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2002-02-11, 02:43 AM
(OOC: Use this thread for whatever loose ends you want to wrap up or to develop new stories if you like)

The group arrived back in the Plasma Energy Chamber, but Optimus and Mirage were no where to be seen.

Jhiaxus: "hmmm....pity, i did so want to continue my discussion with Prime."

Jhiaxus: "So Gigatron, you delivered the package without any problems?"

2002-02-11, 03:13 AM
Hatemunger stopped.
"Well I suppose this changes things." He laughed at looked at Jhiaxus.
"I would guess everything went as planned, sir?" he asked.
He then told Jhiaxus about the occurances on Cybertron.

"We have found the Combaitcons or more likely they found us." He smiled. "Trypticon is back online, we have a new weapon for againist the Autobots (he said refering to Dominator) and the Autobots as a whole have been very quiet."

2002-02-11, 03:26 AM
Jhiaxus looked up at Hatemonger and smiled as he rose to his feet.

Jhiaxus: "Yes...all went as planned, and nothing will ever be the same again!"

2002-02-11, 03:48 AM
"Well then," Hatemunger smiled and motioned for his men to follow him then invited Jhiaxus.
"Why don't we see how our dear Cybertron has changed then."

2002-02-11, 03:59 AM
Taking advantage of the lull in Hatemunger's conversation (how very rude this newcomer was!), Gigatron leaned to Jhiaxus and delivered his report.

"The package was received by the Liege Maximo as planned. He seemed very interested in taking advantage of his gift. Both pleasant and cooperative."

As the Decepticons began walking, Gigatron continued to speak. His hands folded behind his back; his eyes clutched the ground inches before Jhiaxus' feet.

"But I've been meaning to ask, Jhiaxus. What was the package? In all the business with my revival, I never had time to question you about it."

2002-02-11, 04:05 AM
Jhiaxus smiled at his friend and leaned in so only Gigatron could hear and muttered the contents of the package to his olderst friend.

2002-02-11, 04:22 AM
Shock. It leads to a lot of things. Fear, anger, pain. For some, it ends life. For Gigatron, it merely ended his stroll.

"You're joking."

He could see that Jhiaxus was not. Gigatron paused to choose his words carefully. A few moments passed; the decision made, he spoke again.

"That's insane! You can't seriously... With that kind of power, he'll... What are you thinking?!"

Calm down.

Gigatron paused again. This time his speech was more fluent, rational, quiet.

"No, Jhiaxus. No. I'll put it to you straight - I want no part of this. Old friends we may be, I will not take part in this!"

He stopped to think. Reasoning with Jhiaxus may be a possibility. But, what difference would it make? What's done was done (thanks to Gigatron himself), and talking sense to Jhiaxus would be about as helpful as gibberish.

Gigatron added calmly, "I suppose I've just reduced my list of options to flight. Goodbye, Jhiaxus."

The words barely out of his mouth, Gigatron transformed to jet mode and sped away from the Decepticons.

2002-02-11, 04:37 AM
Hatemunger scratched his head.
"Gigatron does not seem to have a clue who he wants to fight for?" He asked.

2002-02-11, 04:39 AM
Jhiaxus watched his oldest friend fly away. Had he had one, his heart would have broken, were he able, he would have shed tears.

Jhaixus: "I see you have made your choice my friend...I only hope you have the reason to think about that choice...and the character to accept the possible ramifications should you try to stop me...good bye...my brother..."

Jhiaxus turned to his followers: "Come...it is time to find that fool Optitron. And Hatemonger...you did well...you have quite the future in the new order of the Decepticons!"

2002-02-11, 06:31 AM
Brawn Jazz and Sunstreaker sat inside Iacon

"Too bad about Braint Storm eh guys" Sunstreaker said

"He was a true Autobot he went down fighting" Brawn said

"yeah man give 'em props for that" Jazz finished

2002-02-11, 10:22 AM
The Cosmobots were stood in a small antechamber in Iacon. They had a lot of records to update and expand with their new knowledge of the galaxy. Apollo hovered above the ground in satelite mode and formed an uplink with the city's computer banks.

"There," he said, "now we just wait."

(OOC: The Cosmobots are ready to take part in any new threads)

Quick Switch
2002-02-11, 12:06 PM
Onslaught crossed his arms.

"Damn," he muttered.

"We have been abandoned by Hateumunger!" Swindle wailed.

"No, fool, he's probably forgotten about us..." Blast Off murmurred.

"Back to the Energy Chamger. Now." Onslaught nodded, once.

Transforming to vehicle modes, the Combaticons sped back to the Plasma Energy Chamber.

2002-02-11, 01:54 PM
OOC Hey Quickswitch this will explain all.

Hatemunger got onto his com-link.
"Onslaught we no longer need to find Vector Sigma, Jhiaxus and his men have returned. Sorry you got lost in the mix, I returned to base to have Stealth outfitted, but that is no longer nesscary. We could use your help here if you desire to help." He asked. He then looked at Jhiaxus "Thank you." He said then continued to set about talking to his own soilders and other Decepticons.

Suddenly Skyblade stood up,
OOC I know the Analon left Earth.
"Guys we have a problem, a rather massive shuttle has just arrived in the orbit of Cybertron." he said looking at a radar screen.

God Jinrai
2002-02-11, 02:22 PM
Awaking from a silent stupor, prime stirred.... he lay in silence for a moment, then rose up... his hand supported his rise to his feet... yet he felt strange... he turned around, and he realized quickly why... floating before him was the supercomputer of cybertron... vector sigma... behind it, a strange gateway... silently, a voice spoke to optimus..." Orion Pax.... Optimus Prime. Time has been thrown to chaos... jhiaxus was merely toying with you... his plans were much greater than simply to try and erase you from reality... I fear for all of you...my children... for the great destroyer... once more approaches cybertron.... but this time... I fear not the matrix... nor even myself... will be able to stop the abomination... for this is not the unicron we knew... this power I sense... is a demon unlike any the universe has ever known. "

With that the voice went silent... and prime shielded his optics from the light that flashed as the portal sealed... slowly he opened his optics again... he felt strange.. but yet he ignored the feelings... transforming, he punched his accellerator, and suddenly bolted forward... as he sped toward iacon, he pondered...

"What in primus... Primus.. that... that has to be it! His children... that was... the creator!"

Soon arriving at the gates to iacon, prime transformed and ran for the command center...

Jinrai meanwhile finally arrived... weary for some unexplicable reason, he silently approached living areas of iacon... perhaps hoping to find a resting place...

2002-02-11, 04:51 PM
Megatron walked down the ramp of TimeSplitter. He walked a few metres to Iacon. He had asked them politely to let him in. He was frustrated, but he couldn't let it show. He wanted to join the Autobots... for now.... But he did plan to keep it solid. Somehow, he needed to help the Autobots. Their was something... he had to do... He felt it... an urge inside of him. A longing for something more... more than what he had. But suddenly he came out of thought.

He opened his comlink and tranmitted a message to Optimus Prime

"Optimus Prime, where are you. I have tried to contact you, and I want to prove to you, my trust, my faith in you nd the Autobots."

He ended the Transmission.

He sent another transmission to those at Iacon , only footsteps away.

"Autobots, let me in. This is Megatron and if you forgot already, I'm here to help."


Counter-Punch altered his systems to make him appear damaged.

"Counter-Punch, to HateMunger. Require assistance......" His voice lowered in tones. Hoping to provide it suitable.

He touched his chestplate, where the decepticon symbol lay. He touched it, making it half hang out, his circuits showing. Then he fainted.

Quick Switch
2002-02-11, 05:01 PM
"Acknowleged," Onslaught replied to Hatemunger.

The Combaticons sped onward, arriving at the threshold of the Chamber. Transforming to robot modes, they walked in, saluting to Jhiaxus and his retinue.

"Combaticons reporting, Commander," Onslaught saluted sharply, coming to attention.

2002-02-11, 06:02 PM
Cryhavoc stood silently for a while, staring at leaving Gigatron. Jhiaxus had revealed shrapnels of his plan to Cryhavoc earlier but what the giant knew wasn't nowhere enough for him to form any trustworthy conclusions. Still Gigatron's departing bothered Cryhavoc... there was something that Jhiaxus had not revealed to him and he hated the feeling of uncertainty crawling inside his mind.

***Why we didn't stop him? He may turn against us now.*** Cryhavoc asked from Jhiaxus through the mental link he shared with his creator as he began to follow Jhiaxus away from the plasma energy chamber.


The Predacons were gathered near the enormous Decepticon assault base Trypticon after hearing the news of Jhiaxus' return.

"Maybe the leadership will be stabilized soon. I'm beginning to get tired of this. I'm still not sure whose orders we should be following." Divebomb said, breaking the silence.

Razorclaw glanced at Divebomb and decided to share his own opinion with his fellow Predacons. "Now that Galvatron is gone it is quite clear that there are only three contenders for leadership position... Hatemunger, Optitron and Jhiaxus... what I have learned this far... Hatemunger is the first to drop out of the competion."

Headstrong lifted his head and gave a dull look at Razorclaw and Divebomb. "Enough of politics already! I don't care who we follow as long as we have Autobots to kill." He grumbled, thus gaining angry look from Divebomb.

2002-02-11, 06:35 PM
Maximo smirked happily as he watched the three Decepticons leave his chamber.

"Shatterstorm." He called to one of the guards. "You may remove Jhiaxus from his confinement... all danger to his person... and sanity... have been removed."

He watched as Shatterstorm saluted, and vacated to release Jhiaxus. Now that his mission has been successful, he is as good as immortal for the next several million years... excellent. But it is not time for his mission to begin yet. It will take several million cycles for my scientists to decrypt this package. Then I will be able to implement its secrets fully. Now, back to the Covenant... I am eager to learn more of these 'morphcores' it speaks of...

2002-02-11, 07:20 PM
Adeara found herself in the Plasma Chamber, unharmed, and in her normal Decepticon form. Confusion reigned upon her face. Then, Gigatron departed, making her even more confused. "Um, forgive me if I seem a little dense, but what in the name of the Great Maker just happened here?!?!?!?"

Quick Switch
2002-02-11, 08:57 PM
Vortex and Brawl chuckled at Adeara.

"Heh, fembot," the tank drawled, ribbing his helicopter comrade.

"More than you know, little missy," Vortex half-bowed, "but it appears your back in the present."

Blast Off turned to look at his fellows.

"Fools! We are soldiers, not Terrorcons! We mock not the weaker species," the space shuttle replied, indicating the shapeshifter slightly.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-11, 09:45 PM
Sixshot walked a few paces behind Jhiaxus, he wasn't sure what he had just seen transpire in Cybertron's past, though he now felt that he'd awoken from a deep sleep where his actions were not his own.
He faltered slightly trying to find his thoughts, he was designed as a machine to destroy anything that got in his way. His being a sixchanger somewhat fitted that role.

Something was stirring inside of him now, he couldn't help but feel that something had been set in motion....

2002-02-11, 10:08 PM
Jazz Brawn and Sunstreaker were already to open the doors and fire at megatron. Their weapons ready

"Maybe he's tellin the truth" Sunstreaker suggested

"That sounds like traitor talk to me" Brawn Replied

"Hey I was just saying" Sunstre aker retorted to Brawn

Brawn was gonna reply but Jazz told him to hush "Zip That Lip Brawn" He said "Well MEGS(megatron) WHAT IF WE DO LET YA' IN? HOW DO WE KNOW YOU WON'T OPEN FIRE"

2002-02-11, 11:25 PM
Vanguard stood up and paced as Apollo was completing his uplink.
"There, I'm done boss," grinned Apollo.
"Good, now we'll go and find the others, then go and see our leader. It's been many milenia since I've seen Prime, and I look forward to meeting him again."
"Good plan," Apollo agreed, transforming into robot mode.
The two team members headed off down the corridor, toward the rec area where the other three members of the team were.

"And this one time, on the planet of Iria Draconis, we were caught in a stampede of giant scythar," Mercury was saying as Vanguard and Apollo entered. The other three Cosmobots were seated among a ring of other bots, and Mercury was telling a story about their travels.
"Scythar?" asked one of the bots curiously.
"Yeah, imagine a buffalobot, but organic, and roughly twenty times the size."
"Mercury," Vanguard called. The scout looked up.
"Yeah? Oh, high Vanguard, I was just telling the story of Iria Draconis."
"It's all in the computer now," Apollo said.
"Yes, and I want to go and meet Optimus, get any new orders he may care to give us."
"Oh OK," the Cosmobots left the room, mid-story, and went looking for Optimus Prime.

2002-02-12, 12:17 AM
Jhiaxus turned to his counterparts.

Jhiaxus: "Confused? Don't be...my brother was always somewhat short sighted..."

Sixshot: "brother?"

Jhiaxus: "Pardon me?"

Sixshot: "You just said brother..."

Jhiaxus: "I did? No...you must be mistaken..."

Sixshot: "I don't believe so..."

Jhiaxus now isn't the time Sixshot

Sixshot: fine....

Jhiaxus: "Gigatron has never been one to think about the bigger picture...he lacks vision and tends to view the world in blank and white...but i see the gray! Now my friends...its time to find Optitron and continue with our plans. Hatemonger...send a detachment out to find Optitron...lead them personally, i must not have any mistakes!"

2002-02-12, 03:04 AM
Hatemunger looked at the massive array of Decepticons.

"Hmm from what I know Optitron has considerable forces." He looked at Onslaught and Razorclaw.

"If you both would like to assist me, to find Optitron it would be most welcome. I am sorry about the mix up with Vector Sigma but at least we have a far larger fighting force now." He asked the two gestalt team comanders.

"Skyblade, Scrapheap, get the Aerialcons and Crashticons[/b[ ready for action we have a mission. [b]Stealth and Darklark are you two ready for a mission?" Hatemunger asked them.

"Slag yeah, I want to wipe out some Autobots for abondoning me!" Darklark growled energy charging in his hand.

"Whoa easy killer." Stealth laughed "You get use to knowing how spineless the Autobots really are." he smiled and nodded to Hatemunger "You know I am always ready to rock."

"Excellent, Deathsuarus. members of Liokasier, if you wish to assist me on this mission as well you are welcome too?" He asked the breastforce commander and his gestalt team assistances.

"Hmm maybe I can run into the walking corpse Jinrai agian." Deathsuarus smiled cruelly. "I am in and Liokasier will assist." He smiled.

Hatemunger then looked at [b]Jhiaxus,
"This will leave you with Trypticon, Skystalker and his massive shuttle, Adrena, Cryhavoc, Sixshot, Scorpnok and yourself here, if the Predacons and Combaticons go with me on this mission." He paused. "Would that be ok with you or do you wish to have more warriors here in case of Autobot attack?" he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-02-12, 03:34 AM
Onslaught crossed his shoulders.

"We Combaticons will crush the Renegades, for the glory of the True Empire. As if there is any doubt."

The other troops formed up.

"We move at your command, Hatemunger."

2002-02-12, 03:49 AM
Hatemunger nodded to Onslaught.
"Excellent your warriors and yourself will be most helpful, I also realise we must be prepared for not only if Optitron is hostile but also that there are yet many Autobots on Cybertron as well."

Hatemunger then waited for anymore orders from Jhiaxus and Razorclaw's answer.

2002-02-12, 04:59 AM
Jhiaxus looked at the general, Hatemonger

Jhiaxus: "Your squads will more than suffice, I trust the Autobots are still recovering from Optitron's attack, and that moron Optitron wants what only I can deliver to him...he is no threat to your fine skills....but do not agitate him!"

Jhiaxus then turned to his weary troops..."I suggest the rest of you re-energize and get repairs. We have a future to build!"

2002-02-12, 05:06 AM
There appears to be a rift in space. As the Autobot shuttle nears Cybertron, it is easy to detect as something is spit out of it. It appears to be an Autobot, but whoever it is is very unconscious or possibly dead.


Stumbling around on the surface of the planet Cybertron, two lifeforms who know nothing other than each other look about for help. During one of the more recent battles on the planet, they had been activated. Both bear Autobot symbols, but that is all that is certain at this point. Neither seems aware of his surroundings, as though when they came online their central processors were not fully activated.

2002-02-12, 05:24 AM
"Excellent, Jhiaxus we will move out now." He looked at Razorclaw "Yourself and the Predacons can join us if you wish just flow us." He nodded to the Predacon commander.

He then looked at his amassed troops and did a roll call of sorts.
"Aerialcons, Crashticons, Combaticons[b], [b]Deathsuarus, Liokaiser Members, Darklark and Stealth, transform and commence operation Hunter!"

He smiled and watched as the Aerialcons: Skyblade, Fearmaker, Buzzer, Sonicforce, Rain and Firebomb transformed into their aircraft modes, the Crashticons Screapheap, Hit and Run, Pile Up, Roll Over, Blindside and Run Away all transformed into their car modes, Deathsuarus transformed into his dragon mode and began to hover, Liokaiser seperated into six seperate robots who transformed into various vechicles, Darklark and Stealth both transformed into their car modes and the Combaticons did the same, (OOC Hope you dont mind Quick Switch :) ) Brawl, Swindle and Onslaught into a tank, jeep and missle launcher respectivly with Blast off the space shuttle and Vortex the helicopter above them.

The group of Decepticons then rolled or flew out of the energy chamber, Hatemunger in the front.

"Keep your eyes open, Optitron and his band of renegdes is a big enough worry, but there will odds are be Autobots around as well. So keep your eyes peeled." He called behind him over the din of the massive amount of Decepticon power behind him.

Hatemunger thought to himself "I only hope the Predacons join us for this mission, Dominator, Bruticus, Liokaiser and Predaking should be more than a match for most of the Autobots around here." He thought to himself. "But either way, if I was going to stuck in a battle, I'd be more than happy to serve with everyone here." He smiled and kept on the look out for Optitron or other Autobots.

2002-02-12, 04:36 PM
Megatron's eyes glowed like fire.

"Ahh, yes. The usual Autobot Wit. "

He touched the red button at the back of the mounted cannon. It detatched, as Megatron threw it up the closing ramp of TimeSplitter.

"Scan me, you will find my weapon deactivated. Bring as many Autobots as you wish to guard me. By the way who are yo... ahh i remember you, from the records. Jazz. I cannot remember every Autobt, but you were at Prime;'s side alot. You see i witnessed everything Megatron witnessed untill he was turned into Galvatron. It is a burden i have to bear. Now, you WILL let me in. You would be wise not to disobey me."

Megatron couldn't turn into his vehicle mode without his cannon, so, if they didn't let him in, he would have to brake the door down with his bare fists.

Then Megatron got a message, it was from Counter-Punch.

"Plan unsuccessful. Returning to TimeSplitter!"

Megatron banged a cold hard fist into the metal door, making a large dent in it.

God Jinrai
2002-02-12, 06:53 PM
Prime sat alone in an old section of iacon.. the original command center from which the ark was first launched... the memories rushed back to him as he sat there in near darkness... only the faint light from the crystaline dome above illuminated the massive chamber.. and here.. he sat and thought...

"First jhiaxus goes to the past... claiming to want to destroy me... but instead likely delivers something to an ulterior party... likely liege maximo himself... we somehow get torn back through the rift... and I'm alone laying before an ACTIVE vector sigma... and now I feel as if I've undergone some strange sort of metamorphosis..." Prime rose, and started over toward the doorway that lead into the launch chamber where the ark once stood... but arriving at the door, he found it un-openable... as if it were welded shut... Activating his energon axe, he drew it down the seam of the two doors... cleaving the weld, and prying them open somewhat... slipping his hands inbetween, he managed to force them open far enough to gain entry.. in the center of the room the light focused moreso than anywhere else... and prime could make out the faint outline of two transformers... one appeared to be a winged lion... which he almost thought could be razorclaw with divebomb clamped onto his back... the other however... was a rather large jet... he could just catch the glint from the cockpit... it was then he heard the voice...

"My predecessor... my father so to speak... after so long... finally we meet. You won't know of me until your possible eventual death, Optimus... but jinrai...knows me almost as well as my partner here... There are two among the ranks of decepticons that we've pursued here... to hunt them down and wipe them out... they left our world near death... the earth destroyed... and We were on the verge of death... unable to do anything about it... now it's time to avenge our earth... as well as our fallen comrades. "

Prime spoke silently... "Who...are you?"

2002-02-12, 07:00 PM
Razorclaw didn't bother to answer to Hatemunger. When the Decepticon groups lead by Hatemunger began to depart he got up and transformed into his lion mode and began lazily follow the Decepticon general Jhiaxus had placed in command of the mission.

Other Predacons followed the example of their leader and assumed their animal modes.

"I hope we meet the Protectibots again. Especially Hot Spot... I have some business to do with him..." Headstrong snorted to Tantrum and began to accelerate his speed.

Tantrum grinned as well as he could in his bull mode, steam puffing out from his nostrils. "Yeah. We would have slaughtered those 'bots without they interfering. Hah. I wish we could take our revenge against Fortress Maximus... that slagging pile of scrap metal prevented us from killing Defensor."

Quick Switch
2002-02-12, 07:08 PM
The Combaticons followed Hatemunger's troops, though behind the vanguard.

Vortex and Blast Off, soaring above the steel labyrinths of Cybertron, heard the Predacons chatter.

"Defensor, indeed. Proximus will merit our wrath, if he so dares as attempts to battle with us," Blast Off snorted.

"Yeah, really. I can't wait to tangle with those hoity-toity ninnys...and get 'em back good this time."

"Stay silent!" Onsalught barked. "Maintain radio silence until Optitron's forces are located."

The sound of metallic claws, hooves, wings, wheels, engines and rotor blades cut the Cybertronian calm as the hunt for Optitron's renegades continued.

2002-02-12, 09:20 PM
"Excellent to see you accompaning us Razorclaw and your men as well" Hatemunger called behind him.

"Onslaught is right use this Decepticon only frequency to commuicate." He then called out a few orders.

"Razorclaw can you and your men use their advanced senses to keep an look out for Optitron? Combaticons the same goes for you all as well." Hatemunger asked.

Skyblade rang in over the com-frequncy.
"The Aerialcons and myself are going to fly a bit higher up to keep a look out. If we see anything we will let you know. Skyblade out." With that the six fighter jets soared up above the company of Decepticon warriors."

Hatemunger then called back to Razorclaw.
"Do not worry, if the Protectobots live you and your men may have the honor of wiping them out." Hatemunger smiled.

Stealth Then called in.
"Guys I am gonna cloak and try to cover some more ground, what the Autobots can't see they can't attack." He suddenly faded from sight and left the squad.

"Just be careful Stealth you were captured before." Hatemunger chiled.

"Yeah I know, I'll keep in touch." Stealth laughed and drove off.

Hatemunger then looked ahead.
"Now to find Optitron." He said quietly and kept his lookout.

2002-02-12, 10:43 PM
Minerva: -working on Sky Garry- "Do you think it's really Megatron?"

Brainstorm: -hooking up a diagnostic computer to his half melted transector- "The way this day's been going, it probably is."

Chromedome: "If it is, we'll be able to handle him."

Hardhead: -grunts in agreement-

Minerva: -sighs- "I don't think he's looking for a fight. Not by himself, at least."

Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -watching Megatron on a monitor stand at the gates of Iacon-

Siren: "He doesn't look so tough. Heck, the one we're used to seeing turns into a tank. This guy has nothing on ours."

Hosehead: "Well, he doesn't have a weapon. Maybe he's actually here for something other than fighting."

Nightbeat: "This is Megatron, guys. None of the Decepticons is more dangerous. Especially when unarmed."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-12, 11:08 PM
It had passed in an instant, a journey that would usually take many cycles had taken a matter of moments. The transwarp technology that the Autobots had integrated into the shuttle craft now dubbed The Axalon had worked smoothly, and exactly as described.
Springer stood up, a little unstable, after all, he'd just flown several thousands of miles in a matter of minutes.

"Okay, Role Call, Wreckers, Dinobots, Sixswitch, Roadbuster, Blaster, welcome to Cybertron! We hope your stay is enjoyable, and apologise for the lack of in-flight movie"

Springer hit a panel on the wall and the shuttle doors opened, revealing Cybertron, the first time he'd seen it in almost 3 earth years and things were creepy....

2002-02-12, 11:24 PM
Sixswitch stepped out of the shuttle, and looked around.

The place was familiar, not surprisingly because this was where he was built - albeit in another reality to this one. He had gathered by now that he must have slipped through a portal to this reality from his own. However, what mystified him the most was that he was almost positive that the entity that transported him here was sentient. If that was true, why was he brought here? To what purpose?

He glanced around at the planet, a dull gold - almost brass colour now. Not how he remembered it from his time. It was as if the life-force, the energy of the planet had once again been drained somehow. Perhaps it had. The tall towers were intact, the skyline familiar, yet different. He tried to get his bearings.

It was very eery, being in a setting so familiar, yet evidently different - almost like a dream. However, he knew they had come here for a reason, and he had to get over it, now.

He turned to the group.
"OK, we're here. But why are we here? And what do we do now?"

2002-02-12, 11:32 PM
(Adrena? Who's Adrena?)

*note-happens just before Vortex, Brawl, and Blast-Off leave*
Adeara turned to the two speaking to, or about, her, but stopped as a third spoke: "Fools! We are soldiers, not Terrorcons! We mock not the weaker species." Adeara then turned to him, and back-handed him. "Don't ever consider a fleshling a weaker species, fool!"

*now happens just before Jhiaxus' order to repair re-energize*
Adeara then turned towards Jhiaxus after Hatemunger and his squad left, who ordered the remaining Decepticon to repair and re-energize. She sighed, thankful that she could at least rest. "Rest.....That's all I need at the moment."

2002-02-13, 12:19 AM
Jazz nodded to Brawn

"Do it man"

Brawn nodded walking over to the panel pressing it and opening the door

"I'll do it I may not like it"

Sunstreaker and Jazz kept their weapons trained on him as they opend the doors

(ooc: what version Megatron are you?)

Blaster walked out of the shuttle "I'd be lyin' If I said I didn't miss this place" He said.

The Five Casettes stepped out Fastforward in awe looking around as he had never seen the place before till now.

"It's beautiful" He stammerd Eject nodded

"It's home"

2002-02-13, 12:44 AM
Originally posted by Skywarp
It had passed in an instant, a journey that would usually take many cycles had taken a matter of moments. The transwarp technology that the Autobots had integrated into the shuttle craft now dubbed The Axalon had worked smoothly, and exactly as described.
Springer stood up, a little unstable, after all, he'd just flown several thousands of miles in a matter of minutes.

"Okay, Role Call, Wreckers, Dinobots, Sixswitch, Roadbuster, Blaster, welcome to Cybertron! We hope your stay is enjoyable, and apologise for the lack of in-flight movie"

Springer hit a panel on the wall and the shuttle doors opened, revealing Cybertron, the first time he'd seen it in almost 3 earth years and things were creepy....

As Springer looks, a bot falls to the ground a few meters away. It struggles to rise. Somehow, it almost looks like Bluestreak, but the colors are all wrong at least...

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 01:16 AM
(OOC: Parital retcon to Angel's post.)

Blast Off was caught off guard by the fleshlings blow, and he staggered against Swindle, who held him up.

Vortex and Brawl roared with laughter, causing Onslaught to turn.

Blast Off steadied himself, and jabbed a finger at Adeara (sp?).

"Miserable woman! Do no-" Onslaught raised a hand, silencing Blast Off.

The Combaticon leader narrowed his optics at the shpeshifter.

"I apologize for some of my troops...rough etiquitte...but strike one of the Combaticons again...and you shall face the wrath of Onslaught. Combaticons, transform!"

The Combaticons raced after Hatemunger.


Quick Switch transformed just as a shuttle landed on Cybertron.

As Autobots exited, he walked off and crossed his arms.

"Springer, good to see you. Especially you Dinobots...things are pretty rough up here. Prime'll be glad to see you..."

God Jinrai
2002-02-13, 01:30 AM
The two abruptly transformed... the front of the jet seperated from the rear, and slid into the body again.. now as the head... the other's body reconfigured, and the dual shoulder cannons were now quite visible...

"The name is starsaber, optimus. My cohort... "

starsaber turned his head to his compatriot...

"Victory leo's the name" the yellowish gold bot replied...

Starsaber: " I know that deathsarus is here... in this timeline... we HAVE to find him... and destroy him before he tries another scheme like he did back in our reality... "

The three silently exited the dark chamber of iacon, approaching the new command center... starsaber gazed around...awestruck.

"This...is iacon? Before the great cataclysm? I couldn't even imagine a place closely resembling this!"

Victory Leo, on the other hand was quite silent... taking everything in, silently, he tried to focus on the task at hand.. but was unable to. Seeing the original convoy... he vaguely recalled rodimus from his time as god jinrai... when he was sentient apart from his godmaster... It struck deeply to his core... he hadn't seen prime die... but knew that in his time, he did... Victory leo then vowed silently... that such would not come to pass here so long as he lived...

2002-02-13, 01:47 AM
Sixswitch ran forward to help the bot who had seemingly fallen from the sky. Rolling the bot over, he looked at the form in amazement, then up at Prowl. The two were strikingly similar, yet one had red colouring, the other black.

He heard the familiar transforming sound and looked up as a green and grey robot landed, of a similar build to his own.

He turned to look at the fallen robot again as Springer spoke to Quick Switch.

"A friend of yours?" he asked Prowl, without looking up.

2002-02-13, 02:17 AM
Slag looked at Quick Switch.

"Don't worry", he said. "no w that we're here, there's nothing to worry about."

Snarl just stared out at the landscape in awe.

He had finally come home.

God Jinrai
2002-02-13, 02:17 AM
The two abruptly transformed... the front of the jet seperated from the rear, and slid into the body again.. now as the head... the other's body reconfigured, and the dual shoulder cannons were now quite visible...

"The name is starsaber, optimus. My cohort... "

starsaber turned his head to his compatriot...

"Victory leo's the name" the yellowish gold bot replied...

Starsaber: " I know that deathsarus is here... in this timeline... we HAVE to find him... and destroy him before he tries another scheme like he did back in our reality... "

The three silently exited the dark chamber of iacon, approaching the new command center... starsaber gazed around...awestruck.

"This...is iacon? Before the great cataclysm? I couldn't even imagine a place closely resembling this!"

Victory Leo, on the other hand was quite silent... taking everything in, silently, he tried to focus on the task at hand.. but was unable to. Seeing the original convoy... he vaguely recalled rodimus from his time as god jinrai... when he was sentient apart from his godmaster... It struck deeply to his core... he hadn't seen prime die... but knew that in his time, he did... Victory leo then vowed silently... that such would not come to pass here so long as he lived...

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 02:19 AM
Quick Switch smiled.

"Yeah, Slag. It's good to see you lunks." he gave a half-hearted punch to the triceratops, laughing.

"Why don't we head back to Iacon HQ, eh?"

2002-02-13, 02:43 AM
Slag, taking Quick Switch's humor in stride, hit him back.

"Lead the way, friend."

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 02:47 AM
Quick Switch was knocked back a bit by Slag's punch a bit...a few feet, to be precise.

"Heh, ayuh. Let's go!"

Transforming to drill tank mode (on account of the Dinotobts ponderous speed-except Swoop- the Hexa Changer opted not to transform to fighter jet mode) Quick Switch rumbled on towards Iacon.

2002-02-13, 03:02 AM
Slag and Sludge followed Quick Switch, then they noticed that Snarl was not following them.

"Hey, Snarl", Slag said. "Come on."

Snarl shot up, then quickly ran u to his fellow Dinobots.

"You ok", Sludge asked.

"Yeah", Snarl said. "It's just...it's so good to be home."

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 03:09 AM
Quick Switch rumbled along, a few feet ahead of the Dinobots.

"Guys, the situation's pretty serious. The Cons have really beaten us badly the last few cycles...Iacon's been breeched a coupla times. And, oh yeah, I think the Cons control the underbelly of Cybertron, 'cause I haven't heard any other Bots reporting from there. This'll save ya time for Catch Up 101."


The group arrives at Iacon, specifically, Autobot HQ.

Transforming to robot mode, Quick Switch waited for Slag, Sludge and Snarl to meet up with him.

2002-02-13, 03:13 AM
Slag, Sludge and Snarl caught up to Quick Switch.

"So, when do we start slaggin Decepti-butt?", Slag asked.

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 03:17 AM
The Hexa Changer turned, as the group walked inside, heading toward the main briefing room.

"Well, to be honest, I dunno. Depends if Prime's still here. As for myself, I'm always ready. But we may need to wait for orders from the command element."

2002-02-13, 03:23 AM
Sludge looked at Quick Switch.

"Only command element that matters is Grimlock", he said. "He's the only leader we follow."

"Yeah", Slag said. "Where is he, anyway?"

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 03:29 AM
Quick Switch shrugged.

"Huh. Where is ol' Grim?" he muttered, leaning against a rail.

"Well...remember guys. Prime's the head bot 'round here. I mean, technically, Grimlock has to listen to what he has to say."

2002-02-13, 03:32 AM
"Don't remind us", Slag said.

Snarl was too busy looking around to comment. He had never thought he'd be back here. At Iacon. On Cybertron.

He felt a emotion that he rarely feeled.

He was happy.

2002-02-13, 03:58 AM
Prowl exited the Axalon and looked at the figure that his friends were pointing out to him in the distance.

Prowl: "It couldn't be..."

Prowl rushed to the figure.

Prowl: "How is it possible you still live...after...?"

2002-02-13, 03:58 AM
"Mmm, energy!" Squawktalk prattled. "Battle takes much out of Squawkbox, gotta fuel up and fight, fight, fight! Know what I mean, brudda?"

Beastbox turned his head (quite randomly), and caught Squawktalk staring anxiously at him. As methodically, the eyes turned away. Beastbox hobbled a few feet away, then transformed to cassette mode and entered regenerative shutdown.

"Oh no, you won't get me that easy!" Squawktalk began again. Though he knew the battle had greatly depleted his energon reserves, he was reluctant to join Beastbox in refueling. Rather, he chose to fly about the heads of his fellow Decepticons - and unintentionally annoy them.

2002-02-13, 04:03 AM
Skyblade com-linked in to the Decepticon troops.

"Hatemunger, there is a problem. A large number of Autobot troops have landed in Iacon. Some I recongnize some look totally unknown to me." He rang in.

"Excellent work Skyblade, but for now we will not worry about them unless they assult us, but just in case, all Decepticons be ready." Hatemunger said.

"Wonderful Hatemunger thought to himself, first Optitron and his men now the Autobots are regrouping here, and of sadly we have our own men divided among here and Earth. No matter we will win no matter what! I have not just I my men have been in too many battles the Autobots need to be beaten here but when the time is right" Hatemunger thought.

Hatemunger decided to contact Jhiaxus.
"Jhiaxus, we have a problem, the Autobots have received a massive number of reinforcements, we are not going to currently engage with them, as finding Optitron is our current objective, but I feel you need to be alerted in case they strike at the energy chamber. Good luck, Hatemunger out." He closed the com-link and charged his fusion cannons just in case.

"Be careful everyone, there will be deaths but if I can help it only Autobots, or rogue Decepticons!" Hatemunger growled his eyes turning red.

2002-02-13, 04:05 AM
"I feel like absolute hell..." the bot then opens his eyes to see Prowl standing over him. "Ah, hello uncle. Good to see you again."
Redstreak then stands, albeit shakily, and shakes Prowl's hand. "I guess you could say things turned out better than we thought...I was never dead. I was taken to another place and given gifts that I don't really even know what to do with yet. It's fantastic, I..." he realizes there are others around him. "I imagine you're all wondering who I am; I am Redstreak, Autobot Cavalier, son of Bluestreak." he bows his head to them in respect and uncertainty; for all he knows the leader is among them right now.
"So, what's going on? Cybertron is not at all how I left it five years ago." He falls to one knee. "Damn...running low on energy..."

2002-02-13, 04:16 AM
Prowl balanced out his 'nephew' for a moment then turned to Springer and the others.

Prowl: "We need a little help here guys.

Pointblank was the last to exit the craft, with a solemn grimmace on his face. He said nothing to Peacemaker, his binary bonded counterpart, transformed and made his way to Iacon in search of Prime.

2002-02-13, 04:19 AM
Hatemunger was ahead of the group keeping an eye out for Optitron, suddenly in the distance he saw a Decepticon move.

"What's this?! Could it be Optitron?" he thought "Optics zoom in 500%." His optics zoomed in on the robot, it was not Optitron but another familar face. He knew the frame was unmistakeable, the Purple, body, the orange energy cannon and the Decepticon matrix hanging off his chest. Even though he only saw him for a moment, the body it was too familar it had to be him there is only one Galvatron!

"By the Liege himself, its Galvatron! Our true leader lives!" Hatemunger thought to himself. "I must tell Jhiaxus this at once but only him. he thought and opened a private com-link.

"Commander Jhiaxus, you need to see this, I'am relaying you what I saw directly, our leader, our savior Galvatron he lives!" Hatemunger sent the com-link data to Jhiaxus alone and smiled.

"He is alive." He smiled and said quietly and carried on his mission.

2002-02-13, 04:30 AM
Jhiaxus received the transmission from Hatemonger and sent his private response.

Jhiaxus: "What?!? Do not allow him to know of your presence...this is unexpected...deploy your best garrison to keep tabs on him...who is he with and what they do...this could get ugly once Optitron learns of his...rebirth/"

Jhiaxus closed the comm link. He siezed one of the repair drones in his might hand and crushed it without so much as an expression of emotion. Yet inside...an ancient rage was beginning to burn, for he knew all too well who Galvatron would soon be alligned with...and the answer sickened him to his very spark.

Galvatron nearly collapsed at Gigatron's words.

Galvatron: "Is...is that even possible?"

2002-02-13, 04:38 AM
Hatemunger recieved the transmission.
"It will be done, I already have a man for the job. Hatemunger out." He paused and spoke to Stealth.

"Stealth come in, do you read me?" Hatemunger asked.

"Stealth here whats up boss?" He asked cloaked and rolling along the Cybertron surface.

"Goto the coodrinates I am giving you on the path I am giving you, Galvatron has returned but do not tell anyone else of this, report any information on troops with him otherwise to me! I will then get the data to Jhiaxus. Do you understand?" Hatemunger asked him.

"Will do, to you only." Stealth replied then took off towards the coordinates that Hatemunger gave him.

"Good luck and happy hunting boss!" He said back to Hatemunger.

"Same to you Stealth, be careful." and again Hatemunger continued his mission.

2002-02-13, 07:20 AM
Blaster shook his head

"Bluestreak messed up his paint and got some logic damage" He said walking over to prowl this being the first time he had ever seen redstreak.
(ooc:first time in this rpg anyways)

2002-02-13, 01:16 PM
Sixswitch unplugged a fuel line from his chest plate, and handed it to Redstreak.
"Here, charge yourself up a bit, you can get more once we reach Iacon."
He glanced up at Prowl.
"We shouldn't delay here too long, if the Decepticons are going to attack, they will attack Iacon, not here."
He activated the flow of energy to the bot before him.

Once he had given him enough energy to function with no trouble, he extracted the fuel line, and transformed into his fast scout car mode.
"Well? Are we ready to move?" he asked impatiently.


The Cosmobots continued their hunt for Optimus, and they wandered into an older part of Iacon. One that they recognised.
"The old command centre is just down this corridor," Mercury said, leading the way.

God Jinrai
2002-02-13, 02:40 PM
Prime and his company were comming up that very corridor as the cosmobots were heading down it..

"Cosmobots. What...brings you to this old section of iacon?"

Starsaber and Victory Leo stepped back somewhat, as if not to be seen, but their efforts were in vain as there were no shadows in which they could hide their massive forms

2002-02-13, 02:51 PM
Vanguard and the rest of the Cosmobots came to a stop.

"Looking for you Optimus Prime. It's been a while since we've talked, and I thought we should report our return to Cybertron in person. Also, we were wondering if you had another assignment for us."

God Jinrai
2002-02-13, 04:57 PM
Prime smiled somewhat behind his battle mask... indeed it had been ages since he'd even seen vanguard and his crew.

"At present, I've reason to believe that optitron may still be somewhere in iacon... for now we return to the control center... but I fear decepticons may try to sneak into iacon again... if only to retrieve him.

2002-02-13, 08:44 PM
Ironhide was getting irritated, an quickly.

"How much longer am Ah gonna hav'te wait?" he said over his shoulder. Electro was still being looked after in one of the other med rooms. Meanwhile, Ironhide's damage from one of the Predacon's missile strikes was being patched up. The medical repair staff kept telling him to wait.

Ironhide hated waiting...


The sky within Iacon's dome, as it were, was clear of activity. Jetfire himself being the exception. Even the Aerialbots whom he hadn't seen since...Well, since they'd been destroyed two years ago...were grounded. Decepticons had cleared out or taken to hiding within the city. Jetfire remained on patrol, allowing his presence to be known without overdoing it.


Scattershot looked around the scene. Even with many buildings badly damaged, things were still begining to return to normal. And that made Scattershot uneasy.

He'd noted the same reactions from his team. Good, everyone was on alert. These last few skirmishes were easy, and it was a terrible sign that more was still to come...

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-13, 09:20 PM
Springer had walked with Grimlock in robot mode much of the way, whilst not being the fastest of Grimlock's modes, his alternative was much slower.

Much of the journey was made in silence, Grimlock reflecting on that gut feeling he had on Earth, which seemed so far away now.

That feeling wasn't though, that familiar feeling, something going wrong, badly, vastly wrong the feeling that he'd been through this before, twice.

Whilst Grimlock had appreciated the company, words wouldn't have worked in his frame of mind....not at this moment anyways.

The pair reached Autobot HQ - Iacon without much trouble.

"Good to see the little guy on his feet"

Springer jauntly made his way to the fresh-faced 'bot to introduce himself. He glanced at the other Wreckers as he walked, nodding at each as he passed. He stopped at Prowl for a moment.

"Think you could find any of the other Wreckers?"

He didn't wait for an answer, walking up to the new transformer he smiled, extended his hand.

"Hey kid, they call me Springer, leader of the Wreckers..."
Grimlock met up with the rest of the dinobots, still in robot mode he looked somewhat out of place, and still very concerned.

"hmm.......a lot has happened on Cybertron, not all good either. Quickswitch tell Grimlock what happened in Dinobots absense"

2002-02-13, 09:28 PM
Unknown to Hatemunger, Divebomb had noticed Galvatron too and reported this to Razorclaw and rest of Predacons as well. The Predacon commander stopped. Though he had been following Optritron's traces for quite a distance he was now unsure should he help Galvatron that he had once sweared loyalty to or should he continue with his current mission.

The thought of killing Optitron was appealing to Razorclaw but Galvatron was his true leader... the one who had made the Predacons what they were now.

Razorclaw shook his head and began ran towards the coordinates Divebomb had sent him, other Predacons following closely behind. He had to be sure if Galvatron lived.

2002-02-13, 09:41 PM
"As you say, Optimus," Vanguard said, falling into step beside his leader.

He had noticed the other two large bots behind Optimus, but hadn't said anything. He knew that Prime would let him know what was going on when the time was right.

The other four Cosmobots followed behind.
"Wow, Optimus isn't how I remember him," said Thorr.
"Yeah, he was always much more of a conversationalist," replied Mercury
"He must have something pretty big on his mind," Apollo reasoned.
"Yeah, but what? What exactly have we stumbled into here anyway?" Sun Runner asked the question they were all thinking about, "we arrive in the middle of the war, find ourselves at the Plasma Energy Chamber, have an encounter with the Combaticons there..."
"What were they doing down there anyhow?" asked Thorr.
"No idea, but I don't like unanswered questions. I hope Prime will not be too busy to fill us in once we reach the Command Centre."


Sixswitch skidded to a halt outside Iacon, still very confused.

Since he was new to this universe, he was leaderless, and guideless. What would he do? He knew his status as an Autobot, but who would he follow? And what were these 'wreckers' that Springer seemed to lead? He had to find out more. And more than that, he was curious about the Prowl lookalike bot who had fallen from space.

He approached Springer, Prowl and Redstreak.
"Would someone please let me know what's going on? And what I can do to help?"

Quick Switch
2002-02-13, 09:50 PM
Quick Switch nodded.

"OK, sure thing Grimlock."

He crossed his arms.

"Things have been bad ever since I left Earth before you all got here on Grand Maximus. The Decepticons- under whose leadership we are not sure, since several factions seem to have sprung up- have mounted some devestating attacks recently. Iacon's come close to being breeched...had to fight off some 'Con named Optitron and his forces...and I tangled with a Targetmaster tank. Quake, I think he's called. Haven't seen either of 'em since."

He shrugged.

"Basically, the sitaution's in flux. As you can see, Prime's gone now...off trying to salvage the planet. The Cons may have gotten to the Plasma Energy Chamber...we haven't received reports from there in a while. And, oh yeah, glad you're all here. We'll need you."


Blast Off was the first to notice the Predacons abscence, flying the highest of the Decepticons.

"Hatemunger, the Predacons have left the assault pattern," he reported.

2002-02-13, 10:35 PM
OOC: The G2 Version. The one which turns into a tank.

IC: Megatron walked into Iacon, weapons pointed at him. He smiled, an unusual smile, but still a smile. His red eyes glowed.

His face turned to Jazz.

"It is nice to see this again, i have seen the records but it has been a long time since i have been inside it."

Megatron turned his head. He looked straight ahead and stopped, looking at Autobot, after Autobot after Autobot.

"There is only one way to defeat a Decepticon.... Raw naked Agression!!! Your Autobots, some are pitiful creatures, they don't have enough anger inside of them. I will change that with your defences. And to prove my good will."

Megatron turned to TimeSplitter, still outside.

"The Iacon defence systems are armed and ready. Missiles that can reach all the way to Cybertron and back, we just need the scanning technology. They can be used as probes though... with modifications...."

2002-02-13, 11:52 PM
Roadbuster: -listening to situation, keeping optics open for any signs of trouble-

2002-02-14, 12:27 AM
Adeara's observant nature saw the quiet rage Jhiaxus was in. "What is wrong, my Lord? Bad news?" The simple rest she was taking was replenshing the energy she wasted in the fight with Prime. She figured that it had to be bad news. That was the only thing that could make any one go into such a quiet rage like that.

2002-02-14, 01:48 AM
Hatemunger called to Razorclaw on a private com-link.

"Razorclaw what are you doing, you and your men are needed here. I think given your advanced senses I already know what you are doing, you saw Galvatron as well. I know you swear loyaltiy to him as well as I but for now we much look for Optitron. Besides the fact I have the feeling Galvatron maybe looking for Optitron as well, if that is the case then all will work out nicely in the end." Hatemunger called to the Predacon commander.

Stealth then radioed in.
"Hey boss, I see Galvy and he seems to be in the company of several other con's I don't know any of them though, one looks familar though but I can't tell who he is. I'll keep you informed." Stealth then shut off his com-link and continued to trail the Decepticon leader.

2002-02-14, 03:07 AM
Slag nodded at Quick Switch.

"Just give the word", he said. "And we'll be out there faster than you can say, "Primus on a pogo stick!"

2002-02-14, 03:11 AM
Brawn glared at Megatron
"I beg to differ about raw anger"

Jazz nodded "Yeah man primes kicked your Butt tons of times he didn't need no anger"

Sunstreaker shook hsi head keeping his weapon ready "now whadda ya want"

2002-02-14, 05:01 AM
"Thanks," Redstreak says, standing up. "I needed that." he sees Springer approach and shakes his hand. "Redstreak. It's good to meet you, Springer. I have heard many legends about the Wreckers and Mayhems."

He looks around. "Where are we, anyway? Things seem different around here than when I left...or rather when I was taken. But whatever the case, I'm ready for duty. Just point me in the direction of our leader." He smiles a broad grin, indicating his good humor.

2002-02-14, 05:23 AM
Blaster shook his head again "Blue... or [b]Redstreak or what ever yer name is Our Leaders Optimus he's probably at Iacon you should know that." Blaster retorted. "Somethins not right it's like playin a cd on a record player just doesn't make sense"

2002-02-14, 04:34 PM
Megatron ignored the comments except for SunStreaker. Megatron stood in front of him.

"All, i want.... Is to help the Autobots now, nothing else matters, not any more, as long as the Decepticons are gone from this world."

Megatron wanted that, but hye wanted something else. He wanted Unicron. Somehow, one day, Unicron would be his.

Megatron smiled, it was an evil smile.

"As long as the Autoots exist there is hope. I cannot explain it, but something is going to happen. Something bigger than anything we have seen. There is one last line of defence i would like to create for the Autobots."

Megatron pressed a button on his arm, and a projection came up. Showing all of the autobots. Then they all transformed, but not into their usual modes except for the Gestaults. They transformed into something huge, a huge transformer, The Gestaults then joined to make it even bigger. At the top was the Head(Larger than usual) of Optimus Prime, leader... saviour of the Autobots.

Then it transformed into a recreation of the origional Prime in vehicle mode, only larger... much larger. An army could be fit inside it. An army of prisoners. An Army of Decepticons.....

"This can be done, very easily. Transformation chips and some work on the Autobots that your engineers can perform. They can double check my work if they wish."

Megatron handed Jazz some papers. It showed a picture of the Autobots, in their new Mode, against a small army of Decepticons.

But the small army was the entire Decepticon fleet.

2002-02-14, 08:56 PM
Razorclaw didn't stop running after he heard the message from Hatemunger, this didn't stop him from replying to Hatemunger. "So be it Hatemunger... we shall finish the hunt first. But I do not smell only Galvatron's energy signature at that direction... I sense Optitron's energy trace too."

Divebomb circled over the Galvatron watching for any possible trouble. This far nothing alerting haven't happened but the fact that Razorclaw had said Optitron propably located near Galvatron's position made him feel rather uneasy.

2002-02-14, 09:35 PM
Hatemunger replied back to Razorclaw.
"Hmm good work, Razorclaw, this could mean one of two things, one is Optitron may be nearby, so we all need to stay alert, the other could be Galvatron had a fight with Optitron, in which if that is the case then something is definity up with [b]Optitron." Hatemunger then made a call to all of the warriors.

"Be wary Decepticons, we may encounter hostiles." Hatemunger told the unit at his command.

Quick Switch
2002-02-14, 11:05 PM
The Combaticons received Hatemunger's transmission, though all took it differently.

Swindle drove along, in between Brawl and Onslaught...for safety's sake.

"Gee, ya think?" he muttered. Brawl managed to hear, and he snickered. Onslaught, however, did not, as he was pondering.

Yes...obviously the Predacons have a freer leash on this assignment. But no matter...they are undisciplined brutes. This Optitron fellow must have acted quite stupidly to assemble such a cabal of warriors..including ourselves against him. I wonder, what his intentions where with Jhiaxus? Or Galvatron, who I have not seen yet on my tenure back on Cybertron. Intriguing...

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-14, 11:31 PM
"Redstreak. It's good to meet you, Springer. I have heard many legends about the Wreckers and Mayhems."

"Redstreak huh, hope the things you heard were all good..."

Springer slung an arm round and patted Redstreak on the back, somewhat over-powered.

"This is Cybertron, it's changed a bit since I was last here too, needs a bit of spit and polish.."

Grimlock was fixed on Quickswitchs words...

Plasma Energy Chamber....Decepticons.....

Grimlock's anger was boiling inside him, he wanted to grab the nearest person to him and rip him limb from limb.
The Wreckers and Dinobots had definitely returned to Cybertron to fulfil a higher purpose, this Grimlock knew for sure.

Grimlock transformed into his T-Rex mode, feeling slightly more relaxed he sighed...

"Guess we re-fuel for now......then stomp Decepticons, get some answers"

Quick Switch
2002-02-14, 11:34 PM
Quick Switch nodded.

"Yes, Grimlock. I agree. I know all of you are ready and willing to kick 'Con cans...but we need a plan, and we need to be authorized to do any sort of action. Let's see if we can find a refeuling station, eh?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-15, 12:35 AM
Grimlock transformed to robot mode after Quickswitch's comments.

"Me Grimlock got authorisation right here!"

Grimlock removed his dual rocket launcher from subspace and got in Quickswitch's face.

"You got a problem?"

2002-02-15, 12:40 AM
Slag and Sludge drew their weapons and pointed them at Quick Switch's face.

"Yeah", Slag said. "got a problem?"

2002-02-15, 12:45 AM
Springer: "This is Cybertron, it's changed a bit since I was last here too, needs a bit of spit and polish.."

"And a nice coat of wax," Redstreak adds. "It appears the war has not ended...that means they were right; I have been returned here at the time I am most needed." He scans the horizon, then looks up into space. "Something is coming...something...evil."

Quick Switch
2002-02-15, 01:02 AM
Quick Switch looked at the drawn weapons.

He shook his head.

"No, I don't have a problem. But Prime will. But hey, if you want to slug it out with him, be my guest. But as for me? Shoot no. Now, as I said, think we should head to that refueling station fellas?"

2002-02-15, 04:06 AM
Roadbuster: -still scanning the horizon- "Grimlock's right. Hitting the enemy before they're in position to hit us'll be to our advantage...... But Quick Switch does have a point. We need to know where to hit, and charging up wouldn't be a bad idea. If nothing else, we can try to get an update on the situation."

2002-02-15, 04:26 AM
Blaster smiled "Some good spit polish wax and Tunes luckily I brought some earth music to enjoy once back"

Blaster presses a button his chest the music pumping out.

Jazz blinked and shook his head "No way amn I ain't becomin part of that monster it's just another unicron"

Brawn nodded "Yeah I prefer bashing heads upclose"

"Plus he's not colour co-ordinated" Sunstreaker added.

"You'll have to talk to prime"

2002-02-15, 12:06 PM
Sixswitch raised an eyebrow at the Dinobots supposed disregard for a wise suggestion from Quick Switch (as he had gathered was the robot's name by now). However, when the name Prime was mentioned, they seemed to quieten down a slight bit. Was Prime their leader? It would make a considerable amount of sense.

"I think he's right," Sixswitch spoke up, "We should recharge first, before taking the fight to the enemy."
He entered the circle of robots - perhaps a little rashly in hindside. Getting attacked by the Dinobots would not help anything.
"I am Sixswitch, formally of another universe, and now of this one," he introduced himself to Quick Switch. It wwas a lame explanation, but he wasn't up to explaining himself again.

"Now, shall we go inside?" he asked lightly.

Quick Switch
2002-02-15, 02:21 PM
Quick Switch nodded at the Sixswitch.

"I'm Quick Switch," he replied, nodding at another coolheaded bot (along with Roadbuster). "Pleased to meet you. Let's head on in."

With that, the Hexa Changer walked toward the refueling station.

2002-02-15, 06:44 PM
Prime wouldn't consider Megatron thought. But, he would give the information to him just in case.

"Will you give me a post then. I iwsh to make myself useful!"

Megatron turned looking for Prime, not paying attention to the music.

"Where is Prime!"

God Jinrai
2002-02-15, 09:34 PM
Arriving in iacon central, prime could see megatron at the entryway...

"You want a post, megatron? I've got your post for you! Haul your tail out of iacon NOW before I'm forced to THROW you out! You want war on the decepticons, find your lackeys elsewhere! I've no wanting to deal with the likes of you! I'm close enough to knocking you into stasis as it stands! I'm giving you sixty nanoclicks to get your tail, out of iacon... after that, I'm not going to hold back my anger! "

2002-02-16, 12:17 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -wander into room-

Siren: -sees Megatron- "Whaddaya know.... maybe he is ours...."

Nightbeat: "Old home week, eh"

Hosehead: "It's our lucky day."

2002-02-16, 12:56 AM
Slag looked at Grimlock.

"We don't know about you", he said. "But we're willing to follow you, no matter what you decide to do."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-16, 01:16 AM
"We don't know about you but we're willing to follow you, no matter what you decide to do."

Grimlock shook his head, his judgement was clouded by other matters, lowering his weapon he turned to Slag.

"For now, we re-fuel, lower your weapons. We talk to Prime when we meet him"

Grimlock turned and headed off.

2002-02-16, 01:22 AM
Sludge watched as Grimlock walked off.

"Talk to Prime?", he asked Snarl. "That's not like him. Grim's more likely to go off on his own than to wait for Prime."

"Yeah", Snarl said. "But I'd do as he says. We really don't want to tick Grim off."

"Right", Sludge responded, walking off to the refuling station.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-16, 01:33 AM
As Grimlock walked away he heard Snarl and Slag talking.

Hm......maybe before, but now all Autobots and Dinobots need to be on same card....much as me Grimlock hate this, we have no other choice...

2002-02-16, 11:46 AM
Megatron turned round to see Prime. Anger crossed his face.

"Destroying me would do no good Prime, this bomb is ready to explode. It would destroy everything in Iacon. You didn't think i was stupid did you."

Megatron pressed the button on his big chest, out came the bomb. It wasn't timed or anything.

Megatron through it at Prime, although it wouldn't explode.

"Do what you want with it. I'm not a Decepticon anymore!"

Megatron walked out of Iacon, his shadow trailing behind him. Then he turned round. Looking directly at Prime.
Megatron's face looked sad. Megatron had never been sad, not like this.

"I hope you know what you are going to do Prime!"

Megatron walked out

"I'll be outside in my ship, if you need me."

Megatron wallked up to TimeSplitter, up the ramp. He picked up his cannon and attached it once again. He looked at the hanger bay.

"There is one last thing i must do. TimeSplitter! Transform!"

2002-02-16, 01:52 PM
Vanguard stopped and stared as Megatron was standing around in Iacon. His age old enemy; here, in this beacon of Autobot hope. He shifted his weapon out of subspace as the other Cosmobots did the same.

Prime however, reached out and gently pushed the end of his rocket launcher towards the floor, then stepped forwards and addressed Megatron sturnly.

"There is one last thing I must do," Vanguard heard Megatron say as he walked toward the door, "Timesplitter, transform."

Vanguard looked around at Prime, who pointed silently out to the hangar, an unspoken warning to stay alert to what might happen next.


Sixswitch connected a fuel line from the energon store to his chest carapace, and flicked a switch on the computer. The hum of power signalled that the machine was working, and he sighed in satisfaction as the energon flowed into him.

"There, that's better," he turned to Quick Switch.
"What do you think we will have to do next? I know we wouldn't have fled Earth without a very good reason."

Quick Switch
2002-02-16, 03:16 PM
Quick Switch also attached a fuel line, and settled back.

"Well, trying to determine our strategy's a bit like wondering if Kup's war stories are all ture. We'll be stuck with more questions than answers, Sixsiwtch."

The Hexa Changer steepled his hands.

"What we'll have to do...is protect Iacon. Find Galvatron, and destroy him...I doubt Prime will be so lenient if they meet in combat this time around. From there? Get back the Plasma Energy Chamber. After that? Crush the Decepticons once and for all on Cybertron...then head back to square one: Earth."

2002-02-16, 05:59 PM
Divebomb continued observing Cybertron's surface from the skies, his extremely sharp optics scanning for any signs of the renegade Decepticons lead by Optitron. The energy traces led clearly several miles north from Galvatron's location but there was still no signs of the renegades.

The Predacon eagle turned around and headed towards his approaching brothers-in-arms as he had no desire to face Optitron or his minions alone. This could even be a trap... Optitron might have been able to predict that the Predacons would be sent after him and left wrong energy traces to misguide them and then attack Jhiaxus... not that Divebomb really cared if Jhiaxus and Optitron killed each other.

"Found anything?" The black and gold mechanical lion asked as Divebomb reached him and the other landbased Predacons.

"Their traces disappear in that abandoned town seven miles to north... I got no visual. They might be hiding Razorclaw..."

2002-02-16, 06:32 PM
Originally posted by Redstreak
"Something is coming...something...evil."

"I've noticed some of the others making quick exits," Redstreak says, regaining himself. "What's going on? Is there anything I can do to help?"

2002-02-16, 07:28 PM
"I swore i wold never do this, but i will. TimeSplitter, open you chest and bring forth the Autobots."

Megatron then dragged them into Iacon.

"These life suport machines were all that were keeping them alive. "

Megatron sent a special communication to TimeSplitter, he didn't want it to monitored so it was in beeps.

2002-02-16, 09:04 PM
Pointblank walked into Iacon and headed straight for Prime. Some of the other Autobots were tinkering with the bomb, which pointblank simply punched, tore out the detonation core and crushed, disabling it.

Pointblank looked at Prime: "We need to talk...now!"

The Decepticon Crypt:

Galvatron sat in shock at what Gigatron had told him. But his resolve soon hardened.

Galvatron: "Well then...we have no choice! There are Decepticons who remain loyal to me...we must find them! The Earth forces shoudl still be loyal to us, as well as these two new...warriors, and thundercracker and skywarp should still be in the shuttle, though i am uncertain if Skywarp has recovered yet from the effectsof the transwarp jump. furthermore, the Predacons would never serve Optitron if they knew i was alive, so we must find them! The rest will fall into line after I crush Optitron..."

Galvatron had spotted Divebomb earlier and sent a message out to the Predacons on their private channel.

Predacons...this is Galvatron, your one true leader! Return to me...I have need of yoru services!
Jhiaxus sat motionless...he couldn't tell them that Galvatron lived. Certainly Adeara would leave...perhaps Sixshot...and Cryhavoc may just because Gigatron had...no...he couldn't tell them, not until Optitron was secured.

Jhiaxus: "The news is nothing...just a simple progress report and the progress is not well, nothing to concern yourselves with my friends!"

2002-02-16, 09:29 PM
The Predacons stopped advancing and glanced at each other with questioning looks on their animal faces. They remained silent until.

"WHAT?!" Tantrum roared after getting annoyed by Rampage staring at him.

"I heard the call! Didn't you?!" He growled, steam puffing from his nasal ducts. "Do I have to pound it your head?!"

Rampage jumped behind Headstrong, not wanting to get into fight with enraged Tantrum.

"Calm down! Galvatron is alive and he needs us... save your rage to those who deserve it." Razorclaw growled angrily to Tantrum and hit the buffalo with his right claw.

"Divebomb take the front and try to spot Galvatron!" Razorclaw ordered and sniffed the air. "I got his scent... Let's get going!"

The Predacons obeyed their team leader and rushed into motion, crushing everything on their way as they headed towards the Decepticon Crypts.

2002-02-16, 09:39 PM
Hatemunger noticed the Predacons running away.

"Hmm intersting." Hatemunger thought.

Deathsuarus looked at Hatemunger with an odd look on his face.
"Why are you letting them run away?" He asked.

Hatemunger looked at Deathsaurus.
"Do not worry about it my friend, I have a feeling alot of our questions we be answered very shortly." Hatemunger then made a call out of the other Decepticons in the attack group.

"Men do not worry about the Predacons, I have given them permission to scout ahead." Hatemunger simply smilied.

Quick Switch
2002-02-17, 01:29 AM
The Combaticons were becomming confused...mightily.

"What the shock's goin' on?" Brawl radioded Onslaught.

"Yeah, fearless leader. First the Predacons go off like nobody's business...and no Optitron. Is this is shrike bat chase?" Vortex muttered.

"Frankly, Combaticons, I have no answers," Onslaught answered.
"However...we are under nominal control of Jhiaxus and Hatemunger. Blast Off, can you see anything from your position?"

"Not sure, sir. I've been receiving an odd transmission...something about a garbled channel broadcast concerning Galvatron. Probably gibberish sir, but my receptors picked it up."

"Galvatron? Indeed. If Hatemunger does not begin a correspondance with us directly...I shall ask him myself," Onslaught mused. The trek for Optitron continued through the deserted streets of Cybertron.

God Jinrai
2002-02-17, 02:30 AM
Prime's head turned down to pointblank...

"What is it, pointblank. It's bad enough having to deal with this megatron... and to add to matters.. I've got a VERY BAD FEELING that matters are about to get MUCH worse than any of us could imagine in the next few cycles...."

Starsaber and Victory Leo left prime to deal with the targetmaster hothead...

"And to think he's one of the predecessors to the brainmaster process..." starsaber chuckled to himself as he and vl headed for the hangar bay...

2002-02-17, 03:13 AM
Roadbuster: -hooks himself to a fuel line to rcharge(well, top off the tanks, actually), listening to the conversaton- "Then we'll just have to stop Galvatron, won't we."


Siren: "Megatron's actually here in peace........ Think he's actually given up being a Decepticon?"

Hosehead: -shrugs- "Could be."

Nightbeat: "Or it could simply be another plot. We could simply be seeing the end result of a power struggle caused by all these time rifts. Too many leaders, not enough Decepticons."

Siren: -thinking about it- "Nah. Otherwise we'd be getting Decepticons fom all those time rifts as well, right?"

Nightbeat: "Just becasue we haven't seen them doesn't mean there aren't any."

Siren: -chuckles- "Yer just getting paranoid."

Nightbeat: "Even paranoids have enemies."

2002-02-17, 06:43 AM
Hatemunger radioed, Skyblade, Scrapheap, Onslught and Deathsuars.

"I feel the oddness here as gone on long enough so I will tell you what is going on, you may then tell your soilders if you wish." Hatemunger thought for a moment then spoke.

"To put it meekly. Galvatron lives! You may all think I have gone one slag over the cucko's nest after my fight with Dark Prime. But I saw him with my own eyes and Stealth is currently following him. We will me and talk with Galvatron in due time." Hatemunger paused then spoke agian.

"I also have a feeling when we meet with Galvatron any odd questions about Jhiaxus and Optitron will be answered. I aplogize to you all that I had to keep you in the dark for so long, as I didn't want any of you to get your hopes up until I knew for sure as well. Hatemunger out." Hatemunger then continued the quest for Optitron and Galvatron!

2002-02-17, 07:46 AM
Optitron glared at Starscream and his renegades. The Autobots had pushed them back, their ranks had broken and the Decepticons had factioned off once again. Optitron was not happy...not happy at all.

Starscream: "Well all mighty Optitron, I see your plans work about as well as Megatron's"

Optitron grabbed Starscream by the throat: "I am beginning to see all too quickly why exactly Galvatron vaporized you...perhaps he is more intelligent than i suspected."

Starscream began to squirm as Optitron tossed him aside. Jhiaxus had not delivered the victory that he had promised, his troops had left him, and now he was stuck hiding from Autobot search parties.

Optitron: "We have to make our way back to Jhiaxus...we need to consolidate and strike again."

Starscream: "And how are we going to do that fearless leader?"

Optitron glared at the tunnels beneath the city.

Optitron: "It is rumored that the Liege Maximo once utilized these tunnels for his own lair...they run all through CYbertron, and if Jhiaxus spoke the truth, he should be at the Plasma Energy CHamber still...this way!"
Pointblank looked at his leader.

Pointblank: "Prime perhaps we should discuss this matter in private..."

God Jinrai
2002-02-17, 07:11 PM
"As you like, pointblank."

prime turned, heading for his personal command chamber he'd had created before the ark first left iacon... it allowed for him to monitor all sections of iacon without worrying about missing a beat...

2002-02-17, 07:38 PM
Red Wing pulls to a stop outside of what his sensors tell him to be Iacon. "Everybody out," he says. "And let's see if I can't find us some help." He tries his communicator, and sends out a signal to any Autobot in the area requesting assistance.

2002-02-17, 08:30 PM
Adeara looked at Jhiaxus with some skepticism. "If you are worried about my loyalty, my Lord, you needn't be. I give my true loyalty sparringly, but completely. My so-called loyalty to Galvatron was a ruse till I could find one who was truly worth my loyalty. You are such a one. You are powerful, you have better plans than Galvatron, plus, you know the worth of a lowly fleshling shapeshifter. Who else would you expect me to swear undying loyalty to?" Adeara stood and walked to the only man since the High Praetor she would willingly die for, and knelt before him. "I swear on all the oaths of my family, may they rest in the Stars, that I will be no less loyal to you as I would have been to them." And among her family, that is the strongest oath to swear.

2002-02-17, 08:43 PM
"Who would blame TimeSplitter."

Said Megatron sitting in the black chair inside TimeSplitter.

"I was willing to give it all up. Everything i gained in the Decepticons in my years, but i didn't want anything. I only want peace with the Autobots, they are too think to see past my Decepticon Spark."

Megatron had actually triggered a comm-signal by accident. He was sending the message to the Autobots.

"Counter-Punch, have you found a way of breaking through the Decepticons comm-system."

Counter-Punch walked in strongly.

"No my lord. I am sorry, there may be a way, but it is too dangerous. It was the last alernative. The destroying of the Decepticons from this timeline could alter you. You could die."

"Iknow of the consequences. It is the only way. It has to be. But we needed the power concentration of Cybertron's core, to fire up the hidden masterpiece of TimeSplitter. It would altar everything. The Autobots would not crash land on Earth. Earth would not see the day of them. In a way it is too risky, i would present it to them, if only they would listen."

Megatron stood up. He pressed a small button scanning the Archives. He saw Prime and he saw Megatron. The originals fought in combat.

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings" That thought replayed in his mind, then he said it.

"Does that not entail freedom of speech, but then the Autobots would not listen. My plans they don't want to hear. Prime practically through me out of Iacon, if i were an Autobot, he would not have done it."

Megatron walked down the ramp of TimeSplitter. Up to Iacon's door.

"Can't you see behind old truths Prime. Can't you look behind your own metal coverings. Can't you look fourth to the new beginnings, the newest era's of all. You are a coward not to even think of ideas. You through me out, i did no wrong. Did i harm anyone.NO! Did i kill any Autobots NO. I brought your Autobots back to you didn't i. Or am i that unworthy that i would deny them their freedom, just the same way you are denying me my freedom of becoming an Autobot!!!!!!"

God Jinrai
2002-02-17, 08:55 PM
Prime sat in his command chamber, and observed megatron at iacon's gates... activating the external comm, he spoke...

"An autobot, megatron? what you seek to do is unravle time itself! The great war between autobot and decepticon HAD to occur... all of the things that have happened... that too many have sought to change... MUST NOT! If this timeline is corrupted... reality.... ALL reality... will be destroyed! And as fr freedom of sentient beings... if truly you seek betterment for cybertron, and feel us so blind... GO SEEK OUT JHIAXUS! OR FOR THAT MATTER GALVATRON HIMSELF! If you see us as being so blind, megatron, then it's YOU who are the fool! You are not the one with the creaton matrix resting within you telling you that the great disaster that will come cannot be avoided! You aren't the one who has to hear that cbertron may very well be unraveled... by the plans and singlemindedness of one DAMNED DECEPTICON!"

The com died suddenly..prime went silent... bowing his head... the fluids seeped from his optics... and in silence he wept.

2002-02-17, 10:07 PM
The Predacons approached an well hidden entrance to Decepticon Crypts, Galvatron's energy signature was getting stronger and stronger all the time... but Galvatron wasn't alone... there was another one too... the scent was familiar to Razorclaw even though he had met its owner only briefly. Gigatron.

The Predacon lion transformed into robot mode and gestured Tantrum to open the closed door of the Decepticon Crypt.

Before Razorclaw had chances to tell Tantrum to act rationally, the buffalo had already rammed his way through the door and entered into the crypts.

Razorclaw let out few curses and motioned the other Predacons to enter the crypts as well.


Cryhavoc watched as Adeara sweared loyalty to Jhiaxus and walked over to his leader... his creator... his friend. The massive warrior placed his other claw on Jhiaxus shouder.

"I won't betray you my Liege. That I swear."

2002-02-17, 10:10 PM
"Prime. Forgive me for my rude behavior, i am not used to being told get out. If it is Galvatron you seek, my cover has not been blown yet. What do you need me to do Optimus Prime. It is not of your ranks i want, more of your respect for me. I need to know what is happened, then i will bring Galvatron and Jhaixus back on a silver platter, but i Don't want to unravel time. Time should be set to when it was before this , all of this hapened. Then, we would not have met like many others. Please tell me what to do."

Megatron, his face darkened, as if a cloud swept over him. A dark cloud. His soul was with the Autobots his destiny.

"Whatever this evil is Prime. I will stand by with you to face it."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-17, 10:18 PM
Sixshot had gone into deep meditation during his re-fuelling process. Missing much of what had passed had washed over his conciousness without much bearing on his condition.

2002-02-17, 11:19 PM
Redstreak stops suddenly, and listens...something is coming through...
"This is Autobot Red Wing calling, I am in need of aid, I have an inactive Autobot and no weapons systems, any Autobot who receives this we are located just outside of Iacon..."
"Iacon." Redstreak says. "Uncle, I've received a call from outside Iacon, from an Autobot in need of assistance. Should we go check it out?"

2002-02-17, 11:36 PM

Prowl looked at Redstreak: "Well, if an Autobot needs assitance, I have never been one to pass it up? What about you Springer?

Jhiaxus turned and looked at his inner circle.

Jhiaxus: "Very well...I will tell you. Galvatron lives..."


Galvatron smiled at his Predacons. "My warriors...you have returned to the fold! I have one small task I ask of you now...go, find me Skywarp and Thudercracker...when you return I will lead us to the Outer Systems...and to the glory of a new victory and the start of a new era!"

2002-02-17, 11:40 PM
Shock filtered its way on to Adeara's face. "Galvatron lives? Could he be detrimental to your plans? And if he is, do we eliminate him?" Adeara appeared dead serious in her last statement, hand on the hilt of her sword. She would kill anyone who interfered with Jhiaxus' plan.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-17, 11:46 PM
Prowl: What about you Springer?

Springer stirred from his deep thought, ever since earth things had been strange, Cybertron was different and all these new faces, even Grimlock had undergone a personallity change. There were grave problems in the universe, and Springer could only help but feel they were just scratching the surface. Looking at the troops around him, knowing they were relatively safe within Iacon Springer turned to face Prowl.

"The more the merrier I say, Prowl, Trailbreaker, you're with me. Redstreak, lead the way."

Jhiaxus: "Very well...I will tell you. Galvatron lives..."

Despite his relaxed state Sixshot couldn't help but awaken at this news. Jumping to his feet and drawing his dual cannons he addressed the situation.

"Jhiaxus, I stand by you til death - that of Galvatron's"

2002-02-17, 11:50 PM
Pointblank looked at his leader.

Pointblank: "Prime...I realize that you have a great deal on your mind, but I recently had one of my episodes..."

Pointblank paused and looked down: "While i was out i had a dream...rather a nightmare of sorts, but it seemed more like a warning to me. In this vision shall we say...I saw four figures hovering around a much larger figure, sitting atop the wreckage of many Autobots and Decepticons...at the top of the pile of corpses, this figure sat on a throne, which was made from your own body Prime...now we know how i have a habit of over-reacting sometimes...but this vision left me truely haunted sir...and i just can't help but think that something awful is coming!"
Plasma Energy Chamber:

Jhiaxus smirked: "Yes...it seems that Galvatron may have to die for us to carry forward with our plans...and Optitron must live! But we need another...another that I believe we shall find on...Earth!"

2002-02-18, 02:06 AM
"The more the merrier I say, Prowl, Trailbreaker, you're with me. Redstreak, lead the way."

Redstreak heads outside. "I can't quite pinpoint it," he says, "once we're outside I should do better."

Once he gets into the open, he is able to point where to go. "Left," he says. "I am picking up three active signals in that direction."

Red Wing sits down indian style near Iacon, not sure if his signal had been detected yet. He has never been to this place of course, and as such it seemed to have a mystique all its own...it was a meaningful place, that much he was sure of. After another sensor sweep he detects something faintly beneath the Iacon structure. "Odd," he murmurs, and tries again, but this time picks up nothing. Shrugging, he reaches around to his back and opens up his back panel. He hopes to cram his hand in and find the systems relay to activate his weapons. These others are not going to be of much help, he thinks to himself.

God Jinrai
2002-02-18, 04:09 AM
Prime stared into the optics of his targetmaster enforcer... and silently began...

"Pointblank... it's far from coincedince that you had another of your nightmares...The matrix has turned cold inside me... and I've experienced a nightmare like no other... one I fear is a vision more than a nightmare... the chaosbringer... taken control of by the greatest threat to any living being in the known universe... come to destroy cybertron... and not even the matrix capable of stopping it... Not a moment after it ended I awoke... in the chamber of Vector sigma... with a strange feeling... as if someone or someTHING had altered my physical body... but there's no obvious changes... but I feel perhaps it may be important that it did come to pass... and may have something to do with things to come..."

prime went silent again... staring down at th control panel before him..

2002-02-18, 05:14 AM
Hatemunger and his company of Decepticons followed, the Predacons to the crypt.

Hatemunger saw Galvatron and a smiled crossed his face.

"Galvatron! you live!" He transformed.
"I am sorry I have a full army of troops but we are all here to fight with you, our one true leader." Hatemunger smiled then did the Decepticon roll call.
"First off we have the Combaticons" he pointed over to them as they all transformed, then "Deathsuarus and Liokaiser." Both of the breastforce warriors transformed, and Liokaiser disengaged into his six warriors. "Darklark and Stealth who I had following you, to find your location." Stealth decloaked and bowed. "Then of course the two gestalt teams; The Aerialcons and Crashticons." The Aerialcons landed and transformed while the Crashticons transformed and relaxed.

"We were all on a mission to find Optitron but the fact that you still live far overshadows that." Hatemunger then saw Gigatron and nodded looking at he wing he slashed at with his energon blade back on Charr.

"I'am sorry Gigatron, I did'nt know of your loyality to the Decpeticons. I see unlike some warriors on this planet you have actually fought hard." He then turned to Galvatron and filled him in on the details that he knew of.

"Right now my leige, Jhiaxus, Scorpnok. Sixshot, Adreara and Cryhavoc are still at the plasma energy chamber. My own helper Skystalker is guarding the airspace there, and the mighy city Trypiticon is helping to keep the perimeter safe. But I am sorry if I am rambling my lord. My men and myself will help you in anyway we can for the final elimination of the Decepticons!"

Hatemunger then called Jhiaxus but on a special frequency so that he could not be traced.

"Jhiaxus we have found our lord Galvatron we are currently going to help him if we can, I feel our answers with Optitron will come soon enough. Take care warrior. Hatemunger out."

He then turned back to Galvatron and waited for his reply.

2002-02-18, 05:29 AM
Nightbeat: "As I see it, there's only one thng to do."

Siren: "What's that?

Nighbeat: -grabs chair and sits down- "We wait."

Siren and Hosehead: -unison- "WHAT?!?!?"

Nightbeat: -pulls out a dog eared, battered copy of 'The Night Stalker', starts reading- "Until Minerva and Brainstorm put Branstorm's transector back togeter, we're not a complete unit. And as there's just the seven of us, I'd like us to stay relatively nearby. Besides, this way we can keep an eye on Megatron."

Hosehead: -shrugs- "I've got a pocket Scrabble set......."

2002-02-18, 05:39 AM
Galvatron glared at Hatemonger

Galvatron: "Jhiaxus....JHIAXUS!?! I shall have his head for a bowling ball when I finish with him! That smug shadow of a Decepticon...he's worse than Starscream! I hate schemers and he is the worst of them all! Gigatron, which is more important, consolidating our forces and raiding this Outer System for recruits and supplies, or dealing with that miserable moron Jhiaxus here and now?"

Pointblank stared at Prime.

Pointblank: "By the matrix Prime...it all makes sense...the Chaos Bringer...but who? Who is the dark figure that sits atop us? Who is powerful enough to defeat all of us...who is powerful enough to wipe out the Autobots and the Decepticons?"

2002-02-18, 06:03 AM
Hatemunger was slightly taken by Galvatrons words and talked to Galvatron to the side.

"My lord, what did Jhiaxus do?" He looked Galvatron in the optics.

"You know I will serve you loyally as will my men, if you wish I can call Skystalker here. But what is going on? I hope we do not have more Decepticon defectors, why can't these fools realise, this is why we fail, we are continously splintering, the Autobots beat us because they are always united.
But again I ask you what is going on, I will keep this to myself my lord and how can we help you? Also, I think Trypticon is still far beyond loyal to you so if you called him back he would return as well." Hatemunger waited again.

2002-02-18, 09:34 AM
Sixswitch reached up and unhooked the recharging cable from his carapace, letting it fall to the side of the console with a faint slapping noise.
"There, good as new."

He looked around at the other Autobots in the room.
"Now what?

Quick Switch
2002-02-18, 12:36 PM
Onslaught looked on in the quiet of the Crypt.

Galvatron lives...

"Incredible," Blast Off whispered.

"Yea, he's back," Swindle muttered.

Onslaught remained silent. He would not speak until (and if) Galvatron acknowledged him first...

God Jinrai
2002-02-18, 02:19 PM
Prime raised his head again and his eyes met with pointblank's...

"Only one lifeform could dare to seek such power... only ONE CYBERTRONAIN... would have the gall to imprison the chaosbringer within his own body... and use it as his personal weapon of mass destruction... when I was in the past... trying to stop jhiaxus from destroying me... three of his company... disappeared... I suspect what they posessed... and where they were going... are linked to the events to come to pass... He was on cybertron during that time... in hiding... we came across his command chamber ...empty of course... when a floor in central iacon was blown out ... we fell for what seemed like entire cycles... then the floor sprang up to meet us... I still remember the image on the viewscreen there... before the place self destructed... and iacon needed serious renovation...

His sickening visage floating there, mocking us... and then the countdown began... we barely made it out... but to this day I remember it... and I am nearly positive he is the one behind this..."

Prime suddenly grew quiet...

"...the leige maximo..."

Quick Switch
2002-02-18, 02:27 PM
Quick Switch unplugged himself, recharged, and pondered Sixswitch's question.

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again Autobots- we need a leader, fast. At the end of the day, we're just soldiers. Where is Prime..."

If the Dinobots rumblings are an indication, things won't be looking halway mediocre much longer.

2002-02-18, 02:44 PM
Gigatron pondered Galvatron's question, viciously eyeing Hatemunger and his men.

"It depends. Obviously, we haven't a chance of defeating Jhiaxus presently without a solid warrior base, and though we seem to have one..."

Gigatron pointed at the newcomer group accusingly.

"This one and his men served --"

He stopped himself, lowering his finger, then his arm.

Yes, they served Jhiaxus. But so did I. They'll expose me if I expose them... Galvatron won't trust me anymore. Not that I wanted to work for him...

"...Will serve nicely. If they can first prove their loyalty."

2002-02-18, 03:13 PM
Slag, Sludge and Snarl reached the refuel/repair station, and connected three of the fuel hoses that were there to their bodies.

They had been thinking about what Grimlock said. Grimlock would never, under any circumstances, cooperate with Optimus Prime or any other authoriy figure. Grimlock had his own opinions and way of doing things. Cooperating with others and doing what others wanted him to do was something that he rarly, if ever did.

"Grimlock, could we talk to you?", Slag asked the Dinobot commander.

2002-02-18, 03:18 PM
Roadbuster: -disconnects from charging station- "Just point me at the enemy."

2002-02-18, 03:20 PM
Megatron walked back into TimeSplitter. He sat in the large chair.
He pressed some button trying to get an answer from Prime. Then something engulfed him.


Megatron saw a dark image. It changed, floated into a war, between Autobots and Decepticons. They fought and fought but then they fell. A dark cloud swept over Cybertron and the Autobot and Decepticon race vanished.

Megatron couldn't come out of it. His eyes had turned black. Flames coming from his mouth. His systems corrupting inside. He was somehow dieing. There had to be a way to stop it. Then Megatron stood up. He fell to his knees.

"Nooooo. This cannot happen. Not to us all. Arghhh"

Then Megatron was back. He was normal. But he had learned of an evil coming. Something so powerful it could destroy everything in its path. More powerful than Unicron. More powerful than the Decepticons and the Autobots combined.

"TimeSplitter. Send a message to the the autobots and Optimus Prime. Tell them we are going to find Galvatron. Tell them, weneed them. I cannot do this alone."

Then Megatron turned in his seat. The autobot camera's still watching him.

"We are going to see if we can't get a way to get into Decepticon headquarters."

Megatron pressed a button. His message was sent to Hatemunger

"Hatemunger What has happened. I wish to meet you once again. There are some Decepticons i must see."

2002-02-18, 07:20 PM
The Predacons didn't need to be asked twice to leave the crypt again and began the search for Thundercracker and Skywarp. Razorclaw led his team out wondering what made the two seekers so important to Galvatron.

Then Razorclaw gave his instructions to his teammates. "Spread out Predacons. Search for Skywarp and Thundercracker and keep radio frequences open. Do not engage combat against possible Autobots or hostile Decepticons. Good hunt!"

With that the five Predacons scattered to different directions with only one goal... to find Skywarp and Thundercracker.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-18, 08:58 PM
"Grimlock, could we talk to you?"

Grimlock stirred, he was deep in thought, whilst on Earth he had seen something that he hoped he would never again; someone he hoped he would never see again; memories that burned deep within him that he'd sooner forget than re-live.

"Slag....what you want"

The Dinobot commander was deep in thought about the situation still, he voiced trailed...

"You want to know why me Grimlock need to talk to Prime......cos he is coming, and dinobots alone can't stop him...."

2002-02-18, 09:10 PM
Blaster shrugged as the rest went off
"Cya guys I'm goin inside"
H said as they all went off to find Red Wing. Blaster approached Iacon smiling "Man I've missed this place" he says as he enters looking at the three bots. Brawn had been dead he was slightly suprised to see him, but not Sunstreaker and Jazz.

"Hey guys whats shakin" Blaster said loud so they could hear.

Jazz Looked up and smiled "Hey Blaster we thought you didn't make it"

Sunstreaker nodded to him "hey" then looked down polishing the scratches on his chassis.

Brawn looked at Blaster "Hey where have you been"

Blaster looked at Brawn "Earth man catching the funky tunes and kicking the decepticons around"

2002-02-18, 10:27 PM
Adeara now looked very puzzled. "Who on that planet would we need, my Lord?"

2002-02-19, 03:08 AM
Slag looked at Grimlock.

"Who's 'he?'", he asked.

2002-02-19, 03:22 AM
Hatemunger looked at Gigatron and growled.
"How dare you of all robots, question my loyality as well as my men?" Even though what Gigatron said did annoy Hatemunger he did know that he could not tell Galvatron how Gigatron had helped Jhiaxus.

"My loyality belongs to this." Hatemunger tapped the Decepticon symbol on his chest. "I feel Galvatron is the only one who can bring order back to our ranks, so we may crush the Autobots forever!" Hatemunger suddenly recieved a transmission.

Megatron pressed a button. His message was sent to Hatemunger "Hatemunger What has happened. I wish to meet you once again. There are some Decepticons i must see."

"What the slag?" Hatemunger asked Galvatron "according to all the Decepticon history I know of you are the only true Megatron." He then asked Galvatron.
"What shall I do with this message my leige?"

2002-02-19, 04:29 AM
Redstreak approaches the bots cautiously, looking to Prowl and Springer for guidance. Something about this scene doesn't seem right to him...four bots and only one is consistently moving, and yet he is picking up something else on his sensors...but from below.

"I have six signals," he reports, "but only four bots."

2002-02-19, 09:21 PM
Gigatron moved to reassert his stance, but stopped when Hatemunger received Megatron's call. Gigatron listened.

One true Megatron? Oh, he's not going to like that...

Gigatron shut his mouth, stepped back, and hoped Galvatron would keep things tidy.

2002-02-20, 02:11 AM
Siren and Hosehead: -pull final letters from Scrabble bag-

Siren: -reading message spelled out on board- " 'What do you get if you multiply six by nine, forty two.' "

Hosehead: "I always thought there was something fundamentaly wrong with the universe....."

Nightbeat: -closes book, subspaces it, stands up- "C'mon, guys."

Siren: "What?"

Nightbeat: "Let's go give this Megatron a hand."

Siren and Hosehead: -unison- "WHAT?!?!?!?"

Nightbeat: "Do you two practice that?"

Siren: "Er....."

Nightbeat: "If nothing else, we can find out what's going on. And locating where the Decepicons are, especialy if they're in the middle of power struggle, could benefit us." -activates commlink- "Chromedome, come in."

2002-02-20, 05:30 AM
Galvatron's head spun and he tossed Hatemonger into a wall.

Galvatron: "Megatron is dead...only Galvatron now lives! Do you understand? Megatron was weak and inferior! When i was Megatron I lacked the vision to see what mattered most. It is that vision that now drives me to lead the Decepticons to glory...no longer is it my personal gain, but for the good of our race!"

Galvatron released Hatemonger and patted his shoulders.

Galvatron: "As for Jhiaxus...well, I cannot blame those that would follow him. His visions are often grand, though impractical. My problem with him goes far back to my days as Megatron..."

Galvatron stopped: "Find Optitron...Gigatron and I have matters to discuss my warrior."

2002-02-20, 10:20 AM
"A leader, yeah, I guess," replied Sixswitch, before getting up and pacing around.

This was all still confusing to him. No sooner had he arrived on Earth in this universe than the Autobots made post haste for Cybertron. And still no one had told him anything about the reasons why. He looked at his fellow six-changer.

"I don't suppose you know the reason we returned from Earth?"


The Cosmobots had returned to the command chamber as Prime had retreated to his quarters to talk with Pointblank.
"Great, shoved aside again," muttered Sun Runner, "seems to be happening a lot."
"Yeah it does seem that way," replied Vanguard thoughtfully, "Prime must have a lot on his mind, and I get the feeling that it isn't good news either."
"In fact," Apollo spoke up, "I would expect another encounter of the Decepticon variety; and sooner rather than later."
"Great," Thorr cracked his knuckles, "I can't wait."
Vanguard sighed at the armed enforcer of the Cosmobots.
"So what else is new?"

Quick Switch
2002-02-20, 05:12 PM
Quick Switch shrugged.

"Well...it's simple really. A leader by the name of Jinrai called a retreat. No more, no less. Prime pretty muched stayed on Cybertron through most of the battle on Earth. Those who cared about the command structure followed. Those who didn't, like Springer and up until recently the Dinobots, stayed to fight. 'Course, they retreated when they found out they couldn't do anything."

He smiled bitterly.

"You see, the Decepticons managed to take over Metroplex. And that was the last straw, to use a human phrase. With both Trypticon and Metroplex in their hands...well. I'm sure you can understand. And we didn't have any combiner teams for support, while the Constructicons and Terrorcons were already on Earth. We were outclassed."

2002-02-20, 08:39 PM
Razorclaw headed towards the ruins of the shuttle that had brought the Predacons and other Decepticons from Earth to Cybertron. Skywarp and Thundercracker had been piloting that shuttle so it was logical to start looking from there as Razorclaw hadn't seen Skywarp leaving the shuttle at any point... the seekers might be still there or atleast their traces should be found from there...

2002-02-20, 10:18 PM
Hatemunger looked at Galvatron.

"It will be done, Decepticons let's go!" Hatemunger looked at the men that were following him before as they lined up and went back out to find Optitron again.

Quick Switch
2002-02-20, 10:25 PM
Onslaught nodded curtly.

"Combaticons, transform!" and the Decepticon team roared out of the Decepticon Crypt onward...to Optitron.

2002-02-20, 11:39 PM
"Hmmm. No answer. TimeSplitter. are any autobots coming."

"Afirmitive, a group of Autobots coming in soon."

"Send another transmission to Hatemunger."

Megatron sat up.

"It seems you did not defy me with an answer Hatemunger. You remember me don't you. The one you took from the cell, when you had the Arielcons. My transformation cog, you remember don't you. If you do not dignify me with a response, you shall discover the consequences."

Megatron turned, looking at Iacon.

"Autobots, Prepare for the battle of a thousand generations. The New Era has arrived."

2002-02-21, 12:21 AM
Hatemunger answered Megatron this time.

"I do remember you, I helped you to escape something any noble Decepticon would do for another Decepticon. I owe you no debt, nor do you owe me a debt. Now, take care of yourself, I have other things to do."

2002-02-21, 01:18 AM
Nightbeat: -looking out at Timesplitter- "Nnn....."

Siren: "What is it?"

Nightbeat: "Just thinking. Part of me is wondering if Megatron might actually be on the up and up for once."

Siren: "About Galvatron, Jhiaxus, and everything?"

Nightbeat: "Yup."

Siren: "You're the one that told us this is all probably some kind of plan on his part. Forewarned is forearmed, right?"

Nightbeat: "But the truth makes for a great con. The question isn't so much as to whether or not he's telling the truth, but what hasn't he told us."

Roadbuster: - listening to Sixswitch and Quckswitch talk, logs into a nearby terminal, starts looking for current situation updates-

2002-02-21, 03:13 AM
Slag looked at Grimlock, who hadn't answered him.

"Grimlock, what is it that's got you so worried?", he asked. "And why are you even worried about it? We're the Dinobots. We can trounce anything that comes our way."

God Jinrai
2002-02-21, 04:24 AM
Back in iacon, Prime sat still, waiting for pointblank's response... however, it would have to wait...

"Orderforce... they've got trouble... primus almighty..."

Prime activated his comm system...

"Cosmbots! Dinobots! Quickswitch, Lockpick! Starsaber! Victory Leo! Report to hangar bay 1 on the double! Grand Maximus, Prepare for immedieate departure! Decepticons have intercepted orderforce... and called for backup... If my instincts are right... we may have more a mess there than back here!"

Transforming, prime rolled for the hangar bay... but not before inviting pointblank to join him...

Quick Switch
2002-02-21, 04:43 AM
Quick Switch received Prime's transmission.

"All right, time for action!" he nodded, and ran from the room towards Hangar Bay 1, and caught Prime's trailer mode already en route.

2002-02-21, 06:58 AM
There are few places as inhospitable as the Sahara desert.

This huge mass of sand and unpredictable winds, have transformed once fertile land to a place that withers all who enter it.

Even the transformers themselves are not immune to its affects as a single solitary female decepticon drags herself accross it.

She has been severely injured and walks with a distinct limb as one of her legs processors has been severely damaged.

Her wings had been torn to the point of uselessness.

and she had lost the ability to transform from the severe heat and her injuries.

It was quite obvious to anyone that she wasn't likely to last longer.

Out a desperation, she clicks on her radio.

"If anyone can hear this, I need immediate help."

2002-02-21, 06:21 PM
Megatron heard the faint Decepticon transmisson, after dismissing Hatemunger's. He sent a transmission to the Decepticon.

"This is Megatron. We have located your co-ordinates and will get to you as soon as possible"

Megatron stood up shouting towards the Autobots.

"Hurry up. There is a female Decepticon in need. But, my plan is not to give her to the Decepticons. But to give her to Optimus Prime himself."

Megatron waits for the Autobot's answer.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-21, 11:29 PM
"Grimlock, what is it that's got you so worried? and why are you even worried about it? We're the Dinobots. We can trounce anything that comes our way."

Grimlock let own a slow, deep growl, it wasn't Slag's fault he didn't know, but Grimlock knew only too well what was coming...

He turned sharply and glared at Slag, moving towards him...

"Tell me Slag, tell me how you propose to fight un-rivalled rage, anger, chaos......."

He pulled his energo sword from subspace, continuing to move towards Slag and the other assembled Dinobots.

"......you think this can stop him?!" Grimlock brandished the sword, then threw it at the wall to the side "Dinobots are strong, but me Grimlock not sure if even all transformers can stop chaos bringer's return, Unicron's coming....me Grimlock can feel it...."

Grimlock's tirade was broken as his comm bleeped....

"Cosmbots! Dinobots! Quickswitch, Lockpick! Starsaber! Victory Leo! Report to hangar bay 1 on the double! Grand Maximus, Prepare for immedieate departure! Decepticons have intercepted orderforce... and called for backup... If my instincts are right... we may have more a mess there than back here!"

"Me Grimlock on way...."

Redstreak: "I have six signals," he reports, "but only four bots."

Springer paused, checking the signatures....

"Okay Redstreak proceed with caution, and be ready for anything..."

2002-02-22, 12:28 AM
"Okay Redstreak proceed with caution, and be ready for anything..."

Redstreak carefully approaches the Autobot party, and stands over Red Wing as the young bot finishes his repairs. "Hi," Red Wing says.

Redstreak looks around. "I only see four of you, but I received six signals."
Red Wing gets up. "Y'know, I picked up two extra signals myself a little while ago."
"That means they're moving that way," Redstreak points to where they came from. "What should we do, Springer, uncle? Should we go after them?"

2002-02-22, 01:37 AM
Nighbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -standing before TimeSplitter-

Siren: -whispering- "I hope you know what you're doing, Nightbeat........"

Nightbeat: -whispering- "So do I." -raises voice- "All right, Megatron. We're here. There'll be more coming later, but if you need assistance right now, you've got it."

2002-02-22, 02:09 AM
Skyblade noticed the activity in Iacon.

"Hatemunger for some reason the Autobots are leaving Iacon in droves. I think if we wanted to take the city now would be a great time." The Aerialcon reported.

"Hmm interesting." Hatemunger decided to radio Galvatron.

"Lord Galvatron something is occuring at Iacon. The Autobots are leaving and heading toward space. Perhaps we should stop this chase for Optitron and strike Iacon. I have a sizable force here and I can call in Skystalker from Jhiaxus. How ever it is your call mylord." Hatemunger asked.

[b]Hatemunger[b/] thought for a moment and radioed Skystalker anyway.

"Skystalker leave Jhiaxus with Trypticon there should be more than enough firepower guarding the plasma energy chamber. Also, your skills may be more useful here." Hatemunger called to the micromaster starship.

Skystalker hailed Hatemunger.
"You got it! I was getting bored here, I will be there in no time!" The micromaster pilot smiled as he kicked the afterburners on his shuttle in.

Quick Switch
2002-02-22, 02:54 AM
Onslaught, still driving, was becoming impatient.

"Hatemunger, I demand an answer. Why were we sent on this mindless mission? Galvatron decrees Optitron a threat, and yet we cannot locate him? He must be of no consequence. If he does not appear, what is our mission? My Combaticons will become restless."

2002-02-22, 03:01 AM
As Grimlock ran off, the otehr Dinobots looked among one another.

Unicron?! Coming here?!

But how?! Unicron was dead?!

Wasn't he?

2002-02-22, 05:35 PM
Hatemunger looked at Onslaught

"I await Galvatron's orders." He then looked at the force he was now in command of for the moment.

"I agree, with you our men are becoming relestless they wish to fight, or at the every least destory. I can't help but wonder if this Optitron would come out of hiding for something at Iacon or the Plasma Energy Chamber." He then looked at Onlsluaght.

"Also, given how most of the Autobots have left Iacon, for what reason I do not know. This would be the perfect time for us to strike, militarily and logically." Hatemunger turned on him com-link.

"Galvatron we await your orders. Should we continue this hunt for Optitron or attack Iacon?"

Hatemunger then thought to himself.
"If someone does not make a desicion soon I may be forced to act. When Megatron ruled it was not like this. The Deceptions are now splintered and fight againist themselves.

I only hope Galvatron has the skill to pull us all back together. Rogues like Opitron and Starscream only fight for the same cause as us Decepticons but feel that they are more capable leaders than others, showing how foolheardy they are as they have yet so succeed.

Jhiaxus has a brillant military mind, but given Galvatron's reaction to his very name and Gigatron's defection, something seems very wrong about him.

If Galvatron can bring us together I am sure the entire Decepticon force could wipe out the Autobots. But until someone shows the leadership to bring us all together, this war will never end.

As much as I hate to say it given the forces I now I am helping to lead, as well as the combination of the Aerialcons and Crashticons in Dominator I may have to try and act as the begining of the reuniting of our forces.

But I shall wait and see."

2002-02-22, 07:02 PM
Megatron lets the Autobots board TimeSplitter. He then walks up to the command chair while the autobots have their own stations.

"You willl work on trying to break some of the higher Decepticon frequences."

Megetron points his hand at NightBeat.

"You will work with me. You have trusted me, i value that. Come, we must find Galvatron. His bio-signitures are inside block gamma31Delta. Something is blocking it, i want to know what. If you could. "

Megatron walked toward the small control panel which showed a picture of TimeSplitter in robot form.

"Full Speed to her co-ordinates."

Megatron stood behind NightBeat and whispered into his ear.

"You are one worthy of trust, so i will trust you not to tell your Autobots. My plan is not to bring back Galvatron but to earn his trust first. Then I could be able to overthrow him,bring the Decepticons and Autobots together. Look at the Decepticons. Warriors who battle amongst themselves. When I... my former self was in command you will not that they all followed me. They shall now follow me and Optimus Prime. That is what i hope."

2002-02-23, 01:28 AM
Siren and Hosehead: -working on breaking the encoded Decepticon frequencies-

Hosehead: -whispering- "Nightbeat knows what he's doing, right?"

Siren: -whispering- "He's got a plan.... but I think he wanted to wait for Chromedome and Hardhead. That distress call pushed everything up." -flipping a few switches, raises voice slightly- "Triple encrypted, resequenced through bias filters..... breaking Enigma codes with just a pencil and paper would be easier."

Nightbeat: -manning sensor station- "Never said life was easy, bubba." -scanning area Megatron indicated, trying to pin down Galvatron's location.... then starts to get an idea- "I wonder.... Time Splitter, what exactly are your capabilities?"

2002-02-23, 02:53 AM
(OOC: Sorry about being absent all week. Hope I didn't ruin anything.)

A few steps behind Red Wing and Torque, Moonlight was tending to her sister. Stargaze was knocked unconscious while they landed, and there was no Autobot on Cybertron whom she would have trusted her twin, certainly not to Red Wing, who was still a stranger to Moonlight.

When he saw Springer and a bot who resembled Bluestreak or Prowl approach, Moonlight raised her arm in a greeting. Finally, help has arrived she thought and transmitted it to her sister, though there was no response except static noise. Apprently Stargaze's internal self-repair systems were functioning, and she should be up any moment now. The noise indicated that at least her comlink was still getting power, which in turn meant the supercondictive coolers around her brain module were certainly working and there was no life-threatening risk to Stargaze's laser core. But the mere thought of the prospect put a lump in Moonlight's throat. She needed to get her mind to something else.

"Springer...", she hollered to the only Autobot around she recognized, though she had never talked to him before, "...don't mind us... we're okay. Ahem. Anyway, in case you need to go after those rogue energy signatures, we'll probably be able to haul the injured one to Iacon medbay. How's th..."

Moonlight's sentence was broken by Stargaze's faint murmur. She was operational, a bit groggy from the knockout thought. Moonlight touched her little sister's face and smiled, as if the men right next to them had suddenly seized to exist.

2002-02-23, 09:23 AM
There was a largge blast of sound from that console.

"My Time Splitting device has still to be installed. It is located on Cyberton. I can transform into a huge Gestault, and fly. I have a radio jammer newly installed."

"Why do you want to know this information young autobot."

Megatron had stood up. But just then TimeSplitter had landed, and there was a slight bump.

Quick Switch
2002-02-24, 12:08 AM
Onslaught pondered Hatemunger's response.

"Yes...indeed. Galvatron's response is vital. Tactically, the entire course of the war might shift if a siege is mounted on Iacon with our combined forces. But, if Optitron is the threat Galvatron deems him, his termination takes precedence."

"Yeah, a regular Mexican standoff," Swindle muttered.

"Shut up!" Blast Off spat at Swindle, in a momentary loss of self-control.

"Heh, Blast Off's blowin' a gasket," Brawl chuckled.

"Well, I'm takin' advantage of this nice breeze outchere," Vortex replied, zooming in flight, purposefully making rings around Blast Off.

"Idiots," Blast Off muttered. Ascenting, the space shuttle rose higher than the helicopter and resumed a steady altitude.

2002-02-24, 02:20 AM
Nightbeat: "Galvatron's sensor block hasn't always been there. Depending on how your scanners are tied into your time control, I was wondering if you could open a window in time and scan backwards. It would make sense that Galvatron would have a central control room, and that he'd spend much of his time there. If he was in that room at all before the sensor block was set up, we could pinpoint the room's location." -thinks for a moment- "Unless it was set up before he got there." -goes back to scanning-

Roadbuster: -following after Grimlock-

2002-02-24, 08:55 AM
Galvatron pondered...Optitron was likely in hiding and would be protected so long as he remained cloaked in the shadows. The Outer systems though were an easy target...and one that should the Decepticons be lucky enough to take Prime out and win the day, then the Optitron matter was of little consequence.

Galvatron then took his comm to his Decepticons: "We have received a distress transmission from some of our Decepticon bretheren in the Outer Sytems. Hatemonger I have an idea, send me Deathsuarus and Liokasier, have them meet me at the shuttle we were to arrive on Cybertron on. I will take them, the Predacons, Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Gigatron to the Outer Sytems to reclaim our brothers and pillage the system. I want you and your troops, along with the Combaticon to launch a secondary attack upon Iacon. With the limited forces at Iacon's disposal, it should be fair game...once we complete our tasks we shall join you as we celebrate the first stages of the reunification of the Decepticons!"

Galvatron then turned to Gigatron: "The Predacons have picked up traces of Skywarp and Thundercracker, they are still at the shuttle...we should meet them there."

With that Galvatron transformed, revealing a new jet mode and lifted off.
Jhiaxus looked at his tired bunch. He knew none of them wanted to make the trek to Earth, and he knew that they wanted to trudge around for Optitron even less...but the option just wasn't there...the plan had been culiminating for millions of years and the time was so very close to final victory.

Jhiaxus: "Quite honestly, we need Optitron. His role is one of far greater importance than any of you realize...the rest of his lot are gun fodder at best, especially that creton Starscream...how I detest that miserable little whelp! But Optitron is vital...as for Earth...there is one that we need to complete our little family...one of very special value. I believe that the Autobots will even have brought us the tool which we can exploit to spare ourselves some difficulty! Come...to Iacon!"

Jhiaxus began to make his way down the tunnel towards Iacon.
Optitron and Starscream continued to plod along in their search for Jhiaxus. When they noticed an Autobot siganture directly behind and them.

Optitron: "Autobots..."

Starscream: "So? Let's move...the other Renegades aren't here to back us up..."

Optitron: "Coward...we can't risk them informing others...if we picked up their bio-signatures they have ours!"

Optitron activated a honing beacon for his other Renegades to find then crawled from the tunnels and roared up on the Autobots blasting Prowl without so much as a warning. Starscream took to the air gunning down Trailbreaker's legs. The large Autobot managed to get his force field up just in time to spare himself and Prowl from a cluster bomb that would have finished them both off.

Optitron: "Oh....what do we have here? Why Red Wing...it has been along time hasn't it?"

2002-02-24, 04:39 PM
Hatemunger recieved his orders.

"Yes sir!" He yelled then barked out orders.

"Deathsuarus and Liokaiser go to these coordinates, you will meet Galvatron there."

"Yes some combat shall do my systems well." Deathsuarus smiled and transformed into his dragon mode with Liokaiser following behind him.

"Combaticons, Aerialcons, Crashticons, Darklark, Stealth, Skystalker, Iacon falls now!" Hatemunger yelled and opened fire on the city.

Hatemunger then had another idea.

"Trypticon I know you hunger for combat, join us in the seige at Iacon as Galvatron has commanded it!" Hatemunger smiled knowing the massive Decepticons help would only be an assest in the attack on Iacon.

Skyblade looked at his men then the Crashticons.
"Ok guys, we attack in seperate teams for now, we will merge into Dominator if we need too, but for now a double pronged attack with Hit, Run, Screapheap, Pile-up, Roll Over, Run Away and Crack-up with Darklark and Stealth attacking on the ground, with Hatemunger, the Aerialcons :Myself, Fearmaker, Buzzer, Sonicforce, Firebomb and Rain, and Skystlaker attacking from the sky." Skyblade retransformed.

"Ok Aerialcons let's jet! Operation devastation!" The 6 jets flew towards Iacon, unleashing a heavy load of missles and bombs as well as weapon fire at the City and it's defense systems.

Skystalker flow over the city unleashing his starships massive amounts of fire power.

Hatemunger agreed with Skyblade.
"Yes that plan works but you forgot our dear friends the Combaticons. Onslaught your men are brillant fighters, go out and attack Iacon with all you have, if you need any help let me know, good luck to you and everyone else." Hatemunger then started to fire more blasts at Iacon with his dual fusion cannons.
Darklark was already in car mode with the Crashticons flanking and Stealth flanking him.

"Alright finally a chance to give back to the Autobots." Darklark smiled.

"HEH yeah I am gonna sing the doom song now! Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom." Hit happily cheered as the Decepticon ground forces rolled towards Iacon.

2002-02-24, 05:07 PM
(OOC: Crud, forgot all about Prowl and Trailbreaker... my mistake!)

The ambush was as swift as it could have been... Optitron and Starscream got the Autobot party totally by surprise, or so it seemed. Trailbreaker and Prowl were apparently down, Springer and Redstreak still hadn't reacted and Optitron had Red Wing at gunpoint. And Torque was still off-line, by the looks of it.

Moonlight's assesment of the situation wasn't perfect, but she instinctively grabbed her rifle and aimed Starscream. The other con was, from Moonlight and Stargaze's perspective, behind Red Wing and she couldn't have gotten a clear shot anyway, so she just hoped Springer and the young red robot were able to handle it. "Stargaze, you okay?" she asked, still trying to maintain a decent aim on the seeker soaring above them, after all her primary concern was the safety of her sister. "Yeah I'm alright", the little sister replied and when Moonlight glanced at her she noted that Stargaze already had her blasters pointed at the general direction of Red Wing and the rest. Moonlight smiled, and concentrated again on Starscream.

Damnit he's too damn fast! She realized... but she needed to at least try take him down. Moonlight began firing her rifle towards the sky, her eyes fixed on the target and hoping that she'd get a lucky shot.

2002-02-24, 05:57 PM
Optitron: "Oh....what do we have here? Why Red Wing...it has been along time hasn't it?"

"Not nearly long enough," Red Wing says, staring at Optitron. He glances away to see Starscream. "I see you're hanging out with the dregs of the galaxy, can't say I'm surprised." His arm-cannon pops up and he points it at Optitron. "You wanna go? I'm fully operational. We can go, no problem."

Redstreak is watching Starscream's flight patterns with interest, as though waiting for the perfect moment to strike. "Come on," he murmurs, standing near Trailbreaker and the fallen Prowl. "One good shot and he's down..." He points his gun at the heavens and fires a shot that will go directly into Starscream's path.

2002-02-24, 06:25 PM
(OOC: How the hell did Galvatron and Hatemunger have a full blown conversation within site of Iacon?)

2002-02-24, 07:09 PM
Razorclaw leaned against the remaining bulk of the Decepticon shuttle that had brought him to Cybertron from Earth, his arms were crossed over his chest, his optics were observing attentively all the movement around him. Thundercracker and Skywarp were also there, working with the shuttle... apprently trying to repair it.

Razorclaw streched his arms and zoomed his optics towards the cloud of metal dust that rose from the horizon. Two massive shapes began to be distinguished... Headstrong and Tantrum... a smaller quicker form jumped over them and began to approach the shuttle fast... Rampage... and above them flew the eagle shaped Divebomb. The rest of the Predacons were arriving.

The Predacon commander was about to go to greet his comrades he heard approaching sounds of hypersonic engines from afar... was it... Galvatron?

2002-02-24, 07:40 PM
Megatron steps out of TimeSplitter, to find nothing but a transmitter.


Megatron walked up the ramp.

"Signal, your autobots.... This time, we are going after this Decepticon first. I have a feeling, this may lead us to Galvatron and other Decepticons."

"TimeSplitter, NightBeat will guide you to the Autobots positions."

Megatron sat down in his command chair. Counter-Punch was beside him.

"I fear, that a war is brewing. We may have to stop it from happening."

2002-02-24, 08:00 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
(OOC: How the hell did Galvatron and Hatemunger have a full blown conversation within site of Iacon?)

(OOC: What? I wasn't there...I used a communicator to relay a message to him, I am at the crypt)
The engines roared as Galvatron pierced through the Cybertronian Sky. Arriving at the shuttle he transformed and landed.

Galvatron: "I see you located the missing seekers! Once the others arrive we shall depart!"
Optitron sneered at Red Wing.

Optitron: "Very well...it seems you want to dance the dance once more, though it seems you have never learned the steps that well. Prepare to join your former troops in the realm of oblivion!"

2002-02-24, 08:16 PM
The three Dinobots looked amongst one another.

"But how can Unicron be alive?", Slag said.

"I don't know", Sludge said. "But if Grimlock is worried, then it's good enough for me."

"So, now what do we do?", Snarl asked.

"I guess we wait until Grimlock comes back", Slag said.

2002-02-24, 09:38 PM
Adeara sighed. Optitron. Jhiaxus wanted Optitron. This would be rather bad. She disliked that....fool. When Jhiaxus stood, and walked towards the tunnel to Iacon, Adeara jumped up and followed; not like an obedient lackey, but a loyal warrior. "Why Optitron, my Lord?"

2002-02-24, 09:43 PM
Deathsuarus and Liokasier arrive at the site Galvatron was waiting at.

"We are ready to fight." Deathsuarus smiled.

2002-02-25, 12:43 AM
Gigatron transformed to robot mode and landed, dropping his feet on the metallic ground between Liokaiser and Galvatron. After a quick glance at the Breastforce gestalt behind him, Gigatron stepped toward his leader and the shuttle.

"All present, I believe. Now..."

He pointed a fist at Skywarp and Thundercracker, and snapped his fingers to retrieve their attentions.

"Are we ready, gentlemen?"

2002-02-25, 03:04 AM
Optitron: "Very well...it seems you want to dance the dance once more, though it seems you have never learned the steps that well. Prepare to join your former troops in the realm of oblivion!"

"Bring it," Red Wing says to Optitron. He has Optitron squarely in arm cannon's sights.

2002-02-25, 04:21 AM
Chromedome and Hardhead: -come charging out of Iacon and skid to a halt-

Chromedome: -looking around- "They didn't wait for us....." -commlink beeps- "I'm gonna change this to a different tune...." -activates commlink-

Nightbeat: "You guys get out of the base yet?"

Chromedome: "Yes, sir. We're in front of the main entrance."

Nightbeat: "Good. We'll be by to pick you up momentarialy. Nightbeat out."

Nightbeat: -gives coordinates to Time Splitter-

Ultimate Weapon
2002-02-25, 05:44 AM
"Hatemonger should we send out a decepticon spy to investigate further, how bout Ratbat? " Skyblade said.

Quick Switch
2002-02-25, 12:50 PM
Onslaught drove on to Iacon, with Brawl and Swindle at his sides, Vortex and Blast Off overhead.

The Combaticon leader sent out a general signal:

"Understood, Hatemunger. Combaticons, the assault on Iacon begins! The time for subtelty is over! Combine into Bruticus!"

The Combaticons began their seamless transformation into the massive Super Warrior.

"Bruticus crush Iacon!" the combiner bellowed.

Bruticus moved forward and began to smash the walls of the Autobot city with his bare hands.

Letting out a roar of glee, the Super Warrior let off a flurry of blows...

2002-02-25, 01:42 PM
Hatemunger heard about Ratbat.

"Yes, Ratbat keep an eye out for any Autobot reenforcements, as well as anything else that catches your eye and let me know. Good luck!" Hatemunger called into his com-link over the dim of explosions and firepower.

2002-02-25, 03:40 PM
Chromedome and Hardhead: -standing outside of Iacon, waiting for pickup, see Bruticus land and start to attack Iacon--

Chromedome: -pulls guns- "And they say bus stops are quiet...."

Hardhead: -powers up shouler cannon, pulls guns- "Not the stops around here. Go for a head shot?"

Chromedome: "Yeah." -activates commlink- "Commander, we got a problem........"

Nightbeat: "WHAT?!?"

Siren: -whispers- "I think we're rubbing off on him."

Hosehead: -chuckles-

Nightbeat: "Never thought I'd say this.... Megatron, the Decepticons are attacking Iacon, and the two Autobots we're picking up are right out.... front.... Oh, no......"

Hardhead: -targeting Bruticus' head with soulder cannon, fires off four shells, two explosive, two incendiary, mutters- "Hope they hit..."

Chromedome: -firing at Bruticus-

Quick Switch
2002-02-25, 06:00 PM
Bruticus heard something coming his way...rockets?

The combiner turned, and saw, indeed- rocket shells.

Some were simply absorbed by the Decepticon's massive armor. However, the ones that did not impact, Bruticus destroyed with his ultrasonic waves.

"Hah! Bruticus destroy puny Autobots!" and with that, Bruticus withdrew from subspace his missle launcher, aimed, and fired off a few salvos at Hardhead and Chromedome.

God Jinrai
2002-02-25, 06:25 PM
Deep within Iacon, Jinrai lay practically unconscious... his human body had gone without rest... for a very VERY long time... suddenly stirred from the slumber by the sound of explosions, he rose...


His armor materializes around him, and merging with his transector, still in vehicle mode, charges down the hall of iacon... As he approached the gates, he could see two massive legs...

"A gestalt... just peachy!"

Transforming, he initiated phase one of the merger... the trailer slid up, as the rear wheel section of the cab wrapped up, and locked into place around it... the head swiveled into place, and the shoulder cannons came online... Super Jinrai rushed from the very gate of Iacon, shoulder guns blazing, on a route to tackle the super soldier bruticus

2002-02-25, 07:11 PM
Megatron jumped out of TimeSplitter quickly. As the autobots came out Megatron suddenly shouted at TimeSplitter in a rage.

"TimeSplitter. Attack Bruticus. Destroy him. Split him up."

The giant Gestault suddenly transforms into his husge robot mode. He is lucky, he can't be split up, since the time wave stuck him like this and gave him a new transformation power.

TimeSplitter arms his forward rockets. They pop out quickly, and target the back of Bruticus. Megatron knew the old Weak Spot if this was the same Bruticus.

Megatron dodges his way to NightBeat.

"Aim for the three buttons on the back, if this is the same Bruticus it should imobolise him."

Megatron then stood up and rolled out, then he fired his cannon a few times at the large monster, and transformed into his tank. He rolled out trying not to get hit blasting all the way at Bruticus.

"Autobots. Destroy Bruticus!"

2002-02-25, 07:34 PM
Skyblade saw Bruticus and Hatemunger saw something else.

Skyblade called to the other Aerialcons.
"Aerialcons, merge into Skyrender!" With that the 6 fighter jets merged into the super robot Skyrender.

"Autobots cowards, run or be wiped out. Bruticus you destory the fools on the ground we will help you from the sky!" The massive warrior armed his mega-cannons and opened fire at Timesplitter, Headmasters and Jinrai.

Hatemunger saw something that caught his eye, but first made a communation to Trypticon.

"Trypticon come in, Galvatron commands you attack Iacon please respond."

Then Hatemunger saw Megatron fighting Decepticons.

"Hmm I didn't think he was for real." Hatemunger growled then flew towards the warrior silently as he was concerned with Bruticus, Hatemunger flew behind Megatron and armed his fusion cannons.

"I will give you one chance to talk, tratior. Otherwise by the power invested in me and the Decepticon army I will be your judge jury and exuctioner, for the crime of treason." Hatemunger growled, fusion cannons glowing and aimed at the back of this probable false Megatron.

Hatemunger then got on his com-link.
"Galvatron, I have found two Decepticons here in Iacon, I think they may be traitors, I will destory them if this is true. Hatemunger out."
Skyblade before merging decided to let the Crashticons know what was going on.

"Yes! HEHHEH things to kill!" Hit cheered, as Scrapheap received Skyblade's message.

"Yes, Skyblade we will be right there." Scrapheap turned to the other Crashticons.
"Ok guys lets go wipe out some bots!" The 7 Decepticons merged into Karrnage and began to walk towards SKyrender and Bruticus, just then Skystalker flew over Karrnage's head.

"I believe as you said in the last battle, Karrnage smash ground, I will smash the sky!" the micromaster pilot laughed as Karrnage opened fire on ground installations and building with his gattling cannon turning them to rubble and started to head towards the battle with Skystalker[b] striking from above his head.

[b]Darklark found a where he could see the Autobots but have a fair amount of cover, Stealth stood beside him.

"Ok let's give these Autobots a small taste of hell." Darklark laughed and opened fire with his cannons and rifles.

"Right on!" Stealth clocked and opened fire with his plasma pistols.

2002-02-25, 07:46 PM
Sixswitch leapt up from the regeneration chamber, and headed out the door as the first explosion sounded outside. He quickly made his way to the command chamber.
"What's going on?" he asked the shift commander.
"A Decepticon attack, that's what!" The Commander barked, "Help me get our weapons online!" there was an edge of panic in his voice. The six-changer swiftly moved to the control station to his left.


Suddenly, servos whined into life around the city fortress as the newly fixed and upgraded defences were activated. Hatches opened along the outer walls to reveal high powered laser cannons, while four automated missile batteries raised up from the domed roof. Booms swung out from the walls carrying sponson mounted pulse blasters and armoured plating slid up to cover the majority of the outer walls.


Back inside the command centre, the Commander suddenly looked a lot happier.
"Someone's been hard at work on our defences."
Sixswitch grinned. "Evidently. I'll be outside," and he quickly left the room.


A hatch in the roof of Iacon slid open, and Sixswitch shot out in fighter craft mode. Swiftly scouring the ground for targets, he shot towards Darklark and Stealth in cover, unleashing a full barrage of missiles and pulse lasers in a deadly strafing run.

2002-02-25, 07:53 PM
"Good try Autobot!" Darklark laughed as missle fire expoded all around him. He took aim at the sixchanger with his power shoulder cannons, and energy rifles, and opened fire running as well.


"Bloody slag!" Strealth growled running cloaked, as he tossed a shard of shrapnel out of his left arm.
"That hurt alot. But not as much as the Decepticons are gonna hurt you Autobots!" He laughed, and opened fire at the six changer as well.

Skystalker saw many of the yet to be destroied missle batteries and cannons.
"Sorry Autobots, not this time." The micromaster pilot hit a series of buttons, firing missles and laser fire at the many stationary targets turning a good chunk of them to scrap just as quickly as they came online.

2002-02-25, 07:55 PM
Megatron transformed and stopped dead in his tracks.

"You fool" roared Megatron, then Megatron turned round facing Hatemunger.

"I am simply... purifying... the Decepticons"

And with that Megatron pressed a button on his arm, TimeSplitter's chest opened and Megatron flew into it, then it closed shut. Megatron was controlling TimeSplitter.

Then Megatron wasn't worried about Bruticus.

"You do not need to be here HateMunger. Without a war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, and with this Decepticon on the Autobots side, it should give the Decepticons worth. No longer. A new era has come. The Rebirth and purification of the times has come. I am simply the middle man, but i make my stand with the Autobots. They are warriors. They are much better than the new breed of the Decepticons. You must surely see what i am talking about Hatemunger."

TimeSplitter, then looked straight on at Bruticus.

He then looked at the Autobots scattered, fighting.

"This is not there fight. This is mine. My fight."

Megatron contacted Counter-Punch.

"You will make Hatemunger believe that you will kill me. That way, it will give us enough time to form a distraction and try to blow it up."

CounterPunch suddenly came driving in. He had came out the back of TimeSplitter.

"HateMunger. Megatron is mine. He had me locked up in there, in TimeSplitter. I am the one to kill him not you."

2002-02-25, 08:01 PM
Sixswitch laughed as he evaded the shots and pulled back up into the sky. His training under the Convoy council within his universe had indeed been good. Very good.

"You think you're bad Decepticons? I'll tell ya who's bad. You're trying and failing to shoot him."

He jinked across the sky, leading the two Cons down below on a merry dance - closer and closer to being within firing range of the formidable defences of the city.


Meanwhile, Iacon's defences opened up on Skyrender and Karrnage - the two most obvious targets.

The Commander flicked a switch on his console.
"All Autobots within Iacon, we are under attack. I repeat, we are under attack."

2002-02-25, 08:04 PM
Hatemunger saw Counterpunch and laughed.

"Go ahead kill the tratior, do you think I will care?" Hatemunger smiled. "I do not like tratiors, it is fools like yourself, Megatron that are way the Decpeticons have became dull and foolish. You all seem to believe you will be the one who will purify the Decepticons, maybe if you think for a moment you will realise all you are doing is fragmenting us even more."

Hatemunger opened fire at the Autobots he then saw Sixswitch attacking Stealth and Darklark and fired a few fusion cannon blasts at Sixswitch.

Karrnage could see Timesplitter from the diastance.
"Karrnage destory false Decepticon!" He shouted and opened fire with his gattling cannon firing hundreds of explosive shells at the large robot.

Skystalker continued to fly around Iacons wiping out what remained of the defense system.
Skyrender reared slightly due to the barrage of missles and cannon fire before turning the mega-cannons on them reducing them to slag.
"Come Autobots, you try to fight but know you cannot." The gaint unleashed a barrage at the ground based Decepticons but then saw Sixswitch flying around.

"Foolish gnat." The Gestalt growled and fired several shoots at the flyer as well before re-concentrating his firepower on the warriors on the ground.

2002-02-25, 08:17 PM
(One guy couldn't wipe out a city's defences... bit of realism here?)

With a press of a button, the City Commander activated the second wave of defences, which sprung from the ground several hundred metres from the outer walls and maintained the assault.


Sixswitch rocked from the explosion of the Gestalt warrior's rockets which clipped a wing, and decided that the air was no longer a safe place to be. Diving toward the ground, he skimmed low over Stealth, and transformed into Assault Tiger mode.

With instinct born of extensive training, he flicked out his razor sharp claws and leapt for the throat of the Decepticon spy.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-25, 09:11 PM
(OOC-If any of this makes no sense lemme know, oh, and Ravage, you don't have to make EVERY name bold...)

Sixshot heard Jhiaxus' command. Coming round from his meditation the one-robot army followed Jhiaxus, the pair had been fighting side-by-side for longer than Sixshot could remember. Returning to earth was not high on his list of priorities but he knew that Jhiaxus had his reasons.


Springer was calm despite the surprise of Optitron and Starscream's attack.

"Well, well, the sewers have been busy...."

Springer looked on as Optitron pinned Red Wing down....

"Optitron leave the kid alone! You want a fight, fight me!"

Springer hoped that this would buy the time Red Wing needed to get a clean shot...

Skywarp was still coming to as Galvatron and his small band of troops appeared outside the shuttle.

The pair of seeker jets hadn't moved since the Decepticon fleet had arrived on Cybertron, Thundercracker had chosen to stay by Skywarp's side to aide his recovery.

Thundercracker helped Skywarp to his feet and the pair emerged, taking their first steps on Cybertron for over 10 earth years....

2002-02-25, 09:26 PM
ooc and Skystalker is a starship not one man so yeah.

Stealth laughed as he watched Sixswitch land on the ground in tiger mode.

"Hmm being cloaked does have it's advatages." He smiled and drew his energy swords and ran at the annoying sixchanger, slashing at his legs then transforming into car mode and driving off.
Darklark saw this and opened fire on the now prone sixchanger firing all of his guns at the transformer.
Skystalker smiled,
"Good more target practice." He opened fire on the cannons and various weapondary.

Quick Switch
2002-02-25, 09:33 PM
Bruticus paused from firing his missles as he saw an Autobot who he had encountered in the Plasma Energy Chamber (Jinrai).

"Bruticus remembers this Autobot! He fire Big Wave!"

The Autobot's cannon shots hit Bruticus, staggering him. Then...was that Megatron? A tank came rumbling out, also firing shots, which slammed into him.

Bruticus retreated, stamping back a few hundred feet. Looking up toward the domed roof of Iacon (or at least the new protective shields), the combiner got an idea.

If Bruticus crush Iacon...other Autobots forget Bruticus. Other Autobots...repair Iacon!

The Super Warrior flew up into the Cybertronian sky, then with a bellow of anticipation, Bruticus extended his feet and landed on the top of the protective dome with a sickening thud, as many tons of metal impacted the defense dome enclosing the Autobot City-state.

(OOC: If this is too improbable, somebody just say so. I'm improvising here.)

2002-02-25, 09:40 PM
Skyrender flew backwards to avoid falling debris, as did Hatemunger and Karrnage walked backwards firing his gattling cannon the entire way.
"Bruticus what are you doing!? Trying to crush us as well?" Hatemunger asked firing his fusion cannons at the Autubots and debris as well. "I love your zeal my friend but let's make sure to attack the auto-scum." Hatemunger smiled.
Hatemunger then saw a power station.
"Hmm I wonder what this controls." He smiled and fired on the station as it went up in a rather large fireball, sparks and flame shot into the air.

2002-02-25, 09:45 PM
Sixswitch gasped as Stealth winked out of view, but then gave a feral smile as his energo swords flashed into activity and moved towards him. There was no way that he was going to fight an invisible opponent, but he could at least evade him. Crouching low, and leaping over the charging Decepticon, the upward slash of the swords nevertheless caught him a glancing blow to his forelegs, sending him crashing to the ground and into a roll.

As he flashed past, he saw Darklark take aim and fire. Quick as a flash, he transformed again into tank mode, knowing that he wouldn't survive the fearsome barrage in tiger mode.

His treads crashed down onto the hard ground of Cybertron as explosions and laser beams raked into his armour and the ground in front of him. Undoubtedly, his quick thinking had saved his life, but he still took a pounding. His turret swivelled around and fired on a ruined building near Darklark. As the masonry crumbled, obscurring the Decepticon's view, Sixswitch transformed again, into scout mode and raced off, and away from the battlefield. He would return later, after a brief respite. Better to live another day.

Enjoy your small victory while you can, Decepticon.

2002-02-25, 09:50 PM
Stealth watched Sixswitch ride off.
"Whew." My arm needs some down time he thought.
"Hatemunger, I'll be back gonna go do some quick repair work." with that Stealth traveled off to find a place to fix his arm.

Quick Switch
2002-02-25, 10:25 PM
Bruticus stopped his assault as readily as he had begun it.

"If Hatemunger say so...though no Autobot stop Bruticus," and with that the Super Warrior landed, and began firing precise shots at Iacon's defense weapons.

Ultimate Weapon
2002-02-25, 10:57 PM
Ratbat had circled most of the area collecting data from the battlefield. He was now perched upon a lookout away from Iacon were a small band of Autobots were beginning to mount an offensive.

Sixswitch appeared to be approaching the group. And had come up behind Ratbat who was caught off guard but neverless was able to evade his fire. As Ratbat streaked off into the night.

2002-02-25, 11:15 PM
(OOC: Technobots are already taken... check out my reply in the Sign Up forum)

Sixswitch skidded to a halt, some distance away from the battle, panting heavily, and transformed into robot mode. Frowning, he examined his damage. It was a lot less severe than he'd thought.

My tank form must be tougher than I thought! he thought with a smile.

Removing a simple mechanical tool from subspace, he got to work repairing his damaged systems.

2002-02-26, 01:53 AM
Galvatron looked at his troops and huddled them into the shuttle.

Galvatron: "Skywarp...Thundercracker...take the main positions! And blast off..."

The large shuttle lifted off and coursed through to the Outer Systems...

(Galvatron and co will now be posting in the last stand thread.)

Jhiaxus lead his squad through the tunnels towards Iacon.

Jhiaxus: "There is a ship known as the Axalon...we must claim it to retrieve the fourth...the one on Earth, then the circle will be complete."
Optitron turned to face Springer.

Optitron: "Such heroic nonesense...don't you have anything better to do tonight than die?"

Ultimate Weapon
2002-02-26, 03:04 AM
Deep within Iacon the Autobot security advisor Red Alert was desperatly trying to contain the fires brought upon by Bruticus attacks.

"Inferno put out that fuse box fire or all power systems will shut down", Red Alert rashly commanded.

2002-02-26, 04:03 AM
Nightbeat: "Siren, take Hosehead and Hardhead and distract Bruticus. Chromedome, yu're with me. If those three 'dots' are on Bruticus' back, we can knock him out."

Siren: "Right, boss. C'mon, guys! Let's divert the big tin can!"

Siren, Hosehead, and Hardhead: -transform, roll towards Bruticus-

Hardhead: -starts firing H.E.A.A. and incindiary rounds and shatterblasters at Bruticus-

Quig: -activates Siren's vehicle mounted weapons systems, starts firing at Bruticus-

Lug: -activates Hosehead's vehicle mounted weapons systems, starts firing at Bruticus-

Nighbeat and Chromedome: -move into position, wait for Bruticus to b distracted-

2002-02-26, 04:16 AM
Karrnage being the more hostile of the three gestalts, did not take to well to the headmasters firing at Bruticus.

"Karrnage, smash tiny Autobots. Karrnage make them wish they never needed heads." And opened fire on them with his gattling cannon.
Skyrender had a chance to check out Iacon.
"Jinrai came out there, he thought, so the Autobot base of operations must be somewhere nearby. He took aim with the two mega cannons and heat buster.
"Well one sure way to find out." He fired at the ground based Autobots, but not exactly aiming to hit them, but fired at the ground as well, (OOC I la the Wing Zero in Gundam Wing Endless Watlz),
Stealth stood in an alley fixing his arm.
"Not too much in terms of major damage." He thought, "But nothing that can't be fixed in a few mintues." He said as he reconnected some wires and chips.
Skystalker finished off the last of Iacon's weapon systems, not to mention, the attack on the power generator helped to shut down a few of the systems and flew into the battle as well strafing at the Autobots and Decepticon traitors.
Hatemunger was thinking to himself.
"The Autobots are up to something, I think this battle is nothing more than a diversion to keep us from finding something or someone in Iacon." He started to scan the city looking for anything odd.

2002-02-26, 04:40 AM
Roadbuster: -hears explosions coming from Iacon, skids to a halt- "Great. Smegging great." -starts running back towards Iacon, transforms, keeps driving towards Iacon, activates commlink- "Roadbuster to any Wreckers in the area,Iacon is under attack. Repeat, Iacon is under attack. Target rich environment, guys. Roadbuster out."

Siren, Hosehead, and Hardhead: -dodging fire from Karrnage, Siren and Hosehead transform, keep firing at Bruticus, dodging incoming fire, Hardhead switchs targets, starts firing all weaons at Karrnage-

Nighbeat: "Better go backup Hardhead,Chromedome. I think he's gonna need it.

Chromedome: -transfrms to vehcle mode- "You got it, commander." -roars out towards Karrnage, firing roof mounted blasters-

2002-02-26, 04:46 AM
Skyrender spotted the Autobot headmasters as the started to fire on the 2 gestalts.

"Thats enough!" He growled and stopped firing on the base but at the headmasters instead.
Karrnage was fully enraged at this point.
"Autobot want to play tough? Karrnage make him tough." He reached down to the ground taking some shots to the wrists and arm and flipped the headmaster car over, he then kicked him back into the other headmasters, laughing.
"Karrnage, make goal!" He laughed and continued to fire on the Autobots.

2002-02-26, 05:10 AM
Optitron turned to face Springer.

Optitron: "Such heroic nonesense...don't you have anything better to do tonight than die?"

That gave Red Wing the chance he needed, firing off a pointblank blast at Optitron's chest.

Redstreak spots Skyrender as he begins dropping bombs and takes to the air, firing his bolt blaster at the speedy Decepticon.

2002-02-26, 05:19 AM
Skyrender spots Redstreak a few of the bolts, sizzle his armour as he looks at the Autobot.
"Brave you are Autobot, but smart sadly not." Skyrender didn't even need to fire at the Autobot, as Hatemunger took aim at him.
Hatemunger smiled.
"You didn't need to involve yourself in this battle Autobot, how ever you have and will suffer for it... painfully." He smiled and opened fire with his fusion cannons and drew one of his energon sabers in case of close range combat.

Quick Switch
2002-02-26, 05:50 AM
Bruticus roared as the blasts from the Headmasters impacted around him.

With a scream of rage, Bruticus generated an intense ring of ultrasonic waves at the Headmasters.

"Bruticus destroy Autobots! Bruticus destroy you all!"

The Super Warrior began to rip up any long structures- beams, support girders, lamp posts, debris from his previous assault on the dome, and began to hurl the collective mass toward the defense stations of Iacon.

Enraged, Bruticus once again ripped out a support beam from one of Iacon's subsidiary towers, and hefted it as a quarterstaff. Whirling it mightily, the combiner turned his full wrath on the gunnery enplacements and whatever buildings that were not in the protective ring. With massive thuds and explosions of steel on steel, the assault began.

Ultimate Weapon
2002-02-26, 06:57 AM
Red Alert could here the loud thunderous explosions from above. Stationed in Iacons fire control center, he attempted to make contact with Blaster.

"We are receiving heavy damage, fires are burning out of control!"
the Autobot security director screamed, "Send Back up!"

2002-02-26, 09:24 AM
Sixswitch grinned as he spliced a wire in his arm back together.
"There! Bad as new! He whooped, then transformed into fighter mode, taking off and rocketting back toward Iacon.


Diving from the sky, his missile pounded the ground where Hatemunger stood, knocking the Decepticon warrior to the ground, and raking him with laser fire, giving Redstreak the oppurtunity to do something about the situation before pulling up and buzzing SkyRender, blasting the Gestalt with missiles and lasers.


Meanwhile, in the command chamber, a red light was blinking as the Commander sent a signal for reinforcements out to anyone in the vicinity.

2002-02-26, 12:28 PM
Skyrender smiled.
"Hmm Bruticus may have the right idea." He opened fire not caring who he hit just as long as it was not an ally, he fired at Redstreak and the sixchanger, before launching a volley of homing missles at the sixchanger.
Hatemunger fell to the ground some light damage done to his armour, he fired both of his fusion cannons at a direct angle towards the sixchanger, the energy from the fusion cannons wipe out most of the laser fire.

2002-02-26, 07:37 PM
Megatron pressed some buttons inside TimeSplitter. TimeSplitter's thoughts ran through Megatron. TimeSplitter lunged fowrward at Bruticus. TimeSplitter then took a shot with his fist right at Bruticus.

"Take on someone your own size."

CounterPunch transformed into his vehicle mode untill he got behind Bruticus, then he transformed into robot mode and fired some shots at Bruiticus' back.

2002-02-26, 10:31 PM
(OOC: I've been out of the loop for a while could someone please pm me and tell me whats going on)

2002-02-27, 12:11 AM
"Yaaa!" Sixswitch cried as the laser blasts were deflected, before a loud beeping from his sensors attracted his attention. As he watched, three red blips sped toward him, as seen through his internal HUD. He pushed himself up to full throttle, and pulled back into a steep climb, the G's sending the wind screaming through his acoustic sensors. However, outrunning the missiles was hopeless.

"Time for a new plan," he told himself, and cut power completely to his engines, dropping like a stone in a controlled stall.

The homing missiles now had nothing to lock onto, and shot past overhead before vanishing into the distance, but the move was far from complete. He was now falling to the ground at an alarming pace, and reinitialising the engines would be hard indeed.

He shifted in mid-air, going into an almost vertical dive, while simultaneously firing his engines. The swift compensation worked, and the engines spluttered into life, before opening up with a roar. Pulling steeply back, he just managed to pull himself over a nearby building, and back into the sky.

"Yeah!" he called to no one in particular, "Bring it on!"

He accelerated back to the walls of Iacon in an attempt to reach his fellow Autobots.

Quick Switch
2002-02-27, 12:53 AM
Bruticus roared with laughter as Counterpunch attempted to shoot him.

"Fool! Bruticus make changes to himself! Bruticus no longer HAS weak spot!"

Bruticus heard TimeSplitter's taunt, and blocked his incoming punch with his quarterstaff, then swung a blow of his own.

God Jinrai
2002-02-27, 03:03 AM
Jinrai came up on bruticus as the gestalt's back was turned...

"Correction... you HAD no weak point!"

drawing back his right hand, he summoned his blaster from subspace... ramming it into Bruticus' back... ripping off several shots...

Quick Switch
2002-02-27, 03:27 AM
"Correction... you HAD no weak point!"

Bruticus froze, the quarterstaff rigid in his hands. Suddenly, a hard object was rammed into his back. And pain engulfed Bruticus that he had never felt before.

Jinrai's blasts ripped through the Super Warrior's torso- specifically, Onslaught. Some of the blasts fizzled and died, the last remnants of the combiner's tough armor. Others, however, flew through his body, and exited back out, directly at TimeSplitter/Megatron. The quarterstaff, broken by the multiple blasts, fell into pieces on the steel floor below.

Bruticus' optics widened in disbelief...his arms slumped to his sides.

"No...Bruticus...hurt. Bruticus...in...pain..." he lurched away from combat, batting away Jinrai and TimeSplitter. Smashing into one of Iacon's walls, he continued the devestation, destroying all in his path. At last, hundreds of feet away from the battle, Bruticus slumped to the ground.

"Someone...help...Bruticus..." and with that, the mechanical giant split apart.


Onslaught was on fire. At least, he felt like he was. Massive exit wounds from Jinrai's blaster had bored molten divots into him. While his CPU was unharmed (being housed in his skull) some of his internal processes were having a difficult time functioning...

"Men," he called weakly.

Blast Off, Brawl, Swindle and Vortex crouched around their leader.

"We're here, sir," Blast Off choked out, optics wide with dismay. His vocoder cracked.

"Carry on...Combaticons. Don't worry about me, soldiers. You've done your duty. Leave me." Onslaught's optics flickered.

Swindle, dumbfounded, turned away from the group, lubricant fluid splashing from his optics.

"No sir! We're not!" Brawl roared, slamming his fists together.

"You're right about that. That techno-organic freak's gonna spit blood before I'm done with him," Vortex rasped, his jocularity gone.

Onslaught heaved once, and grasped Blast Off's hands.

"You've all..made me very proud. I've never commanded finer troops. You're not outcasts. You men are heros...." and with that, his optics dimmed.

"NO!!!!" Swindle began to sob, brokenly.

"Is he...dead?" Brawl asked, quitely.

"Onslaught is in stasis shock. He's lost alot of fluid...many of his internal processers are cauterized. I...don't know," Blast Off mumbled.

"Answer, damnit!" Vortex grabbed Blast Off by his skull, and shook him.

"He needs to be taken to a medical chamber immediately, Vortex!" Blast Off seethed, slapping his hands away.

"Screw Hatemunger, Jhaixus, Galvatron, an' all the rest of the Decepticons! I shoulda known we'd just be canon fodder!" Brawl raged.

Swindle composed himself.

"Let's get Onslaught outta here," he said evenly. After a pause, Blast Off transformed to space shuttle mode; Brawl and Vortex carried Onslaught inside, and Swindle entered thereafter.

The space shuttle lifted off.

2002-02-27, 03:48 AM
Optitron absorbed the shot in the chest and stumbled, had he not had the last remnants of hypergon flowing in his system, the blast may have been fatal. Still the injury was serious enough to course him to the ground, crashing brutally down. Starscream swept through the air firing at all the Autobots beneath him, strafing back and forth.

Starscream: "HAHAHAHAHAHHA! Pathetic fools!"

Suddenly, one of Red Streak's shots hit him in the tail wing and he was forced to land, lying near Optitron, Starscream began to grovel.

Starscream: "Don't kill me...I surrender, right Optitron?"

Optitron: "Miserable curr...I will die before I surrender and if death now approaches at least have some dignity and die as a warrior!"

Suddenly the ground exploded and Jhiaxus and his crew ripped through the opening.

Jhiaxus: "Why it seems that today isn't a good day for being a Wrecker...is it Autobot filth?"

2002-02-27, 04:11 AM
"Nice shot", Stargaze complimented her sister when Starscream went down. "It wasn't me", Moonlight replied, "I couldn't get a decent aim. It was that red boy over there who did it". Moonlight was a bit disappointed that she wasn't the one to take Screamer down, but the main thing was that somebody got the job done.

The sisters were already relieved by the apparent success in dealing with both Optitron and Starscream, when Jhiaxus suddenly blasted through to the surface.

"Uh oh", Stargaze noted and began shooting the hole in the ground, hoping to keep Jhiaxus and whoever may have been following him back and giving a bit of time for the rest of the Autobots to react. Meanwhile, Moonlight took aim at Jhiaxus' chest and fired. She knew damn well that this menacing yellow robot was part of Decepticon high command, and there was no room for warning shots. She'd be happy to even dent the Decepticon's armor...

God Jinrai
2002-02-27, 04:24 AM
Slamming into Iacon with great force, jinrai went limp to minimize the damage both to him and iacon as well.. slumping to the ground, he disengaged the trailer... rattled, but his core body relatively uninjured, he spotted the combaticons taking off in blastoff...

"that's not the last I've seen of that crew... I know it."

quickly he turned his attention to the still attacking crew... configuring the trailer into battle station mode, the cannons roared to life... as jinrai charged into battle once more... smaller... but no less deadly

2002-02-27, 04:27 AM
Jhiaxus took the hit square and staggered back several feet. The shot hurt him, but was nothing that his internal repair mechanisms could not deal with. A second shot came from Moonlight and rocked the large Decepticon back further. Jhiaxus grimmaced in pain...and yet revelled in it. Pulling his hand away from the wound he saw that he was leaking fluids, but that the hole was repairing itself and compensating for the damage externally, though he knew the internal damage would take a few minutes longer...still he hadn't been this happy in years.

Jhiaxus: "Ah...femme autobots, I have so missed the distinct pleasure of crushing the life out of them...its almost like the sweetest of energons. Destroy them my Decepticons, destroy them all..."

Pointblank emerged from Iacon's perimeter. He had not gone with Prime, for he felt that something was about to happen on Cybertron...and he had been right.

Pointblank: "I don't know who is leading this mob...but I'm going to put a stop to it...Autobots, prepare for counter-offensive!"

2002-02-27, 04:58 AM
(OOC: I made a bit of a mistake... I thought Optitron and the rest were not in Iacon. Turns out that they are. So if anyone has tried to shoot me or something, I've probably ignored them because I haven't been paying attention the details of the battle.)

"Get behind me, now!", Moonlight yelled her little sister and Stargaze obliged. She had one good shot at Jhiaxus, and the Decepticon was already recovering from it. And more cons were approaching them, the situation didn't look good. It was as if the whole Iacon was under attack, though originally this was supposed to be just two stray cons. Moonlight and Stargaze prepared themselves for the Decepticon horde's attack...

2002-02-27, 06:31 AM
Siren, Hosehead, Hardhead, and Chromedome: -lying in a tangled heap at the base of Iacon's dome, half a meter away from Jinrai's impact point, knocked there by two different gestalts-

Siren: -fuzzily- "Anybody get the number of that clankin' disaster?"

Nightbeat: -comes running up- "C'mon, guys. Up and at 'em."

Chromedome and Hardhead: -transform to robot mode-

Siren and Hosehead: -get to feet-

Nightbeat: -aims blaster at Karrnage and opens fire- "Get to cover behind Jinrai's battle station and start shooting at that thing!"

Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome and Hardhead: -dash over to Jinrai's battle station, start firing at Karrnage from cover-

Nightbeat: -runs over and joins them-

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -sending volleys of plasma, laser blasts, shatterblaster rounds, and high explosive shells at Karrnage-

2002-02-27, 01:42 PM
Hatemugner saw Bruticus get hit.
"Great, this considerably cuts down our offensive capality." "Hmm for now we retreat, but not before I get one last lick in!" He got onto his com-link.

"Aerialcons, Crashticons, Darklark and Stealth get into SKystalker now!" He ordered. "We are going to fall back, also Scrapheap I want you to repair Onsluaght when we get to them. But for now disengage the assult and retreat!" Now, Hatemunger locked onto the stationary battlestation housing the Autobots and charged up most of his power to his blasters.

Once I do this I need to retreat as well. Hatemunger knew full well.

"Well Autobots enjoy your day in the sun at least for now, as it may be your last!" He fired a massive wave of fusion charged energy right at the platform then he darted into Skystalker.
Karrnage was more than happy to attack the Autobots anyway.
"Karrnage no leave Karrnage Destroy!" He cheered as Skyrender hovered above him.
"Sorry Karrnage, but we leave for now, sides we do not want to tip our hand completly." He grabbed ahold of the massive robot by his shoulders and traveled to the doors outside of Skystalker. Karrnage continued to fire volleys at the Autobots the entire way up.
At the door the 2 gestalts disengaged and go into Skystalker.
Stealth and Darklark got the message.
"We could do a terror campaign." Stealth said but realised these Autobots we not going to let down as him and Darklark flew up into Skystalker, avoiding cannon fire as well as they could.
Inside Skystalker.
Hatemunger looked around.
"Everyone is inside good, take us away from Iacon, the Autobots are too small in number to persue us." He said taking some energon that was inside Skystalker. He looked at his men.
"Everyone else, charge up now, we will strike again just a bit more orderly next time." He smiled and then got onto his com-link.

"Combaticons, meet us at point 7, 4, 9. We have units to do repair work onboard Skystalker. Scrapheap will fix up Onslaught as well as he can. We will be there in a few minutes." With that Skystalker left the battle field dodging cannon fire and missles.

2002-02-27, 02:20 PM
Sixswitch fired a few parting volleys of shots at the Decepticon ship, all of which were fairly ineffectual. Banking sharply, he swooped down toward Jinrai, Pointblank and the Headmasters before transforming and landing on his feet.
"Well, that was a close one," he said unnessesarily.

2002-02-27, 04:24 PM
Adeara grinned. She had just been told to destroy the enemy. Jhiaxus had no clue what that gave her leave to do. Standing just behind and to the left of Jhiaxus, Adeara spoke softly, "My Lord, I would cover your receptors. This could get very painfully loud." Once said, Adeara shifted to a form that had gone extinct on her homeworld eons ago, a creature that had an earpiercing cry, one that would destroy any ears and minds that heard it. Once in that form, Adeara opened her maw, and screched, if that is what it could be called. The noise comming from her was undescribable, but painfully shrill and loud. Hopefully, the autobots wouln't have had time to cover their own receptors...

2002-02-27, 04:40 PM
TimeSplitter was thrown onto the rock by the now Fallen Bruticus.

He then reverted back into his vehicle mode. Megatron came down the ramp, he ran over to Nightbeat.

Megatron 's face showed some scarring. His face was half torn. The impact had affected his appearence more than TimeSplitter's. But TimeSplitter was injured.

Megatron's one red eye gleamed the dark red, the eye componet on the other side made a few clicks. Megatron's cannon was not damaged. Megatron was not really damaged. Just the scar on his head.

His face looked mad. :mad: As if he was going to blow his top off.

"NightBeat.... Before we were going to get the Decepticons, they brought the... the... fight to... us... We shoul... we should repair... repair ourselves first, and TimeSplitter. But we must oblitereate the Decepticon's chain of command structre, and, it'spowerful assests. If nothing else we should try to follow them. TimeSplitter's engines are operational, but his weapons are not. He is mostly depleted of energon."

00C: I am giving away Omega Supreme and GoldBug. They are recieving medical care but they will make a miraculous recovery in Iacon. Just pick them up.

Quick Switch
2002-02-27, 05:08 PM
Blast Off received Hatemunger's transmission.

"We'll let you know," the space shuttle replied.

Swindle had not left Onslaught's side, constantly checking his vitals.

Brawl and Vortex sat in adjacent chairs glumly.

"Good response, Blast Off," Vortex muttered. "My faith in Hatemunger just went down a notch."

"Yeah, I mean...we were all by our lonesome out there. Sure, Hatemunger's combiners were at the front, but were they attacked? Naw, not the severity we were, 'course."

"That is because Bruticus was the larger threat," Blast Off intoned; a slightly eerie effect when he was in space shuttle mode.

Swindle moved from the jury-rigged monitoring device connected to the ashen Onslaught.

"If we go back, we're demanding more autonomy. I mean, shock, we deserve it. I'm not going to follow orders blindly anymore."

"I"m going to cruise for a while and think," Blast Off spoke absently.

"Well don't do it to long...Onslaught's haging on, but by a thread," Swindle returned his administrations of aid.

2002-02-27, 05:17 PM
(OOC: dibs on Omega, I'll PM you Optimus)

2002-02-27, 06:02 PM
Note: I'm not taking Goldbug, but I wanted to have a way for Omega to be fixed (it will be done differently to that in the end), and it made sense to fix Goldbug at the same time. The little guy's now an NPC, wandering Iacon if anyone wants him)


The steady beeping of the console was the only sound as the doctor worked. The cavernous room lay deep within the bowels of Iacon. On the floor of the chamber lay the gigantic, prone form of the Guardian Robot; Omega Supreme.

He had taken severe damage in a crash several cycles ago, and the only thing keeping him alive was a 'life support machine' of sorts, which hung suspended above his massive head. The only thing the Doctor could think of to repair the damage was a massive infusion of energon - far greater than that needed in a normal recharge, even from empty - but the Autobots could not afford to spare the commodity, so he couldn't use that option. At least the huge robot was stable - that was something to be grateful about.

Above the surface of the life giving device was a smaller platform, upon which lay the still form of the Autobot spy Goldbug. This damage could be fixed in much the same way as Omega's, but with a lot less energon consumption. Remedy, the chief medic of Iacon attached the final power line to the outtake ports on Goldbug's carapace and flicked a switch.

A low hum sounded from the life support machine and the beeps started getting more erratic. His life signs were fluctuating, and growing in intensity until finally with a spark of purple energy, they returned back to normal. Not the normal of unconciousness, but the normal of life. The small Autobot stood up and pulled the wires from his chest. The doctor gave a wide smile.

"How do you feel?" Remedy asked.
"Better than ever!" Goldbug said with a smile, climbing down from the platform. Then he cast a fearful glance at the huge form of Omega.
"How is he?"
"Stable," replied the doctor, "He will recover; when the resources become available.
"Right. But I can classify you as fit for duty. Report to the Command Chamber."

Goldbug nodded, and headed for the door.

"Now, back to you," Remedy turned to the prone form of Omega, "a far greater problem."

2002-02-27, 07:31 PM
Hatemunger thought for a few moments as his men set about to repairing themselves.
"Odd why did that Autobots, only strike at Bruticus?" He asked himself. "They must not have felt Skyrender and Karrnage were a massive threat. Granted the Combaticons should have worked in a bit more of a team with the other two gestalts. Hmm next time I will need to make sure we have a better plan." He thought to himself.

Most of the Aerialcons and Crashticons were milling about fixing damage caused by cannon fire and the like in the combiner modes.

"Why didn't you let us merge into Dominator we coulda smashed them Autobots!?" Firebomb asked.

"Yeah, we should have tore them apart!" Hit yelled.

Hatemunger then stood up taking some more energon as his massive energy blast had wore him down considerably but did give the Decepticons time to leave. His massive frame stood over his two comrades.

"We lost 5 men out there!" He growled. "The Combaticons were a valuable asset to our assult. Why the numbers of Autobots on this pathtic planet seem to continue rising were ours are falling is byond me. But we needed them to help. Sure we may have won with Dominator but he was not nessicary, we broke down there defense systems and now know how weak a set of fighters they have defending them. All we need now is to repair the Combaticons." He then looked at Scrapheap.

"When you repair Onslaught, if they allow us to help them. Can you fix that weak point in Bruticus?" He asked the Mad Scientist of sorts.

"Yeah I can fix them but I need more steel and metal to fix the weak point, we lack that here, but if we can move to my lab on Cybertron I can help you guys out." Scrapheap said.

"Excellent we shall go there, not to mention we can all finish our repairs nicely. I will hail the Combaticons to tell them where we are going. Scrapheap go see Skystalker himself (OOC The Micromaster pilot) and direct him to our new local." Hatemunger said to Scrapheap, as the Crashticon ran to the front of the ship.

"Combaticons we are going to Scrapheap's lab. There we can do suitable repairs to you all. Come soon. Hatemunger out."

With that the starship flew to a more remote city in cybertron.

2002-02-27, 08:10 PM
Remedy had finally decided on a new plan. He would have to allow Omega's systems to recharge by themselves, on a standard supply of energon. It was risky, but it sure beat possibly leaving the big robot to die. The orders from his superiors were clear. They needed Omega Supreme to repel any future Decepticon attacks on Iacon.

With a grim face, he pulled the wires of the life support machine from the big robot's head, at the same time activating the energon transfer. The monotonous beeping grew faster and faster, and he begun to think that something had gone wrong. Just as suddenly, the pitch and speed of the beep changed, and slowed down, almost to a standstill. Then, the medic's trained audio receptors picked up another change. The system was stabiliising, growing in strength as the recharge begun to take effect. He only hoped that it would happen quickly enough.


Sixswitch walked up to Pointblank, who he had already met on Earth.
"I'm glad to see that you're back on your feet, but now we have another problem."
He turned to Jinrai.
"What if the Decepticons attack again?"