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2005-03-08, 01:38 AM
The Decepticons' forceful attack on Fortress Maximus caught the Autobots off-guard despite their efforts to prepare. Maximus was relatively undamaged, save many of the battlestation's weapons arrays. However, Metroplex was critically bombed by a small strike team and has fallen inoperative. A team of Autobots scavenges Metroplex for salvagable parts while the technically-oriented treat the wounded in the Maximus medbay and repair the city's damages.

Anti-Autobot sentiment has led to rioting in the nearby city of Denver. Optimus Prime responded by making a globally televised broadcast to beseech human allies for assistance. An angry Grimlock interrupted the event, and the two settled their differences physically. After a hard-fought duel, Prime's weapon transformed unexpectedly, revealing itself to be a facsimile of the slain Megatron. Prime quickly finished the fiend and settled to call his duel with Grimlock a draw.

In the aftermath of the fight, a shuttle of Minibots has crashed in the Maximus courtyard. Mirage has left the city to ponder his guilt over the destruction of Metroplex; Sunstreaker has struck out on his own. Autobot scanners have picked up a distress signal on an obsolete frequency in the Australian desert...

2005-03-08, 03:57 AM
Warpath arrive at Fortmax then head to medbay he see many of Bots has been repair but no one repair Kup then he turn to Hoist
"Why don't you repair Kup he need help!"Warpath ask
"He's errrr... he's.......err.......dead."Hoist answer.The minibot
walk slowly and back to the Ark

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-08, 04:50 AM
Sideswipe stopped for a second and looked at Streetwise. His brother was capable of this, he knew he was. The conversation they had earliar gave that evidence, Sideswipe just wished it wasn't true.

He pumped out air in his cooling systems and nodded. "There was something, he was talking about how we weren't supposed to be Autobots. Well, how he wasn't supposed to be an Autobot. He couldn't stand how 'passive' we were. He wanted to attack, not defend. He...." Sideswipe paused as he thought for a second.

"He thought that we should have just allied with the Decepticons at the beginning of the war. That if we had all just given in then and there there would be no problems. He said he didn't want to fight a war for people that weren't willing to fight themselves... just after... he shot at Bluestreak. I guess with all the anti-autobot sentiment the humans have had....." Sideswipe tailed off, the more he thought about it the more he thought his brother did it.


Sunstreaker sat idly in the abandon garage trying to find anything he could used. He salvaged some metal from the walls and a bit of polish. Might aswell look good if you're going to defect.

He needed to find a shuttle to get him back to Cybertron, that would be hard. The Autobots would detain him, no doubt, and the decepticons would kill him.

2005-03-08, 05:33 AM
Atop Metroplex

Crosshairs waved to the oncoming titan.

"Can you get the MASERs off, Computron?"

Warehouse District, Portland

Hot Rod sighed, hearing the dog bark at Holepunch. "Do you have any meat to distract it? Or at least a stun gun?"

Wheels' Cell, Fort Max

Red Alert recieved the data from Blaster, silently poring over it as it came in.

2005-03-08, 01:28 PM
Outside Fort Max, Crashed Shuttle

(OOC: Ricochet is a nebulon, right? Didn't know nebulons were French ;))

Pipes looked down at the nebulon Targetmaster Ricochet. "I was the pilot. My co-pilot was gravity. You got a problem with that?"

Bumper tried to diffuse the tension, knowing Pipes was itching for a rumble. "Never mind, Pipes. We need to hit the medbay to get back up to full speed."

With that, the five minibots walked off towards the Maximus' entrance ramp and the medbay.

2005-03-08, 02:45 PM
Streets, Portland:

"Unit 27, what is your twenty?"

Kamisky sighed, looked at his partner. "You want to field this one, kid?"

Burns, fresh out of the academy, swallowed nervously. "How do we explain it, Sarge?"

Ther crusier was nose to nose with a battered, ancient Corvette, which was making an odd engine sound(almost sounded like one of the pistons had snapped), which seemed to be yelling at them in a snooty, Harvardesque voice.

Tracks: -sighs- "Look, officers, I am simply attempting to turn over this young man, who's trying to get out of me. He attempted to steal me."

Kamisky shrugged. "You call it in, I'll get the kid out of the car."

Burns reached for the handset. "Isn't this scaring you at all, Sarge?"

"Nah. After a while, nothing seems strange anymore." Kamisky walked over to Tracks' drivers side window, and rapped on it.

Tracks: -lowers his drivers side window slightly, enough for Nikko to try to get his arm through, but not much else-

Kamisky leaned in, looking at the terrified boy. "Seem to have stumbled into something, huh, kid?"

2005-03-08, 03:07 PM
(OOC thought I'd give them a bit of character with regional accents with earth equivalent's Ricochet's French , Silencer's Australian , Flintlocks Irish and Holepunch has a hint of the North of England .)

Ricochet turned and followed after the retreating Minibots

" Monsieur Blue Autobot , whatever your name is , no one turns there back on me , I challenge you to a competition to restore my honour ."

Portland Warehouse Complex

Holepunch looked across at HotRod

" what do i look like a t' vet or something. Maybe we should wait for this John Deere bloke to turn up "


Inside Metroplex

Silencer finished loading supplies on to Landfill

" we should get these over to the Minerva sheila , theres a lot of medical mixed in there ."

Landfill indicated his agreement and pausing to pick up his 2 nebulans he rolled carefully down the corridor headig for the exit


Wideload walked into medbay . He swayed on his feet as a blinding headache engulfed him . Trojan surged forward and again engulfed his host.

A small crane was being used to move parts across the medbay
Trojan made Wideload's body stumble against the controls in a continuation of the previous swaying , the safety interlock was knocked off and its load plunged down, the wire screeching straight into the path of 2 medics.

2005-03-08, 03:35 PM
Outside Fort Max

Pipes didn't even bother to turn and look at the targetmaster Ricochet. "Eh, blow it out yer nose. And the name's Pipes."

He strode on with the other minicons. After being the unofficial leader of the five minicons for several years, and going through hell to get to Earth, not much fazed him anymore.

2005-03-08, 03:37 PM
Roadhandler only took a glance at his rear-view scanners as Big Daddy tore off the starting line after him, his seriousness unerring. When he returned focus to the fore, he found himself only yards from a do-not-enter sign, with cars lining up facing him as the street became a one-way.

Roadhandler snapped up his hand brake and spun the steering wheel to the left, sending him into a power slide around the corner. At just the right moment, he dropped the brake and hit the accelerator onto a curvy mountain road. He feared that Big Daddy had caught up due to his minor error, but he dared not check behind again.


Atop Metroplex

Having finished his careful climb in modest time, Computron stomped slowly toward Crosshairs and Trailbreaker, responding to the request silently. Once on Metroplex' neck, he turned to face the cannons on the fallen giant's shoulder, knelt, and wrapped his hands around them.

"Calculating energy necessary to sever cannon mounts..."

Unmoving and unemotional, Computron ejected the dual cannons from his chest plate, aimed them carefully, and fired a continuous stream at the swivel weak points. He remained unswayed while the large cannons slowly came loose.

2005-03-08, 04:42 PM
Big Daddy had indeed gained some ground due to Roadhandler's error, but not quite enough to actually put him in front of the Race Track patrol leader.

"Almost wiped out, did ya?" he taunted. "Don't worry. Next time you do it, I won't be as generous."

2005-03-08, 04:57 PM
Skyhammer flew in over Autobase base and examined the scene of destruction with horror . Noting the wreckage and possibility of unexploded munitions on the ground . He decided to use his shells Amphibious capabilities and made a water landing planing along the lakes surface before coming to a halt on the shore gently bobbing as his passage disturbed the water.

During his landing he opened a com link to Blaster

" Skyhammer incoming from teh Ark , where do you want me ?"

2005-03-08, 08:03 PM
Ricochet mecurial as ever looked at the shuttle and then at the weary looking Autobots .

" you must have had along and perilous journey non, I apologise the first thing you see is me shouting at you not good heh. let me introduce myself monsieurs i am Ricochet I am as you can see a targetmaster and I come from the planet Nebulos.

I am partnered with the big red autobot Qucikmix always he has his head in the clouds , some new projet , non i am too hard , he is a dedicated scientist but he is how you say always coming up with the crazy ideas , the gadgets , this place this country it is like a goldmine to him , singing flowers , sandwich toasters , electric tie racks , he must take them all apart and improve them , every where he finds the parts for his inventions and then there is the chemicals how they do smell something awful .

He just recently made a special hand for Monsieur Nightbeat copied off someone called Scrounge , he is a big hero on Cybertron non ?

But enough of my talking you must be needing attention let me show you the medbay , I am sorry but it is a bit busy now , but we just had a grand fight with the Decepticons . Maybe some of you know the engineering non we can do with all the help we can get at the moment .

On the way we can swap stories non you can tell me your history what you have done and your journey here , it must have been tres dangereux . Follow me."

So saying he lead them in the direction of medbay

2005-03-08, 09:19 PM
West Coast of America, a few of hundred miles from Fortress Maximus's location.

The Shadow Reaper streaked through the night sky, practically invisible against the inky blackness. Windrazor sat stoiclly at the controls, alert for any signs that they'd been detected. None so far.

"We've just entered the country known as the USA," he told his passengers. I'm engaging silent running."

He tapped a few buttons on his console, powering down the weapons, and slowing the craft down, minimising engine emissions.

"Our mission may involve a long wait. I'm now plotting a course towards Fortress Maximus."

He swivelled his chair to face the rear of the cockpit, where the other members of his team were.

"Tempest. Once StarBlade's shot hits, I want you to grab our target. The whole operation needs to happen quickly. Fly, you will wait with the shuttle for the first part of the mission."

He looked at Echoshift and StarBlade. "You two know what to do."

He manipulated the controls of the shuttle, and it touched down in a huge expanse of countryside. Passive sensors showed that there was nothing around.

"Shadow Reaper to Scorponok Command," he spoke over the ship's comms array. "Spinister, I need you to conduct another satellite sweep of the target site. I need to know Mirage's heading and distance from Fortress Maximus."

2005-03-08, 09:27 PM
Streetwise nodded.
"Do you think he will seek to ally with the Decepticons here on Earth?" he asked of Sideswipe.


Meanwhile, two more CR chambers slid smoothly open, and two burly robots emerged.
"Are you OK?" was Hot Spot's first question to Blades.
"I'm fine boss. Nothing is hurt except my pride."
"We did all we could. And we succeeded. Menasor could not have played a further part in the battle."
"Yeah, I suppose you're right," Blades conceeded.

Hot Spot then activated a comm unit on his arm.

"Protectobots. Status report," he asked tersely, hoping that his team were OK.

"Streetwise checking in. I'm fine," the Interceptor confirmed, before deactivating the comm unit and looking back at Sideswipe.

"Groove here. I'm in my quarters."

Hot Spot was a little peturbed by the evasiveness of that response, but he let it go.

"First Aid here," the medic's voice came over the comm unit. "I'm in medbay, treating the wounded."

"It's good to hear from you all," Hot Spot said heartily, and meant every word. "I'll see you soon, once your tasks are completed. Apart from you, Groove. Blades and I are on our way."

Blades nodded to his leader, and they both left the CR chambers, and headed along the corridor.

"Hot Spot to Optimus Prime. All of the Protectobots have been returned to full operating capacity."


First Aid had immediately clicked off his comm unit after his short reply, and was now perched near Omega Supreme's head, his own head and hands buried deep in the huge Autobot's cranium. Despite hating to see so many wounded, the medic was in his element as he worked to repair the Guardian.

Hyper Prime
2005-03-08, 11:06 PM
Stakeout looked up to Hot Spot as he and Blades came out. He chipperly asked, "Hey there Hot Spot. You feeling any better?"

"Yeah, I hope my repair job was okay to the time you got into the CR chamber." Fixit said.

2005-03-08, 11:42 PM
Pipes, Powerglide, Outback, Huffer, and Bumper followed the talkative Ricochet towards the medbay. Pipes ignored him until he mentioned Quickmix's gadgets, at which point his sensors perked up. "Gadgets, huh? Maybe you and I can get along after all. My last gadget got crushed in the crash-"

Powerglide: "Best thing that happened all day."

Pipes elbowed Powerglide. "Anyway, its been years since I had a proper gadget collection."

When the Nebulon mentioned engineering, Huffer said: "Yeah, I do a bit of that. Was that pile of wreckage nearby Metroplex?" Intensively detailed and complicated schematics started flipping through Huffer's mind. Detailed plans for repair and improvement flashed into view. Without even trying, ordered plans and timetables began filling themselves out in his mind. He sighed cynically. "Probably just a salvage job."

(OOC:Metroplex is nearby, within visual range, right? If not I'll edit)

Bumper: "Speaking of repair, we need a bit of it ourselves. We don't even have comm units anymore. We set down for repairs on this planet, and got attacked by these shrieking transparent aliens."

Outback: "They were very strange."

Bumper continued: "Huffer had this bizarre idea for a negative feedback something or other. He used our comm units for that."

Powerglide: "We don't have our subspacing-modules anymore, either." Powerglide points at the minibots' hips, where they all wore their guns physically holstered. He continued in his nasally voice: "That was our savant again. Huffer managed to use them to subspace out entire shuttle when we were in a lot of trouble."

Outback: "Yeah, little fella, if you want stories, we've got them in spades. Hey Huffer, can you do something about my mortar cannon? I feel bloody useless without it."

Huffer: "Something's broken. Give it to Huffer." Huffer wished he could spend more time on grand, complicated engineering problems than on regular maintenance. "Sure sure. Soon as we get in medbay. As long as there are enough spare parts and materials, I should be able to whip up a new cannon for you." Huffer sighed. Hopefully soon he would be given a job of complexity, subtlety, and scale that would truly challenge him.

2005-03-09, 12:04 AM
Ricochet replied:

" Ahhh Monsieur Pipes wait till you see the shopping channel they have on the earthen television , 100's of gadgets they have . Just do not get B]Quickmix[/B] started he is always being distracted by thes things. There is some empty space in his lab maybe you could when you are rested move in there I will have to check with Quickmix first naturelment

Monsieur Huffer I am sure you will be welcomed with the open arms , oui we have the big problems with Metroplex , he is not so good , maybe just the parts we will will how you say salvage . The Decepticons they steal some parts for their own city .

Monsieur Powerglide an aerial autobot is I think very welcome we do not have so many, and the decepticons they have a grande number of flyers .Sky Lynx , Swoop , Skyfire

There are some other Autobots of your size about somewhere , a Brawn , he looks a lot like you Monsieur Outback and Windcharger & Cliffjumper ."

2005-03-09, 12:49 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -transforms, head disconnecting and transforming out of head mode, lands next to Brooke- "Where's the patient?"

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -pulls the damaged nav console out, sighs- "Modular construction. Gotta love it."

Streets, Portland:

Tracks: -pops driver's side door lock- "Could you hurry this up, officer? He's tried to steal me, and he's drooled on my upholstry. I shudder to think what else he could do."

Kamisky opened the driver's door, pulling out his cuffs as he did so. "All right, young man. You have the right to remain silent...."

2005-03-09, 01:47 AM
StarBlade nodded, dropping into a silent mode that showed just how deep her assassin's programming ran. Lifting the null-ray, she sighted along it, looking to see how good the aim was. With another nod, she set it down.

Relaxing some, StarBlade prepared herself mentally for the attack.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-09, 03:22 AM
"No way! He may have talked about it but there is no way he'd ever do it!" Sideswipe got angry even at the notion he might switch sides.

"Listen, if you are going to find him I am coming with you." His voice was raised as he spoke to Streetwise

2005-03-09, 04:20 AM
Roadhandler scoffed loudly at Big Daddy's remark, but it was difficult to hear as he powerslid through a hairpin turn leading up the mountainside.

"I'm just keeping it interesting!"

Roadhandler weaved through the considerably slower cars on the mountain road, but he was forced to drop speed in some cases to keep from ramming the other cars off the road. He feared Big Daddy wouldn't take such cautions...


Metroplex: Command Center

Ultra Magnus had gone about his work quietly and professionally. It was a struggle to block out the memories of all the hard times he'd so narrowly overcome by issuing orders from this very room, all the friends he'd made and alienated here in the course of his work. He was the city commander - the command center was his home. No more.

With a repressed sigh and his work done, Ultra Magnus pushed himself to his feet with an armful of essential parts. After a quick glance and consideration of his scenario, he stepped carefully onto the console in the middle of the room and pulled himself through the shattered glass hole in the ceiling. Atop the cityscape, Magnus trekked to the edge and began the long slide down to the ground.

2005-03-09, 04:39 AM
Spinister's voice came over Windrazor's comlink.

"Acknowledged. I'm using the human sattellite network to send the data to you now."

Corridors, Fort Max

Prime acknowledged Hot Spot.

"Glad to get some good news. If any of your troops are idle, take them to Metroplex and help Magnus with the-" the word almost stuck in his throat, "-salvage opperation."

He switched channels. "Dai Atlas, I need to speak to you. Meet me outside Medbay in one breem."

Medbay, Fort Max

Brooke nodded to the woman beside him on the huge, robot-sized slab. "Right here."

Warehouse District, Portland

Hot Rod sighed. "Then why don't you go help look for him, Holepunch?"

Atop Metroplex

Crosshairs nodded in approval at Computron's work, then took the final bolts off of the second disruptor. It fell to the ground beside the first.

Brave Maximus
2005-03-09, 06:14 AM
Dai Atlas opened his comm:

"Acknowledged Prime."

He nodded to Speeder to come along, but the Micro Master shook his head:

"I'll meet up with you later. I'm going to poke around the topside of Metroplex and see if my Rifle actually managed to survive."

The look of a dry comment formed on the Cybertronian Commander's face. But before he could get it out, the Micro Master vetran opened his mouth:

"Not likely, I know - but a 'Bot can hope right? Besides, it's older than you are!"

Speeder then transformed and headed off towards the ruins of Metroplex while Dai Atlas slowly walked towards medbay.

2005-03-09, 07:34 AM
Tempest nodded as Windrazor told them were they were and what he had to do. He knew he'd have to move extra fast to grab Mirage, but he knew he could turn invisible. The first shot had to count.

2005-03-09, 08:37 AM
What is it about this planet that the others find so irresistable? Cybertron is much more advanced. The cities, the scenery. This isn't bad for a planet, but it's not home; and none of us will ever be able to get back to Cybertron again.

Mirage stood up slowly and leaned against a tree, studying the view of the mountains and human towns in the distance. His thoughts were beyond his viewing range however, and the troubled autobot continued to mull over the loss of Cybertron, unaware of the watchers.

2005-03-09, 08:49 AM
Big Daddy swerved through the cars, catching up to Roadhandler, but continued to gain speed as he dodged one car after another, coming closer and closer to a head on crash with one of then with each passing moment.

"Come on, 'Handler," Big Daddy scoffed. "How do you expect to win this if you play it safe?"

2005-03-09, 09:57 AM
Smokescreen began tapping his arm, still waiting to see what was going to happen with Optimus and to be taken off hold by Prowl. He continued watching the events unfolding around him, but one individual caught his attention.

As he slid down to the ground, the individual's posture and the expression on his face were more clear to Smokescreen than the clearest night view from Cybertron. He flicked a last glance around, waiting until the officer had neared the ground; and then Smokescreen donned a concerned expression and spoke in a quiet and respectful tone as he approached Ultra Magnus.

"Hey Ultra Magnus. How are things looking?"


Being temporarily relieved of immediate needs by Streetwise, Prowl finally clicked over to Blaster on his internal radio. "You have my full attention Blaster. Proceed."
Hound continued to rest in an idle mode while Grapple completed his repairs.
Having finished the repairs that his smaller hands were suited for in Fort Max's control room, Spike left the bridge and headed down the hall.
"How're you doing Firestar?" Inferno called over his radio as he finished cooling down and insulating the hall adjacent to the science and medical labs. "Ready to go hit the mess hall blaze?"
Nikko grabbed at the policeman's sleeve and squeaked.
"Help, help me go home."

2005-03-09, 11:55 AM
"no time to waste , need action"

so saying Scoop moved over to the rig and carefully ripped the chain off the big rig he then picked up the dog and deposited it gently on the flat roof of a nearby storage shed .

" problem solved"

Holepunch moved across and and started thoroughly examining the trucks.

Tracer came back into view emerging from a hole in the fence .

" next doors some kind of Chop Shop full of parts Mustang, Chevy , Beemer , Rolls Royce , Land Rover, Datsun even a couple of 35th anniversary Corvettes in fair shape "

2005-03-09, 12:04 PM
Echoshift exchanged a look with StarBlade before nodding at Windrazor. He allowed himself a mental smile at the thought that he was going back towards a place he had already recently been to once. Granted, there wouldn't be as much of an 'adrenaline rush' as there was last time. But he'd much rather be along for this mission than back at Scorponok, growing steadily more bored with every passing hour. Weren't they going to relocate to the Nemesis soon anyway? Echoshift didn't recall the details, but he certainly seemed to remember hearing something about it somewhere.

The Eurofighter glanced first at Tempest and then at Fly. After that, he returned to his own thoughts and settled down to wait until they'd arrived at their destination. He leant against a nearby console which no-one seemed to be about to use, watching with mild interest as StarBlade tested the aim of her weapon.

2005-03-09, 01:41 PM
Beachcomber arrives on the scene. "Hey, what's going on guys?"

2005-03-09, 01:47 PM
Hoist turn to Beachcomber "The Decepticons attacked us
here we're cleaning the mess-up."

2005-03-09, 01:51 PM
Beachcomber says to Hoist "This is terrible. If only I'd gotten here sooner I could have helped our cause. Well, best start to clear up with you all!"

2005-03-09, 01:56 PM
"I come after the Decepticons attack too."

2005-03-09, 03:22 PM
Inside Fort Max, Medbay

Pipes glanced down at Ricochet. "Oh, I don't build them, I just collect them as a diversion. I'd rather spend my time pounding decepticons into scrap."

The group reached the Medbay. A few medbots were repairing others. CR chambers stood against the walls. Huffers eyes lit up at all the tools and resources available. He had spent so long simply cobbling together what he could, being back in a proper facility was like his first taste of energon all over again. "Why don't you guys slip into CR chambers. I'll....whip up the spare parts we need...and...and...I'll..." Huffer could barely manage to keep his attention on the outside world as ideas buzzed through his head.

Outback: "And my cannon!"

Huffer: "Right, your cannon...and...who knows?" Suddenly his scrapes and bruises seemed insignificant.

Bumper, Pipes, Powerglide, and Outback waved to Ricochet and thanked him for the directions, and slid into four of the smaller CR chambers.

Huffer, already lost in his own world, immediately began to work.

2005-03-09, 05:12 PM
Landfill finished scrambling down Metroplex and headed for Fort Max .

He barreled up the ramp along corridors and screeched to a halt in Medbay .

"got a whole load of medical supplies , in here we pulled out of metroplex . where do you want them ?"


Quickmix moved along the corridor into medbay with a new batch of alloy he'd mixed up for the medics .

Seeing a strange orange autobot he greeted him

"Hello there not seen you around here before , names Quickmix got a bunch of alloy for repairs could you use any ? "

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-09, 06:58 PM
"Prowl we got 'cons up the tail pipe. I am forwarding a decepticon shuttle's computer core to you and Red Alert. I got a distress signal comin' from down under in Australia, it's old but still Cybertronian. And I just picked up a Decepticon transmission. Apparently the bozo's got smart an' are usin' the Earth satellites like us. What they didn't plan on was me still usin 'em. Where ever Mirage is get 'im outta there!" Blaster replied

2005-03-09, 09:04 PM
Streets, Portland:

Kamisky chuckled. "They oughta put more anti-theft systems like the one in that 'Vette in all the cars, if it scares car thieves this bad." Quickly cuffing Nikko, he put the youth into the back seat of the crusier, then looked back at Tracks. "What I can't figure out is why somebody'd put a high-tech security system in an old clunker like that."

Tracks: -bristling- "OLD CLUNKER!!!! I'll have you know, my good man, that I am the best looking road machine you'll ever see in your entire life!" -regards his damage schematic- "Usually, anyway." -with a loud grind, Tracks, shifted into reverse, mustered up what he could of his battered dignity, and backed up, before dropping into first and pulling out, screeching into second, lurching into third-

Kamisky got back into the crusier. "There's more going on here than I know, kid, and I don't-"

Tracks: -grinds into fourth, engine backfiring loudly, flame belching from his dual exhaust, engine finally giving out as he switches to flight mode, wings deploying, flight engines whining into position, turbofans spinning up to full power as he lifts into the air, heading back towards the warehouse area, black beam gun whirring into position on his undercarriage-

Kamisky and Burns blinked a couple of times, then looked at each other.


Burns nodded weakly. "Donut..."

Warehouse district, Portland:

Tracks: -soaring along- "I do enjoy flying. No potholes to damage your suspension up here." -activates commlink- "Hot Rod, this is Tracks. My vehicle mode engine's had it. I'm in flight mode now. If you rig one of the trucks with a carry sling, I can probably carry it."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -gives Fairborne a brief examination, looks over at Brooke- "Don't you people believe in sedatives?" -picks her up, leaps off of table, lands next to her vehicle mode transector-

Minerva's transector: -drivers door opens, rotating at the hinge point 90 degrees, a panel extending out from the edge and legs deploying from it, forming a bed/operating table-

Minerva: -lays Fairborne on the table, pushes the seat back release on the dirver's seat of her transector, pulls out a complex scanner array, clips it onto the "head" of the bed, activates it, keying it into the HUD on her Headmaster armor's helmet- "Hmmmmmmm......"

2005-03-09, 09:30 PM
Hot Spot smiles at Fixit.
"You did a great job, and you have my thanks."
"Yeah, mine too," Blades chirped up.

"Blades, we should go and see Groove," Hot Spot told his fellow Protectobot, who nodded his assent.
"Hot Spot to Optimus Prime, First Aid and Streetwise are occupied with other tasks. I believe it is important that I speak to Groove. Once I have done so, myself, Blades and Groove will report to Ultra Magnus at Metroplex."


First Aid diligently finished fixing Omega Supreme's head module.
"Nearly done here," he called over to Minerva. Still a bit of chest cavity repair to do, and his weaponry needs a recharge, but he should be fine."


Streetwise nodded.
"I was hoping you'd ask to come along. Maybe with your help, this can be resolved without further violence," he told Sideswipe.

He stood up from his desk.

"Streetwise to Prowl. I believe that I'm ready to go after Sunstreaker now. I would request another one or two Autobots to accompany Sideswipe and myself. Would you have them meet us at the entrance ramp?"

"Come on," he told Sideswipe, heading for the door.

2005-03-09, 09:34 PM
"Acknowledged, Spinister," Windrazor replied to the message.

He swivelled his chair back to face the cockpit console, and powered down the ship, reducing its energy signature to practically zero while waiting for the results of the scan.

2005-03-09, 10:46 PM
Feeling optics on her, StarBlade looked at Echoshift.

"Something wrong? Or have you never seen an assassin before?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-09, 11:14 PM
Dai Atlas strode up to Medbay and looked around. The medics had done an incredible job at repairing the wounded.

He turned around and leaned against the wall. It was unusual to feel this useless. He hadn't been this inactive since his promotion to Cybertronian Supreme Commander. With the Rebuilding of Seibertron, the running, and maintaining of the entire network of planets, and the Destron insurection - His free time was limited. Even when he did have it, the healing Victory Saber wanted to keep himself in shape and wanted sword practice or strategy meetings.

But, he waited, keeping his optics open for Optimus Prime

On the far side of Metroplex, Speeder started to dig around - guessing at where his rifle may have been thrown - hopeing it wasn't under a Hundred tons of scrap Citybot. As he looked around, something metallic caught his eye (Not that this was unusual, metal from Metroplex was strewn all over the place). He went over and dug under a pile of Armour plating:

"Well. I'll be damned........" Was all the Micro Master could muster. Lying under a piece of armour propped up against a rock - was his rifle. He bent over and gingerly picked up the 5 and a half foot rifle. He checked the action, then scanned all down it's barrel.

"Sights are out of alignment. There's dirt all through the action and the energy matrix is shot. I'll be damned it the barrel isn't a little bent either."

With a smile the vetran subspaced the Rifle and transformed, heading back to Fortress Maximus......

2005-03-09, 11:21 PM
Fort Max, Medbay

Huffer had already finished the handful of parts each of the minicons were missing, a set for each one, and was deleriously lost in his work. He was so lost, in fact, that he didn't notice Quickmix until the scientist had finished talking. He looked up, distractedly. "What? Who am I? I'm Huffer. What did you say? Alloys?" Huffer's gaze fell to the pile of fresh alloys Quickmix had brought. He looked over at Outback's crushed mortar cannon, which he had yet to get to. Ideas blossomed in his mind. Already having forgotten the Targetmaster was there, he set to work on an improved weapon for his reckless minicon friend.

2005-03-10, 12:19 AM
Echoshift turned to regard StarBlade square-on, mildy surprised by her sudden question. He had been only vaguely interested in watching her test the null ray's aim before.

"Nah, it's not that," he replied, giving a vague sort of shrug. "Just taking mild curiosity in what you were doing." He shifted his weight against the console, somewhat annoyed to realize that he was bored already.

2005-03-10, 12:22 AM
StarBlade chuckled.

"What's so interesting in checking the aim of a weapon one has never used before? Every time I am given a new weapon to use, I have to make sure the sight is aligned. I would test-fire it, but that would require my shooting one of the party, which would be a bad thing."

2005-03-10, 01:24 AM
"Our would it be, assassin?"

Tempest looked at the two Decepticons talking to each other, testing each other. There was a time and place for that, but not now Tempest realised. In the last few years that he was protecting his last post he realised that things had majorly changed.

"Are you sure you know how to fire that weapon?"

2005-03-10, 02:23 AM

Muzzle: -parks behind Getaway, having dumped his armor on the way to Denver into a duffel bag on the passenger seat, now wearing jeans, shoes, and a button down shirt, tosses the duffel bag in the back seat, grabs a shoulder holster with a Walther P-99 in it out of the glove compartment, shrugs into it and clips it down, pulls a dark blue blazer on over it, gets out of Nightbeat, locks the doors-

Siren: "What do you want us to do?"

Nightbeat: "Get over there and try to blend in. If you see more police cars than fire trucks, stay away. If it looks like they're packing up, stay away."

Hosehead: "We could just stay away anyway."

Nightbeat: "That might work. Stay close and cruise. Try to look inconspicuous. I'll let you know when Muzzle gets closer."

Muzzle: -looks over at Rev- "Gee, bubba, you won't stand out at all dressed like that. C'mon." -starts out for the location of the wreck-

2005-03-10, 06:07 AM
Warehouse District, Portland

Hot Rod frowned at Tracer's report. His knowledge of Earth cars wasn't that great.

"Corvettes? Compatable with Tracks, by any chance?"

He nodded as the aformentioned corvette's transmission reached him.

"Roger that, Tracks. I'll see what I can find."

The young Autobot looked around for legths of chain or rope.

Medbay, Fort Max

"I'm sorry, but medical kits aren't standard equipment of combat soldiers."

Brooke slid down off the table to watch Minerva work.

Corridors, Fort Max

Prime recieved Dai Atlas's acknowledgement, but said nothing.

"Acknowledged, Hot Spot." He frowned behind his faceplate; Groove's distaste for combat was well-known. "If Groove is too upset for you to handle, send for Smokescreen."

He strode into medbay, gesturing for Dai Atlas to join him as he walked towards Prowl.


Rev shrugged.

"Sorry, Muzzle. If I take off my armour, it'll be a bit difficult for me and Getaway to, you know, get away quickly." He re-adjusted his trenchcoat, slipping his small laser pistol into one of the pockets. "Besides, I'm bulletproof in this getup."

He followed Muzzle towards the still-burning wrecked pickup truck.

Brave Maximus
2005-03-10, 06:12 AM
Dai Atlas nodded and fell in just behind Optimus Prime, as his bulk in the hallways didn't lend itself to him being side-by-side with anyone. He crouched a little and reminiced of Zone's hallways, that were build to accomidate both Micro Masters and Powered Masters.....

On the other side of Fortress Maximus, Speeder roared up and transformed. He wandered into the Citybot and began to look around, mumbling to himself:

"He's 85 feet tall and nearly as wide! You think he wouldn't be that easy to lose........"

2005-03-10, 06:34 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Prime stopped beside Prowl (so that his advisor would hear the conversation) and turned to Dai Atlas.

"What do you know about the planet Nebulos?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-10, 06:42 AM
Dai Atlas turned to Prime and raised an "Eyebrow" a bit:

"Very little. In your personnel files it mentions that they were somehow responsible for the Master Processes; Head, Target and Go.... Power respectivly. That a lot of the Master partners are organic and from that planet.

"There's also mention of Decepticon Masters from the same planet, only they belonged to a group of machine-controling organics known as the 'Hive'.

"Beyond that, there's conflicting reports of them being almost indisinguisable from humans.... or not. But that is the extent of the knowledge I've gathered on that planet."

He paused for a second before adding:

"In my universe, they are not part of the Defence collective, nor has their been any direct contact that I am aware of. But this could mean that they've been out of the war for more than 200 years."

It was his turn to probe a little:

"Why do you ask?"

Speeder rounded the corner, finally spotting the Giant Autobot Commander. Before he could get closer, he spotted Dai conversing with Optimus Prime and decided the better of it. He turned and headed towards one of Fortress Maximus' firing ranges to see if he can fix his rifle.

2005-03-10, 08:15 AM
Sitting on the medical table, Prowl bristled as he struggled to keep the growing frustration in check and remain still for the repairs.

Over his radio he clicked to Mirage's frequency. "Mirage, this is Prowl, respond."

A distinguishable silence told the strategist that Mirage had his radio turned off. Swiftly, Prowl turned his attention back to Blaster as Optimus Prime and the others walked in.

"Blaster, be more specific. Where are the Decepticons and how many are we looking at?"

While waiting for a response, Prowl listened to Streetwise and began using the computer to send directives out.
**Streetwise, I will dispatch Outback and Dai Atlas to assist in short order.**

**Outback. Your assistance is required to check on an autobot signal coming from Australia. Report to Streetwise at the entrance ramp.**

After he sent the message, he turned his attention to listen to Optimus and Dai Atlas. He had to listen first before he could send out the full team. His patience was being keenly tested by the wait. He needed more details about the incoming decepticons before he could take action, but also needed to locate Mirage whom Blaster implied was in danger. And then his repaired optics drifted to where Grapple was working on Hound, and his processors locked onto the resting tracker's skills in location.
His sharp mind began working through potential actions as he listened.

2005-03-10, 11:23 AM
Hot Spot knocked on Groove's door, and walked straight through, followed by Blades when there was no response. The Protectobot scout was sitting on his recharge bed, staring into space.

"Hey," Hot Spot said gently, sitting down next to him.
"All this fighting. It's getting harder and harder to deal with."
"Yes, we have been under a lot of presure recently," Hot Spot agreed.
"Presure? We could have died out there," Groove replied.
"But we didn't. And better for us to have died than for Menasor to have rampaged through the other Autobots."
"Yeah, you're right. But I'm still feeling it, and it's not good."
"I know," Hot Spot replied.
"You do don't you. You really do."
"Of course. But we need you. None of us like fighting..."

A throaty cough sounded from near the door.

"Well, except Blades, but we all have different skills to contribute. Right now, First Aid is repairing the wounded in the medbay. Streetwise is running an investigation for Prowl. And you're one of our best scouts."

"Yeah, but what good is a scout if nothing needs scouting?" Groove asked.
"There'll be things. We'll find things for you to do and make sure you get the chance to do them."
"Right," Groove replied, less than optimistically.
"I'm serious. Just give us time - just as we're giving you time."
"OK, that's fair enough," Groove nodded.

Hot Spot got to his feet, and motioned to Blades. They left the room without another word, leaving Groove to his thoughts.

2005-03-10, 11:26 AM
Windrazor's chair spun around so fast that it almost made another rotation.

"That's enough," he hissed. "You might indulge in petty bickering when you're off duty, but when you're on a mission - especially a mission under my command, you will do no such thing. Do you understand?" he glared at both Tempest and StarBlade, as if he was trying to bore holes through them with his eyes.

2005-03-10, 11:58 AM
Tempest looked at the swivelling Windrazor, and then the assassin. He looked at her then turned back to his commanding officer. He smirked quickly then nodded in agreement.

"Yes Windrazor."

He looked at the rest of the crew then ack to Windrazor.

"Have we found Mirage yet?"

2005-03-10, 01:21 PM
"Not yet," Windrazor replied to Tempest.

"The Earth satelite network is very primitive. It will take a while for the data to be rerouted to Scorponok. Also, Spinister will need to be careful with his encrypting methods now that we're in Autobot territory."

2005-03-10, 04:24 PM
Fort Max, Medbay

Huffer had just finished installing the missing set of minor parts in himself and the other minibots, when Outback emerged from the CR chamber. His tan-colored armor-plated hide gleamed, and his eyes displayed a bot full up on energon for the first time in a very long time.

Outback: "Wow! I feel GREAT!!! Hey Huff, didja finish my cannon yet?"

Huffer: "Yeah its done, although I'm not very pleased with it." He pointed to an object on the work-table he had been using.

Outbacks eye lit up even more. "...that...is my cannon?" He was looking at an object that bore little to no resemblance to his old black weapon. This weapon was silver, streamlined, and so shiny he could see his reflection in it. Furthermore, it had two barrels where before there had been the standard one. "What'd you do to it?" His tone was half accusing and half admiring.

Huffer shrugged. "Your weapon was obsolete ages ago. I just...updated it a little. You'll notice the twin barrels. That will increase your rate of fire to almost double its previous value. And I've increased ammo capacity by 38%. I've also updated the targeting mechanism. Oh, turn around."

Outback obediently turned. Huffer attached the weapon to his back in the slot where it sat when in vehicle mode. As it attached, the twin barrels split apart, and folded up and over Outback's shoulders. Huffer: "I was looking at Prowl's shoulder weapons over there and thought you'd like this little addition. In this mode, your ammo will last longer, but the damage is lessened."

Outback stared at the barrels on either shoulder. He was in heaven. Just then, Prowl sent out his message regarding Australia.

Outback shouted out: "Hoo boy!" He looked over at Prowl and walked up to him. "Hey, I'm right here. I'm not that short, you know." As Prime and Atlas walked in, Outback said:"So I'm chaperoning the big guy, huh? When do we leave?" He was so excited, he was giddy. Then he looked at Atlas, and then back to Huffer: "Hey Huff, can I get a sword, too?"

2005-03-10, 04:29 PM
Fly tumbled over as the scorpion drone he was strapped too lost its balance as the shuttle banked , ending in an embarassing heap in the corner.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-10, 04:56 PM
"I can only find two, I am followin' the trail back to the sending point and the receiving point. I'll need about five more minutes then I'll use the skyspy and those Decepti-creeps will be out in the open!"


Sideswipe turned and followed Streetwise.

"No violence? With Sunstreaker? Right." He grinned sheepishly.

2005-03-10, 05:20 PM
Trailbreaker looked on with an admiring grin as Computron hoisted the heavy mounting.

"Hwah! Wish I could do that. If we all had his strength, there'd be nothin' left of those stinkin' decepticons."

He then turned his attention to loosening the rest of the cannons.


Exhausted from damage and too dangerous to send out alone. That would have to be a team effort. Can't risk any more losses.
Prowl stared for a moment and then focused on his leader and Dai Atlas, continuing to leave Smokescreen on hold. He held up a hand and then clicked onto their communicators.

Optimus, Dai. I must interrupt for a priority matter. Blaster reports decepticons in the vicinity, and implies Mirage is in danger. Mirage cannot be contacted. He either has his radio turned off or has fallen already to them. Additionally he has a stray autobot signal coming from Australia. Streetwise has gathered a team to locate Sunstreaker and bring him back. They are in need of transportation and backup firepower. With the Protectobots back online as a team, I'd recommend sending Groove, Blades and Hound to begin a search for Mirage, and Dai to back up Streetwise.
Inside the warehouse, three humans sat talking. They had gathered up the bags of money and were discussing their next options.

"No. We ain't goin' anywheres. That metal robot found us once, it can find us again, Strabe."

"Not if we split now while it's gone. It issn't gonna find us'n the city. It prolly won't know one human from another, Jack. Tell him John."

A dark-haired guy looked up and took a swig of beer, looking entirely unconcerned.
"I made an agreement with the decepticon. He paid us, we stay here until he comes back. We do this, make the deliveries of the jamming boxes and energon, and they all leave the planet - nice and peaceful. We're doin' our race a favor, and we're doin' them a favor too."

"Yeah well..." Strabe frowned deeply. "... they's killed hundreds of people, and three of those kids and the old guy you sent out never came back for their pay. What if'n they step on us or somethin'?"

John smirked and took another drink before replying. "Then you won't need to worry about it."


Outside the warehouse, Blitzwing scowled as he worked his way forcefully through a transformation to his robot mode. It took a few shufflings for sticking bearings to unlock, but he finished and then walked quickly to catch up to Hot Rod, Scoop, and the rest of the group.

2005-03-10, 07:07 PM
Tracer replied to Hotrod :

"they look the same shape as Tracks and they're the same make , they remind me a bit of the Stralatti Hover Cars they used to race on Nebulos in the Talos to Platroon overland competition."

A strange sound catches his attention .

"Hey guys the Con he don't sound so good, know what I mean, he sounds like an overheating scrubwich harvester ".

2005-03-10, 07:39 PM
Streetwise shook his head.
"I certainly hope not. That's why I want you along. Hopefully you'll make him see reason."

The two Autobots had reached the entrance to Fortress Maximus, and stood at the top of the entrance ramp.

"Streetwise to Fortress. Is Sunstreaker still in range of your sensors. I would like a confirmation of his location."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-10, 08:19 PM
"Alright, the skyspy has Decepticon's in can and it's inbound in a hurry! Good news is they don't have Mirage!"

Blaster swivled his chair looking at another screen. "Bad news is if we don't get 'im now those decepti-creeps will. Any ideas Prowl.


Sideswipe grinned. "You don't know me and my brother very well do you, Streetwise?"

Sideswipe looked around outside, the damage from the battle made him grimace. He'd rather be chasing the cons that did this than his brother.


Brawn and Windcharge had made their way to the wreckage of what was Metroplex.

"Bad memories from this place..." Windcharger said looking around.

"I never even made it. Come on, lets go find who evers in charge of this operation."

2005-03-10, 10:55 PM
Echoshift looked from StarBlade to Tempest and back again, before turning to face Windrazor. He remained quiet for the moment, unwilling to risk breaking the silence for the sudden rise of tension in the air.

2005-03-10, 11:40 PM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -checks sensor readouts- "Negative, Streetwise, no sign of Sunstreaker within sensor range. Attempting to tap into human satellite network. Maybe I can track him that way."


Muzzle: -pulls out a pair of sunglasses, puts them on- "Might want to get that checked, bubba. No way Getaway can effectively blend in otherwise." -looking at the crowds being held back by police officers, looking at the fire engine-


Nightbeat: "Okay, guys. This is it. Get as close as you can, but don't mix with the crowd. If there's anybody looking for Autobots, we can give them two pretty big targets."

Siren: -starting engine- "And what are you going to do?"

Nightbeat: "Act as backup."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -already scanning the cerebro-shell- "Interesting. It's anchored itself in her cerebral cortex. Looks like it's tapped into her motor control, audio, and visual centers......."

2005-03-11, 01:22 AM
Before StarBlade could respond, Windrazor broke up the argument before it could begin. The assassin simply nodded to her commander, and relapsed into silence once more. She had indeed fired a null-ray before, but it was during her initial training, and she hadn't used one since. She preffered her laser blasters and rifle.

2005-03-11, 04:05 AM
Computron paid little attention to Trailbreaker's joking, far too focused on his work. The swivels finally snapped and pulled out heavily into the combiner's large hands. He hoisted the mammoth cannons, each at least his size, high to make sure not to hurt his friends. A glance to the ground and a quick calculation later, Computron jumped from Metroplex' head, flipped down his knee-thrusters, and drifted softly to the ground. With his cargo still in his hands, he began the trek across the field to Fortress Maximus...


Near Metroplex

Ultra Magnus gave Smokescreen a torn grin - he did appreciate the casual wording, but the withdrawn tone was interpreted as simply an aversion to discussing Magnus' guilt. He just knew everyone was upset with him today, and he couldn't really blame them. Nevertheless, Magnus went on with his work and shook his head slowly.

"It's a mess," he began as he started walking toward Metroplex. "The explosive damage isn't as extensive as I'd thought it would be, but they hit all of the important spots. It'll be months, at least, until we can rebuild."


Benner: Route 9

Roadhandler spit his response to Big Daddy. It was apparent that his opponent didn't care enough about the humans' safety, as he'd expected; it was only a matter of time until a perhaps deadly crash transpired.

"There are more important things in life than winning!"

Roadhandler paused for a moment. Tell him about the humans? Big Daddy would only laugh. Instead, Roadhandler swerved onto a narrow dirt road running the side of the mountain heading into the valley - Fortress Maximus was visible to the north through the trees. Just as he hit the interchange, Roadhandler downshifted to kick up the cold, dry dirt before returning to racing speed.

"You know, like reminding you who owns these roads!"

2005-03-11, 04:14 AM
Benner: Route 9

Big Daddy gunned his engine loud as he rounded the corner. As he shifted back into gear to follow Roadhandler, Hubs and Greaser stepped out of the nearby trees and stopped dead center in the path of the Race Track patrol member.

"Heads up, 'Handler!" Hubs cackled.

Big Daddy gunned his engine, hoping that Roadhandler would make a mistake that would allow him to take over the lead.

2005-03-11, 04:21 AM
Fort Max, Med Bay

Outback looked up at Prowl, who either was too busy to notice him or was ignoring him. He grunted in annoyance and headed off to find Streetwise at the ramp.

Huffer, having finally torn himself away from his work, had slipped into a CR chamber to tend to his minor injuries.

At about the same time, Pipes, Powerglide, and Bumper all emerged from their CR chambers, gleaming and full of energy. Bumper looked a bit overwhelmed around all the bigger, older, more important bots around, but both Pipes and Powerglide were seriously spoiling for a rumble.

Pipes walked up to Prowl, Powerglide just behind him. Pipes said: "Hey Prowl, give us some decepticons to beat on."

2005-03-11, 05:21 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Prime nodded.

"I expected as much. Download the Nebulos database from the city's computer and study it when you can, Dai Atlas. You'll be leading a team there shortly. The Nebulan government has requested assistance, and right now you're the only spaceworthy craft we have."

He turned to Prowl.

"We need Streetwise to find Sunstreaker, but Dai Atlas is the only one who can reach Australia in time to accomplish anything."

He sighed. The decision was a no-win; he could either abandon whatever had crashed in Australia to the Decepticons that were probably already there, or let one of his own men fall into darkness.

Prime shook his head. "Send them after Sunstreaker. Streetwise's team, Dai Atlas, and anyone else we can spare. We have to bring him back in before he kills any more humans."

And just hope whoever sent that distress call can take care of themselves...

"Send your other team out after Mirage."

He turned back to Dai Atlas.

"Listen to Streetwise. I know you're used to being in command, but you're not the security expert that he is. As soon as you're finished with Sunstreaker, come back to base and we can discuss the Nebulos mission."

Brooke frowned. "Can you get it out, doc?"

Warehouse District, Portland

Recoil walked up behind the three human mercenaries.

"I see I've found my men. Get up and go outside. If you do your jobs, I won't tell Blitzwing that you were talking about running off."

The grey-haired Nebulan crossed his arms, glowering.

Hot Rod grinned at Tracer.

"That's what I wanted to hear." He flipped his comlink on. "Hey Tracks! We might have found a present for you. Get back as soon as you can."


"That's the price of being a Powermaster, Muzzle. Getaway doesn't need Energon, but he can't go anywhere without me." He shrugged. "Besides, we don't need to blend in. No one can catch us."

He looked at the cops for a minute.

"You want me to get rid of them?"

2005-03-11, 06:47 AM
Hmmm. Gotta try a different tact, different angle.

Smokescreen nodded in assent to Ultra Magnus as he listened. He looked up at Metroplex's remains and then shook his head. His tone remained easy and calm, but Smokey fixed his attention with a cool look on the city commander as he calculated his next approach. He knew he had to walk a fine line between allowing the commander to have some self-pity and being too aggressive as to crush his already fragile state. Smokescreen decided that the best choice was to try to get Ultra Magnus to begin arguing, and through that route, hopefully realize that the commander had indeed fulfilled his duty to the greatest extent he could have.

"Rebuilding is a good thing and being able to means there's hope yet. But this--- this is a lot of failure Magnus, and the energon chips stop with you on this one. What happened?"

ooc: Zisteau - just so you know, Prowl had half his jaw and one optic shattered by a sniper shot during the recent battle. That's why his messages are being sent on an internal radio frequency. (and I have class three nights a week, so responses are a tiny bit delayed. ;))

Prowl watched Outback leave as he thought through his options. Without Mirage's radio being on, he had no way to contact the spy to warn him. But Prowl was also disconcerted about why the autobot had turned off the radio in the first place.

While he made his final decision on that matter, he nodded to Pipes and Powerglide as he clicked over to their frequencies. "Your help would be of great use in locating and securing Sunstreaker. He is to be brought back in functional condition, preferably by his own choice. Go quickly and meet Streetwise at the entrance ramp now. They will be leaving in short order."

Quickly, Prowl sent a message directive through the computer to Streetwise.
**Delay two minutes. Dai Atlas, Outback, Pipes and Powerglide are joining you. Bring back Sunstreaker in functional condition, preferably on his own choice unless it is a last resort.**

Once he finished, he clicked over to Groove's radio.
"Groove, we have an urgent situation with an autobot in grave danger. Mirage is a walking target for approaching Decepticons. Meet Hound at the main entry. He is still damaged and his energy is likely low. He will track Mirage, you must provide an extra pair of optics and hands as a team effort, and firepower if needed. We must locate Mirage before those Decepticons do."

"Heyyyy.... who's dis chump?" Jack scowled as he sized up the invader.

Looking decidedly unphased, John took a last swig of beer and subsequently smashed the can in his hand. "Take it easy. Everyone."

He fixed on the newcomer and studied him quite visibly.
"I don't take kindly to threats, 'specially from thugs I don't know. The decepticon and I have a long-standing agreement, but it didn't include a fight. Quite frankly mister... you can tell that robot what you please. It ain't gonna do much besides tell us to fulfill our part of the deal, which is why we're still here. That one is far less dangerous than what the military has these days."

John smirked and stood up, cracking his knuckles as he did. His two companions shrank back instantly.

"But I've got power behind my threats. Don't make me break them out. Answer now- who are you and who are you working for?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-11, 07:17 AM
Dai Atlas silently nodded to Prime and turned to look at the troops gathered around. Before he took another step, his voice called out, with the tones of one used to giving orders:

"Pipes, Powerglide, you're with me."

The Powered Master then strode out of Medbay, hopefully with the two minibots behind him. He kept his pace short though, as he knew that they would be pressed to keep up to his normal stride if they stayed in robot mode.

Speeder sat down at one of the benches in Fort Max's target range and peered down the length of his rifle's barrel. After a few moments of grumbling and complaining, he grabbed the barrel in both hands and started to bend it a little. After a few times of looking down the barrel and straitening it some more, he decided that it was back to normal (anyone watching would wonder if he had done anything at all) and then went to work stripping the rifle down to it's components.

2005-03-11, 07:43 AM
Wideload's body was still being controlled by Trojan (Ratbat's computer virus) as he moved round medbay looking for an opportunity for further sabotage , trying not to be noticed .


Flintlock & Silencer finished unloading the salvaged medical supplies from Landfill who transformed into robot mode and looked around . opening a com link to the command team :

" anything you want me to do ? " he enquired


Quickmix seeing Huffer was preoccupied with his work moved on moving over to Minerva in order to see if she could use his assistance


Ricochet trailed out after Pipes and Powerglide curious to see where they were headed.

2005-03-11, 09:10 AM
Beachcomber suddenly speeds around a corner and drives up to Ultra Magnus. He says "Hey, like, what can I do to help Magnus? You know, I'm feeling like a challenge."

2005-03-11, 03:38 PM
Fort Max, Medbay

(OOC to Scout: Its cool.:) My minibots have gotten cocky being on their own so long, they're not used to waiting around for orders ;) )

Pipes and Powerglide followed Dai Atlas out of medbay towards the entrance ramp. Pipes: "Bumper, why don't you come along too?"

Bumper hadn't been given any orders, so he followed along behind them.

Pipes started smacking his balled up fist in his other palm repeatedly. "Yeah, can't wait."

Powerglide started going through his inventory of concussion bombs and machine gun rounds, taking stock. Part of the reason he had so little strength was all the ammo he had to carry around took up a lot of internal room. He cocked his head to one side, noticing something. "Ah...sweet." He took the laser rifle off his hip and subspaced it. Bumper also subspaced his laser gun. Pipes did not. Powerglide: "Pipes, you can subspace your guns now if you want."

Pipes: "Nah, I kind of like wearing them on the hips. Makes me feel like an earthling gunslinger."

2005-03-11, 06:17 PM
Streetwise shook his head.

"No, I don't know Sunstreaker very well at all. But I am learning more about him all the time. I would like to start at the last location he attacked. Hopefully we can track him from there."


Groove received Prowl's message and got quickly to his feet.
"On my way, Prowl," he responded, before dashing out of his quarters. Shortly, he arrived at the front of Fortress Maximus, and to the assigned meeting point with Hound.

Brave Maximus
2005-03-11, 06:32 PM
Dai Atlas walked up the main entrance ramp of Fortress Maximus and spotted Streetwise (at least, that's who it looked like from his Profile Data). He strode up, with the minibots in tow:

"Streetwise, I've brought you two.... three more assistants in your search. I am here..... to aid, should you need it."

He then turned to Pipes, Powerglide and Bumper:

"Streetwise is in command of the mission, do what he says."

He then stood back a bit, letting the mission leader have an easy view of his troops (something not all that easy with Dai Atlas' massive frame in the way).

Fortress Maximus Firing Ranger

"How in the Pit did dirt get that deep into the firing mechanisim......."

2005-03-11, 07:15 PM
Fort Max, Entrance Ramp

Outback had just reached Streetwise when the massive Dai-Atlas strode up with Pipes, Powerglide, and Bumper. Outback, Pipes, Powerglide, and Bumper waited for Streetwise to begin. Pipes was so excited he was almost jumping up and down. Outback and Powerglide were in similar states.

Bumper seemed to be the only one of them with any grasp on reality and that this might be quite dangerous.

2005-03-11, 08:50 PM
Spinister's voice adressed Windrazor.

"I'm sending you the scan results now. Good hunting."

Warehouse District, Portland

Recoil glared at the three humans, unimpressed.

"The Targetmaster armour should tell you all you need to know. But if you need more credentials..."

The Targetmaster transformed, hovering a few feet off the ground (OOC: as the TM guns could do in Rebirth) and pointing his barrels at the humans.

"Either you get outside and report to Blitzwing, or I burn your skin off with acid and find some other humans to do your job. And if you think I'm bluffing, try me."

The retired athlete normally wouldn't be so confrontational, but losing his partner only a few hours ago had made him a bit less cautious than usual.

Besides, they know Blitzwing as a Decepticon. They'll expect this kind of behaviour from anyone working with him. I hope.

Medbay, Fort Max

Prime's optics narrowed as Dai Atlas left the room. He turned to Prowl.

"When they get back, talk to Streetwise. I'll need to know if Dai Atlas cooperates with him, or if his pride gets in the way. I've heard good things about him from some of our other trans-dimensional troops, but before I put him in command of an expedition to another world I need to know..."

He shrugged ever-so-slightly, "I need to know if he's able to adapt to the strange circumstances he's found himself in." Optimus vaguely indicated towards his chest, and the Matrix within it. "I have a feeling that a lot will depend on that."

2005-03-11, 11:00 PM
Prowl nodded slightly to Optimus, and instantly regretted it as pain shot through the damaged side of his face. He shook off the urge to wince and instead continued with an internal reply.
The strategist understood - from his own experience - the distaste involved, but also the importance. "It can be difficult Sir, to accept a subordinate position to a lower rank, but team effort is a necessity. Streetwise is more knowledgeable than Atlas of the human factor, and it this case, it is vital. I have confidence that Streetwise treat Dai Atlas with respect however, and I will speak with them both when they return, but now I must get Hound revived to join Groove."

Prowl switched his frequencies to send an awakening signal to the scout, and then quickly gave him directions.
"Hound, you must join Groove now at the entry. You must work together in haste to locate Mirage, he is in grave danger. Decepticons are in the area. You are still not fully repaired, but we have no choice."

Across the medical bay, Hound stirred as Prowl's signal cleared his radio. His optics lit up and brightened and he sat up slowly. Most of the pain was gone, even though his systems told him his wrist supports were still broken. He shifted away from Grapple with an appreciative and apologetic smile and quickly slid off the table.

"Sorry Grapple. Mirage is in trouble - I have to help him."
And without waiting for a response, Hound bolted for the door.
(I'll post everyone else after dinner)

2005-03-11, 11:30 PM
Landfill opened a com link to Prowl

" any orders for me good buddy ?"


Trojan examined the situation , he had sabotaged 2 rooms that was true but all the medics gathered in one place made it harder to pick off any one individually , Trojan moved to an unoccupied computer teminal in one corner of med bay he deftly hacked into the system , it was second nature he was more computer programme than transformer, altering the training routines and removing the safety interlocks next time fixit and friends did some training it would be ther last he hoped , he ran an internal scan of Wideloads inventory already planning his next move

2005-03-12, 01:04 AM
Warehouse District, Portland:

Tracks: -howls overhead, turbines whistling smoothly, corkscrewing through the air before levelling off, starts to orbit the area- "The only present I want right now, Hot Rod, is an engine overhaul."


Muzzle: -looks over at Rev- "The concept of subtlety just doesn't occour to you, does it?" -looks up as, with the wail of sirens, Siren and Hosehead pull up along with the rest of the firefighting equipment- "How else're we going to flush out the pigeons?" -pulls out a badge, flashes it at the cops, puts it away, and starts looking at the wreck-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "I can get the shell out...... Just going to have to be careful....." -reaches into the backseat of her transector, starts gathering medical equipment-

Wheels' Room:

Ironhide: -shrugs, straightens- "Awlrahght, Ah trahed ta get ya t' tawk, and it ain't workin'. Yer turn, Red."

Hyper Prime
2005-03-12, 02:11 AM
Being inactive for sometime, Fixit looked to see Minerva working, and decided to help. The micromaster quickly traveled over towards her and looked in through the window of her transector. "Do you need any help there Minerva?"

2005-03-12, 02:35 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "I could use all the help I can get, Fixit, but I don't know how much you know about human brain surgery. First Aid could use a hand on Omega Supreme, though."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-12, 05:15 AM
"This is Skyfall of the Neo's at the Ark, calling Autobase:
I have urgent news on the Autobot destress call coming from Australia. Come in Autobase."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-12, 05:41 AM
"I hear ya Skyfall! Tell me the info and it'll get to command before you're even done talkin'" Blaster replied to the Neo.

2005-03-12, 06:25 AM
Wheels' Room

Red Alert forced thought of the Decepticon database (which helds some interesting information) out of his mind and managed to shrug nonchalantly at Ironhide.

"Why not?" He flipped open his comlink. "Fortress, kill the video and audio monitoring to this cell."

Medbay, Fort Max

Prime nodded. "Exactly. Thank you, Prowl."

He took a few steps deeper into the Medbay.

"Ratchet, do you have a minute?"

Brooke watched silently as Minerva worked.

Warehouse District, Portland

Hot Rod shrugged.

"Then I guess I can't interest you in a warehouse-full of shiny new Corvette parts?"


"In case you hadn't noticed, I've got green skin. Subtle doesn't work too well for me on Earth. I'd rather have my armour on in case the ignorant rednecks decide to burn me at the stake, thank you."

Rev stopped at the edge of the crime scene.

"Get me that licence plate number and I'll have a name for you in five minutes."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-12, 06:36 AM
"Blaster. I'm sure you've recieved the destress call on that old Autobot frequency from Australia. I sent a recent arrival to the Ark, Greatshot, out to investigate.

What ever that thing was, he was no Autobot. He called himself Atlas Omega, and as soon as my guy acknowledged he was an Autobot - he opened fire and tore up his bottom half rather baddly. If the powers-that-be plan on sending a mission out that way. Be prepaired for some MAJOR unfriendly fire."

Random Sweep
2005-03-12, 06:53 AM
Ratchet looked up from his wrok at the sound of Primes voice.

" Sure thing Optimus , What can I do for you? "

2005-03-12, 08:07 AM
"Well now... what have we got here?" Trailbreaker murmurred quietly as he was working. He felt a vibration in a mounting and got a puzzled and curious expression.

"Hey Crosshairs, Comps, I'll be right back."

He turned and headed for an emergency hatch opening with the intent of going inside.


Hound jogged down the hall, keeping his damaged wrist tucked up and locked against his waist for stability. He reached the entrance ramp and made a friendly wave to Groove before transforming and begining a scan.
John watched Recoil's actions with a poker face, but his companions were anything but calm. Strabe fell backwards over the crate he was sitting on and started yelling "don't shoot". Picking himself up, he bent over forward to cover a growing wet spot and ran behind more crates crying out explicatives as he went.
Jack went white and shivered with an open mouth, but was frozen to his spot.

John waved an arm at Recoil, still looking unconcerned. "Chill. I know what Blitzwing would do to you if you did anything to us. But, in case you hadn't noticed, we stuck. I keep my word."
Slowly, he got to his feet and headed for the door. Jack looked like he would pass out at any moment, but staggered backward, still watching Recoil with his mouth agape.
Mirage sat on the ledge for quite a long time. His thoughts ranged from confusion to guilt, to sadness and anger to frustration and back to guilt. He was quite convinced he could not return to the autobots and that they would be better off without him.

He transformed and began driving toward the open desert areas just beyond the mountain range.

2005-03-12, 08:52 AM
Streetwise glanced down at the minibots, and then glanced up at Dai Atlas.

"OK, here's the plan. Fortress has not been able to detect Sunstreaker on local sensors. He's tapping into Earth's satelite net as we speak, but I'm not about to waste time waiting for the results. So, we're going to start investigating from Sunstreaker's last known attack site."

He glanced up at Dai Atlas. "With the recent outbreaks of violence on Earth, I want to be able to investigate the site undisturbed. That means we need to set up a perimeter. You and Powerglide are the fastest among us. Will you head to the site, and ensure that it's safe to begin our investigation?"

He paused, remembering that he'd forgotten something.

"The site is a gas station... An Earthern refuelling site, roughly eighty miles east of here. Coordinates 432,441. There might be Earth citizens around who'll need to be evacuated safely."

He looked between Powerglide and Dai Atlas, ensuring they'd both heard him. Then he turned to Sideswipe, Bumper and Outback.

"We shall get there as fast as we can."

He transformed into police car mode.

"Let's burn rubber."

Streetwise screeched away in a haze of rubber and exhaust fumes, yet made sure that the slower bots can keep up.


Groove followed Hound's lead, and transformed into motorbike mode.

"Got anything yet? When you do, I'm with you all the way," he said, revving his engine.

2005-03-12, 08:54 AM
Windrazor smiled at Spinister's transmission.
"Acknowledged. Now entering radio silence. I'll let you know how our mission turns out."

He turned to the crew in the shuttle.

"We have our target. I'm moving us into position."

The sleek black shuttle lifted gently into the air, before shooting off towards the south.

2005-03-12, 08:59 AM
Landfill tried again

"B]Prowl[/B] good buddy you got your ears on , got anything you need me to do ?"


Scoop restlessly scanned the skys alert for any threat .


Quickmix spotting Fixit moving across to work on Omega Supreme , moved over there too, in order to see if he could use some of his scientific expertise ,

"Fixit anything you need parts wise , I can run off any metalwork thats needed ?"


Trojan was growing impatient his actions as yet had had no effect on the Autobots . Slipping a limpet mine from the store of explosives that Wideload was carrying around with him he clamped it on the bottom of the computer console, out of sight setting its timer. He walked away towards the entrance , but suddenly collapsed writhing on the floor as Wideload's personality struggled to the fore , the act of direct sabotage had been too much and overloaded the moral centres of the Autobot , the orange figure writhed on the floor as within its form 2 erntities struggled for control

2005-03-12, 04:29 PM
Fort Max, Entrance Ramp

Powerglide transformed and shot into the sky, headed for the coordinates he had been given.

Pipes, Outback, and Bumper transformed and followed Streewise towards their location.

Brave Maximus
2005-03-12, 08:05 PM
Dai Atlas lept into the air, engaged his flight systems, and transformed to shuttle mode. He flew low to the ground and and beside Streetwise:

"Streetwise, you may no know, but I have more than enough space to carry your team. It would be faster than ground transport. Unless there's some place you plan on stopping along the way....."

2005-03-12, 10:02 PM
Life's all about conflicts, some say. From the epic battles of good and evil and the fight between evolution and entropy, to the minute problems of what to wear today and political debates, everything is said to be a dialectical struggle. In Roadhandler's case, the warring forces are instantaneous feelings of shock and cynical disgust.


The decision was made quickly. Roadhandler nailed the brakes to drop his rear downforce, transformed, and handspringed over his two roadblocks. He took one stumbling step between landing and transforming back to car mode, nailing the accelerator before his wheels hit the dirt. He knew the maneuver had cost him vital speed; he only hoped the cheaters wouldn't be smart enough to get out of the way before Big Daddy came roaring through.


Outside Metroplex

Magnus stopped in his tracks, giving Beachcomber only a brief glance before turning his attention back to the city behind him. He pondered momentarily on what he could have a geologist do...

"I'm worried that the city crash may have caused severe damage to the ground where Metroplex fell. Run some tests to see if the earth is stable - let me know when you have results. You have permission to recruit help if you need them."

A nod and Magnus continued hiking toward Fortress Maximus with an armful of rescued invaluable components, his attention thoroughly locked on Smokescreen despite his apparent focus on his work. He struggled not to show, but the words cut to the core, shredding him more harshly than any laser could.

"You're... absolutely right, Smokescreen. It was my duty to protect Metroplex, and I failed. The Decepticons were too cunning for me."

Magnus thought back on the battle, remembering every step he'd taken. A few moments of the event were blurry - he wanted not to remember - but he recalled the general outline rather well. And as he remembered, he rationalized as well.

"But I never left Metroplex. I stayed with him, and... I saved his life. Mirage's as well. They wouldn't have survived..."

Magnus trailed off, realizing that Smokescreen could clearly hear him. Magnus was the sort to keep his personal thoughts to himself, only sharing with one particular individual, and only when ordered. He regained his military stone visage, giving Smokescreen a detached glance. Somehow, though, it seemed more positive than it had before.

"I'm sorry, Smokescreen. Metroplex was our home for many years, and I'm truly remorseful for what's happened."

Magnus paused for a moment, unsure if he felt ready to say what he was thinking. He decided ambivalently that he was.

"...But it will not happen again."

(OOC Edit: Ack, just realized I ignored Beachcomber. Fixed...)

2005-03-12, 11:13 PM
Warehouse District, Portland:

Tracks: -still orbiting the area- "While free body parts sound like a good idea, if it's brand new Corvette parts, they won't fit. This is an old Corvette design, not a new one."


Muzzle: -shrugs- "Plates, I got. RCW 139. Better hope they aren't stolen."

Lug: -comes running up in his Headmaster armor, carrying a fire hose, starts dousing the fire-

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -gets message from Red Alert, gets slightly confused look on his face, shrugs- "Cameras and recording devices are off, Red Alert."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -finishes repairing Prowl, looks over as Wideload collapses, convulsing- "All done, Prowl. Better get off the table. I think I'm going to need it." -rushes over, kneels next to the Throttlebot- "Wideload, are you okay?"

2005-03-12, 11:41 PM
"stop the bo.... "

the voice trailed off as Trojan took over again , his voice subtly different .

" I'm ok , just a bit dirty from the floor , but thats ok a bit of dirt never hurt anyone ."

inside Wideload's central processor the struggle for dominance raged , one side striving for the advantage over the other until they reached stalemate each side not able to take that final step

Wideloads optics glazed over and he fell silent just twitching a bit ."


Tracer overhearing Track's communication chipped in .

" its in quite a good state for an antique , don't know how old it is but one of them had a bumper sticker "Reagan for Re-election" if that helps ."

2005-03-13, 03:21 AM

"I'm ok, nearly done in engineering, don't wait up for me" Firestar's voice's crackled back over Inferno's comm-radio "I'll meet you in the mess hall, big guy"

* * * * * *

OOC: I really need something for Blue to do, <.<

Outside Fort Max

Bluestreak sighed, transforming back to his vehicle mode and headed for the main entrance as Cliffjumper's attention was focused on the faint, yet approaching figures of Magnus and Smokescreen.

"Hey" the silver and black Datsun called, spotting Hound and Groove by the ramp and heading over to them "Whatcha doing, can I help?"

2005-03-13, 06:27 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Prime closed with Ratchet.

"My trailer was ruined during the fight. It was inside my shuttle, and the bay got strafed." He gestured towards a nearby computer console.

"When the injured have been treated, I want you to look up a design for me, code-named LR-01. Wheeljack drew it up for me shortly before I died in 2005. Salvage what you can from my old trailer, then build LR-01's trailer module. Can you manage that?"

Atop Metroplex

Crosshairs frowned as he watched Trailbreaker stride away.

"Be careful."

The Targetmaster strode towards the citybot's left shoulder, intent on removing the double-barrelled cannon mounted there.

Warehouse District, Portland

Recoil fired a splash of acid onto the ground, a few inches from the terrified human (Jack)'s feet.

"Move it!"

In the back of his mind, he knew he shouldn't be taking his anger out on these more-or-less innocent humans. But at the moment, they were a convenient release.

Hot Rod shrugged. "There's no harm in checking it out, anyway..."


Rev grinned.

"Excellent. I've got to get back to Getaway so I can run a trace. You're going to stay here and poke around?"

Wheels' Cell, Fort Max

"Thanks, Fortress. Red Alert out."

Time for some psychological warfare.

Red cracked his knuckles, eliciting a loud metallic popping. He strode calmly towards Wheels.

"Time to cut out the crazy act, Decepticon. I've seen crazy. I've been crazy. You're just a bad actor.

"You're going to answer all of Ironhide's questions honestly and fully. If you cooperate, we'll repair you and set you free. If you don't, I'll beat you to death and get what I need by scanning your memory chips. Understand?"

Random Sweep
2005-03-13, 06:58 AM
Ratchet nodded slowly as Prime spoke.

" Just hold up amoment while I bring up the files Optimus " the medic said

Ratchet looked over the plans for a few moments then turned back to Prime.

" I should be able to make it work " he said " Could be a little while though, while most of our wounded are fixed up or in the CR chambers, Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx are going to take alot more work "

2005-03-13, 09:03 AM
Tempest nods and depoists his energon pistols. Instead he grabs his sword. We need him to talk, he can lose an arm and a leg in the proccess.

2005-03-13, 12:37 PM
Echoshift nodded at Windrazor before checking that his rifles were charged-- an automatic reaction. The grey Eurofighter's optics drifted to Tempest's sword, before he turned to glance at StarBlade. Leaning back against the console, he settled down to wait, feeling the shuttle change direction to head towards the south.

2005-03-13, 05:34 PM
Enroute to Sunstreaker

Pipes: "Sounds good to me, Atlas, lower a ramp and we'll roll on up.

2005-03-13, 06:45 PM
Trailbreaker knew what the vibrations he had felt were as soon as he set a hand on the hatch panel. Hot. Thermal waves doing something to the metal.

He opened the hatch slowly and felt heat radiating upwards, but even though the sides were burned somewhat, he saw no sign of flame or melted metal, so he crawled in.
The access panel led into the neck area, and straight to a service shaft that dropped down to the tight workings of the combustion chamber. As he worked his way along, the hall became incrementally hotter and he had to activate his force field to give a little added shelter against the heat. A look up ahead told him why. Normally, heavy doors would be blocking this area when Metroplex was in a downed state. Instead, rippling waves of burning and leaking energon were occasionally balling and exploding, causing the corridors and halls in the region to vibrate.

Oi... he's got one big bellyache. I wonder if that's what happens when humans burp?
After rubbing the side of his head in curious thought for a moment, Trailbreaker began working his way back toward the exit and picked up an all-autobot frequency on his radio. "Hey fire crew- Metroplex has got himself a case of acid-reflux energon style. He oughtta get that put out before he reallllllllly belches."
"Landfill, Crosshairs could certainly use your assistance in helping with Metroplex's weaponry removal. I will require your presence in about two Earth hours for a special project."

After relaying his communication, Prowl ran a hand gently along his jawline and was pleased with the result. He was intact again, though it was a bit sensative from the nerve endings that were repairing the more delicate connections.
Even if the repairs continued to hurt for a short while, he could take care of his duties efficiently once more. They would be tolerated as the skin burns would be until they healed.

The military-minded autobot wasn't very good at showing affection or appreciation on a regular basis, but he was going to make the attempt (even though repair work was in the medic's responsibilities) with a warm-toned
"Thank you," but instead his attention had diverted to the commotion nearby. With the ability to keep track of movements from all sides, the director's logic center had no trouble putting togather what was occurring, though no time to figure out the 'why'.

The "thank you" instead came out with a fiercely roared, "SECURE WIDELOAD AND CLEAR MEDBAY NOW!" as he lurched off the table and pushed past Brainstorm. Prowl ran straight for the console with the mine attached. He knew he had little time to act and it had to be done quickly and smoothly.

OOC: Just as a sidenote if it wasn't done already... serious whole-faction-affecting actions like laying damage-causing weapons to your own side / turning traitor and such- should be planned out with a staff member ahead of time. The staff team will decide in this case if the bomb goes off and what damage (if any) will occur to Fortress Maximus, since it is the receiving character and it is staff-controlled.

2005-03-13, 07:57 PM
StarBlade nodded to Windrazor, still silent. She was still preparing for the shot she was going to take on Mirage. Hopefully, her previous errors in aiming wouldn't effect her aim on this one. She needed to hit Mirage, and make certain he went down.

2005-03-13, 07:58 PM
(OOC thanks Scout I discussed it with Warcry , thats what Ratbat's secret button pushing was all about , i didn't expect any major damage to be done just some panic and confusion and years on a psychologists couch for Wideload and that action hero moment where the clock stops with 5 seconds left on it . sorry if I screwed up if you want i'll edit out ))

Wideload shot bolt upright as he wrestled control of his processors back

" theres a bombbb , get the bomb , I put a bomb in here why oh why , I can remember doing it but having no control , whats happening to me , I don't feel so good , whatt are you doing to meee , its all your fault you twisted little purple scrap heap , i can sense your claw printss all over this aghhh hhh my head it hurtsssss, im going to rip your wings off and crush them to little pieces . what did you do to me ????????"""

Wideload reached up and started clawing at his head unit screaming at top of his voice .


Landfill & Quickmix made there way quickly to the entrance helping any wounded that needed it on the way

2005-03-13, 08:40 PM
Streetwise screeched to a stop, and clicked on his radio.

"I want you and Powerglide to go on ahead," he told Dai Atlas. "I'm expecting the humans not to take too kindly to our presence, so I want a scout team to reconoitre the area before the rest of the team arrives. That's you and Powerglide. The rest of you, with me."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-13, 08:52 PM
Dai Atlas clicked his radio:

"Not a problem. RV with you there."

The gaint white shuttle hit his thrusters and peeled off into the sky, heading towards the given co-ordinates.

2005-03-13, 09:59 PM

But even as Big Daddy said this, he knew it was too late. He slammed into Greaser, as Hubs dove to avoid the incoming form of the patrol leader. Big Daddy sailed through the air, transforming as he hit the ground below him. He looked up just in time to see Roadhandler arrive back at Fort Max.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-13, 10:27 PM
"Who cares what the human's think? What're they gonna do? Throw rocks at us!? Lets just get my bro' get back to Fort Max and then worry about the humans." Sideswipe interjected as he sped up to be on pace with Streetwise.

"I know we took a hit on the PR front but I wasn't aware we were on this mission to make friends."


"Blaster to Red Alert if you are sendin' troops to Australia tell 'em to pack heat. That signature ain't friendly and it's packing some serious fire power."


Brawn pulled a weapon turret from Metroplex and then gently dropped it over the side where Windcharger used his magnetic abilities to gently set it down with anything else they salvaged.


Sunstreaker stood ontop of the Garage and scanned around. There was a city forty kilometers in the direction he was traveling. He was now aware he had crossed the Colorado border and was in a different earth 'state'.

He grunted and shook his head. The city had no space port and no shuttles to speak of. Chances are he would have to head to the city Topeka or Kansas City. About two day's travel.

He quickly hopped off the roof and transformed into vehicle mode and driving out onto the high way. He was still careful about driving. If he was going to muck up some humans he would probably do it in robot mode. No use in ruining the only good thing the planet gave him.

2005-03-13, 10:43 PM
Outer space > Battlefield

The asteroid shot from the depths of space, heading for the blue and green planet, the badly-battered looking blue figure lying face-down on it shifting slightly, fingers tightening around an eyepatch clenched in one fist.

He lay motionless, but half-concious as his resting place entered Earth's atmosphere in a fiery aura, his armour melting slightly in some parts as a result.

The chunk of rock soared through American air-space, then by chance, hit the area between Fort Max and the fallen Metroplex, ploughing a deep trench silently across the battlefield before it stopped.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-13, 11:15 PM
"What was that!?" Windcharger shouted as he sheilded his optics from the dirt and soil shot up from the impact.

"An asteroid! Come on!" Brawn quickly transformed and quickly drove off over the rough terrain and into the crater. Windcharger quickly hopped down from Metroplex and did the same.


The impact shook the crows nest to the extreme that it felt like it was going to toppel over.

"Whoa!" Fastforward fell from his seat while Boltz held on to stop from falling over.

"What hit us!?" Boltz quickly asked.

"Asteroid impact!" Blaster replied. "Red Alert You readin' this?"

2005-03-14, 12:07 AM
Streetwise would have frowned, had he not been tearing along the highway at 100mph in car mode.

"Our standing objectives for the last 30 years have been not to harm humans in any way," he reminded Sideswipe.

"Our twin objectives are to get Sunstreaker back, and protect the humans. I do have another reason for wanting the humans out of the way. I don't want them obstructing our investigation. I want to get Sunstreaker back as much as you do..."

"OK, maybe not quite as much as you do," he added as an afterthought, knowing how close the brothers were.

"Streetwise to Dai Atlas. Our ETA is twenty Earth minutes. Gather as much information as you can while you're waiting for us."

"OK gang," he spoke to his small team. "Let's get over there. Sooner we start, sooner we can go home."


Meanwhile, back at Fort Max, Groove was revving his engine next to Hound when Bluestreak showed up and asked to join. He kept quiet though. Hound was a more experienced scout than him, and he knew the mission requirements better than the Protectobot did.


First Aid worked steadily on Omega Supreme's frame, but saw Quickmix approaching out of the corner of his eye.

"I could use some materials," he called down. "If you analyse Omega's outer armour plating and fabricate several sheets, I'd be most grateful. Some of it has been torn away around the shoulder."


Blades and Hot Spot were walking the comparitively small distance between Fort Max and the ruins of Metroplex. They'd received Optimus's orders, and were heading to assist in any way they could.

"Hot Spot to Ultra Magnus. Myself and Blades are reporting to assist you in any way we can. Just tell us what needs doing."

2005-03-14, 12:16 AM
Twenty miles into the desert from Mirage's position, the Shadow Reaper touched down in the sand, and immediately powered down all systems. A large hill obscured the view of the road, but more importantly, kept the shuttle hidden from those on the throughway.

Windrazor got to his feet.

"Echoshift. Time for you to get into the air. Head back along the road and get into position following the target. Keep a high altitude, and I want to know once he's within five miles of this position. Now go."

He keyed open the shuttle's hatchway, to enable the stealth operative to exit.

"StarBlade, get into position atop the hill. I'll let you know when the target is approaching our position. Tempest, I want you in the air. High altitude. Swoop in to grab the target as soon as StarBlade confirms her shot."

He turned to the last member of the team.

"Fly, you stay with me in the shuttle. We'll need to be away from here as soon as the target is captured. You all have your orders. Do not fail."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-14, 12:29 AM
Dai Atlas came to the co-ordinates, an earth refueling station. He transformed and landed on the ground. While he waited to see if any humans came out - he spotted an energon trace and heat bloom in the distance. He opened his comms to Streetwise:

"Streetwise, this is Dai Atlas. There are no humans around, and that may not be a good thing. I'll have Powerglide check inside for wounded or worse. I've also got an energon trace and what looks to be a Cybertronian engine heading away from this location.

Speeder's the better tracker, but we are less than an hour behind him. I don't know this.... fugative though."

2005-03-14, 01:24 AM
Smokescreen nodded slowly as he walked alongside, keeping his optics fixed on the city commander. He kept a cool and factual tone as he turned his attention toward the remains of the city.

"There is cause to be sorry, but not sullen. Our bodies are shells and they can be broken. Metroplex gave his shell to shelter and protect us and we were to protect him as well. We all failed completely, except for you. You saved his existance, and Mirage's as well. Maybe more if others were still inside.

Life means hope Ultra Magnus, and there is hope. We will rebuild the shell, and we must learn from our mistakes.
You and the other leaders have the knowledge - the experience - to teach us."

Smokescreen paused temporarily in thought and then continued as he turned and prepared to walk away.

"The Autobot shell is damaged and breaking sir, maybe dying. It may change its shell, but we must stay together and learn in order to keep hope alive."

Paralyzed with fear, Jack staggered forward and fell, covering his face and curling up into a tight ball.
John was nearing the door when the clatter caught his attention. He spun and balled a fist, snarling at Recoil. His eyes narrowed dangerously and the man bristled with cold anger. He was not heavily built underneath the loose clothing, but he was quite strong with lean muscle, and in a fast few paces, he closed the gap to stand between the fallen man and Recoil. With dukes up at the ready, he used the back of his heel, he gave Jack a firm kick to get moving. The poke prodded a slow crawling and trembling movemnt toward the door.

"Threaten him again and flesh-eating acid or no- I will skin you alive before I die, punk."


2005-03-14, 01:52 AM
Hoist run to Wideload
"Hey!Hey!Wideload! calm down!"While Hoist holding Wideload
then he turn to Prowl "Shall I shut down his main proseccesor!?"

2005-03-14, 02:25 AM
At Prowl's urgent command, Skyfire's CR chamber emergency flushed and opened, ejecting the air guardian unexpectedly. Though the chamber had muffled the situation, he knew that a premature ejection meant he needed to evacuate, and he stumbled hastily toward the exit as ordered.


Outside Fort Max

Roadhandler laughed at the sight in his rear-view mirror, allowing himself to cruise down the remainder of the mountain trail. He yanked a U-turn-stop and transformed, his hands landing naturally on his hips. He looked up the path to Big Daddy with a smirk, but his attention was drawn by the thundering quake behind him. He spun to witness volumes of dirt spewing from the ground and threw up his arm to shield his optics.

"Woah! This has gotta stop happening!"



Ultra Magnus could not help but waver in his officious demeanor. He looked down to Smokescreen as he spoke, listening intently. The wall stood fast for only a moment; it took no longer for Magnus to decide that he needn't block his emotions from helping him deal with the input. A small smile spread as Smokescreen spoke optimistically, but his assessment of the Autobots' need for leadership was the strongest motivation.

"Smokescreen... thank you. The Decepticons have done worse than this. We'll persevere, and we'll strike back. We'll show them that Autobots don't die so easily. And we'll find some way to take back Cybertron without them, if that's what they want. We haven't--"

A buzzing in his ear interrupted. Magnus opened his mouth to respond, but before he could, a meteoric blast erupted from the ground only furlongs away, causing Ultra Magnus to instinctively reach out for Smokescreen and dive to the ground. As the crash's rain of earth slowed and ended, Magnus could make out some sort of space rock through the mist, but he couldn't see much else.

"Hot Spot, check for survivors!"

2005-03-14, 02:47 AM
Outside Fort Max

Greaser and Hubs moved to help Big Daddy to his feet, only to find themselves shoved aside as the Hot Rod patrol member got to his feet.

"Don't worry. It will!"

He then rushed forward and struck the Race Track patrol member as hard as he could across the face.


Wreck-Gar continued to sit and watch his portable TV, amused by what was going on in the latest episode. There was something else bothering him, though. Some kind of fight from nearby.

"Move along, children!" he shouted. "You're holding up the line!"

2005-03-14, 02:55 AM
Between Fort Max & Metroplex

The impact had thrown the blue robot off the rock and into the front side of the crater as the fingers he had curled around the eyepatch went limp.

"Slee....zardo" he whispered, an undertone of regret in his voice before he slipped into stasis.

2005-03-14, 03:45 AM
Hound was focused on his job, so he waited to respond to Bluestreak. It took only moments before the scout's scanners locked onto the faint traces of Mirage's distinctive energy signature.

"I've got Mirage's signal, and I have faint incoming Decpticon signatures to his location as well. Groove, take point- it's open mountain road between here and there that filters to sloping foothills, the signals are clear but we have to hurry. Slow to survey after the intersecting road to the ghost town called Thersee. We should get sight from that ridge. Bluestreak, follow behind me. We may need you for cover if we hit trouble."

Hound revved his engine and began driving while forming holograms of human drivers for himself and his companions. He had a pretty good idea of the distance they had to go, and knew Mirage was the intended target from the signals. He refrained from telling his companions exactly what he did know however. He had recognized one particular signal trace and it concerned him greatly.
They're going to be there before we will, but not by much. I'll back Groove with tracking and if we run into trouble, Bluestreak will be helpful against that sniper.

2005-03-14, 03:59 AM
"Alright" Bluestreak replied, happy to be doing something, anything to help, revving his own engine as he fell into line behind the scout, following the jeep at a short distance and sent a message to Hound over his comm "You know you can count on me"

2005-03-14, 05:31 AM
Hound replied with a quiet voice. "I know, and I'm counting on it Bluestreak." The scout had also kept his own status information from the others. Newly repaired but still with a broken wrist and barely half energy, he knew Bluestreak might well be an invalueable support with his firepower.

Inferno finished securing the seal on the science lab, confident that it would hold until the other hot areas were addressed.
"I hear you Firestar, and you too Trailbreaker. On my way to the mess hall and the hot stuff."

2005-03-14, 07:50 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Prime nodded.

"That's acceptable, Ratchet. I don't think I'll need it for a while y-"

He broke off as Prowl shouted. The Autobot leader strode towards Wideload (who seemed to have been grappled by Hoist).

"What's gotten into you, soldier?"

Wheels' Cell, Fort Max

Red Alert's expression changed to a frown, then a full-on glower.

"I read, Blaster. Co-ordinate with the responding units, and alert me if they need more manpower. Red Alert out."

Warehouse District, Portland

Recoil transformed, landing and facing John.

"Punk?" He scoffed. "I'm over sixty of your years old, human. Attack me if you like, but I promise you won't do any more than break your hands on my visor."

2005-03-14, 09:00 AM
Beachcomber has finished running tests at the site where Metroplex fell.

"Beachcomber to Ultra Magnus. I have finished running my tests in order to find out if the ground is stable. There's some bad news I'm afraid. The earth there now, is, how shall we, very delicate. I wouldn't advise anyone to go wandering around the area in large parties, the ground could give way! It's a worrying situation Magnus!"

2005-03-14, 10:29 AM
Wheels : You wouldn't do that Autobot besides my main memory chips are stored in the head unit , we aren't designed for long term independent operation


Fly sat patiently in the shuttle

2005-03-14, 01:03 PM
Groove accelerated to keep up with Hound and Bluestreak. The feel of the road under his tires was a good one, and he felt a swell of optimism flow through his circuits.

"Will we make it?" he asked Hound as they raced along the road.


Meanwhile, Streetwise's team were fast approaching Dai Atlas's location when Streetwise received the field commander's communication.

"Good work. Can you work out his possible destination?"

He accelerated slightly, but not too fast, knowing that some of the minibots would be unable to keep pace. They were encountering a smattering of Earth traffic now, so he activated his sirens and lights, and kept on driving towards their destination.

2005-03-14, 01:54 PM
Tempest nodded at Windrazor's orders. He knewed he have to preajust his engines and wing span to get quick the target quickly. He knew he could, and he smilied at the thought.

2005-03-14, 05:22 PM
Powerglide went inside the refueling station to check for clues.


Pipes, Bumper, and Outback followed Streetwise.

[SIZE=1](OOC: I'm going out of town for a week. Brave Maximus can use/move around Powerglide while I'm gone, and Sixswitch can use/move around Pipes, Bumper, and Outback however they like, or they can both just forget they're there, whatever is more convenient for you guys.)

2005-03-14, 06:36 PM
Hound was reluctant to spill the bad news, but it had to be done and quickly. The scout had taken them down a short and more direct way towards Mirage, who had been moving aimlessly for a few hours at this point.

"I don't think so Groove- at least not before the Decepticons anyway. Mirage is going in the wrong direction. If my memory of that road is right, we ought to arrive to the area right within a minute or two of the 'cons arrival. We will be there in time to help him escape."

A darker thought occurred to the scout and ran through his mind briefly, though he didn't vocalize it.
If he wants to.

"When we get there, we'll have to hold up at the break line of the hills momentarily to get a better idea of the situation. I'm still working on how many cons and who we're running into, but I have at least 3 signatures sorted and one identified. We're going up against one of their snipers - a femme named Starblade. The others I don't think I have encountered. I don't have their signatures on file."

ooc- it's no trouble in this case because it was talked over with a staff member in part, just everyone take note that actions along these lines that affect factions must be run by staff. :)

[i]They're not going - defiant, disobediant and undisciplined. I can't fail here- this mustn't go off.
*tik tik tik ~squeeetch~* Prowl's optics were narrowed and focused as he broke a small hole into the bomb cover and carefully began dismantling it. A few tense moments later, he dropped his head and relaxed as it broke harmlessly apart in his hands.

He eased out from under the console and in a glance, felt a complete hopelessness take over. His orders hadn't been followed to any extent, save for Max's automatic responses. A blatent threat in a crowded room could have taken out every medic the faction had, as well as the leader. Mingled with the failures of the day, the logical assumption for the strategist was that he was ineffective at best.

He headed for the door, crumpling the cover of the device in his hand and pitching it into a disposal unit on his way. He would send his resignation to Optimus quietly. As he neared the door, and the hall he glanced to Skyfire.
"The danger here has passed Skyfire. Go finish getting repaired."

John snarled at the suit and made a brushing-off movement at the weapon. "Then act like 60 instead of like a wet-nursed pup. Use your own weapons instead of countin on your mama's big teeth to make up for your lack. You don't get respect by scaring people."

He glanced back toward the door where Jack was finally staggering out before turning his back deliberately- an insult to his way of thinking.

2005-03-14, 08:24 PM
"..Prowl you saved us all , stop me before i do something again Prowl someone please help me ": moanedWideload

"there's something wrong with me , someone else is controlling me , its inside my mind , lurking i can feel it waiting for the right moment to take over , please help meeee , half my load space is packed with explosives i was going to use in the battle , remove them please ,stop me before its too late.

Trojan lurked , in Wideloads back up memory processor , he was close to being discovered but , he could still sow dissension and fear , wait till they found the yellow chips of paint he'd left in Hoseheads quarters not many but enough , if for some reason the trap was sprung , it could still cripple the Autobot ranks . He sat there gathering energy for another takeover attempt


Quickmix the emergency over stopped hovering round Skyfire's shoulder and took his scanner out and ran it over Omega Supreme's shoulder.


Landfill returned to Metroplex to salvage more weaponry as ordered , ackknowledging Prowl's communicatin

"right on good buddy thats a big 10 -4 , I'll put the pedal to the metal and get me over to Metroplexes 20 , I'll report back in 2 earth hours for my assignment ."

Landfill rolled over to metroplex spotting a gaggle of Autobots he headed for them .

2005-03-14, 09:01 PM
(Sorry for jumping Skyfire's response Flec, gonna finish this loose end up before I leave.)

Prowl stopped and turned in thought. He walked back to where Wideload was being held. His first response was colder and more dry than dry ice.

"I'm not a medic."

But he softened as he saw the fear on the autobot's face. He puzzled through hundreds of thousands of logical reasons for Wideload's actions and finally came up with some ideas based on previous experiences. He leaned over to speak mainly to Wideload, but also to Optimus and the others around.

"This could be the result of many things Wideload. It could be Soundwave's tampering again, a cerebro shell injection, a virus, glitch mites, damaged circuitry or your own choice. Based on your current actions and behavior, it is unlikely that it was by your own choice. For your own safety and everyone else's, you will remain here under watch until the medics have located the cause for these actions. If they find it to be the result of a medical cause, you will be free to resume your duties. If they are unable to find a medical cause, you will be required to speak with an individual who may be able to uncover deeper reasoning for the behavior. No disciplinary action will be taken until all other options have been exhausted.

For now, you must relax and let the medical staff do their jobs."

2005-03-14, 09:38 PM
Wideload replied :

"thanks Prowl"

Wideload sank back down and hoped the medics would be quick and merciful ,

Trojan deep in his memory banks set about erasing any trace of his sabotage from the Autobots memory banks

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-14, 10:06 PM
Sideswipe was less than careful. He was weaving in and out of traffic to get ahead of the human cars. He didn't have time to wait like Streetwise and the others.

2005-03-14, 10:53 PM
Echoshift nodded at Windrazor, a smile on his face as he did so.

"I'm on my way," he told the other, then took a bow before seeming to fade out of sight right in front of the shuttle crew's optics. Now all but invisible, the Eurofighter took his leave via the shuttle's hatchway and transformed into jet mode on reaching the open air. He climbed higher and attempted to locate Mirage, finally managing to pinpoint the Autobot's position and continuing to monitor the other's progress.

2005-03-15, 12:49 AM
StarBlade nodded, then stood up. Compared to her comrades, she was small, but for a femme-bot, she was rather tall. With a slight salute to Windrazor, the assassin exited the landed shuttle and made her way to the top of the hill. Once there, she flattened herself to the ground, in the shadows where her grey and black coloring would hide her from normal sight.

Once in position, she settled in with the null-ray's stock butted up against her shoulder, waiting for the order to fire. As she waited, a thought came to her. She broke her silence to open a com-link to Windrazor.

"Windrazor, I should warn you that at least one 'Bot knows me, and that I'm an assassin, and that's Hound. If he's out there, he's gonna warn his comrades about me..."

2005-03-15, 12:55 AM
OOC: What's happening with Devcon? Just curious, don't hurt me


"Meet you there, then, big guy" Firestar replied as she entered the engineering section, looked around and began work on a couple of small blazes in the area, scanning for any more "Some minor blazes here, but I should be with you soon"

* * * * * *

Following Hound

"Alright, Hound" Bluestreak replied, then fell silent, listening to the exchange between Hound and Groove as he trailed behind them before piping up again "A sniper, eh? Just point me in her direction when we arrive"

2005-03-15, 01:12 AM
As his fellow Decepticons left he noticed they all slauted to Windrazor. He might as well do the same otherwise he'll get put on weapons detail.

He stood up gave a quick salute left the shuttle and transformed into his jet mode and streaked off into the sky. This be the first time he could effectively use his alt mode in a long long time.

(OOC: Tempest's Jet mdde is a cross between Energon Mirages boat mode and Cybertrons Vector Prime Jet mode. All darker colors, consisting of Black, Blue and Dark Olive Green.

2005-03-15, 01:37 AM
"Wideload Do you remember who attack you?"
Hoist ask Wideload.After he get the answer Hoist start to shut Wideload's system down and repair Wideload.

2005-03-15, 04:46 AM
Hound completed sorting through the signals and came to the conclusion that he couldn't identify any others. A different pressing concern wavered in the back of his mind however. As tolerant and pleased as he was to have Bluestreak's presence for backup firepower, the silvery autobot had gotten his name from a behavior not quite helpful to quiet scouting missions. The veteran knew that the outlook on the situation was unpleasant.

I'd better clarify just so we don't have any accidents. With Starblade in there, this already is a very dangerous group. Assassins always work for even more dangerous individuals, and those they work with are just as deadly or they'd become targets as well.

"Bluestreak, our primary objective is just need to locate Mirage - hopefully before the Decepticons. We cannot engage straight off, we'll have to assess the situation first. If we're really lucky, we won't have to engage at all, we'll just get Mirage out.

When we hit this town up ahead here, we must go solely to our internal scrambled autobot frequencies to communicate- any external sound will give us away. I don't know what we're going to run into, but we will find out shortly."

ooc: Just in case not everyone saw- I'm leaving tonight and I'll be back Saturday, this is my last post. The staff guys will control my characters as needed. :)

2005-03-15, 05:00 AM
Wheels' Cell, Fort Max

"Done with the crazy act, then?"

Red Alert shrugged.

"No memory chips, you say? Then if you don't cooperate, I have no good reason not to execute you on the spot, Wheels."

Medbay, Fort Max

Prime shook his head sadly, turning away from Wideload. He flipped open his wrist comlink.

"Ironhide, please send a security team down to Medbay. Wideload seems to be experiencing some sort of malfunction, and he needs to be kept under guard while the medics take a look at him...as much for his own safety as anyone else's."

He saw Prowl holding the dismantled bomb, and gave his chief strategist a firm nod. His voice dropped to a less-commanding tone. "Exellent work, my friend."

Warehouse District, Portland

Recoil laughed harshly.

Big words, coming from someone willing to sell out his species for a few dollars...

Hyper Prime
2005-03-15, 12:32 PM
Noticing he was here, and figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, Stakeout motioned for the others to follow him. They then stacked on top of each other, Fixit and Redhot being on the bottom, Seawatch the next, Stakeout standing on his back. He then asked, closed to shouting to Optimus, "Excuse me Prime, but is there anything we can do to help? Does Metroplex need any repairs from the battle or someting?"

2005-03-15, 02:54 PM
Wheels answered Red Alert

" If I don't tell you what you want you execute me , If I do and you release me the Decepticons execute me as a traitor , and they will find out I'll have to go through a very vigorous debrief if I ever get back . So my choices aren't exactly great . A relatively clean death from you or a death containing hours of torture and agony having brought dishonour to my name

2005-03-15, 03:02 PM

Muzzle: -watches Rev run off- "Kids these days....." -starts walking around the wreck, looking for any kind of identifying markings besides the plates-

Lug and Quig: -acting as much like firemen as they can, still waiting for somebody to notice that their firefighting equipment is Autobot-

Wheels' Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -activates commlink- "Ah'm on mah way, Prahme." -deactivates commlink, looks at Wheels- "Better tell Red whut he wants ta know. Ah ain't gonna be able ta stop him now." -strides out of the room, heading for medbay-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -checking through her equipment, getting ready to operate- "Is it this stressful in the EDC?"

Warehouse District, Portland:

Tracks: -still orbiting the area in flight mode- "So you're saying that you've found a warehouse full of spare Corvette parts, probably stolen.... and now you want to steal them for me?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-15, 05:37 PM
Dai Atlas stood near the highway and looked down the road, following the energon trail.

"Things are a little different in this era - he's got almost 40km to the next major city. I'll send Powerglide up ahead to track him."

He then opened his communications to the other Autobot flyer:

"Powerglide - You should be nearing Sunstreakers position - keep an eye on him, but do not engage until Streetwise says so."

"Roger that boss man." Powerglide responded. He did a few barrel rolls, then spotted his target, nearing the human city. He hit his afterburners and closed in on the errant Autobot.

2005-03-15, 05:44 PM
Talon was cautiously making his way to the site of the meteor impact.

As he got closer, he noticed a blue figure lying nearby. He rushed over to see if there was anything he could do.

2005-03-15, 09:08 PM
Streetwise and his team skidded to a stop alongside Dai Atlas, the Protectobot instantly transforming to robot mode.

"Spread out. Look for any sign of what Sunstreaker might have wanted. We're not staying here long, now that we've picked up his trail."

He walked over to Dai Atlas.

"Did you find anything?" he asked the large Autobot.

Brave Maximus
2005-03-15, 09:42 PM
Dai Atlas turned to Streetwise:

"Very little unfortunatly - and that worries me. No humans have come running out - and in this time, that's a little unusual. Nor have any local law enforcement show up. I have been unable to do a visual search of the building - as I am far to large for it. But I fear that these are not good omens."

After pausing a minute, he turned back to the Protectobot:

"Just how dangerous is this.... Renegade?" the word seemed almost like ash in the Powered Masters mouth. To think of an Autobot purposefully hurting innocents was as vile as Dai Atlas could stand.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-15, 11:14 PM
The way Dai Atlas spoke caught Sideswipe's attention. He spun around from the smoldering ash that was the gas station and marched towards the larger power master.

"That Renegade probably had a damn good reason for what he did. If you haven't been paying attention, the humans haven't exactly been throwing us parades. They've been trying to kill us!" Sideswipe pointed up at Dai Atlas, "So get off your high-horsepower Powermaster, cause you would do the same if they put you in a threatening position and you know it!" Sideswipe was glaring up at him.


Brawn was already at the meteor scouting it out trying to find out what it was.

"Brawn! I found someone!" Windcharger called as he quickly made his way towards Devcon.

"What? Someone was on this thing!?" Brawn asked turning around.
"Brawn to Autobase. I think we may need a medic out here."


Sunstreaker was still moving quickly along the high-way. Moving around the lanes so he wouldn't have to stop.

2005-03-15, 11:21 PM
Landfill pulled up next to Brawn diverted from his journey to Metroplex.

"Whats happening here ?"


Quickmix his analysis complete started working on parts for Omega Supreme


Tracer idly exploring came to close to the storage shed with the dog on the roof.

Alsatian: arffff grrrr arfffffff arfff arffff grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Wideload tried to concentrate on what was happening but he could feel one of the dark brain numbing headaches coming on

2005-03-16, 06:19 AM
Wheels' Cell

Red Alert nodded.

"Of course, if you're really cooperative I can have our medics wipe your chips completely when we're done. If your main memory is stored in your upper module, it shouldn't have any long-term effects."

He shrugged.

"If you don't co-operate, you won't have to wait for your fellow Decepticons to give you a painful death."


Rev strode up to Getaway, pressing a button on his armour that activated the trunk release. He lifted a small carry case out, then slammed the trunk shut again. Popping open the case's latches, he pulled out a sleek mobile computer. It had a similar appearence to the laptops that humans tended to carry around, but the design and technology were distinctly Nebulan.

The computer's startup sequence took about a minute, time that Rev spent scanning the frequencies for official channels. He keyed one of them into his device, then tasked it to invade the Denver PD's computer system.

The humans had obviously expended a significant amount of resources securing their police network, but the Nebulan technology proved to be too much for them. It took Rev less than thirty seconds to access the PD's vehicle database, which was of course tied into the DMV's licensing records. He queried the database using the plate numbers that Muzzle had given him. He frowned at the results, then ran another query on the vehicle's regestered owner.

That'll do.

Breaking his connection to the police system before they could trace his location, Rev activated his comlink. Instead of shouting into it and blowing his allies' cover, though, he settled for sending Muzzle a short text message.

Vehicle owner:
Allied Consulting Inc.
6-143 Burton Street

Shall we go?

Medbay, Fort Max

Brooke shrugged.

"It's worse. When one of us gets shot, it takes more than a quick welding job to patch us up again."

Prime frowned behind his faceplate as Brawn's transmission came over the Medbay speakers. He looked down at Stakeout, who was about chest-high to the Autobot leader, despite standing on his comrades' shoulders. Prime nodded.

"There is. Fixit could find Brawn and see what kind of medical help he needs. Hopefully it has something to do with that meteor that just landed...otherwise I hate to think what trouble he's gotten into.

"The rest of your team could be useful at Metroplex. Your small size and rescue training make you ideal for assessing his internal damage...and for pulling out any wounded that might still be inside."

Warehouse District, Portland

"Exactly," Hot Rod said. "What could possibly go wrong?"

Atop Metroplex

Crosshairs pulled out the last connector, allowing the citybot's shoulder turret to fall to the ground.

"I think that's about it as far as weapons go," he said. "If you're done with the MASERs, Computron, could you carry them back to the Maximus?"

2005-03-16, 07:34 PM
"That's enough," Streetwise said authoritatively. "Dai Atlas. Transform and prepare for departure. Sunstreaker's..."

He broke off the conversation, and headed over to one of the fuel pumps.

"What is it?" Bumper, who'd followed him over, had asked.

Sunstreaker held the piece of metal out, showing Sunstreaker's discarded Autobot symbol to the minibot.

"What do you make of this, Sideswipe?" he asked the red Autobot, tossing the symbol over.

"Anyway, sorry Dai," he continued. "Sunstreaker is heading in the direction of Kansas City. He must be going for the spaceport there."

2005-03-17, 12:01 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Ironhide and Grimlock: -walk in, Grimlock still showing signs of his recent fighting-

Grimlock: -looks down at Wideload, then looks over at Ironhide- "You sure you need help? Him not look so tough."

Ironhide: "Prahme said a security team, an' rahght now, Ah got a sinkin' feelin' Ah'm it. So Ah jus' kahnda drafted ya."

Minerva: -injects Fairborne with nanosurgeons, guides them to the cerebro shell, starts the delicate operation of disconnecting the shell- "I don't know. Getting stepped on can't be as big a risk for you guys."


Nightbeat: -activates his laser induction system at Getaway- "You guys do realise you could have just told me, right?"

Warehouse District, Portland:

Tracks: "Having been stolen several thousand times in my tenure on this planet, I'd rather use purchased parts. I've already assembled a list of what I need to order, and was about to order it when you contacted me."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-17, 04:30 AM
Dai Atlas meerly looked at Sideswipe for a second, when Streetwise came up:

"Powerglide is tailing Sunstreaker as we speak, but I hesitate to intercept him on a busy highway - too great a chance of injuring innocents if he resists."

Looking thoughtful for a moment, the Cybertronian Commander seems to be ploting in his head:

"If Powerglide moves ahead of Sunstreaker and blocks traffic, while Pipes or Bumper blocks it off from this direction, it would give us a clear space. All we would have to worry about at that point would be high-hover vehicles......"

He half turned his face at Sideswipe for a second:

"And it's Powered Master."

2005-03-17, 05:51 AM
Warehouse District, Portland

Hot Rod frowned.

"Where exactly do you plan on getting the money to order new parts, Tracks?"


"I did. Rev's still got a bit to learn, though." Getaway chuckled. "So is that wayward head of yours coming back this way, Nightbeat?"

Medbay, Fort Max

Prime nodded as Ironhide led Grimlock into the room.

"You tricked our Dinobot commander into coming in for repairs? Good work." Amusement glimmered in the leader's optics. "If you two can handle things here, I have to check up on Fortress."

Prime strode towards the door.

Brooke shrugged.

"EDC uniforms don't stop lasers as well as your armour does, though."

2005-03-17, 07:16 AM
Warehouse District, Portland:

Tracks: "What do you think I did with the reward money from the auto theft rings I broke up? Properly invested, and I haven't touched the capital, just the interest, you can pay for all the parts you'll need." -waggles wings admonishingly as he arcs over Hot Rod- "Remember, crime doesn't pay. Stopping crime, however, can be quite profitable."


Muzzle: -walks back over to Nightbeat, gets in-

Nightbeat: "He's here, Getaway."

Muzzle: "Siren and Hosehead'll act as backup." -sighs- "They might've gotten more reaction if Lug and Quig were green....." -starts Nightbeat's engine, pulls out into traffic, heading for the address-

2005-03-17, 10:38 AM
While Hoist check what wrong with Wideload.
"Huh? I don't found anythhing in this strange in Wideload
Prime.Shall I activate him again or call more medic?"
Hoist ask Optimus Prime.

2005-03-17, 11:34 AM
Streetwise nodded at Dai Atlas's words.
"You're right. We should get to the spaceport and wait for him there. Plenty of room to land there, even for you," he finished with a smile.

2005-03-17, 02:11 PM
Tempest began to move quickly through the air. He found his target soon enough and hid amoungst the cliuds. All he had to do was wait for the shot and obtain his prize.

Brave Maximus
2005-03-17, 04:28 PM
Dai Atlas transformed into shuttle mode, resting just off the highway, and away from the gas pumps, he lowered his troop compartment door and waited for the other Autobots to load in.

At the same time, he activated his comm system:

"Powerglide, keep any eye on Sunstreaker, let us know if he diverts from heading to the space port."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-18, 08:17 AM
"Powered Master want to eat dirt?" Sideswipe asked Dai Atlas before he took off. Sideswipe looked to Streetwise and looked at the Autobrand.

"I guess he knew by doing this that he had no chance of being an Autobot anymore and got rid of it." He knew that probably wasn't it but he couldn't think of anything else.


Sunstreaker immediately noticed the Autobot jet tailing him. Idiots he thought.

"Bug off Powerglide." He played over a local wave frequency hoping he'd get it.

2005-03-19, 05:01 AM
Warehouse District, Portland

"So you're an investment banker, now?"

Hot Rod scoffed.

"I bet you bought stock in Chevrolet, too."


Rev threw his trenchcoat onto Getaway's driver seat, then popped the hood and transformed into his partner's engine. Getaway immediately started, slipped into gear, and drove off behind Nightbeat.

"So," Getaway asked, "where did you guys get human Headmasters, anyway?"

Medbay, Fort Max

Prime turned and faced Hoist as he was going out the door.

"Call someone else to look at him, please," he said. "We have to be absolutely sure what the problem is before we bring Wideload back online."

The Autobot leader strode out into the hall, then entered one of the citybot's turbolifts and pressed the button for the command deck. The lift car rose for two minutes before stopping. Prime stepped through the doors and glanced around at the damaged bridge.

"It looks like you had some excitement up here, Fortress."

2005-03-19, 05:16 PM
Ultra Magnus pushed himself to his feet as the dust settled. He scanned around briefly while responding to his comlink.

"Roger that, Beachcomber. I'm sending help. Huffer, we have a structural problem at Metroplex. Meet Beachcomber outside the city for briefing on the situation. Magnus out."

The scan ended just as his conversation did; his optics stopped on the motionless form of Defcon, and he jogged over to kneel next to the bounty hunter. He didn't recognize him, but the Autobot symbol was a pleasant sight. He nodded to Brawn and Windcharger.

"Do you know him?"



Roadhandler's attention was too focused on the crash to be prepared for Big Daddy's punch. The attack impacted squarely on his cheek, sending Roadhandler staggering back. He fell to a knee and balanced himself with a hand on the ground.

"What is your problem?! You don't want a fistfight with me, proto. I won't go so easy on you."


Fort Max: Outside Medbay

Skyfire simply watched Prowl leave helplessly; though his repairs were effectively complete, he was far too disoriented to respond. He stood in the hall for a moment, unsure of what his next action should be.


Outside Metroplex

Having already delivered his first load to the Maximus courtyard, Computron returned to Metroplex' side with thundering footfalls. He stopped near the pile of dropped weapons, kneeled, and scooped up an armload.

"Confirmed," he told Crosshairs.

Having loaded as much as he could, Computron stood and began another trip across the void.

(OOC: Edited quite retroactively.)

2005-03-20, 05:17 AM

Nightbeat: "Human?"

Muzzle: "Well, I'm from Earth, originally. But Lug and Quig are Nebulans. Why did you think they were humans?"

Warehouse Area, Portland:

Tracks: "Chevrolet, Damlier-Chrysler, Ford, DuPont, companies that are putting out more durable paints, lighter weight alloys for more powerful engines...." -waggles wings in what could be best described as a shrug- "Nothing wrong with that, is there? Do I look like Sunstreaker, satisfied with what our manufactories can produce? My vehicle mode is a work of art, and should be treated as such."

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: "Yes, Prime. Ramjet came in through the main..... window......." -scowls, head cocking to one side, moves over to one of the sub monitor displays, taps a few keys, bringing up the image of the EDC attacking in Carbombiya-

Commentator: "This is a live feed from Carbombiya, where a group of..... Destrons?.... seems to have gone renegade and has overthrown the regime of Abdul Fakkadi. They have installed an interim government, and appealed to the UN and the EDC for help with food and medical supplies. The EDC are firing on the Destron base...... There's refugees in there! But the base appears to have an energy field around it, deflecting the incoming fire! And they aren't firing back...... they're even protecting the EDC contingent from a rebel attack!"

Fortress: -sighs- "As I said earlier, I think the world is falling apart......."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Grimlock: "Me help you keep eye on sab..... sabo..... sub.... sneaky Throttlebot, but Me not need repair. After get Wideload secured, Me go rest in quarters."

2005-03-20, 05:55 AM
Big Daddy smiled. "That's funny, 'Handler. I was about to say the same thing."

The rest of the Hot Rod patrol rushed up then. "B.I.G, I don't think you wanna do this..."

2005-03-20, 06:19 AM
"Thank Grimlock."Hoist reply Grimlock.Then he open comlink.
"Ratchet are you busy?Wideload need some help it look like something in his body but I don't know what it is."

2005-03-21, 02:37 AM
Roadhandler huffed and heaved loudly, his optics locking on Big Daddy's. He clenched one hand around the opposite wrist and drug it slowly up the arm, as though to roll up his invisible shirt sleeve. Finally, his anger subsided to rationality, and he shook his head at the other Micromaster.

"I don't clobber other Autobots anymore," he growled while turning away. "I beat you fair anyway. No need to have a fit over it."

Roadhandler stomped away from Big Daddy with heavy anger-displacing steps. He refused to look back at what he used to be...

2005-03-21, 03:01 AM
Mirage skidded to a halt as he reached the sandy rolling dunes that smoothed out to the flatlands of the desert beyond and drove off the main road.
He hesitated, uncertain.

Running away was not wise, and he was well aware of the consequences. His own survival depended on the protection and sustaining energy only the others of his kind could afford. On this organic planet, there was energon, but he knew no way to extract it on his own. If he left, his reserve energy would slowly run down and Mirage would eventually perish.

He flicked a glance back toward the direction he had come from.
Good friends or not, I knew that it was a mistake to agree. One less autobot using their energy will be more help to them than I can be otherwise. They may yet fix the damage that I've caused them. Wind and the sand here will wipe my path should they send anyone, and thermal energy should mask my direction.

Without another thought, Mirage began to walk into the desert.

"Groove!" Hound connected to the protectobot as well as to Bluestreak over a locked radio frequency. "Up there in the west- two and a half miles. See that point where the road turns with the sage and cactus meeting the scrub brush? Head there, but stay easy on the gas like Earth vehicles. The signals are very close to the other side of the bend. We're almost on top of them."

The scout would've preffered to have stopped to get a more accurate reading on the locations of all involved and get a visual reading lock on the images, but time counted. He knew that as long as they kept to the cover of the bend, they'd have a secure vantage point, but what they'd see was another matter entirely.

John half hauled Jack up by the back of his jeans and moved the human to a standing (and wobbling) position. Looking around, he immediately saw the group of transformers outside, and also noted Blitzwing with an angry scowl. He walked right past Jack and straight to the giant triple-changer's right foot.

"Blitzwing! We had a deal. Why send the a** butt in with threats, scaring my men?"

Blitzwing looked down and away from the autobots with a puzzled expression.

"I keep my word. I didn't send anyone to threaten you."

"Like hell you didn't. What d'ya call that punk that came in threatening to melt off our skin?"

Sorry MFG, I'm finishing this off now- It's been at least two - three weeks of very little or no interaction and I know you've been checking in. Your characters need to either be played or discontinue holding mine back.

Inferno finished spraying the last of the hot spots in Metroplex and headed back toward the science labs to begin the chemical cleanup. He clicked onto his radio and sent a message out to Ultra Magnus, Crosshairs and Prowl.

"All clear and cool in Metroplex, save for the science labs. I'm off to clean them up now."


The disheartened security director blinked once as the nod from Optimus registered. It was all the positive affirmation Prowl required, and immediately all thoughts of failure were dismissed. It was only logical after all that he had dismantled the threat and he was suited for the task and post that had been assigned to him.

Prowl dismissed himself with a new determination to set about completing his duties and securing the bases and remaining troops, fortifying them better than they had ever been before. Whatever was within the director's power to accomplish would be in double-time, until the moment he ceased to function.

2005-03-21, 07:06 AM
Atop Metroplex

Crosshairs watched Computron trudge away with the pile of weaponry. Done with his removal work, the Targetmaster started climbing down Metroplex's shoulder towards the ground. He sighed slightly as Inferno's comm came through, but left it for the higher-ups to respond.


"I wasn't talking about Lug and Quig," Getaway told Muzzle, "I was talking about you and your sister. How did you two get involved in this mess?"

Warehouse District, Portland

Hot Rod scoffed.

"You deal with works of art by constantly upgrading them? I'll make a note to keep you out of museums."

The young Autobot was distracted from ribbing Tracks by the clamour coming from Blitzwing's direction. He took a few steps towards the Decepticon.

"Some trouble?"

Command Deck, Fort Max

"Yes, it looks like it is..." Prime sighed.

"How long until you've got the bridge up and running again, Fortress?"

2005-03-21, 07:23 AM
Big Daddy snarled as Roadhandler walked away. The little twerp was being a coward. If this was the old days, he wouldn't have hesitated to at least try to mop the floor with him.

A rustle of leaves caught his attention. "What's goin' on here, Children?"

Big Daddy looked up. "Ah, nothing. Just blowin' off steam."

Wreck-Gar smiled. "Well, let's go see Leela and get our career chips installed."

Big Daddy sighed and followed the Junkion back inside Fortress Maximus, passing an annoyed glance at Hubs and Greaser.


Groundshaker signaled Dogfight. "We about ready to go?"

2005-03-21, 11:44 AM
Windrazor stood in the shadow of the shuttle, well out of sight. He had decided to put his faith in his troops, and one more body involved would make the risk of detection higher. The target was approaching. He had his comm system patched to a group frequency, and Echoshift should be reporting the target's approach now.

2005-03-21, 11:47 AM
"Gotcha Hound," Groove acknowledged, and throttled back to a reasonably slow cruising speed. He coasted to the bend, cutting his engine before getting there, so as to free-wheel to the area, and emit no engine noise. His tires crunched on the scrub as he braked gently to a stop. He didn't transform - his bike mode gave a much smaller profile than his towering robot mode, so he stopped, and watched.

((OOC: I'll post with Streetwise later))

2005-03-21, 12:09 PM
Echoshift circled idly high above the desert, taking the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the feel of the desert's air-currents drifting lazily around his wings. He kept the Autobot below him monitored at all times; targetting scope focussed on Mirage, but not locking on as he would before firing a weapon at the target. After another few minutes, the grey Eurofighter opened a com-channel and sent a message back to the shuttle.

"Echoshift to Windrazor. Our target has just come within five miles of your position."

2005-03-21, 04:57 PM

Muzzle: -chuckles- "I got abducted by aliens. Spent some time in an outer space carnival, then got dropped off on the first planet they saw with people that looked like me. Turned out to be Nebulos. Minerva joined up after we all got to Earth. She'd thought I'd been killed, and decided that she wasn't going to let me out of her sight again if she could help it. Best way to do that was to become a Headmaster." -scowls sightly, checks a couple of displas on Nightbeat's dashboard- "So, are you a Nebulan? None of the ones I've ever met are green."

Warehouse District, Portland:

Tracks: "The works of the Old Masters don't wind up fighting the Decepticons on a regular basis."

2005-03-21, 07:48 PM
Out and About

Bluestreak moved in the direction the jeep had mentioned, moving to slowly follow Groove as quietly as his engine would allow and stopped a little way behind the Protectobot when Groove did, sensing the need to not babble, as per his normal manner, remaining in his vehicle mode until Hound who seemed to be in charge of this rescue mission said so.

OOC: I PMed you about Firestar, Scout, <.<

2005-03-21, 09:12 PM
Still with Devcon and the Minibots, Ultra Magnus clicked on his comlink to reply.

"Roger, Inferno. Keep me updated with any further news. When your work is done, get away from the city. Beachcomber informs me that the fall has caused serious geological damage, and the ground may collapse without notice. Contact him if you'd be willing to help him reinforce the foundation. Ultra Magnus out."

(OOC: Edited to reflect a whoops.)

2005-03-21, 09:15 PM
Scoop watched the banter with an amused expression on his face

" Don't think you'll find any Caterpillar or JCB parts next door Tracer good job Quickmix rigged me up with this superstrength alloy scoop "

Tracer " Look at Batcar over there, saving the world one crime at a time actually i read that the Aston Martin DB 6 was the classiest looking car on the planet , I saw a clip of one the other day and it had even more gadgets than you do Tracks


Wideload groaned

"someone get a programmer to look at my programming i thing tha lil jumped up purple fuel sucker infected me with something and for Primus' sake unload all the slagging explosioves from my loadspace if that Deceptithing gets control again Primus knows what he'll use them for .

2005-03-22, 02:20 AM
Hoist open comlink again "Chormedomeyou are programmer right?Wideload says that he need programmer to look his program."

2005-03-22, 02:27 AM
Windrazor acknowledged the communication from Echoshift.
"Hold position until I give further word."

He glanced up at the dune which the shuttle was hidden behind, knowing that StarBlade was up there, despite not being able to see her.

"Windrazor to StarBlade. Target is approaching, draw lines of fire, and fire when ready. Tempest, once the target falls, bring him to the shuttle and secure him."

With a mental command, he ran a diagnostic on the shuttle's systems, and smiled as they checked out fine.

"Your move, Mirage," he muttered to himself.

2005-03-22, 02:29 AM
Groove had gotten into position to get a good view of the road. But he couldn't see any Decepticons present.

"Hound," he whispered into his radio. "I'd bet a truckload of energon that the Decepticons are around somewhere, but I can't spot them from my current position. Can you risk a scan?"


Streetwise and his team of minibots and Sideswipe boarded Dai Atlas, the police car being the last to roll up the ramp.

"OK Dai, get us to the spaceport as soon as possible. I want to be ready when Sunstreaker arrives."

2005-03-22, 02:32 AM
Tempest smiled as he heard the commands. He began to shift hiswing span for a quicker decent. He lowered from the clouds and waited for the shot ...

2005-03-22, 05:52 AM

Getaway chuckled. "I'm a Transformer. If you meant to ask 'what is Rev?', then yes, he's a Nebulan. And yes, they're green. All of them. Your buddies aren't?"

2005-03-22, 07:05 AM
OOC: Ooooh - I'm having major midterm crunches in my grad courses friends. I'm really not sure if I'll be able to post much after this between now and after class Thursday night. Apologies if I really get delayed.

Hound slowed and stopped, beginning a scan. For the moment, he didn't dare drop the holographic cover from the three autobots, and the results of the scan proved his inclinations to be correct. The autobots were less than half of a mile from one of the decepticons' signals. To make matters worse, the individual was positioned in such a way that getting directly to Mirage would be next to impossible without being noticed. Starblade's signature was off in a diagonal direction, up a slope of a foothill, and two other signatures lay out in the distance, beyond Mirage's. With a sinking feeling, Hound knew that locked in the middle of the Decepticon group, the spy was in grave danger.

Hound radioed back to Groove and Bluestreak.
"Four signals are in range. They've got Mirage between them and one is just ahead and to the north slope about three eighths of a mile. There is a shuttle about two miles north and west, but Starblade is positioned not far from there." At that moment, Hound locked onto Windrazor's signal and formed a tiny visual image in front of the trio.

"This is the one closest to us, but I have no knowledge of him, nor of the other two signals. We will need help, we can't take them on alone. Groove, be prepared to slip in and plant a tracking device on that shuttle if necessary. Bluestreak, get a line of fire ready towards Starblade's location - if we're located we can't let her get a targeted shot off."

Without hesitation, Hound switched to Optimus' and Prowl's locked internal frequencies. The movements around indicated the Decepticons were about to make their move- the scouting party had to get backup in a hurry, but the large distance they were from base meant help may be too late.

"Hound reporting. We've located Mirage 43.6 miles north by northwest from Autobase. Four Decepticons have him centered- we need backup. One is the sniper Starblade, the other three are unknown. We will attempt to hold them here."


Mirage continued walking slowly across the sandy ground. He wasn't sure he liked the feel of it under his feet, so he stayed in the half-sand / half-grassy areas as far as they would take him. He was completely lost in thought and unaware of the events unfolding around him.

2005-03-22, 09:15 AM
Beachcomber radios Ultra Magnus.
"Come in Ultra Magnus. I'm picking up some very strange readings from the ground under Metroplex....I....I don't know what it is! It's big though, whatever it is! This area may be in serious trouble. Beachcomber out."

2005-03-22, 03:51 PM
Warehouse District, Portland:

Tracks: "Tracer, is there a problem with trying to save the world? At one point in the comics, the Batmobile was a modified version of one of the boattailled Stingray designs, a predacessor of my vehicle mode's design." -corkscrews through the air before straightening out and starting to climb, looping into a tight Immelman, swooping back down towards the others- "And despite what others might think, I know that I am simply the most exquisite vehicle on the road, the envy of all. I've learned to deal with the petty jealousy over the years."


Muzzle: "Green Nebulans? Lug and Quig look like I do. Although from what Minerva's said, Nebulans have a zinc-based hemoglobin, instead of iron."

Nightbeat: "And the Nebulan appendix performs a similiar function to the human spleen. They're also able to stand higher amounts of radiation."

Muzzle: -chuckles- "And they didn't have much of a seamy underworld. Corrupt politicians, though. They might have dressed like extras from an old Robin Hood movie, but they had plenty of corrupt politicians....."

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -waves hand around the smoke and soot-stained bridge- "Once I get the main viewport window replaced, we'll be good to go. We won't be pretty, but we'll be operational." -sees the scutter-drones moving a new window into position- "So what's the plan, Optimus?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "C'mon...... c'mon......... There." -guides the nanites towards Fairborne's maxillary mandible and nasal cluster- "The cerebro-shell's been broken down and turned into nano-surgeons. Now, I'll just fix those hairline fractures in her jaw and nose...."

Grimlock: -glaring down at Wideload- "That what we here for. You not moving until Me let you move!"

Ironhide: "Awlrahght, Wahdeload, what'd'ya remember doin' whahle whutever's running around in yer head had control?"

Chromedome and Hardhead: -walk in, transform their transectors back to vehicle mode, then start working on them-

Brainstorm: -working on Omega Supreme-

2005-03-22, 04:26 PM
Tracer shrugs and mutters about Deloreans and Jaguars.
"doesn't look so exquisite right now " he mutters

Holepunch wanders back over from checking the rigs

" they should do the job except that yellow one I think its only the rust thats holding the parts together ."


Wideload groaned

"i dont remember much i think its been overwriting my memory files. The last time with the bomb i think it grew impatient and did a botched job . I seem to black out and when i come to time has passed , I can remember where i woke up again by that computer terminal over there 3 down from where the bomb was and in a maintenance corridor and by the living quarters , i just don't know what i've done.

Wideloads optics narrowed and his voice changed subtly as Trojan surged forward trying for one last attempt at disinformation

" I woke up in the loading bay and in the armoury and near a fuel storage tank and some of the load of explosives i had has gone
look at me its messing with my head physically i'm ok just a little battered and dirty but thats not a problem , we're at war those littlethings arent as important just help me

Wideload's body slumped


Landfill seeing the situation by the meatorite was under control continued ferrying salvaged supplies back from Metroplex


Quickmix wandered into the control deck a data pad in his hannd muttering to himself.

Brave Maximus
2005-03-22, 06:09 PM
Dai Atlas closed up his entry ramp and ignited his main thrusters and anti-grav units. Within moments, they were crossing 10,000 feet and headed towards the space port:

"Streewise - Unless Sunstreaker can break the sound barrier on the ground, we will arrive with time to spare. Your orders for when we hit the ground - we have about 12 and a half minutes."

2005-03-22, 07:26 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -scowls- "Nnn." -looks over at Chromedome and Hardhead- "you two, check Fortress' security fahles an' see if ya c'n narrow down where Wahdeload went. Chromedome, check th' livin' quarters. Hardhead, th' maintenence area. Ah'll check out th' loadin' area, armory, an' fuel tanks. Grimlock, Wahdeload trahes ta get away, make him feel lahke he's bein' recycled."

Grimlock: -looming over Wideload, clenchs fists- "Got it."

Chromedome and Hardhead: -transform, reconnect to their transectors-

Chromedome: "C'mon, Hardhead." -runs out of medbay, Hardhead following-

Ironhide: -walks out of medbay, heading for the fuel tanks, bringing all of his sensors online-

2005-03-22, 08:23 PM
Out and About

"Understood, Hound" Bluestreak whispered, sounding worried on hearing the scout's report of the current situation.

The Datsun turned in the direction of the shuttle in vehicle mode and transformed, then a near life-time of training in gun warfare and defense took over as he dropped to the ground on his chest, making him harder to hit as he activated his long-range sensors and powered up his rifle, ready if they needed it.

2005-03-22, 11:01 PM
(ooc , when Wideload mentions not minding being dirty its a clue that he is not quite himself, given his character so if anyone wants to pick that up or realise it on thinking back feel free.)

Wideload groaned and looked up at Grimlock

" what happened i must have blacked out again , Grimlock your not a medic whatcha doing here ? , help me please help me crush that lil purple decepticreep if i don't make it promise you'll revenge me , drain out that slagging fuel auditors energon and drink it deep , i know you could do it , i'm sure it was him "


Scoop transformed and slowly circled the perimeter keeping sentry duty

2005-03-23, 12:02 AM
"It's in your head isn' it?"Hoist ask Wideload "I'll let you
activate but I'll freeze your arms and legs."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-23, 12:43 AM
Sideswipe transformed again once he was onboard Dai-Atlas and looked around then directly at [b]Streetwise[b].

"Y'know he isn't stupid. He has Powerglide following him. He sees Powerglide he knows we're coming. If I know Sunstreaker he will either come in guns blazing or just not hit the off-ramp."

OOC- Speaking of Powerglide, who is controlling him?

Brave Maximus
2005-03-23, 01:23 AM
Dai Atlas' voice came over the internal speakers:

"Well Sideswipe, what would you suggest we do? We have to deal with Sunstreaker - but with minimal damage to the humans."

2005-03-23, 01:38 AM
Streetwise listened attentively as the two others asked his opinions.

"You're right," he told Sideswipe, and then to Dai Atlas he said:

"Have Powerglide pull back. We don't want to scare him away from Kansas. Meanwhile, we'll land at the spaceport, and secure the spaceworthy shuttles. Hopefully, the authorities there will cooperate with us. Surely not everyone has succumbed to this madness."

2005-03-23, 05:41 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Prime sighed, then activated his comlink. "Acknowledged, Hound. We're stretched thin as it is, but I'll send what help I can."

He switched channels. "Sureshot, if you're active, report in."

Then, looking back at Fortress, "Plan?" The Autobot leader shook his head, dropping his voice to a near-whisper so that only Fortress could hear. "I...have no plan. After the wounded and your city are repaired, I'll be able to take stock of our resources. But until then, there's nothing we can do."

He shook his head again, disagreeing with himself.

"No, that's not true. There is one thing." He reactivated his comlink. "Blaster, I need a communications link opened with the EDC headquarters in the Hague."

Warehouse District, Portland

Hot Rod shot a sidelong glance at Tracks. "Quiet, you."

Recoil strolled out of the warehouse, catching the tail-end of Holepunch's comment.

"We can give that one to our uncooperative human friend, then."


Getaway scoffed.

"I think you need to update your databases when you get back to base, Nightbeat. From what you're saying, it sounds like you're not exactly one of us."

He let the implications of that statement hang in the air.

Medbay, Fort Max

Captain Brooke nodded vaguely as Minerva spoke. He wasn't exactly sure what she was saying, but the implications seemed good.

2005-03-23, 08:29 AM
OOC: I'm back. Thanks to Sixswitch and Brave Maximus for looking after my boys.

Powerglide obediently pulled back. He sent a message back to the other bots aboard Dai Atlas, "Great, guys. Real subtle. I'm sure he'll forget all about us now." He pulled back further until Sunstreaker faded from view.

2005-03-23, 12:38 PM
Ricochet walked down the corridor , when he bumped into Chromedome

" where are you going in such a hurry monsieur ?"


Holepunch answered Recoil

"sounds like a plan lad , am glad to finally be getting down t' business , we'll need t' stop for fuel on the way though , so we''ll have t' scrounge some coats or such like so as not to alarm the humans."


Landfill realising that the deadline was approaching dropped his last load off at Fort Max and opened a com link to Prowl for instructions .


Quickmix bumped into Ironhide as he wandered absent mindely down a corridor head lost in a datapad .

Random Sweep
2005-03-23, 03:15 PM
ooc: Sorry about the lack of posting, had a lack of motivation for the last week or so

Fortress Maximus Med Bay

Ratchet stepped back from Sky Lynx

" Ok your clear to leave Sky Lynx, But under no circumstances are you to attempt to leave orbit for at least a week " he ordered

" You are the Doctor " Sky Lynx replied as he stood and exited the med bay.

Ratchet then moved over to Wideload

" So you have a virus do you? " Ratchet asked as he plugged a quarentine capaciter into Wideloads mainframe
" Just let this do its work and then we can see the full problem "


Sureshot stepped out of his CR chamber just in time to receive Prime's message

" Copy you Prime, Ratchet did a great job patching me up and I am ready for duty ".

2005-03-23, 10:09 PM
StarBlade didn't respond to Windrazor's report, but instead looked towards where she knew Mirage would be coming from. Careful scanning caught her target, and she smiled some. Before she fired, she opened the comlink to the group.

"I'm ready to fire. Tempest, be prepared. I expect he'll go down fairly quickly." Leaving it open, StarBlade aimed at Mirage and fired.

2005-03-23, 11:46 PM
Tempest heard the message over the comlink and prepared to drop, when he heard the shot he straightened up vertically, started falling. He used his hyper thrust to get to Mirage as quickly as possible.

He transformered in mid flight and withdrew his pistol just to make sure, if StarBlade had missed Tempest wouldn't. Tempest saw Mirage, in the sand ....

2005-03-23, 11:58 PM
Wheels a pathetic sight battered and torn turns to Red Alert .

" what do you want to know "?

2005-03-24, 04:05 AM

Nightbeat: -chuckles- "Hate to break it to you, but I'm not. Alternate timeline, as near as Brainstorm can figure it. Myself, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm aren't from around here. Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm are from an Autobot colony on the planet Master Star. No organic components."

Muzzle: "And even those of us with organic components aren't nearly as organic as we used to be."

Corridors, Fort Max:

Chromedome: -looks down at Ricochet- "I don't look messy, do I? Scuffed and dinged, maybe, but not messy." -shrugs- "Either way, I'm headed for the bridge."


Hardhead: -walking down towards the main security office, remembering his Maximus- "I wonder if this ship has a gym....."


Ironhide: "Hey, Quickmix, you see Wahdeload come by this way recently?"

2005-03-24, 05:17 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Prime nodded. "Good, Sureshot. Hound took a team out to find Mirage, but they've run into a Decepticon sniper. I need you rendezvous with his team and provide some extra firepower. If think you'll need assistance, take Windcharger with you."

Wheels' Cell, Fort Max

Red Alert opened his mouth to speak, then shut it again.

What do I want to know from him? He's just a common soldier.

He shrugged, hitting on an idea. "One thing. Why did Gigatron attack us? If he wanted us dead, we would be, but he left us alive."

The security officer started to pace.

"Which means that he wanted something else. Something in Metroplex, unless I miss my guess." He turned his gaze on Wheels.

"What did he want, and why?"


Getaway would have nodded, had he been in robot mode.

"Yeah. I thought as much, Nightbeat. We get a lot of that these days."

The Powermaster turned onto Burton Street and started watching the building numbers.

"There's more to it than that, though, isn't there?"

2005-03-24, 05:40 AM
Wreck-Gar and the Hot Rod patrol walked into Metroplex's command center.

"Hey, Boss," Wreck-Gar said in a happy tone. "What kind of jobs do you got for a group of working stiffs?"

Random Sweep
2005-03-24, 05:41 AM
" Copy that Prime " Sureshot replied as he transformed and headed out.

" Windcharger , Hound is in a spot of trouble, lets lend him a hand " Sureshot messaged windcharger

Switching channels, Sureshot sent a message to Hound

" Hound, what is your position? "

2005-03-24, 07:39 AM
Quickmix looked up

"Ironhide I thought I saw him outside my lab , have you seen the recycling drone , it was due back several breems ago , i sent it off with some failed experiments and it never came back for the second load , very strange most inefficent ."

____________________________________________________Ricochet responded

" non monsieur Chromedome not messy at all a lil battered maybe but in a dashing way non , bearing the scars of war with pride , maybe i will accompany you , i have nothing better to do , do you know those sacre bleu autobots , the ones lead by monsieur Peeps the blue autobot landed on my environmental sculpture , squashed it flat they did , all my travail gone it does break ones heart ."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-24, 09:42 PM
"Powerglide, did Sunstreaker see you?" Sideswipe asked over the same frequency.


Sunstreaker took note of Powerglide pullling back. He hadn't heeded his original warning. Sunstreaker knew what was going on, he was being tailed. They were wasting valueable resources to track him down. Idiots.

Optimus once again proving he has no business leading a faction during a time of war Sunstreaker thought to himself. He was still enroute for Kansas City but he needed a back up plan. If they had sent just Powerglide to stop him this would be a cake-walk. But that would be not only a suicide mission. They either sent to many troops to subdue him or not enough, that was the Autobot MO.

He quickly mapped access to the Space Port and then routes out of the city if that was cut off. If that was cut off he would hopefully change over and head to Topeka.

2005-03-24, 11:39 PM
An incoming message registered with Fortress Maximus' comm center:

"Autobase, come in. This is Jazz at the Ark Outpost. We got hit bad by a buncha bruisers lookin' for trouble. I'm takin' command while Skyfall's down for repairs. What's your status? Over."

2005-03-25, 01:36 AM
Powerglide replied to Sideswipe over the comm chanel, "I'd think so, unless he was telling some other Powerglide to buzz off."


Fort Max, Medbay

A CR chamber hissed and opened, and Huffer stepped out, shiny and good as new. Better than new, actually.

2005-03-25, 01:48 PM
Windrazor heard the shot ring out, and smiled. It was now or never.
"Shadow Reaper, Power up. Echoshift, return to the shuttle. You too StarBlade. Tempest, bring Mirage in if he's down."

He spun on his heel and strode towards the shuttle, who's engines were already flaring.

Ducking inside, he sat in the cockpit, and smiled as he evaluated the ship's systems.


Meanwhile, Groove had heeded Hound's instructions, and accelerated around in a wide arc, well clear of any of the Decepticon signals that Hound had pinpointed. His low power output should mean that anything bar a directed energy scan should miss him completely.

He soon reached the area the shuttle was in, but held back, and cut power, completely obscuring himself from the occupants. He saw Windrazor stride towards the shuttle, and heard StarBlade's shot, but remained motionless.

"Groove to Hound. We have action at the shuttle. Looks like they've done what they came to do and will be leaving soon. I won't be able to risk planting the device until all of them are aboard. I'll need a diversion, to keep them planted on the ground. Can you do something about that?"

2005-03-25, 07:25 PM
Hearing the order, StarBlade snapped out of sniper-mode, and nodded to herself. She wasn't meant to stay to see if her shot hit, that was Tempest's job. The assassin hurried back to the shuttle and entered. Looking at Windrazor, she spoke.

"I hope I hit. I won't know unless Tempest brings Mirage in."

2005-03-25, 11:18 PM
Magnus frowned slightly at Devcon's continued stillness. He hoped the xenomech was still functional, though he didn't have the time to check. His comlink was full of bad news...

"Get him to medbay," Magnus told Brawn and Windcharger as he began to turn away. "I'm sure the field medics are plenty busy as it stands."

With a sideways nod, Magnus broke into a jog back toward Metroplex and clicked on a general frequency.

"Roger, Beachcomber. Autobots in Metroplex, evacuate the city. Off-detail Autobots, report to Metroplex to repair geostructural damage. Smokescreen, Huffer, Wreck-Gar, and any others available, on the double!"

2005-03-26, 03:43 AM

Chromia rolled up with Blurr not far behind her.

"Well, it looks like we got here just in time, Blurr. I think Magnus needs a hand, Or two. "

Opens a comm channel in response to his summons.

"Chromia and Blurr reporting, Magnus. Where do you want us to start?"

2005-03-26, 03:51 AM
Fort Max, Medbay

Huffer had just emerged from the CR chamber, and had started to fiddle with one of his side projects on the work table, when he heard Magnus's transmission. "Every time I get started on one of my projects, never fails, Huffer do this, Huffer do that." Grumbling, he put down what he was doing and rushed out of the room, headed for the vicinity of Metroplex.

2005-03-26, 04:12 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -activates comm- "I read you, Jazz. The Decepticons came to see us, too. What's your status?"


Nightbeat and Muzzle: -unison- "What do you mean?"

2005-03-26, 04:39 AM
"I'm already at Ground Zero, chief," Wreck-Gar radioed to Magnus. "No need to get all shirty with me."

"What the slag's he talking about?" Hubs asked.

"Beats me," Greaser sighed.

Groundshaker tapped his commlink.

"Dogfight? What's taking so long?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-26, 05:22 AM
Blaster interjected on Fort Max. "Payed us a visit nothin'. You find any parts a Metrolex kickin' around your base? We still haven't picked all 'em up."


Brawn nodded and hoisted Devcon up above his head and looked back to Windcharger.

"Hold his legs, don't want them to dangle."


Sideswipe nodded "Then he probably knows something is up."

2005-03-26, 05:46 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Prime frowned, listening silently to Fortress and Jazz as he waited for Blaster to respond to his instructions.

Near Metroplex

Crosshairs recived Magnus's general transmission, then released his handholds and dropped the last few metres to the ground. He landed heavily, barely managing to keep his feet under him.

Transforming, the Targetmaster headed towards Fortress Maximus and the array of salvaged weapons that were waiting to be attached.


Getaway chuckled, but the sound was fabricated. His comment had been something of a shot in the dark, but the response seemed to tell him it had been a good shot.

His field agent's instincts told him the binary bonded pair wouldn't let slip any major secrets, but he also knew that they were experience enough investigators to become suspicious if he didn't carry on his line of questioning.

"Why don't you tell me?"

The words were spoken lightly, with as much amusement as he could muster without sound forced.

This isn't the time to be interrogating fellow Autobots. That can come later, after these terrorists are in the bag.

Forest, Outside Fort Max

Snarl pushed himself up from his makeshift seat, his attention still focused on the blade of his sword. He was mildly surprised and extremely disappointed that none of his fellow Dinobots had saught him out after he'd stalked off, but of course he'd never admit such a thing.

They don't like you. No one does. Get used to it.


Snarl forced the thought from his head almost before it had a chance to fully form. He shifted his sword hand, and he caught a glimpse of his reflection in it.

His reflection, complete with the split dinosaur tail that adorned his shoulders.

Not even you do.


The Dinobot subspaced his blade, then stalked off towards Fortress Maximus.

2005-03-26, 09:43 AM
Quickmix peered at his data pad absent mindedly while Ironhide responded


Wideload groaned and tossed and turned on the bio bed

2005-03-26, 10:25 AM
Tempest saw Mirage lying in the sand. The shot had been off yet he had been stunned. He used his energon pistol and fired an electro clip. Just as he was to pick him up his sensors started going off.

"Windrazor, this is Tempest. Autobot's on the horizon, I may be bringing in the target hot. Be prepared for a wuick catch."

Tempest hooked his arms underneath Mirage's and began to carry the Autobot, heading back towards the shuttle.

2005-03-26, 10:45 PM
Near Metroplex

Huffer, in truck mode, shot down Fort Max's entrance ramp and across the field as fast as he could. Seeing Ultra Magnus, Huffer drove towards him and transformed, blurting out even as he changed into his robot mode, "Whats the situation?"

2005-03-26, 11:05 PM
Magnus stopped his heavy jog just a few yards away from Beachcomber; he feared to get too close to the city, afraid his weight may be the proverbial straw to break the camel's back. He turned to face Chromia, Blurr, and Huffer and put on his commander face. He clicked on his comlink to Wreck-Gar as he began speaking in his officious tone.

"According to Beachcomber's geoscan, Metroplex may be in danger of collapsing the ground. We can't allow that sort of catastrophe. Tread carefully toward the city, cut girders from the outer hull, and affix them as struts between the city wall and the ground, at least two hundred kliks from the perimeter."

Magnus began to point toward an imaginary place where a support may go, but he realized quickly that he wasn't much of a geologist. He turned to Beachcomber and lowered his voice to affirm.

"Two hundred kliks?"


"You guys got hit too? Ours musta been a diversion... We can take care of ourselves, no sweat. I'm gonna send up some rookies we got down here to help y'all out. Tell Prime we're ready 'n' itchin' if he's got any jobs for us. Over."

2005-03-26, 11:35 PM
Wheels answered as best he could .

"he must have been up to something , there was a raid on metroplex as well we were just the diversion guess they stole something or maybe it was just a sabotage mission."


Skyhammer reviewed the files he'd downloaded , they looked like mostly junk , the defence protocols seemed to have trashed the rest . Maybe a computer programmer could find something useful but it was beyond him.

There was something he could do using some human contacts hed made in his Pretender guise he made some arrangements.

Soon a parcel of computer games including the latest version of tetris were winging there way towards the Middle East each with the top 10 Highest scores made out to Skyhammer

2005-03-27, 01:46 AM

Muzzle: -shrugs- "Well, I don't know about you and Rev, but being cybernetically enhanced isn't nearly as much fun as you might think...... Unless Rev's legs have always bent in that direction, that is."

Nightbeat: "Then there's the vertigo. We're used to it now, but at the beginning...... Half your mind is used to being that height, while the other half is wondering how many bones they'll break when they land."

Muzzle: "But I get the feeling you're thinking something else, bubba. And if you're as good as the Getaway from my timeline, you'll know that keeping your mind on this is what comes first."

Nightbeat: -sighs- "If it's secrets you're looking for, we don't have any. It'll take a long time to explain it all. Trust me."

Warehouse District, Portland:

Tracks: -checking his fuel status- "Hot Rod, if you don't have enough drivers, could you rig a carry sling around one of the trucks? I've got enough fuel to get myself and the truck back to base, but if we have to wait for much longer, I won't."

Corridors, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Drone....... Ah ain't sure, Quickmix, but ya gave me a ahdea." -activates commlink- "Chromedome, Hardhead, check fer a drone near Quickmix's lab. Ah got a feelin' our friend mahght'a done somethin' ta th' drone."


Hardhead: -walks into the security center, starts checking the video displays- "Checking now, ironhide."


Chromedome: "You've got a strange accent, Ricochet. Where are you from?"

2005-03-27, 03:27 AM
Outside Metroplex

Chromia nodded at Magnus's instructions. She also wasn't very good at engineering, but there was someone there who might be.

Turning to Magnus, she asked him, "Excuse me, but what about Wreck-Gar? I think he might be the best one here to shore up this type of thing, being from the Planet of Junk and all. What if I had Blurr run him over there and back?"

She indicated the blue mech beside her.

"If he moves quick enough, it might not cause any more damage to Metroplex. What do you think?"

2005-03-27, 05:35 AM
OOC: So sorry, I've been falling behind in all of my RPGs, not just this one *hides in shame*

Valley/Near Metroplex

As the minibots prepared to carry Devcon to the med-bay, the blue mech moaned slightly and his optics flashed.

"Finally something to do" Cliffjumper muttered, transforming and driving out towards Metroplex and pulling up behind Magnus.

* * * * * *


Firestar frowned as she continued working, having picked up several more fires deeper in the engineering section on her sensors while Magnus message came through and she replied reluctantly "Understood, Magnus"

2005-03-27, 05:47 AM
Near Metroplex

Graphs, figures, and formulae began scanning rapidly in Huffer's mind as he pulled up schematics of Metroplex and compared them to the city's current state. The formulas resolved in his mind into one formula, which revealed the weakest point of the structure. "Awww, I'll probably get crushed, or blown up, or buried, or worse." Huffer confindently moved out to work on the weakest point, despite his grumblings.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-27, 06:10 AM
"Well, he's alive" Windcharger said as he hoisted up the two legs into his shoulder.

"Well eitherway, he sure is a lot of dead weight." Brawn replied gruffly, hoisting the bounty hunting Autobot onto a med table.


Blaster clicked off from Jazz's comm-line and patched through to the Earth Defense Command.

"The show's yours Prime

2005-03-27, 06:19 AM
Aboard Dai Atlas in shuttle mode, Pipes twiddled his thumbs impatiently. "Are we there yet? I thought you could do like mach 800?"

Bumper perked up, recognizing the warning signs. When Pipes went too long without violence, he started causing trouble.

Outback sat there, admiring and familiarizing himself with his new mortar. "Don't see why we're wasting so much time on an Autobot, anyway. We aughta be pummeling some deceptiscums."

Pipes said, "I heard that. Yellowstreak wants to run away and have a cry, let him. But hey, what Prime says, goes."

Random Sweep
2005-03-27, 06:39 AM
Tired of waiting for a reply, Sureshot headed out to find Hound's team.



" That should do it " Ratchet said, removing his quarentine from Wideload's circuitery " Try not to download anything malicious "

2005-03-27, 07:46 AM
Wheels' Cell, Fort Max

Red Alert frowned.

"I see. Can you shed any more light on that?"


Getaway listened to the Headmaster duo, then made a non-commital noise. Noting that they'd found the proper address, he drove on for ten seconds before breaking and parellel-parking against the curb.

"Notice the black pickups in front of the place? Those are definately our guys."

Warehouse District, Portland

Hot Rod shrugged.

"I don't know the first thing about how to do that, Tracks." The cavalier shrugged. "Besides, we've got three humans and three Nebulans around. That should be enough..." he shot Blitzwing a glance, "shouldn't it?"

Command Deck, Fort Max

"Thank you, Blaster."

Prime strode over to one of the bridge's functional consoles, then routed the com call through there. Within seconds, the face of a young human male appeared on the screen.

"EDC Headquarters, this is Optimus Prime. I need to speak to the officer who ordered the attack on the Decepticons in Carbombya immediately."

"Uh...Mister...uh...Prime, sir, this is Lieutenant Fox. General Samson is quite busy right now. Can it wait?"

"I'm afraid not, Lieutenant."

"I'll check, sir." A hold screen took over Prime's screen. After a few moments, the young officer's face re-appeared. "I'm...truly sorry, sir. General Samson's office says that he's too busy to speak with you right now."

Prime's optics narrowed. "Lieutenant, tell General Samson that his troops will have to fight the Decepticons on this planet without Autobot help if he doesn't take my call."

The lieutenant's face blanched, and he nodded before placing Prime on hold again. A few seconds later he re-appeared, and Prime knew his bluff had worked. "I'm putting General Samson through right now, s-sir."

The minion's face vanished yet again, and Prime waited for the general.

2005-03-27, 09:39 AM
I'm back- survived and aced midterms. I'll post the others late tonight. Happy Easter all!
Oh quick friendly reminder too- when dealing with espionege teams from either faction, if the characters are hidden or using special abilities such as cloaking, stealth, images or warping - the players of the espionage characters must be consulted before they can be discovered, seen, or fail in their attempts - similar to the killing of a character. Reason is primarily because it usually involves huge plot points and lots of planning to set up scenarios for them. That's pretty much their equivalent of sniping, fighting, etc.

Hound heard the shot and saw Mirage slump. The autobot bristled but kept cool, giving directions in order of need on the locked radio frequency.

"Groove, we can't let that shuttle take off and risk losing Mirage. They know we're here, but you're safe in the thermal cover and noise from the engines. Wait until they're inside, then plant the device and retreat left and backwards on a 25' angle. Bluestreak, get ready to aim your electric shots at the undercarriage power generator, but don't fire unless they begin taking off. We have to try to delay them until more firepower arrives to even our odds.

Sureshot- locate on NW 625 and rely on your radars coming in. I'm going to whip up an illusionary sandstorm. They'vr got Mirage- we'll hold them as long as we can."

Then, Hound began forming a holographic blackened cloud quite far out towards the horizon and started forming it into a rolling motion - first upwards as if it was caught in a thermal draft and then forwards, much like a cumulonimbus (anvil) shaped cloud with tremendous updrafts and great speed.

There was a searing pain in the spy's chest, and then a quivering feeling ran through his circuitry as his awareness faded in moments.
Mirage had dropped instantly from the shot, he hadn't even really known what hit him. The shadow that swept up on him went unseen and unencumbered.

Random Sweep
2005-03-27, 12:06 PM
" Sure thing Hound " Sureshot replied as he tore though the countryside. " If you can send me the energy signature of the Con carrying Mirage, it would help "

2005-03-27, 12:34 PM
Holepunch went over to confer with Recoil on the logistics .



"shame we dont have a flat bed we ould haul you with us Tracks but ya don't look like ya could lift a full sized rig , You telling me you could lift Prime if you wanted with his trailer gedout of here .



Richochet responded to Chromedome

I come from the Sirap region of Nebulos from the town of Nojd
Sirap it is known all over Nebulos for its superior art and culture we have many great artist and sculptors over the years. I am following in that grand tradition with my environmental sculpture , i was just getting to be recognised on Nebulos when you brought the guerre back to us and all it has changed , maybe i will never see the Mountains of Seeneryp range again , i will perhaps die in your war or of old age on this alien world , and what will become of our companions then , you monsieur live for many hundreds of years but we are mere mortals , it is not so bad for the targetmasters they can i think like Capitaine Hot Rod survive but what will happen to Monsieur Siren & Nightbeat and the big clumsy red one the name of which escapes me for the moment .

but enough of les choses tres serieux , let us talk of more pleasant matters , we have the best food in all of Nebulos it is how do you say exquisite , but you do not know of these things monsieur non food it is as nothing to you , tell me do different types of energon do they taste different to you , are they a sensory delight to your sensors , do you even have sensors for the taste .

2005-03-27, 05:11 PM
The noise of the engines of the Shadow Reaper rose to a roar as Windrazor fed more power to them. Nevertheless, he kept the shuttle firmly on the ground until all his warriors were aboard.

Groove acknowledged Hound's communication and kept low, watching the shuttle, and preparing to make his move.

2005-03-27, 06:46 PM
Warehouse District, Portland:

Tracks: "I wouldn't be able to lift the truck very far off the ground, and I wouldn't be going very fast. And I'd probably burn out my jet turbines in the process. But, if you have enough drivers, I can head back to base. Then, I will be restored to my natural beauty. So, of you gentlemen will excuse me....." -wings over, turbines whining up to full power as he heads back towards Autobase- "Who knows, if all goes well, my parts will have already arrived."

2005-03-27, 11:50 PM

Huffer used the arc-welders in his wrist do disconnect a large strut from the frame of Metroplex. The frame was easily over ten times the size and mass of Huffer, but he carried it easily over one shoulder. He took it over to the perimiter of Metroplex and began to extend the Citybot's frame outwards.

2005-03-28, 02:01 AM

Chromia watched as Huffer started to work on Metroplex. Shrugging her shoulders to Magnus, she went over to help him.

"Hey, Huffer. Need some help with that?"

She held out her hands. "I'm fairly good at welding."

2005-03-28, 07:49 AM
Inferno reached the science labs that he had sealed and carefully set foam and air blocks and filters in the hall as a precaution to contain any harmful vapors that might be in the labs.

A few minutes later, he was testing and scanning the labs for damages. Much to his relief, nothing caustic had been damaged- the scientists had done a good job of securing most of their chemicals- even in the short notice that had been given. As he finished he turned his attention to the notice of the unstable ground Metroplex's remains were lying on.

These are mountains, but what's unstable? Oh! Oh yeah! There are volcanoes that run underneath this range. Uh oh.

Inferno paused in thought momentarily and then headed towards the meeting point.
Smokescreen was still a bit stunned, but acknowledged the order and also headed for the rendevous.
Blitzwing had listened to the human's complaint and he narrowed his optics slightly with a hint of a brewing irritation as he glanced in the direction of the nebulon. Turning his optics and attention back to John, the triple changer grunted with a "mmf." After a brief pause, he stated fairly clearly, "I keep my word. I will not allow harm to occur to you or your men while you are working for me - - by any of our species as long as it is within my power to prevent it."

"We'll see how good your word is." John frowned and folded his arms. "There are only two of us left... providing Jack doesn't have a heart attack before we make the delivery."

2005-03-28, 07:52 AM
Warehouse District, Portland

Recoil nodded to Holepunch.

"You have an idea of how to drive one of these things?"

Command Deck, Fort Max

Prime took in the moustached face of the EDC general, decidedly not impressed.

"Prime, while I'm honoured to be recieving a call from you, this is hardly a good time." The general was frowning.

"I have good reason," Prime said. "I want you to call off your attack on Trypticon immediately."

"Absolutely not!" General Samson's face turned red. "Those Decepticons overthrew a legitimate Earth government and-"

"They overthrew a Decepticon-allied dictator," Prime cut in. "A dictator that you have been trying to overthrow for decades. And like it or not, the people of Carbombya like them." He sighed. "Besides, your men can't hurt a citycon. So unless you intend on keeping your men in place, shooting until they run out of ammo, causing countless civilian deaths in the process...I suggest you call them back."

Samson scowled. "I can't."

Prime nodded. "Fine. I'll have my next call routed through to EDC Central Command."

"Wait!" Samson's face fell. "You win. I'll recall the troops. Then I will inform Central Command about your meddling. Samson out."

Prime switched off his screen, then turned to Fortress.

"Tell Jazz he won't have to wait for long."

2005-03-28, 08:18 AM
Tempest soared through the air carrying Mirage. The shot had hit him but he was still able to function. He saw the shuttle and he saw Windrazor. He threw the Autobot into shuttle and went to Windrazor.

"Air Commander Windrazor, permission to give the Shadow Reaper cover fire from outside the shuttle, and request that me shall meet up 25 miles from our present location, away from enemy fire."

2005-03-28, 10:32 AM

" well i have driven a hovercar back on Nebulos one of the 2000 series, it came with t' job but since i was bonded to Scoop there hasnt been much need.


Tracer one ear turned to the Decepticons conversation interupted.

" Two of you theres 6 trucks and 3 of us plus 2 ,that makes us 1 short and now Tracks has gone off to polish his bodywork we cant even get him to do his chitty chitty bang bang stuff."

2005-03-28, 11:44 AM
"Permission denied. Get aboard now," Windrazor said tersely, still working the controls.

"We don't have time to meet up later," he continued, deciding that Tempest deserved some sort of explanation.

2005-03-28, 02:34 PM
Tempest nodded at his commander. He did have a good point, he boarded, secured his prisioner and sat down as quickly as possible.

2005-03-28, 10:55 PM

Huffer looked up at Chromia, then placed the large strut in the correct position. "Um, okay. You weld them into place, and I'll carry them over." And make sure they're positioned correctly, he thought to himself. He walked back into Metroplex to get another strut.

2005-03-29, 12:52 AM
StarBlade looked at Mirage and grinned. She hit her mark. Checking over Mirage, she found a spot to be out of the way. Taking out her kill log, she added the hit on Mirage, plus the notes on why he was captured, not killed.

Once that was done, StarBlade put the log away, and waited for them to take off.

2005-03-29, 12:57 AM
Yeah, I just posted it, I forgot.


"Sure thing, Huffer. Just bring 'em over and tell me where to put them." She replied.

Looking around she sighed. What a mess!

However, she started to weld the strut in place.

2005-03-29, 01:19 AM
Out and About

"Understood, Hound" Bluestreak replied over his comm, his fingers tightening around the trigger, ready for action when the ship showed the slightest sign of lifting off the ground and started to power it up, switching his optical circuitry into a gunner's typical long-range firing vision.

2005-03-29, 01:46 AM
Magnus had been wary about entering the city's perimeter himself, but he knew the Autobots needed his help in securing Metroplex. It was a sort of morbidly optimistic determination: he'd failed enough for a lifetime. He wouldn't let it happen again.

"Keep moving, team!" he grunted as he carried away a two-hundred foot span of beam on his shoulder. "We don't know how much time we have!"

Counting out his fiftieth step, Magnus dropped the end of the bar heavily into the dirt. He took the moment he needed for his servos to recharge to nod at two of his soldiers.

"Blurr, Cliffjumper, get to work on the northeast side. We have no time to waste."

A dutiful sigh, and Magnus began back toward the city, tracking the beam along the way so that he could secure it against the hull...

2005-03-29, 02:11 AM
Wreck-Gar sent Ultra Magnus the following message:

"Looks like you've got a major restoration goin' on. Let's just hope you don't make any mistakes like allowing Greedo to shoot first. Anyways, what part do you want me and my crack team of commandos to deal with first?"