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2005-02-24, 05:58 AM
The pyro ignites bringing another addition of Mayhem to the airwaves!

Joey Styles: We come to you tonight, from the sold out Brisbane Entertainment Centre, here in Brisbane as we continue the AWF Down Under tour! We have a ton of action tonight and we are just days away from AWF Redemption!

*Mr. Reilly is seen power walking to the ring, not even waiting for his entrance music to queue up*

Joey: And it looks like the boss has something to say!

Mr. Reilly: Ladies and gentlemen, first of all on behalf of the AWF Roster and Crew I want to thank you for making this tour a success and we look forward to another tour here, very soon!

*The crowd pops*

Mr. Reilly: The reason I am out here tonight, is to announce a special treat for you. Tonight, our AWF Champion TC will find out who he will face at Redemption. It will either be, Y3 Blaster, Amarant Odinson or Cloudstrifer, our current TV Champion. But, many have asked, what about Archivemania IV? Who will be the number one contender there? Well, I have decided we will answer that question at Redemption. I was going to have it be a 3 Way Dance, but given the recent actions of the Lock…I have decided that what the fans here would really want to see is a Fatal Fourway!

*Again, the crowd pops*

Reilly: Therefore, at Redemption, the Fatal Fourway will be between, Viewfind, Sixswitch, Morpheus and The Lock!

Flec: WOW!

Reilly: The winner of that match, will go on to Archivemania, to face the AWF Champion! Now then, without further adieu, let’s get this show underway!

AWF TV Title Number 1 Contender's Match:
Wolfang v Redstreak

Sucker train blues by Velvet Revolver hits as Redstreak explodes out from behind the curtains to the cheers of the crowd. He walks towards the ring slapping hands with the fans as he passes before sliding into the ring and getting the crowd going

JFA: Opening bout here! This match is for the number one contendership to the TV title and it should be a good one. We have two long time AWF men in the running here in Redstreak and Wolfang.

JHA: I for once and inclined to agree, hell even just getting to watch these two kick the crap out of eachother will be great fun!

After a few moments Dragontown by Alice Cooper starts and the crowd continues to cheer as the Merseyside marauder makes his way down to the ring and slides in but as he does he is met to a boot to the head from Redstreak. The match is quickly underway and Redstreak using the advantage of his first strike to continue to put the boots to Wolfang. He hauls ‘Fang up after a few more boots and whips him to the ropes and goes for a clothes line. Wolfang ducks under it and goes to the otherside of the ring and comes back with a clothes line of his own knocking Redstreak down.

JFA: Red quickly back to his feet and the two-men lock up in the center of the ring. Wolfang getting the advantage and… boot to the gut by Redstreak. DDT by Redstreak! There’s the pin! Two-count for Red.
JHA: This could be quick too. Perfect!

Redstreak pulls Wolfang back up and delivers a snap suplex and rolls over hitting another one in quick succession. Red gets to his feet and whips Wolfang to the corner and quickly follows up and with an attempted shoulder to the jaw but Wolfang smartly moves out of the way and begins to lay knife-edge chops into Redstreak’s chest. Wolfang goes to whip Redstreak to the opposite but it is reversed and Wolfang is sent back into the exact same corner. Wolfang then takes some knife edge chops of his own before Redstreak starts driving the side of his leg into Wolfang’s midsection.

JFA: Redstreak trying to establish full control here.
JHA: Redstreak. Control. Two things that never really go together.
JFA: I don’t think that’s true.
JHA: Yeah but that is why you just say what’s happening in the ring, that everyone but the blind people can see. And I do the colour commentary that requires insight.
JFA: …..
JHA: And it all becomes painfully evident.

Redstreak hauls Wolfang up and applies a hammerlock to him and holds in there for a few moments and lets Wolfang feel the pain and then moves around front keeping the hold in and hits a belly to belly suplex. Redstreak rolls over and lifts the leg but only gets another two count from this.

JFA: Redstreak arguing he had three there but to no avail. Redsteak hauling Wolfang back up and whipping him back to the corner
JHA: Thank you captain obvious.
JFA: You’re just jealous I get paid more.
JHA: Nothing to do with it!

Redstreak climbs to the second rope and begins to hit close fisted punches with the crowd chanting behind him. When he gets to ten he hops down and drives his shoulder into Wolfang’s chest twice before hauling him up and delivering a a hard belly to belly suplex. He stands up and gestures to the crowd to get them going. He pulls Wolfang up and goes for the Irish whip but is caught off guard by the Grey hunter as both men collapse to the match in a heap.

JFA: Both men down now and the referee administering the 10 count.
JHA: This has nothing to do with how much you get paid!


Both men slowly begin to stir, with Wolfang crawling towards the corner and Red using the ropes beside him to try and get himself up.


Red gets to his feet and leans on the ropes holding his ribs while Wolfang still struggles to his feet. Red makes his way slowly to Wolfang and pulls him back up delivering a punch. Wolfang reels back but comes forward again with a punch of his own. Redstreak stumbles into the center of the ring and Wolfang follows him up with a vicious clothes line sending him hard to the mat. Wolfang follows it up by driving his elbow hard into Red’s chest before getting back up and beginning to stomp away on Red’s knee.

JFA: Wolfang getting some much needed consistent offence in now. Catapult into the corner by Wolfang and Red’s eyes are glazed over. Wolfang uses the momentum to hit a rolling fall away slam and there’s the cover by Wolfang. A two count for Wolfang and he goes right back to work hauling Redstreak back to his feet.

Red is whipped into the ropes but slides between Wolfang’s legs to the outside. He takes the opportunity to catch a breather but Wolfang comes out after him and goes to whip him into the ring post but Redstreak reverses it and Wolfang goes straight into the steel steps behind them.
JHA: See now that is the way to play!
JFA: Redstreak once again with the advantage. He throws Wolfang back into the ring now. He’s going up top.

Redstreak waits on the top turnbuckle and leaps off it connecting a flying clothesline on Wolfang that leaves him flat on the mat. Red stands up and whips Wolfang into the corner and then connects with the stinger splash leaving Wolfang on the mat and looking outcold. The referee goes to attend to Wolfang while Red gets the crowd going in the middle of the ring.

JFA: The referee attending to Wolfang while Red takes the opportunity to taunt the crowd. And.. WHAT THE HELL!? Op2005 just came out of the crowd and punched Red in the back of the head and Redstreak fell forward like a sack of bricks!
JHA: Well that’s one way to win!
JFA: Op2005 is out of there as fast as he got in and the referee never saw a thing! The referee can’t figure this out and he has to start the ten count!


Wolfang slowly crawls over to Redstreak, unaware of what happened and pushes Red onto his back and drapes a tired shoulder over him as a small amount of blood comes from his forehead.


JFA: And Wolfang has won it! But I don’t think even he knows how!


After the match, we find Bombshell entering the arena, his motorcycle parked in the distance behind him. As he rounds a corner, he runs right into Keith Kincaid.

KK: Bombshell, I had only one question for you. What are your thoughts on these mysterious messages you've been receiving? The cWo t-shirt...

BS: I know where you're going with this, and I'm not in the mood, Kincaid. You know The Mad Bomber...I always do what I say I'm going to do. I said I would one day become AWF World Heavyweight Champion, and no matter how many people told me it was impossible, The Mad Bomber did the impossible. This so-called mystery won't be any different. Do I know who's responsible? Let's just say I have my hunches.

KK: Who do you suspect?

BS: You think I'm going to tell you? Does a detective announce his primary suspects on national television in front of an audience of millions? Did you go to an accredited school, Kincaid? Shove that microphone up your ass. When I find out who's responsible for this cWo nonsense...believe me, you'll know.

Bombshell pushes his way by Kincaid, who adjusts the hanky in his suit and looks noticeably jarred by the less-than-smooth interview.

AWF Hardcore Number One Contender's Match:
Scarecrow v Baxter

JFA: “And here we go. It’s time for our Hardcore number one contenders match and I think this should be a very good match between two of our young rookies.”
JHA: “It doesn’t matter who’s in it. This is a hardcore match so we know that no matter who wins, someone is going to be hurt.”
JFA: “Usually the way it is. But let’s go JRA for the announcement.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a number one contender’s match for the hardcore title. Introducing first, from the fields of pain…..SCARECROW!”

The sounds of Ministry flow through the arena as scarecrow makes his way out of the back and down to the ring with a kendo stick in each hand.

JFA: “It looks like Scarecrow is coming to this match prepared.”
JHA: “The way it should be.”

Scarecrow enters the ring and the music changes into the sound of wind.”

JRA: “and introducing his opponent, from Nashville, TN…..BAXTER!”

Scarecrow stands in the ring waiting for Baxter to make his way to the ring but nobody emerges through the curtains.

JFA: “Baxter not coming out here. I wonder where he is.”
JHA: “I don’t know, wait. What is that?”

Suddenly Baxter steps over the guard rail and climbs into the ring right behind scarecrow with a chair in his hands. He lifts the chair high above his head and waits for scarecrow to turn around. The moment he does he swings the chair and drives it hard into his skull knocking him to the mat.

JFA: “I don’t believe it. How in the hell did Scarecrow let a guy that big sneak up on him.”
JHA: “Beats the hell out of me, but it looks like he thinks it’s over as he goes for the cover.”
JFA: “Yes it does, but an arrogant cover as he just steps on Scarecrows chest.”
JHA: “Very and it should be…No.”
JFA: “Scarecrow kicked out. I don’t believe it.”
JHA: “Me either.”

Baxter looks shocked as the ref tells him it was a two count. The big man gets frustrated as SC quietly rolls out of the ring to collect himself. After a few moments Baxter realizes that SC is gone and follows him to the outside. He walks up behind SC and drags him to his feet. As soon as SC gets to his feet he pushes Baxter’s arms away and chops him in the chest. And again and again. Finally Baxter has had enough and drives his knee into SC’s midsection. SC doubles over and Baxter slams SC’s head into the apron. SC’s head bounces off like a ping pong ball and Baxter clothesline’s him to the mat. Baxter lets out a smile of approval to the fans then drags SC back to his feet and hurls him back first into the steel steps. SC hits the steps and topples over the top of them crashing hard to the floor on the other side. SC lets out a scream of pain and starts holding his back.

JFA: “Holy cow. Scarecrow just flipped over those steel steps after smashing his back into them.”
JHA: “It looked like it hurt. A lot.”
JFA: “Well let’s just put it this way. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me.”
JHA: “Ditto.”

Baxter slowly walks around the step to see SC lying on the floor. He smiles again and then drags SC back to his feet and locks in a bear hug.

JFA: “Baxter with a bear hug applied here. Not wasting any time going after that injured back now is he.”
JHA: “None at all. Would you?”
JFA: “Good point.”

Baxter swings SC back and forth with that bear hug applied as SC scream in pain. The ref yells at them to get back in the ring but Baxter just shrugs and drives SC into the ring post. He doesn’t let go of the hold though and pulls back and does it again then slams him hard onto the floor with a belly to belly suplex.

JFA: “Baxter really working hard on that back.”
JHA: “I don’t think Scarecrow is going to be able to take much more of this.”

Finally Baxter stops for a moment to catch his breath and notices a fan with a sign that read “Baxter Sucks” in the first row. A look of anger comes over his face and he walks over to the fan and rips the sign out of his hands and rips it in half. The fan backs away as Baxter yells at him for a moment and then turns back towards SC and sees he is starting to get back to his feet. Baxter charges at his opponent and goes for an avalanche but SC drops out of the way and hits him with a drop toe hold sending the big man toppling face first into the steel ring steps.

JFA: “What just happened?”
JHA: “Scarecrow saw his life flash before his eyes and got the hell out of dodge.”
JFA: “Baxter down now and it looks like he might be bleeding.”
JHA: “Wouldn’t surprise me at all. We just saw 550lbs crash face first into steel. Something had to give.”
JFA: “True.”

Scarecrow gets back to his feet and climbs onto the apron. He looks down and sees Baxter doubled over holding his face and smirks. He backs up to the opposite corner then runs and jumps and dropkicks Baxter in the back and sends him crashing into the steps. The steps break apart and go flying as Baxter dropt to the floor. Scarecrow gets back up and grabs a kendo stick, which was lying at the edge of the ring, and walks over to Baxter. He drives the kendo stick down into Baxter’s back a couple of times then drops it and drags Baxter back to his feet. With tremendous effort he rolls the big man back into the ring then begins rooting around underneath the ring.

JFA: “My how the tables have turned. Baxter looked like he had this match won until he went over to that fan and now it looks as if Scarecrow is going to win this match.”
JHA: “Unless he wastes too much time outside of the ring looking for something.”

Scarecrow comes back out fro under the ring with a few trash cans and a couple of chairs and tosses them into the ring and climbs back in. He casually walks around the ring for a moment then drops hard onto Baxter with an elbow drop then makes the cover. After two Baxter throws SC off and begins to get up. SC looks a little shocked at how much energy Baxter has left then grabs a chair and watches as Baxter gets to his feet. Baxter is up and turns around as SC begins to swing the chair and quickly drives a boot into his gut then punches the chair as hard as he can. The chair reels back and smacks SC in the face staggering him and Baxter charges forward and clotheslines SC to the mat and picks up one of the trash cans. He walks around the ring and poses for the crowd when suddenly their reaction changes to nothing but boos. Baxter looking a little shocked reels around to see Christopher Back walking down the aisle. Baxter looks at the ref and yells at him to do something but the ref just shrugs.

JFA: “What the hell is he doing out here?”
JHA: “Beats me. But it might be interesting.”
JFA: “It’s Christopher Back. He’s more annoying than anyone I know.”
JHA: “Maybe he will get butt dropped by Baxter.”
JFA: “Umm, well that might be kind of funny.”
JHA: “Told you.”

CB walks down to the edge of the ring and stands there as Baxter stands at the edge of the ring yelling at him. Behind him SC begins to scream in pain holding his face. The sudden screams startle both Baxter and the ref. The ref runs over to see if he’s alright as Baxter turns to see what’s going on. In the brief moment of distraction CB reaches down and grabs the other kendo stick that SC brought to the ring. Baxter turns back to see CB unwind and slam the stick into the side of Baxter’s head. SC quickly gets back to his feet as Baxter spins around from the kendo stick shot and then delivers a super kick to Baxter’s jaw. Baxter drops to the mat and SC quickly drops down for the cover. 1…2….3!

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the match and the new Hardcore number one contender……SCARECROW!”

JFA: “What? Christopher Back came out here to help Scarecrow win. This is horrible.”
JHA: “Not quite what I want to see but he did abide by the rules.”
JFA: “I guess your right and we now know who will be facing Zarak at Redemption for the Hardcore title.”
JHA: “Yup, Scarecrow and you got to wonder just what part Back will play in that match.”
JFA: “I don’t know.”

Scarecrow celebrates in the ring as “Scarecrow” by Ministry blares over the PA system.



Baxter is shown, clearly frustrated by the result of the match when he is suddenly approached by Mr. Reilly.

Reilly: Baxter! Hey…how’s it going? Look…don’t worry about that…I’ve been impressed with what you have been doing since you burst onto the scene. Those little poems you leave around, love em! Now, here’s what I want you do to…I’ve set aside a little bonus for you, want you to take that and go out, have some fun. Maybe get yourself a milk shake!

Baxter gives Reilly a confused look: “Milk shake?”

Reilly: Whatever you want…just make sure that you show up at Redemption…I have something special in mind for you…a problem that I’ve been having and I think you just might be the guy to help me solve it, deal?

Baxter takes the envelope with the “bonus” in it and nods in approval.

Reilly: Now that’s just spiffy, go. Enjoy the night…and we’ll see you Sunday!

Judge Death v Atticus

JHA: WOW! Mr. Reilly is so generous!
JFA: “Its time for our next match and its going to be the little vixen Atticus taking on the Judge.”
JHA: “Oh I can’t wait; I love it when Atticus decides to grace us with her presence.”
JFA: “You would. Now let’s go to JRA for the in-ring announcements.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, coming to you from St. Marks, New York…..ATTICUS!”

You stare at me like im a vitamin,
On the surface you hate,
but you know you need me.
I'll come dressed as any pill you deem fit.
Whatever helps you swallow the truth
all the more easily

As the sounds of “Vitamin” by Incubus begin to fill the arena Atticus makes her way through the curtains and onto the stage. The crowd cheers for her as she walks down to the ring. She climbs in and poses for the crowd as the music fades and changes into "Out Of The Silent Planet" by Iron Maiden.

JRA: “And introducing her opponent. Coming to you from Deadworld……JUDGE DEATH!”

JD walks out of the back and poses for the crowd getting a decent response from the crowd and then marches down to the ring. The ref signals for the bell and the match gets underway. They start to circle the ring as they analyze each other.

JFA: “Well the match is underway here and it looks like both are a little hesitant to get things started here.”
JHA: “I think you are right on that one.”

The two go for a tie up but before it can happen Atticus pulls up and kicks JD in the gut and then slaps him. A moment later, after JD has regained his composure, JD straightens up and looks at Atticus with a shocked expression on his face. She gives him a quick smile and then charges at him taking him down. She straddles him and begins punching as fast as she can until finally he snaps out of it and throws her off.

JFA: “I don’t think Judge Death was expecting Atticus to be quite this aggressive.”
JHA: “She definitely is a little spitfire.”
JFA: “You can say that again.”

JD quickly gets to his feet and catches a charging Atticus with a hiptoss and then another as she quickly got back to her feet and tried again. Atticus gets to her feet and both competitors give each other another look before continuing.

JFA: “They are still quite cautious here.”
JHA: “Well think about it. You have Atticus, a girl, who is in the ring facing JD, a guy. Atticus knows she isn’t as strong as he is, so she has to be smart. Then there’s JD who is in the ring with a girls and probably thinks he’s really going to hurt her. So they both have their reasons.”
JFA: “Very well thought out. Do you need a nap now.”
JHA: “No, hey wait a minute.”
JFA: “Both competitors tying up in the center of the ring now and JD quickly gaining the advantage and whipping Atticus into the corner and connects with a clothesline.”
JHA: “But I think he might have taken it a little bit easy on that one.”
JFA: “I think you are right.”

JD whips Atticus into the opposite corner and charges again and hits her with a clothesline. Atticus drops to the mat holding her chest and a worried look begins to come over JD’s face.

JFA: “I think JD might be too worried about hurting Atticus in this match. He’s letting up on all of his moves and looks like he’s sorry every time he hits her.”
JHA: “He does.”

JD drags Atticus back up and backs her into the ropes then Irish whips her into the far ropes and slams her to the mat with a back body drop. She hits the mat hard and lets out a little scream as she does. JD flinches a bit but continues to fight dragging her back to her feet and hits her with a belly to back suplex. She lets out another scream as JD goes for the cover. Atticus kicks out at about 2 and a half. JD looks a little beside him self as he drags her back to her feet again and slams her to the mat with a fishermans suplex. He holds the move for a pin but Atticus kicks out at 2.

JFA: “Two quick covering attempts there by Judge Death but Atticus refuses to stay down.”
JHA: “Yeah and I think JD is running out of options. He doesn’t really want to hurt her but he might have to.”
JFA: “I think you are right.”

JD gets back to his feet and signals that he’s going to end the match. He stands back a few feet as Atticus slowly gets to a standing position. As she turns around JD kicks her in the gut and then hoists her high into the air. As he’s holding her up there he can be heard saying “I’m sorry.” Just as he’s about to drop her into the move she repeats those words and begins to struggle. JD begins to lose his grip and drops her. As she falls she manages to twist and grab JD by the neck with her legs and she flips him to the mat with a head scissors take down. He quickly manages to get to his feet but Atticus is already standing and waiting for him. She drives a boot into his gut and then drops him head first into the mat with a DDT.

JFA: “Wow, I don’t believe it. Atticus got out of Judge Death’s Take the Plunge finisher and has now taken advantage of the match by hitting him with that DDT.”
JHA: “I think she was just playing hurt.”
JFA: “You seem to be right.”

Atticus makes the cover but JD kicks out at 1 and gets back to his feet. Atticus backs up looking a little worried as JD begins to force her back into the corner.

JFA: “Atticus backing away from Judge here as he is beginning to look less than thrilled with her.”
JHA: “Come on now, Calm down JD. Don’t hurt her.”
JFA: “Atticus pulling the ref in the way now and JD holding up.”

With the ref in between him and her JD reaches out and shoves the ref aside and turns back to face Atticus. As soon as JD does this a smile comes across her face and she kicks JD in the crotch. JD crumples to the mat as the ref turns around a moment too late and sees JD on the mat. Atticus quickly climbs the turnbuckle and jumps. She comes down landing hard on top of JD with a moonsault. She makes the cover and the ref drops in for the count. 1…2….TH….Kickout.

JFA: “Holy cow. That had to be about two and nine tenths.”
JHA: “She was so close. I can’t believe she didn’t get him there.”
JFA: “Me too, but it looks like she’s going back up.”

Atticus quickly climbs back up to the top and poses for the crowd for a moment as she calls for the 450. She sets herself up but when she looks up JD is already standing and waiting for her. Her eyes widen as JD pushes her legs out from underneath her and she lands on the turnbuckle. He gives her a few quick chops and then climbs up with her. He hooks her arm around his neck and slams her down to the mat with a superplex.

JFA: “Judge Death with a huge superplex and Atticus is screaming in pain.”
JHA: “Oh it pains me to see her like this.”
JFA: “And I think JD is calling for the plunge again.”
JHA: “That bastard. He could probably pin her right now if he wanted too.”
JFA: “Probably.”

JD drags Atticus to her feet and hoists her high into the air again and drops her to the mat hitting her with the neckbreaker. JD quickly rolls on top and makes the cover. 1…2…THRE…and she gets her foot on the ropes.

JHA: “I don’t believe it.”
JFA: “Judge pushing her leg off the ropes and hooking it this time as he makes another cover. But she kicks out and I don’t think he can believe it. Judge is in the ref’s face now arguing with him saying it was a three count.”
JHA: “I don’t believe she got her foot on the ropes. I thought she was out.”
JFA: “You and me both but she is up now and Judge is still arguing with the ref. Walking up behind judge and…..Low blow, but Judge was so close to the ref that the ref couldn’t see it. She spins him around and Bitch Kick. She hit him with the bitch kick and she’s going up again.”
JHA: “I think this is it.”
JFA: “And she connects with the 450. Making the cover. 1…2….3! She got him. Atticus has won the match.”
JHA: “Wow, I like her even more now.”
JFA: “I didn’t think that was possible.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match…..ATTICUS!”

Atticus celebrates in the ring as the sounds of “Vitamin” play in the arena.


2005-02-24, 06:00 AM
Keith Kincaid catches up with Judge Death as we return from break.

KK: JD! What happened out there?

JD: What happened? I missssscalculated…that’ssss what happened you fool! That tramp took advantage of me and cheated me of my victory!

KK: Looked to me as though you could have won the match had you not been arguing with the ref…

JD: (Grabs Kincaid by the throat) YOU DARE! YOU DARE QUESSSTION ME?

Reilly: Whoa, whoa whoa there Judge…what seems to be the problem? Wait…let me guess. Upset about the match? Looking to do some more violence?

JD: Of courssse…

Reilly: Well, put the little toad down. Thank you…do me a favor. Show up at Redemption on Sunday and I guarantee you’ll have the chance to do more violence. Now then, here…here’s a little bonus, you’ve earned it. You’ve done great work here and I see a big future for you in the AWF, now go out…have some fun…and remember…Sunday…

JD nods and makes his way out of the building.

Reilly: That’s swell…I really like that guy, don’t you Kincaid?

Kincaid is left, clutching his throat looking at Reilly in shock.

The Game & Sixswitch v Starstorm

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall.”

Stereomund’s End of Everything kicks in to absolutely no crowd reaction.

“Introducing first… from parts unknown… Vanth Dreadstar, Raven Darkstorm… they are StarStorm!”

As the two strut down the ramp, the camera pans across the crowd, lingering briefly on a sign reading “Who’s actually buying this?” before returning to the two competitors.

JFA: “Big tag team extravaganza ahead of us here. StarStorm about to square off against two members of the triumphant War Games team. Former D-Generation Next partners of course and… okay, that’s not quite the music I expected.”
JHA: “You had to mention the D and N words, didn’t you?”

Superstar echoes around the arena as The HeartBrend Kid strolls out from behind the curtain, a sledgehammer in one hand, resting over his shoulder. A chorus of jeers greets the former AWF Champion as he meanders calmly to the ring.

JHA: “… why the hell is his hair purple?”
JFA: “One of many important questions… though I personally would have gone with ‘what the hell is he doing out here?’ O’Con’s not scheduled for a match tonight.”

StarStorm look at the Brendinio Heat in confusion as he walks up the steps and between the ropes. O’Con goes to the ring announcer and snatches the microphone from his hands.

HBK: “I figured this was as good a time as any to grace you with my presence. It’s not like there’s anything important happening out here.”

The crowd chuckle in unison, whilst StarStorm glance at each other furiously. Angered, Vanth Dreadstar rushes at HBK from behind, but O’Con casually swings around and buries the sledgehammer in his gut. Darkstorm charges from the other side, but without even looking, the HeartBrend Kid levels him with a superkick. He grabs the doubled-over Dreadstar by the neck and back and hurls him forcefully through the ropes to the floor, before contemptuously kicking Raven Darkstorm’s unconscious form under the bottom strand.

HBK: “As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I thought it was about time to give this show a Highlight that you’ll all remember. Me.”

The crowd start to cool following their cheery reaction to the swift removal of StarStorm.

HBK: “To start, I’d like to say how happy it makes me to be here in Australia.”

The fans perk up again for the cheap pop.

HBK: “But I would of course be lying.”

JHA: “What’s his t-shirt say?”
JFA: “Heat Ain’t Cheap…”
JHA: “Heh.”

HBK: “Don’t get me wrong, I like Australia. It’s quaint. It reminds me of home. After all, how many of you have got ancestors who were deported on a ship out of Southampton? Plus, everywhere I look, what do I see? Foul mouthed drunken yobs. History tried to forget about you people, but you’re still here. Oh, boo all the hell you want, it doesn’t change how right I am.”

O’Con smirks to himself as the crowd complete their turn on him, listening as the jeers eventually descend into a chorus demanding Stone Cold Skywarp.

HBK: “Of course, that reminds me of somebody else. Yeah, that’s right. You know his name… but how many of you idiots could write it down? That is why XXXX is so popular down here, right? Because none of you can actually spell beer? So, anyway. Drunken foul mouthed yobs that history tried to forget… sounds a lot like Skywarp, doesn’t it? I mean, that is why all you schmucks are chanting for him, right? Because you identify with him? Of course you do. And not because of the things I just mentioned, but because you’re all losers. Yeah, you remember the World Cup, don’t ya? Well, the HeartBrend Kick might not be as powerful as Wilkinson’s boot, but it gets the job done just as well.”

JHA: “I have no idea what this guy’s talking about, but it seems to be pissing off the Aussies, so it’s fine by me!”

HBK: “But, anyway, back to business. I’m not out here to goad you morons. Hell, I’m not even out here to show off my snazzy new haircut.”

JFA: “Snazzy? Is that English slang for ridiculous?”

HBK: “I’m out here to sort out some business. Things don’t stay buried nowadays, the past has a tendency to come back to haunt you. And that’s what’s happened to me. I’m being haunted by a ghost… the Ghost of Losers Past, to be precise. Stone Cold Skywarp - a man who was Yesterday’s News three years ago – has suddenly decided that he’s going to make my life hell. He blindsides me during my matches. He stole the Rumble victory from me. Hell, he even has the audacity to pretend he’s out of the building just so he can cost me a match against Mr Mogadon last week. He’s the thorn in my side, the gnat in my ear, and the ball that I’m going to dropkick for those winning points. And that’s what I’m going to do. Sky, it’s time for me to get my own back. I’m due some redemption. And that’s what I plan to get. And I ain’t moving from this ring until “Package Tour” Reilly comes out here gives me exactly that.”

JHA: “He makes very valid points, don’t you think?”
JFA: “I think he makes himself out as a self-centered idiot. And here come some officials to try and clear him from the ring. We are actually due a match here, people. This is completely unscheduled.”
JHA: “Yeah, but it _was_ a StarStorm match…”

Two suited officials clamber into the ring and approach O’Con, but are quickly leveled by the sledgehammer.

JHA: “Ouch. I bet he’s never gone hardway before…”
JFA: “That will definitely cost Sean O’Con…”
JHA: “Don’t think he cares…”

HBK: “I’m pretty sure I asked for Reilly…”

Burn in My Light suddenly blares through the soundsystem and the Game walks out on stage, backed by Sixswitch.

Game: “Hey, Mr Center-of-Attention, get the hell out of the Game’s ring before the Game comes down there and throws you out.”

The HeartBrend Kid rolls his eyes as he watches his former best friend walk down to the ring.

HBK: “Oh, right. I’m the one who wants attention. Which is of course why you’re crashing my sit-in protest. What’s wrong? Couldn’t stand people not chanting your name for five minutes? Or did you finally get bored of sitting about being dull?”

Game: “The Game thinks you should shut your mouth for thirty seconds and let him talk… no, the Game thinks you should shut your mouth for thirty years and let everybody rejoice.”

O’Con stares back steelily as Erik Summers steps through the ropes. Sixswitch stays on the apron, watching events unfold.

Game: “Sean. You want Skywarp, you want Skywarp bad. You know what you should do? The Game says you should take your twisted obsession that blinds you to the friends around you, start a damn website, take that website, turn it sideways, and…”

HBK: “And pander to the crowd with annoyingly clichéd catchphrases? Sorry, E – that’s more your style these days. What is it? Is it because you’ve got the Intercontinental Title and all I’ve got is the knowledge that the people don’t really care about us? Yeah, they’ll pop for a string of words they know… they’ll sit, they’ll stand up, they’ll roll over… you’ve got them in the palm of your hands. But they’ll still bite that hand off the moment somebody offers them a bigger treat to do it.”

Game: “You really love the sound of your own voice, don’t you?”

HBK: “… yeah, pretty much. Truth has a nice taste to it, as well. You don’t like what I do anymore? Then stay the hell out of it. I thought that’s what we’d agreed.”

Sixswitch: “Oh, give it up. And get the hell out of the ring.”

HBK: “Oh, hang on. The sidekick wants to chime in now? I may not want Erik sticking his nose in my business, but at least he’s got an excuse for his misguided behaviour. All you’ve got is the fact that you’re an idiot. You stay the **** out of my business, Siznitch, or I’ll make it that you never get involved in anybody’s business again.”

Livid, The Double S quickly leaps up onto the top rope and connects with a springboard dropkick on the HeartBrend Kid, knocking him over and sending the sledgehammer across the ring. The Game quickly stands back as Sixswitch starts unloading on O’Con with clenched fists.

JFA: “Sixswitch going to town on Sean O’Con! Months of tension just pent-up inside and he’s taking it all out on the Brendinio Heat!”
JHA: “That is totally uncalled for! He could at least have let O’Con take the jacket off first. That could so easily bruise the leather!”

Hauling the Englishman up, Sixswitch sends him hard into the turnbuckles with an Irish whip. HBK staggers forward with the impact and gets levelled with a spinning heel kick. He quickly gets back to his feet though and ducks a clothesline, ducking behind and nailing a stiff martial arts kick to Six’s kidneys. As Sixswitch grasps his back and slowly turns, O’Con shuffles backwards and turns to face him side on.

JHA: “Oh… here it comes. Tuning it up. The fastest feet in the AWF, he’ll tell you… Heart… Brend… KICK!”
JFA: “Oh my god! Ducked by Sixswitch! And O’Con just levelled the Game with the HeartBrend Kick! Stopping to stare in disbelief… and now he’s smirking about it! But… Sixswitch from behind – clothesline! Out over the top rope and HBK is taken to the arena floor!”

Furious, Sean O’Con tries to jump back onto the apron, but a cadre of officials quickly move to restrain him, pulling him away from the ring.

JFA: “O’Con livid outside. Sixswitch tending to the Game… and I think the Intercontinental Champion is out cold!”
JHA: “That’s what that kick’ll do to you. He took all of it. Full force to the chin... head snapped back… and landed square on the back of his noggin. No surprise he’s out from it.”
JFA: “The HeartBrend Kid being forcibly dragged from the ringside area, now. Backing up the ramp, pointing in anger back up at Sixswitch and the prone form of the Game.”
JHA: “Poor, Sean. Everybody hates him, it seems.”
JFA: “Well he hasn’t really done much to endear himself to anybody of late. Wait a second! From the back… Stone Cold Skywarp!”
JHA: “Oh no…”
JFA: “Skywarp just rushing out from behind the curtain and nails Sean O’Con hard from behind! Stomping a mudhole in the HeartBrend Kid now… dragging him up… STUNNER! Skywarp Stunner on the ramp! HBK just doing a complete one-eighty and landed on his stomach!”
JHA: “And the crowd are eating this up. The sickos!”
JFA: “Skywarp… picking O’Con up now… and hurls him off the stage to the floor below!! My god! Shades of what the Heat did to him two weeks ago! Sean O’Con wanted Skywarp at Redemption… he got a piece of him now, and he may not even get the the pay-per-view! We’ll be back after the following messages!”


As the broadcast returns from commercial, we find Xille standing in front of his locker room's mirror, cupping his hands to run water from the sink's faucet into his hair. In the corner of the mirror, seeing past Xille, we see Vin Ghostal, decked out in full gold attire, enter the locker room, mockingly knocking on the red door.

V3: Enjoying this little jaunt down under? How's Brisbane treating you? They love me here, absolutely love me.

The boos from the crowd in the arena is absolutely deafening.

X, still staring directly into the mirror: I've got nothing to say to you, Ghostal.

Ghostal smiles and runs his hands through his curly brown shoulder-length hair, smiling wryly.

V3: Oh, but I have to disagree with you there, X. You think I don't keep track of everything that goes on around here? I TiVo Mayhem and Warzone every week. I see every little thing you do. I hear every word you say. And it seems to me that you've got a lot to say when I'm not around. You talk about the things you're gonna do, the nights of sleep you've lost thinking about getting revenge one-on-one. I'm tired of the sound of your voice, X.

Xille turns around, and the two men face each other but remain at a distance. Xille crosses his arms obstinately, while Ghostal takes a leisurely seat in his adversary's chair.

X: Oh really? This coming from the man who's done more talking than anybody this Federation's ever seen? Don't make me laugh, Vin. I know you, better than you might think. If the AWF got rid of backstage cameramen, you might hang up your boots in protest. You definitely haven't done anything in the ring worth televising in a long time.

Ghostal bounces out of his chair, and the two men come face to face, with Ghostal standing a full five inches taller than X.

V3: How about I make some quality TV right now by putting your face through that mirror?

X: I'd like to see...you know something? I don't think so. I'm above that now, Vin. I'm not a hardcore jobber anymore. People, maybe only one at a time, but people are realizing that the X is something better, something more. But there's only one way to make believers out of everyone.

V3: And how's that?

X: I know what everyone's expecting...but I'm not waiting for ArchiveMania. You and I need to settle things now...how about you and I, one on one, at Redemption.

Ghostal smirks and shakes his head, then nods slowly.

V3: I love the idea. Oh, and X....good luck tonight.

Ghostal wins and takes off, and Xille turns and stares back into the mirror, drips of water mixed with sweat running down his forehead and cheeks.

Elsewhere backstage

*We see HBK being tended to by EMT’s as Mr. Reilly saunters back there.*

HBK: What the bloody hell do you want?

Reilly: Me? Oh…I don’t know…maybe a show to go off, without one of you egomaniac wrestlers ruining my matches. Do you have any idea what you cost me?

HBK: Summers and Siznitch beating the ever-living hell out of two jobbers?

Reilly: …

HBK: When you’re right…

Reilly: You cost me a match! Summers can’t compete because he’s busy getting stitches above his eye and doesn’t remember the capitol of Minnesota

HBK: That surprises you…

Reilly: HE LIVES THERE YOU JACKASS…and since you cost me a match, you’re going to give me one. Since you and Stone Cold are so eager to get at each other…Redemption…you and him, one on one…have fun! NOW GET HIM THE HELL OUT OF HERE…he’s off for the rest of the night…come back and I’ll fire you!

Bombshell v Xille

JFA: Stone Cold to meet HBK, THIS SUNDAY!
JHA: Violence…sweet violence!
JFA: Speaking of violence, this next match should be a good one. We are going to see Xille pitted against Bombshell.
JHA: Which one of them paid you to say that?
JFA: Neither, I genuine…
JHA: Stop talking. I hear you spill any more of that suck-up crap I’ll puke.
JFA: Well either way, this match is warm-up for Xille who has the match against Vin Ghostal coming up at Redemption.
JHA: Don’t you dare start to sully Ghostal’s good name!

JRA: From Lancaster Ohio! Xille!

JHA: Ahh, our resident midget!

Boysetsfire comes out over the speakers and the crowd erupts into cheers as the smallest man on the AWF roster makes his way down to the ring. Quickly charging down the ramp way and hopping into the ring and quickly scampering up a ring post and acknowledging the crowd.

JRA: And from Maple Ridge BC, Bombshell!

JHA: And our resident goliath, this one should be quick.

Drop the Bombshell by Powerman 5000 starts and then the heavy music hits and the pyros explode as Bombshell makes his way out into the arena under the serenade of boos. He walks down the center of the ramp veering off to the crowd grabbing a sign saying Bombshell sucks and ripping it in half. He slowly climbs the ringside steps and then walks into the ring staring at Xille.

JFA: Quick nothing, Xille has proven time and time again that his size does not affect a thing.
JHA: Except when he gets crushed like we’re about to see!

The bell rings and Bombshell lunges forward but Xille quickly sidesteps and pushes Bombshell into the turnbuckle. He quickly backs off trying to find an angle of attack on the bigger competitor. Bombshell gets up and turns around and this time gets hold of Xille. But he wriggles lose from the hold and delivers a small drop kick to the back of Bombshell’s knee, dropping him down. Xille then runs back against the rope and uses the momentum to hit a knee in the back on Bombshell dropping him onto the mat.

JFA: Case in point. Right here, Bombshell’s size has no affect.
JHA: Match just started.
JFA: Well you might be right, Xille has to find a way to keep the bigger man down.
Xille moves around a bit and then as Bombshell starts to get up he pulls him all the way up and whips him into the ropes. As Bombshell goes for a big boot but Xille has it scouted and ducks under it using the momentum to hit a flap jack on the larger man.

JFA: That has guts. He messes that up and Bombshell probably has an easy three count.
JHA: The kid has more guts than brains.

With Bombshell on his back again Xille moves over and grabs hold of the bigger man’s leg locking in a reverse ankle tendon lock.

JFA: Well what ever he has, at this time he has the bigger guy on the ground in pain. And he doesn’t look like he’s ready to tap.
JHA: Bombshell won’t tap…. I hope!

Suddenly the Saga Continues hits and Vin Ghostal walks out onto the stage brandishing his gold bat and slowly begins to walk down the ramp way. Xille releases the hold and quickly moves to the front of the ring just eyeing Ghostal who pays no real attention to him.

JFA: What is Ghostal doing out here?
JHA: Who knows?! Who cares! This match just got better!
JFA: Well it looks like he is coming to join us.

Ghostal sits down while Xille now stands at the ropes watching Ghostal who still hasn’t looked at Xille.

V3: Ahh the Jay’s! My favorite non married homosexual couple!
JFA: What!?
JHA: Yeah.. hey wait!
V3: I’m sorry… that just slipped out. Tell me how are you two?

While Xille is eye Ghostal Bombshell sneaks up behind him and attempts a roll-up but only gets a two count.

JFA: Close call by Bombshell there. So Ghostal why are you down here? If you were out here to attack Xille you gave yourself away with your music.
V3: Xille? Who is Xille? Oh do you mean that guy I carried on my back through the tag division. He’s still alive?

In the ring Bombshell has taken advantage of Xille’s distraction and begins to work him over. First with hard close handed punches to the head before whipping him into a turn buckle.

JFA: He’s in this match, how can you not know that?!
V3: I don’t pay attention to the low card?

Bombshell delivers a scoop-slam to Xille and begins to put the boots to the smaller man. He picks him back up after five or six only to whip him into the ropes and nail the big-boot.

JFA: What a shot by Bombshell! That should be all right here! 1…2… Kick out by Xille! I thought that was it for sure.
V3: Well he had to learn something while he was with me. Not much though, otherwise this match would be over. So Jay, how is your wife? I mean I haven’t slept with here in days.
JHA: What?!
V3: Other Jay, your wife was ugly.

Bombshell picks Xille back up and begins to lay punches into him again until he is backed into the corner and begins to slump down. Once he is slumped down he begins to stomp away on him until he is right down and seated. Bombshell pulls him up and whips Xille into the ropes and delivers a back body drop with ease, quickly going for another pin.

JFA: Another close pin-fall for Bombshell. He has solid control since Ghostal arrived. And for the record my wife wouldn’t cheat on me.
V3: Did she says this before or after the last company Christmas party?
JFA: Well before… but…
V3: Ask her again.

Bombshell argues with the referee about the speed of the count but as Xille begins to sit up he knocks him back down with a punch to the mid-section. He reaches down and grabs Xille by the hair and pulls him back up. He cocks back and goes for a Haymaker but Xille instinctively ducks and delivers a chop block on the front of the knee. Bombshell howls in pain and falls over holding his knee.

JHA: That is like a lowblow… that is just painful!
V3: Hey this kid learned more than I thought!
JFA: Xille taking the time to get his wits about him again. He has Bombshell at his mercy. Xille to the top rope! He’s waiting for Bombshell to get up!
JHA: Stay down! Stay down!

Not heeding JHA’s cry’s Bombshell turns around and is hit by a cross body But he catches Xille. He tosses Xille behind him and out of the ring but his knee gives way and he collapses down. The Referee immediately goes to ringside and begins the count on Xille while Bombshell crawls over to the ropes.

JFA: Bombshell’s knee gave out and Xille is on the outside, I don’t think he’s moving.

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

Xille slowly begins to stir on the outside getting to his hands and knees moving to the ring steps.

Ref: 4! 5! 6!

Xille pulls himself on the ring steps and uses them to climb back into the ring where Bombshell standing on one leg is waiting for him. He pulls Xille up and gets ready for the Atom Bomb. He pulls Xille up but the weight on his knee is Evident as he pulls Xille up for the finall throw down Xille grabs a hand full of hair and leans back and pulls Bombshell down into the Machina Driver.

JFA: Machina driver by Xille! There’s the pin 1…2…3! Xille wins it!

V3: pffft…whatever, come Sunday, the kid is toast.


The Cameras follow Bombers as he makes his way to his locker

Arcee: What the hell happened out there B?

Bomber: Take one damn guess!

Arcee: This whole thing really has you rattled, doesn’t it?

Bombers: Of course it does…I can’t turn around without some T-shirt or some other nonsense popping up in my face. I will tell you this much…it’s wrecking my game, taking my head out of matches…but I’m going to get to the bottom of this and whoever is behind it, better have a damn good reason, cause if they don’t…

*Bombshell punches a hole into the locker as the camera fades to black, then a commercial break*

2005-02-24, 06:02 AM
For an AWF Title Shot at Redemption:
Amarant Odinson v Cloudstrifer v Y3B Blaster

JFA: “Well ladies and gentlemen we are only moments away from the match that will decide who will face our world champion, TC, at redemption and I think this will be a great match.”
JHA: “I think that they should all lose.”
JFA: “And why is that?”
JHA: “Because it really doesn’t matter who wins. We all know that TC isn’t going to lose to any of them so it would just be a big waste of time for it to happen.”
JFA: “You would think that wouldn’t you.”
JHA: “What, don’t you?”
JFA: “Personally, no. I think they are all great competitors and they all deserve a shot at facing TC.”
JHA: “Even Cloud?”
JFA: “Yes, of course and what do you mean by ‘even cloud?’”
JHA: “I am just saying that he is nowhere near TC’s level.”
JFA: “Whatever. Before we break out into a heated argument, let’s send it down to JRA for the official announcement.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The following is scheduled for one fall and is an AWF World Championship number one contenders match. Introducing first, from The Land of the Vikings. He is your AWF TV champion…….CLOUDSTRIFER!”

As Motorhead’s “Built for Speed” begins to fill the arena Cloudstrifer emerges through the curtains with his TV title strapped around his waist. He poses for the crowd for a few moments, which triggers a mixed reaction from the Australian crowd, then continues down to the ring. He climbs in and takes off his belt and hands it to the referee then begins to stretch as his music fades and changes into Amarant’s entrance music.

JRA: “Introducing next, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Rabid Wolverine…..AMARANT ODINSON!”

Without any hesitation Amarant charges out from the back and bolts down to the ring and instantly begins going after cloud. He takes him down with a spear and starts pummeling him as JRA scurries out of the ring.

JFA: “Wow, Amarant not wasting any time here as he just physically assaults Cloud here.”
JHA: “Yeah and the match hasn’t even begun.”
JFA: “True and Blaster hasn’t even had a chance to get out here.”

With that the counter starts to count down signaling the arrival of Blaster.

JRA: “And introducing last, from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Y3B……..BLASTER!”

“Personal Jesus” by Marilyn Manson begins and Y3B comes out to a huge response from the crowd. He soaks up the cheers like a sponge as his two opponents continue to battle it out in the ring. Without looking even phased by what is going on in the ring he casually walks down the ramp posing for the crowd as Amarant drags Cloud to his feet and throws him out of the ring and then quickly jumps out after him.

JFA: “Blaster looks like he’s in no hurry to get involved in this match as he watches Amarant toss Cloud around like a rag doll.”
JHA: “Well would you be? I mean he knows Amarant is pissed right now and he doesn’t want to do anything that might cost him later in the match.”
JFA: “Well I guess your right.”
JHA: “Of course I am.”

Back on the outside Amarant drags Cloud to his feet and viciously throws him into the steel steps sending cloud toppling over the steps. The bell finally rings as Blaster enters the ring, but this doesn’t seem to phase Amarant as he rushes right over to Cloud and drags him back up. Cloud finally manages to take a swing at Amarant but Amarant ducks it causing Cloud to spin around. Seemingly on instinct Amarant grabs hold and drives Cloud into the mat with a german suplex. Amarant quickly jumps back to his feet and starts yelling to the crowd letting them know he’s full of adrenaline then drags Cloud back to his feet.

JFA: “Amarant is firmly in control of Cloud here but he hasn’t even paid one bit of attention to Blaster yet who seems to be lining both of them up from in the ring right now.”
JHA: “I think Blaster is finally going to get involved in this match”
JFA: “Blaster charging and……He fly’s over the top ropes and comes crashing down onto both of his opponents on the outside…..tossing Cloud into the ring now and you don’t think he’s going to try and pin Cloud now after Amarant did all the work do you?”
JHA: “Hell that’s what I would do.”
JFA: “Yeah but you are opportunistic jackass.”
JHA: “Maybe but this is for a shot at the world title and we all know how much Blaster would like to regain his former title.”
JFA: “Well I think you are right. It looks like Blaster is going to slide into the ring now.”
JHA: “Scratch that. Amarants pulling him back out.”

Amarant grabs Blaster by the boot and yanks him out of the ring and the two men go toe to toe on the outside as Cloud lays lifeless in the center of the ring. The two men exchange punches until finally Blaster gets Amarant with a boot to the gut and then whips him into the apron. Amarant crashes into it kidneys first and lets out a yell as Blaster quickly moves in and slams him into it again then slams him head first into the guard rail. With out letting Amarant fall Blaster grabs hold again and slams him back into the ring apron with a side Russian leg sweep then rolls back into the ring as Amarant falls to the floor holding his back.

JFA: “Blaster taking firm control of the match now and it looks like he’s going to cover Cloud.”
JHA: “Yeah and Cloud still hasn’t moved.”
JFA: “Blaster with the cover and …….NO! Cloud kicked out. Cloud kicked out at two.”
JHA: “Yeah and Blaster can’t believe it and after the beating he saw Cloud take I don’t blame him.”
JFA: “Blaster getting back to his feet now dragging Cloud with him and quickly whipping him into the corner. And now moving in for the attack. You know I am quite impressed by Blaster right now.”
JHA: “Really? And whys that?”
JFA: “Well he’s keeping his cool. Even though Cloud kicked out Blaster isn’t letting that get him frustrated and is instead just going on the attack.”
JHA: “Yeah that’s true.”
JFA: “And look, he’s laying in those quick and might I say very effective knife edge chops. Cloud looking a little worse for the wear right now.”
JHA: “Yup.”

Blaster whips him into the opposite corner and then charges at him going for a clothesline but at the very last second Cloud ducks out of the way and drops Blaster to the mat with a neckbreaker.

JFA: “Cloud with a quick counter and it looks like he caught Blaster good with that one.”
JHA: “Yup all three men are down and none of them are moving.”

The crowd gets to their feet and begins to fill the arena with cheers as All three men struggle to get to their feet. On the outside Amarant is dragging himself to the steel steps while on the inside Cloud and Blaster both make it to the ropes and start to drag themselves up. The crowd continues to get louder as the men make it to their feet and turn to face one another. The crowd gets as loud as they have been the entire night as both men charge into the center of the ring and begin to exchange punches. With every punch exchanged by the two men the crowd can be heard counting until finally Cloud nails a couple punches in succession and then whips Blaster into the ropes and then drives Blaster into the mat with a spinebuster.

JFA: “Cloud with a devastating spinebuster and it looks like he wants to end the match here and now.”
JHA: “I think you are right. He’s backed into the corner.”
JFA: “And we all know what this means.”
JHA: “Odin’s Spear.”
JFA: “You are right.”

Cloud’s legs start to move making it look like he is struggling to stay still as Blaster slowly rolls over and fights his way back to a standing position. He turns around and Cloud explodes out of the corner and drives Blaster into the mat with a spear. Cloud quickly rolls on top for the cover and the ref moves in to make the count. 1……2……THR…..and Amarant fly’s across the ring and nails Cloud with an elbow to the back of the head breaking the count.

JFA: “HOLY COW! I don’t believe it. Amarant got back in a broke the count.”
JHA: “I don’t believe it. Cloud had the match won…..Wait, Cloud almost had the match won. You do realize what that means.”
JFA: “Oh yes I do, Cloud was almost our number on contender.”
JHA: “Yeah, I feel dirty now.”

Cloud gets to his feet obviously pissed off at what just happened and goes right after Amarant who is barely able to get to his feet. Cloud punches him back against the ropes and then whips him across the ring. On his way back Cloud goes for a back body drop but Amarant lands on his feet and a moment later, before Cloud even knows what’s happening Amarant locks in his house of pain finisher.

JFA: “Amarant with the house of pain and I don’t know if Cloud is going to be able to last here. I mean he’s already taken a lot of punishment in this match and most of it at the hands of Amarant.”
JHA: “I don’t think its going to be long.”

Amarant pulls harder on the move causing Cloud to let out a horrifying scream. Clouds hand begins to raise as the ref continues to ask Cloud if he wants to quit.

JFA: “The ref looks like he’s about to call the match.”
JHA: “If Clouds hand comes down this match is over.”

Just as Cloud is about to tap Blaster regains his composure and breaks the hold with a big stomp onto the side of Amarants head. Amarant lets go of Cloud and Cloud rolls to the outside as Blaster drags Amarant to his feet and drive him into the mat with a Stiff Beat.

JFA: “Blaster with the stiff beat and it looks like he wants to end it and claim his spot in the world title match.”
JHA: “I think you are right he’s going for the Soundsault.”
JFA: “Yes he is and just listen to the crowd. They are loving it. This Australian crowd is on its feet as Blaster hits the ropes and lands hard on Amarant with the Soundsault. I think he’s going to go for the cover.”

Suddenly “No Chance” by dope begins to blast through out the arena and Christopher Back walks through the curtains. He slowly starts to walk down to the ring as Blaster gets to his feet looking as confused as can be.

JFA: “What the hell is he doing out here?”
JHA: “I don’t know but it’s throwing Blaster right off his game and just listen to this crowd. I don’t think I have ever heard a crowd’s reaction change so fast.”
JFA: “Back just walking down to the ring and it looks like he’s climbing in.”
JHA: “Just about Blaster is stopping him on the apron.”
JFA: “And it looks like the two are having a very heated discussion.”
JHA: “Yeah I hope you people at home can’t read lips.”
JFA: “At this point I don’t really think it matters that much.”

As the two men are arguing at the edge of the ring Amarant starts to stir in the center of the ring. The two continue to argue as Back wants to get into the ring but Blaster has had enough and finally throws a punch. Back blocks the punch and quickly grabs Blaster by the head and guillotines him on the tope rope. Blaster stumbles back and right into the wait arms of Amarant who has managed to get back to his feet. Amarant grabs hold and quickly picks up Blaster up and drives him back down into the mat with a german suplex pin.

JFA: “OH MY GOD! Back with the Guillotine and now Amarant with the pin and the ref is moving in for the count.”
JHA: “Yup and Cloud still hasn’t moved.”
JFA: “1…….2……”
JHA: “Still no movement.”
JFA: “3! Amarant has done it. Amarant is the number one contender for the AWF world title.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the bout and your new number one contended for the AWF World Title…..AMARANT ODINSON!”

Amarant’s music kicks back in as the ref raises his hand.

JFA: “I can’t believe it. Amarant has won the match. Take a good look TC this is your opponent for Redemption.”


As Mayhem returns from commercial, we see Y3 Blaster backstage with Mr. Reilly.

Y3B: I’m going to make this simple jerky…Back…Redemption…I destroy him and show him that I am his personal Jesus…yes?

Reilly: Well, he did stick his nose in my Number One contender’s match…wait…he did that twice tonight. Tell you what, you want him…he’s all yours.

*Y3B is shown with a huge smile on his face*

Y3B: Wow…I take back half of all the nasty things I said about you this week!

The Lock, Wild One, Auros & Vin Ghostal v
Viewfind, Morpheus & The Serial Slackaz

Flec: WOW! Did you hear that? Tapedeck gets a chance to destroy Chrissy Back! This is going to be great!

Joey: But you hate Blaster…

Flec: Yeah, but I hate Back even more!

Joey: Very special match up here tonight for our main event. As we know, the Slackaz are going to face Auros and Wild One at Redemption, while the Lock will be facing Morpheus and Viewfind, along with Sixswitch in the Fatal Fourway. This match was requested by both Viewfind and Morpheus, and when the Slackaz found out, they wanted in as well.

Flec: Tag alongs…Murder Inc. and Vin Ghostal have more important things to do than this!

Joey: Right…like interfere in matches and do guest commentary?

Flec: Exactly!

The Saga Continues begins to play and Vin Ghostal makes his way out to the ring to the jeers of the fans.

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is an 8 Man Tag Match, scheduled for one fall, with remaining television time as the time limit. Making his way to the ring, from Camden, NJ in the USA…here is V3…VIN GHOSTAL!

Joey: Ghostal out here again tonight, been a busy guy…what with the commentary and all.
Flec: And let me just say, what a great piece of announcing he did!

Joey: I figured you would…

Murder Inc takes over and the crowd jumps to it’s collective feet…

JRA: And his partners…Murder Inc! First up, from Circleville, OH, USA…the Wild One! Next, from Mexico, El Chingador: AUROS…and finally, hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia…THE LOCK!

Flec: WOW…maybe these people aren’t as stupid as I thought! THEY LOVE THE LOCK!

Joey: Even the best of us can have poor taste…

Party Up takes over and the opposing team appears under the Archivetron in unison, though Morpheus looks more skeptical than the other three.

JRA: And their opponents, first from Philadelphia, PA, USA…Viewfind, next from the minds of innocent children…Morpheus…and the AWF Tag Team Champions…D-Extreme and Ignavus, the Serial Slackaz!


Joey: What?

Flec: The only reason to watch those mooky Slackaz isn’t even out here with them!

Joey: Huh?

Flec: Atticus you fool!

Joey: Right…well, all 8 men in the ring and some old rivalries in there to go along with some new ones. Looks like Wild One to start out against D-Extreme here. D-Ex of course took a little time off to recover after being injured a few weeks back. Lock up and Wild One, clearly stronger, backing D-Ex into his corner. Ref calls for a clean break and WO delivers a knife edge chop. Pulling D-Ex out of the corner, WO sends him to the ropes, where he receives a blind tag from Ignavus, WO unaware of the tag, goes for a clothesline, ducked by D-Ex, Ignavus in the ring…and a drop kick from Ignavus to the back of WO, sends him into a clothesline from D-Ex! What teamwork.

Flec: Well…I suppose there is a reason they are tag champs…but DAMNIT WHERE IS ATTY?

Joey: Probably avoiding you…D-Ex to the outside now, WO in trouble with Iggy. Iggy with a stiff kick to the head of WO. Iggy sending WO into the corner, charging in hard, flipping and lunging back elbow staggers WO. Now, Iggy…what is he doing here…

Flec: Tarantula!

Joey: IT IS! The Tarantula applied on the outside of the ropes…ref calling for the break…and the hold is broken, but not by Ignavus, but rather by the powerful foot of Auros! Iggy crashes hard onto the floor and meanwhile, Ghostal has come into the ring and drug Wild One over to their corner.
Flec: Great teamwork!

Joey: While I hate to admit it, you are correct. Great teamwork so far by both teams, but in particular that turn of events should really help the MI/V3 team. Wild One now reaches up and tags in the Lock. Auros finally back in the corner after the referee ordered him to. He did however get ample opportunity to work Ignavus over on the outside, crashing him face first into the steel steps, busting Iggy open, before sending him back into the ring.

Flec: Again, teamwork!

Joey: Cheap, but true. Lock in now with a solid right and, further opening up the wound on Ignavus’ left temple. Now setting Ignavus up…and OVERDRIVE. The Lock delivers the Overdrive and this one should be over…1…2…and cover broken up by both Viewfind and D-Extreme.

Flec: I suppose you wouldn’t have a problem with that though…

Joey: Ignoring your comment. Lock pulls Ignavus up, only to send him back down with a solid, release German suplex. Dragging Ignavus to their corner, he tags in Auros. Don’t expect a great amount of style here…Auros is the muscle of Murder Inc. Pure, brutal, effective.

Flec: And he makes killer burritos…

Joey: What?

Flec: He does…he had me by his place last week for burritos and Corona…

Joey: Right…Auros with a full nelson applied, basically jerking Iggy back and forth, pulling Ignavus up and slamming him back down to the mat. Followed up by a quick elbow drop. Auros now ripping at the open wound, The ref admonishing Auros, which only provokes him more.

Flec: Yeah…great idea making him mad ref!

Joey: Tag now to the Wild One, WO comes in and pulls Ignavus up and drops him back down with that massive spinebuster…cover…1…2…and again, broken up by D-Ex. WO up in D-Ex’s face, punch thrown, blocked, haymaker by D-Ex and X-Ocution! D-Ex with the X-Ocution out of no where! The ref is up in D-ex’s face. D-Ex merely flips him off, grabs Ignavus and carries him to the corner!

Flec: Funny how I’m not hearing those cries of injustice now…

Joey: Viewfind and everyone screaming at Ignavus to make a tag! WO near his corner, reaches up and tags Vin Ghostal in…Ignavus on the other hand, barely coherent, reaching up and Morpheus reaches out to slap the tag.

Flec: Great…come for the match, stay for the freak show.

Joey: Morpheus in hammering away on Vin Ghostal. Ghostal with a huge punch, ducked by Morpheus and followed by a falling clothesline. Morpheus scooping Ghostal up and chucking him over the top rope! Viewfind follows, while Morpheus goes to remove the turnbuckle pad…distracting the ref. Viewfind on the outside…Philly Pimp Drop! Meanwhile, the Lock is in the ring, attacking Morpheus, the two men punching it out, Auros has come in and gone right after D-Ex, those two hammering it out. Viewfind and Morpheus with a double team on the Lock. Morpheus holding Lock, Viewfind winding up, but Lock ducks under and shoves Morpheus right into the hard right hand of Viewfind.

Flec: WHAT!?!?

Joey: Viewfind checking on his partner, but MANDIBLE CLAW! Mandible Claw greets Viewfind as he went to check on Morpheus, Lock all smiles now. Ignavus still out, Wild One just starting to come around, Auros and D-Extreme now toppled to the outside, the referee has called for the bell…and…here comes Sixswitch! Sixswitch on his way out to the ring, sliding in and going right for the Lock! Flying clothesline sends Locky to the mat, Six follows quickly with a Sixshooter! We see that on Sunday and Six is going to Archivemania to face the champion!

Flec: Look outside the ring!

Joey: It appears Xille has made his way out through the crowd and is out getting a glimpse of Vin Ghostal, who was put out on the floor by Viewfind. Ghostal still looking a little worse for wear…BUT EXPLODING WHEN HE SEES X LAUGHING AT HIM! Ghostal just exploded over the guardrail and jumped right in Xille, Ghost has snapped!

Flec: Serves the midget right…

Joey: Meanwhile, Wild One is back up…Sixswitch doesn’t see him…crouched down…TIME TO GET WILD! The massive running superclothesline mows Sixswitch down as he turned…D-Extreme and Auros have taken their fight into the crowd, as have Vin Ghostal and X…there is carnage everywhere and we are out of time…folks, for all of us here with the AWF, thank you and we will see you Sunday for Redemption!

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-02-24, 06:26 AM
Keith Kincaid is seen running up to Blaster who is signing autographs for his fans or 'worshippers' at ringside after the show. He is wearing the new Y3B on a cross shirt showing Blaster being crucified on a cross of gold with spotlights around it and a grin on his face.

KK: Y3B! Can we get a word with you Blaster!

Y3B: Fans aren't allowed on this side of the barrier. Hit the bricks, Junior.

KK: I'm not a fan I...

Y3B: Hey look, you brought me a microphone. And hey, a camera! Well atleast you're good for something.

Blaster palms KK's face and shoves him into the barrier and turns to the camera.

Y3B: You know, I have a chance for the #1 contendership and I have it in the bag and who shows up? Christina, our resident whiner in a cage match, or a casket match or a barbwire match or what ever gimmick he demanded to lose in this week.

Blaster shakes his head

Y3B: It makes me feel gross. So very gross. I lost a match because of my former stalker. You know what it feels like? Having to deal with this fool? It's like being in grade school and we have to draw straws to see who has too play with the retarded kid, and I drew the short straw. So now I have to waste my spot on redemption; which should be winning the title away from that monkey, Thundercracker. I have to waste it to teach this useless, ugly talentless, assclown who he should be praying to everynight.

Y3B: You have until redemption Cyberstrike. Then you touch faith, and believe me. It won't be pretty, not that anything that involves you is.

2005-02-24, 09:40 AM
D-Ex: Man, oh man oh man! Will you look what the hell happened here guys. Now Igz, I hope your feeling better after you got winded in the ring. Told you not to eat too much before going to the ring, kid. But dont worry, I aint mad at ya...cause I do remember me having a worse experience in the ring. You know, like hurling on UPF? Murder Inc. you saw what the Serial Slackaz can do, they can out wrestle you any time they want. Sure, we got a bit sidetracked due to Morpheus making da...View choke on his hand but hey this fight aint over.

Lock, you better tell your 2 boys that they better give it their all next time in the ring against the Serial Slackaz. If they want to get these titles from me and Igz, they better work harder. They better have a better mindset than they had tonight. So WO and Auros...especially Auros, you two will meet me and Igz again soon....VERY SOON!

OOC: Nice Mayhem. :D

2005-02-24, 01:08 PM
*Cloud is Seen with bandages in his mid-section.*

Humph, Odinson this shall not go unpunished. I deserved the belt! You better win it so that I can win it from you. But I have more pressing matters to attend to now, since you seem to have the number 1 contendor for the Hardcore belt. My advice is this. You better not lose. You better be ready to face me because once you do get the belt, if you can, then by Odin, I shall be in your face all day long. You better be ready Odinson, this little match was nothing, so don't get your hopes up. I will overlook you patheic atempt to do a finisher on me. I will over look your stopping of my victory agianst Blaster. You better be ready Odinson, you better be ready!

On to more pressing matters. It seems that Wolfgang is the number 1 contendor for this belt. What an interesting development. Your talk better be a sign of what you will bring Wolfy. I don't want this to be a squash match like Scarecrow's was. So you better brin gyou A-game and you better be ready to face the Hype, because if you don't you will be squashed by it!

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain!

2005-02-24, 05:34 PM
Staring in disbelief at the envelope, Baxter starts feeling better about being robbed of the #1 contender spot for the Hardcore Title.

After opening and looking inside, his eyes become as large as saucers.

He then moves with deceptive speed to Mr. Riley's office, knocks on the door, and enters after Mr. Riley answers.

I would like to say
That both me and my stomach
Thank you greatly, sir.

Anything you need
Done, I'll be sure to do. Just
Name the time and place.

I am willing to
Do almost anything you
Need to have me do.

Thank you once again
I'll be out checking on the
Local BarBeQue.

With that our mammoth of a man bounds down the hall and out the door into the Austrialian night in search of the best local cuisine.

2005-02-24, 06:10 PM
Sixswitch is backstage with the lovely Lisa Lovelace.

LL: Hey, Sixswitch, could I get a word?
Ss: Word.
LL: ...
Ss: OK, it's not funny. It never was funny, but I couldn't resist, OK?
LL: Sure no problem. Anyway, what of your actions today?

Ss: You mean finally having heard enough of HBK's overlarge mouth yapping on? Well, you heard the guy, he still seems to think he can treat me with no respect. Now, that's quite understandable. He wouldn't recognise talent if it knelt down and fellated him in public. But there comes a time when enough is enough, and that time starts tonight. HBK, you've seen that I won't tolerate it any more, so next time you want to disrespect the Double S, take a long hard look back on tonight.

LL: Now your mind must be focused on the Number 1 contenders match.

Ss: Absolutely. It won't be easy, and aint it ironic how just after Warzone I invited the Crock to go one on one with the Welsh Wonder, and he gets invited into my match on the very next Mayhem? Well that's fine with me, and it doesn't matter to the Double S if it's one on one, or one on one on one on one, either way, the Double S is ready to open up a can on the Crock's rear end.

LL: Not forgetting the other two wrestlers in the match.

Ss: Of course not. The Double S has beaten, and been beaten by those guys before, so the Double S knows what they're both capable of. But the Double S is ready. This year, the Double S is more ready than he's ever been in his life. I'm ready to win the Number 1 Contendership. I'm ready to go to Archivemania, and I'm ready to beat the Champion, whoever or whatever that might be, and take the step up to the next level.

LL: A place you've been before, of course.

Ss: Right again Lisa. But this time, the Double S has wisened up. You see? When I lost the title, I underestimated Morpheus. That won't happen again. The Double S will go out there at Redemption, give the Crock, Viewfind and Morpheus all the respect they're due, and then proceed to kick their arses all over the Redemption arena.

LL: Sixswitch, thanks for your time.
Ss: Always a pleasure, Lisa. Believe me. *winks*
LL: *smiles* Well, a fired up Sixswitch seems ready for his big match on Redemption. Is it his time? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-02-24, 10:18 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer

I will over look your stopping of my victory agianst Blaster. You better be ready Odinson, you better be ready!

He didn't stop your victory. There was no victory to stop. For there to be a victory you had to actually win. The only chance you ever have of actually pinning me for a full three is covering me after drugging me. Drugging me like Cyberstrike does the hookers he picks up because even they won't sleep with him for money.

2005-02-24, 11:46 PM

Mad cow disease don't you ever, EVER stick that nasty ass finger in mah mouth again, i don't even know where its been yo, do you even know? and why the hell does it taste like liver and onions? damn you are nasty.

This sunday its the start of something new, the era of bling the era OF VIEWFIND!

2005-02-25, 12:28 AM
Blaster, Blaster There is no reason for you to be a martyr. You think your all that, thats fine, live in the dream world. But when you come into reality, please note that I have a Belt, thats held longer than you have and that I am actually worth something unlike your jobber ass.

I have better feuds and better warriors to met. which I won't go because someone called Wolfgang wants to be a martyr. Which is no problem with me, I will get him aquited to my list of fallen warriors who dared challenged me.

Wolfgang, this won't be easy, it will be pain, it will be bloodshed and a hell of alot of hurt. You better be ready like I said before, because hiding time is over and its time to feel the Pain!

Believe the Hype, Feel The Pain!

2005-02-25, 06:55 AM
Well Erik, we are only three short days away from your title reign ending. It seem as if your whole world is crashing down around you. Your losing your best friend again, hell you got knocked the hell out by him tonight. You are caught in the middle of a fight that has been a long time coming and with all that you still have to step in the ring with me. Right now I might seem like the least of your worries, but Erik this storm is building and is scheduled to set down at Redemption. One way or the other, Redemption is going to be a night that you will always remember.

Pardon the pun, but hope you can keep your head in "The Game" long enough for us to have one hell of a match.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-02-25, 07:08 AM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
Blaster, Blaster There is no reason for you to be a martyr. You think your all that, thats fine, live in the dream world. But when you come into reality, please note that I have a Belt, thats held longer than you have and that I am actually worth something unlike your jobber ass.

Do you have any idea who I am jerky? I am the walking embodiment of greatness. I am an avatar of perfection. I am the God among men.

Who are you? So low card assclown who has held some meaningless title for two months? I have the second longest AWF title reign in history, and I've won it three times. Have done anything three times? Apart from lose consecutively?

You are nothing. You are like Cyberstrike. You think you're great. You tell yourself your great, your mommy tells you your great, but when you are put up against your Personal Jesus you're nothing. You're peanuts. You're the other guy. Get out of my lime-light you chimp, you're wasting time trying to play in my league.

The Wild One
2005-02-25, 03:39 PM
Ya wanna know something cereal eaters, I don't really care if you think you can out wrestle us. Auros, and the one true Wild One. You see, when it's said and done, someone will get injured. Wether it be by the W1's Wild Driver, or Time To Get Wild. You will be injured. And Auros, well anything he does will put someone in the hospital. Just be carefull.

EDIT: OOC- Boy did I screw that one up. Tis be fixed now. didn't realise I forgot some punctuation.

2005-02-25, 05:28 PM
So the oponent has been chosen for the PPV. And it is Amarant, the man that claims to be the best technical wrestler in the industry. You know what Amarant, best technical wrestler you might be, but that won't help you to win against me. I'm on a roll right now. I can't be stopped. There is no one here that can beat me for this belt. At the PPV you are going to find out why they call me Mr Pay-Per-View. Do you honestly think you are at my level yet? I am a three time AWF champion. I have fought the best wrestlers in this business and beaten them. This sunday....it will be no different against you.

2005-02-25, 08:28 PM
The Slacker's first time in the main event! Wow.

Life is good.

But you might ask me; Igz! You got the snot beat out of you and your blood spilt all over the ring, why is life good? Isn't that a bad thing?

Nope. 'Cause it would have been a lot worse without my friend D-Ex. You all saw it, I was out-wrestling TW1 and giving it my all. I've been studying some of my absolute heroes lately, so I can add depth to my style, and working out some new moves. Like that tarantula, I was impressed I managed to pull it off - and there'll be some others to come. It's been a lot of work, and for me that's epic, but it was worth it when I had TW1 under control.

Of course, Auros stopped that. I could say it wasn't fair, but that's how tag matches work. Auros ripped me apart, I was feelin it. It was bad news. This match at Redemption is without a doubt going to be talent against ferocity. Well... talent and sheer utter uber awesomeness against ferocity.

I'm not sure I'd be able to compete at Redemption had D-Ex not had my back there. View and Morph? Always a pleasure to work with the greats, even if you guys got distracted. Sixswitch, Xille? Thanks for the run-ins, even if you had your ulterior motives. D-Ex, all I gotta say is thanks. You know what for.

The Slackaz are goin up against what may be their biggest challenge yet at this PPV. Blaster and Nmat were still rusty, and no one considers starwhatevers a threat. These guys want it.

So we'll keep training, when I'm awake and D-Ex is sober, that is. Getting both to happen at the same time is kinda tricky. And we'll face off against 'em, and we'll see what happens.

Random Sweep
2005-02-25, 09:28 PM
Well it seems that its round 2 Zarak, and don't think that it will be as easy as last time, I have learned alot since the we faced and I wont be defeated this time.

'Strifer get over it. If you can't get over by yourself then you don't belong breathing the same air as me.

And finally Christopher Back, where the hell do you get off interfering in my matches!.
No one asked for your help and I damn sure didn't need it, and if you dare to step foot in the ring with me again I will take your worthless head off.

2005-02-25, 09:54 PM
Do not sstart. Do not evven thhink off sstarting withh thhe...

...Oh, ffine, ffine. Go ahead. Make...my...drokking...day.

>Cue much laughter and catcalls from convenient studio audience.<

Yess, laughh it up. It givvess me anothher vvalid reasson to exxterminate thhe whole lot off you. Not thhat I needed one...

I got beat by a girl. Well. Thhat iss...ccertainly a new exxperiencce ffor me, iff nothhing elsse. It could havve been more humiliating too, I ssupposse; at thhe vvery leasst, darling Attsss iss not a peroxxide-blonde chavv, or ssomethhing...thhen I would nevver livve it down. Uh, I mean, die it down. Thhat doess not make ssensse, doess it? Bah.

And who doess Reilly thhink he iss dealing withh? I am a judge! I am nevver sswayed by material gainss like money or ffemale ffleshh! Honesstly, ass iff I can ssimply be bought like a cheap prosstitute...I havve halff a neural link to -

>Opens bonus envelope. A golden glow from inside the paper container illuminates Death's helmet, glinting off his visor and his suddenly wide grin.<

To...buy a new pony.

Mmmmm, pony. Goess really well withh goat'ss cheesse, ssalad dresssing and a ffew pain au chhocolatss, sso I hear.

2005-02-26, 12:48 AM
ooc: Sorry, all... my groove has been... off... as of late, and I'm still working to remedy that. I should be back to my posting madness in a few weeks. And don't worry, I've got something very nice brewing that should (hopefully) more than make up for my lack of posting...
*Edit*: Can't even get the blasted PPV name right... see how messed up I am?


*The X is in the back, noticeably frustrated*

X: One on one at Redemption...

*The X sits down, puts his hands over his face, runs his fingers through his hair, and stops with his hands behind his head*

X: Damn, now I'm nervous.

*Xille leans against the wall and closes his eyes as the shot fades*

2005-02-26, 02:08 AM
OOC: Nice to see ya back Xille!!!


D-Ex: "Hey Igz, you dont have to put any doubt in your mind buddy. You know big D-Ex got your back 24/7...well that is if I aint too busy bustin some ass and drinkin some beer. Now Wild One, you got a taste of the 'cereal slackaz' tonight, so you better shut it if you know whats good for you. As you said, keep your words short and sweet, cause were the SERIAL SLACKAZ...BOOOOYYY! We are gonna give you one big dose of the reactive rejection. Now lets see if your gonna be living COMFORT EAGLE once were done with you and your partner"

Amarant Odinson
2005-02-26, 07:06 PM
At last my chance has finally come. Tonight was just the beginning. Cloudstrifer can spout off all of the excuses he needs but remember this, if it wasn't for Tapedeck, you were about to tap. I could hear you screams, I saw the pain and agony on your face. As Blaster saved you from a fate worse than death, I saw you crawl out of the ring and lick your wounds. And as I pinned that "entertainer", that Pissant Among the Peons, the Cardinal of Crap. When I pinned that blasted Tapedeck, where were you CloudStrifer? Where were the gods that you hold so dear?
They were nowhere and you were already hobbling back to the lockeroom with your tail between your legs. And that the Tapedeck and the Mental Paitent have been disposed of, I can now focus and what really matters.

T.C., Mr. P.P.V, Reilly's golden boy. It doesn't matter to me what they call you because after Redemption the only thing that they'll be calling you is Former World Champion. This Sunday, I will finally realize my dream, the thing that I have sacificed everything for, the only thing that has ever truly matter to me since I dreamed about being in the square circle.

At Redemption, I will become the AWF World Heavyweight Champion. I will go down to that ring, I'll wait for you and then I will give you the beating of a lifetime. I will show you why I am PERFECTION. Why I am the Best Damn Technical Wrestler in this business and at the end of the day I will hold that belt in my hands, I will raise it high for the world to see and then they will know what I have always known. They will finally realize what Tapedeck and Cloudy the Retard found out tonight and Reilly will never be able to dispute the fact that no one...and I MEAN NO ONE...WILL EVER..... PROVE ME WRONG.

So at Redemption T.C., you bring your best. You come down to my ring and show me everything that you got. Because you will need to use every ounce of your being to defeat me. Use all of your connections with Reilly if you have to. But I have sacirficed too much for too long to be denied any longer. At remember this, if you do actually pin me, if you manage to lucky against me, I'll still keep coming. No matter what you do to me, I'll still get back up and I will never give up. It make no differnce to me what other hoops Reilly has me jump through because when it's all said and done. T.C, you may beat me but YOU WILL NEVER BREAK ME.

See you Sunday, champ.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-02-26, 07:56 PM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
Keith Kincaid is seen running up to Blaster who is signing autographs for his fans or 'worshippers' at ringside after the show. He is wearing the new Y3B on a cross shirt showing Blaster being crucified on a cross of gold with spotlights around it and a grin on his face.

KK: Y3B! Can we get a word with you Blaster!

Y3B: Fans aren't allowed on this side of the barrier. Hit the bricks, Junior.

KK: I'm not a fan I...

Y3B: Hey look, you brought me a microphone. And hey, a camera! Well atleast you're good for something.

Blaster palms KK's face and shoves him into the barrier and turns to the camera.

Y3B: You know, I have a chance for the #1 contendership and I have it in the bag and who shows up? Christina, our resident whiner in a cage match, or a casket match or a barbwire match or what ever gimmick he demanded to lose in this week.

Blaster shakes his head

Y3B: It makes me feel gross. So very gross. I lost a match because of my former stalker. You know what it feels like? Having to deal with this fool? It's like being in grade school and we have to draw straws to see who has too play with the retarded kid, and I drew the short straw. So now I have to waste my spot on redemption; which should be winning the title away from that monkey, Thundercracker. I have to waste it to teach this useless, ugly talentless, assclown who he should be praying to everynight.

Y3B: You have until redemption Cyberstrike. Then you touch faith, and believe me. It won't be pretty, not that anything that involves you is.

IC: "Y3B, Blaster, The God Among Idoits, or whatever the **** you call youself this day of the week because I'm gonna be perfect honest with you.

You might be younger than me.
You might stronger than me.
Hell you might be even be a little better than me.
But remember the keyword is MIGHT!
But besides the fact that you'll never be richer than me, you will never be smarter than me and you will never EVER be as ruthless as I am.

You see I work for my money as much as I have, I actually work and earn my money. Whereas guys like you, Lock, and that piece
of **** TC stub your toe who sit on your asses and collcet your paychecks while guys me, AO, D-Extreme, and Igz bust our asses day in and day out and when you do losers do decide to grace us with your pressence it's always at our expence well I for one am
quite sick of bowing down, kissing your ass, and saying "thank you for banishing me to mid card hell" well I'll be damned if I'll let you hold another one down one reguardless of his tatics one who actually deserves a shot at the gold. So stopping you from
becoming the number one contender to AWF World Championship
was my plan all long and now I have to fight you again.
Yeah I know that I'm going into this match an underdog, but you know what assclown?
I perfer an underdog to an overhyped, egomanical, piece of ****
like you and TC. Yeah you've beaten me here many times and maybe you will beat me at the PPV and maybe you won't. The one thing I do know is this: win, lose, or draw you will know that
you've been in a fight and I do have a plan to beat you.

So if getting my ass kicked or kicking your ass keeps you out of the main event at Archivemania 4 it will be well worth it.

And oh my by the way Y3Bitch Cyberstrike is dead.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-02-27, 04:37 AM
See this is what I love about you Christina. Even when you are being perfectly honest you're imperfect. You do this for the guys who have to 'earn' their spots and money. Yet you sit there bragging about how rich you are? Are you retarded...... don't answer that. We know you are.

See do you have any idea how this works, monkey? Have you ever watched the beginning of the AWF? I have what I have and get what I got because I am a child prodigy. I am not even 18 and I've touched more gold than you can ever hope to. This isn't because it was handed to me! It's because I work at it. I get better and I make all Y3B worshippers swoon. I make them willingly love me, their Personal Jesus. This isn't because I get stuff handed to me but because I go into the ring and do what only the god among men can do!

Summers can't bring the charisma I bring. TC can't bring the skill I bring. Ghostal can't bring the greatness I bring. These are some of the best. These are men the fans love to love or love to hate. They all bring a form of greatness and I am still better. What do you bring that even compares to these guys? What have you done to earn what these guys have, let alone what I have?

We aren't better because we get things handed to us Christy got Back. We are better because we earned these things. We gave the fans something to adore. You haven't, you've LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! Given the fans a bore!

I don't need to be in the main event to draw greatness. I draw greatness at the bottom of the card or the top. I could open shows in dark matches and the fans would be electrified all night long? I am the King of the World. I am the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, this is why I am you Personal Jesus. Because it doesn't matter where you put me you will still reach out and touch faith.

Now come Redemption, Christy, you better hope someone has Willow on hand because I'm gonna bury this name too.

2005-02-27, 09:51 AM
OOC: seeing the other thread and the upper two posts from this ine, I think amarant has a point here. This feud is brewin up good and their match is gonna be this sunday.


We go to the AWF Studios with JFA and JHA on standby.

JFA: "Welcome to the preivew show of AWF Redemption!"
JHA: "Yeah folks, tonight we are going to show you some pre-PPV interviews from every competitor in match of the card. Infact, if that aint enough, we will show you guys the build up of each match. If that aint even enough, we go behind the curtains, hell...we go out of the wrestling arena and follow our AWF wrestlers to see their preperation for the PPV."
JFA: "Aint that gonna harm their privacy J?"
JHA: "....like the 'one night in chyna' hurt my intergrity? I guess so! So folks, we have footage of our AWF Tag team champs outside their apartment"

We see D-Extreme knocking on the front door of someone's apartment. He looks at his wrist watch and sighs before drinking the can of beer he had on his left hand. He finishes the beer and tosses it behind him. Behind him lies a dozen of beer cans as D-Ex burps. D-Ex, clearly drunk, knocks on the door, only louder.

D-Ex: "Hey....hey!!! OPEN UP!!!"

D-Extreme continues the barrage of knocks on the apartment door until he notices someone behind him. He slowly turns around and sees Igz. Ignavus gives a hearty yawn before he scratches his butt.

D-Ex: "Whu-zzat?! IGZ?"
Igz: "mmm........yup."
D-Ex: "Y-meansshhh....y'aint inside?"
Igz: ".....yup"

D-Extreme lets out a laugh before he slaps the back of his tag team partner.

D-Ex: "HAHAHAHA! Man, and I thought you didnt leave when I told ya I just had to get a boxfull of beer for my weekly supply. So man, when did you leave the room?"
Igz: "......I had to take a piss."
D-Ex: "The door is locked, sssshhoooo...*burp*...got the keys?"
Igz: "What keys?"
D-Ex: "Awww....ssshhhhhiiiii-"

D-Extreme backs away , but before he does anything else, we see Keith Kincard storm in the scene.

KK: "We are here outside the apartment of the AWF Tag Team Champs, the Serial Slackaz. Guys, got any words for your opponents tomorrow at Redemption?"

Igz: "Hmmm....nope...we already said what he had to say Keith."
D-Ex: "Well....*hic*...I d- *burp*...I d-*burp*....I DO...there we *burp*...damn! Anywaysshhh....mudersh inc...we gonna murdalize ya on Sunday! We gonna kick your asses till their black and blue and sore that you cant sit comfortably without an inflated donut! Hehehe.....now stand aside Keith, stand aside Igz...I'm gonna bust this door down!"

With that said, D-Ex charges at the door and rams it. It doesnt budge so he slowly gets himself up and does it again. The same result and D-Ex gets up yet again.

D-Ex: "Ok..now I'm pissed!"

D-Ex growls before he charges and rams the door with his head. It has the same effect on the door, but this time its the different case for D-Extreme. D-Ex staggers back and slowly goes down the floor outcold. Igz and Keith just stare blankly at one half of the AWF tag champs before they look at the door.

KK: "That door..is it locked?"
Igz: "....dunno."

Igz slowly turns the knob and it opens.

Igz: "Guess not..."

The scene fades as we see a drunk D-Extreme slowly being dragged in the room by Igz and Keith Kincard.

JHA: "I hope D-Ex gets himself together before the match."
JFA: "...no comment."

Vin Ghostal
2005-02-27, 05:06 PM
OOC: Quality show. Things are building well. X/V3, dating back to last June, is shaping up to be the stuff of legend.

IC: I will give you one thing, X. I didn't think you'd have the stones to stand up to me like a man and call me out. Wait...you were standing, right? Just kidding, just kidding. You took that step, kid, and I admire that. It's always admirable when a man who's ready for the destruction of his own career has the stones to stand up and ask the Career Killer, Vin Ghostal, to finish the job. You've had a cute little run here in the AWF, X, really you have. But you've been around long enough now to know that these things, the kind of thing you and I have, don't always have happy endings. Yours is something of a fairy tale, X. No one believed you could come this far. No one believed you'd go down in the record books as one of the longest reigning champions in tag team wrestling...not just one of the longest here, one of the longest ANYWHERE in professional wrestling. Hold onto that accomplishment, because I can guarantee you one thing: by the time our match at Redemption is through, when you're staring up at those bright, impossibly white lights and the medics strap you onto that gurney, you'll know for sure that your career has been killed....by V.3......Vin Ghostal. And if you think you can avoid that feeling....man...


2005-02-27, 08:42 PM
IC: Strifer, believe me when I say this: I don't know what cloud you're on now, but you certainly won't be on cloud 9 after Redemption. Your little TV title is going to find a new hime with the Merseyside Marauder. Believe your own hype. It won't save you.

Say your prayers, b*tchboy....