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AWF Press Office
2005-04-10, 07:49 PM
The guitar and the base kick in for The Bitter End of Placebo but the screen stays black

Since we’re feeling anesthetized In our comfort zone.

A split screen comes up onside showing Cloud having his arm raised with the TV title while Op2005 lays below a ladder. The other side, Op2005 standing over a beaten Cloudstrifer.

It reminds me of the second time.

Wolfang and Zarak are in the ring after beating the NWA for the AWF tag titles celebrating the title win.

That I followed you home

A roll of film comes up of Zarak swinging a chair at Wolfang’s head and connecting, but stopping as it connects and turning black and white.

We’re running out of alibis from the second of May.

An aerial shot of Sixswitch is seen at the top of a ladder grabbing the European title, with HBK laying outside of the ring, beaten.

Reminds me of the summer time on this winters day.

HBK then hits the HDD on Sixswitch on the following mayhem. The screen freezes in black and white just before they hit the ground.

See you at the bitter end

Op2005 Vs Cloudstrifer

See you at the bitter end

Wolfang Vs Black Zarak.

Every step we take that’s synchronized, Every broken bone

The Camera zooms in on King jumping into the ring and taking a tire-iron to the back of Blaster’s knee and freezes to black and white as it connects.

Reminds me of the second time I followed you home

Blaster throws the chair up into Kings face and then delivers the standing drop-kick. The screen again freezes to black and white as it connects.

You shower me with Lullabies as you’re walking away

A still photo of Ghostal in front of Xille after winning the tag titles preventing Xille from getting into the camera shot very well.

Reminds me that it’s killing time on this fateful day

Ghostal is seen swinging the gold bat down at Xille’s head and it freezes just as it hits Xille.

See you at the bitter end

Y3B Blaster Vs. The King

See you at the bitter end

V3 Vin Ghostal Vs. Xille.

See you at the bitter end

A picture is shown of the original Triumvirate at the inception of the AWF ADDL, Stone Cold Skywarp and The Game.

See you at the bitter end

The next picture is both Erik Summers and Stone Cold in a cage bloodied and beaten after a Hell in the Cell.

See you at the bitter end

Erik Summers vs. Stone Cold Skywarp

From the time we intercepted Feels more like suicide...

Viewfind stands in front of the GPA with TC beside him.

From the time we intercepted Feels more like suicide...

TC slams Viewfind in the back of the head with a chair but it freezes as he connects.

See you at the bitter end

Thundercracker vs Viewfind.

From the time we intercepted Feels more like suicide... See you at the bitter end

As the songs picks up for it’s finish All the freeze frames start up starting with Zarak and Wolfang finishing off with TC and Viewfind.

See you at the bitter end

*Suddenly the stage explodes bringing Archivemania to the air waves.*

JFA: In front of a capacity crowd of 68000 screaming fans, and millions more watching around the world the AWF brings you it's premiere event. This is Archivemania.

Joey Styles: We are live, from this capacity crowd here at Old Trafford, in Manchester on the final day of our AWF United Kingdom tour, before heading back to the states, and what a way to finish the tour...here in Manchester with Archivemania. In addition to this, we have a very special, brand new ring announcer who will be joining the AWF Team, and his name is none other than: Cliffjumper!

JHA: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING! How can he chain smoke and announce the wrestlers at the same time?

JFA: That's not all that has changed, but we will cover those later.

Joey: Let's get to the action, J, it's all yours!

Brave Maximus vs. Tempest

JFA: It’s time for the first match! Finally! Archivemania 4 is here!
JHA: Calm down, or I’ll calm you down.
JFA: You aren’t even a little excited? The Slackaz are going to put their titles on the line against three dominant teams! Xille and Vin Ghostal are finally going to clash! HBK vs. the Double S! The Game is going to fight Skywarp! And the old leader of the GPA is going against the new one, with the AWF title on the line! How can you not be excited!
JHA: Because I have a hangover.
JFA: Oh.

Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times
Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times
Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times
They can be ****ing with other niggas ****, but they cant be ****ing with mine pistol grip pump on my lap at all times
pump on my lap at all times
pump on my lap at all times
They can be ****ing with other niggas ****, but they cant be ****ing with mine

JHA: Hey! It’s Tempest! My night just got a little better.
JFA: Don’t be so sure. He’s coming out here tonight to finally face off against Brave Maximus.
JHA: I don’t care. It don’t matter. He’s Tempest! He was part of the GPA.

Tempest comes down the ramp hesitantly, looking more than a bit nervous.

JFA: Looks like Tempest isn’t as confident as you, Jay.
JHA: All this chump is lightshows and sound effects. Don’t worry, Tempest will be fine.
JFA: All that’s left now… is the man himself…

The crowd grows hushed, as they wait the appearance of Brave Max…

long lost words whisper slowly to me
still cant find what keeps me here
when all this time i've been so hollow inside
i know your still there

watching me wanting me
i can feel you pull me down
fearing you loving you
i wont let you pull me down

hunting you i can smell you alive
your heart pounding in my head

The creaking noises of Evanescence’s ‘Haunted’ echo in the arena, and the crowd reacts.

JFA: This is it, Jay.
JHA: Well, where is he?

The lights click out.

JFA: I think you’re about to find out.

A quick flash fills the arena, as a lightning bolt strikes the ring.

JFA: Here he is.

The rights glow back on, and Brave Maximus stands in the ring. The crowd roars – they’re excited to have this so soon into the show.

JFA: Looks like Tempest has been ah… affected… by the show.
JHA: Don’t worry, he’ll recover. Dumb light show or not, he’s still just a flashy chump. Doesn’t stand a chance against Tempest.

The bell rings, and Brave Max takes a step towards Tempest before Tempest jumps out of the ring.

JHA: What’s he doing?
JFA: It looks like Tempest has really let Max get in his head!

While Brave Max stands in the ring, merely staring, Tempest hesitates on the outside. The boos of the fans grab his attention for a moment, and anger him enough to send him charging back into the ring.

JFA: I guess that motivated him.
JHA: Now that Max guy doesn’t stand a chance.

Tempest chares at Max, hitting a clothesline that puts Max on his back. He turns to the fans in the front row that booed him, and points at them angrily. As if he proved them wrong.

JHA: Told you!

When Tempest turns back to the ring, however, he finds Max standing there again. Staring at him. Tempest, startled, takes a step back. Again, the fear in his face washes out, and is replaced with anger.

JFA: I think this is getting to Tempest.

The Legendary Killer, now obviously irritated, grabs Max and powerslams him to the mat.

JHA: See! There ya go. Next match.

As Tempest rushes to get an early pin, Brave Max sits up before Tempest can touch him.

JHA: Damn.
JFA: I don’t know why he’s so shocked. It was just a powerslam!

As Tempest stumbles to his feet, he visibly grits his teeth, rushes at Max, and hefts him up onto his shoulders.

JHA: Thunder Press! This will keep the fool down!
JFA: It just might! It’s quite an attack!

Tempest runs to the center of the ring, signals and tries to throw Max up. When he does, he finds his hands empty. He turns around, and again: Max stands in the middle of the ring, unphased.

JHA: How’d he do that?
JFA: He just kinda… slipped out of his grip. Wow.

Tempest, looking confused, and angry, leaves the ring.

JFA: I guess he’s managed to scare Tempest away!
JHA: Don’t worry, Tempest is the Legendary Killer! He’s got this under control.

Tempest storms around the ring, until he comes to an intern perched on a steel chair. Knocking the little fellow off, he grabs it and enters the ring again.

JHA: Ha! Told you.

Brave Max stands resolute. Tempest swings the chair and connects, dead on. At the moment of impact however, the lights once again click out. Lightning bolts rain down on the ring, and when the lights come back – Brave Max is nowhere to be seen.

JFA: Wow!
JHA: What the hell. The fool was just afraid of Tempest.
JFA: It sure didn’t look that way…
JHA: Shut up.

The ref, a bit perplexed, decided to DQ Tempest. He waves his hands, and grabs a mic.

Ref: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, by disqualification, Brave Max!

The ref looks kind of awkward with no hand to hold up. Tempest, looking angry, comes at the ref and smashes him in the back with it.

JFA: I guess he felt he needed to get some revenge.
JHA: Good, stupid ref. Tempest should have won by count out!
JFA: He hit him with a chair!
JHA: But Max left the ring!
JFA: Can you be sure! Look! There he is behind you!

JHA is so startled, he falls out of his chair. JFA laughs at his gullibility.

JFA: Well, a sudden and dramatic end for our first Archivemania match, here, tonight, folks! Just as soon as we get a new referee out here, we’ll continue the show!


Mr. Reilly: Now that wasn’t at all what I had in mind…I expected carnage and destruction.

HBK suddenly strolls into the picture.

HBK: Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that mate…that’s exactly what I have in mind.

Mr. Reilly: I didn’t mean…I was referring to Brave Maxx, I mean that’s like having a piece of chocolate cake without having any ice cream!

HBK: First of all, I’ve tussled with that Max…and if I know him, this is all part of the spectacle. Remember you twit, Tempest took him out of the picture…he’s going to want to defeat him mind, body and soul. Tonight…he took out the mind.

Mr. Reilly: Not that I mind, I mean it is always great to see the one and only Sean O’Con…but I also know you well enough to know that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want something.

HBK: Carnage…violence…to hear the sounds of Siznitches hopes and dreams shattering, mostly I’m just walking around looking to torment you.

Reilly: Why don’t you go get ready for your match?

HBK: Why would I do that when it’s obvious that me being here bothers you so much?

*Suddenly Sixswitch comes into the picture, his face the picture of determination and anger.*

HBK: Well, well well…if it isn’t the boy wonder himself. What? Out looking to find your personality?

Sixswitch: Just keep talking big mouth…tonight, the Double S will shut you up once and for all.

HBK: Well…look who’s managed to grow himself a pair. Looks as though the Welsh Weiney is trying to make a name for himself. Look at you…chest all puffed up…thinking he’s the big hero…

Sixswitch: Do you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk?

*Suddenly the two get in close, ready to blow up, Mr. Reilly and several security forces themselves between the two.*

Mr. Reilly: NOT NOW! By golly, what is it with you kids? Tonight…you two can tear each other apart, but not now.

HBK: See you soon sweet-cheeks!

*HBK walks away chuckling as the camera cuts in close to Sixswitch, looking more determined than ever.*

AWF Tag Team Elimination Match:
Serial Slackaz (C) vs. Murder Incorporated vs. StarStorm vs. Ravenous Justice

JHA: "Seeing we're at Old Trafford, that reminds me Jay."
JFA: "Of what?"
JHA: "The Ashes are coming up soon."
JFA: "So?"
JHA: "Just like Australia is going to thwart England and retain the Ashes once more, Murder Inc. is going to thwart all the other teams and walk out of here with the AWF Tag Team titles."
JFA: "I don't know about that Jay, they've got 3 other teams to compete against, speaking of which, here comes the first."

JRA: "The following four way elimination match is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF Tag-Team Championship.

Introducing first, the challengers, from Parts Unknown, Raven Darkstorm and Vanth Dreadstar, they are StarStorm!"

StarStorm pose in the ring while the crowd continue to sit there quietly until 'Left Hand Suzuki Method' by Gorillaz hits the PA.

JRA: "Introducing next, from Deadworld and Nashville, TN, Judge Death and Baxter, they are Ravenous Justice!"

The crowd give Ravenous Justice a mixed reaction as they make their way down the ramp. Baxter then chucks Judge Death into the ring as usual. The familiar drum intro of Bruce Springsteen's Murder Incorporated takes over as the distorted guitar joins the drums. The crowd immediately starts booing as The Wild One and Sir Auros make the presence felt.

JRA: "Team number three, from Circleville, OH and Mexico, The Wild One, and Sir Auros, they are Murder Incorporated!"

The crowd continues to boo Murder Inc. out of the building but the mood quickly changes as Comfort Eagle replaces Murder Incorporated. The fans are going wild as the Slackaz appear from behind the curtains.

JRA: "And finally, the AWF Tag-Team Champions, D-Extreme and Ignavus, they are the Serial Slackaz!"

As the Slackaz make their way down the ramp, the match gets underway as Murder Inc. begin to wail on StarStorm.

JFA: "The Wild One and Auros getting in some early cheap shots on StarStorm to get the match started here."
JHA: "Like it matters, who are StarStorm again?"
JFA: "Well they're..."
JHA: "It was a hypothetical question to emphasize a point you knob."
JFA: "Right. Well the ref is trying to get some order happening as Ravenous Justice and the Slackaz patiently wait on the outside, but it looks like it will be Sir Auros and Raven Darkstorm to be the first legal men in the match."

Auros beings to wail on Raven as if he were fighting for his life, Auros grabs Raven by the hair and throws him to the ground and beings to deliver kick after kick to his mid-section. Raven screams in pain but it doesn't stop the blood thirsty Auros from unleashing his power.

JFA: "Auros like a man possessed here."
JHA: "This shouldn't last long then."
JFA: "Auros tags in Wild One, sends Raven to the ropes, and The Wild One charges him....OUCH! Time To Get Wild! Wild One with a thunderous clothesline on Raven Darkstorm."
JHA: "One, two....no! Wild pulls him up. The awesomeness that is Murder Inc. want to dish out some more punishment."
JFA: "Tad harsh that."
JHA: "Who cares?"

The Wild One picks up Raven over his head and throws him into the corner of StarStorm allowing Vanth Dreadstar to get the tag. Vanth comes running into the ring and goes for a clothesline but The Wild One ducks and reverses it with a sidewalk slam!

JHA: "Feel the power Jay! I reckon some of these guys could use a few hours in the gym."
JFA: "You almost have to feel sorry for StarStorm the way Murder Inc. has dominated them in these opening minutes."
JHA: "Auros on the top rope now...Wild tags him in...Auros comes leaping off with a flying headbutt! He follows it up with another flurry of punches. Yes folks, this man is insane, but ya gotta love it."
JFA: "Vanth looking in a world of hurt as the flying headbutt didn't even seem to phase Auros one bit. Psycho for sure. The match has been filled with intensity and we havn't even heard from the other two teams yet."
JHA: "The match has only been going two minutes."
JFA: "Well spotted."

Auros turns his attention to Raven, and brings him into the ring the hard way. Auros then sends him to the ropes, but Raven ducks the attempted clothesline by Auros, Vanth then joins Raven running the ropes as they deliver a lunging double clothesline on Sir Auros. Vanth holds Auros up for Raven to start hitting him.

JHA: "Get these idiots out of the ring it's two against one."
JFA: "The ref letting it fly for the moment."
JHA: "Raven now, runs the ropes, but The Wild One trips him up, and drags him to the outside!"
JFA: "The ref busy with Wild now, as Auros delivers a devastating low blow to Vanth."
JHA: "Auros makes the tag to Wild, and if you've seen better tag work Jay, I'd like to hear about it."
JFA: "Wild going up top now, but Auros isn't done with Vanth...Watch out!"
JHA: "Diarrea Atomico! Followed by a top rope elbow drop by the Wild One! It's all over! One, Two, Three, the first team is eliminated! Good bye Thunder and Lightening or whoever you are or were!"
JFA: "No rest for the wicked though, before The Wild One can even get up D-Extreme has delivered a fast leg drop breaking

Murder Inc.'s momentum. D-Extreme sends The Wild One to the ropes as Judge Death gets the blind tag on Wild."
JHA: "That b@stard! Murder Inc. had a plan to isolate and shut down every team by themselves here and now Judge Death has just gone and ruined it."
JFA: "Yeah, but what ya gonna do."

D-Ex gets Wild with a back body drop but Judge Death drops him with a running boot to the head. Judge throws his arms up in the air in triumph, he goes to make a pin but only gets a one count. Judge hoists D-Ex up for a long stalling suplex and follows it up with another cover but only gets the two count. Judge makes the tag to Baxter, who slowly makes his way into the ring.

JFA: "The Bugg in for Judge Death now."
JHA: "I reckon D-Extreme's gonna be in a world of hurt in a few minutes."
JFA: "Gee, your observant. The two face off in the ring now, and Baxter is screaming at D-Extreme to try knock him over."

D-Extreme runs the ropes for some momentum and tries for a shoulder block, but Baxter is still standing. D-Ex tries again, but fails again, but Baxter is reeling. D-Ex tries for a third time but Baxter comes back with a bell ringer that drops D-Ex like a ton of bricks. D-Extreme tries to crawl towards his corner to make the tag but when he gets there, Baxter sits on him crushing his spine.

JFA: "Jesus H. Christ!"
JHA: "I don't think D-Extreme has a spine anymore."
JFA: "Baxter can't even make the pin because D-Ex is facing the wrong way."
JHA: "But D-Ex got close enough to his corner for Ignavus to get the tag in."
JFA: "Ignavus tags himself in while Baxter continues to sit on D-Extreme. The crowd cheer as we see Ignavus join the fray for the first time this match."

Ignavus comes off the top rope with a bulldog driving the Bugg's head into the ground. He tries to get the pin, but Baxter throws him into the air after a one count. Ignavus follows up with a massive boot into Baxters guts but it barely hurts him and Ignavus does more damage to his foot more than anything else.

JFA: "Baxter now, grabs Ignavus' head, and headbutts him. Makes the tag to Judge Death, sends Ignavus to the ropes, and picks up JD for the Fastball Special!"
JHA: "He didn't get all of it though Jay, JD hit Ignavus in the shoulder, but Ignavus still looks to be in a world of hurt as Wild One tags him on the back before Igz tumbles to the outside through the ropes."
JFA: "So The Wild One and Judge Death facing off here as both the Slackaz look in a bad way."

The two lock up, being the more agile one of the two, The Wild One gets the upper hand with a go behind, then swings JD around for a snapmare take down. Wild goes to apply a sleep but JD elbows him in the head. The two are back where they started as they both go to lock up again, but instead, this time Judge Death eye gouges The Wild One.

JHA: "That is an illegal move and they should be disqualified and the titles should be handed over to Murder Inc. right this second. I'm outraged."
JFA: "Judge Death following it up with three quick consecutive scoop slams, goes for the cover but only gets a two count."

Wild One gets back onto his feet and avoids JD's approach as he manages to send JD to the ropes. Wild One goes for a back body drop, but the Judge drops him with a devastating DDT. Makes the cover but the ref only counts to two. Looking a bit tired, Judge Death goes to make the tag to Baxter.

JFA: "The Bugg back in now, going to hurt somebody no doubt as well."
JHA: "Come on Wild, get out of there."
JFA: "Doing the exactly opposite of what Jay just say, Wild One makes a dash for Baxter but gets caught in his gigantic arms! Belly to belly suplex by Baxter!"
JHA: "He's crushed him! That's illegal isn't it? Attempted murder maybe? That ain't right."
JFA: "One, two, Auros interupts the count with a boot to Baxter's head knocking him down, just as well because Murder Inc. might have been out of here otherwise."
JHA: "Look at this genius! Auros dragging Wild One into the corner and then tags him."
JFA: "Auros going up top now, Baxter back on his feet...missile dropkick from Auros, but Baxter is still standing! Like him or not folks he's one hell of a competitor and can take one hell of a beating."

Meanwhile as Baxter attempts to get up, Auros delivers a cheap shot to Ignavus' head slapping the taste out of his mouth. Igz tries to get in the ring but the ref stops him and tries to calm him down. Baxter goes to make the tag back to Judge Death but as he makes the tag, Auros comes running at him with another dropkick, and this time Baxter falls between the ropes to the outside.

JHA: "His body hit the floor with such a beautiful thud!"
JFA: "Baxter might have hurt himself with that tumble to the outside there, but he's back on his feet already, you can't keep this man down!"
JHA: "Watch out, Auros is about to do something nuts here!"
JFA: "Auros punches Ignavus again, and then tags in D-Ex! Igz isn't gonna take anymore of this!"

Ignavus quickly gets passed the ref and makes a run for Sir Auros, but Auros manages to use Igz' momentum to thrown him over the ropes onto Baxter, who catches Ignavus.

JFA: "By god did you see that! Ignavus came falling down and the Bugg just caught him like he was nothing!"
JHA: "Auros running the ropes....here he goes! Woo Hoo!"
JFA: "Auros with a suicide dive to the outside onto Baxter and Ignavus managing to knock them over as all three begin to brawl even while laying down, leaving D-Ex and Judge Death as the legal men with the Wild One patiently waiting for a tag."

Judge Death wasting no time, makes a run for D-Ex managing to tackle him to the crowd and start wailing on him. Two can play at that game though as D-Extreme's hardcore background comes in handy as he bites the head of JD who magically stops punching all of a sudden. D-Extreme continuing to work over JD, delivers a backbreaker with perfection as Judge Death screams wildly.

JFA: "D-Extreme wearing down the Judge now. He nails a suplex, and holds on to it, D-Ex going for another one...two! One more...D-Ex goes for the third, but the Judge works his way out of it and drops D-Extreme with a reverse DDT on the way down."
JHA: "Makes the cover, one...two..kick out by D-Extreme."

Judge Death tries to capitalize on the situation and sends D-Ex to the ropes and Wild One gets a blind tag on him. Judge Death goes for a boot to the head but D-Extreme evades and gets a kick to JD's mid-section and then drops him with a X-Ocution! JD is lying motionless in the ring, then Sir Auros, out of nowhere hits the El Chupacabre on D-Extreme.

JHA: "Oh yeah! Murder Inc. once again showing who's boss, cause they're the only people left standing in the ring, and of course, Wild is the legal man."
JFA: "Auros coming out of absolutely nowhere with that one after being on the outside brawling with Baxter and Ignavus. Wild perched on the top rope."
JHA: "Auros sets up D-Ex and Judge Death in the ring, here it comes Jay...Wiiiiiiiiild Faaaaaaaallout!!!"
JFA: "Wild hit it! On both D-Ex and Judge Death, I've never seen anything like it...and now he's pinning both men! But JD is the only one who can be pinned!"
JHA: "The ref makes the count, one, two, three! MURDER INC SHOULD BE THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!"
JFA: "Ravenous Justice are out of here, but now D-EX is the legal man, and Wild is telling the ref to keep counting!"
JHA: "One, two..thr...BOLLOCKS! D-Ex kicked out! But Murder Inc should be the champions! We all just saw Wild pin both men at the same time after clearing the ring! They've been robbed again!"

Both Auros and Ignavus are now back in their respective corners after going at it on the outside as Ravenous Justice make their way to the back. Wild makes the tag to Auros, he quickly gets in the ring to try attack the fallen D-Extreme, but D-Ex manages to lunge at Ignavus and get the hot tag! El Chingador makes his play at Ignavus and starts swinging at him, but Ignavus blocks the attack and starts unleashing with kick after kick to the body of Auros. Auros tries to cover up but it's no use, you can almost hear his ribs crack, but being the nut the Auros is, he musters up the energy and throws himself at Ignavus. The two land on the floor and start punching wildly at each other.

JFA: "It's now come down to the champions and the Serial Slackaz and Murder Inc. the top two teams in the division at the moment, and the intensity shown between the men in the ring at the moment is just a small glimpse of what this match means to these men."
JHA: "Come on Murder Inc!"

The ref breaks up the brawling between Igz and Auros. Auros makes the tag to the Wild One as Igz makes the tag to D-Ex. D-Ex doesn't allow a face off by kicking Wild in the guts and follows it up with a spinning neck breaker. Makes the cover but only gets one. D-Ex tags Ignavus back into the ring. Igz stalks Wild as he waits for him to get up.

JHA: "That Ignavus thinks he's so smart, I hope Wild drops him."
JFA: "Wild up now, Igz goes for the Swinging Scissor Swipe, but the Wild One grabs him and reverses it into a thunderous Call Of The Wild...this could be it...one, two, D-Ex breaks the count."
JHA: "See, if the Slackaz would stop cheating already, Murder Inc. would be the champs."

Wild goes to tag in Sir Auros, but as he does D-Ex sneaks into the ring and drags Ignavus into his corner and then makes the tag.

JHA: "See what did I tell you, cheaters!"
JFA: "Didn't you say that was genius when Auros did it earlier?"
JHA: "You must be hearing things."
JFA: "All four men in the ring and the ref doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. Auros charges D-Ex, but he sidesteps it...kick to the mid-section...X-OCUTION! He can't make the cover though cause Wild is still in the ring."
JHA: "D-Ex doesn't stand a chance."
JFA: "D-Extreme avoids the swing and nails a belly to back suplex on Wild, who's passion just seems to not let him stay down. The ref has lost all control here! People are everywhere, Auros and D-Ex are the legal men here."
JHA: "Murder Inc is still walking out with the gold."
JFA: "Wild One makes a charge for D-Ex going for the Time To Get Wild, but D-Ex ducks....TIME! TO! GET! WILD! Ignavus out of nowhere delivers the Wild One's own move to him after he missed D-Extreme!"
JHA: "Luckily they can't pin him though."
JFA: "It's dire straights for Murder Inc. now...Auros, last chance, back up, but D-Extreme sends him to the ropes...INVERTED ATOMIC DROP......REACTIVE REJECTION!!!"
JHA: "Come on Wild One where are you!!! This can't be happening!"
JFA: "Wild One makes a last ditch effort to break the count but Igz manages to hold him off as D-Extreme makes the cover on Sir Auros, one, two, three! The Serial Slackaz reatin their titles here at Archivemania!"
JHA: "NOOOOOOOOO! Murder Inc. were robbed! We all saw Wild One pin D-Extreme earlier, there's no denying that Murder Inc. should have been declared winners here!"
JFA: "Well the Slackaz are walking out with the titles and that's all that matters, but you can see how much all these men put into the match as all four lie motionless in the ring. After that bell rang they all just collapsed."

JRA: "Your winners...and STILL AWF Tag-Team Champions, D-Extreme...Ignavus...The Serial Slackaz!"

The crowd raise to their feet in appreciation of the match as Comfort Eagle plays for the second time tonight. The Serial Slackaz begin to get up as the ref hands them their title belts. The Slackaz finally get to their feet and acknowledge the fans before they make their way to the back to celebrate. Meanwhile Murder Inc. are showing signs of movement in the ring.

JHA: "It just ain't right."


Keith Kincaid and A Camera man move up to Y3B Blaster stretching in preparation for his match. For his inspiration he has a picture of himself on the wall.

Y3B: Damn. I am a sexy beast.

KK: Blaster, Blaster can I ge….

Y3B: Ahh Ken Kaniff… or what ever my name is. Come look at this picture. Aren’t I a sexy beast?

KK: Why are you ask….

Y3B: Pish-posh, we all know you’re homo-sexual Ken. Tell me, how stunning do I look!?

KK: Homo-sexu—mmph.

Blaster once again palms Kincaid’s face and shoves him from the camera’s view but keeps hold of the microphone.

Y3B: Hit the bricks junior. I don’t need you to ask me about tonight. See what hasn’t been said about this night? It’s King versus King. It’s me, The King of the World against him. The crowned King of nothing. He learned on Monday night you do not touch a saint. You touch a saint and you leave the arena a broken man. It will be the same tonight when I get King one step closer to god when he accepts his Personal Jesus. When I am done with him tonight he will only be able to do one thing. Reach out and touch faith!

Blaster throws the microphone at the camera man and waves him off.

Y3B: Now make like a tree and get the hell out of here.

AWF Press Office
2005-04-10, 07:56 PM
Scarecrow vs Christopher Back

Cliffy: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall…*looks at Card* God, I’m bored already.”

JHA: “Which one is this again?”

Staring in the face of condemnation
Laughter fills the sky instead of rain…

JHA: “Why do I always have to go and open my big mouth…?”

Cliffy: “I don’t know if I get paid enough for this…what? I’m on? Hell…Making his way to the ring, from the Fields of Pain, Scarecrow!”

Scarecrow mooches on down the ramp, shoulders slumped, casting dark glances around at the frosty crowd and mumbling about suicide. He slides under the bottom rope and scurries over to the farthest corner, where he crouches down and pulls out a syringe full of…well, I’ll leave that to your imagination. The ref takes it away, however, much to Scarecrow’s bemusement.

JFA: “Well, it’s safe to say that this man is certainly one of our more unique employees.”
JHA: “He’s a flaming loony. Did we find him on the street or something?”
JFA: “Mister Reilly located Scarecrow using the same talent-scouting methods he uses to find everyone on the roster.”
JHA: “You could just say ‘yes’ and save yourself some time…”

No chance
No chance in hell, you’ve got…

Cliffy: “And his opponent, from Indianapolis in Indiana, Christopher Back…you still work here?”

C-Back struts out from the curtain and waggles his arms around a bit. And says bad things to the crowd…so they boo. Partly because they’re subliminally mind-controlled to do so. The camera briefly focuses on a sign reading, “He’s The Old F’N Same” before continuing to follow Back as he steps through the ropes and does more heelish arm gestures. No, I’m not sure what a heelish arm gesture looks like. Maybe it’s a Nazi salute?

JHA: “Why the hell is Cybers***e saluting the Nazis?”
JFA: “He’s not saluting the Nazis.”
JHA: “Then…wait…my reality is falling apart! THE WALLS ARE BLEEDING! HELP ME, FOOL!”
JFA: “Umm…no.”
JHA: “You’re a serious wanker, you know that?”

The bell rings and Back starts yelling insults about Scarecrow’s hair; these words are lost on the Crow, though, as he’s too busy holding his hand in the flame of a Zippo lighter.

JFA: “Some interesting methods of psychological warfare being displayed by Scarecrow here…”
JHA: “Why do you always try and make things sound more exciting than they really are? All that’s happening is he’s just sitting there and taking Back’s words like a tool.”
JFA: “I see you’ve already picked who you’ll be biased towards, then?”
JHA: “Actually, I haven’t. It’s difficult, since I hate them both for different reasons.”
JFA: “Really?”
JHA: “Weeeeell…no, not different reasons per se. I hate them because they’re both idiots.”

Getting a tad fed up by his opponent’s timewasting strategies, C-Back steps forward and briskly slaps the Zippo from Scarecrow’s clutches. It flies from the ring, accompanied by a brief ‘ooh’ from the crowd. Scarecrow stares after it for a moment, before quickly hopping to his feet and laying into Back’s smarmy face with some boxing jabs.

JFA: “A quick start by Scarecrow!”
JHA: “And I almost thought he was a vegetable...”

After backing Back (hah!) up against the ropes with his punches, Scarecrow tries an irish whip, only for Back to reverse it and kick him squarely in the balls. The referee looks about ready to order a disqualification, but Chris slips a $200 bill in the zebraman’s shirt pocket. He decides to let it slide.

JFA: “Oh, come on! Where’s the professionalism?”
JHA: “Reilly pays those guys peanuts. You don’t get professionalism for peanuts.”
JFA: “What do you get? Corruption?”
JHA: “And monkeys. Corrupt monkeys.”

C-Back grabs the doubled-over form of Scarecrow and performs a Fireman’s Carry, bringing the Crow down to the mat, before locking in a Sleeper hold. It’s a bit too early for attrition tactics, though, as Scarecrow quickly regains his footing and connects with a few elbow strikes to Back’s gut, breaking the hold. He follows through by rushing to the ropes, and connecting with a Clothesline on the return. A quick cover barely gets a 2 before Back kicks out.

JFA: “So close!”
JHA: “That wasn’t even remotely close! You and your bloody melodrama…”
JFA: “But look…”

Back slides out of the ring, holding his throat. Oddly, he begins to fiddle around under the apron as well. Scarecrow isn’t prepared to give up the advantage, and follows right after Chris, trying to pull him up by the hair; only for Back to punch him in the midsection and whip him into the steel steps. The Crow tumbles right over the steps and lies still, holding one arm and rolling into the foetal position. Meanwhile, Back continues to reach under the ring with one hand whilst the ref counts a ring-out, already up to 3.

JFA: “What could he be looking fo – wuh-oh.”
JHA: “Hammer time – you can’t touch dis!”
JFA: “That’s not even remotely funny, apt though it is.”

C-Back holds aloft a sledgehammer that he found after much rummaging under the ring. Isn’t it amazing how much random crap gets under there? The ref immediately starts calling to Back to drop the weapon; apparently, it’ll take more than $200 to ignore this. Scarecrow, pulling himself up, notices the hammer and backs up against the announcer’s table, shaking his head.

JHA: “Oi! Stinky! Get off my table!”
JFA: “Whaddaya mean, ‘your’ table?”
JHA: “I write my name on it. Right there, see?”
JFA: “That’s…quite sad. How old are you, again?”

C-Back approaches Scarecrow gleefully, raising the sledge as he does so. Swinging wide, Back aims a horizontal swipe at Crow’s skull…

JFA: “Duck!”
JHA: “Huh?”

Only for Scarecrow to crouch, almost fall under the swing! The hammer’s head skims the top of JFA’s hunched-over head, before smacking JHA right in the side of the skull! The colour commentator falls out of his chair, and Back smiles slightly.

JFA: “That sick…H, you okay?”
JHA: “…”
JFA: “H! Don’t die on me, man!”
JHA: “…F***!”
JFA: “Painful?”

Looking around, Back notices Scarecrow return to his knees in front of him. Chris raises the sledgehammer high above his head…just as Scarecrow hooks him right on the jaw. Chris reels, and drops the hammer; it lands, head first, on his foot. Back collapses, writhing in agony.

JFA: “Does that make you feel any better, H?”
JHA: “Very much so. HA-HA-HA, YOU SIMPLE FOOL!”

Realizing that the ref has reached 7 in his ring-out count, Scarecrow pulls up the reeling Back and rolls him into the ring, sliding in after him. The count is stopped.

JHA: “Why isn’t Cybers***e DQd yet?”
JFA: “He didn’t hit anyone important with the hammer.”
JHA: “I see – hey!”

Back stumbles to his feet and hops around a bit, still labouring with his damaged foot. He walks right into a nasty Spinning DDT from Scarecrow, who follows into a quick pin; 1, 2…just barely a kickout by Back. Scarecrow thumps the mat briefly in frustration, before heading over to the ropes and twisting two of them around his neck, and dangling over the apron. He makes strange choking noises.

JFA: “What the…?”
JHA: “I think he’s trying to…hang himself.”
JFA: “Well…don’t just stand there, ref, do something!”

The ref just stands there. C-Back, returning to his feet, sees a possible opportunity, and so steps over to the ropes and twists them even tighter around Scarecrow’s head.

JHA: “Aw, look, he’s being a gentleman.”

The ref now decides to do something, and forces Back to step away before untangling Scarecrow, who collapses to the apron before rolling back into the ring, allowing Chris to put some boots to his spine. Back pulls Crow up by his greasy hair and whips him to the opposite ropes, and catches him with a Samoan Drop on the return. Back tries for a cover, but Scarecrow kicks out at 2. Back argues with the ref for a moment, threatening that he won’t bribe him so much next time if he keeps making such dodgy calls.

JFA: “Mister Back clearly doesn’t realize that the human soul cannot be controlled by mere money…”
JHA: “You ever heard of these things called ‘prostitutes’?”

Chris goes to whip Scarecrow to one of the corners, but the Crow reverses, sending Back to the corner instead. Taking a short run-up, Scarecrow tries for his superkick, the Sweep Chin Music, only for Back to get the hell outta dodge and leave the Crow with one foot stuck up on the turnbuckle, flailing his arms to keep balanced.

JHA: “Spoon.”

Sensing opportunity, C-Back hops up onto the turnbuckle and grabs Scarecrow’s foot, before falling down to the mat and twisting, performing what can only be called a Super Dragon Screw. As the Crow holds his knee in pain, Back twists his legs and flips him over into the Darklight Hold, his rendition of the Sharpshooter!

JFA: “Ooh, it’s gotta be over now!”
JHA: “How come every second wrestler in existence now uses that move, and yet nobody bothers thinking up a good counter for it?”
JFA: “Uhm…because…it’s all special and things.”

After a few moments of stubborn resistance, Scarecrow grudgingly taps on the mat, and the bell is rung.

Cliffy: “Here is your winner…Christopher Back!”

No Chance begins to play as Chris releases the hold and shows off for the crowd a little bit, before turning back to Scarecrow and kicking him a few times for good measure.

JFA: “Now, that’s just a horrid showing right there!”
JHA: “’Horrid’? You sound like someone’s grandma. Let’s continue with more violence already!”
JFA: Coming up next…the conclusion to one of the most intense feuds in recent AWF memory…Cloudstrifer…OP2005…LAST MAN STANDING!

*A Video Package rolls, highlighting the feud between the two, showing their more brutal and memorable moments*

The Last Standing Match:
OP2005 Vs Cloudstrifer

Flec: This is one of those matches that have been brewing for a couple of months now. This is sure to be the last encounter.

Cliffy: *Deep drag from his smoke* The following contest is scheduled for one fall. The following match is a ‘Last Man Standing match’. There are no pin falls; there are no submissions and no disqualification. The only way you can win this match, is if your opponent does not answer the call of 10. Simple enough for you morons to understand?

Welcome to my nightmare,
I think you're gonna like it.
I think you're gonna feel like you belong
A nocturnal vacation unnecessary sedation
you want to feel at home 'cause you belong
Welcome to my nightmare whoa oh oh oh

Cliffy: Making his way down the ring, Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. He is The Highlander From Hell and Thy Worst Nightmare --- OP2005! Ugh, who writes this stuff?

OP2005 appears at the top of the Archivetron amongst a blaze of pyrotechnics. Wearing his signature mask, he walks down the ramp and goes to the ropes of the ring and hoists himself in. He cracks his neck a bit and looks down to the Archivetron for his opponent.

Styles: I dunno bout you, but that mask gives me the creeps.
Flec: For one night Joey, be a man …
Styles: Quiet You …

You know the rules, you all know the game
Try and do what’s right
And I swear I can't complain
If I die tonight
But I don't think its in the stars
For me to go that way
I'll be here for a long, long time babe
I'm here to stay

A line of golden sparks arch up from each side of the ramp as Cloudstrifer appears out of the Archivetron and runs down the ramp to the ring. He slides in under the bottom ropes and faces OP2005.

Flec: And both men facing each other now, wow, that was sudden. Cloudstrifer is facing OP2005 now, both men just looking at each other. OP2005 just standing there, Cloud made his way to the ring so quickly I thought they were going to get it on.
Styles: The atmosphere here is incredible. Camera flashes everywhere, the crowd is waiting for this match to begin.
Flec: Cloudstrifer now looking at the crowd to his left. OP2005 is looking at the crowd to his right. The crowd knows something is going to happen, but who’s going to strike first.
Styles: Cloudstrifer looking at the crowd still. But I think OP2005 has had enough of this showmanship. He head butts his opponent and starts kicking him to the matt.
Flec: Just to clarify this match, the winner is the man who is the last man standing. Meaning that if their opponent does not answer the call of 10, then the match is over and a winner is declared.
Styles: I think everyone at home already knew that Flec.
Flec: I’m sure they did, I was just clarifying it for the dumbass sitting next to me.

OP2005 gets to the mat and gets a swift knee into CloudStrifer’s back. He continues to strike, repeatedly. Cloudstrifer rolls out of the ring away from the constant attack of Op.

Flec: Cloudstrifer needed a break. His lower back must be killing him. Cloud is now circling the ring. The Doc is standing in the very centre now. Only his eyes and head are moving to look at Cloud as he circles the ring. Cloud slowly hoists himself back into the ring using the ropes.
Styles: OP2005 runs at the ropes, it looks like he’s going to use his knees. He gets Cloud in the stomach but the next time Op went for the knee strike, Cloud got the arm around the leg and pulls him towards the outside. Op loses his balance and Op’s hit his head on the matt.
Flec: Cloud up on the apron, moves quickly that kid does, he goes up and over the ropes for a leg drop, text book example. He gets up quickly and gets Op in a head lock. Dragging him to the centre of ring using, he has his knee on the throat of Op now, pretty savage wrestling.

Holding him down, Clouds has a wicked smile on his face. He gets up again and goes for the elbow drop. He gets up again and goes for another elbow drop. Cloud’s up again and goes for the turnbuckle nearest to him. He goes up quickly, prepares. He jumps but Op gets his boot up and it connects with Clouds face.

Styles: Boot marks to Cloud’s face now. Quick thinking by Op there, Cloud is on the ropes now, trying to hold himself up. OP2005 is up and grabs his arms. He grabs Cloud and sends him into the opposite and ropes; Cloud comes back and is met by The Shining!
Flec: That was a big boot to Clouds face. Op looks down at his opponent as the referee starts to counts. Stunned or not Cloud using pure instinct gets to his feet.
Styles: He looks a little bit drowsy, his head swinging he looks at OP2005. Op is smiling, Cloud is just looking at OP with his head lowered, and he straightens up and starts smiling?
Flec: Cloud bursts out of nowhere, Clothesline over the ropes, both men a sent hurtling over.
Styles: Op is up first, thinks quickly, grabs CloudStrifer’s arm and sends him into the steel steps. I ALWAYS hated the sound of fleshing hitting steel. Ahh well.
Flec: I have a feeling that OP2005 is going to get real savage right about now. Yep, he’s pulled back the padding. Cloud is stumbling back up to Op now, Op just smiles and hugs Cloud tightly around the chest and goes for a belly to belly Suplex.
Style: Wait, Cloud has got his leg around Op’s, Op still trying though to do a suplex. Cloud chops the Op’s ribs. Op gives up and goes to protect his ribs.
Flec: Big mistake their. Cloud with a karate chop to Ops neck. He’s gone rigid now. Cloud grabs his head, Diamond Cutter! DIAMOND CUTTER TO THE BARE GROUND!!
Styles: Op’s nose is busted open now. But I don’t believe it, he’s smiling. He’s on the ground, blood’s pouring his nose. And he only took 3 seconds to get back to his feet.
Flec: Cloud is stunned and goes for Op, but he is met with Op’s boot yet again. OP2005 looks around now, he just dove under the ring! Cloud is wondering what’s going on. He knows better then to look.
Styles: Knowing Op, he’ll get his head smashed in. Here he is … Holy Crap.
Flec: This should be interesting. OP2005’s got the barb wire bat and a lighter. I wonder if … yep, it’s been covered in gas. Look at that sucker burn.
Styles: This is going to get ugly in a sec. Cloud looks at Op holding that bat, burning in his hands. Op starts walking to Cloud and cloud starts walking to Op.
Flec: Well, Cloud looks around now; he goes under the ring and finds a kendo stick.
Styles: Why do I get a feeling if these were light sabre’s this’d be one hell of a show?
Flec: Op and Cloud both have long foreign objects in their hands now. They're both at the ramp now, Cloud from the left, Op from the right. I wonder who is going to strike first.
Styles: Op's nose is still bleeding here folks, Cloud's not to much better. Here we go! Cloud swings with the kendo stick and hits Op in the head; I think he pinged him good.
Flec: Cloud goes for the legs this time, but Op comes around and blocks it. He's got the bat in his right hand, and he's stopped the Kendo stick with his left. Cloud's face is now in horror.
Styles: I don't F***king believe it ... Op just swung the burning, barbwire bat in Cloudstrifer's mid-section. The bat collides with his chest, it bounces off again, but for that second it was there, it made a hell of a lot of cuts and burns.
Flec: Op drops the bat now; Cloud is holding his chest, almost in tears. He's bent over forwards, trying to protect his chest; Op goes forward and uses his knee against Cloud's face.
Styles: This is sick. Both of these men signed for this match, but I think OP is enjoying this. Op picks up Cloud underneath the armpit and flings him underneath the bottom rope. Cloud can only roll into the ring, leaving a small trail of blood. Op goes up the steel stairs now. He goes through the ropes. He faces Cloud, as Cloud tries to rise to his knees.
Flec: Now that's a sight ...

Cloudstrifer is on his knees facing OP2005, his head is flimsy and he looks drowsy. His chest is red with a visible patch of blisters in the centre of his chest, were Op hit him with the burning bat.

Styles: The ref is waiting for the signal from Op. Cloudstrifer is being watched by Op as he slowly gets to his feet. Op just looks down at Cloud's feet, as Cloud staggers to keep standing.
Flec: Op with a smirk on his face now. Op raises his head and 'The Shining!' What a big boot to the face. Cloud on the matt, and the ref starts the count.
Styles: Wow, after all that Cloud was still able to stand up after all that punishment.


Flec: Yeah but Op is insane. You can't beat that!



The crowd breaks into quiet whispers as Cloud starts moving again. Op is facing the crowd and doesn’t see what’s going on.



Styles: Cloud's on his knee's he's using the ropes to pull himself up. Op doesn't see any of it. The referee's stopped his count and Op raise's his arms waiting for the bell.
Flec: Too bad the ref only got to 9 hey.
Styles: And I think Op just realised that too. He slowly turns around to see Cloud waiting for him. Wow! Odin's Spear through the ring ropes to the outside! Cloud is now wailing on Op, he's trying to raise his arms to stop this fury of punches but Cloud is going absolutely insane. I think the burning barb wire bat has set off Cloud.
Flec: Cloud is almost run out of gas, or has he. He gets up and grabs the steel steps. He raises them above his head and unleashes an awful battle cry.
Styles: He's going to kill Op! But he's already been killed, but how can OP2005 die again?!
Flec: Who knows but Cloud just brought the steel stairs down on Op's chest. This is wrong. Cloud lifts up the stairs again and slams down on yet again Op again.

Cloud then proceeds to through the steel steps into the ring and does a leg drop on Op's chest. We see that Op now has a little bit of blood protruding from his lips, showing the crowd he now has internal bleeding or just a cut in the mouth …

Styles: Cloud is now beating down on his chest. He's lost his mind. He grabs Op now, stands him up and flings him towards the crowd barrier. Op goes over it now and starts to stir again. Cloud jumps onto the barrier as Op gets to his feet, woozily. Op can only look up for a second when he sees Cloud, he jumps off the barrier and delivers a dropping elbow to Op's head, both men fall down.
Flec: Both men have lot of blood so far.
Styles: Yeah but I think Cloud is a little better off. Mind you the burning barb bat to the chest did some damage.
Flec: However, it looks like Op is the first to rise. He is hoisting himself up using the crowd barrier. He’s climbing over now. Slowly he makes his way towards the ramp. Cloud is up as well now and starts to follow. Both men are walking very slowly but Cloud is catching up.
Styles: Cloud taps Op on the back, he turns around and Cloud spears him to the ground, onto the steel ramp and stage. Cloud is up again now; he looks around and sees the sound stage area that’s off towards the right of the stage.
Flec: He’s looking at a table that has been set up with sound equipment. Oh my god. If he does what I think he’s going to …
Styles: Cloud walks back over to Op2005. He picks him up and gets two elbow shots in the side of the head. He carries him over to the side, stands him up and sets him up for Bragi's Axe, Cloudstrifers own version of the Rock Bottom. That’s gotta be at least 15 feet down Flec. He surely won’t do it?
Flec: Well he sets it up, Op is starting to stir now, and maybe he can stop this.
Styles: Well he’s trying, he elbowing Cloud in the head and he loosens his grip. Op gets free of Cloud now, and backs away.
Flec: What is Cloudstrifer doing? He’s just standing at the very edge. Swinging his head around. Op goes up to him with a kick to the mid section. He gets Cloud in a head lock, ready for a vertical suplex. It looks like Op is going to suplex him onto the stage. He lifts Cloud up in the air, both of them giants on this stage. Op is holding him up in the air, but is starting to teeter, he’s over balancing, and he’s taking steps towards the edge. Wait a second … he’s not … he’s not actually going to …
Styles: Holy Sh*t!! Op just walked to the edge of the stage, fell off the edge, but in mid air turned the vertical suplex into a Jackhammer!! Both men went straight through the table. Both men are on the ground, and both men aren’t moving.

Crowd: Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t!

The referee has no choice but to go to the sound area and start the ten count.

Flec: I don’t believe it; both men are down and out and not moving. I don’t know who got the worst of that, Cloudstrifer or OP2005?!




Styles: Well Op2005 is moving, but only just, if he can answer call of ten, he’ll be our winner.



Flec: He’s starting to move now, he’s got a hand on one of the tables, and he’s trying to bring himself to his feet.


Styles: I wouldn't have believed it if you told me, OP2005 is at his feet. He looks at the ref and nods and sits on a table.


Flec: OP2005 has this won ladies and gentlem … what is he doing?!
Styles: Why did OP2005 just push the ref over, then go across and help Cloud to his feet?! Has he finally snapped?
Flec: What do you mean finally? I’m sure he went a long time ago …
Styles: Cloud’s face is busted open badly, he’s left behind a huge trail of blood, but that could also be from OP’s nose. Cloud’s feet are moving as Op pushes him along the path back to the ring, however I’m not actually sure if he’s conscious or not. Both men on the ramp now, the crowd is vivid. Op grabs Cloud’s shoulder and swings him back towards him, Cloud turns around and spits blood into OP2005’s face, and he gives him the finger!
Flec: Cloud lives!! Cloud is actually still alive, he and Op are now going at it with lefts and rights now, there are still both very, very drowsy, but both men are still in this match!
Styles: Cloud gets the knee in, but so does Op; both men take it and continue this on the ramp, neither man budging. Cloud king hits Op in the face now, and goes for the Bragi's Axe, and that stinging effect comes into place!
Flec: We heard that from all the way down here. There is blood everywhere folks, both men are on the ramp yet again. However Cloud is crawling down the ramp to the ring. He uses the steps and gets in.

The ref is at 7 when cloud finally gets to his feet. Op is up by 9. Op climbs into the ring and Cloud is sitting on the steel steps he threw in before. He charges Op and gets him in a head lock. Op elbows Cloud in behind and Cloud lets go. Op runs to the rings and away from Cloud and goes for the running bulldog. He grabs the back of Clouds head and slams it into the ground he gets up quickly afterwards.

Styles: Op has moved into a whole new gear now, the little amount of blood to his brain must be doing wonders. He gets Cloud up now and delivers a power bomb. He gets up again; he picks up cloud a second time and delivers a second power bomb. He’s going for the Gravedigger now folks.
Flec: He gets Cloud to his feet, and sets him up for the tombstone. Wait. He moves over to the steel steps. This could be devastating for the former TV Champion. OP2005 just smiles and brings Cloud down onto the steels steps.
Styles: I think you could hear that crunch from outside the arena, for the people at home, the last sound made a deafening sound. You wouldn’t believe the individual looks on the people faces here, the look of horror

Op raises his arms in victory as the ref sounds the count.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6”

Styles: It looks like Cloudstrifer didn’t stand a chance against this monster.
Flec: Look again Joey!!

Cloudstrifer is slowly crawling across the ring to the ropes as the ref reaches 8. Op looks around to see his opponent get up yet again after all the moves Op could think of. Just before the ref gets to ten Cloud is on his feet. He staggers away from the ring ropes and lifts up his arm. He gets his hand and signals and says “Just bring it”.

Styles: I don’t think I’ve seen a stupider or braver man in that ring Flec.
Flec: That goes without question. This match just changed from a last man standing, to the last man breathing if you ask me.
Styles: Op is furious, he charges Cloudstrifer and goes for the Shining but Cloud ducks and gets his arm underneath Op’s leg. He lifts him up and slams him back into the ground.
Flec: Cloud picks up Op again and puts him into a vertical suplex. Haven’t we seen enough of these today?! He has him in the air now, he’s going for Heimdall's Stand, but he’s moving towards the steel stairs. No, that’s not on … no don’t do it!
Styles: And that’s the number cruncher. A jackhammer to the stairs and this match must be over.

The ref starts the count and at 4, Cloudstrifer lifts himself up onto the ropes and watch OP2005 wither on the mat. The ref gets to 10 and the bell is ringed.

RA: The winner and last man standing --- CLOUDSTRIFER!!

Fight Until We Die by Manowar blasts the audience as Cloudstrifer’s arms are raised by the referee.


We see the AWF’s newest reporter, the lovely Sixshot walking, dressed to kill, with a microphone in hand. Calmly she walks into the locker room of Erik Summers and finds Atticus sitting on his lap.

Summers: Well…aren’t you just a vision. What are you doing here Sixy?

Sixshot: Haven’t you heard? I’m one of the new reporters here…seems I’m the only one willing to interview you, Reilly said he thought I’d be the only one who could control you.

Summers: Well, I do recall I rather enjoyed you *ahem* controlling me.

*Atticus slaps Summers on the back of the head*

Atticus: Mind out of the gutter dear boy.

Summers: Of course luv…so sexy…errr…Sixy…what can I do to you…ehm for you?

Sixy: Simple…it seems you’ve been a bad, bad boy lately, which of course I think is great to see. But you’ve also got the Rattlesnake worked into a frenzy, aren’t you concerned at all that he could be beyond the point of reason?

Summers: Actually, that is exactly what I want. Remember, I may not be going along with my old moniker any longer…but I’m still the cerebral assassin around these parts. Atticus and I have been talking for the past three weeks about getting Snake boy all worked up…getting him frothing at the mouth to the point where he can’t think straight…then…he’ll make a mistake. One simple flaw…and it will be his last.

Sixy: *Smiles* Nice to see my boy up to his old tricks…

Atticus: Excuse me? Your boy?

Sixy: Well, him and Brend were mine first…but clearly, Erik is all yours now. *chuckles* Good luck with him by the way. One last thing Erik, in addition to Stone Cold, you have taken several shots at former DN member Sixswitch of late. Any concern that he’ll interject himself in your match?

Summers: *Smiles* There won’t be enough left of him to interject himself into a ziplock baggie, much less my match, once Sean is done with him. Relax sunshine, we’ve got this in the bag.

Sixy: There you have it Joey…a confident locker here as Atticus and Erik Summers talk strategy as we are now just hours away from the Unsanctioned Street Fight between he and Stone Cold Skywarp. Back you boys…

The AWF Hardcore Title v The AWF TV Title
Zarak v Wolfang

Flec: Wow! This is great having Sixshot on the AWF Team again! DID YOU SEE THAT SKIRT SHE WAS WEARING?!?

Joey: Can I get a tranq gun out here please?

Flec: Is it humanly possible for a skirt to get any shorter? AND THOSE LEGS?!? Between seeing her and Atticus on camera at the same time…

Joey: I think it’s time we cut your mic off for a while so you can simmer down…

Mexicola begins to play…

Cliffjumper: The following match is a title for title match…so some guy is going to walk out of here with everything and the other guy is going to walk out of here a big loser. *Puffs on Smoke* First up, making his way to the ring…he is the reigning AWF Hardcore Champion…wait a minute…hardcore…when did we start making porn…oh, anyway, from Failsworth, Manchester…here is Black Zarak.

*Cliffy looks at Zarak for a moment*

Cliffy: You do know you are white, right?

*Zarak glares at Cliffy as he hands his AWF Hardcore Title to the ref.*

Cliffy: Geez…settle the **** down…

Dragontown takes over and the crowd comes to its feet.

Cliffy: And his opponent, he is the AWF TV Champion, hailing from St. Helens, Merseyside, England…here is Wolfang!

Joey: I still cannot believe that this match is happening…that so much bad blood has developed that one of the greatest tag teams of all time would be exploding right here at Archivemania.

Flec: Yeah…cause tag teams never break up…

Joey: Your sarcasm has been noted and whaHEY…this match under way as Zarak not wasting any time at all, charges in hard with a series of punches to the ribs of Wolfang. Zarak clearly wants to end this quickly, Wolfang known for having a lot of endurance.

Flec: Or so he claims…personally I think it’s all some BS he spreads around to get the ladies all hot.

Joey: Whatever. Zarak now with a back elbow…Hardcore rules are in effect here and Zarak knows how to use those rules, already to the outside tossing in some toys.

Flec: You consider a wrench and a tire iron toys Styles? Man, what is YOUR sex life like?

Joey: Har har…Zarak in with tire iron in hard, jabbing it hard into the ribs of Wolf. The ref of course can’t say anything, now taking that tire iron and using it to hit a Russian Leg Sweep. Wolfang down hard as Zarak goes outside again and begins to toss chairs into the ring.

Flec: 2…3…4…why do we keep so many chairs by the ring anyway?

Joey: I never have been able to get a straight answer to that one Flec. Zarak now with 5 chairs in the ring and one in hand, but Wolfang back up…boot to Zarak’s gut and a Wolfsbane onto one of the chairs!

Flec: That sneaky little creep…

Joey: Cover…but the foot on the ropes saves Zarak.

Flec: Brilliant…escape the pin but waste no energy!

Joey: You’re correct there…a trickle of blood just above the eye of Zarak from that double armed ddt into the chair. Wolf hoisting Zarak up…Midnight’s fire coming…NO…reversal by Zarak who clotheslines Wolfang down and the back of his head crashing off a chair, before rolling to the outside.

Flec: Nice counter…

Joey: You’ve recovered quite well from the exposure to the lovely Ms. Sixshot and Ms. Atticus…you’re actually quite on the ball with your announcing.

Flec: I heard that Sixshot is attracted to guys who know their stuff…

Joey: Oh lord…

Flec: And here we see Zarak climbing the ropes…poised and taking to the air, flying clothesline from the top rope to the outside, nearly takes the head of … what are you looking at Styles?

Joey: I’m play by play you twit…

Flec: So? I’m showing off my knowledge in case Sixy is listening!

Joey: You’re pathetic, you know that? Zarak now shown shaking the cobwebs from his aerial attack that left Wolfang all but turned inside out!

Flec: Highly effective maneuver.

Joey: Indeed…WOULD YOU STOP? Zarak now, setting up a table outside the ring, meanwhile sliding another inside the ring. Pulling Wolfang up and sliding him onto the apron. Zarak now following up…the Blackout coming, GOOD GOD! Zarak propelling himself along with it…and Wolfang explodes through the table, but Zarak comes up favoring his left knee.

Flec: I don’t think we’re getting the deposit back on that table.

Joey: Agreed…Wolfang absolutely destroyed that table on impact…and now with lacerations on his back, Wolf has open cuts all up and down his back…

Flec: Zarak looking to match those us!

Joey: Zarak with the coffee mug of Juan Castro Valdez, one of our Spanish announcers…and…SMASHING THE COFFEE CUP INTO THE FACE OF WOLFANG!

Flec: Mmmm…Columbian…the richest kind…

Joey: Stop…

Flec: Good to the last drop?

Joey: Would you be serious? Wolf a combination of blood and hot coffee running down his face, may be out of this match. Zarak tossing him inside, but taking his sweet time getting back in himself. Posing a bit…costly mistake maybe?

Flec: Just pin him!


Flec: How is that even possible?

Joey: Zarak in a state of shock, grabbing the referee…what a big man…Venom Blade to the referee…what a big tough guy he is.

Flec: Frankly, I don’t see what you are so upset about, it was clearly a slow count. The ref must be from Merseyside or something…

Joey: I highly doubt that…Zarak now back to the outside, digging under the ring…and…he has an electrical cord. Back in the ring, wrapping the cord around Wolf’s neck and pulling back hard on it! Zarak choking the life out of him…now hoisting him up and tossing Wolf over the top rope…now with all his strength pulling on his end of the cord to pull Wolf up…strangling him by the ring…he’s turned this match into a noosing!

Flec: Wow…what a shame…pity there isn’t a ref to break up this heinous act…or something.

Joey: It is a pity! Finally a ref out, warning Zarak who releases the hold and gives the ref a shove. When did Zarak become such a maniac? Zarak outside now, tossing Wolfang back in the ring.

Flec: This is the part I don’t understand…again…to much time!

Joey: I agree…finally Zarak back in the ring..and WOLFANG EXPLODES WITH ONE OF THE CHAIRS IN THE RING! With all his force, he cracks Zarak in the skull with the chair, sending Zarak crashing to the outside and breaking the chair. Wolfang collapses in the ring and the ref begins his 10 count.


*Zarak is out on the floor, but Wolfang is fighting to pull himself up*


Joey: Wolfang up and he breaks the count. Zarak on the floor still, Fang on the apron, Red Moon from the apron down hard onto Zarak! Fang takes a moment to recover, before whipping Zarak hard into the steel steps, Zarak flipping over the steps and stopping abruptly as his back impacted with the guardrail. Fang still in pain, but so is Zarak now…

Flec: How can Zarak recover from this?

Joey: That’s how…Fang comes in to close, Zarak reacts with a low blow. Fang crawling back into the ring in visible pain, while Zarak pulls himself back in. Now setting up a couple chairs. Zarak going to try to hit the Venom Blade and drive Wolf through those two chairs…Zarak hooking…BUT HIS KNEE GAVE OUT! Remember Zarak landed oddly when he went to the outside! That left knee buckling badly! Zarak Collapses to his left side…Wolfang countering…CRIMSON TWILIGHT! Wolfang with a CRIMSON TWILIGHT INTO THE CHAIRS!

Flec: And yet he doesn’t cover?

Joey: No…he wants this done…once and for all…locking in the figure four on the badly injured left knee…I don’t even know if Zarak is awake for this…he is! Zarak shooting up woozily, almost instinctively from the pain, blood pouring freely from his face now after being driven face first through the two chairs.

Flec: They haven’t even used the second table…that’s a shame.

Joey: There are blood splatters on the mat to mark where these two have been, what more do you want? The lights fading out on Zarak…his shoulders touching the mat now…the referee down…and the referee is calling for the bell!

Flec: WHAT? What for?

Joey: Clearly Zarak wasn’t responding to the referee…be it from blood loss, the Crimson Twilight through the chairs or the figure four…Zarak was out of it after a brilliant fight!

Cliffy: The winner of this match…still your AWF TV Champion and NEW AWF HARDCORE Champion…WOLFANG!

Joey: This has to be one of the most bittersweet nights in the life of Wolfang. He is a double champion…the TV & Hardcore belts belong to him…

Flec: Making him a double target…
Joey: Very true…and he had to go through his long time partner…now bitter enemies to do it. Wolfang taking a long, hard look at Zarak, nodding his head, then making his way out, hoisting his two titles for the cheering crowd to see!


Lisa Lovelace: I’m Lisa Lovelace here with AWF Superstar, Scarecrow. Crow, tonight you suffered a defeat at the hands of Christopher Back. Where do you go from here?

Scarecrow: Simple Lisa, I underestimated Back out there tonight. It was my first Archivemania and maybe I got caught up in the moment…maybe this one time there were some stars in my eyes. But rest assured, that will not happen again.

LL: What exactly are you saying?

SC: What I’m saying is this Lisa…Back, this isn’t over between you and I. I’m no where near finished with you. You should have known Back…that which doesn’t kill me…only makes me MORE PISSED OFF! So Back, enjoy the win…cause I’ll be seeing you real soon.

*A smirk goes across Scarecrow’s face as he walks off leaving a confused Lisa Lovelace.*


Keith Kincaid: Bomber, we are just minutes away from your match against the mystery opponent. How do you possibly prepare for a match on the grandest stage in wrestling against an unknown opponent?

Bombshell: Don’t worry about that, Kincaid. Tonight is The Mad Bomber’s moment of truth. Months and months of torture, of unanswered questions, of spending nights lying awake, wondering which ghost has come out of my past, looking for a fight. Well, I can tell you this, Keith Kincaid: The Mad Bomber has come to ArchiveMania to fight. Whatever slob comes through those curtains, whatever ex-cWo has-been finds a way to wheel his sorry carcass to the arena, is going to pay for every minute I’ve spent wondering.

KK: If you had to guess whom your opponent might be, right now, who would you say will be waiting for you in that ring?

BS: Well how about I just go to the ring and find out.

Bombshell’s Open Challenge:
The Mad Bomber v. ???

The crowd boos mercilessly as “Drop the Bombshell” hits and red pyro explodes on the stage. A roar of a motorcycle engine is heard, and The Mad Bomber emerges atop his hog and roars down the aisle, rolling around the ring before parking at ringside.

JS: And as we watch The Mad Bomber...man he looks focused...enter the ring, we still do not know who his opponent will be tonight.

Flec: I do.

JS: You know?

Flec: Of course. You don’t?

JS: Well, who is it?

Flec: Just be patient, you’ll see in a second.

JS: You have no idea who it is!

Flec: Yes I do! I just got word from one of my informants in the backstage area.

JS: One of your stooges.

Flec: You’re just jealous because I get all this information and you don’t!

The ring announcer says, “And his opponent…”, but after a few moments, no music plays and no one emerges through the curtains. Bombshell mounts the ropes and appeals to the crowd, pointing to the back and raising his hands, asking for the mystery man to appear.

JS: Well? What’d your informants tell you about this?

Flec: Don’t start with me, Styles!

As Bombshell converses with the referee over the possibility of a forfeit, a cameraman at ringside climbs into the ring and stands directly behind Bombshell. Slowly, he removes his hat and reveals himself as...Computron!!!! The crowd explodes in a combination of delight and surprise as Computron rips his shirt off and taps Bombshell on the shoulder! Bombshell starts backward in surprise, Computron just stands there and enjoys the look on Bombshells face until finally Bombshell snaps out of it and explodes, dropping Computron with a huge haymaker. Computron bounces back up and Bombshell continues to lay in the punches as the ref moves in to break it up.

JS: I can’t believe it! Computron is back!

Flec: I told you I knew the truth, Styles!

JS: You never told us who it was going to be!

Flec: You always sweat the small stuff!

Pushing the ref aside, Bombshell whips Computron off the ropes and nails him with a tremendous boot to the face, knocking him to the mat. Bombshell looks to go for a pin, but instead mounts his opponent and rains a series of stiff soupbones down into his undefended face. One catches Computron just so, and as the referee pulls Bombshell off, blood begins to trickle from Computron’s forehead.

JS: And Computron is busted open!

Flec: When The Mad Bomber smells blood, it’s basically over!

JS: Yeah but Computron isn’t fighting back. He’s just taking it and smiling about it and Bombshell with another stiff soupbone.

As Computron crumples to the mat, Bombshell appeals to the crowd, which boos him furiously. Computron slowly gets to his feet again and Bombshell immediately nails Computron with a punch to his bleeding forehead, knocking Computron down again. Bombshell walks to the ropes, then drops his knee viciously onto Computron’s head one…two…three times, and the blood begins to gush down Computron’s face. Bombshell begins to laugh at the lack of offense from his opponent.

JS: I think this one may almost be over.

Flec: Of course it is! Was there ever any doubt? Bombshell’s revenge is finally here!

JS: Yeah but something doesn’t seem right. I mean sure Bombshell is dominating here but Computron hasn’t even bothered to fight back. He’s just taken everything Bombshell has thrown at him and smiled the whole time.

Flec: Well maybe he has just lost it. Hell he had to have lost it to come back and challenge Bombshell.

Smirking evilly, Bombshell pulls a beaten Computron to his feet and positions him for the Atom Bomb Jacknife Powerbomb, then heaves Computron into the air and sends him crashing to the mat! Bombshell goes for a cover and gets 1…2….before Computron kicks out and quickly rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic.

JS: What the hell? Computron kicked out.

Flec: Something is not right here. Why does he have a mic?

Computron: You Dumbass……

The crowd cheers at that comment.

Computron: I’m not even your bloody opponent!

Bombshell’s face drops as the crowd goes silent. For a moment Bombshell stands in the ring trying to figure things out when….


Flec: What the Hell?

Suddenly “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye fills the arena and The Ravishing One emerges from the back. He stops on the top of the stage and poses for all the ladies in attendance. As he gyrates the crowd seems to snap out of their shocked states and erupts in cheers.

RA: And his opponent….THE BIG RAGEBOWSKI!

RRR finally stops gyrating and begins to make his way to the ring. As he does this Bombshell takes his attention away from Computron and begins to get ready for his opponent.

JS: Wow! I can’t believe it. Rage was Bombshell’s opponent the whole time.

Flec: I told you I knew who it was.

JS: Oh shut up. But wait, what the hell is going on? Computron sliding in the ring right behind Bombshell and…….OH NO! Computron with a steel chair to the back of bombshells head.

Bombshell falls to his knees and slowly begins to stagger to his feet as Rage climbs into the ring. Bombshell makes it to his feet and is quickly met by a boot to the gut from Rage.

JS: This can’t be. Rage hoisting Bombshell up now and…..The Climax. Rage with the climax and Bombshell is out. He’s telling the ref to start the match now. There’s the bell and Rage with the cover. 1….2….3!

Flec: Nice. You would almost think that he planned all of this.

JS: Of course he did you moron. Rage picking up a quick win here and oh no, they aren’t done. Another chair shot from Computron and again. OH come off it, someone get out here and stop this. And Rage picking bombshell back up now. What’s next?

Flec: Well it looks like a Rage Driver onto the chair.

JS: And it is. That was uncalled for. And look at them, they just busted Bombshell open and now there are just laughing at his.

Rage and Computron begin to pose for the crowd as the crowd’s reaction has changed from cheers to boos. Then finally they leave the ring and head to the back pausing for only a moment to laugh at the bloodied Bombshell still lying in the ring.

*An AWF Camera follows Rage and Compy to the back*

Lisa Lovelace races up to the winded Computron and the newly returned Rage.

LL: This is an unbelievable turn of events…Computron…Ragebowski…BOTH back in the AWF!!!

Rage: That’s right sweet thing. First of all…HEEEELLO, LADIES! The Big Ragebowski has returned to the AWF and I along with my pal Computron have been having a little fun with that half-wit Bombshell.

Computron: That’s right…and it’s been bloody priceless watching him stumble around backstage trying to figure out who’s been messing with his head.

Rage: Here’s the real joke…who would have thought that there was anything in Bombshell’s head to mess with? But the simple fact is this Lisa…and might I say…you’re looking particularly delectable tonight…the fact is that Bombshell…you’ve never been anything here in the AWF. The Big Ragebowski is back for one reason…well…ok…maybe a couple reasons…first to climb back to the top of the mountain, where I belong. Second, to show the ladies here, what a real man is. And third, to rid the AWF of second rate talent, like you!

Computron: Bombshell, we’ve spent months playing you like a cheap violin. We’ve only just started…this ends only one way…with the complete and total destruction…of you!

LL: There you have it, Computron and the Big Ragebowski BACK in the AWF!

Flec: WOW! I’m still in shock!

*A highlight package of the events leading up to the match between Sean O’Con and Sixswitch shows*

AWF Press Office
2005-04-10, 07:59 PM
Sixswitch “The Welsh Wonder” v “The HeartBrend Kid” Sean O’Con

Joey: This is a match that the Welsh Wonder has waited a long time for…

Flec: For the life of me, I have no idea why either…the kid is going to get destroyed.

Like This Like That begins to play throughout the stadium as 68000 strong leap to their feet in the sold out Old Trafford.

Joey: A tremendous ovation here at the Old Trafford for Sixswitch as he makes his way out to the ring.

Cliffy: Ladies and gentlemen…*takes a long drag off his cigarette* this match is scheduled for one fall, and I flat out expect these two to beat the ever-living hell out of each other. Making his way to the ring, from Swansea, Wales…he is the Welsh Wonder, Sixswitch!

*Sixswitch enters the ring and basks in the affection of the crowd. His face shows solid determination.*

Joey: That is the picture of absolute confidence…

Flec: That is the picture of absolute stupidity…

Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow.
Toast the champion cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow.
If it feels good then it feels good and I do it all day.
You want me to play you best bring your brain, you best bring your money.
Make me a superstar.
No matter who you are

Flec: Now…this, is an entrance.

*HBK appears under the Archivetron, donning his usual leather coat and sunglasses, with a Saints Jersey underneath the coat, but clearly visible.*

Joey: I don’t know how many times I can call this guy an egomaniacal ass, but it never stops being appropriate.

*HBK begins his slow walk to the ring, as he gets about 6 feet or so down the ramp, 3 geisha girls follow behind him.*

Joey: What in the hell is this?

Flec: It’s called a harem, why does it not surprise me that you aren’t familiar with such things?

Cliffy: And his opponent, he hails from Southampton, England…he is the HeartBrend Kid, Sean O’Con…err…and entourage…or something.
*Much to the disgust of Sixswitch, Joey Styles and the vast majority of the crowd, HBK enters the ring, geisha girls in tow. They enter the ring, O’Con first with the girls holding the ropes for him, then they enter in behind.

Flec: It’s good to see a woman who knows her place! HA!

Joey: You’re as disgusting a human being as he is…you know that right?

Flec: Greatness flocks together.

*One of the girls proceed to strip O’Con’s coat off, while another removes his shades. They then proceed to strip his Saint jersey from his chest. As the shirt is removed, HBK flashes his trademarked smirk in the direction of Sixswitch, before ordering his flock to the outside.*

Joey: The bell has sounded, Cliffy has made his way back to his pack of smokes ringside and the match is underway!

Flec: How many of those things has he smoked here tonight? 15 packs?

Joey: I lost count…Sixswitch doing some serious jawing here, and HBK responds with a yawn.

Flec: Pretty much my response to SS as well.

Joey: And we know how much your opinion means. Well, HBK’s yawn drew an angry right fist to the side of the face delivered from Sixswitch. SS on fire here, unleashing a volley of several punches to the face of HBK.

Flec: Not the face…WHY THE FACE?!?

Joey: If he’s aiming for the mouth or the head on HBK…it would be his biggest target.

Flec: Oh aren’t you just Mr. Johnnie Carson all of a sudden?

Joey: SS out to a quick start here, drilling HBK back into corner with a spinning heel kick. Now SS with a series of hard kicks to the ribs of HBK, causing the biggest mouth in the AWF to huff from the force of those blows, and a jumping spin kick planted hard on the jaw topples HBK to the outside, where…oh lord…yes here comes his concerned entourage. I wonder how much he had to pay them to act like they cared about this first class jerk?

Flec: Are insinuating that Mr. O’Con would pay for the services of a lady?

Joey: One, I flat out stated it and two, I don’t believe anything resembling a lady would ever be associated with the likes of him.

Flec: Says the guy who’s not known the touch of a woman not named ‘Mom.’

Joey: I won’t even dignify that with a response…SS now running off the ropes, leaping over the top rope, spinning body press down hard into HBK as his harem bails out. GOOD GOD! What a move! Double S sends Mr. Ego back into the ring. SS climbs the ropes, flipping leg drop from the top, down across the back of HBK’s neck.

Flec: This isn’t at all how is it supposed to go!

Joey: Yet it doesn’t seem to bother the VAST majority of this Manchester Crowd. Now SS, pulling HBK up and dropping him back down with a snap suplex, bouncing through the move into a cover…what fluid motion by SS…cover…1…2…and thr…no. HBK able to get out and you can see the shock on the face of HBK.

Flec: This isn’t happening!

Joey: SS now locks in a headlock and cranks back, HBK showing the pained _expression as he struggles to his feet. HBK now trying to reverse the hold, shoving Sixswitch who bounces off the ropes and drops HBK down with a bulldog. SS going to the top rope now…searching for the Technophobic…looking to end this match right here and now. SS from the top…but HBK rolls out of the way, then follows up with a dropkick to the face!

Flec: YES!

Joey: Both men are down and a good chance for HBK to change the tide of this match. SS looking to put things away and he missed the mark. HBK pulling SS up with a wristlock, uses it as a takedown, now trying to lock in the armbar with a neck submission step over. There’s the knee of HBK behind the neck, the step and now the force…SS on his side, writhing in agony from this extremely painful and seldom used hold, made famous by Kensuke Sasaki.

Flec: Oh yeah…isn’t he the guy that runs Sasaki Sushi an the corner of 4th and Broadway in…

Joey: *Sighs*

Flec: WHAT?

Joey: Nothing…SS now fighting his way to the ropes with his free arm, now kicking and scrapping his way to the ropes. HBK releases the hold and opts instead to drop a hard elbow into the back of the neck of SS. Now, pulling the double S up, back breaker delivered, into a back breaker submission, SS across the knee of HBK, with force being applied to chin and thigh.

Flec: Time to snap the Double Bore like a twig!

Joey: Pain clearly being shown by Six, but he refuses to submit! Screaming at the referee that he is not about to quit. HBK beginning to look visibly frustrated shoving SS off his knee. Now in the face of the referee. What a big shot.

Flec: Clearly it’s the ref’s fault.

Joey: How? Because SS has heart? Because SS has determination?
Flec: Because SS is too stupid to know when he’s beaten and the ref should step in and save him.

Joey: You would believe that. HBK looking to do something dastardly here I’m certain. Hoisting SS up and hitting the stun gun across the top rope. Double S bouncing off that top rope and flopping backwards hard to the mat. HBK moving to the top rope…getting his balance…we know what is coming, BIG ELBOW! Elbow drop across the throat.

Flec: That outta do it…

Joey: Cover…1…2…thr…and KICK OUT!

Flec: NO!

Joey: Yes! SS with the kickout and HBK looks completely shocked by this turn of events. HBK now arguing with the official, who explains that the shoulder came up…HBK looks convinced…OH MY GOD!

Flec: Yeah…looks real convinced…

Joey: Heart Brend Kick to the official by Sean O’Con. Now the aggravated sociopath slides outside the ring, tearing the chair away from our new Ring Announcer Cliffjumper who looks on angrily through a puff of smoke. HBK taking his time, clearly in no rush, climbs back on the apron holding the chair…but SS leaps up and delivers a drop kick to the chair, sending HBK crashing down into the guard rail.

Flec: OH NO! This can’t be happening…it isn’t POSSIBLE that this is happening.

Joey: SS collapses back down in the ring, HBK in a heap on the floor, propped against the guard rail, wincing in pain and Cliffy reclaims his seat. Double S climbing up from the ropes, using those very ropes to pull himself up. How he is coming back from this is beyond me.

Flec: Why don’t people just know when they are out classed? WHY?

Joey: Perhaps because Sixswitch isn’t…he’s every bit as good as HBK is and the only people who don’t know it are you and that maniac laying out there on the floor. SS now on the apron…looking back…SIXSHOOTER! MY GOD! Sixshooter from the apron to the floor on top of HBK! Six rolling off the limp body of HBK, and trying to pull himself back into the ring. Still no referee…as Six goes back outside and pulls HBK back into the ring with him.

Flec: What…how…huh?

Joey: Cover by SS…a new referee sprinting to the ring. 1…2…NOOOOOOOO!!!

Flec: YES! YES! YES!

Joey: I don’t know how…but HBK with a kickout. Somehow, HBK able to kickout. Now Double S again with the look of pure shock on his face.

Flec: You know why don’t you? Because somewhere deep down inside, he knows he has to beat HBK…HBK, Summers…they look down on him and someone like SS can’t handle that, he’s too proud for his own good. He has to beat HBK.

Joey: You may be on to something there, as much as I hate to admit it, you may just be right. Six has to be wondering, after that Sixshooter to the outside, what does he have to do. HBK pulled up, with a grin through the pain that sends SS to another level! Standing head-scissors takedown, followed up by a spinning guillotine leg drop.

Flec: LOOK! He still owns Six…even with all this punishment, HBK is still in the head of SS.

Joey: He’s certainly trying to be. Six now going up to the top…maybe looking to hit the Technophob..WAIT…but HBK with the kip up…charging the corner with a sudden explosion…grabbing SS…GOOD GOD! HDD OFF THE TOP ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE! Sixswitch driven face first to the floor from the top rope with the HDD. HBK laying on his back on the mat outside the ring, wincing in pain, but still a smirk there…I can’t believe this deviant.

Flec: Greatness…pure and simple, greatness!

Joey: Sixswitch rolling over almost instinctively, a mass of blood coming from his nose, which is clearly broken.

Flec: What a shame…

Joey: HBK sitting up, favoring his back, but clearly admiring his handy work. HBK pulling himself up, realizing the referee is up to 8, rolls back in and slides out to retrieve Six…pulling and tugging…but Six…reversal! Drop toe hold sends HBK into the steel steps, and HBK bounces back…blood trickling from his lip.


Joey: HBK checking that himself…before rolling in the ring. Sixswitch also rolling in, both men clearly showing their wear from this match. SS moving in, pulling HBK up, but HBK with a low blow! Ref’s view obstructed by Six’s body…not able to see the low blow by HBK, who follows the low blow up with Hotstuff. HBK with a cover…should have him here…1…2…th…NO!

Flec: WHAT?!?

Joey: Kickout by Sixswitch! KICK OUT BY SIXSWITCH!

Flec: There’s no need to repeat this!

Joey: And look at the expression on the face of HBK…he’s in complete and total shock. Sean O’Con grabbing the referee, arguing passionately, the referee explaining that it was that close…and THAT SICK SON OF A…

Flec: Did you see what that ref did?

Joey: Yeah…I’m sure that ref put himself into the HDD…HBK has just knocked out another referee with an HDD. That sick, sadistic, cold hearted son of a…


Joey: Now HBK, disposing of the evidence, dumping the referee to the outside.

Flec: He’s just helping keep him from harm’s way…

Joey: They only harm here is what that man has placed now two officials in. Meanwhile, Double S, refusing to quit…and wait…unbeknownst to one Sean O’Con, SIXSWITCH IS ON HIS FEET!

Flec: NO! Look out Mr. O’Con!

Joey: Sixswitch waiting…now charging…SPINNING HEEL KICK! Sixswitch with all that he has left going up top…TECHNOPHOBIC COMING! AND THIS TIME IT CONNECTS WITH PERFECTION! Sixswitch with a cover…and there’s no referee to make the count thanks to one Sean O’Con!

Flec: What is that idiot doing now?

Joey: Sixswitch to the outside, trying to bring the referee around. He knows he has this match won…trying to work the referee over to get him up. I don’t know…he’s taking a lot of time here.

Flec: Yeah…keep working on that official…

Joey: Sixswitch now helping the referee back into the ring. Sliding in himself…checking with the referee one last time…before turning to face…AND HBK WITH THE KIP UP AND A SUDDEN HEART BREND KICK!

Flec: YES!

Joey: HBK with the kip up, and just like that Sixswitch has been flattened by the Heart Brend Kick…from certain victory to this in the blink of an eye. HBK now gathering what little strength he has left, pulling Sixswitch up…suplex…off the ropes? NO! HDD! O’Con bouncing Double S off the ropes and nailing an HDD! Now screaming at the ref…and it…no…it can’t end like this…HBK looking at the still groggy referee.


Joey: Now HBK pulling Sixswitch to the corner…exerting the last of his energy to pull Six there, propping him up on the turnbuckle…AND NO! A SECOND HDD OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! HBK finally with the cover…the referee making his way to position…1…2…3! DAMNIT!

Superstar begins to sound through the arena.

Flec: In the bag all along…could have counted to 100!

Joey: It took everything that the HeartBrend Kid had…in the end it was an HB Kick and TWO HDD’s to finish off the Welsh Wonder here in Manchester.


Joey: You can say that again…and HBK’s flock sliding into the ring to greet their…well…whatever he is. HBK slumping back down into the corner, clearly exhausted from this war he had with his long time rival Sixswitch…who I gotta tell you Flec, even with the obviously broken nose, through it all, through all the head games, look at how much it took to finally put him down…an amazing effort by the Welsh Wonder.

Flec: Oh who the hell cares Styles? The man we should be talking about is that man…the real winner of the match, HBK…Mr. Sean O’Con!

*The cameras cut backstage as the exhausted HBK is shown celebrating with his harem.*


Keith Kincaid is shown with Stone Cold Skywarp.

KK: I am backstage with the one and only, Stone Cold Skywarp…now Stone Cold, we’ve just seen HBK Sean O’Con win his match here a few moments…

SCSW: What?

KK: We’ve just seen…


KK: We’ve



SCSW: That’s better…of course Stone Cold knows that HBK won his little match…do you think that I’m stupid or something? Wipe that look off your face…oh wait…you can’t, you were born looking that stupid. I saw the damn match and I know who won. That son of bitch did go out there and he did earn it…but beating Sixswitch is one thing and beating Stone Cold is another…and that’s something HBK couldn’t do and neither will his little buddy Erik Summers. Summers, you’ve been running your mouth an awful lot lately, talking about ending my career, crowing about what you’ve taken from me…but son, you just don’t get it do you? A rattlesnake is most dangerous when he’s cornered…and you’ve done nothing but back me into a corner and piss me off. So what I’m going to do is go out there…stun your ass…whup your ass from one end of the arena to the other…then beat you down…1..2..3 and go drink a bunch of beer and that’s the bottom line, cause STONE COLD SAID SO!

Amarant Odinson v Big Daddy Rav

Cliffjumper: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall…”

As Amarant’s theme music kicks in, the murmurs and whispers amidst the crowd begin. Within twenty seconds, the crowd are chanting ‘Amarant, Amarant, Amarant’; but the terror of Toronto fails to appear. Suddenly, Amarant is rolling down the entrance way, with Ravage following a short distance behind, sneering.

Styles: “What a surprise… Ravage decided not to wait for Amarant to get into the ring before he started laying into him…”
Flec: “I suggest you look up ‘tactical advantage’ in the Ladybird printing of ‘The Art Of War’…”

Ravage stomps on Amarant a few times as the bell rings. As a cup of beer hits Ravage in the side of the head, he looks out to the crowd and starts flipping off every fan in the arena- almost individually- before offering one young lady near the security barrier the chance to (ahem) ‘get freaky’. Amarant uses this opportunity to plant his right fist in Big Daddy Ravs joy department to a tremendous ovation from the capacity crowd.

Styles: “Ooh… for those of you who haven’t seen the AWF in action before…”
Flec: “Could you please explain how your head got stuck in the bucket?”
Styles: “There’s that… but I’d also like to point out that Amarant more regularly utilises submission moves to put the hurt on his opponents…”
Flec: “Yeah… he occasionally resorts to that, though…”

Amarant quickly regains his composure and goes to work on Ravage with an armbar. Ravage rolls into the move and manages to clip Amarant with a forearm in the jaw. The Wolverine continues to cling onto Ravages limb. Another three forearm shots finally convince Amarant to relinquish the hold, and the two get back to their feet.

Styles: “This promises to be a great match folks… the superb technical skills and speed of Amarant… against the powerful brawling style of Ravage…”
Flec: “Yep… this could be rather awesome…”

Ravage hits Amarant with several thigh lifts into the Wolverines abdomen. Amarant reels a little from the shots, and comes back with several of his patented knife-edge chops. Ravage is left reeling this time, and Amarant whips the Vermont native into the security barrier before rolling the big man into the ring.

Styles: “Now Amarant has the advantage…”
Flec: “How do you work that out?”
Styles: “Well… as Amarant is the more proficient technical wrestler… and they are now in the ring…”
Flec: “I see where you’re coming from… just don’t forget, Ravage is taller and stronger…”
Styles: “Amarant can alleviate that advantage…”

Amarant now has Ravage wedged against the nearest set of turnbuckles and is letting fly with some more knife-edge chops. He hoists Rav to the top turnbuckle in preparation for a superplex. As Amarant goes for the move however, Ravage locks his foot under one of the turnbuckle pads and reverses the set-up to deliver a brainbuster DDT to Amarant… from the top turnbuckle, no less.

Styles: “My God! It might be over… 1… 2……. Thr… No! Amarant kicked out!”
Flec: “Stupid, stupid person…”

Ravage expresses his discontent to the referee. After some heated words, a universally accepted gesture is the best he can offer. He pulls Amarant up from the mat and hooks in another front facelock. Big Daddy Rav hauls Amarant into the air with a vertical suplex. In an impressive display of strength, Ravage holds the Wolverine in the air for around eight seconds before driving him down to the mat- hard- with the move. A lax cover from the Vermont native yields a two-count as Amarant basically shrugs his way out of the pinning predicament.

Styles: “And that was a pathetic attempt at a pin from Rav… one arm draped over the chest of Amarant…”
Ravage lifts Amarant up again, but is caught off-guard with a fast small package which garners a two-count for the Wolverine and some cheering from the crowd. Ravage kicks out, his mood evidently worsening, and rushes Amarant again. The Wolverine takes down his assailant with a textbook drop toehold- rolling over Ravages back to lock in a painkiller on the arm he was working over earlier.

Styles: “Amarant getting back to the point he was attempting to dissect earlier… nice painkiller arm-breaker…”

Ravage manages to hook his left foot on the bottom rope. Amarant loosens his grip… but only after the referee has counted two. A thin trickle of blood runs down the right of Amarant’s chin as he gets to his feet. He licks at the crimson streak, wipes some of the excess off with has hand and stares at Ravage. He appears ready to spring as the big man starts to get up.

Styles: “And I think Amarant may have a busted lip from the forearm shots Ravage laid on him earlier…”
Flec: “Speaking of Ravage…”

As Ravage gets to his feet, he turns to face Amarant. The two lock up briefly, before Amarant gets pushed into a corner and runs in with a leg lift. A few back elbow smashes and a headbutt put Ravage back in control for the time being. He takes a second to absorb the ill feelings from the crowd and then attempts an Irish whip. Amarant, however, reverses the move with a deft arm ringer and locks in a crossface chicken-wing to continue working on Ravage’s left arm. Ravage struggles to get out of the move, but Amarant hooks him with a body scissors and manages to drag Ravage down to the mat.

Styles: “And Amarant is firmly in control of this bout… keeping it to the mat… pretty much negating any strength advantage Ravage has…”
Flec: “Oh shut up, smart mouth…”

Ravage manages to wriggle his left leg around into position and kicks it onto the bottom rope. The ref calls for the break, and Amarant reluctantly concedes. Amarant quickly rolls to the side and spins upright, as Ravage gets to his feet clutching his shoulder. The disdain on the face of the former GPA member is something to behold and gives Amarant pause to smirk at Big Daddy Rav. Neither one seems to want to get the ball rolling again, but Amarant moves forward to press the attack. Ravage lashes out with a wild backhand, but the Toronto native dusk and sends Ravage over with a release belly-to-belly suplex. The crowd cheer as Amarant then locks in a shortarm scissors to continue working on the arm.

Styles: “This bout may not have started in his favour, but Amarant certainly seems to be holding a winning hand here…”
Flec: “Wait a minute… does that mean that you think Ravage or Odinson is gonna win?”
Styles: “Amarant, of course…”
Flec: “But he’s got hold of Ravages hand…”
Styles: “I was speaking in metaphor… comparing the match to a game of cards…”
Flec: “Ah… got it…”

Ravage finally manages to roll into the shortarm scissors and clasps his hands together to alleviate some of the pressure. He gets up to his knees and proceeds to fall back to the canvas: hauling Amarant around in such a manner that the Wolverine lands face-first on the canvas. Ravage takes a second to recompose himself before stomping on the back of Amarant’s head. The big man drags his adversary up, and drops him down to the mat with a thunderous powerslam before stomping on him a couple more times. Ravage winces and clutches at hi shoulder again, and Amarant suddenly springs back into action with an elbow smash right into the injured appendage that sends Ravage down the mat.

Styles: “And Amarant doesn’t have a clear advantage now… Ravage down but apparently not out…”

Out of sheer desperation, it seems, Ravage grabs Amarants ankle and yanks the Wolverines right leg out from underneath him. Amarant lands on the mat with a thud. Ravage dives on to him to follow up with some more vicious punches to keep his opponent off balance before attempting to blatantly strangle him. The referee breaks the hold after a five-count, much to the chagrin of Ravage.

Styles: “I’d be a little happier with the referee’s decision if I were Ravage… duty referee Greg Garrett cutting Ravage some slack and not disqualifying him right there…”

Ravage walks back to where he left Amarant before he was pushing Garrett around to find the spot vacant. He looks around the ring, and starts to yell abuse at Garrett when he can’t find the Wolverine. Amarant jumps back into the ring, charges towards Ravages back and brings down the Vermont native with a hard neck/shoulder breaker. Ravage yells in pain as Amarant sizes up the appendage once more. He twists Ravages arm around his leg in the manner usually associated with a magistral cradle. Instead of rolling over into a pinning predicament, however, Odinson twists sideways placing one knee into the small of Ravages back and pulling back on Ravs legs in a modified version of the House of Pain.

Styles: “Amarants got Ravage caught in the House of Pain! How long can Ravage stand this?”

The answer probably would have been ‘not very’ if not for Amarant miscalculating his and Ravages ring positioning. Amarants foot inadvertently strayed under the bottom rope, while Ravage managed to grab the adjacent rope out of sheer desperation. Amarant breaks off the hold once again, cursing under his breath.

Styles: “And Ravage looks to be in a lot of pain with that arm… which is no doubt exactly what Odinson had in mind…”
Flec: “Poor Ravage…”

Ravage uses his good arm to pull himself up by the ropes. He tries to shake some feeling back into the appendage that Amarant has spent almost the entirety of the bout working over with various holds. Ravage does not look pleased and, as Amarant moves towards him, Ravage lifts up one of his size 18 feet right into the face of the Wolverine. Amarant crashes to the mat again, as Ravage makes another attempt to pour some feeling back into his arm. He pulls Amarant up, hits him with a couple of forearms to the face and drives a boot into the Wolverines mid-riff. With Amarant hunched over, Ravage prepares to deliver his coup de grace.

Styles: “And it looks like Ravage is getting ready to deliver the Hangover…”

Ravage pulls Amarant onto his shoulders. As Ravage spins Amarant off, the Wolverine shifts his weight and brings Ravage down with a lucha libre-esque arm drag. Ravage snarls and charges with a clothesline attempt, only for Amarant to duck underneath and catch the former GPA member in the favoured hold of one of his tutors.

Styles: “CROSSFACE! Amarants got Ravage in that submission hold! There’s nowhere for Big Daddy Rav to go!”
Flec: “I’d feel sorry for Ravage if he hadn’t run straight into it…”

Muscles tense, sinews stretch and tempers flare as Amarant wrenches at the arm and neck of his opponent. Ravage is overcome emotional states of rage, torment and inadequacy as the Wolverine continues to apply the pressure. Ravage tries to manipulate his form to get to a rope, but this time Amarant has left him no way out. It takes about 18 seconds, but the result was never in question after Amarant clasped his hands. The bell rings, and Amarants theme music- beginning with the trademark cardiograph flat line- builds over the speakers as the crowd applaud his victory.

Cliffjumper: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match… as the result of a submission… AMARANT ODINSON!”

Amarant makes his way up the entrance ramp, slapping high-fives to the crowd and receiving pats on the back and kisses on his cheeks as Ravage kneels in the ring clutching his arm. The rage in Ravages face is quite evident as he shakes his head and states ‘This ain’t over…’ Amarant stares back to his opponent from the entrance. He merely points for a few seconds at his fallen adversary, before making his way backstage.

Styles: “What was all that about?”
Flec: “What do you think I am… a psychiatrist?”

Backstage with Divebomb

KK: “We are backstage here with Divebomb before his big title defense. So how are you feeling tonight Divebomb?”

(Divebomb looks at Kincaid and just shakes his head)

DB: “Why don’t we skip all this small junk and get on with the big questions. How about it Kincaid, do you think you can do that?”

KK: “Umm sure, I guess I…Ok, here we go. So Divebomb, this all started back at the rumble, you were eliminated by a returning Redstreak. Can you finally fill in us and all the AWF fans about why he decided to come after you?”

DB: “Well there you go. Doesn’t it feel good to finally have some good questions for me. But as for an answer, I have no damn clue why he wants to take me out and if I did, I probably still wouldn’t tell you. But you see, it really doesn’t matter why he came after me because in the time he’s been gone I have gotten better and he doesn’t know what he’s going up against.”

KK: “You sound very confident tonight. So how do you see this match turning out and do you have anything special planned for it to keep your title.”

DB: “Kincaid. You know how this match is going to turn out. I am walking in as champ and I am walking out as champ. Red is good, he did eliminate me from the rumble after all. But now its payback time and as I have told him already. The storm is coming.”

KK: “Ok champ, any final thoughts before I let you go.”

(Divebomb looks at the camera)

DB: “Red….See you at Ground Zero!”

(With that Divebomb slings his title over his shoulder and walks away)

KK: “Well that’s all from our IC champ, back to you guys.”

Xille v Vin Ghostal

JFA: I don't believe it. It's finally time.
JHA: This is it. Time for Ghostal to show his dominance, to put the runt in his place.
JFA: Time for Xille to rise above, to succeed where others have failed, and defy the odds.

Yeah can you hear me? yeah
There's certain things in life that you can stop
And there's certain things in life that can't be stopped
Let's go…

JFA: I guess we'll find out. Here comes Casper himself…
JHA: Vin Ghostal, V.3!

As Ghostal appears, a hush falls over the crowd.

JFA: The crowd despises him, Jay. Look at them all! They're just glaring!
JHA: I've never seen a crowd this angry…
JFA: It's almost as if they're waiting for something..

Bleed out all empathy...
I have to believe them (lies)
In order to attain fulfillment
I have to succumb to (lies)
All my inner fears that tear at me
I will never believe them (lies)
I'm sick of the weakness that controls me
Now that I have fallen, I will not repent

The crowd is instantly on its feet. The roar is deafening, as they all scream with excitement.

JFA: I guess that was it!

Xille has hit the ramp, jumping on the front of his feet and then pounding his chest.

JHA: These fools don't get it! Xille is a chump! He's a fool! And he's about to learn his place.

As the X's eyes fall upon V3, waiting in the ring, he pauses. The two glare at each other for a moment.

JHA: Ha! Just the sight of Ghostal has that midget terrified.

For a moment, it looks as though JHA might have been right. Taking a moment, Xille half smiles, winks at his opponent, and rushes into the ring.

JFA: Guess not, Jay. Guess not.
JHA: He'll regret this. He'll regret daring to step into the ring with his better. He'll regret refusing to play as Ghostal's second. He'll regret trying to rise above his station.

As the X rolls into the ring, he looks to the crowd again and pounds his chest once again furiously. V3 merely stands, glaring.

JFA: This is it, all the build up, all the hype. It all comes down to this.

The men take a moment to stare at each other, obviously realizing that this is the match they've been waiting for, before they charge. Xille opens up with a swift spinning heel kick that puts his opponent down for a second. Both men roll up quickly, Xille ducks a clothesline and hits a quick dropkick to the back of V3's head, and lands on his feet. Taking advantage of his attack, Xille levels his opponent with a quick bulldog.

JFA: Look at the fast offensive by Xille!
JHA: Stupid runt's gonna waste all his energy too soon.
JFA: I'm not sure that's possible.

Xille quickly leaps up to the top ropes, waits for a moment for Ghostal to get his footing, and connects with a flying clothesline.

JHA: Up high already? Bad strategy.
JFA: It worked for him. He connected, and he's keeping Ghostal off balance.

Managing to roll with the fall, X quickly finds his feet. He turns his back to the fallen V3, signals to the crowd for a moment with another chest pound, and leaps into a standing moonsault. The crowd roars with approval.

JFA: Wow! What an attack! You can tell Xille's been waiting, and training, for this moment.
JHA: I don't even care. V3 will punish him.
JFA: He's locked in a pin!


JFA: No! So close!
JHA: He had plenty of time, schmutz-face.

Indeed, V3 managed to kick out of the pin immediately after the two count. As both men scramble to their feet, Ghostal manages to wrap his hands around Xille's neck and lift him up into the air.

JHA: Ghostal with the set up for a spinebuster!

Xille manages to kick at his opponent, free himself in the air, and connect with a spinning DDT to counter, however.

JFA: He freed himself!
JHA: Whatever, that was lucky.

Having grounded his opponent again, Xille runs towards the ropes, leaps off the second one and tries to springboard an elbow drop. Ghostal rolls out of the way at the last moment.

JHA: Ha! Casper was playing possum at the last moment.
JFA: Since when did you like Ghostal, anyway?
JHA: Since he started wailing on that runt on a regular basis, that's when.

Apparently, the Opium of the Masses predicted such an escape by his opponent, rolls back onto his feet, and uses his forward momentum to connect with a spear into Ghostal.

JFA: Ha! Another brilliant offense by Xille! V3 hasn't touched him yet!
JHA: Ghostal's just letting him have the advantage so it's all the more fun when he pulverizes him at the end.

Xille gets a pin again..


JHA: Ha! Runt couldn't even get a 2 count that time!

Ghostal threw Xille off of him, as if insulted by his presence. The two men stand up, and stare at each other again. After a moment, we hear V3 shout “You aren't worth it.” He waves his hand dismissively, and climbs through the ropes to the outside. Xille looks to the ref, shocked, who has no choice but to start to count him out.

“1,” he shouts.

JHA: Ha! This is amazing! Ghostal is gonna deny the runt again!
JFA: Are you kidding? He's just running scared, he knows he can't beat him.
JHA: You must be joking! V3 could level that kid anytime he wanted to, it just isn't worth it.

As Ghostal reaches the bottom of the ramp, he turns around back at the ring. He raises his hands as the ref gets to two in the count, and starts laughing at Xille.

JFA: This isn't fair. Xille deserves this match, the fans deserve this match! It can't end like this.

Apparently, Xille agrees. As the ref shouts out “3,” he takes a few steps back and then charges at the ropes. At the right moment, he leaps up into a front flip and flat out clears the ropes. A moment later, he connects with a shocked Ghostal and levels them both out.

JFA: Oh my god! Oh my god! Suicide dive by Xille! And without putting his hands on the ropes! That's amazing!
JHA: That stupid runt could have killed himself! So close… so close.

Both men lie crumpled in a pile while the ref counts up to six before they both start to stir. When he shouts “seven,” Ghostal grabs his opponent by the hand, and obviously angry, goes to whip him at the stairs. Xille manages to keep his feet planted, however, and throws his opponent back into the ring.

JFA: Xille's managed to put Ghostal back in the ring! Amazing!
JHA: But look! It cost him!

Still fatigued from the impact of the suicide dive, countering Ghostal's Irish whip sends Xille crashing against the ring. The ref shouts out “eight!”

JHA: This is great! Instead of just letting V3 walk away and getting the win, the damn chump has handed the win to Vin Ghostal instead!
JFA: It's true, if he can't get up, and quickly, he'll be counted out.

Xille grabs the lowest rope and pulls himself up at nine, and flings himself up at the ref shouts “ten!”

JFA: Wow! Close save.
JHA: Now he's gonna get it, though.
Ghostal, who's had more time to recover, kicks swiftly at Xille's ribs as he lies on the mat.
JFA: Cheap move!
JHA: You ain't seen nothin, yet. The kid's gonna get it now.

After a few more vicious kicks, Ghostal grabs the nearby ropes and, placing his foot against Xille's throat, pulls up on them to increase the pressure.

JHA: Hehe! Told you!

The ref starts to count for V3 to break the illegal hold, and he does, but only after a four count has expired.

JFA: Leave it to Ghostal to squeeze every bit of illegalness out of a match he can.
JHA: You're just jealous `cause golden boy is finally learning his lesson.

Ghostal grabs the X's arm, and flings him to his feet at the opposite rope. Xille has no choice but to follow the momentum, and V3, rushing to meet him, catches his opponent in the middle of the ring with a powerful sidewalk slam.

JFA: Looks like the X is starting to get in some trouble here..
JHA: I'll say! Look!

Mocking his opponent, Ghostal pounds on his chest before hitting a leg drop onto Xille's face. The crowd winces as Ghostal stands up, and does it again.

JHA: Ha! He'll be feeling that in the morning!

Grinning, Ghostal puts Xille's head under one arm and snatches the back of his knee with another.

JFA: Looks like a set up for a fisherman's suplex…

And indeed, Vin Ghostal does flip Xille up over his head, but instead of falling back, at the apex of the toss, merely drops him. Xille falls onto his head. The crowd is hysterical with boos.

JHA: Wow! Oh my momma on a donkey! That was delicious!
JFA: Are you kidding? That move alone might have crippled him! That was barabaric!
JHA: I know! I love it!

Ghostal smiles, and drags his opponent to the corner. Xille looks stunned from the fisherman's DDT he just received, and offers no resistance at all. Racking him up, Ghostal signals to the crowd, hefts him up, and delivers a cracking superplex.

JHA: This match is over. Over!
JFA: Oh God.
JHA: Ghostal has the pin in.



The crowd yells with relief as Xille manages to kick out at the very last moment.
JFA: He did it! He managed to kick out at the last moment!
JHA: That isn't FAIR.

Ghostal stumbles up, shocked. Xille manages to get to his feet, slowly.
JFA: Xille wants this. Badly.
JHA: Oh, he'll get it. He'll get what he deserves.
Ghostal rushes Xille, charging with a big boot. Xille, still staggering, manages to duck underneath. Ghostal pivots with a clothesline, that the X still just barely manages to limbo under. A right hook, as X leans left. A left jab, and he goes right. With each dodge, Xille gets faster, and faster.

JFA: Xille's recovering, and fast.

Frustrated at his inability to connect, V3 goes for an over the head axe handle slam, which Xille actually catches. Holding his opponent’s arms over his head, X slams his forehead into Ghostal’s nose.

JFA: That looked brutal!

Xille pushes the attack with a European uppercut, a roundhouse toe kick, and then leaps for a powerful headscissors hurricanrana.

JHA: This is ridiculous. That little punk should be dead by now.

Xille finds his feet, and turns to find Ghostal standing near the ropes. He rushes, jumps against the second rope and grabs Ghostal. He flies over his head, and connects with a flip-over DDT.

JFA: Oh… My… God.
JHA: That was obscene.
JFA: Shades of Ultimo there!
JHA: Ultimo-Dragon didn’t need to springboard off the second rope.
JFA: He also didn’t deliver that much power, either.

Moving quickly, Xille locks in a pin.



JFA: That bastard! He managed to touch the ropes!
JHA: You’re just jealous. You know Xille can’t keep this up much longer.

Xille looks shocked for a moment, but then a steely look of resolution returns to his face. He climbs the turnbuckle.

JFA: This might be it…

The crowd, realizing the set up, starts to get louder and louder. X turns to them and smiles for a moment, but is shocked when Ghostal springs to his feet and snatches him up from the top ropes in a crucifix position.

JHA: God!
JHA: He was tricking the X! He was ready the whole time!

Ghostal, with Xille successfully locked in on his back, walks to the center of the ring.

JHA: He’s all set up!
JFA: Xille! No!

Ghostal doesn’t hesitate for a moment, and swings Xille forward to smash his head and neck into the mat.


Ghostal locks in a pin.



JHA: That’s impossible. He couldn’t. It isn’t physically possible.

Indeed, Xille managed to escape. Ghostal, standing up, spits on Xille, who’s still struggling to his feet. V3 turns and exits the ring.

JFA: Don’t tell me Casper is quitting again!
JHA: I don’t think so…
JFA: Oh no.

Ghostal reaches under the mat, and retrieves the infamous golden bat.

JFA: How did someone let him get that down here?
JHA: The stupid midget may have been able to escape the Cutting Edge, but now he’s done for sure.

Ghostal reentering the ring, is stopped by the ref, who he merely shoves out of the way.

JFA: This isn’t good…

Ghostal, smiling, looks to where Xille should have been, but finds him gone. He looks up, and finds the man perched on the turnbuckle.

JFA: No way…

Ghostal swings his bat at Xille. Xille leaps forward.

JFA: Corkscrew Dropkick!

The bat and X’s feet connect. A sickening crack fills the arena as Xille actually soars through the bat and connects into Ghostal’s face.

JHA: How… How… How?
JFA: Xille just broke the golden bat! He just snapped the golden bat in half! If that isn’t a symbol, I don’t know what is. He’s brought down Vin Ghostal!
JHA: He’s paid a heavy price. Look!

Although Ghostal is flat on his back, Xille lies on the mat, clutching his knee.

JFA: Oh no.
JHA: Oh yes. He may be a crazy ****, but he’s a crazy **** that just gave himself to Ghostal on a silver platter.

Ghostal takes a moment to get to his feet, rubs his jaw for a moment, spits out some blood, and looks at Xille as he writhes in pain.

JHA: This is done. He paid his price, and now it’s all done.
JFA: I haven’t lost faith yet.

Ghostal laughs, then loops his foot through X’s wounded leg. He proceeds to fall back, cracking the wounded knee ninety degrees back.

JHA: Lost faith yet?
JFA: You forget something..
JHA: What?
JFA: You can’t deny.

Ghostal gets up, and goes to repeat the same maneuver, looping his foot through the wounded leg, but Xille manages to kick him away. V3 stumbles off the man, turns, and finds him struggling to his feet.

JHA: Lucky save. It doesn’t make any difference.

Still favoring the knee, Xille stands to face Ghostal. His opponent grabs him and locks him in a pedigree set-up.

JHA: Xille can’t even put up any defense anymore!
JFA: You’re still denying.

Ghostal rolls Xille up onto his shoulders, pivots, and delivers a sit-out powerbomb.

JHA: What a move!

Ghostal springs up, and points at the ref. He wants him to start counting. The ref goes to Xille, waves at him for a moment, then throws his arms up for one.

JFA: What’s he doing?
JHA: You don’t get it? He’s going to make Xille go down to a ten count. The ultimate defeat. This is beyond pins, now.
JFA: Neither of them were able to keep the other down, after all..

The ref, now reaches four, and Ghostal smugly turns away. He climbs the opposite turnbuckle, mocking the crowd. After the ref shouts out “eight!” He stops. Ghostal turns to him from the turnbuckle questioningly. The ref points at Xille… who, standing in the middle of the ring, has found his feet again.

JFA: He won’t give in.

Ghostal leaps down, goes to his opponent again, and slams him down with a second sit-out powerbomb.

JFA: No!
JHA: There’s nothing the fool can do about it. Ghostal has whipped him into submission!
JFA: Ghostal is signaling for the ten count again. He’s determined, I guess.

The ref, although reluctantly, again waves at the fallen man and starts the count. This time Ghostal stands over him, pointing and yelling angrily.

JHA: The fool is done!

It takes Xille up to the count of two to show any life. At four, he pulls up a shoulder, and at five he rolls to his side. By seven he’s almost reached a knee. At eight, however, he manages to stand, and looks Ghostal in the eyes.

JFA: He stood up, again. I told you he won’t go down.
JHA: Why won’t he? God dammit!
JFA: Because it’s time for Ghostal to finally learn… why you can’t deny.
JHA: Stop saying that! He’s already denied him! Denied him a hundred times!
JFA: But he stood up, didn’t he?

Ghostal, red in the face, goes to grab Xille for a third powerbomb. Out of nowhere, the X slaps him away and leaps off his good foot.

JFA: MACHINA DRIVER! Xille just hit the Machina Driver!

Xille rolls on top of Ghostal…




JFA: Xille wins! XILLE WINS!
JHA: That isn’t possible!

Xille tries to get up, still favoring his leg. The ref tries to help him up, but he asks him not to. He gets to his feet on his own, and stands in the middle of the ring, raising his hands in victory.

AWF Press Office
2005-04-10, 08:06 PM

LL: Lisa Lovelace here with the one and only King. King, you’re up next…any last thoughts or words before your match with Y3B.

King: (looks at Lisa intensely) I’d say the time for talking…is over.

*King walks off*

LL: Clearly focused on the match, guys?

Y3B Blaster v The King

JHA: In the bag…King has this one so IN THE BAG!

Just as things quiet down, "More Human than Human" fires up, bringing out King, who is greeted with a series of boos. Signs in the crowd read: "The King is gonna get crowned! Y3B" And "Patented Predaking Pussy!" Among others.

King points angrily at a few of these signs as he meanders down to the ring and climbs in, taunting the crowd with his poses.

JFA: King not exactly getting a warm reception from the crowd here in Manchester.
JHA: I'll say! Don't these people know anything? He's the King! Show some respect!

Suddenly, the arena grows dark.







The crowd erupts, coming to its feet as Y3Blaster appears in a cloud of fireworks and marches down the ramp, staring hard at King.

No sooner does he climb in the ring than King charges him and knocks him back over the ropes with a solid clothesline. The bell rings to signify the match beginning as King heads after his opponent.

King tries to gain the upper hand early, pounding Blaster with rights relentlessly, then flinging him into the steel steps. But as he goes in for a big boot, Blaster slips away and drops King with a neckbreaker!

JFA: Quick thinking there by Y3B. King clearly wanting to get him out of it right away, but Blaster having none of it. Blaster now getting King back into the ring and stomping away at that groin; looks like that's what hit the steps, so Blaster taking advantage.
JHA: C'mon ref, get him away from that!

Blaster goes from kicks to elbow drops on the groin area, and after several King manages to still roll away, Blaster's elbow hitting canvas instead of flesh. As Blaster coddles the injury, King grits through his, and flattens him with the Headstrong!

JHA: Headstrong! Headstrong! What a move by the King!
JFA: Very resourceful; King gutting it out to deliver one of the five moves of doom on Blaster, but you can see the punishment his groin has taken has clearly affected his performance already.
JHA: Well if that's any indication, he's gonna fight through it nicely!
JFA: Maybe so.

Both men stay down for a count of four, and King is up first, trying to shake off the pain in his leg. He gets hold of Blaster, trying to bring him up for the Tantrum, but his leg just gives up on him, causing him to drop Blaster and fall himself.

JFA: Oh, disaster strikes there! King grabbing his leg, Blaster fell awkwardly but it looks like he may be okay. Referee checking on him now, and he's getting up without a problem.
JHA: Oh boy! Look at that recovery!
JFA: King's up! OH! HEADSTRONG! HEADSTRONG! Blaster fell into the ref!
JHA: No, there's no one to count! One, two, twenty! Come on, ref, shake it off!
JFA: Blaster taking the hard hit, but he may still be in this thing because the ref is out cold. King trying to shake him back to life, but having no effect, and look at this! Blaster up and STIFF BEAT! Oh, just like that, both men are back down! Blaster with the Stiff Beat from nowhere!
JHA: Get some help out here!
JFA: Both men down, but getting up, King rolling out of the ring for that matter, still favoring that groin. Big problem with an injury like that is that it affects most of your arsenal, especially with a power player like King. He relies on that leg strength to help him execute his moves, but now he may not be able to anymore.
JHA: Still no sign of life from the ref, but Y3B is back up!
JFA: Blaster going to check on the ref, King back in and, oh no...he's got the steel chair!
JHA: Nail him!

There's an audible CLACK as King connects with the skull of the surprised Blaster, knocking him down hard. King hurriedly disposes of the evidence, managing to jar the ref back to consciousness, then goes to cover Blaster!

JFA: King can't believe it, and now he's signaling for it. The "P" above his head, he's going for the Patented Predaking Piledriver.
JHA: That'll finish him off for sure! Do it, King!
JFA: Scoops him up, but no! Blaster reverses, King into the ropes, missile drop-kick! Blaster with a sudden surge, now going for the Touch of Faith! He's got it locked in! King agonizing, reaching for the ropes but Blaster's pulling him back to the center of the ring! Wait! Reversal into the small package...no, kick out at two by Blaster.
JHA: Damn, he reversed it and couldn't get him to stay down!
JFA: Indeed he did, but Blaster's still got the upper hand here. But King is not out of it, he's headed up top!
JHA: I know what's coming next!
JFA: King to the top rope...DIVEBOMB! Oh, he connects with a huge Divebomb off the top!
JHA: Cover him, cover him!
JFA: King drapes the arm over, one, two...NO! Blaster kicks out again!
JHA: DAMN! Stay down!
JFA: Both men down right now, but showing signs of life. This has been a tough one for both of them, and it's going to be a matter of who can take that last advantage. Blaster up first now, King still down, but Blaster's got a sudden surge going here! Going for the Soundsault...NO! King got the legs up! And now King rolling him up, NO, NO! KING'S GOT THE TIGHTS!!! KING'S GOT THE TIGHTS! DAMMIT REF! One, two, THREE! Aw, dammit! King running like a scalded dog out of that ring! He just got away with one there! Son of a...
JHA: Wow, what great work by the King! If the ref doesn't see it, it's not cheating!

JRA: Here is your winner, King!

JFA: Blaster lying in the ring in disbelief! He's complaining to the ref, but dammit if it's not too late now. What a gutsy performance by the kid from BC, and it's a damn shame it had to end like that! But you can bet, folks, that Blaster won't take that lightly, not one bit!

*The camera follows Y3B to the back after the match.*

LL: Blaster…BLASTER…clearly…

Y3B: What? Clearly what Lisa? Clearly that the Lord and Master of the Universe was just screwed in front of all his believers? CLEARLY, Manchester’s own personal Jesus was just jobbed out of his glory? Yes…that would be clear. You know what else is clear Lisa? That Y3B can be a very vengeful deity…as King is soon to realize. King, you’d have been better off crucifying me…because your life would have been better with me taken completely out of this world, rather than screwing me out of what was properly mine…

LL: Guys, a very frustrated, angered and determined Y3B Blaster…

Joey: And I can’t blame him one bit…I can’t wait to see him get his hands on The King again!

Intercontinental Championship:
Divebomb (c) v. Redstreak

Cliffjumper (Taking a drag from a cigarette): “Ladies and gentlemen… the next match is for some title or other… what the hell does that say… oh, the INTERCONTINENTAL Championship… and it is, apparently, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… from Detroit, Michigan… … REDSTREAK!”

Redstreak walks down the ramp to a mixed reaction from the crowd and the sounds of ‘Sucker Train Blues’ by Velvet Revolver. The challenger looks as confident as ever as he gets into the ring. The Red One (not to be confused with the Big Red One) climbs to one of the middle turnbuckles to salute his adoring (as well as the rest of the) public, and then venture to each of the remaining turnbuckle posts in turn before running the ropes. As the red light vanishes from the arena, ‘My Last Serenade’ by Killswitch Engage heralds the arrival of his adversary.

Cliffjumper: “And his opponent… from * draws a deep breath * Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada… The AWF Intercontinental Champion… DIVEBOMB!”

There are some cheers for Divebomb, but equally there are some boos. Some people appear completely bemused that these two should be facing each other, and some are looking forward to the match intensely. Divebomb slaps a few high-fives to fans as he makes his way to the ring. He undoes the Intercontinental Championship from his waist as he slides underneath the bottom rope, allowing the belt to rest on the canvas as he removes his brand-new ‘Detonation In 5…’ vest t-shirt. Redstreak is in one corner, stroking his chin somewhat anxiously as his focus alternates between the champion and the championship. Divebomb turns to face his adversary, and the two begin to throw insults at one another.

Nothing is audible, but accomplished lip-readers can see that the to are using a string of obscenities and ‘yo mama’ slams that would make most gangsta rappers pee themselves with shame. A small shove from Redstreak finally sets events into motion when Divebomb pushes back- hard- and the bell sounds as the two lock up in the centre of the ring. Redstreak gets the upper hand and twists himself to grab Divebomb in a hammerlock. Divebomb slaps his shoulder, and moves his head to gauge exactly where his opponent. A split-second later, a snapmare takes Redstreak down to the mat and a side headlock follow-up by the champion records a two-count.

Styles: “Divebomb keeping things slow… attempting to keep the match on the mat where Redstreak can’t put his fast high-impact moves to use…”
Flec: “I have to admit, that is smart wrestling…”
Styles: “Flec… did you just compliment Divebomb?”
Flec: “I told you ArchiveMania does weird sh*t to people…”

Redstreak is slowly getting to his feet. He shoots Divebomb off the ropes, leapfrogs over the champion and hits a spinning heel kick squarely into Divebomb’s jaw. The resultant pin barely garners one before Divebomb powers out, almost sending Redstreak out through the ropes. As Divebomb gets up, Redstreak greets him with a couple of snap jabs and a snap suplex. A float-over cover results in another two-count for the challenger. Redstreak pulls up his opponent and sets up for another suplex. This time, Divebomb slips his leg around Redstreaks to block the move, and counters with a vertical suplex of his own. Divebomb gets up onto one knee, spins around, and proceeds to lay a few punches into the temple of the Detroit destroyer before pulling him up again.

Divebomb leans forward slightly, grabbing Redstreak around the abdomen with one arm and by his left leg with the other. He lifts Redstreak to be parallel with the canvas, and slams the Michigan native over his knee with a crushing backbreaker. Keeping hold, Divebomb lifts Redstreak back up and- spinning around- drives him into the mat with a sidewalk slam. The move earns another two-count for the champion.

Styles: “Divebomb raising the bar a little bit… a good backbreaker and sidewalk slam combination there from the Intercontinental champion…”
Flec: “Yeah… but he has to watch he doesn’t pick up the pace too much. The minute he does that, Redstreak can take the advantage.”
Styles: “That was rather insightful, Flec…”

Divebomb decides to change gears. He whips Redstreak into a corner, and signals for the Bomb Drop- his version of the Stinger Splash- from the corner opposite. As cheers are heard throughout Old Trafford, he charges: and meets with nothing but padding as Streak moves at the last moment. Redstreak applies several knife-edge chops to the chest of Divebomb in quick succession, before attempting his own version of the previously failed move. Redstreak connects with the Acid Drop, and, as Divebomb stumbles out of the corner, the Detroit resident quickly ascends to the top turnbuckle. Divebomb turns around, and Redstreak soars towards his nemesis with a cross body block. Divebomb ducks flat against the mat, and Redstreak hits nothing but canvas.

Before the Michigan native can fully regain his composure, Divebomb quickly collects the Streak into formation for a Tigerbomb. He lifts the slightly winded Redstreak into the air, and slams him hard onto the canvas, quickly covering him for a two-and-a-half count. Divebomb quickly gets back up, grabbing Redstreak into position for another powerful move. He hoists up the challenger in a powerbomb attempt but, at the apex of the move, Redstreak reverses it into a hurricanranna. Divebomb hits the canvas, and his momentum carries him out through the ropes to the arena floor. Redstreak sees his opportunity and, bouncing off the ropes opposite, leaps the top strand onto the IC champion to a riotous ovation.

Style: “My God… what a move by Redstreak… that was an unbelievable execution…”
Flec: “Execution is right… he might have killed someone * crosses fingers * if I’m lucky…”

As the two talk, the double feature shows the awesome Sky Twister press executed by the destroyer. The slow motion shows Redstreaks elbow catch Divebomb on the side of the temple as the two fall. Returning to the action, Redstreak is seen peppering the same temple with a series of rapid punches before dragging Divebomb upright and dropping him across the security railing with an overhead press. Referee Noah Ordak merely shrugs as the two continue to fight. Redstreak stomps on the IC champion a couple of times before attempting to Irish whip Divebomb into the steel ring steps. A reversal from Divebomb sends Redstreak, back first, into the steel with a thunderous crash.

Divebomb delivers a couple of elbow drops to the back of Redstreak before pulling him up and slamming him onto the arena floor with an authoritative powerslam. Redstreak winces as Divebomb pulls him up again and throws him back into the ring. Divebomb continues his assault on Redstreak’s back with a couple of hard forearm shots before delivering a hard belly-to-back suplex to the challenger. Another lateral press from the Burnaby native yields another two-count.

Styles: “Smart wrestling now from Divebomb… working on the back of Redstreak…”

Divebomb deposits Redstreak in one corner and, following a couple of shoulder thrusts into the sternum of his opponent, deposits the Michigan native on the top turnbuckle. Divebomb ascends the turnbuckles, and drops Redstreak to the canvas with a devastating superplex. With both men becoming worn down, it takes a moment for Divebomb to recover sufficiently to gather up Redstreak in a lateral press for another two-count.

Styles: “Divebomb could have had it won there if he’d been a second quicker getting to Redstreak…”
Flec: “Aside from the fact that a superplex takes it out of the executor as well as the victim…”
Styles: “’Executor’? Doesn’t that have something to do with the will of a deceased person?”
Flec: “Hmm… Freudian slip…” * shrugs *

Divebomb pulls up Redstreak by the hair and whips him to the ropes. He sets Redstreak up for The End, but Redstreak twists in mid-air and takes Divebomb over with a modified arm drag. Divebomb is up quickly, and immediately charges at Redstreak again. Redstreak takes down the champion with a drop toehold, and quickly spins across the back of Divebomb to grab the champion in a front facelock. Divebomb tries to twist out of the move into a top wristlock, but Redstreak just tightens the hold. It hasn’t occurred to him that this can work to Divebombs advantage, as the IC champion hits an almost textbook Northern Lights suplex on Redstreak for another two-and-a-half count.

Styles: “Superbly executed move by Divebomb… not only did the Northern Lights suplex wok on the back of Redstreak, but it also reminded the challenger that he shouldn’t be relying too heavily on one move…”
Flec: “That’s pretty insightful for a guy whose never set foot in the ring…”
Styles: “That’s not true! I used to get into the ring every night when I worked for ECW!”
Flec: “I meant to wrestle, Styles.”

As Divebomb and Redstreak break from the pinning attempt, the two roll onto their stomachs and, lifting their heads and upper torsos, come to rest on their forearms: staring at each other. Both men take a deep breath, before Redstreak suddenly charges Divebomb on all fours. Divebomb rolls to one side, catching Redstreak around the waist as he does for a rather clumsy schoolboy pin for another two-count. Redstreak kicks out and flips over Divebomb with a modified sunset flip for a two-count of his own.

Divebomb attempts to click his heels together. Unfortunately, Redstreaks cranium gets in the way, and Divebomb rolls upright: pinning Redstreaks shoulders with his thighs and keeping hold of Redstreaks legs in an attempt to hold the cover. Another three-count attempt is halted as Redstreak manages to grab the bottom rope and slides out underneath it. The crowd are clearly not in favour of this action, particularly when Redstreak grabs Divebomb by the ankles and drags him to the corner. With Divebomb down on the canvas, both legs hanging outside the ring, Redstreak slams Divebombs left knee into the steel ring post.

The echo of bone on steel resonates throughout the arena, to a chorus of cheers and horrified shouts. Redstreak makes a universally recognisable gesture involving the raising of one arm under the other in a forceful upward thrust. As he ventures another attempt at hitting Divebombs leg into the steel, Divebomb drags his leg back toward him and kicks Streak into the guardrail. Redstreak regains his composure quickly, but gets slammed face-first into the steel ring post after another attempt to work over Divebombs leg.

Styles: “Wait a second… yep… Redstreak’s living up to his name…”
Flec: “Woohoo!”

Redstreak falls to the arena floor, a strand of crimson apparent on the steel post. A small droplet of blood splashes onto the matting at ringside, as Redstreak starts to stir. Divebomb rolls out of the ring and stands over Redstreak, taunting the Detroit native as the challenger struggles to his feet. Divebomb strikes Streak in the abdomen with a vicious left uppercut, and quickly wraps up Redstreak in a Russian leg sweep onto the guardrail. Divebomb stomps on his adversary a few times, slaps Redstreak across the face and deposits him back in the ring.

As Redstreak attempts to get up, Divebomb drives an elbow into the back of his head before kicking him onto his back and making a cover for another two-count. He drags Redstreak to a vertical base before driving him down to the mat again with a hard reverse DDT. The move only garners another two-count for the Burnaby brawler. When Divebomb argues with the referee about the count, Redstreak seizes the opportunity to put some distance between himself and his opponent, dragging himself to the ropes and rolling out to the floor. The trail of blood in Redstreak’s wake, however, soon leads Divebomb to his quarry.

As Divebomb taunts Redstreak, there is a visible change in the Detroit native. The intensity which had faded from his eyes returns with a vengeance. He stares with gritted teeth at his opponent as every muscle in his body tenses in anticipation of retaliation. Redstreak lunges forward, grabbing Divebomb round the waist and hitting a devastating spinebuster on the arena floor matting. The crowd are suddenly back into the match, as Redstreak looks around to take in their adulation. He drops a couple of elbows onto Divebomb, and drags up the Burnaby brawler.

Redstreak throws the IC champ back into the ring again and, as Divebomb drags himself unsteadily to his feet, Redstreak runs at the ropes opposite. Divebomb turns, managing to avoid a spinning heel kick from Streak. As Streak gets up to make another run, Divebomb ducks again and catches the Detroit native in a backslide attempt. The two strain for the advantage. Divebomb manages to get the upper hand and touches Reds shoulders to the mat for a two-count. Redstreak rolls through, keeping one arm firmly locked into Divebombs.

Redstreak attempts an Irish whip on Divebomb, which the Burnaby brawler attempts to counter with a shortarm clothesline. It appears to be too little and too late when Redstreak ducks the arm, locking both of Divebombs arms and spinning round into the Scorpion!

Flec: “Yeah… but he may not be so lucky after this…”

Redstreak stands towards one corner, awaiting Divebombs return to vertical stature. As Divebomb wobbles up to one knee, Redstreak turns side-on to the IC champion, crouches and shakes the blood out of his face; rubbing the rest of the crimson liquid out of his eyes with his right hand. As Divebomb staggers around to a position where he is facing Red, Red charges at him. Divebomb avoids the charge and hits a dropkick into Reds side, sending both men crashing to the canvas. Referee Noah Ordak begins his ten-count as both men lie motionless on the mat.

NO: “1…… 2…… 3……”

There is still no sign of movement from either of the competitors. There suddenly appears to be a stir from Divebomb, which is comparable to a death-throe. Redstreak rolls over onto one side, as Ordak continues the count.

NO: “6…… 7…… 8……”

The two titans begin to get to their feet. A couple of droplets of blood fall from Reds forehead to the canvas, as a small trickle of blood escapes from the vicinity of Divebombs left shoulder. As the two men finally regain some semblance of composure, Redstreak charges Divebomb again. Divebomb dodges, smashing Redstreaks face into the nearest top turnbuckle before dropping the challenger with a hard belly-to-back suplex. He gets to his feet, and sees the crowd already gearing up and making the sign for Ground Zero. Divebomb quickly hops to the top turnbuckle, and comes off with his trademark Senton bomb variation.

Styles: “And that might be it… 1… 2… thr… NO! REDSTREAK KICKED OUT!”
Flec: “Oh Lord… will the pain never end?”

Divebomb looks astonished. The crowd is going wild. Noah Ordak looks a little shocked, and Redstreak just looks like he can’t look at anything. Divebomb picks up his challenger, drapes him across his shoulders, and swings him up and around into The End.

Styles: “1… 2…… 3! Divebomb wins! Divebomb retains!”

As Divebomb collects his belt from outside, Redstreak slowly gets up: blood still oozing from his forehead. Divebomb looks up at him in the ring, and slides back in dropping the belt. The two look as if they might begin the match again, until Redstreak merely bows to Divebomb. The crowd cheer for the defeated Detroit native, and then proceed to go wild when Divebomb returns the gesture. Redstreak whispers “We’ll meet again” and Divebomb replies “Count on it” before Redstreak rolls out under the bottom rope and walks out to a standing ovation as Divebomb holds aloft his Intercontinental Championship for all the fans in the arena- and watching on PPV- to see as ‘’My Last Serenade’ continues from where it stopped at the start of the match.

*The video shows Morpheus and Lock heading to the ring from split screens before cutting into a promo highlighting the lengthy history between the Lock and Morpheus, interwoven with soundbytes from each man.*

The Lock v Morpheus

Cliffy: This next homo-erotically charged waste of 20 minutes and another pack of my smokes is scheduled for one fall. Coming to the ring first, from Her Majesty the Queen’s Penal Colony. Lock!

JFA: Well this match became that much bigger last Monday when Morpheus made the stipulation that if he wins Murder.Inc is liquidated.
JHA: But don’t forget the part about what happens if he loses!
JFA: But if Morpheus loses he becomes part of Murder.Inc.

Bruce Springsteen’s Murder Incorporated starts and the entire whole of Murder Inc moves out from the locker room with Lock at the front. The crowd boos at the sight of them but they act like their not even there as they march down to the ring.

JFA: And Lock bringing the whole Posse.
JHA: Why not. They all want to greet their new member before he joins. It’ll be one big Murder Inc party by the time the match is done!

Cliffy: and his opponent, some weird bloke in a mask who likes little kids heads, Morpheus!

Springsteen stops playing and the lights dim as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata plays to a mixed reaction from the crowd. The masked mad-man slowly walks out of the back and just wanders down to the ring.

JFA: This should be a good match if Lock can keep his cohorts out of the ring and… Morpheus is already on Lock! Outside the ring he just jumped on Lock and now Murder Inc is involved!
JHA: What a nut! What was he thinking!
JFA: As usual, he probably wasn’t!

All three men lay into Morpheus who only managed to get a few blows in. The referee hangs over the ropes and directs the men to cease. Lock orders the other two to back off and motions for them to put Morpheus into the ring. Wild One and Auros heave him under the bottom rope and Lock climbs in after him.

JFA: Nothing the referee can really do there, Morpheus attacked Murder Inc.
JHA: This is going to be quick.
JFA: There’s the bell and Lock already going for a pin. He gets an early two count from the already pummeled Morpheus.

Lock pulls Morpheus up to his knees and then gives him a hard slap to the face, but Morpheus’ face doesn’t move he just stares at Lock and yells at him for more. Lock gladly obliges and hits him with a close fisted punch to the side of the head that knocks Morpheus to his side but he just starts laughing. Lock gets frustrated with Morpheus’ actions and just starts stomping on his head but the more he stomps the more Morpheus laughs.

JHA: This guy is a complete and utter idiot. This is going to be Lock’s easiest match to date.
JFA: Lock hauling Morphues to is feet now. Applying an Arm bar and Morpheus is still just laughing!
JHA: This is going from stupid funny to stupid sick.
JFA: Lock changing over to a chicken wing now and keeping that hold.

Despite the large amount of pressure on his shoulder Morpheus just laughs. Finally Lock whips him to the ropes and goes for the clothes line but Morpheus wisely ducks and reaches back hitting a neck breaker on Lock. He slowly sits up and sits there staring off at nothing while Lock quickly gets back to a vertical base.

JFA: And Lock is just getting madder and I think Morpheus is laughing louder.
JHA: I can understand his frustration. It’s driving me nuts too!

Lock walks over to the seated Morpheus and just yells at him, but Morpheus just sits there and laughs. Lock then turns back and then swings around delivering a vicious kick to the side of Morpheus head causing him to drop back like a sack of potatoes and cease the laughing.

JFA: I think that kick might have killed Morpheus!
JHA: Amen!

Lock smirks and then drops down for the cover but Morpheus kicks out with authority at two and sits up and quickly gets to his feet. He grabs hold of the surprised Lock and throwing him into the corner and following him in with an avalanche splash. Lock drops to a seated position and Morpheus quickly starts driving his knee into Lock’s head screaming at him.

JFA: And Morpheus just came to life! Out of no where, that wicked kick woke something up and no Lock is on the receiving end!
JHA: This guy is a total and complete nut bar!
JFA: Morpheus hauling Lock up and just laying punches into him! Suplex out of the corner! Morpheus is just going off here! Now he’s stomping away on Lock!

Morpheus grabs hold of Lock and hauls him up applying a basic sleeper hold. Lock struggles for but a moment as the air stops getting to his brain and he slowly passes out. The referee can only raise the arm once before he has to pull away to stop Auros up on the apron.

JFA: What the hell is this. Morpheus has this in the bag and these two get involved. What a joke!

Auros, yelling in Spanish at the referee buys Wild One the time needed to sneak in the ring, but the referee turns around in time to see Wild One in the ring before he does anything. Wild One freezes in his tracks, and Auros drops off the ring-apron sheepishly. Wild One debates with the referee about what was happening but he is caught by a clothes line that sends him tumbling out of the ring and then the referee directs both Auros and Wild One to the back.

JFA: Murder Inc has been ejected! Wild One got caught and now they have both been Ejected! Lock is on his own!
JHA: Say it ain’t so Wild One! What happened!

While the referee deals with the two other Murder Inc members Morpheus goes back to work on Lock but as he starts to pull him up Lock delivers a low-blow hunching Morpheus over. Lock gets to his feet and locks Morpheus up in a reverse headlock and delivers a DDT.

JFA: And Lock using the distraction to hit a low blow and that could be it, what a vicious DDT by Lock! There’s the pin! No! Another two count!
JHA: Come on Lock! You lost your insurance policy! Don’t lose the match!

Lock gets to his feet and argues with the referee about a slow count which allows Morpheus time to get to the ropes and pull himself up. By the time Lock turns around he is met by a clothes line by Morpheus. Morpheus pulls Morpheus and throws him to the ropes so hard he flips up. Morpheus walks over to Lock and adjusts his legs and walks half way across the ring and runs at Lock doing a baseball slide into his head.

JFA: Tree of Woe by Morpheus! Lock his busted open! That has to be it!
JHA: Poor Lock!
JFA: What is Morpheus doing!? I think we can both agree that Morpheus has taken a beating and needs to get the pin!

Morpheus jerks Lock off the ropes and lets him hit the mat with a loud thud. He hauls him up again and delivers a snap suplex. He gets to his knees and blatantly chokes Lock.

JFA: Morpheus isn’t worried about winning right now, just impairing his opponent.
JHA: What would it take to get this… sicko banned from the AWF!?
JFA: A lot more than what he is doing! Morpheus realizing the blatant choke now.

Morpheus stands up and puts his boot on Lock’s throat and steps down. He gets admonished by the referee and moves his foot. Morpheus glares at the referee which give Lock a small amount of time to get his act together. Morpheus begins to pull Lock up but Lock gouges his opponents eyes forcing him to drop Lock. Lock then quickly goes for the roll up.

JFA: Lock has the tights!
JHA: Brilliant!
The referee gets to two but stops and looks at Lock’s hand. Lock looks at the referee and shakes his head. The referee stops the count and stands up and Morpheus kicks out of the pin.

JFA: And Lock got caught with the tights! And now the Referee is admonishing him.
JHA: Oh no!
JFA: Side Russian leg sweep by Morpheus! Lock is down! There’s a pin by Morpheus!

Lock kicks out at two but Morpheus picks him back up and applies another blatant choke on Lock. He holds it for five seconds and then lets it go dropping a knee on the side of Lock’s head. Morpheus hauls Lock back up and whips him into the corner and then sits down in the middle of the ring just staring at Lock laughing at him.

JHA: Here we go again!

Morpheus just watches Lock as he slowly gets a grip and calms down. He just stares at the laughing Morpheus. And runs at him delivering another hard kick to the head busting Morpheus open but he just keeps laughing as he lays on his back. Morpheus grabs Lock’s leg and flips him up and then turns him around catapulting him into the turn buckles. Morpheus waits for Lock to get back to his feet and then nails a giant clothes line knocking Lock out to the floor. Morpheus hops out of the ring and down to the floor but is met by another eye gouge. Lock takes what ever energy he has left and throws Morpheus into the ring steps and then collapses, the referee starting the standing ten count.

JFA: And now both men are down! What a match this has been!
JHA: What happens to Murder Inc if there is a draw!?
JFA: I don’t know! Both men getting to their feet now. Lock has slid into the ring under the bottom rope and he might steal this
Cliffy: Either of you two idiots got a pack o’ smokes I can bum?

Lock gets to his feet inside the ring and Morpheus makes it in at the last second only to be met by Lock who quickly begins to stomp on his opponent. He pulls Morpheus to his feet and then sets him up before hitting the Overdrive and then goes quickly for a pin.

JFA: This could be it! Overdrive by Lock!
JHA: Yes!
JFA: 1….2….No! Kick out by Morpheus! Morpheus kicked out of the overdrive and Lock cannot believe it. I don’t think anyone can! Lock is pissed!
JHA: This man is insane!
Cliffy: Ah **** you two. I hope you both die of the cancer I want to be smoking.

Lock obviously frustrated looks around and then pulls Morpheus to his feet and looks over his shoulder at the referee. He goes to whip Morpheus to the corner but turns around and throws him into the referee who is caught in the corner between the turnbuckles and Morpheus. The referee collapses and Morpheus turns around only to be met but a clothes line from the Lock. Lock then turns to the locker room and starts waving for someone to come out.

JFA: What is Lock doing not?
JHA: I don’t know. I am not his match planner.
JFA: Lock blatantly choking Morpheus now as he waves for someone to come out.

After a few moments Sir Auros runs from the back carrying a cloth and a small brown bottle. He reaches the ring and hands it too Lock who opens the bottle and pours it on the cloth. He tosses the bottle back to Auros with the cap on and puts the cloth over Morpheus’ face and holds it there as he struggles and eventually stops, laying limp. Lock tosses the cloth to Auros who quickly makes his way to the back.

JFA: Ether! Lock just used Ether on Morpheus!
JHA: It’s brilliant! How ironic!
JFA: And now Lock is waking the referee up, and now he’s applied Bad Dreams to Morpheus! This is sick.
JHA: OH this is amazing! Morpheus is going to be part of Murder Inc!
JFA: The referee checking now.

The referee lifts and drops Morpheus arm three times and signals for the bell. Murder Incorporated starts playing again as Lock stands over the anesthesia induced body.

JFA: What a tainted victory. That was heinous.
JHA: That was a hard fought victory, Morpheus just couldn’t stay awake.
JFA: That was atrocious.

*There is a pause of silence as both the J’s realize that the time has come for them to sign off*

JHA: That’s it isn’t it?
JFA: It is…folks, that’s our final match here in the AWF. J & I are heading for retirement and happy days involving loads of free time, sitting on the beaches! Mr. Reilly gave us a section of time here…to say whatever we wanted. I just wanted to thank him for that, and I wanted to thank the guys in the back for all the wonderful memories they have provided us with…but mostly, I wanted to thank each and every one of you. Without you, the AWF would not exist. I’ll miss bringing you these matches each and every week. J?
JHA: Well, you’re the better speaker of the two of us…I’ll just say ‘what he said.’ Thanks to each and everyone of you…especially that saucy little number that met me at the pub last night!
JFA: So long folks!

*A tribute package rolls, celebrating the colorful careers of JFA & JHA over the past 3 and a half years with the AWF.*

Joey Styles: Words certainly cannot fully describe what those two mean to us. If ever anyone deserved and earned their retirements, it is those two individuals. I hope they find nothing but peace and relaxing and prosperity in all their endeavors.

*The camera fades from Styles to replay the “Out of Control” video, highlighting the vicious feud between Stone Cold Skywarp and Erik Summers.

AWF Press Office
2005-04-10, 08:07 PM
Unsanctioned Street Fight:
Erik Summers v. Stone Cold Skywarp

Joey: (still emotional from seeing the J’s off) Well folks, words cannot describe the anticipation in this building…the first half of our double main event here at Archivemania IV.

Glass Shatters

Joey: And here comes the Rattlesnake…

Yeah, you've been living on the edge of a broken dream.
Yeah, that's the only thing you'll ever take away from me.

I'm never gonna stop,
I'm never gonna drop,
Ain't no different than it was before

Cliffy: *Takes a long drag* Well losers, this is the first half of our main event and it is an Unsanctioned Street Fight…which for those of you more cognitively challenged out there in the crowd means that there are no rules really…pretty much anything goes, so it should be a nice, violent affair. From Carlisle, England…Stone Cold Skywarp!

Joey: A look of pure determination as Stone Cold Skywarp makes his way to the ring.

*Stone Cold makes his way to the ring, dressed in his traditional black garb, with black boots, donning a new Skywarp 3:16 vest, carrying a beer into the ring.*

Flec: What? He can’t carry a beer into the ring!

Joey: Last I checked, this was unsanctioned…

*In the ring, Stone Cold salutes the crowd, two middle fingers hoisted up in the air. He finishes his beer and tears his vest off, backing into the corner, waiting for his opponent.*

Cliffy: And the guy he gets to fight…

*Suddenly, the lights go out in Old Trafford and a choir is heard*

We fall, we fall
We fall, we fall
We fall, we fall
We fall, we fall

The harder they come
The harder they fall
The quicker they come
The quicker they crawl
Dead celeb's comin' back
With this brand new track
Here's another taste
Come on swing your battleaxe

Cliffy: Making his way to the ring, hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota…accompanied by Atticus…here is Erik … ‘don’t call him The Game or he’ll tear your lips off’ Summers!

*Summers appears under the Archivetron with Atticus by his side. Atticus has a look of concern on her face, Summers says something to her as if to reassure her and he makes his way towards the ring as she returns to the back. Summers heads to the ring wearing his black tights with green lettering, black boots with silver trim. Summers is sporting a black leather coat, with a t-shirt underneath that says “Manchester United” with the words ‘sucks it’ written in black magic marker. Summers enters the ring, pulls his coat off and proudly displays his altered t-shirt.*

Flec: Looks like there is a little bit of DN left in Mr. Summers after all!

Joey: If by that you mean, he’s showing their more tasteless side, well you’d be correct.

*The crowd grows even more hostile towards Summers at the sight of the shirt, Stone Cold refused to wait any longer and attacks the artist formerly known as the Game.*

Flec: HEY! The bell hasn’t sounded! WHAT IS HE DOING?

Joey: Unsanctioned, remember? The Rattlesnake out in full on fury, those trademarked, piston like punches, backing Summers into the corner. Stone Cold with the two handed hello to Summers, before proceeding to put the boots to him. AND HERE COMES THE MUDHOLE STOMPING!!!

Flec: OH! Not the face! Mr. Summers face is much too pretty to have a mud hole stomped in it! Poor Atticus! She’s also much to pretty to be seen with a guy who’s pretty face has a mud hole stomped in it!

Joey: At least you aren’t lamenting the fact that Summers, clearly concerned about her safety, doesn’t have her out here with him.

Flec: I’m too busy worrying about Mr. Summers’ face!

Joey: Stone Cold backing up now, charging in hard and a knee to the head. Summers, who has had a history of neck problems, has his neck snap back violently. SC now pulling Summers up and driving The Sinister One back down with a short clothesline. SC off the ropes, driving the elbow down hard into the black heart of Erik Summers.

Flec: Black heart? Mr. Summers has a heart of pure gold! Haven’t you ever seen how he dotes on Atticus?

Joey: I’m sure he’s quite generous to those people who are as twisted as he is. I’m sure he’s quite the giver with his little Jezebel. Stone Cold now, pulling Summers up, whipping him hard into the ropes, and sending Summers down with the kitchen sink…knee right to the gut!

Flec: This is insane! Someone needs to stop Stone Cold…WHERE’S MR. O’CON?!?

Joey: He won’t be out here Flec, remember…Summers vowed that HBK would stay in the back, not that I believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. Stone Cold looking to take this to the outside, hoists Summers up and dumps him on the floor, then follows right behind.

Flec: He can’t treat Mr. Summers like this!

Joey: It looks like he is. Stone Cold now, setting up a suplex, and sends Summers crashing down hard into the floor. So far, it has been ALL Stone Cold Skywarp in this match. The referee on the outside, remember this is an Unsanctioned Street Fight, the ref is only there to declare a winner, whether it be pinfall, submission or knock out. Summers now trying to pull himself up with the guardrail Stone Cold on his way over to confront Summers…LOW BLOW! Summers counters with a mule kick, and Stone Cold clearly in pain as Summers has turned the tide.

Flec: The great equalizer…brilliant strategy by Mr. Summers.

Joey: Do you have to constantly suck up to him and HBK?

Flec: Why wouldn’t I Styles, after all…they are ‘better than you!’

Joey: I don’t even know why I bother to try to engage you in any type of meaningful conversation…EVER. Summers now asking Cliffjumper to borrow his chair…for some reason Cliffy gives it up…Summers waiting on SC…SC up…staggering to face Summers and…CRACKED DOWN HARD…chair right to the face. And Summers, as if nothing had happened, hands the chair back to Cliffy and thanks him, yeah…you’re a real class act Summers.

Flec: What? He asked nicely…AND he said thank you!

Joey: I don’t understand how you can be such an apologist for a man who stabbed the fans in the back…who broke the hearts of millions of AWF fans around the world.

Flec: Like they didn’t deserve it…

Joey: You disgust me almost as much as he does…he’s a degenerate…he’s an ego-maniac and he’s a self-centered, jerk. Now the self proclaimed “Harbinger of Havok” pulling SC up…only to send him face first into our friends at the Japanese Announcer’s Table. It appears that SC is starting to bleed and that Summers is just trying to make the blood flow a little more.

Flec: See? Always there to lend a hand.

*The thud of Stone Cold’s head hitting the table is heard over the audio*

Flec: Or…something else…the point is he’s trying to help out.

Joey: Right…Summers with a third and a fourth slamming of the head of Stone Cold. Stone Cold woozy, Summers grabbing the knee…SUMMERS GOING AFTER A KNEE…

Flec: Not just any knee…
Joey: No, of course not…the very knee that he injured back at Archivemania I. This sick son of …

Flec: Language…

Joey: Well, I’m sorry…but he is. He’s depraved! Summers with a knee breaker, lifting Stone Cold up and driving his knee hard into the floor, before sending him face first into the ring post. Summers now collecting Stone Cold and tossing him back into the ring.

*Summers shoots an evil grin towards the crowd and shakes his head, as if clearing the remaining cobwebs from Stone Cold’s earlier beating. Summers the grabs the injured knee and proceeds to wrap it several times around the ring post. Then, he shows an even move vicious grin.*

Joey: Stone Cold now, clearly in pain.

Flec: He’s about to be in a whole bunch more…

Joey: Indeed…don’t…not this…Summers with a new chair in hard…winding up…AND MY GAAAAAAAAAHD! Summers driving that chair into the knee of Stone Cold, propped up against the ring post with such velocity that he appears to have actually bent the chair!

Flec: What a poorly made chair…


Flec: Quality control Styles…HEY! I LOVE THIS MOVE!

Joey: And as if that wasn’t enough, Summers locking in the figure four around the ring post! Stone Cold writhing in pain. Ref sliding in to ask him if he wants…TO SUBMIT? THIS ISN’T EVEN A LEGAL HOLD!

Flec: (in a mocking Joey Styles type voice) ‘It’s unsanctioned…’

Joey: Damn him…he’s going to break that leg…bust that knee…Summers just wants to end one of the greatest careers in AWF history…all to appease that enormous ego of his. But Stone Cold will not concede! HE WILL NOT! SC grabbing the referee by the shirt…clearly in pain…he’s going to have to tap…there’s no other…WHAT THE?!?


Joey: Stone Cold…rather than submit…just punched the referee with everything he had! Referee Noah Ordak, who already had a difficult task here, has been knocked out of the ring and out of consciousness by Stone Cold. Summers turning his head in complete shock to see the referee land just a few feet from him!

Flec: How…what…how…what?

Joey: Summers with no other recourse but to break the hold, obviously no referee, no submission. Summers releases the hold and slides back into the ring, complete with his bent, twisted chair in hand. Summers clearly irate that his fiendish plot to win this thing was not successful as he drives that chair right into the knee cap, of the already injured Stone Cold Skywarp.

*Summers takes a moment to jaw at a fan who is sitting at ringside, before spitting at him.*

Joey: Oh year…he’s a class act.

*Using the ropes to take the weight off his badly injured knee, Stone Cold pulls himself up while Summers is distracted momentarily. He lunges out as Summers turns.*

Joey: Warp to his feet…STUNNER! A Stone Cold Stunner…out of NOWHERE! Warp crumples to the mat after delivering the maneuver clutching his knee, while Summers impacts with the mat, and flops 360 degrees, landing nearly six feet away from Stone Cold! WHAT AN IMPACT ON THAT STUNNER.

*Both wrestlers are down in the ring, with the referee out still on the outside. Stone Cold makes a long crawl over to Summers and pulls him over, putting his back to the mat. He goes for a cover.*

Joey: We need a damn referee…Stone Cold could win this…HE SHOULD BE WINNING RIGHT NOW!

*From the back, Mike McClintock, head referee of the AWF comes sprinting to the ring.*

Flec: OH NO!

Joey: Finally…1…2…th…


Joey: SUMMERS KICKS OUT! Summers, though just barely…able to kick out after that enormous Stunner. Just too much time it appears. Stone Cold looking at the lights…clearly in shock himself, especially to have hit that move and come so close after Summers basically eliminated that knee! Stone Cold now yanking himself up, using the ropes.

Flec: He’s just lucky Summers didn’t get a chance to trash the other knee yet…but he will! Stone Cold now, supporting most of his weight on his healthy knee.

Joey: Watching these two go at it now, it is almost impossible to believe that they were once two-thirds of the Triumvirate.

Flec: Don’t you mean 'The Three Man Ego Trip' as they were more commonly known...

Joey: Yeah…cause Summers’ ego has tamed so much since then…Stone Cold going for another Stunner…but Summers able to escape that, spins SC around, drives a boot to the midsection…PEDIGREE!

Flec: YES
Joey: Out of nowhere, Summers pulls out an old classic, the Pedigree. This one should be all over here. Summers still quite disorientated though it appears…finally with the cover…1…2…thr…


Joey: …

Flec: I have got to get out of this country…

Joey: Stone Cold able to get that shoulder up and now it is Erik Summers who has the shocked look on his face once again.

Flec: Can you blame him? HOW IS THIS MATCH NOT OVER YET?!?

Joey: Because Stone Cold has a lot of heart…a tremendous will and more determination that you could possibly understand. Summers so frustrated that he punches the ring, before chucking Stone Cold to the outside. Summers following behind, sets drives Stone Cold face first into the ring post, reopening that wound, before placing him atop the Japanese Announcers table. Summers, back in the ring…what is he thinking here.

Flec: I don’t know…but I don’t like it one bit.

Joey: Summers looks out at the crowd, gives them a shrug…DIVING HEADBUTT COMING…

Flec: Why does he do these things…think of poor Atticus!




Flec: I …

Joey: Look at the carnage!

Flec: I…

Joey: Summers isn’t moving…he’s laying face down, limp as blood starts to pool up from a massive gash across his forehead from the impact of the table. Stone Cold laying next to the debris, trying to collect himself AND get some feeling back in that knee.


Joey: I understand that fully…but we’ve already seen him move.

Flec: We did?

Joey: Yes…

Flec: Oh…

Joey: He moved for a moment, then pretty much just went limp out there on the floor and if you were to look right now, you’d see that he managed to roll onto his back.

Flec: Right…gotcha…sorry.

Joey: Stone Cold now getting to his feet, limping badly…though that is to be expected after the attack by the Ga…


Joey: Whatever, I’m not president of his fan club like you…Stone Cold now, looking for something under the … oh my…dear…God…


Joey: Stone Cold, pulling out a wooden baseball bat…that is wrapped in barb wire!

Flec: I’m sure he just has all kinds of warm and fuzzy intentions with that monstrosity, now DOESN’T HE?

Joey: It has been several minutes and Summers still has not been able to get to his feet. Mike McClintock down there checking on Summers, who appears to be talking to the referee, but not willing to call this match. Summers now starting to pull himself up.

Flec: I think he should just stay down.

Joey: Skywarp, weapon in hand…SLAMS IT INTO THE BACK! MY GOD! That bb bat, wrapped in cold, unforgiving barb wire, just slammed and ripping into the back of the self proclaimed Icon of the AWF.

*Over the audio, Summers can be heard screaming as the camera draws in as Stone Cold drives the bat into the back again, this time close to Summers’ surgically repaired neck, sending Summers hard to the floor, clutching his neck in pain.*

Joey: There is no remorse between these two men, no mercy, and no possibility that either one will ever trust the other again. All that remains between them, is hatred. Pure, evil, bad intentioned hatred.

Flec: Yeah…in the form of sick ball bat!

Joey: Stone Cold again…THIS TIME THE BAT SHATTERS ON IMPACT! Summers had been trying to rise, just sent crumpling back down hard to the floor on that impact. Summers is now bleeding both from his face and his back. Stone Cold’s wound on his face has opened up, as he wipes blood from his eyes. Pulling Summers up the best he can, Stone Cold shoves him back in the ring and follows suit, still heavily favoring that knee.

Flec: I can’t even believe this is happening.

Joey: SC pulling the battered Summers to his feet, right fist to the face and Summers crumples back down. Almost as if his body had turned to jello. Stone Cold pulling him up again, driving his boot into the gut, STUNNER! A STUNNER SENDS SUMMERS FLIPPING TO THE OUTSIDE, but in the ring, Stone Cold is clutching that knee!

Flec: He deserves that…driving an injured knee into a man’s stomach? Brilliant!

Joey: Stone Cold, clutching that knee…trying to get to the outside to make a cover on Summers. Such a long way out…that is the best thing that could have happened to Summers.

Flec: Yeah…cause I’m sure getting hit by a stunner so hard you flip over the ropes to the floor is such a ‘win-win’ situation.

Joey: Stone Cold finally to the outside, calling for Mike McClintock who slides under the ropes to the outside. Cover…should be over here…1…2..and…NO!



Flec: I’d say it’s his natural skill…his stamina…his …

Joey: What is wrong with you? Summers kicked out. Stone Cold now, sitting on the floor, clutching his forehead, as if saying: “what do I have to do?”

Flec: He should just tap out and be done with it, nothing good could come of him continuing this match.

Joey: I’m fairly certain that won’t happen. Stone Cold now clearly plotting his next move, pulling himself up in spite of the badly injured leg. At some point, I’d dare say Summers is going to have to start concerning himself with blood loss.

Flec: Nah, he’ll just get a transfusion after the match…

Joey: You speak as though you know this as fact.

Flec: WHAT? Haven’t you ever seen him backstage after a War Games match? The guy has more O Positive stashed away than an overweight vampire…


Flec: No you retard, I know that O Positive is the type of blood that you can give to anyone…

Joey: Oh…well yeah. Stone Cold pulling up the bloodied Erik Summers, double Stone Cold salute, Stunner coming…boot…BLOCKED!

Flec: YES!

Joey: Summers catching the boot, spinning Stone Cold around…GAME OVER! Summers hitting a huge Game Over there…and rolling onto his back, taking a moment to collect his thought…and a kip up! Summers now lining up Stone Cold…and I guess we know what is coming here…don’t we?

Flec: Yeah, only the most electrifying move in sports entertainments Styles.

*Summers kicks Stone Colds arm, pulls off his elbow pad and slams it down hard into the chest of Stone Cold, then bounds to one rope, runs, leaps over SC, bounds off the other…then as he approaches Stone Cold pauses for a moment, mocking Stone Cold’s mannerisms, before dropping down the People’s Elbow.*

Joey: And as expected, the People’s Elbow…almost done to spite this crowd. Cover here…this should be all over…1…2…and NO! STONE COLD KICKED OUT!


Joey: When there is this much hatred fueling a rivalry, I would dare say that I have no idea. We have seen Erik Summers involved in the main event at all three Archivemania’s in some brutal matches. At Archivemania it was Stone Cold, at AM II it was that brutal Unsanctioned match against TC and last year at AM III it was 2 of 3 falls match against HBK, Mr. Summers has won them all. He’s perfect at Archivemania in what have all been brutal matches…but I’d dare say none have been like this.

Flec: I can’t even see Mr. Summers’ face from the blood…all I see are two blue eyes peering out of that crimson mask.

Joey: Stone Cold isn’t in much better shape. Summers now…backed into the corner…and he’s tuning up the band.

Flec: It’s over!

Joey: Waiting…waiting for Stone Cold to rise…the Rattlesnake making his slow crawl up, unwilling to stay down…and here comes…Sweet Chin Music coming…BLOCKED!

Flec: NO!

Joey: Blocked into a STUNNER! Stone Cold just stunned the man formerly known as the Game right out of the ring and Stone Cold himself slumps back down into the corner.

Flec: This can’t be happening.

Joey: The only reason this match is even still going I believe, is because Summers flopped to the outside. I don’t know that I have ever seen anyone hit with a stunner with the velocity that Summers has received them tonight. However, Stone Cold, showing the fatigue, unable to react, unable to capitalize and go after his foe.

*After several moments of loud cheering, the crowd begins to die down. Stone Cold pulls himself up and prepares to go after Summers, who has made his way under the ring.*

Joey: Summers moving…finally, but what is he doing under the ring?

Flec: Probably looking for a self transfusion kit…

Joey: Stone Cold limping badly to the outside…pulling on Summers who tosses powder into Stone Cold’s face. Meanwhile there is a fan at ringside, wearing a baggy sweatshirt with the hood pulled over their face making quite a commotion.

*Suddenly the fan pulls out a sledgehammer, concealed in their baggy running outfit.*

Flec: That’s no fan you mook…that’s Mr. Summers’ girl Atticus! And it looks like she had herself a change of clothing to conceal that ever nasty extension of Mr. Summers’ manhood.

Joey: That vile Jezebel…tearing the hood off and indeed it is her…all smiles.

Flec: Well, technically Mr. Summers said he didn’t want Atticus at ring side and she isn’t. AND he did say that he wouldn’t bring the sledge hammer down to the ring…and HE didn’t.

Joey: No…he just had his little tramp bring it down for him.

Flec: 1: You can’t call the lovely Ms. Atticus a tramp, you simpleton. 2: All Mr. Summers said was that he, himself, would not bring the sledge down…he never said anything about Atticus bringing it through the crowd and handing it to him.

Joey: Summers with the sledge in hand…driving it hard into that injured knee of Stone Cold. Now, winding up…he can’t do this…HE CAN’T DO THIS! A SECOND SHOT! The sledge driven hard down into the knee again! And that…sick-o loves every minute of this and so does his and so does his sidekick.

Flec: She’s not a sidekick!

Joey: Does it matter what she is? She’s just as twisted as Summers is. Summers now chucking the sledge hammer down on the ground…taking a moment to rest, clearly exhausted, clearly battered…setting up…

Flec: HA!

Joey: The sharpshooter! Stone Cold SCREAMING out in pain…Summers screaming at him to tap out…both men have gone through so much pain during the last 45 minutes here, I don’t know how much more they could take. Mike McClintock asking Stone Cold if he wants to give it up…Stone Cold giving him the finger.

Flec: Defiant to the end…moron.
Joey: Stone Cold fighting the Sharpshooter…outside the ring…nothing to break the hold and he’s trying to push himself up, trying to reverse it, but with every ounce of strength Summers has left, he merely tightens the grip.

*Stone Cold’s screams begin to fade out and his movements become less deliberate and less violent. Summers can be heard screaming with an exhausted voice ‘Tap!’*

Joey: Head referee McClintock still checking in…Stone Cold starting to fade out, Summers pulling back with everything he has…Stone Cold fading…fading…FADING…

Flec: He’s out!

Joey: Referee checking…and calling for the bell! Stone Cold is indeed out! Summers immediately collapses himself. Stone Cold refusing to tap out to the sharpshooter, passing out from the pain of the hold…the pain to his knee from multiple heinous attacks and probably from some of the blood he lost. Summers for his part can’t even stand.

Flec: I’m sure Atticus will be able to get him up.

Joey: …


Joey: Stone Cold showing so much courage, he simply would not quit…he would not give up and in the end the pain was just too much for him.

Flec: Would you stop going on about the high and mighty Stone Cold Skywarp? He still lost! Sing the praises of Mr. Summers!

Joey: I don’t think either man looks like much of a winner right now…both of these guys just lucky to have survived this. Atticus now over to help ‘her boy’ out…as if she didn’t do enough to help earlier.

Flec: (singing) Stand by your man…

Joey: Will you stop? Atticus helping Summers up…who doesn’t really look like he’s all there at the moment. Head referee McClintock checking out Stone Cold Skywarp. Summers getting the victory and heading to the back…now HBK comes limping out to ringside, to help collect his comrade.

Flec: What a great friend Mr. O’Con is.

Joey: Even Mr. O’Con looks at bit shocked at the bloody pulp that his buddy has been beaten into.

Flec: Who won the match Styles?

Joey: *ignoring the question* The EMT’s out for Stone Cold…now, trying to get him on the stretcher, Stone Cold refusing to go on. One EMT pleading with him, only to get shoved out of the way. Mike McClintock pleading with him…and it looks as though Stone Cold will allow the referee to help him out, if only to prevent any further damage to that knee…and listen to this crowd!
Flec: These idiots are giving him a standing ovation? WHAT ABOUT SUMMERS?

Joey: As much as I hate to say it, he deserves one as well…but the fans are giving it to Stone Cold. Stone Cold gaining wrestling immortality here as every person here in Old Trafford are on their feet cheering on the Rattlesnake. Stone Cold pausing under the Archivetron, turning back to salute the still cheering crowd. Through the pain of the match and the anguish of defeat, Stone Cold remains true to who he is and shows his appreciation to these adoring fans.

Flec: Ingrates…MORONS!

Joey: Oh shut up…Stone Cold, one last salute before heading all the way to the back!

*The shot tails off to highlight the feud between Viewfind and TC*

Mayhem: November 22, 2004

VF: Yo…what we all doing sitting around like this?

Tempest: I don’t know boss…you guys certainly weren’t out to help me with my match.

Divebomb: Or keep P? from getting a concussion.

Ravage: Yeah…and where in the hell is Mat Man? Bitch hasn’t done my taxes or my investment account.

The other men stop and look silently at Rav for a moment.

Ravage: (quietly) I’m just saying I’m not getting the most on my returns like he promised…

VF: SHUT UP FOOLS! What the hell, this ain’t no GPA I founded!

TC: *Skoffs* That’s the damn truth!

VF: Yo…what the hell is that Cracker doin’ in here? Someone get him out of my locker room for I bust a cap in his ass! We got bidness to discuss!

Tempest: You mean like the War Games? Or maybe why we haven’t been running this place into the ground?

TC: Seems to me like you’ve let a lot of things slide View…A LOT OF THINGS…

VF: Really? Cracker…when I want you’re punk ass opinion…I’ll give it to you! Now get the hell out of my locker room, this is for GPA only…

Rav: See…that’s the thing…

Divebomb: We think TC should jump in with us…bro has a ton of wicked experience in the War Games.

VF: Are you f***ing with me? We got our 5!

Tempest: Yeah? And if P? can’t make it back? Mat man hasn’t exactly been there…and what have you done about it?

VF: I’ve handled it…Mat’s just working out some injury issues and P? will be fine…now damn it, I’m the founder of this…I’m the leader…

Ravage: Actually…

*Suddenly TC levels VF from behind with a chair. Tempest picks the GPA leader and powerbombs him hard on the concrete, BDR, TC and Tempist begin to kick away at him as AWF security floods backstage. Mr. Reilly shows up smiling ear to ear.

TC: We talking it over ‘brutha’ and…I’m the leader now…got ourselves a sweet deal out of it too…me and Ravage have a world title to compete for right now…and you have a hospital visit…loser!

War Games: December 14, 2004

Joey: Viewfind, former AWF Champion…FORMER GPA leader…and now a member of Team DN and he enters the cage, crosses the first ring and goes into the second ring, TC backing himself into a corner, not sure which man will strike first…and NO QUESTION, VIEWFIND on the attack!

JFA: Flying through the air, Viewfind all fists and fury on TC, hammering the two men outside to the floor! Now ramming TC face first into the cage, TC’s head snapping back…

Later that match

Joey: VF over to attack TC, but TC was playing! TC with a chair, tosses to VF and nails the Lifetime Enlightenment!

*The package shows several highlights in rapid succession from the rest of the War Games match and then the Royal Rumble, finally pausing on a split screen of the two.*

AWF World Heavyweight Championship:
TC (c) vs. Viewfind

Joey: “And it all comes down to this, the second part of our main event. This match has been along time coming and we all know that this is not just about a title. These two men hate each other. Ever since TC took control of the GPA they have been at each others throats.”
Flec: “Are you still talking about that? That water under the bridge and nobody cares about that anymore.”
Joey: “Well you may not care about that anymore but I am sure that if you ask Viewfind that he would have something else to say about it. I mean come on, TC disrespected Viewfind in the worst way.”
Flec: “Oh really.”
Joey: “Yeah, he tried to take Viewfind’s identity. He tried to take the GPA away from him and I have a feeling that tonight Viewfind is going to show TC just how much it pissed him off.”
Flec: “We’ll see.”
Joey: “Well it looks like the competitors are ready so let’s go down to Cliffjumper for the official announcements.”

CJ: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF World Championship. Introducing first, the challenger from Philadelphia, PA……..VIEWFIND!”

The familiar sounds of DMX begin to blast throughout the arena as the stage begins to fill with smoke as Viewfind makes his way out of the back. The crowd gets to its feet and begins to cheer wildly as Viewfind stops at the top of the stage. He gives them a short pose then continues down to the ring.

Joey: “Viewfind looks to be in good spirits here as he makes his way into the ring.”
Flec: “Yeah but I don’t know why. We all know that TC is going to win.”
Joey: “Well you seem to think that, but the rest of us are cheering for Viewfind.”
Flec: “Know, I know TC is going to win, but you can all cheer for him if you want too. But it’s a waste of time.”
Joey: “Whatever.”

Viewfind climbs into the ring and poses for the crowd one more time as his music fades out and is taken over by the sounds of Slayer. The moment this happens the look on Viewfind’s face changes from a smile to a look of pure hatred.

CJ: “And introducing his opponent. The Champion, from Chicago, Illinois……TC!”

TC makes hi way to the top of the stage as the crowd’s reaction violently changes into a chorus of boos that would make most men cringe. TC does not however. He does not bother posing as his gaze has been caught by the gaze of Viewfind down in the ring. The two men have a short stare down until TC finally snaps out of it and continues down to the ring.

Joey: “Oh you can feel the hatred already and TC hasn’t even gotten into the ring.”
Flec: “Well I hope TC dismantles Viewfind tonight.”

TC climbs into the ring and poses with his belt. The crowd lets him hear it some more then he hands the belt to referee Mike McClintock. McClintock shows the belt to Viewfind, how basically ignores it, then shows the crowd. The bell rings and quickly TC and Viewfind go face to face in the center of the ring.

Joey: “Finally after all this time we have a face to face between TC and Viewfind.”
Flec: “Oh TC is going to hurt him tonight.”
Joey: “Maybe, but I think Viewfind will do some damage to TC as well.”

The two men begin to trash talk each other as the crowd begins to cheer again. Suddenly TC reaches out and slaps Viewfind across the face. Viewfind takes a step back and holds the side of his face for a moment then lunges at the champ and nails him with a stiff punch. Viewfind continues to fire punches at the champ forcing him back into the corner then without hesitation he whips him across the ring and follows TC in with a clothesline. TC drops to the mat and Viewfind begins to stomp on him. After a moment McClintock steps in and breaks it up. Viewfind tells the crowd to make some noise as TC rolls out of the ring to collect himself.

Joey: “Wow, what a great start here for Viewfind. Not only did he take control of the match but he’s got the crowd going as well and I think he’s feeding off it.”
Flec: “Ah what does the crowd know anyways. TC is just letting Viewfind think he’s in control. Yeah that’s it.”
Joey: “Oh you sound so convincing. TC still on the outside here and it looks like he’s a bit confused.”
Flec: “No, no. I already said he’s trying to make Viewfind think he’s in control. Don’t you listen to me.”
Joey: “I try not too.”

A few moments later TC carefully rolls into the ring. He backs into a corner and gives Viewfind a look then gets to his feet. Viewfind charges in but before he can do anything TC reaches up and gives him a thumb to the eye. The crowd quickly boos this action as Viewfind reels back holding his face as McClintock reprimands him for what he just did. TC shrugs it off and forces his way past McClintock and quickly forces Viewfind into the corner with a series of kicks. With Viewfind backed into the corner and still not able to see straight TC unloads on him with a series of shoulder thrusts.

Joey: “Oh and after that cheap move TC has managed to completely take the momentum in this match. Now with a few shoulder thrusts…and there’s the backflip followed by another shoulder thrust.”
Flec: “Cheap, what do you mean cheap?”
Joey: “It was cheap. It was a thumb to the eye.”
Flec: “That’s not cheap. That’s smart.”
Joey: “Oh whatever. If Viewfind had done it you would have been telling McClintock to disqualify him.”
Flec: “Yeah so, What are you trying to say?”
Joey: “You know talking to you makes my head hurt.”

After the last shoulder thrust Viewfind collapses out of the corner and falls face first to the mat. TC gives the crowd a little taunt evoking a few more boos and a chant of “TC Sucks” then goes back after the fallen Viewfind. He drags him to his feet and slams him to the mat with a T-Bone suplex and goes for the cover.

Joey: “TC with a quick cover but Viewfind able to kick out at the count of two.”
Flec: “You almost had him TC, just keep on him.”
Joey: “You do realize that he can’t hear you right.”
Flec: “Well, umm. Shut up Styles.”
Joey: “That’s what I thought. TC not wasting any time here as he drags Viewfind back to his feet and whips him into the ropes…Oh and catching him with a spinebuster. TC going for another cover…..And Viewfind able to kickout again. TC showing some great offence here and now locking in a camel clutch.”
Flec: “That a boy TC. I am telling you right now Styles, Viewfind is going to tap out right here. He can’t take anymore.”
Joey: “Ok Flec, but you do realize that Viewfind was a World champ before right, so he does know how to take punishment.”
Flec: “Yeah but TC is the man, he won the rumble. He beat all other to keep his title and there is no way that Viewfind can match that.”

TC sits down on the move as Viewfind lets out a cry of pain. McClintock quickly moves in to check on the challenger but Viewfind refuses to quit. TC reefs back on Viewfind's head applying more pressure but still Viewfind refuses to quit. A few moments later Viewfind’s eyes closes and his cries stop. Quickly McClintock checks on him and goes to make the count.

Joey: “And it looks like Viewfind has passed out here. McClintock raising the arm…and it falls for one.”
Flec: “That’s it, only two more TC.”
Joey: “Raises it again….and it falls for two. McClintock raising it for maybe the last time.”
Flec: “This is it. TC is going to win right here.”
Joey: “And…..NO! Viewfind still has some life left as he breaks the count.”
Flec: “NOOOOO! It was almost over.”
Joey: “But not yet. Viewfind shaking here and the crowd is loving it.”
Flec: “Why can’t they just shut up?”
Joey: “Because they don’t have too.”

Viewfind continues to fight as he gets to his knees. TC shaking his head no as Viewfind continues to get up. After a few moments Viewfind manages to make it to his feet and quickly reaches back and grabs TC by the head and in one swift motion Viewfind turns and drops connecting with a jaw breaker. TC reels back towards the ropes as Viewfind gets back up and charges at TC with a clothesline taking both men over the top ropes and toppling to the floor on the outside.

Joey: “A good counter there by Viewfind but now both men are down and on the outside and if they both get counted out then Viewfind can’t win the title.”
Flec: “Good, he doesn’t deserve it.”
Joey: “Sure, but I am sure that is not what Viewfind wanted.”

The two men slowly start getting to their feet with Viewfind showing major signs of pain in his back and neck. TC is the first man to get to his feet and quickly goes back after Viewfind. He connects with a few punches to the side of Viewfind’s head then tries to Irish whip him into the steps, but Viewfind, having scouted that well, manages to reverse it and sends TC crashing into and toppling over the steps. TC lands hard on the other side and Viewfind quickly rolls in and out of the ring breaking McClintock’s count. Viewfind takes a moment to collect himself then walks around the corner and sees TC on the ground holding his knee.

Joey: “Finally, Viewfind using TC’s own dirty tactics against him.”
Flec: “What do you mean finally. He should be disqualified.”
Joey: “Viewfind dragging TC to his feet now and slamming TC face first into the apron and now with a snake eyes on the guard rail.”
Flec: “That’s it, I am going to tell the ref to DQ him.”
Joey: “Sit Down! You know you aren’t going to do that.”
Flec: “I hate you.”
Joey: “I hate you too now watch the damn match.”

Viewfind quickly nails the reeling TC with a kick to the gut and then drives him head first into the floor with a DDT before breaking McClintock’s count, which had reached 8, again. The crowd breaks out into a “View-Find” chant as Viewfind drags TC to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. Viewfind climbs back into the ring and drags TC to his feet. He whips him into the corner and then connects with a running clothesline. With TC slumped over in the corner Viewfind gives the crowd a little poses then sends TC flying out of the corner with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Viewfind climbs to the second rope and jumps off connecting with an elbow drop then makes the cover.

Joey: “Viewfind in control here and making the cover…..No TC kicks out at two.”
Flec: “Thank god. What would this place be like with Viewfind as the champ?”
Joey: “I think it would be a lot of fun.”
Flec: “You would.”

Viewfind looks at McClintock with a bit of a surprised expression on his face but then snaps out of it and goes back after TC. He picks TC back up and connects with a backbreaker then starts to climb the turnbuckle. He gets to the top and sets himself up then poses for the crowd as TC slowly starts to get back to his feet.

Joey: “Viewfind on the top ropes now and it looks like he’s waiting for TC to get up.”
Flec: “Stupid move. If he really wanted to win he wouldn’t be giving TC this much time.”
Joey: “Maybe but what do you think he’s got planned?”
Flec: “I don’t know, but as I already said it won’t work.”

TC makes it to his feet and hears the crowd cheering. Allowing his instincts to completely take over he drops to the mat just as Viewfind jumps and Viewfind goes sailing right over him and crashes hard to the mat.

Joey: “HOLY COW! TC didn’t even look at Viewfind and he knew he was coming.”
Flec: “It’s because he’s that damn good.”
Joey: “Well for whatever reason, it was very impressive.”

TC gets back to his feet and begins tapping his finger to his head, signifying that he’s intelligent. The crowd takes it personally and starts to boo him as he casually waltzes over to Viewfind and gives him a kick to the ribs then drags him to his feet. He whips him into the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick then hits Viewfind with a spinning leg drop. TC drags Viewfind over to the corner and hits him with a split legged moonsault then makes the cover. 1…2….TH! KICKOUT!

Joey: “Wow that was about 2 and 4/5ths on that one.”
Flec: “Yup and I don’t think TC is going to have to do much more to get the win here tonight.”
Joey: “Maybe not. But he hasn’t gotten the win yet.”

TC, looking a little frustrated by the kick out, Climbs the turnbuckle and waits for Viewfind to get up. Viewfind slowly struggles his way to his feet and turns around just in time to see TC leap off the ropes and drive his boot into his face. Viewfind falls to the mat and TC wastes no time in making the cover.


Joey: “OH MY GOD! I don’t believe it. How did Viewfind manage to kick out of that one. That had to be one of the closest calls I have ever seen. But it looks like it did its damage because Viewfind has been busted open.”
Flec: “It’s almost over.”

TC gets back to his feet looking very angry as he argues with McClintock. After a moment of arguing TC turns around and grabs hold of Viewfind. Before he can do anything however Viewfind drives an elbow into TC’s gut and quickly pulls TC’s legs out from under him. Viewfind gets to his feet and catapults TC into the corner. TC crashes head first into the steel ring post and both men lay battered on the mat.

Joey: “Viewfind with a quick counter and now both men are down in the ring and if I’m not mistaken…..No I not, TC has been busted open by that catapult.”
Flec: “Damn it. That wasn’t supposed to happen.”
Joey: “With both men down here McClintock has no choice but to make the mandatory ten count.”
Flec: “Oh well, if they both stay down TC will keep his title.”

3….Still no movement…
5….Finally Viewfind begins to crawl towards TC…
7….Viewfind gets closer but TC still hasn’t moved…
9…….Just before McClintock can get to ten Viewfind makes one final reach and drapes his hand across TC’s chest.

Joey: “Viewfind managing to make it to TC in time.”
Flec: “NOOO! TC kick out!”
Joey: “ONE!....TWO!....THRE…..KICK OUT! OH MY GOD! TC kicked out. I don’t believe it.”
Flec: “(looking rather shocked)What? Oh thank god.”
Joey: “Can this get any better?”

With TC kicking out Viewfind gets to his knees and looks absolutely shocked. He looks at McClintock but is told that it was two. Viewfind slowly starts to get to his feet as TC finally begins to move. The crowd is going nuts as Viewfind gets to his feet and gives them a short pose before going right after TC. He drags him to his feet and whips him into the ropes. On the rebound Viewfind goes for the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but in mid move TC manages to get his feet around Viewfind’s head and TC takes him down with a head scissors.

Joey: “WOW! TC countering the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker with a head scissors take down. What an impressive move.”
Flec: “That’s TC for you. Now do you see why he’s going to win.”

TC gets to his feet with a look of pure exhaustion on his face but manages to steady himself and signal to the crowd that he’s going to end it.

Joey: “Oh I think TC has had enough here and might be trying to end this match once and for all.”
Flec: “About time. Come on TC take him out.”

With blood running down his face TC begins to stalk his challenger. Viewfind, also soaked in his own blood, starts to slowly get to his feet after that surprising head scissors. The crowd is going nuts as they anticipate what might very well be the end of the match.

Joey: “Viewfind finally up to his feet here and TC spinning him around, going for the Chimaira….NO! Viewfind shoving TC off into the ropes…Coming back……PHILLY PIMP DROP! VIEWFIND WITH THE PHILLY PIMP DROP!”
Flec: “NOOOOOO!”
Joey: “Viewfind making the cover. 1…….2…….3!”
Flec: “NO!”
Joey: “And we have a new champion. Viewfind is our new AWF World Champion. I don’t believe it.”

CJ: “Ladies and Gentlemen….The winner of the match and NEW AWF World Champion….VIEWFIND!”

McClintock grabs the belt and walks over and hands it to Viewfind. Viewfind manages to get to his feet as McClintock raises his arm in victory. The sounds of DMX fill the arena again as Viewfind climbs the turnbuckle and poses with his newly won title.

Flec: How could this happen?
Joey: Because Viewfind was able to reach down and find what he needed. That’s all we have folks. I’d like to wish JFA and JHA well in their pending retirement, on behalf of them, Lisa Lovelace, Keith Kincaid and the lovely Ms. Sixshot and of course all the wrestlers, officials and AWF staff who make this possible, thank you so much for joining us and we’ll see you on Mayhem!

*The Bitter End plays again as stills recapture the key moments of each match of the night, as the song draws to a close, we hold frame on Viewfind hoisting the AWF World Title, then fade to black as the AWF logo flashes onscreen*

2005-04-10, 08:22 PM
OOC: Damn! That was something else...

Nothing is audible, but accomplished lip-readers can see that the to are using a string of obscenities and ‘yo mama’ slams that would make most gangsta rappers pee themselves with shame.

Best line ever.

TC lost? Color me surprised.

IC: You can go ahead and enjoy that victory of yours, Divebomb. But next time you won't be so lucky.

2005-04-10, 08:48 PM
Awesome show. Clearly a lot of effort went into each match and it paid off. 10/14 in my PPV predictions too, which is nice.

Cliffy as the new announcer is rather cool, as is the return of Sixy. But the J's retiring? Boooo! Hissssss!! ;)

I'll do post-PPV smack later, once I can think of something to say.


2005-04-10, 10:31 PM
OOC: The Jays... gone? Noooooooooooooooooo!!

Other than that, I am very happy. Thanks a ton everyone!

I'll post when once I figure out the right way to go about this.

2005-04-11, 03:22 AM
Just when the thought of
Not topping the last show crossed
My mind, you pull this.

Thanks to each one of
The talented staff who all
Kick major league ass

And to who came up
With the idea of Cliffy,
I dub thee Genious!

2005-04-11, 07:27 AM
OOC: Nice show, I enjoyed every match.....and...wow sexy sixy is back as an interviewer!!! Man, this has to be the best AM ever.....and no....not cause I finally have a AM win (hmm so thats 1-2)

JHA: “Reilly pays those guys peanuts. You don’t get professionalism for peanuts.”
JFA: “What do you get? Corruption?”
JHA: “And monkeys. Corrupt monkeys.”

:laugh: man, I liked that line. Props to the guy who wrote that.


*We see D-Ex and Igz hanging out on their locker room. The usual scene occurs as Igz is on his couch sleeping. His AWF tag title is placed on his lap while beside him leans an empty coke bottle. D-Ex is lying on the couch with the belt over his face and a couple of miller lite cans slowly roll down his stomach and fall to the ground.

D-Ex: "...no....NO!!!....ANYTHING BUT THA-"

*D-Extreme violently turns his head back and forth afterwards and flails his arms.


*In Homer Simpson-esque night terror mode, he rolls down off the couch and wakes up. He slowly blinks and notices where he is.

D-Ex: "What in the? Oh it was just a dream."

*He hears a knock on the door and he slowly rises up. He opens the door to see the new interviewer, Sixy.

Sixshot: "We are here backstage with one-half of the serial slackaz, D-Extreme. It has been a while D-Ex, look how much you grew...uhm...horizontally wise."
D-Ex: "Why...thankyou. I do my best to bulk up these days with six packs of beer that is. Anyway, how come your here again?"
Sixshot: "Havent you heard? I'm a new interviewer here."
D-Ex: "..........................................:confused: "
Sixshot: "Nevermind. Anyways, how was it like to win your first Archivemania?"
D-Ex: "I have to be honest and tell ya, it was great! I mean, it was my first archivemania win! I couldnt have won that if it werent for Igz. HEY IGZ!!! WAKE UP!!!"

*We see the camera panning over to Igz. He seems to be still sleeping and mumbling something.

Igz: "*mumbles*..no....dont go matt...its not worth it......:zzz:"
D-Ex: "Oh goodness...:nonono:...night terrors again eh?"

*D-Ex looks back at Sixy and continues.

D-Ex: "Anyways, I said it was great to win. The last two AMs, I lost on my own. It would be good to win those previous two, but if I did, I think this years win would be much better. I mean, its not just the same if I win something without someone to feel the same way I do. Me and Igz feel the same way about this win after we retained our titles so much...that we over indulged ourselves with our sponsored and endorsed drinks. I mean, if I was the only one here...I would be the only one here laying drunk and sleeping...now that would be sad wont it?"
Sixy: "Er....*whispers to camera man*...he's drunk huh?...:glance:...thought so..*looks back at D-Ex* WHY THATS SO INTERESTING! So, any comments on your opponents during your match?"
D-Ex: "Yeah I do. I still can smell your breath Judge Death, and it made me hurl the last time. Good thing you didnt smell that bad like you did last time, so its all good, I got no more beef with you. Judge Death and Baxter battled great tonight, it was too bad it did not come down to the four of us. Murder Inc. you guys were impressive, but it was not impressive enough to handle the might of the ALMIGHTY SLACKAZ!!! Starstorm? UHm....I dont have to waste my time and slurring out childlike insults to a team like them. I mean, it was already a waste of Mr. Reily's time to send them into that match right?"

*The camera man, Sixy and D-Ex nod at the same time

D-Ex: "So, lets move on."
Sixshot: "Do the two of you have any plans on who you will fight for your titles?"
D-Ex: "Well..I dunno right now dude...I'm kinda dizzy right now due to 3 gallons of alcohol inside my stomach and I dont think Igz will be waking up soon so...nice seeing ya."

*D-Ex smiles before he slams the door in the face of Sixshot and the cameraman. He slowly clambers back into his couch and starts to doze off again. In the background, we can see a couple of bunnies stapled together and are hanging on a coat hanger. Whoever left it must be with a big hungry bugg somewhere..... ;)

2005-04-11, 11:58 AM
OOC: Awesome show, guys.

* We see Wolfang walking towards the nurses station. His body is covered with dried blood, splinters of wood, coffee stains and bruises. He has the TV Title in one hand, and the Hardcore Title in the other. He seems slightly unfocused until a nurse grabs his arm.*

Nurse: "Fang... are you alright..."

*Wolfang murmurs something before the nurse shines a torch into his eyes.*


*A group of nurses and orderlies rush over to assist. Wolfang pushes them off. *

Wolfang: "Zarak..."

*Wolfang collapses and is carried to the nursing station by three orderlies.*

Random Sweep
2005-04-11, 12:34 PM
Nice PPV guys, top marks.

Will write something IC when I get back into town tomorrow night.

Amarant Odinson
2005-04-11, 05:16 PM
Backstage: Back in the locker room area, we see some of the wrestlers packing their things. Some have dejected looks on their faces, others have bandages, brusies or packs of ice placed somewhere on the their broken bodies. As we see the room clear out, in the corner, we see one man with a toothless grin on his face, the man that Lisa Loveless and the cameraman were looking for, Amarant Odinson.

LL: Amarant, Big win tonight against Ravage. How do you feel?

AO: I feel good. Because you see Lisa, tonight was a message. A message that was sent to the entire locker room. It time for these people to take notice of who I am. I'm not some punk they can push around. I'm the Best Damn Technical Wrestler in this business and for those of you who don't believe me? Then just ask "Big Daddy Rav" who was calling for his mommy to come and save him after I beat his ass into submission tonight.

LL: Now Ravage said that this wasn't over. What do you think of that?

AO: Fine by me. If he wants another piece of me, then he can go down to my ring and I'll put on wrestling clinic, AGAIN. I'll make him tap out, AGAIN. I'll make him my bitch, AGAIN and I'll beat him within an inch of his life, AGAIN. You see Ravage, you talk a big game. You think that because you're bigger that you're better. I just showed you for the 3rd time that no matter how big and bad you think you are, I'll still MAKE YOU TAP. And that goes for anybody else in the AWF.

LL: So what's next for The Rabid Wolverine?

AO: Well, I want that World Heavyweight title. I know that I won't get another title shot as long as Reilly has something to say about it though. So until then, I'm going to continue to show these fans what wrestling in all about. I'm going to go into that ring, night after night and beat every single superstar into submission. I don't care who you are or who you think you are. If you think you have a chance to go toe to toe with me, if you think you can beat PERFECTION, if you think you can walk out of that ring when I'm done with you, then you know where to find me.

But know this, No one, no matter how big or small, will stand in the way of my dream, of my destiny, of winning the World Heavyweight Title. No one will break my spirit, no one will break my will and just as Ravage found out again tonight.....NO ONE WILL EVER .... PROVE ME WRONG!

2005-04-11, 05:39 PM
*Cloud is shown with Bandages in his midsection while his face does look battered, ther is no signs of it being bleeding, just scars which the eye can barely see. He is wearing his Wolf Skin cloak which covers his arms, no doubt healing with the brutal beating that he took and gave. In his left hand is a small cup, filled with some red liquid. He dips his finger into the cup and crosses out OP's name on it. The blood drips and seems to stop dripping until it reachs Zarak's name. He lets out a small anger sound, wiping it off. He walks away from the list and faces a staute of Odin in his room. He takes the cup and pours it out into the statue of Skadi, the winter goddess.*

CS: Take this damn blood and leave me alone. You have done nothing for me, and shall do nothing.

*He knocks the figure and it falls to the ground shattering into smaller peices. He looks up at the Odin figure and snarls.*

I have done it, destroyed and gained the blood of my enemy. I have destoryed him and his foolish nightmare, his foolish vision and once and for all proved that he couldn't fight me.

*He snarls once more and punchs the Odin statue making a hole in it. He grabs a peice of his bandages and rips the loose end and puts it in the hole. He walks away from it back towards the list*

Once agian, I am met by success and once more I have risen for the challenge. You however have failed, lost your item that makes you even valuable and now your alone and without any support.

I laugh at you Zarak, I laugh at your incomptence, at your foolishness and at you even patheic match. You will never succed like him. You blood shall be on this list, and your blood shall be spilt on the floor.

This is not only a reminder for you Zarak, it a reminder for all of the AWF rooster who saw fit to critise me, to try and take advantage of my weakened state. But now since I am back, its time to take my revenge. My sweet revenge for all that you have done for me. Patheic Fools, the Cloud is back, better and bigger than you ever seen him before and he will pay back all that was done to him. You shall al feel the Pain!

Believe the Hype! Feel the Pain! Pray for Mercy on your Soul!

OOC: Cool show and very cool match. Props to the writers and especially the writer who wrote my match :)

2005-04-11, 05:45 PM

Very nice job. I'll post something more substantial later, but I just wanted to congrat everyone on a job well done, especially the writer of my match. Top notch.

2005-04-12, 01:15 PM
It's been a hard fought battle, but really, who didn't know that the Lock was going to come out on top? C'mon, Morpheus is a great competitor, and the Lock is happy to have him, but cause of his big mouth, he's now landed himself a position with the greatest force in the AWF, which might not be such a bad thing. However, the Lock won't tolerate him running his mouth without the Lock's approval. But all is well that ends well, and now that the Lock doesn't have to worry about Morpeus, the Lock is focusing squarly on the AWF title, so Viewfind my brotha man, you beta watch your back yo, otherwise you might just feel the big payback.

2005-04-13, 05:51 AM
OOC: Simply Amazing Show. Sorry to see the Jay's gone but otherwise a tremedous job by the writings staff. Great to see the return of Sixy and Cliffy. I'll post my IC later. Again great job guys!

Random Sweep
2005-04-14, 02:56 AM
Lisa Lovelace walks up to Scarecrow, who is on his way towards the arena exit.

Lisa Lovelace: Can I ask a question?

Scarecrow: You just did, now beat it.

Lisa Lovelace: Seriously, Can I get another comment about what is happening between you and Christopher Back?

Scarecrow backs Lisa against the wall and stands looking over her.

Scarecrow then strokes his fingers down her cheek.

Scarecrow: Such a pretty pretty thing arn't you.

Bringing the mic up to his mouth Scarecrow continues.

Scarecrow: It is as simple as this my pretty, I will be seeing Back again, and lets just say that I have a suprise for him next time I see him, one that he wont enjoy, I am sure.

Scarecrow then pushes lisa into a cleaning trolly and walks out the exit.

2005-04-14, 04:28 AM
Lisa is helped up by the Mountian of a Man, Baxter.

You really should look
Both ways before crossing. Don't
Want bleach on your blouse

Lisa: Um...thanks. What are you and Judge Death going to do about your loss here tonight?

I don't know about
Deathy, but I have heard Ice
Cream is best served cold.

Lisa: I thought that was Revenge.

Never having the
Pleasure of tasting it, my
Guess is like Chicken.

2005-04-14, 05:53 AM
[The camera comes on to see Divebomb walking through the halls backstage with his IC title slung over his shoulder. As he's walking down the halls he walks past Lisa Lovelace, who quickly stops him for an interview.[/i]

LL: "Hi Divebomb. How are you feeling?"

DB: "Oh you know me Lisa. I won, I'm flyin' high."

LL: "And it shows. So I just want to say it was a great match and you did very well."

DB: "Thank you."

LL: "No problem, so tell me, what are your thoughts on the match."

Divebomb takes a deep breath as he thinks of what to say.

DB: "Well....Red. He put up a good fight, but tonight was just my night, as is every night. But we all know that me and Red have alot of unfinished business that couldn't be solved in just one match. So one day down the road we will meet again and I can't wait. But for now, I am the Intercontinental Champion and nothing he can do will change it. But the match was fun none the less."

Divebomb lets out a little smirk

LL: "Showing alot of respect for your opponent. You really have changed haven't you."

Divebomb shrugs

LL: "Well anyways, with Redstreak down who do you think will step up to try and take your title away next?"

DB: "It really doesn't matter Lisa. Who ever steps up next will get put down just like the last. Nobody can survive at Ground Zero...So in The End I will walk out with my title."

LL: "Now theres the Divebomb we all remember. Any final thoughts or things you'd like to say before I let you go."

DB: "Yeah, I just want to say congatulations to Viewfind for winning the title and finally showing TC just why he was the true GPA leader. And as for TC, well now you have been smacked down by the two men that opposed you. So how does it feel? Well Lisa, I have got to go."

LL: "Ok champ. I guess you have a party to go to."

DB: "Oh you know it. Yeah P? and the crew are meeting me at the club and I have a feeling that we are going to bring the roof down. And as always you are invited. So maybe I will see you there."

LL: "Alright champ, have a good time."

Divebomb leaves Lisa and continues to walk down the halls as the camera fades

2005-04-14, 02:49 PM
OOC: Now that was something else. Kick ass PPV guys. All I need now is Brave MAxx to get his butt into gear and then it will be just like old times.

2005-04-14, 04:14 PM
Survivor's Eye of the Tiger fills our ears, and we see a scene of a topless Igz running over a bridge. He glistens with sweat (such a sexy boy!) D-Ex is riding a bike next to him, shouting obscenities. Igz has the tag title strapped around his waste, and D-Ex has it on the back of the bike. A beer bottle rests firmly in the bike's water bottle holder.The pair continues to run, until D-Ex crashes into a tree with the bike. As he falls he tries to grab Igz, and then they both run head first into the tree.

The scene shifts, and we see Igz taking rights and lefts at a frozen chunk of meat hanging from the ceiling. The tag titles are in the background. D-Ex holds the meat from the back, and again shouts obscenities at his partner. All of a sudden, D-Ex stops holding it to chug down a beer bottle. Igz unfortunately takes this opportunity to hit the meat particularly hard, and, when it swings back knocks him flat on his back. D-Ex finishes the beer, finds Igz missing... and then is knocked down by the swinging meat as it comes back at him.

The scene shifts once more, and Igz is running up a set of stairs - and again D-Ex runs behind him shouting obscenities again... he sure does that a lot, hunh? Both men are wearing the titles. Finally, they reach the summit. Igz leans on his knees, and as D-Ex reaches over to lean on him, the slacker picks the wrong moment to throw up his arms in victory. D-Ex loses his balance, and starts to fall over backwards. He grabs onto Igz, and they both tumble down the stairs out of sight.

Igz: Holy crap!

Igz sits up on the couch. That same old couch.

D-Ex: Cobras again?
Igz: No... worse.
D-Ex: ...Seven Cobras?
Igz: Worse.
D-Ex: ....Twenty-Nine?
Igz: Dude... we were working out.
D-Ex: Not cool, man.
Igz: Yeah, I know.
D-Ex: Hey man... we gotta go over to the race track and pick up our winnings.
Igz: Teach them to put hundred to one odds on us winning!
D-Ex: I knew our patented training technique... of just sitting here... would work.
Igz: They just didn't have faith.
D-Ex: So.. ah... yeah. You better get going, and pick up those winnings.
Igz: I thought you were gonna.
D-Ex: Naw, man, I dropped 'em off.
Igz: Yeah... but I had the idea.
D-Ex: But... but... oh well.
Igz: Eh.
D-Ex: Who really needs 10,000 bucks anyway?
Igz: Dude, don't we still owe money to coke and miller?
D-Ex: Shhhh... I wrote them a letter and told them we were dead.
Igz: You wrote them a letter, saying you were dead?
D-Ex: yeah?
Igz: Did you sign it with your name?
D-Ex: Duh.
Igz: ....oh well.

A moment later the door knocks.

D-Ex: Isn't it illegal to bet on yourself, or something, anyway?
Igz: Um... crap!

A man in a suit with an earpiece kicks down the door.

Man in Black: You have the right to remain silent... Anything you do or say can be used against you in the court of law

The slackaz don't say anything for a moment.

Igz: What do you think prison beds are like?
D-Ex: Dude... forget that. Do you think you can have beer in prison?

2005-04-14, 08:39 PM
Lisa Lovelace comes up to King as he is exiting the locker room. King looks mighty smug and doesn't mind the camera. He smirks a bit and looks into the camera.

LL: Looks like you stole one from Blaster. Why do you want to win by doing something illegal like grabbing his tights for a pin?

King: It's only illegal when you are caught sweetie. Blaster thought that he can outrun and outmanuever me but I got a few tricks up my sleeves and I ended up outsmarting him instead. That kid still got a lot to learn from veteran of the ring like me.

LL: So Blaster has revenge on his mind now. Are you worry that he will come after you?

King: Ha! Are you kidding? That punk thinks he can hurt me by those pansy moves of his? PUH-LEZ. Did you see my five moves of doom? They can make a guy like Blaster cry like a baby with pain. I just want to say... Bring it on buddy boy.

LL: Ok so anything else you want to say to the audience?

King: Yeah.. to Viewfind.. grats on winning the belt. Be sure to keep it warm for me cuz I'll be coming for you soon. To X.. you got lucky by beating Ghostal but I'd like to see how you do against me. Yeah I am calling you out kiddo... do you have the guts to face me? As for rest of AWF I just want to say... I am the KING and you ain't see nothin' yet!

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-04-14, 10:59 PM
Being a god among men I have many ways of telling people to know their place below me, and today, just for King. I shall do a very special limmerick.

There was once a man named King
and he thought he was great in the ring
But then he faced Blaster
who turned out to be his master
and he was forced to cheat to win

Sing Kang, you couldn't beat me. You couldn't beat the god among men. You hit him with all five of your inane moves of dull. You hit me with everything you had. And you still couldn't pin Y3B. So what do you do? Like the true assclown you are you grab the tights. I think this was just your way of admitting defeat, but you didn't want to bruise your already fragile ego by letting what was supposed to be, be.

But this is now way to end an epic tale of the Y3Bible, no! Your own Personal Jesus must triumph. You must reach out and touch faith, so I have gone ahead and pulled a few godly miracles and guess what? On Mayhem it will be me against you and this time I promise it will take more than a LOOK OUT OUT AND SHOUT! Act of god to save you!

2005-04-15, 01:24 AM

Blaster, Blaster, Blaster... when will you ever learn? You talking like I can't beat you without the tights grabbing? Why that's not true at all... I enjoy beating you the easy way and the hard way.. and I simply want to get it over with that day. I guess you are the honest type who acts straight and narrow and never cheats. Well then have it your way... I will continue to beat you any way I can and there's nothing you can do about it. So we'll see each other again on Mayhem. Why that's a great opportunity to show the world that you are just a false prophet, a fake. I will beat you again cuz I am the King of the World and you are just another peon. Biatch.

Vin Ghostal
2005-04-20, 07:14 PM
I can't believe it. I can't believe this.

2005-04-21, 11:02 PM
I drop hot lines like a giant ninja on fire, my milk never expires, i pull teeth with a pair of golden pliars, if you say i don't then you're a god damned liar, i'ma robot dinosaur with a mouth full of lazer, if i was william riker i would shoot you with a phaser, you smell bad and you have body lice, if we go to a tool store i'll squeeze your head in a vice i'll put bread in your ass and make it come out toast, i'll hide in youir closet at night and make pretend i am a ghost.i'll smash your fingers with a hammer,throw you in the slammer, grow big like bruce banner, with a shirt off i am tanner.

Yo TC i got yo bling!


Cyberstrike nTo
2005-05-12, 06:15 PM
OOC: After alot of personal problems it's nice to come back and see my character score a win.