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2005-02-15, 04:08 PM
(OOC: Rav, I'm assuming your post with Cryotek was referring to Windsweeper rather than Windrazor, who's still fighting Dogfight.)

Windsweeper forced a grin to his savior through the mild pain of the plate melting onto his wing. He turned a few degrees to give Cryotek a view of the damaged wing on his back.

"Thanks, doc. I could really use a patch on my tail."

2005-02-15, 05:22 PM
(OOC - no problem Flec, i just lost my temper a lil sorry, was looking for a bit of a melle not this . thanks for the info )

Sandstorm jettisoned the flasks overboard dismissing them as a bad idea , he knew it would break Quickswitch's central processor but he was more of a hands on bot than this long distance stuff . He flew round looking for trouble .


Fly flew low limping back to Scorponok for repairs wondering why he couldn't reestablish the mental contact with his other half.


Dogfight recovered using his superior flying ability
he used his blow torch blasters to let out a stream of fire which decoyed the missile which exoploded away from him but a piece of shrapnel caught him. Spinning him over he righted himself
and flew off to find a more worthy opponent , gasping at the effects of the shot, and glanced down at the wound.

Lubricant oozed from the gash in his fuselage , but his self-diagnostics told him that the wound was not life threatening, and would slow him down only slightly

2005-02-15, 06:41 PM
Ironhide: -scowls, nozzle retracting, left hand sliding back out, takes blaster back into his left hand, opens fire onQuake-

Nightbeat: -ducks, the plasma bolt vaporizing the upper half of his right antenna- "Okay. Now I'm mad." -aims his plasma blaster at Quake and the accellerator rifle at Treadshot, fires-


Chromedome: -wincing, feeling the plating on his back buckling slightly, brings both fists back, smashes them at the sides of Ruckus' head-


Grimlock: "Must be legend in own mind, then. Me never hear of you!" -blocks Hatemonger's energy saber with his rocket launcher(ruining the launcher in the process), slashes upward across Hatemonger's torso, attempting to cut him open from left hip to right shoulder-

2005-02-15, 06:55 PM
Ruckus winced as the fists impacted his head startled he shook his head as the blow jarred a conection loose and he lost vision in his left optic , lifting his knee up blindly he aimed at Chromedomes torso

Brave Maximus
2005-02-15, 07:43 PM
With his attention focused on Spinister, Dai Atlas missed the punch to his head. The shot broadsided him and his head swung to the side. Once the stars cleared, he turned and staired into the optics of monstructor.

The Giant Autobot deftly swung the Z sword around and aimed strike right at Monstructors chest.

Battle Field

Speeder heard this rather horrid sound. He looked up to see Bluestreak limping along the battle field. He raised his arm and shouted:

"HEY! Need a hand?" As he waited for someone who could transport Prowl.

2005-02-15, 08:44 PM
There wasn't much Carnivac's pretender shell could do when Sky dropped it, except fall down and hit the ground hard. The feedback made Carnivac groan in pain and thus, he failed to notice Sky's blast until it hit him. The blast ripped through most of his left shoulder, making it useless. Carnivac turned and shot his optic beams at Sky, before turning into his robot form and taking his anti-thermal cannon from subspace.

While Deadend was the closest thing the Stunticon's had to a medic in their subgroup (an at times usefull side affect from his need to keep his maintenance and paint job perfect), he was still a dabbler compared to the Constructicons. As such, Hot Shot's gamble worked.

For some reason, as Deadend went to give his report to Motormaster, he had the creeping feeling that this was going to come back and ruin his paint job. Well... more then it already has, Deadend thought.

That thought alone was more then enough to put Deadend in a sulk.

Aero Blade
2005-02-15, 09:03 PM
Tracer held back a moment as Echoshift had requested, watching his invisible strafing run manuver unfold. Once he realized what was going on, Tracer took up a proper hovering possition, then also openned fire on Snarl, hoping to add to the confusion of multiple shots.

God Jinrai
2005-02-15, 09:07 PM
the strike succeeded in knocking prime off balance, sending him to the ground... but not before he tucked into a roll, roling over his shoulder, comming up in a crouch opposite Gigatron. "Long enough to reclaim Cybertron... Your arrogant, self righteous belief that your commanders can really do it on your own truly asonishes me. For all the respect I might have held for you... I take it all back. You're a bigger fool than I could have imagined! Even GALVATRON would have the sense to not lose any advantage he could get... That advantage being us Autobots. "

While prime was speaking, he brought the anti-matter gun to bear again, shooting from the hip, set to, if nothing else blow the ground out from under gigatron

2005-02-15, 09:11 PM
Sandstorm swooped down heading towards Tracer

2005-02-15, 09:12 PM
The Air Commander surveyed the battlefield. Sky Lynx was still in the air, as was Sandstorm. Tracer and Echoshift seemed to be holding the Dinobots at bay, while the reports from Triggerhappy and Windsweeper that they'd be back in the air soon were encouraging.

"Triggerhappy and Windsweeper, once you are airborne, commence strafing runs on Fortress Maximus. Let's see if we can't give these Autobots something to worry about."

He looked around once more, before realising that Ramjet had vanished from the battlefield. He hadn't detecting him going down, so he most likely hadn't. Windrazor knew to trust his sensors.

"Windrazor to Ramjet, what is your status?"

2005-02-15, 09:26 PM
Chromedome: -stumbles back, charges forward, leaps, aiming a jumping spin kick at Ruckus' head-

2005-02-15, 09:30 PM
Ruckus turns head desperatly trying to see what Chromedome is doing out of functioning optic , the kick catches him on chin sending him flying backwards landing on his back several metres away

2005-02-15, 09:49 PM
As Gigatron rolled into a crouch and watched Prime fall, he flicked on his radio.

"Windrazor, priority target is the fortress' launching stations. Eliminate the Autobots' pursuit methods."

His optics tracked the gun acutely, noting the precise instant that it stopped on his lower section. He sprang up instantly, narrowly escaping the ground before the anti-matter vaporized the dirt and rock. He fanned his wings to propel himself forward, spreading his legs out to the side to clear the crouching Prime's head. Just as he passed over, he rotated to be parallel with the ground and straightened out just long enough to launch a powerful two-foot dropkick at Prime's back before collapsing into a roll on the ground behind.

2005-02-15, 09:52 PM
"Acknowledged, Gigatron," Windrazor replied, before circling around the battlefield and switching radio frequencies.

"Windsweeper and Triggerhappy, new orders. Once you're airborne, form up on my wings. We've got new targets."

He clicked off his radio, and maintained his flight pattern, waiting for the two Decepticons to be airborne once more.

2005-02-15, 09:59 PM
Brainstorm: -working on Hardhead- "Chromedome! You done with that Decepticon yet?"

Chromedome: "I think so. Why?"

Brainstorm: "Then give me a hand. Hardhead got pretty badly beat up."

Chromedome: -hoists Hardhead up- "Can't you lift him?"

Brainstorm: "The same thing that smacked him around smacked me around."

Chromedome: "Ah. Back to the Maximus?"

Brainstorm: -nods-

2005-02-15, 10:17 PM
Ruckus sat up and seeing the autobots retreating fireda couple of rocket salvos in their direction, while he franticall ran self diagnostics in order to restor ehis vision

2005-02-15, 10:24 PM
Chromedome and Brainstorm: -hit the ground, explosions throwing dirt and debris all around them-

Chromedome: -gets up- "I'm getting sick of this." -pulls blasters, aims at Ruckus, opens fire-

2005-02-15, 10:26 PM

Kup smiled weakly at Ironhide as the fire went out. The old Autobot lay on the ground wheezing while Recoil worked to close the leaking fuel line.

Treadshot gave Quake a nod.

"Then catch."

Transforming to his seldom-used revolver mode, the former Actionmaster arced towards the Targetmaster's hand. Nightbeat's fire pounded into the ground where he had stood.

Snarl was slammed to the ground by Echoshift's fire, but he couldn't see the source of the attack. He could guess, though, based on the direction of the lasers. Tracer's fire started to carve grooves on his back plating.


The Dinobot transformed to his hated stegosaur mode, then started slamming his tail into the trunk of a nearby tree. The tree broke free from the ground with a groaning sound, then fell in the general direction of Echoshift and Tracer.

Spinister came around for another pass at Dai Atlas.

"He's a Decepticon," the Targetmaster said simply, not truly expecting the Autobot to understand.

He opened fire with lasers, flamethrower and particle beam cannons.

Command Deck, Fort Max

Ramjet was hit by Fortress's laser blast and Wideload's fire and fell out the open viewport...only to fly back in moments later using his foot thrusters.

"Oh, that's gonna cost you."

The conehead fired his laser at Fortress's chest.

He replied to Windrazor, "I'm a bit busy re-decoratin' Maximus's bridge, boss."

Crosshairs arrived through a door across the way from Wideload. He raised Pinpointer and carefully took aim at Ramjet's centre of mass.

2005-02-15, 10:46 PM
Echoshift allowed the momentum of his run to carry him past the Dinobot on the ground, before he transformed to robot mode. Still faded out, the Eurofighter's optics widened in alarm at the sight of the approaching falling tree. He threw himself to one side with all his strength, landing heavily on his front and getting scuffed up from the resulting skid. The tree collapsed with a thunderous crash behind him. Some of the branches snapped off in the impact, scattering widely about the ground.

Wincing, Echoshift picked himself up off the floor and looked around. Half-raising on arm-mounted rifle in preparation should Snarl choose to attack, he opened a comm-channel to the Decepticon helicopter.

"Tracer, you okay? Where are you?"

2005-02-15, 11:01 PM
Ruckus had managed to get 30% vision back in his optic but decided to take the easy option transforming back to vehicle mode he charged straight at Chromedome the incoming fire blowing chunks out of his body work he looked Chromedome up and down a sbest he was able deciding which parts he would strip of the autobot to replace the damage d ones quite a stylish autobot he decided he'd like his new look just needed to knock the autobot down first

2005-02-15, 11:12 PM
(00c just an idea but is opportunity for a swoop , dive bomb grudge match what with the name thing and all)

Wideload commando crawled towards the entry way


Weirdwolf leapt out of the way of the Autobots blow
he moved round to stand next to his friend Carnivac so they could attack together

2005-02-16, 12:21 AM
Narrowly avoiding a shot by Scorponok through the leg, Smokescreen emerged running from the huge cloud of steam and smoke. He blatently stood framed against the damage behind, watching intently for incoming shots. The diversionary tactician knew that the sniper /snipers couldn't be watching in multiple directions, and he was ready to take his / her / their attention in full.

Taking little time to aim to make sure he wouldn't be catching Red Alert in the path, he guessed for a location that seemed to be above the angle where the sniper(s) shots had come from. Throwing out an arm to help guide his shot, Smokey quickly released a missile with a taunting grin.

Give the Con someone else to think about while Red gets his sights over there.
Inferno nodded at Speeder. He was about to tell the micromaster that he'd take Prowl, but the damaged security officer waved him off and then spoke over his internal radio as he hobbled to a safer zone. "Watch yourselves, I'm going for repair- I'll be fine. Inferno, Firestar, Speeder, that steam made a good visual block. Use that to your advantage and back out of Scorponok's line of fire now. Let Max's weapons deal with him."

Inferno looked around as he remembered his partner, even though he had no immediate intentions of going anywhere.
Through the commotion, he couldn't see Firestar, and to make matters worse, he felt a huge tremor as a blast from Scorponok blew a large crater in the ground a few feet from the big autobot. He frowned and called over his radio, "Firestar! Fall back- we've got a sniper on one side and an angry city on the other!"

Trailbreaker nodded and grinned as several shots pinged off of his forcefield at Fort Max's entryway. "Max doesn't need Decepticon slime inside him- those guys'll finish off the trouble in no time, but it'll take weeks to get the smell out."
He paused to listen to Quickmix. Trailbreaker blinked once and then sheepishly grinned. He had little clue what he was being asked.

"Um, popsicles are good. The forcefield's doing great"

Finally arriving at the battlescene, Blitzwing surveyed the ongoing fight with a distanced feeling.

Hnnn. We should not be fighting. We will need the Autobots to defeat the Quintessons and remove them from our home.

He pondered the implications of his next move carefully.
Once again, I must help my enemy to help myself. We cannot continue to expend energy and subdue forces that we will need later.

Slowly, methodically and unhurried, the triple changer gathered height and then dropped into a downward strafing run into a line of fire at Scorponok, attempting to make it look as if he misjudged his angle and was going for the Autobots on the opposite side instead.

Mirage glanced to Ultra Magnus with a 'now-at-ease' expression and nodded. Quietly he muttered, "Let's go wipe the ground with these Cons, Magnus."

Random Sweep
2005-02-16, 12:26 AM
Sky took the hits from Carnivac , and swooped down to join with his Lynx half.

" Sorry Decepticreeps, I have more important matters to attend to "

and took to the Air.


A glowing slash appeared from Monstructors shoulder to waist as Dai Atlas's sword carved a huge gash in his torso.

Roaring in unearthy Rage the Combiner went to grapple the Autobots sword arm.


Making a tight G-force turn Triggerhappy moved around and formed up with Windrazor

2005-02-16, 01:53 AM
Quake quickly tosses Tiptop and Heater into the air they combined with Heater being the primary weapon as He quickly grabbed Treadshot with his other hand.

"Well now, this I like!" He smiled and transformed placing Treadshot in where his Plasma cannon was and quickly rolled around the attacking Autobots.


Hatemonger swayed backwards quickly, not quite missing all of Grimlock's attack as the blade left a straight slash mark up his amour. Steam coming from the struck area.

"Not bad. Well I assure you, you will remember be after this battle." Hatemonger quickly brought his firepower down to bare on Grimlock while quickly trying to slash Grimlocks torso in half.


Cryotek nodded to Windsweeper.

"Not a problem, ahh looks like you got smacked pretty good in the tail." He said quickly working on the wound.

"I wouldn't recommend trying to fight a Nemesis class start ship, but this should help you to get back into the fight again." He said looking at his handywork.

Aero Blade
2005-02-16, 02:01 AM
Sandstorm having moved to attack him, Tracer had to drop his attack on Snarl to get out the line of fire and attempt to counter Sandstorm. This incident, though, managed to put him well out of the way of the falling tree. "A bit busy!" Tracer commed to Echoshift, returning fire on Sandstorm.

2005-02-16, 02:52 AM
StarBlade growled quietly as steam obstructed her view. Damn! I had a bead on that 'Bot, and I know I hit him! Aw, screw it, I'll find another target...

StarBlade began sweeping the combat area, looking for a target. Then, as she sweeped back towards the steam-blanketed area, another target appeared. It was a 'Bot similar to the first one she hit, but this one StarBlade could tell was a femme-bot. Taking careful aim on her(Firestar), the assassin fired twice towards her chest.

2005-02-16, 03:16 AM
Ultra Magnus continued in his staggering jog toward the action and activated his radio as he covered the distance between the cities.

"Good to hear, Grapple. Keep both of you safe until the battle's over, and get back out here to pull the wounded off the field when you can. Magnus out."

Just as he clicked off, his optics spotted two flashes of laser fire coming down at a high angle from the hillside through the evening fog. He growled quietly - being the victim of sniper fire himself a number of times, he grew quite disdainful toward the cowardly assault. He turned his head to the side and primed his missile launchers.

"Keep moving, Mirage. We may have some unfriendly fire coming down on us in a moment."

Stopping only long enough to raise his arm and take aim, Magnus fired a missile at his best guess of StarBlade's distant sniping spot.


Windsweeper massaged the surrogate parts as he got to his feet, a bit disdained over his embarrassing appearance but relieved to be back in the action.

"Ye'h, I'll try not to... If you see that jerk Dogfight, shoot him for me."

With an appreciative glance to Cryotek, Windsweeper ran down the hillside at top speed. When he was clear of the trees, he jumped and transformed, rocketing off to meet Windrazor.

"Back in the air," he reported as he pulled up on Windrazor's left flank. "Orders?"

2005-02-16, 03:26 AM
Windrazor banked easily around towards Fortress Maximus.

"Gigatron has ordered us to remove the launching stations on Fortress Maximus. There are I believe one helipad and two shuttle bays. Optimus Prime recently returned to the battle, so one of the shuttle bays will be occupied by a shuttlecraft. Our orders are to take out the shuttlecraft, and reduce both shuttlebays and the helipad to an unoperational condition."

He swiftly primed his lasers, and noted with consternation that he only had four rockets left in his missile launcher rack.

"We need to eliminate any possible way that the Autobots can launch a pursuit from their city. I have limitted ordnance left for this action. What are your weapons status?" he asked of Windsweeper and Triggerhappy.

Random Sweep
2005-02-16, 03:31 AM
" My cannons are down to 42%, andI have 4 photon bombs left " Tirggerhappy andswered, Shadowing Windrazors flight path

2005-02-16, 03:39 AM
Windsweeper performed a quick double-check diagnostic on his weapons systems. He sighed to find it hadn't changed since last time.

"Out of bombs. Left cannon's no good, but I've got enough fuel to keep the right one firing for at least a thousand rounds."

2005-02-16, 04:15 AM
Even as Sky Lynx flew away, Carnivac aimed his anti-thermal cannon at the Autobot and fired.

Nightracer watched in amusement as Smokescreen's missiles hit below her hiding spot. The Decepticon sniper responded by firing her sniping rifle at RedAlert. At least now Nightracer knew they were looking for her....and as of yet had no idea were Starblade was.

God Jinrai
2005-02-16, 04:26 AM
the kick caught prime in the back, nearly folding him in half... however, with a quick flex of his torso neuro-muscles, prime turned his position to his advantage, quickly initiating his transformation, his semi-rig mode rushed forward at gigatron

2005-02-16, 04:39 AM
Springing up from his roll, Gigatron turned his head to look over-shoulder and survey Optimus' next move, but his bent wing mount got in the line of his view. Just as he began to turn his body to compensate, he was struck massively on the right side of his back by the legendary semi. Again receiving the blow naturally, Gigatron spun to his left, squatted low, and extended each elbow in time at just the right moment to slash twice at the tires and side of the passing truck.

"Good, Prime! But you must know by know that you cannot kill me."

2005-02-16, 05:28 AM

Snarl transformed and fired his laser rifle at the dust, leaf and branch cloud that filled the air where the tree had fallen.

Red Alert's erratic driving allowed him to evade the shot from Nightracer, but only by chance. Closing rapidly on the sniper's position (which had been revealed by the last shot), Red transformed to robot mode. Drawing his rifle, he sprayed her general vacinity with particle beams as he ran.

Scorponok tracked his anti-air sonic cannon towards the insect that was stinging him from the air, prepared to swat it from the sky before it could cause him major damage. He stopped, however, when his sensors identified the foe as Blitzwing.

Assuming there was some sort of mistake, he opened a comm channel to the Triplechanger. "Explain yourself be destroyed."

From his mounting place on Quake, Treadshot fired plasma blasts at Ironhide.

(OOC: This must really be an odd sight...a tank with a revolver mounted in its' turret...)

2005-02-16, 06:41 AM
Chromedome: "Time to finish this!" -leaps into the air, angling to come down on Ruckus' hood, feet first, blasters firing away at the Triggercon-


Ironhide: -staggers as the plasma blasts slam into his side and back, falls forwards, hitting the ground, rolls over onto his back, sits up-

Nightbeat: -aims and fires plasma blaster at Quake- "Shouldn't you be running around in some arena somewhere?"

Ironhide: "Beat ya to it."

Nightbeat: "Darn." -aims Hosehead's accellerator rifle at Treadshot, fires-


Grimlock: -blocks Hatemonger's saber with his sword, knocked back when the fusion blast slams into him, transforms back to dino mode, charges at Hatemonger, roaring-

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -dives to the side, the laser blast burning into his right torso and arm, fires at Ramjet's leg-

2005-02-16, 07:08 AM
(OOC: You know, I'm really beginning to loathe Tuesdays...)

Wreck-Gar watched as Treadshot landed in Quake's hand and began to fire again.

"But wait!" he shouted. "There's more! Two for the price of one!"

He glanced towards a nearby tree. "But order now, and get this nifty little surprise absolutely free!"

This last comment was directed towards Nightbeat as he rushed off into the underbrush in the opposite direction. Once he was sure that he was out of anyone's eyeline, he turned around and doubled back.

But to anyone who had watched his departure, it would apper as if he was running away.


(OOC: Remember what we talked about last night, Warcry? Well, here's the setup.)

The Battlechargers rushed back to Scorponok's position.

"Hey, Scorpy!" Runamuck shouted. "Got any other big weapons in there we can borrow for a while?"

Unaware of the dangers that lay ahead, Trip-Up and Hubs continued to advance on the path the Batthechargers had taken.


Big Daddy and Greaser had followed Rehot and the other Rescue Patrol back inside Metroplex's Comamnd Center.

"Anyone want to give me an update?" he asked once he stepped inside.


Groundshaker reaimed the X-Ray cannon at Monstructor's arm, hoping to block the Decepticon's attack against Dai Atlas. As he pulled the trigger, however, a random shot sent the ATV flying and the blast flying directly at Dai Atlas.

2005-02-16, 07:08 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Ramjet was hit in the right leg Fortress's fire. A gout of flame shot from that thruster, which then sputtered and died.

"Why you little..."

The Conehead stomped deeper into the bridge, intent on ripping Fortress limb from limb. It was then that Crosshairs' rockets slammed into his chest. Ramjet was tossed backwards, out the viewport.

Though not exactly renowned for his brilliance, the white seeker knew when he was beat. He transformed to jet mode and flew off under the power of his one working engine.

Crosshairs turned to Fortress.

"Do you want me to send the techs up here?"


The accelerator rifle blast hit Treadshot dead on as he was firing. The next blast that he sent Ironhide's way was increased massively in power as his systems burned energon at an increased rate.

The one shot was all that he got off, though. The revolver fell silent, his energon supplies depleted 75% by the one shot. Wisely, he chose to wait out the effects of the accelerator before doing anything else.

Scorponok's voice boomed out at the Battlechargers.


He lowered a ramp, offering the Battlechargers entry. Several scorpion-like maintenance drones were lined up just inside the hatch, ready to attack any Autobots foolish enough to enter the Decepticon titan.

2005-02-16, 07:19 AM
As Scorponok opened his hatch, the two Battlechargers ran inside, well aware of the fact that they were being followed.

A few second later, their pursuers emerged to stare directly at the massive Citycon.

"Oh, slag!" Trip-Up shouted, spinning on his wheels and heading back the way he had come.

"Sometimes I hate it when B.I.G is right," Hubs snarled as he did likewise. "Too bad it happens all the time!"

2005-02-16, 07:52 AM
Ruckus winced as the blasters gouged chunks out of his armour but he wore these battle scars with pride , spinning round he laid a thick viscous oilslick on the spot he estimated Chromedome would land


Sandstorm pressed home his attack on Tracer firing a 4 missile volley from his stock of 20


Dogfight ran an internal systems check , his fire power wasdown to 50 percent with all those blasts , spotting Windsweeper back in the air he poured on the juice and hurried to intercept the Con

"when I put someone down they should stay down he muttered as he arrived on Windsweepers left quarter

2005-02-16, 07:54 AM
Ironhide: -watching the energy coruscate around Treadshot, sensors warning of a massive power buildup- "Uh..... whut's that gun do, anyway?"

Nightbeat: "Causes things to speed up. Usually makes weapons drain all or most of their power in one shot. Why?"

Ironhide: -realizes where Treadshot's aiming as he gets to his feet- "Aw, nuts......" -catches the massive plasma blast in the chest, knocked off his feet, skids backwards, slamming into and flipping over Kup, crashes to the ground on his back, twitching-

Nightbeat: "IRONHIDE!"

Ironhide: -smoke rising from his chest- "Lemmee guess...... you usually.... ow... duck, rahght?"

Nightbeat: "Duck, or get out of the way, or Hosehead misses."

Ironhide: -coughs- "How'd...... Ah know........"

Nightbeat: "You okay?"

Ironhide: "No. Do Ah look lahke Ah'm okay?"

Nightbeat: "You look like you went ten rounds with a runaway arc welder and it's friends."

Ironhide: "Oughta..... answer yer...... question."

Nightbeat: -activates commlink as he aims at Quake with his plasma blaster and fires- "Minerva, get down here. I've got some wounded."


Fortress: -wincing as he stands, surveys the ruins of the bridge- "Wouldn't hurt, Crosshairs."

2005-02-16, 08:19 AM

Scorponok's maintenance drones fired blasts from their tail-mounted arc welders at the retreating Micromasters.

Recoil had just patched up Kup's fuel line when Ironhide came tumbling over top of him. The Nebulan had the presence of mind to duck under Kup's arm.

Kup pushed himself to his knees and looked down at his fellow old curmudgeon. Satisfied that Ironhide wasn't dying, he took up Recoil in gun mode and fired a laser burst at Quake.

Command Deck, Fort Max

Crosshairs nodded, then headed for the lift. "I'll get right on it, Fortress."

As he rode the lift back down to his post, he commed Quickmix. "Get up to the bridge. Ramjet smashed the place up, and Fortress needs techs to start repairing vital systems."

2005-02-16, 08:51 AM

Bluestreak paused as Speeder called over to him, then slowly drove over to the Micromaster, replying "Sure thing, thanks"


Firestar, who was fire-fighting a couple of feet in front of Inferno, looked over at him, then nodded, starting to move away quickly, radioing back "Gotcha 'Ferno"

Then the red and orange femme winced, two shots coming out of the steam, both blasts tearing a sizable gash into the platework of her right side.
A gasp escaped her at this, but swiftly pushing away the discomfort, she got to her feet and dived aside.

2005-02-16, 09:37 AM
Wideload rode the lift down with Crosshairs
anxious to get back into action he paused at the top of the ramp
and opened a com link

"Anyone out there need a hand "


Quickmix moved over to the access shaft and took the lift up to the Bridge.

"reporting for duty Fortress where do you want me to "start


Weirdwolf fired his pistol at the retreating form of Sky Lynx

He Growled : may have battle fled you autobot but war over is not meet us will you again and your escape not will so easy be next time

2005-02-16, 09:47 AM
Slag, Nightracer thought as some of RedAlert's particle beams hit the parts of her that her hiding place did not cover, leaving leaking holes in her armor. Nightracer glared down at RedAlert, before taking another shot at him.

2005-02-16, 10:12 AM
Echoshift acknowledged Tracer's message and ducked behind the nearest form of cover as best he could, as Snarl's shots peppered the ground where he had been a moment ago. Unfortunately for him, the "nearest form of cover" happened to be the fallen tree trunk. Which meant that he had to flatten himself against the ground to make the most of the available cover. Although the tree's trunk would have seemed reasonably thick to a human's eyes, it wasn't as easy for a Cybertronian to take shelter behind it as a human might at first think.

Still faded out of what humans called the visible light spectrum, the Eurofighter returned a short burst of laser-fire before crawling along the length of the tree, in an attempt to reach some rather more substantial cover.

2005-02-16, 11:08 AM
Hatemonger quickly transformed back into tank mode and rolled backwards and away from the charging T-Rex rampaging towards him firing his remaining weapons at the Autobot.


Quake continued his usual tatic of fire at every bloody thing around him. But things were starting to get a quite a bit hot around him.

"Any Cons, able to give me a hand?" he asked. Trying not to get slagged too bad.

2005-02-16, 11:56 AM
Fly limped over to Scorponok

opening a com link he said " 1 injured con incoming"


Ruckus reluctantly left Chromedome behind himas he sped to Quakes aid

Jetting out a cloud of black sticky viscous oil a t Chromedome in one last defiant parting gesture

Hyper Prime
2005-02-16, 12:45 PM
Redhot struggled with words for a bit, but then said, "Well, honestly I just know that Decepticons are attacking us, though that is as clear as day. And frankly, I don't care of the circumstances."

"So what do we do now?" Seawatch asked.

"Let's find a high officer, see if there is anything we can do to help the situation." Stakeout said as he started to radio to Prime, "Optimus, can you hear me? Stakeout here, the Rescue Patrol and Hot Rod patrol are having some trouble. Anything we can do to... aaaarrrgggghhhh!" Several of the blasts from Scorponok's drones came at the micros, making the ground erupt underneath them. Stakeout, Seawatch, and Redhot all went flying and crashing into the ground.

2005-02-16, 01:08 PM
"Wait for me Quickmix.How many Cons in here? We got five at the Ark I hope Skyfall can deal with them."

2005-02-16, 02:13 PM
Quickmix replied over the radio .

"Hoist definitly need you up here. I think it was just one Con but he made a big mess of things up here and we need your skills to help fix things up

2005-02-16, 03:57 PM
Chromedome: -lands, barely managing to keep his balance on the oil, slides his way over to Brainstorm and Hardhead- "How's he doing?"

Brainstorm: "Most of the main power circuits in his transector are blown."

Hardhead: -wincing- "Ow."

Chromedome: -lifts Hardhead up, slings him over his shoulder- "Think you can get him to the repair bay by yourself?"

Brainstorm: -indicating his own damaged transector- "I'll be lucky if I can get myself to the repair bay. But yeah. Just get him into the Maximus, I'll do the rest."

Chromedome and Brainstorm: -head for Fort Max-


Minerva: -heading for the main entry hatch of Fort Max-


Nightbeat: -throws himself flat as Quake's return barrage blankets the area- "I have got to get that cyclone cannon fixed....."

Hosehead: -lying on his back, blinks- "Hey, Nightbeat?"

Nightbeat: -sees Ruckus speeding towards Quake- "Yeah?"

Hosehead: "I feel funky..."

Nightbeat: -smirks- "Do you still feel tingly?"

Hosehead: -thinks for a moment- "No."

Nightbeat: "Good. Had to borrow your rifle." -aims plasma blaster at Quake, fires- "We need to teach Ironhide to duck after this battle's over."

Ironhide: "Funny.... bot, ain'cha....."

Nightbeat: "Nah." -aims Hosehead's accelerator rifle at Ruckus, fires, hoping the blast will send Ruckus smashing into Quake-


Grimlock: -leans into the fire from the fusion cannon, still storming towards Hatemonger- "What matter? Not want to play?"

2005-02-16, 04:32 PM
Ruckus charged towards the Autobots, near Quakes position .

An Auobot fired at Him unable to dodge he caught the blast full on his bonnet,but it seemed to have no immediate effect

a red light on his internal sensors indicated something wrong checking he realised he was going fast much too fast , there was something wrong he realised it must have been an accelerator rifle that hit him.

He attempted to slowdown but all that achieved was a smell lof burning brake pads .

He careened as he tried to regain contol of his steering, he wasn't sure who he would hit Quake or the Autobots

Yelling out to Quake at the top of his stentorian voice to MAkkkeee Wayyy he tried to steer towards the group of Autobots

Hoping it would be an Autobot he hit he extruded the spikes in his tyres to maximum length and accelerated further

2005-02-16, 04:38 PM
Talon sighed at Fixit's comment. "I'm hoping it's a Quint assault, though knowing the history between Autobots and Decepticons, they're probably at it again.."

Noticing he's standing on the wall, he added "And judging by the odd angle of the room, things aren't going too well"

2005-02-16, 07:32 PM
" No he won't." Carnivac said, agreeing with Weirdwolf. Thinking back to the remains of his Pretender shell only helped fuel Carnivac's anger at the Autobot Sky Lynx. That Autobot had earned his place on the need to get revenge on list, and the fool was giving them time to plan....Still, Carnivac couldn't help but wonder if the remains oh his pretender shell could be salvage or if he would have to have another shell made.

2005-02-16, 07:43 PM
Following Magnus' direction, Mirage put on a burst of diagonal speed, hoping to bring the hidden Decepticons into rifle view.

He glimpsed a color in the trees that was metallic and set his rifle scope for it. He (unknowingly) took aim at Nightracer, and prepared to fire.

Continuing his approach and the rain of fire, Blitzwing leveled out letting a few shots go astray as he neared Scorponok and replied with an unconcerned tone.

"I'm after the Autobots on your far side, and you're in the way. Accidents happen."

Looking ahead, the Decepticon was already preparing for the far strafing run that would flush out the other Decepticons and send him on a course around Fortress Maximus, perhaps being able to overtake the fliers on the opposite side.
Metallic skin blistered, popped and cooled into silver streams as Prowl hobbled back into the Autobot city, but the officer ignored the damage as best as he could. The city was eerily quiet except for the occasional explosion resonance and vibrations from the outside. The interior intrusion alarms had stopped going off, and the halls were barren as he approached the medical center.


Trailbreaker kept his forcefield up and glanced around with a mix of grimness and boredom as he watched Scorponok's form approaching. He casually leaned against the giant cannons that Crosshairs had left behind and drummed his fingers on one absently.

Suddenly, his optics flicked back to the cannon and locked there as an idea began forming in his head. Optics brightening, a grin spread over his facial features as he headed around to the rear controls of the device, and he began looking over his options.
Blinking buttons, small levers, dials and switches peppered the control panel.
Power on, power up... hmmm.... what might that button do?
He turned a numbered dial to what seemed a fair range for where Scorponok was and prepared to hit the other buttons in the hopes of finding the trigger.
Nikko pressed his face against Tracks' window and once certain the door wasn't locked, he then pulled it open cautiously and sat down inside, closing the door behind him.

He whistled in a low tone as the student engineer surveyed the panels and form of the sleek car. It took only a moment though, for him to produce a white plastic key and begin filing it to make it fit the ignition.

As he went to stick it in however, Nikko got a shock and froze, his dark face drained of color.
The ignition had no place to insert a key.
Having stayed clear until the alarms went off and the immediate danger cleared, Spike went back into the control room and quietly began assisting with the repairs to the equipment.

2005-02-16, 07:51 PM
Windrazor smirked as Dogfight pulled up on the other side of Windsweeper.

"You just don't know when to give up, do you?" he smirked, before activating his radio and contacting Windsweeper and Triggerhappy.

"Destroy him," he ordered.

With that, he peeled off to his right and up, giving Triggerhappy a firing line towards the insistent Autobot.

The Air Commander continued his scans, quickly identifying the targets on Fort Max and determining the best course of action. He quickly decided to use his remaining missiles to take out the Arc Royale, and use Triggerhappy's photon bombs to take out the helipad.

"Windrazor to Triggerhappy, conserve your photon bombs while disposing of that Autobot."

With that, he accelerated towards his target, quickly achieving target lock on the Arc Royale.

2005-02-16, 08:20 PM
Dogfight replied to the arrogant decepticon , "at least I come back to a fight , I don't run away when it looks like some ones going to do more than scratch your pretty paint work

Dismissing the Air commander from his thoughts he concentrated on the threat at hand Windsweeper and Triggerhappy .

Identyfying Triggerhappy as the more immediate threat

Dogfight opened fire

2005-02-16, 09:05 PM
Wideload was annoyed as he stood atop the entrance ramp surveying the battlefield waiting for a response to his call , He'd been blown up once , knocked down once, and blown away , and as far as he could tell all he had achieved was possibly singed some decepticon paint , and now nobody was answering obviously they thought he would only get in the way , that his best use was an errand drone ferrying unconscious decepticons around , but then he had been sent to the bridge to protect it possibly the most important part of Fort Max but maybe they'd been looking for cannon fodder , he was distracted from this train of thought as he spotted 4 aircraft fast approaching Fort Max he identified them as decepticons probably , well the autobots didn't have enough aerial warriors at this stage of the battle for it to be them slag it they barely had that many at the start of the battle .

Zooming his optics focusing on the specks he made one out as Dogfight who seemed to be in heated aerial combat with two of the planes while the third seemed to be making an attack run .

He moved quickly inside the entry bay and opened a Com channel

" All Autobots incoming decepticon aerial force of at least 3 aircraft approaching Fort Max in quadrant Tango 4 "

wondering what more he could do so he wouldn't feel like such a derelict . He spotted the Anti Tank gun that Quickmix
had abandoned , he was sure he'd read a data file somewhere about anti aircraft guns being used as anti tank guns possibly in one of the humans eternal conflicts surely the converse was true

He moved over to it checkling the tell tales YES it would elevate that high and the previous damage appeared cosmetic only. Knocking the ammo selector over to a mix of heat seeking and armour piercing with proximity fuse selected he cranked the gun up

Targetting the leading Con so as not to inadvertently damage
Dogfight he opened fire with the quad 88mm gun sending a stream of shells skywards .


Landfill hearing the message attracted Sureshot's attention to the incoming Cons

Targetting Triggerhappy with his two targetmasters he opened fire

He also decided to see if he could get some back up for Dogfight

He opened a com Link "Sky Lynx ,Swoop , Sandstorm you got your ears on good buddies we got 3 Smokeys knocking at our front door and it looks like they want to crash our party over"

God Jinrai
2005-02-16, 10:25 PM
Gigatron's blade had barely pierced prime's front right tire when het again transformed, his torso spinning, and his left fist lashing out at gigatron's jaw.

"By that same token, YOU must realize... no matter WHAT you do... YOU ... can NEVER STOP ME!"

as he renewed his attack, he again drew his handgun, and at point blank range, started to bring it up, the barrel trying to point in gigatron's face

2005-02-16, 10:46 PM

Nightracer's shot tore another chunk from Red Alert's chest, sending a spray of oil down onto the nearby rocks. The security officer dropped to one knee, aimed his rocket launcher at the sniper's position, and fired.

(OOC: is Echoshift still invisable?)

Snarl was hit by several laser blasts from behind the tree he'd felled. Subspacing his laser, he started slashing the tree to pieces with his energo-sword.

Quake's fire chewed through Kup's ruined left arm, shredding armour and damaging the internal servos. The Autobot returned fire, trying to cut Quake's Nebulans off of his turret.

Scorponok's maintenance drones stopped firing at the Micromasters. The citycon opened a topside hatch, and several similar units rolled out to repair the line of deep black scores that Blitzwing had 'accidentally' left there. He left the hatch open for Fly to use.

"Accidents will happen to you if you hit me one more time," He told Blitzwing. To emphasize his words, the citycon's sonic cannon fired into the air just behind the triplechanger's tailfins.

At that point, Scorponok's main engines had finished their warm-up sequence. Streams of flame shot from his underbelly thrusters, slowly pushing the citycon off the ground. His lower body hatches opened, allowing entry to any wounded Decepticons who couldn't make it to Carbombya or the Nemesis under their own power.

Corridors, Fort Max

Crosshairs left the lift and headed back towards the entry. He saluted Prowl as he passed, but didn't stop to talk.

When he arrived at the main entry, he watched Trailbreaker's efforts with amusement. "The trigger is the grey one," he volunteered finally. "But if you're planning to shoot something, you'll probably want to drop your forcefield first."

2005-02-16, 10:47 PM
Windrazor shuddered as two of the shells from the anti tank gun tore through the top of his fuselage. Luckily, the shells had never been designed to bring down aircraft, so he was able to stay airborne, though he did drop for about 20 feet before being able to regain height.

He peeled off from his former course, and ascended quickly, moving out of range of Wideload's weapon.

He activated his sensors, seeking out appropriate personel, and detected the Stunticons not too far away from Fort Max.

"Windrazor to Motormaster. I need some ground support to take out a gun emplacement near the city's main entry ramp. Handle it for me."

2005-02-16, 11:08 PM
Windsweeper growled as his sensors detected an all too familiar Autobot coming up on his left flank.

"With pleasure," he replied to Windrazor's command.

Windsweeper's position and arms status left him in a vulnerable spot to Dogfight. Chagrined, he banked port and dove, partially hoping to pull around on the Autobot and partially hoping to get out of the way long enough for the unpredictable Triggerhappy to nail Dogfight without being shot himself...



Gigatron knew that a transformation so close to him would put the Autobot leader in fine position to hit him with a massive melee shot. Again utilizing his agility, he dug his swords into the dirt and cartwheeled away, causing Prime's punch to catch only his wingtip.

"My short-sighted and foolhardy Prime!"

Gigatron finished his somersault close to Prime's chest and decided to take the advantage. He swung his hands about elegantly, bring one sword down before his nemesis' faceplate and the other facing the opposite way behind his head. A smirk of triumph faded to a frown of stalemate as he noticed the pistol near his cheek...

"Hmph. Lovely model," he noted as he eyed the weapon.

Gigatron's stance did not flex, but a field of confidence grew and eminated as his sinister grin returned.

"But you won't use it. You see, if I die, your precious universe dies with me. My end now would mean I could never live to jump back to three years ago; there would be a cataclysmic time anamoly that would consume our whole existence, and the ever-vigilant Optimus Prime would be accountable! You know it, but how many more lives must your headstrength waste before you accept it? Surrender, Prime, and you've my honor that I'll do no worse than enslave your men..."

2005-02-16, 11:14 PM
(ooc aha the skins so thin shell passes straight through w/o detonating i can see that cheers otherwise thanks will give Wideload and his insecurities some decepticons to fight if can survive am sure hell feel better )

Weirdwolf turned to Carnivac and said :

who shall target we now ?


Wideload cursed as the aircraft drew out of range , he could never seem to get anything right ,ever since Ratbat and those butchers he called surgeons had reformatted his body , he continued to scan the area for targets , keeping half an optic on Triggerhappy and Windsweeper waiting for them to close the range.

noticing Crosshairs he called through the doorway of his armoured turret to Crosshairs & Trailbreaker

" Whats the plan , we got an overall strategy ? we going to coordinat our fields of fire ?

God Jinrai
2005-02-16, 11:23 PM
"I don't think so." Prime responded. " If I die... YOU may never come to exist EITHER. How quickly we forget. Without me... and the successors to my name that will follow, the six-changing technology that eventually leads to your creation will never make it past Sixshot.Decepticon leaders will continue the standard of a single alternate mode.. until perhaps the titan known as Overlord shows up, at which point, PERHAPS a triple changer might be seen. You see... as Galvatron himself said... Two sides of the same coin. So if you have the guts to risk your own death... and are so proud and arrogant... try me. perhaps I'll squeeze the trigger as the blade pierces my nerual systems, and you'll go down with me. that'll DEFINATELY make any attempt at retaking quintessa more than just difficult."

The augmented walther P38 shimmered slightly in the light. Prime was prepared if Gigatron insisted.. but hoped the decepticon had enough sense to know when to quit

2005-02-16, 11:26 PM
((OOC: Yep. He is. :) Just to avoid any possible confusion, I'll tell you now that any instances where I say "fading in" or "fading out" or something along those lines, it'll be referring to Echoshift's "invisibility" ability.))


Echoshift rolled out from under the fallen tree as Snarl's blade cleaved right the way through the thick trunk, but wasn't quite quick enough to avoid a nick to one wing. Sparing the wound a glance, he got to his feet as quickly as he could, firing off a few more rounds of laser-fire. He activated his boot-jets so that he was hovering a little way off the ground, thus enabling him to make quicker movements than he would be able to make if he were still on the ground.

Or so he hoped, anyway.

"Hey, Tracer? Wherever you've got to, I could use a little help right now..."

2005-02-16, 11:27 PM
Originally posted by optimusskids
(ooc just a silly thing but the shells were designed to blow holes in the armour of tanks so surely would have greater effect on thinner skin of aircraft not less otherwise thanks will give Wideload and his insecurities some decepticons to fight if can survive am sure hell feel better )

OOC: My thinking is that many modern day tank shells are only designed to explode once their hard tips have pierced a tank's armour. So a glancing blow to a fast moving aircraft wouldn't do the same sort of damage.

2005-02-16, 11:32 PM
Dogfight keeping some of his sensors on Windsweeper as he engaged Triggerhappy

he opened a com link

Greetings Windsweeper , so we meet again , You are a brave robot returning to the fray so battered , and a suitable dancing partner , maybe in another time or another place things may have been different , we could have flown together , into the great adventure that is life , alas it is not to be

opening a second communication he said

"Triggerhappy , I hear you have many kills to your name most of them decepticon , do you remember Vorax he was a seargeant major at your training camp , i met him in a bar on cybertron after he defected , he told me you couldn't hit a sentinel from 4 feet "

2005-02-16, 11:40 PM
Gigatron glanced again at the barrel of the gun in his face. He really did loathe that thing, but he had more important cares... His optics wandered back to Prime's, and he chuckled softly.

"Oh, Prime. So chilishly devoid of courage and compassion are you, I wonder if I would be better suited to lead the Autobots! Your wisdom is flawed and ugly, but moreover, you so very callously think I've come to kill you! No, though your uninformed false prophecy would surely not come to pass, I do worry that your death would breed more emotion and less reason - if such can be - in the simpler weaklings who would succeed you..."

Gigatron looked across the battlefield at the carnage and mayhem filling the unnaturally warm evening air. A calm orange and pink sunset hid silently over the hilltops behind the rising black clouds. Atrophy was beginning to take seat; the battle wore on, and it had proven its point. Gigatron finally spun away, raising his swords and returning them to their mounts as his back turned to Prime.

"Scorponok," he radioed. "Be ready for takeoff at once. Hatemonger, signal your men to pull back. Windrazor, finish your task and call your team back to Scorponok."

Gigatron turned his head only enough to glare at Optimus from the side of his right optic, his mouth obscured by the bottom of his wing mount.

"Consider my offer carefully, Prime. And remember that each Autobot, human, or other innocent who dies at a Decepticon's hand will do so because of your cowardice."

With a casual and curt wave, Gigatron transformed to jet mode and rocketed off toward Scorponok.

2005-02-16, 11:50 PM
Fly shot through Scorponoks , open hatch and screeched to a landing unfortunately the damage he'd taken had included his undercarriage , and as he touched down his wing dipped as the landing gear collapsed , the wing caught the deckplate and he cartwheeled end over end the length of the runway before stopping upside down at the far end .

Wheels woke in his holding berth next to the Autobots medibay , he looked round he had been captured , his honour was in tatters, he winced as the mental connection with his other half snapped back as he felt Fly's pain as the flood of information came through he realised his terrible mistake , could he ever go back he would be court martialled for striking a senior officer maybe even shot

2005-02-17, 12:00 AM
StarBlade grinned even more as her two shots hit the femme-bot. This was turning into real fun! Just then, she spotted the missle coming at her.

"Crap!!" She wasn't too worried about anyone hearing her at this range. Rolling to the side, StarBlade rolled right off the top of the hill she was on. Hovering, the assassin took off to find another spot, trying to move in such a way as to make her near impossible to hit. In this weather, her grey and black color scheme was helpful. She blended with the fog and shadows as she flew. Within moments, she was at another sniping point, and aiming at the one who fired at her-Magnus. Taking careful aim at his head, StarBlade fired three times. She was not taking any chances on this again.

(and I know she's gonna miss, but she's gotta try to kill him...)

2005-02-17, 12:01 AM
"Acknowledged Gigatron, although that will be harder than anticipated. There's an unforseen development - a new anti-tank weapon that has been put to use as an AA gun. I shall attempt to disable the Arc Royale from my current position, but until that gun is neutralised, it will be hard to make close range aerial attacks."

Windrazor pulled around, still out of range of Wideload's impromptu AA gun, and swiftly targetted the Arc Royale's engines. It would be a difficult shot, since the shuttle was resting in a shuttlebay, although the doors were open, which was fortunate.

His targetting systems told him that he'd achieved lock, and so, with thoughts of hope on his mind, he opened fire on the Autobot Shuttle. Two of his remaining four missiles streaked towards the target, although the Air Commander was uncertain as to whether they'd be enough.

"Tracer and Echoshift, be prepared to pull out of combat and join me in a strike on Fortress Maximus's landing facilities. I shall contact you again if this becomes necessary.

God Jinrai
2005-02-17, 12:02 AM
Prime rose to his feet, raising the gun skyward again.

" You mock me... dare call me a coward, speak of a lack of compassion within me... speak ill of my successors... and now threaten the world, expecting ME to take blame for your own mindless lust for power and conquest? " Prime removed the scope from the gun, and as it was removed, it expanded to its original size... locking onto prime's right forearm.

" You think you can push my buttons, gigatron? I've got news for you. I'm not sitting back anymore. I'm pushing BACK!" The cannon roared to life, the full fury of Megatron's original weapon of choice comming to bear at Gigatron's back... only to streak over his canopy... on a collision course with Scorpinok's visor

Opening his comm, he radioed Fortress. "Fortress, if any weapons are left online on the maximus... now's the time to use them! Hit Scorpinok with everything you've got left... we can't let them escape with him fully intact like this!"

2005-02-17, 12:17 AM
Quickmix was in the middle of replacing some circuit boards when , Primes message came through to Fortress on the bridge.

Peering out of Ramjets escape route he made some quick mental calculations He was too far away to get Scorponok with Ricochet but Boomer that was another matter kneeling next to the viewport he rested Boomer on the edge . He aimed getting the precise angle correct then opened fire on Scorponok with Boomer in ground-shaking, steel-shattering sonic pulse cannon mode letting off a volley of shots at the big decepticon

2005-02-17, 12:27 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"No, I am not worried about you Grimlock." He then heard Gigatron's command.

"All Decepticon forces, withdraw to Scorpnok, mission success." Hatemonger smiled and turned his tank into reverse he continued to fire at any Autobots attempting to pursuit.

"Oh and one last thing." His internal systems placed the energon canister he had in his systems into his Fusion cannon the weapon glowed an errie green for a moment before letting off a large burst of pure energy. Not exactly trying to hit anything in particular he hoped the massive burst of energy would keep any Autobot chasers at bay and limit the attacks on Scorpnok. His fusion cannon steaming he returned to the massive citycon.


Tiptop and Heater were hit by Kup's blasts.

"Hey! I thought Autobots didn't attack fleshlings!?" They both yelled out in unison.

"Bah don't worry about them back to Scorpnok we roll!" Quake yelled backing off letting Treadshot fire at the Autobots.


Cryotek nodded turned to jet mode and quickly returned to Scorpnok.

Hyper Prime
2005-02-17, 01:52 AM
"And it'll be bad for us too if we don't get out of here!" Fixit said. He then jumped up onto a table that was suspending on its side. "If we don't get out of here, Metroplex will utterly crush us! Talon, can you fly us out of here?"

Random Sweep
2005-02-17, 02:42 AM
Sureshot heard Landfill's call, but Sureshot had other plans.

Targeting Blitzwing , Sureshot pulled the trigger.


Swooping across Sky Lynx opened fire in the rear of Windsweeper


Triggerhappy sneered at Dogfight " I will see you burn Autobot! " and opened fire with his cannons and Blowpipe.

As the call for withdrawal came in, so did
Landfill's fire, ripping holes in triggerhappy's wings and scoreing his undercarage.

His manuverability decreased, Triggerhappy turned, Dropped his photon bombs at t shuttle Arc Royale and headed to Scorpinok

2005-02-17, 03:08 AM
Motormaster cursed when the order to retreat had came through, and after looking over at the other Stunticons, gave his orders.

" Grab Dragstrip an' get movin'." Motormaster said before turning and heading back to Scorponok.

" Do we have to..." Wildrider quietly asked Deadend and Breakdown " We could always say he didn't make it."

Deadend and Breakdown stood silent as they considered it, then sighed before grabbing (with the hand not holding their guns) the arms of the still offline Dragstrip.

" No one would believe us." Breakdown said as they dragged Dragstrip.

" Looks like we retreat." Carnivac said to Weirdwolf, clearly unhappy with the order. Then Carnivac smiled as a thought accord to him " We could always shot at any Autobot who gets in the way of our escaping."

Nightracer wished she could retreat as RedAlert's rocket came into contect with her hiding place's cover, blowing it to bits and even wounding her. Covered in dust, Nightracer didn't have to look to know that parts of her armor were melted, the earlier leaks had gotten worse, that some of the dust had entered the wounds that were leaking and was interfering with her circuits.

Seeing no reason to stay in her now exposed hiding place, Nightracer moved, firing one last time at RedAlert.

2005-02-17, 03:33 AM
Nightbeat: -tosses Hosehead's rifle back to Hosehead, aims at Ruckus, opens fire with his plasma blaster- "Looks like they're leaving."

2005-02-17, 03:35 AM
The Air Commander smirked as one of his two missiles impacted against the engines of the stationary shuttle, blowing one of them up in a shower of flame and molten metal. The Arc Royale would be hard pressed to follow the retreating Decepticons now.

He performed a scan of the city, and noted the devastation around the control centre. Even without the destruction of the airfields, the Autobots would be hard pressed to launch a pursuit group now.

He opened a radio channel to all the Decepticon flyers.

"Decepticons. Our mission is complete. Gigatron has ordered us to fall back. Return to Scorponok at once."

He banked sharply, loosing off both of his last missiles wildly and without waiting for target lock in Sky Lynx's general direction, hopefully giving Windsweeper the time he needed to retreat.

Pulling up into a steep climb, he ascended high above the battlefield and transformed into robot mode, hovering in the air, surveying the ground below. He was Air Commander for this mission, and professional pride insisted that he not leave the field until all the troops under his command had extracted safely.

2005-02-17, 03:39 AM
Hatemonger arrived at Scorpnok's doors and awaited everyone else to board the citycon.

"All aboard!" He transformed back into robot mode and stood ready with his forearm blaster his fusion cannon still steaming due to his last attack with it.


Quake streaked by with Treadshot on his turret.

"Thanks for holding the door!" He yelled as he came to a stop in the shuttle.


Cryotek flew over and transformed landing beside Hatemonger.

"Need an extra gun?" He asked smiling.

"Of course." Hatemonger answered and the two cons stood awaiting the rest of the assualt forces.

2005-02-17, 05:22 AM

Snarl heard the voice, saw the lasers flash from nowhere and hit his chest, scarring the armour further. At that point, he knew what he was facing.

"Come out and play, invisable boy!"

He slashed seemingly at random, filling the air around him with the flames that trail behind an activated energo-sword.

Scorponok's voice boomed in Gigatron's comlink speaker.

"As you command."

The citycon's visor shattered from Prime's shot, the anti-matter charge ripping though the mostly-empty and lightly-armoured husk that had replaced the late Lord Zarak as his robot-mode head. Internal circuits sputtered and died. The useless shell cracked and chunks of the head module fell away. Scorponok roared in pain, then started firing his three remaining twin pulse cannon batteries at the scattered Autobot ground troops.

The massive scorpion rose higher into the air, his fire acting as artillery. Autobots who were hit by the massive beams were vaporized instantly, and those who were standing near an impact site were tossed into the air.

Prime may have eliminated his robot mode head, but that did nothing to reduce his capacity for mayhem in scorpion mode. As the other Autobot fire started to rain down on him, the citycon just laughed.

"Die, Autobots!"

Ramjet flew inside Scorponok's topside hatch, allowing a set of nearby maintenance drones to start repairing his wounds.

As Quake retreated, Kup collapsed to the ground and lay still.

Nightracer's shot tore a chunk from Red Alert's right arm. The security officer dropped to the ground, hissing in pain.

Spinister broke off his attack run on Dai Atlas.

"Another time, Autobot."

He turned and flew back towards Scorponok.

Treadshot transformed as Quake rolled into the base, then plugged into a recharge socket and sat quietly.

Devastator split into his componant Constructicons upon hearing the withdrawl order. The mangled technicians drove back towards Scorponok as fast as they could go.

2005-02-17, 05:34 AM
IC: The predacon's dis-engaged from their battle's and returned to Scorponok at once.

2005-02-17, 05:55 AM
Wreck-Gar had climbed up the tree he had spotted earlier, in the hopes of catching Treadshot unaware. But by the time he had done so, Treadshot and Quake, along with every other Decepticon, was long gone.

Leaping to the ground, he looked at Nightbeat. "What the deuce? Who forgot to tell me that the opposing team decided to switch lines on the fly?"


Onboard Scorponok, Runamuck and Runabout groaned when they heard that they were leaving.

"You mean we came back this way for nothing?!" Runabout shouted to thin air.

"Betcha two liters of Energon we get pegged as cowards becuase we were the first ones back," Runamuck muttered under his breath.

2005-02-17, 06:07 AM
Trailbreaker jumped slightly as Crosshairs spoke up and then he laughed.

Replying, he nodded to both Wideload and Crosshairs with a grin. "Good idea to drop the field.
Ya know though, this thing oughtta come with an instruction manual.
Anyways, let's give those Cons a good door slam on their way out."

Trailbreaker checked the controls again, dropped the forcefield and hit the discharge button.
Blitzwing was about to respond when Sureshot's gunfire clipped his wing. The triple changer was unprepared for the sudden roll and wound up spiraling off into the woods, leaving a trail of split and broken trees behind.

2005-02-17, 08:07 AM
Wideload swivelled the gun mounting round letting a few rounds off at Ruckus before aiming at Scorponok and pressing the trigger down letting off a dazzling stream of shells


Weirdwolf growled in agreement and started padding towards Scorponok keeping his eyes peeled for any stray autobots

2005-02-17, 08:07 AM
Main Entry, Fort Max

Crosshairs took the controls of the second cannon and turned it against Scorponok, adding his fire to Trailbreaker's.

"Aim for the head," the weapons officer suggested. "Lets see if we can blast off the parts that Prime's shot left behind."

He took his own advice, blasting away yet more of Scorponok's cranial equipment.

2005-02-17, 09:15 AM
"I can try Fixit, though I have no idea where the exits are, or how long I can carry you, haven't had a chance to revharge after the training" Talon replied to Fixit as he moves over to where the micro medic is.

2005-02-17, 09:22 AM
Echoshift dodged the ground-bound Snarl's slashing blade easily, keeping himself hovering above the floor so he could look down at the Dinobot. By pausing his gunfire for a bit, he took away the main means by which Snarl would have been able to locate him. Circling the Dinobot, he wondered idly how long it might take for the other to pinpoint him.

"Decepticons. Our mission is complete. Gigatron has ordered us to fall back. Return to Scorponok at once."

Echoshift sent back an affirmative to Windrazor. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. Fading back into the visible light spectrum, the grey Eurofighter revealed himself to Snarl and allowed the smile to grow into a grin.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but it looks like we just scored. Shame, eh?" He gave a mock shrug. "See ya round, Dino-bozo."

And with that, Echoshift transformed into jet mode and retreated to the skies.

2005-02-17, 10:36 AM
Ruckus heard the retreat and made a decision retreat or autobots , autobots , retreat , dodging the large shell craters that were appearing around him , he decided to deal with , whoever the sniper was after he'd had some fun
Targetting the large red Autobot (Hosehead ) he aimed at him , pain surging through his circuits spurring him on , as chunks of his armour were knocked off and his windscreen was smashed by the Autobots return fire , he revved his engine and waited for impact .......


Dogfight was knocked on his back by a blast from Blowpipe another stray shot knocked his wing tip off and he winced . Struggling he regained control and looked round to target the offending Con but he was a fast dwindling spec in the distance muttering about cowards.

He instead turned and fired a burst at Windsweeper

Hyper Prime
2005-02-17, 12:54 PM
Fixit grabbed onto Talon's feet, "It doesn't matter, just see if you can get over to the door there!" Fixit pointed to the door, that was now standing sideways, "I'll try and swing through it! Hurry, before the room shifts again!"

2005-02-17, 02:48 PM
Hatemonger and Cryotek continued to give coverfire for the returning Decepticons.

"You know this would be easier if Grimlock hadn't knocked out my weapon systems." Hatemogner grunted his forearm cannon still had considerable punch just not as much as his fusion cannons.

"Bah, think of this as a way to expand your fighting style!" Cryotek laughed freezing a few stray Autobots as the Decepticons poured in.

Random Sweep
2005-02-17, 03:26 PM
Triggerhappy transformed as he neared Scorpinok and entered the landing bay.


Seeing the Decepticons retreat, Sureshot collapsed where he stood.


Still Aware, the pretender monsters subspaced their shells, hopeing that Monstructor would heed the orders.


Sky Lynx, Finally giving in to his many wounds lands near Fort Max and collapses.

2005-02-17, 05:18 PM
(ooc: any of the mods have any good ideas for Metroplex' new interior looks? or do me and Hyperprime have free reign?)

"Jumping through the door is a bad idea, if the corridor's angle is similar tot this room, it'll be a long way down...." Talon said as he became airborn and headed towards the door. He made sure to keep an eye on Fixit, the last thing he wanted was for the guy to drop.

Aero Blade
2005-02-17, 08:13 PM
"Not very talkative, are you?" Tracer called to Sandstorm as they exchanged fire, Tracer using his plasma cannons to shoot down the missles being aimed at him, a couple coming too close for comfort. He montiored the incoming transmissions, and then the final one issuing a retreat.

"Normally I'd be dissapointed, but you're not very enertaining anyways," Tracer called, firing one last plasma burst before talking off.

2005-02-17, 08:25 PM
Sandstorm pursued the fleeing decepticon firing his newly acquired miniguns at the retreating form ,

Tracer if you want entertainment go hunt turbofoxes .
But until you can find som elets see what i can do , heres a pun . I hope you find it amusing ?

Sandstorm let out a long burst from his miniguns

"Tracer meet tracer" he said as a glowing stream of bullets swept through the sky

2005-02-17, 09:17 PM
Omega Supreme: -battered, damaged, one of his "wings" bent horribly askew, energon leaking from damage to his chest and arms, looks towards Scorponok, raises plasma cannon- "TAKE: HINT!!! LEAVE: NOW!!!!" -starts a slow, limping, inexorable advance on Scorponok-


Nightbeat: -keeps firing at Ruckus- "You know, if you want to defect, ther are easier ways!"

Hosehead: -sent flying as Ruckus slams into him-


Minerva: -runs out of Fort Max-

Chromedome: -follows her out, sees Ruckus slam into Hosehead- "You again?" -pulls blasters, aims and fires-


Ironhide: -sighs- "Hey, Kup, c'n you feel yer legs? Ah cain't......"

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -moves to his station on the bridge, sighs as the smouldering ruin of the keyboards- "Have to interface the old fashioned way." -transforms to head mode, locking into position, blinks, his sensors and his senses aligining, brings all functional weapons to bear on Scorponok, opens fire-

2005-02-17, 09:19 PM

Snarl fired laser blasts futilely after the retreating Echoshift.


Spinister transformed in the air, falling neatly through Scorponok's upper hatch and heading towards the bridge to observe the retreat.

The Constructicons rolled past Hatemonger and into Scorponok. Scrapper, Scavenger, Long Haul and Hook transformed to robot mode. The latter immediately went to work, sending maintenance drones off to fetch the spare parts he would need to repair Mixmaster and Bonecrusher.

Kup groaned, but made no other reply to Ironhide's query.

Recoil frowned. "I think that means 'no'."

Scorponok roared, then fired an electric blast from his tail at Omega Supreme. He ignored the incoming fire from Fortress Maximus, reorienting so that his ruined head module would absorb most of the barrage.

[OOC @ Ravage_mk2: I would imagine there'd be lots of fire and debris, hull breaches and the like. Most of the internal systems (lights, elevators) would be without power.]

2005-02-17, 09:26 PM
Ruckus crunches into Hosehead sending him flying
turning on his oil sprayer he sprays the area behind him
He screeches to a halt , hood dented and bumper hanging off , he is facing Fort Max so he unleahes a few salvoes of mecury tipped missiles in that direction before transforming into robot form and lunging at Nightbeat

Brave Maximus
2005-02-17, 09:32 PM
Speeder just finished repairing the hole in Bluestreaks tire, then stood up and watched at the Decepticons began their retreat:

"Looks like they're heading home. They had such a tactical advantage..... This can't be a good thing. I suggest laying down coverfire and falling back to where more Autobots are. Cause if they're going to retreat to Scorponok - we're in the way....."

Swoop watched with some disappointment as the Decepticons started to retreat. Sludge just continued to fire rifle shots at them.


Dai Atlas was taken unaware by Groundshakers errant shot. He took it to his right leg. He shifted the weight to his left leg, but then knew that the Decepticons might take advantage of a weakness like that. He quickly brough the tip of his sword up under Monstructors chin:

"You have one choice, leave right this second or your head is mine."

Random Sweep
2005-02-17, 09:37 PM
Monstructor issued a low growl at Dai Atlas but held his position.

Far from stupid, Monstructor backed up a few steps.

" This Isn't over Autobot " then turned and took flight towards Scorpinok

2005-02-17, 09:42 PM
Nightbeat: -dives under the leaping Ruckus, rolling as he does so, firing at Ruckus with his plasma blaster- "Go away."


Minerva: -gets over to Kup, kneels next to him- "Okay.... where doesn't it hurt?"


Omega Supreme: -hit by blast from tail cannon, staggers, falls to one knee, creaking, struggles back to his feet, starts his advance again, firing plasma cannon at Scorponok-

Brave Maximus
2005-02-17, 09:46 PM
With Monstructor leaving the area, Dai Atlas turned to go help Groundshaker. As he did, he stumbled a little, his systems having to recalibrate for the damage to his leg. "Ouch" was all the Powered Master could say.

On the way, he looked down at his rather damaged shield and subspaced it along with the Zone Sword.

Going to need a new one of those.....

"Ground Shaker, do you need some help?"

2005-02-17, 09:50 PM
Ruckus neve r one to walk away from a fight fires his rocket launchers at Nightbeat as he lands rolling on to his back a stray shot drilling into his shoulder sending armour flying

2005-02-17, 10:46 PM
"Nah," Groundshaker replied to Dai Atlas. "I'm fine. How about you? I hope you realize that you weren't meant to be the target of my shot. But it's hard to get an accurate shot when you're in the middle of a war zone."

It was then that Hubs and Trip-Up arrived. "Boy, am I glad to see you guys!" Trip-Up added. "We almost got roasted by Scorponok."

2005-02-17, 10:57 PM
Landfill looked over at Sureshot he asks the fallen Autobot a question

"Do you want me to take you down to the medi bay"

unsure that his comrade would hear him he repeated it to Spoilsport

"think the big guy needs to see a medic "

I can try and carry him , as much as my shoulder can take or if you can get him into my load bed and keep him on the undamaged side i should be able to make it on 3 wheels

Random Sweep
2005-02-17, 11:29 PM
Spoilsport looked up at Landfill .
" There is no way I can move him, Best get a medic up here." He said

2005-02-17, 11:32 PM
Nightbeat: -fires again at Ruckus, the missiles savaging his right arm- "Uh.... I think it's because they won, Wreck-Gar. But this idiot here wants to stay and let us recycle him!"

Chromedome: -charging forward, leaps to tackle Ruckus- "Shouldn't you be back at your base, falling apart or somehting?"

2005-02-17, 11:34 PM
If Echoshift had been in robot mode at the time, he would probably have turned at Snarl's final parting insult and yelled something along the lines of "Nyeh-nyeh!" in return. He might even have thought to pull a face at the Autobot before flying off.

As it was, the grey Decepticon was in jet mode, so he settled for allowing himself a chuckle at the Dinobot's attempt at a parting shot instead. Besides, there were other things to do which might prove more interesting...

While Sandstorm was busy concentrating on Tracer, the Eurofighter approached from behind.

"In future, always keep an optic on what else is going on around you!"

And with that, Echoshift locked on to the Autobot in front of him and opened fire.

2005-02-17, 11:35 PM
Light for being low on ammunition, Windsweeper found Dogfight's fire for once easy to juke, but he sidestepped momentarily into Sky Lynx' line and took a glancing shot that undid Cryotek's patchwork. Windsweeper snarled, taking a b-line for Scorponok. Dropping velocity quickly, he transformed and fell the short distance to his feet. Though he was close, he was careful to dodge incoming fire as he ran up the boarding ramp and fell into a seat along the wall. With a grin on his face, he looked across the way at Treadshot and Quake.

"Whoo! Score one for the bad guys! Heh heh!"


Still intent on his jog into the battlefield, Ultra Magnus had kept one optic on the spot where he'd fired the missile even after the explosion appeared through the mist. He hadn't noticed when StarBlade had changed locale, but he did notice when a shot clipped his antenna. He turned his head left to examine.


There was no time to react before a second shot streaked between his antennae; the third struck struck Magnus in the right optic and burst through the side of his head. The giant Autobot instantly spun and collapsed on his face, immobile.


Gigatron was unbothered by Prime's fire, though he was tempted to repeat his charges of cowardice. Time would not permit. He transformed to robot mode in mid-air and dropped onto Scorponok's main ramp. He keenly surveyed the occupants and compared to the scatterd blasts still being fired outside; it was clear there were some taking their time. He flared his antennae and opened the common Decepticon frequency.

"Scorponok, I expect you to be in the air in one breem."

With a fluid motion to unsheath his swords, Gigatron flipped both weapons to hold underhand, allowed the beams to solidify, and fired two missiles into the distance to help cover the retreat.

2005-02-17, 11:39 PM
Wreck-Gar chuckled. "That Bob. What a dumb-ass."

He then raised his gun and began to fire at Ruckus as well.

2005-02-18, 12:01 AM
Dogfight his ammo levels depleted , didn't manage his normal success, as the Decepticon retreated he let him go , sure he would meet his worthy opponent some other time


Sandstorm who was too veteran a warrior not to be watching his blind spot shot upwards out of the line of fire and waited for Echoshift to appear in his sights.


Ruckus pondered a tactical withdrawal , not a retreat he never retreated , but he just needed to disengage from these Autos before he was left fighting every autobot in existence on his own

He sidestepped Chromedome extending a leg into the Autobots path .

Wincing as a shot clipped his arm and it started to spasm , twitching .

He fired a salvo of mecury tipped rockets at Wreckgar as the electrical connections in his arm shorted out leaving it limp and useless

2005-02-18, 12:06 AM
Windrazor saw Echoshift and Tracer still engaged with Sandstorm. He aimed his pistol carefully, and fired. Laser blasts spurted forth, cutting through the air between the two Decepticons and Sandstorm, hopefully preventing the Autobot from advancing and giving the two Decepticons enough time to return to Scorponok unscathed.

He listened intently to Gigatron's message.

"Gigatron. Two of my men are still on the field. They should be at Scorponok before he takes to the air. I shall be right behind them."

2005-02-18, 12:11 AM
Sandstorm jinked as a barrage of laser fire cut across his path , spotting the source , but realising he was too far away to hit him , He opened fire on Echoshift with his dual sandblasters

Aero Blade
2005-02-18, 12:16 AM
Having lost interest in Sandstorm, Tracer was making his way back, just mostly dodging the autobot's fire. As Echoshift and Windrazor openned fire on sandstorm, Tracer kept retreating, but also returned fire in that direction as well, covering Echoshift where needed.

2005-02-18, 12:16 AM
Nightbeat: "Told you to go away." -aims and fires again at Ruckus-

Chromedome: -tripped, hits the ground rolling, comes up in a crouch, aims both blasters at Ruckus, fires-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -opens a panel in Hardhead's chest, starts working on him, bridging and replacing some damaged circuits- "How's that? Your transector working again?"

Hardhead: -wiggles fingers- "Yeah. Why?"

Brainstorm: "Head swap!" -head disconnects-

Hardhead: -head disconnects, replaced by Brainstorm's head as Hardhead's head connects to Brainstorm's body, collapses to the floor-

Brainstorm: -sits up, gets off the table, picks Hardhead up like he was a feather, sets him on the table- "I've been thinking of redoing the strength levels on my transector. It's great, being able to do this."

Hardhead: -scowls- "Don't get too used to it."

Brainstorm: "I wouldn't wnat your body. How do you get any perepherial vision on your right side?"

2005-02-18, 12:31 AM
Ruckus deciding enough was enough transformed to Car mode , the sudden change of height meant that Chromedomes shots missed , However Nightbeats did not and his back bumper was pulverised and several shots also clipped his wing .
Firing a parting salvo of four rockets at Nightbeat and two each at Hosehead and Chromedome
He sped off weaving , spewing oil behind him to cover his retreat slewing round as his back bumper and left rear wing finally parted company from his body , the friction as they dragged on the ground before finally giving way and a lucky autobot shot on his left side spun him round 180 degrees as his back wheels caught in his own slick
Checking his ammo levels he volley fired his 12 remaining missiles at Fort Max before turning again and speeding off towards Scorponok weaving like crazy , he avoided any major damage but the Autobots parting shots still managed to severely mangle his roll cage and smash his side window while an oblique shot knocked the tip of fhis right front bumper and several shots cratered the rear of his bodywork gouging chunks from his armour .
Accelerating he shot up Scorponoks ramp and to safety

Brave Maximus
2005-02-18, 12:49 AM
Dai Atlas nodded to Groundshaker:

"I know, but when on the battlefield and you have a choice between two giant Transformers - it's best to shoot the one that's not on your side." He said with a rather flippant tone.

He then turned to all the Micro Masters gathered:

"What we need to do right now is tend to the wounded and deal with all the Decepticon's still wanting to fight. If you Five can see who needs medical attention, it would be a great service. Groundshaker, you and your ATV provide cover fire and support for them. I'm going to see who else is wounded."

Dai Atlas then openned his comm on an Autobot wide channel:

"All Autobots, this is Dai Atlas:
Any Autobots who are injured or are currently engaging the remaining enemy forces - activate locaters, we'll send help imediatly.

"Any Autobots not engaged in combat or severly wounded, meet up at my location to assist the Autobots."

Random Sweep
2005-02-18, 12:55 AM
Hearing Dai-Atlas's message, Sky Lynx activated his locator, and Spoilsport activated Sureshots locator


Ratchet arrived at Dai Atlas's location.

" Alright, who needs attention first? "

2005-02-18, 01:19 AM
Landfill put in a call for a medic for Sureshot
watching Spoilsport as he in addition switched on Sureshot locator.

Getting back in his sniping position he continued to fire bursts from Silencer & Flintlock at Scorponok targetting the decepticons joints.


Quickmix peered through his entry point continuing to calculate precise angles of fire, wind resistance ,range and the drop of the shot, compensating for all of them he fired calculated steady shots at Scorponok picking strategic spots


Wideload was caught by suprise by Ruckus 's parting shots, 3 of the missiles hit his position the first was a near miss , the second hit Fort Max's armour doing little damage
, the third however found the hole left by earlier damage , it shot through into the interior of Fort max ploughing through the relatively thin metal of the ammo feeds , setting off several rounds before being stopped by the internal bulkhead its nose protruding into the corridor and the tail sicking out into the gun position. It stood there a gleaming purveyor of death unexploded but likely to go off any minute.
Wideload was caught by the exploding ammunition it threw him backwards , he landed half in and half out of the gun position head in the main entry his upper body sloped down due to the difference in floor levels , a chunk of debris fell from the roof pinning his legs , as his pain receptors flared another chunk of debris hit him on the head and he spiralled back down into the dark well of unconsciousness

2005-02-18, 01:45 AM
Nightracer didn't stop to look back, but smiled behind her face mask when she heard the sound of RedAlert hitting the ground. As it was, Nightracer made it back to Scorponok with time to spare. She was still smiling as she entered the Citycon.
It took the Stunticons longer then Nightracer to get back to the Citycon, since they were farther away and had to drag Dragstrip.

" I still say we should've left him..." Wildrider mumbled as he followed after the other Stunticons as they entered Scorponok.

Carnivac followed after Weirdwolf, also looking for random Autobots to shot at.

2005-02-18, 01:57 AM
Cryotek watched as Gigatron fired the two missiles then nodded to Hatemonger.

"Mind if I go tend to the wounded?" he asked almost laughing he looked and found a spare rifle of some kind and tossed it to Hatemonger.

"Yeah go ahead looks like things have settled down here." He said scanning for any gutsy Autobots.


Cyrotek quickly ran up the ramp when he heard the familar squak of Cryo.

"Ahh good to see you old friend." his targetmaster let out a chrip and settled on his shoulders.

he then looked around.

"Anyone I can try to help piece back together?" He asked.

Quake spoke up.

"Don't worry about me, the damage to my cannon and my armour can be fixed in a CR chamber." He said watching the door holding both Tiptop and Heater in case Hatemonger or anyone else needed any cover fire.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-18, 02:35 AM
Dai Atlas turned to Ratchet:

"Right now, I've got two locators. I know one is Skylynx - The other appears to be one of the target masters. I can get Skylynx to Fortress Maximus - you head over to the Target Master.

"Radio if you run into any Decepticon problems."

2005-02-18, 03:47 AM
StarBlade heard WindRazor's call to head for Scorponok, but she ignored the order. She had to make certain her shots hit! Just then, shot one took off one of Magnus' antennae. Shot two missed, but shot three... Ah, this made the assassin want to yell with joy. The shot tore through Magnus' right eye and through his head.

With glee matching destruction, StarBlade opened a comlink to WindRazor. "On my way in, bossman. Had to make sure of something." With that, the assassin jumped up, took apart the rifle in flight, stowed it away, then transformed to her jet mode. Once transformed, StarBlade hit the afterburner, and headed for Scorponok, humming happily.

Random Sweep
2005-02-18, 04:17 AM
" Right away " Ratchet replied " And I want you to check in within the next 24 earth hours too. "

He then transformed and drove off towards Sureshots locator

2005-02-18, 05:03 AM

Scorponok was grimly amused by Omega Supreme's determination. However, he wasn't about to let the Autobot walk right up and cut him to pieces. One of the citycon's belly thrusters vectored in Omega's direction, filling the air ten metres in front of the Autobot with a pillar of flame.

Then, as per Gigatron's orders, he lifted off. His scorpion parts began to fold into an airborne configuration. Then his main engines lit, and he began to move slowly in the direction of Carbombya, hovering a few metres above the ground.

(OOC: If you're not onboard already, enter via the main ramp right now)

Kup rolled himself onto his side with his one good arm.

"Well," he told Minerva, "I don't think anyone's shot me in the face yet."

Red Alert pushed himself painfully into a sitting position, then scrambled to his feet. He watched Scorponok transform and slowly drift off.

"All unengaged Autobots, this is Red Alert. Scorponok is in full retreat. Cease targeting him immediately. Dai Atlas will co-ordinate cleanup operations until further notice."

He trusted the huge aerial warrior to handle the job; after all, he'd already started giving instructions, and Red was in no shape to co-ordinate the operation himself. He would have to get his own wounds looked after; the sniper shots had only compounded the damage he had taken abourd the Nemesis . But first...

"Red Alert to Prime. Sir, what's your status?"

Within Scorponok

Treadshot glanced at Windsweeper.

"Yeah," he said wearily. "Woo."

Fasttrack strode timidly out beside Gigatron, Hatemonger, and assorted other forces that were standing on the city's main ramp even as it took to the sky.

"Decepticons," the drone said, "my master requests that you come inside so he can withdraw this ramp and depart with all due speed." He turned to Gigatron. "My lord, there is a matter of some importance that Scorponok would like to discuss with you privately."

2005-02-18, 05:10 AM
Wreck-Gar tried to avoid the darts, but was unsuccessful, as one impacted on his arm.


Groundshaker groaned. "Yeah, dummy. I'd like to see how well you can shoot when you getting attacked from all sides." He turned to Trip-Up. "You heard the guy."

He climbed back onboard his ATV as Trip-Up and Hubs sped off, looking for injured Autobots in need for assistance.


In Fort Max's command center, Big Daddy groaned. He hated to be ignored.

"I don't know if you can hear me," he said to anyone who was in the room. "But I asked for a status report."

2005-02-18, 05:11 AM
Seeing Scorponok starting to take off, StarBlade dropped in altitude, transformed to her robot-form, then stopped just at the main ramp. Moving quickly, she entered quickly via the main ramp.

"Whew... made it." She grinned at her brethern, glee filling her voice. "That was fun."

Aero Blade
2005-02-18, 05:12 AM
Tracer drops all cover fire he's giving to get onboard Scorponok via main ramp just before takeoff starts.

2005-02-18, 05:20 AM
Rifle already in hand, Mirage saw Starblade rise in jet form.
The spy took aim and fired twice at the retreating sniper's figure on Scorponok's ramp, unaware of what had transpired some distance behind him.

Blitzwing stood up and shook his head while he shook off the small dings and dents he had sustained in the emergency landing. He saw the other Decepticons retreating into Scorponok, saw the extreme damage around the Autobot bases and frowned. The triple changer stood quietly, thinking over his next course of actions.


Smokescreen saw Ultra Magnus fall. With great concern, he ran over to the large Autobot and knelt down on one knee as he checked the damage.

"Magnus, can you respond?"
Hearing a gasp from his partner, Inferno spun and shot out a flood of foam, smothering the remaining smoke and flaming foliage as he moved over toward her. His optics widened with worry and then narrowed as he spotted the damage.
"Firestar! You're hurt! Is it bad?"

2005-02-18, 05:38 AM
After taking one last look around, Carnivac walked up the ramp into Scorponok.

Random Sweep
2005-02-18, 06:03 AM
Landing on the now moving Scorpinok, Monstructor split into his seperate componants, who were then quick to retrieve their shells so that they could begin regeneration.

then they entered the station and waited.

2005-02-18, 07:37 AM
Omega Supreme: -activates commlink- "Damage: Severe. Assist.....an.....c........e.................." -topples face forward like a mighty oak, crashing down with an Earth-rattling WHAM!!!!!-


Nightbeat: -glad, not for the first time, that he's left handed, holsters his plasma blaster, sits up, looking at the mangled ruin of his lower right arm, the collection of dent, dings, gouges, burns, and melted furrows in his skin, looks down at his battered legs, some small part of his mind thinking something's out of place, activates commlink- "I could use a hand......."

Chromedome and Hosehead: -peering over the crater rim at Nightbeat-

Hosehead: "I say, you appear to have fallen down a 100 foot hole, are you all right?"

Nightbeat: -scowls- "Do I look all right?"

Chromedome: "You look like you got blown up."


Quig: -activates commlink- "Siren's stuck in vehicle mode, his cooling system is blown......." -looks out the windshield as the unexploded missile sticking out of the wall in front of Siren- "..... and there appears to be an unexploded warhead sticking out of the wall by ammo bay 5."


Minerva: "Well, that's good." -activates commlink- "Ironhide and Kup are beat up pretty badly."

2005-02-18, 07:53 AM
Weirdwolf using his ability to jump long distances quickly covered the ground back to Scorponok

he let off a couple of bursts of fire from his photon pistol at Bluestreak and Speeder as he bounded past them
transforming into wolf mode he clattered up the ramp claws clittering on the metal safetly arriving in Scorponok

2005-02-18, 08:03 AM
Grimlock: -transforms back to robot mode, strides over to his damaged rocket launcher, picks it up, subspaces it to repair it later, activates commlink- "Me here. Little beat, but operational otherwise."


-Open to all Decepticon frequencies-

"Scorponok, this is Bludgeon. We are acknowledging the recall order, but our shuttle will not get us back to base. Request pickup."

2005-02-18, 10:53 AM
Echoshift dived and banked to avoid Sandstorm's shots, before using the cover fire given by Tracer and Windrazor to disentangle himself from the fight. He arrived at the main ramp to Scorponok shortly after Tracer, ducking in at the last moment and transforming to robot mode once inside.

2005-02-18, 12:25 PM
Quickmix broke off his fire as the Decepticons moved out of range.

knowing that unfortunately there would be a high demand he moved off to his lab to check on his stock of alloys and parts and if necessary mix up some more for the medics

Hyper Prime
2005-02-18, 12:59 PM
Stakeout, Redhot, and Seawatch all got up from the ground, brushing themselves off. The micromaster leader asked the others, "... how is everyone doing?"

"...I'm okay... I think." Seawatch said to the others.

"Yea... same here..." Redhot assesed.

"That was close. Hey, where'd the others go?"

"Eh, they're always ditching us for one reason or another. Come on, lets get out of here before we get used for more of Scorponok's target practice." All three then transformed to vehicle mode, making their way gradually around the Decepticon fortress.


"Don't worry, I got it covered." Fixit said. He was calculating all of the data of the situation he was in, trying to figure out the best trajectory for his move. He then got one figured out and swung himself over towardsit. As Metroplex shifted again, Fixit transformed to vehicle mode, using the momentum of traveling downwards as a way to make it through the door way. "Come on!" He shouted as he moved down the rotating corridors of the hall.

2005-02-18, 01:06 PM
Seeing Echoshift and StarBlade arrive safely at Scorponok, Windrazor transformed into his own jet mode, and shot downwards, meeting the city as it rose into the air, He swooped down low, and landed on the entrance ramp, before transforming into robot mode.

Jubilation coursed through him as he acknowledged that his first mission for the Decepticons had been a success.

"Windrazor to all Decepticon flyers. Congratulations on a mission well done. Get yourselves patched up, rearmed and recharged. Then you're off duty until further notice."

He walked forwards and joined Hatemonger in observing the devastation caused in the wake of the retreat.

"A battle well fought," he told the ground forces commander, grinning in glee behind his faceplate.

2005-02-18, 01:26 PM
Hoist turn to Quickmix
"So they all gone right Quickmix need something to repair?'

2005-02-18, 02:06 PM
Quickmix answered over the radio

"yes Hoist a lot unfortunately , why don't you head for the Med Bay and ask Minerva if she needs a hand , i think she will I'm afraid

2005-02-18, 02:23 PM
Hatemonger quickly got onto board before feeling the gaint citycon lift off.

"Numrous Autobots in need of serious repair, Metroplex and Omega Supreme down. Shame Trypticon and the Breastforce didn't join the battle mid-swing we may have near finished the Autobots off then." Hatemonger smiled glad to see an operation go as smoothly as it did when suddenly in his optic a green light appeared telling him his other fusion cannon was back online from using the energon blast.

He then turned to Cryotek and brought out his two weapons he would normally use in battle.

"My weapons are not a proirity fix our comrades first but if you have nothing else to do Cryotek can you get those weapons back online?" Hatemonger asked.

Cryotek gave a quick glance. "Banged up good I see, must of took on a Dinobot." He laughed.

"Yes I can, but I will see if anyone else could use some repairs first.

But before that he got onto his com-link to Gigatron "Congratulations to a job well done as well."


Now that they were out of the firefight Hatemonger looked under one of the benches in the waiting area of the shuttle he then brought out a shiny case with a punch code on it, he quickly tapped the numbers in and the top popped off. Inside were a large number of energon drinks. He thought since for once in some time he was on a mission without a tragic ending it would be best to keep everyones sprits high.

Hatemonger then spoke up.

"Excellent work out there everyone. As Windrazor said get rearmed and patched up as much you can. Hit the CR chambers and the like when we get back to home. But for now celebrate!" He yelled tossing an energon drink to a nearby con.

Hatemonger then turned his attention to Windrazor. "Well shall we see what our ride needs to discuss."


Quake smiled grabbed a drink and sat back down.

"Well don't mind if I do."

2005-02-18, 02:24 PM
Sandstorm despaired getting into a good fight as Echoshift & Tracer disappeared into the distance , dismissing the decepticons from his mind , he decided to see what he could do for his fellow autobots .

opening a Com link

He said : Sandstorm here , I f any one needs a hand with med evac , theres one helicopter with winch ready for shifting and lifting , get back to me over.


Fly laid upside down on the flight deck , using his mental link to discuss their/his situation with Wheels

Fly realised he was in trouble his other half had attacked a decepticon commander plus without him he was unable to transform into robot mode and his jet form would be very difficult if not impossible to manoeuvere down the passageways .

Opening a com link He called for a medic

2005-02-18, 02:28 PM
Windrazor smiled.
"Yes, best had. I'd imagine that Gigatron will have much to discuss after this victory," he replied with a grin.

He nodded to Fasttrack, then moved inside the main body of Scorponok with the other Decepticons then nodded his assent to Hatemonger.

2005-02-18, 04:17 PM
Magnus laid motionless, unresponsive to Smokescreen's calls, except for an almost regular twitching of his left hand. A thin line of fluid slowly streamed downhill on the ground near his planted face...


Scorponok: Drop Bay

Gigatron nodded to Fasttrack and took a few steps into the large room. He was satisfied with the state of the retreat anyhow. He raised a hand to his side to halt his lieutenants, then brought up both hands before him to quell the cheering Hatemonger and Windrazor had wrought.

"Decepticons! Today, you have brought war to the enemy... and you have won! Because of your strength and courage, the Autobots have paid gravely for the damage they have so insidiously caused Metrotitan. Behold, the bounty of your labors!"

With a soft grunt, Gigatron focused his energy into opening as great a subspace hole as he could and dumped (carefully) all of the parts he had stolen from Metroplex on the floor behind him. The pile was taller than Gigatron himself and spread from wall to wall.

"But this is only the beginning. The Autobots are demoralized, hurt, and confused! Ultra Magnus is no more! Optimus Prime will surely lose influence for his cowardice! Metroplex the mighty has fallen! Our work is not done, but thanks to your tenacity, it is much closer to being such. I came to lead you three years ago in the hope of building a brighter future for my kind, but today, I would never desire to leave such a great army as this!"

A roar erupted in the room. Many Decepticons opened cans of energon and chugged them. Windsweeper, among many, ejected his right cannon and raised it high into the air, joining some in chanting "Long live Gigatron!" The leader raised his hands to calm them again, but their enthusiasm was difficult to overcome.

"Today," he shouted over the ruckus, "we refocus on the future. When Scorponok returns to Carbombya, you are all to have your wounds tended, return to your chambers, and gather your personal things. I value the power that a unified Decepticon army can level; thus, we will relocate to the Nemesis once we are all prepared. Decepticons forever!"

The cheering burst again, this time beyond control. Gigatron turned and nodded to his lieutenants, then started past the troops toward the bridge.

God Jinrai
2005-02-18, 04:31 PM
Prime shook in anger as Scorpinok made his retreat. Omega had fallen... Metroplex was all but scrap right now...

"I'm here, Red... as for... my status, on the border of enragement beyond reason. Tell Fortress to convert the city into repair bay mode as soon as it's able. We'll need Omega back online as soon as possible... As for Metroplex... that's another story. Get all the wounded to med-bay as quickly as possible... and once all that is taken care of... Gather Ironhide, Prowl, Magnus, Kup and grimlock... and I'll radio Jazz and have him get out here as well... we need someone from that splinter group here for what I have to say. I'll be at the lake's edge. we'll meet there. Prime out."

Prime closed the frequency, but opened another to Hotrod.

"Hotrod... you've got incomming in the form of Scorpinok... we were nearly torn apart... keep low, and avoid engagement. Optimus out."

Prime looked down at his right forearm... the fusion cannon was still firmly attached. Reaching over with his left hand, he attempted to disengage the locking mechanism.. unlike the previous occasion, the locks disengaged with no trouble, and the cannon shrank back to the scope of the gun lying at his feet. Prime re-attached the scope, returning the gun to its compartment in his leg, and stalked off toward the lake.

2005-02-18, 05:23 PM
"Hang on friend." Smokescreen muttered quietly as he pulled his radio. He knew he couldn't move the big autobot by himself, but two stronger autobots were not far.

"Inferno, Firestar! Ultra Magnus is down and it's bad. I need help moving him into medbay."

Deep in thought, Blitzwing frowned in distaste as he watched the devastation in front of him.

Autobots are not warriors even if they are strong together. Attacking the weak does not bring glory and will not gain us our Cybertronian empire. It is a waste of energy and time. Another attack here may win us this Earth, but it may cost us our home. The choice is unpleasant, but it is clear.

Blitzwing looked around the battlefield for one of the familiar robots he respected... and saw one of the autobots lying on the ground.
Prime it will be then, for they will not listen to another.

A stroke of luck, a flash of red, white and blue crossing the field made the decepticon's optics light up.

Blitzwing strode out quickly from the trees and called loudly.

"Optimus Prime!"

God Jinrai
2005-02-18, 05:33 PM
Prime whirred, instinctively bringing his normal rifle from subspace....

"Blitzwing..." he growled... but slowly lowered the rifle.

"Something tells me you're not here to fight.... or you'd have already taken your shot at me.

2005-02-18, 05:43 PM
Blitzwing held up an empty hand in assent and used a milder tone of voice to respond. "Prime. I did not come to fight. I wish- to go home - to Cybertron."

With his tone turning more serious, the decepticon warrior frowned.
"Our factions cannot continue to fight. It is a military mistake to use energy and deplete our ranks when we have a more pressing enemy to fight.

I came to help you. I stayed... to offer you my energon supplies. Those which I collected and guarded. They are unguarded now, and your fast autobot jets can intercept the human drivers before they arrive at the airport to send them back to Gigatron."

God Jinrai
2005-02-18, 05:48 PM
"Blitzwing, do you realize what you're saying? Gigatron's not dumb enough to pass off a raid on that convoy as just coincidence... not when you're not aboard scorpinok, returning to base right now... You'd be branded as a traitor... and likely executed for it, knowing how Gigatron operates... " Prime bowed his head.

"I'm willing to make a deal with you, however."

Prime waited for the decepticon's reply

2005-02-18, 05:57 PM
Blitzwing gave the Autobot leader a bitter smirk.
"Even traitors have their place in history Prime. By manufacture, I am warrior. By choice now, I choose a path that may help us return home. Death is not the end. If I choose right for our kind and am slain for it, then my name will live in our history. A warrior can ask for little more than that glory."

He paused for a moment and then continued.
"What bargain do you desire?"

2005-02-18, 05:57 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -closes a panel on his transector- "There."

Hardhead: "HEAD SWAP!!!!" -swaps heads, locking back into position where he should be-

Brainstorm: -sits up, getting off the table- "Go get Siren and bring him here. I'll go outside and help with the wounded."

Hardhead and Brainstorm: -head out of medbay-


Chromedome: -pulls, hauling Nightbeat out of the crater-

God Jinrai
2005-02-18, 06:02 PM
Prime simply listened as blitzwing made his justification.

"It's simple, really. Assuming you have no objections. You'll be held here at the maximus... under supervision at all times, until we get the energon back here. Once that's done, we'll simply inform gigatron that you are considered a POW of the last battle... whether he chooses to negotiate in getting you back or not will be the catch. If he does, he'll likely be suspicious anyway... in which case, you'll inform him that wheeljack was able to use "some new invention of his" to tap your memory without physically harming you and ascertain the location of the convoy."

2005-02-18, 06:10 PM
Blitzwing shook his head.
"I shot and damaged Scorponok during the battle. Gigatron is not naive. He will find out the entirety of the situation when the reports file in, and he would have me executed anyway for being so incompetant as to become a prisoner. He is not so misguided in many ways as Galvatron, yet much more so in others.

No Prime. I offer you the energon supplies, pure in their most potent form. I offer you my assistance, but I will not offer my captivity. Yet."

2005-02-18, 06:13 PM
StarBlade heard Gigatron's words, and froze. Had she managed to make up her failure in her earlier mission? Was Magnus truly dead? Before Gigatron could get past her, she spoke up.

"Gigatron? Are you certain Magnus is dead? I know two of my shots hit, and one was, hopefully, in a fatal locale..." The assassin was hopeful, but kept that carefully hidden. She had to know....

God Jinrai
2005-02-18, 06:14 PM
" Then work WITH us, blitzwing. if not as an autobot... then as someone who opposes gigatron's course of thought. I'm not going to ask you to defect... that very thing breaks the honor and glory that you seem to seek. but for the sake of Cybertron... I can't allow you to just DIE at the hands of that blind,
self-righteous pit spawn!"

Prime returned the rifle to its place in his arsenal...

"If for nothing else than to see our home again..."

2005-02-18, 06:22 PM
Gigatron stopped in his tracks. Though he was eager to speak with Scorponok, he understood the importance of his presence on the troops' morale. He looked down at StarBlade, frowning with her curiosity.

He made it out of the city? Blast...

His posture returned to confident, and he nodded his head to the side.

"If he still lives, it shall be the last error he commits."

Satisfied that he had given her an answer both cryptic and optimistic, Gigatron forged on toward the elevator at the far end of the room.

(OOC: Can we 'Cons transfer back to the Carbombya thread? Don't wanna clog this one any further.)

2005-02-18, 06:23 PM
Blitzwing stood quietly for a long moment as he thought carefully through the pros and 'cons'.

Slowly, he began to nod.
"Agreed Optimus Prime. You have my true word- spoken for the warrior's honor which rests on it. Until Cybertron is cleared of our mutual enemy or until I do not function any longer, I will work with you and your autobots."

God Jinrai
2005-02-18, 06:32 PM
Were prime to still have a face with a mouth he would have grinned ear to ear...

"I can't ask for more than that, blitzwing."

Prime extended his right arm, hand out in offering to blitzwing.

"And in return, I offer you, in good faith that you would not use any of our resources present or, future against us my own word... that while you are with us, you will not be harassed by those under my command, and no trouble will be given because of the who you are. "

2005-02-18, 06:48 PM
Reaching out a hand slowly, the triple changer shook the Autobot leader's hand and then straightened into an 'attention' pose.

"Then we are agreed Optimus Prime. I will submit to your tactical officers' authority and direction at all times. For everyone's ease, I will remain outside your city limits. The hanger ruins in the airfield boundary and a daily ration of .oo75 cup of energon will be all I require. I carry no recording devices, and you may have my Decepticon communicator. If you so desire, I will assist now in the cleanup and exterior repair of your city."

God Jinrai
2005-02-18, 07:37 PM
"Actually, Blitzwing, I'd ask that you instead come with me. I'm heading to the lake and several of my officers are slated to join me... I think you may want to come along, if for no other reason than to hear what our next course of action is. And as for your request concerning dwelling in the hangar, and rations... I'm going to ask that you stay closer than that. With the Maximus reconfiguring into repair bay mode, much of it will be inaccessible for the crew in regards to their quarters. We'll be "sleeping under the stars" as the humans put it... but I'd rather this than take any unnecessary risks. "

Prime paused, only to continue on

"For all we know, Gigatron may send Starblade out to find you, and quite possibly assasinate you. The closer you are to us, the better we can assist should that situation come to pass. furthermore, in the state we'll be in, should he find out, we'll ALL likely be sniper targets. granted, some of the Maximus' weaponry will be useable in this mode, but against a sniper, it won't do much good."

Prime finished, sighing.

"It isn't for a lack of trust that I do this, blitzwing. It's for the safety of us all."

2005-02-18, 08:16 PM
Outside Fort Max

"Acknowledged, Prime." Red Alert shook his head, worried by the tone in his leader's voice. He'd never heard Optimus like this, not in all his years as a security officer.

"Sir, some of the officers might not be in any shape to report to you. I'll have to check in at Medbay first, myself. I'll be there as soon as possible."

The security officer switched channels. "Ironhide, Prowl, Grimlock, Ultra Magnus and Kup, report status. Fortress, convert to repair bay configuration and get someone to drag Omega in for repairs."

The security officer strode past Crosshairs and Trailbreaker at the main entry, then stalked off to the Medbay.

Snarl shook his fist at the retreating Scorponok for a while, then grew bored with that and sought out Dai Atlas.

"You need help?"

Approaching EDC Shuttle

Hot Rod activated his comlink.

"I hear you, Prime. We're going evasive, but we'll be there in about ten minutes. Do you need Scoop and me for anything?"

2005-02-18, 08:26 PM
Talon flew after Fixit, noting the devastation of the interior. Fires raged, gaping holes blown into walls, some of said walls having collapsed and the ceiling with them.

"What in the name of Primus caused all this!? I'm beginning to think we were lucky to have survived. I hope no one else was inside when this happened" he muttered, loud enough for Fixit to hear.

Hyper Prime
2005-02-18, 10:01 PM
"Yeah, me too. I'm also worried about 'Plex. Something really devastating must've happened on the outside." Fixit shouted to Talon. "All major functions and movements have seemed to stop. Let's head for the nearest exit and figure this out. Follow me!" He then took off down at top speed.

God Jinrai
2005-02-18, 10:11 PM
Prime brought his comm up, and replied...

"Negative, Hotrod... just keep out of their sight... and don't be surprised to see a decepticon around the base. Blitzwing has chosen to work with us in maintaining our energy supplies in addition to offering his hand in retaking cybertron."

2005-02-18, 10:11 PM
Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "Prime, this is Nightbeat. There's a warehouse in Portland that Blitzwing was up to something in. I left Tracks there to keep an eye on it. Given the shape he's in, he'd have been bloody useless here."


Ironhide: -activates commlink- "Ah'm here, Red. Better send somebody ta get me. Cain't move."

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -still in head mode, locked into position on the bridge- "I read you, Red Alert. shifting now...... do we have anybody who can pick up Omega?" -shifts ship to repair bay mode-

Random Sweep
2005-02-18, 10:28 PM
Ratchet arrived at Shureshots location and it wasn't hard for him to see the cause of the Targetmasters worries.

" Landfill , would you be so kind as to pick up sureshots arm for me." he said as he started to do what he could out here.

2005-02-18, 10:40 PM
Landfill replied sure thing good buddy

so saying he picke dup Sureshot's arm

Random Sweep
2005-02-18, 10:43 PM
Ratchet nodded slightly at Landfill and held his hand out for the arm

2005-02-18, 11:53 PM
Corridors, Fort Max

Red Alert frowned. "Great. I'll send someone right away, Ironhide." He paused for a minute, frowning. "Kup's out there with you, isn't he?"

He switched his comlink over to a different channel. "Crosshairs, Trailbreaker, I'm sending you a set of co-ordinates. We have wounded there, at least Ironhide, probably more. Move them carefully and get them to medbay."

Again. "Not sure, Fortress. The Dinobots could probably do it. Dai Atlas, maybe."

The security officer ducked into Medbay, then sat down and let a maintenance drone start tending his wounds while he waited for an actual doctor to arrive.

EDC Shuttle

"OK, Prime." Hot Rod made an interested noise. "Blitzwing, you say? He's done this once before, when the Quintessons tricked Galvatron into attacking Cybertron for them. You can probably trust him...but maybe not. Gigatron knows about that too. He might be playing us."

Had the young Autobot been in robot mode, he would have frowned.

Maybe I should talk to him when I get back, see if he's acting the same way he did last time. Something tells me he's not that good of an actor. If he's lying, I might be able to tell.

2005-02-19, 12:20 AM
Landfill handed over the arm


Aboard the EDC shuttle

Holepunch sat atop Scoops engine deck conversing in low tones

Holepunch " whatcha thinks going to happen next ?"
Scoop " I think theres two main possibilities either they'll rope us in to repair work , in my vehicle mode , or else as fresh troops we'll get picked for some kind of retalitarory mission.

On the troop deck

Tracer slipped into a seat next to a red haired corporal , with sparkling green eyes.

"so "he said "Vanessa " as he peered at her name tag " the mission was a success , mission achieved no casualties and no major injuries .
A resounding success wouldn't you say , It takes alot out of you it's a very intense experience, I always feel drained after a long mission , I'm from Nebulos you know the gravity's slightly
less , so its not such a strain on me I have more stamina , you must keep quite fit though , lots of training , do you go to the gymn ? you do . I must say I can see you look after yourself , have you got any plans for this evening ?


the slap echoed through the troop bay leaving a fierce red mark on Tracer's cheek

" Your marrried !!! , to a Navy Seal !! , he knows fourteen ways to kill me , without leaving a trace, I see and you know eighteen , " ahh well , I better get going make sure Scoops ok , he has a rigourous maintenance schedule you know , could n't function without me

Tracer's retreated back to the cargo bay .

Holepunch looked down as Tracer entered cheek still glowing

Holepunch : " Nowt wrong is there lad " he said a glint in his eye

Tracer "no nothing just a bruise I um stumbled into a bulkhead when we hit some turbulence thats right

Holepunch " thats strange we've had a very smooth ride up here

Tracer " I think umm the inetrtial dampers are down in the troop space , thats right "
Tracer gets a rag and starts polishing a spot of Scoop's paintwork very intentedly

2005-02-19, 12:25 AM
(OOC: Hyper Prime, last time I checked, the Rescue Patrol was with Big Daddy and Greaser inside Metroplex. How come they're now at Scorponok?)

Groundshaker drove the ATV around, laying down fire at any Decepticon who was still around. He was annoyed. Dai Atlas had no right to treat him that way. After all, he didn't have to help him.


Hubs and Trip-Up, backtracking the path they had taken, noticed Redhot and the other Rescue Patrol members.

"What the hell are you guys doing over there?"


Big Daddy slammed his fist againt a bulkhead and turned to leave.

"Since I'm not going to get any answers from any of you guzzlers, guess I'm going to have to go out and find out what's going on myself."

Random Sweep
2005-02-19, 12:30 AM
Ratchet took Sureshots arm and set about re-attaching it while sureshot was still offline.

" Thanks Landfill , once you are done here, report to Fortress maximus's medbay for a check over. " he told the Targetmaster

2005-02-19, 12:43 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -finishes the transformation, calls after the leaving Big Daddy- "We got our heads handed to us. The bridge is a ruin, we've got wounded lying all over the field. Any other questions?"


Nightbeat: -clears the edge of the hole, sees Wreck-Gar lying in the distance- "Hosehead, better go check on him."

Hosehead: "Right, boss." -lets go, gets up, goes to check on Wreck-Gar-

Chromedome: -finishes hauling Nightbeat out of the crater-


Ironhide: -over commlink- "Yeah, Red. He's pretty close by. Minerva's workin' on him."

2005-02-19, 12:48 AM
Wreck-Gar shook his head and tried to get to his feet as Hosehead approached.

"But mommy...I don't want to go to school today."

2005-02-19, 01:14 AM
Hosehead: -looking around, confused look on his face, looks back at Wreck-Gar- "Is it a school day?"


Minerva: -still working on Kup-

Brainstorm: -comes out, still looks pretty battered, heads over to Ironhide- "You okay?"

Ironhide: -sighs- "Wha'd'you think?"

Brainstorm: -starts working on Ironhide-


Chromedome: -stands, picks up Nightbeat- "Can you stand?"

Nightbeat: -puts weight on first one foot, then the other- "Yeah. For the moment, anyway." -looks over at Chromedome's battered body- "Missiles?"

Chromedome: "Oh, yeah."


Hardhead: -looking at the missile warhead sticking out of the wall- "Siren, Quig. Get to medbay. I'll handle this." -heads into the ammo bay-

Hyper Prime
2005-02-19, 01:26 AM
(OOC: oh sorry, I thought we were near Metroplex, not in him. sorry bout that.)

Redhot heard Big Daddy, and he and the others then changed there direction and headed into Metroplex. The three transformed, Redhot starting to rant, "What do you mean? Its a freaking confusing battle out there you s..."

Seawatch quickly clamped down on Redhot's mouth as Stakeout apologized, "Sorry bout that, we got kind of lost in midst of all of the chaos going on out there. How are you guys doing? We almost got nailed by one of Scorponok's drones."

Random Sweep
2005-02-19, 01:49 AM
Ratchet cpmpleted the re-attachment of sureshots arm and gave him a shot of energon to restart his systems.

" Oooohhh, did someone get the number of that dinobot..." Sureshot groaned

" Get youself to medbay Sureshot " Ratchet instructed him " I will finish up on you there shortly . "

Transforming Ratchet quickly headed off towards Sky Lynx's location and Sureshot made his way slowly towards the medbay

2005-02-19, 04:03 AM
The Protectobots lay on the ground, not far from Fortress Maximus, all of them in shutdown mode.

A gaping hole was blasted into Hot Spot's chest, and Blades's frame was charred and blackened. The other three team members lay in stasis shock, the forced seperation of Defensor, followed by the shutdown initiated by Hot Spot had rendered the team inactive. Which, all things considered, was probably for the best at the moment.

2005-02-19, 04:35 AM
Greaser shoved Redhot back into the wall. "We know it's a confusing battle, dummy! We just wanna know whether or not we're on the winning side!"

Big Daddy snarled. "And besides, it's not like you're doing anything about it."


"But mommy!" Wreck-Gar whined to Hosehead. "I want to stay and bake cookiees with you."

2005-02-19, 05:07 AM
Hosehead: -even more confused- "We're related? And I don't know how to bake cookies."


Brainstorm: "No two ways about it. You're going to be in medbay for a while."

Ironhide: "Ah figgered. Mah legs still connected?"

Brainstorm: "Yes."

Ironhide: -sighs in relief- "Good. Those're mah lucky feet...."


Grimlock: -looking at the fallen Omega Supreme- "This not good......"

Hyper Prime
2005-02-19, 05:11 AM
Redhot continued to speak with his mouth muffled, "Mph mmmphmh muumh muulhmummhlph mumph mummph mmph, moh mph mmmph!"

Seawatch interrupted, "Well what can we do about it? We nearly got ourselves offed by a drone for Primus sake!"

"He does have sort of a point, in this sort of battle, how would our talents prove to be of any use?" Stakeout asked melancholy.

2005-02-19, 05:57 AM
Prowl walked slowly down a hall and entered medbay, catching a glimpse through his remaining optic of himself. With the lower half of the left side of his face missing, the injured strategist responded through the internal radio he carried.
"I am functional but in need of immediate extensive repairs."
Still offline, Hound's hands flexed responsively to Grapple's repairs.
Blitzwing frowned briefly, but just as quickly relented and nodded with an understanding expression.

"I understand and will comply. Starblade is not Gigatron's only sniper. I've heard he has a second and third now - Nightracer and a 'bot named Tracer."

Blitzwing paused and then began to follow the Autobot leader with a quiet comment. "The energon supplies must be collected soon."
"Will do boss." Trailbreaker replied over the radio to Red Alert. "Come on Crosshairs, let's go see if we can help.
Turning back from his sniper hunting as the Decepticons retreated, Mirage was taken offguard to see Blitzwing walking up towards Optimus. The spy quickly took aim at the back of the triple changer and prepared to fire.

2005-02-19, 06:25 AM
Wreck-Gar mumbled some more nonsense. "The Force is strong with my family. My father has it. I have it. And...my sister has it."

Then, in barely raised spirits, continued, "But you can do it all with only three easy payments of 99.99.99."

Just then, Trip-Up and Hubs sped up, noticing that Wreck-Gar was down. "Hey, what's up with the junkhead?


"You never know until you try," Greaser muttered under his breath. "And so I guess we'll never know, will we?"

Big Daddy groaned. No matter what, things were about to get bad.

2005-02-19, 06:56 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert grumbled. "Why doesn't that surprise me?"

Louder, "Acknowledged, Ironhide. I've sent troops to help you to the Medbay."

He recieved Prowl's transmission, but didn't bother responding to the other officer via radio. Instead, he called across the Medbay to the mangled new arrival.

"That makes two of us. Prime wants to see us, so full repairs will have to wait. The drones should be able to patch up your major wounds, though by the look of things we'll both be needing some time in the CR chambers."

He flipped his comlink out again. "Grimlock and Ultra Magnus, or anyone with information on their whereabouts, respond immediately."

Switching channels. "Prime, you may want to move this meeting to the Medbay. Prowl, Ironhide, Kup and I are badly injured, while Magnus and Grimlock haven't checked in."

The security officer winced as a repair drone started to weld shut the deepest of his chest wounds. The smell of burning oil filled his corner of the room.

Main Entry, Fort Max

Crosshairs nodded. "Lets bur-" his voice died in his throat as he saw the fires burning on the battlefield.

"Lets go, Trailbreaker," he said in a more subdued tone. The Targetmaster transformed and rolled down the ramp, Pinpointer mounted on his roof incase some Decepticons were still lurking around.

He took note of the Protectobots as he drove by.

"When we're done with Ironhide & co, we'll have to come back for these guys."

2005-02-19, 08:37 AM
Dogfight eased his battered form on to the runway avoiding the debris and shell holes and wished he had VTOL ability like Slingshot it would make life a lot easier


Sandstorm hovered over Trailbreaker & Crosshairs

dust genrating apparatus switched off : need a hand down there? " he queried

2005-02-19, 08:45 AM
Landfill having finished helping Ratchet made his way slowly to the Med bay


Quickmix having made up a batch of alloys and metals , decided to head out on to the battlefield to help Minerva ,
trundling down the corridors , and out of the entry bay , he spotted he on the battlefield.

Motoring across to her position , he pulled up near her .

"Anything I can do ? He queried


Wideload 's unconscious form was unmoving as he lay half in and out of his position , the only sound was the drip of a coolant leak from the shattered gun position , and the occasional shriek of tortured metal as the debris shifted

Brave Maximus
2005-02-19, 07:25 PM

Dai Atlas recieved the incomming calls and watched with a little satisfaction as the Autobots quickly tended to the wounded. He arrived at Skylynx and opened his comm to respond to the wounded:

"Cliffjumper and Sandstorm, head over to Siren's location, he's pretty banged up, give him what ever assistance he needs to get back in to Medbay,

"Chromedome, Hosehead: Do you require any assistance with Wreck-Gar or Nightbeat?

"Minerva Once you're finished with Kup, head to Medbay - we're going to be needing you there for a while. Brainstorm, if you can't get Ironhide moble in 10 minutes, same goes for you - he's still functional - stablize him for transport, we'll bring him in.

"Groundshaker: Good work. Decepticon forces have left the area - thanks for the help. Report to Ironhide's location - they need help transporting him in."

Looking around, he spotted the Protectobots lying near Metroplex (from where he was) and Smokescreen tending to Ultra Magnus. At the same time, he got a rather unexpected call:

"Dai, This is Speeder. I'm here with Inferno. Firestar's been hit, we're going to transport her, we'll call if we need any more help."

Dai Atlas nodded to himself, very happy that his old partner was alive and on Earth now.

"Roger that Speeder.

"Redhot, Seawatch and Stakeout: Report to the Protectobot's location - they look to be needing a lot of assistance right now.

"Bluestreak: Rendevous with Smokescreen - between the two of you, you should be able to able to bring him back Medbay. If he's not stable enough - Message me and I'll send medical help as soon as I can."

He looked around and Spotted Grimlock over by Omega Supreme:

"Grimlock: Can you spare any Dinobots to assist with the moving of the Protectobots and Ultra Magnus? I'll come back and help move Omega Supreme once I've taken Skylynx to Medbay."

As he started to pick up the Autobot shuttle, he heard the other part of Quigs Message, about the unexploded Shell by Ammo bay 5:

"Trailbreaker!: Please report to the wall outside of Ammo bay 5. There is unexploded ordinace out there - and your forcefield would make me feel alot safer!"

Dai Atlas then lifted Skylynx up as much as he could and started to carry him to Fortress Maximus' Medbay.

(OOC: Edit: Allow me to say this better: Did I miss any wounded? Anyone in need of a job, Radio Dai, or as he's at Fortress Maximus for a second - ask him - there's lots of bots that need help.

Sorry about the 48 hour unexpected absence - this should be the last one for the forseeable future.)

2005-02-19, 08:39 PM
(ooc Quickmix)

Landfill moved through Fort Max and into the Med Bay , lying down on one of the operating tables , he keyed in the code for his design specifications into the control panel and lay back snd lrt the maintenance drones do their work

God Jinrai
2005-02-19, 08:44 PM
" Nightbeat, that's likely the facility Blitzwing was just telling me about... a cache of energon, set for transport. We'll need to scramble a team, but with everyone in disarray, we may end up having to go ourselves."

Prime switched over to Red's frequency

"Why was I afraid of this..." he sighed "...alright, medbay it is..."

turning to Blitzwing, he bowed his head.

"It seems with many of my officers so badly injured, I made an error in choosing our meeting location... we're heading back to the maximus... Medbay. Just ignore any comments you hear ... I'm sure the others won't take your wisening to the bigger picture as easily as I have."

Hyper Prime
2005-02-19, 08:50 PM
All three sort of jumped at the moment Dai Atlas gave them orders. "Alright! Time to get busy guys." Stakeout said as he transformed. Seawatch and Redhot did the same, and the trio then took off for the Protectobots' location.

2005-02-19, 09:28 PM
(OOC: You missed the Hot Rod patrol too, Brave. A point that I will now be emphasizing.)

Groundshaker acknowledged Dai's signal, then sifted the ATV into gear, attempted to get a fix on Ironhide's position.

"Hold on, old guy," he muttered. "'Shaker's coming to help ya."


As the Rescue Patrol rushed off, Big Daddy groaned.

"You have to wonder why the hell we got called back here if nobody's paying attention to us," he muttered mostly to himself.

2005-02-20, 09:43 AM
Hoist tran form and go to medbay "How many man down we got
here Minerva "

2005-02-20, 10:04 PM
(OOC: Minerva's still out in the field, stabilizing Kup)

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -head mode, locked into position on the bridge, scanning through frequencies as he scans for an enemy return, optics widen- "What in the......... I can not be seeing this....."


Nightbeat: -over commlink- "You might have to go without me, Prime. That last missile attack from Ruckus got me pretty good. Chromedome's still in good shape, though."


Grimlock: "Me hear you first time, Red Alert. Omega Supreme pretty badly damaged. Me not too badly damaged."


Minerva: -over commlink- "There's probably wounded already there, Hoist. I'll be in shortly, then we can start putting them back together." -finishes putting the finishing patches on Kup- "You're stable enough for transport now."

Brainstorm: -finishes checking over Ironhide, looks up at the approaching Groundshaker- "Well, looks like your ride's here."


Hosehead: -looks over at Trip-Up, shrugs- "I think he got hit on the head. He's talking gibberish."

Warehouse district, Portland:

Tracks: -still watching, still not noticing Nikko-

2005-02-20, 10:23 PM
Sandstorm arrived at Sirens position , looking round examing the situation .

He said : your looking a bit battered there Siren

2005-02-21, 12:00 AM
Minerva not seeming to require him Quickmix motors over to Nightbeat .

"I see we'lll be needing to knock you up a new arm , hmm i saw a blueprint somewhere one with attachments like sunstreakers maybe or trailbreakers you could have a missile launcher , would need some help with the electronics but the casting is simple enough "

Ricochet : " mais oui he can have a special attachment for holding a flashlight or a magnifying glass , that would suit him non.

Quickmix : quiet , now is not the time for humour ,we have casualties to look after

2005-02-21, 12:57 AM
"How is that different from any other time?" Hubs asked with a chuckle.

"Oh, get serious will ya," Trip-Up groaned, giving the Junkion a glance. "Looks like just a flesh wound. Maybe you should go see to the more important injuries."


Groundshaker fiddled with the radio on his ATV.

"Ironhide, this is Groundshaker. You out there?"

Random Sweep
2005-02-21, 01:03 AM
Seeing Dai Atlas taking Sky Lynx towards the medbay, Ratchet turned and headed in the same direction

2005-02-21, 03:38 AM
Nightbeat: "Uh..... that's..... that's okay, Quickmix. If it's all the same to you, I think I'll stick to weaponless arms."


Ironhide: -over commlink- "Ah read ya, Groundshaker. 'M over here. Got one'a them Headmasters leanin' over me."

Hyper Prime
2005-02-21, 04:02 AM
As the three Rescue patrol memebers arrived on the scene, all three gasped at what they saw as they transformed. The Protectobots, all looking like real chewed out slag, two down and three in stasis lock. Seawatch and Redhot rushed to Hotspot's side, the naval micromaster gasping, "By Primus, what happened to you guys?"

"Nothing good that's for sure. We got to get these guys out of here fast." Redhot assesed.

"Right, give me a klik." Stakeout said as he phoned a friend. "Yo Fixit!"


Inside of Metroplex, through the hallways, the small amublance picked up Stakeout's signal, "Yeah, what's up boss man?"

"Can you get to the coordinates provided with this signal? We've got the entire Protectobot team hanging by a thread, three of them are already out!"

"Really, no kidding huh? I'll be there as fast as I can." Fixit replied. He shouted up to Talon, "If you want some action Tal, follow me!"

2005-02-21, 04:18 AM
"Just hold on," Groundshaker replied to Ironhide. "I'll be right with ya."

2005-02-21, 04:45 AM
Outside Fort Max

Crosshairs made an irritated sound. "Take off, Trailbreaker. That sounds more important than picking up wounded."

The Targetmaster came to a stop beside Kup and Minerva. Pinpointer disconnected and climbed in the driver's seat.

Kup groaned.

"Transport to the morgue, maybe..."

He pushed himself to his knees, while Recoil joined Pinpointer inside Crosshairs.

"If you could help him up on my roof," Crosshairs said, "I can get him to Medbay quickly."

Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert waved at Hoist, indicating that the medic should see to Prowl first.

"Get to the Medbay, Grimlock. We're having a meeting."

Landing Pad, Fort Max

As the EDC shuttle set down, Hot Rod tore down the ramp in vehicle mode. Captains Brooke and Fairborne (the latter still unconscious) occupied his cockpit, and the three of them roared off towards Medbay.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-21, 05:32 AM
Dai Atlas spotted Ratchet as he gently put down Sky Lynx:

"Best if you stay here from now on - there's going to be a lot of wounded coming in, and we need all the Docs we have. Fortress Maximus must have a lot of CR chambers - make the best use of them and co-ordinate efforts with the City commander.

"I'm going to find more survivors."

The Cybertronian Commander then walked out of the City and headed towards Omega Supreme. He spotted Grimlock just as Red Alert's message came over the radio:

"Since you're headed that way. Can you help with the big guy? We're the only one's opperational that can move him - and we can't aford to lose him at this point in time."

Dai Atlas then moved the Giant Autobot's head and shoulders, prepairing to lift him up.

Speeder looked over at Inferno and Firestar:

"Do you need any help? We should probably get her to medbay soon....."

2005-02-21, 06:00 AM
Fort Max Med-bay

After centuries of focusing solely on his projects when he was working on them, Grapple had seemingly and sub-conciously tuned the entire room out, his attention entirely lost on repairing Hound.



"Gotcha" Cliffjumper replied, transforming and heading off to find Siren.

"Thanks" Bluestreak replied, glancing at Speeder, then looked around for any remaining 'Cons as he quickly moved to join Smokescreen on receiving Dai's orders.

"Gotcha Smokey" Firestar nodded, getting to her feet, one hand clapped over the gash in her side, then moving towards the red and blue figure of Smokescreen, nodding at Speeder as she replied to both mechs "I'll be fine, you guys, let's just do what we do best, Search-&-Rescue and get Magnus to med-bay, eh, 'Ferno?"

2005-02-21, 06:01 AM
Corridor outside of Ammo Bay 5, Fort Max:

Quig: -looks out of window up at Sandstorm- ?We can't. His radiator's gone. And we can't transform, either. Erm.... think you could carry us?"

Siren: -groans- "Sure. Add insult to injury, why don't you...."

Blasted, mangled interior, Ammo Bay 5, Fort Max:

Hardhead: -walks in, noting that the lights are out, also noting that there's plenty of light coming from the huge hole blown in the armor- "Ouch. Talk about a lucky hit......" -sees the missile, starts towards it, trips- "What the....." -looks down, sees an arm protruding from the rubble- "Uh, oh....."


Minerva: -heaving, straining, manages to lift Kup up and place him as gently as she can on Crosshairs' roof- "There." -commlink bleeps, activates commlink- "Yes?"

Hardhead: -over commlink- "I'm in Ammo Bay 5. There's an Autobot in here. Looks like he was at the gun position nearby and got caught in the explosion."

Minerva: "I'm on my way." -deactivates commlink- "Get him to medbay, Crosshairs. Hoist should be there, or Ratchet. they should be able to fix Kup up."


Grimlock: -over commlink- "On way, Red Alert. Bringing Omega in. Better get big CR chamber ready." -picks up Omega's feet- "You realize him much taller than me, right?"

2005-02-21, 06:58 AM
Groundshaker pulled up beside Ironhide. He then glared at Brainstorm. "I'm not his ride. I'm just doing this because everyone else is either injured, helping the injured or doing their own thing."


Hubs looked up at Hosehead. "Hey!" he shouted. "I said you can take care of the others! We'll take care of Junkie here!"


Inside Fort Max, Big Daddy was beginning to get annoyed. He climbed up onto the master control panel and began banging his foot on it.

"How hard is it to get some attention around here?! I know you all got stuff to do, but does it take that much to say 'Hey, Big. We got such-and-such going on. Wanna help?'"

Brave Maximus
2005-02-21, 07:00 AM
Dai Atlas looked over at Grimlock (who was just over half the height of the Powered Master) and smiled while cocking an "Eyebrow". It was the first honnest smile he'd had in a while:

"Really? I couldn't tell. And you look liked such a big 'Bot...." Then started to laugh a little. It was rare for the Cybertronian Commander to crack a joke like that - but it was a release he needed.

"Would you rather take the head?"

2005-02-21, 07:07 AM
Nodding to Red Alert, Prowl sat down on a medical table, patiently waiting for repairs. He couldn't settle himself though. Within a moment, he was up and heading toward a mobile computer unit. He picked it up and returned to his position in, and after wiring his wrist to the unit, eased backward to continue waiting for repairs.

Trailbreaker glanced back and forth between the different directives and then waved to Crosshairs.
"Will do. I'll be back to help in a jif- so long as the world stays intact."

Quickly, he headed off to take care of the threatening object.

Holding his fire with a reluctant stare, Mirage continued to observe Optimus Prime and Blitzwing. The spy didn't know what the decepticon was up to, but he was certain it was a setup.
Smokescreen motioned at Ultra Magnus' right arm. Firestar, why don't you take that side, I'll take this side. Inferno - can you grab the legs?"

Inferno shot a concerned glance at FIrestar and then flashed an okay sign as he went to the end of the large legs and hoisted them up.

"Let's get our big pal here in and patched up."
Expecting the worst, Nikko was surprised when the strange blue car did not speak. An overwhelming relief rushed through his mind and he grinned reflexively. Slowly, he reached for the buttons on the dashboard, thinking that pressing them would start the car.

"I'm expecting a cool reception. It would be - natural." Blitzwing replied to the autobot leader.

"I will follow your lead Optimus."

Spike peered out from underneath a laser control panel and blinked at a strange autobot he didn't recognize.
With a half shrug he called out at Big Daddy.
"You can help with the calibration repairs. I can't do those because that section needs grounding equipment."

2005-02-21, 07:21 AM
Big Daddy looked at Greaser, then back at Spike.

"Where do you want me?"

2005-02-21, 07:35 AM
Warehouse district, Portland:

Tracks: -suddenly realizes that somebody's gotten inside of him, makes sure the human's legs are inside the car, slams his drivers door, lock buttons on both driver's door and passenger door locking down- "Oh, no. Not again. Look, young man, I admit I'm normally number one on the 'Auto Theft' Weekly list, but so far today, I've had a truck run over my hood, and been broadsided by a comrade. So pardon me if I sound a bit short, but is there a specific reason you're trying to enter a life of crime? Are you bored? And please kindly refrain from touching the buttons on my dash. You're smudging them."

2005-02-21, 08:03 AM
Outside Fort Max

Snarl strode up and grabbed one of Omega's arms, more to annoy Grimlock than because he thought his boss needed the help.

Crosshairs drove off, accelerating lightly so that he didn't jar Kup too much. The elderly Autobot groaned, then pointed towards the downed wreck of Metroplex.

"You're gon...gonna want to strip the weapons off of him, I think."

"Probably, yeah." Crosshairs didn't take his attention from his driving.

"You'll want to do it soon, then." Kup wheezed. "Before the fires start setting off the ammo stores."

"Slagheaps!" Crosshairs felt a bit of apprehension growing in his combustion chamber. "You're right, Kup. I'll set something up right away."

There was no reply.

"Kup?" Crosshairs increased his speed. "Kup?"

Medbay, Fort Max

Hot Rod shot into the room, transformed, and set his two human passengers on a biobed.

Red Alert looked across the room. "What happened to her?"

"Cerebro-shell," Hot Rod answered. He flipped open his comlink. "Minerva, when you have a minute, I've got a human that needs your attention."

Red shot a sidelong glance at Prowl, ideas running through his processor.

2005-02-21, 12:40 PM
Sandstorm lets see what we can do , I could probably tow you in dune buggy mode , Id just needQuig to steer .

Dogfight limps into Medbay and waits to be seen to


Wheels laying down on the cot at the back of his cell , his sensors boosted to maximum , watching the coming and going

on his mental link he told Fly

"i just seen , Dogfight go into medbay , he looks a bit battered and also Hotrod couldn't see anything wrong with him but he had a t least one passenger , a human female

2005-02-21, 12:54 PM
Scoop rolled off the shuttle , surveying the devastation , the place looked a mess. Looked like they could do with every able bodied Bot they could find.

He opened a Com Channel : Red Alert ,Prowl, Dai ,Optimus anyone out there ,I'm reporting for duty fit willing and able , whereever you want me .


Quickmix mused

um yes a flamethrower , or a grappling hook theyr'e all possible , whats that no weapons , you sure , i'm sure i've got a copy of Rumbles specs somewhere i've always fancied using , a nice lil pile driver ,or Shockwaves now that would really be a challenge umm ok, not your thing . One moment then .

Quickmix scanned the blueprints in his memory , before extruding an alloy from a finger tip into a mould , after a few minutes passed

:" there you go young lad , its cooled now wonderful stuff very useful for this kind of work better than new just need to pop along to sick bay and get the electronics fitted, , i've cast the access panels seperately the circuits should just slot in , one of my favourite alloys you know , a durilinium , wolfram alloy with carbon hardening a fascinating process you know, and most of the initial problems have been resolved , umm just let me know if you umm notice any oddities like colour change depending on temperature , or anything but i think we ironed those bugs out in the last batch .

Random Sweep
2005-02-21, 02:57 PM
Ratchet nodded grimly after Dai Atlas " Yes, I would say that it is going to be a rough couple of days. " he said

Moving over to Sky Lynx Ratchet started repairing the huge flyer's fuselage.

2005-02-21, 04:50 PM
"Your orders, si-- Magnus? Slag, he's hit! He's hit!"

"Blockade, Brigandier, get Magnus behind some covAAH!"

"Put him down, fraggin' 'Cons! Cowards!"

"Damn... Is everybody okay? Prime isn't gonna be happy about this..."

"Relax, big guy! You're safe with us now. Megatron'll have lots ta talk ta you about... Ha! Ha ha ha!"

That would never happen to me again.

Ultra Magnus started with a jolt as Inferno grabbed his legs. His left optic flashed on, and his face instantly contorted to a pained expression. After an early assassination attempt, he'd had himself programmed to shut down for a short time in the event of severe trauma. The cycle was meant to end quietly in case he'd been captured while he was out, but the pain was rather unpleasant to wake up to.

"Urgh... Where..."

Seeing the ground below him was refreshing, and the sounds of familiar Autobot voices nearby reassured Magnus that he was in safe company. It was fine to use his radio.

"Ultra Magnus to Optimus Prime. I've been hit, but I'll live. Coming into medbay immediately."

Magnus looked cautiously over his shoulder at Smokescreen and forced a grin.

"Thanks for the hand, soldier, but I think I'll be able to walk."

2005-02-21, 06:39 PM
Unprepared for a hopelessly clueless autobot, Spike did a double-take and stared in dismay for just an instant.

Holy cow. Now I know why Ratchet was always so cranky. What's this guy doing with bridge access if he doesn't have any idea about the controls?

"On second thought, the autobots just had a huge attack outside. Why don't you go and patrol - make sure the Decepticons are gone or help pick up the mess out there."

Without waiting for a response, Spike slid back under the control panel and began working again.


Smokescreen smiled slightly with a mixed expression of relief and concern. He was still looking at walking damage everywhere and knew there was a great deal still to be done.
"Excellent. We should all take a walk back together. You three for repairs, and I must go assist inside."
Feeling a tremor from the giant wounded autobot, Inferno looked up hopefully and quickly broadened his expression into a grin as he carefully eased the legs back down and offered a hand to Magnus to help him back to his feet.

"Hey hey! Good to see you back among the functional!"


Nikko stared with an open mouth for a moment, gripped the wheel hard with a murmurred "airport" and then passed out across both front seats.

God Jinrai
2005-02-21, 08:01 PM
"Nightbeat, we'll deal with that convoy as soon as we've got our people inside and repairs are underway... " shifting frequencies..." Well, at the least it's good to know you're still alive, Magnus... I'll see you in medbay soon enough."

cutting off the comm, Prime sighed audibly, transforming into vehicle mode. " Blitzwing... let's go. it seems medbay's the only place we're going to be able to get this meeting done with."

slowly prime started out back toward the maximus

2005-02-21, 08:38 PM
Annoyed that Hosehead was ignoring them, Hubs and Trip-Up fixed up hooks to some of Wreck-Gar's loose armor. They then affixed to those hooks ropes which attached to their bumpers as they transformed. They shifted into four wheel drive and sped off back to Fortress Maximus.


Big Daddy waved at Spike. "Hey, kid! I asked you a question! I said where do you want me? In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been around here in a while and I don't know where everything is.

2005-02-21, 08:50 PM
"You forgot where outside is?"

In the doorway, a small yellow and red Autobot stood with his shoulder on the door frame and his arms folded over his chest. A smirk rode his face, just small enough to make one wonder whether he was kidding or serious. His blue optics tagged Big Daddy uniformly.

"I'd heard you were back in town, but I had a hard time believing it until I heard your shouting in here."

Roadhandler pushed himself off the door jam and took a few steps into the bridge, still watching Big Daddy and Greaser.

"But don't be calling Spike kid - he's one of the best mechanics we've got these days. You boys looking for a project? I've got a big one for you..."

2005-02-21, 09:43 PM
Warehouse District, Portland:

Tracks: "The airport's an odd place for a chop shop." -sighs as he keeps watching the trucks being loaded- "Young man? This is not the time for a nap..... And you're drooling on my seats! Stop that, right now!"

Corridor Outside of Ammo Bay 5, Fort Max:

Quig: -gets out of Siren, looks up at Sandstorm- "Okay. Want me to hook up the tow line?"

Interior, Ammo Bay 5, Fort Max:

Hardhead: -has the missile casing open, dirarming the warhead-

Minerva: -walks in, talking into commlink- "I've got a seriously injured Autobot down here....... Holy......" -kneels down next to Wideload- "Hot Rod, this is going to take me a while. Keep her sedated. I'm going to have to dig Wideload out from under the rubble. If the EDC people have a medic with them, let him do what he needs to to keep her under."


Hosehead: -shrugs as Hubs and Trip-Up tow Wreck-Gar away- "They're awfuly moody......" -shrugs- "Do I look like a medic?" -starts to walk back over to Nightbeat and Chromedome- "I mean, I can apply patch plates, but that's about it...... Darn it, I'm a fire fighter, not a doctor."


Brainstorm: -grunts, lifts Ironhide up- "As long as you can carry him..... Geez, I forgot trithyllium's as heavy as compressed stellar matter......" -sets Ironhide on Groundshaker's ATV-

Ironhide: "You think Ah enjoy gettin' lugged around lahke this?"

Brainstorm: "You could go with lighter armor."

Ironhide: "Ah'd be dead if Ah did." -thinks for a moment- "Dead again, that is."

Grimlock: -lifts, hoisting Omega Supreme's legs into the air over his head- "Me fine down here. Just make sure you lift him high enough. Otherwise we gonna be dragging his skid plates all way back to base."

2005-02-21, 10:13 PM
Sandstorm : sure thing Quig what were you guys doing down here anyway ?

Brave Maximus
2005-02-21, 10:24 PM
Dai Atlas grabbed the shoulders of Omega Supreme along with Snarl, then deftly transformed into tank mode, most of the upper body of the giant Autobot Defender resting on the tank. With Snarl catching one arm and Grimlock at the feet - he would be pretty easy to move now. The white and black tank slowly moved towards Fortress Maximus.

2005-02-21, 11:24 PM
Greaser groaned. "Oh, great. Just when I thought this couldn't head any further down the waste disposal port."

Big Daddy turned to face Roadhandler. "I'd be up to doing whatever you want to do, if only to prove that I can do it better than you. But first...remember what happened the last time we met?"


Groundshaker shifted the ATV into gear. "Trust me, 'Hide. We don't want you dead anymore than you do. But try to watch it, will ya. From the look of things, you were about one good shot from getting back to the scrap heap in the sky."

He checked the speed readout. "Hope you don't want to get anywhere fast, Ironhide. This might take a while."


Trip-Up and Hubs had dragged Wreck-Gar into Fort Max's medical bay.

"Medic!" Trip-Up called to no one in particular.

2005-02-22, 12:48 AM
Ultra Magnus rose slowly, struggling to give Inferno a smile as he did. Finally on his feet, Magnus placed a hand over his broken optic, both feeling and protecting the wound. It hurt far more than he let on - he knew he was lucky to be alive.

"Thanks for the help. I need to check into medbay and speak with Prime..."

Magnus turned his head and looked at the collapsed and smoldering form of Metroplex through his remaining optic. He tried not to let his face show how similarly devastated he was - emotionally, rather than physically.

"I'm afraid some may not have been able to escape Metroplex before he fell... Inferno, can you see if anyone inside needs help and try to put out the fires?"


Fortress Maximus: Command Center

Roadhandler had a tough time restraining a grin. Big Daddy certainly hadn't changed much since they last met. He turned and began for the door, looking over shoulder at the Hot Rod Patrol members and waving for them to follow.

"Things have changed a lot since then. That was a long time ago."

The doors whisked open again as Roadhandler neared them, and he stepped into the hall. Swindler followed him and his associates with his optics, finally pushing himself from his waiting place along the wall as Roadhandler came near.

"Sup, fellas," he greeted matter-of-factly.

2005-02-22, 01:20 AM
Fort Max Command Center

"Maybe for you," Big Daddy groaned, turning to face Roadhandler and the others. "But I remember it like it was yesterday."

2005-02-22, 05:25 AM
EDC Shuttle, Fort Max landing pad

"-reports indicate that Autobase is in ruins, casualties unknown-"

"-ticon forces have apparently overthrown the Carbombyan government, lead by noted tyrant Abdul Fakkadi. It appears as if the Decepticons are planning to establish a democratically-elected body to rule the nation, but most analysts believe they are going to install a puppet ruler-"

"-reaking news from Canada indicates that terrorists have siezed most of Quebec City. Fighting is still going on in the Old Quarter, but the militants have driven most of the EDC and Canadian military forces towards Montreal. The unnamed group, lead by someone known only as 'Le Commandante' or simply 'Command', has taken the Assemblée Nationale building as its headquarters and declared Quebec to be an independant nation. We will have more updates as this develops-"

"-gantic city of Scorponok continues to hover ominously over Denver, Colorado. The Decepticons have made no demands, which has only served to spread more terror. Riots are breaking out across the state as EDC and National Guard forces try to co-ordinate an orderly evacuation. Sources indicate that the US Army is scrambling their seldom-used RAAT unit to engage the Decepticon, but no confirmation is availab-"

Lieutenant Rodgers muted the shuttle's onboard TV, then put in a comm call to his CO.

"Captain, you've gotta hear this..."

Medbay, Fort Max

Hot Rod frowned. "I think they 'sedated' her with the butt of a rifle last time, Minerva. Probably won't want to do that too many more times."

He looked over at the humans. Marissa was still out cold, while Brooke was listening to his comlink with a horrified look on his face.

"What's going on, Cap...tain..." Hot Rod's voice trailed off as Crosshairs tore into the room, Kup hanging from his cab. "What the? Crosshairs, how?"

"I don't know," the Targetmaster replied as he transformed and placed Kup on a bio-bed. "Red sent me out to recover him. Look...Hot Rod...if you have anything to say to him, I'd do it now. I'm no doctor, but even I know that having most of your chest blasted off is fatal."

As Recoil clambered up onto the bed beside Kup, Hot Rod put his hand on the elderly Autobot's shoulder. "Don't do this, old-timer..."

Kup turned his head, his barely-lit optics focusing on the young cavalier. "Don't...don't cry for me, lad. I've had a good run."

"But...but...what'll we..."

"Just...just stand by Prime, lad. He needs it."

"I will," Hot Rod promised.

"And take care of Recoil. He's...he's...not...as tough as he...looks..."

Kup's optics flickered twice, then faded to black. The sensor readouts on the biobed flatlined.

Hot Rod's left fist tightened around the edge of the bed, and his optics fell to the floor. His air pumps worked irratically as a wave of grief hit the young Autobot like a train.

Crosshairs and Pinpointer kept back from the scene, saddened. Red Alert looked on, a carefully-crafted impassive mask covering whatever lay behind it.

Snarl continued to hold up Omega's arm as they moved him towards the city.

2005-02-22, 06:18 AM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Quig: "A sniper hit our connection point. And let me tell you, the thought of getting zapped by a stray particle bean didn't do much for either of us, so I slammed Siren into reverse and backed him into the ship, got around some corners, and wound up here."

Siren: "I'd wait until my engine cools down again, but that'll be a while."


Ironhide: -shrugs as best he can- "Ah been in worse shape." -chuckles- "An' mah vehicle mode ain't that fast. Ah'm used ta not bein' in a hurry."

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -head mode, still locked into position, shocked look on his face, picking up newsfeeds- "Sweet Primus..... the world is falling apart......."

Brave Maximus
2005-02-22, 07:16 AM
Dai Atlas set Omega Supreme down beside Sky Lynx and transformed into Robot mode. He glanced around the Medbay with a somber look. At the same time, Speeder rolled up beside his long time partner. With out looking down, Dai Atlas said:

"The situation is....."

"Grim, to say the least." The veteran warrior finished. "We're going to lose some good ones today - it has that feeling. With the City down and so many wounded - it's going to be a fight to keep moral up."

Dai Atlas nodded and assummed a look on his face. It was one he was used to wearing, but hated. It was the look of optimisim in the face of adversity. As a Commander, he knew that he must push away his own fear and doubt - to show the troops that things will get better. He opened his Comm to the Autobot channel:

"All Field Autobots, this is Dai Atlas:
Any troops who need assitance in the recovery of our fellow Autobots, call, and we'll send help. Any Autobots in need of medical assistance - Help is on the way."

He then turned to Grimlock:

"Where is Optimus Prime? He needs to know what the situation is......"

2005-02-22, 07:35 AM
Grondshaker nodded. "I hear ya, big guy. Don't worry. We'll get you patched up."

It took several more minutes, but the ATV glided into Fort Max's cargo bay.

Groundshaker shut down the ATV. "I'm sorry, 'Hide. This is as far as I can take you."

2005-02-22, 07:37 AM
Sandstorm felt the tow line clip into place as Quig attached it revving his engine he took up the slack , and moved slowly forwards en route for Medbay

2005-02-22, 12:46 PM
Scoop still unsure what to do rolled up into Fort Max's entry bay , surveying the damage as he came , he decided to start repairing the defenses until someone told him different, loading a trailer with tools and parts from the stores , and having Holepunch hitch it up to his vehicle form he trundled round the AA positions starting to repair them , salvaging what he could canabilising some positions , scrapping others

Random Sweep
2005-02-22, 03:00 PM
Completing the Major repairs to Sky Lynx, Ratchet moved on to Omega Supreme

" Ho boy, they really did a number on you Omega. " he said, knowing that the guardian wouldn't be able to reply.

" Dai " Ratchet said " It would be best to get all the wounded in here asap to get looked over. "

God Jinrai
2005-02-22, 04:43 PM
The sound of a semi's engine became audible within the halls of the Maximus... Medbay was one of the places still accessible while the city was in repair station mode... Rolling into the medbay, Prime transformed... only to see Kup lying on a bio-bed... sans his spark. Prime's rage began to boil over again. Starting over to Hotrod and Crosshairs, Prime spoke in a solemn tone. " You were among the best of us Kup... you've earned your place...rest now... with those who have come before us... " Prime's head bowed.. he could feel the matrix pulsing within him.

After a moment of silence, prime spoke again.

" This marks the turning point." he looked to Hotrod and then Crosshairs, then to kup's body again.

" Too many have fought for us only to be faced with death... never to see our homeworld again. When repairs are complete... and omega supreme is online again... we prepare. Crosshairs, Hotrod, I need something from you. I was recently informed of an energon cache that's set for transport... Tracks is currently monitoring it. Get a lock on his signal... and take Jetfire with you... re-route that convoy.. .do NOT allow those trucks to load onto those planes. If those planes take off... and get to carbomiya... we're all but finished. Blitzwing has told me that there's enough energon there to re-supply the Maximus and the rest of us... and sustain us for, at the least a few months. "

2005-02-22, 05:13 PM
"Quickmix seeing that Nightbeat would survive , and wasn't in any immediate danger he transformed and rolled out towards Fort Max, leaving a slightly bemused headmaster , in possesion of a brand new limb.

Entering Fort Max Quickmix rolled into medbay to see if his assistance was needed there, although it was quite crowded the room was strangely quiet and everyone was looking at Prime . Turning to Ratchet he spoke

: " any way i can make myself useful"

Looking round he noticed Kups inactive form the dark optics , the flatlined medi equipment , a wave of sadnessed filled him. Another fallen comrade , another senseless casualty , another name on a roll of honour that had grown way toolong

2005-02-22, 05:29 PM
Quig: -steering Siren as Sandstorm tows them-

Interior, Ammo Bay 5, Fort Max:

Hardhead: -finishes disarming the warhead, drops the whole missile into a bomb disposal case, seals the case-

Minerva: "Give me a hand here, would you?"

Minerva and Hardhead: -clear the larger pieces of wreckage off you Wideload, Hardhead doing most of the heavy lifting-

Minerva: "Thanks. I'll get Wideload here stabilized and take him down to the medbay. Ironhide's going to need somebody to carry him in. I think somebody was going to be bringing him in-

Ironhide: -over commlink- "Somebody wanna come get me? Ah'm down in th' cargo bay."

Hardhead: "Well, that was easy." -heads down to the cargo bay-

Minerva: -working on Wideload, trying to stabilize him for transport-

Cargo Bay:

Ironhide: "Thanks, Groundshaker."

Hardhead: -over commlink- "I'm ocming to get you, Ironhide."

Ironhide: "Look lahke he's okay. Got kahnda worried 'bout him......"


Nightbeat: "Better go help over at Metroplex, Hosehead. I get the feeling the'll need all of the firefighters we've got."

Hosehead: "Right, boss." -transforms, hits siren, burns rubber towards the ruins of Metroplex-

Nightbeat: -sighs- "He means well......" -winces as he shrugs- "Come on, Chromedome. Let's get to medbay. I don't know about you, but I know I need repairs."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -looks down at Kup's body, saying nothing-

2005-02-22, 09:06 PM
Sandstorm pulled to a stop in front of Medbay brakes squealing


Wheels sat slumped against a wall , a picture of dejection , he would have ha dhis head in his hands if he had not lacked a head and one of his hands , outwardly he looked broken defeated , but inwardly his audio sensors strained to hear what was happening next door , relaying what information he could directly to his other half .

A sound of a fast approaching large vehicle echoed through the corridor before abruptly cutting off and being repaced by the sound of Primes voice , coming in snatchs through the wall

Dogfight sat in medbay repairs complete , eager to avenge Kup his optics pulsing with re dlight as he kicked the edge of the biobed he was sitting on with one foot

2005-02-22, 09:20 PM
(OOC: We'll just assume that Arcee was there during the battle, okay? Sorry for having been absent.)

Arcee had been near Ultra Magnus when he went down, and helped Smokescreen, 'Ferny, and Firestar to bring him to medbay. Seeing that he was at least back on his feet, she faintly smiled with relief - she had feared the worst when he got shot down.

The pink Autobot was limping because of a wound in her right thigh, and also had a nice, big, leaking hole in her left flank. She coughed up some mech-fluid, frowning as she saw it staining her hand - apparently, something inside of her was ruptured as well. "That's the good side of being pink - nobody sees when you're leaking," she quipped in a weary voice.

(OOC: Hope that's okay - had to bring my girl back in somehow...)

2005-02-22, 10:25 PM
Fortress Maximus: Command Corridors

Roadhandler chuckled softly as he continued to lead the others through the city's now well-restricted halls. He glanced over his shoulder at Big Daddy as he walked.

"I'll be glad to give you a rematch when we have the time. But I might not go so easy on you next time..."

Swindler finished muttering into his radio and looked back to Roadhandler.

"Freewheeler just got Tailspin to medbay, but all the CR chambers are full. Sounds like he's gonna be on the waiting list for a while."

Roadhandler shrugged calmly as the light of evening finally came into view. He continued down the ramp at the end of the tunnel and stopped to turn back to his walking partners at Skyfire's giant frame.

"Now I didn't say this was a glamorous assignment, but Prime wants us to get all of the fallen into medbay before we lose any of them. This guzzler's a good start."

Roadhandler forced himself under the side of Skyfire's chest and hoisted above his head. Swindler grabbed the opposite shoulder and lifted it shakily to his chest, then transformed and let it fall on his roof.

"Get a hand on the aft," Roadhandler asked Big Daddy and Greaser with a nod.


Fortress Maximus: Medbay Corridors

Ultra Magnus continued to limp on toward medbay, still covering his head wound the best he could. Some fluid leaked under his palm, and there was little he could do about the hole in the back of his head and the gash in his leg. He looked down to Arcee and forced a weak grin through the pain.

"I might want to invest in a paint job, for all the leaking I do..."

Magnus returned his distorted vision to his path just as the door to medbay opened. He stopped instantly; his mouth dropped; his hand slowly slid down his face. The sight was nearly too much to comprehend. Magnus staggered toward Kup's bed as quickly as he could but stopped when he caught sight of the monitors. He looked to Arcee in desperation, then Hot Rod. His mouth snapped shut in a tense frown, and his fists clenched tight.

"Till... Till all are one."

It took all of Magnus' will to force his servos to relax. Intellectualization took over, and he remembered that there was still work to do. With some displaced force in his motions, Magnus turned to Optimus and saluted.

"Prime... I'm sorry."

2005-02-23, 01:34 AM
With no medic in sight, Trip-Up and Hubs began to work on Wreck-Gar all by themselves. It wasn't easy, though. And if it was being done to anyone else, it would have taken hours and more skill than they had. Thankfully, the Junkion's constant state of disrepair make fixing him easy. And particularly interesting, too.


Groundshaker hopped off the ATV. "You don't mind if I escort you, do you Ironhide?"


Big Daddy snarled. Then he remembered his assignment.

"Calibration repairs," he muttered. "Right. Come on, Greaser."

2005-02-23, 05:08 AM
"-ecepticon battlestation is moving off from Denver, but that has done nothing to quell the rioting-"

"-but early reports indicate that one of the Autobot cities has been destroyed. We have no confirmation at this hour, but-"

"-nti-Transformer protests are spreading across Europe-"

"-slamic fundimentalist groups have sworn to free Carbombya from Decepticon rule, and have urged Arabic governments to do the same-"

"-parently the militants have managed to take the entire city. Reports indicate that large numbers of police and military personnel have abandoned their posts to join the insurgency, exposing the deep rift that has always seperated Quebec from the rest of the nation-"

Medbay, Fort Max

Hot Rod looked up at Prime, his face a mask of barely controlled fury.

They'll pay, he told himself. I'll make them pay.

His optics fell on Magnus, seeing on his friend's face the same grief that he felt. Only for a moment, though; Magnus's training seemed to take over, and Hot Rod tried to let his do the same. Forcing his expression to become a bit more calm, he gave Prime a nod.

"I think I'm up to that."

Crosshairs frowned, though. "Prime, I think I have something else I should do. Kup...he told me I should get over to Metroplex and start stripping weapons off." The Targetmaster shrugged. "If we want to salvage them I'll have to do it now...before the fires ignite the ammo stores and blow everything up. I'll need Trailbreaker, too, just in case anything real nasty happens and we need containment."

Hot Rod interjected. "Blitzwing could come with me instead. It'll be safer for him than being in Autobase right now, anyway."

And if he's willing to come, it'll go a long way towards earning him some trust around here...

"Just one thing, Prime. If they do take off...should I shoot them down?"

2005-02-23, 05:46 AM
"Crosshair I can help you lift thing up in Tow truck mode."

2005-02-23, 06:01 AM
Cargo Bay, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Sure, Groundshaker. Lil' comp'ny never hurts."

Hardhead: -walks up, still looking pretty beat up- "You called for a lift?" -picks Ironhide up, slings him over his left shoulder-

Ironhide: "Down sahde ta bein' nearly invulnerable. Th' nearly part. Ah think Ah've busted more back linkages over th' years'n anything else."

Hardhead: -striding towards medbay, slowly enough so Groundshaker can keep up- "Isn't that a new body?"

Ironhide: "Yeah. Don't make things th' way they used ta....."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Quig: "Thanks, Sandstorm." -drives into the medbay, sees everybody standing around, looking at Kup's body- "Oh, dear....."

Siren: -stunned into silence-

Nightbeat and Chromedome: -walk in-

Nightbeat: -looking at the new arm piece- "What am I supposed to do with this thing, anyway?" -sees Chromedome stiffen- "Hmm?" -looks over, sees Kup- "Damn."

Ammo Bay 5:

Minerva and Brainstorm: -working on Wideload-

2005-02-23, 06:30 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Arcee looked at Kup's body, not wanting to believe what she saw. "Kup is... he's no longer functioning?"

She buried her face in her hands, trembling as she suddenly felt much more exhausted, her legs hardly supporting her any longer.

Brave Maximus
2005-02-23, 07:19 AM
Dai Atlas finished seeing to Omega Supreme then turned to see what the others were looking at. He spotted the Sparkless body of Kup on the med table and the emotion drained from his face:

"Damn, another good warrior gone. Too many good Sparks gone to rest......."

Speeder looked up from his vantage point and lowered his head. He said a prayer that, in his mind was said far too often in his life time:

"Primus grant you peace Old warrior. May the Light grace you and the arms of the Body embrace you - Primus welcomes you home far too soon."

2005-02-23, 01:34 PM
Landfill swung himself off the biobed as the automated system finished its repairs , looking round he noticed the place was busier than when he went under , but strangely silent looking round he noticed Kup's lifeless body , a wave of anger and sadness filled him , another good comrade gone offline he thought .


Wideload moaned and moved slightly


Scoop having finished what he could do on his own , repairing the AA positions , looked around finding the surrounding area strangely deserted .

He opened a com link

Dai, Prowl , Prime , Red anyone recieving me , anyone got any orders for me ? over

Random Sweep
2005-02-23, 03:22 PM
Having Stabalized Omega for the moment, Ratchet walked over and deactivated the sensors attached to Kup .

" I'm sorry folks but unless you are in need of repairs I need you to clear the medbay. " he said to the gathered bots

Such a waste

" Now, Magnus , lets get your wounds fixed up, I am sure you have alot to do " he said to the large Autobot

2005-02-23, 04:20 PM
"Lead the way Fixit. Something tells me they'll need everyone if they plan on getting this devastation repaired" Talon replied to the Micromaster as he flew after him.

Assuming we're not forced to recycle what's left.. he thought malancoly.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-02-23, 05:42 PM
Blaster moved idly inside Fort Max. He really had nothing to do so he began to go backtowards the crow's nest.


Sunstreaker had missed the battle entirely. He was no where near the Autobase anymore. He had found a highway and was just driving down it.


Sideswipe, Brawn and Windcharger scouted around outside for anything that had stayed behind and was looking to get pounded.

God Jinrai
2005-02-23, 07:03 PM
"Agreed, Hotrod... " Prime brought his right hand up to the side of his head, clicking on his headset comm. "Scoop, You're to join Hotrod and Blitzwing in taking care of energy supplies we recently located." Prime clicked off, returning his attention to Hotrod. " If it's necessary... so be it. But remember. If those planes do take off... and they do end up being destroyed... we're a lot further away from getting ourselves back on our feet. "

His attention again shifted..this time to Crosshairs. " Considering that his potential last request, I'm in no position to deny him that, Crosshairs. Go and get started on stripping Metroplex down... once we have a functional gestalt team on-hand, we'll send them to join you in the heavy lifting."

Prime just stared at kup's body for a moment...still unable to let the loss sink in... despite the fact he knew it to be true. "Magnus... it was no one's fault.. no one's but my own... If I would have just trusted HotRod... I would have still been here... I could have DONE something..." Prime brought his hands down in a downward thrust at the table. "Blast it all! Too many friends have gone to rest again... and the guilt I bear over daring to tear them from their rest ONCE is nearly too much to bear... I can't do it again... they've...they've done more than their lifetime's worth of work already... It's my turn... to make sure their sacrifices aren't in vain."

2005-02-23, 07:29 PM
Roadhandler's face fell immediately into a frown at Big Daddy's reaction.

"Hey! Hey! Get back here!"

Swindler grunted.

"Slag those fools. I told you Daddy ain't changed... C'mon, we'll move this heap ourselves."

Roadhandler shook his head, hoisted again to resituate the weight on his hands, and began dragging Skyfire toward the city.


Fortress Maximus

Ultra Magnus forced the tiniest grin at Ratchet's request. Any other time he'd have waited until the end, but he knew few had suffered as severely as he - despite how well he covered the pain, he was truly afraid he may still end at any moment.

"Thank you," he mouthed quietly.

Magnus staggered to an available table and laid down shakily, his working optic locked passively on the ceiling. He tried to be moved by his leader's words, but even that motivating amnesty was not enough to wash off his guilt.

"But I was here, Prime. I could have stopped them... But they were too much. Too fast. I-- I failed, Prime. When we coronated Autobot City twenty years ago, all you asked was that I protect it. You trusted me to that. Everyone did. And in my twenty years as City Commander, it's fallen three times..."

Magnus took a sigh to regain his composure.

"I made Metroplex a promise after the first time, Prime. I told him he'd still be able to fight no matter how many times the Decepticons put him down. I never suspected it would be this many, but a promise is a promise... I took his laser core before the explosion. Requesting technical and material assets to build Metroplex a standard-sized surrogate frame."

God Jinrai
2005-02-23, 07:40 PM
" But that's not nearly as many times I have, Magnus." Prime joked.. something that no one would have expected, considering the state he'd just been in.

Prime stood silent for a moment before speaking up again...

"Permission granted, Magnus. But I have a question for you. the damage you've sustained... is it.. to your inner form as well?"