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2005-03-08, 01:59 AM
While the main Decepticon force attacked Autobot City in Colorado, a small but deadly strike team known as the Mayhem Attack Squad lit on the Neos adopted home of the Ark. As the battle went on, it became apparent that the Decepticon incursion was taking the advantage. Several Autobots were badly damaged, but the timely arrival of Springer and the Wreckers drove off Bludgeon's men.

However, Bugly stayed behind long enough to trap the Autobots in their own entry forcefield and destroy the supports that kept the ancient craft from sinking into the volcano below. The combined forces of the Wreckers and Neos managed to save the ship and their lives, but the battle convinced Springer that the Ark is not a worthy home for his team.

The Wreckers have left the Ark and are currently en route to northern New Jersey to inspect the abandoned Decepticon base there as potential real estate. The Mayhems have returned to Carbombya to heal their wounds. Meanwhile, the Neos work to repair the substantial damage done to their base and friends while Skyfall plans his revenge. Those sensors still working have picked up a distress signal from a remote part of the desert in Australia...

Aero Blade
2005-03-08, 02:57 AM
Aero heaved a sigh, wiping away some lubricant as he looked about the command centre. He'd fixed everything damaged from the battle, except a few monitors that were shattered beyond repair. He for the meantime had rerouted any necissary computers to be able to switch signals with the remaining monitors. Putting away his tools, he openned a com to the Neo Leader. "Skyfall, Aero Blade here. I've got the command centre fixed up, but we're gonna need a few monitors changed out in here," He reported.

Brave Maximus
2005-03-08, 03:01 AM
Skyfall nodded, waiting for any response from Skyhammer or Warpath:

"Great job Aero Blade. I want computer access in a few other places, so we can pick up some extra terminals when we're 'Shopping'. Take some down time. I'll head up to Command and Control as soon as I get a chance."

2005-03-08, 03:49 AM
"I will go there and get what happend there for you."Then Warpath tranform and go to Fortmax

2005-03-08, 04:03 AM
Warpath arrive at Fortmax then head to medbay he see many of Bots has been repair but no one repair Kup then he turn to Hoist
"Why don't you repair Kup he need help!"Warpath ask
"He's errrr... he's.......err.......dead."Hoist answer.The minibot
walk slowly and back to the Ark


The Ark

Warpath meet Skyfall after back from Fortmax
"Almost everything is OK the injury has been repair Grimlock got a little problem with Prime
and more minibots come to help and........Kup.........he's dead."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-08, 04:06 AM
Skyfall nodded to Warpath, then turned to Skyhammer:

"Keep an eye on him. And if you guys get into trouble over there - give us a call."

Skyfall then turned and headed down into Medbay. As much as he didn't like to show it - the damage was piling up. You don't fight Bludgeon and walk away unscathed.

He walked into Medbay and spotted Jazz on the table. Ignoring his wounds for the time being, he hit his thrusters and floated near the comando's head, where he could see him without moving too much:

"How you doing? Any chance for some tunes any time soon?" he said to his second-in-command.

Aero Blade
2005-03-08, 05:22 AM
"Roger that," Aero radioed to Skyfall. His own interpretation of 'down time' was messing around with machinery, so he decided to return to the consols, trying to optimize them.

After a little while, befor he could have the chance to do much, the transmissions computer started beeping, registering an incoming signal. Aero turned his attention to the distorted signal, trying to sort it out before he sent out another signal to Skyfall. "I'm picking up an odd signal. Looks like it's using a rather old Autobot signature, almost outdated. I think it's a distress signal...origin point seems to be the Autstralian desert..."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-08, 05:41 AM
Skyfall cocked an "eyebrow" at Aero Blade's transmission:

"Keep monitoring it - and see if you can gain contact with Autobase, though I still think Skyhammer and Warpath will get the message there faster."

Skyfall pondered a little. The Omega was still damaged and he was in no condition to fly. Unfortunatly, he was the only fighter on the Neo's team who could fly (There was no way he was sending Starlight and Co. on their own.).

He looked over at Greatshot for a moment:

"Greatshot. I know you just got here, and you're not a Neo - but I need you for a mission."

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-08, 05:58 AM
Greatshot studied Skyfall for a moment, sizing him up. Was he serious? The two had just met, and already he was being sent on a mission. Greatshot's suspicions were running wild, but the Micromaster helped him when he'd needed it, no questions asked.

"What do you need me to do?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-08, 06:09 AM
Skyfall noted the much larger Autobot's demenor and nodded:

"I'd send my team, but our flyers are down. We're still Autobots and there's an Autobot destress becon coming in. There's no doubt that the 'Con's have recived it as well. I need you to head out there and see what the situation is. It's not going to take too long until the Omega's up and running, then we can join you.

"But it's up to you....."

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-08, 06:11 AM
Greatshot nodded.

"Of course, I'll be happy to do it."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-08, 06:17 AM
"Great." The Neo leader said, "You can refuel at any of the stations, and see me before you head out."

Skyfall then hooked himself up to an energon port (the One that had an Energon Z flow) and waited for Astra to come back.

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-08, 06:29 AM
Greatshot turned and walked up to one of the refueling stations. As he felt the energy washing over him, he found himself asking the same question over and over.

Why am I doing this, again?


A short time later, Greatshot stalked up to Skyfall.

"Recharged and ready. So, where would you have me go?"

2005-03-08, 06:35 AM

Whirl pulled another aerial shrug.

"The base is out in New Jersey; the Decepticons might have been back to strip it, but they didn't when they first abandoned it. Apparently Scorps and his men were pulled out pretty quickly. Not sure exactly why, though; I wasn't here."

He turned back east, so that he was flying straight.

"We'll find out soon enough, anyway."

Hyper Prime
2005-03-08, 12:17 PM
(OOC: and I'm back. thanks to Heinrad for taking care of my characters. okay, now back to the game)

After learning about what had happened, Countdown made his way back to the medbay. He then slowly walked to a cr chamber, opening the door and shutting down to the let the machine replenish him. Hopefully he'd be more help if he was a hundred percent again.

2005-03-08, 04:52 PM
Skyhammer checked his shells pulling a slightly bent trident from his outer one and sub spacing it for future use. He scrambled inside , giving Warpath ample time to scramble aboard if he wanted to. He fired up teh engines and took off. Destination Autobase.

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Brave Maximus
2005-03-08, 05:18 PM
As Skyfall sat there, enjoying a few moments of rest. However they were brief as Greatshot had finished recharging long before the Micro Master's mind could truely relax.

"The destress call came from the Australian desert. All I need you to do is go in an investigate the ship and who's in it. If there's any Con's there - radio for backup. If we're still down, we'll redirect from Autobase...... but that's not going to happen."

The Neo's commander then handed over the co-ordinates to the destress call:

"Here's the comm frequency to the Ark. It's secure, so no Con's will over hear it, and it won't give away your position. Come back alive."

Once Greatshot had his orders, Skyfall sighed and turned to Jazz:

"You get better soon. I need you up on your feet, I've got a feeling that bad things have gone down - and they're not done yet."

Skyfall then turned and walked out of medbay.

Going to have to get Astra to look me over later. Need to get it done before the next mission though - I can't fly in jet mode with half a wing missing. Now, lets see if Aero Blade's really as fine as he said.....

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-08, 05:35 PM
Greatshot turned away from Skyfall and headed for the main entrance, entering the coordinates as he went. Once at the entrance, he leapt into the air, transformed to jet mode, and sped in the direction of the distress signal.

Brave Maximus
2005-03-08, 06:07 PM
Violet energy crackled around the chest of the motionless Micro Master combiner. After a moment, the golden Autobot symbol began to glow and a heart beat later, the purple eyes of Sixwing flickered into life.

The Neo then sat up and looked around. He spotted human villages down the slope of the mountian he was on - but none of this mattered to him. His mind was full of vengance. Vengance against the one that plunged him into the lava. One of the ones who would spawn "Him" in the future.

It was this anger, this hate, this thirst for vengance that drove the creature now known as Sixwing. It fueled him and gave him power. With in moments all his systems flaired back to life and he split into his component pieces with the slower Chaingun in the Combiner Jet's cockpit. They took to the air and headed West.

All the while, the humans at the research centre were desperatly trying to contact the Ark. When they saw the 6 jets leave - they gave up the attempt......

2005-03-08, 09:31 PM
Sixswitch did another mid-air pirouette for the sheer fun of it.

"So, what do we expect when we arrive at our new base. Can we expect it to be totally abandoned? Looted? And once we're there... What are we gonna call it?"

The Sixchanger was in buyant spirits, and was eager to get on with... Well, with whatever Springer had in mind, but it was definitely better than sitting in Fortress Maximus doing nothing.

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-08, 09:34 PM
Over the comm: "Skyfall, come in! This is Greatshot. I'm in trouble down here."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-08, 10:57 PM
Skyfall opened his comm:

"Greatshot - no one on the Ark is flight capable at the moment! Can you pull out and head back to the Ark? Your life is more valuble than any fight!"

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Dead Man Wade
2005-03-09, 02:23 AM
Incoming comm from Greatshot:

"On my way back. Badly damaged. Please have a CR Chamber ready..."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-09, 03:48 AM
As Skyfall wandered down the hall to Command and Control, Greatshot's message came over the Radio:

"Roger that Greatshot. We've got damage control waiting. Any signs of followers?"

He gave up his attempt at going to see Aero Blade at the moment and headed for the Main entrance - opening his comms at the same time:

"Countdown and Artfire, Meet me at the main entrance. We've got incomming wounded."

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-09, 03:52 AM
Nearing the Ark, Greatshot responded:

"No sign of a tail. Is the sheild down?"

Amarant Odinson
2005-03-09, 04:23 AM
"On my way, Skyfall" Artfire answered back. He headed for the main enterance and met up with Countdown. along the way. "Any idea on who's coming in or how many?"

2005-03-09, 05:33 AM
Enroute to Jersey

Whirl made an amused noise.

"Well...from what I hear the place was attacked by renegades just before it was abandoned. Lots of internal damage and whatnot. Sounds like the perfect place to hang the 'Debris' shingle, doesn't it?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-09, 06:31 PM
Skyfall arrived at the Main Entrance and nodded to Artfire and Coundown:

"We're waiting for Greatshot to return. He apperently ran into some serious problems using an Autobot destress call.

"We put him into a CR chamber, and plan a Counterstrike."

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-09, 06:36 PM
Greatshot cruised carefully, but shakily, into the entrance of the Ark. Once inside, he transformed, sparks and mech fluid flying from the wound on his back.

The large bot collapsed to one knee.

"Is that CR chamber ready?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-09, 11:23 PM
Skyfall ignited his thrusters when Greatshot came flying into the Ark. He turned to Artfire:

"Can you give me a hand getting him to Medbay?" Skyfall was a little too small in this form to carry the much larger Autobot - and knew the Sniper would be able to.

On their way down to Medbay, Skyfall turned to the very wounded Autobot Sixchanger:

"What in Primus' Name happened there? What did you run into?"

A mental call made Skyfall nodd his head for a second, seemingly at nothing. He opened his comm:

"Starlight, Thank the boys for the work you three did. Meet me in Medbay - I think Astra may be getting swamped."

Standing over the Omega, the three Minicons looked at eachother and smiled. It was great to get back to what they were designed for - creation. Sometimes Starlight felt it was almost impossible to do anything other than destroy, after what Megatron had done to them.

They took off and headed down to medbay in their space fighter modes.

Upon arriving, they spotted Jazz on the table, while Astra was looking for the schematics of a Pretender shell. The three of them flew up to the table and transformed.

"May I\We?" Starlight asked, pointing at the Autobot's wounds.

OOC: Just until Miragefangal is feeling better - they'll get Jazz fixed up

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-10, 12:56 AM
Greatshot leaned heavily on Artfire, being careful not to put too much weight on his battered legs.

Once Skyfall had finished his communique, Greatshot carefully explained what had happened.

"Called himself 'Atlas Omega'. Showed up out of nowhere, found out I was an Autobot, and just started shooting. I got pinned down, and barely got away."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-10, 05:07 AM
"Lovely...." Was all Skyfall could say as they entred the Ark's Medbay. He popped open the cover to their larger CR chamber and gestured for Greatshot to sit down in it.

"We'll talk more when you're healed. You took some good hits, but it's nothing criticle, it shouldn't take the chamber too long to fix you up."

As Artfire helped Greatshot into the chamber, Skyfall turned and looked at Jazz:

"Don't worry Jazz, Starlight and the Boys will have you up and running in no time," and gave his 2IC a thumbs up as he headed out of medbay.

After a few moments, he found himself outside of Command and Control, looking in at Aero Blade working:

"Hey Aero - How are things? We may need to contact Autobase about a new threat, do you think it's possible?"

2005-03-10, 06:50 AM
--------In Earth Orbit--------
Rosdos in his space shuttle
"After many years for tracking the Ark finally I found it."he talk to himself.Then he pick up some data pad"Great....No information
about this planet."
Then Rosdos open comlink "This is Rosdos to the Ark anyone there?anyone?"

--------Outside the Ark--------
Warpath walk outside the Ark then he spott Rosdos' shuttle in the skies then he open comlink "Who's there?"
"This is Rosdos come here to join Autobots request."Rosdos answer
"Let me ask Skyfall first."
"All right."
Few seconds later Warpath spot the explosive at Rosdos's shuttle
"Err...there're fire on you shuttle."
"Yeah I know some crazy guys plant a bomb on my shuttle"Rosdos reply."Change the request.Request for crash landing."
Then the shuttle crash to the ground"Awww.....my head that
crash almost break my optics."
Warpath suddenly run to the crash site"Are you alright?"
Warpath ask."Almost...So this is the Autobots base right."Rosdos ask."We 've two bases here the Ark and Forttress Maximus
Skyfall is in charge in the Ark and Prime in Fortmax."Warpath answer"Could you guide me to Fortmax."Rosdos ask
"Sure!"Warpath reply.

2005-03-10, 11:14 AM
Sixswitch smiled as the group travelled across America, at speeds slow enough for Roadbuster to keep up on the ground below. Soon, the ground turned marshy and indistinct, the marsh gasses rising up from the peat obscuring everything beneath them.

"We're now entering the marshes of New Jersey," he told the other Wreckers.
"Maybe we should proceed on foot?"

Hyper Prime
2005-03-10, 12:20 PM
Countdown heard the message as he came back online. He opened the pod doors, and rushed out of the medbay in vehicle mode.


Shortly later, he pulled up to the main entrance next to Skyfall. "I'm here, where are the wounded?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-10, 05:18 PM
Skyfall turned to Countdown as he walked in:

"He's in Medbay. Met up with a nasty Con using and Autobot shuttle. He's in a CR chamber at the moment and we'll know mo.... BY PRIMUS!!"

Skyfall spotted the wounds on Aero Blade and was a bit taken aback:

"Aero, What happened?!?"

2005-03-11, 04:07 AM
Jazz simply grinned at the Minicons and raised his hands in mock surrender.

"Hey guys - where'm I gonna run?"

His optics followed Skyfall out of the medbay. That kid was getting around, and he was a lot busier than he needed to be. Perhaps Jazz would have a talk with him when he got his land legs back.

2005-03-11, 04:45 AM
New Jersey

"But I was planning on walking on my claws the rest of the way!"

Whirl transformed, landed beside Roadbuster and tried to keep pace with his ground-pounding counterpart.

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-11, 04:52 AM
The CR chamber opened and Greatshot stepped out. Looking at the other Autobots, he asked, "Does anybody know where Skyfall went?"

2005-03-11, 05:57 PM
Sixswitch skimmed low over the swamp, before transforming into his tiger mode, and dropping lightly onto his paws.

"You're welcome to do that if you want," he replied to Whirl with a grin, which looked rather feral on his animalistic face.

"How far is it from here anyway?" he asked, as he leapt between several large rocks embedded in the swampy ground.

2005-03-11, 08:49 PM
New Jersey

"Can't say for sure," Whirl told Sixswitch. "It's around here somewhere, but the entrance is very well disguis-ahhhh!"

The Wrecker had attempted to plant his left ski on a patch of swampy ground, but his leg had found no purchase underneath the damp plant life. He pitched forward, expecting to burry his head in the mud when he hit the ground. Instead, his face hit something metal with a resounding clang. Pushing himself up onto his knees, he started ripping plant life off of the metal object...revealing a Transformer-sized trapdoor adorned with a Decepticon symbol.

"Well, unless the 'Cons planted a secret door out here for the hell of it, I figure we've found the base."

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-03-11, 09:10 PM
Springer walked to the hatch and stared for a moment at the decepticon emblem emblazoned upon it. He unsheathed his sword and looked around, a stale wind blew through the marshes as he checked there was no-one near-by he arced the sword above his head and sliced a neat cross through the symbol before him.

Springer looked to the three Autobots with him, close friends, crazy comrades and eager, young blood.

"Gentlemen, welcome home. Welcome to Debris II"

With that Springer shattered the locking mechanism and watched as the doors screeched open.

2005-03-11, 09:39 PM
Sixswitch transformed into robot mode, and stepped through the newly opened door. The chemical analysers in his nose module told him that the air was stale.

"Doesn't look like anything's gotten in here since the Decepticons left," he commented, taking a look around the entryway that he'd stepped into.

"Still, they didn't leave much behind," he commented, seeing torn and frayed wires trailing through one of the doors. Following the trail, he stepped into what must have been the old command centre.

"We have a fair bit of work to do here guys," he commented. "So, where shall we start?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-12, 12:50 AM
With Jazz's permission, the three minicons went to work repairing his internals. He could hear Starlight chattering to herself in minicon.

Ark worked on his legs while Starlight and Nemesis worked on the other damage.

2005-03-12, 02:29 AM
Debris II, New Jersey Swamps:

Roadbuster: -transforms to robot mode, linear blaster cannon and laser rifle in hand, steps into the base- "How about we make sure the previous tennants didn't leave any guards behind?" -starts making his way forward- "After that, get down to the power room, see if we can get the power up and running." -looking back and forth, looking for anything out of the ordinary-

Aero Blade
2005-03-12, 04:30 AM
"What do you mean?" Aero asked, turning away from the computer he'd been working on, looking towards Skyfall. He then realized what he was looking at, and turned away so that he couldn't stare at the injury. "It's..it's nothing. I'm fine..."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-12, 04:37 AM
Skyfall rasied an eyebrow at Aero's attempt to hide his wounds:

"It certainly is something! As soon as they're done with Jazz, I'll get Starlight and the boys to fix you up, if that's ok. I know you're not fond of medics or Medbay- but I hope you'll let the minicons do a little repair. You need the help and I need you at full strength. You have to take care of yourself....."

He tried to not to twitch at his own wounds. His troops came before his own personal comfort. And with what ever it is using an Autobot frequency over in Australia, he needed to contact Autobase, so no one else went in thinking there were friendlies.

"Before they come though - Is comms working? Can we contact Autobase?"

Aero Blade
2005-03-12, 04:49 AM
Aero notably didn't give any response about his injuries, probably trying to pretend he didn't hear him, but when Skyfall asked about the come, Aero was quick to answer. "The coms should be working fine. I think they're the only thing in here that didn't get damaged..."

Brave Maximus
2005-03-12, 05:12 AM
Skyfall looked at Aero for a second, but decided not to push it for the moment. Instead, he hit his thrusters (with an obvious wince this time) and flew up to the computer's console. Once there, he activated the Comms system:

"This is Skyfall of the Neo's at the Ark, calling Autobase:
I have urgent news on the Autobot destress call coming from Australia. Come in Autobase."

2005-03-12, 05:38 AM
Debris II

"Anyone know a good interior decorator? If you do, call 'em."

Whirl glanced around the abandoned base. If he had had a face, he would have frowned.

"If not, I say we go with Roadbuster's suggestion."

The Wrecker drew his rifle from subspace.

2005-03-13, 03:09 AM

Lost in her research, Astra barely registered the comings and goings, then eventually pulled herself away from the monitor.

"No, sorry" she replied, glancing at Greatshot before her gaze wandered to the minicons repairing Jazz and moved to check for Wheeljack's workshop for equipment needed to build a Pretender shell.

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-13, 06:00 AM

Greatshot watched the commotion for a moment before turning and walking out of Medbay. Opening his comm, he radioed Skyfall.

"Skyfall, this is Greatshot. What is your location?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-13, 06:24 AM
Finishing his communique with Autobase, Skyfall turned and walked out of Command and Control - pausing to talk with Aero Blade one last time:

"I'll send Starlight and the boys around to help you with your wounds. It doesn't do you any good to be hurt when we can fix you. And you know they won't do anything to hurt you...."

He then turned and walked out of C&C, opening his Comm to Greatshot:

"I'm just leaving Command, I'll be by Medbay in a few minutes, meet me there if you want."

But just outside of C&C, Skyfall's strength failed. It was not just the physical wounds that made him drop, but the weight he carried on his shoulders. Dai Atlas had told him that being in command was lonely if you let it - and Skyfall could feel that as he looked at his wounded troops every time he turned around.

The Micro Master leader dropped to the floor and it was only after a few moments, that he was able to prop himself up on his hands and knees and make it over to the wall. Leaning with he back up against it, he pulled his knees up to his chest, and leaned his head back and looked up into the air:

"Primus he......" was all he could manage before his optics flickered and went out. As he slipped into stasis, mechfluid slowly leaked out of his back and sides and began to pool behind him. And from his optics, a single drop of liquid pooled at the edge of them, then rolled down his upturned face.

Aero Blade
2005-03-13, 06:43 AM
Aero had tried to pretend he didn't pick up on whta Skyfall was saying to him, still anerved of the thought of possibly being sent to the medbay, but when his commander went down, Aero Blade was over there immediately to see if he was alright.

Aero looked him over, trying to see if he was alright, but it quickly became apparent that there was only one thing he could do, and likely had to do it immediately - take Skyfall to the dreaded medbay...

After a moment's hesitation, Aero finally scooped up the micromaster and headed towards the medbay to seek help.

Hyper Prime
2005-03-13, 12:48 PM
Countdown sensed Skyfall was distressed, so after a while he decided to follow after him. Upon going the way he had down the hall, Count came across a wounded Aeroblade carrying a offline Skyfall. "Ah man no... we've got to get both of you to medbay." He then activated his comm link calling Astra, "Hey Astra, are you in the medbay? Prep a medtable and a CR chamber. We've got an injuried Aeroblade, and Skyfall just fell into stasis lock. We'll meet you soon." He then walked alongside Aero, making sure he was balanced.

2005-03-13, 03:31 PM

Halfway through checking through Wheeljack's supplies for the materials needed to build Jazz's Pretender shell, Astra paused, then left the workshop.

"I was in 'Jack's lab, just off the med-bay" she replied over her comm-radio, entering the med-bay and moving to preparing for the incoming patients "I'll have everything ready when you arrive"

"Looks like your repairs are being taken care of, and I'm sorry, but you request may have to wait for a little while" the scarlet and black femme added, glancing at the minicons and Jazz "I got incoming"

Aero Blade
2005-03-13, 05:59 PM
Aero greatly appreciated Countdown being there, just in case something happened, but as mention of him recieving medical attention, Aero nearly balked, but kept going as he knew Skyfall needed to get there immediately. "No no, I'm fine, you don't need to bother with me," Aero told Countdown nervously. "Skyfall's the one who truely needs attention..."

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-13, 07:44 PM
Following Skyfall's message, Greatshot turned and stalked back into Medbay.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-03-13, 09:54 PM
Springer fumbled around in the darkness, the light shining through the hatch was only just enough for the outlines of his comrades to be seen.

He made his way towards a worksurface and fumbled around, looking for a generator switch. Eventually he came to a figure, a tall looming robot before him - de-activated, he looked in the half-light infront of him as he clapped eyes upon a dirty Autobot insignia he scanned his memory banks for the mysterious captor.

2005-03-14, 12:26 AM
Sixswitch was following a trail of frayed wiring along a corridor, blasters drawn and held ready, though he didn't expect any hostile forces to be here. The light filtering through the hatch was weak, so he almost didn't recognise the power generator for what it was.

Stooping down, he examined it, and found it still in working order, although completely drained of all dregs of power. A small infusion of energy should give it enough juice to start the generating sequence.

"Hey guys, I think I can get the power back on. Don't know how long it'll last though, or what's still here worth powering."

He removed a small wire from his chest cavity. Such wires were usually used to recharge, but they could also be used to remove energon from his systems - usually only used when the energon was bad or corrupted. He plugged it into a socket on the generator, and activated it. Sure enough, running lights along the side of the generator flickered to life, and a low hum eminated from the machine.

"I don't know how long it'll take before we get any meaningful amount of power from that thing," he called to the other Wreckers, "but it seems to be working at least."

Hyper Prime
2005-03-14, 12:32 AM
"I don't want to hear it Aero," Countdown said back, "You may not be as in bad shape as Skyfall, but you're still beat up. Now, load Skyfall on me, I'll take the strain till we get to the medbay." The micromaster then stopped so Aero could load the other micromaster onto his seat.

2005-03-14, 12:42 AM
While Warpath lead Rosdos to Fortmax
"What will you do with that wreck?"Warpath ask.
"You mean my shuttle?Let's get back to the Ark!"

--------Crash site near the Ark-------
Warpath open comlink
"Skyfall there are a shuttle crash near the Ark it belong
to Rosdos he come here to join us what should we do with the crash shuttle?"

Hyper Prime
2005-03-14, 01:05 AM
Countdown could hear Warpath over Skyfall's radio transmitter. He spoke back, "Sorry Warpath, but Skyfall can't take your message right now. He's down and out and we need to get him to medbay pronto. If you've got someting to tell him, come over to medbay and we'll discuss it."

2005-03-14, 01:37 AM
Warpath walk into the medbay with Rosdos
He walk straight to Countdown "There are a crash shuttle near the Ark it's belong to this guy his name Rosdos he come to join us and what we do with that crash shuttle?"

Hyper Prime
2005-03-14, 02:04 AM
Countdown transformed as he looked to Warpath, "That so?" He then pondered for a moment, replying, "I'll come with you to check this out, but first..." The micromaster then lept up onto Aeroblad and then into his hands. He then took Skyfall's body and jumped back down onto the ground. "We've got to get Skyfall to the medbay fast! Come on Aero!" He then rushed down to the hall to the door at the end.

2005-03-14, 02:07 AM
Jazz gave Astra a weak thumbs-up, unable to raise his head to look at her while the Minicons worked on him.

"No sweat, kiddo. These guys got me covered."

Jazz caught sight of Greatshot's return from the corner of his optic. He'd caught a glance of the newcomer passing through a minute ago in what appeared to be a terrible state, but he wasn't able to assess very well.

"How'd the first mission go, big guy?"

Aero Blade
2005-03-14, 02:48 AM
Just as they had nearly reached the medbay, Aero Blade found Skyfall suddenly being taken from him by Countdown as he took off ahead. Aero heard him calling back to him, telling him to come into the last place in the universe that Aero would go in his right mind, as though he actually expected him to follow... Aero simply stopped, standing there. "You've got to be kidding me..."

Aero looked about the hallway, finding himself to be alone. With no-one to tell him otherwise, the tech turned around, starting to walk away from the medbay.

Brave Maximus
2005-03-14, 03:14 AM
Ark sat back on his haunches and nodded to Starlight. A few moments later, Nemesis closed the access pannels on Jazz's midsection while Starlight closed his chest pannel. The small Femme Minicon turned to Jazz and smiled at him (despite having a very inhuman face).

"Repairs are complete internally. You should spend some time in the CR chamber to repair your housing and recharge. I\We are not that skilled at outer mechanics. But you are as good as new on the inside..... sorry we could not do more."

2005-03-14, 07:39 PM
With a stretch, Jazz hopped from the table and brushed himself off. He looked a wreck: most of the electrical surge's damage had been external, but the Minicons had at least made him functional again. And he did appreciate the use of his arm... He gave the medics a thumbs-up and a smile.

"Thanks, fellas. Keep up the work and ya might win a Nobel--"

Beyond the Minicons, Jazz caught sight of an inoperative Skyfall being carried through the door. He raised his brow and jogged over to Countdown, a somewhat shocked look on him as he sized up the fallen commander.

"Holy Toledo! What happened to him, bro?"

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-14, 10:35 PM
Greatshot walked quickly over to Countdown and reached to take the injured Skyfall.

"Here. Allow me."

Hyper Prime
2005-03-15, 02:27 AM
"Okay, here." Countdown didn't want to argue, so he willing gave Skyfall to Greatshot. He then quickly entered the medbay and skidded across the floor as he came to a cr chamber. He opened it, and set the specifics for micromaster recovery. "Get him in Great. Okay Aero, your turn..."

The micromaster quickly spun around to realize Aeroblade hadn't followed him. He quickly turned on his comm link calling, "Hey Starlight, can you and the other minicons find Aeroblade? He needs some immediate repairs."

2005-03-15, 02:44 AM
Warpath run to injury Skyfall to help Greatshot repair Skyfall then he turn his head to Rosdos "Hey! Rosdos come help us here.""Alright."Rosdos reply and start to repair Skyfall.

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-15, 04:28 AM
Greatshot just stood back and let them work.

Better not to get in their way, he thought.

2005-03-15, 04:41 AM
Debris II

Whirl's optic brightened, lighting the way in front of him slightly. He shrugged.

"Some lights would be nice, at least," he told Sixswitch. "Unless you want to capture some swamp gas and make a lamp."

He glanced over to the silouetted figure of Springer. "Find something, boss?"

2005-03-15, 07:18 AM
Warpath see that Greatshot stood back"Why you stood
back?"The Minibot ask Greatshot.

Hyper Prime
2005-03-15, 12:20 PM
Countdown watched as Rosdos looked over Skyfall and started his repairs. He asked the strange bot off the side, "So, you're Rosdos? So you've crashed close to the ark eh?"

2005-03-15, 03:02 PM
"Yes.I don't know what to do with that crash shuttle repair it or trash it smoewhere else."Rosdos reply Countdown .

Brave Maximus
2005-03-15, 05:44 PM
Starlight nodded to Countdown, and with a little hesitation - left Skyfall's side. The three minicons then flew down the hall until they spotted Aero Blade.

Starlight hovered up to eye level with the larger Autobot:

"Are you in need of assistance?"

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-15, 05:49 PM
Upon hearing Warpath's question, Greatshot looked up at the minibot.

"I'd just be in the way," he responded.

Aero Blade
2005-03-15, 08:43 PM
"No, Starlight, I'm fine," Aero told the minicon politely, sounding a bit tired. With the incident with Skyfall, it'd taken the tech out of work mode, and now he was begining to feel his fatigue. Even with injuries though, he wasn't about to go back to the medbay, and he politely made his way around them and continued on his way.

Stratus meanwhile flew over to Starlight, hovering nearby and watching Aero. "I don't know if anyone's ever found a way to handle his injuries. Most people have to trick him or drag him to the medbay. It'd be alot easier if he wasn't so scared of the medics."

Hyper Prime
2005-03-16, 12:26 PM
"Hmm, I see." Countdown replied. "Well, best way to make sure is to inspect the crash site for anything salvagable, and then scrap whatever remains. I'll look into once Skyfall is back online."

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-03-16, 07:18 PM
"Yeah, I found something, but I ain't entirely sure who..."

Springer mused to himself that this bot had been in-active for quite a period of time, though it was definitely an autobot.

"...come take a look..."

2005-03-16, 07:28 PM
Sixswitch had patiently fitted all the wired into their correct sockets in the power generator. Each light had compliantly lit up, signalling that the sockets were active. He'd flicked the main power switch. Nothing had happened.

"Damn piece of Decepticon junk," he cursed, before aiming a hefty kick at the offending piece of machinery.

He blinked in shock as the lights flickered on throughout the base.

"We're cooking with energon now," he grinned, pushing the generator into a corner of the room.

"Hey guys!" he yelled, his voice echoing through the empty base.
"We've got power!"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-17, 04:22 AM
Starlight looked at the wounded Autobot with a disapproving look and nodded to Stratus. It was the same look she gave Ark and Nemesis from time to time.

"You need repairs. I\We are here to help you. You know that I\We will not harm you in any way - if you will allow us to help."

2005-03-17, 04:54 AM
Debris II

Whirl nodded appreciatively as the lights flickered on. Striding quickly up beside Springer, he stared at the inactive Autobot that his leader had found.

"Don't think I've ever seen him before..."

Aero Blade
2005-03-19, 01:38 AM
"Really, I'm alright..." Aero tried to say, looking at the minicons. He both looked and sounded tired, and as though he couldn't put up too much of a fuss, but he was still giving it his best. "I can fix these injuries myself..."

2005-03-19, 02:41 AM
Debris II

Roadbuster: -still stalking through the now lit corridors of the abandoned 'Con base, guns at the ready-


Dinobot: -arms crossed, tapping forefinger of his right hand against his left upper arm- "So?"

Roadbuster: "You're getting awfully talkative, for a ghost."

Dinobot: -shrugs- "I am data. And, I have moved into the targeting gear for your shoulder cannon. And you know what I am talking about."

Roadbuster: "Nnn."

2005-03-19, 06:14 AM

Rosdos finish repair Skyfall then he activate Skyfall.

2005-03-19, 11:10 PM
OOC: Ok, I'm lost, what do I have Astra do now? >.<

2005-03-21, 09:16 PM
Jazz looked down on the fallen Skyfall quizzically. He wasn't familiar with the capacities of the doctor who'd repaired him; he couldn't quite tell if the work was actually successful. He watched closely for signs of consciousness.

"How ya feelin', kid?"

(OOC: You could get Astra to work on Jazz' Pretender shell if there aren't any more wounded, MFG...)

2005-03-21, 09:49 PM
OOC: Rosdos isn't an actual medic, his function's artillery, I checked


Astra muttered darkly, it was like the stranger had entered and all her skills and all the quick preparations she had made for repairing her commanding officer didn't matter, had just been ignored.

The femme disappeared into the workshop, trying to focus on the Pretender shell as tools and spare parts flew out of Wheeljack's workshop, each one hitting the floor with a slight crash.

She had given up the chance to see Trailbreaker, her closest friend for the first time in ages again, to be this team's medic.

Hyper Prime
2005-03-22, 12:34 AM
Countdown was pleased saying to Rosdos, "Nice job there. Didn't know you had any medical skills." He would go on, but then he noticed Astra leave abruptly. With a show of concern, he said, "... fill in Skyfall about the situation when he wakes up. I'll be right back."

He followed after her, but stopped. The micromaster commander looked to her as she dropped all of her tools, and asked, "Astra... are you okay?"

(OOC: put Sky in the R chamber when you're done Waritoo)

2005-03-22, 02:30 AM
"Not medical a mechanic so I can modify myself but Skyfall
not 100% repair I repair that he can only activate and walk but
not tranform or use his weapon."Rosdos reply Countdown.

(OOC:In his profile Rosdos got some mecahnic skill.Is mechanic same as medical?If it not I'm sorry.)

Brave Maximus
2005-03-22, 06:27 PM
Skyfall's audio receptors activated to the sounds of arguments and flying equipment around him. There was a voice he wasn't familiar with and a few he was.

Still as weak as he was, it took the Micro Master's optics quite a while to come back online and adjust so that he could see again - just in time, though, to see medical equipment hitting the ground through a door.

He propped himself up on one elbow and attempted to turn his voicorder up, though it only registared as a hoarse wisper:

"What in the Pit is going on here?"

C&C Hallway

Starlight kept up her disapproving glare at Aero Blade and didn't let up:

"I\We can fix you with much greater efficency. This is something Skyfall wanted. And as I\We cannot help there - allow Me\Us to help here!"

OOC: Alright, there's a lot of confusion and some people are starting to get upset. There is a Discussion Thread (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29613) in the RPG discussion Forum that EVERYONE in the Ark needs to look at

Aero Blade
2005-03-22, 08:25 PM
For a moment, as Aero stood staring at Starlight, a few thoughts crossed his mind. Why did he just stand there, listening to the little minicon? Why didn't he just go around? Why didn't he make something barely a 20th of his size move out of the way?

Because he was a nice guy, that's why. He'd never be able to bring himself to even begin to think of hurting a minicon, and the thoughts had been banished before he barely had chance to register them. Aero sighed, looking at all the minicons, then back at Starlight, loosing the will and strength to keep this up. He'd let them repair him, but... "I'm not going to the medbay..." he warned in a leery tone.

2005-03-22, 11:09 PM
Jazz rose a grin as Skyfall stirred to life.

"You gotta take some time off, champ. I'll holdja down if I gotta."

With a friendly slap on the Micromaster's shoulder, Jazz rose to his feet.

"Yo, Astra, c'n you give Sky the once-over and fine-tune whatever needs it?"

With a nod to the over-ambitious captain, Jazz stepped into the hall, transformed, and chugged toward the Command Center.

2005-03-23, 12:20 AM

More mutterings of "That part was here somewhere" and "I know I saw that part here" followed as Astra threw a turbowrench, over her shoulder, the tool barely missing Countdown's head before glancing back at him.

"Yeah, I'll be fine, and sorry about that, just letting off some steam" the female medic replied, with a wry grin, then she ducked, back into the main med-bay as she heard Jazz's comment.

Grabbing the medical tools she had prepared earlier, the scarlet and black femme sheepishly moved to Skyfall's side.

2005-03-23, 12:39 AM
Rosdos walk back to crash shuttle and Warpath follow him
"Why are you follow me?"Rosdos ask"I go back to the Autobase."
Warpath answer."I'll go to scrap somethhing in my shuttle."
"I'll go with you."They walk to the crash shuttle."Now we got
Navigation sysem,Turret,Engine,Some metal plate and door."
Warpath open comlink"Countdown We leave the thing that we scrap from the shuttle in front of the Ark."Then the both go to the Autobase.

Amarant Odinson
2005-03-23, 12:43 AM
Dropshot walked into the Command Center and started giving to Defence systems a once over, checking to see what was damaged during the last fight to see if any more repairs need to be done. Stepper walked in as Dropshot was working.

"What's up boss?"

"Nothing, just doing a systems check to make sure that we're not screwed if the Mayhem Attack Sqaud or the "Real" Wreckers feel like barging in." He turned to face his teammate and saw the slashes. "Looks like you had some fun with Double Punch."

Stepper looked down a bit to see the damage. " It's just a flesh wound. I've had worse."

"I don't care. Get your ass down to Astra to get fixed up and tell Artfire to do the same if you see him. I want you two in peak condition in case Skyfall decides to plan a counter attack or in case some other ugly bots show up uninvited."

"You got it boss." Stepper replied. He then transformed and headed down to Med Bay passing Jazz along the way.

Hyper Prime
2005-03-23, 01:16 AM
"Well, okay." Countdown replied to Astra happily, ducking from the falling tools. He replied to Warpath, "Okay, I'll come take a look at it. Countdown out." THe micromaster then took off as he transformed and sped out of the medbay.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-03-23, 11:24 AM
"Me neither...definitely Autobot though, probably an un-welcome stay for whatever reason he was here."

Springer looked around the base, mostly overgrown but still mechanical in feeling.

"Well, let's see what we managed to mooch before we left" Springer turned to Sixswitch

2005-03-24, 11:37 PM
Jazz transformed with a rickety hobble as he rounded the corner into the broad command center. He took a little stagger with his first step into the room, but in general he felt far better than he had recently. He maintained his usual grace as he found a seat at the communication console and dialed in the secure mid-range band.

"Autobase, come in. This is Jazz at the Ark Outpost. We got hit bad by a buncha bruisers lookin' for trouble. I'm takin' command while Skyfall's down for repairs. What's your status? Over."

2005-03-25, 12:16 AM
Sixswitch grinned, and transformed into fighter mode, only just fitting into the slightly cramped space.

His cockpit slid back, revealing the piles of weapons stored there. Several short ranged SAM launchers, pulse laser cannons, and a few rocket launcher turrets.

"Nothing terribly flash, but it should get the job done - especially considering that anyone trying to get here will have to fight through the swamp anyway."

2005-03-25, 05:41 AM
Debris II

"Speaking of which..." Whirl glanced around. "Any idea where sickbay is? I'd like to get this medical equipment outta my gut some time this vorn..."

Hyper Prime
2005-03-26, 12:40 PM
Countdown came to the outside of the Ark and looked at the wreckage that was Rosdos' ship. With a quick scan, he could see only a few parts and pieces were salvagable, but the rest was all just scrap. Activating his commlink, he called Jazz, "Hey big Jazz, you busy? We got ourselves a busted ship on our door step, and there's not a whole lot thta can be used. What should we do with it?"

2005-03-26, 11:10 PM
Jazz leaned into the microphone to respond to Blaster and Fortress...

"You guys got hit too? Ours musta been a diversion... We can take care of ourselves, no sweat. I'm gonna send up some rookies we got down here to help y'all out. Tell Prime we're ready 'n' itchin' if he's got any jobs for us. Over."

A voice buzzed in his head as he finished speaking. Jazz cupped a hand over the microphone and leaned back to respond to Countdown.

"She's no good, huh? See if you can get it away from the mountain and dump it somewhere. I don't want scavengers snoopin' around..."

Hyper Prime
2005-03-27, 05:43 PM
Countdown replied, "Will do Jazz." He then began to ponder, "But how the slag am I gonna get rid of it. Only one person I know could figure out what to..." The thought him, and he smiled. He radioed again, "Hey Jazz, I got an idea of what to do with this wreck. I'll be out for a bit at Autobase. See then." He then headed for his base nearby. It was too damaged, so he activated first the defensive systems to guard the wreckage. Then, leaping into the pilot's seat, launched the rocket for Autobase.

2005-03-29, 01:37 AM
Having picked up the beep registering the channel's closing, Jazz retracted the microphone back into its port. He pushed himself from the console, transformed, and chugged back into the hall...

Brave Maximus
2005-03-30, 09:55 PM
Approaching the Ark

Sixwing in his seperate form came over the horizon and headed towards the Ark. Deep in the back of his mind, Missile Run knew the team was almost out of fuel and he was fully exausted from the sheer strain to keep them going. He knew he didn't have anything to spare and tried to avoid the debris near the front of the Ark.....

Ark - Medbay

The voice of the Sentinal System came over the Ark's loud speakers:

"Incoming Autobot. Energy Signature Identifies it at Subject: Sixwing. Allowing entry at main entrance. Situation.... Critical"

Skyfall stood up with a slight wobble, and tried to ignite his thrusters. After a few dips in the air, he managed to make it to the floor and looked up Greatshot:

"Can you come with me? It's better to have two people around with Sixwing."

Ark - Outside Command and Control

Starlight looked at Aero Blade as he slumped down:

"It would be best if You were to go to medbay."

She looked into C&C and spotted Dropshot and Artfire:

"Can you help Me\Us get Aero Blade to Medbay? I\We want to make sure he arrives in one piece."

Ark - Main Entrance

The six parts of Sixwing hit the deck of the Ark hard. The component jet splintered into it's parts while the 5 flying members attempted landings, to various degrees of success. Missile Run transformed into Robot mode and landed on his feet, only to drop to his knees, still trying to make it deeper into the Ark.

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-30, 10:06 PM
Greatshot looked at the weakened Micromaster.


2005-03-31, 12:51 AM
Jazz pulled through the open door slowly (his wheels were having a little difficulty yet in turning right), but the grace in his transformation to robot mode was as classic as ever. He stopped in his tracks when he spotted Greatshot and Skyfall, and he held out a pleading hand.

"Woah, chief! Where you think yer goin' like that?"

Brave Maximus
2005-03-31, 04:25 AM
Skyfall paused and looked up at Jazz:

"Sixwing just hit the ground. Sentinal said his situation is critical. I've been repaired, and there are others who need the table more than I do.

"You look like you need some time in the CR chamber. Greatshot and I have this covered. Take the down time, I'll need you at 100% soon. Once everyone's up, we need to plan our next mission."

The Micro Master took a shakey step forward. When he didn't fall over, he started to walk towards the main entrance way.

Amarant Odinson
2005-03-31, 09:20 AM
Dropshot and Artfire just looked at each other and shrugged.

"Might as well. I was going to head down there to check up on Stepper anyway." said Artfire.

"I don't need this today." Dropshot replied. He then looked over at the minicon and nodded. "Don't worry Starlight, we'll get Aero Blade to the MedBay."

He then focused his attention to Aero Blade, who was still slumped down on the floor at this point. "Alright, I'm going to say this as nicely as a I can. Aero Blade, you are going to the Medbay. You need to get checked out and the Medbay is this best spot for that. Now I'm getting too old for this crap and I'm not going to stand here and watch you sulk like a big baby about not wanting to go. Therefore, you have two choices. You either go to the Medbay under your own power or you go under Artfire's. Understood? Now what's it going to be?"

Artfire just shook his head, looked over at Starlight and replied. " And to think, this is him on a GOOD day!"

Dead Man Wade
2005-03-31, 04:06 PM
Greatshot watched Skyfall walk shakily in the direction of the main entrance.

Catching up, he asked, "Do you need a hand?"

Aero Blade
2005-03-31, 08:52 PM
When talk of the medbay had started up, Aero started to put distance between himself and the others, but then stopped when he realized backing up just put him all that more closer to the dreaded destination...

Aero Blade looked back towards Dropshot, giving the older autobot a defiant look. "I am not going to the medbay. I don't need to..." he said with a confidence that didn't seem to agree with his shambled physical condition.

Stratus at this point was idly flying around the hall, keeping an eye on things. "Better not hurt him," He called to Artfire and Dropshot. Yes, his partner really needed to go and get repaired, but he didn't need any extra damage added to him, though from the looks of it, if Aero kept it up it could happen.

2005-04-01, 05:38 PM
Jazz shook his head, but he couldn't restrain a little chuckle at Skyfall's tenacity.

"Hey, uh-uh. You been workin' yerself way too hard. You get fixed up; me 'n' Great'll take care o' this. C'mon, bro."

Jazz thumbed Greatshot toward the hall and began out through the door.

Amarant Odinson
2005-04-02, 05:09 AM
"We don't plan on hurting him, Stratus." Dropshot answered back. "But Aero Blade's going to the Med Bay whether he likes it or not."

Artfire just rolled his eyes and said. "Well you could say please. That might help a lot."

Dropshot just glared back at his partner " Don't even start with me." He then focused on Aero Blade once again. "Listen, I'm sure that you feel fine. But no offence, you look like slag. Now we can change that if you get down the Med Bay and have Astra take a look at you, ok? So what's it going to be? Are you walking down there or is Artfire going have to carry you? Your choice."

Aero Blade
2005-04-02, 05:19 AM
"No way!" Aero responded, backing away slightly from Dropshot and Artfire. He couldn't back up too far, though, or he'd be going closer to the medbay. He looked around warily for any possible escape routes...

Amarant Odinson
2005-04-02, 06:01 AM
Dropshot just nodded at the defiant Autobot and as he did, Artfire just walked over, picked Aero Blade up, put him over his shoulder and started heading for the Med Bay. Dropshot followed right behind and said "Sorry, but you didn't leave me with any other choice....and quit moving. You'll only make it worse."

As they walked into the Med Bay, Dropshot called Astra over. "Sorry do this to you. I know you're busy and all, but we've got another "reluctant paitent" for you. Where do you want us to put him?"

Aero Blade
2005-04-02, 06:07 AM
"PUT ME DOWN!!" Aero yelled in protest as he was snatched up and carried towards the medbay. Weakened from his damage, there was little that he could do to get away. When Artfire had finally hauled him into the medbay, though, he grew very quiet and just looked about frightfully, begining to shake with the revival of a good many horrible memories...

2005-04-02, 07:11 AM
"Alright, sir, get yourself in a CR chamber, medic's orders" Astra called, nodding at Skyfall as her training fully took over, then she glanced at Dropshot, Artfire and Aero Blade, adding "Put him on a med-table and make sure he stays put, I'll be with you in a second, just got to collect the tools for repairing his wound"

Dead Man Wade
2005-04-02, 03:44 PM
Greatshot followed Jazz through the Medbay doors.

"Doesn't give up, does he?"

2005-04-02, 10:21 PM
Jazz chuckled to Greatshot as he jogged the distance between Medbay and the main entrance.

"The kid's got heart, I tell ya. Doesn't always have the smarts to give take care of himself, though..."

Jazz' jog faded into a slow walk, then to a stop as he spotted Missile Run down the corridor. He took the moment to weigh the situation; Sixwing's motivations were particularly difficult to predict.

Dead Man Wade
2005-04-02, 11:48 PM
Greatshot ran up behind Jazz, and tried to make sense of the unfolding situation. Pointing at Missile Run, he said, "That's the one we were sent to get?"

2005-04-03, 06:45 PM
Jazz half-nodded very slowly. He shifted his head to the side toward Greatshot, keeping his optics locked on the Micromasters.

"Him 'n' the rest of his buddies. They do this neat pyramid trick that makes 'em a lot meaner than they look..."

Jazz took a few slow steps forward and spoke louder to get Missile Run's attention.

"Hey, man. What's happenin'?"

Amarant Odinson
2005-04-04, 05:30 AM
Ark: Med Bay

Dropshot nodded at Astra and pointed at a table. "You heard the lady. Put him down over there and make sure he doesn't leave." As he said that, Stepper rolled in and tranformed.

"So what did I miss, boss?"

Dropshot turned to his partner. "You're late. I thought I told you to come here and get checked out half an hour ago. Do we need to another "talk" about this?"

Stepper's optics widened. " NO NO. I'm good. Sorry about being late. Anything I can do to help?"

Artfire answered back. "Yeah, you can help me with Aero Blade. We need to keep him here while Astra patches him up. He's pretty banged up but he's not to fond of doctors."

Stepper walked to the med table where Artfire and Aero Blade were. "You're not kidding. Looks like you had one hell of a fight. Worse than mine anyway. How do you feel Aero Blade?"

Dropshot looked on in approval. "Good, you two take care of him and Astra with whatever she needs. I'm going to talk to Skyfall before he heads for the CR chamber and see what's up." He stared heading towards Skyfall but added something as he left them. " One more thing. I want both of you to get checked out by Astra whenever she's done with the others. Understood?"

They both answered back in unison. "Yes Dropshot."

Aero Blade
2005-04-04, 12:54 PM
As he was deposited on one of the tables in the medbay, Aero gave Artifire an irritated looked. He thought of waiting for the right moment to try to bolt off, but soon after he found two people guarding him now instead of one. The longer he sat in the medbay, the more his apprenension and the feeling of desperation began to grow. As Stepper adressed him, he pointedly returned his answer. "I'm perfectly fine!" He snapped. He turned away from everyone, seething, just staring at a blank spot in the while while he considered his limited options.

Brave Maximus
2005-04-05, 06:20 AM
Skyall sighed as Jazz and Greatshot headed down to the main entrace and called after them:

"Just be careful! And keep your comms open, I want to know what's going on."

The Micro Master Commander was then treated to the commotion in Medbay, as he rounded the door, he spotted Artfire and Stepper guarding a very upset looking Aero Blade while 4 Minicons flew around the Medbay:

"Aero - It's good to see you in Medbay - Astra will have you fixed in no time. And, as I have to get fixed as well, I'll make sure no one hurts you."

Ark - Main Entrance

When Jazz and Greatshot approached Missile Run, they would be able to see the pain flashing across his face, just before he collapsed. Purple energy crackled through all 7 parts of the Micro Master Combiner, trying desperatly to keep up with the Damage.

Upon closer look, one could see that their skin was not perfect, but melted in area's, and damaged circuts were obvious in various places and he was running on Energon Fumes.

Missile run may have told them of his journey through the centre of the Earth - in his usual pleasent tone - were he still concious. Instead the Micro Masters lay there, Purple energy trying to keep them alive......

2005-04-05, 07:26 PM
Debris II

Roadbuster: -glad for the light, searching rooms as he comes across them, now in the quarters area, stops before one door in particular, snorts- "Starscream." -curling his wrist, uses his left arm bracer as an improvised dagger, carving one corner of the bracer through Starscream's name plate on the wall next to the door- "Unkillable spark, huh. We'll just have to see about that....." -pulls door open, strides in, pulls his trophy out of subspace, hangs it on the wall, Squeezeplay's dead optic catching the light-

2005-04-05, 08:45 PM
Jazz frowned at Missile Run's absence of response. He took a few more cautious steps forward, scanning about to take note of the other Micromasters scattered about the end of the broad hall. He stopped a few feet from Missile Run, unsure what to make of the purple energy popping on his hull now and again. Jazz transformed to car mode with more reservation than usual and opened all four of his doors.

"I think the coast is clear," he called over to Greatshot. "Load 'em in an' I'll wheelbarrow 'em back to Astra."

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-04-05, 08:48 PM
Springer turned to Whirl

"Find the room that looks least comfy...or like a torture chamber...either one should be easily malible to our requests"

Springer looked over the bounty from Autobase, then turned his attention to the computer screen that spluttered into life and began to hack away at the security.

2005-04-05, 09:37 PM
Ark Med-Bay

Having gathered a med-kit from a supply cupboard, Astra approached Aero, then gently put a hand on his shoulder to turn him over so she could work on his repairs, a no-nonsense look on her face.

Aero Blade
2005-04-05, 09:44 PM
As Astra approached and tried to work on him, Aero edged away from the unfamiliar medic, visibly shaking slightly. He wasn't about to willingly let a medic get closed to him. Too many bad memories were circulating through his processor for any logic to override it.

2005-04-06, 04:29 AM
Debris II

Whirl shrugged, his lanky frame making the expression almost comical.

"You're the boss, Springer."

He strutted off into the base, glaring with mock-intensity at the doors he passed.

"Supplies closet...morgue...security office...Bludgeon's quarters..."

He nodded suddenly.

"Ah, here we go! Science lab!"

He tapped the door control, but the room stayed resolutely closed. Annoyed, he jammed the blade of his bayonet into the frame and started to pry the doors apart. When he opened it far enough to get his claws in, he grabbed hold and shoved.

He walked into the lab, taking note of piles of spare parts, technical equipment, biobeds and scanning computers along one wall. The other wall had six tubes aligned along it.

As the Wrecker emptied his cargo of medical supplies onto an empty biobed, machinery started to whirr. Lights within the tubes ignited, and Whirl saw that each one had a name stenciled into it.

"Iguanus...Bombburst...Sub-Marauder...Skullgrin...Bugly...Finback. Heh."

He stepped over to the control console, flipping his comlink open as he did.

"Any of you guys ever wanted a Pretender shell? 'Cause it looks like I've walked right into a shell factory..."

(OOC: Comic fans will recognise this room as the lab in which Scorponok's group created their first Pretenders [US#40])

Brave Maximus
2005-04-06, 06:39 PM
Skyfall ignited his thrusters and after a few sputters, he rose up and floated (slightly wobbly) in front of Aero Blade's optics:

"Aero. We're not going to hurt you. We are all your friends here. Stratus is right there, as is Starlight and the boys. You know the Minicons would never allow any harm to come to you. Trust us - Astra just wants you repaired - she will do nothing to harm you - I promise."

Ark - Main Entrance

Missile Run may have been off-line, but his Spark was not. Deep inside, the core of what he had become resented being too weak to do this for himself. Given time, he would have been repaired enough to do it.

But, the memories inside of Missile Run told him that this is what it ment to be an Autobot - to help those in need, amongst other things. And while the Spark could do nothing else - it pondered that.......

Dead Man Wade
2005-04-06, 08:45 PM
Greatshot nodded at Jazz's instructions and walked over to Missile Run. Kneeling down, he picked him up as gently as possible and carried him over to Jazz. Loading him into the driver's seat, he turned around and proceed to gather up the rest of the combiner.

Several minutes later, the component bots were loaded up and ready to go. Greatshot stepped back and said, "You're all set."

2005-04-08, 04:04 AM
With his passengers loaded, Jazz closed his doors cautiously. He reved his engine in gratitude to Greatshot.

"Merci, frere. List'n, I heard through the grapevine that Autobase got hit bad by a 'Con raid, and I told Prime I'd send a few extra hands up his way to help sort through the damage. Think you could do that for me?"

Aero Blade
2005-04-12, 09:08 PM
Aero saw Skyfall as he hovered up to him, and heard him as he spoke, but none of it seemed to register as he backed away slightly again. The only thing Aero was aware of was the great sense of panic that'd overcome him, and the desperate urge to escape from the medbay. In a place he was already fearful off, he felt crowded by the numerous still unfamiliar people around him...

2005-04-12, 09:18 PM
Sixswitch transformed back into robot mode, the pile of weapons next to him making a respectable mountain on the floor.

"Well, we're certainly equipped here," he commented to Springer. "Still, I doubt anyone would think to look for us here. No harm in having a surprise or two to greet them though."

He smiled as Whirl's voice rang through the base.
"Not me," he called back. "Those things are ugly. Besides, I've got enough gizmos that I'm learning to use as it is."

He drew his newly aquired axe from subspace, and activated it, watching with interest as red electrical sparks flashed and flickered around the head. He quickly deactivated it and subspaced it once more.

"I'm no mechanic, but I guess next order of business is to get this little pile online," he commented to Springer. "I guess it'd help if we could find all the old weapons ports that the 'Cons must have had active here before."

Brave Maximus
2005-04-13, 03:58 AM
Skyfall watched as Aero Blade's mental state began to deteriorate quickly. If this kept up, he was liable to hurt himself or someone else. Skyfall made a decision that he didn't like, but knew had to be done:

"Astra - Sedate him......"

The Microm Master then hovered and waited - hoping that it would be quick with Aero Blade.

The Sixwing peices made their way to medbay in Jazz and Greatshot. The purple energy slowly worked on repairng Missile Run while the other melted members of the team began to lose a little colour.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-04-13, 06:45 PM
Springer glanced up at Sixswitch from the console he was typing away at.

"What's it look like I'm doing? Cross-stitch?"

Suddenly the Decepticon ensignia disappeared from the screen and the bases' systems were on full display to the pair of Wreckers.

"When ya gots it, ya gots it!" Springer pulled up the blueprints to the base. "Whadda ya think?"

2005-04-13, 06:57 PM
"Doesn't look like cross-stitch to me," Sixswitch commented, with a completely straight face.
"OK OK, looks just about like we've got all we need to start hooking this stuff up."

He stared at the readout for a while, committing to memory the locations of some of the ports, then spun around, grabbing a couple of the gun emplacements and hefting them over his shoulders.

"Shall I get to work?" he asked with a grin.

2005-04-13, 08:38 PM

"Yes, sir" Astra replied quietly, grabbing a sedative from her kit and pressing it against Aero Blade's chest, activating it with an almost apologetic look on her face.

Aero Blade
2005-04-13, 08:47 PM
Aero was too busy looking around for some kind of path of escape to take notice of what was going on until Astra had already started to administer the sedative. He tried to evade, but the sedative was already taking effect, and within a couple of moments he had passed out.

Igos Du Inka
2005-04-14, 01:44 AM
*nick starts running twards the bace*

Nick: Arcee! Magnus! Hot Rod! *falls to knees* any body!?

Browning: hey snap out it dude

Nick: . . .

Browning: you forget im a Deciptcon, ah hell I can't bleave I'm doing this *fires flairs twards the autobot bace*

2005-04-14, 04:58 AM
Debris II

Whirl shrugged theatrically (despite the fact that no one would be able to see him), then said, "Probably for the best, Six. I've got no clue how these tube thingies work, anyway. I'd probably end up melting you."

He started stacking the various medkits into the empty shelves near the biobeds, hoping that none of them would get hurt so much that they'd actually need a medic to fix them.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-04-14, 07:49 AM
"Yeah, we'll get to work."

Springer picked up some tools and made for the exit, as he did he opened a comm port to Roadbuster

"All quiet on the western front?"

2005-04-16, 01:54 PM

The scarlet and black medic sighed almost unhappily, then silently picked up the med-tools and began the repairs on Aero Blade.

2005-04-19, 04:13 PM
To his chagrin, Jazz turned the corner and passed through the broad doorway more slowly and cautiously than he would have liked. Even in medbay he enjoyed stylish driving, but he knew better with his passengers on board.

"Gangway, folks. Got some injured here."

He coasted to a row of empty beds, stopped, and swung his doors open. His scanners searched for some helping hands to unload the Micromasters from his seats. Artfire and Stepper looked free.

"Yo, fellas! Got a minute?"

Amarant Odinson
2005-04-19, 07:03 PM
They looked down at Aero Blade who was now under heavy sedation and nodded their approval before turning to Jazz

"Yeah, Aero Blade should be fine now. C'mon Stepper, let's move." Artfire replied. Stepper just nodded in agreement and started helping Artfire unload the injured. "How many are there, Jazz?" Stepper asked.

Dead Man Wade
2005-04-19, 08:39 PM
OOC: Sorry about that. Didn't have time to post at one point, but then got distracted by a shiny quarter and lost twelve days of my life. Anyway...

IC: Greatshot stood in the entryway watching Jazz head for Medbay. Once the 'bot had disappeared, Greatshot opened his commlink.

"Skyfall, come in."

2005-04-20, 07:05 PM
Jazz parked patiently, his engine idling, while the Targetmasters unloaded his injured fare.

"Got all six o' Sixwing. Ain't they got twelve, though? Heh... Careful with 'em, they don't look too hot."

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-04-21, 03:06 PM
Springer took no notice of Roadbuster's ignorance, he'd been acting odd for a long time anyways, like he wasn't 100% himself.

Springer toiled outside in the marshes with Sixswitch feverously putting gun placements and weaponry in place should they ever be discovered by anyone.

Springer was attaching the last of his batch when something sparked and the weapon kicked to life, pointing straight towards him. Springer froze, he didn't like the idea of dying again so soon. He patched through to the base.

"Whirl, be a pal and kick something down there would ya? I think this thing thinks I'm the enemy..."

2005-04-21, 04:26 PM
Sixswitch was sitting atop the base, having just finished installing the last of the SAM launchers there. He glanced around at the desolate marshlands. It was an ideal spot for a base as far as he could tell. No human would come here, and a land assault would be difficult - even more so with defences in place. It was more vulnerable from the air, but the SAMs in place would take care of a small force, and there would still be the occupants of the base to deal with.

2005-04-22, 03:48 AM
Debris II

Whirl would have frowned if he had the facial infrustructure for it.

"Uh...yeah. Sure thing boss. Just a sec..."

He glanced over to the nearest computer console and slammed a claw into it (refraining from kicking because he thought it would be a little hard to fix the bend skid he'd get if he had tried). The console lit up, and he quickly fiddled with the keyboard until he had managed to flag Springer's biomechanical signature as friendly (or so he hoped; he wasn't exactly a computer expert, and he was a little worried that he might have done something else entirely...).

He called back to Springer.

"Did that do the trick, boss, or am I talking to a sparking pile of debris right now?"

Amarant Odinson
2005-04-26, 08:03 PM
Ark: Med Bay

As Stepper reached inside, he saw the 6 micromasters that made up Sixwing. "What the hell happened?"

"Nevermind that, just get them out and onto those tables." Artfire replied as he took one in his arms and gently placed him onto the metal slab.

"Do we even have enough room for them all?" Stepper asked as he set another on down.

"Put them two to a table if you have to. We'll let Astra take a look at them before doing anything else."

When they finished unloading the last of the injured, they sat back down on the closest bench and nodded to Jazz that they were done. " That should do it Jazz. Stepper and I will stick around and help Astra if she needs it."

Stepper looked down at his chest and noticed the scars that he still had. "Yeah, I still need a little patchwork done myself. So if you need us, you know where to find us."

Ark: Command Center

Meanwhile, Dropshot was once again checking the defence systems and monitoring everything that was going on around the Ark. In case anything or anyone did decide to pop up, Dropshot wanted to ready for it. So he just sat there and waited for any potential targets to show up. Most bots would've been bored to tears with something like this but waiting was Dropshot's specialty.

2005-04-26, 10:30 PM
With his cargo unloaded, Jazz transformed and curtsied to Stepper and Artfire. He spun Thriller-style on his heel and strode across the room to Aero Blade's table.

"Howdy, doc," he began, leaning over Astra's shoulder. "Got some more patients 'cross the way when yer ready for 'em. They should live until you're done here, anyway."

2005-04-28, 01:53 AM
Ark: Medbay

"Gotcha" Astra replied with a nod and a smile, barely glancing at Jazz, focusing her full attention on Aero Blade's repairs "I'm nearly finished here, bet the patient will be relieved to hear he can clear outta here as soon as he wakes up"

Igos Du Inka
2005-04-28, 02:26 PM
(Message appears on tvs,radieos,com links)
Browning: This is Browning former general adviser to the first circle, as most of you have hered Starscream went on a suside mission to cybertron in order to save the planet. Now I don't know about you but after all these years Starscream made sence. If the Quentessa forces completly take over Cybertron where do you think their next target will be? Junk,Charr,Io,..Earth. So I ask you today not as a Deciptcon but as a Cybertronion let us but our past differences in the past and join together to take back our homeplanet.

Does it take Starscream the former leader of the seekers to talk sence into all of us?! So Autobots,Deciptcons,Destrons,and all those who might be caught in the middle, let us join together as Cybertronions one last time *Transmission ends*

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-04-28, 04:42 PM
Springer opened his eyes as the weapon placement infront of him hummed, crackled the popped.

"Have a nice day...." Springer mused to himself. "Hey Whirl, take more than that to take me out!"

Springer made a point to himself to iron out the defence systems so they knew who their enemy really was and headed back into Debris.

"Well then, let's see if we can't tap into the EDC Satellites and monitor what's going on around here"

2005-04-28, 05:18 PM
Sixswitch transformed into tiger mode and sprang down from the room, his legs' powerful servos making easy work of the drop. Transforming back into robot mode, he strode back into the base.

"OK, let's do it," he concurred as Springer outlined the next move. He sat down in one of the chairs in the command centre, and glanced at the big screen mounted on one wall.

2005-04-28, 10:13 PM
Bottom storage and lab level, Debris II

Roadbuster: -submerged up to his lower torso in brakish, slimy water, optic band narrowed, glaring down at the mangled, serpentine techno-organic thing half floating in the water before him, rips in his torso armor, shoulder pauldrons, right arm bracer torn completely off, part of it still visible clenched in the creature's mouth, hands and lower arms covered in lubricants and other substances, activates commlink- "Yeah, Springer, the base is clear. And, we've got an indoor swimming pool. The pool toy left something to be desired, though......"

2005-04-29, 04:12 AM
Debris II

"Certainly sounds like you're still alive, boss." Whirl's voice took on a jocular tone. "Too bad. I was really looking forward to that promotion..."

The Wrecker strode out of the ad-hoc medical bay, heading for the command centre.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-05-01, 01:15 PM
"It's like I keep tellin' ya Whirl, reach for the stars and one day you too could be a maintainence bot!"

Springer started tapping into the EDC security channels, trying to find a loophole, or something to monitor their communications and figure out what the latest news on Earth, Metroplex and the Decepticons was.

"Keep your eyes peeled Sixswitch, I've a feeling anything could go down..."

Brave Maximus
2005-05-02, 11:14 PM
Ark - Medbay

Skyfall watched as Astra began to repair Aero Blade, and let himself hover to the ground. He then watched with a little dispare as the parts of Sixwing were brought into medbay. Knowing that there wasn't much he could do, but let the medic work as fast as he could, Skyfall started walking to the back of the room and the CR chambers:

"Jazz, You should probably take some time in one as well. I have an idea for our next mission, and I need you at 100%."

Before Skyfall could take another step, his comm buzzed:

"This is Skyfall, go ahead Greatshot."

Before the large autobot six-changer could reply, the voice of Sentinal boomed through the Ark:

"Human and Decepticon presence at Ark main entrance. Hostile actions being taken. Moving to Red Alert."

With a rueful look, Skyfall switched comm channels:

"Dropshot What the heck is going on?" OOC: Amarant, this has to do with Nick and Browning at our front door....

With Astra still busy on Aero Blade, Starlight, Nemesis and Ark began the rough repair work on the six Micro Masters and the combiner jet that was sitting in medbay.

2005-05-03, 04:22 AM
Debris II

Whirl entered the command room, glancing at the console Springer was working at and sparing a friendly nod for Sixswitch.

"That's not exactly the best motivational speech I've ever heard, boss."

The gangly blue Wrecker sat at an unclaimed station and started to familiarize himself with the base's systems.

2005-05-03, 03:50 PM
Jazz saluted Skyfall casually and headed off toward the CR chambers.

"Gotcha, chief. I'll be out in a jiff."

After prepping a chamber in his characteristic smooth style, Jazz stepped in and let the machine work its magic.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-05-03, 05:08 PM
"what would you prefer Whirl? One of Prime's patented 'We can do it' speeches?"

Springer joked at Whirl, all the time scanning for any signs of trouble.

Dead Man Wade
2005-05-05, 08:26 PM
Ark's Main Entrance

Following Sentinel's message, Greatshot pulled out his blaster rifles and spun toward the entrance. Powering up his weapons, he called, "Who goes there?"

Brave Maximus
2005-05-05, 08:48 PM
"Subject no longer present, stepping down to Yellow alert - Shields Up, Plasma Cannons on Stand-by."

The voice of Sentinal boomed over the Ark's internal comm system.

In the Medbay, Skyfall stood beside one of the CR chambers and opened his Comm:

"Greatshot, this is Skyfall - Seems Sentinal is having a bad day. You called - What do you need?"

Dead Man Wade
2005-05-05, 09:21 PM
OOC: Okay, random...whatever.


Greatshot lowered his rifles and opened the comm link.

"Jazz asked me to head on over to Autobase and lend a hand. Before I left, though, I just wanted to thank you for your generous hospitality."

Metal Phoenix
2005-05-05, 11:32 PM
Neobase Entrance/Somewhere in the Neobase

Backstreet had finally made it to the and he was looking for who ever was in command and he had just transformed in to robot mode.
He then entered the Neobase and started looking for other transformers, but he easily found himself lost. He kept on passing the entrance apparently he was walking around in circles the whole time.
"Can anyone here me?!! I'm lost..I can't find my way around this place!! If anyone can hear me, please help me!!" Backstreet yelled.
((I hope this is good enough IC post))

Brave Maximus
2005-05-06, 12:44 AM
Skyfall slumped wierly:

"Be careful Greatshot. Don't stay too long - I'm not going to be in this CR Chamber for very long - and we need to plan the Neo's next mission. So do what Jazz needs you to get done and then get back ASAP."

With that, Skyfall activated the CR chamber and set a 25 minute time limit - to open it up wiether it was repaired or not. He climbed in and sat down on the bench. The door closed and he was put into stasis.

A few seconds after the door closed, Starlight floated by and reset the CR chamber to 'Full recovery' and walked away with a smile on her inhuman face.

2005-05-06, 04:57 AM
Debris II

"Well, you do kinda get used to the things, don't you?" He glanced at Springer, the gleam in his optic indicating his amusement. "Not that they ever did much good, mind you. 'Wreck and Rule' is all the motivating I need..."

Whirl's large, cumbersome claws worked the computer controls with surprising ease, calling up items from the system's database.

"You know, it's a good thing we picked this place for our base," Whirl said. "If we'd taken over someplace that didn't belong to Scorponok, the controls would be too small for my claws..."

Dead Man Wade
2005-05-07, 06:25 AM
Greatshot heard the new Autobot's yell and walked over to him.

"Don't know how I missed you. Name's Greatshot."

Metal Phoenix
2005-05-07, 08:57 PM
"My names Backstreet, I've just arrived on Earth.
It sure is beauttiful in some areas.
How do I know your not a decepticon? For all I know this could be some sort of trap!!"

Dead Man Wade
2005-05-07, 10:38 PM
"Calm down." Greatshot patted the Autobot insignia on his chest panel and said, "I'm one of the good guys. In fact, I'm on my way over to Autobase as we speak."

Metal Phoenix
2005-05-07, 10:53 PM
Do mind if I follow you there? I was headed there my self and then I got lost.

2005-05-07, 11:03 PM

Sixswitch grinned at Whirl's comment, and sat down heavily on a chair. Swivelling around, he pushed a few buttons, to ensure that things were working. Once he found out they were, he quickly logged into his terminal.

"OK, let's see what's cookin'," he said with a grin.

Dead Man Wade
2005-05-08, 01:20 AM
Ark-Main Entrance

Greatshot smiled and said, "No problem. I don't suppose you can fly...?"

Metal Phoenix
2005-05-08, 01:36 AM
"No, but I know someone can help and he should be here any minute."

Dead Man Wade
2005-05-08, 02:51 AM
Greatshot stood looking around.


Metal Phoenix
2005-05-08, 03:15 AM
((Uh I think I have someone just I've seen to have lost track of that thread that tell you whether a charecter is taken or not..If not, all find anouther charecter to replace him/her..basicly I'm taking on anouther autobot. All edit this post when I have everything done and then PM you so you will know))

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-05-09, 10:41 PM
"All seems pretty quiet to me, it's like our old buddies just up and vanished. Not like the Decepticons to be so shrouded."

Springer was un-easy, the decepticons were only usually quiet before a mass attack, something irrational - almost worthy of the wreckers' reputation but with more venom, hatred and disrespect that the Decepticons stood for.

"Monitor all communications closely, keep scanning those radars and if the Autobots react, we don't move."

2005-05-16, 03:45 AM
Debris II

Whirl watched the Breastforce television broadcast on his monitor, his optic narrowed.

"Looks like we're gonna have some 'Con deserters close by in a while. Maybe we should go play with them a little later..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-05-17, 10:20 AM
"Who exactly are they anyways?"

Springer wasn't too up-to-date on Decepticon ranks, with all the space and time shifting he didn't particularly think that the Decepticons were either.

2005-05-18, 06:30 AM
Debris II

Whirl shrugged.

"Damned if I know. The news is calling them 'Breastforce' of all things, but I've never run into them before. Apparently they've hooked up with Trypticon and decided to take a walk from the regular Decepticon forces."

Amarant Odinson
2005-05-19, 06:55 AM
Ark: Command Center

Dropshot was quietly going through various satelittes to check up on Decepticon activity. A couple of hours had gone by since he started and so far nothing. *Paitence may be a virtue.... but this about as exciting as that mission to New York that Ultra Magnus dragged me along for. Dropshot just sighed and shook his head.

As he continued going through random communication signals, he came across a U.S. Military channel. It was a little fuzzy but this is what he heard.

" Colonel, we have incomming bogey's Sir "

Dropshot cleared up the signal and listened more closely.

" Scramble all Raptors, we have Two incomming Decepticons. Consider them hostile and attack at once "

*Those humans don't stand a chance.* He got the dogfight on the the screen and he was right. One pilot had already been shot down by one the Decepticons and more were dropping fast.

Dropshot got on the secure comm channel to the Neo's leader. "Skyfall, we got a problem. Two Decepticon jets are attacking a U.S. Air Force Base in Vermont. I have no idea what they could be after there, but I highly doubt the humans can do much to stop them."

He continued to get try and get a lock on who exactly was causing all of the damage.

"I just got an Energon signature on them. It's Ramjet and Triggerhappy. Those two are pros and could make easy work out of those pilots no matter how good they are. I havn't picked up anyone else yet, but it's unlikely that they showed up alone. We've got to do something before the humans are destroyed."

2005-05-19, 09:05 AM
Sixswitch laughed.
"Breastforce eh? Well, whoever came up with that name needs their brain checked."

He swivelled in his chair to look at both Springer and Whirl.

"I'm ready for a bit of action if you are. I've just run some tests on the newly installed weapons here. They seem to be working fine. I'd like to have some sort of automatic defence system, but no equipment we have here at the moment will allow for that. It'd be nice to get a hold of some though."

Brave Maximus
2005-05-19, 08:11 PM
Dropshot's voice came through in a minor haze. Though what he needed to hear sunk home: Decepticons Attack..... doubt the humans can do much to stop them.....

Skyfall's optics flared into life, glowing a dark blue in the darkness of the CR chamber.

Computer, Internal Systems Check

Systems at 100%, Energon reserves at 79% - 15 minutes required for full recharge.

I don't have the time to wait. End recharge cycle......

The CR Chamber opened and Skyfall imerged, his body fully healed. When he stood, he wobbled a little, until his energon levelled out and he walked out into the Medbay.

Jazz was still in his CR Chamber.... he turned to Astra:
"If Jazz comes out of the chamber before we leave, send him to the War Room. Thanks."

He looked around, Aero Blade was repaired, but Sixwing was out of commission for what looked like a long time:

"Aero Blade, Starlight, Ark, Nemesis - come with me, the humans are going to need our help."

The Micro Master Commander strode out of Medbay and headed down the hall, headed for where the Omega was resting. He opened his Comm:

"Dropshot can you patch the feed to the War Room? Also, I'd like to take Stepper on this mission, and Artfire if Jazz is still out of commission. Can you have them meet me in the War Room? While I'm away, you're in charge of the Ark. Remember what Roadbuster said. Also, if you get bored - you can always beef up security."

The Micro Master changed his comm frequency:

"Greatshot, I need you to postpone your trip back to Autobase. There's a group of humans who need our help. Meet me in the War Room."

With the minicons in trail, Nemesis almost leaping in the air with excitement, Skyfall headed towards the War Room.

Amarant Odinson
2005-05-19, 09:25 PM
"Skyfall, I'm patching the feed now. It should be up by the time you reach the War Room." He then turned his attention to his Targetmaster partners.

"You heard the bot. Both of you head down to the War Room and give him a hand"

Artfire and Stepper both left the Med Bay to follow Skyfall to the War Room. "What about you, Dropshot? Are you coming?" Stepper asked.

"Not this time. Skyfall's leaving me in charge while you boys go scrap some Decepticons. Besides, you're big bots now. You don't need me to hold your hand. Now move and listen to Skyfall. Understood?"

They both answered back. "Yes sir."

Dead Man Wade
2005-05-19, 09:31 PM
Greatshot opened his comm and responded to Skyfall.

"Understood. On my way."

With that, Greatshot turned away from the entrance and stalked back into the Ark.

Aero Blade
2005-05-20, 02:00 AM
Aero Blade was barely begining to come back online after having been sedated when Skyfall spoke to him. Aero sat up and looked around, highly dissoriented, so much so that he didn't even seem to recognize where he was, or what had hapened, for the moment anyways..

"Wha....go..where?" He asked in his haze from the residual sedative.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-20, 03:52 AM
Starlight had lagged behind a bit, and spotted Aero Blade looking a little confused:

"I\We are headed to the War Room. Skyfall has asked that you join Me\Us."

And the minicon walked down through the halls.

Ark - War Room

Skyfall arrived and the main screen was showing the Decepticons attack. The little Micro Master was obviously disturbed.

2005-05-21, 01:19 PM

"Gotcha, boss" Astra replied over Skyfall's comm-link, keeping one optic on Jazz's C.R chamber as she moved to tidy up the med-bay.

Aero Blade
2005-05-22, 04:32 AM
Aero was still too dissoriented to understand much of what was going on, but with a bit of coaxing from Stratus, both were soon following after Starlight. Stratus knew better than most anyone else that it'd probably be best to get Aero out of the medbay before he fully came to and realized where he was.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-05-25, 09:24 AM
"The keyword in the sentence is Trypti...."

Springer's sentence was cut short as something crashed behind them, Springer withdrew his weapons and moved.

"ROADBUSTER?!" he yelled into the darkness, with no reply.

As he edged forwards he noticed the robot on the floor, the one he'd noted earlier - one of Scorponok's captives. Springer knelt down and rolled the Autobot onto his back

who are you...?

Standing firm and tall, Springer lifted the de-activated Autobot and carried him to the Wreckers' make-shift medbay. Springer looked around the workshop, trying to find somewhere to keep him safe.

Springer dumped his, somewhat unceremoniously, into one of the tubes Whirl had noted earlier and slammed the door shut to stop the Autobot falling over.

Springer left the room, making his way back to the central command.

"Anything else happening on the airwaves?"

A screen in the medbay flickered into life.


Dead Man Wade
2005-05-25, 09:40 PM
Greatshot came walking into the War Room and sat down. Noticing Skyfall's demeanor he said, "How bad is it?".

Brave Maximus
2005-05-26, 03:43 AM
Nodding to Greatshot as he walked in - completing those who were going on the mission - the Micro Master turned around to the group:

"Put simply: Not good. The Cons are wreaking havoc - and the humans can't stop them, though they're trying their hardest. There's also something strange going on at the reactor near by - so this isn't going to be pleasent."

He signaled to the Omega Shuttle and a beam of light came out - in a few seconds, a three-dimensional hologram of the area around the Air Force base came into reality:

"Our main forces: Myself, Artfire, Greatshot and the Minicons - will take on the Decepticons at the base. Artfire to provide cover fire, Greatshot for aerial support, I'll keep the Predicons busy and the Starlight and the boys will generally annoy.

"Stepper and Aero Blade are to head to the reactor. If you think you can handle any cons you find - take them out, HARD. If they're too much - radio for back up - we'll do what we can. First priority is to keep the humans safe. Second is to not die. Third is to make the Decepticons into little piles of slag.


2005-05-26, 06:14 AM
Debris II

Whirl shrugged.

"Since when are we afraid to fight Trypticon? We're Wreckers, after all!"

The gangly Autobot was about to toss out a wisecrack when Springer walked off to check out a crashing sound. He sat back in his chair and watched his monitors, sure that his leader could handle whatever the problem was.

Moments later, he saw a light flicker on.

Someone's activated one of the Pretender tubes, eh? Either Springer got shot, or he's found an Autobot...

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-05-26, 05:26 PM
"If you're itchin' to get out and fight, then sure we'll head out. Of course, I'd need a good reason to, other than them being Decep..."

Springer's sentence tailed off as the bitter taste rose in his mouth.

"..what am I saying?! Lock and load guys, we got Cons to fry. And can someone smack some sense into Roadbuster...anyone would think he's a teenager"

2005-05-27, 01:52 AM
Debris II:

Roadbuster: -stalks into the room, ammo bandoliers crossing his chest- "Somebody say something about killing Decepticons?"

2005-05-27, 05:47 AM
Debris II

"Well, well. Look who's finally popped back up."

Whirl glanced over his shoulder at Roadbuster.

"Yeah, we're off to ventilate some 'Cons. You ready, or did you lose your edge watching those kiddies for so long?"

Aero Blade
2005-05-28, 02:12 AM
"Ugh, another raid..?" Aero Blade ask Skyfall, still rubbing his head a bit. "We never did this much activity in a row even back home, and that got to be pretty volitile most of the time. Can't it at least wait until my head stops spinning?"

2005-05-28, 03:30 AM
Debris II:

Roadbuster: -scowls-

2005-05-28, 12:28 PM
"Oh good, I was starting to get bored twiddling this computer," Sixswitch grinned as he spun his seat around and got to his feet.

"So what's the plan? Sneak in, blow stuff up, sneak out?" Always go for the simplest option... Works for me."

2005-05-29, 03:22 AM
Debris II:

Roadbuster: -checking one of the monitors- "They're called Breastforce because their torso plates turn into guns and mech-animal partners. Kind of like having a Nebulan component but without all of the backtalk." -looks over at Springer- "They're also a combiner team. The Autobots fished their combined mode out of the lake near Autobase."

2005-05-29, 04:51 AM
Debris II

"Now why would they go and do a stupid thing like that?" Whirl asked with an expression of genuine puzzlement. The Wrecker pulled his photon beam rifle out of subspace, dry-fired it a few times to see that all the mechanisms were working, then slammed a clip into place.

"We're supposed to shoot enemies, not save them."

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-05-29, 05:03 PM
"You sound awfully clued up here Roadbuster...anything else you care to share before we go out and kick a little Deceptitail?"

2005-05-29, 05:57 PM
Debris II:

Roadbuster: "They broke out of Fort Max's detention center. Thats about it."

2005-05-30, 04:06 AM
Debris II

"Some more good work by Prime's bunch," Whirl muttered. "I'm glad I only ducked into Autobase to refuel once in a while..."

Dead Man Wade
2005-05-31, 01:14 AM
The Ark

Greatshot sat pondering the hologram for a moment, then half raised his hand.

"Any idea exactly how many Decepticons we're looking at?"

Brave Maximus
2005-06-01, 12:47 PM
The image flickered then faded and the Omega Shuttle's troop bay door opened up. Skyfall turned with a dead serious face to Greatshot:

"From what I can tell, 4 or 5, one of which is Predaking. This is not going to be easy - but the humans need our help. Mount up - we're heading out. Greatshot, you take point."

With that, Skyfall turned and headed into the shuttle and up the ladder to the command deck, followed by Ark, Nemesis and Starlight, each taking their normal seats at Navigation, Weapons and Engineering.

The main doors opened to show the cone of the volcano, shaded Green:

"Dropshot," Skyfall called out over the Comms, "Deactivate Sentinal and reactivate when we leave. The base is yours - keep it safe."

The Omega's massive engines started to rumble to life.....

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-06-01, 12:54 PM
"So we got a rogue combiner team of Decepticons who are, essentially, an unknown quantity and Trypticon playing happy families with humans"

Springer paused, activated the defence systems and swivelled in his chair.

"I like those odds, move out."

Amarant Odinson
2005-06-01, 06:38 PM
The Ark

Artfire and Stepper followed Greatshot into the Omega Shuttle and went over their equipment for the upcoming mission.

Dropshot punched in the code and Sentinel shut down. "Alright Skyfall, you're ready to go. Happy Hunting. And Stepper, Artifre, you two better bring me back a peice of of Predaking. I just need him and then I'll have a complete set. Do want Skyfall says and don't disappoint me."

Stepper answered back over the comm. " No problem Dropshot.

2005-06-02, 04:16 AM
Debris II

Whirl shrugged.

"Sounds good to me, boss." He glanced over his shoulder to Springer. "You got a plan, or are we going to dazzle them with our improvizational skills?"

2005-06-02, 06:38 AM
Debris II:

Roadbuster: "We kill them. That's my plan, anyway."

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-06-02, 05:38 PM
"I'm all for maiming and general destruction personally. Sixswitch?"

2005-06-05, 04:49 AM
Debris II

Whirl shrugged.

"Yeah, that's kinda what I figured..."

Hefting his gun, the Wrecker headed for the exit.

"...and I'm all for it."

Dead Man Wade
2005-06-06, 01:37 AM
Omega Shuttle

Greatshot sat silently checking his weapons. Putting his rifles away, he thought back to the last mission he went on.

Just hope this one goes a bit better...

2005-06-06, 08:00 AM
Debris II:

Roadbuster: -checks all his guns one last time, heads out-

Brave Maximus
2005-06-06, 09:00 PM
The Omega's door slide shut and the engines engaged at full thrust. The rumbling was felt all through the shuttle as, slowly at first, lifted off the rails.

With in a few seconds, the Omega was airbourne and out of the volcano (though that first little bit was always interesting, going completely virticle to exit the mouth). Since it was a short hop, Skyfall kept the Omega high enough that the sonic booms would do no damage but low enough to stay out of comercial traffic.

(OOC: And with that, we move to the "Everywhere else" Thread :D)

Amarant Odinson
2005-06-06, 10:48 PM
As soonas Skyfall and the others had left, Dropshot activated Sentinel. "Sentinal back online." There's that taken care of.....now what?

"Sentinel. Continue scanning all channels for any other possible Decepticon threats. Alert me as soon as you pick up somthing."

Dropshot then left the command centre to check in on how Astra was coming along at the Med Bay. As he walked in, he saw what was left off Sixwing on a few of the tables. "It seems like they've kept you fairly busy. How are they doing?"

2005-06-07, 02:50 PM
Ark Med-bay

As Dropshot entered the room, the scarlet and black femme looked up from repairing one of Sixwing's componments, throwing glances at Jazz's chamber from time to time "They're doing fine"

Amarant Odinson
2005-06-08, 09:09 PM
"Good to hear it. Keep me posted on their progress if you can and send Jazz down to the Command Centre as soon as he's available. There's a few things that I'd like to go over with him while the boys are out playing. Thanks"

As he started to walk back out, Dropshot turned to see Sixwing's components again. That's one tough bot. I'll give him that much. "By the way, if you need any help with anything, just let me know and I'll help in any way I can. OK Astra?"

And with that said, Dropshot continued back to the command centre to check up on Skyfall's little mission.

2005-06-10, 10:02 AM
Ark Med-bay

Astra nodded at Dropshot's commands as he left the med-bay, then she continued with the component she was repairing.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-06-15, 12:39 PM
Springer watched Roadbuster and Whirl move out, stared at Sixswitch a second, then asked

"Are you comin' or what?"

Springer made his way to the exit of Debris II eager for a fight.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-15, 03:26 PM
Dark Purple energy crackled around Missile Run's body. It began to surge and ripple, folding in on it's self and growing brighter. With in a few seconds the deep energy field surged around the Micro Master, completely obscuring him from view.

The light changed it's colour and intensity growing whiter and brighter with each passing moment. Soon, the blinding glow filled the room, and at the centre of it, a small golden Autobot symbol, glowing against the light. Then in a flash, the light dissappeared, and the room seemed to plunge into darkness as the optics tried to adjust. And in the temporary darkness, a voice like the cold opening of a crypt called out:

"I am whole again......."

Missile Run sat up on his med table, the white glow fading back to his normal dark colours - golden Autobot symbol still faintly glowing. His wounds were repaired and his body was whole. But not just his - every other Micro Master component in the Medbay had repaired itself......

2005-06-21, 03:19 PM
Ark Med-bay

"What the slag just happened?" Astra cried, backing off, startled.

Amarant Odinson
2005-06-30, 07:50 PM
Hearing Astra's cry, Dropshot went back to the Med Bay only to find that somehow Sixwing's components had healed themselves almost instantly. He glanced over at Astra, she looked fine, just scared out of her circuts.

Dropshot then turned attention to Missile Run and just smirked. "You need to warn someone before you do that. But it's good to have you back. As soon as you pull yourself together, I'd like you to come with me to the Command Centre. There's a few things I need you to give me a hand with."

And with that said, the sniper once again headed back to his post.

Brave Maximus
2005-07-01, 03:22 AM
Missile Run lept into the air, followed by the other Micro Masters in med-bay. The combiner jet broke apart and they came togeather to form Sixwing.

He turned and looked at Astra with the new, brilliantly shining eyes and smiled behind his faceplate.....

Then walked out of medbay and headed to Command and Control. There he waited and looked in on Dropshot.

2005-07-04, 02:02 PM

"Slaggin' freaky behaviour" Astra hissed, watching the other two leave the room, before moving to tidy up the med-tools somewhat noisely, muttering and not sounding too happy "What's with that guy?"

Brave Maximus
2005-07-13, 12:15 PM
"What is it that you wanted?" Sixwing growled at Dropshot.

2005-08-03, 05:04 AM
Continued in End of the Line: Battlegrounds (Other) (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31815).