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2005-03-23, 08:18 AM
(Yeah I know its late but what can you do. So just read and enjoy)

The pyro ignites bringing another addition of Mayhem to the airwaves!

Joey: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of AWF Mayhem. We are coming to you from the sold out St Mary's Stadium in Southampton. We are only a few weeks away from the biggest show of the year, Archivemania and I for one am looking forward to it. How about you Flec?”
Flec: “Yeah it’s always a good show.”
Joey: “Good? It is great. It’s not only the best but it’s always the place where all feud come to a head. We already know that Xille and Ghostal are going to clash at AM4 but maybe tonight we will get a glimpse of some of the other matches. But without anymore waiting lets go to the ring where Mr.Reilly is waiting to address the crowd.”

Reilly: “Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonight marks the beginning of the road to Archivemania 4. And you all must be wondering what’s going to happen. Well that’s why I am here. As you all know, at Redemption we saw the beginning of a couple of matches, those being Xille and Vin Ghostal as well as Viewfind winning his shot at the world title. So as long as TC can keep it until then we will have Viewfind taking on TC for the world title in the main event at AM4.”

The fans cheer loudly at that comment and when it settles enough Reilly continues.

Reilly: “Yes, I am glad that makes you happy. But as for tonight. I have a few things scheduled that I think will make you very happy. Our NEW IC Champion, will defend his title tonight against one of his former stable mates, Ravage and we will also have a #1 contenders match to see who will face our IC champ at AM4. But I will leave those two men a secret until the match. Now as you all can see, There is a huge structure hanging above my head right now. And you might just be asking yourself what that’s for.”

The fans erupt as Reilly mentions the cage.

Reilly: “Well after how things ended at redemption. I have booked a cage match between Stonecold Skywarp and HBK. I hope you all enjoy the show.”

The last part of his speech is barely audible as the cheers grow so loud that you can barely think.

Joey: “WOW! Can you believe that. A cage match, tonight.”
Flec: “Someone is going to get hurt.”
Joey: “I think you are right but let’s get on with the show and head over to the J’s for our first match.”

TV Title
Wolfang vs. Chris Back w/ Scarecrow

JFA: Thanks guys and this is the first match for our newly crowned TV champion…
JHA: And our newly crowned Blaster worshipper.
JFA: Yes last night not only did Wolfang beat Cloudstrifer for the AWF TV title but Mr.Back was destroyed by Y3B.
JHA: And I don’t know which was sweeter, two idiots being leveled. It was… glorious!

Dope’s “No Chance” starts as Back comes out from the back as the crowd begins to boo him heavily. Scarecrow slinks out slowly with his head down trailing a few yards behind his ‘partner’. Back climbs into the ring and directs Scarecrow where to go.

JFA: Why the hell does Scarecrow stay with this egomaniac?
JHA: Good pay? I dunno Back says he has lots of money.

Dragontown by Alice Cooper starts next as the reigning TV champion appears from the back and the crowd’s boos change to cheers as the Merseyside Marauder jogs down to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. He begins to pose for the fans but his cut off by a blow to the back of the head by Back. He drops his title and the bell rings.

JFA: Back using a cheap back attack to get the upper hand to start! Leave it to him. This was a man who was claiming he was a martyr for guys like Wolfang not even a month ago!
JHA: Well he got martyred so I guess he’s alleviated that feeling.
JFA: Back with a whip into the corner going for a big boot. Wolfang ducks! Back from the otherside now! Hard clothes line by Wolfang!

Wolfang stops for a moment to get his senses back after the shots to the back of the head. HE then pulls Back the rest of the way up and begins delivering knife edge chops to the challenger backing him into the corner. He then starts to drive his shoulders into the center of Back’s chest.

JFA: Wolfang to the second rope now! And he begins delivering close fisted punches to Back! The crowd counting along!
JHA: I never knew these Brit’s could count!

Once Wolfang was done with the punching he locked Back into a headlock and fell back in to a DDT and quickly went for a pin.

JFA: What a move by Wolfang! There’s the pin! 1…2…kick out by Back! Now as much as I dislike Back, kicking out of that took guts.
JHA: Now let’s see if Wolfang can’t spill them out for us!

Wolfang quickly gets up and begins stomping on the chest of Back to keep him down. He then turns him around and hops out of the ring. He pulls Back’s leg to the ring post. Wolfang jerks the leg so the back of the knee his the ring post and Back howls in pain as the crowd erupts into a fury of cheers. Wolfang does it one more time and Chris Back jerks his leg away holding his knee and then glaring at Scarecrow who is standing by the announce table with his head down.

JFA: Cyberstrike looking for help from his assistant and he got nothing for it!
JHA: He’s moping in front of us, that’s why!

Wolfang back in the ring now and he pulls Back up once again. He hits a basic body slam on Back and then drops an elbow to his chest going for another pin but getting only a two count from it. Un-phased Wolfang gets up and then quickly locks in the figure four leglock on the downed Back.

JFA: And here we go! Figure four by Wolfang on that damaged knee of Chris Back!
JHA: Haha!
JFA: And Back is calling for Scarecrow! Oh no! And there he goes!

Scarecrow looks at Back and thinks for a second. He watches Back scream and then smiles before turning and walking away leaving Back alone.

JFA: Back is by himself! Scarecrow just walked away!
JHA: What is he thinking!?
JFA: Back is tapping! It’s over! And Wolfang retains his title. Well as they clear the ring it looks like its time for our next match.

Tempest v. OP2005

Rage Against the Machine’s Pistol Pump hits the Soundtron and the crowd erupts into a Brave Maximus chant. As he walks down to the ring, Tempest makes a good attempt to ignore the crowd, but the look over his shoulder gives him away.

JHA: We’re going to see Tempest square off againsts the masked giant and some washed up has-been ain’t going to interfere.

JFA: You don’t believe that Brave Maxx is returning?

JHA: That washed up piece of trash is dead and buried in the ground, and that’s where he can stay. This is just OP2005 trying to psyche Tempest out of his game and ...... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!?

As Tempest enters the ring, the lights in the area go black and we hear little children laughing around the arena. Hundreds of little kids laughing at Tempest. A single lightning bolt hits the entrance ramp and the voices stop but one. A little girl crying in the dark. As the crying fades out the lights come back up.

JHA: See!?! Nothing but theatrics to freak Tempest out - but if OP thinks that this is going to throw Tempest off his game, he’s got another thing coming.

Tempest starts laughing as the tension breaks and he takes a step towards the ropes.......

As he approaches, a hand shoots up through the mat and grabs Tempest by the leg!! As Tempest tries to fight the hand off, another shoots up and grabs Tempest’s other leg. The panic is now very clear on his face as he tries to get the hands to release him. Unfortunately, doing so makes him lose his balance, and a quick jerk from the hands sends Tempest to the mat. From there, the hands slowly start to drag Tempest back and down into the mat. The wrestlers eyes are wide with terror as he slowly dissappears into the hole in the centre of the mat.

JFA: What in the blue hell is this! Some one or Something has dragged Tempest into the mat!

JHA: JFA Look!

Two bloody hands grab the outside of the hole in the mat. Slowly Tempest drags himself out of the mat, but he’s covered in BLOOD!!! He gets to his feet, looks around and then screams at the top of his lungs. His eyes are wide in terror as he looks down at his red-stained form and bolts out of the ring. As he runs up the ramp, the lights go down and the children start to laugh. Across the screen “Say Your Prayers.......” lights up in blood-drenched letters.

*Commercial break, A commercial for AM 4 featuring Xille and Vin Ghostal plays during the break.*

Joey: “And we’re back and it looks like its time for our IC title fight.”
Flec: “Oh I hope Ravage just kills him in the ring.”
Joey: “You would.”

Divebomb v Ravage

“My Last Serenade” starts over the sound system, and the brand new AWF Intercontinental champion comes out through the curtains to a huge ovation from the crowd.

Styles: Divebomb getting a big reaction from the crowd here in the UK. These fans appreciating the show that him and the Game put on at Redemption
Flec: Only good thing that Divebomb has ever done here, is take that title from the Lame.
Styles: That’s your opinion, and Dive looks like he will be a fighting champ, putting the title on the line already against his former stable man, the big man Ravage

As Styles says his name, almost as if on cue, the pounding double bass of “Puritania” is heard, and Big Daddy Ravage comes out to quite a few boos. The big man steps over the ropes and into the ring. He motions to Divebomb that the IC title will soon be around his waist. As the bell sounds, the two superstars begin circling each other before locking up in the center of the ring. BDR shows his strength by shoving Divebomb halfway across the ring.

Styles: Big Daddy Ravage with the easy size and strength advantage, just throwing Divebomb across the ring.
Flec: That’s the way big man, keep him down, break him in half

Divebomb gets back to his vertical base, and the two men go to lock up again, but Divebomb slides around behind Ravage and begins peppering him with forearm shots to the back. After four hard shots to the back, Divebomb shows great strength and lifts Ravage with a belly-to-back suplex. Divebomb floats over for the cover and only gets a 1 count.

Flec: He’ll need to do a whole lot more than that to get the win over Ravage.
Styles: Very true Flec, and that is exactly what he’s doing right now, setting the big man up. Irish whip into the corner, and a stinger splash. Whip to the opposite corner, and another splash. Ravage looks to be out on his feet.
Flec: Don’t bet on it Styles.
Styles: Oh, Divebomb just charged off the ropes, seemingly going for a clothesline and he was just nailed with a hard boot to the face from Ravage. BDR looking to capitalize here, drags the champ to his feet. Whips Divebomb into the ropes and hits him with a hard sidewalk slam.

Ravage goes for a cover immediately hooking the leg but only gets a two count. Feeling the need to soften Divebomb up some more, Ravage hits the ropes and drops a leg drop o doom onto the IC champ, but still manages only a two count. Becoming perturbed with his inability to get the pin, Ravage begins arguing with the referee about the speed of the count. As he turns around, Divebomb who had ample time to recover hits him with a hard rising clothesline that staggers the big man. Divebomb then hits the ropes and delivers another clothesline. Ravage falls back towards the ropes, and Divebomb hits yet another punishing clothesline that sends both stars to the outside.

Styles: Action moving to the outside now, Divebomb picking up Ravage and just throws him hard into the steel ring steps.
Flec: Disqualification right there ref.
Styles: Oh you wouldn’t say that if Ravage did the same thing
Flec: What’s your point?
Styles: Nevermind, Divebomb rolls Ravage back to the ring, and goes for a cover, 1…2…shoulder up. Divebomb now pulling the big man up, into a fireman’s carry.
Flec: Oh no, it looks like this will be The End for Ravage
Styles: Did you just make a pun against the guy you like?
Flec: Yeah so what?
Styles: And there it is, Divebomb hitting The End on Ravage, cover 1…2…
Flec: No it didn’t happen, Ravage got his shoulder up. See when Divebomb performed The End, his body fell backwards to soon, not providing the full amount of impact on Ravage’s neck
Styles: By god…you are right, and that was actually good, insightful ring analization there
Flec: Go to hell Styles.

Divebomb goes for a second attempt at the pin there, but still only gets a two count. Unbelievably frustrated, Divebomb rolls out of the ring and throws JRA from his chair and takes it. Divebomb slides back into the ring with the steel chair. He poses to the crowd with the chair and they go wild. He raises it high above his head as Ravage gets to his knee, but before he can swing, Ravage punches Divebomb hard in the gut a succession of times, forcing him to drop the chair in the center of the ring. Ravage then whips Divebomb into the ropes and levels him with a hard clothesline.

Styles: A very nice recovery there by Big Daddy Ravage. Hoisting Divebomb onto his shoulders.
Flec: It’s time for Divebomb to get a nasty hangover….and not the drinking kind.
Styles: And there it is, Ravage delivering the hangover right onto that chair. Going for the cover.
Flec: Why is McClintock ringing the bell already, he never counted the pin

JRA: Ladies and gentleman the winner of this match as a result of a disqualification, and still Intercontinental Champion, Divebomb.

Flec: That is bull****, why did he dq Ravage?
Styles: It seems that though he didn’t bring the chair into the ring, since Ravage used it by delivering the hangover onto it, he has been disqualified. And Big Daddy Ravage is livid right. Oh that’s not necessary.
Flec: Oh to Ravage it is.
Styles: Ravage just delivered the hangover to Mike McClintock right on top of Divebomb’s body.
Flec: Good place for him

Mr. Reilly’s Office

Reilly: Well, I just got to say that our little arrangement worked out just super. I mean talk about go getters! (Laughs)

Judge Death: They were weak…ssssssimple foooollls easy to defeat.

Baxter meanwhile is seen munching contently away on some homemade Tollhouse cookies provided by Mr. Reilly.

Reilly: Now then, tonight I understand that you two would like to get a little piece of Murder Inc. Since you guys really did a bang up job for me at Redemption, I’m more than willing to give you that little slice of pie…

*Baxter immediately looks up eagerly*

Reilly: Errr…figure of speech my boy…gosh…quite the appetite you have there my boy. Now, much as I may like Locky and he and his boys are good for business…

Judge Death: Hsssssssss…

Reilly: Now, now…it’s true…they’re not like my boys, but they still do sell a mean t-shirt! Wait…WAIT…let me see those hands Judge…

Judge Death looks confusedly at Baxter then holds his hands up to Reilly.

Reilly: I think they could be cleaner. No. This will never do…how many times do I have to tell you? After every meal and under your fingernails. Dirt gets trapped there... and germs... and mayonnaise. My dear mother said, 'cleanliness is next to godliness', and I believed her. She never caught a cold. (laughs)

Judge Death pulls his hand away and looks at Baxter who is chuckling amusedly.

Reilly: All right…Wild One…Auros…against my new boys…tonight, doesn’t that just sound fun?

*Commercial Break, Another AM4 commercial this time with TC and Viewfind.*

Mr. Reilly’s Office

The door slams open and Ravage walks in.

Rav: Reilly, I want to be in the #1 contenders match. You know I was robbed out there.

Reilly: Now wait just a minute. You don’t come in here and just demand something from me.

Rav: I don’t care what you say tonight I am going to be in that match and there is nothing you can do about it.

Reilly: No, you aren’t going to be in that match and that’s final. You had your chance. You didn’t win. So get over it. Now I have more important things to do so if you would please leave that would be super.

Ravage storms out of the office and slams the door as we cut back to Flec and Styles.

Murder Inc. Auros & The Wild One v Judge Death and Baxter

Joey: This match ordered earlier tonight at the apparent request of either Baxter or Judge Death, not sure which of them, nevertheless Mr. Reilly looking to reward his loyal assistants by granting them match against a team emerging as one of the top tag teams in the AWF.

Prayer by Disturbed begins to sound through the arena…

RA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring area, representing Murder Inc…Auros…and The Wild One!


Joey: Sit down…you’re making an even bigger ass of yourself than normal!

Flec: I love these guys!

Joey: Yeah…I get that…now sit down!

Out Of The Silent Planet by Iron Maiden takes over as Prayer fades out.

RA: And their opponents, now on their way down the ring…Baxter and Judge Death!

Joey: A unique pairing here to say the least…

Flec: That skinny turd and the Baron of the Buffet? You’re telling me…

Joey: Would you stop? Shouldn’t you be sucking up to these guys as they do seem to be working for Mr. Reilly.

Flec: Oh bloody hell…

Joey: …

Flec: Don’t look at me that way Styles…when in Rome you know…

Joey: We aren’t in Rome…we’re in Southampton…

Flec: Like these people would know the difference.

Joey: Anyway, Baxter and Judge Death in the ring now. Ref calls for the bell and we are underway. Baxter starting out against Wild One. Wild One talking some trash now as Baxter is currently munching on…

Flec: Does he have an ice cream cone with him?

Joey: I believe he does…and he doesn’t seem like he could care less about Wild One’s trash talk…OH!

Flec: Bet he cares now!

Joey: Wild One just slapped Baxter’s ice cream cone to the mat and Baxter has come alive! Massive chops backing WO into the corner, now a clothesline into the corner. Wild One staggering out into a side slam! Auros in the ring now and a belly bounce by Baxter sends him into the corner and a massive back elbow…Auros falling straight down, face first into the mat!

Flec: What? I can’t believe this…HEY! What’s that skinny little turd doing?

Joey: Judge Death on the top rope…have we ever seen this? Guillotine leg drop from the top across the throat of the Wild One. Baxter meanwhile…taking a walk across Auros!

Flec: He can’t do that!

Joey: Why not?

Flec: Because…he’s huge and…it’s wrong!

Joey: You’re just making things up as we go aren’t you?

Flec: Kind off…yeah.

Joey: The referee ordering Judge Death out of the ring. Baxter with a huge slam on WO. Tag made to JD. JD with a hard elbow on to the WO. Now, JD trying to lock in the Hard to Swallow, but WO with the block and a short clothesline to counter. WO reaching over and tagging in Auros. Auros with a hard right hand to the face of JD…and…

Flec: The crowd suddenly hates this match?

Joey: I don’t think it is the match…


Joey: Starstorm in the ring…Raven delivering a chair to the back of Auros’ skull, Vanth with one to the face of the mighty Baxter, sending him to the floor…Wild One charging into the ring, with a clothesline sending Vanth over the top rope…Raven going for a ddt on Judge Death, but JD with the block…now firing back with a hard right…the two topple to the outside…AWF officials now pouring into the ring to break this up…referee calling for the bell…the match has been called…we have to go to commercial…


*Commercial Break*

JFA: “And were back and its time for our next match and it should be a good one as we get to see Lock take on Sixswitch.”
JHA: “I hope Lock wipes the floor with him.”

Grimlock vs. Sixswitch

"Murder Incorporated" hits, bringing out Lock to a chorus of boos. He is alone, not flanked by any of his stable. He struts to the ring with confidence, taunting the whole way.

But then the crowd is buoyed by "Like This Like That," indicating the arrival of Sixswitch, who wastes no time running down the ramp and getting into it with Lock as the bell rings. He starts in with rights to the face of his opponent, then whips him off the ropes into a quick spinning heel kick.

JFA: Fast start by Switch here!
JHA: Hey, Lock wasn't even ready! Who's he think he is?
JFA: All right, I'm now officially ignoring you...battle of two of the top talents in the game right now. Sixswitch of course a former AWF champion, and Lock the first holder of the Intercontinental championship. Now going back at Switch with rights of his own, now he grabs him...OH! Belly to back suplex by Lock; quick cover...kick out at two.
JHA: Damn! So much for the element of surprise!
JFA: ...

SS springs up and drops Lock with a quick clothesline, but Lock gets right back up as well and nails his opponent with the Overdrive, bringing him right back down to the mat. Lock struts a moment, but that allows SS to get his bearings back and get to his feet. But Lock spots this, and gives SS a drop-kick to the right knee. SS loses his balance, and Lock begins kicking the knee, much to the crowd's disdain.

JHA: Lock really showing tactical superiority! Good call, man!
JFA: I wonder about you sometimes. Lock getting in his shots nonetheless, concentrating on that right knee of the Welsh Wonder. Now turning it into the sharpshooter! Oh man, you can see Switch straining against it, trying desperately to shake loose, but Lock's got a tight hold and he is pulling on that knee something awful. Switch inching over toward the ropes...
JHA: Just tap, Switch! He's got ya, give it up!
JFA: Will you shut your cakehole? The match isn't over yet!

And indeed Switch proves such by clamping onto the bottom rope, forcing Lock to break the hold. But Lock pulls him by the legs until his grip gives and Lock is able to roll him up in the small package! But Switch kicks out at two. Finally he is able to get back on his feet, but Lock continues hammering with lefts and rights like he was a human punching bag.

But suddenly Switch turns it on! He nails Lock with the inverted atomic drop, then buries his head into the mat with a solid twist of fate!

JFA: Desperation move by Switch! I don't know where he got the energy to do that, but he did it! Switch grabbing his knee in agony as the ref counts for a double count out!


Lock begins to stir, SS drags himself toward the ropes.


SS pulls himself up as Lock gets to his feet, then clotheslines him over the ropes and out of the ring! Lock then whips him into the barrier, and goes to swing him into the steps, but Switch reverses and Lock hits the steps instead!

JFA: Switch taking control now, throwing Lock back into the ring and heading back in himself.
JHA: Oh no! I know where this is going, get up Lock!
JFA: Switch calling for it...SIXSHOOTER! SIXSHOOTER! But the knee is killing him! Cover, Six! Cover him!

All Six can manage is draping his arm over the chest of Lock, but the ref counts...1, 2...3!

JFA: Yes! Sixswitch with the amazing comeback to beat the Lock! Oh my!
JHA: Those steel stairs are the only reason this turned out like this!
JFA: It's Lock's own fault for taking things out there, and he got what was coming to him for it.
JHA: You say...Well its time to send it back to Flec and Styles for our next match.

IC Title Number 1 Contenders Match
Redstreak v. Amarant

Joey: “Thanks guys. Well Flec, it looks like its time to see who’s going to face Divebomb at Archivemania 4 for his Intercontinental Title.”
Styles: “That turncoat shouldn’t even be champ right now. If Ravage wouldn’t have been disqualified tonight Rav would be champ.”
Joey: “Could have, would have. It’s all in the past. So who do you think will be his opponent at AM 4.”
Flec: “Personally I couldn’t care less. But since Red seems to dislike him so much I am going to go for him. At least if I have to go for someone.”
Joey: “Good choice, you can bet he will do almost anything to get a shot at him, especially after the way he came back.”
Flec: “Yeah, yeah. The whole rumble thing. We all know that…”

Suddenly “My Last Serenade” begins to blast through out the arena as Divebomb walks out onto the stage and hoists his belt high over his head and then heads to the announcers table.

Joey: “Well it looks like we are going to be joined by Divebomb here for this match.”
Flec: “Oh Damn it. Well there goes all the fun.”

Divebomb waves one last time to the crowd then takes a seat at the table.

DB: “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Flec.”
Flec: “Yeah it’s me.”
Joey: “Welcome Divebomb, it’s good to see you again.”
DB: “So I hear you don’t think too much of me anymore.”
Flec: “I never did.”
DB: “It’s funny how people’s opinions of you change when you finally step up and do something you want to do. You know like planting TC with The End.”
Flec: “More like sucker punching him.”
DB: “Call it what you will, but just like any wild animal. I gave him fair warning. He just pushed it too far. I can’t be held responsible for what happened after that.”
Flec: “Yeah whatever.”
DB: “If I were you I would show me a little more respect than that. You may be a former wrestler. But I will not hesitate to take you out if you get on my bad side.”
Flec: “Hey you can’t come out here and threaten me like…(Smack) Hey what the hell?”
DB: “I am warning you. From this point on you will remain quite. Or it will be a lot more than the back of my hand connecting with the side of your head.”
Joey: “Well, ok. This is uncomfortable. Anyways it looks like its time to bring the combatants down to the ring. So take it away JRA.”

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is an AWF Intercontinental Number One Contenders match. Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Rabid Wolverine….AMARANT ODINSON!”

Amarant's theme comes on as Amarant walks out from the back and stops at the top of the ramp. He poses for the crowd for a moment then continues down to the ring as the crowd cheers. He climbs into the ring and poses a little more as the music fades and changes into “Sucker Train Blues” by Velvet Revolver.

JRA: “And introducing his opponent…..REDSTREAK!”

Redstreak comes out onto the stage and poses for the crowd until he looks over and sees Divebomb sitting at the announcers table. Divebomb stands up and the two men exchange glares. The crowd goes wild over the confrontation until finally Red snaps too and continues down to the ring. He climbs back into the ring and looks back up at Divebomb who is still standing there glaring at him.

DB: “Oh look at that, Redstreak getting a chance at being able to fight me.”
Joey: “Yeah but he’s got some stiff competition in Amarant.”
Flec: “Suck…(Smack)”
DB: “Did I talk to you? And plus I don’t think he’s got what it takes.”
Joey: “Well anyways the match is under way here as Amarant and red tie up in the center of the ring. A quick wrist lock applied by Amarant here.”

Redstreak reverses the wrist lock with a hammer lock but is quickly countered by Amarant with another hammer lock but only for a moment as Amarant spins out of it and drops Red to the mat with a drop toe hold then jumps over his down opponent and goes for a crossface.

Joey: “Oh Amarant showing off his quickness here as he goes for the crossface, but red streak quickly scrambles to the ropes.”
DB: “See, he’s outclassed here by a better opponent. Hell, maybe I should be hoping he wins. Bah we all know it doesn’t matter who I face.”

Amarant jumps back to his feet as red gets back up and the two lock eyes. They tie up again but before Amarant can do anything Red whips him into the ropes and catches him with a backbody drop then follows it up with a rear chin lock. Amarant struggles for a moment but then slowly starts to get to his feet.

Joey: “Amarant fighting here. Back to a standing position, elbow to the stomach, another and Amarant off the ropes and….a clothesline sending red to the mat. And Amarant not letting up here as he locks in an arm bar.”
DB: “He’s quick. Maybe too quick, for red that is.”
Flec: “Egomaniac.”
DB: “Hey, what did I say. If you have a problem with sitting there and shutting up maybe you should take a walk.”
Flec: “You’re telling me to leave.”
DB: “Maybe I am. But if you want to risk an ass whoopin. That’s your problem. Now sit down and watch the damn match. Can’t you see I am doing some scouting here.”
Flec: “…”

Red fights to a standing position but Amarant doesn’t let go of his arm. Red finally manages to get to the ropes and Amarant breaks the hold but before he can roll out of the way Red stomps on him. He gives him a few more stomps then catches his breath before dragging Amarant to his feet.

Joey: “Red breaking the hold and now in control here as he connects with a European uppercut and another. And finally slamming Amarant down to the mat with a snap suplex.”
DB: “Finally some good offense from the man that took me out of the rumble.”
Flec: “Yeah he did. How does that make you feel, hey champ….(Smack)”
DB: “Now, as I was saying before that unexpected interruption. The man that eliminated me. I do hope he wins this match. But if he doesn’t. Well I guess my payback will just have to wait.”
Joey: “Oh and it looks like Red is trying to end it quickly here as he goes for his figure four leglock….No, Amarant just reversed it and now has Red locked in a half crab. I don’t believe it. Hey champ, you used that move a lot before didn’t you?”
DB: “Oh yeah and still do from time to time. Hell if he wins I might just have to break it back out.”

Red lets out a few screams as Amarant sits back on the move and applies the pressure. The ref drops down to the mat and starts talking to Redstreak but red refuses to quit. After a moment of Amarant putting all his weight into the move Red finally starts to crawl his way to the ropes. Inch by inch, he struggles. Slowly crawling, dragging and fighting his way to the ropes. Finally he reaches out and grasps the ropes but before the ref can force Amarant to break the hold Amarant stands up and forcefully pulls Red back to the center of the ring breaking Reds grip on the ropes.

Joey: “Oh it looked like Red might have just made it there but Amarant rips him back into the center of the ring. I think that’s it for Redstreak here. I don’t think he has enough to make it back to the ropes.”
DB: “I wouldn’t count him out yet. Look.”

Divebomb points at the ring where we see Redstreak reaching back and grabbing on of Amarant’s feet. He pulls with all his strength and after a few agonizing moments, manages to trip Amarant up giving him the chance he was looking for. He quickly rolls back and reverses the move and locks Amarant in a half crab of his own.

Joey: “Red with the half crab now but it looks like Amarant has to much left here as he quickly scrambles to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold.”
DB: “Oh too bad. Good try though.(smirks)”

Red collapses to the mat as Amarant slowly gets to his feet. He turns around and sees Redstreak face down on the mat and smiles knowing full well that he has a firm grip on this match. He drags Red back to his feet and out of no where Red fires a single punch but Seeing it all the way Amarant ducks it and spins Red around and slams him to the mat with a german suplex.

DB: “Oh it looks like he threw everything he had into that punch and he just couldn’t hit. That’s a shame.”
Joey: “And Amarant with the Rolling german suplexes now….And there’s the third. And Amarant looks pumped up now. I think he’s calling for it. The house of pain. He looks like he’s going for it.”
Flec: “And just think champ, that could be you soon enough.(Ducks)”
DB: “(Casually looks over) It could very well be, but I wouldn’t count on it.”

Amarant moves in and goes for reds legs but before he can do anything with them Red shoots up and rolls Amarant up with a small package.

Joey: “Red with the small package and I think it surprised the ref. He hesitated for a moment. But making the count now. And Amarant kicks out at two.”
DB: “I think that ticked him off a bit.”
Joey: “You might be right.”

Amarant gets back to his feet and drags Redstreak back up looking to do some big damage before trying that again.

Joey: “And Amarant has got him up, it looks like he’s going for the DVD, but wait…Red struggling and he’s out and….Moonraker. He just scored with the moonraker.”
DB: “Yeah but I think that took everything out of him.”
Joey: “I think you are right and the ref is making the mandatory ten count.”

2….Both men start to stir.
4…Amarant gets to the ropes and starts to drag himself up as Red crawls towards the ropes.
6…Red gets to the ropes and Amarant continues to pull himself up.
8…Amarant makes it to his feet but doesn’t move as he tries to clear the cobwebs from his head.

After a few moments Red gets to his feet and the stare down begins again.

DB: “Oh boy, here we go again. We are back at square one, but I think someone will go for something big and quickly.”
Joey: “Maybe. But it looks like they are going to tie up again.”
DB: “I wouldn’t count on it.”

As they go for the tie up Red delivers a kick to Amarant’s gut and quickly locks in his patented Scorpion. He poses for the crow for a moment and that gives Amarant more than enough time. Amarant pulls out of the move, spins Red around and quickly hoists Red up into the air and drops him to the mat with a DVD.

Joey: “Oh and Amarant scores with the DVD. I don’t believe it. It looked like Red had this one in the bag but Amarant shows us all why he was the world title #1 contender and takes out Redstreak with a DVD.”
DB: “That he did. And this should be it. Meh, I think I have a firm grasp of what these two are all about.”
Flec: “Does that mean you are going to leave then.(Smack)”
DB: “No, now shut up.”

Amarant poses for the crowd again and walks over to Red’s legs. Just as he goes to grab them Ravage bolts out through the curtains and runs down to the ring. He jumps in but before he can do anything Amarant charges. He ducks a clothesline attempt from Ravage then grabs hold and throws Ravage over the top rope and send him down to the mat.

Joey: “Amarant showing his aggressive side as he hurls Ravage out of the ring. What was he doing in there anyways.”
DB: “Easy, he couldn’t beat me and now he’s pissed and doesn’t want either of them to get a shot at me.”

Amarant leans over the ropes and begins berating Ravage for the attempted interference. Ravage looks up from the mat with a pissed off look on his face and begins to yell back.

Joey: “Both men yelling at each other now. But wait. Red is up and….School Boy. He’s got it hooked.1…2……3! OH MY GOD! Redstreak has won it.”
DB: “Yeah and Amarant can’t believe it. It’s kind of funny when you think about it.”

Red rolls out of the ring as Amarant gets to his feet and looks at the ref in complete shock. He tries to plead his case when suddenly Ravage jumps back into the ring and drives a boot into the back of his head knocking Amarant to the mat.

Joey: “Oh and what’s this. Is that really called for.”
DB: “Why not? You can’t tell me that you never saw me do it can you.”
Joey: “Well…”
DB: “He’s just throwing a temper tantrum and that’s why I walked on him. It was never about finding a way to get things done. It was always about being pissed off after the fact and look at him now.”

Ravage Drags Amarant back to his feet and gives Divebomb an evil look before driving Amarant into the mat with a hangover. Ravage gets back up and starts calling Divebomb out. Divebomb just looks at him and slowly gets out of his seat. He takes off the headset and walks away from the announcers table. He stops at the top of the ramp as Ravage backs into the center of the ring and continues to call him on.

Joey: “Ravage calling out Divebomb here but it looks like Redstreak is back in the ring and he spins Rav around and….Oh, he connects with the Scorpion. Ravage is down and the ref is raising Red’s hand.

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match and the Number One Contender for the AWF Intercontinental title…..REDSTREAK!”

With his arm still raised he glances up at the entrance ramp and sees Divebomb standing there. The two men exchanged looks then Divebomb eases up and gives Red a few short claps then walks into the back.


The cameras cut to Stonecold’s door just as it opens and he emerges from his locker room.

He marches down the hall until suddenly he runs into The Game. They collide shoulder to shoulder. Neither man giving and inch. A moment later the staredown begins.

No words are exchanged, only the intense glare from each others eyes until finally a smirk comes over the Games face and he moves back and inch and utters two words.

Game: “Good luck…”

With that the Game walks away from SCSW. SCSW stands there for a moment trying to understand what just happened then we fade to commercial as SCSW turns and walks the other way.

*Commercial Break*

Cage Match: Stone Cold Skywarp v “The HeartBrend Kid” Sean O’Con

JRA: Ladies and Gentlemen, its time for tonight’s main event. Introducing first from Southampton, England……..the “HeartBrend Kid” Sean O’Con!

Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow.
Toast the champion cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow.
If it feels good then it feels good and I do it all day.
You want me to play you best bring your brain, you best bring your money.
Make me a superstar.
No matter who you are.

HBK emerges through the curtains and onto the stage. The crowd rise to their feet and boo the living legend as he casually walks down the ramp and into the ring. He doesn’t bother wasting his time posing for the crowd. But instead he just backs into the corner and waits.

Glass Shatters

JRA: And his opponent…

Yeah, you've been living on the edge of a broken dream.
Yeah, that's the only thing you'll ever take away from me.

I'm never gonna stop,
I'm never gonna drop,
Ain't no different than it was before.

So take some good advice,
You better stop and think twice,
Before you take your first step,
Out that door.

If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down (knocked down).
If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down.

JRA: Hailing from Carlisle, England, here is Stone…Cold…SKYWARP!

SC marches through the curtain and is met by a tremendous ovation. But with out hesitation he marches down to the ring and climbs in.

Joey: So here we go…rematch from Redemption…cage match…HBK…Stone Cold…this match demanded by HBK.

Flec: Yeah to keep that lousy do-gooder Erik Summers out of the match!

Joey: Well maybe if HBK didn’t take so many liberties with the rules, The Game wouldn’t have to intervene.

Flec: Who died and made him Mr. Law and Order?

Joey: A lot of trash talking going on in the ring…and a slap to the face by HBK! Now Stone Cold firing back…series of punches catching HBK off guard! HBK being back into the corner…now getting the boots!

Flec: OH! I hate it when he does this!

Joey: Now SCSW stomping a mudhole in HBK! Double middle finger salute and big boot to the face! Stone Cold tearing off his vest now and tossing it up, causing it to catch on top of the cage. Now, pulling HBK up…running him across the ring and tossing him face first into the steel!

Flec: Not that face!

Joey: HBK staggering back…blood starting to trickle down…and a thunderous clothesline sends HBK hard to the mat. Stone Cold now dropping that trademarked elbow across the wound, further opening the cut!

Flec: He can’t do that!

Joey: It’s a cage match…of course he can! SC now pulling HBK up, Irish Whip sending him in…Snake Bite!

Flec: NO!

Joey: Snake Bite applied and it looks like SC is looking for a quick end to this match. HBK reaching back…dropping down…

Flec: YES!

Joey: Jawbreaker! HBK still too strong for the Snake Bite to really take effect.

Flec: That’s one way to look at it…I prefer to look at it as Stone Cold is too weak for that Snake Bite to be effective.
Joey: You would. HBK now gathering his thoughts…fist drop onto the face of SC. Blatant choke…referee admonishing him for it…

Flec: Which means so much in a cage match…

Joey: O’Con breaks the hold, hoists SC up for a Stun Gun across the top rope. HBK now, to the opposite side of the ring, head of steam off the ropes, BULLDOG INTO THE CAGE! SC’s head bouncing off that cage…the ropes keeping HBK from impacting the cage.

Flec: Wow…what a brilliant move by Mr. O’Con!

Joey: Figures you would like that…HBK now…what is he doing here…OH MY GOD! Using SC to support his weight, HBK just pulled SCSW in and delivered a tornado ddt from the top rope! SCSW leaving a blood splatter as his face impacts with the mat! Cover…1…2…and no! Kickout!

Flec: What? People should know when they are beaten!

Joey: Stone Cold isn’t beaten…and he’ll fight as long as his body is able.

Flec: Then Mr. O’Con will just have to disable him!

Joey: I’m sure that’s the plan. HBK now, pulling his foe up…so much bad blood here between these two.

Flec: Yeah…you think it’s safe for their blood to mix like that? I mean LORD knows where Skywarp has been.

Joey: That’s disgusting and wrong. HBK going for the HDD, shoved off by Stone Cold…Stone Cold tries for the boot…caught by HBK, who sweeps the leg out and drops an elbow right into the crotch of SC!

Flec: DING!

Joey: HBK now pulling up Skywarp again…this time by his arms…full nelson…wait, no…Attitude Adjuster coming…DELIVERED WITH IMPACT!

Flec: That’s it…over and done…

Joey: HBK clearly thinking that as well…signals “that’s all” and begins to climb to the top rope. Now, looking down at SCSW, then climbing the cage. Remember, the match can be won by pinfall, submission or escape from the cage.

Flec: What is he doing…why doesn’t he just walk out the damn door?

Joey: Not his style…he has to have the big finish. Now at the top of the cage…but not looking to climb out, instead getting his balance atop the cage…what is he thinking?

Flec: I don’t like this Mr. O’Con…

Joey: Oh no…looking for that elbow drop…hbk leaping…and OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Flec: NOOO!

Joey: Stone Cold, able to move out of the way and HBK just bounced off the mat, good God! He could have internal injuries!

Flec: This isn’t good…why couldn’t he have just used the door?

Joey: Ego wouldn’t fit through it?

Flec: Oh…har har…

Joey: Stone Cold to his feet now, yanking HBK up as well, tossing him into the corner. HBK coughing still, clutching his ribs, trying to protect them…SCSW with a hard shot to those very ribs, causing a violent cough from HBK…he HAS to have some internal damage after that. HBK crumples to the mat.

Flec: That…is not a good sign.

Joey: Indeed not. SCSW now pulling HBK up again, HBK swinging wildly to defend himself…SC shoving him…and HBK clocks the referee! SC with a big boot to the gut…STUNNER!


Joey: HBK is out cold! SCSW with a cover…

Flec: HA! No ref! HA HA!

Joey: Stone Cold now going over to shake the referee awake…trying to get the referee up…

*As Stone Cold tries to revive the official, HBK is starting to collect himself…*

Flec: Yes…come on Mr. O’Con…get up…

Joey: HBK moving over behind Stone Cold…low blow…HDD!

Flec: YES!
Joey: HBK with a low blow while the referee was down and out…hits the HDD…and of course Sky did all the work waking the referee…no…damnit…no…cover…1…2…3. DAMNIT!

Superstar begins to play as the hometown kid gets a strong reaction from the fans.

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen…the winner of the match via pinfall, “The HeartBrend Kid” Sean O’Con!

Joey: HBK rolling off Stone Cold…exploiting the diverted attention…now on his way to the outside…wait…the match is over, what is he doing?

Flec: Looks like he’s going to offer Warp a seat…

Joey: HBK grabbing a chair, making his way back into the ring.

*The crowd begins to pop, HBK takes a moment to bask in it, unaware that they are popping for Erik Summers, who is streaking down to the ring.*

Flec: Oh…what the hell is he doing here? Just couldn’t stand it could he?

Joey: It’s called doing the right thing…clearly he’s not about to let HBK follow through on his sick plan.

*In the ring, Summers yanks the chair away from HBK, who turns around angrily. Summers backs HBK up a few steps with an equally angered glare.*

Joey: Thank God Summers came out here…holding that chair cocked…ready to fend of … OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


*With a sudden turn, Summers drives the chair hard into the skull of Stone Cold Skywarp.*

Joey: NO! Erik Summers has just cracked a chair over the skull of Stone Cold! Stone Cold is out. Summers now unloading with a series of chair shots! This…I…


Joey: I don’t know even how to describe what I am seeing…

Flec: I do…the Game is skinning the Snake! HA HA!

Joey: This is beyond disgusting. Enough is enough already…what is that 15 chair shots? Now the Game dropping the chair on Stone Cold Skywarp and spitting on him! What a hero…what in the hell has happened to Erik Summers?

Flec: I don’t know…I DON’T CARE! It certainly looks as though Mr. O’Con likes what he sees though.

Joey: Enough of this…I can’t watch anymore. Folks, that is all for now…on behalf of the entire AWF crew…thank you and good night.

*The Camera fades out on a shot of Erik Summers standing over Skywarp, laughing maniacally.*

2005-03-23, 05:46 PM
Igz and D-Ex are show. Igz is lying on a couch, back up, and D-Ex is sprawled on the ground off to the side, surrounded by empty beer bottles. Both seem to be unconcious.

After a moment, Igz raises his head. "Hey, man, aren't we supposed to be somewhere? Or do something?"

D-Ex grunts.

"Eh," the slacker replies. Igz's head collapses back into the couch. He makes a loud sound, probably a snore. D-Ex then snores even louder.

EDIT: I done fo'got to say it beforuh. But very nice twist, turning the Game heel. I didn't see it coming...

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-03-24, 12:03 AM
IC as CB:

*Chris Back is satnding in front of a mirror with his bare facing the mirror and we see the scars he's gotten in the years he's been wrestling. He looks into the camera; his face looking at the floor.*

CB: "You know I've been choke slamed into a casket full of broken glass, I've been set on fire, thrown off a 35 foot high scaffold into a net made of barbed wire. I've been thrown off 20 foot ladders into piles of tables. I've even been thrown into razor wire a couple of time. I've been hit with everything including the kitchen sink. I've been double-crossed by the best of them D-Extreme, Cane Deathscream, Powermaster, TC, Bombshell, Reily, Vaccaro, Lita, and now by the Scarecrow."

*His head shoots straight up and he looks straight into the camera there's a look in his eyes that hasn't been there in LONG time.*

CB: "You see 'Crow I was planning to retire from the AWF for good after Archivemania 4 but now I've changed my mind. You did
the one thing did the that no one here as been able to do since my return 'Crow and that is relit my passion for this business and for that I thank you.
But now you will still pay for betraying me and take a good long look in my eyes 'Crow because these eyes will all you see when I see you burn in Hell for your betrayal."

The camera fades to black.

2005-03-24, 02:38 AM
Backstage, following the show

*We see Erik Summers and Sean O’Con laughing when suddenly Sixswitch appears, obviously fuming.*

Sixswitch: What the hell was that?

Summers: Are you talking to me Siznitch?

SS: Who in the hell do you think I’m talking too? What? You couldn’t handle being separated from your buddy so you sold your s…

*Without even being able to finish his thought, Sixswitch’s mouth is slammed shut by the foot of HBK.

HBK: Bloody Siznitch…always sticking his foot in his mouth…although in this case, it would be my foot in his mouth.

*The pair start to laugh when they are approached by Lisa Lovelace.*

Lisa: Erik…please…just a word…why?

Summers: Why? WHY? Let me tell you this. The Game says 'I'm a boring one-dimensional schmuck with a martyr complex and no sense of fun. Well guess what boys and girls, that’s right…’I’m back, baby!’

HBK: A ****ing man!

Summers: The time for sing along with Summers is over…

HBK: He may have been your bitch, but he's smart enough to have gotten the hell over it!

Game: Did you fickle little mooks honestly believe I could ever take Skywarp's side...against THIS guy?

HBK: Because at the end of the day... no matter how much you cheer or jeer... one thing remains the same. Unequivocally. Definitely, and without any argument... AWF... we... are... better... than... you. For a while, E... you actually had me worried... I thought you actually believed all that crap you were spewing... it's good to have you back, buddy!’

*Summers suddenly grabs O’Con by the collar as if to attack him, then begins to laugh maniacally.*

Summers: You see...there comes a time in every man's life when he must evaluate what he has done...what he has accomplished. I gave my blood...I GAVE MY SOUL...and what did you people give me? Nothing...then, I had an epiphany...as if things suddenly became very clear...in one...brilliant...instant...I was free! In an instant...everything that you people took from me...my blood...my spirit...my very soul...all came back to me. In a single instant...I became the man I was meant to be. It just took a little motivation. *holds up the chair*

HBK: The man he USED to be... before you fickle idiots got under his skin!

Summers: And now...the fun is about to begin.

The camera fades out as the two men are shown, both with sadistic smiles across their faces.

Random Sweep
2005-03-24, 03:00 AM
Keith Kincaid enters Scarecrows dressing room to find him watching Christopher Backs comments on the television

Keith Kincaid : Can we get a comment on what happened tonight? and a response to Christopher Backs comments?

Scarecrow : You want a comment ok well how is this

Scarecrow roughly snatches the mic and pushes Keith Kincaid aside

Scarecrow : Betrayal? BETRAYAL? you want to know what betrayal is Christopher? betrayal is what my parents visited on my as a child, betrayal is what I did to my sweet sister for which I will surely burn in hell anyway , betrayal is what I visited apon myself by acting as your lackey, following you around and doing your bidding.

Scarecrow calms for a moment and smirks

Scarecrow : I mean really, who do you think you are talking to? I am not a servent to be pushed around. I am the rookie superstar, I am the man who eliminated both the King and Skywarp from the rumble.

Scarecrow then turns and looks at the cowering Keith Kincaid

Scarecrow : And as for you Kincaid, take your mic and get the hell out of my dressing room

Keith Kincaid runs out of the dressing room as the camera fades out

2005-03-24, 03:20 AM

The camera comes back on and we are outside Divebomb's locker room when the door suddenly opens and Divebomb steps out. He glances down the hall and sees Lisa rushing towards him and then looks further to see HBK and The Game standing there laughing

DB: "Hey Lisa....Hold on a minute would you....Whats wrong?"

With a few tears in her eyes she stops and looks up at Divebomb

LL: "Oh nothing....I...."

DB: "Let me guess. You are upset because you can't believe what Summers did tonight."

Lisa straightens up a bit and wipes a tear from her cheek

LL: "Well...sniff....yeah."

Divebomb looks down the hall just as The Game looks towards him and gives him a nod of approval

DB: "Come on now. You can't tell me that you thought he would act like that cookie cutter baby face forever."

LL: "Well..."

DB: "But I for one think this could be a sign of many good things to come."

LL: "You can't tell me you approve of what he did, can you?"

DB: "Lisa, you forget that I used to be part of the GPA. We did alot of things like that and I don't regret any of them. What he did just reminds me of the good old days. I don't know, I kind of like the new attitude. It suits him better."

LL: "But...."

She stops short and shakes her head

LL: "Well, I don't like it, but I guess since I have you here I should conduct a little interview."

DB: "Ok, but make it quick. I have some things to do."

LL: "Ok. First of all you had a match with Ravage tonight and you didn't get the cleanest victory. How do you feel about that."

DB: "Meh, in The End I kept my title and thats all that matters. Its not my fault that Rav was dumb enough to toss me onto the chair and get himself DQ'd."

LL: "Yeah but you brought that chair into the ring, Why?"

DB: "Put it this way. Me and Rav have a little history. (Divebomb pauses for a moment then smiles) Kind of like Erik and Stonecold. So just picture what Erik did tonight but with me and Ravage and that should just about cover it."

LL: "That doesn't seem like you. I thought you had changed."

DB: "Old habits are hard to break."

LL: "Well lets hope you can break that one. Now, tonight we also saw a new number one contender crowned. What are your thoughts on facing Redstreak at Archivemania for the IC title."

DB: "Now theres a fun question. See we all know one side of the story and thats him having something against me and coming back and eliminating me from the rumble. But what hasn't really been addressed is how I feel about being eliminated from the rumble by him. But for now I think I am going to leave it at that and let my actions express exactly how I feel."

LL: "Well ok. So any final thoughts before I let you go champ."

DB: "Oh I like the way that sounds, but I guess all I got left to say is, I think the next few weeks are going to be very entertaining."

LL: "Ok, thanks Divebomb."

Divebomb puts his hand on Lisa shoulder

DB: "No problem and cheer up. It no fun seeing you cry like that, especially over Summers."

With that Divebomb gives Lisa one last smile and walks away as the camera fades out

2005-03-24, 04:03 AM
You know it's funny how the AWF seems to be afraid of making it's two most powerful stars have gold.

TC already has the world belt and the IC belt should have been mine. The ref should have been smart enough to have seen that Divebomb brought the chair in the ring. How is it my fault he landed on it after a Hangover? Then Red and DB being buddies thats pretty funny given how Red and I go pretty far back but hey whatever times change and so have I.

But it's all good Archivemania is coming up soon. Showcase of the stars the best of the best. TC's gonna be in there and I sure as hell will be to. To watch his back and to kick the tar out of whoever is dumb enough in the locker room to face me.

O'Con, Game, DB, View, Red or whoever. Just bring it on.

2005-03-24, 05:36 AM
Oh, you think me and Red are buddies now. Is that it?

Ravage you know me better than that. I am going to destroy that little piss ant at AM4 and there is nothing he can do about it. He cost me the world title, so I am going to cost him his career.

Now as for you. Quit complaining and as for being there to watch TC's, well I have a feeling you will have your hands so full with Amarant after what you did tonight that the IC title will be the least of your worries.

So have fun.

2005-03-24, 07:48 AM
>Backstage, that secret realm in which AWF superstars wait to be born, or to burn. Fresh off their interrupted contest with Murder Inc., Baxter and Judge Death planned an evil, evil revenge upon StarStorm involving a snake pit, some punji stakes and one or two landmines. Then they went for a tea-break.<

>In the cafeteria, we see Judge Death plonked at one of the very high school-esque tables, an unopened Nutri-Grain bar beside him whilst he buries his face in a newspaper marked with the headline, 'Freak Electrical Storm Brings Christ The Redeemer Statue To Life; police advising people to offer donkeys in sacrifice'. Baxter approaches, with a bucket of chicken dippers in each hand, and gratefully sits down onto the table's bench; it almost snaps under his weight, lowering to the point where it scrapes the floor. Death doesn't notice that he's suddenly a few more feet up in the air.<

JD: "Sssuckage. I am going to be bussy at one off thhosse 'housse shhowss' when thhe new Doctor Who sstartss."

Baxter: "Truly that is bad
News, though I never really
Cared much for Daleks."

JD: "Thhe Dalekss only appear ffrom epissode ssixx onwardss; ffirsst we havve Autonss. Thhey are barely-animate clodss off dull plasstic. Much like tonight'ss opponentss, thhen."

Baxter: "Indeed, though that did
Not stop things from spiralling
Out of our control."

JD: "No."

>The judge folds up his paper and tosses it away onto the table, before sliding off the bench and falling down to ground level. He looks somewhat melancholy, and regretful.<

JD: "You evver thhink thhat...all we sseem to do iss eithher vvengeancce or thhe commandss off thhe bosssman?"

Baxter: "Yes, though I have no
Real issue with it, since it
Pays the bills alright."

JD: "You know, ffor ssomeone who sspeakss entirely in poetry, you rarely take a phhilossopphical sstandpoint on anythhing."

Baxter: "That depends on whether
Or not capitalism is
Known as a belief."

JD: "Fffair enoughh."

2005-03-24, 09:13 AM
The HeartBrend Kid bounds cheerily down a corridor at St Mary's, proudly wearing a Saints shirt, with a towel draped over his shoulder, and approaches a vending machine.

Keith Kincaid spots him and quickly rushes forward to grab a word.

KK: "Sean O'Con! Can I get a quick word?"

O'Con turns and rolls his eyes in annoyance.

HBK: "What word would you like? Evisceration? Disembowelment?"

KK: "I was hoping to grab a word alone with you after what happened earlier tonight..."

HBK: "Alone with me? I don't go that way, Keith."

O'Con cracks open a can of cola from the vending machine, and takes a slug, before trying to walk away.

KK: "Just one comment, please. Why attack Sixswitch again?"

O'Con: "Because it's funny? Look, Siznitch is always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. Well, actually it's been on the end of my foot so many times that I'm starting to think it does belong there. You get involved in something that's not your business, you pay the consequences."

KK: "But..."

O'Con: "Shut up. Still talking. Siznitch... you're symptom of the disease that Erik was suffering from. The angel on his shoulder telling him what to do. Whispering sweet nothings in his ear hoping that he'd come back home and play with you again. Well guess again. And you know the thing about diseases? They're only completely cured when all the symptoms have been eradicated... and that means you. You're the cancer, and I'm the cure."

KK: "Big words but..."

O'Con: "STILL talking. I know what you're gonna do, Six. You're gonna do what you always do - you're gonna come out and puff up your little girly chest and pretend to be a man... you're gonna clear your throat and, in that indecipherable Taffy drawl, you're gonna say... 'You want some? Come get some!' Yeah? Well I want some, bitch. You just haven't got enough."

The HeartBrend Kid takes another swill of cola and spits it out over Kincaid as the interviewer tries to speak again.

HBK: "I'm better than you, Siznitch, and if you ain't down with that... well, you'll just have to be down from something else."

O'Con struts back away to his locker room.

2005-03-24, 09:13 AM
[so good I posted it twice... oops]

Amarant Odinson
2005-03-24, 09:17 AM

Out in the parking lot we see Keith Kincaid and a cameraman chasing someone down. As they closer to the car, we that it's none other than the Rabid Wolverine: Amarant Odinson

KK: Amarant, hold up one sec.

Amarant turns and rolls his eyes
AO: Make it quick Kincaid.

KK: I just wanted to get your reaction about what happend in earlier tonight in your match,

AO: You want my reaction about tonight? You really want to know how I feel about getting screwed out of another title shot?

KK: Yeah actually, this is part of my job you know.

Amarant gives Keith Kincaid a devilish grin.

AO: Very well, Ask and you shall receive. And with that, Amarant, out of nowhere, slaps Keith Kincaid into a Crippler Crossface. Keith starts screaming in pain, shouting for Amarant to let go, but his pleas fall on deaf ears as Amarant pulling harder until we can hear a small pop. Soon as that happans, Amarant let's go.

KK: Jesus Christ, my arm. Somone call the EMT's, call Reilly, call my lawyer, do something. OWWWW **** MY ARM.

Amarant then turns to the camera

AO: That's my reaction about what happened tonight. Ravage, you stuck your nose where it didn't belong. You couldn't get the job done against Divebomb so you screwed me over instead. Fine, if that's what you want, then you got it. You said you didn't care who you faced at Archivemaina? You said you were going to watch T.C's back? I'd start watching your own back if I were you.

You can forget about facing anyone else at Archivemania. You want a fight? You've got it. You and me big man on the biggest stage of them all.

Amarant then turns the camera over to Kincaid withering in pain.

AO: Ravage take a good long look at what you see and remember that you too were once screaming like a little bitch not so long ago. I want you to remember what it's like to actually hear you limbs snap, crackle and pop like that..... Remember the pain and agony you felt when I made you tap....Remember the embarassment you felt when I beat you again the very next night in your own match.

Remember that no matter what you do, no matter what stings you pull or who your friends may be.... that no one will save you from me. I will make you tap out again, Ravage. And remember one last thing. At Archivemania IV, if you decide not to hide from me like so many before you, I will break you and show the world why you, even on your best day could never.....PROVE ME WRONG.

2005-03-24, 01:26 PM
We see Ravage looking around at the camera.

Ok I heard something earlier what was it? I can't see it where is it coming from.

Oh it's the Canadian that gets rejected from the kiddie boat rides at Disneyland for being too short.

Look Amarant, I really don't give a rat's ass about you or what you think. You can make people tap, I end careers so your not exactly anything I am worried about.

Besides you lack one thing that would make me think your worth my time or effort in the ring. Gold or being of any form of talent. I mean you just locked KK in a submission you really are just such a big man. Yeah that ref I put on his ass deserved it for being mentally handicapped but KK. Oh wait, I just answered that question in my last sentense. You must be retarded becuase you keep running your mouth at people that will break your neck.

So Amarant I would recommend you gain the extra 5 IQ points and SOD off before you really get hurt, as I don't really think your worth my time.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-03-24, 02:52 PM
Originally posted by Random Sweep
Keith Kincaid enters Scarecrows dressing room to find him watching Christopher Backs comments on the television

Keith Kincaid : Can we get a comment on what happened tonight? and a response to Christopher Backs comments?

Scarecrow : You want a comment ok well how is this

Scarecrow roughly snatches the mic and pushes Keith Kincaid aside

Scarecrow : Betrayal? BETRAYAL? you want to know what betrayal is Christopher? betrayal is what my parents visited on my as a child, betrayal is what I did to my sweet sister for which I will surely burn in hell anyway , betrayal is what I visited apon myself by acting as your lackey, following you around and doing your bidding.

Scarecrow calms for a moment and smirks

Scarecrow : I mean really, who do you think you are talking to? I am not a servent to be pushed around. I am the rookie superstar, I am the man who eliminated both the King and Skywarp from the rumble.

Scarecrow then turns and looks at the cowering Keith Kincaid

Scarecrow : And as for you Kincaid, take your mic and get the hell out of my dressing room

Keith Kincaid runs out of the dressing room as the camera fades out

IC as CB: "I don't give a damn about your miserable childhood or
****ed up family 'Crow. Do you think for one damn minute that
I'm going to forgive or understand you?
I never have and never will care about you.
The only thing that I care about is beating trash like you and the current AWF Champion TC senceless.
So you're the guy that eliminated Skywarp and King from the Rumble this year? What is that supposed to what scare me or make me think that you're some big badass monster? Sorry but that's rather a pitful resume' you've got there jackass.
I've scored victories over both them each!
You see that's the difference between us I beat my foes not eliminate them from a pointless battle royal."

2005-03-24, 03:03 PM
>Still in the cafeteria

The massive one has finished his dippers, and looks hungrily at the unopened bar beside the Judge

Tag team partner of
Mine, I was pondering, you
Going to eat that?

2005-03-24, 10:20 PM
>Judge Death jumps slightly and turns around, adjusting the lower regions of his suit slightly.<

"Hmm? Ah, no, off coursse not. Help yoursselff. Meanwhile, I musst take a quick leavve - thhiss attire iss irritating my nethher regionss."

>The judge then scampers off in the direction of the nearest restroom, scratching himself and grunting under his breath.<

2005-03-25, 12:02 AM
OOC: Does anyone else think it was pure genius pairing Baxter and Judge Death together? Between them and the Slackaz, we have some of the funniest tag teams we've ever had.

Random Sweep
2005-03-25, 12:25 AM
OOC: Let me guess, it was your idea Erik? :p

2005-03-25, 12:31 AM
Guess what O'Con? Wrong again. You see, I don't need to pretend anything. Fact of the matter is that I come out here each night, I do what I do because I enjoy it. I enjoy the roar of the fans, the thrill of the fight, and the adrenaline of the win.

The Lock saw just how much I enjoy it tonight, and all you two hacks have done is piss me off. Why? Because you just couldn't be happy, could you Game? You couldn't be happy at being at the top, you couldn't be happy doing what you do. You just had to take it one step further? It's the ingratitude that gets me.

When I got kicked out of DN, they said that was the end. Was it? Was it hell. The Double S got back up, and got on with business. The Double S became a bigger star than he had ever been before. The Double S FORCED the Game to respect me.

But no longer. No longer do I give two short ****s what the Game or HBK think. No longer do I have anything to prove to either of you jackasses. No longer am I in your shadow. I cast the damn shadow now, not stand in them. But there are two of you, and one of little old me. Some might say I've bitten off more than I can chew. Some might say I've gone for the Supersized Maccy D's when I should have stuck with the medium meal. Some might say that, and some might be right. But the Welsh Wonder always did like a challenge, and the Welsh Wonder is just about ready to step up to the plate to face a new one.

So if you think I'm about to back down from this one, you're wrong. Dead wrong.

Amarant Odinson
2005-03-25, 02:40 AM
Ravage, you say that I have nothing that you want. You say that I'm not worth your time. You say that you end careers but I have yet to see it. You said that you were going to end HBK's career and yet he's still here. You said that Tempest was going to be another victim of Big Daddy Rav and yet he's still in the AWF. He's hiding from a ghost but he's still here none the less.

I mean listen Ravage, if you're scared then just say so. I realize that last time we met I kicked your ass all over the arena in your very own Falls Count Right Here match. And I know how scared you are that I may put you into another submission hold and cripple your ass like I did the last time.

If you're afraid to face me, then just come out and say it. I'll go find some other "entertainer" to take out at Archivemainia and you can turn tail and run. You can continue to be T.C.'s lacky if you wish and you can take solice in the fact that at least you already know that you can never.... PROVE ME WRONG.

2005-03-25, 03:04 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
OOC: Does anyone else think it was pure genius pairing Baxter and Judge Death together?

OOC - hell yes.

2005-03-25, 03:10 AM

Look shorty you got lucky and beat me in my own match. You want a cookie theres a vending machine down the hall. Pay for it yourself.

Now afraid of you. Wow thats gotta be the funniest thing I've heard in weeks. First of all to be afraid of you, you would have to be able to look at me eye level. I am pretty sure without that phone book you sit on to drive I am not going to have work worry too much there.

And mentioning TC every time. Calling me his lackey. Wow man are you sure that your height doesn't stem from you needing to rid the special bus to school. TC unlike you has talent and has watched my back for years. Sure we had a bit of a fued some time ago but hey even brothers fight.

So Amarant if you really want me to PROVE YOU WRONG, as you say keep running your mouth like a hyperactive chipmunk. Since you seem so willing to have your ass kicked at Archivemania, maybe I should just kick your hide at the big dance.

2005-03-26, 05:16 AM
Still in the cafeteria.
Where else would I be?

One of the kitchen helpers looks at the neat stack of 14 empty cafeteria trays. Every one licked clean.
Resting peacefully on the top is the Energy bar's wrapper, neatly folded into an oragami turtle.
He picks it up by its head and it quickly unfolds to reveal some notes that have hastily been jotted down.

Murder Inc is to
Be left alone, so says the
Boss, that's fine for now

Starstorm must be put
In their place once and for all
Or I'm not hungry.

Once Starstorm has been
Destroyed and Mister Riley
Is pleased, then we'll feast

2005-03-27, 02:01 AM
OOC: Have to agree with G91 on the tag team thing. That scene is definitely getting back up and running.

2005-03-27, 03:09 AM
OOC: Nice show guys :D man, I like this new team of Baxter and Judge Death. Belated happy b-day Judge Death!!!

an hour later...

We see D-Ex sitting on the couch as he is scatching his chin. He opens the television to see the last scenes of AWF Mayhem. His eyes widen and looks at Igz who is sitting on another couch.

D-Ex: "HEY IGZ!!! I knew we forgot something! We didnt attend the Mayhem tapings tonight. I hope Mr. Reily aint too pissed off at us."

He hears no response from Igz who is still sitting on the couch.

D-Ex: "Hey! I know you can hear me! SPEAK UP!"

Still...no response from the slacker. D-Extreme sips his beer can before he slowly gets up from his couch. He walks towards Igz, but he trips on one of the scattered beer cans that are on the floor. He falls face first into the spot where he was lying down and drooling when he was very drunk a few hours ago.

D-Ex: "Thi-This is so humiliating...HEY! DONT JUST STAND THERE! SPEAK UP!"

D-Ex slowly gets his drunk self up and goes infront of the couch where Igz is and slaps Igz around.

D-Ex: "I know you aint asleep so stop playing like your some sort of a...what in the?"

D-Ex stops slapping Igz around and realizes it was not Ignavus. Instead, he was slapping some sort of a inflated doll that is wearing a nurse outfit. On its nametag, it says 'trixie'. D-Ex scratches his head and wonders where Ignavus went. Suddenly, he hears the door opening to see Ignavus entering the room.

Igz: "....yo"
D-Ex: "Hey dude, I think we missed a...er...AWF taping tonight."
Igz: "I knew we forgot to go somewhere. Hey, whats that thing doing on MY couch."
D-Ex: "I was gonna ask you..."
Igz: "...meh..."
D-Ex: ''.........welll?..."
Igz: "mmm....meh..."
D-Ex: ".........do you know...trixie?"
Igz: ".............no?"

They slowly look at the doll before they look back at each other.

D-Ex: "You sure..."
Igz: "Course I'm sure! I never used it..I'm too lazy to even blow it up to full size"
D-Ex: "How am I so sure?"
Igz: "....like your so sure that I cant even be arsed to open the fridge for you."
D-Ex: "Ok...you check out then, partner. We need to ask around this room as well.."
Igz: "What are you talking about? Theres only twp of us here in this apartment, dude."
D-Ex: "Thats what you think...."

D-Ex, might not be slurring his words, but he looks clearly drunk right now. He stumbles around the room before he grabbed some sort of black ball.

Igz: "Magic 8 ball? What are you gonna use it for?"
D-ex: " I tell you, I think this thing owns the doll...Hey magic 8 ball...do you or do you not own this inflatable doll?"

D-Ex shakes the ball violently before he stops. The ball answers 'the answer is no'.

D-Ex: "Do you know who owns it then?"

D-Ex shakes it again and it answers "Question hazy, please ask again"


D-Ex shakes it violently but this time, it was too much that it falls off his hands and it breaks on the floor. D-Ex starts to shout profanities as the phone rings. Igz gets it and talks to the person on the phone. He hangs up and approaches D-Ex.

Igz: "Buddy...take it easy. I think I know who the owner is. I forgot that he had to go to some sort of a porn shoot or something like that and had to hide his girlfriend in our room."
D-Ex: "......wait....this doll is...his girlfriend? Who in the blue hell..."
Igz: "Dunno...too lazy to remember the name. I'll just place it outside of the room like the guy from the phone told me."
D-Ex: "Oh yeah, thats nice...uhm....how about the magic eightball.."
Igz: "what about it?"
D-Ex: "....*sobs*...I...I KILLED IT!!! :wall: WHY?! :wall: WHY?! :wall: WHY?!...ow..I hurt myself!"

D-Ex slowly goes to the ground and falls unconcious after hitting himself on the wall.

Igz: ".....:glance: ..........uhm...."

Igz gets the doll and puts it outside. He helps his buddy up as the scene fades.

Amarant Odinson
2005-03-27, 04:47 AM
BLAH BLAH BLAH. Say what you want Ravage, but the last time you took me lightly, I made you tap like a little bitch. It makes no difference how big you are or who else you've faced or who your friends are because in the end, the result will always be the same.

At Archivemania, I'll go down into that ring, put on a wrestling clinic, twist you around like a pretzel before I break you in half and make you tap out again and again and again. That is of course if you accept my challenge and decide not to dodge me like that coward, Cloudy the Mental Paitent.

So if you want a piece of me, if you think you have what it takes to go one on one with the Rabid Wolverine, if you think that you have a chance in hell of proving me wrong, then you know where to find me. I'll be in the ring doing what I do best. I'll be brusiing bodies and breaking bones of all the "entertainers" in this business. Until then, I'll be waiting.

2005-03-27, 10:29 PM

You know Amarant, I believe a certain wrestler said it best. "You ready to settle this, then come out and fight me. I am not allergic to your rabies dog. So come out here and bite me!"

Wait, wait, wait, suddenly I am feeling it like I felt your mother. It's time for me to break you like she did your brother.

You say your going to take me to school. Then bring it on man I'll make you the fool.

When you get in the ring it's only one hangover and you'll look like a tool.

So come on in and take a seat, in the end you'll be dead on the throne just like the that other "King".

So come on you rabid little bitch bring it on. Walk on down that lightedasile, get in the ring with the BDR and realise your about to get your ass beat!

2005-03-28, 12:51 AM
So, Divebomb, you think you got my number? Well I got news for you, I'm just getting started. Throwing you out at the Rumble was just a prelude to excellence. And come Archivemania, I'm going to show you that you don't mess with me. You will learn what it's like to step into the Streak's ring, and what it's like to experience true, unadulterated, PAIN!

2005-03-28, 02:32 AM
Originally posted by Redstreak
what it's like to experience true, unadulterated, PAIN!

We all experience that whenever we are forced to listen to one of your promos. Whatever hole you crawled out of Edgestreak...head back there and stop trying to be charismatic and witty before your brain melts.

Now then...on to some important people. Well, I lie...but someone actually worth a few seconds of my attention. Good ol Stoned Old Skywarp. You know, I've spent the past few weeks just trying to come up with a way to send you a message...I'm thinking I've come up with the perfect way. Not that battering you to a bloody pulp with a steel chair wasn't fun, because hell...it was, but it just lacked the poetry I was looking for. Though on Warzone...I'll have an even better treat, just for you...see you there.

As for you Sizzy, honestly...do you ever get tired of being so far out of your league? I never respected you...I tolerated you, hell boy, I exploited you! Everytime there was a Wargame match, I asked myself what sap would want to go out there and take a beating for the fans, thus helping me win the one match that most closely resembles hell on earth...for some reason your name was always at the top of the list. Why this is, I'm still uncertain...maybe it's cause you just love hearing all those idiots chant your name. Maybe it is because you are just too damn dumb to know better. Me? I believe that deep down inside, you just couldn't handle the fact that you weren't good enough to run with HBK and me. You were like that annoying little brother, always tagging along for approval, but never actually doing anything worthwhile to earn it. In the end Sizzy...that's all you will ever be...that tagalong that couldn't cut it with the cool kids.