View Full Version : A New Era Begins Today!

2005-03-24, 03:58 AM
[A Dark Room with music playing is shown. A place where the TV Title was hung is shown. Beside that three lists are shown. The middle list is the AWF rooster list where all the superstars are listed. On the left, we see a list titled "Destoryed". On the right we see a list titled Revenge. On it a hand writes "Zarak" on it]

When they come I'll be ready
I hear their voices inside
The stars in the heavens are moving
Soon they will align

The Belt is gone. Forgotten. Long gone in the dust. There is no need for it. Instead, there is light. Dark Light. Dark Light of Revenge. Revenge is left, Revenge is all consuming. Revenge is what is needed now. But soon, I shall be ready. Ready for what was deinied. Now its way is clear, now the revenge will be mine.

Thor god of thunder
Let me die with a sword in my hand

Raise your hands
Swords in the wind
Brothers of metal together again
With blood in our voices we ride
We'll fight till we win
Or we'll fight until we die

The list shows the way. The Gods have chosen the first one of my victims. They showed me what I was ment to do. Destruction, Blood and devestation is my path, my way. All those who have pained and hurt me beware. I have re-awakened and now your time is here. Fleeing is useless.

Gods of Thunder, Fire and Rain
Cut into the earth till' none shall remain
Sons of Demons I command you to fly
Ride up from hell into the sky
We'll fight until we die

The first victim is shown, the first in a path of many. The first victim to the list. The first of many to fall at my hands. You shouldn't have interfeared. You shouldn't have used that chair. ZARAK ! YOU ARE NEXT!!!

Believe The Hype! Feel The Pain! Be The First of Many to fall!