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2005-01-04, 05:06 AM
Xille: Year 1 – You Can’t Deny

Chapter 1: Getting High on the X: Year 1 Highlights
Chapter 2: I’ll Tell You Why: Interview With the X

DVD Bonus! Matches:

Chapter 3: Ravage vs Xille
Chapter 4: AWF Tag Team Title Match: Degeneration NeXt: HBK Sean O’Con & The Game Erik Summers (C) v Strafe & Xille
Chapter 5: AWF Hardcore Fourway: TC (c) v Xille v Auros v Ravage
Chapter 6: AWF Hardcore Title Match: Auros © versus Xille
Chapter 7: AWF Tag Team Championship: The NWA [Divebomb and P? Champions] Vs. Xille & Vin Ghostal

Chapter 1: Getting High on the X: Year 1 Highlights

*Boy Sets Fire: Rookie begins to play*

One, two, three, four!

Xille is shown jumping from the Archivetron onto Auros, steel chair in hand.

I never thought this could be me

Xille hits Viewfind with a hurricanrana.

I guess you never do

Xille dropkicks Ravage out of the Royal Rumble.

Until it’s happening to you

Xille hits Auros over the head with a stop sign.

Like all the fun turns into shame

Xille hits a moonsault onto P?.

And all the "could have beens" rearrange

Xille hits the Last Mile onto Amarant Odinson.

so little time so many crimes guilt like a chain chokes my will away

Vin Ghostal slams Xille into the wall, his hand around the X’s neck.

Redemption never seemed so cruel

Divebomb and P? double-DDT Xille onto the mat.

And all my gods never seemed so weak

Split-screen shot of the X being hit by the Game Over and the Stun Gun.

Wake up, engage. Now derailed and enraged… it used to be so easy

Xille pins Ravage in his tag team match with Sixswitch.

Get up i'm game, now sick and i'm tame, counting cost with lost

Xille falls from the Archivetron onto Ravage, who is lying on a table.

Where is the hope they gave?

Xille is pinned by Divebomb.

Don't think that i can't hear you laugh

Vin Ghostal shoves Xille down as they both round a corner

I used to be a lot like you, but now I'm only me

Images of Xille standing beside Vin Ghostal, Sixswitch, and Strafe are shown, ending with a shot of the X standing by himself.

Drink to pills, to shots… turns into shock

Xille stands visibly shaken at the announcement that the Hardcore title has become 24/7.

A habit and a pawn

The scene shifts from Strafe screaming for a tag from the X to Xille screaming for a tag from Vin Ghostal.

For every hand goes round the pain gets so damned loud

HBK has the HDD locked into Xille.

The hammer hits and I'm down

A flurry of Lobotomies onto different opponents fill the screen.

Trust no one

The scene fades out as Xille stands on the middle rope, taunting to the crowd.

2005-01-04, 05:07 AM
Chapter 2: I’ll Tell You Why: Interview With the X

Xille is shown in a chair, sitting across from a new face: that of Nick Matthews, the AWF’s new interviewer.

Matthews: Welcome, everyone, to Xille’s year 1 wrap-up DVD. I’m Nick Matthews, here with the man himself, the X. Now, I’m really not sure what to add to that, X, because you seem to have half a million nicknames for yourself.

Xille: Ha, yeah, that’s right, Nick. I’m the X, baby. The AWF’s own Sweet Machine, the red hot rookie, the mid card miracle, the opium of the masses, the man everybody’s trying to get high on… but you can just call me X.

NM: Fair enough. Now, let’s just get into the thick of it: give me some of your highlights of your rookie year.

X: Highlights? Where do I start? I won two championships: the Hardcore title and the AWF Tag Team titles. I’ve fought some of the best, and I have shown several people why they can’t deny. Some of my stunts are sure to be on highlight reels for a few years to come.

NM: Your exploits inside of the ring are indeed fascinating, but what about outside? Who was your favorite person to go back and forth with? What was your favorite line of smack this year?

X: Your first question is easy. Ravage. There’s no question about it, Ravage really put me to the test over the year, and I’m just a little sad that we never really settled things.

NM: Well, we have a little package of smack talk ready to go. Let’s take a look.

N.E.R.D. – Lapdance plays in the background

Divebomb: Dude I think that DDT hit you harder than you know.

Black Zarak: Go home Xille, and hide, because if you keep shooting your mouth off, it'll be pounded till your teeth protrude through the skin.

Ravage: Ahh Xille shouldn't you be in a hospital somewhere wish some odd guy giving you a sponge bath?

Xille: That's why I'm the opium of the masses, baby! They can't get through their day without a little bit 'o X!

The Game: Loser...Xille...you've got no reason to hang your head. You were out there by yourself against the best...and I even had Sean O'Con out there with me...you fought hard and you got my respect...

Strafe: And now tonight with Xille. The moment he did not tag me in, I knew that I could not take this any longer. I was not about to let my fate rest in the hands of another who was blatantly not up for the task.

Ravage: Xille you can't even break the plastic wrap off of your Gatorade.

D-Extreme: Xille...hang on there kid, I like what I'm seeing. You were laid out in the match..yet you just got back up. I like that attitude you seem to be coming back for more. Hey I can see you beating Ravage down on Redemption..even though the odds are stacked against you every match, you seem not to mind about it. Hey more power to ya man.

Xille: TC, what can I say, man? I didn't want the title. Well, at first, that is. But then I could feel it. The crowd could feel it. Could the red hot rookie snag this huge win? Could he do it?

*He pats the Hardcore belt and his smile grows wider*

You're damn straight he could. Now, TC, you were an amazing hardcore champ and I can only hope to live up to the legacy you've left this belt with. I think I've started things out the right way, though. A fourway dance to pick it up? Now, even V.3 has to admit, that's an impressive victory. Auros... well, I hope your head's going to be okay. I had to take the shot, baby. You know how it is.

*Xille's expression grows a little more serious*

Big daddy Rav. The man I pinned to gain this fabulous belt. What's your problem with the way that I gained it? Isn't that the GPA way to play? A "W" is a "W", right? What's the big deal? Hmm? Oh, I see. The rules only work one way. You're like the big bully in the sandbox, who gets to take any toy he wants, but when someone takes it from him... WAAAAH! WAAAAH! WHERE'S MY MOMMY? I WANT A COOKIE! WAAAaaaa.... shut up, Ravage. I won.

Xille and Ravage are shown face-to-face

Xille: Ravage, Ravage, Ravage. I'm messing in the wrong yard? Well, you're messing with the wrong munchkin, pantywaist. So why don't you drop that third Big Mac of yours, go lose a little weight, and remember that the next time you have something to say, shut up.

Ravage: Of all the people telling me to drop a big Mac. Here is five bucks small guy go get an extra value meal shorty. Oh wait here's a quarter too, call your mom you might be out past your bedtime.

Xille: Wow, thanks Ravage. I've never earned an easier 5 bucks. But the quarter... that's all your mom's going for nowadays, right?

Ravage: Well it might take you a quarter of a second with her there short stuff.

Xille: How'd you know she gets off that quickly?

Ravage: Not sure, but I think the real question here would be how do you know?

Xille: I think you know the answer to that question. And it wasn't that good.

Ravage: Anyway small guy, my mom verified that small part not that we hadn't figured that out yet now, had we.

Xille: It's good to know that your mom can see that I'm below average height. Wait a second... She can see, and she's still that sloppy with them? … Wow.

Ravage: At least she can see. After I snap you in half you might not be so lucky.

Xille: "Grrrr! Ravvy mad! Ravvy break!" That's all I'm hearing, hoss. Nonsensical words from a fat man.

Lapdance picks up again

Viewfind: Another interesting factoid: the NO ONE CARES TRAIN is right on time to pick up passengers at the XILLE STATION!

Flec: You're forgetting that Xille has been chewing through the big men in this fed since he's shown up.

Ravage: But you are messing in the wrong yard small fry. You apparently didn't see the sign that said "You must be this tall to wrestle*.

Xille: The GPA seem to have sprung a leak and are spewing all kinds of crap everywhere again.

The screen fades to black and Matthews and the X are shown again.

NM: Certainly a lot of words from and by the X there. We’ve seen many sides to you, Xille. The singles star, the tag team competitor, a hardcore champion, a Gap model… and a rapper? Let’s take you back to your first promo here in the AWF, where you managed to piss more people off than you could apparently handle.

X: Oh geez… here we go.

The X’s first promo:

Get off of me!

*shoves a doctor into the wall*

I finally make it here and what happens? I'm screwed out of my first match!

Alright NWA, listen up, I'll try to put this in words that you'll understand.

Hey, get back here.

*grabs the doctor again*

Give me a beat. Alright, "G"s...

I don't like you. You guys are dicks.
You feel me? I be the X.
I almost beat your boy Ravage.
And guess what? You be next.
I don't care which 'o ya,
I'll take you both on, no sweat.
Because when I comes to giant killers,
X is the best you've ever met.

Now, Ravage, you're lucky. It doesn't get any easier to say than that. You were done. I knew it. You knew it. Your boys knew it. The crowd knew it. Heck, even my blind 100-year-old Aunt Ester, who hasn't left her house in three years, knew it. Anytime, Ravage. I'll be glad to return this favor at anytime.

And that brings me to Tempest. What the heck was that? I KNOW I didn't pay you for squat. Now, if you've got a beef with Ravage, that's fine, but keep it away from me. Unless, of course, you'd like to help me whoop some NWA butt at the next show. Bring your GPA buddies along; we'll have ourselves a party.

Until then, my fellow Exiles, peace.

NM: Certainly some interesting words from the young rookie, but the raps continued…

X: This is painful to watch.

Xille:Those are big words from a big man.
But Ravvy, you should shut your can.
You're not really all of that.
I'll pin you, take 3 seconds, flat.
I don't know why you be starin'
at my junk 'stead 'a what I'm wearin'
Cause I be stylin' while i'm rhymin'.
While you're in the corner cryin'.

You got no skill in the ring.
Skill on the mic's another thing.
Sure you can rap, don't mean ****.
But you still make claims that you can snap
Me like a twig, like a doll
You don't know that you're gonna fall.
The X is next, his time is comin'
I'll warn you now, you best be runnin'
So before you next spit a rhyme at me,
Try beating me alone 1 2 3.

Don't even try to battle me, son.

The X is next, my time is coming.

NM: Most interesting, Xille. Most interesting.

X: Did that have a point?

NM: Nope. Just wanted to show why you should never do it again.

X: Fair enough.

NM: Moving on, we’ve seen you happy most of the time here in the AWF, X. But we’ve also seen you become pretty angry. Before we take a look at the clips, what have been a few of the things that have really set you off here, whether you expressed it or not?

X: Oh man, so many people have made me upset here. But, you know, they’re exactly the people you would expect. The NWA and their cheap shots made me angry. The GPA, continually cheating to win, were on my list until their apparent falling out a few weeks ago. Strafe walked out on me during my first title shot. But I’ll tell you, Nick, nothing made me more upset than when Ghostal’s arrogance took the best of him and he betrayed me. That hurt Nick, and I don’t think that wound will ever heal.

NM: Deep words, X. Now, let’s take a look at some of your more livid moments here in the AWF.

Xille, after his first win – tag w/SS against Find and Rav

*Xille sits in the locker room, leaning up against the wall, his head noticably bandaged.*

Again... and again... and again... It's never enough for them... They will continue, they will not stop... unless something is done... unless... I break him.

No one is going to believe it. "Xille, put Ravage on a stretcher? That runt? Not a chance. Not a chance in hell." I finally get the big "W" and what happens? I'm destroyed for it. I'm in more pain than when I've lost. I must make an example out of Ravage. I must... ARGH!

*Xille holds the back of his head, he then looks at the blood smeared across his palm*

I must repay him for this. No, not just for this. He will repay every single insult, negative look, and hand raised against me since I've come here. He will pay with his blood. He will pay with his bones. He will pay... with his legs. I will steal his height from him. His biggest advantage against me, his size, will be taken away from him.

*Xille folds up his chair and stares at it for a moment*

You'll do it, won't you? This chair will send Ravage from my sight forever. Break his knees, spill his blood, whatever it takes. Just as long as he feels my pain for once.

So, Ravage... you want a match at Redemption? YOUR ASS HAS GOT A MATCH AT REDEMPTION. No holds barred. No one else at ringside, if you can handle that. Stretchers all the way. I'll have yours ready for you.

It's fitting, too. I'll finally get to redeem myself in the eyes of all the people who have lost faith in me over the years... this Xille... will finally be accepted.

Xille promo leading into Archivemania:

*Xille is showing leaning up against a wall backstage, staring at his title*

Eight... men...


Eight... hosses...


Eight... giants...

What... am I going to do? I don't want to lose you. You're my ticket to the big time, my "Advance token to Boardwalk" card, my fast pass at Disney World, my... gold. My title. Yes. MY title. Not Ravage's. Not Strifer's. Not Auros's. You don't belong to Cyberstrike, Cane, D-eX, or OP. You're... mine. I don't care what anyone else says, either. I earned you. I fought, I got the three. No one else did. And I got through that Mayhem from hell following my big win at Redemption and the verbal hell after it. YOU. ARE. MINE.

All the nay-sayers, everyone that said that the title didn't belong to me... they can all go to hell. No... I'll send them there at Archivemania. They'll see me, the X, the red hot rookie, the mid-card miracle, the man EVERYONE is trying to get high on, fight the battle of my life... and win. And I know... the odds are against me. History has not been terribly kind to Hardcore champions who defend their titles in multiple man matches. Hell, look at the way I won. But we're talking seven other men... each of them with a table... or a ladder... or a chair.

But that's not going to stop me. Ravage and I aren't having our stretcher match, and that's fine, for now. But I don't care if I have to be taken out on a stretcher after this fight, as long as this title goes with me. Give me a twenty foot ladder. I'll jump off of it to keep my title. Give me a chair. I'll bend it over anyone's head or knee in order to keep my title. Give me a table. I'll be glad to set someone on it and then jump onto them in order to keep my title.

So hear me now, believe me later, you magnificent-ly overrated seven, this title BELONGS to the X. He will walk into Archivemania... his fellow eXiles on their feet... "High Wire Escape Artist" blasting the lyrics "Bleed out all empathy"... the hardcore belt strapped firmly to his waist... and the X will walk out of Archivemania with that belt still wrapped around his waist.

I'm Xille. I'm the Hardcore champion. I'm here... to play.

NM: Good memories?

X: Uh… no.

NM: Right. Now, you mentioned Ghostal, the man that everyone assumed was done when he was dumped by the GPA. The man that everyone left for dead – but not you. Tell me, what did you see in V3 that everyone else did not?

X: I’ve been an advocate for second chances all of my life. I managed to get one once my father left, and I’ve been helping people get theirs ever since. I saw a chance for Vin Ghostal to leave his old life behind; to begin anew, fresh, and ready for anything. I didn’t know that the hand I stretched out to him would be slapped away, but I guess that was my rookie naïveté shining through. I think I’ve learned my lesson, and I’m completely ready to show Vin Ghostal that I won’t be used anymore.

NM: Well, let’s take a look at how this new rivalry started out.

Xille and Ghostal beginnings:

After the match, the broadcast finds Xille walking through the backstage area. He comes to a locker room door with a placard that reads "V.3." He knocks on the door and heads inside. He hears the shower running around the corner and stops by the lockers.

Xille: "Hey, hey Ghostal. I saw what happened earlier with the GPA boys. I have no idea what's going through your mind right now. In fact, I have no idea what's going through my mind. Part of me wants to point and laugh and say "well, you deserved it", but the other part... the other part respects you too much and hates the GPA just enough to stop me from doing so. I know what it's like to be hurt by someone you trusted. So Ghostal, I know we may never see eye to eye, but you've got an ally. You can count on the X if you need him. Ghostal?"

Having not received a response, Xille inches closer to the shower, finally peering around the corner.

Xille: "Holy sh*t!"

The camera rushes around the corner and finds Xille standing over Ghostal, still dressed in street clothes, lying face-down on the floor of the shower as the water pours over him. An open bottle of pills is in his right hand, its contents spilled on the shower floor.

Xille: "Somebody call a doctor!"


Backstage the camera shows Xille wandering the halls in jeans and a white t-shirt that reads, "The Power of X". He knocks on an unlabeled door, opens it, and finds Vin Ghostal sitting in a corner, silent.

Xille: So....

V.3.: ....

Xille: So, I....I...how you feelin?

V.3.: ...

Xille: Look, man, I don't want to take up any more of your time than I have to. I just felt like I should tell you what I told you last week...when you couldn't hear me...

V.3.: ...

Xille: Right...like I said before. I know you've been through a lot since ArchiveMania. I can tell how hard it hit you, what the GPA did. What Viewfind did. Point is, you and I may not be the best of friends. Hell, we haven't seen eye to eye since the day you came back. We may never be on the same page, except in one way. I know how much you want to get back at the GPA and at Viewfind. Believe me, I've been on a mission to rub that scum out of the AWF since day one. I can help you. We can...

Out of nowhere, Ghostal awakes from his trance, leaps to his feet, and wraps a hand around Xille's throat, pushing him against a white concrete wall.

V.3.: Help me? You want to HELP ME?!? No one can help me, especially not some no-name dime-store punk like you. You think you understand what I've been through? Trust me, kid, you have no...idea...

Frowning, Ghostal releases his grip on Xille, and the rookie superstar adjusts himself and heads for the door.

Xille: You know where I stand...Vin...

With that, Xille turns and leaves, and Ghostal frowns and places his hands on his hips, staring at the ground. In the distance a moment later, however, he hears noises in the hall. Grabbing a chair, Ghostal slowly opens his locker room door and peers around the corner, only to see Divebomb and P? laying waste to Xille with kicks and punches! As the Tag Team Champions beat the daylights out of the rookie, Ghostal grins evilly and goes to duck back into his locker room. As Xille releases a scream of agony after a low blow, however, Ghostal frowns and brings his hand to his face. Pulling on his own hair, he growls and lunges out of the locker room, rushes down the hall, and dents the chair on Divebomb's head! As he goes to level P with the chair, a horde of AWF officials arrives on the scene! One snatches the chair, and the officials pull the two men apart as they scream threats at one another! Suddenly Mr. Reilly appears clapping his hands.
Reilly: Well, well, well…what have we here? The most unlikely of pairings…fighting it out against the GPA? Why Ghostal, I had no idea you could recover so quickly and stick it to your former hired thugs! And since it seems you have found yourself a little tag along…tag…hmmm…I’ve got an idea…how about this…Fallout…Xille teaming with Vin Ghostal faces the NWA…and let’s make it for the AWF Tag Team Titles…I’M A GENIUS!
The cameras show the stunned expressions on all the participants’ faces as Mayhem cuts to commercial.

NM: Now, you’ve had a couple chances to be interview by our amazing staff here in the AWF. How have those experiences been?

X: I tell you, Nick, those have been some of the best times since I’ve been here. I hope Auntie Slag is able to return soon – I’m eager to get back on the couch. Those events allowed me to reach the crowd in a more personal way that I think the normal promos cannot do.

NM: Let’s take a look.

1st ever interview:

Keith Kincaid is with Xille:

Keith: Xille, as the newest member of the roster, you haven't had much chance to make friends or enemies in the AWF yet. Do you view this as a hindrance or a bonus in the rumble match?

Xille: Well, having no friends kind of comes with the name "Xille", but I don't view it as a problem. I hoped that Brave Maxx would have my back to an extent because of our mutual dislike for the GPA, but you never can be sure. What I'm focusing on right now is eliminating that over inflated blow-up doll, Ravage. Getting rid of him will make all of the cheap shots worth it.

Keith: Should you win tonight, you'll be thrown directly into main event status. Do believe you're ready for that, and would it be a positive move for your career to get shoved into the lime light so quickly?

Xille: I definitely think that I can handle it. People may say that I'm not ready due to my only matches ending in losses, but I don't think that there's a wrestler in the AWF that could win a four on one. I'm the future of this federation, and I know that me being in the top spot is inevitable.

Brendinio Heat: coughs. Not while I'm around shorty. Look, I'm ready for my interview now.

Keith: Xille and I are just wrapping up here. You're early.

Sean O'Con: No, you're running late. I'm ready now.

Xille: Look Hoss, we're almost done.

Sean O'con: I said scram kid.

Xille takes a look at The HeartBrend Kid, as if considering pressing the issue. Thinking better, he shrugs, and leaves

Xille on the couch:

On the Couch with Auntie Slag

The lights flare, funky screen overlays er... overlay! and a lovely jazz-fusion mix of Nirvana’s ‘Tourettes’ plays to an appreciative audience. As ever, the gorgeous Auntie appears from stage right bedecked in the finest materials from the toppermost names of the fashion circuit.

Auntie: “Hello my pretties”!

He glides gracefully along the set, blowing kisses and waving politely, a miniscule handbag rests in his left hand adorned with De Bere’s diamonds. The music reaches a crescendo, and then stops abruptly. The audience quietens.

Auntie: “Thank you so much for meeting me in St. Louis”!


Auntie *muttering angrily*: “Oh you f***ing dregs of lobotomised monkey sputum, you’re all dead from the brain up”.

A tumbleweed rolls by.

Auntie: *sighs* “OK... tonight's guest has cast a veritable blaze of glory since his arrival on the AWF circuit. He’s a young gun, a hot tamale, baaaad medicine. He’s keeping the faith by living on a prayer and someday he’ll be Saturday night. Yes, we’ve raised the couch and lowered the mikes so please put your flippers together for..... Xille!!!

The house band sets to work on a furious jazz/funk/house/acid/speed garage/MOR/light opera rendition of ‘Boysetsfire’ and the little Lancastrian bounds onto the set.
With fire in his belly and spit in his eye, Xille climbs onto the couch. He points to his head scar and smirks to suggest that Ravage will have to do a lot better than that to keep him down!

Auntie: “Xille welcome to my lovely show. It is lovely isn’t it”?

Xille: “Oh, it definitely is, Auntie. I love what you've done with the place. I can hardly sense the stench left by Vinny G last week”.

Auntie: “And shiny too. Don’t you think it’s shiny?

Xille: “Oh, most definitely so. But I think the shiny part is wasted on me. You might try it on dumber competitors, like Tempest or Ravage”.

Auntie: “Meow! Do you like what we did with the faux marbleised flooring?

Xille: “The what? The floor? Oh, it's cool, I guess. I'll have to try to get some for my apartment. I just hope I can actually spell it when it comes time to order”.

Auntie: “Excellent, now to business. *Picks up magazine and opens it to a glossy double-page spread, then presents it to Camera*. Check this out ladies & germs; this is the March edition of the AWF Magazine, and this article entitled ‘Big Xillie Style’ is all about the man of the moment right here”.

The camera goes into extreme close up showing a large photo of Xille performing an incredible Hurricanrana on GPA Leader Viewfind.

Auntie: “That really was an amazing match, many of us are still talking about it, but I won’t go into the Ravage situation because we’ve all seen your press releases regarding him. Instead, I want to talk about yourself and Sixswitch. You gelled together so well. Did you train with the Welsh Wonder or spar/hang out with him before that battle”?

Xille: “You know, I've been asked that question a lot, Auntie. And the answer is no, we really didn't train, or anything much before the fight. Having similar styles helped, but our main motivation to perform so well in that match was the desire to whoop some GPA ass. We went in knowing we were going to win, and we made it happen”.

Auntie: “And next you’ll be paired with Strafe, a man of hardcore proportions. Prior to his amazing return, he had a troubled time with Op2005 as his tag partner. How do you think you’ll fare, and do you see yourself becoming part of a tag team in the future”?

Xille: “I don't know Strafe well enough yet to know how I'll fare with him, but as long as he shows respect and works as hard as I do, I've got no problem teaming with him. I mean, any guy that can eliminate the Game from the Rumble is quite a competitor in my book. I'm ready to go in and gel as well with him as I did with Double S and take those tag titles. If that goes well, I've got no problem staying with him for a long title run”.

Auntie: “What’s your opinion of Morpheus? I wasn’t aware you even knew the guy until you burst onto my show last week to stop him doing something illegal. Is it because of your shared hatred of all things Ghostal”?

Xille: “It's like I've always said, Auntie, anyone who's anti-GPA is cool in my book. Heck, my respect for HBK grows every time he puts "GPA" and "suck" in the same sentence. Morpheus and I hate the same man, and I think we've bonded a little because of it. I know what he's going through. I've worked my entire life to stop guys like Ghostal from coming in and destroying everything that people have worked for and dreamed about. Ghostal killed Morpheus' dream in the Rumble without thinking twice about it. I've been where Morpheus probably is now, and I didn't want to see him ruin his life because of one overflowing moment of hatred. He might not care what I think, but what he really needs to do now is focus that hatred into something positive, like getting a shot at Ghostal in the ring. Now, I don't know if Morpheus is going to get a shot at him first, and frankly, I don't care. I just want my chance”.

Auntie: “You mentioned that people had lost faith in you over the years.... an unhappy past... care to elaborate on that for the growing horde of Xille fans”?

Xille: “Not a problem Auntie, as I'd do just about anything for my fellow eXiles. I'm not going to go into too much detail, as the wounds haven't fully healed yet. What I can tell you is that my past is the reason I stopped Morpheus. I've been there, and I've felt the hatred, it was just directed toward someone a little closer to me. My father is a large man, Auntie, and as you can see, I'm not. One of the main disappointments in his life was that he had to call a "whiny little baby" like me his son. The gap between us grew and grew until it finally tore apart after a... less... than pleasant ending a few years back. But I used that hatred to get where I am today. I focused it, I worked hard, and I think the fans realise something that my dad never did: Great things come in small packages”.

A few sniffles from some audience members.

Auntie: “Whoa that’s deep, are we allowed three dimensional characters here? did anyone tell Cyberstrike? Um, anyway... There’s some real heat going on in the AWF and you are certainly in the thick of it. The NWA want tag gold, they want you on a platter, G91 is ready to destroy you, Blood & Thunder see you as a potential threat, Big Daddy Rav busted you open, and Ghostal is the murderous pen pal you never had. Of course I’m getting all this from the handy little chart of ‘Xilles' Enemies’ in this article. Now asides from the Ravster, who else is on your hit list”?

Xille: “Wow, is the list that long already? Well, I'd have to say that the only competitor on my mind right now besides old Ravvy is V.3, Vinny G, the man with the golden bat, Vin Ghostal. He's been doing nothing but try to screw with me ever since he came back and like I've said, I'm not going to stand there and take it. If he wants a piece of the X, he can come get it”.

Auntie: “So, Blood & Thunder v. The entire GPA. Your prediction please”?

Xille: “Blood & Thunder. They're going to break some GPA ass and laugh the whole time. Even with blood running down their faces, their ribs possibly cracked, and their bodies aching from all of the cheap shots, Blood and Thunder will win that match. That's how much the tag team titles mean to them”.

Auntie: “Britney or Christina”?

Xille: “I'm going to have to lean toward Britney, just because I don't want that many venereal diseases this early in my life”.

Auntie: “Affleck or Damon?

Xille: “Affleck. Simply because he was the BOMB in Phantoms”.

Auntie: “Jennifer Lopez or someone who isn’t a commercial whore”?

Xille: “Someone who isn't a commercial whore. Someone like Auntie Slag”.

Auntie *to the audience*: “Oh wow! did we get that on tape? Superb! Xille you are an absolute star and a legend in the making. May victory, wealth health and good times escort you to the very heights of everything in the entire universe ever! and I’m not suddenly biased either (coughs). Oh look at me I’m blushing; I’m all of a tither!
Well that about wraps it up layabouts and germs; stay tuned for more hi adrenaline entertainment pummelations courtesy of our very own AWF superstars, who are all equally great.... although Xille is greater. Thank you and goodnight”!

The lights dim, muzak plays and the end credits roll as Auntie hurriedly scribbles his phone number on a piece of paper. Xille tugs at his shirt collar and tries his best not to look nervous.

NM: Funny stuff, there.

X: Yeah… the phone calls were absolutely hi-larious. And by that I mean “not at all”.

NM: Anyway, I think we should wrap things up here by talking about the man who you had the most personal feud with all year, Divebomb. Let’s take a look at the clip, and then go ahead and give us your thoughts.

Divebomb: Ok Xille, I have sat back and let you spew your cr@p for awhile now but why is it that you think you need to translate for everybody? Could it be because you can't do anything else or is it that you are just trying to be more important than you are. Now I know people think some of the members talk like idiots but nobody ever complains that they can't understand what we mean, unless they are just trying to be an annoyance like you.

I personally don't want anything to do with you because no matter what you say or do I will always think of you as just another annoying punk who wants to be a star without going through some pain. But every once in awhile you do say something that just gets under my skin. Like the comment that Viewfind is the only one that has worked his way to the top and that we all use him to propel ourselves to the spotlight. Now I will agree that Viewfind has worked his way to the top and deserves to be there but me and P? have been with the GPA for over a year and a half now and we have seen people come and go and the faction change in many ways but the one thing that always remains is that we three always stay. We are the core of the GPA and we will be for along time. Sure me and P? have had help from Viewfind to get to where we are but when it came down to it we took what was rightfully ours without the help of Viewfind.

There is a reason that we were voted the top faction of the year and it has alot to do with the fact that we have put our time in and we have lived, breathed and bleed AWF. Sure we hunt in packs and we terrorize the AWF on a regular basis but on any given day we are more than capable of defeating anybody one on one.

But hell enough of the serious talk. Now I get to the fun part. You two-bit, cr@p spewin, drama school drop out. I have told you before you should step back and think about what you are doing before you wind up in a stretcher. Now before either Tempest or Ravage have a chance to kick your ass you should find someone else to fight. You gotta realise that too use you are just a green skin piss ant and we wont hesitate to cripple you.

Just think about it...

X: Man, that still hurts to hear. So… Divebomb? Asshole. That’s what I’m supposed to say, right? The truth is, I think I respect Divebomb more than anyone else on the roster. We’ve might not have gone back and forth as many times as Ravage and I have, but it’s been a little angrier. I still want a rematch against him, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get it some day. The people had better look out when it happens, too, because it will be a classic.

NM: I’m sure we all look forward to it. Well, this has been Xille: Year 1 in review, and I’m sure I’m never going to deny again.

X: Remember that.


2005-01-04, 05:09 AM
Chapter 3: Ravage vs Xille

JFA: This opening match up has the potential to be one of the most interesting…

JHA: …and quickest

JFA: …matches of this evening. We’ve got Xille in his debut match, and the poor kid drew Ravage as his first opponent.

JHA: Well, no one’s heading for the concession stands, so that can mean one of two things.

JFA: Which are?

JHA: That they want to see a massacre, or that they don’t want miss the beginning of the match after this one!

JFA: Funny, really funny. This young star has made a name for himself on the indie circuit, and he was signed here because he’s brimming over with talent.

JHA: Something you’re not “brimming” with. That, and your use of the word “star” is getting loose and fast these days.

JFA: Kid’s making his way to the ring, bit of a dull reaction from the crowd. It’s a bit to be expected for a largely unknown wrestler.

JHA: Or they figure he’s not worth the effort or trouble. Crowd on their feet for Ravage, however. Maybe they’re cheering him on to beat down this guy fast?

JFA: Both men in the ring. Referee calls for the bell, and the match is underway. They lockup near the center of the ring. Ravage uses his size to shove the smaller man down. Doesn’t affect Xille any as he’s back up and they lock up again.

JHA: Xille goes for a single leg takedown. Can’t quite get the big man off his feet. Probably can’t quite get anyone off for that matter. Ouch! Ravage lands a few clubbing blows to the back of Xille’s skull.

JFA: Ravage grabs the kid by his hair, lifts him, and throws him nearly across the ring. Xille’s down, the ref’s admonishing Ravage, and Ravage is on the move. Pulls the kid up by his arm. Xille slaps on a quick wristlock, and he’s trying to force Ravage off his vertical base.

JHA: I can’t blame him. I’d try and get that monster on the mat if I had to face him. Of course, I’d be doing it with tasers and pepper spray, not a wristlock. Ravage is trying to break the hold. He’s got his free hand and he’s working on prying Xille’s hold loose.

JFA: He’s succeeding. Both men have a firm hold on one man’s wrist. Now it’s a test of strength, and I have to give the edge to Ravage. A head butt staggers Xille, followed by another.

JHA: The thing I don’t understand about this move is that it hurts you nearly as much as it does your opponent.

JFA: You’re expecting it. It gives you an edge. Ravage lifts the kid up, and immediately plants him with a clothesline. He’s wasting no time, picks Xille up again, Irish whip into the ropes.

JHA: And decapitates him! Massive boot once Xille came bouncing off the ropes. Cover and it’s over. 1..2… damn!

JFA: You want this kid to go down in flames? Xille kicked out at 2 and a half. Ravage is still not wasting time. Stiff right hands makes sure Xille will stay down for awhile.

JHA: I guess Ravage wants to take a breather? He’s standing back a bit, just watching Xille. Boy, Xille’s in trouble here.

JFA: That he is. He’s failed to mount any real offense against the AWF veteran, and he’s slow getting to his feet.

JHA: HA! Ravage let Xille get to his knees, then slid in and is now applying a chin lock. Ref’s checking for a choke, but I don’t see one.

JFA: You never do. A guy could be using piano wire and you’d find an excuse for it.

JHA: I thought he was going to floss his teeth! Looks, Doomstar’s opponent had a massive gap between a few teeth, and I thought ol’ Doomstar was going help him remove some plaque.

JFA: Likely. Ravage releases the chin lock. Irish whip, this time reversed by Xille. Ravage is coming off the ropes from the far side, goes for a clothesline, ducked by Xille. Oh, this is not good.

JHA: Xille managed to trip up Ravage as he went by, poor guy landed neck first on the top rope. Xille, finish him off! This is your chance.

JFA: Please. He’s doing the sporting thing. He’s standing back while the ref checks on Ravage’s condition. He’s coughing up blood, but he signals that he can continue. Ref stands back…

JHA: and Xille’s immediately in. Xille lands some blows to the back of the head, and the ref’s being his normal wimpy self and telling him to open the hand. Xille’s got the right idea here. He needs to press this advantage.

JFA: Springboard moonsault followed by a cover. It only nets 2 as Ravage powers out. Xille lifting Ravage to his feet. He’s facing the big man away from himself, textbook back suplex.

JHA: Another cover again gets two. Those failed covers don’t waste time people. He’s forcing Ravage to expend whatever energy he has left by kicking out, and Ravage isn’t breathing well as it is. The longer the match goes, the less change Ravage has of coming back.

JFA: Wow, not bad. Xille gets Ravage to his feet again. Irish whip and Ravage is bouncing off the ropes. Backdrop attempt is telegraphed by Xille, and Ravage manages to counter with a jaw breaker. Xille is reeling back into the ropes. Ravage sees and opening, and runs back to the far ropes to gain momentum. He comes hard off the ropes at Xille.

JHA: Wow, Xille managed to drop and pulled the ropes down as he ducked. Ravage just went for a flight to the outside. Xille looks to follow, but the ref stops him. Darn refs are always ruining our fun, aren’t they JFA:

JFA: Yeah, always enforcing those “useless” rules and preventing people from interfering with matches. It’s be a lot easier if we just made this a hardcore only league then we wouldn’t have to worry about all this, wouldn’t it?

JHA: Finally coming around to my point of view?

JFA: No, just testing your ability to detect sarcasm. Xille’s climbing the ropes, now standing on the top turnbuckle. Ref’s screaming at him.

JHA: But the crowd’s screaming for him. Jump. Jump. Jump! Man, this is great! Textbook flying elbow. To bad you can’t cover out here.

JFA: Both men are down, but Ravage must be in poor shape after that. Hmm, what’ Tempest doing out here?

JHA: Got me. Maybe the kid was smart enough to pay for some protection money? He’s not so dumb after all.

JFA: Why would anyone pay off the GPA?

JHA: You’d need pathological inclinations to not pay them off. Besides, we can both agree on one thing.

JFA: That this is probably not a good sign for Ravage?

JHA: Exactly. Oh great, not the ref’s out of the ring and in Temp’s face. What gives? He’s ordering Tempest back to the locker room! Xille’s rolled Ravage into the ring and is trying to make a cover, but the ref’s still arguing with Tempest, and Tempest is yelling back at the ref, pointing into the ring.

JFA: Looks like the plan kind of backfired, Tempest cost Xille a possible pin fall. Xille drops a few quick elbows onto Ravage, and rounds off the assault with a few boots. Tempest is backing off, and the ref’s back in the ring. Another springboard moonsault from Xille, but this time no one’s home. Xille manages to land on his feet and connects immediately with a quick drop kick.

JHA: Ravage stumbled back against the ropes. He’s hurt, but it’s still hard to get the big man off his feet. Xille runs and connects with a flying crossbody, but he’s caught in midair by Ravage. Ravage just leveled the kid with a backbreaker across his knee, and Xille’s down.

JFA: Ravage just dropped to one knee himself. He’s still having trouble breathing. Xille rolls out of the ring holding his back. That must have really stung. Ravage is still gasping for breath, and great. Tempest is back.

JHA: He’s just trying to do the job he was paid for. No doubt Tempest is being sent out as the junior GPA member and being told to prove himself. Ref’s not having any of it though, and he’s banning Tempest from ringside. The guy’s not even at ringside, he’s still on the ramp!

JFA: Yeah, but while the ref’s dealing with Tempest, the NWA just came out of the crowd. There they go, helping Xille to his feet. Ravage looks none to happy. What’s this, Ravage just gave the NWA some kind of signal after making sure the ref was still distracted. P? and Divebomb just connected with a double DDT on Xille. He’s probably out cold, and they just tossed him back in the ring like a sack of potatoes. Damn Ravage and the GPA! They probably just cost this young kid his first AWF match!

JHA: What are you talking about? Ravage has this under control. They’re just speeding along the process. Tempest is gone, so the ref turns around to see Ravage setting Xille up for the Hangover.

JFA: Xille managed to shift his weight in midair! Small package rollup to counter the Hangover! 1…2.. Ravage slips out of the pin.

JHA: And boy does he look pissed. That took everything out of Xille, but Ravage wastes no time with a spine buster. Lifts the kid up, and throws him to the ropes. Second big boot of the night. Ravage certainly is thorough.

JFA: Perhaps his only redeeming quality. Hangover and the ref makes the count. Match is over, but Ravage collects a dark, tainted victory over the rookie Xille tonight. Now the goons are coming into the ring to congratulate him.

JHA: Ha! They’re bringing a mic and a GPA shirt! Ravage still can’t talk. He’s holding the mic, his lips are moving, but nothing is coming out!

Ravage hands the mic to P? and puts on the GPA shirt.

P?: Look, foos! If I has to be explain`in it to ya, ya be too stupid.

JFA: And with that, the NWA’s helping Ravage to the back. If they’re smart, they’ll get him to a hospital to have his throat checked out. Xille’s down and the ref’s checking on his condition. He put up a really good fight in his first match, but the NWA and Ravage were too much for the youngster. He’s slow to his feet, but he’s determined to leave without any help.

JHA: What? Why are these people cheer him? He lost!

JFA: Nice ovation to see Xille off. Look JHA, could it be that the people respect his abilities, or his willingness to go up top for a high risk move, or his tenacity, or that he didn’t give up even after the NWA tried to take him out with that DDT?

JHA: err… look, tenacity and ability take a back seat to a W, got it?

JFA: Sure they do. That why Ravage left to sunned silence, and Xille’s getting a standing ovation to see him off”

2005-01-04, 05:10 AM
Chapter 4: AWF Tag Team Title Match: Degeneration NeXt: HBK Sean O’Con & The Game Erik Summers (C) v Strafe & Xille

Joey: Well folks we’ve had some bombs dropped here tonight…the Iron Gauntlet broken out once again, Blaster, HBK, The Game, King and Viewfind all will take their shot at taking out Bombshell in that match. Plus we’ve just found out…Blood & Thunder, the NWA and the nTo will meet in a Triple Threat Match for the Number One Contendership for the Tag Team Titles. TC will defend his Hardcore Title against Auros. I’m told there will be other matches announced at a special Pre-Redemption Preview Show sometime this week!

Here to Stay by Korn begins to play in the arena…

Joey: And here we go…the main event here tonight, we already know that the Tag Team Champions will be involved in a match at Redemption…the Iron Gauntlet match to be exact. But tonight…each man is to be on his best behavior…each man is to play nicely…

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, this is for the AWF Tag Team Titles…making their way to the ring area…first from Chicago, IL Strafe! And his Tag Team partner from Lancaster, Ohio…Xille!

Flec: The odd couple of the AWF…

Joey: I’d hardly call them the odd couple, but they aren’t exactly what I would define a run of the mill team.

Saliva’s Superstar plays as the lights dim in the arena…

JRA: And now making their way to the ring area…the champions, representing Degeneration NeXt…first from Southampton, England…he is the Heart Brend Kid…Sean O’Con!

Joey: One of the most disgusting backstabbers I have ever had the misfortune of being in the presence of…

Flec: Hey…come on! Xille isn’t that bad to be around!

Joey: You know damn well that I’m referring to HBK…

Are you Ready?

The Official Degeneration NeXt theme song begins to play much to the disgust of one Sean O’Con…

JRA: And his tag team partner…hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota…he is the Game, Erik Summers!

Joey: The Game out here to a tremendous ovation...there has been so much talk, so much said between the participants in this match. That time is over and now its time for the match. The Game posing to the igniting pyro, very much in the same manner that his mentor, the incomparable Shawn Michaels starts off his matches.

Flec: And Mr. O'Con looks less than impressed...

Joey: Indeed, and in fact he looks to be making no effort to hide that...and as expected not really showing an active interest in the match...he's ringside so that's a good sign. The Game starting out with the newcomer Xille...Xille in his first match up against either HBK or the Game. And we're off, Xille, forcing the lock up...

Flec: Dumb rookie move number one...

Joey: Could be right Flec, the Game works his way out of that hold and ducks under into the waste lock, lifting Xille off his feet and slamming him down hard on the mat...from the waste he works into an ankle lock of sorts then slams the knee hard into the canvass...so just like that, the Game trying to take out the wheels of one of his opponents. Strafe already calling for the tag Xille however in no position to make one as the Game showing the technical side of his abilities right now cinching on the knee.

Flec: How is DN going to function here Styles? They hate each other!

Joey: I don't know...but Strafe looking less than patient there in the corner, calling for the tag, but The Game shoots a smirk his way then scoops Xille up and tosses him into DN's corner...The Game offering a tag to Sean O'Con...which Sean...ACCEPTS?!?

Flec: I feel a thaw coming...

Joey: Maybe you are correct...O'Con whipping Xille hard into the corner, which shakes Strafe up...O'Con following in and knocks Strafe off the apron...Strafe cracking his jaw and he's irrate...he's screaming at Xille...and Strafe...what the...STRAFE IS WALKING OUT!

Flec: WHAT?!?

Joey: Strafe on his way out of the ring area...HBK mocking him as he locks in a dragon sleeper on Xille who is now fighting for his very existance against two of the finest in the AWF EVER!

*A Camera follows Strafe to the back where he is met by Morpheus*

Strafe: Oh Christ...

Morpheus: What exactly are you doing? Have you gone mad? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING MOMMY? AND WHERE THE HELL IS FLUFFY?

Strafe puts his arm around his former Pulp Faction team mate...offering him some comfort then suddenly flattens him with a short clothesline...collecting the rubble...he finishes Morpheus off with an Ivory Tower, before spitting on him and walking out.

Flec: What the hell was that?!?

Joey: Strafe has lost it...meanwhile...while Morpheus is being tended too...Xille has not had a good night. By some miracle DN is functioning and HBK willingly tagged the Game back in! The Game now dragging Xille to his feet, who connects with a few weak punches to the ribs of the Game...not really phasing the former 3 time AWF Champion all that much...the Game instead sending him hard into the ropes, Xille comes off and Game Over! The Game Over by Summers on to Xille and the Game could very well be over here...cover...one...two...and NO! Xille shoots his shoulder up...Summers now going to the top rope...HBK making the blind tag on Summers, Summers delivers his elbow drop and HBK following in from behind with a fist drop from the top rope. The Game looking less than thrilled about the tag, which amounts to little more than a slap.

Flec: Hold that thought on the thaw I mentioned...

Joey: I think you are right...icey stares being shared in the ring at this time. HBK with Xille now, scooping him up and Stun Gun in the corner! Stun Gun and Xille really looks to be out...cover...1...2...and NO! Foot goes on the bottom rope.

Flec: Kid...just stay down...I may not like these guys, but they are the best...seriously, stay down!

Joey: Flec trying to be the voice of reason too this young athlete before he gets himself killed. HBK now bouncing off the ropes...blind tag now by Summers...HBK with the face plant bull down on Xille who was trying to get up and Summers in now with the collection of what's left!

Flec; You know what is coming...

Joey: Arms hooked...Pedigree...a Pedigree by the Game...cover...1...2...and...HBK pulls Summers off! HBK just pulled Summers off! And he goes for the cover! Summers can't do anything while the match is going on...remember model citizen in this match...HBK locking in the Cloverleaf of all things...and the referee is calling for the bell...Xille not even able to answer the referee...HBK with it locked in still...

RA: Here are your winners and STILL AWF Tag Team Champions, Degeneration NeXt, HBK Sean O'Con and The Game Erik Summers!

Joey: HBK with the hold still on...the Game receiving his belt...now SWEET CHIN MUSIC! The Game with some Sweet Chin Music!

Flec: Well...he made it through the match...that's all Reilly asked for!

Joey: Indeed, HBK is flattened by the Game who with a broad smile is muttering that he'll see him Sunday...now as the referee is looking over Xille, the Game giving the young man a pat on the back, before gazing out towards the crowd! We are out of time folks we'll see you for the PPV Preview this week before Redemption on Sunday, SO LONG!

*Won't Back Down continues to play as the Game walks up ramp and looks back at the ring smirking as HBK is coming around...*

2005-01-04, 05:12 AM
Chapter 5: AWF Hardcore Fourway: TC (c) v Xille v Auros v Ravage

Joey : Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match promises to be something truly special...
Flec : Just like your momma's pie!
Joey : *clears throat* Coming up next : The Fatal 4-way match for the Hardcore Belt. TC's gonna have his work cut out for him...
Flec : Mr Pay Per View himself?
Joey : Yup, he's gonna have to watch everyone, remember guys, he doesn't need to be pinned to lose the belt!
Flec : What?! No fair, time-out...where's my towel?

JRA : Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for ONE fall! Making his way to the ring, from the mean streets of Vermont : RAVAGE!

Ravage walks through the curtain and down the ramp, confident strides all the way, he reaches the ring as "****ing in the bushes" starts and Sir Auros makes his way out and down, Auros and Ravage stare each other out as Xille's music hits and he runs to the ring.

Joey : Three men in the ring now, waiting the champion.

JRA : And finally, making his way to the ring hailing from Chicago, Illinois, your AWF HARDCORE CHAMPION, MR PAY PER VIEW -- THUNDERCRACKER!

"Worms of the Earth" errupts into the arena as the crowd pops, TC appears at the curtain dragging a shopping cart of weapons in his wake.

Joey : Looks like TC's coming out here meaning business
Flec : He should set up shop somewhere else...
Joey : This is a hardcore match Flec...
Flec : Then I want my cut of that action...HEY TC - 15% of all sales!! Ha-ha!

TC leaves the shopping cart as ringside and enters the ring, the four man stand and stare at each other, Big Daddy Rav, Sir Auros and TC all with great experience, great stature in the AWF and Xille, a relative newcomer to the fold, easily out sized by his opponents, totally un-fazed by it all runs at Ravage and attacks him, rocking him backwars to the turnbuckle TC catches Auros un-awares and clotheslines him over the top rope. Auros bounces off the ring mat and manages to land on his feet, just in time for TC to pop over the top rope and drop Auros with a cross-body splash. Auros reels backwards, his head bouncing off the guard wall next to the crowd, TC is up quickly and begins stamping on the prone Auros.

Xille is still getting the upper hand on Ravage, stood on the second rope the crowd chants with the blows "5...6...OHHHHHH!" Ravage shoves Xille down to the mat hard and gathers himself Xille charges in and Xille runs straight into the turnbuckle. Xille gasps for breath but turns and runs back at Ravage - straight into a sidewalk slam.

Joey : Ravage with the quick cover here...
Flec : Rav could take the title from TC!
Joey : Oh, kick out at two, Rav's furious with the referee

TC picks up Auros from the guard wall and tries to whip him into the steel steps, Auros reverses and TC crashes knees first into the steps and flys over them, Rav slides to the outside and blindsides Auros. Auros battles back and whips Rav, headfirst, into the ring post, then grabs Rav's head and clatters it against the post again. The referee over now telling Auros to go easy, Auros just yells at the referee as Xille sprints across the ring and sends Auros flying with a baseball slide through the referee's legs!

Joey : That kid's got guts! He's got spirit...
Flec : And Rav's got him!

Ravage grabs Xille's legs and drags him, crotch first, into the ring post. Xille rolls back into the ring clutching his groin area, the referee checks on him as Ravage stalks around the ring to where TC is. TC throws a chair at Ravage, who stands bemused for a second...

Joey : TC's up -- LIFETIME ENLIGHTENMENT on the outside!
Flec : and let's be honest, Rav needs it!
Joey : TC with the cover, but the referee's still with Xille in the ring!
Flec : thank heavens for small mercies I say...

TC gets up and yells at the referee, then covers Rav again, only managing a two count. TC picks up Rav and throws a right hand, blocked by Rav who returns the favour, the two exchanging blows as Xille charges across the ring and dives over the middle rope into the pair sending the three men sprawling, TC reels backwards knocking over the shopping cart, Rav collides with the ring steps and Xille rolls up the entryway. Auros drags himself round the outside to see the carnage and grabs a kendo stick, waiting for Xille to stand up Auros swings back and lets fly with the kendo stick to Xille's stomach, the little man's feet coming off the ground due to the force of the strike. Xille drops to his knees clutching his stomach, coughing and wheezing heavily, Auros over quickly and snaps the kendo stick over Xille's back, dropping the up-and-comer to the floor, Auros then turns his attention to the rising Ravage over quickly, Auros tries to lift the ring steps as a weapon, but Ravage is up and grabs Auros slamming his head into the steel. Auros falls backwards as a small wound above his eye begins to seep blood Ravage laughs and lifts the steel steps, TC rushes over and hits a spinning heel kick on Ravage sending him, and the steel steps, over the guard rail into the crowd. TC hops up onto the guard rail and lands a stiff flying kick on Ravage sending the big man further into the crowd.

Joey : This can't be good for Ravage
Flec : This can't be good for any of them, it's carnage Joe!
Joey : The night is young, I don't think this is gonna get any prettier

Ravage gets up quickly beckoning TC to come at him, TC obligues only for Ravage to sidestep and throw TC into the wall behind him, TC slumps down landing hard on the base of his neck Ravage walks over and sticks more boots into the gut of TC.

Joey : Looks like Xille's coming to
Flec : And looking for something to even the score
Joey : Xille's in the shopping basket here folks, dragging out a stop sign!

Xille lifts the sign up and clatters it over Sir Auros' back, Auros lifts himself up to a kneeling postion, pleading with Xille not to hit him again. Xille looks out to the crowd and lifts the stop sign high before buckling it over Auros' head! The cut above Auros' eye lengthens and blood begins to drop down his face faster than before. Ravage with the cover on TC! Only manages a two count.

Flec : We need more referee's out here!
Joey : TC got lucky there, that was easily a five-count!

Xille makes his way over the guard rail towards Ravage and Thundercracker, stop sign (covered in Auros' blood) still in hand. Ravage picks up TC and whips him at Xille.

Flec : I need a sick bag...
Joey : Xille just damn near took TCracker's head clean off with that shot!
Flec : Can we see it again...
Joey : Xille's definitely out here with a point to prove
Flec : Big Daddy Rav doesn't look too impressed though

Xille charges at Ravage, who lifts him boot just in time to hit the stop sign and ricochet it off Xille's head! The crowd gasp in awe as Ravage covers Xille. 1...2...

Joey : ROLLING THUNDER! TC's still in this!
Flec : I swear he was out cold...blood..ugh
Joey : That's Auros' off the stop sign
Flec : ah, that's okay then...

TC breaks up the count and goes to work on Ravage, snap suplex on the concrete followed by a standing moonsault. TC heads over to the guard rail to find a weapon, Xille climbs to his feet and charges at TC who turns and uses Xille's own momentum to throw him over the guard rail and onto a trash can, TC climbs the barracade and leaps towards Xille, only to be met by a hellatious chair shot from Sir Auros!

Joey : If that didn't clean his clock...
Flec : Is he breathing? No, really...I'm concerned...
Joey : Yeah, you're a regular mother teresa
Flec : Don't talk about my momma...
Joey : I think, yes, TC's been busted wide open! Auros over, cover and a two count.
Flec : How's your mom?
Joey : What does that have to do with the damn match?
Flec : Nothin' just thought I'd ask
Joey : Auros now, lifts Xille into the ring, Xille desperately trying to form any sort of offensive against Auros here.
Flec : Auros' too fresh! He's been sitting alone for a while! What a gameplan.

Auros whips Xille to the rope looking for the patented 'Atomic Clothesline' but Xille ducks under, shoves Auros to the ropes. Roll up with the bridge gets a two count, Xille up quickly scurrying up to the tope rope.

Joey : Xille looking to lobotomise Auros here!
Flec : Doesn't look too steady up there...

Xille falls to the mat hard as Auros runs into the ropes to knock him further off balance, Auros gathers his wits and drops the elbow hard across Xille's back, Auros picks up Xille and whips him to the ropes, bouncing of those behind him Ravage appears behind Xille and drops the top rope sending the lightweight flying to the mat below! Auros over quickly, Ravage hangs up up with a guillotine on the top rope, then grabs his legs and drops him to the mat. Ravage drags Auros out of the ring and lays him on his back with a stiff right hand, over to the RA seating area Ravage rips the ring bell from the table ...

Joey : Did you hear that?!
Flec : Ding ding! Auros' is out!
Joey : That was sickening! Ravage just clocked Auros right between the eyes with the ring bell!

Auros rocks backwards onto the announcer's table as Xille climbs, gingerly, to his feet Ravage turns round rocks the bell backwards, but Xille ducks under, turns quickly and takes out Ravage's knee! The ring bell drops and land on Ravage's head, a red mist sprays into the air as Rav lets out an almight roar of pain, blood running down his face. Xille lifts Ravage's head and reigns down right handers, Xille with the cover on Rav only gets a two count. Xille looks around and grabs the ring bell, he lies it across Rav's face and signals for the labotomy! Xille slides into the ring and begins to climb the ropes...

Joey : He can't ... it's suicide!
Flec : He might not get the chance...!
Joey : TC's up and in the ring!

Thundercracker staggers over to the corner where Xille is and shoves him off, flying into the guard rail below Xille slumps into a heap, TC grabs the ropes and leaps to the top turn-buckle.

Joey : He's not gonna do this...
Flec : He might just...
Joey : A 5-Star Frog Splash on Rav? He's nuts!
Flec : He's also the hardcore champion, of which he's very proud.

TC stands atop the rope trying to gain his balance, his composure and sucking in the atmosphere of the crowd. He crouches and leaps into the air, flashbulbs from the crowd illuminate the air as TC leaps through the air...

Joey : OH MY GOD!!
Flec : He's gotta be dead...
Joey : Ladies and Gentlemen, TC -- the WHOLE F'n SHOW just leaped 15ft through the air and Frog-splashed SIR AUROS THROUGH THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE!
Flec : That was incredible Joe, can we get a replay?!

*replay show TC leaping through the air, over Ravage and connecting with Sir Auros as the table crumples underneath the two*

Joey : We gotta get EMTs down here now!
Flec : But the match...it's still going!

TC lays an arm across the broken body of Sir Auros, referee over 1...2....RAVAGE BREAKS UP THE COUNT! Ravage stands yelling at TC, all the bad blood between the two overflowing into a verbal tirade, Xille over with a quick schoolboy pin on Ravage 1...2...3!

RA : Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner -- AND NEW AWF HARDCORE CHAMPION -- XILLE!

Joey : Xille has done it!
Flec : fluke
Joey : Who cares, the kid's got smarts, high-tailing it outta there.
Flec : Yeah, cos if Rav'd got his hands on him after that...
Joey : EMT's down to the ring now, checking on all the competitors... TC lying, a bloody heap surround by bits of the table and cabling, Sir Auros lying amidst the table barely moving there Flec!
Flec : And a dazed, confused and battered Ravage wondering how he's not the champion.

2005-01-04, 05:13 AM
Chapter 6: AWF Hardcore Title Match: Auros © versus Xille

Bleed out all empathy
For this soul has no spirit
Left to hold on to
Lies I've lived in full

Xille's music hits, the spotlights shine upon the entrance way, but Xille's not to be seen.

Joey: What gives?

Flec: Maybe he grew a brain? Got me. All I know is that he's missing out on his time in the spotlight.

Eventually, the music and the crowd die down, and the sound of Oasis kicks in. The Hardcore champion Auros slowly walks form the backstage area, looking about, clearly concerned that his opponent isn't waiting for him in the ring.

Joey: Auros is doing the smart thing and being cautious. No knowing where Xille is hiding, or what he has planned.

Flec: Not that it would do him much good. El Chingador is one hell of a hot sauce drinking, taco eating machine.

Joey: That made little to no sense.

Flec: Thank you. Auros now at the top of the ramp, looking into the crowd in a search for his opponent.

As Auros begins to walk down the ramp, a dark figure appears at the top of the Archivetron.

Flec: What the...?

Suddenly, the figure leaps into the air. As it passes by the Archivetron, Auros's video provides enough illumination to reveal Xille holding a chair. Never expecting such a suicidal move, Auros glances about the arena, alerted by the crowd's gasp of shock. Auros continues to sweep is gaze about up to the point Xille collides with him. The sickening thump of metal on skin echoes about the arena for a split second before the crowd erupts in cheers, showing their approval of the daring move.

Joey: I can't believe it! Xille must have fallen 20-30 feet with that. Auros is a crumpled mess, and Xille's not much better.

Flec: I'm stunned. No one could have guessed that Xille had the cantaloupes to pull that off. Holy hell, is he trying to get a cover?

Joey: Yes he is Flec. But the ref's still in the ring, looking as flabbergasted as everyone else. Xille didn't have his own referee hiding nearby.

Flec: Rookie mistake. He'll learn, or die in the process.... That's an easy 5 count if only a ref was around. Now our ref is sprinting towards the ramp, but Auros has certainly had a chance to recover a little by now?

Joey: We'll have a chance to see. 1...2... NO! Shoulder did come up. Now Auros is rolling Xille over, and he's covering the challenger.

Flec: Another near two count. That fall clearly hurt Xille as well. Both men are just laying on the steel trying to catch their breath, and they've been down for about half a minute now.

Xille eventually rolls Auros off him, and manages to rise to a knee. Auros reaches out a hand and grabs the top of Xille's boot in a effort to pull himself up, but Xille weakly slaps the hand away and rises to his feet. Pulling Auros up, Xille applies a side headlock and firmly leads the champion backstage.

As the two gladiators enter the backstage area, they briefly move out of any camera angles. After a few seconds of an empty entrance rampway, the scene cuts to a backstage camera with Xille chopping away at Auros's chest.

Joey: About time we got a feed. It looks like Xille's really laying into Auros with those chops.

Flec: Poor Auros is propped against the wall, and he's just going to be forced to endure those shots. Still, with his build, it's possible that Xille's hand will give way before his chest does. A few more chops, but Auros does manage to break the flow of Xille's attack with the good old thumb to the eye. One of the staples in my moveset.

Joey: The choice of low lifes everywhere...

Flec: What was that?

Joey: Nothing you don't already know, trust me. Auros now with a high knee.

As Xille rocks back from the attack, Auros grabs him by the shoulder and throws him back against the wall. Xille groans in obvious pain as his head smacks against the wall, but he has no time to recover as Auros follows the attack with a splash and a Russian legsweep.

Flec: Auros has his second wind.

Joey: He didn't have much of a first one. The champion appears in control of the match here, and he's bouncing Xille off the walls, going further and further backstage.

Rounding a corner, Xille latches onto a fire extinguisher. Ripping out the pin, Xille aims the hose at Auros and fires.

Joey: Clearly a type A extinguisher. Too bad we can't see what's going on for all the white crap in the air.

Flec: Then shut up and listen.

As the announcers pause their ranting briefly, the unmistakable sound of steel against bone is heard, and Auros appears stumbling from the white fog. He collides with the cameraman, and the feed dies.

Flec: Dammit, we lost that camera. Stupid static.

Joey: Don't worry. Cameramen come a dime a dozen. I am worried about the camera though. Those things are expensive.

Flec: There we go, yet another foolish piece of cannon fodder, er... a brave cameraman.

Joey: Something we can agree on.

As the white cloud clears, Xille is seen standing triumphantly over Auros, the fire extinguisher held over head. As he begins to bring it down on Auros's head, Auros hits a desperate elbow to Xille's ribs. Caught off guard, Xille stumbles back, and Auros follows with more shots to the midsection. He eventually grabs Xille by the throat with both hands, lifts the smaller man off his feet, and slams him against a wall.

Flec: Amazing show of strength from the champion there. He has the potential to hold this title for a very long time. Still, he should be finishing off Xille instead of buying tacos from one of the vendors.

Joey: We're in Southern California. Lets face it, the guy can't get a decent taco at 90% of our venues. This is his chance!

Flec: You're beginning to sound a lot like me, Styles...

Joey: Umm, not really. Consider it a momentary lapse of good judgment. Who's that?

Flec: I think that's new guy Axer... He must be looking to snipe the HC belt!

Joey: Yeah, 24-7 rule, even during a match.

Axer charges from behind Auros and he connects with a hard shot across the champion's shoulders. His newly bought tacos fall to the concrete floor, and Auros stares at them dumbfounded, shocked that anyone would want to ruin three perfectly good tacos. Axer knocks him off his feet with a kick to the knee. Before Axer can continue the assault, Xille is back to his feet and looking pissed off.

Flec: Why would Xille look to help out Auros?

Joey: Because if Axer pins Auros, he'll have to deal with a fresher opponent to reclaim the belt, that's why.

Flec: Oh, must be that strategy thing I've heard about.

Joey: Something like that.

Xille runs up behind Axer, leaps and executes a tornado face buster. Axer's head collides with the concrete floor with a sickening thud, and blood splatters from underneath. Having regained his composure, Auros stares at Xille confused, but the young challenger orders him to stand on the food counter. Seeing the plan, Auros grins wickedly, and complies.

Flec: This is going to be great!

Joey: This is going to be painful! Xille hoisting Axer up to Auros, and now Auros is holding the newcomer by his feet.

Flec: Atomic piledriver! Atomic piledriver to the floor!

Looking at their handiwork, the two gladiators nod at each other, then Xille sprints off down a corridor with Auros in hot pursuit. Rounding a corner, Xille grabs an electronics cart he no doubt stashed for this occasion. As Auros comes about, Xille slams the cart into his legs, knocking the champ down. Xille follows with a bulldog, then he stands and scans the room for other weapons. Finally deciding on a copy machine, Xille kicks Auros in the head, an leads his opponent across the room. Finally at the copy machine, Xille lifts the cover, then slams Auros's face into the glass underneath. The glass holds, and Xille turns the machine on. Repeatedly, Xille slams the cover onto Auros's exposed head, all the while making copies of Auros's face. The camera zooms onto the copes, each showing Auros's face in a different grimace of pain.

Flec: That's hideous! Ugly!

Joey: He's getting his head crushed. I dare say even Arcee wouldn't look so great under those conditions.

Flec: Blasphemy!

Joey: Looks like Xille's satisfied. He throws Auros to the ground and he's going for a cover. 1..2.. Kick out yet again by the champ! Xille's frustrated, and he's milling about the room for another weapon. Auros is trying to pull himself up by the copy machine, but it's slow going.

Flec: Who the hell keeps a kendo stick in an office room? Oh well, I like their style. Xille with is new weapon is advancing on the champ, but Auros is nearly to his feet now.

In a desperation move, Auros rips the paper tray from the copier and hurls it at Xille. Paper flies about the room, and Xille's close proximity to Auros prevents him from getting his arms up to block the attack. The tray strikes him upside the head, dropping him to the floor. Down on his hands and knees, he feels about for the kendo stick, but Auros lifts him off the ground with a brutal kick to the chest. Xille lands in a heap next to the copy machine, still reaching around trying to find a weapon.

Joey: Auros is looking to end his. Xille's on his back dazed, and Auros is moving to the far side of the copy machine.

Putting his should to the machine, Auros tips it over onto Xille, pinning the challenger under it. Happy, Auros jumps onto the copier and instructs the ref to count. His arms and shoulders trapped under the combined weight of the copier and Auros, Xille can't do anything but watch the ref count the one, two, three. As Auros grabs his belt and runs to beat the fans to the taco stand, Xille has no choice but to wait for the AWF officials to lift the copier from his chest.

2005-01-04, 05:15 AM
Chapter 7: AWF Tag Team Championship: The NWA [Divebomb and P? Champions] Vs. Xille & Vin Ghostal

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following tag team contest is scheduled for ONE fall… and it is for the AWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!”

The NWA remix of PIMP hits the arena, and the crowd starts to chorus their disapproval of the NWA. Divebomb and P? stroll to the ring, smiling in a smug fashion as they do so. P? adjusts his GPA baseball shirt as he stares disdainfully at the crowd, and Divebomb just walks to the ring without even acknowledging their existence.

JFA: “The NWA look awfully smug…”
JHA: “They have every reason to… their opponents are that runt Xille, and that second rate phantom hack VD…”
JFA: “You mean V3.”
JHA: “* Thinks for a moment. * Oh yeah… wishful thinking…”

JRA: “Coming down the aisle… from Burnaby and Prince George, British Columbia, respectively… representing the GPA… The AWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… DIVEBOMB… P?… THE N… W… A!”

JFA: “A lengthy introduction for the Champions…”
JHA: “As befits such worthy champions…”
JFA: “Worthy champions? They hospitalised Wolfang at Archivemania to stop Blood & Thunder regaining the tag team titles…”
JHA: “Now, there were no lasting injuries… and Wolfang said that he understood their position…”
JFA: “But what Wolfang didn’t say was that forgiveness was forthcoming. And Wolfang… like Skywarp and The Game… doesn’t seem the type to just ‘let it go’.”
JHA: “So what are you saying exactly?”
JFA: “I’m just saying Divebomb and P should watch their backs, that’s all.”

The NWA wait for their opponents, the grins on their faces apparently etched there with permanent ink and samurai swords. PIMP fades out to be replaced by High Wire Escape Artist as Xille emerges from the backstage area. He takes in the cheers from the crowd, but looks very uneasy as he awaits his tag team partner.

JRA: “And their opponents… first, from Lancaster, Ohio… XILLE!”

A tremendous cheer tears the air molecules apart inside the arena at the announcement of Xille, which is followed by another cheer as Vin Ghostal emerges from the backstage area clutching his ribs.

JFA: “Ah… that’s why they were smiling…”
JHA: “J, you usually got some spare ribs, right? Can you lend V3 any?”
JFA: “Oh shut up…”

JRA: “And his tag team partner… from Camden, New Jersey… V3… VIN GHOSTAL!”

The crowd looks on as Xille asks Ghostal if he is in good enough shape to go though with the match. Ghostal ignores him; his attention transfixed on the NWA. The bell rings as Ghostal charges into the ring, with Xille hot on his heels. As Ghostal clotheslines Divebomb over the top rope, Xille and P? exchange fists. Xille gets the advantage and whips P across the ring, catching him with a spinning reverse elbow as Ghostal slams Divebomb on the outside.

JFA: “Ghostal moving to his allocated corner now… as Xille starts to work over P’s neck with a dragon sleeper… and Divebomb comes in to break it up with a boot to the head of X! Divebomb being escorted out by the ref… and Ghostal smashes P? with a dropkick right in the face!”
JHA: “V3… the Phantom menace… meddling apparition…”
JFA: “So you’re no longer the chairman of the V3 Lil’ Spirits Fan Club?”
JHA: “Huh?”
JFA: “I’ll take that as no, then…”

As the two Js speak, Xille drags P? to a neutral corner and comes off with a moonsault. The move garners a two-count for the opium of the masses. X drags P to his feet and makes the tag to V3 as he slams P? to the canvas with a snap suplex.

JFA: “So algebra does work… X + V3 = P? over canvas.”
JHA: “Algebra? What’s that?”
JFA: “Sorry… I keep forgetting that you never made it past the fourth grade…”

Ghostal comes in to take over on P?. He grabs the NWA member by the left wrist, drags him to his feet, and executes a nifty 720-degree spin before smashing an elbow into P?s left shoulder and kicking him in the left kidney. Ghostal still grimaces from the pain in his ribs, but continues to pound on P? with a series of suplexes and a backbreaker. Then he moves to the neck area; trying with moderate success to twist P?s head off his shoulders. As Divebomb comes in to break up the hold, X leaps from his team’s corner and scores with a corkscrew missile dropkick to the chest of the Burnaby bruiser, knocking him to the outside.

JFA: “Nice move there by Xille… although I’m sure Divebomb probably disagrees…”
JHA: “Well, duh…”

Divebomb attempts to get back in the ring. The referee stops him, and V3 and Xille take the opportunity to pound on P? some more. When Divebomb eventually returns to his corner, Xille is stood innocently at his own corner holding the tag rope.

JHA: “Why those cheating…”
JFA: “Strategic advantage…”
JFA: “That’s what you would have called it if the NWA did it…”

Ghostal makes the tag to Xille, holding P?s arms to allow X a free shot before executing a swinging neckbreaker on the NWA member.

JFA: “X and V3 are firmly in control here… quick tags… keeping P? isolated in their half of the ring… focusing all their attention on one area… I’m surprised at this very coherent continuity the challengers have established…”
JHA: “Where did they teach you this stuff?”
JFA: “What? The fundamentals of tag team wrestling?”
JHA: “No… I meant how to speak complete and utter bull…”
JFA: “You’re just upset that the NWA might lose their titles right her tonight… and to V3 and Xille…”
JHA: “Lord… I could have lived with Zarak and that idiot Wolfang winning the belts at Archivemania. But if the NWA were to lose them to V3 and Xille tonight… that would just be an embarrassment.”

All the while this conversation has been going Xille has been focusing his attention on P?s neck. A falling neckbreaker, followed by a series of knee, elbow and fist drops to the affected area keep P? down on the mat and the challengers firmly in control. Divebomb ties to enter the ring again to help his friend, but the referee again gets in his way. This time however, Divebomb throws aside the official and proceeds to stomp over Xille until V3 enters the ring and knocks Divebomb down with a clothesline before dragging him to the outside.

JFA: “And all hell is breaking loose here… and it looks to be to the advantage of the challengers…”
JHA: “Get your eyes tested…”

As V3 and Divebomb brawl on the outside of the ring, taking it in turns to attempt to choke each other with the camera cables, P? gets to his feet and starts to stomp over Xille. He drags the rookie to his feet before dropping him with a high back suplex. Xilles head bounces off the mat as P returns to a vertical base.

JFA: “P may have impacted that neck of his some more with that suplex… I’m not sure how smart that was…”

The two Js suddenly move out of the way as Ghostal comes crashing through the announce table courtesy of Divebomb. With the referee down on the adjacent side of the ring, and P locking a Boston crab on Xille in the middle of the ring, chaos reigns in the tag team title match at Fallout.

JFA: “We apologise folks… there is no technical difficulty aside from Js headset being smashed in that little altercation with V3 and our announce table… it may take some time to get a replacement headset…”

JHA can be heard cursing even without his headset as Divebomb and Ghostal continue to slug one another and P? decides on what course of action to take now. Realising that the referee is down on the outside and there is no way to win the match right now, P? picks Xille up from the mat once again and whips him to the turnbuckles. Xille hits hard as P? charges, but jumps straight upwards out of the way of the oncoming P?, grabbing him in a front facelock as he drops back down and kicks away from the ‘buckles. Xille swings around in the air, and brings P? down face-first into the canvas.

JFA: “And there’s the move with no name! That tornado facebuster from Xille! But… there’s no referee to count the fall… what a rotten break for Xille and Ghostal…”

As Divebomb and V3 continue to duke it out on the outside, Xille runs up behind Divebomb and drops him with a bulldog. Ghostals knee impacts Divebombs face on the way down. V3 merely shrugs as Xille pulls Divebomb up from the floor, and deliver a double suplex to Divebomb; destroying the Algerian announce table in the process.

JFA: “Well… our Algerian colleagues are having some technical difficulties as well… P?s down on the inside… Divebombs down on the outside… and the challengers are firmly in control of the match… * there is some inaudible mumbling *… and you folks should be really thankful J didn’t have a mike for that…”

Ghostal and Xille are taken by some surprise when P? suddenly gets the jump on them. Xille hits his face on the Brazilian announce table as he flies through the air. P? and Ghostal lock up, and P? manages to get enough of an advantage to snap a suplex on V3. The impact takes a little more out of P?, who visibly clutches his neck as he gets to his feet. Divebomb has now rejoined the fray, and the champions have suddenly plucked back the advantage from their opponents. P? drags Ghostal into the ring, as Divebomb goes to retrieve Xille from his resting place near the Brazilian announce table. His nose bloody from the fall, X still manages to kick up and towards Divebomb in one movement. Unfortunately, instead of the heroic assault flooring Divebomb, Xille gets caught in mid-air and slammed though the announce table.

JFA: “And things really aren’t looking good for Xille and V3 at this moment…”

P pulls up Ghostal as Divebomb gets back into the ring. The two converse momentarily before Divebomb picks up V3 as if for a spinebuster and P? springs off the ropes. Divebomb falls backwards and P? catches Ghostal with an inverted neckbreaker as he falls to the mat also.

JFA: “And there’s the BCD… the British Columbia Drop… and this is really not looking good for V3…”

Ghostal is quite clearly out from the move. The NWA would have no problem registering the pin if it wasn’t for the referee still being out cold on the outside. P? goes to the outside to revive the fallen official. Divebomb stands watching a few feet from the prone form of Vin Ghostal. Neither of them spots Xille climbing up the turnbuckle… until Divebomb turns around into a missile dropkick!

JFA: “And they’re still in it! Xille and V3 aren’t beaten yet.”

There is a trickle of blood from Xilles nose; a result of the early incident with the Brazilian announce table which only now makes itself known. He pulls up Ghostal, and the two shake before V3 fires Xille towards the ropes between them and P?. Xille deftly leaps the top strand, spinning wildly as he comes crashing down on P?. The referee had the foresight to get out of the way, having learned from that little altercation with Divebomb.

As Xille gets up and prepares to exact some pain upon P?, Divebomb and Ghostal continue the fighting in the squared circle. Divebomb gets the upper hand, and whips V3 to the ropes; and catches him with The End!

JFA: “THE END! The End may be here for Xille and V3! 1… 2… and Xille breaks up the count! Good lord! The match was almost over right there… but Xille saved it for his team…”

Divebomb struggles upright amidst a rain of fists from Xille, and sets him up for a powerbomb. But Xille refuses to go along with it. He pushes himself upright, keeping hold of Divebombs legs. He releases one leg, grabs Divebomb around the neck and plunges to the canvas. The impact of Divebombs skull on the mat can be heard three states over.

JFA: “GOOD LORD! Did you hear that impact?”

Xille goes to cover Divebomb, but is met with a double axe handle from P before he can make it. V3 suddenly springs back to action, pulling P away from Xille as he gets to his feet. P? and V3 grapple, eventually flipping around into a stalemate as both attempt a backslide pin on the other. V3 suddenly musters an extra burst of adrenaline, lifting P? clean off the mat and dropping him with the Whirlwind as Xille hits the Lobotomy on Divebomb!

JFA: “In stereo… 1… 2… 3! We’ve got new tag team champions!”

The referee shrugs, hands the tag titles to Xille and Ghostal and raises their hands in victory as ‘High Wire Escape Artist’ rumbles back through the arena.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winners of the match… and NEW AWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… V3 VIN GHOSTAL … AND XILLE!”

JFA: “Good on you… oh… you got your headset back, J?”
JHA: “What the hell is this? YOU’VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! Who were the legal men?”
JFA: “Tell you the truth, I don’t know… but both members of the NWA were pinned… the ref called it a victory for X and V3… I’ll go with that…”
JHA: “Suck up…”
JFA: “You just got your gears gummed because the NWA lost and you don’t have a meal ticket…”
JHA: “One of these days… you’ll be sorry you said that…”
JFA: “Not half as sorry as you, jackass…”

2005-01-04, 10:58 PM

sweet idea man.

2005-01-04, 11:26 PM
Very, very classy.


I am impressed, good job Koza.

2005-01-05, 02:16 PM
OOC Agreed, I'd actually buy a DVD of it :)

2005-01-05, 02:21 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
OOC Agreed, I'd actually buy a DVD of it :)

Of course you would - it's got plenty of me in it! That's guaranteed sales for any product.

2005-01-05, 02:40 PM
Especially bog roll...

2005-01-05, 02:42 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
Especially bog roll...

You saying you'd pay to shove me up your arse?

I'd pretend to be stunned, but nobody would buy it...

Lord Zarak
2005-01-05, 02:44 PM
Bog Roll + HBK= the unthinkable

Silly Cow
2005-01-05, 03:17 PM
DVD review taken from www.annoyingsmarks.com


The AWF has released another DVD after the great O'Con and the bit uninspiring The Game collections. Compared to the other feds the AWF doesn't release that many dvd's aside from the ppv's so the themes of the dvd's are usually very well thought of. Even if the Best of Mayhem part 1 didn't give us anything special the greatness that was Faction Wars easily made up for that.

But this time they really missed the target. Xille may be one of their most popular wrestlers at the moment, releasing a dvd after just one year is totally unexcusable. John Cena got his dvd after two years and it was bad. So I don't need to tell you how this dvd pans out...

First we are given a sort of "Desire" montage with Xille's entrance music. It's nice, but then again the productions team of the AWF managed to make Skywarp vs. Gruff look like an exciting feud on the ppv so nothing new there.

And what about the interview. Basic AWF Uncovered material with various clips of promos and whatnot added in to make it seem longer. The interview doesn't really tell us anything new about Xille and as a kayfabe interview can't even compare to Three Faces of Foley. But then again, what can?

There is a good number of bonus matches for a one disc dvd, but looking at the list you can't help but think there's about 50% of Xille's AWF matches.

Ravage vs Xille
Xille's debut match. He debuted without any sort of hype so the crowd didn't really know what to make of him at the time. So they decided to sit on their hands.

Xille is still a bit green but I don't think even in his prime he could drag the Big Daddy Rav to a watchable match. Your basic hoss vs. little man match with Xille getting a surprisingly lot of offense and Ravage even selling some of it.


Degeneration NeXt: HBK Sean O’Con & The Game Erik Summers v Strafe & Xille
This one was for the tag team titles. The match wasn't bad, Strafe is a good veteran and O'Con and the Game can have a great match if they're feeling like it. And lo and behold, they were feeling like it during this one. It may have helped them that this match took place during their feud and they always seem to give them all when they're up against each other or teaming. Otherwise? Well see my "Degeneration laZy" column on how I feel about it.

Got a bit sidetracked. Anyway, the match is good but the fact that it was in the middle of the Game vs. O'Con feud and Strafe's heel turn made it seem like they tried to add too much into it. Overbooking is a terrible dicease.


TC v Xille v Auros v Ravage
After realising they didn't know what to do with Xille the AWF creative minds decided to put him in the Hardcore division, aka The Land of No Hope. Your basic by the numbers hardcore fourway. A lot of fancy moves and weapons but not a lot of psychology or storytelling. I can see why they added this match in the dvd, that's basically what Xille is all about.


Auros vs Xille
I should just copy my opinion on the previous match here. The only difference is that there are two men in the match instead of four. Normally that only makes the match better but with hardcore, the more the merrier. At least with several competitors it's easier to forget how stupid it is.


The NWA [Divebomb and P?] Vs. Xille & Vin Ghostal
Xille's biggest match to date, and probably his best too. A bit too short for a tag title match but the booking and the story behind it was great. Ghostal's and Xille's styles go together well and NWA was almost at the top of their game. Not CompuFire vs. King & Lock, or even NWA vs. Blood & Thunder caliber but good nonetheless.


All in all, as a dvd it's passable. The main part is a bit boring but there were some good choices in the bonus matches, even though the quality of the matches isn't excatly top notch. The dvd does all it can to hide the fact that our favourite spot monkey hasn't really done or achieved anything in the AWF yet. Sometimes it succeeds, most of time it doesn't. That's the biggest flaw in this dvd, Xille has not done enough to have a full length feature dvd. If they had released this in their budget line as a shorter dvd, like what they did with the DinoKnight Anthology, I could've accepted it. But then again, the pre-teens won't probably see how subpar this dvd is, and I have a hunch most of the buyers will be at that age. At least most of Xille's fans are from that age group.

What about us? What about older consumers? I'm still waiting for that Amarant dvd...

Great work, Xille! A fantastic read.

Vin Ghostal
2005-01-05, 03:24 PM
OOC: Storyline calls for it, but I can't bring myself to make fun of this. A very cool and off-beat idea, and a very good job done by the X. Not as good as the 'job' X will be doing to yours truly, but... ;)

2005-01-05, 03:32 PM
Originally posted by Silly Cow
A slice of fried gold!


DinoKnight Anthology. Oh, the memories...

2005-01-05, 03:33 PM
No, the fact that your ugly mug would look right at home next to an arse is my point. And I wouldn't pay for anytthing with you on it O'Con.

That first comment was actually OOC, but I just couldn't resist saying it.

2005-01-05, 04:20 PM
Somewhere in Suburbia...
*Knock knock*

Smark: Hello?

Xille: Uh, yeah... did you just review my DVD?

Smark: You mean your suck-fest? Haha! You sir, are teh suXXor.

Xille: *Stab*

You all should just be glad I haven't released that Tempest DVD that I've been working on.

And I did have an OOC section for the DVD in the works, but I got really tired of working on this thing, so I left it where it is.

Thanks for the positive comments, all.

Amarant Odinson
2005-01-05, 05:31 PM
OOC: Excellent work on the whole thing xille. I hope others will follow suit with something like this in the furture. And not to worry Silly Cow, an Amarant Odinson DVD is coming. I just need more matches to put on it first.

2005-01-05, 06:50 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
OOC: Excellent work on the whole thing xille. I hope others will follow suit with something like this in the furture. And not to worry Silly Cow, an Amarant Odinson DVD is coming. I just need more matches to put on it first.

There's always the one where I beat you... ;)

Amarant Odinson
2005-01-05, 09:06 PM
True, but I want quality matches on my DVD. :p

2005-01-05, 10:30 PM
Quite a nicce little package. My only complaint: No VHSss vverssion? Damn your eyess!

OOC: In all seriousness, very good. And I'm not really that ticked about the lack of a VHS version.

2005-01-06, 12:52 PM
OOC: Nice thread dude. And as the otehrs said, some might follow suit, like some did with the uncovered threads during last year.

2005-01-06, 05:59 PM
Originally posted by Xille
You all should just be glad I haven't released that Tempest DVD that I've been working on.


It would be good ... honest ... really.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-01-08, 01:14 AM
OOC: I like it Xille but maybe next time you could put a some special features on the DVD. :D

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-01-08, 01:15 AM
oops double post

Amarant Odinson
2005-01-08, 09:25 AM
Originally posted by Tempest

It would be good ... honest ... really.

No it wouldn't. Don't even try to lie to us like that, man. I mean really, who are you trying to convince here?

2005-01-09, 06:07 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
No it wouldn't. Don't even try to lie to us like that, man. I mean really, who are you trying to convince here?


The evil monkey that lives in my closet ...

2005-01-09, 08:10 PM
You have one of those too? Oh Snap!

Mine makes me feed him Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And then he beats me.

2005-01-09, 08:31 PM
I told Poon that was a good idea.

2005-01-10, 06:56 AM
Originally posted by The HeartBrend Kid

DinoKnight Anthology. Oh, the memories...

greatest jobbing we ever handed out!

nice X...

and Cow: :p