the commercial, the broadcast returns to find Vin Ghostal alone in the ring.

VG: Seeing as how we’re not scheduled to defend our AWF Tag Team Championship tonight, I politely told Xille to take the night off. My tag team partner’s got a few nagging injuries that could probably use the rest, but honestly, I decided I really didn’t need him here tonight. In fact, there are a lot of people out there that believe I don’t need Xille at all.

The crowd boos as V.3. smiles and lightly caresses his title belt.

VG: Listen, listen, I’m not knocking the guy. Xille’s a great athlete, and if he works hard to emulate V.3. to the best of his abilities, he could have a great career, but let’s be realistic folks. Every single one of you knows who the captain of this team is. Everyone knows that V.3. is the straw that stirs this drink. Everyone knows that V.3. is the greatest damn star in the history of the AWF, and everyone…

“Tilt-a-Whirl” hits and Vanth Dreadstar comes to ringside and comes face to face with Vin Ghostal.

Vanth Dreadstar: I think the only thing everyone can agree on is that you’re full of sh*t. Ever since the Royal Rumble, ever since you came back, you’ve done nothing but remind everyone how great you are, or rather, how great you USED to be. Yeah, you’re an icon in the AWF. Yeah, you’re the only 3-time AWF Champion. So what? Start acting like it. Champions don’t tell the world about how great they are, they show it. Take a look at Raven Darkstorm and I. Day in and day out, we never stop proving that we are one of the top teams in the AWF. Raven and I never rest, we never stop, and we never quit.

V.G.: Look…Vanth…when you reach my level, you don’t have to prove a goddamn thing to anyone. I’m a champion, and you’re nothing.

Vanth: Enjoy it while it lasts, Ghostal. Sooner or later, you’ll have to stop hiding behind Xille and that championship belt and face Raven and I.

V.G.: I don’t think you two are even worthy.

Vanth: Oh, you don’t think so? Let’s find out!

V.G.: Throw down, punk!

Vanth: Ah….on one condition. If I pin you 1-2-3, you and Xille put the Tag Team Championship up against Raven and I next week.

V.G.: There’s no…you know what? I’m in a sporting mood tonight. You got a deal.

Flec: What? Are we gonna have a match?
Styles: I guess so! Here comes a referee….Ghostal and Vanth, next!

Vanth Dreadstar vs. Vin Ghostal

Vanth goes to lock Ghostal up, but Ghostal backs into a corner, shying away, then drops through the ropes to the outside. He grabs a steel chair, slides into the ring, and stands face-to-face with Vanth. Vanth wags his hand back and forth, indicating that Ghostal will lose the match if he uses the chair. Ghostal looks at the crowd, which boos him mercilessly, and he shrugs and waffles Vanth over the head with the chair! The referee angrily points at the timekeeper, and the bell is rung!

RA: The winner of this bout as a result of a disqualification…Vanth Dreadstar!

Styles: Vanth has won this thing!
Flec: What the heck was Vinny thinking?!?
Styles: Vanth and Raven get a shot at the championship next week?

Ghostal begins walking up the ramp, then returns to the ring area and takes the microphone from the ring announcer.

Ghostal: Oh…one more thing, Vanth. You get no shot. You won the match but you didn’t pin me 1-2-3. Think before you speak…rookie.

Ghostal smiles and drops the mic, and Vanth rises to his knees, visibly furious at the man in gold.


Tempest walks out of the shadows onto the Archivetron in an empty area while wearing track pants and no shirt. He looks out over the arena and sees empty seats throughout the arena.

"Vini Vidi Vinci"

"I came, I saw, I conquered"

And with a smile on his face and the raising of his arms a great shower of golden light fell upon him as he smiled and as Rob Zombie's 'Feel so Numb' blast the empty arena and the footage cuts to a footage pack.

Tempest taking a beating during his first couple of matches. Predaking taking the fight to him in his first match, shown in black and white. It then cuts to the Iron Gauntlet when Predaking brings Tempest to his knees, shown in red. Then it cuts to the War Games, Tempest taking a beating with 10 chair shots it switches to blurred colour as Tempest sits back up fights back Predaking and punches the chair in mid-air. We then see a bloodied and bruised Predaking after the match.

It shows LotM2003, were he has the crown placed upon his head and watches the gold paper fall from the ceiling as Wake Up by Rage Against the Machine plays and the crowd backing him.

It shows Tempest 3 weeks later coming off better in a match, in colour, raising the AWF over The Game's head and placing it around his waist, but violent cuts back to images of being beaten down by Predaking and Galvatron91. It then cuts to black and white, showing the Game with a sledge hammer raised above his head and about to slam it down on Tempest's head. It drops and goes to red as the sledgehammer breaks off the handle as Tempest stands up and smiles, with the Game nodding in respect. It cuts to colour as we see Tempest throwing The Game through the cage wall and going through, and we see a smiling Tempest as watches the game fall down as he flies through the air.

We see dark images of Sixswitch pinning Tempest at the Survivor match. Tempest brooding in the locker room. Finally we seem him join the GPA, shown in black and white, with the GPA all around him smiling and patting his back. We see several images of the GPA running hell, including the betrayal of Viewfind and Tempest to Vin Ghostal. But we then see images in red, Sixswitch at the Royal Rumble, knocking Tempest out of the chance to get a shot at the AWF Championship. We see Sixswitch constantly mock Tempest backstage. But images in a brighter colour are shown, Tempest interrupting several of his matches, and even causing him to lose. Next images of Sixswitch losing to Morpheus are shown.

Backstage images of Sixswitch looking around at his paramedics, wondering what went wrong. We cut back to the LotM2003. Tempest is looking around the crowd with a smile on his face, looking around the crowd, and pointing up to the top of the arena and a single tear coming back down his check.

We cut back to the dark arena and Tempest is in the ring, looking at the AWF Championship. He looks up and smiles, the ring explodes with pyro's and then darkness.

*fades back to the Arena*

JFA: We are back with a special opportunity for one of our long time wrestlers to claim a shot a championship gold!
JHA: Please…a puppy has a better chance of flying than this idiot has at beating the Strafedaddy!

2004-11-23, 06:35 AM
AWF Television Championship: Strafe [c] Vs. CloudStrifer

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall… and it is for the AWF Television Championship…”

As ‘Here To Stay’ by Korn fills the arena, the crowd are unsure whether to encourage or eviscerate the cocky Illinois native wearing the Television Championship. Strafe struts down to the ring, pausing to display his physique to the crowd.

JFA: “Arrogant son-of-a…”
JHA: “Wait a second! * Stares at watch * Okay… now you can say it…”
JFA: “Bitch”
JHA: “I agree…”
JFA: “Good. It was you I was referring to, Priscilla Queen of the deadbeats.”
JHA: “Are you mocking me?”

The music abruptly ends before Strafe steps up into the ring, much to the delight of the crowd. They cheer as ‘Built For Speed’ roars into the building… and CloudStrifer follows in swift order, delivering a thunderous clothesline to Strafe on the way to the ring!

The bell rings as Strafe crumbles onto the steel of the ramp. Cloud stomps on him a couple of times before dragging him upright by the throat and planting him firmly on the steel with a snap suplex.

JFA: “Good lord! Look at Cloud! The Norseman is living up to the hype!”
JHA: “About f***ing time as well…” * takes a gulp from a hip flask *

Strifer and Strafe are now exchanging blows on the outside. Referee Noah Ordak just shrugs and leaves them to it, as Strafe delivers four stinging knife-edge chops to the chest of Strifer- each to a rancorous ‘woo!’ from the crowd- only to find it has about as much effect as firing a pea-shooter at Iron Man. As Strafe realises his mistake, Cloud grabs the Chicago resident by the throat and hoists him up for a fast overhead press onto the security barrier.

As soon as Strafe hits the arena floor, Cloud is already dragging him to his feet and throwing him under the bottom rope.

JFA: “Cloud came in with raw power… but it’s evident that the Norseman knows he has to be in the ring to win the title…”

JHA: “Well duh. Name me one belt you can win without being in the ring?”
JFA: “The Hardcore championship?”
* JHA remains startlingly silent *
JFA: “‘Well duh’!”

As Strifer slides into the ring, Strafe is already rolling across the ring whilst attempting to get upright. He manages to stagger to his feet and launches off a volley of left- and right-handed punches into the abdomen of Strifer. Strifer just laughs as he hauls Strafe up by his throat and throws him a few feet with no apparent effort.

JFA: “Cloud’s really been putting the work in… not only does he seem to be laughing off Strafe’s attacks, but his technique seems to have vastly improved…”
JHA: “You say that like it was difficult…”

Cloud strolls over to Strafe and grabs the TV champion’s right leg. He looks as if he might attempt a single leg crab, until Strafe kicks him off with a boot to the face. Cloud falls onto his back as Strafe kicks himself upright and moves towards his assailant. As Strafe approaches, Cloud manages to get to his feet and strikes out towards the Illinois innovator with a stiff left cross. Strafe dodges and takes Cloud over with a modified jujitsu slam.

Even as he lets go of Cloud, Strafe is already making a move towards the ropes at speed. He rebounds and catches the Norseman with a fast leg drop to the throat. A quick cover garners two-count before Cloud literally throws Strafe off himself. Strafe lands next to the ropes, quite stunned by this display of strength, and quickly recovers as Strifer bears down on him.

JFA: “Cloud now looking to grab Strafe… and Strafe avoided it! Cloud went for a bearhug… and Strafe moved at the last second… sending Strifer to the outside!”

As JFA frantically mutters his thoughts and analysis, Strifer is pulling himself upright on the arena floor. Strafe is waiting on the top rope. As the sole of Cloud’s left boot hits the floor matting to indicate that he is fully vertical, Strafe leaps through the air with a flying cross body block to put him down again. The crowd are going wild.

JFA: “Strafe taking the offensive… stomps to the back of CloudStrifer… attempts to get Cloud back to a vertical base… and Cloud catches him with a sudden whip to the ring-post! And Strafe has been busted open!”

Blood ornaments the floor of the arena and the face of the TV champ. Strafe rolls over onto his side, blinking and wide-mouthed, as he tries to bring the world into focus. He is given little time to do so, however, as Cloud is already back on the offensive; peppering the bleeding Illinoisan with blows from his left forearm as he attempts to drag him back into the ring.

As soon as Cloud has gotten him back into the ring, Strafe is on his stomach and still trying to ‘clear the cobwebs’, as it were. The blood is still flowing from his right temple, as Cloud strolls over and slaps on his version of the Camel Clutch.

JFA: “Tyr’s Bear! Strifer’s version of the Camel Clutch! Strafe might give up right here!”

Strifer wrenches back on the jaw of the TV champion. Strafe now has his eyes closed; partly in an attempt to keep the blood out of his eyes, but mostly to attempt to shut out the pain from the submission hold he finds himself trapped in. His mouth is still wide open, but now it is contorted in testament to the suffering he is currently enduring. But, somehow, Strafe manages to hang one foot over the bottom rope. Noah Ordak calls for the hold to be broken. Strifer obliges after a four-count.

JFA: “Strifer releases the hold now… but the damage may have already been done here…”
JHA: “Whatta ya mean ‘may have’?”

Strifer stands over Strafe, staring at the fallen TV champion with venom radiating from him. As Strafe tries to crawl forwards on his stomach and elbows, Strifer stomps on his back. The atmosphere is tense as the crowd watches Strafe lying in the middle of the ring and barely breathing. Strafe shrugs off the attack, and attempts to get to his feet whilst Cloud is still stood, legs akimbo, directly above his back.

As Strafe gets onto all fours in an attempt to pull himself upright, Strifer jumps and brings all of his weight down on Strafe’s back; sending the cocky Illinoisan back down to the canvas. There are dried bloodstains all over the canvas. Strafe is barely conscious, Strifer is relishing the situation and the crowd are completely silent. As Strafe attempts to get up again, Strifer attempts the same ploy that put him down last time. Unfortunately, the plan backfires when Strafe rolls over on the canvas with his knees in the air. The crowd go wild as Strifer falls to the canvas clutching his spheres.

JHA: “Ow… that looked painful…”
JFA: “I’m sure Cloud thought it was…”

Strafe gets to his feet and quickly makes a dash for the nearest turnbuckle. He looks slightly shaky from the loss of blood as he waits, perched like a six-foot tall bird of prey atop the top turnbuckle. As Strifer gets to his feet, with his back to Strafe, the Chicago native gets ready to pounce on his quarry. As Strifer turns around, Strafe dives at him with a flying cross body block. Unfortunately, it doesn’t strike with the anticipated impact as Strifer catches him in mid-air, and drops him to the canvas with a modified powerslam!

JFA: “Good lord! Strifer reversed it in mid-air! There’s a cover… Noah Ordak checks the shoulders… 1… 2… and Strafe got the shoulder up!”
JHA: “I thought for a second there that Strifer was gonna be the TV champion!”
JFA: “Start believing the hype, J… it might just happen yet…”

To the surprise of the crowd, Strifer is smiling at his opponent’s resilience as he kneels beside Strafe’s body. Cloud gets to his feet, pulling Strafe up with him. He locks Strafe in a front facelock, and positions Strafe’s right arm over his neck. He hauls Strafe up into a vertical suplex position, and slams him down with Heimdall’s Stand!

JFA: “Heimdall’s Stand! That modified powerslam from CloudStrifer! 1… 2… and there’s 3! We have a new TV Champion!”
JHA: “And it’s CloudStrifer… * takes another gulp from the hip flask *… the end of the world is nigh…”

Strifer stands triumphantly in the ring, clasping the spoils of victory to his chest, as the EMTs attend to Strafe in the background and ‘Built For Speed’ kicks into gear over the mixed reactions from the crowd.

*Commercial for the new Vinnie G T-shirts, available in Large, X-Large and Ghostal’s Egosize!*

JFA: Keith Kincaid is now ready in the ring for an interview with our AWF champion, Morpheus.

JHA: I still can't believe he's the champion. This is like from my "and then I woke up" files.

JFA: Believe it or not, it's true. Morpheus won the title at Overdrive and he's spent the last few months overseas defending it against numerous opponents from different organizations. But now, this is the first opportunity for our US fans to see our champion after Overdrive.

JHA: Who wants to see that?

The arena darkens as the soothing sounds of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata fill the air, giving a harsh contrast to the style and personality of the man who enters the stage holding the AWF Championship title in his hand. Even though they're still unsure what to think about the masked man the crowd can't help but to pop, more for the championship they haven't seen in months than for the man holding it. Morpheus looks around a bit confused, but then continues to walk slowly towards the ring. He ignores to outreached hands ready to touch the title if it comes within their reach and looks straight forward at the interviewer in the ring. Still, with almost painfully slow pace he climbs into the ring and approaches Keith Kincaid who stands in the center of the ring, looking a bit uncomfortable. He stops right in front of the interviewer and looks him straight to the eyes, or maybe through them. Keith Kincaid is a bit taken back but soon his experience as an interviewer kicks in and he continues with the program.

Keith Kincaid: Ladies and gentlemen, give your warm welcome to our AWF champion, Morpheus!

The crowd pop once more, this time even a bit louder. Morpheus again looks around slowly at the crowd who the first time since he can remember cheer for him but not showing any signs of feelings, positive or otherwise, in his masked face.

Keith Kincaid: After many trials, after a lot of missed opportunities, after so long time, you've finally captured that one thing that has been your goal for so long. The AWF title. Tell me, tell all the fans here in the arena and watching at home, what does it feel like?

Morpheus: It's true. I've been wanting it for so long. More than wanted, I have needed it. I was lost, I didn't know what to do. The only thing I knew at the time was that I was stuck giving other people pain, stuck feeling even more pain myself and I had no way to get out. I had a friend who was lost and I had no way to get him out.

Keith Kincaid: Yes, we know. Your attacks on the Lock and UPF seemed to have no motive behind them at the time.

Morpheus: They didn't deserve it. They had done nothing wrong. But, I didn't know what else to do. But then I saw it, other people competing for the championship. I saw to what lengths they were ready to go in order to win the championship. I saw what they were willing to sacrifice for it. Then I knew it had to be something bigger. It had to be something greater. I knew it was something that could help me... become something greater.

Keith Kincaid: Before Edge of Survival you said you had to win the royal rumble match and get the title shot at Archivemania.

Morpheus: To win the biggest championship at the biggest stage. That would have been great. But that was not to be. Vin Ghostal made sure of that. I got my revenge, and it didn't taste sweet at all. I destroyed him and it didn't feel good at all!

But then, I got another chance. I got the match against Sixswitch. And I knew I had to win it. Sixswitch wanted to keep the title, I had no other alternative than to win it. I'm sorry but there wasn't anything I could've done. I had no choice but to do what I did. But now I have this!!

Morpheus raises the title up to the level of his head and points it.

Morpheus: Now I have the one thing I have been after for so long. Now I have what I needed to become a better human being, maybe even become a man! Now I have what I needed to get my friend back from the darkness that surrounds him! And there's only one thing I want to know! WHY DON'T I FEEL A BIT DIFFERENT!?!

Keith Kincaid: What? Umm... What do you me...

Morpheus: I have spent the last two months all around the world fighting to keep this! I have bled on every continent in this world! I have destroyed more men than I want to remember in the hope that I would begin to feel its importance. Hoping that I would soon become the better man I knew I would become! After all that time, after all that blood on my face, on my hands, why don't I feel any better!?

Keith Kincaid: I really don't kn...

Morpheus: For so long, I was so sure this was the one thing that would help me. I placed all my hopes on this one chance, on this title and now it's not working!! Why?! What did I do wrong!? What have I missed?! Was I wrong?! If it isn't this, then what do I need?! WHAT?!

Keith Kincaid: I think it's time to stop this interv....

Suddenly Morpheus kicks Keith Kincaid in the stomach and as the poor interviewer doubles over Morpheus hits him with the Anesthesis on the championship belt. Kincaid is immediately busted open by the impact but that doesn't stop Morpheus as he locks in the Mandible Claw. Keith Kincaid tries to struggle in pain but he can't do anything as the bigger man lies on top of him keeping the submission hold locked on and screaming at him.

Morpheus: What does it take?! What do I need?! What good is this for?! What?! What!?!

JFA: Our AWF champion has gone completely insane...

JHA: Any other news?

JFA: ...and he's attacked our interviewer! Finally, the security is here, and they're trying to pry Morpheus away from Keith Kincaid! Morpheus releases the hold... and now he's attacking the security! One goes down with a shot of the title belt, and Morpheus just throws another against the ring post! This is absolute carnage!

Morpheus lays the last security guard down with the Anesthesis and stops. He listens to the boos of the crowd and starts shaking his head. He grabs the championship belt and leaves the ring holding his head as if trying not to hear the boos, even though it seems like it isn't the boos he's trying to block away. He walks backstage holding his head and the title belt, muttering something while some of the security guards are beginning to get up and check on Keith Kincaid who hasn't moved after the assault by the new AWF champion.


IC Title match: Erik “The Game” Summers© v. The Wild One

JFA: “It’s time for our IC title match. I for one can’t wait to see this one.”
JHA: “Yeah, I’ll bet.”
JFA: “What’s that supposed to mean? Never mind. This should be a great fight. The game gets to fight the energetic Wild One.”
JHA: “Why does he deserve a title shot? This match should be G91 taking on NMat so he can get his title back.”
JFA: “Oh of course you would say that. If it was up to you the GPA would be part of every match on the show.”
JHA: “So? What’s wrong with that?”
JFA: “Never mind, let’s go to JRA for the introductions.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, its time for tonight’s AWF IC title match and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the challenger coming to you from Circleville, OH……..THE WILD ONE!”

“Prayer” by disturbed begins as The Wild One makes his way out of the back and on to the stage. The crowd gets to their feet and cheer the AWF rookie as he poses and the pyros explode. He continues down to the ring and poses one more time as the music changes to “Won’t Back Down” by fuel.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent. The Intercontinental Champion, coming to you from St. Paul, MN. He is The Game…….ERIK SUMMERS!”

The Game walks out from the back as the fans go absolutely nuts. He poses for the crowd and continues to the ring as the pyros go off. He climbs in the ring and poses a little more as the ref rings the bell and shows the crowd the belt.

JFA: “Well it looks like we got a battle of fan favorites here tonight as both men get cheers from the crowd.”
JHA: “Yeah, even though the cheers for the game almost made me go def.”
JFA: “True, he is very well liked by the fans.”

The two men start off the match by tying up in the center of the ring where the game forces the Wild One into the corner and the ref breaks it up. The two eye each other up for a few seconds and then tie-up again. This time however The Wild One forces the Game into the corner. The ref soon breaks it up and the two men back into the center of the ring. They stand there for a few seconds eyeing each other up then tie up again. This time however the Game whips wild one into the ropes and takes him down with a hip toss and then another as the wild one gets back to his feet. The game quickly walks in and whips the wild one into the corner and follows him in with a running clothesline.

JFA: “Well it looked fairly even there for the first few moments but it looks like the game is taking control here.”
JHA: “Is it really that hard to believe.”
JFA: “Well, I know that the Wild One is new but he has been fairly impressive since he started.”

The game throws a few elbow strikes before dragging WO out of the corner and slamming him to the mat with a standing belly-to-belly suplex. The game gets to his feet and poses for the crowd for a moment then drags WO to his feet and whips him into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline but WO ducks it and bounces off the opposite ropes and hits G91 with a spear that sends G91 through the ropes and out of the ring. WO follows him out there and body slams G91 onto the floor. WO drags G91 to his feet and bounces the games head off the ring apron then throws the game to the floor with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

JFA: “Wow. The Wild One with a spear and now finally getting some offence here as he is throwing G91 all over the outside.”

Finally WO throws G91 back into the ring to break the refs count and quickly follows him back in. G91 gets to his feet and the two men begin to trade blows in the center of the ring. Eventually G91 gets the upper hand and backs WO into the ropes. He whips him across the ring and levels him with a spinebuster and quickly goes for the cover, but WO kicks out at two. G91 drags WO to his feet for a suplex but WO blocks it and delivers one of his own.

JFA: “The Wild One just blocked G91’s suplex and now both men are down here.”
JHA: “Wow, I have to give the Wild One credit. He’s lasting longer than I thought he would here tonight.”
JFA: “He’s taken a lot of good shots and has still managed to keep going.”

G91 gets to his feet first and whips WO into the ropes and locks in a sleeper hold as WO comes rushing back.

JFA: “The game with the sleeper hold here.”
JHA: “Uh oh. I think that the game might just be able to end it here.”
JFA: “Maybe. The wild one is slowly fading. Down to one knee now.”

The wild one struggles but slowly his movements begin to get weaker and he moves slower. Finally the game gets him to a seated position and the ref moves in to check on him. The ref raises the wild ones arm.

The crowd starts to cheer….

The arm falls. 1!

The ref raises it again and the crowd gets louder.

The arm falls. 2.!

The ref raises the arm for a third time and now the crowds on it feet and the ref lets go.

The wild one stops it inches from the ground and the crowd cheers even louder as the wild one starts to get some energy back. Slowly he fights to get to one knee. Now to his feet and throws an elbow into the gut of G91 and another and another. Finally he breaks G91’s hold and runs into the ropes. G91 goes for a clothesline but the wild one ducks it and he bounces off the other ropes and comes flying back at and locks in a sleeper hold of his own. After a few moments G91 fights out of it and rushes into the ropes but as he comes back WO drops him to the mat with a hip toss and scores with a punch to the head of G91.

JFA: “The Wild One with a punch. And another. And another. G91 staggering now and The Wild One raising his hand and calling to the crowd. Oh and he just sent G91 to the mat with a fourth punch.”
JHA: “You’d almost think he was getting pumped up here just like Hogan did back in the day.”
JFA: “Yeah it looks like it too.”

WO calls to the crowd and they cheer loudly. WO drags G91 to his feet and levels him with a northern lights suplex and holds it for the cover, but G91 kicks out at the count of two. WO picks him up and throws him into the ropes and levels him with a devastating spinebuster then poses for the crowd as he calls for his finisher.

JFA: “It looks like The Wild One senses victory here because he’s calling for his finisher.”
JHA: “Huh, maybe he does have what it takes to beat G91.”
JFA: “Maybe. But right now it looks like It’s Time to Get Wild”

WO crouches in the corner as G91 starts to get to his feet in the center of the ring. Slowly G91 stumbles to his feet and turns to face his opponent. As soon as G91 turns around WO lunges out of the corner and goes for a clothesline from hell but just before he can make contact G91 ducks. WO stumbles past him and turns just in time to see G91’s foot fly up and connect with his jaw.

JFA: “Oh my god. G91 duck the clothesline and just nailed The Wild One with the Sweet Chin Music.”
JHA: “Where in the hell did that come from?”
JFA: “I don’t know but both men are down here and the refs starting the count.”


WO starts to stir.


WO crawls over to the ropes.


WO starts pulling himself up.


WO makes it to his feet looking very groggy breaking the refs count when out of nowhere G91 kips up.

JFA: “What the hell? Wild One struggles to his feet and now G91 just kips up and the two combatants are face-to-face.”

The two stare at each other in the center of the ring. Quickly G91 slams a fist into the face of a very winded Wild One and whips him into the ropes. As WO rushes back G91 kicks him in the gut and positions him for the Game Over. He yells at the crowd and they all get to their feet and the arena gets deafening.

JHA: “And here it is. Game Over.”
JFA: “Wait what’s this? The Wild One with an elbow and he just spun out of it and has now has G91 in a double underhook. You don’t think? He’s going for the Wild Driver.”
JHA: “Oh my god, he’s going to beat the game.”
JFA: “Here he goes……What? G91 just spun out of it as The Wild One went to pick him up. Off the ropes now. G91 ducks a clothesline, and another and he just nailed him with a flying clothesline. Wild One bounces right back up and G91 hooks it and GAME OVER. He did it; he just nailed the Game Over. He makes the cover. 1…2…3!”
JHA: “Wow, what an ending!”
JFA: “The Game has kept his title, but what a fight it was. Wild One reverses the game and then the game stepped it up and reversed him right back.”
JHA: “Hey even I have to admit that the Wild One had a very impressive outing here tonight.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the match and STILL your AWF Intercontinental Champion, The Game…..ERIK SUMMERS!”

“Won’t Back Down” by Fuel comes back on as the ref raises G91’s hand and hands him his belt. The game climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd for a few moments then helps The Wild One to his feet and shakes his hand before posing for the crowd a little more then heads to the back.


Stone Cold is shown clapping as the IC Champ walks by.

SC: Say…where you heading there son?

Game: Where ever the Game damn well pleases. (Slings IC Title onto left shoulder)

SC: That’s a nice, shiney belt you have there champ…

Game: Always forget how easily amused you are by shiney things there Warp.

SC: I guess I haven’t made myself clear…you…me…we have a fight coming…

Game: Looks over SC’s shoulder…really? You seem to have some other problems just over your shoulder…

SC: What the hell is that supposed to…OOOF! (SCSW’s face is met with a HeartBrend Kick)

HBK: Survey says…he meant to say mean before losing consciousness! *cracks neck and finishes Stone Cold’s beer while walking with the Game*

HBK: Hear your tall, dark and broody ass got the WG Captainship…

Game: Yep…you up for it?

HBK: Do I get to hurt someone?

Game: Always…

HBK: I don’t have any other plans in that case. We doing this the old way?

Game: DN style…

HBK: That doesn’t mean…

Game: Already checked…we have to have 5…

HBK: Just not the bloody welsh…

*Fades to commercial*

2004-11-23, 06:36 AM
World Title Number 1 Contender's Match: Sixswitch v Tempest

“Like this like that” Starts and the Welsh Wonder, Sixswitch makes his was out from the bar to a huge cheer from the crowd.

JRA: “This next match is scheduled for one fall and is for the #1 contendership to the AWF World Heavyweight Title!”

Sixswitch hops into the ring and plays to the crowd as Tempest’s entrance music hits and he begins to make his way down to the ring with Ravage at his side. Tempest slides into the ring as Sixswitch makes his concerns about Ravage known to the referee. After a few moments the bell rings and the match starts.

JFA: “Here we go! First Number one contenders match back stateside, and of course we have two GPA members down here for the one on one match.”
JHA: “Team spirit man, get with the program!”
JFA: While either way, this match could get ugly if Sixswitch doesn’t get a win quick. Here we go, Tempest lunging at Sixswitch now, SS quickly gets out of the way and behind the larger wreslter. Belly-to-back suplex!”

Both men quickly bet back to their feet and talk smack before locking up. As Tempest gains control, He scoops SS up but SS slips out and lands behind him shoving Tempest into the ropes. Tempest grabs the ropes as not to bounce back. He turns around as both men square up again. Tempest quickly goes to grab at SS but is met by a stiff punch to the head. He recoils and fires a shot back. Both men begin to trade blows until Tempest quickly throws SS into the ropes and knocks him to the mat with a clothes line.

JFA: “Tempest picking Six back up now. There’s a release german suplex by the GPA man. Tempest taking advantage of his downed opponent giving him a few boots to the head.”
JFA: “Another irish whip by Tempest, he telegraphed the back body drop. Switch caught it. And What a vicious kick to the side of the head that was! Tempest could be out cold!”

Sixswitch takes the opportunity to go for the pin and gets the easy three but Ravage was making sure it wasn’t counted by distracting the referee.

JFA: “SS has this match won and Ravage is preventing it from happening.”
JHA: “Ravage has obviously seen something wrong with the proceedings here and felt he needed to share.”
JFA: “....while his GPA buddy is being pinned. SS gets the referee‘s attention back and here‘s the pin! Tempest kicks out at Two. After being pinned for at least eight.”
JHA: “No he was pinned for two the ref counted it.”

Sixswitch quickly gets up and runs at the apron knocking Ravage down to the ground at the outside and springs forward catching the slowly rising Tempest with a running neck breaker.
Switch quickly takes advantage of the fact his opponent is down and picks him up whipping him into the corner hard enough so he bounces back up. He then meets the back of Tempest head with another sick heel kick.

JFA: “What a shot that was! If Tempest wasn’t out cold before!”
JHA: “Where’s the rest of the GPA!”
JFA: “The Welsh Wonder is on the top turnbuckle now! He’s going for the Technophobic! Her... Ravage just blatantly shoved Switch off the top while the referee was making sure Tempest was still alive!”
JHA: “Haha! What you get for being welsh!”
JFA: “Wait the referee is yelling at Ravage! He saw it!”

JRA: “As ordered by the referee. The GPA is now banned from ringside!”
JHA: “Noooooo!”

The crowd erupts at the announcement as both men begin to stir on the mat.

JFA: “That changes everything! But I fear the damage is already done! Tempest is up first, pulling SS by the hair now, a solid punch to the face, and another one. Now pulling SS back to his feet. There’s an Irish whip and.. what a boot to the face.”

Tempest uses the rope to keep himself stable, still wobbly from the two kicks delivered earlier. Switch begins to get back up from the ground but Tempest cuts him off and pulls him off the ground. Tempest begins to lay heavy blows onto SS but SS begins to punch back quickly going for a kick. Tempest smartly grabs the leg but is met with an quick enziguri knocking both men to the mat. Both men stay on the ground for a short second. SS gets up first and quickly goes over to Tempest giving him a kick to the head, knocking him back to the mat. He grabs Tempest and hauls him over to a corner then catapults him into a turn buckle.

JFA: “Sixswitch getting back into the drivers seat now. Whipping Tempest into the corner again.”
JHA: “That isn’t in the drivers seat. It’s a kiddie booster seat!”
JFA: “Fitting for Tempest since he is really just a baby with his age.”
JHA: “Your momma”
JFA: “What?”

Sixswitch continues on working Tempest over starting to deliver knife-edge chops. He climbs to the second turn-buckle beginning to deliver closed fisted punches with the referee behind him counting.

JFA: “Well what ever seat this is, it has Tempest reeling and Sixswitch dominating. Sixswitch locking in for a hurricunrana and.... Uh-oh.”
JHA: “See, your momma!”
JFA: “Tempest caught him... Power-bomb! And a devastating one at that! Tempest goes for the cover! 1....2... Kick out by Switch!”

Tempest argues with the referee for a moment and then stands up, pulling Sixswitch up with him. He jaws at the referee as he whips SS into the ropes and this come connects with the back body drop, playing to the crowd after hitting it, getting a chorus of boos. He yells at a fan near the front of the gate and then turns back to SS picking him up and hitting a basic body slam. Tempest throws SS into the ropes and chases after him clothes lining him hard and knocking him to the outside.

JFA: “Tempest with the hard clothes line knocking Double S to the outside, Tempest quickly following him out there. Another irish whip into the ring post! That was heinous, you could hear it ring out from here!”
JHA: “It was like music!”

Tempest taunts Double S, saying how great he is and then smashes Sixswitch’s head into the post before tossing him back into the ring and following him in. Tempest climbs back through and stomps on Sixswitch and then kicks him over to his back. He runs off the rope and delivers a hogan-esque leg drop. He just slides down a bit and lays on his back with a cocky-pin counting with his own fingers, he gets to three but the referee gets to two.

JFA: “And Tempest is livid, Six got his leg on the rope and Tempest is still arguing that it was three.”
JHA: “It was three the referee forgot what came next and slowed down!”
JFA: “Well this match is going to continue either way!”

Tempest stands up and gets in the referee’s face but loses the battle and turns back to Sixswitch up and hits a German suplex. HE goes over to the turnbuckles and scales them. He leaps off hitting a shooting star press on his opponent and quickly lifts the leg for only another two count. He gets back up and is obviously frustrated. He stomps on Sixswitch a few times and then yells at the referee about slow counts. He turns around again and picks Sixswitch up and signals for the Thunderpress.

JHA: “Hah, Thunderpress. Match is OVAH! MOMMMAAA!”
JFA: “For Primus’ sake stop that. And there’s the thunderpress, that looked lethal. There’s the pin! 1....2.... KICK OUT!”
JHA: “You have to be joking!”
JFA: “Tempest can’t believe it! He can’t keep the Welsh Wonder down! And he is livid! What‘s he doing.. he‘s coming out here.”
JHA: “Probably asking for a competent referee.”
JFA: “No, he’s taking the ring announcer’s chair! Uh oh, I don’t like where this is going.”

Tempest pushes past the referee and raises the chair up getting ready to swing it at the back of Switch who is trying to stand up. But as he goes to swing down the referee grabs the chair. Tempest turns and yells at the referee and grabs the chair as both men begin to argue about the weapon.

JFA: “And Tempest is acting like a child who just had a toy taken away by a teacher. This is rediculous!”
JHA: “Well if this referee knew how to count past two, this wouldn’t be happening would it!”
JFA: “It is disgusting either way. He had Sixswitch at his mercy and he has flipped out and like you. Is now blaming it on the referee. He has the chair back and he is going to hit the ref!”
JHA: “Hit him three times! Then he’ll never forget the number three!”
JFA: “But he forgot about Switch! Standing drop kick! Tempest to the outside!”
JHA: “Oh Snap!”
JFA: “Sixswitch is on the top turn buckle now! Folks this is how much the AWF title means to these guys! Sixshooter from the top rope to the outside! And that chair is laying on Tempest’s head! He connects! And if Tempest isn’t knocked out by that he isn’t human!”

The referee starts the standing ten count for both men, Sixswitch holding his chest as he writhes on the ground. He slowly gets up and hauls Tempest up rolling him into the ring and then rolled into it after him. He rolled over and put his arm over Tempest.

JFA: “1...2...3! Sixswitch wins it! He put it all on the line and he won it!”
JHA: “Look at Tempest! His nose is busted after that un-needed move! That could have killed him!”
JFA: “Well it didn’t do that but it has made him the #1 contender for the AWF title!”

AWF Hardcore Championship Match: Auros (C) Vs Wolfang Vs D-Extreme Vs Black Zarak

JFA: Well, this match is going to be good.
JHA: Sure is, we got an insane ex-postal worker, two tag team champs and a crazy Mexican out here.
JFA: I meant that it was going to be a good match.
JHA: Yeah so did I, I didn’t mean it to sound like a circus act, it just did! Honest.
JFA: Surrrreeeeee …

“F**king in the Bushes” by Oasis booms through the speakers as Auros makes his way down to ring with a trolley full of weapons.

JHA: He’s learnt to come prepared … so you can teach new dogs old tricks.
JFA: He’s Mexican.
JHA: I don’t like repeating myself J.
JFA: Well he’ll beat you up if you don’t pay close attention.
JHA: He can try.

Auros turns his head and blankly looks at JHA after he said it.

JFA: Is it me, or does that happen to often?
JHA: Yeah, first Brave Maxx, then Morpheus and now that nut. Can’t they give me a break?
JFA: Looks like he doesn’t care.

Auros jumps into the ring and reaches for his trolley. He uses his strength and pulls it over the ropes and pours the contents over the ring. He then puts it by his side ready for the next entrant.

"When worlds collide” by Powerman 5000 blares as D-Extreme comes running down the ring and runs straight into Auros’ stop sign as he slides under the bottom rope.

JFA: That sounded like it hurt.
JHA: Yeah, but Auros doesn’t care he’ just looking at D-Ex, not covering him.
JFA: Maybe because the match hasn’t started?

“Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple drifts across the arena as red mist comes out from the ramp.

JHA: Hang on, that’s their tag team entrance, its singles night tonight. Zarak comes down the ramp. He slides under the rope, but rolls back out again.
JFA: Turn around Auros.

*Bell Rings*

JHA: I mean why he would run down, jump in, jump out then wait.
JFA: Turn around Auros.
JHA: And he had his Tag Team music on and everything, so the only thing that could happen is … oh no …
JFA: Turn around Auros, owww, too late. Wolfang snuck in behind Auros and just got him with a garage bin.

Wolfang jumps on top of Auros while Zarak jumps on D-Ex, and both of them smile.

JHA: Wait a minute, you can’t do that. And look the ref agrees.
JFA: Well my companion is right; the ref ain’t counting the pins. They thought they could get out of this but they are wrong.
JHA: And D-Ex is starting to move, Auros the same. He sees Blood N Thunder arguing with the referee, but he still won’t count it.
JFA: And Auros goes for a weapon, anything, he finds a trash can lid, he went to get Wolfang but he threw it at the ref.

Wolfang turns around and sees the lid coming and dodges it, it got the ref in the head. Zarak starts stomping away as D-Ex makes it to the ropes. Wolfang doesn’t see him. D-Extreme stares at him, waits for him to turn, and gets him in a fisherman Suplex and performs excellent.

JHA: That was worthy of the text books. D-Ex up, Wolfang getting up as well, he’s to slow, D-Ex gets a boot to the stomach.
JFA: Zarak has got Auros in the corner, going for the cheap shots, he staggers away, looks like Auros got a knee in their. He gets up, Running Bulldog from behind. Auros goes for the pin; D-Ex makes the save.
JHA: D-Extreme pulls him off, but Auros with the low blow. Both of them roll out of the ring.

After being hit with lefts and rights and by D-Ex, Wolfang fells a little groggy. He sees someone on the mat and goes for the pin not realising it’s Zarak. The ref calls across the mat and makes the pin.

JFA: 1, 2 oooohhh close save by Zarak.
JHA: Wolfang pinned him! One half of Blood N Thunder almost screwed over the other half.
JFA: And look at their faces, shell shocked. Wolfang, the fact that it was Zarak, and Zarak the fact it was Wolfang pinning him. But they are cut sort, Auros back in the ring now.
JHA: Get a camera man down their and get a look at D-Ex. Ha! He’s been busted open, looks like Auros through him into the steel steps. Auros jumps on Wolfang as Zarak rolls out of the way. Zarak stops at the ropes, and sees D-Extreme. He rolls out and starts attacking him.

As Zarak starts fighting D-Ex Auros starts laying lefts and rights into Wolfang as he lies on the canvas. Eventually he keeps rolling and out of the rings. Auros goes after him as D-Ex and Zarak trade lefts and rights on the other side.

JFA: Auros is caught of guard by Wolfang; he gets a knee in side, gets his neck, swings him around and uses the momentum to heave Auros over the barrier.
JHA: He can’t do that!
JFA: Why?
JHA: Zarak just did the same to D-Extreme on the other side. Except Zarak got him over with a release German suplex, and D-Ex looks hurt. I think he’s busted open the back of his head.
JFA: Well, Wolfang is landing some deadly punches. Auros is blocking most, but not all. Out of desperation he grabs a fans coke and threw it at Wolfang.
JHA: Well, D-Ex is moving around but under Zaraks armpit, he’s got him in a head lock and leading him up the stairs. This is getting out of control.

As Wolfang goes one way, and Zarak goes another, the ref calls down for 2 more referees and another camera crew to follow them. He just collapses in the ring and gets some much need rest.

JFA: Well, Auros has got back in control of this match and is leading Wolfang back to the ring he goes for the Irish Whip but Wolfang counters it Auros soars over the barrier as Wolfang falls to a knee.
JHA: It’s taken a hell of a lot out of all them now. Zarak just got D-Ex in a DDT at the fan entrance of the stadium. He looks up, and smiles. HE goes up top of the entrance, the fans from all around are pouring into that area just underneath. Wolfang picks up Auros and throughs him under the bottom rope. He gets in and looks at the screen stopping, waiting.
JFA: Zarak looks around at the crowd and smiles. God good don’t do it! OH MY GOD!! D-EXTREME GOT THE KNEE UP!! Zarak just went for an open body slam on D-Extreme knees, he’s just broken Zarak in half, and D-Extreme’s knees must be broken. Zarak is clutching his stomach and rolling away.
JHA: D-Ex is starting to move and pulls Zarak over and gets the pin. But Zarak kicks out, and just. Both of them can’t move much further.
JFA: And Wolfang looks at his partner and sighs. He turns around, Auros waiting in angst, goes for the inside cradle, one of the back up referees slides in, 1 … 2 … No! Close shave! Wolfang powers out, Auros cries out in anger.
JHA: Looking around for a weapon, he finds a stop sign. He goes for Wolfang, but Wolfang gets up and gets him in a head lock, he throughs him into the ropes, he comes back, ducks a clothesline by Auros, he comes round again. Auros ducks and Wolfang jumps over him. 3rd time is a charm …
JFA: It certainly was. Wolfang got caught in a running DDT by Auros, he goes down. The ref jumps in goes for the pin. 1 … 2 … What the?!
JHA: D-Extreme just made the save! He just ran down from the stairs, slid under the ropes and pulled Auros off. And he doesn’t look happy.

As Auros slips out of the ring, Zarak comes down as well. Zarak gets on top of the barrier and goes for a flying clothesline and connects with Auros. D-Ex gets up after the attack from Auros, picks up Zarak and throws him under the bottom rope. He tries to go in after him but his leg is held on by Auros and fights him off.

JFA: Well, after all this, it’s just down to Blood N Thunder in the ring. Zarak stands up and looks at Wolfang on the mat, and tries to shake him awake. He turns around and looks at D-Ex. What the HELL?!
JHA: 1 … 2 … 3! We have a new Hardcore Champion! We have a new Hardcore Champion! I can’t believe it! Wolfang pinned Black Zarak.
JFA: I’m sure it was an honest mistake!
JHA: I’m sure my multi-million ass. Let’s see the replay.

The screen cuts in half and shows Zarak looking down at D-Ex and goes back over to Wolfang. In his confused state, Wolfang went for the low blow and pinned Zarak.

“The Hurricane Years” by Alice Cooper blazes as Wolfang states to wake up, as his raised by the ref. He notices that he has the belt in his hand and hears the music. He realizes he has to run as Auros comes after him with a stop sign.

JHA: Could this be the end for Blood N Thunder?
JFA: I’m sure it’s not … I mean … it just can’t be …


Tempest is shown, sore and clearly dejected. TC and Ravage are shown together, discussing how they will first take Morpheus apart, then it is up to the best man to win the match. Divebomb is shown in street clothes and Viewfind approaches, it is clear the other members had been deep in discussions prior to the arrival of the GPA’s leader.

VF: Yo…what we all doing sitting around like this?

Tempest: I don’t know boss…you guys certainly weren’t out to help me with my match.

Divebomb: Or keep P? from getting a concussion.

Ravage: Yeah…and where in the hell is Mat Man? Bitch hasn’t done my taxes or my investment account.

The other men stop and look silently at Rav for a moment.

Ravage: (quietly) I’m just saying I’m not getting the most on my returns like he promised…

VF: SHUT UP FOOLS! What the hell, this ain’t no GPA I founded!

TC: *Skoffs* That’s the damn truth!

VF: Yo…what the hell is that Cracker doin’ in here? Someone get him out of my locker room for I bust a cap in his ass! We got bidness to discuss!

Tempest: You mean like the War Games? Or maybe why we haven’t been running this place into the ground?

TC: Seems to me like you’ve let a lot of things slide View…A LOT OF THINGS…

VF: Really? Cracker…when I want you’re punk ass opinion…I’ll give it to you! Now get the hell out of my locker room, this is for GPA only…

Rav: See…that’s the thing…

Divebomb: We think TC should jump in with us…bro has a ton of wicked experience in the War Games.

VF: Are you f***ing with me? We got our 5!

Tempest: Yeah? And if P? can’t make it back? Mat man hasn’t exactly been there…and what have you done about it?

VF: I’ve handled it…Mat’s just working out some injury issues and P? will be fine…now damn it, I’m the founder of this…I’m the leader…

Ravage: Actually…

*Suddenly TC levels VF from behind with a chair. Tempest picks the GPA leader and powerbombs him hard on the concrete, BDR, TC and Tempist begin to kick away at him as AWF security floods backstage. Mr. Reilly shows up smiling ear to ear.

TC: We talking it over ‘brutha’ and…I’m the leader now…got ourselves a sweet deal out of it too…me and Ravage have a world title to compete for right now…and you have a hospital visit…loser!

Mr. Reilly bends over Viewfind: Did you really think I would trust a punk like you to run my team? I want The Game and HBK destroyed…don’t you get it? You couldn’t have gotten the job done…especially since I know that the Game saved your job! I can’t trust you enough to get rid of him. Besides, you’re a street thug. TC almost crippled the Game…he’s the one I want to lead my team…and it seems your buddies, well…they agreed with me…so who’s the king of bling now, punk?

*Mr. Reilly spits on Viewfind as we cut to commercial*

2004-11-23, 06:37 AM
The AWF World Title: Morpheus (C) v TC v Big Daddy Rav

Joey Styles: What in the hell was that?

Flec: Guess VF has been fired from Team GPA…never did like him much anyway!

Joey: What are you talking about? He’s always been your “homeslice.”

Flec: Nah…he’s over rated…TC is where it is all at!

Joey: You’d suck up to anyone Reilly told you to…

Flec: DUH…


Disciple takes over and TC appears under the Archivetron.

JRA: The following is a Three Way, NO DQ match for the AWF World Title and there MUST be a winner. Making his way hailing from Chicago, IL…he is the NEW leader of the GPA…TC!

Joey: Yes, you heard it right…TC and the GPA have sold their souls to Mr. Reilly…TC, now the leader of the GPA…because of some PROMISE the boss has made to them…and Viewfind is likely on his way to a hospital.

Flec: Such is life…

Puritania takes over and Ravage now appears…

JRA: Contestant number 2 hails from Wallingford, VT and also represents the GPA…this is Big Daddy Rav!

Joey: And the jeers from the crowd…the hatred towards TC and Ravage is nearly deafening.

Flec: These people are morons…I hardly consider them to be excellent judges of character.

Joey: Do you even know how to spell character?

Moonlight Sonata takes over and the masked AWF Champion, Morpheus makes his way to the ring.

JRA: And finally…from the minds of innocent children…he IS the AWF World Champion…MORPHEUS!

Joey: If I am not mistaken…quite an ovation here for Morpheus!

Flec: See…morons?

Joey: This man left a path of broken bodies all across Europe and Asia defending the AWF Title against all comers. Now, making his return to the States, his first defense is against TWO of Reilly’s goons…this SCREAMS set up to me!

*Morpheus slides in the ring and hunkers down in the corner, shaking back and forth. The two GPA members go to strike, but Morpheus suddenly explodes from the corner, leveling TC with the AWF Title, then turning to flatten BDR.

Joey: Morpheus on the attack and now HOISTING the AWF Title in the air to the fans!

Flec: NO FAIR…Illegal use of…

Joey: No DQ…remember? Morpheus now handing the belt to the official and making his way outside, what is he doing?

Flec: Something unethical would be my guess…

Joey: You would know better than most…now Morpheus tossing everything he can find in the ring…chairs…there goes a wrench…the ring bell…a 2 x 4…a couple tables…Morpheus is going into battle…and…a bag?

Flec: Dear God…you know what is in there don’t you Styles?

Joey: No…


Joey: And Morpheus sliding back in the ring and emptying the bag and it is! THOUSANDS OF TACKS NOW LINE THE RING! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
Flec: I hate it when you do that…

Joey: Ravage staggering up…and Morpheus busting him straight in the face, breaking the 2 X 4…Ravage is busted open and collapses back down to the mat. TC however, sends the champion down with a spinning heel kick to the back of the head. Guillotine leg drop to follow. TC now, picking his weapon of choice…setting the chair across the face of Morpheus and a leg drop onto the chair! Now TC…waiting for Morpheus…who is so tough…and scoops him and…moss covered three handled family gradunza right down into the chair…Morpheus rolling to the outside, but that distinct version of fireman’s carry into a brainbuster nailed to perfection by TC and Morpheus is out on the floor…not the place you want to be against the one and only Whole F’N Show!

Flec: And here’s why you don’t want to be there…

Joey: And Mr. PPV springboarding off the top rope Morpheus staggering on the outside and a flip over neck breaker onto the concrete…OH MY GOD! BDR now starting to come around, still bleeding badly, Morpheus and TC are out on the floor…and the referee has nothing to do in this match, but count the shoulders, there MUST BE A WINNER!

Flec: And we know it will be either TC or Big Daddy Rav!

Joey: We don’t know that…

Flec: Well, you don’t know anything…so it doesn’t surprise me that you would say that.

Joey: Ravage now pulling Morpheus back in the ring…TC stirring on the outside…Morpheus appears dead to the world after the carnage TC laid down on him! BDR pulling Morpheus over to the tacks…looking to powerbomb the Champion right into them…pulling Morpheus by the hair…and LOW BLOW! Low blow by the champion and Morpheus quickly with a suplex on Ravage into the tacks! BDR is writhing in pain, rolling around in those thousands of tacks…their in his hands…all over his shirt and jeans…in his bloodied face…Ravage screaming in agony. Ravage is a bloody mess…barely recognizable…I have never seen anything like this…I think I feel ill!

Flec: But TC is up too!

Joey: That he is…tossing Morpheus a chair that he catches out of pure instinct…and LIFETIME ENLIGHTENMENT…Morpheus sent back into the tacks himself…and there is that high pitched squeeling…AND MORPHEUS IS RAMMING HIS OWN HEAD INTO THE TACKS…AND HE’S SMILING!

Flec: Dude…even TC is freaked out by that!

Joey: Can you really blame him…TC almost perplexed at what to do next…Morpheus just ran his own head into the tacks…he has dozens of them stuck to his face…and he’s smiling about this! TC sliding to the outside, grabbing a cane…a Singapore cane…now back in the ring, winding up and cracking Morpheus in the face…and Morpheus is on his feet…screaming ‘DO IT AGAIN DADDY!’ TC complies and blasts him again, Morpheus staggers back and asks “AGAIN!”

Flec: He’s like that damn annoying baby dinosaur…

Joey: …


Joey: TC now losing that trademarked cool it appears…unleashing a volley of cane shots to all parts of the body, Morpheus staggering…finally TC winding up and cracking Morpheus with such force that I could see the blood splatter from here…Morpheus clearly bleeding under his mask and now he goes down to the mat.

Flec: Poor TC…

Joey: Excuse me?

Flec: Hitting that concrete skull can be quite exhausting!

Joey: TC indeed does look tired…I think BDR may have passed out due to blood loss…and MORPHEUS IS PULLING HIMSELF UP!!!

Flec: What is it with this idiot?

Joey: He’s tough…he has guts…he refuses to quit…and TC can’t believe what he is seeing…Morpheus charges, clothesline and both men topple over the top rope onto the floor.

*Morpheus suddenly motions like Cactus Jack once did and we hear him shout: ‘Bang! Bang!’*

Flec: Oh dear lord…

Joey: TC down on the floor…Morpheus crawling back into the ring…meanwhile Ravage has picked himself up…and he has a chair of his own. Cracking Morpheus with a sick thud to the skull.


Joey: Ravage tossing the chair out of the ring…there is nothing left after that chair shot…and Morpheus still crawling around on the ring…Ravage shaking his head in disbelief…and with every shake of his head, blood oozes down his face…BDR scooping the Champion up for a powerbomb…and MORPHEUS PUNCHING HIS WAY OUT OF IT…the two men crash to the mat…and Morpheus grabbing the ring bell and crashing it right down on top of Ravage’s head!

Flec: DING!

Joey: Ravage staggering up to his feet…now walking around…he’s out in his feet folks…and Morpheus reaching down in his…in his pants…

Flec: SICK! What is that mook doing?

Joey: He’s…pulling out a sock…and…OH MY…

Flec: Please don’t let Vince McMahon be watching tonight…

Joey: I believe that Morpheus has commandeered himself Mr. SOCKO!

Flec: We are so going to get sued over this…I hope that freak is happy…

Joey: We may at that…but nevertheless, Morpheus has commandeered Mr. Socko and Mr. Socko is now on the attack…mandible claw to Big Daddy Rav!

Flec: That idiot didn’t commandeer a damn thing…he went to K-Mart and bought a sock and a sharpie…at least I hope he bought a sock and didn’t use one of his own…oh Ravage…think of where that sock has been! POOR RAVAGE!

Joey: Indeed Ravage is fading fast under the attack and power of Mr. Socko…


Joey: TC now back in the ring…grabbing the wrench and drilling Morpheus from behind with it. Ravage gagging from the mandible claw…

Flec: He’s gagging cause some guy shoved a sweaty, smelly, disgusting sock that he had in his crotch down his throat…

Joey: Wasting no time at all…Ravage grabbing Morpheus and nailing the Hangover…TC to the top…FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH…both men covering…1…2…3!


Joey: But who…both men pinned a half of the champion…and Mr. Reilly running down to the ring, raising both men’s hand and grabbing the belt! What is going on here? Ravage is woozy and staggering…TC is not much better off…Morpheus down on the mat…who is the champion? We’re out of time folks see you next week on Warzone!!!

2004-11-23, 07:58 AM

(We see Divebomb, dressed in his street clothes, sitting in a chair at the edge of the parking lot with his head in his hand as KK approaches)

KK: "Divebomb....hey Divebomb. Can I get a word with you?"

DB: "..."

KK: "Divebomb, what happened tonight? Why did the GPA turn on Viewfind?"

DB: "..."

KK: "Come on Divebomb. You gotta give me something. This is big news. We saw the GPA kick out the founder, the leader, and what we all thought was a friend."

(Divebomb slowly looks up at KK but doesn't say anything)

KK: "Come on, what does this mean for the GPA."

(Divebomb gets to his feet and just stares at KK)

KK: "Divebomb, please. What are you feeling right now. Tell me something. Who is the leader of the GPA?"

DB: "Can't you tell. It looks to me as I am sure it does to the rest of the world. TC is the new leader."

KK: "You don't seem too thrilled by that."

DB: "..."

(Divebomb looks at him for a few seconds then just turns away and climbs on to his new chopper and speeds away)

KK: "Well I didn't get much there. I guess we will just have to wait and find out how this all turns out."

2004-11-23, 03:08 PM
I'm living on an endless road
Around the world for rock and roll
Sometimes it feels so tough
But I still ain't had enough
I keep saying that it's getting to much
But I know I'm a liar
Feeling all right in the noise and the light
But that's what lights my fire

*Images of Cloud powerbombing Strafe as well as others in the ring*

Hellraiser, In the thunder and heat
Hellraiser, Rock you back in your seat
Hellraiser, And I'll make it come true
Hellraiser, I'll put a spell on you

*We see another group of images showing Cloud enterences in the time he is in AWF*

Walking out on another stage
Another town, another place
Sometimes I don't feel right
Nerves wound up to damn tight
Don't you tell me it's bad for my health
'Cos kicking back don't make it
Out of control, I play the ultimate role
Don't know how to fake it

*Images of Cloud Burying OP, Suprising Bombshell, Odinson's pin, kick out of OP's finishers and ending it for him*

Hellraiser, In the thunder and heat
Hellraiser, Rock you back in your seat
Hellraiser, And I'll make it come true
Hellraiser, I'll put a spell on you

*We see clips from the recently fought Strafe match, showing his bleeding and being beaten, images fade as the songs fades, we hear Cloud's laughing.*

This is CloudStrifer the TV Champion, I showed the World! This was my belt and I showed everyone why I should be feared.

Take heed Xille I showed your fans what I can do, and I certainly did it. Fear the power the lurks within me!

Take heed OP You will be next, and I will be certain to do more damage to you than what I did to him. Your worst nightmares will come true, I will be standing over you while your bleeding you precious life-giver on the mat. YOU ARE NEXT

As for the rest of AWF, be warned I will be comming with a list of grudges to be righted. Those who did me wrong, better be prepared, CloudStrifer is in the AWF and he will not be stopped!

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain, Pity Strafe

2004-11-23, 05:22 PM
You like that Tempest? Now you know what the Double S is capable of. You and the rest of the GPA. So, whether I'm fighting Ravage or TC for the title... It really doesn't matter. Hell, I'll fight both of them if you want. The Double S is ready to jump right back in where he left off - as the AWF Champion.

But what's this? O'Con doesn't want the Welsh Wonder on his team at Wargames? Well Game, you know who most exciting superstar in the AWF is, and you know that you want... No, you NEED the Double S on your side.


2004-11-23, 06:12 PM
*bzzz-unk! ... the screen goes black*

Xille: You son of a...

*pssshhhh.... tink... and returns, showing Xille, looking like a Gap model, smiling and waving from sunny California. The "HOLLYWOOD" sign can be seen in the background*

Xille: There we go. What's up, my fellow eXiles and welcome to another edition of the long-defunct X-Cam! Now, I know you're all sad that I couldn't be on your screens live tonight, but like Vinny G told me, and as I'm sure you're all aware, we're merely running a "best of" show tonight so that all the wrestlers could take the week off for the American holiday of thanksgiving. Sorry, rest of the world, I guess we really are that arrogant here in the states.

*Xille simply smiles and shrugs*

X: I was really glad we got the week off, too, because I had a lot of catching up to do with some friends here in Hollywood. Oh! And you won't believe who I met! The intern to the personal assisstant to the make-up director for one of Windcharger's movies! Isn't that thrilling? Well, no, I guess not, but oh well.

*The X composes himself and continues*

X: Now, I know you're all wondering what's going on between Ghostal and me. We're on the verge of becoming the longest-reigning tag team in the history of the AWF. We're not about to screw that up, guys. He and I had lunch two days ago where we discussed plans for the titles, who we were going to defend against, and so on. We leveled with each other and decided to press on as we are - he was exceptionally kind about all of this; he's really a changed man, folks, you'll see - and that I was just as much a part of the team as he was. I couldn't believe it, he even offered to have my belt completely cleaned for me. He said he knew a good guy in Seattle that could have it done and ready in a week or so. Believe me, it needed it with all the crap Divebomb had on it.

*Xille shudders in disgust*

X: Anyway, my fellow eXiles, I look forward to coming back on your screens next week with the rest of the AWF crew after this nice break. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to make like the Rock... and try to sign a movie deal. Peace.


The Wild One
2004-11-23, 07:45 PM
*KK runs ups to The Wildest person in the AWF, the Wild One.*

KK: What do you have to say about your loss to the....

*Wild One interupts him.*

W1: Simply put, the better man won. Someday I will get a rematch at the champion. But I won't cry about it like alot of the other people around here. Now then. There is some unfinished buisness I have with the archive bowl.

KK: What might that be? Would it have anything to do with what happened with Brett Rayne.

W1: Damn your good! [/sarcastic tone] Now, Brett Rayne, you may have Amarant after you, but you also have me to worry about. You screwed the match I was in up. Well let me stated this. I wont happen any more. Wether Amarant likes it or not, if I catch you doing one damn thing wrong, I am coming in to kick your ass! Now, I am not trying to become the new sherrif in town, you just pissed me off! Oh, and watch you back. If you run in to me unguarded, it might be ugly for you.

*The Wild One walks away from KK, and makes his way to the back.*

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-11-23, 07:45 PM
A letter from Christopher Back (aka Cyberstrike) lawyer:

To all AWF fans:

My name is Ima Crook and I am Christopher Back's (aka Cyberstrike) lawyer. My client wishes to inform Mr. Reily
that he WILL be at the next AWF Warzone and will make his decision wheather to sign a new contract or not to sign the contract known at that time. As it is well known he has wrestles
around the world, runs his own company, and is currently getting offers to compete in other major wrestling companies as well. So if Mr. Reily will please foward a copy of his proposed contract to me and my client so we can see them. My client will then make his decision at the next AWF Warzone wheather he will re-sign or not.

Yours truely,
Ima Crook
Atterney at Law

OOC: Sorry this is all I could think of to reply to the annoucement.

What city is the next Warzone going to be in btw?

2004-11-23, 08:47 PM
OOC: Just an FYI, Warzone will take place at the Pond in Anaheim, CA as we continue our West Coast tour.

The Game is shown backstage and is approached by Lisa Lovelace.

LL: Game...quite a night, big win in defending your IC Title and also you have been named Captain of Team AWF...

Game: Whoa whoa whoa...that's team DN there Lisa.

LL: Right...Team DN. In addition to that, it seems that things continue to collapse between you and Stone Cold.

Game: Oh Stone Cold...Stone Cold...that beer swilling jabbronie wanted to get in the Game's spotlight and he ended up making the highlights...courtesy of the one...the only HBK Sean O'Con. Look, the Game doesn't know what Stone Cold's problem is...maybe someone switched him to Light Beer and forgot to tell him, but the Game says this...Stone Cold...you want the Game? Great...as soon as the Game gets done whipping the GPA's monkey asses in the War Games, you'll have his full and undivided attention. The Game thinks even a mental giant such as Stone Cold can comprehend that.

As for the War Games, well the Game knows who team member 3 and who he'd like to have as team member 4 and 5. The Game isn't going to play his hand just yet...we've seen the way Reilly wants to play things, well if that piece of monkey feces wants to go out and buy off the GPA, buy off TC...use some hired guns to try and take out the Game...take out HBK...that's great, we'll play along. Reilly, you've been trying to get rid of us for over 2 years now...and you couldn't get the job done with any of your hired guns, do you really think a facelifted Gay Pornographers Association will be able to do it?

Now then...Wild One. A lot of people said that you didn't deserve the shot you got...that you hadn't earned the right to go one on one with the great one on his show. The Game says this, anytime one of them tells you that you didn't deserve that match, point out that a few years back, a certain guy from Canada gave the Game a shot...and a few years after that a guy from Texas helped him rebuild his career. Everyone gets their shot somewhere to make a name for himself, the Game damn well hopes that our match starts something big for you.

2004-11-24, 02:51 AM
Ravage is seen in the back getting stitches for a pretty nasty head wound.

KK- Can we get a few words with you?

BDR- Oww, what you moron I am not exactly in the best of moods now but I would have no problem kicking your ass.

KK- *stands back a bit* Yeah but whats your opinion of tonight.

Ravage- Well since you won't shut up will you? First View it's nothing personal, just buziness as they say. We took a vote and didn't think you were bringing the GPA the Bling Bling your promised.

KK- Thats great BDR But what about your match tonight.

BDR- First off jerk off you ever interupt me again and I will snap you in half. Now onto tonight. You know what whatever happens happens. TC is my bro now annointed in blood if you will. On the other hand that belt would sure look sweet on me. But according to Reily he has to view tapes and the like. I figure we can settle it with a GPA game of rock paper scissors.

KK- Well for fear of keeping my internal organs in place I think I am going to head off now, thanks... maybe champ?

Ravage- Yeah yeah *looks at a rather nice nurse*, hey what are you up too...

2004-11-24, 01:16 PM
Backstage, The HeartBrend Kid Sean O'Con is found packing up his bags and preparing to leave.

Keith Kincaid approaches, armed with a microphone.

Kincaid: "Sean..."

HBK spins around, startled, fists up ready to fight.

HBK: "Whoa. Keith, be careful. Much more of that and I'll start to think the rumours are true."

KK: "What rumors?"

HBK: "You know. Those malicious fabrications about your private life that I like to spread whenever possible. What do you want?"

KK: "Sean O'Con... earlier tonight, you superkicked StoneCold Skywarp out co-"

HBK: "Stop. Okay? I know this already. You know this already. Anybody with eyes KNOWS this already. So why not save your breath and my sanity and just skip to the important bits so I can get home and into the loving arms of a tequila slammer? Continue."

KK: "Why attack StoneCold, seemingly unprovoked, from behind?"

HBK: "That's it? That's your insightful line of questioning? Oh, boy. Right, okay, fine. The guy was in my way. Simple as. I wanted to talk to Erik, but that shandy drinker was busy running his mouth. I'm a busy person, I've got no time to wait whilst he works out his insecurity issues. I'm the Highlight around here, I shouldn't have to wait for yesterday's news to finish before I get my turn."

KK: "But... aren't you in any way worried about the ramifications of your actions?"

HBK: "Excuse me? Are you new here suddenly? When the hell has the Brendinio Heat ever given a damn about what happens afterwards? The only time I pay attention to the consequences is when I take one of my many, MANY groupies back home with me." (to camera) "Stay safe, kids."

KK: "So the possible threat of retaliation from Skywarp doesn't bother you in any way?"

The HeartBrend Kid turns to face the dressing room wall.

HBK (to wall): "You're there already, aren't you?"

HBK turns back to Kincaid and grabs the microphone from his hands.

HBK: "History lesson, schmuck. You remember D-Generation Next? Ring any bells? Well it should. Way back when, the main catalyst for forming DN was one thing - to put certain people in their place. And first off, we took on Stoned Old Skywarp. He had all these big mighty aspirations about being the big noise round these parts, and we shoved him right back down to the bottom of the pile, where he rightly belongs. But now... what's this? He's back up in our faces again. He's started suffering from delusions of relevance - thinking he can run with the big boys again. Well, Sky, ol' mate - newsflash! You want to play the Game? You think you can step up to Erik Summers? Take some advice from somebody who's beaten him time and time again - you besting G? Never. Gonna. Happen."

Kincaid carefully takes the microphone back.

HBK (continuing): "Oh, and one more thing before I chuck you out of here, Keith. Ravage. Rav, Rav, Rav. A reminder for ya. This ain't over yet, boy. You may think you're out of bounds for the time being. All head in the clouds, co-winner of the ArchiveBowl, maybe co-champion, who can say? But don't you find it ironic that you've gotta share with TC AGAIN? I mean his most notable accomplishment of late was failing to beat Siznitch. Come on. The only time you can ever do anything, Ravvy, is when you share it with him. The two of you put together almost seem to equal a whole human being.

"Yeah, you're moving on up, winning things. But I'm still here waiting. I'm not even right behind you - I'm two steps ahead of you. I'm right around the corner ready to dropkick your GPA ass back to the hellhole it came from. But there's more - because here's the bit where we get to find out how much chicken there is in you.

"War Games is a-comin'... I'm already in. Are you feeling lucky? Just imagine it, Rav. Your chance to prove once and for all that you're not some big-talking bully who only gets his licks in when there's no chance of retaliation. You know the day's gonna come when destiny's gonna catch up to you... so here's the part where you make a choice. Do you run from your fate, try to delay the inevitable? Or do you throw your hat into the War Games? One way or another, I am gonna end you - all you need to do is decide when. And if you ain't down with that... it's a damn shame, because I sure as hell am."

On that note, the HeartBrend Kid grabs Kincaid and bustles him out of the room, slamming the door in his face.

2004-11-24, 01:19 PM
*D-Extreme is seen pouring some water over his forehead. As the water from the mineral water bottle flows out of the bottle and into the head of D-Ex, he tilits his head slowly.

D-Ex: Another day, another loss.

*He tosses the bottle in the air and grunts

D-Ex: But then again, the loss tonight was not a complete loss. Wolfang I got to hand it to you for that win. But it looks like you and Zarak are on shaky ground. Not that I care though, I am just letting you know that your new belt just got an X target on it. Make no doubt the AWF is back on track. And that means D-Extreme is back on track and back on the hunt for the Hardcore Title. You have to know one thing about me, what I set my sights on, I will attain it. Someway, somehow, I will get that Hardcore title, and someone is gonna get hurt in the process. Wolfang, buddy, I pray it will not be you.

*D-Extreme gets up and grabs the singapore cane. He looks at an outdated cardboard cut out of Wolfang with the AWF tag title on the waist(see...outdated!)

D-Ex: But hey, if it will be you in my way for that title. I better just give it a, shot.

*D-Ex swings with the cane and breaks the cardboard cut-out in half.


2004-11-24, 02:18 PM
Tempest is seen walking out of the arean to the car park where he is seen about to get into his brand new silver Mazda RX-8 when a RJI and AWF Film crew came up to him.

Tempest: "****, can't you leave me alone for a seconds?" He clearly just want to leave without questions."

RJI: "Sorry, but its in your contract that we interview." He said it then smiled like he won a huge battle.

Tempest reached across and hit im the face.

Tempest: "Yeah, I get to do that, it says to in my contract. Camera man, you'll do the interview, make it uick, I got a plane to catch but to Australia. Well ... quick, quick."

Camera Man: "Errrr sure. Umm .. why did the GPA turn their back on Viewfind? He created it, he brought you in, he showed you the ropes of the AWF, yet you powerbombed him. Why Tempest why?

Tempest: "Don't have to be so melodramatic. We voted on it, while I was against it, I was convinced in the end when I heard about the War Games. Believe it or not, I was the only member of the GPA that been in a War Games. It's hell in their. Absolute hell! So, someone came up for the idea to let TC in. And he since he was choosen captain over me last time, he was the one that made it as the new leader. ... However, I would think I would quialify, but hey? What can you do?"

Camera Man: "Well your right about the War Games ... Another question, how did you feel about your defeat to Sixswitch."

Tempest: "Pissed off! But, I'll get him back, things have only just began to boil between us. Hell, he'll be facing a GPA Champion in his match. And I'll make sure, personally, that things go well for GPA."

Tempest jumps in his car, turns on the egine and drives away as the RJI comes back around.

Amarant Odinson
2004-11-24, 04:54 PM
As Keith Kincaid gets shoved out of HBK's dressing room, he bumps into someone. As he turns aorund he sees that it's The Rabid Wolverine still wearing his cast.

KK: Whoa, I'm uhh... really sorry about that Amarant. Oh crap.

AO: What do you want Kincaid?

KK: Oh! Well actually, I wanted to ask you about tonight. For a minute there, you seemed like you were legitmately hurt. Is your arm injured in any way?

AO: Yes it is. As you can see by this cast, but the doctor said that I can still wrestle with the cast on and I still have to earn a paycheck. The doctor also said that the cast should be off soon probably in time for the upcoming PPV.

KK: I see, so what about UPF? Why did you attack him like that?

AO: UPF was made to be an example. An example to that little pissant Brett Rayne. He stuck his nose where it didn't belong. He cost me a shot at the AWF World Heavyweight title. He thinks that he has what it take to mess with PERFECTION. Well, Brett Rayne is going to find out very soon what happens when you cross The Rabid Wovlerine.

When I make him tap in that ring, he will realize why he could never PROVE ME WRONG . When the time finally comes, there will be no where to run and no where to hide. Brett Rayne, you will become another statistic of people that I've made tap. Of people that I have beaten into submission. And you know where to find me. I'll be in that ring. MY RING....waiting for you.

Beat me if you can Brett Rayne, SURVIVE IF I LET YOU.

2004-11-24, 06:31 PM
Still no final solace to this entire dibocle surround me and Ravage and the AWF title. But no matter how this turns out, one thing is certain, the title belongs to my new group of guys. Now, about the good ole war games coming, I am one of the most experienced at this match. I have been in every single War Games held so far, and this is the second time being captain. Hell, I was part of the reason that the King tapped and my team won. Now this year, I lead a team once again into the double cell, all new guys to help me acheive victory. While in our way stands ole Game and HBK. Now I know you guys havent told us who you are going to recruit for the rest of your squad, but Erik I know you well enough to have a good clue as to who will be on your team.

As for you HBK, you speak of me not accomplishing anything of late...do you forget who beat your ass back on Mayhem to win the world title? Yeah, jackass that was me. I took you out, and took the belt away from you

2004-11-24, 09:40 PM
OP: Ah yes, yes. Well done Cloudstrifer, well done. Let's see now seem to think just because you won that belt from a disillusioned champion you begin to think you're better than everyone else. Ah yes, very good. Nice little procedure however the end result is the same.


Now you wish to take on me one last time. Well lets see for you it seems a win win situation. You will retain that new shiny little belt of yours. Now if you wish to be a man, you will put that new shiny little belt on the line when we meet. Seems simple enough. That way you have a risk, something to truly fight for. To try and keep your gold.

Or ofcourse, just like you always did, take the cowards way out and just take an easy option. No risks, no actual wins.

Your choice my old friend. If you still wish to have our match do indeed, pick your poison.

Raven Darkstorm
2004-11-24, 11:25 PM
IC: I find the current AWF Tag-Team Champions kind of funny.
You see me and my bro Vanth we're a Tag-Team and yet the current AWF Tag-Team Champions are not a team! We
came here to fight the best tag-TEAMS not two guys who can't seem to agree on anything. The match coming up on Warzone seems more like a weird kind of handicap tag match with
us the the tag-team of StarStorm fighting Vin Ghostal in one corner and Xille in another but I've been in screwier matches
in my time.
So Xille and Vin Ghostal shine up those belts real good for us because we're taking them a real TAG-TEAM not you two wannabe movie stars.

2004-11-25, 12:12 AM
Originally posted by xille
*bzzz-unk! ... the screen goes black*

Xille: You son of a...

*pssshhhh.... tink... and returns, showing Xille, looking like a Gap model, smiling and waving from sunny California. The "HOLLYWOOD" sign can be seen in the background*

Igz is seen, backstage, looking at Xille standing in front of a cardboard cutout of the hollywood sign, and ranting at a camera.

"And I thought I was crazy.... oh, no. Just lazy."

Igz turns to the camera, and starts talking.

"Quite alot of excitement tonight... can't wait to see what happens? I wonder if Morpheus can defend... seems like he should be able to. The dude is fierce.

Igz hears Xille:

Originally posted by xille
X: I was really glad we got the week off, too, because I had a lot of catching up to do with some friends here in Hollywood. Oh! And you won't believe who I met! The intern to the personal assisstant to the make-up director for one of Windcharger's movies! Isn't that thrilling? Well, no, I guess not, but oh well.

"Oh crap! The shows over? I slept through it? Oh man! It's like ten o' clock at night? How did I sleep that late? Oh man... I hope I didn't have a match tonight..."

2004-11-25, 12:20 AM
*Lisa Lovelace attempts to get a word with Wolfang in the backstage area. She opens the door to the medical bay, only to be greeted by the sight of numerous medical personnel assembled around the Merseyside marauder.*

LL: "Wolfang, I was..."

*Lisa is ushered out of the room by a male nurse (N)*

N: "Wolfang is in no fit state to comment right now..."

LL: "But he's the new Hardcore Champion! We want to get some responses to what happened."

*N opens the door to let out the sounds of Wolfang being violently sick.*

LL: "Can you tell us anything about what happened?"

N: "All I know is, Wolfang took a really bad shot to his right ear. That's wreaking havoc his equilibrium, but he should be fine in a couple of days. He's got some minor lacerations and contusions, and a concussion."

LL: "Nice..."

N: "No, not really. He should be ready to go again after a couple of days rest. But for now, he's to be left alone."

LL: "Fine with me..."

*Lisa is interrupted again by Wolfang's powerful regurgitative capabilities, and decides to leave quickly.*

2004-11-25, 12:54 AM
Originally posted by Raven Darkstorm
The match coming up on Warzone

Dude, I knew you were dumb, but damn. Maybe you didn't see it right. You don't have a match on warzone for the titles. He didn't pin Ghostal 1...2...3.

So boo freakin hoo. Better luck next time!

2004-11-25, 01:54 AM
Poor KK I hope he gets hazard pay.

Anyway HBK I hear you. But that was odd, I sensed something different in your voice this time. Could it be, fear? I hurt you, I hurt your but--best friend the Game. I took your finisher on a steel chair and still went on to be co-winner of the ArchiveBowl.

I think your tiny little mind has realised what you've done wrong. I am having fun getting ready for the War Games nothing like Classic NWA footage to get the mind thinking. I like what Sid Vicious did to Brian Pillman I think repeatly powerbombing you into the top of the cage would be for. Or maybe a Hangover clean off it or anything else. Oh the possiblties. It's Christmas time HBK and it's time for your seasons beatings.

Now I know the Game is all off on how he has five purebreds or whatever and what have you. But does it really matter? Give this incarnation of the GPA anything and we will tear it apart. The NWO, DX, DN, CWO, 4-Horsemen whatever they are nothing compared what you have in the AWF right now.

So don't you worry HBK I will be waiting for you. Just try not to wet yourself when I finally do get my hands on you.

2004-11-25, 05:02 AM
Ho, Ho, the little rat is out of his hole I see.

So what I guess from your rambling is that you want this? *pats to the belt on his shoulder* Ok I see, so all of a sudden you want something you can't have? Tisk, Tisk

Whats the matter with you. Have you lost your freaking mind? You want this yet you haven't beat me as of yet. You want me to ride the nightmare, I already have and I destoryed it along side you with it. You want this of mine and challenge me to be a man?

Humph, your nothing. This belt, this wonderful belt is certainly a suprise, yet the tought of you touching it, and then riding the rollacoster of CloudStrifer is intering. Hmm you have given me an idea.

*Puts belt on Table* you want this fine, you can have it provided you beat me which is impossible. However why should I be the only one to put something of mine up? How about you become my slave for a month? Yes, I think that will do nicely. You want this belt, I want you to become my servent. How's that? Or will you coward your way out?

2004-11-25, 06:59 AM
YO YO YO YO!!!!!

The king of bling is now out da hospital with a concussion and i'm rockin da beats and i got mah 9mm ready to link non stop till i see a GPA's ass drop.

You sold me out Dbomb and now yo ass is on my list!

Check it son.

2004-11-25, 07:11 AM
(We can see Divebomb walking backstage when he sees Viewfind on one of the monitors and stops to watch)

Viewfind: You sold me out Dbomb and now yo ass is on my list!

(A sad look comes onto Divebombs face as he lowers his head and then continues to walk)

2004-11-25, 10:12 AM
Viewfind: You got all night...I just got a car full of ladies and a lot of booze...let's say that you, me and the O'Con go have some business talks...ok?

2004-11-25, 08:21 PM
:smokin: Galv

You just make sure them hoe's don't look like Ravages teefless momma again and we can talk all da bidness you want.

TC, Dbomb, Reilly.

Look out nigga!

2004-11-25, 10:15 PM
OP: Your... servant. Now is that the best that you could do. I was thinking you could have thought more about it Cloud.

Rules accepted. Let your nightmare begin.

Random Sweep
2004-11-25, 10:19 PM
Shot of Scarecrow squatting in a darkend room

They live without hope

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-11-25, 10:57 PM
I always knew that Reilly was good for a laugh but damnit, I never knew he could be this funny.

The Lame and The Heart-Bypass Kid?! Oh sweet Lord Reilly, you've really lost the plot now.

2004-11-26, 12:49 AM

Ok, the Game is going to talk business with Viewfind.

You know Dumbass there is probably a reason we got rid of that no talent hack. Sure he could write a good rap and get a few laughs.

But outside of that he was about as useful as a leader as HBK at the special olympics.

But hey go ahead hire him to take us out at the War Games just View remember if that chairshot hurt we will take you apart in the games.

2004-11-26, 06:11 AM
This coming from the fool who showed up at my door like some abandoned baby looking to learn the ways of the Homeslice.

You see Rav i'm da master of bling and i got the skillz dat pay all da mother f****** bills but not even my thug magie could ever save yo ass, and you guys are right i lost mah touch and it shows becuse i keep you and that turd tmpest around for far to long.

So I just like to thank you, i'll be sure to repay you very, VERY SOON!

2004-11-26, 06:25 AM
Thats perfect View really that is. I am going to make your career just like 2pac. Dead.

2004-11-26, 06:50 AM
Easy their Viewfind, you taught me the tricks of the game. You had a pretty good run, but you are of the old GPA, me and Ravage, we're the new blood. We are the future, your the damn past, you might even say your a legend. I'm the damn legendary killer. You would of done the same View, don't deny that. While it would of been better to let you say, TC wanted the leadership, I contested but hey, **** happens. D-Bomb wasn't pleased though.

And view, if you bring, I'll beat you down.

2004-11-26, 07:26 AM
You're damn retarded, that's for sure. And it's a shame, really. I enjoyed my tangles with the GPA. I mean, Viewfind was actually a challenge. Although like every other member of the GPA, he got beat by the Welsh Wonder.

Now it's just full of failures... I mean, Tempest, I just beat your arse and the title shot is mine. Ravage and TC. Once you sort your lovers tiff over who actually has the title, I'll take one of you on happily. Hell, I'll take the both of you on.

Tempest, you aren't a legendary killer. For that, you actually need a little tiny bit of a very mysterious force we call talent. Unfortunately, all you have is a long tongue and a brown spot on your nose.

Hey TC, your new bitch apparently gives a good pedicure, if you're into that sort of thing.

New GPA, Old GPA, GPA with frilly dresses and eyeliner on... It really makes no difference to the Double S. You'll get beat, just the same, because as Tempest just found out, your are not ready for the Double S!

2004-11-26, 02:25 PM
Six your like a dog that needs to be put down, all you do is bark but have no bite.

You want to get into the ring with me or TC thats fine. But if I were you I would stop writing checks with your body that you can't be sure it can handle.

Actually the more I think about it, do you really deserve to get into the ring with the GPA. I mean you lost to a guy that pulls socks out of his ass.

2004-11-27, 05:11 AM
Now this is what i like to hear!

Rav, Temp ya see son i got yo head full of so much Bulls*** its starting to smell like yo momma's upper lip.

All that hype i put into yo fool's head was just that HYPE!!!
Now that Blingzilla is out of da GPA who is going to watch yo back son? who is going to run in and save the day for you Rav? what about you Temp? you think TC or Dbomb will? can you even trust them son? think long and hard about this son, Oh wait did i say think?

Thats something you need me for.

Hey yo Six, sup son?

2004-11-27, 04:43 PM
View maybe you didn't quite realise something there. TC and I were tight before I even heard your first cereal box lyric.

Temp doesn't need to worry I think him and I will leave a pretty nice swath of broken AWF wannabe's.

And go for it View call over Sixswitch like he can trust you alot as well.

2004-11-27, 05:07 PM
*Cloud is in his sort of make shift long hall, but there is no one there*

Interesting, where did everyone go?

What, oh its you....Your hear about OP aren't you?

Well lets see. You see OP, when you say I didn't put alot of thought into this challenge, your right I didn't. I mean what could I have done? Buried you for the upteenth time? Gotten you fired? But I am not like that.

You see there are 2 kinds of matches in this fed. One is where you have to think alot and plan your statergy. Another is where you know the guy, beaten him a fair number of times and know what is going to happen. Well what do you think that you are.

*Sigh* I know what I did to Strafe. After all, he hogged the belt for so long, he had to be tought a lesson. His bloody reck must still be there somewhere just trying to fight for life. After all, he tought he could fight The Norse Warrior, and come out on top.

*Shouts Hello into the hall, only his echo comes back*

Where is eve......Oh wait

You see OP, when you said I didn't think about it your right. Because I didn't need to. All I needed to do was to humiliate you to the extreme. Which I am pretty sure I will. So be ready OP, you will have some pretty tough tasks ahead of you. Rest up, my old friend....

Where the hell is everyone? Hellllo? *Screen blanks out with Cloud walking off into the rooms...*

2004-11-28, 02:35 AM
Six...you fail to remember the outcome of AM3. I beat you there, I can and will beat you again.

As for you Viewfinder, you see Im not interested in needing a faction to watch my back insure my success. Ive been doing that on my own since I started here. The reason why I took over your spot was cause I'm getting a sweet deal out of all this, one more sweet than your feeble mind could comprehend

2004-11-28, 12:02 PM
TC... TC... Don't you know that lightning never strikes twice? You had what it took that time. But I can guarantee you that it will not happen again. You see, since then, the Double S has gotten bigger, bolder, badder and better... And you've done... What exactly? Taken over a group of GLC wannabes, and... Well, that's about it.

And Ravage. Big Daddy Rav. Is that what the GPA call you in the showers? Do you make Tempest pick up the soap for you? Of course you do. But I'm an open minded kinda guy, and what the GPA get up to in their locker room after the match is really their business. But one thing you should know by now. My body can handle anything you could throw at it. You want to bring yourself to the ring? You want to bring TC along with you? You want Tempest to grab your ass? It doesn't really matter, because I'm more than ready.

But you're right about one thing. The Welsh Wonder can't be trusting Viewfind juuuust yet. So V-Dawg, stay outta my way, and play it cool, and we'll take it from there.

2004-11-28, 12:07 PM
Double Post.

Sir Auros
2004-11-28, 12:49 PM
OOC: My pidgin's not what it used to be. Could someone translate my whole, incomprehensible match and tell me what happened in my match other than me apparently fighting someone off one minute and then Wolfang pinning Zarak and becoming then new champ while apparently unconscious?

If we're going to keep the non-native speakers, the editors need to do some editing/localization.

2004-11-28, 02:11 PM
OOC: Well, I've got nothing better to do...here's how I saw it:

- Auros enters with trolley-o-junk.

- D-Extreme enters with...Bombshell's music?

- Auros smacks D-Ex with a traffic sign.

- Zarak enters and slides into the ring.

- Auros turns to face Zarak...who slides out of the ring again.

- Wolfang sneaks in behind Auros and hits him with a garbage can.

- Wolfang and Zarak go for simultaneous pins; ref doesn't allow it.

- Auros throws a trashcan lid at Wolfang, but it hits the ref instead.

- D-Ex hits a Fisherman Suplex on Wolfang.

- Zarak corners Auros; gets a knee in the gut for his troubles.

- Auros hits Zarak with a Bulldog and tries for a pin; D-Ex breaks it up.

- Auros connects with a low-blow on D-Ex; both roll out of the ring.

- Wolfang, dizzied, tries to pin Zarak; kickout after 2.

- Auros throws D-Ex into steel steps and re-enters the ring.

- Auros attacks Wolfang, Zarak leaves ring and attacks D-Ex.

- Wolfang rolls out of ring, followed by Auros.

- Auros and D-Ex are sent over the barriers on opposite sides of the ring.

- Auros throws a coke at Wolfang; Zarak has D-Ex in a headlock.

- Auros tries to whip Wolfang over the barriers (and back to the ring); it's reversed, and Auros goes over the barriers.

- Zarak DDTs D-Ex near a fan entrance and clambers on top of said construct.

- Wolfang rolls Auros into the ring.

- Zarak tries to Body-Splash D-Ex, who brings his knees up to counter it.

- D-Ex tries for a pin; Zarak kicks out at 2.

- Auros tries for inside cradle pin on Wolfang; kickout at 2.

- Auros misses with a traffic sign; Wolfang puts him in a headlock.

- Auros whips Wolfang to the ropes; Wolfang dodges a clothesline, goes under a hopping Auros (?), then gets hit by a running DDT.

- Auros tries for a pin; D-Ex pulls Auros off.

- Auros rolls out of the ring.

- Zarak goes on top of the barriers and nails Auros with a Flying Clothesline.

- D-Ex rolls Zarak into the ring, but is held on the outside by Auros.

- Wolfang accidentally hits Zarak with a low blow and pins him.

I've put the bits that pertain to you in bold for convenience.

2004-11-28, 04:20 PM
Six I don't need the rest of the GPA to kick your ass from one post to another.

But if you want to keep issues checks when don't you prove how badass you are *see also stupid* and take on all 3 of us at once?

2004-11-29, 02:59 AM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
TC... TC... Don't you know that lightning never strikes twice? You had what it took that time. But I can guarantee you that it will not happen again. You see, since then, the Double S has gotten bigger, bolder, badder and better... And you've done... What exactly? Taken over a group of GLC wannabes, and... Well, that's about it.

And Ravage. Big Daddy Rav. Is that what the GPA call you in the showers? Do you make Tempest pick up the soap for you? Of course you do. But I'm an open minded kinda guy, and what the GPA get up to in their locker room after the match is really their business. But one thing you should know by now. My body can handle anything you could throw at it. You want to bring yourself to the ring? You want to bring TC along with you? You want Tempest to grab your ass? It doesn't really matter, because I'm more than ready.

But you're right about one thing. The Welsh Wonder can't be trusting Viewfind juuuust yet. So V-Dawg, stay outta my way, and play it cool, and we'll take it from there.

Whoa whoa WHOA SON!

First off lets get somethings straight.

Blingzilla will never EVER trust sixbitch.
But i'm not a stupid man, ya see if you want to fight a war you need some troopes son.

Be on the look for a draft card!