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AWF Press Office
2004-12-20, 11:24 AM
The AWF Logo flashes on the screen as Three Days Grace ‘Just like you’ Starts

I could be mean

The clip of the Game delivering the Pedigree to Redstreak through the top of the cage and crashing through the cage then through the ring shows from War Games II.

I could be angry

G91 is seen getting ready to deliver a pedigree when Mirage leaps from the top of the cage crushing the Game knocking him out.

You know I could be just like you

A picture of a darkened arena with the War Games cage lit up is shown as the camera swivels around it.

I could be fake

Brend’s entrance from the 2nd War Games is shown.

I could be stupid

Blaster’s bodypress from the second war games through the two tables onto Redstreak and Tempest goes onto the screen with all the screaming from the announcers.

You know I could be just like you!

The camera swings around the empty war games cage again

You thought you were standing beside me
You were only in my way
You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you

You thought you were there to guide me
You were only in my way
You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you
You thought you were there to guide me
You were only in my way
You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you

Three Days Grace is shown playing all through this and then at the very end of it, the clip of Blaster hitting a stiff beat through an announce table from the first war games is shown.

I could be cold

From the first war games TC takes one good look, then jumps off and nails Galvy with the Van Terminator! The crowd erupts in an ovation for the move.

I could be ruthless

JFA yelling in the back ground as the clip of HBK driving the sledge hammer into the back of his former best friend, G91s neck during the 2nd war games.

You know I could be just like you

The camera swings around the cage again.

I could be weak

Ravage is seen tapping out to the cross face on the barbed-wire from The Game during the first War Games.

I could be senseless

HBK scoops Claypool up, and slams him not on, but through the trap door during the first war games. HBK maintains the hold as both men fall through the roof of the cell and through the two tables stacked atop each other in the first ring!

You know I could be just like you!

The camera swings around the cage quickly in one big blue

You thought you were standing beside me
You were only in my way
You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you

You thought you were there to guide me
You were only in my way
You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you
You thought you were there to guide me
You were only in my way
You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you

Three days grace playing again and at the end of this the clip of Blaster delivering the stiff beat to Zarak through the announce table from the second war games is shown.

On my own, cause I can’t take liven with you
I’m alone, so I won’t turn out like you
Want me to

HBK is shown leaving the second War Games ring the 9 other competitors inside laid out by him.

You thought you were standing beside me
You were only in my way
You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you

You thought you were there to guide me
You were only in my way
You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you
You thought you were there to guide me
You were only in my way
You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you

Instead of Three Days Grace, the camera goes into a split screen showing the two cages, rings and announce tables from an aerial view, every one destroyed and broken and then they both fade away to an aerial shot of the new cage in the arena.

I could be mean

Redstreak has pulled himself up and hit the recovering Sixswitch with the Scorpion. The Game just gets hit by TC’s Lifetime Enlightenment.

I could be angry

King is shown delivering 4 of what was 10 shots to Tempest to knock him down.

You know I could be just like you!

An aerial view of the ring is shown as the music fades out, Redstreak looks near dead slumped into the corner, Tempest laying on the floor bleeding profusely clutching his neck, Blaster is folded into the corner, bleeding badly, Zarak and Sixswitch are both pulling themselves up in opposite corners, Wolfang now on his feet, though rather woozy, and the Game has just re-entered the ring…the only ones in the match not bleeding are Sixswitch & TC.

The Camera comes back inside the fully packed Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. The pyros go off and the crowd erupts.

Joey: “Hello and welcome to AWF: Regenesis here in Seattle, Washington!

Flec: In spite of the morons here to watch us, we have a top flight show!

Joey: Indeed we do, and we owe that to our loyal AWF fans! Thank you so much for joining us as the AWF returns to ppv. With us to start the evening off, our own JFA and JHA!

JFA: "Thank you Joey! We got a great match to open our show that I'm really looking.....What the....?"

The lights in the arena go out as darkness fills the room.

JHA: "I dunno what's going on J, but it's gotta be good."

A constant drumming sound comes on over the PA as it's joined by strums of a distorted guitar.

JFA: "Who in the hell?"

Bobby's got a gun that he keeps beneath his pillow
Out on the street your chances are zero
Take a look around you, come on now
It ain't too complicated, your messin' with...
Murdeeeeeeeeeeer Incorporated!

The crowd errupts as the lights come back up and show none other than The Lock walking to the ring.

JFA: "He's back! The Lock is back!"
JHA: "Who cares? He'll just get his ass handed to him, again, and then take a leave of absense, again, get him off I say."
JFA: "Wow the crowd are going nuts, I don't believe it."
JHA: "Believe it alright J, believe that he'll be gone before the next PPV."
JFA: "Ah shove it."

The Lock arrives at the ring and makes his way up the stairs. He makes his way through the ropes and gets up on the turnbuckle to pose for all his adoring fans who have missed him so much.

JHA: "What a show pony."

The Lock gets down from the turnbuckle and goes to take the mic. He goes to raise it to his mouth but he can't get a word in because the crowd won't shut up.

JFA: "The floor is literally shaking here."

The crowd finally quiet down as The Lock starts speaking....

"Guess who's finally back?"

The crowd begin to chant. Locky! Locky! Locky!

"Haven't you all missed the greatest IC and Tag champ the AWF has ever seen?"

Locky! Locky! Locky!

JHA: "He's full of himself, I know a few people who would disagree with what he just said."

"Alright, alright, seriously now, it's good to be back, but you see, I wasn't away cause I was injured, I was away cause I just didn't care anymore, and there was no one worth fighting. You think people like Tempest could really kick my ass? In his dreams maybe, but he's hardly worth the effort. So anyway, I pretended that I had to be on the shelf, so I could still collect a paycheck and I was sitting watching at home watching Mayhem and Warzone nearly every week and it almost sickened me."

JFA: "What?"
JHA: "Maybe he'll snap and break everyone's ankle?"

"Cause you see, the lack of talent in the AWF sticks out like dog's balls. The AWF is a complete and utter joke amongst those on the internet and those in other feds. So I've taken it upon myself to fix all this up and save the AWF."

The crowd stop cheering and all of a sudden just go quiet.

JFA: "What's he talking about? He's gone insane."
JHA: "You know, the man has a point."

"So here's what I'm gonna do. You are all now looking at the founder and first member of Murder Incorporated."

JFA: "This keeps getting harder and harder to follow, what's happened to him?"

"I'm gonna take a few wrestlers, and take them with me to the top, after all, it shouldn't be a hard job, cause there's not many people around anymore that can put up much of a fight. These people will be personally invited to join Murder Inc. They could show up representing Murder Inc. tonight, or it could be next week, or it could even be the next PPV, but they will be here, and we will be a force. For all those with titles, we're coming for the gold, and we won't be stopped."

JHA: "Have I mentioned how much I love The Lock lately, and how good I think he is? He's here to save the company J, what a guy!"
JFA: "Yeah I'll bet."

"So this is the way it's gonna be, I'm now doing it for my sake, and I'm gonna take over the AWF doing it, 'cause the fans don't matter anymore, where did all their support get me? I didn't hear anything from them when I was out, no get well cards not anything. So now anything they have to say, is a bunch of complete and utter bollocks. So all of you in the AWF locker room better watch yourselves, cause there's no more "Loose Cannon" bullcrap to entertain the fans and cost me matches and titles, Murder Incorporated is coming, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it."

The Lock drops the mic and leaves the ring to a series of boos from the crowd as Bruce Springsteen's Murder Incorporated blares over the speakers.

JFA: "I'm speechless, wow, what just went on in the ring?"
JHA: "The Lock is back, and The Lock is pissed! I love it!"
JFA: "Well, Murder Incorporated has apparently arrived, but for the moment, we don't know who else is in it besides The Lock."
JHA: "But one things for sure, it'll most likely kick 10 different types of ass. I'm excited!"
JFA: "Bring on the first match I guess."

TV Title Match: Cloudstrifer© v. OP2005

JFA: “Well JHA this should be a very good match up here.”
JHA: “Yeah these two have been dieing to get their hands on each other.”
JFA: “You’re right; there is no love loss here. These two have been at each others throats for the past few weeks and it all culminates at this event. All the events have unfolded and now its time for these two men settle some scores. So let’s go to JRA for the introductions.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Television Title. Introducing first, he hails from Glasgow, Scotland. He is……OP2005!”

“Welcome to my nightmare” by Alice Cooper begins to play over the PA system as OP slowly makes his way onto the stage.

JFA: “And here comes the big man himself.”
JHA: “Freaky. He just seems to lumber out onto the stage and I’ll bet he has and evil grin on under that mask.”
JFA: “I wouldn’t doubt it. OP slowly making his way to the ring not really acknowledging the fans at all.”

OP climbs into the ring and takes his corner as the music slowly fades and changes into “Built for Speed” by Motorhead.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent, the Champion. Hailing from Norway. He is….CLOUDSTRIFER!”

Cloud walks out onto the stage and the crowd instantly start to boo the champ as he throws out a few taunts and then makes his way down and into the ring. He poses with the belt for a few moments and then hands it to the ref. The ref shows the belt and the bell rings to start off the match.

JFA: “And here it is. They finally meet one on one in the ring.”
JHA: “Yeah here we go. The masked giant versus the resident Viking.”
JFA: “And they are face to face in the center of the ring now and it looks like Cloud is yelling at OP.”
JHA: “He’s wasting his breath. You know that OP isn’t listening to him.”
JFA: “I don’t know about that. Because whatever Cloud is saying seems to be making OP very angry.”

Cloud continues to yell at OP when out of nowhere OP decks him with a hard right cross that sends Cloud stumbling back a few feet.

JFA: “WHOA! Where did that come from?”
JHA: “I don’t know but I think Cloud has hit his breaking point here.”

With that Cloud lunges in with a heavy punch that sends OP staggering a few step and then the two men begin trading punches. Back and forth they go until finally OP begins to slow and Cloud gets in the extra punch that gives him just enough momentum to back OP into the corner. Cloud continues the assault until the ref gets to the count of four and then whips OP across the ring into the opposite corner. He rushes across the ring and smashes squarely into OP with a running clothesline. OP drops to the mat and Cloud makes a quick cover.

JFA: “Cloud with a cover here after that tremendous clothesline but OP manages to kick out at the count of 1.”
JHA: “I thought it might be a little quick for that cover.”

Cloud gets back up and slams down hard onto the chest of OP with an elbow drop then drags the big man to his feet. He holds him by the hair for a few moments as he berates him a little more and then drops him to the mat with a shortarm clothesline. Quickly Cloud locks in a boston crab and the ref moves into position. OP’s screams can be heard through out the arena as Cloud sits back even farther.

JFA: “OP is in real trouble here. I don’t know if he’s going to be able to hold on.”
JHA: “Neither does the ref. He’s in there asking him if he quits.”
JFA: “Well I don’t think that OP will quit this soon but if Cloud keeps this move on him it might not take much more.”

The ref asks OP again and OP responds by shaking his head as he gives another short scream. Slowly the fans start to cheer for the big man. Cloud sits back a little more putting some more pressure on OP’s back and legs when finally OP gets a bit of an energy boost and starts to fight back. He presses up and starts to crawl to the ropes.

JFA: “I might have spoken too soon. OP’s making his way to the ropes.”
JHA: “Yeah but is it to little to late.”

OP keeps fighting and little by little he makes his way towards the edge of the ring.

JFA: “And I think he might just be able to do it. He’s only a few inches away now.”
JHA: “And Cloud just pulled him back into the center.”
JFA: “Oh this has got to be it. He’s got to tap now; Cloud has had this move locked in for a long time.”

Suddenly with a violent scream OP presses up and with all his strength he uses both legs to kick. He sends Cloud off of him, out of the ring and crashing down to the mat below. OP just lays there in the ring holding his back as Cloud slowly gets up and shakes his head. Cloud hops back into the ring and taunts OP for a moment then kick him hard in the back. He connects with an elbow drop and then makes another cover. This time however OP kicks out at 2.

JFA: “I think Cloud is sensing victory here. He just seems to be getting cocky.”
JHA: “Well wouldn’t you if your opponent’s only offensive move in the match was to kick out of a boston crab.”
JFA: “Well maybe.”

Cloud moves back in and picks up OP he drops him again with a backbreaker. He rolls him onto his stomach and slams down onto the small of OP’s back with an elbow drop, then another and another. He picks him up again and whips him into the corner.

JFA: “OP in the corner now and Cloud turns him around. What is he going to do?”
JHA: “It looks like he’s going to give him a few shoulder blocks into the small of the back.”
JFA: “Well it’s a good strategy here for Cloud. If he takes out OP’s back he won’t be able to use any of that power and size advantage to fight back.”
JHA: “Cloud backing across to the other corner now and …”
JFA: “It looks like he’s going to try and end it here.”
JHA: “I was just going to say that.”
JFA: “He’s just standing there waiting for OP to turn around.”
JHA: “Yup and it looks like OP is going to be kind enough to do so.”

OP turns around and stumbles out of the corner a few feet and Cloud takes off. He charges across the ring, lowers his shoulder and lunges but just as Cloud would have made contact OP collapses and Cloud flys right past him and slams shoulder first into the ring post. Cloud lets out a scream of pain as he slowly falls back and out of the corner holding his shoulder.

JFA: “Well I don’t know if OP meant to do that or if he just couldn’t hold himself up any more, but no matter what happened Cloud just crashed hard into the steel ring post.”
JHA: “I wonder if he dented it.”
JFA: “I have no idea but it wouldn’t surprise me. It looked like he used every last bit of force he could with that move. And with both men down the ref is moving in for the count.”



Cloud starts crawling towards the ropes.



Cloud gets to the ropes and OP starts to stir.



Cloud grabs the ropes with one arm and starts to get up as OP forces himself to one knee while holding his back.


Cloud to one knee.



Cloud gets to his feet while still holding the ropes and the ref stops the count.

JFA: “A close call there, we almost had a double count out.”
JHA: “Yeah but both men look like they have had better days.”
JFA: “Indeed, but both men to their feet now.”

With both men on their feet Cloud launches himself at OP with a punch but OP blocks it and drives an elbow into Clouds face. Cloud stumbles back a few steps and tries again. OP blocks it again and connects with another elbow followed by another. He keeps throwing elbows into the side of Clouds head until he forces Cloud into the ropes. Op whips him across the ring and connects with a big boot into Cloud’s shoulder and Cloud drops to the mat.

JFA: “It looks like OP is going to go to work on Clouds injured shoulder here.”
JHA: “Well I would. It’s the perfect opportunity to wear him down.”
JFA: “Yes it is. OP with a couple of stomps on the injured shoulder now and he is picking him back up. What do you think he’s going to do now?”
JHA: “Whatever it is I bet it’s going to hurt.”
JFA: “Yeah but just dragging cloud to his feet seems to be causing OP some distress now with that injured back.”

OP gets Cloud to his feet and picks him into the air. OP can be seen grimacing in pain as he does this. He holds up Cloud and drops him squarely into a shoulder break that lays Cloud out. OP holds his back for a few moments then drags Cloud over to the ropes and drapes his arm over the top. He climbs out onto the apron, grabs Clouds arm and drops down to the mat guillotining Clouds injured shoulder over the top ropes then drags Cloud under the bottom ropes.

JFA: “OP with a nice guillotine there and now dragging Cloud to the outside. This can’t be good for him.”
JHA: “I would doubt that anything OP is going to do to Cloud would be a good thing.”

OP whips Cloud towards to steel steps and Cloud crashes into them shoulder first. Cloud lets out a little scream and OP starts to laugh. With Cloud now sitting against the steps holding his shoulder OP slowly walks towards him planning his next attack. As soon as OP reaches for the TV champ Cloud gives him a poke to the eyes that sends OP back a few feet. Cloud gets up and slams OP back first into the apron. OP struggles to keep on his feet and Cloud does it again. Just before OP can drop to the floor Cloud picks him up for a body slam but instead of slamming him into the floor Cloud charges at the ring post.

JHA: “Now that was a smart move. Cloud just slammed OP into the steel ring post back first.”
JFA: “I don’t know how much more of this OP is going to be able to take.”

Cloud stands up straight and laughs at the fallen OP and then begins to taunt him. “Did you really think you could beat me” Cloud then drags OP to his feet and throws him into the ring. The crowd start booing as Cloud throws a few taunts their way before entering the ring. Cloud gets to his feet and signals for his move.

JFA: “I think this is it. Cloud is signaling for Bragi’s Axe.”
JHA: “I think you are right, but who can tell with all the weird names he give his moves.”

Cloud drags OP up and sets him for the move. He throws another taunt out to the crowd. But this gives OP just enough time to realize what’s going on and he launches a few quick elbows into the side of Clouds head. After a third quick elbow OP shoves Cloud back a few step and drives a big boot into Clouds face and then collapses back down to the mat.

JFA: “What was that? It looked like Cloud had this all wrapped up but out of nowhere OP shrugs him off and connects with his move the Shining.”
JHA: “That was a very smart move. I am quite surprised that OP thought of it.”
JFA: “Both men are down here now and if only OP could make the cover.”
JHA: “I don’t think that back of his can handle it right now.”

With Cloud down and out on the mat, OP slowly starts to crawl over to the champ. Finally OP makes it there and drapes an arm over Clouds chest and the ref moves in for the count.


JHA: “Kick out. I can’t believe it. Cloud kicked out.”
JFA: “What is it going to take to end this?”

Both men slowly crawl to the ropes and use them to get to their feet. When both men finally reach their feet they charge each other and meet head to head in the center of the ring. Both men battered and bruised start to exchange punches. Back and forth, lefts and rights. After a few moments OP gets the advantage and back Cloud into the corner. He continues his assault until finally he decides to whip Cloud across the ring. He grabs his arm and whips but Cloud reverses it and sends OP back into the corner he was just in. Except by now the ref had moved into that corner thinking it was safe and OP crashes hard into the ref knocking him out. OP stumbles back a few steps right into the waiting arms of Cloud who levels the challenger with a german suplex. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring and climbs back in.

JFA: “What is he going to do now?”
JHA: “Something good.”
JFA: “It’s never something good when they bring a chair into the ring.”

Cloud climbs back into the ring and waits for OP to get back up. OP slowly gets up and Cloud raises the chair. OP turns around and sees Cloud with the chair and in a moment of instinct he drives a boot into Cloud’s stomach. Cloud drops the chair and hunches over holding his gut. With this moment of opportunity staring him right in the face OP Grabs Cloud and takes him out with his finisher.

JFA: “OP just hit Cloud with the Gravedigger. He’s already hit the double powerbomb on the steel chair and now with Cloud up for the tombstone. Oh no.”
JHA: “Oh yes. He’s going to tombstone him on the chair too.”

With that OP slams Cloud down head first onto the chair and makes the cover.

JFA: “OP with the cover but the ref is still down.”
JHA: “Yup but here comes some support.”

A second referee comes running out of the back and slides into the ring to make the count. 1…2…..3!

JHA: “And its over, OP has done it. He’s beaten Cloud.”
JFA: “Yeah but you know Cloud won’t be giving up just like that. I think he will be livid when he comes too.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the bout and NEW AWF Television Champion…………..OP2005!”

“Welcome to my nightmare” comes back on and the ref hands OP the belt and raises his arm but as soon as he does this OP collapses to one knee. Still holding the belt he grabs his back he rolls out of the ring and starts walking to the back as Cloud finally starts to stir. OP makes it to the stage and looks back at the ring only to see Cloud starring back at him with a look of pure hate in his eyes. OP holds up the belt taunting Cloud then walks to the back as EMT’s check on Cloud.

Backstage, we find The Wild One walking down a hallway. He rounds a corner and spots Christopher Back at the catering table, filling up a cup of tea.

WO: How’s it going, Strike?

CB: You might not have been paying attention, but the name isn’t Cyberstrike anymore. It’s Christopher Back.

WO: Okay, Chris, okay…you ready for your match tonight?

CB: Christopher Back is always ready. Tonight, I cap off my return to the AWF when I climb that ladder and crown myself the new Hardcore Champion. Wolfang and Zarak won’t know what hit them. I, uh, wouldn’t be too concerned about your match though. Axer ain’t exactly Hollywood Hogan. Then again…neither are you. Good luck out there…

Christopher Back walks away with his tea as the Wild One stares after him with an annoyed expression on his face.

Elsewhere backstage, a camera finds Mr. Reilly sitting in his office, filling out a little paperwork. He gets up from his desk and heads outside and runs right into The Heartbrend Kid. The two exchange no words. They stare angrily into each other’s eyes until HBK’s expression starts to soften a bit. HBK begins to chuckle a bit, and his chuckle turns into a full-fledged laugh, and Reilly smiles and relaxes, beginning to laugh himself. The two share a good chuckle until HBK’s expression suddenly becomes deathly serious. Reilly stops laughing, and HBK gives Reilly the finger and walks on past, leaving Reilly with a confused, somewhat frightened look on his face.

AWF Press Office
2004-12-20, 11:26 AM
Amarant Odinson vs Brett Rayne

JFA: This next one has been brewing for a while, J!
JHA: Yeah, and I’ll be glad to finally see it over with.
JFA: I think most of the AWF would agree with you. Mr. Rayne, after his assault on Amarant, has been strangely absent from every show since then. We simply haven’t heard from him. He doesn’t return our calls, and frankly, I’d be surprised if he showed up tonight.

You’d better lose yourself in the music, the moment…

JHA: We’d better lose this lame-ass music…
JFA: Agreed.

“Lose Yourself” fades out before Brett even leaves the stage. He looks around, confused, and tries going backstage to see what happened before being shoved onto the ramp by a road agent. He walks to the ring as the crowd starts a “You’re a jobber!” chant. He tries climbing the turnbuckle and taunting, but gets down as an overwhelming chorus of boos almost knocks him off his feet.

“13” hits the speakers as smoke fills the arena.

RJA: Making his way to the ring… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… weighing in at 230lbs… he is The Rabid Wolverine… Amarant Odinson!

JHA: The crowd really doesn’t have much of a choice in this match… it’s back Amarant, or sit on your hands, and since our fans hate not getting into a match, I think it’s safe to assume that they’re backing Amarant here, J.
JFA: You have to assume this?

Amarant gets off of a turnbuckle and takes the towel off of his head. He and Brett lock up in the middle of the ring, and Amarant immediately gains the advantage by striking his opponent’s left knee. Rayne falls to it and Amarant immediately hits a snap suplex. He doesn’t let go of his opponent and quickly rolls into a leglock, twisting Brett’s right leg around his knee.

JFA: Amarant is really putting some pressure on the knee of Rayne there!
JHA: Amazingly observant as always.

Amarant lets go of the leglock after one more quick squeeze. Rayne gets to his feet slowly, hobbling over to the corner as Amarant stalks him from behind. Brett falls into the corner and Odinson immediately pounces, chopping his opponent several times, each strike followed by a “Wooo!” from the crowd.

JFA: Rayne certainly isn’t showing much of any offense here tonight, J.
JHA: He’s been out for weeks! This guy shouldn’t even have shown up tonight.

Rayne collapses to the mat after the fifth chop, and Amarant simply laughs. He taunts to the crowd and locks in a figure four leglock, with Brett’s legs wrapped around the ringpost.

JFA: Oh my god! Brett Rayne’s legs have to be spaghetti by now! There’s absolutely no gi-
JHA: We know. Say it and I choke you out. I mean it this time.
JFA: There’sabsolutelynogiveonthatsteelpole!
JHA: I really hate you sometimes.

Amarant is forced to break up the hold after 4 seconds, but the damage has been done. He gets Brett back to the center of the ring and locks in the Sharpshooter.

JHA: Because, you know, we’ve never seen that before.
JFA: Rayne has to tap here! He doesn’t have a choice!
JHA: Well, he does if he reaches the ropes! Rayne is somehow dragging himself there!

Rayne, seemingly using all of his strength, manages to pull himself halfway to the ropes. Amarant simply smiles again and lets him go. Rayne scrambles to the ropes and holds them like a small child holds his mother until the Rabid Wolverine pulls him completely back to the middle of the ring. A few stomps to the knee later and Rayne is back to his weakened state.

JFA: Odinson simply seems to be playing with Rayne here – this doesn’t even seem to be a challenge for him!
JHA: It isn’t, J. Simple as that.
JFA: Apparently not, because Amarant has now locked in the House of Pain! The pain on the knee of Rayne has got to be unbearable! He tapped! Brett Rayne tapped! This match is over! Amarant Odinson successfully squashes his opponent!
JHA: Squashes? How about “injures”? Amarant hasn’t released the hold yet, and Brett’s knee is badly twisted. I would be amazed if he could stand on it at all.

Amarant seems satisfied and finally lets go of the submission maneuver. Rayne collapses to the mat in shock, the bottom of his right leg perpendicular to the rest of his body. EMTs run to the ring as Amarant poses for the crowd before heading to the back.

JFA: Simply amazing. I think it’s going to be a long time before we ever see Brett Rayne again.
JHA: But I personally want to see Amarant on my screen more often! Give that man more matches! Bring more pain!


Bombshell is seen putting on the gear for his match when the door opens. Bombshell looks up and grins.

Bombshell: “Coming to beg for mercy before I kill you?”

Camera swivels and points to Hellraiser who has a big grin on his face.

Hellraiser: “No, I’m not. I am pretty new around here and I was watching some old footage. I think it was the first Syxx Feet Under pay-per-view. But anyways you had a match and you lost it. But you got a new friend. And I thought that was adorable.”

Bombshell: “What are you blathering about?”

Hellraiser: “You two were so cute together in the back that car after the ma..”

Bombshell immediately cuts him off seeing where he is going.

Bombshell: No, no, not that. That is done, that is over-with! Not again! No more!

Hellraiser: “And you know what, I saw someone who has contact with they monkey so I gave them a call and.”

Bombshell: “What the hell! No you didn’t!”

The door opens and the camera turns to it as a little chimp walks in with a trainer behind it and quickly jumps at Bombshell hugging the tall wrestler’s face. Hellraiser and the crowd start to laugh.

Hellraiser: “Well you two get re-acquainted I am going to head down to the ring, Our match is next.”

Bombshell is then seen struggling with the monkey yelling obscenities that are being muffled out by the monkey clinging to his face.

Bombshell Vs Hellraiser

Hellraiser’s music plays and he makes his way down to the ring getting ready. Smirking he looks about when suddenly Drop the Bombshell explodes in the arena, Bombshell still livid from the monkey attack just runs down to the ring and lunges at Hellraiser.

JFA: “And here we go! This match is underway and Bombshell wants some retribution for what we just saw occur.”
JFA: “Both men trading blows now. You have to believe that this is bringing up bad memories for Bombshell. I can just imagine he was screwed somewhere very uncomfortable.”
JHA: “The back of a volkswagon.”
JFA: “Yeah, remember that? Irish whip by Hellraiser. He telegraphs the back body drop and uh-oh. Solid boot to the head by Bombshell and now he is going to work stomping on Hellraiser.”
JHA: “As anyone would do.”
JFA: “Bombshell pulling his opponent back up now. Whipping him into the corner.”

Bombshell follows him to the corner and delivers closed fisted punches to the body and the referee quickly breaks it up and tries to talk to him but Bombshell just goes right back to his opponent, lifting him up and delivering a shoulder breaker then dropping a knee to his chest. He yells at Hellraiser before hauling him up and throwing him into the ropes and delivering a devastating clothes line.

JFA: “I think that knocked Hellraiser out right there to be honest.”
JHA: “I think the boot to the head knocked him out, this is just added fun.”
JFA: “Bombshell goes for the cover. 1....2... he stands back up. Apparently he is not done, because they need to be dead when you’re Bombshell. He seems to think we’re UFC now.”
JHA: “Would you play nice when you just had a monkey thrown on your face?”
JFA: “Fair enough. There’s a backbreaker by Bombshell and now he has signaled for the Atomic bomb.”
JHA: “Give him one for me! That disgusting man!”

Bombshell hits the atom bomb and then goes for another pin only letting it get to a two count again. He stands up pulling the bloodied Hellraiser up and hitting another atom bomb. Then putting his foot on his chest for the pin getting an easy three count.

JFA: “Bombshell has just dismantled Hellraiser and he isn’t done. He just grabbed the ring announcer’s chair. And what a sickening shot that was!”
JHA: “He should have just left the monkey out of this”
JFA: “But this, this isn’t needed. Another chair shot to the head, and Bombshell just shoved the referee to the outside he will not take no for an answer. There’s another head shot! His nose has to be broken, no doubt concussed beyond a healthy point. Bombshell drops the chair now.”
JHA: “Like he’s actually done.”
JFA: “This is sick. Bombshell pulling Hellraiser up again... Atom Bomb onto the chair! That had to break his back! That was violent. That was not needed, god damn it some one stop this! Get the EMTs out here! His back is probably broken! Bombshell leaving the ring now and good god he’s smiling! He is proud of what he’s done!”

*Cuts to a promo for AWF’s Edge of Survival…coming in January!

After the match, the broadcast goes backstage and finds a sweaty Bombshell walking down a hall. A man with a headset pats Bombshell on the back and says “Good match, Bombers” as he passes. Bombshell acknowledges the guy and enters his locker room, where a Christmas present sits in the bottom of his locker. Bombshell picks up the package and looks at it inquisitively, searching in vain for a tag. He turns his back to the camera and rips apart the red wrapping. He mutters, “What….what the hell?” and looks over both shoulders, confused. He lets the present fall to the floor and leaves the room, and the camera pulls in on a black t-shirt lying on the ground with a simple white logo on the front: cWo.

Close up on Joey and Flec

Joey: What a beating! Well, earlier today, cameras caught up with Sparky and Tommy preparing for their big handicap match tonight against Stone Cold Skywarp.

As the broadcast cuts away from the ring, we see video subtitled “Earlier Today” with Sparky and Tommy in the ring in an empty arena.

Sparky: Okay dude, we gotta figure out a good counter for the Stone Cold Stunner.

Tommy: Piece of cake! You distract the ref while I waffle Sky with a tire iron.

S: I’m serious! We gotta have something better than ‘there’s two of us and one of him.’

T: Okay, okay. I’ve been looking at some old AWF tapes, and there’s one thing Sky can’t pull off that move without…that kick to the gut.

S: So?

T: So, we stop the kick to the gut! Come on, try and kick me.

Sparky winds up and kicks Tommy in the side.

T: I meant kick me in the stomach you idiot!

S: Oh!

As Tommy holds his side, still recovering, Sparky winds up and boots him in the stomach. Tommy double over, holding his stomach.

T: Goddammit, Spark!

S: You told me to kick you in the stomach!

T: What the hell’s gotten into you?!?

Tommy lunges forward and kicks Sparky in the nuts, and as Sparky collapses, he reaches up and punches Tommy in the nuts. They both roll around on the mat in pain.

S: Tire iron?

T: Tire iron.

Flec: Oh yeah…those two are dead…

Stone Cold Skywarp v Sparky & Tommy

Joey: This should be an interesting handicap match here, The Rattlesnake, Stone Cold taking on the team of Sparky and Tommy. Seems a little bit lopsided though.

Flec: Yeah for Tommy and Sparky…who are these guys, new ham and eggers?

Joey: Please…though after seeing the video, one has to wonder what they have signed on for!

“Root” by the Deftones plays through the sound system of the Key Arena, and the two Scotsmen come out and play to the crowd. There are some cheers thrown at them, but not much. They reach the ring and climb opposite turnbuckles, but as they do…

Glass Shatters and Step Up begins to play. The crowd pops huge as Stone Cold walks down the ramp way.

Joey: Big ovation here for Skywarp as he makes his way to the ring.
Flec: I will never understand why people cheer for this man
Joey: Tommy not wanting to wait for Skywarp to get into the ring, he slides under the ropes and charges, but Skywarp met him with a hard fist to the face.
Flec: I was right…ham and eggers.

In the aisle way Skywarp begins to put the boots to Tommy, but shortly Sparky runs down the aisle and his Warp with a clothesline. The two teammates pull Stone Cold and begin to pummel him as the three move back toward the ring. Sparky goes to irish whip Warp into the ring post, but it is reversed and Sparky’s shoulder slams into the post.

Joey: Nice reversal by Stone Cold there, and now Tommy charges right into a drop toe hold onto the floor.
Flec: Brilliance on the part of the new guy there.
Joey: Both of Warp’s opponents are down and now he’s reaching under the ring. And oh dear, he’s got a steal chair. Stone Cold might get disqualified here.
Flec: No he won’t this match never started the bell never rang.
Joey: Good point, and Stone Cold getting ready. Tommy rising to his feet he turns.
Joey: Wow…now you’re stealing lines from a beer commercial.

Skywarp drops the chair and rolls Tommy’s deadweight into the ring. Stepping in after him the bell is finally rung, and Warp goes for the quick cover, but Sparky managed to break up the count with a stiff kick to the back of the head. Sparky begins to lay into the ribs of Skywarp with kicks, trying to keep the brawler on the ground and helpless as his teammate recovers.

Joey: A nice save there by Sparky, now laying in on Stone Cold. Pulls him up, whips Skywarp into a waiting Tommy who hits him with a hard clothesline.
Flec: I may have underestimated these two.
Joey: Did you just give them credit?
Flec: …no.

Tommy then pulls up Skywarp from the mat and lifts him to execute a tombstone piledriver, but Skywarp fights it. Warp is able to use his body weight to flip the move so he has Tommy in the piledriver position. He quickly executes the move, and Tommy bounces off the mat like a spring.

Joey: Skywarp just folded Tommy up like an accordion. Did you see the bounce of Tommy’s body after his head connected with the mat.
Flec: Yeah, that’s gotta sting a bit.
Joey: Tommy down on the mat, looks to be out cold. Sparky charging at Stone Cold now, and Lou Thesz press, Lou Thesz press. Skywarp pounding away with his fists.

After beating on Sparky, Warp plays up to the crowd which pops big for the rattlesnake. With Tommy seemingly unconscious on the mat, and Sparky taking a long time to get to his feet, Stone Cold goes and sits on the top turnbuckle in the corner just behind Sparky. As Sparky rises to his feet, he stumbles backwards into the corner where Skywarp is sitting.

Joey: Sparky just walked into the wrong corner of the ring. Stone Cold has him in a reverse front facelock. What’s he gonna do here?
Flec: Styles are you that inept to wrestling moves?
Joey: Apparently so since…oh my god, Skywarp just flipped over Sparky and landed into the Stone Cold Stunner. Sparky is out, Tommy still hasn’t moved and there’s the cover and the three count. Stone Cold picks up the victory.

Glass shatters

Flec: Styles, I think Tommy might be hurt…for real.
Joey: Whadya mean Flec?
Flec: Watch this replay of the piledriver

*Video plays of the tombstone piledriver from Stone Cold

Flec: See right here just before the impact, Tommy’s head is below the legs of Skywarp, meaning that all the force of the impact went right into his spinal column.
Joey: Wow…this is amazing that you actually did something useful
Flec: Shut it Styles.

*The cameras cut from Stone Cold having a cold one with the crowd. The broadcast cuts to the locker room area where we find Xille sitting in front of his locker in a towel, scrawling notes on a notepad. In the background, we hear a door open, and Vin Ghostal walks in wearing black dress pants and a red dress shirt with an athletic bag over his shoulder. Without saying a word, he walks to his locker across the room and begins unloading his gear. Xille continues to make notes, but as Ghostal begins to undress, the silence begins to get on Xille’s nerves as he repeatedly glances over his shoulder, waiting for his tag team partner to speak.

Xille: So, I’ve been looking over the roster…(Ghostal unbuttons his shirt)…and I think I’ve narrowed down who we might be up against…(Ghostal removes his shirt, still with his back to Xille)…unless Reilly double-books somebody, his options are seriously limited…(Ghostal removes his dress pants and pulls on his gold leather pants)…the GPA’s booked pretty solid into the War Games, and even if Reilly did offer to double-book them against us…(Ghostal pullson his black boots and gold shirt)…I don’t think they’d be interested, not with what they’ve got on the line tonight. Hey, you listenin’ to me?

VG: Not really.

X: You better, man! I’ve been working hard on this - combinations, scouting reports, injury reports, teamwork ability projections.

VG: You’re a geek.

X: No, I’m a student of this game, unlike you. It’s this “geek” work that’s gonna keep the Tag Team Championship in this locker room! I know your own goal in life is to take out the GPA, but you gotta think about the big picture, man! As long as we have these belts, we’ll always have something the GPA wants, and thus we’ll always be abler to bait them into fighting on our terms, when we see fit. We lose tonight, we lose that power! Who knows what we might be up against! We have to be prepared!

VG: Prepared? You want to talk strategy? I’ll lay out the team approach for you: stay the hell out of my way.

Ghostal grabs a towel and pushes by Xille and leaves, and Xille is left standing with his notes in hand. He looks deeply hurt by Ghostal’s comment, then his face twists in anger and he tosses his notes into the air, scattering them everywhere.

The Wild One v Axer

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first… AXER!”

Axer stands in the ring, ready to face his opponent. Or so he believes.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent…”

‘Prayer’ by Disturbed rocks the arena as the rising star from Ohio enters the arena. There is a visible shiver running through the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

JRA: “From Ohio… THE WILD ONE!”

The Wild One stands on the ring apron, looking his opponent over. He displays no visible signs of respect or disdain before hopping the top rope and continuing to stare impassively at his adversary. It seems Axer is not his enemy, but equally is somewhat unworthy of his attention. The two look each other over for another 12 seconds, which seem to extend to an eternity, before the bell rings and they lock up.

JFA: “Wild One and Axer squaring off here… quick to get things moving… Axer with a headlock… around into a hammerlock… and takes down the Wild One with a drop toehold.”

Axer stands back, admiring his handiwork, as the Wild One gets to one knee and stares him down again. This time, an inkling of disdain seems to be present in the dark eyes of the youngster. He gets back to his feet, and the two stand almost nose-to-nose. There is approximately enough room between the proboscises of the gladiators to fit a peanut M& M. In all likelihood however, the fires boiling in the blood of these two would probably melt it in about three-and-a-half minutes.

JFA: “Lock up again… Wild One with a headlock takeover… Axer counters with a leglock choke… Wild One rolls over for a schoolboy… not even a one-count… and Axer digs in with an armbar… Wild One blocks with his other hand… rolls through… and into a headlock of his own…”

The Wild One manages to hold the headlock, but Axer manages to get the two to a standing position. He backs the Wild One into the ropes, and shoots his opponent off; only to be met with a vicious clothesline from the Ohio native.

JFA: “That must be the ‘Time To Get Wild’… Cover now… and Axer just barely escapes from that pinning predicament…”
JHA: “Ah, hell… and here I was hoping they’d get this finished quick…”

Axer is still a little bit groggy from the attack by the Wild One, and is immediately given a bodyslam to help keep him in that state. The Wild One quickly drops an elbow on his fallen ‘nemesis’, and follows up with a series of several knee drops to the shoulder and bicep area of Axer.

JFA: “Smart move by the youngster… working over the arms of Axer to make sure that he can’t execute his coup de grace…”
JHA: “What exactly is Axer’s move de guerre?”
JFA: “I have no damned idea… I can’t even remember the last time I saw him wrestle…”

Axer and the Wild One lock up again, and the Wild One manages to score with a modified spinebuster slam; the impact of which causes the entire arena to collectively wince. Axer is starting to show signs of wearing down already, having vastly underestimated the strength and technical skill of the Wild One. As the Wild One attempts to tie Axer down with a modified Deathlock, Axer manages to counter with a move resulting in a three-quarter-nelson pin for a two-count. Axer attempts to keep hold of the move and turn it into some form of submission manoeuvre. The Wild One, however, merely gets to his feet- with Axer still clinging on- and manages to get hit with a double arm DDT.

JFA: “Could be a winner right there… 1… 2… and the Wild One gets a shoulder up!”

Axer runs towards the ropes, and springs back towards the Wild One with a low dropkick. The Wild One moves, and Axer gets nothing but canvas. It is also noteworthy at this point to consider that, due to the nature of the move, Axer landed rather awkwardly on his shoulder. He might as well have painted it ochre and strapped a sign to it saying ‘Weak point! Please attack here!”

JFA: “Oh… Axer’s shoulder really shouldn’t look like that…”
JHA: “I am not arguing the point… on this occasion…”

Axer gets up clutching his shoulder, and is met with an arm ringer and a wristlock by the Wild One. The move is, with some fluidity, followed through into a belly-to-back suplex: allowing the Wild One to drop Axer on his elbow and shoulder. A modified magistral cradle after this earns a two-count for the AWF’s rising star, and some more pain for Axer.

The referee persists in asking Axer if he wants to give up, as Axer folds up like an expensive origami swan. The Wild One stomps on his shoulder joint a couple of times before dragging him upright and hitting him with a single arm DDT: again attempting to dislodge the shoulder of his opponent.

JFA: “Good lord! Axer is just being punished for something…”
JHA: “The way the Wild One’s dishing it out to Axer, you’d think his past-lives involved eating babies or something…”

The Wild One drives a couple of elbows into Axer’s shoulder, and then just wrenches back on the injured limb with a modified painkiller. Axer manages to drape his left foot over the bottom rope, and the referee forces the break. Poor Noah Ordak looks like he might have a coronary any second from watching this.

JFA: “And this is all Wild One right now… Axer isn’t left with much course to do anything at this point…”
JHA: “The guy is in some pain J… his expression speaks volumes…”

Indeed, the contorted mess that passes for Axer’s face is not something pleasant to behold. And even less so when it is scrunched up like a discarded crisp packet because of the pain it’s unfortunate wearer is experiencing. The Wild One now has Axer in the centre of the ring, and has him pinned down with a modified standing crossface.

JFA: “The Wild One exhibiting quite a remarkable array of wrestling skill…”
JHA: “What you actually meant to say at that point was ‘shamelessly ripping off Amarant Odinson’…”

The Wild One delivers a couple more knee strikes to the arm of Axer and increases the pressure on his adversary. He looks as if he might attempt to just pull the arm clean off. In desperation, Axer shifts his weight to get into position for a drop toehold, and manages to turn the predicament into a slightly twisted version of a crucifix pin. The move only earns a two-count. As Axer attempts to get back to his feet, he is already being peppered with a series of punches from his opponent, who then immediately resumes working over the limb he is focused on.

He pulls Axer upright, bends him double, and drops him with a vicious shoulder breaker. So vicious is the move, in fact, that Axer’s arm falls completely limp as Axer screams out in pain. Noah Ordak calls for the bell. After some hasty whispering between himself and the referee, JRA recites the official verdict.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the referee has ruled that Axer cannot continue the bout… and therefore, as a result of a submission… here is your winner… THE WILD ONE!”

‘Prayer’ starts to play as the EMT escorts Axer out of the arena.

JFA: “Give the man his due… he’s walking out of the ring…”
JHA: “Probably because Stone Cold’s using the stretcher to keep his beer nuts on…”

Backstage, Mr. Reilly is shown talking to someone about the upcoming Tag Match.

Reilly: Once again…thanks for doing this on short notice…

The camera zooms into a close up on Reilly, who smiles broadly!

JFA: The tag titles are to be decided NEXT!

*A commercial for the new Degeneration NeXt DVD is shown!*

AWF Press Office
2004-12-20, 11:29 AM
AWF Tag Team Championship
Vin Ghostal & xille (c) vs. ?????

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the Archive Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship…”

There are some things in life that can be stopped

The music hits and Vin Ghostal bursts through onto the stage, microphone in hand. Behind him, his tag team partner struggles unsuccessfully to push his way past ahead in the aisle.

“Introducing first…”

V3: “Whoa, hold it right there, Mr… what the hell is your name, anyway? Oh, who cares. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, fear not! It is I, V3 – here to relieve you of the tedium and let you bear witness to a real man. I am your AWF Tag Team Champion, and there’s not a single team in this Fed that can beat me… and the other guy.”

Joey: “By the ‘other guy’ one would presume he means xille…”
Flec: “I can see why they pay you the big bucks. Ah, good ol’ Vinny G. Lording it with the Tag Title. I remember my Tag reign, Styles…”
Joey: “You DO have a good memory, don’t you?”

Ghostal and his partner clamber into the ring. V3 soaks up the imaginary applause and continues his speech.

V3: “I’m so glad that so many of you turned out to see me tonight. I know it’s tough sitting through all those other losers in advance, but have no doubt that watching me single-handedly pummel whatever random schmucks get sent out is going to be a thirty seconds you’ll never forget.”

Xille leans into the microphone.

Xille: “Won’t be the first time you’ve given people thirty seconds they won’t forget. That hooker who came backstage earlier didn’t stick around long, I seem to recall…”

V3: “Did anybody else hear something just then? No? Must be something up with the speakers… can we get a technician to sort that? Anyway – in the unlikely event that you’ve forgotten why I’m here, I promised to defend my title… oh, whatever… our title against any two-bit combination that Mr. Reilly could throw at me. Us. After all, I’ve beaten the best… and to think that there’s anybody left who can take us out? Well that’s just crazy. So come on, Mr. R. Bring on what ya got.”

The ring announcer steps back to the centre of the ring, shuffling through some cue-cards.

Flec: “Looks like Reilly’s already prepped young no-name. How’d that loser get more in the loop than me?!”
Joey: “Maybe because it’s his job to know it?”
Flec: “It’s MY job to know it!”
Joey: “Well then why don’t you know it?”
Flec: “Don’t make me hurt you, Styles.”

“And the opponents, and challengers. First…”

Powerman 5000’s When Worlds Collide starts to blare, as D-Extreme emerges from behind the curtain.

Flec: “You have got to be kidding me. The guy’s a tag team nobody! This’ll last long…”
Joey: “D-Extreme is a former Tag Team Champion, need I remind you, Flec. Had the honour of holding the title alongside Cyberstrike. Unlike you to be wrong…”
Flec: “Hey, given the choice between being wrong and acknowledging Cyberstrike as having ever won anything, I know which I’ll go for…”

D-Extreme slowly makes his way to ringside, stopping at the bottom of the ramp. He politely exchanges a nod with xille, as Vin Ghostal jumps around the ring in delight, unable to supress his laughter.

V3: “Oh, boy. That’s just crazy. Come on – who’s next?”

Joey: “A proverb about pride is springing to mind…”
Flec: “The one about the pride of lions who tore the young pretender to shreds? I love that story. Go on, tell it…”
Joey: “I wonder if Gene Okerlund is too busy to step in tonight…”

“The challengers. First, D-Extreme. And his partner… from Simsbury, Connecticut…”

The unmistakable sounds of Clint Eastwood fill the arena, as Ignavus slowly starts to trot to ringside, Atticus behind him.

Flec: “How many ‘s’s are there in ‘massacre’?”
Joey: “You’re not at all biased, are you?”
Flec: “What? I’m doing a crossword. Seriously…”

Ignavus reaches his partner for the night and the two immediately begin to talk strategy.

Joey: “Now, this may not be as unfair as many of you think. From what I understand, these two have known for about a week that they’d be in this match… they’ve not been thrown together at the last minute, and as such the Champions don’t have as much of an unfair advantage as you might think.”
Flec: “No, they’ve just teamed together multiple times and hold the titles. But wow… D-Extreme and Ignavus have had a whole week to prepare. Damn, I should have put my money on THEM. Kicking myself now, Joe.”
Joey: “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.”
Flec: “What the hell do you know about wit?”

V3: “Okay. Okay. Seriously. I mean come on. These two? That’s like… pathetic. This is a joke, right? Their Christmas present, Reilly? Come off it – these people paid to see V3 in a wrestling match. Where’s my real opponents? Or is this really it?”

A few moments pass.

V3: “Right. This is really it, huh? Fine. Well in that case I’m revising my challenge.”

Joey: “What? Revising it?”
Flec: “Well, he was probably expecting wrestlers… he’s within his rights.”

V3: “And this is nothing against the two of you, Atticus. I’ll take you on any night, babes. Oh… what? THEY’RE my opponents? I’m sorry, I thought it was the girl. Well in that case I’m even more offended by this whole thing. Tell you what, being as how I’m so fantastic and everything… yeah, and xille’s okay too… I’m upping the stakes. Reilly – bring it on. Two more! Two more of your jabronies. I’ll take on another pair of schmucks. The V3 can take on all comers, baby!”

Flec: “Ha. You go, Vinny!”
Joey: “Are all the former Phantom Foundation members earning a pension like yours?”
Flec: “Oh har de har.”

The lights dim and AC/DC’s Back in Black starts pumping.

Flec: “What the…”
Joey: “It’s the Mat Man. Now this is interesting… Mat Man making his way to the ring… supposedly affiliated with the GPA, but we’ve not seen him in quite a while.”
Flec: “No kidding. I was beginning to think he was dead… but like that makes a difference, just look at Jinrai’s record.”

Nmathew barges straight past Ignavus and D-Extreme on the outside and rolls into the ring, grabbing the microphone from the ring announcer.

Mat Man: “Thanks, Vinny. Now, when I first heard about your little challenge, I was first in line at Mr Reilly’s door. Wanted to take back the gold for the GPA… but it seems that wasn’t allowed, what with the other members being tied up in War Games. So I thought my time had passed… and I was ready to slip back into the shadows. But the boss was good enough to put me on standby in the event of emergency… provided I could find myself a partner. And here we are, with an emergency – you want another team to kick your ass as well? Well I’ve got just the solution for that. May I introduce to you… my partner…”

The lights go out and the Archivetron lights up.


The lights come back up as the sounds of Marilyn Manson deafen the crowd.

Flec: “AACK! Goth karaoke! My god, no!”
Joey: “It’s Y3B!! Blaster… is Mat Man’s tag team partner!! Two former Tag Team Champions. Is that enough of a challenge, Ghostal?”

Charging down to the ring, Blaster dives into the ring and he and Mat Man immediately attack the Tag Team Champions. The bell sounds and D-Extreme and Ignavus roll in and join the attack.

Joey: “And it’s bedlam in the ring right from the outset! D-Extreme and Mat Man pounding away on Ghostal… Blaster and Ignavus taking on xille. Vin Ghostal may have bitten off more than he can chew in this match.”
Flec: “He’ll be okay… it’s just that xille he’s got to look out for. Vinny’ll be pissed if that little runt gets beaten whilst he’s off playing the hero.”
Joey: “Something about just desserts… referee struggling to gain control… needs to get four of the six men out of the ring. Trying to separate Blaster and Ignavus from xille… Mat Man and D-Extreme whip Ghostal to the ropes… double clothesline… no – ducked by Ghostal, caught himself. Kick to Mat Man’s gut on the turn… and just slung him into D-Extreme. Both men down… quick cover from Ghostal but the referee’s still with the others.”

Nmat is up before V3 can even hook his leg, though. Eventually the official manages to gain control and force the others out of the ring, leaving Vin Ghostal alone with the Mat Man.

Joey: “Ghostal and Nmat back to their feet… V3 with the swing of the fist… dodged by Mat who lands one of his own! Standing headlock from Mat Man… Ghostal pushes out of it, sends his opponent to the ropes. Leapfrog from Ghostal on the return… and an armdrag takedown. Mat Man grounded in an armbar.”
Flec: “Mat Man forced to the mat, if you will.”
Joey: “I won’t, thanks all the same. Nmat forces his way back up to his feet… counters into an arm-wringer… twists again. Ducks behind… attempt at a chicken-wing! But Ghostal shifts his weight and sends Mat facefirst into the turnbuckle.”

As Nmat staggers in the corner, V3 locks in a standing side headlock in the corner before rushing out into the center of the ring and driving his opponent down with a bulldog.

Joey: “Attempt at a pin? No, Ghostal pulling Mat up again… side suplex? No – backbreaker. Now makes the cover.”
Flec: “All she wrote.”
Joey: “Strong kick-out at two from the Mat Man. Ghostal slightly irritated by the speed of the count. Picking Mat Man up again now… and just slings him into Ignavus and D-Extreme’s corner. Ignavus caught the tag off that. Seems that Ghostal fancied a change of opponent.”
Flec: “Or just another chance to gawk at Atticus. Hey, baby.”
Joey: “Don’t call me baby. I’m really not comfortable with it.”
Flec: “… whatever. You seen the way she’s been eyeing the V3? I think she likes what she sees.”
Joey: “Well, what she’s about to see is her man taking on ‘the V3.’ Ignavus stepping through the ropes… circling Ghostal, certainly wary of what to expect.”
Flec: “He probably expects a sit down and a cup of coffee after those three steps there…”

Moving in slowly, Ignavus engages Vin Ghostal with a collar and elbow tie up, which the Co-Champion quickly turns into a side headlock. Ghostal then ducks behind in a waistlock before rolling backwards into a pinning combination.

Flec: “He’s got him! One! Two!”
Joey: “Reversed by Ignavus! One! Two! Oh, Ghostal powered out. And look at the expression on his face. He can’t believe that Ignavus got him in a pinning predicament!”
Flec: “Nor the hell can I. Isn’t there a law against it?”
Joey: “Both men back to their feet. Ghostal rushes… clothesline ducked by Ignavus – and a drop toe-hold on Ghostal as he turned around! Ignavus floats across and traps V3 in a front facelock. Ghostal trying to get back to his feet, but Ignavus has got him in a death grip!”
Flec: “What the hell is happening?!”

Forcing his way back to a vertical base, Ghostal attempts to break the hold by back bodydropping his smaller opponent over his head. But Ignavus flips in mid-air and lands on his feet behind V3.

Joey: “Incredible acrobatics from Ignavus! Ghostal turns… And a hurancanrana! Ignavus with a hurancanrana out of nowhere! Makes the cover – one! two! Oh, and xille is in to break it up.”
Flec: “How long a time between heartbeats is healthy?”
Joey: “And Ghostal is up again… he’s in shock… Ignavus off the ropes… and a spinning heel kick takes Ghostal down again. But not for long… Vin Ghostal back to his feet… dazed, confused and in a state of utter disbelief. Ignavus quickly to the outside… grabs the top strand… springboard off the top rope… caught by Ghostal and a big powerslam! Crossbody countered by the former AWF Champion. No cover, though.”
Flec: “Phew. Okay I’m breathing again now…”

Stopping to regain his composure, Ghostal casually strolls across to Ignavus’ corner and plants a hard right hand on the chin of D-Extreme. As Igz’s partner tries to enter the ring to retaliate, the referee rushes across to intervene, allowing Ghostal to throw Ignavus into the opposite corner and choke him on the top rope.

Joey: “And some dubious sportsmanship of the type we’d expect here. But no – Mat Man and Blaster are in to break it up! Referee distracted by D-Extreme… Mat and Y3B doubleteaming Ghostal… double suplex. Xille is in to help… Blaster nails him with a dropkick, though… and Mat Man just planted Ghostal with a release German suplex.”
Flec: “Come on referee! This isn’t fair!”
Joey: “D-Extreme seeing what’s happening and actively trying to keep the official occupied now. They say that turnabout is fair play… and Ghostal’s attempt to get an unfair advantage just backfired on him. Y3B and Mat out of the ring now. D-Extreme backing off, too. Ghostal and Ignavus both lying flat on the mat. Igz trying to crawl across to a corner… any corner. Xille back to his feet on the apron now. Referee counting both men…”

As the referee reaches four, Ghostal jolts upright with a start, completely winded but trying to regain his footing. Seeing Ignavus inching towards the corner, he tries to slide across but can’t get there in time.

Joey: “Ignavus with the tag, and now Blaster’s in! Y3B against Vin Ghostal… Blaster a house of fire! Flurry of right hands on the man who beat him for the AWF Championship nearly a couple of years back now! Whips him to the ropes… knee lift takes the co-champion down!”
Flec: “This isn’t good! Come on, xille!”
Joey: “Xille in, indeed – coming to his partner’s aid, but eats an enziguri from Y3B! Blaster scooping V3 up now… Stiff Beat!”
Flec: “Oh god no…”
Joey: “Cover from Blaster… one! two! Oh, shoulder just comes up from Vin Ghostal.”
Flec: “Thank Allah.”
Joey: “Y3B pulling V3 up now… and tags in Mat Man… holds him in place and Nmat with a hard chop to the chest of the co-champion.”

As the referee directs Blaster out of the ring, Mat Man goes to suplex Ghostal but breaks off when he receives a thumb to the eye.

Joey: “Not entirely legal course of action from Vin Ghostal there. Nonetheless, effective. Forearm blow to the jaw of Mat Man. And a European uppercut by Ghostal. Snapmare takedown… and a stiff kick to the back!”
Flec: “That’ll sting in the morning!”
Joey: “Ghostal finally deciding he’s had enough and makes the tag out to the person nearest him – D-Extreme. Ghostal leaving the ring now, and uncharacteristically trying to help xille back upto his feet on the apron. Xille not even been in the match officially yet, of course.”
Flec: “Who needs him anyway? This is the V3 show!”
Joey: “Really? I thought it was Regenesis. Anyway, D-Extreme into the match for the first time now. Pulling up Mat Man… but Nmat with an inside cradle! One! Two! Oh, powered out by D-Extreme. Both men up… and D-Extreme with a kick to the gut. Scoop slam… no, Mat Man slips out over the top… and a German suplex! D-Extreme just folded up like an accordion!”
Flec: “I care?”
Joey: “Mat Man rolling over to make the cover! One! Two! Three!”
Flec: “Ohohohoh! You see that?”
Joey: “Referee declaring it void – D-Extreme’s foot was on the bottom rope…”
Flec: “Yeah, but did you see who put it there?”
Joey: “Atticus.”
Flec: “Atticus indeed. She’s making her presence felt. And Mat Man didn’t spot it was her.”
Joey: “Blaster did, though. Y3B shouting abuse at her whilst Mat Man hauls D-Extreme up again… Going for that Brainbuster he likes…”

As Mat Man hoists D-Extreme up, Atticus leaps up onto the apron, prompting Blaster to come into the ring and across to force her down.

Flec: “Temper temper, B! Oh, that’s gonna hurt!”
Joey: “Brainbuster on D-Extreme… but the referee more preoccupied with Blaster’s presence in the ring, trying to force him out. Hasn’t spotted the cover.”
Flec: “And Ignavus down at ringside! He just grabbed one of the title belts – V3 won’t be happy about that!”
Joey: “I don’t… Ignavus just threw the belt into the ring. Referee arguing with Blaster… Nmat with the cover… and Atticus is into the ring… grabs the belt. Nmat up to see what’s going on…”
Flec: “Lights out!!”
Joey: “I don’t believe it! Atticus just clocked Mat Man with the title belt! Blaster saw it clean but the referee restraining him – official didn’t see it! Xille and Ghostal watching in shock from the apron! Atticus draping D-Extreme across Nmat’s chest…”
Flec: “I love it! That’s brilliant! You go, girl!”

Shoving the title belt out of the ring, Atticus slides back out to the floor as Ignavus leaps through the ropes and clotheslines Blaster over the top, freeing the referee’s attention.

Joey: “Blaster taken out by Ignavus! And… oh no, not like this… referee down to count. One… two… three! It’s done! Mat Man and Blaster are out of here!”
Flec: “Ha. That’s brilliant. Now it’s Ghostal and the other guy against the two nobodies. Ah, sweet victory.”

The crowd look on in shock as two more referees come down the ramp to separate the brawling Ignavus and Blaster before escorting the young Canadian away.

Joey: “And Blaster is livid. Understandably so.”
Flec: “Great, isn’t it?”
Joey: “Ghostal into the ring now… taking advantage of the damage done to D-Extreme by Nmat. Stomping away on his prone form. Drags him up… side slam? No, backbreaker. Heads to the corner. Hoists himself up onto the second turnbuckle… and drives the elbow into D-Extreme’s sternum.”
Flec: “Ah, I love this bit. Just watching him take somebody apart.”
Joey: “It is just friendship between you two, right?”
Flec: “I will hurt you, Styles. Just give me a reason.”

Standing up, Ghostal takes in the crowd before glancing down at Atticus and blowing her a kiss.

Joey: “Great. Now Captain Branaghan has spotted a woman.”
Flec: “I never should have let you watch my Futurama tapes. He’s just thanking her for getting rid of the Canuck and the other guy.”
Joey: “Ghostal now giving the finger to Ignavus. Standing back, letting D-Extreme come back around in his own time. And D is up. Ghostal moving in again… sends him to the ropes – no, reversal – Casper off the ropes… and a big spinebuster from D-Extreme!”

Writhing in agony, V3 manages to haul himself up with surprising speed, but walks straight into a hard punch from his foe. D-Extreme unloads with a flurry of punches before whipping Ghostal to the ropes and connecting with a big boot on the way back.

Joey: “And D-Extreme going to town on Ghostal! Running on pure adrenaline. Makes the tag to Ignavus, but doesn’t leave the ring… scoops him up… Ignavus going to the top rope… bodyslam by D-Extreme. Could this be it? A yawn from Ignavus… Four AM Flyer!!”
Flec: “And that flight has been cancelled!”
Joey: “Vin Ghostal… somehow getting his knees up, and Ignavus having the wind knocked right out of him. D-Extreme staring in disbelief, the referee escorting him out of the ring now. Ghostal trying to get back up… Xille on the far side, screaming for the tag. Still hasn’t officially been in this match, yet. Yet another example of Ghostal’s belief that he can do it all himself.”
Flec: “It’s a justified belief. The only reason xille even has a belt is because the rules say there needs to be two of you.”
Joey: “That’s a debatable matter. I happen to believe that xille is a highly talented individual who deserves a place on this team.”
Flec: “You know what I said earlier about you and wit? I take it back. You’re hilarious!”

Slowly crawling towards his corner, Ghostal extends his arm out towards his partner.

Joey: “Looking like V3 may have finally realised he needs some help now. Ignavus rolling towards the ropes, trying to haul himself up. Ghostal reaching out… oh, no. Not grabbing the outstretched hand, just the middle rope. Hauling himself up now. Xille holding his hand out still… Ghostal looks at the hand, looks at xille… smirking away way xille’s gone nuts.”
Flec: “He doesn’t need him, Styles. What have I been telling you?”
Joey: “Xille screaming at Ghostal to tag him in… but V3 just turns his back on him. Going across to Ignavus now… and a hard clothesline takes him down. Drags him back up… and what’s this? Abdominal stretch. Hooked in to take advantage of the inevitable rib injuries sustained on that frog splash.”
Flec: “Ah, he knows what he’s doing alright.”
Joey: “Yeah… he’s blowing kisses at Atticus again.”
Flec: “Heh. I would. Hey – did she just… she smiled back at him.”
Joey: “Not just a smile but a wink!”
Flec: “That’s unbelievable! V3 has got her man locked in that hold right in front of her… and she’s flirting with him!”
Joey: “Well, considering how quickly she dropped the Big Ragebowski, I can’t really pretend to be stunned.”

Smiling, Atticus jumps up onto the apron to get a closer look.

Flec: “Oh, she likes what she sees. This could be the beginning of something beautiful, Styles.”
Joey: “And Ghostal flinging Ignavus down to the mat. Coming across to Atticus, now. Referee heading over, too. Trying to keep the participants minds on the match. Also keen on getting Atticus off the apron – she’s got no business up there.”
Flec: “Oh, who’s complaining?”
Joey: “The match official, for a start. Putting himself between them now… asking Atticus to step down. Ghostal pleading his case. Xille into the ring, now. Coming across…”

Eager to get the match restarted, Xille plants his hand on his partner’s shoulder and spins him around. Reacting instinctively out of annoyance, Vin Ghostal immediately turns and sucker punches his co-Champion.

Flec: “Oh dear…”
Joey: “And Ghostal just nailed his own partner! He didn’t realize who it was!”
Flec: “And from the looks of things, he ain’t too bothered! Accidents will happen.”
Joey: “Xille’s up again, and he’s furious! Going eyeball to eyeball with Ghostal. Atticus still on the apron arguing with the referee… and Ignavus is up!”
Flec: “Vinny G! Look out!”
Joey: “Ignavus with a running knee right into the back of Ghostal! Sent him right into the referee! Official’s gone through the ropes!”
Flec: “And Atticus just grabbed Igz! Tying him up in the ropes!”
Joey: “D-Extreme in to break it up… but Ghostal with a hard right takes him down… and just slings him over the top rope! Atticus has just tied up her man in ropes… he’s trapped. Ghostal eyeing up his victim.”

Seeing what his partner intends, and still fuming from the earlier punch, Xille steps in between Ghostal and Ignavus whilst Atticus drops to the ground and grabs a steel chair from ringside.

Joey: “Oh, no. That two-timing harlot. Atticus sliding into the ring now with that chair. That’s disgusting.”
Flec: “Way to go, Vinny G! Got himself one hand full of chair and one handful of something else into the bargain!”
Joey: “Xille pleading with his partner not to do what I think he’s going to do. Atticus pushing him away. Xille furious with her as well…”
Flec: “Oh YES!”
Joey: “And Vin Ghostal just leveled his own partner with that chair! That is disgraceful!”
Flec: “Oh, boo hoo. Hey, hang on. D-Extreme’s trying to revive the referee. Be quick, Vinny G!”

Kicking his partner’s unconscious form out of the ring, Ghostal lines up the chair to smash the trapped Ignavus over the head with. But before he can swing, Atticus steps in front of him.

Joey: “Now what?”
Flec: “Oh… oh, she wants to do it! A parting gift. I love it.”
Joey: “Ghostal loving this. Handing Atticus the chair. This is disgusting… Atticus lining up the shot…”
Flec: “WHAT THE HELL?!!”

The crowd explodes as Atticus turns 180 and drives the chair into the face of Vin Ghostal, knocking him clean out. Acting quickly, she throws the chair out of the ring and frees Ignavus from the ropes.

Joey: “Atticus… I don’t believe what I’m seeing. D-Extreme helping the referee back into the ring… Ignavus heading up top now. Ghostal out cold in the middle of the ring. Atticus to the floor and checking on the condition of xille…”
Joey: “Language! Ignavus on the top… the yawn… the frog splash… CONNECTS! Four AM Flyer lands on Vin Ghostal! Referee’s back in! Hook of the leg… one! Two! Three! It’s all over! We’ve got new Tag Team Champions!!”
Flec: “I… I…”
Joey: “Ladies and gentlemen, The Flec is speechless! I can’t believe what we just witnessed! D-Extreme and Ignavus being handed their title belts now… Atticus back into the ring. Embracing both men… this is… unbelievable.”
Flec: “She PLAYED him! That bitch PLAYED Vinny G! She should burn in hell! She doesn’t know what she’s missing!”
Joey: “And some EMTs are out now… seeing to xille out on the floor. Busted open pretty badly by his so-called partner. Something tells me they won’t be teaming again any time soon. Xille never even officially got into the match… Ghostal wanted to do it all by himself. And look where it got him.”
Flec: “That BITCH.”
Joey: “Deal with it, Flec. Deal with it. Right now, we’ve got new AWF Tag Team Champions. They owe a great deal of it to one woman, but I’m sure those two men can live with that. A great night for them. But now, let’s cut backstage, where I think we’ve got another interview coming up…”


Viewfind, the Game and HBK are shown watching the Tag Match, all three men laughing.

Game: You know, what happened to Tapedeck really sucks…but damn there is nothing funnier than seeing Caspernova strike out and drop the belts like that!

Viewfind: Hell yeah, the only problem I have, is that Blingzilla wasn’t the one to lay that specter out!

HBK: Oh come on Summers…the only reason you even watched the match is cause you want to shag that Atticus lass, not that I can blame you.

Game: Why Mr. O’Con, are you suggesting that my intentions with the lovely Ms. Atticus be anything but pure and noble.

Viewfind and HBK look at each other and begin laughing hysterically.

Viewfind: You homes, that’s some funny **** right there…I gotta get ready, peace fellas!

HBK: Oh mate…if I thought you were serious, I would know you were completely off your bird.

Game: Ah…go get ready Peroxide Kid…

The two friends shake hands smiling as HBK leaves the Game’s dressing room. Suddenly Morpheus appears in the doorway…

Morpheus: All the happy family…all except me…

Game: What?

Morpheus: It’s all happy in the family here…a family of degenerates…but there’s no place for me! *Morpheus begins to shriek*
Game: Hey! None of that man…Six wasn’t here…and you’re a key part of this team! You with me?

Morpheus: I…

Game: DN is family Morph…whatever we’ve been through in the past, it is that. Tonight, we all go out together…

Morpheus looks away and says nothing, opting to leave, the Game is shown visibly concerned.

JHA: Yeah…and where WAS the Welsh Blunder?

JFA: I…don’t know…maybe he isn’t here yet!

JHA: Right…or he wasn’t invited to the party would be my guess…he is kind of a nerd!

*A Commercial for the Official Sponsor of the AWF, http://tfarchive.com/ is shown! Log on and check out the homepage that supports the AWF Today!*

TLC Hardcore title match: Wolfang (c) vs. Auros vs. Scarecrow vs. Zarak vs. Christopher Back vs. Judge Death

JFA: This is it, folks. A match promising to be a brutal and action packed event, a tables, ladders and chairs...

JHA: Oh my!

JFA: ...match for the hardcore title. As you can see, the title hangs above the ring, waiting for someone, anyone to get their hands on it.

JHA: Agreed, what a match we're getting. And personally I think it's only fair that Auros gets a chance to reclaim his hardcore title that was wrongfully stolen from him.

JFA: He lost it in a fair match!

Oasis' "F***ing in the Bushes" starts to play and the AWF's only Mexican superstar enters, throwing insults to the crowd. He
doesn't seem to care that no one in the audience speaks Spanish and thus has no idea what he's saying. Auros has barely made his way to the ring when his entrance music stops and the sounds of Ministry fill the arena.

JFA: Scarecrow's the next participant, a relative newcomer in the AWF. He hasn't been here that long and already he has a chance to capture gold.

JHA: Yeah, don't you just love pity title shots...

JFA: Scarecrow's in the ring and next up is Christopher Back, who doesn't look a bit pleased.

JHA: Of course he doesn't. He's a great technical wrestler, he shouldn't be forced to compete against these hoodlums and

JFA: I thought you liked Auros.

JHA: Of course I like Auros. He may be a thug but he's the best kind of thug there is! A cool thug!

All three men are in the ring, shouting off one another when Zarak enters, to a chorus of boos. The man who's been at the top
of the tag division and one of the most loved AWF superstars for a long time, ignores the boos and continues his way to the ring. Judge Death soon follows him, looking almost as enthusiastic about the match as Back.

JFA: That Death is weird one. He's got a chance to become the AWF hardcore champion but he looks like he'd rather be anywhere else.

JHA: You know, wrestling organizations have a weirdo quota. At least I think they do, I don't see any other reason for continuing employment of OP, Morpheus and the likes...

JFA: Death in the ring, now the only one missing is the...hey!!

JHA: Scarecrow just attacked Judge Death!

JFA: Scarecrow starting this match early, probably figured he'd have the best chance against another newcomer, Judge Death. And Auros just leveled Christopher Back from behind, this thing is getting ugly soon.

JHA: Just like you did as a baby.

JFA: Scarecrow and Death brawling, Auros stomping on Back and we're still waiting for the hardcore champion.

JHA: So is Zarak, he's gotten out of the ring and is waiting for Wolfang on the ramp.

JFA: And here he comes! Running down the ramp... and a spear to Zarak! Wolfang wasting no time here, spearing through his old tag team partner!

Wolfang picks Zarak up, gives him a few elbows to the head and rolls him back into the ring. Auros noticed the final entrant and leaves Back alone. He charges at Wolfang only to be dropped by a high elbow. Meanwhile Death is getting the upper hand against Scarecrow, delivering a right hand after another. Death goes to ropes for some momentum but Scarecrow manages to duck the clothesline attempt and Death runs straight into a Samoan Drop by Christopher Back. Back looks at Scarecrow for a second but then turns his attention to Zarak who's trying to get up. A couple of stiff kicks keeps the Englishman down until Back is ready to pick him and hit him with a vertical suplex.

JFA: Zarak is down, Death is down and Scarecrow is only just getting up. Wolfang is hammering Auros, Auros goes for a
discus punch and misses, Wolfang grabs him from behind... Midnight's Fire?

JHA: No! Auros gets loose, pushes Wolfang away and rolls out of the ring. Good strategy, champ!

JFA: He's not the champion anymore!

JHA: He'll always be a champion to me. Auros not in a hurry to get back into the ring, he seems to be looking for a weapon.

JFA: Well there won't be any shortage of weapons, the ringside is filled with tables, ladders, chairs...

JHA: Oh my!

JFA: ...and you know there's a ton more under the ring apron. Auros grabs the chair and shouts something probably very rude to Wolfang.

JHA: Auros? Rude? Say it isn't so!

JFA: But Auros was just baiting Wolfang, Back is behind him.. and the Breakdown on Wolfang, this early in the match!! Wolfang is down, Auros slides in the ring with the chair.

Back and Auros stand face to face, Auros with the chair. Back tries to taunt him, shouting he doesn't need those, referring to
the weapon Auros is holding. Auros cares as much as usually, swings the chair back but is stopped by Scarecrow who grabs
the chair from behind. Auros turns around to see his attacker but Back sees the advantage and nails Auros from behind.
Scarecrow looks at Back, still holding the chair but his attention is suddenly caught by an attacking Zarak. Scarecrow ducks
the clothesline attempt and drops Zarak with the chair. Once again it's just Christopher Back and Scarecrow in the ring,
looking at one another. Suddenly both men get the same idea as they roll out of the ring and go for a ladder.

JFA: We've been for some time without a ladder in the game, and now we're getting two.

JHA: This is getting more exciting by the minute! Back pushes the ladder into the ring, Scarecrow trying to do the same thing,
but Auros is there, and a baseball slide sends those ladders straight into the face of Scarecrow!

JFA: Auros still a bit out of there, shaking his head and trying to clear the cobwebs. He doesn't see Death, who's up too, and
a clothesline sends both men over the top rope! Now it's Back all alone in the ring and he's got a ladder!! This might over
before you know it!

JHA: Back sets up the ladder, he's climbing up. He's going to win this!

JFA: No, Wolfang is up, he's recovered from the Breakdown. And a powerbomb from the ladder to Christopher Back!
Scarecrow is in the ring too, and a running neck breaker to Wolfang!

JHA: This is just amazing. You can't take your eyes of the ball for a second, and there's six balls in the game. It's like the
greatest pinball game ever!

JFA: Scarecrow looks at the ladder and the title hanging high up in the air, he sees his opportunity.

JHA: But Zarak is up, and he doesn't look a bit pleased.

JFA: Scarecrow turns around and meets a series of right hands by Zarak. Scarecrow staggering back by the force of Zarak's
blows, Zarak goes to the ropes and clothesline drops the rookie down!

JHA: Now's Zarak's chance, he can... what is he doing?

JFA: It seems that at the moment punishing Wolfang is more important to Zarak than winning the hardcore title. Zarak picks
Wolfang up, a scoop slam and a leg drop!

Ringside, Auros throws Judge Death into the steel steps, taking care of the strange one. He sees Zarak not making a move
towards the ladder and knows he's got time. He grabs one table and slides it into the ring. Then he gets another one and sets it
up by the ring, with evil intentions no doubt. He picks up Judge Death and puts him into the powerbomb position. Signaling
the end for Death, he takes a bit too much time as Death is able to get his thoughts back together and counters Auros with a
back body drop. Inside the ring Back is getting up while Zarak lays the boots on Wolfang. He sees the table Auros pushed
into the ring and grabs it. Keeping his eye on the former Blood & Thunder he sets the table against the corner. Before he can
do anything else, Scarecrow interrupts the tag team reunion and hits Zarak with a low dropkick to the knee.

JFA: Scarecrow now going for Zarak, and Back decides to get on Wolfang's case. Auros is still down outside the ring and
Judge Death... well, he seems to be a bit uninterested at the moment.

JHA: He'll never achieve anything in this business, he doesn't even care for the title.

JFA: I think it's more about what that particular title represents that he has no interest in.

JHA: In layman terms: He's a wussy.

JFA: Scarecrow trying to prove that he definitely isn't a wussy, clubbing blows to the back of Zarak, and a knee to the face!
And Wolfang is in trouble with Back, Back badmouthing him and whips him to the tabled corner!

JHA: But Death is in the ring and he drops Wolfang with a shoulder block before he can hit the table! Wolfang rolls out of the

JFA: Back shouting to Death, I think he's disappointed that Wolfang didn't go through a table.

JHA: Him and me, both.

JFA: Back charges, and a back body drop by Death, and Christopher Back goes through the table!! His spine must've hit the
ring post too!

JHA: Look at that idiot, Death looks almost sorry for putting Back through a table... I mean, of course he should be sorry. He
had no right to do that.

JFA: Death looks around, searching for sinners or something...

JHA: Don't look here, chump!

JFA: Scarecrow and Zarak still battling it out, and Death decides to take the easy road. He's climbing the ladder!

JHA: No! Not that fool!

JFA: Death is slowly getting up... he might win this!

While Judge Death is trying to get his sweaty palms on the hardcore title belt Zarak and Scarecrow are changing blows. A big
punch by Zarak sends Scarecrow staggering back against the ladder, and a big boot by Zarak drops the Fields of Pain
resident... and the ladder, sending Judge Death flying over the top rope. Auros and Wolfang, in the meantime, have found a
pastime they both enjoy as they both try to pummel each other to next Friday. Zarak sees the duo and decided to get in
between. He baseball slides Wolfang into the ground, but Auros reacts quickly, grabs Zarak's feet and pulls him outside.
Zarak tries to get up but a kick to the midsection and a DDT on the floor by Auros stop him efficiently.

JFA: This is absolute mayhem, Auros is the only one standing at the moment and the ring is filled with tables, ladders and

JHA: Oh my!

JFA: You're going to do that every single time, aren't you?

JHA: Probably.

JFA: Just great. Christopher Back is slowly recovering from flying through a table, Scarecrow seems to be moving too. Judge
Death, who was dropped from the ladder to the outside isn't showing any signs of life, though.

JHA: At least not any signs of intellectual life.

JFA: Why do you hate him so much?

JHA: What a stupid question. It's like asking why do I hate you so much.

JFA: Figures. Auros slides in the ring, grabs the chair and quickly stops Scarecrow's attempts to get back to a vertical
position. And now it's only Auros and Christopher Back, two so different wrestlers!

JHA: Auros throws a big punch, Back is reeling but manages to give a punch of his own, and Auros staggers back. Both men
gone through so much already, they haven't got much energy left.

JFA: Both men exchanging right hands, neither is willing to quit... wait, there's Wolfang, and a double face buster on Auros and
Back! Wolfang takes the ladder, sets it up under the title belt, he intends to win this right here.

Wolfang starts to climb the ladder, but the match has taken it's toll and his ascend is both slow and painful. Zarak, who's
recovered from the DDT sees what's happening, enters the ring and starts to climb the other side of the ladder. Both members
of the now dead Blood & Thunder try to climb to the top while constantly trying to stop each other. Neither man has time to
concentrate on anything other but each other, so they don't see Christopher Back getting up or Judge Death coming back into
the ring. Wolfang's rise to the top is suddenly stopped as Death climbs the ladder behind him, grabs a hold around his throat
and drops him down with a flashback. For a moment Zarak believes his victory is now sure, but he soon realizes that that's
not to be as Back climbs behind him and hits him with a german suplex. The crowd is on their feet as all four men lie in a heep
and the remaining two, Auros and Scarecrow trying to get back to their feet.

JFA: Auros and Scarecrow the last two men standing, are they going to duke it out?

JHA: It seems so... no, Auros just grabbed Zarak and Zarak is in no condition to fight back... Diarrea Atomico on Zarak!

JFA: Scarecrow seems to get the idea, take care of the fallen men first, make sure they won't interfere. Scarecrow takes
Judge Death, picks him up, and powerbomb through the table outside the ring!! That must be it for Judge Death!

JHA: Hey, when you're in a hardcore TLC match and refuse to use weapons, that's what usually happens to you.

JFA: Auros is concentrating on Christopher Back, and Scarecrow decided this truce is over! Double axe handle on Auros,
Back and Scarecrow whip Auros to the ropes and a double shoulder block! These two men work quite well together...

JHA: Yeah, but only one of them can win the match and the title. So this team won't be together much longer.

JFA: Well, they didn't have time for it either, Wolfang from behind takes out Scarecrow! Back tries to swing him, Wolfang
ducks and a full nelson slam on Christopher Back! Scarecrow back up, and Crimson Twilight to Scarecrow! Scarecrow is
out of it and he rolls out of the ring. Auros tries to charge and Wolfang hits him with a side walk slam!

Wolfang sees the bodies around him and outside the ring. He knows that if there's a time when this match can be won, it's
now. He starts to climb the ladder, all by his lonesome. Zarak struggles to get up, and sees his former tag team partner close
to victory and decides to stop him. Zarak grabs Wolfang's ankle and stops him. He's not strong enough after the piledriver by
Auros, though and after a while Wolfang manages to kick Zarak off of him. That gave Back, however, a chance to get back
to his feet and start climbing the ladder from the other side. Both men exhausted, they slowly climb up trying to reach the
hardcore belt that hangs above them.

JFA: Christopher Back and Wolfang on the top of the ladder, exchanging blows, they both want the title!

JHA: They're barely hanging there, both of them look ready to fall any second now! Auros tries to interfere, but Zarak is
already up and the Venom Blade on Auros! Auros is down!!

JFA: Zarak takes the chair, and hits Wolfang in the back with it! Back doesn't see Zarak, he doesn't know what happened..
Breakdown on Wolfang!! Back hits the Breakdown from the top of the ladder!! But that took a lot from Back, he's down

JHA: And Zarak is the only one standing, he climbs the ladder! Back tries to get up, but he's too slow!

JFA: Zarak is at the top of the ladder, he reaches for the title belt... and he's got it!! Zarak wins the match! He's the new
hardcore champion!!

JHA: Back falls down from exhaustion, Scarecrow gets up outside the ring only to see that the match is already over. These
men gave all they got, but in the end it was Zarak who ended up on top!

Zarak rolls out from the ring, holding the title belt high up in the air and holding his side, in agony but still in joy. It is apparent
from the look on his face that even though it was great to win the hardcore championship, it was even greater to win it from a
man he once called his best friend.

Backstage, we find Mike McClintock standing with T.C.

MM: T.C., we’re just moments away from the War Games match between Team GPA and the combination of D-Generation Next and the AWF. Your thoughts.

TC: Morpheus. Sixswitch. HBK. Erik Summers. And, of course, Homoslice himself. For weeks, I’ve been hearing about this incredible all-star team D-Next has put together, every one of them a former world heavyweight champion. Forgive me if I’m not impressed. Tonight is not about the world championship. Tonight is not about being an all-star. Tonight is about being a crew, a unit…a team….five men working as one. I would not trade the men on my team for a hundred former champions. They call this match the War Games for a reason. Tonight, TC and his men go to war, war against the establishment, war to rebuild the wrestling world from scratch with three letters carved into the foundation…G….P…..

T.C. stops in mid-sentence and stares straight ahead as the camera pulls back and reveals Viewfind standing before him.

VF: ….A. Just wanted to catch up with you before you take off, man.

TC: I’m not going anywhere.

VF: Sure you is! Once the match over, they gon’ take you out to da ambulance, put on dem wailers…sh*t, who knows next time we gon’ see each other? I’ll try and catch you after the match, dawg. Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllll!

Viewfind gives T.C. the GPA gesture sarcastically and walks away. TC takes a step forward but thinks better of it. He shakes his head and walks away in the opposite direction.

The broadcast cuts from T.C., and we find Sixswitch and The HeartBrend Kid making their final preparations in the locker room for the War Games match.

SS: "I need to know something, HBK."

HBK: "Yeah..."

SS: "Going into tonight, I've already mentally prepared myself for some serious punishment. Everybody in this match is going to take a beating, that much is certain. Everybody's gonna get kicked around inside that cage...I need to know that of all the guys kicking me around, one of them ain't gonna be you."

HBK: "Now what would give you such a crazy idea?"

SS: "I've been kicked enough times by you to know I'd rather not be kicked again...and you've been dropped enough times by the Welsh Wonder to know that giving me a reason to drop you again would be a big, big mistake."

HBK: "Is that a threat?"

SS: "Not at all...all I need is a promise."

HBK: "I don't make promises. I'm never sure when I'll have to break them."

HBK and Sixswitch eye each other suspiciously until Erik Summers pokes his head through the open doorway.

ES: "It's time."

AWF Press Office
2004-12-20, 11:30 AM
Main Event: AWF War Games III:

Team GPA: TC (Team Captain), Tempest, Big Daddy Rav, P? and Divebomb


Team DN: AWF IC Champion: The Game Erik Summers (Team Captain), The HeartBrend Kid Sean O’Con, Sixswitch, Morpheus and Viewfind

JRA takes the microphone as the massive cage begins its descent from the ceiling to cover the two rings as the ever menacing War Games theme music plays…

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen…this is the main event…and it is time for the War Games! Before we begin the match and make the introductions I will cover the stipulations and the rules. First off, these are the stipulations for this match.

1.) The winning team will be in complete control over the January 3, 2005 edition of Mayhem. They will be able to make any match they choose, and anything decreed on that Mayhem will be enforced by the AWF Board of Directors and the Chairman, Mr. Brendan O Reilly. As such, the winning team will decide the fate of the currently vacated AWF World Title.

2.) The winning team will be allowed to either book whatever opponent they choose at Edge of Survival, the AWF’s January PPV OR they will be allowed to pick from the final five numbers of the Royal Rumble held at that PPV.

3.) Finally, it has been decreed that should Team DN win, Viewfind will have complete control over the name and franchise licensing associated with the GPA. Conversely, should Team GPA win, Mr. Reilly will have the same control over the name and licenses associated with Degeneration NeXt.

And here are the rules for the War Games. The match takes place in these two side by side rings, enclosed by this cage. There are NO Disqualifications, there are NO Countouts, and there are NO Pinfalls. The only way to win the match is to make a member of the opposing team SUBMIT or SURRENDER!

Mr. Reilly has declared that the Team Captains, Erik Summers representing Team DN and TC representing Team GPA, must begin the match. These two will battle one on one for the first 5 minutes of the match. At that point, a buzzer will sound. As Team DN has won the coin toss, they will have the first fresh man to enter the War Games. After 2 minutes, Team GPA will get their next member. This will continue alternating at 2 minute intervals until the final man from Team GPA enters the cage. At this time, the referee will enter the cage for the sole purpose of declaring a winner once one or more members of one of the teams submits or surrenders. The match cannot be ended until all 10 men have entered the match! The match will not be stopped due to injury, blood loss or loss of consciousness…only submission or surrender!

JFA: That about spells it out…so much at stake! This match is built for injury…it is a career shortening, if not ending match!

Flec: Seriously! Did you not say that last year? Someone get me a soundbyte from last year’s War Game match!

JFA: Joey, how do you put up with him.

Joey: Patience…infinite patience…and the occasional sip of whiskey!

Flec: I KNEW IT!

JFA: You have some handy?

Flec: Drunken, red necks…I’m surrounded by incompetence!


Flec: And the pain gets oh so worse…

You think you could tell us what to do?
You think you could tell us what to wear?
You think that you're better?
Well you better get ready
Bow to the masters...

Break it down!

Flec: Have I ever mentioned how much I hate this guy?

Hey! Nothing you can say, nothing's gonna change what you done to me.Now it's time to shine, I'm gonna take what's mine!

Hey! Nothing you can say, nothing's gonna change what you done to me.Now it's time to shine, I'm gonna take what's mine!
You're gonna burn in my light

They tried so hard to follow, but no-one can.
Inside you're all so hollow, you understand?

JRA: Making his way to the War Games…the team captain of Team Degeneration NeXt! From St. Paul, Minnesota...he is the AWF Intercontinental Champion…the Game, Erik Summers!

Flec: Yep…hatred…

Joey: Will you stop?

Flec: Hating him? Not in this life time…

JFA: I think we know exactly where the Cerebral Assassin will be heading.

Flec: Yeah…cause he lacks the common sense to start in the fricking ring…

*The IC Champion stands looking up at the top of the cage. He is donning a brand new set of black and green Degeneration NeXt ring wear. He pulls of his old school Black with green lettering G91…deal with it…t-shirt and tosses it to an attractive female fan, hands the IC belt to the official, shoots the ref a grin, which induces a shake of the head from the ref along with an admonishment. The Game cockily snaps his gum in the ref’s face before beginning to climb to the top of the cage…there he poses for the fans in trademarked fashion awaiting TC.

JRA: And…the opposing captain…


Flec: Damn right!

Drones since the dawn of time
Compelled to live your sheltered lives
Not once has anyone ever seen
Such a rise of pure hypocrisy
I'll instigate I'll free your mind
I'll show you what I've known all this time

God Hates Us All, God Hates Us All
You know it's true God hates this place
You know it's true he hates this race!

JRA: Representing the GPA, from Chicago, IL…he is the Whole F’N show…TC!

Flec: Don’t forget, Mr. PPV!

Joey: What are you, his new PR guy?

TC comes out donning a newly designed singlet. While he still has his staple Yin Yang and CFH airbrushed on the singlet, he now has a large GPA emblem on the back. TC nods towards the Game and begins the climb up top.

Flec: Come on…TC BE SMART!

JFA: These guys no strangers to high risk situations, no strangers to danger…

Flec: Strangers to danger?!? You’ve got to be kidding me…

JFA: Can I finish a statement, just once?

Flec: I think that statement about finished itself pal.

Joey: And the Game backing into the center of the cage, motioning as if to welcome TC to the cage. The two men are on top, the officials, both looking perplexed order the time keeper to start the countdown and we are off…TC…the Game…these two men were part of the headlining card at Archivemania II in a match that could only be described as a pure war…it was unsanctioned, it was a street fight…it was bloody and brutal and here they are again…in this cage, they both know each other and this structure so very well…and a lock up…Game with a duck under, go behind into a waste lock and take down. The cage shaking with the takedown.

JFA: So much risk up top there…at any given moment that top can cave in as we have seen before. No one has pointed out that Mr. Reilly ordered the cage to be redesigned, the doors are larger to allow the athletes to move in more quickly.

Flec: Yeah…always a great thing with a looney like Morpheus in a match like this.

Joey: TC working himself back up to his feet, Game controlling a wristlock, TC reaching back and flips the Game over, who lands hard on the top of the cage, TC tries to follow up with a guillotine leg drop, but Summers rolls out of the way. TC showing the pain of that landing and the Game follows up with a drop kick to TC’s face.

JFA: Not exactly the trademarked start to a War Games, these two being quite scientific in their approach to the match.

Flec: That’s about to change…

Joey: It appears that way as the Game dragging TC towards the edge of the cage. Pulling TC up, locking in the Game Over, TC fighting out of it…grabbing the Game and out of no where, LEAPING FROM THE CAGE WITH THE CHIMAIRA!

*TC launches himself from the cage along with Summers, Summers’ body explodes through the French announcers table, while TC’s back lands on the Spanish one right next to it. The Table does not break, causing TC to fold over, clutching his back.

Flec: What the…

JFA: DEAR GOD! TC with the Chimaira out of no where to the Game, from the top of the cage…however, I dare say that Erik who went through the table may well have gotten the better deal! TC’s back hitting that edge of the Spanish table…the table not giving there and he folds up like an accordion!

Joey: Under the rules, this match will continue…there will be no stoppage for injury…both men clearly hurt early here in the match. The referees checking on each man. TC showing visible pain in his back…the Game hasn’t moved yet, still laying amidst the debris of the French Announce Team’s table, now finally rolling onto his back…it appears his nose is bleeding badly, it most likely broken, bleeding from the bridge of the nose and forehead of the Game, TC now dragging himself over towards the cage…knowing that in about a minute he’ll be facing another DN team member.

Flec: So not fair…

JFA: How?

Flec: You know the Game cheated on the coin toss.

*The camera cuts to the main announcer table to show JFA & Joey both stunned into silence and looking at Flec.

Flec: WHAT? Call the damn match mooks!

Joey: *Sighs* Both men have been down for the past few moments. TC stirring and pulling himself inside the cage and now laying on the floor, next to the ring.

JFA: The Game appears dazed as he’s trying to pull himself up. Now, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs and blood drips from his face….and…

Flec: He’s smiling!!! What the f…(Flec’s mic goes dead)
JFA: Thanks!

Joey: That cut off switch is the greatest thing Mr. Reilly ever gave us!

Flec: I hate it when you guys do that!

Joey: Nevertheless, the Game is indeed smiling…as if to tell TC, now it’s on! And TC nodding in approval, pulling himself in the ring and signaling to the Game that it’s time to go!

Flec: Have these two lost their frinkin’ minds?

JFA: So much at stake in this match! The Game slowly working his way into the cage, still in obvious pain and both men now in the ring, staring each other down. The Game with the crimson mask, TC holding his lower back…

Uhh.. uh! .. whoo!

Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind
Up in here, up in here
Y’all gon’ make me go all out
Up in here, up in here
Y’all gon’ make me act a fool
Up in here, up in here
Y’all gon’ make me lose my cool
Up in here, up in here

Flec: Oh hell…

Joey: And TC just realized that he’s hurt and about to be down two men to one…

JFA: And here comes the Homeslice!

Flec: You sound so stupid when you say that…

Joey: Viewfind, former AWF Champion…FORMER GPA leader…and now a member of Team DN and he enters the cage, crosses the first ring and goes into the second ring, TC backing himself into a corner, not sure which man will strike first…and NO QUESTION, VIEWFIND on the attack!

JFA: Flying through the air, Viewfind all fists and fury on TC, hammering the two men outside to the floor! Now ramming TC face first into the cage, TC’s head snapping back…shown stunned…Summers calling out signals, Viewfind with a smile…SUICIDE DIVE! Suicide dive through the ropes by the Game, spearing TC into the cage facefirst.

Joey: Amazing move! The Game with that suicide dive into the already injured back of TC, sending him face first into the cage. The Game remains down, Viewfind checking his teammate, as he starts to work TC over. Pulling him up, and driving him face first into the floor with a spiked DDT!

JFA: Viewfind came in here, pure physicality! Stepping up the pace after the two men groggy after that devastating start…that launching off the top of the cage…we have one destroyed table…we have the Game bleeding, appears to have a broken nose. TC now bleeding out on the floor and VF is fired up!

Flec: Yeah, yeah…ho hum…

*Viewfind continues to work over TC, giving the Game more time to recover. Pulling TC back into range, VF hits a snap suplex on the floor, further damaging TC’s back. The current GPA leader is shown visibly in pain, clutching his lower back. However, VF refuses to release the hold and instead rolls through and hits 3 more in succession.

Flec: Oh, this is ridiculously unfair.

JFA: Funny how rules work out that way…

Joey: Clock ticking down now… 5…4…3…2…

I don't know what you heard about me
But a bitch can't get a dollar out of me
No Cadillac, no perms, you can't see
That I'm a motherf***ing P-I-M-P

JFA: And P? on his way to even the score…

Flec: About time too!

Joey: It isn’t like DN can cheat the clock…

Flec: Oh really? I wouldn’t put it past the Game…I mean come on, we have an attractive lady time keeper, he probably schmoozed her to stall the time…

Joey: Right…

JFA: P? entering the cage and is immediately met by Viewfind, former GPA mates colliding in a violent heap outside the first ring. The Game has pulled himself into the ring to recover, TC slumped against the cage showing the effects that this match has already had on him!

Flec: Again…unfair!

Joey: P? with a hard series of punches to VF, rocking him back and leveling him with a sudden and explosive clothesline! P? all fired up sliding into the ring to take on the Game, meanwhile TC up on his feet, staggering over to VF who is pulling himself up with the cage, and TC capitalizing with…

Flec: Moss-covered three-handled family gradunza! HA!

Joey: Thank you so very much Flec…VF driven hard into the floor with that modified DVD that TC calls the…


JFA: You enjoy saying that far too much!

Flec: Yeah…but not as much as your wife enjoyed me showing her my version of it!

JFA: You still have the cut-off switch, right?

Joey: Always…TC pulling out a kendo stick from under the ring…gee…how convenient.

Flec: Now how did THAT get there?

Joey: I’m sure Mr. Reilly had nothing to do with that…just as I’m sure TC had NO idea that it was there waiting for him. Sliding into the ring, where P? has really opened that wound on the Game’s face, really working him over. TC barking out orders, P? pulling the Game up, holding him by the arms, TC winding up with that kendo stick and unloading, BUT THE GAME DUCKS AWAY!

Flec: OH NO!

JFA: P? receiving that kendo stick right between the eyes! Busted wide open as he collapses and the Game taking a page out of TC’s book and sending him to the mat with a leg sweep!

Joey: Clock is ticking down now…5…4…3…2…

Moonlight Sonata begins to play throughout the arena as Morpheus appears. He pauses and looks at the cage. He looks out at the cheering crowd, then makes his way down to the cage. However, instead of entering the cage, he walks over to the Spanish Announce Table.

Flec: Now what is this idiot doing?

JFA: Well, our Spanish Announce team has abandoned their post…Morpheus tossing the monitors off the table, pulling the equipment off. What is he doing?!?

Joey: I can’t say for certain, but he’s eyeing that door…now dragging the announcer’s table to the cage!

Flec: I always said we needed to put more into those things…now I REALLY feel that way!

JFA: Morpheus dragging the announcer table into the cage…the base of the table…set next to the ring. The referee is screaming at him, Morpheus simply shoots a glare at him. Morpheus rolling into the ring now…the referee unable to close the cage door, because the announcer’s table propping the cage door open…

Flec: This has to stop…someone get down there!

Joey: And do what?

Flec: Arrest the idiot! Shouldn’t he be a wanted man for resisting arrest or stealing a vehicle perhaps?

JFA: I don’t know what you are referring to…


Joey: Morpheus grabbing P?’s bleeding body, dragging him over to the second ring. Now, placing P? on top of the announcer’s table. Sliding back into the ring…Morpheus looking out to the crowd, climbing to the top rope…

Flec: What is he thinking…

Joey: Morpheus…LAUNCHING HIMSELF FROM THE TOP ROPE! Elbow drop coming as Morpheus crashes through P?’s body, the table exploding around the bodies of Morpheus and P? The Game looking at Morpheus in disbelief…

Flec: Probably because he’s an idiot!

*Morpheus rolls off P? who is clearly out on the floor. The crowd applauds in approval of Morpheus’ attack. The ref’s begin to clear the debris so they can shut the door. VF is beginning to come around, the Game has just planted TC in the middle of ring one, countering TC’s spin kick with a rapid fire DDT. Suddenly the Game looks up and the crowd roars in approval.

Flec: You have got to be kidding me…

*The Game tosses his elbow pad at the cage points his hands out and dashes to one set of ropes, leaps over TC…

JFA: Here it comes…

Flec: And oh how I wish it wasn’t…

*The Game builds up his speed and approaches TC, doing the double thumb point to mock his fallen opponent.

Joey: The most electrifying move in sports entertainment…THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW!

Flec: Has anyone EVER won a match with that move?

JFA: Elbow driven hard into the black heart of TC! The Game sits up, bloodied and showing the effects of the Chimaira that sent him off the top of the cage. Woozy as he staggers up to his feet, now tripping backwards and falling into the ropes.

Flec: Isn’t it time yet? The time keeper has been so busy making google eyes at the Game she can’t be keeping time right.

JFA: She has not…will you stop?

Flec: Women…really, what does the Game have that I don’t?

Joey: How about talent…

JFA: Good looks…

Joey: Charisma…

Flec: You two can both go to hell, you know that?

Joey: And the time is starting to wind down now…5…4…3…2…1…

I was raised in the hood called what the difference
The brothers in the hood be Chivalrous
So i rest defense on my ligaments
Pistol grip pump on my lap, riskin it
Full life living it, never giving it back
Too late for slipping, so slack up
On my lap its on your lips so track shot
A steel dick more clip for pump but
All I’m saying there ain’t no question who the man is
In my civic or in this show biz
I drill the fool, kill the fool
Come on what you say?
i think i can take care of all you muthaf**kas don't delay right away

Flec: Sweet! The score is about to even up here me thinks!

Joey: You think?

JFA: Does explain the burning smell…

Flec: You know…that’s it, when the GPA win this match and control Mayhem, I am going to see to it that my boys fire you both!

Joey: Sure thing…and Tempest is making his way down to the cage area. Rounding about, he enters the cage where Morpheus is, immediately grabbing Morpheus and dragging him outside the cage, where he CHOKE SLAMS Morpheus on to the floor!

Flec: He is the LAST person I want to see outside that cage!

JFA: Morpheus checking on P? before making his way into the ring, Summers charging at the big man who catches Summers by the throat, hoisting him up, BUT SUMMERS reverses! End Game! END GAME!

Joey: While not in a situation where he will tap, the Game doesn’t have to break this hold either and Tempest knows it…no where to go, the ropes can’t save him. The Game cranking back on this hold, but TC moving his way up to the top…FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! TC nailing the Game with the 5 Star Frog Splash and that will break the hold.

Flec: TC’s back really bothering him now.

JFA: So far Team DN not having any problems with bickering. This has been a hard fought contest with neither team giving up so much as one inch to the other.

Flec: They haven’t been bickering because the Oversized Ego Kid and his lackey Siznitch haven’t come out yet…

Joey: Sadly, you may have a point. So we have Morpheus out on the floor outside the cage, P? starting to move outside the ring, TC clutching his back, rolled into the corner of ring 2, Tempest down on the mat recovering from the end game, Summers laying face down on the mat, in a pool of his own blood and…where’s Viewfind?

Flec: He’s gone!

JFA: He’s…gone under the ring…

*Viewfind emerges from under the ring with a large chain wrapped around his right fist. Donning it for all to see, the crowd roars with approval!

Flec: HEY! That’s not fair!

JFA: Like the kendo stick was…

Joey: VF in the ring, Homeslice is now armed! He’s lining up Tempest, who isn’t aware of what Viewfind has…and HUGE punch with the chain! Blood pouring out of a wound and Tempest collapses to the mat, he may be out.

JFA: If he’s not, he’s about to be…

Joey: Viewfind pulling the dead weight that is Tempest up…what…amazing leg strength by Viewfind, hoisting the big man up…and PHILLY PIMP DROP! Even TC looks on in awe with that massive Philly Pimp Drop!

Flec: P?’s back!

Joey: Indeed he is, attacking from behind grabbing VF and hitting the Question, while TC explodes out of the corner with a spinning heel kick to respond in a vicious double combo! VF sent down hard.

Flec: P? ain’t done yet…word!

JFA: Now moving to lock the Sharpshooter on Viewfind! Former GPA mates, and now mortal enemies. P? going after the sharpshooter and has it locked! Meanwhile TC, slapping on a half crab on the Game. Trying to wear down team DN and this is great strategy!

Joey: Indeed it is…but meanwhile…Morpheus is back on his feet and he’s digging around by the time keeper…

Flec: Dissention! The Game’s going kill him for this…that’s his girl!

Joey: How do you keep your job? The timekeeper is not working for DN, will you let it go? Morpheus grabbing a bag…and…oh no…

Flec: He’s got a strap on!

Joey: WHAT!?!

Flec: He put a little strap on his 2 x 4 that is wrapped in barb wire…must be planning…on…going…climbing…

Joey: …

Flec: You’re a sick man Styles…you need to get laid…

JFA: Morpheus setting the bag under the ring, charging inside. TC and P? haven’t seen him yet…

Flec: They’re about to feel him though…
Joey: And there’s a shot to the back of the neck of TC. Morpheus just nailed TC in the back of the neck with that 2 x 4 wrapped in barb wire, the skin being torn away…the hold obviously broken. P? breaks his hold and slides under a swing intended for his face. P? too smart for that!

Flec: Tempest is still out flat on his back, so far all he has done is choke slam Morpheus and bleed a lot!

Joey: So dangerous is this match as we all know, and now the countdown begins…5…4…3…2…1…

Its like this
its like that
Its like this
its like that

Its like this
its like that

Joey: The Welsh Wonder comes out to enter the carnage…

Flec: And the crowd is resoundingly apathetic.

Joey: I’d dare say the crowd showing its appreciation for Sixswitch’s arrival.

Flec: I’d dare say you and this crowd are a bunch of morons.

Joey: Six in the ring, surveying the damage so far.

*Tempest remains down in ring 2, as does TC, The Game has pulled himself up in the corner of ring 2, VF is working himself up, Morpheus has now begun to chase P? outside the ring with his 2 x 4.

Joey: Sixswitch moving to the top rope, watching now leaping into the unsuspecting P? sending the pair crashing into the wall of the cage! Sixswitch making a huge splash in this match! And Morpheus seconds that with a hip buster to the face of P?

Flec: Poor P? His hoes won’t be able to recognize him after this match.

*Sixswitch and Morpheus begin to team up now on P? Morpheus pulls P? up and then drops him on the floor with a double arm ddt, only to have Six follow up with the Sixshooter!

Joey: Again, Team DN showing no signs of in-fighting…

Flec: Do you see the peroxide kid out here yet?

JFA: I doubt Sean O’Con would allow you to call him that.

Flec: The Game does…DOUBLE STANDARD!

Joey: Yeah…and Mr. O’Con can actually be in the same room as the Game without wanting to superkick him.

Flec: Yeah right…everyone who is EVER in the same room as that ego-maniac wants to superkick him…

*In the ring the Game and VF are back up and have started to put the boots to TC in the corner. Tempest is starting to pull himself up on the opposite side of the ring. Meanwhile on the outside, Morpheus and Sixswitch are double teaming P?.

Flec: These numbers are so unfair!

Joey: They’ll be evening up here in about 20 seconds. The Game and Viewfind really working TC over and Tempest charging in, drilling VF from behind with a double ax handle. Game rolling away, Tempest grabbing Viewfind THUNDER PRESS! Tempest hitting the Thunder Press on Viewfind, but the Game recoiled…TC shouting a warning…Tempest turns SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Tempest staggers back and falls into the ropes bouncing off them still stagger and right into the Game Over!

JFA: And we have 5…4…3…2…1…

We do away with your kind

Countdown to entinguish the human race


Let chaos entwine
On defenseless soil
Remove errors of man
And sweep all the weakening kind

I am war, I am pain
I am all you've ever slain
I am tears in your eyes
I am grief, I am lies

Bygone are tolerance
And presence of grace
Scavengers are set out
To cleanse the human filth parade

Flec: Big Daddy sprinting down to save the day!

Joey: Ravage running down to the ring…now pauses a moment looking at the cage.

JFA: Probably remembering that time 2 years ago when it was this very match where he tapped out.


Joey: That is correct, that has to be playing a bit with Rav’s mind…now walking in, almost appearing nervous, but now that he is in, he is focusing on the man who made him tap, the IC Champion!

JFA: Ravage in the cage now staring down the ever cocky Champion who is holding the ropes open in ring 2. Meanwhile TC from behind…LOW BLOW! Low blow stuns the Game and Ravage bolts in the ring! Big boot to the face from Rav sends the Game back down to the mat. TC to the outside now, under the ring and he tosses two chairs in the ring, and emerges with one for himself.

*TC makes his way over to the other side and crushes his chair first into the side of Morpheus face, staggering the Mad Man of the AWF, then hits the surprised Sixswitch square on, sending him down to the floor…TC takes a moment to wipe some blood from his eyes, before realizing that Morpheus is still on his feet…stunned, TC begins to prattle of chair shots, reaching 13 massive shots before Morpheus finally succumbs and stops advancing.

Joey: OH MY GOD!

JFA: 13 chair shots…

Flec: That poor chair…

Joey: Be serious, TC just used a chair 13 times against a human being’s skull!

Flec: It’s only Morpheus, it isn’t like there is anything to hurt up there.

Sixswitch rolls staggered by the shot but by no means out of the fight. Now aware of his bloodied state, he gets a surge of adrenaline and hits TC to the back of the head with a stiff kick.

Joey: TC dropping his chair, SS scooping TC and slamming his injured back into the chair! TC showing the signs of damage on that one! SS climbing into the ring.

JFA: Going up top…

Flec: Dear God let him slip…

Joey: Sixswitch looking out at the fans…on the top…TECHNOPHOBIC FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE. OH MY GOD!

JFA: Sixswitch showing the effects of that high risk move that connected hard onto TC!

Flec: How can you worry about the charismatically challenged Welsh when TC could have a broken neck! This is horrible!

Joey: It makes you wonder…how can anything be worth this? We know what is on the line, but Sixswitch’s move not only devastating to TC, but to himself as well, both men on the floor, Sixswitch slumped against the cage.

*Rav hoists the Game up and drops him over the top rope with the snake eyes.

Joey: Ravage now on his way to the outside, pulling the Game with him…and now hoisting the Game on his shoulder and ramming the Game face first into the cage, then throwing him, LIKE A HUMAN DART into the ring post and the Game goes from hitting the ring post to landing face first on the stairs! Ravage left with a smile on his face…he has been systematically assaulting the Game since he entered the match…


Flec: Oh Lord! Wasn’t once enough? It can’t be his time yet!

You think you could tell us what to do?
You think you could tell us what to wear?
You think that you're better?
Well you better get ready
Bow to the masters...

Break it down!

Joey: And here he comes, the HeartBrend Kid, Sean O’Con! And the crowd roars with approval, Sixswitch meanwhile still not looking all that pleased with the final entry from team DN!

Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow.
Toast the champion cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow.
If it feels good then it feels good and I do it all day.
You want me to play you best bring your brain, you best bring your money.
Make me a superstar. No matter who you are.

HBK enters the cage and immediately goes after Ravage, ending his attack on the Game. Viewfind and Tempest are both back up and now hammering each other, VF refusing to back down from the larger Tempest…both men are bleeding badly and every punch leaves the others fist covered in his opponents blood.

JFA: And HBK chopping at Ravage. Two fresh men, both fueled by hatred towards one another. Ravage with a knee lift to HBK’s gut slowing him down, Rav to send HBK into the cage, but HBK reverses and sends Ravage face first into the cage. Moving quickly, O’Con calls for Summers to ‘hit the dirt’ grabs Rav and STUN GUN ONTO THE STAIRS!

Joey: I’ve never seen him use that before and by God I hope I never see it again. Ravage grabbing, clutching his face now, clearly in pain, the red ooze, pouring from between his fingers and HBK shaking the cob webs from that move, all smirks and smiles.

*HBK checks out his buddy The Game, then checks on Morpheus, giving P? a swift kick in the ribs, he appears like he is going to check on Six, but shrugs him off, further annoying Six, and slides into the ring to help VF with Tempest. Morpheus now feeling the blood under his mask has crawled under the ring to retrieve his bag.

Joey: VF has been going toe to toe with Tempest here the past few moments, exchanging blows and maneuvers, much to Tempest’s frustration and now HBK in to lend Homeslice a hand!

Flec: You also sound stupid when you say that…

Joey: How unlike how you normally sound…Morpheus with his bag now in hand is also in the ring and Tempest realizes that he’s outnumbered 3 to 1 and moves back to ring 1.

Flec: Sound strategy, force them to chase him…

JFA: He’s actually right…

Flec: Don’t sounds so surprised Hillbilly J…

Joey: And with one comment, back to normal Flec. P? meanwhile has grabbed one of the chairs and slid into ring 1 as well. HBK, Morpheus and Viewfind in ring 2 talking strategy…Sixswitch meanwhile pulling himself into ring 1, undetected…going to the top…and MISSILE DROP KICK into P? as he turns around, driving the chair right into the face of P? staggering him.

JFA: Team DN on the attack now, VF and HBK leapfrogging over the ropes into Ring1 and Morpheus following suit. Tempest nailing Six with a monster clothesline, but distracted HBK springboarding off the ropes…and HDD! HBK with an HDD to Tempest.

Flec: Stupid numbers…this match has been way to in favor of Team DN…THEY RIGGED THE TOSS DAMN IT!

Joey: VF starting to work over Tempest now down on the mat, Morpheus empties the bag and out come …


Joey: Sixswitch back up now, pulling P? up as well…HBK lining up to deliver a little superkick action…HeartBrend Kick on the way…and P? ducks under and sends SS hard into the foot of HBK…HB Kick flattens SS to the mat and again, O’Con really doesn’t seem all that bothered by it. P? on the other hand, given a chance to maneuver himself behind HBK…hitting the Question…and FOLLOWING IT UP WITH THE MARK! HBK down and P? showing his exhaustion after that flurry…

Flec: Guess what time it is…

JFA: Time for the sides to even up…5…4…3…2…1…

I don't know what you heard about me
But a bitch can't get a dollar out of me
No Cadillac, no perms, you can't see
That I'm a motherf***ing P-I-M-P

Joey: The final team member of Team GPA is on his way out here. Reilly’s hired guns finally have the numbers to match Team DN…but so much damage done to both sides. You are at both an advantage and disadvantage here with this…they get the final fresh man yes, but their team has also been down the man for the entire match.

JFA: Always poses a problem…no one else to come out now. Divebomb enters the cage, the referees follow in and lock the cage door behind them. This match can now be won…all someone has to do is give it up and the match ends.

*With VF working on Tempest, Morpheus has went straight after P? Summers has pulled himself back into ring 2 as has TC, both men resting. Sixswitch rolled onto the floor and HBK is still down from P?’s attack.

Joey: P? staggering around and right into the waiting arms of Morpheus! Morpheus with a boot to P? now pulling him back towards the tacks and a low powerbomb from Morpheus, sends P? crashing into the tacks! P?’s back covered by the tacks as he rolls out of them in pain, only to have them go into his arms and hands.

*VF sees TC back up and heads back over to the other ring to confront him. Morpheus meanwhile almost looks pleased at what he has done to P?

Joey: VF over to attack TC, but TC was playing! TC with a chair, tosses to VF and nails the Lifetime Enlightenment! Now flattening Summers with the chair, position everything…making his way to set up…THE ENDER! TC with the Ender to the Game and Summers rolls to the outside! TC mocks the crowd as Summers has been wiped out by the Ender and VF by the Lifetime Enlightenment.

Flec: Is it just me or has DB been really slow to get in the ring?

JFA: He’s been checking Ravage over, now on his way slowly inside the ring. Moving in from behind on Morpheus and a release german suplex and Morpheus himself rolls into his own tacks!

Flec: Serves him so right!
Joey: And Morpheus just begins to punch the tacks! Pounding his own fists into them, much like he did with his own head back almost a month ago when Reilly screwed him out of the title!

Flec: SCREWED?!? Look the only thing that was screwed in that match was that guy’s brain…and that has been screwed for years!

JFA: Divebomb really not sure what to make of Morpheus, checks P? out, then moves over to help Tempest, helping Tempest get to his feet and…LOOK OUT!

Joey: Morpheus exploding out of no where with that clothesline that sends both Tempest and Morpheus to the floor…Divebomb just barely got out of the way!

*On the outside we hear the familiar “BANG BANG” sound as Tempest is sort of staggering about. Morpheus capitalizes and grabs Tempest, sending him with all his might into the cage, causing one panel to break open under the force for Tempest’s weight and sending him outside the ring. In ring 1, TC has called DB over for an assist.

Joey: And TC calling on Divebomb to come and give him a hand. DB moving over to ring one. TC grabbing VF!

Flec: No…

JFA: TC barking some orders at DB and pointing at VF, I can’t make out what he is saying though.

Flec: No no…this is bad…don’t do this!

Joey: Divebomb appears to be debating it in his head. TC pointing at the chair and at Viewfind…and I think I made out TC saying ‘It’s my way or the highway…”

Flec: No good…this isn’t good…

Joey: And DB seems to be agreeing with him…and now ready to help and…


Joey: Divebomb out of no where, hits TC with The End. Viewfind looks up, stunned by this! Divebomb with no emotion to this, he merely slides out of the ring, walks right past Morpheus, leaves through the hole in the cage, steps over Tempest, gives one last look and heads up the ramp.


JFA: Guess what, it just did! Divebomb has walked out on TC after hitting The End! TC pushed and pushed…I can’t imagine what was said in there…but DB had had enough!
*On the outside of the cage Morpheus has grabbed his 2 x 4 and begun to climb up to the top. Tempest seeing this, forces himself up and goes in pursuit. HBK is now back up and more coherent and also leaves the cage, looking to help Morpheus. Sixswitch, less than pleased with HBK also motions to go up to the top and is soon followed by P?

Joey: Well, this has completely degenerated, ahhh…no pun intended, into chaos. Morpheus, Tempest, HBK, Sixswitch and P? have all managed to pull themselves up from the various injuries and climb to the top of the cage. VF now spitting on TC has also made his way out and is climbing to the top of the cage. TC starting to stir.

JFA: Meanwhile Ravage and the Game both on the outside still are starting to come around.

Flec: Here we go!

JFA: And you are right Flec, HBK and Sixswitch are arguing at the top of the cage over the errant kick. HBK telling Six to get over it, Six not backing down one bit…and team DN appears poised to explode!

Flec: YES!

Joey: Meanwhile P? & Tempest double teaming Morpheus, knocking his 2 x 4 to the floor, but here comes Viewfind to even the odds. Ravage back up on his feet and TC starting to pull up as well. Tempest shouting down to Rav. asking him to set up some tables…Rav responds by tossing one in the ring and setting that up…but Tempest says…NO! He wants them outside the cage! Ravage shaking his head…and pulling several tables out from under the ring. Now, stacking them up…two tables, side by side and placing two tables on top of those…this can’t be good!

JFA: How could we have more tables left after the TLC match?

Flec: The table fairy visited us you mook…

Joey: So up top, we have HBK and Six still in a heated argument, Morpheus fighting it out with P? Tempest barking orders, but those orders halted by a sudden tornado DDT by Viewfind! Meanwhile Ravage has set up two more tables…this just will not end well at all. HBK now turning away, and Sixswitch grabs his arm. HBK shaking him off and now walking full away. Meanwhile, amidst all this, TC has made his way finally up to the top as well…this can’t be stable in the least!

JFA: The top of the cage bowing under the weight. Tempest has gotten back up and delivered chokeslam to VF, somehow the cage holding up. Morpheus has lost his 2 x 4 and P hit some solid shots. However, HBK breaking up the attack with sudden Attitude Adjuster to P?

Joey: HBK now dragging P? to the edge…looking down…what is he thinking? Pulling P? up, smile on his face…what…NOOOOOOOO!!!

Flec: Holy ****…

Crowd: Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t!

JFA: HBK with an HDD from the top of the cage sending both he and P? through the double stacked tables…VF & Sixswitch looking down in disbelief…P? looks to be completely destroyed. HBK…not looking a great deal better.

The Game and Ravage have been fighting on floor, inside the cage as well. At the moment, a series of chops have given the Game the advantage, but Ravage won’t back down. Sixswitch up top has just leveled Tempest with a spinning heel kick and planted him with a Sixshooter!

Joey: Amazing Sixshooter by Sixswitch atop the cage…and that cage buckled under that move…yet…still…and not to be out done by HBK, Sixswitch looking down at P? shrugging his shoulders and…NO…SIX NO!!!!


Joey: Sixswitch with an amazing move, but at what cost…and…my…wait…the cage…

Flec: I don’t know how much more will hold up there…look at that thing!

*On the outside, Ravage drives a knee into the Game’s gut, then pulls him into his grasp. Hoisting him up he goes for a powerbomb, however instead of powerbombing the Game into the ground, he launches him with all his strength at the cage wall. The Game’s body explodes through the wall and the force knocks out the side that faced the once standing announcer tables. Suddenly and violently the cage cannot support the damage and the weight of the wrestlers on top.


JFA: For the love of God…for the love of all that is good and holy stop this damn match!

*Unable to support the weakened structure, the cage breaks away, the top collapses, sending pieces onto Ravage. Morpheus, TC, Tempest and Viewfind all end up hitting ring 2, along with a good portion of the roof’s support, unable to absorb the impact, ring 2 collapses, a large hole left in the center of it and the turnbuckles and ropes collapsing around them, leaving the five wrestlers in ring 2 intertwined with the rubble.

Joey: Folks…I…

JFA: I don’t know…my God…

Flec: I can’t…even I…really makes you wonder what hurt worse, being powerbombed through the wall of the cage or falling off the cage into a ring that basically imploded when you hit it!

Joey: I can’t even begin to describe the scene here folks. I don’t know how my colleague Flec can be so callous. These are lives…these men…I…

JFA: They have to be broken in that destruction…I mean, the cage has collapses…ring 1 still intact, but ring 2 has been completely destroyed. Both referees were outside the cage tending to HBK, SS and P? The Game’s body broke through that one side of the cage and between that, the other break across from it, and the weight and pounding up top…it…it was just too much and all that hitting ring 2, destroyed that as well.

Joey: Amidst all that, The Game pulling himself up and staring at the destruction in complete disbelief. Now making his way over to HBK to check on his friend and now checking on Sixswitch as well. Sixswitch is talking to the Game at least, a positive sign indeed…and under the War Games rules…this match is still going on! HBK now badly bruised and cut open from his HDD delivery of P? from the top…P? in horrible shape and the Game dragging P? back to ring 1, HBK trying to follow. The Game rolls P? back into the ring, the refs almost afraid to follow with all the debris and destruction…the Game now locking in the End Game with what little strength he has left…P? trying to resist the pain he suddenly finds himself in once more…HBK weary and going for the legs of P? and CLOVERLEAF TIME! The Game with the End Game, HBK with the Cloverleaf…and P? now screaming out in pain…and the two DN member cranking on their respective submission holds. P? resisting, fighting.

Flec: Come on you loser…TC…Tempest…ANYONE?!?

Joey: P? fading…he can’t fight much longer…and P? is tapping…and fades out of consciousness! AND TEAM DN HAS WON!


Break it down!

JRA: Here are your winners…Team DN, Sixswitch, Viewfind, Morpheus, The HeartBrend Kid Sean O’Con and The Game Erik Summers!

Joey: The two DN members release their holds and then collapse, nothing left. I dare say the smartest one of the night was Divebomb, who had enough of TC and chose to walk away from the GPA.

JFA: And paramedics now flooding the ring to check on the wrestlers, amidst all the carnage…I can’t believe what we have seen here tonight. TC has somehow emerged from the ring debris and looks shocked and stunned and badly hurt.
The DN Theme song plays throughout the arena, as HBK and the Game exchange looks, wiping blood still pouring from their faces. The two try to smile, but settle for slight smirks through the pain. Sixswitch has already been loaded onto a stretcher and the Game looks over to give the Welsh Wonder a ‘thumbs up’. Paramedics are now working on the rest of the guys. As both HBK and the Game are tended to, the pair shake hands and fall back to the mat.

Joey: What we have witness, I can’t describe. Team DN has won the War Games, P? placed in the End Game and the Cloverleaf, forced to submit…his team DECIMATED when Ravage sent the Game through the cage…the cage unable to support gave way, Ring 2 was destroyed and Morpheus, Viewfind, TC and Tempest were on top of the cage when it collapsed. Those men crashed into ring 2 along with the cage debris, causing the destruction of the ring…I don’t know what else I can say…paramedics are checking everyone out, Ravage has just been wheeled to the back, the Game and HBK crawling towards Ring 2 to check on Morpheus and Viewfind…we can see that TC is now being tended to, folks all I can say is that they have a stretcher for everyone out here…I don’t think there is one man who won’t be heading to the hospital…Team DN wins, they control Mayhem, they’ll decide the fate of the world title. We are out of time, don’t forget the best of show on Christmas Eve…for JFA, JHA, Flec and everyone else, thank you so much for joining us from Seattle and HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE AWF!

*The show closes with 3 Days Grace’s Just Like You playing to stills from each match, then as the song closes on the collapse of the cage, the show fades to black with images of batter members of Team DN being cared for.*

2004-12-20, 02:36 PM
Well what a way to start of the night.

Murder Incorporated has arrived fellas, and it's only a matter of time before all of you are at our mercy. The line in the sand has been drawn and the gauntlet has been thrown down. Bring it on cause we're not gonna stop. Just remember one thing, one step up and two steps back is what your gonna get when you take on Murder Incorporated. This time, I'm here to bring it.

2004-12-20, 03:54 PM
*Cloud is in his room, its all dark and you see him sitting with his head in his arms*

So this was my punishment.....My punishment for not offering The Gods a scarifice for that win.....Now I am left with nothing....No, not nothing...*cloud's head moves upwards*The Gods can take away but CloudStrifer can bring back....I am more Powerful than the Gods, I shall take my belt back....The God take away, I bring back. *Standing now, he shouts "The Gods are Useless and I am all powerful, all knowing and I will survive!"*

*Turning to the camera*

You may have won, but this is only one battle of many battles that I have won against you. Celebrate if you must, but I will get my title back, the Gods be damned! They think that they can break me? My title will return and I shall destory and devestate you. You dare touch your hands on CloudStrifer? You shall be punished.

Your nightmare was a joke, and a sorry move on my part to think it would end early. But I only make one mistake like that ever. Next time you won't be lucky. I shall have it back!

The Wild One
2004-12-20, 04:25 PM
Well, it seems that I have injured a man. Big deal. I don't care if I wrestle a bunch of nobodies. Now, if the next person that decidedes to make fun of me. Laugh. Look at what I just did. I mean, c'mon. I didn't even get to make a three count! It just goes to show you, don't piss off The Wild One!

2004-12-20, 05:53 PM
>We open to a view of the setting sun, its warm orange glow reflecting from the surface of shimmering waves, breaking smoothly against pristine white sands...and we zoom out to the considerably less welcome - and massively less attractive - form of Judge Death, now sporting a pair of overly large Ray-Bans and idly fiddling with a small olive drowning in a Martini. The judge yawns and leans back in his hammock, which sways gently under his nigh-insignificant weight. The silence of the scene mesmerises the viewers for a moment, until Death begins to speak in his customary hiss, promptly ruining the good karma.<

"Deffeat, I ssee. Not to worry...it wass not off great importancce. Not thhat I would exxpect a great deal ffrom Reilly; I havve thhe disstinct impresssion thhat he iss not Irishh at all, and thhereffore iss probably not ass ssmart ass I may havve oncce thhought. Ssstill, we cannot all be geniussess off my calibre, can we?"

>Death takes a long draw from the Martini; the clear liquid oozes right out a hole in the back of his helmet. Death pauses, and touches the hole cautiously for a moment, before nodding to himself.<

"A memento, and one which I may retain ffor a while. Off coursse, dear Igzz, thhat wass your work. Congratulationsss. You havve more thhan earned a reprievve; and hey, thhough it wass not what I would wishh ffor, I can alwayss believve thhat your prevviouss losss to me - thhe one thhankss to darling Attss - iss good enoughh. Thhere iss alwayss a technicality to ffall back on. And perhapss, ssomehow, it wass your inffluencce thhat granted me a little fforessight thhat occurred to me reccently..."

>Death tosses the half-empty glass away over his shoulder; we hear it shatter off-camera. The judge then rolls over onto his gut and stares straight into the camera, and we notice a slight change in his face; the patched, torn skin seems to be less twisted, less prematurely lined by exhaustion.<

"You ssee, thhere iss a whole lot off people in thhiss world. I do not know thhe exxact ffigure, but take my word ffor it, 'tiss vvery much a huge ssum. Up until reccently, I had believved thhat I could purge thhem all ssingle-handedly...but I havve rethhought thhiss. I vvissited a hosspital; call it ressearch, iff you will, ffor thhe heretical practiccess thhat occur thhere are quite intriguing to me. And thhere I witnesssed ssomethhing quite proffound - a man, dying. Not by an act off God, but rathher...an illnesss, which he ffell vvictim to due to hiss old age. And how old wass he, eh? 85. Only eighty-ffivve yearss. Thhat iss really quite tiny, ffrom my persspectivve. Ssso I thhink to mysselff; iff they will all die sso quickly, why do I need to hurry along thhe proccesss sso much? No reasson at all, deariess."

>The camera pans to the left and to the right, revealing a good twenty or so stacked corpses, dressed in the style of tourists. We refocus on Death, who shrugs noncomittally.<

"Well, I will sstill do thhiss ffrom time to time...and bessidess, thhey were in thhe resstroom queue. I havve no patiencce ffor delayss in my ablutionss."

>The camera zooms quite far out, and we notice that the corpses are in far greater quantity than first seen, numbering into the hundreds. We refocus on Death once more, who scratches the back of his helmet, seemingly awkward.<

"Erm...it wass quite a long queue. But thhiss iss all besside thhe point, drokk it!"

"Point iss...I havve realissed how ffoolishhly I wass behavving. My duty iss nowhere near ass taxxing ass I thhought. Ssso, ffrom now on, I thhink I shhall be taking thhingss a lot sslower, and eassier. Oh, I am sstill ccertain thhat what I am doing iss thhe right thhing, ccertainly; but iff you all exx yoursselvvess sso sswifftly, I hardly thhink thhat I havve to make thhe efffort to deccimate evveryone, do I?"

>Death rolls back onto his, uh, back, and gazes out at the sea, shifting into a reflective, melancholy tone.<

"What thhe ffuture holdss, I cannot ssee. Thhiss 'Ssscarecrow' sseemss to disslike me, ffor ssome reasson; iff he wisshess to take thhat isssue ffurthher, sso be it. I will dissembowel him withh precciousss little efffort. One thhing, and one thhing alone, iss important; thhere iss but one Law ffor thhiss planet...and I am thhat Law."

>Scene ends.<

OOC: Nice show.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-12-20, 09:30 PM
Okay, that little shindig was just the warm-up, a bit of light relief and exercise, see StoneCold's gonna admit it. I've been outta shape, down in the dumps, a little blue...feelin' a helluva lot like hanging up my boots and calling it quits. I've had a good run, kicked a lot of ass, made a lot of people smile and drank a whole helluva lot of beer but there's a problem.

A big problem, a guy who's been the thorn in the sides of many an AWF superstar and it's about time I straightened things out, evened the odds, laced up my boots and stomped a whole lotta hell outta this guy.

See, he had to stick his swollen, broken little nose into StoneCold's business and now he IS StoneCold's business, he is sure as hell all beaten, battered and bruised tonight, but know this for sure, I'm coming for you, you won't be safe anywhere, no-where, none of your running buddies will be able to save you from the ass-kicking that's coming your way.

So ladies and gentlemen, tune up the band and call out the national guard. Sean O'Con, HBK ... the ShowStoppa ... this is your death knell.

I'm coming for ya.

2004-12-20, 09:41 PM
Originally posted by StoneCold Skywarp
I'm coming for ya.

Yeah, you and every other female on the planet.

Whoa, Sky. It's you - sorry, forgot you were still on the roster. Thought you'd be off cashing in your pension.

So you want a piece of the Heat? Can't say I'm surprised - it's the price of being so damn great. Well, Mr Delusions O' Relevance, usually the HeartBrend Kid doesn't bother with ancient relics... and today is no exception.

You see, Gramps, I've got unfinished business with a guy named Ravage. But hey, Rumble coming up - stick around past a few minutes this year and you might be lucky enough to get your ass kicked by yours truly.

Or your chin kicked. Whatever works.

I'd insert a witty catchphrase, but I'm off to get my body wired back together... I'll get them to put a hospital bed on standby in the event that you're unlucky enough to get your wish!

2004-12-21, 02:23 AM
OOC - Awesome show, just awesome.

Well we lost.

Can't say we didn't try. But you know the best part? It was 4 on 5.

So let me start by saying a few things.

First off DB, your a piece of ****. I just needed to get that off my chest. You act like if VF had to smash you with a chair he wouldn't do it. Let me tell you this. I place you to blame for not going my title shot. And so help me I will get you for this you useless coward.

Now onto HBK. Seems you still want a piece of the BDR. You claim to have everyone women on the planet chasing after you. Well it seems to me that I have everyone on the planet chasing after me. Sorry Sean I don't swing that way. But if your looking for an asskicking like your buddy Erik thats fine. Tonight you saw a preview of whats to come. TC and myself are going to rip this place up. GPA no GPA what the **** ever.

Game, you did put up a good fight. But like always your only human. You can break just like the cage. You got to feel what I am capable of. Maybe you should try to talk your buddy out of it before he gets himself hurt.

Now get up and step back because I am the mother****ing cowboy from hell. *OOC sorry had to get a Dimebag reference somewhere here.*

2004-12-21, 03:56 AM
*The camera comes on and slowly moves into an open locker room. The room is bascially empty, no couches, no TV's, nothing except Divebomb who is sitting on a bench with his elbows on his knees and his head down.*

DB: "I have been in the AWF for over two years and in that time only two people ever really knew me. Only two people ever knew my real name. My tag team partner Prowl? and our running mate, our drinking buddy and our friend. Viewfind. The three of us fromed the core of the GPA and to this day were the only true members of it."

*DB takes a deep breath and then keeps going*

DB: "You know I remember the old days when it was all about having fun, drinkin, smokin some cronic and makin cash. We had a great time. It wasn't always about winning or some gold strap. We talked like it was but it really wasn't. The gold was just a way to pass the time between contracts. Thats all this was for us was a way to pass the time. We came out here and caused problems and basically just wanted to see how far we could push the envelope before we pissed somebody off. Then if we did we fought back. It was entertaining."

*DB takes a drink from his beer then puts it back down and continues*

DB: "I have been in the GPA through thick and thin and have seen people come and go. I have been here long enough to see people like Raiden and Unicron join and leave. I have been here long enough to see the GPA join with others to form the TCA and then walk away from them. Then came the one day when we realized that we had finally had enough of one of our biggest contributors, Vin Ghostal. So we made the plan to turn on him and finally try to thrust ourselves into the lime light and leave that all behind. So we did some recruiting. We had had people want to join us for so long that we finally decided to let people in, but we never thought it through. We got careless. We let in Rav, Tempest and NMat. And all the planning ended up meaning nothing because we had let in a virus."

*DB take another drink and then throws the empty bottle against a wall shattering it*

DB: "We started a war with the AWF and we had finally had a big enough crew to run with it. So we did. Then came the day I will never forget. We were approached by someone claiming that they would give us whatever we wanted. All we had to do was hurt a few people. So instantly our eyes clouded over and we forgot everything else. All we could think about was what we would want. But as with all good things there was a catch. He told us that we would have to do the one thing I claimed I would never do. We had to turn our backs on the man that gave us our chance and let someone take over for him. We had to turn on Viewfind and give his job to TC."

*DB finally looks up at the camera*

DB: "And that triggered something in my head. Something that I couldn't explain. So I made us take a vote and it was close. It ended up being 3-2. Now Viewfind, no matter what anyone else says and no matter what tempest says. You know in your heart who the two men were that voted against kicking you out. So the vote was passed and I had finally realized just how far we had let the virus spread. I didn't want to have anything to do with kicking you out so I kept to myself. I should have warned you, I should have stopped them from attacking you, but I didn't and for that I am sorry. You deserved at least a warning from me. Something to let you know what was going on but htings were moving to fast and in the course of a day we went from being Viewfind's GPA to being Reilly's personal lapdogs and I hated it."

*DB pauses for a moment thinking of what to say next*

DB: "And then came TC. He jumped right in and honestly thought that just because he's won a few titles that everybody would just bow down and take it from him. It turned out that most of them did. They followed his orders without question, with a single thought about it. All that was on their minds was what am I going to get when we hurt The Game and HBK. But like I said, something had triggered in my brain and I finally realized that this wasn't the GPA I signed on for in the beginning and I didn't like what it was turning out to be. Then TC thought he would push me and then maybe I would just bend over and take it from him. He kept pushing me and pushing me and telling me to attack a person that I couldn't. A person that I owed too much. Until finally I couldn't take it anymore. So I decided to attone for my past mistake and try to make things right and in the end I gave the GPA back to its rightful owner."

*DB stands up and looks right into the camera*

DB: "I realize that I have made some enemies tonight and that I am sure there will be some backlash coming my way for what I did. But I don't regret it one bit. So DN... Erik... HBK...Six...Morpheus....View. Book me in whatever you want. Theres nothing I can do anymore. I will take whatever crap you want to throw at me and I won't argue it. I deserve it for turning on a friend."

*Just then Divebomb's mood lightens a bit and he smirks a little*

DB: "But TC I did warn you. I told you I would walk into the match as a memeber of the GPA and that I would walk out as a member of the GPA. You should have pieced it together. I am a part of the true GPA, not some band of jackasses led by TC. But now I am at a cross roads in my life and am forced to do something that I never thought I would have to do. I am signing my GPA walking papers. From now on I am on my own. Viewfind, good luck. TC, Rav, Tampest, NMat. you can all go to hell."

*Divebomb walks past the camera and out of the room as the camera gos black*

2004-12-21, 05:13 AM
OOC: Wow, when you said a surprise...wow that is BIG. Cool PPV!


*D-Extreme is seen wearing one of the tag title belts on his waist. He pats the back of Ignavus

D-Ex: Nice match there buddy. I think the both of us are gonna make strives here in the AWF. So need a drink? Uhm....no?...ok then. *looks at attitcus* And to you girl, thanks for helping us tonight. *shakes her hand*. You guys can do whatever you want now, I need to check someone out right now.

*D-Ex leaves the locker room and heads through the corridor. Before he could go anywhere, Keith Kincard intercepts him.

D-Ex: What is it now?

KK: D-Extreme, you are one half of the new tag team champions. So, how does it feel to be a two time AWF Champ?

D-Ex: It was a blessing Keith. I mean, a few hours ago before the show, I found out that Mr. Reily doesnt have any openings in the hardcore division for me. The next best thing was this strap here on my waist *points to the belt* so why the hell not?

KK: You and Ignavus have such a weird combination. No offense and all but, can your style and his style get along?

D-Ex: Hey he is laid back and doesnt have a care in the world. Thats rare here in the industry. He is one of a few wrestlers who doesnt break into panic at any part of the match. Of course we can get along. With Atticus on our side, me and Igz can be a very competitive team here in the AWF.

KK: So where are you going right now. It seems to me you are in a hurry.

D-Ex: I need to check on Xille. That bastard Vin Ghostal turned his back on him. Now I know I dont trust Vin Ghostal since day one when he joined forces with Xille and I told Xille to be carefull. No matter how innocent or foolish my friend Xille was for still sticking with his so called 'partner'...he is still my friend. I look out for that kid and right now I think I better go check what happen to him.

*D-Extreme walks past KK as AWF goes to a commercial break.

2004-12-21, 08:00 AM
Camera opens, and we are overwhelmed, overwhelmed by the sloppiness of the room we're in. Pizza boxes, dirty boxers, crumpled papers - everywhere. After out shock recedes, we finally see Ignavus on a futon towards the back of the room. His eyes flutter open.

"Sorry, everyone. I gave that match my all - I needed to recoup. Tonight you saw Ignavus the Almighty Slacker devoted to victory. I faced some of the most gloried men in the ring tonight. Nmat, part of the GPA - without a doubt one of the most powerful stabes of the company. Blaster, Smacktalker of the year twice and three time World champion. Xille, the sweet machine of the AWF - the man you'd love to get high on; if anyone's marked by destiny, he is. And of course - Vin Ghostal, a man who's merits need not be discussed.

That being said, I had a lot of help. If anyone but D-Ex had been my partner, I don't know if that win would have happened. He's got enought talent that he deserves the recognition that he's finally starting to get. And I can't think of anyone else I'd rather put my faith in. And, of course, Atticus. I think she's the real victor of tonight. She helped us eliminate both teams, in big ways.

Which brings me to what I need to say - I recognize this way a lucky win. The Almighty Slacker has never been above doing what needs to be done. Those men were indeed strong, and everyone in that ring deserved a win. Especially Xille, who didn't even get a chance to tag in. That match probably would have had a much different ending had he had his shot in the ring. D-Ex and I are an untested team - sweet pancakes, this was our first match! There's a chance that we'll lose next week.

But there's a chance we won't. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. People who makes the mistake of underestimating me make themselves hubris incarnate. I do what I want, when I want, and yeah - it make look like I'm lazy but I only do as I choose when I choose it. And I choose to give this title all the respect it deserves. When I respect someone, as I do for D-Ex, I'll try my best to not let them down; and losing this strap would be letting down not only D-Ex but Atticus too. Hell, she should have a third belt right now. So be warned any team that comes to face the new tag team champions - Ignavus will give his all every time until he can't stand anymore.... then he'll sleep for three days straight.

The tag team division here is in trouble. The NWA is retired, at least for the time being. Blood and Thunder have foolishly let the hardcore title divide them and their team is fractured dangerously, maybe irreperably. Xille and Ghostal, who were able to beat all those teams during the world tour, are rightly divided - Casper has gone insane. He probably has been for awhile, but it's manifesting itself more than ever.

So, I guess here's the point: that belt over there? The one that belonged to casper?"

Igz points to his tag team belt. There's a slice of pizza on it, and the name plate declaring "Vin Ghostal" has been half torn off, and although it remains screwed on one side, is creased up.

"Well, I tried to take off V3's name.. but I got distracted. But that isn't the point. It's mine now. And a team proves themselves to be worthy, and when D-Ex is good and ready, then we'll get in the ring, and if she chooses Atticus will be by our side. And we'll give those titles everything they deserve."

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-21, 08:11 AM
Ah Yes. I'm back. The Man, the Boy, the King, the God, the Legend. What ever you want to call the Best damn thing to ever happen to the AWF, is back.

But y'see there was something wrong with this return. I didn't win. Not only did I not win but I lost to who could be considered the eternal jobber in D-extreme and the New guy and his cheap filthy bottom feeding ugly whore. And it was not so much I lost to D-Extreme and the New Guy but more I lost to the new guy's cheap filthy bottom feeding ugly whore. And it's not so much that I lost, but that Nmat lost. Now it really seems I have two problems with girls. Problem one keeping them from trying to rip my clothes off on the street because. Heh lets face it, I'm the best looking aswell as the best wrestler here. And Problem too is these cheap fifty cent an hour ring valets. First Sixshot, than Arcee and now Atticus. Hell Scout even gave me a low blow once too!

It's like I'm a magnet for these cheap women and their talentless men. I mean honestly, the first one I beat, the second one was my butler and this one... well.. He won. Correction, she won. He won dirties wrestler of the year award. And I'm not talking fighting. I needed a shower after being withing feet of him.

Now this is what people must be wondering; what will Blaster do. What will the Youngest 3 time AWF champion do? Well because the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah is a forgiver he will forgive all three of them. He will forgive D-Extreme for having no real skill or ability. He will forgive the new guy for having no real clue about what he just got himself into or how to turn the washing machine and shower on. I'll forgive his little tramp for putting her head where it wasn't wanted.

I'll give them the opportunity to apologize for their mis-deeds against me, THE GOD AMONG MEN! And my tag partner Nmat, whom needs a cool nick name like my own. And give us the re-match. I will give them a chance to reach out and touch faith. Because I'm their Personal Jesus, and if they don't faith may just reach out and touch them.

2004-12-21, 09:07 AM
*D-Ex is seen sitting down while drinking a beer can

D-Ex: Ignavus, you got D-Extreme's word that he will be on your back when you need him. Your my tag team partner and that responsiblity of both of us looking for each other's back is counted into these belts of ours. Blaster, now I thank you for forgiving me. But wait...then again I should forgive you cause you just gave me a 2-1 advantage over you. Yes, this 'eternal jobber' got away with 2 wins against you and all you can do is flap your gums. You must be sick or your lonely, how can you even try to dis me when you dont even know who you talking to? I'm a 2 time, 2 time AWF Tag team champ baby! As much as I respect you like this title here on my waist, dont talk down on the new AWF tag team champs. This aint the team of D-Ex and CS, its D-Ex and Ignavus. So sure we will take you on anytime you like. I dont mind facing you in a tag team matchup with Igz. And I bet Igz doesnt mind facing you and NMat again.

*D-Extreme slowly stands up and grabs his singapore cane.

D-Ex: Dont worry Blaster, we will both apologize. I'll go first. Blaster, I am so sorry....cause if that rematch pushes through, its not gonna be a woman beating you up. Its gonna be the team of Ignavus and D-Extreme. Sure, were new, were a 'defeault' team who got put together in one night and we might not be champs that long....but hey as long as were a team...we will DESTROY THE OPPOSITION!

*D-Extreme slowly raises the singapore cane in the air. After a while, he smacks the new beer can on his forehead to open it. It opens and he drinks it down as the cameras fade into black.

Lord Zarak
2004-12-21, 01:58 PM
*in the bar, at the after-show party*

So, the crowd boo'd me as I walked down the aisle.

Well, look who's the champion now?

Auros, Scarecrow, Christopher Back, Judge Death, but most of all Wolfang fell at my victorious feet!

I am now Hardcore champion, and I intend to be the best!

I throw down an open challenge to those who would wish to usurp my new crown, and I wont back down from ANYONE!!

Random Sweep
2004-12-21, 02:48 PM
Camera pans onto Scarecrow limping into the dressingroom with a mouthful of blood and a smile on his face.

Seeing the camera Scarecrow turns towards it.

" The beauty of suffering, the symphony of pain, that is what tonight was about "

Scarecrow coughs up some more blood

" You may have won the title Zarak but anytime you want to remember the agony all you need do is ask "

the he chuckles as if to some private joke

" Death, tonight was about showing you what hardcore is about and you had no buisness even being in the ring"

" and Cyberstrike or Christopher Back whichever you prefer.. as if it matters, the only thing you showed tonight was that all you are good for is keeping the Plebs busy while the real work is done. "

camera fades as Scarecrow coughs up some more blood and laughs

ooc: awesome show

2004-12-21, 04:02 PM
Ussually, in ssuch a ssituation, I would movve sswifftly to deffending my reassonss ffor being in thhe ring at thhe moment which thhosse who sspeak out againsst me sstated. In thhiss casse, thhough, I will be taking a diffferent tack ffor obvviouss reassonss.

Ssscarecrow: I do not need anyone, leasst off all you, to tell me thhat I shhould not bothher withh matchess like thhat. Iff you evven wishh to call it a match; more like a drunken bar-brawl. Or posssibly an exxcceedingly physsical bout off premarital ssexx.

Well, thhat iss what it ffelt like to me...And it would exxplain why thhey call it 'hardcore', no?

Nevver mind, thhat iss not thhe isssue. Point iss, lawbreaker, thhat my invvolvvement in ssuch afffairss are not down to any off my own doing. Thhere iss a thhing, ovver thhe hillss and ffar away, called 'management', you ssee. And it iss where mosst off thhe deccissionss thhat ssteer your liffe are made, by ffat people in ssuitss whom you havve nevver met beffore and nevver will. And it sseemss thhat, desspite my wishhess to thhe contrary, evven one ssuch ass I iss afffected by thheir machinationss.

Put ssimply ffor you, ssinner; It iss not my bleeding ffault. Iff it had been up to me, I would not havve been withhin a thhoussand metress off thhat ring during thhat match. But it iss not up to me. Thhuss, your sstatement iss pointlesss.

2004-12-21, 04:37 PM
OOC: Brillant :up:

IC:Tempest is shown being carried down to an ambulance by the AWF Medic's after the War Games. The Camera gets a quick look at him before they load him up. His body is mainly broken and battered. His legs are brusied and the medics are paying close attention to his ribs and back. However the one thing the camera crew notices is his eyes. They are glazed over, and full of anger.

The door on the ambulance shuts as they try and get a close look, it drives off, and Tempest is gone.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-21, 07:04 PM
You are a tag champion D-Ex. A TAG CHAMPION. Have you ever been anything big in this fed? What TV champ? Hardcore champ? Tag Champ? Those first two titles are for the kiddies. The useless ones who can't climb all the way up the ladder, they stop a third of the way up and say "It's all I'm good for." The tag titles are the only belts where you need help to win them. You've held them twice, what does that say? You've never held a major title but you've held the tag titles twice. That tells me I can talk down to you because I am better than you Junior. I'm in the spot light, you're the champion and I'm still getting more air time than you. I just came back, I've been missing and I still got a bigger roar from the crowd than you.

Now here's the thing, you needed a woman to win that match for you the first time, you needed her help to pin both teams. Without her, Soundsault -- game over. You're first eliminated. But know, she grabbed that title, and I'll admit she knew how to use it. But ask any guy in the back and they can tell you there are a couple things she handles like a pro. So you think you can destroy us. You think you can destroy the LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! OW! God among men! You think you can take down the Sultan of Suave! You think you can beat King of the World! You think that you'll actually be lucky enough to take out the Pope of the People. You think that you can get over your OWN PERSONAL JESUS and his tag-team partner The Mat Man twice!?

No, I thought not. See ya around jerky. And you better hope it's not in a tag match or this reign will be just as short as the last one.

2004-12-22, 12:20 AM
W'oh... W'oh... W'oh. See here? Here we have a perfect example of someone trying way too hard. Way. Way, Way.

In fact - I'm making a proclamation. Anyone seen giving Blaster caffeine will be sentenced to.. well, spend an hour with him in a locked room. That'll teach ya a lesson. A painful one... but those are the best kind.

Now, bluster ole' chap. You say D-Ex needed someone to win the tag title? Of course he did.. that's the point. But you degrade the tag division, I think. It's not about being too weak to compete on your own - if it was there wouldn't be a seperate title recognizing the competition. It's about being the best at working together, at communicating with your ally, and knowing when to capatilize on your respective strengths - and also when to tag out: a lesson that V3 didn't quite comprehend.

And it's also about understanding how to isolate your opponent from their partner, and freezing them out. Of course, I understand you've been tag champ - so I'd hope you understand all this.

And as for me being stinky? So what if I don't believe in "showering" on a regular basis! It's hard work.... seriously... all that standing.

The ring wear is starting to get grody though, maybe I'll make a trip to walmart.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-22, 01:12 AM
Trying? You think I'm trying? You've been here, for how long? A week. You should be getting my newspaper in the morning. This isn't me trying. I don't try and make you look bad. I try and win. If I am not in the ring, I'm not really trying that hard am I. The only people that get locked in my room are the fine, lucky, young women I happen to be dating.

Now you seem to miss the point. See there is something about me and Ghostal you don't understand. We're winners on our own. We've been world champ. We've been to the top, We held the crown and stomped on talentless assclowns like you. He held the Tag-Titles for an extended period during a time when the greatest tag-teams were still alive. The fact he lost because a cheap hooker accidentally found her way to ring-side just says he needs to learn about the greatness of saltpeter not that he wasn't better than you. Everyone is better than you new guy. The longer you stay here the quicker you learn that jerky.

But to prove my point. Next Monday, on Mayhem you and 'Dee extreme jobber' can pick amongst yourselves and you can hit me up 1 on 1, hell 1 on 2. I know you'll need the help in the end sparky. If I win we definately get the rematch. If you win, I share the spotlight.

2004-12-22, 02:29 AM
The Mat Man is seen wiping his face with a towel. As he spies the camera, he pulls it from his face, revealing lips flecked with blood.

Mat Man: Oh, what's this? Come for an interview? Look bub, I don't have time for this. I've been coughing up blood for three weeks now. It's just settled down, so I figure I can show back up. Y3B and I had a plan. A grand plan. We both have our issues with Ghostal you see. And what happens?

I RUINED THEM! I thought I was healthy. Looks like I'm still trying to cough up my lungs for one more week. How else do you explain a tag team comprised of members with titles and award lists longer than their, well, they are damned long lists getting eliminated by those chimps? You don't, that's how!

Here's how it's going to go down. Y3B and The Mat Man are going to eat whosit and whatsit next week. I don't care if I have to cough up this damn lung; breathing is for the weak anyway. So, in one week we'll have won, sent Iguna or whoever this new punk is back to the showers were he belongs, and we will be looking for some competition. Looks at calandar So, I'm free. Takers?

2004-12-22, 02:58 AM
D-Ex: Yeah I see what you see Igz, a punk who tries way too hard to impress the press. Hey Blaster, keep talking, thats alright, cause we got the belts right here. Why dont you just rub on your old AWF world title replicas at your house and just let this issue go? Blaster, its nice not remindin you getting punked out by another lady...say....the 5th time? :D

So Blaster, you can put your money where your mouth is, but so far in this time....1 on 1...2 on 1? Man its like saying you can take us 2 with your hand tied behind your back. Say, sure next mayhem, you against me, against IGz. Sounds good, how about one tied behind your back? Lets give the crowd what they want, Blaster, with one hand on his back. Hey your the personal jesus, your the god among men. Surely you still can win against the two of us with just one active arm right?

But hey if you are not that dumb to get into that deal...sure we can take you and NMat on. Cause the only guy who can save your team's face aint you, its him.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-22, 03:12 AM
OOC- Well this is a short come back. The AWF has to offer refrences to people having sex with little kids for insults. ****ing gross. I'm not even dignifying that with an IC response, and unless I see stuff like that cleaned up I doubt I will do anything other than OOC work for the AWF. ****ing revolting.

2004-12-22, 03:41 AM
OOC: ok my bad. I'm sorry about that. There you go, its all cleaned up. :D better re-read the rules. :wtf: Terribly sorry about that.

2004-12-22, 04:22 AM

Santa Claus is seen leaving a wrapped gift in the locker of the Wild One and then leaves.

The security guard on duty strolls over to take a peak at the box which is clearly marked, Do not open until X-Mas.

There is a tag that reads:
When the time for gifts
Arrives, your gift will be the
Beating you deserve

Amarant Odinson
2004-12-22, 05:50 AM
In a dimly lit room, we see a lone figure. He's sitting on bench, sweat dripping from his brow. He lifts his head up to reveal himself. It is The Rabid Wolverine, Amarant Odinson.

Tonight was only a sample. A mere taste of the carnage that will inflict in the AWF. Brett Rayne, you learned first hand what happens when you piss off a Rabid Wolverine. You learned that you should never bite off more than you can chew.

Tonight, Brett Rayne became another statistic. The latest entry on the long list of people that I've beaten into submission. But I'm not done yet. Reilly, you better start paying attention because what you saw tonight is nothing compared to what I will do to get a shot at what is rightfully mine.

You see, I never got a one on one rematch for the T.V. or I.C. Title. I never got the chance to reclaim what was rightfully mine. And I don't care who I have to go through to get it. OP2005 may be the T.V. champ right now but I've already shown that he is nothing but a daydream.

And as for The I.C. Champion? G91 can spout off whatever he wishes. He can go out there night after night and "entertain" the masses, those peons for all I care. But I'm not here to please anybody. I don't play GAMES. I'm a wrestler, not an entertainer and I want what is rightfully mine. I'm here for one reason and one reason only.

I'm here to show the world, those peons in the stands and those "entertainers" in the back that I am PERFECTION. That I can and will make every single superstar in this business TAP OUT to my House of Pain. I am here because the people must learn the exact same lesson that Brett Rayne learned tonight. And that is that no one... and I mean NO ONE... will ever.... PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-12-22, 05:54 AM

Originally posted by Blaster, Mayhem Jan 07, 2004
Who elses ass have I kicked lately? Oh yeah Veiwfind, see I've heard alot of people compare him Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre and Jay-Z but I just want to add another one. Michael Jackson, allow me to elaborate. Why would anyone want a talentless waste of space like Tempest? I think I know, He's 14. That may also explain why you want in the ring with me again you sick freak.


Well, first D-Ex, let me tell you and Iggy here, good job. You beat Ghostal at his own game, and as much as everyone else wants to bitch about it, that's all that matters. You got the win, clean or not. The only advice I have to give is to buy some ear muffs... I think Blaster's smack-talk might be more of a submission move than his walls of sound. Second, D-Ex... I won't say you didn't warn me. I really thought the guy had changed. I thought we had a new Ghostal on our hands.

But no... this isn't the Ghostal that I've seen on tapes. This isn't the Ghostal that fought his way to the top just to piss everyone else off. The Ghostal we have today is... weak. You're a shadow of your formal self, Ghostal... a ghost of a ghost.

Hell, I don't even know if beating you now would be worth it.

What have you been since you've come back, Ghostal? Tag champ? And that was with my help. I've seen you lose the rumble, lose to Sixswitch, lose to Morpheus, and have your "homies", the GPA, the men who were always supposed to have your back, turn on you. I pulled you out of the rut you had yourself in, and I was the only one there for a while that believed in you. I was the only one that saw what you could become again... but no... I haven't seen you win a damn thing, Ghostal. I haven't seen you return to your formar glory. I've just seen you continually try to take the easy way out. And I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

That's not how I roll.

No, Ghostal, so far I've worked for everything in my life. My house, my career, hell, my physical being has been an act of will for me. I've broken down the walls, jumped the hurdles, climbed the fences, ran the marathons of life, and hell, I'm still going strong. You, on the other hand, seem to be showing your wear and tear. You've shown the corruption that only sitting at the top for too long can bring. Hell, you've begun to sound like Blaster, and even one of him is ten times too annoying for the AWF.

So hear me now, believe me later, Ghostal. I'm coming for you. And when I find you, I'd better not find this son of a bitch that you've become. The old Vinny G had better be standing there waiting for me, golden bat in hand, ready to swing. Because I'll be damned if I'm going to spend my time fighting a two-bit has-been. No, V3, I'm going to do something I should've done a long time ago. I'm going to show the real you why... you can't deny... the power of X.

Remember that.

2004-12-22, 06:02 AM
TC is seen in the back being stitched up by one of the EMTs. A stern look of anger and dissapointment on his face.

KK: TC, what are your thoughts about Divebomb's actions and the defeat tonight?

TC: My thoughts....I don't need to tell you my thoughts about tonight...its easy to figure out how I feel about everything tonight.

KK: But TC what...

TC: Shut the f*ck up Kincaid, I've got a hospital bed and a bottle pills that I need to get to.

With that, TC is seen getting into the ambulance to take him to get more medical attention

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-22, 06:08 AM
Originally posted by xille
OOC: Originally posted by Blaster, Mayhem Jan 07, 2004
Who elses ass have I kicked lately? Oh yeah Veiwfind, see I've heard alot of people compare him Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre and Jay-Z but I just want to add another one. Michael Jackson, allow me to elaborate. Why would anyone want a talentless waste of space like Tempest? I think I know, He's 14. That may also explain why you want in the ring with me again you sick freak.

OOC: While my comment is borderline I think the difference is Tempest was 16 and I was 17 at the time of this comment. So both are legal for sexual consent in most countries. Neither are little boys. Another huge difference is I am fairly sure I would run a comment like that past Viewfind before making it. That is a very touchy subject and I don't think anyone should be going there, myself or otherwise. But as I made a comment similar and then got mad about it I think I have no choice but to bite the bullet and just move on. Although in general I think it is time for those comments to beat it.

I am sorry Kup, I should have kept my cool. I over-reacted and I am sorry.

I am a face BTW people. Stop acting like I'm heel =-o.

IC: Ah yes, things are back to normal around here. I have people making comments to me even when their comments are not wanted. Can I help you Xille? Did I say anything to you? Did I ask for your meagre imput? Go do Ghostal's dishes, slave monkey.

Now onto D-Extreme, who must have the hots for me. I mean he's putting me into his dreams. First he stalks me, then he dreams about me. No wonder he keeps beating me, he's always thinking about me. Now I am good, damn good but no one is going into a handi-cap match with a hand tied behind his back. Now as for Mat man being what my team needs to win, you're right. He is needed for us to win because otherwise we're not a team. See they say a tag-teams is only as good as it's weakest link. There has always been one. Redstreak was the first, Prowl?, Predaking, D-Extreme twice now, Xille. They were all weak links, they all cost their team matches. With me and The Mat Man, there is no weak-link. You can't single either of us out and win easily. You can win by two ways: Being better, which is next to impossible. And by cheating, this is the route you took. So you found our achilles heel, jerky. Relying on outside help.

You can't beat me without help, you can't beat us with out help and LOOK OUT AND SHOUT when it comes time to put those titles up against me and Mat again, you won't beat us.

2004-12-22, 06:41 AM
OOC: But B, there is also the slight possibility that you have made a big deal of nothing and that you might have just taken one single little comment and blew it way out of proportion.

But here it gos, stay away from the topic of little boys and all will be well. And we don't need examples of other such incidences brought up again even if you had consent.

Now with that said we can all go back to hearing about how Blaster thinks he a god among men.

2004-12-22, 07:26 AM
OOC - Ah, X and Dbomb, my heroes. >Swoon<

IC- Weak links, hunh? You got it right, everyone's got their weak link in their proverbial armor - and I think I just figured out yours. Nope, not cheating. Cheating is fun. Cheating is grand. But oh no, you're no less suspectible to it than anyone else. Your is overwhelming, stifling, all consuming ignorance.

It's people like you that really get under the Almighty Slacker's skin because it's people like you that wind up putting too much effort into things. It means you get too involved, you start talking like the alpha and omega of everything.. and then you start believing your own damn fool talk.

So you can ask me; why am I so ignorant? You'll say - I am better than you. And I'm sure you will. I can't wait - go ahead, say it. You just might be right. But the fact is that you did lose. Sure, D-Ex and I had help. That's true, we did - I certainly haven't denied it. But we still came out on top. I beat you. Tough to swallow, hunh?

You call me new guy - and you say you're better than me. You've only stepped into the ring with Ignavus once. Once. And what was the outcome? That honkin huge plate of gold I've got is a testament to the fact that I came out on top. D-Ex and I were better than you.

You're ignorant in that you deny that. Those who don't follow reality, who don't recognize logic and let their beliefs get in the way of life - and then try to force them on others are people who crawl under my skin. You, Bluster, crawl under my skin. You are ignorant because you believe in your own rantings.

Take, for example the fact that you called X the weak link in the ex tag champs. Why? Give me one good reason. V3 was the one that I pinned, not Xille. If anyone deserves a rematch, it's him. He didn't even get in the match. You just change reality to how you see fit. That's dangerous, that's wrong. I've seen people who do that before. Judge Death is like you in some ways; you both enact false realities based on skewed perceptions. And I gave my all to stopping him, too.

I can't stand that, and I won't stand for it.

Nmat is going to stop breathing to fight me, to do honor to the Tag Team Titles, and I'd be proud to fight him. You? I'm not sure I want to touch you, for fear that, contrary to popular opinion, ignorance is contagious.

If the belt is what you need to compete for, so be it. I'll defend it against you, if I have to. But it isn't about that - not between me and you.

I want to keep the title, so I don't let D-Ex down. So I can show everyone I deserve my place here, that I'm a worthy competitor.

But I want to beat you to reveal to everyone else your ignorance for what it is. I know I could never teach you yourself the errors of your ways - ignorance is self sustaining - but I can at least prove to the people that you're wrong, prove you for what you are.

And I may do it. I'll devote everything I have to it. More will and energy than I've ever used before. I've been goin at this at one hundred percent, but maybe now I'll find that extra ten. The extra ten that fuels people like D-Ex, Xille, the double SS and others.

I'll find it to beat you.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-22, 07:54 AM
Ignorance. Ignavus. Ignorvus. The New guy. Your mouth is running. So do the world a favor and SHUT. THE HELL. UP. See there is something about what I say, When I say I am great, I say it because I am. How many other three time champs are there? How many were 16 when they won it? How many were 16 when they won it twice? How many where 17 when they won it that 3rd time? How many 15 year olds have held the tag titles?

I'm a genetic marvel. A child prodigy and as I get older I get better. I've been around longer than you, I am younger than you and I am only getting better. I'm not ignorant, I'm not arrogant I am that good. You didn't beat me, you pinned Mat Man. And you didn't pin Mat Man, A girl did.

Xille was the weak link, look on paper, compare them. I may not like Ghostal, but he wasn't the weak link. If you say the one who gets pinned is the weak link then you call Nmat the weak link, but you just said I was. So you are either a confused little boy who is in a hole so deep they don't know what's coming or you're out of touch with reality.

It's good to hear you'll find that extra ten, I'm sure you can use it, you might actually run above 50 for once. One on one. Me against you, put a shot at your tag-titles at the next PPV on the line. You can try and reveal some ignorance while I give you a chance to reach out and touch faith.

2004-12-22, 08:19 AM
Originally posted by Ignavus
Judge Death is like you in some ways
I hate you sso ffriggin' much right now...

2004-12-22, 08:28 AM

2004-12-22, 08:30 AM
OOC: Yo yo its ok Blaster, I'm still sorry about that comment. My bad. I should check on the content of my smack talk sometimes too I guess.

D-Bomb..Xille...thanks guys for helping stuff out :) but..since all things were cooled down and all..lets get back to the topic...now stop...HAMMER TIME! Man speaking of 17 yrs old. Damn I still wanna still wanna stay 16 :( so many things I havent done like, drinking underage infront of a cop. Though there is no age restrictions here in the good old south east portion of asia so...yihee!!! *drinks*


*We see D-Extreme inside a room where they have a fireplace. He opens a beer can and leans on the wall where nearby replicas of an old AWF Tag team title and an AWF TV title are displayed on the counter.

D-Ex: You wanna ask how many 15 yr olds held the tag titles? 2...thats you and me. Sure you had the better partner and I had the unfortunate timing of getting a nimrod as my partner. Thats just our difference Blaster. But have you ever felt something big in your career? Winning a new title, winning a title that never was in a hand of another AWF superstar? Winning a singles title that was new? I bet you never had. You might have bigger titles on your list, but you never were the first at anything were you? So thats what separates men who are just names in history then men who are embeded in history. I am one of those men whose names wont get wiped out of.

*D-Extreme takes a look at the TV title with his name on the plate before looking at the camera again.

D-Ex: Then again Blaster you are right, between you and me, you are more technically sound, you are more recognize for your name if not for your massive ego....and I respect you. Believe it or not I respect you more than I respect Ravage, I respect you more than I respect the two founders of DN. But when it comes down to one thing, you won em all...but you never won em first. Thats my advantage over you. Our old partners are out of this bussiness or are dead but we have our new ones. One day Blaster, you can count on me and Igz taking you and NMat...or someone else you want to tag with. Dont pick on Ignavus since he is new and dont know how much talented you are. But hey he is new here and he can learn. You on the other hand have been here a year longer than I do and what have you learned Blaster? Answer me that in our match sometime soon and I'll be glad to listen.

*D-Extreme tosses the can of beer into the trash bin before speaking.

D-Ex: And its good to see Xille alright. Buddy, if you need any help, hey Igz and I are here. Just call.

2004-12-22, 08:33 AM
Here's a big special one just for Ignavus. You see, he's new around here, and he doesn't know how things go.

Let's spell it out!

I am the best technical wrestler in the business today bar none.
Ignavus, you lose to people like me. Your tag partner, Extreme_Kup, has lost to me so many times, France mocks him. My tag partner, Y3B, has a list of accomplishments behind him so long, mortals such as you have trouble comprehending the dimensions.

So, to make it crystal clear. Crystal. This is how it goes. Next week, team on team, man against man. Titles at stake or simple honor, there is going to be an outcome. And the locker room knows what it will be.... The fans can hear it, Y3B can hear it, The Mat Man can hear it, even the deranged freak Ghostal can hear it. Do you hear it new guy? That's the sound inevitability makes right before The Mat Man takes your title. It's a calm sound, a quiet sound. So enjoy the peace, take the photo ops with your parents before it's too late! Because next time we face off in the ring, inevitability will be loud and clear. A distracting trumpet call announcing that you are just not ready to face off against Y3B and The Mat Man.

You show a lot of promise, and I like your spirit. But don't forget, inevitability is coming.

Vin Ghostal
2004-12-22, 04:17 PM
OOC: I'll get to my IC response another time, but before I'd do so, I'd just like to congratulate the writing/booking staff on a top-notch PPV. It's a perfect send-off for the AWF year and showed me, personally, that the AWF is back in top form. Well done.

Sociopathic Autobot
2004-12-22, 05:50 PM
Well it's good you respect me, losing will be easiar for you. As for not being the first at anything Stop and think. I was the first tag-team champion, First one in the demented hell in a cell, first champion under 20 for any title.

I have a list of firsts, I am the king of firsts. Not all of them good, I think I was actually the first person to lose to you.

2004-12-22, 06:11 PM
*Cloud is sitting in his locker roon shouting at apperently at something behind the wall.*

Cloud: You promised that I would have the belt, and that I would have it till the time that I felt that I needed to give it up. Yet you backstabbed me and that Odinson is now gunning for it. It should be mine, Mine!

Voice: Your patheic, you know that. You promised that you would give a scrifice to the Gods, especially me, yet you did not. You also blamed the Gods, and told the whole world how patheic you are without us. Who gave you power?, you gace you dominiation over Norway? Who gave you a wife and offsprings? It is we who did it, and yet you blame us. This does not bode well for you.

Cloud: Damn your reasoning and damn yourself! The belt I had won without any increase of Strenght from the Gods, so I did what I had to. You know how long it took me to recover from D-Ex's blow totally? You did not hold up your part of the bargin!

*Cloud is hit by a blast of snow and ice that throws him into the wall, cracking it. We can see small cuts appear on Cloud's Body*

Voice: You blame us? You blame us fo you losing it to him! You will be punished for your insolence towards me, you shall not be saved by Odin this time!

*Cloud jumps from his sitting position and axe in hand slashes the thing. We can hear a scream and then silence.*

Cloud:She will be back, she always is. The belt is mine, Odinson or not, I proved him wrong, and its my belt anyway. I shall return to get that, be warned OP, I shall be watching you. Odinson, you want the belt, stand in line. Its mine.

*Cloud Runs from the room where we now here an ice strom blowing. The camera man runs out and fades to black.*

2004-12-22, 06:19 PM
Originally posted by Vin Ghostal
OOC: I'll get to my IC response another time, but before I'd do so, I'd just like to congratulate the writing/booking staff on a top-notch PPV. It's a perfect send-off for the AWF year and showed me, personally, that the AWF is back in top form. Well done.

OOC: Frickity frick frick. I always forget to say that!


Vin Ghostal
2004-12-22, 07:29 PM
Keith Kincaid: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to this AWF Update. Following the AWF's final, cataclysmic show of 2004, I managed to catch up with V.3. Vin Ghostal as he was leaving the Key Arena in Seattle.

The broadcast cuts to a shot of Vin Ghostal hurriedly stuffing his athletic bag into the tiny trunk of his silver 2000 Mustang. His shirt is unbuttoned, his shoelaces are untied, and his sunglasses are askew.

KK: Vin, Vin, can we have a word about the bizarre Tag Team Championship match you were a part of tonight at Regenesis?

VG: Match? I wasn't a part of any match! I was part of a travesty! Right here tonight, in front of every fan in Seattle that paid good money to see their hero Vin Ghostal extend the greatest championship reign in the history of professional wrestling, and every one of the millions of Ghostal fans who paid $35 a piece just to catch a glimpse of the greatest wrestler alive...every one of those fans watched a grand conspiracy come to fruition. They watched in horror as their savior, V.3., was raped by an entire armada of inferior human beings, people who are jealous of my incredible body, my scientifically-heralded intelligence, my boyish good looks, my unrivaled talent! Blaster, Mat, Ignavus, D-Extreme, the referee, the timekeeper, the ring announcer, that filthy two-bit whore Atticus, and especially Reilly for orchestrating this grand plot...everyone and their brother had a hand in ending the greatest championship run anyone in the AWF has ever seen, a reign that should not have come to an end tonight or ever! Tell me, Kincaid, tell me...name one team in the AWF that could possibly have beaten V.3.

KK: Well...

VG: Exactly! You're speechless! That's because that team doesn't exist! No team could get the job done! It was 10-on-1 out there!

KK: You only named nine people.

VG: Don't debate the finer points with me, Kincaid! I saved the best for last...my dear partner, Xille. Some partner! The man was never even a part of the match! This match was the story of our entire championship reign: Vin Ghostal does all the work and Xille just hangs on and enjoys the ride. You all saw it! You saw how many times I tried to tag Xille into the match, and he refused! Tonight should have been a cakewalk, but Xille threw the match! He wanted me to lose! He robbed me of my glory! Well, let me promise you one thing, Xille...the days of me carrying you on my broad, muscular back are over.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-22, 10:22 PM
OOC:Ok now that was a great show still not sure about the name though. :p

I'll figure what to have my character say later.

2004-12-22, 10:46 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
*The camera comes on and slowly moves into an open locker room. The room is bascially empty, no couches, no TV's, nothing except Divebomb who is sitting on a bench with his elbows on his knees and his head down.*

DB: "I have been in the AWF for over two years and in that time only two people ever really knew me. Only two people ever knew my real name. My tag team partner Prowl? and our running mate, our drinking buddy and our friend. Viewfind. The three of us fromed the core of the GPA and to this day were the only true members of it."

*DB takes a deep breath and then keeps going*

DB: "You know I remember the old days when it was all about having fun, drinkin, smokin some cronic and makin cash. We had a great time. It wasn't always about winning or some gold strap. We talked like it was but it really wasn't. The gold was just a way to pass the time between contracts. Thats all this was for us was a way to pass the time. We came out here and caused problems and basically just wanted to see how far we could push the envelope before we pissed somebody off. Then if we did we fought back. It was entertaining."

*DB takes a drink from his beer then puts it back down and continues*

DB: "I have been in the GPA through thick and thin and have seen people come and go. I have been here long enough to see people like Raiden and Unicron join and leave. I have been here long enough to see the GPA join with others to form the TCA and then walk away from them. Then came the one day when we realized that we had finally had enough of one of our biggest contributors, Vin Ghostal. So we made the plan to turn on him and finally try to thrust ourselves into the lime light and leave that all behind. So we did some recruiting. We had had people want to join us for so long that we finally decided to let people in, but we never thought it through. We got careless. We let in Rav, Tempest and NMat. And all the planning ended up meaning nothing because we had let in a virus."

*DB take another drink and then throws the empty bottle against a wall shattering it*

DB: "We started a war with the AWF and we had finally had a big enough crew to run with it. So we did. Then came the day I will never forget. We were approached by someone claiming that they would give us whatever we wanted. All we had to do was hurt a few people. So instantly our eyes clouded over and we forgot everything else. All we could think about was what we would want. But as with all good things there was a catch. He told us that we would have to do the one thing I claimed I would never do. We had to turn our backs on the man that gave us our chance and let someone take over for him. We had to turn on Viewfind and give his job to TC."

*DB finally looks up at the camera*

DB: "And that triggered something in my head. Something that I couldn't explain. So I made us take a vote and it was close. It ended up being 3-2. Now Viewfind, no matter what anyone else says and no matter what tempest says. You know in your heart who the two men were that voted against kicking you out. So the vote was passed and I had finally realized just how far we had let the virus spread. I didn't want to have anything to do with kicking you out so I kept to myself. I should have warned you, I should have stopped them from attacking you, but I didn't and for that I am sorry. You deserved at least a warning from me. Something to let you know what was going on but htings were moving to fast and in the course of a day we went from being Viewfind's GPA to being Reilly's personal lapdogs and I hated it."

*DB pauses for a moment thinking of what to say next*

DB: "And then came TC. He jumped right in and honestly thought that just because he's won a few titles that everybody would just bow down and take it from him. It turned out that most of them did. They followed his orders without question, with a single thought about it. All that was on their minds was what am I going to get when we hurt The Game and HBK. But like I said, something had triggered in my brain and I finally realized that this wasn't the GPA I signed on for in the beginning and I didn't like what it was turning out to be. Then TC thought he would push me and then maybe I would just bend over and take it from him. He kept pushing me and pushing me and telling me to attack a person that I couldn't. A person that I owed too much. Until finally I couldn't take it anymore. So I decided to attone for my past mistake and try to make things right and in the end I gave the GPA back to its rightful owner."

*DB stands up and looks right into the camera*

DB: "I realize that I have made some enemies tonight and that I am sure there will be some backlash coming my way for what I did. But I don't regret it one bit. So DN... Erik... HBK...Six...Morpheus....View. Book me in whatever you want. Theres nothing I can do anymore. I will take whatever crap you want to throw at me and I won't argue it. I deserve it for turning on a friend."

*Just then Divebomb's mood lightens a bit and he smirks a little*

DB: "But TC I did warn you. I told you I would walk into the match as a memeber of the GPA and that I would walk out as a member of the GPA. You should have pieced it together. I am a part of the true GPA, not some band of jackasses led by TC. But now I am at a cross roads in my life and am forced to do something that I never thought I would have to do. I am signing my GPA walking papers. From now on I am on my own. Viewfind, good luck. TC, Rav, Tampest, NMat. you can all go to hell."

*Divebomb walks past the camera and out of the room as the camera gos black*

*We see Viewfind in his hospital room watching what Divebomb just said as he just truns over and cracks a smile*

OCC: i'll post a something better later.

awesome job guys

Amarant Odinson
2004-12-22, 11:22 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer

Cloud:She will be back, she always is. The belt is mine, Odinson or not, I proved him wrong, and its my belt anyway. I shall return to get that, be warned OP, I shall be watching you. Odinson, you want the belt, stand in line. Its mine.

Stand in line??? Cloudy the Mental Paitent is telling ME to stand in line?? As a former T.V. and I.C. champion, I deserved a chance to reclaim what's mine. I never got that chance. I never got that rematch for the T.V. Title and I got screwed over for a one on one shot for the I.C. Title. It should have been just me and Mat Man for the I.C. Title, but no. You and OP2005 had to stick your noses in where it didn't belong. Reilly in his oh so infinate wisdom had to make it a Fatal Four Way Elimination match. And then you blindsided me and got lucky.

If you think you can get lucky again, then why not try it one on one? But I know you won't. You know why? Because even on your best day, you don't have what it takes to beat me. You are nothing more then freak. I am PERFECTION compared to you. You tell me to stand in line? You shouldn't even be in it. And you can pray to all the "gods" you want, but they won't help you. Nothing will stop me from making you tap out. Nothing will stop me from beating you into total submission. Nothing will stop me from getting what I was denied and there is nothing that you or any of the other voices in your god damn head can do to PROVE ME WRONG.

2004-12-23, 12:23 AM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
Well it's good you respect me, losing will be easiar for you. As for not being the first at anything Stop and think. I was the first tag-team champion, First one in the demented hell in a cell, first champion under 20 for any title.

I have a list of firsts, I am the king of firsts. Not all of them good, I think I was actually the first person to lose to you.

D-Ex: Dont worry Blaster, you were not the first person to lose to me. Infact, it took me a handicap match to win here in the AWF. But then again, that is another story. Sure losing will be easier for me, but it wont be that easy to pin me, let alone beat me up. So dude I have to tel...*phone rings*

*D-Extreme hears a lot of hissing and lisping and scratches his head.

D-Ex: WHAT? 500 bucks?! FOR WHAT? Oh yeah, damn it. Tell Death his 500 dollar check is already being sent to his damn mail box. Do me a favor? Dont call me up again. *Hangs up*. Great, there goes my beer spending money.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-23, 01:02 AM
Christopher Back in his private locker room getting stitched up from the TLC match when Kincaid comes in without knocking.

KK: "Mr. Back can have I a moment of your time?"

Back stares at him and smiles

CB: "You got a 15.3 million dollars because that's how much a minute of my time costs."

Kincaid stands there like a deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car Back then laughs.

CB: "Keith you need to lighten up I was just joking with you!"

Kincaid breathes a sigh of relief.

KK: "First what you thoughts on the TLC match that you were in?"

CB: "I'm glad you ask that because that is the last match I will ever be in for the AWF Hardcore Championship. I'm through with the AWF Hardcore division!"

KK: "What are you thoughts on the return of Nmat and Y3B."

CB: "Why should I care about them? I've beaten Nmat so many
times when he teamed with Quickswitch and when I teamed with
D-Extreme that I lost count and as far as Y3B goes when did he
out juvie hall?"

KK: "You're long time former tag team partner D-Extreme has won
the AWF Tag Team titles with Igz how do you feel about that?"

CB: "How should I feel? I don't care one way or another about it If D-Extreme and Igz got married I would feel the same way. It's not my business. Until they get in my way then it becomes my business otherwise I don't give a damn about them reguardless."

KK: "Lot of critics on the internet aren't too thrilled with you being
back in the AWF. Care to comment?"

CB: "Keith, why should I care about lazy druken redneck fat asses with internet access who don't know anything about business? Simply put if they don't like me they can kiss my ass!"

KK: "What do have to say to Stone Cold Skywarp and TC?"

CB: "Have a nice long and painful recovery."

KK: "What's next for Christopher Back?"

CB: "There's one man that hasn't given me the proper respect since I came back to the AWF and it's time he learned why I'm the
New F'N Game."

KK: "You mean Erik Summers?"

CB: "No, fat ass Reily. In fact I'm going to issue a challenge to Reily at Edge of Survival I will put up half a billion dollars of my own money if he will face inside a steel cage.
He wins not only does he get a half billion dollars I will leave the AWF forever!
Now if I win I get full ownership over the AWF! I will own it lock, stock, and barrell. There is one special stipulation though and that is:
If anyone that has no business in this match sticks their nose in this match they lose their job permently!
This is going to be a Man-to-Man one-on-one match pinfall, submission wins the thing.
You see Brenden I'm willing to put it all on the line how about you?

KK: "Now that's a challenge"

CB: "You bet your fat ass it is! Now get out of here before I use you to practice my new finisher on!"

Kincaid runs out the room leaving Back with a wicked smile on his face.

OOC: Sorry couldn't think of anything better to say.

2004-12-23, 05:07 AM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
CB: "No, fat ass Reily. In fact I'm going to issue a challenge to Reily at Edge of Survival I will put up half a billion dollars of my own money if he will face inside a steel cage.
He wins not only does he get a half billion dollars I will leave the AWF forever!
Now if I win I get full ownership over the AWF! I will own it lock, stock, and barrell. There is one special stipulation though and that is:
If anyone that has no business in this match sticks their nose in this match they lose their job permently!
This is going to be a Man-to-Man one-on-one match pinfall, submission wins the thing.
You see Brenden I'm willing to put it all on the line how about you?

OOC: And here you are again, making outlandish challenges and such...do you honestly think that the staff is gonna go through with this? And would you really expect to win? You come back to the AWF and want to have things different than the last time, but now you are mainly doing what you did before. Making challenges like this is what kept you back before, and its only gonna keep doing it again. You want to be a main eventer, thats obvious...but you cant do it in one immediate swoop. It takes time to get to that point. It takes making feuds that last and work. I was definately not a main event character when I started...I was bottom of the barrell like everyone else. I just figured out how to make my character move up in the rankings, and thats what you need to do.

2004-12-23, 08:08 AM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
He wins not only does he get a half billion dollars I will leave the AWF forever!


2004-12-23, 08:12 AM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
Tell Death his 500 dollar check is already being sent to his damn mail box.
>And then one fine Christmas eve, when all the children were still in their warm, fuzzy dreams, Death checked his mailbox, and lo-and-behold; money! The judge did pull it from the small metal container and pranced back into his neat, white-picket-fenced bungalow with evident cheer and more than a little effeminate mincing.<

"Hmm...what to do withh thhiss generouss gifft..."

>Death racked his brain. Then he shook himself and took his brain off the rack and put it back in his head. Then he considered the various dreams that could be fulfilled with this monetary power: He could go on a holiday trip to the Artic circle for one of his favoured hobbies, killing seal pups; he could buy a damn big honkin' Rottweiler and toss it through the windows of his next-door neighbour's house; he could buy lesbian porn...Death paused and stared blankly at the wall. Where did that come from?! Death reprimanded himself for thinking such childish notions about girls, cars and ice-cream...then a fiendish grin graced his face, and he quickly left the house and went down the street.<

>Later, Death came back home with a very large cardboard box, filled with melting popsicles. The judge then proceeded...to dump them all over the road, creating a very large, multi-flavoured oil slick of sorts. Standing back to admire his handiwork for a moment, Death grunted in satisfaction and retreated indoors.<

>And that night, there was a jingling in the air as jolly old Saint Nick dropped in for his traditional present-bringing visit, with Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer and their similarly badly-named chums dragging his sleigh (now a custom Lambourghini model) down from the skies and onto the street...you can guess what's going to happen, can't you?<


>All two-and-a-half tons on presents, reindeer, sleigh and fat man that was Santa's convoy slipped all over Death's popsicle slick, careening madly from one side of the road to another, before skidding right off the tarmac and burying itself halfway into someone's garage before bursting into a blaze of napalm. And Death then stepped out onto his lawn and surveyed the scene, before cackling madly and twiddling a large, fake moustache...<

OOC: I'd like to thank D-Ex for reminding me of that bet thing - I'd honestly forgotten. Also, to those who it may concern, I'll be offline for the Xmas holidays, and possibly New Year too.

2004-12-23, 12:41 PM
OOC: Nice to see you did remember who you betted for. Man, that was funnier than the one I did in the first war games(got drunk and rolled off a hill). I promise in the spirit of X-Mas, the Serial Slackaz wont be outdone!!! ;)

Vin Ghostal
2004-12-23, 02:26 PM
OOC: Cyberstrike, use your head, man! I understand your desire to remake your character and move up the ladder, but it can't happen overnight! More importantly, you can't make outrageous challenges to non-player characters that would radically alter the storyline without at least consulting the writing staff first! You really think a Mr. Reilly/Christopher Back Steel Cage Match for total control of the AWF would be added onto the Edge of Survival card with nary a shrug from the staff? Get real, man. You wouldn't want Vin Ghostal coming over to the X-WCW and inexplicably booking a match that would give my character control over your fed, small as it may be. I like you, man, and I'm one of the few defenders of your character, but please consult me or someone else before making challenges that contradict the storyline and confuse less experienced AWF participants who might follow your lead and begin issuing similarly outrageous challenges.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-23, 03:27 PM
Originally posted by Vin Ghostal
OOC: Cyberstrike, use your head, man! I understand your desire to remake your character and move up the ladder, but it can't happen overnight! More importantly, you can't make outrageous challenges to non-player characters that would radically alter the storyline without at least consulting the writing staff first! You really think a Mr. Reilly/Christopher Back Steel Cage Match for total control of the AWF would be added onto the Edge of Survival card with nary a shrug from the staff? Get real, man. You wouldn't want Vin Ghostal coming over to the X-WCW and inexplicably booking a match that would give my character control over your fed, small as it may be. I like you, man, and I'm one of the few defenders of your character, but please consult me or someone else before making challenges that contradict the storyline and confuse less experienced AWF participants who might follow your lead and begin issuing similarly outrageous challenges.

OOC: LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT! My life is is in the ****ing gutter I'm filing for bankruptcy and losing my house due so please
understand if right now I'm in very bad mood.
I play the AWF for FUN and as a form stress release and nothing else!
The challenge for Reily was something I knew was never going to
accepted. I thought it could be an intresting idea that could be delvoped into something quite fun to play up, I don't have a clue to the AWF staff wants me to go after challenging Erik didn't work as well as I thought (due to he's got a long list of other people
challengers that would make better storylines) and it's no big secert that me and TC don't mix very well OOC. I've just concluded a MAJOR feud with D-Extreme in my fed that no offence would next impossible to top anywhere.
So what am I supposed to?
And right now I want is to have some fun if the writers don't want to do this that's cool with me but for crying out loud

Now get this topic back on track.

2004-12-23, 03:36 PM
Op is seen with his new belt, the TV Championship

OP: The Nightmare is a reality. CloudStrifer, Norse God Wannabe, I told you it was real and it was going to happen. You doubted. It still happened.

You say you want this belt and now Amarant Odinson wants the belt too. Well, all in due time, all in due time but now Cloud lets take a look at what really happened at Regenesis... again

The footage plays of Cloud receiving the double powerbomb and then the tombstone on the steel chair

JRA: And the NEW AWF Television Champion... OP2005

The video loops with the announcement from JRA six times before it all fades to black

2004-12-23, 03:36 PM
OOC: Uhm...ok then. Before THIS MATTER GETS WORSE...guys lets leave it to the two parties do the PM's and the OOC comments. Lets have a good holiday and not ruin anyone's now. So lets get back to the iCs and leave this matter be. Nothing to see here, you guys do the PM thing now. We wont aggrivate it...RIGHT GUYS?


D-Ex: Well.....there goes 500 bucks down the drain. Next time I'll remind myself not to take a bet from Judge Death if he will just do that. *gets a beer and chugs it down* Ok kiddies, teenage drinking is BAD for your health, but I got a fake ID anyways!!!

*The camera zooms out and D-Ex stands up in a sober type of expression and beams a smile.

D-Ex: The wreslters and writers of the AWF would like to wish the fans and viewers of the AWF a very merry x-mas. We advise not to drink and drive this season to have a very safe holiday.

*A x-mas song hits as the scene fades to black with the AWF symbol in the middle.

Vin Ghostal
2004-12-23, 03:37 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo

Calm down, dude, and take your own advice. I'm sorry about your personal problems. Now, let the smack talking resume.

2004-12-23, 03:39 PM
All OOC, though I'd hope that would go without saying given the context.

Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
The challenge for Reily was something I knew was never going to accepted.

So why bother with it?

I don't have a clue to the AWF staff wants me to go after challenging Erik didn't work as well as I thought

Try talking to G over PM, then. Don't know where the staff want your character to go? Ask them. That applies to everybody.

And right now I want is to have some fun if the writers don't want to do this that's cool with me but for crying out loud

Like you just haven't? You can't go waving stuff about in public that you know isn't gonna go anywhere, and then complain when it's addressed in public.

If you've got problems sorting your character/angle out, then take your own advice and sort it with the staff by PM. You've nobody to blame for this being in public but yourself.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-23, 05:18 PM
Originally posted by The HeartBrend Kid
All OOC, though I'd hope that would go without saying given the context.
So why bother with it?

It was either a) for fun or b) to see if ayone was paying attention
take your pick. :D

Try talking to G over PM, then. Don't know where the staff want your character to go? Ask them. That applies to everybody.

I did I got no reply and thought he wasn't intrested so I dropped the angle.

Like you just haven't? You can't go waving stuff about in public that you know isn't gonna go anywhere, and then complain when it's addressed in public.
If you've got problems sorting your character/angle out, then take your own advice and sort it with the staff by PM.

I'm not unreasonable but who do I talk to try and get some postive results?

G91, Divebomb, Silly Cow, AWF PO, Vin Ghostal, Socipathic Autobot, Tempest, you?

I honestly don't know who and that is what drives me crazy.

So could the preson I should be talking to send me a PM?
It would solve a lot of these problems.

BTW here's a quick fix to my mistake earlier.
It's the best I can think of.

In character:

In Christopher Back's manison.

We see Christopher Back getting a back massage by a beautiful woman.

CB: "Ah this is the life soon I'll be running the AWF and..."

Suddenly his butler comes in with a cordless telephone.

Butler: "Sorry sir but you have a call."

CB: "Thanks I'll take it."

The butler hands him the phone and leaves the room.

CB: "Yeah? This is Mr. Back. What that slimey no-good-son-of-a-bitch screwed me again! One day I'll get my revenge!"

2004-12-23, 05:59 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
I did I got no reply and thought he wasn't intrested so I dropped the angle.

But you posted before not hearing back on it. If you'll pardon the confusing grammar. Surely it would have been better to wait until hearing back before posting it; and as you didn't hear back, not post it. Rather than asking, posting it and then dropping it because you didn't hear back. No?

I'm not unreasonable but who do I talk to try and get some postive results?

G91, Divebomb, Silly Cow, AWF PO, Vin Ghostal, Socipathic Autobot, Tempest, you?

I honestly don't know who and that is what drives me crazy.

So could the preson I should be talking to send me a PM?
It would solve a lot of these problems.

G91 runs the show. It's not a secret. In fact, he said so the last time you asked the question - over in one of the related threads in GD.

Or failing him, PM one of the forum mods and they can pass it along. The Press Office account gets checked regularly, but the PM notification has been screwed up of late, so communications don't always get through properly, but sending a message to one of the regular folks should yield results.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-23, 09:08 PM
Originally posted by The HeartBrend Kid
G91 runs the show. It's not a secret. In fact, he said so the last time you asked the question - over in one of the related threads in GD. Or failing him, PM one of the forum mods and they can pass it along. The Press Office account gets checked regularly, but the PM notification has been screwed up of late, so communications don't always get through properly, but sending a message to one of the regular folks should yield results.

OOC: Thanks I'll remember that you said that. :)

IC: I'm going to take a Christmas break call me when should I come back.

Random Sweep
2004-12-24, 12:06 AM
Anytime you want to " Judge " me Death, you are welcome to try

2004-12-24, 02:00 AM
*The scene opens up in D-Ex's house where we see him sitting down on a folded up chair in his backyard. He grabs a can of beer and opens it. But before he would drink it, the doorbell rings and he gets up to see who it is.

D-Ex: What in the hell? He actually came here? Great, the BBQ is on then.

D-Extreme gets himself up from the chair and heads for the front door. He opens it and it turns out to be Ignavus.

D-Ex: Hey there partner.

Igz: *Yawns* Yo. How's stuff and stuff?

D-Ex: There all stuffed up and stuff, ya know.

They do a high five before entering the backyard. As D-Extreme prepares the griller, Igz goes for the nearby hammock and lies there. D-Extreme puts some coal on the griller before he grabs his beer can and drinks it. He tosses the beer to the nearest trash bin before talking to Igz.

D-Ex: *hic*So, I'm glad you came here...ya know what? Its great to be tag team champs huh?

Igz: You bet. Anyway, nothing great is happening in my house so I decided to crash in on your BBQ. So, who else is coming?

D-Ex: ...*hic*....the hell I know? Hehehe...

D-Ex gets the oil and starts pouring it over the griller. Accidentally, a few of it spils into his right sleeve. Igz is still on the hammock as he asks something. D-Extreme seems to be a bit entoxicated than he usually is. No doubt, it maybe due to the 12 cans of beer we see in the trash can.

Igz: So, how was your first Tag Title win anyways?

D-Ex: Eh?....oh...that...well Me and Impactor won the seibertron juinor heavyweigfh...championship against Bombshell and Rodimus...y'see...they called themselves the *hic* abomishin...ly...gay duo...hack hack hack! *Finishes putting the oil on the griller* We kinda won it by countout and all y'see.

Igz: No..I mean..you FIRST tag title win in the AWF?

D-Ex: Oh...uhm...yeah...I won it at the tournament against windcharger. You knwo what? It was one of the best things to happen? Soon, I got a call from Autine slag about stuff...*hic* y'see?!

Igz: ................*shakes head* How profound.

D-Ex: Oh, uh partner?

Igz: What is it now?

D-Ex: I's appreciate you coming here for a good ol x-mas eve bbq and all but, do you have a lighter?

Igz: Yeah, youre welcome. And here, take it.

Igz tosses a lighter to D-Extreme. D-Ex gets it but it slips from his hands. He picks it up and grins. He goes over to the grill and light sit up. The grill flames up, and so does the right sleeve of D-Extreme. D-Extreme tries to shake it off as Igz is seen looking at the stars.

Igz: You know what, its a nice nigt, lots of stars up there. *looks at D-ex slowly, but gets shocked* So dude....OH MY GOODNESSS!!!

D-Ex: ARGH! HELP! Call the fire department or get an extinguisher!!! IT BUUUURRRNNNNSSS!!!!

Igz: Sorry dude, I'm too lazy to get up now....uhm.....I can help you though! STOP...DROP...AND ROLL!!

The scene closes as we see Igz looking up into the stars while we see D-Extreme rolling down the ground in the background. The video opens up again to see Ignavus reading a book about 'X-mas eve with D-extreme and ignavus'. A kid raises his hand to Igz.

Igz: Yes? What is it?

Kid: UHm....so what happened to D-Extreme?

Igz: Oh, he eventually got the fire out. And he learned that being drunk is a bad thing, especially when you light up a griller.

Kid: Can you tell us another story Mr. Ignavus?

Igz: I'm sorry but I feel drained after that story. So I think Uncle Igz needs to go.

All the kids: please????

Igz: ...........uhm......sure. Uhm, hey you *points at one kid* give me that book beside you. Lets read that. *yawn* Thanks.

2004-12-24, 06:28 AM
OOC: Listen Cyberstrike...the count is 0-2...if you know anything about baseball you will know exactly what I'm talking about. Secondly, try using a spellcheck once in a while. I can't read half of what you sent me. Next up, we had already booked up the first month as something to get the shows back up and running. January is a buildup month as well, just due to the Rumble and the fact that pretty much everyone participates in it. There is this great word we have here in the English language...it's called patience. Do us all a favor and look it up.

IC: Mercy General Hospital: Seattle, WA

The Game is seen in his hospital bed, beer in hand, smile across his heavily bandaged face.

Nurse: Sir, you can't have that in here...

The Game smiles as he takes a long drink from his beer...then lights a cigar.

Nurse: Sir! This is a non-smoking building!

The Game smacks the nurse on her ass and calls for HBK, Viewfind, Sixswitch and Morpheus to be wheeled into the room for the party to begin.

2004-12-24, 07:40 AM
Tempest is seen in the hospital bed looking up at the celling.

"That damn punk ... why?"

Just then Tempest looks up and see's Morpheus bed being wheeled past with two nurses pushing him along. Tempest only gets more angry. He leans out of bed and reaches for his phone.

"*Dials in a number* Yo, TC ... I'm sorry I didn't trust you man. I would of expected D-B to walk out on you, but he walked out on me as well. Yo, something has to be done, and something soon. As soon as I can move my ass I'm getting out of this bed and going back home for Christmas then I'll be back. I got family to see and sponserships to sort out. When we get back though, russle up Ravage, tell Nmat to get his **** together. We're going after that punk and Dn."

Tempest presses the red button and a nurse comes in.

Nurse: "What do you want?"

Tempest: "Get me a bottle of Johnie Walker Black label and some ice, straight."

Nurse: "No alcohol allowed, but I could make an exception for you. Just one small favor, could you sign this for my son?"

The nurse pulls out a GPA shirt and a pen.

Tempest: "I don't see why not. I AM GPA ... heh heh heh. I'm now the longest serving member too now."

The Wild One
2004-12-24, 06:03 PM
The Wild One walks outside of his locker room. He notices the security guard looking at the package.

W1: What the hell is this?

Gaurd: I seen a guy in a Santa suit leave it here just now.

W1: *Wild One looks at the tag.* Hmm...It seems as if I have a stalker. *Hands the package to the gaurd.* I don't trust this. *Hands the package to the gaurd, and walks back into his locker room.*

2004-12-25, 01:23 AM
Sixswitch limps into the Game's room on crutches, with a stern look on his face. He stops in the doorway, and looks inquisitively at Erik Summers, who raises an eyebrow. Suddenly, the Double S cracks a wide grin, and unslings a bag from his shoulder, before dumping it onto a table - a conspicuous clinking sound coming from within.

"So, Team DN won. And the GPA got their arses whipped. Or should that be the ex-GPA?"

2004-12-25, 07:20 AM
The Game looks up at Six with a grin on his face.

Game: "Why Mr. Welsh Wonder...would those be tasty alcoholic beverages in that little bag of yours?"

2004-12-25, 07:37 PM
*The camera comes on at a local hospital as we see Viewfind exititing the hospital with his brand new Divebomb"i stand alone" t-shirt*

Doctor: "Mr kaufmann sir may i have a word with you about you're insurance?"

VF: "biyatch chill wit all dat kaufmann jazz, da name is Blingzilla, what'cha you want anyways? an autograph *Viewfind then looks into the camera with a smile and says "i always got time for my fans"

Doctor: "No sir just you're insurance number"

VF: "Aaaaaii give me this paper be'fo i open yo skull with mah Ak-47"

*Viewfind the signs the paper and then sends the doctor on his way*

Viewfind: Yo man what a botha gots do to get a cab around here? feels like i'm up in New york, damn!

*Just then a white lemo pulls up with the DN lago on the side and Just before viewfind jumps in he ponts down to his shirt and gives the GPA for life sign*

2004-12-28, 12:37 AM
*Wolfang is leaving the arena, whilst gulping back a bottle of Smirnoff vodka. This is not that cissy 'Smirnoff Ice' stuff either: it's the triple-distilled stuff that comes in litre bottles. Keith Kincaid hurries up to catch the former Hardcore and Tag Team champ, and almost coughs up his lungs as he reaches his interviewee.*

KK: "Fang *coffcoffwheeze* can I *kaff* get a word?"

W: "You can get several. And it won't cost you a quarter of what Cyberstrike's charging." *Takes another gulp from the bottle*

KK: "You mean *pantpant* Christopher Back?"

W: "Same bleedin' difference... are you gonna ask me something or what?"

KK: "We all saw *coff* tonight that Zarak walked away with the Hardcore championship. There was certainly no love lost between the two of you during the match, either. What's going through your mind right now?"

W: "If I told you that, HBO wouldn't be licensed to show this. *Glug* If you mean, do I care that Zarak got the belt? Hell no. He doesn't need one. I've got my own personal bullseye on that asshole I used to call my friend. Nobody... and I mean nobody... puts him on the injured list. That's a little chore I've set aside for myself.

I should've realised that a leopard doesn't change his spots. Zarak betrayed the cWo. It was merely a matter of time before he turned on me. But I'm a little more inclined to take it personally..."

*Wolfang walks off as KK just stands looking dumbstruck*

2004-12-28, 01:17 AM
"Why yes... Yes they would. Now, let's do a bit of drinking, and planning about next week's Mayhem, eh?"

2004-12-28, 09:54 PM

IC: The Game smiles and tosses Six a notepad, cracking open one of the icey cold tasty beverages...

Game: I think this should settle the World Title situation fairly, don't you?

Lord Zarak
2004-12-28, 11:09 PM
*BZ is watchin the Wolfang interview in his hotel room. A camera is present, as is a large supply of Guinness*

Wolfang, Wolfang, Wolfang....*tuts*

You really shouldnt go drinking your problems away. You'll have a hangover, and the problem will still be there with your pounding head.

Now, shall we talk about the problem? Y'see, from where I am lying - victorious with unlimited room service - you are jealous. Simple as.

Of me.

Of what I have become.

Of the chance that you *dramatic pause* let go by.


*Sups again*

*Breaths deeply*

Ah. The taste of success. What you have my friend, is the taste *another dramatic pause, but longer to build even more suspense* of failure.

Hope it doesent stay in your mouth for too long, Sunshine.

2004-12-28, 11:12 PM
TC is seen being pushed in his wheelchair by his nurse, they go past the room where the Team DN members are seen celebrating. TC's arm reaches out and stops the chair by grabbing the door frame and pulls himself back to the doorway.

The members of Team DN stop celebrating and look at him. TC stares into each one of their eyes stopping last on The Game. He simply nods a sign of congratulations their way.

2004-12-30, 12:02 AM
Xille is standing in front of a monitor backstage in his (ooc: just for you, Igz...) new Gap woven orange and blue stipped shirt and sandblasted vintage jeans; his gym bag is around his shoulder. And no... he doesn't shop at Gap kids. The sound of Vin Ghostal's voice can be heard coming from the monitor.

Monitor: Well, let me promise you one thing, Xille...the days of me carrying you on my broad, muscular back are over.

Xille sighs, flips off the monitor, and walks out.

2004-12-30, 12:48 AM
The Game looks out at TC and tips his beer to him. Then looking at the rest of Team DN, shoots a smirk towards TC and tosses him a cold one.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-12-30, 09:27 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
IC: I'm going to take a Christmas break call me when should I come back.

We'll call you when someone gives a damn!

2004-12-31, 01:31 AM
A black 2005 Ford Mustang pulls into the Hospital parking lot blasting Pantera's A New Level.

BDR gets up, bandged bruised and hurting but after the series of Hardcore matches he was use to this he stood up out of the car made sure the didn't disturb his bandages too much and walked into the hospital to where his beeper told him to go.

He let out a stifled laugh as he saw the AWF wing of the hospital and walked towards where TC and DN were.

BDR's nods a not of approval and respect and flashes a quick thumbs up to the winners before grabbing TC's wheelchair and walking off and asking TC one thing.

"What's next?"

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-01-02, 07:03 PM
IC: "You know after watching War Games I can honestly say that was without a doubt the most impressive match in the history of the AWF and I'm a hard man to impress."

Lord Zarak
2005-01-02, 11:28 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
IC: "You know after watching War Games I can honestly say that was without a doubt the most impressive match in the history of the AWF and I'm a hard man to impress."

No, Christpher Back, you are a w*nker.

And a loser.

In fact, is there a difference?

2005-01-04, 01:44 AM
IC: The taste of failure? *Picks his teeth and stares at his nails*

That kebab was made from Christopher Back? Eugh...

But the implication that I'm jealous of a second-rate, pus-filled, cheating, lying egomaniac like you? That's funny. Hell... Billy Connolly, Dave Allen & Jasper Carrott had better watch out for that.

You really are one huge tosser, you know that? It should be rather convenient on Shrove Tuesday... until then, I suggest you go toss yourself off. Toss yourself off a bridge for preference.

2005-01-04, 08:45 PM
>The shot opens to a dark room. The meagre illumination provided by the television screen isn't quite sufficient to indicate what is contained within the room, but we can just about make out the silhouette of a large chair. The view shifts as the cameraman moves across to one of the walls, trying to keep the chair's outline in the centre of the shot and commenting on a stench like aged vomit. He stops, and fumbles with one hand across the wall, before flicking a small switch that activates the single naked lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, and presenting us with a rather unwelcome sight: the chair, a large leather model not unlike the one once sat upon by the Reverend I.M. Jolly, is occupied by a snoozing Judge Death, surrounded by empty Archer's Aqua bottles and with a thin string of saliva hanging from the corner of his mouth. The cameraman grumbles and walks over to the chair, taking careful steps to avoid broken glass on the floor. Once he reaches Death's side, he simply taps the judge's helmet twice, eliciting a dull 'Ting' but no reaction from the zombified git. The cameraman sighs plaintively...before savagely kicking Death in the shins numerous times until the judge comes to, with much nausea and confusion.<

"Blaaarrgh! Whuzzzzat? Where? How? Who? Ssssick..."

>Death holds his stomach and slaps himself in the jaw several times, before turning from the camera and making sharp retching sounds, followed by a couple of 'Thump's, a smattering of soft footsteps, and some high-pitched squeaking whoch doesn't appear to have come from the judge at all. Death stands absolutely still for a moment, before shrugging and turning to face the lens.<

"I bid my ffirsst greetingss off thhiss new year unto you, lawbreakerss! And I musst ssay, you are all looking ffar more unhealthhy - ssplendid, indeed! To bussinesss, thhen..."

>Death turns to sit down in the chair again, but halts upon seeing the yellowing stains on the arms. The judge decides to remain standing.<

"Not much hass happened ssincce I took my shhort leavve ffor a winter break in thhe Nethherealm; thhat iss quite a nicce placce, you know, it hass ssome vvery beautifful magma poolss, sso you might wishh to conssider it ffor your nexxt holiday. Ssstill, thhe holiday hass passsed, and it sseemss to not havve had a calming efffect on at leasst one ssoul...Ssscarecrow. You sstill dare to challenge me. And now you ssay thhat I shhould come to you? Well...why not?"

>The judge thrusts his chest forward, his shoulders drawn back, and generally tries to look as if he is imbued with a sense of purpose and an overlarge can of pure energy.<

"I could hunt you acrosss all thhe land, sscouring evvery ssquare inch off phhyssical matter I come acrosss ffor cluess to your location, and procceed to adminisster an exxtra-large dossage off one-hundred-per-ccent asss-kicking all ovver your moronic noggin!"

>Death holds the dynamic pose for a few seconds more...then bursts out laughing, doubling over and slapping his knees. He laughs for two minutes, before sniffing and standing again, grinning madly.<

"I crack mysselff up ssoooo much...off coursse I am not going to do thhat! I havve no dessire to lower mysselff to your levvel by activvely sseeking you out, like a common beggar sseekss twenty-ffivve ccent coinss! Iff you sso wishh to ffacce me in battle, you musst ffind me, and thhen book a meeting withh my ssecretary. Wait..."

>Death pauses for thought.<

"...I killed my ssecretary. Drokk. Well, leavve a Posst-It note on my door. Mine iss thhe one withh thhe crosss in lamb'ss blood on it. I am not terribly ssure why, but I thhink it wass thhe neighbour'ss ffault. Thhey are quite odd. Ssstill, thhe ovverall point iss: unlesss you are abssolutely ssure you wishh to go up againsst thhe hand thhat rocked your cradle - thhat being me - thhen leavve me alone whilsst I...meditate. Yess, meditate. It iss not jusst anothher word ffor ssleeping!"

>Scene abruptly closes, with Death scowling at the cameraman as said AWF employee snorts in disbelief.<

Random Sweep
2005-01-04, 11:23 PM
So once again Death you show yourself to be a coward, I am a lawbreaker so I must be punished.

But fear not, I will find you and I will show you a new way.... and who knows, maybe you will be reformed

2005-01-05, 10:38 PM
Ssso, I laughh at you...and I am a coward.

By thhat logic, thhen, iff I had healthh inssurancce, I would be a...comedian?

Your wordss hurt me. Really, thhey do. I am givving mysselff one major migraine trying to ffigure out what you are sstruggling to imply withh thhem. And, oh dear, it getss worsse...

Shhow me a new way, eh? Shhow me a new way to...? What, jusst a new way? Like, a new way to park my hearsse in ffront off my apartment? A new way...to wear sskintight latexx and make it look ssooo damn good? No? Well, what thhe devvil are you on about, thhen?! Jeezz!

2005-01-05, 10:41 PM
TC is seen leaving the hospital and going to get into Ravage's car with him.

TC: Rav, you asked what is next...I'm not sure whats next other than wait and see what Team DN has in store on Mayhem. Other than that keep rolling towards our goals of getting the world belt.