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2005-03-28, 07:47 AM
*Slipknot’s “Duality” begins as the opening credits for AWF Warzone begin. The cameras come on and we are shown the inside of a packed Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland. The fireworks explode as the cameras cut to Styles and Flec to open the show*

Joey: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of AWF Warzone. I am Joey Styles and with me as always is ‘Flec. We are only a few weeks away from the biggest show in sports entertainment today, Archivemania, and what a show it is shaping up to be.”
Flec: “Just figured that out.”
Joey: “Well we already know that we are finally going to see a collision between Xille and Vin Ghostal that should be one for the ages. As well as the new IC champion, Divebomb, squaring off against the newly crowned number one contender Redstreak.”
Flec: “Yeah great, the turncoat versus the edge wanna-be. Sounds fun.”
Joey: “Oh look your still sore about Divebomb smacking you around on mayhem...(Smack)”
Flec: “I told you not to mention that.”
Joey: “Well too late. Anyways, we will also have the just announced match between Ravage and Amarant Odinson. These two have been at each other for the last week after what went down in the IC number one contenders match.”
Flec: “Rav should have hit him harder.”
Joey: “Maybe so, but they will square off at AM4 and much, much more. But its time to start off the show and, wait just a minute. I am getting word from backstage that something is going on….”


*The cameras quickly cut to backstage where we see Wolfang and Zarak battling each other in one of the corridors*

Joey: “What is going on here?”
Flec: “Well it looks like Wolfy and Zarak are scrapping.”
Joey: “Well I can see that but why?”
Flec: “Didn’t I tell you to start paying attention to what goes on backstage or in the ring for that matter.”
Joey: “What?”
Flec: “What a mook. They are still pissed at each other and it looks like they are fighting about it.”
Joey: “Oh Zarak just threw Wolfang into the wall and again. We need to get security back there.”
Flec: “Why? This is good stuff.”

Zarak drives Wolfang into the wall again and then grabs a chair. He folds it up and turns to face Wolfang. He raises the chair but before he can swing it Wolfang lunges up and spears Zarak into a vending machine. Zarak drops the chair as Wolfang begins to slams punches into Zarak’s face. Suddenly, out of nowhere, security rushes in and separates the two men just as Mr. Reilly walks into the screen.

Reilly: “And what the hell is going on here?”

Both men continue to struggle as they try to get at each other.

Reilly: “That’s enough. The next one to throw a punch is suspended and loses his title.”

Both men slowly start to calm down as Reilly continues.

Reilly: “Now that’s better. I see both of you have been eating your wheaties lately. But now for this. I see you two really want to get a piece of each other.”

Zarak: “He’s mine. I want him in the ring.”

Wolfang: “Oh bring it on.”

Reilly: “Feisty. I like that. But you aren’t going to get it tonight because Wolfang, you are facing Scarecrow and as for you Zarak. I am giving you the night off. So if you even think about laying a finger on Wolfang in this match, you will lose your title and a shot at him.”

Zarak: “So does this mean I get my shot at him?”

Reilly: “Very perceptive. I got an idea. How about Wolfang versus Zarak. The AWF TV champion versus the AWF Hardcore Champion. Belt for Belt at AM4. How does that sound.

Wolfang: “That sounds great.”

Zarak: “Your days are numbered Wolfy.”

Wolfang: “I can’t wait.”

Reilly: “Spiffy. Now Zarak you can leave and Wolfang, you should go get ready because your match is next.”

Both men walk in opposite directions as we cut to an early commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage: Mr. Reilly's Office

*Suddenly Mr. Reilly's door explodes open, Baxter and Judge Death both tense up.*

Reilly: Easy boys, easy...I don't think that Mr. Warp is here for any manner of fisticuffs, are you Sky? *chuckles* No...you want something, don't you?

Stone Cold: Summers...

Reilly: Yeah...I figured that would be what you were here about. Here's the thing...the AWF has to pay certain insurance fees to put on our matches. Frankly, there is a lot of concern about what would happen if you and Mr. Summers were to get into it with each other again...and I can't begin to tell you what a nightmare clean up would be. *chuckles*

SCSW: I don't think you're listening...so let me say it again...Summers and I did this once at Archivemania...it's time we end this at Archivemania. If your insurance people have a problem...then I have a solution...unsanctioned...street fight...

Reilly: Well, aren't you just full of innovative ideas? *chuckles* Now, now, you're a young man...you shouldn't be so tense...would you like a cookie and maybe a nice glass of milk?

*Baxter perks up, JD appears to be rolling his eyes*

SCSW glares at Reilly.

Reilly: I don't care what you kids say, there is nothing uncool about having strong bones and teeth...and there is no ill in this world that cannot be solved by tollhouse chocolate chip cookies! So, you take a cookie, you mellow out, and at Archivemania...you get Summers, Unsanctioned Street Fight, which works out well for me because I needed a second main event match anyway! *chuckles*

SCSW: Great *turns to walk away*

Reilly: AH AH! Forgetting something? *Holds up the cookie*

SCSW: You know...I think I liked you better when you were trying to screw us all over...

*Warp takes the cookie and tosses it to Baxter before turning and walking out the door.*

Reilly: I just gave you a match with the most unstable and destructive guy in the AWF...AND took the rules away...and got you to ask ME for it...who says I'm not...*chuckles*


Joey: “And we’re back and it looks like Reilly was right. The TV title match is next but I can’t believe what we have just seen. SCSW versus The Game at AM4 in an unsanctioned street fight.”
Flec: “Yeah, they are going to tear each other apart and Reilly is going to get huge ratings. Looks like this situation is going to work out well for him.”
Joey: “I guess, but let’s go to ringside for our first match.”

Wolfang vs. Scarecrow

“Scarecrow” by the Ministry starts out on the archivetron speakers as the Scarecrow makes his way from the back to moderate cheers from the crowd.

JFA: After last week, Scarecrow and Christopher Back appear to have severed ties.
JHA: Well wouldn’t you sever ties when someone stabs you in the Back?
JFA: Pardon the pun?
JHA: What’s a pun?

Once Scarecrow is in the ring Alice Coopers “Dragontown” hits and the crowd erupts into a frenzy of cheers. Wolfang shows off his TV title on the stage and then charges down the ramp and slides into the ring. He stands up and hands the title off to the referee.

JFA: This should be a good one. This match was given last week after the Scarecrow walked out on Back mid-match.
JHA: Nothing sweeter than watching him tap, ooo boy!

The two men eye each other for a moment and then lock up. Scarecrow overpowers Wolfang and quickly applies an arm lock. Wolfang reverses it and then whips Scarecrow to the ropes. He ducks Wolfang’s attempt at a clothes line and then comes back and a stiff shoulder block knocking Wolfang down. Scarecrow then runs off the opposite rope but Wolfang lays flat dodging any move planned and hops back up landing his clothes line. Scarecrow quickly scrambles back to his feet and the two men lock back up. Wolfang gets the advantage this time and hooks up Scarecrow for a suplex but Scarecrow blocks it and reverses it into his own snap suplex.

JFA: the two men are very evenly matched thus far. Scarecrow applying a side head lock to Wolfang now.
JHA: It’s these two-way matches I hate.
JFA: Why?
JHA: They take too long and they are always with people I hate. Back’s old sidekick
And Wolfang. Why can’t it be Ghostal and Tempest or something?
JFA: You’re impossible to please. Snapmare take over by Scarecrow now.

Scarecrow marches over to Wolfang hauling him up and delivering knees to the gut and follows it up with DDT. Scarecrow quickly lifts the leg by Wolfang kicks out with authority. Both men are quickly back to their feet again.

JFA: Both men locking up again here. Neither man able to get an advantage and.. what is Back doing here!?

Back slides under the bottom rope after coming from the crowd. He comes wielding a steel chair and first tattoos it on the back of Wolfang then across the head of Scarecrow forcing him to one knee. Back becomes infuriate when he doesn’t go down and connects again across Scarecrows forehead busting him open. Back then moves to Wolfang kicking him out of the ring.

JFA: Once again Back goes out of his way to ruin somebody else’s opportunity. What a complete jerk this guy is.
JHA: I prefer complete tool.

Back: See what happens when you double cross me?! See what happens when you piss me off, slap nuts?

JHA: Somebody turn the mic off?

Back: I told you I’d see you in hell, well guess what! I intend to be the one that send you there! Everywhere you go, I’ll be there! Any match you have, I’ll be waiting to take you out until I get a chance to turn you back into the no-name you were before I started banking your pay-roll. You actually think I was going to let you get a chance at a title? I’d sooner die!

JHA: I am putting in for title shots on every main title in the AWF for Scarecrow.

Back then spits on Scarecrow who is busted open from the blind-side chair shot, turns around and walks towards the ropes. But the crowd begins to cheer and Back stops before getting out and grinning at the crowd.

JFA: Back thinks the cheers are for him!
JHA: This will be ugly!

As back turns around he is met by a Grey Hunter by Wolfang.

JFA: And Back has just been speared!
JHA: Thank you captain Obvious!
JFA: And Back looks like he has been hit by a train, he is barely moving!
JHA: Haha! The Grey-Train!
JFA: And now Scarecrow has sat up! This does not look good for Back!
JHA: Which means it looks great for everyone else! Haha!

Wolfang slides out of the ring, the match over but Scarecrow isn’t done. He stands watching Back as he slowly struggles up to his feet.

JFA: Crow is just waiting now, and you have to know what he is thinking

Once Back is on his feet again he is met by a super kick to the face knocking him over the top rope over to the floor. Scarecrow starts up again as Scarecrow himself leans over the top rope yelling down at the fallen Back.

*Backstage we see Keith Kincaid approach The Lock in the hallway*

KK: "Lock, can I ask yo..."

Lock: "Shut it Kincaid, The Lock's got business to attend to!"

The Lock grabs the microphone away from Keith Kincaid as The Lock shoves him aside and out of view.

Lock: "You see, the last week or so, Murder Inc. have been getting screwed over royally. We were robbed of the tag titles, and The Lock was robbed of a shot at THE title.....twice, and it's all because of Morpheus. First, you eliminate the Lock from the rumble. And then, after the Lock had the match won at Redemption, you allowed Viewfind to get the pin, and therefore the shot at the title at Archivemania. You see, if you had won the Rumble, or if you had won the 4-way at Redemption, then the Lock might feel a little differently, because then that would make you the man to beat. HOWEVER! Not only did you not win the rumble, you didn't win the 4-way either, and just got in the Locks way in doing so. So Morpheus, before the Lock goes after the Heavyweight title and wins that, the Lock is coming for you, because you will feel the Big Payback, and whether you like us or ya don't, we're the best thing going today."

The Lock throws down the mic and shoves the cameraman out of the way and walks on down the hallway.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage: Cloud’s Locker room

*We see Cloud getting ready for his match with tempest as the door opens and OP2005 walks into the room*

Cloud: “What the hell are you doing here?”

OP: “Oh I just thought I would come and say good luck on your match tonight.”

Cloud: “Well I don’t need luck and I don’t need you to come wish me luck.”

OP: “Oh really? Well that’s not what I would say. Because to me it looks like you could use all the luck you can get.”

Cloud: “Really? Now why would you say that?”

OP: “Because it looks to me like you haven’t been the same since losing your title to Wolfang. Hell you didn’t look good then either. I guess you just couldn’t stand up to a better man, could you?”

Cloud: “Who the hell do you think you are to lecture me about losing? Because as far as I remember, the last time we met I walked out the winner”

OP: “True. But things change and I think that at AM4 we should finally find out which of us is the better man.”

Cloud: “Do you now. I don’t think so, because as far as I am concerned I proved I was the last time we met.”

OP: “Now that’s arguable and that’s why I already talked to Reilly.”

Cloud: “You did what?”

OP: “You see I am not talking about just a belt this time. I am talking about a match to finally decided which of us is better. I am talking about finally settling our feud once and for all and it should be decided right.”

Cloud: “Would you get to the point? I have a match soon.”

OP: “Indeed. At AM4 we will finally settle this and it will be in a last man standing match. Finally I will show the AWF and its fans that I am your better.”

With that OP turns and leaves the room as Cloud stands there staring intensely at him.

Tempest v. Cloudstrifer

Joey: “Well its time…..



The picture cuts out and we are shown a please standby message.

Serial Slackaz vs StarStorm

Joey: “Well, it looks like we got that cameras working again and we will try to get you footage of our last match soon.”
Flec: “Who’s up next?”
Joey: “StarStorm and…”
Flec: “Naptime!” >snores<

JRA: “Making their way to the ring now…from ‘Parts Unknown’…”

Flec: “Is that another name for JFA’s gonads? ‘Cause I sure don’t know if they exist.”

JRA: “Raven Darkstorm and Vanth Dreadstar…STARSTORM!”

End Of Everything by Stereomund hits the speakers, though the heat and chants of ‘boring’ that rise up against it almost drown the music out entirely as StarStorm appear, doing their best to ignore the hostile crowd.

Flec: “I’m impressed.”
Joey: “Why, pray tell?”
Flec: “The crowd tonight actually realizes how bad they are!”
Joey: “You just don’t give them enough credit.”
Flec: “And risk getting that close to them? You’re damn right I don’t!”

We are building a religion
We are building it bigger
We are widening the corridors
And adding more lanes…

Cake’s Comfort Eagle kicks in as StarStorm enters the ring, and the crowd gives a great ovation to the tag champs…who don’t appear.

Flec: “Big flapping gasps of shock all around.”

A few minutes later, Ignavus appears on the ramp, using a walking stick to support himself. No injury, of course, but walking unassisted takes a bit too much effort for him. In his free hand, the All-Seeing I holds a stick with…

Joey: “…A beer can. Dangling off the end on a bit of string.”
Flec: “I tried that with a picture of Brad Pitt once.”
Joey: “Really? On who?”
Flec: “Your mom!”
Joey: “Would you mind terribly if I invited HBK out here?”
Flec: “Eep! Sorrysorrysorry!”

Predictably, D-Ex staggers onto the stage next, following the floating can with arms outstretched as if he were an extra in Dawn Of The Dead. Slowly but surely, Ignavus lures him to the ring. Emphasis on ‘slowly’.

Flec: “Remind me; why are the tag chumps facing Battlestar Galactica without titles on the line?”
Joey: “Presumably, Mister Reilly was somewhat peeved at their interference in Baxter and Judge Death’s match on Mayhem, so they’re being given to the Slackaz as punishment.”
Flec: “’Somewhat peeved’?”
Joey: “Don’t ask. I have absolutely no idea.”

Finally, with all four competitors present and correct – D-Ex standing ready on the apron, still trying to open the can with a set of uncooperative fingers – the bell is rung. Raven takes a wide swing at Ignavus, but the slacker leans back to yawn at that precise moment, and the fist goes sailing overhead with a ‘whiff’. The crowd’s obvious mirth only serves to anger Raven, who follows up with an irish whip on Igz; rather than rebound off the ropes, however, the slacker tumbles right through them, landing flat on his backside somewhere near the commentary position.

Joey: “Good grief, Ignavus taking a bump there for…no…really clear reason.”
Flec: “Ah, pain applied to the monumentally stupid. There are few sweeter things!”
Joey: “Your mom being one of them.”
Flec: “HEY!”
Joey: “Turnaround is fair play…”

Raven smirks, before starting to yell randomly at the referee; this gives Vanth ample opportunity to hop down from the apron and start putting the boots to Ignavus.

Joey: “Cheap!”
Flec: “You want him to hear that? He might be a retard, but he’s bigger than you and awfully close.”

Vanth briefly glances at the commentators, before returning to his work, tossing Igz into the safety barricades. He doesn’t notice the crowd coming alive, though, as D-Extreme shambles over to him. Lacking the focus for a proper assault, D-Ex simply whistles at Vanth, who spins toward him in confusion…as D-Ex tosses the beer can right at Dreadstar’s forehead, where it connects with a resounding ‘crack!’. Vanth collapses, holding his face, as D-Ex staggers back to his side of the apron. Raven tries to bring this to the ref’s attention, but the ref fails to believe him.

Flec: “I’m surprised D-Ex didn’t go pick up the can again.”
Joey: “Isn’t that your job, monkey-boy?”
Flec: “Stop bringing up the lowest point of my career…”

As Raven backs away from the ref, Ignavus finally rolls back into the ring and slothfully rises to his feet. Raven approaches slowly, seeing no reason to hurry; a reason is given unto him as Igz suddenly leaps forward and connects with a Spinning Wheel Kick to bring Raven down. Raven quickly leaps back up, only to be caught in a flurry of sharp kicks from the slacker, who then whips Darkstorm to the furthest corner and follows up with The Unmotivator!

Joey: “Impressive!”

After Raven collapses out of the corner, Igz leans against the post and takes a breather after all that effort.

Flec: “Narf.”

As Raven groggily crawls over to his corner to make the tag to Vanth Dreadstar, recovered but sporting a nasty mark on his forehead, Igz uses the ropes to literally pull himself towards D-Extreme. Both tags are made almost instantaneously, and Vanth hops in, charging at D-Ex…who lays him out with one punch. Vanth clambers back up, and achieves the same result; he stays down long enough, this time, for D-Ex to deliver a nasty Knee-drop. Or he just fell over.

Flec: “HAH! Moron!”
Joey: “I take it you don’t remotely expect that to have been part of a well-thought strategy?”
Flec: “Look at him. Please, just look.”
Joey: “…Point conceded.”

D-Ex tugs Vanth up and whips him to the ropes, attempting a Shortarm Clothesline on the return; Vanth ducks under it and locks in a Sleeper hold! D-Ex fades remarkably quickly…presumably because he was already inebriated. The ref begins to check D-Ex’ hand…

Joey: “One…D-Ex looks totally out of it…”
Flec: “What’s that slacker do-euch!”

Ignavus appears to be fishing around inside his pants for something. D-Ex’ hand goes down for the second time. Just as the ref raises it for the third time, Ignavus finds what he was looking for; another beer can. It’s Miller Light, but eh…can’t have everything. Igz rattles the can against the corner post…and D-Ex’ arms suddenly fly up and claw the air, as if reaching for the can through the Force.

Joey: “Well, I’ll be darned…”
Flec: “That is the definition of psychological warfare. The moron definition.”

Such is the power of D-Ex’ recovery, he shakes off Vanth with little effort; unfortunately, he backhands the ref too, and the poor zebra-man collapses. D-Ex grabs the new can and gets on with the fiddly task of opening it. Seeing the lack of ref as a valid reason for rest, Ignavus falls asleep, his head leaning on the top pad of the turnbuckle. Raven makes to charge at the Serial Slackaz, but stop as the crowd’s mood changes for the worst rather abruptly…

Flec: “Hey, they hate the Star Wars guys even more now! I’m almost starting to feel that ‘affection’ thing you’ve mentioned before, Styles!”
Joey: “Uh, they ain’t the reason, Flec – look down the ramp.”

Wild One and Auros have appeared, without music, and are making a beeline for the ring. Splitting up midway, Auros slides into the ring whilst TW1 heads for Ignavus, pulling the dozing slacker off the apron and tossing him at the ring steps. In the ring, Auros kicks Raven firmly in the gut and delivers the Diarrhea Atomico, before turning to face D-Ex and exchanging some brutal right hands.

Joey: “It’s turning into a warzone!”
Flec: “Isn’t that the name of the entire show?”
Joey: “I hate you. What’s this?”

The crowd mellow slightly as ripples appear inside their soda bottles, accompanied by what sounds like a group of ten bass drums in unison, amplified. The reason soon becomes clear, as Baxter comes rampaging down the ramp (At his weight? Think ‘turbo waddle’), with the seemingly inconsequential form of Judge Death in his wake.

Flec: “Agh! GOJIRA!”

Judge Death skids to a halt at the side of a safety barricade close to TW1 and Igz…and defying all forms of logic, gravity and most other things that scientists hold dear, Baxter uses Death as a springboard to hop up onto the barricade and then onto the brawling forms of Ignavus and Wild One! All three men go down with a ‘thud’ heard throughout the globe, and the crowd holds their breath in astonishment.

Flec: “Only on the AWF will you believe an elephant can fly.”

Judge Death takes a quick glance at the carnage, snickers, and then slides into the ring, glaring daggers at the back of El Chingador. However, his attention is diverted to Vanth Dreadstar, who staggers up at an exceedingly opportune moment; the deadly dead man wastes little time in forcing Vanth to Take The Plunge, just as D-Ex, in desperation, rakes Auros’ eyes.

Flec: “DQ! Ref!”
Joey: “He’s out of it…and this isn’t really a match anymore.”
Flec: “Why does that rule never work in Murder Inc.’s favor? It’s a conspiracy!”

Locking eyes, D-Ex and Judge Death step toward each other…then stagger backward and collapse, each man/thing overpowered by the other’s noxious breath. Outside the ring, Wild One and Ignavus lay into Baxter with a succession of punches, trying to bring the Bugg down; just as Baxter loses balance, however, he grabs hold of TW1 and Igz, bringing them down with him, into what could be called a Double Downward Spiral…if you’re feeling generous.

Joey: “Excellent ingenuity, or luck in desperation?”
Flec: “Rhetorical question, or useless statement?”

Auros attempts to pull Judge Death up, though Death goes up a bit too fast, and headbutts El Chingador in the crotch; Auros sinks down to his knees as the judge continues to rise, only to be caught by a Clothesline from D-Ex that brings both drunkard and zombie over the top rope and out of the ring. At this point, the ref finally regains his footing, and stares around at the ensuing madness; mouthing “The hell?”, he waves his arms frantically, calling for the bell.

Joey: “I think that’s a double DQ but…doesn’t look like anyone noticed very much.”
Flec: “Serves him right for sleeping on the job.”
Joey: “He was unconscious!”
Flec: “Potato, potato.”
Joey: “That’s the same word twice!”
Flec: “Just pretend I’m saying it different each time, huh?”

Backstage: We see Sean O'Con and Erik Summers laughing

Keith Kincaid: Well...uh...

Summers: What the hell do you want?

KK: I was wondering if I could...

O'Con: Two words...Sod & off...put them together.

Summers: Now Sean...we mustn't be rude. Though, I'm wondering, doesn't Lisa usually service my interviews...cause I could use a little servicing.

*O'Con chuckles as Kincaid starts to squirm*

KK: She...uh...sort of...ummmm...said she didn't want to interview you after what happened on Mayhem.

Summers looks at O'Con and smiles: Really? She said that huh...well, I can see her point. I mean...who would really want to get close to someone who you just really never know when he's going to...

*with an explosive movement, Summers, flattens Kincaid with a little Sweet Chin Music*

Summers: What was I saying?

HBK: Probably something about snapping...you know, right before you snapped.

*Mr Reilly approaches*

Mr. Reilly: Now this...is a good sight to see!

*Summers and O'Con exchange puzzled looks*

Mr. Reilly: Now, now, all that is in the past. I'm looking to the future...and when I look to the future, I see Archivemania. I see "The HeartBrend Kid" Sean O'Con taking on "The Welsh Wonder" Sixswitch.

HBK: You mean massacring don't you?

Mr. Reilly: *Chuckles* Confidence is such an admirable trait. I keep telling my boy Baxter he needs to be more confident...

*Summers sighs, clearly bored*

Mr. Reilly: You know...you young people are so impatient...it's just like I was telling Stone Cold before I booked that match you wanted...

*The camera cuts to show Summers smiling*

Mr. Reilly: You boys have to learn to settle down a little. Are you drinking your milk?

O'Con & Summers: (both in a childish tone) Yes, Mr. Reilly...

Mr. Reilly: Good! Anyway, so you both got the matches you wanted, and I have got my most marketable faction ever back.

Summers: What in the blue hell are you talking about?

Mr. Reilly: You know...D-Generation NeXt...oh, the kids love you guys.

O'Con: Which is precisely the reason why DN is as dead as your fashion sense mate.

Summers: See Reilly, the whole DN thing...it just doesn't work with us. Let me explain. The brain dead sheep that you call fans, well, they really enjoy DN...and honestly, neither Sean, nor myself can stomach being affiliated with anything that those jackasses enjoy.

O'Con: In short, sing along with Summers is over. DN is in the past, a great idea ruined by those bottom feeding parasites, too pathetic to have their own lives, so they latched on to us in order to live vicariously through their superiors.

Summers: Come on Reilly...buck up...you still get the pleasure of watching as we eviscerate the better portion of your locker room.

O'Con: We do want one more thing tonight though...Siznitch and Stoned Old...how about a tag match with us tonight?

Reilly: Well yeah...that would be great, but this DN thing, I don't understand...you two are back, right?

O'Con: Of course we're back you git...and of course you don't understand, but at some point you and the rest of these morons are just going to have to accept that we're "BETTER THAN YOU!"

HBK & Summers walk off laughing as Reilly is left stunned by what he has just heard.

*Commercial Break*

AWF World Title Match: Thundercracker © vs. Blaster

JFA: We’re back and this next match is huge Jay!
JHA: Why should I care?
JFA: Well, at Redemption Viewfind had to beat four other men for a spot in the Archivemania main event. Here, if Blaster wins, he’ll be able to take that title and face Viewfind!
JHA: God, wouldn’t he be insufferable then?
JFA: No.
JHA: He’s insufferable all the time!
JFA: ….idiot.






JFA: There he is! The challenger! Y3B!
JHA: I do despise that countdown. I always hope someone interesting will show up, but it’s always him.

Blaster, after playing to the crowd for a minute, gets in the ring and starts stomping his feet in anticipation of his opponent…

And TC doesn’t keep him waiting. As Disciple’s Slayer hits, TC comes out, waving around his title belt in less than appreciative fan’s faces.

JHA: I don’t get it. It’s bizarre. The fans always seem to hate everyone I like
JFA: They always seem to agree with me, though.
JHA: Did you ever wonder what the ‘H’ and ‘F’ in our names stands for?
JFA: Did you ever wonder what the J stands for?

As TC gets in the ring, the ref waves and the bell rings - with the AWF title on the line, both men charge each other. As if reflections of each other, they both leap into spinning wheel kicks and knock each other back. The crowd instantly reacts as both men are flung to the mat.

JFA: These are both fast men, Jay.
JHA: Fast in bed! Oh!

TC, rolling up, bounces off the ropes and does a backflip towards Blaster – setting up a splash – but Y3B gets up and catches him with an arm bar in the middle of his second flip. The crack as TC connects with the mat is very audible, and sounds very painful.

JFA: Blaster really showing why he’s been champ so many times, here.
JHA: Since when did three become a lot?

Blaster springboards off the second rope… but TC gets his knees up!

JHA: Ha, imbecile.

TC, in retribution, leaps up the turnbuckle, drops split legged, and splashes Blaster hard.

JHA: Glorious! It looks like the chump is already down!
JFA: Pin locked in by TC.. 1.. 2..
JHA: 3!
JFA: I hate it when you do that. He kicked out.
JHA: Barely.
JFA: He had plenty of time!

Y3B locks in a headlock, and dragging TC up, manages to get a stalling suplex on the champ.

JFA: Y3B almost taunting his opponent with this move.

Not willing to finish the move just yet, Blaster runs backwards and drops his opponent back against the turnbuckle. We can hear TC grunt as the wind is knocked out of him, and his back folds awkwardly.

JFA: Wow! That was vicious!
JHA: I guess the punk wants the title back, bad. I’m kinda impressed.
JFA: Main eventing Archivemania must be a very tempting proposition for Blaster. If he’s smart he’ll capitalize here…

Blaster apparently had planned to, or took JFA’s advice, as he puts TC in the infamous Sharpshooter hold.

JFA: I knew it! With that crack up against the turnbuckle, I don’t think TC can hold this long – title or no.

TC, however, seems to realize he’s still rather close to the corner and both ropes it offers. He quickly begins to try to pull himself towards them. A struggle ensues, back and forth, between the two until Blaster finds a second wind and pulls him to the middle of the ring.

JFA: This is it! Already! TC can’t get out! He can’t escape! It’s only moments now!
JHA: TC won’t go down this early in a match, he can’t!
JFA: TC might disagree with you.

Indeed, TC is really feeling it. His face screwed up, and his arm wavering it appears as though he’s moments from tapping. The situation changes itself, however, when the King rolls out from under the Ring.

JHA: Yes!
JFA: No! Why would a blue donkey on a red moon would have a better chance of happening than this! No! Why is King here?

King rolls into the ring. The ref, looking intently at the wavering TC, can’t see him past Blaster. Laughing for a moment, TC holds up the peace sign to Blaster, who hasn’t released the Sharpshooter.

JFA: Oh! He’s peaceful to Blaster!

King then proceeds to jab Blaster in the eyes with the peace sign.

JHA: Yes! Now that’s all hippies are good for.

Blaster, in a moment of shock and pain, drops TC and grabs his eyes. King immediately capitalizes and sets up Blaster for a powerbomb, but…

JHA: The Predaking Pulverizer! The PPP! King just spike piledrove Blaster!

The ref, however, couldn’t have missed this. He immediately springs to his feet and waves his hands to Disqualify TC for interference on his behalf.

JFA: Blaster wins!
JHA: Titles don’t change hands in event of a DQ, fool. Everyone knows that.
JFA: Oh, right. Damn you, King!
JHA: I wonder why he did it.

That mystery will stay with King for now, however, for as he heads up the ramp, leering, the AWF symbol fills the screen and we fade to black.


We see Redstreak walking down the hall when he turns the corner and runs into Divebomb.

Red: “Hey why don’t you watch where….Oh it’s you.”

Divebomb: “What were you saying? If I was you I would watch out just were I was watching.”

Red: “So I see you have my title in your hands.”

Redstreak reaches out to touch the belt and Divebomb smacks his hand away.

Divebomb: “Your title. You think this is your title. Boy, you are biting off more than you can chew by stepping up against me.”

Red: “Really? That’s what you think? Well if I am not mistaken the last time we stepped into the ring with each other I was the one that got my goals accomplished….”

Suddenly Divebomb swings and connects with a right hand that sends Red reeling back. Divebomb rushes forward and the two men go toe to toe trading punches like wild men. Divebomb slams Red face first into a table then goes to whip him into the wall but Red counters it. He slams Divebomb face first into the wall and the two men again start throwing punches. Neither man even bothers to block as security rushes in and breaks them up as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Joey: “And we’re back, it looks like they finally got Redstreak and Divebomb separated back there and its time for tonight’s main event.”
Flec: “And this should be a good one.”

The Game Erik Summers & “The HeartBrend Kid” Sean O’Con v “The Welsh Wonder” Sixswitch & Stone Cold Skywarp

Glass Shatters

Yeah, you've been living on the edge of a broken dream.
Yeah, that's the only thing you'll ever take away from me.

I'm never gonna stop,
I'm never gonna drop,
Ain't no different than it was before

JRA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team match is scheduled for one fall. First off, from Carlisle, England, here is Stone…Cold…SKYWARP!

Joey: An angry Rattlesnake on his way to the ring…

Flec: Oh…he needs to get over it!

Like This Like That takes over…

JRA: And his tag team partner…from Swansea, Wales…he is the Welsh Wonder…SIXSWITCH!

Joey: Speaking of angry men…

Flec: Yeah…my heart bleeds for them…

*Suddenly, the lights go out in Celtic Park and a choir is heard*

We fall, we fall
We fall, we fall
We fall, we fall
We fall, we fall

*A guitar riff is heard leading into several explosions as the lights start to flicker*

The harder they come
The harder they fall
The quicker they come
The quicker they crawl
Dead celeb's comin' back
With this brand new track
Here's another taste
Come on swing your battleaxe

*With that Erik Summers and Sean O’Con appear under the Archivetron as the crowd begin to ‘boo’ viciously. Summers and O’Con smirk at the crowd, folding out their hands as if basking in the hatred of the fans. Summers goes so far as to drop to his knees, holding his arms out, a la Shawn Michaels.*
Joey: What an egotistical…self centered…ass! WOULD YOU SIT DOWN!

*Over the mic, Flec can be heard clapping.*

Flec: It’s just so beautiful to see them back!

Joey: I feel ill…well, the two ego-maniacs finally making it out to the ring…look at the smiles on their faces…they certainly are pleased with themselves.

Flec: Any reason they shouldn’t be?

Joey: Aside from that disgusting display on Mayhem? Bell sounds and the match is under way, HBK starting off against Sixswitch. Six trying to lock up, but HBK ducks under and fires a quick left jab to the side of the face of SS. SS reels back and HBK starting to talk some smack. Six clearly not amused by this, two men finally locking up, knee lift to the gut by HBK, followed by a hip toss, sending SS to the mat, followed by a fist drop to the face.

Flec: Such fluid motion!

Joey: Now tagging The Sadistic One…Erik Summers.

Flec: Since when did you start providing tag lines for the athletes?

Joey: When they became sadists…Summers in now, pulling Six up and sending him down with a snap suplex. Summers now pulling back on the top rope, with his foot placed firmly across the throat of SS…come on…now this needs to be stopped!

Flec: Why exactly?

Joey: It’s illegal, it’s unethical, it’s…

Flec: Damn effective!

Joey: Ref finally calling for the break. Summers relinquishes the hold and shoots the ref a glare before tagging HBK back in. As expected, Summers and O’Con functioning like a well oiled machine, former two time tag team champions…masters at cutting the ring in half and unfortunately for SS, he has been completely isolated from his very anxious partner, Stone Cold.

Flec: He doesn’t want any part of Summers or Mr. O’Con!

Joey: Please…HBK pulling SS back to his feet, shoving him hard into the corner and now berating him! What a classy guy…Stone Cold clearly having enough of this…but he’s cut off by the referee on his way in the ring allowing Summers to start to choke out Sixswitch. HBK now taunting Warp…keeping him in the ring, allowing Summers to really crank back on that choke!

Flec: Brilliant tag team strategy.

Joey: Disgusting is the term I was thinking…who do they think they are?

Flec: Didn’t you hear Styles? Clear out your ears…they’re ‘better than you!’
Joey: Finally the referee threatening to DQ the pair…O’Con telling the Game to back off…or does his highness want to be called the Game anymore?

Flec: Well, he did take “the Game” tagline off his bio on the AWF website.

Joey: I don’t know what could have happened to push him so far over the edge…

Flec: Oh let’s see…idiot fans who don’t appreciate everything he gave them, being overlooked by the booking committee, I mean the guy is a three time AWF champion and he was the IC champion and he last got a title shot when? Maybe he just couldn’t stand to look at himself and see the sellout he had become…

Joey: You really believe any of that? He’s a sadistic, amoral individual who turned his back on the people…

Flec: Did you not hear how he was treated in Canada? Did you miss the match against Divebomb? If you ask me, the people turned their backs on him…

Joey: Whatever, O’Con now with a nasty bulldog to send Six down and a tag to the Game.

Flec: I wouldn’t call him that were I you…

Joey: The Game scooping up Sixswitch…slamming him down hard, pulling off that elbow pad…


Joey: Slamming his elbow pad into SS…off the ropes…now mocking the crowd as he bounces again and drives the elbow right into the heart of SS. Cover…but SS kicks out after two. SS not done here…so much heart…so much resilience!

Flec: So little charisma…

Joey: Summers pulling him up, looking for those Germans, back elbow by Six to get out of it, and a spinning heel kick sends the Game down! Six with a burst…SIXSHOOTER! Sixshooter out of no where! Both men are down…and the ref puts the count on them.


Flec: Come on Summers…

Joey: Never thought I’d live to hear you say that…

*The two men begin the long crawls to their respective corners…the ref is still counting.*


*Summers tags O’Con*


*As O’Con enters the ring and it appears Sixswitch is about to be counted out, he lunges with the last of his energy and takes in one very angry Stone Cold Skywarp*

Joey: And I think business has just picked up!

Flec: Great…now you are quoting that hack JFA…lovely.

Joey: Piston like rights and lefts from Stone Cold, reeling the HeartBrend Kid back, sending him to the ropes…Lou Thesz press! A fury of punches! Off the ropes…elbow to the face! Cover…kick out by O’Con. Stone Cold with the scoop…and slam down hard to the mat. So much hatred between all these combatants…now Summers trying to make his way into the ring…Warp doesn’t see him, but SS does…with a sudden burst SS is in the ring, flying clothesline and both he and the Game topple to the outside!

Flec: This isn’t how it is supposed to go!

Joey: Yet it is what these two deserve! Stone Cold stomping away on O’Con. On the outside, SS is ready to go after the Game, whose face is under the ring…SS goes to grab Summers, who swing wildly, flattening SS with…THAT DAMN SLEDGEHAMMER!

Flec: OH YEAH! It’s back! HE’S REALLY BACK!

Joey: Six collapsing, clearly broken open…Summers sliding into the ring, Stone Cold setting up the stunner…SKY…LOOK OUT!

Flec: Little late for that I’d dare say!

Joey: Stunner locked, O’Con shoves him off…right into a sledge to the face! The referee is calling for the bell…but look at the expression on the face of that sadist!

Flec: Beautiful, ain’t it?

Joey: Absolutely not…it sickens me to no end what this man has become. O’Con now with a chair tossed into the ring, now tossing Six in as well. Grabbing Six…HDD onto the chair! Summers meanwhile, still…almost admiring what he has done to Stone Cold.

Flec: Most artists do admire their work!

Joey: There’s no art here…only destruction. Brutal…sick…destruction!

Flec: You say tomAto, I say tomAHto.

Joey: HBK now talking trash to SS, and Summers is still just staring at SCSW…I’ve seen enough of this!

Flec: Really? This has been the best part of the show. Sixswitch has been silenced for a moment and The Game followed through with his promise of a better treat.

Joey: Oh and what a treat it was. I am done, ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry for what you have just witnessed but we are out of time. Good night.

*Duality begins again as the credits roll and the show comes to a close with a view of The Game holding his sledge hammer over the fallen SCSW*

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-28, 09:00 AM
This night was going to be like Meltdown. This was the second coming of the 2002 Meltdown tournament. Me and TC, in the ring and TC, just like last time, not having what it takes to overcome his own Personal Jesus. This was the night I reclaimed the gold and walked into Archive-Mania with the gold around my waist again!

Then something happened. And it wasn't a good thing. No what happened was like a fight with Cloudstrifer. It was just totally wrong and un-needed. King, once again get involved and cost me my title. He cost me, the God among men, the one thing he wants the most. Now these past few months have been a walk down memory lane for me. Y'see first Cyberstrike. A man who I beat back and forth two years ago, costing me my title shot at Redemption. Now King, who had the audacity to not only injure me, but to cost me MY title, wants to try and get involved with the LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! Real King of the World again. He, like Cyberstrike wants me to resucitate the flagging career that is King.

I know what I want, and I want it at Archive-Mania. Call me Mr.Vain but I want you King, and I want you in the ring at Archivemania. And there is only one thing you can do about any of this. The only thing you can do is pray and REACH OUT AND TOUCH FAITH!

2005-03-28, 09:54 AM
OOC: That was one hell of show. that match we had with starstorm was so hillarious, it made my day :)

*We see D-Ex backstage. He is just lying on the ground as Igz is seen sleeping on the couch. D-Ex slowly gets up as someone has been poking on him with a mic.

D-Ex: "Whu-whudya want?"
KK: "A word, sir"
D-Ex: "*burp* Good nuff for ya?"
KK: "*holds nose* God, no wonder Judge Death got knocked unconcious with that! Anyways, about your match earlier...any thoughts on it?"
D-Ex: "YESSSH! I hasshh a problem with star wars...starstorm...I mean. Those boyz waked me up and didnt make me sleep my hangover. Heck, you see Igz sleepin right there? Thats what he got for draggin me...actually...he didnt wanna fight either so who can blame him for helping me out tonight right? So me and Igz got outta here and headed to ringside to do the match. Heck you better be thankful we did, Starstorm. Cause we delivered....a...a...asswhuppin on ya! Hehehe. If Igz didnt give a damn about you guys, we would have left you guyz *burp*..we would have left you gu- *burp*........."

*D-Ex stops for a while and pats his back a couple of times before a heaty burp gets out of his mouth.

D-Ex: "AHH! There we go. If we werent there..we would have left you both there in the ring lookin like MORONS! Heck, you two are morons! hehehe! *wipes lips that had some beer on* An...Murder Inc!...you guys, are NOTHING *burp* NOTHIN! *burp* Ah goodness I drank too much today! And Judge Death...dont let me get started on ya....you....wait a sec"

*D-ex hears his cellphone and answers it.

D-Ex: "Yes? Uhm...Miller Draft beer? 6 cases unpayed? What you talkin about? I only drink Morphweisers, BOY! Oh...that...is part of your branch now? Ok...I'll pay tomorrow. *hangs up* Anyways, on Archivemania 4, Ignavus and D-Extreme, THE SERIAL SLACKAZ...are gonna run over, the competition! Starstorm, Murder Inc. and....GoJIRA and Judge Death.....prepare to be reactively rejected!"

We hear some loud snoring at the back and KK and D-Ex turn to see it is Igz. D-Ex turns back and grins.

D-Ex: "That guy right there...he beats the hell outta my snorin..hehe..he...anyways KK, scram! I need to sleep now"

D-Ex does a Ric Flair style flop towards the floor. Within seconds, he is fast asleep. The camera pans over to KK who could do nothing but bury his face in his palm with a little head shaking on the side. He leaves the locker room to let the tag champs sleep out their hang over...or just needed to sleep out their fatigue.

2005-03-28, 02:04 PM
*Cloud is seen in the same dark room. This time there is a lamp which lights up lists, but it also makes strange shadows on his face.*

Once agian you have come to me OP. Once agian you want to destory me, take me on the "Nightmare". Once agian I will have to show you how wrong you are, and how you are a patheic weakling. Once agian you come and try to make a name.

However you won't come back agian. I will end it here and now, the only way left if through the ground again straight on to Hell. You better be ready OP, because this time it won't be over it will be Game Over for you!

Believe the Hype, Fear the Pain, Be ready to play the final Game!

2005-03-28, 05:39 PM
Hours have passed since we last saw the Slackaz. They both remain unconcious for a moment, till our camera zooms in on Igz. He makes a "blaaach, blllllaccckaah" noise for a moment, his eyes flutter open, and he makes the "bllaaaccchhhakkk" noise again. He looks as though he's gagging on something until he reaches into his mouth... and removes a Morphweiser bottle cap. He looks to D-Ex.

A man in a "Miller" t-shirt and hat is holding the passed out D-Ex his arms and dragging him away. The miller man mutters something about dumb drunks not paying their bills.

"Wait, no! That's my partner!" Igz calls out from the couch. "You can't do this!" Igz remains on the couch. "I guess I should go save him... eh." Igz is still on the couch. "I'm sure he'll be okay." Igz looks after him, "I'll avenge you!"

Igz scratches himself. In the naughty place.

"I guess I should comment on the show. We've beaten Star Wars before. They're the whipping boy of the tag division. Everybody knows that. It was fun to work out the kinks, though. I wasn't very surprised that Murder, Inc came a'runnin on in. I guess they're still intent on... um... doin stuff. To us, I guess. Dunno why they try so hard. The surprising part was the appearence of Twiggy and the Blob... JD and Baxter. And in JD's hometown, no less! Well, he's actually from Deadworld, but it's rumored that it's close to Glasgow! They're quite the interesting tag team... what with the gluttony of baxter to cancel out my lethargy, and the stinkiness of JD to cancel out the stinkiness of D-Ex. There is a definite Archivemania match forming here somewhere. Maybe D-Ex and I should have started preparing for that... if he hadn't just been kidnapped by Miller, probably to be sold into slavery. Oh well."

Igz shrugs, and settles in to go back to sleep, when...

The door swings open. A man dressed simmilarly as the Miller man appears - but this time dressed in a "coca-cola" t-shirt and hat.

"Are you a Mr. Joshua Ignavus? I'm here on behalf of Coca-Cola industries to collect on our debt..."

Igz's eyes get very wide. Looking about the room, he realizes for all the beer cans scattered about there are just as many cokes. The Coke man, realizing the situation, starts to drag Igz off and away.

"No! The irony! The horrible, horrible irony!"

As Igz dissapears off camera, we hear him giggle. "Twiggy and the Blob... priceless. Hehe!"

2005-03-28, 07:49 PM

Lisa Lovelace is shown taking a deep breath before approaching Erik Summers.

Summers: Well, what have we here? Why if it isn't my old bed-buddy...though in all fairness, it was a rare occassion that we actually ended up in a bed.

Lisa: You've grown so disgusting, how can this even be you? You're supposed to be the People's Champion...you're the Game!

Summers: *cringes* Don't...call me that. Never, call me that...I'm not the Game, the Game is over...this isn't sing along with Summers...no more fun little catchphrases that the social retards that fill the stands can chant along with. All that I was is dead...and now, all that I will become is true greatness.

Lisa: I don't understand...

Summers: *sighs* Now there's a shocking statement...

Lisa: *Starting to choke up* The fans loved you...they practically worshipped you...how can you do this to them?

Summers: *punches the wall* LISA...you really...don't get it do you? All that I ever was to them was a show...I was a highlight in their dreary existance. You know, I should have known that you couldn't deal with this...I guess it's a good thing I've found someone who can.

*Summers puts his thumb on Lisa's chin, before walking away, laughing leaving her quite upset and pondering what exactly he meant.*

2005-03-28, 08:22 PM
The camera flashes in to a medical room, where Sixswitch is sitting on a bed, a bandage around his head, and looking a little dazed. But as soon as he sees the camera, he blinks hard twice, and suddenly his eyes are clear.

"You think this comes as a surprise? You think the Double S wasn't expecting this? Au Contraire, as they say across the channel. The Double S could see this coming a mile away. You see, I've always known that Dumb and Dumber were just egotistical, self centred jackasses."

"Woah woah woah there. Yes, the Double S might be considered somewhat egotistical too, but the difference is that I'm not a jackass. I don't go around being ungrateful to the fans, and I don't go around pissing on those who put me where I am today."

He suddenly flashes a grin.

"You see, I know what Bill and Ben want. They want recognition. They want to be in the spotlight all the time. They want to stand tall on the biggest stage of all... Because they're nothing. They're losers. They're hacks. And you can say that the Game is no more all you want. You can say that he's gone and forgotten. But the Double S knows that deep down, he's not. He's still there, same as he's always there and the same as he always will be there. So, The Game. I'll see you around."

2005-03-28, 10:32 PM
*Wolfang is backstage cleaning himself up in the locker room when there is a knock at the door.*

W: "Come in..."

*Keith Kincaid enters with a cameraman in tow.*

W: "What do you want?"

*Kincaid is about to answer, when Wolfang holds up a hand and spits his next sentence.*

W: "Don't dare give me any sarcastic cr*p. I am not in the mood. Some body has declared wolf season. I've got Strifer claiming he's gonna skin me... as if... I've got Back problems, and that's to mention nothing of Zarak. On top of that, I've got people crawling out of the woodwork to take a shot at the TV Title.

Well... Reilly can send anybody he wants to after this belt. Hell... anybody who wants a shot at me or this belt can feel free to come find me. I'm not going anywhere except ArchiveMania IV, and we all know what happens when I get there...

Win, lose or draw, Z, you are gonna be hurting come ArchiveMania. That you can believe asshole..."

*Kincaid and the cameraman leave without saying anything.*

2005-03-28, 10:47 PM
Well well well.

Amarant, you just got the one wish you should have never asked for. You and me AM4.

I know you say how your rabid and that everyone needs to prove you wrong. But I can see it in your eyes your scared. You barely made me tap once. I took you to the limit and came back for more and you got lucky again. But this time your scared. They say the third time is a charm and it will be for me.

So be happy Amarant and enjoy the days up to AM4 because when we get there it might be your last time in the ring. Write a will, make sure your family knows what to do if your on life support becuase you pushed the BDR's buttons one time to many and come AM4 your going to regret ever being in the ring with me.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-03-29, 02:22 PM
OOC: cool show.

Amarant Odinson
2005-03-29, 07:53 PM
Happy, Ravage? Happy? Happy doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about our match at Archivemania IV. I'm not happy, I'm f**king overjoyed, I'm god damn exstatic about our match.

You see Ravage, you claim that I've pushed some buttons. That I may have pissed you off? Well listen up big man, it was you that stuck his nose where it didn't belong. I had Redstreak beat before you interefered. It should've been me going up against Divebomb for the I.C. Title. So I'd be be more concerned about which bones of yours I'm going to break than about which "buttons" I may have pushed. You said that 3 times is the charm, eh? That this time things will be different and Big Daddy Rav will finally get the win over the Rabid Wolverine. Not bloody likely.

At Archivemaina IV, I'm going to do what I do best. I'm going to go down to that ring, I'm going to kick your ass all over that squared circle, I'm going to beat you within an inch of your life and then I'm going to make you TAP. At Archivemaina IV, it's not 3 times is a charm. It's 3 strikes and you're out. I've shown you time and time again that you'll never have what it takes to beat me. I am The Best Technical Wrestler on the face of this planet and at Archivemainia IV, I will show you once more than you will never ever..... PROVE ME WRONG.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-03-29, 08:45 PM
It's funny, but the more I hear the drivel that pours from Summers' mouth the more I start to believe it. He is a facade, a fake, a phony, he is a big show but with only half the talent.

You couldn't wrestle a good match since 2002, you're getting old, so old in fact that you always need that equaliser, a pick-me-up, something so old and decreped that it even makes HBK look almost young and virile. Summers, you know for a damn fact that you can't beat me without that damn sledgehammer, just like you know you can't beat me without your little lapdog HBK, just like you know for damn sure that you won't beat me at Archivemania.

You let a lot of people down, you don't care?! Well hell, I'm the voice of the people now and come Archivemania, I'm gonna whup a whole helluva lot of ass and drink a whole cooler full of beer.

And THAT'S the bottom line, cos SKYWARP said so!

2005-03-29, 09:22 PM
Warp, Warp...Warp...I see you've slithered your way back out of the beating I gave you earlier tonight...it seems to me that we've danced this little dance...song this little song before. Sadly it seems, you've never quite learned the words. Don't you get it? You're just like everyone of those idiots that chant your name and wear your t-shirts. You're common...you're ordinary..

Me? I'm exceptional...I'm the person everyone wishes they could be, but never will. Do you know why you hate me so much Warp? Because 'I'm better than you.' In every way, I'm your superior. In 2002 at Archivemania I took your title and devastated your knee. You think about that match every day, because every time you take a step...every time you get out of bed...every time you step into that ring, you feel that little pain, you strap on that brace, you try to get the feeling back...thus, you have to think about me with every movement you make.

I'm the one who broke you Warp. Your life hasn't been the same since that day in 2002. Before that, you were bullet-proof, an unstoppable force here in the AWF. Now you're just another guy with one leg, a drinking problem and a chip on his shoulder, haunted by the idea of what he used to be...before Summers took it all away.

*Summers smiles for a moment as he thinks about that.*

On Sunday at Archivemania IV, it comes full circle. Four years ago it was Stone Cold Skywarp v The Game G91. We've changed a lot since then, but one thing hasn't changed...back then, it was all about you and me and it still is. You know what else hasn't changed there M? The result...

2005-03-30, 01:28 AM
ooc: Not much to work with and not much else to say, but here goes anyway...


You know, I should give Reilly some credit, he's actually got a few brain cells left in that meat sack he calls a head.

Keeping Ghostal and I away from each other was a good idea.

But then again, who knows? Maybe it's just causing me to become more frustrated, become more impatient, and become so damned bored that I'm considering seeing "Because of Winn-Dixie" because it's the only movie I haven't seen at the local theater yet.

Believe me, if I come to Archivemania IV with the knowledge of what happened because of Winn-Dixie, Ghostal's even more of a dead man than he already was.

Remember that.

2005-03-30, 01:31 AM
Amarant, you had Redstreak beat in your wildest dreams. Hell you barely beat me and you think you were beating him. Mcfly it's time to lay of the LSD and Phish records.

But all joking or random chatter aside.

So you say your overjoyed, how your going to destroy me at AM3 and sound like a broken record with this "Prove me wrong" crap.

But I can see it in how you carry yourself, in your eyes in your voice. You afraid, you know you pissed off the giant, you can feel the fear as it runs in your blood and pumps through your heart.

Your mind tells you by the laws of averages and luck you should be fine. You should be able to beat me 1, 2, 3 or by making me tap. But then you realise what if? What if you can't pin him or what if he doesn't tap. What if the last thing I see is the roof spinning as the back of my head cracks into the mat or worse: a chair, a table or the concrete floor? Then what as you feel something warm and wet forming behind your head as the ring turns fuzzy and the ref and crowd sound far away. Then what?

You realise you should have shut up when you could have, remembered logic is better than valor. You should have found a different for for AM3. After that you know one more thing.

You know simply one thing that this is the end.

2005-03-30, 04:26 AM
Blaster, Y3B, whateverthehellyouwanttocallyourself.. now I have your attention huh? You must be rubbing your swollen eyes and icing your aching head and asking, why does King want to interfere, but not only that, helping TC retain his belt? Well I am not gonna give all the secrets away cuz.. what's the fun in that? TC can have his belt for now.. I'm not interested in the World Belt. Yet. However I am interested in putting some hurt to our dear old Blaster. So come this ArchiveMania I accept your challenge so I can drive your head into the mat one more time. Who knows? Maybe this time you'll realize why I AM the King of the World.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-30, 06:26 AM
Oh you have my attention all right King. But not the good kind of attention all my followers get. No you're getting the wrath of god stuff. You are getting the stuff that left Back in a heap.

You put the hurt to me already. You cost me a fourth title reign. You cost the God among Men the pristine gold of the world heavy weight title. Now come Archivemania it will be time for the hurt to be reversed.
You are good King, no one can deny that, you are one of the best. But you are on the Honour Roll and I'm Valedictorian. No matter how good you are, I am better.

You want to take on the Child Prodigy, the Highlight of the night, on the biggest stage there is. Under the brightest spotlight in this industry and you think you have a chance? Heh, you must be praying to me every night.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-03-30, 07:14 AM
Y'know Summers, I can't help but admit it, you're right again.

Every step I take is soured with the pain you caused me at AM '02, every day I spent rehabbing that knee you sought to reak your fury on was spent with one goal in mind. ArchiveMania, the biggest show of 'em all, I'm gonna take you out, un-sanctioned street fight, anything goes

*stonecold slams his open hand against a steel chair*

What I wanna know is, if you're man enough to take the challenge without O'Con. You're not better than me Erik, Archive Mania is gonna prove that.

Worst thing you can do to a rattlesnake is work it up, sooner or later he comes out fighting...

2005-03-30, 07:39 AM
Well...did I get the little Snake all coiled up in a tizzy? The truth hurts doesn't it M? You're all but frothing...

When we met at Archivemania, I took a piece of you. This time, I'm getting it all. The total dismantlement of Stone Cold Skywarp happens this week...and if HBK is a concern of yours, there is no need. My friend has assured me that he will be busy in the back, drinking in celebration of his victory over Sixswitch, while watching me end your career.

Tick Tock old friend...can you hear it? The seconds tick away...here we are...two icons...two legends in this company. Tick tock...with every passing second your career slips away from you. Tick Tock...you can feel it can't you? You know what is coming, you know that the soothing light at the end of the tunnel is really a freight train coming your way. TICK. TOCK. (Summers smirks) Time's almost up...see you Sunday...

2005-03-30, 09:52 AM
What is it with you and nicknames? I guess that's what you do on your spare times..thinking another way to call yourself. Well guess what.. I am a 2 time world champion and I ain't afraid of nobody, least of all from a guy who's all bark and no bite. So bring it, you and your countless nicknames to the ring and we'll see who's eating crow at the end of the match.

If you spell god backwards.. then you'll know what I think of you. Biatch. :eyebrow:

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-03-30, 05:59 PM
Ah, and Summers makes his first mistake, see I know that Sixswitch is gonna head out at ArchiveMania the winner over HBK, just like I know for damn sure that I'm gonna walk out the winner over you.

You're right about me frothing at the mouth, I'm rabid, I'm a crazed animal just waiting to get out, rip you limb from limb and leave so little left even the circling buzzards won't bother picking your bones.

I can't taste it, can't you Erik? Taste the blood, the sweat, the tears. I can taste the victory and the sweet beer that will follow. The biggest mistake you've made your entire career through is underestimating me, you're too sure of yourself, that's your downfall. Come Archivemania this Sunday, I will be the last man standing.

Time's up Erik, time's up

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-30, 07:50 PM
Originally posted by -Predaking-
What is it with you and nicknames? I guess that's what you do on your spare times..thinking another way to call yourself. Well guess what.. I am a 2 time world champion and I ain't afraid of nobody, least of all from a guy who's all bark and no bite. So bring it, you and your countless nicknames to the ring and we'll see who's eating crow at the end of the match.

If you spell god backwards.. then you'll know what I think of you. Biatch. :eyebrow:

2 time just proves anything you can do I can do better. See I am 3 TIME AWF CHAMPION! And atleast 5 years younger than you while doing it. When your career ends mine will be in it's prime.

Now you are right about dog being god backwards, and you are right about me being a dog, but you are wrong about no bite. See when I am like a dog, I'm like a pitbull. Once I bite down on something it has no chance of escape until it's fresh meat. Now you've given me reason to bite down and LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! it is only a matter of time until you're fresh meat.

2005-03-30, 11:10 PM
It's amusing to hear how you admitted to being a dog. But if you are indeed one it's more likely a poodle than pit bull. And guess what.. I'll be the one who's gonna neuter you this Sunday at Archivemania. So ramble on about jesus and what not.. your followers will lose faith in you after I am done with you!

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-03-31, 04:09 AM
Originally posted by -Predaking-
It's amusing to hear how you admitted to being a dog. But if you are indeed one it's more likely a poodle than pit bull. And guess what.. I'll be the one who's gonna neuter you this Sunday at Archivemania. So ramble on about jesus and what not.. your followers will lose faith in you after I am done with you!

You beating me is a sign of the AWF Apocalypse King, and me being the savior of the millions and millions of AWF fans will not let that happen.
How ever I will bring the end of days to something Kinggly. I will brind an end to your days of nay-saying and dis-belief that I am your Personal Jesus. The retribution to your heinously screwing me out of the AWF title twice will be very simple and very wrath of god like.

It's too late for you to accept forgiveness from your Personal Jesus. He has forsaken you, there is only one solution left and that is for faith to touch you! And when, not if, it occurs, you will be left with only one choice. To tap out.

2005-04-01, 07:51 AM
Is that a little snake I hear hissing away, making all that noise? If I didn't know better, I would think that I have started to get to the great big rattlesnake. Oh wait...I have gotten to him. See Stoney, I don't my friend Sean to walk to the ring with me as I can kick your low class ass all by my lonesome. Hell, even though it's a street fight, if you are so worried about my sledge...then I'll just have to not bring it down to the ring with me.

See Warpy...I want you at your best. That way, when I end your career...there will be no excuse. When you're looking up at the lights from the flat of your back, the one thought you will carry with you is that Erik Summers just beat your ass...and ended your career. Just a few more days Warpy and every doubt and fear you keep in the drunken skull of yours will all come to pass. See you real soon...

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-04-01, 12:12 PM
You want me at my physical peak? You really sure you want that Erik? Remember the last time it really went down between us? Hell in a Cell, Lord of the Mat, 2002 in your own damn home town?

I whupped your sorry ass all over that Cell, busted you up, took you out. Took the glory from you in front of your own family. Shook ya up that didn't it?

And lest we forget our little DN history, thinkin you got StoneCold in the bag, newest DN member, nuh-uh! You can't trust a damn Rattlesnake Erik, you want this to be the crowning glory of your career?

We're one-for-one Erik, this is the decider. Come ArchiveMania 2005 I'm gonna fight, battle, bring the war to ya and walk out the winner, come Archivemania, I'll remind the world exactly why I'm the TOUGHEST SOB in the AWF today.

ArchiveMania Erik, showcase of the immortals, you and me, unsanctioned street fight.

Better say your prayers, cos you're facing one pissed off demon.

2005-04-01, 07:04 PM
Oh, this is absolutely priceless. It isn't enough that you strut around spouting off your little catchphases, but now you have to distort the truth? Please...and you're the one with integrity out of the two of us? In case you have forgotten, yeah...you beat me in my hometown...and it took you two stunners, one of the them off a ladder to put me down. We are all tied up 1-1, but you see where in the past, there has always been a scrap of humanity inside me...that little voice that kept me from going for the kill and putting you out of all of our misery, that voice has long since been silenced. See, my new girl Atticus and my buddy Sean really helped me to see things more clearly. All that heart and soul I gave to the fans and what did I get? Nothing. See M, you're in the worst possible position...yet, you don't even realize it. You're that guy out there on the battlefront and you realize that you're all alone...I'm in the guy in the tower...the one with the high powered rifle and the scope sighted in...and the final shot isn't going to come from behind Warp...it's going to come with you and I, face to face. I want to watch as you realize that you'll never wrestle again. I want to see the look in your eyes as you realize that you've lost everything in front of your countrymen. I want to be there to hear your heart break...that is if I leave it still beating inside your chest. I'm going to take everything from you this Sunday Warp...and I'm going to do it with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.