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2005-02-10, 02:00 AM
JFA Voiceover: On January 30, 2005 the AWF returned to it’s roots, crowning a new world champion in the very match that decided the very first Champion! The capacity Toronto crowd was treated to the ever intense action of the AWF Royal Rumble…

*the video cuts to the closing moments of the Rumble*

Styles: Indeed! One of these men, Morpheus…T.C….will be the brand new AWF World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Holding the back of his head from where it hit the apron, T.C. points threateningly at Morpheus, who lies huddled in the corner, exhausted. Having been in the ring since #1, Morpheus slowly rises to his feet and, tipping his head oddly to one side, extends his hand and invites T.C. to ‘bring it on.’ T.C. comes forward and the two begin trading punches in the center of the ring! Morpheus gets the advantage and sends T.C. into the ropes, then floors him with a big right hand! T.C. bounces up and gets another right hand! Another bounce-up, and another right hand! T.C. staggers into a corner, begging for mercy. Morpheus tries to whip him across the ring, but T.C. releases Morpheus’s hand and leaps into the air, scoring with the Chimaira, his version of the RKO!!! Morpheus’ face bounces off the campus, and both men lie on the mat, exhausted.

JHA: It’s over!!!! TC’s done the impossible!!!
Styles: It’s not over until we have only one world heavyweight champion.
JHA: You’re so cryptic!

Slowly getting to his feet, T.C. feebly signals that the end is near. Hoisting Morpheus to his feet, TC tries to elevate his opponent out, but instead ends up sitting Morpheus in the corner on the top turnbuckle. TC tries to pepper Morpheus with punches to get him out, but Morpheus will not budge. Morpheus holds onto his seated position until TC stands back, then leaps into the air and tries for a hurricanrana, but Morpheus catches him and powerbombs him all the way to the mat!!! Looking around at the thousands of eyes and incredibly bright lights directed at him, Morpheus considers getting down, then stands on the top rope!!!

JHA: What’s he doing?!?
Styles: Morpheus…will he?!? He can’t!!! Morpheus never goes to the top rope!!!

Pointing to the sky, Morpheus tries for an enormous flying elbowdrop, but T.C. rolls out of the way at the last second and Morpheus crashes and burns!!! The sickening thud of flesh against mat can be heard all throughout the arena. Morpheus tries to get to his feet and sets T.C. up for the double-arm DDT, but T.C. uses his last bit of strength to lift Morpheus into the air and dump him over the ropes and out!!!!!


Styles: What a performance by both men!!!! Both men entering in the first five, Morpheus coming all the way from number one…but only one man could win the Royal Rumble!!!! Only one man could be AWF Heavyweight Champion!!!! And on this night, that man is T.C.!!!!!

*The video goes to a slow motion shot of TC hoisting the AWF title up over his head once again*

JFA: The road to Archivemania starts right here…on Mayhem…TONIGHT!

Pyro ignites bring Mayhem to the airwaves once more!

Joey Styles: We are live! From the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Victoria…as the AWF goes down under!

Flec: That’s right Styles…and in case you have been living under a rock…we have a new champion and his name is TC!

Joey: That’s right and our very own Keith Kincaid is standing by, ready to interview our new Champion!

*Camera cuts to the ring*

Keith Kincaid: Hello AWF fans here we are at the first Mayhem after an eventful Edge of Survival. Where we crowned a brand new AWF World Champion through the Royal Rumble match. And now joining me in the ring, he is the Whole F’n Show, and the new AWF World Champion….TC.

Drones since the dawn of time
Compelled to live your sheltered lives
Not once has anyone ever seen
Such a rise of pure hypocrisy
I'll instigate I'll free your mind
I'll show you what I've known all this time

God Hates Us All, God Hates Us All
You know it's true God hates this place
You know it's true he hates this race

TC walks down the aisle to the ring, with the AWF title belt over his shoulder. He receives a mixed chorus of cheers and jeers from the Melbourne crowd. TC enters the ring, and goes from turnbuckle to turnbuckle raising the belt high above himself for the entire crowd to see, before going to the center of the ring.

Kincaid: TC at Edge of Survival, you had to pull double duty in the night, first facing Divebomb in singles action, and then you entered the Royal Rumble match. You came from nearly insurmountable odds to gain your third reign as AWF champion. But first what are your thoughts about the match against Divebomb, in which you did not come out victorious.

TC: Well Kincaid, I’ll give it to Divebomb, he managed to provide a good match. Hell the guy even managed to pull a fast one and get the 123 over me. And now he thinks he is the hottest thing in this company right now, but he is not. He is not the man who stands here in this ring with the world title over his shoulder

Kincaid: Speaking of the world title, you entered the Royal Rumble match at a disadvantageous spot of #5, and managed to win the entire match.

TC: Not only did I have an early draw to enter the match Kincaid, but when I got in there, the four previous entrants were all people that wanted me taken out. Four of the five members of Team AWF were there. They all attacked me at once, and still could not get the job done. Throughout the entire length of the Rumble, they would try to get rid of me, and couldn’t do it. Even Divebomb tried to take me out of the match, and couldn’t stop me. No one else in the AWF was able to stop me from reclaiming my spot on the top.

Kincaid: What’s up next for you now TC as we travel through the land down under?

TC: What else would there be Kincaid, I am going to continue to show all of the AWF fans and superstars why I am known as the Whole F’n Show. Why I am a multiple time world champion, and that I am going to dominate through this title reign.

*cuts to commercial*

Scarecrow v StoneCold Skywarp

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from the Fields of Pain… Scarecrow!”

Joey: “We’re back folks…and this one could be an unexpected barnstormer.”
Flec: “Well that’s one of the most redundant statements you’ve ever made. If it does turn out to be that way, then it won’t be because you’ve predicted that it might be, so if it is it’s not unexpected, is it?”
Joey: “Did you understand a word of that?”
Flec: “Every word. As ever. It’s only you that has trouble keeping up, Styles.”
Joey: “And why are you wearing that on your head?”
Flec: “Because it’s a hat. It’s what they’re for.”
Joey: “And what are the little corks for?”
Flec: “If you don’t know, I sure as hell ain’t gonna be the one to tell you.”
Joey: “You don’t know, do you?”
Flec: “Shut up.”

Scarecrow slowly sneaks his way to the ring and rolls in under the bottom rope.

Joey: “Scarecrow with an ominous task ahead of him tonight. He put in an astounding performance in the Royal Rumble, and even eliminated Stone Cold Skywarp. But he could have to pay for that in a moment…”

The glass shatters and the Australian crowd leap to their feet.

Flec: “Hey, the Aussies are going crazy for a beer-swilling thug. Why am I not surprised?”
Joey: “I’ll pretend you didn’t say that. Skywarp out on the stage, soaking up the crowd’s reaction and… oh my god!”
Flec: “Haha. Teach him to stop and stand about!”
Joey: “And from out of nowhere… the HeartBrend Kid from behind the curtain, and just nailed Skywarp in the back of the knee with a sledgehammer…”
Flec: “The Game’s sledgehammer! He must have gotten it as part of the divorce settlement.”
Joey: “Skywarp completely blindsided. O’Con stomping away on the Rattlesnake… and drives that sledge hard into the knee again. Picking him up now… what’s he going to… oh no. Not that. On the edge of the stage…”
Flec: “British Airways flight HDD now departing Melbourne!”
Joey: “And that is disgusting. Absolutely heinous! The HeartBrend Kid just launched himself and Skywarp off the stage and to the ground below. That’s at least a fifteen foot drop. And Skywarp isn’t moving.”
Flec: “My heart bleeds.”

The area beside the stage quickly swarms with EMTs as the medics try to attend to the fallen Skywarp. As they do, Sean O’Con hauls himself to his feet and starts shoving them away, but a group of security guards manage to restrain him and drag him back through to the backstage area, where the cameras follow.


Sean O’Con is smirking gleefully as he tries to force his way back out to the arena, but the security guards are refusing to budge. As he makes another effort, he feels a hand on his shoulder, pulling him back. O’Con spins around and instinctively throws his left hand up, putting it around his attacker’s throat as he slams him into the wall, right hand raised to strike.

He freezes for a second, realizing that he’s face to face with Erik Summers. The moment’s pause is enough for the Game, however. As quick as a cat, Summers brings his own hands up to break the choke, grabs his one-time friend two-handed by the shirt collar and spins him around, forcing O’Con to the wall.

The two pause for what seems an eternity, eyes locked, each one daring the other to make their best move. Slowly, the pressure is released as Summers starts to back off and let go, confident that the situation has been diffused and that the gurney with Skywarp on has passed through the area and safely towards the ambulance. O’Con moves suddenly, pushing himself away from the wall and bringing his hands up to shove the Game away.

Both men continue their staredown, neither saying a word, letting the tension speak for itself. Gradually, the HeartBrend Kid’s smirk begins to creep back across his face. He lets his eyes wander up and down the Game, before smiling and shaking his head. HBK can almost be heard chuckling as he starts to walk away down the hall and to his locker room.

Erik Summers stays rooted to the spot, staring after him, his face a mixture of frustration and contempt.

*A commercial for Redemption shows, featuring the new AWF Champion: TC!*

Ignavus & Atticus v Y3B Blaster

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall… introducing, first…”






The pyrotechnics ignite and the self-proclaimed Sultan of Suave saunters to the squared circle to the tune of ‘Personal Jesus’.

JRA: “From Vancouver, British Columbia… Y3BLASTER!”

Blaster conveys his contempt for the capacity crowd with every gesture as he makes his way down to the ring. For anybody who was mistaken as to how much he disliked being in the arena, a few more ‘articulate’ gestures in the ring make it fairly clear.

JFA: “That’s real nice…”
JHA: “Don’t pull any of that garbage about a ‘limited vocabulary’ out… Y3B does not have that problem, and you know it.”
JFA: “How did you know what I was gonna say?”
JHA: “It’s the same thing you said when Bombshell did it a while back… although the analysis was accurate then…”

Blaster starts bouncing off the ropes, stretching and flexing to warm himself up as ‘Clint Eastwood’ fills the arena and the cheering starts for the man representing the AWF tag team champions. His usual issues of punctuality, however, keep Ignavus from being anywhere remotely near the ring entrance as this occurs. About 48 seconds into the song, Igz emerges from the curtain- with Atty not far behind- yawning and waving to the crowd as his valet holds up his tag title belt for all to see. Blaster is less than impressed with this display, and makes no secret of the fact as he hurls abuse at the Simsbury native.

JRA: “And his opponent… representing the SERIAL SLACKAZ… and being accompanied to the ring by ATTICUS… from Simsbury, Connecticut… one-half of the AWF Tag Team Champions… IGNAVUS!”

Y3B is more than a little upset about the fact that his opponent received a longer introduction than he did, and starts voicing his disdain to the ring announcer: only to be cut off mid-rant with a belly-to-back suplex from Ignavus. The bell rings to get the match underway, and Ignavus just yawns as he stoops to pick up Y3B from the mat. Blaster hits him with a low blow and a quick Russian leg sweep to try and gain an advantage. He drops several elbows in quick succession, and manages a one-count against his foe.

Blaster holds both of Igz’s hands on the mat. Ignavus, in a monolithic display of effort on his part bridges up, spins round and traps Blaster in a backslide for a two-count before both men quickly get to their feet and Blaster attempts to deliver a clothesline to Ignavus. Ignavus ducks the move and grabs Y3B in a rear waistlock, quickly driving him down with a release German suplex. He follows up with a running snap elbow, bringing the point down right on Blaster’s head, and pounds away with some right hands to the temple with a reminder to the Ayatollah of who he is fighting. He grabs Blaster from the canvas, and prepares to hit him with a bodyslam. Y3B escapes over the top, however, and counters with a reverse DDT.

JFA: “That was a nicely executed reverse DDT by the Ayatollah…”
JHA: “I know… isn’t he great?”

Blaster gets into position for a lateral press but, as he makes the cover, he is also choking Ignavus with his forearm. The referee counts two, then admonishes Y3B for choking Igz. As Ignavus pushes Blaster off himself and starts to get to his feet, Atticus looks more than slightly worried at ringside. Y3B taunts her, much to the chagrin of the crowd, before making his way back over to Ignavus. His reception is a left fist into his happy sack. Blaster falls and rolls toward the ropes, it seems mostly on instinct. Igz follows up with a baseball slide-dropkick that knocks Blaster to the outside under the ropes, and slides out to join his foe. As Blaster begins to slowly climb to his feet, Igz hits him again: this time setting up the Sultan of Suave with a stiff left jab followed by a snap suplex on the arena floor to a rousing ovation from the crowd.

JFA: “That’s gonna leave a mark…”
JHA: “Would you stop with the clichés already?”
JFA: “I meant on the floor. I’ll be damned if I’m picking up the tab for that.”

Igz gets to his feet, gyrates- much to the amusement, annoyance and/or pleasure of the crowd- and hits a standing leg drop on Y3B. The Ayatollah appears to flinch momentarily and then turns onto his side, muttering something that is (probably for the best) quite inaudible.

JFA: “Things aren’t looking too good for Blaster right now…”

Igz whips Blaster towards the ring steps. Blaster hits the steel with a crash- his right shoulder, his neck and his head being the main points of impact. Igz stomps on him a few times: still concentrating on the cranial area. Blaster grinds his teeth and takes down Igz, hitting him with a flurry of punches before spitting on him. The crowd aren’t pleased with this action, but Blaster conveys his contempt for them before dragging Igz upright. Blaster hauls Ignavus back into the ring and continues his assault. Only when Ignavus manages to get hold of the bottom rope does the referee offer him any help. Blaster threatens to pulp the ref, but the ref persists and gets Blaster to let up.

As Igz sits up, Blaster kicks him right in the base of the spine. Ignavus wretches in pain, just as Blaster follows up with a flip-over neckwhip to send him back down to the canvas. The Guru of grappling taunts the audience some more before being caught in a schoolboy roll-up for a quick two-count.

JFA: “Close to this one being over right there… Y3B should be more focused on his opponent than the audience…”
JHA: “Pfah… yeah, right…”

Blaster grabs Igz from the mat and sets him up for a snap suplex. In mid-air, Igz shifts his weight and turns the move into a rather obscure variation of a neckbreaker to knock some of the hot air out of the Ayatollah. The move garners another near-fall for the co-holder of the Tag Team Championship. As soon as Blaster kicks out, he is already trying to clamp down with an armbar on the source of his annoyance. Igz quickly reverses and pins Blaster’s shoulders to the canvas for another quick two-count. Both men quickly get back to their feet, and Igz charges the Ayatollah with an attempt at a flying forearm smash. Blaster dodges the blow and Igz crashes to the mat. As he gets to his feet, Blaster hits him with a modified bulldog and comes off at him with a Soundsault for a two-count of his own.

JFA: “These guys are certainly picking up the pace here… which is more than a little unusual for Igz…”
JHA: “Really? I never would have known if you hadn’t told me…”
JFA: “That was for the benefit of the viewers, wise ass…”

Blaster goes for a hurricanranna. The move connects, and the pin garners a two-and-a-half count. Igz pushes Blaster off him, and delivers a hybrid of a monkey flip and a dropkick from his lying position, adjusts to the force and momentum of the move and lands on his feet. He quickly grabs Blaster and hits the Sultan of suave with another high-impact belly-to-back suplex. Both men are now down. Blaster may not be able to get up. Igz probably just can’t be bothered. Atticus is looking concerned again as referee Pete Zahut begins his ten-count. There is about a six-and-a-half count before Igz finally decides he can be bothered getting up. Half a second later, Y3B stirs and Zahut stops the count.

JFA: “It seems like neither man is ready to call it quits just yet…”
JHA: “You think?”
JFA: “You know, if you’re gonna persist in acting like an asshole, I’m gonna ask Reilly to have Computron come back to replace you!”
* JHA falls astoundingly silent. *
JFA: “Ha!”

Back in the ring, Igz and Blaster have resorted to exchanging chops. The echoes of the chops ring across the arena, even with the odd sounds coming from the crowd in response to them. Blaster ends the exchange with a thumb to the eye and a quick DDT. He delivers a few punches to his opponent’s temple before dragging Igz up again and whipping him towards the ropes. Igz returns, and Y3B leapfrogs over him. Igz rebounds again and collides with a dropkick. Blaster praises himself momentarily before going for another pin. Igz shrugs off the cover before two, much to the annoyance of Blaster.

JFA: “Close call for Igz on that one…Blaster’s got him again…”

Blaster goes for a high belly-to-back suplex on Igz. Igz rolls out over Blaster’s back and hits him with the Slacker Tower for a three-count! The crowd roar in approval, as Y3B looks around stunned at what has just transpired.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner… IGNAVUS!”

Atticus gives Igz a hug as the two head backstage, and Blaster continues to talk smack to the referee.


HBK is shown still basking his latest accomplishment in his private war on Stone Cold.

Mr. Reilly: Well…you seem very pleased with yourself…

HBK: When am I not?

Reilly: You do have a point there…you are quite annoying and arrogant.

HBK: Do you have some sort of point we will be getting to before I reach retirement age?

Reilly: I certainly do…since you cost me a match…I think it is only fair you give me one back.

HBK: *Scoffs*

Reilly: I think it should be a main event match…tonight…

HBK: Yeah…yeah…whatever…

Reilly: Against REDSTREAK!

*The crowd explodes as HBK looks less than amused*

HBK: Yes…cause that’s what the AWF needs, yet another charismatically challenged git roaming about the fed. *Checks his watch* Fine…I can spare 5 minutes to whip that has been before heading out with the ladies…nice talking to you…boss!

*HBK walks away snickering, while Reilly does not look amused.*

AWF TV Championship:
Tempest vs. Cloudstrifer(C)

Boos begin to cascade down from the crowd as "Pistol Grip Pump" blares on the speakers and Tempest ambles on down to the ring.

JRA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the AWF Television championship. Introducing first, from Mandurah, WA, Australia, he is a member of the GPA, Tempest!

The crowd continues to boo as Tempest shouts back at them angrily. About then, Built For Speed hits, and Cloudstrifer comes out to a positive, though not emphatic, reaction, title slung over his shoulder.

JRA: And his opponent, from Norway, he is the AWF TV champion, Cloudstrifer!

Cloud slides into the ring and is immediately ambushed from behind by Tempest, who drives him into the ropes with a few punches to the back of the head. He pounds on him a couple more times, then whips him off the ropes, but Cloud ducks the clothesline and nails Tempest with a flying body block! Tempest pops right back up, and is nailed with a reverse Russian leg sweep. Cloud goes for a quick cover, but Tempest kicks out after one.

JFA: Tempest with the aggressive start, but Cloud bouncing right back here.
JHA: Tempest won't take that from an inferior lifeform, no sir!

Tempest gets back up, ducks out of Cloud's way, then nails him with a huge standing clothesline. He pounces then, punching away at Cloud until the ref tells him to knock it off. Cloud then surprises Tempest into a roll up, but Tempest kicks out after two.

JHA: That was close, but Tempest isn't gonna be surprised by that, no way!
JFA: Thanks for the insightful commentary.
JHA: You're welcome!

Cloud pulls his opponent up, but Tempest nails him with a few rights, then goes for a power move, but Cloud reverses and gets his arms around Tempest's waist. Tempest tries to get out of it, but nothing doing. Cloud hits on a suplex, then another, and that brings Ravage sprinting out from the back. The ref sees him and turns his back on the match, admonishing Ravage, who is shrugging all the way.

JFA: Wait a minute, Tempest with the roll up!
JHA: Turn around, ref! That's at least four!
JFA: Cloud getting free, they're back on their feet, now the ref's back in the match, but I think Ravage may have cost Tempest there. The two men now, trading blows in the center of the ring, back and forth, Ravage wandering around outside, watching intently.

About then, Tempest whips Cloud at the corner, but Cloud hits the ref, and sends him to the mat! Cloud comes right back into Tempest's grip for a quick chokeslam. Tempest tells Ravage something, pointing, and Ravage goes over and picks up a chair.

JFA: Oh no, Ravage now with the chair. Tempest bringing Cloud up, Thunder Press! Oh my, Cloud does not deserve this, he's the TV champion for God's sake, I don't care if you like him or not, no human being deserves this...
JHA: Says you!
JFA: This is a damn shame, Tempest holding Cloud prone like this, Ravage with the chair, the ref down...


JFA: Cloud ducked! He ducked! Ravage just nailed Tempest with the chair! Ravage jumping out of the ring! He looks like he's seen a ghost!
JFA: Cloud now, what a presence of mind to drape his arm over Tempest, the ref's coming around! 1, 2, 3! Cloud retains! And Ravage is flabbergasted!

Cloud is pronounced the winner, and weakly takes his title and gets right outta dodge. Ravage then climbs back into the ring, trying to get Tempest to come back around.

JFA: Tempest getting back to his feet now, Ravage helping him up...
JHA: Ravage can never do anything right, that idiot!
JFA: Looks like Tempest agrees with you! He's just thrown Ravage back off him! Tempest now, nailing Ravage with rights, and OH MY! Clothesline! Tempest now with the chair, Ravage is staggering...


JFA: Tempest just leveled Ravage with the chair! Oh my, he's nailing him with it again! Tempest now getting in Ravage's face, screaming at him! We'll be right back!

2005-02-10, 02:01 AM
Mayhem returns Backstage

The Game walks past Mr. Reilly, feeling the need to annoy someone…

Summers: "Yo, Reilly, tell me, what the hell is going on? The AWF finally comes down under after they've been starved of The Game for so many years and now I'm not even on the card? What gives?"

Reilly: "You know…I’ve had it with you two! Alright Hot Shot, you wanna match, you've got one, and seeing your so eager for a match you can put that Intercontinental Title on the line."

Summers: "Whoa whoa, let's not go nuts here, all I was aski..."

Reilly: "Get out there Summers, your match is on now."

Summers: "Wait, who am I fighting?"

Reilly: "I said out there now, your opponent will be out there soon."

Summers smirks a bit before heading out to the ring, obviously eager to work a bit of his frustrations out.

JFA: "Whoa, what an announcement, we've got an un-advertised IC title match featuring The Game and someone else."
JHA: "Reilly's a genius, that's what Summers gets for opening his mouth."

"Burn In My Light" by Mercy Drive hits as the Australian crowd ignite at their first glimpse of The Game live and in the flesh. The Archivetron cuts back to Mr. Reilly walking down the hallway as The Game waits anxiously in the ring, resting on the ropes and chewing gum. Reilly finds Amarant Odinson in the cafeteria having a drink of water.

Reilly: "Hey Amarant, I've got something for you."

Amarant: "It better have something to do with my medical bills after the rumble."

Reilly: "Not really, seeing you've been bitching and moaning about being held down and underexposed on TV, I'm now giving you your chance to shine and giving you what you want. In front of this capacity crowd, you will have a shot at the AWF Intercontinental Championship. There's no need to thank me really."

Amarant: "But there's no way I can compete, didn't you see what happened to me at the rumble?"

Reilly: "Oh yeah, I saw, but it doesn't matter, cause you will compete, or otherwise you won't be competing in the AWF ever again."

Amarant: "What? You..."

Reilly: "And just to make things interesting, you'll only have 15 minutes to capture the title, should you be able to do it, and the thing that's even better, is that you have two minutes to get to the ring because Summers is out there waiting for you now. Catch you later....mate."

JFA: "There is no way Amarant is going to be able to put up a fight here after what Cloud and The Lock did to him at the rumble."
JHA: "Screw Cloud, I reckon it was The Lock that did that damage, but it doesn't matter cause Summers is going down."

JRA: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit and is for the AWF Intercontinental Championship. In the ring at this time, from St. Paul, MN, he is the AWF Intercontinental Champion, he is The Game, Erik Summers."

The Cerebral Assassin receives a decent response in his favour in his first Australian outing. Meanwhile, Amarant Odinson's theme plays as smoke begins to seep out of the entrance way.

JRA: "And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, The Rabid Wolverine, Amarant Odinson..."

JFA: "I don't think he's coming out Jay, there seems to be no sigh of him."
JHA: "Well he's only got around another 20 seconds to get out here before Reilly fires him, that's why you don't cross the boss."
JFA: "We may as well call this one ov....wait here comes Amarant Odinson, but he doesn't seem all there, and rightfully so, after the beating he took during the Rumble."

Amarant comes out to a mixed response and slides into the ring and stares down The Game.

AWF Intercontinental Title Match:
The Game Erik Summers (C) Vs. Amarant Odinson

JFA: "The bell rings and the 15 minutes is underway, let's see what Amarant can do. Tie up, side head lock by The Game, and you know already that Amarant is probably hurting."
JHA: "No doubt, Summers on the offense immediately."

Amarant breaks the headlock by sending The Game to the ropes, he goes for a back body drop, but Summers reverses it into a sliding pinning predicament, the ref makes the count but Amarant kicks out at two.

JFA: "Armdrag by The Game, follows it up with a headlock takeover, and then capitalises with a chin lock."
JHA: "The Game shoving his knee right into the middle of Amarant's back on that chin lock for extra pressure, that really hurts Jay, especially after The Lock drops you with the Big Payback on concrete."
JFA: "Summers pulls Amarant back his feet...swings his head around, neckbracker, with the cover, one, two kick out by Amarant."

Continuing to work over Amarant's head, Erik Summers gets him into a front face lock which is followed up by a big long stalling suplex.

JFA: "Look at the power of The Game, just holding Amarant up there like he was nothing. And down he comes!"
JHA: "At this stage Amarant doesn't seem to be putting up much of a fight."
JFA: "The Game now, goes to whip Amarant to the ropes, reversal, northern lights suplex by Amarant."

The crowd cheer sarcastically as Amarant gets in his first offensive move for the match. Amarant places The Game in the corner and starts working over his body with rapid punches to the mid-section, but The Game grabs him by the head and slams him into the turnbuckle, Summers hoists Amarant up to the top turnbuckle.

JHA: "Doesn't matter what's going to happen here, both guys are going to be hurting when they hit the mat."
JFA: "The Game...looks like he's going for a super-plex...he heaves him up...NO! Brainbuster from the top rope! Amarant can't possibly kick out of this."
JHA: "Summers isn't screwing around here, he wants this match over with."
JFA: "But he's not going for the cover, instead he's making his way to the corner, and he's tuning up the band!"

The Game starts to repeatedly stomp his foot as he waits for Amarant to get up and turn around. Amarant still struggling from the effects of the brainbuster starts to get up.

JHA: "Amarant's almost up..."
JFA: "Summers charges in and goes for the kick...Amarant caught it! DRAGON SCREW! TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Where is this coming from!"
JHA: "The crowd chanting Amarants name, they can't believe he's still standing after that brainbuster."
JFA: "Neither can I, but The Game easily gets to the ropes and breaks the hold, Jay even if Amarant gets the upper hand I don't think he's got the energy and the strength to take advantage of it."

Both competitors back up again, Amarant charges The Game with a clothesline but misses and turns around only to be met with a thunderous spinebuster. The Game snaps back up straight away, limping slightly and makes his way to Amarants head.

JFA: "Again Amarants injuries get the better of him, and we all know what's coming now, The Game taking off his elbow pad, throws it into the crowd, makes the signal and starts running the ropes, The People's Elbow!"
JHA: "Right into the heart of Amarant, Summers with the cover, one...two...thr..kickout!"
JFA: "Summers can't believe it! Amarant kicked out. The Game is arguing with the referee now saying it was a three count."

The crowd start booing The Game after he starts pushing the ref, but the ref fires back saying "You touch me again and you'll be DQ'ed and you will lose the title!" Summers backs off and turns his concentration back to Amarant, but Amarant is back on his feet waiting for The Game to turn around.

JFA: "Amarant gets an unsuspecting Summers onto his shoulders...DVD! Makes the cover but The Game kicks out at two."
JHA: "If Amarant has any chance of winning the IC title, he has to do it soon, because remember not only is he fighting The Game, but he's also fighting the 15 minute time limit Reilly put on the match."
JFA: "I think Amarant realises that Jay, he pulls The Game onto his feet and lifts him up onto his shoulders, looks like it could be a shoulder breaker."
JHA: "Summers won't budge though, he's struggling."
JFA: "The Game struggles out of it and slips out of the grip of Amarant, Amarant turns around, kick to the mid-section by The Game, PEDIGREE!"

Instead of going for the pin, The Game points to the corner as the crowd start chanting his name. So once again he tunes up the band in the corner waiting for Amarant to get up.

JFA: "The Game looking to finish it all right here."
JHA: "He had him with the Pedigree he should have just pinned him then."

Just then the crowds chant of "Summers" changes to "Amarant".

JFA: "Did you hear that Jay? The chant changed mid-stream, the crowd really starting to rally behind Amarant."
JHA: "Summers makes it to the ropes again as Amarant breaks the hold."
JFA: "I think The Game's leg is starting to hurt him a bit, Amarant's managed to do a bit of damage to it."
JHA: "Amarant picks The Game up by the hair but The Game breaks Amarant's grip."
JFA: "Sweet SHIN Music by The Game! Double Arm DDT!"
JHA: "Summers makes the cover this time...one, two, Amarant kicks out!"
JFA: "Amarant got dropped again, but still he manages to kick out."
JHA: "Summers looks pissed, as the crowd still chant Amarant's name."
JFA: "The Game looking to finish it now, signaling for the Game Over, he tries it, but Amarant doesn't budge, Summers tries again, still nothing, T-BONE TAZZPLEX! Amarant reversed it!"
JHA: "I can't understand how Amarant is still standing here Jay, it's insane."
JFA: "The crowd are on their feet here, what a match."

Amarant uses the ropes in order to drag himself up to a standing start clutching his head at the same time. He goes over to The Game and executes a snap suplex.

JFA: "Snap suplex by Amarant, the crowd are chanting his name as he tries to fight back here, second snap suplex! Looks like he's going for another suplex. NO! END GAME! END GAME! END GAME! Summers reversed the suplex!"
JHA: "But listen to the crowd Jay, they don't sound to happy about it."

Erik Summers has Amarant Odinson planted right in the middle of the ring with the End Game. Summers has got it locked in tight while Amarant is visibly in a world of hurt. He tries to make it to the ropes but can't move. The Game pulls back and puts some more pressure on the neck. Amarant's not moving so the ref checks his hand, "One....two......th..NO!" The crowd go wild and start chanting Amarant's name.

JFA: "What do you have to do to beat this guy? He can't move but he's not giving up."
JHA: "Come on Summers, break his neck!"
JFA: "All the fight in Amarant seems to be gone, he's not moving again, the ref checks his hand once more. One...two...Summers really pulls back...three. Amarant passed out from the pain as The Game retains his title."

JRA: "Your winner, via submission, in 14 minutes and 42 seconds....and STILL AWF Intercontinental Champion, The Game Erik Summers!"

And with that announcement, a decent amount of booing can be heard from the crowd finally putting an end to the Amarant chant.

JFA: "Amarant almost hung in there for the whole 15 minutes."
JHA: "Almost isn't good enough Jay."
JFA: "Summers now, going over to the fallen Amarant, he helps him out, but Amarant quickly takes a step back not sure of The Games motives."
JHA: "Summers should drop him again, just to show him who's boss."
JFA: "What an act of sportsmanship, The Game extending his hand to Amarant Odinson, and Amarant accepts. The Australian crowd cheering in appreciation, they've certainly got their moneys worth here."

The Game slings the belt over his shoulder and has a brief look around at the crowd as if he's not quite sure about what's going on.

JHA: "That's a look of contempt if you ask me Jay. He knows he should have had Amarant earlier, but couldn't do anything about it."
JFA: "You might be right Jay, Amarant took it to The Game."

The Game leaves the ring and makes his way to the back, IC title still in tact.

*Cut to commercial*

Backstage, we find Christopher Back dressed in an expensive green suit walking down a hallway. He opens the door to his dressing room, then looks over his shoulder and sees The Wild One getting his hair trimmed by the makeup lady. He smiles, adjusts his tie, and struts over, catching Wild’s eye in the mirror.

CB: How’s it going, Wild?

WO: Not bad, Back. Just getting cleaned up.

CB: I’ve got a golden proposition for you, Wild. A proposition that could change your career.

WO: I’m listening.

CB: You probably already know that Christopher Back is one of the richest and most powerful men in professional wrestling. If you want to finally be a champion, I can make you a champion. I’m taking this place apart title by title, but for step one, I need a little help. That’s where you come in. I see a bright future for you, Wild, but you can’t do it alone. How would you like to be Christopher Back’s tag team partner?

WO (standing up from the chair): You know something, Back? You’re half right. I do want to be a champion. And not too long ago, I would have agreed that I have a bright future. But what you fail to realize is that the future is now for The Wild One. And, in case you didn’t get the memo, I won’t have to do it alone. You see, I’m a part of a little group we like to call Murder Incorporated. That means that I have guys I can trust as part of a championship tag team, guys I respect…way more than I respect you.

CB: Now, stop right there, Wild, you had better…

WO: Had better what? Last month at Regenesis, you told me that I’m ‘not exactly Hulk Hogan, either.’ You remember that?

CB: Well, you’re not.

WO: Oh really? Where’s the guy I faced that night? You seen him around here much lately? I made a point at Regenesis, and the point is that The Wild One and Murder Incorporated are here to stay, and we’re ready to send every AWF star to the injured list if that’s what it’ll take to prove that we are the best in the business. And the next time you insult me…you’ll move way, way, WAY up that list.

Wild throws his towel down and bumps shoulders with Back, walking away. Back brushes off the breast pocket of his expensive suit, looking besmirched.

Joey: Wow…Wild One certainly kicking up the intensity since joining Murder Inc.

Flec: That is the effect the Lock has on people…I mean he came out here during the break and this place almost blew the roof off…and all he did was pick up a lady from the front row! WHAT A STAR!

AWF Hardcore Title:
Black Zarak(C) v OP2005

The haunting melody of Alice Cooper’s “Welcome To My Nightmare” are heard, signaling the arrival of Doc Op, who heads to the ring to face his opponent, the AWF Hardcore Champion Black Zarak.

Joey: “Interesting match coming up here.”
‘Flec: “Gimme a break, Styles. ‘Interesting’ and ‘Op’ are two words that have never gone together.”
Joey: “Well, whether or not that’s true, it looks like ‘Op’ and ‘smart’ are two words that compliment each other nicely.”
‘Flec: “What are you talking abou…HOLY S*IT!”

The crowd erupts as Op pulls a chainsaw out from underneath the ring and fires it up, eliciting a bigger reaction from the crowd! Black Zarak remains unfazed, however, staring at his opponent.

‘Flec: “I dunno, Styles! But I’m sure it’s gonna be fun!”
Joey: “Maybe not, ‘Flec. Take a look.”
‘Flec: “What the…OH, COME ON REF!”
Joey: “Referees down now to wrench the chainsaw away from Op.”
‘Flec: “But they can’t do that! It’s no-hold’s-barred!”

Op struggles with the referees for control of the chainsaw, the ref’s taking extra caution in order to avoid having an extremity being lobbed off. Op very reluctantly complies after several more minutes, but walks straight into a cheap shot by Zarak, having taken a folding chair and slamming it against his head.

‘Flec: “CHEAP SHOT!”
Joey: “There’s no such thing as a cheap shot in a Hardcore match.”
‘Flec: “Yeah, I know. But still…CHEAP SHOT!”

Black Zarak grabs the fallen Op and tosses him into the ring. He then reaches under the ring and begins tossing out various foreign objects, ranging from folding chairs to keno sticks to a bucket. Even…

Joey: “All foreign objects are legal.”
‘Flec: “BUT A RUBBER DUCKY?! What kind of cheap hacks do we got working for us?!”
Joey: “I didn’t know we had hired Beast Wars Megatron.”

Black Zarak brandishes a kendo stick with one hand while casually tossing the rubber ducky away with the other. By this time, Op has found a discarded broom handle after searching underneath the ring on its opposite end. The two men meet in the center of the ring, exchanging a series of heated words. They then pause to take a look at the weapon in the other’s hand.

Joey: “Looks like they’re sizing each other up.”
‘Flec: “Dear God in Hell. If they do what I think they’re going to do…”

Black Zarak swings the kendo stick, which is blocked by Op. Op counters the blow with a swing of his own. The two exchange blows for a moment or two, the roar and laughter of the crowd building with each strike.

Joey: “Whatever it is, it sure is getting the fans into a frenzy.”
‘Flec: “I always knew Australians were a bunch of weirdos.”
Joey: “I’ll let the Lock know how you feel.”
‘Flec: “Thanks…what?”

The pseudo-lightsaber parody comes to a quick end with a kick from Black Zarak straight to Op’s gut, sending the big man back against the ropes. As he bounces back, Zarak uses the Kendo stick to deliver a clothesline, knocking the big man down. Zarak then delivers a series of fists to the fallen Op, only to get tossed aside as the big man casually kicks him away.

Joey: “Op appears to be getting his second wind now, ‘Flec.”
‘Flec: “Oh, joy.”

Op gets to his feet and moves to drag Zarak to his feet, tossing him against the turnbuckle. Zarak attempts to shrug off the attack, but is easily countered. An Irish whip into the opposite corner and a running boot to the face all but assures his win.

Joey: “It’s the Shining!”
‘Flec: “Don’t you mean ‘The Shinning’?”
Joey: “No! I mean ‘Shining!’”
‘Flec: “Boy, am I glad that Kubrick’s dead. Oh, wait. King isn’t. Oh, great. We’re gonna get sued now.”

Instead of taking the opportunity to cover the champion, Op grabs Zarak by the head and drags him out of the ring. He climbs over the security barrier and walks into the fans, bringing Zarak with him. As they climb into the stands, Op prepares to set Zarak up in the GraveDigger positon, but as he raises the Hardcore champion into the air, Zarak wraps his legs around Op’s head and performs a hurricanrana, sending both men crashing into the stand below.

‘Flec: “HURRAH!”

Zarak struggles to get to his feet, but Op’s been knocked out cold. The referee comes over to check on the two men. He moves to check on Op, but Zarak shoves him away, grabbing Op by the head and getting him back to his feet.

Joey: “What’s Zarak doing?! Op’s been knocked out cold! There’s no need for any more of this senseless violence.”
‘Flec: “I know! Isn’t it great?! And to think of all the times I’ve badmouthed him behind his back! He truly is a king among men.”
Joey: “Stop sucking up. There’s the cover…little more the ref can do here other than…count to three. And it’s over!”
Zarak runs back to the ringside area and grabs the Hardcore belt from JRA. Meanwhile, EMT’s move to where Op lays motionless on the floor.

Joey: “Zarak’s still the Hardcore champion, but I think that we may have a more serious problem on our hands.”
‘Flec: “Where?

*Fades to a promo for the Lock’s new MURDER INC T-Shirt, on sale now anywhere AWF Merchandise is sold!*

X v The Wild One

JFA: We are back! And we have a great match up next as X takes a shot at another member of Murder Inc.
JRA: And introducing first, from Lancaster, Ohio, Xille!

JFA: This crowd giving the X a raucous welcome as he makes his way down the ramp for his match against the Wild One.
JHA: Don’t know why. That midget’s got no chance against a member of Murder Inc.
JFA: Murder Inc are your new bedbuddies after the GPA, right?
JHA: Damn stra… Shut up!

As Xille makes his way to the ring, waving and smiling cheerfully to the fans, and stopping to slap and shake hands with some people at the edge of the ramp, Prayer by Disturbed hits and Xille leaps into the ring and turns to face the entrance.

JRA: Now making his way to the ring, weighing in at 300 lbs, he is a member of Murder Inc. He is The Wild One!

The Wild One stalks towards the ring, glaring daggers at Xille while ignoring the jeers of the crowd.

JHA: Look at that man, the consummate professional. Ignoring this bunch of humanoids.
JFA: Humanoids? HBK hasn’t used that one in a while.
JHA: I thought it fits. Besides, Xille aint gonna look much like a humanoid once the Wild One is done with him.
JFA: This match definitely a David Vs Goliath style contest here, with the massive Wild One towering over Xille. Some have said that his height has stunted his progress here in the AWF, but…
JHA: His progress is stunted because he’s a talentless hack.
JFA: Do you ever shut up. Anyway, The Wild One has now made his way to the ring, and the bell has rung to start this one off.

The Wild One wastes no time as he charges across the ring, and Xille wisely dodges out of the way of his lunge, and immediately launches into a barrage of blows, which stagger The Wild One for but a moment before the behemoth grabs Xille and literally flings him across the ring.

JHA: See? That’s what happens when you mess with my men in Murder Inc.
JFA: Xille showing tenacity here as he leaps straight back to his feet, and runs the rope. Wild One swings a lariat, but Xille ducks under, coming back off the opposite rope and staggering the Wild One with a dropkick. Excellent response there from Xille.
JHA: Yeah OK, that wasn’t bad.
JFA: Xille following up with a series of quick kicks, culminating in a spinning heel kick, which sends The Wild One into the ropes. Attempted Irish Whip by Xille, but it’s reversed, and Xille is sent bouncing off the rope, to be met by a swift slam from The Wild One in the centre of the ring.

The big man wastes no time in hoisting Xille up, and setting him up for a suplex, but as he’s hoisted into the air, Xille swivels his body around and brings The Wild One down to the mat in a reverse neckbreaker.

JFA: Great agility from Xille there, who quickly drops an elbow to keep the momentum going. X quickly mounts the second turnbuckle and hits a legdrop followed by a quick cover but The Wild One kicks out after one.

Xille puts a few boots to The Wild One, and tries to lift him up, but The Wild One rises quickly with a fist to Xille’s gut, followed by a scoop slam.

JHA: Would you listen to that crowd. These idiots are booing The Wild One

JFA: No they’re not. Look! Ghostal’s sprinting down the ramp, golden baseball bat in hand.
JHA: He’s coming to see Murder Inc’s man perform. You know he’s tight with Grimlock.
JFA: I don’t think so, and neither does The Wild One, who’s getting the hell out of his way. Can’t say I blame him.

Ghostal slides into the ring as Xille gets slowly to his feet, only to be met by a thunderous blow from Ghostal’s bat sending him right back down to the ground, but Ghostal is unrelenting as he rains blow after vicious blow down on his hated foe.

JFA: This is disgusting! Get the refs in here! Or security! Or someone!

Ghostal gives his bat a loving stroke as he lays it carefully onto the ground. He then hoists the barely conscious Xille up and into the air, way above his head.

JFA: No! Someone stop this madman!

But no one is there to help Xille as Ghostal slams the Cutting Edge right down onto the bat.

JFA: Finally, EMTs are rushing the ring; Ghostal hoists his bat over one shoulder and gives the approaching EMTs a smirk. They falter, but Ghostal just pushes a lock of his hair out of his eyes, rolls out of the ring, and struts up the ramp, allowing the EMTs to tend to the badly injured Xille.

JHA: That was brutal even for Vinny G. I love it.
JFA: Xille is now being put onto a stretcher and wheeled up the ramp. Folks, tonight we’ve seen another despicable attack on Xille by Vin Ghostal. What is wrong with this man?

*The camera fades off the smiling Vinny G and into the final commercial break of the program*

The HeartBrend Kid Sean O’Con v Redstreak

Velvet Revolver’s Sucker Train Blues begins to play as Redstreak appears under the Archivetron as the crowd erupts.

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event for the evening and it is scheduled for one fall. Making his return to Mayhem…hailing from Detroit, Michigan, USA…here is REDSTREAK!

JFA: An amazing ovation for the return of the Streak! Redstreak is back on Mayhem!

JHA: Big deal…Edgestreak is back…just what the AWF needs another superstar that wouldn’t know the meaning of the word charisma if you slapped him in the face with the dictionary…how did he get his job back here anyway?

JFA: Mr. Reilly made him an offer…that would be my best guess. I for one am glad to see him back!

Superstar by Saliva takes over and a mixed reaction begins to filter from the crowd.

JRA: And his opponent…from Southampton, England, here is “The HeartBrend Kid” Sean O’Con!

JFA: Not an overly positive response here, in light of his actions earlier tonight.

JHA: I didn’t really see much of a problem with what he did to be honest with you.

JFA: Of course you didn’t…Redstreak of course made his return at the Rumble, targeting Divebomb. Divebomb given the night off tonight by Mr. Reilly and is not in attendance. Not sure why exactly Streak went after DB, but I don’t know…maybe he and TC have worked out their past issues and he is helping out a friend.

JHA: Right…like TC needs help from a washed up hack like Edgestreak…

JFA: HBK now in the ring, trademarked smirk…almost showing complete disregard for his opponent…still looking quite pleased with his work here earlier tonight.

JHA: As well he should be, that was absolute brilliance!

JFA: Referee calls for the bell and the match is underway. Redstreak moving in quickly, trying for a lock up, but ends up getting sidestepped and shoved face first into the turnbuckle. A little ring rust here and O’Con of course telling him all about it.

JHA: You know…this HBK is really starting to grow on me.

JFA: Figures…lock up and HBK moves into the advantage and sends Red to the mat with a single leg takedown followed into a single leg crab. Red quickly pulls himself to the ropes, HBK uses the full amount of the count he can before breaking the hold.

JHA: He has until 5…

JFA: I’m aware of that…HBK back to his feet, waiting for Redstreak now before moving in quickly and hitting a snap suplex. HBK showing his pride at his accomplishments thus far in this match and Red still trying to get his footing in this match, after a considerable lay off, I’m just impressed to see him back out here.

JHA: That’s because it takes little to impress you…you still think Sixswitch is a credible wrestler!

JFA: As with most of your sidebar commentary, I’ll ignore that comment. Streak staggering up to his feet and O’con waiting, hitting the Stun Gun across the top rope and following it up with a reverse ddt…cover…1…2…and kickout by Red.

JHA: I think that count was as slow as Edgestreak has been in this match!

JFA: Why do you insist on…nevermind…HBK showing his displeasure at that count. He felt it could have been quicker…and with no wasted motion, HBK goes for the Cloverleaf. Red fighting it…but HBK has it locked in! Red fighting now…trying to make his way to the ropes!

JHA: Crank it back! Break him in half…I can’t believe I’m cheering for him…ACK! This sucks!

JFA: Redstreak almost to the ropes, and he’s there. Again HBK hesitates, but breaks the hold. The referee now really laying into HBK, who gives the ref a shove and receives one in return!

JHA: Why is that ref getting in the way? All he’s doing is helping Redstreak!

JFA: Redstreak certainly taking full advantage, pulling himself up to his feet…HBK moving in and standing moonraker out of no where! Redstreak collapses as well, neither man moving. Referee beginning his count…


*Finally, Redstreak crawls over to make a cover.*

JFA: Cover on HBK…1…2…and HBK gets his shoulder up. Red with a look of disbelief on his face. Now, trying to assert his control over the match…pulling HBK up and modified back breaker. Red again with a quick cover and a kick out on 2 again.

JHA: Captain Charisma really coming on now…and the crowd is moderately excited!

JFA: Stop that already! Redstreak still showing the effects of HBK’s earlier attacks, now pulling HBK up for another round…but DAMN! Low blow…HDD! HDD by HBK and he’s all smiles through the pain now. HBK now with a boot across Red’s throat…choking him out…the ref trying to intervene…only to get shoved hard into the corner.

*Suddenly the crowd explodes in cheers*

JHA: There is no way this is for Redstreak…

JFA: I would say partly…but part of it is for the man who has just slid in behind HBK.

JHA: WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE? Doesn't he know when to stay crippled?

JFA: HBK turning…boot…STUNNER! STUNNER by Stone Cold! Stone Cold on his way out now…Redstreak making his way over to HBK and making the cover…referee in position…1…2…3! Redstreak wins!

*Stone Cold makes his way limping up the ramp, smiling broadly as Sucker Train Blues beings to play*

JFA: Redstreak gets the win here on his way back to Mayhem with a little help from Stone Cold Skywarp…folks we are out of time, we’ll see you next week!

*The camera cuts out as HBK is coming around, glaring at Stone Cold Skywarp.*

2005-02-10, 02:53 AM
*Cloud is shown with his title on his shoulder.*

Another contentor not worthy, another beaten. This tirad of worthless contentors are getting on my nerves. Odinson is avoiding me and OP is runnign scared. All I have done in this fed has gotten me this.

Well, its time to change it. Its time to let these patheic beings see what I am made of. Its time to face my destiny once more. Its time to see what I am made of. Its time to leave the rabble and take this belt away from thier worthless hands.

Its time I realized that I am made for things much higher and much better. It time to tie up lose ends and move up. Its time I take this belt away from them.

Odinson and OP I am calling you out. I am fed up with Odinson not showing his patheic face and running away. I am fed up with OP not showing his nightmares. I am fed up with taking challengers who don't deserve the belt. Its time to end all these idiotic lose ends and finnish them once and for all. Odinson and Op you better come out and show your face. If you don't then I am going to hunt you down and destory you whereever you stand. Both of you are worthless and its time for me to move up. I have already have my eye on Zarak and his title and once I am done with you both, you better look out Zarak cause I am comming for your belt.

Believe The Hype, Feel The Pain!

2005-02-10, 05:15 AM
See The Lock has a slight problem, the AWF finally comes to The Lock's hometown and all he gets to do is come out during a commercial break? Someone tell The Lock what the hell that's about? It's all bollocks because The Lock deserves better than that, so Reilly, pull your head in.

Now, Christopher Back, you aboslute knob jockey. Keep your untalent hands away from the awesomeness of Murder Inc. You wanna tear this place apart title for title? Well how about you start by trying to beat the best Intercontinental and Tag Champion the AWF has ever seen. Sure The Lock still needs to kick the living $hit out of Morpheus for what he did at the Rumble. But when Warzone, or Mahem, or whatever show The Lock might be the star of comes around, one thing is for sure, when you come up against The Lock you will realise you are nowhere near his league or in the league or Murder Inc. because you will feel the Big Payback and whether you like it, or ya don't, we're the best thing going today.

2005-02-10, 05:36 AM
OOC: Great card guys. Top notch.

You consider yourself lucky Cloud, I'll take you apart within 30 seconds. However, I've got greater things to deal with. That low, piss-ant, worthly scum Ravage. What the hell is wrong with you? I had that match one 'Home-boy'. You've gone soft since you've decided to hold TC's balls and wipe his ass. I thought you were better then that. Ah well, guess I was wrong about you boy, you need to stop carrying your balls around in your purse and re-attach them to were it's needed.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-02-10, 09:19 AM
Let's just face facts for a moment here Sean. I take you out of the Rumble, you knock me silly with a chair and I get dumped out of the Rumble. I come down here to the great land of Australia (ooc-cheap pop) and you jump me before the night begins, you get my attention you sneak up on me and lay me flat, try to take me out of the equasion just like your buddy Summers did all those years ago.

Well uh-uh. See StoneCold was lying there, groggy, dazed, confused and all I could think about was shining up my boots real good, heading down to the ring stick my size 10 boot into your gut and putting a lil' stink on the first of many STONECOLD STUNNERS (cheap pop) you're gonna suffer.

Just remember Sean, I'm gonna be there round every corner you turn, every opponent you face I'll be there, ready to kick your sorry ass into next week and beyond.

Biggest mistake you'll make is to underestimate me.

2005-02-10, 11:54 AM
Tempest just because your not smart enough to avoid a chair does not mean it's my fault.

If you want to get the worse beating of your life just bring it.

The Wild One
2005-02-10, 01:57 PM
Ya wanna know some Mr. Back, sunshine? You really irritate me. You decide to piss around in the back, and make me an offer to join you. What I can't understand, first you insult me, then you make an offer. I don't think you know to much about presentation. Just watch who you mess with, you maybe next!

2005-02-10, 02:17 PM
So you finally open your mouth you worthless hack. You finally show yourself and speek jibber-jabble on how you "could" have beaten The Norse Wonder, on how you could have "gotten" the title away from him.

Well, Let me tell you something, I won even though your cheating self bought a partner to do it who was worthless in the end like you. You see, since you knew that I was in control suplexing you, you had to bring one of your friends out just to try and stop me. Your patheic. What one man, sorry that should be what one worthless, talentless woman, tried to do you, except the same type of hack would be able to do it?

I won and thats all I need to know. Your plan failed, you failed and your name is on a long list of worthless hacks I had beaten and those I have beaten more than once. Your patheic and that "plan" of yours proved it. You want this *taps belt* then you better have come up with 4 or 5 worthless hacks like yourself, wait thats to little, 10 or 12 should be fine but no way of knwoing since they all will eventually mess up like your little friend who by the way I already beat. So you know what? Don't tell me your not going to waste time on me, because your the biggest loser around here that I know. Maybe even bigger than OP or Odinson, where ever thier carcass is. So listen up tempest next time have a hell of a good plan before you even think of my belt.

Believe The Hype, Feel the Pain!

2005-02-10, 04:16 PM
OOC - I know I say it after every show (or should) but that was some great writing. The Igz/Blaster was superbly penned. Danke! Oh, and D-Ex 'n I have a standing agreement for usin' each other's characters. So it's cool.

IC - In the post-Mayhem mayhem, we're shown a scene of a D-Ex's hospital room. We go through the door, and sure as day he's in bed there, with some bandages around his torso - due to his back injury. In the other bed, strangely, is Ignavus. Atticus is in the corner, poking a little kid's doll with a needle she must have found in the hospital. The tag titles rest on a stand in the room.

We join the Serial Slackaz in mid conversation...

D-Ex: So he threw him on the bat? Dizamn!
Igz: Yeah, it was pretty damn ridiculous. Someone should do something.
D-Ex: Eh...
Igz: eh.

Atticus mutters something in the corner.

D-Ex: Any word on our next competitors for the titles, then?
Igz: nah, Reilly didn't say anything. Wonder who he'll choose?
D-Ex: Yo mama!
Igz: Well um... she'd ah... be with yo mama too then!
D-Ex: That was lame.
Igz: So... is, um... your face!
D-Ex: You need to try harder.
Igz: So... does your face!

D-Ex rolls his eyes.

D-Ex: Hey... man, I gotta ask you. I'm stuck in this bed 'cause Blaster messed up my back... but why're you here? I thought you said you beat that guy. Did you blow out your back goin for the Slacker Tower or some'in?
Igz: Well... no. I'm not hurt...
D-Ex: What the hell then?
Igz: It's just.. I came to visit you.. and now the parking lot is so far away...

D-Ex rolls his eyes again.

Igz: Oh, got some'in for you!
D-Ex: What?

Igz pulls a beer out of the front of his pants.

Igz: Figured they wouldn't let you have any of these in here.
D-Ex: Man! Nasty! I don't want yo damn nasty pants beer!
Igz: You don't?

He hesitates for a moment.

D-Ex: Yeah, alright. Give it here.

2005-02-11, 11:11 AM
OOC: Nice Mayhem. Ok I'll take it from here, friend :)


D-Ex hesitantly gets the beer can from Igz. He looks at it for a while before he opens the lid. He slowly takes a sip from it and tries to savor the little taste

D-Ex: Hmm.....normal...no sign of any urine...must....drink...alcohol...

D-Extreme quickly finishes the beer can before wiping off his lips and burps.

Igz: I knew you was gonna like it. I mean...a week with no beer?
D-Ex: Not exactly, Igz. Not exactly.

D-Extreme points to the ref where he tells Igz to go near to. Igz slowly makes his way there and opens it. Inside the ref is filled with cases of beer.

Igz: Wow...how did you do it?
D-Ex: Same as how you made it without getting lazy. I called from the phone and ordered a few beers that would hold me here for a while. Man, I sure am glad the doc allowed me to drink. Anyways, I'll be back soon for the next show. So our opponents better get ready.
Igz: Who told you anything about me calling up a cab for service? I cant even properly dial in a phone since I tend to be lazy about remembering the numbers.
D-Ex: Good enough...

D-Ex stops as he sees Ignavus lazily making his way to the bed he once lied on. Igz lies back down and yawns.

Igz: ....so. You sure you can be 100% ready? For the next show?
D-Ex: Ya kidding me? Hell I'm ready for anything! I cant lie here and drink beer all day..ok...maybe I can! But thats not the point here you see. I'm so ready that I can even go to Germany this week to do the tapings for some other company.
Igz: ....beer company?
D-Ex: *rolls eyes* C'mon you know what I mean.

Igz puts his hands over his head and looks at the ceiling as D-Ex does the same, only slower since his back still aches

Igz: Oh..yeah...that one. Whatever, I'll be there too.
D-Ex: Cool. So I'm happy for you kid. You beat Blaster. Hell it took me one match before I can beat him to.....er.....I mean....good for you.
Igz: Whats the matter?
D-Ex: .....I forgot...legal matters. Its nothing. Congratulations kid, you beat one heck of a wrestler. And didnt end up in the hospital afterwards.
Igz: ........so what do you call this?
D-Ex: Oh yeah.....ehehe...sorry the alcohol might be taking an effect already.

The tag team partners laugh for a while before D-Ex's dies down his laughter

D-Ex: Seriously....I just wanna sleep for now so I hope you guys can leave me here for tonight and come back some other time tomorrow? Can you Igz?...Igz?

D-Extreme slowly tilts his head to Igz's bed where his partner is dozing off. D-Ex just rolls his eyes and slowly looks up in the celing.

D-Ex: Wow....thats the guy I'm teaming with? Oh well, I had worse. Atleast with this guy, we win matches and kick ass. One day, were gonna be in the AWF encyclopedia as one of the greatest Tag Teams in the federation's history. Either that...or I just need to get another beer. *presses the nurse button*

The nurse enters the room

D-Ex: Nurse...give me my 7 o clock beer.
Nurse: Right away!

D-Ex gets the six pack of beer from the nurse and starts to drink it one by one as the scene fades to black.

Amarant Odinson
2005-02-13, 03:25 PM
Backstage we EMT's huddled around someone. Lisa Loveless walks in to get a word. As she get closer, the doctors see her and start to back off. With the medical staff parting, we finally see who it is, with a few bandages and a toothless grin, Amarant Odinson looks up to see Lisa and her camera crew heading this way.

A.O.: Nice to see you,Ms. Loveless. I apologise for my apperence. I would've freshened up a bit if I knew you were coming.

LL: Slightly taken aback by his supossed kindness, she blushes a bit before continuing Next time I'll call. But what about you? Tonight you had one of the best matches of your carreer against the I.C. Champ, The Game: G91. Are happy that you finally got that title shot that you you've been asking for?

AO: Well, you're right about one thing. That match was one of the toughest matches I've ever had. I'm disappointed in the outcome but I wanted the match, I got the match and I did very well considering my condition. G91 proved me wrong but he got my respect from that.

LL: Speaking of your condition, you still looking pretty banged up from what happened at Edge of Survival? Are you ok and are you disappointed that you never got into the Royal Rumble match itself?

AO: Amarant gets up and and laughs before stopping dead and turning to the camera I'm PISSED OFF about what happened at the Royal Rumble. Cloudy the Retard has been running his mouth for the last 7 weeks talking about how I'm not worthy to face him. That I need to prove myself to him. At the Rumble I was going to do just that and throw his ass out, when he once again blindsided me with a boot to the face before I even got into the ring. And to top it all off, The Lock shows up and takes me out of the match before I can even get started.

But the reason for that is simple, they both afraid. They both knew that I would've won that match and become the new World Heavyweight Champion so they took me out. They both know that they don't have what it takes to beat me fairly.

LL: And what about CloudStrifer? He's been telling everyone that you're hiding from him.

AO:Amarant then grabs the camera DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M HIDING TO YOU?? I don't run or hide from anybody. I've been demanding a title shot from Cloudy the Coward for weeks, but it's only now, now that I'm not at 100% that he finally wants to get into the ring with me? Maybe I'll paint a big yellow stripe down his back to go along with that goofy looking viking hat. Well you know what? Since I can't make the matches around here and Reilly doesn't give a **** about what I think, maybe it's time for CloudStrifer to finally put up or shut up. You want to the match, get Reilly to make the match. And start praying to the your gods and whatever other voices you have in your head because nothing will prevent me from making you tap out.

LL: And The Lock?

AO: After I'm done taking out Cloudy the Mental Paitent, then I'll take The Lock and any of his Murder Inc buddies that get in my way. I will break them all if I have to because he's going to need all of the protection he can get. I don't care how many of them try to put me down, take me out, or kick my ass, because as G91 found out tonight, no matter what you do, I'LL STILL GET BACK UP.

LL: But Amarant, it seems your biggest problem at this point isn't the T.V. Champ or the leader of Murder Inc. It looks like the owner of the company, Reilly is the biggest thorn in your side. What about him?

AO: There's not much I can do about him. I do anything to him directly and I'm out of a job. But since he seems to want me to quit so bad anyway, I may have nothing to lose. You see Reilly, you more than anyone else need to realize that you can never PROVE ME WRONG. That no matter what you send up against me, I will show them all what PERFECTION is when they step into the ring with me. No matter what type of match you put me in, I'll make them all TAP OUT and beat them into submission. Reilly, You may destroy my body... You may break my bones and bleed me dry.....You may have every one of those "entertainers " come down here and take their shots until I'm a clump of goo on the floor. But I'll just get right back up, I'll go through the whole damn thing again because no moatter what you do or what you put me through no one will ever BREAK MY WILL. You may beat me but you will never break me because Reilly........ Amarant then pulls himself right up to the lens, so close the it starts fogging up slightly ....EVEN YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

2005-02-13, 10:31 PM
Ah, the insignifigant Odinson comes out and starts shouting how its everyones fault that you lost at the rumble except yours. Let me explain it to your pea brain if it can hold that with the tap eof the match.

Amarant Odinson enters at #10! The Canadian superstar strolls determinedly down to the ring and steps onto the apron, and as TC staggers over to the ropes, Amarant leans over the top rope and grabs his arm and slaps on the crossface!!!

Well you come to the ring all huffy on how your going to take me out, as you said yourself. Instead you focus on TC, which is patheic in itself because you take on an already injured man. Lets see more of it.

TC struggles for life as Amarant tears apart his face and tries to drag him over the ropes! TC looks as though he’s about to fall over the ropes until CloudStrifer rushes over and gives Amarant a huge boot to the face that knocks him to the floor!

And here is where I come in. You forgot about me while taking on TC. Its not my fault you weren't paying attention and a boot to the face is not blindsiding but its taking advantage. You seem to forget that I do not forget about my enemies. You do thats why you forgot about me. Patheic.

Don't blame anyone but yourself because you wanted to take an injured man out. Don't blame me because I once agian beat you into a pile of of dung.

And now when I gave you a chance to face me you turn tails and said that I fight injured men. Well, unless you face opponents every match in and out and keep that belt I am in worse shape than you, yet I still win matches. This belt takes a toll my friend and I think that you aren't ready for it. Either come and face me or turn tails and run. Your choice.

Believe the Hype, Feel the Pain

Vin Ghostal
2005-02-14, 04:06 PM
Ahhhh, I love it. It felt sooooo good to put Xille in his place tonight. Sure, I deprived those idiotic Australian fans of what surely would have been a legendary beating distributed by The Wild One, but what the hey, I gotta have some fun! Wild, I promise, you'll have plenty of opportunities to wail on X, but after what went down at Edge of Survival, V.3. was obligated to show the world that losers never win and cheaters never prosper. Xille cheated me at the Royal Rumble. He robbed me of my chance to make history, to become the only four-time AWF Heavyweight Champion in history.

But I've got other ideas now. Let T.C., Morpheus, and whomever else play around with the World Heavyweight Championship for the time being. It's high time that ArchiveMania be re-established as Vin Ghostal property. After all, it was at ArchiveMania I that Vin Ghostal beat that idiot the HeartBrend Kid in a 2 out of 3 falls match that will go down as the greatest match in AWF history.

Actually, I change my mind. I'm not waiting for ArchiveMania. Xille, I won't make the ham-and-eggers wait that long to see the match that everyone's been waiting for...Vin Ghostal...versus Xille. At Redemption, you and I...will settle things. What do you say......partner.....

2005-02-14, 06:30 PM
OOC: Sorry for not posting, it's been one of those weeks/weekends. I'll get around to it very soon, I promise.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-02-16, 03:46 PM
Originally posted by Grimlock
See The Lock has a slight problem, the AWF finally comes to The Lock's hometown and all he gets to do is come out during a commercial break? Someone tell The Lock what the hell that's about? It's all bollocks because The Lock deserves better than that, so Reilly, pull your head in.

Now, Christopher Back, you aboslute knob jockey. Keep your untalent hands away from the awesomeness of Murder Inc. You wanna tear this place apart title for title? Well how about you start by trying to beat the best Intercontinental and Tag Champion the AWF has ever seen. Sure The Lock still needs to kick the living $hit out of Morpheus for what he did at the Rumble. But when Warzone, or Mahem, or whatever show The Lock might be the star of comes around, one thing is for sure, when you come up against The Lock you will realise you are nowhere near his league or in the league or Murder Inc. because you will feel the Big Payback and whether you like it, or ya don't, we're the best thing going today.

IC: "Murder Inc-a legendary probition-era group of killers. If I thought for one second that you losers would ever be a threat
to me or the AWF in general that thought went away when Y3Bitch got beat by a bum and bimbo as too you losers ever being
awsome I found my new tag-team partners and if Loser, Y3B, and
Xcrap want to go then why don't we have a six man tag team match. My partners and I are more than a match for you 3 jackasses."

OOC: I'll PM G91 about my new team.

The Wild One
2005-02-16, 04:37 PM
I really think it would be best, if you could loose your attitude. It can really kill a career in this biz.

2005-02-17, 01:51 AM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
I found my new tag-team partners and if Loser, Y3B, and
Xcrap want to go then why don't we have a six man tag team match.

OR! OR! WAIT FOR IT! How about The Lock just kicks your ass one on one you pussy. Stop trying to make up for what you lack by getting your loser friends into this. The Lock told you, you wanna try tearing apart the AWF, start with The Lock. Knobber.

2005-02-17, 01:05 PM
D-Ex: *yawns* Man...anyways, that was such a bore-fest I know how my partner feels on listening to guys like you ramble on about yourselves. Cyberstrike or Lock? I dont even know which mug I wanna hit hard so he can shut up. So many jerk offs just waitin to get slacked...so little time. Hey Igz...dont worry, I'll be back and kicking for the next show ok buddy? So when I get back, lets just take these murder inc. punks on. Lock, we didnt forget that stunt you pulled on us. Sure, my partner dont have much energy to put his effort into giving you a cold dish of revenge...but thats where I step into the picture. So Lock, you and your boys Murder Inc. better watch out, your on the Serial Slackaz' hit list.

Oh...and if we aint lazy enough, we can add Cyberdope's name on the list too. But maybe not, maybe its just us being lazy or just us thinking he doesnt deserve a beating...heck..not even from us. And thats just saying something right?

2005-02-17, 01:16 PM
Where are you Odinson? Has a cat got your tounge? Patheic.

No need to whine and cry though, just making sure your alive and really want this. *Pats Belt*. I know you whine and cry about it and about how you got beaten and destoryed not once, but 2 times. You think your belt material?

Sure you may have held belts at different times, but your golden days have gone. Your days of trying to make everyone prove you wrong have gone since I have proved you wrong 2 times. Patheic really, what you have become now.

So listen up and listen good either come fight for this belt or hide away forever. You have a problem with Reily? So do I, yet I survive matches and you don't. Deal with it.

Believe The Hype, Feel The Pain!

The Wild One
2005-02-17, 01:59 PM
Originally posted by Grimlock
OR! OR! WAIT FOR IT! How about The Lock just kicks your ass one on one you pussy. Stop trying to make up for what you lack by getting your loser friends into this. The Lock told you, you wanna try tearing apart the AWF, start with The Lock. Knobber.

Ya know, I wouldn't mind going first. That is if you don't mind. He has really irked me. First he insults me, then he wants me to join. I really dispise having my intellegence insulted. Especially from him.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-02-17, 03:41 PM
Originally posted by Grimlock
OR! OR! WAIT FOR IT! How about The Lock just kicks your ass one on one you pussy. Stop trying to make up for what you lack by getting your loser friends into this. The Lock told you, you wanna try tearing apart the AWF, start with The Lock. Knobber.

Christopher Back comes out to the ring and answers the Lock's
CB: "I don't think you get it Lock, TC, Y3B, Eric, and Reily,
I can destroy the AWF with one phone call!
But why should I? My investment in the AWF is about to pay off and make me a ton of money.
As far as your so call challenge Lock.
Do you really want to challenge the King of the Street Fight match,
a former 6-time Wolrd Champion elsewhere and one-half of the first Triple Crown Tag Team Champions?"

JFA: "The fans say they want these two in a street fight!"
JHA: "The fans don't make matches!"

CB: "Well my answer is: Nah."

JFA: Nah? What kind of answer is that?!"
JHA: "It means no jackass!"

With that Christopher Back walks back to locker room area with an evil grin on his face while the fans are booing him.

2005-02-17, 08:17 PM
But... but... but..... owwwwww

Cybie... sometimes I don't even know what you're saying.. when you're saying it. I beat Blaster.. yeah, it kicked ass. I'm awesome, I know. Feel free to radiate in my glory, stew in my collective juices of awesomeness; but don't be hatin. D-Ex said it - you ain't worth my time. Or my effort. Really, you aren't worth anyone's.

And it seems Lock pissed off D-Ex with his stunts at EoS. And I saw what he and his cronies did to Judge Death and Baxter at the same show. I don't really like JD's buisness, myself, too much punishing not enough napping, but he does have an indomitable sense of style. And Baxter's ok with me, anyone who characterizes one of the seven deadly sins is cool with me. Sloth favors Gluttony. They deserved a fair competition, and you all attacked them needlessly. When people start gettin uppity, and doin stuff for no reason at all... well that violates the philosophy of the slacker.

2005-02-17, 11:11 PM
I exxpresss gratitude to you, Ignoramuss, ffor your wordss...thhough I daressay thhat, when thhe collectivve headss off thhesse 'Murder Incorporated' imbecciless are crushhed like priccelesss Ming vassess in my grassp, thhey will heed quite clearly thhat phhyssical asssault, evven a mere attempt at ssuch a thhing, iss a vvery ssevvere crime; one thhat evven ssomebody withh a sslothhfful sstreak to match your own would be bound to punishh.

Now, I might havve cceassed my earlier wayss off ssensselesssly sslaughtering anyone and evveryone who wass ffoolishh enoughh to be sstood withhin a halff-kilometre radiuss off my being, but I am mosst ccertainly not inacctivve. Thhe phhyssical markss thhat Lock'ss ssecretariess - or underlingss, or hookerss, whatevver you like to call yoursselff - will ffade in due time, but my memoriess will remain ass freshh ass newly-drawn blood, until sso comess thhe time where I believve thhat you - all thhree off you - havve ssufffered a ssuffficciently ssevvere ssentencce...

Thhe ssentencce iss...deathh? No, no. I will not permit you to take thhe eassy exxit. You will ssufffer...sso vvery, vvery ssoon.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-02-17, 11:51 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
Christopher Back comes out to the ring and answers the Lock's
CB: "I don't think you get it Lock, TC, Y3B, Eric, and Reily,
I can destroy the AWF with one phone call!
But why should I? My investment in the AWF is about to pay off and make me a ton of money.
As far as your so call challenge Lock.
Do you really want to challenge the King of the Street Fight match,
a former 6-time Wolrd Champion elsewhere and one-half of the first Triple Crown Tag Team Champions?"

JFA: "The fans say they want these two in a street fight!"
JHA: "The fans don't make matches!"

CB: "Well my answer is: Nah."

JFA: Nah? What kind of answer is that?!"
JHA: "It means no jackass!"

With that Christopher Back walks back to locker room area with an evil grin on his face while the fans are booing him.

OOC- Your Wish is my command, master.

IC- Who in the blue hell are you? I mean honestly. You hack. You useless slime ball. You do nothing here. You are small time. You have no clout, you have no real money and your only investment here is getting your ass handed to you night in and night out by those better than you. The only two people who I can think of that are worse are maybe your old drunken Partner D-ex who is getting carried by Ignavus... and... no even he's better than you.

You are the bottom of the barrel here. You are six time champion in your own fed. You talentless hack. You put the title on yourself to build your own inflated ego. Atleast here the ego's are inflated because others say we're good, not just ourselves.

Do you think anyone likes you in this federation? Do you think the fans care to see you do anything other then get kicked around every single night? You think the guys back stage want you around? Everytime you come on screen about half the arena leaves their seats for refreshments or take a piss and those poor bastards at home who have to watch you change the channel.

You hear that Christy? Grown men would rather stand side by side, arm to arm, in what is the most uncomfortable situation to urinate than watch you screw things up in the ring and stutter out ripped-off insults, with your ripped off knick name.

You want to invest in something? Invest in god, because your personal Jesus is now coming for you so get ready to touch faith, assclown.

2005-02-18, 05:06 PM
ooc: Figured I'd just post again, since people probably wouldn't check the old one... I need attention! I can't help it! ;)


*A cameraman finds his way to a medical area, where three EMTs are checking on Xille. He winces in pain and occasionally lets a yelp of pain go as he is prodded. One technition finally sees the cameraman and forces him out of the room before slamming the door shut.*

2005-02-19, 01:36 AM
D-Ex: "For once, I agree with what Blaster said. Your just at the bottom of the barrel, C. B-e-ck! *burp* Speaking of worthless ripoffs...Murder Inc. if your name wasnt so similar to the company of my favorite rapper in current times, I would have shoved this can of beer up your asses that you would call the EMT's to get a tweezer and pull it out before the alcohol contents burst up your rectums!"

*D-Ex, obviously drunk...again...falls down on the floor. He rolls to look above him where the camera is at.

D-Ex: *breaths heavily*......ok...ok...I'm...ok.

*He stands up slowly and looks at the camera

D-Ex: "But enough about that. Enough stating the obvious like murder inc ripping stuff off like that time I was dragged into the NOD crap. Enough about Blaster picking yet another jobber for him to fight....and in the end, either some lady or a guy in a barney suit beats the hell outta him and makes him lose the whole thing. Enough about Back getting his ass kicked so many times, it would be reminiscent of Dinoknight in the year of 2002. Cause its time to look at the present.....and to the future. The present...the future of the AWF tag team division falls into the hands of the serial slackas. Whether you guys at the back like it or not, me and Igz run the division until someone prys off these belts on our hands. So step up guys, after all....you like to underestimate us...you like to say, your gonna beat us down. But in the end, me and Igz are gonna win over you and in the end you will be just another victim of the reactive rejection."

*He tosses the can of beer behin him before he points up to the camera

D-Ex: "We are the Serial slackaz! Step up if you can...survive...if were not too lazy to let'chu!"