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2002-02-11, 10:47 PM
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When we last left our heroes, the Orderforce was using an old emergency shuttle while in pursuit of their hated enemies, the Chaoticons. We now join the chase, already in progress...

Both craft had been burning through space at top speed for about an hour. As they were nearing an average sized backwater system, both ships opened fired yet again. As with every other exchange of fire, the damage had only been cosmetic due to speed they were traveling.

Gunrunner Interior
"Gentlemen, this is it. The site of the Orderforce's last stand" Gunrunner announced over his internal speaker.

The other Chaoticons hopped out of their chairs and rushed to the view screen.

"What a pathetic system" Spaceshot noted before turning away from the screen.

"Then its a perfect final resting place for the Orderforce" Afterburn commented while polishing his photon blasters.

Emergency Shuttle Interior
Bushido slammed a fist on the panel before him and growled aloud.

"I don't think your aggression will help us any, leader," Warfare commented snidely from behind.

"Shut up!" Bushido barked. "Keep those guns on them! This is the last stand!"

"Bushido," Cybershot reported, "the Chaoticons have entered a local star system. Cursory reports say that there are planets, but no inhabitants or installations."

Bushido nodded calmly (much contrary to his rage moments ago) and turned to Shoulderblades in the seat next to him.


Without signal, Shoulderblades complied.

Outer system
The Chaoticons had already exited from Gunrunner when the Orderforce's shuttle started to enter the system.

"They've followed. Excelent" Driveshaft announced after seeing the shuttle.

"Well, lets give them a reason to stay. FIRE!" Gunrunner commanded.

A massive hail of laser fire rained down on the shuttle destroying its main engine and ripping a giant hole in the side.

2002-02-11, 11:09 PM
The four Autobots seemed to notice the problems simultaneously. The engine's destruction, that wasn't a problem. But the front window's cracking...

"Abandon ship!" Bushido ordered.

...and shattering...

"Like we have a choice!" Cybershot responded.

...and the Orderforce's being pulled into open space, that was a problem. But command is ninety-nine percent dealing with problems and one percent guts.

"Orderforce," Bushido called (via radio, of course) to his space-borne men. "Attack!"

The Autobots drew their weapons. Warfare fired on Mortarmaster with his rifle; Bushido blasted at Meanstreak with his gunarm; Shoulderblades opened fire on Afterburn with his laser; Bushido charged Gunrunner with his katana.

"It ends here!"

2002-02-11, 11:41 PM
"You have no idea how right you are!" Gunrunner yelled as he drew his railgun and fired. The shot connected and killed Bushido's forward movement.

Mortormaster took a few hits from Warfare's fire before firing back with his particle cannon. Meanstreak took a hit in the leg and cried out in pain while firing a plasma missle, which went off target and flew harmlessly in a drifting space rock.

Spaceshot transformed and flew at Shoulderblades while Afterburn just barely dodged Shoulderblades' shot. All the while Driveshaft just floated there for his flmethrower was useless in the vaccum of space.

The battle waged on for a few more minutes when the Chaoticons suddenly pulled back. They then proceeded to form Anarchy.

"Let's make this battle a little more appocalyptic" Anarchy said as he drew his high powered railgun and loaded an odd looking device into it.

Anarchy then turned, aimed for the system's star and fired the device into it. The Chaoticons disengaged and laughed the evil villain laugh we all know and love. Gunrunner then proceeded to answer the unspoken question.

"That device was a interesting piece of technology we stole off of a now dead planet. We don't know why they inhabitants made the device but we do know that it does cause a star to go nova. And there's no way to stop it. You may now start panicing."

2002-02-12, 02:24 AM
Bushido stared coldly into Gunrunner. He felt himself welling up with hatred and rage. It was a side he'd hoped to hide. Rational thought told him that it was only natural to feel outraged at Decepticon-brand injustice; conscience told him that he should be above those feelings. He struggled to repress.

My name is Bushido. As long as I bear that name, I will not give in to these... these barbarian instincts!

Apparently his name is Sally.


Katana still in hand, Bushido dove viciously onto Gunrunner, slicing maniacally and (seemingly) randomly at all parts of his body. His men watched.

"Holy Hetrodine!" Cybershot was stunned. "The boss has flipped his lid!"

"And I don't like the sounds'a that bomb dealy," Warfare mumbled. "We might need a hand."

Cybershot nodded, activating his long-range communicator. "Cybertron, this is Autobot Cybershot. Have located Chaoticons, star on brink of nova. Coordinates broadcasting now. Please send assistance. Iacon, come in! Optimus Prime, please send help!"

2002-02-12, 02:54 AM
The other Chaoticons floated there and watched as Bushido stated to hack away at Gunrunner.

"Think we should help him?" Afterburn asked as a few sparks came out of Gunrunner's arm where Bushido's katana had made contact.

"Nah. He'll be ok. Its only one Autobot" Mortormaster pointed out as Gunrunner pulled a sword out of subspce and started to block Bushido's blows. "See? What did I tell you?"

"But that Bushido guy seems to have lost it. And they did call for backup. Perhaps we should do that same" Driveshaft noted as he fiddled with his Flamethrower, atempting to get it to function in the vaccum of space.

"Ok. Spaceshot, get on the radio and call in everyone. With all those other Bots that are sure to show up, we'll need some help" Mortormaster ordered as Gunrunner started to go on the offensive.

"All available Decepticons, we've got a heap of Autobots heading for our present location. We're gonna need some help out here. Coordinates will follow" Spaceshot transmitted on the main Decepticon frequency.

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2002-02-17, 11:04 PM
Galvatron got the message that had been relayed to his comm set.

Galvatron: "Hmmm....this may be an interesting opportunity for us Gigatron...let us collect our warriors and be off to this world to join the fight!"

2002-02-21, 03:37 AM
Bushido had regained some of his rationality by the time Gunrunner began his counterattack. He stumbled on his words, parrying a swing and jabbing back at Gunrunner's midsection.

"C-Clever s... kl... trick, Decepticon! But dooo you know h-how to use it?"

From the distance, Orderforce continued to watch.

"Well?" Warfare began. "When's Prime coming?"

Cybershot paused. "No response yet. I'll try... Hang on, picking up a -- The Chaoticons have called for backup!"

Warfare clenched his fists, snarling at his enemies. "Twerps! Come on, guys, let's take 'em!"

Warfare charged Meanstreak with his spear, struck at the side of his head, and fired his rifle toward Driveshaft; Shoulderblades came up alongside him, firing a drill-missile at Spaceshot, and a laser blast at Mortarmaster. Meanwhile, Cybershot retained his safe background position.

"Repeat, Autobot Orderforce under attack. Decepticon reinforcement en route. Optimus Prime, send help!"

God Jinrai
2002-02-21, 04:17 AM
Back in iacon, Prime sat still, waiting for pointblank's response... however, it would have to wait...

"Orderforce... they've got trouble... primus almighty..."

Prime activated his comm system...

"Cosmbots! Dinobots! Quickswitch, Lockpick! Starsaber! Victory Leo! Report to hangar bay 1 on the double! Grand Maximus, Prepare for immedieate departure! Decepticons have intercepted orderforce... and called for backup... If my instincts are right... we may have more a mess there than back here!"

Transforming, prime rolled for the hangar bay... but not before inviting pointblank to join him...

Quick Switch
2002-02-21, 04:44 AM
Quick Switch reached the hangar a little bit after Prime, and stood arms crossed, inside.

2002-02-21, 10:40 AM
Vanguard listened to the message from Optimus as it came over the comm.
"OK team, time for some action. Looks like you were right Apollo, we are in for another encounter with the Decepticons. Cosmobots, move out!"
"Yeah, finally!" Thorr gave a war whoop as the team quickly ran from the Command Centre.

Arriving in the hangar bay, Vanguard spotted Quick Switch and Prime, so the Cosmobots headed over.
"Hey Quick Switch," he grinned slightly, "not seen you in a while."
"Yeah, like five million years," Mercury laughed.

Vanguard turned to Optimus Prime
"We are ready for battle, Commander."

As Quick Switch ran from the room followed by the Dinobots, Sixswitch glanced over at Roadbuster.
"Looks like it's just me and you left," he told the Wrecker "Hope we get to see some action pretty soon."

God Jinrai
2002-02-21, 03:39 PM
"Good. Board grand maximus imeedieately. We depart as soon as the others arrive!"

As prime said those words, starsaber and victory leo were spotted charging down the hall...

"Well optimus... I apprecieate you trusting us to call us into battle so soon... But now that I contemplate things... Deathsarus may well show up there... and if not... well... victory leo and I could use a warmup for him."

The three boarded grand maximus... All that was left were lockpick and the dinobots.

2002-02-21, 04:29 PM
The Cosmobots stepped aboard the huge ship after Prime.
Once aboard, Vanguard let his team to the command room, where Grand was preparing for launch.
"Hey Grand, looks like we'll be working together again," Vanguard grinned.
"Indeed," replied the headmaster, "it should be an interesting ride."

Quick Switch
2002-02-21, 06:22 PM
Quick Switch boarded without much ado, following behind Prime and the Cosmobots.

"Back again," he muttered entering Grand Maximus.

Finding the Cosmobots in the Command Room, he had a chance to answer their greetings.

"Yeah, nice seein' you fellas again. It's been about mil, hasn't it?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-25, 08:28 PM
Grimlock ran aboard the shuttle. Turning to Prime he muttered something about the other dinobots not coming along...

2002-02-26, 12:11 AM
The Dinobots, who had been unwilling to merly wait around, had followed Grimlock and saw him board the shuttle.

"Where do you think he's going?", Snarl asked.

"Don't know", Sludge said. "Let's go and find out."

The three Dinobots ran up the shuttle ramp.

2002-02-26, 01:58 AM
The Decepticon Shuttle approached the Outer System and Galvatron peered out at the raging battle.

Galvatron: "The glory of the Decepticons begin here and now...Skywarp, take us in!"

God Jinrai
2002-02-26, 04:07 AM
prime barely made out what grimlock said... but not a moment later, the dinobots were all onboard grand maximus...

"Grand! Full Power to engines! Orderforce is likely in too deep already! They'll need a hand... if the others...havent already arrived and tried to wipe them out.."

Prime strode through the battlefortress toward the command center... it was a very similar layout to fortress maxims... almost too similar...

2002-02-27, 03:50 AM
The Decepticon shuttle landed and Galvatron saw Orderforce battling his Decepepticons desperately. He almost felt a swell of pity for them...for they had no idea that hell was about to be unleashed upon them. Galvatron raised his arm and pointed in their direction.

Galvatron: "Wipe them out...all of them!"

2002-02-27, 10:41 PM
Instantly after Galvatron gave his order the Predacons rushed out from the shuttle their guns blazing. They didn't have time to advance very close to the Orderforce before Razorclaw jumped into the air with a single and very clear command. "Predacons unite!"

Within the several following seconds the five savage predators were united into one terrifying construct that towered above all others in the battlefield.

"AUTOBOTS! PREPARE TO DIE!" Predaking roared and lifted his massive energy sword for a strike.

2002-02-27, 11:37 PM
The Cosmobots stood in the drop bay of the giant ship Grand Maximus as they sped towards their destination.
"I don't think a standard planet drop would be appropriate in deep space," Apollo was saying.
"I agree," Sun Runner said, "It would seem like it'd be a standard
Zero-G assault.

The Cosmobots were discussing strategy for the upcoming battle. Although they were highly experienced at the art of space combat, they always had these little talks before a big fight. Vanguard was always careful to be certain that they had covered every possibility before a battle, and this was a good way of doing it. Every Cosmobot had different feelings and perspectives. Thorr with his agressive mindset. Apollo and Vanguard with their tactical abilities, Mercury and his brave ploys and ideas, and Sun Runner, the cautious one.

"Agreed," said Vanguard, "providing everything checks out when we arrive, that is what we shall do."

Quick Switch
2002-02-28, 12:23 AM
Quick Switch walked to the drop zone area inside Grand Maximus.

"You all planning stategy?" he asked Vanguard. "I'll lend a hand. Us six changers are versatile that way..."

2002-02-28, 12:26 AM
Vanguard turned slightly and smiled.
"You know much about Zero-G combat?" he grinned.

"The more heads together the merrier," he continued.
"When we head out there, we've no idea what we'll find. So far, we know that one Decepticon gestalt is fighting the Orderforce, but for all we know, they could have signalled for reinforcements too."

Quick Switch
2002-02-28, 12:28 AM
The Six Changer frowned.

"Not much, admittedly. But I can learn."

Quick Switch pondered Vanguard's comment about the prospective Decepticon forces.

"Well, it could be worse. There might 've been two of 'em out there already."

2002-02-28, 03:01 AM
The Dinobots came up to Grimlcok.

"Look", Slag said. "I don't know what's up, but we'll do our best to help out."

2002-02-28, 03:20 AM
Deathsuaurs looked to the Breast Force team.
"Merge into Liokaiser!" He yelled as the six transformers merged into the massive gestalt.

"Now let us go and wipe out the Autobots!" Deathsuarus yelled flying out the hatch opening fire with his massive laser cannon as Liokaiser flew out unleashing his firepower in space as well.

2002-02-28, 08:52 AM
"A worrying thought," Vanguard replied, "or worse, they could have brought more than one. But at least we have our rather large friend here," he motioned all around, referring to Grand Maximus, "to back us up if things get too hot."

He activated his radio.
"Grand, how near to the battle are we at the moment?"

(OOC: Not sure if the Autobots should arrive yet).

2002-02-28, 02:37 PM
Deathsuarus did a quick scan of the area.
"Hmm Lord Galvatron, I detect a maximus class star ship approaching. That could be a problem, what would you like done?" he said attacking Autobots with Liokaiser.

God Jinrai
2002-02-28, 03:22 PM
Prime arrived at the command center just as the ship came into visual range of the battle...


Starsaber and Victory Leo entered the drop chamber where the cosmobots and quickswitch were located...

"Zero G combat you say? If I may... I'm...something of an expert on the subject... "

starsaber was cut off by prime's alert...

"Well. Looks like it's time to kick some destron tail!" shouted victory leo...

"Indeed, old friend" replied starsaber...

"Cosmobots... once you're in the battle zone, merge immedieately! Predaking is already on the rampage, and must be stopped!" came prime over the speakers again... he himself was preparing for the encounter... and it was then while standing beside grand at the central monitor that he spotted his worst fear...


2002-02-28, 06:23 PM
Predaking reacted instantly after he saw the first Autobot jumping off from the ship above them. The massive geltalt warrior aimed his X-ray laser cannon and the two concussion blasters of his towards the incoming Autobots and opened fire.

2002-02-28, 06:37 PM
As soon as the drop bay doors opened, the Cosmobots barrelled out, diving through a hail of laser fire from Predaking to get clear of the massive ship.

"Cosmobots, prepare to merge!" Vanguard ordered.

The Cosmobots paused in midair, immediately changing configuration. Sun Runner transformed first, into a large white torso, before the other four Cosmobots clashed into place as the four arms of Proximus. Finally, the head emerged, and the giant's eyes glowed blue. Making an expansive gesture, he summoned his gigantic rocket launcher from subspace, swiftly followed by his flaming sword.

"Defeat is inevitable Decepticon!" he shouted, before flying up to engage the giant gestalt Predaking in battle.

2002-02-28, 06:52 PM
"Bah! You think too highly of yourself! To the the bitter end Autobot!!!"

Predaking roared in response to Proximus and charged towards the Cosmobot gestalt with his massive energysword lifted above his head, the spikes in his fists glowing in golden light that emitted from the sword and Predaking's opticband.

Quick Switch
2002-02-28, 07:18 PM
As the drop bay opened, Quick Switch transformed to jet fighter mode, and roared out of Grand Maximus.

"Prepare for defeat, Decepticons!" he bellowed rocketing toward the Decepticon shuttle.

The Six Changer opened up on the shuttle with a few precise bursts with his photon blasters.

2002-02-28, 09:34 PM
Gigatron scowled at the scene depicted by the shuttle's main monitor. His arms unfolded from his chest, and he calmly stepped over to a near hatch. A moment's time later, he was outside.

"Autobot weakling!" Gigatron growled. "Has anyone ever told you that death is so becoming on you?"

He transformed to jet mode, powered up to full speed, and opened fire on Quick Switch.


"Autobots!" Cybershot cheered. "Finally!"

Shoulderblades sent an obscene gesture Predaking's way as the Decepticon headed for battle with Proximus.

"Not that we're quite alone..." Warfare raised his staff mockingly toward Liokaiser. "Hey, Gaihawk! Miss this?"

Cybershot batted Warfare's arm down. "Don't antagonize him! Let Maximus deal with the rest of these chimps. We have to take care of the Chaoticons."

Warfare nodded, sending a radio whistle to Bushido. "Boss! The Autobots are here! We can still win this thing, but we need your help!"

Mid-thrust, Bushido's onslaught stopped. He floated there, unmoving. His eyes locked with Gunrunner's; his hand tightened on his sword. The pressure hurt - one part metal hilt digging into his exoskeleton, one part internal conflict. Motors fought themselves, tense and ready to strike, but restrained.

Suddenly, Bushido shot away. "Another time, Gunrunner!"

"Chief!" Cybershot declared. "You okay?"

Bushido's head dropped in shame. "Forgive me. I... I don't know what came over me."

Warfare tugged on Bushido's arm. "No time for that now. I believe we still have some things to take care of here, ain't that right?"

Bushido looked up at the smiling faces of his men. He joined them weakly, holding his sword in the circle.

"Okay, boys. You know the drill!"

Sooner done that said. In an instant, the four Autobots broke apart, meshed, and fused into one vast being. Vigilance rocketed back into battle, pointing his nodachi in Gunrunner's face.

"One lives!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-02-28, 09:35 PM
"Look I don't know what's up, but we'll do our best to help out."

Slag's words bore no relevence to Grimlock.

"For now, we do what Dinobots do best, fight decepticons"

Grimlock moved to the drop bay doors drawing his dual cannon.

"You coming?"


Skywarp set the shuttle down when Galvatron gave the command to attack, Skywarp froze. His teleportation hadn't been the same since he was almost atomised getting to Cybertron, he had also not felt the same since his vision of Galvatron in, what could only be described as no-where.

Thundercracker had obeyed Galvatron's orders almost immediately, with his hopes of becoming more established within the Decepticon ranks his thirst for war became un-rivalled.

Skywarp had hung back slightly, but composed himself, moving towards the centre of the shuttle he transformed to his Jet mode which, since his re-building on Charr, allowed for space travel/combat, and vanished into space, and the battle.

2002-02-28, 09:51 PM
(OOC: Cryhavoc has asked me to run the fight between Proximus and Predaking, since he will not be here till tomorrow).

As Proximus powered up to meet his foe, Predaking swooped downwards, slashing his sword wildly in front of him. The first clash sent shockwaves of force up and down Proximus's left arm. The two Gestalts were thrown backwards by the explosive power of their weapons.

Proximus raised his rocket launcher and opened fire on Predaking, but the concusive force dissipated harmlessly against his force shield. The Decepticon warrior returned in kind, but Proximus was able to activate boosters in his legs, and avoid the attack.

Swinging his sword in a wide figure eight, which left red trails of fire floating in space, Proximus waited for Predaking to move forwards and meet him.

2002-02-28, 10:03 PM
"Of course", Snarl said, he and the others moving towards the hatch.

God Jinrai
2002-02-28, 11:23 PM
A red brainmaster jet and a white and yellow winged lion were barely visible... when the two merged... into one super jet... It roared out toward the battle...


The super fighter let loose an immense arsenal... disruptor bursts, swarmer micromissles, laser blasts, high yield jet propelled emp bombs... all directed toward deathsarus and leokaiser...

*back aboard grand maximus*

"Time for the battle to be joined!" Muttered prime to himself...

charging down the hall to the nearby airlock, he felt a strange force overcome him... his body glowed as though it were undergoing some sort of metamorphosis... the hatch opened, and prime charged out, letting loose an unearthly roar...

white light engulfed him... as vector sigma...and primus' plan for optimus was finally realized...

2002-03-01, 01:10 AM
But much to the Cosmobot gestalt's surprise, Predaking did no such thing. Rather, he drew his X-Ray cannon from subspace, and let rip with a fearsome blast at his opponent.

Proximus roared in pain as the blast ripped through his chest. However, although badly wounded, he was made of sterner stuff than that, and returned fire with his own weapon, finally overloading Predaking's shield, and causing numerous light wounds to the horror before him.

Now it was Predaking's turn to roar, but this time, it was in furious anger as he once again swooped down towards Proximus.

2002-03-01, 01:22 AM
Deathsaurus saw Victory Saber he transformed into robot mode and closed his robot dragon wings around him not trying to avoid the attack, he allowed it to hit him the force of the assult knocked him back as he let out a slight groan from the sheer brutiallity of the assult but then he began to laugh.

"Bahahahahah!" He laughed as he unfolded his wings, which we smoking and blackened from the assult.
"You dream and I intend to turn your dream into a nightmare!" Deathsuarus growled and opened fire at the jet.

"I will crush you!" Liokaiser growled and opened far back at the Autobot fighter, after flying out from the remainder of the barrage he also drew his energy sword and readied himself for battle.

God Jinrai
2002-03-01, 02:51 AM
Suddenly the two separated, transforming to robot mode... starsaber with sword drawn, victory leo with his massive assault rifle , both charging their opponents...

The light grew greater... and the sillouette form of optimus was slowly changing... a somewhat bulkier robot mode... yet... deadlier... as if he were turning into some sort of a war machine...
The tires were no longer where his waist would have been... now they sat above the shoulders... fully visible... appearing to be almost heavy duty in appearance... slowly the light faded... prime's vision returned to him... and practically as if nothing had happened, he charged out toward galvatron... drawing a massive cannon from subspace...

(OOC note: the metamorphosis going on here is optimus upgraded to armada state... you'll see later on that it'll have some great significance.)

2002-03-01, 05:23 AM
Galvatron looked at the battle as it was developing exactly as predicted. He had always felt that his Decepticons were superior fighters in zero-g to the Autobots and now they were proving it. it was time for he himself to join...and he knew just where to start.

Galvatron: "Prime...."

Quick Switch
2002-03-01, 05:56 AM
Quick Switch, preparing to bank and run another pass on the shuttle (which was taking some heavy damage) suddenly saw enemy shots whizz by him.

And a very threatening voice.

Swerving, the Six Changer got a look at his foe...and gasped.

Great Maximus. He doesn't look like regular Con material.

Trying to appear nonchalant, the Six Changer stopped in mid air, then transformed to laser pistol mode, aimed himself, and fired a burst at Gigatron.

"No, I haven't...and I can't say the comment is appreciated," he remarked as the charge neared the Decepticon.

2002-03-01, 09:39 AM
Proximus saw red lights blinking across his visor. This only happened to a gestalt in extreme emergencies, and he knew then that something critical had been hit. However, he had no time to contemplate that, as Predaking was now on top of him.

"Predaking destroy Autobot!!" he roared as he swung his sword at Proximus.
"I... don't think so," Proximus replied as he parried the blow with his own weapon, and managed a quick reposte, which cut deeply into one of Predaking's arms.

Then, they joined in battle, swords flashing in the darkness of deep space as one giant parried, and the other blocked, only to return in kind. However, with Proximus's injuries, he wasn't sure how long he would be able to hold out.

2002-03-01, 01:20 PM
Deathsuarus thought to himself. This is odd, why is Victory Saber in this time? Then agian why I am I here as well? No matter, I will make his dead in this time as real as it gets.

"Come Liokaiser, let us welcome them to the past, where they will be destoryed!" With that Deathsuarus and Liokaiser set after the streaking Victory Saber, tail him firing at him. Smoke still streamed off Deathsuarus's dragon wings from the assult by Victory Saber.

2002-03-01, 09:52 PM
Gigatron was caught off-guard by Quick Switch's sudden transformation. He cut away from the Autobot, but his rerouting was impeded by a laser blast to his underbelly.

"No sense of humor, Autobot!" Gigatron growled.

He pulled himself from the tumble, shot around to face his opponent, and rocketed back into the battle.

"You are an inferior model, weakling! This is power!"

Gigatron transformed to hand mode (a bit rustily, as it was his first time since his transportation to 2015), and reached for Quick Switch's handle.

2002-03-03, 07:16 AM
Sensing he needed an advantage, Galvatron transformed into his new space jet mode and rushed in hard on prime performing a barrel roll and strafing him with several shots before transforming and landing behind him.

Galvatron: "Ah Prime...how wonderful to see you again!"

2002-03-03, 02:10 PM
Proximus was tiring fast, and he knew it. This opponent had gotten the better of him today. While he was concerned about the extra firepower Predaking would give to the Decepticons, he was more concerned about Sun Runner, who would be sorely injured when they split.

"Proximus decombine," he said, speaking aloud the order to his constituent parts.

As Predaking's sword flashed down towards him, the Autobot gestalt burst apart, each of the Cosmobots propelling themselves away from the attack.

Vanguard immediately flew over to Sun Runner.
"Are you OK?"
The big bot groaned.
"Barely," he mumbled.
"Get back to Grand Maximus, we'll continue the battle here."
"Yes sir," Sun Runner replied, flying off and away from the battle.
Vanguard watched him go, worry and concern on his face, but then he turned back towards the main battle and drew his rocket launcher from subspace.

"Cosmobots, to me!" he cried, and the four fighting members of the team flew up to him quickly to comply.
"We have to try and take down Predaking, Cosmobots, attack!"

Mercury and Thorr transformed into their space flight modes, and began buzzing around Predaking's head, while Vanguard and Apollo began circling him at a further distance, firing their weapons as they went.

God Jinrai
2002-03-03, 04:47 PM
the laser fire struck home... but optimus felt as if he'd not been scratched... looking at his chest plate, he could see only small burn marks... as if galvatron were toying with him... Drawing his now massive buster rifle from subspace, he whirrled to face galvatron...

"Funny... I can't say the same for you, Galvatron."

Prime squeezed off several shots, and began again

"I'm here to get orderforce out of here. not to deal with the likes of you, galvatron! HE is comming... and I need all the autobots I can spare."

2002-03-03, 06:28 PM
Predaking swinged his enormous sword in the air with deadly accuracy and speed as the planet's zerogravity made him only faster. He did not give up trying even though the Cosmobot's avoided his savage hits. Sooner or later one of them would make a mistake and Predaking did only need one hit per his enemy to kill.

When the Cosmobots began to circle around his head the giant gestalt brought one more weapon to the game. He began to fire at the enemies of his with the concussion cannons mounted to his shoulders, thus attempting to force the cosmobots stay further away from him.

At the same time he used the twin mortars mounted to his feet to force the attackers below him to search for cover.

"DIE AUTOWRECKS!" He roared.

2002-03-03, 07:19 PM
Galvatron unveiled his newly designed plasma-electro fussion cannon as he turned to face Prime.

Galvatron: "HE?!? Oh really Optimus, must you be so cryptic? Now I really am intrigued as to what is going on here...especially since from my vantage point, the only thing you should concern yourself with is the pending doom of the Autobots here on this rock!"

Galvatron transformed again into jet mode and bore down at Prime, transforming at the last second into a new mode...a dragon.

Galvatron: "Tell me Prime...do I ever cease to surprise you Old Friend?" Galvatron mocked as he prepared to bite down on Prime's shoulder.

Quick Switch
2002-03-03, 08:42 PM
As Gigatron transformed, Quick Switch was stunned.

He has a HAND mode?!?

Firing his retro rockets, the Hexa Changer steadily reversed course.

"Who are you?!?"

2002-03-03, 08:45 PM
(OOC: Aren't we fighting in space?)

2002-03-03, 09:01 PM
(OOC: we're in space. In a dead solar system. There are dead planets floating around so you could potentially fight on one of a number of planets so, No life. But that doesn't mean you can't fight in the ruins of a former civilization )

2002-03-03, 09:08 PM
(OOC: I thought so... Aren't we?)

Gigatron clutched through the empty void whence Quick Switch had just retreated. He halted the fruitless assault, snapping his gargantuan fingers in disappointment.

"I've come across a lot of names in my time. Apocolypse, Smiling Destruction, The Doomsday Warrior... People can be so clever when their lives are slipping away. But I will not bother you with requests of your nomenclature..."

Gigatron transformed to dragon mode and shot toward his enemy. One head lunged, jaws asunder, while the other screamed triumphantly.

"Noble Condemned will suit you just fine!"

Quick Switch
2002-03-03, 09:16 PM
Quick Switch transformed to stealth beast mode as Gigatron came forward in dragon mode.

"The name is Quick Switch, and the pleasure isn't mine!"

Snarling, he rushed through space toward Gigatron, claws extended, jaws agape.

2002-03-03, 09:18 PM
(OOC: I'm finally back. Been dealing with some personal issues that are still going to be continuing for a while so I migh disappear again.I'll try to leave some sort of warning next time.)

(OOC again: This battle is taking place in a solar system. There are dead planets floating around so you can potentially be fighting on a planet's surface.)

Gunrunner stared at the nodachi pointed at his face and laughed. He then proceded to drift back to the other Chaoticons who were already in the process of transforming. A moment later Anarchy was formed and flew toward Vigilance, drawing his rail gun.

Anarchy fired a shot at Vigilance and then took off towards one of the many small dead worlds floating adrift. "Follow if you dare, yo peace loving hippie!" He yelled back at Vigilance

2002-03-03, 09:28 PM
Vanguard's boosters activated, shunting him off to the side, to avoid the blasts from the mortars of Predaking, and he snapped off a return blast with his rocket launcher, that narrowly missed. Apollo flew up next to him, blasting away with his twin pistols.

Meanwhile, Mercury continued his flight, the swift flyer skillfully avoiding the cannon blasts, and returning fire with his lasers - annoying stings to the gestalt at best, but hopefully being destracting enough so as to take his attention from the battle at hand.

Thorr wasn't so lucky, a cannon blast shook his frame as it exploded metres away, and he pulled back, and away from the behemoth, firing his blaster cannon as he went.

"I'm not sure how long we can keep this up for," Apollo said to his leader.
"You're right, let's hope that Predaking loses patience before one of us makes a mistake," Vanguard replied grimly.

2002-03-03, 09:45 PM
Gigatron's idle head gaped as Quick Switch transformed again. Jet, pistol, beast, and the implied robot mode... This Autobot had to be a Six Changer as well! Adding to Gigatron's confusion, the beast mode disappeared mid-charge. Unable to stop himself, Gigatron simply floated on.

"Where are you, cowaARGH!"

Sharp pains shot through Gigatron's left wing, as though he'd been slashed. Instinctively, the nearest head took a bite toward the damaged limb, but he caught nothing. His eyes shot around frantically. That failing, he transformed to bat mode and deployed his ultrasonic sonar capabilities.

"You can't hide from Gigatron, fool! None ever escapes!"

The search continued...


Having spotted his target, Gigatron fired one of his back-mounted missiles toward Quick Switch.


Vigilance's eyes narrowed, righteously watching Anarchy retreat to a nearby planet.

Oh, I dare.

Vigilance followed to the planet's surface, landing a few hundred feet from his nemesis. They stared viciously at each other. Both knew that only one would survive...

"Anarchy!" Vigilance cried. "We haven't time for this! You will disable that bomb quickly, or I'll rip you apart slowly! Make your choice."

2002-03-03, 11:14 PM
Deathsuarus and Liokaiser were puzzled.
"Victory saber is no longer fighting, I am confused." Liokaiser sighed.

"Don't give up chase, not yet." Deathsuarus told Liokaiser.

God Jinrai
2002-03-04, 12:17 AM
Prime clenched his right fist... and struck out at the dragons jaw as it snapped down toward him...


Prime shouted those words at the maximum allowance of his vocalizer unit... if it werent going to sink in for galvatron...perhaps it would for one of the others...


Victory Leo transformed to robot mode, spinning around in midair, as leo kaiser closed in... Bringing to bear his rifle and shoulder cannons, he charged the gestalt... ready to do to him what he'd done at the space fortress so long ago... sadly...in that time... they were unable to stop deathsarus... and the cannon fired... wiping out the planet...

Starsaber meanwhile pulled into a tight loop, and came up on deathsarus' rear... quickly switching to robot mode, he drew his star saber blade and closed on deathsarus... launching micromissles from the hidden launchers in his shoulders...

Quick Switch
2002-03-04, 01:41 AM
Quick Switch was impacted by Gigatron's homing missle, and reeled in space.

"ARGGH!!" he bit out, mingled with a primal roar of pain.

Righting himself, the Hexa Changer considered his options.

If I can just get my bearings...and he's a bat now. Good. Maybe a weaker attack mode...

Snarling, Quick Switch manuevered until he was in striking distance with Gigatron, and sprang again...

2002-03-04, 04:24 AM
Liokaiser was hit hard, he spun around in space, not destoryed but not feeling too good either, the six breastforce members disengaged and hid allowing themselves to recover slowly.

Deathsuarus drew an axe and the blocked the sword swing sparks flying everywhere. The micromissles stang but Deathsuarus was not going to allow Victory Leo a chance to stop Galvatron.

"Pity you came back in time, Leo. Now you will have to become history in history!" He growled and fired at the gaint robot with his laser cannon while he was face to face with him.

2002-03-04, 12:40 PM
By now the Cosmobots had moved into a standard evasive formation, flitting around in space, coolly and accurately dodging the ponderous fire from Predaking, and snapping off shots in return.

"We can't hold out for ever Vanguard!" Mercury said as he dodged another shot.
"Agreed, we head for a planet in this system, Cosmobots, follow me!" Vanguard replied, swooping towards on of the barren rocks of the system.


Landing quickly, he glanced around, surveying the planet they had landed on. The Cosmobots were stood near a small cluster of buildings, seemingly the only structures on the planet.
"Vanguard, there are tunnels below the surface here," Apollo said as he transformed back from satelite mode.
"Then lets get below ground, Predaking wont be able to follow us down there," Vanguard replied, and sprinted for the mine entrance, followed by the other three.

God Jinrai
2002-03-04, 02:14 PM
Starsaber managed to turn in time to avoid most of the blast.. but was caught in his side by the initial burst... Activating his boosters, he backpedaled several yards, glanced at victory leo who had dealt with leokaiser, and gave the merge command...


Victory Leo closed in, and separated... the massive wings and shoulder cannons locked onto starsaber's back... the remaining armor interfaced as it was meant to... the cannons began to charge, and victory saber's optics burnt brightly...

"This is it for you, deathsarus! I'm taking you down! "

2002-03-04, 07:53 PM
Predaking flew after the retreating Cosmobots, as no other thought came to his mind. The Autobots had attacked him and he would end their existance - quite simple actually... atleast for Predaking.

The gigantic gestalt warrior was fast in space and was able to keep the Cosmobots in his sight. The big disappointment of the day came when the Autobots landed and started looking for shelter from the ruins of abandoned town.

Predaking let out a frustrated roar and launched several devastating blasts from his X-ray cannon towards the surface of the planet. Several buildings exploded from the impact.

"Autobots come to Predaking and FIGHT!!!"

The Predacon gestalt landed and began to swing his sword at the buildings, crushing and destroying everything on his way while trying to find the Cosmobots.

2002-03-04, 10:45 PM
"Doesn't he wish," Mercury whispered to Thorr.

The two had been stationed at the entrance to the mining shaft to spy on the giant robot, and ensure that he had landed.

"I'll give him fight!" muttered Thorr, and hefted his cannon.
"No you wont," Mercury whispered fiercely, and pushed the cannon down, "You really think we can beat that thing? Come on, lets report to Vanguard."

The two Autobots retreated further into the tunnels.


"He's still up there, destroying things," Mercury reported.
"He'll come down here eventually," replied Vanguard, and if those Decepticons are outfitted for hunting, we may be in even more trouble in these tunnels."
"We should try and find another exit," Apollo joined in.
"Right, can you locate one?" asked Vanguard.
"I can try," The surveillance expert responded, transforming into satellite mode, and hovering off the floor

"If I can detect the areas where the natural gasses on the planet's surface are strongest..." he swivelled around, and beeping noises emerged from the satellite.
"There, got it."
He transformed back to robot mode.
"But first we have to go deeper into the tunnels. Much deeper."
"OK, then lets go," Mercury drew his pistol from subspace, and headed down the corridor, activating a light from his forehead as he went.

The rest of the Cosmobots looked at each other. Vanguard shrugged, and led the team after Mercury.

2002-03-04, 10:48 PM
Sinisterly, Gigatron "watched" Quick Switch hop back and forth, slowly closing in a zig-zag fashion. A slight smile crossed his fangs as the Autobot picked a spot directly before Gigatron, and used it to pounce.

That's it. Come to Gigatron...

As Quick Switch dove through the void, Gigatron transformed to robot mode and drew a sword back. Though now fighting blind, he took his best guess, and slashed at his projection of Quick Switch's position.

Quick Switch
2002-03-04, 10:58 PM
As Quick Switch dove he heard:


Of course, at that point, the Hexa Changer couldn't stop his descent, and howled in frustration.

That sound means a swor-

And then the blade slashed through him. The beast gave a lurch, then fell, impacting on a large asteroid. He moaned, but could do nothing more than shake with pain.

"Damn," he muttered. Transforming to robot mode, he let out a shriek of pain as the effected joints ground up against each other...the blade had penetrated a few inches into his body.

Quick Switch gripped the entry wound (which in his robot form translated into his upper torso), and came away with lubricant fluid.

"Double damn," he muttered. He looked up, and shouted into the blackness of space.

"Good shot, Gigatron...you fooled me. All right, here I am. I'm not gonna be a coward- I'm no Quintesson! If you still want to settle things, then come on down to this charming little planetoid so we can tangle!" as he finished his talk, the Hexa Changer winced.

Oh boy...well, here we go...

2002-03-05, 02:08 AM
Deathsuarus smiled.
"Then let's rock!" He laughed and flew towards the massive Autobot ready for battle.

(OOC Jinrai, PM me with some ideas on what you would want to do for this battle thanks! :) )

And now to bring Lord Galvatron up to date.

On Cybertron.

Hatemunger saw the Axalon leave.

"NO!!!!" He growled and fired a few more futile blasts at the leaving ship.

He got on his com-link and tried to get ahold of Galvatron.

"Lord Galvatron, Jhiaxus and Optitron have escaped and are heading to Earth! What are your orders? I am in need of repairs but whatever I will fight on for our cause." the Decepticon general growled.

2002-03-05, 03:50 AM
(OOC: People, we'll be wrapping up this thread tomorrow. It's already run longer then planned and we need to free people up for the new arc.)

"Unfortunatly, you're first option isn't possible" Anarchy commented just as the star ominously darkened. "And it seems your second option isn't going to be possible either."

The star suddenly brightened and darkened again.

"Looks like there isn't much time left. The pressure is on. What will you do?"

2002-03-05, 08:30 AM
The Cosmobots had retreated into the depths of the mine, where the tunnels were at their most unstable. Obviously the miners hadn't finished the work that they had started - half erected support struts lay everywhere, and a layer of dust and grit covered everything. Apollo was once again in satellite mode, scanning for weak structures, and dangerous areas.

"Left here," he said.
"Man, this walking is getting boring," grumbled Thorr.
"Do you want to go back and fight Predaking?" Vanguard asked sarcastically.
"Not far now," Apollo interrupted the arguement before it could start, "right here."

Suddenly, a loud CRACK eminated from the ceiling of the tunnel, and a flood of dust mites was released.
"Slag, a weak point in the tunnel. Move it!" ordered Vanguard as Apollo quickly transformed into robot mode.
The Cosmobots sprinted along the corridor as the sagging roof got more and more apparent, until with a mighty crash, the tunnel collapsed behind them, filling the air with more grit and dust. Thorr was forced to leap forwards to avoid the falling roof, and he fell flat on his face.

"Well, the Predacons won't be following us now," grinned Mercury.
"That's certainly true," Apollo replied, "that collapse has to be at least 10 metres thick."
"Good," Vanguard replied, "now lets get to the surface."


The four Cosmobots stood at the rim of a large hole in the ground. Apparently their escape route was a secondary mining shaft, used to lower tools and equipment into the mine. Best of all, it was several miles from the original entrance.

It was then that Apollo looked up towards the sun, and saw the angry flickering.
"Look!" he pointed.
"What's happening?" askeed Thorr.
"The sun's going to go nova," replied Vanguard.
"And soon," finished Mercury.
"Quickly, we have to get back to Grand Maximus," Vanguard ordered as the four Cosmobots took off and headed back to their ship.

"Vanguard to Optimus Prime, the sun is critical, it will explode any minute now. We have to get out of here."

God Jinrai
2002-03-05, 02:28 PM
Prime was in the midst of his confrontation with galvatron when he recieved vanguard's transmission... from the corner of his optic, he could see the star pulsating set to explode at any moment...

"The reunion will have to wait galvatron!"

Prime lashed out with a right uppercut...


His foot jets kicked in, and as optimus returned to grand, he pondered if what he'd said had sunk into galvatron's skull...

Quick Switch
2002-03-05, 02:34 PM
Quick Switch heard Prime's message.

"Damn," he muttered. "Well, Gigatron, the Big Bot says its time for me to go. Next time."

Transforming to jet fighter mode, the Hexa Changer rocketed toward Grand Maximus.

2002-03-05, 06:15 PM
The Cosmobots flew into the drop bay of Grand Maximus, and immediately, as one headed for the repair bay to check on their comrade.

The four bots trooped into the bay quietly, and made their way to the bed occupied by Sun Runner, who was lying on the slab, unconcious.

"How is he?" Vanguard asked the medic on duty.
"Believe it or not, he's fine, apart from a lack of energon, the damage done to him wasn't as severe as it looked - he evidently has a tough hide."
"That he does," replied Vanguard, "When will he be back on his feet?"
"Recharge should take another four hours. Meanwhile, leave us be, and go do something useful with your time. He needs rest."
Vanguard frowned slightly at this.
"As you say Doctor."

The four bots left as quietly as they came, and returned to the drop bay to find Prime, and assist with any wounded from the battle.

2002-03-05, 06:41 PM
Predaking felt the tunnel collapsing near him and was able to understand where the Autobots had gone. He shook his head annoyedly as he realized that the Autobots had either died or found tunnels under the surfaces. In both cases... Predaking could do nothing more than wait or attack some other Autobots... and that was what he decided to do.

The Predacon giant took off and headed towards the space region where he noticed laser fire flashing through the empty vast of space.

Quick Switch
2002-03-05, 06:56 PM
Quick Switch transformed to robot mode inside one of Grand Maximus' repair bays. Clutching his wound, he walked over to where the Cosmobots were assisting with the medical operations.

"Am I glad to see you," he gasped. "I had a nasty run-in with a Decepticon six-changer...and it didn't go my way. I managed to escape, though. Would you guys mind takin' a look at my wound here?" Quick Switch indicated the stab wound on his torso, still leaking fluid.

2002-03-05, 07:38 PM
"Yeah, I should be able to do something about that," Mercury told the sixchanger.

He drew a tool that looked something like a soldering iron from subspace, and got to work.

"I want to know why the Decepticons would bother blowing up the sun," Thorr said, shaking his head.
"It's totally senseless."
"The Decepticons ARE totally senseless," replied Vanguard.
"You're right, the attack on this system's sun does seem to be pointless," Apollo replied, glancing up at Quick Switch to see if he had any thoughts.

Quick Switch
2002-03-05, 07:48 PM
"Great Maximus! The Cons were going to detonate the Sun?!?"

Quick Switch was so stunned he didn't notice the soldering iron going to work on his wound.

He shook his head in disbelief.

"I'm not surprised. Didn't Galvatron attempt to do the same thing with Cybertron and the Plasma Energy Chamber? Destruction runs through them him thicker than fluid. I hope Prime arrives soon so we can regroup and plan something..."

2002-03-05, 10:50 PM
Gigatron silently stared as Quick Switch departed. It was of no concern that the Autobot survived; they would fight again, Gigatron was sure. Still, it was curious. His eyes noted that Quick Switch was not the only Autobot acting cowardly: the whole platoon was backing out, to their ship. He couldn't help but wonder.

He isn't a coward.

Gigatron's fervent study of Destron history led him to research, particularly, certain leaders of his past. One quote had always stuck with him in times of uncharacteristic flight, a sign that something was not right.

Decepticons, abandon the planet!

A solar flare caught the edge of his optic; his head spun to examine the sun, now pulsating at a most unsual frequency. He frowned.

"What the devil... I believe our time here is past. A pity - so much to be plundered. Decepticons, return to the shuttle, or meet your end in this desolate space!"

Gigatron transformed to jet mode, shooting back to his transport.



Vigilance was interrupted by Prime's call. Time. Life. Fear. Conscience. Death. White. Vigilance.


A small smile crossed Vigilance's face, and he clicked on his communicator.

"Prime, this is Vigilance. You go on without me. I've... got something to do here."

Before a response could be issued, Vigilance closed the frequency, and subsequently ripped the radio box from the side of his head. He looked up, shaking that selfsame head (hanging wires and all) slowly.

"No more war, Anarchy. You say the bomb cannot be disabled. Fine. But talk is cheap, especially Decepticon-brand. If I were gullible enough to fall for your tricks... my fight with you would have a predistined failure. You will see me again, Anarchy - that I swear."

Those words said, Vigilance shot off toward the unstable star.

God Jinrai
2002-03-06, 01:45 AM
Victory Saber's battle with deathsarus had barely begun when prime issued the retreat...

Locking full weapons onto deathsarus the warrior opened fire... and transformed into the vehicle mode as the shots burst forth... the strafing attack worked as he blazed by, dumping half a dozen seeker bombs, and several swarmers on his aft... pulling into a tight vertical u turn, he rocketed back for grand maximus... arriving in the drop bay not moments later...

Prime arrived just before victory saber... heading for the command chamber, he approached grand... but froze suddenly... he overheard vigalance's transmission... and could see the gestalt warrior heading for the star that was set to go nova...

"SLAG IT! This is a dead system! he mustn't realize it! BLAST IT! He's going to try and stop that bomb, and in doing so burn up in the sun's core!"

Slamming his fist into the wall panel beside him, prime's frustrations mounted... it was then he spotted gigatron heading back for the decepticon shuttle...

"Grand... lock weapons on the decepticon shuttle... open fire full burst on my mark."

Prime's optics burned with rage... rage that he'd kept buried for centuries... too afraid to let it out... fearful that it would blurr his judgement... but no longer.

2002-03-06, 02:27 AM
Anarchy watched as Vigilance flew toward the unstable star.

After all this time, to think it ends so easily. He tries sacrifice hmself for a barren system. What a fool. But I can't help but wonder what he meant by I'll see him again. How can he say that if he knows he's going to die? Might aswell make sure he doesn't survive

Anarchy drew his railgun and aimed for Vigilance. "Never turn your back on a Decepticon!" Anarchy yelled as he fired. The shot hit Vigilance dead center in the back sending him tumbling out of control through space

2002-03-06, 02:33 AM
Deathsaurus growled at Victory Saber.
"Coward!" He growled as the bombs went off.
The bombs did some serious damage to his wings and his body was hurt but he functioned.

"Well time to retreat." The breastforce commander sighed and flew towards and boarded the shuttle Liokaiser's six battered robots following suit.

2002-03-06, 03:45 AM
(OOC: I realize that this seems like power gaming, but Uni and I really wanted to finish up tonight. Anybody who's not yet boarded their respective shuttles can be assumed so anyway.)


The shot connecting centrally with his back, Vigilance soared half-concious through the emptiness of... emptiness. While his mind began to drift back, his motors remained offline.

So this is where it ends, eh? Like this. Shot in the back. Floating through space, at some star you've never heard of. Trying to save people...

The "muscles" controlling his optical movement reactivated, and Vigilance took a glance at a nearby planet.

...who aren't even there. The bad guys won, that they did. Gone to plunder another world, I suppose. And you're sitting here...

Fingers suddenly felt alive again, and a hand became a fist.

...doing nothing! Dying for a worthless cause! Well I don't care if you don't mind sitting and doing nothing and dying, but I won't have it! We may not be able to contact the Autobots for help, or escape in time, but we can still do something to try and disarm that bomb - spit in the Chaoticons' faces, try to salvage some of the materials here for the Autobots, even if it means our lives! Whine and gripe and moan all you want, but we're getting up!

Vigilance's body again fully operational, the gestalt shot off to save the world.


Gigatron pointed his hand toward the main monitor of the shuttle, shouting frantically.

"No time left! Skywarp, get us out of here!"


Odd things happen in a time of crisis, I suppose. As a schizophrenic warrior is on the brink of his end, the composite personalities can split, even speak to each other...

Bushido! Warfare worried. What are you going to do?

We're going in, Bushido told his men. I recall reading of this device. It can be disabled - the Chaoticons said it couldn't because it can't... without taking us with it.

You mean? Cybershot questioned.

Bushido remained silent (a reply really wasn't necessary) as Vigilance dove headlong into the star itself. As the gestalt worked, its members chatted...

This is it, eh boys? Cybershot stated.

Seems so, Warfare replied sadly.

Even quiet Shoulderblades piped up. See you guys on the other side...

Vigilance used up the last bits of his energy to toss the trouble-making device out of the star's range, and impaled it with his nodachi.

One lives, Bushido thought smilingly, as the heat finally broke through the shielding and tore Vigilance apart. We!


(OOC: Joint post with Uni.)

The Chaoticons, aboard Gunrunner, watched the star slowly calm down.

"What?!" Meanstreak shrieked. "What happened to the nova?"

"They seem to have deactivated it," Driveshaft replied cooly.

"But... but the nova!" Meanstreak insisted.

"Idiot," Afterburn scolded. "The only way they could have deactivated the bomb..."

"...is from inside!" Spaceshot concluded.

"Then the mission's still a success," Mortarmaster noted.

Gunrunner shook slightly, giving his men a signal that they'd forgotten to do something important. The group nodded; Spaceshot and Afterburn fetched a crate from the corner of the shuttle. They dragged it to the hatch (now open, thanks to Driveshaft) and dropped it. Mortarmaster pried it open to reveal their gruesome prize - the remains of Warfare's former partner, and the cause of the ancient vendetta.

"Howdy, Cowboy!" Driveshaft jeered. "Go say hi to your buddy for us!"

Spaceshot and Afterburn tipped the crate over, dumping the parts toward the star. The container quickly following, the door slammed closed, and Gunrunner shot off after the Decepticon shuttle.

(OOC: So ends Last Stand. Continued, for those survivors, in Return to Chaos - Cybertron)