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2005-03-09, 02:42 AM
A video package rolls, backed by the sounds of Galvanize by the Chemical Brothers featuring the vocals of Q-Tip.

Black and white images play from Edge of Survival, of TC eliminating Morpheus from the Royal Rumble match.


Still in black and white, we see footage from the 23rd February edition of Mayhem, with Amarant Odinson getting the pinfall on Blaster.

JFA: “OH MY GOD! Back with the Guillotine and now Amarant with the pin and the ref is moving in for the count.”
JHA: “Yup and Cloud still hasn’t moved.”
JFA: “1…….2……”
JHA: “Still no movement.”
JFA: “3! Amarant has done it. Amarant is the number one contender for the AWF world title.”

The video suddenly crashes into colour as the vocals hit.

Don’t hold back
The Lock strolls to the ring, backed by Murder Inc

Cos you woke up in the mornin’ with initiative to move, so why make it harder?
He hits the Overdrive on an opponent

Don’t hold back
Sixswitch walks to the ring, slapping hands at ringside

Cos you think about it so many people do, be cool and look smarter
The Welsh Wonder launches himself over the top rope at an opponent on the outside.

Don’t hold back
Morpheus looking frantically from side to side, as he sits in the ring.

And you shouldn’t even care ‘bout those noses in the air and the crooked stares
He pounds his fists into a pile of thumbtacks

Don’t hold back
Viewfind strutting to the ring, throwing his arms up in the air

Cos there’s a party over here, so you might as well be here, where the people care
The Philly Pimp Drop is delivered

Don’t hold back
A fast montage plays of the previous four shown combatants, flashing up quickly on their faces

World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to
TC hits the Lifetime Enlightenment on a series of opponents

World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to
Amarant Odinson slaps the House of Pain onto a succession of victims

World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to
Images blur past of Murder Inc clashing with the Serial Slackaz from the past edition of Mayhem

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon

Redstreak hits the spear on an unsuspecting foe
CloudStrifer delivers Odin’s Spear
Wolfang has his hand raised in victory at earning his TV Title shot
Zarak raises the Hardcore Title in triumph
Scarecrow stands in astonishment having eliminated Skywarp from the Royal Rumble
Y3Blaster screams in triumph as he torques away with the Walls of Sound
Christopher Back is shown smirking as he wanders down the aisle
Tempest and Ravage go at it in evening wear

Don’t hold back
The HeartBrend Kid levels Skywarp with a series of chairshots at Edge of Survival

If you think about it too much, you may stumble, trip up, fall on your face
StoneCold retaliates by hurling O’Con off the stage at Mayhem

Don’t hold back
The Game stands on the outside of the turnbuckles, Intercontinental Title belt held aloft and eyebrow raised

You think it is time, you get up, fresh style like a sit-up, come on, keep pace
Divebomb walks out of the War Games match at Regenesis

Don’t hold back
Erik Summers delivers the Game Over to Divebomb

Put apprehension on the back-burner, let it sit, don’t even get it lit
Divebomb hits The End on Summers during their previous caged encounter

Don’t hold back
Vin Ghostal struts down the aisle, with Xille failing to nudge his way ahead of his then-partner

Get involved with the jam, don’t be a prick, hot-chick, be a pick
Ghostal inadvertantly punches Xille at Regenesis, before the two of them square up nose-to-nose

Don’t hold back
A quick flash montage of HBK, Skywarp, Summers, Divebomb, V3 and Xille

World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to

TC leaps from the top turnbuckle to deliver a frog splash, the film stammering three times in slo-motion with the music before suddenly hitting normal speed

World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to

Amarant lifts the TV Title, followed by the Intercontinental Title, and then has his hand raised in victory over Blaster and CloudStrifer, again the film stammering in time with the beats

World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to

A superfast montage replays the entire recap, before suddenly freezing

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon

The screen splits as we close-up on both TC and Amarant.

The pyros hit, and AWF Redemption hits the air from the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

JFA: We are live…and this is Redemption. The road to Archivemania is underway…and what a night of action we have for you. Let’s get right to it!

JHA: Hell yeah!

Redstreak v OP2005

JFA: This match has the chance to become very brutal very quickly, J. OP has been on a violent streak as of late here in the AWF.
JHA: You’re telling me! I’m almost afraid to cough around him for fear of having my head kicked off.
JFA: Well, Redstreak is no pushover, so we’ll have to see how this goes down.

Hands are shakin got your finger on the trigger
Jesus ain't complainin gonna figure it out
Somebody r*ped my tapeworm abortion
Come on motherf*****s and deliver the cow

RJA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall… making his way to the ring… from Detroit, Michigan… Redstreak!

JFA: A good response for Redstreak here at Redemption. Streak, of course, just made his return at Edge of Survival. Now he’s got a match at a man who could easily be called the most evil man the AWF has seen.

Don't look at me now
Fell too fast your wings won't hold
Don't look at me now
Fell too fast your wings won't hold

Yeah and when I want to
Yeah I will find you
Yeah and when I want to
Yeah I will blind you

Redstreak gets down off of the turnbuckle as “Sucker Train Blues” fades out and “Welcome to my Nightmare kicks in”.

Welcome to my nightmare
I think you're gonna like it
I think you're gonna feel like you belong

RJA: And his opponent… from Glasgow, Scotland… weighing in at 280 pounds… he is “Thy Worst Nightmare”… OP… 2005!

Redstreak rolls out of the ring as OP enters, getting a mixed reaction from the monster-loving crowd. A fan shown on the Archivetron has a sign that reads “OP2005: Better than Freddy since 1988”.

Welcome to my nightmare
whoa oh oh oh

OP backs to one corner of the ring as Redstreak re-enters. The two men point at each other, exchanging quiet threats. The bell rings and the two men meet in the center of the ring, OP looking slightly down at Streak. A quick shoving contest begins, and OP quickly wins it thanks to a knee to the stomach of Redstreak.

JFA: OP with the quick advantage here. Redstreak, while a season veteran, needs to bring his a-game today.
JHA: Come on, J. OP might be scary, but he surely isn’t at Redstreak’s talent level.
JFA: Well, you may just be surprised today, J.
JHA: Doubt it.

OP connects with a few punches as Redstreak stumbles back into the ropes. A quick uppercut from OP sends Streak flying over the top rope. He hits the ground hard, and OP taunts to the crowd as his opponent shakes his cobwebs out. The smaller man rolls back into the ring and the two stare each other down again.

JFA: Told you.
JHA: Match isn’t over. No way am I conceding the point until then.

The two men meet in the center of the ring again and trade punches. This time Redstreak catches one of OP’s arms and hits him with a fast flipping armbar. He lets go after a moment but continues his assault with a fast fist drop. OP manages to roll back to his feet before suffering more damage. He quickly levels Redstreak with a clothesline, picks the downed man back up, and hits a beautiful pumphandle slam.

JFA: Pumphandle slam! The ref counts!
JHA: TWO! Ha! I’m rarely wrong, J.

Redstreak makes it back to his feet as OP argues with the referee.

JFA: A quick German suplex from Redstreak! He lifted OP as though he was nothing!
JHA: But… he is nothing.
JFA: I would say that was cute if it wasn’t so obvious.

OP shakes his head as he gets up after the German suplex. He hits a quick knife edge chop onto Streak’s chest, which sends the veteran shuddering back. OP hits two more before being blocked and dropkicked. “Thy Worst Nightmare” doesn’t fall, but merely stumbles backward into the corner. Redstreak sees him in the corner and charges.

JFA: Acid Trip! Redstreak with the Acid Trip onto OP2005, and now his first cover of the night!
JHA: Three!
JFA: Two! You’re imagining things again.
JHA: Dreaming. Close, though.

Redstreak backs into the corner and waits for OP to get back up. He charges once the big man is back to his feet, but is caught in a sidewalk slam and hits the mat-

JFA: -With authority!
JHA: I hate you so much.
JFA: Sarcasm?
JHA: No, that’s absolutely the truth.
JFA: No, OP2005 has the Sarcasm? locked in tight onto Redstreak!
JHA: Oh. It’s still the truth, though. Doesn’t change a thing.

Redstreak squirms in agony and tries to reach the bottom rope. The crowd is firmly behind him, on their feet and cheering wildly, trying to get him free of the maneuver. He’s mere millimeters away when OP drags him back into the middle of the ring.

JFA: OP2005 wisely dragging Streak back into the middle of the ring! He’s got to tap out here!
JHA: No! I will not be proven wrong!

Redstreak extends his hand and almost waves it, but it never touches the mat. He pulls with everything he has and somehow manages to make it to the bottom rope, forcing the release of the hold.

JFA: Redstreak barely managing to make it to the rope, and this match continues.
JHA: Yes!
JFA: You do realize Redstreak is the good guy here, right?
JHA: Yeah, why?
JFA: Well, I just thought… well… never mind.
JHA: You’re so stereotypical sometimes, J.

Redstreak bounces himself off of the ropes and hits OP with a running forearm smash which sends the big guy back into the corner. Redstreak runs up, sets OP on the second rope, and charges.

JHA: Here it comes! Moonraker!
JFA: No! He’s shoved off by OP!

Redstreak goes flying through the air and lands with a thud onto the mat. OP, not missing a beat, makes the cover.

JFA: One… two… three!
JHA: I love it when you’re wrong!
JFA: What?
JHA: Foot on the ropes! What a beautiful move!

Redstreak rolls over as OP begins to threaten the referee. He turns his back to his opponent again and Redstreak chooses to take full advantage of the situation by kipping up and getting himself ready. OP hears the crowd reaction, turns, and lifts his right boot.

JFA: The Shining!
JHA: You mean The Suck? The Swing and a Miss? The Simply Can’t Connect? He missed him completely and straddled the top rope, J! Ha!
JFA: Redstreak, ducking the shining, has managed to get his opponent in a precarious position…
JHA: Alliteration aside… MOONRAKER! A springboard Moonraker! What a change in a move!
JFA: OP was still on the ropes, and Redstreak merely jumped onto the second and hit his patented Moonraker! OP flipped over, the impact was so big!
JHA: One! Two! Three! That’s it! Redstreak did win! I feel like dancing!
JFA: Go ahead and do it. Backstage. Well, folks, Redstreak wins our first match of the night. I’d say that the energy in this match was a good showing of how this entire PPV is going to pan out.

Redstreak continues to celebrate as “Sucker Train Blues” blasts through the arena.

Mr. Reilly’s Office
Reilly: AH! Super, so glad you could join me here tonight, care for a mint?

*The camera pans over to show Judge Death and Baxter eyeing each other up.*

Judge Death: ssssss….

Reilly: Is that a no? I’ll take that as a no? Are you sure? Their low calorie…Baxter? I know you won’t turn me down!

*Baxter smiles and grabs the bowl*

Reilly: That’s my boy…now then. I asked both of you here, because I’ve enjoyed watching you as of late and see…well, I’m a man who likes things to go off smoothly, without complications.

Judge Death: Thisssss I can undersssstand!

Reilly: Righto…then let me cut to the chase…

*Suddenly Vanth and Raven burst through the doors*

Vanth: You know what Reilly? I’ve had enough of your BS!

Reilly: You know son…those doors aren’t cheap! And hasn’t anyone heard of knocking around here? It’s called manners…

Raven: We’re not interested in your little tips Reilly. Listen, Generation NeXt is on the scene. Us and Christopher Back, we deserve the spot light…so you have two choices, you give us what we want, or we take over and make your life difficult.

Reilly: Well, that seems to be quite a pickle you boys have me in…so I tell you what I’ll do. Coming up next then, I’m going to give you two the chance to prove yourselves against a hot new tag team. You win there and I’ll be sure to book you a tag team title match for mayhem, now how’s that sound.

*Vanth and Raven look at each other, both clearly surprised.*

Vanth: Sounds…

Raven: …fair…

Reilly: Allrighty then, if you would excuse me, I have some business to finish up here. And you have a match to get ready for so, thanks gentlemen.

*Reilly waits until the two are out of earshot, then the smile fades from his face.*

Reilly: Those two…deal with them for me, would you?

*Baxter looks up from his nearly finished bowl of mints and nods in approval*

Judge Death: Thisssss should be fun…I shall render judgment upon them!

Reilly: Well that’s just spiffy! And fellas…try to really mess them up? SUPER!
Baxter & Judge Death Vs StarStorm

Out of the Silent Planet by Iron Maiden roars as Judge Death and Baxter head to the ring with their heads high.

RA: Making their way to ring sing, standing at a combined weight of 576 pounds --- BAXTER & JUDGE DEATH!!

Flec: Well, these two have been dragged into this match, but not kicking and creaming.
Joey: Well they might have been bored, sitting around doing nothing, so Reilly gave them to StarStorm. Better then a kick in the a…

End of Everything by Stereomund plays as StarStorm and viciously boo’ed by the crowd as the are pelted by popcorn and candy apples to the face.

Joey: Hey! I didn’t know we had candy apples. Be right back.
Flec: Can you get me one too.

StarStorm make it to the ring and enter without being attacked by their opponents. They all wait until the bell rings. Baxter and Raven start the match off with a tackle against each other, then a mule kick to Baxters’ knees.

Flec: Well, Raven keeping Baxter down, on the matt, laying into him with lefts and rights into the kidneys. Baxter gets up as Raven stops and makes way to his corner. Raven drags him back, starts laughing and tags in Vanth.

Vanth and Raven pick up Baxter and attempt a German Suplex away from the turnbuckles, but Baxter grabs the ropes and hold’s himself down, he then elbows Vanth when he loosens his grip and reverses the German Suplex.

Flec: Good use of the ropes there, reversed German Suplex, he’s not stopping at one folks, Baxter going again now, another German Suplex, he’s up again he goes fro the third, wait, he stops … The Bugg’s Eye Drop! Vanth is down, Baxter goes for the count, and Vanth kicks out at 2, almost a 3.
Joey: *wanders back into camera sight* Here ya go.
Flec: Thanks monkey boy.
Joey: *lick’s apple* No problem. Waiiittt ….

Baxter gets up and tags in Judge Death, as Vanth starts to use the ropes to hoist himself up. Judge Death gets up on turnbuckles and delivers a devastating Elbow drop to Vanth.

Joey: After last weeks Warzone, you’d expect this duo of StarStorm to take a beating.
Flec: I know what you mean, after Wild One had taken them down, I’m surprised their still here. Back to the match now folks.
Joey: And Death is working overtime now, he’s going in, elbow drops, punches, knee shots, all to a prone positioned and laying the physical smack down on Vanth.
Flec: Judge Death tags in Baxter now, but what the?!

As Baxter is tagged in Raven runs in with a steel chair that he got from under the ring, Judge Death runs across the ring and baseball slides underneath Raven, he falls over and he brings the chair down on top of Vanth, then he hits himself with the chair headfirst as he bounces off the apron and knocks himself out cold.

Flec: Baxter is smiling like you wouldn’t believe folks. You’d think he just waddled into all you can eat night at the Sizzler! He’s going to the top turnbuckle. He hits the Bugg Splash! Judge Death on top now, with the 3 count, and this one is allllllll over.

RA: The winner of this match by Pinfall --- BAXTER AND JUDGE DEATHHHHHH!!!

Joey: I don’t know what you think Flec, but I think Mr. Reilly may have just assembled one deadly tag team.

Flec: Certainly an odd couple, but man were they effective!


Keith Kincaid meets Morpheus backstage.

KK: Morpheus, you will soon meet Viewfind, The Lock and Sixwitch for a shot for the AWF championship at Archivemania. You have been quite silent for the past few weeks, any comments on the match now?

Morpheus: The match? There was a time in my life when I would've been happy to just destroy all three of them. There was also a time in my life when I was not able to accomplish anything.

KK: Meaning?

Morpheus: My dream, my goal was to main event Archivemania III. At the time, I thought that was what I was supposed to do. Now I know, I'm not supposed to main event Archivemania IV. But is it so wrong to want that? Is it so wrong to stand in the ring and have thousands of people chanting your name?! At one point, I thought so. At one point, I wasn't the AWF champion. The AWF title didn't give me the redemption I needed, but still... I feel a bit more empty without it. I was the champion for some time, and during that time people wanted to see me. They wanted to see ME! I wasn't all that I could be with the title, but I damn sure was more than I am right now!!

KK: What about your rivalry with the Lock? You had many battles in the past, but it seemed that was in the past.

Morpheus: Lock left too soon. Yes, he lost to me. Yes, he suffered in my hands. Yes, I humiliated him. But something was left undone. Something I wasn't able to do. But tonight is not the night. I can not go to Archivemania and teach the Lock at the same time. He will see what's coming to him, but he will not yet see what it is. I wanted so much out of him, and someday I will take it, just not tonight. Tonight, he will see a glimpse of it.

KK: So you are quite confident about your chances tonight in the fourway?

Morpheus: Everything I have ever needed, has been taken away from me before I could reach it. But I do not need this win, I do not need to main event Archivemania. I just want it.

KK: Back to you J!

AWF Hardcore Title:
Black Zarak (C) v Scarecrow

JHA: Oh yeah, I’d almost forgotten about this title.
JFA: It has been awhile since Zarak showed his face in these hallowed halls.
JHA: You are way too pedantic.
JFA: You’re pedantic just for saying pedantic.
JHA: well… um… you’re… a buttface!

Staring in the face of condemnation
Laughter fills the sky instead of rain

Live my life alone in resignation
Arms outstretched for those who cannot see


Crucified and left in isolation
Pictures of our lost morality


JFA: Scarecrow has been making quite a showing lately.
JHA: Really? Wait.. how?
JFA: Oh… good point.

Fallsworth, by Manchester, fills the arena, and the AWF Hardcore champ is at the top of the ramp.

JFA: Hunh.
JHA: Hunh.
JFA: I don’t know how to feel about him anymore.
JHA: Neither do I… I use to hate him when he and his little buddy were together
JFA: I loved Blood ‘n Thunder!
JHA: That’s why I hated them.

Zarak enters the ring, the ref tries to take his belt from him so they can start the match, but Zarak swings it at Scarecrow first.

JHA: That was original.
JFA: Looks like that belt has changed Zarak, he’s willing to do anything to win now a days.

Scarecrow gets to his feet, rubbing the side of his face, obviously frustrated. The ref signals, and the match begins.

JFA: Looks like we’re gonna have one heckuva brawl between these two.
JHA: eh.
JFA: You’re not excited?
JHA: Should I be?
JFA: Good point.

The two competitors lock up in a grapple, pushing back and forth before Zarak hits a body slam.

JFA: Nice slam outta Zarak.

Zarak starts to lay in the boot, stomping Scarecrow once.. twice… three times. Scarecrow catches Zarak’s boot to save him from a fourth, but Zarak merely shrugs and steps with his other foot on Scarecrow’s throat, and grabbing the near by ropes, pulls on them for leverage.

JFA: That’s so illegal!
JHA: It’s hardcore, remember?
JFA: I hate this division.
JHA: I love it!

Scarecrow, quickly turning red, fails about for a moment and finds himself utterly helpless. He tries futilely to hit Zarak in the crotch, but after a few failed attempts merely flops down.

JFA: Looks like this is over.
JHA: ooooh.. that blows.
JFA: you’re disappointed?
JHA: Nothing fun happened. I expect fun at a hardcore title match, on a PPV.
JFA: He’s choking him!
JHA: eh.

The ref picks up Scarecrow’s hand and lets it drop to the floor.

“one!” the crowd shouts

The ref does it again… blop. “Two!” They shout. Excited now. The ref lifts up Scarecrow’s hand a third time, with Zarak still applying pressure by standing on his throat…

JFA: Oh Christ on a Donkey, you get your wish, the match isn’t over yet.

A mysterious man, who apparently likes living on the edge, has rolled out from underneath the ring and caught Scarecrow’s hand at the last minute. I’d tell you who he is, honest, but he’s in a mask. It’s one of those troll things, from the 90s. Do you remember those? I do. They were dumb. I hate this guy. Who wears a troll mask?

JFA: Now why would he wear a mask?
JHA: Why would he save Scarecrow?
JFA: Good point.

The troll masked man rolls into the ring and confronts Zarak: who’s obviously displeased. So is troll man, though. He hits a right hook.

JFA: Closed fist!
JHA: Hardcore rules! ‘Sides, I don’t think the fist was Zarak’s problem.

Zarak hits the mat immediately, and the troll masked man laughs, showing off the brass knuckles he used.

JFA: Why hasn’t the ref called interference yet?

Troll mask man takes a moment to leave the ring, snatch a chair out from underneath, and waits patiently for Zarak to stumble to his feet.

JFA: Zarak’s in trouble here.

Zarak, once he’s reached his feet, realizes the chair is coming at him and manages to pivot so that he takes the blow in the back.

JFA: Zarak didn’t have enough time to dodge, so he took the shot in a less damaging area. Clever. The Hardcore champ showing his mettle, I suppose.

The troll masked man rolls Scarecrow on top of Black Zarak; the ref has no choice but to count…


JFA: Wow! Clever move again!
JHA: Or just lucky.
JFA: Zarak must have realized he couldn’t escape the pin with the troll mask clad interloper looming over him… so he rolled out of the ring.
JHA: More like belly flopped.
JFA: Looks like the interloper’s angry Zarak got away!
JHA: How can you tell, he’s in a mask!
JFA: Plot progression, my dear. Plot progression.

The masked man flips over the ropes, and is met with a bedpan to the face from Zarak!

JFA: Now where’d he get a bedpan?
JHA: Under the ring?
JFA: Why would there be a…

JHA: Sh! Don’t ask questions.

After hitting the masked man with the conveniently placed toilet for the bed ridden, Zarak collapses side by side with his masked opponent.

JFA: Shouldn’t Scarecrow be getting up soon?
JHA: Dizamn, Zarak put that kid down and fast with that strangely move thingamajig.
JFA: Eloquent.

Zarak stumbling to his feet walks over to the barrier, pauses for a moment to look at the screaming fans in front of him, and picks out the chubbiest man he can find. He wraps his arms around the fan, pauses, and hits a belly to belly suplex on him… launching him over the ropes and onto the masked man.

JFA: Holy crap! You can’t use fans as weapons!
JHA: That… was… the… most… amazing… thing… EVER!

Zarak, laughing, is distracted by a loud thump behind him. He turns around… and discovers Scarecrow in a pile against the divider.

JFA: What was that?
JHA: Let’s go the replay.

We see a split screen, as, during real time we see Zarak laughing even harder at Scarecrow, we watch the replay from a moment ago. Scarecrow had gotten up while Zarak was dealing with his masked assailant on the outside, gone to the top ropes and jumped off…trying for a flying clothesline. Unfortunately, he missed and crashed into the divider with a loud thud.

JFA: Well, I guess that’s what happens when a brawler tries to go up top. He should leave that to people like Xille or the SS: they’re the pros.
JHA: But this is all such comic gold!

Zarak, as if sensing our return to real time, stops laughing and look around in the crowd. He spots an old man, grabs him, pries his mouth open and sticks his hand into the old man’s mouth.

JFA: Enough assaulting the fans!

Zarak removes the old man’s dentures, and, laughing, bends down to put them in Scarecrow’s mouth. He giggles, then kicks his opponent in the jaw. Scarecrow starts spitting out broken teeth, and some blood to go along with it.

JFA: This is getting ridiculous.

The troll masked man gets to his feet, and seeing Zarak laughing over the man he came out here to save, turns to the crowd and spots a rather dorky kid with a name tag on his chest reading “De’Si Nidea.” The kid has a star wars shirt on, and is waving a bout a toy lightsaber. Troll mask grabs the lightsaber, and swings it full force at Zarak’s head. It bounces off. Zarak turns, looking confused.

JHA: It’s plastic, ya numbnutz!

Zarak grabs the troll mask, pulls it back and then releases. It snaps back on the mystery man’s face. Zarak capitalizes, and hits The Fatal Sting on the masked man.

JHA: What’s that? Like the second actual wrestling move of this whole match.
JFA: Well, Scarecrow went for the flying clothesline… if that counts.

Zarak pivots to Scarecrow, sets it up, and hits the Venom Blade. He goes for the pin…




JFA: Well, an interesting win for Zarak, even if he had to deal with that troll masked man.

The troll masked man and Scarecrow are trying to help each other limp up the ring… except we realize the masked man’s mask has fallen off…

JFA: C-Back!
JHA: Cyberstrike!
JFA: You mean Christopher Back.
JHA: Whatever. The masked dude was Back all the time? No wonder he sucked.
JFA: He just got unlucky. But why would Cyberstrike
JHA: You mean C-Back
JFA: Yeah. Why would he help out Scarecrow?
JHA: Dunno.
JFA: Well, I can’t wait to find out!

*The camera cuts backstage as we see Scarecrow glaring…looking not pleased at all*

2005-03-09, 02:45 AM

Sixswitch is shown stretching out, preparing for his match later tonight...

JFA: That's right...Sixswitch one of four men with a chance to walk out of here with a shot at the AWF Champion at Archivemania.

JHA: No way...the Lock is a lock for that!

JFA: *scoffs*

AWF TV Title:
Cloudstrifer (c) v Wolfang

JFA: “It’s time for our next match and it will be Wolfang trying to uncrown our reigning TV champion Cloudstrifer.”
JHA: “Yeah but I don’t think Wolfang is going to be able to do it.”
JFA: “And why not?”
JHA: “Cloud has managed to get through both Ravage and Tempest. And if they couldn’t take it away from him I don’t think Wolfang has a chance.”
JFA: “I would beg to differ on that one. Wolfang is a very skilled individual and I think he might just step up tonight and take it.”
JHA: “We’ll see.”
JFA: “Yes we will now let’s go down to JRA for the in-ring announcements. Take it away J.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Television Title. Introducing first, the challenger, from St. Helens, Merseyside, England………WOLFANG!”

The familiar sounds of “Dragontown” by Alice Cooper begin to fill the arena as Wolfang makes his way out of the back and onto the stage. The crowd cheers him wildly as he poses on the ramp.

JFA: “Wolfang looking like he’s in fine form tonight and the crowd seems to be very pleased to see him.”
JHA: “Yeah they are all suck ups.”

Wolfang climbs into the ring and begins to warm up as the music changes into “Built for Speed” by Motorhead.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent. The AWF Television champion, from The Land of the Vikings, Norway……CLOUDSTRIFER!”

Cloud walks out onto the stage and poses with his belt for a moment causing a few fans to boo then walks down to the ring.

JFA: “And here comes our TV champ. Now is it just me or are the fans not giving him that warm of a welcome.”
JHA: “I think you are right but what do the fans know?”
JFA: “Well Cloud in the ring now and handing his belt over to the ref.”

The ref shows the belt to the crowd and the bell rings signaling the beginning of the match. Wolfang and Cloud go face to face in the center of the ring. The two men begin to argue back and forth until finally Cloud winds up and slaps Wolfang causing him to stumble back a few steps. After regaining his balance Wolfang looks at Cloud while holding his jaw and a look of anger covers his face. He walks back up to Cloud and Cloud winds up again but before Cloud can swing his hand Wolfang ducks down and charges forcing Cloud back and then slamming him into the corner. Before Cloud can even move Wolfang pulls away and starts to beat Cloud with punches.

JFA: “well it doesn’t look like Wolfang appreciated that slap very much.”
JHA: “Would you? Cloud just showed Wolfang that he has no respect for him. I thought it was funny.”
JFA: “Again, you would and I am sure that Wolfang would laugh if it happened to you. I know I would.”

Cloud covers as much as he can but Wolfang just continues to whale on him until the ref finally moves in and breaks it up. The ref forces Wolfang back and asks Cloud if he’s alright, Cloud doesn’t respond, instead he charges out and nails Wolfang with a heavy punch and the two men start trading blows in the center of the ring. They go back and forth until finally Wolfang gets the upperhand and whips Cloud into the ropes. Wolfang goes for a clothesline but Cloud ducks it and then nails Wolfang with a flying shoulder block on the rebound. Cloud quickly bounces off the ropes again as Wolfang gets up and nails him with a second shoulder block. Then drops on him with a leg drop and goes for a quick cover.

JFA: “Cloud with the quick cover but Wolfang kicked out at the count of 1.”
JHA: “Way too early. But it can sometimes help to wear out your opponent.”
JFA: “True.”

Cloud pulls Wolfang back up and whips him into the ropes and slams him down with a back body drop and follows it with another leg drop. Cloud taunts the crowd for a moment then drags Wolfang back to his feet. Cloud gives him a quick kick to the gut and then slams him to the mat with a side Russian leg sweep.

JFA: “Cloud looking like he’s in complete control now and going for a Boston crab now.”
JHA: “I am getting impressed by him in this match. He’s not letting up and not letting Wolfang catch a breath.”
JHA: “I think he is treating Wolfang like a very serious threat and doesn’t want to give him a chance.”
JHA: “Smart.”

Cloud sits down on the Boston crab and Wolfang lets out a small scream of pain. The ref drops down and quickly starts asking Wolfang if he quits but gets no response from the competitor. After a few more moments of Cloud reefing back on Wolfang's legs, Wolfang starts trying to crawl. He starts digging his elbows into the mat and begins to pull himself towards the ropes. Cloud fights him as much as he can and the ref continues to ask him if he wants to quit but Wolfang, determined, continues to move. Finally Wolfang reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. The ref tells Cloud to break the hold but Cloud refuses and the ref begins to count.

JFA: “The ref counting here and Cloud breaking the hold at 4. He’s really pushing his limits here.”
JHA: “It doesn’t matter, if he gets disqualified he keeps his belt. It is a smart move.”
JFA: “I guess your right.”

Cloud stands back up and the ref forces him back into the corner and begins to admonish him for no breaking the hold while Wolfang slowly starts using the ropes to get up. Wolfang gets up to his feet while holding his back and showing major signs of fatigue when suddenly Cloud pushes the ref out of the way and charges at him. Cloud goes for a clothesline but Wolfang ducks and sends Cloud up and over the top rope with a hip check. Cloud hits his head on the apron then crashes down hard on the concrete floor as Wolfang collapses back to the mat.

JFA: “Quick thinking there by Wolfang and it looks like Cloud might be out.”
JHA: “Well the refs making the count.”
JFA: “I don’t think it will make Wolfang too happy if he wins by count out.”
JHA: “Probably not.”

Wolfang starts moving again and begins to get to his feet as the ref hits 2. Slowly Wolfang gets all the way back to his feet and then looks down to see Cloud grasping at the guard rail. 5. Wolfang waits a moment longer and then finally sees Cloud get to his feet.7. Wolfang bounces off the far ropes and then does a running suicide dive going through the ropes and slamming hard into Cloud forcing the ref to break the count and start all over again.

JHA: “Well looks like you were right. Wolfang didn’t want a count out but now they both might get counted out.”
JFA: “Could very well happen after that move.”

Wolfang struggles to his feet as he hears the ref begin another count. He drags Cloud up with him and slams him head first into the apron a couple of times and then whips him hard into the steel steps. Wolfang rolls in and then back out of the ring breaking the refs count.

JFA: “Wolfang breaking the count and going right back after Cloud slamming him head first into the apron.”
JHA: “Wolfangs looking quite aggressive now and who wouldn’t be after taking that much of a beat that fast.”
JFA: “I don’t know, Wolfang still on the aggressive as he rolls Cloud back into the ring and follows him in.”

Wolfang gets to his feet and drags Cloud to a standing position and whips him into the ropes. Wolfang catches Cloud with a huge powerslam and then locks in a Boston crab.

JFA: “Wolfang pulling a page out of Clouds book here and putting him in a Boston crab.”
JHA: “Oh that doesn’t look like much fun.”
JFA: “I think you might be right since we can all hear Cloud screaming.”

Cloud screams loudly as Wolfang sits back as hard as he can. The ref jumps down to the mat and begins checking on Cloud. Eventually Clouds screams begins to dwindle as he slowly starts to fight the move. Cloud presses up and starts crawling towards the ropes. The fans are cheering wildly again as Wolfang does his best to sit down on the move but Cloud continues to creep towards the ropes.

JFA: “Cloud showing supreme determination here as he fights to get to the ropes.”
JHA: “Again, he is impressing me.”

Cloud fighting for every inch finally closes in on the ropes and stretches out to grab them only to have Wolfang stand up and drag him back into the center of the ring. Wolfang begins to smile as he sits down on the move again. The ref moves in as we see Clouds hand raise and look like its going to tap.

Suddenly “Mexicola” by Queens of the stone age begins to play and Zarak runs out from the back and down to the ring jumping up on the apron. Wolfang instinctively lets go of Cloud and charges at his former partner knocking him off the mat. Wolfang begins to shout obscenities at Zarak as the ref runs over to break them up. Zarak gets back to his feet and takes a swat at Wolfang, which only serves to piss him off even more. The ref continues to try and get between the men but again fails to do so. As all of this is going on Cloud crawls over to the ropes and begins to get to his feet.

JFA: “Zarak and Wolfang are relentless here. Both men are verbally assaulting eachother and the ref is powerless to do anything about it.”
JHA: “I still find it hard to believe that that not that long ago they were tag team partners. What happened to them?”
JFA: “I don’t know but it seems to have destroyed one of the best team the AWF has ever seen. And look at this Cloud has managed to get back to his feet and finally sees what’s going on.”

Cloud watches as the two men continue to berate eachother. Finally the ref forces Wolfang away from the ropes but in doing so gave Zarak a chance to get back on the apron. Just as Zarak starts to climb into the ring Cloud jumps up and drives both boots into the back of Wolfangs head sending him crashing into both the ref and Zarak. The ref falls to the mat and looks like he’s knocked out as Zarak crashes down to the floor for the second time.

JHA: “What a drop kick. He just took out three men with that move.”
JFA: “That was a perfectly executed dropkick, but it looks like Wolfang isn’t out.”

Wolfang had fallen into the ropes and had just managed to stand back up and turn around as Cloud catches him with a rock bottom and then makes the cover.

JFA: “Cloud with a Bragi’s Axe and I think he just knocked out Wolfang.”
JHA: “Yeah but there no ref. He can’t win the match.”
JFA: “Your right and I think he just realized that the ref is out.”

Cloud lets go of Wolfang and walks over to the ref then gives him a little kick to wake him up. On the outside Zarak begins to search under the ring. Cloud begins to signal to the crowd that its time to end this match as he calls for the spear. Zarak stands up with his back turned towards the ring and his holding a chair. Cloud drags Wolfang to his feet and goes for an Irish whip but at the last second Wolfang reverses it and sends Cloud into the ropes and watches as Zarak spins around and slams his chair into the back of Clouds head. Cloud stumbles off the ropes and right into the waiting arms of Wolfang. Without hesitation Wolfang drops Cloud to the mat with a diamond cutter.

JFA: “CRIMSON TWILIGHT! Wolfang just nailed him with the crimson twilight and the ref is moving.”
JHA: “Oh come on after all that Wolfang is going to win because of Zarak.”
JFA: “1….2……3! Wolfang has done it. Wolfang is our new TV champion.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of this bout and new AWF Television Champion……WOLFANG!”

“Dragontown” comes back on as Wolfang, still on the mat, raises his hands. On the outside Zarak is livid as he slams his hands on the apron.

JFA: “Wolfang is our new champ and I don’t think this is making Zarak too happy.”

Zarak finally stops and jumps into the ring. Quickly, before Wolfang can react, Zarak drive a boot into the side of his head then drags him to his feet and drives him into the mat with the venom blade.

JFA: “Oh come off it, he didn’t even have enough strength to react and he did that. Can we get security out here to stop this.”

Zarak drops the TV title on Wolfang then rolls out of the ring and walks to the back with a smirk on his face as the ref attends to Wolfang.

A Commercial showing the Countdown to Archivemania Plays

Styles: Archivemania is coming…

Flec: And so is a major fight!

GPA Feud:
Ravage v Tempest

Pistol Grip Pump hits the sound system, and the massive Tempest approaches the ring to a very large ovation from the Australian crowd. The big man gets to the ring and poses to the crowd who roar again. His music cuts out, and the chugging guitars of Dimmu Borgir’s, “Puritania” hits and Big Daddy Ravage marches to the ring to a chorus of boos.

Styles: Should be some quality brawling tonight between these to competitors. Former friends and running mates in the GPA.

Flec: You think Tempest is wearing his thong again tonight like in the evening gown match?

Styles: You are a disturbing man. Either way the tension between these two has been growing ever since TC joined the GPA as their new leader. Both man had differing views about TC’s leadership and the disdain has just been growing over the weeks.

The two big men of the AWF go to the center of the ring and begin to stare each other down. Each one talking down to the other. Tempest rears back with a right hand, but Ravage saw it coming and blocks it, then connects with a right of his own. Ravage begins unleashing a barrage of punches upon Tempest before whipping him into the ring ropes. As tempest bounces off of them, he is met in the arms of BDR who elevates Tempest into the air and pancakes him down onto the mat.

Styles: BDR with a hard pancake onto Tempest there, and Tempest is back up holding his chest.
Flec: He shoulda stayed down on the mat, because Ravage was right there waiting with a big sidewalk slam.

Styles: Nicely executed move by Ravage there, float over into the cover, only gets a two count there. Now BDR posing for the crowd a bit. Big mistake, taking his attention off of Tempest.

While Ravage taunts the Australian crowd, Tempest raises himself into a three point stance, and once Ravage turns around he is met with a massive clothesline. Not wasting time, Tempest begins to put the boots the boots to Ravage, and then picks him up to his feet. He whips Ravage into the opposite ropes, and hits the ones close to him. Tempest attempts to hit a running clothesline, but ducks. Both men hit the ropes again and hit each other with a double clothesline.

Both men struggle to their feet and Tempest is up first and quickly pulls Ravabe up delivering some knife-edge chops on his opponent, until he is in the corner. Tempest then sets Ravage up on the top rope, and climbs up to the top rope superplexes him off. Tempest then picks up Ravage and lifts him high into the air going for the Thunder Press.

Styles: Tempest is looking to finish off Big Daddy Rav right here with the Thunder Press, and he hits it. Goes for the cover….what the hell?

Flec: Did you push the electrical button Styles?

Styles: I didn’t do anything Flec…wait that music, it cant be….it is. It’s Brave Maxx’s music playing over the MCG sound system.

Flec: Is that dolt meddling with AWF matches again?

Styles: Oh my god Flec, look at the top of the Archivetron, that shadow starring down at the ring, starring right at Tempest.

Flec: And see that look on Tempest’s face, he’s horrified right now. He gave up on the pin.

The lights go to pitch black again and then back to full light. The shadow that was seen on top of the Archivetron is now gone, and Tempest still looks horrified. He turns around only to be caught with a giant boot to the face from Ravage who was waiting for him. Ravage is done fooling around with his rival Tempest and hoists him onto his shoulders.

Styles: Here it comes, the hangover and it connects. Ravage with the cover, 1…2…3. It’s over, Ravage with a victory here at Redemption
Flec: He wouldn’t have gotten it if it wasn’t for that distraction by what is seemingly Brave Maxx.
Styles: But it couldn’t be…COULD IT?

*Ravage makes his way to the back as Tempest starts to come around, still looking as though he has seen a ghost, then realizing what transpired, the chills he feels turn to anger and Tempest can be heard screaming in rage as the camera cuts backstage*

Special Feature:
“The Mad Bomber” Bombshell v The King in his return to singles action

“More Than Human” hits and, after a moment, The King bursts from the darkness, flexing his considerable muscles despite the crowd’s boos. His black pants, with orange and white tiger stripes running down the sides, flutter a bit as he walks determinedly to the ring, ready to tear The Mad Bomber apart.

RA: In the ring, from Los Angeles, California…The King!!!

Flec: Aren’t you glad to have King back, Styles?

Styles: I can tell you one thing for certain, the fans don’t feel as enamored as you seem to be. King’s anything-goes attitude that’s prevailed since his return at Edge of Survival hasn’t exactly endeared him to the AWF fans.

Flec: Fan response doesn’t mean anything Styles. What matters is that once King locks Bombers into the Kingsmaker, it will be done.

Styles: That may be true. The Kingsmaker, King’s version of the Sharpshooter, could be Bombshell’s undoing here tonight.

Styles’ comments are interrupted by the roar of Bombshell’s motorcycle and the sounds of Powerman 5000’s “Drop The Bombshell.” The former world heavyweight champion, accompanied by Arcee, roars into the arena and races to the ring.

RA: His opponent…from Maple Ridge, Canada…The Mad Bomber, Bombshell!!!

Parking his bike and removing his leather at ringside, Bombshell steps into the ring and comes face to face with King, standing tall. The referee separates the two, then rings the bell to get things going. The two come to the center of the ring, and Bombshell pokes King accusingly in the chest, and King shakes his head and says ‘no’.

Styles: Bombshell clearly accusing King of being behind all the mysterious messages that he’s received over the last six weeks.

Flec: It’s preposterous! King should be receiving a…a… well, a king’s welcome, Styles, and he hasn’t gotten that!

Styles: Is it in your contract to favor ex-Foundation guys?

Flec: Favor?

Bombshell reels back and tries a right hand, but King blocks the shot and returns a flurry of punches of his own. He sends Bombers into the ropes and hits him with a stiff clothesline, knocking the big man down.

Styles: This is really a tremendous match of power versus power. The Mad Bomber is huge and intimidating, but King looks like he’s cut from granite, and he’s got the technical skills to complement his power.

Bombers bounces up and avoids King’s clothesline, then grabs King around the throat and heaves him into the corner, hitting him with several stiff reverse elbows. Bomb whips King across the ring, but when he follows it across with a big splash, King moves out of the way, hits the ropes, and nails the stunned Bomber with a running double-forearm to the head, knocking Bombshell through the ropes to the outside. Seeing her man in trouble, Arcee rushes around the ring and urges Bombshell to get to his feet. Getting out through the ropes, King rushes around the ring and heads straight at Bombshell, but Bombers scores with a drop-toehold at the last minute, and King’s head bounces off the steel ring steps! Bombshell immediately grabs King by the hair and rolls him inside, then hooks a leg and gets a two count. Intimidating the referee, Bombers heaves King into a corner, then turns him around and chokes him over the top turnbuckle. Bombshell whips King across the ring, and as he comes hard off the turnbuckles, Bombers scores with a giant boot to the face! Another lateral press, however, only gets two. As Bombshell leaps up to argue with the referee again, however, King somehow bounds to his feet, avoids a clothesline, and surprises Bombshell with the Rampage, his spinebuster!!!

Styles: Where did that come from?!? A thunderous Rampage, and both men are down!

Flec: Good thing Bombers took the time to bounce King’s head off the steel steps like a beachball!

Styles: Both men coming to their feet…Bombers with a right hand…blocked…King returns fire, sends Bombers into the ropes…looking for the Divebomb…Bombshell ducks it…Bombshell misses the big boot…King grabs him by the throat! Could it be?!? It is! Ironclaw! Ironclaw! King almost chokeslammed Bombshell through the mat! Hooks the leg…1….2….and Bombshell kicks out!

Flec: Thank god for that! That was almost 50 cents down the drain!

King grabs Bombshell by the legs and momentarily attempts the Kingsmaker, but Bombshell powers out of the move. As Bombshell gets to his feet, King tries for a surprise Headstrong (his Spear), but Bombshell sidesteps the move and uses King’s momentum to send him into the steel ringpost! King hits the post hard and topples through the ropes to the outside. Hoisting up his pants a bit, Bombshell steps casually through the ropes, then grabs King and whips him hard into the steel ringpost, further damaging the shoulder! Bombshell grabs King and heaves him back into the ring, then signals for the Atom Bomb Jacknife Powerbomb to a chorus of violent boos from the crowd.

Styles: And King looks to be nearly finished…if Bombshell can successfully execute his devastating powerbomb, it will definitely be over.

Flec: I couldn’t agree more! This one’s practically in the books!

Bombshell goes to roll into the ring, but stops himself when he spots a fan in the front row holding a sign that says “The Nightmare Team” above a group photo of the cWo.

Bombshell strolls over to the fan, who begins to look terrified at the towering superstar standing in front of him. Bombshell points at the fan and says, “Who gave you that?” The fan shakes his head in denial, but Bombshell only becomes more visibly irritated at the fan’s response. Bombshell retorts, “I’m only going to ask you once more. Who asked you to hold that sign?”

The fan: “No one! I made it.”

Bombshell shakes his head, then hauls off and decks the fan with a right hand! Climbing over the security railing, Bombshell drives several hard boots into the side of the fallen fan, then grabs him by the hair and rams him into the backside of the black security wall! Security personnel swoop in and tend to the fallen fan as Bombshell stands over him, pointing a finger into the fan’s face. Meanwhile, the referee calls for the bell, and The Mad Bomber’s eyes return to the ring, afire with rage.

RA: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout as a result of a countout…King!

Styles: Well, Bombshell managed to get himself counted out in all the confusion out here at ringside, but that’s not the story here! The story is that Bombshell is absolutely obsessed with these references to the cWo, and he’s gone so far as to assault an innocent fan! How far is this really going to go?

Flec: I don’t care about that! I care about the fact that The Mad Bomber just threw away a key match for nothing!

Styles: King still slowly coming around in the ring…you have to think that Bombshell had this match won before he noticed that fan at ringside…there’ll be another day between these two, that’s for sure. What’s not so certain is the extent to which Bombshell will go to figure out this conspiracy that may or may not exist!

Backstage Lisa Lovelace is seen with Auros of Murder Inc.

LL: Auros, tonight you and your partner the Wild One will be meeting the Slackaz for a shot at the AWF Tag Titles, your thoughts?

Auros: My thoughts are mainy and numorus. I theenk the Slackaz are gonna come away wif som brokeen parts. I theenk we’re gonna geeve them moor than som bruzes.

LL: Ummm...Auros, those comments are neither many, nor numerous...

Auros: I'll be onest wif joo, I don reely know what dose words meen. But I do know I'm steel addeected to putting on the pain and I haf the goal. I'm gonna get anofer title.

LL: Anything else Auros?

Auros: Um...wat does "else" meen?

LL: Thanks Auros...good luck tonight, back to you J!

Auros: [expletive deleted]

Y3B Blaster v Christopher Back

"No Chance" hits, and the crowd turns to thunderous boos for Christopher Back as he ambles down the aisle, taunting back at them for their nerve to boo him.

JFA: Oh great, THIS guy.
JHA: Man, what're you talking about? CB's the best!
JFA: Of course he is, that's why he's taking all the crap from the crowd?
JHA: They just can't appreciate talent, that's all!
JFA: Yeah, that's gotta be it.






"Personal Jesus" starts up as the pyros explode and Y3B Blaster appears to a tremendous standing ovation! The crowd claps rhythmically with the beat of the song the whole way as Blaster heads down.

JRA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Vancouver, BC Canada, Y3B Blaster!

Blaster gets in the ring and immediately gets nose to nose with Back, and they jaw at each other as the bell rings to start the match.

Blaster pushes CB, CB pushes back, then Blaster starts wailing on him with rights, getting him into the corner and ramming him with his shoulder. CB pushes him off, then chops him across the chest several times before whipping him off the ropes into a leg-sweep takedown. He drops an elbow on Blaster, then tries to cover, but Blaster kicks out emphatically after one.

JHA: Oh, almost had him!
JFA: No he didn't, Y3B nearly threw him off!
JHA: Rose colored glasses, J. We all know he barely got out of that.
JFA: Had much kool-aid lately?
JHA: Yes...why?

Blaster pops up and drops CB with a clothesline, then comes off the ropes and nails him with another. Grabbing CB's arm, he whips him off the ropes and into a missile drop-kick! But CB shows resiliency and before Y3B can get the enziguri, he spins him down and tries to lock in the figure 4 leglock, but Y3B gets to the ropes and pulls himself free, then goes straight to the top, looking for the moonsault, but CB gets out of the way and Blaster impacts hard. CB sees his opportunity, and nails Y3B with the Dream's End!

JHA: This could be it! Cover him, cover him!
JFA: CB with the cover, can't believe Y3B might lose like this, 1...2...kick out!
JFA: Y3B with the kickout! Oh, how did he do it? Back to his feet now, Strike roaming around in frustration, he doesn't even seem to be noticing! Y3B's got him! Pulling him up....STIFF BEAT! Oh, I think Y3B just destroyed him! But he doesn't look done!
JHA: Oh no, oh no!

Indeed CB still seems too aware to be pinned, so Y3B goes for the Touch of Faith.

JFA: Trying to lock in the Touch of Faith here, can't quite seem to get Back turned around enough, he kicked him away! Back back to his feet, misses the drop-kick! Blaster held onto the ropes and didn't come bouncing back! Now Y3B with the advantage again! Clothesline! Grabs hold...DDT! Oh, Back's gotta be hurting after that!
JHA: Get up, Christopher!
JFA: Y3B with the Soundsault, and the cover...1, 2...3! Yes! Blaster has picked up the big win!
JHA: Damn it, no!

JRA: Here is your winner, Y3B Blaster!

JFA: Blaster doesn't look done still, though...he's wrapping Back into the Touch of Faith! Back tapping out furiously now! Ref is trying to break it up, but Blaster's not letting go! The wrestler formerly known as Cyberstrike is just having his legs ripped off him at this point!
JHA: Get him off of him!
JFA: It looks like Blaster's trying to make a point with this! Back cost him his title shot and he wants to send a message to the rest of the AWF. Now he's let him go, charging up the crowd, and I think Back is out cold!
JHA: He's not moving, you're right! Why is this still going on?
JFA: Blaster really feeling it here, he's moving Back's arms and legs, laid him out like a cross in the center of the ring, looks like he's reading him the last rites, making the cross symbol with his hand...it's like the end of the Exorcist or something...oh my, what will Blaster do next?
JHA: I don't know, but thankfully he's leaving!

Back starts regaining consciousness as Blaster gets up the ramp, music blaring and huge pop in his wake.

AWF Tag Team Title Match:
The Serial Slackaz: D-Extreme & Ignavus (C) v Murder Inc: The Wild One & Auros

The familar drumming intro of Bruce Springsteen's Murder Incorporated blares throughout the M.C.G. as the distorted guitar joins the drums.

Bobby's got a gun that he keeps beneath his pillow
Out on the street your chances are zero
Take a look around you, come on now
It ain't too complicated, your messin' with...
Murdeeeeeeeeeeer Incorporated!

The Wild One and Sir Auros make their way down the entrance ramp greeted with booing from the Melbourne crowd.

JRA: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the AWF Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers, from Circleville, OH and México, The Wild One and Sir Auros, they are Murder Incorporated!"

The crowd continue to boo them as Comfort Eagle by Cake takes over the Murder Inc. theme and the crowd instantly begin to cheer.

JRA: "And their opponents, accompanied to the ring by Atticus, the AWF Tag Team Champions, D-Exteme and Ignavus, they are The Serial Slackaz!"

JHA: "Tell you what Jay, the Slackaz are looking unusually focused tonight, maybe they know Murder Inc is going to pound them and take their titles, but at least Atticus is here."
JFA: "Oh stop it."

All four contestants staring each other down in the ring now, and it looks like it's going to be Ignavus to start it out here with Auros. As the other two make their way to the outside Auros and Ignavus tie up and the aggressive Auros throws Igz down to the mat hard and taunts him as the crowd show their appreciation, or lack there of, for Auros.

JHA: "Look at that intimidating power, the Slackaz should just give them the titles now."
JFA: "Hardly."
JHA: "Come on, you know Igz's got nothing on El Chingador, he's so loco."
JFA: "You know, you really need to stop trying."

They tie up again, as Igz manages to get a hammerlock on Auros, he switches to a side headlock, now a frontface lock, it looks like Igz's is going for a suplex but he grabs Auros leg and delivers The Dismotivator, but can only manage a one count at this stage.

JFA: "Igz trying to finish things off early here."
JHA: "Yeah a little bit to early if you ask me, Murder Inc. aren't gonna be beaten at all, let alone that quickly."

They tie up for a third time, but Auros sneaks in a knee to Igz's mid-section, he throws Igz to the ropes and follows it up with a samoan drop. Auros picks him up in a headlock and drags him to Murder Inc.'s corner and makes the tag to the Wild One, who clubs Ignavus over the back. Atticus and D-Extreme get the crowd going in support of Ignavus but to no avail as Wild One stops the crowd's chant with hard-hitting powerslam. Wild makes the cover but can only manage a two count.

JFA: "Ignavus is going to have to try make a tag here somewhere cause at the moment Murder Inc. have him isolated and are working him over royally."
JHA: "Well you see that's what teams do, and Murder Inc. is a team, a good one at that, and it makes me sick that people still think that they've been thrown together and have no chemistry, I said it once, and I'll say it again, they're going home with the titles.
JFA: "The Serial Slackaz might feel differently."
JHA: "Who gives a sh.."
JFA: "Wild One now with a flurry of punches, raising his fist in the air...and then drops Igz with one more punch right in the middle of the head."

Wild One continues to work over Igz body with some running elbow drops before making the tag to Auros.

JHA: "Feel the synergy Jay, it's all happening here at the G!"
JFA: "The G?"
JHA: "That's what they call the M.C.G. for short you ignorant uncultured twit."
JFA: "But the M.C.G. is already short for the Melbourne Cricket Ground."
JHA: "Ya just don't get it do ya?"

Auros now, hoists Ignavus way up into the air for a stalling suplex....but drops him right on his head for a skull fracturing brainbuster, but he's not going for the cover yet, instead he gets Igz straight back up and delivers the Diarrea Atomico out of nowhere.

JFA: "This could be all over right here after that devastating piledriver. One, two, D-Ex breaks the count as the crowd cheers."
JHA: "But now D-Ex has just cost his teammate for sure, because now while the ref is getting him out of the ring, Murder Inc. is working over Igz somemore. Auros hoists Igz up, and Wild comes running at him and delivers a reverse bulldog. Showing off the excellent teamwork, that is Murder Inc."
JFA: "Looks like D-Ex's rage is getting the better of him."
JHA: "Looks like Atticus is getting the better of me. She's looking fine!"
JFA: "Keep it in your pants Jay."

The ref finally manages to get D-Ex out of the ring as Auros has Ignavus firmly locked into an abdominal stretch in the Murder Inc. corner, pain all over Igz's face as he hasn't had a chance to rest in this match yet. Auros now really wrenching the hold, and gets some extra leverage from Wild One, but as the crowd make a noise about it, Wild One quickly lets go before the ref sees. The ref back in position now, and Wild One assisting Auros with some leverage again. Atticus is trying to encourage Ignavus to get back into the match from the outside. Wild lets go before the ref catches him again. Igz screaming in pain as his ab muscles feel like they're being torn as Wild once more assists Auros with leverage, but this time the ref catches him and kicks his hand, and as the ref tells Auros to break the hold, Ignavus manages a hip toss on Auros as he lunges to his corner and makes a tag to D-Extreme.

JFA: "Hot tag! The crowd screaming. It's on now Jay, after that dirty little play by Murder Inc. Igz's has finally got the tag. D-Ex is jacked as he charges Auros with a clothesline, he brings Wild into the ring the hard way, another haymaker for Auros, and then one for the Wild One."

He then gets them both up and headbutts their heads together, as the crowd cheer in approval. The Serial Slackaz double team Murder Inc. with a double suplex on Auros and then a double suplex on The Wild One as Murder Inc. slide out of the ring to the outside to re-group. However as the Slackaz are in the ring soaking up the cheers of the crowd, Atticus is leaving the ringside area and is going back to the locker rooms. The Slackaz look at each other confused as Ignavus slides to the outside to go see what's wrong with her, but as he gets to the outside Murder Inc. sideswipe him with a devastating clothesline.

JFA: "Whoa! Out of nowhere the power of Murder Inc. just floored Igz like he was nothing."
JHA: "He is nothing. Murder Inc. standing over his fallen body. Come back Atticus, I still love you."
JFA: "In the ring now, D-Ex is running the ropes, oh no.....over the top rope suicide dive onto Murder Incorporated!"
JHA: "See that's dangerous, Auros or Wild could have got hurt"
JFA: "What about D-Extreme?"
JHA: "Who cares about him."

The combatants gradually slide their way back into the ring before the ref reaches a ten count. D-Extreme gets to his feet before Auros, so D-Ex grabs him by the head and then sends him to the ropes and executes a snake eyes right across Auros neck on the ropes, but D-Ex holds him there as Igz, quickly gets in the ring and runs towards D-Extreme, leapfrog attack!

JFA: "Auros' neck and back are probably hurting just a little bit at the moment.
JHA: "That was illegal, the ref should not have allowed Ignavus to get into the ring and execute that move. I might have to make a complaint."
JFA: "D-Extreme sends Auros into the ropes again, blind tag by The Wild One, the ref saw it and that's all that matters. Kick to Auros' mid-section by D-Extreme, Xtreme Factor!"
JHA: "He's not even the legal man, what's happening here."
JFA: "D-Ex is making the cover, but he's got the wrong man. The Wild One comes out of nowhere and boots D-Ex right in the face with a dropkick!"
JHA: "Oh yeah! That's gotta hurt!"
JFA: "Wild One quickly picking D-Ex up...Call Of The Wild! Makes the cover, one, two, kickout!"

The crowd cheer as D-Extreme keeps the match alive for the Serial Slackaz. Wild One makes the tag to Auros as they send D-Extreme to the ropes and deliver a double hiptoss followed up with tandem elbow drops and leg drops showing off some of the teamwork in Murder Incorporated's arsenal. Wild One makes his way back onto the apron as Auros hits a snap suplex on D-Extreme. Auros covers him back can only manage a two count. Back up now, D-Extreme is sent to the ropes, Auros goes for a back body drop but D-Extreme drops him with the X-Ocution!

JFA: "Auros is laid out. D-Extreme makes the tag to Ignavus, Wild One jumps into the ring and charges them, but the Slackaz duck and clothesline him over the top rope to the outside."
JHA: "Come on Auros, get up!"
JFA: "The Slackaz are signaling for the Reactive Rejection, soaking up the cheers of the crowd. D-Extreme sends Auros to the ropes, goes for the atomic drop...NO! Auros reverses it into a MASSIVE tornado DDT that sent D-Extreme to the outside!"
JHA: "Oh yeah! That's old loco El Chingador for ya."
JFA: "Igz goes to charge Auros with the Shinning Wizard but it's Time To Get Wild!"
JHA: "Did you see that Jay? Out of nowhere, Wild One slid back in the ring and just nailed Ignavus!"
JFA: "My god what action, it's all happening at the moment."
JHA: "The titles are coming to Murder Inc. baby!"
JFA: "Wild One is going to the top, I think we know what's coming. Auros now, he's got Ignavus set up! El Chupacabre! Ignavus' down! Wild Fallout! What a devastating combo as Wild One came flying off the top as soon as Auros nailed the Chokeslam."
JHA: "It's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll over! Hold on...D-Extreme just got a singapore cane from out of nowhere! Come on Auros make the cover!"
JFA: "D-Extreme back in the ring....Auros with the cover...Wild One charges D-Ex, but SMACK! He's only met by the end of D-Extreme's Singapore cane."

The bell rings as Auros gets up thinking he's victorious but when he turns around D-Extreme gives him a devastating Singapore cane shot right to the middle of his head as he falls like a ton of bricks. With Atticus gone, Ignavus out cold, and Murder Inc. laid out, D-Extreme snaps and goes wild with the Singapore cane on the fallen bodies of Murder Inc.

JHA: "He's going nuts Jay, someone stop him! It's not Murder Inc.'s fault that D-Ex couldn't handle the pressure."

JRA: "The winner of this match via a disqualification, Murder Incorporated!....."

The crowd boo’s as Murder Inc. are announced on the winners.

JRA: "...But as the championship does not switch hands on a disqualification, STILL AWF Tag Team Champions, The Serial Slackaz!"

The crowd cheers once more as D-Ex smacks Wild One with the cane again. D-Extreme throws the cane down in the ring and helps Ignavus get up, as they try to make their way to the back.

JFA: "Well Murder Inc. are the winners but they don't look like it."
JHA: "That's only cause that loser D-Ex had to go and get his team disqualified because Murder Inc. were to strong for them. Worse yet, WHERE DID ATTICUS GO?"
JFA: "I’m not sure J. Regardless, the Serial Slackaz still have the titles, but I'm not sure Murder Inc. will be done with them just yet."


Lisa Lovelace is seen approaching a clearly annoyed Atticus.

LL: Atticus? Atticus! What happened out there? Why did you walk out on your team?

Atticus: My team? Have you watched them lately? That isn’t my team…that is a joke! Look at me, Lisa? I’m the hottest thing in the AWF…and I deserve far better than being a part of the freak show tag team.

LL: What are you saying?

Atticus: Look…I tried to make them into something. Hell, I led them to a victory over such AWF greats as Vin Ghostal, Xille, the Mat Man and Y3B. But, when I was out there tonight, all I felt was disgust…because I realized once and for all that I’m never going to get anywhere with those two clowns! It’s time that Atticus takes her show to the next level…and gets exactly what she deserves!

*Atticus continues on her path backstage, her destination unknown, leaving Lisa Lovelace looking confused*

*The countdown to Archivemania IV has begun…mark your calendars now…April 3, 2005…ARCHIVEMANIA IV!!!*

2005-03-09, 02:47 AM
Xille v Vin Ghostal

JRA: Coming to the ring, first from Lancaster Ohio! Xille!

The crowd begins to cheer as soon as High Wire Escape Artist - The X-mix hits on the speakers and Xille runs out from the back eager to get the match going.

JFA: He truly is Opium for the masses.
JHA: Well these people certainly are on drugs to cheer for this midget over V3!
JFA: What about him calling your wife ugly.
JHA: Atleast he isn’t sleeping with her.

Xille jumps into the ring and just stares at the entrance way awaiting Ghostal’s arrival.

JFA: This match is easily the most anticipated for the night. The crowd is eager to see Xille to finally get his hands on his former partner Vin Ghostal.

The cheers quickly stop as the Saga Continues by P.Diddy starts up and the booing begins.

JRA: And from Camden, New Jersey, Vin Ghostal!

Ghostal slowly walks out of the ring looking in no hurry to get down to the ring, brandishing the golden bat. He slowly walks to the ring and motions for Xille to push the ropes down for him. Xille yells something that makes Ghostal grin before climbing between the ropes himself.

JFA: Xille looks intense and ready to kill, Ghostal looks like he just got high. What gives?
JHA: Ghostal knows this will be an easy match! That’s what!
JFA: If he thinks this will be easy he has another thing coming. Look at those two now. Xille is staring at Ghostal and Ghostal has his back to him.

The bell rings and Ghostal slowly turns around and Xille moves forward to lock up with Ghostal but Ghostal pushes his arms away and steps back. The two men eye eachother and Xille goes to lock up again and again Ghostal ducks out of the way.

JFA: What is Ghostal doing?!
JHA: Uhhh… a brilliant strategy!
JFA: Brilliant my foot! He’s avoiding Xille. He just did it again!

The crowd begins to chant Ghostal sucks. Ghostal gives a smug grin to the crowd and drops down and rolls out of the ring and begins to walk up the ramp way backwards eyeing Xille.
JFA: What the hell is Ghostal doing!? He’s walking away!

JHA: Ghostal! What are you doing!? You’re gonna let the midget win!

The referee has no choice and begins the ten count. By the time Ghostal reaches the top the referee has reached ten and turns to the ring announcer.

JRA: The winner by count-out Xille!

High Wire Escape Artist - The X-mix again plays as Xille glares at V3 obviously unhappy. Ghostal quickly cuts it off the music and grins at Xille.

V3: Whoa, whoa whoa whoa. You think that I am running away? That to be simply put… is just crazy. No, see I came to notice something. This PPV is small time. It’s in February; it’s after the Rumble; it’s before Archivemania; it’s headlined by Amarant Odinson; and it’s in Australia, the boonies of the world.

The crowd quickly starts booing at the shot at their country.

V3: Oh quit whining! Name something you people have given us that is worth keeping other than ‘Lock? No if we’re gonna do this Xille, we’re gonna do this in style. We’re going to do this where the gold is. We’re going to do this at Archivemania 4! So you keep shining your boots and you keep getting all psyched up and I’ll pin you in a month. See you then!

Ghostal throws the mic to the ground as the Saga continues starts and he and Xille exchange stares. Xille looking mad and Ghostal grinning from ear to ear as the boos rain in.



In the corridors we find Keith Kincaid stood alongside an edgy and twitchy Sean O’Con.

KK: “Sean O’Con, moments away from your big showdown with StoneCold Skywarp, do you ha-”

O’Con swipes the microphone from Kincaid and steps between the interviewer and the camera.

HBK: “So here we are – Redemption. The HeartBrend Kid, Sean O’Con. The Living Legend, the Walking Wonder, the Highlight of your worthless beer-swilling Australian lives… The Brendinio Heat, one on one with the walking anachronism, Stoned Old Skywarp. Clock’s ticking on you, Sky. But what’s more important is that, right now, you’re on MY time. Redemption is MY turf. You want proof? 2002, the HeartBrend Kid outlasts Chumputron and the Ectoplasmic Oaf to emerge as the number one contender. 2003, HBK survives Clayfool and some other guy – who was it? Oh yeah, you – to become the number one contender. 2004, the Heat goes through five jobsworths and a steel cell to walk out as the Archive Wrestling Federation Champion. Redemption’s MY event, Sky, you’re trespassing. And I shoot trespassers.

Look at those last three years at this event – I’m on a streak that’s almost as hot as me. Whilst the only streaks you’ve got going for you are the ones caused by the fact that you’re so old and decrepit that you can’t even wipe your own ass anymore. But don’t worry, because I can still wipe, and I’m gonna wipe this entire skidmark of an arena with you tonight. Why? Because (starts singing) baby, baby, baby, you’re out of time…. I said, baby, baby, baby, you’re out of tiiiiime. (stops singing) eat that, Craig David, I cracked another country.

“Time’s up, Skywarp. Time for you to shuffle onto the afterlife. And if you ain’t down with that… well, you can be down with a concussion instead. Fear the Heat.”

HBK drops the microphone and struts out towards the arena.


Lisa Lovelace: Lisa Lovelace here with Y3B Blaster, a 3 time AWF World Champion, Blaster...tonight, Christopher Back. Thoughts?

YPJ: After thoughts. He came in tonight with the right mindset. He came in with the mindset that I, your Personal Jesus, was better than him. He wanted to play martyr. He wanted to make sure I was screwed and he ended up on the mat under my heel. He has been converted. He touched faith.

LL: Blaster, with Back out of your way...what can we expect to see from you on the Road to Archivemania?

Y3B: If it weren't for Back you would see me, walking down the aisle at Archivemania toating the AWF title belt for a 4th time. But because Christina decided to stick his ugly face in my business I need to find something to do. Tell me Lisa, What are you doing that night?

LL: Errr….no plans…

Y3B: How about I do you?

LL: *Turns bright red* Ummmm...I....uh...

Y3B: You uhh you uhh... want it. Don't worry, you're not the only one who wants me, The king of the world. But seriously, I have bigger things to do Lisa. Maybe after the show. I got someone to talk to about getting me some revenge and some gold. Now run back to Summers, I have a girl who is just dying to pray at my alter in my room.

LL: *Clearly embarrased* Back to you Joey...

Flec: Wow! Tapedeck the lady’s man…I had no idea!

Grudge Match: “The HeartBrend Kid” Sean O’Con v “StoneCold” Skywarp

Joey: One of the feature matches here tonight, and I don’t expect us to see any drop toe holds.

Flec: Styles, this one is going to be about pure hatred…pure anger…and pure violence, I can’t wait to see what O’Con does to that miserable garter snake!

Joey: That’s Rattlesnake, Flec…

Flec: Whatever

Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow.
Toast the champion cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow.
If it feels good then it feels good and I do it all day.
You want me to play you best bring your brain, you best bring your money.
Make me a superstar.
No matter who you are.

HBK appears under the Archivetron, soaking up the cascade of jeers tossed his way from the Aussie crowd.

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall, with no time limit. Coming down the aisle, from Southampton, England, he is The Living Legend, the Walking Wonder, the Human Highlight Reel. Record Breaker and History Maker. Highlight of your Life…the “HeartBrend Kid” Sean O’Con!

Joey: What an arrogant jerk…what did he slip our announcer a 50 to get him to pimp him out like that?

Flec: Yeah right…guys like Sean O’Con don’t need to have someone shill them, everyone knows how great they are!

Joey: Didn’t you hate this guy last month?

Glass shatters

JRA: And his opponent…

Yeah, you've been living on the edge of a broken dream.
Yeah, that's the only thing you'll ever take away from me.

I'm never gonna stop,
I'm never gonna drop,
Ain't no different than it was before.

So take some good advice,
You better stop and think twice,
Before you take your first step,
Out that door.

If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down (knocked down).
If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down.

JRA: Hailing from Carlisle, England, here is Stone…Cold…SKYWARP!

Joey: Tremendous ovation for Stone Cold here, who in typical fashion is charging down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He catches O’Con, who was lounging across the top ropes in the corner off guard and immediately begins to hammer away on the self-appointed Human Highlight Real.

Flec: Self appointed? He was chosen by the fans Styles!

Joey: Really? I don’t recall that election. Stone Cold now, stomping a mud-hole on HBK in the corner. Now pulling him up, Irish Whip, Lou Thesz press, followed by piston-like punches to the side of the face of HBK. Stone Cold on fire here!

Flec: What? WHAT IS THIS?

Joey: Stone Cold up, bouncing off the ropes and elbow dropped hard to the temple of HBK. O’Con not able to mount any offense in the face of this outright assault by SCSW.

Flec: I can’t believe what I’m seeing! He can’t do this to the Heeeeeeat!

Joey: Looks like he is…O’Con pulled up, Irish Whip again, hard clothesline, ducked under by HBK, HBK pause, attempted HeartBrend Kick, CAUGHT!

Flec: OH NO!

Joey: Stone Cold spins O’Con around, boot to the guy…STUNNER! NO! HBK pushes his way out of it and slides to the outside.

Flec: Oh thank God! I had visions of Wrestlemania 14 there for a moment!

Joey: O’Con taking a moment on the outside as SCSW climbs the ropes and salutes the crowd, Stone Cold style.

Flec: And of course the idiots eat it up…that’s why I hate guys like him and Summers…

Joey: Is it that, or is it because of the fact that they are rich, talented and get women that would slap a restraining order against you if you even looked at them?

Flec: That doesn’t hel…HEY! SCREW YOU STYLES!
Joey: HBK now getting a little lippy with Stone Cold, which gets a middle fingered salute to HBK, who slides back in the ring and is greeted by the angry fists of the Rattlesnake. HBK seems totally off his game here in the early going.

Flec: It’s cause Warp is probably drunk…

Joey: Will you stop? Stone Cold backing HBK up into the corner with those punches, referee admonishing SCSW, who takes his focus off HBK for a moment, and that moment allows HBK to slump down and nail Stone Cold with a low blow!

Flec: The great equalizer! No matter how much a guy works out, he can’t grow muscles there or in the eyes! HA!

Joey: Thank you Governor Ventura…

Flec: …

Joey: Cross face rake by O’Con, going after the eyes as my esteemed colleague so eloquently eluded to a moment ago. Side Russian Leg Sweep by O’Con sends Stone Cold down hard to the mat. Quick cover, barely even a one count though as Stone Cold powers out.

Flec: Much as I hate to give him any props at all, Stone Cold isn’t going to be put down by that.

Joey: Indeed, O’Con hoisting up Stone Cold. Irish whip of his own forthcoming, Stone Cold sent hard into the ropes, charging back and O’Con ducks, pulling the top rope down, sending Stone Cold to the outside hard!

Flec: Genius!

Joey: O’Con to the outside apron now, spring board off the middle rope into a moonsault down on Stone Cold hard. HBK taking a moment to shake himself off…

Flec: Daring maneuver there!

Joey: Seriously…

Flec: What?

Joey: *Sighs* Nothing…O’Con now whipping Stone Cold into the steel steps, Warp goes knees first into the steps and flips over them, landing in a heap next to the guard rail. O’Con slides in long enough to break up the count, then slides back to the outside.

Flec: Taking the fight right to the Snake…

Joey: O’Con pulling SCSW up and Stun Gun into the steel steps! Normally we see that move reserved for the top rope, but HBK is a master of improvisation and he drops Warp face first into the steel steps with the Stun Gun.

Flec: And it looks to me like the Rattlesnake is bleeding! I LOVE THIS MATCH!

Joey: HBK now, with that look in his eye…scooping Skywarp up and planting him down on our French Announcer’s table. HBK though, rushing to the ring, climbing the buckle…to the top…looking out at the crowd, shrugging his shoulders…Flying Elbow Drop coming…

Flec: OH NO!

Joey: Stone Cold rolled off the table and O’Con just crashed through the French Announcer’s table…HBK laying amidst a heap of rubble…and his body has to be broken after that…leaping off the top rope, to the floor, looking to hit that risky elbow drop and finding nothing when he landed.

Flec: Get up Sean!

Joey: Would he be that happy to hear you calling him Sean?

Flec: Errr….get up Mr. O’Con!

Joey: Stone Cold starting to stir and we see the blood seeping down his forehead, he slides in the ring and back out to break the count. Both athletes quite cerebral, neither wanting to win via countout. Stone Cold now dragging O’Con out of the rubble, clearly still hurt from the Stun Gun, but still able to whip O’Con into the ring post, face first out side the ring. Stone Cold now, calling for a beer…

Flec: He hasn’t won squat yet, what does that drunken idiot think he’s doing?

Joey: SCSW taking a pull of his Warpweiser, then driving the can into the already bleeding face of HBK!

Flec: Oh that’s just wrong!

Joey: O’Con whipped back into the ring, Stone Cold follows, stopping the ref’s count at 8. Stone Cold forcing HBK up, sending him to the ropes and Spinebuster down hard to the mat…shades of Arn Anderson there as HBK is driven down hard into the mat.

Flec: Another of those damn elbows to the face…O’Cons pretty face will never be the same again!

Joey: Elbow dropped into the open wound of O’Con. Stone Cold now hoisting O’Con up…looks like a fisherman suplex coming…NO…Stone Cold dumping O’Con straight back down on his head.

Flec: I believe that is called the Ki Pressure 99…

Joey: No it isn’t…

Flec: Sure it is!

Joey: I think it is referred to as the Ki Krusher 99…

Flec: No it isn’t…

Joey: Quiet! Cover by Stone Cold…1…2…thr…no…foot on the bottom rope.

Flec: YES!

Joey: Stone Cold looking up at the referee in shock. I thought he had him there…I’ve never seen Stone Cold use that maneuver before.

Flec: Probably learned while he was drunk watching Japanese wrestling on cable access…

Joey: errr…yeah…ok. Stone Cold now looking a little frustrated. Sending HBK hard into the buckle…head of steam coming in, but HBK with a drop toe hold sends SCSW into the top buckle.

Flec: And you said we wouldn’t see a drop toe hold…

Joey: Well…

Flec: OWNED!

Joey: Fine…HBK now following up with what little strength he has…Heatstroke!


Joey: HBK, showing the exhaustion, slumping back into the corner to take a moment to recover himself.

Flec: And get the blood out of his eyes!

Joey: Right on that. Now HBK, starting to pull SCSW up, European Uppercut and another…backing Stone Cold into the ropes. Irish whip, O’Con gains a head of steam, flying forearm. O’Con rolls to his feet, no wasted movement, no wasted time…dragging Stone Cold up…Gutwrench Powerbomb!

Flec: Cover him!

Joey: O’Con taking a moment, obviously the move took a bit out of him to execute. Now the cover…1…2…and thr…NO!


Joey: The arm shoots up and Stone Cold able to break the count at the last possible second. HBK in a state of shock…not happy about that whatsoever. HDD to the referee! HBK with an HDD to the referee!

Flec: He was doing a lousey job anyways…serves him right!

Joey: How can you say that? That’s not a wrestler…that’s a referee! HBK now pulling Stone Cold up again…going for the HDD…but Stone Cold with a hard shove…boot STUNNER!

Flec: OH NO!

Joey: Stone Cold Stunner! And HBK is down…Warp crawling over to make the cover…but there is no referee!

Flec: What a relief!

Joey: Finally…a referee, streaking from the back…count…1…2…thr…


Joey: NO! HBK taking a page out of Stone Cold’s book and getting HIS shoulder up at the last possible second!

Flec: I don’t know how much more of this I can take!

Joey: And through his crimson mask, Stone Cold looking at the new ref in disbelief. Stone Cold rolls off his foe, looks up at the rafters for a moment, before getting back to his feet. Stone Cold taking another moment in the corner…looking at HBK…waiting as HBK struggles to his feet.

Flec: This can’t be good…stay down Mr. O’Con…STAY DOWN!

Joey: HBK on his feet…Stone Cold going for another Stunner…HBK shoves his way out of it, Stone Cold bounces off the ropes…HDD!

Flec: YES!

Joey: HDD from O’Con sends Stone Cold down to the mat, but HBK may not be able to capitalize on this.


Joey: Finally over to make a cover…1…2…and…KICKOUT!


Joey: YES! Stone Cold still alive here…just too much time taken by HBK in his recovery. HBK now shoving the referee here…the official giving him some flack for that…not that Sean cares. Now…where’s he going?

Flec: Looks like he needs to pick something up…

Joey: Yeah…a steel chair…HBK back in the ring with a steel chair…shoving the referee hard into the corner. HBK coiled…poised with the chair…ready for Skywarp to rise to flatten him…but…

Flec: What?

Joey: From the back, Erik Summers rushing out to the ring, sliding in, trying to grab the chair away from HBK. The two arguing now…the crowd cheering at both Summers’ intervention and that Stone Cold is pulling himself up. O’Con looks to be relenting, Summers releasing the chair…and…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Flec: YES!
Joey: HBK just leveled the Game with the chair…right across the face…the force of the shot sending Summers to the outside, HBK shouting something out to him…but Stone Cold is back up…now the Rattlesnake coiled…HBK turns…

Flec: NO NO NO!

Joey: Boot to the midsection…STUNNER! Cover, hook of the leg…referee in position…1…2…3!!!


Joey: Stone Cold has won it here! Stone Cold with the victory over HBK Sean O’Con! What a win for the Rattlesnake!

*The camera cuts backstage from an image of Stone Cold cracking open a couple cold ones on the second turnbuckle as HBK seethes outside the ring.*


Keith Kincaid: Keith Kincaid backstage with the number one contender, Divebomb, just moments from his huge match with the Game, Erik Summers. Now Divebomb, we've seen that Summers has already been knocked out just moments ago by his former best friend Sean O'Con, does this alter your strategy tonight?

Divebomb: To tell you the truth, no. It doesn't matter to me if his best friend knocked him out as long as he comes out to that ring and puts that belt on the line. My strategy is simple and unchanging, I am going to beat him down until he stays down long enough for me to get the win. Plain and simple.

KK: Are you at all worried? We've seen the Game overcome some significant injuries to take out some top contenders, remember how he overcame his neck injury to defeat TC at Archivemania 2?

DB: I give Erik all the respect in the world for what he's accomplished in his career and think he has overcome incredible odds to get the wins that he has. But tonight you ask me if I am worried. The answer is no. I have been thinking about this match since I won my number one spot and have been worried about it since then. But not anymore. I left my worry at the hotel when I left today and thats where its going to stay. I am ready and nothing is going to stop me from winning.

KK: Any closing thoughts before I let you head out to the ring?
DB: Just one. How do you think that title is going to look around my waist after I beat The Game?

KK: You sound very confident!

DB: Indeed. Now lets get this party started

KK: Thanks and good luck tonight Divebomb, back to you fellas!

AWF Intercontinental Title Match:
“The Game” Erik Summers (c) v Divebomb

Intercontinental Championship
“The Game” Erik Summers (c) vs. Divebomb

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Intercontinental Championship!”

Joey: “Here we go again, folks. Intercontinental belt up for grabs. We’ve already seen one title change hands tonight, could we be about to see a second?”
Flec: “We should already have seen a second. Murder Inc were robbed, dammit!”
Joey: “Let it go, Flec. Let it go.”

The sound of My Last Serenade by Killswitch Engage fills the M.C.G. as the crowd leap to their feet in anticipation.

“Introducing first, the challenger, from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada… Divebomb!”

Divebomb marches down the aisle purposefully, his eyes fixed on the ring.

Flec: “What are the crowd chanting? Are they chanting ‘traitor’?”
Joey: “Not that I can hear…”
Flec: “Well they damn well should be!”

The challenger reaches the ring and steps through the ropes. His face is calm and expressionless, concentration getting the better of emotion.

Without warning, Divebomb’s music cuts out and Burn in my Light takes its place. The crowd manage to somehow go even wilder.

“And his opponent: from St Paul, Minnesota… he is the Archive Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion… The Game! Erik Summers!”

Joey: “And here comes the champion. Strutting to the ring as champion for what could be the last time.”
Flec: “Don’t say things like that, you’ll get my hopes up.”
Joey: “Divebomb’s come close to taking that belt away from the Game on two occasions recently… could it be third time lucky for the former Tag Team Champion?”
Flec: “Or it could be three strikes and he’s out. Personally, I’m hoping they both lose.”
Joey: “There has to be a huge question mark over the champion, tonight, though… his mind could easily be on Sean O’Con. And after that chairshot that HBK gave him earlier, there’s the risk of concussion as well.”
Flec: “How many times do I have to say it? You need a brain before you can have a concussion.”

Walking slowly up the steps, Summers shows no ill-effects from his earlier encounter with the HeartBrend Kid. He climbs the outside of the turnbuckles and raises the belt high for all to see, before leaping over the top rope and into the ring.

Flec: “That’s not difficult…”
Joey: “Both competitors in the ring, now. Lights up and we’re pretty much good-to-go here. Referee talking to both men… face to face, a bit of a stare-down going on. Ref takes the belt… shows it to Divebomb, DB not wanting to know yet, it seems… ref shows it to the crowd. Passes it to the timekeeper… and the bell’s been rung!”
Flec: “So why aren’t they doing anything? They’re just staring at each other.”
Joey: “Both men getting a feel for the crowd… eyeing each other up… assessing the situation. No words exchanged, but there’s a whole conversation going on in that ring.”
Flec: “Two ugly people looking at each other. No wonder the ratings are so high.”

Not a word said, the two competitors slowly back away from each other and towards their respective corners. They both turn away and survey the crowd. The Game stands bolt upright and raises his eyebrow as he peers down at the crowd on his side of the ring, eliciting a strong cheer. Divebomb simply strolls around, casting his gaze across the sea of people.

Circling each other slowly, they both lurch forward and meet in a collar-and-elbow tie-up.

Flec: “Gadzooks, it’s a wrestling match.”
Joey: “Did you just say gadzooks?”
Flec: “It’s a word.”
Joey: “The Game and Divebomb locked up in the centre of the ring here… both trying to gain some leverage… and it’s Divebomb that wins out with a side headlock. The Game powering out, though… overhead wristlock, it looks like… yes! Trying to force Divebomb over… but the challenger shifts his weight and out of it – wrings the arm of Summers, and back across into the side headlock.”
Flec: “Hey, what do Shawn Michaels and Divebomb have in common?”
Joey: “Will I care?”
Flec: “They’ve both had Summers under their wing!”
Joey: “Security! Erik Summers trying to force his way out… nothing happening… Divebomb’s got that locked in tight. Summers backing his way to the ropes… and tries to use them to slingshot Divebomb across to the other side… nothing happening though – the challenger still with that headlock firmly clasped.”

Searching for a way free, the Game shifts his body behind Divebomb and manages to lift him up for a back suplex.

Joey: “Good counter here… Divebomb lifted high… but no! Backflipped down and behind! Divebomb landing on his feet… and a full nelson hooked in!”
Flec: “Hey! If I didn’t hate him, I’d almost say that was smart from Divebomb!”
Joey: “Divebomb wrenching away with the full nelson. Fingers locked. The referee up in the Game’s face, I doubt much will come from that, Summers doesn’t give up! The Game screaming at the official to get out of his face… desperately shaking, trying to loosen the grip… DRAGON SUPLEX! Divebomb with the dragon suplex! Referee in position! One! Two! Oh, the Game manages to roll back out of it, and finally the hold is broken.”
Flec: “That could have been the shortest match for an Intercontinental Title change in AWF history. If I cared I’d even check that…”

Hauling himself back to a vertical base with the ropes, the Game waits for Divebomb to regain his footing and quickly levels him with a hard right hand. He follows it up with a second and a third. Divebomb staggers backwards and the Intercontinental Champion lunges forward with a big swing, but the challenger ducks it, and as the Game turns back around, DB quickly darts forward, grabs him in a low waistlock and spins through a hundred and eighty degrees.

Joey: “Spinebuster! Big spinebuster out of nowhere from Divebomb! Throws himself across for the cover! One! Two! Oh, the shoulder just comes up from Summers.”
Flec: “That was a huge move, Joe. I’ve took a few spinebusters in my career… there’s no way you can really absorb one without some type of damage. The very least it’ll do is knock the wind out of your sails.”
Joey: “The Flec with some insight! It’s a world gone turvy-topsy. Divebomb clambering up… a couple of stomps to the Game, and now pulls his opponent up.”
Flec: “See? Proof he’s an idiot. You can’t pin somebody if they’re stood up, moron.”
Joey: “Divebomb setting him up… big European uppercut… and a gargoyle suplex! Hook of the leg… one… two… shoulder comes up on two.”

Looking up at the referee suspiciously, Divebomb again hauls the Game up, but Summers stops on his knees.

Joey: “The champ not out of it yet… hard right hand to Divebomb’s gut… and another… and Divebomb just smashing a hard kneelift into his kneeling opponent’s face. Drags the Game up… sets him in the corner… and a hard Irish whip to the far side!”
Flec: “That’ll hurt, too.”
Joey: “More fabulous insight. Divebomb follows it in… and a big avalanche in the corner. The Game staggering out of the blocks… Divebomb quickly to the outside now… going up to the top turnbuckle… the Canadian about to fly…”
Flec: “Air Canada, direct to Melbourne…”
Joey: “That’s NEVER funny, Flec. Missile dropkick… no! The Game dodged it! And Divebomb eats nothing but canvas!”

Slowly pulling himself back to his knees, Divebomb shakes the cobwebs clear as the equally groggy Erik Summers circles him. Back up to one foot, he’s suddenly grabbed by the neck and pulled up, only to be sent all the way back down to the canvas, facefirst.

Joey: “DDT! Double-arm kickout DDT from the Game! May have taken something out of himself in doing it, though. Slowly rolls Divebomb over. Arm across the chest… one… two… shoulder up from the challenger!”
Flec: “Yeah… I definitely want both of them to lose.”
Joey: “The Game struggling to his feet, now. Divebomb reaching for the ropes… pulling himself up, too. Summers moving in… whips DB from the ropes… rebound from the far side… and a huge running knee-lift from the Game! Right across the chest with the side of the thigh, and Divebomb hits the mat hard.”

Wasting no time, Summers quickly darts down and pulls his opponent back up.

Joey: “Divebomb dragged back to his feet now… and a headlock out of nowhere! Divebomb just saw a window and went for it! Instinctively back to that side headlock!
Flec: “Where the hell did he even learn that move?!”
Joey: “The Game struggling in it again… maybe having difficulty as a result of the chairshot he took earlier tonight… Divebomb using the opportunity to grab himself some rest and get his strategy back on-track. But… no – the Game ducking out behind! Rear waistlock.. and a German suplex!”
Flec: “Oh great, this old contrivance again. Get a new moveset!”
Joey: “Keeping it locked in… and rolls back upto his feet! A second German suplex! The Game still with that waistlock cinched in… crowd going crazy for this… back up again… and a third!”
Flec: “Do they know what a hat-trick is in Australia?”
Joey: “I don’t see why not… A fourth German suplex from the Game! Still locked in… the crowd counting along. Five, now! This will be playing absolute havoc with Divebomb’s neck… the spinal damage could be serious… and a sixth German! Finally the Game releasing it!”
Flec: “Awh… I enjoyed seeing the turncoat get paralysed…”
Joey: “The Game looking around to the crowd, now, asking them the question. They’re up for it, they’re ready. Erik Summers, the Intercontinental Champion, the Game, heading to the outside. Climbs the turnbuckles… third floor… and we’re about to see many cameras flash, I think… Diving headbutt!!! Connects!!”
Flec: “Whoooo! I mean… gah! Can’t we have a match with somebody I like?”
Joey: “Summers with the cover! The Game retains the title! One! Two! NO! Divebomb somehow finding the resolve to kick out, and the MCG in absolute shock. The Game looking at the referee in disbelief.”

Standing up in shock, Summers pulls his battered adversary up to his feet and backs him into the corner.

Joey: “The Game going back to work, here. Irish whip… no – reversed by Divebomb, who falls back to his knees…”

Turned by his momentum, Summers hits the turnbuckles with his back, but the force carries him over where he manages to land precariously on the apron, grabbing the top rope for support.

Joey: “Summers to the outside… still on the apron. Divebomb spotting him… upto his feet and, oh my god, huge elevation on that dropkick! Right in the Game’s face, and Summers sent crashing to the arena floor.”
Flec: “Not the face!”
Joey: “What?”
Flec: “Sorry… instinct and everything.”

Pulling himself up again, Divebomb slowly rotates his head, trying to get some feeling back. He spots the champion on the outside and quickly sprints across the ring, hitting the ropes on the far side and rushing back to the near…

Joey: “The Game struggling back up on the floor… and Divebomb with a huge topé! Massive suicide dive through the ropes by the challenger, and both men are laid out on the arena floor!”
Flec: “Good! This way we can have a double count-out and they both lose! Superb!”
Joey: “… as much as I hate to agree with him, my broadcast colleague may be right, folks. Both men started the match at full tempo, and right now neither one of them is moving.”
Flec: “You hate to agree with me? What have you got against being right?”
Joey: “The referee counting both men, now… upto five. They’re starting to stir, but I don’t think either one of them’s in full possession of their faculties.”
Flec: “Business as normal, then.”
Joey: “Ref on six… Divebomb crawling back towards the ring, the Game trying to pull himself up. Seven… eight.”
Flec: “Yes, they both lose!”
Joey: “Divebomb with his hands on the apron… nine… Divebomb rolls back in… ten! Referee signals for the bell – we’ve got a count-out!”
Flec: “Damn… one of them won…”

The referee signals to the ring announcer, who quickly stands up with his microphone in hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, as a result of a count-out… Divebomb!”

A cheer goes around the arena. As the announcement is made, the Game regains his footing and looks around, taking in the result.

“However, a Championship can only change hands on a pinfall or a submission, therefore, still Intercontinental Champion… The Game, Eri-”

The ring announcer doesn’t get a chance to finish as Summers pushes him over and grabs the microphone.

Game: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. The Game may be the Intercontinental Champion, still, but that’s not what anybody came here tonight to find out. I know I didn’t. I know Divebomb didn’t. I know the Flec didn’t.”

Flec: “He’s right. I don’t care one way or the other.”

Game: “And I know that all the Game’s fans here tonight didn’t come here to find that out either. What the people came here for is to see if the Game can beat Divebomb. Am I right, Melbourne?”

The crowd cheer signalling he’s right.

Game: “So the Game says this: Divebomb, get your Mother Canucker ass back stood up again. Referee, get your zebra-wannabe self back in that ring… and somebody sound the goddamn bell, because this thing’s going off, without any more damn count-outs, we all clear on that?”

The referee glances at Divebomb to make sure the terms are acceptable. Divebomb smiles and nods his head in approval, as the Game leaps back onto the apron and steps through the ropes.

Joey: “It looks like we’re back on, then, folks! Match continues… no count-outs!”
Flec: “Awh, crap.”
Joey: “Bell rings and we’re off again! Both men slightly rested now… and both going at each other with hard right hands… trading punches like it’s going out of fashion! Divebomb with a kick to the midsection… front facelock… and goes for a suplex! No – the Game drops down behind… DB turns… and a big belly to belly suplex from the Game!”
Flec: “I hate my job, sometimes.”
Joey: “I hate your job too, Flec. Divebomb back up now… lunges at the Game… Hiptoss takedown! Summers on a roll, here…”
Flec: “He’s like butter…”
Joey: “Divebomb up quickly, though. The Game grabs him… whip to the ropes, reversed by Divebomb… and a flying forearm by Summers! The Intercontinental Champion on fire! Kicks up again… and ducks away into the corner… tuning up that band.”
Flec: “For the move he stole from the Brendinio Heat.”
Joey: “I think it’s more to do with being trained by Shawn Michaels, myself.”
Flec: “A likely story.”
Joey: “Divebomb slowly pulling himself up… Summers... coiled like a spring… ready for some sweet… chin… music! No! Divebomb had it scouted! Ducked underneath… Summers turns and a kick to the gut from the challenger! Sets him up quickly… Tigerbomb! No! Huracanrana counter from the Game! Into a pinning combination – One! Two! Oh, Divebomb somehow kicks out of it!”

Both men quickly roll away and try to regain their bearings. Summers is up first and quickly crouches down, poised, waiting for Divebomb to turn around.

Joey: “The Game waiting again… Divebomb turns… Game Over! No! Divebomb with an elbow to the side of the head, breaks it up… Summers staggered… THE END!!!! Divebomb just hit The End on the Game! We’ve got a new Intercontinental Champion!”
Flec: “Yay?”
Joey: “Divebomb with the cover… hooks the leg. One. Two. It’s all over… NO! The Game somehow kicks out!”
Flec: “Did the crowd just boo that?!”
Joey: “I think they did… I can’t believe the Game kicked out of it… everybody here thought that Divebomb was the new Intercontinental Champion… he can’t believe it, I can’t belive it… the fans can’t believe it…”
Flec: “I can’t care either way…”
Joey: “Divebomb looking completely stunned. Shouting at the referee, he doesn’t believe it. Referee adamant it was a two. Divebomb definitely not happy with the speed of the count.”
Flec: “It was a bit on the slow side.”
Joey: “Really getting in the referee’s face…”
Flec: “So much for calm and rational…”
Joey: “And… oh my god. Divebomb just shoved the referee down to the mat. Official signalling for the bell… and Divebomb’s just got himself disqualified!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, as the result of a disqualification… and still Intercontinental Champion… The Game, Erik Summers!”

The jeers that fill the M.C.G. are deafening as the crowd start up a “bulls**t” chant.

Flec: “And the Aussies are not happy with that one!”
Joey: “Divebomb completely fuming in the ring. The Game rolling to the outside, now. Dazed and confused, but still the champion.”

As Summers starts to stagger around the ring, Divebomb rolls to the outside and grabs a microphone.

Divebomb: “Summers. Hey, Summers. Yeah, you. I’m talking to you, Summers. I heard what you said earlier… people came here to see if you could beat me… but I guess the shoe’s on the other foot, now. You turning tail? Is that what the people want from their champion? I don’t think so. These people want to see a wrestling match. So what do you say we finish off what we started? But this time, without the chance for that bull**** finish to happen again? We’ve already got no count-outs… what say we make it no disqualifications as well?”

Lurching around the ring, the Game gets in Divebombs face and grabs the microphone from his hands.

Game: “The Game says you’re on.”

Not even stopping to drop the mic, Summers nails Divebomb with a hard right hand that drops him to the floor.

Joey: “And we’re back on again!”
Flec: “Will this torture never end?!”
Joey: “The Game just nailing Divebomb on the outside. Picking him up now, and slams him facefirst into the ring apron. The crowd not liking it, by the sounds of matters. Backing him up now… and whips Divebomb hard into the steel ringpost!”
Flec: “Facefirst, to boot. That’s gonna bruise.”
Joey: “All completely legal, now… no count-outs, no disqualifications… this could easily turn into an outright brawl.”
Flec: “So there is an upside!”

Looking around, the Game notices that the crowd are less than approving of his actions. He pauses for a moment, then tosses Divebomb back into the ring.

Joey: “Divebomb thrown back to the inside, now. Summers up onto the apron… climbing the turnbuckles. Divebomb slowly back to his feet… what are we about to see here?”
Flec: “Some kind of aerial move, I’d wager…”
Joey: “The Game… flying crossbody! No – Divebomb rolls through on it… one… two…”
Flec: “He’s got the tights!”
Joey: “Three! No! The Game powering out of it! Both men up… the Game with a clothesline, ducked by Divebomb… big European uppercut by DB… the Game staggered…”
Flec: “Hello, DVD!”
Joey: “Divebomb with the Game onto his shoulders… Death Valley Driver!! Hooks the leg!”
Flec: “New champion!”
Joey: “One! Two!”
Flec: “Three!”
Joey: “Kick out on two! What are you playing at, I though you didn’t care?”
Flec: “I got lost in the moment!”
Joey: “Divebomb flipping the Game over onto his stomach… Camel Clutch attempt… no, the Game shrugging it off before the chinlock’s applied…”

As Divebomb slings the Game’s right arm across his own knee, Summers wraps his arm around the leg and rolls sideways, tossing his opponent across the ring, but maintaining a grip on the leg.

Joey: “The Game keeping hold of Divebomb’s knee… upto his feet… could we be about to see the figure four leglock? Signalling for it… spinning toehold…”

The Game completes the first step of the figure four, but as he spins, he turns his back on Divebomb, allowing the challenger to place the flat of his boot on the Game’s backside and launch him away.

Flec: “Good counter by Divebomb…”
Joey: “Both men up now… The Game lunges forward… dodged by Divebomb. Fist to the midsection… side Russian legsweep coming up… no – the Game with an elbow to the jaw breaks it up… CROSSFACE!!! Erik Summers with the End Game out of nowhere!”
Flec: “Oh… oh, what do I care. Hooray? End the damn match, already.”
Joey: “The Game with the crossface locked in… square in the middle of the ring, there’s nowhere for Divebomb to go… referee asking him… Divebomb shaking his head as best he can… he’s not a quitter…”

The Game leans further and further back, squeezing as much out of his challenger as he can.

Flec: “Is it me… or are the boos getting louder?”
Joey: “It’s not you, Flec… Divebomb winning a lot of people over, here. And it seems that every second he lasts in the crossface, more and more people want to see him go all the way!”
Flec: “And the boos are definitely getting louder now!”
Joey: “They are! And… and that could have something to do with the man who’s strolling down the aisle.”
Flec: “Well, I think this match just got a new Highlight, don’t you?”
Joey: “There was talk before the event that Sean O’Con might see fit to involve himself in this match. The likelihood of that increased after what happened in his own match, of course. And no surprise, here he is.”
Flec: “He’s just watching. Eyeing things up. Of course the Game’s facing the other way, so he’s got that advantage.”
Joey: “Oh yeah… watching! The HeartBrend Kid up onto the apron… climbing the ropes. The crowd jeering the hell out of him… Elbow drop!”
Flec: “Oh… damn!”
Joey: “And the Game moved! He must have caught him out of the corner of his eye, because the Game moved right in the nick of time! And Divebomb absorbs the elbow drop!”
Flec: “No disqualifications, of course!”

Springing to his feet, Erik Summers unloads on the HeartBrend Kid with a series of right hands before grabbing him and hurling him over the top rope.

Joey: “Goodbye, Sean O’Con! The Game turning back to Divebomb, now. Drags him up… GOOD GOD! Low blow from Divebomb… TIGERBOMB! The cover! One! Two!”
Flec: “Kick out! Holy mother of Moses, Batman.”
Joey: “Divebomb… half an inch from becoming the Intercontinental Champion…”
Flec: “And wouldn’t that be great payback for HBK. Distracted the Game long enough for Divebomb to get his wits about him.”
Joey: “Distracted by getting pummelled…”
Flec: “Whatever works, Styles.”
Joey: “Divebomb up again, now. Clutching his arm, trying to get the circulation going after being caught in that crossface.”
Flec: “Oh, and look who’s back.”
Joey: “Sean O’Con back into the ring, now… and armed with a steel chair. Wanting to get another piece of the Game… but Divebomb standing in his way. Yelling at O’Con for getting involved… grabs the chair off him and just throws it down to the mat.”

Affronted, the HeartBrend Kid gets up close into Divebomb’s face, arms out wide, clearly asking what his problem is. Tired of it, Divebomb shoves HBK in the chest and turns back to the Game.

Flec: “Oh… that’s nice. Waitasec!”
Joey: “Attitude Adjuster!!! The HeartBrend Kid with the Attitude Adjuster on Divebomb! Just drilling him facefirst into the steel chair!”

Screaming abuse, HBK spits on Divebomb’s prone form before dropping through the ropes and storming back up the aisle, shaking his head in disgust.

Flec: “See what happens when you try to do people favours, Joe?”
Joey: “I think the lesson is see what happens when you turn your back on Sean O’Con, to be honest, Flec. There’s not a back he’s seen that he hasn’t stuck a knife in. But… oh, my… the Game crawling across the ring… I don’t know if he saw what happened, he may not even know what day it is…”
Flec: “What’s new?”
Joey: “But he can see that Divebomb is out… and he’s going for the cover. Sean O’Con may have just gifted Summers the win!”
Flec: “Well, just means he can take the title himself, surely? Hey… I smell an ArchiveMania match coming up…”
Joey: “Yeah, I think we can all see where this rivalry’s going. Summers… turning Divebomb over. Lateral press… one...”
Flec: “Two.”
Joey: “No! Shoulder up! Divebomb’s shoulder somehow comes up!”
Flec: “And listen to that crowd reaction!”
Joey: “The Game having trouble believing what he’s hearing. Slowly back up again… bringing Divebomb with him… scoop slam. And… Will it be?”
Flec: “Ugh. I hate this.”
Joey: “The People’s Elbow… coming right up… and the crowd still booing him!”
Flec: “Haha! The look on his face! That’s priceless, Joe!”
Joey: “No, the Game hauling Divebomb up again. Sets him up… oh my word…”
Flec: “Pedigree! He’s breaking out the Pedigree, Styles!”
Joey: “The Game not impressed with the people cheering on Divebomb… Pedigree set up… no! Divebomb with the double leg takedown! Rolls over! One! Two!”
Flec: “Kickout by the Game! Where did Divebomb get the where-with-all to do that?!”
Joey: “I don’t know, Flec… but he’s upto his feet again… swings at the Game – ducked! Caught – Game Over! No – Divebomb ducking behind… Full nelson slam! One! Two! Oh, the Game kicks out!”
Flec: “This is going crazy!”
Joey: “Divebomb pulling the Game up… sets him up for a powerbomb, is it? No – the Game with a back body drop… turned into a sunset flip from Divebomb! One! Two! The Game rolls back… cradles Divebomb… one… two… the challenger powering out of it.”
Flec: “I can’t keep track…”
Joey: “Summers upto his feet… backing up… poised ready to strike… Divebomb up… Summers goes for the Endgame! No, Divebombe ducking out and behind… roll-up! A three-quarter nelson cradle from Divebomb! One… Two…”
Flec: “Three!”
Joey: “He got him! He got him! We’ve got a new Intercontinental Champion!!!”

The bell rings and the MCG goes crazy as My Last Serenade once again fills the air.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… and NEW Archive Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion… Divebomb!!!”

Joey: “And Melbourne is on its feet, Flec. Divebomb captures the gold at the third time of asking. Just sat in the middle of the ring, now… he can’t believe it. The referee retrieving the belt… oh, and the Game just headed him off. Snatching the strap from the official.”

As Erik Summers grabs the title belt, the music cuts out and the crowd start to grow hushed.

Anger burning across his face, Summers looks down at the title, then around at the crowd. He turns to Divebomb, who looks up at him from the mat. Summers gestures for Divebomb to stand. The two stare each other down for a moment, the entire crowd uncertain of what will happen next.

After a moment, Summers reaches forward and offers the belt to the victor. Divebomb reaches out and takes it. The Game then steps closer and lifts his opponent’s arm, before stepping away and applauding as he makes his way back to the locker room. Divebomb’s music starts up again as the crowd stand and cheer both Divebomb’s victory, and the show of sportsmanship from the deposed People’s Champion.

2005-03-09, 02:49 AM

Keith Kincaid is shown running up to Viewfind as he is on his way to the ring.

KK: Viewfind…a thought on your match tonight?

Viewfind says nothing for a moment, smirks, then proceeds to continue towards the ring.

KK: Errrr…back to you guys…I guess…

Fatal Fourway for a Title Shot at Archivemania:
Lock vs. Morpheus vs. Viewfind vs. Sixswitch

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall… and will determine the number one contender to the AWF Championship! Introducing first…”

As ‘Party Up’ by DMX hits, Viewfind struts to the ring to a welcome array of cheers from the capacity crowds: slapping high-fives and shouting his gratitude. His knee-length white trench coat reflects some of the glare from the lights, and is a perfect complement to his white fedora and boots. His dark purple tights and sunglasses make for a rather interesting ensemble- especially when mixed with the eighteen pounds of gold jewelry around his neck, wrists and fingers.

JRA: “From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… VIEWFIND!”

As he stands on the second turnbuckle and waves to his fans, Viewfind appears to be more than happy. Until his music abruptly cuts out. The capacity crowd are clearly not happy with this either. Viewfind looks ready to wrestle: his arms taught over the ropes as he warms up. His expression changes from one of focus to one of bemusement, however, when the familiar strains of ‘Like This, Like That’ by Mario Picotto cut through the air. Viewfind appears to shake his head and mutter ‘Damn… get some new tunes, yo…’ as the next competitor swaggers to the ring.

JRA: “And the second competitor… from Swansea, Wales… The Welsh Wonder… SIXSWITCH!”

The Welsh Wonder looks particularly smug this night. His clothing is darker than usual- black tights and kneepads with white, silver and green decorations- black wristbands and purple and black boots. Six purple sixes (in various sizes and positions) make up a symbol on the seat of his tights. He slaps a couple of half-hearted high-fives to fans as he passes, before climbing the steps and executing a flip over the top rope to enter the squared circle. He shoots a glance at Viewfind, and the two then return their attention to the entrance as the lights die down.

JRA: “Competitor number three… from the minds of innocent children… MORPHEUS!”

Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ should herald the arrival of Morpheus. He should be slowly making his way down to the ring through the pale blue lights that dot the aisle. He should be looking around, in a state of mild confusion, at the fans and his surroundings. After nearly 100 seconds, Morpheus isn’t seen. All of a sudden, Morpheus comes crashing through the left-hand side of the stage. The Lock- the fourth competitor from this match- following through the newly-formed passage. The bell rings, and the match officially begins as Lock continues to stomp on Morpheus.

JFA: “What the hell? Did The Lock assault Morpheus? Did the rest of Murder Inc. help him?”
JHA: “You ask too many questions. Just call the match.”
JFA: “If you’d like me to call it a farce, I can do that without question…”

As Morpheus savages The Lock near the stage, Viewfind charges at Sixswitch: knocking him down with a running shoulder block. Viewfind makes a run at the adjacent ropes, and SS attempts a doormat to trip him. Viewfind hops over the Welsh Wonder, hits the ropes opposite, ducks under a dropkick attempt from the Welsh Wonder and hits his opponent with a snap elbow drop as Sixswitch hits the canvas. Viewfind stomps on him a couple of times before dragging the Swansea superstar to his feet and knocking him towards the nearest turnbuckles with some authoritative knife-edge chops.

As VF places the Double-S on the top turnbuckle in preparation for a superplex, he is the unfortunate recipient of a kick to the abdomen and a tornado DDT for his trouble. A cover earns Sixswitch a one-count and nothing more as Viewfind powers out of the press. As this occurs, Morpheus and the Lock can now be seen brawling on the floor. Morpheus is- unsurprisingly- getting the better of the more technically accomplished Aussie competitor.

It isn’t that Lock has that much ring rust: it’s just that no amount of preparation- or apparently, cheating- can prepare you for the walking probability failure that is Morpheus. Half of the time, he hasn’t worked out his next move: what chance, therefore, does a technician par excellence, like the Lock, have of guessing it. Morpheus rushes the Melbourne madman, and drops him with a thunderous clothesline. A couple of knee drops, followed by a series of punches to the head, make sure that the Lord of Nightmares keeps his advantage.

Back in the ring, an exchange involving clotheslines, leapfrogs, doormats and spinning heel kicks has resulted in SS having VF trapped in a rather unique variation of the toehold half-crab. Viewfind manages to wriggle his way around and slide his free foot over the bottom rope. SS relinquishes the hold: but only after the referee has utilized three out of his standard five-count. As VF stands up, Six gives him a stiff martial arts kick to the left kidney, and a stiff tornado kick to the face to knock him clear of the ropes. A standing somersault leg drop earns the Welsh Wonder a two-count.

At this point, Morpheus and the Lock have managed to drag each other in the direction of the ring. Lock’s usual efficient technique has been abandoned for brawling: punches, forearms, kicks, knee lifts, headbutts and elbow attacks have clearly had a fair exchange between the Viscount of Victoria and the Dream Reaver. As Lock drags Morpheus towards the ring by his greasy hair, Morpheus suddenly lets fly with a well-aimed punch into Lock’s joy department. Lock instinctively relinquishes his grip on Morpheus to cradle his damaged package, only to be felled with the Anesthesis on the arena floor. Morpheus regains what little composure he has, and slides into the ring.

As Lock and Morpheus have been brawling, Viewfind has managed to gain the advantage over SS: a hurricanranna attempt was countered with a powerbomb, a bridged cover earned a two-count and a fast DDT knocked down the Welsh Wonder before he had properly regained his balance. As VF attempts the cover, Morpheus stomps on his back to break up the pin attempt.

JFA: “Wait a sec… I thought this was being contested under elimination rules…”
JHA: “I have four words for you: ‘Card subject to change’…”

Morpheus continues to rain fists and kicks on Viewfind, as Sixswitch gets back on his feet. With Viewfind and Morpheus diverted, the Welsh Wonder turns his attention to the Lock, who is slowly getting to his feet on the outside. Morpheus did a good number on the Australian: a hefty cut has appeared across the right side of his forehead and is rapidly making Lock look like he came off rather badly in a paintball accident. As the Lock gets one foot fixed and tries to raise up onto the other, SS runs at the ropes and dives over with a Sky Twister Press to knock the Melbourne native down again.

As the relations between the Aussie and the Welshman collapse into a sweat-drenched heap outside the ring, Morpheus has Viewfind down in the corner. He signals for a running knee lift into the unfortunate Philly native. Before impact is made, however, VF manages to slip out under the bottom rope and drags Morpheus outside with him in the direction of the announcers’ table.

To recap: Sixswitch and the Lock are feeling less-than fantastic after a Sky Twister Press from about 26 feet in the air by the Welshman knocked the Lock back on his can. They are getting reacquainted with each other’s fists on the entrance side of the ring. Morpheus and Viewfind are taking it in turns to smash each other’s heads into various items of ringside equipment: steel steps, security barriers and announce tables to name a few.

On one of these exchanges, VF slams Morpheus’ masked face into the barrier, before lifting him in an overhead press and dropping him face-first onto said article. The thud of Morpheus’ head on the padded metal surface can be heard about 17 rows back. As Morpheus starts to get to his feet again, VF charges and delivers a running dropkick to the masked face of the Dream Reaver. This knocks Morpheus onto his back, and allows VF a moment to reorganise his game plan.

The Lock and SS, meanwhile, are reliving the glory days of smashing each other with various punches and kicks. A stiff uppercut from the Lock is greeted with a savant kick from the Welsh Wonder. The force knocks the Lock back into the barriers- keeping him upright- and allowing him a reprisal in the form of a clothesline. As SS collapses to the concrete, Lock wipes some blood out of his eyes and readjusts the waistline of his tights. He drags the Swansea superstar upright, and sets up for the Overdrive. In the nanosecond the Lock relinquishes the rear headlock on SS, the Welsh Wonder manages to twist upright: pushing his assailant away as he does so. When Lock attempts to rally, a drop toehold halts his charging: sending him face-first into the security barrier. Lock crumbles to the floor as SS takes a moment to catch his breath.

In the meantime, VF and Morpheus are slowly making their way around the ring to the entrance: slamming each other into any available surface as they go. Viewfind bangs Morpheus’ face into the mat. Morpheus recovers with a hard right jab. Viewfind attempts an Irish whip to the barrier, which Morpheus almost successfully counters: until VF manages to shift his weight and sends Morpheus crashing over the steel ring steps. As Morpheus clutches his left knee, the crowd stare in silent horror: the sound of bone against metal has proven quite unnerving to the fans unaccustomed to the fast-paced- and often brutal- matches, which are the trademark of the AWF.

As Viewfind advances on Morpheus, Sixswitch becomes aware that the Philly gangsta and the Dream Reaver are approaching his position. The match is not being contested under falls-count-anywhere rules: needless to say, the Lock probably would have already lost in that case. Sixswitch has a crimson streak running from his left shoulder to the right side of his abdomen from the exchanges with the Melbourne native. There is another smear on his right thigh. He turns to charge Viewfind, and is caught with a tilt-a-whirl slam onto the ring steps.

As SS convulses painfully on the ringside matting, Viewfind returns his attention to Morpheus. Just in time to receive a headbutt in the ghetto. VF’s ‘jewels’ are suddenly very sore from the impact of Morpheus’ head against them, and Morpheus just manages to rally enough strength for another headbutt- this time connecting with Viewfind’s forehead- to knock both competitors down to the floor. The Lock is seen getting slowly to his feet, and he crosses to Morpheus. The Lock applies the Sharpshooter to the nigh-unconscious Dream Reaver, and wrenches back with all of the energy he can muster.

JFA: “What is he doing? He can’t win the match there… Besides, Morpheus is more out of it than usual…”
JHA: “Quite stealing my gig, would ya?”

As Sixswitch gets back up, he can see the Lock with the Sharpshooter on Morpheus. The Welsh Wonder sprint forward, and arcs his left foot around to smack Lock directly in the jaw. Lock relinquishes the hold as he falls onto the concrete: fatigued amidst his own dried blood. SS tries to move Morpheus into the ring: but the masked maniac proves to be a dead weight in his almost unconscious condition. The Welsh Wonder falls onto his backside and sighs as he notices Viewfind getting up. The rivalry between these two is well documented across the history of the AWF: some IC title matches (amongst others) being particular talking points.

The two titans stand facing each other. The crowd are reaching fever pitch as the two charge towards each other. VF attempts a clothesline, which SS promptly ducks. The Welsh Wonder kicks away from the steel ring steps, and lands a Sky Twister Press on VF: attacking him with rapid right hands as soon as the two hit the arena floor. The Lock and Morpheus follow suit as they get up- the two are almost immediately attempting amateur dentistry on each other using their knuckles. Morpheus, however, turns his attention back to the head of the Lock: biting his nose to gain an advantage before throwing him into the ring.

Viewfind and Sixswitch continue to brawl outside the ring as Morpheus clamps the Bad Dreams on the Lock. Having already lost a good deal of blood earlier on, Lock isn’t on top form. And it’s seriously beginning to show. However, in desperation, Lock manages to hoist Morpheus onto his back and runs backwards into the nearest turnbuckles. Morpheus releases the hold, and the Lock manages to hit him with the Big Payback. The Lock virtually collapses on top of his adversary. As the referee’s hand hits the mat a second time, Viewfind and Sixswitch pull the Lock off Morpheus: dragging him outside the ring in order to dish out some more punishment to the Viscount of Victoria.

JFA: “Double-S, Viewfind and the Lock now all outside the ring… Morpheus is in the ring and out of this match…”
JHA: “To say nothing of being out of his mind…”

As Viewfind tumbles over from a head scissors, Sixswitch is caught by the Lock and is given a dose of the Big Payback as some measure of revenge for what happened earlier. As The Lock gets up to capitalise, he walks right into a double arm DDT from Viewfind. With the Welsh Wonder and the Australian down on the outside, VF slides into the ring to core the pin and become the number one contender.

JFA: “Cover by Viewfind on Morpheus… 1… 2…… and Morpheus got the shoulder up!”
JHA: “So much for my wishing he was dead…”

Viewfind can’t believe it. He just stares at the referee- speechless- holding up three fingers. The referee repeats that it was two, and Viewfind hoists Morpheus from the canvas and onto his shoulders in preparation for the Philly Pimp Drop. Morpheus escapes, and catches the fly Philly native with the Anesthesis. He drapes himself over Viewfind, only to be pulled off at two by both Sixswitch and the Lock. As the Lock works over Morpheus on the outside, Sixswitch scales the ropes and signals for the Technophobic. The crowd roar their approval as the Welsh Wonder leaps from the turnbuckle, twists in the air… and lands on nothing but canvas when Viewfind moves out of the way.

JFA: “Painful landing for Sixswitch there…”
JHA: “Not as painful as the next one’s gonna be…”

As Sixswitch gets up, he walks right into the Philly Pimp Drop. The referee drops to the mat and begins the count. As he hits two, Morpheus dives into the ring and smacks Viewfind in the face to break the cover. The Lock comes in after Morpheus, and gets tackled to the mat by the Dream Reaver. As the two continue their exchange of punches, Viewfind grabs Sixswitch again. This time, he sets up the Welsh Wonder for a powerbomb. Sixswitch reverses the move, however, and delivers a hurricanranna, which sends Viewfind through the ropes.

Sixswitch turns around, only to be nailed in the midsection by Morpheus and hit with the Anesthesis. The Lock, meanwhile, has grabbed a steel chair from the outside. As the referee again attempts to register the three-count, Lock slams the chair onto his head. Morpheus, confused by the lack of a count, looks up. The last thing he sees is The Lock, smiling malevolently as he brings the chair down on Morpheus’ skull with such force that the chair breaks in two. Morpheus and Sixswitch are practically out cold in the ring. The Lock is singing his praises to the crowd. And Viewfind?

Viewfind is right behind the arrogant Aussie. He thrusts his head under one of the Lock’s arms, and delivers the Big Payback to the leader of Murder Inc. Lock rolls out of the ring on the impact. A referee runs down the aisle just as Viewfind covers the fallen Morpheus.

JFA: “1…… 2…… 3! VIEWFIND WINS! Viewfind gets the first-class ticket to ArchiveMania IV!”

JHA: “Poor Lock…”

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of the match… and THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER FOR THE AWF CHAMPIONSHIP… VIEWFIND!”

‘Party Up’ plays and Viewfind gets up, smiling. He starts to strut his stuff in front of the crowd to a tremendous ovation from the capacity crowd. Morpheus looks as if he may be concussed. Sixswitch is swearing a lot as he departs the ring area, and The Lock is livid outside the ring: beating the hell out of anything in arm’s (or leg’s) reach.

JFA: “Well folks… just to repeat… Viewfind is the number one contender to the AWF Championship… and the match to determine who he faces at ArchiveMania is coming up next…”


TC is shown watching the result. Expressing no emotion, he grabs his title, slings it across his shoulder and prepares to head out for his title defense.

*A Commercial for Archivemania IV is shown*

AWF World Championship Match:
TC (c) v Amarant Odinson

Joey: “Well it’s finally here. We are only one match away from the end of Redemption and what a match it should be if I do say so myself.”
Flec: “TC defending his title against some low level jobber, heh.”
Joey: “Hey come on now he beat both Cloudstrifer and Blaster in one match to get this shot.”
Flec: “HA! Who hasn’t beat Cloud? And as for blaster, well he sucks.”
Joey: “He’s a former world champ.”
Flec: “Key word, former.”
Joey: “Anyways. Let’s go to JRA for the in ring announcements.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to tonight’s main event. The match is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The rabid wolverine…..AMARANT ODINSON!”

Amarant’s theme starts as Amarant makes his way onto the stage. He stops at the top as the fans begin to cheer. With his head down and covered by his traditional towel he soaks up the fans energy and then walks down to the ring.

Joey: “Amarant looks pumped for this match. I don’t think I have ever seen him look this focused before.”
Flec: “Its all for show. Inside he’s screaming like a little girl.”
Joey: “Come on now. At least give him a little credit for getting to the match.”
Flec: “…(shrugs)”

Amarant climbs into the ring and begins to stretch as his music fades away.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent. The champion, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Pay Per View…….TC!”

“Disciple” by Slayer begins and fills the arena as the fans begin to boo heavily. The boos continue to get louder as TC emerges through the curtains and stops at the top of the ramp. TC poses with the belt for a few moments then walks down to the ring.

Joey: “And I see TC is looking as cocky as ever.”
Flec: “He’s the champ. He can look however he wants.”
Joey: “Well I guess your right. TC entering the ring now and it looks like he’s showing Amarant just whose name is on that belt.”
Flec: “Classy. That is definitely a classy move.”
Joey: “Whatever you say. Referee Mike McClintock hoisting the belt to show the crowd and there’s the bell. The match is officially underway here and both men begin to circle the ring. Collar and elbow tie up….quick hammer lock applied by TC.”
Flec: “Right on.”
Joey: “It seems as if he mocking him. But Amarant is smiling. And Amarant with a reversal into a hammer lock of his own.”
Flec: “Damn it.”
Joey: “TC with the reversal into the hammer lock now but it looks like Amarant has had enough as he reverses it again quickly into a standing side headlock, into a hammer lock and now into a drop toe hold. TC hits the mat hard.”

Amarant quickly gets to his feet as TC jumps to his knees and gives Amarant an angry glare as he rubs his jaw.

Joey: “TC getting back to his feet now and not looking to happy that he got put down first.”
Flec: “What no he’s just thinking that it was a lucky move.”
Joey: “Yeah, I’m sure. Going for the collar and elbow tie up again….No, TC with a quick kick to Amarant's gut and a quick Irish whip into the ropes and a drop kick. TC smiling now as he watches Amarant get to his feet.”

Amarant rubs his jaw as he stands back up and then gives TC a nod of approval as the two men begin to circle the ring again.

Joey: “Both men being very cautious here in the beginning of the match.”
Flec: “Well it is a big match. More so for Amarant since he’s got to overcome the champions advantage but TC doesn’t want to lose either. Come on now, didn’t they teach you this in commentator’s school.”
Joey: “Commentators school?”
Flec: “You didn’t go? Well that explains a lot.”
Joey: “you went to one?”
Flec: “No you see I never needed one. But you should look into it.”

The two men tie up again in the center of the ring and Amarant whips TC into the ropes. On the rebound TC goes for a clothesline but Amarant quickly counters it and drops TC to the mat with the crippler crossface.

Joey: “OH MY GOD! Amarant going for the crossface already but TC quickly scurries to the ropes and the Amarant breaks the hold. Can you believe he went for that already?”
Flec: “Yeah.”

TC quickly gets to his feet and charges again and Amarant drops him to the mat with a drop toe hold and spin over and tries for the crossface again. Again TC grabs the ropes and Amarant breaks the hold. TC jumps to his feet and is quickly met with another drop toe hold and then another crossface.

Joey: “Amarant is relentless. That’s the third attempt at the crossface in 10 seconds.”
Flec: “Someone tell him to stop that, its making me dizzy.”

After a few moments TC makes it to the ropes and Amarant breaks the hold and jumps to his feet. He watches as TC gets up then charges in going for a chop but quickly TC throws his arm out and jabs Amarant in the eye with his thumb.

Joey: “Oh cheap move there by TC.”
Flec: “Cheap, but effective.”
Joey: “TC quickly following up on that illegal move as he whips Amarant into the ropes and hits him with a spinning heel kick. Following up quickly as he hits Amarant with an elbow drop and now locking in an arm bar.”
Flec: “Nice.”

TC locks in the arm bar and Amarant starts to scramble towards the ropes. Eventually he reaches them and TC breaks the hold and jumps to his feet. Amarant gets up and now both men are exchanging glares. They tie up in the center of the ring and quickly TC gets Amarant in a wrist lock. Before Amarant can do anything about it TC starts driving kicks into his rib cage. He hits him about four times then drops Amarant with a DDT.

Joey: “TC taking charge here as he drops Amarant with a DDT.”
Flec: “Simple, but always effective.”
Joey: “Spinning leg drop by TC and quickly back up. TC dragging Amarant to his feet now and a fishermans suplex. McClintock moving in and Amarant kicks out at two.”
Flec: “He should have had him.”
Joey: “TC back up now and kicks Amarant in the ribs. Dragging him up again and whipping him into the corner.”

TC charges at Amarant and crashes into him with a shoulder thrust. He steps back and delivers another and another. Does a back flip and then slams into him one more time. TC gets back to his feet and begins to taunt the crowd as Amarant falls to the mat.

Flec: “TC showing the crowd some appreciation for all their cheers now. What class.”
Joey: “Are you kidding me? Do you need your eyes checked?”
Flec: “Oh don’t be mad because he’s a better person than you.”
Joey: “I can’t talk to you anymore. TC moving back in and dragging Amarant up and throwing him over the top ropes.”

Amarant fly’s over the ropes and comes crashing down hard on the floor. TC flips off the Australian crowd once more then climbs out after him. He walks over to Amarant and picks him up then goes for an Irish whip. Amarant reverses it and send TC slamming into the steep steps. Amarant drops to his knees and begins to catch his breath as TC holds his back on the floor. After a few moments both men get to their feet and charge at each other. TC throws a punch but Amarant ducks it and spins TC around and picks him up. With TC up in the air Amarant grabs TC’s leg and slams him shin first into the ring post.

Flec: “What the hell was that? Ref, disqualify him.”
Joey: “Well that is a different way of performing a shin breaker.”
Flec: “Damn cheap is what it was.”
Joey: “Come off it. If TC did it you would be saying it was the best move you had ever seen.”
Flec: “Well that would have been different.”
Joey: “How?”
Flec: “I don’t know. It just would be and I thought you weren’t going to talk to me anymore.”
Joey: “Yeah I should remember to follow through with that.”

Amarant drags TC to his feet and slams him head first into the apron then rolls him back into the ring. With TC in the ring Amarant grabs his leg and pulls him towards the corner. He stands behind the ring post and grabs both of TC’s legs and pulls slamming TC’s crotch into the post. TC lets out a small yell as the crowd cheers wildly. Amarant looks out at the crowd and calls for them to make some noise as he locks in his patented figure four around the ring post. TC begins to scream as the ref runs up to the ropes and yells at Amarant to let go. After a few moments of yelling he starts the count and Amarant breaks the hold at four. The ref admonishes him for the illegal move but before he knew what was going on Amarant had locked it in again. TC lets out a new series of screams and the ref counts again. Again Amarant breaks the hold and then poses for the crowd, who absolutely eat it up. The cheers continue as Amarant rolls back into the ring.

Joey: “Amarant with that figure four around the post twice. Referee Mike McClintock is giving him a stern talking too about that move now but Amarant doesn’t seem to care.”
Flec: “I don’t know what is wrong with that damn ref…”
Joey: “Mike McClintock.”
Flec: “Yeah, whatever. I don’t know what is wrong with him. He should have disqualified him there.”
Joey: “He let go before five. He followed the rules.”
Flec: “You are so biased. You should be fired.”
Joey: “I am biased?”
Flec: “Yeah and get your hearing checked.”
Joey: “…”

Amarant stalks TC as he slowly uses the ropes to get to his feet. Just as TC gets to his feet Amarant lunges forward and grabs hold and drives TC into the mat with a German suplex.

Joey: “And Amarant is going for those rolling German suplexes now. One. Back up and TC’s fighting it. Two. TC almost at the ropes but Amarant is too strong. Three. He hit all three.”
Flec: “Damn it.”
Joey: “Amarant with the cover. 1…..2…..TH! KICKOUT!”
Flec: “Oh thank god. That would have been the last thing I needed to see.”
Joey: “Amarant looks astonished. I don’t think he can believe that TC kicked out. But he’s back to his feet and it looks like he’s calling to the crowd now.”
Flec: “Please no. He can’t beat TC. He’s too much of a hack to do that.”
Joey: “Hack or not he’s got TC and he’s locking in the House of Pain.”
Flec: “Come on TC, get to the ropes. Please god, get to the ropes.”

TC screams in pain as Amarant cinches in the move a bit more. McClintock jumps to the mat and checks on TC. TC struggles as much as he can but Amarant doesn’t budge.

Joey: “I think this one might be over. TC can’t move.”
Flec: “I don’t believe this guy is going to win the title.”
Joey: “Well believe it. I think TC has passed out from the pain. McClintock raising TC’s arm and it drops….drops again…..drop…”
Flec: “NO! TC’s arm didn’t drop.”
Joey: “TC fighting it again. Pulling himself to the ropes.”

TC digs into the mat and begins to pull himself towards the ropes.

Joey: “He’s almost there but it looks like he’s slowing down again.”
Flec: “Please TC, just another foot.”
Joey: “TC’s reaching. He’s almost there. He’s reaching……and no, it looks like he’s passed out again.”
Flec: “WHAT? No way. TC get your head out of your ass. Wake up.”
Joey: “McClintock moving in again. Drops his arm…..One. Picks it up again…..Two. McClintock picking it up for the third time and if it hits the mat this match is over…THRE…NO! TC’s arm didn’t hit.”
Flec: “Holy Hell!”
Joey: “TC stretches out and grabs the bottom ropes. McClintock Telling Amarant to break the hold.”
Flec: “Hey, he’s not letting go.”
Joey: “Making the count and Amarant breaks the hold at four and I don’t think he’s very happy. He is right in McClintock’s face now.”
Flec: “The ref should disqualify him. He’s being belligerent.”
Joey: “True. Amarant looking very angry now is moving back in. He drags TC into the center of the ring and it looks like he’s going for it again…..No, TC with a small package and McClintock making the count.1…2…No Amarant kicks out.”
Flec: “Where did that come from?”
Joey: “Amarant quickly back up and dragging TC with him. I think he’s going for a dragon suplex.”
Flec: “TC reversed it. Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza.”
Joey: “Wow TC with a reversal into a DVD and now both men are down. McClintock making the mandatory 10 count.”

2…Amarant starts to roll around.
5…Amarant rolls onto his stomach and starts to get up as TC begins to move.
6…Amarant gets to one knee.
7…TC rolls onto his stomach.
8…Amarant gets to a standing position and falls back into the ropes as TC gets to one knee.

Joey: “Amarant up now breaking the count and quickly charges at TC….punch blocked by TC and TC connects with one of his own. Blocks again and fires. Blocks again and fire and now jumping to his feet and…”
Flec: “Spinning heel kick.”
Joey: “Amarant down and TC quickly pulls him to his feet and TC with the T-bone suplex.”
Flec: “Oh here it comes. You know what this is.”
Joey: “Yes I do. TC jumping up to the top and leaps.”

TC leaps off the top ropes with the Five Star Frog Splash but just before he can hit it, Amarant rolls out of the way and TC comes crashing down to the mat. TC hits hard and his body begins to spasm as he clutches his stomach. Amarant gets back to his feet and taps his head showing the crowd that he knew it was coming then drags TC to his feet. Holding TC up he poses for the crowd and then sets him up for the tazzplex.

Joey: “Amarant going for the tazzplex and…..”
Joey: “Out of nowhere with the chimaira and going for the cover.1….2….3!”
Flec: “Oh yeah. TC retains. HAHAHAHA. That was great.”

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen. The winner of the match and STILL your AWF World Heavyweight Champion……TC!”

The familiar sounds of Slayer fill the arena as McClintock raises TC’s arm and hands him the belt. TC quickly jumps onto the turnbuckle and hoists his belt high above his head.

Joey: An amazing program tonight folks, we’ve seen several title changes and we’re just getting started. We’ll be heading to the UK next…on behalf of everyone with the AWF, this is Joey Styles saying, GOOD NIGHT!

2005-03-09, 03:05 AM
OOC- Sweet stuff as always folks!

Well what an interesting night.

First off congrats to my man TC, beat that fool Amarant like he was nothing.

Now Tempest, you know what I so hoped for challenge from you. The only guy in the AWF that could go toe totoe and face to face with the BDR. But what did you do, you pussied out to some ghost.

Man, you really are useless but at least I don't have to carry your pathetic excuse of a person any more.

Way I see it, I have a clean plate. Should have gold of some form but hey BDR doesn't need the bling. All I need to do is bring the pain.

Now if you all would excuse me, BDR outta here!

2005-03-09, 03:44 AM
OOC: Thanks G91 and staff. I know that was a hard show to get out, worth it though!

IC: Igz is shown, he's got more bandages on him than a monster in a B movie based in Egypt. He's on a cell phone, talking to someone.

"So you sent flowers to Wolfie and DBomb, for their awesome wins right? And the doctor called back to confirm I can live with only one kidney, right?"

He pauses for a moment... only to realize he doesn't own a cell phone. Or have a secretary. He has a moment of internal dialogue in which he admits to himself he really has to stop drinking so much caffeine. He turns to the camera, twitching slightly. We don't know if that's from the caffeine, or the nerve damage from his match tonight - but lets just ignore it.

"So, hey! The Slackaz retained again. Wadda victory, eh? I gotta admit, I love D-Ex's style more and more; why bother winning a match when you can not go to all the bother of pinning someone and still keep the titles? Heh, heh. Truly, he has the mind of a genuine slacker."

One of Igz's eyes starts vibrating back and forth slightly, the other remains still. He doesn't seem to notice, though, so let's not tell him about that either.

"I suppose Wild One, and maybe Auros if he's so moved, will start to complain about a cheap win or dirty tactics. Irony, I suppose. It matters not though. Ignavus will be going into his first Archivemania defending his first title; and with his bro D-Ex by his side. Life is sweet."

A thin trail of drool falls from the slacker's mouth, and the eye is still twitching. We seriously worry about nerve damage now... but.... eh.

"So then let's look at the competition. Murder Inc will demand a rematch, I suppose. I wonder how they'd feel if they'd gotten less than a sparkling clean win? Then there's starspeedscreamstormlighteningskimbamwhatever. I forgot what they call themselves; they don't win anyway. CBack and Scarecrow seem to be working together - although not very efficiently... and who wears a troll mask? Then there's Judge Death and Baxter, what an interesting team. I respect them both, but Judge Death is still one of my greatest rivals. Blaster might demand a rematch. Any of them could be our AM opponents, or all of them.. it'll be a tough match for the slackaz. Maybe their hardest yet. The fact remains though..."

He raises his arm, and starts waving it about. We don't know if the waving is intentional.

"The Slackaz are still an undefeated team!"

At this point he passes out. Someone should really call a doctor...

2005-03-09, 03:49 AM
Summers is shown backstage, clearly dejected by his loss.

Lisa Lovelace: Erik...any thoughts on what happened out there?

Summers looks up for a moment, as if to speak...then shakes his head and walks away.

Vin Ghostal
2005-03-09, 04:01 AM
OOC: I'd just like to say bravo, first of all to the writers for what was clearly an epic show to produce. Second, to the bookers, who have put together what has clearly become a complex, exciting set of stories leading up to ArchiveMania. And finally, to all the posters who actively participate in the forum...you fuel the AWF, and without you, the writing could not happen. Kudos to everyone all around.

2005-03-09, 04:53 AM
OOC: Must agree with the spectral one; solid show with very exciting matches all the way around. Worth the wait.

2005-03-09, 05:56 AM
IC: Lisa Lovelace catches up to The King as he is exiting the lockroom. The King clearly looks unhappy as he's approached but after a second of thought comes to LL's side and stares intently to the camera.

LL: Today is the debut of your singles match after a long hiatus. How would you grade your performance today?

KING: Obviously IT SHOULD HAVE GONE BETTER. Mad Bomber thought he had me on the ropes but it's only because of some ring rust I have. I may be at the most vulnerable stage of my career because I've been out of singles action for so long but now that I am back it's only a matter of time before I destroy guys like Bomber like nothing. I will reclaim my former glory in the ring and recapture the belt. YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE!

The King storms off, leaving Lisa a bit shaken by his outburst.

OOC: Good to be back. :)

OOC: major props to writing team for excellent show.

2005-03-09, 09:35 AM
You got lucky, King. I would have had your ass PLANTED six years from next Saturday if it wasn't for that jackass of a fan. And speaking of which, dude, don't try to sue me. I've got Reilly ready to rob you of your college education if you do.

But on to more pressing matters. Someone out there is trying to throw me out of my game. And I'm not gonna rest until I find out which one of those f*cks is screwing with me. There's a lot of us out there who ran with the old gang. And I'm gonna find out which one of you was dumb enough to piss me off.

(OOC: Gotta agree with Ghostal on all points.)

2005-03-09, 09:59 AM
OOC: Nice PPV. The fourway match was done superbly.


D-Ex: "Just when you guys thought you figured out our game...just when you thought you guys got it in the bag...."

We see D-Ex stepping out of the shadows with the singapore cane on his hand.

D-Ex: "I just had to use this...I just had to use my old friend on you worthless hacks. Murder Inc. call it what you want, you can call it a screw job, you can call it a cheap escape if you need to. But let me ask you, who has the belts boys? WHO ARE THE AWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS?! The answer is, the serial slackaz."

D-Ex raises the belt slowly onto the air before placing it back over his shoulder. He pats the belt for a while before he looks at the camera.

D-Ex: "But dont take it personally guys. I did it not just to let me and Igz retain it. Oh no. Infact, thats just a brief preview of how we can call the shots on our matches. Murder Inc. you better learn from your leader. You better learn how to win a match, let along, how to keep your titles on your hands. THe slackaz dont like to cheat everytime. But hey, who can blame us, were too lazy to get a clean win tonight. You heard the fans, they still appreciate it. Infact, they appreciated it when I drove my singapore cane over your heads! So next time you wanna face the Serial Slackaz...PREPARE...cause you might never know what hit you."

2005-03-09, 12:02 PM
[OOC: I'd agree with the Ectoplasmic Oaf, but I'm physically incapable of doing that.]

The HeartBrend Kid walks down the corridor, an icy calm surrounding him. Keith Kincaid suddenly rushes up, microphone in hand.

KK: “Sean O’Con… can I grab a quick word about tonight? What’s your reaction to the Game’s interference in your match?”

O’Con stares at him, his eyes threatening to bore a hole through the reporter, before a smirk slowly creeps across his face.

HBK: “My reaction? I think you saw my reaction. And what the hell is it with you people invoking the Game’s name wherever I go? I’m not Erik Summers… Erik Summers is a stuck up, self-righteous, pandering wanker with a martyr complex that would embarrass St Paul… the real one, not the place that’s embarassed to call him a resident. In case you didn’t catch it when it happened, I ended my association with that goon. But everywhere I go… he’s still there, nosing about my business. And everywhere I go, what do people ask me? Erik Summers this, Erik Summers that. I’m not Erik Summers, I’m the HeartBrend Kid! I’m the Walking Wonder, the Human Highlight Reel! I’m the most decorated man in AWF history! But all that people can talk to me about… is Erik Summers.”

KK: “Well, it is a pertinent question, given that he interfered in your match with Skywarp, and then-”

HBK: “You remember how this whole thing with Skywarp started, Kincaid? Years back? Me and G against him? Yeah, I know you do. And you remember how it all kicked off again, back end of last year? Well, in case you’ve forgotten, it all started because that walking anachronism wanted a piece of the Game. But Summers was too busy licking the ass of the people to care… so Skywarp turned his attention to me. That pisses me off right there. I’m his second choice? ME? The Brendinio Heat? SECOND choice? I’m nobody’s second choice! So I ignore the ratbastard… until he makes it impossible for me to do anything without having to get out my flyswatter and deal with him… so that’s what I do. And guess what happens? Summers, the moron, decides to get all high and mighty with me because of it. Alliance terminated, just because he was too busy playing with his fool’s gold to deal with his own problems.

“So I walk out in the MCG, ready to make history – to bury the legend of Stoned Old Skywarp, and add yet another tick in the HBK Redemption win column… when what happens? Erik bloody Summers happens. If he hadn’t been so bloody self-involved, I wouldn’t have been out there in the first place. It was his problem that I was taking care of! And what happens then? The idiot costs me the match. Can you believe that, Kincaid? Not only does he get pissed off with me for taking on his problem… he then costs me the damn match! That’s ridiculous beyond belief!”

KK: “But you did then intervene in his match later on.”

HBK: “I told him to keep his nose out of my business. And when you invoke a no disqualifications rule when you know there’s a pissed-off Heat in the building… well, he called down the thunder, he’s nobody to blame but himself.”

KK: “And who does Divebomb have to blame for what you did to him?”

HBK: “What?”

KK: “… well, you launched a vicious blindside attack on him…”

HBK: “… And? He’s a big boy, he can take care of himself. Besides, he walked out with the gold… I really don’t think he’ll be concerning himself with me. He knows I’m way above him in the food chain.”

KK: “That’s as maybe, but…”

HBK: “But you’re trying to stir things up? I don’t need it. I’ve already got my hands full with morons who think they can take out the Heat. Erik, you’ve pissed me off for the last time - you’re next on the list. But first, I have to take care of some business you wouldn’t let me wrap up… oh, yeah, YOUR business… I almost forgot. Skywarp, I was robbed tonight. I’m better than you, and you know it. Everybody in the MCG and everybody watching at home knows it, too. So if you’re half the man you think you are, you’ll step on up and give me a rematch on Mayhem. And just to make sure that it stays you and me… what say we have it in a cage?”

KK: “That’s quite a challenge…”

HBK: “Oh, there’s no challenge, Kincaid. Not for the Brendinio Heat, at any rate. And if anybody tries to stick their nose in my business… well, let’s just say that their nose won’t be the only thing that gets broken. Remember – heat ain’t cheap… there’s hell to pay.”

2005-03-09, 04:36 PM
The writing staff is
To be commended for their
Efforts. Great job guys!

2005-03-09, 05:26 PM
>We open to Keith Kincaid, everybody's favourite hapless schmuck in a dead-end job, jogging up to Judge Death. Death sees him coming and slumps visibly, before resigning himself to his fate and turning to face the camera.<

KK: "Judge Death!"

JD: "Good boy. You remembered my name."

KK: "Did I, uh, ever forget - "

JD: "Do not analysse my offfhand commentary! Get on withh it!"

KK: "Okay, okay...How do - "

JD: " - 'You ffeel about what happened tonight?' Predictable chimp. How do you thhink I ffeel? I am mosst ccertainly joyfful. Anothher two imbecciless havve ffallen in a puddle off thheir own wasste...thheir are ffew greater ssoundss to be heard thhan thhe needlesssly ampliffied 'thhud' off a cadavver dropping to thhe mat!"

KK: "But they weren't dea - "

>The judge cuts Keith off with a nasty look.<

JD: "Finishhed, I am not. And what off Baxxter, eh? Quite a talent, thhough I knew thhat already. Truly, he would be - rathher, will be - exxcceedingly ussefful ass a deputy. True, he iss sstill amongsst thhe livving, but I ssee no reasson to look a gifft horsse in thhe mouthh."

KK: "You did seem to perform quite well in that match, despite somehow hitting yourself with a chair..."

>Death frowns.<

JD: "I hit mysselff - ? When?"

KK: "After Raven got the chair from under the ring, and you slid under him and pulled him to the outside...I think his chair hit you once you pulled him.*"

JD: "...You know, I cannot actually remember thhat...it iss vvery much a blur off bad choreographhy..."

KK: "Well...fine, then. Any more thoughts?"

JD: "None thhat are off conccern to you. I havve bussinesss to attend to...who would havve thhought thhat picking a thheme tune ffor a ssumo-wresstler and a zzombie cop would be sso darned diffficult, eh?"

KK: "Well, this is Keith Kincaid, signing off, from all of us here at - "

JD: "Bugger offf beffore I do ssomethhing ffrightfful, earthh germ!"

>Kincaid scurries away.<

OOC: * = Um, well, that's what I thought happened...that bit of the match went by so fast that I couldn't really understand it clearly. So I'm probably wrong, then.

OOC Again: Ooh, yeah, 'mad props' (?) to the writers for treating us to this magnificent show.

2005-03-09, 10:48 PM
OOC: Cool show, Finally got that belt off me eh you wacky writers! :p

*Cloud is shown with little damage except he is shown holding his head.*

Him, he took it. He destoryed my dream. Well, my dream was already good but it was a bonus I held it for so long. And now, all I get from that match is a cacus belli with Zarak and a missing belt.

Listen up Wolfy, you may have won the belt, good for you. I have held it long, and defended it well. I I have had my glory and kept it off of Odinson and off most of the guys. I hope you better keep it too for that long, because I will come back for it weather you like it or not. Have your time in the spotlight because all these belts belong to me in this fed.

Now on to a more pressing problem. You see Zarak, I have had no problem with you except that you had that Hardcore belt. Yes I was going after that belt and would have left you alone, but no you had to come after Wolfgang and start messing up. You had to have that chair and use it. But you know what I don't care about the belt anymore. With the belt, I had forgotten my grudges and forgotten those who had crossed me over. But with the loss of it, I remembered I have to pay back G91, Divebomb and a load of other people for thier crossing me.

And you know what I have a little gift for you. Yes I do. You going to be the first on to be on the list! So perpare, run or hide, you better be ready because I am comming after you!

Believe the Hype! Feel The Pain! Pray for you Forgiveness!

2005-03-09, 11:02 PM
(OOC: Can't think of anything good to write IC at the moment. Rather excellent show, and congrats Viewfind. As for IC stuff, I'll get back to you.)

2005-03-10, 12:32 AM
OOC: Great show! Wow... ArchiveMania is gonna have to be a piece of work to outdo that...

IC: Alright Cloud. *Wolfang holds up the TV Title.* I'll give you your due... I didn't expect you to fare this well against me. Really. I've made it a hobby of mine to make the big guys of this fed tap out where possible. And- no word of a lie- you would have done exactly the same thing given another ten seconds.

Which brings me to one of my past errors come back to haunt me. Zarak... what did I ever do to you to get you this p***ed off? I brought you back from obscurity in the cWo. Together, we laid waste to half the AWF to get the Tag Team titles. You were like a brother to me. And then you turned your back.

I'm not going to. As much as I loathe the fact that you interfered tonight, I'm still willing to believe that my friend is still somewhere in there. If that means I have to bust you open to get that friend back, so be it. I didn't give up on you when the cWo wanted to turf you out. I'm sure as hell not going to now.

But be ready, Z.... as the doctors say 'this is going to hurt'....

2005-03-10, 02:22 AM
OOC: Top notch, top notch.

IC: It can't be .... I can't seriously be him?

2005-03-10, 03:16 PM
ooc: Great show, everyone. I really enjoyed reading it.

This is mid-term week, so I'll probably post something within the next day or two, as soon as spring break starts.

I have a voice recital today, too... oh man, that makes me nervous.

The Wild One
2005-03-10, 07:24 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus

"So, hey! The Slackaz retained again. Wadda victory, eh?

"The Slackaz are still an undefeated team!"


You think you are undefeated? Auros and I just whooped your ASS! Cause I really do remember Murder Inc. winning the match. Now because you were out classed and out wrestled, you had to cheat. That makes twice I whooped your ass with wrestling. TWICE! And if it wasn't for blatant weapon shots by DuMb-EX, you would have lost the belts too. You were defeated, and you should not be holding those belts. But when next time come around, you will not be leaving with them.

2005-03-10, 08:10 PM
Originally posted by Ignavus
I suppose Wild One, and maybe Auros if he's so moved, will start to complain about a cheap win or dirty tactics. Irony, I suppose. It matters not though.

Told ya so.

2005-03-11, 08:36 AM
D-Ex: "Haha...you damn right, Igz. And who in the blue hell gave green boy wild one 100+ IQ points in his IQ test to give him the right to call me Dumb? Easy there big fella, all you just did is made yourself look bad..ha...typical rookie mistake. Lesson learned boy. Dont cross with the slackaz again."

*D-Ex grabs the can of beer and smashes it open over his head. He chugs it down before tossing it behind him.

D-Ex: "Next time, we wont go easy on you."

2005-03-11, 03:51 PM
Locker Room :

Judge Death and Baxter are sitting on a bench in the locker room.
The girth of the big man causes JD's side of the bench to be about 2 feet up in the air.

Winning our match has
Made me happy, but I still
Hunger for revenge.

Murder Inc.'s actions
Still need to be addressed right
After we get dinner.

Random Sweep
2005-03-11, 03:53 PM
Camera pans to a shot of Scarecrow, sitting on a bench with his head in his hands

Keith Kincaid walks up to the dejected Scarecrow and foolishly sticks a mic in front of him

Keith Kincaid: Scarecrow, what went wrong out there tonight?

Scarecrow : What went wrong? what makes you think something went wrong?

Keith Kincaid : Well, after such a promising start to your career with the AWF you have a chance at becoming the Hardcore Champion in your home country and you blow it big time.

Scarecrow : Oh really? OF COURSE I KNOW THAT YOU IDIOT!

Taking a moment to collect himself Scarecrow takes the mic out of Kincaid's hand

Scarecrow : What went wrong? who knows. Stagefright? Choked? who knows. All I know is that I will never ever be squashed like that again.

Scarecrow stands and turns to leave, then looks at the microphone in his hands then back at Kincaid.

Scarecrow : Oh, and as for that fool Christopher Back well......

Scarecrow smashes the mic against a locker and tosses the shattered mess back to Kincaid and walks off.

2005-03-11, 06:32 PM
I must say Amarant....you were more tenacious than I expected you to be. You had that look, you were hungry for the title....but in the end, you ended up like so many others. You were on your back looking at the lights when you heard the 1,2,3. And another night has ended, and I am still on top of the entire AWF.

Now as for you Viewfind, you won the big fatal fourway tonight, I hope you feel good about that, because come the time of Archivemania, you won't be feeling good. See this match has been a long time coming, ever since I kicked your ass out of the GPA and took over. You talk about how you are from the streets and that you are a big thug....well son, by the end of Archivemania, I will prove that a thug, is nothing compared to the excellence that I am.

Amarant Odinson
2005-03-11, 07:27 PM
Back in the locker room, we see Lisa Lovless with a cameramen in tow, searching for someone. At first glance, she seems to find no one. A harder look aorund and she finds who she was looking for. Sitting on bench, with his trademark towel over his head, is a humbled Amarant Odinson.

LL: Amarant, it seemed that you almost had the match won. What happened?

AO: Lisa, Tonight was supposed to be my night. I was hungry for that belt and T.C. saw it. I could see the fear in his eyes and I heard the screams of pain and agony as I had him in the House of Pain. But none of that matters. At the end of the night, he still beat me.

LL: What are you going to do now?

AO: I'm going to do the same thing I've always done. I'll just get right back up, I'll continue to run through the entire AWF, I will make every single superstar here tap out. T.C., you may have beaten me, but you didn't break me. The day will come when you and I will face each other for that World Title, so you just keep that belt warm for me. Because no matter what happens, no matter how many "enterainers" I have to go through, no matter how many obsticles Reilly puts in my way, I will one day become AWF World Champion and on that fateful day that's when Reilly, T.C. and the rest of the world will finally realize that no one will ever .....PROVE ME WRONG.

The Wild One
2005-03-11, 07:27 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
D-Ex: "Haha...you damn right, Igz. And who in the blue hell gave green boy wild one 100+ IQ points in his IQ test to give him the right to call me Dumb? Easy there big fella, all you just did is made yourself look bad..ha...typical rookie mistake. Lesson learned boy. Dont cross with the slackaz again."

Listen up, you Teddy Long look a like. Going easy, still won't matter. When I am done, you won't be able to wrestle. I bloodied the both of you. Next time, we'll throttle you within an inch of your lives. You see, the slacker stated he could be me with sheer wrestling. I whipped his ass twice on that front. Then you be come preoccupied with that skirt, Atticus. Both of you. If it wasn't for your prepared illegal object, OUR WIN would come with the titles. We beat you, but JBL'ed to the titles just a little longer. If you aren't too P*ssy, I say we take you on in your own turf. HARDCORE match style! When it is said and done, we beat you once. I beat Igz twice. We already proved we can beat your ASS!

2005-03-11, 11:13 PM
OOC: Dude, I think you better check my profile on the profile thread a couple of times with that teddy long speech. Just a heads up, ok Wild One. :eyebrow:

2005-03-13, 12:44 AM
Originally posted by The Wild One
you Teddy Long look a like

OOC: 1. very uncool
2. Lookin like Teddy would be an honor. The man epitomizes suave.


Holy hell almighty. People like you make a Slacker's life hard. And a Slacker leads his life to avoid hard things. Hard = Bad! Bad! Bad!

Not hard 'cause I'm scared of you - I'm not, not hard 'cause you're so tough- you aren't really, but hard 'cause I just gotta keep on dealing with you.

I don't like redoing things, it's just too much work. We met, and we still have the titles in the end. Don't make me redo this, you aren't worth it, and the fans wouldn't care.

'Sides - the mania is comin up and the Slackaz might actually have to start "preparing" for that. And that sounds like quite a bit of effort.

And you've distratcted me from something important. Atts, I'm sorry you felt you had to walk away from us. The Slacka life isn't one for everyone; you have to have patience. You're still my friend, no matter what you do - so good luck goin off on your own. You're of a growingly rare variety around here - the smart kind- and I know you'll go far.

2005-03-13, 01:54 AM
OOC: I hope its ok to use you in my smack talk, Igz. If not then you can just PM me, ok partner :D

*We see the serial slackaz sitting on a table. We see Ignavus looking at his pen while D-Ex looks at his folder that contains various application forms. The camera zooms out to see the table covered in a blue cloth and with a sign saying "Slackaz Idol" on it.

D-Ex: "Hey Igz, you think we can get a new manager with this thing?"
Igz: "......."
D-Ex: "Igz? HEY!" *smacks Igz over the head.
Igz: "WHO?! WHA?!...oh *looks at D-Ex* Yeah, I think so."

*Someone enters the room and stands infront of D-Ex and Igz. D-Ex opens a can of beer and takes a sip. He smiles as he puts it on the table.

D-Ex: "Alright! Contestant no. 1. What is your name?"
Chuck: "Hello D-Extreme...Hello Ignavus! I am Chuck. Chuck Stevenson!"
D-Ex: "......"
Chuck: "You know, that guy who was associated with the ACW?"
D-Ex: "The suit who wore that stupid cloak and hood? I thought you were broke. So then, Chuck, what would you bring to the table for me and Igz?"
Chuck: "I can help you guys promote your team? I have ideas for Serial Slackaz merchendise, baby! Hell..i can book you on a TV apperance now!"
Chuck: ".....uhm....how about Jenny Jones?"
Igz: "I'd hit it..."
D-Ex: ":eyebrow: ..................hit what?"
Chuck and Igz: "....ya know."
D-Ex: "....I...cant quite follow on this. Whatever then. Ok Igz, you ask now."
Igz: "Our manager was hot as hell but didnt like the slackaz way of life. Are you willing to help us 2 lazy wrestlers out?"
Chuck: "OF COURSE! If I can work with that....er...Deathscream guy, why not?"
Igz: "And can you fit in this outfit?"

*Igz pulls out a two piece bathing suit.

Chuck: "Uhm...I dont think I can wear that. C'mon now! I have been humiliated enough after getting broke"
D-Ex: "HOW did you loose your money anyways?"
Chuck: ".........I invested in the XFL"
D-Ex: "Wait, wasnt it closed since 2001?"
D-Ex: "Ok then...we will call you....if we want you as our new manager ok? Next?"

*Chuck shows his way out while sobbing and muttering "damn you XFL!". In comes a person who seems to be a bit old and wearing a trenchcoat.

D-Ex: "And you sir? What is your name?"
Joel: "*in low monotone voice* My name is Joel...*big smile*
D-Ex: "Joel?"
Joel: "Why...yes! *big smile*"
D-Ex: "So, this says your happily married. You sure this job wont make you miss your wife?"
Joel: "What wife? *big smile*"
D-Ex: "But, it says here your married."
Joel: "Why..of course I am *big smile* Here is my wedding photo.*

(OOC note: If you have very low tolerance of weird marrages...do NOT...and I repeat...DO NOT view this URL)
Photo of Joel's marrage (http://www.nbc.com/photos/Late_Night/Late_Night_with_Conan_O_Brien/2LCObg03.jpg)

D-Ex: "Ok...."
Igz: "He's very good. Lets take him dude"
D-Ex: "*whispers* You got to be kidding me! Look at this photo!"
Igz: "Yeah, so?"
D-Ex: "Y'know! It...its just not right!"
Igz: "Oh ok...*looks at Joel* Ok Mr. Joel, we will call you when we have the time ok?"

*Joel heads for the door. But before he leaves the room he gives another big smile and then closes the door. The logo of the Archivemania 4 is shown on the screen as a voice over is heard

VO: "Archivemania 4! No need for any talent search! Go here to see the best of the best!"

*We go back to our tag team champs as we see D-Extreme gulp down the can of beer before speaking to Igz.

D-Ex: "Know what Igz? I wonder how Simon does it."
Igz: "*yawn*....me too D....me too"

*The footage fades as the AWF logo is shown.

2005-03-13, 05:43 AM
OOC - of course you can. Unless you turn him into a pretty little princess... and read "unless you" as "please do"

2005-03-13, 07:30 PM
OOC: The X finally gets a week break and what happens? He gets some sort of head cold crap thing hate my nose and throat can't seem to think strait cough.

I hope the following makes sense.


You're a son of bitch.

Now, hard as I may try, I can't knock your actions too much... I might have done the same thing were the situation reversed. You see, for those that don't get it, now I have to sit here... I have to sit and think... about all of these stunts you've pulled... all the frustration I'm going through... all the anger... the hatred... for another month.

Well played, Ghostal. Well played.

Leave him to become more distracted, more unsure. Leave him time to become weary, to let his guard down. You saw that I was too ready for you at Redemption... so you left. You've forced me to endure more of the uncertainty... more of the looks from other wrestlers... the ones who believe you.

I... value hard work. I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't value hard work. You did not carry me. You did NOT carry me. Damn it, Redemption was supposed to be my time to prove that. Now I have to wait a month?

No. Hell no. I'm not waiting a month to get my hands on you, Vinny G. I don't care that I have to wait 30 days for it to officially happen. Your life is going to be an unofficial hell for the next fortnight and a half. You've gone and pissed the X off. Now, for the next two million, five hundred and ninety-two thousand seconds, you're going to see why... you shouldn't have denied... the power of X.

2005-03-14, 02:04 AM
OOC: Whoa! Good show guys.

I didn't have the Internet for a few days thats why i didn't post or anything.

Soon as i can think of something i'll post it.

The Wild One
2005-03-14, 07:30 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
OOC: Dude, I think you better check my profile on the profile thread a couple of times with that teddy long speech. Just a heads up, ok Wild One. :eyebrow:

OOC: It was a jab at your avatar. Sorry if it didn't seem that way.

Igz, it seems as if everything I do is uncool to you. I am not surprised.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-14, 10:30 PM
Originally posted by The Wild One
OOC: It was a jab at your avatar. Sorry if it didn't seem that way.

Igz, it seems as if everything I do is uncool to you. I am not surprised.

OOC- Two things: He has no avatar. He is a wrestler on camera. Not a kid on a key board. That is what makes this an RPG. Remember that.

Don't listen to Igz. He still makes the same type of newbie errors now and again.

2005-03-15, 02:53 AM

2005-03-19, 12:57 PM
OOC: Ripper show guys, sorry I havn't had the chance to do an IC Promo yet, I'll do one soon. Been flat out getting back at school, and living/looking after my uncles house for the last week and a bit. Anyway, good show.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-03-21, 05:01 PM
OOC: A good show. Certianly not the worst the AWF ever produced but not the best either. Other than the Divebomb winning the IC title; I can't say I wasn't surprised by the most of the outcomes.
Overall I give AWF Redemption 2005 a 3.5 out of 5

IC: "Another day another check."

*Back quietly walks out of arena and gets in his BMW and drives off in to the night.*

2005-03-22, 06:18 AM
*The cameras come on as we see Divebomb standing backstage outside of his locker room with Lisa*

LL: "Hello there. I am backstage with the new AWF IC Champion, Divebomb. Hello Divebomb."

DB: "(smirks) Well, hello Lisa."

LL: "So congratulations on winning the IC Title tonight."

DB: "Thank you."

LL: "So what does it feel like to be the new IC champ?"

DB: "Well Lisa, it feels great. I finally have some gold back around my waist after all this time."

LL: "Did you think going into this match that you would walk away with the belt?"

DB: "There was never any doubt. I know that the Game is one of, if not the greatest, AWF star there has ever been. But I have failed against him twice in the past few months and wasn't about to crawl back to the locker room with another loss on my record. Sure the match wasn't exactly normal, but it sure was fun."

LL: "Speaking of the past few months, tonight we saw your former stable leader win his shot at the world title for AM4. What do you think about that?"

DB: "(Divebomb puts his hand to his jaw and thinks about that statement for a moment then continues) Well Lisa. We all know how things went down with the fall of the GPA. So all I have to say is, TC, at AM 4. Your title is going to be around the waist of the true GPA leader."

LL: "Hmm. Well champ, I guess my last question would be, whos going to be next. Who do you want to face to defend your title?"

DB: "You know Lisa, tonights a night for celebration, not business. So how about you join me and my friends and go for a beer, or whatever it is you drink."

LL: "Oh well I might just have to take you up on that, when I get off work."

DB: "Well you know where to find us. I hope to see you later. (Divebomb opens the locker room door) Come on P?, its time to hit the road. We got some celebrating to do. Bye Lisa."

(Lisa lets out a little smile as P? and a group of women walk out of the locker room and head towards the parking lot.)

LL: "Well that looks like thats all from our new IC Champ. So back to you."

The Wild One
2005-03-31, 07:28 PM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
OOC- Two things: He has no avatar. He is a wrestler on camera. Not a kid on a key board. That is what makes this an RPG. Remember that.

Don't listen to Igz. He still makes the same type of newbie errors now and again.

OOC: I am not trying to dig up old stuff, but I haven't been able to be on in a while. I was jabbing in character. Mean, I wasn't really meaning it towards him, but his character. Sorry about that.

The Wild One
2005-03-31, 07:28 PM
Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
OOC- Two things: He has no avatar. He is a wrestler on camera. Not a kid on a key board. That is what makes this an RPG. Remember that.

Don't listen to Igz. He still makes the same type of newbie errors now and again.

OOC: I am not trying to dig up old stuff, but I haven't been able to be on in a while. I was jabbing in character. Mean, I wasn't really meaning it towards him, but his character. Sorry about that.