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2004-12-02, 04:18 PM
(The cameras come on and the opening video plays as the Warzone theme plays, then we enter the arena where the pyros explode)

JFA: “Well hello everybody and welcome to the first episode of AWF Warzone in the month of December. We are coming to you live from the Pond in Anaheim, California. I am JFA and with me always is the uncontrollable JHA.”
JHA: “Hey, that was uncalled for.”
JFA: “We have a great show for you tonight and we are only a few weeks away from AWF: Regenesis.”
JHA: “That’s right and its going to be the biggest party we have seen in ages. It’s Wargames.”
JFA: “Yes it is and it will be Team DN versus Team GPA. We don’t know which members of the GPA will be in the match but we can rest assured that their new leader will be in it.”
JHA: “That’s right. The GPA has a new leader and its TC and with him in control there is no stopping the GPA now.”
JFA: “What a turn coat.”
JHA: “What are you talking about? Do you honestly think that Viewfind could lead this team to victory? I don’t like any of the members of Team DN so far but TC has got the experience to lead the new formed GPA to victory.”
JFA: “Yeah, well we’ll see about that at Regenesis but speaking of Team DN, we don’t really know who is going to be on the team yet.”
JHA: “Yeah but it doesn’t matter who it’s going to be. The GPA can’t lose now.”
JFA: “I would hold my tongue until I see who the remaining member of team DN are going to be because all we know right now is that its going to be The Game and HBK. Two of the best AWF superstars of all time.”
JHA: “Yeah well it still doesn’t matter. We’ve got TC, BDR, The NWA, NMat and Tempest. All of whom have won titles except Tempest, but even he was the Lord of the Mat in 2003.”
JFA: “True, the GPA does have a fine collection of talent when they choose not to cheat, but all I am saying is that I wouldn’t give them the win just yet.”

Suddenly the Pond goes black.

JHA: “Hey, what the hell is going on here?”
JFA: “I don’t know. We weren’t scheduled to have a blackout here tonight.”

The Archivetron comes on and we see a funeral home.
The doors open and the camera whips around like a David Fincher movie to a parlor where you can see an open casket. Inside the casket is the lifeless body of Cyberstrike! Near the casket is a beautiful woman wearing a tight black dress and a black veil to cover her face and she is crying. Beside the casket is Cyberstrike's ghost! The ghost begins to talk to the camera.

CsG: "Cyberstrike had a great run but now his run is over."

The camera fades to black then opens and we're now in a graveyard and we see the woman in black crying and Cyberstrike's Ghost is standing next to her.

CsG: "He gave everything he had to be the best but in the end it killed him, he was unable to change."

The camera is now in the grave looking up at the Cyberstrike's Ghost and the Woman in Black

CsG: "Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. For every beginning there is an end and for every end there is a new beginning. Rest in peace Cyberstrike."

The woman in black tosses dirt on the camera as the Archivetron goes black.

Suddenly a spotlight hits the center of the ring on a man kneeling on one knee with both hands on the mat his head bowed down. We can see he has on sunglasses and that he's wearing black pants and a black T-shirt and has a long black duster.

Another spot light shines on the ramp and the woman in black appears she takes her veil and her black dress off to reveal that it's the TNA Knockout Trinity! Trinity walks down the ramp and stands behind the man in the center of the ring.

Suddenly "No Chance" by Dope hits the speakers and the man rises to his feet and the arena lights come back on and Trinity hands the man the microphone and he begins to speak.

CB: "Cyberstrike is dead and buried but in his place is a new and more powerful man! A man who is the best wrestler in the world today! What is this man's name? It's Christopher Back The New F'N Game!"

The fans chant for Eric Summers!

CB: "Go ahead and chant for the Old Game because he's gonna be the first victim of the New F'N Game! Come on Eric I know you're in the back come on what's the matter, afraid of what I'll do to you?”

Eric Summers doesn't come out.

CB: "You're smarter than I’ve would thought possible Eric not to face me tonight but understand this you have has two things that I want the AWF Intercontinental Championship and your job as Captain of Team AWF in the War Games, and I want them both! And although the late great Cyberstrike couldn't get the job done rest assure that I will! Because The New F'N Game begins tonight!"

IIIIII’M BACK! And I’m better than ever, I’m BACK….

Mr. Reilly strolls out from the back with a big grin on his face and clapping for CB. He climbs into the ring and shakes his hand and then grabs a mic.

Reilly: “Wow, what an entrance. Everybody join me in welcoming Christopher to the AWF. Its good to see you again. Now lets get down to business. I heard you from the back about wanting Erik tonight.”

CB: “That’s right. Have you come out here to give me what I want?”

Reilly: “Unfortunately not since he is already booked tonight against OP2005. But since this is your first night back here and I want to make you and the fans happy. I am going to give you a match and not just any match you are going to be in tonight’s main event. Now I am going to keep your opponent a secret but trust me when I say that you will be pleasantly surprised with who it is.”

CB: “Main event? Ok, I’ll take it.”

The two men shake hands as “No Chance” by dope begins again and the two men and Trinity leave the ring and head to the back.

JFA: “Well Christopher Back, making his return here in grand style.”
JHA: “Come on now, you know as well as I do that that is Cyberstrike.”
JFA: “That’s not what he wants to be called. It’s Christopher Back. He’s changed.”
JHA: “Yeah whatever. How about Reilly coming down here and giving him a spot in the main event tonight.”
JFA: “It’s interesting. Anyways how about we get to our first match.”
JHA: “Sounds good.”

Ignavus vs. Judge Death

JFA: This is probably one of the longest-winded feuds the AWF has ever seen.
JHA: And I think we’re all glad that it might come to an end tonight.
JFA: You don’t really believe that, do you?
JHA: People can dream, J. People can dream.

Withered hands, withered bodies, begging for salvation
Deserted by the hands of gods of their own creation
Nations cry, underneath decaying skies above
You are guilty, the punishment is death for all who live...
The punishment is death for all who live…

RJA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall… making his way to the ring, from Dreadworld, near Glasgow… Judge… Death!

Judge Death enters the arena, walking through his trademark pyro and down to the ring. He stands on the top turnbuckle and glares at a man with a “Flush that turd!” sign as “Out of the Silent Planet” fades out.

Ahhh…. Eeee-Ahhh-Ahhh…
Ahhh-Eeee-Ahhh… Eeee-Ahhh-Ahhh…
I ain’t happy… I’m feeling glad
I’ve got sunshine… In a bag, I’m useless
But not for long, the future is coming on

JFA: Judge Death is probably one of the most surprising competitors you could ever face in the ring, J. He’s able to take a large man like Grand Convoy down, but even a man the size of Xille could military press him. You simply cannot prepare yourself for the fight he brings.
JHA: Dear lord, you’re talking a lot.
JFA: Merely trying to cover for Igz, who is late, as usual.

*Yawn*… Yeah, haha…
Finally, someone let me out of my cage

Igz appears at the top of the stage, yawning with the lead vocals of “Clint Eastwood”.

JHA: You know, I think I would’ve been happier if he had slept through this match.

RJA: And his opponent… being accompanied by Atticus… from Simsbury, CT… Ignavus!

Now, time for me is nothing, ‘cause I’m counting no age
No, I couldn’t be there, now you shouldn’t be scared
I’m good at repairs, and I’m under each snare

Igz finally reaches the ring and does his signature yawn to the audience, who yawns along with him. A large man in the front row falls asleep. “Clint Eastwood” fades out and the bell rings, signaling the start of the match.

JFA: Here we go! We’ve got the match these two have been hoping to get for quite some time now.
JHA: And it’s also that match I’m currently hoping will get over with faster than a night with your mama, J.
JFA: I’m not really sure who you just insulted.

Judge Death and Ignavus meet in the center of the ring, each not wanting to lose the early advantage. Igz quickly does lose it, however, thanks to an eye rake from JD. The (literally) dead man connects with a knee to the side of Igz and quickly follows up with a belly-to-back suplex.

JFA: Igz goes down hard with that belly-to-back suplex!
JHA: And here I thought it was my job to state the obvious…

JD goes for a quick cover, but it only pulls a one-count. Igz quickly rolls to his feet and charges at his opponent, pushing him into the turnbuckle.

JFA: Quite a showing of strength from the laziest man in the AWF.
JHA: It’s the skinny turd, moron. I could do that to him.
JFA: Could you do that, though? Igz’s version of the Shining Wizard, the Unmotivator, puts JD down.

Igz hooks the leg but only nets one as well. Frustrated, he stands up and starts stomping a mudhole into the side of Judge Death. JD, ever the innovator, manages to grab Ignavus’s foot and sweeps the other out from underneath him. He follows up with several insults and a few slaps to Igz’s head.

JFA: Can he really say that on television?
JHA: They’ll get it in the editing process.
JFA: Aren’t we live?
JHA: I guess we’re all being sued, then.

Judge Death lays Igz down on the mat thanks to his Dream of Mirrors kick. He applies a Darkness Choke with his right hand while rubbing his left forearm across the face of Igz with his left. He lets go at the ref’s count of four but quickly reapplies the move, again letting go before being disqualified.

JFA: Death is really torturing Igz here tonight.
JHA: I would say there was a lot of bad blood between them, but I’m not quite sure if the turd has any.
JFA: Quite true. Rapid knee attacks from JD put Igz even closer to losing this match.

JD covers again to get a long two count, but he fails to get three thanks to Atticus’s interference. He signals to the ref about the interference, but the ref states that he didn’t see it. JD turns around to catch a stiff punch from Igz right on his jaw. Igz follows up with a standing moonsault and a cover, which nets him two.

JFA: Igz is going with some fast offense here, and it may just pull him out of this hole he’s in.

Igz hits a quick senton splash on JD and then pulls both of the Judge’s legs and turns him over.

JFA: Walls of Gomorra! Death might not have any choice but to tap here!
JHA: Please, please, please, please, please… let this be over…

JD gets to the ropes after a few seconds of agony, and Atticus quickly removes his hands from the bottom rope as Igz drags the dead man back into the middle of the ring. The ref motions to Atticus to back away from the ring and JD eventually reaches the ropes again, and Igz is forced to break the hold. Both men move to opposite turnbuckles and stare each other down again as the crowd applauds their efforts.

JFA: Atticus is really becoming the final nai… uh… quite a thorn in the side of Judge Death.
JHA: You were going to say, “final nail in the coffin” weren’t you? Ha! And here I thought you were near infallible. Oh, it’s good to know that you are indeed beneath me, J.

Ignavus is the first to move, walking slowly toward Judge Death who waits with outstretched arms, taunting his opponent. He doesn’t seem to have the same air about him as Ignavus lands a modified baseball slide to his midsection, however. Igz quickly wraps himself around JD and delivers the first of three German suplexes.

JFA: The Caffeine Buzz! Igz gives himself the advantage in the second half of this match-up!

JD crumples on the mat after the third suplex, and Igz climbs the turnbuckle, apparently leaving the ring.

JHA: Thank you, lord! One of them finally has the brains to just stop this match.
JFA: Hardly, J! Ignavus is set up for the Procrastination Surprise, his reverse Swanton Bomb!
JHA: How the hell do you reverse a Swanton Bomb? Jump from your opponent’s chest onto the turnbuckle?
JFA: You know, I really have to idea.
JHA: Well, apparently this idiot doesn’t either, because he just missed it!

The replay shows Igz jumping from the turnbuckle and twisting wildly in the air only to connect with nothing but canvas on his way down. JD takes advantage of the situation by climbing the turnbuckle himself and landing his own top-rope maneuver, 2 Minutes to Midnight.

JHA: Wait, wasn’t that…
JFA: Yep, that’s also known as the “Lobotomy”.
JHA: Xille is going to be pissed. Not that I care, of course.
JFA: Cover by Judge Death! One! Two! Thr-NO! Igz managed to kick out!

Judge Death decides not to argue the count this time and instead pulls his opponent to his feet. He nails a quick fisherman suplex but instead of going for the cover, pulls Igz to his feet again and whips him into the ropes, following that with a flapjack. Igz doubles over in pain and rolls out of the ring.

JFA: Igz wisely rolls out of the ring to avoid further punishment from JD.
JHA: Not for long, J. Not for long.

Judge Death climbs out of the ring and follows his prey. He pulls Ignavus to his feet and prepares to slam his head against the steel steps only to have Igz counter and throw him against the ring post. JD bounces off of the post, but Igz sends him right back to it with a dropkick. The laziest man in the AWF rolls the federation’s own dead man back into the ring, climbs the turnbuckle, yawns, and flies!

JFA: He connects! The 4AM Flyer connects! JD has to be out!

Ref: One…


JFA: Kickout! That had to be the last ounce of gas Judge Death had, but he used it well! He’s still in this fight, but barely! Igz can’t believe it!

Slightly dismayed, Igz rolls out of the ring again and grabs a steel chair. He returns to the ring and is met by the ref, who tells him to throw it out.

JFA: Igz now wanting to end this on his terms, but the ref isn’t going for it at all… JD is up! JD is up, and Igz doesn’t see him!
JHA: Holyfreakingcowthatmust’vehurt!
JFA: JD with a running knee strike to the steel chair, which ricocheted off of the head of Igz, sending him to the outside! What a smack, and what a fall!
JHA: I didn’t know that skinny turd could move that quickly… well, or that this match would go on for so long. You would think a title was on the line.
JFA: There is just that much hatred between these men, J. Neither man is going to admit that the other might be better. It’s a near-textbook feud.

Igz manages to return to the ring before the ref finishes his 10 count. JD is up, but limping severely thanks to smacking his knee on the steel chair. Igz has been busted wide open and the blood is running down his favorite “Slacker” shirt. The crowd erupts in applause again as the two stare each other down.

JFA: You know, J, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see these two going at it again sometime down the line for a title, possibly even the AWF Championship itself.
JHA: I’m pretty sure that’s the day I would hand in my resignation.

The two battered warriors trade blows in the center of the ring, each one making them more and more exhausted. They use each other to hold themselves up in between punches. JD manages to get his wind back first and whips Igz into the ropes.

JFA: He could be going for a belly to belly suplex here, or maybe even a monkey toss. It’s so hard to tell with this competitor.
JHA: More like he’s going to get himself hurt! Ha!
JFA: Simply incredible. JD goes for a shoulder back toss only to have Igz reverse it in mid-air and bring him down for a high-impact neck breaker. Igz goes for the cover again… One… Two…
JFA: Kick out by Judge Death again! Igz, barely able to see through his crimson mask, signals “3” to the ref, but the ref isn’t paying attention!
JHA: Neither is Igz…
JFA: Touch of Death! Ignavus is down! JD crawls and manages to make the cover!

Ref: One…


JFA: Atticus puts Igz’s foot on the ropes! The crowd can’t believe it!
JHA: Who cares about the crowd? I can’t believe it! I want to go home! Someone call ‘Flec, or something.
JFA: Another cover by JD nets even less of a two count. Igz, thanks in part to his manager, is still in this fight.

Both men make it to their feet by using the ropes to help themselves up. Igz makes it over to JD and gives him a stiff kick in the stomach that doubles the dead man over. He whips Judge Death into the opposite ropes and charges him after the dead man has bounced back. Igz hits an STO, but instead of keeping his head up, he lowers it for more impact. This backfires against him as JD holds on and connects with a DDT as he is slammed onto the mat.

JFA: Igz hits the modified STO, but JD hits the DDT! Incredible! Both men are down! The ref is starting his count!

Ref: 1… 2… 3…

JHA: You’ve got to be kidding me! All of this and we aren’t even going to get a winner?

Ref: 5… 6… 7…

Igz and Judge Death start to stir.

Ref: 8…

Igz makes it to one knee and JD manages to pull himself up into the turnbuckle.

JFA: It looks like we’ve still got a match, J! Both men are up and ready to go!

Ignavus sees Judge Death in the corner and charges at him only to be sidestepped and run his shoulder straight into the pole.

JFA: There’s absolutely no give on those-
JHA: We know. Don’t ever mention that again.

Ignavus stumbles out of the corner and is immediately locked into Judge Death’s signature submission maneuver, Hard to Swallow!

JFA: He’s got it locked in! Hard to Swallow! Ignavus simply can’t hold on this time.
JHA: There is way too much innuendo flying about right now.

Atticus suddenly pulls the legs out from underneath the ref and he falls flat on his face. Judge Death, still concerned with Igz, doesn’t notice the chair that she brings into the ring, nor her slow creep up behind him.

JFA: No! It can’t end like this! Atticus takes the ref out, and now she’s going to nail Judge Death with a chair! How cheap is this, J?
JHA: As long as this match ends, it’s all good with me.
JFA: Atticus pulls back… and nails Ignavus in the head! Judge Death spun around just in time! Ignavus takes a shot to the head! He is most definitely out this time!

Atticus drops the chair and kneels, trying to find out if she’s caused any lasting damage to Igz. JD tosses her out of the ring and makes the cover. The crowd counts to three as the ref gets up. He makes his own count…

Ref: One…



JHA: Oh thank God! I was honestly expecting a kick-out.
JFA: Well, I guess JD was the better man today, thanks in part to Atticus. It remains to be seen who could win a one on one between the two men, though, because this femme fatale really helped both sides out in this match. But now its time for our first commercial break so we’ll be right back.

*Commercial Break, an add for AWF: Regenesis plays*

2004-12-02, 04:22 PM

(the camera comes on and we are in Reilly’s office where we can see Reilly sitting at his desk on the phone when we hear a knock on the door)

Reilly: “Come in.”

(The door opens and someone comes in but they stay out of the cameras view)

Reilly: “Hey I call you back in a minute, yeah, bye.”

???: “You called.”

Reilly: “Yes I did. I want you to do me a favor.”

???: “Its going to cost you.”

Reilly: “Maybe. You saw Cyberstrike or I should say Christopher Back out there tonight. I want him taken care of. I know you have been waiting to get your hands on him for awhile now. So what do you say? Will you do this for me?”

???: “Strike? Yeah I will do this for you and I will cut you a break and do this one for free.”

Reilly: “I thought so. Now don’t forget to tell him this is a welcome back message from me.”

???: “No problem.”

(The door shuts and Reilly gets back on the phone)

JFA: “What the heck was that.”
JHA: “Well it sounded like Reilly just asked someone to take care of Mr. Back.”
JFA: “Yeah, but who?”
JHA: “I guess we will just have to wait and see.”

Tempest v. Wolfang

JFA: “Well here we go again. It’s time for Tempest to take on Wolfang.”
JHA: “Damn straight and he’s going to beat him just like he did Zarak.”
JFA: “Well I doubt it will be that easy, but I guess if he can’t take them on at the same time he might as well do it one at a time.”
JHA: “I can’t think of any better way to get them to agree then to humiliate both of them into doing it.”
JFA: “I wouldn’t call his win over Zarak humiliating. He had help.”
JHA: “What are you talking about? I didn’t see anything.”
JFA: “I’ll bet, you had your head so far up the GPA’s collective A…”
JHA: “And here we go, down to JRA for the introductions.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, coming to you from St. Helens, Merseyside, England. He is one half of the tag team Blood and Thunder…..WOLFANG!”

“The Hurricane Years” by Alice Cooper starts up as the former tag champ makes his way out and poses for the crowd. The crowd gets to its feet and begins a Wolfang chant as he continues to the ring and poses some more.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent, from Mandurah, WA, Australia. Representing the GPA…….TEMPEST!”

“Pistol Grip Pump” by Rage Against The Machines begins as Tempest along with NMat make their way out of the back and down to the ring, the whole time taunting the crowd as the break out in a chorus of boos. Tempest climbs into the ring and taunts the crowd as the ref rings the bell.

JFA: “And Tempest has come with some help I see.”
JHA: “What are you talking about, NMat is just there to watch and cheer for Tempest seeings how nobody else is.”
JFA: “And rightfully so.”
JHA: “What’s that supposed to mean?”
JFA: “Just watch the match.”

The two men start off by tying up in the center of the ring. After a few seconds Tempest shoves Wolfang and sends him back into the corner. Tempest quickly charges but Wolfang ducks out of the way and Tempest crashes into the turnbuckle chest first and stumbles back. Wolfang quickly dropkicks him back into the corner bouncing his head off the turnbuckle and sending him to the mat. Wolfang follows him down with a quick elbow drop then picks up the big man and whips him into the corner.

JFA: “Wow, what a quick display of skill here by Wolfang.”
JHA: “Bah, Tempest is just letting him tier himself out.”
JFA: “Ok, sure.”

Wolfang charges in for a clothesline but Tempest gets the boot up and charges out with a clothesline of his own dropping Wolfang to the mat. Tempest picks him up and whips him into the ropes and slams him down with a powerslam, then throws him out of the ring. Tempest begins taunting the crowd as the ref yells at him. On the outside NMat sees the refs distraction and quickly body slams Wolfang on the mat then throws him back into the ring.

JFA: “What the hell was that? So much for him just being there to watch.”
JHA: “What are you talking about? I think you are seeing things again, you should go get that checked out.”

Tempest drags Wolfang to his feet and throws him into the corner. He walks in and begins laying in the stomps to the gut of Wolfang forcing him to the ground. Tempest taunts the crowd some more then whips Wolfang againsts the ropes. Tempest goes for a spinebuster but Wolfang counters it and drops the GPA big man with a DDT.

JFA: “Both men are down here.”
JHA: “I can’t believe that Tempest just let him do that. I know he wants to keep it interesting but he didn’t have to do that.”
JFA: “Let him? Keep it interesting? I really don’t think he had much say in the matter.”
JHA: “What? Come on we both know he’s just toying with him.”

After a few seconds Wolfang get to his feet againsts the ropes and as the ref’s checking on Tempest, NMat jumps up and guillotines Wolfang's neck over the top ropes. The ref quickly runs over to see what happened but NMat denies it. Tempest gets back to his feet and then delivers a huge capture suplex to Wolfang, then calls for his finisher. Tempest drags him up and sets him for his finisher but Wolfang slips out and falls behind Tempest and drop kicks him out of the ring. Just as Wolfang is about to follow him out of the ring NMat jumps up onto the apron and catches his attention. The two begin trading words as Tempest gets up on the outside. He sees the trouble in the ring and quickly grabs a chair from under it and slides in.

JFA: “What is going on here. The ref has to get some control here. NMat is distracting both the ref and Wolfang and now Tempest is in there with a chair.”
JHA: “Hit him, hit him now. Hahahaha, nothing can go wrong now.”
JFA: “I wouldn’t bet on it.”

Just then Zarak comes flying out of the crowd and into the ring. He spins Tempest around and kicks him in the gut forcing him to drop the chair and then delivers a Venom Blade onto the chair and quickly rolls out of the ring taking the chair with him. Wolfang turns around to see the fallen Tempest and Zarak standing outside and smiles then drags Tempest to his feet and drops him again with the Crimson Twilight. As Wolfang goes for the pin NMat tries to climb into the ring but Zarak runs around and pulls him off the apron causing him to fall head first onto the edge of the ring as the ref makes the three count.

JFA: “Well would you look at that. Wolfang did it.”
JHA: “What are you talking about, Zarak slamming Tempest onto the chair did it.”
JFA: “I don’t know what you are talking about, I didn’t see anything.”
JHA: “Oh come on, he just….Oh I see, that’s how its going to be?”
JFA: “Yup.”
JHA: “Fine.”

JRA: “The winner of the match. WOLFANG!”

Wolfang rolls out of the ring and him and Zarak walk back up the ramp laughing at what they just did as we can hear “The hurricane years” by Alice Cooper playing and the fans cheering.

*Commercial Break, an add for AWF: The New Music plays*


We go backstage and find Vin Ghostal sitting in his locker room as Xille walks in, already dressed in his wrestling gear.

V: Have a good week off?
X: Not really. I hoped you enjoyed having the run of the place last week, because that’s the last time I ever take the night off unless I have to.
V: Don’t know how to relax, eh?
X: You know it’s not that. I was watching last week. I know everything you said about me, about us, and I saw what you did to Vanth Dreadstar. You can’t treat the championships so disrespectfully. You may see this team as a one-man show, but I got news for you: there’s no such thing as a one-man championship team. You wouldn’t last 2 weeks as champion without me. All you ever do is talk about your divine job, about your gold. Like I said before, I’m willing to help you keep it, and maybe even get some more, if you can find it in your heart to stop being an asshole and start acting like you’re part of a team.
V: Thanks, dad. I wish I had some more time for life lessons, but I’m a little busy.
X: With what? You’re not even scheduled this week.
V: It’s time the GPA learned a few life lessons of their own.

Ghostal pulls out his golden bat and kisses it gently.

X: What do you need that thing for?
V: Hey, spare the rod, spoil the child.

Ghostal smiles evilly and heads out of the room.

X: I don’t understand that guy.

JFA: “It looks like Ghostal has some plans tonight.”
JHA: “Yeah, I hate that man.”
JFA: “Why? Just because the NWA lost to him and Xille.”
JHA: “Yeah.”
JFA: “Alright then. Well its time for our next match and I think you might like this one.”
JHA: “Oh hell yeah. Divebomb v. The Wild One. Oh this will be great.”
JFA: “Then we better get to it. I can tell you are just about to burst with anticipation.”

Divebomb vs. The Wild One

RA: This contest is scheduled for one fall. Coming to the ring, representing the GPA…Divebomb!

”My Last Serenade” by Killswitch Engage begins and Divebomb comes through the curtains in the GPA’s traditional cloud of unidentified smoke, and the crowd emits a hostile reaction.

JFA: Divebomb will be in singles action and…hey!

As Divebomb steps onto the ring apron, Vin Ghostal comes through the curtains and slams his gold bat into the back of Divebomb’s knee! Divebomb falls through the ropes into the ring, and as he staggers to his feet, V3 buries the bat in Divebomb’s gut!

JHA: “What the hell is happening here? Somebody get out here and help him.”

The GPA man crumples to the mat and begins to spit up blood as V3 goes outside and brings in a steel chair. As V3 puts the defenseless Divebomb’s head on top of the chair and picks up his golden bat, Xille rushes to the ring and steps between Ghostal and Divebomb. Xille holds his hands up and tries to reason calmly with his psychotic tag team partner. As V3 tells Xille to get out of the way, Tempest rushes to ringside and sneaks up onto the apron right behind V3.

JHA: “Oh thank god here we go. Tempest out to help him.”

X points at him, rushes forward and throws a dropkick, and Ghostal ducks out of the way as Xille knocks Tempest off the apron.

JHA: “Noooooooooo!”

V3 bounces up, grabs his own partner and dumps him through the ropes, then picks up his bat and slams it into the back of Divebomb’s head, smashing Divebomb’s skull against the chair! Divebomb’s body convulses, then goes limp. Tempest jumps into the ring as Ghostal jumps out the other side and escapes through the crowd to a chorus of boos. X gets up and follows as Tempest helps the battered Divebomb to his feet and, aided by several referees, helps his GPA comrade to the locker room.

JHA: “Vin Ghostal, you are going to hang for this.”
JFA: “My god. I don’t know what to say folks. That was a blatant act of violence and I am in shock with what just happened.”
JHA: “In shock. I am furious.”
JFA: “We’ll send someone back to find out the condition of Divebomb and try to fill you in later in the show. But we had better get back to the action. Up next its OP2005 vying for the IC title against The Game Erik Summers.”
JHA: “This couldn’t get any worse.”

IC Title Match: “The Game” Erik Summers© v. OP2005

JFA: “Its good to see some of the lower guys getting shots at the IC title. It shows us that Mr. Summers is a fighting champ and it lets them show everybody what they got.”
JHA: “Yeah, but I just hope Erik gets beaten and loses that title tonight.”
JFA: “Really?”
JHA: “Yeah, not only would he have the shame of losing but it’s a good way to soften him up before Wargames.”
JFA: “You would think like that. Anyways lets get to the match, The Game is just about to come out.”

Mercy Drive's "Burn in My Light" starts to play and the crowd gets on their feet waiting for the arrival of Erik Summers. To their delight, The Game soon enters holding his IC title on his shoulder. He takes in the cheers of the crowd as
he walks towards the ring looking very confident.

JFA: The Game seems to be in a good mood. He knows he's better than OP but even Summers shouldn't be too confident. OP has done a lot heinous things here in the AWF and I don't think he'll be pulling out his punches just because Summers
has a War Games match coming up.

JHA: And here comes OP and he looks... well, the same as ever. Have I told you by the way how much I dislike wrestlers with masks?

JFA: No, why is that? Because you can't see their facial expressions and that makes your work harder?

JHA: No, there was this incident in high school where I and three ladies...

JFA: On second thought, let's just concentrate on the match.

OP2005 climbs into the ring and faces off with the IC champion. The bell is rung and both competitors circle around each other, trying to get the upper hand. The Game uses his quickness and amateur background as he goes behind OP and takes
him down. Before OP can react Summers puts him in a headlock. The big man uses his strength to get up and throws the Game against the ropes. Summers slides between OP's legs and when his adversary turns around he drops him with an arm
drag. OP gets quickly up and charges at Summers but the IC champion is ready and hits OP2005 with a drop toe hold, turning it instantly into a leg lock.

JFA: The Game showing his early dominance here, OP can't get a single move in.

JHA: He's being cocky, I tell you. He could be damaging OP with some big moves but instead it looks like he's just playing with him.

JFA: Summers releases the leg lock, OP a bit slower at getting up now. And the Game is waiting, Game Over? This could be over now!

JHA: No, OP gets some elbows in and Summers can't get the Game Over. He staggers back, and a huge clothesline by OP drops the Game like a bad habit!

JFA: It would seem that you were correct, the Game seemed to be a bit cocky. He tried to end this match with his finishing maneuver but OP was ready, and the Game paid for that. The Game getting up, OP with slow, heavy punches, Game trying
to counter with some punches of his own, Summers to the ropes and another clothesline by OP!

JHA: The Game may be good but he forgot one thing. It doesn't matter how much better you are than your opponent, if you're facing a strong man like OP he can turn the tide with a single blow. And OP's done just that.

JFA: OP drops the elbow on a prone Game, and another. But now what, he stops to taunt the booing crowd.

JHA: Aww, that's not wise, OP. You're facing the IC champion, don't waste time trying to teach those morons the error of their ways.

OP turns around to see Game trying to get up. OP charges but the Game ducks under and starts pummeling OP with a series of right hands. OP is sent staggering back which gives the Game time to go to the ropes and hit a flying forearm on his
opponent. OP is staggering still but even the flying forearm wasn't enough to put him down. Summers goes to the ropes again but this time when he comes back OP hits him with a big boot.

JFA: The Shining!! OP just hit the Game with the Shining! This could be it!

JHA: One, two, thr... no!! The Game got the shoulder up!

JFA: A bit too early for the Game to be put out with the Shining but if OP can capitalize on this, hit some big moves and then hit the Shining again, I don't think even the Game would survive that.

JHA: It looks like OP is doing just that. He's waiting for Summers to get back to his feet and just throws him to the corner.

JFA: A couple of stiff elbows to the IC champion, he backs away and hits a running clothesline! The Game to his feet again and OP irish whips him with force to the opposite corner. The Game's back hits hard the turnbuckle and he's down!

OP picks the Game back up and drops him immediately again with a short arm clothesline. He goes for a cover but gets only a two count. Without any signs of frustration he picks the Game up again, whips him to the ropes and scores with a
powerslam. OP looks at his hand for a second, as if trying to think what to do with it and then places it firmly on the Game's throat.

JFA: Op with a blatant choke hold! And he releases it at four.

JHA: Hey, the Game is ready to do anything to win a match, OP is just trying to keep up.

JFA: Are you implying that the Game is a cheater?

JHA: Implying? No. I'm flat out telling you, the man cheats. That's how he got the IC title.

JFA: The Game back to his feet, but OP there with a scoop slam, and he follows with a leg drop. Cover! One, two...

JHA: And the Game kicked out!

JFA: OP still pressing on, irish whip to the corner, he charges and the Game ducks! OP went crashing against the turnbuckle! OP is dazed, the Game is in waiting and a T-bone suplex by the IC champion! OP getting to his feet but the Game with a
shoulder block.

JHA: This doesn't look good! OP is trying to get to his feet, Summers from the ropes and he plants OP with a tornado ddt! He goes for the cover!

JFA: One! Two! And OP got the shoulder up!

Erik Summers hits OP with a couple of stern kicks while the opposition is trying to get up. He whips him to the ropes and hits OP with a spinebuster. While OP is lying on the mat the Game climbs to the second rope and hits an elbow drop on the chest
of OP. Another cover attempt gets only two. The Game drags OP up by the hair and hits a lightning quick snap suplex. He doesn't wait a minute as he sees OP is already trying to get up, runs to the ropes and hits a dropkick to the face of kneeling
OP2005. OP is left lying on the mat face first as the Game starts to climb to the top rope.

JFA: Summers ascending, what's he going to do?

JHA: Something stupid and high risk, I'll wager. He's on an ego-trip. It'll bomb.

JFA: Elbow drop from the top rope but OP rolls out of the way. The Game crashed and burned!

JHA: I told you. It bombed and the Game just handed the keys to victory back to OP.

OP shakes his head trying to clear the cobwebs and as he sees the Game trying to get back to his feet he decided to capitalize on his opportunity and kicks the Game's feet from under him. The referee goes to check up on Game and OP sees this as a
perfect opportunity to do some mischief. To the crowd's displeasement he goes to the corner and starts ripping the pads put. He manages to get the two upper pads off before the referee turns his attention to him and OP decides it's time to get back to
business. He kicks the Game a couple of times for good measure before picking him up. He tries to whip Summers to the exposed turnbuckle but the Game puts his brakes on. He doesn't have enough strength to whip OP to the corner and OP just
reels him back to hit him with a clothesline.

JFA: OP playing with fire here, the exposed turnbuckles are a dangerous weapon. OP picks the Game up and hits with a suplex. Covers him, the referee in position. One, two, and the Game kicked out.

JHA: You won't be putting Summers out with a suplex. You need something bigger, like those exposed turnbuckles.

JFA: Don't go giving OP any ideas. OP2005 picks the Game up, a couple of right hands, whip to the ropes and... oh my!

JHA: What strength! OP just picked the Game up and he's holding him in the air with straight arms!

JFA: OP showing off his power, and a press slam! The Game in trouble and OP doesn't seem to be finished. The Game getting slowly to his feet, OP waiting and ready... going for the Shining!!

JHA: The Game ducked!! Summers with the Sweet Chin Music and OP ducked!!

JFA: OP grabs Summers' arm and whips him chest first to the exposed turnbuckles!! The Game is in agony and OP comes from behind and connects with a full nelson slam! OP goes for the cover! One, two...

JHA: Three!!

JFA: No! The Game got the shoulder up, he won't quit!

JHA: But OP looks like he's ready to finish this. He grabs the Game by the hair and sticks his head in between his legs. He's signaling for the Gravedigger!

JFA: If OP can connect with the Gravedigger, the Game is done. He hoists him up the air and connects with the powerbomb!

JHA: And he's raising Summers back up, that guy is so powerful it's almost scary.

JFA: He's going for another powerbomb, but the Game hits him with right hands to the head.

Erik Summers' blows are having an effect on OP2005 and he is forced to release the grip on the Game and both men fall. As the referee starts the ten count the Game and OP try to get to their feet, OP perhaps a bit quicker. OP gets up at five, shaking
his head, but Summers is also up at seven, breaking the referee's count. OP sees that Summers isn't fully back to his game yet and goes for an attack.

JFA: OP charges at the Game... and the Game with the Sweet Chin Music!! The Game connects with the superkick!

JHA: OP is down, the Game crawls for the cover. One, two, thr...What?!

JFA: OP got the shoulder up! OP got up after the Sweet Chin Music! I can't believe this and it seems neither does the Game. He's shaking his head in disbelief but still, he's ready and waiting as OP gets to his feet, slowly but surely.

JHA: OP is up, and Erik Summers with the Game Over!

JFA: One Sweet Chin Music wasn't enough to keep OP down, but this has got to be! Cover, hooks the leg. One, two, and three! That's it!

JHA: Erik Summers wins after the SCM and the Game Over. OP fought with everything he got but in the end, it wasn't enough.

JFA: But OP has nothing to be ashamed about, he went toe to toe with the IC champion and a former AWF champion, and there were times I actually thought he'd win this. Erik Summers is heading towards Regenesis with another hard fought victory under his belt and OP has shown everyone what he can do.

*Commercial Break, we see an add for the new StoneCold Skywarp t-shirt*

2004-12-02, 04:23 PM

(the camera comes on and we can see HBK standing in the hall talking on his cell phone)

HBK: “Did you see what happened to Divebomb? …Ghostal just lost it. ….Yeah, slammed the bat right into the back of his head while it was on the steel chair. It was brutal but kind of funny.”

(suddenly TC and Rav burst into the screen and start beating on HBK)

The two men begin throwing punches and then slam the defenseless HBK into a wall and continue beating on him.

JFA: “Whoa, TC and Rav attacking HBK here.”
JHA: “Oh yeah, finally something good happening for the GPA tonight.”
JFA: “You would think that. Anyways TC and Rav not letting up here as they continue to beat on HBK.”
JHA: “Its not beating on him, they are just softening him up.”

Out of nowhere a steel chair flys into the cameras view and slams hard into the back of TC and then the head of Rav as he turn to face his attacker. After Rav hits the ground we see Viewfind walk into the cameras view and help HBK to his feet.

Viewfind: “Yo, you alright?”
HBK: “Yeah, huh. Nice work.”
Viewfind: “Ain’t no thing. Just a little pay back.”
HBK: “You here to talk business?”
Viewfind: “Yeah.”
HBK: “Alright then lets get out of here. The smell of these two is making me sick.”
Viewfind: “I hear that.”

The two walk down the hall as TC and BDR try to collect themselves.

JFA: “WOW. Viewfind in to make the save and he just left TC and Rav down and out. What do you got to say now?”
JHA: “I…I..I don’t know. Does this mean Viewfind is part of team DN?”
JFA: “I don’t know, but he definitely isn’t letting up on the GPA.”
JHA: “I’m confused. I don’t know what to do.”
JFA: “Good, so just sit there and be quiet.”

Reilly’s office

Reilly: “What in the hell do you think you were doing out there? Who gave you the authority to go out there and do that?”

VG: “Hey, shut the hell up. You don’t ever talk to me like that. I’m the one everybody came here to see. So I will do whatever I damn well please.”

Reilly: “This is my show. Not yours and you will obey me.”

(Ghostal picks up his bat and slams it into the palm of his hand)

VG: “Your show. Are you sure about that?”

Reilly: “Hey put that away and quit trying to intimidate me. This is two weeks in a row now that you have pulled some sort of stunt on my show and now I think you are going to have to pay.”

VG: “Oh really? What are you going to do?”

Reilly: “You know those titles of yours. You are going to defend them.”

VG: “Against who. The NWA. Blood and Thunder. DN. Come on now.”

Reilly: “No, against StarStorm. You may have found a way around his stipulation but I am feeling generous and since you shortened my show tonight by attacking Divebomb I am giving them their title shot.”

VG: “Fine, we’ll face them. Anything else?”

Reilly: “No, now get the hell out of my office. You are making me sick.”

(Ghostal walks out of the office and slams the door)

JFA: “Hey a late addition to the card here as Xille and Vin Ghostal have to face off against StarStorm for the AWF tag team titles.”
JHA: “I hope they get their rear ends beaten all the way to India and back again. They deserve it.”
JFA: “Well tonight I can’t argue with that. But their match is next so here we go.”

AWF Tag team title match: Xille and Vin Ghostal© v. StarStorm

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF tag team titles. Introducing first the challengers, the team of Vanth Dreadstar and Raven Darkstorm…….STARSTORM!”

“End of Everything” by Stereomund begins to play as the two men make their way out of the back to a little response from the crowd. They continue to the ring and pose for the crowd as the music fades and changes into “High wire escape artists” by boysetsfire.

JRA: “And introducing their opponents. They are the AWF tag team champions …….XILLE and VIN GHOSTAL!”

Xille bolts onto the stage as Vin Ghostal casually walks out. The crowd jumps to their feet and begins cheering. Xille poses for the crowd as Vin Ghostal walks to the ring then Xille follows after him. They climb into the ring and the ref rings the bell as Xille and Raven go face to face as Vanth and Ghostal go to their corners. Raven starts yelling at Xille and Xille shoves Raven out of his face. Raven quickly responds with a punch and follows that up with a series of punches that back Xille into the ropes. Raven whips him across the ring and levels him with a haymaker. Raven tags in Vanth and the two connect with a double suplex and vanth quickly goes for the pin. Xille kicks out at one and the two get to their feet. Xille backs up and trys to tag Ghostal but instead of accepting the tag Ghostal drops off the apron and tells him to keep fighting.

JFA: “Would you look at that. Ghostal refusing the tag here.”
JHA: “What a chump.”

Xille looking confused turns his attention back to Vanth and the two tie up in the center of the ring. Vanth tries to whip Xille into the ropes but Xille counters it and sends Vanth into the ropes. Xille goes for a drop kick but Vanth ducks it and continues running.

JFA: “Vanth ducking the drop kick and ……Ghostal with the bat to the back of Vanth.”
JHA: “What a coward. Using the bat again.”
JFA: “The ref calling for the bell.”

Quickly Ghostal climbs into the ring and drives the bat down into the back of Vanth and then into the gut of Raven who quickly came in to stop him. Ghostal looks out at the crowd getting a chorus of boos sent back at him and then drives the bat into the back of Raven knocking to the mat.

JFA: “Why doesn’t Xille try to stop him.”
JHA: “He just looks stunned.”
JFA: “Hey, where in the hell is Ghostal going.”
JHA: “Oh man, he’s going to get another chair. You don’t think he’s going to…”
JFA: “I think he might be.”

Ghostal climbs back into the ring with the chair and places it under Ravens head and starts laughing. Xille snaps out of his confused state and quickly gets in Ghostals way to stop the attack. Ghostal shoves him out of the way and winds up but before he can swing Xille tackles him out of the ring and stops him.

JFA: “Oh thank god. Xille in to stop this madness.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match via Disqualification…..StarStorm!”

Ghostal picks up his bat and glares at Xille then goes to the back. Xille just stands there as the cameras cut to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break, another add for AWF: Regenesis plays with a view of an empty arena and the Wargames cage standing in the center*

JFA: “And were back and I still don’t believe what we just saw. Ghostal again was going to try and injure someone with that bat. He’s already gotten to Divebomb and now was going to try and get Raven Darkstorm.”
JHA: “Yeah and the only thing that stopped him was his own tag team partner tackling him out of the ring.”
JFA: “I think he’s lost it.’
JHA: “Well he has always said it is all about him. Maybe its finally starting to affect his brain.”
JFA: “I don’t know. But the show must go on and its time for the main event. So who do you think is going to face Christopher Back in the main event.”
JHA: “No idea but here he comes.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Indianapolis, Indiana……CHRISTOPHER BACK!”

“No chance” by dope starts and CB walks through the curtains and makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp. The crowd boos mercilessly as CB taunts the crowd and then continues down to the ring.

IIIIII’M BACK! And I’m better than ever, I’m BACK….

Reilly walks out from the back and stops on the top of the entrance ramp.

Reilly: “Well Chris. I told you that you would be in the main event and I also told you that your opponent would be a surprise, but what I didn’t tell you is that this match would be a little different than normal.”

CB stands in the ring looking a little more than confused.

Reilly: “That’s right, this isn’t going to be a normal match. You see I polled some of the fans at random before the show and they gave me a lot of different match types. The most common being the cage or the hell in a cell or things of that nature but when it came right down to it there was only one that I thought would be interesting. So this match is going to be a “Fans bring their own foreign objects match.” That’s right people. Whatever you want used in this match just toss it down to ring side and let the combatants use it to beat the hell out of each other.”

CB looks happy about the news and can be heard saying bring it on.

Reilly: “But I guess you would like to know who your opponent is going to be wouldn’t you? Fine, let’s get this underway and just remember this is a welcome back gift from yours truly.”

“Disciple” by Slayer blares over the PA system signaling the arrival of TC. CB looks a little shocked in the ring but gets ready for TC.

Christopher Back v. Thundercracker

JRA: “And introducing his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois. The leader of the GPA……THUNDERCRACKER!”

The music continues to play but TC doesn’t come out. CB starts looking confused again as does Reilly. JRA calls for TC again but no one comes out.

JFA: “What is going on? TC is supposed to be fighting Christopher Back tonight but he isn’t coming out.”
JHA: “Maybe he didn’t want to embarrass him.”

Moments later as CB is staring up at the archivetron TC jumps out of the crowd and into the ring with a steel chair. He winds up and waits. Finally after a few seconds the ref rings the bell and CB not knowing what’s going on turns around and TC drives the chair into the skull of CB. CB slowly staggers back to his feet and TC slams the chair into his head again. TC then drags him to his feet and throws him out of the ring. He taunts the crowd a bit and then follows CB out of the ring with a huge smile on his face.

JFA: “TC just came through the crowd and drove that chair into Chris’s face not once, but twice and instead of ending it like he should have he threw him out of the ring. I don’t think this is going to turn out well.”
JHA: “Not for Chris anyways. But it should be fun to watch.”

TC grabs a bottle from the hands of one of the fans and smashes it over the head of CB and then notices a fan holding one of those big foam fingers. He walks over to the fan and grabs it from him then walks back over to the fallen CB and begins to stuff it into CB’s mouth.

JFA: “Oh this is humiliating. The ref should stop this. CB is down and out. TC doesn’t need to be doing that.”
JHA: “No he doesn’t but damn its funny. Just listen to the fans.

The fans can be heard laughing at what’s happening. TC then drags CB to his feet and whips him into the ring post. He laughs about watching CB’s head bounce off the ring post with one of the fans that was wearing a TC t-shirt then looks over at the announce table and begins to smile.

JFA: “Oh no, he’s coming this way.”
JHA: “Damn straight. Hey TC get over here and put him through the table.”

TC smiles at that and begins clearing the table. He walks back over and drags CB to the table and throws him on it then climbs on it after him. He picks CB up and smiles at the crowd again and then drives CB through the table with a devastating spinebuster.

JHA: “What a move. Damn that was good.”
JFA: “I still think the ref should stop this.”
JHA: “You would.”
JFA: “TC tossing CB back into the ring now and grabbing a chair from one of the fans before following CB back in.”
JHA: “Oh I think this is going to be good.”

TC lays the chair on top of CB and then jumps up to the top ropes.

JFA: “Oh is this necessary.”
JHA: “Nope. But it is fun.”

TC jumps off and connects with the five star frog splash and makes the cover. The ref moves in and makes the count which at this point is only a formality. The ref raises TC’s arm in victory as Tempest and Ravage come down to the ring to join TC.

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match……THUNDERCRACKER!”

Tempest gets in the ring followed by BDR and picks up CB and slams him to the mat with a Thunder Press. Tempest moves out of the way and BDR picks up CB and nails him with a Hangover. TC leans over the lifeless body of Christopher Back and says “That’s a little welcome back present from Reilly and the GPA.” The three men celebrate in the ring when The Game, HBK, and Viewfind come charging out from the back and into the ring. All six men square off in the ring with Erik taking on TC, HBK taking on Tempest, and Viewfind going after BDR. HBK quickly takes Tempest out of the ring with a clothesline over the top ropes.

JFA: “Well it looks like team DN are out here to save Christopher. Tempest already sent sprawling by HBK and now TC quickly ducking under the bottom rope before The Game can do anymore damage leaving just BDR in the ring fighting Viewfind.”
JHA: “Oh this ain’t good. Rav get out of there!”

Viewfind punches Rav into the corner and begins laying in punches to the gut of BDR. Finally Rav shows some offence and knocks Viewfind back a few step with a quick elbow to the side of the head.

JHA: “Good now get the hell out of there.”
JFA: “I don’t think so.”

The moment Rav moves to climb out, HBK nails him with a Heartbrend Kick. Viewfind quickly picks him up and levels him with a Philly Pimp Drop then kicks him out of the ring for TC and Tempest to drag away. The GPA backs up the ramp glaring at Team DN all the way to the back.

JFA: “There you go. Team DN acting more and more like Team AWF would everyday.”
JHA: “I can’t believe they came out here to save Christopher.”

CB slowly gets to his feet in the ring. His face all bloody and holding his ribs. He turns around and sees The Game standing there when suddenly a shocked look comes on his face.

JFA: “I don’t think he can believe that the Game did what he did.”
JHA: “I still don’t believe it.”
JFA: “CB extending his hand here. I wonder if The Game will shake it.”

Erik slowly puts out his hand looking like he’s going to shake CB’s hand but then fingers him instead and quickly drives him into the mat with the Game Over. “Burn in my Light” begins as the first three members of team DN stand in the ring celebrating and posing for the crowd.

JFA: “Well it looks like it was all about getting too the GPA and not helping CB. Well its been an action packed night, we saw The Game successfully defend his title, Divebomb get his head slammed with a bat from Ghostal, Christopher Back make his return, and a new member for Team DN’s wargames team, but all good things must come to an end. From me, JFA, and my announce college JHA and everybody here at The Pond here in Anaheim, this has been a presentation of AWF Warzone and we’ll see you all on Mayhem. Good night everybody.”
JHA: “Goodnight.”

2004-12-02, 07:04 PM
Well, in ffairnesss, Ignoramuss, you did warn me.

Thhat iss, warn me thhat dear Attss hass gone totally round thhe provverbial bend.

Now, whilsst thhat ending wass - let uss be honesst here - really quite amussing, it sstill lackss thhat one thhing thhat, at leasst, JHA dessiress ffrom our conffrontationss - clossure. Indeed, thhiss iss not ovver. Fffor thhe ussual two reassonss; you sstill havve not been judged ssatissffactorily, and...you did not win. Granted, thhosse two sstipulationss cannot be met in one match, but I doubt vvery much thhat, evven iff I shhould gain what you would call a 'clean' vvictory ovver you, you will not allow thhiss to end until you havve returned thhe ffavvour.

Which will happen. Evventually.

Now, my dear, ssweet little Atticuss...what in thhe name off all thhat iss unholy iss wrong withh you?! Fffor sstarterss, you interrupt thhe divvine coursse off jussticce - a ffoolishh gessture, ssincce you cannot halt thhe inevvitable. Thhen you sstart sswinging metal objectss around withh recklesss abandon and do not sstop to conssider thhe posssible conssequenccess...and in thhiss casse, thhey shhould havve been - and were - too great to ssimply ignore. But no - go and hit your own chum withh thhe bloody thhing, you cluelesss tart. Clearly, thhat iss one reasson why I do not wishh ffor a ffemale by my sside - thhe ycannot hold a weapon correctly. Thhey are pretty good drivverss, howevver - thhe whole 'women drivverss' reputation iss naught but a modern mythh...

>Just then, a random chick in a cocktail dress appears beside Death, who jumps visibly at this act of teleportation.<

Girl: Hi there.

JD: Ahh, greetingss....why are you here?

Girl: You ssaid 'miss', didn't you?

JD: No, I ssaid 'mythh'.

Girl: ...Isn't that the same?

JD: NO! You ssay 'misss', I ssay 'MYTHH!' 'Tiss not a calling ssignal!

Girl: Oh...fine. Bye!

>The girl disappears.<

Honesstly, ssome people...where wass I? Ah yess, I had more or lesss ffinishhed withh Attss...sso, Ignoramuss, 'til nexxt time...

And you might not want to bring her along again. Shhe might be a jinxx.

OOC: Good show, though there's a few niggles here and there. Example:

Eric Summers
Doesn't he have a more Viking-esque name?

from Dreadworld, near Glasgow
I hate you so friggin' much.

Ahhh…. Eeee-Ahhh-Ahhh…
Ahhh-Eeee-Ahhh… Eeee-Ahhh-Ahhh…
The hell - ? Is that some kinda UFO landing?

The Wild One
2004-12-02, 08:23 PM
Ya know, I am about to come out, and someone screws the pooch. Now, I don't care about Ghostal's biz, or Divebomb's biz. But dang that had to hurt. Now, I came into this fed, got one helluva match from The Game, and that is really it. That seems to be the only opportunity that I have been given. A very good one, but still. Now what the hell I want, is a match against Brett Rayne. I mean, c'mon. He gets to screw my match, and I am not allowed to do anything about it? Tell you what, I challenge whoever is the boss around here, to let me have a match with him. If not, I guess just going to kick his ass in the back or where ever he maybe.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-02, 08:31 PM
Eric you just made the worst mistake of your whole damn life!
After Regeneis you will find your life will be a living hell!
Because I'm the New F'N Game!

OOC: Just for the record my character would never hold out his hand for Eric Summers or TC he hates them!

2004-12-02, 09:22 PM
OOC: I will do a thing later about what ghostal did

but come on guys. you bitch way too much about stuff that really doesn't matter. Typo's, your character being used in a story thats not yours, and holding a hand out. Come on now.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-02, 09:47 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
OOC: I will do a thing later about what ghostal did

but come on guys. you bitch way too much about stuff that really doesn't matter. Typo's, your character being used in a story thats not yours, and holding a hand out. Come on now.

OOC: I was just making a comment for future use that's all. :rolleyes:

2004-12-02, 09:54 PM
OOC: I know. I'm just tryin to bug you.

Raven Darkstorm
2004-12-02, 09:55 PM
That's it! I've had it with Vin Ghostal and Xille's crap if you boys want to play with chairs and bats that's fine with us because we
challenge you too a Hardcore Tag-Team match and to make it more intresting how about we make it a Double Elimination match.

2004-12-02, 10:04 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
Because I'm the New F'N Game!

OOC: That is the LAMEST name anyone has ever come up with...what you decided to rip of both me and TC...who stole our names fair and square from RVD and HHH...and dude...using one of my finishers' names with a different move...WTF?

IC: OP...again, let the Game start out by saying he is DAMN impressed. That was one hell of a match you put on there my friend. In the end, as always, the Game was just that much better. But hey...stop on down by the club later on and let the Game buy you a drink and a lapdance...that is if Viewfind and HBK haven't worn out all the ladies by now...they do have something of a headstart.

As for the Gay Pornographers Association...the Game says this, boys...what you saw tonight wasn't about saving that monkey ass Chris Jabbronie or whatever he's calling himself these days. You made a strike at HBK tonight...that isn't going to fly. Because not only have we added member number 3, in the homeslice himself Viewfind to our team, we've added yet another former world champion...someone Tempest knows pretty well from having his ass handed to him by him...none other than the Welsh Wonder, Former AWF Champion, Current Number 1 Contender and Former DN member...the Siznitch! As for the fifth member...The Game thinks he's got someone just crazy enough to join up with us...see you Monday boys!

2004-12-02, 10:15 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
but come on guys. you bitch way too much about stuff that really doesn't matter. Typo's, your character being used in a story thats not yours, and holding a hand out. Come on now.
OOC: Just light-handed comments, DB. I didn't expect or want you to take 'em to heart, and I do apologise.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-02, 10:19 PM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
OOC: That is the LAMEST name anyone has ever come up with...what you decided to rip of both me and TC...who stole our names fair and square from RVD and HHH...and dude...using one of my finishers' names with a different move...WTF?

OOC: Actually I'm ripping off Jerry Lynn, RVD and HHH. :p
The promo was a rip-off of a Lex Luger promo from WCW :p
As too the finisher well I couldn't think of anything better.

2004-12-02, 11:06 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
OOC: Actually I'm ripping off Jerry Lynn, RVD and HHH. :p
The promo was a rip-off of a Lex Luger promo from WCW :p
As too the finisher well I couldn't think of anything better.

dude...if you are stealing stuff from Jerry Lynn and Lex Luger...pm me...cause DAMN...we have to work on your gimmick!

2004-12-02, 11:14 PM
OOC: Death I didn't, its just been along couple of days and I needed to find something to talk about. Plus the name thing was Strikes fault, it was all in his promo.

2004-12-03, 01:31 AM
OOC: all i know is Lynn>CB ;) just kidding. Nice mayhem guys.

D-Ex: So the AWF is heading into another wargame huh? Another year another wargame. But then again, where is D-Extreme? Now I have a good excuse for not being there tonight, flight problems. But on monday, at the rose garden, D-Extreme is gonna be there. So whoever has the hardcore title, better be careful cause you may not know how or when or why, but D-Ex is gonna be there at Mayhem and beat you senseless. And on the next PPV, if your not so lucky to be facing me, I'm gonna come out as the new Hardcore champ. Auros? Wolfang? Zarak? You kidding me? I define HARDCORE here in the AWF. Always will...always had been.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-03, 03:08 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
dude...if you are stealing stuff from Jerry Lynn and Lex Luger...pm me...cause DAMN...we have to work on your gimmick!

OOC: I will when I get the time but why don't you pm me for change? :p

btw my I renamed my character's Angel's Wings/Predigree finisher it's now:

The End Game!

2004-12-03, 05:02 AM
Well well well. View decided to side with DN.

Thats perfect View. BDR always wanted to see if you really were the man you claimed to me. At Wargames we will find out.

Go figure DN claimed the GPA was tipping their hand early but we already know three men on your team. And it doesn't take too much of a genius to figure out who your next two will probably be but yet again who cares.

Come Wargames we all know the outcome. GPA over DN. It's that simple.

2004-12-03, 05:35 AM
Yeah, JD. I did warn you. I don't control her; I don't think she controls herself.

You held the upper hand tonight, but it was a close match. Maybe without Atticus's help I would have lost. Maybe Batman would have swooped in and layeth the smackdown on all the sinners he purveyed. Which mostly woulda been me. I do love sin.

And that's the point, isn't it? I'm a sinner, and you're a redeemer. I'm Falstaff to your Prince Hal. Renounce me if you can.

>Igz pauses to look in a mirror<

Hrm... bite scars from Morpheus, and now a broken nose from Atticus. Lucky me I wasn't pretty to begin with.

Amarant Odinson
2004-12-03, 07:52 AM
Originally posted by The Wild One
Ya know, I am about to come out, and someone screws the pooch. Now, I don't care about Ghostal's biz, or Divebomb's biz. But dang that had to hurt. Now, I came into this fed, got one helluva match from The Game, and that is really it. That seems to be the only opportunity that I have been given. A very good one, but still. Now what the hell I want, is a match against Brett Rayne. I mean, c'mon. He gets to screw my match, and I am not allowed to do anything about it? Tell you what, I challenge whoever is the boss around here, to let me have a match with him. If not, I guess just going to kick his ass in the back or where ever he maybe.

Wait just one sec little man. If you want Brett Rayne that bad, I don't have a problem with that. But you'll have to wait your turn, he attacked me, not you. He's been running his mouth and running away from me, not you. I'll be the one to make him tap. So you just move your ass to the back of the line and you can have what's left of him when I'm done.

You don't want to get in my way, boy. Because if you do, then you can be a warm up for Mr. Rayne. I'll need some practice before I get my hands on the that pissant and if you're volunteering to be the next training dummy, then come on down. You'll be the next statistic of punks that I've beaten into submission. But as long as you mind your own business, then we won't have a problem. Just stay out of my way, Wild One or I'LL MAKE YOU TAP. Got it?

2004-12-03, 05:05 PM
So whats the deal now OP? Am I supposed to congradulate you on a loss well fought or how you faced the "Game" and almost beat him?

Well, Your wrong. I won't. Why? Because you might fight top people in this fed, you might fight all of them and win, but you will always be hauted by the memory of the one you couldn't pin. Of the One the buried you alive, of the one that got out of your finnisher and pinned you 1,2,3.

You see, while I may like guys who go to the top, trying to fight the big names, and take down them and win the title to call themselves "Defeaters of ___" I won't for you.

No I pounded you, slammed you, broke whatever nightmare you had, and I survived. Yes I survived all of those. I survived because I am stronger, smarter and have more brains than you. You see this title, I won it because I deserved it. I won it because I desired it. And Now I have it. What do you have exactly now OP? Broken Dreams? A Broken Nightmare? The Nightmare of Me Winning?

You see come Mayhem and your little 3-way match with another bunch of pansies remember this. I will be watching and I will see if your good enough. Fail, and I will mock you more than ever. Win and you can have a shot of this right here. Of course you can't win it, you will just get a shot.

Believe The Hype, Fell The Painp

2004-12-03, 07:02 PM
Well Team GPA Vs Team DN. One hell of a match. We have TC, a two time War Games champion and a former world champion. We have Ravage, another member of the GPA that has been in the War Games and is currently in a spot to have the AWF Heavyweight Championship. We have the Mat Man, former IC Champ, TV Champ and one of the first men to step into the AWF. Then we have Divebomb, one half of the greatest Tag Team the AWF has ever seen, then you have myself, the Lord of the Ring 2003 winner, the youngest member of the GPA and another GPA member that has been in the war games.

Erik, you remember what happened to you the last war games, i threw you through the cage and almost knocked you off the top, and we both enjoyed it greatly. But the thing I'd worrying about is your team mates Erik. You have HBK, your former best friend, who turned around and struck you down in the War Games and beat with a sledge hammer. Then you have Viewfind, who only looks after his own ass, and that if his male lover, which is now Sixswitch. You know they can't be trusted Erik, so I'd jsut throw in the towel, doesn't matter who your 5th member is, we've got the best team assembled. The GPA vs the Shambled De-Generating NeXt. I'd give up while I was you, champ.

2004-12-03, 08:10 PM
Woah woah woah woah woah.

Just because you used to enjoy wrestling around Viewfind's ring, doesn't mean that we all do. Fact of the matter is this. It doesn't matter what I think of Viewfind. It doesn't matter what I think of HBK, and it doesn't matter what they think of me.

No matter which way you look at it, you're still talking about a four man team who're over qualified to beat the living snot out of your jive talking, GLC wannabe punk arses, and still have time to knock back a few swift pints at the end of the evening.

So talk all you want, blab all you want, suck up to the rest of the... You know, I'm tired of making up acronyms to describe your pathetic band of losers...

Fact of the matter is that come the Wargames match, team DN is gonna kick arse and take names if we can be bothered... And for the slow witted amongst the GPA, that's kicking YOUR arse, and taking YOUR names. If we can be bothered.

Have a nice day.

2004-12-04, 01:00 AM
Tempest, tempest tempest...your lips are flapping...your gums moving...and there is a whole bunch of hot air spewing all over the place, but as always you make about as much sense as listening to a George Bush speech.

You want to talk about Team DN? Fine...let's give that a whirl: 4 Members, 4 former World Champions, 4 men who have highlighted shows, who have walked that aisle as the main event. We're talking about 4 guys who have been there...who have done that. If the match has been tried, one of us have won it...between the four of us, we've beaten everyone in this business. We've been hurt, we've left our share of blood in the ring, both our own and that of our opponents, and yet through it all, we've become legends.

You talk about how divided we are? You're the ones that sold out the one stable figure your faction has ever had! You're the ones who sold your souls to a shill in a suit who promised you riches and respect. You know how you get respect in this business boy? You earn it! You pay the price night after night. The prizes that this business offers can't be given to you by selling out your friend and selling your soul to some jackass like Reilly! They are given to you by the fans...

TC remembers what that is like...he used to be one of us...a champion, now...he's just a shell...hollow and soulless for a piece of gold tossed to him. He's like a vulture, hovering for scraps from Reilly's table...the GPA...all of you...you used to be something...now...you're a joke. Divebomb...I used to respect you...now, I just mock what you are! Rav, well you've always been a chump, I seem to recall it was you that tapped out in the first War Games, time for history to repeat itself? War Games...the most dangerous match in the AWF...you've got your 5...Team Sellout...versus a team of champions...

Which brings me to our fifth man. In order to keep with the tradition we've set here this year, who could it be? The Game will tell you this...like the rest of the team, he's a champion...and he's one of, if not the toughest SOB the Game has ever faced in the ring...see you Monday kittens...

2004-12-04, 01:20 AM
D-EX: Whoa, another wargames a brewin! Ok guys step on up, we are here tonight for the bi-annual D-Extreme 500 dollar challenge. You boys here backstage give me your bets to win the AWF wargames. And if you guys are wrong, you know what I'm gonna do with the 500 right? *hears someone shout 'roll down the hill again' and D-Ex throws a can of beer at him* NO! Ok, maybe go drunk with 500 dollars worth of booze to be more exact. Now step on up because I cant stay this sober for long this Friday night.

2004-12-04, 04:54 AM
Galvy, Galvy, Galvy....

You see your really one to talk about champions. Even though right now your team is arguing like a bunch of preschoolers at recess.

See your right, I did tap out in the first Wargames. But thats then, the past. This is now. Remember who it was that laid you and your bed pal HBK oyut. Remember who took a chairshot and a finisher onto a chair by your love bird and then went on to be co-winner of the Archivebowl. Oh thats right me. See Game I can see you as being a bit afraid. I remember our first match in the cage way back in the day if you will. I was a rookie I ran my mouth and had a hell of a match with you. Your ego won of course but hey whatever.

But now I can see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice. Your scared this is not the boy you took out a few years ago or made tap. This is BDR. The man that nearly ended your boytoy's career and might just end your's as well. Again it's the future and thats evolution. If you don't like it you can always not show up to Wargames.

Hell can you even trust your teammates? As I said your all arguing like it's the battle for the last Cheeto. Maybe for your safety you should stay at home. Who knows maybe someone in your team might not be as much of a team player as you hope?

Anyway, this Wargames is going to be the AWF's past dinosaurs vs it's new blood. It's time for a change and TC was smart enough to realise it. Maybe thats what upsets you, you only wish you could be this close to this much raw talent and potiental you have the AWF's best here in the GPA and that bugs you doesn't it. Maybe it's not the Games time anymore and that eats you up. Maybe you just don't have the spark or the drive and you can only hope that crowding with a group of ex-AWF World Champs can make up for it.

Either way, it will all be settled at Wargames see you there.

2004-12-04, 05:55 AM
Hmm, Interesting. $500 eh?

On One hand we have DN, with all its "talented" members. I say "Talented" because between them, they have an ounce of talent for a baby. Otherwise just hot gas and ego.

On the other hand we have the GPA or whatever they are called this time of week. They certainly have more "talented" bsbags than you can shake a war axe at.

So both of them are either useless or idiots. Hpmh a pity too, I would love to be in the War Games, it sounds like a hell of a match a warrior would be proud of, yet its the same people with one or 2 removed time after time agian.

So I put my money on DN. I hate them both, yet I hate GPA more.

2004-12-04, 06:20 AM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
Hmm, Interesting. $500 eh?

D-Ex: You are damn right there Cloudy, 500 on the pot. Give me a 50, a hundred hell give a 500 already to close this poll but its gonna be either you get your money back or you loose 500 if you bet the wrong team. 5 men each team. Its like betting a 100 dollar bet for each member. I would throw my bets in again....though someone called me and told me its wise not to throw my bills on the hat. Whoever it is, better not be rippin me off on the last day, and that day is the PPV itself. Hey Cloud, cmon bet already you got the money, you got my old title there, its 500 dollars plus on your weekly paycheck anyways.

2004-12-04, 06:49 AM
4 Members, 4 former world champions, 4 has-been’s if you ask me. BDR put it best; it’s the Dinosaurs Vs the New Blood. We've got better chances then you'll ever have. You have all been in this game for too long. With your injuries alone Game, is the collective amount of injuries in Team GPA. You’re getting old, you’re getting soft, hell you’re starting to move slower Grandpa. Jesus, look at you, you've limited your selection to former main-event wrestlers.

What have we got? We got TC, a former and current World Champion along with Big Daddy Ravage. We have NMat and Divebomb, fit and agile as hell and a lot quicker then HBK and Sixswitch. then we have myself, and I think I've proven myself up against you Erik, nearly every time he have faced you've ended up with 2 litres less of blood at my hands alone. Please, don't kind yourself. You've aligned yourself with the Pimp king of the past, you've stood with your former friend, who should still be in wheelchair, you've got Sixswitch who, I must admit, some of the best damn luck in the AWF, being able to defeat me, but luck will only get you so far in the War Games Erik. I have a wild guess about your fifth member, while he does stand a chance, as hole you don't. I might regret this later game, but out of the lot your only I've got half a bit of respect too.

I saw the look in your eyes last War Games, when I beat the crap out of you, you loved every minute of it, and you loved the pain because it is the only thing you can feel. The blood pouring down your face, the sweat going into your eyes and mouth, as you crave nourishment. You wouldn't want to be anywhere else, and neither would I, I respect you for the pian you can take, and for the amount of wrestling you can push yourself too. But you can't beat me, I'm the new blood around these parts, I've taken down nearly every person I've come across, except for Sixswitch, and he'll get his in the War Games.

StoneCold Skywarp, Brave Maximus, The King, The Lock, Blaster, Wolfang and Black Zarak ... all of them have had there ass's handed to them by me, why? Cause I' that damn good. I'll push myself just as hard as you do Erik, just to win, and I'll do anything to put my name on the list of Champions, the list of greats. The Legendary Killer, the Human Bulldozer, the Lord of The Matt, will rise again to my former pride and glory like never before, and if I have to rip the Ring and cage part, I will win these War Games for Team GPA, and beat down any member of Team DN that comes in my way.

You can count on that Erik, Your Next!

2004-12-04, 06:51 AM
Temp you better get yo words right son.

I don't look out just fo mah self i look out for my TEAM, my family and fo one night DN is my team, my family and you think you going to **** wit mah blood? naw son you know me better den that.

Come wargames is on like hot butter on popcorn.

Hay yo Rav, YOU GOT SERVED!!!!

2004-12-04, 07:01 AM
Always look out for your own team Viewfind? Really? What about Vin Ghostal eh? I was there when you swinged the bat in his face, and you enjoyed turning on him. So whats not to stop you from doing it again?

He was your long time friend? How are you going to be sure you don't do it to your 'new family'? You can't be trusted View, thats one of the reasons your out of the GPA.

2004-12-04, 07:10 AM
Once again.
Get them words right son.

Vin G was never GPA, but them checks sure did look good but when they stop coming i had no need for his punk ass.

Temp you never was a "real" member of the GPA son, you was just there cuz you was easy to control but it looks like i let you you have to much freedom and it came back and bite me on mah ass.

Just like them crabs i got from yo momma!

2004-12-04, 07:19 AM
OOC: God, it's been ages since I've done this kind of thing. Brings back good memories.

IC: Viewfind, I ain't your son, and you've never been anywhere near my momma. I'm in the GPA View, and your not, so I can't see how that works out ... mabye you've been hit in he head too many times View. And if anything, I guess, It come back in bite you in the ass, cause at War Games I'm coming to put you our of your misery ... boy.

2004-12-04, 08:58 AM
You're right Tempest, you aren't Viewfind's son...your ass is way to ugly to ever be related to homeslice.

So, we've got Tempest and we've got Ravage...running their mouths about how we're the "dinosaurs" of the fed. That's funny...most guys in their 20's don't get called dinosaurs. But then, we can't expect much out of a guy who still has his mom pick out his clothes every morning.

There are many things the Game has known while in this business... pain, glory, respect, hatred...the one thing that I have never known is fear. You see, in order for one to be afraid, there has to be a measure of common sense about a person, which I must admit, I am sorely lacking! In my career, I've had one major injury...a broken neck. In spite of what my doctor, in spite of what my friends, in spite of what my family said, I over came that injury and I came back...to have one of the greatest matches ever with the wrestler formerly known as TC.

Tempest...you've never put me down. Ravage...YOU'VE never put me down. The only guy on your team that has ever been able to even come close was TC. People have come and people have gone...they've taken their shots at guys like me, like HBK, like Viewfind or Sixswitch...and we've beaten them back.

You guys can say what you want about me. The bottom line is this, no one in this business brings it for big matches the way the guys on this team will bring it. As for myself, it doesn't matter what you do to me...hell, I've already got the damn hospital room booked...and don't give me this tough guy bull**** either Tempest, because the Game knows damn well that you spent the night after the War Games in the same hospital I was in, hacking up blood, just like everyone else in that match...you can drop me through the ring...you can toss me from the cage...because the Game will not quit on his fans...and absolutely the Game will not quit on his team.

For me, this isn't about having control of Mayhem or a spot in the Rumble...this is about taking Reilly out. Reilly may not be in this match, but the Game damn well knows that the purpose of this match is for him to get rid of myself and HBK, to get rid of the "trouble makers" ... Viewfind might as well be on that list as well. Hell, everyone knows he didn't want Six to EVER be champion in this fed...so for me...FOR US...this is about our careers...it's about pissing that Son of Bitch off more and more...it's about defiance...and mostly its about telling Reilly and his happy little sellout brigade two simple words...SUCK IT!

2004-12-04, 10:02 AM
The only reason your doing this is to get at Reilly? Hell, I'd be damned. I'd do it to piss off Reilly as well, at one of our meetings he was telling me what to do. The last two guys that did that, Vin Ghostal and Viewfind, have had the crap beaten out of them, and have had their collective ass's handed to them.

While you fight for your career, I'm fighting to get mine really started. I've done some pretty impressive things in the AWF, but I think I haven't propely provem myself yet. So Erik, when it comes to the War Games, I won't be holding back, because I know you won't be holding back either. So if you wanna bring it, bring your punk as to that cage, and give it all you got Game, cause the war is on.

2004-12-04, 04:28 PM
OOC-Have they settled the world title dispute? Maybe I didn't read the last Mayhem closly enough?

Erik let's think for a second here. I think you've had the balls to let me get in the ring with you maybe... well twice in singles competition. Hell that might even be wrong.

Personally you can all you want about how it's not fear. But BDR knows that BS. You saw what happened to your friend, you watched and wondered if HBK would be able to stand between you and the Big Bad BDR. Now the treat for me is at Wargames I get to show you both just what animal you unleashed. You see Game this isn't one, two or even three years ago as I said before this is now.

I am going to enjoy beating you both into the cage over and over again. I can't wait to hear the sound of the cage grinding and bones cracking as I Hangover the both of you. And when the rest of your team is laying in a familar position on their backs. Your going to know that this is the now. Well several hours after you wake up in the ER.

Oh and View your right family is close. However you see View you were the weak member of this family. You were not even cut to be leader of your own faction. You promised us all the bling bling we could handle. But oddly none of us got it until we decided to kick your sorry tail out. But at Wargames your right blood is thicker than water and yours will certainly be spilled with the rest of Team DiNo.

2004-12-04, 11:43 PM
OOC: No, the world title situation will be discussed on the next Mayhem!

2004-12-06, 12:46 AM
(Backstage with KK and a doctor)

KK: "Doctor, we have been trying to get an injury report on Divebomb for the last little while but we haven't been able to get one. Can you please give us a status report on him at this time."

Doc: "Well unfortunately not. We do know he has a major concussion but other than that we do not know. He has been sent to the hospital for tests and treatment and hopefully we will he back soon."

KK: "With the announcement of him having a big match on mayhem and then the Wargames not long after, do you think he will be able to compete in these big matches?"

Doc: "I really couldn't say. When we get the test results back we will inform you right away."

KK: "Thanks doctor."

Vin Ghostal
2004-12-07, 02:05 AM
Divebomb...that's what you get, you piece of garbage. That's one more GPA member down. Not too many more to go.

And Viewfind, just because you and your boyfriends broke up doesn't mean I've forgotten about you. Your time will come.