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2004-12-16, 09:11 AM
The cameras come on as the Warzone opening credits roll and then we see a view of the Tacoma Dome. The pyro’s explode and the music plays.

JFA: “Welcome everybody to another edition of AWF Warzone. I am JFA and with me always is JHA. We are coming to you live from the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma Washington. We are only four days away now JHA from AWF: Regenesis and only four days away from Wargames.”
JHA: “I can’t wait. The GPA are going to make DN cry and they are going to finally cripple The Game and HBK.”
JFA: “I wouldn’t go that far. Many people have tried in the past and none have been able to do the job. What makes you think that the GPA will be able to get the job done?”
JHA: “They’re the GPA, that’s what makes me think they can get the job done.”
JFA: “Well we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in that match.”
JHA: “Come on now, have you been paying attention lately team DN is falling apart. They have one mental patient, a GPA reject, sixtwit, and two men that are going to be crippled by the end of the match and they are fighting the entire GPA. A team. Do you honestly think that they stand a chance?”
JFA: “Hey the GPA hasn’t been entirely on the same page lately either if I’m not mistaken. As I remember it Divebomb hasn’t exactly been seeing eye to eye with TC about anything really.”
JHA: “Yeah well he fall in line and be ready for the match by the time Wargames rolls around.”
JFA: “We’ll see.”

Backstage in Reilly’s office

Chris Back: “Reilly I want a match. I came here expecting to have a match and now I find out I have got nothing. I didn’t come back here to be sidelined all the time. So what are you going to do?”

Reilly: “Well Chris, incase you couldn’t tell you aren’t really my favorite person around here. You come back claiming to be a different person, but then you just do the same things. You start flashing your money and acting like you know what’s best for my company.”

Chris: “Yeah, you got a problem with that?”

Reilly: “Yes I do. But seeings how I need a replacement tonight because one of my real wrestlers couldn’t make it. I will give you a match.”

Chris: “Really? A real wrestler dropped out. Why can’t you just accept that I am the best thing you got going for you and just give me what I want.”

Reilly: “Because I really hate you.”

Chris: “Well then, who do I have to face tonight. Vin Ghostal, HBK, Cloudstrifer, Xille, Tempest….”

Reilly: “No, you get Atticus.”

Chris: “A girl. I come all the way here and you give me a girl. When are you going to learn. If I hurt her it’s on your head, not mine.”

Reilly: “You hurt her, you should hope she doesn’t hurt you. Now get out of my office.”

JFA: “Mr. Back is fighting Atticus tonight?”
JHA: “There’s a twist.”
JFA: “Anyways its time for our first match of the evening and it is one of the most drawn out feuds at least for talking wise.”
JHA: “Oh god yes, I wish it would just end.”
JFA: “Well you never know it might just end tonight.

Ignavus v. Judge Death

JHA- Anyway I am just looking forward to these two guys beating the snot out each other.

JFA-Well your wait will soon be over.

All of a sudden Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz rocks the arena.

JRA- Making his way to the ring from Simsbury CT. Ignavus! The announcer yells loud and clear as Ignavus makes his way to the ring slowly. Almost looking like he really doesn’t care.

JFA- Ignavus certainly not seeming like he is too worried about this match up.

JHA- After the beating he gave Judge Death at the last Mayhem. I bet he got a visit from Death in the middle of the night.

Ignavus lumbers to the ring and slides underneath the bottom ring rope and sits in the corner almost looking like he’s going to take a nap as he awaits his foe of the evening.

Withered hands, withered bodies, begging for salvation
Deserted by the hands of gods of their own creation
Nations cry, underneath decaying skies above
You are guilty, the punishment is death for all who live...

The lights in the arena dim as those words echo throughout.

JFA- Ok this is just creepy.

JHA- Shall I go get your blankie?

JFA- Can you?

JHA- what?

JFA- Never mind.

JRA- From Deadworld! Judge Death!

The lights come back up JD is nowhere to be seen.

JFA- Hmm it would seem as though JD is not in the arena.

JHA- Doesn’t seem like Ignavus is too worried about it. In fact he has the right idea I think I will catch a few zzz’s too before the Wargames.

JFA- Wait, Ignavus standing up looking around talking to the ref. Behind him! Could this be payback for the other night? JD with a steel chair! OH MY GOD! He just leveled Ignavus square in the back of the head. Ignavus down. Ref looks confused.

JHA- He shouldn’t be confused! The match should be over it’s a DQ.

JFA- Wait ref either not caring or looks at the announcer.

JRA- I was just informed by the referee that this is a no DQ match!


JFA- The ref just said this is a no DQ match…

JHA- I know I know.

JD quickly goes for a cover on the fallen Ignavus, 1, 2, 2 ½, KICK OUT! Ignavus kicks out.

JD looks confused and gets ready to smash Ignavus with the chair again.

JFA- JD Gets ready to hit Ignavus with the chair again.

JHA- NO blocked! Yes Ignavus hit that skinny turd!

JD gets ready to swing the chair when Ignavus kicks upward hitting the chair and smashing JD in the head.

Both wrestlers fall back and into separate corners. Ignavus checks his head for blood. JD cracks his neck and charges Ignavus.

Collar elbow tie up. JD starting to get an edge on Ignavus. Ignavus with a low blow!

JHA- That the way to do it! Make it so we don’t have to worry about JD having children.

JFA- Ok that’s not very nice.

JHA- And I think it’s about to get worse.

Ignavus grabs JD and tosses him into the Dismotivator onto the chair!

JFA- Dear god! Ignavus might have just broke JD’s neck with that move!

JHA- Good, good skinny turd deserves it for bringing a chair out to the ring.

Ignavus with a cover. 1,2, kick out by JD. Ignavus rather annoyed by this. Or maybe he doesn’t care and wants to go sleep. He stomps on JD a few times before locking him Walls of Gomorra.

JFA- Oh what is he doing to JD.

JHA- You should know by now. Didn’t your mommy and daddy tell you?

JFA- Oh shut up.

Ref checks on JD. JD not quitting he slides over to the ropes slowly extends a hand and grabs the rope.

Ref telling Ignavus to break the hold. He gives JD some extra loving time.

JHA- Just like my dog to my couch last night….

JFA- TMI, my friend TMI.

Ignavus breaks the hold and picks up JD. Gets ready to try for a suplex. JD reverse’s it into a neck breaker.

JHA- Both men down. Gee just when I was hoping for a quick match….

JFA- Don’t get your hopes too down. JD slides out of the ring and brings Ignavus with him.

JHA- Oh no not this…..

JD picks up the matting around the area of the ring they are at. He stands up goes behind and picks up Ignavus.

JFA- Oh dear….

JD hits a massive Pump Handle Drop onto the exposed floor!

JHA- Get the EMT’s it’s over… Damn turd.

JFA- JD celebrating doesn’t seem to remember he needs to pin Ignavus in the ring first.

Ignavus twitches on the floor a few times before JD picks him up and tosses him into the ring.

JFA- This match could be over.

JD celebrates some more bringing his thumb and doing a throat slitting motion.

JFA- He might be taking too long.

JHA- I hope so!

He gets back in the ring and just falls onto Ignavus. Ref down for the cover. 1, 2 kick out! Not a strong one but a kick out none the less.

JHA- Wow for a slacker he sure has a lot of fight in him.

JD picks up Ignavus gets ready to hit him with a suplex. Ignavus holds on. German suplex he folds up JD like a piece of paper.

JHA- That looked like it hurt.

Ignavus looks rather annoyed now. He picks up JD and gets close to the chair in the ring.

JFA- I don’t like how this looks.

JHA- I do finish him!

Ignavus picks up JD has him in a back breaker position. A sick crunching sound can be heard as he falls with JD onto the chair.

JFA- Slacker Tower onto the chair. He busted JD open! Ignavus hooks the leg. 1, 2, 3 it’s over!

JHA- Yeah squashed the turd!

JFA- Again, that really didn’t sound right.

JHA- Who cares he won.

Ignavus gets up with the help of a ref who signals for EMT’s in the ring. Two go over to Ignavus and help him out of the ring. The others check on JD.

JHA- Quick and brutal just the way I like it and the way the Wargames are going to be.

JFA- We shall see, Ignavus with the win. Now maybe he can get some sleep or caffeine.

Clint Eastwood blasts in the arena as Ignavus leaves the ring area salutes the crowd and heads to the back.

*Commercial break, a commercial for Regenesis plays showing some highlights from past TLC matches then shows Wolfang holding the Hardcore title*


*We hear a door slam open and OP rushes into Reilly’s office*

OP: “What the hell is this? You are giving D-Extreme a TV title shot. I am the number one contender. It’s my shot.”

Reilly: “Yeah, but you won your shot for Regenesis. So you will just have to wait for then to fight for the TV title.”

OP: “Reilly you know the history between me and Cloud.”

Reilly: “Yes I do. What’s your point?”

OP: “My point is Cloud had better not lose this match. I want him at Regenesis, not D-Extreme.”

Reilly: “Well maybe Cloud will win and in which case you will get to face him, but if not you will get D-Extreme. It’s not my fault, you know just like everyone else that the TV title has to be defended on every show. Now please get out of my office.”

OP: “Reilly I’m warning you.”

Reilly: “What? What are you going to do? Get out, but you might want to go watch a monitor because that match is next.”

JFA: “Wow, OP really getting mad about D-Extreme having a shot at the TV title.”
JHA: “Yes he is.”
JFA: “But it’s up next. So let’s get on with it.”

TV Title Match: Cloudstrifer (c) v D-Extreme

I was born to rock'n'roll, everything I need
I was born with the hammer down
I was built for speed.

Bet your life it ain't no easy money
But you won't hear me bitch
Spent a long time wrecked and funny
I've got the ten year itch

JFA: A TV Title match! How exciting!
JHA: Yeah… real shocker.
JFA: God, don’t you ever get excited?
JHA: I would if that big Viking would hurry up and Odin
JFA: You mean Valhalla? Odin is a dude.
JHA: Oh… um…. I know what I said.

Cloud is making his way down the ramp, waving his newly acquired title in miscreant fan’s faces.

JFA: Looks like he isn’t getting a great reaction from the crowd.
JHA: I don’t blame them! They must be sick of him already! I mean… he shows up every show!

Some pyros explode and….

Are you ready to go
Cuz I'm ready to go
What you gonna do
Are you going with me
Cuz I'm going with you
It's the end of all time

What is it really that motivates you
The need to fly or the fear to stop
I'll go along for the ride but surprise,
When I get there, I say 9 of 10 drop
Now who's the light and who is the devil
You can't decide, so I'll be your guide
And one by one they will be hand chosen
Now this is what it's like when worlds collide

JFA: Now here’s a worker that deserves some respect!
JHA: I deserve some respect, too.
JFA: For what?
JHA: Shutting you up.

JHA punches JFA in the mouth. D-Ex is strutting confidently, enters the ring. Meanwhile, Cloud has been perched in a corner making strange grunting noises.

JHA: Wow, I wonder if he has rabies.
D-Ex looks a bit perplexed by Cloud’s delving into his more animalistic side, but points to the belt and raises his arms in a prediction of triumph… and the match begins.

JFA: Did you really have to punch me? Was that absolutely necessary?
JHA: Actually yes.

JHA punches him again. In the ring, the fight has begun. Cloud rushed at D-Ex at the sound of the bell, already going for his Odin’s Spear.

JFA: Ow! Dammit! Stop hitting me.
JHA: But it’s fuuuun.
JFA: Looks like Cloud really wants to end this quickly, but D-Ex dodges the attack without difficulty.

Not hesitating, D-Ex drops an elbow onto Cloud, then another! D-Ex stands up to go for a third, but Cloud manages to grab his ankle and pull him down on the mat too. Rolling on top of his opponent, Cloud locks in a Boston crab.

JHA: Looks like he wants to make up for that embarrassing miss
JFA: I dunno, it might be a bit early for that.

JFA was right, and D-Ex manages to power out of the lock. Both man stand, but D-Ex is able to recover faster, and scores a strong looking DDT on his opponent.

JFA: Ha! I was right!

JHA punches JFA again.

JHA: I was right too!
JFA: Yarg! About what?
JHA: That that punch wouldn’t kill you… but I had to be sure.

D-Ex takes a moment to remind the crowd that he intends to win this match, backs up slowly and runs at Cloud – who’s still on the mat. He goes for a leg drop, but Cloud barely manages to roll away.

JFA: Close! Very close!

Frustrated, D-Ex moves in on Cloud – who’s able to score a head but from a half standing position. He slowly lifts D-Ex up, into position for a power-bomb but D-Ex is able to escape his hold and counter the move into another DDT.

JFA: Wow, looks like Cloud’s been making some mistakes in this match up.
JHA: Well, what do you expect? He’s had to defend that title at every show. Of course he’s tired.
JFA: Looks like D-Ex realizes it too, and is going to capitalize by going high!

Stopping on the second turnbuckle, he leaps, and hits a flying elbow drop on Cloud.

JFA: This might be it already…

The pin…


Cloud kicks out!

JHA: Looks like the damn Viking still has some fight in him.

As if trying to prove JHA’s point, Cloud connects with a powerful looking bulldog then quickly rolls up and hits a leg drop onto D-Ex.

JFA: Apparently so!

Cloud pulls his opponent up, and tries to Irish whip him to the corner, but D-Ex digs his heels in and uses Cloud’s own momentum to whip him instead.

JFA: Looks like he wasn’t able to keep the momentum though.

Pausing for the crowd once more, D-Ex goes to his opponent… pulls him up to the top turnbuckle… the crowd starts to get excited.. and D-Ex scores with a Superplex!

JHA: Damn that looked painful! For both of them! I love it!
JFA: I’m not sure if Cloud can get up after that…

D-Ex manages to roll over Cloud for the pin



JFA: No! Cloud managed to kick out again! How’s he doing that?
JHA: He sees that strap as his moment in the sun. I’m sure he won’t give it up to someone as useless as D-Ex!
JFA: He may not have a choice.

D-Ex has locked into a camel clutch on the still stunned Cloud.

JFA: Looks like he’s going for some retribution…
JHA: For kicking out?
JFA: well… yes.
JHA: You’re starting to sound like me.

D-Ex is applying more and more pressure, but Cloud manages to reach up and get his arms around his opponent’s neck. He’s rolled him into a headlock.

JHA: Nice counter there, that’ll serve him right!

D-Ex manages to grab the rope, and Cloud reluctantly lets go. Dragging D-Ex up, he gets a rolling German suplex off, and another, and a third!

JFA: D-Ex must really be feeling those.

Cloud drags up D-Ex for a fourth, but his opponent twists around and counters into a belly to belly suplex.

JHA: Aw jeez. I wanted to see if he could get to ten. No one ever gets to ten. Everyone stops at three.

Both men down on the mat now, and the ref starts to count. He only gets to four though, and D-Ex is up. At five, Cloud is too. D-Ex holds the advantage though, and delivers a spinebuster to the TV Champ.

JFA: For both men’s sakes, I hope Cloud goes down now.

A pin by D-Ex…



No! Cloud kicks out again!

JFA: Cloud has been obviously fatigued through this whole match, but he still is trying his best.
JHA: I think it’s more a comment on how terrible D-Ex is, myself.
JFA: This is gonna feel oh so good…

JFA now punches JHA in the mouth. D-Ex managing to gain his equilibrium first goes for some quick jabs, the ref is obviously unhappy about the closed fist. Big Boot on Cloud, he rolls up though, and is thanked for it with a very fast fisherman suplex, that lands right into a pin. Unfortunately for D-Ex, Cloud landed against the ropes and easily gets a rope break.

JFA: That most certainly would have been a 3 count. D-Ex has really held control of this match up.

The crowd has now started cheering D-Ex on, trying to encourage him. “D.. X! D.. X! D.. X!!!” D-Ex starts to signal for his finisher, the X-Ocution, and the crowd reacts wildly.

JHA: Oh come on, like he could beat that Viking. I mean.. he’s a Viking. He… Vikes!

Cloud manages to move surprisingly quickly and throws D-Ex at the ropes, where he gets tangled.

JFA: Oh no! The crowd is so disappointed! And look, D-Ex can’t manage to get himself out!

Cloud, smiling evilly, approaches his ensnared opponent. The ref jumps in the way, however, and starts arguing with the Norse wonder.

JFA: Well, what does he expect? That’s all kinds of illegal!

Cloud, looking disgruntled, absolutely levels the ref with a right hook. The poor man is crumpled, and probably has a broken nose.

JFA: Oh, now why would he do that? That’s just an invitation to disaster! He knows OP wants a piece of him, and now he has free reign to do it!

That thought hasn’t occurred to Cloud, however. The big man backs up, and charges at the tangled D-Ex; using another Odin’s Spear… and it works!

JFA: That looked absolutely carnage-esque. Poor D-Ex
JHA: You aren’t allowed to say “esque” ever again.

The blow did manage to knock D-Ex free from the ropes, however, but he fell to the outside. He’s rolling around in pain.

JFA: Looks like Cloud’s making his way down the stairs… this does not bode well for D-Ex
JHA: No, but it bodes well for me! That was great! He just speared that guy out of the ring! I wonder what he’ll do next!

Cloud, now worked up into a fury, lifts his opponent high up into the air and gets ready to body press him onto the divider!

JHA: Holy hell! I love it!

D-Ex manages to escape though, and pushing off, he uses a swinging neckbreaker to slam Cloud’s head against the divider.

JFA: Wow! Another great counter from D-Ex! He’s really showing his technique tonight! Especially after feeling such a ferocious attack.

Noticing the ref is still out of it, D-Ex furiously runs over to the staff area and retrieves the Singapore cane he carries with him during his entrance.

JHA: I love it!
JFA: But your guy, that Viking, is down!
JHA: It’s all carnage… sweet, sweet carnage.

D-Ex pauses in front of Cloud, with the cane perched above his shoulder. He waits, he waits, and finally when the stunned Cloud has lifted his head up far enough… D-Ex swings the cane like a baseball bat right into Cloud’s nose.

JHA: Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!
JFA: Wow… don’t wreck your jeans.
JHA: Look! He’s busted open!

Cloud is indeed bleeding. D-Ex starts to smash him with the cane, while he’s on the ground.

JFA: Looks like D-Ex is ready to finish this.. he’s rolling Cloud into the ring…

Welcome to my nightmare
I think you're gonna like it
I think you're gonna feel like you belong
A nocturnal vacation
Unnecessary sedation
You want to feel at home 'cause you belong

JFA: Oh Hot Pockets! I knew it! I knew it!
JHA: What?
JFA: That’s OP’s entrance music! Didn’t I say Cloud was asking for it by knocking that ref out?

D-Ex, who was trying unsuccessfully to revive the ref, is obviously shocked. OP hits the ramp, and slowly makes his way down.

JHA: Well, now that Viking’s gonna get what he deserves. Serves him right for messing with a walking mess ‘o evil like that guy.

OP enters the ring, and D-Ex, smiling, hand him his cane and makes a “he’s all yours motion.”

JFA: Oh this isn’t good for Cloud.

OP looks down on the crumpled Cloud, and we all get a feeling that under that mask he’s actually smiling.

JHA: But it’s oh so good for me!

OP swings the cane and smashes D-Ex! Out of no where, OP attacks D-Ex! After smashing him about the head a few times, he picks up D-Ex and sets him up for a powerbomb…

JFA: Oh no…
JHA: Oh yes, it is! The Nightmare!

OP delivers his finisher on D-Ex, one powerbomb… two powerbombs… and a piledriver!

JFA: D-Ex is wiped out!
JHA: I love it! But why would he attack D-Ex, isn’t his beef with Cloud?
JFA: Yes, but he earned a shot at the TV title at Regenesis. He obviously wants to make sure that Cloud still has that title by that time, so that he can have his revenge. That and I’m sure he doesn’t mind causing a little unnecessary pain
JHA: But oh so wonderful.

With both competitors and the ref out cold, OP drags Cloud over D-Ex then goes over to the ref… lifts up his hand and drops it…



Three Times!

The bell rings.

JFA: Apparently, they’re counting that as a legitimate pin. I don’t see how, but they are.
JHA: I love it.

His mission completed, OP leaves the ring. His message was clear – he wants Cloud at Regenesis. Very badly.

JHA: Hey, numbnutz. How do you think this will affect D-Ex? Isn’t he scheduled to face up against Ignavus come Regenesis?
JFA: Now, that’s just what people are assuming. Reilly hasn’t made any announcements yet, we’ll just have to see. Who knows what that sadistic freak is thinking.
JHA: I hope he gets the GPA to beat up both of ‘em, they both piss me off.
JFA: Looks like we’ve got a replacement ref coming out, and some stretchers for the competitors… we’ll be all set for the next match soon!

*Commercial Break. A Gap commercial plays, featuring Xille posing in a pink polo shirt with a popped collar. Apparently, he thinks pink polos are “Da bomb.”*

2004-12-16, 09:16 AM

Lisa Lovelace: I’m Lisa Lovelace, backstage with the AWF Intercontinental Champion, Erik Summers, and Game, tonight you have a match against one of the men you will face in just 4 days in the War Games, Divebomb. Thoughts?

Game: Ah, Divebomb! The Game knows Divebomb quite well. The Game remembers when Divebomb first debuted in the AWF. A young upstart, who didn’t know his role! So the Game and HBK made an effort to coach the young man along. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a tough road and we had to really drive the point home, I mean, some people just have a thick skull and you really have to hammer things into their skull for them to get the message.

LL: Are you referring to the countless chair shots you and HBK launched at Divebomb?

Game: *Smirks, raises his eyebrow and removes his shades* Lisa, what do you think?

LL: Well?

Game: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! Of course the Game is referring to the countless chair shots we gave the kid. Looks like it did him some good, cause low and behold, our little Divebomb grew a few pubes and now he’s ready to play in the big leagues, he’s ready to go one on one with the People’s Champion, the Great One! Well Divebomb, I have the feeling that things have changed a little since those days of me laying you out with a chair, don’t get me wrong, you’re still going to end up flat on your back, looking up at the lights, but it isn’t going to be a chair to the skull that sends you there, it’s going to be a little sweet chin music, so DB, bring your best and get a little sample of what awaits your team of muppets at the War Games.

*The Game places his shades back on his face, takes a quick glance over Lisa, smirks and leaves the announcer blushing as he prepares for his match.

Flec: I really hate that guy.

Joey: Why? Because he gets to make time with Lisa Lovelace and all you get from her is a restraining order?

Flec: Among other things.

JFA: “Well were back and we had better get to it.”

Christopher Back VS Atticus

JHA: Borrriinngggg.

JFA: The match hasn’t even started yet!

JHA: I know, borrrinnngggg.

You stare at me like I’m a vitamin,
on the surface you hate,
but you know you need me.
I'll come dressed as any pill you deem fit.
Whatever helps you swallow the truth
All the more easily

RA: Making her way down to the ring, hailing from St. Marks New York --- Atticus!

JHA: Hello … well … maybe I’ll stick around for a while now.

JFA: Uh huh.

JHA: Well come on, she’s up against Christopher Back how is that fair?

JFA: Fair on whom?

JHA: …. I don’t know.

No chance … no chance … no chance … no chance

RA: Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, The New F’N Game --- Christopher Back!

If ya mess with me, you got no chance
No chance in hell, you got no chance
If you mess with me, you got no chance
No chance in hell, you got no chance

JFA: Well, the new, eh hem, F’N Game is making his way down to the ring.

JHA: And he’s all smiles! He’s facing a woman and he’s all happy.

JFA: Wouldn’t you?

JHA: That’s beside the point.

Cyberstrike walks onto the stairs and goes under the top rope to face Atticus.
Christopher just smiles and faces the crowd as the bell rings. He charges at Atticus, she ducks, and on the return trip she gives Cyberstrike a bitch kick to the face.

JFA: Damn! That had to hurt, Atticus goes for the pin, 1 … 2 and Christopher lifts his shoulder just in time.

JHA: Atticus getting off him now, she just smiles as Christopher just stands up and smiles, he’s a got a fat lip and a cut to the chin.

JFA: He charges Atticus, she moves out of the way, but not quick enough, kick to the stomach by Cyberstrike, gets Atticus in a head lock, DDT!

JHA: He goes for the pin, 1 2, and she gets the shoulder up.

JFA: Impressive.

Cyberstrike gets up and so does Atticus, both on opposite sides of the ring, using the ropes as support, both of them smiling. Atticus walks over to Christopher and holds out her hand for a test of strength.

JHA: Well, a test of strength. Cyberstrike shrugs and extends his arm, then the other.

JFA: Both locked in a test of strength, its pretty even if you ask me.

JHA: Yeah but Cyberstrike is getting the upper hand. He’s pushing and pushing. Still going, he’s goes Atticus on a knee now, both knee’s. He’s pushing down now on her.

JFA: That bastard, doing that to a woman. Wait a sec, Atticus is smiling again.

JHA: Like that hasn’t happened this match already … Atticus is standing up, she’s using her legs and arms together to get back up and fight Christopher Back. She’s on a single knee now.

JFA: She’s on her feet now, she’s standing up tall, and she’s at full height.

JHA: And now the strain is showing on her face and Cyberstrike faces.

JFA: Cyberstrike looking for a way out now. Now that’s wrong.

Cyberstrike with a kick to the mid-section of Atticus, he breaks free of the Test of strength and grabs her by the waist and performs a belly to belly Suplex.

JHA: Atticus! That’s got to hurt the chest section!

JFA: Just say it, you know you want to.

JHA: I promised Reilly no more outbursts …

JFA: Indeed. Cyberstrike smiling at the crowd now, Atticus now starting to pick herself up after that move. She looks at Cyberstrike and charges at him, he moves out of the way and she strikes the referee!

JHA: Well, this can’t be good, Atticus up against the ropes now, looking at the referee then at Christopher Back who is leaning up against the ring ropes on the other side.

JFA: This can’t be good, this can’t be good at all.

JHA: Christopher Back runs at Atticus, she goes under the bottom rope, and he chases he is chasing her.

Atticus slides back under the bottom rope, runs to the corner, Cyberstrike slides in after her and stops. He just stands and their and smiles as a fan jumps over the security barrier and jumps in the ring as well.

JFA: What the heck?

JHA: What is that crazed fan doing? Getting an autograph? AFTER THE SHOW YOU MONKEY!!

JFA: Your promise is now broken …

The fan is wearing a hockey mask and a black jumper with a hood. He taps Cyberstrike on the shoulder, when he turns around he hives him some sweet chin music. The fan pulls off down the hood and takes off the mask …

JHA: Your ****king kidding me.

JFA: The Game! The Game is out here to assist Atticus, he wakes up the ref, winks at Attic and jumps out of the ring.

JHA: The ref is a bit sluggish, Atticus gives him a kick, and she gets Christopher on his shoulders, goes for the pin. 1 … 2 … and 3! Atticus wins!

JFA: And Christopher Back has received numerous blows to the head already, and it seems he is down and out!

Backstage, in the GPA locker room

TC: “So you all know what to do? This is our chance to get the odds squarely in our favor. We take out Viewfind tonight and it makes the Wargames match a five on four.”

Tempest: “Just give us the signal and we’ll be ready to do whatever it takes.”

RAV: “Yeah, we’ll be waiting.”

(TC looks over at Divebomb)

TC: “Well, its time to fall in line. Do what I say or you will live to regret it.”

(Divebomb looks up at him)

TC: “Did you hear me? This is no time for your petty feelings. This is war and we have to do everything to stay alive here. So are you going to follow my orders?”

Divebomb: “Well you were right about one thing. This is war.”

(With that Divebomb gets up and walks out of the locker room)

Tempest: “What the hell is his damn problem?”

TC: “Don’t worry about him. I will deal with it. Just make sure you are ready when I call for you. You too P?”

P?: “No problem.”

TC: “Good I have to get out there.”

(TC leaves the room)

JFA: “What was that? What did Divebomb mean by This is war?”
JHA: “I don’t know, but I don’t like this.”

TC vs Viewfind

JFA: Well no matter how much you don’t like this we’re still in for a barn-burner tonight, J!
JHA: A what?

Drones since the dawn of time
Compelled to live your sheltered lives
Not once has anyone ever seen
Such a rise of pure hypocracy
I'll instigate I'll free your mind
I'll show you what I've known all this time

RJA: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring… from Chicago, Illinois… Mr. Pay Per View… T…C!

JFA: Why do I get the feeling that you stand to attention in more than one way when a member of the GPA shows up?
JHA: Cute, J. I never thought you would stoop that low.
JFA: Well, we’ll find out, because here comes another one…

Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind
Up in here, up in here
Y’all gon’ make me go all out
Up in here, up in here
Y’all gon’ make me act a fool
Up in here, up in here
Y’all gon’ make me lose my cool
Up in here, up in here

RJA: And his opponent… from Philly, PA… Viewfind!

JFA: It’s a GPA leader brawl! Viewfind against Thundercracker! They’re former teammates, and they’re both former champions! We’re in for a hellacious battle tonight!
JHA: Could you be any more excited for this match?
JFA: Quite possibly.

Viewfind and TC lock up in the middle of the ring and neither man really gains an advantage. They push back and forth for a few moments before TC drops down and quickly sweeps the legs right out from underneath ‘Find. The former leader of the GPA is quickly back to his feet, however, and he begins trading punches with his “replacement”.

JFA: Viewfind is showing passion that we haven’t seen from him in a long time. Each punch he throws seems like it could go through a wall.
JHA: Well, that just shows you how tough TC is, then! The whole f’ing show is taking whatever Viewfind can dish out.
Viewfind manages to back TC into a corner. He delivers a few chops and then drags TC out and into a quick DDT. A cover nets him one and a half. TC rolls out of the ring to avoid further injury.

JFA: TC is smartly avoiding more damage from his opponent here by rolling outside. Viewfind isn’t stopping, though, and he rolls out as well and gives chase to Thundercracker.
JHA: TC just wanted a breather! This is completely unfair.
JFA: Yes, no one has ever been allowed to fight outside the ring.
JHA: Exactly.

Viewfind finally catches TC, but Mr. Pay Per View manages to connect with a top toe hold, sending Viewfind face first into the steel steps.

JHA: Ha! Guess who just lost all of his gold teeth!

Viewfind rolls to the barricade, holding his face in pain. Thundercraker follows him and immediately sets his boots to the stomach of his opponent. TC picks up Viewfind and rolls him back into the ring, covers, and nets a quick two. TC gets up, bounces off the ropes, and connects with the Rolling Thunder! Viewfind kicks out again, and TC shouts “3” to the ref. ‘Find lifts himself up with the help of the ropes and manages a quick chop as TV turns around.

Crowd: Woooooooooo!

Viewfind whips TC off of the ropes and connects with his signature tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

JFA: Reminiscent of the luchadores of Mexico, Viewfind hits a perfect Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Hitting that move down south is more of a humiliation than anything else.
JHA: Well, losing this match to the former leader of the GPA would probably be more of a humiliation to TC than some flashy move.

Viewfind nets a solid two count after the backbreaker, and Blingzilla immediately hits a knee-lift on his downed opponent.

JFA: Viewfind is really handing out a beating here!

Viewfind picks up his opponent and delivers another DDT, this one spiked at the end. TC slumps to the mat but still kicks out before three. Viewfind covers again but again doesn’t get the win.

JFA: Blingzilla is really looking frustrated now, again putting his boots to the back of TC.
JHA: Oh, so now he’s Blingzilla to you?
JFA: Whatever. TC manages to roll out of the ring after a low blow! How did the ref not see that? Oh, wait. Is TC getting out of the ring ok with you?
JHA: I make no excuses for TC’s behavior.

TC walks toward the back, holding his back and shouting something. He waves to what seem to be invisible people, pointing toward the ring.

JFA: What the hell?!? The GPA! What the hell is the GPA doing out here?
JHA: Yahoo! Time for a beating!
JFA: This isn’t fair! TC is taking the deliberate count out, but he seems to be telling the GPA to take out Viewfind!

Ref: 9… 10!

RJA: Your winner, by count-out… Viewfind!

JFA: Tempest and Ravage walking slowly down to the ring… P? not far behind… Divebomb isn’t moving, however… one can only surmise why… Tempest and Ravage are circling the ring… Viewfind looks ready to brawl… TC is now screaming at Divebomb… who walks to the back! Divebomb leaves the stage! Tempest, Ravage, and P? jump into the ring and begin setting their boots to Viewfind, absolutely tearing him apart, but Divebomb refused to follow the order of his team captain, TC!
JHA: He had to go to the bathroom! He, uh… forgot his stash backstage! That’s it!

TC storms off of the stage after Divebomb while Tempest, Ravage, and P? leave Viewfind in a heap in the ring.

JFA: Folks, I don’t know what just happened here, but believe me: things suddenly aren’t looking that good for team GPA!

*Commercial Break, A commercial for Regenesis showing the demonic cage and dual ring for Wargames is shown with clips from past Wargames matches and then the words DN v. GPA appear on the screen*


KK: “Hey Divebomb can I get a word with you before your match tonight.”

DB: “I am really not in the mood right now.”

KK: “Please, just a few moments before your match.”

DB: “Fine, speak.”

KK: “Alright, well we all know that you and TC aren’t seeing eye to eye right now about the whole leadership of the GPA thing but what happened out there tonight. You blatantly refused to go out there and follow his orders. Why did you do that?”

DB: “You know what. TC isn’t the true leader of the GPA and nothing will ever change that and I told him already that I will not follow his orders so he can bite me. He is as arrogant as Reilly and I am really starting to get a bad taste in my mouth from both of them. So they can both go to hell right now. I never wanted to turn on Viewfind and I don’t care how many people know about it. So like I told TC, his orders mean nothing to me.”

KK: “Alright, well you have a big match against The Game tonight for his IC title. We have already heard from him tonight about how he’s going to win and a few comments about that past between you two. Any thoughts about the past or the match at hand.”

DB: “It’s true. Him and HBK gave me a lot of beating when I first started out and I never backed down. I took the beatings and got back up for more. It’s also true that I probably should have stepped back and thought about it some but I was impatient, but the past is the past. I am not a punk about this anymore. I am a three time tag champ. The NWA are the only three time tag champs so I think I deserve a little credit for that. But as for the match at hand, I don’t know. I am not having a great night so far so I am just going to go out there and fight like I always do.”

KK: “Why do you think Reilly gave you this match so close to Regenesis anyways?”

DB: “Come on now. You aren’t stupid. He wants me to go in there and soften him up, or he is expecting the GPA to interfere and do it. But I don’t give a crap anymore. They can all go to hell as far as I am concerned. I have to go.”

(Suddenly Divebomb just walks away with out saying another word)

KK: “Well that was a few troubled words from Divebomb. We now go out to Joey and Flec who are taking over for the main event.”

2004-12-16, 09:19 AM
IC Title Match: “The Game” Erik Summers© v. Divebomb

Joey: “Well now. It’s that time again. Time for the main event. The Game versus Divebomb.”
Flec: “Yeah and Divebomb’s been acting a bit funny as of late.”
Joey: “I will agree with you there. I still can’t believe he turned on Viewfind.”
Flec: “He had it coming. What I don’t understand is why Divebomb keeps blatantly refusing to do what TC tells him to do. After all TC is the leader of the GPA.”
Joey: “Well I think it’s because Divebomb doesn’t agree with that. He’s already stated that he thinks TC is the leader in title only. Maybe he thinks he should be the leader of the GPA.”
Flec: “Hah, he couldn’t handle it. It takes a very strong person to handle that job. Why do you think they got rid of Viewfind.”
Joey: “That’s low. But what ever Divebomb’s reason is, he’s been refusing to do anything TC has ordered him to do. He even went out of his way to make peace with Viewfind. Something’s not right in the GPA camp.”
Flec: “Maybe but they are still in better shape than team DN.”
Joey: “True, they are having major problems trying to get on the same page. But it looks like the match is about to start so lets go to JRA for the intros.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s time for tonight’s main event and it’s for the AWF Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first, the challenger hailing from Burnaby, BC. He represents the GPA…….DIVEBOMB!”

A chorus of boos echoes through the arena as “My Last Serenade” by Killswitch Engage begins to sound over the PA system. Divebomb walks out through the curtains and is unusually quite. He stops at the top of the ramp but doesn’t taunt the crowd, instead he just looks out amongst them and then at the GPA t-shirt he is wearing and continues to the ring. He climbs into it and just walks to his corner and gets ready for the match.

Joey: “Well there’s a change. A very quite Divebomb coming out here for his match against The Game tonight.”
Flec: “Good, with what he’s done tonight. TC probably gave him a stern lecture before he came out here and now he is thinking about it.”
Joey: “Oh I’m really sure a lecture from TC would cause Divebomb to act like this.”

A few moments later the music fade and changes into “Burn in my light” and the crowd’s reaction takes a dramatic change, everyone begins cheering as the IC champ bursts through the curtains and onto the stage.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent. Hailing from St. Paul, MN. He is the AWF Intercontinental Champion. The Game…..ERIK SUMMERS!”

The Game poses on the top of the stage for a moment and then continues to the ring. He climbs in keeping an eye on Divebomb fully expecting him to charge in and attack as he poses with the title but Divebomb stays in his corner and lets the Game soak up all the cheers the crowd can give him. Finally the ref rings the bell and the match gets underway as the ref shows the belt to the crowd.

Joey: “Both men tying up in the center of the ring here and Divebomb with the quick whip and knocks The Game down with a stiff shoulder block. The Game getting up quickly and a clothesline by Divebomb.”
Flec: “Down goes the Game.”
Joey: “And Divebomb with a quick sleeper hold. He’s got the Game grounded here early.”
Flec: “Yeah, he does. But just wait. The almighty game will get out of it.”

Soon enough the crowd starts cheering and the Game gets some life back and starts to get up. He fights up to one knee and then to a standing position and finally he drives an elbow into Divebomb’s stomach. Then another and another. Finally after the third one he gets free and runs into the ropes. On his way back Divebomb ducks The Games clothesline and drops him hard to the mat with a neckbreaker. Divebomb gets to his feet but instead of his usual taunting of the crowd he elects to go right after The Game and quickly picks him up and throws him into the corner. He starts of by throwing a series of lefts and rights but after a few punches he slows up and starts laying in the knee lifts.

Joey: “Wow, Divebomb is in complete control here and is just destroying The Game with those knee lifts.”
Flec: “It looks like The Game’s eyes are closing already.”
Joey: “I don’t think I would go that far but he is not letting up just yet.”

After a few more knee lifts Divebomb stops and throws The Game out of the corner. Divebomb looks out at the crowd and then down at Erik and slowly walks back over to him. He drags him to his feet and slams him to the mat with a quick snap suplex then rolls The Game out of the ring.

Joey: “What is he doing? Why is he rolling The Game out of the ring?”
Flec: “Hmmm, I wonder. What do you think he’s doing? He’s going to hurt him. I’ll bet TC gave him orders to do so before the match.”
Joey: “I don’t know, like I said, Divebomb hasn’t really been falling in line lately. I really doubt that he is trying to hurt the game because of orders from TC.”
Flec: “Well that’s your opinion.”

Divebomb follows the Game out of the ring and drags him to his feet again. He picks him up and drops him chest first over the guard rail then slams him back first into the ring apron. For a few moments after that Divebomb just stands there looking at the Game on the ground. Then picks him up again. He goes for an irish whip but at the last second the Game reverses it and sends Divebomb shoulder first into the steel ring post.

Joey: “The Game with some quick thinking there as he sends Divebomb into the post.”
Flec: “I saw it coming. I just can’t believe that Divebomb thought it wouldn’t happen.”
Joey: “Umm yeah. Both men are down now on the outside and the ref is making the mandatory ten count.”

The ref stands in the ring and begins the count as both men a flat on the floor outside the ring. He gets to the count of three before either of the men start moving. Now up to five and both men are up to one knee. He gets to seven and both men are standing and holding on to the ring on either side of it. Finally Divebomb rolls into the ring at the count of eight and The Game follows closely behind at the count of nine. They both struggle to their feet and meet face to face in the center of the ring, The Game holding his stomach and Divebomb holding his shoulder.

Joey: “Well it looks like we are back to square one as both men face off in the center of the squared circle once again.”

A few moments later and Divebomb throws a hard punch that connects with the side of the Game’s face. The Game throws one back and the two men start trading punches. Back and forth until finally The Game lands a couple of punches in a row and forces Divebomb back into the corner. He drapes Divebomb’s arm over the top rope and slams it hard with a double axe handle and another and another. After that he drags Divebomb out of the corner, folds Divebomb’s arm behind his back and then slams him down with a belly to belly suplex. The Game gets back up quickly and locks in a surfboard stretch on Divebomb.

Joey: “The Game using some of his technical skills here as he focuses on the injured shoulder of Divebomb.”
Flec: “Yeah it’s a good strategy.”
Joey: “Yes it is and the ref is moving in to check on Divebomb.”

The ref gets into position and asks Divebomb if he wants to quit. Divebomb just looks up at him with a pained look on his face and says no. Divebomb slowly tries to move himself closer to the ropes but after few moments of this Divebomb realizes that he can’t do it and changes his strategy. He starts to get to his feet. The Game reefs back on the move but Divebomb powers through and gets to a standing position. With the ref still asking him if he wants to quit Divebomb slowly starts to turn to move over. They both struggle in the center of the ring when finally The Game lets go and delivers a boot into the Gut of Divebomb and drops him with a double arm clothesline.

Joey: “Wow, Divebomb almost fought out of the move but The Game used some quick thinking and flattened him with that clothesline.”
Flec: “It’s what I would have done.”
Joey: “Sure it is.”
Flec: “Hey I used to do that all the time.”
Joey: “Uh-huh. Let’s get back to the match.”

The Game drags Divebomb to his feet and quickly grabs him from behind and slams him hard to the mat with a german suplex.

Joey: “Oh I think its time for the rolling german suplexs and yes it is. There’s one and now two. Will he? YES he just hit the third german suplex and now he’s climbing the turnbuckle.”

As the Game gets to the top of the turnbuckle he turns to the crowd and poses for a moment as they all get to their feet and begin filling the arena with chants for the IC champ. After a few moments The Game leaps off the turnbuckle and comes crashing down onto Divebomb with a diving head butt.

Joey: “OH MY GOD! I think that might have done it. Divebomb isn’t moving and the Game is going for the cover.”


Joey: “He kicked out! I don’t believe it.”
Flec: “Not bad.”

The Game gets up shaking his head and smiling.

Flec: “He must be thinking about all those chair shots he gave Divebomb back in the day.”
Joey: “I wouldn’t doubt it.”

The Game walks into the corner and calls to the crowd and then stomps his foot on the mat. The crowd erupt in anticipation as the Game tunes up the band. Divebomb slowly starts to move and get to his feet. He staggers up to a standing position and collects himself for a moment then turns to face The Game. As soon as he turns around the Game lunges out of the corner and kicks.

Joey: “DIVEBOMB DUCKED! I don’t believe it; he ducked the sweet chin music.”
Flec: “And here I thought it was over.”

Divebomb quickly drives a boot into Erik’s gut and levels him with a gargoyle suplex. He picks him up and trys to whip him into the corner but the Game reverses it and send Divebomb crashing into the referee. The ref falls to the mat and Divebomb stumbles and turn right into the sweet chin music from the Game.

Joey: “The Game going for the cover.”
Flec: “Yeah but the ref is down and out. What a maroon.”
Joey: “The Game just realized that the ref was out and what’s this? TC is coming out from the back.”
Flec: “Looks like TC is coming out here to make sure that the job gets done.”
Joey: “Maybe, but this can’t be good for The Game.”

TC slowly walks down to the ring and slowly circles around the ring. The Game lets go of Divebomb and focuses all of his attention on TC. The two men begin yelling back and forth to each other forgetting all about what else is going on and after a few moments Divebomb begins to stir. We can hear the Game telling TC to get into the ring but TC refuses as Divebomb slowly gets to his feet. Divebomb walks up behind the distracted Game, grabs hold and slams him hard to the mat with a dragon suplex. He looks down at TC and gives him an evil glance then turns his attention back to the Game as TC turns and taunts the crowd.

Joey: “That wasn’t a very polite look that Divebomb just gave TC.”
Flec: “Not at all, you’d almost think he didn’t want him out there.”
Joey: “I think there might be some dissension among the ranks of the GPA camp.”
Flec: “Maybe.”

Divebomb walks over to The Game and drags him to his feet. He goes for an irish whip but at the last moment possible The Game reverses it and sends Divebomb running into the ropes. As Divebomb hits them TC reaches out and grabs his foot tripping him up. Divebomb turns his head slightly as he stumbles to give him another evil look but before he can turn his attention back to The Game, The Game hooks Divebomb and levels him with the Game Over.

Joey: “What just happened?”
Flec: “It looks like TC just tripped up Divebomb.”
Joey: “Why would he do that?”
Flec: “I don’t think he meant to. He wasn’t even looking at the ring. He was taunting the crowd and just reached back.”

TC turns to face the ring and sees Divebomb on the mat and The Game shaking the ref awake. A shocked look appears on his face for a moment and then he shrugs and starts to walk to the back. The Game revives the ref and covers Divebomb.

Joey: “The ref making the count and its over. The Game retains his title.”
Flec: “Yeah but TC doesn’t seem upset about it.”
Joey: “No he doesn’t.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match and STILL your AWF Intercontinental Champion, The Game…..ERIK SUMMERS!”

“Burn in my light” begins again as The Game raises his title above his head posing for the crowd.

Joey: “Well people that’s it. The shows over and that’s all we got for you tonight. AWF Regenesis is in four days and we will finally get to see who will walk out of the Wargames match as the winners. From me and Flec, this has been a presentation of AWF Warzone and we will see you next time live from the Key Arena in Seattle. Goodnight.”
Flec: “Goodnight.”

Warzone goes off the air as we see Divebomb lying on the mat giving TC and evil look while TC backs up the ramp shrugging and The Game celebrates in the ring with his title.

2004-12-16, 10:18 AM
IC: Tempest is seen back stage looking at the footage from tonights Mayhem in the locker room. Just as he watches the part with TC and Divebomb, Thundercracker walks out of the GPA locker room.

Tempest: "Son of a bitch ... What the hell is going on?"

Just then theirs a knock at the door and a AWF Camera Crew asks to see Divebomb.

Tempest: "Nah he's gone, however, I'm feeling strange tonight come on in boys."

The Camera Crew walk into the locker room to see taht it has been decorated for the GPA members, with their own bar and mini fridge.

RJI: "Tempest, what do you think about tonights actions? I mean, Divebomb disobeyed TC didn't he?"

Tempest: "Yo, listen here fool. Divebomb doesn't have to take orders from no-one. TC is our new leader, however in the GPA we respect each other, and TC isn't respecting Divebomb. It started at the damn Archivebowl, in the Tag Matches, when they were partners and Divebomb got screwed over. Now TC has been placed in charge of the GPA, he's going asking for stuff that he shouldn't.

Tempest stops and looks at a poster on the wall with 4 GPA members. Himself, Viewfind, Prowl? and Divebomb.

Tempest: "Do you shmucks know when that picture was taken? IT was at the AWF Awards 2003. Where I got Rookie of the year and GPA got Faction of the year. Good times man, real good times ...

Now it seems its gone to ****. Hmmmmm. Nevermind though, we're gonna win those damn War Games and get control of Mayhem."

THe RJI looks at his camera crew and signals them to leave.

2004-12-16, 01:23 PM
OOC: YEAH! D-Ex is back in wrestling action baby! Warzone was off the hook. Well...cause there aint no hook on it yo!


***D-Extreme is seen walking down the aisles of the backstage area with the broken singapore cane. He stops as we see a random AWF Jobber interviewer enter the scene.

RJI: "D-Extreme, what are your thoughts after your match between Cloudstrifer?"

D-Ex: "Thoughts? You want my thoughts?! Well let me tell you something you smuck, Cloud just got a victory. So what? He won, but who was the man who beaten him down to a bloody pulp? Who broke his nose tonight? I DID! I DID IT ALL! Tonight though he got away with it. It seems like his former partner Op wants to get the TV title himself. Thats all fine and dandy for me cause the TV title is not on my list for x-mas."

D-Extreme laughs a bit at the camera before he turns around and quickly throws the cane on the opposite end of the corridor. He turns around quickly as his laughter turns into some heavy breathing and glaring at the camera.

D-Ex: "But sooner or later, Op, revenge will come in the form of D-Extreme. And believe me...you wish you stayed 6 feet under during Archivemania when I am done dishing out my vengence on you."

The screen ends with D-Ex grabbing a nearby can of beer and opening up for a quick sip.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-16, 03:12 PM
OOC: A good show I guess.
Although I'm not sure how to reply to it at this time though.
:confused: :wtf:

2004-12-16, 03:20 PM
Lisa Lovelace catches up to BDR as he is leaving the building.

LL- BDR, what are your opinions of the actions of TC and Divebomb tonight?

BDR- You know Lisa? I really don't care. Those two need to get that quarrel fixed before Wargames. You know why this the GPA's and my chance to shine. Let me put it that way. I am going to give 200 percent as that title shot should have been mine to fight for at the last PPV and at Mayhem the belt should have been mine.

LL- I see.

BDR- So come Wargames BDR is going out there like it's my last match. I am going to break bodies and do everything I can to win that match for my group and myself in particular. And if we lose due to a small members spat in my group. I am going to be very very pissed off.

LL- Thank you for your time!

BDR gets into his new metallica black 2005 Ford Mustang GT, slams the doors and burns the tires before peeling off.

2004-12-16, 03:57 PM
*Cloud is seen without any sort of protection and it seems that no damage is done*

Well, Well D-Ex thinks he broke my nose? He thinks that he came on top even though he thinks that he beat me to a plup? Then why am I here without scars or anything? Let me tell you something D, you might have taken advantage and trying to defeat me, but unfortunatly, you didn't. I know now that you can't even defeat me without using your little cane. After I deal with OP I am comming after you, and you will pay for trying to win like a girl.

OP, I have nothing to say to you. You saved me and I won't thank or congratulate you. You want this *taps at the belt*? Let me tell you something, you won't have it. Although my showing with D-Ex wasn't as good as before, I shall never give it to you. You will be defeated and you will be brought to your knees. TThis is promise.

2004-12-16, 11:24 PM
*Atticus is backstage, walking down the hallway. She stops by The Game's locker room, wondering whether she should go inside or not.

Knocks on the door and enters.

Umm... hey Erik... I just wanted to say thank... thank you for helping me out there. That was pretty cool of you... Well... I'm gonna go now and clean up... thank you again. See you around.
Kisses him on the cheek.

2004-12-17, 12:17 AM
Backstage: A cleanup crew member finds a small oragami swan sitting on one of the crates.

He picks it up and the delicate creature unfolds revealing the following:

Pain is only one
Of the many ways you can
be tortured Wild One

2004-12-17, 01:10 AM
OOC: I'm thinking this Baxter character is going to be an interesting one!

The Game smiles as Atticus turns to leave his locker room.

Game: Any time...I'll see you soon?

The Game finishes packing his bag as Divebomb walks in past Atticus.

Game: Well, well, well...if it isn't Mr. Doomsday or whatever it is your catchphrase is. I hope you have a point for being here.

Divebomb says nothing, simply extends his hand...the Game looking confused accepts it.

DB: Hell of a match champ, thanks...

Game: No problem, you too kid. Nice job!

Divebomb turns and leaves, the Game raises his eyebrow with a perplexed look on his face.

The Wild One
2004-12-17, 04:55 PM
*The Wild One is shown walking around back stage. He walks by a crew member, who stops him.*

Random crew member: I found something with your name one it. Kinda wierd.

*Wild One grabs the paper, and reads what is one it.*

The Wild One: What the hell is this? Where did you get it?

*Looking at Wild One, who has the obvious wtf look.*

Worker: It was folded into paper swan, sitting on this crate.

*Wild One still has a perplexed look about him, and walks off.*

OOC: Am I smelling an attempt at a feud here? ;)

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-17, 10:46 PM



2004-12-18, 03:46 AM
No matter what you throw at me TC yo ass is never going to stop me from getting whats mine son, so bring yo little friends to my playground cuz i got a little game we all get to play.

2004-12-18, 04:20 AM
OOC: I feel ya, G91. I like the Baxter guy so far, too.

IC:Well, JD. I got the pin. I won. Just as I predicted, the 'Tower was built up... and it came crashing down. Destiny was its bricks, fate was the mortor: but I brought it down. Maybe you should have won this match, you certainly had the skills to do so. But I won. I faced your fate, your sentence: and denied it.

So I guess I'm still impure? I don't know how it works. The invitation stands, try and purify me if you have to. I'll still be here. But I've proved my point - I can't allow what you stand for. So, if you have to keep it up, just know that I'll be watching you. For now though, the Almight Slacker is tired with you. I put all the effort I had into that fight.. and now it's done. Now it's over.

Now, Ignavus turns towards his future.

2004-12-18, 04:49 AM
Divebomb walks out of the game's locker room and is walking down the hallway as Lisa Lovelace approaches him

LL: "Divebomb, can I get a few words with you about tonights events?"

Divebomb stops and turns towards her

DB: "Yeah, I can do that but do you mind if I just say whats on my mind ?"

LL: "No, go ahead."

DB: "Thanks."

Divebomb grabs the mic

DB: "TC, you have ticked me off for the last time. Your first strike was turning on me in the archive bowl tag match. But that alone I could have let go. Your second strike was getting appointed to be the new leader of the GPA and just expecting me to role over and take your orders. But even that I could have let go if you would have just eased up."

Divebomb backs up abit, looks towards the ceiling and takes a deep breath. Then returns his attention to the camera

DB: "But then you took your third strike. You cost me my match against Erik, you cost me the IC title. Don't ever tell me what to do again. From here on out you leave me alone, you don't tell me what to do and don't expect me to be one of your bitches like the rest of the GPA. So from here on out you have two choices; You either accept me as your equal in the GPA or you stay out of my way. Thats just the way it is because I didn't spend two years in the GPA just to have someone come in here and treat me like some second rate jobber and expect me to just accept it like Tempest and Rav did. I will be at wargames and I will do my job, but stay out of my way. You have been warned."

He hands the mic back to Lisa

DB: "Thanks..."

Divebomb starts to walk down the hall again

LL: "Yeah, no problem..."

2004-12-18, 05:23 AM
Whoa whoa whoa DB. Put down the Redbull and think for a minute.

First off, pissing Tempest or myself off might be hazardous to your health.

Second, I didn't just accept as you seem to be so willing to put it. I let him lead. You think if I didn't think he could lead us better than you or VF i would not take him out myself. Nor what would stop Tempest for that matter.

Now DB here is the next problem. I don't trust you. Period end of story. Right now the GPA is made of 3 people I trust with my career and my life and one that I really don't think is cut out to run with us anymore. You never were fit to lead the GPA and thats why you are not running it. Plus your little lovers showing to the Game well hey thats not going to make any of us not trust you now is it.

Honestly it's been Temp, TC and myself doing the sweat work. We go out and hit our foes like we should. Meanwhile you bitch and whine that you are not some lap dog and respect and a whole lot of other bs.

Now I will make this short and sweet and simple enough for your mind to understand. If we lose Wargames because you **** us over. Costing me my title shot or any one else in the GPA that deserves it. I will break you. Plain and simple.

And as you seem to be willing discuss how your not a lapdog. I never was anyone's. I joined the GPA becuase the AWF does have a pack mantlity. View talked the talk but he never really did get any of us the "bling-bling" we deserved. Now he's gone because of it and TC stepped in. If I didn't see that man willing to take over I probably would have. But TC and I run from awhile back hence I trust him and well history is history so to say.

Now DB here is some friendly advice. Don't make yourself the next piece of fat we carve from the beast.

2004-12-18, 07:23 AM
Ravage, I said I would do my job, but I never said I wanted to run the GPA either. I just said that him coming in as the new leader and expecting the men that have been in the GPA through thick and thin would just simply follow along is not right. So before you go on and piss me off you might want to step back. I don't want to fight all three of you, I am just not going to hind the way I feel about how things went down.

Now as for View not getting us the Bling-Bling, well here's how it is. I am part of the only three time tag champs the AWF has ever seen so just because you couldn't step up and take what you wanted doesn't really mean a whole lot to me.

None of you know what it means to be GPA. You think its all about fighting in packs, getting paid and getting laid. But remember this Ravage, you approached us because you wanted to join and we let you in, we didn't go out seeking to recruit you.

Now for the last time, I will be where I'm supposed to be, when I'm supposed to be there. But don't give me idle threats because you are trying to act tough. Yeah, I called you and tempest lapdogs but my real problems are with TC. So back off.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-18, 07:23 AM
GPA in-fighting?


2004-12-18, 07:40 AM
OOC: I am interested. Outta curiousity, when's Regenesis?

2004-12-18, 01:07 PM

DB if your going to watch my back then I can and will respect that. Just don't turn on us or I'll make you wish we did the same thing to you that we did to View.

Lord Zarak
2004-12-18, 02:50 PM
So, the Big Z had no fight today.

No matter, I would have destroyed him anyway. Gotta let these newbs think they have a chance against me. Baxter, Christopher Back. They will leanr that you don't cross people the hard way, and they will suffer the fate that awaits my ex-tag partner, ex-business partner, and ex-drinking buddy Wolfang.

Y'see, I can take being drunk under the table. I cant take being pinned by my so called "friend" so he can take the glory and the title for himself.

He is a traitor, and I'm gonna hunt him down and destroy him.

But if anyone wants to get in my way, be my guest. I need to work out a little anger.

2004-12-18, 10:19 PM
OOC: Whoa...Zarak and Wolfang...from tag team supreme to hot feud in the company!!! Who would have thought!

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-18, 10:28 PM
Oooh Ravage, I wasn't IC sweet heart .

2004-12-18, 11:03 PM
Divebomb...you want me to treat you as my equal? Son that can't be for the simple reason that you are nowhere near my equal. Really you are far....far below it. I am former world champion, tag champion, and considered to be the greatest hardcore champion that this company has ever seen. I've main evented shows time after time after time. Ive been to the top of the mountain, I've taken the biggest stars of this company to the limit and beaten them. I've accomplished more here in the AWF than you could ever. So face it bucko, you are not equal to me. You and Tempest talk about how I dont respect you, well you are right...cause you need to earn my respect. And frankly unless you do something miraculous tomorrow night at the War Games...you're never going to get it.

You want to bring up what happened in the tag match back at the Archivebowl...sure I nailed you but you know what...you still advanced to the Battle Royale in the end. Thats all that mattered to me back then was the advancement. What happened in that tag match happened...get over it

2004-12-18, 11:33 PM
OP2005: Heh. D-Extreme payed the price for giving me a weapon. He knows better than to trust a nightmare enraged.

Now Cloud that is your promise to me but we aren't going to keep that promise. No. It's time you realised that the 2005 has arrived and the nightmare shall claim a victim in you at Regenesis.
This whole thing is beyond titles, beyond life and death itself. Its a matter of me destroying you, taking your little belt and proving that I am the better... man once and for all.

2004-12-19, 06:45 AM
IC: Now TC, wait a damn minute, you better shut your damn punk asbefore I do it myself. I agrred to you being in the GPA for certain reasons, this is not one of them. We are all equal in the GPA, all of us, you may be the 'leader' but were all equal, if we don't want to do what you tell us to do, deal with it! Who gives a crap if you have all those belts under you waist.

If you decide to give DB more crap, I'll give you a taste of my fist.

Ravage ... were do you stand?

2004-12-19, 06:55 AM
Tempest...boy you need a friggin reality check. None of you are equal to me. The only one that comes close is Rav. You want to throw threats around that you're gonna beat my ass, dont just sing it, bring it. Cause frankly all I need is five minutes alone with you to show you that you cannot take me out, you can't beat me, and make it clear to you that you are not close to being equal to me

2004-12-19, 07:48 AM
Now listen here bub, in the GPA we were all equal until you came along. Your nothing but trash, yesterdays news, a has-been that doesn't deserve to be in the GPA. I mustof been down outright drunk to vote you in. Viewfind showed me the moves that I used against him ... this is unbelievable ... Thundercracker, if you think you can stand against the Human Bulldozer then just bring it!

2004-12-19, 08:44 AM
Tempest, zip it. This is my arguement and I don't need help with him.

Now TC, I'm done with this. I am walking into this match as part of the GPA and I am walking out of this match as part of the GPA. See you in the Wargames.

2004-12-19, 04:15 PM
The Nightmare? Boy, the Nightmare has already been brought and been defeated. It is a shattered dream that you bring. Because you still hang on to shattered dreams or nightmares is really patheic. Do I have to destroy you to teach you the errors of your ways?

You still won't prove yourself the better man because you will use weapons and I know it. Therefore I shall be prepared for your little helper because lets see, you can't defeat me any other way. You want this belt? You want to destroy me? Fine then, but you better believe the hype that I will destroy you like Strafe.

Believe the Hype, Fear The Pain but above all Fear the Man!

2004-12-20, 03:49 AM
*We see Viewfind in his locker room*

its going down like i knew it whould.

TC you see the GPA was never about rules and giving orders now yo ass is so far down in da hole i'd love to see you try and get out now, and hell if you do i'll just kick you back down!

2004-12-20, 03:52 AM
*Wolfang is alone in an office. He is wearing his customary ring attire, with the exception of his 'Blood & Thunder' sleeveless trenchcoat: which is burning in an oil drum next to the desk.*

W: "So this is what it comes down to. You've some need to talk about 'friendship', Zarak. When you were going for the IC title, did I try to stop you? Did I give you anythign except encouragement? The answer is 'no'."

Wolfang stares at the burning trenchcoat

W: "This is what I get. After getting the hell away from a family that never cared about me... being set-up and left for dead meat by so-called 'friends'... the one man who was like a brother to me stabs me in the back as well. *Breathes deeply*

Whatever Zarak... you want to fight me? We've done this before. This time, however, there's no one in your corner. No one to back you up. It's just going to be you... and me. The time? The place? Doesn't matter.

You tell me I betrayed you? Listen pal; I pinned you by mistake. If you don't believe that, then tough ****. If you want to make this into a war; then on your head be it. I've survived this long without any help. Sure, Blood & Thunder were good: but maybe we would have been better off on our own anyway.

Let's face it: you went from running with the cWo flock to forming an alliance with me. You need others to strengthen you. I don't, Zarak. I am the lone wolf they always talk about. My pack is always with me. But who's with you?"

The scene fades to black

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-20, 03:55 AM



Lord Zarak
2004-12-20, 08:39 PM
*Black Zarak is stood outside Old Trafford, his spiritual home*

Wolfang, you talk of betrayal, of being stabbed in the back, of accident. But in any way have you showed remorse for your action. No hint of an apology coming my way.

If we were as tight as you say, I wouldn't need to bring this up.

You talk of strength.

I have all the strength I need to take you on and be victorious. The one thing I will be sorry for is the way your arrogance proved to be the one thing that could split us.

You say you lost me because I stabbed you in the back?

I lost you to your ego.

*Turns to face Sir Matt's statue in a moment of reflection*

2004-12-21, 07:55 AM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot



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