View Full Version : OOC Hi, explanation, and sorry

2004-12-22, 02:33 AM
Sorry I went AWOL on a few people. I talked to G91 eons ago about a short two week break, then I got sick. And I stayed that way. I think I've been sick more than not since August, and I'm tired of it. So, I decided I just can't get sick anymore.;) We'll see how that works out. Good to see lots of new faces about. Welcome. Fodder for my climb back up is always nice:D

2004-12-22, 09:07 AM
OOC: Its all good man, all the matters is nmat is back and in full force. Nice to have you back here in the AWF. Seeing things in the PPV, our breif tag feud not long ago will rekindle again for some reason.

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-12-23, 09:00 PM
OOC: And you are? ;) :p :D