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2005-02-20, 10:15 AM
*The cameras come on as Warzone’s opening theme, “Duality” by Slipknot, and opening credits begin to play. The camera pulls away from the Archivetron to reveal a capacity crowd packed into the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia as the fireworks explode at the top of the stage*

JFA: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of AWF: Warzone. We have a great show for tonight and we are only weeks away from the next AWF PPV, Redemption. I am JFA and with me as always is the ever outspoken JHA.”
JHA: “Good evening.”
JFA: “Well J, we are only a few short weeks away from Redemption and we still don’t really know what’s going to be on the card.”
JHA: “Well you are right for once. But if I know Mr.Reilly then tonight I think we will find out some of what’s going to be taking place that night.
JFA: “I think you are right. And I think Mr. Reilly is scheduled to come out here shortly to announce and discuss what’s going to be taking place tonight, so lets send it to ringside.”

IIIIII’M BACK! And I’m better than ever, I’m BACK….

Reilly strolls out from the back and down to the ring where he grabs a mic and gets ready to speak.

Reilly: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen. As you all know AWF Redemption is only a few weeks away and we still don’t really have anything booked for the show. So tonight I am making a few matches that will start bringing the card together and between tonight and Mayhem I guarantee that we will have a stellar show lined up for you. But as for tonight I am making two number one contenders matches. One will be for the Tag Team title shot and the other will be for an Intercontinental title shot. I am not going to tell you who is going to be in these matches but I am sure you will all be pleasantly surprised with the show they put on for you tonight.”

The fans let out a small cheer as Reilly clears his throat.

Reilly: “But since I can’t have a show with only two matches on it I have also booked a few matches that I think the people of Sydney will enjoy. You are going to get to see a triple threat match between Viewfind, Sixswitch and Morpheus. Then in the main event you will get to watch our AWF World Champion defend his title against none other than the Mad Bomber, Bombshell.”

The fans cheer at the announcements of the triple threat match and the world title match.

Reilly: “Now if you will all excuse me I have got to get back to work but I hope you will all enjoy the show.”

Reilly exits the ring and walks to the back.

JFA: “Wow, would you look at that. Reilly came out here and treated the fans with respect and gave them what they wanted to see. I am impressed.”
JHA: “Yeah me too. I get to see TC destroy Bombshell tonight.”
JFA: “At least in your mind. Remember Bombshell is a former world champ.”
JHA: “Yeah former and he didn’t go through 29 other men in one match to get his title. So I know TC is going to destroy him.”
JFA: “Well whatever you say. Lets go down to ringside for our first match of the evening.”

Cloudstrifer Vs Scarecrow

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF TV title. Introducing first, the champion……CLOUDSTRIFER!”

“Built for speed” by Motorhead begins to blast though out the arena as Cloud makes his way down to the ring with his belt firmly around his waist. He climbs into the ring and poses for the crowd as his music fades and changes into “Scarecrow” by Ministry.

JRA: “And introducing next, the challenger….SCARECROW!”

Scarecrow makes his way down to the ring where the TV Champion is already waiting stroking his title belt. Scarecrow slowly walks down the ramp and waits at the apron. He causally grabs the rope, hoists himself up and gets in the ring. Cloud nods as he gives his belt to the ref and the bell rings.

JFA: Cloud with his title on the line tonight, up against the new comer Scarecrow he made waves at the Royal Rumble at Edge of Survival.
JHA: Well both of the men in the ring are sizing each other up now, Cloud raises his hand calling for a test of strength. Scarecrow accepts with one hand and raises his other to counter Cloud.
JFA: Cloud grabs the other hand now, Scarecrow and Cloud now testing each other, but the champ wants to keep his belt, he goes for a kick to Scarecrows mid-section now, Scare lets go and Cloud grabs his head for a bulldog.
JHA: Cloud with a quick cover here now, that was a long 2 count ref.
JFA: Cloud helps Scarecrow to his feet and goes for the Irish whip but Scarecrow counters.
JHA: Maybe Cloud’s bulldog wasn’t that effective.
JFA: I would think so, this Scarecrow is going to go far, and he can handle this type of punishment.
JHA: Say’s the old man.
JFA: What was that?
JHA: Nothing.

Scarecrow charges at Cloud in the corner but is met by Cloud’s elbow. Cloud gets on the 2nd turnbuckle as Crow staggers away. Cloud jumps and gets a drop elbow in Crow’s back, which knocks both men down. Cloud jump’s on Scare and starts to here the crowd chant for him, feeding off them he starts pummeling Scarecrow.

Crowd: 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 …

JFA: Ref trying to stop Cloud here. He gets to twelve and stops goes to the ropes, bounces off and goes for a leg drop. Again he goes for the count but Crow powers out at 2.
JHA: The rookie not going to give up here and neither is Cloud. He hoists up Scarecrow, but Scare crow walks back from Cloudstrifer into the ropes and comes back at him with a clothesline.
JFA: These men have spent quite a bit of this match on the matt so far.
JHA: Well they ARE in the ring J, geez.
JFA: Scarecrow looks at Cloud on the matt then at the ref and smiles. He applies the Leg Lock and Cloud sudden kicks back into life pounding the matt in agony.
JHA: The Scarecrow is pumping his arms in mid-air and nodding to the TV Champion knowing that’s going to tap out.
JFA: Cloud getting coming to senses and start’s dragging himself and Crow to the ring ropes, the crowd absolutely loves this.

Cloud start’s heaving him to the ring ropes while Scarecrow locks down tighter on the leg lock. Cloud is slowly dragging himself to the ropes until …

JHA: It’s over, Scarecrow managed to drag cloud back away from the ropes. How much more can Cloud take of this treatment? He’s raising his hand now, he’s going for the tap he’s raising it higher, higher … what?
JFA: Cloud just gave Scarecrow the bird with a smile cocked on his face, he is still struggling with the pain but he start’s dragging him and Crow to the ropes.
JHA: This is intense, Scarecrow shaking his head madly, Cloud moving his body and Crow’s towards the ropes. And he gets it!

The ref steps in and forces Scarecrow to break the hold and he reluctantly does so. Cloud uses the ropes as support as he hoists himself up but the damage has been done by the Leg Lock, Cloud takes a few steps into the centre of the ring.

JHA: Cloud doesn’t look to good here, Scarecrow is now a lot more mobile and faster then him now, Crow looking around and charges Cloud, and he goes for the DDT, Cloud reserves … inside cradle!
JFA: Scarecrow is struggling, the ref goes to matt, he counts is. 1... 2... 3! Cloud wins! Cloud stole it! Cloudstrifer retains the belt, Cloud retains!


*The camera cuts to Reilly’s office where we see him sitting behind his desk going through some papers as there is a loud thud at the door and StarStorm barges in*

Reilly: “What in the hell do you think you are doing?”

Raven: “We heard that you are having a number one contenders match for the tag titles tonight and we wanted to know why we weren’t in it.”

Reilly: “Well…”

Vanth: “No that’s not what we want to hear. We want in that match and weather you like it or not we are going to be in that match.”

Reilly: “Is that right? You think you can come in here and just tell me what’s going to happen on my show.”

Raven : “Your damn right that’s what we are doing and there’s nothing you or anybody else can do about it.”

Reilly: “Alright, If that’s the way its got to be then I guess I will have to deal with it.”

Vanth: “Well its good to see you are finally listening to reason.”

Reilly: “Well you better go get ready, because your match is up next.”

Vanth: “Fine by us and the next time you see us we will have our title shot at redemption.”

Reilly: “Alright then you go do that.”

StarStorm leaves the room.

Reilly: “You poor little fools, you just don’t get it do you.”

*Commercial Break*

JFA: “Well we are back and it looks like its time for our first number one contenders match of the evening.”
JHA: “Yes it is, but I still can’t believe that StarStorm had enough guts to walk right into Reilly’s office like that and tell him what’s going to happen.”
JFA: “I don’t know if you would call it guts or stupidity. But they still don’t know who their opponents are going to be in this match.”
JHA: “Yeah but according to them it doesn’t really matter who it is.”
JFA: “Yeah but we know who its going to be.”
JHA: “Yes we do, its going to be Murder Inc.”
JFA: “Right, Auros and the Wild One.”

AWF Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contender Match
StarStorm Vs Murder Inc. (Sir Auros & Wild One)

JHA: Well, seeing what they’re up against, I dunno, I can’t make any comments after the last time I let my mouth fire off.
JFA: Reilly come down on your hard?
JHA: *sigh* *nods*

Prayer by Disturbed blasts the audience as the Wild One and Auros make their way out to the ring, down the ramp looking at the fans as they mildly cheer.

JHA: Crowd doesn’t seem to care about this duo from Murder Inc.?
JFA: Seems so doesn’t it?

End of Everything by Stereomund kicks out as the StarStorm makes their way down the ramp, top speed to get to Wild One and Auros.

JFA: And it looks like these guys want to get this match going straight away. Vanth and Raven both in the ring and charge at Murder Inc. head on!
JHA: Auros gets Vanth down with a mid-section tackle, but TW1 gets caught by Raven and they both are sent out of the ring. They seem to be trading left and rights on the floor now as Vanth gets an advantage over Auros.
JFA: Both men on their feet now and the ref calls for Raven and TW1 to break it up. Raven rolls away as TW1 gets to his feet, as they go to their respected corners.
JHA: Auros now up, he’s looking at Vanth hungrily and they start to circle each other now. Raven and TW1 are looking on quietly looking at their partners.
JFA: Vanth is the first one to break he charges at Auros but he gets the knee up. He applies the DDT and plants Vanth on his face. Wow what a sound.
JHA: TW1 calling for a tag and Auros gives it to him, Auros gets a cheap shot in before he swaps and Raven jumps in the ring and is stopped by the ref. TW1 gets a cheap shot in, and starts to strangle Vanth with the ropes as the ref tells Raven to get back to his corner.

The ref finally sees The Wild One with Vanth and tells him to break the hold and he does, smiling at the crowd. He pulls Vanth off the ropes and throws him to the middle of the ring. Vanth is lying belly up and Wild One sends both knee’s into his gut and Vanth sits up and then lies flat again.

JFA: Now was THAT called for, he could have killed Vanth then.
JHA: So? He’s just another lackey for Reilly?
JFA: And wasn’t that one of the things you aren’t supposed to say when were on air?
JHA: Maybe. Back to the match, TW1 has got Vanth in a head lock at the moment. Ref is allowing it, but it looks like Vanth can’t take to match of it right now, he’s raising his hand for the tap, but TW1 lets go?
JFA: I think he’s sending a message to the Serial Slackerz, a loud message. TW1 tags in Auros and drag’s Vanth in the corner and gives a swift kick to the ribs before Auros gets in the ring. Auros turns and looks at Raven, as he can simply watch on.

Auros simply faces Raven and tries to give Vanth a mule kick but Vanth catches Auros’ boot and pushes him forward. Auros overbalances and falls over as Vanth gets up and goes for a tag to Raven, but is stopped by Auros. Just as Vanth is out of Raven’s reach for the tag, Raven jumps in the ring but once again the ref stop’s him. TW1 jump’s in and drags Vanth back to the corner and start’s dropping his elbow into his mid-section.

JHA: Well Murder Inc. has this match under control.
JFA: Yes, but can the referee maintain order in this match?
JHA: Auros is up now, the ref has Raven in his corner, but Auros goes for the attack anyway. He pushes the ref out of the way and kick’s Raven in the mid-section. He grab’s his arm and throw’s him into the ropes.
JFA: Raven is running and backwards between the ropes. The Wild One stop’s pummeling Vanth and watches Raven go backwards and forwards. Auros bends over, Raven jumps over him, and Raven comes back Auros moves out of the way and …
JHA: That had to be the loudest clothesline I’ve heard in my life!

We jump to the instant replay and we see Raven jumping over Auros, we see him come back off the ropes. Auros dives out of the way as Raven was getting his knee ready. The Wild One steps in from the side and angle’s his arm just high of Raven’s shoulders, the clip is slowed down to slow motion as we see TW1 move his arm up at the exact moment his arm is below Raven’s jaw, but hasn’t made contact with his neck. Raven is set upwards from the neck as his lower body is sent forwards with his forward momentum from running. Wild One continues moving forward, sending Raven’s head backwards and his feet up making Raven almost horizontal in mid-air. TW1 brings his whole body down with Raven’s and slam’s him down on the mat creating a large booming and slapping effect.

JFA: Now THAT was impressive.

Crowd: Holy Sh!t, Holy Sh!t, Holy Sh!t

JHA: Vanth is looking at his brother with his eyes wide open and Auros is stunned looking at the collapsed TW1 as he is heaving and breathing hard. TW1 stands up, crack’s his neck to the right, and oh my god.
JFA: TW1 just smiled, turned around and pointed at Vanth. He then turned around and looked at Auros and nodded. The ref trying to keep order in the ring but it isn’t working.
JHA: TW1 walks over to Vanth and hoist’s him up. Vanth struggles but his ribs might be broken after the punishment he’s been put through. He throw’s him into the ropes, and Auros catches him and sends him into the ropes even faster.
JFA: Wild One is on the turnbuckle now and is watching Vanth go backwards and forwards. Auros gets a knee into Vanth’s mid-section as he comes to stop from running between the ring ropes.
JHA: Auros with a hand around Vanth’s neck, El Chupacabre!! Auros brought Vanth down to the matt.
JFA: Wild One smiles as Auros rolls out of the way as Wild One stands up and goes for a flying elbow drop, he connects!
JHA: Wild One rolls off Vanth and onto Raven to hold him down, Auros jumps onto Vanth for the pin. There is the 3 count, Wild One and Auros score the win, and show an amazing feet of teamwork here.

F***ing in the bushes by Oasis roars as TW1 and Auros stand united in the ring both with arm’s raised.

JFA: I think they’re sending a message to Ignavus and D-Extreme. The tag titles will soon be Murder Inc.’s.


*Reilly’s office*

Again we see Reilly sitting behind his desk as both Tempest and Ravage walk into his office looking slightly less than happy.

Reilly: “Well boys what can I do for you two. Because I am sure you want something.”

Ravage: “Damn straight we want something.”

Reilly: “Let me guess. You want to be in the IC number one contenders match.”

Tempest: “Wow, how smart of you.”

Reilly: “yeah well see that’s where the problem is. I have already booked on person in that match so I only really have room for one of you.”

Tempest: “What are you talking about? Who did you give the spot too.”

Reilly: “Divebomb.”

Ravage: “Are you kidding me? You gave a spot to the turncoat. He’s already lost to Erik twice since wargames.”

Reilly: “Yes but they both turned out to be very good matches.”

Tempest: “That doesn’t matter. We want in that match.”

Reilly: “Well…Ok. Fine I will just have to turn it into a triple threat match. It’s going to be Divebomb v. Tempest v. Ravage for a title shot at Redemption. How do you like that.”

Rav & Tempest: “Oh yeah.”

Reilly: “Good, but now I have some work to do, so go get ready for your match.”

JFA: “Wow, a triple threat match for the IC title shot.”

JHA: “Oh boy. Divebomb is in for a world of hurt in this match and about time if I do say so myself.”

*Commercial Break*

Christopher Back vs The Lock

JFA: We’re back and here we go! These two had some serious words after our last Mayhem, J, and I think we’re going to find out who exactly was right in their little exchange.
JHA: Right? We all know who was right! The Lock! Murder, Inc was right! It’s that simple.
JFA: I don’t know, CBack might think differently.
JHA: He thinks?

You’ve got…

The crowd immediately starts to boo.

RJA: The following contest is scheduled for ONE fall… making his way to the ring… from Indianapolis, Indiana… he is the NEW f’n game… Christopher… BACK!

No chance in hell.
You've got no chance.
If you mess with me you've got no chance,
No chance in hell.
You've got no chance.

Back comes out, playing to the crowd, absorbing all the boos. He flips off a few fans and dodges a beer cup.

Now you check over your shoulder everywhere that you go
Walkin' down the street there's eyes in every shadow

RJA: And his opponent… from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia… he is the leader of Murder, Incorporated… the LOCK!

You better take a look around you (come on now)
That equipment you got's so outdated
You can't compete with Murder Incorporated
Everywhere you look now, Murder Incorporated

The crowd keeps booing, but to less of an extent than for C-Back. He gets down off of the turnbuckle and is immediately attacked from behind by Back.

JFA: Christopher starting things off quickly here with a cheap shot to the Lock’s back.
JHA: That’s how Back is! He’s cheap. Look at that suit. I own three of those.
JFA: He’s not wearing a suit…
JHA: Fourth wall, J. Fourth wall.

C-Back connects with a quick snap suplex to put the Lock on the mat. He tries to lock in a chickenwing, but the Lock rolls through it.
JFA: The Lock now to his feet… trading punches with Back… the Lock winning, pushes Chris into the ropes… Irish whip… The Big Payback! No! Christopher counters into a neckbreaker… the Lock really looking to end this match early.
JHA: Can you blame him? I’m sure he’s pretty bored already.
JFA: You know, if you’re bored, you could always leave.
JHA: And leave you by yourself? I could never do that!
JFA: I can dream.

The Lock manages to avoid the boots of Christopher Back by rolling out of the ring, and C-Back takes the time to taunt to the crowd a bit more. He receives a greater chorus of boos than before and smiles because of it. The Lock takes the opportunity to trip Back from the outside and get back into the ring. He quickly puts the boots to Chris but is forced to break the hold when C-Back grabs the ropes.

JFA: Christopher Back wisely grabbing the ropes there.
JHA: Dumb luck.
JFA: The Lock dragging him to his feet now… hits a quick European uppercut… a right, left… DDT! A DDT by the Lock onto C-Back puts the rich man on the mat!
JHA: Here we go! One… two… three!
JFA: No! Back gets the shoulder up! This is still going!
JHA: That’s why we need a higher turnover on refs. We need quality people, here.
JFA: Wouldn’t that mean you would be fired?
JHA: Shut it.

The Lock gets to his feet and taunts to the crowd for a moment, drawing a mixed reaction due to his opponent. Christopher Back returns to his feet as well and charges the Lock.

JFA: Belly to belly! The Lock was ready for him!
JHA: That’s it! Another one… two…
JFA: Nowhere near three.
JHA: I can dream.

Back gasps for air on the ground while the Lock looks around and notices that his opponent still isn’t getting up. He looks to the turnbuckle, pats his elbow, and begins to climb.

JHA: Here’s it is! “I’m a Rocker!”
JFA: It’s the Lock’s patented elbow drop… he jumps…
JFA: And misses! Back moved at the last possible second!

The Lock rolls around on the mat, holding his elbow and ribs. Christopher Back rolls out of the ring and finally catches his breath. He goes under the ring and returns with a sledgehammer.

JHA: This isn’t a street fight!
JFA: C-Back with a sledgehammer… he trips up the ref! The ref was checking on the Lock, and Back tripped him up from behind! He’s down!
JHA: Not good. Not good at all.
JFA: Insightful.
JHA: Shut it.

Back gets into the ring and lifts the sledgehammer, smiling at the crowd.

JFA: This sick man…
JHA: Oh, here it comes….
JFA: Missed!
JHA: Missed?
JFA: Missed! Open your eyes, J, because the Lock got out of the way, and C-Back’s sledgehammer is now stuck, having gone through the canvas!

The Lock rolls to his feet and comes up behind Back, who is still trying to pull his hammer out. He quickly hits a german suplex on the rich man, followed quickly by his Ankle Lock!

JFA: C-Back is tapping! Back is tapping out!
JHA: The ref is out! It doesn’t matter!

The Lock lets go of the hold after a moment and goes to check on the ref. He gets the official to his feet, and heads back toward Christopher Back, who is leaning up against the turnbuckle.

JFA: Back charges again… and the Lock ducks behind!
JHA: The Big Payback!
JFA: It connects this time!
JHA: One! Two! Three!
JFA: The Lock has won this!

Now you check over your shoulder everywhere that you go
Walkin' down the street there's eyes in every shadow

RJA: Ladies and gentlemen… your winner, by pinfall… THE LOCK!

The Lock again gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, but he climbs the turnbuckle and celebrates anyway as “Murder, Incorporated” fades out.


We see Reilly walking down the hallway until he comes to a stop in front of one of the locker rooms. He walks in and we see Divebomb getting warmed up for his match.

Reilly: “Divebomb, just the man I wanted to see.”

Divebomb: “What do you want now?”

Reilly: “Oh just to wish you good luck on your match tonight and inform you of a slight change.”

Divebomb: “How slight of a change?”

Reilly: “Oh just that now your match is a triple threat match.”

Divebomb: “A what? Reilly, speak fast or run fast. Those are your two choices.”

Reilly: “That’s enough, you know Divebomb I have had just about enough of you. You cost me a chance at getting rid of Erik and O’con once and for all over some petty disagreement and now its time I got a little payback for that.”

Divebomb: “Reilly, I’m sorry you couldn’t get the job done but your problems with Erik and O’con are just that your own damn problems and I never agreed to do your dirty work for you. So if you are still pissed about that then you can go cry to mommy about it. I just have one question for you. Who am I facing?”

Reilly: “Well see that’s the fun part. It’s two people you know quite well. In fact you used to be teammates.”

Divebomb: “You didn’t.”

Reilly: “Oh yes I did. Tonight you are facing Tempest and Ravage. So good luck.”

With that Reilly walks out of the room leaving a very pissed off Divebomb to think about what’s going to happen.

Commercial Break

2005-02-20, 10:18 AM
AWF Intercontinental Championship Number One Contender Match:
Divebomb v Tempest v Big Daddy Rav

Joey: Well folks, big time match up here between former GPA members and each man has a chance to go on to Redemption to face the People’s Champion…reigning IC Champ, Erik Summers.

Flec: People’s Champ…shows how little the people know…

Burn in my Light begins to play and a very well dressed Erik Summers appears under the Archivetron

Flec: Oh great…what does that glory hound want?

Summers spends a moment basking it the glow of the crowd before making his way over to the Commentary Booth.

Flec: WOW! It’s the Champ…what an honor…here…take my seat…I’ll get another one!

Joey: I suddenly feel quite ill…

Summers: It is getting rather thick around here…

Flec: Pay no attention to Styles…he’s always being quite critical of you, unlike me…looking great champ, have you been working out a little extra lately?

Summers: Relax jabbronie, The Game didn’t come out here to mess up that…well, I won’t lie and say pretty face, but mess up that mug anymore than it already is.

Joey: Glad you could accept my invitation there champ!

Flec: You did this? *Notices Summers glaring at him* What a great idea!

My Last Serenade begins to play over the sound system…

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, this match will determine the number one contender for the AWF IC Championship. First up, making his way to the ring area, from Burnaby, BC, Canada…here is Divebomb!

Flec: Two weeks ago, I would have said that Tempest and Rav would have torn this guy to pieces and then had a hell of a match…now, I’m not so sure!

Summers: See, nothing good ever comes when two people share a brain. It was clear watching the match that Ravage cost Tempest that it was Tempest’s turn to hold the brain and look where it got him! Clearly, it doesn’t help when the brain is so small either.

Joey: Any predictions or preferences on who you would like to face champ?
Summers: My prediction is going to be Divebomb, but I’d much rather face Tempest…

Joey: Why’s that?

Summers: He’s the most annoying of the three…

Puritania takes over…

JRA: Now on his way to the ring, hailing from the cold mean back streets of Vermont…

*Summers is heard chuckling in the background at this statement*

JRA: …here is Big Daddy Rav!

Joey: Fairly clear that Divebomb is not going any type of size advantage here.

Flec: Figured that one out all by himself, that’s why he’s the best color man in the biz!

Pistol Grip Pump takes over…

JRA: And finally, hailing from Mandurah, WA, Australia…here is TEMPEST!

Summers: This has to be the only place on the planet where this guy is actually popular…something about hearing your own countries name over the PA I reckon.

Joey: All three men in the ring, bell has sounded and we are underway. Rav and Tempest seem to be talking amongst themselves here. DB meanwhile showing no fear staring his former GPA teammates down…and Champ…have to ask, did you have any idea that DB would give you guys such a huge assist during the War Games?

Summers: Honestly…I had no clue. It was a little different being on that side of things…

Joey: Referring of course to the problems you had the previous year…

Flec: Yeah…that HBK…what a scum bag! Errr…if you think so champ, I mean…

Joey: Nice…grovel more will you? Tempest and Rav now starting off by both moving in on DB, who counters with a series of punches, rolling out of the way, then drop kicking Tempest in the back of the knee. Rav however with a thunderous clothesline to level DB as he started to get up.

Summers: DB is going to have to exploit the fact that these guys have the collective IQ of a gerbil and the speed…well, they have no speed to speak of. Though technically, slow is a speed…

Joey: Military press slam forthcoming by BDR…DB lands hard on the mat. Tempest follows up with a sledgehammer drop. DB clearly in trouble as Tempest and Ravage have sorted their differences it appears and are working on the same page. Tempest barking some orders now…BDR pulling Divebomb up and holding him. Tempest off the ropes, going for a big boot here…DB squirms free and Ravage takes a big boot to his face!

Flec: Oh no!

Summers: The kick is up…and it’s good!

Joey: Tempest clearly didn’t mean for that to happen…

Summers: Yeah…looks real broken up over it…

Joey: Fair point. Temp on the offensive now, trying to keep momentum going against Divebomb. Locks in a pendulum backbreaker, then applies pressure to the lower back from the position.

Summers: Painful as this is to say, a highly effective maneuver there…keeping the pressure on the lower back, bending him back…look at Divebomb’s back bend like a bow there.

Flec: Brilliant observation!

Summers: You’re still here monkey boy? Go get the Game a beer!

Flec: You’re kidding…

Summers: NOW!

Joey: The last time I saw him move that quickly was when they announced the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue was on sale…

Summers: I have a way of inspiring people.

Joey: Tempest still with the pressure applied, wrenching down, bowing DB’s back.

Summers: Course nothing breaks a painful submission type hold like a nasty clothesline!

Joey: Ravage off the ropes and a monstrous lunging clothesline…shattering the hold Tempest had on DB and sending Tempest down hard to the mat!

Flec: (Out of breath) Here…

Summers: (Spits out beer) What the hell is this swill?

Flec: … uhhhhhh…

Summers: We’re in Australia you git…get me a good beer!

Flec: *sighs* but…

Summers: NOW MONKEY!

Joey: Again…impressed.
Summers: Hey…I’m good, that’s why I’m the people’s champion!

Joey: In the ring, things not going well for Tempest. Ravage hoisting him up…CHOKE SLAM! Down to the canvas. Cover…1…2…and DB breaks the count up before sliding to the outside, with a hardy grin on his face.

Summers: Alliance is clearly over…

Joey: Rav glaring outside at DB, who is heckling his former running mate. Meanwhile, Tempest is pulling himself up and he doesn’t look at all happy. Ravage leaning down to swat at DB, who ducks and clocks Rav in the face…Ravage staggering back right into the Thunder Press! Thunder Press by Tempest on Ravage!

Summers: Captain Intelligence is making a rather large blunder here…

Joey: Tempest is berating Ravage here in the ring, meanwhile, Divebomb sliding back in…screaming for Tempest…

Summers: And he falls for it…EVERYTIME…

Joey: THE END! Divebomb with THE END on Tempest…Tempest took too much time to chastise Ravage. Divebomb with the cover…1…2…3! Divebomb is the Number One Contender and will face the Game at Redemption!

Summers: Nice idea there…you knew those two mental giants would implode on one another. All Divebomb had to do was wait for the right moment and steal a quick victory. Well, I’m off…places to go, ladies waiting to get a little one on one time…or two on one time…or…

Joey: Get the picture champ…

Summers: Send monkey boy back to my locker room with my beverage when he gets back…

Joey: thanks champ!

Summers: Clearly, the pleasure has been yours.

Joey: Meanwhile, the story shifts back to the ring…Divebomb has made his way to the back to celebrate his victory, and in the ring Tempest and Ravage are coming around. Ravage glaring at Tempest. Ravage up first sliding to the outside and grabbing a chair, Tempest pulling himself up in the ring…Ravage going for the swing with the chair…Tempest ducking.

Flec: I’m back…where? WHAT THE HELL? The match is over! Where is that…

Joey: Summers said to bring his beverage to the back…

Flec: What do I look like?

Joey: He said “now, monkey boy!”

Flec: Oh hell… *Flec wonders off to the back*
Joey: Tempest with a punch to Rav…Rav drops the chair and staggers back. Tempest grabbing the chair and leveling Ravage! Ravage busted wide open as Tempest just drilled him with that chair. Tempest now slamming the chair down on the mat, clearly irate with losing his shot at the Game…and folks, this feud with Tempest and Ravage…clearly just beginning, but Divebomb is the AWF IC Number One Contender! We’ll be right back!


The camera cut to backstage where Lisa Lovelace is waiting to get a word with the new Intercontinental number one contender.

LL: “Well I am backstage waiting for Divebomb to get back here after the win and oh yup here he comes. Divebomb… Divebomb can I get a few words with you?”

Divebomb stops and turns towards her then smiles as he casually walks over to her.

DB: “Well hello Lisa. Always good to see you. So what can I do for you?”

LL: “Well I was hoping you would be up for an interview after your win tonight.”

DB: “I am always up for an interview with you.”

LL: “Great. Tonight you won your shot at the IC title at redemption, but you had to go through two of your old teammates to do it. Were you concerned about it before you went down to the ring.”

DB: “Well at first Reilly’s decision to make it a triple threat worried me but by the time the match was about to start I realized something.”

LL: “And what was that?”

DB: “That is was Ravage and Tempest. I mean seriously, they are big guys but when god was handing out gifts they chose to put it all into size and forgot all about brains. There was always a reason they never got anywhere when they were part of the GPA.”

LL: “A reason? What reason would that be.”

DB: “That they were filler. They were just there so we would have somebody to send in first.”

LL: “Oh, well after your win tonight you are now scheduled to face The Game at Redemption. He has beaten you twice in the last few months, so what do you think your chances are at beating him this time?”

DB: “It’s true, he’s beaten me. They weren’t the first two losses I have ever had against him and I am sure it will happen again someday. But as for Redemption, I have nothing standing in my way. I can see the blue skies ahead and it is going to be third time lucky at Redemption. I will walk out the AWF IC champion.”

LL: “Any final comments for the crowd before you go.”

DB: “No but I do have one for Reilly. The next time you want to set me up for a beating pick people that have enough brains to be able to do it.”

LL: “A strong statement there. Well good luck Divebomb.”

DB: “Thanks.”

LL: “Back to you guys.”

Morpheus v. Viewfind v. Sixswitch

Joey: “And here we go. This should be a great match.”
Flec: “Really? Do you really think these hacks are going to put on a good match?”
Joey: “Yes I do. They are all former World Champs and they were the last three men eliminated from the Royal Rumble.”
Flec: “So they lost…”
Joey: “Well yeah but I don’t think that means that any of them will be taking it easy in this match. If they were smart they would use this match to highlight why they should be the world champ and use this match as a sort of stepping stone to get into the world title hunt.”
Flec: “They should, but I am not convinced.”
Joey: “Well whatever, let’s go to JRA for the in-ring announcements.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is a triple threat match that is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Swansea, Wales. The Welsh Wonder…….SIXSWITCH!”

“Like This Like That” by Mauro Picotto begins to blast though out the arena as Sixswitch bursts out onto the stage. The crowd gets to its feet and cheers for the former world champ as he poses for them.

Joey: “The crowd showing their appreciation for Sixswitch here tonight.”
Flec: “Goes to show just how smart they are.”
Joey: “Come on he was a good champ and is still a great wrestler, and who knows he might just be our next world champ.”
Flec: “Egotistical hack.”

Sixswitch enters the ring and poses for the crowd as the music fades. The stage suddenly begins to fill up with a familiar smoke as “Party Up” by DMX begins to play through out the arena.

JRA: “Introducing next, from Philadelphia, PA………VIEWFIND!”

Viewfind saunters out onto the stage wearing his traditional pimp coat and top hat and holding his gold cane in one hand and a gold goblet in the other. The crowd cheers loudly for the former GPA leader as he salutes the crowd and then continues to the ring.

Joey: “Well it looks like Viewfind is in fine form here tonight.”
Flec: “Yeah, I can’t believe I used to like this guy.”
Joey: “And why don’t you like him now.”
Flec: “He went soft. He just isn’t what he used to be.”
Joey: “He is a hardcore legend. He hasn’t gone soft. You’re just jealous that people like him better than they like you.”

Viewfind enters the ring and begins to get ready for the match as his music fades and changes into Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.”

JRA: “And introducing last. From the minds of innocent children…….MORPHEUS!”

Morpheus slowly walks out onto the stage. The fans continue to cheer as Morpheus begins to pull out some of his hair before continuing to the ring.

Flec: “Oh goody. Here comes the AWF’s freak. This guy creeps me out more and more every time I see him.”
Joey: “Yeah, yeah. Morpheus walking down to the ring now but refusing to climb in as it looks like a fan has got him distracted.”
Flec: “Oh come on now, security stop him from harassing the fans.”
Joey: “So you’re worried about the fans well being are you now.”
Flec: “Only when he’s around, he’s bound to give the children nightmares.”
Joey: “Well the referee is not waiting for Morpheus to enter the ring here as he calls for the bell.”

Morpheus continues to walk around the ring and interacting with the fans while the match gets underway in the ring.

Joey: “And it looks like Sixswitch and Viewfind are going to start this match off with out Morpheus here.”
Flec: “Smartest thing they have ever done.”
Joey: “Tie up in the center of the ring and Viewfind with a quick hammer lock. Reversed by Sixswitch, reversed again by Viewfind and a quick drop toe hold by Sixswitch. And both men are back to their feet quickly.”
Flec: “What the hell is he doing now? Is he rubbing one of the fan’s heads?”
Joey: “Tie up again in the center of the ring and an Irish whip by Sixswitch and a quick shoulder block by Viewfind. Viewfind off the ropes… jumps over Sixswitch… ducks under Sixswitch… Dropkick by Sixswitch and Viewfind hits the mat.”
Flec: “Security. Security. Somebody come stop this fool from harassing the fans.”
Joey: “What is your problem with him interacting with the fans?”
Flec: “Are you serious? Look at him. He’s going to give the children nightmares.”
Joey: “Whatever. Viewfind back to his feet now and another dropkick by Sixswitch. And a Third. Sixswitch with a whip into the corner and charges in with a shoulder block. Sixswitch going on the attack now.”
Flec: “Look at this fool. He doesn’t even notice that the match is going on.”
Joey: “Repeated shoulders to the gut of Viewfind. Backflip and another shoulder. Sixswitch posing for the crowd now after taking this early lead.”
Flec: “He’s standing on the announce table now and he’s pulling out his hair. Would somebody come out here and put a straight jacket on this guy.”
Joey: “Anyways, back in the ring Sixswitch with a scoop slam on Viewfind and it looks like he’s going to go up top.”
Flec: “Look at this now. He’s imitating Sixswitch.”
Joey: “Six on top now and it looks like he’s going for a leg drop.”
Flec: “He’s copying everything Six is doing. Somebody please get him out of here.”
Joey: “Why? The fans think it’s great. But Sixswitch doesn’t look to happy with it. Six jumps and…Viewfind rolled out of the way. Six looks like he landed pretty hard on his tailbone.”
Flec: “Yeah and Morpheus well he isn’t paying any attention to Six anymore. I swear if he pulls out anymore hair he’s going to be bald in a week.”
Joey: “Maybe but are you going to be the one to stop him.”
Flec: “Well…I…umm.”
Joey: “That’s what I thought. Viewfind back to his feet here and dragging Six back up. Snap suplex followed up with a quick elbow drop, and another. Viewfind dragging Six back up and he hits him with a backbreaker.”
Flec: “It looks like Morpheus wants to join the match finally.”
Joey: “I think you are right. Morpheus rolling into the ring and I don’t think Viewfind knows what to do here. Six is down but Morpheus is a loose cannon and I think Viewfind is struggling with what to do.”
Flec: “Yeah but Morpheus isn’t.”

Morpheus charges in and takes Viewfind down with a clothesline then picks him up and walks him over to the corner.

Joey: “Morpheus bouncing Viewfind’s head off the turnbuckle now. And I think the crowd a counting.”


Joey: “Morpheus with an Irish whip to the opposite corner and a running clothesline.”
Flec: Yeah and now Viewfind has dropped in the corner.”
Joey: “You are right and Morpheus has seen this and I think we all know what is coming.”

Morpheus backs into the other corner, raises his hand and then charges and connects with a running knee to Viewfind’s face. Morpheus gets back to a standing base and turns around to see Sixswitch getting to his feet.

Joey: “This doesn’t look good for Sixswitch. Morpheus is stalking him.”
Flec: “Now that would give me nightmares.”
Joey: “What would?”
Flec: “Having that freak stalk me. Scary.”
Joey: “Anyways, Sixswitch turning around now and a kick to the gut and...”

Sixswitch doubles over after the brutal kick to the gut and Morpheus moves in and quickly drives him into the mat with a powerbomb. With Sixswitch down and Viewfind barely moving, Morpheus gives the crowd a quick double gun salute and then drops to the ground and starts pulling out his hair.

Joey: “Morpheus rocking back and forth on the ground now after just taking out both of his opponents in this match.”
Flec: “What an idiot. I think he’s talking to the turnbuckle now too.”
Joey: “I think you are right, but let’s take another look at that huge powerbomb by Morpheus.”

The screen cuts to a picture in picture mode and we see the replay of Morpheus powerbombing Sixswitch into the mat. The camera cuts back to normal.

Joey: “That was a very good powerbomb.”
Flec: “Yeah it was. Too bad it was preformed by the freak.”
Joey: “Oh it looks like Viewfind has made it back to his feet now and Morpheus hasn’t seen him. Viewfind looks a little surprised that Morpheus isn’t moving here.”
Flec: “He just doesn’t know what to make of him and I don’t blame him.”

Viewfind hesitates for a moment longer then charges in and slams into Morpheus with a seated drop kick. Morpheus crashes head first into the turnbuckle and Viewfind quickly moves in. He drags Morpheus to his feet and drops him with a DDT then climbs the ropes.

Joey: “What do you think Viewfind is going to do now? I mean Morpheus is already getting to his feet.”
Flec: “I don’t know but I hope it really hurts Morpheus.”

Morpheus slowly gets to his feet but before he can even regain his balance Viewfind jumps and drives the resident freak’s head into the mat with a bulldog.

Joey: “OH MY GOD! Viewfind with a top rope bulldog and I think might have just put Morpheus out of the match. He’s got to be.”
Flec: “Thank god. Now I don’t care what happens.”
Joey: “Viewfind looks pumped after that move and he isn’t showing any signs of letting up here as he drives his boot into the side of Morpheus. Viewfind dragging Morpheus to his feet now and whipping him into the ropes…..Oh a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Viewfind with the cover. 1…2..Kickout!”
Flec: “Damn it, why couldn’t he just stay down?”
Joey: “Viewfind looks amazed at the fact that he didn’t just beat Morpheus after that huge tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. But not to be hindered, it looks like he’s calling for the Philly pimp drop and Morpheus is slowly getting to his feet.”
Flec: “Do it. Do it.”
Joey: “Morpheus up to one knee.”
Flec: “DO IT!”
Joey: “Morpheus up and Viewfind has got him……Philly Pimp Drop. Viewfind just leveled Morpheus with the Philly Pimp Drop. Going for the cover. 1…2…TH…”
Flec: “NOOOOOO.”
Joey: “OH MY GOD! Sixswitch broke the count and now is going after Viewfind. Spinning heel kick. Viewfind back up and a drop kick from Sixswitch. Viewfind back up again and hurricanrana. Holding it for the pin. 1…2…Kick out! Sixswitch with a two count there and not letting up as he drags Viewfind to his feet. Irish whip into the corner and going right back to the martial arts kicks. Left and right and left and right…oh and a spinning kick to the gut.”
Flec: “Not bad.”
Joey: “Viewfind falling out of the corner and it looks like Sixswitch is going to end it here as it appears that he is calling for the Technophobic. Yup he’s up on the top rope and one final pose for the crowd…..And he just landed squarely on Viewfind. This has got to be it but I think he might have hurt himself with that one too because he is not getting to the cover very fast.”
Flec: “He’s got to make the cover. Morpheus is starting to get back up and I can not see him win this.”
Joey: “Sixswitch inching his way over to Viewfind and finally making the cover. 1…2…TH….”
Flec: “Damn it. Why? Can somebody please tell me that.”
Joey: “As you can tell by his response. Morpheus broke the count and it looks like both he and Sixswitch are back to their feet and going toe-to-toe in the center of the ring. Exchanging punches now.”

Both men trade blows back and forth for a few moments when Sixswitch starts to gain the advantage and whips Morpheus into the ropes.

Joey: “Irish whip and…Standing side kick. He just kicked Morpheus in the jaw and Morpheus is down.”
Flec: “I hope he’s knocked out.”
Joey: “He might be and Sixswitch calling for the Sixshooter now. Standing over Morpheus and….No Morpheus got his knees up and quickly getting back to his feet.”
Flec: “Please no. This can’t happen.”
Joey: “I think its going to Morpheus grabbing Sixswitch now and….Anesthesis. Morpheus just hit the Anesthesis. But wait what’s going on? Is that…”
Flec: “Yes it is. Finally, someone’s come out here to stop this lunatic. He’s right there boys take him away.”

With that the camera pans over to see Auros and The Wild One walking down the entrance ramp.

Joey: “What the hell are they doing out here?”
Flec: “Does it matter. Morpheus is distracted. But where’s Lock? Why would these two come out here and not Lock.”
Joey: “Maybe he’s scared. But Morpheus is standing in the ring just looking at these two and I don’t think he knows what to do. Hey Who’s that?”
Flec: “Yes, it’s…..LOCK! He’s here. I knew it.”
Joey: “Lock in the ring now. Standing behind Morpheus and look, Auros and Wild One are laughing at him.”
Flec: “Yeah because they know what’s going to happen.”
Joey: “Yeah so do I. Lock grabbing Morpheus and…..The Big Payback. Damn it, why does he have to interfere.”
Flec: “OH YEAH! That was awesome, we need to see that again.”
Joey: “No we don’t. And now Lock seeing Viewfind starting to move and another Big Payback. He’s just taken out two of the men in this match and the refs calling for the bell.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. Because of a disqualification the referee has declared this match a draw.”

Joey: “Well the ref is throwing this match out here as Lock has slammed both Morpheus and Viewfind to the mat with the Big Payback and…no he’s not going to do it to Sixswitch too is he?”
Flec: “Yup. There it is.”

“Murder Incorporated” by Bruce Springsteen begins as Auros and The Wild One join Lock in the ring and all three men celebrate as we cut to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

2005-02-20, 10:21 AM
World Title Match
Thundercracker © vs. Bombshell

JFA: And we’re back, we’ve got what could be a great match up next.
JHA: Wait, this means we’re almost done, right?
JFA: It is the main event… so yeah.
JHA: Good… I bet on the wrong guy for that last match.
JFA: So?
JHA: Well, I don’t have the money… and I wanna get out of here before they come find me.
JFA: You deserve what you’re gonna get.

Get up, Get up, Get up
Drop the bombshell!

JHA: Ah, it’s Bombshell! He’s challenging for the title?
JFA: Apparently Riley decided to let his new champ breaks his teeth in on the mad bomber.
JHA: Or get his teeth broken! Oh!

As Bombshell makes his way down the ramp on his customary bike, he pauses for a moment to let Arcee get off and step into the front row. After doing a few laps around the ring, and getting a rather negative reaction, he gets into the ring.

JFA: Looks like that entrance is getting a little stale with the crowd.
JHA: Just cause he doesn’t care what the crowd thinks doesn’t mean he isn’t awesome.
JFA: Looks like someone is getting a little crush on Bombers!
JHA: Well, that is a pretty cool bike.. I mean.. wait! Shut up!

Slayer’s Disciple hits, and whereas Bombshell got a lukewarm reaction from the crowd at best they immediately react to the presence of the new AWF Champion – TC.

JFA: Wow! And I thought they didn’t like Bombers.
JHA: Who does like Bombers, anyway? The guy sucks out loud.
JFA: Wha? What happened?
JHA: Well, TC is the new GPA leader…
JFA: Ah, how your loyalty swings.

TC, after taking a moment to taunt the crowd with his shiny belt, rolls into the ring and waves his arms – mocking Bombshell and indicating he’s ready for the match to start.

JFA: Here we go, an AWF Championship match, here on Warzone!
JHA: Better than that stupid TV champ, lordy lordy he’s boring!

The bell rings, and TC immediately rushes at Bombers and, wrapping his arms around him, hits a Northern Lights Suplex.

JHA: Go TC! Kick that Village People Wannabe’s heiny!
JFA: TC with a quick start here…

TC quickly rolls up, waves his arms again, and when Bombers gets to his feet hits another Northern Lights… and repeats a third.. then fourth time.

JFA: An impressive display out of the champ so early in the match.
JHA: You’re being nice to GPA? Wow… you really don’t know who to root for, do you?
JFA: Hey… isn’t that guy over there looking at you? He looks kinda mean..
JHA: Oh snapstick… that’s who I owe money to. Hide me.

Bombers gets to his feet again, and TC tries for a fifth suplex, but Bombers throws him up against the turnbuckle. Mounting the second ropes.. he goes for the punch combo. The crowd chants along merrily.

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9..

Before Bombshell can hit his last blow, however, TC thrusts him back onto the mat, quickly springs up top, and hits his split leg moonsault.

JFA: Some quick moves here by TC, showing why he’s the champ.
JHA: Haha! Even you root for GPA against Bombers!
JFA: Hey, that thug you owe money to is gone… wonder where he went?
JHA: >whimper<

TC goes for the pin..



JHA: 3!
JFA: Why do you always do that?
JHA: It’s fun!
JFA: He kicked out!
JHA: Barely.

TC, springing back against the ropes for momentum, rushes at Bombers and hits a nice spinning wheel kick then hits a standing backflip.

JFA: He’s really moving fast. He wants to show he’s worth the title, I guess.
JHA: He showed that by winning the rumble!
JFA: True.. but now he has no competitor for Archivemania.
JHA: Good, he shouldn’t. He should just always have the title.

TC does a leg drop onto Bombers, and goes for a pin..



JHA: 3!
JFA: Stop that!

Bombers kicks out again, but this time as TC tries to get him up to continue this assault Bombshell connects with a right hook – effectively stunning the champ for a moment. A quick toe kick gives Bombers the time he needs to set up and deliver a powerful spine buster.

JFA: Bombers finally showing some offense here.
JHA: Don’t make no never mind!
JFA: Never say that again.
JHA: What? I’m from Texas! I’m allowed to!

Bombshell locks in a camel clutch, anger showing in his face.

JFA: Looks like Bombers wants to slow down his opponent with that hold.
JHA: Don’t give him that much credi… URG!
JFA: What?

Camera pivots, and we see the thug JHA owes money to has grabbed him from behind, in the crowd, and is pummeling him behind the barrier.

JFA: Ha! Well… I would call security….. but… eh. This is funnier.

Bombers still has the camel clutch in on the champ, and although it looks like he’s trying pretty hard TC isn’t showing much signs of wearing down. Angered, Bombers quickly unlocks his hands and instead starts pulling back on TC’s hair.

JFA: What a cheap move!

The ref, realizing it, tries to make Bombshell let go. TC decides to make him let go faster, and kicks up.. Hitting Bombers right in the crotch.

JFA: What another cheap move! I don’t know who I dislike more! (Then we hear JHA wail as the thug wails on him.) Oh yeah! (He turns to JHA) It’s you.

In the ring, both men are rolling about in pain from the respective cheap shots, and the ref begins the count





At 5 TC manages to get to his feet, still rubbing his head.


TC charges at Bombers and hits a baseball slide kick that knocks him right under the lower rope.

JFA: Thud!
Thug: I’d say!
JFA: Wait.. What’re you doin here?

The thug that beat up JHA has taken JHA’s place next to JFA, and donned his headset.

Thug: You need someone else to do commentary right? I’m a big fan!
JFA: Great.. A fan boy.
Thug: Whad was dat?
JFA: Nothing at all!

TC climbs the turnbuckle, waits for Bombers, still on the outside, to get up and hits a Flying Kick from the ring onto Bomber’s face. Bombers is immediately thrown backwards and his head crashes into the Swedish announce table.

JFA: Innovative move by TC! And so perfectly timed as well.
Thug: Ya… dat dude smashed his head real bad. Hurtin yah haad like dat is real baad
JFA: >pausing for a moment< You know, I think you might actually be a better color commentator than JHA.
Thug: Da… do ya dink so?
JFA: Ya! You should talk to Reilly after… see if you can get a job.
Thug: Well… I did done broke dat guy’s jaw… he don’t be talking for long time
JFA: I love you so much.

TC drags the stunned Bombers up onto the announce table. We notice a patch of red on the back of Bomber’s head where it connected to the Swedish Announce Table. TC hooks Bomber’s leg, setting up for the Fisherman’s Suplex. He pauses for a moment, then launches his opponent backward off the table… and he crashes through the adjacent Vietnamese Announce Table.

JFA: The AWF broadcasts in over 150 different countries! And each one gets an announcer table!
Thug: Da… whaddabout Texas?
JFA: well, sometimes I wish they were a separate than the US.

TC pauses to survey the carnage he’s made, chuckles, and rolls Bombers into the ring. He goes for the pin…

Thug: Why ain’t dat zebra countin?
JFA: I’ll assume you mean the ref, and look! Arcee’s distracting him.
Thug: She done distract me too. She purdy.
JFA: Ladies and gentlemen, the argument against testosterone supplements.

TC, realizing the ref is distracted, merely stands up and shrugs. He rolls under the ropes, and knocks a hapless intern from his chair.

Thug: Dat’s whad he gets for sittin in a steel chair at a wresslin match.
JFA: That was actually a valid point.

TC takes the chair back into the ring, lays the flattened chair against Bomber’s face, and quickly goes up high..

JFA: Spinning Leg Drop… onto the chair… onto Bomber’s face!
Thug: Dat was cool. I’m gonnna ‘member dat.
JFA: Do you have a problem with the “th” dipthong?
Thug: dipdong?
JFA: Apparently.

Arcee, realizing what’s happened to Bombshell, and the ref pivots. TC quickly locks in the pin however, and the ref has no choice but count.




JFA: Thundercracker locks this one up, and retains his title!
Thug: Yay! Dat guy won.. And dat guy got all bloody!
JFA: Yeah.. Bombshell is bleeding pretty badly now…
Thug: Yay!
JFA: So Bombshell bled, and JHA got his butt kicked! This had been a good night for me. Well anyways folks, this has been another edition of AWF Warzone. We have seen Murder Inc. and Divebomb become number one contenders and Cloud and TC retain their titles and again JHA got his but kicked. So from me, JFA, and Thug. Good night.

“Duality” by Slipknot begins again as the ending credits play and Warzone goes off the air.

2005-02-20, 12:14 PM
OOC: Good show :D


D-Ex: "So you murder inc. guys won over a team that could only get a win from the other team if they are sick or injured? Good for you guys. I have to admit, you showed me and Igz you can win over a tag team that we defeated in the same show."

*D-Extreme smirks as he gets up from his chair. He stretches for a while before we hear his spine crack. He lets out a little laugh before he looks back at the camera.

D-Ex: "As you can hear, or see clearly guys, I'm 100% ready for the next show. Dont worry...Igz is here somewhere. Igz? IGZ???"

*The camera zooms out to see Igz standing infront of the fridge that he just closed. He is seen eating a piece of chicken.

Igz: "Not now...I'm eating."

D-Ex: "Ok...camera guy...just zoom in to me for a while."

*The camera zooms back to D-Extreme.

D-Ex: "Thank you. Now where was I? Ah yes. Sir Auros and The Wild One. It looks like you guys form a very ulikely pair here in the AWF Tag Division. Do you have any idea how to work as a team in the long run? Course not! Hell, your in the same position as me and Igz here. But somehow, like the serial slackaz, you two can click together as a team. So if I was honest with you right now, you guys are better than Starstorm. Heck, you looked BETTER than Nmat and Blaster as a team. Wild One, you are one of the brightest stars here in the AWF. And Auros..we have met each other in some of the most brutal of hardcore matches for that AWF hardcore title. In combination, you are one of the future of the tag division guys. I got to give you two some props. Hell..I see big things for murder inc. yeah! You heard me...BIG THINGS."

*D-Ex nods before he turns around to grab his singapore cane.

D-Ex: "But when I say big things, it doesnt mean that positive for you all. You two might be a good team, but thats just it. You guys are out of your territory here in the AWF. Auros, you better stick to the boys at the hardcore division. T-W-O, you better have some more lessons to sharpen up your potential. Cause right now, you guys are not ready....you guys are NOT READY to engage and lock horns with the Serial Slackaz. Right now, we might be a bit lazy to get sober or maybe a bit lazy to cut a promo..."

*We hear Igz chewing on the chicken leg and shouting 'I would like to speak right now about our opponents and all...er...but...you do that right now, ok partner?'. We just see D-Ex sigh before continuing.

D-Ex: "But Murder Inc. we aint lazy to lace up our boots and shove it straight up your asses when we will meet you for our tag titles. On our tag match, you better count on the Serial Slackaz to deliver a big reactive rejection on one of you guys. And like you guys getting laid out for the count....be certain that murder inc will be down and out once were done with you two. Lets see if Lock can find some new recruits in his stable once the slackaz cut some slack and slap it into your faces."

*we see D-Extreme raising the singapore cane slowly. Mid-way through it, he turns around to see Igz getting a beer. D-Ex drops the singapore cane and runs towards the can and Igz. He snatches it from Igz.


*We go back to ringside.

JHA: "Talk about one disfunctional team to another. J, please tell me...those two are NOT our AWF Tag Champs."
JFA: "Like it or not, they are. They might have gotten away from the grasps of Blaster and Nmat, but soon we will see if the serial slackaz will surprise us yet again and retain the belt. Or...if Murder Inc. will surprise them and get those titles."

2005-02-20, 12:45 PM
First of all, Christopher Back, sorry Wild, but The Lock had to get to him first. Back, you useless piece of monkey crap, now know that you can't touch The Lock or Murder Inc, and now that The Lock has wipped the floor with you, you can go challenge Y3B or whoever it was you were begging to kick your ass. Loser.

Murder Inc. boys, well done. As you can all now see, The Lock's plan is gradually coming to fruition and Murder Inc. is gradually taking over the AWF. And once The Wild One and Auros take down the Serial Slackaz, Murder Inc. will own the Tag Team titles.

Morpheus, The Lock told you that you had it coming, but tonight, The Lock and Murder Inc. sent out a message. We sent out a message to you, we sent out a message to the Serial Slackaz, we sent out a message to the AWF, we sent out a message to Reilly, and we sent out a message to Thundercracker. The Lock is coming for you all. Morpheus, Viewfind, Sixswitch, Christopher Back *Laughs*, Thundercracker, it doesn't matter, Reilly can set them all up, and The Lock will knock them all down, cause that AWF Title is coming to Murder Inc.

See, The Lock told all you knobbers here in the AWF that you are all a bunch of talentless hacks. The Lock told you, that he was here to clean up the AWF, and dammit, The Lock told you all, that you would feel the Big Payback! And whether you like us, or you don't, we're the best thing going today!

2005-02-20, 03:50 PM
*Cloud sitting in his locker room holding his belt to his face, then keeps in on his shoulder whille using a towel to wipe it.*

Another contentor, another victory. Scarecrow welcome to the list known as the CloudStrifer Victory List. Don't worry you got Ravage and Tempet and OP there to keep you company. This only proves that your a patheic warrior and not worthy to hold this * holds belt up*. Just like the other losers you got nothing to worry me and I proved that your nothing. Now go on and lose to someone else. After all I think its what you do the best, of course I wouldn't know since I don't look at losers.

Anyway Odinson, you better rest up. You say your injured, you say I am picking on injured people. Well you better get your joints your neck in shape because either in PPV or the Mayhem I will create the injuries agian. So get ready and pray CloudStrifer doesn't notice you until its your time. Because if you cross my path, I will make sure that you won't get another chance to face me. Be warned.

Now this has caught my interest. Some one or a group has begun calling themselves Murder Inc. Well, the seem another type of GPA jobbers and no concern of CloudStriffer and his belt. After all who in thier stable is still holding a belt. Wait, thats right no one. So don't worry Cloudites, he is not going to worry about them unless they come and bother Cloud first. But unlike Odinson, I think they won't which is fine by me. After all what possible threat could they have agianst The Norse Warrior? Nothing. Their warning falls on deaf ears because I neither care nor are worried about them.

Odinson your doing a right thing by hiding and building your strenght, because you will need all the help you can get for stopping me from proving that your wrong for a third time. The only thing your going to hear is the one, two, three of the ref counting my pinfall victory over your sorry ass. Unless of course you want something else in The PPV which in that case, I am up for it. After all pinning you once agian won't have that same taste as I did it before. Of course you won't be able to make me "tap out", but unless you want me to do it to you, you better make up your mind because anyway, in any match I will always suceed.

Believe the Hype, Feel the pain!

Random Sweep
2005-02-20, 04:08 PM
The only thing you proved Strifer, is that you are luck not to be in a wheelchair.

Next time we meet I will make sure to nail the DDT and crush your weak spine.

Truth be told however I could not care less who you have beaten or who has beaten you. you are nothing BUT Hype and I am Pain and I will be back for you.

2005-02-20, 04:55 PM
Oh, ho ho. The little man comes and talks.

Ho, how he thinks he wants to put me into a wheelchair. Oh but wait, didn't I give him the bird in his little submission move. Your patheic. Just be glad that you didn't have the odin's spear applied to you because you would be in the hospital right now. Keep walking weakling, I have bigger and better fish to catch than your little weaking self.

2005-02-20, 08:34 PM
D-Ex finishes, and a loud snore issues from beside him. Ignavus has passed out in his chair. KFC boxes litter the area around him, five coke cans are smushed on the table, and one of his legs is propped up. His face glistens with chicken grease. He reaches under his shirt and scratches his chest.

Then he falls out of his chair. The thud reverberates through the room. We hear D-Ex grumble off camera.

OOC: D-Ex said what needed sayin. :laugh:

2005-02-20, 10:30 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
Some one or a group has begun calling themselves Murder Inc. Well, the seem another type of GPA jobbers and no concern of CloudStriffer and his belt. After all who in thier stable is still holding a belt. Wait, thats right no one. So don't worry Cloudites, he is not going to worry about them unless they come and bother
You know it's funny, everyone claims to not care about Murder Inc. and everyone continues to mention that we're not a threat. So tell The Lock why the hell you are all so pre-occupied with us? The Lock knows that the AWF is already feeling the impact of Murder Inc. but The Lock thinks a few people a more worried than what they lead on. But Cloud, you better watch your mouth you low-rent jobber, cause The Lock just might have to shut you up.

2005-02-20, 10:40 PM
So The Lock rears his ugly mug in the AWF again. The Lock sticks his nose into big boy business. The Lock wants to impress the stars of the AWF by making an impact?

Well let me tell you something, The Lock. The Welsh Wonder is not impressed, but you sure as hell got my attention. I dare say you got Viewfind and Morpheus's attention too.

But right now, the Double S hasn't got the time, or the desire to bother himself with a fledgeling faction like Murder Inc. You see, The Lock. To be a good faction, you need good wrestlers. Which you aint got yet.

So once the Double S deals with the slightly more important matter of the AWF Title, you bring your little Ozzie arse to the table, and I'll be more than happy to kick it for you. Because Lock. You are not ready to go one on one with the Welsh Wonder.

2005-02-21, 12:06 AM
Tisk, CloudStrifer's path is once agian crossed by a would be martyr. Why is it that when you speak, all the little idiots come out of the woodwork?

The Lock promises this, the Lock promises that. The Lock can go dance in hell for all I care. The lock wants to rumble? The Lock wants to think he can rumble with CloudStrifer The Chosen One? The Current and forever Tv Champion. The Lock thinks that he is more important that Odinson?

Well The Cloud has news for you sorry little ingrate. Odinson ranks more higher than your patheic little ass while is low enough. Your worthless as a warrior if you need tens of people to win it for you. Remove all those would be hacks in your little organization and you get one worthless punk who thinks hes the bee's knees. The Cloud takes down punks like you every Mayhem every time and I have the belt to show for it. You? What do you have to show with the exception of a lously group which I think you have nighty night time with but thats ok, there are all kinds of people in the world.

So listen up well and listen up good Lock, cause I am only going to say this once. Your not worth my time, your not worth anything to be a martyr and your certainly not worthy of hold any belt. So just walk along with your pretty little group and be the girls you are. Because you all don't have enough balls individually, but togeather you make a tiny one. So scram and beat it, The Cloud is not into fighting lower wrestlers than Odinson, because you get what Scarecrow is, a Patheic one and a boring match.

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain!

2005-02-21, 01:57 AM
Well, well, well.

Let me get something right herrr, "Murder Inc" the biggets collection of mark ass busters the AWF has to offer Jumps me? you see lock you can take a piece of s*** like Auros give him bath shine it up real nice hell even give him a nice pink bow but by the end of the day you STILL HAVE A TERD ON YOU"RE HANDS!

2005-02-21, 09:49 AM
Originally posted by Ignavus
D-Ex finishes, and a loud snore issues from beside him. Ignavus has passed out in his chair. KFC boxes litter the area around him, five coke cans are smushed on the table, and one of his legs is propped up. His face glistens with chicken grease. He reaches under his shirt and scratches his chest.

Then he falls out of his chair. The thud reverberates through the room. We hear D-Ex grumble off camera.

OOC: D-Ex said what needed sayin. :laugh:

OOC: Hehehehe :D Igz....lets be honest here....my time here this year in the AWF would have been dull without ya, friend :D Anyways, cant wait to see the next show..or is it gonna be PPV time next week?

2005-02-21, 10:19 PM
IC: Oh... wait... was that sound what I think it was? CloudStrifer complaining about a lack of challengers? When I've been sat on the sidelines for two weeks with absolutely nothing to do? Now I understand why Amarant was ticked off....

Look, Cloud; I have no particular aversion to you as such- I know, some of you aren't believing I said that- but I don't. Or rather, I didn't. I think you're becoming just a little too full of yourself, pal. So I'll tell you what... you want some competition? How about me?

I await your response...

The Wild One
2005-02-21, 11:40 PM
< A seen is shown backstage of W1 bench pressing an impressive amount of weight. After putting up the bar, W1 looks at the camera. >

Well, it seems as if the serial eaters, think were nothing. In case you didn't notice, I just sent another one to the hospital. And Auros, almost ended a career. Not unusual from Murder Inc. Lock, you had to do buisness. I am not mad, just as long as a get to damn near kill some one. Cereal Eater's, You're Next! Don't worry, we'll bring the body bags.

2005-02-22, 12:18 AM
Originally posted by The Wild One
Don't worry, we'll bring the body bags.
Well, thhat iss ccertainly nicce off you; taking it upon yoursselff to prepare ffor a ssurprisse party, courtessy off me. Iff nothhing elsse, your...proactivvenesss musst be admired, esspeccially ssincce you havve no idea when or where I will rear my head. Let it be known, thhough, thhat wherevver and whenevver it may be, it will cosst you ssomethhing vvery, vvery dear.

No, not thhat. Fffrankly, I had no idea you possesssed ssuch an item...but I thhink I can do ssomethhing worsse. Thhe time off your repentancce drawss evver closser, sspitefful oness, and I sstopped acccepting written conffesssionss a long time ago.

2005-02-22, 01:19 AM
Originally posted by The Wild One
Well, it seems as if the serial eaters, think were nothing. In case you didn't notice, I just sent another one to the hospital. And Auros, almost ended a career. Not unusual from Murder Inc. Lock, you had to do buisness. I am not mad, just as long as a get to damn near kill some one. Cereal Eater's, You're Next! Don't worry, we'll bring the body bags.

I'm a tad bit confused, I thought I'd gone through your biography. Explain it to me, when exactly did the brain damage happen? Way I see it, it could have been any number of ways; parents kept slapping you in hopes of finally getting the ugly to leave is my best bet, though.

Listen when people talk. D-Ex said he was impressed - he was actually impressed by you. He didn't "think were nothing." I'd like to teach you how to conjugate, since, according to that quote you have no idea how to even get close, or at least apostrophate, but I know it's a failed propisition. So I'll teach you how to understand things. D-Ex actually complimented you. He said he thinks you're good. He's ready for the competition, but thinks he's better.

I know we're better. I've never come across Auros myself, never met him really. So he's a mystery. And your leader is kinda rude, but he kinda amuses me. No, I know we can beat you 'cause they decided to let you in. Holy Potato on a Friter, what were they thinking?

To quote Carl of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a man of infinite wisdom and sagacity, you're "workin, workin at pissin me off." ...It's funnier when he says it. Trust me, I don't like people who work.

Originally posted by Shockmeister
Let it be known, thhough, thhat wherevver and whenevver it may be, it will cosst you ssomethhing vvery, vvery dear.

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy! I do declare!

It would seem the anuerisym causing stupidity of tw1 has moved planets, arisen mountains, and shifted the Earth itself.

It must have, because it would seem that Judge Death and Ignavus have found themselves in agreeance. Two diametrically opposed forces have intertwined to come to bear upon... well, someone who doesn't even know what diametric means... much less upon.

Judge Death, I don't blame you. Punish him for all I care, apparently he's more than willing to bring along the requiste supplies for dealing with his corpse once you're done. I said I can't allow you to go about punishing people once, it violates the Philosophy of the Slacker and is just plain wrong. But hell, I'll make an exception in this case.

Less work for me, after all.

2005-02-22, 02:54 AM
Once agian, I hear the bleating of another martyr, another man who just wants his shot at CloudStrifer and his belt.

You want to face me, fine get back in line behind Odinson because he is all I am waiting for. I am the belt holder he should challenge me. He did and I accepted and he ran off. Tisk where is the good challenge where you need one?

WOlfgang you want to face me thats fine, it will allow you to because familiar with my list of challengers who shouldn't have come into the ring with me. But wait, what do you bring. Odinson wants me to prove him wrong for the third time thats finally going to shut him up or make him roar on how its everyones fault but his. So here is the idea Wolfy, You bring me what I want. Yes you go around fighting tilly ou reach the belt from your former friend and bring it to the ring. We will have our belts on the line, and for once I will have somethign to look up to rather than getting a pen and writing thier name down.

Do this and I will face you before Odinson. If you don't which I understand you won't since your like that then swait in line to fail at your chance to take down CloudStrifer.

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain!

2005-02-22, 07:11 AM
(Divebomb is walking backstage when he sees the camera focused on him, so he approaches it)

DB: "Well Erik. This is it. One-on-one. For the IC title. You have beaten me twice in the last few months, but this time is different. The split of the GPA is over and done with. I have nothing weighing heavy on my mind and nothing is going to get in my way. Erik, putting respect aside, after all is said and done and the night and Redemption are over. That belt is coming home with me. You are looking at the AWF's new IC champion. This will be The End of your title reign."

(Divebomb turns to leave but with his back turned to the camera he utters one last phrase)

The storm is coming....Can you survive it? See you at Redemption.

(With that Divebomb walks away and climbs into his Diablo and drives away)

The Wild One
2005-02-22, 06:13 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus
All of the verbal diarrhea spouted forth.

What I was speaking of, was the playing down of our match. In the back of that little pea brain of your's, you surley noticed that you really don't think we were that convincing. I mean, you don't even show any power. In you promos, or hell, in your matches. The fallout will soon come, and when it does, I don't care what happens. I will injure someone. Baddly. I believe you Jerry Lawler put it best, "keep your words short and sweet, in case you have to eat them later one."

2005-02-22, 07:08 PM
Baxter, sitting at the lunch table behind a huge plate of food, looks at the camera and only says:

The time for kicking
The ass of the one who claims
To be wild has come

I will get to it
As soon as I have finished
This delicous meal

2005-02-23, 12:03 AM
IC: I'm sorry... martyr? I ain't dead yet. Disco is deceased. The dodo is extinct. This wolf is not.

You think this is about your frickin' belt? Hell no. Look, pal: I'm a former Hardcore, European and Tag Team Champion. I don't need another belt to prove that I'm a decent wrestler. If I win the TV Title- it's just another notch in the win column.

No. This is about your ego. It needs taking down a pin or two. Hey, if Amarant's gonna be the one to do it: fine by me. If, however, you manage to luck out and beat him, I'll be next in waiting. And believe me: you won't win.

You think you're the be-all and bloody end-all because you're wearing the TV strap. After I've beaten you down a while, you'll be re-evaluating that attitude while they use the crazy glue, staples and thread to knit your ass back together.

2005-02-23, 11:39 AM
Originally posted by The Wild One
What I was speaking of, was the playing down of our match. In the back of that little pea brain of your's, you surley noticed that you really don't think we were that convincing. I mean, you don't even show any power. In you promos, or hell, in your matches. The fallout will soon come, and when it does, I don't care what happens. I will injure someone. Baddly. I believe you Jerry Lawler put it best, "keep your words short and sweet, in case you have to eat them later one."

D-Ex: "Uhm...dude, its nice you believe my friend Igz, but he aint Jerry Lawler. :confused: Man....I know its so lazy to relate on that quote. But hey Wild One, I think its YOU who need to do that thing. Keep it short and sweet...cause this 'cereal slackaz' are so lazy, the health dept. cant get our product and clear us, hence why 2 out of 4 tag teams have died of the reactive rejection.

But then again let me remind you kid its...SERIAL SLACKAZ....no need for milk, unless of course your a busta.

2005-02-23, 03:51 PM
Well, looks like Wolfy has got teeth.

I don't care about your belt history bud. Thats right history. Your former this and former that, well boo hoo. I am the current champion, I am the one making history and all your doing is watching it. You don't want my belt? Fine you don't want it. Good for you, but wait, why weren't you on the show for the past 2 weeks? Oh, I know why because your not that good, your a patheic man with a patheic image and most importantly, your nothing. You want to talk to the TV champion like that? You want to bring him down a notch? Well boo hoo it ain't happening.

You think you can just waltz in here say your the hero to take down CloudStrifer and win? You got alot of guts. You haven't seen what Cloud did to Strife or even OP. You probably didn't see him taken down names for ghis beaten list. Fine by me, you want to get aquainted with the list? Your welcome cause you just got your ass in line for the CloudStrifer List.

Your welcome you know, your welcome that when I am done with you, you will be wishing that you were still with that patheic holder of the belt, Zarak. You will be wishing that the Odin's SPear just snaps your back and ends it there. You know what I will be happy to deliever. I won't say watch your back, because frankly I don't need to. Your not worthy for that, only worthy enough for a head on match. Be glad your not Scarecrow, he isn't even worthy for touching me nor licking my boots.

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain!

Random Sweep
2005-02-23, 04:03 PM
Well well, look who needs to use me to try and get over. Quit running your mouth 'Strifer and bring it.

You stole that win, plain and simple.

You want to prove how good you are then try me again and we will see about breaking that spear of yours.

2005-02-23, 04:52 PM
IC: Hasbeen? Not yet I ain't. You should get over yourself, Strifer: your head's so far up your own ass, I'm surprised you don't roll everywhere.

2005-02-23, 11:05 PM
So another contender comes to play...this time, Divebomb. Though we've sung this little ditty before, haven't we? This time it's going to be different you say? Son, let me break this down for you: Have you been watching me in the ring lately? I've had guys coming out of the woodwork trying to take this title, gunning to make a name for themselves at my expense. I've had my supposed best friend annoying the hell out of me on a nightly basis, sharing his love of his own voice with the world at large. Yet none of these things have stopped me from doing what I do best, winning matches, entertaining the millions and millions of the Game's fans. You see Divebomb, there's a reason why I'm the people's champion around here...and it has nothing to do with this title. It is because there is only one person, in this industry who is that damn good...who gives that damn much...people can say what they want about me. The simple fact remains that in that ring, I am the main event...why? Because I've earned it. I've left my blood in the ring, I've travelled those roads, the sweat, the toil, I've paid the price to be the man. Divebomb, I respect you and you've come a long way from that annoying little prat that used to dent my chairs with your skull. But one thing hasn't changed, I'm still the marker for success in this industry...I bring all that I am to that ring...want to play the Game? Just bring it...

2005-02-24, 12:00 AM
You say I have no power sir? No power, you say? Ha-ha! I would counter that I indeed have many powers - indeed they are super powers. I am part of a league of superheroes!

There is D-Ex (D-Ex is shown in a green spandex suit with a brown beer bottle icon on the front) with the power to drink enormous amounts, and then pass out on the floor!

Then there's Xille (The X is shown, he's in a bright red outfit with a white cape) who is so short he can walk through the crack under a door.

Baxter, the unmovable man!

Judge Death (shown exactly as he is regularly - 'cause he's already out of a comic book) who can kill a man with his bad breath!

Cloudstrifer, who can makes people's brains melt with his vast stupidity!

D-Next, who are actually personal relations to God himself.

Cyberstrike, who can make flaming barbed wire cages with shark moats appear as if from thin air.

And then me, with the extra special super power to move things with my mind... so I don't have to get up off the couch.

Together, we form the League of the Archive!

OOC: Sorry if I quasi used your character without permission. I'll take it down if anyone's quasi disgruntled.

2005-02-24, 01:14 AM
Well, Well looks like someone whats CloudStrifer and guess what he is a bumbling idiot. You want to use CloudStrifer's name in something, well be my guest, the only condition is that you actually have to do something. But wait you didn't! You didn't do anything else than get the most worthless belt around your waist. So tell me does D-Ex, The Whore, and You combine to have at least one ball or are you not even better than that? I will say you all combine into a half one because thats what you actually are. A couple of worthless hacks not worthy enough for anything. My advice, get lost and get out of my face unless you have something which CloudStrifer wants, which is doubtful.

But on to pressing matters. My, My, insult one jobber and they all come out eh? I guess you will need them Odinson since it seems you won't show your face in here. So how much did he pay you to distract me from his well deserved beating?

You got Wolfgang, the most talentless hack has-been that has been around here. He was better than the two idiots I mentioned before, but that was went he was with his saviour and partner Black Zarak. But now? It seems your on a losing streak and don't mind who you lose to eh? No matter, it will be the same for you as for everyone else who has tried to mess with CloudStrifer, defeat. So say your prayers and hide behind a little rock cause pretty soon, CloudStrifer will come and get you. And then you would have to fight for your life, yes you will.

And for my last jobber, since I feel the stink of jobber comming from this one even though I am no where close to him, is Scarecrow. The man who would "put me in a wheelchair", who would come and "get" me, who thinks he has another chance at "defeating" me. Well didn't I tell you think before? I think I did. I stole a win? Your moves where patheic, your skill are patheic and will always be patheic. All they need is a patheic hat to put on you and the ensamble will be complete.

You both seem to be like each other, and both resemble Odinson and his weakself. Whatever he has paid you is not worth it. He could have gotten G91 for a better price, but I do not think he has that money. Your time will come and when it did you will be wishing that you believed the Hype!

Believe The Hype, Feel The Pain!

Amarant Odinson
2005-02-24, 02:04 AM
THAT'S IT!! I hate to steal one of Tapedeck's lines but God damn it CloudStirfer, "WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP??"

I'm not sure what's worse, The fact that you still think that you're worthy of the gold around your waist, the fact that you still havn't asked Reilly for that match against me (which proves to me just how scared you really are) or the fact that you keep on talking while no one, not even the other 15 voices inside your head, give a rat's ass what you have to say.

Face it, the only way you've been able to beat your opponents is by putting them to sleep first with one of your "HUSS HUSS HUSS" Cloudy the Viking ramblings. I've told before big man. Life would be a lot easier on yourself, us and the fans if you just get a little Japanese Oddjob look alike to do all of the talking for you.

Now you've been complaining about lack of competion for a few weeks now and all of a sudden you have about 3 or 4 people wanting to kick your ass. You still think that I'm hiding but I havn't gone anywhere. It's YOU that refuses to face me. It's YOU that hasn't the testicular fortitude to step into the ring with me so I can kick your ass from post to post. It's YOU that's running scared and avoiding me because you know that I'll MAKE YOU TAP.

You see helmet boy, you can spout off all you want about the big bad warrior you think you are. You can talk about the lack of competion that you have and how you think that the god may favour you. And you can even talk about how you've taken me out twice. But I'm still here, I won't go away. No matter what you do to me I'LL STILL GET BACK UP and it will be a cold in hell before you or anyone else in this business can ever put me down for good.

Remember this CloudStrifer, when you and I finally meet, no one will save you, not the fans, not the guys in the back, not the voices in you head, not even Reilly himself will protect you from me. So you keep on believing your own hype. You keep on hiding from me. But the day will come when you will come face to face with The Rabid Wolverine and on that day, I will show what perfection is, on that day I will beat you into submission and on that fateful day I will show you and the world that you could never ... even on your best day....PROVE ME WRONG.

2005-02-24, 02:18 AM
Erik, I give you credit and I agree with you. You are the marker for success and I respect everything you have done not only for me but for the company. When I first started it was you and O'Con that showed me I shouldn't run my mouth if I couldn't take the punishment. But that was then and this is now. I have moved on from the GPA, I have moved on from the NWA, and I have moved on from that little punk that I was. It took alot for me to realize one thing and that was that I was ready to become what I was meant to be. I was not meant to be at the bottom of this fed. I was not meant to have meaning less feuds with meaningless jobbers. I was meant to rise above and now the chance to do that has arised. This is not about being the IC champ, its about being showing the AWF and the world that I am ready. So Erik, at Redemption, I will bring everything I have got and really for the first time in my career I will rise above.

Erik, your on.

2005-02-24, 02:25 AM
Originally posted by Ignavus
D-Next, who are actually personal relations to God himself.

OOC: :laugh: Class!

2005-02-24, 02:32 AM
Tempest is seen walking out of his changing room with his symbol on it and isseen with a huge smile. The camera crew follows and Tempesst looks back and smiles.

"Follow me ..."

We see Tempest goin out to the parking lot were his Metalic Blue RX-8 is waiting. He opens the boot and throws his tuff inside, he open the passenger front door then the back. We see him pull out a sledgehammer and put it over his shoulder.

"Ravage at Redemption, it's going to be you versus me. This is were it will end. GPA no longer exsist and we are the last that stand, View has gone to go prance around with others, Divebomb decide to become a turncoat and you ... you are the worst, you now do what is wrong against your team mates. We are no longer team mates, but wrestlers now up against each other.

We'll see who the best is. We'll found out is the foney tough, and the crazy brave, we'll see who has the balls to end this once and for all. Ravage your redneck lazy ass is mine."

Tempest throws the sledgehammer back in the car and drives off.

2005-02-24, 03:26 AM
Tempest, Tempest, Tempest.

You know for all the hot air you spew out your forget one thing. You are the one that wears women's underwear.

Me at Redemption yup lucky you. You got me. Could have been worse you could have somehow been placed in the title match against TC where we know you would have had no chance of winning. Instead they put you in the ring with me.

You know, if I were you I would ask for someone else becuase your right Tempest the GPA is no more which means I don't have to protect your no talent ass anymore so I think when we get into the ring I am going to have some fun and break you like the cheap toy you are.

2005-02-24, 03:38 AM
This no talent shmuck won the Lord of that Matt before he started to go around wit the GPA. Your just a shmuck that pretends to hang around with the big boys. You don't stand a chance against me Ravage, and I would of won a hell of a lot of my matches if the GPA wasn't screwing them up for me. I've stood on my own feet for a very long time, come Redemption I'll be standing over your lifeless body.

2005-02-24, 06:00 AM
Oh I love this. The two former GPA jobbers. The ones we sent out first to get beat down are arguing about who is better. This is great comedy. Two men that seem to share one brain are going to fight it out. I hope you two give eachother career ending injuries just so I won't have to listen to you anymore.

And before you say anything stupid, remember, I just beat both your asses in one match. So beating you one on one would be no problem. But feel free to test it one of these days.