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2002-02-12, 08:44 PM
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On the far side of Cybertron, there exists a rather pecualiar natural formation, at least to the extent anything on the planet can be considered "natural": The Crystal Sea. It's a pool of crystallized, semi-living shards of chrome, residing in a crater whose age, as well as the age of Crystal Sea itself, is unknown. Rumors say the Sea was there when the first Transformers were conceived, and myths proclaim that it will still be there when the darkest hour of Cybertron finally embraces the last of Primus' children. Though Cybertron is devoid of wind, the Crystal Sea is by far not a placid puddle, quite the contrary. The shards, droplets in the sea, form kind of an metallic algae that constantly fights for the resources of the energon stream beneath the surface, and this survival of the fittests manifests itself as huge waves propagating through the Sea, crashing occasionally in the shores.

In one of these shores, two figures gaze at the neverending beauty and majesty of the Sea. The stars and eerie lights from Cybertron's moonbases reflect and refract from the billions of shards, glittering and dancing in unimaginably beutiful ways, as if the whole galaxy had descended into this one crater to swirl in a neverending celebration of chrome-flavoured colors of full electromagnetic spectrum. Moonlight and Stargaze, autobots collectively known as Moonstar, have come here to get away from the crudeness of war, enjoying the short, precious moments they have before the next scheduled energon shipment they're supposed to take care of.

"A view like that, it's to die for...", Stargaze said as her optics focused to infinity. Her sister came closer, and gently brushed her shoulder.

"True... it's been here forever. Makes you look insignificant in comparison. We're like the smallest shards in the Sea, just fighting to survive... yet have no idea how futile our efforts are in the grand scheme of things", Moonlight replied. She very well knew that they would have to go soon, and in this mad world she couldn't be certain if they lived to see the Crystal Sea ever again.

"Have you ever thought...", Stargaze suddenly asked her sister, "...to just walk down there on that ridge, and jump into the Sea? How wonderful it would be to get away from all this killing, to let the shards carry you beneath the surface and tear your chassis apart, molecule by molecule...?". But Stargaze didn't expect an answer. Everytime she combined with Moonlight, they shared their thoughts and memories and there could not be secrets between the two.

"We have responsibilities to fulfill...", Moonlight spoke softly. Her feelings were the same as her sister's, and she was equally tempted to just give up, but neither of the twins was truly ready to embrace the oblivion just yet. As long as there's life, there's hope...

Moonstar twin's thoughts were abruptly broken by a clanging noise behind them. Footsteps, erratic yet clearly coming their way. Moonlight reacted first, grabbed her rifle and yelled to the darkness:

"Who is it? Show yourself!" She squinted her optics, and could distinguish two figures. Friends or foe, neither she or Stargaze didn't know...

2002-02-13, 12:40 AM
A pale gold-colored bot with an arm cannon shows first. This is followed by a red both who appears to be a triple changer. "I'm Torque," the gold bot says. He moves and talks slow, deliberate in stumbling over his words.
The other bot looks at Moonlight. "Red Wing," he says. "Help...activation incomplete..." he falls to the ground on his hands and knees.

2002-02-13, 01:56 PM
Moonlight lowered her rifle, but still kept it pointed towards the strangers. Perhaps this was a trap? Then he noticed the rugged Autobot symbols, and when Red Wing collapsed in front of the two sisters Moonlight instinctively lowered herself down to help.

"You're injured...", she stated the obvious. Moonlight was no doctor, and they were quite a distance from the nearest Autobot installation. Meanwhile, Stargaze stepped towards Torque.

"Uhm, so.. Torque, wasn't it? What's wrong with him? What activation? Anything we can do to help?" She looked over to the direction where the two rugged strangers had entered, and could see a pillar of smoke rising above the hills. Apparently there'd been a battle of some sort. Primus damn this war, she thought to herself and clenched her fist. But it was obvious something had to be done to help their fellow Autobots.

"Are you able to transform?" Moolight asked the golden bot, "We have to get your friend out of here... he doesn't look too good."

2002-02-13, 11:06 PM
"No...cannot..." Torque stammers. "Can barely talk straight...activation process incomplete...central processors not online..." He stands there shakily, as though he will drop at a moment's notice.

2002-02-14, 01:39 AM
They're in a pretty bad shape, Moonlight thought and trasmitted to Stargaze. Yes, I can see that, what can we do about it? her sister replied. We cannot carry them both, Moonlight responded. We can't leave them here either. Moonlight frowned. What if we'll leave the other one and get help, no, that's not going to do, they could go off-line any moment now, we don't want their lives on our conscience, but what else is there, we are not doctors, ... the private radio channel between Moonlight and Lightstar was filled with their trying to decide what to do. Then Moonlight turned back to Torque.

"Torque, do you still function? If so, listen carefully", Moonlight said with a clear voice as Stargaze tried to spot any life signs in Red Wing. "We're sixty megaspans from the nearest Autobot outpost, and we can carry only one of you. If we cannot fix your 'activation processes' or whatever, is there anything else at all we could do to at least alleviate your condition? We can do an energon transfer, but that's pretty much it... otherwise, we're forced to leave one of you behind."

While Moonlight spoke, her hand moved closer to Torque in a gesture to at least comfort the poor soldier. There was no longer a shred of doubt in the sisters' minds that these lost souls were in a lot of pain, and needed help. After all, they were Autobots, the good guys of the planet.

2002-02-14, 04:48 AM
Torque's slow mind processes the information as much as possible before he finally crawls over to Red Wing and opens up a panel in his back. There are a number of circuits therein, only a couple are lit. Torque reaches in with one hand, and almost blindly fiddles around until a sound of increased power is heard. He then collapses.

Red Wing looks around, awake again. He doesn't know what happened, and can sense all his systems are not yet operational, but his initial problems have been partially corrected--he can transform, he knows it. "Ladies, get my friend ready to go. We should be able to make that outpost in ten minutes on the Red Wing express!" He transforms to his jet mode and opens his cargo hold and his cockpit.

2002-02-14, 10:00 PM
"That was a quick recovery", Stargaze wondered, not realizing that Red Wing might very well be on the brink of shirt circuiting despite his vigorious transformation. She looked at her sister, and they both worried for a while that maybe this was a trap after all, and then noted to each other that perhaps Red Wing would run out of juice half way and they'd crash down. But in the end, the sisters had to help Torque in the cargo bay anyway, and it would be most awkward to decline from a free ride.

Moonlight grabbed Torque's upper body, while Stargaze took the legs, and they carried him inside Red Wing. Then Moonlight spoke to the jet: "Alright, we're ready down here... if I'm not mistaken, the closest Autobot installation is the following coordinates...", after which she transmitted the coordinates to Red Wing in binary code, and continued. "...so, if you can take off, our next stop is Iacon"

2002-02-15, 12:52 AM
"I can't promise great speed..." Red Wing says. "My tank is full but my boosters are still inoperative, as are my weapons systems, so if we are attacked, we might be in a bit of trouble." He sets the course to Iacon and takes off. Despite his lack of boosters, he still is able to move at an 80 KPH pace. His short-range sensors, the only ones active, sweep the area constantly. Since he does not know if the Decepticons are on Cybertron, he is taking every precaution his young and semi-active mind can dream up.

2002-02-17, 07:36 PM
Red Wing pulls to a stop outside of what his sensors tell him to be Iacon. "Everybody out," he says. "And let's see if I can't find us some help." He tries his communicator, and sends out a signal to any Autobot in the area requesting assistance.

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