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Vin Ghostal
2005-02-01, 02:48 AM
The screen opens to the usual AWF logo and then it flips over to a black back ground and the outline of a person that starts walking forward. As he starts to walk Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day kicks in. As the lyrics kick in images begin to move down beside him at an angle.

I walk this lonely road, the only one I've ever known

First image slides down the left side and it's a frozen image of Ignavus hitting his Finisher on Blaster

Don't know where it goes but it's home to me and I walk alone

The image un-freezes and the moved is delivered and the sound of the mat being hit is amplified.

I walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams

An image now slides down the right side and it is of Morpheus with Thundercracker and Ravage on top of him at.

Where the city sleeps and I'm the only one and I walk alone

The image unfreezes and the three-count is hit, again the sound amplified.

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me 'Til then I walk alone

As this goes on an aerial-view of a ring in an empty arena with a ring filled with generic wrestlers fighting in a ring, and some of them getting thrown over the ropes and then vanishing. The image then cuts back to the man walking through the blackened arena walking with the lighted outline around him.

I'm walking down the line That divides me somewhere in my mind

The images of HBK and Erik Summers appear, with HBK in front of Summers.

On the border line Of the edge and where I walk alone

The image un-freezes and finishes off with HBK intentionally bumping hard into Erik Summers

Read between the lines What's f*beep*d up and everything's alright

The image of the Hardcore Legends match appears sliding down.

Check my vital signs To know I'm still alive and I walk alone

The image un-freezes and focuses on a DDT by Viewfind on Thundercracker.

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me 'Til then I walk alone

The image flips back to the generic wrestlers in the generic rumble, this time there are less people and the black, white outlined man is in the ring. More people get thrown over and it shows continue to disintegrate.

I walk this empty street On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Blaster is shown getting ready to drop D-Ex with the stiff-beat

Where the city sleep And I'm the only one and I walk a...

The stiff beat is delivered and the sound of the head hitting the mat is amplified again.

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me 'Til then I walk alone...

The image flips back to the generic rumble with only two people left, the black, white outlined walker and another. The fight for a few seconds before the black and white outlined guy throws his opponent over the rope and then starts to celebrate. It cuts out here and to the Skydome in Toronto Canada where the pyros to open the show immediately start to go off.

Joey Styles: “Nothing more needs to be said, ladies and gentlemen…welcome to the SkyDome in Toronto, Canada! Welcome to what may be remembered as the most earth-shattering event in the history of sports-entertainment! Welcome to Edge of Survival 2005!”
Flec: “For once, you said it well, Joey…this could be a night that none of us in the AWF ever, ever forget!”
Joey Styles: “Let’s send it over to our broadcasting partners in crime, Jay and Jay!”

JFA: “Thank you so much, Joey Styles, and we are so pleased to be here tonight ladies and gentlemen, to see a brand new AWF World Heavyweight Champion crowned once and for all.”
JHA: “And that’s not all, Jay, we’re finally gonna get to see a few longtime issues settled before Rumble time.”
JFA: “That’s right, Jay. The HeartBrend Kid and Big Daddy Rav will go one on one here tonight. T.C. and Divebomb will finally settle their differences. And we will finally find out who Xille has recruited to face the devastating duo of V.3. Vin Ghostal and the leader of Murder Incorporated, The Lock.”
JHA: “And we’re finally gonna see the tag team match everyone wants to see, the Serial Slackaz against Blaster and Mat Man, and it’s no-disqualification!”
JHA: “That, plus a clash between Baxter and Judge Death, but let’s get started with the story of the GPA’s meltdown…with T.C.!!!”
T.C. v. Divebomb

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall…”

As ‘Disciple’ by Slayer hits, there is a mixture of cheers and jeers for the man whose arrival is heralded by the sounds. As blue lights flash, TC appears at the ring entrance with his trademark ‘TC’ thumbs-towards-self pose. Some of the fans can be seen giving TC the thumbs down. Some of them are making far cruder gestures than that.

JRA: “First… from Chicago, Illinois… TC!”

TC struts down to the ring, all the time keeping a close eye on his surroundings: the crowd, the announce positions, even the concessions counter and the bar. He is clearly expecting Divebomb to attack him at any second. As ‘My Last Serenade’ begins to cloak the arena, Divebomb jumps the guardrail and runs through TC with a vicious clothesline!

JFA: “The bell sounds… a little late, by my reckoning… and we are well underway with this match… Divebomb stomps on TC a few times… picks him up… Irish whip… reversal by TC… and a dropkick to the face of Divebomb!”
JHA: “It can only be an improvement…”

TC begins to stomp a Mudhole in Divebomb. The Burnaby native isn’t in much position to do anything but absorb the punishment until TC takes one second out to ‘flip the bird’ to the former NWA member. At this point, Divebomb wraps one hand around TC’s throat and smashes his face into the second turnbuckle. Divebomb quickly slips out from under TC and drags him out of the corner by his ankles; almost casually throwing the former AWF champion halfway across the ring before jumping up to the top turnbuckle.

JFA: “Divebomb waiting on TC… TC comes up… Divebomb down with a cross-body… TC rolls through… and gets a two-count…”

Both men quickly get to their feet and TC suddenly lets one of his fly at Divebomb. Divebomb ducks and delivers a hard shot to the midsection, followed by a swiftly executed Russian leg sweep. He turns on one knee, bringing himself level with TC’s head, and pounds away with some right hands to the temple. He grabs TC from the mat and sets him up for a powerbomb. As Divebomb brings his adversary up, however, TC reverses the move into a hurricanranna for another two-count.

JFA: “That’s twice now that TC has almost gotten a pin from reversing Divebomb’s moves…”
JHA: “I know… isn’t he superb…”

As Divebomb pushes TC off his throat and starts to get to his feet, TC uses the moment from the push top hit the ropes running and smashes both boots right into Divebomb’s jaw again. Divebomb falls and rolls toward the ropes, it seems mostly on instinct. TC follows up with a baseball slide-dropkick that knocks Divebomb to the outside. As Divebomb begins to clamber to his feet, TC hits the ropes again: this time coming off with an amazing running 450 splash over the top rope and straight onto his opponent!

JFA: “What a move! What an amazing aerial assault from TC!”
JHA: “That was FANTASTIC!”

Both men are down, but TC recovers quickly and kicks Divebomb in the head again. He grabs Divebomb and slams his face into the nearest ring post before delivering a crescent kick into Divebomb’s kidney and lower-back area.

JFA: “This isn’t looking too rosy for Divebomb at this moment…”

TC whips Divebomb towards the guardrail. Or at least he would have if Divebomb hadn’t reversed the move. TC’s lower back hits with a thud, and he staggers forward into a bodyslam. Divebomb grits his teeth momentarily before picking up TC and throwing him into the ring by his hair. Divebomb quickly follows, and delivers several quick elbow drops to TC’s back before setting up a modified Camel Clutch. The referee calls for the break, however, when he notices TC’s left foot is under the bottom rope. Clearly not amused by this turn of events, Divebomb gets up and stomps on TC’s back again before lifting him from the mat ready for a suplex.

JFA: “Divebomb’s got the facelock… up… NO!”

In mid-suplex, TC shifts his weight and manages to trap Divebomb with a small package for a count of two-and-nine-tenths. That’s how close he was to pulling out a victory. Divebomb quickly reverses and pins TC’s shoulders to the canvas for a quick two-count of his own. Both men quickly get back to their feet, and TC charges first. Divebomb manages to get into position for a rear waistlock and into a schoolboy roll-up for another two-count on TC. TC kicks out and manages a modified Magistral cradle pin for a two-count of his own. Divebomb shifts his weight again and the two men are both upright once again.

TC goes for another hurricanranna. The move connects, and the pin garners a two-and-a-half count. Divebomb reverses the cover into a sunset flip, and gets two-and-three-tenths. TC claps his heels into Divebomb’s ears, releasing himself from the pin, and quickly rolls into a bridge cover for a one-and-a-half count before Divebomb manages to turn the predicament into what looks like a Thesz press-pin for a two-count of his own. TC rolls into a sunset flip for another two-count, and Divebomb counters with a boot into TC’s jaw to end the festivities.

JFA: “Well folks, I have to say… that was certainly a show of the wrestling abilities of both TC and Divebomb…”
JHA: “Though I’d have to say TC showed a little more skill…”
JFA: “In your opinion, you mean…”
JHA: “No. I mean in my professional opinion…”
JFA: “Did somebody get you some professionalism for Christmas? Since when are you professional?”

Back in the ring, TC and Divebomb have resorted to a slugging match. It isn’t really a fair contest. TC has noticed this and quickly turns the tables with a well-placed kick to Divebomb’s left kidney. He delivers a few forearm shots to his opponent before whipping Divebomb towards the ropes. Divebomb returns, and TC leapfrogs over him. Divebomb comes to a stop right behind TC, and merely waits as TC takes a moment to remind the crowd of his identity. After this moment has passed, Divebomb sinks in a full nelson and slams TC into the canvas for a two-count.

JFA: “Close call for TC on that one… Divebomb’s got him again… Irish whip to the corner…”

TC goes into the corner but, instead of hitting the pads, he vaults up and backwards over the following Divebomb, cartwheels backwards and charges with a running heel kick to Divebomb’s face. Divebomb goes down and TC quickly moves to the apron. TC quickly slingshots, springboards, and comes off the top rope with a Senton bomb onto Divebomb for another two-count.

JFA: “TC is back in control of the match… a few forearm shots to Divebomb as he drags him upright…”
JHA: “Maybe that’ll knock some sense into him…”

TC Irish whips Divebomb across the ring. He goes to hit a spinning heel kick on Divebomb’s return, but Divebomb ducks and grabs him for an inverted atomic drop and punctuates the move with a clothesline to knock down his adversary. TC rolls to the outside, and Divebomb waits momentarily. He isn’t posturing or planning. He’s just waiting to see what move TC makes next. Noticing no discernible movement from his quarry, Divebomb exits the ring to find his opponent. There is no sign of TC where he fell out of the ring.

JFA: “Where in? Oh, wait a minute…”

TC suddenly emerges from under the ring apron directly in front of the announce table brandishing a steel chair. He stalks Divebomb and, as Divebomb turns around, throws the chair to his opponent. Divebomb, almost unknowingly, catches the chair and immediately ducks. TC’s foot sails over his head- about one-and-a-half foot over his head, truth be told- and Divebomb throws the chair away just in time to catch TC’s foot before it connects with his chest. Unfortunately, the force he uses to try and throw TC away from him just gives TC the momentum to bring his other foot around in a modified enziguri and smash his heel into Divebomb’s jaw again.

JFA: “Divebomb might need his jaw restructuring after this… it’s fortunate he does have a strong chin…”
JHA: “Not for much longer, I’ll bet…”

Divebomb falls down from the impact as much as the shock of the kick. TC gives the crowd some more posturing before stomping Divebomb a few times and hauling him back into the ring. As Divebomb begins to get up, TC hops to the top turnbuckle and waits on him. As Divebomb turns, TC launches himself towards the Burnaby native with a single leg dropkick. Divebomb, acting on instinct, dives out of the way and is quickly to his feet as TC regains his balance. TC swings for a savant kick at the charging Canadian, but Divebomb ducks the shot and hits TC with a modified bulldog.

JFA: “And Divebomb with another cover… 1… 2… and TC just gets the shoulder up.”
JHA: “Whew… that was a close one…”

Divebomb drags TC to a vertical base and sets him on the top turnbuckle. He hits a big uppercut on TC to keep him where he is and ascends to grab his nigh-helpless quarry in a front facelock… before performing a textbook superplex on TC. TC, however, may have been playing a little possum; he manages to hook Divebomb in a modified small package as the two hit the canvas. The predicament earns TC another two-count before both men break the cover and charge at each other again.

Divebomb manages to take down TC with a running drop toehold. He follows through with a side headlock, only for TC to reverse into a modified armbar. Divebomb reverses with a shortened snapmare, only for TC to roll through and come back with another armbar variant almost instantly. Divebomb leans in to take the pressure off and TC gets caught in a pinning predicament for a one-count.

AS TC kicks out, he manages to wriggle out of Divebomb’s reach and deals him a hard kick to the midsection before kicking upright and hitting his assailant with a high leg clothesline to take them both down to the canvas. TC covers for another two-count.

JFA: “No doubt both of these guys are looking for a quick finish… * glares at JHA * and not one word out of you… as both are entered in the Rumble. They want to be as fresh as possible going into that, but neither one wants to lose this match, either…”

Divebomb powers out of the cover and TC appears taken aback by the force with which he has been pushed away from his prey. As TC complains to the referee, Divebomb sits up. TC delivers a kick to the lower spine of Divebomb and, instead of wincing, Divebomb merely continues to get up. TC connects with a few forearm shots, but Divebomb merely laughs them off. He points directly at TC, much to the delight of the crowd, as TC backs off a little. The Illinois native goes for a fast elbow smash, but Divebomb grabs his arm, ducks behind him and hits him with a belly-to-back suplex.

JFA: “And another cover by Divebomb… 1… 2… and TC gets the shoulder up again. This is turning into an epic confrontation, folks…”
JHA: “You mean it’s boring…”
JFA: “Is that what you take ‘epic’ to mean?”
JHA: “Well… ‘Troy’ was a pile of crap, in my estimation…”

Divebomb grabs TC up by the hair and shoves his face into the nearest top turnbuckle. Divebomb chops him across the chest a few times, much to the delight of the crowd who let out those bad Ric Flair impressions that they have been keeping in reserve for this eventuality. He whips TC to the opposite corner. As TC connects- with quite some force, for the record- Divebomb charges and slams into him with a fearsome avalanche. TC walks out of the corner, and immediately collapses face-first to the mat.

JFA: “The crowd firmly behind Divebomb here… as he signals The End…”

Divebomb delivers another quick elbow to TC’s lower back before bringing the Illinoisan upright. He whips TC to the ropes, and The End is suddenly upon the Whole F’n Show. Or so it appears.

JFA: “The End from Divebomb… 1… 2… … TC KICKED OUT!”
JFA: “I don’t believe this… TC just kicked out after The End from Divebomb… and I think Divebomb is in shock…”

Divebomb looks at the referee with a glazed expression over his features. The referee confirms that the count was two-and-nineteen-twentieths as Divebomb rolls TC fully onto his back and moves him slightly towards one set of turnbuckles.

JFA: “The End was in sight for Divebomb… but now, it looks like TC may be at Ground Zero…”

Divebomb hops to the top turnbuckle and leaps off with his version of the Swanton bomb. Unfortunately, TC doesn’t plan on taking part in the move and rolls out of the way. Divebomb’s right heel just clips Mr. PPV as the Burnaby native lands with a thump on the canvas.

JFA: “And that’s twice that TC has dodged the bullet! Both men are down… and referee Noah Ordak begins to utilise his ten-count…”

NO: “1…… 2…… 3……”

TC stirs. He lifts his head from the canvas, manages to move himself onto the support of his elbows and forearms, and then collapses face-first o the mat again. Divebomb lifts his head slightly. The movement is very slight. In fact, it appears to have been more of a twitch than an actual effort to move.

NO: “4…… 5…… 6……”

TC uses the ropes as support and drags himself upright. Divebomb is beginning to stir also. Ordak abandons the count as TC gets fully to his feet and hits the ropes opposite Divebomb.

JFA: “Divebomb hanging his head over that second rope… TC charges… GOOD LORD!”

TC goes for a running dropkick into the back of Divebomb’s head, but Divebomb ducks out of the way a hair’s breadth from having TC’s boots shoved into his skull. TC falls out over the second rope, hitting the ring apron before joining the floor and rolling to a halt at the foot of the announce table.

JFA: “TC went for a dropkick… Divebomb had the move well scouted… dodged at the last second… and now TC is this broken heap in front of our announce position…”
JHA: “Poor TC…”

Divebomb rolls to the outside, grabs TC and once again throws him into the ring. Divebomb slingshots himself over the top rope and walks over to TC: who has kept on rolling almost to the outside on the other side of the ring. Divebomb grabs him from the canvas again, picking him up for a bodyslam. TC shifts his weight to land behind Divebomb and gathers up his assailant in a rolling prawn hold for another two-count. Divebomb kicks TC off, and gets to his feet… only to be hit with TC’s Chimaira neckbreaker!

JFA: “THE CHIMAIRA! Cover by TC! 1… 2…… and Divebomb gets the shoulder up!”

TC is astonished. The crowd are going wild and JHA hasn’t said anything. It’s possible he’s more shocked than TC. Then again, almost anything is possible. TC gets in the face of the referee, claiming it was three. Noah Ordak shows TC how much space there was between his hand and the mat (it’s somewhere between a quarter and an eighth of an inch). TC goes back to where Divebomb is lying on the canvas. He stoops to pick up the Canadian, only to be caught in a small package.

JFA: “Small package by Divebomb… 1… 2…… 3! Divebomb got him! DIVEBOMB JUST BEAT TC!”

Divebomb quickly gets outside the ring as ‘My Last Serenade’ attempts to drown out the crowd. TC is sat in the ring, his mouth gaping in shock as Noah Ordak raises the hand of the victor.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner… DIVEBOMB!”
The broadcast cuts to Lisa Lovelace outside Y3Blaster’s locker room.

LL: This is Lisa Lovelace outside the locker room of The Mat Man and Y3Blaster, the challengers for the tag team championship tonight and two of the entrants in tonight’s Royal Rumble. I’m hoping to…

Just then, the door opens, and Blaster and Mat emerge.

LL: Gentlemen, we’re only moments away from your tag team championship match against the Serial Slackaz, but later tonight, it’s the over-the-top-rope Royal Rumble, and you both have a chance to become World Heavyweight Champion.

Y3B: Owwwww, LOOK OUT AND SHOUT, Lisa! Tonight, Y3Blaster, the comeback kid, completes the impossible dream and becomes a tag team champion AND the first four-time world heavyweight champion in AWF history! And it’s all because…

Mat slowly grabs the microphone and pulls it away from Blaster’s mouth and towards his own.

MM: …it’s all because you managed to lose the title three separate times. What a great accomplishment. You and Vin Ghostal really have something to be proud of there.

Y3B: Hey, man, where’s all this sudden hostility jumpin’ from?

MM: Not hostility, partner…just reality. You see, maybe I’m a little upset because not once, in the entire history of the AWF, has The Mat Man had a chance to become world heavyweight champion. Not once. Not one single marquee has ever said, ‘Tonight, challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship…The Mat Man.’ You and so many other guys around here have had their chances, had their shots, had their reigns. Well, tonight, Mat is gonna step out of the shadows and shock the world.

Y3B: Mat, I’m with you. It ain’t right that you’ve never had your chance. But tonight? What are you, a 500 to 1 shot?

MM: You know what, Blaster? Doubt me all you want. You’re just like every other pundit that’s never given Mat a chance. And tonight, once we’re done pounding on D-Extreme and that idiot Ignavus, I’m gonna prove every single one of them…and you….dead wrong.

Elsewhere, we find Keith Kincaid standing with Viewfind.

KK: Viewfind, the moment is here, the time is now, the Royal Rumble is just a few minutes away.

VF: Sucka, you ain’t even aksed me a question! I know da Rumble ‘bout to get started. I ain’t no fool! Time to roll out there, smoke out every guy in da way, and walk out the AWF Champion! All you Homeslice fans out der, whatever you got, light it up! Let’s get this sh*t to crackin’, got you feenin’ with ya pipes out, time for some action!

Viewfind smiles and turns to walk away, but a hand reaches in from offscreen and grabs him by the shoulder, spinning him around. Viewfind’s eyes become wide and he steps forward to come face to face with…Vin Ghostal.

VG: I’ve been waiting nine months for this.

VF: Fo’ what, man? I ain’t hard to find. You want a piece o’ Homeslice? Step up.

VG: You should be thanking your lucky stars I haven’t done just that…until now. I’ve been taking my time, taking apart all your former G.P.A. running mates. I promised myself that I would bring about the demolition of your stupid faction…and especially of you. I put down P. I nearly ended Divebomb’s career. I’m still peeling parts of Big Daddy Rav and Tempest off the bottom of my boots. There’s only one step left.

VF: Man, we ain’t gotta wait until the Rumble. Throw down!

VG: Save your energy, Homoslice. You’re gonna need it. For too long, the AWF Heavyweight Championship has been degraded, devalued, cheapened….traded amongst hacks like you and Bombshell and Morpheus and whatever other faceless hacks I’ve beaten a hundred times over. I made that championship famous, and tonight, I will bring it home once again and restore its former glory. You think you or anyone else in the AWF has a chance in hell against Vin Ghostal tonight? You know better, man….THAT’S JUST CRRRAAAAAAAAAZZYYYYYYY!!!!!

Ghostal turns and walks away, and Viewfind shakes his head and smiles. Elsewhere, we find the Serial Slackaz walking down a hallway carrying the tag team championship belts.

D-Ex: We gotta work together tonight, dude. Stone Cold Skywarp’s in the Rumble tonight, and you know how good he is in these things. If we work together, we can get rid of him and everybody else with no problem.

I: Okay man…you got any ideas?

D-Ex: Maybe one. Here’s what you do if you’re on the ropes and Stone Cold rushes you. Run at me.

I: You sure?

D-Ex: It’ll (hiccup) be fine.

Ignavus shrugs and rushes headlong at his tag team partner, and D-Extreme sidesteps and hiptosses Ignavus, who crashes through a locker room door…labeled “The Lock”! Ignavus lands in a heap amongst the shattered pieces of the door at the foot of The Lock, who raises a suspicious eyebrow at the wacky duo.

Lock: Who in the name of the bloody Three Stooges are you two?

D-Ex: D-Extreme…

Ignavus: …and Ignavus.

L: Well, who told you to come crashing into The Lock’s private quarters? Ah ah ah, actually, don’t answer that. The Lock knows exactly who you two are. The Lock’s seen you on HBO every once in a while. Yeah, I know you…you’re Dumb and Dumber!

The crowd laughs as Ignavus and D-Extreme look at each other confused, then back to The Lock.

L: Yeah, that’s it! So, so you’re the one with the gap in his teeth, and you’re the one that drives around in that ridiculous dog car! Oh, you two are a riot! Whatcha gonna do? You gonna find the Lock’s briefcase for him? You gonna…you gonna write The Lock a bunch of IOU’s? Seriously though, The Lock knows you. The Lock knows exactly who you two are. You’re D-Extreme and Ignavus, World Tag Team Champions. The two hardest-working men in the AWF. Well, let The Lock explain something to you. You ain’t nothin’! That’s right! You ain’t nothin’! You’re the worst damn tag team champions I’ve ever seen! The Lock’ll whip both those asses with one hand tied behind his back! The Lock’ll whip your goofy asses and dump you on the curb!

D-Ex: Oh yeah, well…D-Ex’ll whip that candy ass all the way to Hoboken, New Jersey!

L: Oh, no, you didn’t. Only The Lock talks about himself in the third person like that. Only The Lock talks about whippin’ candy asses. And only The Lock does this!

Without any further warning, The Lock turns and waffles D-Extreme with a massive right-handed soupbone. As D-Ex crumples to the floor, Ignavus drops to his knees and cradles the head of his fallen tag team partner.

I: Speak to me, Big K! I mean, D-Ex! Partner! Are you hurt? Ice, get him some ice!

As Ignavus consoles his partner, The Lock winds up and boots Ignavus in the side of the head, knocking him goofy! Smiling evilly, The Lock looks upward as he hears the deafening boos of the crowd, then steps over the tag team champions’ fallen frames and leaves the room.

Lock & Vin Ghostal v Xille & ???

Joey: Well Flec, here we go…former Tag Team Champions face each other in tag competition and in a few moments, we’ll find out just who Xille found to team up with him!

Flec: Like it matters! What midcard mook is going to make a difference against to of the premiere athletes in our company? Who ever it is, doesn’t matter…they have NO CHANCE!

Yeah can you hear me? Yeah
There's certain things in life that you can stop
and there's certain things in life that can't be stopped
Let's go…

Flec: The man is in the house!

JRA: This tag team even is scheduled for one fall…approaching the ring, from Camden, New Jersey, USA…here is V3…VIN GHOSTAL!

Flec: Listen to this crowd…THEY LOVE HIM here in Canada!

Joey: They hate him just as much here as they do anyplace else…

Flec: What do Canadians know about talent…these people would cheer for Edge if he walked out here…

Ghostal grabs the mic from JRA.

V3: Give me that you hack…ladies and well…the rest of you mothercanuckers don’t count for much, so keep your mouths shut while I introduce the man who has the honor of standing in my corner while I end Xille’s career!

Bobby's got a gun that he keeps beneath his pillow (oh yeah)
Out on the street your chances are zero (oh yeah)
Take a look around you (come on down)
It ain't too complicated
You're messin' with Murder Incorporated

V3: That’s right morons…say hello to the founder of Murder Inc…my boy straight out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia…the Lock!

Joey: I can’t even believe this is the same guy we knew a year ago…

Flec: I know…I can actually stand to be in the same room as him!

Joey: *sighs*

Bleed out all empathy...
I have to believe them (lies)
In order to attain fulfillment
I have to succumb to (lies)
All my inner fears that tear at me
I will never believe them (lies)
I'm sick of the weakness that controls me
Now that I have fallen, I will not repent

JRA: And their opponents, first off from Lancaster, Ohio, USA…the X…XILLE!

Xille stops and pulls out a microphone.

Xille: Ghosty, Ghosty…GHOSTY…oh…you are one dumb son of a bitch, you know that? Did you ever wonder…did a thought even enter that pompous head of yours…why would Summers grant you a match? Why would he EVER give you something you wanted? Maybe…just maybe…it was because, well, the X here had already asked him for the match!

*Ghostal looks less than amused in the ring*

Xille: Now then…once the match was set, I realized I had to find someone who truly hated you…someone who I could count on to inflict some serious damage…

Flec: Please…jobbers for hire aren’t going to save this kid…

Xille: So…I went out…and I found someone who was all to eager to share his hatred of you with the world…

Joey: Well, who is it?

I think I'm cute. I know I'm sexy. I got the looks.
That drives the girls wild. I got the moves. That really move them. I send chills. Up and down their spine.

I'm just a sexy boy. (sexy boy) I'm not your boy toy. (boy toy)
I'm just a sexy boy. (sexy boy)I'm not your boy toy. (boy toy)

*Suddenly the Game emerges from under the Archivetron, posing a bit for the Toronto crowd*


*Ghostal is shown furious in the ring, Lock has a look of disgust, while X & the now emerging AWF IC Champion Erik Summers are all smiles*

Joey: It’s the Game!

Flec: NO! NO! NO! This isn’t right! It was supposed to be some mid-card hack! Not a main event hack! But…wait…listen…HA!

Joey: I…really can’t believe what I’m hearing…

*The Game enters the ring and makes his traditional climb to the second turnbuckle, hoisting his belt. He raises his eyebrow…which induces further “boo’s” from the Canadian crowd.*

Joey: I honestly can’t believe what I’m hearing…

Flec: He’s the idiot that walked out here to “Sexy Boy” wearing his black and red tribute to Shawn Michaels’ screw job win over Bret Hart uniform. Maybe O'Con's advice about having some fun every now and then sunk in. In the most insane way imaginable!

Joey: …

Flec: When I’m right…I’m right…these people never forget those sorts of things. It’s what happens when you don’t have lives.

Joey: Ummm…right…the bell sounds and we are underway, Ghostal looks to be starting things out, now switching with Lock. X starting out for his team. Summers giving the crowd a look, obviously annoyed a bit.

Flec: Not that I like Summers, but let me point out this is the same crowd who cheers Edge and cheered for Hulk Hogan over the Rock…

Joey: Match underway, Lock looking a little more annoyed at getting into this match actually. Looking to lock up, X however with other plans, baseball slide between Lock’s legs and right towards Ghostal, knocking Ghostal off the apron. X up to his feet now, only to get met by a thunderous right hand courtesy of the Lock.

Flec: Shows him for trying to be all flashy!

Joey: Lock now with a knife-edge chop, stinging X’s chest. Arm drag takeover into a wristlock. The Lock applying the pressure…X showing the pain from the hold.

Flec: Snap it! Snap his wrist and let’s be done with the match!

Joey: I thought you wanted to see Ghostal punish Xille?

Flec: He would be! He sent him in there against a machine like Locky! That’s punishment!

Joey: …

Flec: I know…I never stop amazing you, just like your wife!

Joey: I’ll ignore that comment. X with a roll to relieve some of the pressure on that right wrist, now reversing the hold and countering with a spinning heel kick, sending the Lock down. X rolls over to his corner to tag in Summers!

Flec: YOU SCREWED BRET…oh sorry…wrong guy…

Joey: This is the first time you’ve ever enjoyed a Canadian Crowd isn’t it?

Flec: Well there was this one time at Madame…
Joey: Really, don’t need to know anymore…the Game now backing the Lock up with a series of hard punches then sending the Lock to the ropes, bouncing off himself and nailing him with a diving forearm. Kip up by the Game and a back elbow sends Ghostal off the apron.

Flec: This is great! If only the rest of the world would learn what Canada knows about this guy!

Joey: Personally, I’m still in shock over this hostile reaction and frankly so is the Game.

Flec: Oh, he’s got some fans here…it’s just the guys in the front row really hate him.

Joey: The Game now hoisting The Lock up and sending him down hard to the mat with a dragon suplex. Cover…and a kickout by Lock. Tag by the Game, brings in X. X waiting on Locky now, and from the standing position…WHAT AGILITY! Hurracunrana! Followed up with a drop kick to the back of the neck! X now off the ropes, but Ghostal tripping him up and X lands hard on his face.

Flec: Brilliant!

Joey: I really wish Guinness had never made those commercials…and one cheap shot begets another as Lock gives X a moment to rise before drilling him with a chop block and a tag into Ghostal.

Flec: V3 in to deliver a beat down! BOO-YA!

Joey: Ghostal immediately drops an elbow into the knee of X, then picking the leg up and driving a kick hard into the back of the knee. Calling the Lock in now, both men hoisting up X and driving the knee hard into the canvas. Summers screaming from the corner and the ref ordering Lock to the outside.

Flec: Beginning of the end…so over…

Joey: It may be…Ghostal now snapping that leg all the way back, but taking costly moments to sneer at the crowd. Tag made and the Lock back in here now…

Flec: Locky! Locky! Locky!

Joey: Lock with a leg whip causing further damage to that knee. X showing the pain here, but still kicking out following the quick cover by the Lock. Now the Lock setting in with the Sharpshooter! Ghostal all cheers on the apron.

Flec: Crank it back Locky!

Joey: X writhing in agony…Ghostal cackling maniacally…Summers reaching out desperately for a tag and the Lock cranking back with everything he has on the sharpshooter. X fighting…pulling himself along…refusing to quit!

Flec: Locky pay attention…he’s almost to that hack Summers!

Joey: Which Ghostal is also screaming…Lock however trying to crank the hold harder to get the submission, meanwhile X reaching out…and YES! TAG MADE TO SUMMERS!

Flec: Get out of there Lock! BREAK THE HOLD!

Joey: Ghostal in and greeted immediately by…


Joey: Game now with a plant DDT on Lock who just released the hold…Ghostal with a clothesline on Summers stopping his momentum, dragging Lock over to the corner…forcing the tag…Ghostal now charging at Summers, WHO GREETS V3 with a Kip up! Summers and Ghostal exchanging punches…Summers with the advantage…going for the Game Over…blocked by Ghostal, turn around clothesline sends Summers goes down!"

Flec: But only if you pay him ten dollars. What? It's what O'Con told me before the show...

Joey: ...

Flec: I'm not speaking from experience...

Joey: ...

Flec: Kincaid only charges five!

Joey: Just...shut up...Ghostal with a cover…and X immediately breaks it up…only to get sent to the outside by Lock…

Flec: What is that ref doing?

Joey: His job and escorting Locky back to the outside of the ring…

Flec: Well, he should do his job and take that chair away from X!

Joey: Ghostal rising up as is Summers, V3 turning…and Xille with a massive chair shot…sending Ghostal back towards the Game…GAME OVER! Quick cover by the Game…1…2…3!

Flec: NO FAIR! This sucks…yeah…I’m with these mother canuckers…YOU SUCK SUMMERS!

Joey: X obviously did learn a thing or two from Vinnie G…and what he learned just cost Ghost and Lock the match! Lock knocked X to the outside and while the ref was busy with Lock arguing in the corner, X with a chair shot that sent Vinnie G right into the waiting arms of the Game who nails the Game Over and out of no where the match ends.

*Outside the ring the Game is shown all smiles as he raises Xille’s hand in victory, Vin Ghostal is shown in the ring, raising his head…furious over the outcome as Lock comes to check him over.*

Joey: Stunning victory here in Toronto, X & The Game able to top Ghostal and the Lock with a page out of the Vin Ghostal playbook!


Backstage, we find Bombshell putting the final touches on his ring attire. He tosses his athletic bag in the bottom of his locker, and a note dribbles out of the bag and onto the floor. He picks up the envelope, tears it open, and unfolds a single piece of paper.

It reads, “We shall rise again.”

Bombers stares at the note, confused, then crumples it in the palm of his huge hand.

Bombshell: “What the hell is going on around here?”

The camera slowly pulls out of Bombshell’s dressing room, and we find Tag Team Champions Ignavus and D-Extreme walking down the nearby hallway. Ignavus is carrying a bottle of spring water, and D-Extreme is carrying a bottle of Samuel Adams.

Tag Team Championship: No Count Outs, No Disqualifications
The Serial Slackaz (c) vs. Blaster & The Mat Man






Reach out and touch faith

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the Archive Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship. There will be no count-outs and there will be no disqualifications. Introducing first, the challengers, making their way to the ring, from Vancouver, British Columbia, and from Madison, Wisconsin… the team of Y3B Blaster and the Mat Man, Nmathew!”

JFA: “Here we go now, Tag Team Championship on the line. Blaster getting a strong reaction from the Toronto crowd… with the chance to win two titles in one night, of course.”
JHA: “He also has the chance to blow the chance of gold twice in one night. I’m more excited about that!”
JFA: “Clumsy repetition of the word chance there, we should work on your grammar, I think.”
JHA: “Work on my gramma? How about I go work on your momma again?”
JFA: “I’ll ignore that remark…”
JHA: “I said how about I go work on your momma again?”

Emerging together, the challengers quickly reach ringside. Blaster stops to soak up the adulation of his countrymen whilst Nmat lifts the apron up and starts rummaging about under the canvas.

JHA: “Cheating already, Mat?”
JFA: “Well, he did serve a brief stint in the GPA, maybe it rubbed off? I don’t see how it’s cheating, though. No disqualifications in this contest, also no count-outs.”
JHA: “Are you suggesting the GPA cheated?! Ever?!! That’s libellous…”
JFA: “No it’s not, because it’s documented fact. Mat Man coming back out now, along with a table. Setting it up at the bottom of the ramp, right alongside the ring… and now into the squared circle with his partner.”

The sound of Gorillaz fills the arena as the Tag Team Champions step out onto the stage.

JHA: “Ooh, nasty reaction.”
JFA: “And I think that the Toronto crowd have decided that they want their countryman Blaster to walk out with the gold. Which goes against the usual grain, as most fans seem fond of the Ignavus-D-Extreme pairing…”
JHA: “Yeah, but it’s Canada. They’re all idiots anyway.”

“And their opponents. They are the AWF Tag Team Champions… Ignavus… D-Extreme… they are the Serial Slackaz!”

JHA: “And I’m stunned they could even find their way out here.”
JFA: “The Champions out here alone tonight… Atticus banned from ringside.”
JHA: “Shame! Shame!”
JFA: “Of course that’s good news for the challengers. Atticus so instrumental in that shock win for the champions – their very first match together and they got the win. Blaster and Nmat livid then, and surely they’ll be hot favourites to walk out with the gold this time. Especially with the home advantage and the stipulations in place…”
JHA: “Hey – they’re not completely alone… D-Extreme’s carrying a bag of something.”
JFA: “I dread to think what. Ignavus and D-Ex at ringside now… slowly slapping hands with the crowd and… oh my god! Suicide topé from Y3B! And Ignavus just got levelled before the bell’s even sounded!”

Moving quickly, Blaster picks up Ignavus and slams him headfirst into the barricade and hurls him into the ring. Before D-Extreme can react, Mat Man connects with a vicious baseball slide before repeating Blaster’s action.

JFA: “All action start from the challengers! Both champions in the ring, belts dropped at ringside. Y3B and Nmat up onto the apron… quickly to the corners… third floor… D and Igz up… and stereo missile dropkicks from Blaster and Mat Man! Referee signals for the bell… double covers… One! Two! Oh, both men get their shoulders up at the last moment…”
JHA: “Contrived much?”
JFA: “Blaster and Nmat hauling the champs up, now… Set them up… stereo suplexes on the way. Mat Man gets Ignavus up… Blaster with D-Ex… no, D-Extreme drops down behind – Russian Leg Sweep! Ignavus brought down hard, though.”

As Blaster rolls back clutching his neck, D-Extreme hops up and rushes Mat Man, taking him over the top rope with a hard clothesline.

JFA: “D-Extreme sliding back out of the ring… going to his athletic bag…”
JHA: “Oh no… I know what’s in there…”
JFA: “It’s a big bag… and… it’s a Singapore cane! D-Extreme with the cane on the outside. Coming around to our side of the ring, Mat Man in front of us. Back to his feet… and dropped back down again! D-Ex just levelling him with that Singapore cane. No disqualifications, so it’s perfectly legal!”
JHA: “Can he be arrested for aggravated assault?”
JFA: “Ask our lawyers. Nmat busted right open in front of us… down on his knees… and D-Extreme lashing his back with the cane, now. Obviously unhappy at being jumped before the bell.”

Meanwhile, back in the ring, both Ignavus and Blaster clamber back to their feet.

JHA: “But the action continues inside, too… both men up…”
JFA: “Yes… collar and elbow tie-up. Blaster wins out with a side headlock. Ignavus powers out, though… sends him to the ropes… leapfrog from Igz on the rebound. Blaster to this side… D-Extreme on the apron and oh my word, just snapped that cane across the back of Y3B’s skull!!”
JHA: “That’ll sting tomorrow…”
JFA: “And the crowd reacting badly to that from D-Extreme. Blaster on his knees… clutching the back of his head, now… I don’t think it broke the skin, but damn that had to hurt.”
JHA: “It was also fun to watch!”
JFA: “D-Extreme stepping through the ropes now. The Serial Slackaz picking up Blaster… setting him up for a double suplex. No – Blaster still with the wherewithall to fight back. Punch to Ignavus’ chest… and rakes D-Extreme’s eyes. Hard right hand to Igz… and another to D-Extreme. And… oh, my. Blaster just dropping down to one knee…”
JHA: “Concussion? Delayed reaction? No, he can’t have a concussion – you need a brain for a concussion.”

D-Extreme staggers away, rubbing his eyes to try and see again. Ignavus closes in on Blaster and tries to heave him up.

JFA: “Ignavus looking to put Y3B away maybe. Blaster could be seriously hurt here, it may be the best thing for everybody. Dragging him up… suplex attempt, it seems – no! Blaster countering… STIFF BEAT!!”
JHA: “He was playing possum!”
JFA: “Cover from Blaster! One! Two! Oh, broken up in the nick of time by D-Extreme.”
JHA: “Never trust a Canadian. That’s a new law.”
JFA: “Blaster back to his feet… trading right hands with D-Extreme… whips him to the buckle. Rushes in after, but nobody home! Great agility from Y3B, vaulting over the top rope. Quickly to the third floor… D-Extreme turns around… flying reverse elbow from Blaster! Quick lateral press!”
JHA: “Just the two. Damn, this is insane stuff…”
JFA: “Ignavus stirring now… hauling himself up…”
JHA: “But Nmat’s up again… in under the bottom rope!”
JFA: “Mat Man grabs Ignavus’ ankle… and drags him out of the ring! Blaster’s up again, waits on D-Ex… off the ropes… facebuster takedown! Modified version of the bulldog.”
JHA: “Oh, here it comes… springboard… soundsault! It’s over!”
JFA: “One! Two! Oh, D-Extreme kicks out on two. This Toronto crowd thought we had new champions for a moment.”

On the outside, Nmat pulls up Ignavus and attempts to slam him facefirst into the apron. Ignavus blocks, however, and responds with a firm elbow to Mat Man’s gut. Seizing the moment, the Slacker performs an Irish whip and sends his adversary headlong into the steel ringpost.

JHA: “Oh, and Mat’s getting a lot in the face today!”
JFA: “Mat Man in a bad shape in front of us. Busted open from a cane-shot earlier, now taking the steel full in the face. Blood streaming down into his eyes… that’s not good.”
JHA: “Seldom is…”

In the ring, Blaster stands up and checks the back of his head for blood, still obviously feeling the effects of the earlier cane-shot.

JHA: “Oh, you can bet Y3B’s feeling a bit woosy now. Taken a while to kick in, what with him being brainless and everything, but it gets there in the end.”
JFA: “Blaster glancing around… and heading outside now?”
JHA: “Oh, this ain’t good.”
JFA: “Y3B making a play for the bag of toys that D-Extreme brought to ringside with him. Ignavus coming across to stop him, though. Exchange of right hands… and Blaster rams the champion kidneys-first into the apron. Scoops him up… and a hard bodyslam down to the floor.”
JHA: “Good thing that padding’s there…”
JFA: “Blaster into the bag now… and… oh, dear god. Well, D-Extreme regards himself as a hardcore specialist, but I’d question the wisdom of bringing stuff like this to the ring…”
JHA: “What? It’s just a baseball bat…”
JFA: “Just a baseball bat? Just a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. And now it’s in the hands of Y3B. The former AWF Champion rolling into the ring with it, now. D-Extreme up to his feet… Blaster lines it up…”
JHA: “A swing and a miss for the Canadian!”
JFA: “D-Extreme ducked it! And a boot to the gut from the Slacka! Front facelock… X-Ocution coming up! No! Double-leg takedown from Y3B… and a slingshot into the corner!”

As D-Extreme’s face connects with the top turnbuckle, Blaster scrambles up and reclaims the weapon, swinging it hard into D-Extreme’s lower back.

JHA: “Holy ruptured kidneys, Batman!”
JFA: “Blaster just smashing that barbed bat into D-Extreme’s spine… I don’t even want to conjecture on the sort of damage that could do to a person! D-Extreme not down, though, just doubled over… and Blaster slams it down hard across his back again! Discarding the weapon, now… turns him around… Stiff Beat!”
JHA: “That’s got to be all over…”
JFA: “No – no cover from Blaster. Moving around, picks up the legs… oh, not the LionTamer… he calls it the Touch of Faith, now.”
JHA: “After the Depeche Mode track he isn’t using as his entrance music?”
JFA: “I believe his entrance is soundtracked by Marilyn Manson…”
JHA: “Yeah, Marilyn Manson’s abysmal goth karaoke version of a fantastic Depeche Mode track.”
JFA: “Well, that’s personal opinion.”
JHA: “No, it’s Personal Jesus. And it’s fact that the original is better, so don’t even go there.”
JFA: “I didn’t, you did.”
JHA: “Well maybe you gave me reason to. Has he tapped out yet?”
JFA: “Not yet… D-Extreme showing remarkable resolve to hang on. Blood streaming from his back, he’ll almost certainly need medical attention after this.”

As the referee asks D-Extreme if he wants to continue, Ignavus pulls himself back up on the floor. Looking into the ring, he assesses the situation and makes a beeline for the timekeeper’s table.

JHA: “Oh, the lazy one’s back across.”
JFA: “Ignavus heading in this direction… but Mat Man staggering across, too. Mat trying to intervene, but Igz just grabs him… oh, and slings him into the timekeeper. Both down.”
JHA: “Hey, that’s almost smart!”
JFA: “And Ignavus grabbing the ring bell! Mat Man trying to get up, but caught in a mass of limbs with the timekeeper… Igz into the ring now… Blaster hasn’t seen him!”
JHA: “And I think that Blaster… is about… to get… his bell well and truly… RUNG!”
JFA: “Ignavus just smashed Blaster square in the face with the ring bell! Right between the eyes! That’s got to be all over!”
JHA: “So why isn’t the idiot covering him?”
JFA: “Ignavus not going for the pin. Looking around the arena… and heading to the outside. He’s… he’s going to the top turnbuckle. Could we be about to see the Four A.M Flyer?”
JHA: “I really don’t care…”
JFA: “You’re an announcing legend, you know that? Mat Man up again on the outside, though… sprinting around, where he’s got that energy from I don’t know… onto the apron and… OH MY GOOD GOD.”
JHA: “Good thing he put that table there earlier to break the fall…”
JFA: “And Nmathew just pushing Ignavus off the top rope to the outside! Igz went straight through that table… the crowd are chanting something... I can’t quite make it out.”
JHA: “Who lease hit? Damn Canadian accents! I can’t make it out either!”
JFA: “Ignavus destroyed out on the arena floor… Mat Man clambering up top, now. D-Extreme prone in the ring… Going for something… and the Mat Man will fly…. NO! D-Extreme got the foot up! And Nmathew eats nothing but boot!”
JHA: “Shame… I heard he’s on a leather-free diet.”
JFA: “Do you even think before you talk? Three men out in the ring… Ignavus out on the arena floor… carnage and mayhem rule at Edge of Survival. Tag Team Championship up for grabs. The Serial Slackaz… Champions, yet underdogs some might argue. Nmathew and Y3B… the challengers, the crowd behind them. Both former Tag Team Champions… D-Extreme of course also a former Tag Team Champion, has the unfortunate distinction of having the shortest title reign in AWF history…”
JHA: “Yeah, but to be fair his partner was Cyberstrike, so we can forgive him it.”

Several moments pass, with the referee checking each man individually, unable to count them out due to the stipulations in place. Slowly, D-Extreme starts to stir.

JFA: “D-Extreme… crawling across the ring… making his way to where Blaster lies. The ring-bell thankfully removed by the referee, though that barbed wire bat is still in the vicinity. D-Extreme throws an arm over Y3B… one… two… no! shoulder up at the last possible moment!”
JHA: “Crowd relieved by that. Mat Man crawling up again now, too.”
JFA: “Yes, Nmathew staggering across… picks up D-Extreme. Looks for the suplex… no – blocked by D-Ex… hold is broken. Kick to the midsection… X-Ocution!!!! D-Extreme with the X-Ocution on Mat Man!”
JHA: “But he landed badly himself! Must have aggravated his back with it…”
JFA: “D-Extreme in serious pain in the ring. Blaster pulling himself up… both he and his partner bleeding profusely from the forehead… sees the prone state of D-Extreme…”
JHA: “LionTamer again!”
JFA: “Blaster hooking it in on the injured D-Extreme… who must be in a really bad state to be that vulnerable after delivering his own finisher. Blaster turning it over, though. More of a Boston crab now.”
JHA: “Makes sense. Gives him a better chance to rest himself, as he’s effectively sat down, whilst putting more pressure on the back of D-Extreme. Which is still shipping blood, it seems…”
JFA: “No chance to congeal, really… impact after impact. Referee in position, D-Ex shaking his head furiously!”
JHA: “Give up, you idiot!”
JFA: “This Canadian crowd going crazy! Blaster may be about to win the Tag Belts right here in Toronto. Then it’s on to the Rumble.”
JHA: “Like he’ll last five minutes after the blows he’s taken to the head.”
JFA: “It’s true that he may not be entirely sure where he is, but he knows he’s in a match, and he knows he needs to win it to become Tag Team Champion.”
JHA: “I think you could be a little more trite…”

As Blaster leans back on D-Extreme, Mat Man uses the ropes to drag himself up to a standing base. Looking down out of the ring, he sees that Ignavus is crawling very slowly towards the bag of weapons outside.

JHA: “What’s this, now? And why hasn’t D-Ex given up yet?”
JFA: “Because he’s got heart. What’s what?”
JHA: “Nmat to the outside? Oh, he’s back for Ignavus… rolls him into the ring.”
JFA: “Mat Man back inside himself, now. Obviously didn’t want anymore toys bringing into play. Stomps away on Ignavus. Now pulls him up.”
JHA: “Looking to eliminate the last threat… signalling for the brainbuster!”
JFA: “Death’s Kiss on the way from Mat Man. This could seal it… Tag Title win sealed with a Death’s Kiss… gets him up… delay on it…”
JHA: “No! Igz shifted his weight!”
JFA: “Ignavus back down on his feet behind Mat Man… schooboy roll-up! Referee there! One! Two! Three! He got it!!!”
JHA: “But D-Ex just tapped! As the referee left to count the three, I’m sure I saw D-Extreme slap the mat!”
JFA: “Referee didn’t see it! I didn’t see it – Ignavus with the pinfall on Nmathew and the Serial Slackaz have retained!”
JHA: “But D-Extreme tapped! That means that Blaster should have… wait a minute, that means that Blaster would have won. Go Slackaz! Successfully retaining the title. Good for them and stuff. Yeah, that’s right. Go team.”
JFA: “Blaster can’t believe it… he had D-Extreme in that hold for an eternity, but Ignavus stole the match from under his nose. Hold released… Blaster and Mat Man conferring in a state of shock. Well, the replays showing that D-Extreme certainly hit the mat once with his hand… whether that was in frustration or if he was tapping out is open to debate… referee wasn’t there to see it, though.”
JHA: “I’m sure it was just frustration.”
JFA: “EMTs out to ringside, now. Checking all four men. Bringing out a gurney for D-Extreme… he was in that Boston crab for what seemed an eternity. He’ll definitely need checking out at the local hospital…”

Baxter v Judge Death


Joey: Would you stop that please?

Flec: What? You’re supposedly the best color man in the biz…you’re not making this interesting enough for me.

Joey: The match should speak for itself!

Flec: It is…this match is screaming “yawn fest!”

the sound of wind blowing fills the arena

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring area, hailing from Nashville, TN in the United States…here is Baxter!

Flec: Feel the love! See…the people hate this guy too, course we are in bizarre-world still. When the hell are we leaving Canada again?

Joey: Next week…

Flec: Not soon enough…

Out Of The Silent Planet takes over as Judge Death appears under the Archivetron.

Flec: God! What did I do to deserve this?

Joey: You want me to run down the list?


JRA: And his opponent, hailing from Dreadworld…here is Judge Death!

Joey: Quite the unique matchup…

Flec: Considering Atticus is more built than Judge Death and he’s facing the resident hippo of the AWF…

Joey: I believe that is sumo Flec…

Flec: What’s the difference?

Joey: Judge Death has certainly displayed that he possesses no fear at all since joining the AWF…taking on multiple opponents, much larger opponents…

Flec: Please…
Joey: The two men staring each other down…sort of a mutual respect look there…two of the new rising stars here…and…

Flec: What the heck is the crowd getting so upset about…

Joey: And…IT’S Wild One! WO is out here and he’s hammering on Baxter! Pounding the big man into the corner…JD is actually coming over to help Baxter…but…WAIT A MINUTE…AUROS!

Flec: YES! As that loser JFA would say business has finally picked up!

Joey: We haven’t seen Auros in a few weeks…or WO for that matter…not since he joined…


Joey: And Auros from behind with a massive clothesline on Judge Death! Now hoisting him…and a massive El Chupacabre! Judge Death impacted to the mat…now Auros over to help Wild One…both of them slugging away on Baxter. Baxter punching back…but…

Flec: LOCKY!

Joey: Lock out here too now…and I think we now see where Wild One has been! He’s been out courting Auros into Murder Inc! Lock and Auros rocking Baxter back with a series of hard punches! Now Wild One and Auros lifting the big man up and Double Spinebuster! Lock with the boots to Baxter who is down…this is disgusting…here comes a referee…

Flec: There goes a referee!

Joey: Auros just chucked the ref right over the top rope…WO and Lock now pointing at Auros…who pulls of his t-shirt to reveal a new Murder Inc. T-Shirt! It is official!

Flec: And what an announcement! This match turned out great!

Joey: Auros has joined Wild One and the Lock in Murder Inc. And this trio of terror have just wiped out Judge Death and Baxter! We’ll be right back!

A promo for the New Xille: Year 1 – You Can’t Deny DVD is shown

The HeartBrend Kid v. Big Daddy Rav

JFA: “And it looks like its time for the first match of the night and what a match it should prove to be.”
JHA: “That’s right J, my man Rav is going to take that punk HBK out tonight.”
JFA: “Maybe so, we all remember what happened the last time these two men met in one-on-one action.”
JHA: “Oh yeah, Rav put HBK on the shelf and guess what, he’s going to do it again.”
JFA: “We’ll see about that, but without any more waiting lets go down to JRA for the official announcements. Take it away JRA.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first. Weighing in at 325lbs and coming to you from Vermont…….BIG DADDY RAV!”

The familiar sounds of “Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir begin to sound through the arena as the former GPA big man makes his way out of the back and into the arena. The crowd lets out a chorus of boos and taunts as Rav slowly makes his way to the ring.

JFA: “Well the crowd is not showing their appreciation here for Rav as they just begin a chant of ‘Ravage Sucks.’”
JHA: “Bah, they just don’t know talent when they see it, but he’ll show them. He’ll show them all when he beats the hell out of HBK.”

Rav climbs into the ring and taunts the crowd as “Puritania” begins to fade and change into “Superstar” by Saliva. The crowd's reaction suddenly changes and the arena fills with cheers as HBK makes his way out from the back and begins posing for the masses.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent. Weighing in at 230lbs and coming to you from Southampton……….THE HEARTBREND KID!”

HBK makes his way to the ring and climbs in. He climbs the ropes and poses for a moment but before the bell can even ring Rav charges at him and drops him off the ropes with a stiff clothesline. HBK falls back into the ring and Rav continues his assault of punches.

JHA: “HA, what did I tell you. Rav is going to hurt him tonight.”
JFA: “Yeah, Rav with a series of big punches in the corner and now whipping him across the ring. He charges and drops HBK with another clothesline.”
JHA: “Oh yeah and now look, he’s taunting him. That’s what I like to see.”
JFA: “I am sure it is. Rav dragging HBK to his feet and an irish whip at the ropes. HBK running back and Rav going for the big boot, ducked by HBK and Oh HBK just took Rav down with a flying clothesline.”
JHA: “What? What just happened?”
JFA: “HBK just took Rav down with a flying clothesline after Rav missed with the big boot. Don’t you ever listen to me?”
JHA: “I try not too.”
JFA: “That would explain a few things.”
JHA: “What?”
JFA: “Never mind, just watch the fight.”

HBK and Rav both get to their feet after that clothesline and the two men go face to face. The two men let out some random yelling and insults when finally HBK hits Rav with a right to the jaw. With that both men start to exchange punches in the center of the ring.

JFA: “Face paced punching here as the two men go toe-to-toe in the center of the ring.”
JHA: “Get him Rav. Knock him out.”
JFA: “And it looks like Rav might be getting the upperhand here. He’s forcing HBK back to the ropes….HBK against the ropes now and…HBK just ducked Rav’s clothesline and OH HBK with a clothesline of his own sending Rav falling to the outside.”

The crowd cheers at this as HBK can be heard saying “And that’s what I am going to do to you in the rumble.” Rav slams his hands on the ring apron showing some frustration then turns and yells at the crowd. Ever the opportunist HBK takes this opportunity to attack. HBK flys over the tope ropes and comes crashing down onto the back of Rav sending Rav face first into the announcers table.

JFA: “I think Rav might be out cold here after that move by HBK.”
JHA: “No, he’s not out; he’s just resting his eyes. Yeah that’s it, come on Rav get up!”
JFA: “Look at this, HBK is posing for the crowd now and they are cheering like lunatics.”

HBK drags Rav to his feet and bounces his head of the apron then trys to whip him at the steps but Rav reverses it and sends HBK crashing knee first into the steel. HBK crashes over the steps and hits the ground on the other side holding his knee.

JFA: “Oh no, I think HBK might have just hurt his knee.”
JHA: “That a boy Rav. Don’t let up now he’s hurt.”

Rav finally noticing that the ref is counting, so he breaks the count and goes after HBK. He drags him to his feet and picks him up then drops him knee first on the guard rail. HBK falls to the floor now showing a lot of pain and Rav taunts him. The crowd start booing Ravage again as the big man picks HBK up again. This time however instead of dropping him on the guard rail Rav charges forward and slams HBK’s knee into the steel ring post then slams him to the mat.

JFA: “Oh now that was uncalled for. I know these two men hate each other but come on, he’s going out of his way to injure him.”
JHA: “Yeah, so what? HBK needs to be injured.”
JFA: “Nobody needs to be injured.”
JHA: “HBK does.”
JFA: “Aww whatever. I can’t talk to you.”
JFA: “Oh thank god, I finally get some peace and quiet.”

Rav tosses HBK back into the ring and then follows him back in and goes for a cover but HBK kicks out at 2. The ref admonishes Rav for the attacks on the outside but Rav just shrugs him off and goes right back after HBK and locks in a boston crab. HBK’s creams can be heard all through out the arena as Rav sits back with the move.

JFA: “Rav with the boston crab locked in now.”
JHA: “That’s right. My boy Rav is playin this smart. He knows that HBK’s knee is hurtin so he’s attackin it.”
JFA: “Really, did you just realize that?”
JHA: “Hey come on now. We both know that without his knee being full strength that his HeartBrend kick won’t be as good and that’s a move Rav wants to avoid at all costs.”
JFA: “Duh. Nobody wants to be hit with that move. But back to the action. It looks like HBK is fighting his way to the ropes.”
JHA: “He won’t make it.”
JFA: “I don’t know, he’s only a few inches away. All he’s got to do is reach out and grab it and he’s got it. HBK has the ropes. The ref telling Rav to break the hold. He’s counting.”
JHA: “That a boy Rav use the count.”
JFA: “Finally Rav breaks the hold but I think the damage might already be done.”
JHA: “Might, HBK can’t even get up. I think it’s just a matter of time now.”

Ravage taunts the crowd, who boo him relentlessly, as the ref checks on HBK. Rav points and laughs at HBK for a few more moments then moves in and drags him to his feet and throws him into the corner. Rav connects with a few punches then drags him out of the corner and pick him up.

JFA: “Ravage going for a press slam here. What a showing of strength as he is actually pressing HBK over his head.”
JHA: “That a boy Rav.”
JFA: “HBK is struggling now. Rav is having difficulty holding on and HBK is falling out of the move and…..WOW HBK just came out of that and countered it with a DDT before he even touched the ground.”
JHA: “What? NO, Rav get up.”
JFA: “And it looks like both men are down here and the ref is moving in to make the count.”



Both men start to stir.


HBK inches his way towards the ropes.



Rav starts to try and get up and HBK reaches the ropes.



Rav makes it to his hands and knees and HBK starts to drag himself up.


Rav gets to one knee.


Rav makes it to his feet breaking the count while HBK is half standing and half leaning on the ropes. Rav charges at him but HBK ducks, spins around and starts nailing Rav with a series of punches.

JFA: “HBK going on the attack now and whipping Rav across the ring and he just nailed him with a spinning heel kick. Rav back up quickly and another spinning heel kick. Up again and a third spinning heel kick and Rav quickly rolling to the outside here as HBK seems to be getting a burst of energy.”
JHA: “Oh come on, what the hell was that? Where did he get that energy from?”
JFA: “I don’t know but it seems to have caught Rav off guard.”
JHA: “It would catch you off guard too if you had just spent that much time working a guy over and suddenly he just went nuts.”
JFA: “Oh I am sure it would but it is the ever unpredictable HBK and the crowd is going nuts over that last exchange.”
JHA: “Bah forget the fans, what do they know?”

Rav collects himself a bit more then climbs back in the ring but HBK meets him at the edge and starts attacking. He drives his boot into Ravs back a few times then drags Rav back up and slams him back to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. He drags Rav back up and goes for a snap suplex.

JFA: “HBK in control here now and it looks like its time for the rolling snap suplexes.”
JHA: “Oh come off it. Rav quit letting him win and just beat the hell out of him. You don’t have to give the fans hope. Just beat him.”
JFA: “Yeah letting him win. That’ll be the day. And theres a second snap suplex.”
JHA: “Whatever, you know as well as I do that he’s letting him win.”
JFA: “And theres the third snap suplex. Yeah right, Rav wouldn’t do that. He doesn’t toy with people. Quit making excuses for him losing right now and just watch the match.”

HBK gets back to his feet showing signs of pain in his knee after that series of moves. HBK starts to stalk the big man as he gets to his feet. Rav obviously stunned after the series of snap suplexes gets to his feet stumbling around and turns to face HBK. Quickly he throws a punch but HBK ducks it and nails him with the attitude adjuster.

JFA: “And HBK just nailed Rav with that modified face buster and going for a quick cover.”
JHA: “And Rav kicks out.”
JFA: “It was a long 2 count.”
JHA: “Doesn’t matter, he still kicked out.”
JFA: “It looks like HBK has had enough here as he is calling for the HDD.”
JHA: “No he can’t do that.”
JFA: “And why not?”
JHA: “Because he can’t. It’s umm, against the rules.”
JFA: “No its not, now shut up.”

HBK stands in the corner holding the turnbuckle for support as he watches Ravage slowly try and get to his feet. The big man again stumbling around begins to turn when HBK lunges forward, jumps and grabs hold of his neck.

JFA: “And here it is the HDD…”
JHA: “NO WAY! Rav just countered it with a spinebuster. He blocked it. Oh yeah.”

JHA can be seen jumping for joy at the announcers table as Rav stands back up with a smirk on his face. He makes a cover. 1…2…TH. Kick out. Rav just shrugs it off and drags HBK to his feet. After a quick boot to the gut Ravage drives HBK into the mat with a gutwrench powerbomb.

JHA: “Oh that has got to be it. Cover him Rav. All you have to do is cover him.”
JFA: “Ravage with the cover…..And HBK kicks out at two.”
JHA: “It doesn’t matter Rav has got this. Get him again.”

Rav shows a little frustration after that kick out but gets to his feet dragging HBK with him.

JFA: “Ravage dragging HBK to his feet again. What’s he going to do now?”
JHA: “It looks to me like its going to be a chokeslam.”
JFA: “Oh come on. He’s just going to keep hitting him with everything he’s got isn’t he.”
JHA: “Why not? Wouldn’t you?”
JFA: “Well…”
JHA: “Yeah that’s what I thought. Quit playing favorites.”
JFA: “What? Me picking favorites. You think I am picking favorites?”
JHA: “Yes I do and I wish you would quit it.”
JFA: “…I just don’t know how to respond to that.”
JHA: “Good so maybe you will be quiet for awhile.”

Ravage hoists HBK up and slams him to the mat with the chokeslam. He taunts the crowd for a moment as they fill the arena with boos then makes another cover. 1…2…THR!

JHA: “What? That can’t be.”
JFA: “And Rav is arguing with the ref now after that close count.”
JHA: “That was three. I swear it was.”
JFA: “The ref says two and this match continues.”

Ravage gets to his feet yelling at the ref and backing him into the corner. Ravage begins to get very upset as he storms back over to HBK. He drags him back to his feet and picks him up.

JFA: “Oh I think Rav is upset.”
JHA: “Yeah but he won’t be for long. It looks like he is going for the Hangover.”
JFA: “If he hits this it will be over.”
JHA: “If? Don’t you mean when?”
JFA: “He’s got him set. Wasting time taunting the crowd now.”
JHA: “It doesn’t matter. He’s got this.”
JFA: “Throwing the feet out and….NO HBK landed on his feet and HeartBrend Kick. He just nailed Rav with the HeartBrend kick.”
JHA: “What the hell is going on in this match? Where the hell does HBK keep getting this luck from?”
JFA: “I don’t think its luck. But I don’t think HBK got all of that kick either as both men are already getting to their feet.”
JHA: “Come on Rav you have to get up and beat the hell out of him.”
JFA: “HBK to his feet first and it looks like he’s propped himself in the corner here.”
JHA: “Rav be careful. Do let him hit you with that kick.”
JFA: “Rav to his feet now and HBK going for the kick.”
JHA: “Rav ducked it and now….HANGOVER! Rav just hit him with the hangover. Cover him. COVER HIM!”

Rav slowly starts to crawl over to the prone body of HBK. Finally he drapes an arm over HBK and the ref makes the count. ONE……TWO……..THRE….KICKOUT!


JHA is jumping out of his seat yelling at the ref as Ravage gets to his knees with a shocked look on his face.

JFA: “I don’t believe it. HBK kicked out after the hangover and I don’t think Rav can believe it either. He’s back up and yelling at the ref now.”
JHA: “Rav be careful. Don’t hit him or you will lose the match.”

Rav showing major signs of frustration jumps out of the ring and shoves the timekeeper off his chair then folds it up and jumps back into the ring as HBK starts to get up. The ref runs over to try and get the chair away from Ravage but Ravage, having had enough of this match, shoves him out of the way. HBK gets to his feet and turns to face Ravage as he winds up.

JFA: “Ravage with the chair above his head and….HeartBrend Kick.”
JHA: “You have got to be kidding me. I quit.”
JFA: “HBK with a quick HeartBrend kick and it seems to have just stunned the big man as he drops the chair. HBK moving now and HDD. Oh my god HBK with the HDD onto that chair in the ring. He’s going for the cover and 1…2….3!”
JHA: “Why? Why does he always have to win?”
JFA: “HBK has won the match. After all the punishment he has taken HBK has done it. But what’s he doing now? HBK is picking up that chair that Rav brought into the ring.”
JHA: “No HBK, don’t do it.”
JFA: “This can’t be good. HBK raising the chair here. You don’t think he’s going to try and injure Ravage do you?”
JHA: “Yes I do. Stop you can’t do this.”

HBK stands in the ring with the chair raised above his head glaring at Ravage. It looks like he’s just about to swing the chair when he suddenly stops and shakes his head. He looks out at the fans and drops the chair then backs away from Ravage. He climbs out of the ring and starts to make his way to the back as a grin starts to form on his face.

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the match The Heartbrend Kid….HBK!”

HBK makes it to the curtains and turns back one final time and just smiles at Ravage lying there in the ring then exits to the back.

The Royal Rumble

In the ring, “I’m Back” hits and the curtains part to reveal Mr. Reilly carrying the AWF World Heavyweight Championship belt. Reilly, dressed in a classy green suit, strolls to the ring and takes a microphone from the ring announcer.

Reilly: Ladies and gentlemen, the time for talking is over. For the first time since its inception over three years ago, we will crown a new AWF World Heavyweight Champion by way of the Royal Rumble. You know the rules…two men will begin the match, and every two minutes thereafter, another participant will enter the match until all 30 men have entered. The last man standing will be the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. And now, let’s bring numbers 1 and 2 out here and get things going!

Joey Styles: Well, we’re just about ready to go, ladies and gentlemen, and I….wait a second…who’s this to my left?
JHA: Can it, Styles! This wasn’t my idea!
Styles: JHA from the Jay Announce Team! How’s it going, buddy?
JHA: It’d be going better if we GOT things going.
Styles: It’s good to finally work with you too.

Slowly, methodically, “Moonlight Sonata” begins to play, and Morpheus comes through the curtains, having drawn #1! His head tilted slightly to one side, Morpheus seems no more or less depressed over his draw than usual, sliding into the ring and crouching in a corner, shielding himself from the cheers of the crowd. The crowd’s tension rises as they wait for the music of #2…and “Burn in My Light” begins to blast, and “The Game” Erik Summers bursts through the curtains to deafening boos from the capacity crowd! Stretching his arms out in glory, the reigning Intercontinental Champion walks to the ring and mounts the ropes, reveling in their hatred for the second time in the evening. He descends to the mat, and the bell is rung to begin the Royal Rumble!

Styles: This is unbelievable…to regain the World Heavyweight Championship, Morpheus is going to have to go through 29 other men with the odds stacked against him.
JHA: He’s got about as much chance to win it as I do!
Styles: Come on, Jay, pick me a winner. Who’s your money on?
JHA: I have to go with T.C. He’s a two-time former World Heavyweight Champion, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s a shoo-in to win it again.
Styles: Well, there are a number of former world champions in this match…Stone Cold Skywarp, Erik Summers, The HeartBrend Kid, Vin Ghostal, Blaster, Bombshell…
JHA: Hold it right there, Styles. I don’t think we can count Bombshell as a former champion. That was more of a hiccup than a reign.

Pulling himself up from the corner, Morpheus slowly walks to the center of the ring to face up with one of his partners from the War Games just a month prior. The two meet in the center and begin exchanging words. Summers extends his hand for a handshake, and Morpheus tilts his head suspiciously. Hesitantly, Morpheus shakes Summers’ hand, but as they turn to go to neutral corners, both men turn swiftly and nail each other with right hands! Summers staggers backward, and Morpheus peppers him with rights and lefts until Summers turns the tables, tosses Morpheus into the corner, and hits HIM with rights and lefts! Summers whips Morpheus into the opposite corner, but when Summers rushes forward, Morpheus ducks out of the way and lets Summers hit the buckle, then hits the ropes and nails Summers with a bulldog! Morpheus pulls Summers to his feet and tries to dump him over the ropes, but Summers is not going anywhere.

Styles: Summers holding on…he’s not ready to hit the road just yet.
JHA: It’s a good thing…what an indignity, being eliminated by Morpheus!
Styles: I wouldn’t go that far, Jay…Morpheus IS the last champion, after all.
JHA: Notice you didn’t see me around much during that reign?

Summers hits Morpheus with repeated back elbows to break up the exchange, and as Morpheus rushes forward, Summers hits him with a running kneelift! The countdown begins…and Viewfind bursts through the curtains at #3! A third member of the AWF War Games team enters the arena slowly and confidently, taking his time getting to the ring. He steps inside just as Summers is wearing Morpheus down with a sleeperhold. As Morpheus begins to fade, Summers spots Viewfind and drops Morpheus to the canvas, and Summers and Viewfind come face to the face in the ring’s center. With a cocky look on his face, Viewfind says something casually to his Team AWF partner, and they exchange words until Morpheus staggers over and rams the two men’s heads together! The crowd cheers as Morpheus falls upon Viewfind and Summers forces himself into the exchange, and all three men wail on each other! Summers drags Morpheus to his feet and forces him over the ropes, but Morpheus holds onto the ropes and refuses to let go. Viewfind grabs Summers and whips him into the ropes, then scores with a huge back-bodydrop! Before Summers can rise, Viewfind drops a big leg across his throat!

Styles: Viewfind forcing his knee down across Summers’ throat…there’s more hostility between these guys than I would have expected!
JHA: They want to win, Styles! I don’t care if it’s your best friend in there…when you get a chance, you knock him goofy!
Styles: This is why you have few friends.

The countdown from 10 begins again…and The Double S, Sixswitch, enters the ring at #4!!! The crowd can hardly believe that 4 of the 5 members of Team AWF have drawn the first four slots, and Sixswitch can’t seem to believe it either as he slides into the ring. For a moment, the fighting stops, and the four men come together in the center of the ring. They stare each other down, and after a moment, they all begin to talk.

Styles: Are these four going to work as a unit?
JHA: If they have half a brain, they will! They could get rid of each guy as he came in if they wanted!
Styles: It wouldn’t exactly be sportsmanlike, but as you said, Jay, winning is the objective. It’s all about the World Heavyweight Championship.

Out of nowhere, the talking between the four men ceases, and they all begin to fight! Morpheus pairs off with Viewfind and Summers with Sixswitch, and they battle into opposite corners, slugging it out! Looking across the ring, Summers whips Sixswitch and Viewfind whips Morpheus, but the two men avoid contact and execute simultaneous Stinger Splashes in the opposite corners! The countdown begins once again…

JHA: Nooooooo!!!! No way! Impossible!
Styles: It’s T.C.!!! T.C. has drawn #5!!! Oh, mama-sita!!!!
JHA: Don’t speak Mexican, Styles.

Looking distraught, T.C. slowly makes his way to the ring, and the four Team AWF members stop fighting and look up the aisle at their hated rival. Wringing their hands, the four men get to their feet and await the arrival of the leader of the now-defunct G.P.A. T.C. tries to climb in on one side, but Viewfind is right there. He tries another side, but Summers is in the way. Finally, the men in the ring step away from the ropes and allow T.C. to slide in. He backs himself into a corner, then rushes towards Viewfind but catches a spinning heel kick from Sixswitch in the chops! The four men rush forward and begin putting the boots to T.C., and the crowd cheers maniacally until T.C. rolls away and slides under the bottom rope, getting to the outside.

JHA: That’s right, T.C.! Wait it out on the floor!
Styles: T.C.’s not eliminated, but he’ll have to get back into the ring.

Referees on the floor implore T.C. to return to the ring, but he shakes his head obstinately and stays on the outside. One referee comes too close, and T.C. out of nowhere flattens him with a right hand! The other referees back off until Sixswitch and Summers slide under the ropes and surround T.C. on either side! T.C. looks back and forth, then slides into the ring and ducks a Viewfind clothesline but runs right into the Mandible Claw from Morpheus! T.C. struggles and begins to fade, and Morpheus releases the hold and lets T.C.’s gut run right into the boot of Erik Summers, who plants T.C. with a crushing Pedigree! Before Summers can eliminate T.C., however, the buzzer sounds again…and Judge Death enters at #6!!!

JHA: Oh, thank you, Jesus. I was afraid it’d be that idiot HBK.
Styles: Can’t say for sure whether Death will help or hurt T.C.’s cause here, but he’s not really a friend of Team AWF, either.

JD slides into the ring and grabs Viewfind by the hair and drops him with a thunderous inverted DDT. Avoiding a Morpheus clothesline, JD boots him in the stomach and shoves him into a corner, peppering him with boots and kicks. Summers and Sixswitch momentarily halt their attack on T.C. and look at JD with smirks on their faces. Hulking up for the crowd, JD leaves Morpheus in the corner, only to run into a vicious double-clothesline from Summers and Sixswitch! This distraction gives T.C. just enough time to slide outside, grab a steel chair, and slide back in…when Sixswitch returns his attention to his rival, T.C. nails him in the face with a crushing chair shot!!!! A moment later, Summers meets the same fate! Viewfind rushes forward and avoids a chair shot, but T.C. boots him in the stomach and DDT’s him on the chair! Leaving JD in the corner, Morpheus walks over and stands toe-to-toe with T.C. The crowd rises to its feet, feeling the tension of the moment. T.C. looks at the chair, then throws it through the ropes to the floor. The two exchange hateful words, and when Morpheus goes for a standing clothesline, T.C. ducks it and leaps into the air, whipping Morpheus over with a very athletic hurricanrana! T.C. bounces to his feet and absorbs the vicious boos of the crowd, standing triumphant amidst his fallen rivals! T.C. goes to Summers and tries to force him over the ropes, and meanwhile, JD puts the boots to Sixswitch, who’s been busted wide open by T.C.’s chair shot.

Styles: Sixswitch is busted bad, Jay.
JHA: I know! We’re not even to #10, and we’ve already got blood! What great TV!
Styles: You’re a monster.
JHA: I just know what brings ratings, Styles.

The countdown and buzzer go off again, and Ignavus, one half of the world tag team champions, enters at #7!! Still smarting from his earlier encounter with The Lock, Ignavus slides into the ring and nails Judge Death from behind with a forearm, pulling him off Sixswitch. Ignavus whips JD into the ropes and nails him with a big clothesline, but before he can gloat, Morpheus is back on his feet and hits Ignavus with a boot to the stomach, followed by a double-arm DDT! Meanwhile, Viewfind slowly gets to his feet and nails TC in the back of the head, bringing Summers back into the ring. Summers and Viewfind pin TC in the corner and beat him down with a long series of boots to the stomach and chest. Grasping the bottom rope, Sixswitch tries to pull himself up. Blood is pouring from his nose, which was clearly broken by TC’s chair shot. His arms give out, and Sixswitch remains on the canvas in the corner, hurt badly. Meanwhile, Morpheus pulls Ignavus up and shoves him into a corner, hitting him with straight right hands to the face.

JHA: Come on, TC, hang in there!
Styles: Viewfind and Summers trying to get TC out of there…TC has to hope there’s some help coming with this next slot…

The countdown winds down to zero again…and CloudStrifer enters the ring at #8!!! CloudStrifer points to heaven and strolls down the aisle methodically, looking extremely intimidating. Cloud steps over the top rope and immediately catches Viewfind with a thrust to the throat, knocking him into the ropes. Summers detaches himself from TC to protest, but he too is caught with a stiff thrust that knocks him down. Cloud pulls Viewfind up and heaves him into the corner, then overwhelms him with a series of stiff punches. In the opposite corner, Sixswitch tries to get to his feet, but Cloud whips Viewfind across the ring, and the back of Viewfind’s leg slams into the side of Sixswitch’s head, knocking him goofy! Sixswitch slumps onto the apron and lies motionless as Cloud rushes across and crushes Viewfind in the corner with a clothesline. Meanwhile, T.C. pushes Morpheus into the corner and strangles him with the tag rope, leaning hard onto the former world champion.

Styles: One of the referees should have removed the damn tag rope before the match started.
JHA: You’re crying foul NOW? T.C. was up against a 1-on-4 earlier, and you were silent as a mouse!

As TC chokes Morpheus, Ignavus rushes across the ring and nails TC with a huge dropkick! TC tumbles over the top ropes but grabs the rope and desperately pulls himself back inside, then pokes Ignavus in the eye to stop the momentum. The countdown winds down to 0, and Wolfang bursts through the curtains at #9! Wolfang struts to the ring, pushing his hair back and smiling, then tentatively slides into the ring before sneaking up on Sixswitch and grinding his boot into the side of the head of the fallen former AWF Champion. The blood oozes from Sixswitch’s forehead as Wolfang puts on the pressure, relishing his adversary’s struggles. Wolfang turns around, and Erik Summers nails him with a running kneelift! The impact of the move knocks Wolfang into the ropes, and Summers grabs one of Wolfang’s legs, trying to elevate him out. Meanwhile, Morpheus and TC trade right hands in a corner as Judge Death pulls Ignavus away and floors him with a big chop. As Viewfind tries to get to his feet, CloudStrifer comes out of nowhere and grabs him around the throat, then scores with a massive chokeslam! Viewfind bounces up, and Cloud gives him a massive clothesline that sends him over the ropes, but Viewfind grabs onto the bottom rope and hangs in there!

Styles: Oh my! I thought Viewfind was done there!
JHA: Come on, Cloud! Get that Benedict Arnold out of there!
Styles: My word, do you ever vascillate.
JHA: Can you say that on TV?
Styles: Oh, man…

The curtains part once again after a countdown, and Amarant Odinson enters at #10! The Canadian superstar strolls determinedly down to the ring and steps onto the apron, and as TC staggers over to the ropes, Amarant leans over the top rope and grabs his arm and slaps on the crossface!!! TC struggles for life as Amarant tears apart his face and tries to drag him over the ropes! TC looks as though he’s about to fall over the ropes until CloudStrifer rushes over and gives Amarant a huge boot to the face that knocks him to the floor!

JHA: Out out out out out!
Styles: No, Amarant never even made it into the ring, but Cloud is definitely making his presence known in the Royal Rumble…who knows? He may run the table and win it!

As Amarant tries to shake the cobwebs on the floor, Cloud slides under the bottom rope and nails Amarant with a boot to the face, knocking him goofy! Amarant stumbles to his side and falls against the security wall as referees admonish Cloud to take the action into the ring. However, Cloud shoves the referees out of the way and rushes forward, slamming his boot into the side of Amarant’s head, crushing his head between his boot and the metal aisle security wall!!!! Amarant’s eyes roll into the back of his head and he crumples to the floor as referees admonish the hulking Cloud, who raises his fist in victory.

JHA: This is great!!! Cloud’s my pick!!!
Styles: CloudStrifer may have just crippled Amarant Odinson!

IN THE RING: Morpheus (1), Erik Summers (2), Viewfind (3), Sixswitch (4), T.C. (5), Judge Death (6), Ignavus (7), CloudStrifer (8), Wolfang (9), Amarant Odinson (10).

Styles: Ten men have entered the Rumble, and so far we haven’t had an elimination yet.
JHA: I beg to differ, Styles! I think you can count Amarant out of this one!

As the referees surround the fallen Amarant in the aisle, the countdown expires again…and [b]The Lock enters at #11!!! Wearing a pair of faded sunglasses, Lock absorbs the heinous boos of the crowd, then strolls to the ring. As he prepares to climb into the ring, he turns and raises an eyebrow at Amarant, who’s trying desperately to get to his feet. Lock takes off his glasses and stands over Amarant, who grabs onto Lock’s kneepads, trying to pull himself up. Lock leans down and pulls Amarant to his feet, then wipes off Amarant’s brow, trying to bring him around.

Styles: I wouldn’t have expected this out of The Lock.
JHA: Lock is a decent, caring person, and…
Styles: BIG PAYBACK!!! BIG PAYBACK!!!! Dammit!!!
JHA: …and he hates losers!!!
Styles: The leader of Murder Incorporated looked like he was showing just a glint of humanity, but he just unleashed his version of the Olympic Slam on the exposed concrete, and Amarant’s head bounced off the concrete like a basketball!
JHA: Lock, you genius!

Dusting off his shoulder, Lock climbs up onto the apron and into the ring and immediately grabs Ignavus by the hair and slams him into the turnbuckle. Annoyed by their earlier confrontation, Lock tries to set Igz up for a bodyslam, but Igz slips out of it and dropkicks Lock in the back, sending him face-first into the turnbuckle! Across the ring, Viewfind and Erik Summers whip T.C. into the ropes, then heave him into the air with a big double-backdrop! T.C. bounces up, his face twisted in pain, and Summers and Viewfind lock hands and floor T.C. with a double-clothesline! As Judge Death pounds away on Sixswitch in the corner and Ignavus tries to elevate Cloud out of the ring to no avail, the EMT’s rush down the aisle to tend to Amarant. The former Intercontinental Champion shows no movement, so the EMT’s load him onto the stretcher and carry him away!

JHA: I told you, Styles! Amarant is done!
Styles: I suppose so…Amarant’s being carried away, and the man never even made it into the ring! What an unfortunate development for a man who wanted so badly to go to ArchiveMania as the #1 contender.
JHA: Oh, what a sob story! Look at the countdown!

The clock expires, and after a moment of anticipation, Big Daddy Rav emerges as #12! Appealing to the hateful crowd, the towering superstar takes his time getting to the ring. As he steps inside, Summers and Viewfind are about to eliminate TC, but Rav grabs Viewfind by the head and floors him with a punch, and when Summers misses a right hand, Rav lifts him onto his shoulders and scores with the Hangover in the middle of the ring! Rav bounces back up and raises his hands in victory until CloudStrifer steps up and the two towering giants come face to face!

JHA: Ahhhh!!!!
Styles: What a standoff here!

Cloud and Rav stand face to face, each waiting for the other to blink. Cloud hits Rav with a right hand, and the two begin trading punches until TC sneaks up and nails Cloud with a low blow! Showing incredible strength, Rav picks Cloud up and scores with another Hangover!!! As Cloud rolls to the ropes, Rav stand triumphant, then pulls his friend TC to his feet and gives him a hug! TC tries to reciprocate, but he’s already exhausted from the beating at the hands of Team AWF and others. Rav grabs TC and deposits him in a corner, out of harm’s way, then rushes forward and tries for a big boot on Ignavus. Ignavus ducks, however, and executes a perfect chop block that takes out Rav’s knee! As soon as Rav hits the mat, Morpheus, Wolfang, and Viewfind swoop in and join Ignavus in putting the boots to the fallen giant!

Styles: Have we had a legitimate elimination yet? The ring’s really filling up with humanity.
JHA: I consider Amarant legitimate.
Styles: Interesting scoring system.

As the countdown ends again, the curtains part and Tempest emerges!

JHA: Finally, the odds are getting even against this Team AWF nonsense!

Tempest jogs to the ring, slides under the bottom rope, and immediately goes after Sixswitch, who is just getting to his feet again. Six’s entire face, and parts of his ring attire as well, is spattered in blood. Tempest goes for a big punch, but Six blocks it and begins to fight back! Right hand after right hand fights Tempest back, and Six hits the ropes and nails Tempest with a spinning heel kick, knocking down the former Lord of the Mat winner! Six’s momentum is slowed, however, when TC comes in from nowhere and nails him with a kick to the back of the head! Across the ring, while CloudStrifer chokes Wolfang in the corner, Ignavus hits Judge Death with a series of punches that have no effect, and when Igz hits the ropes and tries a flying forearm, Death catches him and deposits him over the ropes and out! Igz hasn’t been on the floor for more than a moment, however, when CloudStrifer rushes forward and rams into Judge Death! They become entangled, and both men topple over the ropes and out!!!

JHA: Cloud, what have you done?!? You were my pick!!!
Styles: Cloud and Death are outta there, and so is Ignavus!

As recovers from Cloud’s attack in the corner, the countdown winds down again, and Black Zarak enters at #14! Hoisting the Hardcore Championship over his head for all to see, Zarak drops the belt and rushes to the ring, and Wolfang stands up and the two former partners begin trading right hands!!! Zarak sends Wolfang into the ropes, and Wolfang ducks a clothesline and tries for a cross-body, but Zarak catches him and scores with a powerslam! Across the ring, Rav and TC gang up on Summers in the corner, and as The Lock tries to rush at Viewfind, Morpheus leaps up out of nowhere and locks in a sleeperhold! Morpheus and Lock, the two longtime rivals, struggle and claw, and The Lock begins to fade until he kicks backward and nails Morpheus with a low blow! Meanwhile, the countdown begins again….and the lights go black!

Styles: That’s…that’s Brave Maxx’s music!!! Impossible!!!
JHA: He’s dead!!!

The lights come back on and Maxx’s music stops, but no one comes through the curtains! Tempest looks visibly freaked by even the suggestion of his arch-enemy, but as he leers towards the entranceway, Sixswitch sneaks up and dumps Tempest over the ropes and out, eliminating him! Wiping the blood from his eyes, Sixswitch falls to a seated position and waves Tempest goodbye as he slams the apron in frustration! Climbing back into the ring, Tempest grabs Sixswitch and nails him with a crushing powerbomb, then rushes across the ring and deposits both Wolfang and Zarak, who were struggling near the ropes, over and out, eliminating them!!!

Styles: That’s not fair!
JHA: Not fair?!? Playing Maxx’s music to screw Tempest isn’t fair!
Styles: I don’t agree with the referees, but Zarak and Wolfang are finished!
JHA: No they’re not! They’re still duking it out!
Styles: Wolfang and Zarak slugging it out all the way up the aisle, and Tempest is off through the crowd! I think he’s afraid Maxx might be waiting behind the curtain!

After all the confusion, Auros comes through the curtain at #15!!! The hardcore legend and newest member of Murder Incorporated slides into the ring and immediately comes to the aid of The Lock, who is being pounded on in the corner by Viewfind. Auros spins Viewfind around and points a threatening finger in Viewfind’s face. Auros and Viewfind stare each other off in the center of the ring, and slowly but surely, Morpheus, Summers and Sixwitch gather around Viewfind, while TC, The Lock, and Big Daddy Rav gather around Auros. The eight men begin sending taunts and obscene gestures back and forth until Auros and Viewfind begin trading punches, and all eight men begin to battle!!! The crowd rises to its feet as Morpheus pairs off with The Lock, Viewfind with Auros, Sixswitch with Ravage, and Summers with T.C.!!! The eight men brawl viciously until the countdown begins again, and they all turn to the aisleway to see who will break the tie…


Massaging his gold baseball bat, Vin Ghostal enters at #16! Ghostal takes his time getting to the ring, and before he can get inside, the brawling begins again!!! The eight men in the ring square off and continue the war as Ghostal remains on the outside, away from the chaos. He slides only his upper body into the ring to break the referee’s count, then slides back outside. As head referee Mike McClintock admonishes Ghostal to enter the match, Ghostal grabs McClintock by the collar and begins to manhandle him on the floor! As the countdown starts at 10, Ghostal threatens to punch McClintock in the face!

JHA: Go ahead, Ghostal! Waffle him! Bumping referees brings ratings!
Styles: This is awful! We can’t allow this!

As Ghostal screams in the referee’s face, the countdown ends…

JHA: OH NO!!!!
Styles: Xille!!! It’s Xille!!!! Oh, you can kiss it goodbye, Jay!!!

The curtains part and Xille hits the ground running at #17! He sprints to the ring, but Ghostal drops McClintock and takes off, and the footrace around the ring is on!!! Ghostal runs all the way around, then stops and waits with his baseball bat, but as Xille rounds the corner, Ghostal swings the bat and misses, and Xille nails him with an Inzeguri! Ghostal falls forward, and his face bounces off the steel steps! Feeding off the crowd’s cheers, Xille reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair, then nails Ghostal in the face with it! Ghostal begins bleeding as Xille heaves him onto the announce table, then reaches under the ring….and pulls out a ladder!!! Setting the ladder up right next to the apron, Xille begins to climb as Ghostal lies prone on the table! Giving a signal to the crowd, Xille leaps into the air, looking for an elbowdrop, but Ghostal moves out of the way at the last second, and Xille crashes through the table, shattering it!!!

JHA: Ghostal, you genius!
Styles: Everyone still battling in the ring, and no one’s been eliminated recently, but all eyes are on Xille, who quite possibly could be crippled out here!

Meanwhile, the curtains part at the buzzer, and Baxter[/b/] enters at #18! The young, up-and-coming star eagerly slides into the ring and begins peppering Ravage with right hands, then trips the big man with a drop-toehold and begins putting the boots to the fallen giant. On the outside, shaking the cobwebs, Ghostal staggers over and grabs Xille by the hair and deposits him in the ring. Sliding inside as he wipes the blood off his brow, Ghostal drags Xille to his feet and holds Xille up by the hair, cursing in his face. He runs Xille towards the ropes and tosses him over! Xille grabs the top rope and tries to hold on, but he’s too exhausted from his crash, and both his feet hit the floor! However, he keeps holding on despite the referee’s pleas, and as Ghostal stumbles towards the ropes, Xille pulls the ropes down, and Ghostal staggers over the ropes and out!!!

Styles: YES! Xille went out, but he took Ghostal with him!

As Ghostal and Xille lie in ruin on the floor, the countdown ends at 0 and [b]Doc Op enters at #19! Stepping over the fallen bodies of Ghostal and Xille, Doc Op enters the ring and immediately grabs Erik Summers, wrapping his cold hands around the throat of the former world champion.

Styles: Xille showed more courage than ever, eliminating Ghostal just despite missing that suicide dive through the announce table from the top of the ladder!
JHA: What courage? Ghostal’s been robbed again!
Styles: The ring’s really starting to fill up again, and amazingly enough, our first five entrants are still in there!
JHA: Somebody get rid of that idiot Summers! And that Benedict Arnold Viewfind! And…
Styles: One at a time, Jay!

Coming to the aid of his fallen ally, TC rushes over and beats Baxter away from Rav, allowing the big man to regain his vertical base. Meanwhile, Sixswitch grabs Auros by the tights and tries to elevate him out, but Auros refuses to budge. The curtains part again…and The Mat Man enters to a hearty reaction at #20! Mat slides in and wraps Auros around the waist, then surprises him with an overhead suplex! The technically sound Mat pins The Lock in the corner, climbs the ropes, and begins raining punches down onto the Lock’s face!

Styles: Look at Mat! He should be exhausted from the tag team championship match earlier in the night, but he’s in there, going after the big guns!
JHA: He’s an idiot! Duck and cover! Hit and run!

As the crowd counts along with Mat to 10 punches, he drops down and catapults Lock into the center of the ring with a monkey flip, but as he gets to his feet, Doc Op rushes forward and nearly takes his head off with a vicious clothesline! As Mat gets to his feet, Op grabs him around the throat and chokeslams him straight over the top rope and down to the floor back-first!!! The crowd begins to chant “Holy Sh*t” as Mat writhes in pain on the floor, but as Op turns around, he runs right into a spinning heel kick from Sixswitch!

IN THE RING: Morpheus (1), Erik Summers (2), Viewfind (3), Sixswitch (4), T.C. (5), The Lock (11), Big Daddy Rav (12), Auros (15), Baxter (18), Doc Op (19).

JHA: Look at T.C. gutting it out! What a hero!
Styles: T.C.’s still hanging in there, but so are all the other early entrants. And what an effort we’ve seen out of Sixswitch…despite that vicious early chair shot, he’s still out there.
JHA: Barely! The man’s lost more blood…

As Op collapses to the mat from Sixswitch’s spinning kick, the countdown runs down once again…and [b]Bombshell, riding his trademark motorcycle, emerges at #21! His engine roaring, Bombshell speeds to ringside, rides around the ring in a very intimidating fashion, then parks his bike. Meanwhile, The Lock detaches himself from Baxter and comes face to face with Erik Summers in the center of the ring. Still peeved from he and Ghostal’s earlier loss in the tag match, Lock rears back and spits in Summers’ face! Lock and Summers begin trading punches, and Summers beats Lock back and whips him into the ropes. Lock ducks a clothesline, but when Lock tries for the Big Payback, Summers lands on his feet and nails Lock with a modified version of the RKO!!! As Lock’s momentum bounces him off the mat, Morpheus rushes in and catches Lock with a clothesline, eliminating him!!!

JHA: NO!!! It can’t be!!!!
Styles: Summers did the damage, and Morpheus swooped in and eliminated Lock!
JHA: Morpheus, you no-good backfighter!
Styles: Lock can’t believe it! And look at him, pointing up threateningly at Morpheus, but the masked superstar seems unfazed! Oh, no. Soupbone from behind on Morpheus by Auros, who no doubt wasn’t pleased to see the leader of Murder Incorporated eliminated.

Catching Morpheus by surprise, Auros pounds Morpheus with punches and kicks, then tries to leverage him over the ropes, but the #1 entrant holds on. Meanwhile, T.C. rushes across the ring and nails Viewfind with a kick to the back of the head as he was taking his liberties on Big Daddy Rav. Only then does Bombshell, having finally left his motorcycle and removed his entrance attire, finally slide into the ring. He goes right after The Game, pounding him with lefts and rights.

JHA: Bombshell’s my new pick, Joey.
Styles: Aren’t you running out?
JHA: Not yet! I still got 9 entrants yet…
Styles: We still haven’t seen some of the big guns…Stone Cold Skywarp, The HeartBrend Kid, Blaster…
JHA: Well, here goes the countdown again!

The curtains part for the 22nd time, and The Wild One emerges! The third and final member of Murder Incorporated hits the ring and immediately comes to the aid of Auros, who is hanging on for dear life as Baxter tries to shove him over the ropes. Wild hits Baxter with several knees to the midsection, then pulls him away from the ropes and scores with a Russian Leg Sweep. Baxter’s head bounces off the mat, and Wild continues the assault by raining kicks down onto Baxter’s head. Meanwhile, Ravage tries to go after Bombshell, but Bombers ducks a clothesline and rolls out under the bottom rope and gets a breather before rolling back in. The countdown reaches zero, and for a moment, nothing happens. Then, a blaze of orange fireworks goes off, and KING bursts through the curtains!!!!!

JHA: WHAT?!? Where in the…
Styles: King!!! It’s King!!! He’s back!!!!

King absorbs the roars of the crowd and slides into the ring, ready for action. He immediately grabs T.C., pulls him out of a corner, and nails him with a huge spinebuster! Baxter moves in to slow King’s momentum, and he too is met with a spinebuster! King roars, taking in the crowd’s cheers, then waffles Doc Op with a massive clothesline, but the big man doesn’t budge! King runs the ropes and delivers a second clothesline, but King won’t go down! Finally, King nimbly gets to the second rope and nails Op with a big flying clothesline, and finally the big man goes down! Finally, King’s momentum is slowed when Bombshell lowers the boom with a double-axehandle, then shoves King into the corner and knocks him to the mat with a big reverse elbow.

The countdown begins again…





Styles: The arena’s just gone black for the second time…and what’s this? It’s the Y3B counter!?!?

On the big screen, the counter for Y3Blaster takes over the traditional Royal Rumble and the countdown continues…







The fireworks hit and the lights come on, and Y3Blaster emerges!!! The 24th Royal Rumble entrant, Blaster dances a bit at the entranceway, then rushes the ring! Still pissed at seeing his tag team partner eliminated in such a vicious fashion, Blaster immediately goes after Doc Op, peppering him with punches! Op misses a clothesline, and Blaster runs the ropes and nails Op with an Inzeguri! Op stays on his feet, however, and Blaster runs the ropes again and nails Op with a straight dropkick, knocking Op backwards over the ropes and out! Op looks up with the most heinous, evil look in his eye, but there’s nothing he can do! As the crowd goes absolutely berserk, Blaster turns around….and T.C. stands across from him!!!

Styles: And one of the oldest rivalries in AWF history is coming into play right here, Jay! We could see fireworks!
JHA: Wasn’t Blaster’s entrance enough! I can’t hear anything!
Styles: TC and Blaster face to face in the center of the ring! Oh, you can feel the tension!

TC and Blaster exchange words, but before they can get it on, Auros foolishly interferes and tries to lower the boom on both men! Blaster and TC look at each other and nod silently, and they lock hands and floor Auros with a double-clothesline! Auros staggers to his feet, and Blaster and TC team together to knock him over the ropes and out!!!

JHA: No, dammit, that’s not right!
Styles: Murder Incorporated is falling apart here, and Blaster is rolling!

The countdown begins again, and Scarecrow emerges at #25! Jogging to the ring to a mild crowd reaction, Scarecrow slides in and tangles with Baxter in a corner, struggling for position. Meanwhile, Morpheus lies on the apron, exhausted.

Styles: What an unbelievable showing from some of these men! Morpheus and Summers in there for 46 minutes! Viewfind 44, Sixswitch 42, and T.C. 40!
JHA: TC’s the one that’s worth writing home about!

As Scarecrow pounds Baxter in the corner, Ravage sends Viewfind into the ropes and scores with a big boot. However, as Ravage picks Viewfind up over his head to heave him out, Summers swoops in from nowhere and takes out Ravage’s knee! As Ravage drops Viewfind and grabs the ropes to keep himself vertical, Summers rushes forward and scores with a clothesline, knocking Ravage over and out! Meanwhile, Sixswitch gets to his feet once again and rushes at Bombshell, but as he leaps into the air for a hurricanrana, Bombhsell counters it into a powerbomb! Meanwhile, King tries to eliminate The Wild One as Blaster stands in a corner, appealing to the crowd.

Styles: Here we go…3….2….1…..

The curtains part, and Stone Cold Skywarp hits the ground running!!! The crowd nearly blows the roof off the arena as Sky rushes the ring! The Wild One is the first one in Sky’s path, and Sky avoids a clothesline, boots Wild in the stomach, and hits him with a crushing Stone Cold Stunner! Baxter tries to slow Sky down, but he gets a boot and a Stunner for his trouble! King rushes forward to intervene, but when he picks Sky up for a spinebuster, Sky lands on his feet, boots King in the gut, and delivers a third Stunner! Hyped up, Sky immediately rolls to the outside, grabs four beers from the ringside cooler, and stands on the security wall, drenching himself with Skyweisers! As this happens, Erik Summers rolls under the bottom rope and walks over to Sky’s premature celebration. Sky keeps appealing to the crowd, but when he drops the beers and jumps from the barricade, Summers is right in his face! The two share a tense standoff until Sky gives Summers the finger and rolls back inside! On a roll, Sky rushes across the ring and nails Baxter with a clothesline, and the young star topples over the ropes and out!!!

Just as Baxter’s feet hit the floor, the counter hits zero…and Divebomb emerges at 27! The crowd continues to cheer as Divebomb slides into the ring and goes right after TC, falling on him in a corner and raining lefts and rights into his face! TC slides under the bottom rope and tries to escape, but Divebomb leaps from the apron and tackles TC on the floor, slamming his face into the thin mats around the ringside area! TC tries to beg for mercy, and when Divebomb comes forward, TC hits him with a low blow followed by a hurricanrana on the floor! This slows Divebomb’s momentum, and as he and TC lie on the floor in pain, Bombshell and Blaster begin to battle in one corner while Sixwitch holds on for dear life, with The Wild One trying to finally get him out. Meanwhile, Scarecrow accidentally gets picked up for a Philly Pimp Drop by Viewfind, but Scarecrow slips out of the move and scores with a spinning DDT!

Styles: Great counter by Scarecrow! This kid’s really showed me something as a rookie!
JHA: Yeah, great. Who’s left?
Styles: By my count…

Just then, the buzzer sounds…and The HeartBrend Kid bursts through the curtains at #28! HBK rushes the ring and, ducking a clothesline, superkicks The Wild One in the face, catapulting him over the ropes for the elimination! Bombshell rushes forward, and he catches some Sweet Chin Music as well! Fortunately for Bombshell, he falls through the ropes to the outside, landing right on top of TC and Divebomb! As the referees admonish them, TC and Divebomb roll back inside and leave Bombshell on the floor. Divebomb leaves TC in the corner and goes across the ring, nailing Stone Cold Skywarp in the back of the head with a stiff soupbone.

The countdowns begin to come faster now, and the curtains part again…and Christopher Back enters at #29!!! Carrying a sledgehammer, Back goes around the ring and steals the AWF Heavyweight Championship belt from ringside security, then grabs a microphone as well!

CB: “Once and for all, Christopher Back will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is the very greatest superstar in the history of professional wrestling! I have conquered every federation I have been a part of, and I’ve held championships far more prestigious than the one in my hands! You has-beens and second-rate-stars may be fighting for this belt, and even though I will be the winner tonight, let me show everyone out there what I think of this so-called championship!”

Dropping the microphone, Christopher Back slides into the ring with the championship belt and the sledgehammer in his hands! The crowd parts as Back walks to the center of the ring and drops the belt with disdain. He raises the sledgehammer over his head and slams it into the belt with full force...but the belt does not budge!!!! Back looks at the belt, then at his sledgehammer in dismay, and when he turns, there are 12 superstars shaking their heads!!! Before Back can do anything, Stone Cold Skywarp rushes forward and boots Back in the stomach, then scores with a crushing Stunner that catapults Back straight over the ropes and out, much to the delight of the crowd!!!

Styles: Good riddance!!!!
JHA: Who’s left?
Styles: Well, this means that D-Extreme had the lucky draw at #30, but we saw him hauled off to the hospital earlier, so he might not even be able to compete here tonight.
JHA: What a tragedy! What a waste of the best number in the house! They should let me take his place!
Styles: Interested in re-enacting a certain announcer’s 10-second Rumble tenure from 97?
JHA: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

As a referee reaches into the ring and pulls the belt and the sledgehammer out of harm’s way, the buzzer sounds for the 30th and final entry….but no one comes through the curtains!

JHA: You were right for once, Styles! D-Extreme’s not going to make it to the ring!

Just then, a voice cuts into the broadcast and overrides JHA’s microphone.

????: “But I am.”

JHA: Who was that?
Styles: How should I know?!?

Just then, a burst of red fireworks goes off, and REDSTREAK bursts through the curtains!!! Redstreak looks like a man possessed as he storms the ring, grabs Divebomb by the hair, and begins punching and kicking him like a madman!!! Divebomb leans back against the ropes for safety, but Redstreak hits the ropes and rushes forward, and the momentum of his clothesline carries both he and Divebomb out of the ring and the match!!! As the crowd roars, Redstreak and Divebomb battle on the floor and all the way to the back!!!!

IN THE RING: Morpheus (1), Erik Summers (2), Viewfind (3), Sixswitch (4), T.C. (5), Bombshell (21), King (23), Blaster (24), Scarecrow (25), Stone Cold Skywarp (26), The HeartBrend Kid (28)

Styles: I can’t believe it, Jay! REDSTREAK IS BACK!!!
JHA: This is terrible! Redstreak and King in one night?!? What’s the world coming to?
Styles: The entire AWF roster has just been shaken up, and Redstreak has made an instant impact, eliminating Divebomb who many people had penciled in as one of the odds-on favorites to be the next AWF Champion!
JHA: Not me!
Styles: Fair enough…we’re down to 11 men. One of the eleven men in the ring right now will be the next AWF World Heavyweight Champion. Stone Cold, HBK, Summers, Scarecrow, Blaster, King, Morpheus, Viewfind, TC, Sixswitch, and Bombshell.
JHA: What’s gonna happen?
Styles: No more wagers?
JHA: You shut up! Somebody get me a glass of water!

Longtime rivals Bombshell and Blaster hook up on one side of the ring as Stone Cold and Morpheus grapple on the other. Somewhere in the middle, Viewfind and T.C. clash for what seems like the 100th time, trading lefts and rights. On the side, Blaster knocks Bombers down with a clothesline and goes for a Soundsault, but King steps in and catches Blaster on his shoulder in mid-flight! As Blaster struggles for his life, King begins to lose his balance and stumbles near the ropes, and Scarecrow grabs one of King’s legs and flips him over the ropes! King topples to the floor, but Blaster hangs onto the apron! He pokes Scarecrow in the eye, but before he can climb back in, T.C. leaps onto the top turnbuckle, then flies off with a dropkick squarely on Blaster’s face that knocks him off the apron and out! Immediately, Bombshell swoops in and tries to get rid of Scarecrow, but as Scarecrow holds on for dear life, Viewfind swoops in and dumps Bombshell out of the match!!!

JHA: No, not again!!! Bombshell had it won!!!
Styles: Bombshell is outta there, and we’re down to eight! And what an effort by Scarecrow!

As Summers and Viewfind gang up on TC, Sixswitch tangles with Stone Cold and HBK trades some punches with Morpheus in the corner, Scarecrow pulls himself to his feet and gets a crazed look on his face, realizing how far he’s come. Covered in sweat, Scarecrow cowers in the corner, hoping not to be noticed. Summers pulls himself away from TC and HBK leaves Morpheus in a heap, and Summers and HBK get in each other’s faces for a moment before pointing at Stone Cold Skywarp. Despite their recent tension, HBK and The Game seem to shelve their differences, and they rush over and begin raining punches on the face of Stone Cold.

Styles: HBK and Summers are working together! This looks like the end for Stone Cold!
JHA: For once, I’m with the D-Next morons! Do it!

Sky tries to fight out of the double team, but Summers boots him in the stomach and sets him up for the Pedigree. Somehow, Stone Cold worms out of it, but when HBK lunges in and goes for the Sweet Chin Music, Stone Cold ducks out of the way and kicks The Game squarely in the face! Summers staggers back into the ropes, and as HBK shakes his head in dismay, Stone Cold rushes forward….AND CLOTHESLINES BOTH MEN OUT!!!

Styles: Stone Cold did it! Somehow, he avoided everything HBK and The Game could throw at him, and now HBK and Summers are out!!!! Oh, man, what a shift in the complexion of this Royal Rumble!!!!

On the floor, HBK rises to his feet, and his expression betrays his thoughts. He absolutely cannot believe what has happened. Like a man possessed, HBK rushes over and steals a chair from the ring announcer, then slides inside and dents it over the back of Stone Cold’s head!!! Stone Cold barely stays on his feet, and HBK heaves the chair into Sky’s hands, then Superkicks the chair straight into Sky’s face!!! Sky crumples to the mat, and HBK spits on Sky’s fallen frame, then leaves the ring!!! Immediately, before anyone else notices what has happened, Scarecrow swoops in, picks up Sky’s fallen carcass, and deposits him over the ropes, eliminating him!!!

Styles: I can’t believe my eyes!
JHA: Scarecrow just eliminated Stone Cold!
Styles: HBK eliminated Stone Cold! What a heinous assault! What a bloodthirsty assault! And listen to this crowd!!!! They have completely turned on HBK!!! I have never heard such booing!!!!

As soon as he eliminates Stone Cold, Scarecrow begins looking incredulously at the crowd, realizing how close he is to becoming AWF Heavyweight Champion. That is, until the four other remaining men stop fighting and look confusedly over at Scarecrow, who stands alone.

JHA: Oh, no…
Styles: The four remaining men realizing that somehow, someway, Scarecrow is still in this thing!
JHA: Run for your life, rookie!

Scarecrow rushes forward and hits Morpheus with a punch, but immediately, Viewfind picks him up and scores with the Philly Pimp Drop! Scarecrow bounces back up, and Sixswitch clotheslines Scarecrow up and out!!!

IN THE RING: Morpheus (1), Viewfind (3), Sixswitch (4), T.C. (5)

JHA: We’re down to four, Joey!

Bleeding profusely, Sixswitch tries to hoist himself to his feet, pulling himself up into a corner. The four remaining men occupy separate corners until TC rushes over and attacks Viewfind in the corner, and as Sixswitch unsteadily moves away from the corner, Morpheus lunges in and locks Sixswitch into the Mandible Claw! Struggling with all his might, Sixswitch rears back and hits Morpheus with a standing kick to the side of the head which breaks the hold, followed by a lightning-fast hurricanrana! Morpheus crumples to the mat, and Sixswitch staggers to his feet and absorbs the roars of the crowd! His face covered in blood, Sixswitch signals for the Sixshooter, then begins to dance! The crowd goes nuts as Six leaps into the air and scores with his standing shooting star press! Six stumbles to his feet once again, but he wanders right into the arms of TC, who (having left Viewfind in the corner) immediately hoists Six up into a Fireman’s Carry near the ropes and gives him a brutal inverted Death Valley Driver (an F-U) that sends Sixswitch straight over the ropes and out!

JHA: I can’t believe it! T.C.’s done it again!
Styles: T.C. has somehow managed to avoid the onslaught of Team AWF, and now we’re down to three!

Exhausted, TC puts the boots to Morpheus, but his kicks have little authority. TC hovers over the fallen masked superstar and begins screaming at him, but as he turns around, he runs right into Viewfind, who stuns him with a crushing DDT! Viewfind bounces back up and lets the crowd start cheering even louder, and when TC staggers up, Viewfind lifts him onto his shoulders and gives the signal for the Philly Pimp Drop, his version of the Death Valley Driver! Before he can execute it, however, Morpheus rushes over and shoves Viewfind (and thus TC towards the ropes), then grabs Viewfind’s legs and elevates him over the ropes! As they topple out, TC grabs the bottom rope and holds onto the apron, but Viewfind topples over the ropes and out! TC quickly slides back under the bottom rope, and the Royal Rumble is down to two!

Styles: Unbelievable! Morpheus eliminated his Team AWF partner!
JHA: This isn’t the time for petty alliances, Styles! The World Championship is on the line!
Styles: Indeed! One of these men, Morpheus…T.C….will be the brand new AWF World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Holding the back of his head from where it hit the apron, T.C. points threateningly at Morpheus, who lies huddled in the corner, exhausted. Having been in the ring since #1, Morpheus slowly rises to his feet and, tipping his head oddly to one side, extends his hand and invites T.C. to ‘bring it on.’ T.C. comes forward and the two begin trading punches in the center of the ring! Morpheus gets the advantage and sends T.C. into the ropes, then floors him with a big right hand! T.C. bounces up and gets another right hand! Another bounce-up, and another right hand! T.C. staggers into a corner, begging for mercy. Morpheus tries to whip him across the ring, but T.C. releases Morpheus’s hand and leaps into the air, scoring with the Chimaira, his version of the RKO!!! Morpheus’ face bounces off the campus, and both men lie on the mat, exhausted.

JHA: It’s over!!!! TC’s done the impossible!!!
Styles: It’s not over until we have only one world heavyweight champion.
JHA: You’re so cryptic!

Slowly getting to his feet, T.C. feebly signals that the end is near. Hoisting Morpheus to his feet, TC tries to elevate his opponent out, but instead ends up sitting Morpheus in the corner on the top turnbuckle. TC tries to pepper Morpheus with punches to get him out, but Morpheus will not budge. Morpheus holds onto his seated position until TC stands back, then leaps into the air and tries for a hurricanrana, but Morpheus catches him and powerbombs him all the way to the mat!!! Looking around at the thousands of eyes and incredibly bright lights directed at him, Morpheus considers getting down, then stands on the top rope!!!

JHA: What’s he doing?!?
Styles: Morpheus…will he?!? He can’t!!! Morpheus never goes to the top rope!!!

Pointing to the sky, Morpheus tries for an enormous flying elbowdrop, but T.C. rolls out of the way at the last second and Morpheus crashes and burns!!! The sickening thud of flesh against mat can be heard all throughout the arena. Morpheus tries to get to his feet and sets T.C. up for the double-arm DDT, but T.C. uses his last bit of strength to lift Morpheus into the air and dump him over the ropes and out!!!!!


Styles: What a performance by both men!!!! Both men entering in the first five, Morpheus coming all the way from number one…but only one man could win the Royal Rumble!!!! Only one man could be AWF Heavyweight Champion!!!! And on this night, that man is T.C.!!!!!

AWF officials at ringside enter the ring and hand the AWF World Championship to T.C., and T.C. slowly gets to his feet and mounts the ropes, strapping the AWF Championship around his waist for the world to see!!!! Blue confetti begins to fall from the ceiling as T.C. drops to his knees in the center of the ring, cradling the AWF World Heavyweight Championship belt close to his heart. Big Daddy Rav jogs down to ringside, and he and T.C. embrace in the center of the ring!!! Rav grabs T.C.’s hand and holds it up in victory, and T.C. elevates the championship belt into the air! Rav then picks T.C. up onto his shoulders, and the broadcast fades out as the AWF logo appears in the corner and T.C. holds the championship belt high over his head!

2005-02-01, 03:11 AM
OOC: Once again, our product ends up being superior to the WWE's in every way possible. Good job, everyone.

2005-02-01, 03:23 AM
Guess who's back...all right. Now Divebomb! I believe you're smart enough to recognize a man on a mission! I came in there with one purpose, to take you right out, and I did! This is only the beginning, my friend. Only the beginning.

Don't look at me now
Fell too fast your wings won't hold
Don't look at me now
Fell too fast your wings won't hold
Yeah and when I want to
Yeah I will find you
Yeah and when I want to
Yeah I will blind you

2005-02-01, 03:41 AM
Viewfind, you stupid monkey f*ck. You've screwed me over for the last time.

2005-02-01, 03:55 AM
Tonight I accomplished at least one thing that I told all of you I would do tonight. I, Mr. Pay-Per-View, The Whole F'n Show, has outlasted 29 other AWF superstars. I climbed the uphill battle tonight. I pulled double duty tonight at Edge of Survival, and prevailed in the end of it all. I entered at #5, with four arch enemies against me in the ring at the time. I was ganged up against through almost the entire time, and I won the Royal Rumble match. I am once again the AWF World Champion, and there is no doubt in anyone's mind. Wether it be my friends, the critics, or any of the other superstars in this company. I am the man at the top right now.

I am going to Archivemania 4, in the world title main event once again. The only AWF superstar to headline Archivemania twice in a row as the champion in the title match. And this year, I'm going to repeat what I did last year, when I was the first champion who could hold his own and retain at the biggest show in our company.

But now the question is, who will I face and have to beat this year. Normally that is determined by the Rumble match. But no matter who it is I face at Archivemania, the end result will be the same.

Rav, pull around my car, we're celebrating tonight.

*Rav goes to get the 1969 Dodge Charger as TC packs his bag and slings the title over his shoulder*

2005-02-01, 06:03 AM
*OOC- Yeah Bombers said it best earlier!*

"Damn right TC. About time someone got to celebrate with the title. But first a few things."

"Now HBK, you did pretty well, but yet again you listen to the fans, you could have finished me off with that chair, again proving you still can't beat me with your hands. But thats ok, as long as TC or myself left with the gold tonight hey that was the important thing and to steal a quote from the great RoadWarriors Hawk and Animal. There's nothing you can do."

"All I can say is not I need to get a bit of gold myself. But in due time. "

BDR breaks out the Crown Royal and some Pantera CD's along with having a rather evil grin on his face. He looks at TC and they high five.

"And let's put it this way your going to have that belt for a while.
All hail the reign of TC!"

2005-02-01, 12:46 PM
Edge of Survival 2005, not the best night for The Lock, but it wasn't all so bad. The important thing is, that end of the night, The Lock has still not been pinned or submitted since returning, and therefore, still hasn't been defeated. Summers, you roody poo, The Lock says you better watch your back brother because you will get yours, but for the moment, The Locks attention is on Morpheus. The insignificant piece of trash that he is, will learn what happens when you cost The Lock the AWF title, so be warned cause The Lock is coming for you. But the main thing tonight is that Murder Inc. started to show what a driving force it's going to be. Auros is on board now and the talent is coming along nicely. Murder Inc. will lay the big payback on the AWF and we will reign surpreme and whether you like it or not, we're the best thing going today.

2005-02-01, 12:56 PM
OOC: Nice PPV!!! Man I just love it when AWF makes its Royal Rumble every year. The next best thing to the Archivemania is EOS. No doubt about it.


***We see D-Extreme in the backstage area after the match. The EMTs have him placed on a stretcher while Keith Kincard tries to follow them. The EMT's stop as they pick up some sort of canister on the floor.

EMT: "Ok...heres his 'special medication'...now lets go!"

Before they can pick up D-Ex again and go straight to the ambulance, KK catches up and asks them something.

KK: "Uhm....can I speak for a while with one half of the AWF tag champs?"

EMT: "No can do sir. Right now, this guy is suffering from a major back pain and has to be checked up ASAP. Aside from that, this guy needs to sober up."

KK: "So whats with the beer canister?"

EMT: "What canister?"

They leave with D-Ex and head for the ambulance. Yes, the canister of beer got in the ambulance as well. We go back to ringside with JFA and JHA.

JFA: "Man...its still not certain but the net show has just scrapped D-Ex off the card due to his recent injury. We will give you an update as soon as its cleared up."
JHA: "This kinda reminds me of THAT time when he won against a certain someone. Though that time, he was still concious as he got dragged away to the ambulance."
JFA: "UHm...lets not put that up before some lawyers will sick you another lawsuit."
JHA: "Bah....fine."

2005-02-01, 01:04 PM
*Cloud is shown celebrating with his belt, shining it up and laughing to himself.*

My, My, My what a night. Sure I didn't win, of course I would have liked to, but it was not in my vision yet. I still have dreams of holding the Hardcore Championship belt and after that the World Championship, but for now, this *holds up the belt* is where its at. I did what I wanted and prove to everyone that the more you bother with me the more pain I cause to you. Of course OP was there and I missed him but I really don't care.

Odinson, I showed you want I am made of. I told you that if we were to meet in the rumble you would go back injured or worse dead. And I prove you wrong agian for the second time. I proved that your nothing but a would be hack, a blowhard, windbag talker who does nothing but complain and when faced wiith challenges you fail. You talked big and large on how you would not be proved wrong, yet I did. I proved you for a second time that I am better than you and will always be batter than you. Your near where competing for the belt and I won't even give you the match that you were craving because your patheic. However if Reliy wants to pit you and show you how much you suck then he is welcome to pit me agianst you. Otherwise your challenge to me is denied because frankly I couldn't give a damn wheater your a former world champion or the former miss canada. You are a patheic, idiotic peice of manleness if I ever saw one, and trust me I have seen the worst of them.

Wait, I changed my mind, your welcome to come at me if you want, if you can fight in crutches and a neck brace.

*Cloud Laughs and Laughs and Laugh*

2005-02-01, 01:20 PM
OOC: Top Notch work by the writing stuff. You've done it again.

IC: Tempest is seen peeking out his locker room door and then walks out with a bag over his shoulder. He walks away. He turns the corner and sees the camera crew they try and stop get some words out of him but all they here is:

"Get ... out ... way ... now"

He is seen getting in a SUV with a guard opening his door and then driving away.

JFA: "Wonder what that was about?"
JHA: "Fans try to mob him, he needs protection these days"
JFA: "Suuuuuure."

2005-02-01, 02:04 PM
The HeartBrend Kid marches down the corridor towards his locker room, his face filled with pure rage.

Lisa Lovelace spots him and rushes to meet him.

LL: “Sean O’Con, would you be able to comment on the disgraceful actions we witnessed earlier tonight?”
HBK (without even stopping): “You remember the last time you tried to grab an interview with me? The night spent in casualty?”
LL: “I…”
HBK: “Life-lesson, bitch.”

O’Con barges past her and into his locker room, the camera follows and sees, as he does, that Erik Summers is already there waiting for him.

HBK: “Get out.”
Game: “Uhm… no. Not until you tell me what the hell you’re playing at.”
HBK (packing stuff into his bag): “Getting my things together. No law against it, is there?”
Game: “You know damn well that’s not what I meant. That in the ring just now. What the hell were you doing?!”
HBK: “Taking care of business. Things needed doing, I did them. What of it?”
Game: “What of it?! You’re losing your grip, Sean. You can’t go doing things like that!”
HBK: “Why the hell not?! Because it might upset your little fans?! Screw them. I’ve had just about enough of your sanctimonious goody-two-shoes crap. I’m not you. Just because you’ve lost your perspective on things, don’t think that I have to play by the same set of rules.”
Game: “Don’t be such a stubborn idiot. You’re taking things personally where you shouldn’t be. What happened to rising above it?”
HBK: “… No. No, no, no. Not this. Not on this subject. This isn’t Casper, Erik. This isn’t the prat Siznitch. This is Skywarp. Skywarp, G. You are not going to take his side on this, are you?”
Game: “You over-reacted out there. Badly.”
HBK: “Over-reacted?! Erik, it’s SKYWARP. You can’t look at him and look at me and then take his side on it. Not after everything we went through to take that bastard out of the picture.”
Game: “Situations change, Sean.”
HBK: “Not that situation. Not you, me and him. No. I don’t accept that. What went on out there? His doing, not mine. The schmuck’s been on for ages about how he wants a piece of the HeartBrend Kid. Well he’s finally going to get his wish, but he’s getting much more than a piece – he’s going to get all of me, plus whatever’s nearby that isn’t nailed down. Son of a bitch started this, I’ll take him all the way to hell. He screwed me, so screw him. He’s going down.”
Game: “Listen to yourself, Sean. You’re losing focus.”
HBK: “Focus? Focus on what? I’ve got nothing left to focus on now – that bastard killed my dream of winning the Rumble. But, oh, I’m sorry – you’ve still got your precious Intercontinental Title, so everything’s good in the world. That belt’s clouding your judgement, E. So obsessed with representing the people. Give it a rest. You don’t want to back me on this? Normally that’s your call, no problem. But it’s Skywarp. You’re either with me on this or you’re not. And if you’re not, then I’ve got three words for you.”
Game: “Three?”
HBK: “Screw you, too. Get the hell out of my life.”

That said, the HeartBrend Kid slings his kit bag over his shoulder and storms out of the room, leaving the Game looking frustrated and angry.

2005-02-01, 07:14 PM
>Shot opens to the immensely unwelcome visage of AWF's main interviewing imbecile, Keith Kincaid, using a pocket mirror to arrange his toupee...um, 'hair'. He seems to be waiting on someone...and, thanks to the widening of his eyes and quick hoisting of microphone, it looks like he's found his target. The camera pans to Judge Death, walking slowly down the corridor, arms spread wide like a blind beggar trying to find his way. The reason for this seems clear; his helmeted head is drooped backwards, resting between his shoulder blades. It bobs up and down, and makes audible 'crack's, each time the judge takes a step. Keith approaches him...and one of Death's wildly-swinging arms slaps him in the face.<

KK: "Ow!"

JD: "Whuh? Who enterss my pressencce?"

>Death flails around for a minute or so more as Kincaid stares at him in confusion. Grumbling in defeat, Death reaches back with one hand and grabs his head, before pulling it to the upright position and supporting it there; the neck under it sags slightly.<

KK: "Uhm...Judge Death. You were scheduled to face Baxter tonight, but instead you and he were subject to a brutal assault at the hands of The Lock and his partners in Murder Inc. What are your thoughts on...what're you staring at?"

>Death's gaze is rooted on Kincaid's hair, and his expression betrays his inner suspicion regarding its nature. At Keith's words, though, he lowers his stare - another crack - and looks down at the interviewer's face.<

JD: "...How on earth did you get down?"

KK: "From...?"

JD: "I tied you up and hung you ffrom thhe cceiling! And nobody in thheir right mindss would evver thhink off ffreeing you, sso how did you esscape?"

KK: "Ah, that. Well, let's just say that I...have my ways..."

>Keith gazes offscreen as the view shifts, wobbling in the manner that always warns of a flashback, and we return to the set of Keith's previous interview with the judge. We see Death walk away to lunch, thus leaving Keith dangling in midair above a blue screen, trussed up like a turkey. However, a blue glow emanates from his collar, and grows brighter, brighter...until the ropes are suddenly immolated by blue fire and Kincaid hovers in midair, now the right way up, Y-fronts worn over his trousers and a cape tied around his neck, emblazoned with a large 'J'. And as the backing musical score reaches its climax, badly-animated lettering appears at the bottom of the screen, announcing to the world the powerful presence of - CAPTAIN JOBBER! We then are subject to another wobbly-screen effect, and return to the present, with Keith still staring off to the side somewhere, and Death looking altogether rather unimpressed.<

JD: "You jusst wassted ffivve minutess off my time, moron."

KK: "Eh? Who? Whuzzat? Oh, yeah, right...what's up with your head?"

JD: "Neck, not head. Auross iss quite a big lad, and he appearss to havve crushhed all thhe boness in my neck back thhere withh thhat chokesslam."

KK: "...Isn't that fatal?"

>Death glares daggers at KK. The other lowers his head a bit.<

KK: "Oh, yeah...the whole 'being dead' thing. Like that's not just an act. Anyway, how do you feel about tonight's happenings? Upset?"

JD: "I get upsset when thhere iss no motor oil in thhe ffridge to make a good cocktail withh. I get upsset when my pedicure turnss out bad. Iff thhat iss how I get upsset, I ffeel thhat you will need a ffar more ssevvere word to desscribe how I ffeel right now, ssinner. Baxxter would be quite an interessting opponent to ffacce, but now I may nevver havve thhe chancce, due to thhe meaninglesss actionss off thhree cretinss. And to thhink, a while ago, I oncce teamed withh thhe Wild guy...nicce off him to shhow thhat it meanss nothhing, hmm?"

KK: "So, what'll you do?"

JD: "I am unssure. I will do what I can, howevver much or little thhat may be, to enssure thhat thhosse inssectss realisse thhe misstake thhey made when thhey chosse to interffere in my afffairss. Thhey will...not perishh. Thhey will ssufffer, and I will prolong thheir agony ffor ass long ass I posssibly can. Thhat iss, bassically, all thhere iss to it. Now, exxcusse me; I musst go to ovverssee repairss to my sskeletal sstructure."

KK: "...Um, sure, yeah. Go."

>Death nods - well, he shakes his head up and down in an effort to simulate a nod - before stepping away and marching down the corridor, letting his head fall back over his shoulders as he does so. Reaching a door, he fumbles for the handle for a few moments, before locating it, opening the door and stepping through...then the door slams abruptly shut, catching his head between it and the frame.<

JD: "Cursssesssss!"

2005-02-01, 11:46 PM
We see Igz. He's in street clothes, some brown pants and a white buisness shirt. He's standing on a stage - one of those old beat up ones, the kind that was in your high school. You remember, right? There's a duffel bag to his right.

"Hey, everyone. You all saw EoS last night. It was great. I gotta say, there's kinda a perverse pleasure in being the first legitimate elimination from the rumble."

At this point, he starts to undo his shirt.

"And I'm really proud of us. The Serial Slackaz pulled out a big win last night. And it wouldn't have happened if not for the determination of my brothah, my man D-Extreme. Blaster is arguably one of the best technical wrestlers around here - and D-Ex lasted in his hold for as long as he had to. A less lazy man would have gotten frustrated... but not D-Ex."

Igz throws his shirt over the camera, and starts to unbutton his pants.

"So, I thought about how to celebrate tonight.. to make a statement."

He whips off his pants, revealing a thong. The camera zooms in on it... and we realize it's got a design on the front:


Ignavus pulls a tuxedo shirts out of the bag and starts to put it on.

"Don't worry, there's no children here. Jeez!"

Now he's got on tux pants too.

"I decided the only way to celebrate such a kick butt win was with a little song and dance."

A paisley vest, tux tails, long jacket, bright red bow tie, and enormous top hat finish the outfit. Igz takes a cane from the bag.

"So I wrote a song!"

He starts to sing in a kind of broadway meets Frank Sinatra meets spoken word song style... but not very well. And he dances in a kind of broken toy monkey fashion, swinging the cane whither he chooses.

We da Serial Slackaz
Da ladies call us Mackaz
Da fellas wanna slap us
But dey just makin a fuh-uss
'cause you know you all love us

We beat Mistah Blastah
He said he was our Mastah
But he lost to us Fastah
than a minnow to a Lobstah

I bet N-Mat was real sa-ahd
when we beat him real ba-ahd.
He should just be gla-ahd
dat da slackaz ain't ma-ahd

We da tag team cha-amp
Whenever we hit da ra-amp
Da people light up like a la-amp
And da girliez get da-amp

He likes to booze
I just like to snooze
If you try to go against us
you know you'll just loo-ooze.

We da Serial Slackaz
Da ladies call us Mackaz
Da fellas wanna slap us
But dey just makin a fuh-uss
'cause you know you all love us

He takes a bow to the camera, and waits hesitantly for that big cane from cartoons to sweep him off stage.

OOC - You have no idea how long that took me to rhyme. A poet, I am not.

The Wild One
2005-02-02, 02:32 PM
The camera pans backstage, showing the members of Murder Inc. Everyone seems to be holding wine glassess and cheering.

TWO: Well, we finally take our first step. Dominating the OWF. Our numbers are growing, and it will only be time till we hold all the gold. I mean c'mon. We are a powerhouse of destruction. Soon this place will fall.

Lock: You're right! Soon I will be the AWF champion! It won't take long. No, this isn't GPA, we're more organised. Were better. Hell, look at all of the tallent in here. Me, Wild One, and Auros. I mean, you can already hear their knees tremble.

TWO: Now I get the oportunity to prove myself to this whole place. I was fighting for the side of angels. But it got me no where. I was proud to have teamed up with JD. But now it is over, in the past. Now it's my time, our time.

Lock: C'mon guys, one more time

Murder Inc. stare into the camera.

Whether you like it or not, we're the best thing going today.

2005-02-02, 05:01 PM
So, once again, TC gets involved in the Double S's life. Once again, he sees fit to interfere, and steal my glory. But that's OK. I did the whole Rumble thing last year, and the Double S will have other oppurtunities to get a hold of the belt. Enjoy it while you can, TC.

So, the Rumble is a sign of new beginings this year aint it? HBK throws a primary school temper tantrum... Maybe someone should buy him some sweets, or a new Action Man figure. Works on most unruly children anyway, but then again, HBK's always been like that. Lashing out and getting in a mood when he can't get what he wants. Why would ol' Action Man be able to change that?

Murder Inc... They gain another recruit, and earn an award for Cheese of the Year award with their little choir-boy chanting. Hey guys, Chesney Hawkes hasn't had a hit for a while, maybe you should hook up?

And not only does Xille beat Ghostal, but he does a Double S in the Rumble, and does silly stuff from big heights. Gotta respect that.

The Double S hasn't decided what the new year shall bring for him, or the AWF. What's for sure though is that I gave a good showing in the Rumble, and I'm optimistic about the year ahead. But if I could see the future, this game would be no fun, so I'll be blissful in my ignorance. Whatever it may be, it's gonna be good.

OOC 1: TC seems to have been a thorn in my side a lot in the AWF. Only just noticed. Kinda cool though.

OOC 2: I echo Bombshell's sentiments. Top PPV.

2005-02-02, 11:37 PM
OOC: whoa!

I'll throw a better post up in a little bit when my hand feels better.

Yeah i broke it over the weekend.

Random Sweep
2005-02-03, 03:06 PM
Well, well, seems that the AWF's " Rookie " managed to eliminate two of the AWF's legends.

And personally, I don't care if it ticked either of you off, You'd have done the same thing if I was the one on the mat.

So Skywarp, if you have a grudge then bring it, but be prepared to feel the pain when I slam my foot through your face

2005-02-03, 03:10 PM
Backstage in a dark room lit only by the flickering of candles

Baxter is in the middle of the room, sitting on the floor in the lotus position.

He looks up at the camera and only says:

My first match on a
Pay Per View never got a
Chance thanks to Wild One

Your time for a push
Is what you claim it to be
But now I'm angry

It will be hard to
Climb to the top or take breath
When I crush your chest

2005-02-03, 08:23 PM
Erik Summers sits backstage, silent, staring hard at the wall.

Where do I go from here?

Thoughts flash back to tonight, the crowd jeering him and the words of his "friend" HBK. He looks down at his IC Title before tossing it in his gym bag and zipping the bag shut. He looks over towards the corner of his lockerroom to find a sledge hammer left there. The monitor in the room is showing the replay of the Rumble...just passing the point where Stone Cold eliminates the Game. Summers' face goes cold as he methodically walks over, takes hold of the sledge hammer and drives it through the monitor...

Without a word or expression, he takes up his bag and walks out.

2005-02-03, 11:17 PM
What's this Odinson doesn't show his face in here? Amazing. Usually when ever you talk about he he shows up and starts blabing about how he was wronged and why he gets should get a shot. Then when I pound the living daylights out of his puny brain, he had al of a sudden taken flight and doesn't want to show his face. What is it about competeters that run away when you win? OP has done that and now it seems Odinson is on his way to do that too. Bah, they are all wimps.....

If he doesn't want to show then that fine, I will go ahead with my plan to seek out the Hardcore belt......Who ever it is with. I think its that partner of wolfgang who keeps hanging around for some reason, Zarak or something or other.

Listen up Zarak I will come for what I am owned and I am owned that belt. I will take it from you like I took it from Strafe and broke him into two to get it. I will not stop unless I hold that belt. You just wait and see. I don't certainly care about Wolfgang and much less whats going on. All I know is when Odinson or OP show thier face and I personally deal with them like I did with Strafe then I am comming for you. You better keep that belt warm and tidy...

Odinson and OP hear me out and feel my relentless attacks, I will not stop until I have proven to both of you why you are useless and not worthy to hold the belt. I have proven that with OP and now is your turn Odinson. You both weather joined togeather or fight seperatly will feel the full force of the Hype that is CloudStrifer!

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain!

2005-02-03, 11:34 PM
Tonight i showed the whole world that Bligzilla is ready for the next level but be'fo i straighte up mug TC for that world title i gotta stop on over to camden NJ and murder Vinny G Punisher style.

There's a limit to revenge, you know Vinny and you just reached it.

2005-02-04, 12:01 AM
OOC: We're just going to loop the previous comments.

IC: Sorry, 'Find, but I'm not done quite yet. Now, I'll certainly allow you to hold him down as I stomp away or vice-versa, but I'm by no means going to sit by and watch you beat him down.

Tonight I had to beat Vin Ghostal using his own methods. Yes, I cheated. But I know that somewhere down the line, I'll pay for that mistake. I'll keep fighting the good fight from here on out, and I know that my one trip down to V3's level won't have been in vain.

I know this isn't over. Ghostal knows this isn't over. The fans know it isn't over. Hell, Ravage's blue haired mama Agnice, who still has a hard time walking after the ride the now-defunct GPA gave her knows it isn't over. No, we're riding this train until one man manages to get the clean win. We all saw that at the rumble. Did I ignore Ghostal, knowing that he was now below my level? Hell no. That isn't going to happen until I get the 1, 2, 3 a few times.

So Ghostal, get your bat, get whatever friends you might have, and stay ready. Because the AWF's sweet machine is ready to kick his fight into high gear and run all over your ass.

Remember that.

2005-02-05, 02:24 PM
OOC: In last years EOS and this years EOS, Sixswitch has elminated me on both occasions. I though that was something to point out.

*grabs kinfe*

Silly Cow
2005-02-05, 07:24 PM
The Lock is coming for me. He's targeted me. He wants my blood.

And what then?!

You were coming for me 18 months ago, and where did that leave you? Nowhere! You targeted me then and what did it accomplish? Blood, pain, agony, all of it yours! You wanted my blood, I got yours!

But there are still some things left undone. Things that weren't finished before you ran away. Time for those things will come, that is for certain. When, I do not care. Where, makes no difference. But it will happen.

OOC: As last year, here's (http://www.netikka.net/jiivee/AWF_RR_2005_stats.rtf) the official AWF Royal Rumble stats. It was counted with two minutes intervalls and the times of eliminations are estimates done according to what happened in between entrances. Let me know if the .rtf file isn't showing properly and if you notice an error.

EDIT: Link fixed.

The Wild One
2005-02-05, 07:30 PM
OOC: The stats aren't showing

2005-02-05, 08:18 PM
OOC: Thanks Cow, very cool.

2005-02-05, 09:39 PM
OOC: Nice work, Cow.

2005-02-06, 03:48 AM
OOC: Cool stats...man if I werent injured, I would have been no. 30 :( lol. Anyways, to the guys who are wondering the stats page cow made for last years rumble, it can be found Here (http://www.netikka.net/jiivee/AWF_RR_statistics.txt)

2005-02-06, 04:43 AM
Well, well, well. Ladies and Gentlemen, say congratulations to our new AWF World chump, oh I'm sorry, champ. I saw your interview and you were acting like you were at the top of the world and i guess rightfully so. You do have the title.

But TC the one thing you have neglected to mention is that I beat you tonight. You told me and the world that I was not in your league and that I could never measure up to you. Well in my eyes and the eyes of the world, I prooved you wrong. Now there are some that would say I deserve a shot at that title you have on your shoulders but I think I will hold off on that for now because I never wanted it in the first place and I got the only thing I wanted. So I hope you have fun with your title reign because if someone like me, someone who is not in your league, can beat you then you know damn well that everybody and their dog is going to be gunning for you. Good luck.

Now onto bigger matters. Redstreak. You eliminated me from the rumble. You seem to have your targets set straight on me. Fine, you come back here, rush in and take me out. Thats great stuff, because now you have done something that you shoudln't have. You have taken my sights off of TC and put them on you and looking at the card for the next mayhem...

(Divebomb picks up a piece of paper)

...I see you will be there. Well then, let the games begin.