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2005-04-01, 06:56 PM
*The fast guitar riff opening the song Out of Control by Hoobastank builds as a rapid succession of images of Erik Summers and Stone Cold Skywarp in still frames fire across the screen.*

I've done everything as you say
I've followed your rules without question

*Summers is shown at Redemption 2002 signaling an end to the Triumverate by nailing Skywarp with a Pedigree*

I thought it would help me see things clearly

*Skywarp is shown looking up in dismay as Degeneration NeXt forms at his expense, the look goes from woozy shock to outright anger...the angle cuts to show HBK and Summers giving Stone Cold the DN salute as Sixshot taunts him*

but instead of helping me to see
I look around and it's like I'm blinded

*Cut to Archivemania: Skywarp hits the ring and dives straight under the bottom rope, lunging for his Summers before LordSixshot is even out of the ring. Pumelling the then G91 with punches*

I'm spinning out of control
out of control
I'm spinning out of control
out of control

*A flash montage of the two men exchanging punches inside the Hell in the Cell, then shots of both men screaming as blood pours from their faces, then back to Archivemania where Summers takes Stone Cold's injured leg, and places it on the bottom rope, before grabbing hold of the top strand, and bronco-busting the injured knee*

Where should I go?

*At Archivemania Summers delivers the PEDIGREE on the chair and we see Stone Cold bring his shoulder up to avert the pin*

what should I do?

*Cut to the look of pure shock on the face of Summers after Warp escaped the pin*

I don't understand what you want from me

*Skywarp hits the Stunner on G91, who just bounces off the mat and flips a full 180 degrees*

cause I don't know

*Shot of Warp's cover and the Game putting his foot across the ropes*

if I can trust you

*Flash to quick images of Erik Summers turning on Stone Cold, then to Stone Cold rejecting the offer to join DN.*

I don't understand what you want from me

*Cut to LOTM where Summers is shown hog-tying SCSW upside down in the corner, then slamming his sledgehammer hard twice into the knee then ramming the butt of the sledge into his gut*

I feel like I'm spinning out of control
try to focus but everything's twisted

*LOTM: Galvatron91 charges in, sledgehammer primed, but at the crucial moment, Skywarp ducks his shoulder and backdrops his oncoming opponent high over the turnbuckle and beyond the ringpost to the floor below, the Game is then shown in a heap on the floor*

and all alone I thought you would be there
(thought you would be there)

*Cut to early footage of the Triumverate as Stone Cold and Erik Summers are shown with Addl goofing around together*

to let me know I'm not alone
but in fact that's exactly what I was

*We see Summers go for the Pedigree inside the Cell, but get backdropped onto a ladder, then staggers right into a Stunner!*

I'm spinning out of control
out of control
I'm spinning out of control
out of control

*We see Stone Cold going for the superplex at Archivemania, his knee give out then flash to Summers hitting him with the Pedigree and going for the cover*

Where should I go?

*LOTM we see Warp counter sending G91 straddling across the top ropes, bleeding profusely.*

what should I do?

*Cut to Summers as he flapjacks Stone Cold through the French Announcer's Table at LOTM*

I don't understand what you want from me

*Both men lay battered and bloodied amongst the wreckage of the announce table, the match official stands over them, uncertain of the action he should take*

cause I don't know

*Shot of the Game's face bouncing off the cell*

if I can trust you

*Shot of Warp going face first into the cell*

all of the things you've said to me

*A rapid fire montage of the two talking trash throughout their various matches and backstage encounters*

I may never know the answer
to this famous mystery

*Summers is shown applying the End Game to Stone Cold amidst the rubble outside the ring at LOTM*

Where should I go?
what should I do?
I don't understand what you want from me

*Galvatron91 spins around to face his opponent, wrenching the steel turnbuckle away from the ringpost, and smashing it squarely into Skywarp’s face*

It's in a mystery
it's in a mystery

*The top rope of the ring falls limply from it’s holdings as Galvatron91 drops the turnbuckle to the mat and smiles to himself. The referee stares at him with a combination of shocked horror, and absolute fear...then cut to the cover and kick out by Stone Cold*

I'm spinning out of control
out of control

*As the pace of the chorus speeds up, we are shown Stone Cold's escape and then Summers absolutely lose it. Then cut the two men brawling up the ladder. Cut to an uppercut by Stone Cold and a Stunner off the ladder*

Where should I go?
what should I do?

*Various shots from both matches of both men down on the mat.*

I don't understand what you want from me

*Cut to the Game driving the chair into the skull of Stone Cold at Mayhem a few weeks back*

cause I don't know
if I can trust you

*Cut to the repeated chair shots then to the sledge being driven into SCSW at Warzone*

all the things you've said to me

*Cut to SCSW nailing Summers with a chair at the last Mayhem*

And I may never know the answer
to this famous mystery

*Cut to various looks of shock on each man's face as the other escapes certain defeat time after time*

Where should I go?
what should I do?
I don't understand what you want from me

*Cut to Archivemania where Summers gets the victory after hitting the Pedigree to follow up the blown superplex THEN to Lord of the Mat where Skywarp gets the victory following the second stunner after the stunner off the ladder*

I'm spinning out of control
out of control
I'm spinning out of control
out of control

*Summers is shown hoisting the gold: JFA Voiceover: "He is battered... he's bruised... he's bloodied... I don't agree with his attitude... he's a self-professed degenerate... but he IS the new champion... and after that display, I'll be the first to admit - he deserves it!"

Shift to Stone Cold at LOTM: JFA Voiceover: "Skywarp now… dragging himself across… inch by agonising inch…. makes the cover… one…two… three… it’s all over!" Shift to both men laying amidst the destruction in the ring, a look of satisfaction coupled with pain on the face of Stone Cold...then fade to black as the music subsides.

2005-04-01, 07:09 PM
AWF World Championship
Champion Stone Cold Skywarp vs. Galvatron91

JFA: "So, here we are. It all comes down to this."
JHA: "It's the big one. Well, one of the big ones..."
JFA: "You've definitely spent too long in the company of DGeneration Next..."
JHA: "They're good friends of mine..."
JFA: "Let's go back and take a look at how all this came about..."

The video wall kicks into life, as we fade to a montage voiced by NFHG...

"December 2001. The first ever AWF Royal Rumble... 100 participants... the prize, the AWF Championship. The Triumverate of Skywarp, Addl and Galvatron91 dominated the play... the Game entering at number 1, and setting the tone for the whole show. As the match progressed, it looked that StoneCold Skywarp would walk out the winner... it was almost inevitable... but fate leant a helping hand.
After escaping between the ropes to aid his fallen comrade G91, Skywarp was adjudged to have been eliminated from the Rumble, a decision that resulted in the Cumbrian levelling every remaining combatant out of frustration. The eventual Rumble winner was Shrapnel, but many felt that Skywarp should have been holding the belt... and the seeds were sown...
The announcement then came through that Skywarp would indeed get a shot at the title, at the AWF's next event - Sky High Redemption, and would be awarded the chance to regain what he lost going to his friend's aid. Another match announded for Redemption pitted the other Triumverate members - Addl and the Game - against Redstreak and RCOSD, in a match to fill the vacant Tag Team Titles... but first, the Triumverate pairing would have to go through the unlikely team of Blaster_86 and Blitzwing 2. The match was running smoothly, and with Skywarp in their corner, it looked as though the result was a done deal, until StoneCold inadvertantly nailed Galvatron91 with a steel chair that was meant for Blaster_86... disaster had struck - Skywarp had cost his friends their shot at the gold.
Come Redemption, Shrapnel came well prepared, with Bombshell and Kickback in his corner, but Skywarp evened the odds by bringing along his Triumverate team-mates. Just when it looked as though the title would change hands, the Game launched himself into the ring, armed with a cookie tray, seemingly to encourage his partner. Skywarp landed the Stunner on Shrapnel, but as he regained his footing, was met by a stiff boot from Galvatron91, who proceeded to plant him on the tray with the Pedigree! The crowd was stunned, as the Game got his own back for his own defeat, and at the same time signalled the end of the Triumverate.
The next week, events took a turn for the interesting, as the new number 1 contender, Brendocon - complete with new manager LordSixshot- put his ArchiveMania title shot on the line in an attempt to gain retribution for his buddy StoneCold. But as events unfolded, it became clear that the web of intrigue ran much deeper than the surface... After battling furiously for several minutes the two became aware that Skywarp had made his way to ringside, and they pulled off one of the most shocking conclusions the AWF has ever seen - Brendocon lay down for the Game, and gifted his title shot to his supposed nemesis!
Confused, Skywarp launched himself into the ring, only to receive a beating from both the Game AND Brendocon... in a heinous set-up, Skywarp had been betrayed by two friends within the space of a week... and on that night, the alliance was born between Galvatron91, Brendocon and his new manager LordSixshot, along with her existing charge Sixswitch. The AWF was stunned by the actions of this group of degenerates... and in a bid to acknowledge the words hurled their way, they rechristened themselves - DGeneration Next.
But the story didn't end there... not by a long way. Because that very night, AWF Chairman Mr Vaccaro deemed that Skywarp would get a rematch with Shrapnel that very evening. The match was an absolute squash for the angered StoneCold, and a new AWF Champion was born, and the stage was set for ArchiveMania. "StoneCold" Skywarp would defend the title against "The Game" Galvatron91.
In the months that followed, things got even more bizarre... a freak accident caused Mr Vaccaro to go on hiatus... and the decision was made to appoint a member of the actual roster as an interim commissioner. The man that won that honour? Brend O'Con. Now calling himself "the HeartBrend Kid" and showing a predisposition to giving people only two options, his first action was to rebrand the AWF's upcoming Pay Per View "Next Raided" to leave people in no doubt as to his agenda. The main event of that card was booked, and pitted the commissioner himself, along with his partner the Game, against Skywarp and his partner Computron. With the DGeneration Next ranks swelling, with the addition of Dead Pool, and negotiations ongoing with Mirage, it looked bleak for the Champion... the anger exploded in vicious style, as both sides tried to tear one another apart... but the match finally ended in controversy, as The Game pinned Computron after hitting him with the AWF Title belt... a symbolic action? We'll soon see.... Sit back folks, this one is not going to be pretty..."

We fade out from the montage, and back to the arena, where a deathly hush has fallen over the eagerly anticipating crowd. The lights go down, and two spotlights go on - one on the ring announcer, and the other at the top of the aisle, illuminating the entrance to the arena.

The ring announcer clears his throat. "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall.... and it is for the Archive Wrestling Federation Championship!"

The crowd cheers in approval.

"Introducing first..... the challenger...."

"Are you ready?
You think you can tell us what to do?
You think you can tell us what to wear?
You think you're better?
Well you better get ready..."


"Representing DGeneration Next, and accompanied to the ring by LordSixshot. From St Paul, Minnesota.... The GAME! Galvatron91"

"It's all about the game, and how you play it
It's all about control, and if you can take it"

The challenger steps forward through the entrance, his manager a few paces behind him, and off to the side. He pauses, feet apart, staring at the ground, his teeth gritted in determination, before flicking his head up, and marching down the aisle.

JHA: "Look at that face... that's a Game face... he IS the Game!"
JFA: "He's all ego, that's for sure..."
JHA: "Hey, you'd be cocky if you were that damn good."

G91 strides down to ringside, before leaping up onto the apron, and pouring water from his bottle all over his face, and stepping through the ropes. LordSixshot walks up the steps, and steps between the middle and bottom ropes, to get in some last minute strategy for the Game.

"And his opponent..."

The glass breaks, and the crowd go absolutely insane.

"From Carlisle, England, he is the Archive Wrestling Federation Champion... "Stone Cold" Skywarp!!"

The Champion emerges at the top of the ramp, title belt trailing on the floor behind him. He stares down the ramp as "Machine" blares over the sound system, and then runs down the aisle.

JFA: "And it looks like we're off to a flying start here"

Skywarp hits the ring and dives straight under the bottom rope, lunging for his opponent before LordSixshot is even out of the ring. Pumelling Galvatron91 with punches, Skywarp unleashes three months of pent-up fury on the Game, before the lights have even come-up.
The referee signals for the bell as the entrance music cuts out, and the two brawling men fall through the ropes to the floor below. Skywarp eventually heaves himself up, and pulls off his trademark leather jacket, before throwing it at the onlooking LordSixshot.
Grabbing the Game by the hair, he pulls him up, before slamming his face into the ring apron. The referee climbs down to the outside in an attempt to break them apart. StoneCold turns around and gives the official the finger, before going back to work on 91 with a flurry of punches to the face.

JFA: "The way these two are going at it, you'd never guess they were former partners... two thirds of the legendary Triumverate..."
JHA: "Or 'The Three Man Ego Trip' as they were more commonly known..."

Galvatron91 pushes his foe away, and starts to try to walk around the ringside, but Skywarp follows, and nails him in the back with a forearm blow that sends the Game reeling straight into the steel ring steps.

JFA: "And after that impact, Galvatron91 could well be busted open."

The referee manages to seperate the two, and instructs Skywarp to get it back in the ring.

JFA: "The referee showing a lot of leeway regarding the rules in this match..."
JHA: "Well, he knows that Skywarp's gonna try and get himself disqualified as soon as possible..."

Stone Cold picks up his foe, now bleeding from a gash in his forehead, and hurls him back into the ring, before climbing the steps to follow. G91 crawls across the ring, using the ropes on the opposite side to try to regain his footing. As Skywarp comes toward him, he responds with a kick to the midsection, and a firm right hand that knocks the taste out of the Cumbrian's mouth.
As Skywarp turns away to clasp his face, the Game takes advantage of the situation, and viciously takes out his opponent's knee with a diving shoulderblock. Determined to dictate the pace of the match, Galvatron91 then grabs the leg and drags his opponent into the middle of the ring, before dropping an elbow on the inside of the knee and cinching in a leg grapevine.

JHA: "And this is where we'll see who the better wrestler is... in the ring, down on the mat."
JFA: "Skywarp never claimed to be a wrestler... he's a brawler, he makes no secret of it."
JHA: "So what is he doing in the Archive Wrestling Federation?"
JFA: "Cleaning house, usually."

As the Game applied more pressure to the knee, Skywarp reached across, and punched his nemesis square in the face, causing G91 to break the hold. As both men clambered to their feet, Galvatron91 took a run-up, and nailed the Champion with a swinging neckbreaker, before covering for a two count.
Picking Skywarp up, the Game planted him with a firm bodyslam, before sliding to the outside, and grabbing the injured leg.

JHA: "This is where the Game begins..."
JFA: "This is where the referee should intervene... there really is no call for th- Owh, he just wrapped the Champion's knee right around that steel ring-post... and again... the referee really shouldn't allow this..."
JHA: "What's your problem? He's counting him isn't he?"

As the referee reaches six, Galvatron91 climbs back into the ring, wiping the blood from across his brow, and starts stomping away at Skywarp's body. Eventually, he grabs the leg, and places it on the bottom rope, before grabbing hold of the top strand, and bronco-busting the injured knee.

JFA: "And Skywarp is screaming in pain there..."
JHA: "I know... isn't it great?"

Satisfied at the damage done, the Game grabs the injured leg, and drags Skywarp into the middle of the ring.

JFA: "Now what? Step-over toe hold... into a figure four!"
JHA: "YES!! He's gonna make him submit!!"

As Skywarp flails about in the figure four, Galvatron91 reaches back, and grabs hold of the second rope to gain some extra leverage. StoneCold's shoulders touch the mat, and the referee counts, 1... 2... shoulders come back up as the Champion points back over his opponent's shoulders, but G91 releases the ropes before the referee can look.
After bearing the pain for several more minutes, the chant of the crowd starts to get Skywarp into it again...

JFA: "Skywarp... trying to... trying to turn the figure four over to reverse the pressure..."
JHA: "Come on, Game... stop him... stop him...."
JFA: "No!! He's done it! The figure four reversed.... now it's up to the Game to get to the ropes."
JHA: "And he has done... now it's up to the referee to break the hold up..."

Both men struggle to get back to their feet, but the Champion manages it first, and levels the Game with a running clothesline. The crowd explodes as Stone Cold goes back on the offensive, piling in with a series of stomps, before pulling up his opponent and ramming his face into the top turnbuckle. Galvatron91 staggers back, and gets hit with a belly to back suplex.

JHA: "Nononono!!! Sixy.... do something..."

Still limping, Skywarp bounces himself off the ropes, and drives the point of the elbow straight into the Game's chest to gain a two count. Picking his opponent up, Skywarp backs him into the corner, and rails on him with a flurry of punches, before whipping him into the far corner. G91 slams straight into the turnbuckles, and staggers out into the ring, only to be hit with a Thesz Press, and another sucession of mounted punches.

JFA: "And the champion is pulling out just about everything in his arsenal... and we know what's coming..."
JHA: "Doesn't mean we have to like it..."
JFA: "And... and LordSixshot just grabbed the Game's ankle and pulled him out of the ring... typical DGeneration Next tactics...

Angry at the tactics employed to get a rest, Skywarp immediately darts out of the ring, and chases Sixshot around to the other side of the ring, before going back to Galvatron91, and ramming him headfirst into the guardrail. StoneCold then clambers back into the ring, allowing the referee to restart his count.

JFA: "And the Game climbing back into the ring... and Skywarp is right back on him with a series of stomps... backing off now... waiting for him to stand up..."

Galvatron91 heaves himself back up to his feet, blood dripping from his brow. Boot to the midsection from Skywarp - grabs the head, but G91 gets his hands up, and pushes him away, into the ropes.

JFA: "Skywarp, off the ropes... the Thesz Pre- SPINEBUSTER!!!"
JHA: "What a brilliant counter by the Game! THAT is the mark of a Champion... absolutely any move you throw at him, and he can counter it!"
JFA: "Counter it maybe, but both men are down... absolutely wrecked by the energy they've exerted... trying to catch their breath... and the referee has started his count."

As the referee reaches the count of five, Galvatron91 gets back to his feet, and immediately goes straight back to work on the knee, lifting it high, turning Skywarp over, and driving the knee straight down into the mat.

JHA: "He can't hit the Stunner if he can't stand up..."

G91 backs off to allow Skywarp to regain his footing, before rebounding off the ropes, looking for the running knee-lift, but StoneCold dodges, and uses his opponent's momentum to plant the challenger on the back of his head.

JFA: "Great counter. Mark of a champion..."
JHA: "Shaddap"

Skywarp starts again with the stomps, before lifting his opponent, and whipping him into the ropes for a huge back bodydrop. The Game bounces back onto his feet, clasping his back in agony, as the crowd start to cheer wildly. StoneCold hits a running clothesline, but Galvatron91 quickly scrambles back up to his feet again.

Skywarp rebounds off the ropes with a Thesz press, before bombarding his opponent with a series of mounted punches.

JFA: "The Champion is on fire!!"

After a dozen punches, Stone Cold gets to his feet, and grabs the Game by the hair, pulling him up. Desperately, Sixshot jumps onto the apron to distract the referee. Suddenly, the crowd start screaming, as the still-bloodied Blaster_86 runs down the aisle, clasping a steel chair.

JFA: "Now what?"
JHA: "How did he even make it to this arena...?"

Skywarp stops to look as B86 reaches ringside, and slides the chair into the ring. He hops onto the apron and starts pointing at the chair, and egging on Skywarp to finish the match.

JHA: "That little piece of.... he's still trying to get his own back on DGeneration Next for costing him the Tag straps!"
JFA: "Well, I don't know about damaging the Game's prospects... but StoneCold doesn't look at all happy at his presumption.... the Champ doesn't want help from anybody nowadays!"

Visibly pissed off, Skywarp drops Galvatron91 back down to the mat, and storms across to the ropes. With one fluid motion, he grabs the top strand, and slingshots the Transcons man into the ring.

JHA: "Oh dear...."
JFA: "And the referee is still distracted with Sixshot..."
JHA: "Can you blame him?"

Blaster_86 quickly staggers to his feet, and sees that Skywarp is staring at him with fire in his eyes. He tries to run, but the Champion quickly heads him off, before grabbing him and delivering the Skywarp Stunner! StoneCold quickly kicks the prone body out of the ring, and to the arena floor.

JFA: "And some would say he deserves it..."
JHA: "And some would draw your attention to that fact that his plan may have backfired... the Game is back on his feet!"

Smiling, Skywarp turns back to the action, but walks straight into a kneelift to the gut! Galvatron91 quickly grabs the head, and pulls him toward the steel chair lying in the middle of the ring... the double underhook....

JFA: "PEDIGREE!!!! On the chair!!! The referee's still dealing with Sixshot...."
JHA: "We've got a new champion!! Oh yes!!!"
JFA: "And G91 has pushed the chair out of the ring... cover by the Game.... the referee's there... One... Two.... Thr-"
JFA: "NO!! Shoulder-up!!! Skywarp somehow got his shoulder up!!!"
JFA: "And the look on the face of Galvatron91 says it all.... he cannot believe it... the crowd can't believe it... LordSixshot can't believe it..."
JFA: "And I can imagine that Blaster_86 will be breathing a sigh of relief.... he came down to help Skywarp get the win... but almost gifted the gold to the Game!"
JHA: "Blaster_86 won't be breathing anything until the paramedics wake him up!"
JFA: "You have to admire the intestinal fortitude of Skywarp..."
JHA: "You admire what you want... I'm not going near anybody's intestines..."

Unable to believe it, Galvatron91 hauls his former partner back up to his feet, before sending him back to the mat with a side Russian legsweep. Makes the cover... 1... 2.. shoulder up again.

JFA: "And the Game must be wondering what he has to do to win this match."

G91 picks up Skywarp, and slings him into the ropes, but the exhausted Skywarp falls through the strands, rather than rebounding. Frustrated, Galvy follows him through the ropes to the floor, but when he tries to lift him up, StoneCold shifts his weight, and the Game is sent face first into the ringpost.
Dazed, the Game staggers around to pick up his opponent again, but Skywarp somehow musters up the energy to bury a punch into the midsection. The referee follows down the outside in an attempt to get the action back in the ring, but to no avail. Angered, Galvatron91 lands a double-axehandle blow onto Skywarp's back, before grabbing him by the head, and slinging him into the ring steps.

JFA: "They should keep this in the ring... they really shouldn't be out here..."
JHA: "As long as they keep it away from here, I'm happy..."
JFA: "I think you may have spoken too soon... we have company..."

Galvatron91 drags StoneCold across the arena floor, before slamming him facefirst into the announce table.

JHA: "May I suggest we take a few steps back?"
JFA: "For once, I agree with you..."

As the Game hurls the Champion onto the announce table, Blaster_86 staggers back around the ring... looking to get his own back, but LordSixshot quickly smashes him in the head with a steel chair, sending him back down to the concrete.

JFA: "He wouldn't... oh no, not that..."
JHA: "Yes!! The Game is gonna hit the Pedigree on the table!!"
JFA: "Here it goes... the underhook... can he get the second arm? No! Skywarp's fighting it... Skywarp is... oh my god!!! He back-bodydropped him off the table to the floor! And now Skywarp, pulling himself back down to the floor from our table... and I'm kinda glad that we still have a table to go back to!"

The dazed Skywarp picks up his opponent, and throws him back into the ring, before rolling back in. Still groggy, he starts stomping away, before G91 rolls away and back to his feet.

JHA: "How is Skywarp still standing?"
JFA: "Because he's got guts. The Game... back on his feet... boot by the Champion... STUNNER!!! STUNNER!!! Skywarp hit the Stunner on Galvatron91, who just bounced off the mat and flipped a full 180!!"
JHA: "That has to be it.... there's no way he can get up after that... not after the amount of blood he's lost today..."

Exhausted, Skywarp drags himself across the ring, and pulls G91 onto his back...

JFA: "Now, StoneCold... draping his arm across the chest... one.... two.... "
JHA: "Foot's on the rope!!! I don't believe it!!"
JFA: "Incredible... the force of the Stunner threw the Game across the ring, yet he still had the presence of mind to know that the rope was nearby..."
JHA: "He is THAT damn good...."
JFA: "I'm beginning to think you may be right... Skywarp now... back on his feet... staring in disbelief... picks up the Game.... and dumps him on the top turnbuckle."
JHA: "And there's Sixshot! Up on the apron... oh my god, Skywarp just nailed her.... I should go help her up..."
JFA: "You'll stay where you are... there's anough medics at ringside as it is... what with Blaster_86 unconscious, and I think they'll want a look at the Game as soon as possible... there's blood all over the ring..."

The AWF Champion surveys the crowd, before climbing up the ropes, and locking in for the suplex.

JFA: "Now, StoneCold... with the superplex... searching for anything that can put the Game away for good... lifts him up, and.... oh my good god... his knee gave out... Skywarp's knee just gave out on the superplex!!!"
JHA: "Yeah, and G91 just landed right on top of him!!! 1.... 2.... what the?"
JFA: "Galvatron91 landed in a perfect pinning position... I think Skywarp landed on the back of his head... he's unconscious... but the Game rolled off him? What does.... oh no..."

Running purely on adreneline, Galvatron91 staggers up to his feet, and lifts his fallen opponent up by the head...

JFA: "He just wants to make sure... here we go... "
JHA: "YES!! The Game.... the double underhook.... PEDIGREE!!!!"
JFA: "That double-underhook piledriver has to be one of the most devastating moves in its own right... but Skywarp was already unconscious.... 1.... 2.... 3.... it's over....."
JHA: "DGeneration Next grab the gold!!!"

Ecstatic, Galvatron91 rolls onto his back, as LordSixshot grabs the title belt from ringside, and rushes into the ring, congratulating the new champion, who heaves himself up to his feet.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match... and new Archive Wrestling Federation Champion... "The Game"... Galvatron91"

G91 accepts the belt from his manager, and climbs the turnbuckles, lifting the strap high, as the music blares throughout the arena.

"I am the game, you don't wanna play me
I am control, no way you can change me
I have heavy debts, no way you can pay me
I am the pain, and I know you can't take me"

JFA: "He is battered... he's bruised... he's bloodied... I don't agree with his attitude... he's a self-professed degenerate... but he IS the new champion... and after that display, I'll be the first to admit - he deserves it!"
JFA: "But you have to wonder if the outcome would have been different, had Skywarp's knee not buckled like that...."
JHA: "No, you don't.... it was the Game plan from the outset... work on the knees.... you can't hit wrestle somebody if you can't stand up.... the Game isn't stupid, he knew exactly what he was doing. From the moment he first went for the knee, it was only a matter of time before it buckled.... there's no point wondering what would have happened if it had held up, because it wouldn't have held up for long.... it was inevitable.... it's all about the Gameplan... and how you execute it!"
JFA: "As much as it pains me to say, you make a valid point... and he's the Champion."
JHA: "He is THAT damn good!"
JFA: "And Skywarp is still out cold on the mat... the medics are attending to him... I can only speculate what shape he'll be in after this match... both these men have taken an incredible pounding... and I have nothing but respect for both of them right now..."

2005-04-01, 07:11 PM
Hell in a Cell:
StoneCold Skywarp vs. The Game Galvatron91

“Ladies and gentlemen. The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is our special Hell in a Cell match.”

The crowd, still shocked from earlier events, leap to their feet in anticipation.

“Introducing the participants. First, about to make his way to the ring…”

It’s time to play the game!!!

“Accompanied by fellow D-Generation Next members, Sixshot, and the AWF European Champion Sean O’Con. From St Paul, Minnesota. ‘The Game.’ Galvatron91!”

JHA: “And it’s a disgrace that the AWF Championship isn’t making its way to the ring right now!”
JFA: “It’s a disgrace that O’Con got himself disqualified? But it’s not a disgrace that the AWF Commissioner has joined the cWo?! What the hell kinda world do you live in?!”

Galvatron91 appears on the stage, beneath the ArchiveTron, and stops at the top of the ramp. He looks straight down the aisle at the ring, with the cell hovering ominously above it. Unblinking, he inhales deeply, and slowly releases the breath, mentally priming himself for the task ahead. The former AWF Champion raises his bottle of water to his lips, takes a swig and spews it out, before emptying the remaining contents over his face, shaking his head and discarding the bottle into the crowd.

JFA: “Intense look on the face of the Game.”
JHA: “Oh, you’re damn right. This is the big one… he finally gets that Stoned Old Skywarp all to himself… he’s been waiting for this for months.”
JFA: “Almost seven months this feud has been brewing. The rematch from ArchiveMania. The Hell in a Cell. The most sick, twisted invention in wrestling history. Two men will enter. It’s more than possible that only one will leave. Any way you look at it, this match is huge for both men… they despise each other.”
JHA: “You know what IS a travesty? Why aren’t these people cheering for their homeboy?! The man’s a legend, and they’re jeering him out of the building!”
JFA: “Perhaps they have taste…”

The Game stalks his way to the ring, never once even glancing at the fans at ringside, as Sixshot and the HeartBrend Kid follow closely behind, eyeing the cell nervously, and smirking at the crowd. The trio reach the foot of the ramp, and stop in their tracks. G91 stares up at the metal structure, coldly, showing as much emotion as the steel frame shows to him. His fellow degenerates flank him, whisper advice in his ears, and pat him on the back before slowly retreating back up the ramp.

JHA: “Great show of unity…”
JFA: “And now they leave him for dead?”
JHA: “Stop trying to stir up dissent… it won’t work…”
JFA: “Galvatron91 now… climbing into the ring, as that cell starts to lower to the mat. I’m guessing they want the cell in place before both men are in the ring… and I can’t say I blame them.”
JHA: “It’s a good plan. We don’t want Skywarp to have the chance to chicken out, now, do we?”
JFA: “Look at that sight. One of the most sick, twisted individuals ever, inside one of the most sick, twisted structures ever. It’s almost a perfect fit.”

The glass shatters, and the crowd roar in approval as the music of Disturbed fills the arena.

“And his opponent, from Carlisle, England – StoneCold Skywarp!”

Skywarp emerges from the curtain, and marches intently down the aisle. He reaches the foot of the ramp, and looks up, surveying the steel walls of the cell.

JHA: “See that? He’s hesitating! He’s chicken!”
JFA: “The referee now… opening the cell door… and StoneCold Skywarp enters that demonic structure…”

Within seconds of stepping through the door, Skywarp rushes the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and making a beeline straight for his opponent. Galvatron91 is prepared however, and charges forward to meet him. The two men collide in the centre of the ring, bombarding each other with a series of punches, each blow rocking the other.

JFA: “And both men fast out of the blocks… each off to a flying start, pummelling each other with those right hands. And now, Skywarp, grabbing the Game in a side headlock… pushed away into the ropes… Thesz press!! And now, Skywarp pummelling Galvatron91 with those mounted punches like a man possessed!”

Skywarp slams his fist into the side of the Game’s head a few more times, before standing up and bellowing in triumph at the fans. He hops up onto the second turnbuckle as Galvatron91 climbs to his feet.

JHA: “Get out the way, Galvy…”
JFA: “Thunderous clothesline by Skywarp! Now, picking up the Game… whips him to the ropes, reversed by Galvatron91…”

As Skywarp rebounds from the far side, the two time former AWF Champion catches his head and rams it facefirst into his raised knee.

JFA: “Kneelift facebuster by the Game… now grabs Skywarp by the head and just… oh my word. He just hurled Skywarp headlong over the top rope and to the floor!”
JHA: “British Airways?”
JFA: “Will you stop?! Galvatron91 now… on the outside as well… grabs Skywarp… and just sends him facefirst into the steel ringpost.”

As Skywarp hugs the ringpost in an attempt to catch his breath, Galvatron91 comes up from behind, and slams his face down into the ringsteps.

JFA: “And that is one sick individual right there… those steps are steel… there’s very little give. He knows that.”
JHA: “Hello, braniac? The entire ring is surrounded by steel mesh… somebody was going to taste metal eventually…”

Setting his opponent up, the Game clambers up onto the ring apron, and looks to deliver a double axehandle blow onto the prone Skywarp. But as he leaps through the air, StoneCold turns slightly, and lands a fist to the gut of the Cerebral Assassin, before seizing the moment, and shifting his weight to send Galvatron91 facefirst into the wall of the cell.

JFA: “As you were saying… somebody just tasted metal! And I think the Game could be busted open after that…. Skywarp now, up to his feet and… oh my god, what’s he doing?!”
JHA: “He’s… he’s picking up those steel ringsteps! What the hell… he can’t do that!”
JFA: “He damn well can! And he damn well is!”

Galvatron91 turns back to face his opponent, and Skywarp rams the steel steps straight into his forehead.

JFA: “My god… do you have any idea how much that thing weighs?!”
JHA: “I think the Game does… that’ll definitely leave a mark…”
JFA: “And… Skywarp just dropped the steps right on top of the Game’s body. And now climbing back into the ring. Turnabout is fair play… Galvatron91 rammed Skywarp’s head into the steps, Skywarp rammed the steps into Galvatron91’s head!”

As Skywarp waits in the ring, the referee struggles to shift the weight of the steps from off the Game’s chest. Galvatron91 eventually climbs back to his feet, his face dripping with blood, and gasping for oxygen. He rolls back into the ring, and Skywarp immediately picks up where he left off by stomping away on his fallen foe.

JFA: “Skywarp just stomping a mudhole into Galvatron91 there… and the Game is absorbing one hell of a beating!”
JHA: “He’s just letting Skywarp punch himself out… it’s nothing to worry about… I hope…”
JFA: “Skywarp picking the Game up now… and a blatant low blow by Galvatron91… right in front of the referee!”
JHA: “Like it matters… there’s no disqualifications…”

Staggering back to his feet, Galvatron91 grabs Skywarp’s head, and rests the Rattlesnake’s throat across the middle rope, before kneeling down, reaching up from beneath the strand, and choking the life out of his opponent. After several moments of choking, the Game stands up and lands a stiff kick to the chest of Skywarp, sending StoneCold reeling onto his back flat on the mat.

JFA: “Galvatron91’s really slowed the pace down here now, looking to control the match in his own way…”
JHA: “That’s why he’s a genius, he doesn’t want to play Skywarp’s game – he wants Skywarp to play HIS game.”
JFA: “Well, the Game is certainly on here… drops a firm kneedrop across the forehead of the Rattlesnake. Makes a cover… one… two… kick-out by StoneCold.”

Pulling Skywarp up by the head, Galvatron91 scoops him up and slams him firmly to the canvas.

JHA: “Perfect execution… see, he makes it look so easy!”
JFA: “He makes a bodyslam look easy? What colour is the sun in your world?”
JHA: “I wouldn’t expect you to understand me. You’ve never stepped in the ring – you don’t know what it’s like.”
JFA: “Galvatron91 not making a cover… instead he’s gone across to the corner. What’s that sick excuse for a human being doing now?”
JHA: “Looking for the advantage, obviously.”
JFA: “Well, I don’t know about obviously, but he’s… he’s just removed the padding from the top turnbuckle…”

The Game throws the pad to the ground outside the ring, and pulls Skywarp up. Grabbing his opponent by the head, he looks to ram Skywarp’s face into the exposed metal, but StoneCold throws his hands out in front of him and grabs hold of the ropes, blocking it. The Englishman then throws an elbow backwards into the chest of his foe, before slamming Galvatron91’s face down onto the bare turnbuckle. Still holding onto the head, Skywarp stops his opponent from dropping to the mat by spinning him around into the corner, where he follows up by landing a succession of kicks to the gut, and climbs the turnbuckles to deliver a volley of punches to the bloodied head of his nemesis.

JFA: “And Skywarp is really going to town on his opponent. All that bad blood really coming to the fore now… this whole saga is well documented, it goes back to January, to before Sky High Redemption, and it’s been building momentum ever since. And tonight, here on an August night in Galvatron91’s home town of St Paul, in the Hell in a Cell, at Lord of the Mat, it looks like it will finally be Game Over for these two!”

Fighting his way back, Galvatron91 lands a punch of his own to the stomach of his opponent, before grabbing Skywarp by the waist and walking him forward into the ring. But Skywarp manages to shift his weight and avoid the impending inverted atomic drop, before levelling the degenerate with a thunderous clothesline. Looking to capitalise on the situation, StoneCold Skywarp heaves himself onto the turnbuckles, standing on the middle rope, before launching himself forward to drive an elbow firmly into his opponent’s chest.

JHA: “What’s that idiot doing?! Why isn’t he covering him?”
JFA: “This isn’t about pinfalls – this isn’t about winning. This is about pride. Skywarp now, screaming for the Game to get up. Measuring him.”

Galvatron91 crawls back up to his feet, and staggers forward. As he does so, Skywarp turns sideways and reaches back, looking for the Skywarp Stunner. But as Skywarp looks to grab hold of the Game’s head, Galvatron91 reaches up around the extended arms, and manages to lock in a full nelson.

JHA: “Great counter move by Galvatron91. That’s why he is the goddamn Game.”
JFA: “Certainly have to admit it was a good piece of work there… still had his wits about him… Skywarp struggling to free himself from the hold now… and… oh my word… the Game just shifted his weight and flipped him back into a dragon suplex! Skywarp’s head just snapped off the mat, and he’s folded up like an accordian!”

The Game pulls himself back to his feet, and inhales deeply, looking to refresh himself. He glances down at Skywarp, and starts to stomp away at his fallen form, driving his boot firmly into his opponent’s stomach. Grabbing Skywarp by the head, Galvatron91 drags him up to a standing base, before switching his grip to the upper body, and hurling him into the corner, driving the Englishman shoulder first into the steel ringpost beyond the turnbuckles.

JFA: “And any momentum that Skywarp may have had seems to have just vanished into thin air… Galvatron91 now… unwinding the tape from around his wrist… what’s that psycho got planned now?”
JHA: “How the hell am I supposed to know? Why don’t you ask him?”
JFA: “Well, the cell does make it difficult, you know…”

Pulling Skywarp out from the turnbuckles, the Game grabs a hold of his head, and plants him with a DDT, before wrapping the tape around his opponent’s throat, and choking him out. Eventually feeling he has done enough, Galvatron91 releases the choke, and drags Skywarp up and heaves him into a bodyslam position. Rather than drop him back down to the mat, though, the Game dumps his foe upside down in the corner, wrapping his legs into a tree of woe, before using that same wrist-tape to bind Skywarp’s legs together.

JFA: “That sick, sick human being. He’s just hog-tied Skywarp upside down in the corner… the referee moving to untie the tape, and the Game just shoved the referee back down to the mat!”
JHA: “That’ll cost him… but, there’s no disqualifications. Nothing the referee can do about it, he shouldn’t have tried to stick his nose where it didn’t belong!”
JFA: “Now Galvatron91 going to the outside… what does he think he’s doing… going under the ring… he’s… oh god no, not that…”
JHA: “The sledgehammer has entered the building!”
JFA: “That sick, twisted, psychotic lunatic… he can’t seriously be considering using that on another human being…”
JHA: “Like it would be the first time… besides, Skywarp barely qualifies as a human being… that beer swilling lout doesn’t even pass the minimum requirements…”
JFA: “And Skywarp hanging upside down… fighting for his dear life…”

Measuring his opponent up, Galvatron91 slams the sledgehammer hard into the side of Skywarp’s knee, not once but twice, before ramming the butt hard into the stomach of his foe. Eventually, the combination of gravity and Skywarp’s struggling causes the tape to snap, and StoneCold drops to the mat in a twisted heap.

JHA: “Smart strategy there.. taking away his legs…”
JFA: “It’s an evil psychotic strategy… the man really is a credit to the human race… he makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t understand how anyone can stand to be around him… even those degenerates O’Con and Sixshot…”
JHA: “Hey, he’s probably not so bad once you get to know him…”
JFA: “Oh, what? Underneath it all, he’s really a nice guy? Takes in kittens off the streets? Spends his spare time at an old folks home looking after the residents? You’re really taken in by him, aren’t you?! Probably the only reason those three stick together is because they’re all as evil as each other… we saw what Sean O’Con was like out here earlier tonight… they’re a disgrace to their species!”

As Skywarp writhes about the mat in agony, the Game stands in the centre of the ring, sledgehammer in hand, measuring him up with a glint in his eye and blood matting his hair. Skywarp manages to pull himself to a vertical base and Galvatron91 charges in, sledgehammer primed, but at the crucial moment, Skywarp ducks his shoulder and backdrops his oncoming opponent high over the turnbuckle and beyond the ringpost to the floor below.

JFA: “…..”
JHA: “…..”
JFA: “Good god… the Game is dead…”
JHA: “No… he’s still moving… I think…”

Still struggling to regain his footing, Skywarp rolls under the bottom rope and stands on the arena floor, looking down at the Game, rolling about clutching his back. StoneCold Skywarp limps across and moves to pick up his opponent, but Galvatron91 shifts his weight, and sends Skywarp facefirst into the steel mesh.

JFA: “Incredible… even after that blow, he still has the wits about him to be able to defend himself…”
JHA: “I told you before – he is that damn good!”
JFA: “Galvatron91 running on instinct… Skywarp busted open now… limping heavily, as I think anyone would be after those blows to his knee… Skywarp picks up the Game… and rolls him back into the ring. And now Skywarp is going under the ring apron looking for toys…”
JHA: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this… and these idiotic humanoids at ringside are just baying for blood… I really don’t like this at all….”
JFA: “Skywarp still under the ring… pulling all sorts of junk out… what’s he got… a fire extinguisher… a cooking tray – the item that kicked this whole damn thing off at Redemption! He’s got… he’s got a stretch of rope there… just throwing it to the ground beside him… oh god, no… a steel chair. Skywarp sliding the steel chair into the ring… putting the fire extinguisher and cooking tray back… but he’s still searching there… oh good god. Not that.”
JHA: “He’s got a ladder?! What in the name of?”
JFA: “Skywarp … has found a collapsable ladder under the ring… and now he’s rolled it into the squared circle… I think business is about to pick up…”
JHA: “But… this isn’t a ladder match!”
JFA: “This isn’t any kind of match right now! It’s an all-out war between two people who absolutely despise each other!”

Smiling confidently, Skywarp heaves himself back onto the apron and through the ropes. But whilst he’s been looking for toys, the Game has taken his chance to recover. Seizing the steel chair that Skywarp threw in the ring, Galvatron91 hoists it high, and brings it down firmly on his opponent’s back as he comes through the ropes.

JHA: “Skywarp’s not going to get a chance to use those toys! The Game setting it up now, above the chair – pedigree time!”
JFA: “I think you could be right… he hits this and it’s all over… by good god, no! Skywarp just powered out of it! The Game backdropped, and landed right on that ladder!”

Galvatron91 screams in agony, as Skywarp gathers his wits, and waits poised for his opponent to get up. The Game staggers back to his feet, and straight into a Skywarp Stunner!!

JFA: “Stunner!! Stunner to the Game! It’s all over! Skywarp collapses on top for the cover! One!! Two!!”
JHA: “KICK OUT!! The Game kicked out! Even after all the punishment, the Game kicks out!!”

Disbelieving, Skywarp sits stunned for a moment, before climbing back to his feet, and picking up the ladder. He watches as Galvatron91 uses the ropes to drag himself back up, wiping the blood from his eyes. Skywarp pauses to do the same, before heaving up the ladder, and rushing in to ram the flat end into his opponent’s chest. But the Game manages to duck the swinging ladder expertly, and levels his foe with a thunderous clothesline, flipping him over in mid air. Galvatron91 watches as the ladder clatters harmlessly to the mat, before sinking to his knees and covering Skywarp. The referee is on hand to make the count, but Skywarp’s shoulder comes up just after two.

Muttering to himself under his breath, the Game stands up, and retrieves the ladder. He sets it up in the ring, and starts to climb.

JFA: “And I’m left wondering what cruel intentions are filling the mind of Galvatron91 right now…”
JHA: “Hurt, maim and kill, I’d think…”
JFA: “You’re probably not far wrong. The Game, slowly scaling that ladder… but Skywarp now… crawling back to his feet, and staggering up the other side! Dragging himself up the ladder as well!”
JHA: “What the hell is he gonna do there? This isn’t a ladder match!!”

Both men slowly inch up the ladder, with the Game reaching the summit moments before Skywarp does. He lines up a fist, and looks to slam it into the head of Skywarp below him, but the Rattlesnake throws his arm in the way, blocking it, before firing back with a punch of his own, rocking the Game on the ladder. Pulling himself onto the next rung, and level with his opponent, Skywarp lands another fist, followed by a third, before glancing up at the roof of the cell mere inches above their heads. He grabs Galvatron91 by the neck, and slams his face upwards into the steel mesh.

The impact causes Galvatron91 to lose his footing and balance, and still holding onto the ladder, falls through the air, bringing both the ladder and Skywarp toppling to ground with him. But fate is cruel, and in his stretch to land on his feet, the Game drops straddling the top rope, and gasping in pain as Skywarp lands flat on his stomach with the ladder adjacent to him.

JHA: “Noooo…. All the poor little baby Games…”
JFA: “As best I know, there aren’t any! And after that, there may never be!”

In agony, Galvatron91 shifts his weight to attempt to free himself, and drops to the arena floor as Skywarp crawls to his knees. Sliding out under the bottom strand, he picks up the piece of rope he had found under the ring, and approaches the Game. He grabs Galvatron91 from behind, tilts back the head, and drives the tip of his elbow into the Game’s forehead.

JHA: “No… I don’t like this… Get out of there, Galvy!!”
JFA: “And now Skywarp… looking to exact some revenge of his own… he’s tying up Galvatron91’s feet with that rope…. Oh no…”

With his opponent’s feet bound, Skywarp proceeds to take the end of the rope, and carefully threads it through the wire mesh at eye level. He then yanks down with all his might, and the Game rises feet first into the air…

JFA: “Turn about is fair play! Galvatron91 hog-tied Skywarp to the turnbuckles earlier on, now Skywarp’s getting his own back!”
JHA: “That’s not fair, dammit!! The Game’s no animal to be hoisted upside down like that!!”
JFA: “It didn’t stop him from doing the same thing himself earlier! But it looks like it may not last… that steel mesh isn’t designed to support that much weight… Skywarp’s off searching for what I can only assume to be the sledgehammer… but the cell is cracking…”

As if on cue, the weight of the tied Game conspires with gravity to tear the mesh apart, dumping Galvatron91 back down to the arena floor, and opening up a rip in the side of the cell. Noticing the events, Skywarp abandons his search for the sledge, and returns to his opponent, stomping away at his form, as the degenerate struggles to untie himself and clamber through the cage to the outside.

JHA: “Oh god… they’re coming out here now… it’s not safe, they’re trying to kill each other, they won’t care about me!”
JFA: “Always with your priorities… the Game on the outside now… Skywarp following him. StoneCold promised before the match that he’d throw the Game off the top of the Cell, but with that knee injury, I doubt he’ll be able to make it up there… Skywarp still limping… zeroing in on the Game… and… good god almighty! He just lunged for Galvatron91… but the Game caught him, and flapjacked him straight through the French announce table!”
JHA: “I said we should get out of here… they just destroyed that table! What makes you think they’ll stop there?!”
JFA: “It’s a human train wreck out here!”

As both men lay battered and bloodied amongst the wreckage of the announce table, the match official stands over them, uncertain of the action he should take. Eventually, movement happens, as Galvatron91 starts to stir. He shifts his weight under the body of his opponent, grabbing Skywarp’s left arm, and reaching out with both hands for his adversary’s head…

JHA: “Crossface!! Crossface on Skywarp!! It’s all over!”
JFA: “Like hell it is! The match has to end inside the ring, dammit. Galvatron91 just leaning back in that cruel, sadistic hold… the same hold he used to recapture the AWF Title from the Ghost the week after Syxx Feet Under! And Skywarp is powerless to do anything!”
JHA: “Are you sure he can’t tap out if it’s not in the ring?”
JFA: “Positively! And that’s definitely not in the ring… pieces of table… broken monitors… smashed cups of coffee… it doesn’t look like a wrestling ring to me!”

Several minutes pass, as Galvatron91 continues to lean back, the blood dripping from his face, sweat clinging to every pore, a look of sheer hatred in his eyes.

JFA: “Good god, man. Enough’s enough – let go of him, you can’t win the match like that!”
JHA: “And all the time, Skywarp grows weaker whilst the Game gets more rest… he’s an absolute genius, I’m telling you!”

Satisfied at the damage done, the Game finally releases the hold and stands up with an evil smirk on his face. He stares down at the twisted mess of wood, and chuckles as he sees Skywarp rolling about in absolute agony. G91 stomps down on the small of his opponent’s back a couple of times, before dragging him up and throwing him back through the tear in the cell, and rolling him into the ring.

JFA: “Now what’s that sick man doing? Going back under the ring again?! What’s he… oh no… he’s got a wrench… up on the ring apron now… and, and he’s going back to work on that exposed turnbuckle… loosening the integrity of it… not that I ever thought I’d make mention of Galvatron91 and integrity in the same breath…”
JHA: “He’s fixing the ring. That’s all. That’s how kind and charitable this man is!”
JFA: “Bull. The Game, back in the ring now after discarding the wrench… still working on the turnbuckle… leaves it now and back to Skywarp. Oh, vicious right hand by the Game… picks up that ladder now… and just slammed it down onto Skywarp’s back.”

Backing away from his opposition, G91 returns to the exposed turnbuckle, with his back to the action, glancing over his shoulder as Skywarp struggles to his feet.

JFA: “If he’s planning what I think he is, then he’s even more deranged than I ever suspected…”
JHA: “Deranged?! I can see what he’s planning, and it’s brilliant!”
JFA: “Skywarp now… back up to his feet… headed for G91 in the corner… good god almighty!”

The crowd falls into a stunned shock as Galvatron91 spins around to face his opponent, wrenching the steel turnbuckle away from the ringpost, and smashing it squarely into Skywarp’s face.

JHA: “Ouch. He destroyed the ring…”
JFA: “Destroyed the RING?!!?! He may have just damn well destroyed Skywarp’s face, dammit!! How can you just sit there and watch a man take a blow like that without feeling anything at all?!”
JHA: “I’m desensitised to it?”

The top rope of the ring falls limply from it’s holdings as Galvatron91 drops the turnbuckle to the mat and smiles to himself. The referee stares at him with a combination of shocked horror, and absolute fear.

JFA: “Cover by Galvatron91… and this one’s over. Doesn’t even bother to hook the leg… the sheer arrogance of the man… nonchalant as possible… one… two…”

Somehow, Skywarp’s shoulder comes flying off the mat, purely on instinct, and the crowd erupts. The Game stares at the referee with a look of total disbelief, unable to comprehend what just happened.

JHA: “NO!!!”
JFA: “….”

Quickly regaining his composure, Galvatron91 stomps away on Skywarp, before grabbing his injured knee and dragging his body into the centre of the ring.

JFA: “The Game is in total shock… searching for another way to put this match beyond doubt… that’s the same knee that Skywarp injured back at ArchiveMania… the knee that cost him the gold… the knee that kept him out for three months…”
JHA: “And the knee that the Game singled out early!”
JFA: “The knee that the Game cheapshotted with a sledgehammer the first chance he got… and now.. locking on the figure four leglock. I’ve never seen Skywarp give up to anything, but even I have to worry here!”
JHA: “Tap!! Tap for your life!!”
JFA: “Galvatron91… really leaning back in that figure four… applying as much pressure as he can muster... reaching out for the bottom rope now… oh, come on referee!”
JHA: “Shoulders are down! One! Two!”

As he prepares to count three, the referee glances up and sees Galvatron91’s hands wrapped around the bottom rope. He immediately springs up and starts counting for the Game to break the hold.

JFA: “Good officiating.”
JHA: “Yeah right. What’s he gonna do, disqualify him?”

G91 stares back up at the referee, laughing in his face, refusing to let go. Again, the referee orders him to release the hold. Again, the Game laughs. Growing visibly angered by his inability to stamp his authority on the match, the referee stands back, and kicks Galvatron91’s hands away from the rope.

JFA: “That’s what he’s gonna do! He’s not gonna take any from anybody!”
JHA: “Idiot! He’s in for it now!!”

Absolutely livid, the Game springs up to his feet, and stares at the referee. He points his finger, and starts shouting at him. Terrified, the official starts to back away, but G91 quickly lunges forward, grabbing him.

JHA: “Pedigree! You should never mess with the Game!”
JFA: “This is a sad state of affairs… the referee set up for the pedigree, now… but Skywarp… back to his knees… behind the Game! Rolls him up!! The referee is there! One!! Two!! No, so close!!”

Galvatron91 powers his way out of the schoolboy roll-up, spins around and levels Skywarp with a clothesline. He stands up again, points at the referee, and tells him to “stay outta my goddamn way!”

JHA: “Now… that was an unusually fast count…”
JFA: “I’d have to agree! And I can’t say I blame him, given the situation! Galvatron91 now, setting up that ladder again. Backing his way up it… perhaps looking to use it as a substitute for the top rope… and Skywarp is back to his feet again… hobbling about…”
JHA: “What’s that idiot doing?”
JFA: “He’s no idiot… and he… he’s following the Game up the ladder! Both on the same side of it… Galvatron91 trying to kick him away… but the Rattlesnake won’t be budged. Right hand by Skywarp… and another… I’m surprised either of these men can stand… I’m surprised Skywarp’s still breathing…”

The two men continue to duke it out, all the time climbing higher and higher up the ladder, the crowd noise getting louder and louder.

JHA: “The Game doesn’t seem able to shift him off… what… what’s he doing…”
JFA: “Skywarp… European uppercut to the Game… now… grabs the head… they’re ten feet up on that ladder… what the… STUNNER!!”
JFA: “Skywarp just hit the Skywarp Stunner off that ladder!! They went down ten feet there!!! Both men… flat on their back in the middle of the ring… the ladder is still standing… Skywarp… reaching across now… dragging himself…. Lays his arm across the Game’s chest…. That’s got to be all…”

The referee slides down to the mat. One… Two…

JHA: “No!! Shoulder came up!! Shoulder came up!!”
JFA: “And now it’s Skywarp’s turn for disbelief… or it would be… I don’t think he knows what he’s doing… he’s running purely on instinct… grabs hold of the ladder now… trying to pull himself up to his feet… the Game trying to crawl back up to a vertical base… both men standing… Skywarp forward… boot… STUNNER!! A second Skywarp Stunner to the Game!!”
JHA: “No! No! No!! Come on, Galvy! Get up, I know you can do it!!”
JFA: “Both men… exhausted… flat on the mat… they’ve given it their all and then some… the ring is destroyed… the cell is destroyed… the French announce position is destroyed… there’s chairs in the ring, there’s a ladder in the ring, there’s blood everywhere… Skywarp now… dragging himself across… inch by agonising inch…. makes the cover… one…two… three… it’s all over!”
JHA: “…..”

Disturbed’s “Glass Shatters” fills the arena for the second time of the night as the crowd go ecstatic, suddenly forgetting the rollercoaster of a show beforehand, as they become competely lost in the moment. The cell starts to rise, as the two battered gladiators lie motionless on the canvas, the scene surrounding them one of absolute devastation.

JFA: “Both men are absolutely destroyed out there… make no doubt about it, folks, this has been a war. I doubt either man will be the same after what we’ve just witnessed. And I doubt that the AWF will be the same after what we’ve just witnessed… Claypool is the Lord of the Mat, the number one contender… the Commissioner sold us all down the river and joined the cWo… what ramifications will THAT have?”
JHA: “Not only that – but the Game just got cheated out of victory in his hometown! He had this thing won till the referee started getting ideas above his station! And most importantly of all – the establishment screwed Sean O’Con out of the AWF Championship! And you know what that means?! Blaster_86… ewwwwww…. Blaster_86 is still the Champion. Until Claypool beats him at Heat Wave, I suppose…”
JFA: “I wonder if I could have you fired…what a night! Good night everyone!”

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-04-03, 06:46 PM
Archivemania, scores are settled.