View Full Version : Yo Yo Yo!!!!

2005-03-06, 05:32 AM
Yo you see i got this mic in my hand, hit them beats.

Sixbitch im not even gonna acknowledge you
cause youz a bitch like Morpheus
ill sell your whole crib and maybe get three cents

your broke ass rhymes, and no talent chimes
ill ring your f***** neck in a 4/4 time
leave you motionless on the ground
where you will never be found

if you step to this you get shot to bits
make you spaz out and throw tantrum fits
of rage and jealousy
there is no way you could EVER be as good as me
You hear that Lock ya runnin outta tricks
Sixbitch, Mad cow, ya flow all wrong

you'd better leave let me show you out
so just back the f*** off before i call you out and bring you down and i conspire to set your house on fire. you better run and hide from an whiteboy for hire.
gunna cut through your skin with some needle nose pliars, and come this sunday i'ma set THE WORLD OFF!

2005-03-06, 12:39 PM
That's a pretty good song you've got going there Viewfind. Maybe you should try out for Pop Idol? Because that's the only competition you've got a chance at winning. The Double S doesn't have rhymes, or chimes. What we do have here are crimes against music.

You want to talk about flow? You want to talk about style? Keep on singing Viewfind, because when it comes to the ring, you can't touch the Double S, and you knows it. You want to show me out? How about I knock you the **** out? It's been too long since the Double S has held the title, and no one, not you, not your producer, and not your mamma are going to stop me.

So sing all you want, rap all you want, do whatever you want, but on Sunday, the Double S is taking the talking to the ring, and doing what he does best - Proving that no one in that match is ready for the Double S.

You want some?
Come get some!