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AWF Press Office
2005-01-27, 04:17 PM
Yes, ladies and gents, it's that time again. Time to have your say on the best and the worst, the good, the bad and the ugly... it's the annual Archive Wrestling Federation Awards.

We're doing it slightly differently this year. What will happen is that we'll be accepting nominations through till the 18th February. This gives everybody plenty of time to make their suggestions. The final ballot will then be posted on 25th Feb, with votes being accepted from that day up until 18th March.

Please read the following very carefully.

- Below is the list of categories that will we be recognising this year. You can make upto three nominations in each category. If you make more than three, we will only count the first three listed. Nominating the same person/match three times will only be counted as one nomination.

- You may nominate yourself / matches that your character took part in.

- Submit your nominations through the Private Messaging system, to this account. Only nominations received through PM by the AWF Press Office will be counted. The account will be checked daily - when we receive your nominations, we will send you a PM by return confirming that they have been processed. If you have not received confirmation within three days, feel free to send them again. Do not post your nominations in this thread. You may however use this thread to raise any questions that you may have.

- Please ensure that you include the category that you are making your nomination for within your PM. It's no good just sending a list of names/matches.

- Nominations submitted from known alt IDs will not be counted. Yes, you know who you are. So do we.

- The Match of the Year and Card of the Year categories have each been split into two. There will be overall awards for whichever gains the most votes, but it's nice to acknowledge others that may have normally been lost under the weight of a landslide.

- Please base your nominations on Archive Wrestling Federation events between 1st Jan 2004 and 31st Dec 2004. Just so we're all on the same page about when the awards relate to.

- Closing date for nominations is 18th Feb, at midnight PET.

The Categories

Wrestler of the Year
Be it based on skill, originality, grasp/depth of character, the impact they've made over 2004, who has lit up the Fed like no other?

Match of the Year - Singles
One-on-one, Triple Threat, Fatal Fourway, Iron Gauntlet, Battle Royal - they all qualify, as only one person can emerge victorious. What's been the best for you?

Match of the Year - Team Match
As above, but in the team events, logically.

Best Match-Commentary of the Year
Witty banter ahoy? Or just a match that's been put across superbly by the skills of the commentary team. What bout has produced your favourite commentary in 2004?

Card of the Year - PPV
Due to technical difficulties, there have of course been less this past year... but of the Pay Per View events that we manages to put out, which was your favourite?

Card of the Year - Televised
Which installment of Mayhem or Warzone made you glad to be alive?

Feud of the Year
Whether it's based on hatred or a friendly rivalry, which feud transcended to the level of being The One during 2004?

Best Face
They needn't be a face now, but who's goody-goody act made you get behind them like no other? Who did you find yourself rooting for no matter how little you wanted to? Who's "against all odds" crusade got all your empathy and support? In short, who dodged the danger of being a bland vanilla nobody and carved out the best "face" character in 2004?

Best Heel
Which absolute bastard's dastardly deeds made you love to hate them in ways you never thought you could? Who took the bull by the horns and shoved it up the crowd's backside like you'd never believe? Who made evil into an artform? Yep, it's time to vote for your favourite heel from all of 2004, even if they're a face right now.

Rookie of the Year
Newbies. Everywhere we look there are bloody newbies. If they debuted in 2004, they count here. Who do you love?

Best Promo of the Year
Self explanatory, really. Be it in-show, or post-event smack, which one-off piece of babble stands head and shoulders above the rest of the crap you have to sift through to find what your latest rival has said about your mother?

Mighty Mouth Award - Best All-Round Smacktalker of the Year
Be it for consistently good/funny promos, or just from the strength of one excellent piece of talk, and regardless of whether they can back it up in the ring, who do you think deserves to be recognised as giving the best value for their five minutes on the mic?

Most Improved Competitor
The first time you saw them you thought "that'll never catch on." The first time you heard their catchphrase you laughed at how pathetic it was. You got disturbingly moist when they were destroyed in their first match, and you were taking bets on how long it would be before they just stopped posting. But here they are... winning... regularly... they're over... and hell, you even admire them for it. Rookie or veteran, who do you think's come the furthest in 2004?

In Honour of Dreamwave and sponsored by Irony: The "Shockwave Did It" Award for the Biggest Surprise of the Year
So we all rolled our eyes by about the dozenth time it was revealed, but James McDonough doubtless thought that people would mark-out like crazy for the one-eyed purple spacegun. So, in honour of the dearly departed, we name this award for Dreamwave. What angle did the AWF pull on you this year that made your bowels loosen and your eyes widen? The moment when your back suddenly straightened on its own and you couldn't stop the words "holy ****" from escaping unchecked? Maybe it was a heel or face turn, maybe it was a surprise return, maybe it was an upset of gargantuan proportions, or maybe it was the fact that we eventually got a show out on time? The choice is yours.

You can cast your nominations as of now, by clicking the following link: http://tfarchive.com/community/private.php?s=&action=newmessage&userid=734

Feel free to trawl the forum to your heart's content in a bid to best make your nominations, you've got time.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in this thread. To reiterate: only nominations received by Private Messaging to this account will be considered valid.

Thank you for your time,

The Archive Wrestling Federation Staff :)