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2005-03-08, 01:49 AM
While the primary Decepticon force lashed out against the Autobot City, a scant crew remained with Metrotitan and Trypticon in Carbombya. Leozak and his men have toppled Abdul Fakkadi's government in the country and installed a subordinate democratic regime, presenting themselves as human-friendly to the populace.

With Scorponok's return, the Decepticons hurt in the battle are having their wounds tended in its medbay. Gigatron has ordered the Decepticons to gather their belongings and prepare for relocation to the Nemesis. Technical units have been ordered to install on Metrotitan the parts stolen from Metroplex during the battle to ready the city for transport.

Wheels, the ground-based portion of Duocon Flywheels, has fallen into Autobot custody during the battle. His partner Fly, as well as Windrazor and several other Decepticons, embark on a mission to Autobase to rescue him. Having received a peculiar distress signal from the desert of Australia, a team led by Scorponok has been dispatched to investigate...

2005-03-08, 02:00 AM
Quake arrived at the shuttle bay a bit faster than he really probably should have. But then again soon he would get to hopefully blow something to slag so he waited for Scorpnok and the rest of the team Tiptop and Heater leaned on the wall waiting as well.

2005-03-08, 02:17 AM
After picking up Dragstrip from the CR chamber room, the Stunticons started heading towards Scorponok's exit.

Nightracer entered the shuttle bay, and scanned the area before finding another wall to lean against. As she waited, Nightracer started mentally looking for what would be the best place to shoot Quake and his squishies from.

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-08, 02:32 AM
Somewhere Near Scorponok's exit.

Barricade and Roller Force came towards The Stunticons "What's up?" Barricade asked.


Ground Hog looked around. Most of the fellow were gone. He thought that he'd be heading out too. Seeing if his comlink would work again he tried to radio Barricade.

2005-03-08, 04:54 AM
The Stunticons stopped and looked down. Dragstrip's look said ' oh look the small inferiors are talking to us', while Breakdown's clearly said ' quit looking at me or I'll step on you', Deadend looked calm and answered Barricade by saying " Nothing worth mentioning."

Wildrider grinned and said "The sky!"

Motormaster glared down at the two Micromasters and said " What the slag do you want."

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-08, 05:08 AM
"Barricade clearly saw the looks in their high faces. "Well-" The Micromaster started but was cut off.
"Ground Hog reporting in."
"Call back later."

Now,Where was he? Oh,yes. Just then,Motorhead came over.
"Hello sir."
"Can I" say one word without being interupted?"
"No." Roller Force chucled.
"Can it, Small One." Oh,great. He was acting as big as the others again.

2005-03-08, 05:53 AM
Less then pleased that the Micromaster hadn't gotten to to the point already, Motormaster crossed his arms and said to Barricade " I'm waitin'."

The glare Motormaster gave to the other two Micromaster promised pain if they interupted Barricade again with anything that wasn't important. The other Stunticons caught the look Motormaster was giving the Micromasters, and were mostly glad it wasn't dirrected at them for once.

2005-03-08, 05:58 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

Spinister nodded.


Shuttlebay, Scorponok

Scorponok strode into his shuttlebay, amused by the curious stares he had attracted all the way there. He expected all sorts of bizarre rumours were now spreading, but couldn't care less. Now that his moment of vulnerability was past, the troops were welcome to amuse themselves with guesses and stories.

He favoured Nightracer with an amused glance, seeing the way she was sizing Quake up as a target.

Not even at ease among her own kind...I like this one.

The city commander stood in the doorway, arms crossed, expecting the troops to make some sort of cunfused remarks; he'd entertain himself for the moment, until Weirdwolf arrived.

(OOC: For those of you who are wondering, Scorponok's new form resembles his comic incarnation. There's one small difference, though; instead of having a battlestation for his third mode, this Scorpy turns into the head of the bigger Scorponok city. He is identical to comic Scorponok in robot and scorpion modes, though.)

2005-03-08, 07:02 AM
Nightracer shifted her glaze to look over at the 'Con who came into the shuttle bay, noting that he seemed amused by her 'waiting activities'. Nightracer didn't care what the other Decepticons thought about her, but the new arrival gave her another target to come up with ways to take him out. After sizing Scorponok up, Nightracer realized who he was and came to the conclution that he would be harder to take out then Quake would be.

2005-03-08, 07:39 AM
Weirdwolf transformed into wolf mode and bounded off bidding farewell to Carnivac :

"Swindle's quarters we will explore yes , after from mission back I come. Until we meet again teammate".

He arrived in the shuttle bay and looked around

There was that braggart Quake and Nightracer interesting , definitely the greater threat.

Then he spotted Scorponok

Ahh our City Commander has decided to have something more mobile developed , interesting

Weirdwolf moved to stand by the Wall near Nightracer so as to be near the greatest threat .

Our Commander's reflexes will be slow in his new form , so Nightracer is the one to take out first

Weirdwolf reported in :

" ready and waiting for duty am I."

Monzo popped open the hatch to his cockpit and jumped down down to the ground. He strolled over to talk to Heater

"whats ya been up to , didja have a good battle ?"

Weirdwolf's eyes tracked the Nebulan across the room one day i will find a way to reverse the process then my friend your days will be numbered."

2005-03-08, 09:02 AM
" Good hunting..." Carnivac said as Weirdwolf left.

Even as the Headmaster walked in to the shuttle bay, Nightracer was sizing him up and she could tell he was doing the same to her. Besides his shoulder missiles, Nightracer figure Weirdwolf was mostly close combat. Nightracer knew she figured right when Weirdwolf came to stand near her. Now the question was could he kill her before she killed him.

2005-03-08, 11:36 AM
Heater smiled.

"Quite, don't know if I got any kills but put quite a few holes into Kup and Ironhide." He smiled replying to Mozno.


Hatemonger nodded and went back to watching the radar.


Quake could tell he was the burnt of some joke with Nightracer and didn't really care. She could just as easily be in front of his guns as any Autobot he thought to himself.

2005-03-08, 04:04 PM
The monstrous guards stepped aside naturally, each delivering a firm salute, and the one nearest the control panel activated the door. A heavy clank of the unlocking preceded the long and slow whir of the motors pulling the doors apart. An ominous, hulking silhouette filled the doorway before the lights inside the brig picked up: Gigatron glared in.

His steps were slow, heavy, and thunderous. His optics scanned each cell thoroughly and contemptuously, though most were empty. One, however, was not. Gigatron stopped before it, planting his feet firmly into the floor and placing his hands onto his hips.

"Still not talking, Soundwave? Don't think you can hide from me in there..."

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-08, 05:52 PM
The skies over Australia

Greatshot swept in low to the ground, closing fast on the source of the distress signal. Finally arriving, he transformed and landed.

"Okay," he said, looking around. "Where are you?"

2005-03-08, 06:47 PM
Atlas transformed out of the sand and pointed his blaster out, and fired a warning shot past the newcoming transformed. "Autobot or Decepticon?" He demanded as the hatches on his shoulders popped up to reveal the deadly missile payload.

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-08, 07:11 PM
Greatshot quickly whipped his blaster rifles out of subspace (just in case).


2005-03-08, 08:51 PM
Shuttlebay, Scorponok

"On board. You'll be briefed enroute." Scorponok waved towards one of his assault shuttles, then boarded and took the helm. He waited for his team to follow.

2005-03-08, 09:01 PM
Moving away from the wall, Nightracer took one last look around, before she entered the shuttle. Upon entering, Nightracer found a seat and sat down.

2005-03-08, 09:10 PM
Monzo having rejoined him Weirdwolf padded into the shuttle and settled down on a seat 2 rows behind Nightracer

2005-03-08, 09:20 PM
"Autobot," Atlas repeated and his boosters filled over his shoulders, pointing at his foe. The boosters were derived from his cannons, and where still loaded with his artillery shells.

"I am Atlas Omega, and I will crush you, and your filthy weak kind," With that, his cannons opened fire, the found booming as the heavy shells fired, following with the two sets of 5 pack missiles, the wave of spiraling explosives flying up before shoot down at their target.

As this happened he started to open fire with his rifle.

(The mssiles and Artillery shells are the strongest weapons on his body, that is why there are such a limited number of them)

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-08, 09:32 PM
Greatshot attempted to dive out of the way, and that was probably the only thing that saved him from the scrapheap. As it was, he could feel the ordinance ripping into the armor of his legs. Greatshot scrambled for cover and opened up his comm link.

"Skyfall, come in! This is Greatshot. I'm in trouble down here."

2005-03-08, 10:39 PM
"Trouble? No, your not in trouble, you are in a scrap heap," Atlas said as he stepped forwad.

He pointed his arm at the cover he had hidden behind, a hatch on his left arm opened, and his armor piercing rocket slid out and fired into the cover as he continued to spray the area with his laser fire.

2005-03-08, 10:48 PM

Leokaiser: -ears prick up on his leonine head- "Pardon me, Hans. I will be back shortly. Somebody off the coast has just launched a nuclear missile." -pauses for a moment- "My, my. Your race is quite inventive. 150 megatons, and highly radioactive. Tut, tut." -kicks in boosters, takes off, arcing up towards the missile as it climbs, pushes his boosters a little harder, pulls bo staff, twirls it, cutting the warhead package off of the missile- "CCCP, huh. If it wasn't so dangerous, I'd donate it to a museum." -grips warhead casing, flings it with all his might out into space towards the sun, flys back down, grabbing the tumbling missile body, crushes the engine section, land in front of Hans and the cameraman, stabs the missile body into the sand next to him- "My only question is, why would they launch a missile like this at us? Why are they so willing to kill everybody in this country just to get rid of us? Do they fear us as demons, or are they tyrants who know that we are coming for them?" -shrugs- "If the latter, then they have much to fear." -twirls bo staff, rests it across his shoulders, a picture of the ultimate in Destron combiner technology-

Brave Maximus
2005-03-08, 11:01 PM
Incoming Comm from Skyfall:

"Greatshot - no one on the Ark is flight capable at the moment! Can you pull out and head back to the Ark? Your life is more valuble than any fight!"

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-08, 11:09 PM
Greatshot reeled from the onslaught, as what little cover he had was whittled away. Ducking as a large chunk of rock flew past his head, he replied, "Understood. I'll be out of here as soon as I can."

Greatshot closed the comm and readied one of his blaster rifles. Choosing an opportune moment, he peered over the rock and fired off several shots at Atlas.

2005-03-09, 12:06 AM
Quake hopped on board and found a seat streatching out.

"Ok, let's get to slaggin!" He yelled waiting for lift off.


Hatemonger continued to check the radar and sensor readouts.


Cryotek continued work in Metrotitan's head singing a little diddy.

"The optic is connected to the craninum case the craninum case is connected to the superstructure...." He sang away while making sure the new optic was fully in stalled.

2005-03-09, 01:16 AM
the first two shots hit Atlas and he stumbled back, the final one hit him and he nearly fell over.

"Oh that does it," Tranforming, Atlas hovered off the ground, he changed his cannons to laser mode and unleashed their deadly payload at Greatslot.

2005-03-09, 01:46 AM
Metrotitan: Medbay

When the pretender shell was ready the cylinder openned and it stepped out. Sitting up, Carnivac walked around it, scanning it from every angle. When he was done, Carnivac nodded and had the metrodrone bring him copy the shell's blueprints (and medical files) on a datapad. Carnivac put the datapad into subspace and then transformed into his wolf alt-mode.

The pretender shell openned and Carnivac stepped into it, then it closed. Carnivac grinned, stretched, and then used a back paw to scratch behind his shell's ear...being mindfull of his claws.

After a while, Carnivac left the medbay and started heading toward his room.

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-09, 02:09 AM
Greatshot watched the blast approach as if in slow motion. Realizing that he was about to be turned to scrap, he turned and ran.

Suddenly, the world was spinning. Greatshot felt the armor on his back melt, rend, and tear. As he came to a stop, he realized that there was no other option; it was time to run.

"This isn't over," he spit at his opponent as he got to his feet. With that, he transformed and sped away.

2005-03-09, 02:20 AM
Atlas's optics narrowed as he transformed once again.

"Weakling Autobot, just as I expected," He said. "Always running away, always proving their weakness," He mused to himself before turning back towards his ruined ship.

He examined the damage on his chest and decided it was managable for now.

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-09, 03:46 AM

Barricade looked back and forth from his men to the Stunticons "Ummm. Never mind. Roller Force,Motorhead..."

"Yes?" Motorhead asked,half puzzled,half annoyed to see if there was any action around. "What?"

"Let's go. Come with me." Barricade said, Waving his hand in the direction of the inside.

As they walked off, Roller Force looked back at the Stunticons and murmered louder than he should've. "Stupid Guzzlers."

2005-03-09, 04:05 AM
"Higher... No, higher! I'm trying to work here!"

Sledge muttered profanely under his breath and hoisted Grit much higher, taking him higher than the port and causing him to nearly drop the transductor. Grit hissed at the Micromaster holding up his feet, but he decided to get back to work before taking his vengeance.

"Hey, c'mon you two! Let's get this job done!" Stonecruncher cried over the wail of his turbo ratchet.

Grit glared at Sledge, hopped down to the catwalk, and transformed.

"I am finished."

Stonecruncher moved the ratchet to two more spots, worked the bolts, and withdrew to look over his work. He nodded in satisfaction.

"Yeah, same here. Looks good ta me."

Hammer had remained in truck mode, still holding the parts to be installed.

"All right, let's roll! We got another stop to hit!"

The remaining members of the squad transformed, combined, and chugged off for the city hub.

2005-03-09, 05:05 AM
Shuttle, Enroute to Australia

Scorponok piloted the shuttle out of his hold, set a course, and headed towards the distress signal. Activating the autopilot, he turned to face his troops.

"We are heading out to investigate a strange Autobot distress call. When we land, Nightracer will find high ground and cover us. If no contacts are in sight when we arrive, Weirdwolf will track anyone who left the shuttle. Quake and I will accompany him."

He broke into a slight, cruel grin.

"If there are Autobot survivors, kill them on sight. Otherwise, give survivors an opportunity to explain themselves. If I don't like what they say, we'll kill them anyway."

EDC Headquarters, The Hague

General Samson slammed the phone down.

"Well, that tears it." He looked to his staff. "The Security Council has voted to take military action against this ludicrous 'Breastforce'. Call the boys in Tripoli and tell them they have the green light."

EDC North Africa Regional Base, Tripoli

Troops gathered their equipment. Tanks and APCs were armed, jump-jets and heavy fighters fuelled. The forces of Earth were rolling out.

They would cross the Carbombyan border in one hour.

Cranial Module, Metrotitan

The Constructicons ignored Cryotek's prattling, working feverishly to repair the citycon's computer cores. All except for Mixmaster, of course; he was engaged in whistling along to the dragon's tune.

Corridors, Scorponok

Ramjet heard Ratbat's summons and groaned. He shrugged at Thrust.

"We'd better go, I guess..."

Last time I complain about not havin' anything ta do...

2005-03-09, 05:08 AM
Wildrider and Dragstrip bursted out laughing. Motormaster hmmmed, Breakdown did the transformer aquivilent of rolling his eyes, and Deadend just looked bored. Motormaster continued towards Metrotitan as the other Stunticons got into a conversation.

" His leader waste our time for nothing and we're the stupid guzzlers?" Breakdown said mostly to himself. " What is their malfuntion?"

" Do we really want to find out?" Deadend said, clearly wanting to be some where else...like in his room so that he could touch up his paint job.

" Not likely," Dragstrip said " it would be pointless since its clear that their malfuntion is that their suicidal little lump and slabs."

" Heh... I give his insult a three if anythin'." Wildrider said between laughs.

" More like a negative one." Dragstrip said as he looked at the paint on his fingers. " I've heard Autobots who knew better insults."

"We've heard you give better insults, Draggy." Wildrider said, before Dragstrip started trying to strangle him while yelling " DON'T CALL ME DRAGGY, MANIFOLD MOUTH!!!"

" Now that is pointless." Deadend said, shaking his head.

Breakdown shrugged, then said " I've stopped giving a flyin' interface a long time ago."

2005-03-09, 02:08 PM
Quake smiled.

"Don't worry if there are any Bots down there I will fill them so full of holes that we can use them as a large pencil holder!" Quake said ready to go.


Cryotek smiled as Mixmaster whistled along with him. He then paused and went serious for a bit.

"Constructicons. I have completed the rewiring and repairs of Metrotitan's optics. I am looking at the damage optic I removed and I do believe I can fix it up so that we have some spare parts on reserve. Replaced some fried circuit boards and the like. How is everything looking on your end?" He commented.


Hatemonger watched the communication arrays.

"Hmm nothing to exciting going on today." He said to Spinster still keeping his optics and audio sensors on the systems.

2005-03-09, 07:12 PM
Weirdwolf looked at Quake , then he shared a glance with Nightracer that seemed to say let the cannonfodder go.

2005-03-09, 09:07 PM
Catching Weirdwolf's glance, Nightracer briefly nodded in agreement. She would do her function, but if Quake wanted to be a walking target for what ever survivor they ran into...Nightracer was more then willing to let him.

2005-03-09, 09:40 PM
Atlas walked over to his shuttle and glanced at his former hiding place. Internally cursing himself, he walked in for the remaining scraps of energon onboard. He walked outside, doing what little repairs he could.

Transforming back into his hovering artillery mode, he sifted over the sand and turned his sensors to the world around him, canning as much as he could, trying to anticipate anything.

He then detecting something at distance and closing...

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-10, 01:20 AM

Roller Force turned at the insulting laughs.

"Don't even."Barricade began. "They're to busy to even keep the thought in their hollow heads."

Roller Force didn't care. He lunged,about to charge.

Motorhead grabbed him,but was thrown back. "Hey,What's gotten into you?"

Roller Force said nothing.

"Halt. You're not stronge enough."Barricade said turning his head to the Stunticons "Nor smart enough. Let's go."

"What?" Roller Force asked. "Huh?" His teeth grit. He found the nearest thing and punched it.

"Before there's a fight. Let's get going." Barricade signaled.

"If I were in charge things would be diffrent." Roller Force muemered.

2005-03-10, 01:36 AM
Medbay, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -meditating, katana hovering in the air before him, sliding deeper into his meditative state-


Bludgeon stood, the windswept plain before him littered with the bodies of the dead, many killed by his own hand, many others killed by his bretheren in the life-path of Metallikato.

He sees his Master, fighting away with the rest of the students, first taking on all comers, and then..... as has always been the case, down through the endless tracts of time, since the precepts of Metallikato were laid down by the Ultimate Warrior..... then the best of the best did as they'd always done.

They turned on each other.

He can see himself now, younger, minus his Pretender shell, slashing his way through his fellow students, effortlessly slashing his way through the younger students, culling the weak.

Events speed up now, time flashing forward..... the achievement of the Pretender shell, the forging of his katana by the weaponsmith, Goth.... More challenges, more duels, more students of Metallikato facing each other when no other challenge presented itself.

Until all that were left were Bludgeon and his Master.

The fight was a surprisingly short one, the Master all too soon lying in a slowly spreading puddle of his own fluids, flickering optics locked onto the empty sockets of Bludgeon's shell, and the old martial artist smiled. With his last flicker of life, he said, "Truly, you are the greatest of us all, Bludgeon...... Truly, you are Death Incarnate....... Go forth, bring what the Ultimate Warrior has taught us to the unworthy......"

Then everything is gone, the bodies, the stentch of death, the devistation..... and Bludgeon is left facing himself.

The younger glared at the elder. "What do you think you are doing?"

The elder gazed back at the younger. "I serve Gigatron, now."

The younger spat. "'Serve'? 'SERVE'!!!! We are the best of the Way of the Ultimate Warrior! I, as I was then-"

The elder scowled at the younger. "-and I as I am now. But I have the one thing that you do not. Experience." The scowl changed, the skull's smile becoming more evil, more of a beckon to Death's cold embrace. "We shall do as we have always done. We shall bring death to those who are unable to stand before us."

The younger gave the impression of a cocked eyebrow. "Really. And this also means that you'll be an obedient dog to that milti-changer?"

The elder's scowl deepens. "No. But he did defeat us in fair combat. That earns him some respect." The elder took a step forward towards his younger self, grin widening as he saw his younger self take an instinctive step backwards. "And I truly see you for what you are. You are simply a manifestation of my fears. And I have no further use for you."

In a flash, it was over, the elder returning his katana to it's sheath, as his younger self's body fell to the ground, the head rolling off to the side. The elder looked to the heavens, calling out: "HEAR ME, ULTIMATE WARRIOR! I AM THE GREATEST OF YOUR STUDENTS! I AM AS YOU CREATED ME TO BE- DEATH INCARNATE!!!!!!!!" Then the elder lowered his voice. "And woe be to those who stand in my way, for I shall surely kill them all."


Stranglehold: -finishes trimming his mustache, pulls the helmet off of his Pretender shell, starts knocking the dents out of it with the haft of his morning star-

Bludgeon: -head bobs up slightly, moves smoothly to his feet, sheathing his katana-

Stranglehold: -looks up- "Boss?"

Bludgeon: "Have the men gather their belongings. We'll be moving to the Nemesis soon."

Stranglehold: -stands- "An' what are you gonna do?"

Bludgeon: "Begin repairs on the shuttle."

2005-03-10, 01:53 AM
Even thought Motormaster didn't outwardly show it, he had been listening in on the Mircomaster's conversation. By the end, Motormaster thought slightly more of Barricade then he did of the other two. At least he's not a complete slagging idiot, Motormaster thought.

2005-03-10, 05:39 AM
Shuttle, Enroute to Australia

After flying several minutes in silence, Scorponok guided his shuttle down towards the desert.

"Prepare yourselves, troops. We don't know what we'll find when we get there."

Setting the vaguely insectoid shuttle down a safe distance from the source of the signal, Scorponok locked down the systems and lowered the entrance ramp.

"See to your assignments."

He strode down the ramp, optic band narrowed as he tried to see through the blowing sand and sunlight glarind off the ground. An electric charge build on the tip of his tail. His claws flexed in what looked like an involuntary tic, but was really a carefully-calculated display of power.

Head Module, Metrotitan

Scrapper looked up from his work, adressing Cryotek.

"We're doing fine, but an extra set of hands couldn't hurt."

Command Deck, Scorponok

"Not all important duties win glory and fame, General," Spinister carefully remarked to Hatemonger. "Vigilance is what wins wars, not heroics."

Medbay, Scorponok

Octopunch strode from his CR chamber, glancing into the neighboring unit that his shell occupied. The burned tissue had almost healed, he saw, but it would be a few minutes yet before the shell was fully repaired.

He glanced at Bludgeon.

"Any new orders?"

Bugly's Quarters, Scorponok

As Bludgeon ended his meditation, a ripple of energy crossed Bugly's spark. The Circuit-su master's optics flickered to life, and he stood smoothly. A quick glance at the Pretender shell in the corner of the room showed that it had repaired itself fully. The strategist's spark energy was likewise replenished.

Banishing his shell to subspace, Bugly walked out into the hall.

2005-03-10, 05:47 AM
The shuttle flew overhead and Atlas looked up, seeing the large decepticon signature. He saw it land in the distance out of site and growled.

He hovered for a moment before transforming and hit his boosters, blasting across the sand as it blasted behind him in a wave.

His boosters gave out just as he slid to the side of the shuttle.

"Decepticons I presume?" He asked in his deep robotic tone.

He had no idea Decepticons where on this miserable little mudball, this could most definately work to his advantage...

2005-03-10, 01:14 PM
Hatemonger nodded to Spinster.

"However, both have there time and place in war. Right now I would say we are handling the vigilance portion right now."


Cryotek nodded and began to assist the Constructicons.


Quake transformed into tank mode. Tiptop and Heater merged and attacted on his roof his plasma cannon repaired and rearmed he followed Scorpnok and Wierdwolf.

2005-03-10, 02:16 PM
Weirdwolf stepped to one side as if out of politeness , to let Quake take the lead on exiting the shuttle

2005-03-10, 06:15 PM
"So are we all agreed?" Laser demanded of the two pairs of eyes which were squarely focused on him. "We find the master and then we reactivate him!"

Laserbeak had taken charge. Ravage was cunning, but an uneffective teamleader - he needed guidance and control - like a rabid dog. Slugfest was stupid - he had enough brains to follow orders and that was it - it was a miracle he'd come this far by himself!

The trio climbed from the chamber and, following laserbeak's lead, selected a shaft to climb into and follow. Slugfest grunted to himself, the condor always knew what he was talking about, so best to follow him and smash everything were needed...

2005-03-10, 07:57 PM
Nightracer took her sniper rifle out of subspace. While she was going to let Scorponok do the talking and follow Weirdwolf's example by letting Quake go first. He is inbetween the exit and me anyway, Nightracer thought.

2005-03-10, 11:16 PM
Bludgeon: "Our only firm orders are to prepare our possessions, if we have any, for transport to the Nemesis, Octopunch. Other than that, our time is our own." -clenches fists, electricity crackling around his fists- "Octopunch, set up one of the combat/training simulation rooms. Earth cityscape, large building in the center of town. Pick two of our newer members. They will be the ones to defend the building with you. Stranglehold, myself, and the other rookie will be the attackers."

Stranglehold: -activates commlink- "All Mayhems, if you have any posessions, prepare them for shipment to the Nemesis"

Bludgeon: "Before we start this, assemble the team and join me on the shuttle deck." -strides away, making no sound at all, heading for the shuttle deck-

2005-03-11, 01:25 AM
Quake smiled.

"Ok I'll take point!" he said and rolled off to the desert.

2005-03-11, 01:29 AM
(You know... I really don't see how these guys could be Missing Atlas right now, you know, him being right near the shuttle and all...)

Random Sweep
2005-03-11, 01:39 AM
Banzai-tron stepped out of his CR chamber just in time to catch Stranglehold's message.

" Copy that Stranglehold " he replied.

Banzai-Tron breifly considered collecting the remains of his former companion but decided that it would be for the best to leave them where they were.

2005-03-11, 02:14 AM
Carnivac's room

Even as the door closed behind him, Carnivac slipped out of his pretender shell. The shell went over to lay down on one of two pieces of funiture in the room, watching Carnivac with interest. Carnivac looked at the shelves that held his Autobot head collection and got to work packing.

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-11, 03:46 AM

Barricade asked himself what he should do now?

Motorhead looked at Roller Force,still trying to get out of his grasp. "You know,"Motorhead said with a chuckle "We could let him see what would happen to him if he tried to fight the Stunticons"

Barricade calmly responded. "Nah. He usally isn't like this. Maybe he got it and hit jugled some wires around."

"Maybe.Whatever you say." Motorhead shruged.

"We've wasted enough of the Stunticon's time. They must have something to do and so do we." Barricade said.

"Like what?"

"We'll find something soon."

2005-03-11, 04:39 AM

Scorponok snarled under his breath, trying to ignore the antics of his team.

Worthless minions...

He glared at Atlas, taking note of Autobot-insignia-shaped rends on his armour.

"Explain yourself or be destroyed."

Command Deck, Scorponok

Spinister nodded.

"Indeed, General."

Medbay, Scorponok

"As you wish." Octopunch strode off towards the training rooms. His shell slid out of it's CR chamber and followed Bludgeon.

Corridors, Scorponok

Feeling another ripple in his spark, Bugly strode calmly through the halls towards the shuttle deck.

2005-03-11, 04:45 AM
"Fine Decepticon, I am Atlas Omega, former Autobot," Atlas proclaimed. "I had no idea Decepticons where on this planet, it can be useful to me," Atlas said.

"I thought I would be alone on my crusade against the Autobots," He chuckled. "But this works out perfectly, as if memory serves me correctly, Decepticons wish to destroy Autobots, yes?"

He should know, he had to fight enough Decepticons defending those weaklings.

2005-03-11, 05:35 AM


Scorponok took several steps towards Atlas, sizing up the unfamiliar Transformer. His voice dropped to a cold growl.

"We wish to conquer. The Autobots are simply in the way."

He evaluated the large ex-Autobot for a moment longer, then nodded.

"But you...you could be useful. Come with us, and you will have your 'crusade'."

2005-03-11, 05:40 AM
"There is no point in conquest, their is only purging of those who cannot defend themselves. The strong rule, they have no use for conquering, as the strong already own anything they want, the weak merely think it belongs to them," Atlas pointed out.

As far as he was concerned, if you where stronger, whatever you wanted was rightfully yours, regardless of who had it first. So in his eyes, the decepticons weren't conquering anything if they where stronger then their enemies.

Revenge is what was on his plate right now though, he'd worry about the Decepticons later.

"But," Atlas started. "If you are enemies of the Autobots, then you are friends of mine,"

2005-03-11, 09:19 AM
When Quake left, Nightracer moved forward, ready to bring up her gun to fire if needed. She disliked not having time to find a better cover then the shuttle. As Scorponok talked with the ex- Autobot who called himself Atlas Omega, Nightracer wondered the pros and cons of all the choices (staying in the shuttle or leaving it) she could make if the conversation turned into a battle.

2005-03-11, 01:24 PM
Quake watched the situation with Altas and wondered.

So should I be slagging him now or is he going to help us slag Autobots?. He thought to himself.


Cryotek was running various amounts of code through his CPU while making sure some of Metrotitan's systems checked out.


Hatemonger looked over to Spinster.

"Is anything happening on your sensor arrays?" He asked.

2005-03-11, 08:48 PM


A low growl emitted from Scorponok's throat, indicating that he might disagree with the unfamiliar Transformer's sentiments. To cover up that possibility, he injected his voice with even more tyrannical arrogance than usual.

"Board the shuttle," he instruted Atlas. "Sit in the passenger compartment. If you try to touch any of the equipment, I'll have you shot."

Command Deck, Scorponok

"Nothing of significance," Spinister replied. "Unless you're interested in sandstorms."

2005-03-11, 08:52 PM
"I wouldn't try to touch the equipment anyway, I've had enough flying to last me a century," Atlas Omega remarked before stepping onto the shuttle and scanning the area before going to sit down.

Of course, if they tried anything, he wouldn't think twice of detonating his missiles inside the shuttle... As long as he could be assured he didn't turn into a steaming peice of slag at the same time as them.

2005-03-12, 12:33 AM
Just what the Decepticon army needs, a lunatic that hunts his own kind, Nightracer thought as she narrowed her optics. That kind of mech couldn't be trusted, and sure there were some Decepticons who could be discribed that way, but they had started off as Decepticons...not Autobots.A person would have be a fool to trust a Decepticon or a mech willing to turn his back on his faction. That kind of transformer would be willing to do so again on his suppose allies. Nightracer sat down in a seat where she could watch Atlas. If the ex-Autobot even looked like he was going to use his missiles, Nightracer was going to see to it that was the last mistake he ever made.

2005-03-12, 12:42 AM
Quake was unsure of what to make of the new Decepticon. Or Decepticon hunter.

He boarded the shuttle transformed back into robot mode and held onto Heater and Tiptop merged.


Hatemonger looked back at Spinster.

"Well, keep an eye out. For some reason I am worried something may happen soon." He said not particullary worried anything would miss the Decepticon's watchful optics.

2005-03-12, 03:38 AM
Shuttle Deck, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -looking at the battered commando shuttle, looking at the ragged hole cut through the back hatch of the shuttle- "Nnn. Springer's technique hasn't improved......" -pick up a torque spanner, starts undogging the bolts holding the door on it's hinges-

Inside Leokaiser's mind, Carbombiya:

Leokaiser: -voice a thundering echo through the subconscious of his mind- "I could step on them. It would be easier."

Leozak: "It would ruin the plan."

Leokaiser: -his chuckle the sound of a rumbling earthquake- "Ah, yes. The plan."

Drillhorn: "The statistics are sound. Every time we've had to go against the humans, it goes wrong."

Hellbat: "So we let the humans work for us for a change."

Leokaiser: "Feh. We are Destrons. Combat is what we crave!!"

Gaihawk and Killbison: -unison- "Hear, Hear!!!"

Leokaiser: "And what of you, Jalgar. What do you think?"

Jalgar: "The last time we had human interference, we all wound up nearly dead and floating through space. I've only got 8 lives left, thanks to that."

Leokaiser: -chuckles, the first truly amused chuckle he's made since this staff meeting started- "And the second phase of the plan?"

Drillhorn: "The Earth Defence Command forces should be here soon, in response to Leozak's.... heartfelt?.... plea."

Hellbat: -mutters- "If he had a heart......"

Leozak: "I heard that."

Drillhorn: -annoyed- "If I may continue? Thank you. The EDC is bound to come in to knock us out. Or at least give it our best shot. OUr reporter friends out there will, of course, report this to the various peoples of the world, how the tyrannical forces of the UN and EDC are attacking the liberators of Carbombiya. We may have to boost the camera's signal to make sure the footage gets out. I can't imagine the EDC letting footage of them doing this get out. Willingly, that is." -voice takes on a stern aspect- "Remember, no killing the humans. Make it obvious that no matter what they do to us, we won't hurt them."

Leokaiser: "This is a truly boring plan."

2005-03-12, 06:00 AM

Scorponok boarded the shuttle, heading towards the cockpit. He spared a glace for Atlas.


Command Deck, Scorponok

"Of course." Spinister was mildly irritated that Hatemonger would think otherwise, but his faceplate hid it.

"For anything in particular?"

Shuttlebay, Scorponok

Bugly strode into the room, watching Bludgeon work.

"You shouldn't talk to yourself, my friend. Revealing your thoughts, even the most insignificant, can open you to attack."

He grabbed a wrench from the ground and started helping his fellow Pretender remove the bolts.


The column of EDC armour approached Trypticon, weapons ready. Within ten minutes, their longest-range weapons would be within firing range.

2005-03-12, 08:56 AM

Without any more interuptions, the Stunticons reached their hallway and entered their rooms. Even though they wouldn't admit it, none of them liked the idea of returning to the Nemesis.

2005-03-12, 09:05 AM
Weirdwolf sat behind the "Autobot" ready to spring if needs be , quietly he snicked the covers of his shoulder mounted missile launchers silently back and targeted them on the big "Autobot"

there was no honour in changing sides and for all they knew it was some kind of trick to infiltrate the ranks of the decepticons

2005-03-12, 01:49 PM
Hatemonger could tell by a mild change in Spinster's voice that he was getting annoyed. Hatemonger shrugged he didn't mean to insult the Decepticon's skills just something was troubling him at the moment.

"For some reason with tensions with the Autobots and now the Humans reaching new highs. Just something troubles me that is all." He said watching the sensor arrays.

"I doubt the Autobots can attempt even a mild counterstrike, but the humans. Nobody can ever guess what the fleshlings are thinking."

2005-03-12, 09:38 PM
Shuttle Deck, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: "It depends on who hears it." -pulls the now detached door loose, sets it aside-


From a distance, somebody hugging the ground watche dthe approach of the EDC column. He depressed a key on the handset of the walkie talkie he had and muttered into it.


Leokaiser: -seperates, the members of Breastforce landing on their feet-

Leozak: "Trypticon reports that there are EDC forces approaching. Killbison, bring the missile body."

Killbison: "Aye, Captain." -picks up the missile body-

Jalgar: -transforms, rolls to a stop next to the reporter and the cameraman- "Hop in, guys."

Hans and cameraman: -get into Jalgar-

Breastforce: -walks(or in Jalgar's case, drives) out to meet the incoming EDC group-

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-13, 01:16 AM

"Let's go down to Med-Bay to see if Ground Hog's still around." Barricade suggested. Motorhead faced him,and let Roller Force go. "Now,what's with you?''

"Why would it matter?" Asked Roller Force,cooling down.

"Personally,I think somethings wrong with you. And we don't want to get hurt." Mtorhead quickly replied.

"Whatever. Let's get to Med-Bay." With that,Barricade and troops headed toward Med-Bay.

2005-03-13, 02:56 AM
Carnivac's room

Well... that didn't take long, Carnivac thought as he placed the last of his head collection into subspace. His pretender shell stood up and stretched, a bit bored with watching, but happy that it was over. Carnivac was done packing, since recharging beds came with the rooms.

2005-03-13, 06:47 AM

Scorponok grabbed the comparitively-tiny control stick with one of his massive claws, while throttling up the shuttle's engines with the other. The shuttle lifted off, heading back towards Carbombya.

Shuttlebay, Scorponok

Bugly shrugged, giving Bludgeon a sidelong glance.

"It's never a good idea to say something you don't have to. Even the smallest slip can give an enemy leverage to control you with...and not all our enemies wear a red badge."

The Pretender headed towards a spare parts bin, hoping to find a replacement door...or at least a sheet of metal to partch the hole with.

Octopunch strode in and started welding shut the smaller rends in the hull with his torch gun, as he directed his shell in the specifics of the holoprogram Bludgeon had requested.

Command Deck, Scorponok

Spinister nodded, somewhat placated by Hatemonger's reply.

"Of course, general. The humans are not to be trusted."


The EDC force's mobile rocket lancher transports started to fire, their projectiles shooting towards Trypticon and Breastforce, joined shortly by the long-range artillery. The tanks (both conventional and laser-equipped) held their fire until they were within effective range.

2005-03-13, 06:58 AM
Atlas sat their in his chair as he continued to look at the Decepticons warily.

He remembered the last time he'd met some Decepticons, he had merely blasted holes through them with his squad. Now, being alone, he felt less confident. He was used to be backed by his men, his friends in fact.

Damn his own kind for causing their demise, without his men, those under his command, he felt a piece of himself gone. Conquest had been the last to die...

Now here he was, alone, well, he felt alone, he obviously wasn't alone.

He looked forward to Scorponok, "When will we get there?" He asked calmly. Knowing that he had no weight to throw around. Numbers, as well as need, meant he had to be on his best behavior.

2005-03-13, 02:04 PM
Suddenly a flash appeared near Trypticon, on one of the sensor arrays.

"Well, looks like something is going on." Hatemonger said looking over at Spinster.

"Lord Gigatron, there appears to be fighting over near Trypticon any idea what is going on? Did the Breastforce decide to do a live fire test?" Hatemonger asked fairly certain it was something else.

2005-03-13, 09:53 PM

Jalgar: -sensors reading the automatic shields on Trypticon snapping on- "Huh?"

Leozak: -sees incoming missiles- "Evasive, and advance!"

Jalgar: -starts to zigzag forwards, using his missile launcher as a somewhat efective anti-missile system-

Drillhorn and Killbison: -transform to tank mode, charge forward-

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -leap into the air, transform to fighter mode, arcing away and dodging

Hans: "Transmit!"

Cameraman: -hits button on camera-

Hans: "Sorry to break in, George, but it looks like..... Huh?"

Jalgar: "Yipe!" -yanks himself up onto his right side wheels as an energy beam burns through the space that the left side of his vehicle mode(and ace ZNN reporter, Hans Romulous) had been occupying-


Jalgar: "If this is what your species calls help, we'd be better off asking monkeys!!!"

Leozak: -activates commlink- "Trypticon, expand your deflector shields! The weapons the EDC are firing are in danger of hitting the civilians! And under no circumstances are you to fire back!!!!"

2005-03-13, 10:32 PM
As Atlas asked Scorponok a short of pointless question ( at least from her point of view), Nightracer had the feeling the trip back to Metrotitan was going to seem longer then it really was.

2005-03-14, 07:25 AM
Decepticon Shuttle

Scorponok shrugged, his massive shoulders exagerating the gesture.

"Soon," he answered with deliberate crypticism.

Through the main viewport, the Indian Ocean passed beneath them.

Command Deck, Scorponok

Spinister frowned, training the citycon's sensors on the area around Trypticon.

"They appear to be under attack by humans," the Targetmaster said dryly.

Command Deck, Trypticon

Wipe-out stared blankly out the viewport, watching as his master's shields expanded to absorb all the incoming fire.

Oh, this is rich. Trypticon protecting humans! What next, we start carrying anti-war picket signs?

Out loud, he chimed in uselessly, "Great work, mighty one!"

2005-03-14, 12:16 PM
Hatemonger nodded then got onto a com-link.

"Lord Gigatron or Ratbat, Trypticon is being attacked by humans should I gather a strike force?" Hatemonger asked waiting for an answer.

2005-03-15, 05:30 AM
(OOC @ Arcee: Sorry to leave you in the lurch, but Ratbat needs to get on his way and I can't wait for a reply with Thrust any longer.)

Outside Metrotitan

"Negative, General," Ratbat adressed Hatemonger. "If we scramble to Leozak's aid, his charade of being a renegade will collapse. He can handle the humans on his own."

Noticing Ramjet flying overhead, the cassetticon flapped his wings to gain altitude.

"Where is Thrust?"

"Wha..." Ramjet wagged his wings in an aerial shrug. "He's not here, I guess..."

"Very well. We have to depart immediately; time is fuel. He can follow if he wants."

The cassetticon transformed into tape mode and landed in Ramjet's cockpit.

"Set course for the Nemesis."

The white conehead obeyed, tearing away into the west.


Scorponok guided his shuttle into Carbombyan airspace and began decending towards his city.

2005-03-15, 06:07 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

Devious, I like it. For once we are engaging the humans in their weakest link their minds. he thought to himself.

"No problem Ratbat, thank you for the update." Hatemonger clicked off his com-link.

"Just when I thought something exciting was going to happen." He sighed.

2005-03-15, 08:43 AM

Nightracer was still watching Atlas, almost hoping he would be foolish enough to make a move. She still didn't like traitors or taking one to Metrotitan, but Nightracer supposed he could prove usefull. If not, then Scrapper could make someone a lovely new piece of furniture out of the ex- Autobot's remains...if there was any remains.
Metrotitan: Breakdown's room

Breakdown was the first Stunticon to finish packing, mostly because his programming wouldn't allow him to keep much stuff. In Breakdown's mind, rooms were suppose to be a place he could feel safe in and other beings were untrust worthy...meaning having nothing in it that would watch him or mostly keeping what you had in subspace always.

Breakdown looked around the room, making sure he didn't forget anything. Then the paranoid Stunticon looked over at the recharging bed in his room and said to it " Nothing personal."

With that Breakdown stepped out of his room and closed the door, activated the detinator he had been holding in one of his hands and listened as the bombs he set up on the bed exploded.

The explosion caused the other Stunticons to take a look outside their rooms. Motormaster was the first to go back to his packing while mumbling about paranoid miss-clocks and his need to blow things up every time they moved. Dragstrip wondered if he would ever be rid of these idiots. Deadend discided it wasn't worth getting involved. Wildrider walked over, ignored Breakdown, openned the door and looked in.

A moments silence, then Wildrider closed the door and glared at Breakdown. " YOU USED PETUNIA, YOU SLOTTING POSEUR!!!"

Deadend sighed as he closed his door.

2005-03-15, 09:58 AM
Atlas's scanners continued to survey the shuttle, trying to understand every aspect of it. He had yet to see a design like this, so he was wondering exactly how much time had passed...

2005-03-15, 03:45 PM

With a roar, a group of jeeps came flying over the ridge behind the EDC contingent, pindle mounted rocket launchers and .50 caliber machine guns opening fire on the EDC.

Hellbat: -chuckles- "Hey, Leozak! The humans are fighting over who gets to kill us!"

Leozak: -snarls, pulling a wing over and dropping down to the deck, kicking his afterburners in, wings whirring back into supersonic mode- "This ends NOW!" -screaming past mach two, he hurtles through the gap between the EDC and the terrorists, kicking up a sandstorm's worth of sand and grit in a gargantuan contrail, attempting to stop both groups-

2005-03-16, 10:51 PM

Still watching Atlas, Nightracer mentally went over how to take apart, clean, and put back together a sniper rifle as she waited for Scorponok to land the shuttle.

2005-03-17, 05:20 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

Spinister glanced over at Hatemonger.

"Patience, General."

He pointed towards the sensor screen.

"Scorponok is returning."

Shuttlebay, Scorponok

Scorponok guided the small craft effortlessly into his docking bay. After setting the shuttle into it's berth, he stalked back into the passenger compartment. The city commander fixed Atlas with a commanding glare.

"Stay there."

Striding down the landing ramp, Scorponok activated his comlink.

"Gigatron, I recovered an Autobot from the crash site. He claims to want to defect. Would you like to speak to him, or should I send him to the Nemesis and set Scalpel loose on him?"


The EDC troops continued to mass fire on Trypticon, though several of their rearmost tanks re-focused in the jeep-driving terrorists and opened fire.

2005-03-17, 06:50 AM

Leozak: -arcing up into the air again, seeing that the two groups of humans aren't going to stop attacking each other or Trypticon, cursing the fact that none of Breastforce's members have stun settings on their weapons- "Drillhorn! Ideas?"

Drillhorn: -tank mode shuddering as he and Killbison wind up with the unenviable job of intercepting the fire from both the EDC tanks that are aiming at the jeep, and the jeeps that are aiming at the tanks- "I can't think of anything potentially non-lethal....... Wait." -activates commlink- "Trypticon, tap into the outgoing signal and broadcast it to all the communications satellites you can. We need for the world to see what the EDC does when asked for help!"

2005-03-17, 07:28 PM
Atlas did as he was ordered and merely sat back, not saying anything.

2005-03-17, 08:15 PM
While Nightracer was glad this mission was close to completed, she reminded herself that it wasn't over yet. The mission would only be over when Scorponok returned with the answer to what would be ex- Autobot's fate.

2005-03-19, 05:16 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

"Your wish is my command, exalted commander!"

Wipe-out strode over to the communications console and carefully tapped into the Earth sattelites.

"The connection is established, great Leozak!"

Main Computer Core, Metrotitan

Scrapper finished welding the last main processing module into place.

"Lord Gigatron, Metrotitan's processors have been repaired. When the Constructor Squad bring the engines online, we should be able to reactivate basic city functions."

2005-03-19, 05:02 PM
"Okay, right there. Perfect. Stonecruncher, get up there and weld the edges. Knockout, have you got the protocols uploaded yet?"

Silence answered. Hammer stalked over to the sleeping Knockout and glared over his shoulder; thankfully, he'd narrowly finished his work before losing consciousness. Hammer watched as the others finished up and clicked on his comlink.

"Repairs are complete in the engine hub, Lord Gigatron. Firing in three, two, one..."

The room thundered to life, the engines slowly reving up to working speed. Metrotitan functioned again.


Metrotitan: Brig

Gigatron snarled at Soundwave's complacency. He hadn't time for this... With a slightly perturbed tinge in his motions, Gigatron flicked the control console aside the cell, deactivating the electron bars. He took one hefty step into the cell, reached down, and snatched up the dormant tapedeck; he'd have him reanimated later. For now, he put a stranglehold grip on the dormant object while he walked.

"I shall speak with this one myself, Scorponok. Leave him somewhere... comfortable. I shall speak with him shortly. Metrotitan Decepticons, finish your work in the city and relocate within the breem. Metrotitan, prime anti-gravity and thrust engines."

Metrotitan replied with an unsure grunt and complied.

2005-03-20, 05:04 AM
Shuttlebay, Scorponok

"As you wish," Scorponok nodded, though of course Gigatron couldn't see him. "Scorponok out."

He ducked his head into the shuttle.

"Nightracer, show our...friend to the mess hall. He could probably use an Energon infusion."

The city commander glared at Atlas.

"Lord Gigatron will see you shortly. Nightracer will stay with you until then. If you try anything..." He shrugged. "Well, suffice it to say the consequences will be dire. You will be monitored, of course."

He sent a message to his city's processors, tasking the security systems with observing the new recruit.

"Quake and Weirdwolf, consider yourselves at leasure for the moment."

Without waiting for a reply, Scorponok spun in his heel and stalked out of the shuttlebay.

Main Computer Core, Metrotitan

Scrapper almost clapped his hands with glee as he heard Metrotitan's neural nets start firing again. The Decepticon capital city, revived with stolen Autobot parts...the irony was delicious, in his mind.

"OK, Constructicons, we're done here. Let's pack up and move out." He did clap his hands together, this time. "We've got to get the rest of you repainted, after all..."

Scavenger and Mixmaster groaned in unison.

2005-03-20, 06:19 AM
"Very well," Atlas said standing up and turning towards the door before turning to the Decepticon behind him.

"Shall we go? I most definately could use something to regenerate my energy supplies,"

2005-03-20, 01:45 PM
Quake nodded and headed off to a mess hall with Tiptop and Heater in tow.


Hatemonger continued to watch the sensor arrays still nothing of value yet. He thought watching the various types of scanners, sensors and radar.


Cryotek smiled as the Constructicons finished their work. He picked up his scalpel made a quick check in his mind to make sure the outputs were optium then followed behind them.

2005-03-20, 08:27 PM
" Follow me," Nightracer said to Atlas as she walked past him, leading the way to the mess hall. Nightracer reminded herself that just because she was given the order to be his tour guide/babysitter didn't mean she had to be polite to him or even like it.
Metrotitan: Hallway

Having left his room, Carnivac now patiently waited for Weirdwolf in the hallway where the Combaticon's rooms were located.

2005-03-21, 02:15 AM
Atlas followed Nightracer looking at his surroundings as they moved along.

2005-03-21, 02:47 AM
Hammer nodded to the communication and clicked off his comlink casually. He took a step toward the blast door, turned back to his men, and waved over his shoulder.

"Right, let's move! Roll out!"

The Constructor Squad transformed and began for the nearest city exit...


Carbombya Sands

It had taken nary an instant for the black sportster to cross the desert span between cities. Even in the heat of the desert afternoon, it managed to be little more than a shadow. The racer tore up Scorponok City's main ramp, stopped, and transformed to robot mode inside. Gigatron eyed an interface console fastened to the wall along the main avenue and intuitively called up a map of where his target would be.

They're heading for the cafeteria. Very good, Scorponok. To the letter.

Satisfied, Gigatron returned to racecar mode and zoomed off for his destination.

2005-03-21, 05:32 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

Scorponok stalked onto the bridge, claws clenching rhythmicly in what appeared to be an involuntary action, but was actually a carefully crafted facade. He was uplinked to the city's systems whenever he was within a mile of it, so there was no actual reason for him to be on the bridge. He could command his city just as well from his quarters, or even from a lawn chair in the desert, if he so chose. He knew, however, that the Decepticons he had left on the bridge would appreciate his presence.

"Hatemonger." He adressed the general calmly, restraining the snarling rage that he usually affected when dealing with his underlings. It was a sign of respect, a sign that he considered the general an equal.

"No Autobot activity?"

Outside Metrotitan

The Constructicons made their way across the desert towards Scorponok.

2005-03-21, 07:27 AM
The Battlechargers had found little to do since returning to Carbombya. That was mainly due to the fact that the place was so boring.

"Maybe we should ask the big cheeses if we can get some time off to go blow stuff up for fun," Runamuck said.

"I dunno," Runabout muttered. "Don't think they'd like to get any deserters."

"Screw that!" Runamuck shouted. "I'm bored. I'm gonna go find something to do!" And with that, he transformed and sped off.

Runabout sighed, and followed, thinking, "I got a bad feeling about this."

2005-03-21, 08:42 AM
Scorponok: Mess Hall

Nightracer entered the mess hall and looked around before walking over to the bar. Judging by the look the Bartender gave her, he still remembered her last visit and was less then thrilled to see her back so soon. Nightracer discided to try to ignore the look and turned to face Atlas.

" As you may have guessed, this is the mess hall...also called the cafeteria, bar, and the 'other' morgue." Nightracer said to Atlas, using one hand to briefly point at the Bartender (and the list of energon/fuels/other things transformers consumed behind him) " Give him your drink order when you chose it...I suggest you don't order any of the 'specials'."

2005-03-21, 09:58 AM
Weirdwolf happy thaty the mission had gone sucessfully hurried into the corridor containingg the combaticons old rooms looking for Carnivac spotting him he greeted him

" back am I "

2005-03-21, 01:50 PM
Hatemonger looked at Scorpnok.

"None as of yet. Thought Trypticon is having some dealing with the humans. But I was told we are not to assist. Apperently, we are finally taking the mental warfare to the humans." He said addressing the citycons robot form with an equal amount of respect.

He then turned on a screen set to Earthling TV signals.

"There." He pointed at the EDC fighting Trypticon and the Breastforce.

2005-03-21, 09:04 PM
In the low lighting, it was almost difficult to see the shadowy figure emerging from the floor in the hall. The arms crossed easily over the chest, though it was difficult to tell through the silhouette covering him. Two crimson slashes darted through the darkness, leading the way for Gigatron to step into the room. He easily spotted a large and unfamiliar form and watched his motions for a moment. Finally, he nodded toward Nightracer casually.

"This would be our new arrival, then?"

2005-03-21, 09:05 PM
" How was the mission?" Carnivac asked Weirdwolf, as he went to open Swindle's door.Carnivac hoped that since the Combaticons were no longer with the Decepticon army and Metrotitan knew that, their doors wouldn't be locked. It was the easiest way in and if that didn't work, Carnivac would then resort to other means. Sure there was a chance someone had already claimed them, but Carnivac perfered to worry about what other sercurity systems Swindle might have put up.
Unless there has been another arrival while I was gone, Nightracer thought as shifted her optics from Atlas to Gigatron. " Yes." She calmly said to him.

2005-03-21, 09:21 PM
Weirdwolf responded to Carnivac

"went well it did , picked up a traitorous autobot we did , that one bears watching he does "

Weirdwolf watched theother Decepticon approach to the door , ready to lend a hand if needed

2005-03-21, 11:25 PM
Atlas turned to Gigatron, assuming he was the leader, he looked like the leader type.

"Yes, I am Atlas Omega," He informed. "Former ground unit captain in the Autobot defense and relocation forces,"

2005-03-22, 12:49 AM
" All traitors bare watching...is it just me or is this changing sides thing getting to be very popular these days?" Carnivac said as he openned Swindle's door. Since he was expecting it, Carnivac was able to quickly dodging out of the way as Swindle's security system fired.

2005-03-22, 05:28 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

Scorponok nodded gravely.

"Good. We've underestimated the fleshlings for far too long already, even after they've caused so much trouble."

He scoffed as Hatemonger activated the viewscreen, though he felt little mirth in reality.

"They're keeping two groups of humans from killing eachother, apparently. The humans won't know what to think."

He nodded in approval.

Across the room, Spinister watched the two commanding officers with feigned bordom.

2005-03-22, 06:30 AM
Hatemonger nodded again.

"Humans would do best as our slaves and little else." He puased.

"But I do see a point to making the humans believe we are there to help them."

2005-03-22, 04:29 PM
Weirdwolf pulled Carnivac to one side as a second and third burst rang out from the security system.He pointed to the opposite wall indicating 3 slightly different coloured spots on the wall .

" traitors are too popular think i ,must stick to 1 side loyatly important is yes ."

2005-03-22, 05:53 PM
Gigatron took a few slow, calculated, yet casual steps toward Atlas Omega. He sized up the arrival with divided interest. Though the newcomer was significantly larger than the Decepticon commander, Gigatron showed no intimidation.

"Autobot indeed," he mused as he circled Atlas slowly. "I find it peculiar that you would leave the cowards to join the conquerors. Their brainwashing seems rather difficult to break..."

Gigatron stopped before Atlas and looked up to his optics. His arms remained folded over his chest; a nearly imperceptible smirk showed on his face.

"To be frank, you'll explain why I should think you're more than a spy, or you'll be slain. We Decepticons do endorse freedom of choice."

2005-03-22, 06:55 PM
"Because they are weak close minded fools," Atlas answered in a dark tone to Gigatron. "They did not appreciate my tactics, they had me doing lowely duties, like protecting the weak as they fled," He explained. "I hate the weak, they are what caused the death of my unit. Because we did real battle with your kind, and not just holding you off, we were considered criminals, merely because a few pathetic weaklings got caught in the crossfire,"

"I am the last of my men. I am not betraying the Autobots, they have betrayed me, and themselves," He informed. "I want to see their remains scattered by the wayside,"

"I can't believe my men and I were so blind as to trust them, even at the moment of our construction,"

2005-03-22, 07:45 PM
Shuttle bay, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -checking the shuttle's computer after replacing the damaged console, scowl deepens slightly-

Stranglehold: -walking into the bay-

Bludgeon: -voice coming out of the shuttle's open hatch- "Stranglehold, the Autobot that you found in here. What was he doing?"

Stranglehold: "When I got to him? Bracing for impact. He's damaged to main console, though. Why?"

Bludgeon: "I believe he attempted to access the computer." -moves into the doorway- "Your Tetris scores as well as your games of tic-tac-toe with the shuttle's computer are gone."

Stranglehold: -jaw drops-

Bludgeon: "However, anything else he gained from the computer was scrambled by the security protocols."

2005-03-22, 10:17 PM
" You have to agree that we use to shot what side changers we had, more often back then." Carnivac said as he fired his optic beams at one of the three spots. As it was destroyed, Carnivac looked at another spot and fired.

If Atlas Omega's tale was true, Nightracer could agree with his need for revenge and that he was a fool...in more ways then one. There was more then a chance that the story was false, after all a spy would give a simuliar story and probably had in the past. Even she knew that if the higher ups believed his story (or even if they didn't believe it) and didn't kill him, then they would threat him like they did the weak... be used for what ever he was worth, then left to his fate.

2005-03-22, 11:16 PM
Gigatron kept his optics locked on Atlas Omega's as the giant spoke his tale. He knew that the optics were more likely to betray the truth than the vocoder. However, there was a particular passion in the way he spoke. If he was an infiltrator now, he must have been a skilled actor before the war.

"Very well," Gigatron shrugged as he turned back for the door. "We will be relocating shortly. Nightracer, see that our friend finds his way."

(Though he was not foolish enough to trust words without actions, Gigatron decided he could allow such test to wait. There was little a spy could gain from Scorponok now, and when they reached the Nemesis, there would be too little room for Atlas to get far unseen. And if Nightracer's last-rites beacon signaled, he'd have his answer...)

Once in the hall, Gigatron transformed again to racer mode and clicked on his comlink while he sped off.

"Scorponok, if you're ready to depart, prime the city's thrusters and order your constituents to relocate in the desert."

2005-03-23, 01:11 AM
Atlas's head turned to Nightracer "Well comrade, you are going to show me the way, yes?"

2005-03-23, 05:04 AM
"May be after you regenerate your energy supplies." Nightracer said to Atlas, not really caring if he did. " That is what we came to the mess hall to do, remember."

When Motormaster finished packing, he exited his room and put a stop to the fight (Breakdown vs. Wildrider) by using his fists, and yelled for the other two Stunticons that it was time to 'relocate' to the Nemesis.

2005-03-23, 05:56 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

Scorponok nodded, grunting agreeably. Whether this was in response to Hatemonger's comment or Gigatron's order wasn't immediately clear.

"All hands, pack your belongings and make your way towards the exits. You will be departing for the Nemesis shortly."

Without any visible signal on Scorponok's part, the city's engines began their warmup sequence. Finally, he gave Hatemonger a nod.

"Another time, General."

Spinister silently slid out the exit, towards the nearest helipad.

Shuttlebay, Scorponok

"Time to go," Bugly said casually to Bludgeon. "Perhaps you should collect your wayward apprentice?"

2005-03-23, 07:58 AM
"Yes, correct," Atlas Omega answered Nightracer before he headed towards an area to get some energon to power his systems.

2005-03-23, 12:27 PM
Weirdwolf cautiously enetered the room alert for any further security features and looked around

2005-03-23, 09:06 PM
When the last spot had been destroyed, Carnivac followed after Weirdwolf. Stepping into Swindle's room was more like stepping into a warehouse then a room. Carnivac didn't know how Swindle had been able to get so much stuff in such a limited space, and still have it all (more or less) in order. True; the recharging bed that usually came with the room was missing, but Carnivac was sure the beds didn't take up that much room.

Looking around at the stuff in the room, Carnivac noted that some things were easy to identify. Those things were storage cylinders, foot lockers, shelves, a work bench, minature lap, and what looked to be the start of a small armoury. Yet, other things in the room were unknown to Carnivac and he was pretty sure he didn't want to know what they did.

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-24, 01:39 AM

Although he knew that he shouldn't've,Barricade had overheard a little of the conversation in the mess Hall and decided to stay and listen the hole conversation through. He crept back and transformed. "Atlas Omega." he mumbled.

2005-03-24, 03:58 AM
Hatemonger nodded back to Scorpnok.

"Likewise." He then sat back stood up heading to his office to pick up his belonging.

Before he left he patched into the sensors to have them alert him if anything too strange happened.

He then looked over at Spinster.

"If you have anything you should gather it now." He said and headed off to his office.


Quake, Tiptop and Heater all ran to the nearst exit.

"Wow the Nemesis I haven't seen it in ages!" Quake was fairly happy over the prospect of returning home.


Cryotek grabbed anything of important and put them into subspace. The rest he packed into a transformer sized carrying case and headed to an exit as well.

2005-03-24, 04:22 AM
Bludgeon: "Nnn." -activates commlink- "Double Punch, where are you?"

2005-03-24, 05:26 AM
Finishing his Energon and feeling replenished, and his self diagnostic showing him as such, A. Omega walked over to Nightracer.

"Where to now, comrade?"

2005-03-24, 05:34 AM
Corridors, Scorponok

Spinister shrugged in reply to Hatemonger. "My...belongings walked off with Trypticon, sir."

The Targetmaster continued down the corridor as Hatemonger went towards his office, heading for the exit.

2005-03-24, 05:55 AM
"First we're going to do this thing most 'Cons call 'leaving the mess hall', then hopefully we're going to go collect the rest of my belongings." Nightracer told Atlas.

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-24, 06:07 AM

Barricade knew then that he should move fast or transform and calmy walk by. "just a little more." he said,transforming. He walked past Mess Hall's exit and watched.

2005-03-24, 09:51 AM
"Just because I was built by those idiotic slaves does not mean I will be your laborer, I am a warrior," Atlas said to Nightracer, feeling insulted that he was to be put in a position where he was so lowly that he merely transported things. Of course, he realized he had to play their game... for now.

"But I suppose I can remove pride from this equation for the moment, lead the way,"

2005-03-24, 02:33 PM
Somewhere in the medbay, 5 CR chambers doors open as the 5 Predacon combiners awaken from their slumber. The exit the the med bay walking by the medics. They walked to Hatemonger's office to find the commander. They needed something to do, from being fully rested. Maybe the mobilsation can give them something to do.

2005-03-24, 04:59 PM
Weirdwolf surveyed the room it was like a small version of the central supply depot it was full of weapons computer parts boxes ,cartons , rolls , lockers all bulging with various stuff , custom parts for transformers , including what looked like a complete set of chrome hubcaps for the Stunticons , some of the items he couldn't even begin to guess at the function of .

Weirdwolf wondered what the others of the teams rooms were like he would sure like to get a look at some of Onslaughts books and data files, his strategic and tactical library was quite comprehensive or so he'd heard it might even a copy of " Epicentre's Strategies and Battle tactics for Small Unit combat Situations "

2005-03-24, 08:16 PM
" Yet you misunderstood what I said anyway," Nightracer said to Atlas " When I said 'we're going to go collect my belongings' what I ment was that I was the one doing the collecting, you're coming along because I was ordered to keep an optic on you and haven't mastered the fine art of being in two places at once."

Nightracer turned and started to head out side the mess hall. When she got to the door, she looked back at Atlas and said " And I never said you had to help me pack."

Continueing to look around, Carnivac wondered how much of this stuff Swindle had booby trapped. Then sighing and hoping it didn't explode, Carnivac opened one of the footlockers. When the locker didn't blow up, Carnivac looked into it. Finding it full of different kinds of chemicals, Carnivac shut it and moved on to the next one.

2005-03-25, 02:02 AM
Hatemonger looked at the Predacons and nodded. He then got onto his com-link.

"Scorpnok, is your city mode bringing us the Nemesis or are we using one of our shuttlecraft?" He asked this way he could give the Predacons better orders.

2005-03-25, 05:00 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

Scorponok snorted with amusement, then replied to Hatemonger's comm.

"I have a feeling that the Autobots would get suspicious if their sattellites pick up my city hovering over the Nemesis disgorging waves of troops. For those of us that can't fly on our own, a shuttle would be the best bet."

As he spoke, the city commander mentally ran through the list of ships berthed in his docking bays.

"Ah, yes. There's a small cruiser-carrier in bay four that should be big enough to accomodate most of my inhabitants, though they won't be all that comfortable. The Flamberge, it's called. I suspect you're familiar with it, since I found it parked in the desert outside the base you established during your tenure as commander of our forces on Earth."

(OOC: Cripes, that was almost two years ago now...)

Shuttlebay, Scorponok

Bugly placed his right hand on the Mayhems' shuttle, allowing small currents of dark energy to flow out of him. The energy probed the shuttle's systems, running through circuits and systems. The Pretender's face went blank as he concentrated on evaluating the ship's systems. Finally, he recalled the energy and nodded.

"The shuttle will fly," he pronounced with a slight sigh of fatigue. "Provided we secure a new hatch, of course."

Octopunch (now clad in his shell, which he had recalled from the training deck) snorted derisively. "Yeah, if your lightning show didn't blow any fuses. Next time try using the diagnostic computer, you freak."

Bugly glared at Octopunch for a moment, murder in his optic sensors. The moment passed, however, and the strategist simply shrugged as he walked away.

Helipad, Scorponok

Spinister shifted to helicopter mode allowing his Nebulans to assume their standard positions on his short wing stubs. Blades whirling, he lifted off and headed towards the Nemesis.

Main Entrance, Scorponok

Scrapper led his Constructicons into the city.

"Alright, guys. Let's get to the shuttlebay."

2005-03-25, 01:21 PM
Hatemonger nodded even though Scorpnok would not be able to see it.

"Understood. Even though I can fly it would be easier to use a shuttle." He stopped and looked over at the Predacons.

"Predacons, you can assist with any extra loading of the Flamberge." He then got onto his com-link to the Decepticons in general.

"Decepticons, if you are uncapable of flight or are unsure of such a long diastance flight we will be using the Flamberge located in Bay Four. Gather what you can bring and we will leave for the Nemesis in three Earth hours." Hatemonger then clicked off his com-link.

2005-03-25, 08:24 PM
"Good, because I have no intention of doing so," Atlas answered Nightracer

2005-03-25, 10:00 PM
Finding Hatemonger's message far more interesting then Atlas, Nightracer continued to head towards Scorponok's exit as if she didn't hear the ex- Autobot's sentence.

Entering Scorponok, the Stunticons started heading towards the shuttle bay.

2005-03-25, 11:11 PM
Having traveled sufficiently far from the city (they were somewhat concerned they may justifiably not be noticed if they stayed too close), the Constructor Squad transformed to their robot modes. Hammer placed a hand against the side of his head as the relocation transmission came in.

"All right, let's move. It's a long hike to the ocean."

Just as Metrotitan began to hover into the air, the Micromasters took off in quick succession, following the thin stream of Decepticons making their way toward the sunken fortress.

"The Nemesis?" Knockout commented. "There must be lots of work to do on an ancient heap like that."

At the front of the formation, Hammer nodded approvingly of Knockout's sentiment, but he kept his optics on his flight path...


Scorponok: Corridors

Gigatron clicked on his comlink as he maneuvered swiftly through the halls to the nearest exit ramp.

"Leozak, report Trypticon's status."

2005-03-26, 02:21 AM
Shuttlebay, Scorponok:

Bludgeon: -looks over at Stranglehold- "Get a new main hatch."

Stranglehold: -nods, heads over to the parts area-

Bludgeon: -activates commlink again- "Double Punch, respond."

Skies over Carbombiya, over the EDC attack force:

Leozak: -pulling a tight corkscrew around an energy beam from one of the EDC tanks, activates commlink, top security scramble- "Trypticon is fully operational, Gigatron. It would also appear that the humans weaponry as improved somewhat. Perhaps the Autobots have been giving them weapons technology over the years?" -chuckles, deploying chaff to decoy heat seekers fired from the tanks- "We also need to set up the fuel delivery schedule from Carbombiya to the Nemesis."

2005-03-26, 06:16 AM
Quarters Area, Scorponok

The Constructicons headed towards their individual rooms to gather their belongings.

Scrapper took several datacards filled with blueprints of new designs he was working on, as well as a few pieces of abstract art that he had crafted from fallen Autobots. He hoped he'd be able to get his old room on the Nemesis back; some of those pieces had looked really good in there.

Hook packed some art that was more...classy, as well as his favourite set of surgical tools.

Scavenger filled his subspace pocket with the miscelanious junk that he'd accumulated over the years. He vaguely wondered why he kept collecting the stuff when Swindle wasn't around anymore to sell it to, but shook his head to dismiss that thought.

Mixmaster carefully subspaced several vials of dangerous chemicals, as well as his chemical testing equipment.

Long Haul took his kit of repair tools, though he wasn't quite sure why. It's not like his teammates actually let him fix anything...

Bonecrusher didn't pack anything, other than his weapons.

The combiner team met up in the hall outside their quarters, then headed to the landing bay.

Carbombyan Desert

The EDC troops continued to fire at the Decepticons and terrorists both, despite the obviously ineffectual nature of their attack.

Phantom Starscream
2005-03-26, 10:17 PM
Barricade was bored now. He'd heard enough about the ex-autobot. He quifckly told his team to meet him near the exit.

2005-03-26, 11:40 PM
Ali was looking forward to getting home and having a long cool glass of lemonade it had been a long day , but the Carbombyan postal service paid well he pulled up his battered jeep next to a mail box in the middle of nowhere

Hopping down he took the parcel and strode over to the battered post box there was nothing else to be seen for miles putting the parcel marked "FAO Mr Stranglehold " in the box he got back in his jeep and peeled away a cloud of dust left behind him

2005-03-27, 05:13 AM
Gigatron pondered Leozak's somewhat cryptic reply as he rolled smoothly down the city's primary ramp. Once in the sand, he transformed to robot mode and watched Metrotitan begin lumbering across the sky toward the south, boulders of sand dropping from his airborne form.

"Take up the matter with Ratbat, and send all but your most essential crew along to the Nemesis. I trust you'll keep the locals... pacified."

Gigatron chuckled maliciously.

"Gigatron out."

With a graceful leap into the air, Gigatron transformed to jet mode and rocketed off for the Pacific.

Random Sweep
2005-03-27, 06:44 AM
Instead of flying out under his own power, Triggerhappy headed off to the Flamberge.


Banzai-tron made his way to the Mayhem's damaged shuttle and surveyed the repairs.

" So what are your plans Blugeon "

2005-03-27, 08:08 AM
Nightracer watched as Metrotitan flew away (with her belongings still inside of him) and sighed. At least I still have the stuff I took to South America with me, Nightracer thought as she turned to face Atlas.

"Looks like there has been an unavoidable change in plans" Nightracer said as calmly as she could to Atlas and walked back into Scorponok.
The Stunticons entered Scorponok's shuttle bay four and looked around. Even thought they all had different reasons, they weren't happy about returning to the Nemesis.

"Why do we have ta go back there anyways." Wildrider whispered to Deadend "It probably hasn't changed a bit since we were there last."

"We were never there for more then a few hours before someone would challenge Dragstrip to a demolition derby." Deadend said back.

2005-03-27, 05:52 PM
In the brig the remains of broken cassetticons lay scattered on the floor.

Overhead, there was a low scraping sound, followed by several loud complaints and curses. It sounded like something was moving along the ceiling. the noises overhead got louder and louder, culminating in a loud BANG. More curses

A small ventialtion inspection hatch set into the ceiling collapsed into the middle of the brig and it was followed closely by Ravage, who landed on his feet on the floor, Laserbeak, who flew from the hole in the ceiling and Slugfest, who landed on Laserbeak as he fell, in turn landing on Ravage as they hit the floor.

"STUPID SLUGFEST!" Ravage complained as he leapt from the pile of bodies.

Laserbeak squawked angrily at Slugfest, who ignored their comments, instead running his optics around the chamber they now all stood in

"WHERE IS THE MASTER!??!?!?" Slugfest screamed.

Laserbeak scanned the room. His sensors could only detect the other cassetticons - no Soundwave.

"Soundwave has been taken from this place recently" he spoke, as he floated over to examine Frenzy's remains - Frenzy was not to badly damaged. "Assist me in repairing Frenzy" He demanded of the other 2 Decepticons.

2005-03-28, 12:42 AM
Hatemonger was getting ready to head to the shuttle when suddenly one of his sensors began to ring.

The brig Hatemonger thought and wondered what was going on.

Hatemonger quickly got onto his com-link.

"Lord Gigatron, Scorpnok, there is a disturbance in Scorpnok's brig I am going to investigate. I am going to take any willing Decepticons with me." He said then looked at the Decepticons heading for the Shuttle.

As he looked around he saw some Decepticons milling about.

"Slugslinger, Predacons, come with me there seems to be a disturbance in the city." He ordered them to follow besides a little action was always good for the troops.

2005-03-28, 04:22 AM
"What are the changes in the plans?" Atlas Omega demanded of Nightracer as he started to follow her again, now feeling irritation.

2005-03-28, 07:28 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

Scorponok frowned, then called up the brig surveilance feeds.

"Cassettes," he told Hatemonger. "I'll monitor from here."

Landing Bay Four, Scorponok

The Constructicons boarded the Flamberge, then made their way towards the troop hold.

2005-03-28, 07:48 AM
The Stunticons entered the Flamberge.

Trying to keep calm dispite the irritation she felt, Nightracer said "To put it simply, Metrotitan just flew away with my belongings."

2005-03-28, 08:19 AM
Razorclaw saw Hatemonger give the order to follow and he did the same to his Predacon's.

2005-03-28, 11:21 AM
Frenzy's optics flicked open and then he immediately shut them again - the blinding light! He gingerly forced his eyes open again...there were 3 pairs of eyes staring down over him.

"Run a diagnostics check." Laserbeak commanded him.

Frenzy did so. The display readouts in front of his eyes told him that the damage had been bad to his system - his body felt like he'd been dragged through a hedge backwards. One of his arms was malfunctioning and his transformation cog was damaged.

"I need repairs!" Frenzy cried.

"We have insufficient time. " Laserbeak told him.

"Repair Overkill! Repair Overkill!" Slugfest chouted impatiently!

2005-03-28, 10:50 PM
Hatemonger responded to Scorpnok.

"Will do is lethal force authorized?" He asked almost sounding a bit too happy at the lethal part of the statement.

He asked continuing towards the brig with the Predacons in tow.

2005-03-28, 11:31 PM
Weirdwolf opened a storage closet peering inside

2005-03-29, 03:27 AM
"Well, how are we going to exactly get your things back then?" Atlas asked boredly to Nightracer.

2005-03-29, 04:31 AM
Briefly wondering how she was suppose to not treat Atlas like an idiot when he said things like that, Nightracer said " Not very good at putting two and two together are you?"
Carnivac continued to search Swindle's room, using the same professinalism he used in hunts and at times putting something into subspace.

2005-03-29, 05:02 AM

Scrapper nodded towards the incoming Stunticons, a sign of respect for his fellow combiner team.

Command Deck, Scorponok

Scorponok snarled, a gesture carefully calculated to keep any reluctance from entering his voice.

"Yes. Though we would rather capture them alive, if possible."

That last part was actually true; dead the cassetticons would be useless, but alive they could be 'rehabilitated' and brought back into the Decepticon army.

2005-03-29, 07:02 AM
"I asked that merely because I'm bored out of my mind," Atlas informed. "I apologize, I'm not a patient mechanism,"

2005-03-29, 09:51 AM
The Flamberge

The Stunticon reaction to the Constructicons could best be discribed as mixed. Deadend stared for a while, shrugging before finding a seat. Dragstrip sneered in disgust before walking away. Wildrider giggled while remembering when he found the place where Metrotitan stored he's paint supply. Breakdown started figiting and looking for a place to hide. Motormaster narrowed his optics, but returned Scrapper's nod.

" That is understandable, after all this hasn't been my idea of a good time either" Nightracer said.

2005-03-29, 11:49 PM
Weirdwolf continued searching purloining items as he sniffed them out .

He pulled out a case with a familar black and white check pattern on the lid and showed it to Carnivac triumphantly

2005-03-30, 01:21 AM
Hatemonger and the Predacons were nearing the Brig.

Hatemonger turned and looked at Razorclaw.

"Have your weapons ready. If they do anything feel free to subdue them. However try to leave them operational. I concur with Scorpnok that more troops would be most useful. However, if one or two should perish due to their own lack of intellgence I probably won't punish any of you." Hatemonger said a cruel smile on his face.

2005-03-30, 02:44 AM
When Carnivac saw what Weirdwolf held, he couldn't stop himself from briefly howling in excitement.

2005-03-30, 06:38 AM
Carbombiyian desert:

Drillhorn: -shudders as more fire from both the EDC and the rebels slam into his vehicle mode- "Killbison! Status!"

Killbison: -showing more signs of wear and tear from all of this than Drillhorn is- "I'm really sore, getting really ticked off, and about ready to kill something!"

Drillhorn: -chuckles- "Nothing unusual, then." -activates commlink- "Leozak, there's got to be something we can do to stop them!"

Leozak: -over commlink- "We're coming through now. Hellbat's got it covered."

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -come sweeping down, between the two groups, kicking up a huge contrail of sand(and making sure that Hellbat's out of camera or satellite shot), Hellbat pitching up onto one wingtip, firing his hypnotic wave at the rebels-

Hellbat: "Surrender!"

Rebels: -awash in hypnotic energy, stop their jeeps and stop firing, holding up their hands-

2005-03-30, 07:13 AM
Lead EDC Tank, Carbombyan Desert

"Uh, Major?"

Major Bryan Trent, commander of the spectacularly unsucessful EDC sortie, turned to look at his comms officer.

"Yes, Lieutenant?"

"We're getting new orders from Headquarters, sir." He frowned. "General Samson wants us to return to Tripoli base immediately."

"About bloody time," the Major replied. "Relay the orders to the rest of the column, Lieutenant. Corporal Dyer, turn us around and head back to base. Guns, keep firing until we're out of range."

A chorus of "aye, sir"s answered him.

2005-03-30, 08:25 AM
Razorclaw turned back to his men and told them what Hatemonger told him. He withdrew his sword as did the other Predacons.

"It is sad that the first thing we get to kill is a Decepticon, however a traitor is different."

2005-03-30, 01:27 PM
Hatemonger overheard Razorclaw and nodded in agreement. During his time with the Decepticons even he himself certainly had his share of grudes with Decepticon leadership. But he always had the spark to bring those arguements up and face leadership in the proper arena.

It was fairly rare that he lost. With the events with Teratron being the only time anyone under his command decided to try to chage the odds themselves. Soundwave and his minions were weak and there attempt at taking leadership cost the Decepticons a major advantage with Metrotitan.

Hatemonger got onto a com-link with Scorpnok.

"We are nearing the brig. Can you seal off the air ducts Z90 and X27 which are the only two near the brig? I want to try to prevent the cassettes from being able to escape." He asked getting ready to move in.

2005-03-31, 12:18 AM
Razorclaw heard Hatemonger give his orders and had a thought.

"If they hear the ducts closing off, they'll know their escape route is cut off. Which means they'll either accept their fate or start firing off rounds. In both causes, it isn't going to bo good. For us or them."

2005-03-31, 04:15 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

"I can," Scorponok said. His optics blinked off for a minute as he sent the command. Moments later, both Hatemonger's men and the cassettes would hear the air circulation systems shut down. Two seconds after that, the ducts slammed shut.

2005-03-31, 06:39 AM
Nightracer entered Scorponok's shuttle bay four and looked over at the Flamberge.
After he was done with his brief nod, Motormaster went and leaned up against a wall. Still in talking distance, the Stunticon leader waited to see if the nod was all Scrapper wanted (it probably was). If for some reason Scrapper wanted to have a conversation. Then Motormaster was planning on using it to kill some time while waiting for the Flamberge to lift off. After all, Motormaster didn't have a reason to hate the Constructicons...yet.

2005-03-31, 06:59 AM
Hatemonger listened as he heard the air ducts shut down.

He saw the Predacons were ready and pressed the buttons on the sliding doors to enter the brig and nodded to the Predacons before entering the doorway first.

He readied his weapons and spoke loudly and in a very serious tone.

"Decepticon tapes, surrender now or face dire consequences." Hatemonger readied his fusion cannons at their lowest power levels. More than enough to seriously damage any of the cassettes stupid enough to attempt to fight, yet hopefully reducing any major damage to the brig. Plus, he knew all of his possible attackers capablities so he readied himself in case Rumble or Frenzy tried to shake up the place.

2005-03-31, 04:00 PM

Leozak: "The EDC units are falling back!"

Gaihawk: -dodging a volley of laser and missile fire from one of the tanks- "Doesn't mean they haven't stopped shooting!"

2005-03-31, 04:13 PM
Weirdwolf spoke

"look in other rooms shall we yes "?

2005-03-31, 10:33 PM
After putting his new chess set into subspace, Carnivac looked around the room one more time before leaving the room. "Which room would you like to ransack next-Onslaughts, Vortexs, Brawls, or Blast-offs?" Carnivac asked Weirdwolf.

2005-03-31, 11:14 PM
Weirdwolf pondered for a moment :

"Onsllaughts Library like i would to see"

2005-04-01, 02:04 AM
" Onslaught's room it is then." Carnivac said as he walked over to the Combaticon leader's room and carefully openned it. When no security system like Swindle's went off, Carnivac entered the room.

2005-04-01, 05:19 AM
Carbombyan Desert

The EDC vehicles ceased fire as they moved out of range of the Decepticons and (strangely sedate) terrorists.


Scrapper turned away from Motormaster and his team, returning his attention to the Constructicons.

"Now, about the new paint jobs..."

Scavenger groaned.

2005-04-01, 09:13 PM
Atlas Omega tapped the side of his arm boredly... (lol)

2005-04-02, 03:27 AM
Since Scrapper wasn't going to start a conversation, Motormaster turned his attention to the other Stunticons.

Nightracer knew that Atlas was bored, but didn't really care. She wasn't here to entertain him, only make sure the ex-Autobot got to the Nemesis. After briefly looking over at Atlas and questioning the wisdom of what she was about to do (a lot of things could go wrong), Nightracer said "Try not to do anything suicidal."

After saying that, Nightracer entered the Flamberge.

2005-04-02, 03:41 AM
"Oh very mature," Atlas grumbled and followed the Decepticon.

2005-04-02, 06:52 AM
Nightracer narrowed her optics, but didn't say anything. Nightracer knew she was being serious about not doing anything suicidal, but if Atlas chose to believe she was joking. Then Nightracer would let him continue to believe that. Following her own advise, Nightracer sat down (as quietly as she could) in one of the shuttle's seats.

2005-04-02, 08:55 AM
Weirdwolf followed . his eyes brightening at the sight of the comprehensive library so many books data cubes and data pads , even some scrolls . An exquisite library full of the writings of the best tactical and strategic minds on 3 planets ."

Weirdwolf howled in delight

then looked embarrased at his involuntary action .

2005-04-02, 10:28 AM
Even thought part of him didn't understand what was so exciting about a library, Carnivac looked over at Weirdwolf in amusement and soon wished he hadn't. The look on Weirdwolf's face was funny, but Carnivac reminded himself that Weirdwolf hadn't laughed at him when he had howled.

" Remember I did do it first," Carnivac said while cocking his head to the side " Beside you only have to worry if you start howling at the moon."

Without waiting for Weirdwolf's answer, Carnivac's pretender shell opened and Carnivac stepped out, transforming into his robot mode. If he was going to search throw a library, then his claws would only get in the way and might damage something. The pretender shell closed up, sat down, and made a snorting sound.

2005-04-02, 10:40 AM
Laserbeak and the other cassetticons had registered that the airducts had slammed shut. The damage to overkill had been severe, he and the other cassetticons were not trained enough to be able to adequately fixed him.

As the doors slid open and hatemonger had enter the room, fusion cannons outstreched, Laserbeak had darted up to the ceiling of the room - his usual spot for being out of reach.
Slugfest, was off to one side of the room - he braced himself to pounce on the intruder. Frenzy readied pile drivers to shake things up - although his repairs were shakey at best - there was no guarantee he'd even function properly if he tried.

Ravage was no where to be seen...

From his bird's eye view, Laserbeak watched Slugfest rear up and dive at Hatemonger...

2005-04-02, 11:25 AM
Weirdwolf nodded slowly .

"both have connections do to an organic side , it changes us controls us and we are helpless untill learn to use and exploit it we do ."

"He then started to go through the scrolls reading each one with fascination . "

Sitting at a computer terminal he started transferring those on data cubes and pads to his own computer storage back on the nemesis .

2005-04-02, 12:47 PM
"Predacons do now allow any of them to escape." He told the group as he walked in.

Hatemonger's optics darted around the room as he entered Predacons in tow and saw Slugfest jump up at him.

He quickly brought left arm up to protect him from the tape dinosaur and with his right hand in a swift movment brought his energon saber online.

"Fools, we off you a chance to avoid being sent to the pit and do you take it?" Hatemonger growled and slashed at the dinosaur.

Random Sweep
2005-04-02, 03:55 PM
Triggerhappy, tired of the wait, transformed and flew out in the direction of the Nemesis.

2005-04-02, 04:28 PM
Slugfest fell to the floor, the energon sword had sliced across his flank. He winced in pain. That had been a stupid move.

Laserbeak realised the position was futile - they would bide their time. He dropped from his position above the room and landed on Ravage's back. Ravage slowly walked towards Hatemonger. Laserbeak motioned Frenzy and Slugfest to join them.

"What would you have us do Hatemonger? Frenzy and Overkill MUST be repiared."

Random Sweep
2005-04-02, 04:37 PM
The sleek purple form streaked through the attmosphere above Carbombya, racing over the location of the Decepticon base, only to find that both Metrotitan and Trypticon were gone and that Scorpinok had obviously been involved in battle.

" What in the name of Galvatron have these fools been doing? " he said aloud to himself.

Seeing a the decepticon Triggerhappy heading away from the base, the purple figure altered his course to follow the Targetmaster.

2005-04-02, 08:13 PM
As if our "organic" side doesn't do the same thing to us, Carnivac thought as he started looking through the library. Carnivac knew that it wasn't any secret that he perfered the great outdoors more then libraries, but if he had to chose between reading and boredom...he'd chose reading. Who knew, maybe he'd even find something worth keeping.

2005-04-02, 10:15 PM
Weirdwolf wolfed down information, he stopped and handed a data cube to Carnivac

Evil in tooth and claw a biography of Razorsharp "he was think I a security officer on Cybertron , used to run the lets release an autobot prisoner and have our latest troops hunt them down programme forget i the code name given it was."

2005-04-03, 12:04 AM
Hatemonger looked down at the Cassettecons.

"It's simple, rejoin us. Work with us as Decepticons. Rejoin us and help us to conquer. Or be eliminated and sent to the wayside like the rest of the garbage that litters this planet." Hatemonger paused and glanced up scanning the ceiling he saw Laserbeak was probably just recording the situation but got ready in case there was a combined strike.

"Rejoin us and I will see to it your comrades are repaired. The ball is in your court." Hatemonger said and awaited a reply.

2005-04-03, 12:37 AM
Ravage shifted uneasily where he stood. He was a creature of the shadows and hated being placed on the spot like this.

Laserbeak considered the proposal - it didn't take long to decide what was the best thing to say - they were in a weak position at the moment and it made no sense to be renegades.

"We accept - but you must repair Soundwave and all of the other cassetticons!"

2005-04-03, 01:47 AM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Right now I know Gigatron has Soundwave. Considering his actions he is lucky to be alive much less in one whole piece. I cannot promise whether or not he is still online or not. However." With that Hatemonger sheathed his energon saber and walked into the brig, a quicky eye back to the Predacons telling them to shoot any Cassette that tried anything stupid.

"I did promise repairs to your comrades that I intend to keep." Hatemonger said picking up Frenzy and Slugfest rather gently considering Hatemonger's size.

Hatemonger got onto a com-link to Gigatron and Scorpnok.

"The cassettes have decided to rejoin our cause. I promised repairs to their damaged comrades and I intent on keeping that pledge. Permission to stay onboard Scorpnok until the cassettes repairs are complete? I will stay with Cryotek and have him fix the cassettcons. Advise?" He asked waiting for a response.

2005-04-03, 05:41 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

The city commander watched his brig monitors, satisfied.

"Permission granted, Hatemonger," Scorponok intoned. "Escort them to the medical bay immediately. A team of scorpion drones will help with the repairs. The rest of our forces will still have to depart as soon as possible, though. Speaking of which..."

He activated the speakers in Onslaught's old quarters.

"Carnivac, Weirdwolf, stop stealing from the dead and get to the ship! The Flamberge leaves in fifteen minutes, and anyone staying in my city without permission will suffer greatly!"

The thought that two of his fellow Decepticons had decended to the level of common graverobbers was something that Scorponok quite frankly didn't want to think about at all.

Landing Bay, Scorponok

Bugly's optics shut for a second, then he looked at Bludgeon.

"We should go."

2005-04-03, 05:51 AM
Carnivac took the data cube Weirdwolf had offered him and skimmed through it before putting it into subspace. " Believe it or not, it was codenamed survivor" Carnivac said " Did you know that what most don't realise is that the sport the hunts were based on started long before the war, Razorsharp just changed a few things."

2005-04-03, 01:07 PM
" interesting more do tell " said Weirdwolf as he moved along Metrotitan's corridor to Vortex's room

he paused an internal debate seeming to take place . he reached up and removed his head. Monzo transformed and strutted over to a draw full of strange looking instruments.

Weirdwolf transformed into wolf mode and lay down to listen to Carnivac's tale

" history is fascinating , always a lot to learn from it i find , involved were you ?

Monzo flexed his muscles and lifted a four foot set of pliers from the drawer.

" look at these babies , sweet stuff and theres more oh yeah we really found the mother load here none of those boring books hey . No more ofyour essays and poems and chess the real stuff here .

Weirdwolf glared at the Nebulans back

He didn't think highly of torture , the Hunt was different cleaner , prey had a chance, weapons speed endurance , intelligence , they could escape , they didn't very often but it was a clean noble death in open combat none of this slowly draining the life of a restrained prisoner

2005-04-03, 08:05 PM
OOC: Optimusskids, I thought we were in Onslaught's room and the torture equipment was going to be in to Vortex's (did we move rooms?).


When Weirdwolf took off his head, Carnivac's pretender shell turned it's attention to Monzo. The shell looked over at Carnivac and Weirdwolf for a few moments, then started to sneak up behind the Nebulon.

" I hate to say it, but before the war I worked on a law enforcement team," Carnivac said while wondering how Scorponok was expecting Weirdwolf and him to be on the Flamberge in fifteen minutes when they were on a moving Metrotitan (and when had Metrotitan became Scorponok's city anyway?).

Just to be on the safe side, Carnivac made a mental note to avoid Scorponok in the future as he added " The hunts were one of the cases my partner and I investigated. Still it turned out to be one of the more interesting ones."

The pretender shell laid down when it noticed Weirdwolf glaring at the Nebulon, hoping that Carnivac would be able to regain the headmaster's attention.

" Anyway, it turned out that a group of Cybertronians discided that drones were to boring to hunt...so they put the lasercores of enemies, annoyaces, or even empties into the drones' bodies and hunted them. Some of the group worked in the smelting pits, so they got rid of the left over body and no one really cared about what they thought were drones." Carnivac said " Razorsharp did almost the same thing, except he skipped the drone past."

2005-04-03, 09:22 PM
Weirdwolf replied, listening intentedly :

"a most interesting story do you tell, worked I too in law enforcement in Sector 347 in the South was homicide detective grade 1 , the tracking ability very useful was ,i could track down a murder however hard he fled, bring him back or if necessary his corpse . However 1 case the perp clever got and i over confident was , he ambush me did , beat me and left me for dead , and since then talk i like this do , the medics could not fix it , the medical bills were so great and sick pay due to budget cuts was so low , i ran up debt and could not afford to live then it was i started credits accepting from big company which became part of decepticons did , just for information to start then more did they demand , now here am I .

Monzo leaned over a drawer half in it

" can it Wolfy don't need to hear your sob story again , raddah raddah raddah we can't pay Mr Monzo we have sick children , no savings , shouldn't have borrowed in 1st place then it avoids nasty lil accidents , lil Spyko getting almost run over by a hover truck , lil Fenitia falling off her straplio (Nebulan horse equivalent) and winding up in hospital , daddy walking down the wrong dark alley know what i mean ."

Weirdwolf cut Monzo's voice frequency from h is audio sensors and looked away in disgust

2005-04-04, 02:32 AM
Razorclaw nodded towards Hatemonger over the handling of the situation. He was glad he didn't have to destroy anything.

OOC: Sorry bout that last couple of days, ADSL trouble yet again.

2005-04-04, 03:38 AM
" So you had an on the job accident too" Carnivac said " My injury...couldn't be fixed, so I saw no reason to go to the medics."

Seeing Weirdwolf's attention had moved, the pretender shell finished sneaking up behind Monzo. Waiting until the Nebulon didn't have anythng in his hands, the shell openned it's mouth.

2005-04-04, 12:41 PM
Cryotek was waiting around in the Shuttle as he overheard Hatemonger's radio transmission.

He stood up and walked off the shuttle.

"Well work calls." He said and started for the med-bays.


Hatemonger brought the damaged Cassettecons to the med-bays and set them both down. A group of Scorpion Drones started to do minor repairs and setted them up for when Cryotek arrived.

2005-04-04, 01:44 PM
Monzo kneeled having spotted something in the kneehole of the metal desk , he stuck his head ito it for a closer look

2005-04-04, 05:18 PM
The shell glared at the back of it's prey, it hated it when lunch did some thing unperdictable.

2005-04-04, 06:43 PM
Monzo backs out from under the desk towards the Shell unaware of its prescence.

Weirdwolf oblivious to this talks with Carnivac.

"This injury was that when you a pretender became "

2005-04-04, 09:27 PM
Bludgeon: -finishes securing the new hatch to the shuttle, nods, gets into the pilot's seat- "Everyone, take your seats." -brings the shuttle's engines online-

Exterior, Trypticon:

Leozak: -on foot, leading Gaihawk(helping a battered and limping Killbison) and Hellbat(struggling to carry a battered and unconscious-seeming Drillhorn) back to Trypticon- "Trypticon, lower shields."

Jalgar: -vehicle mode, still carrying Hans Romulous and the cameraman, driving paralell to the group-

Cameraman: -still transmitting-

Hans: "I still can't believe it. Breast Force asked the U.N. and the EDC for help, and this is how they responded. Two of the team apear to be severely injured, and the others appear to be shocked....... Truly, a dark day for the human race."

Igos Du Inka
2005-04-04, 11:14 PM
*Nick enters the deciptcon bace and throws down his bag*

Nick: Yo anybody home?

Browning: TRANSFORM! Did we get the right place?

Nick: Yea I'm sure of it. HEY! Looken for who ever runs this joint. *looks at paper again* Looken for a Gigatron, Is there a Gigaton here?

Browning: Come on Nick lets go.

*someone walks up behind Nick and Browning*


You're supposed to reply to the existing thread, not start your own. I moved it for you, but please reply to an existing thread next time.

-- Warcry

2005-04-05, 02:17 AM
Before Monzo could change the direction he was going, the shell made it's move. The shell's muzzle snapped at the Nebulon, attempting to eat Monzo before Weirdwolf or Carnivac knew what was happening.

" Nope...the injury had nothing to do with gettin' the shell." Carnivac said, then tapped his head before continueing " The injury was to some of my cerebro-circuitry...needless to say I am not the mech I use to be before my accident."

Suddenlly Carnivac looked shocked, then narrowed his eyes and mummered " With a shell that is developing a mind of its own."

2005-04-05, 04:38 AM
Mayhem Shuttle

Bugly sat calmly in the co-pilot's seat, his hands tabbing the controls that activated the shuttle's sensor arrays.

Octopunch stalked into the shuttle, then dropped heavily into one of the passenger chairs.


Treadshot strutted into the warship's crew bay, glancing around aggressively at any and all nearby Decepticons.

2005-04-05, 06:33 AM
Monzo yelled as the teeth closed over his armour .

"oyy Carnivac get this flea bitten mutt off me "

He grabs at the desk but all he can reach is an empty energon container which he flails about desperately .

Weirdwolf facing Carnivac , Monzo's voice tuned out continued

" you mention did some of the side effects of having a shell"

2005-04-05, 09:37 AM
If it had a vocalizer, the shell would have laughed at Monzo's attempts to save himself. Getting hit by an empty container was annoying, but it wouldn't hurt the shell. The shell continued to try to eat the Nebulon.

" The shell developing a personality is on the possible side effects list." Carnivac admited.

Hearing his name called, Carnivac looked over at Monzo. So that's why the shell has been up too, Carnivac thought before debating weither or not he should stop the shell from eating the squishy.

" Speaking of extra personalities...what would happen if your Nebulon...accidently died?" Carnivac asked.

2005-04-05, 10:10 AM
Weirdwolf replied

" an question most interesting , "

Weirdwolf's optics flared yellow in happiness at the thought of finally being free of the crude Monzo.

" not much study been made of the subject but know I that Lord Zarak died as did the weapon of that annoying Autobot Hotrod and they survived did , i imagine it would painful be depending on if 2 got on and how powerful bond formed had ."

2005-04-05, 02:56 PM
Main Entry, Trypticon:

Leozak: -sees the lost looking human- "Take the injured to medbay. Jalgar, check the other humans, make sure they weren't injured by the EDC attack."

Jalgar: -rolls over towards the refugees, Hans and the cameraman in tow-

Gaihawk and Hellbat: -haul Killbison and Drillhorn off to medbay-

Leozak: -steps up behind Nick and Browning, looming over them, looks down at the two small figures far below him- "I command here. What are you doing on my ship?"

Shuttle Blade:

Stranglehold: -gets in the shuttle- "I think we're all here, Bludgeon." -closes the hatch-

Bludgeon: -brings the shuttle off the deck, sets course for the Nemesis-

Igos Du Inka
2005-04-05, 03:12 PM
*Nick looks up at Leozak*

Nick: Hey Browning they are alot bigger then you.

Browning:Just get to the point!

Nick: Erm yea, well, I'm here on account of hacking into the Autobot defences by request of a *looks at letter again* Staaaarscream ... you know him?

Browning: We recived it a few days ago but the message seemed to have been delayed

Nick: Err yea *still marvling over how huge he realy is* wanna tell me where the bucket of bolts is so i can get to work?

2005-04-05, 07:01 PM
Main Entry, Trypticon:

Leozak: -thinking to self- "Hmmmmm......." -cocks eyebrow, then smiles- "There will be some delay in getting you to Starscream, Mr.......?" -reaches down to pick up Nick and Browning-

2005-04-05, 09:45 PM
" I see...and how would you react if ...ummm...my shell was trying to eat your Nebulon?" Carnivac asked.

Igos Du Inka
2005-04-05, 09:47 PM
*Browning jumps and fires at Leozak*

Browning: GET BACK!!

Nick: wow wow wow, Borwning put that thing away! sorry bout that. The name is Nick Stellmacher, just call me Nick but yea, I got a message from this Starscream dude about repareing and resurecting this Megatron guy so her can get his power back or sometin. Any ideas?

2005-04-05, 09:56 PM
Leozak: -steps back, the burst glancing off of his right shoulder, breastplate detaching and transforming to LioBreast-

LioBreast: -lands next to Browning, snarling-

Leozak: "My partner and I will escort you to a place where you can wait for Starscream...... Nick." -straightens, starts down the corridor-

2005-04-05, 10:36 PM
Weirdwolf looks startled , he hesitates then looks round and spots the shell .

He turns back and replies to Carnivac

"much as i like my wolf mode , i do like a robot being too and i need my head , and i am not too sure of the consequences . "

he dropped his voice.

"eating Monzo might your shell poison."

2005-04-05, 10:55 PM
Carnivac nodded, then walked over to his shell and Monzo. Then, Carnivac used his link with his shell to make it stop it's attack on Monzo. Scooping up the Nebulon, Carnivac glared at his shell. Slott it...there goes lunch, the shell thought sulkingly.

2005-04-05, 11:22 PM
Monzo groans and tries to move

"I think the damn mutt broke something ."

He looks at Carnivac glaring

"I'll get you , and your little dog too ."


Igos Du Inka
2005-04-05, 11:51 PM
*slaps browning over the head*

Nick: Browning What the hell were you thinking!? Do you relise you could have gotten us killed

Browning: sorry but wasn't it you that said the the only transformers you'll ever trust is me and Arcee?

Nick: Hey I never said i trusted these guys im just saying i dont wanna be a mess on the floor for a few more years

Browning:Do you even think you can repare none the less entirely reconfigure a Transformer?

Nick: naaaah I repare you hehe I just gotta listen *winks*. hey Leodude where are we goin. . . . . hmm not veary talkitive are ya

Browning: might be cuz hes a animal.

Nick: Gawd I hope all the Deciptadudes aren't this boreing!

2005-04-05, 11:57 PM
Still don't want me to eat him, the shell thought even as Carnivac said "Is he usually this stupid?"

2005-04-06, 12:00 AM
Monzo glares and shuts up

Weirdwolf intently studies a blueprint pinned to one wall , half of him mentally willing Monzo to continue with the taunting

2005-04-06, 12:20 AM
" After all, a smart Nebulon would realize where he was before he started taunting." Carnivac said calmly.

2005-04-06, 05:14 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

Scorponok activated the city-wide comm one more time.

"All Decepticons still onboard, depart for the Nemesis immediately. This is your last warning. If you need transport, report to the Flamberge in bay four. It will be leaving in five minutes.

"General Hatemonger's group is exempt. All other Decepticons, depart immediately."

He recorded the message, then set it to playback mode.


A small Decepticon walked into the ship; barely the size of a Micromaster, coloured dark pink and blue, he was hardly an impressive figure. If one could see his back, the reason would be perfectly evident. He was an orphaned Headmaster, a Nebulan who's Transformer partner was no longer among the living.

Well, that's how it was supposed to have gone, anyway. But in practice, it hadn't turned out that way; when the Transformer had died, his spark had taken up residence within the Nebulan's cerebral cortex. The result was that they were both now occupying the Nebulan body; humbling for the Transformer, but positively infuriating for the Nebulan.

Lokos hopped up onto a seat not far from where the area that the Constructicons had occupied, and watched the technical team...which seemed to be engrossed in painting itself orange for some reason.

2005-04-06, 09:03 AM
In the Medical bays - the repairs hard been completed to the cassetticons - they were all now operating at an optyimum level of performance.

"Do you hear that alarm?!" Frenzy spoke. "We gotta get back to the Nemesis."

"We cannot leave without Soundwave" Laserbeak replied.

"He's probably off of here already and going back to the Nemesis" Rumble chipped in. "We need to get back to the Nemesis and find him there."

Frenzy turned on his heel and headed for the door.
Rumble followed him.
Ravage followed him,
Slugfest and Overkill followed him.

Laserbeak shifted uncomfortably and then reluctantly followed.

They headed for bay four.

2005-04-06, 05:49 PM
Monzo replied :

" you calling me stupid you empty you and ya , flea ridden organic excuse for a wolf ."

Weirdwolf grimaced and wondered what to do next

2005-04-06, 08:01 PM
Carnivac glared at the Nebulon for a while then turned and said to Weirdwolf " Unless this squishy can become your head again, I suggest we ransack Brawl's and Blast-off's rooms some other time. There is no way I'm carring this manifold mouth while searching and if I put him down my shell will try eatting him again. Besides Gigatron would probably put us on a broken wing if the Metrodrones report us here."

Then Carnivac turned and said to Monzo " You insult like an Autobot. Not only is your primary stupitidy, but your also a miss-clock, lump and slab burnout with suicidal tendencies...if you can't understand what I just said, then I'll be happy to explain there meaning to you using simple words."

2005-04-06, 08:15 PM
Monzo groaned as he tried to get up and his leg failed him

"oy Wolfy we're supposed to be a team just don't stand there help me , dont let the dried up failed police bot yank my chain . "

Weirdwolf sighed and reopened Monzo's voice frequency in his auditory senors , as he noticed Monzos lips moving as Monzo looked at him.

He opened a private frequency with Carnivac

"my apologies my partner for , i think we i think we need medical attention for him to seek , will you lend me a hand and him lower into my back compartment , but if shell can that much control feel free to him a scare give before do so you do "

out loud he said

" a good idea that sound think i "

2005-04-06, 08:44 PM
" Ahhh...the poseurs is still trying to catch a nova." Carnivac said mockingly to Monzo, while using his control link with his shell to talk to it. It didn't take long for the shell to grin evilly and agree with the plan. Satified, Carnivac moved to do what Weirdwolf had asked.

As Carnivac was about to put the Nebulon into the compartment, the shell surge forward with an open mouth. As it was, Monzo in Carnivac's hand got a very close up view of the shell's fangs and mouth, before that mouth snapped shut only a few inches or so from the Nebulon.

2005-04-06, 08:46 PM
Monzo fainted dead away as white as a sheet

Weirdwolf grimaced at Carnivac and then popped open his hatch cover.

least quiet now is he yes ?"

2005-04-07, 12:01 AM
When Monzo fainted, both Carnivac and the pretender shell burst out laughing. As the shell continued it's silent laugh, Carnivac noticed Weirdwolf's grimace as he put the Nebulon in the compartment and said " You mean that's not what you had in mind when you said I could scare him?"

2005-04-07, 12:03 AM
Hatemonger smiled as the cassettecons walked off.

He then turned and looked at Cryotek.

"Well it looks like the repairs went just a bit faster than we thought." He laughed as Cryotek nodded.

"Well shall we head to the shuttle?" Cryotek asked.

"May as well." Hatemonger said and got back onto his com-link to Scorpnok.

"Repairs on the cassettecons are finished. Your Scorpion drones worked extremely well as if there was any doubt. We are headed to the shuttle." He said as him and Cryotek headed for bay four.

2005-04-07, 12:08 AM
The Predacons heard Hatemongers message and headed off to the shuttle bay with him.

2005-04-07, 04:48 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok

Scorponok nodded.

"Excellent, Hatemonger. I will see you on the Nemesis, then."

2005-04-07, 05:17 AM
Outside VIP suite, Trypticon:

Hellbat: -standing next to the doors-

Leozak and LioBreast: -escorting Nick and Browning-

Leozak: "My name is Leozak, human. Not 'Leodude'. -looks over at Hellbat-

Hellbat: "The room is ready for them, Leozak."

Leozak: "Excellent." -holds hand out-

LioBreast: -leaps into the air, transforms to gun mode, lands, grip first, in Leozak's hand-

Leozak: -touches a control on the wall next to the door, door hisses open- "There will be someone sharing the room with you. We aren't used to having so many of your kind aboard."

Fakkadi: -still in his cage, sees Nick and Browning- "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!"

Leozak: -aims at Nick and Browning-

Hellbat: -breastplate transforms to gun mode, lands grip first in his hand, aims at Nick and Browning-

Leozak: "I hope you enjoy your stay. There is no working computer terminal, we had them removed. There is nothing for you to tap into. You will remain here until Gigatron lets us know what to do with you. Now get in the room."

2005-04-07, 06:44 AM
Weirdwolf responded :

"No no plan went well think I , but as bonded are we still feel i feedback from the lil scraplet spawn when injured is so that is why grimaced did I ."

2005-04-07, 10:09 AM
The cassettes arrived at bay four and awaited their instructions from there.,.,

Igos Du Inka
2005-04-07, 01:13 PM
Browning: Oh Smeg now what do we do

Nick: Browning, transform im blasting out of here I'll locate him on my own

Browning: TRANSFORM!!

*Nick grabs Browning and fires the mini-mines at the wall*

Nick: come on, blow BLOW *several more explosions and they blow a hole in the wall*

Browning: TRANSFORM! Ok Nick now RUN!!

Nick: What about him.

Browning: *looks at Fakkadi* ahh hell *Fires at his cell blasting open the bars* now lets go find him

Nick: Who Starscream

Browning:no Megatron he granted us immunity then he got his head hacked off now COME ON!!

*the 2 of them run off to the location given to them for Megatron's body*

2005-04-07, 02:23 PM
Leozak: -grabs Fakkadi before he can get away- "So that's why you're here! To break Fakkadi out!" -tosses gun-

Hellbat: -tosses gun-

LioBreast and BatBreast: -transform, pursue Nick and Browning-

Leozak: -sighs- "I should have just let you hypnotize them......"

Hellbat: "When our partners bring them back, I can still do it."

Leozak: "I have a better idea for our two would-be Megatron rebuilders........."

Igos Du Inka
2005-04-07, 04:52 PM
*Turns around holding Browning*

Nick: Stop Leozak we are here following a destredd call from Starscream from 2005 if you allow me to play the message and explane why im here i think we both and lessen ourselvs a little stress.

*stares at the Transformers with Fakkadi*

Nick: ok first of all I am not fighting for the autobot cause although i did help in the construction of Autobot City *brings out lab top* this is the message i recieved from Starscream

*message starts playing but sounds like Megatrons voice*

This *static* Deciptcon leader *static* Starscream *static* take command *static* Megatron *static* must revive the rightful *static* Prime wont stand *static Deciptcons forever.

*message ends*

Nick: thats why we are here folloying this message from Starscream. I don't want to fight, I think i can help you guys get into the Autobot baces as long as you dont kill me. I can also repare the wall i blew open. But explane this to me where can i find Megatron to revive Starscream?

2005-04-07, 05:52 PM
Carnivac nodded his understanding, then started moving towards Metrotitan's shuttle bay. His pretender shell went ahead to make sure they avoided being spotted by a metrodrone.

2005-04-07, 05:53 PM
Leozak: "There are a few things you need to understand, human. First, we are not Decepticons. We are Destrons. Second, Megatron is dead. Completely and irrepairabily. Third, we have liberated this country from the rule of this Decepticon-backed dictator-" -points at Fakkadi- "- and your attempt to free him proves who you stand with. You will be held for trial and likely repatriated to the Decepticons afterwards." -moves aside as a set of scupper-drones roll into the room with a patch plate and repair the hole in the wall and the damage to the cage, then moving again as the leave, finally tossing Fakkadi back into the cage and relocking it- "Do you have any questions?"

2005-04-07, 06:32 PM
Weirdwolf clicked his hatch shut and quietly flooded the cockpit with sleeping gas . padding after Carnivac

" rumour say you with autobots worked , true is it pack mate?"

2005-04-07, 11:57 PM
"Yes and no" Carnivac said " My old law enforcement partner joined the Autobots, but while I worked with him, he wasn't an Autobot."

Igos Du Inka
2005-04-08, 12:55 AM
Nick: ok my bad, so the Decpticons are dead eh alright no problem. yea sever questions and a few points. yes me and Browning is a Deciptcon but we havent hered from earth since we left autobot city as for him *points at Fakkadi* we just blasted him out figuring you were deciptcon trators. i mean no harm to you or your army. I am just folowing a signal.

Browning: TRANSFORM!! Hey if the Deciptcons are dead what happened to them and why. and the Destrons dont they have something to do with Unicron or the Quintessas sorry we have been in isolation for a long time.

2005-04-08, 04:59 AM
Landing Bay Four, Scorponok

A scorpion drone walked up towards the cassettes.

"Over there."

It gestured with one claw, pointing towards the large black vessel that took up most of the right side of the bay.

"Hurry," it told the other late arrivals. "Only a few seconds before liftoff."

The ship's engines started their powerup sequence, underlining the drone's statement.

(OOC: Rav is gone for a few days, but in keeping with his wishes we'll assume that Hatemonger and the rest of his guys have boarded the ship.

Same goes for anyone else who's not onboard when the ship lifts off [within 24 hours, real-time], I guess.)

2005-04-08, 05:00 AM
Leozak: -mutters something about flash cards under his breath- "We are renegades. We have left the Decepticon forces. You will be returned to the Decepticons after the trial."

Hellbat: "No death sentence?"

Leozak: "No."

Hellbat: -makes a mental note to call the Ronco Grill Company and tell them to cancel the commercial-

Leozak: "Now, please, enter the room. You won't have long to wait."

2005-04-08, 06:36 AM
Weirdwolf growled in understanding

"some bonds greater than factions are , sometimes are not Autobot or Decepticon are just people ,like before the war yes. Your friend survive did he ?"

2005-04-08, 09:14 AM
" It's a slag more complexed then that" Carnivac said a bit angrily, he hated thinking about his past since it only made him remember. Trying to calm down , Carnivac started to explain " I wasn't lieing when I said I was a different Cybertronian before my accident. That was who my old partner was friends with. Personally, I doubt he even recognizes me anymore."

2005-04-08, 09:50 AM
"Many apologies , I sense i have inadvertently ,an old wound reopened, many has been the time i wish i could roll back time and speak easily as used to I did but one can not change the past so easily . If so is your wish we will speak no more of the matter." replied Weirdwolf