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2005-03-11, 02:28 PM
CloudStrifer #1 DVD is here for all you Cloudite fans! Here is a message from CloudStrifer Himself:

*Cloud is shown wearing a suit and tie, looking all smart he is*

Cloud: Hello there Cloudites and welcome to my first DVD! This shall feature many great matches from my 2 years in the AWF and it comes with 3 dvds, the first 2 are matches and there is a 3 dvd with bonus features! Also inculded is another dvd if you order now! It includes my motion picture trailer that will be out this summer! So watch out for it and order it now!

Thanks Cloud, so lets see whats in disk 1:

nmathew & Quick Switch vs. CloudStrifer & OptimusPrime2005 [their first match togeather!]
Quick Switch & nmathew vs. CloudStrifer & OptimusPrime2005 [Lord of The Mat]
CloudStrifer vs Unicron
The King & The Lock vs. CloudStrifer & OptimusPrime2005
Flec and Cosmo v Cloudstrifer and Dr. Evil
Silly Cow vs. CloudStrifer
DN v Dr. Evil and Cloudstrifer
CloudStrifer vs. Warcry
The Lock vs. CloudStrifer vs. nmathew vs. Divebomb vs. D-Extreme
Unicron and Ulticron vs. the Reapers

Thats all from Disk 1. Lets look at whats on Disk 2:

Cyberstrike & D-Extreme, Nmathew & Quick Switch, Prowl? & Divebomb, The Reapers, The Lock & The King
Battle Royale - StoneCold Skywarp, God Jinrai, Ravage, Deathscream, CloudStrifer, Brawn, Wolfang, The Big Ragebowski
CloudStrifer vs. Wolfang [The Breakup clause of The Reapers!]
Windcharger & Strafe vs. Starscreamer & CloudStrifer
Starscreamer vs. CloudStrifer
First Blood: OP2005 v Cloudstrifer [First of Thier Many Bouts togeather!]
Scout v Cloudstrifer [the most embrassing match for him!]
CloudStrifer Vs. Wolfgang
God Jinrai vs. CloudStrifer
Op2005 v Cloudstrifer [Thier 2nd Match]

Thats all from Disk 2. Lets see whats in Disk 3:

CloudStrifer vs. Starscreamer
CloudStrifer vs. The Mad Bomber
Black Zarak v Cloudstrifer
Hardcore Title
Nmathew & Quick Switch (co-champions) vs. CloudStrifer vs. Flesh Creature vs. Brave Maximus vs. The Raid
TV Title Match: God Ginrai v Cloudstrifer
CloudStrifer vs. Lord Chaos
Cloudstrifer Vs Gruff
LOTM: Qualifier: TC
Adolf & Cloudstrifer v Jinei & the Gruff

Thats all from Disk 3. Lets see whats in Disk 4:

Iron Cage Match: Gruff vs CloudStrifer
IC Title Match: Stone Cold Skywarp v Cloudstrifer
Cloudstrifer & Whiplash v (*)The Gruff & The Mat Man
Cloudstrifer v Cane Deathscream
Stone Cold Skywarp, Cloudstrifer, Gruff & Blitzwing v Brave Maxx, Ravage, The Lock & D-Extreme
Cloudstrifer v Mat Man
11 Man Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership for the AWF World Title: TC, Redstreak, Viewfind, Stone Cold Skywarp, D-Extreme, Cloudstrifer, Sixswitch, The Gruff, The Heart Brend Kid Sean O’Con, The Game Erik Summers and ???
Stone Cold Skywarp & D-Extreme v The Gruff & Cloudstrifer
Sixswitch v Cloudstrifer
Buried Alive match: CloudStrifer vs OP2k5

Well, Thats Disk 4. This is alot of Disks! Here is Number 5!

Handicapped Match: Stone Cold Skywarp v The Gruff, Cloudstrifer & D-Extreme
AWF Hardcore Title Match: Xille (C) v Cloudstrifer
AWF TV Title: Strafe v Cloudstrifer
AWF Intercontinental Championship match: The Mat Man[c] v. Cloudstrifer
AWF IC Number One Contender’s Match: Cloudstrifer v Bombshell
Virus v. Cloudstrifer
AWF Title Match: Sixswitch vs Cloudstrifer
AWF Television Championship: Strafe (c) vs. CloudStrifer
Warzone 10 man battle royal: Strafe, G91, Viewfind, Ravage, Wolfang, Morpheus, Amarant Odinson, Cloudstrifer, ?????, ?????.
Tables, Ladders and Chairs for the Hardcore Title: Xille (c) v Auros v Ravage v D-Extreme v Cloudstrifer v Gruff v Cyberstrike v Cane v OP2005
ArchiveBowl Round 1:
Cloudstrifer & Virus vs. Tag Team Co-Champion xille & The Lock

Wow Thats disk 5, Here is Disk 6!

AWF Television Championship: Strafe [c] Vs. CloudStrifer [Begining of his TV Regin!]
TV Title Match: Cloudstrifer (c) v Christopher Back
TV Title Match: Cloudstrifer (c) v D-Extreme
TV Title Match: Cloudstrifer© v. OP2005 [The Bump in The Road!]
TV Title Ladder Match: OP2005 © vs Cloudstrifer [Regains the Title!]
TV Title Match: Cloudstrifer © vs. Ravage
AWF TV Title Match: Cloudstrifer v Baxter
AWF TV Championship: Tempest vs. Cloudstrifer(C)
Cloudstrifer Vs Scarecrow
For an AWF Title Shot at Redemption:
AWF TV Title: Cloudstrifer (c) v Wolfang

And thats the end of the matches! Here is the bonus disk!

Cloud Uncovered! His interveiw with KK!
Cloud's New Music Video "Fight Until We Die!" by Manowar with Cloud Footage!
Cloud's Movie Trailer of Beowolf!

All this and more! Get it at any store which sell DVD's. Only $39.99! Get it now while supplies last! If you get it now we throw in a Poster with CloudStrifers signature! Get it Now!

2005-03-15, 01:03 AM
What everyone really wants to see is when the Game ended DinoKnight's career though!

2005-03-15, 01:17 AM

2005-03-15, 02:20 AM
Thanks for making a contribution to the growing DVD collection, Cloud. I'm sure everyone appreciates your hard work.

2005-03-15, 02:22 AM
Wait a tick... was that a compliment... from Igz?

...Or was is sarcasm? WHY CAN'T I TELL?

*head explodes*

2005-03-15, 04:20 AM
I'm in CT again! You have no power over me now! Mwahahahahaha!

2005-03-15, 01:20 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
for all you Cloudite fans!
So that's what we call the nice people in the lunatic asylums, then? ;)

But seriously, good job, Strife.

2005-03-15, 01:52 PM
Thanks for the comments from all these people!

I had tought about it, but was waiting for the last PPV to see if I lost my belt. If I had won, I wouldn't have comeout with this one, but a simplier one. This shows that this chapter is closed and a new one is beinging.

I hope people keep watching this character because he is going places and fast!