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2004-12-07, 11:56 PM
JFA Voiceover: It has been called the most dangerous match in our industry. Two rings, with two teams…10 men…all contained within one cage. It has been the definitive score settler in this company…this year is no different. Mr. Reilly has set out to destroy his longest running nemeses: The Game Erik Summers, The Heart Brend Kid, Sean O’Con…and now it would appear former GPA Leader: Viewfind. These men are mavericks…they are wild cards…they are…as Mr. Reilly would proclaim: Degenerates. Now, they have been joined by an old ally in Sixswitch to face Mr. Reilly’s hired guns…Team GPA…but that match is still two weeks away…and there are many wars to be fought…right here tonight…on Mayhem!

The pyro ignites as Mayhem hits the air live from the Rose Garden in Portland Oregon.

TV Title Match: Cloudstrifer (c) v Christopher Back

The sounds of Motorhead’s “Built for Speed” begins to play through the arena, signaling the arrival of the AWF TV champion, Cloudstrifer. Ignoring the boos from the crowd, Cloud struts down the aisleway patting his title belt the whole time before entering the ring. Shortly after he does, “No Chance” hits, and the boos that were heard for Cloudstrifer are intensified with the entrance of Christopher Back.

Joey: Not a very warm welcome here for Christopher Back in our opening bout.

Flec: What do you expect Styles? He’s a premium ham n’ egger.

Joey: Either way, the bell has rung and here we go. CB charging at Cloud immediately to start things off, but the TV champ was ready and catches him with a hard back elbow.

Flec: I’ll give him credit, a smart move there.

As CB staggers backwards from the blow to the face, Cloud charges quickly with a clothesline knocking the challenger down. Cloud not wasting a moment moves in with a leg drop before dragging CB back to his feet. With his challenger back to his feet Cloud executes a quick ddt.

Joey: Good move by the champion there, planting CB with a stiff ddt. CB now rolling to the outside and reaching around under the ring. Whats he got there, looks like a 2x4.

Flec: Well there is no question about your visionary skills. Ever think of cloud as lumberjack? Cause he just got some wood.

Joey: CB just cracking that 2x4 across the head of Cloudstrifer, and theres the bell. Christopher Back just disqualifying himself. And now he is irate over the call.

Flec: No one ever said he was a very smart person

Joey: Chris Back, just splitting that wooden board across the back of the TV champion!

CB takes the mic: You know what…let this be an announcement to that son of a bitch Reilly! He set me up last week. I had no intention of coming out here and winning this match, I came out here to make a statement.

Flec: But we already know he sucks…he doesn’t need to tell us that!

CB: Christopher Back is here in the AWF for one reason…to show the world that he is the best in this industry…and this sorry son of bitch who calls himself a champion just got a taste of what I’m going to do to everyone in this fed.

Flec: Either that, or bore us all trying…

Back leaves the ring, satisfied with his statement…as Cloud comes around…seething with anger!


The cameras return to Rose Garden to find the arena darkened and a slow musical song builds as the Archivetron shows a Helicopter surveying the Minneapolis/St. Paul Skyline…it builds slowly and suddenly pyro ignites and the tune changes…



Nothing you can say
Nothings gonna change what you’ve done to me
Now its time to shine
I’m gonna take what’s mine
Take what’s mine

Nothing you can say
Nothings gonna change what you’ve done to me
Now its time to shine
I’m gonna take what’s mine
Your gonna burn in my light

The Game makes his way to the ring area, dressed in his typical warm up gear…he stops as he reaches the ring to bask in the crowd for a moment before climing into the ring and onto the second turn buckle, raising the IC belt with his right hand for all to see. He descends and takes a mic.

Joey: And the Game out here, as Mr. Reilly demanded to announce the fifth member of Team DN.

Flec: Please…everyone already knows…it HAS to be Stone Cold Skywarp…former champion…toughest SOB…DUH!

Game: So, Reilly says we have to announce who the fifth member of Team DN is going to be. Well, like the Game said…this guy is a former AWF World Champion…and he’s probably one of the toughest SOB’s in the AWF today…so with much ado…please welcome the fifth member of Team Degeneration NeXt…former AWF Champion…MORPHEUS!

Beethoven's Moolnight Sonata starts to play and Morpheus enters the arena. Slowly he starts to walk towards the ring, eyes fixed on The Game. He climbs into the ring and takes a mic.

Morpheus: You want to me to join your team and enter the War Games? Me to team up with you, Sixswitch, HBK and Viewfind and face the GPA inside the double cage?

Why would I want to be in War Games?! I've been in a cage. I've been in the Hell in a Cell! I've been the champion! None of that did any good to me!! I've been in Pulp Faction! I've been in Team Warzone! None of that did any good to me! Why would I join your team and enter the War Games? Will it do any good to me?

Game: Why? Simple...because you deserve better than what you got. You were the AWF Champion...and just like every member of team DN, Reilly didn't think you were his kind of champion...you earned that belt! You earned the right to be called the best in this company...now, I'm offering you a chance not only to prove it, but to do a little violence to the guys that screwed you!

Morpheus: Violence? When did that do any good to me? I tried it, I've tried it for a long time. I only found out that it takes me further away from my goal. Further away from the light. I could beat the GPA to a pulp and it wouldn't do any good. I could piledrive them to hell and it wouldn't do any good. I could smash their head against the cage! I could make them scream!! I could destroy them without anyone stopping me!!! It wouldn't do me any good, but it would enjoy it...

The Game pauses for a moment, the trademarked smirk goes across his face: "It would be fun wouldn't it?"

Morpheus: Fun? Beating someone up until he can't take anymore? Making someone bleed? Putting him through more pain than he's ever endured? Destroying someone's dreams as well as his life? You think that is fun?! You think pain is fun?! There's no fun in that! There's just pain. Pain, anger and frustatrion! Everyone feels them, some just more than others...

Game: You mean to tell me that doesn't sound fun to you? The chance to go out there...two rings...one giant cage...5 men to take all that frustration out on! Think about it...everyone that ever told you that you couldn't be someone...everyone that ever told you that you weren't a man...that you were some kind of freak! I'm telling you right now Morpheus...this is the time to look them all in the eye...this is your chance to show them exactly what you are! This is your time to shine!

Morpheus: My time to shine? No! I've destroyed enough men to know that is not my time to shine! I don't even know what is. You talk about five men, what is that compared to my pain. You talk about two rings. What is that compared to my frustration. You talk about one big cage! What is that compared to my rage?! Nothing!! My pain can't be negated by five men going through the same! My frustration can't be measured by two rings! My rage can't be limited by a big cage!

Morpheus pauses…The Game’s smirk grows a bit…

Morpheus: Alright. I will do it. I will be in the War Games. I will enter the cage. I will face all of them. I will make them bleed, I will them scream, I will make them suffer almost as much as I do! I will destroy them... and God help me, you and all of them, I will enjoy that...

The Game smiles: "So I give to you, the fifth member of Team DN!"

The Game tries to raise the hand of his newest team member, however Morpheus yanks his hand away and leaves quietly skulking to the back…

Flec: What in the hell is he thinking? Wait…what do I care? MORE FUEL TO THE FIRE! HA! This team is going to burn!

Meanwhile, BACKSTAGE

(The camera cuts too backstage where we see Viewfind sitting in the old GPA locker room watching a best of GPA DVD when Divebomb walks through the door)

(Viewfind jumps to his feet and gets ready to fight)

DB: “Whoa, hold on View. I ain’t here to fight you. I just saw the door was open and thought I would come in a think about things.”
VF: “Think about what? How you turned your back on me? How you let TC take the lead of da GPA? How you tossed away our friendship? Tell me think about what.”

(Divebomb’s head drops and looks at the TV monitor)

DB: “Those were the good old days. Me, you and P?. That’s the real GPA. We had some great times.”

(On the screen we can see Viewfind winning the hardcore title as Divebomb sits down)

DB: “View, I’m sorry. I never wanted it to go down like that. You know me, if I had a choice I would never have turned on you and maybe one day I will get a chance to explain what happened.”

(Viewfind finally drops his fists)

VF: “D-Bomb, three years. That’s how long we’ve been on the same team. Three years!”
DB: “I know and it’s been killing me ever since mayhem. Things are just changing so fast. I can’t keep up with it. I mean three weeks ago we were all at the bar drinkin beers and relaxin with some fine women and now your out, TC is the new leader, the NWA has a match against you tonight and then the GPA goes into Wargames against DN and you.”

(Viewfind sits down again a few feet away from Divebomb)

VF: “Yeah, things are happening fast. I never thought I would be in Wargames against you and the GPA. Never.”
DB: “I’m sorry.”

(Divebomb holds out his hand waiting to see if Viewfind will shake it. After a few long seconds of Viewfind thinking about it he finally does shake Divebomb’s hand)

VF: “Now let’s just watch this movie.”
DB: “Alright.”

(The two men sit there silently watching the DVD when out of nowhere TC, Tempest, and Ravage come flying through the door. They shove Divebomb out of the way and hard into the wall and start beating the hell out of Viewfind)

Each man getting in there throwing as many punches as he can when finally Tempest drags Viewfind out and slams him hard onto the concrete floor with a powerbomb.

(Divebomb shakes his head and then quickly jumps up and gets in between Viewfind and the GPA)

DB: “That’s enough!”

(TC gets up close)

TC: “Your turn. Go ahead take a shot, you know as well as I do that you’ve been waiting for it for along time now.”

(An angry looks comes on Divebomb’s face as he glares into TC eyes)

TC: “Come on, I’m the new leader here and I am telling you to take a shot.”

DB: “No!”

(With that Divebomb turns and leaves the room)

TC: “Looks like you were saved by Divebomb this time. But at Wargames you won’t be so lucky. Come on boys lets leave this pile of garbage here.”

(TC and the other two men leave the as EMT’s come quickly through the door to attend to Viewfind)


JFA: We return backstage, where Viewfind has been joined by the Game and now Sixswitch. We are told HBK is just arriving…and Team DN is livid!

Mr. Reilly strolls back to “check” Viewfind.

Mr. Reilly: Gosh…this is really a shame.

Game: Oh…that’s what you call this? To me, this screams set up…

Mr. Reilly: Are you implying…

Game: No…I think I’m stating it.

Viewfind: YO! It don’t matter…those punks tried to take the homeslice out…guess what sukka…yo punks failed Reilly. (Clutches his ribs) But just for that…I wanna get one more stip from you…when we win the War Games…I want total control over all aspects of the GPA…the name be mine, bitch!

Mr. Reilly: Oh really…and what are you guys going to put up for that.

Game: I’ll give you DN if we lose…

JFA, JHA & HBK (who is now in the scene) WHAT?!?

Reilly smiles like a six year old on Christmas Morning!

Reilly: DONE!

Without another word, Reilly virtually skips off giddily.

HBK: Have you sunk your boat, mate?

Game: We aren’t going to lose…are we View?

Viewfind: Oh hell no!

HBK: Well then…nothing to worry about…except one thing. We know where Captain Broody Pants and our newest member the Human Crash Test Dummy were…but where oh where were the Welsh when our teammate was his skull kicked open?

Sixswitch: WHOA! You aren’t blaming me for this Kid Peroxide!

Game: Easy! DAMNIT…what the hell are you two doing?

Sixswitch: Do I need to point out Erik that it was your buddy here who stabbed us in the back last year?

HBK: Yeah…but it was funny then, much like your silly little title run…

Sixswitch: You son of a…

*The camera cuts back to the ring as Viewfind and the Game step in between HBK and Sixswitch.

JFA: Team DN is breaking apart…and they STILL have to wrestle two matches as teams here tonight.

JHA: So what sort of matches do you think the GPA will book when they run Mayhem in January?

*Commercial Break*

Amarant Odinson v The Wild One

JFA: “And we come back from our commercial break to find Amarant and The Wild One already going at it.”

JHA: “That’s good. I don’t think I could stomach watching these two schmucks come out and preen for the humanoids.”

JFA: “There’s a lot of things you couldn’t stomach.”

JHA: “What’s that supposed to…”

JFA: “And a hard right hand by The Wild One onto Amarant…these two were partners at Overdrive…another right hand…knee to the gut…DDT…cover…and a two count.”

JHA: “This could have been over before it began. Why must you taunt me, so?”

JFA: “The Wild One bringing Amarant to his feet now…looking to try a powerbomb…but a back body drop by Amarant sends him flying. Amarant coming off the ropes…missing with the clothesline…and a sleeper hold applied by The Wild One! Completely out of nowhere!”

JHA: “I tell ya, J. That guy’s got a great future ahead of him. Too bad dealing with dip schmucks will keep him down.”

JFA: “That’s the way it is, though. You gotta crawl before you can run.”

JHA: “Don’t give me any of that high school special garbage.”

JFA: “Anyways…The Wild One’s got Amarant down…ref checking to see if Amarant’s out…one…two…and signs of life! Amarant getting to his feet now…shot to the chest…another shot to the chest…”

JHA: “Man, the way you say it…”

JFA: “Don’t start. Another shot to the chest…and now ramming The Wild One into the ropes…The Wild One letting go of the hold…Amarant sending him into the ropes now…and a clothesline. Cover…and a two count. Amarant heading for the turnbuckle now…looks like he’s going to attempt some high risk maneuver...flying elbow off the top rope…and The Wild One gets his knees up!”

JHA: “Amarant walked into that rather easily, if you ask me, J.”

JFA: “Can’t argue with that, J. Amarant should have known better. Nevertheless, The Wild One back on the advantage, delivering several hard kicks to Amarant’s side. Amarant wincing in pain…I don’t think he can last much longer.”

JHA: “Funny, I said that to this girl once…”

JFA: “The Wild One grabbing Amarant by the hair now…bringing him to the turnbuckle…slamming his head against the top one…1…2…3…4…5…6…7..8…9…and 10. Amarant looking pretty dazed now.”

JHA: “I thought that’s how he always looked.”

JFA: “The Wild One grabbing Amarant’s arm…looks like he’s sending him to the opposite corner…Amarant reverses! The Wild One slams into the opposite corner at full speed.”

JHA: “I didn’t think that Amarant had it in him. Then again, I don’t think about petty pond scum…”

JFA: “Amarant charging from behind, grabbing The Wild One from behind…GERMAN SUPLEX! Going for the cover…and The Wild One breaks out of it at the last second. Phew! Amarant had that match almost won here.”

JHA: “I’m literally jumping with joy.”

JFA: “Sarcasm doesn’t suit you J. And now Amarant looks to finish this…setting up the House of Pain…locking in the submission move now…The Wild One frantically trying to reach the ropes…fighting…FIGHTING…but he’s tapping! Amarant is the winner!”

JHA: “The Wild One looks pretty bad, J. I think that Amarant may have seriously hurt him.”

JFA: “I think you’re right, J. Hopefully he’ll be able to recover quickly.”

JHA: “Now why did you have to go and jinx it?”

*Backstage: Axer is shown laughing at Wild One’s defeat*

Mr. Reilly: You think that’s funny?

Axer: Actually…

Mr. Reilly: Shut up…I didn’t actually want you to speak. So you think that’s pretty funny? Well, we’ll see how funny you find it at Regenesis when you get to face the Wild One, ONE on ONE!

Amarant walks past the two…

Mr. Reilly: And Mr. Odinson…I have good news for you as well…you wanted Brett Rayne…well my friend…at Regenesis…YOU’VE GOT HIM!

Amarant says nothing…merely nods his head smiling in approval as Mayhem cuts back to the ring to find Vin Ghostal standing with mic in hand.

Vinny G: Now, I know you fans came to the show expecting to see your hero, Vin Ghostal, defend his tag team belts, but I'll tell you folks, there's not much competion.

Let's run down the list, shall we? The NWA, the team that thinks they should be the number one contenders for the tag titles, is missing a member. Blood and Thunder, the team that I'm going to replace as the longest running tag champion of all time, is tied up with their Hardcore title nonsense. And like it was a surprise, but even StarStorm couldn't hack it. They lost their chance last week when that twerp Dreadstar couldn't pin me 1-2-3.

I proved that I was the best tag team champion ever when I pinned P?, a member of the former "best-ever-tag-champs", the NWA, back on June 7th. And there's another part of my tag team greatness, folks, one I've already mentioned: the fact that I'm about to become the longest reigning tag team champion ever. That's right. Vin Ghostal is about to go into the record books again. I defended this belt against the best in the world during our tour, and no one here has been good enough to go against me. Months have gone by, and months will continue to go by, and I will still have this belt around my wait.

But there's a slight problem, ladies and gentlemen. I don't want those months to be completely boring. I know the level of talent around here almost screams boring when compared to me, but we're going to try anyway. That's why I'm going to defend my tag team title belts against a randomly chosen team at Regenesis. You heard that right. I don't care who I fight, I'm walking out of there with my tag team belts. I suppose I'll let Xille have some fun, too... I'll probably let him take most of the beatings. He can carry one of my belts out with him, too. He needs to polish it, after all

*A commercial for the new Stone Cold T-Shirt Shows*

2004-12-07, 11:59 PM
Number One Contender for the TV Title Match: OP2005 vs Judge Death vs Scarecrow

Welcome to my nightmare
I think you're gonna like it,
I think you're gonna feel
Like you belong

RJA: Making his way to the ring... from Glasgow, Scotland... "Thy Worst Nightmare"... OP... 2005!

JFA: OP had quite the showing last week against the Game in that Intercontinental title bout, and now he's getting a chance to compete for the TV Title. Whatever god this monster prays to must certainly be smiling upon him, J.

JHA: Or frowning, JH, if you think about who he has to compete against tonight.

JFA: The newest addition to the roster, Scarecrow?

JHA: The turd, J. The turd.

"Welcome to My Nightmare" fades out as "Scarecrow" by Ministry kicks in.

RJA: And his opponent, from his own Fields of Pain... Scarecrow!

JFA: This man is really creepy. The crowd really doesn't know how to react to the AWF's newest blood.

JHA: The crowd doesn't really know how to react in most situations if you think about it, J. They're always rooting for the wrong guys. Oh, and the guy isn't creepy, he's just a creep.

JFA: Just because the crowd is anti-GPA doesn't mean that there's something wrong with them.

JHA: Exactly, J. It means that there's everything wrong with them.

Withered hands, withered bodies, begging for salvation
Deserted by the hands of gods of their own creation
Nations cry, underneath decaying skies above
You are guilty, the punishment is death for all who live...

RJA: And their opponent... from Deadworld, near Glas...

JFA: Ignavus! Ignavus through the crowd, with steel chair in hand, has just leveled JD! And now Atticus is laying her size-whatever stilletos into the dead man's back!

JHA: This match is interesting already, J! I love it! Sneak attacks and puppies!

JFA: Atticus and Ignavus are binding Judge Death's legs and arms... what are they doing?

JHA: Pain, J. They're about to send some pain.

JFA: You may indeed be right... Atticus slides a chair under the fallen Judge Death's head... Ignavus lays his chair on top of his enemy's head... he can't be serious, J!

JHA: Oh, but he is!

JFA: Four AM Flyer from the guardrail! The Four AM Flyer has just sandwiched JD's head in-between the two chairs, and it might have broken a few of Ignavus's ribs as well! Atticus helps Igz to the back as they leave JD completely motionless in the aisle. The paramedics have got to be on their way, J.

JHA: Yeah, but don't forget that there's a match still going on! OP just leveled Scarecrow with yet another clothesline, his third of the match so far.

OP2005 falls on his opponent and applies a darkness choke, releasing it at four to avoid disqualification. He puts a few boots into Scarecrow's ribs before picking his opponent up.

JFA: Scarecrow is earning his stripes the hard way tonight! Maybe not! Reversal! A blocked punch puts the smaller man back in charge!

Scarecrow capitalizes and manages to hit a flowing ddt onto OP2005, taking the big man off of his feet for the first time in the match. He makes the cover but barely manages a two count. OP2005 sits up like a man possessed and proceeds to pummel his opponent.

JFA: Keeping you updated, folks... the paramedics are here, but they say they can't find a pulse. No one is surprised by this.

A giant modified uppercut sends Scarcrow flying into the corner turnbuckle. He manages to catch his balance, however, and jumps off the second rope, determined to take OP down. He almost succeeds but is caught mid-flight before being massively sidewalk slammed.

JHA: We might see a broken back here tonight! I might finally win my ten year game of wrestling bingo!

Scarecrow manages to kick out of two and a half, and OP looks frustrated by it. He gets up and stalks Scarecrow, who even seems unaware that the crowd is in the arena.

JFA: OP2005 probably looking for his big boot, the Shining, here. He charges... he misses! Superkick! Scarecrow dodged the Shining, bounced off of the ropes, and nailed the Superkick! OP is down! OP is down! This could be over!

Ref: 1... 2...

JHA: Three!

JFA: No! OP must've kicked out at two and ninety-nine one hundreths! Amazing! Scarecrow tries locking in his dragon sleeper to put OP away, but he just tosses the smaller man off.

OP2005 gets up and quickly hits a stiff right hand to Scarecrow. The rookie reels back into the ropes and is quickly whipped to the opposite side by OP. The big man connects with the Shining on the reboud and makes the cover.

Ref: One... two... three.

Welcome to my nightmare
I think you're gonna like it,
I think you're gonna feel
Like you belong

JFA: OP2005 gets the three count, and he will meet his rival, Cloudstrifer for his TV Title!

JHA: Did you notice that the turd is gone?

JFA: Yeah, he crawled away midway through the match, screaming that he was going to judge every person in the place, or something along those lines. All I have to say is that Igz should probably watch his back.

JHA: That's what he has Atticus for, J. And Igz isn't the only one, as we just saw. Cloud also has a recurring nightmare in the form of OP2005. Now could we please get to some GPA action?


Backstage, we find Tempest walking down a hallway, rolling his head around in circles, getting his neck loose. He rounds a corner and runs right into Xille! The two bump, then push their foreheads against each other until Xille backs off.

Tempest: Where you goin’ in such a hurry? Fetching Ghostal his slippers or something?

Xille: Out of the way, Tempest. I’m in no mood for you right now.

T: Then you better change your mood. The way I see it, it’s about time you and I had a little talk. Now, you’ve annoyed the piss outta me since the day you set foot in the AWF. You really been on my bad side since the day you started running with Vin Ghostal. But what went down two weeks ago between Ghostal and Divebomb…what your goddamn pimp did to my boy…man, that sh*t is inexcusable.

X: Inexcusable? The things you and the rest of the goon squad do from week to week…that’s inexcusable.

T: Oh, man, I’m ‘bout to slap the taste outta your mouth. You lucky Big D back to full strength. If that punk Ghostal woulda put him out, you wouldn’t even be standin’ here right now.

X: Tempest…look. I don’t like you. You don’t like me. Fine. Let’s get one thing straight on this Ghostal thing. You’re preaching to the converted. If you must know, I spent last week tearing Ghostal a new one for what he did to “Big D.”

T: What are you talkin’ about, man?

X: All I’m saying is that had it been me out there, I would have done things rather differently.

T: Man, e’rthing Homeslice been sayin’ is right on. You two aren’t a team. Those tag team championship belts…they’re good as ours. You’re just dead meat.

Tempest smiles and turns to walk away, and Xille frowns and looks at the floor. The camera pans around the corner and finds Vin Ghostal hiding in the shadows, an ambiguous look on his face.

JFA: What in the hell is wrong with Vin Ghostal?
*Commercial Break*

As Mayhem returns from commercial break, Atticus is sitting outside Reilly’s office and we can hear Reilly screaming inside. The Game walks by…

Game: Well…HELLO there…

Atticus: Hey!

Game: Whoa…what crawled up Reilly’s sorry ass and died?

Atticus: He’s a little miffed at us for what we did to Judge Death earlier…

Game: Who?

Atticus: Judge Death…

Game: Never heard of him…

Atticus laughs and the Game smirks a bit.

Game: So…why are you sitting out here and Iggy is in there?

Atticus: Got me…

Suddenly Ravage strolls by…

Rav: Well, well, well…if it isn’t the Lame…trying to pick up another cheap hussy?

Atticus: EXCUSE ME?!?

Game: See? Why did you have to go and do that? Here I am, trying to have a nice conversation with this nice young lady…and you have to drag your untalented monkey ass back here, flap your gums and force me to do something I may regret later…

Rav: Oh yeah…what’s…OOOF!


JFA: And the Game played a little Sweet Chin Music on Big Daddy Rav.

Game: (acting as if nothing had happened) Nope…I was wrong…that was still fun. As for you…you get bored in the minors, you give the Game a call!

Atticus: I may just do that…

As the Game strolls off, Ignavus emerges from the office with a shocked look on his face.

IG: Ummmm…what happened here?

Atticus: No big thing…so we finishing off Judge D at Regenesis?
IG: No…Reilly said he had bigger plans for me…told me to tell D-Extreme to come see him too…

Atticus: Why?

IG: Got me…he just said come ready to work…

JFA: Now, what does that mean?

JHA: Isn’t it obvious you idiot? Mr. Reilly is going to have Ignavus face D-Extreme!

JFA: Yeah…but WHY?

JHA: Do I have to come up with everything around here?

JFA: No…but it would be a real change of pace for you to come up with SOMETHING!

AWF Hardcore Championship: Auros Vs. Black Zarak Vs. Wolfang (Champion)

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is a triple threat match for the AWF Hardcore Championship… and it is scheduled for one fall… introducing first… from México… AUROS!”

The former Hardcore Champion makes his way to the ring to the strains of ‘F***ing in the Bushes’ by Oasis. He is clearly not happy, as he drags his cartload of weapons. He snatches a sign saying ‘Fear The Fang’ from a member of the audience and rips it into four; saying ‘that’s what I’m gonna do to that gringo’. The crowd boos the Mexican as he gets into the ring and shows off his wares. His cooing is cut short, however, when ‘Mexicola’ by Queens Of The Stone Age heralds the arrival of the second challenger to the Hardcore title.

JRA: “And challenger number two… from Manchester, England… BLACK ZARAK!”

Black Zarak strolls down to the ring looking rather sombre, but receiving a fantastic ovation from the crowd. He is pushing a shopping cart with some articles in it, and has a full golf bag over his shoulder. He is also noticeably missing his trademark ‘Blood & Thunder’ sleeveless trenchcoat. He stares down Auros from the arena floor, at the bottom of the entrance ramp, before taking his armoury to the left-hand side of the ring. He never takes his eyes off Auros. The two are staring at each other with the arena in total silence as they await the Hardcore Champion.

‘Dragontown’ blares through the arena, much to the delight of the crowd, as the Hardcore Champion appears with a dumpster full of illegal objects. Wolfang pauses at the top of the ramp to take in the sight of his opponents: one an old adversary, the other a bloody good friend. He hazards towards one end of the stage to drag a cheer out of the crowd, and then to the other. There is no announcement of his arrival; JRA having already fled after wondering what Zarak and Auros had in mind.

Wolfang appears reluctant to make a move. The bell rings, and Auros and Zarak charge towards the champion. Auros reaches Wolfang just ahead of Zarak. He takes a swing at Wolfang with a waffle iron, but his attempted assault falls flat as Wolfang dodges and shoves him into the audience. Wolfang doesn’t have time to gather his bearings before Zarak is on him with a devastating clothesline.

JFA: “Well… I never expected to see that…”
JHA: “Go on, Zarak! Clobber him!”
JFA: “You’re loving this, aren’t you?”
JHA: “Only seeing Atticus wrestling Sixshot in a tub of Gel-O would make me happier than this…”
JFA: “I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from that…”

Zarak drops a leg on Wolfang and covers him for a rapid two-count. Referee Pete Zahut is almost as unnerved as the ring announcer, but the crowd are very much in the spirit to see this fight. Zarak stomps on Wolfang before hauling him to his feet and slamming him on the ramp with a spinebuster. He opens the dumpster Wolfang pushed in, and pulls out a baking sheet. As Wolfang gets to his feet, Zarak slams the metal sheet into his skull. The echo tears through the arena as Wolfang just stares blankly at Zarak.

JFA: “Wolfang looks out of it… and Zarak hit him again!”

Wolfang looks slightly more composed in the aftermath of the second hit. He stares at Zarak again, this time with a look of uncertainty. A third hit from Zarak still fails to knock down the Hardcore champion. Wolfang narrows his eyes, and as the fourth blow from the baking utensil echoes around the arena, Wolfang throws himself at Zarak. There is no finesse. This is not a vaunted spear tackle or in any form a scientific wrestling move. Wolfang just lunges at Zarak and attempts to choke the life out of him before Auros breaks a hockey stick across his neck.

JFA: “Good lord! He snapped it clean in two! Auros jumped back in… saved Zarak from being throttled… and broke a hockey stick on Wolfang’s neck! My god!”
JHA: “Man… THAT’S Hardcore!”

As Zarak gets to his feet, Auros feigns concern for the Mancunian manhunter. It lasts until Zarak gets fully to his feet and goes for Wolfang, when Auros shoves the dumpster into Zarak and sends him- and the dumpster- crashing onto the arena floor. Auros laughs as the crowd fall silent with shock. As he congratulates himself, the fans boo him. As he turns to where he thought Wolfang was, there is something noticeably absent…

JHA: “Wait a minute… where did…”
JFA: “Slippery devil…”

As Auros ponders the whereabouts of his primary target, Zarak begins to stir on the floor. The dumpster did not land on him: but the impact of it certainly knocked the wind out of him. Suddenly, Wolfang emerges from the entrance brandishing a fire extinguisher. Auros turns around into a cloud of carbon dioxide, and is suddenly speared onto the dumpster by the champion!


As Wolfang and Auros collapse onto the arena floor, Zarak gets back to his feet and stomps on El Chingador before turning back to his intended target.

JFA: “I thought Zarak and Wolfang were buddies…”
JHA: “I think Wolfang thought that too…”

Zarak stomps on Wolfang as the Hardcore champion attempts to get to his feet. With the contents of the dumpster now scattered across the floor, Zarak hauls Wolfang around by the throat as he sets up a chair. After setting the chair up, he calls for a chokeslam and- to devastating effect and a none-too-positive crowd response- slams Wolfang through it. He covers Wolfang immediately, but is pulled off by Auros at two.

JFA: “I think Wolfang has been saved… albeit temporarily…”
JHA: “Yeah… he’s been saved for the main course…”

Auros and Zarak are now exchanging right-handed punches as they get to their feet. They are fairly evenly matched opponents. In a fair fight, the victor would be decided by chance. Bare in mind, this is not a fair fight…

JHA: “Oh… right in the Old Trafford…”
JFA: “Auros just stuck his size fifteen right into the joy department of Black Zarak…”

Zarak, instinctively, cradles his gonads. Auros takes the opportunity to hit him with a ‘No Smoking’ sign, and the Mancunian falls to the floor still clutching his genitals. Auros throws some more abuse at the crowd before turning his attention back to Zarak. He goes for a cover, and is quickly halted by a desperate elbow smash from Wolfang.

JFA: “Wolfang looks out of it…”
JHA: “Status: normal…”

Wolfang is suddenly taken aback by the assault from Auros, as El Chingador signals the counter-attack. This is not sound technical wrestling. Nor is it, in any form, even remotely considered as beautiful. Wolfang and Auros are giving lessons in fighting dirty that even the most hardcore fight fan would be hard pressed to comprehend.

JFA: “How the hell do you even call these moves?”

Auros and Wolfang have a hand at each other’s windpipes, taking it in turns to bash each other with their free hand and taking random swings with knees, forearms, elbows and feet. This is the kind of fighting that the SAS, Delta Force and Spetznaz are renowned for. And the two men demonstrating these skills make it look even rougher.

JFA: “Oh, God…”
JHA: “Oh, boy…”

There is a sudden violent stop to the struggle between Wolfang and Auros as the boom is lowered- literally- by Black Zarak. The microphone slaps Wolfang upside the ear, and the handle for it knocks into Auros’ neck. The two fall to the ground as Black Zarak throws the device back to its operator. He walks over to Wolfang, lifts Wolfang to his feet and sets him up for the Venom Blade onto a nearby equipment case.

JFA: “This could be painful…”
JHA: “Oh, please Lord… I’ll give up the hookers if you let it be…”
JFA: “Bull!”
JHA: “Shush! He doesn’t know that!”

Zarak hoists Wolfang but, as ‘Fang reaches the apex of his ascent; he manages to transform the move into a modified Rocker Drop. Zarak hits the equipment case face-first, as Wolfang falls onto his stomach on the arena floor.

JFA: “That may have taken the energy out of Wolfang…”
JHA: “It may have taken the teeth out of Zarak… we’ll know for sure in a second…”

Auros moves over to Zarak and pins him on the equipment case. He gets two before Wolfang drags him over in a modified schoolboy pin for a two-count. Auros is up quickly, and Wolfang is still disoriented. Auros takes the opportunity to hit the Hardcore champion with an Atomic Piledriver on the arena floor. Somehow, Wolfang kicks out just nanoseconds before the ref’s hand hits the ground for a third time.


Auros argues with the referee as Zarak finally begins to show signs of life. Auros picks up Wolfang again, threatens to kill the referee, and signals for another Atomic Piledriver.

JFA: “You’ve got to be kidding… He can’t do that again…”

Auros shoves Wolfang’s head between his thighs. He takes a moment to insult the spectators… and pays for it as Wolfang hits the Sideswipe!

JFA: “What a counter! Wolfang hit Auros with the Sideswipe! 1… 2… and Zarak breaks up the pin! At the last second… Zarak stuck his boot into the back of Wolfang’s cranium…”

Zarak wipes a small trace of blood from under his nose and kicks Wolfang in the ribs before stomping on Auros some. As Zarak stoops to pick Auros up from the arena floor, Wolfang rushes in behind him and smashes his face against the floor with a modified bulldog!

JFA: “Zarak’s busted open! Wolfang might have broken his nose! Auros is up… CRIMSON TWILIGHT! 1… 2… … 3! Wolfang retains! I don’t believe it!”

Wolfang is barely standing upright as Zarak approaches with a look of disdain- and a fair amount of blood- on his face. Wolfang offers him a handshake. There is some hesitation from Zarak, but he accepts the hand: right before pulling Wolfang into a DDT! There is a monumental lack of cheering from the crowd, as a volley of bottles, plastic cups and confectionery containers rain down on the Mancunian manhunter. He just smiles, leaving Wolfang and Auros lying broken amidst the debris of the battle.

Mr. Reilly’s Office

Judge Death: I want blooood!

Mr. Reilly: Yeah…I got that part…and I told you…not going to happen. You see, this is the RELAUNCH of the AWF here in America…and as such, I have big…no…HUGE plans to impress our fans. See, it isn’t enough to have the War Games…or the TV title Match or any of the other matches I have planned…oh no…I have something special in mind for our fans…and in particular…for you.

Judge Death: … I’m lissssstening.

Mr. Reilly: Do you have some sort of lisp problem? Look…how would you like to cause MAJOR violence? I’m talking EPIC scale violence? Of course you’d like that! So I tell you what I am going to do for you…at Regenesis on December 19th, you are going to join Black Zarak, possibly the greatest Hardcore Champion in AWF History Sir Auros, Scarecrow, Christopher Back and current Hardcore Champion Wolfang in an AWF Hardcore TLC match for the Hardcore Title! You love the idea…I know you do…now leave!

Judge Death makes his way from the office, not fully satisfied with not being able to extract revenge against Ignavus, but intrigued by the match.

JHA: Oh…THAT is going to go well…


As cameras cut backstage, we hear the familiar roar of The Mad Bomber’s custom Harley Davidson, as it cruises into the area, the former AWF World and Intercontinental champion and his constant companion Arcee looking not too pleased with themselves. Revving the engine, he manages to scare off those not wishing to become a victim of either the vehicle or its passengers. As Bombshell finally cuts the engine, Hellraiser approaches him.

Hellraiser: Well, well, well…Look who we have here. It’s the has-been and his inflatable beach toy. Yeah, I hear a lot about you. Former AWF World Champion, Former AWF Intercontinental Champion. The go-to bitch guy for just about every single group that’s tried to cause trouble around these parts. And frankly, what have you accomplished lately? All I’ve seen you do is job to third level card jerkers and screw your flotation device over there. Hell, even someone like me can take you out without breaking a sweat.

Bombshell: You done?

Hellraiser nods, and no sooner has he done this than Bombshell has his hand around his throat, lifting him into the air and chokeslamming him into the nearest table. He then picks him up by his hair and plants him through the table’s wreckage with a thundering Atom Bomb.

Smirking, Bombshell turns to Arcee and says “He’s right. That hardly was a challenge.”

Flec: Looks like Bombshell is back!

Joey: My God…indeed he is Flec!

Elsewhere: Sparky and Tommy are shown approaching Stone Cold Skywarp.

Sparky: Wow…look at this! It’s Stone Cold! Hey, Stone Cold, could we get a picture with you?

SCSW: What? *takes a sip of beer*

Tommy: A picture, my little brother is a big fan…
SCSW: What?

Sparky: A picture…for his…

SCSW: I heard you the first time…lemme get this straight, you want Stone Cold to take a picture with you for your little brother? If I do this…will you leave me alone so I can keep drinking my beer?

Tommy: Absolutely!

SCSW sets his beer down for a moment and poses for the picture, then resumes drinking his beer.

SCSW: Why are you still here?

Tommy: Oh…I’m just glad we were able to get a picture of such an old timer before he gets put out to pasture.

SCSW suddenly chucks his beer and gets in Tommy’s face.

SCSW: Old? You think I’m old?

SCSW backs away for a moment, grinning then STUNS Tommy.

SCSW: And how about you Spanky? What do you think?

Before Sparky can answer Stone Cold stuns him as well.

SC: Tell you sons of bitches what…you two…at Regenesis…meet me in the ring so I can open a can of whup ass on both you…and that’s the bottom line, cause Stone cold said so!

Back to the ring…

I’m BACK! And I’m better than ever!

Mr. Reilly struts down to the ring, AWF World Title belt held in his hands…a smug smile upon his face.

Mr. Reilly: I promised that I would announce exactly who the World Champion is, right here tonight in Portland…and that is exactly what I am here to do.


Mr. Reilly: As I told TC and Ravage backstage…they both are worthy of wearing this belt as champions. Each man displayed great skill in neutering…I mean defeating Morpheus two weeks ago on Mayhem. However, both men cannot be champion, much as I would like to name them. As such, I have decided that once Team GPA wins the War Games, they will be able to have the match everyone wants to see! Therefore, at this time…the AWF Title is vacated and the status of how the championship will be settled shall be determined on January 3, when Mayhem returns from Christmas break. Oh…and you have a problem with that…that’s just too damn bad…because you see, my GPA is going to destroy Team DN…and then, they are going to decide just how the AWF Champion will be determined…and as the Heart Bland Kid would say…you can do two things about it…NOTHING…and like it!


2004-12-08, 12:09 AM
Morpheus & Viewfind v The NWA: P? and Divebomb

Joey: The first half of our double main event, and The battered NWA are on their way out here to the ring. Lately, they’ve been attacked by Vin Ghostal…but the list of those who have been assaulted by Ghostal hasn’t exactly been short.

Flec: No…Casper may be completely off his rocker…

Moonlight Sonata plays for the second time this evening as Morpheus makes his way to the ring…

Joey: The newest member of Team DN…Morpheus on his way to the ring for this tag match, ordered by Mr. Reilly.

Flec: Yep…Morpheus…said it all along! It was so obvious!

Joey: You said nothing of the sort…you said it was going to be Stone Cold.

Flec: No I didn’t…I said Morpheus!

Joey: Whatever…

Party Up begins to play as the already cheering crowd keeps cheering as Viewfind walks out, donning a Throwback Trailblazers jersey, much to the delight of the Portland crowd.

Joey: Quite an ovation here for both Morpheus and Viewfind.

Flec: Further proof these people have no taste…

Joey: Morpheus and P? to start things off here…P? says he has recovered from a nasty concussion and is back here in action tonight…and he better be if he wants to survive Morpheus! P? goes for a collar elbow tie up and Morpheus answers with a head butt…staggering P?

Flec: Don’t hit him in the head! Not with that cinder block you call a melon!

Joey: P? stunned a bit, Morpheus delivers a few hard punches rocking P? back, but Divebomb with the blind tag, leaps in the ring, showing a bit of pain as he does, but still trying to chop down the former AWF Champion.

Flec: Why do you say such vile things?

Joey: Because they are true…Morpheus was an amazing champion and defended that belt religiously against all comers over seas for over two months! Divebomb now with a drop kick to the knee of Morpheus…sending the mad man of the AWF backwards, but far enough for Viewfind to get a blind tag!

Flec: Oh boy…

Joey: Viewfind in the ring now…I can’t make out exactly what he is saying to Divebomb. DB looks less than thrilled to be in the ring right now…and Morpheus…is in the ring…charging across and catapulting himself into P? Both men crash to the floor. Viewfind and Divebomb also begin to go at it…and they topple to the floor as well!

Flec: Oh no…the NWA doesn’t belong on the floor with that raving lunatic!

Joey: The battle spilling into the crowd and to the back of the arena…the ref has called for the bell…this one is being tossed out and these guys don’t care!

The camera follows the four men as the reach backstage of the arena. Viewfind and Morpheus have switched, so VF is fighting it out with P? while Morph has DB. Morpheus grabs Divebomb by the hair and performs a running bulldog onto the concrete. Meanwhile, P? clotheslines VF, sending both men through the arena doors and outside the Rose Garden. The brawl spills into a group of bystanders. Seeking to stop the situation, Police officers begin to swarm the two, trying to break them up…but suddenly Morpheus runs out and into the crowd!

Flec: This is chaos! Portland’s finest need to arrest Viewfind and Morpheus right away!

Joey: And why should they do that? P? and Divebomb are just as involved in this brawl!

Flec: What is that idiot doing?

Divebomb has finally made his way out, only to be grabbed by the cops and handcuffed. The cops have also got P? However, Morpheus has managed to save Viewfind. Quickly, he tosses Viewfind into the open back door of one of the squad cars.

Joey: Morpheus saving Viewfind, much to his delight…now running to the front of the squad car and delivering a double arm DDT to the officer, before jumping in the front seat.

Flec: Does that idiot even have a license?

Joey: I’m not certain, but he’s got the sirens on and he’s driving out of here! Well...sort of driving out of here...crashing into Mr. Reilly's brand new Lexus SUV! Mr. Reilly running out, steaming mad…and Morpheus now running the squad car into the railing...the horrid sound of metal scraping against concrete...now finally driving off with a squad car as Viewfind gives Mr. Reilly an unfriendly gesture with his fingers! The NWA are being escorted out into another squad car, Mr. Reilly furiously screaming at the officers…what is going to happen next?


"The Game" Erik Summers, Sixswitch & "HBK" Sean O'Con vs. TC, Ravage & Tempest

JFA: Tonight's main event match promises to be a real slobberknocker. Six of the ten men who will enter the War Games in a few weeks will face off in this six man tag.

JHA: This will be a fast paced match and with all these men and the hostilities between them I don't know how the referee will be able to keep this match under his control.


JRA: Approaching the ring, representing the GPA, from the cold mean back streets of Vermont, Ravage, from Mandurah, WA, Australia, Tempest, and from Chicago, Illinois, TC!

JFA: The three members of the GPA entering as a unit, they look confident, they look ready to face the best of the best. And some might say that's exactly what's against them tonight and at Regenesis in the War Games match.

JHA: You are wrong. That honor is reserved to the Game's team. The GPA is the longest running faction in this federation, they have survived everything. And you can bet your money they will survive at the War Games.

JFA: That remains to be seen, but tonight they will have to survive against three former world champions. The first of them is Sixswitch who's just entered the arena to a huge ovation! He won the title from TC, the man who is waiting for him in the ring, and lost it a few months ago to Morpheus. But it doesn't matter now, this match isn't for any titles. The War Games isn't for any titles.

JHA: And that's a good thing too. That way Team DN don't have to worry about losing any.

JFA: Sixswitch in the ring now, the GPA staying in their corner. I would've thought they'd be all over Sixswitch already, with him being alone at the moment.

JHA: GPA is confident. They don't need to ambush one man to win here tonight. They can beat their opposition in a fair fight, and they're showing just that.

"Superstar" by Saliva starts to play and the crowd is once again on their feet, cheering for the next participant, HBK Sean O'Con. HBK showing no humility as he walks down the ramp, showing off and playing to the crowd. He is like a man who knows very well that he is the best there is, and feels that he has no reason to try and hide it. He enters the ring, still taking in the ovation of the crowd. While the GPA is hyping themselves up and discussing tactics, HBK goes to Sixswitch and says something. The Welsh Wonder just shakes his head and walks to the corner. Sean O'Con shrugs it off and starts taunting the GPA. The GPA does not react however, as they are waiting for the last man to enter, which is sure to happen as the sounds of Mercy Drive's Burn in My Light fill the arena.

JFA: A bit of dissention in the ranks of team DN as the leader of the team, The Game Erik Summers makes his entrance. The sold out arena almost lost their voice cheering for Sixswitch and HBK but somehow they have some left for the Game, as the cheers are almost deafening.

JHA: The crowd won't be of any help to them. The Game's team is falling apart from the seams while GPA is a real team, a team with no I's.

The Game climbs into the ring, high fives HBK and then turns around to say something to Sixswitch. Ravage seethes with anger staring at the Game for the Game’s earlier strike.

JFA: A meeting held by the Game, Sixswitch pointing at HBK. We can't hear what they're saying but it's quite obvious Sixswitch isn't happy with Sean O'Con being there. HBK goes to his corner too, three men exchanging some words, HBK and the Game climb out to the apron. It would seem that Sixswitch will kick this off for his team, Tempest already waiting for him.

The two men circle each other for a few seconds. Tempest tries to grab Sixswitch but SS ducks and scores with a stiff kick to the leg of Tempest. The big man is forced to retreat as Sixswitch continues with a series of kicks to the calf of the Human Bulldozer. Tempest retreats to the corner where Sixswitch follows up with an uppercut before whipping him to the opposite corner. Sixswitch tries to charge but Tempest stops him with an elbow, sending SS back a few steps. Tempest then tries to capitalize on this opportunity but a spinning heel kick by SS drops him down. Sixswitch goes to the ropes as Tempest tries to get back to his feet and hits with a dropkick to the knee. Sixswitch grabs Tempest's leg and drags him to his corner where he makes the tag to the Game. The Game enters the ring, grabs Tempest and scores with a picture perfect snap suplex. The Game picks Tempest up, whips him to the ropes but Tempest is ready and hits the Game with a powerful clothesline. Tempest then whips Erik to his corner, lays a few boots on his midsection before he tags in TC.

JFA: Tempest able to make the tag, and TC is in. A few kicks to the Game, he picks him up, sweeps the legs from under him and hits a spinning leg drop. Makes the cover but the Game kicks out after one.

JHA: TC is enthusiastic but there's no way the Game will lose this soon. I hate his guts but even I have to admit he's tough.

JFA: TC grabbing the Game by the hair, trying to pick him up but the Game counters with a fireman's carry. TC quickly to his feet but the Game drops him with a clothesline. TC again to his feet, attacks the Game but Summers counters with an arm drag, and follows it up into an arm bar. TC tries to get free, kips up and an arm drag by TC sends the Game rolling!

JHA: The Game back up, goes behind TC, a take down from behind and a headlock by the Game. But TC is able to roll his body and the Game's shoulders are down!

JFA: Erik Summers forced to release the headlock before the count of three, or he would've lost the match. Both men on their feet, eying each other. Tie-up, TC forcing the Game back but into the Game's corner. HBK tags himself in and a kick to the
midsection of TC brings him down and the Game is able to get out of the ring. HBK tries to whip him to the ropes, TC counters and sends HBK instead, back body drop attempt telegraphed, HBK with a sunset flip but TC kicks out after two.

TC is trying to get back to his feet as HBK goes to the ropes for some momentum. That is for naught, however as TC drops the charging O'Con with a drop toe hold. TC tries to grab a head lock but the fresh HBK gets quickly to his feet and pushes
TC away to the ropes. A dropkick attempt by HBK fails as TC grabs the ropes to stop himself. As HBK lies on the mat TC hits with a running senton and rolls straight to his corner where he tags in Ravage. Ravage attempts to score with an elbow drop but HBK rolls out from the way and Ravage crashes on the mat. That gives HBK time to get to his corner and tag in Sixswitch, albeit in a bit stiff way.

JFA: A kind of a hard tag by HBK, no love lost between these two men. Sixswitch back in, charges and slides under Ravage, headlock and bulldog by the Welsh Wonder. Runs to the ropes and a swinging neckbreaker to Ravage! Cover attempt but Tempest is there to break the count after one. GPA not taking any chances, even though it was highly doubtful that Ravage would get pinned so soon.

JHA: They know the importance of this match, it's practically a dress rehearsal for Regenesis. And winning this would give them a huge momentum.

JFA: Sixswitch laying some stiff kicks to Ravage, who's trying to get back to his feet. Ravage with an elbow to the midsection, goes for a clothesline but SS ducks and hits a fast side kick to the head of Big Daddy Rav! Ravage is reeling but now down. Sixswitch goes to the ropes and a springboard dropkick brings the big man down.

JHA: TC, Tempest, do something!

JFA: Tempest tries to interfere but SS ducks the clothesline attempt, jumps from the ropes and takes Tempest down with a hurracanrana! Ravage is up, goes for Sixswitch but SS answers with a series of stiff martial arts kicks. Ravage is forced to
back down, Sixswitch to the ropes... and TC hits him from behind.

JHA: Ha! That's the spirit TC! Sixswitch is staggering and walks straight into a spinebuster by Ravage!

Ravage shakes his head to clear the cobwebs and then goes to tag TC in. The Whole F*cking Show stops the rising Sixswitch in his tracks with an elbow drop. He then lays some boots to the prone Sixswitch before picking him up, whipping him to the ropes and hitting him with a monkey flip. TC then grabs Sixswitch by the hair and whips him to his corner. As Tempest and Ravage hold him down, TC hits Sixswitch with a shoulder thrust after another. After the fourth one he does a back flip and proceeds to hit one final thrust before tagging in Tempest.

JFA: Tempest now in the ring with Sixswitch. Whips him to the ropes and a powerslam by Tempest! Cover! One, two... and Sixswitch gets the shoulder up! Tempest picks SS up again, hits him with a couple of right hands and grabs him in a bear hug!

JHA: That's it Tempest. Squeeze the life out of that loser!

JFA: Sixswitch trying to get free, his strength fading fast. SS struggling, finally hits Tempest on the both sides of his neck and is let free. Sixswitch immediately runs to the ropes, trying to get the big man down for him to make the tag but Tempest a shoulder block and SS is down.

JHA: GPA is doing a pretty fine job isolating Sixswitch. He hasn't gotten even near to his corner and the Game and HBK can't get into the match.

JFA: An effective strategy, I must admit. Tempest raises SS to his feet and a double underhook suplex sends the Welsh Wonder flying. Tempest wasting valuable time flexing his muscles though before going for the cover.

JHA: One, two, and Sixswitch kicks out!

JFA: Tempest grabs Sixswitch by the hair and drags him to his corner and tags in Ravage. Tempest holds SS while Ravage gives him the boot. And a scoop slam by Ravage. Sixswitch in real trouble here, he needs to get a tag.

JHA: But he's not getting it while Big Rav is punishing him! Rav to the second rope, and a knee drop on the sternum of Sixswitch! This is what it's all about. Rav is so dominating he has even time to taunt the idiots in the audience!

JFA: The crowd's jeers seem to getting to Ravage, he's shouting at them. If they can distract the GPA from the real action, the crowd may very well be the seventh man in the ring.

JHA: Isn't the expression, 'the sixth man'?

JFA: Yes, but there's already six men in the ring.

JHA: Well, then it would be the eighth man, since the referee is in the ring too.

JFA: But he's not involved in the match.

JHA: Neither is the crowd!

JFA: But... why do you always keep sidetracking me?!

JHA: Because I can?

JFA: Forget all about this! Anyway, Ravage spent precious moments telling the crowd how he feels about them, that may cost him. Ravage picking SS up, but the Welsh Wonder explodes with a series of lefts and rights, Ravage is reeling, SS to the ropes but Rav hits him with sidewalk slam! SS tried to fight but it was cut short. Ravage now with a taunting elbow drop... and SS rolled out of the way! Ravage quickly back up, charges at Sixswitch who ducks and Ravage goes face first against the turnbuckle where the Game and HBK are ready to double punch the big man down. Sixswitch gets to the corner and tags in the Game!

JHA: No, not Game!

JFA: The Game jumps over the top rope to score a leg drop on Ravage. TC tries to interfere but a belly to belly suplex by the Game sends him flying. And a standing dropkick to Tempest. HBK in, and he clotheslines Tempest and himself over the top rope! Ravage tries to attack the Game but gets an inverted atomic drop for his troubles, and a back body drop to TC! The Game is really dominating here!

JHA: Don't be so sure! Ravage is back up and he's hitting the Game with some clubbing blows to the back. Goes for a pump handle slam but the Game gets somehow free! And a german suplex to Ravage! This isn't how it's supposed to go!

JFA: GPA can't seem to keep Erik Summers down. HBK and Tempest still brawling outside, Sixswitch trying to get a breather in his corner but what about TC?!

JHA: There he is, at the top rope. And a thrust kick to the Game! Finally he's down!

JFA: TC celebrating but it would seem that Sixswitch has had enough! A top rope hurracanrana to TC and TC rolls out from the ring! Sixswitch waits for TC to get up, and a plancha over the top rope to TC! Both men are down! HBK and Tempest still duking out, TC and Sixswitch both on the floor and the Game and Ravage are in the ring, both of them legal! The Game trying to get up, so does Ravage.

JHA: Ravage is first on his feet, the Game turns around, and a big boot from Ravage! Ravage covers, one, two, thr...

JFA: The Game kicked out! This one is not over yet!

Tempest and Sean O'Con have finally ended their fight and returned to their respective corners. Ravage lays some boots on the Game and then proceeds to pick him up and hits him with a gut wrench powerbomb. That gives Ravage enough time to get to his corner and tag in Tempest. Tempest is eager to get into the ring and continue to punish the IC champion. The Game is trying to get to his feet but Tempest grabs him from behind and scores with a full nelson slam hitting the Game hard on the canvas.

JFA: Tempest climbing the second rope, very unusual from the Human Bulldozer.

JHA: Come on! He's a big powerful man, and from the second rope, he's even more powerful.

JFA: Tempest with a leg drop on the Game's throat! Cover! This could be it! One, two...

JHA: No! The Game kicked out!

JFA: Tempest so sure he had the match won. Arguing with the referee, but to no avail, it was two. Tempest back to the Game, but the Game connects with a right hand. And another! And another! Tempest is reeling back, the Game goes to the ropes...

JHA: And Tempest stops him with a knee to the gut, and an elbow drop immediately after! Tempest can play the game, that's for sure.

JFA: Tempest tags TC in, quick short tags by the GPA, seems to be working. They're all fresh as TC goes to work on Erik Summers. Whip to the ropes, and a spinning heel kick to the Game. Game slowly back to his feet, blocks TC's kick but TC connects with an enzuigiri! TC to the ropes and the Rolling Thunder. TC covers, hooks the leg! One, two...

JHA: Thr... no! Sixswitch able to break the cover.

JFA: The referee sending Sixswitch back to his corner, in the mean time TC drags Summers to his and tags Tempest back in. Tempest picks the Game up, raising him over his head, showing his power. And a press slam. Game slowly trying to get back to his feet but Tempest has none of that as he kicks him straight to the side of his head.

Tempest is growing in confidence as he slaps the Game to the head while picking him up and then hits him with a capture suplex. He goes for the cover but gets only a two count before HBK interferes. Tempest talks some smack to HBK while the referee is trying to get O'Con out of the ring. He then turns his attention back to the Game and locks in a head lock, trying to wear his opponent down. The Game tries to struggle but the bigger man's weight succeeds in keeping him down. The crowd start to shout the Game's name, trying to give him the little bit of extra energy he needs. That seems to be working as the Game slowly gets back to his feet. He connects with an elbow to the midsection of Tempest. That doesn't help so he does it again, with a bit more force. Tempest's hold loosens up a little and after a third elbow Tempest is forced to break the hold.

Immediately the Game goes to the ropes, trying to get some more momentum in order to knock the big man out from his feet. His attempt is futile, though, as Tempest is ready and waiting and drops the Game with a exploding clothesline.

JFA: Erik Summers tries to fight but GPA's given him so much punishment I'm not sure how long he can hold on. Tempest back on his case, whips him to the corner, goes for a clothesline but the Game blocks him with a shoulder block. Another attempt and another shoulderblock! Tempest takes a few steps back, rushes in again... straight into the Sweet Chin Music!!

JHA: No! Tempest is down! But so is the Game! Both men are barely moving.

JFA: Summers crawling slowly towards his corner and Tempest is also veery slowly going for a tag. Whoever gets the tag will have a clear advantage!

JHA: You do realize what happens every time you say that?

JFA: No. What?

JHA: You see, usually they both... ah, never mind.

JFA: Both men very close, TC, Ravage, HBK and Sixswitch all reaching out, trying to get the tag!

JHA: Very close, come on Tempest! Just a little longer, you can do it before the Game does!

JFA: Tempest tags in Ravage! Ravage quickly in the ring, charging at the Game, but Erik Summers tags in HBK! HBK jumps in the ring and now Ravage realizes who he's up against! He backs down, he wants no part of HBK! TC attacks but HBK hits him with the Stun Gun! TC is reeling and HBK takes care of him by clotheslining him out from the ring. And now Ravage from behind!! What a low life!

JHA: What are you talking about. He let TC distract Sean O'Con and hit him when he least expected it.

JFA: What a low life! Ravage with blows to the back of HBK's head, whips him to the ropes and HBK retaliates with a flying forearm. And a kip up by Sean O'Con! He's waiting for Ravage to get up, baiting him in... and the Burn on Ravage! HBK covers! One, two...

JHA: And Tempest breaks up the count! Picks up HBK, and a powerbomb! No, now that idiot Sixswitch is interfering illegally!

JFA: Sixswitch with a spinning heel kick on Tempest! Tempest against the ropes, Sixswitch charges but Tempest ducks and sends Sixswitch over the top rope. But Game's back in action, he sidekicks Tempest over the top rope too! Ravage getting to his feet, Game is ready... and Game Over on Ravage!! But Sean O'Con's the legal man!

JHA: Finally that Game leaves the ring, he had no business being there. But HBK is crawling towards Ravage, drapes an arm over him. One, two.. don't let it end like this!!

JFA: Ravage got the shoulder up! Ravage got the shoulder up! HBK can't believe it, he rolls onto his back... and TC's on the top rope! Five star frog splash on HBK!! But Ravage is still dazed from the Game Over, he can't capitalize! The Game has momentarily dealt with Tempest, he's back in the ring. The referee has totally lost control of this match, he can't do anything but watch this mayhem and wait for a cover!

JHA: TC on his feet, holding his stomach, that frog splash took a lot from him too, but the Game gives him no time to recover. Kick to the midsection, a double arm DDT to poor TC!

JFA: The Game just drilled TC! Ravage getting to his feet, Game waiting...

JHA: No, not again! Summers goes for the Game Over... but Ravage counters with elbows to the head, the Game is forced back... and the Hangover on the Game! The Game is down!

JFA: Sixswitch on the top rope... he jumps... a hurracanrana into a fameasser!! Ravage's face just hit the mat hard, he's down and out! Tempest back in, knee to the gut of Sixswitch... Sean O'Con is back up too, behind Tempest.

JHA: Tempest, watch out! No, he's turning and... HA!

JFA: Tempest ducked, HBK hit Sixswitch with the HeartBrend Kick!! And he smirks! He doesn't look sorry at all!

JHA: But he forgot about Tempest, Tempest with a blow to the back, raises him up... and the Thunder Press!!

JFA: Tempest is the only one up.. no! Here's the Game, he charges at Tempest and both men go over the top rope! Ravage is moving, drapes the arm over Sixswitch.

JHA: Sixswitch hasn't moved after the HeartBrend Kick! Here it is! One, two, three!! GPA wins!!

JFA: The unexpected HeartBrend Kick was too much for Sixswitch after a hard fought battle. GPA is victorious in this one!

TC goes to help Ravage up and raises his hand in victory.

JFA: And on the outside, the Game and Tempest still slugging it out, boot…PEDIGREE TO TEMPEST!

Dimmu Borgir's Puritania begins to play, meaning that the match had been lost. The Game slides into the ring in a state of shock. TC and Ravage leave the ring and grab Tempest, all three men bruised and battered but still very proud of their accomplishment. As the victorious team carries Tempest up the ramp, TC and Rav can be seen celebrating, the Game is left standing in the ring with Sixswitch, who's starting to get up. The Game offers his hand to help but Sixswitch slaps it away, points at the prone body of Sean O'Con and shouts something. He then rolls out of the ring, still shouting at the Game and holding his jaw.

JHA: The Game's team is in full chaos now! No one can coexist while the GPA is a well functioning unit and victorious tonight to boot!

JFA: Indeed! The GPA is going strong as we're heading towards Regenesis and the War Games! How will this affect Team DN/AWF, can they pull their stuff together and work as a team at Regenesis or will the GPA be as victorious then as they were tonight? Everything will be answered at Regenesis, on PPV, where the future of this business will be decided! Don't miss it, this is JFA and JHA, saying to you good night.

JHA: And good GPA!

2004-12-08, 01:16 AM
Tempest can be seen back stage with bandaging around his mid-section and a Cigar in his mouth. The medics finish tending to his wounds as he grabs his coat and walks away from the area. An AWF Camera crew is waiting in ambush to follow him.

He walks around backstage and quickly pops into Reilly's office before heading off again. He reaches the GPA locker room whne he notices the crew. In a rare event he smiles and asks them to come over.

Tempest: "Alright, I'm in a good mood tonight. As you saw Team GPA beat the crap out of Team DN, plus I finally got my hands on The Game and Double SS. I've just got back from the med area, to see Reilly." He stops talking and pulls out a bottle of champagne and 5 of te biggest cigars you've ever seen. "See, its my week to to take the boys out and show 'em a good time. Plus I'm doing something extra cause TC is the new leader and he helped with the match tonight. What's ever better about our win, we tore the ranks of DN apart."

Tempest looks at the Team GPA locker room door. "So what if they have all former champions, Morpheus was just in the right place at the right time, Double has been proven that he's a chump, HBK is a has-been, while Viewfind was a never-been. However ... their is the game we have to deal with." Tempest looks at the floor. "Finally ... a challenge" Tempest looks at the Camera crew and smiles. "Alright, go on now, get ... this is not for your viewing."

Tempest pulls the stuff out of his pockets and walks into the GPA locker room.

2004-12-08, 01:36 AM
In the locker room holding an ice pack on his head. Ravage spots KK.

KK- A few words?

BDR- A few, ok. Interview over.

KK- No no I mean whats your opinion of tonight.

BDR- Well rere, I am pretty happy. But since I am sure your looking for something more for the AWF magizine or replay show I will give it to you.

He pauses and stands up.

BDR- Was there any doubt about how this match was going to end? DN can't even co-exist in the same ring. Look at it SS got KOed by his own partner. I mean these people think they have a chance at the Wargames?

KK- Well of course....

BDR grabs ahold of KK and tosses him against a wall.

BDR- If you ever cut me off like that again, next time I will put you through the wall faster than EMT's rushing to HBK's aid.

He sets kk down and talks agian.

BDR- Now they tell us who their 5th member is, the spokeman for the national "Wear A Condom Foundation" Morpheus. Woo I am scared get the special olympics reject for your 5th member damn I better fill out my life insurance policy. And of course there's View. In some ways your still a good man View but in others. Sorry man. You promised me bling-bling. I never got it. TC talked to me and I am in the running now. It's not just business man it's life. My life.

So get ready DN. At the Wargames the hospital best have 5 beds and your names on the front of them on reserve. I am out for blood and after that I am out for gold.

Now if you can excuse me. BDR outta the house! He yells and leaves the locker area.

KK looks a bit shaken by the past events.

KK- And that was BDR with his thoughts tune in for the PPV and see who wins this monumental matchup!

2004-12-08, 01:43 AM
Hpmh, could have expected as much....*Streches his back* Wow, an interesting move you got there Christoper Bleach, using weapons how interesting. Lets say your not a man and can't fight as such. I scoff at your idiotic rank about taken "care" of me because of what I did to you back in AM 3. Well whatever, your going to regret that you ever touched me you worthless peice of hack, in fact I bet your not even man enough to face me with out your 2 hell cages lined with sharks with laser attached to thier heads. In time I will come to get you, but I have more important things to do and more important and those who are a man to fight.

OP, OP you just had to win it didn't you. *Smirks* I wouldn't have it any other way. I would have pitied you more if you had lost to what was his name again..CrackerJack? Crows? Whatever in any case, you won it. And quite nicely I might add. Yet you forgot one little thing.

You see I have been thinking about this little nightmare of yours and how you seem the think that it affects everyone and everyone is scared of it. Then I tought of another thing. This "nightmare" isn't mine, its yours. You have been hounded by memories of me defeating you for so long that it caused you to be warped out of you mind. However I do have the solution for this.

The solution is simple, you lose to me and finaly die. Yes your nightmare is going to eat you up and leave you a shell of a man than what you are right now. However defeat me and your nightmare would end. In whatever case, I came up with only one result, that you will lose to me in everycase because I am just that damn good.

Perpare yourself Op, Your Next!

Believe The Hype, Fear The Pain!

2004-12-08, 02:53 AM
KK- TC...can I get an interview with you?

TC-I'm in a good mood, so ok

KK-What are you throughts about the upcoming War Games match at Regenesis?

TC-Ah yes, the classic War Games match. One that I am all to familiar with. You see I am one of the few competitors who has competed in both of the previous installments of the match. Once I was victorious, once...I wasn't. So I know how both sides of the coin can go in this match.

KK-What about your opponents?

TC-What of them? I have beaten ever member of that team at one time or another. I've pinned HBK and took the title from him. I pinned Sixswitch at AM3, and me and BDR took the tag belts from them back in the day. Morpheus, not only did I just beat him last week, but I have in the past*. Viewfind I've beaten him down time and time again and beaten him to. As for The Game, I hold a victory over him from the last War Games, and I am one of the only men in this business to take him to the limits of physicallity and stay with him the whole time.

Besides them singley, they are a very unstable, uncohesive unit. With all of their consistent infighting, taking each other out in a match and not even caring that they did. Whereas the GPA is on the same page...with the exception of one

KK-Yes, what are you thoughts about Divebomb's distrust in you being in charge of the GPA?

TC-Divebomb, we have a history of bad blood between us, and I know you dont like me being leader. But I am telling you this...your head better be in the game and out of your ass by Regenesis. Cause if you pull some bulls*** there and cost us the match. You arent just costing the GPA, but you are gonna be costing your career cause I wont rest afterwards til you are taken care of if you even think about committing treason against me.

2004-12-08, 03:12 AM
Come Wargames Ima get mines and no i'm not talking about the GPA name.
Right now the only thing on mah mind is REVENGE, and i got all the right tools fo the job.

"GPA" i'm not even gots to worry about yo aim, you come at me like that again i'll have mah Infrared, to your head and i will make sure, I hit you all in the brain


Just ask yo self
How many slugs should I plug into yo' chest before it's gets mah filled?

Sir Auros
2004-12-08, 04:17 AM
Main, I'll tell joo wat. Tha bigeest surprize een thees maitch wuz dat esa maricon Zarak had some huevos to keek. I had a good run as tha hardcoor champ and maybe I get eet bak sumday, but four now, I'm gonna be movin' up to geet another titul an then I'm gonna haf dat and I'm gonna make watever pendejo who theenks he's hardcoor an I'm gonna brake hees arm een tha reeng.

Jus yoo wait culeros!

Amarant Odinson
2004-12-08, 05:40 AM
Keith Kincaid is seen backstage with a cameraman. He sees Amarant Odinson and rushes to get an interview.

KK - Amarant, Tonight you took out your partner from Overdrive, The Wild One. Why is that?

AO - I took him because he just happened to be my opponent tonight. I also warned him to stay out of my way and he didn't listen. I told him what would happen if he pissed me off, but he refused my advice. So I had no choice but to take him to school. Tonight, The Wild One learned a vaulable lesson in Tapping Out 101. Simple as that.

KK - I see. Well whatabout the upcoming ReGenesis PPV? Reilly has the match signed. It will be you going one on one with Brett Rayne. The man who screwed you over at Overdrive.

AO - Well I'm glad that Reilly finally gave me what I wanted. Amarant then shoves Keith Kincaid out of the way and grabs the camera. Now as for you, Brett Rayne. I told you before, you picked a fight with the wrong man. In this business, I am PERFECTION. I am The Best Technical Wrestler in the AWF today and after I'm done making you my bitch, I'm going to take that little fancy pink boa of yours and choke the life out of you with it.

I will take care of this pissant at ReGenesis, and then I will go back to focusing on what matters the most to me. I want my gold back. If that means going through everyone in the AWF, then so be it. I will do whatever it takes to get my gold back where it rightfully belongs. And I will show those "entertainers" in the back and these peons in the stands that no one... will ever... PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-12-08, 08:07 AM
Don't ever talk to me like that again TC. You may be the so called leader of the GPA, but you are in title only. I represent the true GPA and I will never take orders from you. I will be at Regenesis and Wargames but don't expect me to follow any orders you give unless I actually think they are worth following.

I've heard your threat now hear mine. Don't overstep your bounds. You have been the titled leader for a few weeks and I have been in the GPA for two years. Don't expect me to just roll over and accept your commands. I ain't your bitch and the sooner you realise that the better or it might just be me that makes your life a living hell.


2004-12-08, 09:28 AM
Portland Airport

We see D-Extreme waiting for his luggage to go through the luggage belt. He has been sitting on the chair for about 4 straight hours right now with nothing to accompany him but 3 empty 6 packs of beer. Finally, he sees his luggage appear.

D-Ex: Bout damn time.

He gets the luggage and stumbles towards the exit of the baggage claim room and into the exit of the airport. All of a sudden he stops infront of the crowd who are watching something on TV. His vision is not yet alright since he is still intoxicated. Hence he asks the nearby person what is going on.

D-Ex: Yo kid, what the hell is that?

Kid: Oh its the AWF, mister! The main event is just closing, man the next PPV is gonna kick ass!

D-Ex: Next PPV? What happened to Mayhem?

Kid: Uhm..its over...see? *points at the TV that is already showing HBK shouting something to The Game as the credits flash on the botom left*

D-Ex: WHAT?!

Just before D-Ex heads to the departures, his cellphone is ringing.. He answers it and it was Mr. Reily.

D-Ex: Sorry about not showing up Mr. Reily, I know we got a special meeting tonight. I had a little luggage problem tonight. Anyways, how about we meet somewhere here in the city? Rose Garden? I think I got about half an hour driving time to go there. Dont worry, I'll call a cab right now and head there.

D-Ex runs towards the exit in his un-sober state, and trips on something. He slowly gets up and grabs his bag and hails an incoming taxi.

OOC: Nice show. I like the ending, its good to see the GPA will have some sorta advantage going into the PPV. Morpheus as the fifth member? Now that would be cool, especially he is also a former champ, I think.

2004-12-08, 10:08 AM
Oh, nice one, Siznitch.

Can't even do a simple thing like hold a muppet in place.

Drop the ball like that in War Games, and you'll wish I'd taken your head off with that kick tonight.

Vin Ghostal
2004-12-08, 04:37 PM
OOC: I really like the new look of the AWF. The writing is top-notch, and nearly every character on the roster gets some kind of advancement or development from week to week. Hopefully the writing team can keep this up leading into Edge of Survival and ArchiveMania IV.

IC: You heard me right...I'm willing to defend these Tag Team Championship belts against any ragtag squad Reilly can put together. What's the difference? I've spent the last six months laying waste to the very best the AWF has to offer. Who's left? You think any team in the wrestling world has a chance against V.3.....and Xille? Come on, man...


2004-12-08, 05:59 PM
OP is in his darkened room, peering through the bars in the door

OP: Well I did what I said. No matter how it happened for one person, I beat both men in the ring for the contendership. Just as I said I would.

Nightmares: The stuff dreams are made of. Cloud, you may think you can go ahead and just try to break me down but its not that simple. It was never that simple. People like the Crow understand why I am Thy Worst Nightmare. You can try and wrap it all up in a nice little coffin for me, but it just doesn't fit. I've said it before this is just a shell, but whats inside do I hear you ask? Fear Incarnate. Am I evil? Yes I am!

So why don't you just sit back, relax and enjoy the nightmare. Cause this nightmare, is gonna enjoy watching you losing that belt and taking you straight to hell.

2004-12-08, 06:04 PM
>We open to a quiet, yet insistent, mechanical hammering sound, repeating over and over. The camera, currently viewing a more-or-less empty locker room, pans down to show Judge Death sitting at a small worktable, bent over the table's top. His typical black attire has been peeled off, and his unclothed chest is sandwiched into a sewing machine whilst it punches away, threading together several stiletto-heel-shaped holes. Death doesn't seem to noticed, intent upon a ceiling-mounted mirror which reflects the image so he knows when to stop.<


>Death turns off the machine and slides out of its vicegrip. He reaches to disconnect the plug, but stops when he notices a few more holes in his right forearm.<

"I thhought ffemale domination wass ssuppossed to be pleassurable? Internet guyss talk bollockss."

>The judge grumbles and sticks his arm into the machine before turning it on again. Whilst the automated needle jams into his arm, Death turns to the camera and reflects on the recent events from this Mayhem.<

"Ass evver, Ignoramuss, you nevver cceasse to amazze me withh what you can accomplishh in sspite off your ovverly-apparent lethhargy. To ssay thhat I am ssurprissed and ssomewhat shhocked would be quite thhe undersstatement...Ass would ssaying thhat I am sslightly peevved at you esscaping sso rapidly. Ssstill, you and thhat ungratefful ssow havve been thhe vvictorss thhiss time. But it sseemss your efffortss may be in vvain..."

"Reilly, thhen. I am ffoiled tonight, and he ssetss me up in thhiss 'hardcore' title match at our coming paper-vview. Irritating ffor ssevveral reassonss:
1) It delayss my ffinal encounter withh Inssect-Anuss* ffurthher.
2) In doing sso, it almosst guaranteess thhat thhe twerp will sstick hiss nosse ffurthher into thhat which shhould be no conccern off hiss at Regenessiss.
3) Thhe hardcore divvission iss undoubtedly thhe largesst ssingle grouping off sscum in thhiss ffederation.
You may be conffussed by thhat lasst bit. Sssimply put, thhere iss no lower liffefform thhan one which cowerss behind a weapon and letss it do thhe job ffor thhem. Thhiss iss one ssin which I unquesstionably loathhe abovve all othherss, and I am not going to let mysselff be lowered to ssuch a levvel. Rathher, iff I am vvictoriouss - note thhe 'iff', which iss pressent due to reasson numero uno - thhen I shhall sstrivve to resstore thhe neccesssary integrity to thhat belt, or trophhy, or whatevver you call it. And I ssupposse thhere iss a plentifful ssupply off ssinnerss to deal withh in thhat contesst..."

"But sstill, Reilly - you havve shhown your judgement (bad pun, I know) to be sserioussly fflawed. Resst asssured thhat I will not merely sstand by and let you make ssuch a terrible deccissio - hmm?"

>Death pauses mid-word and yanks his right arm from the sewing machine, which continues to stitch at nothing. Death holds up his hand and examines it; we notice that the middle three fingers have been stitched together.<


* = Yeah, that sucked hard. Sorry.

2004-12-08, 06:27 PM
Hey Horny Bitch Kid, it was you who couldn't kick straight. Or maybe you did it on purpose. Maybe you were planning to screw Team DN over at Regenisis, and seeing as the Double S is the biggest threat to your plans, you tried to take him out?

Well up yours HBK, it didn't work. And if you try any stunt like that at Wargames, I WILL take your head off with a kick. Comprende? Good.

2004-12-08, 07:08 PM
My Worst Nightmare? Bawhahah! I am really scared and shaking in my boots!

Listen you two-bit hollowean castoff, I not afraid of Fear nor of Evil. I looked Fear Incarnate in the face and came out smiling. I looked at Evil and trashed its room and killed Evil's girlfriend.
You want me to go straight to hell? Been There and survived. You see unlike you, I have been in and out of Hell a bilizion times. The Devil fears me whenever I come down there.

But thats not important, what is important to show you that your so called nightmare has been broken and destroyed. You whole vision is blurred because unlike those other 2-bit wrestlers, I have survived your version of a nightmare and came out on top. I survived your encounters and your nightmares only to come out winning.

Here is an Idea OP, find some new nightmares or failing that go to hell yourself and find ideas, because this time I am not letting you go. Your nightmares are getting old fast. You think I am scared of a person like you? Pff, you ingrate. I gave you a chance to achive stardom when we were the Reapers, and you turned that into a peice of *******.

So listen up. I have had enough of you threatening me with your patheic nightmares, and its time to give it a rest. When I am done with you, your nightmares will be over and the only thing that will be left is someone called OP that will become my butler.

OP you better believe the Hype because Your Next!

Vin Ghostal
2004-12-08, 09:30 PM
OOC: ExtremeKup, that airport bit was pretty funny. Your explanation for not being on the show cracked me up, especially since it fits your character quite well.

The Wild One
2004-12-08, 10:43 PM
*Wild One is seen backstage, heading into his locker room. KK taps on his shoulder from behind.*

KK: What do you have to say about being forced to tap to Ama...

*Wild One grabs the mic from KK.*

W1: Odinson didn't teach me ****. The only thing he taught me, is what it is like to hurt like hell! Now, that did hurt. But, I don't care. Next time, and next time will come. You wanna talk about tapping. See how it feels when you experience Lockdown. You said to stay out of your buisness? You were in mine, and let your self get attacked from behind. Now, I don't place ALL of the blame on you. I still want Brett Rayne. He is yours for now.

KK: What are you comments about Axer's actions?

W1: You wanna laugh? I will give you something to laugh about, when I take you ass out at ReGenisis. I will put you in the hospital. I guaren-damn-tee it! I won't just take you head with a Time To Get Wild. I will obliterate you with a Call Of The Wild! Why? Because, you just disgraced me! And at ReGenisis, you will be hospitalized!

2004-12-09, 12:52 AM
Crazy? You want to talk about crazy, Ghostal? Crazy is you taking the head off of every damn oppenent that we could possibly face. Crazy is you saying that we could be the combo of any other two superstars here in the AWF without even possibly thinking who it could be. Crazy is you continually ruling the X out as part of this team. Crazy would be me not walking out on your ass in our match at Regenesis.

Watch it Ghostal, or you'll find yourself with one more enemy and one less friend... and I'm well aware I'm the only one you've got.

2004-12-09, 01:31 AM
After the crowd has left, a lone figure steps into the area's upper deck and pulls a piece of paper out of his coat and folds it into a paper airplane.

He then throws it at the ring where it lands amongst the clean up crew.

One of the crew unfolds the airplane to find the following:

Snow falls all around
Like bodies of wrestlers
When Baxter arrives

2004-12-09, 04:15 AM
KK-Viewfind i'd like to ask you a few things.

VF- Yo fatty, can't you see i'm on da phone?

KK- oh i'm sorry i can wait.

VF i bet you can't wait to go grab a bite to eat you oversized big mac lookin nigga, anyways you still there yo?

Man on the phone- Look view, its been over a year since the last time i see you, now you want me to have you're back? what gives.

VF- I been busy son, doing da GPA thing, you know this....look i don't know if DN is even going to be a team by da time wargames roll's around, just do me this favor and be HERE!

Man on the phone- airight i'll do it kid..... i gotta get out this dumpster anyways i think someone dump a body in here.

VF- Werd?, look just give me a holla when you get here son!
and look Wildfire thanks.

JFA: “Wildfire herald????

JHA: Wow talk about dumpster diving, Homeslice just hit a all time new low

VF- KK do you mind if i ask you something first?

KK- no go right ahead.

VF- What did the 5 fingers say to the face?


2004-12-09, 05:28 AM
Igz is seen in the doc's room, dressed only in some spiderman whitey tighties, perched on one of those benches with the paper. His feet swing back and forth. The camera pivots, and we see a very strange red mark on Igz's stomach.

"Why would I jump on his head? Lawdy, Lawdy! He wears a helmet!"

The camera zooms in, and it becomes obvious that the big red mark is an impression from the Judge's helmet. We see a couple blurry eyes, the mouth piece, and the vague bucket shape.

"I really need to think things through better. Now apparently, I've been denied my match with Death. I've put some very important thought into this response...

Bah Humbug!"

Igz wiggles his toes. For Mirth.

"So seems like rumor is that Igz is facing off against D-Ex. Well, hell. I have no idea why. I like D-Ex, but sure... I'll face ya. And I'll look forward to it."

More toe wigglin'

"Oh, and Game? You call me when you're ready to move up to the big leagues. You've seen me dance the milkshake dance. I'm one hawt stud."

2004-12-09, 11:04 AM
OOC: Thanks Vin, it was just a way to advance that segment between atticus, Iggy, G91 and Rav on Reily's office. I still am wondering what that thing is about me talking to Reily. Oh well, maybe in the next show. (That is if they dont forget to include me) ;)

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-09, 03:35 PM
OOC: Sorry but I have to with disagree with Vin Ghostal and D-Extreme my character is still be treating like a hardcore nutball and not the smart and very rounded wrestler that I redesigned him to he be.

Random Sweep
2004-12-09, 04:03 PM
The camera finds Scarecrow in a darkened dressing room talking to someone out of shot.

" Its your fault I lost! you were supposed to be out there with me, but were you? NO! " he screams

" But now we have an even better opportunity at Regenisis to cause much much more pain."

the camera pans around to show nothing but a mirror

fades out to the sound of Scarecrow laughing quietly

Vin Ghostal
2004-12-09, 06:17 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
OOC: Sorry but I have to with disagree with Vin Ghostal and D-Extreme my character is still be treating like a hardcore nutball and not the smart and very rounded wrestler that I redesigned him to he be.

Er....I didn't even mention you. Read more carefully in the future.

2004-12-09, 07:49 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo

OOC: yess...... um..... riight.

2004-12-09, 10:00 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
OOC: Sorry but I have to with disagree with Vin Ghostal and D-Extreme my character is still be treating like a hardcore nutball and not the smart and very rounded wrestler that I redesigned him to he be.
OOC: 'Smart and very rounded wrestlers' don't ht people with sledgehammers. Because, y'know, they can actually hurt people with, like, their fists and feet and stuff. Like they're bloody well supposed to...

Amarant Odinson
2004-12-09, 10:03 PM
OOC: Like say...my character for instance?

2004-12-09, 11:12 PM
Uhm...yess, ccertainly.

*fingers crossed behind back.*

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-09, 11:14 PM
Originally posted by Shockmeister
OOC: 'Smart and very rounded wrestlers' don't ht people with sledgehammers. Because, y'know, they can actually hurt people with, like, their fists and feet and stuff. Like they're bloody well supposed to...

OOC: Right and Ric Flair and Triple H never used an illegal weapon before. :rolleyes:
Maybe I'm just being overprotective of my character but frankly I enjoyed it more in the old days when he outsmarted his foes.
He can wrestle damn it so let him wrestle.
Am I asking too much to have my character win or lose wrestling match by pinfall or submission without seven guys jumping in or
by hitting someone with a steel chair?

Also I don't like the idea (or want) of my character to be in alot gimmick matches anymore. I've been there and done that.
I know I can't get out of the TLC match but no more for awhile after that ok.

2004-12-09, 11:26 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
OOC: Right and Ric Flair and Triple H never used an illegal weapon before. :rolleyes:
OOC: And at what point did I say they were smart or well-rounded? They're useless tossers, and I didn't mention 'em.

Now, can we get back to throwing lame insults at each other over inane, fictitious matters? Please?

2004-12-10, 12:27 AM
OOC: Here's a stunning development, Cyberstrike is complaining....must be a day of the week that ends in Y. :rolleyes: :yawn: :\

Considering the manner you left the fed, one would think you would be gracious about being allowed back in here at all. It was definately against my better judgment to do so, but I figured with the relaunch we could let the past be the past and just move forward. Simply put, your character can't be good at everything. If you don't like the the way he is being written you can either allow the staff to continue to work together as we reshape the fed and start to set things up, or you can leave. I've told you before that this isn't the place for these types of complaints. If you have a problem, PM someone on staff...don't whine in the forums. You've been back a month and I'm already sick of dealing with you...

Now, this topic goes back ON topic.

2004-12-10, 06:15 AM
Originally posted by Shockmeister
OOC: Now, can we get back to throwing lame insults at each other over inane, fictitious matters? Please?

IC - Judge, Judge, Judge.

You're stupid! And you smell bad! And um... you suck! Yah! You suck so bad. You just suck so bad, man. You suck. Why do you suck so bad? I'm not sure. But if I sucked so bad, I'd be... really bad. Man, you're so bad. Not the good bad, like "wow man, I saw what you did to that guy, that was bad!" kinda bad... not the cool bad. You're just bad bad... like "hey man, I saw what that guy did to you. You're bad." The bad where people see what you do and think you're bad. 'Cause you're so bad. So there!

OOC - Mission accomplished. Mission... accomplished.

2004-12-10, 07:55 AM
Well, off coursse I am going to be vviewed ass 'bad' by unbelievverss like you. I mean, you lot honesstly thhink thhat doctorss are good people. How crazzy iss thhat?! I mean, thhey wasste thheir careerss trying to ssavve livvess, thhe heretical sscumbagss!

And let uss not go into thhe ssucking sstuff right now, Igzz...but you know where to ffind me later on, darling. ;)

What? You really thhink Atticuss alone can ssatissffy him? Nonssensse!

2004-12-10, 08:11 AM
Oh good god. I hope this little fued of yours ends soon because this is giving me a headache. You both need to sit down, shut up and keep your pansy assed mouths closed.

When are you going to realise that you both are nothing more than no talent, scum of the earth, green skinned piss ant jobbers and your little arguments are doing nothing but annoying the hell out of all those around you.

Do you think that with all thats going on in my life I want to hear you two going back and forth about who sucks the most and how you need to please each other because Atticus isn't enough. My god! I am bothered day in and day out by what is happening in the GPA and whats happening with DN and Wargames and then I have to hear you two. It's enough to drive a man insane, I personaly don't know how Atticus puts up with either of you.

I hope one of you finally gets the balls to take the other out and end this soon because this is putting a major strain on everyones mental health in the AWF.

Do us all a favor and shut the hell up.

OOC: Before I forget to say this, all of that was IC.

2004-12-10, 10:03 AM
OOC: Just to end this nutball arguement...Vin was talking about ME....not your character ok boss? Dont worry, its me whos the hardcore nutball. Hence why I posted the IC post about me in the airport.

2004-12-10, 11:15 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
Do us all a favor and shut the hell up.
Well, now I am deffinitely not going to sstop yakking away any time ssoon. I mean, acccede to thhe demandss off a ssinner?! Not in thhiis unliffetime, bub.

And iff it bothherss you sso much, why do you lissten? Honesstly, why can you not keep to your own sside off thhe provverbial ffencce? You worry about your precciouss ffaction, and we shhall worry about our twissted ssexx livvess. You are under no obligation to pay attention to uss, esspecially iff we are ass 'below you' ass you ssay. I mean, do you thhink I lissten when you sspeak? Off coursse not! Thhe mindlesss drivvel off thhe unclean iss off no conccern to me; and conssidering how warped your vview off reality iss, thhe conssiderably-more-important sspeechess off thhe jussticce department are not worthh your time.

It iss alsso ffunny thhat, desspite thhiss back-and-fforthh, nevverending tirade apparently putting a sstrain on thhe mental healthh off all AWFff employeesss, you are thhe only one to complain. Are you thhe offficcial sspokesspersson? Yess? No? Maybe sso? It doess not matter, really, ssincce I could hardly care lesss iff evveryone withhin thhe ssound off my vvoicce losst thheir mindss; jusst sso long ass thhey are purged in due time. Yesssss...

2004-12-10, 11:25 PM
Well, I guess that settles that, because judge and jury said so.

Now as for me being a sinner, I can't argue that but I can guarantee you that you will never be the one to purge me of anything, you sick freak.

But don't be upset that you won't be the one, because one day someone will come along and hit you in the face with a shovel and fix that little speech impediment of yours and then the other kids won't bug you as much anymore you bucket wearing, wannabe snake piss ant.

2004-12-11, 12:18 AM
Wow JD... every week you prove to me time and time again why a girl would never be interested in you.
You can talk about how I don't satisfy Iggy *laughs*. Well... I haven't heard him complaining once. See, I know where all of this animosity is coming from. You're still jealous and upset that I turned your ass down. You're also mad because you can never again get that chance to brush up against me, be in the same room with me, get those sneak peaks of me in the locker room, yeah I knew what you were doing all along and you covered it up horribly I might add... I know it must be eating you up inside. I mean, if I were in your shoes, fortunately I'm not, I would feel the exact same way. I mean come on... who wouldn't want to be in my presence?

2004-12-11, 01:20 AM
D-Ex: I couldnt help but over hear what Divebomb said to you JD. And you know what? I think he has a point. Do us a favor and shut your lisping mouth. I might be not in the most sober of moods right now and thats a bit dangerous especially with this signapore cane in my hand. Thankfully your not standing on my face JD cause if you were, I would have blasted you good with it. I couldnt help but laugh at your predicament last Mayhem, you want 'blood'? Wait are you a vampire now you little turd? You say everyone is a sinner? Well how about looking at yourself in the mirror cause you can see clearly you are a sinner yourself. No not because you do sins, its because your ugly smug is sin enough for yourself!

D-Ex laughs a bit and tosses a beer can in the air before swinging it out of the picture with the cane.

D-Ex: But seriously I am not here to do physical harm on you or to anyone. I come here to tell you about this little bet about the wargames. To you JD and to anyone interested who wants to get some 'dough' after the PPV, just bet on who you think will be the winning team and 500 dollars is yours. The problem is if your gonna share it with someone or your gonna get nothing in return if your team loses. Sounds simple? So AWF superstars place your bets. Since I am still not in the good of shape to go to the locker room right now, you can call me at this number.

A phone number flashes in the screen. D-Extreme opens another can of beer and smirks.

D-Ex: You see.....not only am I hardcore sound. I'm economically sound. So dont delay, call now and place your bets. Auntie Slag is on the lines to wait for your call. *Looks*....oh....ok since that jackmo left earlier, the answering machine is on standby. *Burp*

The scene fades as D-Ex laughs.

2004-12-11, 02:11 AM
Oh, great. Now thhe whole worthhlesss lot off you are in your ffreakin' period or ssomethhing.

Divvebomb...I havve nothhing more to ssay to you. Mainly becausse you admit thhat you are in thhe wrong, and thhat iss quite a shhock; but thhen, you havve alwayss had more brainpower thhan all your sstablematess put togethher, sso in retrosspect, maybe thhat iss not sso ssurprissing.

Atticuss...I thhought we covvered thhiss lasst time we exxchanged barbss? Oh well, iff you did not hear me thhen: Iff I had been trying to be ssubtle, you would not havve sseen me. But I ffigure, iff Jamess Bond can get away withh being sso ovverly rude, sso can I. No, I am not comparing mysselff to him; he iss quite posssibly one off thhe leasst clean beingss I havve evver heard off. Ssstill, he helpss make a point here. But bessidess thhat - you do not sserioussly exxpect me to sstill drool ovver a woman who had thhe shheer audaccity to perfforate holess all ovver my limbss, do you? Be realisstic, woman - I loathhe you now.

D-Exx...you are clean, and havve been ffor a long time now. Thhuss, I havve no harshh wordss ffor you. And iff you do not want me to talk to you evver again, ass you sseem to be ssaying...well, alright. But I cannot jusst 'shhut up' and dissappear; not whilsst sscum and vvillainy are permitted to exxisst in thhiss ffederation! All musst be cleanssed - and ffor thhiss to occur, all musst die!

2004-12-11, 02:39 AM
D-Ex: Yes yes...whatever the hell that means. So I take it you are betting for Team AWF to win or something? :eyebrow:

2004-12-11, 01:32 PM
Well...Not thhat I thhink highly off any off thhem, but...thhiss Team AWFff, or DN, or wahtevver - thhey do not havve Ravvage, sso yess, thhat iss where my money iss going.

2004-12-11, 04:27 PM
Sparky you just don't know when to keep your 98 pound frame shut do you?

After we win Wargames and I get the World Title I deserve. I think I will let you be my first match. Just so I can smash the taste out of your freaky little mouth. Maybe break your jaw so they can fix that annoying lisp of yours.

2004-12-11, 10:20 PM
Oh, look a gaggle of patheic weak, inbreded fools flocking to another group of fools. Tisk, is this what this fed as come to....

Anyway, away from all this patheicness and trying to show how "strong and male" you are.

Op, now yesterday I had a dream, yes it was sort of a nightmare with your a 100 stories high and me running. Yes a nightmare, but you know what happened? I found a sword and started slashing at you. After a few slashes and a tremendus gushing of blood, you started to run. Then it became a funny dream.

By wait, why does it have to do with you? Simple. I got a peek at what you do dream of. You dream of me, buring you alive. You dream of me kicking out of the finnisher and eliminating you. You dream of me time after time after time of me beating you in the ring, 1..2...3.

So admit it, OP your nothing but scared of the One Norse Warrior, The Chosen of The Norse Gods. You are scared that when you get in the ring on Monday Mayhem that you will be reliving your dream and that you will have fresh nightmares about it.

Well I am here to say that it will all come true. You see this belt? *taps on it* This was a gift, a gift that Strafe had paid for with his life blood, a gift that was rightfully mine. A gift that I hold now, and will never let go. I will never give this precious gift to the likes of you.

So go back and relive you nightmares over and over and over again, because by Odin I will make you pay.

Oh and in closing my little newbie guys and girl, keep acting this way, and by Skadi I promise this, you will feel the pain that I will bring regardless of the gender or of the size. This I promise you as the Norse Wonder.

Believe The Hype, Fear The Pain, But Above all Respect CloudStrifer!

2004-12-11, 11:32 PM
Cloud, I think you're gonna be busy with OP for a while. Don't take on more than you can handle. Word is I've got my match with JD very very soon.. and then I'll take you on, if I have to. Don't make me, you'll be suprised by what I can do. Christmas is coming up soon, Cloud: and I could use a nice gift like that too. It is the giving season, after all.

And as for D-Ex. Like I said, I don't know if I will meet up with you at Regenesis at all.. I don't know if we'll face off.. or I don't know if we'll be working together. I'd be happy to face you, or fight you. Either way, I'm getting ready.

And as for JD? Divebomb was right, in a way. What needs to be said has been said. The time for explanations, for explications, and for extrications is over. All that's left is competition. And truth. Truth of winning and losing. You might beat me, you might purge me - but I won't ever go away for you.

Your quest is diametrically opposed to everything I believe in, and everything that I would stand against.

2004-12-12, 12:14 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
Sparky you just don't know when to keep your 98 pound frame shut do you?
100 pound. Thhosse lasst two are vvery dear to me.

Anyway, withh thhat minor irritancce put to thhe sside; I ssuppossse thhat iss what thhiss hass all come down to, Ignoramuss. Thhe time at which competition bearss more ressemblancce to Thhe A-Team thhan to Thhe Merchant Off Vvvenicce. No more wordss; naught but actionss, whethher thhey sspeak louder or not.

Truthh be told, it iss mosst ssaddening to ssee thhat period leavve uss; movving on iss nevver an eassy thhing, iff it iss ffrom a relationshhip withh a good woman, or thhe exxcrucciating torture off a political prissoner beffore he iss put to thhe electric chair...it cannot ffail to jerk a hollow ffeeling off regret ffrom thhe cold organss thhat resside withhin me. It may well be ffor thhe besst, ass Doctor Phhil and hiss ovverpaid chumss may ssay - but it nevver ffeelss sso. Exxccept when you conssider thhat affterwardss, I shhall be ffree to continue my quesst, and bring ffurthher redemption to thhe beingss thhat inhabit thhiss ccessspool, whethher thhey agree withh my vviewss or not.

I would ssay thhat you opposse evverythhing thhat I sstand ffor, Igzz, exxccept...well, thhat would be a lie, and a shhamelesss ripofff. Bessidess, I do apprecciate your sslovvenly attitude on occasssion, and you are jusst sso darned cute...thhat iss why you musst die.

Hang on, thhat did not make any ssensse...bleh, what thhe heck. Thhe time off judgement iss at hand; all othher conccernss are irrelevvant.

2004-12-12, 03:30 AM
Originally posted by Shockmeister
Well...Not thhat I thhink highly off any off thhem, but...thhiss Team AWFff, or DN, or wahtevver - thhey do not havve Ravvage, sso yess, thhat iss where my money iss going.

D-Ex: Now I aint all for hosses, but then again Rav aint one of my favorite hosses this year so sure. *places JD's bet*. And Iggy, its gonna be cool with me if I face you or tag with you. I like your style kid, cool, calm and not a worry in the world. Your a dying breed, kid. Not all wrestlers I see are like ya.

2004-12-12, 02:50 PM
OP: In your dream my dear CloudStrifer, neither man had fallen. All that you had seen was the future first and then the past.

In the past I have shed blood, I have been buried alive, layed to rest. Or so you would have liked to think. You can go about thinking that I'm just all scared of the "all powerful, ever watching" Cloudstrifer.

And so now we are onto the future. Such a horrid future for you see times have indeed changed. Time is slowly ticking you see but ticking none the less. The end of the year is soon near and then we are in the year 2005. My year! A year filled with nightmares, executions, and the evil of which is my soul.

OP is seen at an old electric chair

So go and sit on your little throne with your little crown oh Godly one. Just remember that I'll be pulling the switch.

OP flips the switch as sparks fly and the room goes dark. All that is heard is his on going laughter

2004-12-15, 12:14 AM
Originally posted by Shockmeister
100 pound. Thhosse lasst two are vvery dear to me.

OOC: :laugh: priceless...

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-15, 10:41 PM
IC: Another ****ing TLC match for the AWF Hardcore title. A title that I don't want or give a rat's ass about!
Just who the **** does that jackass Reily think I am? If wasn't for me the AWF would as dead as WCW is.
Reily You owe me!
And after Regenisis I tend to collect.
You know damn well know what I'm talking about.
And while I'm on the subject of the ppv.
What jackass thought up that name?
That has got to be dumbest name for any pay-per-veiw anywhere ever!
How about AWF Rebirth or AWF Resurection, or AWF Reborn?
Those are better ppv names anyway.

2004-12-15, 11:10 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
IC: "Another damn TLC match for the AWF Hardcore title. A title that I don't want or give a rat's ass about! Just who the **** does that jackass Reily think I am? If wasn't for me the AWF would as dead as WCW is. Reily I'm going to tell you this once: You owe me! And after Regenisis I tend to collect. On the subject of the ppv. What jackass thought up that name? I don't think that even a real word. How about Rebirth or Resurection, or AWF Reborn? Those are better ppv names anyway.

That's a very good point, Cs. "Regenisis" isn't a word. "Resurection" is not, either. "Regenesis", however, is. It means "rebirth" or "renewal".

You know what else is a real word? Grammar. English speakers should know it's exact definition: studies of the formation of basic linguistic units.

2004-12-16, 12:59 AM
Originally posted by xille
That's a very good point, Cs. "Regenisis" isn't a word. "Resurection" is not, either. "Regenesis", however, is. It means "rebirth" or "renewal".

You know what else is a real word? Grammar. English speakers should know it's exact definition: studies of the formation of basic linguistic units.

OOC: Well Played, well played.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-16, 01:36 AM
Originally posted by xille
That's a very good point, Cs. "Regenisis" isn't a word. "Resurection" is not, either. "Regenesis", however, is. It means "rebirth" or "renewal".

You know what else is a real word? Grammar. English speakers should know it's exact definition: studies of the formation of basic linguistic units.

IC: Will someone tell Vin Ghostal to put a muzzle on his pet midget before someone hurts it.

2004-12-16, 02:26 AM
Originally posted by xille
That's a very good point, Cs. "Regenisis" isn't a word. "Resurection" is not, either. "Regenesis", however, is. It means "rebirth" or "renewal".

You know what else is a real word? Grammar. English speakers should know it's exact definition: studies of the formation of basic linguistic units.

OOC: :laugh:

again, class!

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-16, 03:49 AM
OOC- It's class.... if we were actually writing these out in the IC world. We're not. And if you say Regenisis and Regenesis they sound nearly the same.

Attacks on spelling and the like don't really hold water, Biases against someone should not come into play and affect this rule of thumb. It seems I left some things out in the guide. ****.

Vin Ghostal
2004-12-16, 03:53 AM
IC: Christopher Back...Cyberstrike....different name, same old whining.

Actually, you and I might be able to help each other. You recognize Xille's place in the world, which is always a good start. We may have to have a talk.

2004-12-16, 04:41 AM
Born is he who will shake the world, Born is he who will last till the Ragnarok, Born is he that no man can destory or submit.

You here these word OP? These words were said at the time of my birth before my people went out vikinging. It was a harsh and terrible time, yet we survived, prospered and still live on.

You analyze my dream of being future and then past. Your absolutly wrong. Dreams are the stuff that Gods whisper in your soul, and your interpetation is foolish and demenings to the Gods.

Time, is something that neither you nor your foolish name OP2005, can be brought, bragined or made into yours. Time will always be there and it has no regard for anything that mortals calms.

So OP, your time as they say is flowing, and will soon disappear and you will be lost in the tides of history. OP, your visions of the future, of the pain you will cause, of the suffering, anguish and darkness is fleeting. Your on limited grounds my friend.

So go on claiming that you own darkness and death. Claim all that you see is yours. Claim the whole world even. But remember this. I shall be the stone that will stand forever never being broken down nor being cast aside. I shall stand and shed light onto your pain and darkness and drive it away. I shall stand holding myself high, sword in hand, driving you away. I shall always defy and destory your lies! You will never break nor destory the man the Gods reserved for Ragnarok!

Believe the Hype! Fear The Pain!

2004-12-16, 05:01 AM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
OOC- It's class.... if we were actually writing these out in the IC world. We're not. And if you say Regenisis and Regenesis they sound nearly the same.

Attacks on spelling and the like don't really hold water, Biases against someone should not come into play and affect this rule of thumb. It seems I left some things out in the guide. ****.

OOC: O don u worri non. I's merely havin some foon. Jus lik know. In fact, I kinda feel like I'm Auros at the moment. ;) I'll watch myself in the future. I just felt a bit of brand loyalty/offense at a few of his comments, so I fought back. My bad, whatever.

IC: Ghostal, you'd better watch what you're doing, talking to that kind of trash. His lack of hard work and dedication rubs off on people faster than a case of herpes from Ravage's momma. I heard Tempest is still suffering.

2004-12-16, 07:45 AM
Originally posted by xille
His lack of hard work and dedication rubs off on people faster than a case of herpes from Ravage's momma. I heard Tempest is still suffering.

I am too. I burn, I burn! Oh, how I burn.