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2005-01-13, 04:46 AM
Joey Styles Voiceover: It was a night…none of us will ever forget…

Joey: Sixswitch with an amazing move, but at what cost…and…my…wait…the cage…

Flec: I don’t know how much more will hold up there…look at that thing!

*On the outside, Ravage drives a knee into the Game’s gut, and then pulls him into his grasp. Hoisting him up he goes for a powerbomb, however instead of powerbombing the Game into the ground, he launches him with all his strength at the cage wall. The Game’s body explodes through the wall and the force knocks out the side that faced the once standing announcer tables. Suddenly and violently the cage cannot support the damage and the weight of the wrestlers on top.


JFA: For the love of God…for the love of all that is good and holy stop this damn match!

*Unable to support the weakened structure, the cage breaks away, the top collapses, sending pieces onto Ravage. Morpheus, TC, Tempest and Viewfind all end up hitting ring 2, along with a good portion of the roof’s support, unable to absorb the impact, ring 2 collapses, a large hole left in the center of it and the turnbuckles and ropes collapsing around them, leaving the five wrestlers in ring 2 intertwined with the rubble.

Joey: Folks…I…

JFA: I don’t know…my God…

Flec: I can’t…even I…really makes you wonder what hurt worse, being powerbombed through the wall of the cage or falling off the cage into a ring that basically imploded when you hit it!

Joey: I can’t even begin to describe the scene here folks. I don’t know how my colleague Flec can be so callous. These are lives…these men…I…

JFA: They have to be broken in that destruction…I mean, the cage has collapses…ring 1 still intact, but ring 2 has been completely destroyed. Both referees were outside the cage tending to HBK, SS and P? The Game’s body broke through that one side of the cage and between that, the other break across from it, and the weight and pounding up top…it…it was just too much and all that hitting ring 2, destroyed that as well.

Joey: Amidst all that, The Game pulling himself up and staring at the destruction in complete disbelief. Now making his way over to HBK to check on his friend and now checking on Sixswitch as well. Sixswitch is talking to the Game at least, a positive sign indeed…and under the War Games rules…this match is still going on! HBK now badly bruised and cut open from his HDD delivery of P? from the top…P? in horrible shape and the Game dragging P? back to ring 1, HBK trying to follow. The Game rolls P? back into the ring, the refs almost afraid to follow with all the debris and destruction…the Game now locking in the End Game with what little strength he has left…P? trying to resist the pain he suddenly finds himself in once more…HBK weary and going for the legs of P? and CLOVERLEAF TIME! The Game with the End Game, HBK with the Cloverleaf…and P? now screaming out in pain…and the two DN member cranking on their respective submission holds. P? resisting, fighting.

Flec: Come on you loser…TC…Tempest…ANYONE?!?

Joey: P? fading…he can’t fight much longer…and P? is tapping…and fades out of consciousness! AND TEAM DN HAS WON!


Joey: With that victory…Team Degeneration NeXt: Sixswitch, Morpheus, Viewfind, HBK Sean O’Con and Erik Summers secured control over the AWF for one night only…what does their victory mean for the AWF…for the Title…and for Edge of Survival? We’ll find out tonight…

Cut to images of backstage

We begin the broadcast with a shot of Morpheus backstage. He's surrounded by tools of all kind, hammers, screwdrivers, crowbars and welding torches. He's currently hammering nails on something that looks like a big plank. Now and then he
stops, looks at what he's doing and mumbles something to himself.

JHA: What the hell is he doing?

JFA: I have no idea.

Morpheus (to himself): This will be good. So very good.

(Mayhems opening them plays)

Joey Styles: Welcome everyone to the SOLD OUT GM Place in beautiful Vancouver, BC…on our AWF CANADIAN TOUR!

Flec: Always a thrill to be here amongst these idiots…and let me just say this…BRET SCREWED BRET! HA HA!

Joey: Always finding new ways to endear yourself to our fans…let’s go to the ring where we are expecting our acting Commissioner to be on his way out here!

Mercy Drive’s Burn In My Light begins to play as the Game comes out, dressed to kill arm in arm with Atticus on one arm, Lisa Lovelace on the other…both also dressed to kill.

Flec: God…I hate that man…

Joey: Again…that would have nothing to do with the fact that you can’t get that close to either of those two ladies without the restraining order taking effect, would it?

Flec: I…SHUT UP!

The Game holds the ropes for his ladies to make their way into the ring, then enters himself. Atticus proudly holds the AWF IC Title for the acting Commissioner.

Game: Good evening VANCOUVER!

Flec: Cheap pop…loser!

Game: Well, this is what you have waited for…tonight…DN is running the show once again!

Flec: Listen to these idiots…you’d think they had lives or something…

Game: Tonight…each member of Team DN has the right to book whatever match they choose. As Team Captain, I was voted to act as Commissioner tonight…though I have a feeling it is just because the rest of them wanted to drink and didn’t want to have to do the paperwork. Now then, first things first…the AWF Title.

Flec: Finally…at least now TC will get what he deserves…

Game: We sat back in our hospital rooms…having a few drinks…and the five of us came up with this idea. It is high time the AWF returned to it’s roots…

Flec: And gave the belt to TC…

Game: See, back in 2002 we had the first ever Rumble here in the AWF. Back at that time, the winner of that Rumble became the first ever AWF Champion. So, as the title is currently vacant…we felt that the only fair way to settle the issue was to go a little old school…therefore, Team DN has decided that the winner of the 2005 Rumble at Edge of Survival will be the NEXT AWF WORLD CHAMPION!

Flec: WHAT?!?

Joey: An excellent idea! What a way to pay tribute to our founding…AND to settle this controversy once and for all.

Game: Now…as Team DN also gets to pick either their opponent for that PPV or their number in the Rumble…I will hope to have some of those for you later on tonight, we will just have to see.

Flec: This is so wrong…

Game: As acting Commissioner tonight, it is also my job to book the additional matches we will see tonight…so first, I would like to announce my booked match…then I will let you know what will open our show. The match I booked tonight…is a special match for us here in the AWF. I know that you fans have longed to see some of our hottest stars in an evening gown match.

*The Game looks at Atticus and Lisa Lovelace, who are both smiling…Atticus is taunting the crowd a bit as well.

Flec: You know…this might not be so bad…

Game: So…being the People’s Champion…I always try to give the fans what they want. So tonight…for the first time ever…we will have two of the AWF’s HOTTEST stars…go at it one on one…in an evening gown match…that’s right…the only way to win, is to strip your opponent of their gown!

*The crowd and Flec are loudly going wild now*

Game: So tonight…in this very ring…we will have an evening gown match between…

The Game smiles at both Atticus and Lisa Lovelace once more…building the crowd further into a fervor.

Game: Ravage and Tempest!

Flec: WHAT?!?

*The Game, Atticus & Lisa Lovelace are shown laughing in the ring…the crowd after the initial shock begins to whistle and cheer…laughing loudly.*

Game: That’s right…two of our hottest stars…(laughs loudly…dropping the mic)

Atticus: Easy boss…don’t re-injure yourself laughing at those two mooks…

Game: Sorry…(wipes tears from laughter away) Yes…Ravage and Tempest…tonight in an evening gown match! But first…one of the hottest rivalries in the AWF gets taken to the next level…the TV title is up for grabs in a ladder match between OP2005 and Cloudstrifer…ENJOY!

Flec: I hate him…I hate him so very much…


Morpheus is in the loading area with arena security.

Security Guard: I'm sorry sir, but you can't bring those in.

Morpheus: But my match, these are needed.

SG: I'm terribly sorry, regulations prohibit it. We can not allow you to come in with those crates. You'll just have to leave them outside.

Morpheus: My match. My highlight. My bang bang! I can't use it, I'll have to come up with something else... maybe tables...

The cameraman makes his way behind Morpheus to see what is it he's trying to get inside. There are four big crates behind Morpheus, all of them with "C4" written on them.

Flec: Honestly, I'm scared.


We see the Game in his office for the evening along with Atticus. The two are busy working on planning the night’s show.

Game: I’d like to thank you once again for helping me out tonight and serving as my assistant.

Atticus: Hey…no problem. It’s kind of fun having the chance to mess with people.

Game: Isn’t it though…I used to love this job back in the day.

The two begin talking in a hush voice about the show. When there is a knock at the door.

Erik: Come in.

The door opens and the Camera turns towards it as Y3B walks in at looks at Atticus and then Erik.

Blaster: Oh I'm sorry, am I interrupting one of Atticus' already famous 'sessions'?

Atticus snarls at Blaster who just grins.

Erik: Shut up. She is my assistant for the night. Now what do you want?

Blaster: Oh what do I want? Well I want a lot of things. I want the title. I want King's head if he ever comes back; I want the tag titles but really right now. I am just looking to take Ignavus to hell and back.

Atticus just laughs at the comment.

Blaster: Quiet she-whore. The big boys are talking. And I need to cure a little problem. See she-whore here has a problem with interfering in matches.

Erik: Keep up the comments and you'll have a problem being unemployed right here in your hometown.

Blaster: And you'll lose ratings and that nice pay-check you sit on, junior.

Erik: Could we get to the point sometime tonight, please?

Blaster: I want Ignavus, I want Ignavus in a cage. And I want him tonight.

Erik: You know what? You got it. You and Ignavus, tonight, in the cage.

*Y3B smiles: Wow…I could get used to this kind of booking…just make sure you keep your little assistant busy back here during the match.

Atticus: Oh…that shouldn’t be a problem, I’m sure the Commish can find something to occupy me with…perhaps I could help him book your matches for the next six months!

Y3B: Right…sure thing princess…and if I know Erik as well as I think I do, the last thing he’d have on his mind to occupy you with would be booking matches…course I happen to know that Summers here can do better than a dirty…disgusting…

Erik: Myles…

Y3B: Right…heh…gotta match to get ready for…see you later sweetheart!

Atticus: Don’t call me sweetheart…

Y3B: Actually…that was for Erik…ta!

TV Title Ladder Match: OP2005 © vs Cloudstrifer

JHA: Will this feud never die?
JFA: I think you should be happy that we get to see another match from these amazing competitors.

was born to rock'n'roll, everything I need
I was born with the hammer down
I was built for speed.
Bet your life it ain't no easy money

RJA: Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is a ladder match for the AWF TV Title! Introducing the challenger, from Norway… CloudStrifer!

Strifer comes out to a mixed reaction from the crowd, with a small section of fans wearing double-horned helmets and chanting “Cloud! Cloud! Cloud!” “Built for Speed” fades out and Cloud leaves the ring.

Welcome to my nightmare
I think you're gonna like it
I think you're gonna feel like you belong
A nocturnal vacation
Unnecessary sedation
You want to feel at home 'cause you belong

RJA: And his opponent, he is the AWF TV Champion… from Glasgow, Scotland… OP2005!

OP comes out to a chorus of boos, and his taunting the crowd with his title earns him even more. He makes it to the ring, and taps his title as he stares down Cloud.

JFA: Here we go folks, this one has the potential to be incredibly violent.
JHA: Yeah, hopefully we have two careers ended tonight.

The two men circle each other in the ring, neither one approaching the other. They slowly inch toward one another, then lock up in the middle of the ring. Both men push each other back and forth, neither one gaining much of an advantage. OP quickly ends the tangle with a quick kick to Cloud’s lower leg. OP quickly locks in a Darkness Choke and releases it before the five count.

JFA: OP only wants to injure Cloud here, J.
JHA: And here I thought you didn’t take your obvious pills today, J. Of course he wants to injure him! That’s one less competitor for his title.
JFA: Cloud is already at a disadvantage in this match. The champion isn’t usually as worried going into these things… you have to beat the champ in these situations. And let me tell you, folks, that’s not easy.
JHA: Remind me, how do you know that?
Cloud manages to get back to his feet and hits a few closed fists against OP. The ref manages to pull him off, but Cloud rushes right back in with a knee to his opponent’s stomach. Cloud nails a Northern Lights Suplex but only manages a one count. He rolls out of the ring and comes back with the ladder in hand.

JFA: Cloud’s looking for the quick win here.
JHA: Of course. The faster he wins this, the fresher he is for his first challenger.
JFA: Well, he’s certainly got your mindset.

Cloud sets up the ladder and begins to climb, but is quickly pulled down by OP. “Thy Worst Nightmare” hits a few quick shots to Cloud’s back and follows up with a stalling suplex.

JFA: Sarcasm! OP2005 has his submission finisher locked in!
JHA: What good does this do him, J? He can’t win by submission!
JFA: He also does not need to let go of the hold. He can cause as much pain to Cloud as he likes.

Cloud struggles and is finally able to get out of the hold after moments of agony. He rolls out of the ring to catch a quick breather while OP taunts to the crowd, who reacts with another chorus of boos. Cloud returns to the ring and hits OP in the back, much to the crowd’s merriment.

JFA: A cheap attack from Cloud, but an effective one nonetheless.
JHA: You’ve gotta take them when you see them, J.

Cloud whips OP into the corner and folds up the ladder. He holds it up, running toward OP, who looks up at the incoming pain. Survival instincts kick in, and OP runs toward Cloud, hitting the Shining through the ladder! Both men collapse; OP’s leg is twisted amongst the wreckage.

JFA: Oh my god! Cloud’s been hit with the Shining, but OP’s leg has to be broken! This is incredible! What would make OP try to pull a stunt like that?
JHA: You’re asking for a motive and talking about OP? And here I thought you were smart, J.
JFA: Point.

Cloud manages to roll out from underneath the ladder but is still unable to get to his feet. OP slowly crawls toward the ropes, but neither man looks able to continue the match. Strifer gets to his knees and, seeing OP2005 barely on his feet on the other side of the ring, hops up and bounces back into the opposite ropes.

JFA: Odin’s Spear! Odin’s Spear! CloudStrifer just broke OP2005 in half!
JHA: This has to be over, J!

Cloud rolls off of OP2005 and lies on his back for a few moments. He then crawls toward the ladder and begins to climb as he reaches it.

JFA: OP IS UP! Oh my god, OP2005 is up! Like the dead rising from their graves, OP has just been re-incarnated here tonight!
JHA: Where do you get this stuff?

OP, seeing Cloud about halfway up the ladder, immediately hobbles toward it, but due to his injury, stumbles to the opposite side rather than the one Cloud is on.

JFA: What’s he going to do, J? OP can’t reach Cloud by climbing! He’s too injured!
JHA: I think that same thought is going through his mind, J.

OP looks at the ladder, as though trying to figure out what to do next. He then wraps his arms around the ladder and pulls it shut. Cloud hangs on desperately as OP begins to lean the ladder over himself.

JFA: Oh my god…
JHA: Military press! He’s military pressing the ladder with Cloud still holding on! Holy cow!
JFA: That… doesn’t seem possible.
JHA: Well, it might not be possible for much longer, J! Look at OP’s leg wobble!

OP’s leg finally gives out, and the ladder – with CloudStrifer on it – comes crashing down to the ring. The ladder hits OP in the head and Cloud manages to barely miss it as he hits the mat.

JFA: Both men are down!

Ref: 1…





JFA: Cloud is up!

Cloud gets up and begins to hobble toward the ladder. He looks up as OP begins to pull himself up with the ropes. Cloud picks the ladder up and runs to the opposite side that OP is standing on.

JHA: What, does Cloud think he’s a jouster, or something?
JFA: Apparently he does, J…
JHA: Holy monkey!

OP2005 goes flying over the top rope as CloudStrifer spears him with the ladder. Strifer pulls the ladder up over the ropes and sets it up in the middle of the ring.

JHA: OP is stirring on the outside! Incredible!
JFA: But Cloud’s almost reached the top!
JHA: OP’s back in the ring! He dives for the ladder!
JFA: But Cloud has the belt! CloudStrifer has won this!

was born to rock'n'roll, everything I need
I was born with the hammer down
I was built for speed.
Bet your life it ain't no easy money

RJA: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match… and your NEW AWF TV CHAMPION… CloudStrifer!

JFA: And it appears this little feud might go on… these men just keep going back and forth.
JHA: And it’s not over tonight, J! Another Shining from OP puts CloudStrifer onto the mat!

Welcome to my nightmare
I think you're gonna like it
I think you're gonna feel like you belong
A nocturnal vacation
Unnecessary sedation
You want to feel at home 'cause you belong

JFA: Yes, folks, this feud is far from over…

Backstage, we find Erik Summers and Atticus standing in his office, watching what has just transpired on a TV. He turns around just as V.3. Vin Ghostal enters the office in street clothes.

ES: Well, well, well. What brings you into my domain, Coastal?

V3: You have something I want, Summers.

ES: What’s that, pray tell? Talent? Good looks? The ability to attract women not named “Roy”?

V3: There’s a certain someone who needs his career ended, and only you can serve me his head on a silver platter.

ES: I think I might be able to guess where you’re going with this.

V3: I have to teach Xille a lesson or two, and there’s no better night to do it than tonight.

ES: That’s where I gotta disagree with you, Vinny.

V3: Don’t deny me this, Summers. I spent six months carrying that kid on my beautifully defined back. I pulled his ass out of hardcore purgatory, and what has he done to thank me? Nothing. He’s an ungrateful nine-to-fiver, plain and simple. I’ve elevated him above his station, and it’s time I put him back in his place.

ES: You know something, Vin? You’re right. You and Xille have plenty of issues to settle, and frankly I don’t give a damn about the problems you two have had. At this point, I don’t really give a damn about you, either. But, as General Manager for the night, it’s my responsibility to give the fans what they want…and to make good business decisions at the same time.

V3: Talk fast, ‘general manager’.

ES: At Edge of Survival, it’s going to be V.3….Vin Ghostal…against Xille.

V3: You’re not as stupid as you look.

ES: I wasn’t done, schmuck. At Edge of Survival, it’s not going to be you against Xille one on one. It’s going to be Vin Ghostal and X…..in a tag team match.

V3: I hate to be the one to bring you up to speed, Summers, but X and I aren’t a team anymore.

ES: If you cut me off again…

V3: Get on with it.

ES: You and Xille will select your own tag team partners, and you two will figure things out at Edge of Survival.

V3: I’ll find someone to stand in the corner, but I don’t need any help destroying Xille and whatever loser he picks…no matter who it is.

Ghostal turns and leaves, and Summers smiles a crafty, knowing smile as he watches his longtime rival leave.

Strap Match:

Judge Death vs. Scarecrow

Withered hands, withered bodies, begging for salvation
Deserted by the hands of gods of their own creation
Nations cry, underneath decaying skies above
You are guilty, the punishment is death for all who live
The punishment is death for all who live

"Out Of The Silent Planet" by Iron Maiden blares over the PA.

JHA: "Let me ask you this J, are they just letting in any old freaks into the AWF nowadays?"
JFA: "What are you talking about?"
JHA: "I mean look, as that skinny turd Judge Death makes his way out here, it's occurred to me that we've clearly got a match here with two unstable people, and to make matters worse, they're going to have a strap attached to them, who knows what they're going to do with each other, or to the people around them, or even us, are these matches even legal here in BC?"
JFA: "Why don't you just shut up and call the match?"
JHA: "Why don't you just shut up before I get a Mountie on to you, and then he'll kick your a...."

JRA: "The following contest is a strap match, the combatants will be linked to each other via a leather strap connected to their wrists and the only way to win the match is to touch the top of all four turnbuckles consecutively, if the count is broken, the competitor must start again. First, from Deadworld, he is Judge Death!"

The Judge continues to pace around the ring in a sadistic manner as he waits for his opponent, Scarecrow - Ministry hits as Scarecrow makes his way out to a mixed reaction.

JRA: "His opponent, from the Fields of Pain, he is Scarecrow!"

JHA: "See, look what I mean, I usually like these type of people but sometimes they're even a bit too weird for me, I mean what's with the face paint?"
JFA: "What's wrong with it? Looks fine to me."
JHA: "You just don't get it do you? I'm not really about freaks but I do like the whole idea of beating an opponent senseless."
JFA: "Please....looks like Judge and Scarecrow are arguing over who's going to put the strap on first. This is going to be a bit of a culture shock for the Judge, because we've heard he's against using weapons, but in this match, he's attached to one!"
JHA: "So let me get this straight, he likes to demolish his opponents in a sadistic manner but is against using weapons?"
JFA: "Guess so..."

The ref finally manages to get the strap attached to the competitors. They both begin to circle the ring unsure about how to use their new weapon. Scarecrow makes a charge, lock up by the two in the middle of the ring, Scarecrow gets the advantage with a hammerlock, but Judge reverses it with a snapmare.

JFA: "Snapmare by the Judge, he's going for the Hard To Swallow already! But no, Scarecrow gets away in time; Judge could only get the one arm around him, before Scarecrow realized what was happening."
JHA: "Looks like Scarecrow might have actually studied the Judge's moves, but he's gotta remember, when he runs away from a move like that, he can't run far with that strap on him."
JFA: "It's on now, they're going at it like crazy!"
JHA: "Left, right, left, right, left, right."
JFA: "Judge gets the advantage with a poke to the eye...Shake, Rattle and Roll by Judge Death."
JHA: "Showin' how funky and strong is his fight...yeah!"

Judge Death whips Scarecrow into the corner and begins to deliver some nasty chops. "Woooo!" "Woooo!" "Woooo!" The BC crowd is hot. Scarecrow begins fighting back and puts Judge in the corner, more chops. "Woooo!" "Woooo!" "Woooo!". Scarecrow signals to the strap with the crowd cheering him on.

JFA: "Looks like someone is finally going to use that strap."

Scarecrow lines the Judge up and delivers a chop using the hard leather of the strap! Judge screams in pain as he falls to the ground while the crowd just cringe. Scarecrow quickly makes his way to the top looking for the moonsault, but the Judge brings him back down to the ring using the strap.

JFA: "Judge's looking at the strap now, I think he's got mixed emotions on what to do with it...."
JHA: "Here he goes!"
JFA: "Judge has snapped and he's being relentless with that strap on the back of Scarecrow."
JHA: "For someone who supposedly doesn't like using weapons he sure knows how to use them."
JFA: "He's got that strap around Scarecrow's neck now...Darkness choke...my god, he could kill a man."

Judge lets go of the hold and begins to make his first attempt at tagging the turnbuckles and winning the match.

JFA: "I think it might be over here, Judge has been like a mad man with that strap."
JHA: "Yeah lock him up....nutcase he is."
JFA: "One turnbuckle down....Two....About to be three here....Wait! Scarecrow back on his feet, Judge doesn't see him,

Scarecrow turns him around...DDT! Both competitors down for the moment, but the ref can't make a count because the only way to win this match is to tag all four turnbuckles."

Scarecrow makes his way up first and begins to stomp the fallen Judge. He realizes he can use the strap with the idea of getting some payback from before. Scarecrow harshly whips Judge who's squirming in pain on the ground.

JFA: "Hear that smack of the leather on human flesh!"
JHA: "It sickens me, it really does."
JFA: "Poor you."
JFA: "Scarecrow now, still wearing down Judge Death, snap suplex executed to perfection, he goes for one more, but no, Judge breaks the hold, and sends him in the ropes..."
JHA: "This can't be good..."
JFA: "Clothesline with the strap! Judge could have taken his god damn neck off, what is he thinking? This match has been brutal, that strap is menacing, it's hardly been a wrestling match at all."

Belly to back suplex by the Judge capitalizing on the weakened Scarecrow. Judge picks up Scarecrow but Scarecrow quickly reacts with a kick to the mid section, Scarecrow goes for an Irish whip but Judge reverses and he sends Scarecrow to the ropes, Scarecrow ducks one clothesline, ducks two, and then runs straight into the Touch Of Death!

JFA: "This has gotta be over here J, Scarecrow has just collapsed in a heap, wait, Judge is picking him up."
JHA: "He's probably just getting started."
JFA: "Oh no, somebody stop this, Judge has lifted Scarecrow above his head....Take...The...Plunge. There is no way Scarecrow could come back from here."
JHA: "You never know with these nutcases J, they've always got to much suppressed anger that seems to give them energy, get them off I say."
JFA: "Judge looking to finish it off now, one turnbuckle...two turnbuckles...three tagged now...he's almost got the fourth one...wait he can't reach it!"
JHA: "Scarecrow's on the other side of the ring and the strap is stopping Judge Death from reaching the turnbuckle and winning the match."
JFA: "It's an intense battle of tug of war here, Scarecrow is fighting for the match and there's no give either way..."
JHA: "Judge looks pissed, he had the match one, and it's been taken away from him."

Judge Death gives in and instead of trying to tag the fourth turnbuckle; he makes a dash for Scarecrow and connects with a spinning kick. He stomps the fallen Scarecrow and starts screaming at him to stay down for his own good.

JHA: "What a psycho!"
JFA: "Judge now, tries to pick up the beaten Scarecrow, but I think fatigue is setting in here."
JHA: "He should be busy trying to hit the turnbuckles again and stop wasting his time with Scarecrow."
JFA: "Judge sends Scarecrow into the ropes and might get some leverage here....Judge picks Scarecrow up over his head, could it be the Take The Plunge again? Wait! Scarecrow is struggling...he's managed to wrap the strap around Judge's neck...DRAGON SLEEPER! Scarecrow has reversed Take The Plunge into a Dragon Sleeper...Judge still on his feet though."
JHA: "He'll choke him to death! He can get locked up for that sort of thing."
JFA: "Scarecrow now, let's go of the hold....what's he doing now...."
JHA: "He's gonna break his neck if he keeps this up."
JFA: "Scarecrow swings Judge around with the strap....SUPER KICK! What a move! Scarecrow just swung the Judge around by the strap attached to his neck and then connected with a super kick, this is suburb!"
JHA: "Scarecrow could have done some serious damage there."

Scarecrow begins to drag a fallen Judge around to the turnbuckles..."ONE!" Counts the ref..."TWO!" Scarecrow gets halfway on the road to victory...

JFA: "Judge doesn't look like going anywhere anytime soon, I think this one's over..."

"THREE!" Suffering from fatigue Scarecrow has trouble dragging Judge around the ring, in one last tug he manages to get Judge close enough to the fourth turnbuckle...."FOUR! Ring the bell it's over!"

JRA: "Your winner, after tagging all four corners, Scarecrow!"

The BC crowd cheer as Scarecrow tries to make his way to the back after his grueling battle.

JFA: "Out of nowhere! It's a big win for Scarecrow but I think he's made a powerful enemy in Judge Death."
JHA: "Yeah I wouldn't want a psycho coming after me either."
JFA: "Look at the welts on their bodies. Judge dominated most of the match but somehow Scarecrow was able to get one over on him. I don't think Judge Death is going to be happy. Anyway, for the moment we've got the in ring return of The Lock!"
JHA: "I'm looking forward to this one for sure! Murder Inc in the house!"

2005-01-13, 04:48 AM

*We see Viewfind, looking quite serious*

Viewfind: "Fo a long time people have been ridin’ me on who is the best hardcore superstar up here in the AWF, is it Red? what about TC? or that taco loving fool whats a face? but we all homeslice was the top gun....but still we have some player haters so thats why tonight i'm going back to mah roots yo, i want a hardcore legends match."

*Viewfind drops his mic and walks off…ready to prepare*

JFA: A Hardcore Legends Match…TONIGHT?!?

JHA: WORD…this is going to be huge…TC is going to destroy that mofo!


Backstage, we find Keith Kincaid standing with The Lock.

KK: Last month, the world was shocked to see the triumphant return of you, Lock, at Regenesis. What finally brought you back to the Archive Wrestling Federation?

Lock: The fact that you’re still on the payroll, for one thing. The fact that untalented, irrelevant people like yourself can hang around the AWF for years…I take that as a personal insult. The Lock MADE the AWF, and to be honest, he’s a little sick and tired of seeing hacks, has-beens, and guys who aren’t talented enough to shine The Lock’s extremely expensive boots winning matches and carrying championships. Give me one man on this roster that’s a bigger star than The Lock. Come on, Kincaid, out with it.

KK: Well…

Lock: Ah ah ah…don’t even answer that.

With that, The Lock snatches Kincaid’s microphone, then shoves him out of the frame.

Lock: Just go hide in your locker room, Kincaid. I’ll take over from here. At Regenesis, The Lock may have made his presence known, but tonight, The Lock makes his return to the ring, and just as he did at Regenesis, The Lock is gonna serve notice to every single AWF superstar that Murder Inc. has arrived, and if you’re not on board, you’ll get run down.

The Wild One v. The Lock

“Prayer” by Disturbed hits and the crowd cheers enthusiastically as The Wild One comes through the curtains.

Styles: Wild has some serious momentum coming off Regenesis, where he gained a convincing victory over Axer that put Axer on the injured list indefinitely.

Flec: What difference does it make? You saw that interview. The Lock’s got so much pent-up frustration from his vacation it’s ridiculous. I’ll bet they haul Wild One out of here in itty-bitty pieces.
Styles: I wouldn’t agree with that. The Lock’s a premiere superstar, to be sure, but he’s been away from the ring for some time, and during that time, Wild’s more than proven himself as a solid performer.

Just then, Bruce Springsteen’s “Murder Incorporated” begins to play and, after a few moments, The Lock emerges to deafening boos from the capacity crowd.

Flec: What the hell is wrong with these people? Lock should be getting a returning hero’s welcome!
Styles: I suppose his hateful speech at Regenesis hasn’t exactly endeared him to AWF fans.
Flec: You know, I always had the fans on my side, Styles.
Styles: Did they cheer when you were carrying Cosmotron’s boots?
Flec: You better check your tone, Joey.

As Lock’s music ceases, he and Wild move around each other tentatively, and the bell is rung. Lock moves in for a lock-up, but Wild dodges the move and appeals to the crowd, soaking up their cheers. Wild smiles, then engages Lock in a lock-up. Using his technical expertise, Lock slips into a hammerlock, then an arm-wringer, pushing Wild into a corner. Wild pushes out and reverses the move until Lock pulls Wild into the corner and leans through the ropes, breaking the hold. Lock shoves Wild away, and Wild takes exception and slaps Lock across the face! Lock shakes his head and frowns, and the two lock up again. Lock slips in an overhead hammerlock and tries to power Wild to the mat, but Wild simply bends to the ground, nips up, and sweeps Lock’s legs out from under him. Lock stands up again and rushes at Wild, and Wild drops him with a drop toe hold, drops a leg onto the back of Lock’s head, and when Lock bounces back up, Wild clotheslines him over the top rope and out to the floor!

Flec: Lock, what’s wrong?
Styles: The Lock looks a bit rusty, but more importantly, The Wild One is putting on a wrestling clinic! I don’t think Lock expected this out of his opponent!

Quickly recovering, Lock stands on the floor and looks up at Wild with a confused look on his face. Lock appeals to the referee as he steps onto the apron, but as Lock argues with the arbiter, Wild grabs him and suplexes him back into the ring! Wild sends Lock into the ropes and scores with a big back bodydrop! Lock bounces back up, but when Wild looks like he’s ready to unleash the Time to Get Wild, his version of the spear, Lock quickly leaps through the ropes to the floor.

Styles: And Lock wanting no part of The Wild One here! The rookie really taking it to the seasoned veteran.
Flec: I like the strategy, Lock! Take an eight count!
Styles: Some strategy…Wild’s dominating.
Flec: Don’t bring that trash. That goes on the curb on Mondays.
Styles: You’re a strange man.

Stepping onto the apron again, the man from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, smiles sarcastically and steps into the ring again. He summons Wild forward, but when Wild goes for another lock-up, Lock pokes him in the eye and kicks his knee out from under him. The crowd boos, but Lock only smiles as he whips Wild into the corner, then stuns him with a big overhead suplex. Before Wild can get up, Lock sets him into a front facelock, leaning hard onto his opponent.

Flec: Now that’s great wrestling!
Styles: No one has ever doubted Lock’s technical skills…Lock now floating over into a hammerlock…now rolls him over…into a crossface chicken wing! This could really take the wind out of Wild’s sails!

The referee checks Wild as Lock pulls back hard in the chicken wing, really wrenching the rookie’s arm and shoulder. Summoning his strength, Wild wiggles the two of them far enough to wrap his feet around the ropes, breaking the hold. Lock drags Wild back to the center, then runs the ropes and drops a leg across Wild’s throat. Getting up and absorbing the boos of the crowd, Lock puts a boot on Wild’s throat and grabs the ropes for leverage, pushing his weight down on Wild’s windpipe until the referee counts to five and forces the hold to be broken. Pulling Wild to his feet, Lock sends him into the corner, but when he sets up the Diamond Dust, his flipping Stunner, Wild lifts him up, puts him on the mat, and scores with a northern lights suplex! The referee counts 1…..2…..and Lock fires a shoulder up.

Styles: And a long two count there!
Flec: Not even!

Both men bounce back up, and Wild scores with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex of his own! Lock bounces up, and Wild scores with a basic scoop slam! Hitting the ropes, Wild drops an angry elbow across Lock’s throat, then gets another two-count. The crowd cheers loudly as Wild waits in the corner for Lock to get to his feet, then unleashes his spear! Lock dodges the move, however, and sends Wild hurtling into the turnbuckle! Wild staggers out of the corner, and Lock surprises him with the Olympic Slam! Lock hooks the leg and gets the 1….2….before Wild gets a shoulder up!

Styles: And The Lock can’t believe it! Wild got the shoulder up!
Flec: Stay on him, for the love of Christmas!

Lock bounces up and gets in the face of the referee, but as soon as he turns around, Wild surprises him with a thunderous spinebuster! Wild hooks the leg….and Lock kicks out at two!! Wild bounces up, frustrated, but when he moves in again, Lock rolls him into a small package, then reaches out and grabs the ropes for leverage and gets the 1….2…3 for the victory! The Lock rolls outside and, rather than raising his hands in victory, steals the microphone from the ring announcer.

Lock (out of breath): And so, the Murder Incorporated era begins. But Wild, Wild, hey….listen up. Normally I’d leave you ready for a hospital trip, but you showed me something tonight. Let me explain something to you, Wild. In life, every so often, amazing opportunities come along. Opportunities you shouldn’t pass up. You showed me something tonight, Wild. Something I wasn’t expecting, out of you or just about anyone else on this ragtag B-grade roster. There’s a space open in the Murder Incorporated parking lot, Wild, a space that just might have your name on it. Think about it.

Flec: What an offer…what is there to think about?!?

The camera fades in on a plain looking door, which quickly opens to reveal Sixswitch standing in the doorway.

Lisa Lovelace: Hey Sixswitch. Can I get your thoughts on the Wargames?

Sixswitch: Anything for you Lisa. Well, it was brutal, just as brutal as the last two. It was bloody, and once again, HBK showed hit gitishness. Don’t think I’m forgetting that kick, HBK. And don’t think it won’t come back to kick you in your arse.

But that’s not why you’re here, is it? The Double S figured that this chance to book a match on Mayhem was too valuable to waste on getting even with HBK. Any match I book must be an affair where two athletes of enormous talent do battle. So CloudStrifer and Christopher Back are out of the running straight away.

It must be an event the fans want to see, because after all, if they can’t see the Double S in action, they’re gonna want the next best thing, right? Which means that none of the GPA get a look-in. I think they deserve time off anyway. See? I’m a nice guy really.

So, a match with people of awesome talent, that the fans want to see… Preferably something that the AWF hasn’t done in a long while. So… The Double S would like to see… No, the Double S would love to see the ladies of the AWF… That’s Arcee, Ash, Atticus and of course Belle Black in a four way dance… Bra and panties match.”

Sixswitch gives a grin as the crowd roars its approval.

“See? The people here at GM Place in Vancouver are just as interested as I am. And that’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing.”

Lisa Lovelace: Well, now that we’ve cleared that up. The stipulation also said that you get to pick your match at Edge of Survival. Have you thought about that?

Sixswitch: Well, the Double S will be in the Rumble…the question is going to be when he will be coming out…guess you’ll just have to wait and see?

*SS gives her a little smile*

SS: Oh yeah…and I’d like that Bra and Panties match to get underway sooner, rather than later…

*SS opens a paperbag, filled with beer and makes his way someplace backstage to watch the event.*

Lisa: Back to you guys…

Flec: OH…OH MY…is it hot in here…or is it just me?

Bra and Panties Match: Arcee v Atticus v Belle Black v Ashe

Joey: Well, all the ladies were being called to the ring while my partner was melting down…none of them look at all thrilled by Double S’s announcement over this match…the fans are quite happy though…
Suddenly, Powerman 5000's Drop The Bombshell begins to play and the Mad Bomber rips his way down to the ring area and slides in the ring, grabbing the mic from JRA.

Bombshell: If you think that I’m going to allow this match to happen…well that ain’t happening…PERIOD.

JRA tries to tell Bombshell about the stipulation…only to receive a massive powerbomb for his efforts. All the AWF ladies scatter from the ring, except Arcee who stands smiling at her man.

Bombshell: As I was saying…this match has been cancelled…DEAL WITH IT!

Flec: KILL JOY! Damn I hate Canadians…

The Game’s Office

The Game sits behind his desk, staring intently at some papers in his hand, flicking a pen across some of them.

The door opens and The HeartBrend Kid steps inside and stands looking down nonchalantly at his sometime tag partner.

HBK: “Choosing your next new theme music, huh?”

Summers glances up, none too happy with the remark.

Game: “Excuse me?”

HBK: “Couple more songs and you could fill your own CD.”

The Game decides to ignore the comment.

Game: “You decided on any match yet?”

HBK: “For tonight? Not yet. Still thinking on it. The agony of choice, y’know. I can pick anything. With anyone. I could put Casper in a Cage Match with a pack of rabid dogs. I could put Casper in a Cage Match with a hungry bear. I could put Casper in a Cage Match with a load of poisonous snakes. The possibilities are endless.”

Game (thinking): “No snakes.”

HBK: “Hrm?”

Game: “Health and Safety. They might get out from between the bars. Crowd in danger, that sort of thing.”

HBK: “Whatever. You and your fans. We could always lock Casper in a darkened room with a load of poisonous snakes.”

Game: “… not technically a match though, is it?”

HBK: “Black Mamba on a Pole Match with the Back guy?”

Game: “No snakes.”

HBK: “Okay, fine. Look, I’m gonna go think about it over some alcoholic refreshment. I’ll check in later.”

Game: “Aight.”

The HeartBrend Kid turns and walks through the door back into the corridor. As he does, he knocks shoulders with somebody walking outside.

HBK: “Excuse you.”

O’Con stops and turns, finding himself face to face with a very displeased StoneCold Skywarp. Warp simply stares at him icily.

HBK: “Sorry, I didn’t realize the Natural History Museum let their exhibits tour the world anymore.”

SCSW: “You can’t duck me forever.”

HBK: “Duck you? Duck you? Dude. I never duck a challenge. But you see… you? Not a challenge. Now you best run along and collect your pension before the Post Office shuts.”

Smiling innocently, the HeartBrend Kid swans away back down the corridor, leaving Skywarp stood motionless, glaring at the departing figure.

*Fade to commercial*

Baxter Vs. Vanth Dreadstar
JRA (looking very much worse for ware still): “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”

The sound of a strong wind rustling the leaves of ancient oak trees contributes to a number of different responses from the crowd. There is confusion. There is restfulness. There is a whole host of inaudible responses, even as a vaguely mango-shaped man makes his way down to the ring. His blue all-in-one leotard sports the visage of a dragonfly on the back, and that of a dung beetle on the front. His dishevelled appearance is quite disconcerting to some of those present.

JRA: “Introducing first… from Nashville, Tennessee… BAXTER!”

JFA: “And Baxter, you have to believe, will be looking to finish this quick.”
JHA: “Just like his lunch. And everybody else’s….”

Baxter leans in one corner of the ring as Insane Clown Posse’s “Tilt-A-Whirl” blares over the speakers. The crowd were not sure where they stood with Baxter. But they acknowledge Vanth Dreadstar in the same way as they acknowledge one of the annoying lager louts at work; that is, they are aware of his existence and remain completely impassive to it’s relevance. Dreadstar raises both fists into the air and is greeted with no response whatsoever.

JFA: “Well… it’s difficult to see who the crowd are behind here…”
JHA: “It’d certainly be difficult to see if they were behind Baxter… particularly in the line for the all-you-can-eat…”

Dreadstar enters the ring and laughs at the sight of Baxter; who just stares in bewilderment at the pathetic specimen he perceives before him. The bell rings, and Vanth charges at Baxter with a dropkick. He hits Baxter square in the chest, and is as ineffectual as attempting to beat the air to death with a wet paper bag. Baxter laughs at the attempt as Vanth attempts another dropkick. This time, Baxter knocks Vanth out of the air and starts stomping on the unfortunate one.

JFA: “Well folks… I’d like to emphasise at this time that we don’t promise classical wrestling matches…”
JHA: “Just as well… most of the guys here just like beating the hell out of each other…”

Baxter drags Vanth up by his neck and just dumps him in a corner. There is no style or finesse to his way of fighting; but it certainly seems to work. He chops Vanth across the chest a few times before Irish whipping his victim to the opposite turnbuckle. The big man from Nashville displays some surprising ring savvy, and speed, at this point: no sooner has he released Vanth from the Irish whip than he follows up with a devastating avalanche on the unfortunate Dead… sorry, Dreadstar.

JFA: “Good grief… this is turning into a real squash…”
JHA: “Careful what you wish for…”

Baxter drags Vanth back to the corner, laying his opponent face-up on the mat about a foot from the turnbuckles. Baxter ascends to the second turnbuckle, and comes down with the Bugg’s Eye Drop on Dreadstar!

JFA: “Oh… that was nasty… one… two… and Dreadstar managed to kick out!”
JHA: “Are you sure that wasn’t just his final death throes?”
JFA: “Neither of us is that lucky…”

Baxter drags up his unfortunate adversary who, by now, has turned almost white from being squashed by the massive Tennessee titan. Baxter drops Vanth with a bodyslam, and hits him with a standing leg drop for good measure. He runs at the ropes and comes off with a huge body splash, directly into a lateral press.

JFA: “THE BUGG SPLASH! IT’S OVER! 1… 2… and 3! What an outing for Baxter!”
JHA: “What a pounding for Dreadstar… thank you, God…”

The wind whistles through the arena again as the referee raises Baxter’s hand in victory and the crowd gives him a small show of applause.


Black Zarak can be seen walking. As he does so, he suddenly gets blindsided. He and his assailant are out of shot for several moments as the cameraman tries to readjust himself. As the camera turns to capture the action, the assailant is revealed as none other than Wolfang!

JFA: “Good lord… Wolfang just attacked Zarak! What’s going on?”

The former Blood & Thunder are hitting each other with fists, feet, knees, elbows, forearms, heads and anything else that is immediately at hand. Eight security guards rush in to break up the fracas, whilst the AWF superstars are gathering around to watch or place bets.

JHA: “These guys used to be the tag team champions! How in the hell did they fall this far from grace this quickly?”
JFA: “I have absolutely no idea, J… we might be able to find out later…”

Evening Gown Match: Ravage Vs Tempest

JHA: I would like to announce my protest against this match! It is degrading to the stars of the AWF!
JFA: Luckily it's degrading to the stars that need to be degraded like the mutinous members of the former GPA
JHA: Viewfind was the traitor!
JFA: And Tempest looks good as a chick, right?
JHA: Well ye... Hey no!

Pistol Pump Grip starts a s Tempest quickly makes his way down to the ring as a serenade of laughter comes down on him.

JFA: And Tempest is wearing a nice satin strapless number donated by Victoria's secret. I tell ya if that was any higher this would be a rated 'R' show!
JHA: So degrading! This is why we don't let people like Summers stay in charge for extended periods!
JFA: The crowd enjoys it.
JHA: Oh like these Canadian morons know anything! If they had any brains they'd have all run away when that tidal wave hit because they're next! Idiots living on a fault line!
JFA: You still live in LA right?
JHA: Yeah why?
JFA: Nevermind. Anyways Tempest is in the ring now and we're waiting for opponent and former team-mate Ravage.

Puritania by Dimmu Borgir hits and then plays but Ravage does not come out.

JFA: It would appear Ravage is a little stage shy.
JHA: Wouldn't you be!?
JFA: Well Tempest wasn't.
JHA: Shut up.
JFA: Still no sign of him.
JHA: What does Dimmu Borgir mean anyways?
JFA: I am pretty sure that it is German for "Whale's Vagina"
JHA: Really?

The camera focuses on the entrance way where the curtain is being fought against. Ravage is shoved out in the open wearing a black lacey evening gown. He quickly tries to run back through the curtain but is stopped by Viewfind who steps him out and shoves him down the ramp.

JFA: It appears Ravage needed a little incentive to go!
JHA: What is he doing here!? Keep him out of this!
JFA: And Viewfind is laughing just as hard as everyone else! Ravage into the ring now with Tempest and they are just looking at each other. Discussing something. Tempest calling for a mic now.

Tempest: Me and my compatriot both agree that we refuse to preform this match for you sick Canadians! You should all be ashamed and disgusts with yourselves, that you are willing to endorse this poor treatment of fellow human beings!

Ravage is along side him agreeing with his compatriot.

Tempest: And if you think we are going do this sick match because Summers tells us too, you idiots have an...

Viewfind: Whoa whoa whoa. Listen up yo'! I got word from the big man for da night da Game! He told me to tell you two bitches dat if you don't do dis shiizat, both of your asses is suspended for two months!

The crowd erupts as Tempest and Ravage talk it over and then look at the referee who begins going over the rules. Tempest throws the mic to the outside and the bell begins signaling the match is on and then both Tempest and Ravage watch each other carefully and then Tempest moves forward grabbing at the apparel Ravage was wearing and tries to rip it off but Ravage slaps him away and yells at him.

JFA: It looks like what they were talking about was just throwing down the match, but I don't think they agreed on who got to win!
JHA: Ravage! Be a team player!
JFA: The two man arguing now! There's a solid right hand to Tempest! Now a left! Ravage really took offense to what ever was said! There's a clothes line! Tempest is down! Ravage grabbing at Tempest's nightie! No Tempest slaps him away now! Tempest back to his feet and the big men are trading punches now!

They go back and forth until Tempest gets the other hand scooping Ravage up and hitting a body slam. Tempest stands back up and begins to stop away on Ravage's side until he rolls out of the ring. Tempest follows him out and them whips Ravage into the steel stairs.

JFA: Tempest has a clear advantage here! He should be trying to strip Ravage!
JHA: You get a sick sense of pleasure from this don't you?
JFA: Maybe. Tempest throwing Ravage back into the ring and sliding in after him! Tempest pulling Ravage back up, there's an irish whip into the turnbuckle followed up by an avalanche splash! Tempest show-boating for the crowd a little bit, he's wasting time, but I don't think he cares. He's trying to teach Ravage a lesson for not following his plan.
JHA: This is all Viewfind's fault!
JFA: Tempest pulling Ravage back up and there's another Irish whip! He telegraphs the back body drop! And now both men are down. And this match is picking up even with it's weird stipulation!

Both men slowly struggle to their feet and Ravage is up first and quickly pulls Tempest up delivering some knife-edge chops on his opponent until he is un the corner and then sets him up on the top rope and climbs up to the second rope suplexing him off. Tempest holds his back as Ravage stands up walks over to Tempest and pulls him up and then begins to pull at the fabric of Tempest's nightie. The fabric starts ripping but Tempest his a low blow on Ravage dropping Ravage to the mat.

JFA: Tempest testing his female defense class training right there!
JHA: Is that legal?
JFA: Well it's not usually a problem in this type of match.
JFA: True.

Tempest using the ropes as leverage begins to put the boots to Ravage and the grabs him and sets him up for a power bomb.

JFA: Tempest is looking for a power bomb now!
JHA: This will be most heinous.
JFA: Thanks Ted. Tempest pulling Ravage up and.... RAVAGE RIPS THE NIGHTIE OFF! TEMPEST LOST THE MATCH!

Tempest falls backwards in surprise with Ravage on his chest as he is left with his nightie off.

JFA: Tempest was too into character! He's wearing a female thong!
JHA: Dear god.. I'm sorry Tempest but.. my poor poor eyes.
JFA: Ravage has won the match and Tempest is wearing ladies under-garments.And you can just bet that G91 is LOVING this!
JHA: I know he is and so are these sick Canadians! This is totally un-needed!


The Game and Atticus are shown laughing…The Game is sitting on his desk. All of a sudden, someone starts knocking on his door slowly.

G91: "Yeah..come in, its open."

The door opens and we see D-Extreme with a grin on his face. The co-champion of the AWF Tag Titles wears his belt on his waist as he is seen holding a cooler on his right hand and on the other hand, a can of beer. There he staggers towards the chair that is facing the acting commissioner of the week and slumps down on the chair before dropping the cooler beside him. D-Ex starts a snigger. The Game just raises his eyebrow before talking to D-Ex.

G91: "May I help you?......some way or another?"

The clearly intoxicated D-Extreme finishes his beer can before talking to G91.

D-Ex: "Yep...heheh...sure you can Mr. Comish. *burp* Ya see...I'm glad to see you all well right now after that wargames and a-allsshhh. Too bad ya cant come to my BBQ I had earlier that week."

G91: "...the one that you set yourself on fire right?"

D-Ex: "Haha...your a wise man ya are mr. comish hehe...yeah. But dat-sh not why I came here ssshheee??? Since it is your night in making matcheshhh and such...how about you book me in a contest?"

G91: "Son, before you think of stepping into that ring tonight, you better be in a hundred percent physical condition, or....sober at least. No offense though you kno-"

D-Extreme cuts off G91 with a loud laugh before he burps again.

D-Ex: "NO! NO NO! I dont care if I cant wrestle t'night sheee? My partner is too lazy he tells me so its no use and all. But hey whatever then. I...kinda came here ssshhheee....to ask you if I can have a drinking contest."

G91: "Uhm...welll..."

D-Ex: "C'mon now...in fact I can start it here right now!"

D-Ex slowly gets himself up the chair. He accidentally slips back into the chair due to his intoxicated state. He gets up again and he opens the cooler, there we see a six pack of beer. He grabs one can and uses his forehead to open it. Once opened, he chugs it down and tosses it back into the cooler before getting the next can.

D-Ex: "Here, let me even count the beer...one beer.....what?!...TWO BEER?! WHAT?!......*uses his forehead to open the second can of beer and chugs it down*.....THREE BEERS YOU SAY?! NO?! THEN I'LL SWIM IN EM!!!"

D-Extreme, instead of getting another beer can, gets the remaining beer cans on the six pack and headbutts the remaining four to open them up. D-Ex is busted open already after injuring himself for just opening the cans. He pours them into the floor and drops on the floor. There, he starts doing some swimming strokes as if the beer that spilled over is like a mini-pool of some sort. All the while this is happening, The Game just puts a palm on his forehead and slowly shakes his head. D-Extreme stops paddling and turns around to lie down on the floor that has the spilled beer and looks on the ceiling before drifting into unconciousness.

G91: "D? D-Extreme? .......drunk guy???"

Seeing that there is no waking up the drunken D-Extreme, he pages someone through the pager.

G91: "Uhm.....can you call a couple of backstage officials here to help an unconscious wrestler out of my office and into the medical room. Oh and please call the janitor....we had some beer spilled here."

The Game looks at Attiucs.

G91: You actually manage this guy?

Atticus: Sort of a package deal…seeings how he’s Iggy’s partner…

G91: Ah…

We go to ringside as The Game gets a cigar and lights it.

JHA: "That drunken bastard is one of OUR AWF Tag Champs? Man and I thought Skywarp had alcohol problems. This jerk here fits the bill of the town drunk here in the AWF!"
JFA: "He might be more talented than other AWF stars give him, J. But you are right, he has a major alcohol problem that holds his talents down a bit."

2005-01-13, 04:49 AM
Cage match: Y3B Blaster v Ignavus

Joey: The match request by Blaster…looking to get a piece of one half of the tag team champions, obviously still upset over the way his return went down, due in no small part to the actions of the Game’s assistant for the evening…Atticus.

Flec: Yeah well…you know things happen…

Joey: Speaking of the tag team match, I’d like to give a shout out to the Mat Man…who is here tonight, and is planning to attempt to compete in the Viewfind Invitational, but is still quite ill. The Game has granted him the next few weeks off, but we do expect him back for Edge of Survival.

Flec: Gee…what a humanitarian…I still hate the guy.

Gorrillaz Clint Eastwood plays throughout the arena…

JRA (still looking like hell after the powerbomb): Ladies and gentlemen the following is a steel cage match…making his way to the ring area, hailing from Simsbury, CT…he is one half the AWF Tag Team Champions…here is Ignavus.

Flec: This idiot looks like he just woke up…

Joey: Well…he is half of a tag team with the term Slackers in it…

Joey’s thoughts are interrupted by the massive countdown and sudden explosion that leads into Marilyn Manson’s Personal Jesus.

JRA: And….his opponent, from right here in Vancouver (HUGE POP) here is he Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, The Sultan of Suave, The God Among Men, The King of the World, The Pope of the People, Your own Personal Jesus…Y3B…BLASTER.

Joey: Huge ovation here…

Flec: WHAT?!?

Joey: Y3B in the cage now, glaring down Iggy and charging! Flying through the air, driving Iggy back into the corner. Fists flying here…and Y3B uncharacteristically brawling to open the match. Highly aggressive…almost angered still over the PPV loss.

Flec: Yeah well…as long as he ends it quick…

Joey: At this rate, it may not last long. Y3B ramming Iggy face first into the wall of the cage, and following it up with a running bulldog face plant. Bouncing off the ropes, Soundsault! This one could be over right now!

Flec: Yippy!

Joey: Y3B climbing the top rope…calling for Iggy to get up…looking to lock in that missile drop kick, now springing and Ig rolls out of the way, but Y3B able to roll through the move only to run right into a spinning heel kick that sends Y3B down to the mat.

Flec: Oh…hey wait…does this mean the match will go longer?

Joey: Possibly.

Flec: Oh lord…this is all Summers’ fault!

Joey: How exactly?

Flec: He booked this crap…

Joey: You don’t like anything do you?

Flec: Well…I would like to see Blaster bleeding, that hasn’t happened. I wanted to see hot women in their underwear, that didn’t happen. I wanted to see TC get his belt, that didn’t happen…and I’m in Canada…does that answer your question?

Joey: Unfortunately…perhaps I should just call the match by myself?

Flec: And bore my fans? Yeah right…

Joey: I’m sure your parents could handle not hearing you for one match…

Flec: HEY!

Joey: Iggy meanwhile, releasing that neck wrench he had Y3B in, and sends him crashing hard into the corner. Now backing into the opposite corner…Iggy running in and The Unmotivator! Blaster collapses and Iggy goes for the cover…1…2…and NO! Y3B able to kick out!

*Ignavus shows some frustration over this, but soon goes back to work, climbing the ropes to set up the Four AM Flyer.

Joey: Looking to end this with his own version of the Five Star Frog Splash…the yawn…the leap…and Y3B kips up and with excellent timing, hits Ignavus with a drop kick right in the gut! Y3B collapses back down as well, but Iggy clearly in tremendous pain after that! The referee putting the count on both men…


*Both men remain down…*


*Iggy is still out, but Blaster has started to move*


*Blaster pulls himself up and the ref stops the count.*
Joey: Blaster back up now…pulling Ignavus up and grabbing him and running him face first into the cage. Ignavus now bleeding and looks out on his feet. Y3B drops him back to the canvas with jumping spin kick. Now going for the Touch of Faith! Trying to lock it in…and Ignavus rushes with everything he has to the ropes.

Flec: OK…so Ignavus is bleeding…big whup…we all knew that would happen, when is Tapedeck going to bleed?

Joey: Ever the insightful commentary, Flec. Blaster showing a bit of frustration that Iggy reacted so quickly, but he was just a few feet from the rope. Now, pulling Ignavus up and planting him to the mat with that vertical suplex!

*Blaster is heard screaming ‘yeah baby!’ and the crowd roars with approval*

Flec: What is it with these people?

Joey: Hometown boy? Homecoming? Ring a bell?

Flec: These are the people that added to the length of the football field right?

Joey: Uhhhh…yeah…

Flec: See? They know nothing…

Joey: Y3B pulling Iggy up again…and LOW BLOW! Low Blow by Ignavus…and quickly into the Slacker Tower, but Ignavus without the strength to follow into a pin and again…both men are down.

*The ref starts to count again, as both men are apparently out of it, however his count breaks at 7 as Ignavus drapes an arm across Blaster*

Joey: Cover…1…2…THR…NO! Blaster got that shoulder up! And this crowd has exploded.

*Ignavus looks at the ref with an “Are you Serious” expression about him.*

Joey: Ignavus wiping the blood from his eyes…now trying to get himself up…but so is Blaster…Ignavus grabbing Blaster from behind…trying to lock in a German, but Blaster with the back kick, breaks the hold…STIFF BEAT! Stiff beat! Y3B with the cover…1…2…3! Blaster has won it!

Flec: Great…I’m sure that means him and Matty Man will get another shot at the belts…joy…

Joey: I’m certain that it just may…Blaster with the win here and the Vancouver crowd is going ballistic!


Keith Kincaid nearly chokes taking a last drag from his cigarette when Wolfang appears behind him.

KK: “*coughcoughcough* <hhhh> “Jesus…”
W: “Something the matter?”

Keith Kincaid thinks better of making a sarcastic comment after he sees Wolfang’s expression. Although Wolfang never claimed to be the happiest person alive, this look could probably melt titanium given a half-hour.

KK: “Okay, Fang… *cough*… the question everybody wants answered now; why did you attack Zarak?”

Wolfang looks up at Kincaid, and then responds with “Follow me”. They walk to the parking lot, where Wolfang points out his black Pathfinder. Upon closer inspection, the driver’s side has been smashed into hell. Twisted metal, loose wiring, broken glass and a missing mirror are testament to an automotive assault.

KK: “And Zarak did this?”
W: “Be realistic… who else was it gonna be?”

As if on cue, Zarak comes teaming in from nowhere and slams Wolfang’s face into the rear driver’s side window. He hits his former running mate with a double axe handle in the lower ribcage and then slams him onto the concrete with a Gutwrench powerbomb!

JHA: “I’m not particularly fond of Wolfang… but I don’t think anybody deserves that…”

Zarak stands over Wolfang, grinning maniacally, as Mayhem fades into the commercial break.

The show returns…

JFA: What are these ring crew men doing here, setting up something?

JHA: It looks like, no, it can't be. No way.

JFA: It certainly looks like... wait, that's Morpheus on the ArchiveTron!

JHA: What does that idiot want now?

Morpheus: I was given an opportunity to book a match I wanted. There were a lot of things I wanted, some people I wanted to punish, a few things I wanted to accomplish. But I have been through a lot, fallen from high places, fallen through objects, bled, suffered. I've set the world on fire, and enjoyed it burning me! Now, it isn't my time. It's someone else's time to shine. Someone else's time to set the world on fire. Accomplish what I've accomplished! Feel what I've felt! It's been great, and now it's time for someone else to feel that good.

JHA: I don't know which scares me more, what he says or the fact that he probably believes what he says.

Morpheus: It was difficult to decide who would be worthy of this honor. Who would have the chance of a lifetime. Then I saw the evening gown match, and what Bombshell did in it. Frustration, anger. I've felt all of those and I know when I see them. Bombshell, don't worry. Don't be angry. I'm giving you an opportunity to stand several feet above the rest, to be a star.

JFA: And that's Bombshell's entrance music and here's the man himself. Although he doesn't look as happy as Morpheus thinks. I don't think Bombshell considers this a good opportunity.

Morpheus: And as for your opponent, who's better than a man who takes great pride in being good in every type of wrestling. This is your chance to prove it, to show the world you can do it, be the star! A distant star, so bright...

JHA: Who can he be talking about, maybe it's...

No chance, that's what you've got!

JHA: No! Not Back!

JFA: It's Christopher Back, and he looks none too pleased about this.

Morpheus: Show your worth! It will be Bombshell vs. Christopher Back... in a scaffold match!

JFA: What?!

JHA: No!

JFA: We were right, that thing surrounding the ring seems to be some kind of scaffolding for the match.

JHA: I've never seen a scaffold like that...

Morpheus: Unfortunately we've not had a scaffold match here before, so there were no equipment available. So I had to build it myself.

JHA: Look at that thing! I'm no expert but the welding looks sub-par, and that plank looks rotten!

JFA: There aren't a lot of chances of this ending well.

JHA: Is that duct tape?

The referee tells Bombshell and Back that they have to climb on top of the scaffold to begin the match. Both men, very grudgingly obey and start to climb. Bombshell gets only halfway when the welding on a pipe he's standing on breaks and Bombshell is left hanging with his arms.

JFA: This is bad, very bad.

JHA: I knew that idiot Morpheus booking a match would end up in a catastrophe! Bombshell only barely hung on, and what is Back even doing here. He's a technical wrestler, this isn't the right environment for him! And look at that plank on the top of
the scaffold. Shouldn't it usually be one solid plank?

JFA: Usually yes, although it seems that Morpheus did not find a plank long enough since that one is made of two separate planks.

JHA: Will those twisted nails be enough to keep it together?

JFA: Morpheus made it, ask him.

While Bombshell and Back climb on top of the scaffold the officials start stacking up tables in the ring. By the time the men get to the top, there are four stacks of three tables in the ring, two on both sides of the scaffold, to break up the loser's fall.
Bombshell and Back look each other and the scaffold with a concerned look on their face. Finally Back starts to advance and Bombshell begins to move also, watching his step as the scaffold begins to sway.

JFA: Bombshell and Back looking eye to eye, getting closer to each other. Neither man wants to lose this, and neither seem to trust that scaffold very much.

JHA: It was built by Morpheus!

JFA: Is it just me or is that scaffold lop-sided?

JHA: Shut up...

JFA: Back and Bombshell are almost face to face... Bombshell swings, Back ducks and Back with a punch to the midsection of Bombshell. Bombshell backs away, Back charges... and stops in his steps! The scaffold is swaying even more than before,
Back dares not even move.

JHA: This isn't a safe working environment!

JFA: Bombshell with enough courage to start moving again, collar and elbow tie up, Bombshell forcing Back to take a few steps back, Bombshell grabs a side head lock, but Back with a couple of elbows to the side of Bombshell and Bombshell is
forced to release the hold! Bombshell with a kick to the midsection of Back, and Bombshell hits a scoop slam!

JHA: What was that?

JFA: The other end of the plank, it just sank a few inches from the impact!
Bombshell turns his attention from Back to look at the other end of the plank. Indeed, the impact from the scoop slam pries it a bit loose. Mostly because it's held together with things not normally associated with things holding a scaffold together. Back sees that Bombshell is distracted and decides to make good of the opportunity. He crawls behind Bombshell and hits him below the belt.

JFA: Back with a low blow, and Bombshell is reeling.

JHA: Christopher Back now with a right hand to the temple, and another! The staggered Bombshell tries to strike back but Christopher ducks, Bombshell turns around...

JFA: Back goes for the Cyberkick... what?

JHA: This can't be happening! I told you the plank was rotten!

JFA: Back's right leg just went through the plank as he was going for the Cyberkick! Back tries to get his leg free, while Bombshell is shaking off the cobwebs.

JHA: He's pulling, and it's off. Back is free, thank god!

JFA: But Bombshell is behind him, he grabs Back by the neck and throws him off the scaffold!!

JHA: Dear god no!!

JFA: Back just went through three tables as he was thrown off the scaffold. His body must be broken in half, the crowd can't believe what they're seeing!!

JHA: Bombshell is celebrating on top of the scaffold. At least he survived this death trap without serious injuries... what's that sound?

JFA: Oh my! The scaffold, it's falling apart. The other loose end... it seems to be seconds away from total breakdown. Bombshell trying to get off the plank before it falls down and he's... Oh my.

JHA: The plank! It broke in two!!

JFA: Bombshell has nowhere to stand and he falls down, through another stack of tables!! This is unbelievable! Bombshell won the match but because the scaffold broke down under him, he's took as much punishment than Back did!

JHA: Get some EMT's here! And a lawyer. I want Morpheus sued! This isn't right!

JFA: One of our acting commissioners for the night certainly making an impact, the crowd can't believe what happened and I bet Bombshell and Back won't either. When they wake up, that is.

The Game’s Office

The door swings open, and HBK swaggers in with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. The bottle is still full.

Summers glances up from his desk and smiles.

HBK: “Drink?”

Game: “Later. I’m working.”

HBK: “Well, just remember what they say about all work and no play. Though I guess we’re a little late on that score, huh? For you to get any duller would involve getting Collins withdrawing all their dictionaries to redefine the term.”

Game: “Was there something in particular you wanted?”

HBK: “I have decided on a match!”

Game: “At bloody last.”

HBK: “I can book any match I want, right? ANY match at all? And what I say goes?”

Game (smiling): “That’s the size of it. Lemme guess… Casper in a Blindfold Hell in a Cell Match with a Bengal Tiger?”

HBK: “Ooooh… good call! But no. As you may have noticed, I was headed down the Cage Match route earlier…”

Game: “Did kinda twig.”

HBK: “Anyway, I got to thinking. Why bother with Vinny G? We all know he sucks, and there’s plenty of chance to embarrass him on another day.”

Game: “Limitless opportunities, no doubt.”

HBK: “Exactly. So I thought about how we ended up with this privilege – winning War Games and all. So I thought it would be neat to reward those who contributed to our glorious victory.”

Game: “You’re not giving yourself the Title…”

HBK (mock offended): “I am deeply hurt by the mere suggestion that I’d do such a thing. No, I figured we’d do a favour for somebody who did us a favour.”

Game (intrigued): “Come again?”

HBK: “Yeah, once I get back to the lasses. Look, Divebomb made our job a lot easier at Regenesis… and nothing says ‘Ta for the assist’ like a nice shiny Title Shot.”

Game: “How does your brain even work? Fine, Divebomb gets a title shot.”

HBK: “In a Cage Match.”

Game: “OK… Divebomb gets a title shot in a Cage Match. TV or Hardcore?”

HBK: “Neither.”

Game: “Dude, P’s out of it… unless you had another partner in mind?”

HBK: “Sometimes I forget how dense you can be…”

Game: “What? I don’t… no. You can’t be serious.”

HBK: “Not scared, are ya?”

Game: “You want me to defend my title… against Divebomb… in a Cage Match… at ten minutes notice?”

HBK: “Well I wanted to spring it on you with him already waiting in the ring, but I got bored.”

Game: “I hate you.”

HBK: “What are you standing about for? You’ve got a match to prepare for!”

HBK smiles, almost skipping gleefully from the office as Atticus comes back in with several contracts to find the Game pulling out his gym bag.

Atticus: uhhh…going somewhere boss?

Game: To work apparently…

JFA: The Game…Divebomb…in a steel cage for the IC Title…NEXT!


2005-01-13, 04:52 AM
Intercontinental Championship: Cage Match
“The Game” Erik Summers (c) vs. Divebomb

JFA: “And once again that cage being lowered. We saw it earlier, brought out then as a way to keep Atticus out of Blaster’s match. Now brought back into play because… well, because the HeartBrend Kid thinks it’s funny.”
JHA: “Gotta say I agree with him! Did you see the look on the Game’s face? That was worth sitting through a million Christopher Back matches for!”
JFA: “Well we only endured the one…”
JHA: “Really? Must have just felt like a million…”

The sounds of Killswitch Engage fill the arena.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the Intercontinental Championship. The match can be won by pinfall, submission, or by leaving the cage and both feet touching the floor. Introducing first, the challenger, from Burnaby… Divebomb!”

JFA: “Really positive reaction for Divebomb here. This is pretty much his back yard.”
JHA: “Lucky yard.”
JFA: “I thought you liked him…”
JHA: “I don’t know what I think of him anymore… did you see the stunt he pulled in the War Games?! Who gives a damn that a bunch of his neighbors are wetting themselves over him? I sure as hell don’t…”
JFA: “You’re really fun to be around, you know that?”

Eyes focused on the cage and ring, Divebomb calmly strolls to ringside, barely glancing at the crowd. The warm reception he can hear does cause a feint smile to play at the edges of his mouth, though.

JHA: “I mean how can you say that people are warming to him just on the basis of some stupid Canucks? They’re a bunch of smarks anyway… never trust the crowd reaction in Canada!”
JFA: “… I didn’t say anything…”
JHA: “He sold out his leader! Why are they cheering him?! And why are you defending him?!!”
JFA: “…”
JHA: “Don’t start! I’m watching you! Another word on the subject and I’ll have you removed!”
JFA: “He’s finally cracked under the pressure, folks…”

Burn in My Light kicks in and the crowd’s reception gets even warmer.

JRA: “And his opponent… from St Paul, Minnesota… he is the Archive Wrestling Federation’s Intercontinental Champion – The Game, Erik Summers!”

JFA: “Here comes the Champion. And you have to wonder what state of mind he’s going to be in… his supposed best friend springing this match on him just minutes ago. Definitely disadvantaged by that…”
JHA: “Oh, hell yeah. And the usual championship advantage goes out of the window in this type of match. No count outs or disqualifications, so there’s no chance of the big chicken being able to do a runner, take the loss and save the belt. Divebomb’s not really prepared either, but he’s got nothing to lose. Not even his integrity, seeing as the no good double crosser sold that down the river at Regenesis, the ungrateful little…”
JFA: “Breathe, J… breathe. The Game out to a strong reception and… oh, the crowd turning nasty on him now.”
JHA: “Music to my ears… but… oh oh oh… yeah, Erik. A Shawn Michaels t-shirt. That’s smart in Canada.”
JFA: “Well, he was trained by the man…”
JHA: “Shame he never went to school and got an education. Else he’d realise that he’s asking for trouble with that one…”

Eager to get the match over with, Summers rushes down the aisle, hands the belt to the outside referee and charges into the ring. The door slams shut behind him and he approaches Divebomb.

JFA: “Erik Summers out of the blocks quickly… but eats a firm right hand from Divebomb. And another. The Game firing back with a hard left now… the two exchanging blows fast and furious in the center of the ring. Summers getting the best of it… whips his opponent to the ropes, but a firm shoulderblock from Divebomb on the return drops the Champion to the mat.”
JHA: “Oooh, that’s winded him, ain’t it? Notso easy is it, Erik? Tough match. Look at his face… all hurt because the crowd cheered when he ate canvas. Serves you right for wearing a Shawn Michaels shirt out to the ring in Vancouver, ya big idiot!”
JFA: “Summers clambering back to his feet now… Divebomb in quickly with a front facelock, though. Not letting the Game get up past his knees. Really applying pressure there. Torquing away…”
JHA: “Torque? Isn’t that a hat?”
JFA: “Summers fighting his way up, though… powers out of it and into a wristlock. Wrings the arm. Reversed by Divebomb – wrings the Game’s arm… and drops him with a short-arm clothesline. Quick cover. One… two… and the Game kicks out strong.”

Moving quickly, the Intercontinental Champion manages to beat the challenger to his feet, and catches him in a strong sideheadlock. But Divebomb is too strong to be held and shifts his weight, throwing the Game forward in the direction of the ropes.

JFA: “Headlock… powered out by Divebomb… and the Game just going facefirst into the steel cage! Staggering back… and a biiiiig spinebuster by the Burnaby native!”
JHA: “Goodnight nurse!”
JFA: “No cover, though… standing up… circling the Game. And drives the elbow firm into the Champion’s sternum. Lateral press, now… doesn’t hook the leg, and the Game kicks out on two.”

Hauling Summers up, Divebomb grabs him by the scruff of the neck and throws him headfirst into the steel again. As the Game staggers around dazed, the challenger buries a boot in the midsection and plants him with a brutal DDT.

JHA: “Is the Game bleeding? Tell me the Game’s bleeding. I like when the Game’s bleeding.”
JFA: “The Game not bleeding yet… another shot to the steel like that and he might, though… Divebomb circling again. Going for the legs… grapevine… oh, he’s not…”
JHA: “LISTEN TO THAT!!! Sharpshooter time!! The crowd loving it. Though I don’t know how they can cheer for that backstabbing little piece of trash, I know they’re Canadians and they all stick together, but they must be dumber than even the dumbest Canadians to respect this guy. And that’s pretty damn dumb!”
JFA: “And the Game just breaking it up with a thumb to the eye as Divebomb leaned down. Crawling away to the ropes now, and hauls himself up. Divebomb up again, the Game in the corner. Charge by Divebomb… and the Game moved! Divebomb eats turnbuckle. Waistlock from Summers… German suplex!”
JHA: “Oh, not these. Wait… Divebomb getting these… no, I like this idea! Wait, that means the Game does well… I hate this match!”
JFA: “Kept it locked in… rolls through and back to his feet… another German suplex! Rolls through again… reverse elbow from Divebomb, though. Waistlock is broken. Divebomb off the ropes… goes for a clothesline – ducked by the Game AND THE CROSSFACE!! No – Divebomb rolling free of it… used his momentum well, I thought that Summers had caught him there.”
JHA: “I want to go home…”
JFA: “Divebomb back to his feet… rubbing the back of his neck, checking for damage after those two German suplexes. Both men circling… collar and elbow tie-up. Divebomb wins out with a side headlock… but the Game powers through into an overhead wristlock… trying to force Divebomb to the ground. The Canadian bridging back well… and forcing his way up again!! Back up to a standing base… and Divebomb floats across into a standing side headlock.”
JHA: “Zzzzz”

Powering out of it, Summers lifts Divebomb up ready to hit a back suplex… but the Canadian simply flips back over the shoulder and lands on his feet, before dropping down and catching the Game in a quick schoolboy roll-up.

JFA: “Quick pin by Divebomb! One! Two! Oh, the Game just gets out of it… Summers rushes him, a drop toehold by Divebomb – and the Game going facefirst into the second turnbuckle!”
JHA: “Tell me he’s bleeding…”
JFA: “Not yet… Divebomb moving in and drags the Champion’s face across the middle rope. Really raking the eyes. Pulls him up… and facefirst into the steel cage.”
JHA: “Bleeding?”
JFA: “I don’t… yes, he’s bleeding… the Game opened up here in Vancouver. In a match he was forced into by his supposed friend.”
JHA: “Woohoo.”
JFA: “Divebomb hauling the Game away from the steel… and a gargoyle suplex! Makes the cover. One… two… shoulder just comes up.”
JHA: “And this dumb crowd just eating it up…”
JFA: “Divebomb heading to the outside, now. Glances at the door… he could go through it… win the title. Decides no. Not time yet. To the corner… climbing the ropes, to the third floor.”
JHA: “Leisurewear, electronics and backstabbing Canucks.”
JFA: “The Game up to his feet now… Divebomb ready to fly… missile dropkick! Connects! Quick cover, hooks the leg, new champion maybe – no, the Game kicking out on two.”

Staring intently at the referee, Divebomb’s eyes ask the question. The official again raises his hand to indicate a two count. Shaking his head, Divebomb returns to his feet, pulling the Game with him.

JFA: “Divebomb looking for something else, now… small package! Small package by the Game! One! Two! Oh, just kicked out by Divebomb…”
JHA: “I think there’d have been a lynching if that had been three…”
JFA: “Both men up… and Divebomb with a hard clothesline takes the Game back down. Looking around now. And heads to the side of the ring. Going to try and climb out now…”
JHA: “At last… some sense.”
JFA: “The Game stirring, though. Not out of it yet… he lost the AWF Title in a cage match thanks to the HeartBrend Kid, he won’t want to drop the Intercontinental in similar circumstances.”
JHA: “Ha, yeah. I’d forgotten about that. Good times…”
JFA: “The Game going after Divebomb. The challenger scaling that cage wall like Spider-Man… The Game probably wishes he had extra limbs like Doc Ock about now…”
JHA: “You are beyond sad, you know that?”
JFA: “The crowd cheering Divebomb on… they want their local boy to bring home the gold.”
JHA: “Bring home? Technically he IS home, dumbass…”
JFA: “And the Game’s got an ankle! Summers clambering up those ropes and he’s got Divebomb’s ankle. Using it as leverage to climb up to an even footing…”
JHA: “What is he doing?”
JFA: “The two exchanging punches… Summers getting the better of it… Divebomb nearly fell back then, but the Game stopped him?”
JHA: “What is he doing?”
JFA: “Erik Summers… setting up… no, he wouldn’t… Summers… trying to… he is! The vertibreaker!”
JHA: “He’s insane! He’ll kill him! Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but he won’t make it out of Canada alive if he does that here!”
JFA: “Summers… trying for it… off the side of the cage… no! Collapsed under the weight of it all, and both men fall down to the canvas.”
JHA: “He was insane to even TRY that.”

Falling back down, Divebomb lands on his back in the ring, whilst the Game collapses to the apron between the ropes and the steel. Stopping briefly to wipe the blood from his eyes, Summers hauls himself up onto the top rope.

JFA: “Summers looking to fly, now… but Divebomb’s back up… and just shakes the top rope.”
JHA: “That’ll sting in the morning…”
JFA: “The Game brought down to a seated position on the top turnbuckle in a very uncomfortable fashion. Divebomb climbing up to meet him now… stands on the second buckle. Superplex coming up… yes! Connects with it. And the Vancouver crowd go wild for it.”
JHA: “The Vancouver crowd go wild for HOCKEY, J. What do they know?”
JFA: “Right now they know that their local boy is in with a shot of becoming the AWF Intercontinental Champion. Crawls across to make the cover… referee in place. One. Two. Oh, and the Game just manages to get a shoulder up.”
JHA: “What? I can’t hear you?”
JFA: “The crowd deafening in here…Divebomb back to his feet… drags the Game up. Tigerbomb on the way, perhaps… sets it up… no – back bodydrop by the Game! Divebomb quickly upto his feet… but eats a hard right hand by Summers – and another… reeling now… a third big punch drops Divebomb to the mat. The Game somehow grabbing a second wind.”
JHA: “Too many beans…”
JFA: “Divebomb up to a vertical base again. Rushes… but the Game catches him with a big belly to belly overhead suplex! He’s like Scott Steiner with mobility!”
JHA: “… hey! That should be my line!”
JFA: “Divebomb upto his feet again… rushes the Game… Spinebuster! Erik Summers with a big spinebuster dumps Divebomb square in the middle of the ring.”
JHA: “Oh no… not this. NO! Don’t cheer him you idiot Canucks – he’s against one of your own, he’s wearing a Shawn Michaels t-shirt! He’s American! Don’t cheer this! How dumb ARE you?!”

Glancing around the arena, the Game looks down at his fallen opponent and peels off the Michaels t-shirt, throwing it at the referee. He hits the ropes on one side. He hits the ropes on the other side. He stops in the middle of the ring, pausing to take in the crowd, and turns to drop an elbow firmly into Divebomb’s chest.

JHA: “Nobody there! Apple Sauce, bitch!”
JFA: “Divebomb somehow finding the strength to roll out of the way of the People’s Elbow… the Game quickly back to his feet, though. Divebomb on his knees and… oh my word.”
JHA: “HA! And the dumb Canucks lap it up! Oh, they’re dirty players and they know it.”
JFA: “Divebomb with a crushing low blow as the Game came across. Quickly upto his feet… the Game doubled over… Tigerbomb! It connects!”
JHA: “New Champion!”
JFA: “Referee in place – One! Two! Thr- NO! The Game somehow powering out of it.”
JHA: “No chance in hell! That didn’t just happen!”
JFA: “Divebomb berating the referee. Screaming at the official.”
JHA: “Can’t say I blame him. That was a three count and everybody here knows it. I don’t particularly like it, but I accept and acknowledge it.”
JFA: “How noble… Divebomb tearing into the referee. Somehow managing to calm down now… and looks across at the door.”
JHA: “Just walk through it. Easy pickings.”

Thinking about it, Divebomb decides otherwise and turns back to the match. As he goes to drag the Game up he suddenly finds himself upside down and airborne.

JFA: “T-Bone suplex! Out of nowhere by the Game! Erik Summers back in the match again! Divebomb landed badly there… somehow trying to get back up.”
JHA: “Oh no… Summers poised in the corner…”
JFA: “The Game stomping away. We know what this means… tuning up the band… Divebomb facing the other way… as soon as he turns, I think we’re gonna hear… some sweet… chin… NO! Ducked by Divebomb! Boot to the gut…”
JHA: “THE END!! That’s gotta be it!!”
JFA: “Divebomb ducked the Sweet Chin Music… and somehow managed to deliver his Samoan Neckbreaker! The Game is out of it! All he needs to do is make the cover.”
JHA: “Then why isn’t he?”
JFA: “Divebomb sat on the canvas. Looking around. Hearing the crowd chanting his name… this partisan crowd have been behind him from the start. I think it may have even thrown him off his game slightly.”
JHA: “Yeah, because it’s not like he’s ever had people approve of him before. Oh wait, he did… the GPA… before he turned on them…”
JFA: “Let it go, J. Divebomb pulling himself to his feet. The Game out cold. The Intercontinental Title there for the taking… and he’s heading for the door.”
JHA: “Yes, be smart. Take a walk. Again. Walk out of two cages in two successive matches. It’s what you’re good at.”
JFA: “Divebomb stepping through the ropes. Outside referee opening the door for him.”
JHA: “What’s he doing?”

Reaching the doorway, Divebomb stops and looks around. He glances back over his shoulder at the man lying flat out in the ring. He turns and takes in the crowd. Eventually, he leans forward, grabs the door and slams it shut.

JFA: “Divebomb deciding against the easy way out. I think he’s decided that he wants to win the belt on his own ability, rather than his ability to walk through a door.”
JHA: “Then he’s an even bigger idiot than I thought.”
JFA: “Divebomb coming across to the Game. No cover, though. Picks him up… and a hard bodyslam back down to the mat. Dragging him closer to the corner.”
JHA: “Ground Zero, maybe?”
JFA: “Possible. Divebomb heading back through the ropes now. Looks like he’s getting ready to fly. Top turnbuckle. Looks around… and keeps climbing!”
JHA: “I thought he wasn’t taking the easy way out? What happened to wanting the pin? This makes little to no sense!”
JFA: “Divebomb… clambering nearly all the way to the top… hanging on… balanced precariously a few rungs down from the top of the cage.”
JHA: “Oh, he isn’t…”
JFA: “Setting it up… Ground Zero… the swanton bomb!”

The arena is filled with bright lights as cameras flash everywhere.

JHA: “Burned!!!!!”
JFA: “… oh my sweet lord. The Game with a kip-up as Divebomb went through the air! And Divebomb just hit nothing but canvas!”
JHA: “That’ll compact your spine!”
JFA: “Erik Summers shaking away the cobwebs… spattering blood about the ring as he does so. Divebomb writhing in pain on the mat… trying to get back up.”
JHA: “Oh, here we go. Summers helping him… ever the philanthropist.”
JFA: “The Game extending a hand to Divebomb…pulling him up… and into the Game Over! Straight back down to the canvas!”
JHA: “No cover, though… these two are insane.”
JFA: “Summers… the Intercontinental Champion. Pulling Divebomb up again… and a second Game Over! That has to be it…”
JHA: “Still no cover. The man is a FOOL!”
JFA: “The Game. Looking around the arena… through the ropes… up to the top turnbuckle. Asking the crowd if he should go any higher… deciding against it.”
JHA: “Don’t listen to the crowd, Erik – they hate you! Go higher! Fall, break your neck – go on!”
JFA: “The Game getting ready to fly… swandive headbutt… connects! Hook of the leg. One… two… three! It’s over! The Game retains in Vancouver!”
JHA: “B’ah.”

*The camera cuts backstage to check on Wolfang as the Game is handed his Title.*

Outside the medical bay

LL: “This is Lisa Lovelace. I’m here waiting to get a word with the EMT about the condition of Wolfang [a small view-screen appears in the corner replaying Zarak’s assault on Wolfang from earlier in the night] following the brutal assault by Black Zarak earlier tonight. *The door to the medical bay opens* Here we go… excuse me?”

*The medical bay door opens and a black male EMT and a female Caucasian doctor emerge. They stand ready to answer questions, neither of them looking in a particularly good humour.*

LL: “Is there any word on Wolfang’s condition?”

Doctor: “As a matter of fact, we can tell you that Wolfang was very lucky on this occasion.”

LL: “How so?”

Doctor: “Well… his mask shielded his face from most of the glass breaking. None of it went into this eye and there is no nerve damage. He’ll have a few more stitches and a couple more scars.”

LL: “Is that all?”

EMT: “Well… the slam onto the concrete could have been far worse as well. There are no signs of internal bleeding or broken bones. He got a nasty concussion and some bruising to his ribs and intercostals, but he’ll be back up and fighting fit in a week tops.”

LL (surprised): “Well… it looks like Wolfang’s a tougher cookie than most of us thought. [Pauses, looking as if she is thinking of something to say]. I suppose it’s back to you guys at ringside.”

*Suddenly Wolfang shoves one of the EMT’s. Obviously angered, though still battered he shoves the doctor out of his way and appears to be heading to the ring.

LL: I…I can’t believe what I’ve just seen…but Wolfang looks to be making his way out to the ring…HE’S GOING TO COMPETE IN THE VIEWFIND INVITATIONAL…I’m…we’ll be back folks!

Hardcore Title: The Viewfind Hardcore Legends Invitational 2005
Zarak© v Wolfang v Auros v Xille v Thundercracker v Mat Man v HBK v Viewfind

JHA: “Oh here it is. Its time for my favorite part of the show. The Hardcore title match.”
JFA: “Yes it is and it’s the match Viewfind booked for the show. I guess no matter how long he’s been out of the division his heart is still in it.”
JHA: “What the hell are you talking about? Its not about heart, it’s about beating your opponent more than he beats you. Plain and simple, get hit with the least amount of foreign objects and you should win.”
JFA: “Usually. Anyways it’s simple; it is a hardcore match where all of the combatants in it are former hardcore champions. The only catch is they have to be on the active roster list. It’s all men in the ring at the same time and the first to score a pinfall wins the match.”
JHA: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough talk; let’s get the match started already.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is for the AWF Hardcore Title. It is scheduled for one fall and is Viewfind’s match of the evening. Introducing the combatants who are on their way to the ring.”

Viewfind’s music begins to play as the fighters make their way to the ring.

JRA: “The Mat Man, Xille, Auros, Wolfang, HBK, TC and Viewfind.”

The people get to their feet and begin cheering wildly as Viewfind walks out from the back. He poses for them for a few moments then continues to the ring. All the men climb into the ring except HBK who just looks at them and walks back over to the announcers table and take a seat.

JRA: “And now introducing the AWF Hardcore champion. He comes to you from Failsworth, Manchester…….BLACK ZARAK!”

“Mexicola” by Queens of the Stone Age begins and Zarak makes his way out of the back and looks at the ring. Obviously upset at the fact that he has to defend the title against so many men he flips off the crowd and then slowly starts to walk down to the ring.

JFA: “Zarak looks a little ticked tonight.”
JHA: “You would be too if you had to defend you title against 7 other men.”
JFA: “I guess.”

Before Zarak can even get into the ring and before the ref can ring the bell Viewfind charges across the ring with a clothesline that sends him and TC over the top ropes and down to the floor. Both men get up and go right on the attack. They exchange punches as the bell finally rings and the match gets underway. All four men left in the ring pair up while Zarak just watches from the outside. Xille and NMat go at it while Auros starts to exchange punches with the already battered Wolfang.

JFA: “I can’t believe that Wolfang is out here. Also, did you see the way Viewfind just went after TC?”
HBK: “Would you have expected anything less?”
JFA: “Well I guess not.”

On the outside Viewfind finally gets the upperhand and nailing TC with a series of rights then drop TC to the floor with a DDT. He drags TC to his feet and whips him into the steel steps and then begins to look under the ring. Back in the ring NMat forces Xille into the corner and nails him with a few back elbow strikes then whips him across the ring and slams into him with a clothesline that drops him to the mat. NMat poses for the crowd for a moment then goes right back after Xille while Auros and Wolfang continue assaulting each other. After a few more moments Auros drives a boot into Wolfang’s knee and then knees him straight in the face sending him staggering back into the ropes. He charges forward and clotheslines him over the tope ropes and then taunts the crowd.

JFA: “What a flurry of action we are seeing here tonight. Viewfind taking a round out of TC on the outside. NMat and Xille going at it and Auros sending Wolfang over the ropes.”
JHA: “Yeah but Zarak still hasn’t gotten in the ring.”
HBK: “And it looks like he might be laughing a bit at Wolfang going over the ropes like that.”
JFA: “So why aren’t you in there?”
HBK: “Why should I be? Does it look like I want the Hardcore title? It’s beneath me.”
JHA: “Yeah J, he doesn’t need to be in there. And why would you ask something like that, don’t you like him being here?”
JFA: “Um….I….uh…”
JHA: “Yeah shut it.”

As soon as Auros starts taunting the crowd Zarak jumps into the ring and charges at Auros and drives him to the mat with a vicious clothesline to the back of the head. He picks him up again and throws him out of the ring then walks over and begins helping NMat beat on Xille. On the outside Viewfind finally finds what he was looking for and pulls out a kendo stick. He gets to his feet but before he can use it TC charges at him and spears him to the mat. He lands a few punches on Viewfind then gets up and grabs the kendo stick. He winds up and slams it into the side of Viewfind a few times and suddenly Wolfang runs up and drives his knee into TC’s stomach. TC drops the kendo stick and Wolfang drives him back first into the ring then whips him into the ring post. TC runs shoulder first into the ring post and collapses to the mat.

JFA: “Wolfang with the save and now it is TC who is down holding his shoulder.”
JHA: “Yeah and Zarak and NMat are acting as a team to take out Xille.”
HBK: “That won’t last.”
JHA: “No I would think so but it is interesting.”

Back in the ring NMat and Zarak drag Xille to his feet and back him into the ropes and whip him across the ring. They line him up for a clothesline but at the last second Xille ducks and keeps running. He bounces off the other side and comes flying back with a cross body but NMat and Zarak catch him in mid air. They look at each other and nod then walk over to the ropes and throw him out of the ring and right into Wolfang and Viewfind and all three men are down. But just as fast as that could happen, Zarak turns and levels NMat with a clothesline and begins beating on him.

On the outside Auros is back up and grabs a trash can from under the ring and climbs back in. He walks up right behind Zarak who is going for a quick cover on NMat and Auros slams the can down hard onto the back of Zarak. The count is broken and Zarak recoils in pain as Auros slams it down hard again, this time it connects squarely into Zarak’s forehead and the Hardcore champ is down. Auros sets the trash can in the center of the ring and drags Zarak to his feet. He sets him up for a powerbomb but Zarak powers out and slams Auros through the trash can with a spinebuster and both men are down.

JFA: “Wow, Zarak counters Auros and now all seven men are down.”
JHA: “This would be a good time for you to go get the win HBK.”
HBK: “What? Are you trying to say that I need them to all be down to get the win?”
JHA: “No, no that’s not what I meant. I….I just meant that it’s a good opportunity to get an easy win.”
HBK: “Yeah I am sure that’s what you meant.”
JFA: “Oh a few of them are starting to stir now.”

With that TC, Wolfang, Xille and NMat can be seen slowly getting up. TC starts to climb up to the top ropes as NMat slowly crawls over to Auros, who is still lying on the trash can. NMat makes the cover and the ref moves in and begins to count. TC flys off the top ropes with the Five Star Frog Splash. TC lands squarely across both of them forcing the ref to break the count. TC throws NMat off of Auros and goes for a cover of his own but by then Xille and Wolfang had climbed into the ring. Xille hits TC with an elbow drop as Wolfang nails him with a leg drop to the back of the head and TC rolls off of Auros while holding his head and rolls out to the floor.

On the outside Viewfind starts to crawl under the ring for some more weapons. Back in the ring Xille and Wolfang get to their feet and both men start throwing punches. Wolfang finally gains the advantage and forces Xille back into the corner. Wolfing lays in a few knees to the gut then backs Xille against the ropes. He goes for the whip but Xille reverses it and send Wolfang into the far ropes where Viewfind was waiting. Wolfang hits the ropes and Viewfind cracks him in the back of the head with a chair. Wolfang stumbles forward right into the waiting arms of Xille who levels him with the Lobotomy and quickly goes for the cover. 1..2..And Zarak breaks up the count. Zarak grabs Xille and slams him to the mat with a DDT and then rolls out of the ring.

JFA: “A couple of quick covers and now only Zarak and Viewfind are up and both are looking for weapons.”
HBK: “Actually I think Viewfind is setting up some tables.”
JFA: “Well this is his match so I guess he has some big plans for it.”
HBK: “Oh he does and I hope for his sake that they don’t back fire.”
JHA: “What’s he got planned.”
HBK: “Just wait and see.”

Viewfind tosses his chair in the ring then sets up a few tables beside the ring. He then tosses a few tables in the ring and grabs a trash can and finally enters it. He props one table in the corner and then sets up one closer to the corner. Xille starts to get to his feet and Viewfind tells him to get to the top ropes so Xille nods and begins to climb. Viewfind looks around the ring and sees the men on the mat. He looks at Auros and smiles then drags him up and rolls him onto the table. Xille starts to smile at this, poses for the crowd and then jumps.

JFA: “OH MY GOD! Xille with the Lobotomy on Auros through the table.”
HBK: “Nice move. But hurt him too.”
JHA: “Dumb is what I call it.”
HBK: “Meh, its just Xille.”

Viewfind begins to laugh at what he has just seen and then realizes that there are still two more men in the ring. He drags both of them to their feet and props them both against the table. He backs into the corner looking like he’s going to charge when Zarak jumps back into the ring with a chair. Zarak charges at him and swings but Viewfind ducks out of the way and drives a boot into Zarak’s gut then whips him as hard as he can across the ring sending him crashing through Wolfang, NMat and the table. Zarak gets up and stumbles out of the corner and without even thinking Viewfind grabs hold and picks him up. He poses for the crowd for a moment then sees his chair and slams Zarak hard into the chair with the Philly Pimp Drop.

JFA: “He has got to be out cold from that one.”
HBK: “I wouldn’t doubt it.”
JHA: “And Viewfind with the cover now but what’s this? TC’s back up and……”

As Viewfind has the cover on Zarak TC climbs into the ring and picks up the chair that Zarak brought into the ring and drives it down onto Viewfind’s back so hard that Viewfind lets out a bit of a scream and collapses to the mat. TC looks over and sees the tables on the outside of the ring and smirks. He drags Viewfind over to the ropes and sets him up for a powerbomb. He lifts up Viewfind but just before TC can throw him out Viewfind flips back and hurracanranas TC out of the ring and both men go crashing through the waiting tables on the outside of the ring.

HBK: “Damn, I wonder who got the worst end of that one.”
JHA: “Best bet, both of them. They ain’t movin.”
JFA: “Well at least a few people are still alive in this match.”
HBK: “Well it looks like Xille, Wolfang and NMat are moving a bit.”

With that we can see Xille using the ropes to get to his feet and on the other side of the ring NMat and Wolfang are pushing each other out of the way so that they can get to their feet.

JFA: “So who do you think will win the match?”
HBK: “I am supposed to pick one of them.”
JFA: “Um yeah, sorry. I forgot you are supposed to be in this match.”
JHA: “Hahaha, what a maroon.”

Wolfang and NMat get to their feet and now all three men are standing. Finally after a few moments of hesitation NMat charges at Wolfang and connects with a hard right. The two men exchange punches while Xille stands there think what to do while he catches his breath. A moment later Xille decides to go for it and he charges in. Just as he about to go for a drop kick on NMat both men turn and drive him to the mat with a clothesline and then keep fighting each other. They trade punches for a few more moment until NMat nails a few in succession and forces Wolfang back towards the ropes. He whips him across the ring and throws him to the mat with an over the head bell-to-belly suplex. He pick wolfing back up and slams him down again with a german suplex then props him on the top ropes. He poses for the crowd and calls for his move. He climbs up and drives Wolfang into the mat.

JFA: “NMat with the Death’s Kiss from the top ropes. I think it might be over here.”
HBK: “I doubt it. He’s got the cover but Xille is back up and oh look. He just broke it up. Too bad.”
JHA: “Do you actually plan on getting in this match tonight?”
HBK: “I haven’t made up my mind yet. But when I do you will know it.”
JHA: “Ok.”

Xille breaks up the count and begins stomping on the prone NMat. NMat fights his way to his feet but the moment he gets up Xille nails him in the knee with a dropkick that drops him to one knee. Quickly Xille gets up and uses the ropes and nails NMat with a springboard dropkick and climbs up to the top. He calls for the lobotomy again but didn’t see that Auros had finally gained consciousness and gotten to his feet. Auros charges in before Xille can jump and grabs him by the throat. Without any hesitation he slams Xille down to the mat with a chokeslam.

JHA: “Where the hell did he come from? I didn’t even see him get up.”
HBK: “He was very sneaky about it and now Xille is paying for it. Too bad.”
JFA: “He’s got NMat now and it looks like he’s calling for the Diarrea Atomico.”
HBK: “Looks like it.”

He picks up NMat and buries his head into the mat with that atomic piledriver. Auros walks around the ring taunting the crowd after that massive display of power and the crowd showers him with boos. Not phased by the reaction he slowly walks over to the fallen NMat thinking he has the match won but doesn’t see that Zarak has finally managed to come too and that both TC and Viewfind are starting to stir on the outside. He drops down to his knees to make the cover and just before he can make the cover Zarak slams his boot into Auros’s jaw sending him reeling back screaming in pain.

HBK: “Hmmm that was good, but it’s no Heartbrend Kick.”
JHA: “Hahaha. Good one.”
HBK: “That wasn’t a joke.”
JHA: “Oh, um. I’ll be quiet now.”
HBK: “Good plan.”

Zarak follows up with a few quick chops to the chest and then hurls Auros over the top ropes and follows him out. Zarak bounces Auros’s head off the apron a few times and then clotheslines him to the floor. Still on the outside Viewfind gets to his feet and walks around the ring to join the action while TC rolls to the edge of the ring and starts looking for a weapon. On the inside Wolfang starts to stir. Back on the outside Zarak drags Auros to his feet and whips him hard into the steel steps splitting them apart and sending the top half crashing off. Zarak taunts the crowd getting him a series of boos and then picks up Auros again. He sets him up for a powerbomb but Auros powers out and send Zarak crashing back first onto the metal steps. Auros turns to attack but the moment he does the retuning Viewfind, who had just picked up the top half of the steel steps, slams them into Auros’s face knocking him out. Viewfind laughs a bit then goes after Zarak.

HBK: “You know, I think good old Viewfind is having a little bit too much fun in this match.”
JFA: “I think you might be right. I guess it just reminds him of the good old days.”

Viewfind rolls Zarak back into the ring where Wolfang had just gotten to his feet. Wolfang sees Zarak and goes right after him dropping to the mat and punching as fast as he can. Viewfind looks at this and just backs up and begins to look for some weapons of his own. Wolfang drags Zarak to his feet then drive a boot into Zarak's gut doubling him over and then nails him with the wolfsbane. With Zarak down Wolfang gets to his feet and signals for his move. Zarak slowly crawls to his feet looking very woozy and not knowing what’s going on he turns around and Wolfang quickly drops him to the mat with a Diamond Cutter.

JFA: “The diamond cutter, he should have it. I think it’s over.”
HBK: “You would but look; TC is back into the ring.”
JHA: “this won’t be good for Wolfang.”

Wolfang gets to his feet full of energy as the crowd cheers wildly. He turns around and TC tosses a chair at him. Out of pure instinct he catches it, TC jumps going for the kick to the chair but having scouted that move very well Wolfang spins out of the way sending TC flying by him. He spins right around and drives the chair into the back of TC’s head and TC stumbles through the ropes and to the mat right beside Viewfind. Viewfind begins to berate TC on the outside then drags him to his feet. With both men standing Wolfang runs at the ropes and hurls himself over the top with the chair and comes crashing down onto the two men with a cross body through the chair taking them all out.

JHA: “Oh this is great. He might have just been able to win the match but instead he has to be a show boat and take himself out.”
JFA: “True but I don’t know if I have ever seen anybody do that. I mean lots of guys go over the top but they don’t normally come crashing down through a chair.”
HBK: “I am sure it’s been done before. But you know I am starting to get the itch to go down there.”
JHA: “You should. You would have this thing won.”
HBK: “Not yet, soon. But not yet.”

Back in the ring Xille has started to move and decides to roll out of the ring as a groggy NMat opens his eyes and starts to move. Xille lands on his feet and after a few short breaths he begins rifling around under the ring and drags out a couple of trash cans, a table, a couple of chairs and a ladder then tosses all that in the ring.

JFA: “What is he going to do with all that?”
JHA: “I don’t know but I can’t wait to see it. What do you think HBK?”
HBK: “Could be entertaining.”

Xille rolls back into the ring a gets to work. He sets up the table in the center of the ring then grabs the ladder and stands it next to the ropes and starts smiling as he calls out to the crowd. The crowd gives him a decent response as he drags NMat to his feet and lays him out with a chair shot then rolls him onto the table. Xille puts the chair onto NMat’s chest and quickly begins to climb the ladder. Xille gets to the top and the crowd starts going wild in anticipation of what’s going to happen next. He raises his arms and in appreciation for the response and then takes off and comes crashing down onto the chair crushing NMat and shattering the table beneath him.

JHA: “Holy cow. NMat is out. He won’t be moving for a long time.”
HBK: “Yeah and the runt hurt himself too.”
JFA: “I would say so.”
HBK: “Well maybe its time I go and end this before someone gets killed. See you around chumps.”
JFA: “Hey! Well at least we don’t have to listen to him anymore.”

With that HBK gets up from the announcers table and the crowd goes nuts. He climbs into the ring and poses for the masses as Xille slowly limps to his feet after that huge move. HBK looks at him and as soon as he turns around HBK kicks him square in the jaw with the Heartbrend Kick taking him out. HBK shrugs and laughs a bit while the fans continue to cheer.

JFA: “Well it looks like HBK might become the new hardcore champ after that one.”
JHA: “It looks like good odds to me.”
JFA: “Wait, who’s that?”
JHA: “What? Where?”
JFA: “Someone just jumped out of the crowd. It’s, no it can’t be, why would he be out here.”
JHA: “Oh crap, it’s Skywarp.”

Skywarp slowly slides into the ring right behind HBK and waits. HBK not knowing just continues to pose for the crowd soaking up the applause. Finally after waiting long enough Stonecold spins HBK around and drives a boot into his gut. A look of surprised shock comes over HBK’s face as Skywarp hits him with the stunner.

JFA: “Stonecold with a stunner on the living legend and I think he’s out.”
JHA: “Well there goes HBK’s chances.”
JFA: “I think your right on that one.”

Stonecold calls for a beer and cracks it open chugging it in front of all the fans. He climbs the turnbuckle and fingers the crowd who give him some cheers for what just happened. He then drinks another beer and turns to leave. He makes it all the way to the ropes then looks back at HBK lying there on the mat and sees that he is still moving. A smirk comes across his face and he steps away from the ropes. He stands HBK up and smiles as he gives him the finger and drops him with another stunner then exits the ring and drinks some more beer. The crowd goes nuts as he flips them off one more time before he exits the area.

JFA: “Well, it true Stonecold style he comes out here, gives someone a stunner, drinks some beer and does it all again. Who the hell is going to win this thing? Everybody is down.”
JHA: “Correction, everybody but Zarak. He’s finally snapped out of it and come too.”
JFA: “Oh well for once you are right. Zarak getting to his feet and tossing one of the trash cans into the center of the ring.”
JHA: “Yup and he’s call for it.”
JFA: “Yup it looks like he’s going for the Venom Blade.”

Zarak taunts the crowd and grabs the limp body of Xille and drags it to its feet then picks up and slams Xille down through the trash can with the Venom Blade and makes the cover. The ref slides in and counts the three.

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the match via pinfall and STILL the AWF Hardcore Champion………ZARAK!”

JFA: “Well after all that Zarak has managed to retain the title.”
JHA: “That match was amazing. Did I ever tell you how much I like hardcore matches?”
JFA: “No, I think you forgot to mention that.”
JHA: “Well I do.”
JFA: Wonderful for you...folks we are out of time...we'll see you next week for WARZONE...until then on behalf of everyone here, GOOD NIGHT!

2005-01-13, 05:55 AM
OOC: Nice show...now for part two of awf's new segment 'drunken to the extreme: enter the boozebag' ;) I hope it aint too stupid though.

Man....I wonder what brazeers Tempy had on lol!!!! j/k. I loved that hardcore invitational match. Now that is one hell of a main event. Dont spoil us too much though, a normal one on one main event is ok with us too.

*D-Ex is seen on the backstage room where he is leaning on the couch. There, he is sleeping while the television is on. All of a sudden, the television lets out a loud explosion that is most probably tuned on some chanel that is showing another one of those action movies. D-Ex quickly opens his eyes and is startled by the sound. Still drunk and with the world spinning in his vision, he stumbles down to the ground and rolls towards the back of the couch.

D-Ex: "ARGH!"

*D-Extreme quickly scans the area for something to throw at the TV. He quickly finds a beer can and he throws it at the television. he hears something fizzle and the sounds of gunshots and explosions finally stop. He slowly gets himself up behind the couch and sees the TV monitor broken by the can. He wonders how that could be possible.

D-Ex: "Oh man...I thinksh....Igsssshhh is gonna be mad a me fer breaking the new tv he bought here."

D-Extreme goes over to the couch and goes to sleep yet again. To the drunk D-Ex, he doesnt notice the TV plug got caught in fire for some reason. The television starts to flame and the smoke alarm is set off by the fire. After a few seconds, a fireman is seen barging in the door and tries to extinguish the flames. All this noise finally catches up to our drunken wrestler and he slowly opens his eyes.


D-Extreme grabs the nearby singapore cane and smacks it on the fireman's head. D-Extreme finally shakes his head and finds out that the man wasnt pissing on the TV, it was extinguishing the fire. He notices half of the room is on fire and he sees the door nearby. He slowly makes his drunken ass out of the locker room before he catches fire. He coughs as he is out of the smoking room as a couple of more fire fighters enter the scene. He stumbles down the floor outside the locker room and drifts off into sleep. There, some backstage crew guys notice him.

Crew member1: "Do we have to tell the others this guy is drunk again?"

Crew member2: "Nah.....just hop to it and place him in a stretcher and put him to the nearest alcohol rehabilitation center! :D *GLEAM!*"

Both men start saying "Hop hop hop" all the wee long as they grab a nearby stretcher and place D-Extreme on it. They contiue to chant the 'hop' thing as D-Extreme slowly opens his eyes in a semi-entoxicated state. The crew members loads him behind the van that says 'vancouver rehab facility...or bust'. They get into the front car and drive off

D-Ex: "Hey...where are you taking me oh little bunnies? *burp*"

crew member1: "To a happy place, buddy."

10 days later....

we see D-Extreme in a conference with some young kids.

D-Ex: "I am D-Extreme...and I am a recovering alcoholic....



D-Extreme wakes up for real this time. It looks like the fire and the rehab thing were just a dream.

D-Ex: "Oh thankgod it was a dream. Not even rehab would separate me for some precious alcohol"

D-Extreme breaths a sigh of releif as he gets up from the lazyboy he got from Igz this x-mas. He looks around the locker room and nothing is on fire, nor is the TV on. He goes to the fridge and opens it. To his surprise, there is no beer. He looks at the camera and does a macule culkin impression of home alone and screams.

D-Ex: ":eek: ...NOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-01-13, 05:55 AM
Well how about that! You take the cheap lay on the ring side out of the equation and alienate the new guy he's got nothing. He is just another blip on my radar and I'm seeking to destroy.

So I get the match I want. I get rid of the filthy curb walker. We give me a steel cage and we break that LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! Two bit talentless hack, who can't even carry his own weight let alone a match, a bleeding fore head! See Ignavus, what did I tell you? I told you, I told that you were nothing compared to me. Just a new guy with horseshoes surgically implanted in his ass, a lot like Tempest.

But there is some really bad news in this for you, and it's not that I broke you open and made you even uglier, it's not that your manager has worked more cock than a chicken farmer, and it's not that your tag team partner cannot hold his liquer. No the bad news for you is that the stipulation in this match was not just a cage but there was a #1 contendership for the tag-titles on the line. And guess what sweet-pea! I won, THE AYATOLLAH OF ROCK AND ROLLAH! Won! And what does that mean? Well that means you better hold those titles tight for the next couple weeks. And shine them up real nice, because me and Nmat want our new tag-team-title belts to be clean enough to eat off of!

You've been touched by faith iggy and I am a forgiver so this is your last chance to bow down to me, The king of the world and YOUR OWN PERSONAL JESUS! YEAH BABY!

2005-01-13, 07:54 AM
OOC: Owned ... pure and simple.

IC: Tempest is seen backstage fully clothed watching his match and with a hand over his face.

Tempest: Arrr ... I should of wore the red one ... *turns around to see the camera crew* ... hey! HEY GET OUT OF HERE NOW!

As the camera crew is rushed out they see a Tempest red-faced. He slams the door in their face. He opens it quickly and shouts : "They were ya mums .. now leave me alone."

2005-01-13, 08:10 AM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
Just a new guy with horseshoes surgically implanted in his ass, a lot like Tempest.

Oh God. How'd you find out? ...I was walking around in the kitchen.. it was sitting on the ground... I fell... without pants on. The doctor said they couldn't remove it. >sob<

Oh, and D-Ex? About that recliner I got you... saying I "bought" it for you might be ah.... hyperbolic... a bit.



You should probably return it to the Game's office, before he notices.

And I'm sorry to hear about your beer. If you ever want a Pepsi, my mini fridge is always stocked. Sweet, sweet lady caffeine.

>Sigh< Now, down to buisness.

Blaster, you won. Congratulations. But I'll be straight, I wanna go against you in a title match as much as you do - I wanna prove that the Serial Slackaz are the best the AWF has to offer right now. And I think we are, I know we are.

And you, tapedeck, are my ticket to proving that.

But wait? I am a "two bit talentless hack?"

Well, hell, Blaster - what does that make you? You were a heartbeat away from losing to your "two bit talentless hack." When the Sun Siloutetting Seventy Story Sky Scraping Slacker Tower came crashing down it came this close, this close to bringing you down with it.

You won, and it was a good win. But don't you dare assume it was an easy win. I could have walked out of that match the winner just like you.

But you know what? I still would have let you have your precious title shot, if that's okay with D-Ex, of course.

Wanna know why? Like I said, to prove the Serial Slackaz are the best! And for another reason too, because, well, you're giving me an ulcer.

I'd give you a title shot so I can be done with you. I see why they call you tapedeck, just listening to you is fingers on a chalkboard bad.

So we'll face off soon enough, Blaster. And honestly, I can't wait: my stomach lining can't wait.

2005-01-13, 09:40 AM
D-EX: "Give Blaster a title shot? Hey! I aint Mr. Reily here who can book world title matches here and there. Infact, I thought the wrold title is vacant? *sees the camera man cough and tell him igz was talking about the tag titles* Oh this belt? Well buddy, its alright with me since you gave me one hell of a gift. Blaster, when your ready to take NMat with you in a tag team match, sure you can come and get some of the SERIAL SLACKAZ! The problem is tapedeck, they tell me your partner will be out for a few shows here and there so that means you got plenty of time to *burp*...time to...*burp* "

*D-Ex pauses for a while and waits for another burp. Nothing comes out so he takes a sip of the beer can.

D-Ex: So you and your partner can have plenty of ti-*Burp!* DAMMIT!!! *slams the can on the floor* Anyway, you will have plenty of time to say yer uhm....vitamins and eat your prayers and all before Igz and I will mop the floor with you and your bossom buddy. The tag team of the year 2005...the Serial Slackaz will show you and the rest of the AWF locker room what it takes to be the AWF Tag Team Champions. It might not be you Blaster...it might not even be the Insecticons of Bombshell and Kickback....but next week, the Serial Slackaz will go to the ring and beat up any tag team who wants to stand in our way! So boys step-on-up the plate to face the AWF's premier tag team 'champeens' The Serial Slackaz. Step up if you want, Survive if were too lazy to let you :yawn: ................. *burp* .........:wtf:

Vin Ghostal
2005-01-13, 01:35 PM
OOC: What a crazy show. Cage matches, ladder matches, hardcore matches, scaffold matches...well done, bookers. That was a fun show.

IC: Nice booking, Summers. It's this kind of gimmicky nonsense that hurts wrestling. V.3. Vin Ghostal is so far above this kind of crap it's ridiculous. Although, Xille, you should be happy I showed some restraint and didn't interfere during that Hardcore Legends match. You and whomever your worthless partner may be are dead meat come Edge of Survival. Then, once I'm done with you, I'm going to, for the very first time, win the Royal Rumble and become AWF Heavyweight Champion!

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-01-13, 01:54 PM
ooc: Ok that was an awsome show. But now should I go after Silly Cow's character or have my character sue someone?

2005-01-13, 03:22 PM
OOC- I have not laughed my tail off so much in a match. Shame we can have two men put on a better evening gown match than the WWE women but I digress.....

Well, now that my ego has been put into a paper shredder.

Oh what no it hasn't.

Now seeing how someone thinks Dimmu Borgir means "Whale Vagina." Let me explain the only whale vagina would be the way we were booked tonight.

Game your a coward. You saw that footage of your body smashing on the cage. Plus you rewarded that turncoat Divebomb. Somehow I am not shocked. Keep trying to keep me down. HBK is doing it and your doing it too.

But thats ok. TC and I have some fun stuff planned for the AWF. Besides there should be no rumble that belt should be his or mine. But whatever we went through the AWF once before and got screwed.

This time we will screw the AWF.

2005-01-13, 03:54 PM
IC Err ... I wouldn't be hoping to high there Ravage. I mean, yeah you got screwed over, but that Belt is mine. I mean, I've worked jsut as hard as you did, I mean we were both in the GPA, but now that it's been destroyed well ... I ain't helping you two at all. That belt is mine ... and I'll win the Royal Rumble.

2005-01-13, 04:11 PM
EDIT: OOC: Yeah, this has changed a bit. I finally realized what in the world I was doing. :/ :p

*Xille is backstage, attempting to lean against the wall.*

X: Can't sit, that hurts. Can't lean, that hurts. God forbid I should lie down. Damn... were these worth it? That Canadian crowd seemed more interested in HBK's kick than any of my stunts. Hell, I caused more hardcore damage than anyone else in that match. I've got to be the most hardcore legend of them all... but did they care? No, they wanted to see Y3B beat the crap out of Igz... hell, I should have that title shot. But no. And to top it all off, I was pinned. Again.

What am I supposed to expect, though? Everyone in that ring stood half a foot taller than me and had to weigh at least 50 pounds more. What was I thinking? I didn't even make a cover! That idea should've at least crossed my mind!

Well, it's not like I get many wins by myself... I mean, how many times did I beat the G.P.A. in a singles match? None. The Double S and I won a match together, and I managed to pull a fast one at Redemption. In fact, I have a whopping one singles win since coming here to the AWF.

Maybe... maybe Ghostal did carry me.

No, no, that can't be it. That can't be it at all! That's why we're having this match at EoS... I'm going to show Ghostal that it wasn't him carrying the team. He's going to see that I didn't need him at all. That the fact that we won the tag belts and held onto them for so long was because we were a team. That's why we're having a tag match.

At Edge of Survival... Ghostal is going to start to see why... he CAN'T deny... the power of X.

The Wild One
2005-01-13, 05:40 PM
LOCK! LOCK!! Where are you at? Let me tell you something. That match, one simple way of discribing it. Shameless, simple, doo daa, stinking luck!!!!! And I am sick of it. Sick of loosing by luck, by cheating, by dishonor!. I am the wildest man in the OWF. I am unknown. My methods are impossible to figure out. About your offer,............I will take! If you can't beat em, join 'em! Now if anyone dosen't like that, who gives a damn!? And this baxter fellow. Who the hell are you? So what if you know how to make a paper ducky, or a paper air plain. I could give a damn less, is you can make a paper blow up doll! Note this, don't F*ck with me! If you wanna keep the games up, you will get burn.

*The Wild One storms out of the room. *

Where is Lock!? I want to talk to him about his offer!

2005-01-13, 05:54 PM
Originally posted by Tempest
That belt is mine ... and I'll win the Royal Rumble.

Yeah... that happens and it'll be the HeartBrend Kid spending the subsequent Mayhem in a dress. And that's a whole world of Not Gonna Happen.

Wow... Sky. Dude. You've done the impossible... you've made me think you're even more pathetic than I gave you credit for. That's what you're stooping to in your attempt to get my attention? Wow. You have to force your way into a match you had nothing to do with... and what? Rob me of a win I wasn't really interested in? Cheers bud - did me a favour. Hardcore Title's not really worth the hassle.

So, in short... Warpy... thanks. You've done me a favour, so I'll do you a favour too - I'm not gonna kick your ass for it. But really, if you feel so irrelevant that you need to tarnish the victory for Zarak... dude, seek help!

So, what have we learnt from this week's Mayhem? That Casper can't wait to get his ass kicked by the dwarf? That Big Daddy Rav makes a hot chick? That watching the Game bleed is damn hilarious? That Canadian fans are insane? Well, a little of all of that. Apart from the Rav thing...

But most importantly, we've learnt that the Rumble winner will get the title. Rumble winner... Rumble winner... that's something I've never been. Yet. So for anybody who thinks they're walking away from the Edge of Survival with that belt, just remember to dress for the cold Canuckian weather... but always be sure to fear the Heat.

2005-01-13, 06:11 PM
>Scene opens to...lava. Lots and lots of ever-so-lovely magma, slithering eerily by on a tide through corroded rock, generating more steam than a thousand overcooked microwave TV dinners. Our gaze is averted from the hypnotic flow as the camera pans upward, and we see AWF interviewing lackey, Keith Kincaid, trussed up like a turkey in chains and danging by his feet over the magma trail, swaying gently from side to side. Strangely, he doesn't seem very fearful, more...confused than anything else. We then hear a deranged cackle, and the camera turns steadily to the left...revealing Judge Death, one hand resting lazily on a lever connected in some way to the chain holding Kincaid up, whilst the tapered fingers of his other hand twitch spasmodically.<

JD: "Bwahahahaaaa! Prepare to Burrrrrnnnn!"

KK: "Uhh...can I ask you something?"

JD: "Hmmmphh...well, I ssupposse I do havve to grant your lasst requesst. Name it, ffool."

KK: "Why am I hanging above and in front of some big blue screens?"

>The judge pauses, and attempts to bite his lip in thought; failing, since he doesn't have lips. He seems to mouth something like 'What's this about again?' to somebody off-camera, before nodding and coughing.<

JD: "Thhe editing guyss are going to add ssome sstufff in posst-production, sso it will make ssensse to thhe viewing audiencce. But you will sstill be hanging ovver nothhing but blue ffabric, ffor no clear reasson."

KK: "Oh, I see. Kinda like a sci-fi movie."

JD: "Yess, exxccept...well...erm..."

>At that moment, a small, teddy-bear-like creature runs into the shot and begins to hump Death's leg, making strange whooping noises as it does so. Death stares blankly at the creature for a few seconds, before...smiling and giggling slightly. Before the networks seriously consider giving this scene a higher age rating, a slightly overweight guy, coated in uncomfortable lumps of white plastic, runs onto the set and chases the mini-bear off, scampering after it with a few grumbled curses. The judge stares after them for a moment, as does Keith, before Death turns back to face the next-to-useless staffer and shrugs mildly.<

JD: "Ssscratch my prevviouss wordss: It iss exxactly like a ssci-ffi movvie."

KK: "I noticed. D'you mind terribly if I ask you some more questions? It's, like, my job and stuff."

JD: "Well, ssure. You can repay me in ssexxual ffavourss later."

KK: "..."

JD: "Hurry up, ssinner, I cannot sstand around all day waiting on your imbeccilic blathhering!"

KK: "Okay, uhm, yeah, so...you lost."

JD: "Your obsservvational sskillss are only exxcceeded by your girthh...what iss thhe point?"

KK: "Weh-ell...any thoughts on that count?"

>Death scratches his chin briefly, before sighing and sitting down on a convenient rock - really a stool, but it's also draped in blue so we can CGI it up to look like a rock, since we, the tech guys, are clever like that - behind him. He doesn't make any effort to release Kincaid, however, before he begins to speak.<

JD: "Indeed, I did losse, but I am not one to make ssuch pesstering ffactorss lumber me down ffor long. Particularly ssincce thhe whole conccept off thhat match wass deeply offenssivve to me...and yess, I am aware off how I acted at ccertain pointss, which sseemed contradictory to what I am ssaying. Perhapss it wass ssimply a buildup off sstresss, but...argh...I ffelt it neccesssary to unwind. Unwind vvia thhe medium off sslapping ssomeone withh a leathher sstrap."

KK: "Kinky..."

JD: "You do not know thhe meaning off thhat word 'til you ssee what I can do withh a power drill. Anyway; thhiss Ssscarecrow...iss a nuissancce, nothhing more. But...I know thhat nuissanccess, iff ignored, will ssimply multiply in potenccy, which iss not ssomethhing I particularly wishh to happen. Ssso, I movve onwardss to thhe contingenccy; thhat being where I sscour thhe planet ffor thhe oaff, and rend him limb ffrom limb when - and thhat iss deffinitely when, not iff - I ffind him. Iff I were him, I would take a long vvacation to Jupiter...howevver, thhankffully, I am not he, and he iss a moron, sso he will undoubtedly not do thhat, thhuss making my job ssimpler. Maybe I will not evver ssee all thhe inffidelss in thhiss world die by my hand...but I will sstill activvely sseek out thhosse who sspite me and make thhem bassk in thhe glory off thhe Heavvenss. By killing thhem dead."

KK: "...Oh-kay. Are you ever gonna let me down from here?"

JD: "Oh, ssure, off coursse..."

>Death reaches for the lever to release Kincaid...then freezes in mock alarm, staring at his wrist, before standing up and stretching.<

JD: "Oh, my, would you look at thhat! We are ssimply out off time! Ssso, ffrom bothh off uss here, perpetrating sscum off thhe earthh..."

KK: "Hey! HEY!"

JD: "Goodnight."

>Scene ends with Kincaid struggling and Death waving jauntily.<

2005-01-13, 06:16 PM
OOC: Marvelous show. My compliments to the writing staff

IC: Backstage
The camera shows 4 tables with nothing but empty plates and bowls. Nary a scrap of food can be found.

As the camera slowly pans to the left, it catches the look of utter disbelief and horror of the caterer as he looks at the enourmous man sitting there eating every scrap of food he had prepared.

As he finishes, Baxter wipes his mouth and says,

Long have I searched
For a meal so delicious
The ribs needed salt

My match this evening
Has shown that I am ready
To taste some dessert

Wild One, you are now
Ready to find your path in
The Blizzard of life

Random Sweep
2005-01-13, 08:40 PM
OOC: excellent show

Well Death now we have face each other one on one in my type of match and I have shown what I can do. Has this quietened you? HAS IT!?


So I propose a match at Edge of survival, and I will even let you choose your type of match.

Lets see if you have what it takes to finish off this sinner,

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-01-13, 08:48 PM

We see Christopher Back resting in a hospital bed with a beautiful nurse checking on him when Keith Kincaid comes in.

KK: "Mr. Back can I ask you a few questions?"

The nurse: "He resting right now."

CB: It's all right I'll answer a few questions."

KK: "What are your thoughts about Mayhem?"

CB: "If I ever see that evening gown match again I swear I'll jump off a scaffold into a net of burning barbed wire face first!"

KK: "You will?"

CB: "Kincaid when I feel better I'm going to hurt you."

The Nurse: "I think it's time for you leave for Mr. Kincaid"

The Nurse shoves Kincaid out of the room and closes the door behind her. She turns to around and unbuttons her bouse and slowly walks over to Christopher Back.

TN: "I need to check out your pulse"

CB: "I can assure that it's up very high"

The two kiss in bed as the camera fades to black.

The Wild One
2005-01-13, 09:02 PM
*The Wild One see the video package done by Baxter, and laughs. *

We will see about this. Once I take care of my buisness with Lock, I think you will be next.

2005-01-13, 09:07 PM
Why, thhank you ffor being sso gracciouss, Ssscarecrow.

You knew thhat wass me lying, right? Good. Anyway; to be truthhfful ffor a change, I havve no idea what thhe heck thhe term iss ffor a match withh no weaponry invvolvved. No doubt ssome will call it boring. Sssome more will call it peaccenik trashh. Unssurprissingly, I do not esspeccially care what thhosse ssomebodiess thhink. I ssimply reffer to thhiss type of match ass...ideal.

Thhat ssaid, off coursse, I harbour no illussionss thhat thhe upper echelonss off thhiss company do not pay thhe sslightesst heed to my wordss, regardlesss off what thhey are. But iff thhey do happen to be lisstening; you now know my prefferencce. And I promisse you, thhat iff your ffinal deccission invvolvves evven thhe remotesst hint at thhe usse off weaponss, thhen I will tear open your sstomachss, yank out your ssmall intesstiness, and thhrottle you withh thhem.

Thhe Law hathh sspoken.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-01-14, 12:16 AM
Tell me Iggy, what is almost? Does almost fall under the win column? The Draw column? Or the loss column? I think it goes under loss monkey. And that means you lost. You didn't beat me, hell contrary to your statements you didn't even almost beat me. You got a two count. If a two-count counts are more common in a wrestling match then a body slam. I kicked out of your most impressive move. You hit it and I got up. What does that tell you?

Stop trying to play in my lime light iggy, stop trying to act like we're equals. We're not, I'm better. There is an order of things around here and I am at the top. Even with the titles you dwell around the bottom.
The only thing ticket related that will occur between me and you at EOS in that match is your careers ticket getting punched.

I walked all over you in the cage, and I'll walk all over you in a tag match. Nmat will walk all over D-Ex... if he can stand. And every guy in the AWF locker room will do something bad all over Atticus.

Hit the bricks, junior. You're up against something you can't stop and next time you will not be able to avoid a touch of faith. Now LOOK OUT AND SHOUT get ready to reach out and touch faith!

2005-01-14, 12:32 AM
Originally posted by The Wild One
About your offer,............I will take! If you can't beat em, join 'em! Now if anyone dosen't like that, who gives a damn!?

Just like the Lock said it would, the rundown has begun. Murder Inc. is getting stronger with numbers, but more importantly with talent. Wild One has some skill which is why the Lock made him an offer to join Murder Inc. So now he can go take care of Baxter, not that he'll need it, but if anything happens he knows that the Lock's got his back.

As for the rest of you knobbers, The Lock is going to go through the whole AWF because The Lock will show you all what a bunch of talentless hacks you all really are. The Lock is throwing out an open challenge cause Murder Inc.'s presence will be felt, and The Lock hasn't even got started yet. So who wants to help The Lock out with a warm-up?

2005-01-14, 02:44 AM
Yo Zarak!

You got my respect son, you see the hardcore title is like a fine ass lady you treat her good and she will treat you good right back, but the min you turn away she's got her arms aound some other fool's waste.

2005-01-14, 02:56 AM
*Cloud is seen with his belt over his shoulder and a smile on his face.*

See, I told you OP. I told you I would get this back *pats the belt*. Another victory over your long tarnished and irrelevent career at this joint. You see while I was away from AWF because of Christmas and New Years I tought alot about myself and what I achived.

You see, while the Norse Gods are all suprime and powerful they haven't helped me with anything as of yet. They demand scarifice and prayer yet they do not produce the results that I desire. They only care about thier prestige and thier power.

Yet while they are gods, they are forgetting who I am. I am CloudStrifer, one warrior nation, the suprime man that stands over other men.

You may say I am insulting the Gods and shouldn't but I tell you they need to be cut down to size and shown who really is the more powerful one, the most magificent one, the one who holds all the cards.

You my friend OP, will prove this and have. They gave you favor for defeating me, yet I in return defeated thier chosen one and proved they have no power. It is a pity you have to feel my wrath but who else if perfect than you, the one time champion, the holder or nothing except the greatest record of losing to me. You may want to try again and I welcome it. But remember the result will be the same. I win you lose.

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain!

2005-01-14, 05:02 AM
Tempest, just sit down and don't get your panties in a wad. *snicker.....*.

If I have to I will do just like I did tonight and make you my bitch plain and simple.

2005-01-14, 05:12 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
Tempest, just sit down and don't get your panties in a wad. *snicker.....*.

If I have to I will do just like I did tonight and make you my bitch plain and simple.

IC: *is stunned*

Wow ... the pussy willow comes out of the bag. Big Ol Daddy-waddy Wavage decides to be tough. Give me a ****ing break. Hell, been with the GPa has gone to your head. Who was their to help you out in nearly every single match you ever had? Me, you was the one that helped you into the GPA? Me. Who was your tag team partner while in the GPA? Me.

You think you can take me on one on one? Hell no, but if we do ever meet you'll have ass-licker-momma's boy TC to hold your balls in his purse as you try to **** out a poor excuse for a match. Don't even try it Ravage, you'll be lapping up my piss off the floor before I even become your bitch.

2005-01-14, 07:06 AM
Look at you two pansys. You both think you are so damned tough and Tempest I just got one question for you. Just when did you start thinking you had that much pull in the GPA? I mean come on. You are a hack, plain and simple. You only got in because you came whining and crying about nobody liking you so we made you our errand boy. And as for Rav, well we let him in because he had some skill, not much, but some and we figured that another body wouldn't hurt our chances.

So bottom line, when you two were allowed in to the GPA it was because you two piss ants came cry to us about want to be part of our team and the true GPA, that is Viewfind and the NWA, talked it out and said fine. But after seeing how well you guys went together in that evening gown match I would say you deserve each other.

But hey maybe you two should go put those dresses back on and go whore yourselves out down on East Hastings, seeings how thats the only place you two can fit in around Vancouver.

But now as for Erik. You won. It was another good match even though I lost, but hey it is nice to see that I can go a whole match with you now. But the way I see it is, its only a matter of time before I get my hands on that title of yours. So no hard feelings when it happens, but good match and thanks HBK for thinking about me.

2005-01-14, 12:42 PM
Dive, at least the four of us didn't puss out of a match. I don't care about whatever misfeeling you had for TC for getting rid of View. You gave our team the disadvantage midmatch at the Wargames and odd are why we got screwed.

It's funny, you walk out of that match and as I said before you don't get screwed over. I mean I figured you and Erik were in on something. But being that far up there you should be able to count fillings.

And Tempest don't even try to talk all big and bad to me. I mean we all know who wheres the women's underwear around here now. In fact some of the fans were saying look out for your mangina.

Besides I have a list of people I need to take apart. Your not really even worth my time or energy to place on it. Well ok, you might be a better match than HBK will be, you might not break as easy as the Game and I still want injure Captain Turncoat. Ahh hell I am all about fun so bring it Tempest.

2005-01-15, 12:35 AM
OOC: LOL! Man that smack talk with JD and KK with the bear humping JD's leg was classic! :D I nominate it to be posted in the smack talking guide thread!!! Damng that smack talk had me laughing so hard. Nice work Shockmeister.


D-Ex: "If I can stand? What are you implying huh blaster? Huh 'personal jesus'? Huh mr. worlds strongest youngest man alive?.....ok now the last one didnt sound right. But hey all I want t'say is you can still keep running your mouth now....get your ass kicked....run your mouth again and then get your ass kicked yet again. Blaster, it doesnt matter man. It doesnt matter if Igz and me are gonna walk limp on our way to the ring to face you and mat man one day for these titles. It doesnt matter if you still have a very bad relationship with women and would steal auntie slag underneath my radar. Hell it wont matter if my breath registers to 10 in the inhebration meter of a local police force who would pull me over before I would even get there.....cause some how and some way....the serial slackaz will reactively reject your claims. Reading the bible or singing some marlyn manson wont help you guys out in securing a win on us. You might come out as a heavy favored team to win if you were to face Igz and me, but thats only on paper. "

D-Extreme grabs a nearby beer bottle and uses his teeth to get the cover out before chugging it. He finishes the bottle and wipes off the beer remaining on his upper lip.

D-Ex: "One day, a day that is already a day after our tag match in the future, people will gather around and be shocked. Cause like the red sox beating the yankees....like the nuggets defeating the sonics in the 1993 playoffs.....it will be embeded in the record books as one of the biggest upset. A team that has a very amazing track record of title wins in their history....defeated by a mere tag team that is called the Serial Slackaz? NOW WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT?! Keep on talking 'personal jesus' cause it will slowly lead to your 'personal crucifixion'. Your dealing with the serial slackaz now bay-beh! So step up if you want to....survive if were too lazy to let'chu"

D-Extreme flashes a huge grin on the camera before tossing the beer bottle at it to end the transmission into static.

Raven Darkstorm
2005-01-15, 01:41 PM
IC: So this is what the once-great AWF tag team division has been reduced to a drunk and a bum as champions?
These two half wits who couldn't find their asses with both hands and a road map and they get our title shot? Fine since Blood and Thunder, Vin Crapful and Xille are at each other throats and P?
out of action. That leave only this piss poor excuse of a tag team
and two old losers in our way to get what is rightful ours the AWF Tag Team titles!

StarStorm has arrvived and we are bring hell with us!
Quote the Raven Nevermore.

2005-01-15, 01:57 PM
Originally posted by Raven Darkstorm
StarStorm has arrvived and we are bring hell with us!

Shame you didn't bring good grammar with you...

2005-01-15, 07:15 PM
You know... I bet that some people here are wondering why I haven't publicly said anything about Y3B's comments about me. Well... it's really kind of simple if you think about it. Why in the hell would I need to deal with an absolute loser nobody? I mean... I have so many important and bigger things to deal with... talking smack about a curtain jerker surely isn't one of them. *smirks*

Blaster... Y3B... Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah.... wait... my favorite one is Personal Jesus. How clever is that! Personal Jesus. Well... personally... I'm an atheist so your little stage names don't really do it for me. Man... if that isn't gimmick infringment, I don't know what is. Blaster... I know that you must be so bitter right now. A couple of weeks ago, you make your return with your former tag team partner... all fired up and ready to compete. You must have been so excited... I mean... there you were competiting for the tag team titles... but oops... you lost. That must have been a downer, huh?

But instead of remaking a name for yourself and working your way to the top... you put all of your frustrations on me with your snappy little put downs. How pathetic is that? *laughs* It's kinda funny... all of your little snide remarks about me... it's funny because you remind me of a catty little high school girl. Always whining... bitching and complaining about absolutely everything. Never getting your way.

You know what... I think we have a new winner. Ladies and Gentlemen.... I present to you...the Queen of Bitches.... Blaster! Congratulations... you've finally won something for a change.

2005-01-15, 08:05 PM
Don't move. Don't you even breathe, Blaster.

>At this point Igz would leave the ring and search furiously among the fans for a digital camera to nab<

This is too perfect, this is the moment. You are so... cliche that I just need a picture. You are ignorance incarnate.

Personal Jesus? Personal Jesus? I should reach out and touch the faith? Never. I deny you, Blaster. I refute you. I scoff, and I spit on you. I was raised under faith once, when I was very little. Then I ran away; that's why I only do what I want to do, when I want to. It's why I created the Philosophy of the Slacker for myself. So that I could avoid falling into the trap of stonewalled ignorance that you have.

I fought Judge Death because he tried to force his beliefs on me, he tried to "purify" me. I was going to fight you so I could honor the belts and do D-Ex right. Then I was going to fight you 'cause I plain don't like you. Now, though? Now?

Now you've become everything that is wrong with the world, an effigy for my rage.

2005-01-15, 08:51 PM
Well, well it looks like the little ingrates are comming out of the woodwork.

First OP comes out and have the odasity to take my belt, which was rightfully mine and which I destoryed Strafe and he is still in the hostpital recovering. The took it and now I got it back. He learned that he shall not touch it agian.

Now on to the little squabbling that there is going on in this Tag team divison. First of all let me clearify something about Tag Team division.

A Tag team is where two less quality wrestlers try to join togeather to make a barely passible fighter. This is way I chose not to go into Tag Team.

Now with that my describtion is done with I come to current situations. A bunch of failures called Igz and D-ex join togeather and take the title. My hat's off to you because you two are the most patheic human beings I have ever met. I mean taking a Girl's help because your not man enough to deal with them is just priceless. Yes I say priceless because its the worst form of wrestling that I have ever seen. I am so glad your never going to be in running for my belt.

This is my message to OP. You will never succeed in anything that is agianst me. You will fail. Your nightmare has been broken agian and it will keep breaking. You will suffer my friend, suffer at my hands.

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-01-15, 10:16 PM
Oh look I've angered the meagre pimp and his little ho. Iggy, I say this for everyone in the locker room, when you're around no on breathes. I think I dropped you on your head to hard because you seem to think that you have a choice. You either touch faith or get touched. And when you get touched you get broken. Case in point your head. Now as you are to stubborn to just kneel down and back out of my spot-light at EOS I do it again. And NMat gets to do it. And then D-Ex gets to get drunk again and you get a lengthy stay in a hospital bed where you hopefully get a sponge bath.

How brutal are you man? You just got ripped on by Cloudstrife, a guy who thinks he's a viking. The sultan of suave doesn't even have to say anything to you, you're even looked down upon by those under you on the card. You're like the grade 12 who gets picked on by grade 8's. You're not worth my breath, so I will hold it when it comes to you. Now hit the bricks junior.

Now Atticus, Atticus, Atticus. Do you know where you are? What federation you are in? Do you have any clue what is coming out of your mouth? Or is it, just like the weird stuff coming out of your unmentionables, caused by a weird disease from someone else?

Absolute loser nobodies don't get Cage matches on demand, loser nobodies don't get tag title matches for no real reason what so ever, total losers aren't worshipped by millions world wide as the child prodigy of wrestling. Total losers can do more than win just tag titles, and even when the non-total loser does win them, he doesn't use some girl he go for $15 in the back alley before a show one time to do it.

Now I'm not bitter, no if anything you are bitter. I think the big reason you interfere in my matches, try and make my life hell is because you want me. I mean really, you want to have me. I can tell. But you know I would never touch such a filthy, festering, gross, disgusting, ugly, vile, cheap, easy, $1 no $0.50 no $0.25 no $0.10 no pay you $1 to do her slut! I mean one second you're with Ziggy Stardust, then you're with Erik, I'm sure you've been with D-Ex.

Now if you want to find out what I've won recently go ask your boyfriends if there was a cage match tonight. Then on EOS ask me about a tag title match. And then, on the monday after ask yourself what it feels to reach out and touch faith! LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! OWW!

2005-01-16, 02:58 AM
OOC: All this is in IC.....cause that is the only excuse I can give right now due to my inhebrated state. So some(ALL) contents may be insulting and incoherent. Parental guidance is strictly advised

D-Ex: "Dont get cage matches? What are you talking about? Archivemania 2....Wolfang got in a fix since Cyberstrike, a bigger loser got his demand to face him in a cage match. So Blaster, if we do challenge you to a tag cage match, it CAN happen. Cause were not that big of a loser now are we? Ok....maybe just a standard tag match or hockey on a tag match. And let me tell you Blaster, our manage aint a cheap slut! Like a six pack of beer, she dont costs that cheap. "

D-Extreme tosses a beer can on the trash lid and thinks.

D-Ex: "Oh Raven...dont worry. We aint piss poor or get lost in the map. WERE THE SERIAL SLACKAZ BITCH! We dont have the time to even unfold the damn map! Use your head Drivel...er...Raven. You want a title shot? YOU GET A TITLE SHOT! If the booking comitee would listen to your charity case story, they will be willing to put you in a match againts Igz and me. You wanna prove your worthy to be tag champs than we are? You wanna bring some hell boy.....dont worry you dont need to when you will face us. You just pissed me off more than the 'personal queen of the bejebus's bitches' here and thats just from moving your mouth too much. Blaster, I hope you can wait for a while longer.....your partner aint ready yet and I wish him well. Cause were gonna show you how the serial slackaz deal with egomanaiacal numbnuts like you and this Raven Dorkholmes here. Raven, you and Vanth can just wait on the ring when you face us...cause were the ones who will be brining hell on that night. The serial slackaz are ready to strike."

D-Ex holds the AWF Tag title belt high in the air

D-Ex: "step up if you want to....survive if were too lazy to let'chu"

2005-01-16, 03:48 AM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer

You might want to settle down, Cloud. You're likely to piss off more people than you can handle.

We know you're all mad that you couldn't ever find a good teammate to make a run in the tag division. We know that you're mad that you haven't been able to actually defend your belt since winning it. And we all know that you're mad because you haven't cleanly beaten anyone that you're currently criticizing.

Calm down, baby. Take a lesson from the Serial Slackaz.

Oh, and one more thing before I leave...

Originally posted by The Lock
So who wants to help The Lock out with a warm-up?

I've never been one to back down from something like this, and since there haven't been any takers - and provided that the bookers don't have a better idea for either of us - I'll be the first to step up, baby. After all, I don't want to see "Murder, Inc." turn out to be another G.P.A.

2005-01-16, 06:08 AM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
This is way I chose not to go into Tag Team.

Cloud... sometimes, when you talk... you sound like a Neaderthal. Well, let me be fair to the Neaderthals: they're more advanced than you... let's say homo erectus?

>At this point Igz starts to stomp around like a caveman and starts shouting in broken sentences<


>He stops, mirthful with himself<

Darkstorm... Blackcloud... DrizzleBoy! You done pissed off D-Ex. You should really take a look at the man's police record... assault, personal assault, attempted manslaughter, attempted manslaughter two, disturbing the peace... public nudity. Well, the point is that he sometimes gets angry when he's drunk;

and let's be honest - he's drunk all the damn time.

So now we're gonna show you why you can't beat the Serial Slackaz, baby. Actually, D-Ex can really handle it; it looks like he wants to. This is gonna be the easiest title defense in history.

Come out.. stand in the corner.. leave once we've won. That appeals to the Almighty Slacker. That appeals to him very, very much.

2005-01-16, 06:57 AM
Well OP, its time to end this great fued of ours for good. I tried to warn you if you take this belt *pats at it* I will get it back and in the process destory you.

I haven't been able to do that so far but I have injured you in the process which is good enough. If your leg is better by monday we may see a rematch or the ones who won the right to rule the fed may have another thing on thier mind. In any case you and I will still be in the ring one on one as we always have, in our prime fighting to see who shall Succed, your nightmare or my legend.

This shall be the greatest saga ever written. About a Man who defied the Nightmare, broke through its patheic defences and came out victorious! OP you shall feel the wrath of CloudStrifer till you are no more and yor memory has been drowned in the pages of history!

Believe The Hype, Fear The Pain!

Amarant Odinson
2005-01-16, 08:08 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
Well, well it looks like the little ingrates are comming out of the woodwork.

A Tag team is where two less quality wrestlers try to join togeather to make a barely passible fighter. This is way I chose not to go into Tag Team.

Oh really? This coming from Cloudy the Mental Paitent. This coming from a man who with all of the "gods" that he talks to, could very well make up a tag team all by himself. CloudStrifer, you least of all shouldn't be pokeing fun at anyone and would stop worrying about that daydream you've been picking on as well. You and The Game both still have something that is rightfully mine.

I want what was stolen from me. I want my rematch for the T.V. and I.C. title and I couldn't care less about who I have to make tap out to get it. I'll get my practice on someone while you both finish your business with the daydream and that D12 wannabe. But I am coming for you. I will have my title shots. I will have my gold back around my waist and there nothing that any these "entertainers" can do to stop me. I'll will show you and those peons in the stands that no one will ever.... PROVE ME WRONG.

2005-01-16, 09:08 PM
Odinson, you fool. You say that no one can "Prove you wrong". I did. You might say that I took you from behind and you fell and you were proved wrong.

You keep saying how you are wronged and you want it back. I tell you to deal with it. I had no belt and I put a man into the hospital for it. I lost it, and then took it back by injuring OP's leg. I have it now.

What have you done? Beat a newbie and kept staying that you were wronged and kept blabing about it. You know what you sould deal with it, go back and prove yourself that your even worthy to look at it let alone touch it. So far the only thing you have done since you were proved wrong is talk and talk and talk some more.

Go do something worthy and get back to me when I let you. Hell they might even give you a three way match between me, you and OP. But thats for them to decide. For now, your not worthy.

2005-01-16, 11:38 PM
The truth hurts don't Tempest? you was just the GPA's pawn son, think about it.
Why do you think we sent out the "Great" Tempest first when we do a run-in? just to see if the coast was clear.

2005-01-17, 12:40 AM
Shiiitt Viewfind, you know how to run your mouth, I suggest you keep it shut before I break your jaw for you. I wasn't no damn pawn to the GPA, you may turn your ass around now but in the day I was one of you three. For shame View.

Divebomb, don't talk to me you god damn turncoat. Next time I wanna see a yellow belly speak I'll ask you, ot Xille to speak like my bitches you are. You turned on me in War Games because 'we weren't the true GPA'. Give me a ****ing breaking with your sense of loyataly and emotions. Get your head in before someone breaks your neck. You turned on your fellow wrestlers when it matter most. You hated TC and he hated you, but isn't it strange, that the man that taped out was your so called friend Prowl? where were you? You left him for punishment and yet you keep nagging about 'how we were a team'. My ass. You just had your monthly visiter Aunt Flow and ran away crying, like the litte bitch you are.

Now for my friend Puss in Boots, Ravage. You say that I ain't worth your time and energy? What the hell is that crap? Ravage if I were to take you on in a match you wouldn't be walking for a week, and not in a good way either. You'll have trouble standing by the end of a match, and thats when I'd get Raw on your ass. I'd beat you down in pulp just like you deserve.

Tempest gone a while, now he's back ...

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-01-17, 12:51 AM
Originally posted by Tempest

Tempest gone a while, now he's back ...

and he's wearing women's panties.

2005-01-17, 01:02 AM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
and he's wearing women's panties.

OOC: And he feels great ...

2005-01-17, 02:53 AM
Originally posted by Tempest
Xille to speak like my bitches you are

When have I ever been your bitch, Tempy? Sure, you might've hit me a few times in a big brawl, but as of yet, you haven't ever stepped into the ring with me. Now, I've gone a few rounds with Ravage, and, since he beat you, I'm assuming it wouldn't be too difficult to handle.

2005-01-17, 03:00 AM
Yawns, Tempest for as much of a turncoat Divebomb is. At least he doesn't wear womens undergarments.

Man you know what bugs me? You wearing that to the ring I wonder what you do outside of the ring now and how many drunk saps brought you home at night to find you are kind of a man?

My guess 15.

2005-01-17, 11:15 PM
The day i let you "suggest" anything to me Temp is the day i start rocking women's panties.

Oh wait.....


The Wild One
2005-01-18, 02:08 PM
Originally posted by Xille
I've never been one to back down from something like this, and since there haven't been any takers - and provided that the bookers don't have a better idea for either of us - I'll be the first to step up, baby. After all, I don't want to see "Murder, Inc." turn out to be another G.P.A.

You won't need to worry about us being another GPA. Just worry about US.

2005-01-18, 11:09 PM

Murder, Inc

Sounds more like attack of the clones.


2005-01-19, 12:04 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind
Sounds more like attack of the clones.

Are you talking about Murder, Inc., or Wild One?

Oh, wait...

Definitely both.

2005-01-19, 12:16 AM
Originally posted by Xille
I've never been one to back down from something like this, and since there haven't been any takers - and provided that the bookers don't have a better idea for either of us - I'll be the first to step up, baby. After all, I don't want to see "Murder, Inc." turn out to be another G.P.A.
Your on.

You don't have to worry about us becoming the G.P.A., cause you see Murder Inc. doesn't allow losers to join. I mean who in their right mind would allow Tempest to join them? Let the warm up begin.

And Viewfind, it's a pity you and your old stable aren't still together, cause now we can't kick your ass to show how better we are.

2005-01-19, 03:36 AM
Originally posted by Grimlock
Murder Inc. doesn't allow losers to join.

The Lock's roster choices thus far:

1. The Wild One.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-01-19, 04:06 AM
Originally posted by Ignavus
The Lock's roster choices thus far:

1. The Wild One.

Means you and D-Ex are next Junior.

The Wild One
2005-01-19, 03:06 PM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
Means you and D-Ex are next Junior.

For either of you three, I would rather be shot. I mean c'mon, what the hell have you three done thus far? Nothing. Pathetic. Now then, Ignavus, Lazy man, don't chatter on too much. I'm out of antacid.

2005-01-20, 11:29 PM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
Means you and D-Ex are next Junior.

And yo ass is Murder Inc's per-match fluffer right?