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2005-01-31, 05:00 AM
Despite some minor internal squabbling(and the accidental admittance of Warpath), Skyfall's Neo-Wreckers have managed to set up shop within the battered hulk of the Autobot spacecraft, the Ark. Unbeknownst to them(and to Roadbuster), Springer, Sixswitch, and Whirl, the original Wreckers, are about to come calling, and not for tea and biscuits.

And unbeknownst to both groups, an even bigger threat is even now winging it's way towards them...........

2005-01-31, 08:55 AM
Warpath walk to the Armoury "Many thing changing around here
I need some thing to support my chest gun.This big gun need little help"Warpath start looking at weapon racket"I pick These Double pistol blaster fast reload.Great! and can put on my tank mode too."

Hyper Prime
2005-01-31, 01:11 PM
Countdown, came up next to Skyfall, transformed and asked, "Hey Skyfall, I've got something to ask of you. I'm kind of curious as to what is happening back at the cities. Do I have permission to return there for a short while and see how things are going? I'll get a report from them and let them know what's going on. I'd also like to see how the other micros are handling me not being around that much."

2005-01-31, 01:57 PM
Shuttle Blade:

Bludgeon: -skimming the shuttle across the treetops, cloaking field on full, engine roar muffled to nothing-

Brave Maximus
2005-01-31, 04:39 PM
Skyfall looked at Countdown for a minute and then slowly nodded:

"Just let me get you set up in the 'Sentinal' program, so it will let you in, and when we drop the shields, you can head out. Keep in touch though. I want to start another raid against the Decepticons sometime in the next 72 hours. Once we have everything set up, I'll let you know when the shields are down."

The leader of this group then walked along with Jazz and Roadbuster, heading towards the command centre.

Amarant Odinson
2005-01-31, 06:06 PM
A top Mount St. Hillary

As Dropshot and Artfire continued scanning, Dropshot noticed something in the distance. It was only for a brief moment but it looked like a ripple just above the trees. He double checked the area on his scanners but found nothing. "Artfire, Are you picking up anything?"

"No nothing, it's pretty quite Why?." Artfire replied.

"Nevermind. It was probably nothing." And with that Dropshot went back to scanning again. It was then that he noticed it. "Artfire, do you hear that?" he asked.

"Hear what?" Artfire paused for a moment and then sighed. "Hmph, I don't hear anything, what's the problem?"

"That just it. Listen." Dropshot stopped everything for a few seconds. " Do you hear that? You're right Artfire, there's nothing. No sound at all. No birds, no insects, nothing."

Then off in the distance, Dropshot saw a flock of birds fly away from some trees as if a harsh wind blew right through them. "THERE!!"He exclamed. "Right there, Those birds and the trees right there."

Artfire wasn't sure what was going on but whenever Dropshot was like this, then he knew he had a reason to be cautious. "Ok, But what about them? They're just birds flying. Some wind blowing through the trees, what's your point sir?"

"That is my point. Do you feel any wind?"

"Artfire paused again for a moment. It then dawned on him. "Actually?.....No.....No, I don't"

Dropshot's answered back. "Exactly, Something's coming. We can't see it but something or someone is coming and if they're taking the effort to hide from us like this, Then they're coming for a fight. I'll let Skyfall know of the situation. Keep scanning for anything unusual. I want to know the moment something changes, I don't care how small or innsignifficant it is. Understood?" Artfire nodded affirmative.

Dropshot then radioed Skyfall. "Skyfall, Put the Ark on alert. Something coming. I don't know what it is or when it's going to be here but it's coming. And after what we did to that power station, I can just imagine who's coming for a fight."

2005-01-31, 08:28 PM
Skyhammer moved purposefully throught the air , sensors pinpointing the shape of the Ark ahead of him , he new these groups of old these clannish subgroupings but to him an Autobot was an Autobot , he might not be welcome but he was as sure as hell going to be useful . Dissension only ultimately served the decepticons
The sleek sky cruiser banked gently, high frequency modulators at maximum sensitivity , good he thought spotting the sentry this group are on the ball at least . Time to make my prescence known , but if they were any good they should already have spotted him.

Skyhammer to Ark come in Ark are You receiving me please respond over

2005-01-31, 08:34 PM

Bugly shot a sidelong glance at Bludgeon.

"They are suspicious."

Hyper Prime
2005-01-31, 11:15 PM
"Whoo, more suicide missions. I may might want to switch my place with Redhot. He likes this sort of thing more than me." Countdown said as he then made his way to exit, waiting for Skyfall to drop the shield.

2005-02-01, 12:26 AM

Bludgeon: -nods, finds a nearby clearing, lands the shuttle- "Now is the time to start using their suspicions against them. Bugly, go." -looks back at the rest of the Mayhems- "The rest of us will wait."

2005-02-01, 04:49 AM

Bugly nodded.

"Don't attack until I signal you, if you can." He got up and made his way towards the hatch. "I trust you will be making an...unconventional entry?"

Without waiting for a reply, the Decepticon stepped through the hatch, summoning and entering his shell. He used a shroud of dark power to cloak himself as he crept towards the Ark.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-01, 08:05 AM
Skyfall sighed as Dropshot's message came over the comm. His circuts had been flashing for a while - but nothing he could pinpoint. With Dropshot sensing something - he knew there was going to be a fight soon.

"Acknowledged Dropshot. Let me know if you actually spot something."

He turned to Roadbuster and Jazz and nodded. The nod was to tell them that this wasn't a drill and then activated his Comm system, patching in to the Ark's loudspeakers:

"Neo's! I want you all at combat status! This is not a drill! I say again, this is NOT a drill. Keep your optics and sensors peeled for anyone that we don't know. Comm Channels are to be open at all times. Skyfall Out."

He then turned to Roadbuster and Jazz:

"Something doesn't feel right. We'll keep the shield up until we can get a clear sensor reading of the area. I want Jazz in the control centre, co-ordinating troop movments and internal security. Roadbuster - Gather Aero Blade and Starlight into Medbay and keep your eyes open. I'll keep post at Control and be ready with Omega. Dropshot and Artfire will keep the top safe and Sixwing and Stepper should have the front covered."

As they passed Command - Skyhammer's message came over the comm:

"Slag, this is just what we need - visitors....."

He opened his comm:

"This is Skyfall, currently in command of the Ark. Do you have enough fuel to make it to Metroplex?"

2005-02-01, 10:16 AM

"Battle station?Time to go."Warpath take his special ammo(Look Warpath abilities at TFU section)"2Thermal 2Sonic and 1explosive"
Warpath running to command deck

Ark-Command deck

"Skyfall Where should I guard in the Ark"

2005-02-01, 12:02 PM
Skyhammer considered his options as he drew nearer the Ark he couldnt lie to them could he but they would need him he sensed it , he couldn't let it happen again not the 4th battle of Polyhex all over again , he'd meant to be flying top cover but one of his thrusters had been down , he'd meant to get it looked at but he hadn't got round to it he had really meant too , he just hadn't had the opportunity , without air cover the wave of decepticon seekers had slaughtered the autobot ground force casualties had been 75% he d had nightmares ever since seen the faces of the fallen calling out to him .

He Opened a com Link

Sky Hammer to Ark , I ve probably got enough fuel but the forward pump bearing is running hot and rough , i dont think id make it

Hyper Prime
2005-02-01, 01:07 PM
Countdown received the transmission and immediately jumped. He then made his way to the command center, saying to Skyfall, "Hi! Sorry, but looks like I'm back shorter than I expected. So, what group of mechs, that hates our inner mechanics so much they would rip them out themselves, do you know that would pull a stunt off like this?"

2005-02-02, 12:27 AM

Bludgeon: "Of course, Bugly. I doubt these would-be Wreckers would be foolish enough to leave themselves unprotected. Not after becoming such a nuisance. I believe I know which way to go in, but a recon of the area would make the most sense."


Roadbuster: -snorts- "We probably attracted somebody's attention with the last raid. Areo Blade, Starlight, with me." -heads for the medbay- "It's not like they'd send the Mayhem Attack Squad after us. They're all dead."

2005-02-02, 05:20 AM

Though he was long-gone, Bugly got the jist of Bludgeon's reply.

Bugly crept as close as he dared to the Ark's newly-acquired forcefield, scanning the area and taking in a vast array of visual data through his shell's compound eyes. The Pretender toyed with the idea of taking ot the sky and getting a birds-eye view of the area. However, Skyhammer's presence nixed that idea; even with a sheath of dark energies that would protect him from casual observation, flying around when so many Autobots were concentrating on the sky would be foolishness.

But maybe I can make the Autobots clear the skies for me...

He drew up more energy from inside his Spark, fashioned it into a wave of paranoid suspicion, and pushed it towards the Ark. The Autobots standing guard over the doorway would catch the brunt of the mental attack, but those inside should have a reaction as well; albeit a much milder one.

If I did this right, he mused, they will chase away this newcomer for me...or at the very least, imprison him.

Aero Blade
2005-02-02, 08:44 PM
Aero Blade started to follow Roadbuster, but on discovery of their destination, he immeditely balked. "Medbay?! W-what am I needed for there...?" Aero stammered.

Stratus watched the familiar scene starting up, and shook his head. "Here we go again..." He commented to Ark and Nemesis.

2005-02-02, 08:45 PM
Skyhammer took a holding pattern just outside the forcefield, These Autobots were either up to something or had an attitude to strangers which made Red Alert s paranoia look positively healthy , maybe they just didnt like visitors , but this was the spiritual birthplace of Autobots on Earth , while you couldnt expect a welcome mat and a tour guide with a rolled up umbrella , as seemed common with the organics and their historical shrines , Hed expected more than this , the attitude was more Decepticon than Autobot , that was an idea maybe they d taken over the Ark without anyone knowing , Skyhammer dismissed this paranoid fantasy , many Autobots would but for a twist of fate bear the Purple of the Decepticon insigna rather than the red of the Autobrand .
Everything indicated an attack was coming . Due to his his role as eye in the sky , hed been monitoring decepticon communications with his Front-mounted high-frequency modulators and things had gone strangely quiet in the last few breems as if they were up to something , often what wasnt there was as important as what was apparent . Obviously there communications security was at red alert , which meant trouble was afoot

Skyhammer gained height so as to better surveille the area ,
turning his Front-mounted high-frequency modulators onto the immedite area boosting his long-range audio and visual surveillance and tracking capabilities to maximum

The scan had detected something moving through the under growth close up near the forcefield , something barely visible in the undergrowth , what was it he panned a camera over to the scans coordinates , well it looked like a Decepticon pretender there next to the Ark , tensing he manipulated some controls his thermal blasters moving in there gimbals to track the return , one finger hovering over the firing button as he awaited more detailed infra red analysis , was it or wasnt it the seconds seemed to stretch into eternity as he waited for the targetting scanners results , The shape was suggestive of a Decepticon pretneder but the scan showed it to be organic it wasnt Snarler moving through the bushes but a native lifeform a wild boar crashing through the undergrowth searching for food , letting the infrared and modulators run Skyhammer circled waiting for the Autobots to make the next move

2005-02-03, 12:30 AM

Roadbuster: -optic band narrows- "You'll go to medbay because I TOLD you to go!" -reaches out to grab Aero Blade-


Bludgeon: -looking out through shutle windscreen, scowl deepens, seeing the tiny figure of Skyhammer hovering in the distance-

Aero Blade
2005-02-03, 01:22 AM
Aero Blade's optics widened, startled at Roadbuster's subsequent reply. The tech tried to evade him, but he wasn't quite fast enough. "Let go!" Aero protested, fearing that he was going to be brought to the medbay for the medics to examine him or any number of other things...

2005-02-03, 02:17 AM
Roadbuster: -starts to drag Aero Blade to the medbay- "You've been ordered to medbay, so you're going to medbay. I'll think about letting go of you when we get there." -snarls- "Starlight, you'd better be in the medbay when we get there, or your stay'll be a lot longer than you planned."


Dinobot: -robot mode, watching, for lack of a better term, Roadbuster's mental activity, hisses- "Something is wrong......."

Roadbuster: -snarling- "Got a problem, you oversized handbag?"

Dinobot: "Now I know there is a problem."

Roadbuster: -muttering- "Just like the rest.... bunch of useless pieces of slag..... thinking they're Wreckers....... I should pick one of those pipsqueaks up and rip their head off, show 'em how pathetic they really are......"

Aero Blade
2005-02-03, 02:51 AM
Aero Blade balked, attempting to resist, but it was of little use against the much stronger Roadbuster as he found himself being pulled along. Confused and paniced by the rather rough treatment he was recieving, Aero's mind was in a whirl trying to figure a way out of this situation.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-02-03, 09:41 AM
Springer took one last look around Fort Max, transformed to his helicopter mode and moved out vowing to himself to never return so long as the oil in his systems boiled.

"Last one there sets up the base!" Springer shouted as he took off ahead of the other two.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-03, 10:23 AM
On the way to Medbay

Starlight, Nemesis and Ark were on their way to Medical, when they spotted the little Drama between Roadbuster and Aero Blade. At the same time, they felt something. It ran over them like an oilslick over water. It attempted to fill their spark with.... But their sparks were too pure and good. These were their friends and they would never hurt them.

Starlight looked up at the very distraught Aero Blade:

"I\We are just going to Medbay because it is secure. It's in a corner of the Ark and only aproachable by one corridor. Skyfall would never want to harm you - nor would anyone else here. Trust Me\Us - it will be fine...."

With that, the little minicon Femme headed to medbay, shaking her head, trying to figure out what this feeling was........

Main Entrance

Sixwing growled a dark and sinister growl. It was aimed at nothing in particular, but it was full of hate and rage. The golden Autobot Symbol on his chest began to glow, and a golden glow seemed to be seeping out of his joints. He turned slowly, as if looking for something:

"I know you are there! I feel you trying to capture me again! You will never have my Spark Again! Come and face me, and you will see your oblivion!"

Sixwing pulled out both of his weapons from Subspace and Aimed them wildly.

Control Centre

Something is Not right.... They cannot do it - they are not strong enough. Only I can defend this place. Only I can stop them

Skyfall's head seemed to jerk up, as if he was listening to something. He hastily turned to Warpath:

"Stay in the Command Centre with Jazz. Do exactly what he says."

He then turned to Countdown:

"Same goes for you. Protect it as best you can. If any trouble comes, I'll be here"

The micromaster commander then turned to leave, but a beep on the comm caused him to sigh:

"Skyhammer, This is Skyfall Omega. You're clear to land in the Ark. I will drop the Sentinal Shield for 2 minutes. If you don't make it in, then you'll have to find a way to Metroplex. I cannot continue to protect this place with the shield down. The Shield will drop in 30 second."

Skyfall then transformed into his jet mode and headed out of the Command Centre and headed towards the Shuttle Bay\War Room:

"Sentinal, Deactivate shield in 20 seconds. Then re-activate again in 120 Seconds. Plasma Cannons online and fire at anything that doesn't have an Autobot Insignia"

A voice came over the speakers:


20 seconds later, Skyfall was almost at the War Room and the Shield to the Ark dropped. The 7 Plasma Cannons came on line and aimed outside of the base.

2005-02-03, 11:03 AM
Sixswitch laughed.
"Got ya beat then, old man," he shouted, before opening his throttle and taking off in a roar of high powered engines.

As he rose above the twin Autobot cities, he gave a whoop of joy. Finally, he was out of there.

He throttled back a little, falling into a loose formation just behind Springer and to his left.

"Once we get to the base, what then? If Roadbuster's with them, they'll have set up some sort of defences," Sixswitch spoke over the open radio channel to the other two Wreckers

2005-02-03, 11:48 AM
"Yep!"Warpath reply then he turn to Jazz"Jazz can my sonic ammo and your sonic boom mix up?"

2005-02-03, 11:53 AM
Skyhammer heard the incoming message and acknowledged it.

Thank You Skyfall i'm coming in 60 seconds should be enough , setting his Sky Cruiser to automatic, remote control he slipped out of his outer shell , transforming his inner humanoid shell into hover jet mode he rode it down into the Ark Entry bay.

Transforming it back to humanoid mode he slipped inside and strode into the entrance bay

Brave Maximus
2005-02-04, 12:24 AM
Skyfall arrived at Shuttle Bay and with a mental command, the Omega Shuttle transformed into Robot mode and awaited Skyfall. With a little heasitation, the Micro Master sighed and transformed into his seldom used third mode and formed the head of Skyfall Omega. He checked that all systems were functioning properly and then started to head to the Ark's main entrance

At the same time the Sentinal voice came over the internal comm:

"Sixty Seconds to shield re-activation"

2005-02-04, 02:53 AM
Jazz chuckled at Warpath's query and shrugged coolly.

"Might be nice to look into, but I don't think dad'll want us playin' with our capguns inside..."

With a twinkle on the corner of his opticband, Jazz grabbed a bar on the ceiling and swung himself into the captain's chair. As he began tapping buttons and keys on his armrests, he looked over shoulder to Warpath.

"Do me a favor and get defenses online, bro. I'm gonna need forty percent power to the cannons and a warm-up charge on the floor coils, 'kay?"

As the monitors before him lit up in succession, showing scenes of the Ark's halls and surroundings, a rectangular orange pipe containing a microphone slowly ejected from the panel before him.

"This is Jazz in comm central. Stand by for instructions, team."

As his fingers worked, Jazz kept focused on the monitors, quickly learning the status of each unit in the ancient ship...

Hyper Prime
2005-02-04, 03:41 AM
Countdown nodded to Jazz and Skyfall. He then transformed to moon rover mode and interfaced with Teletran. He started throught the system until he reached his base's computer interface, ordering it to go to combative mode. It then transforemd from its rocket pad form to that of a transformer sized battle station, set to attack anything not giving off an Autobot signature.

2005-02-04, 05:03 AM

Bugly's mandibles spread in a vicious grin as he watched the Autobots' shield drop so that the new arrival could come inside.

Jumping into the air, the Pretender flew low to the ground as quickly as he could towards the Ark's entryway. If the sentries were paying attention they'd be able to see him, but his dark shroud would prevent all but the strongest-minded from knowing what they were seeing.

As he approached the doorway, a series of defence mechanisms began rotating in his direction. In response, bolts of dark lightning arced out from the fingers of the Pretender's left hand. The energy corruscated around the weapons, scrambling thier circuits for long enough that Bugly could fly past them, into the Ark.

Landing, he fixed Skyhammer with a horrifying glare.

"Flee. Or die." Lightning crackled amongst his fingertips. "It makes no difference to me one way or the other."

He backed up his words by sending a pulse of terror floating on the ether towards the Autobot.


Whirl made an apathetic noise that was almost drowned out by the sound of his rotors.

"We'll see when we get there, Six."

2005-02-04, 05:51 AM
Medbay, Ark:

Roadbuster: -dragging Aero Blade in- "Gee, from the way you're acting, I'd guess you don't like it in here."

2005-02-04, 08:03 AM
Skyhammer saw a terrible dark figure advancing towards him , and random panicky thoughts flowed through his processors , scenes from old terran entertainment hed watched on patrol waiting for the monitors to register he was being attacked by the Fly , but no monsters werent real it was an actor , there were no real monsters in the movies , well wasnt there a story about a Decepticon Pretender , Skullgrin ?? thats it as what could only be in this context be a decepticon Pretender heading towards him , fighting the sudden urgent need to flee ,acting on instinct he sent a pulse out to his Outer shell , as it rocketed down zooming in the Arks shields snapping shut seconds after its passage , backing up behind some storage crates he fired his photon pistol at the menacing figure.

Hoping to keep its attention as he commanded his shell to fire but his panicky thoughts seemed to start half his arsenal firing , the automatic targeting computer in the shell started emitting clouds of sleep gas ,also firing the steel-shattering sonic overloader and the Thermal blasters , hoping this would be enough to save him as he cringed in the cover of the crates no longer able to flee backed into a corner fighting for his life.

A random thought passed through his processors the others werent going to like this he was trashing the landing bay

The Others

he opened a com link Skyhammer to any one out there intruder Alert in the landing bay


Brave Maximus
2005-02-04, 08:40 AM
Sixwing watched as Bugly ran into the Ark's main entrance. Somewhere, in the rational part of his mind - he wondered why the auto-cannons hadn't vaporized him. The scientist that he might have become theorized that the target was too close or perhaps the pretender shell didn't registar to them.

Unfortunatly, these thoughts had long been burried under a dark and warped Spark he had become. All that registared to Sixwing was a Decepticon in a flesh shell. Something akin to the ancestors of his tormentors.

One could wonder if he even saw Skyhammer or if he cared if Stepper was moving to intercept. All that is known is that 4 million years of hatred boiled up in Sixwing and was unleashed upon the Decepticon Pretender:

"DIE PREADICON!!!!!" Followed by a wordless snarl and maniacle laughter as the Micro Master Combiner fired both Ion Charges and Missiles at Bugly while he charged

2005-02-04, 10:13 AM
"Certainly!"Warpath reply then he go to the computer "All right
defense system online then import the energy to the cannon
10% 20% 30% 40% done! then charge the coils.Finish Jazz !"

"Jazz look what we get from scurity camera at the main entrance look like we had little problem.Should I radio "Skyfall ?"

2005-02-04, 08:08 PM
Entryway, Ark

Bugly held up his hand, blocking and absorbing the pistol shot that Skyhammer had fired at him.

The Autobot's Pretender shell, however, put out far too much firepower for that little trick to handle. The Decepticon jumped, enhancing his leg servos with power from his spark. The leap almost carried him clear of the shell's line of fire, but several thermal blasts caught him in the legs and sent him flying.

Bugly tumbled into a pile of crates across the room from Skyhammer. This turned out to be fortunate, because if he'd remained in place he would have been shredded by Sixwing's fire. The Circuit-su master directed some of his spark energy towards the shell's repair systems (to heal the burns on his legs), then turned towards the charging Micromaster combiner.

"What have we here?" He send a probing tendril of energy towards Sixwing's spark. "A transient spark? How...pathetic."

The lightning crackling in his hand leapt forward, arcing towards the nearest conductive object...which conveniently happened to be Sixwing's torso. He then pulled his photon cannons from subspace and fired a burst towards Skyhammer's shell.

Bludgeon, he send a thought towards his comrade, I have their attention. Move in.

2005-02-04, 08:40 PM

Bludgeon: -nods- "Gentlemen, we have a go." -lifts the shuttle back above the treetops, kicks the mufflers off, leaves the cloak on, raises the ramming shields, and kicks the engines up to full, launching the shuttle forward at full power, aiming it directly at Sixwing and Skyhammer- "The ride might get bumpy."

Stranglehold: -looks over at Octopunch- "I hate it when he says that....."

Medbay, Ark:

Roadbuster: -drops Aero Blade on a medtable- "Enjoy your stay." -turns, stalks out, door hissing shut behind him, smashes his fist into the door controls, locking and fusing the medbay door lock- "Now, for the rest of these idiots...."

2005-02-04, 10:35 PM
using Bugly's preoccupation with Sixwing Skyhammer used his inner shells thrusters to gain the high ground , landing on the overhead gantry he crouched behind the console to the overhead crane , assesing the situation , he stumbled wincing as

Buglys shot plowed into the outer shells rear portside landing gear slagging it .

What to do , pulling up the damage control schematic for the cruiser he noticed a light flashing from the audio modulator , there was something coming in fast coming to join the party he could hear the whine of the jet engines unaided now. Running the sound profile through his databanks he got a match Crouching down he opened a com link

Red Alert full scale decepticon raid in the entry bay one confirmed decepticon pretender i think its Bugly plus a possible Razor class raiding shuttle incoming, the audio signature matches cant see anything yet so it must be cloaked , action stations

Skyhammer could have sworn that the shields had flicked back into place as his outer shell had made its approach but then when had a little thing like a shield stopped a decepticon, plus the shields were a new design to him so he was unsure of how they functioned and how long they took to come up again to full power

turning his attention to Bugly he saw him over by Sixwing , thinking frantically hes a powerful adversary nothing much is going to stop him in his tracks except maybe a mirror , seeing him recharging his electricity, he considered what to do

looking round the gantry for inspiration , He saw that the environmental controls were beside the cranes acting quickly remaining crouched behind the console moving before Bugly could take the air , he punched the cranes controls sending the powerful electromagnet along its track , the magnet shouldnt do any damage whilst Bugly was in his shell but it would provide a diversion while he put his real plan into action , electricity and water don't mix turning the internal sprinklers on full he peered through a gap between two consoles , that should slow him down a little hopefully , now for the shuttle , sending a thought wave to his outer shell he entered code omega blue to the automatic tatgetting computer , seeing it stagger as another blast from Bugly plowed through a wing , he sent the shell high trying to keep out of range as the shell moved swivelled facing the entrance the left turbine whining a sit compensate for the damage to the wing ,

He waited for the shuttle to draw near before unleashing a full barrage , firing molten plasma from the thermal blasters a the shimmering area of space it should occupy , sleep gas chemically coded to a decepticons spark started to billow out of the vents providing a smokescreen if nothing else , the turbo fans spreading it through out the space as they produced cyclonic wind funnels hoping to give the shuttle or whatever it was an even rougher landing than the ramming would produce , as he anticipated its arrival

Skyhammer aimed the twin lightning bolt cannons at Bugly before realising that his own tactic would make them ineffective in the interior of the space , he contented himself with aiming them at where he estimated the shuttles docking hatch would be when it came to land , assuming it was a Razor class and not something new , he double checked the schematic again hoping to delay the raiding party if he could damage the hatch in any way

He contented himself with targetting the steel-shattering sonic overloader at Bugly , theoretically it should penetrate his shell but in battle theory was about as much use as a klaxian plasma cannon, that is no use at all .

Having done this he ensured his inner shells safety by moving into the adjacent office overlooking the entry bay , the relative safety he reminded himself the large glass window looking down on the bay didnt look to be armour plated aiming his photon pistol in that direction he settled down to wait further developments peering into the fog of war he'd created the entry bay looking like a cross between a thunder storm and a fog bank
hopefully that will slow them a little till reinforcements arrive

Random Sweep
2005-02-04, 10:59 PM
Banzai-tron crouches near the hatch, awaiting the shuttle to come into range of the autobot base

Aero Blade
2005-02-05, 03:22 AM
Being dropped off in the medbay for an extended stay was not Aero's idea of a safe place to stay. As he went over to examine the door, though, he found it to not be responding, thanks to Roadbuster damaging it on the other side. "Oh great...now we're stuck in here..." Aero said, turning towards Starlight and the other minicons. "And I doubt we're going to get let out any time soon. Any ideas what to do?"

2005-02-05, 04:42 AM
(OOC @ Scrounge75: Please don't put so many actions in one post. Makes it hard for the rest of us to keep up)


Octopunch simply gritted his sharp teeth and waited for the shuttle to land, crash, explode, or otherwise stop moving so he could get out and kill Autobots.

Entryway, Ark

Bugly blasted the crane with his photon cannons, sending it tumbling away. He watched in amusement as Skyhammer triggered the sprinklers, then filled the room with smoke. The mixture of water and smoke quickly turned into a thick haze, clouding Bugly's optics.

"Oh, bravo, Autobot. Masterfully done. Really." He sensed the Pretender's incoming sonic overloader blast and dove to the side. The blast hit the wall behind him, showering the Decepticon with debris. He shook it off, then shrugged. "Now, scurry off. The adults need to settle something."

He emphasized his words by sending out a fresh wave of fear and paranoia into the Ark's interior.

With that, Bugly reached out with his spark and awaited Sixwing's next move.

2005-02-05, 09:29 AM
((ooc sorry i got kind of caught up in heat of the moment , will tune it down from now on)

Skyhammer commando crawled to the window overlooking the entry bay breaking a hole in the corner with the butt of his photon pistol . He wished for something longer ranged but most of his primary weaponry was on his outer shell , and the second pair of lightning cannons on his inner shells hover jet mode would be ineffective in the water soaked atmosphere hed created damm , a pang of guilt shot through his circuits, if it wasnt for him he realised theyd never have got in so easily it was going to be Polyhex 4 all over again , he must do what he could to stop them or at least delay them untill the rest of the autobots could rally .

Tasking one visual sensor to watching the interior of the bay taking advantage of Bugly s preoccupation with Sixwing to get some breathing space , he concentrated the other sensor on piloting his outer shell moving it hgh into the roof space of the entry bay waiting for whatever was coming to reveal itself , targeting the approximate area wher ehe thought it would land.

opening a com link to Sixwing he said : you alright out there , anyhting i can do to help give me a shout

2005-02-05, 05:13 PM
Medbay, Ark

Astra approached the med-bay, having been getting some datapads from a storage room, then frowned as the door failed to open and she opened a comm-link to Skyfall "Who the slag damaged the med-bay controls? I can't get in to prepare for any injured"

2005-02-05, 05:44 PM
Jazz' optics darted around the array of monitors astutely, still figuring out strategic location. A distinct buzz by Teletran interrupted him, and he frowned.

"Had a bogey..." he muttered.

The thought was quickly a second priority as he spotted the action going on in the main corridor. He frowned again, looking over his shoulder.

"Skyhammer, operator here. Gimme a sitrep. Roadbuster, operator. Get down to the entry when you got a minute. Countdown, can you get your station out to the main tunnel and lay down some cover? Warpath, man a remote turret and shoot anything that ain't 'Bot. Y'all be armed too; I get a feelin' there's trouble comin' right for us..."

2005-02-05, 06:18 PM
good to hear you Jazz
At the moment we have one definite intruder Decepticon Pretender , looks like a fly electrocutes things , i'm thinking Bugly
Him and Sixwing are duking it out
plus possibly one cloaked Razor class assault shuttle incomiing fast , no of occupants unknown , havent seen it yet but they took the mufflers off some kind of psycological thing probably and thats the closest match ive got in my record banks , definitly company and they didnt ring the door bell

I'll keep you updated as and when , plus tell any friendlies coming in its kinda soupy bit of smoke and water something i tried to slow them down , dont know how effective itll be but let them know so they can grab infra red gear if they need it , plus any electricity based weaponry wont work so good over .

Hyper Prime
2005-02-05, 09:43 PM
"Understood Jazz." Countdown replied. Using Teletran-1 to interface with his own base, he started to roll it out and into the field. "External auto-guns; online." As he ordered, the base's cannons and guns suddenly sprung to life as they raised themselves, targeted Bugly, and fired!

2005-02-06, 01:21 AM
"I not sure that Bugly would come alone."then Warpath run to the turret controller "See nothing outside Jazz."

P.S.to Decepticons Does the Blade still cloaking or invisible
what should I say?

2005-02-06, 03:33 AM
(OOC: The Blade is still cloaked.)

Roadbuster: -stalking towards the landing bay-


Bludgeon: -brings shuttle guns online, targets Skyhammer's shell- "It would seem their numbers have grown...." -fires the shuttle's particle cannons at the shell-

2005-02-06, 05:19 AM
Bugly was tossed to the ground as Countdown's base opened fire on him. Thankfully, the thick fog that still filled the room had absorbed a good deal of the energy fire before it even reached him; the blast was only enough to shake him up, but failed to do any serious damage.

"A battlestation now? All this for me? I'm touched, I really am." The insectiod shell split open, and Bugly's inner form emerged. Transforming, he shot forward in hoverjet mode and streaked towards the Micromaster base with photon cannons blazing. But the fire tracked not towards the base itself, but rather the ceiling of the Ark's main corridor. Debris began to rain down beyond Countdown's battlestation, piling high in the main corridor.

"Tell me, though...do you think you'll be able to get that thing inside through the service corridors?"

The shell sealed, stepped back so that a wall of crates was between itself and the base, and waited for Sixwing to move.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-06, 06:22 AM
Main Entrance

Sixwing felt the energy ripple across his torso, and had he looked down, he would have seen char patterns burning across Missile Run's back. But he did not care - the golden energy sizzling from his joints was counter-acting the damage, regenerating it a few seconds after he recieved it. Every time Bugly moved, Sixwing trailed him with the Ion Rifle - not even caring that it was ricochetting off the walls of the Ark.

Once the Pretender was stopped for a moment, he would fire off another Missile from his tri-barrelled missile launcher

"Shields Activating" came the voice of the Sentinal System. The power dimmed for a moment as a Green ripple extended around the Ark once again. Unfortunatly, this time there was a cloaked Decepticon Shuttle halfway through the entrance as the shields came online.

Skyfall Omega came hurtiling down the hallway, the Planet Crush Axe in his hands and his leg missile launchers activated. He called into his Comm:

"Astra - Do what ever you need to, to gain entrance to Medbay - we may be needing it soon."

"Jazz - We have a Decepticon infeltrator at the main entrance and .... BY THE PIT! There appears to be something half in the shield - can you target it with the front cannons?"

Skyfall Omega then launched himself towards the Decepticon Shuttle - firing four targeted cluster missiles from his legs. Each one split into four before heading to the shuttle.

"Dropshot, Artfire: Circle around the back of the Ark and see if we can't trap them in a cross fire."


Starlight winked at Aero Blade:

"Where there's a will, I\We have a way"

Ark hoisted Nemesis up onto his shoulders, followed by Starlight scrambling up the other two. The Minicon Ladder then braced against the wall as Starlight popped off the control pannel and began messing with the wiring.

A deep voice came from the bottom of the ladder:
"If only we had a paper clip and chewing gum......."

Both Starlight and Nemesis looked down at Ark, then shruged and went back to work.....

2005-02-06, 06:39 AM
Bugly's shell watched with interest as golden energy worked to heal Sixwing's wounds.

"What's this, then?"

A tendril of dark energy stretched forward, brushing the Micromaster combiner's spark.

"Ah. Facinating." In emultion of what Sixwing was doing, purple-blue energy began to crackle around Bugly's wounds. "Far more efficient than putting spark energy into self-repair systems, too."

More lightning leapt from the shell's hand, meeting the stream of ion bolts and tracking back to their source.

"Why don't you put away the toys? They can't hurt me any more than a minor lightning strike can hurt you."

Brave Maximus
2005-02-06, 06:48 AM
Sixwing snarled and subspaced his Ion Rifle. He fired off a triple volley of missiles before subspacing the missile launcher and leaping towards the Decepticon, attempting to grab it's head.

"Good, I rip you to pieces with my bare hands. I will prevent the perversion that you are from becoming the torment of tomorrow. Look into my eyes Decepticon - witness your own annihilation!"

2005-02-06, 06:50 AM
Bludgeon: -opens the hatch- "Mayhems, ATTACK!" -leaps out of the shuttle, sommersaults across the floor, stops in a kneeling position, katana drawn, arm mounted electropulse cannon aimed at Skyfall Omega, fires-

2005-02-06, 07:01 AM
Octopunch leapt out of the shuttle, dragging Stranglehold out the door with him. He landed, flourished his trident and began to search for targets.

Bugly's shell waved it's hand and the missiles spiralled off into the mist. He grabbed at the oncoming Sixwing and jabbed his electro-stingers toward the so-called Autobot's his centre of mass.

"Enjoy paralysis much?"

Brave Maximus
2005-02-06, 07:05 AM
Skyfall Omega took the blast on his right side, feeling the electricity ripple through his shoulder. His internals tried to shunt some of the energy to other systems, trying to bipass the shorting circuts until the charge disipated.

"Primary Target aquired - Unit's leader. Terminate with extreme Predjudice."

Skyfall Omega targeted Bludgeon and fired off a cluster missile:

"Eat this!"

He opened his comm channel, using his sub-thought pick up on the Neo's secure channel:

"All Neo's - This skull faced guy is their leader. Avoid damage from the others - but target him. Take him out Hard and Fast!"

Sixwing ducked down, but the stingers still hit his face on the right side. He felt the poision starting to seep in. He roared with rage and reached up with one hand. He dug his fingers into his face plating and pulled off the infected section of his mouthplate - revieling a skeletal jaw line and teeth underneath.

He pulled out the stinger and then jabbed it at Bugly's face in retaliation.

2005-02-06, 07:15 AM
Roadbuster: -stops, activates commlink- "Skull-faced guy? SLAG! Skyfall, call them off! These kids'll get taken apart by him!" -starts running towards the bay-

Entry bay, Ark:

Bludgeon: -springs, leaping over the cluster missile, fireball forming in his left hand- "Stranglehold. Take the Pretender in the bay office." -flings fireball at Skyfall Omega-

2005-02-06, 07:23 AM
Bugly's shell snapped it's mandibles together, crushing the stinger's sharp end. Sixwing's fist, however, impacted heavily on his forehead. The shell fell to one knee.

"I'll take that as a 'no', then."

Wrapping his right hand around the swordlike claw that was attached to that wrist, he slashed down at the Micromaster's hip.

"What about this?"

Random Sweep
2005-02-06, 07:29 AM
Banzai-tron lept out of the shuttle fired a few shots from his plasma pislot off at Skyhammer as he closes the distance between himself and the doors to the next area

Brave Maximus
2005-02-06, 07:30 AM
The blade slashed the armour plating and gouged in, but all Sixwing did was laugh:

"You like to inflict pain - but this is only half the equation of life. How do you enjoy recieving pain?"

Sixwing thrust his hand forward and attempted grab one of the Pretenders bug-eyes and sink his fingers into it.....

Skyfall Omega recieved Roadbusters message, but didn't have time to think on it - he raised his Axe up and barely managed to deflect the fire ball. He fired two more cluster missles at Bludgeon each splitting into four before seeking the Pretender as Skyfall Omega jumped back and away from Bludgeon.

2005-02-06, 07:30 AM
"Roger that, sir" Astra replied, then tore the cover panel off and began trying to manually gain access to the med-bay from the other side of the door.

2005-02-06, 07:38 AM
Bludgeon: -katana flashes in a flurry of motion, leaps away from the explosions as the cluster warheads spiral into the decking and their rocket engines arc off into the distance, another fireball forming in his hand as he runs towards Skyfall Omega, hollows of his 'skull-face' promising only the peace of the grave to his target-

Stranglehold: -pulls his morning star out, starts running towards the catwalk ladder to get up to Skyhammer's location-


Roadbuster: -skids to a halt before colliding with the wall of rubble at the end of the hall- "What the...."

2005-02-06, 07:42 AM
Several of the millions of individual views that Bugly's compound eyes provided went dark as Sixwing's fingers cracked lenses on one of the eyes.

"Not too fond of it, actually. But I can deal with it."

He ran a stream of dark power to the eye, hoping the electrical shock would damage the Autobot. He pulled his right arm towards him, dragging the serated claw-sword through Sixwing's leg wound like a saw.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-06, 07:50 AM
Skyfall Omega watched with a little awe as the Pretender took out the missiles with ease. He opened all missile launchers and charged the thrusters on his back while readying the Planet Crush, waiting for Bludgeon to make the next move.....

As Bugly attempted to push his dark energy through to Sixwing, the Micro Master combiners spark sent his own energy through his arm and into Bugly's shell. He ignored the wound on his leg as the blade dug deeper - instead brought his knee up and attempted to bring it to the pretenders mid-section. At the same time, he kept his fingers burried deep in the shell's eye and tried to lift the pretender up by the inside of the skull.

This would combine with Sixwing rolling onto his back - attempting to flip Bugly over him.

2005-02-06, 08:02 AM
Bludgeon: -flings the fireball as a cloud of thick smoke forms around him-

Stranglehold: -charging up the stairs towards Skyhammer, roaring-

2005-02-06, 08:02 AM
"Seeing something Jazz look like pretenders.Now take this!"
Warpath use turret then shoot Bludgeon and Octopunch
That run out from the Blade.

2005-02-06, 08:08 AM
Bugly's shell mandibles spread in a grimace, but he was far from beaten. Feeling the energy of Sixwing's spark flow into him, he cackled.

"Offering yourself up as fuel? How kind of you..."

His dark energy quickly overwhelmed and assimilated the power that Sixwing had sent into his wound, turning it into healing energy that began to work at repairing his eye.

At this point, Sixwing's knee hit him (not in the midsection, as he was still down on one knee) but in the shoulder. The shell used the momentum to roll to the side, far out of Sixwing's reach. The shell pushed itself to it's feet and awaited it's foe's next move.

Octopunch was tossed to the ground by Warpath's fire. He rolled, came up on one knee, and fired a round from his harpoon gun at the Autobot's chest.

2005-02-06, 09:24 AM
Warpath has been hit at his chest "AWWW...... Jazz
call someone to control the turret "

2005-02-06, 01:25 PM
Skyhammer stopped firing , concentrating his power on his shields and manoeuvring thrusters pumping out clouds of black sleep gas at maximum speed ,

A random thought went through his processors , Im gonna have to talk to Quickmix about the formula its doesnt seem to be working , he dodged or deflected most of the blasts but the volum was such that 2 hit him searing across his body work leaving blackened scorched patches

As the Cons left the shuttle the fire slackened temporarily

and he took stock of the situation.

Jazz we got a shuttle down here plus maybe 6 Cons definitlyBludgeon Octopunch, Bugly & Stranglehold and maybe some more its difficult to telll crackel zzzzz

the transmission stopped as Skyhammer dodged Banazai Tron s fire 1 shot hitting a wing tip a 2nd clipping a turbine blade on the VTOL system . Skyhammer feathered the turbine blade , His cruiser hanging in the air slightly askew as power fell to 92% on the port VTOL turbine

sorry there Jazz had to dodge some weapon fire there ,

think another one could be Banzai-tron , its still a bit foggy down here Countdowns base just arrived , but i think they might have brought the tunnel down behind him , gotta go got a situation developing hereover

Spotting Stranglehold approaching , He manouevred his outer shellover and opened up with the sonic overloader , thermal blaster and poured out more clouds of black sleep gas from behind firing at Stranglehold but also targeting the gantry blasting a 5 metre hole in it and taking out 3 supports making it wobble like a rope bridge .

While his shell distracted Stranglehold he fired a blast of his photon pistol at the door locking mechanism shorting it befor e pulling a desk in front of it .

Hyper Prime
2005-02-06, 01:51 PM
Countdown flet the shots and debris start to come down through the mental link he shared with his base. He then started to move it out of the tunnel so it wouldn't be crushed and have it join the battle. Seeing Skyhammer have some trouble with Banzaitron, the base then turned its missile defenses on. "Hey Actionmaster, let's see how you handle this!" Countdown said to himself as he fired the missiles, all of them streaking towards Banzaitron.

Random Sweep
2005-02-06, 03:09 PM
Banzai-tron easily dodges the incomming missiles and sprined towards cover.

Have to get to whoever is controling those missiles

Hyper Prime
2005-02-06, 04:38 PM
(OOC: uh.... how could Banzaitron hear Countdown? he's inside the Ark controlling his moblie base, that fired the missiles, by interfacing the with the computer.)

2005-02-06, 04:44 PM
Jazz watched the monitors in horror as a short photon blast emerged from nothing, followed quickly by half a dozen monster Decepticons. His head spun as he heard a grunt behind him, and his shock transformed to anger.

"Astra, operator here. Got a man down in Command. Might need your help in the entry bay in a minute too. Skyfall, operator here. I'm on my way."

Jazz leapt over the wall next to him, landing in a kneel next to Warpath. He fingered the wound quizzically, rather unsure how he managed to get hit...

"Hang in there, big guy. Help's on the way. Get down to the bay when you're up and ready - they're too close for the turret now."

Jazz jumped up, spun, and transformed to car mode.

"Keep hittin' 'em, Countdown!" he shouted as he sped off.


Jazz had been in this ship enough times to know his way around when the normal thoroughways were blocked off; in fact, his secret shortcuts served to get him around considerably quicker.

A door along the side of the entry bay (leading to a hallway that had been built from a former escape pod hatch) opened, and Jazz powerslid perpendicularly into the fight. Just as the friction of his tires began to conquer his inertia, Jazz jumped through a sideways transformation, landing on one knee. His orientation had allowed his targetting system to begin working as he drove; he brought down his shoulder cannon immediately, already nearly locked on Octopunch.

"Hey fishlips!" he called as a plume of flame spewed forth. "I got the hots for ya!"

(OOC: Everybody, please be a smidge more cautious with location.)

Hyper Prime
2005-02-06, 05:28 PM
"Roger that Jazz! Eh? Good try, but not good enough!" Countdown then activated the homing cannons. Four of them locked onto Banzaitron and fired at their target. "Come on, make my day!"

Random Sweep
2005-02-06, 05:42 PM
Banzai-tron narrowly dodged the incomming rounds, using cover to absorb most of the blasts.

Darting from his hiding spot, small peices of shrapnel in his armour , the Actionmaster zaig-zaged towards Countdown's Mobile base, fireing at the weapon stations as he went

2005-02-06, 07:32 PM
Ark Med-bay

"I hear you, Jazz" Astra replied "I would be there immediately, but some wise guy smashed the med-bay door's controls and I can't get in to get access to my repair tools right now"

2005-02-06, 07:36 PM
Octopunch hissed in pain as the flesh on his right upper tentacle was seared by Jazz's fire. After tasking the shell's repair systems to heal the blackened, blistered appendage, he pushed to his feet. The Pretender twirled his trident, then triggered an electrical blast that leaped from the weapon's tips towards Jazz's shoulder cannon.

Even with half his consciousness tied up running his shell, Bugly could hardly fail to notice Jazz's flashy entry. Leaving Octopunch to deal with the new arrival, the Circuit-Su master snap-rolled, vectored around, and shot throught the door Jazz had come out of moments before.

Now the fun begins...

2005-02-06, 07:38 PM
(OOC: Thought Warpath was in the landing bay at a turret, not remotely controling them. My bad.)

Stranglehold: -shell scorched and mustache singed, audio receptors ringing from the sonic overloader blasts, would be thankful that the shell provides hostile enviroment protection(were he smart enough), wobbles as the stairway creaks, groans, and finally gives way beneath his not inconciderable weight and crashes to the floor, surrounded by scrap metal, sits up, shaking his head- "Ow........."

Blasts from Warpath's turret: -shred the cloud of smoke that had formed around Bludgeon, revealing nothing within-

2005-02-06, 07:51 PM
The current danger abated Skyhammer manoeuvers his outer shell round entry bay taking stock , targeting Octopunch with his sonic overloader he sends several blasts his way

opening a com channel

anyone out there were a few Cons short , a couple of them have vanished they might be in the main Ark over

putting the shell on automatic weaving through the heights of the entry bay ,

Skyhammer surveys his situation Hes trapped in a dead end having just blasted the only way out to shreds and there are hostilee forces at large

He swears Festering Scraplets youve really done it now

Hyper Prime
2005-02-06, 09:12 PM
Countdown winced as the shots hit his base and the pain surged through him. "Damn, I could've used my kineto energy cannon, but I can't waste it unless of an emergency. In the meantime..."

Suddenly, the bases' maitennace arms sprung to life as they tried to grab at Banzaitron who was now in range of assimilation. And to make sure he wouldn't try and dodge out of the way, it also fired several salvos from its mini guns.

Random Sweep
2005-02-07, 12:14 AM
Banzai-tron spun, drawing his sword, and slashed at the repair arms as he continued his spin away from the hail of minigun fire.

However a few rounds clipped the Actionmaster, cratering the plating on his left shoulder

2005-02-07, 01:02 AM
Roadbuster: -finishes working the last grenade into place, heads back out to a junction point, pulls grenade launcher from it's leg holster, fires a plasma grenade into the debris near the top-

Entry Bay, Ark:

Bludgoen's voice: -seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere- "Skyfall Omega, your angel of death awaits....."

Stranglehold, gets to feet, grabs a large piece of wreckage, flings it at Skyhammer's location- "Come out and play, little mech!"

Hyper Prime
2005-02-07, 02:54 AM
Coutndown was now getting annonyed. "Okay, slag this! Time to haul out the big ones." He then activated several weapons, the main four cannons, the missile turrets, the mini guns, and missile launchers. He then locked onto several targets; Banzaitron, Bludegeon, and Stranglehold, firing continously.

Random Sweep
2005-02-07, 03:07 AM
Seeing the bases weapon systems activating, Banzai-tron dove underneath the Mobile base, away from its arc of fire, and started stabbing his finely crafted blade at the drive componants

2005-02-07, 03:49 AM
Roadbuster: -crawls through the hole he blew in the top of the wall of debris(the top 25% of debris is gone), slides down the other side, looking at the Mayhems unleashing havoc- "Aw, hell......"

Stranglehold: -staggers as the blasts from Countdown's base hit him, looks up at where Skyhammer is hiding- "Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back!" -charges the platform, morning star spinning, pulls his energy draining brawn blaster, firing it at the platform-

Bludgeon's voice: -directed at Countdown's platform audio receptors- "Do not interfere with me, little Autobot. Your turn will come, soon enough. But first, I must deal with a more..... worthy opponent."

2005-02-07, 04:44 AM
Jazz had already been jumping back to his feet to stay mobile even as his flame shot finished. The tail of the flame obscured his view as he moved; he was taken off-guard by Octopunch's retaliation. The electrical surge hit the joint of the cannon and his shoulder, knocking him back with a shocked look on his face.

The pulse shorted the cannon's firing mechanism. An unseen chain reaction within the weapon spread back to the fuel valve, and the tank exploded on Jazz' back. The force of the blast, combined with his own right-handed effort to block the floor, knocked him back to his feet through a staggering spin. Jazz drew his blaster with his left hand as he tried to regain his standing; the right hung limp.

"Not cool, slick," Jazz grumbled as he strafed for cover and fired three quick blasts in Octopunch's direction. "Way not cool!"

2005-02-07, 04:54 AM
Octopunch was knocked to one knee by Skyhammer's fire, and he felt several deep dents in his back where the Autobot had hit him.

"You like shooting enemies in the back, do you?" He hefted his harpoon gun and fired it at the aerial Pretender shell.

Seeing the shots incoming from Jazz, he subspaced the gun and raised his left arm into the path of the blasts. The flesh on his shell's arm crackled and smoked.

Twirling his trident above his head with his right hand, the Pretender swept it into a diagonal slash aimed at Jazz's neck.

Bugly strode calmly down the passage that Jazz had taken, following the ephemeral trail left by the Autobot's spark. After perhaps a minute, he emerged inside the Ark's command chamber. He glanced at the Teletraan computer, then chuckled as he saw the Micromaster interfacing with it.

Lightning leapt from the unshelled Pretender's hand, arcing into the supercomputer. Fuses popped and circuits sizzled.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-07, 05:20 AM
Sixwing watched as Bugly took off down the hall. He stood up and pulled out the Tri-Barrelled missile launcher. Now that he had some time, the golden energy spread through his hip and face, repairing the damage caused by the Pretender.

He rounded the hall and then flew up the to the ceiling. He grabbed on and fired a few shots at the Ark's lighting grid. The area popped and blew, plunging the section into darkness. Sixwing worked at controling his energy, bringing it back into himself. He targeted the ugly, insectoid head with his launcher and smiled.

"Got it!"
Starlight pulled back and watched as the Medbay door opened up, revieling Astra.

"Skyfall needs help!"

The three Minicons transformed into Starfighter modes and flew down the Ark's corridors.

Skyfall Omega turned and dodged the fireball to the left, using his thrusters to move him out of the way. Readying his battle axe, the Neo's commander stood still and reached out with his sensors, trying to locate the Skull-Faced Pretender.....

Double Punch exited the shuttle and locked sensors on Stepper. He drew he sword and slowly stalked around behind the black and gold Autobot.....

2005-02-07, 05:49 AM
Bugly's shell had spent the few seconds' worth of combat-free time repairing itself, and stood as much repaired as Sixwing was.

With the lights out in the corner of the landing bay adjacent to the hall that the shell's owner had travelled down, the shell focused on the infra-red data that it's optics were sending it. It quickly located Sixwing on the cieling a good distance away.

Retreating farther into the landing bay, the shell reached out with a tendril of dark power, established a mental grip on the girders that made up the cieling near Sixwing's location, and pulled on them.

An ominous creak filled the room as the metal began to bend.

2005-02-07, 05:50 AM
Bludgeon: -drops quietly behind Skyfall Omega, katana raised-

Roadbuster: -sees Stranglehold charging Countdown's platform- "I can see you haven't gotten any smarter!" -charges forward, slamming into the Pretender-

Stranglehold: -grabs Roadbuster, pulls him off- "Neither have you!" -throws Roadbuster at Countdown's platform-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-07, 05:57 AM
Sixwing felt the metal move underneath him. He smiled and fired a missile at Bugly's head, and another at his feet. He then launched himself off of the ceiling and at the pretender - his voice a hoarse roar.....

Skyfall Omega waited, not hearing Bludgeon drop behind him. But inside his "Gut" something didn't feel right.

2005-02-07, 06:03 AM
Bludgeon: "You do understand why I'm here, don't you?"

Brave Maximus
2005-02-07, 06:11 AM
Skyfall Omega hit his thrusters as he was startled by Bludgeon's voice. He dug his left foot in and pivited around, coming face to face with the Mayhem's leader:

"The same reason you Pit-Spawned Decepticon's always attack - You want more power. You want to crush those you consider weaker than you under your boot heel."

He raised his battle axe to the ready position as the anger grew inside of him:

"Well, if you think we are weak - Then you are saddly mistaken."

2005-02-07, 06:13 AM
Bugly's shell jumped at Sixwing, detonating the missile meant for his head with an arc of lightning and feeling the flesh of his legs blister as the second missile hit the ground beneath him. The shell intercepted the Micromaster combiner in the air and attacked with mandibles, claws and clawsword.

2005-02-07, 06:20 AM
Astra moved to one side to let the Minicons pass, then darted into the med-bay, grabbing a med-kit, and shoving it in sub-space before transforming and speeding out the room.

Tearing through the corridors, she homed in on Jazz's transmission and quickly arrived at Warpath's location.

Yanking the med-kit out of sub-space, the scarlet and black femme opened and began repairing the minibot while keeping a close watch out for any enemies.

2005-02-07, 06:20 AM
Bludgeon: "No, no. Foolish Autobot, you really don't have any concept of anything, do you. There is no power here, nothing to be gained. Unless by your own admission you know that your group is not worthy of the title you claim." -hollows of optic glare at Skyfall Omega, a spark searing look of disgust- "I'm here because none of you are worthy enough to be our adversaries. You aren't Wreckers, just whelps pretending to be something you know that you are not."

Brave Maximus
2005-02-07, 06:32 AM
Sixwing felt the Clawblades dig into his sides, as his hands reached into the mouth of Bugly, trying to grab ahold of the inside of the pretender skull. His momentium, backed by his flight power, kept him traveling forward.

Skyfall knew what Bludgeon was doing - and it wouldn't work:

"You say we are not worthy - yet look around you. Your 'Warriors' are being held back by my troops - and we're not even trying yet. I don't know, or care, who you are. If you doubt that we are less than a threat, then your exit from this base will convince you."

Skyfall Omega then readied his axe and ignited his thrusters, but kept his feet dug in. His leg launchers fired 2 cluster missiles at Bludgeons location, and as they split, his arm launchers fired another volley to Bludgeons right.

2005-02-07, 06:46 AM
Bugly's shell was tossed backwards by the impact of hitting Sixwing, but he kept his grip on the Autobot. Reacting negatively to the hand probing around inside his mouth, he clamped his teeth down firmly and dug his mandibles into the arm just beyond the wrist.

Meanwhile, Bugly's inner robot was amazed to see the medic Astra run into the command room and set to work on Warpath without even noticing him.

"What are you, blind? Decepticons shooting your main computer with lightning don't register as a threat to you?"

He sent a telekinetic pulse out towards the medic and her patient, urging her rather roughly towards the door.

"Take him and go or I'll kill you both."

2005-02-07, 06:47 AM
Bludgeon: -katana flashes again, this time sending the cluster bomb warheads arcing towards Skyhammer's office door, and the engines into the volley fired from Skyfall's arm cannons- "Then when your heads are shipped to your leader, at least he will have the satisfaction of knowing that you died with honor." -leaps at Skyfall Omega, katana raised as the engines intercept the second wave of cluster missiles-


Roadbuster: -crashes into the side of Countdown's mobile base, gets to feet-

Stranglehold: -charges in, slashing down in a devistating swing with his morning star-

Roadbuster: -winces as the spiked head slams into his upraised arm bracer, the spikes digging into the armor, then finds himself flying through the air again as Stranglehold grabs him, lifts him up, and smashes him into the decking-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-07, 06:55 AM
Sixwing smiled and reached up with his other arm. Both hand now trying to rip open Bugly's shell head.

"Teeth and claw will not avail you. I have met much more ferocious beasts than you - and I will stop you from giving birth to them."


Skyfall Omega swung his axe around, moving from his hips in an upward motion - at the same time, he let go with his feet. His thrusters carried him upwards, as his axe aimed at the gut of his now airbourne opponent. Each of his cluster launchers fired missiles in a spread around him - waiting to find Bludgeon as a target.

2005-02-07, 07:05 AM
Bugly's shell wrapped its left hand around the shoulder of the arm that was already clamped in its mouth. The mandibles, already closed on the wrist, tightened and drove electro-stingers into the combiner's arm.

Then it raised its clawsword-adorned right arm, ran a current of dark power through it, and brought it down on Sixwing's elbow.

2005-02-07, 07:09 AM
Bludgeon: -blocks the axe swing with his katana, the blade connecting with the haft of the axe, arm cannon blasting the cluster missiles as he snaps a kick at Skyfall Omega's head, blade extending from the tip of his boot-

2005-02-07, 07:30 AM
OOC: Looks like I screwed up again, >.<

2005-02-07, 12:49 PM
The Harpoon hit the Cruiser penetrating the Fire control circuit pathways , circuits shorted as everything fired at once , the Sonic over loader, the twin thermal cannons , the twin lightening cannons clouds of sleep gas billowed out everywhere and minature cyclones tore throught the bay , weapons fire ricocheted randomly round the bay

Skyhammer peered throught the window of the bay office aiming at Stranglehold enraged at his insult firing a salvo from his photon pistol at the pretender while one part of his consciousness activated repair circuits on his outer shell, a she aimed another volley he spotted the incoming missiles he moved quickly to the rear of the office but that was not far enough the window imploded as the whole front wall disappeared Skyhammer was thrown into the rear wall into a maintenance tube blacking out for several seconds head ringing broken glass embedded in his shell, the control of his outer shell disappeared againa as he blacked out again and it started firing randomly again

Hyper Prime
2005-02-07, 12:56 PM
"Hey, don't go messing up my base!" Countdown was really tired of all the negative comments towards him. The maitennace arms then again sprung to life and attempted to immoblie Stranglehold by his wrists and ankles.

He then continued to fire missiles and gun fire at several other targets; Bugly, Bludgeon, Octopunch, and Stranglehold. And to go for Banzaitron that was underneath the base, he started it to move on its moblie treads, attempting to crush him underneath.

Random Sweep
2005-02-07, 02:42 PM
Taking hold of the undercarrage of the mobile base, Banzai-Tron lifted himself off the ground while attempting to sever the bases power relays

Aero Blade
2005-02-07, 07:11 PM
((OOC: The evil campus network strikes again, and repeatedly, among other things. Sorry for any delays))

Having been trapped in the medbay, one of his worst fears, now freed back to go where, Aero Blade now found himself heading towards where the battle was. Strangely, all of the fear now had drained out of him, and there was a buidling irritation, not neccissarily for Road Buster who had put them in there, but for the reason that he'd taken them there to begin with - the Cons. Aero went straight towards the battle, but once he reached there he paused on the outskirts of it, paying attention to what was going on. He didn't know why he felt like he wanted to be in a fight, but he was smart enough to realize not to just jump in. He'd be looking for where he was needed, or for someone to come at him...

2005-02-07, 07:55 PM
The world went black , squirling patterns filled his optical sensors , where was he , suddenly a white light appeared and his vision cleared, a small yellow Transformer was standing over him Sand-Dune , I havent seen you in breems and Clawback he said nodding to the burly Animal Pretender who had moved into view , and Sidewinder he said nodding to a black and silver transformer that looked like Hound, you still wheeling and dealing and Tomahawk as a sleek aerial autobot approache d his field of vision and Bullseye as a olive green mobile artillery piece rolled up before transforming . Bullseye spoke : thats right the 14th Iaacon Raiders " The Phantoms" we're all here , just waiting for you Skyhammer
Clawback : join us , become one of us
Sidewinder one of lifes little ironies " the Phantoms" how true it turned out to be

Skyhammer stuttered but you were all killed at the 4th battle of |Praxhus

Tomahawk : thats right we gave our lives fighting on the open field , no thanks to you

Sand-Dune and now the only one to carry on our name is cowering like a derelict in a bolthole while his comrades are fighting,

Skyhammer : but what can i do i'm best here controlling my shell , its got more firepower than I've got on my own

Bullseye : we always thought you were better than this

[Clawback : join us what else can you achieve , your going to die trapped like a rat in a hole

Sand-Dune: shooting decepticons in the back you may as well be one of them , "The Phantoms" used to face our enemies head on
[Clawback : except Sidewinder

Sand-Dune: well yes there is Sidewinder but everyone needs a good scrounger , someone to get you supplies when it looks impossible

Sidewinder thats right , I did my bit

Skyhammer shook his head and his vision swirled and cleared

revealing the remains of the bay office , the door still held and a few meters of the wall adjacent to it , however the rest of the front wall and the window were but a memory.

Reestablishing contact with his outer shell he ran the damage control protocols repairing what he could befor doing the same to his inner shell

Shifting a large hunk of supporting girder off him self he stood up

He'd had another one of the dreams his subconscious trying to tell him something .

He would do it the name of the " Phantoms would live on he would see to it , but he needed to get back to the action ,

wrenching of the wall panel he'd half demolished , he slipped into the maintenance crawl way and headed down it towards the main entry bay

Amarant Odinson
2005-02-07, 08:48 PM
Stepper noticed something behind him and turned with Nebulon already charging. He saw Double Punch stop in his tracks as he point his cannon at the him. There wasn't much distance between the two as Stepper just smirked slightly and fired off two napalm shots at his would be attacker. "Never bring a sword to a gun fight, son."

Artfire and Dropshot got to the entrance just in time to see Skyfall Omega in battling Bludgeon. Dropshot just looked at Artfire and nodded. " You know what to do." And with that Artfire took Nightstick started looking for a decent target on Pretender.

Dropshot on the other hand got into a positon where he couldn't be easily spotted and radioed and Artfire and Skyfall Omega on a secure channel. "Skyfall I need you to position Bludgeon in such a way that I can get a clear shot. Artfire, Help Skyfall with keeping Mr. Skullhead busy while I line him up." He then pulled out one of his stellar core rounds and loaded it up into his shoulder cannon and waited for his shot to come.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-07, 09:05 PM
Double Punch brought his sword up and deflected the first fireball. The second hit his shoulder and exploded. The napalm flared over his shoulder. Ignoring the pain, the Action Master Elite brought his sword around and attempted to slice through the mid-section of the Target Master....

Skyfall Omega put his thrusters one full burn, keeping his Axe locked in on Bludgeon's sword. The boot blade caught the right side of his face leaving a deep gash.

Rolling with the hit, Skyfall seperated from the Omega Shuttle and transformed into robot mode. He called out over his comm:

"Dropshot, NOW!!!!"

Amarant Odinson
2005-02-07, 10:00 PM
Stepper rolled out of the way of Double Punch's sword as he pulled out he two laser pistols. "Should've known you'd do that." Stepper said as he fired his pistols at the on coming bot.


Dropshot had alread locked onto Bludgeon's neck. At Skyfall's command, he fired the shot from his shoulder cannon. He was unsure of the damage it may inflict, but figured that Skyfall could use all the help he could get. If Skyfall failed to kepp him busy, then Dropshot would have to take out the master of Metallikato himself.

He then radioed Artfire. " Skyfall and I can take care of Ugly here. Go help out the others. I want nothing but pieces of slag when you're done. Understood?"

"Yes sir" Artfire answered back as he took off into the Ark.

2005-02-08, 12:52 AM
OOC @ EVERYONE: Apparently I was unclear about this...Bugly's shell is fighting Sixwing. Bugly's robot form is standing in the Ark's control room firing lightning into Teletraan 1.

MFG: Don't worry about it. These things happen.

Hyper: Since one of your previous posts says that Countdown is controlling his battlestation via Teletraan, and Teletraan is getting blown all to hell...I really doubt he's just going to sit there and run the station like nothing is happening.

If that's not what he's doing, make it clear in your posts.

All of you: Pay attention to what's going on, not just what's specifically addressed to your characters. This is a battle, and things will effect you even if they aren't directly addressed to you. Likewise, please try and make your posts as clear as possible.

I'll post with my characters later, when I'm not in class.

Aero Blade
2005-02-08, 01:06 AM
((ooc to Warcry: okay, that clears alot up. Was getting confused on that too. Gives me something to do with Aero. Let me know if if there's problems with this, and I'll change it))

Aero Blade watched the battle from the distance, trying to figure out what to do, but after amoment he realized there was some kind of power surge going through the Ark. Retreating from the battle to try to find the source of it, less it mess up the shield generator, he went to the control room, intending to use the computers to isolate the source, but wound up finding the source standing right there.

"Just what do you think you're doing?!" Aero shouted at Blugly, moving to tackle the con before he could do anymore damage.

2005-02-08, 01:25 AM
Jazz could not see or anticipate the swipe of Octopunch's trident, but he knew from the spinning that he was in trouble. His knee servos struggled to cut his momentum. His upper half dropped back instinctively, allowing him to limbo narrowly under the weapon, but the middle blade tip sliced the end of his right horn.

With a muffled grunt, Jazz continued his fall, flattened his left wrist, and planted the side of his blaster on the floor. His legs rocked around in a fluid sweep kick aimed for the gargantuan Pretender's ankles.

2005-02-08, 01:29 AM
Bludgeon: -detecting both Dropshot and Artfire, leaps into the air, backflipping over the shot, lands, levelling a glare at Skyfall Omega- "Pathetic. Am I that much of a challenge for you, little mech? You can't fight me alone?" -smoke starts to form around him- "Honorless cur. You and your friends are DEAD!" -vanishes into the cloud, the cloud vanishing into wisps of vapor-


Behind Dropshot's position:

Bludgeon: -silently approaches Dropshot from behind- "Here is your reward, coward!!!!" -slashes at Dropshot's neck, intending to decapitate the sniper-


Roadbuster: -being used as a shield by Stranglehold, grunting as the fire fromCountdown's platform slams into him-

Stranglehold: -roars, spins around blindingly fast, flings Roadbuster at the landing bay office, spins again, smashing his morning star into the optical array on the platform-

Hyper Prime
2005-02-08, 01:49 AM
(OOC: sorry, I'll punish myself now)

Then, the electricity Bugly had fired into Teletran-1 had reached up to Countdown. It ran through all of the micromaster's systems, frying them from the inside out. He then ejected himself from the computer, transformed, and fell down to the ground. "...slag it... damn those... Decepti.. cons..." He then fell into stasis lock.

And likewise, the base of the micromaster suddenly just stopped all of its activities, not moving or firing any weapons at all.

2005-02-08, 01:50 AM
OOC: *is between classes*

@ Aero: No problem

*posts, then goes back to class*


Bugly turned from Teletraan as Aero Blade dove at him.

"What does it look like I'm doing, child?"

He dropped into a crouch and met the tech's tackle head-on, grappling him and aiming a head-butt at Aero's face.

Octopunch was swept off his feet by Jazz, allowing him to avoid the incoming fire from Countdown's base.


The Pretender pushed himself to his feet, splitting as he did so. Octo's inner robot shot forward, transforming to crab mode and attacking Jazz with his claws and acetelyne torch gun.

Octo's shell stalked towards Countdown's base, an electric blast forming on the tips of his trident. He took notice of the fact that it's weapons had fallen silent, and stomped closer.

Random Sweep
2005-02-08, 01:55 AM
Noticing the lack of movement of the base, Banzai-tron slides out and starts stalking towards Sixwing's Back

2005-02-08, 02:21 AM

Aero Blade
2005-02-08, 02:36 AM
Aero took the headbutt from Bugly pretty hard, stumbling backwards, but he quickly balanced himself again, taking a fighting stance. "We worked hard to get that computer running! I'm not gonna let you destroy it!"

2005-02-08, 04:41 AM
Bugly raised his right arm, pointed it at one of Teletraan's display panels, and fired off a blast from his arm-mounted photon cannon.

"You don't have a choice."

He stepped forward and snapped a kick at Aero Blade's chest.

Aero Blade
2005-02-08, 04:51 AM
Aero couldn't do anything about the weapon's fire at the screen, but he did duck under the kick a bit akwardly, then fired his own arm-mounted Pulse laser, aiming to try to hit the leg Bugly was currently standing on for his kick manuver.

2005-02-08, 05:16 AM
Bugly winced, then stumbled away from the Autobot as a laser pulse burned across the inside of his thigh. He fell to one knee.

"You aren't a warrior, are you?"

The Decepticon raised his photon cannons and fired at Aero Blade's chest.

Aero Blade
2005-02-08, 05:29 AM
Aero stumbled backwards, struck by the blast in dead center of his chest. The shot scorched him pretty badly, as well as shattering a blue, oval crystal on the front of him that served as a light source if he needed it. Regaining his footing, he charged for Bugly again, this time being more wary of the photon cannons. "Maybe not, but I'm still not letting you destroy this place!"

2005-02-08, 05:54 AM
"You're brave, if nothing else. Shame I have to kill you, really."

Bugly rolled backwards and planted his hands on the ground. He came up into a handstand, then launched himself feet-first in Aero Blade's direction (hoping to hit him as he charged).

Brave Maximus
2005-02-08, 06:21 AM
OOC: Random Sweep - Sixwing is no where near your position - he and Bugly's shell are halfway down the Ark from the main corridor. Guys, we're not trying to get down on you or make you feel bad - just keep an eye on where your guys are and don't bounce around - you're all doing great, just keep your eyes open ;)


Sixwing focused his energy into the point of his arm where Bugly's blade came down - countering the dark energy in the blade. It hacked though some of the outer armour, and energon bled out of the wound.

Sixwing took his free hand and balled it into a fist. With his full force, he drove the punch strait at the Shells one good optic.

Skyfall tured and followed the smoke, but couldn't react fast enough to do anything about Bludgeon's strike on Dropshot. He changed again and reconnected with the Omega Shuttle and fired off a volley of 2 missiles at Octopunch, hoping to buy Jazz a few seconds.

The Minicons rounded the hallway and came over the pile of rubble into the main entrance hall. Nemesis spotted Bludgeon and fired a Plasma blast at the Pretender.....

Double Punch slide between the blasts coming from Stepper, but it kept him back, out of range of his sword or claws. He transformed into Scorpion mode and lept onto the support strut, heading for the darkness.....

Aero Blade
2005-02-08, 06:32 AM
Seeing Bugly roll backwards, Aero dropped to the floor, hoping the Con's own manuver and momentum would carry him over the crouched tech. Aero had to keep a eally close eye on guarding his front side. After a hit with the photon weapon earlier, he wasn't sure he could take very many blows to that area anymore. He was already keeping a hand pressed over the damaged crystal, which had caused the circutry underneith it to start sparking slightly.

2005-02-08, 06:48 AM
Bludgeon: -concentrates, grabbing the cluster missiles winging their way towards Octopunch, uses one of the warheads to stop the plasma blast from Nemesis while sending the rest at the minicons-

Stranglehold: -prods the disabled battle platform, shrugs, aims brawn blaster at Skyhammer's shell, fires-


Roadbuster: -slams hard into the back wall of the office/control room overlooking the landing bay, crashes to the floor-

2005-02-08, 06:52 AM
OOC: Keep in mind, Brave, Sweep didn't say how far he was. Just that he was heading towards Sixwing's back. Of course, there's still the matter of Six and the shell being airborne...

IC: Bugly's shell turned its head to the side (presumably either wrenching Sixwing's arm along with it, or tearing strips of armour off as it moved), taking the blow on the thick crown of its head. It opened its mouth, planted its feet on Sixwing's chest, and pushed off.

Stretching its wings, the shell flew up higher into the twisted rafters.

Bugly flew over top of the sprawled Aero Blade, hitting the command centre's wall feet-first. He pushed off, rolled in the air, and fired another blast towards the supercomputer before coming to rest on the ground and waiting for Aero's next move.

Octopunch was totally unaware of the danger that Bludgeon had saved him from.

Octopunch's shell approached Stranglehold's location, frowning at the disabled battle platform.

2005-02-08, 12:34 PM
Skyhammer winced as his outer shell was hit by the brawn blaster, struggling to control it as the power levels fluctuated , it sank down the landing gear clippingStranglehold's helemt a s it did a shallow dive as the power relays were shunted wobbling it gained altitude again loosing a blast from the thermal blasters at Octopunch as it went by wobbling .

Skyhammer winced as the power drain hit his systems , piloting his shell he made a rough landing on the remains of the overhead gantry boosting his repair systems and shielding to full

Aero Blade
2005-02-08, 01:46 PM
Aero jumped to his feet and growled, seeing the computer coming under attack yet again. "You'd best stop that," the tech warned, "Or better yet, let's see you do that when you can't see at all!"

A split second later, and Aero's visor had clicked over his optics, followed by his vents popping open as a thick, sensor-obscuring, black smoke was expelled, filling up the room in a matter of moments. Aero's visor was already tuned to deal with the hampering effects of the smoke, so he wasted no time homing in on Bugly again and trying to lash out with a punch to the con's face.

Random Sweep
2005-02-08, 03:12 PM
OOC: Thanks Warcry, that was what I was going to say. also, even airbourne, I can still shoot at sixwing. however, change of plans

As Banzai-tron headed towards towards Sixwing, a though occured to him and he headed towards the control room

2005-02-08, 04:16 PM
Jazz threw his left forearm before him to block Octopunch's assault, but the grip of the claws in his arm was too strong. With a yelp, his fingers loosened and tossed his blaster skidding across the floor. A careful dodge of the head took Jazz out of the line of fire (literally), but he could not prevent some moderate scorching on his cranium and already-hurt shoulder.

"Talk about fightin' fire with fire!"

Using the crab's own inertia against him, Jazz kicked his legs up and over his head, hoping to plant the unclothed Pretender in a vulnerable position on the floor and pin him with a knee.

2005-02-08, 05:00 PM
Skyhammer crawled down the maintenance accessway un dogging the hatch at the end he opened it a crack , the hatch emerged within metres of the decepticon , the impact seemed to have disengaged the shield or mayb ethe decepticons in their overconfidence had disengaged it

2005-02-08, 05:10 PM
OOC: Just been got the info I needed for a post from Hyper Prime, so

Taken off-guard, Astra had been shoved right out of the door and glanced back.

Moving to place Warpath in a side-room, which she locked after her, she slipped back into the command center, one blaster at the ready as she snuck towards Countdown, intent on getting him out of there.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-08, 11:32 PM
OOC: Sorry guys - it was a small bit in the post way back. But Sixwing had rounded several corners. It was easy to miss - sorry about that.

Sixwing's arm had been wrenched slightly out of socket and had spines burried in the forarm section. With Bugly retreating into the darkness, Sixwing pulled out his missile launcher and fired 2 missiles off at the walls. This created massive ammounts of debris and dust - it gave Sixwing a chance to duck back into the shadows and circle around the hallways by another angle.

On his way around, he pulled out the spines from his arm and slammed into one of the walls, forcing his shoulder joint back into socket......

Nemesis dodged 3 of the missiles headed towards him, but the fourth was heading right at him. Ark slide between Nemesis and the missile, letting his energon shield absorb both the damage from the missiles and Nemesis bouncing off of him.

It took a few seconds for the two little Minicons to get their heads back in the game.

Skyfall watched as Bludgeon brought his sword down at Dropshot. He screamed a "NO!" and hurlled the Planet Crush Axe at the Decepticon Master as he landed on the ground and hit his thrusters again, charging at the Mayhems leader.

2005-02-09, 12:14 AM
Bludgeon: -checks swing, dodges the axe, raises katana to slash again at Dropshot, left arm snapping up, aiming and firing arm mounted electropulse cannon at Skyfall Omega-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 12:26 AM
Skyfall Omega charge through and brings his arm up, blocking the shot that would have taken Dropshot's head off. The Neo's commander then stand up and looks down at Bludgeon:

"You call me an honourless cur?!? You, who attempt to ram through soldiers with a cloaked ship, just so that you don't have to face them in open combat. You want a one on one fight. Then fine. You and me, leader against leader. And once I kick your sorry arse, you can take you ugly decepticon friends out of my base.

"That is, unless you don't have the honour to face a 'Little Mech'."

2005-02-09, 12:40 AM
Bludgeon: -checks swing again- "There may be hope for you yet, micromaster. Do you wish to fight augmented or unaugmented?"

Random Sweep
2005-02-09, 12:45 AM
Making his way to the command center Banzai-tron saw the two autobots facing off against Bugly

" How amusing, A shrimp and a fembot, Sure you can handle them ? " he asked sarcasticly

2005-02-09, 12:52 AM
Skyhammer slipped across the intervening space to the shuttle finding the hatch open he slipped inside

shutting the hatch behind him and dogging it shut

moving through the corridors to the command deck cautiously looking for any guards .

Arriving there he sat at the weapons station examining the controls , most of the weaponry was familiar, turning on a monitor screen he surveyed the scene he would need to wait for an opportune moment .

Slipping out of his outer shell he left it guarding the only entrance

uplinking with the ships computer he used his outer shells computer to crack the password which was


using the time while he waited he uploaded the ships memory into storage

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 12:56 AM
Skyfall Omega stood there:

"I am as you see me. No other Autobots will get involved in this, and I use no other weapons that what this body is equiped with. This I swear. Can you swear the same? Or will I have to watch my back as well?"

Sixwing was stalking the dark hallways of the Ark, letting his energy heal the damage done by Bugly. When he came across the Command Centre of the Ark. He heard Banzi-Tron speaking to Bugly and the Micro Master Combiner's eyes flared. His voice seemed to carry all through the corridors, like the echo of an opening grave:

"It is not them you need to worry about......"

2005-02-09, 01:18 AM
Bludgeon: -scowling- "Then I hope you and your transector have both made peace with this world." -picks up the axe, tosses it at Skyfall's feet- "And at least my men know not to interfere, nor would I call them." -brings katana up to ready position-


Stranglehold: -sees Skyhammer entering the shuttle, charges over, swinging morning star down in a vicious arc at the shell's head-

Random Sweep
2005-02-09, 01:31 AM
Banzai-tron turned and looked in the direction Sixwing's voice came from.

" Then show yourself and meet your doom Autofool " the Actionmater sneered

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 01:31 AM
Skyfall picked up the Planet Crush and then opened his comm and raised his voice so that Every Autobot could hear him.

"This is Skyfall Omega to EVERY Neo in the Ark. No one, I repeat, No One is to interfere with this Skullfaced Decepitcon or myself. You have better things to do."

He turned to Dropshot:

"Keep them alive until I'm finished."

He brought up the Planet Crush into a ready position and nodded to Bludgeon:

"Lets go."

The Minicons hovered in the air, not sure of what to do.....

2005-02-09, 01:40 AM
Bludgeon: -charges towards Skyfall Omega-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 01:45 AM
Skyfall Omega ducked down a little and hit his thrusters. He met Bludgeon's charge with a shoulder block of his own, ready to bring up his axe if he rolled off to the left.

2005-02-09, 02:32 AM
Bludgeon: -leaps, flipping in air and slashing at Skyfall's back as he goes by, lands- "You have stated your condition for my loss. Now I state mine. You will change the name of this little group of yours."

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 02:58 AM
The blade dragged down Skyfall Omega's back, between the two thruster packs, causing massive sparks to shoot out everywhere.
He swung around with his battle axe, right about waist level on Bludgeon.

As he turned:

"Then you will be forced to say our name as you are ejected from my base!"

Random Sweep
2005-02-09, 03:13 AM
Holding his Sword infront of him Banzai-tron growled " comeone coward! Show yourself !"

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 03:19 AM
From the shadows Sixwing laughed - this was a dark, grating laugh that set circuts on edge:

"Oh, is the mighty Decepticon warrior afraid of the dark? Come in here and play, I will show you what you need to be afraid of......."

Random Sweep
2005-02-09, 03:21 AM
" Fool! I fear no one! " Banzai-tron growled charging into the darkened corridor, letting his superior instincts guide him

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 03:36 AM
Sixwing let out the energy he had been restraining: His eyes flared violet and the golden Autobot symbol on his chest glowed so bright, it hurt the eyes.

"Who is the fool?"

He brought up his fist and around, trying for a right hook to Banzi-Tron's face.

2005-02-09, 03:59 AM
Bludgeon: -blocks the axe by stepping in and dropping to one knee, katana catching the haft, sending it riding up the blade towards the guard as his right arm comes up, left hand letting go of the katana hilt, fireball forming in hand, flings fireball up towards Skyfall Omega's face-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 04:11 AM
Skyfall Omega could do nothing but take the fireball to the face. He staggered back trying to clear his optics, the metal of his face sizzling and popping.

He opened his left leg missile launcher and fired a missile at the ground by Bludgeon's feet - hoping to send him flying.

2005-02-09, 04:50 AM
(OOC: We'd better start listing where we are in battle, to keep confusion down.)

Main Entrance, Ark:

Bludgeon: -backflips away, debris from the explosion clattering off of his armor and carrying him a little farther than he planned, straightens, aims, and fires electropulse cannon at Skyfall Omega-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 05:02 AM
The distraction had given Skyfall Omega enough time to clear his optics. His face plate and optics were set in a grimace. He knew this wasn't going to be an easy battle.

As Bludgeon fired the shot, Skyfall Omega brough the Planet Crush Axe up and around, Deflecting the shot down into the ground. He finished the spinning and brought the Axe up and assummed a ready position.

If you're on thin ice, you might as well dance

Skyfall Omega then let go of the Axe Haft with his left hand and stood up a little straiter, cocking an eyebrow and extending it out - palm flat and up. He then brought his fingers in, in a "Bring It" motion.

NEVER fool around with an enemy!

2005-02-09, 05:17 AM
Main Entrance, Ark:

Bludgeon: -starts to run towards Skyfall Omega, katana raised-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 05:27 AM
As Bludgeon runs toward him, Skyfall Omega lift his Axe, prepairing to parry the impending sword strike. He also starts to take a step forward and lifts his big foot high into the air, to catch Bludgeon in the face.

2005-02-09, 05:42 AM
Bludgeon: -drops, turing his momentum into a slide, slashing at Skyfall's supporting knee as he slides by-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 05:47 AM
The slash at the knee took Skyfall Omega by surprise. The shot to the knee, while the damage was superficial, took out his only support. Skyfall Omega was going down, and he couldn't get the thrusters fired in time (It would leave him too open).

Instead, he tried to guess where Bludgeon was and put his elbow out to the side, trying to drop on the Pretender....

2005-02-09, 05:49 AM
Halls, Ark

Bugly's shell, left alone by Sixwing, slipped into the oblivion of subspace.

Command Centre, Ark

Bugly was not fooled for a moment by Aero Blade's ruse.

"There are greater senses than sight, Autobot, for those who know how to use them."

He felt the fluctuations in the Autobot's spark as he came forward and threw a punch. He allowed the blow to hit, then grabbed hold of the Autobot's arm at the shoulder.

At this point, Sixwing's voice filled the room.

"Hmmm." He waved his free hand casually, and the smoke between his face and Aero's cleared. "Run. The mutant spark that pretends to be Sixwing isn't exactly descriminating when it comes to friendly fire, and I'm obliged to kill him. If it survives, tell your commander that the creature isn't what it appears to be."

Bugly then released the Autobot, summoned his shell around him, and fired a bolt of lightining at Sixwing's back.

Landing Bay, Ark

Octopunch was taken by surprise by Jazz's move, finding the Autobot atop him. However, since that position put the Autobot between him and the incoming fire from Skyhammer, the crab was willing to accept the momentary defeat.

Octopunch's shell prodded Countdown's base with a toe, then turned and ran as fast as it could (which, admittedly, wasn't too fast) towards its owner.

Aero Blade
2005-02-09, 06:12 AM
Aero was quite startled by the fact that his usually unfailing smokescreen seemed to have little or no effect on Bugly, and he gave a slight yelp when the Con grabbed him, expecting some kind of retaliation as the smoke began to clear away.

Normally he'd have been releaved that the con had decided to let him go, but this time as he watched Bugly turn away, an odd sensation that he'd felt earlier - that which drove him towards the fighting to begin with - began to burn in the back of his mind again. How dare he drop his battle with me to engage another opponent?

Aero took only a moment to charge up a blast in his Pulse Laser, then fired it off at the blind side that Bugly had decided to turn towards Aero. "Don't you turn you back on me. I'm not done with you..."

Stratus had been watching from a safe corner of the command center as his partner engaged the con. He recognized the change in Aero's mood and stature. If this keeps up, it won't be long before we see his other half. Looks like the limitor's already failing... The minicon thought to himself, keeping a close eye on the scene. If what he thought was gonna happen did, Aero was gonna need him soon enough...

2005-02-09, 06:31 AM
Command Centre, Ark

Bugly felt the laser pluse incoming, but let it burn across his shoulders; now that his shell was in place a few stray energy blasts were of no consequence. He stood stock-still for a few seconds, running dark power into his servos. Then, with the dark power-enhanced systems granting him virtually Blurr-level speed, he spun and threw a vicious punch at Aero Blade's midsection.

Aero Blade
2005-02-09, 06:36 AM
Completely unprepared for a retaliation of that manor, Aero was sent crashing into a computer consol by the force of Bugly's blow. It took him a moment to extricate himself from the consol and be able to stand properly, but when he did, he took a ready stance, still focused on the con he was facing. "That it?" He asked. Primus, I'm in for it now...

2005-02-09, 06:48 AM
Command Centre, Ark

Bugly shot Aero Blade an amused look.

"No. You should have left when I gave you the chance, Autobot. It's almost a shame to have to kill such a brave enemy." His mandibles opened in a grin. "Almost."

He raised his left hand and a wide arc of purple-blue lightning shot out in Aero Blade's direction.

2005-02-09, 07:12 AM
Command Centre to Side-room

Astra grabbed Countdown, then dashed for the door as fast as she could, avoiding the fight.

Running back to the room Warpath was in, the scarlet and black femme unlocked the door, entered, locked herself in for security, before kneeling on the floor, her blasters by her side as she began repairs on the wounded transformers.

2005-02-09, 07:54 AM
((ooc my fault i think should have made it clearer that inner shell was inside shuttle guarding entrance to the flight deck

Skyhammer watches the monitor bemusedly not sure what Stranglehold is doing as he rushes towards shuttles locked hatch .

That blow to the head must have had more of an effect than i thouught he mused

2005-02-09, 02:05 PM
Main Entrance, Ark:

Bludgeon: -rolls to feet behind Skyfall Omega, spins as Skyfall falls, snapping a reverse spin kick at Skyfall's head-

Main Entrance, Ark, Elsewhere:

Stranglehold: -brings fist back, smashes it through the shuttle hatch door, rips it off, storms into the shuttle-

Aero Blade
2005-02-09, 02:05 PM
Aero dove foward to avoid the lighting, just barely missing it by a fraction of a micron. The surge protectorors in his body were meant for dealing with such large amounts of electricity, but he couldn't be sure if it'd have any effect on the variety Bugly was using on him. Wasting not a single moment, Aero was charging in at Bugly for another attack.

It was at this time that Stratus decided it was time to join in. Shifting into jet mode, and gunning over to his partner, and linking to the approiate spot on his arm. Aero grabbed the sword that was formed from his propellor when the minicon linked to him, and when he got closer to Bugly, instead of a head on attack, he abruptly slipped to the side, lashing out with a wide, sweeping arch of his sword's blade.

Random Sweep
2005-02-09, 03:06 PM
Halls, Ark

Caught off guard by the sudden flash, Banzai-tron was temporarily blinded by Sixwing's trickery.

A millenia of arena fighting however had prepared him for the obvious assault from the Micromaster Combiner and he dodged the clumsy ( to banzai-tron ) attack and struck out with his sword at where he expected his opponants midsection to be

2005-02-09, 03:59 PM
Unaware of anything else, Jazz used his moment of opportunity to think of some way to best his demon. He'd lost his weapons, and his only working arm (anyhow trapped in the creature's claws) was far from strong enough to subdue Octopunch. Jazz struggled to free his forearm, hoping to keep his wrestling foe distracted from the boxes protruding from his sides...

"Say cheese!"

Straightening out as much as he could to align the projectors on his prey, Jazz unleashed a light-and-sound show and hoped his comrades were looking the other way.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 08:13 PM
Sixwing took the sword strike to the midsection and felt the blade dig in slightly. Sixwing locked optics with Banzi-tron and smiled a sickening smile at the Decepticon,

He brought his arm down and locked it under the Decepticons, lifting up, hard, at the elbow joint.

At the same point, he was reaching with his free arm and pulling his Ion Rifle from subspace.
Skyfall Omega hit the deck plating.... hard. Hard enough to put a dent in it. Before Bludgeon started to kick though, Skyfall Omega was already bringing his Axe around in a blind backward strike - hopeing to land somewhere in the calves of the pretender. Then it hit him - Bludgeon's foot impacted with his head:

"Ow." was all that came out of Skyfall, though he was seeing stars flash before him for a second. Fortunatly, the momentum and determination kept the Axe swinging.

2005-02-09, 08:17 PM
(ooc a sort of transformers meet A team vibe )

hearing a screeching of metal Skyhammer checked the monitor again , rutroh Stranglehold was in the middle of pulling the hatch off his hinges.

I really must have a death wish trapped again with few options here we go again , he unhooked from the shuttles computer core sending a copy of the data he downloaded to his outer shells processors , slipping back in his inner shell he assesed the situation ,

Stranglehold is tougher than a sack full of krakovian red bellied horned swamp toads , he has brawn blaster that drains power and i'm on hs territory

Here we go again , Primus preserve me , taking his lightening cannons from subspace he settled them on his wrist mounts

2005-02-09, 08:45 PM
Command Centre, Ark

Bugly snarled as Aero Blade merged with his Minicon and charged forward wielding a sword.

"You need help from a midget to fight me? How droll."

He swung his clawsword around, blocking the Autobot's wide slash when it was a few millimetres away from cleaving through his hip. The Decepticon Pretender then lashed out with a lightning-quick left-handed punch at Aero's face.

Landing Bay, Ark

Octopunch's optical and audio sensors were quickly overloaded by Jazz's show. The Decepticon hurridly switched them off entirely, activating his far more robust radar and sonar systems. Even so, those systems were running at less than 100% efficiency due to the Autobot's disruptive display.

Octo released Jazz's arm, then transformed. His robot mode being significantly smaller than his crab mode (since the crab's legs vanished into subspace), the Decepticon was able to roll out from under Jazz and fire a blast from his torch gun. The shot wasn't aimed at Jazz, though; his sensors couldn't get a lock on the Autobot through the disruption. Instead, Octo had fired at the Autobot's discarded rifle.

Octopunch's shell likewise disabled its optics and audio sensors, relying on its owner's sensors to guide it closer to Jazz.

Aero Blade
2005-02-09, 09:20 PM
The two swords clashed together, but before Aero could move to make another slash, Bugly had punched him, the force of which sent him again being knocked into a nearby piece of equipment. It looked like his head got hit pretty hard, slumping to the ground and seeming to be knocked offline.

After a couple of moments, his systems reset and he began to get up, a bit disoriented at first. Standing, he shook his head, getting reoriented, his optics finally coming back online, but something was wrong. The originally blue optics of the tech were now a burning red color.

Narrowing his optics, Aero took a ready stance, gripping and adjusting his sword as he locked onto Bugly, giving a light growl.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 09:21 PM
Starlight - while being very concerned for Skyfall - also felt a sense of duty. She, and the other two Minicons, felt it was part of their duty to keep the Decepticons from harming others. To prevent them from ever destroying individuals as they had with them.

Starlight spotted Octopunch's shell headed towards Jazz and lead her team to attack. Nemesis fired Plasma blasts at it's head while Ark was moving around to Protect Jazz.

Starlight on the other hand, transformed at attempted to latch onto the back of the Shell.

2005-02-09, 11:04 PM
Command Centre

Bugly certainly noticed the change in Aero Blade's eye colour.

"Oh, you're getting angry now?" He watched as the Autobot took a ready stance and adjusted his grip on his sword. "I guess we'll continue, then."

The Pretender leapt forward, using his shell's wings to increase his forward speed as he slashed diagonally down at Aero's left shoulder.

Landing Bay

Octopunch's shell didn't see the Minicons approaching, but only grunted as a plasma blast slammed into its helmet and carved a deep score. Since it was no longer focussing on Jazz, the shell safely reactivated its optics and audio sensors, then fired an electric blast at Ark.

Feeling Starlight trying to grapple onto its back, the shell plucked the small Minicon off of itself and tossed it to the ground.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-09, 11:28 PM
When Starlight attached onto Octopunches Shell's back, she activated her power and attempted to start putting parts into stasis. When he grabbed her, she reached around and attempted to grab his hand as he tried to throw her to the ground. She activated her power again - attempting to send his hand into stasis lock as well.

Nemesis continued to fire at the head of Octopunches shell. Each Plasma blast scorching the air around it.

Ark hovered around the battle scene, slowly dodging the electrical blast (Which skimmed his Energon Shield, crackling around it). He kept an eye on Jazz and the other two Minicons - waiting to protect them.

2005-02-09, 11:46 PM
Jazz ducked the fireball with a grimace and made sure to keep his optics on Octopunch. Although he figured the Decepticon couldn't see him, he knew better than to check what damage the blast had done. Instead, Jazz placed his hand on the floor to steady, rocked his weight on his right leg, and threw a firm kick with the other toward the side of Octopunch's head.

Random Sweep
2005-02-10, 12:39 AM
His vision returning, Banzai-tron saw Sixwing's intentions and grabbed the Autobots trapping arm with his free hand and gave it a sharp twist designed to either free his arm or shatter this opponants forearms, should he resist

Aero Blade
2005-02-10, 01:31 AM
"Not exactly..." Stratus answered to Bugly from where he was linked on Aero's arm, one of the rare times that he actually spoke up in transformer standard. With the way things were now, he'd probably have to do all the talking (and warning...) until Aero went back to normal...

As Bugly made his attack, Aero quickly brought his own sword around to block Bugly's, having to brace himself against the extra momentum his manuver had added. Aero could've dodged and saved himself some effort, but he had something else in mind - now that Bugly was in close range, he took his other removable propellor blade to form a second sword and made a slash at Bugly's midsection.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-10, 02:05 AM
With Banzi-tron trapping himself by having both arms wrapped up with one of Sixwings (the damage was irrelevent to the slightly Psychotic Autobot) - Sixwing raised his other hand and aimed his Ion Rifle at pointblank range to the Action Master's stomach. He fired three times. He knew that while this wouldn't kill the Decepticon, it would hurt him if they connected, and that's all he seemed concerned with at the moment.

Random Sweep
2005-02-10, 03:03 AM
Twisting his body, Banzai-tron managed to avoid 2 of the blasts, the third on scored a partial hit seering his armour.

In response, Banzai-tron struck at Sixwing's weapon, hoping to disable it.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-10, 03:13 AM
Sixwing let his rifle get knocked away from Banzi-trons stomach, Opting instead for a headbutt to the shorter Action Master's head.

Random Sweep
2005-02-10, 03:18 AM
Outside of Command and Control

Unable to get away, Banzai-tron was caught in the forehead by Sixwing's headbutt.

Banzai-tron recovered quickly enough to strike out at Sixwing's face with a lightning fast 3 hit combo, attempting to shatter his optics

2005-02-10, 03:36 AM
Main Entrance, Ark:

Bludgeon: -supporting leg knocked out from beneath him, hits the floor in a shoulder roll, comes up on Skyfall Omega left rear, snaps a forward spin kick, boot blade extended, aiming at Skyfall's head-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-10, 03:48 AM
Skyfall Omega heard Bludgeon land and knew there was a counter attack coming. Unfortunatly he'd left himself wide open and in a position where he couldn't block. He only had one move left. He ignited his foot thrusters and pushed himself forward along the Ark's floor, sparks flying as the metal scraped metal.

Bludgeon's blade kicked down the side of his left arm, fortunatly not doing nearly as much damage as it would have to his head. Skyfall Omega planted his hands on the plating and aimed his feet down, fliping the big robot over. Activating his back thrusters, he stablized himself and landed on his feet. While the move looked impressive, it had one drawback - the Planet Crush Axe had been left behind, sitting on the floor infront of Bludgeon....

Skyfall Omega resumed a ready position, prepairing for the next onslaught with his bare hands...

2005-02-10, 04:17 AM
Bludgeon: -shakes head- "If you do not wish a bladed weapon, why carry one?" -picks up axe(one handed), tosses it at Skyfall Omega's feet-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-10, 04:53 AM
Skyfall Omega picks up the Battle Axe and shakes his head in disbelief:

"That was far more honourable than I ever would have expected from a Decepticon."

He changes his ready position now that he has the axe in his hands and charges at Bludgeon - readying a strike with his axe to the side of Bludgeon.

2005-02-10, 05:13 AM
Command Centre

Bugly brought his left forearm up into the path of Aero Blade's forearm, deflecting the second sword downwards. It grazed across his leg, leaving a thin cut behind. Foul-smelling black fluid leaked from the wound.

He looked into Aero's optics. "You let your pet speak for you now?"

The Pretender's wings fluttered, propelling him back from the Autobot. He pulled his photon cannons from subspace, aimed at the Autobot, and fired.

Landing Bay

Octopunch's sonar warned him about the oncoming kick, but not soon enough for him to dodge it. The Decepticon wasn't yet out of the way when Jazz's leg hit, impacting on his forehead and sending him bouncing away.

Octopunch's shell frowned in concentration. It was caught between three small but determined enemies. It stared at the hand that had gone numb when it had touched the minicon.

Then Octopunch was no longer able to concentrate on controlling it. Without it's owner's guidence, the shell froze in place.

2005-02-10, 05:21 AM
Bludgeon: -springs straight up, fireball forming in left hand- "I doubt there are many Autobots who would be that honorable, either." -flings fireball at Skyfall Omega's head-

Aero Blade
2005-02-10, 05:26 AM
As the Photon shots came at him, Aero whipped his swords around, deflecting the shots, returning to a ready stance afterwards. He failed to respond to Bugly's comment, just continued to stare at him with his burning red optics. Aero was begining to give the impression that he couldn't speak as he currenty was, or had no reason to...

In a swift motion, Aero abruptly adjusted his grip on the swords, then leapt forward at Bugly, one sword held in a guarding position, the other ready for an attack.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-10, 05:28 AM
Not knowing why Octopunch's shell froze, the Minicons decided to press their advantage.

Nemesis continued to fire while Starlight jumped up on the shell again, this time on the head - figuring that's where it was controled from. She activated her powers once again - hopeing to take the shell out of the fight.

Skyfall Omega tracked Bludgeon going up and blocked the shot with his left arm. Part of his mind watched with a little wonder at the flames dancing on his forarm. Another part, which was in the majority just thought.... OW!

"You know, that's getting slightly annoying....."

Skyfall pivoted so that he faced Bludgeon. Unfortunatly, his Axe attack was completly impossible now that he had taken his arm off the hilt. Time for plan B.

"Lets see how you like my Version."

His left shoulder missile launcher opened and fired a missile off to the side - as it came back and tracked Bludgeon, it split into four and locked onto the Decepticon.

2005-02-10, 05:47 AM
Main Entrance, Ark:

Bludgeon: -concentrates, sending the cluster missiles back at Skyfall Omega-

2005-02-10, 05:53 AM
Command Centre

Bugly chuckled as Aero Blade leapt at him. He subspaced the photon cannons, then folded his wings back and met the charge. He brought his clawsword forward across the path of the attack-positioned sword, then sent a cascade of lightning towards the Autobot's other blade to busy it. Meanwhile, his undamaged leg snap-kicked towards Aero's chest.

Landing Bay

Octopunch's shell did go out of the fight, though not due to anything Starlight did. Having gone quite some time without contact from its owner, the shell's base self-defence coding kicked in.

With a crackle, it disappeared into subspace. Starlight went with it.

Octopunch pushed himself to his feet, shaking his head in an attempt to clear out the cobwebs.

Aero Blade
2005-02-10, 06:04 AM
Busy with his swords on the other attacks, Aero wasn't able to dodge the kick, which scored a direct hit to his already damaged area on the front of his chest. He stumbled backwards, putting a hand over the spot while gripping his sword, a renewed series of sparks coming from the offended area. He didn't seem to be reacting to the pain as much as he was the force of the kick knocking him backwards

He was quick to return to his attack stance, but before he made any other manuvers, the smoke vents on his body popped open again, this time expelling a thick smoke not meant for clouding sensors, but specificly for the purpose of burning one's optics, or any open injuries. Aero's optics were safe, his visor still being in place, and he seemed to ignore or not note the protesting sparks on his chest injury, simply moving in to attack Bugly again with both swords this time.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-10, 06:09 AM
Skyfall Omega watched as his own missiles turned and came back at him:

"That's not good....."

With desperation, he fired another 2 missiles at them, detonating all 6. Unfortunatly, they were at point blank range when they detonated. Skyfall Omega managed to block the damage, but was shoved back by the force of the exposion. Normally this wouldn't be a problem on the usually flat surface of the Ark's floor - but at this moment in time, the Ark's floor was neither flat, nor empty.

Skyfall Omega's feet hit a pile of rubble strewn across the floor and sent him flying back. He hit the deck hard and was dazed for a few seconds.....

Starlight felt the energy change a little, but didn't have enough time to react. She felt her connection with the other Mini's fade....

With Starlight gone Ark dropped - there was nothing to focus him. While he had a spark, it was as if his mind was gone and the larger of the three Mini's dropped to the ground and stayed there.

Nemesis on the other hand went berserk. He transformed and landed on the ground. He bent over and growled - the plasma cannon on his back charging to near-overload levels. He aimed the cannon at both Jazz and Octopunch:

"Bring... Me.... Back.... NOW!!!" he said with a ferel growl....

2005-02-10, 06:32 AM
Command Centre

Bugly blocked the attack from the sword in Aero Blade's left hand with his clawsword, and sidestepped to avoid the other slash. He was only partly sucessful, and the sword sheared off several of the spikes that adorned his right arm. More foul black liquid leaked out, coating the upper part of the limb.

Now actually angry at the Autobot, he sent a tendril of dark power out into the linkage between Aero and Stratus, trying to force the two to disengage or at least impair their co-operation.

Landing Bay

Octopunch saw the Micromaster-like Autobot taking aim at him, but had no idea what he was talking about. The Decepticon hadn't yet noticed the extra mass in his subspace pocket.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-02-10, 08:50 AM
"Hey looks like someone forgot to send out our invitation..."

Springer's scanners had picked up on the battle at the site of the Ark.

"Suggest extreme caution...I wouldn't want you both to get hurt..."

Springer chuckled to himself, he knew the two warriors were more than enough to handle whatever was going down.

"Hey Sixswitch, as our newest member, you care to do the honours?"

2005-02-10, 09:46 AM
Skyhammer last of the "Phantoms" prepared to die in a small metal box millions of light years from home .
However he was planning to take as many as he could with him. Roughly targetting a clump of decepticons he fired a burst from the shuttles cannons . Before in one final act of defiance sending a burst from his lightening cannons into the onboard systems.

He turned just as Stranglehold burst through the door storming towards him .

He thought Brawn against brains hes gonna take it to the physical dimension very quickly and in this confined space he would have the advantage .

Saying a few words to Primus he targeted his lightening cannons on the approaching decepticon and fired a burst at him , hoping t would slow the burly decepticon down

lets just hope they have a good medic round here.

He wrenched a jagged spar from one of the seats and picking up
a section of panelling from the instumentation he'd just slagged as a shield he turned to face the specter of death that was rapidly aproaching

Aero Blade
2005-02-10, 01:40 PM
Stratus wasn't taking too much actual participation in the battle, not as much as he'd have done if Aero was using one of the blades as a rotating shield (that was Stratus's job to control), but Aero still needed Stratus to be able to have his swords. The moment they felt the dark power begining to pickup and focus on the linkage, Aero was quick to retaliate by slashing his swords towards Bugly's face, not particularly trying to hit him, but more as issuing a warning or trying to break his concentraition.

2005-02-10, 10:37 PM
Jazz planted his working hand on the floor behind him and handspringed to his feet. He had the advantage for the moment, but he could see things were going poorly. Octopunch was a monster far tougher than Jazz, and despite being hit with almost every move in the slick Autobot's arsenal, he was still little more than dazed. It would take more than he had to stop him. That transformer in the wall across the way might work. Jazz geared back to charge and tackle Octopunch --


-- but he stopped in his tracks, frozen in the frame. His head slowly turned to Nemesis. He made sure not to make any jerky or fast moves in consideration of the glowing cannon. He couldn't even promise himself a M.A.D. scenario with Octopunch's tenacity; diplomacy seemed a better option.

"...'Sis? Y'okay, man?"

Brave Maximus
2005-02-10, 10:59 PM
Sixwing leaned back from Banzi-tron's attacks and let go of the Action Master - taking a few steps back and raising his gun up, aiming it at the Decepticon. He fired a few shots while slowly dissappearing into the darkness...
Main Entrance

Nemesis just Growled for a second at Jazz and Octopunch. When they both finished speaking, his eyes bore into them with intense hatred. He fired his cannon at the two - but he was shaking with so much rage that his aim was horribly off - impacting on the wall behind them, creating a very impressive crater and vaproizing the rubble.

As his cannon charged again (Slowly), he snarled out another response:

"Purple..... thing..... Take ME...... BRING ME BACK NOW!!!"

Random Sweep
2005-02-10, 11:16 PM
Banzai-tron stumbled backwards when released my Sixwing .

Seeing the Autobot raise his weapon. Banzai-tron dove for cover but was hit on the left shoulder as he moved.

Continueing shots kept the actionmaster pinned down as Sixwing departed.

2005-02-11, 12:54 AM
Main Entrance, Ark:

Bludgeon: -shields his face from the debris kicked up by the explosion, strides through the smoke, katana at the ready, sees the dazed Skyfall Omega, stops- "Your odds may improve. You are about to recieve..... backup." -chuckles- "You may well regret it."


Stranglehold: -shudders as the electricity surges through his frame, roars at Skyhammer- "LITTLE BUG, YOU GO SQUISH NOW!!!!!!!!" -charges forward, attempting to slam into Skyhammer and carry them both through the front windscreen of the shuttle-

2005-02-11, 01:12 AM
Skyhammer braces his feet holding the improvised shield in front of him and the jagged spar in one hand like a lance

2005-02-11, 03:14 AM
Stranglehold: -ducking low, lance digging a gouge on the back of his shoulder, slams into Skyhammer with the force of a speeding freight train, still attempting to smash them both through the windscreen of the shuttle-

2005-02-11, 04:56 AM
Command Centre

Bugly ducked under Aero Blade's slashes, losing half of one of his antennae to the Autobot's swords. He leapt backwards, landing just outside the Autobot's sword range. Gesturing vaguely with his left hand, he sent a telekinetic hammer blow out towards Aero's torso.

Landing Bay

Octopunch noted the manner in which Jazz was trying to handle the obviously deranged midget, and the crater that testified to how ineffectual that approach was. His optics flicked from one enemy to the other, trying to accurately judge his foes' distance from him...just in case.


Whirl eyed the devastation with grim amusement.

"Well, at least we won't have to rough up the upstarts ourselves, eh boss?"

Aero Blade
2005-02-11, 05:45 AM
Aero took the telekenitic blow to the torso, stumbling backwards a bit, but recovering. He glared at Bugly, giving a low snarl. He was getting irritated with all of the invisible strikes Blugly was using. Judging from the his expression, if the currently 'mute' autobt could speak, it'd likely be something about cutting it out and fighting honorably. As things currently were, Aero readied his swords, circling Bugly and foregoing attacking to study him for a moment...

2005-02-11, 06:05 AM
Command Centre

Bugly laughed at the absolutely precious expression on Aero Blade's face.

"You really want me to 'fight fair', do you? You have no idea..." He clacked his mandibles together. "I'm trying to keep you from throwing your worthless life away, but if you'd rather-"

He leapt forward in mid-rant, his speed enhanced by dark energy. He slashed his clawsword at the Autobot's left side and tried to grab the Autobot's right arm at the wrist.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-11, 07:21 AM
Skyfall Omega took the few seconds Bludgeon had wasted talking and flipped back up onto his feet and regained a ready position:

"If you haven't noticed, your troops aren't exactly doing that well - more troops would just be the final nail in the coffin. And if they're someone else coming to pick a fight, they can stand in line: I'll get to them after I send your sorry skeletal shell packing."

Compressing his energies again, Sixwing tried to move to the side of Banzi-tron and drew his Tri-barrelled missile launcher along with his Ion Rifle. He aimed a missile at the feet of the Action Master, while the rifle trained on him - waiting for the dodge.

He fired the missile at the floor and waited for Banzi-Tron to avoid it.

(OOC: Warcry - just in case you were wondering - Nemesis is about 12 or 14 meters away from Octo and Jazz. And this time, he probably won't miss ;) )

Random Sweep
2005-02-11, 07:31 AM
Banzai-tron saw Sixwing's missile and did his best to dodge, knowing that he wouldn't escape the blast completely, Banzai-tron used the inertia to move himself in Sixwing's direction.

Even as a large sliver of metal impaled itself through this side, Banzai-tron threw his bayonet at Sixwing

2005-02-11, 07:48 AM
Bludgeon: "It will be hard for you to do that when you're dead." -left arm snaps up- "And I somehow have a feeling, had our positions been reversed jsut then, you would have attacked. Not that I'm surprised." -fires electropulse cannon at Skyfall Omega-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-11, 08:14 AM
Sixwing, taken a little off guard by Banzi-tron's more direct assault, didn't have his rifle in position to fire at the Decepticon. Nor were his hands in any position to block the bayonet strike.

The blade dug deep into the side chest section of Sixwing (OOC: The combiner purple bit, left hand side). The Micro Master combiner grimaced just slightly:

"Ah pain - how I have come to miss your sweet embrace......."

He reached up with his right hand and attempted to grab the Action Master's arm, to drag him face to face.

Main Entrance

Given the opportunity, Skyfall Omega saw the electro blast coming and raised the Planet Crush up to deflect the shot. The Energy traveled down the haft and numbed his hand - even after the energy had depleated some. The giant Micro Master started to walk forward, with heavy determined steps.

"Only a fool gives up an advantage like that. There is a line between honour and foolishness. I don't know what you are fighting for - nor do I really care. You're pissed off because of our name or where we live? I am an Autobot Warrior - who has pledged his life and Spark to defending this planet and it's people from the would-be ravashings and conquorings of the Decepticons. If you think I have traveled through 5 different realities and walked through the Pit just to lay down because you don't like my teams name?!? I am Skyfall Omega and you will fall before I ever let your pettiness loose on the Earth again!"

The very ticked off Micro Master reached out with his arm, attempting to grab the head of Bludgeon in his rather large hand.

2005-02-11, 08:19 AM
"Thank again Astra."Warpath turn his head to the computer"What a mess! what happend here."Then turn to Astra that still reparing Countdown"Does the door is lock?"He run to the radio after get the answer"Great! radio still function Warpath
to Skyfall Warpath to Skyfall computer in Command deck got little blow up and there only me Astra and Countdown."

(OCC:If some thing wrong tell me.)

2005-02-11, 08:37 AM

"Yes, the door is locked, considering I've got injured in here" Astra replied, glancing at Warpath as she repaired Countdown "Why, you want to get out?"

2005-02-11, 11:56 AM
Skyhammer decided to go with the flow as he went over backwards as Stranglehold cannoned inton him

wincing as his shoulder took the brunt of the force as it crashed through the shuttles windscreen.

Deciding to give the decepticon some help he activated his suit thrusters.

He caroomed out back into the entry bay the force of Strangleholds charge and the thrusters left him out in the entry bay about 30 feet in the air with a decepticon hanging off him a bit unsure what to do next

Aero Blade
2005-02-11, 03:50 PM
Not prepred for the sudden assault, and already begining to show signs of fatigue, Aero was barely able to block and deflect the claw sword, but he wasn't able to evade his wrist being grabbed. He growled, pulling back from Bugly, lashing out a kick at the con's midsection to try to get him to release his grip.

2005-02-11, 05:44 PM
Jazz ducked low to avoid the blast, deciding that Nemesis was simply playing psychotic to buy him some time. He knew how to spend it. An instant after the fire had passed Jazz charged Octopunch and dove at him, hoping to hit the Decepticon with enough force to drive him through the wall and electrocute him on the transformer hidden behind.

2005-02-11, 05:58 PM
Main Entry, Ark:

Bludgeon: -steps to the side, katana poised- "And only a fool lets his emotions fuel his fire." -turns blade so it's coming down flat side on, hits Skyfall Omega's arm in a series of(hopefully) joint and relay shattering Crystalocution strikes-


Stranglehold: -holding on to Skyhammer, cranks metal arm on pretender shell back, attempting to smash the flying Pretender down-


Roadbuster: -optic band flickers, revealing the spider's web of cracks in the right side, energon running down the side of his face-

2005-02-11, 06:23 PM
Skyhammer winced as the hammering battered his shell the weight hanging from him making him lurch across the sky
Hampered by the odd angle he jabbed downwards with the jagged spar trying desperately to find an opening . His cannons would do as much damage to himself as to Stranglehold
at this close range.
A particularly heavy blow cracked 1 of the fuel lines to his thrusters and his movements became even more erratic as the power flow fluctuated to his port thruster he hung at an angle in the sky, another blow caught the edge of the panelling he had planned to use as a shield and he dropped it

2005-02-11, 08:21 PM
Command Centre

Bugly fell back on his reciprocal combat skills as Aero Blade's kick landed. He made no attempt to avoid the strike. The Autobot's foot shattered a section of his shell's exoskeletal armour, exposing the soft flesh beneath. The Decepticon let the kinetic energy of the attack push him into a spin, tightening his grip on Aero's wrist as he did so. He hoped to spin the Autobot around with him, then release his wrist and send him flying into a wall.

Landing Bay

Octopunch brought his shell from subspace as Jazz charged, sealing the protective suit around himself. As Jazz hit him, Octo's three functional tentacles grabbed at the Autobot, their suction cups trying to find purchase and pin him in a crushing grip.

The Pretender hit the wall head-first, crashing though it. Electricity arced through the shell's organic covering and the smell of burning flesh filled the room.

(OOC: If Jazz is still touching Octo, he'd of course get fried too. Starlight as well, assuming she came out of subspace in contact with the shell)

Random Sweep
2005-02-11, 09:07 PM
Unable to dodge quickly enough, due to the large peice if metal sticking from his side, Banzai-tron, was caught by Sixwing .

Grabbing the bayonet handle Banzai-Tron twisted the blade hoping to hit something vital

Aero Blade
2005-02-12, 05:04 AM
Bugly's manuver worked, and Aero was sent into the wall, slumping to the ground as he went offline again. It looked as though he might stay off for awhile this time, the minicon Stratus having delinked from Aero and was almost franticly checking his partner to be sure he was alright.

2005-02-12, 05:20 AM
Bugly watched as Aero Blade sunk to the ground. When it became evident that the Autobot wouldn't be getting up for a while, the Pretender's shell spilt open. Bugly's robot form emerged, eyeing his mangled organic covering.

One optic half-crushed, one antenna missing, torso armour compromised, bleeding from the left leg and arm...

With a look of disgust, he shunted the shell into subspace where it could concentrate all of its internal power on self-repair.

As he headed for the doorway he called over his shoulder to Stratus, "When your friend wakes up, tell him he fought well."

Brave Maximus
2005-02-12, 08:16 AM
Sixwing just smiled against the pain and growled at the Action Master. He reached up with his hand and attempted to thrust his hand into Banzi-tron's gutt.

OOC: Much more realistic Random - thanks :D

Main Entrance

Two of Bludgeon's stikes impacted on Skyfall Omega's left forearm - cracking some of the internal circutry. The giant Autobot's hand started to tingle and he lost some feeling in his hand. He managed to keep a hold of the Axe, but just barely.

He struck out with his hand and attempted to back hand Bludgeon away from him.

Starlight dropped away from Octopunch the second the shell returned to our universe. She fell to the floor unconcious, just back from the fighting pretender.

Nemesis screamed as she hit the floor and fired off his fully charged Plasma shot at the infringing Octopunch. He then rushed over and started to drag Starlight over to where Ark had fallen.

2005-02-12, 02:39 PM
Jazz had time only to clench his vocodor-shields between his impact on Octopunch's heavy form (which, he'd noticed, seemed to be in contact at back and front) and the impact with the transformer. He'd thought well enough to shut down as many of his pain receptors as he could before taking his suicidal endeavor, but his heat sensors still registered the intense burning the electricity delivered his hide. The current shook his body vehemently until it ejected itself from the circuit. Sizzling and twitching on the Ark floor as the battle continued to rage around him, Jazz gave a weak smirk.


2005-02-12, 04:30 PM
Bludgeon: -ducks under the backhanded swing, feeling the underside of Skyfall Omega's arm scraping across his back, pops back up, fireball forming in his hand, flings it at the shoulder of the arm he'd just damaged-


Stranglehold: -still pounding away on Skyhammer's chest-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-12, 06:07 PM
Skyfall Omega watched as his arm missed it's target, lowered his arm and brought it back in against his body, hoping to trap the pretender inside of his arm - in a one arm Bear hug. At the same time, he could see the outer layer of his shoulder armour sizziling and popping.

2005-02-12, 06:43 PM
Skyhammer realised they had reached a bit of an impasse the Spar seemed to have little effect onStranglehold and the beating while of his fists while denting the body work was having no major effect since the fuel line had been fractured, however the longer he was up here the more fuel he was losing
and although his endurance was substantial he would eventually have to land and face Stranglehold in his own element .

Skyhammer mentally kicked himself and transformed his inner shell into Hover jet mode

this put Stranglehold in the position of hanging down below his nose in this mode .

Skyhammer was flying left wing noticeably lower due to the damage hed substained , revvving his engines aims himself at the Form of Bludgeon he can see over by Skyfall Omega and prepared to give his life and take 2 decepticons with him

2005-02-12, 06:53 PM
Main Entrance, Ark:

Bludgeon: -seeing the approaching Skyhammer, lets go of his katana, flinging it with a mental command at the approaching Pretender's cockpit, opens both hands, delivers a series of Crystalocution blows to Skyfall Omega's chest, blows that will(hopefully) do all kinds of crippling internal damage-

Stranglehold: -hanging on underneath Skyhammer, still pounding away on the underside of the Pretender-

2005-02-12, 07:55 PM
Skyhammer dodged but the Katana struck and lodged firmly finally cutting out the left thruster all together

dropping lower remaining engine struggling to compensate he sank lower to compensate now Stranglehold was inches from the floor Skyhammer strugglred desperately to gain altitude . He was heading for Bludgeon still as he threw overide switches putting on a burst of emergency power he should clear him by about 5 feet , but he was not sure about Stranglehold boosting the inertial dampers anticipating the possible impact

2005-02-12, 08:54 PM
Landing Bay

Octopunch lay on the floor for a few seconds, smoke rising from the flesh of his shell; the Minicon's plasma shot combined with the electric charge hadn't been very well recieved.

His right arm twitched, then rose up, then jammed the prongs of his trident into the floor. Octo used the trident to lever himself up. The pretender stood in place, swaying slightly from side to side as his balance centres tried to adjust.

The shell's flesh was blackened, a melted smoking mass that had peeled away from the shell's superstructure entirely in places, revealing sparking and charred circuits underneath. The tentacles hung limply, occasionally twitching of their own volition as left-over electric charge surged through them. The stench of burnt seafood hung in the air.

The shell looked down at Jazz, then opened its mouth and roared in triumph. The roar was cut short, however, as the shell's vocal processor sparked and died. Shortly thereafter, its knee servos grew weak, and Octopunch fell back to the ground. The rest of the shell's primary systems followed suit shortly.

Within the shell, Octopunch's robot form sighed in disgust and fatigue. He started twisting the shell's manual release levers, hoping to escape the deactivated suit before some huge Autobot came over and stepped on him.

Bugly casually walked past the dueling Sixwing and Banzai-Tron, not even acknowledging the presence of the fighting Transformers.

Random Sweep
2005-02-13, 02:14 AM
Sixwings punch caught Banzai-tron in the midsection, Crumpleing armour plates.

Still holding the bayonet, Banzai-tron withdrew it and attempted to use it to cut open the hand holding him

Brave Maximus
2005-02-13, 03:04 AM
Skyfall Omega blocked the series of blows to his chest, blocking them with the Planet Crush. A few of the strikes did impact on his armour, as demonstrated by a spiderweb of cracks along the chest plating.

He pushed back the Decepticon Martial Arts Master away from him and yelled at Skyhammer:

"Stay back! That's an order! Go help Jazz."

He turned back and readied against Bludgeon:

"It is just you and me, isn't it?"

Sixwing disconnected his right fist and pulled his arm back, letting the Bayonett slice through thin air.

As Banzi-tron was focused on one hand, his left fist came around in a hook shot to Banzi-tron's head.

2005-02-13, 03:28 AM
Main Entrance, Ark:

Bludgeon's katana: -rips it's way free of Skyhammer's body-

Bludgeon: -holds hand out, hilt of katana lands in his palm, closes hand around the grip, brings left arm up- "It is." -fires electropulse cannon at Skyfall Omega-

Stranglehold: -keeps smashing away at the underside of Skyhammer-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-13, 03:40 AM
Skyfall Omega saw the attack coming and blocked with his Axe, but this time the electricity interfered with his already damaged relays on his left hand. The hand seized up and locked onto the haft of the Axe.

By the Pit. I don't need this....... Focus internal repairs on left forearm relays.

He launched forward, using his thrusters to cover the distance quickly. He planted his left foot, using the momentum to swing his right foot around and aim a roundhouse kick at Bludgeon's head. He gripped the Axe waiting for a secondary blow. Just in case though, he fired the thrusters on his foot, mildly, to singe the dodging bludgeon.

2005-02-13, 03:49 AM
Bludgeon: -steps into the kick arc, tosses the katana into the air the instant before impact, blocks the shin hit with his shield, at the same moment, hitting Skyfall Omega's knee with a Crystalocution-style hit, hoping to disable the joint, then flying through the air, rolls once, lands on his feet, katana landing neatly in the palm of his right hand, brings katana up as he drops into a stance, seemingly not noticing the dent in the shield-

2005-02-13, 05:22 AM
Taking note of Banzai-Tron's predicament, Bugly turned back towards the fight, sent a wave of dark power into his right arm servos, and swung a Blurr-fast punch at the back of Sixwing's skull.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-13, 06:19 AM
Skyfall Omega's leg carried past the blow, which only grazed the outerhousing, thanks to his foot boosters being on. He rolled through the kick to come back to his feet.

He throws his right hand forward, trying to clip Bludgeon's face with the haft of the Axe. While preparing it for another blow or block. He kept his legs in the defensive position, not letting any joints have obvious easy spots.

Outside of Command

After the left hook was thrown, Sixwing took a hit from behind. One of the good things about being a combiner is that your head moves a little bit more from the transformation scheme.

Sixwing's head rotated 180 degrees, looking back at Bugly with violent eyes. He just laughed and then the head went silent.

Sixwing split into his seperate pieces and the parts formed their jet (The right hand dissappearing and reappearing there). Missile run flew up and around, targeting Bugly with his blasters followed by Raker and Supersonic following his attack pattern.

Chaingun hovered close to the ceiling and fired a continous stream of blaster rounds at Banzi-tron while Falcon and Flanker swung around peppered the Action Master from behind

2005-02-13, 06:38 AM
Outside Command Centre

Bugly dove to the side as soon as he saw Sixwing disengage. Blaster rounds peppered the ground where he had stood, several of them creasing the armour on his legs.

The unshelled Pretender raised his right arm, tracked Missile Run, and opened fire with his photon cannon. Meanwhile, lightning leapt from his left hand, arcing towards Raker and Supersonic.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-13, 06:48 AM
Missile Run deftly dodged the photon shots, and Supersonic only singed his left wing. Raker, on the other hand was caught full on by the lightning and hung in the air while the lightning coursed through him.

Missile Run and Supersonic turned and aimed at Buglies hand, hopeing to disrupt the lightning bolts.

2005-02-13, 06:52 AM
Bludgeon: -blocks axe haft with katana, fireball forming in his left hand, flings it at Skyfall Omega's head-

Random Sweep
2005-02-13, 06:55 AM
Banzai-tron ripped the shard of Metal from his side and flung it at Chaingun as he was hit by the micromasters fire, damaging his already damaged mid section, then rolled backwards to dodge the fire from behind

2005-02-13, 07:03 AM
Outside Command Centre

Bugly gestured with his right hand, weaving a telekinetic wall between himself, Missile Run and Supersonic. The wall deflected the oncoming fire, but almost immediately began to shrink in radius as more and more blasts impacted.

He clenched his left hand, cutting off the streams of lightning frying Raker and attempting to crush the Micromaster in a telekinetic grip.

2005-02-13, 08:58 AM
Skyhammer weaved away obeyin Skyfall Omegas instruction the repeated pounding from Sranglehold was not only annoying but he was afraid it would do some serious damage soon .
Sending a command to his outer Shell , which had had the opportunity to repair most of the damage inflicted on it through its internal systems . He targeted Stranglehold with the sonic over loader and the sleep gas , manoeuvring until he was in range and fired

2005-02-14, 05:55 PM
Sixswitch was flying in a tight circle, looping around and around the two helicopter forms of Springer and Whirl. Like Whirl, his sensors had picked up the fighting going on in the Ark.

He opened a channel to both of the Wreckers with him.
"Should we get involved, guys?" he asked, his eagerness to do something obvious in his voice.

2005-02-14, 09:48 PM
Stranglehold: -audio receptors ringing as the sonic overloader hits him, roars, jams his brawn blaster into Skyhammer's undercarriage and opens fire-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-14, 10:20 PM
Skyfall Omega ducks under Bludgeon's fireball attack, instead, sending extra power to his legs as well as pivoting with his hips. Putting all his force into his left side, he drives the Planet Crush Axe up and (hopefully) into the midsection of the Pretender shell. Before he can activate his thrusters to finish the job though, Warpath's message comes over the Comm:

"No Warpath, Stick with Astra and guard the wounded."

The momentary distraction cost him, and he knew it - he looked up at Bludgeon:

"Uh oh........"

As Starlight began to regain conciousness, Nemesis began to settle down a little (as evident by the powering down of his Plasma Cannon) and Ark began to hover into the air again.

Outside Command and Control

Chaingun, Falcon and Flanker broke off their attacks on Banzi-tron when he rolled out of their perception. Instead, they focused their attacks on Bugly - as the crunching sounds could be heard in Raker's superstructure.

Missile Run, having been shoved back a good distance - smiled a wicked smile:

"If this is what you wish........"

With a mental command he raised up the Combiner jet and had it aim at Bugly's Right side (opposite Raker). He opened up with the Ion Cannon, Laser and particle shots as well as the Tri-barrelled Missile launcher strapped to the bottom of the Jet.