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2005-01-31, 05:56 AM
Aboard Metrotitan, repair efforts are still underway after Soundwave's destructive betrayal. Ratbat oversees the remaining crew.

Aboard Trypticon, the Breastforce is beginning refits on the citycon.

Aboard Scorponok, Shockwave and Hatemonger prepare to lead a vicious assault on Autobase. Lord Gigatron and Cryotek (with Spinister secretly following) have already gone ahead to prepare a special portion of the attack.

Aboard the Autobot shuttle Arc Royale (unknown to the Decepticons), Optimus Prime, Hot Rod, Blaster and Scoop are heading for a Carbombyan prison to spring thier friend Marissa Fairborne.

2005-01-31, 07:50 AM
Scoop : watched Blasters efforts and below the top of the communications console crossed two digits

2005-01-31, 12:18 PM
Windrazor paced back and forth as the aerial assault assembled. He quickly took stock of the new arrivals.

Ramjet and Triggerhappy. You will join Wave 2. Now that Cryotek has been reassigned, and Overlord is otherwise occupied, we're two down. Sunstorm will lead this wave. Echoshift, you shall join me in Wave 1.

I have decided on a change of plan. Wave 2 will attack immediately after Wave 1 makes its first attack run. Hopefully this will result in more damage to Fortress Maximus quickly. Remember, aim for gun emplacements, and more specifically, Anti Aircraft defence."

"StarBlade. You have free reign to act as you please after the initial attack run. You may either stay in the air, or go to ground in search of Autobot targets."

He stopped his pacing and turned to look at his troops, fixing each in turn with a steely gaze, looking for weakness and finding none.

"This is our first major offensive against the Autobots. The aim is to cripple Metroplex, and cause severe damage to the defences of Fortress Maximus. Our target is to distract the city from the infiltrators at Metroplex."

"Windrazor to Hatemonger. I am prepared. The Aerial strike team is about to depart for Fortress Maximus."

The acting Air Commander then transformed into his jet mode, the engines rising in pitch to a whine as he powered up. He quickly switched radio channels, picking a pre-planned one that allowed simultaneous communication with all the jets in his teams.

"Decepticons, scramble."

2005-01-31, 08:32 PM

Ramjet transformed and followed Windrazor into the sky.

Random Sweep
2005-02-01, 01:19 AM
Giving one final shrug, Triggerhappy transformed and followed Windrazor

2005-02-01, 01:28 AM
Hatemonger smiled and nodded to the rather large group of assembled Decepticons in Scorpnok.

"Scropnok, lift off, we will drop a few clicks outside of the Autobot bases during the air-strike so as to not be sitting ducks when we exit." Hatemonger looked and the other Decepticons and decided to attempt to raise the troops morale.

"Now on to battle for the glory of the Decepticons!" He yelled as he waited for Scorpnok to lift off.


Quake rolled into Scorpnok and waited.

"Looks like we made it just in time." He said as his Tiptop and Heater sat on the sides of his tank form.

2005-02-01, 05:10 AM
Hatemonger's Office, Scorponok

The Citycon's voice boomed. "I have been preparing to do exactly that, General."

Scorponok activated his city-wide intercom. "All hands, prepare for transformation and liftoff."

The city's parts immediately began to shift, reconfiguring itself into scorpion mode. Scorponok planted his legs in the sand and lifted himself to his full height. Huge thruster ports in his belly ignited, pushing him off the ground and into the sky. His legs folded underneath him and his claws tucked in close to his head to reduce drag. Finally his main engines fired up, and he began to move towards Autobase.

(OOC: Any and all members of the ground force are assumed to be onboard Scorpy.)

Arc Royale

Hot Rod frowned, then decided that Blaster would know better than he what works in the communications field.

2005-02-01, 06:24 AM
Hatemonger looked at everyone on board.

"Get close to the airlocks when we get a chance to exit. We do so. Combiner teams merge as soon as you can, if you think you can do it in mid-air even better. Everyone else open fire on anything thats Autobot. Hopefully our aerial brothern will have taking out a vast majority of the Autobot air defenses. Hit them hard and fast. In fact Blitzkreig them." Hatemonger said walking down into the group of Decpeticons.

A few of the cons in the group had a surprised look on their face. This didn't bug Hatemonger at all. This was war and he would fight right along side his comrades and fall beside them if need be.

He waited, listening on his com-link to the air group flying in.

2005-02-01, 10:16 AM
Weirdwolf strapped Himself down anticipating the battle to come sharpening his sword over and over again

2005-02-01, 01:52 PM
Razorclaw felt Scoponok rise into the air, yet he stood perfectly still. He looked at Hun-Grr and smiled and nodded.

"It doesn't matter what counts on the outside, it what counts on the inside. If you can not win a battle with out armour then you shouldn't be in the battle. But we wear it as a precation. My breathren train and work to together, we fight together, we'd die together. Predacons for life (OOC: Couldn't resist, watched Bad Bays II not long ago)."

Razorclaw looked over his shoulder and saw Hun-Grr's troops practicing their techniques. He saw them all using their skills wisely.

"Not a bad outfit you got their, just make sure their ready and not 'Over ready'."

2005-02-02, 02:55 AM
Hun-Grrr listened to the Predacon commander as he cooly smiled, rubbing his chin. He did not know how exactly to approach razorclaw with the friendly challenge and time was indeed running short, so he decided to blurt it out.

HUN-GRRR: "100 energon cubes that my Terrorcons rack up more confirmed kills then your Predacons! A friendly wager between comrades!" Hun-Grrr evily grins as once again he extends his arms to the Predacon lion.

Just then, Cutthroat runs up to Hun-Grrr as if he seen a ghost, followed by Ripper snapper and Sinnertwin.

CUTTHROAT: "Raaaargggh!!! Me don't want to form Abominus! Want to have fun first!!!!"

SINNERTWIN: "Me no want to form Abominus with Blot!!! Him too filthy, blaaaaaah!!!!"

BLOT: Over hearing his Terrorcon bretheren, "Blot maaaaaaaad!!!!!!"

But just before the Terrorcons began to pounce on one another, Hun-Grrr litterally stomps his foot as during the ground rumbling echo, the Terrorcons all freeze in their tracks.

HUN-GRRR: "We will do what we must do to kill Autobots and to win battle!!!!!!" Hun-Grrrr roars as the Terrorcons become silent before Hun-Grrr. Hun-Grrr then turns his attention to Razorclaw as he cooly returns to his previous, relaxed tone.

Hun-Grrr: "Heh, heh, we Terrorcons sometimes lack the discipline common to our fellow Decepticons due to our crude, animalistic and savage programming, but what we lack in self control, we make up in Autobot casualties.

Great Galvatron, that reminds me!!! I have to see Hatemonger before the onslaught begins so he can deactivate our automatic timer! We don't want Abominus to seperate in the middle of battle! Every since we got bored one day and formed Abominus in the hanger bay, Galvatron put us on automatic timer! Only a Decepticon commander has the authorization to deactivate it! But before I see Hatemonger do we have a deal?"

2005-02-02, 04:28 AM
Hatemonger could hear the racket that Hun-Grr and the Terrorcons were making. He walked into the waiting area and smiled.

"Yes, I know of your automatic timer." Hatemonger scanned his databanks and saw the incident that Hun-Grr spoke of.

"Well that is a problem isn't it." He said looking at the five Terrorcons. He then took out a remote and placed it near the Hun-Grr's chest. The device glowed for a moment then beeped.

"There, that should fix that problem." For now I can disengage you rather than that unit in your chest. He then held up another unit and it did the same thing.

"Just in case, I want another commander to have a remote as well." Turning to quickly go speak with Shockwave.

He ran to Scorpnok's command deck and saw as Shockwave stood waiting for the battle to begin.

"Shockwave, the Terrorcons had a point about their automatic timer. It could be a major disadvantage in the heat of the battle to have them disengaging in the middle of the battlefield." He paused and opened up a holder in his for arm where he place his remote.

"This is a simple device, it emits the same signal that causes them to disenage. I made two devices one I will carry on the battlefield, the other I would perfer you have." He said handing out the device. He awaited Shockwave's reply.

2005-02-02, 11:53 AM
Scoop looks like the decepti creeps are gonna be pretty thin on the ground we could do some major sabotage and rescue Melissa . A few modifications to their energon producing facilities nothing too obvious let them all recharge first bit like sugar in a gas tank

Tracer looks up from one of the intelligence files hed been scanning, the Creep stole my name , we gotta do something about that

2005-02-03, 01:00 AM
Shockwave: -takes the spare remote-

Engineering, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -looking at the completed reactor-

Jalgar: "Wow. It's really quiet."

Drillhorn: -sighs- "I haven't turned it on yet."

Jalgar: "Oh."

2005-02-03, 02:46 PM
Echoshift followed Triggerhappy and Ramjet's examples and transformed, tailing Windrazor as the group took to the skies.

God Jinrai
2005-02-03, 03:36 PM
after several long moments of silence, prime spoke up again...

"It's time. Blaster, once we're in, you know what to do. Hotrod, Scoop... get ready to move."

Prime brought the shuttle down, just 5 miles outside of the prison... having stayed low and fast, the ship was able to slip under the citycons' detection systems... the landing ramp lowered, and prime simply nodded to the others...

"Let's roll." Prime was at the bottom of the ramp before a moment passed, and in semi-rig mode, engine revving.

2005-02-03, 07:10 PM
Scoop smoothly transformed Tracer and Holepunch assuming there attack positions rolling out close behind Optimus

2005-02-04, 06:04 AM
Arc Royale

Hot Rod tranformed and gunned his engine, roaring down the ramp and effortlessly passing Optimus and Scoop.

2005-02-04, 09:04 AM
Windrazor could feel the rush of the wind sweep past his hull as he streaked through the sky. He had studied each Decepticon under his command, and was travelling now at the speed of the slowest. Despite this, sonic booms were left echoing in their wakes.

He felt a thrill of excitement at what they were about to do. It had been a while since he'd engaged in open combat, and the former Skyscorcher leader and mercenary looked forwards to it.

"Stay alert," he ordered the other jets in the team. Although I don't think we'll be intercepted, you can't be too careful."

He activated his powerful sensors, and scanned ahead. Sure enough, he detected the forms of Metroplex and Fortress Maximus right on the extreme edge of his sensor range. He knew that it was unlikely that any of the Autobots would detect them yet.

"From now on, we maintain sensor silence," he ordered.
"No one performs any long ranged scans until we're in strike range."

God Jinrai
2005-02-04, 05:03 PM
Prime's wheels spun, and dirt and sand kicked up as his vehicle mode lurched forward, rocketing after Hotrod.

Prime opened his comm to all that were involved in the op..

"Hotrod, I'll take point and hit the gate... once it's down, you and scoop are to find marissa and give support to the EDC troops as they enter the building. Avoid engaging with the carbomiyans if possible, but most of all, if it's possible we want NO casualties. Got it? Scoop, you heard that correct? EDC commander, you do what you have to do.. but I'd like to do this as cleanly as possible. Prime out."

The gates were comming up fast, and prime's engine roared as his cab section crashed through the barricades

2005-02-04, 06:02 PM
Scoop snapped out : Acknowledged Prime Sah
Hotrod let me go first i can use my Shovel as a shield till we know what lurking out there lifting his shovel into position he crunched through the remains of the gate .

Opening a com link to the EDC commander

Were going in if you wish to shield your troops behind me feel free , youll be fairly safe from most things all you need to watch out for is ricochets my armour can stand most things up to a nuclear explosion , once we locate Marissa feel free to call on me and the lads for any support you want ,

an improvised egress point or some fire support just get on the com link ok lets roll !! up and at em

Scoop rolled forward into main street

Hotrod me lad lead us to her

Hole Punch , Tracer keep your sensors peeled but don't fire till you'e got positive identification , you heard Prime lets keep the casualties down .

and dont forget the EDC troops , a threat that ll barely scratch us is gonna effect them

2005-02-04, 08:09 PM
Carbombyan Prison

Hot Rod wanted nothing more than to rev up his engine and tear through the gates ahead of Prime, but remembering the conversation they had just finished the young Autobot reluctantly throttled down and fell behind Prime and Scoop.

The EDC shuttle set down and Captain Brooke lead a platoon of heavily-armed troops out. "Roger that, Scoop." The soldiers trotted off behind the robotic steamshovel.

Hot Rod brought his sensors up to maximum, scanning for Marissa's DNA as well as his limited systems could. "I've got a reading, Scoop. On the other side of the compound, about three miles north-west of here."

The cavalier's engine revved, but he resisted the urge to floor his accellerator and rush to the rescue.

Behind Windrazor

"Whatever ya say, chief." Ramjet flicked off his long-range sensors, then checked that his lasers were fully charged and his cluster bomb launchers were loaded.

2005-02-04, 10:27 PM
StarBlade grinned. This would be fun. Upon hearing her orders after the initial attack, she nodded.

"Right-o, boss." She transformed to jet mode, and followed right behind the group. It had been a time since she was given free reign over who she took out. This would be a good fight....

2005-02-04, 11:26 PM
(ooc what happened to Blurr)

Scoop followed the young Autobots lead leading the column towards the north west constantly scanning the buildings to either side rumbling along at 70mph sensing his young comrades anxiety and desire to rescue Marissa as quickly a spossible he pushed up to 79mph almost at maximum speed

God Jinrai
2005-02-05, 01:25 AM
Prime manage to pull almost even with Hotrod as they rocketed across the installation... so far, so good... but it wouldn't last.

"Hotrod... I'm not going to be able to keep up... It's all you now. I'll break off and try to draw any fire that comes our way... Good luck. and Godspeed." At that instant, prime's vehicle mode screeched to a halt, the trailer shifting into subspace. Transforming into robot mode, the leg compartment slid open, and the silver weapon Prime had brought with him ejected upward into his hand. giving the area a quick once-over, prime made a dash for the nearest building, taking cover behind it...

2005-02-06, 12:22 AM
Scoop headed along the main road , casting his optic sensor rearwards at the procession forming up behind him ,, a phrase that Landfill had quoted entered his processors

Looks like we got ourself a Convoy

as Optimus peeled off taking cover behind a structure Scoop pushed it up to 81mph

2005-02-06, 03:08 AM
Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -finishes setting up the last of the connections to the inside the fission reactor, shuts access panel- "All right, Gaihawk. Hit it."

Gaihawk: -over at the main console in engineering, keys in a sequence-

Drillhorn: -smiles as the reactor powers up, activates commlink- "Leozak, it works. In about half an hour, we should be able to switch over to the reactor."

Leozak: -over commlink- "Any sign of stress?"

Drillhorn: -taps a sequence on the wall near the reactor, watches as the reactor retracts into it's protective housing- "Not so far. We'll know as soon as we switch over."

Leozak: -chuckles- "And yet another step in the restoration of the Destron Empire is taken."

Drillhorn: "You realize the Decepticons might not appreciate that."

Leozak: "This is why we must be patient. Good things come to those who wait."

Drillhorn: "What is this, a new outlook?"

Leozak: "There's more paranoia here. So the key is patience, not full aggression."

2005-02-06, 05:53 AM
Carbombyan Prison

Hot Rod was about to acknowledge Prime when a column of tanks rolled around the next corner. The EDC troops opened fire as they fell back towards cover, their sidearms and machine guns not denting the heavy armour.

"OK, Op. If you think you can handle these jokers on your own. I'll see you in a few!"

Flooring his accellerator, the young Autobot streaked past the tanks and deep into the enemy compound.

Command Deck, Scorponok

A black and grey figure strutted onto the bridge, head held high. His arms swung casually, allowing his left hand to brush the particle blaster reverse-holstered to his hip. The Decepticon's face was bulbous and unexpressive, but the glow in his optic band would give an observer the impression that he would be wearing a self-satisfied smirk if he could.

Treadshot sketched a casual salute as he approached the command chair.

"Do you have room for a first-class gunslinger in your plans, General Hatemonger?"

2005-02-06, 06:17 AM
Hatemonger nodded to Treadshot.

"A mission like this the more the better." He said looking at the Decepticon.

"We are leading a massive ground strike with out combiner forces. The point will be to destroy as many targets as possible. Well and of course not get shot yourself." He smiled.

2005-02-06, 06:55 AM
Widrider grinned like a maniac, excited that soon he would be blowing something up (hopely Autobots and their little pets.)

Breakdown was trying to pretend that he didn't know Wildrider, and hoping that Wildrider wouldn't do or say anything in his excitement to draw optics in their direction.

At least he's not dancing, Deadend thought while fighting the erge to turn to Breakdown and say we're doomed.

Nightracer and Carnivac waited patiently for Scorponok to arrive at the Autobot base.

Random Sweep
2005-02-06, 07:17 AM
The Pretender monsters assembled next the the bay doors, eager to be the first into combat

2005-02-06, 07:30 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

Treadshot nodded. "Shoot everything with blue eyes, and don't die. Yeah, I think I can handle that one."

2005-02-06, 10:05 AM
Scoop had to make a decision to follow the Young Cavalier , or to stay and help , there was no way he could catch the speedy young autobot , so he decided to tackle the immediate problem first.

Prime said no casualties

so Scoop targeted drive wheels and gun barrels with Hole Punch

disabling the Armour

God Jinrai
2005-02-06, 03:58 PM
from his place behind the building, prime shifted his optics viewing mode to maximum magnification... raising up the silver form of a transformer-sized Walther P-38 Uncle pistol, he squeezed the trigger five times... each time, a bolt of anti-matter vaporized the right tread of one of the tanks in the column.

"hmh. still got it." he muttered, as if he'd been out of practice in regard to sharpshooting

2005-02-07, 01:26 PM
Seeing Prime had it under control Scoop trundled after Hotrod's dust trail signallin gthe EDF troops to follow him when they could break off contact

2005-02-08, 11:45 PM
A message came over Hatemonger's comm line.

"Windrazor to Hatemonger. I have begun my assault."

The Acting Air Commander's voice was full of relish. Clearly he was enjoying the assault.

2005-02-09, 06:57 AM
Carbombyan Prison

Hot Rod transformed to robot mode as he drew nearer to Marissa's location.

Command Deck, Scorponok

Treadshot adopted a slightly more arrogant pose as he heard Windrazor's report.

Scorponok's voice boomed throughout the city. "Five minutes to landing."

2005-02-09, 02:48 PM
Hatemonger overheard Windrazor and got back onto his com-link.

"Good hunting and good luck." With that he turned to all the Decepticons.

"Ok this is it, lock and load and get ready. Gestalts merge as soon as we land. Hit the Autobots like it's our last battle. For the Decepticons!" He screamed and then walked to the door he would be the first one on the battlefield and the last one off before he would risk any of his men.

"Any other questions speak now." He said as he waited knowing he would need to be wary of any Autobot sharpshooters the moment the door opened.


Quake smiled and tranformed into his tank mode.

"Ok you two let's do this!" He yelled to Tiptop and Heater.

"Yeah let's go!" Tiptop agreed and transformered and connected to one side.

"Sure, sure." Heater said merging on top of Tiptop.

"Ok open the door and let me blow stuff up!" Quake chirped.

Random Sweep
2005-02-09, 03:08 PM
Turning to his team Icepick ordered " Everyone subspace your shells and ready for merger ."

2005-02-09, 03:19 PM
Hatemonger wondered about the Pretenders.

"Can your shells fight independent of your men?" He asked Icepick quickly.

Random Sweep
2005-02-09, 03:39 PM
Icepick caught on to what Hatemonger was asking.
" Yes they can, What did you have in mind for them "

2005-02-09, 04:09 PM
Hun-grrr awaits patiently for RAZORCLAW'S response, folding his arms. The rest of the Terrorcons talk amongst themselves speaking of maiming and destroying.....

2005-02-09, 06:11 PM
Hatemonger smiled.

"The more destruction the better Icepick. If they can attack along with Monstructor we should be able to create one large swath of destruction." He replied checking his power levels to his fusion cannons and Violator cannon he then made sure his forearm cannon was loaded fully and brought an extra liquid energon cannister.

Just in case he brought the extra energon so he could use it for a one time blast with his fusion cannons to really even the odds or allow his men time to escape. As he learned in battle his best bet was to use one cannon with extra energon and level the other one alone so he could continue to have one of his major ranged weapons along with his forearm cannon and energon sword.

His mind quickly rushed over scenes from battles lost and won, friends lost and allies gained. He smiled and was ready for battle.

"Touch down in about three minutes everyone be ready." He said.


Quake was twitching with excitement ready to blast Autobots to the Inferno, or at least something to the Inferno.

God Jinrai
2005-02-10, 01:15 AM
Prime's comlink buzzed, and so he flipped open his forearm communicator... a quick glance at the panel, and Prime's expression grew grim.

opening a frequency, he radioed hotrod..

"Hotrod, we have to move faster! I just recieved a message from prowl.. The Maximus and Metroplex are under attack, and they need all the backup they can get!"

2005-02-10, 04:44 AM
(OOC: Sorry y'all)

Razorclaw looked away from the Terrorcon then faced him again and smilied. And raised a hand for [b]Hun-Grr[/b[ to accept.

Razorclaw: Just remember, they are warriors too, do not over estimate them, face them as equals not underlings.

Razorclaw turned around and marched his Predacons to his launching point, they would start the battle in seprate forms.

2005-02-10, 04:55 AM
(OOC: Decepticons aboard Scorponok - if you missed it, the city has landed near Fortress Maximus. Please transfer to the Autobase thread.)

2005-02-10, 10:36 PM
Scoop transformed into robot mode in order to move faster and evantually caught up spotting Hotrod on the horizon, he pounded towards him

2005-02-11, 05:47 AM
Hot Rod fired his wrist blasters into the lower sections of several human tanks that had moved to cut off his approach, disabling them and hopefully not killing the human drivers.

"Prime, I'm gonna be a while yet. If it's that bad, maybe you should take the shuttle back without me. I can catch a ride to Autobase with Brooke after we have Marissa."

Speak of the devil...

At that point, a trio of jeeps filled with EDC troops (and decorated prominantly with Carbombyan Royal Guard insignia) roared up. Brooke stood in the gunner's position of one of the vehicles, spraying surpression fire at any enemies who poked their heads out.

"I think its safe to say things are well in hand here..."

God Jinrai
2005-02-11, 03:57 PM
"What kind of commander would I be if I abandoned my team, Hotrod? I can't just up and leave you two... But.... you're not kids either... Alright. You trusted me... it's time I show I trust YOU. " Prime opened a comm to the Arc Royale.."Blaster, bring the ship in for a pick-up... we're heading back to the maximus... With any luck, we won't arrive too late to help stop the assault."

Prime stepped out into the open, returning the silver gun to its place in his right lower leg.

"Gigatron" he spoke in a solemn tone " I'm comming for you. And I'm going to make you regret breaking this truce."

2005-02-11, 04:16 PM
Scoop caught up with Hotrod

Looks like you got things well under control

whats the plan

2005-02-12, 05:13 AM
Carbombyan Prison

(OOC: Jinrai, Myles is gone for the time-being. So...uh...)

The Arc Royale hovered up to Prime's position, ramp lowered.

Hot Rod waved to Scoop. "The plan is for us to wait here and keep the Carbombyan tanks back, I guess."

He gestured towards a small nearby building. "As best as my sensors can say, she's in there. But we can't get in, and I don't want to rip the roof off, so..."

He flicked a finger to the nearby EDC captain.

"You can handle it?"

Captain Brooke nodded. "We'll be out in ten minutes. Jenkins, Parson, Laroque and Danson, with me!"

The five human soldiers dismounted their captured jeep and stormed into the prison building with M-16s at the ready.

2005-02-12, 05:31 PM
Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -checking the readings- "All right....... Hit the switch, Gaihawk!"

Gaihawk: -throws the switch-

-lights throughout the base flicker slightly, dim a little, then come back to full illumination-

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -sees the light flicker, smiles when the lights brighten- "Excellent......"

God Jinrai
2005-02-12, 06:48 PM
Prime leapt up onto the ramp, running up to the command seat.

"I'll take the comm from here, Blaster."

The communications expert simply nodded in reply, as Prime took control of the ship... The Arc Royale rocketed off, accelerating to approximately mach 5 before leveling out.

(transferring to Autobot thread)

2005-02-13, 07:51 PM
Hotrod if its so bad back home Prime had to shoot off like that then im thinking hes not gonna be able to come back for us for some time , I think we need to find our own transport back whatcha think

2005-02-14, 07:30 AM
Carbombyan Prison

Hot Rod shrugged.

"The humans have their own shuttle, remember. We'll be able to fit in, though in might be a tight squeeze."

He stared at the entrance, waiting for Brooke and his men to come out.


Brooke took point, leading his troops though the prison bunker's Byzantine corridors. Several times, Carbombyan Royal Guardsmen tried to stop them. All of them now lay dead, while Brooke's team arrived at the bunker's one and only cell.

Using the key that he had appropriated from the highest-ranking of the guards, Brooke opened the solid steel door and swung it aside.

The woman inside the cell turned to look at the new arrivals with the sort of contempt that Brooke imagine she reserved for the guards. At any rate, the look was quickly replaced with one of absolute shock.


"Yes, sir." Brooke saluted Marissa, despite the fact that they both now wore the rank of captain. He looked at the woman, somewhat surprised that she was in such good health; her hair was starting to grey in places, a few wrinkles had formed at the corners of her eyes, and she'd lost a good amount of weight. But there were no obvious signs of abuse or torture. "We're here with compliments from Optimus Prime."

"What?" Marissa frowned. "You're here to take me back, you mean?"

"Of course. What else?"

"I can't go back with you."

Brooke shook his head. "If you're worried about the work you've been doing for-"

"No, I-" Marissa sighed. "They put a cerebro-shell in my head, Greg. If I go with you, I'll end up betraying you."

That explains why they haven't mangled her, then.

"The Autobots can take it out, I'm sure."

"Maybe," Marissa didn't sound too convinced. "And what if I do something before then?"

"You can't do anything if you're unconscious."

"What? I...oh." She nodded. "Go ahead."

Brooke came closer. "Sorry 'bout this." Then he brought the butt of his M16 down on the back of her head. Marissa crumpled to the ground, knocked out. Two of the soldiers carried her out of the cell, and they headed back out the way they came.

2005-02-16, 09:20 PM
Scoop fretted pacing eyes scanning the horizon hoping that his friends hadn't taken too big a pounding back home .
Anxiously he waited for the reappearance of the soldiers

2005-02-17, 05:46 AM
Carbombyan Prison

Brooke and his men charged out of the jail, carrying the unconscious Marissa with them.

"What happened?" Hot Rod asked.

"Cerebro-shell," Brooke frowned. "I've signalled the shuttle. It should be here about...now."

Hot Rod nodded with understanding as the EDC shuttle set down. His hands clanched in rage at Fakaddi for doing this to his friend, but he forced an air of calm.

"Let's get her back to Autobase, then. Minerva can sort it out."

The humans charged up the shuttle's ramp. Hot Rod transformed and followed, parking in the cargo area. Brooke warmed the shuttle's engines as he waited for Scoop to board.

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat stared at the telemetry streaming in from Scorponok with half an optic. The battle was going well, kill/loss ratios were very efficient. There was nothing that needed his supervision.

His attention turned to the datachip that Scrapper had produced for him before leaving. He had checked the contents of it; they were perfectly to spec.

Well, then. Now would be a most efficient time.

He punched in a communications sequence, calling up the Nemesis's comm codes.

2005-02-17, 08:01 AM
Scoop boarded the shuttle and prepared for take off

2005-02-17, 09:17 PM
Carbombyan Prison

The EDC shuttle lifted off, heading back towards North America.

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2005-02-18, 08:20 PM
(OOC: Returning from the Autobot thread)

"Bludgeon, this is Scorponok. Acknowledged. I will await you over the human city of Denver."

Within Scorponok

Spinister strode onto Scorponok's near-empty bridge. The Targetmaster slid into the command chair, watching as the landscape slowly slid past on the main viewscreen.

Ramjet cheered Gigatron's speech with remarkable vigour, considering his shabby condition. Treadshot did as well, but with significantly less enthusiasm.

Scorponok closed all his external hatches, then thrusted off towards Denver and his rendezvous with Bludgeon's shuttle.

2005-02-18, 09:00 PM
Hatemonger smiled during Gigatron's speech then walked with him to see what Scorpnok had to say to Gigatron, Windrazor and himself.


Cryotek quickly placed some wires back together on Hatemongers fusion cannon bringing that back online. The Violator Cannon would take some time. He decided he could work on that at home.

"Ok Cons who needs a fix up!?" He yelled out over the cheering crowd.

Random Sweep
2005-02-18, 10:22 PM
Tiggerhappy slumped against a wall, his wounds, while painfull, hindered him little and were mainly armour damage.


The Pretender monsters, already on the mend joined in the celebrations and were suprises by the good mood that Bristleback found himself in.

" Now that Boys! That is how you trash an autobot base!" he exclaimed.

" yes but we really should have collected some of their bodies " slog complained

" Bah, takes time away from smashin' " bristleback replied.

2005-02-18, 10:38 PM
Nightracer remained quiet, even after Gigatron's speech. When Cryotex's asked if anyone needed a fix up, she started heading towards his location.

After telling the other Stunticons that they weren't allowed to use Dragstrip as a table. Motormaster drag Dragstrip over to were Cryotek was. He had the feeling they might be sent to the CR chambers, or spend more time in the medbay then he'd like.

Knowing that he would have to wait to get a new Pretender shell, Carnivac snagged two energon drinks, and held one out to Weirdwolf.

2005-02-18, 10:39 PM

Bludgeon: "Acknowledged, Scorponok. We'll be there shortly." -deactivates commlink-

Stranglehold: "We should have killed them all."

Bludgeon: "We follow our orders, Stranglehold. Besides, I feel that the Wreckers have changed. Springer and his men are apparently willing to take what they want. They hate the Autobots enough now to kill them. Why fight what could well prove to be a valuable tool? Honor decrees that we find a more powerful opponent to better our skills. If we beat them, we are bettered by it. If not, that was fate. Beating on the weak is something else entirely." -checks the course settings- "Who knows, the upstarts may well prove to be his betters."

2005-02-18, 10:54 PM
Weirdwolf took the energon off Carnivac and toasted him

To victory and a nasty demise Sky Lynx for

" so my friend me tell of pretender shell , need to get one new know I but an idea most interesting is , and if have technology for one two also possibility be . Better much than Monzo be he a lazy thug .

Inside Weirdwolfs head an argument started .

Monzo :you wanna get rid of me become a slagging pretender.

Weirdwolf : You are completley wrong , I was just exploring a technical possibilty in order to enhance our abilities in a combat situation , and maybe simultaneously we could have amedic examine our vocal circuits the laboured way we are forced to express ourselves is most tedious.

2005-02-18, 11:03 PM
Fly switched on his emergency locator beacon and waited for a medic to find him .

keeping boredom at bay by comparing notes with Wheels
over the mental link

You attacked a group of autobots you say and you were this close to killing bluestreak when a cowardly autobot shot you in the back, I see

2005-02-18, 11:51 PM
Within Scorponok

Hook finished reconstructing the shovel that had been torn from Bonecrusher's front end, then began attaching it carefully to his teammate.


Octopunch shrugged.

"I doubt it. We beat 'em up pretty bad." He called up the database entry for the so-called 'Neo-Wrecker' unit. "And if this list is right...well, it looks like Bugly dropped three or four of them all by himself."

2005-02-19, 12:30 AM
" I'll drink to that." Carnivac said as he looked in interest at Weirdwolf's head. Then took a sip of energon.

When Carnivac was done taking his sip, he said " I'm probably not the 'Con to ask, since your the first Headmaster I've had a conersation with and I was offline during the Headmaster vs. Pretender shell debate...at least until the fight broke out."

Pausing, Carnivac smiled at the memory before continueing " A Pretender shell, like everything, has both it's up and down sides. Like Headmasters, a Pretender shell can enhance it's wear's strength. Unlike a Headmaster, it enhances it's wears regenerative capabilities, sort of like a CR chamber and the shell can be added too or upgraded."

Carnivac descided to give Weirwolf some time to think it over, and wondered how he was going to explain the down sides.

2005-02-19, 03:15 AM
StarBlade nodded in grateful response to Gigatron's answer. She didn't plan on letting Magnus live, since he had been her first target since rejoining her brethren. Maybe this time, that damned 'Bot would get the point and stay dead.

Hearing Cryotek ask if anyone needed repairs, StarBlade did a quick systems analysis. Finding no damage, she moved to lean against a wall, where she took out her kill log. Activating it, she entered in three names-Inferno, Firestar and Magnus. Next to Inferno and Firestar, she entered "Wounded, maybe dead." Next to the latest Magnus entry, she entered "Wounded, possibly fatally. If still alive, will rectify situation when it presents itself."

2005-02-19, 04:07 AM
Windrazor walked with Hatemonger, strolling calmly down the corridors of Scorponok. He could only hope that his efforts were sufficient to secure his place in the Decepticons' ranks.

He glanced at the tall and hulking frame of the ground forces commander, and wondered silently what his next orders would be.

2005-02-19, 04:31 AM
Hatemonger walked down the hall his massive frame showing the wear of the battle on the ground. However, his armour dinged one fusion cannon missing he still stood tall.

Finally, a mission that went well. Got to trash plenty of Autobots, plus being one of the few Decepticons to go toe to to with Grimlock and still be standing is going to look great on any resume he thought with a smile.

He then turned to Windrazor.

"Nice shooting out there, should take the Autobots some time to get back together for a counter attack. Thankfully with the parts Gigatron and Cryotek gathered." He almost said stole, but hey the Autobots would do the same thing if they needed too. "We should be able to get Metrotitan running soon and Trypticon is still near fully operational. Not that it would matter though, with the exception of Grimlock the Autobots seem to have become more cowardly." He commented to the new Air Commander.

Hatemonger saw a look of wonder in Windrazor's eye.

"New to the whole chain of command thing eh? Well don't let it get to you. I am glad I was able to go on the mission to Cybertron it seems like we see our home less and less these days. But anyway if your going to be a commander get use to getting lots of orders alot. But you did a good job none of your men are in a tomb so you did fine. Sadly over my days I've seen my share of good and bad. You just have to do what you can to make sure your men come home and your enemy gets written up in a casualty report."


Cryotek looked over Dragstrip.

"Hmm took a beating out there eh." He opened up the Stunticons chest and turned off his pain sensors and set them so when he made the Stunticon come too the damaged areas would have no feeling. He shut his chest cavity and pressed some buttons to turn him back on.

"Ok tell me what you can't feel?" He asked the Stunticon hoping he came to. He then saw the other Decepticons lining up and got onto his com-link.

"Hook, you still online? If your able want to help me out with repairs over here?" He asked not totally worried if the Constructicon was operational but some help would be good.

He then looked at the other Stunticons.

"Your welcome to stay if you wish but some time in the CR chamber would be good for you as well." He said to the group.


Quake was having fun talking to his targetmasters.

"Now that was more fun that shooting at robo-fish in a barrel!" He quiped.

"Oh yeah, did you see Kup when we slagged him a new one?" Tiptop laughed.

"That was great!" Heater commented.

The trio laughed happy about the battles success.

2005-02-19, 04:39 AM
Main Briefing Room, Trypticon:

Leozak pondered. Gazing out of the window, overlooking the Carbombyian royal palace, he watched the human guards moving around, optics narrowing as he watched the Carbombyian army mustering it's troops. Snorting quietly, he turned as the doors whooshed open and his team walked in, taking seats at the table.

Jalgar slouched in his chair, putting his feet up on the conference table, crossed his arms behind his head, and smirked over at Leozak. "What's up, Captain?"

Drillhorn scowled at the sniper. "Get your feet off the table."

Jalgar shrugged. "Why? I'm comfortable."

Leozak cleared his throat. "Gentlemen......."

All optics turned towards their leader.

Leozak stayed standing, leaning against the chairback at the head of the table. "It would appear that the human in charge of this country is actually going through with his plan to try to get rid of us."

Hellbat chuckled. "You're kidding."

Leozak shook his head. "He's massing an army now. At a guess, we are supposed to be shocked and awed by this show of force, then run screaming into the..... uh...... late afternoon."

Killbison stood. "Want me to go step on him, Captain?"

Leozak chuckled. "I've got a better idea than just stepping on him, Killbison. A much better idea. Jalgar, you and Hellbat go to the royal palace. Request an audience with his royal whatever he is."

Hellbat snorted. "You honestly think they'll let us in?"

"Of course not. After they refuse to let you in, get him and bring him here. Unhurt, if possible."

Drillhorn looked at Leozak with a questioning look on his face. "And what will we be doing in the meantime?"

Leozak smiled. "Why, we do what all Destrons should do. Expanding the influence of our empire."


Fakkadi stood in his royal quarters, looking at his reflection in a full length mirror. The fatgiues looked good on him. Desert cammo for a desert campaign. His people would love it..... or else.... and he knew his own personal risk was negligible.


Fakkadi turned, glaring at the fool who would dare interrupt him. "Wha......" The angry rebuke died on his lips as he looked at the large hole that had been burned through the man's lower torso. His servant made a few feeble hand movements, as if trying to find his abdomen, then collapsed face first to the floor. So, he fell back on the one thing he could think of: Belligerence. "What is the meaning of this?!?!?"

A large, dark blue and grey robotic bat flew in through the open door, a robotic jaguar following it in. The jaguar leaped forward, smashing through the window on the other side of the room, destroying the shutters and bars that were over it, and vanished as the bat grabbed the dictator by the tunic shoulders and carried him out the window, dropping him into Hellbat's waiting palm. The dictator felt a surge of panic rise, a small part of his mind noting the bat shifting and locking into place on Hellbat's chest. He fought down the panic, and even kept his balance as Hellbat's hand lifted, finally stopping so Hellbat was looking him straight in the eyes. "As king, president, and dictator for-"

"Shut up, insect. This is the second time Leozak has asked to see you, and this time, he's not taking a no for an answer." Transforming to fighter mode, Hellbat streaked back to Trypticon as Jalgar launched salvo after salvo of missiles as the assembled troops.

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Drillhorn put the finishing touches on the cage, placed before a bank of monitors. "It's ready, Leozak."

Hellbat walked onto the bridge, Jalgar following behind him. "And I've got the guest of honor." Gently, he placed Fakkadi into the cage and locked the door. He looked over at Drillhorn with a quizzical look in his optics. "Won't he need a litter box or something?"

Drillhorn snorted. "No. He won't be in there that long."

Leozak walked over and peered down at the human. "The time has come, I think, for a change."

Fakkadi bristled. "My people-"

"Are sheep," Leozak spat. "You've been less than gracious with us over the years, and now, you kicked us out of your country. The other Decepticons might stand for it, but I won't." He turned, and started to walk away. "For a time, I thought about destroying your country. Your oil reserves are a tempting target, and they are still vast enough that detonating them would, in short order, turn your country into a sheet of glass." He turned, leaning against the ops/tactical console. "But that would be a waste. Instead, I'm bringing democracy to your country." Leozak's grin became evil. "Destron democracy."


The Carbombyian army mobilized, tanks, fighter jets, ground troops with rocket launchers, they all mobilized.

Trypticon's topside hatch whirred open, and Breastforce strode out.

Leozak chuckled. "Fakkadi's got a front row seat to watching the decimation of his army. Breastforce, KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!"

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat leapt into the air, transforming to fighter mode and pouncing on the fighters in the air, while Drillhorn, Killbison, and Jalgar jumped to the ground, firing away at the approaching ground forces.


Fakkadi watched, horrified, as Breastforce annhilated his army, his air force, his navy..... everything. "Allah protect me......."


Leozak strode back onto Trypticon's command deck, Breastforce trailing in behind him, chuckling over the carnage. Leozak peered down at the small, beaten human. "Enjoy the show?"

Fakkadi said nothing.

"Heh. Doesn't matter. Hellbat, take Mr. Fakkadi to his quarters. And make sure to lock him in. Drillhorn, set up somehting outside, see if we can get the people to come in. Let them know that we'll be setting up an interim government, with official, free elections to be held soon. And make sure to get the point across that any resistance, any at all, will be quashed." He then looked to Jalgar. "Contact the media. Let them know what we've done. Tell them that we hate injustice and oppression as much as they do, and that we are here to help freedom loving humans everywhere."

Jalgar chuckled. "You're kidding."

Leozak shook his head. "No. No matter what, we're going to be here for a while. Might as well try to get the natives on our side, hm?"

2005-02-19, 04:55 AM
Windrazor afforded Hatemonger a smile of gratitude. His words of encouragement were of course lost on the acting Air Commander, who'd been in more battles than he could remember, but it was a rare Decepticon who'd not feel threatened by another who'd proved himself to be competent, and that was worthy of gratitude. And humility.

"I have much to learn about command," he told Hatemonger. "Or at least, being under another's command," he finished.

2005-02-19, 05:23 AM
"Bah, in my mind the three most noted aspects of warfare: ground, air and sea, are all interlinked. Sucess in one area does not exactly mean sucess in the others but it certainly helps. Then of course now there is the idea of space combat as well but I doubt we have any ships that could luanch orbital bombardments now." He laughed.

"Anyway I feel we are all equals. Only Gigatron gives us the final orders. But unlike some of the leadership of the past he seems to understand the advantage of listening to all views. Megatron was like that if you had the spark to tell him your views in a somewhat respectful manner." He said remembering days past.

"But anyway as I said you did well, hit your targets and got your men home. Really there is not an awful lot more to combat or command than that."

2005-02-19, 05:45 AM
Motormaster sighed, then headed towards the CR chambers with the other Stunticons.

As Dragstrip came back online, his first thought was if this is the afterlife then he didn't know where to start complaining. After feeling his chest and higher skidplate regestered pain again ( mostly shown on his armor as a blacken, leaking wound...the fact that Menasor continued to use his injured arm and transforming into Robot mode hadn't helped), Dragstrip wished he had killed his gestalt mates when he had the chance.

All in all, when Dragstip heard what Cryotek said, the Stunticon couldn't help but give the unknown 'Con a look that clearly said 'your kidding...right?' Even in pain, Dragstrip couldn't help but wonder if it would have been better if the Stunticons had taken him to the CR chambers with them.

This could be one more reason to get revenge on them for...

2005-02-19, 06:27 AM
Within Scorponok

Hook finished the delicate work he was doing on Bonecrusher before he looked up. "What do you need, Cryotek? I am somewhat engrossed in repairing my own team right now."

2005-02-19, 06:32 AM
Within Scorponok

Runabout and Runamuck slowly made their way deeper into the bowels of Scorponok, hoping to go unnoticed by the other Decepticons. The last thing they wanted was to be singled out because they were the first to return, even though the retreat was called soon after.

2005-02-19, 01:14 PM
Cryotek looked down at Dragstrips scowl, this coupled with now he could see what was leaking now helped. He brought his laser scalpel online and got to work repairing the wounds.

"After I close up some of these wounds you can help off to the CR chamber, can risk you bleeding to death before you get there." He said looked down at the yellow stunticon.

He then got onto his com-link to Hook.

"Just the more medics or at least repair minded folk around here the faster we can slag more Autobots." He said into his com-link.
"No worries I can do what I can here and send them off to the CR chambers."

2005-02-19, 07:51 PM
" Understood." Dragstrip said and let Cryotek do his work, while trying to ignore the pain.

Half way to the line, Nightracer stopped and looked down at herself. There were worse cases then herself and until Nightracer was cleaned off the dust on her armor...Nightracer turned and headed towards maintence (and the transformer version of showers)...then she would go to the CR chambers.

2005-02-19, 08:53 PM
Hearing Cryotek's call for repairs, Echoshift took a moment to give himself a once-over. Most noticably, one of his wings ached from repeated hits to more or less the same spot. There was also a gash at the outer edge of his other wing. But aside from that, it was mostly just scuffs and sooty burn marks. Nothing major. The grey jet judged that a mech like him would probably be lower on the priority list for repairs, so for the moment he the let those with more serious injuries go first.

Besides, there were refreshments on offer. And the Eurofighter wanted in. Well... they'd been told they'd earned it after all-- and by the Command, no less. A few days off duty spent celebrating a job well done didn't sound half bad to his audios.

Echoshift claimed one of the offered cans of energon for himself and popped it open, taking a good-sized gulp. As an afterthought, he picked up another and tossed it to Tracer.

2005-02-20, 03:08 AM
In light of a handful of things that need immediate addressing, the rpg storylines are being shut down until tomorrow. :) Kick back, relax, use the RPG Discussion to talk about any ideas you have for the future if ya start going through withdrawls.

Reopened - Warcry

2005-02-20, 12:39 PM
Fly listened carefully as Wheels relayed information to him .

Fly you just saw Prowl going into Medbay
he looked a bad way beat up half his face missing , ok I'll pass it on for you.

Fly opened a com link , this was more important than waiting for a medic

Fly to Hatemonger , I have some important news for you

2005-02-20, 02:15 PM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link while walking to Scropnok's center.

"Fly, speak." He said a bit annoyed by the Decepticon who's partner shot him in the back during a key battle.

2005-02-20, 02:27 PM
Hatemonger Sir , firstly apologies for my other half he misheard a radio communication and rather impulsively decided to take mattters into his own hands. He is currently a prisoner in Fort Max dumped in a holding cell near there medical facilities.
Because of our mental link We can coommunicate

He just informed me he has just observed Prowl going in their in a bad way half his face shot away , it gives us a way of gaining intellegence that the Autobots may not be aware of , not having any Duo robots of their own they may not realise that we have a link , Wheels was badly injured arm blown away track knocked off gun melted , currently they are just ignoring him

2005-02-20, 07:12 PM

Drillhorn: -looking a a large throng of Carbombyians lined up outside of Trypticon, and a ZNN camera crew, complete with field correspondant, mutters under his breath "Vermin...."

Jalgar: -perched up on a gun tower near Trypticon's main entrance, Jaguar Breast in rifle mode, sweeping the crowd- "Oh, come on, Drillhorn. They're downtrodden, oppressed....." -stops, looking at one guy in the line- "And I think that guy's got a glitch mouse in his bernoose."

Drillhorn: -cocks eyebrow- "Hmm?"

Man in Line: -throws his robe open, revealing a large amount of explosives strapped to his body, detonator switch in hand- "FOR THE GLORY OF KING, PRESIDENT, AND-"

Jalgar: "Ah, shaddap." -fires, disintrgrating the man's hand and the detonator- "Fetch." -tosses gun-

Jaguar Breast: -transforms, lands, bounds through the crowd, missing all of the innocent bystanders, picks the would be explosive device up, carries him back to Jalgar like a dog fetching his master's slippers-

Jalgar: -picks up the terrorist, who has, by this point, started screaming in pain- "Oh, yeah, you'll do nicely. Hellbat's gonna want a few words with you, pally."

-a shot rings out, and the screaming man falls silent, blood and brain matter spraying out across Jalgar's visor-

Jalgar: -sighs- "Then again, maybe not....." -looks over at a ruined parapet on the palace- "Looks like there's a sniper in there."

Drillhorn: -breast plate transforming to chain gun mode, aims it at the palace- "Slag. I thought we cleared that place out." -looks down at the people- "Get inside the base, folks. We'll deal with this...." -realizes that his words weren't neccessary as the crowd surges towards the safety of Trypticon's interior- "Hmmf. Smarter than they look...." -activates commlink- "Killbison, Hellbat, get out here. We need to clear out that rat's nest again. And this time, let's try to capture one of these idiots intact, shall we? We can't get information out of dead bodies."


Bludgeon: -keeps the shuttle hovering, somewhat unsteadily, over the city of Denver- "They'd better arrive soon. I don't think this shuttle's going to stay up for much longer."

2005-02-20, 09:24 PM
Windrazor listened in on the conversation between Fly and Hatemonger, standing as he was, right next to the latter.

"Not much use as a spy from insight the Autobots' brig. And Fly isn't much use as a warrior without his other half," the Air Commander commented.

2005-02-20, 09:29 PM
"The down sides to pretender shells are kindda hard to explain...to put it simply...sometimes a Transformer can become to...attacted to the shell." Carnivac said to Weirdwolf, knowing he was being a bit cryptic, but not wanting to lie or tell the whole truth. No Decepticon willingly gave his (or hers) weaknesses away... even to one they considered a friend. " Any questions?"

Aero Blade
2005-02-20, 09:56 PM
Tracer caught the can Echoshift tossed him, nodding to him and looking over his own injures. He had the usual variety of cuts and damages, but most notably was where hed been slashed down the middle with a relatively shallow but long cut from the dinobot, as well as the other injuries they dealt him.

"Even if we're not the worse off, those dinos still did a number on us. It'll take a while to get all this patched up," He called to Echoshift, taking a gulp of the energon himself.

2005-02-20, 10:14 PM
Echoshift nodded in reply, eyeing the gash that Snarl had inflicted on the helicopter earlier. He took another large gulp from his drink before giving a verbal response to Tracer.

"Yep. They sure did." He held up the can of energon and studied it critically for a moment, before giving a vague sort of shrug and downing the rest in one go. "It might take a while, but we'll get patched up alright. And then next time we go on another Autobot Bash-fest..." Echoshift crumpled the empty can with one hand. "...man are those Dino-bozos in trouble."

2005-02-20, 10:19 PM
Fly spoke ah our esteemed air commander has decided to join in
before I reveal my thoughts maybe we could ascertain his insights into what is currently happening inside Autobase, from one of his many sources he has in place perhaps.

I do concur with him in my current state I am only half as effective as i would normally be , if it was not for my plane mode , I am sure our friendly fuel auditor would be withdrawing my energon rations as inefficent .

However Wheels did attack Hatemonger , I'm afraid as the head unit I have all the brains of the pair of us , while he has the brawn , he does tend to act on instinct

now Hatemonger Sir I imagine that had Wheels not been captured in his rather manic attempt to regain ou r honour , he would have been court martialled maybe even executed , which would leave myself in a rather problematic situation , so it is in my best interests to exploit the situation so that if he is ever liberated or escapes , he will be welcomed back with open arms and not shot out of hand

Fact 1 : he attacked you under mistaken belief that you were out to get him.

Fact 2 : he is a poor injured all alone half robot whose other half as far as he is concerned was shot to death by his own side

Fact 3 : the autobots are a load of guillible fools for the most part

Hatemonger Sir all he needs to do is lay low monitoring the comings and goings into medbay , which would give us an accurate picture of their force levels and when they remember him spin the nice kind Autobots a sad story of treachery and betrayal , and maybe get into a positon where he can learn more, I mean look what happened with the combaticons

Aero Blade
2005-02-20, 10:20 PM
Tracer laughed in response to Echoshift. "No need to tell me twice, but we won't be able to do much to them as we are now," he answered, finishing his own can and tossing it before heading towards the repair bay.

2005-02-20, 10:28 PM
"Mm. True." Echoshift moved to follow Tracer to the repair bay. Then he paused, and went back a few paces to swipe another energon can from the table. Tossing the can idly in one hand, the Eurofighter headed after the helicopter to find Cryotek.

2005-02-20, 10:47 PM
Upon finishing the updates to her log and returning it to her storage compartment, StarBlade crossed her arms over her chestplate, leaned against the wall, and relaxed. Until her next assignment, the assassin was planning on relazing, honing her skills, and trying to not piss off any of the other 'Cons.

I still find it hard to believe that I was given free rein over who I could target. Granted, we weren't certain who was going to be there, but most leaders would limit an assassin's targets to those who were the most dangerous, or had the highest rank... Or the medics. Granted, I despise taking out medics or repair units, simply because they aren't really fighters, and could be considered civilians in most cases, but orders are orders. I don't let personal feelings get in the way of my job....

2005-02-20, 11:00 PM
Ruckus did a quick systems check 13 percent damage and 8 percent of structure missing , plus one arm not functioning , nothing to worry about , the medics would take care of it , hed done some damage he thought it had been a good fight .
Taking a can of energon he guzzled it down

2005-02-20, 11:06 PM
"Maybe I should tear his brain unit out and see what's going on in Fortress Maximus for myself?" Windrazor hissed to Hatemonger so that Fly could not hear.

"But he's under your command, and I don't think you'd appreciate that."

2005-02-20, 11:55 PM
Carnivac see i clearly it . these things drawbacks have do , in my case bond with organic , insight give me supposed to, however if organic lacks insight himself.

Weirdwolf pauses as argument breaks out inside his head

advantage not so much is

one thing good find i from these organics. play you chess , and if not will i you teach , is excellent find i for helping plan strategy

2005-02-21, 01:52 AM
" Some think it's worth it or don't notice they became 'attacthed' to their shells." Carnivac said, before looking curious " Chess? Is that a squa...human game or Nebulon?"

2005-02-21, 05:22 AM
Hatemonger smiled to Windrazors quip.

"Fly have Wheels lay low. I will speak to Gigatron on the matter before I do anything else. We do need time to repair before we could even try to offer a rescue mission." He then got onto his com-link.

"Gigatron, when you have a moment I need to have a word with you about a captured Decepticon in Autobot custody."


Cryotek finished the touches on Dragstrip.

"There, that should get you to the CR chamber relax there for awhile and you should be good as new." He then looked up wiped any excess gunk off his hands and looked around.

"Next!" he yelled.

2005-02-21, 05:50 AM
Dragstrip got up slowly, and after nodding his head at Cryotek to show that he understood, walked towards the CR chambers. There where things even a Stunticon wouldn't do, and saying 'thank you' was one of them (unless they were being sarcastic.)

2005-02-21, 08:27 AM

"Won't have to wait for long," Octopunch told Bludgeon. "I read Scorponok inbound from the north...and Bugly from the west."

Within Scorponok

Hook finished his work on Bonecrusher, then sent his comrade off to the CR chambers.

"I'll be able to help in a minute, Cryotek, when I'm done with Mixmaster."

True to his word, the surgeon went to work fixing the other damaged Constructicon.

Treadshot sealed himself in a CR chamber, then waited for the unit to repair his wounds and recharge his fuel cells.

2005-02-21, 12:30 PM
Fly answered Hatemonger : "yes Sir"


Ruckus went to see Cryotek about some repairs

2005-02-21, 02:01 PM
Cryotek got back onto his com-link.

"Good enough Hook, I'd expect you'd fix your comrades first. See you when your finished." He looked at Ruckus and Tracer and asked.

"What hurts?"

2005-02-21, 02:19 PM
Ruckus replied
I've got no movement in my arm , plus i lost my back bumper and on of my rear wings , and half my front bumper ,plus my wind screens smashed , theres shell holes in my bodywork and roll cage and i think my engine was strained by a burst from an accelerator rifle.

Aero Blade
2005-02-21, 03:53 PM
As he entered the medbay and heard the question issued, Tracer glaced briefly at Echoshift before looking back in Cryotek's direction. Either the scientist was joking or not paying attention, as it was very hard to overlook the large gash down his front from fighting dinobots.

Tracer decided that for the moment he could be pacient, and chose sarcasm. "Gee, you know, I'm really not sure," He started. "We were in this brawl with the dinobots, there was a bunch of shots flying around and I think one of them knicked me with a blade, but I don't know much about swords, so I came to have a second opinion..."

2005-02-21, 04:57 PM
Gigatron stepped through the wide doors gracefully, clicking on his radio as he did so.

"In a moment, Hatemonger."

With a few strides toward the center of the room, Gigatron set optics on Spinister and nodded his head toward the door.

"Be gone."

Still watching the Targetmaster for a moment, Gigatron stopped at the center of the bridge, folded his hands behind his back, and looked up slightly.

"Now, Scorponok. You wished to speak to me."

2005-02-21, 07:54 PM
Command Deck, Scorponok

"As you wish." Spinister stood and headed for the exit.

"There is no need for that," Scorponok's booming voice filled the room. "The Targetmaster has been here long enough to have seen..." The citycon chuckled. "Well, let's just say that he's probably figured out what I'm about to tell you. And if not, I'd rather he know the truth instead of spreading rumours and speculation."

A low growl emitted from Spinister's throat, showing his extreme irritation at being classified as a potential gossip. He stopped by the main door and gave Gigatron a questioning glance.

Scorponok continued, ignoring the Targetmaster's discomfort.

"I find myself in an interesting position, Gigatron. My head is gone, something which you were perfectly positioned to stop, but couldn't. And I have no interest in replacing it with another worthless shell like the one I fashioned before."

"I've also discovered something else. Without a smaller form like I had when Lord Zarak was alive, I find this massive body somewhat...limited. So I've decided to kill two birds with one stone."

A side door slid open, revealing an empty room lit only by the arc-welders of a team of scorpion drones working on some sort of object.

"See for yourself."

2005-02-21, 08:34 PM
Runamuck and Runabout silently entered the CR chamber.

"I don't think anyone's here," Runabout whspered.

"Good," Runamuck replied, opening the hatch on one of the CR pods. "With any luck, we can get repaired and back into action before anyone notices we're gone."

Runabout nodded and likewise opened a pod. The two hatches then slid shut with the two Transformers inside.

2005-02-21, 09:22 PM
Gigatron looked over his shoulder at Spinister with a neutral expression. He cared none whether the Targetmaster was there; he'd only asked for privacy because Scorponok had. Regardless, the situation was solved, and Gigatron gave it no more attention. Instead he looked toward the object of Scorponok's design. Although it was far from complete, Gigatron had no difficulty decyphering it out. His optics flashed, and a grin came to him.

"I like your ethic, Scorponok. It would be tragic for so fine a mind to be trapped here while the rest of the Decepticons return to the Nemesis... Continue your work with priority. Certainly you'll report to me when it's finished."

2005-02-21, 09:25 PM
Windrazor nodded as Hatemonger spoke to Gigatron.

"I need to get myself repaired of these few scratches," he said, gesturing to his wounds."I shall be in the med bay," he finished as he walked off down a side corridor.

He activated a wall panel, and studied it for a moment, before ascertaining the best route to medbay, and walking off down the corridor.

A few minutes later, he entered the bustling medbay, and spotted Cryotek.

"Ah, Cryotek. I could use some time in a CR chamber. Could you point me in the right direction?"

2005-02-22, 01:42 AM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Acknowledged Gigatron." He said waiting for the commanders response.


Cryotek laughed.

"Follow the trail of oil." he said to Windrazor, then smiled and pointed then set to work on Ruckus.

2005-02-22, 01:59 AM
Windrazor looked down at his feet, and chuckled as he saw that Cryotek was right. A trail of oil droplets led back out the door that he'd entered from.

Sure enough, a short walk later found the Air Commander entering a largish room with several cylindrical chambers dotted around the walls. White lights in the floor provided the only illumination in the otherwise dark room, aside from red and green lights showing which of the chambers were occupied.

Windrazor walked over to an empty chamber and keyed open the door. Stepping inside, he flipped open a panel on his arm and withdrew a thin wire.

CR Chambers were a Cybertronian invention, and during his time in exile, he didn't have the luxury of access to one. Rather, he'd paid a scientist in a distant part of the galaxy to configure his body with input that would allow any standard energy source to power his autorepair systems. Luckily, CR chambers included several power outlets, so he plugged the wire into one of them now, and with a mental switch, activated his systems and powered down, yet proximity sensors in his chest would awake him immediately, should the door to the chamber open. A mercenary warrior with many enemies could not afford the luxury of a complete shutdown.

Neither can a future Decepticon Air Commander, Windrazor thought as he went offline.

2005-02-22, 02:14 AM
After getting the dust cleaned off of her, Nightracer entered the place where Scorponok's CR chambers were located. Upon entering the room, she noticed that Dragstrip had his gun out and was pointing it at the CR chamber Motormaster was in.

Clearing her vocalizer, Nightracer got Dragstrip to turn his glare on her. The two Decepticons stared at each other, trying to descide if it was worth it. Finally Dragstrip returned his gun to subspace, and turned back to look at the chamber Motormaster was in.

" I am better then you...then all of you." The yellow Stunticon hissed, before going and entering a CR chamber himself.

Nightracer would have rolled her optics if she could, to kill Motormaster now would have been a waste...the Decepticons probably would need that CR chamber undamaged.

Still, Nightracer thought as she entered a CR chamber, if there had been any other Decepticons around (not counting the ones already in the chambers), would they have stopped Dragstrip or watched?

2005-02-22, 05:06 AM
Brig, Trypticon, Carbombiya:

Hellbat: -looming over a battered, dazed looking, human wearing the remains of a Carbombiyian uniform- "Tell me who gave you your orders."

Soldier: -sleepily- "General...... Usaef...... Haljandian......"

Hellbat: "And his location?"

Soldier: "Nnnn..... nnnooooo......."

Hellbat: -increasing the hypnotic state- "President Fakkadi wants to know. You don't want to disappoint him, do you?"

Soldier: "...........hid....den bse.......map....... location....... 37 by 845........"

Hellbat: "Thank you." -snaps fingers-

Soldier: -blinks- "As I told you already, demon. I will tell you nothing!"

Hellbat: "Of course, of course. Now, off to the medical area. You've been through quite a fight."

Soldier: "My men will tell you nothing, either, demon!"

Hellbat: -nods- "Yes, you've said." -picks the human up- "Truly, your resolve is scary."


Bludgeon: -docks the shuttle in Scorponok's landing bay- "Tend to your injuries. I will report to Gigatron."

2005-02-22, 05:48 AM

Octopunch nodded. "You're the boss."

The Pretender stomped out of the shuttle, and towards medbay.

Landing Bay, Scorponok

Bugly flew in only seconds after the shuttle, transforming. He nodded to Bludgeon, extreme fatigue evident in his movements.

"Good news."

Command Deck, Scorponok

"I'm so glad you approve, Gigatron." The citycon chuckled. "Fasttrack will inform you when we're done. This stage, anyway. My body will have to be modified somewhat to be compatable. And while that work is being done, there are several other long-overdue upgrades that should be seen to."

The door to the shadowed room slid shut.

"I trust you'll keep this to yourselves for now? We wouldn't want the less...patriotic elements of the army to get ideas, after all."

His systems telling him that Bludgeon had docked, Scorponok thrusted away from Denver, headed towards Carbombya with all available speed.

Medbay, Scorponok

Having re-constructed a mixing drum on Mixmaster's back, Hook sent the wounded soldier to the CR chambers.

"OK, Cryotek. Who should I see to first?"

2005-02-22, 08:59 AM
Inside Scorponok, Thrust was standing among the Decepticons who were waiting for repairs, having received a few wounds during the battle.

(OOC: We'll just assume he was there, okay? Sorry for having been absent.)

2005-02-22, 12:36 PM
Weirdwolf answered Carnivac :

It is a game invented the humans by , show you how to play i will , it menatally stimulating is

Random Sweep
2005-02-22, 02:52 PM
Triggerhappy looked over at Hook " How about patching me up Hook? " the Targetmaster said


Banzai-Tron simply nooded at Bludgeon and headed to the CR chambers.

2005-02-22, 04:45 PM
Bludgeon: -also heading for the CR chambers, activates commlink- "Lord Gigatron, I have returned."

Main Briefing Room, Trypticon:

Leozak: -seated in one of the chairs, staring with slight amusement at the human camera crew standing on the table before him-

"And now, we go live to Hans Romulous, who is bringing us a live interview with the leader of the group of Decepticons who have captured Fakkadi. Hans?"

Hans: -touches the earpiece as he brings up the microphone- "Thanks, George. I have with me here Leo Zack, the leader of Breast Force, the group of Decepticons who have captured Carbombiyian dictator Abdul Fakkadi."

Leozak: -chuckles and nods- "Thank you, Hans. My name is Leozak. One word."

Hans: "Ah. First, Leozak...... Why? Why step in and depose a dictator? Was it because he tried to kick you out of his country?"

Leozak: "First and foremost, no. We did not do this because Mr. Fakkadi attempted to kick us out of his country. We've seen how he treats his people. Telling us to leave is one thing. Killing your own people is something else entirely."

Hans: "So you're saying that you did this because it was the right thing to do?"

Leozak: "Yes."

Hans: "Does the fact that your base requires so much fuel to operate have anything to do with this decision?"

Leozak: -chuckles- "No, no. We've switched our base over to a self-sustaining power source."

Hans: "And what do you think of the fact that your fellow Decepticons have launched a vicious attack on the Autobot encampment in the United States?"

Leozak: "While tragic, Hans, remember, we are in the middle of a war with the Autobots. It's a sad fact that we are fighting this war here, on your planet. But we didn't bring it here."

Hans: "Do you believe that this is what the people of Carbombiya want?"

Leozak: "I believe so. Certainly, they desire freedom from oppression, freedom from living a wretched existence under the oppressive thumb of a dictator. This seems the best way to do it."

Hans: "And how will the interim government be set up?"

Leozak: "We've been talking with the various tribal and civic leaders, and have set up a tribunal to help guide the country through this state of transition. Once those who are fighting to get Fakkadi freed understand that this is what needs to happen to help this country, I sincerely hope that they will stop. The only ones they're hurting are their own people." -looks at the camera- "And I'd like to make this appeal to the UN and the EDC. Please, send help and supplies. There are only six of us, and I fear that the terrorists and rebels are going to organize and start attacking in force. We've been able to protect the civilians so far, but we're getting stretched pretty thin. But what we need most are medical supplies."

Hans: "So.... what do you get out of this?"

Leozak: "All we ask is that a small percentage of the oil production of this country be converted to energon.... say, ten percent. The rest, and the overflowing coffiers of the former regime will be used to better this country, to help the people."

Hans: "And the other countries in the region? If there are dictatorships there, will you tear them down as well?"

Leozak: "If they are oppressing their people, killing them, then we will stop them."

Hans: "Do you have anything to say to the rebels, if they are watching?"

Leozak: "I do." -leans into the camera- "Surrender now. All you are doing is killing your countrymen for no good reason than your own failure to grasp the bigger picture. You leader is captured, your cause is lost. We will give you no quarter when we find you."

Hans: "Thank you for your time, Leozak. This is Hans Romulous, reporting for ZNN. Back to you, George." -lowers mic, looks over as the door whooshes open and Hellbat walks in, leans over, and whispers something to Leozak-

Leozak: -stands- "Excellent. Good work, Hellbat." -looks down at the news team- "We know where the largest of the rebel bases is. Want to come along?"

2005-02-22, 07:39 PM
Why not, I won't know if chess is fun unless I try it and it's not like I have anything better to do...besides it might give me the excuse to get a look at the Autobot heads Weirdwolf has collected, Carnivac thought.

" Sounds interesting" Carnivac said to Weirdwolf.

2005-02-22, 08:30 PM
Weirdwolf spoke :

if follow me will you , set in my quarters have I ,

Weirdwolf walked down the corridor towards his quarters hoping
that Carnivac would follow

Entering his quarters he sat on a strange looking chair which seemed to be made of melted parts and random detritus , the room was qute sparse , to one side was a smaller sub room , a curtain seperating the two was half open , a human sized room could be glimpsed through it , on the walls there were wrestling trophies , and pictures of fights , scattered amongst these were battered images torn from magazines , where flesh pink seemed to be the dominant colour , a empty alcohol bottle wa son the floor on the threshold of the two rooms,

The larger room was much tidier there was a ledge on which Weirdwolf could recharge . to one side opposite the entry to the smaller room was a desk and a gun metal shelving unit . on the desk top and shelves were several data cubes , books and other materials , some of the titles were visible Tacitus , The complete campaigns of Megatron , The Battle for Iaacon a strategic overview were some of the many titles

on a shelf over the main entrance was a trophy wall , on display were parts of robots , some heads and some crossed weaponry , the parts were mainly red, white , blue and yellow but scattered amongst them were a few parts coloured in black , crimson and purple each part had a precisley written label . In a dark corner were other parts in a jumbled heap , with no labels or indication of where they had come from . In the centre of the room was a table and a set of drawers on the table rested a chess set , with two colours purple and red , each piece was finely crafted and ressembled robots , the pawns were cassetibots/cons , micromasters and minibots , on the red side the two knights were represented by the figures of Sideswipe & Hotrod , the Bishops by Red Alert and Prowl , The Castles by Metroplex and Fort Max and so on . On top of the drawers were several energon containers of fine quality and vintage. On one side of the table was Weirdwolfs battered fused chair on the other a standard issue chair . pushed to one side was a smaller chair on its seat lay a small publication in nebulan called " Chess playing for dummies" the book was battered and stained with a footprint on 1 cover , it looked like someone had taken their frustration out on it and there was a corner turned down on page four

2005-02-22, 09:12 PM
Fly injested the information as it was passed to him and he opened a com link to Hatemonger

"reporting new information Sir , Prime is holding some kind of conference in their medbay , at least one of them is dead identity unknown , Wheels heard the names Omega Supreme , Blitzwing , Crosshairs and something -fire and something about energon

2005-02-22, 09:29 PM
Gigatron waved a hand dismissively, frowning slightly to indicate his incredulousness of the opposite option. He turned for the door, still speaking loudly to the city as he passed Spinister.

"Of course. I'm sure the men will appreciate a surprise as much as I..."

The broad double doors slid open at once as Gigatron approached, and he passed confidently out into the hall.

"Very good, Bludgeon. I suspect you and your men will require repairs. You may deliver your report to me in Scorponok's infirmary."

Rounding a corner at the end of the long hall, Gigatron spotted Hatemonger and closed the gap between them with long strides.

"Report, General. What's this about a captive?'

2005-02-22, 09:56 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Seems as though the Ducon Flywheels has a portion of him captured by the Autobots. Wheels was captured during the battle. He shot me in behind for reasons unknown but then assisted in the combat with the Autobots. Perhaps after I tried to save him from Autobot fire. Anyway, he suffered damage and was captured. Right now he is giving Fly information about Autobot movments and actions from the brig." He paused for a moment.

"What troubles me more than this is Wheels is reporting Blitzwing in the mix. After the Combaticons and Soundwave we don't need any more defections more importantly I worry about what information Blitzwing could be giving them."

"Thats the current situation. Wheels is continuing to give Fly data and Fly is giving it to me. I can have him give it to you as well." He said finishing his report.

2005-02-22, 10:38 PM
Gigatron tilted his head in interest at Hatemonger's report. It was certainly quite a twist from what he had expected to hear.

"Is that so? But how can we know that this, er, Wheels isn't being manipulated by the Autobots to report false information?"

2005-02-22, 10:40 PM
Fly opened another com link to Hatemonger ,

" I just remebered something Wheels told me Hotrod shot into their medbay with a blonde famle human , talking of Medbay's Sir
would it be possible for someone to retrieve me from the end of flightdeck one , I'm upside down and i find it difficult to get about with out my other half

2005-02-22, 11:55 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"I think the Autobots lack knowledge of Ducon technology. Apperently they think Wheels is just stuck there with no means of communication to other Decepticons. It worries me that they could dismantle Wheels to learn about the technology but thats not really the Autobot way is it." He then pointed to a drone.

"Go retrieve Fly and bring him here." The drone buzzed and gathered a few more drones then went to pick up the Ducon.

2005-02-23, 12:29 AM
The CR chamber beeped twice, and Windrazor awoke instantly. He disconnected his connection from the chamber, and the wire retracted back into his arm socket, the panel sliding smoothly shut. As the chamber detected his woken state, the door slid open, and he stepped out.

Taking but one glance around the room, he walked to the door, and exited into the corridor. Another glance at a nearby map panel showed him the way to the armoury, where he used the autoloaders to rearm his missile racks.

"Windrazor to Gigatron. I am fully operational. What are your orders?"

2005-02-23, 01:37 AM
At the same time that Windrazor's pod opened, a trio of beeps came from the two beside him, which irised open to reveal the Battlechargers once again at full strength.

"Hmph," Runabout nodded. "Guess we didn't take as much damage as we thought we did."

2005-02-23, 02:00 AM
Weirdwolf's room

Carnivac had indeed been fallowing Weirdwolf and took some time to look around the room... noticing that Weirdwolf's room had more stuff in it then his did. Carnivac knew his "habit" of having an almost bare room was because he didn't spend a lot of time collecting things that held no true value to him...and Carnivac was pretty sure that any "trophies" from his hunts (besides the Autobot heads) would be frowned appond...expecaully when thay started to stink. Almost snorting at the Nebulon's room, Carnivac spent a long time looking at the collection of Autobot heads before turning to face Weirdwolf.

" Very nice collection" Carnivac said to Weirdwolf.

2005-02-23, 06:05 AM
Medbay, Scorponok

Hook picked up a scanner from his pile of equipment.

"Where does it hurt?" he asked Triggerhappy.

As he moved into the crowd of repair-awaiting Decepticons, Ramjet caught sight of a familiar face. Or, rather, a familiar cone.

"Hey Thrust!"

Crew Quarters, Scorponok

Having seperated from the rest of the Mayhems, Bugly let himself into an unoccupied room. The Circuit-Su master locked the door, then sat in the middle of the floor in a meditative position.

Corridors, Scorponok

Octopunch followed Bludgeon towards the Medbay.

Command Deck, Scorponok

Spinister returned to watching the landscape roll by after Gigatron had departed. He didn't particularly want to waste his time sitting on the bridge, but Shockwave was nowhere to be seen and someone had to be there. Besides, it would be best if he stayed and guarded Scorponok's special project...just in case.

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat watched the goings-on around the world with mounting interest.

Such chaos, such destruction...and we didn't even have to expend any energy to cause it! How...efficient. He hissed. But as for our friends on Trypticon...

The fuel auditor typed up a short text message (hard to do when you have no hands), then encoded it and sent it to Trypticon's comm grid.

Then, after enough time had passed that Breastforce could have recieved and decrypted it, he opened an unsecured voice channel.

"Leozak, this is Fuel Auditor Ratbat. Respond immediately."

Earth Defense Command Headquarters: The Hague

Brigadier General Robert Samson watched the Decepticon news conference with a look of disgust. After finally it ended he rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Oh, well played," he congradulated the Decepticons. "Well played indeed, you bastards."

With his showy and blatantly false request for EDC aid, this Leozak had put the UN in a very tight spot. They couldn't possibly give in to the request, but if the Security Council succumbed to Arab League pressure and attacked Carbombya now...

It'll be a PR disaster, either way.

A junior officer came into Samson's office, saluting. "Sir, word from our Regional Base in Tripoli. We're picking up a transmission between Trypticon and another Decepticon city. Uncoded."

Samson stroked his moustache, frowning. As Director of Interagency Relations, he knew that nothing ever came this easily. However, the slim, sixtyish Englishman was too pragmatic to ignore it completely.

"Put it through, Lieutenant."

2005-02-23, 06:15 AM
Thrust was glad to see his fellow Conehead operational. "Ramjet! How did the battle go for you?"

(OOC: I'm assuming they weren't together through all of it.)

2005-02-23, 08:06 AM
(OOC: Woaahhh, That was a lot to read)

Scorponok, Med Bay

The Predacon's wandered into the medbay as a pack and all of them sta down, having wounds to tend to. Most of them shook their head in disbelief. They had been beaten down and didn't get into the fight.

Razorclaw kept thinking over his head when Hun-Grr was going to see him.


Inside Quarters, Metrotitan

Tempest has created a simulated traing chair were he hwas been training in his mind over the last battle. Constantly training. His eyes open wide, a dark ruby red, and a smile cross his silver metalic face.

He opens up a global comlink to Ratbat or any other commanding officer "This is Tempest, I need to discuss the objectives with a Decepticon commander about gaining something of great value."

2005-02-23, 09:17 AM
Weirdwolf responded to Carnivac as he did so he moved over and pulled the curtain shut on the nebulans room

" many years take me it did to to get all these souvenirs,

pointing to the heap in the corner he said:

"these parts are from foes that unworthy be , use them trade with other decepticons especially Swindle with but now new contact need I . seat take you
he said indicating the empty chair

2005-02-23, 02:07 PM
Hatemonger then looked at Gigatron.

"Permission to goto a CR chamber for awhile. Apperntly Cryotek has my fusion cannon repaired and is going to fix my Violator cannon up. I'd like to get some of these wounds cleaned up and my armour patched up?" He asked.

Random Sweep
2005-02-23, 03:24 PM
" You can start with my wings, they are pretty slagged up " Triggerhappy said to Hook as he transformed into jet mode.

2005-02-23, 07:09 PM
Gigatron waved easily and dismissively to Hatemonger's request. A small but business-like grin came over him as he spoke.

"Yes, you served well today. You deserve a rest."

Gigatron turned slightly away from Hatemonger and fanned his head flares to respond to the incoming transmission.

"Meet me on flight deck one, Windrazor. We have a minor affair to discuss..."

With that, Gigatron transformed to racer mode and started off toward his destination.

2005-02-23, 07:24 PM
Hatemonger nodded his approval to Gigatron.

"I will let you know when I am back." He said and then walked to where Cryotek was repairing Decepticons.

"Hey whats going on tankboy?" The dragon laughed looked at Hatemonger.

"Going to hit the CR chamber for a bit wanted to pick up my fusion cannon." Hatemonger smiled to his comrade.

"Here you go." Cryotek handed Hatemonger the fusion cannon which he place back on his forearm the gun going through power up procedures.

"I will get on the Violator cannon when I can but anyway you deserve some time out see ya when your done." Cryotek nodded to Hatemonger.

"Thanks." With that the Decepticon continued to the medbays looking for a CR chamber large enough to fit his frame and was empty he found one and layed inside. An energon feed went into his mouth.

Ahh no matter how many times I have to do this it never gets old he thought and layed down to rest for awhile the CR chamber fixing his wounds and armour and rearming his fusion cannon.


Quake looked down at his targetmasters.

"You guys guard the fort I am going to take a few cycles in a CR chamber." He said and went off to the medbays himself. Brining his proton cannon hoping the CR chamber could fix it up.

2005-02-23, 08:09 PM
Medbay, Scorponok

Having taken part in the aerial assault on Fort Max, Thundercracker was now in the medbay to make himself useful. He was not a specialized medic, of course, but his skills were sufficient to assist and help those who had only minor injuries.

During the repairs he had to undergo after the mission to Cybertron onboard Trypticon, the glitch in his brain module that had been responsible for the somewhat - strange behaviour he'd exhibited recently had also been found and fixed. Thundercracker was quite grateful for that - it was probably a small miracle he still had anything resembling sanity after having been dead twice...

(OOC: That's right, folks, TC is back! Feel free to talk to him and/or give him something to do. *hint hint*)

2005-02-23, 08:20 PM
" I can imagine, it took me quite a while to get my head collection and artists always need new materials," Carnivac said as he sat down in the chair, not saying what he did to the pieces of his "unworthy" prey (or the worthy for that matter.)

After briefly trying to figure out when the last time he sat in a chair in robot mode was, his cerebro-circuitry turned to other things and Carnivac found himself asking " What did happen to Swindle or any of the other Combaticons anyway?"

2005-02-23, 08:28 PM
Ruckus swung himself off the biobed as Cryotek finished and went off to greet Hatemonger .

Spotting Thundercracker he moved over to the sleek seeker , he spoke

" a good day , heh ther battle went well "

2005-02-23, 08:34 PM
Weirdwolf 's optics flashed red

" it is not talked about much but Bot went he afraid am I. Once you start down the Autobot path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume them it did.

picking up a container of energon of an obviously good vintage , it had the stamp of the minds of yakult 4 on the container , Weirdwolf poured some out for himself and his guest ."

"explain chess let me. It game of strategy is , very good is it for training of the mind, need you 4 or 5 moves ahead to think anticipate all possible varibles your opponent play can also is essential . "

2005-02-23, 08:50 PM
Medbay, Scorponok

(OOC: Nah, that would've been pretty difficult, considering where Ramjet went)

"I crashed into a city, then got shot out a window. Got ta blow some stuff up, though. 'Bout the same as usual, ya know?" Ramjet shrugged. "How 'bout you, Thrust? Get any kills?"

Hook set down his scanner, grabbed an arc-welder, and set to work.

"That they are, Triggerhappy. Let's see if we can do something about that..."

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat replied to Tempest.

"I'm indisposed right now. Come up to the bridge in about fifteen Earth minutes."

2005-02-23, 09:01 PM
"Yes. We really showed those Autofools, didn't we?" Thundercracker replied. He almost added a remark about 'bunch of worthless groundcrawlers' before remembering that Ruckus, though not an Autobot, had a flightless alt mode himself and probably wouldn't exactly appreciate such a comment.


"Don't know about killing, but I hit quite a few," Thrust said with a satisfied look.

2005-02-23, 09:22 PM

2005-02-23, 09:24 PM
Carnivac hadn't expected that bit of information...The Combaticons had been low on the list of 'Cons he would have suspected to go over to the Autobot side. Even as Carnivac thought about it, the answer seemed a bit simple. Swindle...if it was in his interest, yes. Blast-off...who knew, there might be some truth in that rumor about Blast-off and Sky Lynx having been twin sparks seperated at their creation. Onslaught...he never really got over that imprisonment thing and would do anything to keep from having it done to him again. Brawl...was he even smart enough to know what he was doing. Vortex...Carnivac couldn't see any reason for it. All in all, Carnivac could come up with a few words for it.

" Slagging idiots" Carnivac said as he accepted the drink Weirdwolf pored for him. Still, Carnivac listened as Weirwolf started to explain about chess with growing interest...in some ways chess sounded like a hunt...a very complex hunt were strategy and creativity were the weapons, but a hunt none the less.

2005-02-23, 09:44 PM
Windrazor nodded, and headed down the corridor, the layout of Scorponok now imprinted in his memory banks.

"On my way, Gigatron," he replied to the transmission.

As he walked down the corridor, he glanced around, drones scuttled along the walls, some doing routine maintenance, others en route to somewhere at the behest of the city's main brain. Windrazor wasn't sure how all of the Decepticon cities operated. He'd never seen a sentient city before arriving on Earth a short while ago and helping to blow one up in the recent battle. He assumed a central AI computer, but other than that, he didn't know. Making a note to read up on the subject soon, he walked on.

He entered a lift, and keyed in a command to take him to the flight deck. As he stopped and waited, he reflected on the battle that he'd just been a part of. As they departed the field, and he'd stood with Hatemonger atop the main entry ramp, he was gladdened by the carnage they'd wrought on the Autobots. But what of his own performance? As far as he knew, he hadn't achieved any kills. Even that damned Micromaster had managed to get up. How he was still standing, the Air Commander didn't know.

Nevertheless, his personal anger at not killing any Autobots aside, he knew that the strategy for the air assault was sound, and the AA guns were eliminated in very short order. He also knew that his actions had kept many of his men alive in the initial stages of the battle. Still, he wasn't best pleased.

The Air Commander left the lift, and walked a short distance along the corridor, and stepped through a door into Flight Deck 1.

2005-02-23, 09:54 PM
Weirdwolf continued explaining : " good training it is , excellent training for the mind find I , with sparring, simulations train you the body , with chess hone you the mind for the battle the hunt . teaches you how outhink your opponent or prey it does .

2005-02-23, 10:25 PM
Echoshift couldn't help but chuckle at Tracer's comment as the two of them waited for Cryotek's response. While he waited, Echoshift popped open the can of energon he'd taken from the drop bay's earlier celebration and sipped from it.

2005-02-23, 11:59 PM
Cryotek looked up a bit aplogetically.

"Sorry about that folks I am starting to feel like a fleshling fast food resturant." He quipped the locked at Tracer and Echoshift.

"What can I do for you guys? Like I said I am repairing major wounds and sending everyone off for time in the CR chambers." He asked. Checking his repair tools charge.


Hatemonger smiled as the CR chamber did its job. The battle went overall very well. Yes a con was captured but he was acting as an inside spy something the Decepticons lacked with Soundwave being in custody for going rogue.

Plus with the battle he did the one thing he wanted to do to the Autobots. Placed fear in them he held his own against their best and even fought the so-called might Grimlock to a standstill. If anything the Autobots would now fear his frame when one the battlefield.


Quake was offline in the CR chamber dreaming many dreams of stuff blowing up.

2005-02-24, 12:20 AM
Runabout and Runamuck were quite glad that Windrazor hadn't taken notice of them. That left, however, the issue of what to do now.

"So what should we do now?" Runabout asked.

"I dunno," Runamuck answered with a shrug. "Go mingle?"

The two walked out of the CR chamber towards the common area, where they hoped several other Decepticons would be.

2005-02-24, 01:00 AM
Inside Metrotitan

Tempest heard Ratbat's message and walked to his 2VR Chamber. He reloaded his energon pistols, he got extra cartiges for his sniper rifle and picked up his sword. His armor was tested and re-polished and walked out of his quarters. and began making his way to the bridge with a smile on his face and re-reading the information he had been given to protect.

Aero Blade
2005-02-24, 01:04 AM
"We had a go with the Dinobots. Need I say anymore?" Tracer answered to Cryotek, motioning to the long gash down his front, as well as scorches from lasers and multiple missles that had been fired at him.

2005-02-24, 01:11 AM
Cryotek laughed and set to work on Tracer and Echoshift.

2005-02-24, 02:26 AM
Carnivac continued listening to Weirdwolf explain the game of chess to him.

When a CR chamber reopened, Deadend walked out without a word and waited for the other Stunticons to awaken. Breakdown's chamber openned first, followed by Wildrider's.

" It will be a while before they wake up." Deadend said calmly, gestering with one hand at the CR chambers that held Motormaster and Dragstrip.

" They were damaged more then we were." Breakdown said, trying not to grin.

" 'Corse it proves the 'Bots can get somethin' right." Wildrider said, " To bad MM wouldn't let us make Draggy a table."

"Quite." Deadend said, as he started to leave the CR chambers' room " Or better yet have Scrapper do it."

" Primus knows, he would be more useful as one." Breakdown said, as followed Deadend out.

Wildrider followed them, laughing.

2005-02-24, 04:42 AM
Medbay, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -sitting in a corner, over commlink- "I shall await you here, Lord." -draws katana, slipping easily into his meditative trance, lets go of katana, leaving it hover in mid-ar, focusing on it, centering his mind, his shell initiating repairs to itself-

Stranglehold: -battered and singed, his shell already repairing itself, sits near Bludgeon, banging the dents out of his helmet-

Skies over Carbombiya:

Leozak: -leading Gaihawk and Hellbat in a V formation, Drillhorn, Jalgar, and Killbison in robot mode and following, trying to to chuckle as the reporter and his cameraman(in the pilot and RIO seats, respectively), gaze out the canopy with a mixture of amazement, fear and dread on their faces, sighs as Ratbat's call comes through- "Better turn the camera on. If nothing else, I want this documented."

Cameraman: -turns on the camera, and the audio recording equipment-

Leozak: "Time to pay the piper...." -activates commlink- "Leozak here, Ratbat. You wanted me to call you?"

2005-02-24, 05:42 AM
Medbay, Scorponok

Ramjet shrugged.

"That's not too bad, I guess."

Command Deck, Metrotitan

"You will explain yourself!" Ratbat said with even more venom than would be expected. "You removed a useful pawn and are turning our slave nation into a democracy!" He spat out the last word with absolute disgust. "If I were to have you executed for treason, there would be no complaints from Lord Gigatron."

2005-02-24, 05:59 AM
Leozak: -over commlink(and everything being recorded and broadcast by the ZNN cameraman)- "I have to explain myself? No, Ratbat, it is you who should explain yourself! Your useful pawn was a power-hungry dictator who was killing his own people! And these people are not slaves! They are free now! If Gigatron doesn't like it, that's too bad."

2005-02-24, 06:09 AM
Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat hissed in disgust.

"Who cares if Fakaddi was killing his subjects? The fleshlings that infest and pollute this planet are irrelivant. They are weak, stupid and powerless. The sooner they are all dead, the more efficiently the Decepticon cause will be able to work."

2005-02-24, 06:26 AM
Leozak: "We should care! These people are the natives here, WE are the invaders! And where does it say in our cause that we have to let a petty tyrant kill and maim the innocent?"

2005-02-24, 06:38 AM
Command Deck, Metrotitan

"Did you even read the manifesto before you signed on?" Ratbat gaped at the screen in mock-disgust. "We're authorized to destroy, murder, and otherwise cause havoc for the empowerment of the Decepticon cause. Everything is secondary to the cause, and it is an inefficient waste of effort to help these hair-covered, soft-skinned bags of flesh build their worthless government."

2005-02-24, 06:45 AM
Skies over Carbombiya:

Leozak: -snorts in disgust- "That's where your problem is, Ratbat. Neither I, nor my men, are Decepticons. We are Destrons! My base, Trypticon, is now Destron property, to do with as I see fit! You can take your manifesto, AND your precious Lord Gigatron, and STUFF THEM UP YOUR REACTOR LINKAGE!!!!!" -deactivates commlink- "Sorry about that, Hans."

Hans: -looking slightly worried- "No..... uh..... no problem......"

2005-02-24, 06:56 AM
Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat watched the screen go blank, then shuffled about slighly on his perch. His face twisted into a self-satisfied grin.


Earth Defense Command Headquarters: The Hague

General Samson stroked his moustache thoughfully.

"Well, that was interesting, wasn't it?" He glanced to his aide. "See to it that a recording makes it to the Security Council before they vote."

2005-02-24, 08:51 AM
Outside Bridge, Metrotitan

Tempest walked up to the bridge and press the commlink to open the door.

Random Sweep
2005-02-24, 03:37 PM
Triggerhappy Grimaced with pain as Hook worked on him

2005-02-24, 07:37 PM
Weirdwolf finished his explanation of chess and made the first move

2005-02-24, 11:01 PM
(OOC think Holly from red dwarf in the Queeg episode)

Fly wheeled himself along a corridor on a trolley constructed for him by Scorponok's drones , moving through the door on to the command deck

He was glad he'd persuaded them to make a little stop on the way this gave him some dignity not much , but better than being carried around by a drone all the time

2005-02-25, 12:12 AM
StarBlade was still leaning against a wall near where all the repairs were being done. She had no where to be, and wasn't damaged, aside from some scorching on her one side from Magnus' missle. That didn't bother her much, since she was black and grey. She could buff off the ash and such later.

Lifting her head at hearing a voice, StarBlade noticed Ramjet, and smirked. So, he made it.

"Glad to see you made it, Ramjet."

2005-02-25, 02:05 AM
After Weirdwolf's first move, Carnivac made his by moving a pawn (who looked like the Autobot Rewind).

After getting some free energon drinks, Breakdown, Deadend and Wildrider invaded an unused table in the corner of the common room. All three of the Stunticons removed from subspace what looked like a deck of playing cards.

Flipping through the cards in his deck, Breakdown said " Who wants to start."

Wildrider didn't look up from his cards " Ain't we suppose ta figure out where we're fightin' first?"

Deadend drunk some of his energon drink before saying " Quite..." With that Deadend brought out a datapad and a some maps from his subspace pocket, flipping through the maps until he choose one. That map was spread out on the table while the others went back into subspace.

Wildrider and Breakdown took a moment to look up from their cards and look at the map.

"YES!!!" Wildrider yelped, as Breakdown shook his head and looked over at Deadend.

" You know how Wilder gets when..." Breakdown started to say, but Deadend interupted him.

" Thats why we are not playing with energon goodies" Deadend said " or anything else Wildrider would like to add to this game."

2005-02-25, 04:48 AM
Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat scowled as the door admitted Tempest.

"You want something?"

Command Deck, Scorponok

Spinister spun his chair around to face Fly. He glanced at the half-Duocon, fully prepared to blast him to pieces if he even so much as looked at the conference room that Scorponok was using for his project.


Medbay, Scorponok

Ramjet chuckled; he found that he actually liked StarBlade now that he didn't have to worry about bodyguarding anymore.

"Yeah, good to see they didn't blast you ta bits either, StarBlade. Have any luck this time 'round?"

Cunning Ravage
2005-02-25, 05:05 AM
OOC: Sorry for the delay and any inconvenience, but a series of events has kept me having any free time but I'm back.

Trypticon, corridor

Doubledealer marched silently down a corridor his eyes shifting impatiently before he stopped.

“Am sick of waiting around this joint, I have other clients who may need my services. Time to take the money and run I think.” He thought smugly to himself.

With that he transformed into his missile truck, mode Knok and Skar entering his cab portion, and zoomed down towards an exit and his personal ship.

“I’ll inform that Hatemoger or whatever of my fee when I get to my ship.” He decided

2005-02-25, 09:35 AM
Echoshift moved to take a spot on the medical table opposite where Tracer sat. He continued to sip at the can, waiting while Cryotek tended to the helicopter's wounds.

2005-02-25, 01:35 PM
Cryotek finished some touches on Tracer.

"There goto the CR chamber for awhile and you will be good as new." He then looked at Echoshift.

"Who's my next victi.... err patient?" He laughed yeah the Con doing medical work really shouldn't be joking but hey who was going to tell him otherwise.


Hatemonger opened his optics in the CR chamber a chime in his head was telling him repairs were complete. He pressed a button and opened the door removed the energon feed and stretched.

Then he got onto his com-link.

"Hatemonger, back online if you need anything let me know." He said and walked to his office.


Quake continued to rest having dreams of shooting up Optimus Prime.

"Yeah you son of slag take that!" Could be heard from his CR chamber.

2005-02-25, 01:48 PM
Tempest walked into the command deck to the see the winged menace sitting upon his pearch.

"I request troops, I've studied the information that I could gather from the back-up system. I request troops, able bodied troops. I will need specialists. From what I can gather the map I have leads me to a building site, from that sight their are several other maps detailing the seperate parts needed to build the weapon we discussed."

Tempest waited for the fly-menace to remember and respond.

2005-02-25, 02:09 PM
Weirdwolf made his move :

he moved a minature RatBat it took Rewind as the piece landed Ratbat leaped off his Perch and sucked Rewind dry of fuel , two minature figures of Scalpel and Ratchet appeared at the board edge and scurried out to carry the fallen piece off the board.

Weirdwolf smiled , a smile that if he had fangs in robot mode would have bared them

He spoke: "Swindle for me board got , very rare one is , much more fun though think I "

2005-02-25, 10:03 PM
Grinning in amusement, Carnivac watched as Scalpel and Ratchet move off the board, before moving another pawn. Remembering what Weirdwolf told him, Carnivac made sure that this time he moved the pawn diagonally until the pawn ( Steeljaw this time) jumped the Ratbat pawn and started to rip it apart.

When Ratchet and Scalpel appeared, the two chess pieces had a hard time getting what remained of Ratbat away from the Steeljaw pawn. Carnivac could have sworn that the pawn was disappointed that the other pawn got away.

" Slag it, remind me to kill Swindle if we ever run across him," Carnivac said. How dare the Combaticon went Autobot before Carnivac found something worth buying from him. He really wanted of these kind of chess boards.

2005-02-26, 12:49 AM
on the far left of the board Weirdwolf moved Slugfest forward

Aero Blade
2005-02-26, 12:49 AM
"Good luck with the 'good doctor'," Tracer warned to Echoshift in humor, heading over and entering a CR chamber, shutting himself in for awhile.

2005-02-26, 02:20 AM
Carnivac moved his left pawn (Cliffjumper) out to met Slugfest.

Breakdown looked at the cards in the pile in shock, then looked over at Wildrider who was...humming.

" I don't believe this..." Breakdown said " That card sabotaged my battleship."

2005-02-26, 03:44 AM
StarBlade grinned evily at Ramjet's inquiry.

"I managed to avoid a shot from Magnus, and retaliated by blasting a hole in his head. I shot two other 'Bots, both red, like the fleshlings Fire Rescue vehicles, though one was obviously a femme-bot. Hopefully, Magnus decides to just die from my attack."

2005-02-26, 03:55 AM
Closing on hidden rebel base, Carbombiya:

Leozak: -indicator on his nav panel lights up-

Hans: "What's that?"

Leozak: "They have SAMs, and their tyring to get a lock." -activates commlink- "Drillhorn, Jalgar, Killbison, get to the ground, transform, and advacne on the base. Hellbat, distract the SAMs. Gaihawk, with me."

Drillhorn, Jalgar, and Killbison: -drop from the air, transforming to vehicle mode as they land, splitting up and approaching the base from three different directions-

Hellbat: "Leave it to me, Leozak!" -kicks in his afterburners, jinking and weaving through the air, ground-launched missiles missing him by millimeters as he gracefully dodges everything they fire-

Leozak and Gaihawk: -swoop down, opening up with their missiles, lasers, and machine guns, blasting the SAM launchers-

Hellbat: "Some rebels. You'd think they'd try harder......"

Gaihawk: "We do have them outgunned." -finishes off the last SAM-

Leozak: -lands, letting the reporter and cameraman out of his cockpit, then transforms-

Gaihawk and Hellbat: -transform and land behind him-

Leozak: -moves slightly, his leg moving in front of the cameraman and reporter as .50 calibur machine gun fire roars from ports in the side of the mountain the base is built into, slugs spanging off of his armor- "Attention, General. Your dictator is deposed. Surrender peacefully. We don't wish to hurt you!"

Hans: -waving at the cameraman- "Roll it, ROLL IT!!!!!"

Cameraman: -hits the button on the camera, broadcasting live to ZNN-

Hans: "This is Hans Romulous, reporting live from Carbombiya! Breast Force is at the hideout of rebel General-" -rocket explodes against Leozak's shin armor, the shockwave from it throwing both Hans and the cameraman to the ground-

Cunning Ravage
2005-02-26, 04:57 AM
Doubledealer’s ship

“This Doubledealer to Hatemonger unless you whish to rehire me I’ll just be forwarding my bill and going. I feel that a total of 123 energon cubs should cover it, be glad am not charging you for the annoyance factor caused by that Bludgeon bot, or you’d be in debt to me for the rest of your operating days!”

2005-02-26, 06:12 AM
Command Deck, Metrotitan

"Ah, yes. That." Ratbat nodded. "I'm afraid I have no troops to give, Tempest. Aside from the Metrodrones, you and I are more-or-less alone in the city."

He checked his scanners.

"Scorponok should be here within the hour. You can speak to Lord Gigatron or one of his officers about your request when they arrive; I will be departing shortly."

He glanced down at his console, and saw something in the communications log that piqued his interest.

Well, that will have to be dealt with...

"If that is all, you are dismissed."

Medbay, Scorponok

"Yeah, I think death would suit that slagheap nicely." Ramjet chuckled. "You didn't happen ta see Dirge during the battle, did you, StarBlade? He's been missin' for a while, and I've heard some nasty rumours..."

Hook moved on, working to repair Triggerhappy's other wing now.

2005-02-26, 06:49 AM
Hatemonger heard Doubledealer and smirked.

"Take what you need from holding for your payment, just do not take more than what you stated or you will wish you never crossed me." Hatemonger walked to his office and sat down and began to look at reports from the battle.


Cryotek began work on Echoshift.

2005-02-26, 05:26 PM
"Get... up there."

Sledge groaned loudly.

"What? It's not like they need another medic."

Hammer glared at his partner. He took a step from the corner of the large room and pointed across the way. Sledge's optics follow to find Hook working dilligently on a patient.

"Aren't you sick of that? If somebody wants fixed, they go to Hook. You are gonna fix that."

Sledge shook his head, grabbed a protruding bar on the medtable next to him, and began climbing.

"Fine, whatever. C'mon, goober."

Knockout closely followed Sledge up the impromptu ladder, already grinning gently about the chance to work on a patient. He needed to flex his intellectual muscle... Once on the bed, Sledge plopped down on the edge and dropped his chin in his hand. Knockout raised his hands and waved as effectively as he could.

"Hey!" the Micromaster called. "Who needs a doctor?"

Hammer returned quietly to his shadow in the corner, where Grit waited uninterestedly with folded arms. The nearby door opened, and Stonecruncher stepped in with a puzzled look on his faceplate. He glanced around, shrugged, and returned to the hall. Finally sure he wouldn't find his partner, he clicked on his radio while he walked.

"Yo, Barricade. Where are you, Micro?"


Scorponok: Flight Deck One

Gigatron's optics scanned the floor of the deck as he closed the space between himself and Windrazor. A mildly confused look met his face, but he still managed to look thoroughly in charge and certain of every detail surrounding him.

"I was of the understanding we'd find an informant here... By the name of Fly, one of your men. I'm told his other Duocon half is in Autobot custody. Does any of this sound familiar to you?"

Phantom Starscream
2005-02-26, 06:12 PM
Barricade stepped out into the hall. ''Right here.''

He stepped a little further into the room and radioed another Micromaster. ''Get over here Rotorhead.''

2005-02-26, 06:28 PM
"You mean...?" Thrust said to Ramjet, the subject of Dirge making him uneasy. As much as he didn't like to imagine the blue jet being held in Autobot custody against his will or dead, he liked the other possibility - Dirge having left and betrayed them - even less.

2005-02-26, 07:07 PM
Fly looked puzzled , the only Con here was Spinster. He wheeled round to face him , moving slightly nearer the door containing Scorponok's secret as he did .

"do you know where Hatemonger is ? " he asked .

He paused as a mental report came in from his other half
deciding the information couldn't wait he opened a Com Link

"Hatemonger Sir I'm on the bridge as ordered , Wheels just reported a few things , they brought in at least a couple more bots injured , He thinks he heard Ultra Magnus' voice and he's 75 % sure the dead Bot was Kup he can hear them saying his name and the tone of voice is kind funny so he reckons it might be because the old timer croaked "

2005-02-26, 07:16 PM
Weirdwolf touched one of his Knights it vanished
seconds later a shape appeared behind Cliffjumper and shot him in the back . Ratchet and Scalpel came out to carry the body off
Scalpel took out a medical tool and started trying to remove Cliffjumpers optical sensor , Ratchet punched him on the jaw knocking him over and carried Cliffjumper off the edge .
Scalpel sulked then slowly left the board on the opposite side . Skywarp just smirked

2005-02-26, 07:21 PM
A CR chamber openned, and Motormaster stepped out. Instead of leaving the room, Motormaster leaned against a wall (that was inbetween two CR chambers.) Motormaster's optics quickly found the chamber Dragstrip was in and glared at it. The Stunticon leader hadn't been offline in the chamber, and a certain scene kept replaying in his mind.

Carnivac smirked down at the Skywarp chess piece and moved the pawn had once stood on Cliffjumper's right (before Cliffjumper was moved). The pawn (Sunrunner) fired his minature heat-seeking missiles at Skywarp. Scalpel waited until the missiles exploded before pulling the slightly melted Skywarp off the chess board.

2005-02-26, 08:09 PM
Stonecruncher turned his head to the voice quickly, a cool look visible in his opticband. He raised his arms and began toward Barricade with a swagger in his step.

"Hey hey! How've you been, Micro? How'd you do in the fight? My guys in medbay can fix you up if you got hurt."

Phantom Starscream
2005-02-26, 08:21 PM
''Good as I'll ever be.'' Barricade began, ''Stonecruncher,seen any of my team around?''

Barricade turned around hearing footsteps.
''Hey,boss. Good thing I found you. Wheres everyone else?''
''I'm not sure. They'll pop up sometime.'' Barricade replied to his fellow teammate.
''Or maybe they bit the dust in battle'' the Micromaster said
'' Or maybe you should shut up,Rotorhead.''
''Yes sir.'' Rotorhead said, ''You might want to check one of the decks.''
''We can wait.No?'' The Race Track Patrol Team Leader said shaking his metal head.

2005-02-26, 09:09 PM
Medbay, Scorponok

Ramjet shrugged.

"No one knows. No one's seen him since we left Cybertron, s'far as I know." He shook his head. "I don't like it, Thrust."

He strode over towards the bed that Knockout was occupying. With a shrug directed at Thrust and StarBlade, he sat.

"Start weldin', minidocs."

Command Deck, Scorponok

Spinister shook his head, glaring at Fly.

"No." He gestured towards the exit. "Unless you have other business, leave. You aren't authorized to be here."

2005-02-26, 09:43 PM
Echoshift grimaced in response to Tracer's comment as the other headed off towards an unoccupied CR chamber. He turned his attention back to Cryotek and watched as the other patched up the cut on his wing.

2005-02-26, 09:48 PM
Knockout gave Ramjet little more than an enthusiastic grin as his first customer came to call. He made haste in preparing his tools; Sledge sighed and forced himself to his feet. With a bored nonchalance, Sledge swiped a laser scalpel from Knockout's toolbox, climbed onto Ramjet's shoulder, and set to work.

In the corner below, Hammer's optics glowed while Grit turned his head and looked away.


Scorponok: Halls

Stonecruncher thought on Barricade's request for a moment, punctuating it with a shrug.

"Got that one next to you," he joked with a gesture to Rotorhead. "Haven't seen the rest of 'em, though..."

Stonecruncher glanced to his fellow Micromasters, stepped between them, and put his arms across their shoulders.

"They're big bots, they can take care of 'emselves. But you gotta loosen up. Whadaya say we go get a drink to celebrate a hard-won battle, huh?"

(OOC: Incidentally, I thought it was Motorhead.)

Phantom Starscream
2005-02-26, 10:02 PM
(OOC:Sorry,It probably is Motorhead. I've just been calling him Rotorhead.)

Barricade knew his team would show up sometime. ''Sure.'' He said turning his eyes from Motorhead to Stonecruncher

Motorhead started to talk,''I still never saw them come in.''
Barricade had had enough.''Maybe you weren't watching.Now lets go.''


Ground Hog stood in Med-Bay
He looked at his Radio. ''I need to get this fixed.''He murmered aloud. He looked around. He thought to get a quick rest in before locating his leader.

2005-02-26, 11:09 PM
Fly proceeded off the bridge and down to flight deck 1 in case their had been a misunderstanding , he got in the lift and as the doors opened he spotted Gigatron andWindrazor

2005-02-27, 12:34 AM
Weirdwolf made his next move moving Frenzy up next to Slugfest

2005-02-27, 02:13 AM
Carnivac narrowed his optics, wondering what Weirdwolf was thinking. Knowing that this was probably the last move his Sunrunner piece made, Carnivac moved the chess piece diagonally again...this time the minature Autobot Micromaster used his missile attack on Frenzy. Even as Scalpel took the Cassetticon off the board, Carnivac could have sworn Sunrunner looked nervous.

2005-02-27, 06:14 AM
Tempest left the command deck and made his way to the training area inside the base. Hopefully he could find a metrobot that he could play around with.

2005-02-27, 10:05 AM
Weirdwolf moved Overkill diagonally the dinosaur bit off Sunrunner's arms before tearing his head off living up to his name . Scalpel and Ratchet raced from opposite sides of the board , Overkill lunged at Scalpel as he arrived , Ratchet slipped in and removed Sunrunner while OverKill chased Scalpel round the board .
Weirdwolf picked up Overkill and replaced him in the correct space.

"Sometimes carried away get they " he said

Overkill coughed up an arm Scalpel darted out and recovered it and waved it at Ratchet defiantly .
Ratchet gave a signal and Fix it and First Aid appeared behind Scalpel and tackled him to the ground, wrestling the arm from him before disappearing to join Ratchet on the other side of the board

2005-02-27, 03:01 PM
Cryotek finished up the remaining major repairs on Echoshift.

"Ok, hit the CR chamber and call me in the morning." He said wiping oil and gunk off his hands.

"Next!" He called out.


Hatemonger got onto his com-link to Gigatron while looking over briefs in his office.

"Sir I hope you don't mind me inquiring but what is next?" he asked.


A buzzer went off in Quakes head as the gunhappy Decepticon rose from his sleep.

"Aww man!" He grumbled as he was having some amusing dreams.

"I was just kneecapping Optimus Prime in from of a damaged Hot Rod." He groaned disconnecting himself and exiting the CR chamber.

"Oh well at least my plasma cannon is fixed." He smiled and place the cannon on his back and went out to his targetmasters.

"So did you guys miss me?" he asked the two Neublons.

"Not really!" Tiptop laughed.

"Jerks." Quake responded and sat back down.

2005-02-27, 03:44 PM
Echoshift nodded at Cryotek before easing down off the table, picking his up can of energon along the way and downing what remained of it. Tossing the can carelessly into the nearest waste disposal unit, Echoshift examined his wing, then absentmindedly rubbed at the recently repaired spot with a finger as he headed off to the CR chambers.

2005-02-27, 04:57 PM
Stonecruncher strode through the gargantuan door in the corner of the room confidently, his optics already locked on his destination. The mess hall was mostly quiet as usual; in this modern world, most Decepticons preferred to recharge in the privacy of their personal quarters. Stonecruncher, however, was far too sociable for that. He loved little more than to chug a can after a hard day's work in the company of his compatriots.

The bar was hidden in a dimly-lit corner of the room, one wall separating it from the rest. The seats before it were empty, of course, save one Decepticon who'd had a bit too much and gone into stasis. Stopping at the foot of a stool, Stonecruncher looked up and snapped his fingers.

"Two cans a' premium multi. No iodine."

The barkeep drone whirred for a moment and quickly produced the order, which was set carefully at Stonecruncher's feet. He reached over one can (nearly his own size) to twist off the top and hoisted it to his chest.

"Great stuff," he told Barricade with a swig. "So how many kills did you boys get in the fight?"


Scorponok: Medbay

Knockout looked over his work once more and nodded to himself, an unabashed grin showing his satisfaction. He shut down his iron and hopped off Ramjet. Sledge looked toward the door, obviously unappreciative of their accomplishment.

"You're all set," Knockout informed their patient. "Next!"

Phantom Starscream
2005-02-27, 05:14 PM
Mess Hall

Barricade juged the drink down.''Good stuff indeed.''He said looking about the room. ''We didn't get too many. Ground Hog got injured. As much as I hate to admit it We need each other,so I stayed behind. What about you,Stonecruncher?


Ground Hog heard Knockout's Shouting and quickly walked towards him. ''Got time?'' He asked.

2005-02-27, 05:40 PM
Mess Hall , Scorponok

Ruckus strolled into the Mess Hall and looked around , spotting the gaggle of Cons , He strode over . Taking a stool and placing a order . He greeted the others.

"Hi there guys , how did you do in the battle" ?

2005-02-27, 08:34 PM
Before Ramjet walked away to get his repairs, StarBlade answered him.

"I haven't seen hide nor hair of Dirge, sorry..." As Ramjet headed off for repairs, the assassin shook her head some. "Its still hard to believe that he actually has no problem with me now... I guess once he stopped being a bodyguard, his aprehensions about an assassin walking around went the way of the dinosaurs...." This was just her talking to herself, so she didn't expect a response from Thrust.

2005-02-27, 10:42 PM
Exterior of Hidden Base, Carbombiya:

Hellbat: -lurches as a salvo of shoulder fired rockets slam into him- "All right! I take it back! You guys can put up a fight!"

Drillhorn: -tank mode, starboard side facing the back, rocking slightly as rocket propelled grenades explode against his track shields-

Hans and the cameraman: -cowering agianst Drillhorn's left side-

Leozak: "Killbison! GO!"

Killbison: -tank mode, charges towards the front of the mountainside the base is hidden in, twin particle projection cannon blazing away-

Gaihawk: "But, Captain-"

Leozak: "I know what I'm doing! Jalgar?"

Jalgar: -robot mode, cat-like ears on his head twitching slightly- "They're running away from the door, Captain."

Killbison: -wreathed in fire and explosions, roaring in anger, smashes through the concealed doors at the front of the base-

Leozak: "Now, Hellbat-"

Hellbat: -leaps, transforming to fighter mode and streaking towards the base- "I'm ahead of you, Leozak!" -flies in through the destroyed doors, transforms back to robot mode, lands in fromt of Killbison, chuckling as small arms fire spings off of his torso and arms- "Just not much of a fight. HELLBAT STRIKE- HYPNOTIC WAVE!!!!!!" -hypnotizes all of the humans in the room-
A Short Time Later....:

Hans: -hairpiece askew, peers up over Drillhorn's side, once he notices the shooting has stopped- "Is it over?"

Cameraman: -points- "Hans, your hair....."

Hans: "Huh?" -reaches up, hastily straightens his hairpiece- "Roll it."

Cameraman: -starts broadcasting-

Hans: "We're back. The shooting has stopped here at the rebel's base, and......" -looks back at the open base entrance, jaw drops- "I don't think there's been a single casuality."

Cameraman: -swings around, the camera watching as all of the humans in the base troop out, hands over their heads, Hellbat standing before the entrance, straddling the line, giving Leozak and everybody watching a thumbs-up-

Gaihawk: -groans- "What a ham....."

2005-02-27, 10:52 PM
" Some times getting carried away isn't a bad idea..." Carnivac said as he moved the pawn (Bumblebee) on the far right. " You have to agree at times it's very amusing."

Carnivac sat back in the chair and took a drink from his cup. Carnivac laughted as minature Constructicons appeared and started to attack the Autobot medics.

2005-02-27, 11:34 PM
" You Carnivac have a point do"

Weirdwolf watched as the Constructicons formed Devestator, and minature Protectobots appeared and started forming Defensor

He moved a pawn in the middle of the board Squawlktalk

2005-02-27, 11:43 PM
Windrazor shook his head, bemused.
"No, it is not," he replied. "This Fly, he did take part in the battle, but he arrived on the field with Hatemonger's force. I was unaware that he was a Duocon, nor that he was captured. What of it, anyway?" he asked bluntly.

2005-02-28, 02:51 AM
Narrowing his optics, Carnivac leaned over and snatched the minature Blades before he could connect to the rest of Defensor. When Carnivac leaned back, he held a struggling Blades in his hand. As he moved another pawn (Eject) to stand next to the Bumblebee pawn, Carnivac ignored the glares he was getting from his own pieces.

Nightracer stepped out of the CR chamber when it opened and then walked out of the room.

2005-02-28, 04:31 AM
Gigatron humphed softly, a bit perturbed by all the miscommunication flying about. He did prefer these things to be tidier...

"Naturally, we--"

Gigatron found himself distracted by a peculiar sight over Windrazor's shoulder: a jet, in some way strapped to a scorpion drone, was heading their way. He watched in mild amusement for a moment.

"This would appear to be him... Fly, then? Tell us of your predicament."


Scorponok: Medbay

Knockout stood as tall as he could to peer over the table to the voice calling for him. He grinned upon sighting Ground Hog and waved him up.

"Sure do. What do you need repaired?"


Scorponok: Mess Hall

Stonecruncher took another swig from his relatively giant can. He set it down next to him with a satisfied nod and gave the much taller Ruckus an easy welcoming nod.

"Nah, me 'n' the crew got stuck puttin' up gun emplacements on the rear lines. I think Scorp stepped on a couple, but I guess I get an assist for the ones that did their job... What about you, big guy? Slag any Primes?"

Phantom Starscream
2005-02-28, 04:41 AM

Ground Hog through up a quick chukle.
"Radio for one. Also. A little arm damage." He told Knockout.

Scorponok:Mess Hall

Motorhead stepped into the room.
" hey,boss. was wonderind where you went. Found Med-Bay if you need repairs.
"Nah. You should go down there and get your joints loosend though." Barricade joked.
"Very funny." Motorhead shrugged. He went up to the drone and placed an order.

2005-02-28, 05:23 AM
Medbay, Scorponok

Ramjet hopped off the table, admiring the repair job. He nodded in satisfaction.

"You do good work, runt. Thanks."

He looked at StarBlade.

"Not as sorry as he'll be if he's jumped ship, I tell ya..."


Scorponok's voice boomed out. "All hands, perpare for landing and transformation."

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat watched Tempest leave, then turned to the console that had attracted his attention.

Oh, he's still alive, is he? Well. It would be most effective to bring the agent to active status, then.

The cassetticon typed in a command sequence, triggering the remote device he was interfacing with.

2005-02-28, 05:58 AM
Mess Hall, Scorponok

Runabout and Runamuck entered the room, causing quite a commotion. After their earlier attempts at hiding their presence, they wanted to make themselves known to the others, if for no other reason than to make sure that the others knew they were still around.

"Hey, everybody!" Runabout shouted.

"Hail Decepticons!" Runamuck added.

2005-02-28, 09:00 AM
When Dragstrip's CR chamber opened up, Motormaster was more then ready. The leader of the Stunticons acted before Dragstrip even noticed he was there. Motormaster grabbed the other Stunticon's shoulder hard as he drove his other fist into were Dragstrip's wound had been.

Pulling his fist back, Motormaster grimly smiled down at Dragstrip, then said " For someone who says they're th' best..."

" I AM the best." Dragstrip hissed out, interupting Motormaster, who punched him again, this time harder and in the face. This time when Motormaster pulled back his fist, some energon came with it.

"What'ya ARE is a malfunction Vector Sigma stuck me with." Motormaster hissed back " Someone who is a step away from goin' to th' smelters 'cause of his own idioticy."

Dragstrip was about to say something, but Motormaster used his fist to shut the other Stunticon up.

" Ya made at least three mistakes today alone," Motormaster said " First ya seem ta forgotten that your place in life (Motormaster punched Dragstrip)...IS to be whatever I see fit to let ya be...be it warrior, shield, or punchin' bag (Dragstrip was hit again). Second, ya didn't follow through with yer pathetic little murder attempt...who the slag do ya think ya are, Starscream?"

With that being said, Motormaster let go of Dragstrip's shoulder and started to use the other Stunticon as a punching bag, slightly amused when Dragstrip tried to fight back. When Motormaster was done, he left Dragstrip on the floor...now covered with dents and leaking in places.

Before Motormaster left the room, he heard Dragstrip ask " And what was third mistake?"

" Thinkin' yer the best" Motormaster said, then left. Dragstrip's fist hit the floor before he pulled himself up, limped back to a CR chamber and reentered it.

Scorponok's mess hall

Coming into the mess hall after the Battlechargers and hearing what they were shouting, Nightracer was glad that her face mask hid her expression. Sighing, Nightracer discided that she needed a drink before she delt with anymore stupidity and headed towards the bar.

After picking up a drink by herself form a distracted Bartender, she took out a hidden tube (tipped with a hollow needle like thing) out of a compartment in her left arm and stuck it in the drink. Now able to drink without taking off her mask, Nightracer turned to look at Runabout and Runamuck, stared at them a while, then asked " Are you done yet?"

2005-02-28, 11:47 AM
Windrazor looked on as Gigatron spoke to Fly, somewhat amused by the latter's rather bizzare appearance. He simply stood to one side, letting the two converse, knowing that he'd be called upon when needed. Or, that he'd butt in if he felt that he needed to. One thing was certain, this development suggested more action for the Decepticon's Acting Air Commander, and he liked that.

2005-02-28, 04:24 PM
Ruckus raised his drink to Stonecruncher :

" couldn't get where we do without back up and logistics . I damaged a few blew ones arm right off and I think I got a couple of hits on Fort Max. Don't suppose you guys know where I can get some spare parts , the medics said they could do a patch job but I quite fancy something in chrome."


Fly turned to face Gigatron trying to maintain an air of poise and dignity , despite his incogruous circumstances, partially transformed balancing on a drone, the drone turned slowly and it toook a while before he could see Gigatron :

"Greetings Lord Gigatron . The situation is as follows ,I was hit by a stray round from Hatemonger on an attack run on snipers on the roof of Fort Max , due to a breakdown in communications my other half Wheels ,was under the impression that it was deliberate.

He fired on Hatemonger thinking I was dead our mental link having been broken by me being knocked unconscious. Hatemonger in his mercy spared my non too intelligent partner , who then in a foolish attempt to either kill himself or regain our honour charged most of the Autobot forces .

As a consequence he was injured knocked unconscious and captured by the Autobots . He was placed in a holding cell adjacent to their medical bay , where he seems to have been forgotten , he can to some extent observe and hear the comings and goings from the aforementioned medbay. Which he then relays to me by our mental link of which the autobots seem to be unaware.

So far he has ascertained that Ultra Magnus is alive , details of their casualty figures, a death possibly of Kup, some scheme of theirs possibly involving Blitzwing and energon and the arrival of 1 human fleshling in an unconscious state.

As for myself as you can see I have limited mobility without my other half . I estimate that as long as Wheels is in this particular holding cell , he will be able to supply low to medium grade intelligence , if he is moved to the brig the amount of intelligence will decline.

A logical possibility is that Wheels plays up the attack on Hatemonger , claim that i was executed for this attack and he as half a duocon has no part in the decepticon army, the weak peace loving autobots may then take pity on him putting him in a position to gather further intelligence or deploy him as however you see fit Lord Gigatron Sir ."

2005-02-28, 05:17 PM
Scorponok: Mess Hall

"I don't know, sweetie," Runabout said, glaring at Nightracer in a rather suggestive manner. "You want me to be done?"

2005-02-28, 08:34 PM
"I'll take that as a no" Nightracer said to Runabout while wondering if any of the higher-ups would mind if she used him as target practice. " And it would be good idea not to call me 'sweetie' again."

2005-02-28, 11:42 PM
StarBlade nodded.

"I don't doubt that he'll get thrashed, if not slagged, if he jumped. If it were up to me, I'd take him out quick and quiet if he did... But I'm just a lowly assassin. My aim goes where our esteemed leader points."

2005-03-01, 12:03 AM
Weirdwolf moved Beastbox out next to Squalktalk .
watching with detached interest as Whirl appeared and charged straight at Devestator

2005-03-01, 12:12 AM
The brig was a dark and gloomy place.

Transformers had been known to have lain in here for years before anyone had remembered they were still here.

In a dark corner of the brig, lay a pile of broken and twisted metallic limbs and torsos....Soundwave, Frenzy and Slugfest. All deactivated...


Overkill had hidden himself in the ventilation system of Metrotitan. He had no desired to be scraped like his fellow dino-con Slugfest. His sensors had detected that 2 fellow cassetticons were hidden in the same system of metallic pipes...he followed the signal as it got stronger and stronger....

2005-03-01, 12:23 AM
Hatemonger sat down and relaxed as Scorpnok begin his landing transformation.


Cryotek began to clean up where he was working as nobody else seemed to be around and he could go back to his lab soon anway.


Quake sat and watched the games being played by the other Decepticons.

2005-03-01, 12:51 AM

Somewhere, a man sits on a woven mat, waiting.

Not for money. Not for power. Simply for information.

The room is dim, the walls far enough away, no light finds it's way into the room.

So he waits, meditating on the next course of action, only moving when two men file into the room. His eyes open, his long beard rustling slightly as his head raises. "Well?"

The two men kneel, briefly prostrating themselves before the bearded man. The one on the left spoke. "I am sorry, sir. There was not a casuality."

The bearded man's nostrils flared briefly, but that was the only indication of any reaction he might have had to the news. "And our agents?"

Swallowing slightly, the one on the right said, "They have been taken from the ranks of the prisoners."


Sighing, he continued. "They have been turned over to the civilian government of Carbombiya along with the hidden explosives they carried." Then he scowled. "At last reports, they've been telling anyone and everyone who will listen all that they know about the Jihad. Fortunately, their numbers are few, and the damage is easily contained."

The bearded man nodded. "Then perhaps it is time we started being more direct......"

Briefing Room, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -using a laser pointer on the tactical display- "We've been lucky so far, Leozak. If they start hitting on multiple fronts, we're going to be overwhelmed.

Leozak: "Hnn."

Cameraman: -pivots, swinging the camera towards Leozak-

Leozak: -slams fist onto table- "Every minute the EDC and the UN hesitates, the people of this country are put in greater risk. Why haven't they called?" -looks over at Hellbat- "How goes the interrogation?"

Hellbat: "The humans we captured from this 'Islamic Jihad' organization are convinced of two things: Their belief in Allah, and that we are demons."

Leozak: -leonine ears on his helmet twitching- "Demons?"

Killbison: -horns on his helmet twitching- "Us?"

Hellbat: -batwing-esque fins on the sides of his helmet twitching slightly- "Us. They believe that it is the divine will of Allah to kill us, as we are demons invading their land." -shrugs- "They are fanatics."

Leozak: "Well, we knew it wouldn't be easy....."

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-01, 02:09 AM

A micromaster quickly zoomed through the halls. His pink paint looked as streaks. The Micr. transformed into Robot and adjustified his radio.

"Sir. This is Roller Force. I'm in the hall right now,but you're not..."
He closed off in a puzzled look. No one he could show off to. Well. Soon ther'd be.

Mess Hall:Scorponok

Barricade heard the radio. Turning to Stonecrusher he said. "I'll be back. I think Roller Force wants us."

He turned toward the door."Let's go." He told Motorhead.

2005-03-01, 03:24 AM
Carnivac moved the Steeljaw pawn diagonally and watched as the cassettebot attack Beastbox. Scalpel looked unhappy as he went to "rescue" Beastbox.

Deadend watched as Breakdown and Wildrider got into a fist fight. Even as he quickly gathered up all the game cards (and map) and put them into subspace, Deadend mentally made a note to add the Saboteur card to the list of things that the Stunticons weren't allowed to use in this game.

2005-03-01, 09:21 AM
Beastbox fought back struggling until the rules of the game meant that ,he was forced to submit , his battered figure was carried off by Scalpel . Steeljaw bit Scalpel as he passed

Weirdwolf moved a bishop , Soundwave which picked up Steeljaw and crushed him in one hand .

2005-03-01, 12:20 PM
Metrotitan's piping system sure did get tight in place. Overkill squeezed through many difficult spots, nearing a meeting place up ahead where sever of the pipes fed into a bigger central chamber. He didn't understand much of these tunnels, but he knew what he was lookng for in here.

The route took him downhill slightly and he dropped into the chamber. He shined a light around inside, against the far corner lay two figures - Laserbeak and Ravage. Both lay still...deactivated no doubt to avoid detection, awaiting orders from the master.

He must awaken them...

2005-03-01, 04:30 PM
Gigatron folded his arms over his chest and listened to the news with an impartial expression, though some bits of information did churn his processor. He nodded once with the end of Fly's report and turned his head toward Windrazor.

"So you see, we may need to consider a rescue operation before the Autobots can extract any information from him. Tell me, Fly, how much vital knowledge do you think your partner can give our enemy?"


Scorponok: Medbay

Knockout grinned to Ground Hog's request. He bent down and rummaged through his toolbox to find the right equipment.

"My specialty! Have a seat and I'll get right to work..."


Scorponok: Mess Hall

Stonecruncher raised his can again to toast Barricade and Motorhead as they departed, slugging back its remaining contents. He sighed and looked up to Ruckus after a moment of contemplation.

"Spare parts... Hm. Not me, but my buddy Excavator could hook y'up with somethin'. Yo, X. Get down to mess. I got somebody who needs your expertise."

Stonecruncher clicked off the radio just as the Battlechargers made their raucous entrance. He snickered at the exchange and raised his voice so Nightracer could hear him.

"Aw, lighten up, dollface. The mech's only havin' some fun."

Slightly intoxicated, Stonecruncher went oblivious to the notion that the sniper could kill him with little more than a thought...

2005-03-01, 04:48 PM
"Gigatron Sir , Wheels being the body unit has about half the memory storage capacity of myself. As an assault unit , I doubt his access would be much above low level , he does however have detailed copies of the layout of our cities and bases and the armament of these as these would be common knowledge amongst the troops. The only other significant knowledge i can think of would be of the Duocon process itself."


Ruckus replied to Stonecruncher :

" excellent , thanks for the assistance , anything i can do for the pair of you , give me a shout and i'll see what i can do."

2005-03-01, 07:41 PM
Carnivac watched in amusement as Ratchet attempted to get the Cassettebot from Soundwave, as he moved one of his Bishops (Prowl) one space.

" How do you keep them from turning your room into a war zone?" Carnivac asked Weirdwolf.

" That depends on what a mech calls fun. In my experience, what other 'cons called 'fun' was another word for 'stupidity' " Nightracer said to Stonecruncher " take for instince you calling me 'dollface', that was stupidity."

2005-03-01, 08:10 PM
Windrazor nodded at Fly.
"Which is a tactical advantage best kept among the Decepticons," he concurred. Then he turned to Gigatron and spoke casually.

"The way I see it, we have two choices. Either we go in and rescue him soon, while the Autobots are still reeling from our attack. Or, we terminate him remotely using the link between Fly and Wheels. However, I don't believe that the latter is a wise course of action in the circumstances. For one, the intelligence he gathers may be useful. Second, as far as I'm aware, there are only two Duocon transformers in the Decepticon ranks. They're a valuable commodity, not to be squandered.

2005-03-01, 08:13 PM
Weirdwolf grinned wolfishly

"set with mini spies comes , first time they misbehave , no more mini spies , since then they attack each other only ."

2005-03-01, 09:31 PM
Thrust looked at StarBlade, his face hard and his optics darkening. "Promise me something - if Dirge's really... turned from the Decepticons, leave it to Ramjet and I to take him out. It would be our right. We've been his wingmates for a long time."

2005-03-02, 12:37 AM
Gigatron raised a finger and flicked it once toward Windrazor.

"Precisely my conclusion. As much as the intelligence may prove useful, we cannot allow our opportunity to pass. Windrazor, assemble a unit to perform the rescue operation. You may wish to bring our friend here to help guide your way."

Gigatron puncuated his order with a tilt of the head just so to reflect the light in his optics. They say that ninety percent of communication is nonverbal, so it wasn't difficult for Gigatron's gesture to add, "And kill him if he's lying." He turned abruptly and started off, confident there would be no further questions.


Scorponok: Mess Hall

Stonecruncher guffawed loudly at Nightracer's insult, his optics floating up to Ruckus with a slightly incredulous expression. He looked back to the sniper and raised a hand before him.

"Woah now. Sorry I'm not an intellectual giant like you, lady."

Through the commotion, Excavator scuffled in quietly and made his way toward Stonecruncher. He was glad his partner was distracted; he hoped to do his business and be gone before the argument ended.

"Is there someone looking for materials?" he asked timidly.

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-02, 12:45 AM

Ground Hog jumped up on Knockout's Table and eyed his tools. "Good." Ground Hog said.

Scorponok:Mess Hall

Roller Force walked into the mess hall "False alarm." he said.

Barricade turned to Stoncrusher "Guess I can stay." He said calmly.

2005-03-02, 01:06 AM
" The old 'kill the unneeded' play" Carnivac said thoughtfully while looking at the chess board " that usually only works with Autobots..."

" It's more common sense, then intelligence." Nightracer said to Stonecruncher. Nightracer didn't add that she thought that common sense and intelligence were things that some Decepticons lacked.

2005-03-02, 05:57 AM
Carbombyan Desert, near Metrotitan

Scorponok's thrusters died, and he settled to the ground. He scuttled towards Metrotitan, then transformed to defense base mode when he found a satisfactory spot.

Medbay, Scorponok

Ramjet braced himself as the room shifted during the transformation process. When it was done, he nodded to StarBlade and Thrust.

"Yeah. If he's jumped ship, we'll have to take care of 'im ourselves. It's the least we could do..."

Hook stood back from Triggerhappy.

"All done. Next!"

Briefing Room, Trypticon

Wipe-out strode somewhat nervously into the room. His voice was set to full obsequiosity.

"You forget about us, Great Commander Leozak. I and my fellow drones would be honoured to serve your cause."

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat waited until Scorponok had settled himself, then activated his comm unit.

"Lord Gigatron, I have some...interesting facts to report. Do you have time?"

2005-03-02, 06:37 AM
StarBlade looked at the two, then nodded.

"Alright. You got it. He's yours." While the assassin didn't like giving up kills, this was one she'd be glad to let others take care of.

2005-03-02, 07:40 AM
Fly acknowledged Gigatron , thankful that his partner would be recovered , but a little perturbed by the glint in Windrazor eye."


Ruckus slowly put down his tankard of energon, there he was again making un Decepticon like gestures, he'd have to watch his consumption. He revised his statement .

" I mean this is a one off deal , in direct proportion to the quality of parts , right ."

"Excavator over here".

Ruckus waved his tankard in Excavators general direction.

2005-03-02, 08:04 AM
Medbay, Scorponok

Hook called out next and the the Predacons moved forward to be repaired, just a general obsvation for osme, except for Headstrong whose leg armor need to be replaced.


Outside Metrotitan

Tempest transformed into his jet mode, and laucnhed from one of Metrotitan's launching bays and headed off to Scorponok to talk to Gigatron. After their last mission, he knew he'd have to wait a while for Gigatron to consider his mission, but I'm sure Gigatron could find a good use for him.

2005-03-02, 09:18 AM
Scorponok: Mess Hall

Irritated by the interference of Stonecruncher, Runabout took the opportunity afforded to him by his somewhat questionable state of mind to deliver a swift kick to the Micromaster combiner.

"Hey!" he shouted in mock annoyance. "What where you're standing, you little twerp! You nearly made me trip!"

2005-03-02, 02:59 PM
Gigatron stopped suddenly in his tracks, like a statue frozen in time. His foot claws gripped the floor while Scorponok transformed again - when the motion was complete, he again took step and passed into the medbay.

"Shortly, Ratbat. I do look forward to your report."

Gigatron paused in the doorway, his optics panning over the bustling infirmary. A few Decepticons hailed weakly to his coming, but he paid them no concern. His feet pulled slowly over the floor of the long hall, giving his optics time to scan for the target. He sensed he was close as he entered the CR corridor.

"Bludgeon, come. We must have words post-haste."


Across the room

Knockout pulled a laser scalpel and began cutting at the seams of a side panel on Ground Hog's head. With the protection out of the way, he flicked on his chest-mounted flashlights and began probing the inner workings.

"Just relax. I'll have you fixed up before you know it."


Scorponok: Mess Hall

Excavator looked nervously in the direction of his name and gave a small nod to Ruckus. He shuffled across the floor and climbed onto an adjacent barstool. He needed to stand to be as close to the Triggercon's height as he could. (He understood he may be difficult to hear over the noise of the hall.)

"What can I do for you?"

On the floor, Stonecruncher simply chuckled at Nightracer's comment. He had begun to turn toward the bar to order another drink, but his vision was distracted by a giant black foot flying at him. Mildly slowed as he was, Stonecruncher could do little but attempt (and fail) to grasp the foot as it connected square with his torso, sending him soaring back into the wall. The metal proved stronger than his small weight could penetrate, and he bounced to land on his face on the floor.

"You overgrown can opener," Stonecruncher growled at Runabout as he pushed himself up. "You're lucky you only did that to me... I'll just take yer arm off for it!"

A few heavy steps took Stonecruncher back toward Runabout; he wound back as he crossed the void and threw a heavy punch at the Battlecharger's shin.

(OOC: Remember the Constructors' strength of 9, B.)

Random Sweep
2005-03-02, 03:39 PM
" Thanks Hook " Triggerhappy said and then headed out to make way for the other wounded.

2005-03-02, 05:54 PM
Runabout immediately collapsed to his knees as Stonecruncher punched him directly in the shin. For being a small bugger, he had incredible strength.

Runamuck, naturally, took exception to this. "Hey! Get over here, you little munchkin!" He dove for the Micromaster, only to miss him completly and collide straight with Nightracer.

2005-03-02, 06:50 PM
Talk about irony...still it does prove my point, Nightracer thought as she watched the events unfold. When Runamuck collided with her, Nightracer stumbled and her back was pushed into the bar table. Glaring at all of them, then down at the white Battlecharger, Nightracer pushed him.

2005-03-02, 07:07 PM
Ruckus replied to Excavator

" I was looking for some chrome parts some hubcaps etc. "

Ruckus dodged to one side to avoid various brawling Cons

"does your partner need a hand ." He said

2005-03-02, 07:42 PM
"What the slag?!" Runamuck snarled, shoving Nightracer away from him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?! You think I attacked you on purpose or something?!"

2005-03-02, 08:39 PM
Medbay, Scorponok

Ramjet nodded. "Thanks, StarBlade. But hopefully we'll find out that he's dead or something, so we won't haveta do it."

Hook waved Headstrong onto a nearby surgical table.

"Lie down and deactivate your pain sensors."

Scorponok's voice boomed again.

"All hands, take note. Nonessential city services are shutting down temporarily, to allow for repairs to the main computer systems. This will take approximately two minutes."

Command Deck, Scorponok

Only seconds after the announcement had been made, a scorpion drone carried a glowing silver cylinder past Spinister. The Targetmaster watched as the drone took the object into the room that hosted Scorponok's special project.

Command Deck, Metrotitan

Ratbat nodded, though Gigatron of course couldn't see that.

"As you wish."