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2005-01-21, 08:43 AM
*Warzone's new theme song “Duality” by Slipknot begins and a few seconds later the opening credits roll. A moment later we are pulled away from the screen to reveal a capacity crowd at the saddle dome in Calgary, Alberta. The fans are on their feet screaming away as the show opens*

JFA: “Good evening everybody and welcome to another edition of AWF Warzone. We are live with a capacity crowd in the saddle dome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am JFA and with me as always is my partner JHA.”
JHA: “Oh yeah. This place is going crazy here tonight. What an ovation and we haven’t even started the show yet.”
JFA: “I know and we have a great line up tonight. With matches like a TV title defense.”
JHA: “Oh yeah. My boy Big Daddy Rav is coming home with the gold tonight.”
JFA: “We’ll see. We also have the tag titles on the line as the Serial Slackaz take on the up and coming StarStorm and in the main event TC takes on Morpheus.”
JHA: “Oh that should be a good match. TC is going to kick his a…”
JFA: “Hey hold on now. Morpheus is a great competitor so I wouldn’t count him out as soon as you wanted to.”
JHA: “Blah, blah, blah. He’s facing TC. He doesn’t stand a chance.”
JFA: “Well that remains to be seen but we might as well get the show started and why not start with the TV title.”
JHA: “Oh you read my mind.”

TV Title Match: Cloudstrifer © vs. Ravage

You know the rules, you all know the game
Try and do whats right
And I swear I can't complain
If I die tonight
But I don't think its in the stars
For me to go that way
I'll be here for a long, long time babe
I'm here to stay

Puritania by Dimmu Borgir hits…

JHA: It’s Ravage! Yay! GPA! Good, now he can beat down that dumb Viking.
JFA: He isn’t really GPA anymore, that’s all starting to fall apart.
JHA: >whimper< gee… pee… ay!
JFA: Do you even remember what that stands for anymore?
JHA: Gosh-darn Pure Awesome!

Ravage makes his way down the ramp staring at Cloud, motioning that the belt belongs around him… either that or pointing out a horrible, horrible problem with his genitals.

JFA: You know, this match has a huge potential for a run in.
JHA: Don’t they all?
JFA: I mean it! Look at Cloud, for one. He’s locked in a death feud with OP2005; but who knows if that’s taken a respite for now. And on top of that, he insulted the new tag champions Ignavus and D-Extreme, too. They might want to prove themselves on him tonight.
JHA: They’re just slackers, anyway.
JFA: Actually, yes. They are. But then look at Ravage. He’s squabbling with Tempest, one of the few remnants of the GPA left, and then there’s Divebomb and Viewfind, kind of the original, hardcore GPAers that the fans seem to be favoring. They’ve gotta want Ravage too!
JHA: And don’t forget about that flippin midget Xille. He’s had a hard-on for Ravage since he got here, hell the whole GPA really.
JFA: And, of course, Summers tends to pop up when he sees fit.
JHA: I bet it will be him, I really hate that guy.
JFA: I feel like I should be taking bets on who gets out here first.

While the announcers squabble, the competitors are arguing in the ring. The ref, getting tired of trying to make them take their corners, merely signals for the timekeeper to ring the bell and the match begins.

JFA: Well, this will certainly be a battle of brawn.

The men rush at each other, but Cloud opens up with a bulldog that puts Rav down. He gets to his feet, but Rav beats him to it and hits a solid right hook on the Viking.

JFA: Ravage was able to get the advantage first, even though he was the recipient of the bulldog there, that’s impressive.
JHA: See? Mad props to my GPA dawgs.
JFA: No more spending time with Viewfind for you. I think it might have more to do with the fact that Cloud was just in a devastating ladder match against OP2K5, whereas all Ravage had to do last week was strip down Tempest to his thong.
JHA: I liked the spots in that ladder match, it was great! Did you see that crazy guy actually lift up the ladder while the damn Viking was on it?
JFA: Yes, but it cost him dearly.

Ravage has Cloud down on the mat, and is pummeling him with blatantly illegal closed fists until the ref manages to get him out off the other man. While the ref is scolding Ravage, Cloud uses the ropes to get himself up and charges at Rav for his finisher Odin’s Spear. He connects, and Ravage only makes of “whuff” noise.

JFA: Kind of early to be using a finisher, don’t you think?
JHA: What do you expect from a big brute like that?

Although Ravage took the hit, Cloud is obviously still lagging from his recent ladder match and the constant defenses of his title… neither man is able to get up quickly, and the ref begins the count.




JFA: That spear must have hurt Ravage, but it looks like using it so soon all but drained Cloud. If he doesn’t win this soon, he might be in trouble.




JFA: He might not even be able to get up!

Ravage has managed to reach a knee…



Cloud grabs the ropes!


JHA: Damn, I thought he was down.

Indeed, Cloud’s managed to get up, but Ravage’s gained his feet completely. He moves towards Cloud, and scores a strong Power Slam. Rav continues the assault with some kicks to the Norseman’s side.

JFA: This is certainly a duel of strength, but although Ravage has been taking more hits so far he’s kept the upper hand, surprisingly, by use of speed – he’s been able to recover faster.
JHA: I keep telling you – he’s GPA!
JFA: And I keep telling you, there is no more GPA
JHA: gee… pee… ay >whimper<

Ravage, smiling viciously, backs himself up slowly against the ropes, then leans against them to launch himself at Cloud… who’s just regained his feet… and Ravage hits one helluva Big Boot onto Cloud!

JHA: Listen to that crowd! They love Ravage!
JFA: More like they dislike Cloud… and Ravage. I think they’re cheering ‘cause they’re both getting beat up.
JHA: You know, we sure have been talking a lot in this match.
JFA: I blame poor writing.
JHA: Shut up! You’re breaking the fourth wall!

Ravage has grabbed Cloud and he’s pulling him up… up.. up… above his shoulders.

JFA: Perfect powerbomb set up.

The Big Daddy certainly does hit a powerbomb onto his opponent that delivers him into the middle of the ring. He goes for the pin.

JHA: Well, this is over.



JHA: 3!
JFA: Shut up, that wasn’t even close to a 3.
JHA: >pouts< it should have been.

Both men stumble up, and Rav again goes for the grapple, but Cloud powers out of it by throwing the Bid Daddy’s arms out of his way and hits a Belly to Belly Piledriver.

JFA: Wow, Cloud grabs the advantage here and scores big with it.
JHA: Sweet Jiminy Crickets on a Molten Volcano! This match has just been one big move after another.
JFA: What do you expect with two guys this big?
JHA: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for some runt like Xille or a broomstick like that slacker kid.
JFA: Leave it to you to discount a whole style of wrestling.

Meanwhile, the ref has begun the count again, and has reached five. Cloud has reached his knee however and throws himself upon Rav for the count.


JFA: No! Ravage making as strong showing with a one count.
JHA: I told you tha..
JFA: Don’t you dare mention the GPA again, they’re gone I tell ya!
JHA: gee… pee.. ay >moan<

Cloud puts his arm around the struggling Ravage and starts to push him forward for a sidewalk slam but Ravage actually manages to move his feet forward and land standing. He uses the momentum of Cloud, however, to pull him forward and hit a sidewalk slam on the big Norseman instead!

JFA: Nice reversal there!

Ravage bends down over the fallen Viking, rolls him over, and pulls up a leg to lock in a Boston Crab.

JFA: Everyone needs a submission move.
JHA: That’s right out of his profile, isn’t it?
JFA: So you do read them? The profiles?
JHA: GPA ones? Heck yes! Gee… pee… ay!

Cloud, after shaking his head, realizes the situation he’s in, and after a few moments of grunting, manages to actually push his leg out of the lock.

JHA: Stupid dumb caveman.
JFA: Cloud using some obvious strength to save himself, but how long can he keep this up? Ravage may have been in the War Games, but he’s obviously in better shape than Cloud. At this point, it’s only a matter of time.

Ravage hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker on Cloud. He drags him over to the ropes, picks him up and uses an Irish Whip to launch him at the opposing ropes… waiting till momentum forces his opponent to return… and, using the speed of the ricocheting Cloud, actually manages to throw the Viking up over the ropes and onto the outside.

JHA: Wow! Did you see that! Brain and brawns, all in one package!
JFA: I’ll admit, that was kind of impressive.

Ravage, slowly rolling to the outside, takes a few moments to taunt the crowd and mock his opponent. Then, picking up Cloud, he launches him head first into the steel steps.

JFA: So much for impressive. That was just dirty.
JHA: Yay! Carnage! Look, the Viking’s cut open!

Cloud’s hair is indeed turning red – the top of his head must have been hurt on the steps. Realizing this, and smiling evilly, Ravage grabs his opponent by the hair and pulls him to his feet – to deliver a Belly to Belly Piledriver.

JFA: That’s the same move Cloud just used on him!
JHA: Apparently, the Big Daddy wants some revenge! Serves that Viking right for messing with the G..
JFA: Don’t even say it. They’re gone!
JHA: >sob<

Ravage has Cloud on his feet again, and throws him against the metal ringpost – headfirst.

JFA: It’s looking like we’re gonna have a new champion soon!
JHA: Someone will stop my boy from winning, I just know it.
JFA: You just might be right! Look at the crowd!

A man in a hooded sweatshirt and hockey mask emerges from the crowd.

JHA: No! Not Summers again.
JFA: How do you know it’s him?
JHA: He wore that same getup when he beat up Cyberstrike.
JFA: I think you might be right, although he’s trying to go by Christopher Back now. I think he’s threatened to sue anyone using that old name.
JHA: I don’t care, I’ve got incriminating pictures of him – he won’t touch me.
JFA: Incriminating pictures of Erik Summers and Christopher Back?
JHA: Well, actually – it’s all the same picture.
JFA: Oh Sweet Potatoes, I don’t want to know.
JHA: I think there’s a goat involved too, if you’d like too see…
JFA: >sob<

Ravage is still pounding at Cloudstrifer’s wound, ignorant of the impending masked threat. The hockey masked man taps Ravage’s shoulder… who pivots and…

JFA: Sweet Chin Music! Sweet Chin Music! Summers just hit the Sweet Chin Music superkick on Ravage!
JHA: I hate you soooo much, Summers!
JFA: Wait, a Sweet Chin Music attack? Why would Summers use that? It’s not really one of his favorite moves…
JHA: Oh no, look!

The masked man, assumed to be Summers, removes his mask and reveals himself to be none other than the HeartBrend Kid… HBK.

JFA: It was HBK that did it! He leveled out Ravage with that kick!
JHA: To be fair, Cloud worked him over pretty hard too. I mean… he did piledrive him.
JFA: Looks like Cloud has stumbled up! And he’s realized what’s happened.
JHA: They’ll probably hug and start dancing on poor Rav baby.
JFA: Actually, Cloud looks kind of angry at HBK – he’s probably violated Cloud’s sense of warrior honor or something.
JHA: What an idiot.

Cloud rushes at the newly unmasked HBK, and grabs his neck – ready to deliver a Bragi’s Axe on the interloper… When Ravage comes back out of nowhere, and scoops up Cloud onto his shoulders…

JHA: This might be it! That’s the set up…
JFA: Ravage might pull this out after all, even though HBK’s interfered against him!

Ravage hits the Hangover, an inverted F-5, and slams Cloud onto the outside!


Scrambling up after that draining move, Ravage pivots and is again, for a second time, put down with a Sweet Chin Music superkick from HBK.

JFA: He must have forgotten about HBK.
JHA: This isn’t fair!
JFA: Where’s the ref in all of this? He should be throwing out HBK, after all.
JHA: >Moan< Look at the other side of the ring.

Opposite the violence, the ref is arguing with another hooded, hockey masked figure and has obviously been distracted.

JHA: I bet that’s Summers. Damn I hate him.
JFA: You don’t know that for sure. There’s a lot of people who don’t want Ravage to win. Besides, it’s kind of ironic that a member of the GPA is suffering from a beat down due to interference.
JHA: That supposed to be funny? Hunh, Hunh? I’ll interfere with your nose not being broken!

HBK, smiling, leaves through the crowd again. The other masked figure, taking his clue, departs and the ref turns to find Cloud throwing Ravage under the ropes.

JHA: This isn’t fair!

Cloud stumbles for a moment.

JFA: He’s lost a lot of blood, he’s covered in red!

He manages to regain himself, though, and sets Ravage up for Heimdall’s Stand…. and he delivers!


Cloud goes for the pin…




JFA: I’m not sure I can disagree, he had this match locked up most of the way. HBK and his masked friend really ruined this for him.

Ref: Ladies and Gentlemen, The winner and still your TV Champion… Cloudstrifer!

As the ref holds up Cloud’s hand, he passes out… and we go to commercial.


*In Reilly’s office with Reilly on the phone*

Reilly: “So doc, what you are telling me is that you are not going to clear NMat to wrestle tonight but that he should be fine by next week……..Fine I’ll just have to come up with something new……Yeah, bye.”

(We hear a knock at the door and then Christopher Back walks in)

CB: “Reilly, what is going on? I was told I had a tag match tonight but just a few minutes ago some little punk walked in and told me it might be changed.”

Reilly: “Well hello to you too.”

CB: “Stuff it. What am I doing tonight?”

Reilly: “Well NMat isn’t cleared for tonight so your match is changed.”

CB: “Great. Who am I facing now?”

Reilly: “I figured you were supposed to face NMat and Blaster tonight so why change it that much. It’s going to be you versus Blaster here tonight.”

CB: “You had better not be trying to pull anything here.”

Reilly: “Chris, if I wanted to hurt you I would just have put you in a match with Erik Summers. But I don’t want him to have that much fun so you get Blaster. Now get out of my office.”

(CB turns and walks out slamming the door behind him as we cut to commercial)

*A commercial showing clips from the past rumbles plays and then January 30, 2005 is displayed as the commercial ends

JFA: “Well we are back and just before the break we were told of another match added to tonight’s card and its going to be Blaster taking on Christopher Back.”
JHA: “Oh great. Two annoying little jackasses. How great this should be.”
JFA: “Whatever, but hey it looks like they are ready for the tag title match so lets send it down to JRA for the official announcements.”

AWF Tag Team Title match: Serial Slackaz© v. StarStorm

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen. The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Tag Team titles. Introducing first from parts unknown, the team of Raven Darkstorm and Vanth Dreadstar. They are…….STARSTORM!”

JFA: “Well we can hear the familiar sounds of Stereomund play and that must mean that StarStorm is on their way out here.”
JHA: “Yup and here they come.”
JFA: “The crowd isn’t really reacting all that strongly to the young team here.”
JHA: “Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t think that they deserve a title shot. Seriously, have they even won a match yet.”
JFA: “Maybe, but I haven’t been following them all that much. Well they are in the ring and limbering up here and still not much reaction for them.”
JHA: “I think the only reaction they are going to get is when they get their tails whipped.”
JFA: “Maybe.”

JRA: “And now introducing their opponents. The team of D-Extreme and Ignavus. They are the AWF Tag Team Champions…….THE SERIAL SLACKAZ!”

“When Worlds Collide” by Powerman 5000 begins and the tag champs come out on stage as the crowd gets to its feet and begins cheering.

JFA: “Wow, what an ovation here for the tag champs. I think they are becoming quite the fan favorites.”
JHA: “It looks like it.”
JFA: “Well they are on their way to the ring now shaking hands with the fans and Atticus is right on their heels and now into the ring.”
JHA: “Well they do seem to be enjoying themselves.”
JFA: “I would tend to agree with you and now in the ring and posing with the belts as the ref signals for the bell.”
JHA: “Well the match is underway and it looks like it is going to be D-Ex and Raven starting things off here.”
JFA: “Yes it is and the two tie up in the center of the ring and D-Extreme just threw Raven across the ring and back into the corner.”
JHA: “Nice display of power from the co-champ.”
JFA: “Well he is a very big guy.”
JHA: “And I am sure you would know.”
JFA: “What? No, I didn’t mean it like that. You are sick. Get your head out of the gutter.”
JHA: “You are the one talking about how big he is and I am the one that is sick. How the hell does that work?”

Raven gets back to his feet and charges back at D-Ex who just lays him out with a stiff haymaker. You can hear a few fans laugh at this while D-Ex pick his opponent back up and whips him into the ropes. He levels him with a big boot then throws him into the corner. He poses for the crowd for a moment and then goes to work laying in the boots.

JFA: “It looks like D-Ex is taking the early lead here as he continually drives his boot into Ravens gut.”
JHA: “Yeah it’s kind of funny.”
JFA: “Yeah it is.”

D-Ex grabs Raven and throws him out of the corner and into the center of the ring before he charges at Vanth in the corner and sends him falling to the floor on the outside. The crowd cheers at that and D-Ex, after having his fill of the cheers, goes back to work on Raven with a huge leg drop. He drags his opponent to his feet and drags him to his corner and tags in Igz. Igz comes through the ropes quickly and drives a boot into Ravens side. The tag champs push Raven back into the corner and start a series of double teamed stomps when out of nowhere Vanth gets back in the ring, charges across and slams hard into D-Ex sending him through the ropes and to the floor. Before he can do anymore damage the ref moves in and forces him back to his corner. Igz pulls Raven out of the corner and whips him into the ropes. On the bounce Vanth makes a blind tag and watches Raven rebound. Igz goes for a clothesline but Raven ducks and counter it with an irish whip of his own and then drops to the mat forcing Igz to jump him on his way back and right into the waiting feet of Vanth who drops him with a drop kick.

JFA: “Wow, some good team work there by StarStorm and they just dropped on half of the tag champs.”
JHA: “Surprising. I didn’t think they had it in them.”

StarStorm starts to work on Igz while the ref makes the count. Finally at the count of four Raven backs out of the ring and the match continues. Vanth drags Igz to his feet and whips him into the corner then charges in with a clothesline dropping the champ to the mat. Vanth tags Raven back in and the two men double suplex Igz to the mat. Quickly Raven locks in a Boston crab and the champ begins to scream.

JFA: “Raven with the Boston crab here on the champ.”
JHA: “Yes it is but I don’t think he will win it with that.”
JFA: “What makes you think that?”
JHA: “Oh the fact that D-Ex is back in the ring.”

D-Ex climbs back in the ring and quickly knocks Raven off of Igz with a big boot to the back of the head. He tries to follow up on the attack but the ref moves in and forces him out. Seeing the opportunity Vanth jumps back in the ring and drives and elbow drop into the back of Igz’s head then rolls out as Raven makes the cover. The ref finally gets D-Ex out of the ring and turns to see Raven making the pin. 1…2…TH! Kick out.

JHA: “Igz with the kick out after a good display of team work by StarStorm.”
JFA: “It was cheating. Plain and simple.”
JHA: “Yeah but this is a team that’s out here to make a name for themselves and sometimes the best way to do that is to cheat. You could learn a few things from them.”
JFA: “I doubt it.”

Raven pounds the mat in anger knowing just how close he was to becoming a tag champ and drags Igz back to his feet and into his corner. Before Raven can make the tag Igz slams his head into the turnbuckle and leaps across the ring. Vanth tags himself in and charges but can’t quite make it in time as Igz slaps hand with D-Ex and the big man jumps into the ring.

JFA: “D-Ex with a big clothesline to Vanth and now to Raven. Again he nails Vanth as he was getting back up.”
JHA: “He is cleaning house here and he just threw Raven over the top ropes.”
JFA: “D-Ex picking Vanth up here and oh….he just leveled him with a spinebuster.”
JHA: “Uh oh. D-Ex is getting all excited here and look. Igz is back up.”
JFA: “What do you think they are going to do?”
JHA: “I don’t know but I think it will happen very soon.”

D-Ex drags Vanth back to his feet and props him up against the ropes then grabs his feet and pulls them out leaving Vanth’s neck draped over the top rope.

JFA: “Oh no. This could be dangerous. Igz bouncing off the ropes and……he just leap frogged over D-Ex and came crashing down on the back of Vanth.”
JHA: “Ouch. It looks like Vanth might be hurt here.”
JFA: “I would be surprised if he wasn’t. Igz just sent all of his weight down across the back of Vanth and hanging him on the top rope.”
JHA: “Very effective move though wouldn’t you say.”
JFA: “Very and now look. Raven just rolled back in the ring and the tag champs are just waiting for him.”

Raven gets up and is quickly met with an inverted atomic drop form D-Ex, but instead of letting him fall to the mat D-Ex holds on and Igz quickly runs up and nails Raven with the shining wizard.

JFA: “Oh poor Raven. Still woozy from getting thrown over the top ropes just got nailed with the Reactive Rejection from the Serial Slackaz.”
JHA: “I think it’s over.”
JFA: “I think you are right. D-Ex with the cover on Raven even though he is not the legal man.”
JHA: “Yeah but the ref doesn’t seem to care.”
JFA: “And there it is. The three count and the Serial Slackaz retain their titles.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winners of the match and still your AWF Tag Team Champions……THE SERIAL SLACKAZ!”


The Game enters HBK's room, to find him gleefully drinking away, chuckling at footage of the Game's Cage Match against Divebomb.

Game: “What is your problem?”

HBK: “Excuse you?”

Game: “I think you heard me Sean...”

HBK: “Nice to see you too, buddy. How are ya? Pull up a pew. Never much for small talk, were you? Always too busy being a miserable git. Have I told you lately how much I hate that?”

Game: “Not as much as I love your nonstop yammering about how great you are.”

HBK (standing to face Summers): “Here we go, then. Still on the power trip? I’d forgotten how much you loved the chance to swan about making everybody do your bidding.”

Game: “Never listening...”

HBK: “Always interrupting...”

Game: “And your hair. What can’t you at least pick a colour and stick to it?”

HBK: “As opposed to yours? How much gel do you use? You want to know what my problem is? Right now, you are. You're my problem. You and this smug, nancy-boy, goody-goody, vanilla, power-to-the-motherf***ing-people crap you’re hiding behind.”

Game: “Excuse me?”

HBK: “Not likely, no. You’ve got it all, Erik, but you don't even take a second to have a bit of damn fun with it. Do you even remember what it was like to cut loose and kick the ever living hell out of someone? Just because you could? A little random smattering of violence here and there? Can you even dimly recall what it was like to enjoy what you do? No, of course you don’t, you’re too busy sucking up to the idiots in the stands so they can tell you how wonderful they are.”

Game: ...

HBK: “We’ve always known how great we are, mate. Problem is that you stopped being you a long time ago, but you’re too busy to realize, too busy listening to people who don’t KNOW you telling you that you’re still great. Few years back, the Erik I knew would have topped himself before counting the opinions of the people you put so much stock in now.”

Game: "I’"

HBK (mockingly, right up in his face): “Truth hurts, huh? Tell you what, E... when you find a bit of soul, why don't you give me a shout? Until then, do us both a favour and find one of your little trysts...”

HBK grabs his bottle and leaves, bumping hard in The Game's shoulder on his way out. Summers says nothing at first...then notices a sledge hammer next to the door...he grabs it, smashes the TV, then spends a moment looking at it before he tosses the sledge hammer down to the ground in frustration.

*Commercial Break*

2005-01-21, 08:45 AM
Reilly’s office

(We hear a knock at the door and Xille walks in)

Reilly: “Oh great. What do you want?”

Xille: “I want Lock tonight.”

Reilly: “Really? And what makes you think that I am just going to give it to you.”

Xille: “Listen. He made the open challenge and I accepted it.”

Reilly: “So. You know full well that I have final say.”

Xille: “Reilly. Just give me the match I am going to put a stop to Murder Inc. before it can even get started. The AWF doesn’t need another GPA and since no one else will do it I am going to step up and take them out.”

Reilly: “What makes you think I want them taken out?”

Xille: “Just give me the match and I will leave you alone.”

Reilly: “Fine. You can have it, but it’s your funeral. Don’t come back here saying I should have stopped you.”

Xille: “And what makes you think I will be the one coming back crying.”

(With that Xille leaves the room while Reilly just sits there grinning)

JFA: “Well we are back from another commercial break and whats up next JHA.”
JHA: “Well I think that would be Tempest v. Strafe. I get to see my boy take on strafe. Oh this will be good.”
JFA: “So what do you say we just get on with it.”
JHA: “That’s one of the best ideas you’ve had all night.”

Tempest vs. Strafe

JRA: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall”

“Here to stay” by korn hits and Strafe comes out of the curtains to receive a rousing cheer by the fans.

JRA: “Introducing first, from Chicago Illinois, STRAFE!!!”

JHA: “Here comes Strafe, get ready for some Ivory Tower, J”
JFA: “Indeed, the master of the Ivory tower, the guy straight out of chi-town is back in action for us tonight. He will be facing off the Human Bulldozer, Tempest here in this one on one match.”

Strafe gives some high fives to the fans on his way down the ramp. He slides into the ring and poses at the top turnbuckle for a while. He goes down from the turnbuckle and starts to jump around in waiting for his opponent.

“Pistol Grip Pump” blares through the speakers as Tempest comes out. Along with the usual chorus of boos, we hear the crowd chanting “WHERE IS YOUR THONG” on the human bulldozer. This doesn’t sit well with Tempest as he walks down the aisle with a big scowl etched across his face.

JRA: “And his opponent, from Mandurah, WA, Australia. He is the Human Bulldozer…TEMPEST!!!”

JFA: “Tempest doesn’t look so happy hearing those thong chants around the arena tonight, J.”
JHA: “Who wouldn’t? Ok maybe some of the AWF divas wouldn’t be so insulted. Especially Atticus…man that’s one hot babe.”

Tempest gets into the ring and raises both arms into the air as the crowd continues to boo him. Both men are called to go into the center of the ring by the referee to start this match. The bell ring and the match is officially underway.

JFA: “Both men lock up on each other at the start of the match. Tempest gets the clear advantage here with a hard knee to the gut of Strafe. Strafe backing down as Tempest is running at him for a clothesline. Strafe ducks the clothesline and kicks Tempest had on the gut.”

Strafe grabs onto Tempest and delivers a sit down jawbreaker on him. The 2003 Rookie of the year is down on the mat and holding his jaw as Srafe goes to the top rope. Strafe launches himself from the top to land a diving leg drop on Tempest, but Tempest gets out of the way.

JHA: “What a hard landing there by Strafe. I think its time for the young Tempest to capitalize on this one.”

Tempest grabs Strafe and sends him into the corner. Tempest follows him there with a hard corner clothesline. Strafe gets it hard and he goes down on the corner as Tempest follows it up with a number of boots across the chest of Strafe. The fans start to chant “Where is your thong?” again at Tempest as Tempest continues the assault. Soon enough, the referee breaks it up and Tempest just waits for Strafe to get up.

JHA: “This crowd here tonight is just brutal on Tempest. Sure he wore a thong on Mayhem…so what? Big deal.”
JFA: “Why, do YOU wear a thong?”
JHA: “Hey my night life ain't your business buddy. I ain't held down with a wife like you!”

Strafe gets up from the corner and Tempest approaches him. Before Tempest gets a hold of Strafe, Strafe blasts him with some hard rights to back him off. Strafe delivers a DDT to take Tempest down the canvas. Strafe slowly gets to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle yet again for something.

JFA: “Strafe is up on the top yet again, J. I think he wants to finish this!”

Strafe turns around on the top rope and launches himself on Tempest with the Strafing Run. The crowd is on their feet as he connects with the top rope move and goes for the pin.

JFA: “The Strafing run connects and here comes the pin 1….2….NO! Tempest gets a shoulder up!”
JHA: “Strafe should have known better, it was just TOO SOON.”

Strafe gets up and waits for Tempest to get on his feet. Tempest gets back to his vertical base as Strafe bounces off the ropes for a crossbody. Tempest catches Strafe and delivers a fallaway slam on him. Strafe is down on the mat as Tempest goes to the outside to get something.

JFA: “It seems like Tempest wants to grab something underneath the apron.”
JHA: “Well whatever it is in your wildest fantasies, J. It ain’t gonna be a thong!”

Tempest grabs a steel pipe underneath the apron and slides into the ring with it. The referee tells him to put the foreign object back to the outside but Tempest refuses to do so. The argument goes on for a while until we see Strafe back on his feet. Strafe runs towards Tempest and goes for a dropkick but Tempest pulls the referee in front of him. The referee takes the bullet for Tempest as he goes down.

JHA: “Someone please call 911…Strafe just knocked out another referee in his 4 year career.”
JFA: “The referee is knocked down and Tempest still has that steel pipe with him.”

Tempest waits for Strafe to get up and tries to hit him over the head with the pipe. Strafe rolls out of the way and hits a kick to the midsection of Tempest. Strafe bounces off the rope and hits a front face dropkick to send Tempest out of his misery. Strafe suddenly hypes up the crowd as he signals for the Ivory tower.

JFA: “Its time for the Ivory tower to collapse on somebody! And tonight its gonna go down on Tempest.”

Strafe picks Tempest up but Tempest delivers a low blow to Strafe. Tempest grabs the nearby steel pipe and he just blasts it hard on the forehead of Strafe. Strafe falls down face first onto the mat as Tempest drops the steel pipe and covers Strafe. The referee gets up and sees the cover being made.

JFA: “Oh this is just not right! Tempest with a pipe shot on the forehead of Strafe while the referee was not looking.”
JHA: “Time to count it up then, J! 1…2…3! It’s over baby! Tempest wins this one tonight!”

Tempest gets his hand raised by the referee as his music blares throughout the ringside area.

JRA: “The winner of this match, TEMPEST!”

JHA: What an astounding victory! Tempest just buried his opponent!
JFA: Not exactly the cleanest victory I've ever seen, but it's defiantly Tempest standing in that ring, waiting for his music.
JHA: Hey! Where is his music? Did the sound guy fall asleep at the switch?

Instead of Tempest's music coming out of the soundtron, we hear a child laughing. It's the honest, sweet laughter of a child at play. It cuts off suddenly and is drowned out by the sound of thunder. The thunder builds and seems to reverberate around the arena. Tempest, standing at the ropes, seems to be arguing with a stage hand, who looks as confused as the fans do. Tempest throws the stage hand back and then, with a disgusted look on his face, walks through the ring to exit. He stops half way through, and looks up. His hand wipes his face and looks puzzled. The thunder sounds grow louder and in the centre of the ring, it starts to rain - hard and fast, quickly soaking the ring and Tempest. Tempest exits the ring and walks up the ramp - then turns and looks in awe at the rainstorm in the ring.

JFA: In all the time we've been announcing together, have you ever seen anything like this?
JHA: Never! And it looks like Tempest is as confused as we are!
JFA: Well folks, I promise , we'll look into this and see if we can get to the bottom of it.
JHA: It’s just creepy. I can’t put my finger on it but it feels somehow familiar.
JFA: I know what you mean but still creepy and I think that Keith Kincade is backstage with Tempest right now. Keith are you there.


KK: Yes I am and I have Tempest with me. Now Tempest congratulations on winning the match but it wasn’t the cleanest win I have ever seen.
TM: What are you talking about. I beat him fair and square and if you knew what was good for you, you would think so too.
KK: Umm, alright now on to bigger things like what just happened out there. What was that rainstorm in the ring all about.
TM: I don’t know and I would rather not talk about it. Now if you will excuse me I have to get out of here.

(Tempest shoves KK out of his way and storms off)

KK: Well J’s I don’t know whats going on but it sure seems to have Tempest worried. Back to you.

JFA: “Well we don’t know anymore than we did before but it looks like they are ready for the next match so lets go.”

Divebomb vs. Sir Auros

JFA- This next match should be a great one folks.

JHA- Don’t you say this every time?

JFA- No, and this match should be we have Auros vs. Divebomb.

JHA- Good, maybe I can watch the turncoat get his tail kicked.

JFA- Oh come on, he just was not willing to take any more crap from TC and the remainder of the GPA.

JHA- In other words he was a turncoat?

JFA-Oh never mind.

My Last Serenade by Killswitch Engage starts to echo in the arena and the crowd screams.

JHA- Yawn.

JRA- Making his way to the ring from Burnaby BC, Divebomb! Divebomb struts to the ring.

JFA- He looks ready to go after a great match with the Game last week.

JHA- Oh geeze that was his payment for screwing over the GPA in the War Games match.

JFA- Would you stop that! He just did what he had to do.

JHA- Sure so if I were to get you fired that would be what I had to do I like how you think.

Divebomb climbs the ropes and is in the ring limbering up as the music of his opponent starts up.

****ing in the Bushes starts to blare through the sound system.

JHA- Already beat the turncoat.

JFA- Can you stop on the whole turncoat thing.

JHA- No.

JFA- Figured.

JRA- From Mexico Sir Auros!

Auros runs down the aisle and into the ring.

JFA- Wow Auros certainly not waiting for this one to start.

Before the timekeeper can even hit the bell Auros is pounding away on Divebomb pushing him into a corner.

JHA- Wow that was what I wanted to see.

JFA- Divebomb was not quite ready for that type of an entrance.

JHA- Well even though he is a turncoat and a suck up to the Game, that’s what Auros, needs to do to beat him. He can’t let the match slow down.

Auros grabs Divebomb and slams him into the corner then drops and elbow on him.

JFA- Wow I can’t believe the explosive start to this match.

JHA- Oh don’t let Auros hear you say that.

JFA- I am not saying he can’t wrestle just I didn’t think he would start in on Divebomb like this.

JHA- You just don’t think he can wrestle.

JFA- wow Auros gets Divebomb up brain buster in the middle of the ring! Quickly goes for the over! One, two, three is over! No, no it’s not Divebomb got a shoulder up.

Auros starts to argue with the ref.

JHA- No Auros, don’t do that!

Divebomb getting up shaking his head sees his chance to attack. He dropkicks Auros in the back of the head. Auros tumbles out of the ring.

JFA- A great move, now Divebomb is getting his bearings back from that offensive onslaught Auros brought right to the ring.

JHA- No that was illegal he could have hurt Auros if he landed the wrong way.

Auros is stomping around the outside of the ring quite upset. He yells something to the ref the ref saying it’s perfectly legal.

JHA- Stop arguing with the ref Auros….

Divebomb sees his chance runs and jumps and pushes off the ref who is looking surprised.

JFA- Holy cow! Divebomb with a flying body press off the ref onto Auros!

JHA- Illegal use of a ref!

JFA- But if it were BDR or TC or anyone else it would be legal.

JHA- Yeah, so?

Fighting on the outside, Divebomb picks up Auros and snap power bomb on the outside!

JFA- Oh that had to take some starch out of Auros. Divebomb picking him going to try for something no blocked!

JHA- That’s it Auros get him. Auros chucking Divebomb into the ring post!

Divebomb literally goes completely around the ring post and lands in a heap on the mats, clutching his arms.

JFA- Wow, the power of Auros, he may have dislocated Dive bomb’s shoulder or worse.

JHA- Still nothing like what would happen if BDR got a hold of him.

JFA- Oh shut up.

Ref checking to see if Divebomb can continue he yells yes now the ref tells them to get back into the ring. Auros grabs Divebomb and slides him under the bottom rope.

JHA- That’s it snap him! Auros locks him in an octopus stretch.

JFA- Divebomb had to have hurt his arm screaming in pain but telling the ref he is not going to give up.

Auros snaps back hard and grabs the ring rope for leverage.

JFA- Oh come on, he is cheating!

JHA- Again so.

The ref looks to see Auros using the ring ropes and kicks his hand and tells him to break the hold.

Auros just tosses Divebomb out of the way.

JHA- That’s it don’t take any crap from a lowly ref.

JFA- He better be careful not to get DQ’ed.

JHA- Oh I don’t think that will happen. Auros, setting Divebomb up for another power bomb.

JFA- Auros tries to get him up. Wait, Divebomb blocked and his him hooked. Fisherman’s suplex!

JHA- Kick out Auros, kick out!

One, two, Auros breaks out of the pin.

JFA- Wow what a counter he almost got Auros with that one.

JHA- Grrr…..

Auros upset he hit’s Divebomb with a massive clothesline.

JHA- Damn he just turned Divebomb inside out…

JFA- Auros pounding Divebomb again, the ref better get in and make sure Auros is not using closed fists.

JHA- Bah, worse thing Auros can do is make Divebomb look better.

Ref stepping in and telling Auros to break it off, Auros hits Divebomb some more ref counting, 1, 2, 3, 4, Auros with a massive hook right to Divebomb’s mouth and then stops.

Divebomb on the mat bleeding from the blows to the head.

JFA- Wow Auros just trying to manhandle Divebomb.

JHA- That’s it break him!

Auros taunts the crowd then stands over Divebomb and places a hand on his neck.

JFA- Oh no not this.

JHA- yes do it Auros!

Auros grabs Divebomb by the neck and hoists him from the prone position straight up and down into the mat.

JFA- The power! I’ve never seen a choke slam like that!

JHA- I bet Divebomb wishes he didn’t have that match with the Game last week now.

JFA- Auros should make the cover what’s this?

JHA- No, what are you doing Auros?!

Auros climbs the turnbuckle.

JFA- Well maybe Auros is going to grace us with some airborne skill.

JHA- No don’t just pin him you have him beat.

Auros on the top rope ready to go for a splash of some type he jumps and Divebomb sticks his leg up.

JFA- Oh my God! Get the dentists ready for after this match. Both men are going to need it.

Auros head snaps back and he falls backwards onto the mat. Blood oozing out of the side of his mouth and nose.

JHA- Wow didn’t inspect this to become a bloodbath.

Auros places his hand on his mouth sees the blood and is enraged.

JFA- Auros sees his own blood going in for the kill one more time.

Auros snaps Divebomb from the mat.

JFA- Wow Auros ticked off getting ready to really end this. No, no! Divebomb with a counter. Kick to the stomach. Auros doubles over.

JHA- No Auros! Not like this.

JFA- The End! The End! Divebomb nails him with it. Grabs Auros from the mat and one more time, another The End! That’s two finishers. Grabs the leg and rolls over Auros. Ref down one, two three!

JRA- Your winner, by pin fall, Divebomb!

My Last Serenade fills the arena as Divebomb rolls off of Auros and checks his mouth wiping blood on his arm. The ref holds up his arm and he rolls out of the ring, salutes the fans and starts for the back.

Auros looks up and notices his lost and looks pissed and just glares as Divebomb heads back behind the curtains.

JFA- Wow what a match.

JHA- I’ve got to hand it to OT, Original Turncoat. Just when I thought Auros had the match won. Divebomb gets the win had to hit him with his finisher twice though to seal the match.

JFA- A strong match by both men.

*Commercial Break*


KK: “Well we are here with Divebomb after a brutal match there with Auros. First of all its good to see you are cleaned up and no permanent damage has been sustained.”

DB: “(In a sarcastic tone)Thanks. What do you want?”

KK: “Just wanted to get some post match comments from you.”

DB: “Ok but make it quick.”

KK: “Well I guess the next thing I should say is congratulations on the win. It looked like it was a hard fought victory.”

DB: “Yeah he gave me a good match but he didn’t stand a chance.(DB smirks at that comment) But it was good.”

(Suddenly TC walks around the corner. TC and Divebomb lock eyes and both men’s looks change into hate until finally TC eases up and grins)

TC: “Did I hear you say that that was a good match?”

DB: “Yeah I did. So what’s it too you?”

TC: “You know I can hardly believe that you were the one that cost us the wargames. You lost to the game and know you are proud of beating a former hardcore champ. You are pathetic.”

DB: “I would watch my mouth if I was you.”

TC: “Oh yeah and what are you going to do about it?”

DB: “TC you tempted me once and it cost you a big match. Don’t do it again. That is my final warning.”

TC: “Divebomb. You couldn’t win a big match even if it was against a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. So what do you think you can do against me?”

(Suddenly Divebomb lunges forward and the two men begin punching the hell out of each other.)

They go back and forth with no man gaining an advantage until finally security comes running in and tries to separate them. Divebomb break free and flys at TC and the two men punch at each other over the army of security guards when finally Reilly comes rushing onto the scene.

Reilly: “What the hell is going on here? Stop it.”

Divebomb and TC struggle to get free for a few moments longer but can’t.

Reilly: “Fine. You want at each other so damn bad then you got it.”

Divebomb: “I want him right now.”

TC: “You really are biting off more than you can chew.”

Reilly: “No, you don’t get him tonight. But at Edge of Survival you two get your wish. It’s going to be TC versus Divebomb at the Edge of Survival. Now get out of my sight.”

JFA: “Wow. That’s a big match that just got booked there.”
JHA: “I hope TC destroys the traitor.”
JFA: “I don’t know Divebomb looked mighty ready for anything TC could throw at him. I don’t think I have ever seen him this intense before.”
JHA: “Whatever. He’ll get whats coming to him.”
JFA: “We’ll see. But guess what? It’s time for your favorite match of the night.”
JHA: “What? Already. Damn it. I really don’t want to see this match.”
JFA: “Too late because here we go.”

Christopher Back vs. Blaster

JFA: Now folks, this was supposed to be a tag match…
JHA: Not that it would have been necessary…
JFA: BUT after our huge hardcore match last Mayhem NMat wasn’t cleared to wrestle, so Reilly had this match changed from Christopher Back and Scarecrow versus Blaster and NMat to simply Christopher Back against Blaster.
JHA: Again, either way, we all know how this is going to turn out.

If you mess with me you've got…

The crowd immediately starts to boo.

No chance!
No chance in hell.
You've got no chance.
If you mess with me you've got no chance,
No chance in hell.
You've got no chance.

RJA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall… making his way to the ring… from Indianapolis, Indiana… weighing in at 220 pounds… he is the NEW f’n game… Christopher… Back!

Back taunts to the crowd, absorbing all of their boos as if they’re fuel for his fire. His fun is stopped as a huge countdown pops up on the Archivetron, signaling the entrance of his opponent.


The camera cuts to Back, who refuses to leave the ring.




Reach out and touch faith

The crowd pops to their feet as the pyros explode in the arena!

Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares
Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who's there

RJA: And his opponent… weighing in at 200 pounds… from Vancouver, British Columbia… he is the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah… the Sultan of Suave… the God Among Men… the King of the World… the Pope of the People… and Your own Personal Jesus… Y3B… Blaster!

RJA collapses, noticeably out of breath. Blaster gets to the ring, stares down Back for a moment, and then climbs the ropes, taunting to all of his fans. He begins to climb down as Back runs up and attacks him from behind.

JFA: And this match is now underway! Christopher Back with a little less than noble start here…
JHA: Of course.

Back starts out with some quick shots to Blaster’s… back… and spins the Canadian around into a quick DDT. He quick tries to lock in one of his submission moves, the figure-four leglock, but Blaster grabs the bottom rope, canceling the hold. Christopher lets go at the 3 count, but doesn’t leave the spot before hitting a quick kick to Blaster’s back, weakening it further.

JFA: Blaster finally making it to his feet… he might actually get the chance to start some offense here…
JHA: And end this match. One punch, J. One punch. Money can’t buy you endurance.
JFA: I wish it could buy you a muzzle…

Christopher sees Blaster up and quickly runs to the opposite ropes, telegraphing a clothesline over the top. Blaster reacts, almost on instinct, and nails a powerslam.

JFA: Will he set up the Liontamer?
JHA: Like he needs it! Two quick elbow drops, and now he’s pulling Back… back… up to his feet.
JFA: Eye rake by Christopher Back!
JHA: Low blow by Back!
JFA: The ref isn’t calling it! He’s saying that Back hit the inside of the thigh! The crowd doesn’t like this one bit!
JHA: Apparently even our proud AWF referees have their price…

Back taunts the crowd again, and the crowd responds in turn with their patented “ASSHOLE” chant. Back turns toward Blaster, but then turns around again when a fan hits him with a cup. He shouts at the fan, screaming something along the lines of “buying the company he works for and firing him”, but is drowned out by the laughter from the crowd. He finally turns back toward Blaster to find him standing up, laughing, and pointing straight back at him. Blaster shrugs, taunts to the crowd, who pop for their personal Jesus, and runs up to Back.

JFA: The two men trading punches now. Back definitely losing… knife edge chop from Y3B!

Crowd: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

JFA: Two!

Crowd: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

JFA: Cyberstrike blocks the third and slips in a side headlock.

Back yells… back… at the crowd, mentioning how he’s beating their personal Jesus, but meanwhile manages to slightly loosen his hold on Blaster, who connects with a snapmare take over.

JFA: Snapmare by Blaster…
JHA: Is it still a snapmare if he’s a male?
JFA: You’ve been watching bra and panties matches again…

A quick dropkick to the back of… Back’s… head puts him completely down on the mat. Blaster turns his opponent over…

JFA: Touch of Faith!
JHA: You’ve been waiting for that all night, haven’t you?
JFA: …no…

Back screams in pain, but is able to make it to the bottom rope. Blaster lets go of his opponent, picks him up, spins him around, and hits an amazing release german suplex, laying Christopher Back in the middle of the ring.

JFA: Uh oh!
JHA: “Uh oh”? That’s all you can say, “uh oh”?
JFA: It looks like Blaster has found Cyber-
JHA: -Christopher-
JFA: -right, Back in the wrong position!
JHA: The Soundsault! He’s in the air!
JFA: Knees up! Back got his knees up! Blaster is stumbling around the ring in pain!

Christopher Back uneasily gets up and begins to stalk his opponent…

JHA: Quite the move from Back! Both men are down!
JFA: This might be it! The refs started the count




Blaster starts to stir



Blaster gets a knee, and grabs Back to pull him up.

JFA: Looks like Blaster wants to finish this off his way.
JHA: His way or the highway! Oh! I’m so clever. Oh man, am I clever. Did you see what I did there? I took what you said, and referenced it to that song.
JFA: If I took cyanide right now, how much longer would I have to listen to you?

Blaster bends Back over…

JFA: Don’t say anything.

and after locking him under his arm, falls back to score a crisp DDT. Blaster rolls him over, and for the second time in the night locks in Touch the Faith.

JFA: He did it again! There’s no way Back can escape now!

Back’s eyes have rolled up into the back of his head.

JFA: Oh no… no, no, no!
JHA: Look… it’s that girl! A girl! A girl!
JFA: It’s been awhile since you saw one, hasn’t it?
JHA: It’s been awhile since a lot of this roster saw one.

Atticus is sprinting down the ramp, chair in hand and quickly rolls into the ring and hits the ref from behind.

JFA: Last time she tried to break up a submission move with a chair, she broke Ignavus’ nose with it.
JHA: How do you remember this crap?
JFA: You remember all the ex-GPA member’s birthdays.

Atticus sprints at Blaster, still locking in his version of the Walls of Jericho – Touch the Faith – from behind. Blaster, however, apparently realized her presence and drops himself backwards. This catapults Back right up into the air and into Atticus’ baseball swing with the chair.

JHA: Holy crap.
JFA: That was an excellent move by Blaster! That was so clever!
JHA: And you think I’m biased for the GPA.
JFA: There’s a difference. Blaster is good.
JHA: So he keeps saying.

Atticus, looking down at the crumpled Back, starts to back up slowly. Blaster, however, charges at her and dropkicks the chair in her hand, sending it into her nose.

JFA: Blaster has really turned this run in around in his favor.

With Atticus and Back down from chair shots Blaster moves for the ref and tries slapping him to revive him.

JHA: This is ridiculous. That annoying prick should have lost… that woman cheated for him. He should have been DQ'ed!
JFA: She was coming out to attack Blaster! It’s just a testament to his skill that he took advantage of it.
JHA: Well, looks like he’s gotten the ref up.
JFA: He’s still kinda dazed.
JHA: Of course he is, or he would have canceled this match!

Blaster, after propping up the ref, pins Back. The ref goes for the count..




JFA: Yay! Blaster won!

Blaster, laughing, stands up and starts kicking the semi-unconscious Back across the ring until he falls under the ropes and off the ring.

JHA: He’s turning on that girl now.
JFA: No, Blaster, don’t do it. You’re better than this.

Atticus has pressed herself against the corner, and is struggling, unsuccessfully, to regain her feet as Blaster closes in on her with a microphone in hand.

Y3B: And this folks is just more foreshadowing at what will happen at EoS. I will get the tag title match. And this hussy will come out to ring side and do EVERYTHING she can to make my life a living hell apart from proposing marriage. Now why don't you learn your place monkey and stay back stage. The only people that want to see you are the desperate. Cheap, talentless hacks in the back that have the chump change in their wallet to throw at a low grade street walker like yourself.

Atticus is now standing looking at Blaster with a wry grin not saying anything.

Y3B: What? Personal Jesus got your tongue?

I ain’t happy, feelin glad
I got sunshine, in a bag
I’m useless, but not for long
My future, is comin on
Is comin on, is comin on

JFA: It’s Ignavus!
JHA: Who?
JFA: That lazy guy. He must be coming out to save his friend!
JHA: Oh right… that guy. I hate that guy.
JFA: Is that ‘cause he’s friends with the only girl you’ve seen in years?

Ignavus runs down the ramp, charging at Blaster. It seems that Y3B has forgotten about Atticus, and is smiling at the slacker.

JFA: This must have been his plan, of course he doesn’t want to hurt a woman! He’s too good for that.
JHA: I wouldn’t be so sure.

Blaster just superkicked Atticus from behind. Ignavus looks infuriated, and as he slides into the ring D-Ex comes out of nowhere and scoops him up for a Samoan Drop.

JFA: What a lame trick.
JHA: You mean a classic one. It’s been used a hundred times. The fool should have been expecting it.
JFA: What? You think he has eyes in the back of his head.

Ignavus just whipped Blaster to the corner, D-Ex gets on his knees… Ignavus starts charging…

JHA: Reactive Rejection! Reactive Rejection!
JFA: You like the alliteration, don’t you?
JHA: The what now?

Leaving Blaster after the savage attack, the Serial Slackaz go to help Atticus up and leave the ring. Pausing for a moment, Atticus goes out of her way to literally walk on Blaster on her way out of the ring… high heels and all.

JFA: This is ridiculous. They are just asking for it come Edge of Survival.
JHA: Why?
JFA: The Serial Slackaz are slated to go against Blaster and Nmat at the PPV – and let’s be honest, there’s no way they can retain the title against that pair.
JHA: Unless they cheat again! Mwahahahahaaha!

Pausing for a moment at the top of the ramp, the Serial Slackaz and Atticus pause for a moment to celebrate and mock both Blaster and the fans.

*Commercial plays for the new Xille DVD, Year One: You Can’t Deny. Apparently, the New York times says, “this is the most inspiring story of a little person I have ever seen.”*

2005-01-21, 08:47 AM
Lock vs. Xille

JFA: Well, here we are, Lock issued an open challenge and Xille answered it.

JHA: Do we need any more proof that everything's not right with him?

JFA: I don't know what you mean. Lock is an excellent competitor.

JHA: Hey! You're twisting my words! That's not cool!

JRA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, The Lock!!

JFA: And here's the Lock, seemingly full of himself!

JHA: He has every right to be proud. He's achieved so much here in the AWF I'm surprised he hasn't gotten anymore respect
than he does now.

JFA: Respect should be earned, and I don't see Lock doing it with the attitude he's sporting at the moment.

JHA: I've said it once and I'll say it again, you just don't like winners. Look at him, he's confident and definitely ready for Xille.

JRA: And from Lancaster, Ohio...

The ring announcer is cut short, however as Xille wastes no time waiting for the introduction but runs straight into the ring and
slides under the bottom rope. The Lock is waiting for him but Xille ducks the clothesline attempt, bounces off the ropes and
hits a dropkick to the left knee of Lock. The Lock falls on one knee which gives Xille an opportunity to hit a bulldog. Not
waiting for Lock to get back up Xille hits a springboard leg drop on the Australian and goes for the pin, but gets only a two
count before Lock raises the shoulder. Xille backs down as the Lock gets up, Lock charges at Xille but Xille drops him with
a drop toe hold. Xille goes again to the ropes and hits Lock with a dropkick to the back of the head. Xille grabs a head lock
but Lock powers back up and pushes Xille to the ropes. Wisely Xille slides under Lock's feet on his way back and grabs a
waist lock from behind and pushes both of them against the ropes. The Lock grabs the ropes sending Xille rolling back but
when Lock turns around he's met with a dropkick that sends him over the top rope to the floor.

JFA: Xille is really giving it to the leader of Murder Inc. The Lock on the floor, getting up and Xille with a plancha over the
top rope taking Lock down!! Xille raises the Lock to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. Cover! One, two...

JHA: Lock kicks out!

JFA: Xille almost won this match before Lock got his engine even started! Lock getting back to his feet, Xille is stalking him.
Charges... and Lock hits an overhead belly-to-belly out of nowhere!

JHA: That sent Xille flying across the ring! Xille was over confident and Lock showed him why he's the master of all things

JFA: Now you're just pulling things out of your hat... Xille back to his feet but Lock's already on him, stiff right hands, whip to
the ropes and an arm drag! Followed with an arm bar! Lock twisting that arm like it's made of wood! Xille in obvious pain,
trying to struggle out!

JHA: He's on his feet but no use, Lock's got that arm bar locked in tight.

JFA: Xille jumps to the ropes, and springboards himself over the Lock taking him down! But that didn't do any favours to the
arm of Xille as he's holding it, that jump must've twisted the arm even more!

As Xille shakes his hand, trying to get some feeling back into it, Lock gets to his feet. Quickly he grabs a waist lock from
behind and tries to score with a release german suplex. Xille lands on his feet however, runs to the ropes for momentum and
tries to hit a tornado DDT. The Lock manages to keep his balance and counters the DDT into a fisherman's suplex, getting a
two count. The Lock continues his assault with a series of kicks on the downed Xille before raising him up and hitting him with
a suplex. The Lock hovers over for another pin attempt and gets another two count. Once again, he picks Xille back up, and
then whips him with force to the corner. Xille hits the turnbuckle sternum first and as he's backing up in pain Lock grabs him
and hits a german suplex.

JFA: After a rough start Lock is now really bringing in some pain on Xille. Non-chalantly picks him up and hits a DDT!
Cover! One, two, thr... Xille got the shoulder up!

JHA: How is that pip squeak still in this?! Doesn't he know when to quit?

JFA: Xille knows when to quit, and that's never! You should've learned that by now.

JHA: Well if Xille hasn't learned not to stick his nose in everyone's business I'm entitled to this.

JFA: There's that weird un-earthly logic of yours again... The Lock stalking Xille now, Xille trying to get to his feet... and
Lock just grabs him by the hair and slams him head first back down again! Lock showing absolutely no respect for his
opponent, that's clear by the way he's taunting him now!

JHA: The Lock's got all the reasons for taunting Xille, he's superior in every possible way. And now he's showing his
superiority with a front head lock. And there's nothing Xille can do about it!

JFA: Don't be so sure, Xille showing a lot of guts and he's fighting. He's trying to get to his feet... and succeeds!

JHA: But he's still in the head lock... He tries to suplex Lock but he hasn't got enough strength left! And Lock suplexes him
holding only his head! Lock covers, this one is over. One! Two!

JFA: And Xille gets a shoulder up! He won't quit! And Locks' stating to get frustrated!

The Lock yells at the referee trying to change his decision but to no avail. He then starts stalking Xille again, standing behind
him and waiting for him to get back to his feet.

JFA: Xille struggling to get back up, Lock's behind him. The Big Payback!! ...but Xille counters it!! Xille to the ropes, ducks
the clothesline... and hits a springboard moonsault inverted facelock DDT!

JHA: Show-off!

JFA: A fantastic desperate move by Xille, I would not call that showing off.

JHA: I was talking about you...

JFA: Ahem, yes... Anyway, Lock is down and Xille continues with the pressure! Picks him up, whip to the ropes, and a
hurracanrana into a pinning predicament! One, two... and Lock kicks out! Lock quickly back to his feet, swings at Xille, Xille
ducks and hits an inverted DDT! Grabs the leg and shoulders are down! One, two... and again Lock kicks out! Lock trying
to get to his feet, Xille from the ropes, and a spinning neckbreaker on Lock!

JHA: The Lock really needs to get back to the game! Xille picks him up, a couple of right hands and a whip to the corner.
Xille charges... straight into Lock's elbow. Ha! Now Lock charges... and Xille with an arm drag?! That's not right!

JFA: The Lock also amazed by Xille's comeback, but Xille wastes no time, only opponents! A spinning heel kick to the
Lock's jaw, and a springboard moonsault. Cover! One, two... and Lock gets a shoulder up! Xille showing no signs of
frustration, though. He climbs to the top rope, signaling for the Last Mile! If he hits it, this one's over!

JHA: Lock, look out! Don't get up!

JFA: The Lock slowly to his feet, Xille's up in the air!! ...and Lock reverses it into a powerbomb!! What a great counter by
the Lock!

The Lock tries to clear off the cobwebs as Xille is slowly trying to get back up. The Lock sees him, though and drops him
immediately with a shoulder block. He follows up with a couple of elbow drops before picking Xille up into the Canadian
backbreaker. He twists Xille's back a few times for good measure before slamming him hard down onto his face. Lock picks
Xille up again and whips him to the corner. As he charges Xille raises his foot trying to kick Lock but the Lock sees it coming
and grabs the leg, locking in the ankle lock. Xille tries to struggle but the Lock drags him away from the corner to the center
of the ring.

JFA: The Lock's got the ankle lock! Xille might have to tap out!

JHA: Yess!! Tap out, you midget!!

JFA: Xille trying to get free, but the Lock's too strong. Xille dragging himself closer to the ropes, inch by inch...

JHA: He won't make it!

JFA: Almost there... and he's got a hold of the ropes. The referee is telling the Lock to release the hold. Release the hold,
damnit! There's no reason for that!!

JHA: Calm down, he let Xille go...

JFA: Yeah, just in time before the referee counted to five and disqualified him. He's a real sport.

JHA: The Lock's taking in the cheers of the crowd...

JFA: Those sound more like boos to me...

JHA: ...but that gave Xille enough time to get up, although on one leg. Lock charges... and Xille with a drop to hold! Lock
goes against the ropes, laying on the second rope...

Xille sees his opportunity and ignoring the pain in his leg climbs on Lock's back, facing the ring. He jumps a moonsault, grabs
the ropes and swings himself over them hitting the Lock straight into the face with his feet. The Lock flies backwards on his
back in the center of the ring.

JFA: The Lock might be out, Xille climbs to the top rope. His leg is still hurting him but he's fighting through it. This is it, Xille
jumps... and hits the Lobotomy!! He covers the Lock, hooks the leg! One, two, three?!

JHA: No! Lock got the shoulder up! Lock got the shoulder up!!

JFA: Xille can't believe it, I can't believe it! The crowd can't believe it, but the Lock kicked out after the Lobotomy.

JHA: Xille must be wondering what must he do to win this match.

JFA: He probably is, and it seems like he's come to an answer. Again he climbs to the top rope, Last Mile possibly coming
up. The leg's still hurting and Xille can't get to the top as fast as he usually does.

JHA: Xille tried the Last Mile once before and it didn't end very well for him.

JFA: Xille is at the top... and Lock just got up! And with a hurry he runs to the turnbuckle and belly-to-belly suplexes Xille off
the top rope!! But that seemed to take every last bit of energy Lock had left! He slowly drags himself to Xille, puts an arm
over him. Referee's right there! One, two, thr.. and Xille kicks out! What a match!!

JHA: Both men slowly to their feet, Lock swings a right hand sending Xille staggering back, Xille answers with a kick to the
calf of Lock, the Lock doubles over and Xille with a small package. One, two, and Lock kicks out.

JFA: Both men quickly to their feet, and Lock connects with a northern lights suplex. One, two... and Xille kicks out! Xille
back to his feet but Lock drops him with a thunderous clothesline! Lock looking at the top rope, he might go for a high risk

JHA: Xille is down, this might be the perfect opportunity for Lock to hit his patented elbow drop from the top rope. You
know why? 'Cause he's a rocker!!

JFA: Stop it, you're embarrassing me. But the Lock is truly going for the top rope, his elbow drop might give him the victory
here. But wait, Xille's up... and he hits the Frankensteiner on Lock!! And now Xille's on the top rope, Lock slowly getting up,
the tables have turned! Hey whats this. Some one just jumped over the railing. No it can’t be.
JHA: Oh yes it can. Look at the golden bat and Lock is distracting the ref.

Ghostal jumps up onto the apron and drives the bat hard into Xille’s back sending him crashing to the mat then quickly drops off the apron and out of sight.

JFA: Lock dragging Xille to his feet now and he scores with the Big Payback. He
covers Xille, hooks the far leg. One, two...

JHA: And three!! This one is over, and Lock wins it!

JFA: Indeed, Lock has won this one, but it took Ghostal and his golden bat to do it. Xille gave him a run for his money! He gave everything he got and forced
Lock to give his all too. But it was all tainted when Ghostal came out here.
JHA: Oh look at this. Ghostal is back in the ring now and he’s going face to face with Lock.
JFA: I wonder if Lock even knew what happened there.
JHA: Oh he knew. Look.

With that Lock and Ghostal extend their hands and shake in the middle of the ring then quickly turn and begin beating the hell out of xille. After about 20 seconds or so of them just pummeling Xille, security rushes out of the back and into the ring forcing Ghostal and Lock to leave. Both men walk back up the ramp and stop at the top as medical staff look after Xille. Ghostal grabs a mic.

Ghostal: Hey Xille. Yeah, up here.

Xille slowly comes too and looks up the ramp at his former partner.

Ghostal: Incase you couldn’t tell I have found my partner for our little match.

Ghostal drops the mic and points at Lock and both men begin to laugh as they leave the stage.

*Commercial Break*

JFA: “We are back and I still can’t believe what we just saw.”
JHA: “Yeah. Ghostal picked his partner and it is the founder of Murder Inc.”
JFA: “Well I hope Xille has something up his sleeve for that match otherwise I think its going to be short. But anyways its time for our final match of the night so we will send it over to Flec and Styles now so JHA go sit back and enjoy the show.”
JHA: “Oh yeah. Good night all.”
JFA: “Flec…Styles. Its all yours.”

TC v Morpheus

Disciple by Slayer begins to resonate throughout the arena as an angered TC appears under the Archivetron.

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event for the evening and it is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring area, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, here is the Whole F’N Show…TC!

Flec: And there is a man who has every right to be steamed! Did you see what that…SELL OUT…that TRAITOR did?

Joey: I think as always, you were watching a different monitor than I was. I believe Divebomb has every justification in the world to feel the way he does…

Flec: Yeah…well…you also think that Sponge Bob is quality TV!

The music changes as the arena darkens and Moonlight Sonata is heard, creating an eerie contrast to the speed metal of Slayer.

JRA: And his opponent…hailing from the minds of innocent children…this is Morpheus!

Flec: Oh…and here comes the AWF’s own personal walking freak show…what kind of sick moron would book a scaffold match…THEN BUILD HIS OWN SCAFFOLD?!?

Joey: Someone who is trying to help AWF stars reach their dreams.

Flec: Oh don’t give me that garbage! Not even a shill like you would buy that…and you’d buy from one of these local Eskimos!

Joey: What are you talking about? We’re in Calgary…you make it sound like we’re out in the Arctic Circle!

Flec: May as well be…fricking bizarroland here…have I mentioned how much I hate Canada?

Joey: Yes…now shut up. Morpheus in the ring now after his trademarked methodical entrance, and he’s glaring down one of his War Games opponent and the man who cost him his reign as AWF Champion.

Flec: I looked at it as more of a mercy killing myself…

Joey: Wha…would you stop? Bell sounds and match underway, collar elbow tie up and Morpheus with the advantage, knee lift to the gut and an arm drag take over. Morpheus up and a rapid elbow drop right across the throat and Morpheus looking to punish TC early and often here tonight.

Flec: Cause he’s a miserable freak…I’ve always hated him you know…

Joey: I’m sure he’s quite distraught over that fact…Morpheus now with that rock on the apron…staring at TC who is turning to roll back up…and Morpheus lunging forward towards TC…grabbing him by the mouth…

Flec: EWWWWW! We don’t know where those fingers have been…TC SPIT THEM OUT BEFORE YOU GET RABIES!

Joey: One: That is so very wrong. Two: How do you expect him to spit a man’s forced fingers out of his mouth? Morpheus now ramming TC’s head into the mat, which is earning him some reprimands from the ref, which causes Morpheus to stop, only for a moment…then he responds with a massive eye rake to TC.

Flec: He should be disqualified right this second!

Joey: Morpheus being pulled off by the referee now…warning him…TC shaking the cobwebs…Morpheus back on the attack and LOW BLOW!

Flec: YES!

Joey: Where is your cry for justice now?

Flec: Please, it’s Morpheus…how much could hitting those raison sacks hurt?

Joey: I see…when it’s Morpheus bending the rules that’s all wrong…

Flec: Now you are finally catching on!

Joey: TC, ever the opportunist able to get one by as the referee out of position. Now answering, spin kick to the face rocks Morpheus off the ropes, sending him teetering towards TC who catches Morpheus with a sudden and violent…

Flec: Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza!!!

Joey: Is that the only move you actually recognize the name for? Never mind…TC taking a moment to clear his vision and shake off the early attack. TC on his feet…bounding off the ropes and nailing Morpheus with a rolling thunder. Cover…and Morpheus kicks out shortly after two.

Flec: Why can’t that idiot stay down? Doesn’t he realize he’s in the ring with the AWF Champion?

Joey: Excuse me?

Flec: Well, he should be…Summers should have just handed him that title! It was his after all!

Joey: Right…especially after he and his buddy Ravage screwed Morpheus out of the belt in the first place! TC now, with Morpheus in a neck vice, twisting away…which is bringing Morpheus amazingly to his feet and a elbow into the gut, breaks the hold and another into the throat forces TC back a step, now staggering forward and double arm ddt by Morpheus!

Flec: Get up TC!
Joey: Morpheus hunched back into the corner now, clearly winded…TC down on the canvass. Morpheus now moving in and LEG SWEEP! TC with a leg sweep that sends Morpheus down to the mat hard…the ref checking him over…TC meanwhile going up to the top rope…

Flec: HEY! What’s that traitor doing out here? REF!!!

Joey: Divebomb jumping up on the apron and shoving TC hard from the top turnbuckle to the floor…crashing hard into the guard rail. DB on the floor now…and The End! DB with The End on TC…shoving him back into the ring…


Joey: Morpheus staggering over to TC, pulling him up and Anesthesis! Cover…1…2…3! And Morpheus has won himself a little bit of payback!

Flec: Oh…COME ON! Let’s be honest here…it was all the traitor! That useless, no good, MOTHER CANUCKER! AND THESE IDIOTS CHEER HIM! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS FRIGGIN’ COUNTRY?!?

Joey: Nonetheless…Morpheus victorious folks!

Divebomb grabs a mic and walks half way up the ramp.

DB: “Well TC I warned you and that was just a little preview of what will happen at the Edge of Survival. Get ready(Divebomb smiles and looks around the Canadian crowd) Because Doomsday is Coming!”

He tosses the mic down and leaves as TC just lies in the ring with a pissed off look on his face.

Joey: “Well this has been another edition of AWF Warzone. We have had a great show with both the TV and Tag Titles on the line as well as Ghostal announcing his partner and Reilly booking a match between TC and Divebomb for the Edge of Survival. But on behalf of JFA, JHA, Flec and myself I have to say goodnight and we’ll see you on Mayhem.”

Flec: “Yeah. Good night.”

*”Duality” begins again as the ending video rolls and Warzone goes off the air*

2005-01-21, 09:47 AM
OOC: Nice warzone guys! WOHOO! That Xille/Lock match blew the house down. Oh and about the following IC comment...uhm..if you find it rather offensive or just not good...just PM it to me ok? I'm still kinda...er...hurly after eating a pizza and cant think straight.

Uhm....weird crowd though. First we got cheered then get the heel treatment?
.............oh well thats canada for ya. Like the WWE, we aint safe :wtf: Ok, maybe not....I'm just still stoned.


D-Ex: "From the TV taping on Europe to the harshest weather of Canada, I pulled it off! 4 straight hours of kicking some ass....takin some names and drinkin to some morphweisers! I tell you what is better than having appearing on this 4 hour AWF/other fed back to back special tonight on the transformer wrestlin channel, and thats winning, baby!"

*we see the camera zoom out to show D-Extreme sitting on the stool while drinking to some beer. He does a 'wooo!' before he falls flat on his back. He slowly gets up and looks at the cam.

D-Ex:" They didnt see me falling did they? Oh your gonna edit it? Cool. Ok lets roll!"

D-Ex quickly stands up and grabs the nearest hockey stick.

D-Ex: "Yup I swung the puck on some smuck with this baby in Ireland. Yeah thats 3-3 in OT baby! Then....er...I had to be escorted to the penalty box due to some fight. Ok enough about that."

He tosses it out of the way and grabs the singapore cane.

D-Ex: "And this baby almost had a blast in Canada before I found out that we didnt need to use this on those LOSERS called 'starstorm'. Hey Vanth, Raven....how are you guys feeling right now? How the hell does it feel to eat your words?! How the hell does it feel to get a dose of reality?! You felt it? Canada felt it...the WHOLE WORLD WATCHING LIVE felt it! The Reactive Rejection just hit their first two victims! After that, 1....2....3..! IT was over baby! So Starstorm, wanna say we dont deserve a title match let alone a tlte shot? Try saying that while you face yourselves in the mirror! You guys dont even stand in the same league as me and ALMIGHTY SLACKA! So go back to your hole from where you came and come out when your parents let you!"

D-Extreme pauses for a while and thinks.

D-Ex: "And blaster, it was nothing personal with that Reactive Rejection. You see, you were hurting our business. That business of course is the safety and well being of our manager atticus. Tonight, Y3B, even though you were not the FIRST....you were still the victim of the reactive rejection. So how the hell does it feel Blaster? How does it feel talking a lotta crap...and getting laid down for it? I know you had a history of lying on your ass after you said a mouthful...but still, I'm just curious."

D-Extreme picks up his tag team belt and puts it over his shoulder.

D-Ex: "To the rest of you guys at the back, you think me and Igz aint deserving after seeing us in action here on Calgary? Well were more than welcome to show that we are for real. Cause we are the SERIAL SLACKAZ! Step up if you want to...survive...if were too lazy to letchu!"

2005-01-21, 02:11 PM
HBK and someone else decided to save Viking Boy of all people.

Meh thats ok, first of Viking your belt really is not worth anything to me. I mean it's only the TV belt and look how easy I beat you the jobbers going after your belt really are not worth my time so I suppose in some way I should thank HBK and out other masked persona.

But HBK you see the problem here is simple, you and well your masked amigo, which I can't blame as I would not want to be seen as an ally to you. Well again you ****ed up. You keep sticking your nose into my business and you are going to get burned.

I know TC will finish off that turncoat at EOS. And I am certianly looking for someone to show some balls and challenege me. I'll take you and the other masked wonders interference tonight as being a non-vocal challenege. So HBK if you aren't totally afraid of actually stepping up to me face to face. Bring it.

2005-01-21, 04:25 PM
Excuse me, did I hear some insignificant bug tht lost to me legally call me names? Did I hear that someone who has lost the match angry with himself for not getting the belt, call me names?

Face it ravage, I beat you fair, 1,2,3 and destoryed you. True you may have made my blood flow, * touches head* but thats what happens when you battle. You may say how insigificant this belt is but face it, when have you ever held a belt? Never is my guess. I guess OP is a better challenger for the belt than you. I guess you just failed like how you fail in life. Its no matter to me now. I still have what is rightfully mine and none shall take it.

Listen OP, you will be wise to keep your head down and just leave. If I ever see you with my belt or even near my belt, I shall beat you into a more bloody plup than your patheic attack on me. Consider yourself warned.

Believe the Hype, Feel the Pain

2005-01-21, 04:59 PM
I'm afraid to meet you face-to-face? I think it's more a case of you're too slow for that, which is why it so often turns out to be foot-to-face - the HBKick is just too fast for you. But then again, the average tortoise is a bit too face for Big Daddy Rav, so read into it what you will.

What it all comes down to, Mr Evening Gown, is that I beat you the last time we met one-on-one, and you couldn't handle it. You took months out of my career just because you're a bad loser... well we both know you're not a bad loser, in fact you're quite good at it - hell, you just lost to CloudStrifer.

What's going to happen at Edge of Survival is the same thing that happened last time - I win, you lose. Except the epilogue's gonna be a bit different - this time it'll be you going home unable to walk. And if you ain't down with that... then maybe you are as dumb as you look.

2005-01-22, 05:36 AM
HBK your nothing but a little bitch.

Lately any time you have taken me out it's been with help. Be it the viking that rides the little yellow bus. To your homosexual life mate the Game.

So at EOS if you want to show some balls and take me on one on one great. But it might be the last match you ever walk into. But hey that wheelchair Steven Hawkins has is pretty neat.

Oh and Cloud, needing two bitches to beat me so that you can win. Well thats not exactly having a guy beat. But given the highest level talent you can get into the ring with is D-Reject and OPJobber. Well thats self explainitory isn't it?

Let's face it, I hurt people, I am not a nice guy. But yet I get the women in the back, I have the cars and no matter what I still get paid so you jobbers all want to be me. Thats ok if I had to sadly be like most of you I would want to be me too.

2005-01-23, 01:20 PM
Another show, another talentless hack run over by Murder Inc.
Now if The Lock knew what Vin Ghostal had done, The Lock would have given him a stern talking to straight after the incident before making the pin, but then again, even if The Lock did see Ghostal do it, The Lock probably wouldn't have cared because:

1. Xille had it coming for running his mouth like the bitch he is.

2. Vinny G and The Lock go way back.

So it's all good that we be running again, even if it is just for one match, but one things for sure, The Lock has Vinny G's back, so long as he has mine. Xille's going down.

2005-01-23, 06:40 PM
So, once again the Double S gets the night off. But hey, when you're a high flying, Sixshooting, ass kicking superstar, and you do a holy **** moment off the top of a Wargames cell, your body needs time to recover, know what I'm saying?

Anyhow, let's see CloudStrifer beat Ravage of... I mean beat Ravage. Blaster beat Back. No real surprise there then. Erm, The Serial Slackers beat a team I'd forgotten existed... Oh and Ghostal shows that he's a loser. Which we already knew. The rest isn't really important.

What's important is the the Double S gets back in action soon, and luckily for the Welsh Wonder's fans, by Mayhem, he'll be ready to do just that.

Raven Darkstorm
2005-01-23, 07:58 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
OOC: Nice warzone guys! WOHOO! That Xille/Lock match blew the house down. Oh and about the following IC comment...uhm..if you find it rather offensive or just not good...just PM it to me ok? I'm still kinda...er...hurly after eating a pizza and cant think straight.

Uhm....weird crowd though. First we got cheered then get the heel treatment?
.............oh well thats canada for ya. Like the WWE, we aint safe :wtf: Ok, maybe not....I'm just still stoned.


D-Ex: "From the TV taping on Europe to the harshest weather of Canada, I pulled it off! 4 straight hours of kicking some ass....takin some names and drinkin to some morphweisers! I tell you what is better than having appearing on this 4 hour AWF/other fed back to back special tonight on the transformer wrestlin channel, and thats winning, baby!"

*we see the camera zoom out to show D-Extreme sitting on the stool while drinking to some beer. He does a 'wooo!' before he falls flat on his back. He slowly gets up and looks at the cam.

D-Ex:" They didnt see me falling did they? Oh your gonna edit it? Cool. Ok lets roll!"

D-Ex quickly stands up and grabs the nearest hockey stick.

D-Ex: "Yup I swung the puck on some smuck with this baby in Ireland. Yeah thats 3-3 in OT baby! Then....er...I had to be escorted to the penalty box due to some fight. Ok enough about that."

He tosses it out of the way and grabs the singapore cane.

D-Ex: "And this baby almost had a blast in Canada before I found out that we didnt need to use this on those LOSERS called 'starstorm'. Hey Vanth, Raven....how are you guys feeling right now? How the hell does it feel to eat your words?! How the hell does it feel to get a dose of reality?! You felt it? Canada felt it...the WHOLE WORLD WATCHING LIVE felt it! The Reactive Rejection just hit their first two victims! After that, 1....2....3..! IT was over baby! So Starstorm, wanna say we dont deserve a title match let alone a tlte shot? Try saying that while you face yourselves in the mirror! You guys dont even stand in the same league as me and ALMIGHTY SLACKA! So go back to your hole from where you came and come out when your parents let you!"

D-Extreme pauses for a while and thinks.

D-Ex: "And blaster, it was nothing personal with that Reactive Rejection. You see, you were hurting our business. That business of course is the safety and well being of our manager atticus. Tonight, Y3B, even though you were not the FIRST....you were still the victim of the reactive rejection. So how the hell does it feel Blaster? How does it feel talking a lotta crap...and getting laid down for it? I know you had a history of lying on your ass after you said a mouthful...but still, I'm just curious."

D-Extreme picks up his tag team belt and puts it over his shoulder.

D-Ex: "To the rest of you guys at the back, you think me and Igz aint deserving after seeing us in action here on Calgary? Well were more than welcome to show that we are for real. Cause we are the SERIAL SLACKAZ! Step up if you want to...survive...if were too lazy to letchu!"

RD: "We're fine D, how about you? We only want to fight the best tag teams around but since you two seem to be it for the tag team division we'll be facing you guys again in the future."

2005-01-23, 08:14 PM
War is not fair and since I highly doubt that your an honorable man, I deem it that any way to win is a win. You certainly seem to agree with it since your joined the hackfest caled GPA. Anyway your a loser and I beat you, I certainly have no need to talk to you anymore.

Back to business.....

Where are you OP? In the Hospital? In the darkness hiding or hugging your destoryed nightmare shards? Are you cowering in fear of the mighty CloudStrifer? Its not need to be ashamed of, even great men when they meet me fall in respect and shame. I am waiting for your face and response to this.

Murder Inc, another GPA? or another group that is based on warriors that are not men but partial men trying to become at least a man. Patheic? Maybe, Maybe not I certainly don't know. I will have to keep my eyes open if any one of those members crosses my path and my belt.

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain!

2005-01-23, 09:44 PM
>Ignavus stands outside a brick building as the wind howls, and a mild snow falls. He shivers.<

"I've got something to admit. It's scary, I know. Stay seated, you'll have to be. See that building right there?"

He points in front of him, camera pans up and the building has a sign - "Mike's Gym"

"That's right, the Almighty Slacker... has decided to join a gym. Mourn for me. For you see, I've been thinking. I fought Blaster in a cage... and even the Slacker Tower couldn't bring him down. It was close, yes, but he even said it: 2 counts are numerous in this buisness, and it wasn't enough.

Then I fought darkstorm and whatshisface. A couple of men who should really learn to limit themselves when they push the "quote" button. And then? They managed to get the one up on me. I mean, sure, they needed two of them to do it most of the time... but if D-Ex can handle them so should I. I'm glad he locked that match up."

He sighs, looks at the entrance to the gym... and shudders.

"So, the Slacker has decided to do something he fears more than anything else. More than death, spiders, or... public speaking. He's decided to start working. I bought a gym membership. A... gym membership. Like... for weights and stuff. That you have to lift. Lordy, Lordy!"

2005-01-24, 12:42 AM
Look you Beserker wannabe. Before I decided to send your sorry excuse for a wrestling gimmick back to Viahala or whatever I recommend you use the last point of your IQ to shut the hell up.

Besides, I look at it this way I held my own againist three men. Find me anyone in the AWF that can do that? Can't can you? Hell Cloud has enough trouble beating himself in the shower if you know what I mean.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-01-24, 04:16 AM
Originally posted by Ignavus
when they push the "quote" button. And then?

OOC: We're on camera kids. There are no quote buttons. This is not being written or typed. It is being acted out as though we can see it or watch it on TV

2005-01-24, 04:28 AM
Tempest is seen in the parking lot walking away from the Saddle Dome and to his RX-8. He constantly looks around as he walks over to his car. When he gets their he stopped and looks inside before getting in. He puts tries to start up his car but nothing happens. Again he looks around the parking lot, no-one is there. He looks at his dashboard as the 19 inch flatscreen pops out. All of a sudden several thunder strikes are seen in the screen and a low breathing can be heard in Tempest's back seat. He slowly turns his head to see nothing in the back seat. He sighs and turns back to the flatscreen to see two eyes looking at the back of the car. Suddenly then lokk at Tempest and then they turn red.

Tempest jumps in his seat and punches the screen. He gets out of the car, slams the door locks it and walks away. The camera goes back to the car then looks inside. The Flatscreen is cracked and broken, but it slowly fixes itself and moves back into place. and The eyes are seen and then a hooded figure can be seen. Out of the audio only one thing can be heard, very quietly and softly:

"I return."

2005-01-24, 04:51 AM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
OOC: We're on camera kids. There are no quote buttons. This is not being written or typed. It is being acted out as though we can see it or watch it on TV

OOC: Just a bit of a quasi-realistic semi-anachronistic demi-deistic reference.

2005-01-24, 05:46 AM
Can't handle it, can you, Ghostal? The thought that I might have been a success before, during, and after my time with you. Hell, you even went so far as to make someone that I teamed with for a match your partner. Someone that you know can go round after round for the X.

It's because you know you can't, isn't it?

I mean, why else choose the Lock? You test the waters, and you see that the X can't easily take him down; in fact, he might lose. So what do you do? You make him your partner, of course! It's genious! Of course, in this case it's also "cowardice", but if you want to play that way, fine... the X has got a few tricks up his short sleeves.

After EoS, Ghostal, you and the Lock aren't going to be able to deny, baby. The X, the sweet machine, and his tag team partner will see to that.

Remember that.

2005-01-24, 11:30 AM

D-Ex: "Damn Igz. Hey dont worry....I think you can do it. Hell...you just need more effort...or maybe not...to do the gym thing. Just remember one thing, its bad to fall asleep in the middle of a bench press. Starstorm, you guys wanna face US in the future? Hey let me tell you this punks: sure. Cause seeing how you even fared out of us, made me wish that the NWA or even Blood and Thunder would come back to the tag division. You see, aside from the Serial Slackaz, AWF's tag team division aint that great. Sure theres Blaster/NMat....but you know thats a different story. Sure, Starstorm, if you wanna bring it boys then bring it. Warzone was just a preview of what the serial slackaz can do on a good night. You wanna double team my partner Igz? Come 2-3 more matches, try that again and the new buffed up Igz will punk out both of you guys. Now that Starstorm got reactively rejected out of the AWF Tag Title hunt by 2 notches....AWF...The Serial Slackaz are just here and waiting for the next two guys who got the guts or egos big enough to step up to the plate."

Amarant Odinson
2005-01-24, 06:54 PM
Backstage: Out in the parking lot, we see a lone figure as he's about to get into his car. Keith Kincaid comes running to see who it is and see none other than the Rabid Wolverine: Amarant Odinson with a look of distain on his face.

K.K: Amarant, If could have a word for one second, I'd like to know your reaction to what went down tonight.

A.O.: What went down tonight?.....WHAT WENT DOWN TONIGHT? What went down was the fact that Reilly still hasn't given me what I asked for. Reilly,WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???? Tonight, there was another T.V. title match. Another title match in which I wasn't involved. I didn't even have a match at all and we were Calgary. This was the place where I spent must of my formative years as a wrestler. It was just down the street from this very building where I was trained, beat up and streched out. And it was at the house where I learned the true meaning of the word SUBMIT by the late, great Stu Hart. I would've liked a match just to show these peons that there is at least one wrestler in this company full of "enterainers" that believes in what that Stu Hart stood for and what he taught me.

But instead, I see a match between Cloudy the Mental Patient and Ravage the Retard. And to top it all off, there was interference by the Has Been Kid: Sean O' Con and some other masked Al Snow Avatar wannabe. Now Ravage asks who else can hold his own against 3 people? I know I can. I beat 4 people in one night just to keep that T.V. Title around my waist. The same title that Ravage tried to take from me at Autumn Annihilation in 2003 when I made him tap and then beat him again the very next night at his own Falls Count Anywhere match. It's funny for a man to say that the T.V. title is worthless when he's tried to win four times already. It's the same title that I had built up with prestige before people of the likes of Strafe, OP2005 or CloudStrifer tainted with their grubby paws.

And what about the I.C. title, Reilly? I didn't see The Game: Erik Summers do anything tonight. He and I could of had a match for the ages. He and I could've gone out there and put on a match the likes of which has never been witnessed in the history of this or any other company. And that's what it boils down to. All I want is a chance to take back what is rightfully mine. I don't want either belt just handed to me like some "entertainers" out there, but I deserve the chance to get them back.

There will come a day, when i will get what is coming to me. When I will get what is rightfully mine. When I will get my title shots with my hand will be raised in victory and I get my gold back in that ring, in MY RING. And there is nothing that those peons in the stands, those "entertainers" in the back, those critics on those little internet sites or you even Reilly can do.... to PROVE ME WRONG.

2005-01-24, 07:30 PM
And once agian, we hear the rants and raves of Odinson. You know with all his talking and raving he does, he might have been tired but no.

*Cloud Signs a Picture of him for a fan with a horned helmet, pats him and watches him go*

You know, I could never get tired of watching my fans come and go, knowing that I am thier hero and that they all respect me...Oh wait thats not what I was talking about.

Yes, thats right, Odinson, that was the topic. And yet agian he raves and rants on how he was "cheated", how he is the "greatest" champion there is, how he should hold gold because he was trained in this country and how he was all powerful and mighty and blah blah blah....Sheeh. Hey you, yeah you.

*Cloud Calls over a group of Cloud Fans that were hanging back stage at the request of Cloud.*

So, you watched my match last week when I got the title, my title I might add back to me after OP had defouled it.

Crowd: Yeah we sure did! We had premire seats for that match. especially when you knocked OP out of the ring with the ladder and climbed it to get the title back.

Cloud: Good, Good. So here is a question for all of you. Do you know Odinson? You know the guy who complains and complains and complains till he is blue in the face?

Crowd: Yeah we sure do. we also heard his rant earilier too. I think you should take him!

Cloud: For the Belt?

Crowd: No, not for the belt. for a match to see even if he is worthy to look at your belt.

Cloud: Interesting. Thanks.

Crowd: No problem, we will be always there where you are.

*Crowd Leaves have being handed with t-shirts and fake belts for each of them*

Interestingn crowd there. Anyway back to the case.

You see Odinson, you can't prove to me that your really worthy for the belt. Lets see, after I pinned and proved that your wrong, what have you done lately? Beat up a newbie? Thats all? And you demaned the belt? For what? You being you?

Listen Odinson, I told you once I told you a hundred times, prove to me, that you really worthy for the belt. Otherwise your babbling will amount to nothing. However since your straved for attention, how about this. When Op finally shows his face in this ring, or in the back or where ever he is right now, And I come on top like always I will give you not a title shot, but a shot to prove to me you will be able to hold the belt. If you beat me, and thats a huge IF, then I will gladly face your for the belt.

Otherwise, if you don't like that and are a chicken then face someone else, and prove to me that your ready for the title. This excludes newbies so find someone good that you can beat and thenI will give you a shot. Otherwise don't come here crying any more. Cloud out.

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain!

Amarant Odinson
2005-01-24, 08:01 PM
So, Cloudy the Viking has now become Cloudy the Coward? I see now, you want me to beat you once so I can beat again? If you're a glutton for punishment then I'll induge you, but why don't you be the proud warrior you say you are and just put the title up for grabs. Why do I need to beat you once so i can beat again for the title?

I'll tell why. It's because you're afraid. Deep down, you know that you couldn't beat me on your best day and that your pin over me in that 4 way match was nothing more than a fluke. You can beat up on that daydream, OP2005 all you damn well please but you know that you can't even lace my boots let alone kick my ass. You couldn't even beat Ravage without help tonight, a man that I beaten twice. If you're supposed to be this big powerful viking warrior, then give me a title shot right now. Let's see if the gods favour you or whether you're just some damn freak with a multiple personality disorder.

You know that you will never Prove Me Wrong, so you just go run and hide like you always do You keep on beating down those weaker than you instead of facing a real competor. You can have all those peons with their cute little viking helmets. You keep on deluding yourself into thinking you deserve that belt, but the day will come when you will have to face The Rabid Wolverine. And on that day, those peons nor the "gods nor the other voices in your head will be able to help you. Nothing you do will stop me from putting you into a House FULL of Pain. Nothing will stop me from putting your name on the long, ever growing list of "entertainers" who tried to go one on one with the Best Damn Technical Wrestler and lost. You can't beat me and you know it. But if you're half the man you say you are, then give a title shot. The challenge is there CloudStrifer and all you have to do is....BEAT ME IF YOU CAN, SURVIVE IF I LET YOU

2005-01-24, 08:04 PM
ooc: Sorry guys I aint been on. Exams...


OP is seen walking through the corridors when he's stopped by a Random Jobber Interviewer...

RJI: OP2005, last week you lost your TV title to your opponent Cloudstrifer. How are yo-

OP grabs the RJI by the throat and holds him against the wall

OP: Listen punk, Next time you tell me what happened last week I'll do more than just give you a little bruise on your back, get out of here.

RJI scampers off and OP looks into the camera

OP2005: Cloudstrifer. Lets see before you keep on rantin off about me defouling you title and me losing it you'll do yourself a favour and shut that mouth of yours before I have to get a stapler.

Here is something you should remember I said I'd take your title. I did it. Understand, good. The title's mine and you yourself know that. Right now Amarant is doing the best thing he does... rant.

The past is the past, the future is 2005. The now is OP2005 Thy Worst Nightmare.

2005-01-24, 08:13 PM
I had the night off so how about i bust mah gum's

Yo what's up this is Homeslice,
I'm flowing like the river nile,
Don't be dissin' on my style,
or I'll throw a sonic boon like guile.

So what if I look like Gomer Pile?

2005-01-24, 10:05 PM
We see Ignavus. We're zoomed in rather tightly on him, actually. He's got no shirt on, and blue running pants with yellow stripes down the sides. We can't make out the background, it's too blurry - but there's a lot of people and a lot of movement.

"Look, you. I've seen you around. I know what you are. You make a whole big deal about being my "Worst Nightmare." You think you're all frightening, hunh? All tough, hunh?"

Ignavus is obviously yelling at someone behind the camera. We can safely assume it's OP2005 from the "worst nightmare" thing.

"Well, I've been scared of you for awhile. I've been trying to avoid you, but no more!"

The camera finally does a 180... and we realize Igz is still in the gym. He hasn't been talking to OP at all... but to a treadmill.

2005-01-25, 01:25 AM
Originally posted by Xille
After EoS, Ghostal, you and the Lock aren't going to be able to deny, baby. The X, the sweet machine, and his tag team partner will see to that.

Remember that.
The Lock knows Xille can spot talent when he see it, cause he knows that the Lock can whoop his monkey ass. But all the Lock's greatness aside, come Edge of Survival, the synergy between The Lock and Vinny G will set the arena alight once more as the talents behind the Phantom Foundation rise again, and there's nothing, and The Lock means nothing that you can do about it. Try and deny that.

2005-01-25, 01:06 PM
Well, Well OP finally comes out of his hole and shows his face around here. About time too.

So this *touches belt* is yours? Really? Then why am I holding it, why did I damage you leg, throw you out of the ring, destory you completely? I will tell your little nightmareish self why...

Because its mine. Yes Its mine, I won it, and I won't lose it agian. That time I underestimated you, and I sure as hell won't this time. You think you will get away easy? Hell, you better watch yourself, because its time I teach you another leson. This time, instead of burying you, I will finnish you off for good!

Understand one thing OP, even if you don't understand anything else, is that your nightmare is destoryed, broken for a second time. Your a patheic fool, but I must admit a worthy oponent. But I will not lose a second time.

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain

The Wild One
2005-01-25, 02:09 PM
Originally posted by Grimlock
The Lock knows Xille can spot talent when he see it, cause he knows that the Lock can whoop his monkey ass. But all the Lock's greatness aside, come Edge of Survival, the synergy between The Lock and Vinny G will set the arena alight once more as the talents behind the Phantom Foundation rise again, and there's nothing, and The Lock means nothing that you can do about it. Try and deny that.

Just don't forget. There is something unknow in this mix. Me. See, there will be some synergy. I don't need to worry about that. I am a little more.....ravenous. Wether it dead, or alive and barely twitching. The next person I face will leave on a stretcher. Period. Becaus, you won't know where I am coming from. And you won't know how I am going to hit. The true deffinition of wild.

Vin Ghostal
2005-01-25, 03:52 PM
In the backstage area, Lisa Lovelace catches up with Vin Ghostal as he heads for the parking lot, dressed in street clothes with an athletic bag over his shoulder.

LL: Vin! Vin Ghostal! I was hoping to ask you a few quick questions.

V3: Let me make this easy for you, Lisa. Why The Lock? Why would Vin Ghostal and The Lock choose to be tag team partners at Edge of Survival? Isn't it obvious, Lisa? Two of the greatest, most charismatic superstars in the history of the AWF, together for the very first time as a tag team. This is the kind of match that brings ratings. This is the kind of match that brings buyrates. This is the kind of match that puts butts in the seats, even if those butts belong to the ignorant, uneducated Australians that will be catching our upcoming tour.

LL: Vin, you are aware that The Lock is Australian?

V3: Well....I....I wasn't talking about him, was I? I was talking about these moronic fans who probably won't even cheer a man of their own kind like The Lock. If Australian fans have never been smart enough to heap praise on a superstar like Vin Ghostal, how do you think they treat their own?

LL: As for Xille...

V3 (in a mocking, whining voice): Oh, as for Xille...as for Xille...

LL: You did cost him his match tonight against the Lock.

V3: All I did was set the cosmos in order. Ever since I dumped his ass on the curb, Xille's been wrestling out of his weight class, so to speak. He declares he's coming after Vin Ghostal? He takes an open challenge against The Lock? Xille is nothing more than an insolent child, and at Edge of Survival, V.3., Vin Ghostal will put Xille in his place and drop him on his ass back in the Hardcore division...and then, come the Royal Rumble, Vin Ghostal will reclaim his place at the pinnacle of sports entertainment. Take that to the bank, Lisa.

OOC: Very high-quality show. I enjoyed every match.