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AWF Press Office
2005-01-25, 08:28 AM
As the show begins, we find The Lock entering the arena in a slick black suit under a long gray topcoat. He passes a backstage worker without even a nod, then looks to his left and stops in his tracks, raising an eyebrow.

Lock: You got something to say?

The camera pulls back to reveal Vin Ghostal, dressed in a shiny gold shirt and black dress pants, smiling at The Lock.

V3: That depends.

The two men come face to face, and for a moment, look as though they may come to fisticuffs. Finally, they lean back a bit and smile, then exchange a handshake.

Lock: And again we meet. Twice in a week, I would almost have to say it isn't a coincidence.

V3: Coincidences schoincidences, we've got business. But first, I have to admit, I love this new attitude of yours, Lock. All you needed to do was get rid of that piece of dead weight, The King. After all, since you’ve been gone, I’ve singlehandedly elevated the Tag Team Championship to new heights, just despite the fact that…

Lock: Let’s save memory lane for another time, Ghostal. Get to the point.

V3: The point is this, Lock. Edge of Survival’s right around the corner, and that idiot Erik Summers booked me into a tag team match against Xille and a partner of his choosing. A few minutes ago, I sat down with Mr. Reilly, and he’s told me that you’re not booked for a match tonight or at Edge of Survival. So, I was thinking…

Lock: You were thinking you’d beg me to be your partner and wrestle at Edge of Survival for your own selfish purposes?

V3: Well, when you put it that way…yes.

Lock: Why should I help you, Ghostal? The World Heavyweight Championship’s on the line in the Royal Rumble, and I plan to walk out with that belt hanging on my shoulder. If you think I’m putting my chance in the Rumble at jeopardy…

V3: I’m not asking you to carry the load, Lock. All I need is a partner. The two of us took quite easily care of Xille last week and I don't think that whatever hack he comes up with as a partner will make much difference. Besides, and don’t take this personally, but I could tell by your matches against The Wild One and Xille last week that you still have a little ring rust to brush off. I mean, how long did it take you to finish of Xille, over ten minutes? Why not take this opportunity to clean things up a bit just in time for the Royal Rumble?

Lock: First of all, don’t you every imply that The Lock is anything less than pure perfection. The Lock doesn’t have ring rust. The Lock doesn’t have to do any polishing. But I will give you one thing, Ghostal…when you and Xille were Tag Team Champions, Xille didn’t do a damn thing for your team, and you still held onto them for six long months. He did to you the exact same thing that King did to me. You know what? I’ll take you up on your offer. You can tell Reilly that I will be there at Edge of Survival.

V3: Thanks, Lock, you won’t regret it.

Ghostal turns to visit Reilly’s office, but Lock grabs him by the arm and turns him around.

Lock: But just remember one thing. Once that match is over, and the World Heavyweight Championship is at stake…you’ll be on the same list with Xille.

Ghostal and Lock share a tense stare until Ghostal turns and leaves and The Lock smiles devilishly, heading for his locker room.

JFA: Welcome to the Bell Center at Montreal, Quebec, and welcome to Monday Night Mayhem, and what a night we're having! The Game Erik Summers will defend his Intercontinental title against Wolfang and Blaster will go one-on-one with D-Extreme, among other matches.

JHA: And we just got a match confirmed for Edge of Survival, The Lock and Vinny G against Xille and a parter of his choosing. Although I can't imagine who would volunteer to tag with Xille against those two. And besides... what's that sound?

JFA: That's Baxter's entrance music, he's making his way towards the ring.

JHA: Just great...

JFA: Baxter in the ring, waiting for his opponent... and here he is, Cloudstrifer, our TV champion marching towards the ring with confidence.

JHA: And it keeps getting better...

AWF TV Title Match: Cloudstrifer v Baxter

JFA: “TV Title on the line in our first match tonight.”

JHA: “If you ask me, neither of these guys deserves the TV belt. Hell, neither of them deserves to be on TV!”

JFA: “And Cloudstrifer and Baxter going at it now…Baxter throwing some punches, which Cloud is rather effortlessly shrugging off…and now Cloud grabbing Baxter by the throat and tossing him into the turnbuckle…and now laying down some punches of his own…”

JHA: “Man, I can’t think of anything else that would be as boring as this.”

JFA: “Good. Don’t. Cloud’s really laying it down on Baxter now, a series of massive right hands…and a clothesline to the opposite corner…and a big splash. Cloud really looks to be pounding the brains out of Baxter tonight.”

JHA: “Why’s he going to so much trouble, then? The smart mouth punk already got his brains squeezed out of him. Why, I was talking to his mother the other day…”

JFA: “And an attempted boot to the face by Cloud is countered by Baxter, as he gets out of the way! And Cloud hopping along on one foot as he grabs at the other…I think he may have twisted the ankle.”

JHA: “Boo hoo. Cry me a river and drown in it. So Cloud got hurt. Big deal. That just means there’s one less hunk of dead weight around here.”

JFA: “You really are heartless, aren’t you?”

JHA: “It’s gotten me this far.”

JFA: “And Baxter driving another knee into Cloud’s ankle…I think we may have an upset on our hands, J.

JHA: “Oh, joy.”

JFA: “Cloud’s really writhing in pain now…Baxter’s doing more damage than I think anyone realized. Now he’s dragging him back to his feet…well, his foot…and a sweeping leg kick to knock Cloud off his one good foot…several elbow drops…and a cover…only a two count! Now Baxter’s moving to the turnbuckle…looks like he’s going to perform a high risk maneuver…”

JHA: “Oh, joy! Two crippling injuries in one match! What more can one ask for?!”

JFA: “How about some compassion? Or at least a band-aid.”

JHA: “Was that a pun?”

JFA: “God, I hope not. And now Baxter coming off the top rope…and Cloud with his foot up…WAIT A MINUTE! THAT’S THE SAME FOOT WE JUST SAW HIM GET INJURED WITH!”


JFA: “Enough melodrama, J. And Baxter now in a world of trouble…Cloud back on his feet…and the ODIN’S SPEAR! Baxter’s a goner now, J. And now Cloud back on his feet…grabbing Baxter…and the Heimdall's Stand! The cover…and it’s over!”

JHA: “Thank god for that!”

JFA: “Cloud looking particularly frustrated, as he grabs the microphone from our very own JRA…”

Cloud: “If this pathetic excuse for a man is the best that the AWF has to offer, then I should find myself with very little in the way of balanced competition. Is there anyone who would dare to face the Hype?”

JHA: “Hell, I’d gladly face the Hype if it meant this dipschmuck will just head to the back already…

Cloud: “That’s what I thought. Well, if there is anyone who would dare to face the Hype, then prepare to believe it. Because if you don't It certainly will defeat you!”

JFA: “Cloud now tossing the microphone to the ground and making his way to the backstage area now…”

JHA: “Finally. Now we can get on with the rest of the show without interruption.”

Commercial break

Blaster v D-Extreme


Personal Jesus hits over the sound system and Blaster makes his way to the ring to a mixed chorus of cheers and jeers. He plays to the crowd as he gets to the ring and poses there. Then his music cuts off and the sounds of Powerman 5000 hit as D-Ex struts out from the back to the rampway.

JFA: D-Ex out here all on his own tonight thanks to Mr. Reilly. Barring both Ignavus and Atticus from ringside tonight. So he’s going to have to go it alone tonight.
JHA: And that wont be an easy task for him to accomplish against Blaster tonight.
JFA: Certainly not, Y3B is a former world champion after all.

The timekeeper rings the bell and D-Ex starts of right away charging at Blaster, but he was caught in a drop toe hold. Blaster quickly follows it up with a quick leg drop to the back of the head. Blaster drags D-Ex back up to his feet, but D-Ex grabs the tights of Blaster and throws him through the ropes out onto the floor.

JFA: Nice counter there by D-Ex throwing Blaster out onto the arena floor giving himself a chance to get his thoughts back in order. Now going to the outside on the attack.
JHA: He better watch out, cause Blaster is ready for him. Here comes a big clothesline.
JFA: D-Ex ducked it…and hits a hard spike ddt to the arena floor. A nice counter there by D-Ex.

D-Ex picks Blaster’s seemingly limp body off the floor and props him up onto his shoulder. D-Ex runs towards the ringpost and launches Blaster’s body like a missile. His shoulder hits the post hard and Y3B hits the floor hard holding his shoulder. The referee admonishes D-Ex and tells him to get it back into the ring. He pulls Blaster up off the floor and rolls him back into the ring. Before D-Ex gets into the ring, he taunts the crowd from the ring apron.

JFA: D-Ex back into the ring to put the boots to Blaster…he was playing possum. Quick rollup, 1…2..shoulder up.
JHA: He should know better than that to give a veteran like Blaster the time to recover and it almost cost him there.
JFA: D-Ex frustrated over that close call there, really putting the boots to Blaster now. Vertical suplex attempt here, no Blaster flipped over around. Spinning D-Ex around and…stiff beat.
JHA: Looks like this would be a short one here for Y3B.
JFA: Springboard off the ropes and a soundassault. Hook of the leg and there is the three count. Quick work done there bye Y3B.
JHA: But would he been able to do it if Atticus and Ignavus were out here?
JFA: Maybe that just says D-Ex can’t win without help.

Black Zarak vs. Scarecrow

Scarecrow stands in the ring awaiting his opponent the AWF Hardcore champion. Mexicola, Queens of the Stone age starts on the archivetron. Black Zarak exits from the back with the Hardcore Title raised above his head and a trolly of hardcore items to use. The Canadian crowd boos the hardcore champion heavily as he approaches the ring.

JHA: Do these Canadian fans have a clue?! He's a champion, it may only be the hardcore title but you never boo a champion!
JFA: You booed Morpheus when he was cham....
JHA: Totally different scenario Jay.
JFA: Either way these Canadian fans like neither of these competitors, but who can blame anyone after the way Black Zarak has acted lately.
JHA: What matters more? A title or a tag partner who you carried for nearly two years?

Zarak immediately starts throwing the toys into the ring giving Scarecrowe first pick of weapons. Trash cans, bats, cooking sheets, a stop sign, an old ring bell, and other things that you can hit someone with and then hurt them. After the trolly was emptied Zarak slid into the ring and the bell was rung. Scarecrow grabbed the stop sign and quickly ran at Zarak swinging it. Zarak ducked out of the way and rolled behind the swing. Zarak stood up and turned around but was met by a stop sign to the head dropping the champion to the mat. Scarecrowe took the opportunity and went for the quick win.

JFA: Quick pin here! He gets a two count, that's the thing about hardcore champions. They're used to the abuse. It tends to take more than one hit.
JHA: That's why I love these matches. Always gory.

Scarecrowe pulls Zarak up and grabs the baseball bat and takes a swing at the side of his head but Zarak ducks and hits a chop block on his knee. Scarecrow stumbles and then Zarak spins around and clocks him with the hardcore title that he never dropped even while he was being pinned.

JFA: The commitment he has to that belt is amazing. He isn't even letting it go and the match has begun.
JHA: I thought the referee was supposed to take it?
JFA: I guess he wanted it as a weapon. Zarak putting the boots to the side of Scarecrowe's head now. Pulling him back up and there's another shot with the title knocking him back down.

Zarak begins to look around for an appropriate weapon finally deciding on a trash can. He fits it over-top of Scarecrowe's upper body. He then grabs the baseball bat and begins to hammer away on the can with scarecrowe inside. The first few swings the legs twitch but most movement is stopped after the fifth swing.

JFA: There is a good chance Scarecrowe is dead inside that trash can,
JHA: Less dead weight.
JFA: Bad pun.
JHA: What's a pun?

Zarak quickly removes the trashcan and begins to bash the the twisted metal mess over the head of the unconscious bleeding mess that Scarecrowe now was. He tosses the trash can to the outside and readies a cooking sheet in the middle of the ring. He stands Scarecrowe up and runs against the rope and bounces back delivering the Ebon Flow onto the cooking sheet. Zarak stands back up and then drapes the hardcore title over his shoulder and puts his boot on Scarecrowe's chest for the pin.

JFA: And Zarak picks up the... Oh my god!
JHA: How the hell did he do that!
JFA: Some how... Scarecrowe got his shoulder up and Zarak cannot believe it. He is staring at the referee! Zarak getting down now, hooks the leg! 1.....2... Kick out! Scarecrowe.. some how is kicking out!
JHA: Oh man... Zarak looks pissed now!

Zarak stands up and argues with the referee for a second giving Scarecrowe time to get to the corner and prop himself up to get some sort of rest. Zarak looks over his shoulder at Scarecrowe and turns to face her and begins to walk towards him. Then he runs delivering an avalanche to the challenger collapsing him back to the mat. Zarak hauls Scarecrowe up and then sets him up for the Venom Blade and them smashes him onto the ground again, on the cookie sheet. Zarak quickly rolls him up and this time gets the 3 count.

Stone Cold Skywarp vs Judge Death

JFA: Folks, if this isn’t the oddest of pairings, I don’t know what is.
JHA: I wouldn’t doubt that.
JFA: But we’re about to see the toughest S.O.B. in the AWF goes against the… oddest… man in our federation.
JHA: Did you just call Skywarp a CLB?
JFA: Shouldn’t you be calling Death a skinny turd, or something?
JHA: Yes I should! Skinny turd, skinny turd, skinny turd!
JFA: Feel better?
JHA: Skinny…
JFA: I guess not.
JHA: Yuh-turd!
JFA: Gesundheit.
JHA: Thank you.

Withered hands, withered bodies, begging for salvation

A small section of fans gets to its feet and starts cheering. Several “Judge ME!” signs are shown, along with one that reads “J-D is Sex-y”.

Deserted by the hands of gods of their own creation
Nations cry, underneath decaying skies above
You are guilty, the punishment is death for all who live...
The punishment is death for all who live..

RJA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall… making his way to the ring… from Deadworld, which is apparently near Glasgow… weighing in at around 100 pounds… Judge… Death!

Judge Death comes out his now-usual mixed reaction, firmly planting him in his happy realm of ‘tweener. He climbs down off of a turnbuckle as “Out of the Silent Planet” fades out.

JHA: Here comes the dinosaur…

The glass shatters…
1, 2, 3 - Go!

The crowd pops to its feet for the arrival of one of their legends, Stone Cold Skywarp. Judge Death rolls out of the ring, hissing both at SCSW and the crowd.

Yeah, you've been living on the edge of a broken dream.
Yeah, that's the only thing you'll ever take away from me.
RJA: And his opponent… from Carlisle, England… Stone… Cold… Skywarp!

SCSW gives his famous salute to the crowd as “Step Up” fades out, Judge Death enters the ring, and the bell sounds, signaling the start of the match.

JFA: Here we go… Stone Cold Skywarp and Judge Death, two men that seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, locking up in the middle of the ring… SCSW wins the power battle-

JHA: -No thanks, of course, because of that cheap close-fist to the skinny turd’s ribcage-

JFA: Stone Cold’s fight-to-win style shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone at this point, J.

SCSW forces JD back into a corner, still firing away at the smaller man’s ribcage. He nails a knife-edge chop that gets a celebratory “Wooo!” from the crowd, and then follows that up with a few mudhole stomps that leave JD crumpled in the corner. Skywarp continues the assault with a quick knee to the head of JD. The ref stops SCSW from hitting another, however, and JD is given time to return to his feet.

JFA: Stone Cold is really dominating here in the early going…

JHA: Should that come as a surprise to anyone at this point, J?

JFA: Shut up.

JD regains himself in the corner just before Stone Cold begins to charge him. A quick drop toe hold causes the legend to eat turnbuckle, however, and Skywarp stumbles back, holding his throat. Judge Death hits a quick low kick from behind, causing SCSW to flop onto his back. JD quickly pounces on his prey and proceeds to rub his forearm across Skywarp’s forehead. He lets go after the 4 count.

JFA: Judge Death almost disqualified there; quite the illegal move.

JHA: I’m surprised he would resort to that.

JFA: Would you stop it?

JD picks Stone Cold up, only to be leveled by a rattlesnake-quick Lou Thez Press. SCSW shakes his hand after slamming it across JD’s helmet so many times. He gives a few more stomps to JD’s stomach before saluting to the crowd again. He runs up for an elbow drop

JFA: And hits canvas! Stone Cold misses the elbow drop as Judge Death rolls out of the way.

JHA: Surprise!

JFA: …

Judge Death gets to his feet and fixes his helmet, which was slightly off-kilter after SCSW’s last assault. He turns just in time to receive another right hand from his opponent. The two exchange blows for a while, with neither really gaining the upper hand. Judge Death finally manages to duck under a punch, lock Stone Cold’s arms with his own, and nail a few trapped head-butts. Skywarp stumbles back and JD rushes at him. SCSW quickly grabs his opponent’s arm and whips him back into the corner and, not wanting to injure his hand, follows with a few more quick shots to JD’s chest and ribcage. He then picks JD up and sets him on the top of the turnbuckle. SCSW salutes the crowd, climbs to the top turnbuckle, grabs his opponent, and falls backward.

JFA: Superplex! Superplex from Skywarp! This one could be all over!

JHA: Ha! Not if the skinny turd kicks out at 2 like that! Surprised, J?

Stone Cold shows a bit of frustration as he gets up from the pin attempt, but that frustration quickly turns into more pain for JD as Stone Cold hooks in a single leg boston crab. JD squirms in pain and has a difficult time reaching the bottom ropes.

JFA: JD is crawling, desperately trying to reach the bottom ropes!

JHA: I’m surprised he can’t break Skywarp’s hold!

JFA: You’ll be surprised if I don’t punch you in the mouth here in a minute. JD has almost reached the ropes! He’s half a finger away!

JHA: Surprise us, JD! Tap!

JFA: You know “give up” isn’t in his vocabulary! It’s only things like “judged” and “pain” and the like - NO! – Stone Cold just pulled JD back into the middle of the ring! He can’t hold on much longer!

JD’s squirming gets more intense at this point, and he finally manages to get his free foot onto Stone Cold’s back. He pushes and causes SCSW to fall forward, but the pull from his opponent causes more damage to Death’s foot in the process.

JFA: Stone Cold falls forward into the ropes and is guillotined in the process! A lot of damage has been done to his head region during this match, J.

JHA: I’m not surprised at all. What would shock me, however, is if that damage didn’t completely wipe out his already-low IQ.

JD stumbles as he gets up and sees Stone Cold on the mat, holding his throat. JD stalks Stone Cold, who is slow to rise.

JFA: Dream of Mirrors! What a kick from Judge Death!

JHA: I’m surprised his foot isn’t broken!

JFA: It just might be after all of the damage that’s been done to it during this match. JD manages to make the cover!

Ref: One… Two…

JHA: THREE! Surprise, surprise!

JFA: No! Stone Cold got his foot on the bottom rope! We’ve still got ourselves a match!

JD slaps the mat as he gets up, noticeably frustrated. He stomps at SCSW, but his foot is caught, and he is thrown backwards. Stone Cold gets back to his feet and begins wailing away at Judge Death again.

JFA: Stone Cold is looking for the Stunner… the kick!

JHA: Reversed! Now that’s surprising!

JFA: Could you stop that?

JHA: Would it surprise you if I did?

Meanwhile, Judge Death locks in one of his finishing maneuvers, Hard to Swallow. Stone Cold fades fast, the damage to his head during this match really adding to the power of Death’s maneuver. SCSW manages to hit a few elbows to JD’s ribs, and the sleeper hold is loosened a bit.

JFA: Stunner! Skywarp Stunner out of seemingly nowhere! Are you surprised by that, J?

JHA: Not in the slightest.

Death goes flying backward after the stunner and happens to hit the ref, who goes down with him. The crowd gets to its feet as they see another figure running out from the back.

JFA: Oh, this can’t be good…

JHA: HBK! HBK! Now that surprised me!

HBK stands in the ring, calling for the HeartBrend Kick as Skywarp checks on the ref, his back to the new entity in the ring.

JFA: HBK charges… and stops? Yes, stops! Stopped in his tracks by a glare from the rattlesnake!

JHA: Did you just answer your own question? Surprising…

HBK and SCSW stare each other down for what feels like an eternity. Both exchange threats as they slowly get closer to one another.

JFA: A roll-up! One… two…


JFA: Three! Judge Death wins! Judge Death has pulled off the upset thanks to a distraction from HBK, and now he is out of here!

JHA: Running after stealing the match. Not surprising.

HBK rolls out of the ring and heads back up the ramp with Judge Death, holding the winner’s hand up in triumph and laughing at Skywarp. SCSW is left confused and fuming in the ring. He points and shouts something bleeped out in the replays as HBK and Judge Death leave the ring area.


*Amarant Odinson looks at a sheet of paper on Reilly's door and notices something very wrong, so he busts the door down.*

REILLY!!!, We need to talk. This is the second week in a row that I'm not on the card. What the hell is going on? I got my gear on and I want a match tonight. I need a match tonight. I deserve a match tonight. I destroyed that pissant Brett Rayne at ReGenesis. I made him tap out. I made him my bitch and this is what I get for it??

These peons came to see a wrestling match tonight and you and those peons know as well I do that I'm the only one that can give it to them. None of those damn "entertainers" that you have on that list an do what I can do. I'm the only one this company that can make every single one of those entertainers submit and if you don't give me what I want, that's exactly what I'll do.

You know what I want Reilly. I want those rematches that were denied to me. I want a chance to get my gold back and I will stop at nothing to get it. Now it's real simple. I'm sick of getting screwed over like this constantly. All you need to do is set up a title match with CloudStrifer or The Game and I'll be happy.

You don't even need to set it up for tonight. I'll take one on some other retard to keep the ring rust off. But I want my title shot and want it soon. I refuse to be screwed over for what is rightfully mine. Give me what I want or you will see a very pissed off Rabid Wolverine.

Reilly: Are you quite finished? You want a match? A MATCH IS WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU HAPPY?

AO: Damn right it would...

Reilly: Well in that case you have a match...

AO: Bout time!

Reilly: A title match in fact...

AO: Who do I get? Summers? Cloud? Zarak? Name em...

Reilly: Better! You'll get a shot at the World Title!

AO perks up...

Reilly: This Sunday...at the Rumble...until then, to teach you a lesson as to who runs the show...get the hell out of my office...leave this arena...and I won't fire you!

AO: Excuse me?

Reilly: Leave....now...or you are fired. You get the night off!

AO: This isn't over Reilly...I'll get my shot...

Reilly: Whatever...

*AO leaves, slamming Reilly's office door so hard it shatters the glass in the window*

Reilly: What is it with wrestlers and big egos...

Commercial Break

JFA: "Welcome back, up next we've got the AWF Intercontinental Title match between The Game and Wolfang..."
JHA: "What the hell?"

"Like This Like That" by Mauro Picotto ignites the PA as the crowd jump to their feet.

JHA: "What the hell is he doing? He's not supposed to be out here!"
JFA: "I don't know what's going on here folks, Sixswitch is marching towards the ring looking uncharacteristically pissed off, no flashy entrance tonight either, something is definitely up, but we're supposed to be having the AWF IC title match."
JHA: "He's probably out here to have a cry about something."

Not even taking much notice of the crowds cheers, Double S grabs the microphone from JRA and jumps into the ring.

JHA: "See, I told you he was out here to have a cry."

Sixswitch: "Alright, The Welsh Wonder's got some unfinished business to attend to. Nothing is going to happen in this ring until Bombshell gets his worthless ass out here, because I'm going to show him what happens when you ruin a match that I booked all because of that hussy Arcee. You just can't go and ruin a Bra and Panties match because you don't want your girlie gettin' naked in front of all The Welsh Wonders fans. So Bombshell, I hope your ready for the Double S, cause it's payback time, and there's nothing you can do about it."

JHA: "He can't just come out here and demand an unscheduled match, we're running on a very strict time limit here....although he does have a point, I really did wanna see those girls take it off.....yeah Bombshell get out here."

Sixswitch paces around the ring as Powerman 5000's "Drop The Bombshell" hits.

JFA: "And here comes Bombshell! No bike, no Arcee, no nothing! He's sprinting down to the ring."

Sixswitch Vs. Bombshell

Bombshell slides under the ropes but is met by the stomps of Sixswitch, rapid boots, one after the other, and follows them up with a flipping leg drop. Bombers quickly back up, Double S with the whip, he goes for a spinning heel kick but Bombshell catches him and gets him up for a powerbomb quickly halting the Welsh Wonders momentum.

JFA: "This one could be over early, Bombshell covers, one...two...kick out by the Welsh Wonder."

Bombshell picks up the Welsh Wonder and sends him to the ropes, he goes for the big boot but Double S ducks, but The Mad Bomber replies with a knee right into Sixswitch's mid-section. Bombshell goes for the pin again but can only manage a two. He whips Sixswitch to the ropes for a second time, big boot again, Double S ducks again, Bombshell goes for the knee again but this time Sixswitch reverses it with a roll-up.

JFA: "I don't think Bombshell saw that one coming, one...two..kickout. Sixswitch continues to define the match on his terms here with a quick succession of drop kicks followed by a scoop slam, covers again, but only gets two."

The Welsh Wonder works over The Mad Bombers body with some flipping leg drops and body splashes. He goes to pick up Bombshell but Bombers replies with a low blow that the ref wasn't able to catch.

JHA: "That'll slow you down for sure, that'll even slow your children down."
JFA: "Bombshell with the upper hand now, goes for a whip, but Sixswitch reverses and goes for a back body drop, but Bombshell replies with a devastating piledriver."
JHA: "Did you hear the crunching sound that made?"

Bombshell starts to work over The Welsh Wonder's body with a series of guillotine leg drops right across the throat, and follows up with a sleeper hold. Bombshell brings the pace of the match right down as Double S struggles to move. The ref asks the question but Sixswitch replies with a loud "NO!" Bombshell is really adding the pressure now putting his whole body weight into the move.

JFA: "Sixswitch looks like he's fading now. The ref grabs a hold of The Welsh Wonder's hands...one...two..thr...No!

Sixswitch is still in this thing, he's trying to get to his feet."
JHA: "Why bother? He'll just get knocked down again."
JFA: "Double S on his feet now, Bombshell losing grip of the hold, Sixswitch escapes the hold with a few shots to the mid-section."

Straight after getting out of the hold Sixswitch runs the ropes for momentum which is immediately stopped by The Mad Bomber's hand wrapped across his throat. Bombers lifts him up and delivers a devastating chokeslam leaving Sixswitch motionless.

JFA: "After that sleeper, this could be all here. One...two..thr..NO! Sixswitch somehow manages to kick out.
JHA: "The Mad Bomber is looking angry now, unable to finish the job, I wonder if he's like that with Arcee as well?"
JFA: "Oh stop."

Bombshell re-applies the sleeper, looking for the submission after he couldn't get the pin. Sixswitch is trying to fight it absorbing the cheers from the crowd. Sixswitch gets the contest back on their feet and elbows Bombshell in the mid-section again.

JFA: "Sixswitch broke the hold again, runs the ropes, Bombshell goes for another chokeslam but The Welsh Wonder avoids it, he comes back, head scissors take down by Double S. Bombshell must be livid now, he's attempt to wear down Sixswitch hasn't worked at all."

Sixswitch attempts a whip into the turnbuckle but Bombshell reverses and sends him in the opposite direction, but Double S reverses that as well and sends Bombshell back to the turnbuckle and straight into the referee!

JFA: "That can't be good, they were going in so many directions then the ref didn't know where to stand and in the end he ended up getting done and collapsing to the floor."

The Welsh Wonder delivers some hard stinging kicks to the ribs of Bombshell before he sits him atop the turnbuckles. Sixswitch climbs up as well. The crowd cheering him on. He goes for a hurricanrana on Bombshell and hits it.

JFA: "Top rope hurricanrana! The Mad Bomber is down, this one looks to be all over. Sixswitch is signaling for the Sixshooter."

Suddenly, Arcee comes rushing down the ramp towards the ring and gets up on the apron. She starts to flirt with the Welsh Wonder who is reciprocating. In the meantime, Bombshell is making a recovery. Arcee has her hands on the Double S as if they were going to kiss.

JHA: "Look at this J, if she's giving it out like this, I want some too!"
JFA: "Sixswitch better be careful here, Bombshell is getting up."
JHA: "Their about to kiss! Closer...closer...closer......"
JFA: "NO! Arcee just slapped the taste right out of The Welsh Wonder's mouth!"
JHA: "What a tease!"
JFA: "Guillotine across the ropes by Arcee."

Reeling from Arcee's slap and guillotine combo, Sixswitch turns around and finds Bombshell waiting for him. Double S tries to get on the offensive but is met with a boot to the mid-section, Bombers sets him up for the Atom Bomb Jacknife as the crowd roar in disapproval of the match's current direction.

JFA: "This could be the end right here...Bombshell hoists him up...FACEBUSTER BY THE WELSH WONDER! HE REVERSED IT!

Bombshell has gotta be out cold after that."
JHA: "Sixswitch has still gotta finish the Mad Bomber off first. And the ref still needs to get up as well."
JFA: "Arcee is back on the apron now, Sixswitch goes to her again, she goes for another slap...blocked, Double S grabs her by the hair, the crowd are cheering him on."
JHA: "He looks as if he's going to deck her!"
JFA: "He clenches his fist, no he couldn't....he goes to swing, Arcee closes her eyes, The Welsh Wonder stops his fists right in front of Arcees face and....OH MY! He's kissing her instead! We're used to seeing her getting it on with Bombshell, but she can't be too happy about this."
JHA: "The Mad Bomber would be absolutely livid....if he were conscious."

Sixswitch lets go of Arcee and she quickly escapes to the floor, spitting in disgust. A Double S chant is setting the arena on fire as Sixswitch ascends to the top of the turnbuckle. He soaks up the atmosphere for a few more seconds before he jumps and hits The Technophobic.

JFA: "The Welsh Wonder with the Technophobic! This one has definitely gotta be over now."

Sixswitch staggers over to the ref to make sure he's conscious and can make the count, he drags him towards the Mad Bomber's fallen body and makes the cover. The ref begins to count as the crowd chant in unison "One...two...three!" The bell rings and "Like This Like That" by Mauro Picotto erupts again.

JRA: "Your winner via. pinfall, The Welsh Wonder, Sixswitch!"

JFA: "Sixswitch is making his way to the back with a massive smile on his face."
JHA: "Yeah no wonder, he got some."
JFA: "Arcee now, getting in the ring attending to her man, caressing him as she tries to get him to respond. When Bombshell finds out what happened, he's going to go nuts."
JHA: "I'll say."
JFA: "Alright, up next we've got the AWF Intercontinental Title match between The Game and Wolfang...I just had deja' vu."
JHA: "You idiot."

AWF IC Title match: "The Game" Erik Summers (c) vs. Wolfang

JFA: The Game continuing here his series of title defenses, truly a fighting champion.

JHA: I'd be a bit more impressed if he defended the title against actually worthy opponents.

JFA: Like, let's say, Ravage, TC or Bombshell?

JHA: Right on the money.

JFA: Somehow I suspected as much.

JRA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the AWF Intercontinental championship. Approaching the ring, the challenger, from St. Helens, Merseyside, England, Wolfang!!

JFA: What an ovation for the Merseyside Marauder! The crowd might have a problem on who to cheer for in this match.

JHA: I know I have.

JFA: Wolfang, a former European, Tag team and Hardcore champion, looks to add another title run in his resume. And to tell you the truth, folks, I think he's got what it takes to be the IC champion!

JHA: Well if Summers can do it, it can't be that hard.

Wolfang has entered the ring and is waiting anxiously for his opponent as Mercy Drive's Burn in My Light starts to play and the Game enters the arena.

JRA: And from St. Paul, Minnesota, he is the AWF Intercontinental champion, "The Game" Erik Summers!!

The crowd jumps on it's feet as the IC champion emerges behind the curtains taking in the cheers. He removes the IC title from around his waist and lifts it high in the air giving the audience a glimpse on what's at stake. He then starts walking towards the ring where Wolfang is waiting. He enters the ring and after some more parading with the title Summers gives it to the referee who shows it to Wolfang and then lifts it to the air, as the Game did only a minute earlier.

JFA: The referee signals for the bell and this match is under way. Wolfang and Summers circling each other, they stop and look at each other, what's this?

JHA: I'm feeling sick.

JFA: A handshake by both competitors, showing their class. This is rare in the AWF and I must raise my hat to these two men for showing that kind of respect for their adversaries.

JHA: I'm still sick and you're not helping me...

JFA: A collar and elbow tie-up, Wolfang goes behind, Game with elbows to the face and the Game goes now behind Wolfang. Take down by Summers, goes for a head lock but Wolfang gets free, hammerlock by Wolfang, but the Game counters with a snap mare and locks in a sleeper. Wolfang is awake though and he manages to put one leg behind Summers' legs and trip him over landing on him. Wolfang rolls aside, the Game kips up and we're right from where we started.

As the crowd shows their appreciation on the Game's and Wolfang's mat wrestling the two men lock up again. Wolfang succeeds in pushing the Game back but once backed to the corner the Game reverses the roles and throws Wolfang to the corner and delivers a stiff knife edge chop. Wolfang holds his chest in pain as the Game whips him to the opposite corner and charges at him, only to run face first in to Wolfang's boot. Summers staggers back and that gives Wolfang enough time to hit a bulldog on the champion. Wolfang then proceeds to hit Summers with a series of knee shots to the sides before picking him up and delivering a scoop slam.

JFA: The challenger in firm control here, the Game is down and Wolfang locks in a front head lock. The Game trying to get to his feet, slowly succeeding, an elbow to the midsection of Wolfang, another, and Summers manages to push Wolfang against the ropes. Wolfang coming back and drops Summers with a shoulder block. Wolfang again to the ropes, Game getting back up and again Wolfang hits the shoulder block. The Game trying to get back up but Wolfang's there, whip to the ropes and a high back body drop!

JHA: The Game is in real trouble here, not that I'm concerned or even interested. Just wanted to point that out.

JFA: You're compassion (and professionalism) knows no boundaries. Wolfang pulling Summers back up, an elbow to the side of the head, another whip to the ropes... and Wolfang locks in the sleeper!

JHA: That is a very efficient way to slow down your opponent, and when it comes to the Game, you need all the slowing you can get.

JFA: The Game trying to struggle free but Wolfang has the sleeper hold locked in tight. He's fighting... and finally Game backs down to the corner with force and Wolfang has to release the sleeper. Summers trying to shake off the cobwebs, Wolfang sees his opportunity, charges... and the Game hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Wolfang tries to get his bearings back, Summers blocks the kick attempt and delivers a dragon screw. And immediately goes for a shoulder lock!

Wolfang fights the shoulder lock and succeeds in rolling through the submission hold. He delivers a chop to the chest of Summers and whips him to the ropes. Wolfang tries to hit the Game with a hip toss but Summers counters and hits a hip toss himself. Wolfang gets quickly up but the Game charges and a clothesline sends both men over the top rope to the outside. As the referee starts the ten count Wolfang and Summers rise slowly to their feet and start exchanging blows. Summers gives Wolfang a quick kick to the stomach which gives him enough time to whip Wolfang against the guard railing. The Game rolls in and out of the ring to stop the referee's ten count and then starts advancing on Wolfang. Wolfang surprises Summers with a kick to the stomach of his own and hits a swinging neckbreaker.

JFA: Wolfang hits the neckbreaker, a move that even normally is painful but outside the ring there's the added effect of landing on the thin mattress. Game might be in trouble here, Wolfang rolls him back into the ring and climbs the top turnbuckle.

JHA: Wolf's going to fly! Elbow drop on the Game, and a cover! One, two... and the Game kicks out!

JFA: Wolfang not wasting any time complaining about the call, picks the Game up, kick to the midsection and a gut wrench powerbomb! Another cover! One, two, and no! Summers kicks out again!

JHA: The Game is resilient but Wolfang is showing a lot of heart and talent here. As much as I don't wish for it, he very well might leave tonight with the IC title. Although it's not like the alternative is any better.

JFA: Wolfang again picks the Game up, whip to the ropes and Summers with a flying elbow! And he kips up! Running shoulder block drops Wolfang down again, the Game picks Wolfang up, Wolfang with a kick to the stomach and he goes for a discus punch, Game ducks and hits a dragon suplex! Summers picks Wolfang again up, and delivers a snap suplex! He covers, one, two... and Wolfang gets the shoulder up!

JHA: Game goes for another cover... and a small package by Wolfang! One, two... no! Game kicks out!

JFA: Both men up, Summers tries to whip Wolfang to the corner but Wolfang counters and sends Summers crashing against the corner. Wolfang goes for the Grey Hunter!! But Summers ducks and Wolfang is barely able to stop before going face first against the ring post, Wolfang turns.. Sweet Chin Mu... no, Wolfang ducks the super kick!! Goes for the Crimson Twilight but Summers turns it into the Endgame!! Summers got the Endgame locked in!!

JHA: No way Wolfang can escape that! He's finished!

JFA: But Wolfang is trying. with all he's got! Dragging himself closer to the ropes, inch by inch!

The Game tightens his grip on the Endgame but still Wolfang succeeds in dragging himself closer and closer to the ropes. Summers doesn't let go, though and gives the submission move everything he's got. Wolfang's eyes are full of pain and he's close to tapping out but with his last ounce of strength he drags himself the last few inches and grabs the bottom rope. The referee orders Summers to release the hold and frustrated the IC champion does so.

JFA: Wolfang didn't submit but does he have anything left in the tank? Summers gives a clean break and waits for Wolfang to get up. Wolfang looks at the Game and seems to realize he needs to get to the offensive... he charges at the Game and Summers with a samoan drop!! Erik Summers grabs the legs of Wolfang and catapults him into the top turnbuckle, Wolfang staggering backwards... and Game grabs a waist lock and hits a german suplex!

JHA: And he's got the grip! He's not letting go!

JFA: And another german suplex! Going for the third one, and it connects!! The Game shook Wolfang inside out with those triple german suplexes! And the Game is signaling for the end. He's climbing the top turnbuckle...diving head butt! Diving head butt on Wolfang! The Game covers! One! Two! Thr...

JHA: Wolfang got the shoulder up!!

JFA: I don't know how but Wolfang did get the shoulder up!

Erik Summers is starting to get frustrated but he doesn't let it affect his performance as he drags Wolfang up to his feet, whips him to the ropes and connects with an exploding spinebuster. He covers Wolfang but again gets only a two count. The crowd is clearly starting to cheer the tenacious Wolfang as Summers picks him up, hits him with a fisherman's suplex to only get another two count. Summers gives the referee a somewhat evil glare but continues to work on Wolfang. He drags him to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Wolfang was ready, however, and tries to hit Summers with a clothesline. But the Game ducks and Wolfang hits the referee instead, knocking him out. Wolfang stares at the fallen referee in disbelief for a second but then turns around to meet Summers, only to see that the IC champion was stalking him.

JFA: Game caught Wolfang, he's going for the Game Over!

JHA: It's over... no! Wolfang with the elbows, Game can't connect with the Game Over.

JFA: One good stiff elbow shot and Game releases the hold. Kick to the stomach by Wolfang... and the Wolfsbane! Wolfang just hit Summers with his own version of the double arm DDT! Both men are down!

JHA: That Wolfsbane took a lot out of Summers but because of the punishment Wolfang took he can't capitalize!

JFA: They could've been both counted out already but the referee is still only slowly getting up. Wolfang dragging himself up with the help from the ropes and the Game is also already on his knees. This one... wait a damn minute? What the hell is he doing here?

JHA: Zarak? Just enjoying some good entertainment after his own match.

JFA: With a steel chair? Hardly.

JHA: He had a tough hardcore title match earlier. It's completely understandable that he'd want to sit down.

JFA: The Game still hasn't gotten completely up to his feet and Wolfang is up. He's got an opportunity to... damn that Zarak! Zarak just hit Wolfang in the back with the steel chair and referee saw none of that!! Wolfang staggering from the impact, straight into the arms of Erik Summers who didn't see what Zarak did! Game Over! Game Over on Wolfang, Summers covers him, referee is there. One. Two. Three!! The Game wins and retains the IC title but who knows what could've happened if Zarak hadn't interfered!

JHA: Calm down. Zarak just wanted to show Wolfang what he's up for if he ever wanted to challenge Zarak again.

JFA: The Game leaves the ring to get his IC title and... what now?! Zarak just entered the ring with the steel chair in hand, enough is enough! You already possibly cost him the IC title, what more do you want to do?!

JHA: You've seen Wolfang's matches. Zarak knows that one chair shot isn't enough to teach him. But I'll bet a couple more will do the trick.

JFA: You're as sick as Zarak. Zarak's stalking Wolfang, who's slowly getting up. Wait a minute, it's the Game! The Game saw what happened and he's back in the ring. Zarak sees him too, swings the chair but Summers ducks and lets him have it with a series of right hands. Zarak drops the chair and is forced back! But Zarak with a knee to the gut and a short arm clothesline drops the Game. Summers just went through a title match and he's not a match against the rested Zarak. Zarak turns to Wolfang... and Wolfang with the Crimson Twilight!! Zarak gets the Crimson Twilight by Wolfang and he rolls in pain out from the ring. Wolfang sees the Game and helps him up, and as in the beginning in the match they shake hands and Summers raises Wolfang's hand in the air. Wolfang may have lost the match but he's got the respect of the IC champion!

Viewfind & HBK v TC & Ravage

Joey: Main event time here on Mayhem, and do we have a doozy of a match here! Four men who competed in the War Games…HBK and Viewfind on the victorious DN Team, and TC & Ravage from Team GPA…four men who will compete in the Rumble coming up this Sunday on PPV!

Disciple by Slayer begins to play throughout the arena…

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event for the evening and it is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring area at this time…Big Daddy Rav and TC!

Joey: Former members of the GPA out here for this tag team main event and while both men could be argued as having a claim to the title, neither man has complained about the format that it would be settled in, showing their competitive nature. Both men won’t just have the Rumble however, TC faces Divebomb who we have seen cause him some problems…


Joey: And Ravage of course will face…

As if on cue, Superstar begins to play and HBK Sean O’Con appears under the Archivetron, he takes a step out and smirks at his opponents before pointing back as Viewfind appears as well.

JRA: And their opponents, making their way to the ring area…Viewfind and the HeartBrend Kid, Sean O’Con!

Flec: So much to hate about these guys, I don’t even know where to begin!

Joey: Well the match is beginning so you have plenty of time, HBK and TC to start things out, in spite HBK’s taunts towards Ravage. The two lock up, collar elbow tie up, HBK with the advantage and an arm drag, TC rolls and back to his feet quickly and the two face off again.

Flec: What a show off…

Joey: Ummm…he didn’t do anything…another lock up and TC with the advantage this time, Irish Whip sends HBK off the ropes…ducks a clothesline attempt by TC, off the opposite rope, and HBK hits a flying forearm and leaps up with a kip up then over to tag Viewfind in.

Flec: See? Pure show…

Joey: Right…VF in now and immediately drops a knee into the gut of TC and follows with a second. Some serious heat still between these two and VF with all manner of bad feeling and resentment being displayed here! Vicious stomp by VF, pulling TC up and scoop slam, plants him down hard. VF with a taunt towards Ravage, bringing him in the ring…ref stops him…HBK in the ring now as well and a double team coming…DOUBLE SPINE BUSTER!

Joey: Ref not seeing it as Ravage has his attention, HBK remaining in the ring. Referee asking if he received a tag, HBK merely blows him off. Pulling TC to his feet, BUT TC with a low blow, followed by a leg sweep and HBK goes down. TC crawling his way to his own corner…

Flec: YES! Get the big man in here!

Joey: Tag made and here comes Ravage! Hoisting HBK up…Press Slam…and big time impact for HBK, crashing down hard onto the canvass!

Flec: YEAH! Hit that louse again! WOO HOO!

Joey: As if in sync with your twisted mind, Rav pulling HBK up for a gut wrench power bomb. Cover, but HBK too close to the ropes and his boot goes across the bottom rope.

Flec: Like that should count!

Joey: (Ignores the comment) Ravage now pulling HBK up to his feet, who responds with a thumb to the eye and a drop kick to the knee!

Flec: OH! And I suppose you don’t have a problem with that?

Joey: Not really…HBK staggering backwards to his corner and tagging in Viewfind…meanwhile…it appears there is a fan who is causing some problems…

Flec: That’s not a fan…IT’S THAT TRAITOR DIVEBOMB!

Joey: Divebomb pulling TC out of the corner and onto the floor…the two going toe to toe…trading punches! TC now shoving DB over the guardrail! The two fighting into the crowd…talk about hatred.


Joey: And I don’t think Ravage has realized he’s on his own yet…he’s crawling to his corner, while Viewfind stalking from behind with a huge smirk on his face! Ravage getting to his feet here unaware of what has transpired…Viewfind spinning him into a Philly Pimp Drop!

Flec: Oh and look who wants in!

Joey: HBK calling for the tag…I think the match is over and done with here, but the bad blood is fairly evident between these two…but…WAIT A MINUTE…Stone Cold on his way out to the ring! O'Con cost Skywarp the match against Judge Death and Stone Cold seems to want some payback. He and HBK going at it now…Viewfind over to break it up and Stone Cold nails him as well…the referee is calling for the bell…this one is completely out of control here…Tempest on his way out to the ring to help Ravage, taking a shot at Viewfind, Stone Cold and HBK going at it. Tempest and Viewfind slugging it out and here comes the Game! Ravage over to help Stone Cold, not that he wants it…but the two working on HBK…the Game out and he shoves Skywarp off of HBK, while HBK ducks a punch by Ravage and pulls the rope down, sending Ravage to the floor…Tempest and Viewfind still slugging it out on the outside of the ring…

Flec: And look who’s left in the ring…time to pick a side pretty boy!

Joey: And Summers standing between Stone Cold and HBK…not willing to move to allow Stone Cold to get at O’Con…and I would dare say, his side has been picked. Stone Cold with a smirk, gives them both the middle finger, but decides that discretion is the better part of valor here…muttering something to the pair and sliding out of the ring to the cheers of the crowd. I have no idea what the result of the match is…Summers and O’Con left in the ring…Summers gives O’Con a slight nod and exits the ring…

Flec: What the hell does that mean?

Joey: Maybe they’ve settled the issues from Warzone…maybe not…but HBK climbing the ropes and pointing down towards Ravage…Stone Cold at the top of the ramp glaring down towards Summers…Tempest and Viewfind still slugging it out…and I’ve received word that Divebomb and TC are currently fighting it out in a women’s bathroom somewhere in the upper deck seating level…we’ve lost all control here on Mayhem and we are out of time…for everyone with the AWF, we will see you Sunday for Edge of Survival, GOOD NIGHT!

2005-01-25, 09:07 AM
OOC: Nice Mayhem, wow a bit early to see this show having Warzone just about 4 days ago so...damn thats cool! On a side note.....the tag team known as the serial slackaz are face...not heel or tweeners. I hope that can clear some writing conflicts.


D-Ex: "Blaster you won this round but believe me, thats all your gonna win. You got the upperhand on me tonight, I can give you that. I'll let you live now, I'll let you gloat at your victory. You beaten me, beaten Igz. Now all thats left is to actually beat the two of us in the tag match. Good luck on that, cause its gonna take more than your experience in the ring to beat the Serial Slackaz!"

2005-01-25, 12:02 PM
The camera flashes open to reveal the Double S in front of a washbasin, furiously scrubbing his teeth.

"You see Bombshell? That's what happens when you mess with the Double S's vibe. That's what happens when you screw around with my show. You get beat down. You get run over. You get trolleyed.

Now, as much as the Double S knows that the two dollar ho you hang around with wants the Double S, let's get one thing straight. What happened on Mayhem was a lesson in humiliation.

The Double S is better than you in every possible way, including in the lurve department. You can't beat me, you can't stop me, and you were not, are not, and never will be ready for the Double S.

Now, if you'll excuse me... Where's that bleach?"

2005-01-25, 12:05 PM
You know whats funny O-Con?

How you use to say I couldn't fight a match alone.

Let's see this is the second straight match where I've been screwed over. Only TC was as well.

Divebomb, it's ok that you stick your nose in my business as at EOS TC is going to break it.

But HBK, it seems you have more enemies that just me in this fed. Looks like Warp who I may not have the most love in the world for, seems to me he dislikes you too. I guess he is quite a bit smarter than I first inspected.

But HBK at EOS get ready, I am going to send you back to that island with the cheap hoes for nurses. Only this time your going to need a see-n-say to talk.

2005-01-25, 04:10 PM
Now thhat wass ffun.

Ordinarily, I ssuppossse, I would apologisse to Ssskywarp about achievving vvictory in ssuch a detesstably low manner, and thhen would continue to mouthh offf at thhe Heart Brend Kid ffor interrupting thhe fflow off jussticce, but...

Well, I am honesstly not too bothhered right now. I mean, I won. I do not ssee what I havve to complain about here. Well, exxccept thhe idiot refferee who dared to evven thhink off dissqualiffying me ffor ssuch a minor act ass a...thhing...thhat, erm...well, I havve no idea what thhe elbow-rub iss actually called. But it iss deffinitely a minor offfencce at besst.

Agh, why am I ffocussing on ssuch a ssmall matter? What I shhould thhink about iss HBK. I can already ssee your ressponsse; "Don't take thhiss thhe wrong way, kid. It'ss only 'causse off Warp. I don't care about you or anythhing elsse in thhat match." Well, thhat iss ffine withh me. Ssso long ass thhe ccircumsstanccess roll in my ffavvour, I could care lesss iff you sspat on me.

Ssso, thhe march off Deathh continuess merrily on. And who shhall be nexxt? Why, we will havve to wait and ssee, eh?

2005-01-25, 06:02 PM
I think it's abour time for me to make a few things clear.

Ravage, the time for talk has passed. Yeah, the HeartBrend Kid likes to run his mouth, but one thing that's always been true is that my actions manage the impossible feat of speaking louder than my words ever do. And I'm sure you'll all agree that that's pretty damn loud. Rav, I've had enough of this dull back-and-forth "who's gonna put who in the hospital" crap. So I'm just gonna do what people have been begging me to do for years - I'm gonna let my actions speak for themselves. We've talked enough talk. It's time to dance.

But as big as Big Daddy Rav isn't, he's not my main concern. This brings me neatly to... Stoned Old Skywarp. The man so much a piece of the past that the British Museum passed up the chance to home him because he's "not contempory enough." Sky, you're not my main concern, either... hell, you're not ANY of my concern. So quit the pathetic attempts to get my attention... I know I'm gorgeous, but your little crush is fast getting into stalker territory. Come near me again, and I'll implement the HBK version of a restraining order. It's where you get put in restraints whilst they administer some more morphine.

No, my main concern is something much much bigger. I have a dream. No, it's not the one with Morena Baccarin and the sauna. Although... ahem. Where was I? Oh, yeah. The dream.

Any fool can see what a glittering career the HeartBrend Kid has had. Anything that's worth doing in the AWF, I've done it. Tag Title? Won that twice. Intercontinental? Been there. Hardcore? Been there. AWF Title? Been there twice. Iron Gauntlet? Won that. War Games? Twice, thank you. But there's one thing that I've never done.

The HeartBrend Kid has never won the Royal Rumble. That is going to change. And what better time to make that change than with the AWF Championship up for grabs as well? This Sunday, HBK regains the gold and achieves his dream - whilst 29 other schmucks get imolated by the Heat.

Live the dream, people. MY dream. Your loss. My title.

Because when you're standing at the Edge of Survival, Sean O'Con will be the Highlight of Your Life.

The Wild One
2005-01-25, 06:41 PM
*The camera peers into a room back stage. We see The Wild One leaning back in a lazy boy.*

How long? How long till I get a real match? I mean, Murder Inc seems to want to draft me in. Why not the AWF? I mean is Reilly affraid? Do I have to assinate him? What will it take to get a match? What does it take? I tell you, it seems to take sucking up to the higher ups. It take becoming a slithering snake. C'mon, I have joined the slithering snakes, why won't you accept me?

2005-01-25, 06:55 PM
This is what I have to face. *Points to the screen showing Baxter* This! This loser who tried to take my belt, this loser who fell for a simple trick, this is what reily has set me up with.

No problem for me though, because I gain victory apon victory with these losers, and my record grows higher. Grow up and become a man Baxter otherwise, your patheic existance will end even faster than that.

You better have looked at the match OP, that is you that will take place instead of Baxter. And when I will defeat you nightmare for the 3rd and final time I will move above and beyond to another glorious belt, the Hardcore championship!

I have given my future OP, should I give you your version?

Believe The Hype, Feel The Pain

2005-01-25, 07:06 PM
In the back:

Baxter is watching Cloudstrifer's remarks, at that moment the Caterer walks in with a deli tray.

The caterer sees Baxter and starts running the other way.

Baxter of course chases him down the hall.

2005-01-26, 12:01 AM
Divebomb....yet again you stick your nose in my business. Yet again you cost me, and yet again you make the mistake of pissing me off. Come this sunday, you will find that I am going to beat you into the ground. I'm going to hurt you, I'm going to make it so you dont even get to the ring for the Rumble. Thereby making it that much easiar for me to win the whole thing, and get back my AWF world title.

2005-01-26, 02:18 AM
Well, folks, I know there was plenty of talk about me on the show, but that certainly didn't give you your fix, now did it?

Well, a person needs some time to recover from a shot or two from that golden bat of Ghostal's. And a person needs time to think... think about how something just hasn't been good enough as of late.

What is that something, you ask? Why, I'll tell you. The Lobotomy. It's an impressive move, but more people have been kicking out of it than not as of late. How many times did I hit it in that Hardcore match? And the Lock kicked out of it, if I remember correctly. It just doesn't seem to be getting the job done.

But is that the Lobotomy's fault? I mean, it's not my finisher. At least, it's not supposed to be. I created the Last Mile for that very purpose. That move is powerful enough to stop damn near anyone from getting up for a while.

Now you're asking me, "But X, why not simply use the Last Mile more often?" Why? Because it's so damn hard to set up! Do you know how perfect conditions need to be for that to work? That move was countered many, many times while we were overseas, simply because I tried it prematurely. So that begs the question, what does the X do now?

Well, I can't drop the Last Mile. I created that move, and I don't plan on completely getting rid of it anytime soon. No, what I need to do is modify it a bit. And, what do you know? That's just what I've done.

That's right. I've got a new finisher, and it's simply a modified Last Mile. Now, that doesn't sit too well in our speech, so I figure this new move is going to need a new name. Well, I finally came around an old term we use a lot in English classes here in the states that I like- Deus Ex Machina. Now I know all you hosses out there are like "Duh... Xille... what duhes dat meen?" Well, it's basically an unexpected intervention to rescue the protagonist or resolve the conflict in a story.

Simply put, I now have a new lightning-fast finisher to aid me in my efforts against Ghostal, the Machina Driver. And I'm sure it's going to do wonders in my efforts to show everyone why... you can't deny... the power of X.

2005-01-26, 05:02 AM
HBK all your little speech here does is put you on the same moronic plain as some members of the US government.

Worry about Warp all you want but I am the one that going to hurt you in the ring. I put you out of action once, this time I plan on giving you the Old Yeller treatment.

As for the Rumble. I have my plans and I am pretty sure when it comes down to TC and me again just like that last battle royale your going to see the best man win. Be it him or me.

2005-01-26, 05:43 AM
Camera opens up, and we're in a locker room. We can tell it's a locker room... 'cause there are lockers in it. Pivoting, we see Ignavus leaning against the wall, covered in a fine sheen of sweat and dressed only in a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Who'd have thought... >heavy breathing< a mile... >heavy breathing< was so flippin long."

There are sounds of conflict in the background, when suddenly a blurry figure moves in front of the camera. The camera-man quickly readjusts, and we realize that it's none other than Keith Kincaid... AWF's own interviewer and his personal camera-man... handcuffed and being escorted out of the locker room by two policemen.

As he is being dragged out, he shouts out "look, you don't understand! Reilly just sent me out here in the middle of nowhere to get a Mr. Joshua Ignavus' comments on film after our show tonight! He wanted to know how he reacted to his partner's loss to Blaster!" The cop, however, isn't buying it. His partner says, "I don't care about your silly games, a public locker room is no place for a television camera! You're under arrest for voyuerism.."

As the cop reads Kincaid and his partner their rights, Igz does the finger gun thing to our camera and says, "you might wanna get out of here before they notice you too."

The camera-man apparently agrees, and starts to leave.

"Hold up, just a sec." The slacker calls out, "I should say something before you go. Kincaid said D-Ex lost to Y3B. It's a damn shame, I'm sure he tried his best... well, if he was sober."

The towel clad cruiserweight takes a moment to scratch at his goatee.

"So now Blaster has beaten me in a cage, and D-Ex in a singles match too. N-Mat will be mostly a wild card in the match, but Blaster still obviously has a big advantage. What he won't be counting on though, is the chemistry of the Serial Slackaz. The fluid motions, the strategic reserve of energy, and the syncopation of the lazy. Blaster may have power behind him, but we have ourselves. It could go either way."

The camera-man interupts Igz's reflection, he apparently wants to leave before the cops show up. Igz sighs.

"Yeah, go. This next part isn't gonna be pretty. I thought the working out was bad... what I didn't realize about the gym is at the end... there's only a communal shower."

A very old, very naked old man leaves the shower room behind Igz. A helpful censor bar has been added in in editing for all of our sakes.

"It's times like this... I wish I was blind."

Igz takes a deep breath, as if that will help, and charges at the shower room. The camera pivots... and the two cops are staring at us through the lens. Apparently, Igz took too long talking.

OOC: Nice post, X. And D-Ex, I'm glad someone knows what alignment we are! ;) I certainly didn't.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-01-26, 06:25 AM
OOC- Faces don't use interference to win unless their name is Eddie Guerrero.


Keith Kincaid runs up to Blaster who is in the back staring at himself in a mirror and making poses. The camera watches this for a second until Kincaid says something.

KK: "Um excuse me! Blaster! Can I get a word with you?"

Blaster stops posing and cocks an eyebrow. He spins on his heel and walks over to the camera and Kincaid.

Y3B: "Who are you?"

KK: "What do you mean who am I? I am Keith Kincaid! I do all the.. mrumph!"

Kincaid is cut off by Blaster palming his face and then shoving him out of camera shot.

Y3B: Off of my screen jerky. We see your ugly mug enough on Y3B television and no one wants to see that. You're as ugly as Iggy after I dropped him on his head in that cage.

Kincaid storms off muttering something, the camera turns to follow him but it is stopped by a hand over the lens pulling it back.

Y3B: "Where do you think you're going? Just because the people don't want to see that assclown doesn't mean they don't want to see me! The Child Prodigy. Now over the past three weeks we have seen three things. We have seen me take Iggy from jack ass slacker to someone that is actually trying you. We have seen my greatness, my charisma, my work ethic, my ability to beat anyone at any time, rub off on Ignavus. He has been touched by faith. We have seen Iggy and Drunk-Ex prove that they need each other and their cheap back alley slut to take me out. They have shown that they have learned that there is no beating me one on one and that without eachother they are lost in this business. And tonight we saw what happens when D-Ex steps into the ring with me. How long did that match last? What purpose do you serve? Career booster for newbies?"

Blaster grins and grasps his hands together and laughs.

Y3B: "And now, you guys are not that bad as a tag team. But without that extra oomph you get from Atticus you guys are nothing. She is your equalizer, but if she is taken out of the picture you two are easy pickings. So that will be my and Nmat's goal. Get the leaf blower out of the way early. Then just pick up that easy 1.2.3. But as that match is easy pickings. Lets focus on the big time. The rumble. The AWF heavyweight title. This is big, and I mean big. This is where it's at. And I intend to walk into Toronto with two title shots and walk out of Toronto with two titles. Anything else would be un-satisfactory for your god among men.

2005-01-26, 08:00 AM
Oh come on now TC, do you really think you are just going to walk into our match and just roll right over me? I told you once, before I laid you out in the Wargames, that you have to treat me as an equal or face the consequences. So since you decided to run your mouth on warzone and now after our little brawl where I dunked your head in the ladies commode, just try and proove me wrong, you still come out here and think its that easy.

I would almost feel sorry for your lack of understanding if you weren't such a piss ant. But you see TC, this is how I think things are going to end. I am going to hit you with The End and you are going to lay flat on the mat as the ref counts to three and I am going to be the one with my hand held high.

But I have said to much and ruined the surprise so I will just have to end this little session by saying this. One week from now in the Skydome. We will meet face to face and only one of us will leave that ring with our head held high and our arms raised in victory and I promise you, it will be me!

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-01-26, 11:52 AM
I gotta admit that if we were handing out belts for amusing anicdotes then SURELY HBK would have some gold right now...

But that's not the case and as it currently stands it sure doesn't look like he's due to get any. Now most would say that BDR is definitely the greater threat and hell, to a point, I would agree.

But HBK should never underestimate the Rattlesnake, not once cos that's all it takes for the stunner to connect and buddy, Summers ain't gonna be around to look after your sorry ass all the time. I'll happily go through him to get you.

2005-01-26, 01:44 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
Something... probably nothing important

:yawn: :zzz: :zzz: mmm... Morena Baccarin...

2005-01-26, 02:52 PM
By HBK, mmm... Morena Baccarin...

Good, your already use to the whole concept of being knocked out.

2005-01-26, 10:27 PM
IC: Alright Zarak; enough's enough. Why do you have to sneak up on me? Are you too chicken to face me in open contest? Or are you starting to doubt your own hype? I'll illuminate, just once more, just for you: you did not carry Blood & Thunder. Half the time, it was me dragging your carcass off the mat.

I'd have happily taken any knocks from anybody to help you out of a jam. 'Wolf by name, wolf by nature', I guess. But that was before you decided to get all high-and-goddamned-mighty with me. ME. You should realise after our previous encounters, that is not the wisest of moves. I've changed since then. I'm even harder to knock down. I can fight clean, I can fight dirty... hell, I can fight until it's just me standing up.

I suggest you remember that the next time you go sticking your nose into my business. Because next time, Z, I will come seeking retribution. Then the monkey really is gonna hit the fan.

Say your prayers, 'friend'. You're going to need every one of them for the hell I plan to put you through.

2005-01-27, 03:19 AM
Look Temp fo the last time the Homeslice does not SWING THAT WAY!

But i do swing a mean baseball bat to da dome, next time i see yo nasty pantes ima hit one out DA PARK!

2005-01-27, 07:32 AM
View, at Edge of Survival, I'm coming for you. Your on the Human Bulldozers list, along with a few others. That belt will be mine, only the dead can try and stop me. And if you haven't noticed, the dead usually stay dead.

2005-01-27, 03:40 PM
Having run out of breath and losing the caterer, Baxter rounds the corner and bumps into Judge Death.

Pardon me oh Judge
Of Death, have you perhaps seen
A man with great meats?

2005-01-27, 07:40 PM
Look at this, what a card! *Cloud has a letter of the upcomming promos at the PPV.* What a great card, without me in it defending my title, destorying OP for the final time and taken hom ethe TV title belt. Of course, now I am looking at the Hardcore belt, so what do you know, I might be holding that one too. And thats a belt that I wouldn't have to keep on defending on every show except the PPV and a couple of odd matches here and there. But still, this *pats belt* is what keeps me in shape and keeps me winning agianst these *looks at Baxters vs Cloud match agian, and shakes his head* "competeters" that Reily keeps throwing on me to keep me on my toes. Anyway.....

Wether or not I am in the Rumble or on the card, if OP you show your patheic face in the rumble or in the stadium I will chase you down and destory you like a hunter agianst a deer. I will destory your nightmares that I have kept on destorying, I will destory you till your nothing but a sad memory in peoples minds. Thats my promise, and wether you like it or not, I am comming after you and your patheic nightmares.

Oh, Odinson, I called anybody else out, yet you did not show your face. You want me to be a noble warrior and prove my worth to a man who is nothing in my eyes? I think it should be the other way around. But that will come later. Wether in the Rumble or in any match even for my belt, I shall show you the true power of CloudStrifer and finally for the second time PROVE YOU WRONG! So get ready, once I delt with OP I am comming for you!

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain

2005-01-27, 09:26 PM

>Such was the force from Baxter's belly-barge, the Necrotic One was propelled backwards into an inconvenient, precariously-stacked load of trashcans, which collapsed on top of Death after he came into contact with them. Regrettably - or not, depending on how you feel about the git - they were also filled with several months' worth of outdated TV dinners. Death only takes a moment to stand back up, but he's already been painted by a liberal coating of rancid curry, french-fries and vinegar. Irritably waving away the small bluebirds that had begun to circle around his helmet, the judge steps forward again, brushing off some filth from his shoulder pads.<

"'Man withh great meatss'...well, thhere iss D-Exx, who hass made Ignoramuss into hiss sslavve - now thhat iss good meat! Or did you mean ssomethhing elsse, ssomethhing lesss...intimate?"

2005-01-27, 09:37 PM
Sorry about the
Accident, I did not see
You there, Judge of Death

Baxter picks a curry vinegar fry off of JD and eats it.

I was referring
To a man carrying a
Tray of Sandwiches

You were not going to
Eat that delicious fry I
Hope? Do you have more?

2005-01-27, 10:02 PM
>The judge pauses for a moment or so, deciphering Baxter's speech in his head. He is unaware of the fact that him calling other people's talking incomprehensible is more than slightly hypocritical. After his thoughts, he rests one hand on his hip and fingers his chin with the other.<

"I did not ssee anyone matching thhat desscription passs here...but I trained ffor yearss in thhe art off detection. I can ssmell a ssinner ffrom ffivve hundred yardss!"

>Death sniffs the air, audibly and for as long as possible, numerous times. His head tilts in different directions as he does so, until eventually...he slowly turns to face Baxter again, and glances downward slightly. He then shakes his head, frustrated somewhat.<

"No usse; I cannot ssmell anythhing but your noxxiouss underwear. And my own heavvenly aroma, off coursse...and what iss thhat inssuffferable itch?!"

>Death turns away from Baxter for a moment, hopping up and down on the spot and fiddling with something at crotch level. With a loud 'Pop!' sound, he raises a small, triangular potato chip of some variety up to the ceiling light. Behind his visor, the judge raises an eyebrow, before offering the chip to Baxter.<


2005-01-27, 10:16 PM
Originally posted by Shockmeister
"'Man withh great meatss'...well, thhere iss D-Exx, who hass made Ignoramuss into hiss sslavve - now thhat iss good meat! Or did you mean ssomethhing elsse, ssomethhing lesss...intimate?"

OOC: To quote a wise man from the moon...

"I hope you can see this... 'cause I'm doing it as hard as I can"

Amarant Odinson
2005-01-28, 01:25 AM
GOD DAMN IT!!! You've got to be kidding me. First Reilly screws me out of getting any sort of match tonight and now Cloudy the Retard is complaining about his lack of competion. Reilly has the nerve to talk about my ego. This coming from a man who does nothing but cater to men like T.C., HBK, The Game, Tempest or that damn Tapedeck. Men whose egos are only matched by their lack of talent.

Speaking of no talent, that brings me to CloudStrifer. You claim to have no competion and yet you leave my challenge unanswered. You say that I must prove myself worthy to face you. But yet have yet to prove yourself worthy of holding that title around your waist. I agree with you on one point. Your opponents up until now have been push overs. But all you have to do is quit hiding. Tell Reilly that you want the match and then we'll see if you have what it takes to beat me. But until then I'll be here waiting for you or The Game to quit being the cowards that you really are.

But since Reilly has decided to put me in the Royal Rumble, that may all change. Maybe after Edge of Survival, it will be CloudStrifer or the Game begging me for a title shot. A shot at the World Heavyweight title that will be put around my waist when I go through 29 "entertainers", make them all tap out and throw them over that top rope to show the world that I am indeed the Best Damn Technical World Champion in history. Until then, the challenge is there. At Edge of Survival, in my home town of Toronto, 29 other men will try and fail..... to PROVE ME WRONG.

2005-01-28, 02:21 AM
Your Challenge? YOUR CHALLENGE?

I called you out in the ring. I called out anybody with any ounce of man in him to come out and face me. Apperiently you were not there or were either hiding. In either case you failed to come out. Which in my idea your patheicness showed.

But, then you want a match with me? A Match for this title belt? I think I will take two birds with one stone. OP vs Odinson vs CloudStrifer. You either accept that or wait until OP is destoryed. Your choice because thats all what I am offering right now. Maybe after the PPV I will deal with you. Thats my offer because you hold nothing and I hold the belt.

Odinson you will not survive in any case so stop dreaming of the belt.

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain

2005-01-30, 12:33 AM
KK and the camera man are outside of Atticus's locker room and they knock on the door.

Atticus: Um...what do you want?

KK: Well... I was wondering if I can get your thoughts on the upcoming pay per view...Edge of Survival.

*Atticus comes out of her dressing room and closes the door*

Atticus:Why the hell do you want to know?

KK: Well the Serial Slackaz are facing the Mat Man and your favorite superstar... Y3B Blaster. *begins to laugh*

Was that suppose to be funny? Because I didn't really find that amusing. Try again. You know Blaster... my personal Jesus *smirks*... you are such a funny funny man aren't you? You come up with all these clever little jabs and..."snappy putdowns", always attempting to get under my skin. I know what you're trying to do. You want my attention. You want to get close to me! Now I understand why you are such a catty little bitch... it's just a cover.

Blaster...jealousy won't get you anywhere sweetie. I know why you say the things you say.... you want me to go to ringside...interfere in your matches, just so you can get your hands all over this body. Believe me...you are not the first person who has fellt this way about me. *smirks and plays with her hair* I bet you must be so... so excited that your match at the pay per view will be no disqualification...no count out. Why? Because you'll get to see me up close and personal, but not in the way that you think. See...I'm not dumb... no no no. You're not in my league...never have been...never will be.

So... to wrap this little interview up... Blaster... Nmat.... be prepared to lose your match. It's that simple. You got me barred from ringside the last time but this time... there's absolutely nothing that you can do to stop me. Can't wait to see you guys. *waves and smiles*

2005-01-30, 01:50 AM
Pah, who put her here? *turns from the screen* This is no w**** house, nor is it a house of ill repute. Go and trade your business elsewhere, you mustn't be good to be hanging around losers, like Igz and D-Ex. After all, thats the best you could do right?

OP, OP must you hide and declare your darkness regins only to hide back into your hole agian. I am getting tired talking to someone who is not listen and is probably is cradling the last remaining shards of nightmares that had been destoryed time and time agian. I must move on to greater and more meaningful things. Your last warning OP, you will run away and you will never show your face or else suffer the most distrubing destruction of OP that you ever saw!

Believe the Hype, Feel the Pain!

2005-01-30, 06:01 AM
Here I thought the first time made its point.

>Igz pulls off his shirt, and starts running about the ring shouting<



2005-01-30, 02:40 PM
i sugest you read my 20 questions agian. He has a wife you know, so no need for other women. ;)


Oh wow, what a come back..idiot

I am sorry that you have no one at your side other than a w****. I am sorry that you have to sleep with men and women to get your jollies on. I am sorry for your idiotic comments that people had to listen to.

Igz, Igz what the hell are you worth? Nothing in my book. Riding the wings of the even worthless D-Ex with help from a Girl because your not man enough for trying to fight on your on. Oh well, I know your not man enough to fight alone and win so you need to cheat to make up for your patheicness. Tisk I pity you so much.

Listen you worm, lets hope you never come in the ring with me because I will kick your ass from here to where ever your god-forsaken body came from. Your holding a worthless belt won because you couldn't get a belt on your own. Unlike me your patheic, and without cheating your nothing. My advice is simple, either hide and don't show your face or pray that I overlook you as a threat to my belt. Because if I do, you on't come out of the ring with your life.

Believe The Hype, Feel The Pain!

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-01-30, 08:24 PM
Atticus, you ignorant slut. You actually think I want your cheap hands anywhere near my million dollar body? You think you are actually allowed to touch this? I had you banned from ringside and put a cage around me to keep your grimy, hands off me. I don't feel like inadvertantly touching 50% of the male population and I really don't feel like it touching me.

If I do have to take you out I'll be sure to let Nmat do it, I know it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Now Atticus do yourself a favor, buy a muzzle and put it on. You are a nobody. You are new, you are cheap eye-candy, you have lop-sided breasts. I mean there is nothing good going for you. You got paid by Summers but christ, what girls hasn't he paid? There has been Sixshot, Scout, I am sure he tried to pay Arcee at somepoint. Simply put, he has had poor taste.

Now Sparticus, listen to me. You will not factor into the tag match, you will not factor into the rumble. Your team will lose the tag titles and will then got thrown over the ropes in the Rumble and there is LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! NOTHING! You can do about it! Now hit the bricks Junior.

Tiki Torch
2005-01-31, 02:46 AM
What the?

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-01-31, 04:13 PM
Originally posted by Tiki Torch
What the?

OOC- Who is this mook?

2005-01-31, 04:39 PM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
OOC- Who is this mook?

OOC - Good Question!